Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1862 Page 1
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~ ~. V " * ? TH cr ~ WHOLE NO. 9358. SITUATIONS W ANTED? FEMALES. For Other Want* See Eighth Page. A LADY FROM BALTIMORE DESIRES A SITUATION a? honaelcat|). r or to take tare ??t" children', Abe would h willing to travel wnh a lady or faintly. Apply at lot m. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A WOMAN OP LONG perl nce, as nurso in a private family; no o'neettoui la tha country; Ce In 8. of testimony as to cuaraeter and ratability given. Call at 191 East idle at A SITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE youii? woman, as chambermaid aad n.rsr; is pood at mbrotdsry an 1 plain suwi-td. "Apply at tier pros ml stnis I linn, 1 IS We-., -i-tti si, ARESPECTA1ILE OIRL WISHES A 81TUATI0NJIN A ia nlly i,oi. g to California: is willing to pay hair her llttshii t? fir s! .1/ v.d' i ! hff in (* >t* vf y tnniilht: is i ?tif it I i of work, ami is Kin: and lug with children. lias ihc la si diy reference. Call at 334 9th av., uear Mat st. A SITUATION WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE AND JV comp. t-nt yong woman, to do cliumberwork and .? laundr ss; or ia plain cook .Mid laundress: best city referone.' given. Can be a.*eu uuiil engaged at 225 Wo at iila !., between ?lh and 'Jth avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS Otirau and -eainaueaa, or aa chambermaid and miiim tresK. can ope.raie on Wluclcr A WIlMj.t'k sewing wartime. Can be aecn a tier present employer's for tUroe days, si East 2t)ib St., t> twe. n Broadway and itli av. A YOUNG UKKMAN OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS A chambermaid in an American pin ate family. Call at tO Pitt St., brat lloor. AS SEAMSTRESS OB LADY'S MAID.?A PROTESTall' d rma.i itlrl la desirous of obtaining a siit.ailn i as eanutreaa or ia ly'a maid in a respectable family; I- willina to wllb lite care of children; no objection* to lown or eoiiniry. The best of city rcleiences. A pi iy or two day a at her lute employer's, II Ui ainerey pat It. Ka i VO li t A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS A SITU ATI OX IN A unaII private .anil y to do general housework; i- a coo I plain cook, washer and ironer; good ref. rencc lrom b r 1 .it plate. Call 111 t/J Org raw St., Brooklyn. A LADY BREAKING VP HOUSEKEEPING WOULD iiae to | ro.ure situations lor tier co k an I cha.nliermalil, who have lived tvlllt her fur iwo years. Iuuiitre ul 41 Snsl Altti si. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPE<TABLE young woman, aa rliuuibermald und wait'CK*, ui at children'- nurse; liua no objection to go a short dt-,ante in li e oo?n.r;.. Best city rlerencea ran tie given' see ha.- il.ed ior the luatr fou ycaia. Call at 116 Jut a ., for two days if noi engaged. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as . bamb-rm.ild and walirest in a pr.vut lamtly ; no objection to assist .n tli.v line washing .and Ironing; hau the beet ui city reference irum her last employer; tin objection to do the Leu. ral housework in a small lamiiy. Call .or two days at .36 Bridge ?t. A PROTECTANT OIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS nhrsc in a private family; la a good pi .in-ewer; has Ibe beet 01 city reference fiom her last place; has no objection to go to the country with a lady lor inu summer, call at 1(1 West 2?Ill St., b ttvceu 7lh ami 3th avs. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A Sli'l'AA Hou to d" light house or chamber work, and im-ist w iih the washing and ironing in a rrsuealauie ui.vate iumllv; good reference gl\ cn. Cull at 1U7 13th St., ncnr uv. (J. A SITUATION WANTED?AS WET NURSE, BY A JIESpectub e young, lieultuy. married woman, with a full breast of Mil; her baby la l?ro months old; best city reiereneew. Can b? aeon lor two daysa: 113 West l#tb at., near at <UU*.-, A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young Human, us w?:ueiAor cjmmbsrmaia. The vsrhost oi city reierence from tn r lJ|t piAH'j vA" ,ho days at lot East lllta at., corner iahv. ASITUATlQiJ WANTED-BY A HIGHLY REsrECT uble wofban, us ilrst class cook; is willing to assist with L.? washing ana ironing; no objection to the country. Best f city relcren.e, Can he seen tor two days at t>7 bill av., second lluor, front room. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA tloo aa lid a maid and seamstress; undei standi die-.making an., hair (Ireauug; fully capsule; the very o?-st city ten reace.,iven. Can be seen for two days, or till suited, at Jul East 25t. at., eat side of 2d a v. A YObNG WOMAN WIBUES A BITl'TION AS CH1L dren'- nurse n i to do plain sewing, or would do cham* fcrwors ,.nd assist In the washing and iiontng; has no ob" Jeeiious to the country for the summer; Las the beat of city reien-no-a Call at 1J0 Weat 20th St., between 7th and tth aves. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION us sua istress; is an esperieneed ennmbcrmaid; would desire to ta?e a tin twmva years of age with her; tne girl is an n t and w ould or willing to assist In any light work; no Cjooi n io the coutnrj or city; the best oi city reference can i e p o le-'-d. Apply at or ..ddress 142 Bast 2(st St. ABITUATION WANTED?MY A STEADY PERSON, as lady's maid and s*-'OStTMa in a private nmny; c..n MI and u. n.die?' i?" aildr, n'a dresses ao.i do plain scwta? Cull tor * al 2,0 (Kb av? between I7th and Mill atresia, N EXCELLENT COOK; ALSO A NiCE CHAMBERmaid ana wulnvss, now with a family going to me auutry, will wan: plants in a few days, best of reference given. Apply lor tuo tla: a al 90 Ba"t_M a^ k YOUNG GiKL WANTi A SITUATION AM CHAMXX JiTh a dtiiu Until mm, ia a fcffrt rnte huDti at embroidery, to will iik.At \ lias the ocst of city refertace. Call ? 111 flour, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLEPRO. . rr V nu"X "he Is perfectly c?" b,e of taking e sr. e < f i.n Infant i>. ui,.,v, t,, P* I oa either >>nu.? or pom. V'V h.., r.,v ?,/.rtP- I' Qftrlitopbcr ,t|y >?r A '^TED-BY AN rjxp^Ex^D || II ! > rtit ???teel piiTair faintly; we,u|,i have n ubjecm king br .? n ^ il'*! veanlng an . t'.oning: under .laud* from h- ?f a P*''r5r *n '** "J" beat ol city if *!,*,' "i J""11 r?r two day* at 12i Weal ac?ii titU ?nu /th av*. AI^PIttTABLE YOUNO 0IRll WANTS A SITUAllon, lya.) tniui>?ir>,)r^i ln a gma|j private famtlv: ?a ?h?m! n am ? K, i.m r*a n \.mn> r a .d imner; oi uonM ?<Ter.voi k and t ?aw??r.! of children. llui tbo bc.i of rl'L.iV**?"0* ro'11, l'a#i place- Can bo neou for two day* ate*?t *b.