Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 21, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 21, 1862 Page 2
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2 RALCt AT AirCWtW. Auction notice M t, < ti.WWA.V, AfCTIl)N'EVlTt. MttSNit It KNT H. Ii? K' UMTl'RB I'aIN I INuS, 8T.U1 AH V AMI WAN V K sliii A$iu ELEGANT VfOii IS OK ART, to be * . I! ... |' HO'tioil Txlla 1 iV , 1O.NOA1 . At'UlL 4, 8AI.8 OOMMBVOINO At > , OCLOCE l'RECI^BT/.', At the eleg*"- rem den NI . ?We4 Sulcerlh liner, oeiwa K.. 11 ?ii i nuih avenues, vk ? S?v eu 04'Utvu .uacnood Kmn done. i. ? ?ooi and bla.k walnut Suits, H on e *ud Ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet Medallion Cartels, Sevrei?nd Dresden China V.-.-ea, Tier and Mantel Mtrrors, Emb.otdercd La e Curiam*, Ol! Fain'tugs by eminent artists, jt mwood a id l i t k ?? nut (.'huiubur . urn. ore, en suite; Visit,, s- . 11. . d: W, oaa Di'uu^ itooni Kuril Cinua, C,i_?s an.; Sili i \Va a; Tai-le Cutlery, Taiuo Lui.ei, .v\ Asor.a.:i u; iu Mich u F irmiun. i'bc au. ti .near wou i cali tic particular at'cntlon of his I 1enu > an; tao pub i to this sale, the catalogue comprising . l.e reheat assortment o> Household Furniture. Arc. offered a> a ut'to, Uns ktu on. The Kuiaiiure was 111! made to order o-? than io:v.*ji months ago, aud ta oi the Dost .c- .puou. s.i.c p si.t ?. .vlt'.u.i' record to w an r. Maguldoeut a -ven octave Pianoforte Sod ; tun J rc v o! v-> vud lor u liiad with mother of curl, rn -i-strung bass, i oil it on plat*1 ail tho modern Imp uvehi u a, fully iwaDliwd, mail to order by Bioadwny makers, ful1 cdi . by t>o npeleut judge-au pronounced a superior n-li anient; rosewood t' iiirli ..y, .Jo. Stool, covered iu bro? tads; embroidered cloth c ?r, AU -1. Booro?. wood Secretaire and Book a >r, plate gla door-, lined with I I Up wood i Kuoigtere*, M ?: ,tt ter c n ul Bei > de K.,h- Cabinet" lady's Work T:n ic ami t\ tuna I' -it inlaid wit" pcsrl. oostmPai s K0tiabo>; Ui letftiiiiii ivmain aud bronze OnanddUen, lm? po-Jr. ti? u bj Mar it, Impure A Co.; Cwiidrlubraa, Br ., kf-, inr i a and > eli ett a. pe a, M" -sic Bugs, French 1' M,r,i?r, d< two ex :a la. v" Maul-il Mirrors, richly tarred ruider d L. c- Curtains, gilt Corn! w. Fr iich S 'jo.'-i ..u: Fixtures, -p.* u.ud Suits oi rosewood drawi.iv. i o n Furniture, covered id three colored satin broada tr u ex; .-ti* > 1 a ciji'loB, carved in fruit and dov.e.e, 111*1". ht| of ( .cadet Sol.ts, two Ai m Kecepuoil and el. lit .ui back Cb* r.; rosewood Centre Tables, statuary mirble t p to match the suits; Etageres, marble top, plate K'd"? dtiors ami ha. a, lined w ith sa'mwood: 'King's put ant Car*. Card aud cuartette Ta^es, An l ;ue nut lioihtc He pttoo Cliuirs. I'lV. red la brucada; urilsUu lirouzea, rrpr-seating Mo*. -, P >cirv. Patatinr. M: roIng and Nish t, Neii ii'liiau Water Carriers, Franklin, It i i u't Cijpid. D i :ii, ft1"U. leis. Madonna, Seasons, Esmeralda, IuJia, Per it and Arabia; supere Oil I'ainttngs by lm: ud, Hunter K in-el, C ?. Ranny, Imiian. Melleres, K.hiw. V/e ,t nut other eminent artists; Assumption of Vlf-ln Ms: i, copy (run the c lolu.ved painting in the Lonvr\ l'.u : hlonu . Sea, o:ouiuat by Ptnac. nagic; ttvo ujiarb M'ttui. PiiiiitinE.iitiiah interior, by Northcotl; Tantier's Cm a; Cat skill Mo'in ns, by Eglaw; G mill sod Kruit, hy H'issell Muiket and Win'er Scenes on the Dannie, by Iuniau; Head of Ctirlht, lnxii h Klo.entine frame; Ka nily Group; Madonna, fro.a Kipiuwl: cilebrated i'aint.uf, or ginal by l>br,md; H enesou .he French Coast. 8 uu-g>ni. two Jlsti'a Paintings, Kent Day an i t il,age I'o 1 ,'isn-, by Kurthcott; It adlng ;he Scrip ie?, Landing oi lie i'lgrims, West Point, l y Hunter; nuui er of line Cabinet Pictures, siurqne lava \a>es from Poraue 1 and Her u'aneum, Kqiioatrian Oiou; g. Crusaders, Parian Oroup, Paul and Virgiuia, two ulcgant Va."s. real Sevres Cuma, imported for the present owner; Pariua uiarbie Omuni nts, Acoordeon. M laioal Pox, nine di:fcr?nt tunes; Ormolu Clock, runs one month, Imported O'rr .-sly for the pn s?;ut owuer^ l>earl inlaid Stereo-cope, with a number of superb views; proef Engravings, clack wscmt Hatstand, Chairs :o ma tell; Oilcioih, velvet dtalr Uarpeis, Silver Kods, A'-. Chambnra? Two rosewood marble top D, ssiUv, Bureaus, Freni n Mirrors, rosewood Bed, ri .hy carved, style i" Louis XIV.; Commode , Table de Nuit, Com en, Ko kois, Ann Chairs, oval ha-k Chairs, covered in mo-.piet; tapestry Brus. els Car- , pe'a, lace and brocstel B spr ads. Hair a id Spring Mat trc*aes, Feuiher Bods, Bianltcis. Co n'.erp n-s,'Bolsteis, Pillows, oval Mirrors, p.iaicl Pain lings, decorated china Totlets, bit*ate 1 Curtains. Upper Chambers?Mahogany aud bia"k. walnut Bureaus, Bedsteads, Solas, Washatauds. Ruckars, Booktacks, Com or Stands, Bedding, Ac. Dmlng B'om? Solid earv-d o?k Biitre'., staituii-y marble top; H>-r i'* tnitent Dining Table, 16 feat draw; Oou-hea A in Chairs, elegant acti ij! crystal ?r.d ruoy (llaesv are, Decanters, two dozen ioUlcta, uo. C w ines, Lnmon ados, I ti r> d ers, Fru.t, t tdlerv an I rr wno Sum, wU of Killer Bowls, rubj Parian marble P inch Bowls, uold Elinor Sets. cola bund '"hum Limner Set, ri'-lily decor* tea T ? S ds, <t pi-i es; no) d 4.rer Dinner and T-ft Sc's, Silver Ware, Cotlee Um, ranter*, Cu ;e Baskets, Napkin Biu.s. Spoons, Forks, ivory ha'idle T.C.I Cutlery. A I' i (ON NOTICE.?R. W. WKSTOOTT, AUCTIONEER. 1'LKh.AI "Tun V S vl E OF BEAUTlf CL Ft RNli'iKE of all > -cu-Mous, with a rare'i a*l Paintings ana K,"i, i ii Works c f Art, Ar. E . r, ordinary Opportuulty lor Housekeepers, At tin elei;? it dwelli'ic house I5'i Weal Tweuty-6rst street, near Fecen'h avenue, Tii ta i MONDAY I ait> moon, at 2 o'clock precisely, Comprism-: the entire contenlsof tin; house, the whole eoful'iDiuh a collection aeidoin ottered at amnion, eon ntinj oi superb roRctood Parlor 3 It*, rosewood Centre end I'ler laM-s, s'l'aand (are Curt* I us, Kll/abet an E'a-er? , e-gsiit rosewood Pianoforte, Stool aud Cover; Turkish I. u.o-aund Arm Cba rs, maaii'tici-nt maiur; t'sesof Eava and rarlsn, marble But'of Br.on, brnnre Clock, valuable en'.leciion of UUtoneal *n.l Em <?*ape Sin tea, Chandeiiera, come* K stwn, Jewel 0 t-e <. E<p ettrlan Brburea, Ac. CHAMBERS ANO DININ'I ROOM. E'eg int rosewood lie at' ada, Dressing Bureau*, with marble >u Commodes, two walnut 3ult*,< ov*r*d in rei.s, made tanner; Ca- Tables, Flower v'vea Solas. Spi Ft* Seat and C' t at; Ouairs. K (liters, lialr Mattresses, elegant Beds aud Brdame, Ov.-I itlrrora, Sof.i Bedairada, Ac., with a lance vareiyo! China, rich Cut (Haas, Ivory Culler/, Silver Ware, audJBedrcom Furniture or every description, all to be sold, rain or shine. Catalogue a- house. N. B?Ho sc. . ;?!' s'l 1 ja-t'.es lu want of good Furnl lure will Hud ibis sale worthy of special attention, as the furnllue la all m pe- fat order. A EBFBf II NICOEAY, AUCTIONEER.?II AN PnOAPE no larnoia l ur -iwr*, mace to orac.r oy o Mioocin", Defoi e*t ft Belter, at a el oe.?ALBERT H. MIOOI.AY will ^11. on W> In-ariay. A n! 2Jk :.t II o slrok A. M., .1 A-? Had Ninel mlb mreei, between Broadway and Fourth avenue? Handmmr HouaeW.d Kuruiturt, consisting In part of rowwood mid mahogany uhalis, Velrrt, Medallion aud Buns- In Carpets; blue no I whim satin brouatel window Curtai.ii, roaawnod I lauo, made by C bickering, of Boston; Maatol Ornaments, ro e rood B'a ere, marble lop mabo.any Si'aboard, handsome Da# Fu'tv-ea, malincanr Dressing B iri-aia, and French Bedsteads, ruw-voo 1 Wrtunj Dnaks, with plate glass doorj; pnpler inacfce Cen'.m Table, Oil Paintings. Engravings: Dining Koom Furniture, kr.., togmrer with a to' of fmhia, Glassware and KlU-hen Utensils. wbh which 'hnaaiewtu commence. Catalogues on morning of ae)?. r- rata an ah. OMce 33 W iUiaio struct. ADRIAN H. MPLLFR. AUCTIONHBR. HANDSOMH HOUSEHOLD r URNITIRE, PAINT INO*. BRON7E8, Ad. ADRIAN H. MULLER will sell on Wednesday. April 23, at 10* o'clock A. St., at 106 geoond arenne, An otlaoalre asajrtaarnt of coatly Furniture, comprising rosewood Parlor and Bluing Room Bulla, In satin damask, relrot and reps: Velret Tape itry, Brussels and IngrutdlOarpets; Lounges, E'ageroa, raarbto top Centre and Pf-rTablra, two mahogany Bxvnaion Tables, a number or large and liandaoma Pier and Mantel M'rrora, satin damaik sad lace Oirmin*, Una Chandribrs. a let re variety ol old and valuable Paintings, Broncos, Parian Oruaineata, Prein-h Ciorka, rosewood, mahoginy and euamailed Bureau*. Bedsteads and Washstan'a: Ma're see a Paillasse*, Blankets, Ac. Also, hsndaome Kr n-h China Tra, Dinner and Bieakftmt Sris and Giaaeware; two ebeaui Bis k Tea. two barrels Sugar, Patent Mangle lo Laundry. Also, an assonm-ni of kitchen Knrnl> tnra. The Paintings will be sold at one o'e'uek. Cainlcgooa ft! .8 Wall at ret. AUCTION FA1.K OP BOOTS AND SHOES. W. M. HOLDINGS! IK AD, A''".TinsFES rut TH1KD tlRKAT PACKAGE AUCTION SALE OF BOOTS AND SHOES, tlY OH tRLES C. W \RKES. Will take til tec at So. 23 Curt .and! a roet. On FRIDAY. April st l<H; o'clock. ASD WILL INCLUDE ONE THOUSAND PM'KAOBS OR MORE, Kuibrfti'lng Invoices of prime, frosh made an J seasonable Ooods. contributed b? the PRINCIPAL M vNl'FACTURERfl IN SEIV ENGLAND AND NEW YORK CITY. PEC'fAt. NOTICE. THESE SALES T'? BE CONTINUED WEEKLY, ON tit IDA Y. D'JKINi. THE SEASON, nil U la lutri. -! <! H at tti y aha 11 loutilute a new and i>tsYlNi*i:is;ilN3 PEArt'r.E tn the LOOT AMI) SHOE TRADE Of THE CI I V. I II VBI.P.s r. WAIUlBM, Couitniaslon B< ot intl Shoe Wnralmnan, No ZSOortUiidt a'r?et. AM MFRWIN, AUCTIONEER. By BAN af, SKUA IN A CO., Irrioa Bu.Ulinsa, 594 and y 0 Br Midway. MONDAY EVENING, Ap'll 21, it 7oV1*>k, 8 andarl and Mlaoella i ima Hocke, partly aclc'ed frntn prlraia 11 brartea. cotnprinliiff naw library rd t ona oi p--p tlar book* on rartuua i-.bjaoia, illu?