Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1862 Page 5
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f I ..... affairs at the state capital. Q'ht ltcauU of llu Kxecutive Htttion ob Harbor Masters?1Two of the Nomina' tlons Not Confirmed. Albaxt, April 18, 1W3. The Senste t out but a short time in e.xacutlv# sex-ion flbis morning, on tho confirmation of the Harbor MustersThe (lay that these apjiointmonta a:o bout lu, they are. Unless otherwise disponed of, referred to committeesl"ho appointments ol' the Governor were, on Wednes. da/, referred to the regular committee, hud as fc<oa as tlio Beuate went iulo executive session to day, they were all reported upon favorably* but the two appointed from lhuoklyu?viz: Thomas Jerome and J. Cashew. The committee did not sue proper to report these two officials; they there'ore lay over for the pres.-nt. The other nine, as lo'lows, were all Oontirmeri:? | Andrew lileakley, of New York. ' tiwen W. Brci.nau, of New York. John P. Cummiugs, Jr., or Now Vork Colonel Michael Cercoran, of New Yoflt. J. I.. Taylor, of New York. Captain J. Coulter, of New York. H. II. Hewlitt, of New York. Jauies W. limned, of Westchester. W. II Hull, of Steuben. Samuel Holmes, the special I'ort Warden for Quarantine, was also confirmed. The legislative caucus assembled again this evening foi the purpose of receiving aud holing u|>on the addrone ?f tlie commute, Senator Tubey in the chair. As soon B.s all outsiders were excluded and tho door locked, SeuatorLow. on behalf of the committee, presented a lengthy address, which Is a statement of ihe ix.licv of the lew party. It approves to the foleat extent of the policy ud the Bute ot i If President; as,, i ts (hat Slav e-y is not the primary cause of tlio rebellion, hot secondary, or Tather thd exci se adopted by tho South to justify them Belves iu rebelling and attempting to overthrow the government, and lays down that the lirst and highest duly of all lovorsof country is to drop parly aud rally to the support of the sdjpinibtration until the rebellion is put down, the address 1st quite lengthy, which is its ouly fault; well and ably written,clear and concise lu every par ticuiar. iue rss uuiions anaemia arc almost iucnucai With those agreed upon by the ctens of last week, with th > substance of Mr. I'ruyn's amondment in regard to all pp teles of prnticrty of the rebels being modified and .Hated In less ob. eetio'.table form. Botli'adln.-s and resolutions Oi ft tin hearty approval of Union democrats and Union republicans. The sti sight republicans all ondo sed tbein.and congratulated, in short and appropriate roan -ks, tlio c mmittee for coming to so satisfactory a Conclusion of their labors. They were received with applamo. Th (committee also recommended thnapp let(n nt of a committee to call u convention and arrange the details of the organization. Her# ram# tho first and only contort. Senator Folger ftated that lio was a member of tho State Central Com imttee, and could not agree to place himself under the Ku.dauce of another party until he resigned that position. He had voted :Sg .Inst tusa roc< iniuendatiou in the boinmitiee. Senator Cook insisted lhat the resolution for a commitfoe should t'O amended,no t'> t the committee should bo DBtructed to consult with tlio repub lean eon.mitieo 011 Ca hug iho Oonvcution and co-oporatc with them. Mr. Raymond said that he otror? I a proposition of that kind to the commltto#; hut they decided it unnecessary. Messrs. Aivord, Stetson, Andrus, Truman, l/iw and Others opposed it. Messr*. Cook, Rice and other re|>'iblicans of the Weed school, frcm tho west, InBi-ted upon placing their ustruction in the resolution. The other side said it was not noco; sary, and would Weaken tho movement All agreed that it would he policy lor tho two conimiltoes to consult: hut the contest IWas whether tho resolutions should say so. A spicy debate arose on tho point contesie 1 unui after midnight. ft'Unse who opposed It deprecated that any such proposition should bo presented, urging ttiut pa'rly should ni t l>o brought into tho question, but th it ull should lay 0110 Bale their party cout and creed, and heartily support the Administration until tho rebellion was put down nnd the Union restored on its constitutional basis. Tliey pledged themselves to support tlio President elected by tho republican party; and that should be enough for tho re publican sticklers for party. ' Thai e was much warmth of feelinv manifested ou this point. The deba'o grew somewhat earnest, and a great Steal of lee iug was manifested by the Seward rep blibr.ns thut the amoDdraeut by tir. C >-k should bo adopto t. Mr. Alvor-.i finally suggested as a compromise thai ilic <x innihlee sle-uld cuR a convention, 8 to consulting tlio committees of other party Or gat. i lion , without using tho worl r.pu'ilciu or dr. tH,orat. fti t met the approbation < f nearly nil prc eat, And adopted. The entiro address and result! |i'-us were thr-ii c incurred in with t a do;-eating voire. The following State Central (.'oramitteo was appointed: S. .1. llrown, Moses II. Crinnel , K. M. Madden,.!. S. T. m Btramh in, C. IC. R. Ludington, I.yin-n Tromuino, Edward U'idd, R. W. Andrews, Alonzo Wocd. Alov. Campbell, Win. I. I.ucieu,D. (. Koileit, J. C. Smith, Win. liowdoin, If. dodgers and Ttir.s. T. Flagler The caucus then adjourned. About no hour of the first Part ol the caucus was taken up in enjoining surre y I upon all prosent, darkening the windows and comment 1..." I w? IMC ?3 IIIIU the next day 's IUmai >. V'lie Privateer Nukhi lilt at Nassau, ft". P. Nassau, N. P., April ll^se'j The rebot steamer ffaxtavllte arrived April 1, from thai lesion, and cbnng'-u her colors to the British, wider the name of Thoinus L. Wragg. and sailed again on the ttb, having taken on board the cargo or arms of tin British steamship Southward, that arrived from England a ?ew days previously. Tho steamor Economi.-.t, from Charleston, arrived April 0, with eleven h ndrod lilies of Cotton. the Captured Officers oft It r Rebel Stesnur Sumter. ItOKToy. April 18,18f>2. Thomas T Tausall, late United Stales Consul at 'fan gor, and Mr. Myers. Purser cf the Sumter, arrested :.t Rifiectrug, Hon coe, arrivet here to day in the hark Harvest Home, towiii h they wcro transferred by ti e .United States gunboat Ir.o. Tho prisoners v.ero in irons, h wore removed hy order of llarsiial Keys, and thoy Were sent to Port Wirrou, to awuit Instruction* from tho goveromonl. t'h? Ki' ok Captais O'Sclmva.v To-morbow.?The f'.oeral of Captain Maxwoll O'Sullivati, lale of the F elvy Bighllt Now York Volunteers, will tak"- place to morrow (Sunday), ftom Hie artno-y of tho Sixtv ninth regiment, it ttvo o'clock P. M. Tliorcmain: of ti e Inmoutedofbc -r? Who fought at tho batllu of Bull run as n voluntce.' in tHo gallant ftixty-tiloth?will bo accompanied to Calvary Peinet?rv by his Id comp my. mtder ei mrnnnd of Cantain 0 ICeefe, and rr any of Ills former coir ad<v, and friend?. G > will be buried as a sol lirr should I o, with n soldierV boriors. The ron uiiis w4il be tail during to-lay snd tomorrow, under military gi a~d, in tho armory, corner of It -ex rtid (.1 vid streets, from which ?Uo tody of Cob lie fiiggerty lies recently been transferred to its lust rest.i:if ,pl.:ce. Winter Oaki?Mr. I' ton Illll, the excellent leading fetor of this eetablislimni tak? - h"is benefit tlite even If.g. The play is "Camill? ' with Mr.flldri Heron in her sal ro!? of the lioroiuo, a* t Mr. Hill as Armnnd. On U inday even.i g Mr. Hill i: rears, with Miss Charlotte fl orupon, in the ramcp.a- at tho Walnut street thou t-o, Philadelphia, where h* is cngagod to fill the leading position vaeated hj Mr. K 'win Adams, who opens, M as Hatemnn, at the Winter Garden, on tho same retiiog. Min Mo i.pi Hbror's r.'amiu.a In another cnlumn wilt tie found n card from Miss Matilda Heron Inrefereuce to en allegod infringement of 'he copyrivhtof her play of ? rnni'V by Miss Charlotla Thompson, who is now play|n.; the churpcto in 1 hilaucibia. We offer no opln'on on |he merits "f the controversy.deeming it bettor, as tho loa'ter is I icotw to he made the subject of legal proceedings *o ronfilm ouisy'vos to dhccl'ng atten'ion toMi's Heron's t a foment of her own case. 1 Ocean nwn, New.cut, P. I.?We understand tliat this favorite houso has boen again renlod by Mes-'rs. CCerner k Birch, of tho Clarendon notol, In this clfy. Itfvstpin sanitary Cunimlulun. .fas A. Roo levell, Vo. M Muiden l ine, acknowledge* re.'oipt of tho following aunts, In aid of the Western floating hospitals and wounded eoldleis i'll llsr subscript tone.. ,fX10 J. L. Jevnlgar,Jr fl A i l'ni:Ii?hm.r.n 1 a po ir mno moved by Dollar eitbscnptmns... (tt| the spirit 2 8nomy and (.aorg)'.... l St. Thomas' church, Vf. H. .