Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1862 Page 1
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I [ TH WHOLE NO. 9354. , ADVANCE OF GEN* M'DOWELL. lipid Mrrth from Wamuton Junction to (he Rappahannock* r Spirited Skirmish and Defeat of I the Rebels. jjrhe Suburbs of Fredericksburg Occupied I by Union Troops. LrheTown Virtually in Possession^] I of Our Forces. Iftutry miu vKYMirj) niiu u?u a uui iKiiuitmi, 111 we lost flv? men, had fifteen horses killed, and had i men weunded. Several of the enemy were and wounded in the charge made en them by Col. I, but the number is not reported. The Colonel s horse rfcot four times. command then drove the enemy's forces, which ck without further resistance, and which consisted regiment ef infaatry, ou# of cavalry and a battery lllery across the Rappahannock, but were uuahle e the bridges, which were prepared fer burning by (tar, shavings and light wood to the crib work, bich were fired as scon ?e the enemy crossed. ttslli of the Advance MoveiMnt. Waaiimciux, April 19, 1862. ut nightfall on Tueoday General Aagur's livi. woe ordered to advance. The General and accompanied by the Herald correspond preceded the troope, and arrived at CaUett's a late at night, after a moet disagree.-ble n the darknese, through sloughs and nnntrnpi, sd and disgusted with (fee highway* of th*"saered and with keen appetite far-the evening lunch at jtho uarters of General licDaavell. ersl McDowell arrived on a speeial train at two [ Wodncsday morning. After the train-had passed sae, the engineer discovered a man lying across ick. The train was upon hlin before its ftpeed could oped. Upon going bock the officers Pound that tho teller hod pitched a druaken soldier unharmed into tctff command was halted at. Wednesday for the arrival supply train and tho remainder ol General King's in. In tho meantime tho rebels placed a field upon tho south bonk of the Rappahannock, and on ie<i our pickets with frequent shot end shell. Willinig any damage. Tiursday, with the first faint light ol dawu, the nd started. I.loutenaot Colonel Kil >*?rick, with t Harris Light cavalry, led the advance. Melcro ig an order was issued directing the instant shoot any one detected in the act of pillaging, burning, inionly destroying property. So occasion m > for tho executiou of tho Older. Late Iu the day I boat compelled tit* men to reiie\e tbemecltes of .ryUiing not absolutely indispensable, and ovmroain Utlaukota strewed the road. ix m lea from Uailett's elation, recent intake of r?W aky were discovered. Twelve ml lee beyond tue eneXpmk't was driven iu. Cleoeral Augur pushed rapid orward with the cavalry audi bo Brooklyn Fourteenth Uuentmid a aectloo of artillery. A email rebel mount force was discovered, wtuch retired skirmishlui,-. chase oentinuod for eight Miles, the Brook lyu Four ith, witl>tut a single straggler, keeping np with '.be alryjtnd artillery. Lieutenant Pecker, Company 0. the Ire Harris Light cavalry, was killed le gallantly leading one nf tue rfc i.-gei. He shot.Uirengb the heart. Tlie rebol by ? bona be wao k1, aad flfteeo otherr, ucrostaw >?t at the name Inetnit n prisoners. roltsiel KlIpeiiMic charged upon the p of the enemy, driving them li?? frightened sheep, captured a large ataman I of forage. The seminar d I uackjd for the nigbt In the etdtaye camp, after a ch of twenty sis miles. w Dion were found on She farms along the fond. be. 1 of the fnmil.oe cxpneesed Cnion eect w.ratr, but I y man capable of performing mHIUry duty hnd been I red into the rebel service or made prleoaer. I ring the night the too Hsi rt* light cavalry ooniln-m I Iran tha enemy, aad In the morning, |pl by Colone1 I III Irk. charged gallaatly npon the barsfcarfea or rear I oad and drove Uieaswmy's advsacefctsfc with eonI able lose. I dnylight the QMiaenfl moved forwarC, Carving the I V across thd Pas nahinmvU ?.a ? i. 1st bayood i ho brtgfcta aoutb of Fredar lefeaburg In Sight they Ml Ir* la the bridge*, upon wb'ch been plaoad ha*f? of combuublaa. Th* !? > sad railroad bridge* war* dmtroyad The ? bridge waa aavadbytb* alranooua a*ei t l?:i of ardaa Sharpabaotera. fTm ttttl* town of Fa! our ah, I* Milk bank of lb* fUppahaaaock, lauaodiately It* PWdarkkiburg.waa fo iad almol entirety da J. 8*% oral l'nt*n rami lie* r?n*i**d to welcome the ira of *?r troop*. The people g ;n?r.-4ly rrcal ve<l >Miar* lu a frkuidly man Bar, aad aspraaaad aurprmo aanurrd that thajr war* l? ba protected lortoed of r*d, a* they bad baan anorad by iba rabala tbey b*. oneapailA* ?f Um pUo* wa* aanrjata*. Tbi mile till running, aad woman aad cblldrao angagad In ry domestic aroeatlona w hen oanaaaeo ba'vhad la Ihtindtr from th* adjaeen' el iff. oral Augur and ilaS warei o>ittao??lj entertained r. J 11. Klcklen, * waaliby clllaan of Falmouth, i Iryaliy bad rendarad blra obnextwm lo the rebel*. | atalljulam, of ibe Ira flarrl* Right cavalry, art.Jarly for r,antral lag'it, r. a* dot by our own * whll* tarry'mg an **d*r from the fienaral to 1 Sail.ran. I'rl\ at* Triton, of the Seventh TVla , wha had ran Jarad aflkteot tarrlra as a ecoiit foi I h irg, febd hit log brokad by go accidental ahol In tha front. odlalo preparallona wora made f. M rl|>lf of Idge, thai bad barn only slight:/ damaged. iel??h'.?rg la rirtually in our |o*aa?i,o>., adjnir ranr> ?nJ all it* approach** tham la no at^a ' r atiaa. Tba anewy'a r??r.