Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 20, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 20, 1862 Page 3
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^ jaOBSKS, ROOKS, JfcC., TO MtT. A (JSNTLBM A M'B SUBURBAN BKSIDBNCB TO LBT? A la Wuc Eighty-fourth iUmI, una block from Central rtrk, in full view, oomprlaing three (lory golhte Cottage, ? house, atabte and greenhouse, and eight lota in par4en filled WlU choke shrubs and fruit trrea, rent verv low to a careful and reapomi.'ie family. Apply to B. U TAYLOR, 13u Broadway, rear n?urauce ofllcc, ar to IK)VALE A CO., 39 Bond (tract A BAKERY TO LET?NO 138 WE8T TENT11 STREET, between lludroii and Bleacher aireeta, couaistiug or hrtltehouna, atorerocm. kitchen and three bedroi rna, all for MOd-per annum. UK) fanilllen within :;00 feel of bakery. In^ulraof E L. A B. T. BURN HAM, HI Uudtuaatrect AflKHT CLASH TUliEE STORY BROWN HTO.NB Huuac, 23U Waal Fiftieth dra t, to let; la in line order and bai ttaa fixture* throughout; rent $? ', also one half of 229, one row and chua, rent $361). Apply at 196 Weal Fiftieth (treat. AOENlBKL THREE STORY AND BASEMENT h'gliaiu p Iloua- to let, 8S Lcilngton aretiue: all uuproyeuicuta; ree-nt:* painted and put in complete or ler, and neatly fitted up for the owuer'a use; rem low. May be wen during the day and evening. Apply on preuiihea, A HOUSE TO LET?NO. 161 WEST TWELFTH STREET, A with all ib? modem improvement!. Inquire of W. K. BKINCKERHOFF, Sun Insurance Campatiy, 4V Wall utreel. Also a C. tUge to let, at Sing Sing, one mile 1 rom the landing. > ni$aao. A HANDSOME BROWN BTONB HOUSE TO LET VERY low?No. 133 Weal Foriy-acveulb atreet; high atoup, three aloiy, SOxfO, with nil the modem improvements; brat tlaaa neigbboihoo'l. Apply to C. L. JONES, No. lCl'tii n auuare, I rom rjf to 1U A. 11., aud o to 4 P. M. i ortoN. B. HO A IE, 68 William atreet. a vivp isn pt.runNT fliTTT OP ROOMS ON RE. A ci.nJ lioor, can be obtained in a first cliu1* family, re- I stdin.s in West Fourteenth s'loet. Pan e* wishing iiwd borne will Had it to their Interest by addressing box 2,607 I Poet ofdee. Apartments *on broadwAy, near fourth strict.?Tliree Rooms and batiuoom, two attics, at $H.d per annum, and if required, one Room may b had on the second lloor. Inquire lioin i 10 4 1'. M., st 008 Broadway, A pact?137 houses to let, furni-iied and unfurnished. K u;s tow. . A fact?30 Country, furnished ani unfurnished; some splendid. A I net?240 Stores and Lofls to rent cheap. N. C. lllSUOi-. 114 lii oad? ay, s ore floor. AT NEW BRIGHTON.?A FURNISHED OR UNPUR- i nislied Viliu to rent, with wab r,j as and other modern convenienc e; with tables, gardens, lawn and several a res i land. View unsurpassed. Five minutes Irum tbeferiy. Apply to T. BOND, 132 Broadway. A HANDSOME BRICK STABLE TO LET-IN FORTYfirst street, one door east of Broadway. Inquire ru the corner store. A FIRST CLASS NEW FOUR STORY STONE FRONT House to lev or b ase, at the rent ai a three s. iry house; every modern luiproenietit, t!6 by H) feet, on Lire lineet part !' Murray lii'l; No. 03 cnlh Micet, near Fourth 4or Park; avenue; rent only $l,(W0 ,or a $i,6(K) house. Apply to HORATIO C. KING, 4s A'all street, third st iry. Apart of a two story house to let?hm Prince htreet, near Maedongai; front and b r.. parlnra, % basement, kttctcu, pantry, Ac., tbrce bedrooms in third stuiy; pirasani house; rent moderate. Aback basement, with range, the first hour and two bi drooina on luuitu Itoor of No. 74 Weal Thirty-seventn street, hvo doors west of Stub av. uue, to let. The premises will be put in good repair, painted and po-a ssio.i given 0 lure May I, Ifdclred. A new !>a h uud uiosels will also be put in for a good teran. s e'elusive i.set reul Unit rate. App.y U> NELSON 8M1TU, 20H Broadway. ARARB OPPORTUNITY.?TO LIST OR LEASE, furnished, a richly decorated Hull nil fine four story Dwelling, together, m r'ourte nth street, near Fifth avenue, how, anil i'oi some yours put, Occupied us a fashinuabl dai clng ac ideu.y an 1 dwelling, for It v.-as built; the lot is extra deep and the bull mum n ills its entire .cuih, rent only $2.IJUO. App.y to JOHN LUJYD A SONS, No. 15 Nassau meet, over nank of tue Comuxoi.w alth. A no. 1 BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET-THE HIOU bu.euicnt, 11)5 West Forty-i-hlh street, henr Eighth with gas, >ath, hut unit cold water, the front Busetneu', I Seccnd Floor andono large Room on the. thud four, i.r the Second Floor and..iohi of the Third Ho r, V) a sn ail family of adults; rent $200. Inijuire on the premises, or of JOHN J.OAS, 4d Eigth avenue. AT 158 WEST TIJIRTY-NINTH STREET-UPPER part of house Ui let. flood sued rooms. Mo o ate rent to a respectable tenant. A family of three occupy the lower part. Apartments, stores and lacer saloon, very large, w Hi every convi-nb noe; six tojns, six rli -cl , nineteen jets of ja? water rlo-et. all adjoining, In the best condition and vacant, No. 153 Hudson street. Apply at No. 8Tenth streets, between Filth and Sixth avenue*. Basement to let.-all that finely located Baaemtul Hon in, corner of Bruadwa. and Bond street, tn one or three di.isions, suitable :or a painter, plumber or ny light meehanical work. Apply on the premises. Brooklyn.-to let or lease, a three story and basement brick House; a most desirable c, Itnatrd In the best pait of Cliston street. No. 174, with every eourenierce; water, gas, Ac. Iuuuire of F. OEKEfV, No. 8 Old Slip, New York. BROOKLYN.-TO LET, THE TWO STORY AND ATTIC frauie House No. 31 Wiikmehby street: veate and gas. Rent $5.4), Also the tw o and a nail stogy brick House HO Friuce STect, near Wiiloughby. Kent $250. Apply at 57 WBImignoy street, Bruoklyn, or 52 Wuter street, New York. Brooklyn.-to let, the three story brick House No. 122 Wlll iuph iy street, handsomely papered, rched pui lore, bath room, water and gas. Kent $355. Apply at 57 W.Uoughby street, Brooklyn, or 52 Water street, New York. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET.?A HANDSOME Col lap ui i acres of Land. hum. house. pkni tjr 01frill', large vegetable garden, ami alt the lonvcm- I ?i c for it pleasant counirv home, twenty mile* from city, on Ue New il iven Railroad. Uood boallug ami tubing. Apply at 48 * nd ; 0 K -l Tweniy-siilh street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET-AT PEIHAM, WikU bviu . > ,.ty, contain ng .ifty-two acre* ?rt' l.iud, Six- lar,,e house mi all ne eisary uuihtrldlngs; rent low. Apply to DKYEL1N A MILLER, .W Wail street. /COUNTRY RE8IDKN0E.-T0 LET. TEN MINUTER' \J ut.t ,r' ruritl.a n 0i pot, a large Mouse, furuishro or tinfin-h d, 10 feet square, containing IS rooms, in perfect Mr, uowly ! I and papered throughout. ll*s?a:er, run.;':, urnac-, together with tiro aun a of ground, uuuer I.? uighest cultivation, line fruit of every ruriily; > o?. h bona ( tabling for tlirre hones), chicken noa,e itv.o atopy) and ww bin.*:. It I- nil -a e,l on very high ground commanding beautiful vi w; lor health, the location is unsurja'scd. It will he lei at Cm low rent (luruUhcdi ol 1630 per annum. For further i articular* >ni|uiie ol HLKOESS k 1'IK.SSON, Architect*, .2 Emit Twenty-sixth street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?DESIRABLE LA ROE bon e, ataole carriage house, rarden, shade, slii nt> ery, fruit pl- ntj. Rent low, turiiiau <1 or unfurnished. Apnfy on r remise-, between Fifty-fourth and Puty-.ifih 11 reels, on First aveuue. PAHINET MAKER S BIIOP TO LET-AT NORTIIFORT, Vy L. 1., 2'tlO iwo atories and cellar. This a a gno.1 Chance for a mechanic wishing to go in the country, i* miy Ol work guniantral. Hiranabost running dallv. Rent (76. Apply to II. F. LEWIS, 21 Fi.lion street, Mruwkly... TAELLMITITL RESIDENCE TO LET?AT A WAR AJ price, at Ai.andale, Island, House has e|.-ren rooms, with iirpoln. par/a, shale trees, <?*an view; eight acres; ten minut-s irom the Uta h: forty -tire minuted fio.n the city. Rent (MX Apply at 114 John street. ELEO .NT BOUSE TO LET, VERY LOW.