-uiith 3 W. A.Morgan,pas or. 100 t Jus. O. Kt gsAt Sons.. 100 C. I.. Perkins 29 Bo* host lt d stores, J. H. T 1 f om Elizabeth, N.J. ? ? H. R 60 Cash 2 R.S.T ' 5 Ojm. P. Kiskland.... 26 Relief Society, Vord Aooor,hut pnirlotlo, ham, bo* hospi'-al 1 floras ? I>r l'renttss' church, ft. S. H W. B. Hacon.... 100 c ' Twonty sixth... Gtece clinch, Bcv. ftfcl AKirth avenue 171 Dr. Taylor 406 Casl ft Jir-ob Basis 2 A ! - v of Third Con. Caih 10 l i ' ian s >ci?ly, (). tirst (iornaA Bnpi.nt B. i llitiiglium 10 <hurch,Williamsburg. 4 C. C. ,.... 6 J. L. Jernlgar. 25 Pre'' knowledgod. .6,999 Total IT ,277 The N ar The United Stataa rtaapat b ?* watts arid sail from tha Nary Yard, Br'1 ':1m * l.- .it t Utah , luat., taking stores and the mai'a tc r ' t ck. adlng squadrons. This steams la > r ill h c-ntiactioi with, aad to perform the same te. v a-.r.a iikcM?ut and Rhode Island. Truhat In tlaa HmUou stiver. A iN v ,,p| II 18. DW12 Tha rlrsr rose last night os er ' i .looks and partially op 8Uia street. The damage done 1, re ie small. The Central Railroad traek uic?r wator soma forty mi lea. (a oeaeeqnrnre of tha fog nt. I ' ha Hindrlk findmm dtd not go down tha rlrar no it tv i m rnmg. 1 (ARRIVAL OF THE ARIEL. I Bloody Buttlti la Blew Oronoda? mo?i*l of Gin. Horran?A Hew MlnUUr to Washington?Affair# in tiu?y?qulli die., die., die. The mail steamship Ariel, Captain Seabury, from Aspluwa 1 on the 4th instant, and Port Royal on tue loih jUbt , arrived at this port yesterday mornloR. Till Ariel brings Panama papers up to April 3; but the 'oca! iiuws they contain is unusually meagro. Capt. J. l>aviw,or the tittle steamer Taboga, lost his life on the night of the 27th ult. It is supposed he rolled overboard while asleep on the hurricane deck of his \*5? I. lie v. as a ualivo of Liverpool, and is highly tl?ikcn of. Capt. Ilitrhie, of the United Slates steamer Saransr, left Panama for home on the 18th Instant, after serving on that station for twoopd a half years, lie has always been on uncompromising Union man. A c him hi which had left the river l'arona on tho 221 of March, with eight persons on board, had not been heard of on tho 1st Inst. It was feared they wore all lost. For rs were also expressed for the American vessel Mary Sawyer, forty two days out. Sho was ladon with ice, mid bound fruua Boston to Asplnwall. Th- following is the SPECIE I.I8T OF T1IE ARIEL. MtOM abii.vwau.. Jen'gaS; lire wstor$10,300 00 Cattw. iJilais'u $3,100 00 J. Heller k liro., 9,700 00 James Hale 1,015 00 Z. Kim-tom A Bro. 7,700 00 Welle, Fargo 5c Co. 295 19 P. Nay lor 0,000 00 Order 560 00 Am. Ex. Bank... 6.000 u? J.O.Parker &Son 17,000 00 T"tal. $5,469 19 A. E. llecht 10,005 74 I ROM K.1M FEANi leco. J.Strauss liro&L'o 43,939 31 Older $12,702 06 H. Cohn &Co 13.000 00 Isaac Fppiuger... 30,800 00 Jas. Patrick il'o. 50,1)00 00 Aliiu McLar.s... 26,346 62 A. S. R'isenbaiim. 14 000 00 71. Williams... 10.000 00 DeWitt.KittleAcCo 30,100 00 *m. Meyer & Co. 4,300 00 J. T. Haywood... 5.000 00 Mn t. in,Pates A:0o 6,000 00 Scholle At Bro.... 20.000 00 .1*6, Hunter At Co 3,060 00 M. O. Roberts... 2.802 60 VV. -eiigmau&Co 25.000 00 Rush At Wilder... 15,000 00 W. Heller & Co.. 9.000 00 Wells,Fargo AiCul46,&00 00 .i v s ii .Bond AtCo 6,000 00 Eugeno Kelly A:Co 02,300 00 Rlohd. Patrick... c,500 00 ! f 'in San Francisco ...$611,818 40 Fr?m Aspinwall 6,400 69 Total ; $017,279 OS Important from New Granada?Defeat of EuaoxFiirltement In Gnayuqull. The P.mama Star and Her tid of the 3d instant reports the urrivnl at Taboga of the steamer Anne, from Guaya<|uil and intermediate ports. Tho following is a summary of her news:? From Buenaventura we have highly important news. The dates are to the 29th of March. The forces under General 1'nyan.having moved up tho rivor lingua an ' occupied the entire route us far as Alto do Ilojns, after a ' ight skirmish at Juntas, intrenched themselves in tho Cuuyabal. Onthe25th the camp was utta-, ked by Gen., wlm had llauked them during the night, and who altaoked llio rear guard at eight A. M. From the nature of tho ground only two battalions, the Fourteenth and Call, took part in the action, supported by two pieces of artillery. At uoou the centralists were 1'i inplotvly louted, with a loss of over 200 killed. The General in Chief,lCnao; noi-ond in command, Villegas; two colon. Is. llvo majors and two hundred ollicors and men were taken prisoners. General 1'ayan hoaded the pursuit in person, and is supposed to have occupied Cu'i on tho 28th. Considerable excitement has been created in Guayaquil tiy th- accidental discovery of Indian graves on the 'sland of Santa Clara, in th > Guayaquil river. It appears the keeper of the lighthouse, wiille digging nholo, hit '.pun ajar containing $5,000, and several otner rich discoveries wore afterwards made. About a thousand po > pie had collected on tho Island from the surrounding country, and all were busily engaged in digging up the graves. Business continues very-dull in Guayaquil and money exceedingly scarce. Anxiety was felt about the French corvette Galeto, >v hicli sailed henco on the Stli uf March for Guayaquil, and had not arrived o:t tho 21th. The Aunc saw u 'tlung of her on the way up. PKCKfcK ??' thk 2.vth OK KKIHtCAKY, 18(12, REMOVING GENERAL r. A. hkrkan I'KOSI THE OFFICE OK MINISTER 1'LF.NH'OTKNTIAltY AM) ENVOY EXTRAORDINARY. T. C. i)* Movp bra, Provisional I'rcsidont of tho United Statos of Colombia, Ate., Arc.:? Considering ihat by tho more fact of Sonar 1". A. Herra:i accopting tho np"> intmeut of Envoy Extraordinary aul Minister Plenipotentiary of tho United States of Colombia, near tho government of the Uuitod States <f im rtca,he actually rec gnized the government which ,!c?rgod him with that pest of honor and trust; That lie ratilicd siid recognition by receiving from the'iaury ef thaTrnion one year's salary and his credentials. tigether with instructions, wh cb lie promised to follow, acre; ting as Secretary of Legation Senor Simon Arboletla; Tlmt "ti his arrival at Washington, betray iug his n'.i ?l.t .,wt troth and nil tho duties of honor and delicacy, he i n jcsuniedh.sdd garb 11 Minister or thaNVw Gran dan Con fed-ration, separating from him Senior fitru-n Arbolotta, and calling to tho foerotary: lup Senor Hat'ael Combo, oho ha I boon removed from ofik-o on account of bis well known hostility to the government of the Union, utd oninmuoced to act in opposition to that government, pretending to topreseul a government which had lung . fined to exist ill right and i t fict; And, dually, that it is absolutely ooceasary to punish hat act of unheard of trouchory; it is therefore docrteik? Articlo 1. Suior 