%>. A VOi-NU WOE.AN WISHES A SITUATION Afi WAIT,J\ re mi or ctiaigriiei maid and w?l ret-. Ha* the leal of city ? io men. Nt objection to It a country. Can't e nc u for iwodjr" a* ??2 It en 27tb at. AWUi'EClAPLE YOl'NU WOMAN WISHES A SITUuiiun a* C o.. wa?liemnd iroucr, o. aa cuauioeriiiaJd Ande.t.c*-, h*a*uud city reference. CaJl foi two day* at No i Jons at. ACOMi'KfENT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ; IS a ;<u cook; can good bread and paatry; can a* a 1?1I lecoiniiieiiiied * rum In r last place. Can ba aecu far mu uaya at tit lib ?*., corner 18i.ii >t. ARE.-tPE TABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION; la a good cook, waaher and Inner; undi raUinda all kind * of paai. i; no objia lion to go In uio country. Call for 6?ddgtaat ?.u n av., near itiKn ?t. tioo.1 city K- er naaa. A SITUATION WANTriO-BY A RESPECTABLE youii,; * Oman, aa diet c!aa( children'* nnrar, or would laac tba eutlie' burge of an in ant trniita bl. lb, or it mild do light worn and tUKB oam 01 c.nldrrn; lb iro irlily * tip-U-nt fur hrr bu*ine?* Una leu ye.ra' reference. Can be Man for two dayn.l 132 Earn ytiu al.. lop lloor, front Mb A RESPECTABLE PROrEHTANT YOl'NO WOMAN it- diet iil< all..11 aa aea naircaa, understand* all k ndi mi lamtljr ae ln. , c n cut and nt coiiu. en'* dree* a and opeBak' <n wncelcrA W.laon's maoulne; no objeeliiib to -ec to OMldr n. Can be aoeu at 111 Eatt 221 si., between 2d and Sd ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE woman,aa llrtt n*M iborourbty competent: m i^ftniO'taka hi me ef a ganucuian'a bmiao for Ibe m turner uiontha, na objection to go a abort dial .nee In the country ; very bi at It; ictiw i ecu. Cau be wen for 11 o data al fcU tfth au, liaiwei ,;d and ilk aea , /I WtMrUUflOl'Nil W OMAN WMIIEH A SITI AL thm in d o i iinuei work an aai nijj III a ?m ill private mlly; good . i.y re. er aee. .-*u at IZJ Weal 2lh.ii at. AriESl EUrABIaE PROTECTANT YOl'NU WOMAN wiabea a attual.on aa unrai an plain wiver or to do nimtfilx rivci *. Call loi two days at 261 3d av., between 2tat and Ji<| tta. ARI.-UKI.fAHLR GIRI- W1BURS A SITUATION Afl nurac ib-i to ww, ami take ca.e 'if children, ur . hamwrknu. I* wll.-Bji and o diging. City referanoe. Can be H-'t'll lu- two day* al u>'a Jim at.. corner OtU nr., kc OA t Hour. A SITUATION WANTEU-HY A RE:-TE?'TABLE HIKE, to c -'h. a aali an ! r-m; 110 nhjei lion to do l-oiiaew-ira la a iHiall ' unily; nnrirratanda L-o?l?; la willing an.l obliging, rat elty rairraa-n from i.rr hut place. i in he area till BiiMl,? 41, ;iti it, A SITUATION wastku?hy A YOUNG WOMAN, AX wKia -r -a-iadr- a-. lf.-ai-.Ui year* and a hail'ret-renc fcv-n her l-at employer. Call for two -l-ya at ii*i t>tb a*.' #i-iwftn Mth and 4-111 kU., wcomi Ho- r, front room. Asm Ml-IV winted-BT a young Woman, to le g-mrr.-i homework In a email family; In the country arelty. UnOd raien-Bcr. Oan be aero for (wo (lay*at M mo- e it. A SITUATION WA.VTBD-BY A YOCNO GIRL; IS A goeicook, wra(kcr-tuil iron.t; would ge la tuccountr. er lintel ultn a a-illy; the brat -if city referem-n givca fnin. her taat piece. Call at 75 Court at., four door* tram Ail-at-eat.. Brooklyn. AKEsl'H table oikl wishes to do general hoim-w.-iK u a private family, baa g ml city rat*, guaa*. Call . 147 Smlln at , Brooklyn. ARKSfKCTABt-E YOCNO WOMAN WISHES A 8ITC. anon an ch itnoerntaM and wa-treva, or would like to iaae care of children, or take a nurae'a place. Ilaa the Ami hi < liy reference Pieaae itll (or two day* at 247 Mulberry at., near llouaien. ARE.-rKi'TA HUB YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A HlTl'Ainn. -ap.aia cook, washer an.l tioner; good illy rcfe*ei a Irom a?t plnce. Call at 41 Clarkaoo ?A, la the ttore, An indi striocs girl wishes a situation as chant jyimaid aud UunJr-ra, or waln-cia; su yeara' reiercncc fruin laat plaae. Call for two daya at 172 Baat S3-1 at. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY AN UrHIOHT, HONEST, hard working girl, who la a good cnok and ei< client waaher and iron er, no objection lo bouaewnrk or the c inntry: can gite the beet of relerence. Apply for two day* at 44 CaiII A, acar Myrtle ay,, Brooklyn, la fancy itore. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A FIRST CLASS LAINdry an. with tbe beat city rrfereoeea, ? r na chamber., did and lodo ap la-rgaud embioldartea: no object on to u- -a thy rum 'ry Call at or aitdrta* I ft two day* M Witt 701b baiwac-. |tb and 7tb ay a. :e ne NEW SITUATIONS VVANTKU- PKNALES, ? RESPECTABLE MV.tltllD WOMAN WANTS A BABY a\ lowei nurbt. at her own houtc, 270 West 2tth at , top il oor, front n 0111. AS NURSE?A KIDDLE AGED WOMAN DBS IKES A sanation, can take eharge of an lufaol from U? birth; la wilttn ; and <>bl , Ing. Can give tin; lest <>f city rvfen urea. Cull iu SUi We t 24th at., lor two uuya, where sli has lived ] fivoyeara. * A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURBS an l a>'aii.Hires* or us nnrae and chambermaid. Call for two day* at 37 B.antoa at. A SITU ATION WANT ED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO won tin, as chambermaid and to ass at with th- washIn end ironing; ia u illm io do the general honacw .rk of a m d private iamlly; boat of city relernce Can he aeeu 1 .r two days ?t 1..K 8th av., tlrat lloor, m the rear. \ SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED 71 wot.ian, aa Ultra.: aud acaiuatreaa; can cut an t lit tor children, underaUiu .a I ne ?va.-.blng and cbauiberwork; no o'iji otlon to i.o In the co ntrv; has good city reference. Can be keen lor two dais at 4.19 Gilt av., h tween 26th and 27<h ata. ? t u.VII'ETilNV DRESSMAKER WISHES AN KNj\ gage.ncnt by 'hr day. we -k or .ooinU; uo obj?< tiona t> fo in a lamil.v; n..deialnnda oil kinda ot sewing. Addreaa r two daya D. *!., In.on S'lua/c Boat oflloe. A RESPECTABLE LADY WANTS A KITUaTION AS house kaupar, who la ooaipeionl. Beat reb renee ft wen and required. Ad lre?a for t.vo ilavaA. K , Union square f Peat othce. A SITUATION WANTED ?BT A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, AS chainb- r nald and waitress an ' j lain sew er, or to akc rare of cliihlri'n and w aist n toe housework: Is wil'lng to maar heraull .? Hil; no objection io the country. Oood refttMtli e UftlJl Lis </iv#tl. for Iwo <Iu?i -1* lA'l VV'. mi '>U? 1 ui between 7ih a i Mth av?, A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SOBER. IVD18trions woman, at cook; nnd-i-aian-!