Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1862 Page 2
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2 SHIPPING NEWS. ALHlkiC FOR Kit Tt>RE?TUI1 D4T. 0VB sum 5 131 noon uirkh n orn 12 'i| lUftim 6 44 1 Hluiil fATAK fve 1 27 Pert or ?ew York, April 19, ISC*. CLEARED. #;eam*hip St George (br ), W> |e, O'mjow-T M'Donal.d Ikuui altir Item ie. Couch. Havana?Ldlam A H -luckou. Snip Vaderwriter, Buiueon, Liverpool?C Oarowr. Stun Beile Wih J B mj, l,i?t:, p.c.? V lua 11. A Guiuu. Ship Persia, Loaue, Br John, SB- 0 C I In tan A Co. Ship P:in < of Wnlin, M r.?, Si John?C C Duncan 1 Co, Hurk I'aian 1 MaysjnKucbit?J C JhhdU 1 On, Kti> Inula. (Hr , Buy! -, rape Town- Bielt, 8 >n A Co. Bark Wnraata (Ham , Becker, Ko'.t r tain?C C D 1 n .11 A Co. Bark DannsUdter (UV), Bank, H*l?>'urj?Roger Bros. Kaik I,link now ( Br), Ml Havana?I B ( Briu La K.vorita ( Dutch). li .t ck, Cu-.c .a?J Poulke A 801". Brti; Ceylon (Bi >, kin?, ia.iif.r-1) R Detvolf. Brig Al' t .el., Reed. Toi ttiy.a?H H"r.uer, Si hr Antrim. I.w, Kieuthem?Mauler. Si ',1 Nonpaieil (Br), Angus, Windsor?D R Dewolf. HchrS V t o, aan (Br), Coonau, St John, NB?P a Ncvhis A Son s, In .1 D Cr*tn?r, Cole, Ws.hinron?Van B-utl A Slaght. Sclir E nr. Hopkins, Cropper, IKu'r I aland?J Brown. SrhrSyn pi;rent. Brow 11, Drum nor. dtown?A C lia.eiii Schr Orison, Peteiwn. I'm mute? inkier. SihrUi-n I Cropper, Ctinklin, Snow Hill?A C il Arena. 8 in Syphlde, Barn**, Cat lyville?C M C'uuc A Cu. Bcnr II J Hortou. Klwell, Phlla leotna?Master. Si lir A.I ll.yil n Sujilh, Philadelphia?H S Ra kelt. Sillr Evelyn, Crowley Ph i. lelplu?? Maeler. Sein Ladv Lake, White, Phi adelpha? V*rter. S !ir H Slaliida, Price, E.u| Harbor?W Cremly, M"tt A Co, | Schr Late Stewart, Wood, Enaabclhpoi ?Miller A Hough, t A. I ScVt Chtnriya. Madison, Paquoain?Vaater. Scl,r Aim Ifv Gould, SI iclila?Si p 011 A Ciapp. * St ir Klviia, SVorren, Cutler?J Km A Co 1 Sclir Rubicon, Hammond, Euawurih? Ii D Brookinan A Co. Schr J I. Snow, Aeburii. Augusta?W 8 Browu A Co, (M br V E Huge, Drs'-o, Bos'or.?Mekle Bins. Hi hi Bltn L'i :i*a, Snow. New Hh\i n?Master. 8 hr Gertrude, Hills, New Huv-u?: aster. tir Kirs., Hobble, Stamford?S'.ani lord Manufacturing < Co. Sohr Washington. Mrrrlram, Slam 'or,!?R Sanford. 8 tir o I' Coislwtu, Hnbbins, Sutra' ird?Master. Schr Motto. BlSven, Norwich?Ma ler. Sloop - > Ha.l, Baker, Bri lcai t?L Boyer. ARRTTEZ). Ship Onward (Br. of Liverpool!, Welsh, Liverpool. 75 da1-*, wnh coal, to K flunan'. It' 17 heavy weather most (it the p?s?age; stove bulwarks and boet, lo t and and split eaita. lost jlbbootn, (lam iged spars. Ac: got as far W as lat .57. and w as obliged to 1 un oil about Id A mills to repair dama en Bark .1 A R Young (Br, of Yarmouth, NS). Scott, Dublin, I 76 itsV?, in ballast, to Boyd A U'nukea. Pari .1 M Hlch?. Greennian, 1* dermo Feb 10. and At dar* from Gibraltar, with fruit, to Liwreacfl, Giles A Co. Had strong N'A* rale 1 toe entire passage. Bark T.icoqy (of Philadelphia). Mundav, Messina Feb 9, passed Oihra.tar 2~itn. with fruit, to Draper A Devlin. Has Lad verv heavy weather the entire passa"e. Bark Pride of the -ea i'ettigrcw, Z.iz.-. April 5, wiih sugar, to Yrnaga del Valle A Co. Lat 3d, Ion 74. epoke brig Ella Maria, leeiml South. Bark Sitllote, Brown, Cardenas, 9 days, with Sugar, to H D Bi Kikn an A t'o. Brig .a.inla Clara (Br, of Quebec), Jardesi n. Demars.a, March lit, in ballast, to . Brig Scotland (before ret* ried), Francis, Ponce, March 26, via Loup Island Sound, with inola-scs, Ac, to E T Suuthcrs, of Hartford. Brig Wiu Atkins (Br. of Fire Island*. NS), Niokerton, Arrtiyu l'R. March 27. with sugar, to P I Nevius A Son. Brig Clyde (Br), of Miltland NS), Campbell, Mttiaubo, PR, March 2".'. w 1th mol isses, to P 1 NeViUS A Son. Brig Aifaretta (of Harpawell), Bibh r. Cienfuegos, April 1, with sugar, to master. Aprl 17, lat 27, h n 74, stguallied ship Charter Guk, hence for Muun/a*. 81d in company with bark \ Manrtcr-m, for Bust n. and isc'ur William, for S'Yoris. Br g Win Nickel . Hatch, Millbrldge for Alexandria. Schr John Ro , Morris, Moutevl :i-o Feb 26, via St Thomas, April 9. with salt, to Malller, Lord A Querean. No date, lat 16 23 S. Ion S3 10 W, Bpok" bark J C Nn ke'.s, of Searsport, 1 for Montevideo. 35 days out March 1*. 3 PM. in lat 6 S. Ion 3d .ft W. t?w breakers'r.ot laid down on Dip rhirt; April 14, 1 at 5 AM, ull Savannah, passed a strain profiler showing EnglNh rolora, and a'ter hauling them down, run up thr ; Cou.ed-rate I'.ugattbe fotvinant head; was steering lu tli direction of Bermuda abo il SE. The J R liaa ha! very hard weatlim all he way from Turk* Ialinds to Cape Hath ras. S<'hr Septimus (Br. of 1* E island). Cavan.sgta. Greyiown, . Nil', M:u I'll 22, with logwood, to A G Rosalie A Co. i Sehr Greyhound (Br, of Liverpool, NS>, Oamage, Turks I-lands, II days, with salt, to master. i S< hr B-lle, Cubberly, Virginia. Hi'hr Ktprt as, Law son, Virginia. 2 day*. Bohr ii W Oric . Palmer, Bal imore, * days. Schr 1) C'argill. Hawkins. Philadelphia for Boston. Schr Hentrlk ITuda' n. Philadelphia lor Bath. , Sa In Kxchsngc, llalle k, Wilmington. Bel, for New Haven, schr Bailie Smith, Worden, Blixabethport for Bridgeport. l Schr II siim. Hunt. X. :bee, S days. Schr K<-d itover, Taylor, B 1 as. for Roadout. Schr Royal Oak, B-n on, Calais. Schr T M iIo.iginan, Prior", Wiaea ml. Kchr Corinthian. Small, Rockland, 4 day a Sehr Motuii n )> . Kensington, Rockland. j S< hull met, Johnson, Tremont. Schr J W Dyer. MuOuAie. Por land for Philadelphia. ; Schr Mary Mat.kin, Bears", Boston, 3 da. s. Brhi M Fillmore, Clinse, Bosmu. Kehr Chief, N rrlr. Providence S nr.I S HavUen, smith, Portland, Ct, for Phl'adelpbitl. ' Sell! Kuaet lb, Lcp, Rondout for Nwwlmryporf Schr Marv K Gage, Priako, Pourhkeepaie fur Boston. Sell r Tat ill; lit. Snow, New burg. Sloop Victoria, Cold Spr'ng. su ainerlah.en. Adams, Baltimore. S'enmer Fanny fadwallader, Pieraon. Baltimore. Steamer Kite Brick, Kenton, Philadelphia. Si. run 11 Bordni, Looper, Philadelphia. Steamer Ke n, Du'ty. Philadelphia. Steamer Falcon. Wliilams. Provtdeooa. SAILED. Rleamahlps City of Baluninre (Brl, Liverpool; Bavaria, of and foe llamhnig. Bt, George (Br), Olaagow; Roanoke, Il> vacs. ship Mouar b of the Sea, Liverpool. I Wind at s.iuset NNW. very light. Mlseellaneeus, The steamship City of Baltimore, CapUlo Jeffrey, sailed . nooti yesterday for Quceuatown and Liverpool. Toe s eamshlpJBavsrla, Capt Meier, silled yesterday for Bontbsmptoo and Hamburg. The B, I'eauiil.lp St Oeorge, CspT Wylle, sailed paster Jay foi Glasgow. Bute Gov Morrow, henoe at Ban Francisco, experienced from Moo.evldeo ronunuai bead wlnda and heavy weal ' tr to Cape Horn; passed the Cap I>ee 2d; carried aw*v *1'the bead rati*, nod n a.dv |.? the head; saved It bit lashing chains (a it; took the SB trades to 1st 3 8; crossed the Kqualor in (hp Paclac Ion 14 W: after which bad calria and light minis. lac.1 at Mo rt-*video Frank Xiaril, a native of thr Western Inland*. i>*c 15. J"hn Matthews, seaman. I' d! from in* iitotawil isnl and was killed; was a natlrs of Ei gland. Mann 1.1. off 'he Ka.-.tUoaea, James MrLane, aired |i rear", a nalireof New (Jileaos, fell overboard; lowered a boat, but <m d not >are him. ' Ship Fstacs, Ellis, of and from New York for Bristol, put Into Keys: on the 7 h tilt wfi loss of hesd of lyreiuari,au'1 sit above, jtbboom end sails B iks M icv Av.vah, of Portsmouth, Nil, from New York fiv Bn-i' I, i tit Fayal 7th tilt, on Feb 21, was kuoeked ] dewn o i her ' e-vtn enda, and had at one tune a large qrsa'itv oi wa'er in her hold; is leaky, supposed to be in her up- | |irr wo1 hs Bh B.?t:? Tor. vxv, nt Baltimore 18th from Troon, in a heavy (tale from Nff ! the tYe-uern Islands, lost jibboom, fore- . t jvi.vsi, fnrrtopcalLnnunaat, and one anchor; had decia swept, r d skylight, tail, Ae, wash d away. Built W?rrnrv, Of K'rnebtnk, recently reported Jest In i the In.i,an Oc an, was dial lrU in a severe hurricane, ? hieU thr w the vesael ?n her Isuun ends, le. t ing the men clinging , t I III wierk 74 hours Without v Slur some of the:,i y,-. h it I k ,sor stei-klnge, and all enu iring irreat tnifertnc*. The , rliief nis'e, V r 8', M Onerber, ?nd two seamen, perished. ( apt Tl oop-on took passage fur Burton about J'cLj 23. Id the I a; k I aletia. , Bsk t.- r:t?i.Tos?At Tort Ellrabe h, CO 11, on the 34 th or i I* u n r. h i sn, rt VK g?:e, the bark Leslngtcn, of New ] York, pa "ed one of her chain- and the wind and sea In,e* si thai sn an ,hor and mbi-c.u:.! not betaken.r ;? | I he shore so the ve?scl durtns the two following ileya. Tue i re vi and < ergo were. In cuuaiiierable jeopardy. Bias U*nr Scrrni.n, Altn, before reported abandoned, 1 i led .nun l'o-t ir. Feb 21, f,.r p r, an Pr n~e. On ih* 24th 1 she .-nr. ii d the gale on 'ho ed?e ot the o ilf Sire im an 1 ivas totally dis masted, the bowsprit torn out, and sh - was ivdueeJ to a wreck, lraktng ba t . Th eww turcr" N In kecpio; l ei above wat'i until they were take.i oil oy a ItrliUu vessel *nd carried to lt .r -1 h.s. The crew w re hro'igti o i" l y the BBS -toner, oi N-v >?rvw>rt The l< t legldei "d ?<i tons, was built at Jonesooro', In 1330, and isihed under Brlti-h color-. i Bark l>wit i it P?!?.vkll, before reported aihore opposite 1 le?r> l>rl still rrmalns In an uo.'.aoge l p-iaition, perfectly ' 114 it, and rsrgo f ivlw-at,' orn sod Hour) undamaged. Two sours are being 1< :-led with ner cargi., anl the wreckers are ' sng"it.e or geiiing her oi In a few davA Ba Riiio Urn* J a KB, Brown, from New York for Havana, n il till . Bab more ]ath Int. leak v. having sprung a leak 00 to 1, in a li'-. > aele run 8K. off Mat'eras, ;inJ not being ' so'* io keep her free, bora away for thai port. Ham Virion's, of and for HI John. NH from Mew V.,sk ws* ashore far lto'.mea Hole lHh. Hbe remain -d tight." 