1*. A. Her: an is lureby removed from ho o lice of Fnvoy Extraordinary and Minister 1 lauipoto tiory of the United JStat -a of Colombia near the tuit'.cd Stales of America. Art. 2. let this and tho reason* which have dictated it l>e communicated to the government of the United States of America, au I let u b > ollicUlly pubIKlyd. Givon in Bogota tho 23th day < f February, 1882. T. <\ I)K MUdql'KIU. U. At t izar, Secretary of Foreign Alftirs. i;KSOLUTION DKCLAKISO TUB NON-C'tXiNlZANCB OF P. A. llKitllAN, OKNMtAL t?K TIIK LATH OKANADIAN CONITJlKltATION, BY TUK 00VKKNMKNT OV TUK t'MTKO STATUS OP COLOMBIA. llKCAKlMKST OT'WaH AND NAVY, ) Booms, Feb. 23, 13(12. / .Ilia department being olficlilly informed thai General A. Heiran, after having acopiud at ihe li jt is i>t tint g-VOrnfllcnt of tlui I'tiltou Status ol ' olciubu the ap, O'titrni : t td Envoy Kxtraurdiuary and Minister I'lenipoirntlurr near the I n.tcd Status of Amoi ,ca, ami h*<. Ing roo. ive'd from the public treasury < tic year't ;.alary and travelling expenses, has betrayid the'high treat to him tit'ded, by p: CfOnting liunsclf to the government near vbich h<> was i with the credentials id' thegj v<Tiinioiit that coastd to exist di thaiSih of July la-.t, pre e.iding to derive his rnlssieu from ttie defuticl Gran. .li-iti Gnatcdornth n, and not the Colombian administrnM'.n, winch bo h ;d recognised and from winch he hud to coji I*: honorAand moneys,hy order of tho executive it is Pe uved, i hut tho gvornment of the Cnlon'-d es not r j ogu. ' as general of ihi armies licit of tho I .to Co iit deration, Sooor I*. A. lien an. Tins gentleman, therefore), has no claim to salary or | uu.ston fr..m the nali nsl treasury, not being Included In the army list Of the United States of Colombia. CKKON. Ahotukh See trains Fijm:.?At the depot this morning wo ?.i* a accession flag,captured at Fort Ikxiclsou, which is ou its way to the editor of the Naur Yottx llwi iin, and Is to he presented to the isixty-uluth reginwnt,New York State Militia. Tho flag is of silk, and very tlnoly worked. On one side, which is of green silk, is the following inscription:?"Sons id' Krin, go wh'-te glory waits yon.'' I here Is also the symbol of a harp on this side. On the reverse are the stars and burn, in blue und while silk. Tho flag was viewed with some curiosity by those who saw it.?Hocha'.cr Cuiott, April 19. Contributions to tlie Sanitary Commie ion. Mr. C. T. 8lrohg, the Trea.nirer of the l.'nltool Staleo. Stnit.n'j OonHnbshm, appointed In .Tune lam by the Secretary of War, acknowledge* the ftclpt of the following rontribntibu* nine' the 2d A lady. b> Howard I'otler. Est., $13 BO; John II. Karle, rf.i. A-hvtlln Indies' Aid H.ieietv. tiy Mrs. .T. M. Co.-11*. .1 t>?; I<cwlh O. Jotter, $5 8.4, R. n. Bowne, $j 78; Lull.*' TaTiotic Aaan. tilt on or Tr.nltv cUitroh, by Mra 8 II. Renta it. $7<<; Adrian Iwlin $l.<<2); Charter Oak Ins. Co., $Hk>; Mr. L. Finch, Secretary (JonestI.le, Saratoga county). $40; Gr.ewo'd, $1. 0; J..a. 0. Carter, $'-0; Mre. P. X. Settermcri orn, $IOt): Mia. 8 'liermerlioru, $>. ; Rebecca Consul t Amherst, N. H.), S3; W. II. 4* illlami, $23, Mis W II Tllu*, $S?l; David Dims, $80; .Tan. Steer., $30; John Mr. lirstr, hy'i'hna. il., dr.. Assistant Treason r.$24; Geo. s. Sinphenron, by t'o. do, $34, Mrs A. Paile, bsilo <tt?., Jh'itV il. Molt;., Jr., and Sotnllle, ny di>. <lo , $24^)ohn Caswell * 0?., by do. do., $38; ease, by do. do., JM>; Samuel 0 r*\?n'a Son A by Titos. II. Katie, Jr., $24; M. 44. Bsmll'on A Co.. Iiy do. do., $20; Denton, Smith A C ., t .T do. do., $26; Omrce P. Ni yes, $24; Ahner Iteers, $3U; Sum. Kllol. Hart lord, $24; Children'! Florence Niuh'liigale Society of Htooklyr, b/ Mra. Win. Churchill, Jr., $14; Curb, by T. II. Faolr, .Ir., Assistant Tmu.tirer, 10; J. K. jt K. 11 I'laec, by T. 11. Fade. Jr., 324; llenry Ha lit A Co., do, $K0; Thomas II. Fade, ilo., $i0); Mr-.-vLsulit (especially f. r wounded aoldtorr a. the Wean, $34; Jam (J. Kmc, do., f fill. Mrs. Nash. do., fid); " 44V U n llna, $10; Edward Anthony, $IWdl; "S," Flsli kill Laieil g, $10. Unit), fourth atreot Reformed Dnteh chtiRh, by A. 8'omwi, Cap, Treasurer. $51 2V; contribution* frotn I'ortlan I, Maine, by It >\. Horatio Kiebblns, (IJAV; from a eolloetion nt Howell s U p i, Grange o.< ni v. ny Her. M. II. 44 tlder, $ia, collecti on In FH>t Bttormed lint h church, Jersey C ty, l>v 4V. K lit kin oil, $38 (W, collection in 8t Jnltu a Ctia|>el. M. Y., by I;oV. S. A. Weston ( espeoi .||y tor tvotiiided Soldi'ro at the Mia I 11418.1'IUO m.ati Hi audi Cummia .on, lieu > IV.i. Treai'iicr, K. D. W.. Albany. #1.1 Total. #4 ^1 H. 1'nrttirr donation. arc urgently needed for the relief ef the i i at i i i?. i Official Drnttlngi of tho Kentucky and Delaware State Lotteries. Kl'stuckT. liltlA Clin 111?April 11,1863. Ire, 40, 12, !?, il*. ti'J, '2.1, IH,45, 27, 17, II, 3, 51. 0 Dm.awark, CtAM >? ?April 18, 1882. * 5. 20, I, 2*. 25, S, li, 41, ?i0, 47, AS*,. CI, 0. Circular. ..nt by ndrfre-la^^ A M()RRrfl ^ ^ Wilmington, Delawara, or Covington, Kentucky, Official Dratt lngi of Mnrrny, ICddy A Co.'* Kentucky .ml Miaeunrt State bottcrlen Kkhtucbt, I.itka 1??April 18.186# 70, 7,2i, s, 20, 13, fll, '42, ft, 20 42, 72,73,43. Krutocnr, 181?April 18,1881. 8, 3, 44, 10, 24. 30, Mi, 51, 7t*. 41, 54, 11, ,*.?. Circulars sent free of charga try .vMrrfi>.|nn eliw to MOMRAV. BT>DT m OO . Onrlngton, Ky., or St. Loula, M* Prliti Cashed In all I,rutllud Lottarlei. Information given. Jorll'll HA'I KS, broker, 19 Wall Hi re I, up italra. New \ork. UaUM I n.leiahlrta ami whilo Lloeu Drawers, wholetale or retail, at IR \ PEKBUO A HOWS', 171 Broad war. *EW YORK HERALD, SA Darinji the ffuny VciW ha* labored to so ply gentlemen with unit el -* hats a a very l?w u uie. U :,a? u-ver >?; <?r in aula tur i-. It a npeel lien of taste and worknjn- ip hi* Spring Dress Uai toi 1 4<3, juat he ? d at 111 NV-ssu street A I^ni Xn?MM,~T?llow Duple Tobacco.?Uoodw in'* Furd Yellow Bank T ba .o, tree from all liu purl lie*, i or aula uy all '01440.0 and * **r dealers, aud at wholcsalroy S. OO'iDWlN A 2 MOTHER, A? Water street. Dc'laui e Fire ami Bui^lur Proof Sa'ri. Al.o, SUeboari an.1 Farlor Bates. 0. M'.rray flr 'h " ir of College place. ROBERT til. i In. Beautiful Complexion-?baiid'a Bloom of Voulh or Liquid Fear , or preset ring and la-auutying u.r coiuplesiou and skin. All driuglstkand at Ida Bio.idway. DaUhtlor'* Hair Oyr.-Thr Beat In the world; harmii'M*. reliable uwl m.-liiiHaiieou*. boid anil applied al BATUHELGR o Wig Factory, iii Bond sleret. Crlstikdoro'* Half Dye, Prrw^rvntivr and Wigs, the bent in the w <rld. wholesale and retail and tlie dye privately applied al No. ti Aaioi House. Hill'* Hair' Dye, 50 rent*. Black or Brown. Hoot In use. Depot No. 1 Barclay street. Bold by all druggist*. Barry's TrirnpUei-onit h ?lie Best untl cheapest article fur ilrcninf, beautifying, curling, cleaning, preserving and restoring the hair. Ladle* try It. bold by all druggist*. Trusses.?IHnrsli A Co.'* HitiHenl Cure Trusses, Bhouider Braces, and Dr Wad*worth's Uterine h!levator?a superior article. No. 2 Vcsey street. As'.oi House, opposite the church. Dr. Kennedy, Proprietor of Kennedy's Heilical D.seo.try, will be at his ollice, in Kovere iiouse, corner of B. oadw uv and Houston street, April If, IP. Ill, 22 and 2d. Ail that are troubled with SCROFULA are requested to call. All ti at arc troubled witn SALT KllEUM arc run nested to eail. All that are troubled with ERYSIPELAS arc requested to call. All that are troubled with CANKER ;trr requested to rail. All that are troubled with Ni KSiNG BOlli. MOUTH arc requested to call. All that are troubled with SCALD HEAD ar requested to call. All that are troubled with RINGWORM are requested to call. All tliut are troubled with Hl'MORS in the eyes, sud tilm growing over the sight, a.c requested to Call. All tl'. it are troubled with RUNNING Or' THE EARS are rrqitrsied to call. All that are troubled with 1E!