* co.i?ing all l imit of meats, soups and pastry; reference from licrlnxt p..ioe. (Jail at e7 West IShli at., lor two days. A respectable young ulill wishes A situa' tiounscook; no objection lo aot- xt in tin- ?a>h!Bi(?n I Ironing; i an get uiu deal city rcleri nee. C.m be seen lor one day at l.Jo'J Bioaowuy, corner of J6;hat., in ibe g-Oery bl o. ASITLATION WAVTED-BY A RES ['El TABLE Kol, ux chain < rmuid a*>l wuitress, or a.t ciia-nbeiroaid ami rlain sewer; no objections to go a abort diaunee In tie country; good e'lty reference fioin ber last place. Apply at 1611 \\ e-t 1:8th at. AYOUNU, ACTIVE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS 11 rat lata waitress or chambermaid; la fully competent for ellh r; e.-n Live ti e h-st ! y reference. Can So a,en mull i ngagedta titer present employer's, 44 West 17th at. A Situation wanted?by a youno girl, as ; e. a yooil * wer, and Is willing to aitu in the ihan.berwork; is eapublo of dolus boib, as she lia tired in some of the b st families of Dublin; no objection to go a shoit dlslun into the cuuutiy. Can be seen at 117 Weal 26th at., nenr7lh av. A SITUATION WANTED?TO DO CHAMHERWOKK and plain be win;, or ch-un'of rwork and waiting; two ycara'lefereuce lroin place. Can be seen fur two days at 137 Wesi2 in 11. A situation wanted-to do washing and inning, or general housework hi a private lamily; cdy relere.nce. i an b seen for two d.ya at 167 West 20th si. A cook wishes a situation; SHE perfectly understands iter bumuttae. Can bo accu at ber present employer's, 0(4 itii av. Arkkpectabi.e you no woman wishes a rituatloii as cook; would assist with ti.e washing and ironing. Has three years' ri fereme from ber last place. Call at 2i?? at-x kSUYCtll a-1 and &] av? * A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COLORED WOMAN. as cook, in a ream-viable private family; sh-j Mitnoughiy uuderstunii- toups and |ststry of all kinds. Good reference given. Apply at Ml Broome at. A GOOD PLAIN COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A private lamily; Is a good wastiar and Inner. City re- '? fcrenees. Can be sien for two days at 148 Sullivan a'., In ibe rear. > ^ SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Is a aawl bread and biscuit maker; wonkl have no objection to <lo tUo housework of a small faintly, or to go ft short distance iu tl.o country lor toe mminrr. H is good dty r. A|p y >t W West l?tii at., In the basement. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A ni.iuUon as uirse and chnoibermuid, or as chamber.11 .Id and waiti oa, in a rdiuII lanniy. Call for one day at 6*68th ay., near 33d at., In the candy store, Good nj relercnei a ANUHSE OR CHAMBERMAID'S SITU AT. ON WANT ed, by a young woman, woo understands uie cure of .1 Ofttiy, au.l to do plain sewing or line wa biaig and iron!' . Be-to., tily references. Can be seen at62 Westlllat ?t ner o! 6th nr., for two days. ? ?'* AYOUNO WOMAN DESIRES A ^UATinN AS er'Te^?f fe~n^K^rt *" * aid ?*nU? iincv' Addrrm^! M su #? JJ ?7.araeirr ami cnmprKlyn.fWtwod,*; * Cai'U. &"> "'?<>" ? . *>uth AH ikin^wanM t^'r TA^HKH AND IHONER.?BITUAcook and a sn'an.i v - steady, re.Uule -ervuni; a lint rale ai^ b a une^e^ ' washer ami ironcr; neat, economical KJMftMuS^able relerences. Apply to Mr. MAN ??1 ^ . it., lsrooAi)'D. A,? WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A RE,IC1. > ,< etable woman, who baa lived u< arly lour years witn f, .aat eiuplo) er; la an exce.lent washer and li oner and ex?. dingiy neat in her work. Inquire at 1,Si 1 Broadway, near aitb it A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN TO do plain conking, wa-huig, Ironing ami rliau.bcrwork. City re.eieu. e given tor e g u years. Apply ut 221 Went iltb St., second Hour, front room. AS LAUNDRESS OR AS CHAMBER MAI D?SITU Atiou waned by a Protestant young woman; would do chamber., ork and line washing. ae best city reference. >.all a. 1,1 West 37th St., corn, i o' b h sr. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, wasaer and iron, r, In a private family, has been two ; years in ber last plaid, h si city re:, ivnce. Ca.l at 232 Eaa 1Mb at., bui thecbirl). A PROFESSIONAL GENTLEMAN DESIRES A PIJU- '' aanl Ko"Ui and B. aid in soiiic higniy respectable pri- , vate lanniy In Jersey City. Address Counsellor, boa lid ? lleralo MMft 4 N EXPERIENCED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A as pro!.. d coo a In a p.mile lanniy; one who fully v unders.aud. ... r bu. im -a. una can glee the be. t of < lly retr , ri-nce. t *n -e seen at her pirsent employer's, JdKaxl2Wb ; si., near roadway, for two days. AN EXPERIENCED WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as muse, to tabu th* rgc of a latby < r grow mgeh.hlrt n; c w ould do u , .tin ?h?ual>erw ork or line Wa ntii?; w ishes to > hei dai.gUtar (14 years old, in the lioii-e with her, in some ta| ac.iy. Wumu go u abort disuiac in the country. , Can he *? en at present en.ploy t r'r, Si Ka-l JUili si., near Broadway, lor two days. ? A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS ' asalnatiwsa; can out and III children's <lr ??ea and do all kinds of sewing; w juhl do some ehumbriwo bora rUt in the earc of children. tins no objection mibe coiiimj; ha* b< it jr rHiri'DuT Cnn le nrn mruo iaj? at 333 3d n>lalwwu ditu and IM.n tu., I .nil n. or, Yum room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOurnii, aa took and tu a .ul in the washing an t ironing; la a gi od rook and unds islnii Is all kinds of family linking; baa no objection to go a ai.url distance hi lb? couiuiy: tlie bcaiot d.j mtercnce rau bo given. Call al ll4 7tli av., between lbiti an i lllth - 4 SITUATION WANTED-TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work: g>a>d city re rrenre. Can xi tern lor m o i.aj at 143 llarrlaoti at., Soit.h Brooklyn. l.dfROl'E.-A LADY, STEAK!NO SKTKKAL LAN ill uiaov, und wtio w 1.1 prove te>y valuable ua governess or u-ao- cr io a family going to Europe, o. as uaci ul companion to la .ies, wlalita tu und a alti.ailon; could lay In r paa ., and oulv require a una 1 alai . HMNfOTMl given. Address M. w., fore1 ;n bosi.yoie, 7<M Uroadnr..y. House keeper.?wanted, by a respectable Ai .'Ti-.n widow lady, who lbor< ugl .y unin-Mtaiida bar business, a aitu .iou aa bouec.eeper in some reaps-. table gentleman's frailly. R 'it til c.ty r--(creure? gU?n i.ud aapeeled in u l irn. Addrrsa S. J. Miller, stall n A Pust uHlec, Spring at. UOUSEKEEPER.?A LADY WKI.L ul'ALIFIKD TO ina?. .1 home oin ixfnl and bappy, la desirous of lakiu the char in the ho se of a w|,!tnv, r, eilln r iu the . ountry or city, w here no remuneration v. ill Im aoept.