Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 19, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 19, 1862 Page 6
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? TlOl'HES, ROOMS. &r., TO LET. Aroi snBY TOin-mr low, at kino un* N. Y., or will be ?oid at a bargain, or exchanged for eilv property ; ha* ateuru engine, Ac. TUi* it the da.., cat rent oyer ottered. Addic-a Foundry, Herald uflLe. AciENTLEM tN'S SUBURBAN RESIDENCE TO LET? lu West .Fi.lny.f mrth etreet, oue bio k from I niral Fark, tu full new comprising a three s.ory gothio foil. g?, earrmaa bouse, -unto and greenhouse, an I eight lou in ..arden ifT-d with choice -bruba and fruit tTeea; relit vary low ton are III .lU'l ro?|ionable family. Apply to H. 11 T.\YL'OK. LW Broadw ay, rtnr insurance udlie, ur to DOVAL1S A CO , 3*.i South street. A BAKERY TO LET-NO 1X8 WEST TENTH STREET, beta en llndaon and Bled k r street*. couai*ng of bakebo u?e, atorerom. kite lieu ami three bedro una. all for RSO> per nuuin. lit an 111 >-? tvithln kJll 'eel oi bakery. Inquire of E L. A B. T. BURNHAM, 611 Hudson street. A FIRST OLVSS Till Eh STORY BROWN STONE 11 -us-. 2Sy Vt'aet Ft iieth atre t, to let; is in line order ? an 1 baa ga* rtxt-ir. ? through-ut: li nt ffiOalai one halt of JL.% same ruw and c.u?a, rent &J50. Apply at 196 West Flftldth r tree I. AO!N1 EEL THREE STORY AND BASEMENT hgnaioi Hone to let, 88 Lexington avenue: all improvement*. rtc -nt y p.iuued an l put In complete order, and tea ly titled up tor the owner's use; rent low. May be ae. n during the day and evening. Apply on premise-. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED SECOND STORY TO el-In a modern house, o. envied by a small getl'eel fan Ly. Keiareuce* required. A] ply at 86 West Thirteenth Street. A LIQUOR STORE TO LET AND FIXTURES FOR sale ?Hue a large room on the saino Uoor with tue aior -, rent low. Inquire at SI Mulberry g;reci, uear New Canal. A HOUSE TO LET-NO. 141 WEST TWELFTH STREET, wi hall the modern luiproveuten t- Inquire of W. It. R1 NCRhlKlIUFF, Sun Ine r nue Company. -19 W.ili street. Also u C. tbi?elo lei, at, oue in e 11oui the landing. B n AiXJl A HANDSOME BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET VERY low?No. lid Heat F-r y-sevcuth s.reet; high atoop, three eto y, 2o 0, with ...I .he modern improvement*; fiyat alas, neigliboi hno I. Apply to C. L. JONES, No. .6 L ul-u e u.ire, from to 10 A. M .and j to b I*. M.: ortoN. B. HO .vl E, US Wihi.un street. A SPLENDID N.-.W HOUSE TO LET-NO. 128 WEST Fifty- h>rd si.cut, between Rruudway and E.-htu nvt - ue; tnreo atory and basement, high sloop, wllh a,l ihc uio Sern luipruvem< utg. Worth $060; will be let to a k"i>d Mn.r.t very lot*. Apply immediately to J011N FElTRE1CH, 416 Third avenue, urar Thirty lit at street. A vf.ry rrf.riY cottage to rent?at yonkers, contwiulua 11 or 13 rooms, a few minutes' wais from me Sepot. The lot is 60 teet by 160. K<'n( $ 00; possession May ]. J. 8. KDWABD8, *n W st Twenty-third street. * COMFORTABLE AND ECONOMICAL UWELUSO J\ to let? v thri *t y H uae In Park avenue, ,6 ; <t fio n H il (i. 0 avenue. It in only J.r.'S. Apply to C. KNOX, No. 312 Broaaway, or ALEX. LN'OEKiJILL, corner Bedford smi Park avenues. A nice two stoky and ATriC uol'se to LET. cn Tenth street. near Kit t.i av.n e, sire Jl.lOvtU feet; ftas gas and water; riUt In v; or will be sold on eery brum. C1IAS. E. MILLS, 34 Cedar street. A fine AND pleasant suit OF ROOMS. ON SEennd lloor. can ueobtaned In a lirst ehiss family, r doing iu West Fo irteenth sieet. Partes wishing a good ionic will hud it to their interest by addressing box 2,tiU7 Post oUiCe. Apartments on broadway, near fourth street.?Three Rooms ami bathroom, lu o allies, at $1U6 per annum, and if required, one Koour miy be had on the Second t:o .r. Inquire 1: oni 2 to 4 1* M at WW Broa 1 way. A NEAT COTTAGE, HALF FURNISHED, To LET? less than an hour's ride from the city, with an a -ie of run t, rood earden, plenty of fruit, and tti a good location, hi h s- than >3 4). Apply to J. K. WILCOX, 166 Fifth avesue,corner ol Twentj-tnird street. A FEW NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-IN a house with a small lamily, without B aril; gas, bath, ge.; conv'ni< ut to most ol the cars and stages in the cilv. Terms mo.h rate. Immediate pm sees on. 56 Tiventy-fourth Itreet, butwe.u Lexingtonand Fourth aveuurs. Apart of a nice house may be had in Twenty Second stri e., by a small uuesceptiouablc faniJy; good relermcas required, iu ;alre at No. 2J7>g Eighth Venue. Apap.t of house 107 east fifty-first street, near Lexlugtnu avenue, to let? audjback parlors, toll bid .on, ta-einent, bedroom and )iaritry adjoining, s-ater, gas natures, wardrobes, Ac.; rent Jl'JJ per suiuim. In iuire on th p eutises. Acor.' er dry GOODS store to LET-one OF the best rUmis in Brooklyn, has been established 111 rears, :s neatly ;,tt d ap. Will he let low. Inquire of J. HI A VN, 640 Columbia street. South Brooklyn. COUNTRY SEATS TO RENT BY B. H. LUDLOW * CO., No. 3 fine street, i far Broadway. FURNISHED. Sew BrtcfctH? Fine country seat $1,800 (Teacheater?Adjoining West Farm*. 800 (looming ..ill ?House and 22 seres 2,260 Sew Ha iiihurg?Brick lloutr, Stable, Ac l.oOo I *cw uamb ir??Laige Homo- and M acres 1.600 led lord, Westchester county? Stone Houie 8*ki iaa.iu a? Stone Mansion l,3t*i far .town?K.egan. mauonu 3.0*0 3a-t - 'own Height*.?8 me ilouse, wilb 12 acres 1,1X1 fencers?26acres, with nic? house 1,600 d > I old?1'rctty Cuti.ige, with grounds COO (fe-t heater, Bear William's Brf- ge 1.400 jta.nfoid, <"o:.n,. on Strawiierry 11.11 00 Drangc. N. J.?l-ine large House. with 3'a acres 1,260 fand rtnlt Landing. H. 1 ?, Ac. UNFURNISHED. Davenport Neck?Beauttfnl llouac and 7 acres 800 Hoai.o.u?< onagr. ciialcad styp , w ilb grounds 600 farrytown?StonHouse auo I3acr?i <Ou COUNTRY RESIDENTS TO LET.-A HANDSOME t'oitai'- auu twuacreaof Land, barn, carriage bouse, (leoty oi trull, large vegetable garden, and all the eonteniUic a for a pleasant rountrj home, twenty miles from city, IB toe New 11 iTt-n Railroad. Good boating and liihlng. Apply at <8 and CO East Twenty-sixth street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-AT FEI HAM, Weatches'. . . u .i.iy, contain, ng ufty-two acr s or 1. n l. Sue large house all all nciestary uuCbu ldings; rent low. Apply to DKVEL1N .t MILLER,3d Wall street. COUNTRY HOUSE?NEATLY AND FULLY FCRNIB1Ied; everyihing complete f->r housekeeping, except Hirer ware ami linos* linen; nine noma, garden and fruit trees. In the beautiful vli age oi Kairtield, t ottn., too hours' ride, rls N. w Haven K.Wtroad. Rent for the a.-ason $1)0: lor the ui f;00, payable monthly. Inquire of Mrs. BKO'.Y N, uea ralrtield depot. COUNTRY STORE-TO LET OR LEASE, A FIRST r..te aland i<r a lir?t class gree-ry In p.ire ..f O. W. DITCHRTT. rm-r of C'lismL>--r* and C.iathaui stress*, or oi JOHN CORN ELL, West Farms. pABINET MAKERS SHOP TO LET-AT NORTH PORT, t . L. L, 2 .HII MB stori * and cellar. This is a Mas thsnce for a uie< hanie wishing to go In the country. I'leniy m *wu: K'.ai auwrru iiii'xmwwi ruuuiuit aiiv rv'i l g,o. Apply t? H. K. LEWIS, U f .Hon atreet, Brooklyn. Delightful residence to let-at a war priii* at Allantoic, su * n I-land. Hon*' haa elc.en roomv, with upola, p az/a, a! ale t.eta, mean view; eight acres, ten nunut a irora the U-a-h; f. rty-five minute^ fto n U? city. R. nt $2 K'. Apply at 114 John atre. t. Furnished cottaoes?at rockaway, jong Inland, to let. for the trimo; ten r. omi. each, with plarraa on three aid'**: icrhou.ri filled; aiabiva, ranger, water. An. ; tine ocan v lew; rent low. Apply to E II. LCDtOW, No 3 I'lue atreet. Furnished cottage to let -to let, at isltp. L I . a tine large furnnhed Cottage, with ?tahle and lawn. lU.nuad cotutui.nlcalion twice a day. Kent S4.'<V Apply at III) Croat air. et, to JOHNSON A LAZARl'H. FIRNI.SHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-AT Met monk overlooking ihe Iludaon. Tne large fnrnlahed li-.'iae and Grotu le a* above; hou?c well lurmahed and gronD'ia well Moc?ei w;th choleeat cnerriea, peara. foerrive, grapes. ,lc., an hour anil a quarter Irom city via Northern Fa road of N w J.