8.M' C w Co*.***, l'r*Bu, from Boston fir Ht Iago, b'! I e r ried abandoned el eea, Waterlogged, ?a led (nm H at hi on the 1st u I, and soon ert'r Iravtug port had u>?ny . hra-y a ,o?V? On 6-fa. eh# was thrown on he- tritri -nde; il.r t/aahi'd over her for* and an, cluring the deck or i iHebn rpl y, *p*re aper*. and f t o,) tb'ng movable. The t'lilwsr.n, inn-hlona and pt*nk-h tar were swept away or tplr eo l the ?'? H material was thrown bacs upon tae hull, sad (lore the deck In ?ever*l places Unable to get her b fee the wind. Captain Urann cut a war the m?l iinnat, ah i> alii i ,? l ? rig'tiei, fait of water. The gale all,I iontlaoed with nnahaud rmetioe The pom pa ware of no uae, a* Hie- *l !, i.roUn by the wrecked spare, an I th-ir * geai *??e|it away br the ai?. In two ho'.r* Irom the time , the an* atimk, el nr a h'- pn a? a r~-V, and evctr pUm of ? -h' ltei It lur t 'W, alt In number, waa tilled with Water; ' the In -ii ?i:er ??* the 'nsl l-alto/ad, leavlnj liie ; men w iiiiont any'ml but raw jiouioea end ealt |>ork to eat , VTairrioffpd ana t ipoerd to thi wt, whieh awept arerh<r ? fori and *(', Capt I'raun fo ind It tin| im?lb.e to manage her in any way; an* lay lue a log In Ihe wnier In thta condition ahe iem?in<-4 *it (lay*, when the llriiteh ahlp of-war Diw- 11 detn, Oaptein Scott, tame to h?r aaalelai.oe a^d reached all Inula lae n?"ii had h ?n w t thr mg,i ior an dnyr, their n .thrall*' linen'orn and (antly ?i,i? *nay, ao that When ' the) were laken uH the tiwk, t ny wt lehit:i n?ne I, near y J eili t'isted. and covered wl'h a- and mre* re tard by et- ' I> m re t. the rah water. Their wjiti,. ?r aktiinilr d>??a- f ?d and new and warm clothing autip'lril them, and in a few 1 .lava Ihetr a . re comparative!) tveu. On the thlid day after then rewrite, the flinte apoae the *Mp Annapotla, from IJ*ri poil, Irautrcrrtd them to lttr, an J tt. r have mh e aimed al Hal. more. > Hrait KoitraT Kino, h*nee for PMledelpUa, when going ! dm, it i to* uiy yeaterday < wlthoal a ptiotl went nahore on the I W'et It,in I; wiotild probably conie off the next btali water. A iron ??* *.'en to hum i.ti the rrrnlna of Uu: 15th, a ahum 10 o'rdock, far off el.ote to tbt aoutn 01 the I-'BUil of Keaturket. ha the kloon Apollo, of M)?tle, Copt Freeman, tvaa )a* me | ..i> ir- .... . i.,. I : I t i.ii irti ll,? S.iund, Wl the VMl lilt, aho KK TUrttrd bj K me. 1 t I nlttoMT, wliKin '.?? bed Haelf to every part the nguing ati t hor to pr* ecul the 8pi.eaii.nce 01 a \ 1 v. hj ,,?<! lu * abort 01 fl.itne. (*if Wvdham, wlrel at Horh, ha* hren re)ei??ed, the mr Jet 'y iiem having git ou bouui fur tut amount ol the out' 1 ire' owned In Savannah. i I lae Shew, RS9 tonf, haa hern sold In Hong Kong for tftUMi. litrtM ttao?At BilUmorelUtli ln?, ah-antlfiilftiark, whlrh ha lv i n mipteled for Mr.*r* W II A .7 II Hart>er|t A Co, of N- vVoik. Hhe t? *70 tonagh'iittien., she haa heen named Ike VO' i. II* Light, And *111 * e itnrnantleil by t'ar'.alu John W Cole. Whalemen* At Si Helena March A, splendid, lull, bound home; Amer'<? OhM Dunbar, l> tv nwi?, and brig Leonidaa, all paitly loaded, and Iround on a crnlee. Foreign Porta. R i so* Arm-*, FebM?In pint bark IFaroCreat, Harmon, fo RYork, log. C .art v?'i?, April 7?Arr brig llanoorg, Olbha. B .ton Hivtva. A|>-II 11?Inportbria tlhluiboraxo, Yfairan, for ?: .11. urn fo t 4 <j, to I" id for fluton. gfi.vattao, I'll tfar.-h 29?Bo Am .'rawl in port. Si Tiii*oi i. *ar h Bi?Arr brie Ki?eiitj*o, (jorman Tenr > >n . ml .1 Tit I for <t lo'ina, PR ; Ihh, hark (? W ifort n. |r<r'g ', vi w ' fi "d?'dfTih for llara tai. Rli Hat, achr Du"bf. Rogers, Ago'dMI?, to lead fur tUV'Hk. J2i;h, brig Bo. u?j?aria Hole, Machjia. In pori Mar li 3 , Western Ocrau, .Simmons, for PhiU lelphla April 1 wel'ore reported for NY ri): J Websier Clark. Kopperbol It; J P Whitney, Avery, and Ul>>'ue, Belter, lai ' i p, barks Geo S Hunt, W >odbttr>', from Giorwlar for NTnrk, rnpg; Growler, W it's, from Ma'anzan for Cork, do; f M Moans, Means, for Kalmouth, nearly r ado Amazon, Kl 'vtau f out P. r amb too, arr 33lli; t'ourauc Oliver, from Sombrero, arrlUlii; Lucy, Smith, from Boateu for Montevideo, in distress, duo; brigs C C Billings, Tap ey, from Guadaloupt:, an H*th; Josle Gilkey, Cilkev, ' sun Portland for Oavauu, MM; L ? o.iow, Loud, unr; ilir Lot OA Whit, t titer, front Harb.iu ..s, arrauth. for repair*; Tails- lan, Conn".. fro u G an enaiuo. arr Mil, Ieimuap Villi?Air brig Mecosta, ITaynes, Asplnwatl, to load lor NYork. S'd Mat it HI achr Velnis, Siau.iood, Boat m. /aha. Apiil 6?Tu port bt'k 0 M Phillip*, forNetv York 8 da<s; brig William 1 M iry, for do 10, Br sohr Orieutal, ior do do. Amrrivun Po.f s, BOSTON, April 17?A steaui-lilpCana la (Br), Maeautsy, I Liverpool; II 8 gunboat W t> Anders? 1, Huge a. 81 Tbcrma*, bark* Tremont, MM!; B.ithurst, A' ilea; Ceuj Burgess, 1 Snow, < ten uegos; U'-n Warren, Sparrow. i'hiUde hi t; Swal ow, Up; 1 . balem; brltr* Marshall, Niclrois-'ii, Uorce. At ica; l M Gar !Vi. I< ton. Ann 1 D Tor- v, (irthn, and Walter Howes, l'l r e, I'aiUeuas. Empire, Bak"i, and l b is H'-sth h ud, 1'ltthol 'l;.h ?-hrs Ka-t Wind, Bush, Jereime, Ojm-.i Sea, b ?' 1 age, It medio.- Mary B L>y r, Perviere; J 1'AN kt r-ou 1* no ; W U Alwool, r'oao-r; J G Corns, t New orni W 8 lia'o-r, Pieree; T bvrai h, Pre-man; K;s, f'llilrk; 1'alo Alto, Kemp, and M J Elliott, Paine. Tan.'ler; Oeeau lUii'ger Lewis, Baltimore , ?oe, 1' tt r; E Euglls i, Enailsh; Sarah 1 uieu, I'odeu, Mar.a. Munro"; J B lialico k. Hand; C L Halo r, Davis; Masii-ld, Clark; J (> In land, Cnsse: J p H.iaes, Msson; S V W Simmon*, Godfrey ; t'ha.-l a Moor-. I tigers 11. J sepb Turner. Crowtll. 11 1" Simmons, Godfrey; DsSiur, May; H A Weeks. Godfrey; Polly Price, A lums, and 'a-ins llllsa, llst-li. Plilladel ulna; upsi i', Hs tw-i AmDfltt, Waai; A is uumun, L* ?n^la.8, and S It Dow-VaN, Ma n, EltzahelUport. Telagrtpiied Lark Law re re, from Table Hay, CUU Klgnl fur i burlt, bound E. I liie bay bixk llarve.t Ilome, from Cadiz; brig 0 Hopkins, from C.eufn * also lu the bay thip Caroline, from Un wAjr ?. Cld ships Ruf sChoau*, Kicii, rcum ;? i.ado; John Tib Iter, Mult lie* ?. NYork; ba.ka Edmund Dvvlgtt. Cunningham, Surinam; 0 uir.-hl'l, it ray, Havana, Yoiui Turk, Hurling, -.lip Islam'; Wenunab, Daniels, B'rn.u.a; Ja ne? A Par-o .8, s aw, Phlladelpbla; Calais Packet. Hahh, do; Emily fowler, WiUard, do; W W Brnio .r l-jBowdMcb, do, via N VorL; schrs An.el.a C Reeves, Reeves, Morris P..ver, NJ; Jon..* Sparks, Ii.nia:., .tud Thomas II 8 > raour, Relit*}'. Philadelphia. Sll, wind W to WSvV, ship John lacker mi l 0 Daveur ?rt. BALTIMORE, April 18?Arr ships Banshee. Kean, NYork; Carl tB-em), Von llarier, Liverpool; barks 8 ipbia, Jones, B.o Janeiro: Win H Net. man, llavct, D ib n va S; Tiior-as; brigs Mount V em ;ii, ILvll, ltla Janeiro; E R Kirktund, Flsher, Clou'ii, ;us. Two Boys, Coo kiln. Hi Jago de Cuba; sch s , Auu on (Br>. Locke, Halifax; Tore* Brot..ers(Br', Fent. n, mi; Malabar, Wel< b, NYork; Mohawk, Staples, Umu ca, PR. Cil brig Northern Light (Br>, Clan ion, St Julius, NF; sebrs . Jan. K Dur:ec, I)av ?, St Jago de Cuba; K H Cols n, Cvl- , soli. Providence. Sni brig A B Patterson, Ku ghl, W ot In- | dies; schr Robert Palmer, Wilton, Mal&ntus. 17th?Ar- Br. m bar* Industrie. Milken. Amsterdam , sehrs _ Alice Mows, Irvin (late Asking. sent home under arrest lor j murderi, Msyaguez: Jas uarrelon, Anderson, Portland CM J bark Iddo K.mnalt. Ulmer. King-town, I; schrs Lady Suf. j folk. Baker, Pi videuco; Swan, D.ll, New Haven via l'ooo- ^ moke. SI I bark la nan, Thouip.ou, Montevideo; brig Jo- ( sej bine, Wilson, Cardenas. DANVSiRS, Vpr.l 14?Arr s.-hrsT E French, Hanuub, Thl- . adelphia: Nets-m Wells, Ryder, NYork. ELIZABETH PORT April 17?Cid schis New Delight, Scorill, NHaven; R sln.-: sun, Smith, Cnarle-lown; Sp'cndiJ, Vri b, Kail River sloops FredComley. Kuust, Cold Spring; " l.e Ensigae, Barker, East Cheater; Wasp, Nn-h, liiidge; o t. . loth?V.! s his Jus Bolton, Ack> riy, N irwa k : Win Miller, t Roberts, South Ncrwaia; Dart. Jobti-on, Stainforl; Carroll, , I'eiaer, Norwich; i oruelia, Mackey. Kail River: Almira R i- . tcra, Wightiaan, do, Ar.u Maria, Goldsmith. New Iiaven; oo,..v F .c'.or, Ma-key, New Iiaven; Grand Ort' rion, linker, ind Fame, Carman. porwaik; VelucRy, Smith, Providence. ' KALL KlVRR. Apru lti?Cld sehr Alee Ann It udel, Al- t h irn. Pom e. I K 17'b?A r schr Richard Bo; den, Am Id, J, Slizabethport; Ellen Bnines, Brings, C inton, BorJ. u, and li.slicSiiuid. u. do. Si l solus Pa sir, B..rbor, and John K iVatrnn. l'acktr, Elizaiiethport; slu p Helen, Babouk, do. , MACHlAri, Ajutl 7?Bid schrs Fran cs Newton, Redman, i'or.o Rico; Ktn, Constitution, Sirnt, un.l Tyron *, Pinklaru. NYork. 1 'lh, brig Rolling Sea, Brown, Porio liico; ociir knu stout. NYork. NEW BEDFORD, April 17?Cld schrs Sarah, Benson, Phiadrlpnia. Nii A'POUT, April 16? Arr schrs L D Cllrsrl, Ireland. Fall R.verfo. l'hlmdi lplila; HLht, Glbbs, Somerset for NYork; itullrusb, ldewey; PI met, Hardin i. and Texas, Ellis, Providence tor do. .slush: Admiral (Br); Hoops Mount Hope, Sullivan, an I W D M.tngum, Thruaher, Tsunion for NYork, IV C Pendleton, iia.ber, Piovltl nee f r Wosieriy. Arr 17ih, sc'ir* Roxanua Hurley, Austin and I'nois, C lit, Elizab tbp rt; Barah Jane, Gardner, NYork; sloop New o'orld. Ely, do, NEW IIAVEN, April 17?Arr brig L A W Armstrong, donna, Ponce; schrs Plying Fish, E von, NJertey; J M Waren, Cnupiuau, NT .rkjsioop Edwin Hawain, 1'ieiinont. Cld, hr Car dine C Smith, S.oltb, Baltimore; sloops Samuel Ware, Piermont; Juliett, Eli/.abet; port. NEW LONDON. April 17?Arr bri; Amazon (Br|, Day, Lrroyotoi N nnvlch; schr Mary Nat'., Suiiti, l'hila<l?lphla. PHlLADBLPMIA, April 17?Arr bark Warren ilallett, lallal*, P?b*: um. I>i:g, Jarlen (N rw ), Hanson. , Nor ray; Alice E iget, fa denav; Amelia, KhiIv, Nlt-' l- . lord. schr* Amy W ister, Wooster, Licea, J.i; Edward, imith, Nesryort; J H Wamwruht, Uul'ord, Bo.