*a, MMpwM 0f aaf ro I of Infantry and ona of cira'tyag.1 * battery dt* I jr,hira#>'. their camp* aod .tad. I el*. P'br IP, lb* r?ba; rm?.m*o4 g atrcar. was I VARIES OF THE RILLED AND WOl/DED, Ac., Ac., A e. MNoro.v, Apr' ^119 is?2. i A portion of General McL'oweli'a army,' before esterday, marched frem tbo vicinity 0f Warrcntou di ction upon Krederickaburg. Tbo <i ^tvc wan ninejou or twenty miles, which was acco* by seven . M. yesterday morning. Its pr< gr wili disputed by rebel force of one regiment of inf /titry, one ol' cavalry tid a battery of artillery, which Arempiel to mnko two stands. They were, bow ever, driven .across the appahannock aftor inflicting u| ufi a 0f Ave killed nd sixtcon wounded , all cava Ay, jntladi.ig Lieutenant ccker.of the Ira HarriB ca* /airy trilled, ahd a valuable .out, nomad BritUm, badly wonnocd. Colonel Bayord'a tr?e wns badly wounded u' j,icr h)m. In.mediately after mukir ^ their escape across the Hapvhanncck, opposite Fred ?rickthurg, the rebels applied je torch to the brWg??^hnd tbuo delayed temporarily sr pr<Tfress into the to ant. By ihii time, however, that Mtacie is overcome. > ) It ia not know* what* had been the lueaof the rebels t-b*'above inrntior.cp skirmishing. On rB* Rudu Hktwkk.n FW-Dericsnbi ro turn 1 Atjuu Ckkkk, April 18, 1862. J tVe occuirod the snfcirrbs of Fredericksburg, on the >ft bank of the Rappahannock, at seven o'clock. The troeps,under the hnmodlnte command of Brigaier Gewral Augur, leftCstlett's station yesterday, and lade a forced march across the country of twenty Bit tiles, fjO advance being tinder Lieutenant Colonel Ktlatrick, of the Ira Harris cavalry, which drove iD the oemy's outposts and charged Mid captured one of hi3 tmpi. Lieutenant Becker, of the Ira Harris cavalry ' slcillcd by the eneray in the charge. The troops pushed on the next day at two o'clock in M morning. Tha advance, under Colonel Bayard, of m First Pennsylvania cavalry, was attacked by a body :e ne out examining the pu ke'jg *t the time of our approach! ami was chased by Colonel Kllpatrick four iu.lea, but finally eacaped. We bare oapture a nineteen prisoner!, and killed a number of the en smy, but how many is not yet ascertained. A number 0/ fine steamers and a considerable amount ?# shipping ir? at Krederickfcburg. The oars are briily turning to and from the city. The people crowd the streets ar jd housetop!, watching our movements. It 1? i' ^possible yet to obtain an accural! Hat of the killed ant; wounded on our^ide. Th' j following are tbc names of tbe killed and wounded of ' Jit Ira Harrs Light cavalry:? *1! L?D. /r 'rtl Lieutenant Nelson G. Decker, Company D. Private John Mut diy, Company O. Privatu George \vtiler, Company H. Private John Heehun, Conipany L. Frivute Robert G. Campbell, Company M. woukpbp. Sergeant .'ttcob C Mellon, Company B, in the moutb, slightly. Corporal James Baker, Company H., in the head, rioosly. Private Michael I 'wyer,Company G, in the left shoulder, seriously. Private Low is C. Crane, Company B. Private Patrick Ambrgsa,Company H, in tbe left Bide and leg, slightly. Privato John N. Pa vis, Company H. Private Josiah Kiff, Company II, in the leg, slightly. Private Wm. Rankin, Company H, slightly. Private Cyrus Remain,Company H, In the thigh, slightly. I.ioutenant I/>nf, of Colonel Bayard's First Pennsylvania cavalry, wus Iho only commissioned officer wounded. In this regiment thsro were three killed and eight wounded. The Infantry sustained no loss. A numter of men are missing, but as they are coming In from time to time it is probable all will return. We have no opportunity to estimato the loss of the enemy. It bos beon a rapid march and a brilliant success. IMPORTANT FROM CORINTH. Arrival of General Mitchel at I-u-k-a. The Division of Gen. Sherman Thrown Forward. SMART SKIRMISHES WITH THE REBELS, &C?, &C*S tc. Movements of General Mltehel. Chicago, April 19, 1862. A special despatch from Cairo says that General Mitchel is now at I-u-k-a, Mississippi, h.uvlDg burnod the bridges across the Tennessee river at Decatur oud Florence. A special despatch from --Cairo to the Chicago Irilmnt aaye:? When General Mttchel reached Decatur, Ala., in his late bridge expedition, he took possession of the tele, graph office and cat the wires, leasing Decatur and Corinth only in communication. Important movements have taken place, the particulars of which we are n<>t allowed to publish at present. After the latest dates, the two armies at Pittaburg were Hearing each other. General Ber.nregard sent a messago to Jeff. Davis demanding reinforcements for Corinth, declaring otherwise , be could not hold the position. General Mitchell promised the reluTo. eenienu. Reeenl intelligence from Corinth couQrms previous reports concerning the magnitude of the enemy's force. Reinforcement* tor Beat:regard were arriving at an ut.i sampled rate. Ho has now a hundred thousand men, and Is ftrtifying Corinth, building lutietichmenta and constructing an abatis. The rebels entertain no doubt of success next time. Gcnerial Mltchsl at 1-n-k-a. i ' "J J pss? i j^m^o %fj> 9kHch.of I?R*k<? a?d Vicinity. I-u-k-a ia a station of the Memphis and Charleston Railroad, anil ia actuated in Tisheinlngo county, sippl. The nearest. point of Inlerett is Corinth, from whioh It la distant abeut twenty two mile*. It Is located about ten miles from Jacinto, the eapltal ef the county, abeat one hundred and flCteen miles frees Memi his, about Misty-three tnilee front Grand Junction (the railroad WetmecUca with New Orleans), thirty miles west of Tu3rutuhiA and the >i?ctfan to Klorenoe, seventy three miles from Decatur, ninety savou in Ilea frem Huntevllle and nesrly two huvlrwl mtles from Chattanoo; a. The county forms the northeastern extremity of MarlsMppl,Jat the point where it border* on Alabama and Te;inres*o,.