-T,'B KLE ganl House, US We"l Forty-seventh street, with gas II* lures, shades, n Irloths, cornier, mirrors. *e , wll, ho rent ?d to a firm < Una un.Tnt at a very low nut f rom May 1. Ap pjjr at onto to N. C. BISHOP, 1M Broadway. FURNISHED COTTAGES?AT ROCKAWAY, I.ONfl Inland, to let, for the HMOA; ten iconerb, with ptar./aa on three aide*; lorliou-we tilled; stable <, ranpea, water, Ac.; flue net an v lew; runt low. Apply to E. 11. LUDLOW, No. S Pine sire. t. SilURNISIIED COUNTRY MIIHIWI TO L'.T-AT ' PlerrooiH, overlooking tke liudnoii. Toe Urge fnrnUhed ouae and lirounda a< above: bouse well fjrnisbed and (round* well stocked wltli choicest elierr.en,*. hcrtv n, Kapea, Ac.; an hour and a quarter fiom oily via Nonheru i road of N w Jeraey. Inquire ou the prciniaeH, o! H SEYMOUR, Permnnt. or of K HOUGHTON, A pent N'oith arn Knilrcad if New Jomry, foodaf Con an ,t Ittati FURNISHED HOUSE IN BROOKLYN TO LET?THE three a my and atl:c brick hou*e No. I2A Paciitc a.reel, Betweea Henry and c| lib n. The himae law il built, no I haa water, .te.. In It. The furniture in of the bent quality and very o npietr. An eatra lot adjoin* Ihe hojae, laid out aa a garden. It will be let to a private family only, for tS*> a jreai; forui*r prlee fl,'4M A| ply on the pri intnea. FUlhNI.SH ED HOUSE TO LET?ON BROOKLYN Height*, Itemaen atreet, near Wu I nfrtct ! try and Academy of Mualr; atone front, hamlaoniely furnished; water, gal, Ac. Inquire of T. B. REKUKU, 2d Front narrrl, New lurk. Kent (76 par month. FURNISHED HOUSE TO LET?FOR (ink YEAR FROM l .t of Mar; three atory, biown atone, modern improve tenia; houne 2SidO feet; |atMef*loii on or before the lat < f May. tbo owner going In the country; nl tun ted corner of P.erreponi and W now alreeta, Brooklyn Height*. Addreaa 1.1!., boa ff>7 New York Pont ofliee. Furnished house to let-for six months, to a family without children. llo iae l? 21\b0, th eatory, high baaement, In a hrat claa* nel.ltlMirhood. will be let low to a nuitablc [tarty. Address 8i< x Man, llemld office. Furnished house to let?a handsomely furntaheu llo ut, ou the Hudson river, eight m lea l>um Ilia City Hall; saa, furnace, hot and told water, billiard table, Ac.) Are acreo of land, tinbrnc or a one gat den and awn, with aol'mild ahade traea. ataldea. ire i mi fil.ed. all pertect o d-r. Apply al No. U.I Dirtne at met. ' Furnished hours to let?in ahtoria, hand aoioely located on Rem sen street, hav.nga nnc wuler *!'*, Mn| ih^iccond ho>iw from the river; txuli In modem Mvl and fftijr ff>nvrairnt; ilia fiu-mtur-* U nearly new ; there a.? liiurli d imim i n thv ecccii<l Hour, besides three on the i or above mule). Will be lei for lit mnntle to a private Camlly only al tba rale of $400 per month Included era la .Ira lor four horses and can luce house. A ply lo O MILLER, 47 Purl anil 31 Bridge streets, Nave Yolk VURNIHIIBU OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? R; wllhn l . oard, sing y or lu aulia, or Doom containing all to m\an room*. Lo anon unequalled. A pull a.b.n nn be matte on ur before 1st of May, when po'sraaiou can ba glvrn Apply oc the pramlaaa, 19 Ua'on square. Gymnasium to lrt-tiib splendid establishmill Known as Wnod's UymnaMutn, Kl nndWHtith renue. oppo-lle E.ghlh atreel, rrplile w Jili apparatus, fixture*, bottling and drr-mug rooms, An. A chance seldom offered Reni eery cheap. Apply al ltd Warerley place. House to let-in jersey city-a three st-hiy brick House In a gnirf aielphborliood; ten minutes' 5wilt tri.m the lerrjr; rani lit . Apply to 0. VAN VOHuT, 9 Wayne street, Jersey CUy. NO. 1$0 AVD l?3 THIRD AVENUB-TO LET, AN old ealabltahed Dry Domta .Hind. with Futures, all oomplete; will be divided In two atom. If requited. Also, a Furnished Uuiise, No. 71 East Hiiloen b street, to a private /bmlly. Apply to T JHcN ALLY, ltd Third avenue. FFICKN ANf) BOOMS TO LET- -IN THAT SPLBN dldlv looated and well lighted tmibUeg, dub Broadway, corner of Hond at'eel. JUige or ainail Kouma. Apply on the premises. PARTS OF HOUSES 9# THOMPSON rtTKERT, SO EAST llunatuii street, 'Jttl West lloedM atreel, |g Fir at arc. ne, '<MI d anion street, and $9 and 71 fisaaau street, llrook. ]yn. Rente low to gtxxi tenants. Apply lo A. M. FANNING, mU Bowery. C0UT1I iiRANGE, NEW JBRSEV.-TO LET. A FUR D nlsli'd House, with elersn rooms, half /trie o* irrmr. I, stall I o, Ac. Alan one with nine rooms sill1 utx?u . ine sun, quantity ?f ground, all in good order, ntftf 'h'1 I'ftRhfttrian bnre.h.a f'-w rods from the Morris spy lissei (Mm. Juquire tn U, fTO.IE, bomb Orange, e ] HOUSKS, ROOMI, *C., TO LET. STEAM POWER -THE B?T CHANCE TO KTAKT ?:onouii< mily In Ijuauaom U now o|l?re<l in I. mu&vf 41 Cn.'s kmrn? use nnw building, on the corners of Dtbmsy, Masgia and Tompk n- streets, * bent BO 'Ow and il ady power am being rapidly let at 1 nee in para lily lew rales. Inquire on the premises. . . STEADY STEAM POWER TO LET.?LA ROB AND aaiall Ruo.ns, well light-d, and ilwm hoistw ij PomksM in Immediately, at 4? Wuter Street, between Ptk; and Ku gent slips. STEAM POWER.?TWO ROOMS. HOrTO FEET, WITII or without power, well l.ghti d from nil ides, with all the modern Improvements; Insurance Lad for ?? per ccut. Apply at 043 street. ^ SECOND FLOOR AND PART OF THIRD, TO RENT, In a lan e liuus in Rutgers at ret, near Henry, In perfect order; gas. bath, pantries, closets, Ac.; good neighborhood; tine yard; rent low. Call at 33a Broadway, r< om No. S; no bill en house, SEA SHORE.?FURNISHED COTTAGE TO LET, TO A (private family, on very high groitud, b< a ititmh shi ctl; goon bathing. ii-hlnc, Luatiu-'. Ac. Also a large 11m l, aultat lc for a boarding houae. Plan of piemisee can be seen at 32 Amity mieet. TO LET-THE THREE HTiRY AND BASEMENT House N >. V2 Euat Tnirty-aecond street, between L< xIngtoii and Third avenues: has gas, tiro ton water, hath, Ac.; rent fib'). Ini|iiire on th preuiin s f rotn 10 till A o'clock, or to It. RUSSELL, 127 West Twenty-tilth street. TO LET-IN UUTTENBURO, NEW JERSEY, RENT low, two llouon-, one suitable for a bah ry, with new oven and good well of witter; the other wnl be let out In roon.s. Both have stables attached. To be teen by applying to Squire DWYER, war the promises, or at Koiiler A Filing's brewery, TO LET-A TWO STORY COTTAGE, WITH GARDEN, fruit trees, ae., red burn, stunted in West Bloomth id, K. J., one hour fioin lueciiy and live iiiinntes' walk from the deiHit. It nt Apply to HARRISON A OltANE, the premises. . rilO LET?FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS OF477 T1HUD X avenue, near Tnirty-iourlh street, consisting of i a lor and'lining io m, kitchen, three bedrooms and its lutein; marble tnunte gas fixtures in I all modern iinprovemeiil . Apply on tbe premises, to THOMAS McPHEKSON. TO LET?THE DWELLING PART OF THE HOUSE NO t 111 O.ierry street, near Catharine street, well adapted for a boarding house; also the second story of In use HID Henry street, near Jed'orsou street. Apply to J. STEEL, ill Cherry strt ei. TO LET?THE THREE SToRY AND BASEMENT bil:E House, with sub-eellar, 153 Cliuion street; euatuins all the moditii iiupruveini uts, such as gas. h"t and col I wut r, bath, Ac. Apply to GEORGE U. 11 ALLOC E, 3k Sun oik street. rp I LET?T1IE STORE AND DWELLING HOUSE 212 X E girth avenue, now occupied a? a butcher aimy, and o.,c of the best locutions on the avenue. Apply on Ihe pieuuseS. rpo LhT-SEVERAL SMALL, VERY NEAT AND CON X venieui Houscr, brown stone fronts, wild modern lmpro' einenls eomph t , luTw -utl in street, I ? w?en Pfr-tuiid Kceund avenues. Runt only ?.400 Apply to T. WaCFARL.tN. U0 Karl Tenth bircet. TO I.ET?THE FRON T AND BACK PARLORS OX FlR.tT floor. Prom anu ha< k Basement and Hedmoin on third floor, v. lib Closets, Panirr s. water, gas hxtun s, nt Second Boor, with Bedroom oa third flour. Closets, Pantries, ivntei, thnnr e, ,;c.; rent $-.9. -\jtply to llE.xKY II. TY&ON, 17 Christopher street. rpo LET-A FIRST CLASS BROWN STONE HOUSE. 1 fumi-hed, No. -i W t ThirXy-i.rst< t. P ? mi. u immediately. Umu 1 a ' in. p vilull (lull, from 11 M. ill. CP. M. rpo LET?THE NEW FRAME COTTAGE, CONVENI 1 en'ly lltted up wuh ull mo leru improvements, and with six lots o,' .and adjoining, pleasantly sltua'ed on the lianas of the Il td-on, corip r o Broadway uu l NiKh struct; there in a i oiniiiodioiis stable on the premises wit!: a. o lor lour hmves ; tint posi. ion, both as respects the surrounding seen-iy mid neighborhood, i.s uuRiirpsSsei : rent$'00. Apply o i lie promises. or ai 'ho oillce o. JOHN M. SMITHS SONS, enruerof Broad und Front streets. New York. TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, 137 MONTAOLE STREET, opposite the A ndcmy id Much-, a line Parlor and iiedroor.i u.ljoining, on tirot floor, with w iter, lire, Kan, Ac. rpo LET?V SMALL HANDSOME FIRST CLASS A brown stone lluus. . Kent n.o.crice to a pood tenant. Inquire of D. T. KENNEDY, ISO East Thlrty-Qftli street. a SO LET?IN WASHINGTON PLACE, WILLIAMSBURG, three b . : ( irooi '.he ferries, two Vt ry ibsfale Ileuses, In periecl order; painted walla, rnarlded bans, water, pan, elianueli. r.-, A-., w ill be let low to i.neieeptl'iu.'olo tenaiita; also a very desirable House to let, to two select famines. Impure o. vue own- r, 13 Washlngti n place. rpo LET-A SPLENDID SUIT OF FRONT OFFICER i on the second ?t.,ry ot lb nodding 10 Wall street, suitable (or a )>ank.'r or a < yer. Apply (0 D. A A. KINQSLAND, SUTTON .t?:?Ah Itroad itrecl. TO LET?SIX VERY DESIRABLE HOUSES, SITI.'ATAD on Spiine. terrace, Busliwiuk. oue mile lj'oin the (a mint riot ferry; tenant wih be rented for $126 eaeii. Apply lo 1). A A. KINGSLAND, BUTTON A CO., 65 Broad street. rpo LET?HOltKES 45. 47 AND 51 LISPENAIID 8T11EET, A And i3d Frank .n street. Ken slow. Apply to A. JiiUKNEAY. 