(rnt< d wuka, AK.MCLt.KR. AUCTIONEER, WILL SBLLOX TUES day, April 22, at 12 M . at M ir rhauiV Ex< b?n?r, i. n</l a?d at prtra'a sale, nnrhire?t rumer lOlb ar one and Thirtyriratatroai, ad tolntny Hudson Rlrar Kail road drpof. Map*. Ac , at U Wall Mrart. Auction nottck. SPECIAL BALM OP STRAW AND PALM LEAP HOODS. MO CASES LADIES' MIsSBH' AND MEN'S STRAW GOODS, IN ORElT VARIETY. 100 CASES WHITE AMD COLORED PALM LEAF MOODS, WILL BE SOLD ON MONDAY, APRIL 21, at II o'clock, Br WM. TOPriNO A CO., Andlnn?>?r?. Km. (tU Park Plana, tad No. 8 Murray turret Auction notice.-k. roth, auctioneer. will all, oa Men 'ar. April 21. ai 101^ tPclo.n pre tix-la, Win clamant Purniiura ni a leariog tho city, at N". <% coruar ar lli'k arena* and Warerley p'ac*. oMMtatlnf of wo claaaal Parlor Bill'a, c rrera-l In brooatal and gre-n oil* rapa, tacit an ? nniuilnj of S?fa, ona Ai no one Reception and four MedalUo.. Bt~k Cbatra, alao, (ba Furniture of a parlor, brraWroonaaod lining room; Ola*-, China aod Sllvr W?ia) T?bte Cu'Iery, Bmaaela aad ^ng-tin Carpcta, Mat ?H'1 n'lniua. ?' "U'O AH tpO-li oiuW ha rori.oTod hour* aftdr 'be uk . 4 JOSEPH U SMITH. Al'CTIiWBER. W.LL SELL j(Y Utla 4ay, ?i ;o>< u'rjon* at IT? Kighth-li-al, n<?r Broad* ?, oa? Piano, 'hire ion* od Parlor S.illa, r aew> oa and mat'tganv B?1r'>oia 4olta, mahocanv and moilk tjhalra; Rock*??, Pl? r ll'iaoi T*Me?, Hr and T jtru'n t'arpata, OH leln'ion aod cveijUuaa belonging to a Brat das* boi>a. A.M8Hgk^gg? Of^IRYINO BDILDIXOB, j M and >04 BcAdwar. TUESDAY AjJD WLDRF.SDAY BYEBIBOB, APBILMAKD iA. AT 7 0 <M>CK, VERT VALUABLE PRIVATE LIBRARY of rbol.o and tarn Aaiai Man and B'tmpaaa B?- '<?. Kor pmi'.f. ofar*, ace Caialogii' au l the Booka at the aalear<?,m?. AUCTTOB S*LB OF CBOCEBKT AXD0IJL>1?BR.f RY a. fcl'AN'B wt'l ? II without raaerrt fur caah, In <>'a o anil dealer*. on Tuea 'ar, Aprl' SJ, al M a>loek, a n?u aa*or?? m tkath of wbila tlranit" t. r? Dipt and Yellow VT .in, iliue War*, Fancy War*, A<? ,4c. Oc iairrdMltruioaUta *r?ll to a' end timee ?aioe, aa they will M abla (o p trobeee tbe'.r tip. {if far below rngu'Rr tied' prkee. All goo la oarer illy i?. u?cRad for ahpping.. I A POTION ROTTCB?II. WILHOB. AUCTIONEER? By A D 11ALK. at 'ur* 44 Dry W reel. Rami annual aala of Bo?i? an I Nina'#, on T'laaday, April tl, at 10 o'clock. About I,l**> riaoa. compiiatna a pnmr and antral aieortmaat adapted lo trie oaoiD. Al*?. at 1J o' In k. SO lota of t atoeft goode, to clone tha e n in of a largo ratal! atom. A DCTfOB SAI.E OF HANDSOME Ft'BVITl'RE-OJf iV Tuaadar, At 10 A M., *! J2 Baaaan street, Brooklyn? I'l.RD A 0l?., eoc'loocer*?mahogany So:aa tlhalra, Tah'es, Plar (Hnee ami marhla f o, a>: rnahocanf Be.leteeile. Rncans, Weet.ataade, eaam-:lwl '.lumber F irnil'ira, Hair MaUmaaaa: Biuae?!?, In era.n and i'hc-w-i Ijr Onrpe'?| oas Etienatoo Table, 14 fa< t: U. a Curtains and f.'oi nlcaa, Etna Jlea'T, RIP hen Furniture, Ac. AUCTION BOTTt B.-CROCKKRY. OI.ARS ABD FANCY Bonds. bf W W B URi BV M bOfUHTY, Amthxiaar Tn **?, April tl at 10 oviork. a eaali aalc.wltli ol raaarvat of all alada oi a**ahle (Jooda, w i thy Ibo notion of raiallem who want oa?h ,?rgaln< Auction bali or yaitaihe water powbr and Building* *f aa *?t*r?ire Manuf*. tnniw B'lahtlnti aai, at Matteawan. Raw York, April M. at 10 oMoafe A. M., b oriiar of Ibe Bupr*A* Ogurt. Korjiart eulara nf the pro KSjjqql1^'h*'f?r?> h*d * L&J>AKU 4 *VDD> >78 j ALK8 AT Al'CTIO*. Bouts iND SUOHS AT^'CTTON.-WM. M uolL! h!i!SH i-.AO, auctioneer l.tK)0 ? *)* Hoo k. Slux-a and >.i i., jii.i *i ai.ui ;.u, on 1 -es.tav, UHj 'cluck, at Ute tun oi J. I. Whlteli mse/NoTS# OonUutlt au-eet, coin. i-Hnnr prime line* oi do. le uood?. dimi from manu ? -lurers, nod well adap e>l . its- and country trade. CauijOjs les ready ou tnormug of sale. T)* WILLIAM 1RVINU, AUCTIOMUSR ? WILUAM IR. I) ring Vi ill ae'l n i a. .ou o?J tVcrlut.aday, April .3, i fro. I of MlrMttntu 35 Ni-si i ? vet, a very aui'iioi one seat top buggy wiipoa i. it.i spring perch, ill ;00d order. 1 > Y J a MI'S M. WLUU, kUOTIONEHR?TlHliDA* I) A pi n S'.\ at It 'Po.oca, Hi the Mi-rohanta' KxcLaiipe. the tuat i'a? t.'u ro -tu p and liaieir.eut House No. g-'b West i"! teeuih street, between Sijreiith and Eigli'-b airlines. It.. SI.'.I .id; iu com; ieUi order, fan be aid i at any urn" pievioua to sale. T\ Bl'UKB, AUCTI0NKKB?WILL SELL,ON MONDAY. 1 Ai r 1 SI, at Kl.'i ?'< look, I IB Furniture ol the gout; el ho >e Si'S '.V el 1 hlril-lh street, ru. ?Mahogany an.1 euamt. ! s .its: Brussels in I Iin.i-.iin Carpels, l'lat Mltrora, : ib i, B?dittiii(, h itraud other Maureasea, Silver, Tut J and U:>in? .t are, Ac. DANIEL n. BI'RDE iT, AL'CTIuNEER.?lb >U8K AND Ship Hardware at Audiou.?Ui KUETT JUNES A CO. | if ill e.-lfuli Tuesday, at lu o'clock, at store 153 Maiden line, tli - ntlrn sioek of Ho >ae and Ship Hardware, Ootupoxltiori < m* , u.oci.:. ate. .? >tu k, A ao., couiainml id tuca. oh' ? - re. DANIEL .V. MATUEWB, AUCTIONEER. 1'r.KK .I'TuUY baLK uk HOUSISHOLO fubnlTi ItE, being itie oon cnurnf a private house, ivniuved for i cm ien ut sale.?DANIEL A. MAl'ilKVt'o ? .1: sell on Monday. Al-rit 21. at III)* o clock, a< his sal mroom, 79 Naasnu street, 'iv-ar Fulton, a 'nrg.- as.-ort.ueiu oi Parim- LI r.irv, Dining and Bedroom Kiu ii.t ir . Preach Plae Pier an l Man vet Mirror*, Brussels and Ingrain, Mattresses, Redding. Ku.--.ieu Furniture, Ac David d. ecjan, auctioneer, office ? ) canal street, aiumil- to the -u!e ot Furniture, ut every description, at the reddenneof families oral the store Consignment ol gno Is i?-ve ttfiiliy oO cited from his friends uiid (he public. Ai cura e r-turns ami pa; uvuiis uitnlc uuuicuiatciy after n sale being etl "led. Alt tiun ni the s'ora tomorrow,git i o clo. s, o. Carpet*, Enamelled Kuruiture, Ac. EII. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER. . HANDSOME HOUSE. bti WEST TWENTY-SECOND STREET. E. H. LUDLOW .It CO. vr II ee'l at micCon on Wednesday, April 29, ImJJ, ai 12 o'clock, at the Kerch . nts' Ekchaug"?West Ti> enty see, nd street?111,' hun tsouie lour story brown stone blah stoop llonse and Lot N >. 'fi \V <-s; Twenty-second street, bet wet n Filth .iud Sixth avenues. The House is 21 feet fro ut, In perfect ordct, li is re eutly be.-n i a n'fd and pap-red tnrour'.out, anil contains ev-ry convenience. Le t dSiSStd. $tt,iW > m i emain on ine met., s -s Maps and fail particulars ut ihc auctioneer's otliee, No. 3 Pine sireet. V7? II. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?HANDSOME IIOU8E!i. hold Furniture at auction. E. II. LUDLOW A CO. will a -II at auction, on \i e'nosdiy, Mini 33, at 12 oYlo t. ui9J East Tiveiuy-aecoud streie, mar Fourth avenue, handsome Furniture. Tiic entire Furniture contained in sai l house, consisting lu pait of carved rosewood Parloi Suits ill c."Um*ou satin b.ocatei, marble mp Eta^ere, with Mirrors, Centre 'fables, iin Frer-cli plate Pier O ones, wlih Consols Tables; rosewo id Pi lUoforte, 7!* octaves, ir.arbiu an J Kreto li oi iiiolu Clo i s, bronxc Mantel Oi.laments, sa in, bro atel ,uid lace Curtains, Corulces, ro*" wood and nishogsny French Bedsteads, marble top Dressing Bureaus. Walistaud*. Armolre-a-Olace, ran y Tablaa, ( nt i, - Furniture, I'nlii liases. Hair Mat esses, Bolsters and Pillows, Timet Crockery, oik listens n Table, Dining Chairs in piush, malic. tuy S iiss and Chatrs in haircloth, hue French China and diss Ware, velvet Ta|>eskrv, Brussels and ingrain Carpels. Oilcloths, Window Bhadea, Engravings. Ac., together with an assortment of Kltciieu Furniture, with wh eb the sale wilt Pointm nee. Catalogues at No. 3 Pine street. n Kuril, AUCTIONEBIt. Hi. An extraordinary opportunity for Ho i-ekccpers ar.d the tra I At public aurtton, this, Monday, April 21, at 2 o'clock precisely, the elegant nous-noiu Furniture 01 i?c urge a? :.i g nouse, no. Waverley place, east of S'xtU avenue, con.-biding ol'handsome Rrusa-U .n-.lTbre -ply Carpets, Glass, China and Sit vei Ware; Table Cutlery, rich Cut Ol isa and Chine Ware, Tea Sets, throe elegant Par o< Suits, covered in rich satiu br. catel, silk repa and hair cloth; rosewood K tag* re, with mirror back and doors; C'-entre and 1'ier Tablca, Laoe Curtun*. Ovul F:rn h Mirror-, rich China Va-.cs, Paintings, iim'V'inl in 1 mahogany B da'eals. Bureaus, YV aahatnndH. Hair Va" na* s, B-da, He tiling, BUukets, Clocks, Mirrors, Sofa li s. l.ouuges; spring-seat Chairs, Corner and Booksunn's, T a and Kx'e.nboii Tat.'et, Din'ng Chairs. Buffet. Sha les, Odelo ha, Stair Carpels, Cbaudeii-sra, Ac. Bale puaitite. __ Ibdwa&d scuENt v > tki'-kkh. U SECOND HAND FURNITURE. MORTGAGE SALE. By EDWARD SCHENCK, on Tuesday. 