*nd has an area of fhurteen hundred square- mliss. The Tomfiigbee rk-er iNitno Into the county, the Teanessee river flows altsag l.V> north eastern border, and It is drained \hy I ha Tiueuabla eraek. Ths sarlast of ths ctnntry is dlvwrrieVd by small hills, and ths soil Is fsrtlls, esgteclally its the- mob leys. It generally has a sul-stratum of sav% and a large part of tbo county is oorersd with forssts A cak hickory, walnut and pins. The head streams aJ the Tombl|bss river furnish valuable motive powwr.v The county eras organized ia 183(1, and tbo 1am ret ami ef the popalut Ion give, a total for the oaunty of lS,dbOft of whom 13,628 warsfrssand 1,001 slaws. Nsrtinmli of General W. T. NhermanA Cmc-too, April 10, M02. A special despatch to ihs Chicago TiilMnr from UaMp \ ray a that General .Sherman moved his division on Wednes-*f in; itu muse lormer into in* interior, end after . eLai p T ekiimleh, hi which lb* enemy were defeated wltb a k?e I a flft> r.ixty ktl.ed unit many woundud, be euc- ' ceedeJ to maintaining his position. * Sklrmtah and Defeat of Hie ilrbele ,m Siiviimiah. He. Lactn, April 10,MM. A ?i eciai despatch to ih* democrat, dut*d Cairo, Apti1 IS, sayni? A gonlltyman, )"?t arrived from Pittsburg, report* that atl the wounded havo 1*11 taken away from that point Ael'.rn'.sh took pluce at Savannah ou VVMiaa day, between a datdehmeut ef our cavalry and the r-bol p oket guard, which era* pouted uncomfortably nee' and very strong The rebels war* driven bank, having 1 killed and ality-flve wonpded. Refugees report t1wt ilia rol.als are foTldylng n*. ijcp creek, tialf way to CerinUt, and : rengthenlng their work i et toriritb. Somo Ot tie relVgeae slate that train* were arriving at Corinth with fresh troop" for khe rebate, wbi'e oth-t any they were eondlng oil their aleiT*, rreparai- r j loir icu" atiog the place. : The itesmer lot, c mr -d heey'i t t; ,tt. j ? 4 J W YO NEW YORK, SUNDJ four hundred and forty tick and wounded, one hundred and seven beiug prisoners, ficm Pittsburg. Tills is the I**i of the witindsd there. The steamer Evansvills ?'eo arrived with three hun dred aud sixty rebul prisoners from Island No. 10. The Evansvl!2", we are Informed, takes fcor departure this morning, with the captives, for Prairie du Chlen. THE SIEGE OF YQRKTOWN. Lilt of the Killed, Woumletl and Missing In lite Fight on the lUth of April. litUiWAHTKius Armv or Potomac, April 10,186i. Hen. E. M. ftrisTON, Secretary of War ? The report of killed, wounded and missing In Genera W. P. Smith's division of the army corps, April 16, la ai follows;? 1'IRST BRIOAnR. It. II. raierson,esptaln, wounded, contusion of thlg! by grapeehot, slightly. A John I.. Leyerm, private, bayonet wound in chest accidental. S.S. Wheatland, private, Co. D, Third Vermont, mist Ing; prisoner. W. P. Vance, private, Co. R,Third Vermont, killed. J. Thompson, private, Co. E, Third Yormont, killed. T.|'-'. Tltomas, private,Co. E, Third Vermont, killed. John Backau, privato,Co. F,, Third Vermont, woandoil in breast and arm, oOTerely. E. Brown, privato, <?o. E, Third Vermont, wounded is thigh, severely. Chas. Tourner, private, Co. E, Third Vermont, wound od in thigh, seriously. C. K. Bill, private, Co. E, ThfTd Vermont, woupded I arm, severely. D. Ellis, private, Co. E, Third Vsrmont, wounded li arm, slightly. C. Ludiiige, private, Co. E, Third Vermont, wotmde in hand, slightly. Calviu Fallor, private, Co. E, Third Vermont, wounde In thigh, slightly. C. H. Holmea, scrgxtat, Co. E, Third Vermont, wound d ear In slightly. J. Roe, private, Co. E, Third Vermont, wounded, I tblgb, missing. C. WiUs, privato, Co. E, Third Vermont, woundet missing. J. F. Polling,sorgeant^Co.H,Third Vermont, killed. D. C. Wilson, corpora], Co. F,Third Vermont, killed. Austen Booquitson, private, Co. F, Third Vormon , killed. Wra. Conner, private, Co, F. Third Vermont, killed. Richard Wilson, Third Vermont, killed. C. Dyko, wounded in the head dangerously. 7. l'ruzsen,captain, wounded in the band and tbigl seriously. 'L Chandler, first lieotsnsnt, wounded in the baa and thigh,severely. L. Fairbanks, corporal, in arm, soverely. John Smith, private, shoulder, severely. Willis Whitcomb, hip, severely. E. A. Porry, thigh, severely. J.H. Buitorflold,side, severely. C. H. Paige, arm, se-. erely. A. C. Reed, thigh, severely. F. Metcalf, corporal, shouldor, slightly. All aboveVf the Third Vermont regiment. SKtOKD BRIGADE. Wm. Fuller, private, Co. F, Second Vermcnt, klUe shot through the head. A. II. Patch, private,Co. A, Third Vermont, wound in hip, severely. A. A. Bailey, private, Co. A, Third Vermont, wound' severely In chest and arm. E. E. Whilcninb. private,Co. A, Third Vermont,woun ad In leg, severely. 