-tin; Fulton, drugg. Nevrburyport; Marv Fletcher, Omaha. Eastport; Abigail Jenuings Lite, NYork. Old bars Ella, Hoiv.?, darbadoa, Kiuresta, Welsh, 111,/ Janeiro; American! Christian, For: Vrtn-e; brig Delhi, Purnai/y, lor, Spain; schrs S J Vaughn, Vaughn; N w Haven, JUjv. i ; 11 B Bas-tom. Wlinams; Eva Rail, lye; I, A itivlcK, Bajrlen; Ec-scue, Bacon; Edirard, Smith. Boston: J LVogle,, Stiom, Halifax; Cora, Kelly, Gloucester: L a, Cor-,hi. Charlealowu; Pnxon, Cl*ik, Portland; DP. T.lp-y. Portanr'U'.li: Bolivar, French, Saiisoury; Independence. Bern, Yarm .ulh; A Jennings. L.ik , I.vun. Geo F Bi ne,.lohiiai,', tall Ibrer; Curtt.a. > na Kelly. MIc Roril; H W Godfrey. W-e*a, Salem; lleln i-er. Davis, fioudcn' e; j Jonathan, Mehfcffer. Hartford; 11 It Ooggsha 1 Tilt >n. ind Ivy, 11,-n IlTso-i, Key tVe*t. Went to sea, bark .E 11 Farrinston, Gotham, Boston. ' PORTLAND, April Id?Arr bark Chilton, Pennell, Havana. ' Cld, bark Ahbyla. Young, Liverpool; brig Charles II Fro.-t, " Bupfclna, Cardenas; whnJMMi Freeman, Precise, Deal's ' lalsnd; atea-ier Chesapeake, Crow,dl. NYork. 1 PROVIDENCE, April 17?A r ?;.jim-r Falcon, Wiillnma, NYork; > h- Geo Walter, Hlsgina, Deal's Island, J,d, Ever- | green, l'ott t, Philadelphia; taw i nc llalgh'. Be be. Port ; Venn, D *!; T P A!*!!, Bragg: 8 a Wit, h. TyVr: Chare, Mi. a; Ja nee Depot*, Lewis: D a.lem, Lu^iam, and James I Parker. 8r, 'li!rers;ocre. Elt'.abethport; Charles M Nor 1 tba.r.. It. Id. ffloix. 8'd sell. Joe-pa E Pot,a. 11 .lieEiUa- ' liethlS'i'., April 14?Arr brlj Catharine N*iohola, ] Philadelphia. PLYMOUTH, April 14?Arr scfar Ella Cann >n, Baker. NYork tend cl 117ta 'or ). HO KLAND, At/rl. It?Arr , hrsOnsUvIa, Jsm/'avn. Camden for Phil.?d-l,?u.a 12th,G Morton, P> n iieton, B-lfsst for P./ilr-ea Monroe; tlth. Marietta, Gray, NYork; Angeltne. till, NYork. Bid 1 e ,, Lark Braib.r 1, Cables, W La-asset to ] load for Cutis; a hr? A P ?, Hootnson, NYork; l.'lli, U K ' Dttn'on Khrnoan ' l AH lr'BANCIBCO. A-"I 14?Arr ship Talisman, NYork. 1 Sid stcamr-s C >i , and , a >>u r, Shanghoe. SALEM. April 14?Air H w H ; iat>., Calais for , PbiUle p.,a, schrs Moalain t t, e.g. P..tlad lpliln; J F I'arver Runnlll, Trrmocl i rl rir ? Monroe; Conmifitlcn, Slrciiit,Ha i upon ! , NVota, lllli bark Warren Whit", Nelson, Ambrimt..-, tiff to,.I of Afrl-a; rehra LA May, Baker, I'h Uii-lpbia; Lneaitia, Sua,.. NYork. SALES a r ACCTIOW. 4 UCTION MOT1 i\ M H II iPM AN. AC' riONEEB. MAOMiK'KST HOCsEHol-D I CHNITURB, PAlNTiff >S nTATl AKY A.Nli MANY RAitE AND ELEGANT IVoHK.i OF A JIT, 1 ;o br p*irmp',>r|!y sold at L abi e ?,ict ,,n, ON TO-MORUOW M iNDAY). Ann! 21, SALE COMvIKNCINH AT 11 O'CLOCK PRECISELY, ' At the cle nt r- ...,t : c, N Id AVeu Sixteenth stieet, be- ] taeen Filth a-,1 S xth aim its, vix. ? 5eaen octave ros/ aood Plan ifitte, Rna.iwooJ and bUt"k walnut 8'tits, Brottt and O; n.olu Cbandi licis, Vr'.ret Medallion CaT-la. i ferres and Dresden China Vaaea, , Pierand Mint i Mnrora, , tinor-riuerro ij* e v/ ir>?ina. I . Oil I'-il'-.< ng?, by cm acntruiK. Ko'f* od and black walnut < ..jmVr fcrrnlt' iv, -n m t- ; Matti ??< Be<ld tig. Ward O o.l; Dining It t'< r : i : tie. C init, .uiJ' Wart-, TaMe (' la ie L.i'1 n. .tc. Alio Bwntni ind Kitchen Kirr-iit',*". i Th- auctioneer w? iM t ill the parti-nhir a titwn of |,i? , 'rv a Is rnd tne pubtl Lithuania i- rmalog aamyrlahia i ben-heat. ortrnent of UoUvli M Ktim *-i- A .,?TIVr -l I it tnetlon thl-a -.t*oo. TU Knrnnnre w?* a 1 t tade to order le>a than rv cu mouths and i- o. tin beat di on. iale pos Itvi', with jiil re,p rd to vettthcr. \ DRIAN II MULDER Al t'TI - A EXECUTORS' SALE of STREET PROI'fcltTV. ADRIAN II. MULLER will -11 ? auction, on To .lay, Ajiril 23, a- 13 if-ou. at th- R-r tlianta' El-mnse, i>y utdcr of the en#,--tor* of Sophia V, Ounahr-, dccesccd, the tvi*u Mory fiaae Iliuse and Lo 20ft lle*t<i ?tjc t, north -kin, 23 lent rait of Ba-.tcr atrc-t, lotlSt.'il fr< t trim*, ten percent i >n day of aale and b.tuinc? in ti.irty tor further pant- i -ulara apply to t . J. rnJ E. D Witt, rfnlca, No. hd Nanrau j itri-ct, or to the Au< t'oucer, 35 Wall. AH. MULLER. At'CTIOKKHfL WILL (SIX OH TUBS. day. Apt II 22. at 12 M , ;it M- rc'i-tits' Pit- han-r, i: pot lold at prtrau- sal - northwest comet Ida i *v nue sod Thirty- ] irat street, ad jot -a HudaoO Uitct Railroad d pot. .Map's, hi, at 30 Wail r'.reel. I Auction notice. 1 special 8ai.e or straw and pat.m m;at goods. 1 100 CASKS INDIES', MISSES' AND MESM pfltAW GOODS, IN t?KE iT VARIETY, 1 00 CASES WHITE AND COLORKD PALM l.fcAI HOODS. WILL ICS SOLO ON MONDAY, APRIL 21, at 11 o'clock, By WV to','pino A co.. Auction mr?. No*. v A 11 I'm a Place, and Ho. h Murray atrial. a uction notice -E. norr, auctioneer, wilt, IX. aali. on M it'lay. April 21. a I0H o'uiooa preei-utlr, the i -legant P urniture or a la nil) I- ring he city, ut N . 74, oricro. Rttih avenue and W*? r>y ptac -, consisting of two , l?ranl Parlor Suit*, c-.yera . I ioeetol and green ail* rena, 1 i*ch toll ernalating of gofe, c a- Aim otte It- cepton and four il dell am B " k Ctialra; also, ;r?e Kurnli-ire ol a parlor, hrro b drnonta and dinint; room; Olaaa, Chioa and Silver Yare; Table Cii'lery, BruwM'l* ami Ingrain Carpet*, Malrrsee?, Bed* and Bi dding, A'. Sale pultlvc. All good* una* tit ra toot ad twenty-four i er the aa ( \ ccriftn NOTI'E.?HOC- 1".keepers, STtirkkeepiK. ei * and oTh-t a admit <lt*p- iuy ol lieu fori , end itner co?>!* at aim ion, will (lit the under mentioned uti*. ' artory, prompt and pute ttial In m'i treneactlona. Term* mo. ' er.ite Apply .minedlaiely to RlvtlAUD VVALTLRS, Auc* Ion cr, 18 EaatBiadway. A UCTION NOltCfc ?JAMBS C AG NET (LATE ELEVEN , year* wlih Win. AVItteia) Wlahea tolnlorm III* frlen-la ind the nnhltc that he t*111 give Um pet-jn .1 attention to ulea of r'truituie at the reeldencc* of iatr pc4 hr-aking up v>u#ekeepuig, iM'i Mm<.rMiui<l aioonn, Ar. To iho*' uriv: uamled wuh him brat of rtfercatM i,(v u a .d pn.iiipt ( rrlnrni made. G'o Ho'brook, An ;t:<.iiie?r. Action woncE.-oRocKEfY, qlass andkanc y U Oda, L>* W. W. 8 : IKl.Kf M HOliilJTY, a , llonccr. t't-?ujr, Apr .".' at 10 o'elnes, ? nah ? i|o, with- , out of til ?im a of ?n oin e tioodo Worthy the notice l of re'Atlera who wnnl h Luigaina. . \uction salr or blboant furnit. br?made to order 't Brook#?< OLE A MURPHY will ? I on | April it ! >' I?l r. I OBI It . Br.. >1 rn, nil lb* decant furniture In Hie houae, cuiaMtlng ol aoll.t roaewou I Parlor Suit#, la brooadr; rotewoud fctai,-ere, roaewood at.d b'n. * nmlnti. Borraua a ml Hedat.anid, riot large Pin Ulaaaea, C'oib una Lace Window Curtain*. Vel.rl and B i?ae|a Txpea'ry Oxrpeta, K?t?n.atnn Table, Buffet, onk Chair*, Otlclglha, 11x11 Stand and Chair*, Ac. Auction ?m,i or valc'arlb water power and Muildingi. of an ?it*n-.ivo Manufacturing E-t*hi|*h. m^nt, *t Mattenwan. New Y ,rk, Apul 06. nt 10 o'clock a. M . bv order of the 8 prom# Court. lorparvoiar* of thu property aoe handbill*, to Id h?d of LEON ARD A BUDD, 175 Water atreel, New York. tjt WILLIAM ItVINO, AUCTION KM.?CHESTNUT t> Maroand Ihoiotighbr.'d M. nrn?er llorim. WILLIAM TRVINO will **U on Wedneaday, April BL at i ?>e|o g, ,n fr ,nt of aalnaioim 94 Naa?ao atree', caea'nut Marc, nine yenro old, xonnd and kind. I#H ban la high, good In h* mesa or under saddle. trot# Itiald# of three nuno'e*: co"d family and mad bora#. Also. gray Meaaenger thoroughbred, eight years 0ia l&K banda nliili, good In all harnraa, line Saddle beaat and reiy showy. A'w, two rood Wagons, elty hollt-ind oaarly new; two ** * Single liamesit city oiido. Aloe, Top Wagngs, K-<*xw*y-S Ac. NEW YORK HERALD, S ALES AT ArCTIOS. BY JAMES V. M!ULKK,~AL,CriONEEK-Tl F.sDAT A|irl! Si, at 11 o'c,uck, at the M reliant# Kihauge, the fiat i tin three slo.y auvl bu eioenl House N i 22u Wuat Ft teeum street, -evehili nnt E giuh avenaea. H > ifci* 21.9.16. in complete order. Can be a?n at any tune previous to sale. Boors AND SHOES.-WM. N. HOLLINHSHK ADj a .i'tione?r w 11 sell on M..n lay, April 21, at A. M., th.- entire stock of Bool* ami Shoes ol every d scrip l-n. iu lot* u> 111 pure 'a.era. Manilfaclurlug U Ian stls, boot niiJ shoe Ti.-ea, Lns.s, Trunaa, Uiubr liaa, De.-ks, Counters, Fit lure a, Ac., t - ibei wit tor store to let, all to tar highest bidders, r? 11 or shine. Ceielorusaon the morning ut sa'e. JOHN W >1Y rK. Jr.. 13 tutrti avenue, opposite Cooper Union and Bible Houae. DHl'KKE. AUOTIONh'BR?WILL HELL,ON MONDAY. Apr I 21, at lOt? o'clock, Furniture ol the gent. c*l house -12 Weal rhil tt- IB street, vu. ? Mahogany and ei.auill-'i anus; Brussels an I In. rain Carpels, Fiat" Mirrors, Beds, Beadiuu, hair and o.hor Mattresses, Silver, Fluted and China V. a Ac. DAME!. II. Bl'BDETT, AUCTIONEER.?HOl'SB AND ship Hardware ut Au Hon.?BU 111 iETT, JoNEd A CO. whl s II on Tuevlnj. at lb o .