\ Elf BORES are requested to call. All that are troubled with 1'IMl'LE.S ON THE FACE arc re quested to call. All that are troubled with ULCERATED SORE LEU 3 aru requested to call. A pet tact cure is warranted lit every case, except when the bones are disc.i?ed. Amice in all ruses grutia. A Hat for Bright Wruthrr.oHlio Mit lies It ? Whore fan U be obtained? What la Its coat ? IV t He t queitea, which let us answer, brlclly, KNOX, No. iiU lir.iadway, only four dollars. Knox's IIat for sprint 1-" really a beautiful ond most nUruClIv? fabric, calculated to gi.e eotufori and satiafactlon to its wearer, to ex dtc aUinlraiion in all who lonX ii| on it, an I In add to the well established reputation of its manufacturer. It. y j\ Knox. IVfw Hat Conrpmiy, 118 Ka.tsnn StreetOld established maimfai'turera, sixteen v urs stunning, eonttuue tu sell their fabrics a- before?it. One price one quality. ?Pronounced equal to any 81 Hat else v. here. Suit Hats and Caps equally cheap. David's Spring Style of (ientlrucn's Hats. No. Broadway, near Duano sire. t Douguit's Sprlii}; Style of Cieiitlemeu'a Hats now ready. S.andnrd ru h e $3 COl Giro him a call at 107 Nassau street, corner of Ann. Ttvo Superb Performttneea To-tlity ??t BAltNI'M'S .Museum, ht X o'clock In the afternoon, ami at 7", In the eve. iiiq. ' pbijs a1 eauu. UUMllUHORE Nl'Ti'. trie CHANT, and all curiosities visible at all hours. Herrlng'ii Patent Champion Fire and Burglar Proof Safes, ifcjl Bruudivay, corner of Murray street, New York. Keefc's New Ileal an rant and Private Supper ltooins, (>pened jit N?. 176 Crosby slr.ct, adjoining hts lormer place of business. A Remarkable Medielne.?Hyatt's 1,11V B.i'.sam. Rheiimetla.ii, Scrofula, Salt Kheum. .t? Ily itl's Life Balsam is the most oeroun aril safe leineny lor the most painful and protracted forms of these dlse is. s. Also ci d ul -era, fry er sores, eryelpela i, the worst eases ot luipuriiy of tiie.blood, liver and kidneys, genua! debility, dv.spcp. sl.i. ineipie." consumption, plies, Ac 1*. ncupal depot, Had (Jiatiil street. Seventy-tire cel.Is per he.itI FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL." Friday, April 18?ti i'. M. The money market grows steadily euui r. The of l 3 hi i !o father, by the R"\*. W. II. Mi.burn, of, .!>-'. Mutant nu m.n to M ara i.., an w:nplu>hed <lii' gittcr jf II. lb lk,lei,)' p. of ibis cit>. Nuia ami?Marios.?lu H aoklyn, on Thursday,April IT, by the lb i John A Paddock, of Ml. Peter's church, ri.mi Ri. m. wiu.Mits. of 1 eiKion, t" Uarik Iahise, eldest daughter ol the lute AimAooJ. Marion, of Peris. Died. AuMsmosc.?On Thursday, April IT, at her residence, in Fourth street, (Ireetipohit, Hariiaiu 1,., beloved wife of James il. Armstrong, ui the JJUi year of her age. TT-.i relatives and Mend, are respectfully invited tn atteud tliD itinera!, on Sunday aiternuun, at two u nlock, at the HiM baptist ihor. il. c ruer ?f Fourth and Colyer streots, tiruouiaiint, I.. I. Units.?On ThuraJay, April 17, Maria Anw.r. on'y daughter of PeTVittC. eud Kate lletts, ogod 1 year, 7 uioiithi. and 1? days. CB"W.\.?On Wednesday, April 10, Gkoatik W. Crown, B"n of the late auUhh) and Susan M. Crown, aged ~M yen u,l m. nth and "Jd days. The relatives and frieials of Ilia family aro roquentsd t > attend the tune. al, . rum thu ri-?o>uco of his cousin, Mrs. ("ohm, No. 3 Sheriff street,sour Claud, tliie (Saturliay) loo;mug,at lOouPick. ' oiwniam.?On Friday, April 13, after a long and severe Illness, Tm R>aCokkiuan,aged 04 yeais, a native of Ire I ,n .county Moonghun, pa ^h of CP nlubret, toa nla .d oi lumplieletny. These of his pons rereni s.Jar.ues, Patrick and Thomas Corrigun, and eon-mlaw John Cray, and the ir.atula end ac'iualataucss of the lamily, uro i .-pectfully invited to attend the funora!.front his late residence. No. 63 At'oruay street, on g-fuoday afternoon, at huif p&jt two o'clock. Imsoir. s?On Friday, April 18,Pamni. Oomuii-s, t;on of Patrick I ouobue, of Kilo, county 'I lp)>orary, lieUnd. The frlendi'of tlicfamily are raapectlully Invited to attend lit ; funeral, I ruin his Into residence, No, S93 Htcltth avenue, on Sutiduy aftertiooti, at two o'clock precisely. The r.'tnains will i'e c^veyed 10 Calvary Cemetery iur Int-rmcnt. Phakai .?On Friday, April 18, Aaron l. Cnvval, In the 4*ih year ' f hi- ge. T he roiatlvoaaud friends of the faini y are retpenliuily II.Ml I jo 11" II' ??' iuii.-i U, Hum urn ima mm-nr*, IV (i?; itnM. on Pundav atiernuon, at throa o cluok. Ill* remains will lie token to Now Rochc-lle for tU'erniont, on Monday roernog Now lUven cars I-j?v? corner of Fourth avenue and "Iwo-ity-revcuth a licet, hi <ov.u u'uiock A. M. >Mri?v ? Ih Brooklyn, T.. I., on Frldav, April 18, ?>>ddeoly , M AM Akuun CHBKT. only child of Alonao A. Md Kll'-U Kmciy, aged lb nmutlia and 20 dayj. The relative* and friends are invll.'d Ml attemi the funeral, rrotn 3d Carroll street, on Huaday, at liall' iu-i.l two o'clock. KiimiHJwai'o.?In llrooklyn,on Friday, April IS, Arm-err ' yum. Kmhiouu*, from lacrlobn, Prt-sela, in the XA at hie ace. 1 be Mineral wtU t ike place on Sunday mnrniutj, at eleven o'clock, fr-m hla late residence, No. oe Harrison atraet, Brooklyn. Tha relalivea and Trie .da aae respect fnlVy invited to attend withori further m tlce. i Friday, April IS,< Mnut*o<t, youngf eat e n of James and Kllan FllMimoae, axed 11 months , and S3 daya. Tti-friends of the family, and tho-e o( hla uncle, PatI rick Fltwlmona, and alee those of Kdword and Cornevkten , Cook, are reaperally Icvlted to attend the funeral fcnm the residence of hla parents, New W avenue B, tIda (s<vturd iv) afteruoun, at two o'cleek. I New Haven and Pong hkeepls papers pleaae (JVpy. listen.?On Friday. AprH 18, Kuxanrra Hmjin.Infant daughter of Sarah C. and Ron wall I). Hatrty r Ifaa friends of the family are invited to attend the fit . neral, rroni 81. Patrick's oathedral, ua, Sunday afternoon ' at two o'clock. r aaDWW.-Q? April IT, Omm iuu? amount of deposits at the ofhce of the Sub-Treasurer at five per cent is increasing da:!y, and it is evident that t'ongreas should Iobc no time in enlarging the limit tixed for these deposits to one hundred millions of dollars. Government will g? I all of this, and authority should bo given to Mr. Chase to repay such loans, when the money market becomes tighter, in new legal tender notes. Tho $150,00(1,000 now authorized are not sufficient for the wants ol' the government or for tiie eonsampti >n of tho country. Call loans are to-day quoted 5 a C per cent, the lower rate being, we think, more general than the higher one; first class paper, 6 a 6: long commercial paper, 0 a 7 per cent. Certificates of indebtedness are quoted 97*4 a Vt- The Secretary of the Treasury gives notice that he will redeem, from the i ligmal holders, 20 per cent of the amount of certificates issued to them, but that he will not redeem any certificates in secen 1 hands. In order to claim the benefit of this redemption, it is riot necessary to be still a holder of the total amount of certificates issued. For instance, a man who received f 100,000 in certificates may have sold ;'K0,000 of them, and may vet claim redemption of his remaining $20,000 from the Secretary. Exchange was dull CHI the close of business hours to-day, when u rathnr improved demand sprang up. Bankers'bills arc held at 112a 112 for sterling, and 5.05 a 5.07j,-? for francs. Gold wa* dull to-day at 101%. The course of the but lion market has disappointed our most experienced operators, ami is the subject of mm h astonishment abroad. A foreign banker writes that it is unaccountable to European financiers. These critics are not aware of thu enormous bear operations which have been made lit re in gold. There are parties tit the Hoard now who bare Hold several millions of gold short, and who stai d ready to supply any demand at present prices, relying upon their interest account to bring them ont. If 11.esc speculators should ever lose courage and buy to cover, the bullion market would jump. The imports of dry goods for lite week ore ? 1,222,294, against 271 same week last year, and same week of 1S60. These dry goods will have to be paid for in part, at least, in bullion. The stock market was inactive to-day, but go, vernments and dividend-paying securities were better. There appears to be no particular movement among the bulls or tho bears: tho latter are understood to be rather increasing their line, but