8. J. Flood, corporal, Co. B, Third Vermont, wound in leg. L. E. Brlgga, private, Co. P, Third Vermont, killed. D. Campbell, private,Co. )>,Third Vermont, killed. J.'Cookroan, private, Co. D, killed. <1. Danforth, private, Co. D, killed. D. Eliiett, private. Co. 0, billed. J. 1*1 bay, private, Co. T), killed. John Neale. private, Co. D, hilled. 0. Slovene, private,Co. D, killed. Alfred Taylor, private, Co. II, killed. A. Hutchinson,corporal, Co. 1), wounded mortally. F. A. Varcot, private, Co. It, wounded in arm aevera! J. Blanchard, private, Co. D, wounded severely. W. Davis, pr'.vato.Co. D, severely wounded. James Niles, private,Co. D, wounded in breast alight! George Washburna, private, Co. D, wounded in ai slightly. J. K. Morse, prirato, Co. D, wounded in shoulder alightl 5?. I'.eyoolds, private, Co.'D, wounded In arm eilghtl A. H. Wilson, private,Co. D, wounded inarm slight! Cbaa. Buftnarbaum, private, Oo. F, wounded slightly the neck. A. Wright, private, Co. F, wounded slightly in t 1 temple. J. N.Bucoly, private, Oo. F, woundod slightly in t fare. F. M"rrill,prlvalo,Cb T, missing. MosesCeorge,private,'Co. F, missing. G. Kibble, private. Co.-F,missing. D. Morse, private, On. F, mr- -tug. ,o~ ph E! Iridgo, private, Co. F, missing. 0. ifurd, private, Co. F,inissing. I? j, I'uah, corpora). Co. H, wounded in the eye slight! private, Co. II, eligiitly. " K. H. Waterman, private,Co. A, killed. A. f. Wilcox, private,Co. A, killed. J. Battis, private,Co. 1), killed. F. Somervtlle, private,Co K, killed. 1'.Divines, private, Co. K, killed. <\Tm. r-'cotl, private, Co. K . killed. Thon.asCorfuol, private, Co K, wounded in tbe thigl mortally. J. B. Iloyf, corpora), Co. li, arm, severely. J. Kerrta, sergeant, Co. I.ehouldnr, severely. Stun"! Wale, private, Co. K, shoulder, severely. W. H. Kininonii, private ,Co K, arm, severely. W. .11. Croeu, private, Co. K,arm, rrsvarely. Joe. ,1. JloManua, private,Co. K, band, severely. J. McCarthy, private, Co. K. band, Mverely. l>. Cilia, paivato. Co. K, wounded slightly In far-?. I). J. Dibble, private, Co. I, Fourth Vermont, hilled shot through the head. 8. B. Kilos, private, Co. I, kilted. Joe. I ad la, private, Co. A, wounded in left hand, I verely; net oensMerod dangerous. H. B. Atberton, oaptain, Co*. C, Fourth Termor wounded In hip, not considered dtngeoouc. A. Parker, private, Co. T, Fourth Vermont, wound in legi severely: ball extracted.. C. II. Pitman Knapp, private, Ce. I, Fourth Vei mm wounded In batik, severely. F. A. Orlnioe, private, Co. I, Fourth Vermont, wound* In right leg by pari o; a di?ll, severely. N. B. Page, private, Ce.F, Sixth Vermont, wuundi lightly. John P. Harris, private Ce. H, fourth Vermont, woun ed mortally (he!) p?ved through right thorax). Charles Iugrehem, private Co. I, Fourth Version wounded la tho left arm, slightly. Charles Dunklae, private Co. I, Fourth Vermoti wiunded In the htnd,AUglitly. W m. Henry, private ix>. r, r inn vermoni, Jwie? Kanii*11, primte Go. K, firih Vermont, killed. G. B. Adgalt, prlvatwOo. B, Fifth Vermont, wound* through the thigh, seveaely. ? - yayhew, private Co .3, Firth Vermont, wound* of breast by bi^ll) rlightly. yU'i-.K . ,r -niner, prlvatdipo. R, Fifth Vermont, wounds ir\ ??I ? . slightly; no bone fer >k.en. jlV ?v.. .private,Co. 0, Fifth Vermont, wounded I the a.V?, fractured severely*; A. fclV'errin, private Co. I. frounced In tliigb severe*] bell paa*1'# ? ?? **? C">ln. fl. P. private Co. 1, woktfdod slightly, contuelo of spine. . v J\ C.erno'drVspts10 Co. F, Sixth Vermont, killed, Rernoy halo *, private Co. K,Si?lb\Var?i>nt, kiJIoa. R. B!ek?. 'y.piV?t* Co- F. killed. I- . I (bot,prlVat*C#. D, killed. p^ikor, ptlTate, Oo. c, wapnd-d in knet J. vore'y "y JtUley, second |>ilenar>t, Co. D., wounded I t oiu, <* erely. ?? Dnvte, ordnance Co. D., wounded I bnk, retcrely. piles wtilting, private,Co. II., vm. severely. M. ' Ueperd, private, Co. H .vkkoeWer and jaw ??*?ra.y RK H ^Y, APRIL 20, 1862. 1 N. D. Iianher, private, Co. A., leg, slightly ; tleah l wound. Schorhee, private, Co. T., shoulder. L. Grave*, prlvato, Co. C,Ride of skull. H. Pollard, private, Co. C, leg frscture. > E. C. Wright, private, Co. A,lustop. A.Pcahoo, private, Co. F,thigh. Daniel Woodward, Co. F, thigh. J. Long,Co. A, chest aud arm, overeiy. O.tke?, private Co. \, Sixth Vermont, wounded, j neck, se\erely. D. H. Davenport, private, Co. H, Sixth Vermont, thigh flesh wound. Thursday Beuser, private, ankle. 1 A. D. Dreffany, private, Co. C, knee amputated.

9 Jos. Simmons, private,Co. FI, thiyh. \V. U. Kcsing, private, Co. H, thigh. J. Berkley, orderly sergeant, Co. K, leg. ? W. Casey, corporal,Co c, thigh. Jos. Conney, priva'o, Co. I', knee, i J. W. Falls, private, Co. F, arm. P. Baker, private, Co. F, arm. i- R. G. Bellows, private, Co. I, knee. E. R. Keunoy, Lioutanant, Co. I, leg. A. M. Garbin, private, Co. A, arm fractured, severely. J. E. Wilson, private, Co. C, abdomen, severely. I Goo. Beock, prlvato,Co. C, knee. joua itnumsen, private, 0,0. u, loot. > H. Walker, private, Co. K. wounded in knee aeverely, amputation. ! J. P.oswcll, private, Co. C, thigh. H. Ileugbton, privato, Co. C, hand, n Dan. Ayres, private, Co. C, knee. Thos. Barker, private, Co. C, hand, a J. White, private, Co. C, arm. P. S. Jones, privato, Co. C, bund slightly. <1 Thoe. Murphy, private, Co. II, arm. K. K. Core,private, Co. A, neck and head, d