373 Beoadwai. TO LET?VERY CHEAP, THE FLOOR THROUGH OF the blown sione limit bouse No. 5K6 H'fl'-'* avenue, contalul . si-ven ravus wlia ev ry einiveiilen e. Inquire of J.Q. HANSON, 3Jb>i Blocker street. TO LET?INI BED CHEAP, TO FAMILIES, SUITS OF Parlors Floors, Kooiiis, Basements, lull P,. und small Stores In houses fl Itoos. veil, 4i 3 tireenw-cb, 131 11m.sou, 31 Nueth Moore, A) \ are k, 36 Madison, 37 Wa.ker street', and 33 snd 113 East Broadway. Also Btaoles. Iaqutre Immediately In basement TZ East Uro id w ay. rpo LET?THE WHOLE OK PART OF THE SECOND ft itiirv hAjtPiiiHLi uu.i ut'.if. lIoiiH '21 Kmbpt slr.'i'l1 man tr.'.lile for all hiir ? ?. K ir. low to r ?|?>i>?ible purlieu. Apply to J. CORNELL, No. 1 Ks r.x market. TO LKT-TI1K fOl'B STORY ENCLISH BASEMENT limine 14U Eaat Thirtieth mieet; lurm-ncd, f.SiO; uiiforiiulii il, $.VpO. Apply i" J. T. V'H NO. 9.1 Donne autel, or to W, T. KfltAHKOtln.. 110 K- s .irih Hired. TO LET?AT A LOW HEM'. A LA HUE MARKET AT Viol Hioiv >iay, corner 01 Tblrfy-llr ! ru-net; oImj M-.i e . ninl *>?ellfn<p< l.xil i, ! I ill Hrn.olnu , :it i40 l no li: lJr,'' 1llnj purtoi i 211 $12 10 per month. Apply to P. M. LANUTO.N, i(MVeni Thli I,-..rat atriet. fPO LET?TilK SECOND pTORY AND PART OK THE A Tninl, o Hon .1.1 Henry ion el. Cos, water, Ac. It''ai low to a touo, reaponnbic tenant. I'lisacbRuin immcdial 'ly. qiO LET-TWO STORY AND ATTIC IIOI'SK 67 CAR X mill' Mr i t. r n ' $r!0. Two frame IIuiiw k, with var.ul Iota adjciiiliiii, b'luK i"2 ?y WO, 2U Welt Fll'ieciith i reei, ncxr Bi^ln; .. enue; rem Two * >ir. Ilmi*'2X1 E??t Broadway . r nt iAI. Appl} to 8. B. HU I'ClilNOS, 36 John i.reel. frO LET?(HEAP, TIIK El.EGA NT NEW STOKE, HAVX In*; I ill luuiflu (f.1- -null p.Mo ?!..?? Window*. U uiiib wit.-r tin.I :;n? ttiu.r. . yy St .to nvi nn., oppoaltr El,piili mit; k v ry cealr. b - butiuru Incatl.m. Apply to R. L. SUVOAXI, 1SH Waverley ptw, near Sulk oteiiue. rpo LET?THB HANDSOME NEW THREE 8T0KY X brick lious 102 W h . "> ptaiv, near Sixlu av.nuc, v. 11 it rtiauorlieri, cms ifx.>.r h, !.ot i.ud cold wit or t io kIioiii. U ut rednreu to $<2U?nd water uti. Apply at 14.1 Warerley I ? ?' fllO LET-A Till Bi-: STORY RR OK liOl'SE IN FIFx ly-iilih mrrrt, i . ten i an f i . r uveniir. ? itli ail ti.e niodrrn Impr.veiuriita. It.nt $tutl. Alio Store Sroa tway. In tnre at tne offl a K.. Mkb lion i. rpo LET-IN WKOOKi.YN, THE THREE STORY BRICK J IIoimh and Store, c i net i>e..foru ami O 'Kal avcn.i.e: dnl abl.' tor a rrtutl yroc-r. Apply to BAllEAU, LOCKW OOD A CO., 2.7 Whs.iIii. ton m i ret, N. Y. rpo LET?IN BROOKLYN, THE TWO STORY COrrAOE x lloiiai:. n B .oi\l nr. our, next to Van IIn airei t; rent $2'*i per annum. App.y in KAOEAl', LO. KWOOl) A CO.. 227 Wamiiitf.on rUv i N. Y. rpo LET-CHE IFER THAN ANY OTHER HOUSES IN X the city, wit i. ha ideliera aim aim .ixturea, two of tin: neatrai. m... e ..le hi/, d liouari ill the city. Inquire on thu premise*, IS/ Kant Tlilrtjr-ibird atreet. rpo let?two of the best suite ok apartments X it tnr mtjr, to* a nttiis of flvr and n|? rm.nn on tbe Boor, SI7 um inontli. Iihiuiiu o:i tae tne miit I, owner of Fourth avenue nil.' Foity-hral air- et. I'.O LEI-ONE OK T1IE I'KLTTIEST FOUR STORY br.,w4ii MuDt llimaea .11 ihe ill), who Cniitulelicii ?n i iaa Ott irca, louitiun on - of tin; b m; limine ireaeonl auo Jw 1114 1 anil in |" net. 01 (li r. 1 nqoire wi On- pr. uibit-a, No. M Wert Korty-aluh utrwl, between Klfln ami nlktn aeenuea, or of J. K. SHAW, S2 Naasau aired, Loin 1 lo S o clo k. TO LET?A KIK8T FLOOR, AT BROOME STREET, tw > parlure, with cioa< ?; two or umrr mile bedr..oina a-i'l u iur,.e tuim inrut. Oi4 the S <:on<l Flout, lour rouma, wiihaU Oaa, water an i waste pipe on all the loan. Cam i ? neonfront \i tin 4 P, >i. 'PO LEl-TO 8MALL GENTEEL FAMILIES, THE A 'iral Floor ami lli.t in lit o: lliMM l?l IV ItTlfrnUUl min i, with range, Ci'uloo water, ^ar andnxtuiea. Alan, tli rl ann fourtn noora, live large rooni'i on raeli tin ir, w ith ctoa i a . I loibe* pr-ar, wirh na Ilia, tropin w at", ,iu 1 gaa ami ttxiurea thru iglunii. Th 4 lupine wilt lie I44'' low in !< Mr** t naata. Inquire ,u S.L E.htli at enn<4. In me eo In en. r> LF.T-RENT- $ UJ, A TWO AND A HALE STORY Col .are Holm-, wil-i Benin rooma ami l>a.1 aiiacioof laml, "U Ihe Ni-wlown aai, tao aul o hali mlira from i(>e flRiml ati'h4i ami Peck nop Inner. Willlamainir, , Newtow n riagca|Mir hour'.). A. KAI'ELYK, 01 John atreet. TO LET?A SNITG, MODERN BRICK HOUSE, IN compete nrrter, No. la Hthuue atreet. in a nice leuem; B44>. Ton Cot lag. a on So.itn Konrih afreet, Jersey City, No. jw*4, water and ?ar; all rooma eaeli Kent SIS per mouib. Apply at M!> Mteecker treat, of T. CUDBIHTII. TO LET-WILL BE HK.NIED FOR A LIUUOR 8TOKB, ih- four atury Honae all : Store on i.ormweat oorin-r of Hi a tli avenue nnM Thirl) -llil d (tree'., at Hiua Iway junction; long ocrupled a- a itria-i ry aiore. Iluuae 23 feet a hie. TO LET?THB KtlUR LOFTS IN STORE luLCHAMHEKS atreet; will ue let In., m a good tenanta'Tlu-lm-aiiui la one nl ih# heat anj iuo<t central nN a Yui. For partlculara apply on luo pramlae.i pi JOHN D. LEWIS, rpo LET-IN MORRIS COI'NTY, N J., A DESIRABLE 1 Country Scut, aim t two lumra' ride from .ler-ee Otic. TIii1 hnime i< large md i.aa i flue I,rutin nl location; co:tve. meiit to aeveral clittr.hra ami Root v h.mla. The Wt < d and garden embrace two ? tea; ubaunding In fruit, tnrcataiid errrgiacn Lrcea. R"nt very low to a g.oJ tenant, wlin l n? mediate ixwaisaion If drilled. Apply to J. L. CONUlr, SI MMt TI) LBT? CllE ti\ WITH OB WITHOUT 8TRAM row. ur, flat Hutu Mbnpa. ?i dliferont *l/ei, auraoir fm any machanlnal butlneaa. Inquire of ihu engineer on the premlae?, It and 16 Amity pl.u i>, Laurent alreet, between Bloeckur Hiiu Anuljr Until rjho LBT-ATiiiuuiif" >7?inTTTTTLohk To the X atranibi a> lan.'lntf, a large Dwelling Hoime, with turu, orchard and -rrerat a iti <>| land, formerly the reaitleiirr of Jmp.t UaiTeMoo. (leceawd. Apply to A. D. MKLICK, 38 tVhliiliHll inert, H. y? or to W. B. Wllliama, No. 8 Harry Building, Jaraey City. TaTLrf-KRoM IH"? OK MAY, THE FOLLOWIN'I btiAiucsa pla e:-?dt<ire corner o' fi. Tenth avrnnoaud Thirty-third lirett, M11: Rtore aiul Baaommt 371 Bevrnth ?? enue, $.*w; Store .ind tV.lit 22 H M.iarlnn gtrcet. |tt>; aeennd and iblrd Klnnt.aM Divlalrm atiert. tarlleulird apply lo A. M. KAMI I AO, 234 Bowery. TO LET?TI1R BRfOK MTARLK8 AND TWO ATOKT brie' M-i li.lltfg n ih.l rear. In Waehlngton a'.reel, htween Morton and Ha1 row ytreeM, containing iwau'V-fo if atada and atoia--* roojt mr loir. It m ijwjo, and C olon water tax. Apply to CTBl'ML'H lit MALL, It Wall it, t WEW YORK HERALD, SUN HOUSES, ROOMS, AC.. TO IiM I _ r LET?IN WILLIAM8BURO, SEVERAL HtUCK ' mi Huuae*, situated In fbird and Fourth Mi eelA SOi>>U X tor aaia ur lease. Ml moderate pr.oae, situated between fc'lrat 30/ ?u<t Filth streets, N-u-b 8e?eu.h street and Hushwlch Creek, j lot Apply to 8. J. Hi/NT, 112 Fourth avenue, |fev? York, or to 111 Oil, 18. FOWLER, Agent, corner of Third and North Ninth lit Streets, Willis in sourg. I r LET?NO. TS7 WASHI N'iTON STREET, BB' OND . 43 door, two Booms, th uo Bedrooms, sea and water, to .13 a email lamily; rem 9230: ul.o 71? WusLin Ion r.reet, a 1 23' Urocery Store. Inquire at 713 .ton one from 11 V) ' J 2 9 o'clock. , It rpO I,FT?TUB FIRST <'. SS STORK AND DVltL ' 9W X In* No. 17 - A Lin avenue. Sio. dUl'er! deep. all o.i.'e {'. glsa* fion: *n ! i T ilvlnc ii on sbu.u r?. of KOOHE '"3 A WELLS, 107 N uitia.eayi. I ^ rpo LEi?AT A 'Tit KENT, PART UK n A House fid Charles sir-H, o.v.istiug ot eirht rooms; Am yard, gat Rituros aa't b 1 .. I'O LET?THE HMf KI.UOil ANIJ HA-H.V ' NT OF ! fij House 246 We-t Tin: n i "eel, at $. i <> i sImj tlie I'rst Floor uud H?t> u.eiii of 11 use sal We t r.otermh street, a> si : p, r nioutli. The bo s c .utaiii K"' iirl I ... wu'er. iud the lo it t t rule. Aunty to .lufci.l'.r I I 18HEK, Jr., 1M West ttnyty.fourt i.e ;. A TO LET-TWO COTTAtiEli AT bT.tVK. IT-> 1L\Y, J jH Nlnete.,, v. mh street and Hudson rim-, fit . (nut?? . from Chambers str. ei by II u<.tou river care or ltl,Hi.i.:n lain ? "' slaves. A; p y on Hut premises, or to A. 81 E.xOE, liiWall ? ?"** il TO LET?TIIE DESiRvBLS 1IOCSE CORNER OF if J! Second avenue and Ei^otu MlMl; a small >1 lo ? Eighth street, near same; also, tu n i.i Twenty-seven;!! si reel, j. u ar fc'oorib avenue, Keuie loir . Inline. in e p.,on In.,litre ot C. PITT A SON, till La uyette plate. TO LET?AT SAR ATOOA -FKINOS. A U EV.E 'T, ON T the of the .wo l ine in.ii a.reeis. 1 c l. iiMxi. ie ? . tin- Unl'ed Suit. 8 Ho el, Miiubl'i lur a oa, i>* ?r?r ot'i. r . j, lb;ht bindm-as. >'or particular. a dicta J. U. Wright, Samlopn SpiMgH. , ?? IiO LET?A \ KRY DESIRABLE BROWN STONE front lionee. w.t t all ui< m ut-rn trip; vement#, on Fourly i'v?ht'i Ktr? , b uvecu .si. th and ?Se> a- n?r , ut fi* a io*? r-nt'o a g od Immm. Appiy to li. HARBISON, 10 ? ( Waal1 i y li E tc q t. 0l i TO LET?i;BOWN STONE FRONT 1IOUSK. !(5*?C. FOUR A" ?i -i y. ba en. ma . i linr. not an 1 enid wa'pr in il pp th" ro in,*, gas mtum ami clia .