arc not moving with any energy. The bulls seem to be awaiting calmly the course of events, relying upon victories and the expansion of the currency for a general advance in the market. The stock argument of the bears is the small tier line of the past week or two in some of the Western railways. If speculation sets in. however, tliis will not prove a formidable obstacle to the rbe. The Western roads arc going to run against very heavy earnings last year?earnings which enabled many roads, such as the Michigan Southern and the Toledo, to pay oil their floating debt. They can utford to run a few thousands behind without impairing the solidity of their position. If wo have peace, it is r ot rea" Bonuble to expect that our internal traffic ran fall oil'. At the' first board to-dny governments rose Pacific Mail %, Panama %, and some of the bonds Y ft VS: G>e Western shares wrre not so strong, and home of them declined n y. between the bo irdH the market wna Inactive. At tho second board thoro was not much change, and very little business whs done. Comparing iho closing quotations of the day with those of yesterday, we note a decline of 1 per cent in Virginias, Y inMissouris, Y inNcw York Central,in Krie, J^'ln Michigan Central, Y ,n Southern old, y% in guaranteed, % in Illinois Central, Y in Galena, Y in Toledo and y in R'*ck Island. The market closed inactive. The business of the Sub-Treasury was aa foil.*a to-day;? $3,1-0,7J.Si ?Fur customs 214 000 (ml Payments .'. 1.3?S,004 si 7..'41,404 8.1 The exchanges at the Bank Clewing Hook this morning were $19,902,413 30, and U>e balnueei $1,401,600 26. Tho Ariel, from Aspinwall tbJa morning, bringi $617,000 In treaaure. Comptroller Haws invite,* applications for a nee Corporation loan of $l,()M>,000, to be known aa Un 11 Union Defencg Fntk<l Redemption Bond*," uude TUKDAY, APK1L 19, 1802 I authority <?f an net of the Legi'-latora of AprM 12, ' 1802. H's ii to take the place of f 1,000,000 i Union Defence bonds, which will be redeemed, | with interest, May 1. The new issue will bear six i per cent interest, and the principal to mature No| veinbei 1, law. stock lCxchaii|r. Kumar, April 19,1632. 12000 US 0*8, -4Lpig 03,V 65 fba lilt of N Y... 'Xi>; U000 US 6's, '81,con 9#Si 100 M- Bt Am:?? 8C lvU. 0 wl>,y i ilncini i a' io.i 1000 U 8 (i'a, lyr cer 97)4 il Pel A; Bud Oauto 93 2000 111 coup "da,'77 60 2d I eunCoal Co... SI ?OoO In :iu!.c.6'3 77 300 irle ItR 8o)? 6000 Tenn 6's, '90v. 67 'A f V) do b30 37 6000 do 630 67 7a 4w6 Paellte il .-3 Cc.. io5 1000 do 67)4 00 do 1)30 .06 6000 rt?.? sfiO 67*? (0 do sOO 104 21M.0M0) . * )% lb do......... 1047? 30t0 do 60 60 do aOO lot 1 1000 NY Central fl'a 06)4 60 do 104?f 2000 Krie lilt lo: I,ds 101 A 3 N' York Ceu lUt.. b3 'A 1000 KrieltK 3i?4?'83 92)4 ?oo do 83 'V 25( 0 I'.rie 1<". tu.Vls aO 50 do 860 83 2<K)0 11m it:v ti' Isle ]*.0 5 do S3 COCOC If I ltK 8peb V.% 166 Krie RB prer.MO 61 6000 III Cot 1(11 bda 87'4 UMiahCenRK 66)4 2000 MkU >> s l 00a Wit, 76 do 60,'? 1000 do 91Jj 50 do 830 65*i 1000 Uo A \V lmtge Mjj 50 do 5 i 10O00 ToledoAW 2diu 50 250 III Can BR acrip.. 01'3 4000 do 49?V 100 do ?GO 013 4 j 6000 do 030 oo;? 60 do bio 61 2000 Cia A T s r bda. 8660 do 1,30 61 u 38000 Am gold 101)1 SOGal A Chic RR.... 0731 126000 do boo lot>4 2'8)C'lovesTo1 Kit. boo 42'1 65000 do 1>30 101 58 CnicA.l<k 1 KlUblO 56 30U0O do.b60.ift 10 101)1 100 do 65 10 alis Itauk of Com 88 j-j 200 do ,810 66'1 14 Am Ex Hank.... 90 100 do 630 65yg 18 Kh?e A Loath Ilk 05 126 CJkic, Bur A y KB 62 SBCOKD BOAUP. $18000 t'S 6V '81, eon 03?? 6000 X Ind 1st n>.. 00 iOo00C.-6s 81,r?jj.sl0 !I3'5 6000 Am geld.. D30 101 A 2000 uSC'e l y ear VI ji 10000 do....c? lol A 3000 Twin O s, 90.. 6714 80 *h? Oontiu tnl Bit Ml 17000 do 67 60But & State I. Bit. 122 I 5uoo do s60 r.ei't ino do lia 5000 do 66>i 20 Pmn Coal-Co 80J? ltM.O do 56 V 160 X Vork C#n RR.. 82"t 10"j0 Missouri 6 4(1'i 100 do fclo 82?j 60H0 do. bOO 4?Jg 100 rt? 83 lfl&OO 111 war lmtti... 88 lOuE'.ieRK 'M*( |M?Carolina6'?. MV 109KimRBprf..... tt* 2000 C',lM:(jRK8pe b 96 150 do 61 4000 M So p.-ikVf b 01 \ 60 Panama RR .124 6000 Tol .V \Yab 2 ia 40;, 12 Cievs 1; Puts RR. 17 1000 a.llr bdr 00 20 CI, Col & Ci J UK. 116 4000 ( 1 & T< 1 s fbds 86 10 (ialena k Cli RR.. ?7)j 200011, N VJc Er lm 81>i 10 CU 4c Kocfc 1 Kit.. 65 1000 Ch k N VV 2dm 16.S' CITY COHMBIU'IAL UK PORT. Friday, April 18?8 P. M. Asms.? 6'mall sales or both sorts were making at (5 50 a $5 C2>?. UciOPSTrvi?'Flour was again heavy and lower, and closed at a decline of 6c. u 10c. per barrel. Tire Rales embraced about 7,600 bbls., closing wltbia the range of the following quotations:? Superfine State...., ..$4 60 a 4 0? Extra Stat" 4 75 a 4 00 .Superfine Western. 4 60 a 4 60 Common to elude# extra Western 4 76 a 0 60 Canadian 4 76 a 0 60 Southern mixed to good supsrflna 6.00 a 6 60 Kxtiado 6 65 a 7 00 i Cood to cbotco family do. 7 oO u 7 5') Hyellour 3 00 a 4 15 Corn mral, Jersey aiul Brandy wine 2 80 a 3 10 ?Canadian flour was lower, with rather more do lug at the concession, with sales of 1,800 bbls., closing williiu the ruugo of the above quotations. 3uuthora flour parte >kot tbe general business, with sales of 800 a 900 bb's. within tho range of the above prices. Byo flour was dull at our quotations, with sales of 125 bbls. Com meal was dull and prices easier, with sales of 325 bbls. Jersey and Brandy wine, within ihu range of our quotations. was Ur;ii and iu fair damaud, with sales of 3 600 bushels, at ?<V. on tlie pior, amv 81c. u SlJic. delivered. I.'ar'.ey was llrm and supplies limited. Sales of 2.0C0 bus. els of Canada West were mule at $1. BurJejlimit was lirtrv, with f mall sales ro;>or'ed at $1 03. Oat Wore willsm.l mutensl change la prh- .Sales of (auadir.n and Western wore made at 67o. 19c., and o' State at 40c. Co. :t w.'.s w ithout change of lnomont iu pric-'S; old wa? uMchaiiteod, wliilo new was easier. Therein.: cmbraiou 25.UO0 bushels, at 68 byo. a 80c. lor Western c.ixe1, hi s.o*e ami u.'livevO'l, and 54c. a 58,^0. for Je.noy and Southern yellow ?>"' t: . he market wr.e quiet ami sales limited, while quotations were unchanged. Cnriok. ?lho nun i.vt w os again higher and active,with sales of nbo .1 3,000 bulus, closing on the burin of 2ii.-. u 29>,c. for,,g uplands, with little or nouo to be had in the afternoon under the lattnr liguio; Ksk.i.llTS.?hates wuro tirmer with a lair amount of c..igi-g' m. ul To l.ivorpoi.l 670 bows liacuu nl 2un , and i or fciojmer . 0 Idols, tuuns i.t tUr . ami 1 uric. l*.i\e eh ' so at Da. I'o Loudim 6('0 bbi.j. <<il cake nt 2fl., 40 buds. tobacco at 25a., tunl por bloomer 70 boxes bacur. Rt 47s. '!' > (i.uagew, per eicarnnr. (>00 own* p ort ions a 408. a 4 c., and by sat.lug vosanl loo tierces lanl a' a. (id. io Hamburg 7a Urns tit. iKnmugo v,ond wat < k<v ?