E. Goddard, private, Co. C, leg. T. H. Fuller, private, Co. H, thigh. ' N. B. Hancock,sergeant,Co. H, both logs, severely. THIRD NEW YORK ARTILLERY (MOTr'9 BATTERY). n ? I.ambort, of New York, killed by a shell. Chas. Morehouse, privato, of Now Yo-k, killed. A. l'avlllo, private,of Ne.v York, killod. Jos. Miller, private, of New York, wounded in tho back, dangerously. Titos. Panebody, privato, of New York, contusion of thigh, slightly. Win, Mabber, private, of New York, scalp, severely. Thos. Butler, corporal, of New York, under left eye. Fitzgerald, private, of New York, contusion In thigh, slightly. I/>on Kline, of New York, side^f head, severely. Thos. Cave,of New York, upper p?rt of riglHfoot, se1(1 vorely. FIFTH BATTERY. OF ARTILLERY, McDonnell, private of Ayers' battery, wounded contusion of shoulder and fleth wound of hand, with dislocation. William E. Morrill, First Lieutenant, United States Engineer Corps, grounded in upper of right arm, neverely. Killed 36 Wounded ...130 9 Total 164 G. B. MtCIFLLAN, Major General Commanding. d; Rebel Account of the Fight. OCR FORTRESS MOMtnK I'OHKESFO.NDKNCK. Fohik?s Mojtrob, April IS, 1862. I have jurt seen a copy of the Richmond A'tufuinrr of this dato (18th Inst.), from which 1 glean tho following ,6. iuielligeuee in relation to the light on the peninsula on Wednesday;? #li Oillcial despatches received here last night a farm, on the penlnsula, stato that the enemy commenced tho bombardment of our linos at half past eight o'clock A. M., continuing until seven P. M. Their attack upoi^ our oi utre was splendidly repulsed. They tried to force General Cobb's iiositlon^between Lee's and Wind's Mills, and "libit ibis object waded the creek, and for a momenl <> ' ided Bont* of our rifle pits. They were driven . i -.m.aeu una ties 17 .im uur uwopw MWVM nobiy. Un r. M.?All quiet. Oir loss is twenty kilUxl. Colonel NcKnnnvy, of tlie Fifteenth North Carolina, a aiDOD( thevdatn. Seventy live wore wounded. Eight artillery horscsdnlled, ami ono howitzer disabled. A later desiwii U from General Magruder statie that the'enemy baa uut wade any further-demonstration 00 Ij their lines. The Woqnded Vermont SoUseri to Arrlrs Here. J' The Secretary of War telegraphed -yesterday morning "* to Gov. Holbroob,of Vermont, that -thirty-two soldiers of tho Vermont brigade were killed end ninety wounded at Yorktown. Governor ITolbrook requested they be pent to this city, and also telegraphed to CoIodoI Howe, * the State agent, the facts. Theeo wounded will prot>ably n arrive here today, from Washington, and evory arrangumeut in being made for their comfort at the r<>oin8 of tho New England Relief Association, 194 ltreadho w,y' The Case of Messrs. Tunitnll and Myers. lloHTor, April 19. 1SC2. Messrs. Tonatall and Myers, whose arrival hereunder arrest was announood lust night, weje not tak?n to T'ort Warren, hut remain in ibe illy on parole until their coses are decidodat Washington. r Alfalru In Nashville. Th- City Council of Nashville, Tram,at Its last serrion (Monday) pasted tho following re- alntlonv? Resolved, That the Mayor of the city of Nashville be. and lie Is be.elty, requested sud inttruited to have tbe ting of the I'ltFed States plucsd upni sit public property belong ng to thin Correlation. Resolve.I , That wo cordially thank tlm officers and sol diem of the United Mates for the unexampled kindness and courtesy hitherto expended to our follow cltl^ag, and thai, ? m?i : tnvit.p together ? uh them for t he re 1 establishment of tho government of ear fathom, we { lodge ihrm out moot sincere and hearty co operation. Kr<olut iotio were alio adopted directing the teachers in the public ocktola in the city to take the aath of alia. ginncc or rtHigu. I KM'URhlMJ TO TUKTR FIRST liOVE. ItTom the Naahvtlle (Tbnn.) f.'nlon ] For several day-r the offtce-nf liuternir Juhruon in the l apitrl ban been thronged ? llh eeceMlon men and woxieu from the city and adjacent country earnestly Interceding for their *?> who have been or are no w iu t he rebel army. and expressing the ntmoat wiBingnem and ovan anxiety to lake the oath of alk-gi ua* to llio goo<i """ eM government, a*.I faithfully disc barge the dutica of law abiding and loyal- ltir<ns. Pome of these distrained parents, for whom ere feel the deepent sympathy.say ULat their aona were v.itually forced Into the rebel aervireby lannta and tnanaoea; others that their pride led than to volunteer !er.l th- y should be eubjected to the it iiegradatioa of a draft, ami oihem from various tnalUjn Inltrenocs, eo bard to be maUtod by thoughtless advonturew.aud auibRioue yeuog men. '<1 Maty Instances ef ttw >tioSt aili-cling natora aould be Arid need, but w* lornear to intrude Upon Uie bene I ity of , private grief. <*<*1 fWkM that wo ?hould utter one ' word thut would causa to Maud afro-tj thoae wuinda which a pureiit's heart only can know, and which ao ?d raiitiy fcthere and tnothera fe?t thrt ngh'uit Tenner-am In ihlahocror our nation* iletyi uftltotion. The improve, ment in the state of the public mind la m- at gratifying, a*1 and wilt ho ballad wiih rapture by every patriotic heart. , Tbe'workof reeioraflnc pengreeee* moat cJiceringlp. The spell ufTreason la broken,anf the dotnoo of auchantment liea powcrhaa at the feet of our c -nntry 'h genius, it, In addition to the ahoye, the same [taper record*, wit# greet eatirrantion. that "a