-I ? lt, at 1A8 Maiden lane, the eni . e st. s of Ho se Ship Hardware, Composition Work*-, Uio siiialtei'sStock, Ac., &u., contained in the above MM, Daniel a mathews, auctioneer. FERKtll'TORY SALE OF Ili-CSiJHOLD FCRMTL'KK, be ng the < h en.sof i priva house removed .or convenient* f *a .? D*. NIKLA MATHEWS will srli on Mooda. , A r.l 21 at lo.'i o'ciok, at his salesroom, 79 Naar-.u im n a i in, ? .ig aaao tms t o Parlor Library, Dl.'Uu;and lie lri out Furniture, French l'late Flerand Alan nu .Mirrors, urn I- ai.d Jugrain Oarpcts, Alituresaes, Building Kitchen Furniture, A . Ijl H. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER. !l. HANDSOME IIhUSE jo WEST TWENTV-SECOND STREET. E. 11. LUDLOW A <"0. Will scil at auction on Wednesday, April 23, lxig, at 12 o'clock, at the Merchant* Exchange?Wcat T nly ?e nd street?th ' handsome four story brown atone i ' , BMW and Lot No. y> Wi at Twenty-second atreet, between Filth and Sixth avenues. The Mouse is 23 feet front, iu p-rfect order: has re ently burn i a nted and papered throughout, and 'omulus every convenience. L' t c3x9d:9. $b,'JUOcan remain o i the premises. Maps and full particulars at the auctioneer'* ottku, No. 3 Fine atreet. EH. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?HANDSOME HOUSE. bold Furniture at nuctmu. E. II. LUDLOW A CO. will a It at auction, on \ e iwday, April 23, at 12 o'cio K. at 50 East Twenty e cond ?ti , near Fourth avenue, handaoine Furniture. The eiilire . umliure coii'ained In ssi i house, eon.iisllua ill part of carved rosowodU Far.or Si.its luckusuu sat n brucatel, mar uc lop Etagere, with Minors, Centre Tab:-M, hn French pbi'e Pier O aaaea, with Console Tablet; rosewood Pianoforte, octaves, marble and Frcn-h ormolu Clocks, brouse intel Ornamenta, su'.iu, b rotatcl and see Curtaiua. Coriiic s, r isewood and mahogany French bedsteads, marble . -p Dressing Bureaus, Wa<bsUnds, A tnoire-o Glnce, Fai y Tin ilea, Cottage. Furniture, Palil ases. Hair M-t rssis Holsters and Pillows. Toilet Crockery, >.k P. vuus n Talilt Dining Chairs in p.ush, mahogany 1 itas and t'haira In haircloth, tine French China and* Ware, reb el Tapestry, Brian.-Is aud ingrain Curpeta. Oililo'.hs, M ludow Shades. Engravings. Ac., together with an i-sortmcnt f Kitchen Furniture, with ivh'ch the aale will omtnenoe. Catalogues at No. 3 Flue street. Edward sohenck, auctioneer.?-elegant tioukcho.d Kurn.ture.?By EDWARD SCHLNCK, >o Monday, 21st Inst., at 10K o'clock, at 216 Sixth avenue, i ar Fourteenth atrecl. all the ban Isorne F'urnlturc coua.ned In ihe above bouse, consisting In part of rosewood 'arior Suit, in brocat- ; Center end Per Tables, flue Oil 'uln tings aud Engravings, elegant ro wood Bedsteads, nar ue top Bureaus, M a hatanda and Commodes, Toilet tent, id-cant Ar n dri'-a-(llace, Brussels Carpets throughout he house; Chard Uers, back walnut Extension Tahlus, lldeboards. Dinner Sets, mahogany Sofas an ! Chairs, aim >ther furniture; also tne Kitchen Furniture, with which the ni? will comnit ncc. hiD"- M'.D .- ! .N TZK N'iitll, AFC IT' LN EE It.?SUPERB J stock of rich lirat class Mou-ehuld Furniture, mauu itemed by Mr. T. C. Ho .ght ui. 0. W. DAVENPORT will sell in Tuesday and Wednesday-next, at ll)>< o'clock iach <la>, in the premises. 8M and 648 Broadway, the entire aio k of lcganl Furnouie n iw In the pst-nsive wurerooma if Mr. Houghton, v bo is about removing on Hie 1st oT Mny. The it <ck to npri-c? a very r.cii at.d fared assortm tit of elegant ,ooda manula .ured in tin) nest insnnei and warranted Sfual to any *tu kin the market, t h-itnber Furniture Inlui'c verv eleg milv carved rosewood, mack walnut, oak rod mahogany Bed leads. Bureaus, statuary marbb' tops and date g'n--, Wa-ncaiids, Commodes. Ar.n .Ire .WVardrola*-, gasj t o,-us, Lounges, Cribo, CrMD a, Ac, Fatter Furnlur-c?Bupi rti ss-o tineiit In loscwno 1 and bla"k walnut, eu Ite; rich m: r' la k Etug'res, Centre, < a d Sofa and ..ucv Tables, Easy and Rec ij-tion Chairs, Ka it-iolre" Mu-le 'i-.i in t-, Ac. D ntii. Room, Library and Hall Furniture Delude verv ri'-h. and varied styles of oa , and tilsck walnut ioils. 11 ill' re, Sidelio ird.-Hutl Estens'on Tsii'ea, Lbr.i -y and lall Ta dec Hn Stands end Cbalrs, Bookcases -n I Cu.ilru, ogntlier witU t .0 usual variety of articles found in a that la.*, st'xk. l'ur bus rs tvlaning storage until ibe 1st of May in i>e arcumtro lap d. [/XE'UTOUB' BALK OF REAL ESTATE. Pi JAMES Jl. MILLER, Ac' Tl iNKER. \ til sell, at i ub i~ au' tion. at the Merchants' Exchange. on t( outlay, April 21, ut It n'cUxk, the nit tied pioperv belonging to the ea'ae of John >t. Wtnant, deoeas.-d, vi In- two ator/ and luia.uiient brink House known as No. 657 ti ionic tri-ct; a!*o >ux Loia on Fourth avenue and 115th iirrel. Term* of sale, two-thirds cuali; balance may remain in bond an1 mnrt.mgc lor a term ot year-. For tuaps and till particular*, a .Tytotne auctioneer at b.a office, 2d Flue itre l, or to B 1". FAIi-CtllLD, II" Nas-au stre< t. A. W. ,-MiTII I B P. TAIRCHILP, 1 *MWl<11' Geo. holbrook, auctioneer, office no. wa Hi -ado a ? llOLBROOK A CAQNKY will aell on faiirsdav, April 24, at Iclt o'clock, at 27 J'rlu c aire I, near .ireenc. h Furnlutr - oi -aid houae?ri/: mahogany Bailiteada, Bureau*. Waaualanda, Tables anil Chairs, Br. Purer J>ii* and Ingrain t'ar|?*W. Hall Oil ioths, ITalr and niter Maltreats, a, Bois'.era ana Pillows, Mirrora, Kitchen furniture, Ac pEOROK HOLBROOK, AUCTIONEER. OFFICE M9 IT Broadway?HOLBROOK A CA'iaKV will sell, n lY-dm sdar next, at liRf ? lo?1'. In 'fweaty-aeyentb rtre-t, tetween raurth and L*ilngioa avenues. at: the beautiful roc . okI ant ma'.to-any Poruiicie contained In aaid house, nnninlig partly or one ra wood P.ano, made be Webber; rosewood and 'mabo.yiny Red-ootik Bulla. rest ll.ur Mat Ivcatea, Bolsters and Pillows: line Fe.ither Beds, Brita*e:*, r.itce nly and Ingr-ln Carpet*; Hall Ode o'.hs, mahogany Trleci-Teie, Reda eada, .Hire .us, and Waahelaoda to niat-h : lA-e Curtains, CUainicr Bull*. Kite islon Ta' le and Dluln t Chair* to match; and a line lot of Klb'hrn Furniture. 'This a a very choirn lot of Furniture. t'atal.yu s at sale. On Thursday it"i . In Franklin mre-t, near II tdaon, a enteral taaortment of F irutlure. On Friday, in Seventh avenue, a beautiful lot of Furniture. On Sttur'lay, in Sitteenti street, neat Se?-nlli avenue, Monieho'd Furniture. On Pie mime day,la Springstreet, near Sullivan. llnuachold Furniture, Ac. riEOKtil HOLBROOK AUCTIONKRR-OEPICS No. IT 102 Broadway. IIOi.llHOOK A CAONEY will aril o:t ruewlay, April 22. at No AH WV*t Ninth atreet, Fifth kveucr, all tbe beautiful furti.'ure conUlncd in tha four Hory houae, rif.: One ro-ewood Parlor Suit lit pluah, fine Kruter'a, T lire Ply and I grain Caroct-; mahogany Bedip-ada. marble top Bureau*. Waafcatunila to ma'.-lt: mahuiMny Chair*, Table*, Rocker*, lace aad <l*utu?'< Curialne. onFlympinn Bedstead, <y.?t $110: I'lt r fiPa*se*an t Cornteea to iratcu, a very flaa lot of Sheets, Quilt*, Comforters, Blankana Mai'*?ll!e* spread-for till the b d*trad*. beat Pa r Mattr.-Kne* Bo au ra and i'ldowa, Ac ; fable, Dining Room .:id Kit heu Furniture Th.a sal* in worthy of the attention y partiou in need ol furniture. a* the house Is a Mat class S ranting house. Catalog'!*! at?!r. p '4. IIORTON, AUCTIONEER?STORK M CARMINE IT atreet?W 11-cllon Mun litv. a' 2 o < v "k. Fl'.turea of a Bather Sb . i rt, mar ile top T i lea 8 ar.d-, Minora, Kugrai inga, Ou.'lHha, Cups, Br ushes. <4la*.* Casee, Ac. HBNRA II LEEDS. AUCTfONE K ?HENRY It LKLDS A < O will sell at aitc.ion. nil Tor ,lsv. April S3, it lo.VS o'.uoek, at the realdenc No. 62 West Twenty-fourth ttreet, Fandaome Houwhold Furniture, con-latin.'of nehiy a veu louivood Parlor Furniture, covered hi " ni l d luoc.uel; do., ,io., in inarn-ui do.; ru-M*<ail t'entie 1 8lde Titblea; rich A'elv t Carpcia; dining r o in oaf, L -aio Table, Chan -, Ac. Bedrooms?Hrue-els Carpets, 'oi Furniture, richly !e>-otvi'ed; Ala in ra s, I'Ulowa and Bed i ( nf b's' (in!")1; haul Curtain ., Crockery and <?la-a rt'sre -.., Ac., all ol wh It wer Ijn . of our tieal -t) nt k' ta *o order, a 1 have ie-?n used a-ef.,l y but one f ar. r :d are >n or order. Sele peremptory. HENRY D. MINER, AUCTIONEER BALE :ROOM 17 Naasat atreat, <>npo*lt? the Fou Mte. MllfSR .? B lAtFK ILLK -vat *e .. at auet nu. i n Mo t ta , April 21, at P PJ o'clock it tiieir aa'e ', A7 strt C. a large an t eenci * a-, run. nt of 11 .ua"t,..:d Furniture, le .u.vej :or ' tivrnmo* of a*!c, con* adm; of Brn a- I*. Tur < ??'> a d Ingrain Cirp*U tna'..n ;anjr m l bl.un wa nut Bed v.. ad", Hurra is. Wash tiiNan! Ob lira. Hair Walirtai. ?, Feather I'piii a:id I* JI'.WS, tnalin-pt ic S Ma* an i C . lira, Ui la'i > lotli; rlt frame ri rand M !. I M r.* >r?. Stair Carp -t* m.d R .-la; i ;..<i tvtlnu'. Kr.ouslou Tab!.', fe?-t; Oas Fn t trca, llai< ands; also .'1 rosewood end mahogany 1'inno', made by K oddart ud Mrtii, H ill a Fund; aim an inrol. e of jewelry, PI .ted Ware, Ac., Ac. m HKNRY 0. 8CRIBNER, AUCTIONEER-SUPERIOR Ca'> net Purnl iin upon whichadvances have been made. HENRY C. HCRIBNKR will cell thl* (Monday) morn ng, at IliR o'cioc t, a< nlrsruom 111 N i*?*ii atreet,, Va-k walnut and mahogany I'arlor Suite, covered in plain and ran t e ivcre; al* > blu-k walnnt Library Stilts; also oik and black wil nt Dinlni Room Eitenstun Tables nnd I'lialn ; lta-i Cham be I Mts in large variety, with aing!' hi lielea, c -mI'r.ain : a large and thole cnliertjou Also, at 12 o'< iouk, a soleetlon of flue OH Palnnnga, in ilabor: te framri: alao a i re Vam? I Va a of Plover*, Willi Music B >1 nuaehed. ii to is packed -n 1 shipped to any pari of the c inntry. HENRY B. HERTS JR., AUCTIONEER. HY HKNRY WOOD A CO. SHERIFFS SALE -STRAW l.OODfl AC. On Mon.lav 10 odor", ihe aalearoi n.f of Measro. VULJiEHDINU. HOOUEi A HUMBERT, No >. 2*1 and 2-t B in lay n et, K larg" stock ol Man a. Buys' and Mi *a' Straw llata, llllr >ma. Trunin!.u* Artitldaf Flowers, >. Ire AMPine* Silks, White on I Hiarfc Lace, Sa.tela Cott' U, Valval Hat Bands,*, Liuu bklua, Ac., Ac. By order of _ JAMBS LYNCH, Sheriff. JOHN L. VANDEWATKR, AUCTIONEER. A. JOURNK it, Sole ,r.s?.n No. J7d lie .ad way. A. JOURNEAY will I ia per at(> ntion to Mica of .'.i-| eting, Dry OwoJa, Boot* an 1 FUo??, Cabinet Kurnltur.*,