-d, and where In- will In; considered ainrmbro ihe audit. Heal ot refer n e given. Address, with r. al name, llemie, II maid nffl e, lot lines days. LAl'NIiKE IS.?tTANTED, A SITUATION AS LAUN" dreaa, oi as laonilicis and rhiimber.urixl, by aomnpslent person; ui.diustands ti lting; no objeilinn to the rounti v. fan < c seen lor T o days at Iter present employer's, ul EiisUl.h au_ _ * ___V SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO COMTETKNT IIIKLS, O aMUMOk, ?a-n rand Inn.f.r, the oilier as ihainsumnld and waitress, or woo |.| dog iieral hooteuork, the best city reference given. s'all for two days al 391 7tb av., near Ml Mh If aaa lino , float room. SITUATION WANTED?BY A CAPABLE TRUBWOETHY O young waiuan, as waiter, or lo aasM wlih c .ainlierw irk In a ree|acts die private family. Ilasll.e beat of eily reference H orn her Inst enplo-cr'a, Can be aeeu for two day s at 4k 19 b el, in fHkk . SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, O as nuite and aeaioatien ; can do all klmla of plain re.tIn .. wo.iU I fcu to truiel, -a* tour years'cliy isference. Call al isa bill a>e., room No. I, SITUATION WANTED-Afl HOUSEKEEPER, BY AN East i n lady of eiperlenee, In a amall raapectab.e family (env pr n rredj. be-i reference given and required. AOdieas lor two ilat s M s. Monkine. IL raid oilier. WANTED-HY A I'KOTKHTANT WOMAN, WHO CAM give find refe en.ea, a situation In a family la ly'a maid or lo take earn ol children, ll accustomed lo ?; a iravel; | undei stands doing up lino ntualliissud laces and dressing hair; is a u re seamstress. Call at 10? Lexingtoii av e. AN TED?BY A' HKSI7KTTABLK YOUNU~\YO5Asra altu-.tlun lo do gme al ho isework in a small family; J la a lint rate washer and Ironcr. Has Ih* heal of city refe- < ronce from ber last place, where alio has lived four years. * Coll at luotth at. for iiwftn WANTED ?BY A lltOHLY RKHI'ECTABI.K YOI.'MO woman, aaiiualinn a* scamatieea, or aa 1 and seamstress , la n rery ileal sewer, and can inako line J lilrta , has seven yeari* recommendation from her preaent { employer, from nrliere ahe advertises. Can be aeon lor two 1 days at 2b Weal 2Sth si. 1 WAMTED-BY A RESI'ECTABEK (IIHL, A SITC'A tlon a* wratlrraa and chaniliermoid; baa no objection lo flno ivoalilag; has the best of city reference Irom bur .aal * place. Call loi to o day s at <17 7lh nve., rot ncr of IMth al. WAMTED-A SITUATION, BY A WOMAN. TO DO THE huitsi woik of a small family; la An cdoelleot cook and < ltondt'-aa, beat city pictp ?e?. cell at yj East 18th ?t, bo- l twren Bioadwajr kin' fill nr. I w ro YORK, THURSDAY, APR] FORT WRIGHT, ON [ts Position and Strengtl the River?Commod OSC?DLA^%-l-|^ ,| J1 Z-> J! r--^\ /,40D*S^h>^; \ HOFEFIELL ?> J?Union gunboat*. fl?Union mortar boat*. See Seventh Page for Description as HIT! ATlONH W AVI KO-FBNALB?. I1TANTKO-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. Tf 111 ukceiiw ?i ehll r'n nnd eew. The bent of rcferi ?re from her lart phice, wh- e iilir ha* livrd two year*. Call it Ml Butler kt., near South, South Brooklyn. IITANTEI)?BY A KK.-PI.CTAIILK (URL. A SITUATION W ?>. plain cook, ? a liyr and tr ner, or to do general lu>u*etork Ina ? ail family. Tl.e b '*t of reference from her lio-t 'lace, i an be *een for two dayant No. Yttth ?t., Kecond floor, 'rout room. IITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Y? young worn in. n> a jood cook, tvaaher and troner; anInulands baking perfectly; Suitrn l-linul preferred. Can M * tea far two day* at ah atberry *t. IITANTKD-BY A HE-O'EOTABI.K WOMAN A FITUAY? lion to do h .nee vorK In a mil ill private ' Hriit if city reference g'v< n. Coll at 12] Wot 26th at., near 7tli IT., top floor, baek ro 1:1 . WrANTEI>?A SITUATION, BY A YOl'Nll WOMAN, AH rook; under land, all knida of ro .klni; an I baltlnc: I. T.llmf in a*eli?l In h<- writ Mni; ami Irnnl'u; hoc no nbjec- I ion* to i'o ii oh it di'tnnce In tin- r uniry: rlty referee.* ;l?oii. Call fur i*u ilnot 95>6 Mi Iberry it,one dmrfrom MM), lion: hnaeinent. 11TANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TBI) YY t-omnt i inn* w oin in. 10 do iP'iie al housework; li io In: till re ere n e j.lvcn. If re<|nlrod. Call at 223 Woat fTt'i at., liel n 7ili and Mb area. li/ANTED-A SITUATION A>? NURSE, BY A KF-SUEUYY ta'di and e- porienTd woman, who Itwa llv-d four eara In one p ace, and earn give excellent reference aa to chancier and eapno i v. Cell tlua week at 61 place, uext o th<aarpci of isth at. IITANTBD? A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE YY yuiina Rlrl, aa ehanibi r nahl and waltre a ?rcha:nliern dd aud laundrcm; ha-> t e heal ctjr re'erenc- troin her i?t place. Can be aeen for two day* al 197 Kaal Pth at. tlTANTED?BY A UESPEtTABI.E WOMAN, A S1TUAVV non to do up ?la.ra work and asslm wit i tmi warning li.d Ironing or do g"oera! housework Call for two daya al AO 7th av., near Stftb at. ItTANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUAYY Con aa clia oh Tin ml and to dome watting: no otileolon to 1.0 a abort diatom e In the c mntry. Cail lor two daya itltt 6th ar. WANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, na n irsc. Iiaa lived in one fatnllj for ,ix year*; 'ail lake full ehars 1 of ahahylrnm its llrth; no objection o go a alioit diiian e In ti e nnntry. B''?l e|(y rafareihW, In inlre a 1*7 Ea t 34th at., between lit and 21 ava. WANTRP-BY A TO UNO UlllL, A SITUATION TO do general hnnaeeork In a email prl. n.e family; la a (.odnash r ind tr uer; would do eliamlwrwora and lake are o .hlldian. Good elty rel. ren. e front lital place. Cau >. a en Itir tivn days M *0.1 W. HI 2iilh at, \1TANTKD?BY A BES.'E 'I'A.II.K YOUNO GIRL, A TT aituatlnn P. do g'n. ral liouvew .rk; It a good waaher ind liou'-r. Haagovd t. ty rciercn-e?. Call ut 10/ West 26 h it reel. VirANTED?BY AN EXCELLENT LAUNDRESS, A FEW TT ganlW'iieo'a washing, at her own r. iddrn e; or w I I pi out uy Hie day; city fi renc-. Cell at 11.1 Weal 211. at., ieei.n l ifoor, beliV' en K.h and 1th ava. VLT iNTKD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TT Tiniiiii wrn ii in. a. >i .ii" and aruniatreaa: t mrn i.hlv ttoAufi toe nam ot -hi,il. cn. So ir >MN' a . i < ... vine from bi-r la-1 place. Cab or two .aya at 1.0 E.i.1 Jab it., niar 11 itv , oral Il??w. WANTKD-A VOJMI UIRJj, ABOUT HIXTS.KN YKAItH ?f f?r Uli. lio'iMtivum; or would I ike io mec wl n i wlitow Taily, American ar K igllau. a I'mterlant only nerd II |)ly; ivii^i ft. Ci Ul HIl at., Wtlliainrburg, or. WANTKD-A (IOOD SMART I'llOTK-iTANT UlrtL TO (IItwrle,. nil .-*10 too country. Apply Iro n W M to I I* M., *i (ft 1'i rry m. I IT ANTED?BY A YOUNU WOMAN, A SITUATION IT ? > e .itiub r na il a .1 ? i?itr> > * an I to a<*l?t witli w nil ng, or to d i d lio i??w irk. llae ben tl.y refer, nor. ;ar, ha earn lor two .lay a. Call on >r ad.lrraa M. K , at .Mi a Jreen a, torn, fof Smith bud Union at* , Mouth Brooklyn. I1TANTKD--BY A YOU.MO OIKlu, A SITUATION AS TT eliainhrruiai i and araitrriH, or would du ulmm er.toru trnl take eare ol i h <a a i|iOJ plain a.'wer; In, no ob. cl.on to>o o tha country With a bl.e fa.oily Tor I'm ruintier; ha* goo I city reform# from Imr la?l place, where h>tar nrcil nearly lour year* Call for Iwo daya at oil Went iwtli it., between 6tb and Till a??. WANTKD-A SITUAIION, BY A KESPhXTAULP. youngglil, aa ft. a< claia coob In a prleate fanny; hca:

illy rafarence. t all at No. 6 Letl igton ar. WANTED-BY A KK.-PECTAJIL.E OIKL, \ kitua. Hull a? i tiainhrruiald and Watt:ear, or lo take rar.. nf ihlldrcn and to do plain ?e t tn<: g .-ml eltj remn n?e. Can o- ?een lor two dayaal .HI Wcat j.Jth et., between 7th ami lib arena**. RK H [L 24, 1862?TRIPLE SIIEE THE MISSISSIPPI. \ it i?Important Section of l ore Foote's Attack. Tf " 1 C it m/ : W7JT ' '3LI9N ( j's^T,s cr iKtc* i ^^^SRTRAfJOOLPH ? ^fl?",C" 5/1A?> H I S^E1! ^ n h\Vl m *V* ; ii -\A & Z**"^ S / m " I \ >$?> ?i ts p %\ 1 Jo wk ? 74> m * ?tft ^ 1 wm fjj/ >9 WB&guu* \ C? Union transports. Z)?Rebel gunboats. id Particulars of the Bombardment. ] SITUATIONS WAMTKU-FK.MALE8. I WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION IN a g ntlnniaii'a fa ily ne?? I r.altl and to do tine 1 washing; nn do Prm h Ihitin.- In the bssl nunrr; ran cive ' the very beat city reference rrom le r iasl | lace. Inquire at i icwm imat,mmflUi w WANTI.D?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE joiin.' woman, to do lumbar* ork and wnl.l.-u. in a small private family. She Is ? competent person and fully under-tands h r bua ne *; Is w 'ling and obliging an ' very ' food 'o children; the b at of -Ity reference g.vtn. Call at ] 5 West lDlli st.. aecun I door. lurk loom. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A REhTBOTABLB young girl. t? do up ala r. work and r w for a small i family, or take care of a b <t> 't tins no objection to rn a abort dlatance in the country. Apply for two tl.ij* allKlldlt,, fourth liter, front room. \V' ANTED?BY A KKSPKCTABU? AMERICAN U.IRL, ?? a bo no In 'lie aitVtr is of the cilv;i? a good scam airi aa, and la willing to ma y herself tiaeful m household afnlrs generally; a fJer- an or English family preferred, rail at SI Bergen at., Brooklyn. \ITET NURSE ?A RRnPIX'TABLE YOI'N I MARIilBD Y? woman wislu a a ln.ailou a t nt Intra in a good family. Can tie seen for Iwu daja at 113 West IDti. at., n ih* rear, eecond floor. \V\ANTKD-BY A RRSI'EUTABI.E YOl Nil WOMVN, A M altuat on 'n Io a nar l housework ii,asmal private family; no objections to the country. Oily reference. Apply at ibo aoutheiiat o: n? r <d Am n st. and 3d ar. WANTBD-BY A RE-t'K TARI.E PROTESTANT WO ! man, a alt i*t ou ai d ?i nnd trailer, ?r to Md chamberwork or si Hug Ami assist in llie washing an I Ironlog. Best city reference, Call st No. C Hld^e st., corner of llraml at. W ANTED?BY A REffl'B TAitI.E YoUVJ WOMAN, A altiuilloli a* good wa-her aud lroiicr; no objevl una to go'.i> tin' country wil l ? nmnn nunv. t .hiuiij t nmno given. Call for iwo d'tya at U'.> W*?t *7tli at., room N<>. ?. WANTKD-BY A HBriPBGf A&i'B PROTKBTANT W0man, m Situation u? oiivtlitnl plain nook, la imuhIiIa of making g .od hrea b suult and pahlri, and U willing in iiwlal in the wuthini: ind :m ling. tlonj cliy rofrrenc oinbolia! by (ullln^ at Xtl 7th av , tv t?wt Sotli un l Sit it* \V ASTKD-BY A RVrl CTAIlltltt, V Sin aT.OX f T a* nil.i nb'-rmai'l ami In niil ' >?, or ohnmliertjiald and to <lo pi* n tewing, n-. ouioiuna to tli? ounti.r for ilv ?unim<T; b<t?t of city ri.I rcudo can be given. Call ut WJ Hast 25th at., for two day*. WANTKD-BY A KBSPBCTABI.KU1 Kl?. V ."TUITION a* oh i in Pernio. t ..nd nnr*n or to niuao liortotf go'ioia1y naeliil. t! ut bit wn*n i I lier inoaant ;>la r, 121 ll'i .Atin ?t. flTAKTED?A SITUATION AS Nl 1MB ANl> SK AM' f T trciw, by a re-., 'nmbl t young git1. tin < mml ra" feronco t'an Tio aer i fir tiir? d;?ya at I It I Wr t 4l?t at. WAN TED?A SITUATION, MY A BK.S 'KCTAB1.K girl, to dn gt n -tal h new.ok, cook, waah ?n.i Iron; hna beate iy rcfeivii C ill lor two day a .u id I'ulun it, Houtta Brooklyn. \I.rANTEr>?A SITUATION AS llol sr K Kl. I'KK, IN)*. tf pnnlon or mi rant) v I a dy ol andamUoilHy; io npptiaatioii no particular ntuwrt; agreeable .wko Ution, In rtniii't Lion wrlth tint cr. nforl* of n home, ti ng w aat la d"*lrol. Rofotencoa etching-ti*. A'lit a- II M. I*., bo. 1 IN Po t o. Ur \ NTKO-A SITUATION AH COOK, MY OSR WHO iiiiiiotigb!? niMlor landi bar bualaa i In all In MndntA namely, Mupa, Jelllea, wild fowl, linking, In mug laiding; haa no objection to the country. ti t into! cits raft, remf Can ho aoan for tw i day t nl II Union court, I'nlrcr uy pbKO, WANTKD?A .SITUATION, BY A HT.fiIT.;'TABUK young wichhii, to oo K, wMh and iron, or to iln'Rene. r?l io imivOik in n'amall prlvnte famy; b- ?t of city lor-lance glvi n. A.i ly ul 1} Ea?l 2S'.h at,, northwest . ~?nr of 4th av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BV A HKHI'Kt.TAHI.K V? woman, as Uunilr h?. beat of city rafcrcu ,-a, auil ' ?h iw til ici- tinii i n 'aiiuii - from a family w here ahe hna liv d In Uiai I' lpncily four yc .ru. Can be ??. it lor itvu,>laja al Ul Weil Utli at., between fiib an.l 7th ava. WANTED-A HK-tPErTABI.K. NEAT AND TIUT girl, wlin la a rOI.I cook, waaheran i iron ?. and n '.oraun l* mllklnff. to k i In Htali-n lalauit. Olio with y. o ', city icleirni-e may apply at 179 'Veal I4ih al. WANTED A 8ITI.ATION At HOI wBKIflBPEP. MY A l?d> whuihic.iinMriin.lcrai iii .i. 'in .m ir. cti'-.t, of a> tea. her, i? ia|. ih'" uf filling And f.tllrf chtMi*n*a clothing aiul la n semi cc? :airf?a it adrrrtli r la reiApe eiil to i I clihi-roi the ab ivn aitiaili.ia; a*n- !*?. . ?itji i.u?d to tin- mUr" -liana ol i. Tflren. The I . ,i of -i?wi . n Vcn. Call at oroilor-sa ,ui ihire uajh \V >\,SMJ .yBr", '.al, n. W' ANTED \ SITUATION. , \ A BE-trrrt V 'tl.B I'riuca .int ym-n* wunaao, *a Chaml** pa ( an' t all* n??j lully cii.l ? a i i lr r h air ;. / *? ,! ia all I la ->l it ?m I B"at i-lty ial' i n - Da l for i?u aaja a'. <A *,t W li at, 1 tlx dintra weal of 6t'i av. ERA I ;t. SITUATIONS WANTED?PEMILEHa IfAN'TRD?