-raey, In pilre "O the premiere, ol S BE Vni.CH, K.ermnnt, or of E. HOUGHTON, Agent North ern Railroad of New Jg|yy. foot of Coit'andl atrecl. TNURMKUED HOUSE IN BROOELYN TO LET-THE A three a o y and atlie nrlek bona - No. 125 Paidc atrvet, bet we n Henry and Clinton. The bouee le Well built, an 1 ha* wai-r, Ac In it. The CurnHure la of the beat <| mllty nn t very o ni> ete. An eilra lot adjo.ns th hnuer, laid out aeaga.d-n. it will be let to a private family only, for MJO n /ear; firmer price SI.20J Apply on the prrmiaer. Furnished house to let^on Brooklyn H'-ighia Remaen aire el. near Wail atreet f rry and Aeademy of M etc; alune front, fiirnelied water, pv Ac. Inquire ol T. R HERD EEL 20 front atreet, New I org. Kent $T8 per month. Furnished house to let-fob one year pkom l?t of Nay; tbree atory, brown atone, mo .era Improve tenia; houae 25iO) feet; poee<eaioii on or before the I at if May. the uwn-r going in the country, attuated corn, roi P.errepont and Willow atrwets, Brooklyn Uelgbta. Addreeo J. bog #'7 New York I'oat ofl'tee. Fukmshed house to let?a handsomely furniahed ilo i*e. on the Hudaon river, eight tn 1-a f'om Ihe City H .ll; .a*, furnace, hot and co'd water, b'Uiard Ul.le, nr.; fire nerve of land, embracing a flna garden and (BWIl, Wlia ; leil'ltd vbade (reef, BUtlef, lee houM Al.ed, all n p 't t o d r. Apply at No 143 Diane street jj?LRNISIIED HOD BE TO LET-IN ASTORIA. HANDf ly im-atad on R" rise 11 street. haying a Alia walsr view, U ing the wo nil house from the river; built 111 modem at-1 and veiy anntrnienl, the furniture l? n-arly new, there re I or b drooint i n the set* ul hour, t-eaidee three on ibe nor above tattle). Wdl he let for alt months to a private only at the rate of $100 p< r month. Included are aia ,ea for fo'ir horaee and earn .ge bcuae. Ai ply to O MILLER. 47 Taerl ml 34 Bridge streets, New Turk FURNISHED COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET? r ly located on the llodanu near, at Spuv en D .J II. with modern tmpvnvemante and Stable a .>mii ik on. one and aqnait-r acre of land In lawn and garden. In qu r 'itjU. W. VAN DORIS, u> Park row. Furnished rooms to let-one or two HANDa niti) turnlaud Ho' in. vPhnt hoard, ton alngle rntlen an. In a prirato four story brown ato-.e house in W?et ?. (i y lu irtb ?tr. ri, near Fifth avenue. Addreaa not $ 770 ! .?< o||,ce F" 'CKNISIIEDAND UNFURNISHED HOI K "TO PEN? for tor aeaaon or hy the year, tltoat' d at New Brighton and 1 *dl> t"n, Ntatm la and For partfculara apply uiw m. WII ITThM' 'RE, tpt B( change place. _ 13vknis11ed or UMFt'RNMIIBD BOOMS to let1 without , oard sing y or In mlta, or flours containing at v to aeren rooma. Lo> anon unequalled. Application run be na.> on r i>efore tat of May, when poase salon can ba given. Apply on tlw premises, 19 Union square. ___ FOR RENT-A FIRST CLAR8 FOUR STORY BROWN atone, r.ngltah haaement House, on Twenty Ac n.d treet. near He Tenth avenue. Inquire W J. F. FRANKLIN, I SI Broadway C3ymnahium TO let?THE 8FLENDID ESFABUmH E mi nl If n? 11 ua W-wCs Oymrieal'iia, 93 and 99 Sixth avenue, of podte Eighth street, repii te with apparatus, At* antra, bntn'ug aud d.evemg roonta. Ae. A chance seldom otfei ed Rat trt beat Ap. .y at I In Warerley place. Lake mahopac.-to ibt, a countrv residenre, fnmlahed; th? rroat central and deawabtejlriag.o upon the lake, magnificat view, two acres of ground, Aa? grove, garden, ca-rieite houac. atah'e, Ae. Mirl.opar has atountain air and la celcorated for health, drives, scenery, Ac. For particular! apply at 191 East Thirteenth street. T OFT AND AN OFFICE TO LET-AT NO. 8 NORTH Jj William street, wen lighted, the lort well adapted 1 or In.t manufacturing rent low. Apply at tba oBce. on tha ac.ond Bone, from 11 to 1 o'clock. Oranob, V J.--to i et. a small house with V of an a re, elk eo'ms. Isrga closet / shade t.ree?, within *'-er mtnut a'einltof J'lncil'in dej? >1. Rent a 175 |no tire 1 \.LQWiil, U' Ai Ui " jp eii'laai. IIOU8KA, ROOIWS, AC., TO LET. Xja 1?J ASD 1C THIRD AV'BSl'S.?TO LET, AN It old esta dished D y Go. da Stand, wlib Flitiui-s all complete; will lie divide I in two slures, if requite). Also, a Furnished, So M Ku Silt en h street, to prtvate family. A| p.y to P. MchiALLY, lull 1 htrd Avenue. RESIDENCE OK TDK HUDSON-TO BE l.ET, Ft'Rul?hod, ior s;t or twelve months, uu reasonable t i iik. House large and situation delt.htful, and only half an hour from To.riittb street. inquire At 77 Lurray -treet, up ataira. i STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET.?LA HOB AND mull K m ..s, well lighted, and steam uoistw <y Pose si it Immediately, at WJ W..tcr street, uelweeu Pike ?ad liu;(ir? slips. TO LET-A DESIRABLE li'tUSK, 31 KIKO 8TRKET, u itii modern lui| rovemeiita: may be divided it nreesm t. Also the First Floor an I Has- met.t, Willi Bedrooms, ol ? \ aire. t. Inquire at St hiuig street. TO L.ET?THE THREE ST Hi* AND BASEMENT 11 . , N <?3 East T iiily-.-t . ltd street, beta a JL ? tut,ton and Third; has gas, t'rolon water, bat , .vc.; rent $451. In |inre en lb preuitsi s from 10 Uli ft o'clock, or to K. RUSSELL, 127 W est Tweuty-uftb tree I. TO LET?T'iE THBBB STORY AND BASEMENT Dwelling House, tii sloue front. No. 117 Weet Kit'. tie tb si re, t, unplete with all the utd rts improvements. Ren: to s..u the tome. Apply tt EDWARD T1MPBON, 170 West Fitlicth street. TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OP IIOUSE 2 3 WEST Twenty-etgh b sire t, one door from Ntutb avn-w; four lto tut, two pantries, botuoa c.dd water, bath and ;;as, with pat t oi Cellar a . et/'f liwrle place lor a small .amity, ui a clean, quiet neighb trboo '. Kent Ji'M. TO LET?IN GL'TTENItUKU, NEW JERSEY, RENT low, two Houses, one suitable Tor a battery, wi b i w oven and good well of watet; lite oilier will be let out in rtet.i e. Koth have sta les attached. To be seen by applying to Squire UWVtU, t tr t.ic premises, or at Kubler A F.neb's brewery, TO LET?A TWO .STORY COTTAGB, WITH GARDEN, fruit treea AC., and earn, situated in W est lipiotii.r d. N. J., ut-o hour fio.n the city and live minutes' walk I'ron the depot K m *2oJ. Ap,.lj to HARRISON A CRANK, near tUo premise*. rpo LET?FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OF477TI1IRD X avenue, near T..iriy-ourtli street, eons.sting of ja lor and .1 it 11>< ro >tn, kitchen, three bedrooms an I tlx elo ta; marble iiiantu w, aa* nature* an I ail modi ru I nproveuiei.i*. Apply 011 tbe premises, toTliOMAS Mci'HKKSoN. rpo LET?T1IE FOLLOWIMO PARTS OK HOUSES X n*.?The lower parte of No 242, 2r6 2.S ami 262 eat Tuirtecnlh ttr< et; contain ttic modem liuiirovi uients and iv. 11 Le o, cup e I by <>n v iwo faint.lea. Kent low ana local ou ' find rat1. Apply 10 KOJEKT LnHEK, JR., 112 Weal Thirtyfourth cel. rpo LET?THE DWELLING PART OK THE HO03B HO X lil Cherry street, near Catharine atrect, w ?li atupti d fora bosr.nn,; home, also the aecon I story of In line 111 I Henry street, near Jcd;*.r*omireet. Apply to J. STEEL, ill Cherry sin et. TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED. THE OApacluna Bmldm;, .>1 Sprint; street, one door i .tat of Broadw ay. It la suitable lor c,ther a ilwollins or lor busin a- p'.rpii-oa. It poaaeiaeeall the tu. dcrn improvements an i c iiienlcii' es of a tnst ciae* house. W.U be put iu good order to a good tenant. TO LET-A HOUSE AND THIRTEEN ACRES OP laud, one mile fuun Astoria. Apply to J. M. BLACKWELL, Nov bl Pe.trl vireet. TO LET?rHE THREE STORY AND EASEMENT bit a House, sub-cellar, 169 Clinton atrci-t; contain* ail tbe modern liupioveuieiits such a* gas, Ini and cold water, b.ith, Ac. Apply lu GEORGE U. HAuLOCK, 21 street. , T> LET?TilE STORE AND DWELLING noUSE 312 E.^hth avenue, now occupied at a butcher simp, anil ui.e of the best locations on the avenue. Apply on the premise a rpO LET-SEVERAL SMALL. VERY NEAT AND CON X venicut Houses, brum sluue fronts, with modern I mprovement* complete, inTw i.tb th street, be. ween Kir-tand Second iiveniie*. Rent only $40J each. Apply to T. MACKARL.\N. 1M) Earl Tenth street. rpo LET-THE FRON f AND RACK PARLORS ON FIRST J. lioor. Front ami ba k Uawmeut ana Bedroom uu third floor, n oh t j. acta. Pantries. water, cat 0\tures, Ac.: r ait glint); or Front and B.ielc R. oin, wiili two Bedrooms on second lloOr, with Bedroom on imrd lloor. C.oscts, Pantries, water, gas fixtures, Ac ; rent $_0. Apply to HENRY 11. TYdON, 17 Christopher street. rpo LET,?AT REDUCED RENT OF *800. UOUSE NO 41 JL West Twenty-eighth sit e t, four story, Engii-h basement ail Improvement*, gas fixtures, Ac. Apply to E. D. LAWRENCE, 1.2S1 Broadway, between Thirty-first and Thirtysecond *tre> ts. TO LET-A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOUSE. furnished, No. 24 W n Th ty-hrst a re< L P s -sMi >n Immediately. Open lor in-p c.i./n da.iy from 11 M. ill! 6 P. 31. _ TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, A SUb irtxan residence, beautifully si uatcd on f lo ated (.round st Kllloitvill , north shore Slate 11 Island, halt an hour iroin Wall street. Good stable, garden, and lawn of several acres, fruit and shade tree*. Rent $dnV. Also to let, a very c ettily situated Cottage, containing ri;tu rooms; irisen 1 cent views. K m $idJ. Apply to UEORGE BARRETT, Esp. No S Wall street or at I)r. ELLIOTT 8 office, No. 7 C.intoa Hall. Eighth street. TO LET?THE NEW FRAME COTTAGE, CONVESIendy tilted up with all modern impruveineuts, and with it lots ), land ad joining, pieisaully situated on the banks of the Hudson, comer of Broadway an 1 110th street ; there Is a commodious stable on the premises with arc inrmodation for four bor-ea : the position, both as rosp-ot* the irrut.ndinc scenery ana neighborhood, is unsurpassed ; rent *-O0. Apply on the premises, orat the oITc-i oldOHN M. SMI Ills I SONS, < orner of Broad and Front streets. New York. TO LET?THE FIRST FLOOR, WITH THREE BHDrooms