large ntynhcr of native Tenneeeeeane, me n of Intelligence, character and," * have applied to <i?rcrtor Johnson for authority to reiee troupe for tho I'nlou army, and given aaenranco that a much larger number of native* of thai Statu will volunteer in t he I'nion army tlutn ever got Into Uie rebel *rmy, either by volunteering or the draft. id Effects of the Storm at the Writ. . Chkaso, Aprtl It, IM3. Every hotiee in Columbtia la aurronnded by water 'The telegraph line from Retro to Pittsburg, I'cnn., hita I been carried away by the high water. At Cairo the river ia now wiihtn a foot of the top of thg lovoe Mound Cilf ia ."ubuferged by the water, It ia n running into the lower atoTiea of the hoapita'.s and dwelling*. , The X. C. Railroad hare discontinued running below ' Mound City, Hi" traok being submerged and curried away. Happy Times ft*r the Durklee. I from the Louieviile Ttemourat.) An old darkey, while enjoying tho privilege* Recorded o him by these happy (f) times, was heard to eir.laun>? Hreaa the lotd, ImlU-hijer, dat die ule nigger eboiild lib to e?e die ere happy time, when white m. u mnel hah a pais to move about, and nigger go whore him please wld' out one. Brees the L?>rd. n Perianal Intelligence. PImon Arob<>tedn,1f. K U. du (Mumble; Col. Prince Palm, United Plates Army; 0?e Huntington and Samuel n K. Huntington. It sten H. KAeke^J.Co*n ectlcut; Thomae H. OupiioD and wife, Albany;, it. P. Msn -hard, Ibeiin; J. C Clark and fairly, JackeoubJ le, Ha.: O I. h *>.-* ted wife, Mr*, flrangor, and Mr. and wife, Maine, ' war# among the arrivals at the gftgeil llutim tester day, ERA] AB7ANCE OF GEN. BANKS' CORPS. Occupation of Newmarket by Union Troops. The Enemy in Full Retreat Towards Staunton. All the Bridges South of Newmarket Burned, Ac., Ac., Ac. RockiDiftum County. Vt., April 18. 1862. General Banks' advance column arrived lioro this neon, driving the enemy from the hill with artillery and cavalry charge*. Six thousand of Jackson's troops passed through the town last evening and encamped a short distance beyond. Last night it was currently reported that Jackson was to be largely reinforced between hero and Staunton. A body of our cavalry came u|>on two squadrons ol Ashby's cavalry, draan up In line of buttle. The latter suddenly broke ranks, and bis artillery opened upon our advance. Our cavalry, in line of battlo, awaited foi artillery, which arrived, and scattered the lebcR last night Ashby encamped near Newmarket. Luring the night General Bnnks occupied the town In forco. Al seven in the morning, Ashby, being threatened by out artillery, set fire to hia camp and rulreatod in groat hasto, leaving thirty butchcro t beeves on the ground doing wbat he never did before?burning every small at well as largo turnpike bridge south of Newmarket. Tho following Is the general order alluded to a few dayi since,relative to Captain Thompson, a very gallant youuj officer:? GENERAL OKbEtt?NO. 19. HEMKHJjtKtjcH*,' Division, 1 Woodstock, va., April 12, 18c2. j The General commanding the division directs tlia tho special thanks of himself and command be tendvret to Captaiu Ambrose Tliompson, Division Quartermaster for the energy, industry and efficiency with which he ha conducted the affairs of his department pre ious to and during tho battle of Winchester, am in his untiring and successful elforts sino to employ esery moan* which judgment and activit could devise to furnish this division with everythiu reqiiirod. to render it efficient in the field. This order w i be published to the command, as an assurance of our a] preclatlon of his ability, and a oopy of the same will t furnished Captdiu Ambrose Thompson By command ol Brigadier General SFUKLltB. II. (f. ARKsnioN'o. llgjor Fifth Ohio Volunteors, Actii Asristaot Adjutant General. Despatch from General Bunks. New Markct, April lb, 1S<2. Hon. E. M. Stanton,Secretary of War:? Our advanced guard occupied this morning lb village of Spurts, eight miles In front of New Harke For the first time lu their retreat the rebels burned tb email bridges ou the road, obstructing by lhe emallet possible means the pursuit of our troops. Somo < more bridges were thos destroyed, but Immediately r< constructed. N. P. BANKS, Major General Coin maud tng. Mount Jackson. Newmarket and VI clmity. <j? 3^1 j/ v H i y//^^Jj a"AHTAjj r ^ji\iti ulaiirt4tSou Rtoutch of Xfwmarket on<l Vicinity. Xcwn.aiket ii a I* at rillaso of Shaiitnnloati count v. Virginia, and If situated rear the borders orRr? kir^ha ?r>unty,-?bout eight niller from Mount Jackvrn. Ji<-?r twenty miles Itnn Woodstock. oyer thirty miles fro Mra-burr, about ninety three miles from Mana sua fun tion, about one hundred and twenty miles from Alexa drift, and one hundred and fifty miles to the northwest Richmond?the last In an air line. It Is delightfully all ated la tt.oGreat Valley, between lbs Maseacutten ai North Mountains. In its prosperous times New mark was noted for the number of forges and factories In tl vicinity, which abounds in Iron ore. There ware, tt years since, four prosperous churches located in that luge. The county of i-'henaiidoeh is situated In tha nort. east part of Control Virginia, and forma a portion of tl grout limeaionn valley w hich extends niong the nrcstn baao of the Blue Ridge. Tho area of the county t abo Rve hundred square miles, and 