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WITH t go*; city reference, a sli it n o. i-li ami'ion; 1 otiierttdn m go to the u> try. Can I* ? en iu 77 Weal tli at., til hi door, front, between fth end 7tli avs I'AJfrvn-HY A RESPECTABLE OlRL, A ' rU\. JV 'V 'ion to no general housewu. k: l? a good wai-her and oner and a goo ! plain cook; Ih witliu*i to d' anyiln r i red Can a seen for two day* at 02 Stanton at , liio kii. Can con y uml recouiloi 11 id ifantkn-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUXO HOMi N A * si nation a* nurse an waiiitnii. (Col city n fe ii r i' ? ii. The other * wattr ? ainlchainb rtna d. Oood A 0 reference given. Coil lor two days at ill Wed 1 tit SITUATIONS H':V\T?:U?MALKS. 1 S COACHMAN, OR < OVdlMAN AND fl.tRD NEK ? \ Wan led, ' y a rc-tii- aO'e, - i . i", a." iv Mill :,.nrg it, a situalt It; ran sin w h? best or rcferenTc- '"tn t' n ty and couutry. U S. 11., 11 raid olllce for two t)k _ I COACHMAN WANTS V SITUATION.-HAS LIVED \ for ilm lin ten y. ain .n a ' r t c as.~ Madly n ha ihe st of ii etvuee, both from thisi y and Europe; nil a and tin ad ii an is as to .up., tli. jr. A or s for o .e n'( a k.I.J.,SHE st I." t si , Log i.s llotc . av. pg, y man wants a si: cation as under \ wai'er or porter; is wr ins to o a eld s . ten rally I ful around any itlaoe or t .re; uo obn clio t tun co n! tUo nest city lelCivuo given. Call lor twodaysnl No. 9, ) E ist 13th St. ' 1ASIIIKR -A SITUATION W \NTED AS CASHIER Of at J some banking institution In this Sane or i niltv, by a Mill-man ot large e>pen.nee in banking in ihe rou try and ? iy, and wdto w iH piswliice tna'ttimn all of the Lit odeess Cas.iler, Post otBoe, boY 3.'J7i, N. Y. SB 7 -T put COMMERCIAL REPORTER?HANi NO KHRMKRLY J bad laree oiperlcnoe us travelling ri |iortcr .nihcSo ith iraeotnn.eir al .i.eii' V, tbo adveru-er would aria oo tor n- W est or Nonh; sal ifa tory rctcrcnc s. Add e s Ke>rta, Herald oil ct. ^ WILL PAY $1(10 TO ANYONE PROCCRINO A SI- Ji'l tuatioti I t me .o keeper < ashler, oorrcspondeiit or W i desman In any ic-pe -tabie tnercant I" ltousr or unk iig ill- j ii oion llcii'iein.'ci unuxeeDlloiiablo. Address m ua or. ' Id ef&Utt. " 'liTATION WANTED?Ad MAUKEETElt RY A RE- W) j >oung iujiii. H< gt ?>; <(,. relVivi c given from Or I* Uti 'M?.j?i, v#?r. whom I c him p rv? d for the ah iwo yeurt. A. a 1 at 14U rullou ?t., u?'Ai* H'-mlwiy, flO MEI'. HANTS, W A N U M CT1 RIi US, AC.-A 11 EN- !' L tlemau <1' bui*iiie?s experience and lorrigtt connections ;r nulU like to become agcu' for to ue go ul urii-'e, house or ?mpanjt in any line; wo ild also execute ail kin Is of or- cm J. i t<n* o any foreign inn ike t; tiie 11 tin t ci;vity an I alien- M. on will he given to all lux h?hph. FirH ciss? ret ere n es ra veil if desired. Address Posted, 11-raid ollie , jft p-J HOSIERS AND DRAI'ERS.~A KESt'EUTAKLB ^:l L young man, of good adjit'fls. iroin the lu use 01 i'.ne A. rotiiers, Dihitn, war,is employment; would into the Fu luntry. Add rein Hosier, Herald otllce, until Saturday. \v< I'ANTED-BY A UKSI'KOTABLE KLllHlLY OENIt tlemau, a situation In an olli e or any other place of . nslncos wb- re the duties ure llg..t; wriln a risel bund and ? ould make himself generally useful; nabry m -Jeme; the est of reference e,-in be given. Address A. U., aiation 0, iimvrof Uli ujj'l 12'Jt sta . .<n 17- . . . , ill" ANTED?BY TWO YOUNG MEN, BROTHERS, IT cith-r together or separate, situations lu any wlinleale business house or otllc , or to do eollec lug orally repp -labia biiHincHa; they are willing to work unit make ftemaclves generally use: nl for n small salur . S.tisfuou.ry ?.ero:ice giveu. Call et or address V. end 13., Ill East SOtn treet. JIT AN TED?A SITUATION, BY A I'ROTEsTANT *" rl young man and his wife; younYmitii wtil male blm- th BlfgeurralTy useful in a garden or farm, or in tin: care of . orsrs: the wife as domestic. Can give reference. Apply at "" lo. 7 Washiiihton St.. for two daye. a llfANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, A SITUATION IN gf II some wholesale glass store; lias ha I tlx yen. a'espe- (u It'll" e in one o; the large.1 establishment* lit boston',la Tilling to make bim-elf generally useful. Best reference. Hi tddress for three days J. K. 1'., boa 3,963 I'oat 0 lioe. ^ 11/ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG M.\N (GER- j, IT man 1, tvbo cun -peak both languagesfluently, as as-Utnt bookkeeper, or some similar poslilou. The best o, refeen e given na lo honesty, capa-ity, Ac. Address J. U. O., 6 Llspetntrd et. 11/ANTED-A !BITUATION A8 COACITmaN, BY A "J1 IT colored man, In city or country. Apple: or two days Sh a J. K. llnyt, AM and 3wi Broadway, from lu iu 12 A. SI. and to 4 1'. 11. ? ilTANTED?BY A GOOD MAN, THOROUGHLY COMTT petcut, a situation to lake charge of or lend nar. Any riles or pcrt-on having a business ullordl c fair W..,1 a lould consult their interests hy addressing W. X. Y , Herald 1 fliee, w ith real riimr, for one week. Unexceptionable rele| nee from present employer. [\f ANTKD?B Y AN At TIVB, ENERGETIC YOUKO th IT mull, annul 21, who I,as been lu busni > s 1 r hints If. situation us assistant bookkeeper, assistant salesman r tu ... ... ........ ? I...1.....I,. I,,,. ... U..L ,.f refe. enrre. Satarv, anything He an get over $2190 the brat year, tddress A. B.,l>oi 153 Herald olliM. ia Uk/ANTFD?HY A ~YOUNiJ MAN. AN AMcJIMA.N, A O VV :?itiuktUMi an private tutor or toucher in :? ? hoi 1; in fu iy y, ompetent anil linn haileiperlencc in teaching Latin, French, alia n. the ordinary English branches ami m.thcmutlca. Aj leatcity references. Address J. V., Herald ullice. IlKliP WAKTED-FKMALK8. I T MRS. LOWE'S FASHIONABLE INSTITUTE FOR . ft female servant*. J7 Sumton at., near Bowery, or-l- ra or lirst clean servanta, neat, civil and capable, honestly and ti irumpUj siltenocid to without payment. . AT THE LARGE INSTITUTE OF GOOD SERVANTS, t. corner 01 6th av. and lllli at., la a n ?t scle- tlo of livll,ca|iahli- woim n? t.ernian, English, tw tch, Irish, Aim- p i-an and Frotestanta?to suit ail. Gouducti-d hy Mrs. ' Ti.OYD. Uood places always ready. B ? (iIRL WANTED?ABOUT 15 YEARS OF AiiE, TO Si /\. take cat* of a rhlld oi three years, with an op, .irtuolly o n learn the millinery business,most be smelly honest, acute ind intelligent. To anch an one, a rO d home ill prodded. An orphan prefcircd. lii'iulre at 6W Grand be> ween Attorney ami Ridge sts. ri ? II A i inn nonvA^ao ?nr?m ns ti ftt., on hand * liuuibrr of lit at cUm cook*, w.ish?