<1 Iter-; nil in |mii'i t orrtm. T agnol it'll.mi,r nt n <v. impiue ul JOHN M KIi.J.IN, j^tI Siit Finn th avenui', Now York. TO LET?A COTTAGE HOUSE ON AC.YI K *1Y STREET, rr Boi'geu II I ; noiuia6i\ino L ei; iou-i enable fruit; cma .verj iitn en minut, s tor.limey city ( rry: Hire tv renter Vl, r nt i17.Y per 'iiiniiio. Iinpuucul J. C JRaRSuNS, Cacnii al ,)r Bank, New York. rilU LET?THE FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS, Wil li 'J X th.) modern Improvement", X i. !..> W ai Em t.- 1 ,nt i M eet, to two I'ainiliiM: lirat lltior has : Uree | iti-lura, bit-eim lit wa uii. kiti heu; ioci n 1 lioor hue su iooiiib. Inquire of J. O. j? i i i QUINS, MS Sittii avenue. mo LET?AT HASTINGS, TWO MINUTES' WAI K f X from landing, two Cottage., Willi gi.r! tie ndaeli 1; w II . nd a rinu wa'er on tar iirem , b. It. lit in rtei.ue. ,;i Apply o W. W ILL! AMS, 0 Wall .Ire, l, bam nielli, or A. BAUIOL1, U West Thirty-m eond sua e*. nt rpo LET?THE LARGE DOUBLE THREE STORY AND , X bn-rnirnt 100 I* I o -t oi, ? t ot end n r tal Bioiuin ay, auiiaiilo for a p.o e h-u.e. Apply to DAI IU jj. COLEMAN, 43 Cha ion greet. / rpo LET?THE FOUR STORY \ND BASEMENT BROWN 'J. i Hull'- , wit in tile nn Bern linprovi ini'iite, 131 >;i I.ex'n ton avent e; rent $700 A s i tin' four ?'or> llone I II m East Thirtieth tire t : rent $.W0. \ p. ly to W.M. F. KSTi'It an BROOK, S7 RhkiTiv. lit l i. li'li-Ir-et. T TO LET?COTTAGE houses ;>7 AND Ml WEST FOR- W tle.h s reet, c i.Mining H rooms, (vilar and tea clowts eirb. with gat Aximen and Crotun water. Apply to GiU. ff F. BROWN, 2d W.'Bt Forty-tint eirel. It nt $i U and $A2j. .1 TO LET-IN BROOKLYN. HUNT $300, THE MODERN in throe etnrv br'c' Houee, No. ilv T r>l pla e, belwe ii C urutn.l amlfiHtr s,oiilb8il.,rniil le bonne ,n a row of rr ",\0.; ranga, lio' an.I ?' d water, ton Me amiii.'l", fti ig-.e J and .ittares t .rough' tit. Apply a* per 111 on the ho i-r. In TO LET?THE THREE STORY, BASEMENT AND VT. tie b o llon'v Nr. IT. Ilrootiie at ire', ' V 'y to I*. A H. LEWIS. II' Cha uber- "Ireet. "I TO LET?AT A LOW R3NT?THE T1IKEF STORY [' br.CK' l.S vt/'iii B o ?kl u, ? p.?sft?4 th?* & M*?rcan !l" Library, the E-.wlMior S^n irn- ? tlrst rite stand ' for buHln^iN. !!. BIIUSII- 51 John utreet. TO LET?A LARGE DOUBLE FRAME MANSION AND J',1 a lo ? of ur un-I, wii'v.i* Trec.M. Ac a .a le ! f'*r;? public h nine or private r ? tieiny ?l.t. ly oj'twn t1 Iohpr' WooUh. on the jiorthue*! roni'"' T 5 d ur nne and Re on- I ty-llfth Mre?d. W.J SI KWaHT, 15* South Mrr ct. * T) LI T?OB' O ITK Ri'TCFR : PLAi'E, CORNER OF CI n on lower jmris t* two at Tfout-t'tt; ?im, tab, A'\ : all Iniprove .lent^. Rent $.'0 a inolit.i. ^ A; ply at 242 Ena: BroinLva*.. near LMnton .sfn? 't. T) LET?THE bF' ONH FLOOR. WITH B\TH ROOM 'T ntta hed, at l.'tf) Tln? np on sfr"?o Rent $16. Hefe- ^ renee renmrod. Inqolie at w oro**by atree' a ...... .a ? ?? a\7^ fl mu ?IN II l? l.r? ?, A mn n .? , ri^.nn i I House, wth iw> Lots, on the <orru r of 1.1 d *?r? et and * F'th avenue. containing :nht room*. hat- n ' ion . .% .. Rent 11**00 ft'j?i v, n?er Ui l?>qnir?* of J P, FARP JN<1T' N, __ eonmr nf l'j??w ?trrct nil I Toird avenue, o. of d i.EX.lNDKR rv Ml'RB.TttFmnUt eot. rJ To soi'tii miooiclix, t ir second j1 Flo. r eairm'fi Incr of two rooms, ?vlcs? and innir^o-n or? the thir l their, with ?+ *, b:t*h? wuterrhwi r,d prvi'ege of b*'*' ha?em nt, to a email fondly only, w tb ??**?d refe* .. re noes. Kidfl/W Inquire on the premise.*, 05 Oirrc I l. I To lkl'?to a small family. hie i.ower 1' \kt ol' hoiMC n". ig kliij: '.!? , ?.on^8tlna of Hrrt floor, ?, fmnt hooomT t ? ' tlirce r>nn.fiori tlitrj lie. , rent iiumI.'. i ral?. k'>r in-ic ire Innn'r,; on the iiru>nl?.?, or oi' b. pitk, new York Foil office. j To t.kt?ti'e tirrnn fi/i'>h in the elegant sj brown RtoT.e Ilotiea 615 Sirth .ireine, between Thl.fy- r(J seventh and Thirty-eighth ?ti. ?*;<; * T* '! * i Imorttretnen'? Ac rent low to a re.ipet table *tndiy. tprljr toJOlllf , t'W WAr'H. uorlhcart corner of Rrtyd fsh street and ?l filxth avenue. M 'J TO LET AT flARt EM, OS THE FIFTH AVENUE. A w handsome ilmtbl? CottA-m, In food order: ah modern Improvements: jjar nnd ftttnrrr*, "mverannd fiull: r. t low fT to ,i detdrnH** t?*nau' Inquire t this corset more, P43 A way, or of UKYKAM. Agent, Tlrrd ??? nr.*\ Harlem. J'fJ rjlO LET?THE FIRST CUSS VO SES NO, 111 WEST g: T'.< n y-sarond street, Ww Y?>rv, h*"! N ? '4 Wodhu1! street, Bi'iho.I's ii; both In porta l or.lrr. with nil tinpr v :n n . ami ?| rn* t'\t?irr* *!ir?v.^linvt. oi F. 8. MORiKON, 10.1 A West Forty.second street, tr of ?1 ?. si .1 vs. j. MORlPOf. 31.3<?iv?i)'.v!b it tool. ?1 ? ii* TO LET?TITK IMTER IMFT OF 1 III T Ci.ASS brown etono llonw lio. 70 W-et Fortr-ai**h street, fl newly printed, and In prime order. Will he let. in none but A a small For pirllcu am inquire t a 'he premises. To let?kfm ovd floor ok t!ik story > bi t. ;: llir .se ivjwr.i ki.pi.r r< .ti -pl. In mi* ?icl. i'{ .? , rrnb'd, a' .; 'o ? unmll m 1;. si i per 'j monih. To let-tilr old established lvoer htek ?" ?ni pv.Vr s .r. in ctirti.r of 1 * . v. * 11 in.i kiu'l i - **1 anrnnd *tra L: c of hebcatciruer* up ton n Apply to A. P. SMITH, Ri3 Eighth avenue, N. Y 1 TO LET-THK OFKIfB OCCUPIED UV IIB. MUSKY" penny. .V 0 enwieh u euuo, oun'ro:' Wiirrii | l.i h'x late r ?>"? i very <!? < able f. r n pjj*'<.i.,n, Apply to I. MONTOOMEBY, lub Chatubeta aneet. _ TO LET?WITH STEW POWER TWO ENTIRE X Floor*. fi#??.'i i'-it, to ? ??, with Mia power. Impure * of W. K. l'AT.MEK on tha prem.ies, &. t olonibl* ' rjrt. ' TO I.KT?ISO WEST Tl! RTY FOURTH S MKKT.?Tlf IB * elrgair and eligibly altitHUoi .'o< ; ?mr, jlnnw 11 atone in u?o ? '? elaty-ilve fret d p; itnioclmt p> ra-poii guru; lent ,ow. I Apply on the p reinfect ?a P?'' lull. TO LET?FOB B('HIKERS, .+')( IETIBS, AO.?THE W email itfore *; 4S Twelfth rlrrel; ahifmir' arid >rner room* at 817 tiid (09 > ny. eoi n< no Tv . Kth ot; 'I i*o the upperpnrl "f 4-1 E?'t Twin. street. * .JOHN S. KELSO, ("J WlUi.tin ?f. .. fi TO LET?THE J/>?KB PART OK THE TilltEK sTOKY and >?*rme,it Hotter, lit flint T'iIi fy-thtr I * rre<, two yoom* on lirnt, floor, two "n third tml base lent; h i* nil the modern Imiuovi iTK nut, i hau > Hern, .t?\; to a ?m1I f.unl.y _ only. po**i-*aliin Imwdlat iy; rent h?tv. | IPO LET?SK' OND AND THIRD FLOORS OK HOUSE X Mtl 15 i?t Fortieth *tree , *e smalt ivspertablo fami' >a; l,H nutln ng Wro room* raOi with gnu, ('roion water and wati-r r!<i?rta; nit'. from fl'? o{ 4 per oiun.h. rj" TO LET?AT CARPI ANVILLE, OwTI'AtlBS, DWELL I n In , Bt trdlng House*. .trtil?.~c<l and nn.t'r.ia i.eo; I H: Livery "t n'i IS Smile mid Cola* Dims*, with I ?r#II home , $.'o per month. Apt ' * at rot etr of IM'h suiml. and i ri' Ten th nvo ue. Slifci frrm Thlny-ihii l ntr.ri . ! S lit I avenue. A ft .41 ILLS, A'ri.l.. wi TO LET?THE DWKI.LIKO PAI'.T OK HOUSE NO. Sf? H edway, eurner of Nineteenth at-md; toot N> v; good ff" looatlon for a dentist. Apply to E. H. CilNffAY on 'Iw X prrmlMO. tin TO LET?OFFICER XO. 7 NEW STREET. SUITABLE t" lor any light no- haulcal pnrp stole and hewmetit No. tin 7 Canal street; store ?ud < oh it 1127 Wain street ; In,.! Pe?H atraef ; More U4 mmimli aert el I tot'* aad bai ment ? His Ft rat 'tv, a Mora aiul ti *.T3 Tenilt i rait u ; I lolta 51 Kerry *'-rat : ai*o ?p?i-tmefit?1n rnrloni p.ttd* of the ,,, city. Apply toX, I*. JOttAIdBXOK. No. 19Knit airct t, ^ TO LET-IN HRERNB STRI1ET, A FI RUT CLASS 't? II >u ; ran be had for an Eng:M'r ale houae or fcr.tant- J,,, rant Rent low Aj-ply at AM Br Mitway. In the More. ul) TO LET?CHEAP. STORK No lVi KtTLTON RTIfKET; J,!', tiieetdeep, S'IIih:'. uldo. Inqulraoti the preinl*-*. TO LET-IN BkOOKLYN, 5*C0*D .TORY t< ROOM.- ] 1 of a i?uti?r in M??4lfon! ?'. ??i*i from D K t.'i ' Ht'pnum I a.lI. x\ :klmr iluA B U 'lit 5 > D?%l* ?v utit. In- . ?, qmr -III th paper a'or*. Itil r'.n.o.t i'r- 'l Ri.tklyn, i " TO LBT-THK THREE STORY WO IMS' ATKNT T brl k lluuae or llw I nper Tar', ui No. I'<"0 Weal fnrentr. ?, . Illtli'?ln' t rn$IV \ i t?? hwrli i'u II'iimi1 .v i i?j ' Krnnklin inir'; rent $J7N. Af ??.y to KLt.V AHi) TIM)' fb >M, 17<> Weai Kiilfil.i .reel. TO LET-A FART Of A NEAT I'OTTAUE AT YORK- T \111.- Vj a cjul.-t fan.lty, ba-fm.-ni in-bided, between All Third and Kour'l. arm. \ hi Limfc-llilM aire *l|d?a' 8 A. M. on the premise", nr to Mr. OOKNAN, 10 C.i'ivir|-io fTI treeI. N. a?Rent ter> low. X TO LET?A BI'. V ill i ). HK-ilDK.VrE. IN UKKI N IV. paulir, L. I., wnvenlcm (or r N. .* Yo; k mrr, h ml, h. : ,i ' N! led oil Lur.mer hi> ?>?(, near >l< a. i..|e iivni>u , a hvabn , to. c t un; . ''Arty new, efeiv ruimr.e* iv k Ifm a-v, ,a| ril feirle?, romnutudlng a fln? view of the Lad river and New X Yoi'k; the li on ? n jiih I.'. r<>' i.n |. ??<? n tr.m:. and la f|i en .n<" : .11 .. Vird-n nr fi-.i In a v.r'i In : e fruit I. re , in r*A|>'. rrir?. wirr-nta, Ac. Ap|<lv lo H. . ?. Jot Kl.VN, dr., Amerleui Hank N t- :> inpanr, llirhanu' lli -hini.:-, ... in rn 70, Wall airai I. *?nl fill. X TO LB'T-fTOKK II I NASSAU NTilt.ET. WITII BASE J.h men au I < ILr, ilBtloi feet; o'lnra on tliirtl''o .r; Inpllu r i forarnaie: line .even ? .,!,? <-.iii m lin i,e Mire and llascotci t f.2 John ? . r, nv:i X oni.eao:) acpnil mid tnir.l lloorr. It) .inn: ol M.J. (ill.. w, IIOOf.Y, 7" Nh "?au alrcot, ^ t TlO-Wil IN ' AST BROOKLYN, SEVFRAI. DWKI. Inns, built in m la*" <irle, with all the n nlern Imnnw*. rp ment" i,ua an.l Ri.lge*" ><l n?'"i. nm, . n ..,i? li. io | till the tln-.-a Inquire ni |'. y. O'BRIKV, bu'ldrr, skill- n, man aired, o-tivecn M.m'V and I'aik at. niiea. r TO LET?Tilf RNTI RE BASEMENT FLOOR IN A fT pl a axt r> I ililH-.tti'toil. and lor a link1 bne.itoa* If tic- J ali..:, ink t;> ' :Jn.'ct a to li. ?.?I'uIon a'l'iaro rj?t ( ^lk?. N. iu,