22 1 instant, at. bis salesrooms, 1 -rt and 137 Broadway, at 10,'a o'clock A. M., n large na ortu.entof Household Furniture, Carpets, Ac , (icmoved for c invenien, e of sale,) cons.a'lug tn part ol i -e wood Parlor Sails, r. sewood, walnut and mahogany Centre Tables; Llugeres, t rench plate Pic-rand Maulel Mir:out. Velvet, lir i-sc Is, Thre- ply aud Ingrain Carpi ta ; rosewood nnd icah'ftr - ivy S-eretary and Library, Bookcaeea, cvlh-d ualutit and enamelled Bedroom Suiia,'Dri a - ng Buu-aus, l iencu Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Wash-lands, Commotes, Shaving Stands, Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds lkilsters. PiHcwa, Palllaaat-s, Toilet Sets, Gar C landeHcrs, Lounger, Sola B--d, oak snd walnut Extension Ta -I s, mahogany so as, Cliairs, Rockers, Bullets, Dining Chairs, gold baud Window shade*. Floor C tn, Maur- I Vases, walnut Batrack*. II 11 Chairs, Cnlna, G'-iaaware, Ac. To be positively sold to satisfy a -T"-*HHr u. T. MORRIS, M irtgagee, 1,1 It. LUDLOW, AIT TIONI-'.KR -HANDSOME MOUSEla, hold l-'urulture at auetiou. E. H LI DLOW A CO. wi I sell a- a .eilon, on Thuradar, April 21, 1862, al I! o'elo- k S.. a. No. t We?t B.xtcentA street, near Filth avenue, the nt i - Pcmdure conta no J in v-uhl house, consisting In part of rovwa-d E i-ere*.msrbletopCentreTshlea,flne Frro -n plate Pier Glasses, r rnewood Pianoforte, made hy J. A 1>. Wait-cr; raaibtc top So a Table, ro-ewood and walnut Library llookcares, French Bedatea la, mirble top Bureaus, Washstauds, Die-amg rubles nnd Commodes; Wardr.ihec, S creutry, Cotuge, Paillasses, Hair Mattiessra, mahoguuy Extension Ta -le. marble topB ufei, Dining Chairs, BrocsU-1 and Laeo Curtain*. Coatihea, Chini and Glassware, Aubusson, Anninst-i arid Br u?a-di Carpets; OMeio-hs, Gs* Chandeliers, Ac-, log-ther with *hr Kitchen Furniture. Catalogues al Ike * cloni ar's oitce. No. 3 Pine. Mreet. Edward schenck, alt honker.?-elegant Household Furniture.?By EDWARD SCHENCK, on Monday, 21st lost,, at 10-2 o'clock, at 211 Sixth avenue, n-ar Fourteenth atreei. all the hen-lsome Purullure conla ined In the above house, ixuisls'iag In part ol'r-.scwoo t Parlor Butt, in brocat-l; t>nter and P er Tables, flno Ol! Paiiulug* and Engravings decani rosewood Bedsteads, marble tup Bureau-*, Wavlistanda and Commode#, Toilet Seta, el -gant Ar.aolre-a-QUce, Brussels Carpets (hio -ghout the house. Chandeliers, b ack walnut Extension Tables, Sideboards Dinner Seta, and Ch-ilra. and other furniture; slao the Kitchen Furniture, with wbi a the sale will mmmence. IjiDWAKD 8IXTZBXI0II. Al'OTtONBBll.?SfirKRB J ttw k of rl h !ir?t r'ltet llou-ulnil'l I iirniLneo, ri ann'aclured bv Mr. T. <J. Houghton. t\ W. DAVENPORT will *1! on Tueadsy and Wedneaday next, .it lOJi o'-Hk <-.n<-h day, on :he preujivi, d'4 and 6i4 Broadway, the entire ."fO'k of elegaut Kuriii'niK now In the eateiunVe wanruoitia if Mi. H .ugh'on, wl o' about mao-.ny on the I t of M?y Too t. clc oo pi I < > a /Viy rlcb ?r d > tried aaaorimenl of rW, an' gooda. m.innf.i'-tu.'xt tn the ail mano r a.d warranted qaitoaay atork In the narfcel Chaakn furniture lncludca very eieaantl '-nrr d roar wool,* walnut, oak and mai.ogaii|r Bedmenda, Bureau*. *ta' ..r^nirM- uipi and nl?iir gians; wa.uwand*. C immodea. Arm irea. Wardr ib*-, Ea?y (,'haira, Lounge*, t.'rl'w, Cradl a, A'-. 1*. il.u Purnitnre?Superb MoOrtu.rnl lo ioar wood and bbfc k walnut, en auito; rlnlimitrof 'a k Klag r,?, I'-iH'. tad S>ra and P.'iirv T*M?a, E*?y and RecryMon Chair*, Ea r '"ire*. M'l' ir Cni in- t*, Ac. I> nlnj Room, I.ioray an-i Roil furniture include . >-ry i .< h vai :i il "vie* ?; oak and blaek Walnut riulia. H .11' ta, nidebntrdaauil niltai "u T iblci, L bra ry and Hal. Tn I ?. II*!'Sundi an l Chali a, Bookraaeaaii l Cltaiia, 'ogether wft'i tld u*uat rarl*!y or article* found in a flial l.<?? tit k. I'?r.i..n*r? wiatiing storage nstU the lat ol' May am be ^<0111 modal' 4. }.VXB' roRe .- \J.K <>. IX.IL 1ST \. li J AMEN il. MU.I.Kt., AL'iTloNKER, Will ?ell, ai pub.11 am tlon. it tlm M i bania1 il.uhau2e, on M ml. 7, April 21. ot 12 Vcl i k, 'lie followlnc named piotieitv Ir |.?n- ig It '.her _*t* f John V. Wlnant, 4e e-s 4. Vl/. ibe tw 1 aior.and lauremeut bi Irk Roane known a No ftW H. oonif nr" -l. alao *1* I.o*a o.i^..tinh arnaun nn<i IISth af'tsai. Terna-d aak , tw..-lUnla caaii, l-a'an.- m iy lam on bond and mortgage far alar not jouia. Kur iumi -nd fni: pirtl Mto? to the au.- .o-i>-< t_ at hla ?fli. e, in Fine at e t, or to B 1". FAIMt'tTILD, ll.t JCfaaan street, J. El tOLTO*, AUCTION!-B't.-HOt bEHoLD Ft'KN'I. r . tuf^CWiiTLl, Oii^olbk. HI*J 01 f?,B- tl i, Mai'rrrsar, Bolas. ' ilng, <on Tuesday, April ?i, a I X o'clock, at ? Ellrabe'h a'ra.-i, n-ar H'it-r, tha mtlrt Kutnlli r- of ihe hoti??. comprising In part of Sofa . mahogany Cimlm, lira**. Ing Bure.i is, marble lopTaM ?, Carpet* Oil- !dh?. MCrora, F- aUirr Bed*, lUir Maltreta-e, Dining Tab.en, Hctrigeratorm, Ki%-h?u Furniture, tog- itierV.Ui lite entire Furniture of the bO'H*. Bala p-remptory. Far* or forty acres at auction?Saturday. April 94. at U o>lo-k, e? Ber-hants' Exchange. N. Y., or t'BKD a CO , auctioneer*, rfiua'e in Hempaiead urwn hip, eighteen miles from Brooklyn, Mar <he plank rpad, god aoILj undr i ultlvat on: Irilta. berries, rhuberh. *.>pui*;m, Ac.. anJ a young orcluud of choice f.una; loodtni dwellings. two large b-rns and outhoueea, nearly new ; BTUOO can r'waln oa mortgage For narflcoUrx and a rlew of toe ptaoe apply to auctioneer. !H3 F iltou street, Brooklyn. /"i EUR OK HOCHRO.lK. ACCTIONBBR, OFFICE UK IT Broadway.?HOCBROuK A CAUNEV will aall, on W-drvraday n-xt, al MX <)'i lo-i, io Twentv-aerenb ?t;eai, between Fourth and laixlngtoo avenues, alt the baautlfu! ro-ewood end mahogany Furniture contained In said bona*, aonalatlna partly of una roaewood Piano, made by Webber; rosewood and manogany Badroom Hul a, beet Hair Mattreaaaa, Bolsters and Plllowe; Una Kaatbar Bad a, Brussels, Three-ply and Ingrain Carpru, Hall Oilc oihs, mahogany Teta-e-Tete, Bade eada, Bur-ask und Waahmands to match; j?i! uiwnjiw aum, c..iROiiann um;Rg Chair* to mtvb; and a (In# lot of KlP-hcn K'trnltnre. Thla in a eery choice lot or P.irnlture. (aulogn-a at ule. On Th'trwlay negt, in Franklin i'iM, naar Hndaoa. ?general K?>rtmoDl(>f F irnitura. On Friday, in Sarentb arenoa, a bcxi'lf'il lot of PnmUorj. On Saturday, in Stiiceaib afreet, i.ear Seventh avenue, Ho iaeh?d Furniture. On the omi day, In Spring atreet, near ft-Ulivan. HnuaehoM Furniture, Ae. Gr.OMOB HOLMOOK. AUCTlOJfEP.R?OFTHB NO. MO Broadway.?HOI.BROOK A CAUNEY will aall on Ttteaday, April li, at No. 39 Weat Ninth in not, noar Flub avenue, all tha benutlfol furniture contained In the four utory houan, vlr.: On# TO ?e wood Parlor Bull In pltiah, Una Bruaaeto, Three Ply and Ingrain Carnela; mahogany Bed u*!?. marbla lop Ban-ana, \Yaahanmdajo raa. h; mahogany Chain, Table*, flo- kera, 'wand damaak Cnrtalaa, on# Plympton B< dtiaad. ooat 91IU; Pier Olaaaaa and Coriu. -? 10 . ntafoh, a very line lot of Ahcola, Or lit a, t'omfortera, {T.uketa and Maraetl'ca Spread, for all lb? beda'e.da, Ijegt ba r lla"r?nwa, Bolatera and Pillow*. An j Table, Pining R.iom and Kitchen Furniture. Thla "ale 1. woithy of <ba attention of parnaa in naed or furniture. aa tba booaa a Aral data boarding houae. Catalogoca at >ala. O. HORTON, Al'OTIONKER?STOPIf 31 CARMINE "JTa i'reel, will aall 'hla day, at 31) Carolina .tree!, a til 0 . l"ok, the Future# of a Barber B.iop, aonal 'ling of Cb.tre, marbla top Wxaha'andf, Mirrnra, Kngtlah Ol'loid. C'J pa, Bnahea, t.aa a, Ao. Henry ii lkedb, acctioneet-iiMN'tr u. LREr'M A t'Q will aall at ano: on, ..n M 1 <1 y April it, at 10.4 o'clock, a' 1 tl le'roy atreet, IJott.ehold F'ti nlturr, <on?lat.lnaot Br am! tng.n.ti t'aina'a. .nrVr-d ro-wnomi Bolt la ttreon ftgur'd braaaiM. ?o d ; marbla ' op t>ntia Tahk>, l*; a Window Ctirlnltia, Wlinlo ? Shadra, mab'-any Ann Cbnlra; niat ogaay Sol.., R.? "ia'haira, rot "re ! tn hair-loth; mal.ns.ny tjiiartatte T.bte, Man'-! Ornamaiiia. in-.h- gany marble t?,p s '0 table, (lilt Cut nleea. Iron Ha'atnml, tj>|efr.ih, Bruagrla stair 1'arpeta. btai- Rndg roaawao<l B?Mead, r>?e<vond marble Pip pre.. ng Bureau#] roa wood CnniwoHr,, Ho M.uiaatt"., FtMhat' Beda, Bonn r. and I'l lawa, ro.awo.jd K.toualon Dlrflng Tablo, ?ne a. at Cli.ira, '.bina, til. aa, Crockary, CttP lary, and KiUban nrnltnra. " HENRjr H u:ED?, AL'i TTONBER -HENRY IT EEEDB 9 CO will rvll at an-tlon, jii T'leadar, April XI. at llF<o'r!o. k, at the raald-noaNo hi W??t Twanty fonrth atroat, kandanma Hotiaahold K.iratt.ira, onMallag .if richly rarvaa roaawnod Parlor Purnltura, (.ornrad tn graan and gald brotalal; do , do., lo maroon do.; roaawood Cantrn and Hide Table*. rl< b Valrr.l Carpata, drntug room, la oak Entankloii Table, Cb?lr?, Ao. Bedroom#? Briaeela Carpata.' Co taca Ptirnlltirw, rlahljr darorntad; Mattrraaaa, PlllOwk and Bod ing of beat Mallty; f*ra Cnrlarna. Cro-t#ry and Cllaao Wara, A'-., Ao , all or which ware made by one of our beat 1 >tr tnakara to order, and hare bean naed . n efttllt but una rant, nud ma la flng ordar. Bala pmmftorj. NEW YOKK HERALD, N SALKJ AT 1TBNEY H. 1.BB1XL Al'OTfOMMUk?UOMUS. OAK-11 rt*s a HMrt, Blanket*, Ai , b pi oner > . ' - "tl man I anus iU ; o.>?HENKY H l.Ekl>ii A CO ? ! > *! ?t .111. i on, mi Monday, April 11, a; 11 o cl< ck, to fr> ril > ^ liie h!"rc N-.i. 2d N ,3.-.-a ,ii' rA lltrao*. do.?in. nun |.oj louu lull B iv Hiu? ., warrant sound, kind aiul gentle. ?iv good wwl il# h.,rse.. Ar , all Uul I i 3 15 .41 t! are uluv and uyma oid.d' o.i jCoocb, made l>j Eird's .Ion, very atrial:: one Coup*. by Wt-ot; oue vcO >irk H .n.O-e, ly I. dldon: one top Wagon, Wl'h Pniti 111 I Shaft <)"* ra n W ... n, wl'h Pole una oiioiu; one Ugui L.ipie.,1 Waguu, uiib Pule and SiaJtai tint |i.*o c<?t KieigA, and on* on* (eat 81-igh; cue at l light .-i!ig:c Harneas: a t Doable ilnric-s 1 :'t. out HlJn So,till#, oiii auiti ie, *lUi Kr.dl.'s. B'auk' 'a, sl :U, Ko i h, Wl.ipa, 4 ',, 4c. Will bo In front of tlteai r<) a. 11 o clock ?n Ua> ol s'dP. HKNEY Ki'UlBJiKR Al'CTIONKPrt.