1a drained by tho Nori fork of the rthenarulooh river, from which the name or ti county la derived. Tba uitrfare of the land is rilver?lfl? by valleys etui ridges, and the soli Is generally pr duclive. The rocks which underlie the rountry sre bli lintespme, slate and rvKdttoee. Iron ore Is abundan and affords an article of export, and lead and copper ha\ also been found. The capital or the county is Woodstocl and the population nearly fourteen thousand, thirtce thousand of w bom are free. Transports Plred Into by Rebels on tb Tennessee River. Canto, April 18,1883. The steamers Minnehaha and ratten were fired Into b the rebela yesterday, while ascending the Tennees* river with troops. t'pon the former ons man was kills and one severely wounded. Those on the Petton war t niajured. The troops no the Minnehaha landed and burned a rot of wooden buHdluga on the bluffa, near whlth the Orln originated. HealUi of Colonel John S. Phelps. t*r., A|?rl) 19, IM2. Colonel John 9. Phelps, who performed to dletin.-ulahei I Art tu tb? battle of IV* Kldge, ha* arr irod from Bering field. He la in bed health, auflbrlng from disease con traded In the fold. He will remain a few day* and thei proceed to Washington and take hi* Boat In Oungreea. Analvrr?ar)r of the 10th of April In Bal. 11 more. BamiMorii, April 19, IMS. The memorable 19th or April is marked here to day b] the loyal citizens with great displays or D*r:-<, in token o their J?7 that the shameful, traitorous deeds of the dsy which were designed by the conspirators of Hahi more to inaugurate aec?sil >n end all ite woei in Maryland, and to compass the destruction of tba na tlocal capital, have ao signally failed ; also, that thay now display ths Stars and Stripes without endanger mg their live* and property, and with ml Mm penalty w the secession City Council*. Thais is elm a militni; display tu progress. Freshet In the Connecticut J&iver. Bntmanai.n.liass., April 19, is?2. At ton o'clock this morning the Connecticut river a this place was nineteen feet ten Inches above low wate mark, and rising one inch and a quarter an hour. Th West Springfield bridge Is rondered Impassable. A Braitlolroro the river la three feet and a half htghe than ever befora know*, and la rising at tba rate e' feu Inches ?n boor LP. PRICE THREE CENTS. HEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. The French Minister at Rlchmond-D*" Mtrurtlve Fire at Norfolk and Portejuoutli, ?kc. . Kobtrks Mokkok, April 18,1882. The Norfolk Day Book of yvstorday, speaking of thd arrival of M. Herder, the F. jch Minister to Washington, at Richmond, speculates is relation to the objeots of ms visit, and says it is an event fraught with grave slgniil cation. ' The most probable solution," it says," is that a Froneh monopoly <>f tobacoo underlies the whole mystery. Wo believe we declare the popular determination when wft alDrm that the Giufederate States will not tolerate any diplomacy which places them beyond the pale of public law, and attempts in their waters their very nationality. Let of be true to our h nor, and wo shall at least win th? i acknowledgment of posterity that we deserve to be free.'* A terrific tiro was raging at Norfolk a little before nind o'clock last evening (Thursday). The sky was brilliantly illuminated, and the lurid glare of the Raines could bd distinctly seen all night. 1 have jnst ascertained that at one and tho same tlinc tires broke out at Portsmouth and Norfolk. In tho former place three buildings were do. 1 stroyed, and in the latter twelve houses are already in aches, and the fire is raging still. Tho conflagration wad? evidently the work uf inootidinries. From my window I can plainly eee the dense smoke arising from the tire a? 1 Norfolk, and it still continues to rise in heavy volumes. THE CAPTURE OF FQiTT PULASKI. OAlcial IN-porta of F)n$; OAlcer Dupont and Commander Holers. Washington, April 19,1862. ' Tlio following was revived at the Navy Department tbis morning:? , n.AO OFFICER DUl'ONT'S REPORT. . Flagship Wabash, "I ' 1'ort Roval Harhor, P. C., April 13,1862. / Silt?Tli? despatched from tlr? Commanding General u| this deportment to tho Hon. i^ecre'ary of War will convey ibu gratifying intelligence of the fall of Fort Pulaski. t It was a purely military operation, the result of laborious and scientific preparation and of consummate skill s ai d bravery In elocution. It would cot have portalned ! me to addreas you In reference to this brilliant and busL. cssful achievement had cot Major General Iluntor,wltb V a generous rpirlt long to bu remembered, permitted the * navy to be represented on this ti.tercsting occasion by allowing a detachment of seamen and officers from thin ?o ship to serve one of tho breaching batteries. 1 have thaakod the General personally for this kind* ,g uess, and I desire at the same time to exprcm my acknowledgments to Rrigadier General Itenham and Actlnf Brigadier General Gillmoro for acts of consideration b'hown by them to my officers aDd men. I enclose the report of Commander 0. P., who bad the honor to commund tho Battery J-igoi on the second and itae port-ant day. Respectfully, your obedient servant, 1. P. K. MJPONT. Flag Officer, ie Commanding South Atlantic Blockading .Squadron, it To Hon. C.idbun WELtif, Secretary of the Navy. >' COMMANDER KOGEK'H REPORT. ?