*ib and ^ rot*n*. AiAoaiiiif arie thm of girU or all kinds of work, v ?i i * i? o or the dty or country. mook wanted?xo t;o to yokkers. she must ' \J bo w Jirg to analat with too *? hum in i ironing. A]e ;>ly a. 70 W' si Jdth si , between 10 ami 11 A M g First class milliners wanted-by miss eel- '! It r, too 6lU av., up alaire. ]( Good mmimi and nnilSM wanted? 1 Good i.anda uu.y meu apply to Auum Boluinon, No. gtj Division it I r A DIES WASTED.?LIBERAL INDUCEMENTS ARE c J offered to bid mo of respectability, energy and bahwlii tit't, ? 'til atonjy employment. Call 1h Iween 9 ,n it A. M. - 4 mid (i P. M. ul the American Fublleliing Ag. noy, 14 i ..nni (i a'., ut) malic. " wanted?a OOOD milliner. at ii. HIRSCII S. h tt mr dd ut. wre t nurse wanted.?a respectable f ft healthy Aumrioan won no, wrlth a full, I'reau breast ill milk, v anted, in tnlie charge oi % baby four mottles old. To audi a person a good houn: an l III' ral u" um wl.l b- ? given. Address, aiming partleulare, a., lion 110 Herald V office. Wanted?a lady bar tender, at no. isa Ur> out-al, si. Nlclio at H.ia ies. b. itvem Prime and Houston us. Can ironi D UTS o'etoe . tlTANTEU PROTESTANT GIRL, EKOUffl, TT Scotch or liorinan, who ta lully eoiiip. t nt to take vara |i of u banjr one inoiiikoid. Apply at 2vl Mouth bill at., Jersey r uLy- ___ FIFTY EXPERIENCED MANTILLA AND TT r.u.ik hands; nolle other need reply. Ap, ly at "a Dn.uic a'., up stairs. c wanrid-,ialk GROWN OIRI.S, Tt> WORK AT 1 TT p ti nioery business; elan, a boy w bo uud'Ttlan .a making ihalk ball a, Ac. Iiiipiirc at Uily A Co.'a, til 1 lionry. a WANTED?IN A SMALL FAMILY, TWO GIRLS WHO ran "nit ) ell recommended; on' to oO'k, w nail ami IT'H. the i tber anieiabug mirao an > to do lighten iwtaer- t woi k and waltui . Son nerd a, ply unless ihi > are w l ing | o mti" tbemaouea generally u-i lot. Call at lil Went Aid at. (l WANTED?A GIRL FROM 12 1G II YEARS OF ALE- ' to iinike h' rself generally usnlul nboot the hcu an Apj'ly .1 i2 2.1 av. 1 T tr ANTED?SEN BR.\f, OOoD DRESSMAKERS. NONE ! H b?i rumpelem i.mpIh neeu ?| plv at N ft ronton p * ? , | j *** | WAMKD-A MILLINER AND TRIMMER, ID I.O a 1 abort tli Unce iroin Nev Yn.k. None u the b i " ne J npp y. Inquire ol It. II. Knight, J16 UiuhIhii), be. I MM II ;>"4 I o 1 lo k. UTANTED-A I'ROTBsTANT WOMAN, AS COOK. U A pi 1 J, ?ith Neouiiiieu balloon, bflwreu 10 hu<1 12 o' lo k. hi lb Wn?bln?,toa iqunre. J \1TA.NTED?t UiRL TO DO HOUSEWORK AND TAKE i f T 1 hi o. vlilhlr. ti, lo go a abort illmance in the comiiry. c Cull a( 127 Hrnititnnr. WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY HERMAN OIKL (PKO- [ H al ni | rei'eirvn) to tin the Moih 01 a lieall Amenta!! famlljr; oiu?t be a good * nailer and Ir..nor. Apply, Willi 1 infeieme iron laet employer, to No. 2 College p.mj., Itiih < ?(., between l.ilian.i 7lli a?x., < WANTKU-A llOOll MU.LINKR.~AT 10 EAST BIXin. mil at None but eiperienced liatidt nee 1 pp.jr. j W'anted?in \ smalzt family, an bnuusu , Hii 1, In* 1 inn |pioil i0 ore nee, to Ou k IP ml ho.ierivork, < to no 111 ll.e iuui.try, ibnlren mile* Irom the 1 llv; o,.?accustomed to the country preferred. Apply hi W f'ultou m., IfMKtfA Wanted?hood," experienc ed ~hands tor ,lrc?suialnnit. .iloi ? 1 er?uti lb ?ew on Wheeler A WII#"0'n mHClnne. App y ! Mine Rollonday'a IJ't East Uib M., belli in 1 lie hour* of Land 10 A. M. W~A.NTID-A <HK1,. ro DO MKNKKAL HOUSEWORK, Hi'lM '? * *Oi>.l ??*hrr ami IroniT, Mini iiuvq 'jf-l ill* referent? , Ajp.y ut 122 Went 33<l ?. ' V1TAKTED-A SKAMSTRK.sH, ALSO To DO l.inllt J... ""'lin*; pri-frr one who chu (iprr?re mi Wiiteii-r A Wllana " wing machine*. Applylthla day, from lii l> 1 o'etoek, at 127 W? *t Smh m. \\rANTKO-THKEK COLORED QIRLS, COOK. WAL M trunk end 11 urn*. Cull at Mo. ft WtklWthM., Dum 10 until 2 u'cioik. WANTK D-TWl) liERMA.V OIHL*; ONE AS COOK and Uindrr??, the other an > bam nei inn 1 and walirtM: t"<> t r.: erem* re<|Utr< J. A| p y *1 57 We?t '.2i nt. WANTED?A PRi TiiSTA.N'f AO* AJTaA^LKOB AND eamitreea; on* wtiiln* to go almrl liman* In thk country. Apply, with ell* rcfereiiork. at the 1 .an nilon Mold, room It, iH'twwn the Hum* of 10 kad 3 o'i'lo- k. Ear Other Wmtli Sen Blgltlh rn(?. i D, PRICE TWO CENTS. ARRIVAL OF THE NORTH STAR. ews from Central and Soutli America. NOTLER REVOLUTION IN BOLIVIA. GREAT WHEAT CROP IN CHILE, Ac., &.C., tc The mail xtta-n; hip Norih Star, A. 0. Jore? cummaml. { arrived at ihia port yeeteiday foror.oor, with ina;iB, ssoagc s and specie. riie Norm Star sailed from New York on April 1, at elve o'clock u on. and arrived at Arpiirvall on April at nine o'clo, It P. M. Said again on A|r.ll5,at elve o'clock noon, and arrived at thU nort at April 23, eleven o'clock A. II. On April 18 (sea t in ), at toil ilock P. M., exchanged atgnila with stoat nor North* n ;ht,fnr Aapinwail. On April 22. at three o'clock P. U., wed steamer Champion lite North Star brings $820,392 in specie from Calinia, and $9 119 from Arj inwall. I ho following is tho list of xpecie by this vessel:? O'hn k Co $24,000 Gorki In k Crane ... 5 000 luinntx A lire.voter 12.000 J H. Newi<j|t As 0>.. 7 .COO in. Holler k Co... 12.000 Do Witt. Ki tlo&Co. 19,673 I a k. r A Son.. fi.600 Gi orgj k ' hnre 10,000 ch <! Patrick 33.200 Wakem'tt.Ditm n&Co 10 o.'9 H. (.'oRhiil C.O-iO J. ti auH.-, LSrv. A On 39 940 m. Meyer At Co... 4,500 -. der 8,179 Total $620,?92 Melane 9.0i>9 pro* AenwvALt. i by , liyrno At Co.. 8,500 Wcl'g, largo As Co.. $325 Nujlor 15,000 u der 400 dt-r 8,too Order 4.'>5 Buck ev fr Son... 10,000 Job. F. Jov 2,000 Heller 4 Bro 67,000 Geo. W. \,.. 1,4:0 I.edrcr 3,400 Rihon 4 M inor 1,008 n*?n. H>nd 4 Co.. 1,000 A. Loo we 1,200 nice T. Haywood.. 2,000 Hvrquez ft M <so< as. O K) lioll.-Br. ? 19,u{0 Jan. Hale 1,323 S. R??senbaum4Co 14,000 ('a-tw'glit A Harrison 90 gene Kelly 4 Co., SO 500 Field, Morris 4 Co.. 260 tils,Fargo 4Go...234.000 . ircusC. Hawloy.. 4,4(0 Total $9 U? ncan ,Sherman4( o 3 1,057 From Callfoi ni*..... 020,392 & M. Goodman.... 