tanry Owls, Woilu of Art, Ao. Abo, Is sale* Of Stuck*, H nds, Re d Estate, Ac , at the Mer.R ?of*' Ec-hang* Out. lour antes, n well ?* aalea at wareivutoa and private re-ilend, attended to. * )i"gular da , * of -a'e at store, TUESDAYS a.Nii TIIURSIMYS. C.tan?Tuesday, April JJ. at 11 A. M., at aahiaMom STT Broadway, large w?l" or ?e,c?t, I npestry. Ingralii and Veue , ?o Car.ietlugS, Mattings, Oil lot!n, Roi.-, Ac. T BOO ART, AfcnOMBKB.?BV S A J BOH ART, ?J Thursday, April 24, at 1"S o'c.Kk IN* entire Parlor, batuo r and Dining Boom b urM'.uri 4 the yiomnce llota 1, rner of W alter stnft an 1 (Niulirir, ntntM ni of Uff Kiencli p'ute Miiron, rwtwg. d IN' tins A Clark) Plane*, i > mat and mahogany Parlor Si Tapeatiy, Hr iM'da and Iiuimn Par)*'!*, ma.gnny Pi- neb mi l t ntiag,- B?dptul-, large (Jaa < 'iBtideliers and <> ? flit ire*, llalr and UtrnT Mattresses, Kitensluti ando'her Tn'Aea; Cnalra, Sofas. Urite quantity of H> tiding. St am Talde and Kialur a, Croek' i v. 0;u?a and Cldna W.ire, Ac., Ac. Oa'sV>gim? ready on Wi iiradny, and n ay b? otdalned at the ufD o he a iciluuBert, No. I North William street. T BOO ART, AUCTIONEER.?BY RAJ. BOOAHT.? Monday, April It, at I o'elock, at 177 Rlseeker street, mortgage aule or IIo>ia?hold r'nrnit ire, tonal ling of I'arior Helta, Minora. Curt-rlns. Broaela and and Ingrain I'mpta. Otlclo'ba, mahogany anil Cottafp Bediteada, Feather beds, Hair Matreaaea, Bureaus, Wa h'tands, Umlnc B'- rn and Kitchen Kurnllurs, Ao. Al'OUsT HIhbEUN.h, Attorney for Mortgagee. JBO IART. AUCTIONEER.?BY B. A J. BOOART< Monday, April M, at II o'clock, at 41 Oieenw oii a\-enue. mortgage aula of H"nae|,.,id Furniture. mahogany B i:e, Tete-a-Tetiea, Loungaa, Brussels and Ingrain Carjieti, OHelotha, maswnod Eta/era, t.'ard Table, mahogany and Co.. tage Bedsteads, dn riftig and plain bureaus, VVaabstanda, I .unking (Passes, Cl<,eha,Jiair?nd llnak Msttreaana, Krather Beda, Dining It-suit and KHehen F- initurs, Ac tTIAItfaKJ t IVATTH, Atu.rt.ey for M .rtgagee. JBotfART, AI OTIONRBB.-S. ft. BOOABT, 'TiJkiT day, April 22. at 12 o clock, at No. 201 West Fourteenth atretl, genleei Homeli/Id PiirmturA, Parlor HUitt, Fretc h Plats, Pier (Passes. LAee Cnrnlns Brussels, Tl.ree-ply and Ingrain OarpsiA, If It An i?r, Ota ag Retrain dud Kitchen I unu tire, Ac. UNDAY, APIIIL 20, 1862. SALES AT APCTIOW. JBKIART, AFC HONKER?H*~8. * J. BOOAKT Tuesday, April ?1, at 10v, o'clock. Ml Jtil We?u Fllle-nth I street, near Ei.btn uvtaur. gentr* I Household Furniture, CHIKI.-HIU o! ruSeiv o i Par.or Hull, In aiit.n bro a rl. Fri D U , p.ale Pier t.luaa, Lace CuitaiM, ele.ant Velet Carpet*. I'll- i, i alio .my 1 imi fctao I, (Jul Chan toners, Cliaiuber and Kin in-n Furniture, A THI'OAKT. AUCTIONEER ? BY U A J BOO ART, , W'dueNiJey, April ?1, a ll?>4 o 1 sk. at No. 12 etr-et, VV rren p.a.-e, eniiteei Ho u hutu Furultnre. Friday, 21th, at N" US vV. at l'hirto, nth atreet, genteel Hou-ehold Furture S tturday, 26th at 10>? o'c.ce ., at lueau tiounoina, No I Norti WilU.uu street, a gcuerai a.- O'Urut ot Houseboll Furniture, Ac. TBO iAItT, AUCTIONEER.? BT 8. A J. BO iART, . idle N 1 North W i la nalreut, Will a 11, on ?t unad .) Ap U 2\ 1 6 , at 11 o'c.o It, on t ? in' ml e?, Nm. tvS anil 70 Ban* air ei, eight Hore. a, four Ooa-hei, one Brett, one ia seat Leat ier Top Waton, four Li<.it Wagons, nine sets Single and Double Harness, Kubea, S able Tools, olllco Fur ri 'ire Futures, An. Also, Id nee of the preiu sea. The a'o .i Is wonky ttsatt nilon of Uvsry n?s and others as the property will poalllrcly be sold without reserve, T r:ii-c-.ah. and th pro rty to be removed Immediately at r t . aii, 1> -eri| live a'aloaues nuty be obtained on Tueaha. at Fie ollice ol tin' au tloueers. J NO LEVISOK. AUOTlt>NEKR?OFFICE 4Jd BROADway?A ill ar il at public auction, on the pieiuiar-a, tue s .lue Ui .?ib dd Furniture ro'ita ued tu the pi,rata dwelling house N IS Allen atreet, on Tuesday morning. at 1'itj o'clo k. April 22, cons sting of a spt-uu.d rosewood I' -a o, Baser v Kaieu'a mate; ao id ui li'igniy Ch nrs, In baintoib; mar e op O-mtre Tnblea. mahogany Taulea, I, okiug ulass. b.aek. wa nut Facer , largo For., lam Vases, lan e t urtainaand onit ea, English Br. am-la Carpet-, mahogany 8 fa Bedstead. inabogatiy Card Tables, Que Mai lei C.' i'k and L tu.i s. I n Bets, muh many Be.kcase, Linen blni.e-, ri ir Cat pet and Rids, Feather Beta, Toilet S la, mahog.ti y VV,.-hMa ds. Parlor Blues, An :al Lamp, D ling ali.l T, a Tubli-a anil u hir.e aa.nptiin> .t , . Kitelimi Knrni. tut*. Sa n positive, without regard to weather. MDOUdHVY, AUCTIONEER. . PEREMPTORY S.vLli vl* HOUSEHOLD FURNI* TO. L, CARPETS, PAKLOll SUITS, Al!., AC. M. DUU II Y, Aucil meer, will si ll, on Monday, April 21, tit .0,S o'clock, at salesroom, S3 Nassau Hirer l, Hous'hod Furniture, eonxiatin of 23 It.uahou, Taii?*try Carpets, n"arly new; also SOU jar.* of >to., uew; Suli.l toiewooJ Parlor S ill, rovereil in b.u atel; bla:k walnut In reps, mahogauy do., lu hatr cloth; aocremry and L.oiary Bookcases, mar e top Centre Tables, gilt frame Pier una Matitel .Mir. ot*. L.ce W.u tow Curt-ius and Cornices, Eat' ubioti Dining Tables, 11.11 rut, Din ug Cbuirs, ro?cwnod uud inaho-any . at lib' lop Dressing Bureaus. Was.'.e'.ands and Bedsit ad.* to match; Hair M ittieaiea, l'all.ksues, Louugca, Wardrobes, O.loiuths, Ac., Ac. Rt. hazkll, auctioneer. . LAK.K. At 1'KACTIV'K AND PEREMPTORY SALE OF $tS>.IXU WORTH OP HARDWARE, cUTi.ERT, AC. WIIITTEMOKK A IIA>'.El.L will'ill at auction, on WEDNESDAY, April 23, an t following da, a un.U sohi, cowm .icing at 10 o'clock each day, At No. S3 Beekman street, the entire assigned sioek of Me-ar*. Ellin Brothers A Co., coiuj I'lSiuu a large ami well selected assortment of heavy an t eheli Hardware, Cutlery, Ac., lo whlcu the attouuou of buyers is requested. Terms?BHIh under$3*)canOu bankable funds; allover that amount lour m utths' app.oved endorsed notes, payable In the-uity of New Yo s, yvnh interest added. Catalogues a' c now eady and can be had a. the office of (he auct oueers, I 'd Uroan way. SHERMAN. AUCTIOSF.KP..?S. HERMAN A CO. . will se 1 on Tueatiay, April 22, -t 1()>; o'clock, at 43 Ulceeker stre t, near Mulberry, all the genteel Household Kuriiliure contained In said dwelling, cousistlng op Par. lor Suits, French plate Mirror, mar be- top Ceuire Tables, Bookcase*, Velvet, liruasels and Ingrain Carpets, S >i'as, Chairs, marbl" top ami mahogany Dressing Bureaus, tuarule tup and im.houuny Wash Stan Is. riiahoguuy and bla h walnut Bedsteads, line llair and Husk Mattresses, Feather Bods, Pillows, Bolsters, blankets, She. t-c; a log- lot of Dining It.urn and Kitchen Pm-nituie, Chairs, Tabu s, Cr rpets, Oilcloth, Crockery, Glassware, and a lcrgo lot or Cooking utensils; tils i two lin Sewing Machines, in good order, Ac. Tats is well worthy the attention o 1 the trade and others, as tbo furniture Is but little used. To be s >ld positively for can)!. o HERMAN, AUCTIONEER.--8. HERMAN A CO. wi.l sell, on W "uaesilsy, 23d inm., at Id,1^ o'clo k, at Nu. 2 v'1 Tenth stree-. gen tee 1 household furniture, conaNimg of ArmCi sirs, Tables, Sufis, Mirrors, LookingOl St. s, O.ocks, Entrariii'.,.*. Carpet*, Olloolh, one superior Bo.kcuae, one full size mahog .ny Billiard Table, marjle bed, patentcushions, co.npte e, ai,d in good order. Sale poutlre lor casn. rnnoMAS VB.TCH, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE Nu. 271 J Broad ay.?Public Administrator's sol" of El?gutit UiiiH h 11 K irniture, on Moudty, April 21, at 11 o'clock A. M-, st No. 120 VV' Ht Fourteentn atreei, n rur Seventh avenue, on iintinc ol Parlor Suites in rosewood and broestel, elegant Parlor Carpets, Fr<-,ch Plate Man'cl and Pier Ola-se*. bedic?m Kit- hen and Ollioe Furniture Olieioths, Ac., Ac. Also ni 2 o'clock I*. M., of the satnn S', u valuable I,a.v L brary. All belonging to thv o-t i!n <>f Oabriei Winter, deceased. S. P. RCSSKL, Public Administrator. TOAKKNEY, AUCTIONEER-SALESROOM 69 CEN. ire ft eet, v.i.l s U on Monday, at 10}( o'clock, Iho Le?se, Stock am! Fixtures of the iusi class liquor stbi' aouthw est oitii r of Twenty-third stre t and av?nu" A.; an excel1. nt four puB English Boer Pump, Cuuuler, Shelving, Gas Fixtures, hi V!, goiwat, Ac. \\r M. IlOi.LINOSHEAD. T T KOUT.S 1.1U SIIUKS. Five hundred caacs At auction for ce *h, ON THUU8DAY, APP.IL 24, ut 10}< o'clock, by ALEXIS BRAOO, No. ik) Warren atr?ct. Comprising fi very geucrnl a*a >r.m*nt of fresh And s?ason? ble goods, to whrh the attenuou of buyer* 1* rr .pactfully Invited. ALEXIS IlKAOU, 130 Warren street. "IITM. 0. 11I00IX8, AUCTIONEER, STOKE 427 THIRD It avenue, will *e!l on Tm-adsy, April 2d, in B>ecker sir. et, nesr Mulberry, a Urge -ut of household Furniture, Tig Mahoginy Sedan ad*. Bureaus, Bookcases, Chairs, Tables, Pier, Urwaaol* and other Carpel*. Bedding, Kit-ben Furniture, *< ., A.| aImj two Sewing M~cuinei>, In pe rfi*ct order. Sale jiuMitive. IT*. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL TOrr morrow, at two o'clock, at 4M Canal aircat, a large amtrl able assortment of I'arlnr, Chamber, Dining Room and Kitchen Furnitme; rncat l it of Carpet* wo bare bad tbi*-ea-on. Velvet Tape-dry, Three-ply and other Carpet*, Oilcloth*, Malting, I'.irlor Suit*, ac. Tuesday. At dwelling 4o Beach aireal, Household Kurnltirr. Thuradsy, In Thompa-n * :??'., llo taeUold Furniture. Alao In Hoboken. A l?o in Twenty third atreet. Abo in aereral others, in future a Irertlsemeuts. l\rILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER-OFFICE NO. ? M East itroadway, sellson Monday, at II o'dork, the Stock and Flaiur, s oi the old establish-.! CJroc -rj and Liquor Store, nor hea-tc -rnerof Twelfth a r-'ta id Fourthart.-uue: Scales, Su.p S'ar- a, Keg* C ak*, Co fee Mill, Counter*, mid all uth*r fl .tore*; one fa*. Pony, Tjp Waro_i, 4c. WINKS AND LI(itOU8. V"OTIci:.-I UAVE THIS DAY APPOINTED W.J. it How ell No. id Houston street and SI Uorkn<an atrcei, city oi N"?v York, sole agent fur my Pule Ale. All order* tie ut to liKad Ire* will le- ppiuinUr attended to. The pulilio arc cautintied agmriat o-iialn designing peranna, who have sur.-ep'itlou lyoe.iin-ul my raaks, and are iill>u< them with an el o. inleiiur'iuality and Tending the same as Uiym:'aula-. ire. I c. ill guarentee none genuine unlcs per has i of W. J. IIowe.I, sole ngiuit for New York. rtlil.ipr.Lriua, Aprl: 14. lv.g. WM. C. RHDMAN. Nl.llMIuR RKS4>UTS~ HE " Til HOUSE. S.'HOO! EV I MOUNTAIN FPRI.VOB, N .1. H.iv.iig tulten this el ..nt kill p.p.lir e*i ih Ishment I *1 all ins-n i? on the 1st of .tune, gii-r:. Ily relitted i url newly lorn shed, with I mm,c. Lciy. A A |..ngevj*'ri oiee tn inr hot. I bu -Iness a- the Asp r iloiinc, N. V., and other tu'sf. hit * hotels, euaole* uie to im* kssoranre that It will he k -pi lit ti e v. ;-y l> tu..nner. Trains for t e Muuotain. via M'>>r:s at:K x K llru ol, li a e tout 01 Cortlandl *rreei at r)tf a. M. rnd I'i I'M. He. ism*-, now-) end*;- I on faTmalle term*. More partb :1a lirhriua 1 in may ne l.a 1 bv ,iddr> liui the aul a-r v-r, or kllr.ig on Mr. METROS , of the Asioi II tu?e, Nr., York. E. B. COLKM tX, P.oprie'o., "vt'atiunal hotel ' o.vd branch, n. j.?will i.1 open M.iy I. Fa. t-' i driug to arranging for summer * e*. n will find this a i!u .able op; rrtun it at price* to suit the tern . I>. 1'. PETKRd, Proprietor. O' MM Ell RESORT. O OCEAN HOUSE. NEWPORT, R. I. Messrs. Kern r 4 Birch V; to Inform their friends and the public that they hare rei '. 1 i Oe*so Ho use for tlie .season. The house will be upon I r tbe r?. -pllon of g * ihc latter part of June. h MINER A BIRCH, Ni.w Tors. April lb, ISC* Clan ndoti Hotel. TnE LA TOURETTE 11""J8E, BElUlEM POINT, N. J.Will tie open for tie sorption of gu*.*'.* ihe 1st of June. Liberal jr.~augon.ents ma t with famule* ugaglng for > ..a a-naon. R gutar communication by the E'.l/aibethport and H- rgen Point beats, from id r No. 2 North t.rer, at 7 20 and 11 A. M.,3 30, 4:30 and.'. Ut P. M WEdLHT W HILL, Proprietor. The pavilion, new Brighton, wile open ox 1 Ibdkhof May. Th; proprtrt i ? now pr^pxie.1 to make arreng. taenia with parties v. i?.iin t,> up.* loouia for thasuoim'-r. . K. BLANC VI'D. Proprietor. KOAKUI.\? AXO LoiHllMt A PARLOR AND HKDROOM ON SECOND FLOOR TO let, lit SI Went Ninth atr-et, betwn.-n Fifth aud stub arenuea; Room* on thr fourth Btor lor gentleman. Rale* lenrra given an'J required. AOKNTLKMW WD WIFE, OH A FEW MNOl.r ORK> I'cneit o*n bo pl-tuuinilj aoconiniodaiod wl !i R ... na ai I brat o.n?.< Board, nt moderate term* Kri.-rau. >? attlung d. Applj at 22.1 Wr.c Fourteenth afreet. AOEKTT.EMAN WISHES BOARD FOR HIMSELF and wife wtlli a plate family: would ronil l*n rnoma tmnmntre-iilng, w i'h pantrlea; alen go. >d table: wo I I j lurntaii both ru m? N" hoarding ho-ma keeper ? ed ivp y. ' Addiraa, ste'ing e :na, Jtnrd, but 1 ,Cj7 Poat <nf) e. i AT ? K AST TWENTY FIFTH STREET.-ELK*. ANTf V fiirriUiied Rooma to Its', aith or Ho..4. A pit. rate tibial. tl?air*-d. A NEATLY FCRNIMIRD ROOM. ON TIIIKD FLOOR. to I o?to a tingle rentlnmaii, without board, oi break. T;.?t only, lii a email private family: nncuhlfti Apply at 111 Waaf Tii rtydmiuM eat, aaar Ri way. V WIDOW LADY, LIVING IN A SMALL IIOl'SE, Boar L'yingtoa avenue, would .et to a ladv and ger.tlo. Man a nt'-elr furulahed Parlor and IJrdrnoin, w.lh Bo. nl .or the Inly. Addree* K. W., elation F l' nfllce A NICELY Fl RNISHKD ROOd TO LET. WITHOl'T hoard, to > ge.ilieniiu. Rem $1 2a per week. Applv at Hit Prince alrrat. AROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, CONTAINING OAS, hot and cOl.I vuut, with bathroom adjoining, to et ... . n .?,.L i,..n Ar u , .n,|?m.n ..,,1 II. ?.. >7 . .. II .... t<artial Hoard; nunllyi ri?w>; re.cren ea rei|u>re<l App y 01 2'I L tint; on aruuui', thlnl lio>i*? a o ? Thirty-eighth ii. A NEATLY FrKNlSHED ROOM ON T1IJRP FLOOR, atao an g'e Kootna on l?<ond, to icnt to gcntl> mm, withotitK ir l b <tno modern. Amilp at 61 Koirth amine, nearlToth atr?i't, oue block from Bmadwijr. VT 91* WEST FOURTEENTH STREET, GENTLEMEN and tlialr wivi-aor alngie gentlemen o>n hare pianatnl Room*, with Board, f irmebeu or unfurtiitbed. l>n, n-r at a i. Irtlmoea at changed. A SMALL PRTVATR FAMILY, OWNING A LARGE brown atone hot tie, new, near Waahlngton a 1'iere, offer lat May li Rooina on aeoond or thirl Iketr, wl'h Board, on tarjr low term*. Addrcaa Freeman, l>ox 9,040 Poat office. A GENTLEMAN AMD WIFE, OR A FEW RINOI.E rrntl?m'"i, can tin accom.nodaVtl with Board, from he lat of Mar. in a fir-' laaa home with all the modem lmi>r*r?ementa. It, Wait Fotlrteenlh a treat, bct-/ten Bafnnlh And Eighth armi'tea. A'cnnitnoriatlona flralc'aaa. Addreia Fourteenth Street, boa 1,129 Foal olt-e. I BOAKLtllVe AID LWUIHU. A PRIVATE FAMILY^ RESIDING IN TWENTY THIRD alrerl, Madis >u a>|uare, would lei an elegantly furnished j Parlor and Bedroom to a Ki-uileuiau aud wile, or aingle I ?riflemen; flrat ctuaa house, with ever* convenience. Apply 1 j MRS. l,i R|| fsj Fourth avenue. c A few boarders will be TAKEN AT NO. 114 W >? I o n te nth atrcet, where they wil. have all the ] (O ulorla of a huine. Having no boatdcta as yet, there u now J a i'bohw ?; room*. A very d airable location ana good uct ,h- i bbrhood. f AflV G KNTLKM EN WIS: 1INU TO BOOM TOOKTH- 1 it. an be a omnio-laied wan a front Parlor on the i rat J floor, il?i a cond hour, with bidtooin on third Uoor, with 1 B i.trd; auitabh-for oualneas met; near all the hi.tela aud uear lit a1w?jt Apply at 1M Greene atrcet, three doura 1 Abo ,'e Spring alreet. | AT M 8RUOND AVENUE, PIKST HOUSE ABOVE Sl'.y ve ant 1'ai It. gentlemen and thai wives or single 1 gett.iemcn i au oe a ooiuiuudate I witu plea Room* uiid J ttouid. Oiuuer at 6 o'el oek. Reference* eaohangcd. a A FEW KVIINIS11ED ROOMS TO LET?TO GENTLEliieu only, all the modern liniirovrmenia; laiinly 1 private. H t of rcltrriices given ami requited. No. 8 J VVaaiiiigtou plu.-e, near New York Uotrl. A LADY. WHO CAN GIVE THE BEST OF 11EFE' ' rem es, daairea to lent a lint ciu 8 Hi use, fully or par- 1 llally fur.,i ti -d, where the rent would he taken in board, J will, the p. ,v,h ? e of a few select boarders. Addr as Mrs. M. J. A. S , auilnu D i A GOOD OPPORTUNITY FOR THOSE TIRED OF J Boa. ding.? A party oiler* a three alary brl V House, t furnished iu rood order and well provided > ltli all toe conveniences ol housekeeping; rooms large and utry, In a moat 1 dea table n nhooriiuod in Hnoklyn, three miuutea' walk . from Sumh fciry;wlll be rnud to a desirable family of < two or three per.?oiia. Pari of the rent wtil be taken in ; noarj t>y one >r iwo imraons, ir desired, or Ibe bouse uiuj be divided. Address M. P., Herald oilice. Attention is called of those living in jj hotels and boarding houses to un establishment opened , at UO Macdougal Htreel, ami furnished with everything lie- ( ccanary Tor bo j>?kci:yla0', in order that a family may bare a C luiple.e nmiie and lire at a low rule. A SECOND FLOOR, CONSISTING OF THREE HAND- \ Hoiiiety luiiiiali-d rooms, with se;iarale improvements, , to let, witli Heard. W ill be let en suite or separately. Terms \ very reasonable to parties en-aging permanently. Locution t couv.n' in. Applyat 108EaalFourteanthstreet. j A private family wish to let a neatly fiimialied Floor in a tirst class house; location pe-iiaaut; terms %6 per wee privilege In the kitchen. No. 101 West Twonty-aeventb aireet, j A LADY AND GENTLEMAN CAN HE ACCOMMO- j dated wiih handsomely furnished Rooms, Board lor the lady ouly, by inquiring at 63 Wcat Twenty-Ufth aireet. At 192 blebckbr street, a nicely furnished fton' ltoom, Hiiltable for a doctor or lainlly; Mao, siucle ) lvOoina to let, with bond, on mod -rate terms. A'.y rcspec- ( table jerJun wis.tiug good aixomuiod.itiona wilt be well , anted. ' A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM than they require, would let tbe Second Floor, uon'ain- ing four rooms, funsiahad or unfurnished, with everything . requisite for lux;s keeping tf required, Tin house la three t story brick, high sloop, u.o loru improvements, gascbaudeliera, Crulon wal r >u the lloor, occupied by the owner, and in tiral rat-order. Location l9f W eat Thirty-aixth street, I near Eighth aveuue. BOARD-A PRIVATE FAMILY ?A GENTLEMAN REaiding Iss'.ow Filer nth street, in r, tine l i-g house, with all mo'.crn improvements, In a tir.e location, having more room than he needs (hi-, family eons,sling of ouly four p rsons), woui-1 like to bare a family of Ibt nmii number, to Board too obji-cilon if larger) from lat o: May; meals aould be furnished in I -elrown a,artmenta; b-at of references gitou and required. Address A. J. K., Herald ofllci. BOARD?ROOMS TO RENT. with HOARD, AT 25 Ore t Joins street. D.nuerai Hi*-clock. Board.?gentlemen and their wives or single gentlemen an obtain neatly Flint1 -died Rooms, w ith Board, at No. 5 West Washington place, opposite the Washington Parade Ur-und. Board-desirable rooms and home com forworn be found at 161 Ea?i l-'o trioenih street. Board.?a gentleman and his wife or two or three single gentlemen, can be a -eominoo&tcd with pleasant Knouts and good Uoir.l at 313 West Twetity-ttrat street. Terms moderate. 