e DAT, AP111L 20, 1862. HOU8KS, ROOM8, ?C'., TO WiT. IUT?lltlllOLU>?ilM nOVCIOIUM - f] 4.1 Seventh avenue, & iuii, brown stune $9nO J West Tuenty fnuith hlte -l, 3 Mory hh;i> sh op MJ B West Tulrly-uliitu ?tr> at. 3 story Mgb si up M" " V?. at Twenty-*'mud sin ft, * story nio.v., more 40 | """ Wnl Twenty-Ural .in el, J auny una, lu com- f] plebi order.... T"0 J Wesi l unr ei-ath sire t, Hhio j una attic, now varnBt 701 I Or euwi ai enue, 3 story anl allie fr 0 f| S' nl!. a ee"*, 3 story unil attic 5Ui ' J Hu iuo.i treet, hui.e ai d store... . M f> !.? xirg'cn avenue, 8 .lory bub sto p 6*0 N IV.: t I .veulj-bnU ..'.re t, 4 story in o ? u .tone W I * Vie t Nlnetc-nth suee , 1 story; gar anil bulb 4'4) | "1 i: a hnn t g l.iii ry and .-.tile 4.0 . 1 Wi: 'Thirl .: lu'i sir. ''.,3 r oiy; gu, h. d b lb MM ! ft W' .t Ke.nnteeath Uum, -turi and ailic, 0u. u. d ct ..m r< h 3"0 | j; Mil ifui' i.w, Tbirty-fo rt streets lory 450 y-tiiut sir. ;i, 3?i iy:ga-a d built... 450 Wi hi Ft t 'i.iilli at, 3 htuiy hi b toop, nearly pu nted. 451 f We" 1 it . nt1' i r vt I .to y hlrU <1 .p.. 4.6 g -ili th ev> urn*, bone''; u i tore. 150 i. \l t*?l K gun ou.h street, 3 , m y. gu ard balh 3*0 i u, lota ... r. " W. DINnA-M, feiiulh ai Die, e.rn S m n :. uni t. u in morning to J 1*. M. . O I.Br?KKOM 1ST MAY, THE KOLLOWISU HOUSES: Jj y !.r. .11 , w, | i ii'go ler? r?l $550 .i r , u .'-and .t u ioii,Moil street I d ,. . i #i?iu t:u biKK, 3U0 M.dt atreut 5n0 ^ ..ry i licit liniiNi'h, 81 and 83 Front at rent *00 lory Int. t; II is- lb.-, t n tuih a ri c *0 ? cry and ltw , Uu i' tnii rri. t, n ar Broadway i.ilfJ _| rv House i nt Store, I'll West s,r i l *00 1)( lord era'?g. |j., '.c, in Myrtle uveuue, Brooklyn 231 rt ury ilo im , I'd K- ryib itioet 3i5 j; oiy lions.', '.'ijr' e rtjih a reel .in 1 1.1 uveaue S<0 lo.i.-ea in i'.d .troi '. near 7th avenue 5bu 'or particulars apply to A. M. PAKJ0MO, 2-5 Bowiy. O t.Ei'-A TilKi.E STORY A.ND 11ASK.MEW' BRICK 1 Unusi, Mi Kei'ui'i! av.nue. near f Uy I t treof. a u y uea' II..i:tviiu u'l ibe improvements, and gas < '.res, $ii0. O . at K.Iiy eicli.h street, tienr Eighth :ive- b '.$'.11. On 'n Etity-?i co:id street, urai I, \logion av - " v <*), ..n.t una o.i Tenthav-'-niie ant Bixty-n utb iriM't. P 0 A, p.y o M. TRA''EY, lift)- gulli street and St.Ond C .Itne. O LET?!N llOHOhKN, HO Ui SO. 85 IIUI SON J slice;; huliI in i.l lloun'-, n>nr the ferry. Also, an 5 , established Una' and Sucre n Wa-lu ..Ton struct. 1 plv to S. ?. I'l.l M MER, 00 Wu- bill. t"ti slreei, liO 'oiteu. O LET?A TWO STORY AN!) AT! 10 HOI SB, wi.h Mub-cellar, N?>. f?3 \Vc- t hourt.i, irar Ban* street. -< 'ply on the p cmiftth. or m DIVINE BUKTIS, 82 Summit j. eef, South Brooklyn. Kent $600. ' O LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT i b own iront Dwelling 1.jO ii}tjrM>n hip ct, Brooklyn, i!i all the in1 (I :rn Improvements; rent v-UJ. Appij on tbe 0 LET?TUB VERY COMMODIOUS RESTAURANT ? anil Rowling S*l< on corner o* Br>adwayaud T.v? n y1 d 0( p. et, Madison sip l.t re. At -> Bu?emen* ol 'J.?0 Hioady ,:n i a K'-iont on ae-ond lloor. Apply to WM. THUS- ^ roadway. ? 0 LET?THE LOWER J'ART OP HOUSE NO. 10J J B"%Uord " r ??t, ton ainin^ i?U room* back and fiont 1 itii'iii; pn?, hot :ui l cold water and * ulti. inquire of 5v>UUE ?: UK u-iON, No. 11. Wavcrley O LET?THE THREE STORY BROWN STONE HOUK&; &L2 ileuiy b r ? t, Prooklyn w ith modern iiupioteui? in?, ' ood riPgborhoo I: rent at war pr s; only $4.>d to a r j cc).i* knAUi. In pi ire of Mr. A NDKRi'ON, 36d Hicks at reel, ooklv n, or 10 H ?\very, New York. to LKT?TWO yARLOM, TWO BASBMEJfTS AND ' two lliD'iiH mi ti. rd Uoor; wat r nudges; tUesr?.o. d 00 r of a corner ixuse, six ro?)n??, wnt r auu ? as. Only one aiily in each. Also two Parlors auu three alt|< Bedrooms, ^ .1 a t.i o Hiorv and attic House, < untu ning c e eu rooms. e a ?*V" wdf be let at reduced rent. Apply from 1 to 5 M.. when ihey can bo seen, to C. K. TlilMKRMANN, (>83 utniugton street, corner ol Cnailea. | 10 LET?A1.1. THE SECOND FLOOR. FIVE BOOMS j in l! e brown at me trunt houiip I ft) N.'n h avmue; \v I ranged for > n- utiioi lauuiy; r. in $200 r annum. Api>ly nwre 13o Nt itu avenue, ot Mr. KOiiI.nSo TO LET-TilF. LOWER rART OK A THREE 8T0RY brio. Hi. i o 17/Onilinru street, cuun i ug o' two Fur. r? .ill ; T'*a lt< o,n, llnw. ini uU ami two R .urn. im the ird i.uor, with unl: Under Cellar; gui. ami Cr.i oil. Apply 1 n bove. 10 LET?RENT $4.V, UNKLKNISUKD, OR $.30 FUR* limbed. No. & St T inothy place, Fl(\.v second street, beto ii ..rod v\o. nu , Eighth a'vnue, h...,i'lio:n,i brown mom: ug Uli biuenn Hi ilouvf, with ilic in nit rn imp ovr.nL'iii., 1.1 ol w brown .tone bl"ik, all bop up: op 11, imMlki: minis In fio'ii; 'iivi niei.t lo cor* un 1 Magea. .ml only ri'f or four 111:11.Hi's'wnlk of (ini Ci 11 raj j'ark. Miply 10 EONARD SCO l'T, o.i ner, 113 West Thirty-fir r ' s ei, or Ooid s'.- re*. IO LET?A OON'.'KNIFNT COITVOB HOUSE, CON .,; two parlor*, lour Imdro. *i|. lien, aim ami Hnr, tiigi ther with a onvmilmt s .ih e, mid . )jht Lota of onml, situated on E gh.y-l.r.n s net, a -hurt 1 alum ulruiii ro.:dn?i*t ?x?rimand:ii< a Boa v|i-wr .if ho Nortii rirrr; all .ii niLi ? In first r.ilp iiritm : rsiii ktVI. In.,w.ra ut llil il.t.n street, i orner of D itcfc. tO LET?THE UI'PEK PAW OP THE HOi KE M . Ilemy -treet, with all the mo lent impro. entente, a vrry su able pla-.c for a amull family. 'O XJT-THI1KB OB POO* PLEASANT ROOKS, e.lher furnish* tl or unftiri:.: b> d. *11'. or without board, I'h Gas, hot water ntid b..tit, lu a linua. wan iauniy, at J E rst Fortj-aerou 1 at-eet tO I.ET, WITH IMMEDIATE PORSVSOON?THE . tir.iv tur e mory uiii tenement, rov. n - . > front Ho H Ka?t Tulrty-hilh turret, near TlorU . ...i.e.r .. ti'w..h ery convt-nlenvr. H-ni mi ?i'lt tn? , ai. ?. Appl. u the Vint*-a to CHARLES it. PARFITT. t? LET AT CMPTON, NTA EN ISLAND?TWO Huuaoo, c?in*?nb luiy hiiMl'd near ne lerryjvmniu-.u > , a vl w of ihe I i>*. eoiilainn , renter' v iy too and ,it-teen r >onn?, p.H/.iuis. elaht ntiu te,' well, rt lreia I... boa 71 foot oil.ce to LET IN UROtlKI.YN?95 F! LTON STREET. THREE bl<> as from the ferry, ih" dwell u,- par' of al.rxe uthl* H-mee, ?lib Id room*. gen, rump" and witee; * oUt for ? hoarding bonne. or ., o il<l rent to two families; u( low. Apply on the premise , in th- .hoe a'ore. to LET IN BROOKLYN?PART OF A T11RRKHTORY . and Oaneuieiit ho. a to a 'in? 1 any ui child en; mill let from three to live ro nn> ..t > . ap iraol; has ?ler, gas, ,o. Apnly at 1M Omen r pill, a, to LET AT HARLEM?SiUITAi FOR CITY AND coiuitry ret. deuo.- comhlued. for A - ho i, or a rat ch -A ihiie hon the la a double il. 'i 1 uS rood avenue. rt?i.r StU^tre-l, wl ' -labl.*, laryegir , frit'. t? >, An.; on iho fni-r* In i..n a C ihuir. r,.ii.aio r ipht n oma. Apply to EO. CHESTEKMAN. 50 XwaMtu > tr i. to LET, IN WILLIAM HI' it ?A N'lAT LITILB home, with ?i* looon nod h e,i ,-tn, yu?, tr , An. 'I rnnkliu phoe (I'mver * met), le n K"' and Oral, iiti . rerla; plrW'itflt lorallon and ear) ? ??? o the rTt : rent t |?t month. I'bOnoi.a I'll glv n tinineiluttoly. lmpilre tl door, No. 3. Ml LET IN MORMISTOWN, Kt?IKKlST?i COXYEulent ll'iuee. oiniah.d g id ioo'.i*; . ? n; |.tiy? Urn den. intelnli'g frith tree" and g apr vine'. Intu. 'mdk om depot. Fur pa apply to It. C. SEWARD, AU i get icnnteemh etneel. to I.ET FURNISHED -HOUSE zo-i AND ".2 vvest To gtydtMnuriieei, fW aad $ . the; arb n ! md order end w 11: urn tilted. 111 all tin-, " i." u improve i - ......a r .. .. .... .. i . -i.. t .. , ... i I nt rn i. ?d il prii.rrred. In * sMon ,;l?rii ilie Jm of May. NO I KT VERY LOW ISO ED--TAO HolSi S; ONE N 119 W a Imliili t'.-i 'ii r aim a, . r n nb'* ih o hi r N . W?tl Fori; i\l* n'.*i, Uirc* :* a. (i ha r al' the .m-iTu no in am) c?n i c a--n at ijr lime. Apply to M. 8. WII1TM*. A it'oud atre<;. NO LET OH FOR SALE?A i!oW n. i.NI.VO KVTAR1 ami. nt. to ?t it a* s a il ii 1., B|,o i. N,,i*th ivr.r, wlitim il u* ol Ihi; i i*j ; ru . i-'.iur.iu mlo'i al t) by ilioail ?n I a HiuU'ial; ? o*i it .* n 1 nuWci ?t? au.l on r un In mil. ne m n|aai. l a p.. I n urf a p'y to Mi. 0 *0 .IS* 11 mad way. NO LET OR LEAsE-AT ASTuR A, L T, HOI SB, iMgaBara an i lour * r ? I LalRl, Hwlmltiii garden, ...?i?al?e n it . a i, tyoi fr.ilu, .U. In (iiiru 'A JAiili.S 'ELLiNO. 91 l'.ne afreet. NO LET OR l.K \SE?I'Ol'R LOTS. SOI Til HIDE OF Tneuty-kflli a.'re i, |nu .eel <v? .