ami tack Basemrm. In a two story brick dwellin.?, deslraolj s mated In the eentral purl of the city. Rent S'-l'fi. Inquire on the premises, 311 Hon street, uecr B.ecc-er, or at 274 l'earl street. TO LET- POSSESSION IMMEDIATELY ?THE dwelling pai t of the House No. MHJs Broadway, drear Nineteenth street; ail the modern tm?rovemcata will be put lu the house. Kent low to a respousiole tenant. Gas fixtures it} u>e bouse. Inquire lu the store. rpo LET-ON BERGEN HILL, NORTH WAVBRLEY, all the modern Improvements, with beautiful (ptrden, hot house ano stabler attached, commanding a line view of the harbor. C.ri pu a near the house every fifteen minut'S. Grounds all nicely iai! o t. coinjutMng tn a l right lo'.a. Rent v. ry low. Apply to POLLOCK BROS., li Dey street, New York. mO I.ET-TIIK LOWER PART OF HOUSE 107 KING A street. Front an t hack parlor, front basement, paturies, bedr om In attic, tat chandelleie,, Ac. K btiowtoa good tenant. Inquire on the premises. TO LET-IN BRO'tKI.Y.V, M7 MONTAGUE STRUT, opposite the A' u.l try of Music, a fine i'arlnr ana Bedroom adjoining, on f ist floor, v. 1th water, fire, gas, Ac. TO LET-THE OLD ESTABLISHED GROCERY AND L |Uor S ore. and back Room and Cellar, corner of Catharine and Water streets. Inquire of GEORGE J. Hl'NTfR, Sltt Waier street. TO LET-LOFTS AND ROOMS, WITH STEAM FOWER; also two large .stores, fronting on Ku.lou street. Apply t 84 Fulton street. rpo LET-U SMALL HANDSOME FIRST CLASS A brown -tone lloita . Kent mo.e, ate to a good tenant. It re >.? D. T. KENNKIO, 13u?a:t'i't uy-fifth street. rfO LET -IN ELl/IARElII, N. J , A BEALTIFCL CoTA tsge, containing 11 rooms, evedlrnt w.,ter, laige garden, all in tine con llttou and good order. Kent low. Inquire of A. PHELPS. 34 Pine street, N. Y. TO LET-IN WILLIAMSBURG, THE WIIoLE OR PART ot a truer etory baaemrnt House, gas. water and iswer c.nn-ction. U) South Tutrd Mreet. App.v to Dr HEINE, 74 West Houston street; 6r Mr UllEEN, Agent, corner Grand and Filth streets, Williamsburg. TO LET-IN WASHINGTON PLACE, WILLIAMSBURG, three b'<* ka trotn the ferries, two eery desirable House*, in perfect ot der; painted w alls, marbled hails, water. gas. chandell-rs, Ac ; will be let low to unexceptionable tenants; aiso a v< ty dtalrabie House to let, toiwosdecl families. Inquire of the own-T, IS Washington place. r) LET-THE FOUR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSES Mo*. 49 Eu-i Tweiitya-tgtilli itroet and TTJ West Thirtyfoui th strei t. Iuime t.aie poa?- sslon given. Apply on lae premises from 4 to 6 P. M., or Of JOHN. 6. KELS< i, 6: William street. TO LET-A SPLENDID SUIT OF FRONT OFFICES on the second story of the butldlna 10 Wall street, suitable for a banker or ia? yer. Apfily to D. A A. KINGSLAND, fit rriiN a en ss Un,,.i ,i?.i TO LET?SIX VERY DESIRABLE HOUSES, 8ITUATAD on Spring terrace, Boahwick. one utile from tin- Grand atreet ferry; loago.d tenant* ill tie rented fnr S121 e* n. Apply to l>. A A. KINGSLAND, BUTTON A CO., 44 Broad atreet. TO I.ET-FOR BUSINESS. BOCIETiF.S, AC., AT 819 Broadway, the Corner itnoma now occupied by the Catholic Library Alao Front and Corner Roomi on Broadway and Twelfth atrret. Rent low. jlOHNJt. KEI.80. M William a raet. r) I.KT?HOUSES 44, 47 AND 81 LISPENARD STREET, and l.M Franklin atreet. llrnta low. Apply to A. JoUKNhAV l-ll! tail way. r LET?THE LOWER PART OF THE DESIRABLE three eterjr Houee, No. 36 Ring atreet. between Maedougal end Yarlck atreeta; fine large yard end pleasant I Kaiti'tn, will be rented Ibw to a good lenaut. Reference required. Apply after 10 o'clock A. M rl.Er-VERV CHEAP, TIIK FLOOR THROUOH OF the brown atone front houae No. 484 Eighth avautte, containing aeren r-n-na with every < onrenleo e. Inquire or J. U HANSON, ?S8t< Bleerker etreet " TO LET?THE WHOLE OR LOWER PART OF THE three story high atoop Roo?e, 94 Eaat Thlitt-third atreet, one d >or from Leiingbn avenge; haa all the modern lm. prorementa, chandeliers, Aa. Poaaeaalon given Imtnediat- ly; rent low to a good tenant ffO LET-INDEED CHEAP. TO FAMILIES, SUITS OF A Parlors. Flotire, Room", Baeementn. oflkwa and amall Store. In ho ine*? KoosevdlL 4<S Greenwich, 111 Hudson, 31 North M tore. 20 Varl k, 99 Madison 87 Walker atreet-, and U and 11.1 Eaat Broadway. Alao Stables. Inquire immediately m basement 22 Eaat Broadway TO LET-A DESIRABLE HIGH STOOP HOUSE IN Suty-Ailh atreet, with all modern Improvement*; ip.od neighttorhood ; handy to the rare, rent to a reaponaihle te. nai7i g34n. Apply to DYE A CUKTIS8, 408 SI lib avenue. bt 'ton Tblrt ?th and Thirty-Aral Mreeta. TO LET?THE WHOLE OR PART OF THE SECOND t'.rv hatemem and attic Hutiee 21 Easel ttr-et, alao, BUble f ir ai t ht.raea R. nt low to responsible parllea. Apply to J t ORNELL. No I Eaaei market. ' TO LET-FURNISHED, A COTTAGE RESIDENCE AT Tonkera; large garden, ahade ami fruit treea, vines, atrawberrl", anil other amall frtilta: furnace, gar, water, Ac.; for the enmtner mnntha or for the year Impure nt Mr. H. O. HAItRJitON, Architect, 41 Wall atreet. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, FIFTEEN MINUTES RT care lljm he[Hamilton retry, ? Urge Cottage an I Stat le, between Twelfth and Thirteenth street* and Fnorth ami Fifth mvannea, riinn'ng from atreet |n atreet fttivtOd yhg h outa has been painted outside and rcpalted luahl a r.ew alitor and front innce lately erected: treea and rraprrrun the premise*. To a responsible family it wi'i i?e let low for one or more years. Apply to 8. B. HUTCH INtlS. 3d John street. TO LET-TnE VERY DESIRABLE. FIllsT CLASS En., h haa. n'ent Ifouae 74 We,t jr-wiy Dr?t atreet; haa II thn modern lmpioscm?Mila. and will ut v? ry low to a (o 1 tenant. Inquire of JOHN A. (.Oillf ICR. 'QWest !'ortyiirrt atregt. NEW YOKE. HERALD, S I hocsks, noons, ac.. to lht mo LRT-FROM MAT 1, ONF. LAKUK AND ONE A vuiau U.ju.u, . 1'iiuf. i.-d, on in-i ii.juj-. Kent ?350 per | ) ur. Call .ii IS3 Bo, a lt* a , room No. 3. r LET-HOI8E8 COM 1'LE I 8 W1TU ALL MODERN tin ->v tin is ton good and healthy neighb,, hoo'.ut i low null, ou 12 An an 1 127 to ?uv>'l>, Harlem, betw,euTn rd ; and l'ouit inn %, an i convenient to s ' <auiboits and taili r ads. Kan House hi ?aa thr* u.hout, Ji*. and coi I water, ; l?a.biu, oo:u and two ?at ? < loxts R 6250 n ami the Crotnu water la x. In pare o: ANDl.i-.W CRAW Mil*;), U.Mh streui, near SLth avenue, or ot JOHN H. SWIFT, 63 Broad any. T) LET-TUB FOUR EruRY ENGLISH BASEMENT House lio East TUullelu sucet; furnished, ?3.0; uuiuruisiied. Apply to J. 1'. YOl NO, iV JJuaua street, or 10 W, F. ESI AHKOtlK. 150 E .? To line lb aire u fTM) LKT-AT A I OW KENT. A LAK ,K MARKET AT A JaSAl Hrua ltvay, corner of Thirty-iir?i strc*'t; slauM-re* and Dwellii 4; < I, Ji.; and 1 215 broaun u, at f idu oath: iow< i. line part oi .-ij $12 50 per mouth. A)., ij in F. M.LANGTON. 50 West Thli ty-iirat sin et. r LET?THE SECOND STOBY AND PAKT OF THE Tniro, o II u,e old lleury sir el. J*aa, wal-r, ae. Kent liwwa good, reaponsib.e tenant. Fdaaeao?in Inline* Lately. TO LET-TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOl'SE 67 CARiniue alreet, loir $iu0 Two frame Houat a, with va an I lota adjoining, bmug i- leet 0V I ,1, IMS Wait Fltteeulli street, near Eighth a.en .e, n ut $.'10 Two atorv lions** 2 *> East Broadway 4 r ut io0. Apply to a. hi. HU iClliNGS, Mi John street. TO LET?A SHOP ON THE FIFTH AVKNIE, SUIT able lora fruit and confectionery; or would anit torn market. Apply in it door, at the cottage, corner ol FUiIi av -one and lorUetu atr et. mo lei?a handsome furnished house, with A oil the modern impruveun n;a: 'lie port us are pa.nled In fr* ko; a tine grap*' ine in the yard; a . od under c litr, imm ed; will be li t right to a good teiuir. Apply ou the, 8, No. 234 Eaal t hirtieth street. (TO LET-IN WILLIAM 8BCMQ, A VEMY SMALL A tin idaomaOoU ge, four blocks from ferries oa the aouth aide; li?a ? i* and ?at, i ; Brap'vine in yard; rent $-'.50 aud Wat r t.ix. Apply to HUoilKS a GKLEN, 153 (Land street, YV llliawshurg. rixn t KT_Tnn I'iiuvk inn i line irnnv tin; ai.* X N". 23 West Washington pUc , m ur Sixth avenue, will I n pallia .1 an 1 p it in good or tier. Apply to S. S. U1N.UAN, No. 3 U. uad meet rro LET?CHEAP A coon CIIANCE FOR ANY BODY. A w.xiiu( lo go In liio 1.. cry stable uiuou ?), a House an i Sia?n.i, id Forty-e ghth street, between Broadway unil L -pi tli avenue, sub arui.tiuiie33 at.l'a - a t goo.i cm Ii louse; Cio i.i water ami gas in .