- Flagship Wabash,! Port Royal IIardor, S. C., April 13,1862. J Flag Officer S. F. Dwoyt:? Sir?I have the honor to report the return of the * ? i- tachment from this ship which had the good fortune to take pert in tho bombardment of Fort Pulaski. It ? reached Tybee on the morning of the 10th last., just before the fire wag opened; and, the hatHf tenos being alreudy minned, our batteries could nol participate in the .cllon of the first day. d General Hunter, General l-cnhamond General GIMmore ^ ail mai'i'.estcd the most genereus desire to give the navy j? a share in ilia good work; and on the 11th?the most v important dsy?four rilled guns In Battery Slgc), one of the nearost and most exposed batteries, and consequently one of the posts of honor, were assigned to ihemencf the Wabash. X Wo occupied It at daybrenh, and key* up a steady and ** wsll directed fire until the fort hauled down Its flag, at f/j Svo o'clock in the afternoon. The officers and men be' haved well. 1 beg leave to commend to you Lieutenant ^ Irvin, Acting Master Robortson and Mldshlpineu M L. h" Johnson and K. 11.1'enirou.and I.ewln Brewu, Captain of 5- the lorecnatie,aud George II. Wood,Quartermaster. ^ When tho enemy hoisted the white flag General Benham n.ost courteously inmted me to detail a nova! offiaar ?. vo accompany me ouicrr Feor dj aim w irraiip im terms of tho surrender, and I sent Lieutenant Inria upon that honorable doty. I ppent the first day of the ? bomtmrdmeul in the trenches wKb General Hurler, and paid a visit to the different batteries. These batteries I canned to be vis.ted by several of our officers and men, that thej might profit by the experience to be acquired. The lietnbardment began at olrht In the morning on the 10th, and coutinoed during tho day (but at first, while procuring the ranges, It was somewhat Inaccurate. many of the artillerist* being quite untrained. On the second day, In spite of e high wind, the in firing from the rifled .guns and eolumhlad* m wus excellent. Die former boring tnto the brick face of ly tho wall like augers, and the fatter striking I'ho trlpn, trimmers and breaking off great tn .sscs of masonry, 1C. which had beon cut Wose by the ritles. The four upper butteries were about sixteen hundred ya-ds distant irf from, and quite beyond the distance u. at which It lia* hitherto been held practicable to eflbot 1(j a b each, but w lib h proved an easy breaching range et wiib Uie wonderful1 projectile* which we bow rosees*lje Wlien tho fort surrendered the liar bet's funs had boen w aileneed, and many of them had been d emounted A H. broach waa made in two places, and the fort could have k boon stormed withoct doubt. Our prejecllloa were paeahe lug thr<uigli It and knocking down the opjiosti* wall, rn which protocied the main magxame, so that the gerrtsoa ,,l wj' convinred that in an hour or two the magasinn must th l>c blown up. The heavy thirteen-lnch mortars Mllcted lo th less injury than I had expected. The casematee ^ net seem at all shaken by thcra. The parade gronnd 0. had been formed hito deep furrows, tnto which the shells ,a roiled and burst without ths power of doing much haras. I The guns used by the men of the Wabash ware three thirty-pounder Parrotta and one twenty four-pouadsr ( jatnes. I am, very respectfully, r. T? nniMfSS tVaMuia Col, Marvin, lot# of the Third Ohio regiment, now at. t* bed to t;?n . Hunter'a stair, bao arrived, tningleg do. e apetcliM to tbe Wer Deportment,hot which opto earn o'clock thlo oTloi noon bod not boon delivered. Ho atatan Ih?t among the prioonero token to Copt. Stroma, titter o* y the SevoriBab^r^NiMfcan. Tbo tword belonging lo the lot* ? tcr ho boa prat anted to Repraaeotettva Unrlry, ct Ok to. d ? , Relief to Loyal Cltlaena In Florid*. Weomnoron, April 19,1MB. T Ri'tiuaeniM fhtmi, Kaw York:? g This Deportment will IntorpoM no Impedimenta to loyii resaela In needing relief to tbe anfferlog loyal cltiaena of si. Angnetlno. By order ?f the Secret ory of War U. L. lUUTSi rr, Brig. Con. and A. A. ?. Arreat of Col. Jenntaom, nf Knne*a. LoAvwnronrn, April 19, maa. Jannlaon, late of the Seventh Kan?ek rariaent. a ^ has been arretted by tbo military autborltlee aod aeat to Alton, III. Thacauaoof bio arroat la a?M to be tnnbordlootioo and mutiny. Lieutenant Hoyl, of tbo tome regiment, la aloe under arrest. lorlgadier General Corey ha* been uolgned tbe com r in iud of tbo troopo for the protection of tbo ovartaod f moll route. , Opening of Narlgetlen nt Father Point, I MowraiAt., April 10, 1M2. Tba ahip Shannon, lb' cirat aooaal from aaa, paatwd ' Kathar Point yaatarday. Tbrt icn In Rlrballaa ri?#r brnka up rWMiti; ?!r d'nljr, Inflating graat .limn* " ?iaa?ara and v ** !? at winlar .pianara* Sevaral war* aunk. The lone )a r faiimai'daif^oo'?00. military IntelUganca. Uuntli-ARTTaa Ciuhth Rrr.mmrt, I Oaara. I The Infantry companion of tbia raftmaot ara haraby t dlraciad to an*ai>ibta at tba Stain Araanal, roraar of rhlrijr-Sfl't atraet and Seventh avam-.o, ou Wedoeaday arming, April 2.1. in full latigue f r drill, a | lia cm aalro dnoigaatad K and II ara oonanlldMad by t ord.-r of il- vai n?r tyoriran. 10 bo iindar command of Captain Win. Carr, oil ninpauy G. Ilr order of roloaat J. M VARUM. r TVumat. J. Ci.TPr, S?r?aant Major. l?. II. tr.,A^naat

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