-SU' t.K!'-lt t la met Knri't i upon wbu h advance* have be u made. j HENliY C. SCKl MNUK wlr .-ell this (M ) n..nli ne. ?t lb>, o'clock a- Jil36: "it i II1 Nan- m atieet, rosewood. b.a k vhinut ami . Pu-lur Suits, covered In plain and feu-yo". rat nla bio i walnut l.lbmiy Suite; also a and tdscK walnut Dining lb- : i Extension Tables a.' I t.'hulrg; al?' Ch . miner Suit* In ia cm ly, with single unit e mIWts ng a l*:i;e a:.d (unite collection Also, at l'J o'clock, a col?ii,,u of flue Oil I'm u t:n (a, in elaborate fiatm-a: a .-a a rare Mantel Y* e of ? mni, with Mu-lo li a .itlatb-iL On' .1* packed il l -l.ipi.O'i i , any part of time- on r>. nENltY a. HE UTS JR., ARC HONKER. MY HKNItY WOOD 4 CO. SHKRTlr.t SAKE -Sl'KAW GOODS. AO. On Mon iai. A ,. at 10 o cio c, n the sal' nnn r of Mi, a (VILMfcRDIN'i HOOP KT J lUIMBEiiT, No-. Slianil 2-Barclay ?lri-ct. A large stock c Men a, Boys' and Ms ? ?' straw Hats, UlbI'O .-i rrnn nln' a Arhtti-al Plovera, M- Ire Antiiucs, Silks, Wb te unl . a Luce, Si Ida t' ..on, Velvet Hat Bauds, Mt:rOa."i, Lion Ski:. ,, 4 4c. liv-nuter of J.;MIS 1 LYNCH, 8! erllL Henry b. hurts .iu, auoti6nekr. BY HENRY WOOD A UO. ASSIGNEE'* !J\LE OF ELV.: ANT CAUINCT FUKNTTURP, VELVET, TAPESTRY AND BKUSSEIS CARPET9, On Tu ,ay A r:l 22, at 11 o . oi k, AT Tiii YLESP.l OS, M i , o BH< feDWAY, comprising rii lily arveJ r mwuod, mahogany and walnut Sill's. In or in ilumi-fc, pi di.briAir 1 anil lialreloih; elegant and tr.asi.ivi- Fr- itch plat.- Pier and Mantel Mirrors, -Oil I enrved r t-em o 1 and w lnui Elirabethrl.iu and Lout* Gualol e Bedstca. a, ol d o k end walnut Pillar Lxb-'i-lou Dining Tables. lid i o?. Wood Armoir- -a-Ghne. inorble t'.p litm-ais, Amh in Is. i e .ire 'labit ?. Eiagore-. B .lie s, Seelelaii -, n... and b'ai k . u'mit Dining CLairs, line Npi tug, Curled Hair Ma'tresses, Feather Pillows, Ac., Ac. Terms cash. Catalogues ai talc Br order. E/.RA F. KELLOGG, Asgiguce. Henry b. iii.rts, jr., auctioneer. BY HENRY WOOD A CO. EXECUTOR 8 SALE of uvo superb toned rosewood i'lanot'orti a, on T. ea lay, April 13, at 11 o't lik k, at the a.ilesrooms, -160 Broadway. T rtna Sale peremptory, without any reserve. Henry b Herts, jr., auctioneer. BY GERRY WOOD A CO. SHERIFF'S SALE. WOOLLEN SHAWLS. HENRY, MOOD A CO will sell, .at Tu day, April 22. at 11 u . lock, at tii" salesrooms, No. 450Broadway, a luige lot of VVoolU n ah .ivlr. JAMES LYNCH, Sheriff. HENRY D MINER, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 37 Nassau street, opjiusi'e the Post oilice.?MINOR A SOMEHVILI ? !'' 'ai auction, Til'a lay, 22d, al lo>? A. M., hi the private r -Id tice .C7 Washington s'., corner of Beach, aeuteel Household Kurui.ure, toiisi-iiing of Thrta-ply and Ink uiii Oai bete, uiahogmiy Sofas and Chairs In hair oth, Centre an l Si ir T?' .> *, Lac.- Curtains, Pali.tin.,a. Mantel Oi n . men la ni horary Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wa-'.aian .s and Chairs, Ha'r Mal i eaa-8, tine Kca.lier Be'a, Hol?t- :sund P l!owa, OI 1 -tii-, Suir Carpets, Crockery, Gtasswaie and ki tell en Ltei.sils. Henry h. leeos, auctioneer.?fine diamond Jowetvy, YV aches. Chronometers, Olocks A<\. put fur nceoe nt oi ROiiiialstra'ors; all first elus: uo ix-a rve 1IENRY H. LEEDS A CO. will sell al an tlor, ou Tueidsy, Aj rn 12,at 11 o'clock, at their salesroom*, No. 21 Mas-ail -1ire', a large mo k of in iclass Jewelry, Ac., made fur Broadway soles; alb., tine Diamond Jeweli i, by order of administrators, lOuslsitug of Gold Watches made by Knife. II, and Tobias; Le els Bior. Duplex Chronometer* and Lev- r?; sui*rb Diamond Kings an 1 Breast Plus, E ir Rings, Crosse*. Goid sets Opera Clase s, Sleeve Bu ton*. Ne -kinoes, and Moid 'thimbles; a sitp ib 21 day Car. >aie Cask made by T. F. Cooper, London? i* k -$153; a >lid Silver Sets; Gold Knanieiled Vest Hutlonr, At, .ve. Also a I 12 o'clock, by order of the adm nisi ra tors, tenlotsof linn Diamond J.wrlry, b. in;', thn pro, ertr of a lady deceased. Among lln-m aiv wo very tine R ugs, appraiand at $A'B au 1 dOticaeh; wiihont reserve. Joun L. vani?k'.vatI'R. AUCTIONEB?, A. JGURNEAY, S?l"t.ruo:n N XI', Breadwav. A. JOt'BNBAY v ill.? liis pet ?<?i a! attention to sales of Uarpeting, 11 ;y Goods, Bouts an I Shoe-, Cr bluet Furniture, rtnrj Goods. Works of Art, ,v . Alt ), i > .-oiles of Htock.., ISotiua, Itrai, Ac , at the Mn Uiota' Exchange. Oldilooriilo, 'me'iliii ?alos ut narerooms uad private tealdone a, hi .< oiled o. R-,tn!ar iuvn of >a!c. at More, TL Fridays ami THURSDAYS. CABD.?Tne.ibir, April 32. at '1 A. M., at sat sroom ITS Broadw ., large stile of Velv?l, Tapestry Ingrain ami Venetian < arp tings, MM-nigs. Oihiotha, lt?aD, .lie. T BOG ART, AUOtnONKHR?BY S. A J. BOO ART, I Thurs.Uy, April i-t, at ! >? oclork, the entire Parlor, Oljam'i. r an I liming Room Furniture of the Klorer.ce Hotel, ci rner of Walker aireet unit Iti J .d" ay, condtlng oi large Kn-urh p ate Mirrors, rosewo. d (Nouns A Clark) Pianoa, riiHeu'JO.l and mahogany l'arlnr Rultie Tapestry, Brussels ami Inaraiu Carpels, mahogany French unit Orattagn Bed tends, large Gas Chandeliers and Ois Klstores, ltatr ?nd Sir iw Mattn-Kes, Extension and other Tabl C.alrs, Sofas, large ipi intily ot Bedding, Stt Htn Ttilde and Viil'.M, Cl'O. kery, UlJ Huad Chin* Ware, Ac., Ac, Catalogues ready on We lueauay, and may be obtained at the uiUce of the auoiiouetta, No. I N"rili Will am street, J ltOt: ART, AUCTIONEER.?3 Y S. A J. BOOART ? Slonalae, April lit, at InJs o'clock, at 1/7 Kleecker street, moi gage sale ot Household Furniture, cotial.ling of Purlor 8litis, Mirrors, Curtains, Bros ,ch and and Ingram C'mp ts, Orlelotha, mahogany and Cottage, Feather beds, II, , Itattcases, Bureaus, Wa-ftstamls, litulnj Room ami Us,.-hen Fi.inittue, Ac. AUGUST 8IUBKUN8, Alio ney for Mortgagee. JBOGART. AUCTIONEER.?BY S. A J. BOGAJfT. ? . Monday, April 21, at II o'clock, at it Ureenwxh ?vuuue, mui'igage sale of Hmiaettopl Furniture, mahogany Sofa, Tete-sTrtes, Ijonnges, Hr.iaiels and Inirtsltl Carpels, Oilcloths, rosewood Rut.ere. Card Table, ucilrpgany .-.n I Cottage Beds mills, dii'ttafng and pia a Hnreans, IFaait-lands, limiting Giaaaea, Clocks, Hair and Ho t Mat tena -s, Feather Beds, Ulntnit Room anil Kits-lien I'm nltur-N Ac C11A KLIiS K. WATTS, At'oiney for M'itgagre. T BOO ART. AUOKONBER.?B. A J. BOOART, TCE8 day, April 23. at 12 o clock, at No. 2Ul West Fourteenth ureet, g''n|,.'-I llouaehold rurii.tnre I'at In; Suits, French Plate, Pier Glas-ea. La e Curiam*, llrti.s.ds, Tur reply .slid In train Curfuva. Chamber, Dining Room :tud Elk-hen Fnrnl. Ante, Ac. JB KIART, A, ClIONKEd-BY 8. k .1. BttO ART.? . Ti.ead.iV, April ai !0>? u'doclt, at 241 W- si Kllio-ti'.h street, n<-ar Eighth avenue, genleet Won.-hold, Furniture, , in i. lagol , aawupJ t' Hail, in sai n hit, mel; Kr licit plate PierOla-s. Lece Curt Una. elegmM Velvet C,?rf >t , t>|i c'o l.a, nialiogiiny lla' Stand, UeaUbaadatiers, Unantber iind Kl, h -n Furniture A . JB' i.ART, AUCTIONEER.?BY 8. A T HOG t RT, W dtf ,..y, A on I 21, a li)>^ o'ido, ?, at No 12 c; Street, Warren ni ne, Ken'ee! Hnus-hold P inil'me Fi d ir. h, at No. o? Wtat ihirl, eutlt atnet, gaeoeel lion !,,rid Put-! oi*. Hutnrdsy, Mth a- IkKO'Mogk. ,t the a l AO. I Nor:it Wdium ,.ir-ei, a genera! us o. I.m tit ot ll NMga mini r hi mini i', nrr T BO.'IAET, AUCTIONEER.-BY S .1 ,T r.O ;.\Rr, ?j ? uflti No. I Nortl W.I :.un mreet, will x ll, mi We luesit i) Ap il 23, 1 *>, *i ll o'c'o k. 'in ice premises, Nor. and 7t>BaMit#'r r.:, o!?iil Morses, four Cuartier, one Brett, one two i-?t lyat' i- Thji Wajnii, f"ur Iii^ .1 Wi.uon?, nine a- is Single nod I>mih> Hmiyri, Kotirs, It-able Tools, oiPee Furniture and rtxtnrM, Ac. Alary L a-'- of Ho jirnmtgse Tm rtbj lk*rt 'lii|ng iiT llrny mm and oil > r* a* the property will positively he ml/1 without nvivr, T rnvH 'i*li. and the prop/ rty lo r?t>.tired litiMfl ilely a.ti-1 pure catalogue* nuy be obttinrd on To- ds> /'I the odic- of the ju tlonerr*. | No. I.BVISON, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE M BKOAIiel wa)?Will ?"il lit public R . lion, nil III- premises, the eiiluo Household Furnttore ionla.n?<i in the prirat? dwelling lifHi, N i. I tA Alien atrec!, nu Tuesday i.mruini;. ;.t 10'i ?"eu?k, April 2?, .netting nf a splendid rocwood Piano, Baker A Korea's in.ike; solid mahogany Ch?.r?, in balrclnth; merVe i ji C-iure Tshles, mahogany Tables, L oklng wlasa, h:*-* wi? not Kt*r?r?\ large Po-. el.iln Vases, | l-iCurtains and Cnrulua. Knglsh Brussels Cat pel*, ma' hogany 8 .fs BMsujd. msbo^any Card T?M?i, Brio Mantel C.oek and Laiupa, Flr.i Sets, nuthmoinv Rook.mar, Linen Shades, 8 IrCaipet sod Bods, Fernher Beds, Tolls'Sri*, mahogany Wsahstands, Parlor B'oves, Ail'at Limp, Mining ami Tea ish 18s, and a large assortment of Kltoh-n f'urnltnie. Bale poai'tr , without ruga-d to weather. JCOLH, AUCTIONEER.?HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. . .tAMFIS i OI K S B"N will sell on Tuesday, April 2A ? lo'g o'clock, at No. 5 Uhaer?-r p'aoo. Brooklyn, a general im -'ruent of rosawood and mahujf.ri.y Par.or and C Irani ber Furniture, Carpets, OlMotk, Otlss, (wis, Ac. J P. TRATER, AUCTIONEER.?BY HUTCHISON A . TKA'> KJt,Bort(age Sale tblsilsy it! lUo'ilook.oi the- ontents of Saloon VM Chatham street?marble and other Tables, I'b ilea, t'hunters. Bar Fixtures, Range, Kl'chen Furniture, Leal Pipe, Idas Fixtures, Ac, a WHITEllEAP, A'tortrey foe Morgtgee. TOPEt'H HK'lBMAN.?THIS DAT, MONDAY, APRIL ll' sj at J oVIack p. SC., at No. 97 Mlddagh strew, between Henre sml Fnlton g'reets, Brooklyn, Hoiisel o d Furniture Carpels, 8mus, I'liaira. Tanl *, He]steads, Mattresses, A-., An* JHBiiEMAN. TUESDAY, APRIL IS, At lo' loek A X., at I.W Ai'sntlo sneet, between Clinton and Henry an eels, Brooklyn, LA ROE BALE OF KI.F.UANT NEW CUSTOM MADE CABINET WVBNrrUKB, b-lug toe entire stork of I. R. n.iyie, ivho retires from the business, comprising suits of raiHiT riirnmvrr-, or iwunvxi, wai;ion "tny, in warlona < otora of brwaP-L rap# nail nair loth; walnut and oak Library Caw a, Hall roroit'ir*. In roaawund and oak; maiiogany, oak, walnut and "iiano Fed Chamber Bala, wlih id The, Ac