< a >le and till*', inquire 01 V. CHURCHILL, uai. h a a inil -. rpo LET?. HKULTHE ELBOANT NEW STOKE, IIAVA log 1 ull h ngili Fieuch p ate glass windows. C.oion water i.D'1 a< nxiui m MBivtii avenue, "ppo-lle El jhlii s'r. . t; i. v- ry ueu.i ib . bn-iiius* heuu u. Apply to it. L. Sb YDAM, 153 Wuvel ley place, near Sixth avenue. rilO LET?TUB HANDSOME NEW THREE STORY A b ' -K Hous< lu2 VV :i 11 -y plan , near Sixth avenue, a lib t ilers, gss iix i r a. hut and tol l water liuoiguoul. It n. reduced io |>i-b ana walei ia>. Apply at 1M \\ avciley P'? rro LET?FURNISHED OH UNFURNISHED, A SMALL A House, til West Tw- illy sixth air el. Furniture for saie cheap. rro LET?THE DESIHAULS TWO STORY ATTiC AND A busu neiil brick House No. 6 Allen street. Has water uiul a a. ami adapted for oo f am Was. Apjuy to o, OSTKANDEK, Naval Oii.ce, Ousiein House. rpo LET-AT REDUCED KENT, THE OLD STAND 220 A it road way, under hamulu s Mu eum, lor so many rears o e iph a- a brokor> olliee; the best location iu tl.e city lor thai ouaiuess. For rent apply at I he Museum Ticket olliee. rpo LET-A Till EE STORY I'll CK HOUSE IN FIFA ty llftta street lbo feet east of Tuir.t avenue, with all the haul, hi improvements. Rent $ V?0. Also Store 5M bioa iv.ay. in pure at the olU ? ol' French's lion 1. TO LET?A NEAT, SMALL RRICK HOI SE, IN A HOOD A; has water, i as, bath. kit. le n range, Ac.; No. Ilh'g Douglass stieei, LrooKlyn; Inline" post,. *sn n can be had, rcnip'SU. inquire oi CHARLES JENKINS, 22 Monroe place, or at the Ess: River Bant, bit) Broadway. rpo LET-IN BROOKLYN, THE THREE STORY BRICK A House ard store, ccirn r lleuford ami D' Kaio avenues; (.esliabb grec-r. Apply to EADEAU, LOCKWoOD A CO., 2.7 Washington street, N. Y. rpo LET?I.N BROOKLYN, THE TWO STORY COT TALK A House on 1!'dluni amine, next to Vuu it ir. o street; rent JlUki per aunhin. Apply to BADEAU, LObiCiVOOD A Of1, 22,' \i as! nigio.i atrnet. N. Y. TO LET?THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS OK 17 ANN street, near Broadway. ituitttblt* lor u light business; will be let ow to a gooil tenant. Apply to J AMLS MOKAN, No. 8 John ?;r el, up TO LET?FURNISHED OR UNFURNISHED, THE three slnrj s.oop brown itoue Ho.on- od W rst Forty-tilth Ridel, betwwi in Kit lb and Sixth winaii; all mo lam ImproVi men s; furn; urc very omplute; rent low. Apply to K.LlVlNGeTUM, it Exchange place. rro LET-TO A VERY SMALL, RESl'El TABLE FAMILY* A S cotiJ Floor, consi-t n;oi lour rooms am] pantries: every con . uiencs in the house; reul *17 l?r utoiitii. Call on pr iiiini, 41b Fourth avenue, between Twenty-ninth and Thlrttutli streets. > fpO LEY-THE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE 31 EAST A Twenty-seventh street, m ar Madl-on avenue. It is la soot order, is furnished wsth gas fixtures and supplied with 1 as ?n 1 hoi and eol.l water throughout. Apply to HOWARD WILEY, 7t)South st.act. rpo LET?CLEARER THAN A.NY OTHER HOUSES IN X tbe city, with chandeliers anu gas enures, two of the ueatekt, tuia.e ale sis d llousi s in liie city, liaiuire on the premises, In! East TulriJ-lbird street. TO LET?TWO OF THE BEST SUITS OF APARTMENTS in the city, rn s ..tin,; of five and six rooms on the Hour, one' a> $1 2 una uncut $17 per month. Impure on lac pie mis-*, corner of Fourth avenue and l'orty-Urst street. rpO LET-ONE OF THE PRETTIEST FOUR SToBY X brown stune Houses in the rl v, ivltli chundcllets ami gas finer s; location nc of the b si; house : rescued and pap. rrt and lu p r.ect oruer. Impure on tbe premises, No. JO West Forty-si.lh street, between Fifth and slum avenues, or of J. E. sltAW, .-2 Nussau Street, from 1 to 3 o'clock. ri O TKT?THE not SE NO. .-A WEST THIRTEENTH X ttreO', be'.wt cu SI .in and S -irn li t.venues; contain* all the modern Imprcv nte.iU. Rent $614) a year. Apply to WILLIAM M. ulLk>, IH Sixth svene.", Corner ot Ihirte. nth street. rro LET-THE s: ALL THREE STORY 11KIC1C HdlSE 1 2 4 t\>-1 Twel.ih sir 11. $J5t). Two two ator.v i r.ek C '".i?c Houses. near by, Lower ha f ot ts'J Hudson street, $200. Apply to JOHN ROSS, IS Eighth avenue. rpo LET-A FIRS T FJ.OOIt, AT 365 BROOME STREET, J. two parlors, with eioacts; too or more attic bedruo na and a lar.e buaem.i.t. Or the S coud Floor, lour to> us, \t ilh attic bedrooms, (las. water an t waste pipe en all the Coots. Can I e seen from 12 t.ll I 1*. M. rpo LET, T'? A SMALL FAMILY?A NEAT LITTLE i. Hum si f iii a very pleasaht part <>f the < ity, 26 Charies m e r La* nil riodcrti improvements. It convenient to the Am ty line of -lagrs an t Fourth atr-et, or Sixth av.-nue tar*. Krtil 14uu. Enquire ' u the pieintaea , or at "?ti Wet Twelfth ?t., of I*. C. Putt. rj'O I J! 1 ?TO SMALL GENTEEL FAMILIES, THE J. t rsi lioor nnii B..?eui nl of Mouse 191 Wet I Twentieth street, with range. C.ot< n water, *aa cad fixture!. Ai?o, thirl ami to irtn floor*, five largo room* o.i each floor, with eh * t a idtlothca pr f, wnah tiarioa. Cruton water and cue nnii Uxiuret ,hro igliout. The lioott will be let low to Iraliat a aL In talre at W BuMi mm. In Mm anal alw. rilO LET-TUB UPPER PART OK HOUSE NO. 36 1 Sei on i ttrret, turner of S-e?nd avenue, conalaiing of two Rooks, on aecoiot Itoo:, two Room*. on third floor, front Baa oi'.i t?t, with Privilege ol bith; r.nt $275. Inquire at 190 Fifth street, or at SJ7 Hroedway, in the eegar ator.-. TO LBT?TI1E MAGNIFICENT STORE. 671 BROADv ay, adjwlninrthe main eniranee of Ihe Lafarge House; lite ?b".ul2oit5 feet, wuh two ipieodld show wtndowa at tachi d; wue of tha br?l bu-iio sa loeatluna on Broadway, and aultahle :or a jewelry. genta' furnishing or any other Ren feel b nonet Wtil be let at a very reasonable rent tlcailcl for immediately. A merchant taiior or jeweller would hare no oppoaitioi. in this whjle Hoc* alter May n-xt. Knrlurther pml'eular* in |ulrc at No. 4XI,'? Broadwsy, tourth door above Canal atmo. TO LIT?THE SECOND STORY OF THE NEW BKOtVN atone Houee if* sdath avenue, ronsl-ting of hve rooms. wlthwAter in klteheu end gae in every room. To a small family, nothing eat be more des.rab'v. Apply on the premier*, from 16 A M. to 4 P. M. r LET?THE THREE STORY HOUSE 20|t$ EAST Twenty-third atreet, near Set mil avenue, lOiUlnlug nine room* and front oeiKr, Raa, Cr.dtu, Ac. Rem $li?l Apply to K. W. TOKK1M, New Yora Observer office, 37 Bark raw, TO LET?RENT fiOJ, A TWO AND A HALF STORT Outage Ho i*r, with',aeven rooma an I had an aire of land, or. the NewKwn roa 1, two and a half mile* from the UranJ atreet and Peck anp fciriei. W'11lamabiirg;?Newtoirn augr a p?e? hourly. A. KAItsLYE, 61 John atreet. rpo LET-AT A LOW T-ENT, THE THREE STORY X buck H .u?e 178 Atlantic atreet, Bio .klya, opposite the M'tiwatiia LP'rury and the Excelsior Shades; afliat rata etand lor boa net*. H. BRUSH, 61 John atreet. rpo LET-THB LOWER PART. W ITH TWO ROOMS ON X triM no.7,1)1 ? icry uiuti iiihuv noun-, uu'll tor two families, has urije yard, Ac., will be let to a sti all family at a in ?lerate rent. Apply at No. 1UG East Thirteenth street, near Third arrnne. rpo LET?THE HOUSE NO. 60 BOND STREET. IS I 1 Si-.W, baring an eiti-nslon 13x?l. Tire location ia vei j dralrwldr, either as a MMMMir fofbuiMNpOIIMM Renlriw to a bp'd tenant. Possession immediately. Apply to E. t'OLKS, W) Wallptreet, room N >. A TO LET-A SHOO, MODERN BRICK HOUSE. IN 1 om plate ordar, No. IS Bethune street, to a nloe tenant; 1100. Two Cottages on Sooth Fourth ?lr?et, Jersey City, No. S'.'S. water an^as ait rooms each. Rent $16 per mouih. A| p.f at MS Wrecker street, of T. CUDBIKTlL r LET-POULTRY AND VEtlETABLE STAND NO. 40 T " pinna market. A| | :> Bppoa te. r LET-WILL BE RENTED FOR A LIQUOR STORE, the four story House ?nd Store on northwest corner of Sllll arenue and Thirty-third street, at Broadtray Junction; long ocoupp d a* a grocery atore. Honae X feat able. TO LET-A SMALL THREE STORY AND BASEMENT bro in atone front llouaa, AC Wval Forty-seroiul street, between Siith arrnue and Broadway, with <athiooui, gas and yaa UitUf'S Apply to E II LAVVRENt E, 1,261 Broadway, between Thirty lir?t and Thirty.' 1.11, I atrerta. TO LET?TIIK FOUR LOFT8 IN STORE 101 CHAMBERS at real; will be let low to a god tenant The l-s-ail .n lanne ot tha lieat and moat central in IT w York. For particulars apply on the premises to JOHN D. LEWIS. TO LET-IN MORRIS COUNTY, N J . A DESIRABLE Country Seat, about two houra' ride from .leraey City. TI.e honae la large and hai a fine, healthful location; cone-, meni to aareral ehurrhea and good achoola. Tha lawn and gar : n embrace tarn a< res; abaundlng in fruit, forest ami arc araen trrea. Kant very low to a good tenant, with lin. m- diate poaaaaalon If desired. Apply to X L. CON LIT, 61 Broad etrret. To LEr-CMBtP, WITH OR WITHOUT STEAM POW. ar, lina light Hhopa, of different aires, suitable for any me -hanlral business Inquire of the engineer on the preinlsea, It and 16 An.l'.y |Ue, Laurens street, between Hleccker and Amity streets rr >i.p,t~\ i; r < f ass house on t;ie north 1 K : if F* 1 II 1 i d, two hundred yarde from the ferry ida'arp .n n.tle from the ferry, Impure all! At.n a11 SATURDAY, APRIL 19, 186 | IIOUSKfiS, HCMIMI, d*C., TO LBT. ! ' mO LET A FIRST (LASS FOl!R STORY KHU, IH X i er!>< tiy *'ooU order, newly pail tr-d ..nd puprrtsit, b.iiin