( I. I k.ivi. my .?PorL wa.' hea\ y ami dull. whUo mils wcro'to ?(air cxdont at >12''w7l. a # 12 60 lor uoit ma?, $12 50 u $13 lor prima mews mid $10n$l0 2a lor now i >i tiiv' , lie el w&a :u ligt t supply and prices llrtu, with of 1(00 bbla nl $12 31 \. a $14 lor plain mess unrt at 914 Do n $is lor euro. I'rime me.1.* beef was nrm at $20. I'll f hums wo o quiet nud nominal Hi $17 a $17 DO. Cut 1 meat.- were tu lair request, tvilu oales et 400 packages at i}jc. a ( -?r for dry sail oil shoulders und at D.'.c. for i is uib, mid hi D\e. lor pickled do. liar. >u whs lieavy and dub, with safes of 10"! boxes Cumlcrl nut out ?t ft^c. lstrd. whs in modernl.o demand und lower, .salcc of DOOi puclca goa worn me da .it 7\c. a b'?o., the Uttai fa- prime, in barrels. Mutter wu:. in good lop.out, with suit's oi Uew of Ida. a ltfc. jtu>l good to choice old at 18c. 1.20c, Sup. lies of Obi. wore limiiol. \\ e quote it at I.e. u 18'., the latter llguie lor prime. Western a'. u.'vc ch 'no whs tlfin .it Si'4c. a 10 i^c. for good and Kngiirh dairies, und at He. a O'^c. for ctaiu, Ohio was at (Jo. u 7c. Sciiaw?the market ivj. (toady, with moro doing' the sale,, aiulm-ced about l.ililo bin.8., including a hiiihIi lot of 1 >rto I lie - at H.'v : tho ruuutim! r consisted of ('ubaa. mostly viiliin the rungw oi rtur, a 7\c., Willi a - ilia I hit of prim." grocery gout's nt Sc. a 8'4e. ilia tried. Lamm -C\ .yion.?!n Hi k'yn, on Monday, April 14, by Ituv. Itir..m llutchi'.g. Prof . >r Ancki.o Pu.ui, if .ilba, italy , to 41 o? aim ) 1). t *..trios,ci iirookiyn. Hkitmn?lots.?(Hi WcUno. itay uvouiug, April 16, nt the residouco >' inn brides father, by (tin Kev IT. '<rrh.- . llmri? ' , Ht.o M. .youngest daughter of John Lee, l-sip, u'l of lira city. . (In. on?l uKiK.? 0"i Thurday, April 17, at tho IS.itA. i Ii itch, bv the Ke\. l?r Spi iiig. Mr. K.onm 1'. (Ihsmn to Jllss 1'., (laughter ol laniuoi A. liodge, i'.Mj.,ad of 111! i I'd*. iliid.i >?Hk ."i.?(mlu'ud.iy, tprtl 14. nt the re-idence only g, vj of Mark V , Jr , and Sim o Ham 4ton aged 3 jr ?H ? ui,*! U months. The trtn,<" of the family ars invited to attend the funeral, llila ,'valuicUy^ allerwxiu, at two o'clock precisely, from t X r s-deoce of his parents, to the village of Karrrvuul, Wi Ntcbeater county. Kank.?tm Irida/ rnmg, April 18. KimitrrH Ktxr, at hor residence, No. 2711 Kast Thirteenth street, of paralysis, aged to y eai a. iiie funeral will hike i this (Saturday) alernoca, at th-o? o'clock. Laiplsw.?At Claremont, Hudson county, K. J., oa W diii>s(tny| April 18, HoBSKTi.'Ai'" aw, In the U4tb year W ilis liio friends of th* family ai t *eapectfury l? vited to attend the funeral, from bin lata res/d'-nce, this (Sum day) afternoon, at three o'okick. Carries will bo in aitandatioe at hie fe ry. .lei say City, at two o'clock. I.KTKRJPUK ?On TVodnosduy, April ia,.> aJamw C. ij. vwcous, M. D., in the Cud year of his ngi * Tlie frid nla ami acquaintances of the fan '->'v arc invitod to etteud the l'uneral, ou Monday alter.voku, at two o'clock, from the dliver street Baptist cliu. vh, without furl her invitation, Friday, April 18, TasoiiOan A., S'8B of Mr. Thomas L tile,of N'ewburg,N. Y.,a;:e I 23 years, JijiMntLs and 38 days. The relatives, associates and friends of I lis family ass requested to attend the funeral, from the renideuos of his brother, W. N. initio, 418 Grand street, Williamsburg? this (Saturday) afternoon, at one o'clock. Net burg papers please copy. Lcsr.- ?On Friday, April 18, Nkklaus, son of Clauk And Ual.igo Luhrs, aged U years, 0 nionihs and 7 days. The fi lends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral,on .Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, from New Lots, blast New Vork. iUKics.?On Friday, April 18, Ok f w<;:i Ma.oit, agod 03 years. Tlio rslfttives and friends of the family are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral,from his late residence,No. IMS Madison avenue, on Monday afternoon, at two o'clock The remains will be tel.en to 'Irennwo d for into mint. Makkwkv.?dn Thursday morning, April 17, Hknuv, i ouugnst son of John Make won and Frances A. Mokewen. aged 2 i oars, 8 months and 23 days. Toe friends and relatives of thu family uud tUosa of his cuclea.3. V. and J. L. 1 idga,ato~re-|>?ctfully invlteii toattend the funeral,from the residence of big parents, West Kitty (Iftli btreel, li:. I tor from Broadway, oti Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock, without further invitation. Pkaksaii In Brooklyn, on Friday, April 1R, Thomas X. I' , aged T3 years. The funeral will talte place at his lata residence, No. 185 Smith "treet, Brooklyn, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'o!"ck. lite friendsand relatives of the deceased aro respectfully invited to nttend. i'liw.Av.?In Brooklyn, on Friday, April 18, I-AWRnsog Puw.A.VjSr., a native of Kilk' Uny, Ireland, aged 78 years. His friends and those of his son, Lawrence J., are ro, gpcctfully invited to attend the funeral. en Sunday a term >u, at two o'clock, from h s late residence, N'o. 51 ! Hudson avenue. B> utou and Nova Fcotia i triors pldaso copy. Kocin:.?OnFridaj afternoon, April 18, VviutAif Rotiif, a n it ho of Shan 1 tally un ro, county Cork, Ireland, aged 30 years. The friends aud relatit 08 are requested to attend the funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at one o'clek, from Ins late resident o. No. 77(1 Third avenue. Surra?In Brooklyn, ou Friday morning, April 18, of consumption, mux, the belv.ed wife of lVtar Snuth, aged 47 years. The relatives end friends of the family atd tlmse of her brotlier-in-law, Michael Kearney, are respectfully invited to uttond the fuueral, til s (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'eli ck, from her iaio roeidunco. No. 11 Prosidaut iilr'ect. From whence her rem.'.Ins will be taken to St. I'eter's church, corner of Hicks ami Warren streets, where the funernl service will b performed, and iheuoj to Flathush for intc incut. Si onnv,- On Friday, At ril 18, ITv.Tiy, youngest daugliter of Benjamin and Henrietta Sugdeu, agoi U mouths and 10 days. The relatives and friends of the family aro respectfully iuvttod to attend the funernl, on Sunday afternoon, a> one o'clock, from No. 123 kscond street, without further notice. Spkri.uki.?On Friday, April 18, Ameija, wife cf .7ohn C. Sper'.iug, in tho 49th year of her a;.o. Jiie fricudr of (lie family, and the members of Getty's Lodge, 1. O. of 0. I\, are requested to attend tho funeral, fronr'No. law Fust Twenty-eighth street, this (Saturday) ailerriiii.ii, at 2 o'clock, without further lovitntion. Stakvav.?In Brooklyn, on lhuredsy, April 17, I'assik M. Stamak, ng d 27 years. Her friends and relative are Invited to attend the funurai, witliout further uoi ice, on Sunday mternoon,at ono o'clock, from tho residence of S. II; Feed, 317 Sickoft street. Massachusetts and New Hampshire pnpo s please copy. Slkvin.?On Thursday, April 17, Mrs. ('atuaiuvk Slkviv, r.atlvo of tliu county Tyrone, Ireland, in the 79th yc?r of her ngc. The friends ami reUiirea of (he family aro nnqiectfuliy invited to attend tho funeral, this ^.Saturday) alternoon, at tup o'clock, from the residence of her sou, Joteph Mlevia, 450 Greenwich street. I California papers p. ease copy. itiior.i.?>11 iuuiHiuy vv t-iiuig, apro 11 ,'ll, only h <n of John Hinrich and Cbtriaa Margaret*'forr ey, ugsil s joj: , 9 mouths and 1.". days. , The relatives and friends are i espartfully iu\ ilaJ lo at loud the funeral, this (Saturday) altcrnoon.alonooclock, from hi" la to rui-ldeuco, No. 66 Adams street, corner < f York, Brooklyn. Vam'Kwa sr.?On Friday, April 18. Tiueinau* V. VinI'K* run, aged 29 00(1(8,8 month* and 6 day*. "lit toners! service* o ill lako pint" at tlui residence of Ills (ncilh. r,No. 706 Wa li ngUka strort, onSiiudiiy aft.T1,. on,at halt-past out) o clock, VV'jiiiamc.?Iii N<w Haven, Conn., on Thursday, April 17, ru/.AHr in T., eldest daughter <H Hubhard aud IK>r?