11ause contain* all modern un provements and family private. Board.?rooms with board, in a house de atra'ily I icate I, conta.ning all tbe ntodotn improvements, and where but lew lotrdcrs are takcu, relerencae exchanged. Apply at 44 West Washing.ou place. Board.?pleasant rooms, for gentlemen and their wit em and alnale gentietn n, on moderate terms, at 6d St. Mark's pine r, Eijhut street. Dinner at U'4 o'clo:k. No moving Ul of May. Board ?at the first class house, no. 03 west Tbli tT-sevenlh at reel, between Fifth and Sixth avenues i Murray Hid), u gentleman an 1 Lis wile may obtain delightful front Rooms, with superior Board and accouiiiiodatiuiis, In a quiet lainlly. u|*rn moderate terma. Board.?a lady and oentleman can be ac> oinmnria'ed with a neatly furnla.i- ' Ro-m In-he lainlly o; a w-low lad.-, with or without Board; huu?? has gas and bath. Apply at ;t7 West Waanington pla e, near Sixth avenue. Cars and a'ag-H peas a few steps from ibe bullae. BOARD.-PLF.ASANT. LARGE ROOMS, FURNISHED or unfurnished. With Board, will I* ready tLe 1st of May, in a now brown atone house, in Twenty-eighth aireet, between Madison and Fourth avenues. Apply at 76 East Twenty-sixth street. Kelerences given and required. BOtRD -A LARUE ROOM, ON PARLOR FLOOR, TO let, suitable tor a gentleman und wlic ?r single }(-nth-man Also, other R-mmus, with Cloa-c aatta-hed, at 1 West Thirty-tilth street. Private table 11 required. Terms to anil the times. f^OARD.?SINOLF, QKNTLEMENCAN OBTAIN BOARD ' * ??vnu ivnui w/ "I'l'lJ n? w sviuri, wutwrnn Madison iiu J Monro stroma. BOARD?80 AND a west THIBTY-flFTH street, ] near fifth avenue.?Fiivf class four story r.ew brown i stone houses. S-eond story and other Uo nn, lor families or i stugir pi-mom furniture nearly new. Dinner at six. Re- 1 ferenc<a required. , BOARD AND LODUINU DOWN TOWN-81 NOLE ? pend-men can be iiwimmmlfiii w'.lU It ar i and Lodging by ai>i>iy:ui; it 49 Pike street, between Henry and MauiHon streets. Board wanted-by a lady, where there 1 ure no o'her boar fnr*. and b n. a small tamlly, In a uico cotUtsr, bcatcd in Yutkvlil-. llnrle.u or Williamsburg prefined. Terms must be moderate. A-ldicss A. B. 0 , box MS Post Ofiksa, N. V. \ Board wanted-witu a widow by a lady' i where tlirrj ere noollie. bonders. and but a sm.ill rrally, in a nice cotta-e; |u nvd inlYorkvltle,Harlem m Williamat rjt pS-fen-.-d. Terms must be moderate, a idivao a. b. 0., bOXOSQ Fllsl (illice. | Board waxted-BY a outtubman and wife. < with a y 1 mulshed front f.irlor and B 'lootiion serotnl ?: or, situate 1 n t below Ntn h stio-M n?r < ant oi Bro.ul-.vny; must be i:i a pleasant and iv*p>- fable neighborhood; the be t references given an l reutiir - l. A 1 i" i, | taliiiRtcrms, which oat b node rale, L. It. D., box if? lie- i raid e I i BOA Hit WANTED?IN BROOKLYN. Jiv A UBXTUt men, \ lie, tinId and nuroe (p^rila Board for' Ii); i Parlor and IS -tin to, oil s-eon i !' ?>., with we'er and pas; , private ho i.vo | ret'-- red, where Iheeonitur a of i.time rail bu i b?l. L'nexeept.mial rtier o -e? given and repii. -d. .Ad<1 rt-ss box 3,2ft.i New Yore IV-t on e ^ Board waNTBD-IN Brooklyn, in a private ! family, by a yo -ng man, w.t'te be sii have-he -otii- j forts of a h'otno; nnisi not be mr frti.ii tlia i-rrii a. Address, slating be a on, terms Ac, St. t'? llrocd. i, n I'osl offee. ]>OARD WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, IN THE VICINITY \ i ot Kn-i p'.i e, i(u n Rent lo.nan his tvife ml servant. , Adiliei* boi I'ost ,.flier, or inquire at 41 f irst place,- j Brooklyn. Board wanted?by a yoi no man and slum, in s privslr family, wh.-i" tLe lady e.i i jst.v tur her l.oard i by ti.. Ill I Hi innsie, hoill vocal and rast.unieiral; \tl!l rils-i j furnisli a'plendld pb'iio vrniis. If de?irr l. Kr'rr-Mnea ex- i c suw d. Addt eaa I. T. C , box 3,717 N Y'o It P?si oHh c. Board wanted -in k STRICTLY Pit i v ate PAIR* lv, fur three | i-isor-. lady, son mid urnstii-r, wh< e Ihere are no other boar tcr-; In the vicinity ui Jay, tviliougli iiv or laitt retire atreets, Brooklyn. Add re s Mrs. M. II , i w i c m I'll re,, ni,,.! nn Lull,... .. .... v v Board wanted-by a obktlkuan. vtrtiMB child three month* old. On uuliirnUlipd loom, in u private f?m!ljr, preferred, Term", ItKUtdiifi ga?, * not to exceed $35 per mourn. Atidrefa, aallug particular*, H. S. V. P., Hrnldoflke. Board wanted-By a yocxu widow lady (tern-her of ninth), when- InatruiUou ami ute of j, good Piano, xviL be taken In full or parllnl p.:vrr.?n'. Would firr, sit room ii required. Uoo.l rri?r>" o gl.ra. Addrrtt Mm. K., U 'dfrey'a Union square l'o-t office. Board wanted?by a oemlkman, wipe and little girt: I'urnlah their o*n ron: i.?; whero there nit no boartli re; weet of Slati t.v -nue; ful' le-trd for Indtr >r d child, prior mutt be moderate; reforeiieet 'ichuifd: l>"?rd ptdd wckiy In advance. Andrea Charlie, Hcivld office. OOAKDINO.-A I.AR'iE AS J ELKOANY PROMT PAR. My Jot, on the occoud Boor, with Bedroom alt4" hed, to let, 1 t I'hrr turnitdi'd or unlurtil*hvd. HlLh BuJ d, rnitali e tor a grot ruan And hit ? ife or a small family, at the . quite M > r urn be had il'detdred. Rrfrrencei etcfcnntcd. Apply ai 101 j Second avenue. Brooklyn.?rooms, suitable kor a okntlr. ia>iu ?nd wife ci trtugle ("*i.a>-n, limy behed, wi'b B aid, etMClinton a?reeL Pit.iter i?t ti.'f. Reft re o Mr. He re>r> ttt, 11 Maiden lane, Naw Tor?. 1 , Brooklyn board.-front or rear rooms, fmnlahi d or unfurntahe?l,for gentleman >r gentlemen a d their aivea; locat or pea-ant ; ommndation* oral i'iav<; tei tna mo b.rntc : dinner at <?K A>ply at 77 State Htr"ei. oppoalt* RRtrey Piece, near two ferr ea. I Boa"D in Brooklyn,?a kbw okntlbmbn can 1 he a>.'oenraodaie,l with Hoard ami plea-mi K-toina on i-a*m?ble tanna, at No. 41 Nr.aoan afreet, one door from Washington atr- ci. re.< tenets required. ] BO A 141* IN DK'IUKI.1 N.?n>tiA?A> r n? main ",! third floor for a itamltinan and wife, or ainaie genu*, men; hona* hit* nil the modern iir prvveuienta. Apply at S3 ttta < 'i?? i, n?ar ri'tron. i Board fn brooklyn.?a i'lharant mo\r R(>r>M, with laiy* elwi*, nlrely ft.rnlshed or tinfiir iahe.1, to , !?', In one r>t i no n;t l tealmolepaitt 01 t'lin'ou aire??: ho> ?e J ha* t?u 11 e modi i n lmn ori tneitU; within five mil u tea' ,<aife , ?f Wall atraot or If mtb ferry. D.nner >?l !*: t-rnift mode. , late: t'aiuUy prteata; tefercMea ratiulmd. Artdreaa 0 , boa 181 roll mime. _______ 1 Board in buoorlyn.?wantbd. hy a yoi'ng i Inly, * good al/ed, neatly i urniabed Iluuin on aerond | fltvT. with partial Board, whlih will It,. In ittlrance; in ar | Knllon or Myrtle aernne prrletred. Adilr aaJaae % Donald, Herald oBka. . Board in brooklyn-m clinton street.-a > gentleman and wife or gentlemen or.n be mco.nn ^ < I dated with pleasant R > una aod H'WtM ?.? applylnu a* above. r Within n few mn m *' n?la of either Fu.toa or Wail alivca ferry. Dinner at hali-pa*' ait. Board on Brooklyn iiEFonrt -a vbry pi aaaant front l'ar!?r and Bedroom to lat, on mh< nit goer, ta a Runtl' iiian and wife t ?mgle gentlemen. at No S Ptatar aireet, within throw mlnuU'i' watt of Knltau terry% ar.d rlgh' of Wall -tree-; would prefer jwHte* to fiirnlatL their rooms; houie modern, Board on bkookly* iibfoiftb-obk. laboiT pkaannt furnished Room In tt-oonil gory, wlOh gool Board. pre-v i and batUraorn. At plf It 11 Willi'/I eFallot and Wi^ilwtCferrtat. ~ UUAilOlNtt ASO liOOUUa. FtMILlBSAND SINGLE UKNTLKMBN CAM OBTAIN Rooms, en an te ur slug.jr. to a < rlraie family, by apply, ng ai 107 hhghih <ir et, between Kifih end 8Ulb ay. nu ?. house has been re entlv taken end n wiy Ailed up, and ionising all modern luij rovi incuts References given and quired. HURNISIIED APARTMENTS TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, r 10 out or two aiugle geulietn n, o. a geu I mm and rife. Break'ust If required. 'u ,ui:e In VVAI.T'EK 3,Dry iooiia Stue. Felon aveur.e, belw wn Hull and Kyeraon ats. DU'BNISHKD ROOMS TO LET?TO GENTLEMEN, L ul61 Fourth avenue, near Niuth suval. lluu.e modern. Cring moderate. t?UKNI3HKD ROOMS TO LET?WITHOUT IIOARO, TO L gentlemen only, at M Uuiveiaiiy plane. Do not wove at May. U1UKNI3HED ROOMS TO LET TO GENTLEMEN. IN D t e ino .urn h .uee 242 Weat Twr'.lth atreet, occupied by i mull private family, convenient to oara and omnibuses. trferencaa exchanged. GURMSIIED ROOMS TO LET-WITII BOAR!) FOB r the lady only; also one room, with rooking atove, anitao lor linu steeping. a: $3 50 | er w< ek. Inquire at No. J budloir p a e. Weal Houston atreet. tWRNIBHED ROOMS TO LET-WITHOUT BOARD, Nb to or eu suite. at M Omi Junaa iliaR fTANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-TO LX gentlemen and UUp a . Board lor .'adlra ouiy);alM i to let transiently; no moving In May. Location very pilet. Inquire at TIC Sullivan atreet, near Amity. HARi.EM OR VICINITY.?PAIITIAl. BOARD WANTED by a a ngle gentleman, in u t rirute la ully, on or after dat^ 1. Address, staling uoi ma, H. S., box 2,7111'oat ollioe, SOBOKEN.?NEATLY FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH OB without Boar 1, to let to aiugle gentlemen, in a privati erinan family. Inquire at No. 4 Union place, Bloomtteld itient, to: ween Ftrat and Second streets, three minutes' walk rom the ferry. IN BROOKLYN, BY MAY-WANTED IN A PBIVATB L American family, by a gentleman and wife, two Rooms 'tirnlshed, for bedroom and aiding room, and pl.iin, sub .tuniml Board; partial Board lor the gentleman. Loeatios ,o he wlibin llrtecn mlnu'ea' walk of Fulton furry. Tr.