Iau i w.ter cIo^Mm bel ow ami above, git* aid kus uilures throughout. Will he reuteri low to Ai o dUmai t. The l?rai.oa 1 <lt.**irabie for a i r vale r *ui? n e, or li wo 'd bo i rei?ie t for auy r- ep? ?1a V* bu*in?fcM pttrpuM. Apply ?i2oi Greene aruci, scvuud liou&e 'ioui Kt0luh btreet, L'Uiaioii : place. i rno LET-AT BEtlUEN POINT, N. J- CLOSE TO T1IB | A steamboat landing, a Ltgi House, with uwn, i ami mr< iat vie. of laud; formerly llie residence of Curr mod, deceased. Apply to a. d MELICK, 38 Whitehall atreet, N. V., or to W. B. Williams, Mo. 6 Larry 1 BuiMIiik, Jersey City. fTO LET-LOW, TO SMALL, RiiSi'J-CTABUI KAMIj A lie*, in Wist Ttt.nljsmli strni I, ur.r Nil 11 .venae, | two or I iree very net, (n ail Houses Also . few pood 1 Fiona, . Ml tall. Ill- flV room* ?; <!?; |pi, water, Ac., Ill May ; tiirn from 11 A i r. M , by ap; lyiug to JOSEPH CuilSIT, rg-Bt, f .l Klntli avenue. I M'O LET-SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS OK HOUSE A >Ji UY -1 Twenty-sixth street, ront.iuiiiti live nome earn, I with watri uud gas; are very well ai runted lor small famllua; r> ut o Second S o y S ISO, and Third Suirj tlie o' n i o 'i)ip'b'nr [owe. part. A mi. a ttvo iluri, basement an.i alt.u .i?u e II lure. wi lt nut mud |U,for i'iM. Apply to ll. C ARMSi'UONC, on t re premiers. To let?i,:ic7 i Roadway, < okner thirty-ninth utreet; lu.s 1G stalls, g-i.- ami Cioiou water, luig.: cHrriapo noii .tr. tin stand urn ul elt. inilis or a manufactory. Aj ply to U. 11. lllNE, Jtil Sivtit av nue. rro LET?FRO* 1ST OK MAY, THE FOLLOWING A bin) neiia pla is:?I ore r. r n r of S ventli a.iiiuei.ud Tulrty.lUirl airrrl, $o61; Store and Rare air u I 371Srv nth u m e, A'tti". H'.r antl C In 22 t tiarlne street, $30J; see >ii 1 and tltird Floors.M Division struct. For particular, apply to A. M. FAN NINO, 2"-'5 Bowery. rpo LET?THE DWELLING HOUSE AND STOKE CORA iter ef Livlrp Hon rr t *n I K m place, j rooki.t n; one o ilio boat 1 icuiion- m Hi- city 'or a public house, pro ery or IrniuiHt. \t II be pi'.l :n p. iyl repair Ap| 1 mi lire premises, or to loLVi'lS IIUKST, l/J \r all street, N-w for*. rpo I.ET-A TOWN \ ni? COUNTRY residence, A foot. I SHty-siuli stieet, nontiug on Km river; a lar.o d ml) o Gothic Collage, stable, o.ii rm-c house, garden and M e ucrt s ol ground; .variety of fiuit and forest uretiA Wl.l let low to a good ten ml. 1 u<,al<? on tne pre.i.i es, oralli.e Empire Sewin., Machine Coinpuuy, MO Rro t .way. rpo LEY?SECOND FLOOR t FOUR KLE-1 ANT BOONS , A I a..i and all tin- modem tuuvriiiences on auun I.our, ruriilsncd or mi n a in s' kij'im modem four story i.ijjb Sloo; houa . Jt lit SCOT . 40/ Fou. th street, N. Y. rpo LET-IN RIO 1KLYN, NO. 2-3 BRIDOE STREET, linuse; w it r and pas, 13 in nuU'< from Wall street ..r Fulton ferry: r nt loir. Ap|ity to 1'. DUFUKT, 'Jti Liberty street, New York, up s t ii. mo LET?TO ONK ORTWO UOb FAMILIES. THE J Seeond Floor of the Uoimo lltl iIUim rtrart, oeaulilu tuo looms, two bo Irooiuo, ihe Ir u. basement; gai anil Crotoa. k nt $ oj. mo YET?A FRONT AJP> BUHC BASEMENT, WITH J <,ne iti oin on third story ant th- usenf .1 turn purler I: required: excellent phi. -e for a physician family. Injure at lit West Twoli(h alr-et, uear S.xth a ren ue. rpO LET?FROM 1ST MAY. THE FOLLOWING HOUSES X 3 Ntoiy brick Hume, I JJ Vi ooucr street iftftO 2 Ntor.v, aii c.iiut extension, 2SI Molt n reut * *1 2st..r'. unltitlebruMWXoU street 3mi 3 story ui lek iIous"s, .'11 and 33 Froi t street #*l 3 story bri. k 11- "be. uw i o'uji.b a in ret SO 3 s ory ami m i , llo iston street, near Hroadway Lid*) 3 story llonso and Stor , All West s reel .:()J A pn'd rnfag- House, |n Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn 221 2 Stnry lie .se, 1st Forsyth riO t 3; 2 ?'ory House, eon e Stih s reel un 11st avenue 3t0 2 Ho .ses in 33d street, near 7th avenue 500 For particulars apply to A. M. FANNING, 22ft Bowery. rpo LKT-RECOXD 8TOBY, AND FAST OF TillKD. TO X a small family, In a lirrt House, all niounn tin prominent., and uciphbo. nnml unexte| t unable: re: t loiv. conri-iilenl lo s: apes aim vara Apply ut 22ft West Thirtieth strict TO LET?A THREE tiTORY AND BASEMENT BRICK House, in Second avenue, near Fifly-elpl lb street; a very neat H jiise, all the improvements, and pas fix tori -, $!.'(). One In Fifly-olpiih street, near Eighth u venue. $3>J0. One In Fitly i eond atrcet, near Lexlupton avr. nur. $3tA). and one o.i Tenth avenue an t Sixty-ninth street, Ifti 0 App'y to At. TRACE Y, Fifiyr ghtb street and Scorni avenue. TO LET-IN UOROkKN, HO'-'SE NO. 86 I1UI SON street; s -ieral : m ill llou.i s, ivor the ferry. Also, an oi l estabhsli d House and Store in Washington street. Apply to S. S. I'LL'M MER, DO Washington street, llo ioken. rpO LET AT CLIFTON, STATEN ISLAND?TWO Jl Houses, conreni'nhy sltuat-ri near ibe ferry, comni n '-" in: a hue view of the bay, eontalnlng respectively ten and thirteen r oms, pia/znt, we.; tight minutes' walk from boat. Addresa 1.., box ,70 Fort otlice. rpO LET IN BROOKLYN?FART OK A TIIREE-STORY I nn.l liaBt.t.lnltl hni,Si? tn ft liliA f'ntllilv Wiitli lUT t'!lUll I t'll ! would let flora tlirnti to live ix> >iii* to mm applicant; bits wai-r. g.ii,,Ac. iptdgitinOkNwrffiee.1 TO LET IN BROOKLYN-NO. 2S CHEEVER PLACE? 1 art of a three -t"ry unn umh< unent house, to a miiall family without children; would let from three to live rooms, to suit applicnnt ; fcaa wa'cr, go*, Jtc. TO LET VERY LOW INDEED?TWO IIOVSES; ONE N". 113 W-?' Kortv-ihir'l street, lour stories, n Hon : ih>' o;hei N p. t6 West Fort) ?1' t'i street, three a o 1> a. R <lh hu.e al! llie modern ipii|prnvrm nts, and can he s n at any time. App'.y to M. S. W.'IITNEV. 18 Brjad rtroet. TO LET OR LEASE?HOUSE 3U0>; PEARL STltEET. For sale. Farm at Fat R > haw ay, 1.. I.; hot limbe .hi i in tills8-ite. A'liir si Samuel J. L. Norton, Souttt K.ghtlt strict, near Grand, Williamsburg. rlET OR LEAKE?AT ASTORIA, L. I.. HOUSE, large Bai n anil four ncrts uf Laml, including garden, ? eiI st<n ke I ?iih a hi1 i ty o! fruits, Ac. Impure of JAM Us WKI.LI Ntl, 91 Fine s tree I. rpo LET OR FOR KALE?A HONE BURNING ESTABA l.shnn nt, lo st"d a> Hue. den s Land ng, on'n< Ni.rtli ltiver, within tl le of the city; easy eommiin ation al o hy mllroel i.ii i t'eauiboal; would be sn iil moderate all I on terms in suit tbe occupant. For puriicnlars *] p.y to Air, WOOD. 3Vti Broadway. TO LET OR IJ? VHE?FOUR LOTS. SOUTH SIDE OK Twanty-sliti stiaet, li*i leet irast ai Mam ill r, lor a yard. Also dwelling houses 87 Thompson, 312 Wen Fury- hud and 15 E! /.north streets; and Lo ts 1 V> Hp me and . 51 hum ry, end Mil r ? and B. s-Iiu l.ts 173 >ml 1.1 Can tl street. Apply to JAS. II. TIIOKNK. Agent, M Elizabeth sire. t. mo LET OR LEAKE?THE HOUSE NO. 334 FOURTH A street. Ill) liet west ot Broadway. Pit-session immediately. Apply at Ml Fourth street, nppost.e Wusb njton sjuare. rpo LEAKE?THE ENTIRE MARlll.E BUILDING 814 A Broadway; s ore 111) by 2a fe t; live stor es, wi;h Casement and under basement; would make a line saloon; or each lloOr separately; two upper Honrs have Hern fitted up for lodge rooms. In mire of B. tlALIIRAITH, Earn, 127 Fillton street, or A. E.UlLKSON, 738 Broadway. rpo KENT?THE LOWER FART OF HOUSE 143 EAST A Tw enty-seventh street, const-ting of two Parlors, but Ba. emeiit. and a back Room In thr third * rv, to a -mall genteel lamlly; (as and Cmton waer. R> nt $125. TO BEST?INBOUTII BR I0K1.YN, A HANDSOME FUR ntslied llottsa, very coiivenb nt for a sumtner rest etiee; the house, lunrso ii s lugh, three rooms deep, has all the tore ; elegant an I almost new. Non- I'nu a very rcspeitnb.e family without children will beacue.nd. Address boj H.OAi Post i.ftbf, nr apply al 10 Fifth avenue or So. 7 lir adwav, third iluor. TO KENT?tub WIIiH.B OK PART OK the three story an I bus meal House No. 14 tt'arr?n plat" (Cbnrlea street', near tlrci nsruh avenue. House t, three run I.a deep, bark iUlri Iran apri.nJ lb s r. Cits, h u untl rol'l water un ca b (li or, u aeh r-Mim a d iu'is, hnihlng t'b<, k'\ Planned rapresaly for the o cujdlBcy of the owner, la jmw occupied by two email farnillea, la in tirst rate order, und ?ill l>e r> a "d to one or two auitabla fauiillea. Korfurther Information Iniuireof N. 0. ltlSHMP. 14? llrovlw.iy s o:e floor; or of MOSES dsyob, No. 10 Jeilerann Maiket. To rent-fob the summer, a fukni8hbd cotta,e. wi'hln hall a i hour's call of this city. Ter ne moderate to i deslrnbie tenant. Apply to or addrraa C. Ames, Rrj. & Gold street, up stair*. Three < ottaoesto w ll'h ferrv, s. J., live minute* mlk of the steamboat landing. Inquire of stephen annett. on the preiula a, "r ou ti.a To.rout b. Uulac, loot of Spring Hirert, of john annk rr. _ rPO MILKMEN.?TO let, at f0r0ham, n. y., 0) X acre* of hits Pas ure Grounds, with or without llouae, and .H acre* of Harden Groin la and abundance of fruit tree*. Ainu a Htone llouae, suitable tor a boaiding house. Jniulie of E. V W ELC1I, '.'3 It' ado a'reel, H.T. TO CARTMES.