> thy Williams, ugod i> ) ours, 4 months and 17 (lays. Dm> frterds and MiidnlntaMM <>f th? faintly are .-3 Spoctfh'ly 111 vItest to attend the funeral The remains will be taken to (.remwood, arriving in Nuw York Una I (Saturday) morning, by llio frailer past ten o'chckNow Haven train. Now Jeraor, ltod ltank and Freehold pnpois p1?:t*? ropy. \\ au.iri ?-Suddenly, on Friday noon, April 19,of mahg1 ail scarlet fever, Agar) F'ahsy, second daughter of John and the late Margaret- Wright, in the 16th year of her ago. Mineral from her father's residence, ."122 Tvrca tleth slreet, this (Saturday) afternoon, at two o'clock. St. Louis (Mo.) papers please copy. WiRuKSN.?On Friday morning, Aprlllft, at hor rofi-. deurn. 11#J West Thirty x-ronth street, Matt--\V.Amines, ol 1'iillumore, Iro antl, j ,i d 17 year and 7 mouth.". 11. r remains will 1>j taken to Calvary Cemetery lor inletment, on Sunday v.01 noon at (wo o'clock. Wu'it'lAM.?tin Ibur-diy, Apt il 17, Catukjm.nh, beloved wile of Jntiie, Wickhc. , a native of Cumrass, couuty V'e.cford, Ireland The relatives and of the family are respectfully hull I'll to aiteiul tho fine at, fruiii h--r late residence, t.uti Madison street, th s (Saturday) nl'tccponn. nt two 0 flock. The 1 -mains aa ill I lakeh to tail arv (V i.otoi v for interment 7r. r/ -On Friday. April l1*, at a jusrter to three (.'c'< - k in the afternoon, t'r. w.u ''oswiiinr, youngest daughter'of Charles A. and Catharine Zeit/, .get 17 j ears. 1)D rcl.UiA os audi'ri Old 1 f tho f.amtlv arc r - -pectfclly invito! to utit-i.d the funeral, 1 Hund.i) afternoon. at no o'clock, front the re >i:k-nce 11 1 er parents Ne. 22s Woo*ter stroet. llor remains sill be taken to lireruwood Cemetery for lutorincul. HKWA1UM. ClO HKWABD.?I.OST IN (iteTNG KKOM Kl'LTON AND Jit) Nauei: s e, t. lo Klilrlri-e street, ail old lo-dtln^ lis ltue . shout 12 Im-tics lung and 4 luetic wide. The under wdi rr l ive toe also reward, tiy leaving it at 11. nehirct111 uller'a,ISKFultonstreet, N. v. t.O P.KWAHD.?I.OAT. ON TIIF 18T1IINST., A UI.A' K .7)0 Hog; iioimu built. The Un let will pies*.- 1 etur i hun 1 > 2! IV'im'i.-er eti eet. In the h Clement. MKSt WASHM dM*; KRWARl). LOUT, ON THI RSDAV KVENINi, BE?5>t) twrt n eight and nine o'elork. In th? Fourth avenue, in-ar Nlutb alreet.-a 1'ix-keU.ook, rnuulnlng AC<i n 1>U1<?. TliHuitrr ?ill nodw theabove reward on leatiuythe anneal 6fi atrafL SK KBWARD.-LOST, ON THK I7TH INST.. AN EN / velop c niuilniog rrgmtcr and other pa<?m tielongma to tor tirift Ijtiren ot th<- ttuiith. Whoever will return !..? ittw iuiu.nd ately to B^krt^in I Cruwel, U hiuilti at reel, will rmt'ivr ilit" olt-111 reward. dhr T USWAllD.-LO?i ON FRIDaV, AFRIL li. A po |?>in?rr Do;; while rntl nrown lira.I,and hrownnpota on the hark; had on a chain lollar; amwor* tu the name of D in. The nbovc reward will br paid au Uia return to C!*i kr'a lii.Ud, VI Chatham alreei. Atwt RRWAliD ,-I.OST, RUN DAK ?f?f IVR1 , IN Third aeetiua or Twentieth cut fhlriy-tlrst mien, a l.ady'M tioWl Hunting Waloh i-ud Chain, Hi. Ifi.OSO, Mir i id maker. The ownrr'a nam< .in the innerenx.. Flat (in.d Link Cnaln. with Charina. T|w nhuve n-wurd will be p ud on Itr lelng Ir't with Win. Wood, J3'J Broadway, or at 12-t Ha-1 Ttur yflrat atrrrt. (j?i> - T.KWAltD?HTOI.KnTHATL'RDAT, IJTH INST, V?t*A a lung tail while H u?e, JA hand hjgb, ton ycara Old. A>.o a aquarr box Wagons woonen daah) mid Hummr. : Anyone returning the ?a.iu< to in* xlani,. w ui l>r paid the ah?i?i award. WI I.HON LAWTWiNOK, Klulhtng, I,. 1. COKAKNS' NEW UOTEL, AT WEST POINT, WIIL uih u uu Saturday, the 31> t May. TUe iib.s rnlgue.1 i? now pra|*riil to make arntngeinents witli families lor the w?ii He line also fjoiO'ltages to rent, twurC which b i n kitchen arrancrmnnt* lor kt.implete establlahtnent. HM. ?. COiXKNS. TJATTBN'H HOTEL. 377. TD AND 2*1 QK^ENWICII JL street, belwe. rwMurrsy ami Warren?Conducted onUi* tor >|?mu pl.m or o hvrwU.', us may be desired Restaurant , and lunch milliter at ?U liouia JAS. JfcNKiNK^N, I'roprtetor, late ol Ibe An, trend und Adain* llouee, AH my. tJTANl.KY IIOWsK, BHI/VtiKI'ORT, CONN -TllIH WKIX O know II Uolsl la uoelo-reni, possession tlvrll in a Irw days; th? present tenant would Ilk-to uispo* ol hlsKuini. lure, Ae? ut a fair taluatioti; tbn lor*iton ol the Sunny House by the rvaj raids, II* spacious r *u*ji and bandsom* ground*,'ron fcr it speotnny aUrnctive to v igtofB In the wn.?n reason; ir ruarta fron tUe oily oaa tint t.y pieasanur puen along thlr roaat; the establishment, Intlklings, .to., aro In good (ond'rlolt .aid al'i torruloa reassuable .actus. ftl '.SK1.L. TOM UUvdON, BTldfof^rt. ritMK ' J KH VIOi KK. KOirT OK IJ.2D HTRKET. CAB X mail!" (lie, having been thoroigbly repaired an 1 newlv lurnlshm', wll'i he-opened the first ol May Families end single lieutletaeo oaa tnakearrarvpiments fur ttie aeaeou on reasonable \er?u?; rrouud* beautifully shaded, acoesatblo bo'.trly bv lLuirau River RaUvosd, steamboat or stage. For ir.^orrualMm tapply at No. l.UdNrendway. ^ OiMtU " C'lOAJL?NO MISERABLE TRAHH Ott UI.ATBY RUB ) btsb, or short weight for $4 10 or $4 but the very t>ee. Red A*h tor family use, screened and delivered at $440 p*r ton, fratn jrardacorner King and Oitaawrtch streets,and W Mooaovclt street, corner New Bowery, I MATTHEW (JLINTON, wholesale and retail agent. ?/f *><1 -K2U AHH COAL PKR TON OF 2.M0 ?J> fc Al'/i peunds. A superior qualltv of Coal for family use, well screened and delivered promptly Yard l? West I Eleventh street, and lftl Eighth avenna. A. BKAKTT tifc/f Ofl-REO ASII COAL. I AM NOW DELIVERING L\J the Ant quality *f Red Ash Coal at *4 ??tier ton, > oi 2.0QU Ibe.: leee to cartmon and ooai dealers Warf corner Of Perryand West streets, North river Offices M.1 Bowery ? and 140 waverley ptao*. A. TURK4D WhuU. Amuh s miickllAreof*. A BTT'LKH TOR BOUJIEK8 AT TotNTS OOOUTIHJ J\ ><r t'nlon troop*, ehi-ild be eeni bj UaRNDEN*8 EX {'BBSS, 74 Biueivtejr, el belt r?: AT $2. $3 SO. $4 A til) $4 .<0.- .IKES AND GAITERS, Boring at> 1uuw roAtiy el JOKES', 10 ead 17 Auu it rout AT O1M0KKDB 8, S81 HKOAUWAV, H THOTOURATH Albuuia fi'or ufiy plenum) retej<e4 el $3, A i i,i\hkkde's-artistto monograms! wro diug Ceid.- eud JUO \?rtetite iA hole 1 t-per, mitl v?l 'ptfk lo uutlc.i. * ^ TTBMTION, CASH Bt/VKHS. TBI NTS AND DOMETXC FOR CASH. BLISS A WHBELOCK, 300 BROAD.VAT, offer tor ae.e much 1>. i.,w iU- ma rio t, THEIR LARUE STOCK OF MERRIMACK. WAMSL'TFATc iCHEOO, AMoSKBAO, RKiI.UO.ND. cllIOOfBR. L'MON end outer rOTL'LAK TRIXTA. ( AlhO, DOMESTICS end COTTONADE3. puruiuuwu iur onsu last wmivj. ADo," MOSTERT, WOOLLKN8-WiilTB aOODS, kotions and fefA.'lk dress GOODS BLISS Jt WHEBLOOK, SKI Broadway. At $4 50, w 90, t! so, $4 m, f i 5". $4 00, >4 50 aplendidranDravet slivi-nriit'.rl D'K PITCHERS. rkkuffiihatous, jtlperior to all ublii#e ittnai ana nail l:.e cost. taisle ou'jfmwy a.nd li'lvel? i' eit wars* 3L' aer tcul les* thus other h mar kitchen cookie} i'tknhils, to null every hoiuel-wiier, at n g ft, in pritM. ev jryArtiole in ipwsei,'EKri>fi ''in.h y f,w, At basofokd'ii. at BAviSFORD 8, cooper Institute puiming, Amor place. n?vconnectio# with ant 3tmkr house. A a a a a a a a a A. Kefrlgerutora front the beet mavii'jc oriei, $;t sb it $3d; llouae Furnishing Atnitl - of overv dc-ilpt.ou at tie* Regular tYhoibaale Dogeu free. a. ALEX. DEL.MAK, sign of t1* Coldt n Kettle, 70C Broadway K A labor stock ok ladies', cents* and chid 7" dren a l'x;a anil rinoea, of every deserlptiin, retailed 1 el wholeaale pric *, ut the liettore jlv Third avenue, neat Twenty-iouriii a.r, el. htijuax t. allen, Agent. At barker**, the best and' most natural Wiga lu the mi lit at. 11 ha foul, 622 Broadway. AT 30.' BROADWAY -WEDDING CABD9 AND NOTE Papers, ut JAVhKBELL'S <elebrated establishment, corner of Duaue alter.. A secret worth knowing. ti1k goldtn "carte i'e vi8tte " imi'ekisha ULr. ' <11 ear 1 Made only by me t dk bros.. 5kb nroadway. AT 009 BROADWAY. williams a or* is' celebrated dockli: thread family ska ing mai Ili.NliS, FROM 12') TO f30.?Three n.achinea, celebrated tlirouBfcout New Kiu'larel anil the West, are not surp issed by auj others in ihe uiurkiT, whI'a they ara FIFTEEN DOLLAR! cue a per than the cheapest of any olher responsible maker. Better machines tor Iwnily tine have never been made. They nre ainiple, reliable and wurranted. 