-ml 0 b.- $3 per week. Letters addressed to 0. C RODNEY Herald ofllce, Ntw York, wlU receive immediate attention by he advertiser. IN THE VERY DESIRABLE LOCALITY, BETWFE# 1 Tliiiteenth and Foui-teenth atretic, three furnlaheC llooma to let, with or without partial board, to gentlemec <n!y. To permanent pirlira moderate terms may be made louae mo lorn; references exchanged. 20J .Sixth avenue. NOTICE ?THE NEW YORK BOARD AGENCY HAi removed to No. 3 Astor place, near Broadway, when legaam wnn'ing Boarders, or those requiring in.aid or Rooms, are Invited to call. No charge for registering room* > dir -ctiug boarders. Rooms wanted for numerous npplt wot A OKI KIT N A BANNISTER. VfO. 210 WEST TWENTIETH STREET.? FURNISH Ll ed R-ioins to lei, wt.h Board. No moving in May. ONE OR TWO DESIRABLE BOOMS TO LET-IN A * email private family. Oaa and bath 111 the house. Din ier at six o'clo k. No 5.1 Lexington aveuue, one door abort rw.nty-Qfth atreet. PRIVATE BOARD-IN A OENTEBL FAMILY OB Lafayette avenue, Brooklyn, near Mr. Cuyl'-r'a new ikureh; a gentleman and wife, and two young g n.iemen :an be accommodated. Hoi'.ae with all the .-noaern improveU'-nte and situation unexceptionable. References ev ihauged. Apply at 21i Ful.on avonue, Brooklyn. rinnua vn T vr irDwriuun on UMi'iiiiMrciipn 11 with Board, tor families or tdngle gentlemen, a*. 23 West Sixteenth strc? t, near Fifth aveuue. Rooms wanted?with or without boaud, in tlie Seventh Ward; so- oud -dory through; throe or lout IImiiii, Address for two days, M, F,, Cnathaui square Poo dllee, giving particulars, JINGLE GENTLEMEN DESIRING ALL THE CO* 3 forts of home will find the same In the first class house 16 Nassau street, Brooklyn, omy live minutes' walk frost r'ulton furry; family private, owning the hou.o;, which eon ains all the modern Improvements; occupation of room! V erMsyl. Terms lit accordance with tlx times and ths ttylo of living. Choice of rooirs can row be had. Re fa ences given and required. Address M. 8. J., care of S. itoudlow, Es p. Brooklyn. rwo single gentlemen desirous of OBTAINing a choice large Room, with Boa-d and com lor a of s ' umo in first i-lass house, will pleasa call at 191 West Twenty light street. Locution ceutral; convcniuut to any part of tut *ty. 110 let?with board, in eleventh street, near Fifth avenue, a very 1 irge, handsome second storj rrnt Room, tor $12 per week; house and location are fir* d iss; unexceptionable references given and required. Ad iresa Home, tox 114 Herald ofll e. 1W LET?WITH BOARD, ONE LARGE ROOM AMI . Alcove, unfurnished; 1. use i:as all the modi rn improve n i.>; a g"ntleui?n an l having furniture will find it t< dielr advantage to call el once. Apply at 3d West Twelftl itrcei, between Fifth and Sixth aver ues. To let-to a 8in0l? gentleman, without board, a nest front Room, furnished. 116 East Thir ieenlh street, corner Third avenue. rO LET?A FURNISHED FRONT RECEPTION ROOM and Bedroom, udjoining, ou the first door of the Engeh basement house 21 Second avenue, suitable fur nn otlice tr lor a lady and gentleman. Gas and bath. Breakfast U required. VERY NICE LARGE ROOMS. WITH CLOSETS, TO let, suitable tor families, furnished or unfurnished. ' with full or partial Board; also four small Rooms, for slivgls jentleuo n, at 112 Second avenue. References exchanged. WEST FOURTEENTH STREET ?BOARDING. HANS Son.ely furnished Rooms lo let, wl'h Board, tc gentlencu and their wives or single gentlemen. Address *., Heraid olhce, for three days. WANTED?IN A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE iiousc wit:, all the moden. improvements, location be twees fourteenth and Tv euty-tutrd streets, a suit of Parlors, s suit d Rooms directly over the jtarlors, for s lady, daughter and iiaid; will furn'ab the umr, exceptingcarpctaand dressing; private table required; unexceptionable reference n IllU rr tuiniil. mi uuwrU'Ul^ og^ia" nut ?uti. Auiir<? with full jKir'i cuiara, A.M. lanniog, Xil WealTwenty-aoounil nice', or tlS Bowery. WANTED?LODOINtT AND BREAKFAST, IK A SMALL l>nvuie family, for a gentleman. A >U? r .om wilt inswer. Nut above Grand alre -t, eeat aide. Addre-ui A. B J., 142 Thlrly-ee mud alrect. Term* mini b-- m derate WANTED?BY A WIDOW LADY. A SMALL, LNFUB nl?h<tl Ko hi, with Board, with a widow or * loueUdy, abet* li.eic ate u? other hoarder*. Adrirn*a M B., Ilerald >Ul<-e, slullog local ion and lerrna, whim: rnual be very moderate. WANTED? 4 FURNISHED I'ARLOR AND BEDROOM, witu Hoard, tin- a lady and gentleman, board tor the a ly only, in a email private family, wbcie there are na nhcr boatdera taken. Addresa Daniels, Union wpttiro i'oal lUi.c. WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD?A WEI.L FURNISHED M Room an I B mHooiii, with sua, Ac., suitable lor two p-nlli in- n w labia . a c mifoi table home. No I Ki nuU.u ierr. Lc, cu.n -rof Nluth avenue aud Twcnty-sntU nr*c-t. Terms iuud> iate. >? WEST IM JUKI FOURTH 8TRSBT, OPPOSES TUB 0 Fifth aven-ie.?T'VO liai dsom-ly f .rii.ali-d la ;c Room* . Alio llall Booms to let, t i eiuglc gen llenr n or g -ntlemun and wife. Dlrn i- at al*. JO AND $3 M.-COOD ROOMS AND BO VRD, WITH UpO I lie comio .a (i a home, at No. 31 av.-r.ui-, aecoi.d four Horn Waahingtou place, Diuuor at alt. No moving ia St} Qth street-no. uu vtest blkventii.-a nicr lloom, sin |e Room adjoin.u ; ii ic-nuirc.l, wi'li nr..I i n '..p. uvrmeiita; ftt.a angle room to let n uaonablv lo u peruaiient |Mi:ty, ftirtitahed or unfurnished, Good IcCitiuu. Oiiinci at sli Kelt tehee* . unhanged. 1 ?_> WEST TWKNTf-FOi RTH STREET. OITO-ITK LO tlie Fifth Aven-i? Hotel. Pamtli.-* . u 1 alliglc jeiith. net rain have very di-atrabie Rooms, with or without Board. 14 lerenrr.a given auJ required. Apply at 1/tJ Wrei Tvreoty1 rat atreet. . <i>ii oTrn.-i.-T iiivnamtni.v vi!RMi>;iii.'n inviv.4 14: lo let. with Board. Apply at 118 Eunt I'Viit. eiith kind. RelercuoeH given and requited. f)l WEST TWENTY-KOURTII STREET, NEAR Kli Tll Dl avenue.?'Two or tl.ree g-muui.-n cm obtain una ?Hli or without Boaid. Be erenc -a given aud re)Ull id. 1)7 WEST THIRTIETH STREET. BETWEEN KKOADDl wayunl Fi th areuue.?Two or three i?elI fanitliea Hid ilir nor four gen:lemon can now be accommodate 1 ivltb uiitAund single Ifooiua. laolc w t claaa. Relerencos ei:hai<g <1. CO ST. MARK'S i'LACE. NEAR SECOND AVENUE.? ')id A hmidkomely furnished auk of Room.-, on Ibc ar-oKl 1 nd thitd door* of a nral house to lot, tiisethcr Or * pa* ately, with lull or partial Board, to gi-ml-nii'D and their win s or a ngle gentlemen, ou the rlrat of May. KailydiuKr; term* in one rale. Refcmncee exchanged. -Q WK'.T TWENTY THIRD STREET -HKSIRAHLK JO L0 .1l .an In: obtained for latnllle* an l alngle g? ntietan. Apply a' No. Id Union aqua it, corner ot Seventeenth nice 1 and Fourth Avenue. 70 TENTH STREET, ONE DOOR FROM FIFTH AVEI roe.?Jl.ntUotnJy furnished Bulls of Room* te Is I, ?il)i Bur I II. lo iir-t < I**a pat tie* de>lrlag e< Ot and airy opart. Tienta, with pi irate table If dean-di aevraal single Ro,uje *01 gcuiIon u Dinner at 6 o'clock. 7ft SIRING STREET, THREE DOORS FROM BROADi U oav. To let Imndanmcly furnlahed rooms lo single .eu'l-tnen 1 the lo- ailon ta near all tlie t 1st claaa hotels anil jlcoi Hiif nmu* ment ; reading room ftee. Inquire ot ANION HOl?K. _ r\?> OREEXK STREET. ABOVE PPRINO-ALSTOW \jij H use.?Elegantly furnished suits 01 Rooms; gas, t'nj. Inn and every i onvvinen e lor housekeeping eeonoml- allr, wiH uUilr suitable lor-mall rr-pectable lam'Ilea or single t> ntlen en. Rent In*- to permanent t< nsuils. lift BLERCEBK STREET, WERT OF AND NEAR II" Ri. ndwjy ?Furnlshad R,t<>tne, niah or wtthoot Hoard Mrsls acrved in room* If desired. Fiunsleul board is < 1 otntoi> 011* d. l.oca'lou p'.cns <nt w l central. | ?>7 ClIRYSilE STREET -FURNISHED ROOMS TO I ^ J ]et, with 01 without Board; alao, it few Indue <: in tea ic omtncaliiteil with B'wrd. No moving ow the lit of May. I fvtl I'RINt'E STREET?ST. CLAIR H^ITSE.?F.i?Rw ItJU gently fuintsbe i Bioma with Bcdr om? ?tuu.hcdj ?|th ?1 Hie oonretib-ncaa for complete In-A lulling; ,n? and Grown water, to li t to re-pec'ablo rk.rn.ltow ,r alngie gentltmen. t)1A elm STREET, NEAR SVRINO-FUWNJKHBD IglV' Apurtinrntator iminodlaUt oci uiaucy. The I ?td rent* In the <-lt J, conaUlertng the convenience oi e< on imy in kotaeMvpiug Beat t adding and furniture, with raogo, tookirg/i.taiiall* and linen complete; gas and Crotoe. Ut Q BAST BROADWAY, CORNER OF C1IMTON Zl Q atrcrt.?A Ul>" l?r?* Room, hjpl.i A"*1 u ?mall 7T?,m. Ooo-I mblc. DHin>ratal?. rorRTaTlVENUK, THIRD DOOR BKI,ow ZOi. Twrn'y-Hr*' mr t.-To let, Kooma. n??Uly fvn Inh r? slnjly or In null*, lo fmilll'M. w ih oil au Utile, or ?* alnul* gentlemt n with i*rtlal Board, or Rooml * ilhout. Boar I. UrfrretiorH r?ob?ni;rd 7*77 AND #47 BROADWAY.?GENTLEMEN WIM. ()'} ) find idatnntly Inrnl'jbM Room* at thia limine. po?. aenalng all the advantage# antloomlorti ot a lira! claaa home, at moderate tliarges. 1 TOR BROADWAY, RKTWEBN 4 JWFNTYf 1KTH J " I TwsRiv?*IIIh litre#!*, opponifi Vadium m tin re.- Elegant hkam tnnyn'trbe atfturrd, fitmltb## or tttv urniahed* "'Rile ' l#

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