-TO LET, 14 LEWIS STREET, SECOND Floor, consisting ?i aeven roonu; rent $16 per month. Alio Stable in rear, three atalla; rent (C per monlti. Inquire on the premise*, or at .171 Grand street, r.t JAME.4 LOVn. TO PHOTOGRAPHERS.?TO LET, 1HE OAUUKRKEAN Gallery . the old established Onllery, the heat on li.e w< at aide of the city, corner u! Carmine and Blcecker streets. Apply at It Carmine street. TO JEWELLERS, OOI.D PEN MANUFACTURERS, A T i renl, Jrom l?t of May, a large J?w ller * .sate, with Desk Room. In a store doing the anui* class of trade. Situation the beat in the city. Addrcaa boa 4.617 New York Po-t offl-e. T 11 PRE OR FOUR ROOMR WILL BE VACANT AT 109 West Fourteenth slieet about the lat of May. ORK8HOP TO LET-AT NO. 1OT EAST TWENTY fifth street, betneen Second and Third avenue*. A four story brtek Bultdlnr. with a two story rear Building caonei ting, suitable for moat any btiaineaa. Apply at No, 9 Reade street. 8TH AVENCH STORE TO LET-NO. Ml, 80 FEET deep, with plate glass wlu'inwi, and n>>it door to 0"orga Kevea' large dry goods store; suitable fur hoot* ant shoes, Srcvrry, clothing, Ac. Apply at MS Eighth avenue, neat oor. 9 HUBERT STREET, A NEAT TWO STORY ATTIO and i aecment House, to let, frem May 1, ImM. Will be let low to a good tenant. Apply to O. Q. SICKLES, No. 7W Nassau atreet, up alalra. i on NiNTH STREET. NEAR BROADWAY?TO LET, IgjtS with pl'-r glasses, cornlcae and chandeliers; now being tainted and put In beautiful condition: suitable for a residence or business purposes. Apply to HENRY HILTON, No II Bait Twenty-eighth it rent. At ca ?AT rANIO PRICE.?TO I.F.T, A FOUR STORY dPtilO, brown ilory brown inn trimmed English basement House, containing all the tm| rovem-nts comI letc, with nee of iplendld rliandel eni. Apply to S. H. JACOBS, No. 1 New street, corner of Wall, under the Kt. Nichoiat Bnok dh-rfkRENT WANTED-FoRT-lIE ELKOANT THREE IjliJiJV' scry basement high e'o >p llou?e 161 We?t t nrly ninth str- et, gO?9U feet, three rooint deep, all In |*Tfeet order. Call and tee It Possession glren tiniuadlately. STEAMBOATS. * ' THE STEAMBOAT LONO ISLAND LEAVES FOR Northpoi t. touching M the In r rate late landings, t very a tern >ou'Sundaysexcepted), fr> in Fulton market slip, at S 1*. M. Returning, leaves Norti.poit every morning at ? 30 A M. EXPRESSES. YJ SOMERVII.LE, FURNITURE EXPRESS AND Jl, Pecking establishment, ltd Varifk tp ,u. Moti-ahu d ( Furniture boiad and sliii : e,| to all part'' ol the world. Co. vcp i Wagons for reuniting Furnitt re to and trots too ' ; count. r. I 2. BALSI UF REAL BBTATE. ANKW AND FIRST CLASS BROWN STONK HIGH al?0'> House on Murray liill, h lew doom tnnu Fifth avenue, built tu ilit* very best manner, and tin* Furniture, for fair eh ap. Both the house and furntire are of the brat .juaiily and moat enpiliie style, and ma'.e by the Ural artiste anil nieehnnhs in tin- ciuutry. No brokers nerd apI?I> Pnncpala may a Mine IC'ving name and residence, Cuarle* Tarbeli, Hnv York I'oat olUce. AKIR3T CLASS BROWN BIONB HOUSE FOR aaoi?Wilb or without Furniture. The . one la lour t< ries. itSrflU, with ull modern Improvements, situate on a w.dfi street, u ar Broadway. The furn.tuie l nearly new, and very handsome. Will be sold at a e eat sa rlice. CHARLES E. mills, it Ce iar street. ARAUE CHANCE.?INCONSEQUENCE OF A DEATH MAI BICE WOLF will a : 1 h i properlv, sl.nated In Wultcs.oue, i.e .r Kliie .ini;, L. I., where there Is u Brat ihtsa academy a id a pleasant lunation. The property eon umsa three storj brick lluise, 1&UI175 front. Tno boose lias be< n usi d lor a hotel fo. the la t all years, and la very will fituati il for aiunmer boitrdera, contains tw dve r o us. ball an i billiard rooma, kitchen, dining aalnon, a I ir?u eellar; also a ai;er iyler cellir, >tn oak i.ouae, stables and wagon for sut teama; di'taiu e fmni New York only 12 mi a and live minutes Walk Irom Whit, a one 1 nul uk. and c.m le visual from the eity at all boura of the dat ut a mall coat. Price tor the property, .to , $j.UOI: t.'.Ux) tu|l.l>;0 can remain oo inort?a;. i?r p-rrU. ol rauip.y at Wolil'a Hotel. lYhlti stone, L. I.. or to A. 8CHOFRR. ltd H due at t.Netv York; or to BECK, 78 Chatham atruel. It ta to be sold uninedi&iely. A BEAUTIFUL FARM, 2UJ ACRES, NB \R 81NG 8.tip, &3,(0J; 103 Oo., near Nyuok, A'J.uuO; 80 i.o,, ?. ,0 0, 27 do., $J.tO0. 25 iin., near Morru-towo, $2,e0J. All bme trails and good bni.d.ur*. \V. II. MELICK, t'J7 Broadway. Brooklyn property fokkale-a double two t ry Frame House, wed built, (Hied in; plu/./u tu fioot ami rear; gas and titmice, nutrble mantis, Unroot. Tour Los stible, grapevine, Ac. Cine* avenue, n nr Tompkins, price f u,il>); terms easy. Apply at or address to F l-oii street, corner of Henry. * CAOUNTRY SEAT OR FARM WANTED?IN EXCIIANOE J for a valuable smr itown town, r far v< ry deaiiaule ouslnera prop rly In Brooklyn. For eountiy property that anna a dbeiiifev mice will i e oiler !. Apply to lire owucr, atan water strt el, man 3 lo 1 o'vlock. INARMS lO.l HAI.E--AT PATER.-'ON. BO, LI N.J Spi-rigs. tali, vMIdlone, Plaiutli 1 , Ha :krn. ack, Ciostcr, J'a'ifi e<, l'ieiinoui R i .wav, A"., is. .1.; at West Flush nr, L .keiaud Station, Je uaaieui.lleinjwtt a !, Newtown 11 t .Ii a. Baldwin*. iAc., L. i.i lit Stolen la .nut, .1 Kurilliatu, Tmr. town, K.isiche*;e , New lv-clio.le, Gi.iiisliurg, Kye, White Via.n?. G a'm n, Nowlmrg, i'ierntont, Sing S n?, Yonaeia, R, ck an ' ciiiiiiy .to., N. \.H(? ; at 1> iten, Ci.. Ac., vaiyin ' ir.un $t,ts>U t i $3U,tJU). Man. o: them ,.re in a lil n ataiu of ci.ltlv.i.hui, uii.l all will In! said ou accommodating terms. Apply In the atore, 47i}? Broadway. LiAIOI fob 8ALB IN NEW JERSEY?TWO AND A " l,ar hours' inm NiwYork; sixty acrea, with wood h ime, barn,, ana about ai tile and 1,000 pa&eh (r a. Aji,i.., at 10.1 IVar. Street, Burns of all yabibtirs in new.jersey. stan n all I Lou; Ial.iua, utlie 11 - a . river alia comities b r . iaijt thereon. AlsoCount-y Res: .oiicok, coii.enl nt lo t e city, lor tale,and exenange. A so City and Bro. klin prop riy. SOUTH WICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street. IHOR 8ALB?A GOOD LITTLE FARM OF SIXTY A ai re-, t airly miles in New Jersey, w i . good mime with inn rooms, biru out ildinits, a.I lu oid. r, wnib pi nly of fruit of ait kinds; price $2,M)U, part cash In pa, e nt C2. tttcouwich street. C. MALCOLM. b'OE SA1.E-A BEAUTIFUL FLOT OF GROUND, ? ON luluing trom tour to six ac on Lord .am lb igiit-, near Kingsfn id.e, on tl.e public In.hway hading front Hie Hon.nam depot on ihe lLir.em to Kings i idg-, din.ant ..bout lour nuies from pie Central Para. T. e ue i? .igh, Coiumandtiia a line v ew of the liar.em alveran i the ecu of the lludson. being one of ne elude-at IncHtious both as to pos ii< n and sue el. lu t e v.. lnl y of New York. App.y lo A. FINDEAY, 15 William sire t, up L,OK SALIC?OR WOULD EXCHANGE FOR A FA III! If in Now Jeisey, one ol the best and oldest establish -1 Grocery and Provision Store* in theoty, ou a great thor u.pi. are, now doing a lags a-ill trade. Impure atidSGreem wleil street. tpOK SALE-NEW YORK IIOTHL AND NINE ACRE ' of gi Oil ml, at i'enalaiput, Long Lvtand, on the great sooth rial, opposite Fire Island, 1 e.wren llaorluu and lalip. In. u re on the pi inlses. or of K. Mi KlN.ilN, tilt East Fortieth a net, New y. rk. iVOIl SALE?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT 1 brick House, il2 V\est rorty-n tli street, toutsitting ul! Hie nitNlern linpiovemetits, with gas chaiuh Her.- and beater, mortgage $3,5tkr, Oslam e In seasonable goo U. WM. T. BOYD. Hi Nassau street LViR 8ALB?A FARM OF 100 At RMS, ON 'flIE BODJD son, in Cn it nhta to.tnty; no, lu tl .u.e, w. o stock and iurm ng loo a, two orchards; close to scbuo a and churches. A lar.e p.ri of t t purcuato money can ren am. 1 ipurt' of J. W WILSON, 08 Bread way. or address K M , HO \\ st Th.riy :h id street. IVOR SALE?OR WOULD EXCHANGE FOR HESI. I c'flkcc* above Fourth s.reet, a oris building, 25 oy 1A) lent, minting thiough from Cnerry to Water stiee., suitable or a stor ge. store, or coul. be converted into inueni< nt house-. ca*h price $li,U 0. Apply at 21 Wtl.iam street, ruOui 1 i. IVOR HALE?CIIEAl' FOR CASH, OR WOULD exJ? i-iisiige or ci'y lots or goad cuuntr.. properly,IK*or n or spa n il l br i i n stone Houses, on the norm side m For. ty-scru.ilh sire t, l elivcen M ih an i Tenth avenues. Ap, !y on the |.r miscs. to S. W. CRONK or KIcHAKD I'eltun. tjMtll SALE?FOUR BEAUTIFULLY LOCATED COUN 1 try |Mt . mi the Passu c river, N. .1.; twenty a re- Meh: ra-sr ' ne c t. in Pat ' son. a verv l.u .iv . ft out wait In bin.rot' New Yorki Inq .ire <>t 'i AMK8 SIM MONS, on til. pr tnlaca, ur J. EDvVAKi) IRELAND, 6. N B-ai airrei. 1,'OK MU-1UII HOCMM AN i? THIRTY UTI OK r Hculnrdund Laiayette av< unea, Brooklyn. Alana large aud i le^iint Country Heat, tu \V > Kb looter eonutv, oi:r ootir by ratlmail imm New Yoik} on wlikh tlnr. m a uiiu mansion hO'O', a,x 11mn rotinj a, a Mat rati; auw and grist mill, a ?p endlil lake utid water lull, also hot and <-o:d r njieiie*, grei ii houre, Ac., v Iumsvi. lined, outli n es, i arn- and <*arriut* house, alt n p aid ordnr; an an m lab or ul uuit of every >'< sorption. Tin prieirrty w II be aold at mui h ! ?* t mi on i ai vali e fur caeh, or pan rash ami balance tu until. Ciniilwred pro urtlve city p iierty. App * to JAMES MCHK1 HI-., 17t? Washington Unci, IjluK SALE?CHEAP, A LOT OK OK tCND OS THIRD 1 aveinK*, beta- > a T.ui ty i..o li amt Kr ir.cis. Ill quirt of J. K. stlAW, M Wtst L' rt.