Oa'-a ogi aw.Il be ready and tba gooda on rlaw on Mond?r MOBTOAGK 8ALB.? 'UARLEtt B I.OFW, A LOTIONe*r, will anil on Tu?a lay, April U, at o cldtk A. M., at id7 Cbnrth at reef, by rlrtna of a (bade! u>oitg?ir 'lie tM.k and Plttor-a <?f a l.ikerr and rnnfnrilonarr, runa ailitg ol Cahea and Hand lee, i.'tody .lara, M'oiUla S H'ra, Hh. |ve*, Counter*. Tabl?*a Chair*, Mot, Cro -bary. Making Ui<-n> eila.oTea, alwi.ratiry diana and Awning and Kranie. lilillARll V. J.OhW, AtUn n-y lor M nig: gee. MpofKtirrr, AOCTIONEER . PKKRMPTftHY HAI.K <?K HOCeETIQM) fl RNIti ck, akphtr, parlor suitk. ac , Ac. M. DOUiiH'tY, Ain *h>n?er, will a* II, on .htnnday, April 21, ni 10! j u'c'./Ck, at aalearonn, af> a treat, tf?uarhold Furniture, <on*ittui? of 2,1 Brnaaela Taiaatry Catpela, n-aiiy new; elan 0>*i jarlaif do., u^w, aoltd io?ewood Pm lor H ill, '-orrred In bro *to|; bla k walnut do., In rrpa; inalio^any .In., la hair 'loth; ik-maiy aftdidbrary B?nkaaaaa, marble 'ot> t'ontte l'nhlra all* frania Her and Mantal Mlrroia, Ian* Window Cnrtalna and t'ornh aa, Rttrn Ion Inning Tab.?a. Boll la. D.iiliiit Cheira, ror ".tond and ma'uo;nny treihh lop pi''ai||ii Humana. tYoaha anda and Ri'dao a<|< lo mat h; Mali Mill.' are*, Knll Loungea, Wardrobra, Ollo'othr, Ac., Ae. KT. TIAZRM,, AUCTIONEER. . I. A KB, ArrRAfTIVR AND PEREMPTORY HALh 01f RdDIJW WOKTT1 OF HARDWARE., CUTI.KKY. AO. WHITTBMoHfc A IIA/I-.LL will all at auction, no WEDNESDAY, April iS, and fo'lowlng days until -o.d, commenting at 10 n'olook each day. At Wo. At B?"kman at vat, tba eottra aaaign?d atodb of Messrs. Kllla Brntbara A On., rotnj.rlaln* a large and wall aelente I aaanrtmant of hear* and abelt Hardware, Cutlery, Ac., to wbltib tba altantion of btiyara la reqaeated. Terms?Btlle nnd*r$OH)oaah, In bankable funds; all near that amount four montha' approred andoraad notaa, payabl# In the rtty of Naw Yor?, with Inlaraa! addad. I kui'i'tnilrr*"t fmJ"'r ********** IONDAY, APllIL 21, 1802, I A tiffin AT AtlCTIOI*.^ pAWNfROKERUJ a\LE -W N. I EWIhTa1HvSoNI ear, oil s?ll c -morr < ul" , ai Bowery, up atu.r*,a large a* o ,u,cut of Ftuiali C " uiui, lUfi iini ii*, | lioota, Shoan, Ac. ii, urutu of W a. 14. oiMl 6Ufi Q 1IKRMAN, AUCTIONEER.?U. HERMAN A CO. j O. will m),1 oil In Apr ii '-U, 1 ioi* u cloak ul J J I Hlceckw airo l, tn ar Mulberry. i.U u.e genteel 1L< i*i:.uld Etti nl'tire confab u t la nut,I ow Inc. uoynlnf <> I'ar. lor Suit*, Eri-n'h ill ?t Mirror, luiii'do t p tVnir Ttblen, I Bootcasa*. Velvet, ItriiMel* aud In.,rem tiHMli, Bdaa, Cu.ilrs, marble top and mabogau) Du.suing Buieais, m-rble top and uiabniarv Wl Uiiuni*. ni?l,op,uy ami l lU' k walnut li "date ads, Pub lisir and IIi:sk Multi craoa, K all or H"Js, Pillows, Bolster*, Hli..?-u, she t-, a lug lot o ldiulng R om an,! Kltch, :: Fuiiiilnie, Cli.'lrs, Trima, O tine *, Oit elotti, Ci nkery, (Ha art, and a 1" lot .1 Cooking 1!; also two tin tug Mvh is---, lit r-'J order, Ac. Thin ?.tle la w, 11 ivoithy tbc attention -l lite trioe aud other*, aa tno furniture la but link, used. To be aj..i positively for cash. Vj 11 BUM AN AU< TIONEER.-S. HERMAN A CO. V. wi l sell, ou Wedm ;v, Aid ill* . 11 '' j o'clock, at N . iM8 Ten,h htr. c', cnteel Uo'ii.-o-lioi t re. .oiiii tin . of Aim Ci airs, T.ibl.s. S Mirrors, Looking Ulnae s, Clocks, llu: at Inga. t'aip -, Ol. ,oth, oik aunrnor Book< on. f ill: ike riiahog.iiiy T'irhird Table, r ir'.V- I'd, patent rush* lon?, lotnp'H e, :,n'd hi o.l wd r. Jala po>.live for ca-e>. Q A J. ItOOAlJ-r. \rcT10NEEK ?UV VIRTUE Or' A O. C iali i Mort > . ! will x,.<> o for a e at public van !nc, ru Th'iraii..y, A II VI II o'r! I i or' u am, t c of the Er. g rid Boa ':uv Huu.-c sttuai" at No 11 Washington xtf , -n 11 v- < > m Vurk, tonsi-ioi l o' I'ixti r s, Fuit) iui", R r Itc'dB, lieduing, and HoustfiO.d Uien.-iL of everv <!c. riinlon. JAMK.- M'LLIV AN, Attorney for Mortgagee. THOS. II. Ill RLEV. Attorney f ir Min t, nf.i e j rilHoMAR Vr'.iTCH, AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO. 271 A itroadtvay.?l'u'. u Adiiiliusuai j '* stir of Elegant flons 11 1 ! Emuitmu, on Monday, Adrll 21, at 11 o'clock A. M? at No. lid v.'c .i E . irteeiiih atreet, npnr l-crputb uvenue, consisting nf P..rlor8iti'ca in rosewood and biociT't; r tegan. I'arlor OirpMs, i rr :a Plate Mantel aud Pier Vila j-#*, lirtllO iru Kitchen and Ullioe Furi Kure, Oil' .oih*, c., Ac, A1.0 at 2 o'clock l'. M., or Uo bu'.i a , a ?ai>i:Hi?uw jj.nrary. All bclouging lu ill;' e tuaof G.ibriol Winter, docegaed. S P. ItUSSEL, Public Administrator. rn GAFKNEY, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 69 CKN-^ 1. trs (tml, will sell in Monday, ui t()>? o'clock, tjfl Lease, Stock mi l Fixture* of the Ural ola*s j?i . stoi. souths v o ,i corner of Twci. y- hlrd elra< t ami avenue A.; an eieelP lent four pull Kni{u?ii H or Pump, Counter, Shelving, Gas Fixtures, tit v , m n?, Ac. UNCLAIMED RAILROAD FREIGHT AUCTION?MONday, Apill 21, a'1 o'clock, at th Store No.41 Hair son Hlreet. for account of whom 11 litt) concern. to pay freight and cbargtif, about seventy ituckaces unc'al ued Freight, Machinery, Liquors. F unit'ire, Ac., A'1. T rim?Push deposits required. WELLl.NGTt >N A. OaRTLB, Auctioneer, tore 5.' C orllaiidt street. WM. HOLLING'SHEAD* . MOOTS AND SHOES. P..o hundred case* at auction, for cash. on THUBSDAT, APRIL S4, at I0}i o'clock, by ALEXIS BRAGS, No. 30 Warren street. Comprising a very general aseoriment of fresh and seasons, ble r.ood to which the ultcutlon of buyers is r?? pert folly Invited. ALEXIS BRAGS. 30 Warren street. WM. C. BIGGIN'S, AUCTIONEER, STORK 427 THIRD avenue, will iOd on Tuesday, April 22. in Bh-erker *tr "L near Mulberry, a iarge assortment of lio ieelnl l Furniture, via.Mihng ,uy Bedsteads, Eur'una, llooktavs, Chair*, Tiil.des, Pier Classc*, Brussels and other Carpets, BsddiiiK, Kib lien Furniture, ,t ., Ac.; al-o two Sets uig Machine*, lu perfect order. Bale WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER. OFFICE NO. 4 Broadway?Sella on tin a day, at II O'clock, the entire Slo-h and Fix urcs of the n!d established Grocery and Liquor Store, suuih ait comer o: Twelfth a reel and fourth av. nue; Scales, C untera, Sn ip. Tens. Sonars, Coffco Mill, Io" Cheat, Awning, and all other fixtures, Ac.; fait Pony, Wagou, Cart. Ac. WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER. OKF.OF, NO. 4 *v E i.-t Broadway?Will a ll on Tu esday, at PJj o'clock, the Siock and Fixture* of the Grocery and Liquor St. rn, No. 17 Gut Halt pi me; tine Counters, large Glasa Cane. Soap, S areh, Screens, Kcfi Iterator, and all oilier tlx lures, Ac. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER, NO. 4 EAST It Broadway, nulls this day (Monday), tit lu o'clock, tlso II a h .Id Fuiii.turo In 129 Leonruu ntio- t co -e-tiiigoi Carpets, Bureau, Beilefada. Hair M .ttre ,*?*, Ac. titilliam abbott, auctioneer?salesroom, ii No. 4 Ea-d Broadway, w 11 a dl, ou Tuesday, Wednesday aud Thursday, ay.ii 22,21, 21, ui 11 o'clm k each day, ht 2'4 Bowery, the entire sock' . Hosiery, ladies',children's and gentlemen's Flirnial It,if, Ac.: also the Fixtures. Rareciiau c for bargains. Cue Is put up in lots to suit purchaser*. WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL TI1IS Ti day, at two o'clock, at 431 Canal strict, tlia.entire Furnituie, AC., of a large Uuus-: Parlor Sulis, Centre, Dining and Tea Tub'es, Pier and Mantel Mb ior-, mahogany iima Piano, Lace Curtains, Bookcase, Gas Fixtures, rl? n Velvet. Tapestry. Troc-plv, Stair and odier Carpets, Ac., in great variety; mahogany French and Cottugr Bedsteads, IlaT Matiresius, Feather Be l*, Blankets, Sheet-, Table and Bed I,men, marble tyj Drcs.-ing Bureaus, Wash, stands. Toilet, China, Glass, Silver anil other Ware*. Wmdrobes. Dining Ku '-n and Ki chen Furniture, Ae. Allot the above la in good order, and suits fa mill * and others. WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL BELL THIS II day, at 2}^ o'clock, at 431 Canal street. Special sale of Cupels, Or loiba, Rug*, M da, Mailing. Au., of a laige mansion. Ilousekeepei a und othi r- are lt.v.ied. Wm! witters, auctioneer, wilL~bkll on Tuesday, at lO)x o'clock, at dwelling house to Beach street, Furniture, A'- , Gas Chandeliers, fine Carpets, Beds, Budding, Die;sing Bureaus, biaek walnut Wardrobe, Bookease, Pier Ola?>, counters, Halt, Basement, Dnlug Room and Kitchen Furniture. Wednesday, la Thompson struct, Furniture. t WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL, TI1I8 day, at 2 o'c'iyk, al 464 Uaual atrt it, 13 large and small Counters, Show Cas' e, 2) dozen fre?h Tomatoes tu enns, 80 ?*"?{') wuvifii Dti?uiU9, tiuwu * taroul, Sperm (.'audita, dotuljobns of Whiskey, Brandy, llln, Sbtrry Wine, 4c. . COUSTttV BOA KO. C COUNTRY BUAKU AT BAY KItKIK. I., I.