0^400 Total $029,611 , UNITED STATES OF COLUMBIA. Our Panama Correspondence. PaxaMi, April 16,1802. The steamer ArkaJcn, from Liverpool, via Santa Mart* id Carthagena, arrived at Asplnwall on the evening of e 14th met. The dates from Bogota are fourteen day* ter, but nothing has transpired aluce my lad. There ia been no mail received, hut several conservatives' teteams claim that General Lopez had bjeu detealed Cauca by Governor Giraldo, and also that Canal was ia igota with Colonel Barreneebe?one of the officers under rboledaat the defeat of Santa Karta last year. Thlfl ridiculous, and all sheer fabrication. The local news is uninteresting. Tho American sloop-of-war Saranao remains In port, to the French war steamer Casino and the British war ilp Termagant. fEWS FEOM THE SOUTH PACIFIC. Our Panama Correspondence. Pansna, April 16,1882. The steamer Peru arrived from the Southern ooiut oa >0 5th Instant. This is her first trip, which she haa ads in the shortest time on record. She Is a flue ship, rge, commodious, and particularly adapted to these tiiudes. Our dales from Chile are to the 171.i March; om the Argentine Coufaduratton to the 7th; Bolivia to ic 21st; 1 eru te the 2Btb, and Ecuador te the 1st t pril. ECUADOR. Guayaquil lettsrs afflr m that the governments ef Pero id Ecuador have accepted Great Britain an arbiter Mi leir difficulties. Considering that Cast Ilia can uo mora ioirow money by millk us, to wage war ag.lnat bin \esker neighbors, 1 think it vary gsnerous on his pari o accede to arbitiation. It is also rejmrted that rich huacas.or Indian grave#, ave bean found on the island where the I is Li house lands,on the Guayaquil river. Bus neea is d 1. ,-enor Castro, Columbian Minister te Ecuador, kOtM rived intjulto. and been received into tho dipitllffiia ,rpe. PRRU. l'eru, more than any iher of the Hispano.AmericaM ipubiica, leers the steps taken by Spain in st Boitnuo. and those which have brought her to Mexico, rill only be tbo forerunners of those which nhemeuid i t tke i; the direction of Peru. Iu this lh>*y arc not ih l'y wrung, on tu-coni.1 of their guano i lands, and Hid i.C'.un; ibo Peruvians have for pleasure rat bar than to privations of war. Heebie* long articles in tlis Comertio, calling on all ibo Islor rrjo.b l< s (o remember (he dajra when Uiejr f.iugbt i for (South American independence, a nam erratic il bus been started. called the fc'poc.i, which baa IT M object tba diari.esiori <H' South American i<> p.cs. bis i aper will be pub.ihed in Lima. Lima rcpresouta < ru as mucb as Paris does Fra ica. lb ? it batons hit what Is done in may be counted ui on aa an >1 of the whole rainin. The other republics act with a (Ion. Ibolr i?verty is their strength. Politically, tlieio Is nothing new. The friends of?#.' or b heiii ino, Vivun -o, and all the roet of the dethrone^ nodein l"caa. are very quiet, probably recruiting their tr ng h for .dioihcr tog with the hero of Ingnrt, bofora o loaves the purple. Seuor Ingoyen, Peruvian Minister to Belgium, railed on he Peru, iu company with Seuor Ezelu, Minister la Antral America. Hie Ainoilc in ship Henrietta Mi rev was discharging t Paila s- tne 2 000 tons of coal fur the PaclPc .-steam Ms. Igstion ompai.y. The currency a every day becoming w nae. It a ni'S>ly composed of Bolivian h:ilf and <|uivrter do.l ira here tie minced in order to get annul change. Kills o! xcliaage on Kuglaud, payable in this money, are sold at he rate of 30pence |?r dollar. It Is doubted whether Cnatilla wt'l be able to succeed it borrowing his ten million* of s in England iuano does not seem to enmmaud a bigb price. BOLIVIA. This unhappy republic has been the theatre of enethei evolution. Uencial Torrelio raised an insurrection iu thd ty of ?ucre, and took General?. basltai Agre< I a prisoner, {e ,<rorlalme I General Relzu President. a similar movement took place In Polo*', but waa soon iut dowu. General Peres wi to march from La I'at gainst General Torrelio in Sucre. CHILI. President Peres continued iu Valparaiso, and was to re urn t>> mntiaro, tbe capital, towards .he eud of March, ' rejoicings were all 1 the order of the day. In bono* f tho worthy boll. Regattas, bills, ssren dss, and very display that Could sh w lbs people'* wish to pleass heir s.s> t. bad bscn enibusiasiioaUy oifeis I him. 8enof 'errs awa ted ou y a c liferents with some A mucin hie s, regard (o frontier aiPsu'S, In order to bl I tba ;no<l people of Valparaiso adieu. Oniooel Saavsdra, Hie nteiidcnteof ib pr>n iocs of Tome, was rs *>rted t > n ice ie* ii tieating with eluvon Indian chieftains, and lh<y leoig d< siruus of congratulating President Peres on hla ..-ression to tbe chair, every facility was u> be otic red liein to vtKit htm lu Vaijiaraieo. ) ho privilege lor the cut airuclton of* mole In the port >f Tall* I h.-u Ixwn granted to t A. M< ran. A railroad i? ?[? k?*i of betw een the port of Lm Amman itid Tr> a unto*,In order to tacihlat* tb* exportatl it of be rich mineral* found In tlto la'ter dleirlci Titer# ante t<> be no doubt but that It artil bo a i?iyu.g bualtore. lb* dlatance la only forty muee. the fomnio otal crWI* haa altogether disappeared. t onIdence d> ** not aeom to be quit* restored but the pro* lability la ih it it aoun will bo. In Valparaiso hea thy novenient Is being noticed in tbeOietoni llouae. In Ooninpnon, *leo,cotiiuiiirce wan < driving. Wheat of the net* :ro|iwaa\*ry abundant. Stores were we I ft tied, raiee Ud beeu made to route extent and price* cioaeil rather .owor. In Talrabuano tba wheat In etore atn<>nota t* 100 000 fanega*. Tb* expoila of wheal for February amounted t? 70,000 faaegaa tor F.rop*a:i rurtrkeis, and 12,000 for Peru. Mr. Jainea' burchman, American Conaul In Valparaiso, baa ad rraiad a letter to the people if California, In an wor, be say*. to many inquiries front that quarter, with regard to ib* encouragement which the ( Mleeu government offers immigration, what lamia arc granted in immigrants. A*. It la through lb* col.uaus of HioAtta C'aii/ n?i? that ba Invitee to chile all wall meaning and industrious citizens, and warns oif the bowi* knife and slung rh. t gentry" as nut being the "right hlntl of Immigration." All those of the Ural else# will he welcomed and'nlloned one hundred acres of laad to cultivate and grow rich on, but th is* who come to play their tricks on the uativea and meddle with their po Hies aril receive tbelr reward "at ten or (Ifteen feet belnrea platoon ofioWierr." Us has about the right Ida* of the country, no doubt. The John Bryant, from New Zealand, made the trip te Valparaiso In twenty seven days, which Is tb* n?xl to tho best ever mad*, Cai Uin Gardner Meet an Interesting ( count of the r Tent gold discover tee. The mimber of oncas whlehar* weekly on an arnragc brought to the I oi l of ougo is 10,000, The gold In wld to be of a fine quality. i v.. c<kiin.i, vhimnw tutrnio Hamos. raptain Tauaen Arrived ?t on "ti" fith nit., bringing with her lit* otpuin of tb? wroclu-1 h till Ottoaol licnrlo, whig