--ev.nth ? t t, m .nmgn ntnl ermnin,!!. Also one Lot ou Koriy-fourth street, 10 > f.-et wi in or K.ftn avenue. fjHlK ,-AI.K?WITH OK WITHOUT Kl ItSITUHK, TUB JL lirst chi.-s four atory brow n r" n Il nim, ?itli a'.l tl:t in n lui| ro.emente, 11 mm ir>. Inquire on t >c, jl W. ?t Fury-scvcnth street, between Kutli a..d SUth av. n tea. IVOR SALE?A VEKV DF.8IKAHLE COUNTRY KBSL I? dMOeuM Washingtonintww, H rami, .N. J.,coiir< -in n" to t leftnin in ol tin* nor-':, which iuiik <. a"! fr in Jri-ev City terry every fl tnen trinutoe. Tun Ho.nte i a Ira inn .? tage, now i ni-lilo ., ItK.Vi li-et. and w.ll be titled up with gas, marble mantels. Ac. It will bo sol i fo g.',70i, ha.f of u hinii nmy remain on bond and mortgage. I nip , Ire ai IS WarhlnRion sire't,.lcr-cy City. |/?OK KAI.E-A BARGAIN -KII TV ACM FARM, J? tito k and Kurntlure; t n .ninol a ri le to t-oit or ara. WM. KNIGHT, Oy-ter May, L. I. ?-eAo Ciio i* ii irnc/AAf au ovnu i i. w a , < r? rwn J? Willi too i nullum. * a.ill abundance of Ftuilx; and uiuat b" sola immediately, veiy 1 ,tv. lKKl.A.iD A WEBB, No. &I Cedar street. l^OB SALE IN SHOOKLYN-TWO DESIRABLE BRICK J? I) .M il.ngu, 20,dj, pleasantly lo wtcd on <Julury atreet, near NO'trnnd av> n ie; the houses are lliteil tip with (an, cliamle.tcrs, marble mantels, vestibule doors, hot mid co,d water, baih room, water closet, s'atlonary tuba, chimney bra er, ac., just complefd; will b- sol I cheap and on cuny It run. I'rtce $3.3i 0; cxira lot, Willi un? home, ii ilea,red. Appir on the pr uiIm i, to F. C. VROOM AN, or lo OTitO s 11 > u , R a Mat at* Agent, MB PahM avfaor. ijtob SALE cUkai*-a third ave.m e lot, full, .T with three story House, feet. I'ri. e ?2.W . J. 8. UbUN, ZJ1 Fourth avenue. . BH1R SALE CIIEAI*?HOC8E AND LOT NO. 77 WEsT Forty-thlrl aircrt. House 20x50. lot 20xlo0.5; four story, I u-ein, nl and under te.lar, Inquire oi the pre iil-es. FOR 8ALE OR EXCIIANOE-EIOIIT LOTS ON THE i omar ul Wythe hyi one and Kms alr-et, Bioaklytt, about ball u mile Irom So ith Seventh atreet lerrr; line imj.r ivrinenn adjoining: streets paved; would exchange lor a well located, moderate pit ed houae lu Now York. Apply to J. 11. SMITH, 15 William atreet. Ti"OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A FARM OF SB ACRES, r al O'ildS milexuti Long Inland,2,'g toll?, from aieamlioal; we I linpruved, near nelinoln and court bee. Address for three data U. W- S , Herald office. Agenta not noticed. I'rlre (.'t.aiO. IIOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?THE FOUR STORY 1 Inch Houae and Store 101 South Sixth street, corner of Fifth, Hmoklyn, E. D. Will let sold low or ci.-honyed for property in W em-licati r tounty near the city. Adores* box i.2 lb Post ollloe. TxlOR KALE OR EXCHANGE?A FINE LARGE GRAZF lot Farm in Columbia county, N. Y. S also, Brooklyn Store I'roptrly at war price*; also, a genteel Manufacturing Business. App.y at 62 Fulton street, Brooklyn, second llour, from V to 12 A M. 1,1 OR SALE OR EXCHANGE?A FARM OF 45 ACRES, 1 si Jam lira. L. 1. U |mn 11 are a ant. II house;and barn it la aitiialed wlih.n ten minutes' walk of the drool; column, nli atton hourly; IiauiII be sold very low or rielr ng-d for a fine dwelling houeVm or about Bio tkljrn or New t ork. Addrem, by letter only, Mr. Wheeler, care of llablchl A Scrivener. 7a Due lie atreet, N. Y. Alio a Farm of 35 acres at Kaat New York, and eight 1/ola on Gates avenue, Brooklyn. VOR 8ALE OR EXCHANGE?ABOUT ISO SPLENDID f Lot* ot Land on Newtown creek, opp.alte the duet of New York nn<l Brooklyn, kcre?*lhle bv ateamhoat and railroad, being but a few minute*' from Wall itrcet. No land near New York ia aurer to rlao in Talus. Addrea* Land, Ucrald office. For sale or exciianoe <not much money wanted)?A three atory wooden Hou*a and Lot, built eiprenly fur a bakery; food wall or water and atable for a' horae; In the thriving village or Uottenburg, N. J., opposite Seventieth atreet, New York. For further particular* apply toRi|utre DWYBK, near the premlaei'or at 81' We*t Twentyflr?t atreet, N?w Turk. For sale, or exchafob for land on long Inland, or improved city property?A Oentloman'a FurnlahlOR Store, with a long leaae, on Fulton atreet, Brooklyn. Any ptraon wkhtng to do a good bttnineaa will dud thlaa rare tnanc*. Ad Ireu C. W., bua 117 llerald office. For sale, exciianoe or to let?a fink house. Forty-fon 11 atreet, near Fifth avenue; will give a grand bargain; honae ,n perfect order. Alao all klnda ef lotatiuna, Ac., oI city end country property. F. D RICHARDSON A i o . 82 and M Naaaitu atreet. ' F~OR SALE OK Tr) LET?IN JERSEY CITY, THAT DEllgiitfully aituetert three etory Brb-k Iiouer, with maatlo front. No. 14 Huisei etrcet; haa chandelier*, bath tub, Ac. l'o*ae*alon given immediately. Inquire ol WALTER ORB(lOKY, near the ferry^.lerwy City. JftOR SALE OR TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, OR WOULD 1 eictianan lor e hooae and land a abort dlataii<e In the country, a new llouae end Lot, on the corner of Willoughby avenue and Sklllman atreet, l* two atory and haaemeiit, ha* marble mantela mid gua and wale.- in. Apply on lb* preml#' ? to L. L. Bt'TLEIt. I' I r *2 290; tl.HSO can remain. FOR SALE OR TO LET?A FIRST CLASS RESIDENCE at Hacaenaielt n til a mile front railroad dcuot; hot and cold water, bath room, vegetable garden, ornatnenlal around*. $ aire * Cottai-e, with tarden, can .age Lou* and "tabu . Apply to S. MI nn, SON A CO., 121 Pearl atreet. t/iok sale OR TJ LET-a COUNTRY RF.SfDLNOB, P nlth one acre o' o il, line gaiuen, choice fruit*, Ac. Ail't a K. A , lleri'd ot-ire. f/OR SALE OR T > LET?THE FOUR STORY BUII.f). I I i , 'in Weer a pel. lupilr* uf JOHN BYRNE, iM | N.i?;a-i atreet, eurugr of Bet Irmau. j sales of real estate. Fok su.k or to let-four new houses,"just fin.suing, on Brooklyn Heights, corner of Columbia and Mnldagh utreeu, three minutes' walk from Fulton ferry. KeutS-lOd. It sold Praia moderate. Apply at the houses or at 27 Wooater Street. N. V. For sw.e or to let?an elegant country Res deuce, fine double house, with plenty of froit and alirutili . ry or aavi u airs, wnUliie one bour'a ride of the city, Kent low. Id juire at No. SO Watir aueet. For sale or to let-a three story brick Factory, SO feet by to lent, built on three lota; windows ou alt slilea ol th' building, nud has e twelve hor*-engine and boiler, situated at F.iirson, N. J. Apply to JOSEPH N. TAYLOR, Pan rsou, N. J., or to JAJ1ES McNAS, IC John street, N. Y. IHOIt SALE OR TO LET?three new f!It>T CLASS brown ?w*uc Dwelling lloua.s, a,nth ai ieof Fifty second atr et, adjoining tin Motbti iiat i i.ureli, cur.ier of Lexington avenue; the liuueea oinaln all convuulencea Apply tc PICKENS A CASLEY, on the pretn a* a. LTOR SALE OR TO LEASE?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, I eight Lute, i a' h 25 lecl at, oil tbe north aide ol Eighteenth aired, between Sixth ami Seventh avenuea, I o lonmng to the i at ite of John Tan:" le, deceaaod. Apply te F. BLANCH ET. 2JI Sixth aven n , elore 10 o clock A. M., or alter4 1*. M. Greenwood lots for sale.?a desirable cik C'lhtr Plot, h antnully to a ed, nil iltade Hill, eoi tain In; two and one half lota. Apply to CllARLES auekne THY, 2.1 anil 25 Warren atreei. New York, or to At- BlIitR 21 \Vvs. Tnlny eEhtli street, New t'o.k. Homes for men of moderate means.?su perior Farms.?Extra Indue m> ins. The subserlbei* ? terror aalu imp r or Farm Lands, improved nut imiui. proved, at ha; r.f? and ou eu lerma to suit the tines situate in \V< si N w Jersey, in from Id to 15 tnliea below I'hilade.phi , o.h .a boro. nd Milivtllc IlaiUoad. The soil Is nati.tally lirtie, lien ivom nn-ka arid atones,aitc i,hl> prod, out . Marl abounds, and little inauuiv Ik rtv ...iivtl It.ill oal tlan.a run twine ilallv in s.. A I i.I'l.lla. elphiaanj N i Yutk, whore produce ilndstho b-st ninf k h ii >lie largest proms. Thriving manufacturing towyia jiewnhin a snort ii.-iaiuie un u; tw; access, and gm? s- uoiils anil. II he cm. > nlcncn- a ! co infolds of a city an .v Uui.d. 'Mm rliinalr is t- ill1 ciate and wh ileuonic. Nc lu-aili.ter 10 latum exists. Uootl roil I* traverse the country iud good water ;,ii l ?t ani power, tt hlch i an b ranted cheap can always iki <> > a ued. To in chanh-suud main.farter. is, as well us farm* rs, this lan . presents n rare op'uiug. Set. tiers here have lurnioie a ivamngi s than in Wesb rn cml ;ratiun. wl bout any of its toi s or privation., and at a much stual eruiru. y 01 money. I'm tour means here.