-to Knst Ov r ora nt .mil. A?o '!? limn l.o .?? * <7 Thnminam, ."11 W?,t ir'y- li id and 15 El a*1, tli m at*, nail l.mta lni> cp In; id 'AM It.iwi ry ..nil M r rni.i If a neut, 17.i aim l.-| IU..1 ativoi App.y to J AH. II. TiiOKNE, As?iit, 34 Rl.uatn aired. NO LET OR LEASE-TllE IIOI sK A.NO GARDEN, f'TiiiTly ...ii pN iiv Oi|ii. Oiu a...i, i'tii.. i 8;tVt ivy. Ill til'* .oriiir f K?nl avenue a,nl Itimb street. WtL nn'-burg. Apply ne?t door. fu LBV OK LEARE-rN BAST T1UBTT-TH1BO at roe t. il d I III. i .um* .fly feei I root, ivllc two Hurt a, kv off :i, cWI .it and nvilt. Ini)nir.* of D. M. LKOD, JO idg: ttrcei, n.iar W ntieball. ?0 LET OR LEASE?AT ASTORIA, L. I., HOl -K, :?r^.* i a n and nai * ivt m, InWud nj narlrii; U ?tnc?* I, w Hi a arimy of frai't, Ac. In n -re or MEH WE asu, 94 Pine atrvet. 10 LEASE?TtlE ENTIRE MA it!) LB BriLIHNO All Hro-Weny ; a tnc ill) by Ai fo t: "*vi .lornv, bine'u: and uinlcr uaaenent; would n. ikt a ftic aaltadi; nr [ 1 h II. or f pa*at ly; wo upper IPa.;** lure. heco LU?d .in r lodre room*. In i lire "f H. 0ALHHA1 Til, Kmi., !!7 1 "! n (treat, or A. EAtlLKHOlf, 738 It.oadw iy. 0 tlKE.'-T E WII i.E OR P\KT of* TllE THKKK ,vO. < ainlb.a .am* No I War.*ti|a.: (.'tn.i.ea reef. itiar Or *nwi. a an*. Il'i'uai !? )u>M Mot, three tint deep, ba h at Ira rr'i eennd r. ? *.., h*>l mid I M wu'eron ra n gnor, w.i b r *. m a d iit .a, 'an* Ing I b-, Planned ?pi* 't-.y f r I en mniy I the, .a *.v oivnpte I / fro amall famine*, a n i r*?f .:*' order, 1 trill ta* r n -d ui * it or la* > aiilt ' *? ia:idlle?. For fur- i pr Inf.irmatioo B.w'ri* f M. C niHIloI* IH Hrttlany, I i.e.,nor. or ot MOSES DBVOH, En. In .! lire n >!ark<*t. , '0 KEN!?FOR THE SUMMER A FUI NISIIKO COT r?u tn'.i dealraii truant. Ap, >y (o or a. dp ** C Arun, I . ftU.ild ?]) atalrs. I O RENT?TUB F<HJK STORY IIIOH BTOOl* BRO'YN ' l.inr Unnae HI West Tuirt) a.vnd aireet, l?l.w?in Shtb and Ninth ao-nora; houaa Ii innmlr; ji* n.\l.ires d ehand'-llers to with the hou?e. K tit j A. t\ I O'iMIK I. us llrnaiKay. ? lo KKM-TIVO PAHL >RS *N,t Ea'iea ION BOOM! ! B foment .in<l limitc; < huvni g \hipi. bum ami f? y?.nl. Apply ut <W Thtiil lllt'.iR i"OTfAOE8 TO LET?AT Bi'LL'S FKKHY, N. .] J., w.tti ii dvcRiintu.a * ai- "f Uij atiihoat laailiiitf. outre of STEPHEN \NNIilT n tin- pr mi* ?, r ,n i; e , otnaa K., out or Spring tliwl, ol' JOHN AN:TT. j o OARrME.V.-TO 1/BT, 14 LEWIS STREET, KEtOND i Floor,consistingo se.en ro mis; mot #l<i per it.,n th. o S utile ii iviir, One. S'.alm; r-iil ?G ,? r nu Hi. In .ulre ih preiuiat ?, or ?t S7I Umnd lrea?, of JAMBS LOVE. 0 PIlOTOOBlI'llKftS. -TO l.KV, TOR DA<JU FRHB\N ] Ual.erv. in- g,d r? aliiiah u c >e -t un II a i .! ' e of Hie ' Iiy. < ?ts r Csrinlir n kermrrois. Ap- . ' at 1.1 t-'sriiiini! street. j (I JKWKiXERS, HOLD PEN IANI'KACT. KEK3, 1 Ai .?Tii r-nl,:1 loin let uf > a- n Ur.e J w liar ;. i-'? e, ill Dealt i.noin. In a atom conig 111 sunc r-a .1 lm.,a. , nation the lu st In ihc city. Aduri "? l>o* 4 017 Nuts York 1 at oMee. _ _ _ I 0 PIIYSlUt \NH?TO I.BT, A H((?H BASEMENT, J nilh i nvauiolli e, recrni y ma el y it phtsinan, hi ? i it rlass no'iae Call at 37 Ens'. SlxUenlli straet, itefe- r area I S |Ul red. _______ ' ' 1 \\ O FKON run Si ORE TO I.KT?NO. 2*1 CAN Ala I < at reel, n. r Bpmdtv.iT, ril'ltiln.: through In Walker i ret Alao. Rooms, wi'h pin er, l ir<? ?n I am u ro.itia at 1 x rales. Inquire of Mr. OAV'BL', cngniaer 'fj'i t.kur at. ( HOVSBN, HOOYIs. M.. TO b*f. | WO THREE STORY IIIGU BASEMEN 1' liOlSfca, O.N L W Hi T'rmy-a. enin "-treei, Nun. 7l and HI, U) 1*1. ^'1 til Apply at LOINE S drug no. wl birth aftuu#, a. a. ol> i.ei full) treel, f n Monday. IMlKJ-iS OR POl'R ROOMS WILL liE VACANT AT 1(0 I W *?i Pom lecnUi elieel About the let of Jd?y. ['HE LOWER PART OF AN ELEGANTLY FURNISHED L Lo e "o lei?ad modern improvement*, to a small inilly without tli. Id ft n K lereaeee required. Arp.y At o. 9 Aii.ii piece, 1 eiwet n lie eck< r ami A ty street . rrOKKHi(OE TO LKT-AT N,?. 1 it BAET TWENTY IT ( flu street bet*een 8 oud An 1 Third avenues. A >ur si u*y brick Bull''o with a two btury r> ar Building muecuug. Miliao.e lor moat> at No. 3 rude ainet. >TH AVENUE STORE TO LET?NO. .141 SO FEET ) deep, with plate glass windowa, auu next noor to Q*-orici eye*1 large dry good* store; auiw le fm oot? uua shorn, '?rj, clotn.ot;, Ac. Apply At 043 Eighth avenue, next tor. >r A MONTH.?TUB NISII ED Tli..Eli FTORY AND ffjtj basement il .uee. In the nam's mint nel^Uto .-hood ii rouklyu. convi ninnt to ell ferrtea. Fa t ol the n ui may be nd in unencumbered i?a! estat? or go h! eevirHha In.lire at 11 Second place. Smith ilrookli n, ot 2-J Ft-an trnel, ew York. OQ NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY?TO LET, with pier * ae *, curnlcea and chandeliers now emit | Air-led and p'r in l.auful . oiulitkni; "tillable''or A *uleii orb udnrei purpos s Apply lo HENRY HILTON, o. 11 East Twenty-eighth Air, et. SALES 0P Will ESTATi:. 4 nw AM) n&ST >1. 88 BROWN BTONB HIGH "V s oil Ho ike on Murray llili, a w nooi i ruiu Filth ? line, built In tin very b* ki manner, r,ml tli Knrnlt re, >r mle 'Both thu house and Torn t at of lie "st quality and moat e\ |iiHte atyle, and u a. e by the .rut Hi,la and me, bam. a in th. e iinry. No brokers need tipIv. Principals may a ldri-es (tfving mui.e and residence, liarles Tarbell, New York Post otilce. \ BEAUTIFUL FARM, 201 ACRES, 'B R NTNtl St.,', JHi OJ; J03 do, near Nytvk, J'.i.Jm 90 o., i,0 0, 2't do., $2,000; 25 do., near .Murrlstown, t.'.SOJ. All a. o Irults ant cool v. W. 11. NIBLICK, 497 Hroadway. t GREAT BAIR5.UN.?FOR SALE CHEAP, SEVERAL tV linos, s an t Lo s jest linikhed; alsoC untrv Si a.s at terpen, New Jersey, '.eitlnu twenty mln is of .) --i y C'ly erry by horse luilnul. Arply to A. H VA.M1FRTOEL, lo 66 Liberty a rret, room 12. or of C. A. Kl.ELAND, rover, Bergen. A liK Al'Ti KUL COUNT..V t U VT i; MII.F.-' 1.'- NEW TV Jer-ey; will, r Trout; cnt i m I o rirs, iaiv<- ?:i 1 ex. | limit nuiwines, I 'ui s mo-' lie s m I i I e .1. .'d{ pi irn $11.50<>. W. Ii. M KLICK, 4 ; Broad w n>. * BEAUTIFUL PLACE AT Til HOG G'S N .CX.?ICR fl. ."ile or cxchang , ;.n .'I -out Maut ton, eoniai 1 a ul; tUd u. i uieiieo., of a i.i ft i l?s|. city n, w I'll nil m - V tlmiMli y-, all iiDHitrpHM rd wntor trun.ol m e iliuu uvo ..ottsund it-Mi, win Ii .(ivy aea well, liao lawn, Iruil and ulcel Irerg, Ac. Applvtn CUAL'NCEY BARNARD. No. i Pine street. A ROOMY BKK'K AND HKUWN :-TONK FAKEMENT ?X 11 Uic- fur S iNo. IkiO East Tenth Fir. ot ; ]iri''o Sb.B 0 ; i central atltel, neai aieri), and o'.hei advanuigea, In.vii.g or n.eminent a largo future, Before purchasing i,n hiring examine those rteg.iut r.ewly .Laignc.i, thoru guly built b.i u JottaffK, on lot 40x100, with handa m.e v,,d a, now finhiia* ug, on Sixi.1 ciutli sticct, went ol l'.r. a ,\vn> ; contain innIn i a Imp owiiiintK. Ninth A'.ri" " Company extiiidug Ii- ii- Imna to SiUy.lifth Terms tuny. In (aire >. it SI K. FORD, nil the prenil-;. a, ur ui CCDUI'i' .* UBAl'l*, 21 atrrol. fHIKAP PRO 1'EIt'l'Y.?AT WFST ltO.iOKKN, KlVlttern acres of Land. ivlth two jond houses, ca.r...y.' Iimaes, yuiinc raited truit, .1:1 t.iat r. ulil !.- desired; th.rty iiiuiuIuh walk I rum the ferry, radioed ur mug ; la tlie rulnst of great impioienicnlE. I'rl o i ,W)'; S5.0JO rtn rr. 111 in 011 tl.? premises for three years Apply 01 298 Went Thirteenth street, ul ihe Lykeuu Valley <'? al oii-rr. Til OS. T. STORM. XSDR SAtE-A GOOD LITTLE FARM OF SIXTY L arras, t'.nriy inllet in New Jersey, Witn good Iiouhc with lull.' room.-, bu n. out ..'.ildlivm, all in order, w 11I1 pt. nty of t - nit of nli Mods; price $2,o00, purtdensh In-., r " i.l 12.1 Oirenuich . treet. C. MALCOLM. If Oil SALE-A BEAI'TIKl'L PLOT OF GROUND, CONI uiinin < Irum lour to nix neves on 1 urdnuin II. (glitf, llmir Kirigsornlge, on tne pud I - l.itiw.iy leading from Ilia Fur mam on the Jtaiiioud to ltilii??'>r.dget tils:ant abo .1 i.iur mdos 'from the Central Par*. The cite la liinii, c.noinandlni; a lino v.ew uf the lfar.e n river ami the kc-iii. ry of the IIud uii, being one of th" . nolo ?t loratinua liotli as to position ami 90c etv ill t le vielnlty of New Yurk. App'y to A. FIN OLA Y, to William aire t, up stairs. { "OK .-"ALE-NEW YORK HOTEL AND NINE ACRES 01 I 'liund, al f'pnat ..|iiit, Long Island, .in the great so..Ill r. a I. opposite Fire Island, lew. en llauyl. 