-THB OWNER J of a large and comraodioua will treat with gentle* ncn and wlv -a, or single Rontlnmen, lor Heard for the sea* sou. Two minutes' walk trow the cars, and wdhtn 'f hour'i vide of tbe Brooklyn ferries, short distant e irow the bay, hes'tny looatlOD, Ac.: at ib'tng accommodations, References rn<-,uir?d. Address W., box 1,707 l'oat oOtce. C10WTRY BOARD.-A FE'V PERSONS WILL BB AC. J commoda-od wlih good B nrd In 11 private umOy, on a fat mat Pliintlcld. New Jersey; a very pleasant plane, 24 niii?-a from New York. Kor particulars address box No. to Plaltnield Post ouua. /lOt'NTPY HOARD WASTED?BY A LADY. OB THE Hudson i m r, al or near Y oak era, with a resuwjat'.e rrlvate fanlly, where th re are no other boardersand whris she'an have the tire or lite krajdn;; of a sad lie hotae in the ntdgbte r id. Duvet C. L , station D, Bilde Home, giving the particulars. * (' lOl'BiRY BOARD.?TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN J bavins tot .o-,on be a n asmodated arltb Hoard, for tbe f b ason. ist Yonki-is, one nitlcdiom the depot. Ail lies# J. 1>. I W V< nkera. New Yoia. . /1O0NTRY BOARD POR T1I14 SEASON?I* A | \J b ullby loi tllly, w-itbin ten of trie city, on river I m bur wanted In ,i i ar v if liireo ladies. two I'lii .lien and one iiiilHinii i ii' i tkrr boanlara; MfomiKN Aidrra* C. S. is., licfa.d o'f.ce, slating leinut, w.iicii uruai be moderate. CIO* NTHV BOARD AT RIVKRDALE, HUDSON / river. ? KlrUcIna a tommbdatlon.'.an b? had In a private houae. la-! air* i '"i. with balb, hot and rold water A<trull. a'luir anil can.a;o houae. Ttiuiamoderate. Ap ply at No. 1 Great Jom-a street, C10U.YJRY HOARD.-1 UK ADVEUTI.iHR, HAVING A ! house in So ith Nut-walk, Connecticut. live mtuulca walk from the vara or r'cauiboat. tvnuUl ,oicomrao> aa'. a tew i*r-one Willi bo Til Price to a ill the time*. For par'iculara at ply at Ml Sixth avenue for two week*. CIOVNTUY BOARD CAN HE OBTAINED AT A FARM > houae two and a half milia from .1 ininlca, one and a 1 halfhour by vara from the city. It Is pleasantly loI ea'ed; ran accommodate one large or two auiall fanmlea. For further iiertlcnl.ire app'y at 8l Sanda afreet, Bioiklj n. f t RNTEKL SUMMER BOARDING.?AN EXPERTIT eared lady Irom the i-lty, baa t then the large Mansion Ilu n or Mr. ("oarltoti Pcirta, at Tkioag'? Nc< k. a. I will keeu a selert and ttrat cLua Bonding Houae. She in no.v ready b> maao anangeinanui wltn fainlllea or private gentli nien for Ro>uoa for ihe reason. In all c*'ea reference* will ha cl.en and required. Tb- place la appioarLablo hy railroad to William abridge >nd a drive of three miles acveral timet a day. and by ucan.bcait twi< e In tba morning ?ud af'emoon. Tha grounda are pien.iant aud fully fri tted; the bouse commodious. .l~euilK>,t withut a qi-ar tor of a ' ni l'. Steamboats atao return twice eeery morning. Address Ml*. B. on the piarvk N'EWTOWN, CONN.?OOOD COUNTRY BOARD AT A unlet hotel In this village, on the Housatonlc HaRroed, wl'lun throe hour*' ride irtmi tbr city. Ilo-aes, carriage* an t (tabling to be Lab on be ptem *?* Aodreaa W. J. Ut k, on the pi emlaes. RESPECTABLE PBR?oMB wishing to enjoy pure country air, *ia mile* from salt u at -r, car he ?'.?niinrdauul by a widow lady and daughter* on l>.n? l? and. two Lo uri ride mini the Ity. B"nid At per week; ? co.tuuoda tb ne fnr horses. Apply atSJ Concrete-tr-cl, Biookfyn. WANTED?IN A HEALTHY LOCALITY, EA^Y OP Hcoesa from tha city. either Board lor a l.tmliy lu far m boutie, wllhnut other boarders, <.r a furnished Cottage at low tent. Addme hoi 1.870 New York I'oat off. a. NEW Pl'OUOATlUNI. C'LOSING OLT SALE OK books. / AT ?7 HKUADVk AV. I am off-ring my liw^e a c a of atanAn dand ml---srvooa Book a. at wholesale and retail, at ??ry low prt 'i to reduce Hi" stock previous to l uun?1 M .y I. 1 em oileiloa a large aasnrunenf nf dollar Bolts at ifjcent* ea h, whit It la lower than erer before Bold. ?'all and examine the stock. On y one week ai it*, at these pri.ea. o w. rrrt'HEn. No. a77 Broadway. "ifow TO make money by advertising; UL a t'h \trricAL man s ad. ice ? Sen' fur tin* three c? nt at ,inp to hoy address. ROBERTSON A CO., xY and *4 Nassau ?t., New York ei y rpiUrWONDKRI'CL new BOOK?THE ILLlSTR A ted 1. S let.. Prion !?c'oaely written, containing over .NJU |wg' ?, tvlt.i re< l|?? fur mantif u luting all Ute InUvA and most , nttnty makingart|"lea of the age, akd also an atpoaltlon all the iih ka. hn positions and cheats prm tloed In and out of la: ee eltlea. Mailed free f ir 81 Agent* wanted. Address O. f. Mortlm-r, Jersey Tty, M ,f. BII.1.INKKY, AC. Madame a noUrrit, 00 HLEWKKP. '-TWEET, NEAR nROADWAY, Itrfotnia tha ladles of N?? York that she he* l*'-ly had irotti some of Hie vei jt lirat hotiaea In Karlt. a rich and beautiful assortment of sh'kino bdVNETB, STRAW GOODS AND FLOATERS, RIBBONS AND TRIMMINGB. Also, from Brussels, a new and handsome selection ot Point, Chantilly and Guipure Uwt. Millinery in aix its brancheb at cushman A BOOKS', 483 Blith avenue, corner i?f Twenty eighth street Ladles ean And a well assorted stock of noli Silk Bonneta, Straw Beunau and Hats, Bonnet Bilks, Rlbhoos, Klowera and Rin b-s. Alto WW dn*en Purls Kid Glores, at 63c.; none any better In this city. CtJNTTMAN A BROOKS. 7" "77 HOTKU. A' LBION IIOTEL AMD BOARDING HOtTsK, WU HUDson Mreat, corner Charles.?Roonta, in suits or single, suitable far families or single persons, with or without Board. Parsons declining hnnkekeeplng, and those making i *"*' """V'S.-BariaM. rww?, iWf'" WF ""'yf ?? 1 *\n lodqiYr. \*T AI BART TWKNTV FIFTH STREET. BT.KOINTi Y ' rum ho 2; ' .? tole-, alia or without Hoard Apt!vale t uli-. I.' dulled. \ WIDOW LADY, LIVINO IN A 8VAU. J10I E, ?' . L xin i i a . " uu<*, would l.-l tu u l?dv -a ' n'utle- I i"..ii?ii oiy iur..-? *'A fiii ?>- 4tt<; t.-.I' *? !., WiU Bo ..4 J?r . thu tudy. AtiUri-.s* K. W , A .ilou >' i*o*t oii.ce \ 1'RIVATK FAMILY, KESIDIN . I'. T.vEN'T- THIRD Xi mrprt, Madiaon v.ould let an m^aiiCy furiiiehetl i Parlor una 1J i"room .. a 1, i.tlexau uitd wile, or . 1 ion (j ieo; uinmoOHu ?c, wlUi ofury Qoiireuieuoe. Apply* | to MRS. L St1 Sett Foil 1.h aveDU . VFEW BOARDERS WILL BE TAkEN AT NO. Ill I \t >M lu'n it. ut.i air" 1, wane tii y uiu nave al. ? imiifut'M of a Imiuo. HartUA uo boa .l' is iu yW. U' iu la t? vr , a 01 dee o. fonum. A vury tire.ruble. loruuou un . sood uol a- ' LorUood. A FEW OKNTLKVEN WlfllllNTl To ROOM TOfiETIf s\ tr, win be a ciiiiau'i i'usj u 1, a .011' , o-' ?' nut floor; ?1d a unit Uoor. wim lietlto ::i ou third in or, Willi llu .ril; toill.ihle furOu-dd ., > n o i; iieur all he h 1 .. anil man ill- a.,w'jr. .Viply at 1>A Oreeue a.reel, l,.rat> douie ii'iovf Spring strati. A FEW FURNISHED KOOMl TO LET?TO IKNTI E XV men only, v. In n t tlio mo lorn ltupr#Tonien'R; uruiiy | p lv:?le. 11 t 0: referent** -in 11 una required. No. It \Va< iii.d'u. 1'line, uesrNew Yoi'lt Hot'1. \LADY AND GlINTl EM AN CAN HE ACCOM MO,1 'tod vlth I nhdsomeli I'm ,.|?h?'l R >iuk, Board Tor 1 lie la !y only, by iuqumng al ui West TweiuTr'.il.h sum t. ATTENTION 13 CALLED OF THOSE Lit INO IN j\ tint,-!* bmnlin ; Im f I ah c TTbTISlinimii upon nil a till) Mn'ilo 'gal street, and lUvnudiiii with nvr.ytlOng uece*r iy loi .10 isekeopjpi, liu niiler.tuat? faintly may hav..- a complete home and llrn at a 1 >v? rule. AT 129 NINTH STREET, A TEW HOOKS WEST OF Bro.uT.wiy?A 1111, 811 1 of Booms, oonai fit of Ttrler ani two Bedrooms, or would be divided, with Board. Diet 01 references given and required 1a handsomely furnished front parlor to J\ h-t -lu tlieprivate house &2 luosby a net, U ; ? t-i.glo ^nu-iuuti. A LADY AND TWO DAUGHTERS WANT HOARD ON a farm for six months, lor .i5 per w. ek. w In i o there s a phiuo. A'iUii ba Airs. George Motion, Btuokiyn l'ost oflice, tor oue week. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, AND ONE OR TWO sin^io goutl' men, run onta 11 a law front K mm, with Bodroom attached, on the s oindllooi; terms modi-rate and family very small. lie for on. es given ami required. lbOEast Eighteenth sire, t, botuo n Se -ocdand Third avenue*. A T 169 AND lilt WEST FOURTEENTH STREET. TWO aA. families can be acrommodutcd with Suits of Koouia. Al-o Rooms for two gentlemen. Dinner a sl? o'clock. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR ONE OR TWO single gentlemen, can be aecouiuiMUatcd w it I: very pleusunt Rimms, with or without Roard, at 42 We,.t Fifteenth street, between Fifth aud Sikth uronues. Relet i nee* required. A TTIIE L \RtiE MODERN HOl'SK,80 WHITE STREET, 1 V one door oast of Bioudvuy, double und h n,le Rooms, with Board, for gentlemen. References required. A ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, OONTAISIVO : \S, liat and > ol.I water, tvub bathroom n-J joining. to let to a gentl'-ruan, or a r?n:h man and ids wiic, l ull or partial Hoard: ..unity prlva e: l-eiereiiee.-- required Apply at 2 H Luxlugton avenue, third house u ore Tuirty-eighth st. A LADY AND CIENT OR QUIRT LADY PAN HAVE A JY. obofee oi front E >?, with Board for lady, at $& Si" and til. Modern improvements nud no moving in May. Family small. Apply nt '-*< Amity si met. A LADY WILL LET A PLEASANT FRONT OR BACK parlor, furnished. to a gentleman and wife : sl-o rooms for three single gentlemen, with firsts-la .is Hoard; home hub all modem improvements ; dinner at <> o'clock ; references given nn l required. Apply a' 221 West Tldrtleth strei t. AT NO. 80 NINTH STREET. BETWEEN UNIVERSITY place aud FTl'th evouue.?Kootr to l.