* Nisnfoi line t lantcau be m.w.e no one more sure t> cuupciinut tuowner, weo <an r..I.u on tin- spot most that he lie da, one c In 1 ; ml i t of ill- Uoctu. thins ut t u iuess an 1 the tlnv ? I'rici's iait.,c from $IJto 130 per a re, payable In uionihl] or quarterly instalments, or otherwise, to suit pitrelwa-rs I'll - it' Is perfc. t ami eiear ol nil ncumnrantc. All cumiiui.l ii'uiih nr. m. tly answered. toilers leave Walnut ur ci wharf, l'h lad iphla, at U A. M , or 4 I*. M. by the West Jersey Kaiho d fir Mantta s at o >. one hour's ride, where loan II. t.'odin w I b- .ouml, who will a.Tord, witbou! eh .r.;e, cvry facility or per- n tl examination. The trains etui n to fhilad Ipai.t tw e u ly. l or lorther intoi in.ithiii ad r-ss or nnply to JOHN H OKI IN, Malaga. Ghmc stci to utv. New Jersey, or t? O.iAR .Ks M. MOItUir, 130 Wain it street, 1'iiiladeiphia LTABLBM HOUSES AND LOTS.?A I Ait'lE NI.'MHIJE I L o. II ii 1 in Iio i-i s ami l.o a lor sale itu i to let at greatly uuced prlco; l"t now m low pri es, and S dd at great bap ; ins. Ai ply to J. M. EDNhlY. 47t Brou iway. nO. Sfi AND LOT KOR SA1.E-AT A BARGAIN, IS lirookl u: a liYsl class ilir e story brwl: House, sit: n.e on Gold a'reel, between Kultott avenue and Willourhbj street; vorth $'i, KM, will be sold lor St 1,5*X>; lot 2s feei :ioin and I0J Icet u inuhoot: bus modern improvements i It kill-In u ud .1 nmg room in r ur, 1.1 rooms in all; nciglit lorhood one .ccpii.,.iiibl -. rur lurtber particulars nidies . E K? Herald cull e. I OTA AND liOl'SES FOR KALE NEAR CENTRAI Id 1'nrk, on Kofliiii uveniie, be ween Ninety-second auc Niiiety-lo.irih i treets, nod on Nuncj -.mirth and Ninety-thin street, with the three unlit.ished houses), between Third ar.c Kilth avenue, known as i'r, st>. ei II 11. J. T. KARISH, 123 Front street. ITlLiiA AT YONKEKS?FOR SALE OR LEASE, OR TO . V is* let, iurni.sbe I or um nrushed, with immediate poo session, consisting of u. r ?, romtnandinz a ciiarmln| 1st ol ue Hudson, covered with :ruit and shade tree* shrubs, Ae., a sun-coed hr.c . d.v II n; and can lage house slam '-c Apply to JOHN K. II A.ii.hTf, Ml Broadway. orHKNABI) Ji CO., 86Leon?-d sueet. V7ACAST LOTS WANTED?IN NEW YORK, IN EX V rnnuge fur lirst class nup otedp oj erty on Murray llill j-.r Fifth avenue, now re lied to a i sponsible tenant ok care for a term of years. W. C. GODDARD, H5 Ce lar si. 1X7 EST MORRISANIA, NEAR IIA Hi,KM STEAM ci ho tls.?Very eonv. n en R -ldenee, delightfully situ t d. two minim s fioni Melrose salon. In i oniplete order eight ra).< a. burn, quarter aere, hu -go shade and fruit ire -a 'lan-s. berries, shrubbem. Ac.: below cost. A burrnin. Very easy t": tns. 8. ALLAIRE , VS. W. Ins. Co., S3 Pine street UrESTt HESTER rorNTY.-A FINE, RETIRED AND . xslly ' .Siblu Firm of forty acres; buiUlingt n arly it.-iv, Hit*! | I-'iity or running spring water at ibe door Irt. t in crrnt amuilance. and ot every and choice varieties A|'p'> to ALEX. US'IBANDER, 23V Broadway, eutiaiies ? . No. i P.I *. pia Mb IV AN TED?A FARM OP THIRTY OR FORTY ACRES ?T with lo-kI,' imiortabie lio h and barns, orchard and plenty of i i t t trees, situated cither In Dutchess or Westrlu M r county, convenient to r.n.r ?ad, and not iiioro liian 84 itiil-a liooi New York. Address, with lull particulars, S. J. i.ox 17C lieroI'l ufli \yANTED TO BUY?A FURNISHED OR UNFURNIStlVV ed double II"Use, In Pith avenue. A corner lioin-et wiil.o it l ay windows, presorted. Address E. 0., box 141 Herald o3i'-e. <51 Oan WILL BUY A NEW TWO STORY HOUSE ipi . Ov / U a id Lot, tire rooms nml good cellar, one block Tom the ears eunnimt to t'lrre icrriea. $201) to $500 cash, ttio balance $10 per month, without Interest. Apply at the o:!loe D. O. DANIELS, corner of Fnth avenue and Four tceii'h strici, Brooklyn. aq ?FuR SALE AT A SACRIFICE, A THREE iJO,tJvV'. story Ei;li-h ' tseno nt House, In perfect oriter; use is. wntei tenth: partially fuml-hcd. No. 1U Forty s-ventb street, he; corn Second and Third avenues. |?()< 1 III'W i ! or! MUI lit ro LET, A FINE RE8If.VJUl/. den with to' r lots of ground, atabls ami row me ', mi Cliliiou svmiuo, Brooklyn; home new, SnxlO. Iif? d \vl li Bin and the mo .ern Improvements; rlewoftln buy, S'aien Island and ,lcv?ey; choice fruit in Minim; Hurt minutes' from -he Merchants' Exchange. Will tic 1 partially fiini'?hed for $l,t<U0. Inquire of WM. X. BEACH, VI Walfstn e\ IIOLSKH, R(j;);-Id, cVC,, WAKTED, *1 FAMILY OF THREE AIH LTS WOULD EXCIIANtiB 1 Uo- rent of a four sniry brown a one Uo .?e, partly toriil-bnl, tor Jtoir.l, or let l"c or c.x Room*, convenient for bou; ekeej 'nut n bghborhood unexceptionable. Apply at 217 E?v. Vi'l ot>?irrci. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE WANT TWO ROOMS, a!x I ure'shed or unfurnished. without board, on s. ooud Hour. In a pleasant loi atlon, with u lu.pccUtotu lumtly. Lo at.on pr' terred I ct vei n Fourteenth and sti' -ts miff Third and Fifth av< n .ea. Address fl. Wood, ISA! lie IW.iJf. ADI E -MAKER?WITH I FIRST CLASS CON NECIt ii, wishes to rent, ill a go d buslm as locality, two Ki.ii'-, a workroom anil; urtia! on- of a parlor, in a mill III I y, or. til'loisemeiit dc lingeries | referee'1, b.iwe n Blocker and K.mi II, :.t I die t. Address, Moling Icrins, D. M , bos M Herald office. VFEW ROOMS WANTED?CONVENIENT FOR hu .ci kccp m;, ny a man anil w.fe n > cluldien); most be In a gou t ni i.iitio.ho iil, of m lerau- reul an 1 wiibin 4$ minute.' ol City llall. Address U. W. U., Herald oillce. Brooklyn.?wanted, by a gentleman and wile, three or lour Koonts, In a private house, within ten ruinate#" >..1 n: the l into i feir> ; rent must (m very a,w l < a: uf i'llv ref- lem k all n. anil rent D ttil in advance. Address, tannic t*'4n\ Prompt Pay, boi aoi Herald t.lllce. C10UNT11Y lloleli WANTED-FOR THE SI MMER / months, fttru'si,cd i>r iifuriil<lia.i, of or twriye roams, with rung*. within thirty miles of the city by r.iil or boat, si a m.driale rent. Address, wi.h particular*, W. 1 E. S.. Lot 3,4o< 1'oil office. Room wani'KD?i'Nklk\ishro. except carpet heme-it hnio.i unit Madison q ar and Fourth and . Mith mr?Biins, without !<?nrri I'm a ,> nti. tinn only. a . out* modalmn* m id la- lir?i rate nl lerius to suit the time*. , i.eft rei.eea exchanged. Addr a, D., box 2,711 New York Post u.'li' e CEW1NU MACHINE WANTED- WHEELER A W1LU son'a medium M/ ,xi h.ince lor a Mel<? icon, worth gSOcueli. Address li*n.jatniii, Mashatuin Csa office, place ami P .tc?uil? alt t. WANTED-BY A t.ENTLBV AN, A FURNISHED * Boom, without Hoard, central.y to aled, where there are no nilitr hoarder'. Addrea, V. N. O., Union square l'uat oBICf. WANTED?A FUKNiSIIED HOUSE, EITHER IN THE city or round/, where the rem w..uld bo taken to Board, w ith lb - prirll v'' !'tsktnx s few ttrs. rlata boarders. Reference ..Iven. Addrr ? Howard, Herald office. WANTED?A THREE BTORY BROWN STONE HOUSE. with modern improvi uncut*. bviwten Fonneeiitli ana Thhtyfinh stiosl* atnl bri .mi Fourth and Hiitb avenues; must br 1 I tho l*t"t order. Keulfnm $tOJ to $9U0. Add re Ha C. V., 74 E-isl f ourteenth street. WANTED?ROOMS, IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. FOR A physician s office; English i>?#' menl preferred. The loeatton most not le lai In m Broadway, slid the terina moderate. R"!t rentes exchanged. Address Burgeon, Union st|uare Pos' oUtee. WANTED-A nOUBB. BT A RESPONSIBLE TENANT, sin rent nut to exceed gtiho, below Thirty-aci-oiid street, and between Third sntl Ssvenlh avenues Address today Co Amity street, ttlvlntt number of rouma. WANTED-BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, A second or third floor, suits I* Inr housekeeping, con- . sitting of lire or an rooms, In a atr.ctiy private house with ell the modern improvements Ke ereuoeseiehsiig"d. K.-nt nut to exceed IS |iei m,*nih and payable In iitlTams, Nonolle* taken o answers unless aut ug full particulars Address A. M., box 20J Herald Olliee. "IITANTED?MY A SMALL, RESPECTABLE FAMILY, TT the nisi Floor of a furnished h ums in a genteel nr mhborhood, between Twentieth and Thiriy aiith a reata aud Fourth and Btxlii venues; rent not to sxeesd $2t? a month p beat references given and required; would prefer only ono other tsmSy In ths bouaS; reui In advance If required. Ad dre-s K K , 37 East I?ni y-serrntn nmi. WANTED?A FURNISHED BEDROOM IE A HE spectabla family In liubourn, n here there are few or no hoarlera (tu Washtnitton or llujlnon street urrfrrred), by an English gent.emsn. Karercnees If necessary. Address, staling particular*, W. Nuslrad, Post office, iloboken. SEW PLBLICATIORE. ___ JL ?TTOW TO MAKE MONEY BY ADVBHTtHINO: |~1 A PRACTICAL MAN'S ADVICE." Bent for on" ton e cent nUmi> to any address. ROBERTSON A CO., *1 andM Nassau street, N?\r York city /\LD ESTABLISHED CATIIOLIO PUBLISHING H?l;MEDWARD DUNTOAW A BROTHER. JAMES B KIRKKR, 699 Broadway, up stalro, hat fenstnntly on hand. In srtdiUmi to his own piihllflitlons. all the publications ol the Caihohs booksellers In the lliii(e<{ Htae*. Order* solluiie I, which will be attended lo w Itli tho utmost punctuality and Cire, sud at prices to s.iit it.a Diussiil impressed siatem' Hurtle. P P EDWARD DUXTOAN A BROTHER. (JAMES M. KIKKI.H), tW Broadway, op sv.lrs. rfHAT -t UHIOCS" HOOK OK CITY WOMEN: or in I t- resthiji Kem?'? Cbm * ;er< in < heap edition, 2li? ?*''?. '7hin. Pi e ?'< len-s, or mailed f.e.S, ceuts. M. LAIN 1f, pubUsloj.', ,'j Walterstreet, New York

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