11 and lalip. Im.u re u.i iIk- pr mines. ur ul' U. M.KlN.xiN, 142 Last > urtleili b ft t, New York. IfOR SALE?CHEAP, A I.OT OF GROUND ON THIRD L1, beta , n Tulrty-ninth and For letli-ireel.i. In <p ire of J. E. SHAM , 94 tt e.t F. rt., seven in afreet, morninga and eveii ng*. AWu one Let . u Furl)-tuunh street, 100 f. ei weal of Fifth avmue. b'OR SALE?A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY RESI. d nee ou WxrhingLun a.e.iiue, Bergen, N. J.,eunvruient tu t " terminus o. the horse rallr aid, nbich 1 una lu and fr ..1 Jer-ey City terry every At'teen nilnulea. Tl.e Uuuse Is a frame .0 tug. . n nv i.nisbiug, 20x32 leet, and will tie need up with ens. inar jle manteia. AC. It will be aul.l for $2,700, half i>f w hlcii iu*y remain on non.t and niurtgage. Impilre a 16 Ws-liinciun stre 't, Jersey, For rale-a cottage iioi sk, with one and a halt Orri s of ground, at Wliliesto e Point. T... hou e ! ill uf**it ii?i<ir I list ttalnr ltd uu n fi m t ill r.ntirv la a.iN Ron . it. The ioona* are ?e'l arranged en i In pood orucr. Tt" ? ? mif ve t ?ii|" ( rl n mil holer rui: tree>. It Is forty-a ve minuter Mtli, by loat. fiom K.i V n ?li|i; l>> cars atniu.1 hourly. For particular* lo<| re of Mr GKwK E liWYEK, S7 Liberty ?ucet, or on iho premie-, of hlD.xEY BAi Lho. li'OR RALE?THE COTTAUE CORNER OF SMITH AND r A n.ll. lire's, i>ll;l*iii?biHK P"'- T rni- $600 10 $70J ea-ib. ADq the thre-- atory rn > 11 it-., 1:16 Dei oe tr. tbilreen S.tilili slr?et ami it-ieua,c* u-.en-tr. Prke t-l.oAi. term*, 1391 cash. The balance of puich.tae moi-ey in either of the nbvv* ran remain, i: Or* red, lor me year*. Apply to K. It. UUiOliU, DO H. av.-r mr- i t, Ne* Yor?. FhB (Mft.iT A GREAT HA..OAIN, OR, WOLLO evcii-u.e for good eliy properly, a ' m- Far in on thi No- th 1<I er. mi Uu'lion, a''uitt one mile irnin t le r.eput : muai be eor.l immediately. IRELAND A WK1SB, K2 1'euar street. INI S LK-A FIRST CLASS ORAM OR (,RAIN Farm, S a a-res, in Orange county, N Y.; or no.i it exi ban,.* f o Improved city or Rronk-yn'pr.-p r.j; mode atrljr,, Ken. A Form on l.n:n I land Round ^.r sale or exChange. Ad :ie<* l-o . 3.US1 Font ogl e. IaXlR SALE?AT HALF TIIE1R COST, SIXTEEN LOTS, . w.lh .i r poivi r. kOo,l o. uian ..acin-lug purpo* a, a short isun -. from lb- H-u Irm ilver. A -o a hen-n-o ne K. -.ile;,ee at F'ordbain. t' r*t ecree o ground. Also a numb r ? vacant Lot* at Oowanua, rear Gr? iood; una vi no the bay, Mietv aI-u : - tin- H-mim h iu to * city. In feet, p -pri ty o( every ea r pilori for sale or ex; b.mge. Call on ISAAC A lfluds, 7.1 N.-?*au ?treei. 1/OR SALE?TO CLOSE AN ESTATE, SLAUGHTER ilo a- and Got, IDS Foray lb .treet, Thi* property l* v ry di roable lor pulir* engaged in eliber th-- alsighter or p.i king mismers, a* it has bo.h a front an i b.u k I n. k buildiu/, lablr* a ,1 fee hon*e; a'di u nlood bitaineaa, with *11 ne-e?raiy uten?ll? for - nrrylne 1? on; aino Home Cart *nd H.I .... I .. n P M.-UlVVl U T? 1 ,. Brooklyn. LHll SALK CUEYU-A THIRD iTSJK K LOT. FULL, A ?ith three elory iiouae, 2S 3n Oft. Free i2.o0>. J. B. M"ON, luu rowiu tank sale i 11k aI'?h o u BB and lot bo. 77 WE.-t r Eurty-liisrrt ?,rret. IIii.m' 20?JU. lot i'Ox .Jt?,5; four nory, i a em nt an.i under mlar. lmpilieoi tbe premises. LH>K SALE OK EACHANOK?LIGHT LOTS OS the r > ii. i er i W/ib" .it line and K<m street, Brooklyn, ?' ojt but it nine from ho.ttb seventh street terry; tine iuipr n emeu s adjoining; i tree is paved; ynilJ exchange l or a well locate , nn.lcia.e piped ho iae lit 'N w York. Apply to .1. U. S.MiTII, 11 William street. I/OK HALE OK EXCIIANoE (SOT Ml'Oil MONEY I? wanted)?A three story woo<lcn House and ls>l, liolil t ?|-iT?tlv for a oukeiy; good we.l of water nud stable lor a' horse; in the thriving village of Onttrnbnrg, N ,1.. 0|i|sislle S v. n'l their'el, N w York. Eur further par leular* apply to S,litre DWYKK, near the premloet' or at 8/ West Twentylust Street, New Turk. LiOli SAIJ4, OR BXCHAFGK por LAND ON LONG .F lei*, o, or improved illy pruperty? A Gentleman s Kurni oii.ix S.ore, with a long .ease, on rulidn strt e., Brooklyn. Any p. mon wishing to do a good business will And this a r?re t hiiin e. AldtessC. W , box 117 llerald otlire J.'uK SALE OR TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, OR WOULD 1" etchangs lo. a house and laml a short Uistuiire In the loantiy, a new House ana Leu, on the vomer of Wllloughb< nvetii v and Skihnisn street. is two story and basement, ha< marble mantels and mi snil water In. A ply on tee pre:o L. L. BUTLB It 1*11 e f 2 'iW?. II V*) (an remain. fROll SALK OR To LET-.t COUNTRY RESIDENCE, r w ith one acr o l.ioo, line gat (.en, choice Irt.lla, Ac. Ad Iress K. A , Herald oTice. F'ok rale or io the village or Stain ord, a hue two story House; (uiirtt en r. on ?, carr. igo no '? , an I fr ill o. id; slnds. acre of ground, live niinnt s wax trotii New llav n dep t on 1 rospcct Hill. Io'iuireofS W. A., 31 West Koity tiurd street, N. Y. IAOR SALK OR TO LET?THE FOUR STORY BUILDP nig Mi Waer street. Inquire of JOHN BYRNE, 133 Nassau street, n . tier of Headman ltor rale or to let-a beautiful house r sul three sc of leind, all i. od< rn .mi r wen f, sr-il stocai u with fill. nd ornamenta. trees. Neighborhood llrs' i taas; within forty mlnues ttf tlie r!tv by railroad every iuiur. Tern.e > asy. Imptite of II. HOAG, 7.t Ploe street. L"W>K S Al.K OB TO LET?FOl'R NEW HOUSES. Jt'ST I? nnatilug, on Rrouhlyn Height*, coiner of Column!* ?n<l M < 1(1 rtrerte, three mlnuea walk fmm Fulton lirrv. Kc .tU'Vi. If aolit term* moderat*. Apply at the MMM or at it Wooater atrret. N. V. LX)R HAMS OB TO LKT-A FOUR STORY BRoWN r atoiir llona-, w.ilt *taole In the r. ar. coin> r of Leitngu i av euue and Tali ty-sey nth atieel. llo.-e ami itah:e In toinpl io orderi lo iilion Hie ho#i. I'uor, part ou iurt?ege. Apply on tho premlaea. r.lOR BALE OR TO LET?THE FOUR STORY EWOr lUh naeeinctti brown atone I run'. Hnu'o No. 4V W ert filiiyrmli atrect. R nt to milt tho tl i.ea. In p Ire of I'HoMAH C. SMITH, No. 100 W^i Thirty.ilnh atrvet. tltOR HALE OR TO LEASE?FOR A TERM OF YEARS, 1 right Lota, tacit 28 I rut ft. lit, on the north aide of Klghternih atrert, Itrtwrrn Slalh and Weemtli avrtnrra, hr. ongmg mi ue < atute of John Tarim lr, drttaaed. Apply to F BL AM 'IIKT 2M Slxib avenue, before 10 o clock A.M., jr alter 4 F. M. MOR SALE OR RENT-A VERY DESIRABLE COUNTRY r Reeinelpv, aituated at Kaa; Mnla.on , N. .1., a thr lee iiinna of the Nrtv.lrrary Kailroal. two heurV rldeirom the illy. Thed<*ili g la large and c'Ditno lutta, aurroondrd villi prnty of "hadrtiv a. For p rtl nl ,r?. aiao oi Imue, kc . abpiy at 812 Sixth avenue, N. V. I'rue of houre and lot, 11,0 0. Rant for onr jrrai, $aftv LSI,EN WOOD CASTLE FOR SALE. OR TO LETI A eery d'-altahie allontlun lor ny gentleman d< lug >ofine-a in tne rtty Thla la a Roman r ailall cover-d e 11 Ivy, cloae by a gor?.lng brook nioaodrrng over Ita rebtily bO tnm Tip re la a apr ng ef the pttrrrt ? a r twenty nl irtrii ilia klVr.ien door, ona In the aiahie yer.1, and i fi-li pond. ap.endid "hade tre a r! on, map <, oaka, Ac, till) giitilen, mieiirpaaar , wlih tholn- frulta ltd b rriea rid pro| ri v, of about two acr.a, la altnatp I i Wrttrhratep mint?, a Riiie raat oi the t Id Htwien road, a vr the St me lunch, Hiiuut lu i i n oiiniilra wa.k from tl old'Ctrlem I' id;n or if llrnad depot. For forthar Inform* .on , ; ply to CUAS. LbACII, on the preraiaei u IALBS OP REAL ESTATE. /"1REKNWOOJJ LOT8 FOB 8AI.E.-A Del SIR VHI.K CIRVT e-ilar Flat, l> anLiully lo a ? !. on o.ade : illl, -oi.UiaLWU and one hail lota. App.y lo CIIAKLE.1 ABr.l'.NBTil Y, 2.) and 28 IVai ren atree: Nu t Yo.x.or lo V UL UK, Hi M eal T'iIi y-etgkih street, Hf- Vu-k. HOI BE AND LOT FOB 8AI.B-AT A BARGAIN, IN Bro -iklyn: a nral class ibr e s ory brick House. sit..a ? on Gobi aiieci, ieiweeh Fulton avenue an 1 Wnl.mgbby street; worth $6,b0d, will be iuM lor $l,jon; iot is .*> -1 from and 10U ieei-it ep: hour* "*? mnd'iu iiuprov- wears, wl'h xlnJu-n end I B*bfi room In rear, Id i-oouih n all; n-igha borhood nnexccpti uiable. r or lurthtr nartloulare a.Uiec, C. E. F? lift all .like. House and LOT FOR sale in jerbkv city ? A ?innu Collage liouae, witn a'l tiie modern a, ba.b and ga# f xtur. ?, in a to i neighborhood, will b a liii very cueap. i 11141.ire ou loo p-tun sea, 3.1>i Boulu I .lib street JOTS AND HOUSES FOR SAI.E NEAR CENTRAL J t'ark, on Fourth avenue, be w en Ninety aecond ami N.nety 10 irth air dls, and on Ninety-fourth -ml Ninety rhbd alruei, (with the tniec uubi.ln.o.l bo-ma , between 'fluid anil Filth avenues, kn wusil'r. tpot II II. J X. f AitiaH, 123 Trent street. MURRAY IITLI. PRoi'EiirY-FOR sir E. TO LIT OR elehan ,e ?Tim bi'-. ilea , r.iin- aUu-y truw 11 nun Uu se.aoti LeUi. -.on avenue, with all the Inteai improvemi uu In-pure of W. 1 LARK. 'J. < Twenty sixth struct. PER"! h.-HON CAT FACTORY, WATER ANL) h'fKAM loon iorae. ral aelory; oi ly ii boot's ri e; rent tnd machinery v.-rr cb ao. -21) Bonia av, 111), 15, total Gad 11; itw.lin In front. i s . E-ti-g Home ; partner wanted. No. h Ann street; great st-ud. rpo KNCII A.M. :-FO- R iTS ON H:\ IY trbt X atreetyI.. at- Keei i.u avei ; lor a -mail lloua 11 New York or 1 Address, f..* lurib. r inf ruial.oit, G., box Cb T- al olllee. F17ANTEI)?A FARM OK TIIIBT* OR FORTY ACRES. VV with .ond, c im.01 table bo and barns, or. u .r I and plenty of fruit trees, ail ::l?d etth- r 111 D-iwhe-s or Meatoln .-t r coiu.ty, mnvcitlei.t auai.i.... ,,1 not more nO utiles ,m .1 New Y ri. A .divas, a ill. lull pa. Uouiarit, 8. J., box 1,0 Herald oiii . TITANTED TO BUY?A FURNISHED OR UNFIRN18HII ed o ub.e 11 use, iu Fi. ill ..veuue. A <1 rner, w lihout 1 ny windows, preferred Auoreas E. 0., box 145 IleraM ulttov. l&l onn WILL TU'Y A NEW TIVO FTORY HOU8E V L.OUU a.. . 