-t, ea suite or single, with tust < lass Roard. Dinner at 6 o'clock. llciercnci-a given and required. No nuivin,- In May. AT NO. 20 WASHINGTON PL APE. NEAR EP.OADwa>?A family or sin !e geutlem-u can obtain a Suit of furnished R i uns, with full Board, In a tust class house. Apply as above. A WIDOW LADY AND HER NIEP.E, LI VINO VERY u\ retired, wll let a nicely furnished Room to a lady ana gentleman, with Board ior the iAdy. Apply a> No. 6 Audiy place. AT THE SMALL PRIVATE ENGLISH BOARDING aV Uoure, Nov 1">J West Fottrtci udi street?lo let, with | hoard, oi mi vc:y modi-rat' terms to adult*only, a han sc-jond >ioiy front room unloruUhcd, escepitug carpet. Breakfast at 7; dinner at 6 o'clo- lc. A lady, iiivino uj' town, east side. has a handsome Pat lor to let, to a lady an ft gentleman; Ix.ord for the 1;111> only. Hons" Inn nil the ntiinprovemcntx. Family private. Addre?sK., station D. 1'uat oni^p. A HANDSOME SUIT OF ROOMS TO LET.-OEN'TLEntcn wishing Room* at $1 and $1 iter work etui Un<t real homo comfort* In it modern bouse; would N't the ontire second Floor, with ex-iusivo Kitchen, to a family. Apply at 61 West Fifteenth street, bctr, urn Fifth and Sixth avenues. Boakd.-h4 MULBERRY STREET, NEAR GRAND. Room for s-veral young inon at $3; si a>. two ladle*, at %?\ room tor a buy at $2; tiny boarder* at El do per week. No moving In May. Board.?a gentleman and nrs wife, or a small family, <an make a very favoiable aiiangcmrnt It* rooms with Board, In a private ftnillv, by applyingat 158 West 1'orty-clghta street, b tvrecu Broadwav and Eighth avenue, Board?rooms to rent, with board, at 25 Great Jouee at reel. D.unerat *la o'clock. Board?a gentleman and his wife or two cr three alugle gentlemen, can Ik a ontmo nt"d with pleasant Room*and good Board at 31.8 W<-s? Twenty-flrst street. Torme moderate. Ilo mo contain* all modem .in prorement* and family private. Board-at ie tenth Hklir, corner kouk i h avtune, one block from Broadway. A It .out on hist flour, suitable tor* pity?k'l.iti; aleo u Roo.n on w ond floor and Bethojtn on fota.b floor. Dlonsr at six. Kjfcrcuue* exchanged. "OOApD.-two GENTLEMEN. OR A GENTLEMAN Jj and hi* wife can bo (vrommodatrd with * tn atlf tor1 nlslo-d Tledmotn; iiLo a neatly pu nished Hall Bedroom, for ' n single cciitb-inaii. Term* moderate. J.o ation very de*i. table. 1'U Madison A reel, between Pike an 1 Rutgers street*. 1B, OARD?Til OREEMWT'lfkt.te'et. \ gentlem an and wife or two single gen l-Vn-n . an nlilaln good Board at Mr*. Taylorb. T- ra * m ?; ^ f TJOARD.?ROOMS WITH HOARD, IS A HOl'SE DE | -IJ tdrably locate I, r ?nr?itil:>^ nil ftp* modern improve* I men'#, auj where but few bo are taken; rufeieticeR j etA*0?ed. Apply at 44 Went W sailing on p'irr I "DOABR.-?TNOI.K GENTLEMAN I'AX OBTAIN BOARD I 1) tlown town, by applying a-, In Ptku aUuot, betwcuu j Maoism 'i> l Monro s r?fis. BOARDING.?A ^SALIi P WII.Y WOCUf I.TKK~TO rent a lew .*<*111 a. 31;. d Ku ir.a.wtlh orv ttboul Hoard, le ration la cijia-i, a Tow tln'u** from Pifth Aven r II ;et, N'?. 1N> Weet Ttvcoty.foiirth Uc.ei urea exebuirutat. BO lRI'l.N'U.?A HANDSOMELY I UUNISHED ROOM nnii Bedroom to let 'o ? j tub man un>l wit* ; also a pliy?!<;i?n'? ofllv, one s'ngie Room. In a private houw, with t all th** modern litipro re tactile. T**ruie mud-rate. Iuuuie at Prt Print** itr-eL Hoard lp iows.?a small private family would la', * ith, pi* .aim stilt* of mm ?\ .1 **i n* fllrntrbed ltojm< toe thul* <r eepnraMy. K !. e . 'A **vchanged. Apply at l-t Wen Forty-round street, neat Breadway. Board.?roomh, wim hoard, is \ hoitsrvert de?irab.y l'.< ate 1, containing al. tin* uu*.doi n tnipi mernent", and where a few boarder* ar?* taken; h!-o a I andaom<; basement Rood, lor ? pbyehian; '.vim* t*j anil lire tlmee. Inquire at ?7 t Itn'on ; Ir.ce. Eighth street. Board and lodging down town -SINGLE lynilenirn enn be aeioinmedaied With B-urd and Li >t;.< Ing by applying at 411 Pike street, be*'veea il?*niy arid Ma.tiiou atreele. Board wanted?by a lady, wiirre there ere no other boar Iota, ami but a email fan I'.y, In a nice cottage, located in Y"i-k?l'l?, Ht>rlem or W!'! atn?htir* pra* feied. ferine mnet be moderate. Add.e?a A. B. C , box .m Poet oOi e, N.V. Board wasted?with a widow by a i.adt where there am no otbe** Uwrder*. and b'tt a idp!I ; iml* ly, to a nice cottage; to. evil in^Yo rk v i lie, Harlem oi Wllllameburg pt?ferrcd. Tt rtn* uuit re uxxbtatx*. A.<lr*e? A. B, C.. bov "it* Post ofllee. Board wanted?by a young man in a private family duo o town, enat aide; low?r pa<t oi Hsu Broauw?y, Henry ??re? tf Madtion etreetor TlHnltv p., reimd. For eit-tl from A6 to flta ner w ek Will he imtiL A kin a . hv lelter atettnfyuwihr^w.nOnib>t CIMaiden lNf,n>i1*1 ra. Boann wanted.?a lady who wiix kirnihh kuiI take tniig* oi her room, of nb'atoiig i>o*rd In k pflrut* fainltv, or where ihirrmi bu> few U-ar-icr*; location t??t aide of I bo illy; trim* moil ee moiieratr. Addre** a. h . Ikii lis Herald olUt,*. Ooarhiwaxtrd.-a Yor.vo man wishes to obL> lain p'rnioiv-ol Board In a m table family, where 'her* are toil ft-w boarder*; wiil pay tU l*r mon'h lor hrcakiaat :?n<1 lea; dinner required on M*d?>; reference given. Addre** H , boi 119 Iferald'olEce, BOARD WANTED?IN BROOKLYN, IN A PRIVATE , umiiT. bra jroon* maw, whnt h* <e* lure Mi* rdmforttuia home; inuat nc* bv tanToui 'ha mna. Additaa, a 1 'in* laaMtOO, 'erm*. Sc., M. t'.,?lro<ikl,n nM "9 e. TJIIARD WANTBD? by A yot'no WAN AVD SISTER, J) in a prlrato, where (he iauy ??u |*jr for her board ' y '-a' It I >ifr mo?lc,'ai'h ro*?t and In-trmw n'al. will a'*o firnlah splendid piano gratia, If dealreit. Brl? rerr b< e?. . li." ii/;- -1. A lil' cw I T , I o? :,,7I7 N'-w 1 o k P >at >0 BOAIMHNH-A LAROB IBB BLROANT I .-Nr PAR. lor, on Hie - cond fii.or, wlih Bedieoiri attache*. to let, I e|')i*r furnished or utifrtfaUned. will Board, li.ab'e for a I rantletnan arid hi* w II* or ? email family, a* :he eu'lre dm r i ! <v'.n be had If dcnlred. Refer*ace? em hanked. Apply at 101 t Second arenue. Brooklyn.?bemuuob a- . ommodatiomn, with i B*>rd, for gentleman. Ai?u a nun ?>n:'ly furnished wo ad at >ry ir?irt Room lor a i.tiplr. IIm?e a ..| lab'* strictly fir* cla*a. Apply a M State street. "ppuau* Uaidiu street, Brooklyn. I BOARD IN BBOOKLTN.-A tIBNTLEMAN AND ftl p. oi two or three tingle g'ni>n,'c. ran obiain peasant I Koorne, with Konrd. In a small family, at No. In Naaaaii street, nenr I'tillon feny, Board in rrooklyn may me had with a pri. v*'" I in fly by a lew p-re- na; thoae ileairlng a prina pent h?m< will lind a good noute, unit all eke agreeable, wlih gia. batb, Ac. Apply at 1,5 Hand* air- et. Board in Brooklyn.?a okntlbman and wipe, oi two'fl g nlletneii, can obtain Boar i, with plraaani Hooma, furnished or unfurnished. a i de*lreit. wlihm t*u or Ul'teen minutes' walk of Ih* ferries Hi a entail nnrata I'am'ly of four persona; term* moderate. Apply at No. 107 Johnao* street, near L*wrente. Board on Brooklyn iimohtb.-a very plea ant front Parlor aad R 'room to let, on se-nnrt door, to a gentleman and wi' r ?! ,:'c genliemcn. at No. 9 Poplar atreet, within thre* minute*' walk of Pulton ferry, and eight of Wall atre*t, Would prefer ptrtlea to fmnlah their room*; hotta* modern, Board in sovth bhoojilyn.?dandboiik apabtmenia, furnl'hed or inrin nlahed, mar be had In a Hret claaahouae, near On H'i itu Icrrr; hot .od old water it all U* too ma, DluwraktU. Apply et M liongi ?w?lr*ei. 7* ! BOAHDINa AND LUDGINQ. fl WM)h f.YN UFIUHT8.-TWO HIRGUbC UBNTUSMMN ll u n Main ipuid i"" win pood T ?.!>!. m?a tort. li nwi situated In lull .v,?o. tin) Eu.?i river, unl couveuiont i . yoit u end Wall utrot tArrteu. AtliUco.i i: u n bot 8. H N. T I'.et ofit e. 11R00KLVN HEIGHTS?A SUIT OF ROOMS 10 ? iviit, iiti, HB .r.i, 011 *" tnd :i?m ; ?U R ioni? f? niiiHr llu u fur it u? lit . nun HUd i\ ite 01 'i* penUe.t en, in a Hew r.n Ja n . ; ooAnjule.t'. to Itrr.e* icmu modern ij. Ci U l.low ft.r't. liOAUOKHS' lliHKlTORY, KS1 BROADWAlf, WllliUR 1_> pm-tlea uriolung lull purtii.-u ?ivof no.r 1 in oily. vicinity mill c-miitri, me 1'titnlaiieJ giatuito inly. All w.-uin1' giintoel luArd, it>, iuelty and eminlry, uhoultl m '>'> Hoard wanted fur ftp.oli'm.1* immediately. A 6. BOl'lNK v Cu. ptlMKOKTA: r,K AND GOOD HOARD IN Tlili OCUN\J trr united, in a private lamlly, half un 'mm'* ridr by mtlroutl iron the city, by ft family of two n.iniii, two i.lilf? d - Ml:r. uinl u half *n t our ve vr oldl nd nut am Tciiiin I'Oot fi:n per mouth. Andre**, wit i loll p .ul> ii un; G. W., 11 I litl Olllui. t.lUEM H BOARD, FRENCH DESiON.v-A GOOD OP1' utn Hitiiu foi pi r-oni u istiin o leoru Freucn. Kooiiih and B .(rooms in li t; ulwi it lat^a bn-.h I'urloi, funiiuiicd or nu'ori lsln:(i, ut 1'A Emu Tututi--e to 1 Hired. 17IUHNISHED ItOOMH TO I,ET?ON THE MUST FUIOR I of it mull private i o .t iiu.o* oil the lmpri vt i.i'nm. in llm tmullv of u wi loo No, M t int Thirteenth sue -t. n few doom from Uron'wny. TJlAmiilBS AND HINtll.K GKNTliRAlHN CAM OBTAIN r R- mii, on >u te or ninr'y. in a riv.i'o latnily, by opplyiiiji it 107 Eighth street, hetaeen Klftii i n.i SDtliav run. T ? I. imko liiihfo e:i rereotly la . li utiu u wiy flueil p, h <1 cna' Ir.s nil modern improft meats References given and fcijuire'l. TiU'KMSHED I I FNTLK M KM (UN OBTAIN r ve y choice B'xuns at 30 Domini. k mum, with use at g t"> ami i alii, at i. o lerate pr:. ey, ? 