8ale?rooin AG Broadway, up atairu. A beautiful migkobool'e magnifying five hundred tluiea, tor 2Fe. (silvery; live UltlVieoi powers* ft; mailed Iree. by f. l. iigw l.n, box 220, huhiou, m aa. Ctbutchb8 and cakes fob the million?AT ) the manufacturer'*. c. fin nell, No. 2 Corilandt street. Cnouns, bunions, inverted nails, enlarged j jodi.a, and all diseases of the feet, cured without pal* or icc.ouvt nlenre to the patient, by Dr. zachakik, Surgeon t lurop-ejuit, ?thi Broadway. Refers to physicians anvf surgeons of me city. Drake's plantation bitters. 8 t. 1s60. x. It invigorates, strengtaeua and purines the system; la a perti ut appetizer, and the moat agreeable and etfertual tonic iu the world. Il is Coinpo ,ed of the celebrated Caliusys bark, ri ots, herbs, and pure St. Crolvnuni. Psrtirularly uilapled ta d< lieate females; cures Dyspepsia and Weakness, and 1? just the thing lorthee isu eiof se ,sous. Sold by all grooent druggists, hotels and sub on-. J'. H. DRAKE A CO.. 20'-' Broadway, N. X. DO Yor WISH TO ENJOY Til K LUXURY OK LAUGHTER? rend the Table Talk in to-morrow's 8' ND4Y MB HOOKY, and refrain if yon can. You will lind it running over wttfe ordinal wit tlmi NO GR.VYITY C\N RESIST. I, TIT\T LAUGHING I'll I I,0.-OI"IIEI{ and military s?? nt Minnus, Orpheus 0. Kbit, Jia.- a Ictl r upon ths Women ii Ainrri n, uliow lno bow their influence lias affected the Mack- re I Brigade, a lid riling the faiuoufe co?o of "Tiy Hohl>a. D 'ill'-, ami Knobs.1' 2 FOREIGN TRAVEL.?Proving that s man can travel ! Bun,p. a whole year, see every thing of no'.r, and pay bis [uisv.ite back, tor $i?t ina saving money bv goimt a'noad. THE IRISH PICKET?A Grille effusion. by "Barney,*' t native el' the "(lem ot the Bra." 4. Concerning the Selection of Friends?a capital i-esay. r.. MILITARY PROPRIETIES?8b. wing that a man may lire -? clo miy and like a gentleman, without being uu acoompliahcdsofllccr. J|H RN1TURE.-J. BOYCK, AT III8 MANUFACTOHT 1 and Ware room a, 96 andJW Bast Honalon afreet, oilers bis eiitlre atock of superior euhtom made Furniture, of every .leivripi.on, al lei than eoat until April 24. when the balance w ill be sold a' uucdwn, to close the business. I?IMK old BOURBON, mononuahkla and rt* Whiakry.?A large > took, comprising all grades; solas very choice, lor medicinal purposes, n nstanth on hsud So4 toi sale by JNU. SCUYMSEK A CO.. 12tt Front street. C1A2 FIXTURES. r- STEPHEN I'HLLUIN, No. 707 BROAD WAT, Offers tor sale, at reduced prices, a sjdrudM asHortmrnt OAS FIX TURKS. FRENCH ItnON7.ES (Drecl Imporutalion), a Coo'lstlng ot M intel Ornimenta, Ktatuet'rs, Groups Inkstands, sc. N IV-Plumbing and (las Fitting nitended to as usual, at Nw? 111 Fourth street and No. 2 Aster House, Barclay street. ClltODEKY ANO TEA DEALERS SUPPLIED WITH r Trasbv 'h dies;, or Mueller <|iiaalttte*at i-stne rate. CANTON TEA.CO.. 125 Chatham street. IN INDIA?WilEitE IT IS FOUND AT TH* MRRS OF J. i rrr.i reglmrut, a writer nny?f "Tell Lea A Perrtna their Sauce is highly approved, and in m> opinion it is the most palatable as well as the moat wholeaeme Sauce made." JOHN DUNCAN A SONS. Union square, Sole Agents tor tbs Proprietors. TttOiii MAGNETIC J INSF :r POWDER, hated for 19: rart and k<" ?ln r*?or. II kill* aud pit*rin n.ites Hun in'*, U <1 Bug*. Auto Klein. Moth* In riot ha, Kurt and Kurn lure girdrn inserts, Ac. All genuine braid the u(iiKiur< nf K I .yon, mi l 1 n il poisonous to peri?>n><o? doincsli iinlmn's. Beware uf counterfeit!, and imitations n ? Puwdei ki'It nil Imtclt iu a trirc, Lvo.i'a Pill. ire o rat* anil Uihe. Pnl I cvii> wlicic Depot. IJii hmailiiay. Mortons gold raNs.?prices to suit tub pocket and I'cus in suit ttia hand of every writer, at IS Maiden Ittue. t all or inr.osn altunji for rtrrular. MO IT k CHANDON S CHAMPAGNES OK 1MW?NO* heavy ; very line. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Union square, N'O B I'M. Itl N. OR ANV OTHER Rl N?IT CANNOT run ?Tiie on Il.KHK.Vl lilt'S waterproof Show Card* la faal, and wuut run. So run wllli your i.idols tn 3tf Broadway. I> UBUSHKD THIS DAY filF CHANN1NG8" Anew Nove By Mr*. Ilrnty \V< ud. Anttnroi' "K ir "a Heirs." Hi; CHAN'N'INtiS. THE CHANMKUN. TIIE CHARNlNtM. Bv the author of Nic "Earl's Hetra." 1 IIK I IIANNINOS. A Domestic Novel of Real Idfe. Bf Mn Henry W ood, author of the "Ea. l'a llrlr*," la ptTdtilled and' for ?a> thla clay by F. A. BUADY, J? Abb. Ml em, and by all other bookseller* and naw* agent* aveif where. It 1* printed fro u the advanced sheet* pursi.ased from the author, and Issued la A iar.e octavo volume of oter MO pare*, large type, doullu column, and printed oa the linen nil I la.t ot w hite |iuper. Prion fifty eente la. paper cover, or m-i entv-ntc cents la cloth. Published and for ante by T. & l'ETERBON k BROTHERS, .11)6 Chestnut atreid, I'lilladclph'a. To whom all order* IB' 81 come addreaac i. Copies of th.; Cbannlngs will be arnt lo any one. free of postage. oa re rat. log llfty cents lo tho publishers, in a Into* I or two cnptM will bn aeiu for oim dollar. ItiHikaeilei a, newa aaenta, and all outer*, will please tend on their order* at oore for what they may waul ul' thla b eifc to start with, which will provn to bo even ni.u-r popular tbaa ' Earl's Heirs" or " East L nne." Addirs* all order* to the puhllshers, T. B. PETERSON A BROTHERS, No. .It# Coestuut atreei, Puilsdclpbl*. HE niAKNINUB. " BTTJIB AUTHOR OK TUi I'BarVlSrlJf;.',' TUB vnAiin?n?? CHANNlXUft. A NSW DOMRSTI^ NOVEL OF REAL . SA ' T mf^rph'v f?* -hann.V., v?vM 7i ?krhA? Tmor W THI, . Tim ohann^u,!^^^. A Htm Do manic N v*l of H*>*} Ltfo. la nnnH*h*t *'Ul for MUe tblk t*y hy *11 ho^t*2'M* ** ' i^.iU J!?i>where, compute in on* Urge oc'?r? ul.hi* of orrr llino hundred pace*. 1 rUf 6ftJ ??',Ki5' yApci .ht.t, ?*o??nty-lhrO?*Att In cloth 11 U publikhM.At tor Mia At B pgnuWO* A BUtUa J5R?. No. M liI *Mnul UMiit rttlaMpMft. 4!? SS s- fejrrsiasw&S! I trt * mT. n SVIif 1* N uTl rofc-OTOI NWwtteryi J?.T) . MM ol the ? "* ~ opiiorl 4nlly for d?,f.? -| ? It. * a.r* ho.|'<t?U kordlrrtniwrio*, Tb4 t ond. i. .'?irlc*l ellnlqun* lath* ouljogr ?n* x frt ?*' The .prln?;."t*n?cr **1 v4>inuj coiidut .nee during the preeenl ?0**lo*i In UHt 00 .me UVIr , of inT,,irr rov be ?*i'Of*e<l \i * nt ol the ieiitcol <*e*it*? Uftirtt^ I f' V, '?>. N* . ??-- i ? ^ai ? niU lAHMi ,-rrr.rv , , . KVC AND MKNMID HAND , ... i i .*i*a'a Co*ahin*U?? Ottbnoas .i < .ii i mo* ? . i ,0fl E hS -.R,?tA?Oroahfktre'-t. N ,, .... rt- v L,g"Ajib OKAUtft IN IVORY Td i 4>tr F.m .Se". ^r Q^!-WUBCrt BMt Hellene ?? tin Ffi *'! ?'"l Cta**ha '? r??l ? it" Ur-? vnt'T.NWKN WHO PLAT w"A? (t lid itY'8 Hoom*. No, U iloriltndt 'r'*vWt tuoJ 1 .. - , . siithmciU in iUc l??Wt?r jmitI f?t ihr T rl JXu, * ./or itur!'* ub?t*-Um ""'J' ? i > i ? tho ach-nce of me Rem* . <t. TAp; onr| lo I ??,. . v* In bill *rrt* 1* ? guarantor /, '>? tetty|? H ^ .%' t \l -. v t4rt * WW**?* uoou ?

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