1-0.', ' v rooms a 1. I go-.d c -I . r, one bl -clc I' l cars runn.nd to t r.e.erins. saw 10 $*ii cash; lb.- bai 11 .en i b p nan tb. without uteres!. Apply at h> o.i'icc of 1>. C. DAN :ELb, eorner'of Kn lb avenue and Fourteenth street, Utooklyii. Mt-il TO $1 tl?'.GTS FOR fi.l 1."!, f>N GATES AVEfT-mOU mi' in M nrn- . it- t, lytt, oil the ;'iaUo 1 n 1 u .tit al soi. a eu .c , at- <1 an.t t w.l: gas ; a so ihr- 0 I s on New Y-nk aV'-n e, opp.iaile In. A lii-u?'ehttr b, near 1- Ii 11 avenue; as an . w?: r l g a-'- an I ptve.l; ir , j--.: ? l?; le.- 10 . Am V - --OlI'tR" At) 11R, citii r of Jleo.l a.... .i.iuu *, lbo. 1.L i, or No. o7 Pine a reel. N. Y. ton ?ftWi \ DRUG STORE. LOCATED I P TOWN OP' KJVB J\ yearn in p. a ud ito.u.t a .<> id bi a esa, fur sue cii ap if appll d for jouii. Cull Aid l' hi a <*n e, in w rn V< 11, n i auv w, wheie all lulqrM.1-11. x> ill .? ?.v. n. ( "01 n mv stork, oi,t) gt.wn.-F0r. sale, one on Vj ilif wist liUHiiu-.a I l aiKiiia ill WaaitliCKiPr couny, on, * the llarli iii K.4iirn.Ki at W. l A?oi nt Vernon Hiatlon. 16 nillrs in t; lot IS1.! li> li.3 .rat, ood, lar i'i bouse, kIui'j and out b .iMlngv. l'rire on"-Onrd coali, b.\ ance inny lemuln if ilealied; Oct $ iM!. of tbc i'l.ikrt A?. nl, wb? will Mlow iti? pmoe. JO.i.N A YORKE. , tOUNTKltS PUR AALK.?A LOT ON 11 LACK '.V \LNl 1 \J i. ii t ..i.i *i--, no ii i i n 'r ... urn! atore, lur v In In-a14 A sou larie Mini;. AUo StooD, Sbeluuv, Ac. A lily at 1M3 Urcr.uu en h r ei. Dlll'i; STOLE-F.'K - ALE. IN BROOKLYN,A MAI.L Suira; will b amd i. > i In ap n .a , Appy io W. W. THAYER, diui 'l-t, lVa 1h.j-.bI, Sen lork. i|>OR SALE?A TEA STO'iK, 1- ANDSOMELY FITTED up, u u, > m nl iiknli i. u.e; will or 4". l al a va.uuuon; a ;;ooa . ban r ur a young ii..m wbu wniiia to '.rain lue biialiii ns. Appiy ul370 seven,I. a-rnje. I^OK SAL E?111 'A S'lOCK, HXTIT.ES AND GOOD will nt tbe ul.i entab 1 nrd lint. 0>|i ami Fur ri re Jdl Gmill airect; alia, bed 1 - a bu . r ? il 11, b ! a id u II v. 11 Ila'rd worked p a .lent or twenty In.lib re. I. Until-re, and r.ip-.i anern. A| p.y a* above. LAO It SA LB - THE SP1 L.NDJD iPl'KNi 11BD) WAV|g .T icy lime . 1 raruai in ut u h.4 u ?.puti. Iu.puro iiu the prruiiaea, A uoty 1.ill -.m . auil JJiuomi. 'fc'1 . 0 1 ill'. Aim), flgl't v ry la* I' n' llorara. IpOB SALE?A it. H I.E KMf, w I.II M mm I inaifclaca 111 furl up atlou; MM .no a r.m \y a. am power. T la laarare a lur irrnii.a n m like a 11. al. liyhl and v, ry proii'.ab.e. S ... il>r roo m 1 in great il.'iuuiid. F. r mil purtt. o ..r-> pu-y on tto?-pr> ar, i> .. 11 I d ion Htr.'1'i, Hr. o- lyn, up . l..itn. If OR SALE?I I.B\P FOB OAMU?THE Mil. K, PIJ.* anil i.oud kV111 Ol 11 s atun. ry. To. an t I' no 1. cat Sior. ?11 Slut, an 11, o.. .10 n o r r' f. nib ana l. No agent or auctioneer* nr. .apply. In p.Ire .u ib.- aiore iu the evening. IfOR SALE.-TWO COPPER PLATE PRESSES, TWO euig aa 11 a. , a 11. ,y c'opp. r and sieel Plater, a 1j 1a M< r t; 1 U 1 , am (.aid Slit are and Ta 1.4, - ur.oiia fc.u l ;ra Lc, f Ac., or iku al a aia ui. r, al A) Dej alrrel. LAOR HALE?THE LEA E. 81OCK AND FIXTCRESOf r tbr I. 1,. aid a'1.1 hi. b bu up Li.1,.0 Stme, *1 .be corner of ???iiur B u., Fii ru'b a '?L 1. Ill be aol J eurap, aa (be owner aua 1(011 : ui Eumpr. Pot furiu.r ba ncujira luouire on me pirmir a. TpOR SALE?ONE OP THE BEST LOCATED CORNER J* Lnpinl' rl re. in u.. r, Wj| or .. Ith.nit Siof* . tarli ? jeara re abll h" , an 1 1 o not y .1 1 ro .'able iiutluew; alio a l.rl cU-a Ba.ny, a. .. Io . |.r Apply to JOSEPB Ail't.llliB. noSeV.ul . ., rert. ie.ina I o .'loclt A V. I.-OR SALE?THE GROCERY STORE NO. .'9 THIRD ' nveuur, oniarof l..e 11.ainet, well am. A il andiboin atomi UMiir.a Pi tee tow for ?ab to clo e au estate. App.y at tb" atore. tjAOR SILE?WHOLESALE AND retail LIQl'OR J? nior .lorn.r Put'clh at ? 1 and FTiat arm nr. Inqu rr In thr a lore. For bale?cue tp, if applie? kok boom, a K. ?u..iaut aud it .r, now dolo* - ,o..d biulu ; oeai P'lltou Mkrint, ti.? t rf -rni |i: |n en- tj.i\ u? o.tnrr bualuraa to alleud uj. Apply at -No. 1.1 "-.i-io otn ct. For sale?tiiu killuk saloon on tub c r.i< r o. Sinn <itr n : ?ud Pou.terulh ?t ?i. Two ol b iarp boil u..1 a. boa. / n. ?, .ou * ?u?d niu u> vumo.u. Ap| 1> at too nalouii oil Rt>..daj. |T?OR BAt.K-THK f Et.KBHATLD ALE IIOPSB, NO. IS i1 Amu atroei, kept i.y ...riy TRoium; lui a luUMnok or M.(II?> i. e.urk, aw i n a >, <r . t- ; m *..l.'iocl . tin <?l t b??t mi.ud hi ..? oty l - id ch 'p I t '-uan, ot w h take i a. i im trade. Appjr to A. J. Til oil AS, on the lirenii.o*. LKMl SALE?A REFRESHMENT SALOON ANO RKKr Ui.ranl, excel.. u .) I . .e < o t.r:?i-h<r I ; will t'? wild tor ! ?1 thou liHil Us vol i-. A|>ny to W M. II. VANDEK" KtiH, >o txl Wil Mr ? t to i.o oi Oa.sun, J. r-Jon A UikiUK LIOR SaLE-A Tl'UL'LAK BOILE t, TWELt E IIOR B r power; >1 nn ?-*i|e, ixt ip o uplele. 0<i|>p. r M II and Worm, ? t) .ali.itia. i nu mil* complete. T*tt l a nl ? ? _ . LV. -IV. C 1 . .. ... Jf U ROSE A CO.. !v> Cedar "ue t. I.VJK SALE?A COXKSOTiONSBY STORK, NOW J? rto:n . u ? b.-ii.t-sl- 11 . ? ?l location, anil 1U0 uwnor wunt w ?? i >n j t?i nc.-i.nii of havlu . oibt-r ? ?n?i in anenu to. Ap,l; > n u." p:?ui.?ea, No. 424 Fourth .tvmue LCOK SALK ATA BARGAIN?A PIU N TING OFFICII, " ti.naiallllC u. ? a'u'" S i?J'IH> f Co.i.|h nit oil Mall'11*1, oi.e supe. royilW.Cyliiidri T.yinr. out UbT; tarp Oflimit I lln ni'u oil" |> "<it 11 li t.i Cap frt'ua, no mini i?r Hum |uAfr. W ih be anlii eery iou. Apply in B I R.sEK, ion Kuliou ilffl, N. Y. ' nol 8AI.B CIIKAI'?A NUMBER OK LARUE TABLE I Cmaiilrii, to to i/ fin ion , wtlti ilnvernm colli aides, fur an. a-ire .ir b. ,?.rrat{c p.n poses where ili" goods in el prutci-Uon f,n it dtm, air, Ac. To !* vtu at I.I.PAYNES uraiture aiure, M Bowery. Xnr sjovb will be suld cheap f 'r <*ah unly. HO I EL TOR SALK.?TIIE PKESCOTT HOTEL, NO ? B*at ItuuMon a reel, ueir Hrooilway, lor saie or to lei it. a good, ivhjaiui o.e 'tun., .1 la f urn .sited. nn, lrl. ilim. gliu it. In |>er ?, t urdi-r, a i l aest.y full ot boarders. Apply ob tt.c pre mute . Hotel for sale cnBAP?or exchange for my prop", it*. I or hi.'"l ii ? lau d an to. orner of lh? Jama a ami Cypres# II .1 pimi , oa a. n ruier r no- iph d by II i am Wi'Oilruil. Apply to Ur.i>. F. L< SEE, Uautu'.ou terry, Bn okiyo. Machinery cor sale low-onb e g.ine screw Lulli", turn* ? t""t itu.i >?.ii|t IV unites, a Hit tools, one Fai " Luibe, ratings J t in . . .: bo>t. n arl? saw. gti Hei w Sa.. Jug, rrry Eeasy, at 23 Dry street. PRINTING PRESSES FOR BILE-ONE HOE'S A Oyleodrr lined nine reae, Han i I reaaru, alio all klie's of printers' an i bind- ra T ola, oca and a.o..d band T> pe, Ac., two Ruling Macniura, U" I'a >.| Ma hut-, Ao.. ac., to b? aold at a sum, at 23 Imy ar-et. PATENT RIGHT FOR SALE.-PATENT POKTAHt.H 1 i'ni. faiiap . nd i.oalr. ombiocj; ueo.'bl for hotels, rteamlioab, pr vu 'aiulll *, uIU ea or army oa*. Buewbea folded 4 by S tninea sous re, 2 nut lone. ULRLKY A BPtADY, 410 Broadway. N. Y. tJTEAM BOAT FOR SALK. O STEAMBOAT vL'ASBAlCIt, L ngih IM feet, 22 I'erl brain snd'.Jf eel bo d; 17ft tone; bean maun-, 20 Incli oy.|m."i. by feet air kc STE\M E.Mi..NES AND BOILERS, Rett abM Second ILn i. lor au.e. Apply to CIlAhLES W. COI'EItAND, 122 Broadway, CJTKAM ENGINE FOR BALE.?FOR SALE, AN I'F. O r g it St. a .1 Kntlne. of e'lfbi l.oriw powr, re; rn Hue bolb r, ami all Urn conn - thin* ua.lj for toe. For cheap, aa tin- on iter ha? 1.0 nan lor it. In pile of W. s. Gl KHI KMA U. 212 B tili niisei, ar?r-Trnue C. rpo HOTEL KBEl'BiH A.vt? OTHERS sBKKINU A X Mromrii,* rn..iH-.i. pro iuWi ' aa.?Owing to ih? rilracted k I ti. alite u. una " 'I' pirn. i < In u. ? of ill- I a-i U.I and ba.t V y.n* "lining r -ma III N? , Yora, ha If Intarrtt It oda. tor ? I*. To hartal, kind ? n n U l< ureaanta an "np rtnnllr al ont mat with Ha?tnf tfar noa# glTan ?ntl raqmred. tl, <M ti l routi rwd, I alan a. %i ,m> can l>? paid m inhly fnun p.vflta Addrrw J. L. Davit, be> In MMMMtR To PltVSIi 1ANS ? A cot NTIIY PRACTICE, WORTH .'.(Ml ? Jraur, lor al vaicli.-iii in o. n . ,iuanc? 01 i]| liaallh .if l.icpmprlainr. Th' 0..?l WIC, >1,1 In#-,, NlaUli, 'lir. "* Ro'wa, A.. . Tot ?NOP. Add rata l?r. N. K. OloW. Ml ??>?t rwaiH>-?t.?iilh total, N. Y, *ftL WHY A FIRST CI,ASA FANCY AND DO ifcrlliU Itn alli' haktrv and t'mil. ciisnti y H r,', mil M tabliahad, and milng* aarti.i'h irada. A a,><,4 > banc, for p,., tl. al m?b wiHi aaoia.Uam ly. Apply at M I'ni.aialty pia-t. ... ... . __ KAJtfllimWi Ul PPoM RIYRR KA1CT0 AD -tiiljh FOR A I. HA.NY. Trnr. ill* North ami W at tat* OMMbtra aireat at f and 11 A. M , and 1.10, A and 10 P.M. vew york, HARLEM AND ALBANY railroad. j.y k. r Albany, Troy, North and w*au AAiu?*t n*ii??mrn?. tnnm a-lnn m?n<d>. nta. i. imi. i f or Al'jauy?j'i * a. u<preaa Mall train. troai Twantyalxlh ai>a*i d- not Fur all loo ! .aiti* ? < Ttite YtMa. _ . _ i john ul ?t?, Aunttant 8itp?riuicudaat.

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