1:1 out nil. ljdURNlSUKD BOOMS FOB OENTLRMEN -AT NO. 5U J? Broadway, oj>i oaltn St. Nioboias Hotel, ut $1 to $1 l<er v. ek. Iiii|?i|re up sums. FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET-WITII BOARD FOB tl.e lady only; also one loom, with ookuic stove, suituMe U>r housekeeping. at $3 SO per week. Inquire at No. 5 Ludlow plan*, West Houston street. Ctrntlkmsn REQUIRING A SMALL PART,OR ANf> X Bedroomroiinc Hup, with board i r not, as may be Ut rued, on so mid lln ir. v llh bath, Ac., may find all llioy r. (tin p nl very low rates, at 47 West Twrnty-soveutb street, near Broadway, Refeiunoes exchanged. 1W BROOKLYN, BY MAY-WANTED IN A PKIVAT3 I American family, by a gentleman and wife, two Rooms, f ini shed, for bedroom ami silting room, ami pl an, substall: nl Board; pari a I Boned lor i (i? erntlrinaii. Location to be within fifteen miliums' walk of Kullo I ferry. Term* to be $S per week. Is'iler nrtdresaed to (!. (!. RODNEY, He, aid o:lh e. New York, will receive Immediate attention by the advertiser. t HAVE SOME NTOELY FURNISHED ROOMS or L llr.-t, seeond and third floors, at mo icrate terms and In a desirable locality. 93 K mt Fifteenth street. No moving on 1-u of May. ONE OB TWO DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET-IK A smalt private fami y. Gas and ha'li in the bouae. Din: - r at six o'elo K. No. 5J Lexington avenue, erne door above Twenty-fifth street. pitRT OS Y I'URN I.SHED HOUSE FOR BOARD.?A L gentleman having a lian.taomc fumiiLed, hon e would lei a furnlsh"d fliror and pilvllege.f kilobeu, and take board lo luo persons fur pay ; or would let the half of house and make favora'de arrangement. Address Johnson, Herald ottice, PERMANENT BOARD WANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN mid his wife, below Sixteenth street, between Tided and Sixth venues; terms not to oxeeed $:YI to ?55 per month; tiie-l urn Mix r d single room, with close Is, pre; erred. Address !?., llerald oilice. Rooms to let?furnished or unfurnished. with Board, lor families or single geullumcu,jtt 33 Weal Sixteenth street, near Fifth avenue. pilOM WANTED.?UNFURNISHED ROOM WANTED, lb iii a puvate house. Loeaiion betwe-u Bleecker and Finn t'o-nlh slreetsand Slxih and Fourth avenues. AddroM J. W. Broadway i'osl otliee. Rooms wanted?with or without board, im the Seventh Ward; se ond story ttirough; three or fout Ruomv, Addrc-s for two days, m. F,, Chalbam square pm oAlre, giving paitico'.ars. riio LET. WITH board-one room OK tne farJ lor Hour, and one ou the second ; terms not over 10 |n-rweek ; also oaoelngte room ; house lire! class ; dlnaet at 6. Apply at No. 16V East Seventeenth street, near Stuyves.nt I'ark. "\rliRY NICE LAI'UE ROOMS, WITH CLOSETS, TO | V in, suitable l?r families, fttrmsbcd or unfurnished, with lull or |>a tiol Board; also tour small Rooms, for Hingis gentlemen, St 112 Bemud uremic. References exchanged. "\7fKRY DESIRABLE ROOMS, WITH EXCELLBBt V Bond. for families or single person*, at low r&tust AhIiI.uuI IIuiiS", 3u7 an 1 ItlKI Fourtu avenue, between Twentythird and Twenty-fourth streets. Has, baths, tloset*, io.f bonne newly furnished. Wn.HT FOURTEENTH STREET.?BOARDI NO. HAND f T s iniely furiiished Rooms to let, with B ard, to Matte' men and their wives or a.ugle gentlemen. Add red M., Her r.tUi odloe, for three days. WANTED?TN A FIRST CLASS PRIVATE BO USB with all the modern improvements, location between Fourteenth ami Twenty-third streets, a suit of Parloss, a suit of Rooms directly over the parlors, for a lady, daughter and maid; will furnish the same, excepting carpets sna dressing bureau; nitrate table required; unexceptionable reference! givm ana required. No Hoarding ho ine will suit., with full i<art!culars, A. M. Fanning, XfT West Twenty-secon! street, or tli Bowery. iiraNTKn-A HMALL. PLAINLY FURNISHED ROOM. IT without Board, for s single titan; la a prlrale family preferred. Address, stating terms and location, #. W. I}., bos 3d Post olBce. . WANTED?BOARD AND TURNfSHBD BOOM FOR A respectable lady, with a small room communicating for a gentVinau, without board; not to exceed a months Address Wobster, HeralJ offlco. WANTED?BY A WIDOW LADY, A SMALL, UNFVR* uUbed Boom, with Board, with a widow or a loan lady, whero there am no other boarders. Address M. B., UsraM otH' e, stating location and terms, which must be vety mod# rate. v)7 Bf>ND"bTREKT^TWO OENTLF.MEN,_OR OMfI tlcuian and wife, can bu accommodated with RoemS and Bosrtl; also a Parlor Flour to let, with extension, suillt* bie tor a dentist, 't he house has the modern iuiproveinealn. QO WEST SIXTEENTH STREET. BETWEEN FIFTH O'/ sail Sixth avenue*,?Handsomely ftirmshe I Room# to let, with Board; suitable for gentlemen and their wire# or , for ,artlcsoi single gentlemen ; bouse lirst clssa; location ' one of the most conveuteiit ; dinner at ; references reI ulined. -m.-'T- W'*' "*1 ~ * t?L~ 4 "I EAST TWENTV-THIKD STREET. NEAR MADISON tL avenue.?Two line Rooms, elegantly furtviahc wltU !i?t elites Hoar J, to i? gentleman and his wife, or l? aiagUf MtUemen. refoNMM ointisiigddi -o st. MARK'S PLACE. NEAR SECOND AVENUE ? )?i A handsomely furnished suit of l.oims, on the second ant tbl d lloors of A first ClaM kMn to let, together or sep r?(? iy, v.iih full or partial B> ?nl,'o gcutlemen and their j wlv. is or single gentl-rof u. on the Lrat of May. Early dinr nri ; terms moderate. Kefereneea exchanged. ! ft I WEST TWKNTY-THIRD STREET, BETWEEN i *J fc Fifth lid SiX'h avenues.?Fnrtr jheil Komi', In suit* or-ingle, suitable to, families or single gentlemen. Can bo I had on reasonable term*. References exchanged. s -/ EAST SEVENTEENTH OTBERT, Wit EE DOOMS : fJ*) from llnio i sounre.?A few nice Komi* to let, witii Sesril. House tin' rls-s; dinner at six. Terms moderate. I Re: ei eaecs exchanged, 7(i 81'BISO 8T11KET, THREE DOOBS PROM ItROADI I U wav. To let .landscmrljr litrolshed lounn to ?ni;le cenil''mm ; the location Is near all the i rat class hotels and plac* of amusement ; reading room fie.'. Inuuire' of AN80N HOISE. QO uRIiENE STREHT, ABOVE SPRlNU-kMTON >/?) II .iter.?Elegantly furnish* iaulUnf Hoouie; gas, Oro| ton and i very convcnton i for houwkwpliig conomi ally, I pai nculaily suitable lor sinaM r?-4>e uhl<) Iambic. or single IS- nttemen. Rent tew to permanadt tenants. inn io' iiti-kmh street-a large i I.UJ I'ailor, wi'h B drinm communicating. on a-cond tlcSs-r, to lei, with brat class Board. Families or am,de tenth men wish lug cood aecumir.o lutions will nnd it worthy their attention. Ho iseiaaveiy tine one and I cation unsuri asaed irijriii.VS STRRKT-ST. CLAIR HOUSE-ELKjL?)U csu'ly fnrnlsl.e : K >oma wl'h Be Irooms attached, w( u a I the oonveni'incca for honaekeni ,H;t eomplele, lu. riariiiiR geeand t'roton water, i? lei to respectable lamlllaa or single gentlemen. Oifl HLM HTRBBT, IffiAPrM'RYNO^-FuilXISnED JjllJ Apsi i in'ills for immediate ocottpancy. Tlie low st rents in the city, considering the convenience of eeonomy la Uocsekeeplng. Ran bedding and furniture, with range, ceok- f tr.g'itenslls and linen complete; gas and t'roton Oi'l FOURTH ATEXU1S. THIRD DOOR BELOW ajUl Twsn y-llrst a r si?To let. Rooms, n-atlr furnished, singly or In suite, m Kmilies, w tn pri.a'e table, or to amg:e genileinen with | arttal Board, or Rooms wlthoui Board. References exchanged. OIA FIFTY-PIRMT Si'RBET, NRAR1BNTH AVENUE, Zt I TC to let; Ave Hooiua on th'rd floor, ?10 per month: fout Rooms on second floor, with privilege of ba'h room, $W pes mouth. Water on each floor; pantiles and Urge garden. ]"1 f)? BHOiDWAV, BETWEEN TWENTY FIFTH sl^'J and Twi ntf-slith streets, oppo-lta Madison s'l'iui". Elegant rnoms may now be secured, furnished or nnlcrn'abed. alnglaaria au.ts. Tiiif rebkllius. 4 SIliK ANU Hl/NTI ?*U MiAti?,, ??* MAUI* r.jr wile; KlKO staffs. Moumliijta, Trimmings, Kaslaa Hall*, S> i- H ?<!* A". Ornamental Painting And Embrotdnr DKOU SUA. HO.IKR ,V ok A HAM, >.'7 Diiann StrMt, MiiniKncturer*, Painters fiml Designers. SOLDIER'S PAY, ARMY AMD NAVY CLAIMS OP AU kind*, Pure and Bo intr Money Co looted; discharged nld.r. H or widow* Slid hen* of ilwe"??.l *oldior? or *rsm''* liotl I.".tor forward their claims linmaiiistely to A. 1 Ullr 1.1 PC, 1*2 Brotdwaj. ^ TTNiriSD 8TATK8 8ANITAIIY COMMISSION, WASHI I i.. .. ... i,.ni i4 ?KtV? .Vnifi ior tii? lion' nix lloiinl* t*!?. Onu hundred abln bodied mm, nut readily Treble ta i thm -?.?'< wanted ? - tip hT .it nltutM'y ne immea upon lli? Kloi-liui Honpftala ? hi ii are bein? prepared liy the I ailed bDii" Atinltarjr Cummlukn, under uruere fioin ttovetnuvnt. Apt''o in* timet be mm nl oorreirt halite, intelligent end ovcpi'ienrml in thi1 ?ar of fhe alek aud wounded, and feat III ait Ii Inborn. An>'y to DR. K. IlA HitIS. *53 Kfmrlli avenue, N?W York, b-iw-'m 4 mid #u' in k P. M. Steamboats. I NOR IIItlDrtKIOKT?THE STEAMER II It I DUE PORT 1 will h m e Peuk n ip, Kuit lllver, 0\ rry Tinnd.iy, Tlnir? nay niul Saturday, eri Ivm* in tim? to tonne t ivltli nil the Hi pre ? t'aliin. Km! hi taken. 1111K STEAM IIOAT LONG I.ALAND LEAVES POR N-irtbpoit, tmuihiait at lite imerme ilme landing*, nvnry aileiiMxin jtnn.liiyect epted), trniu Kulou market *llp, el S P. N. Relurn'ug, leave* Nnrdipbrt erery morning el MIA.1L KBtailS AND TOHACCO. FAMES C EAEMnnr?TOR MANV YEARS UNDER J the Hower-l Hotel, having taken ai. internet in the H -ga? Emiiorium, No. t I'nrh row, wunld be tnnet Happy lo bare kirn many i teiidacall an ; --ee h-->. UNION, - UNION - UNION. - UNION. - UNION (A> Pine (lilt; the heal Ulii-wmi Toi-nixo iu lh? mat del; fog ^ *%! bill/at thi: d?i>ot?Nm? PaiMow, ut?tU*MteM. ; ^ : U

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