Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1862 Page 5
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SPECIAL If or ICES. Brooklyn horugultur \l ko?iety. SPRING EXHIBITION OK ( liOli E RARE PLANTS AND KLoWlRS. The finest oUeetlon ever exhibited la ibis country, AT THE Ai A DENY OK MUSIC, BROOKLYN, Ou Wednesday, Thuts ay am! K'rluay, April 23, 24 ami 29. OPEN DAY AND EVENING. Members' S3 per auaiiui, admitting themselvesand families lo all the iuo*tliiga. exhibitions, Ac. SINGLE TICKETS, 2- ?'ENTS. Great exhibition, London. i?b.?visitors to the great In lei national Exhtbttiou. and tourists gene rally, are Invited to inspect Hie prevalent European costume* at ibe clothing House of II. CREED. 33 Conduit street, Buud sin wT, London. Ordcra respectfully aullcitad and promptly executed. Under special appointments to tinOueeu, Eui|ieror and Empress of the French, I'rincs Imps rial, Ac. Corresponding bouse 17 Rue Taitbout, Parts. Notice to taxpayers,?office ok the com mission, rs of Taxes and Assessments, No. 32 Chamber* Street, New York, January 13. 1362.?Notion la hereby given, that the assessment t olls of real and personal a.iste or tlie city of New Yoik for the year 1362 are now ouru lor public Inspection, and will continue open until tlie HOtli day or April next, inclusive. All taxpayers are earusatly roipiasled to call and examine the same, In order that any errors in theas essments may be corrected. Also all persons entitled by law to reduction of their assessments, by reason of being clergymen ur lor military Services; and also literary or | Charitable institutions, ny law exempt iroui luiaiiun, Hi requested to make application for such reduction or exemption^ previous to the closing ol the rolls on said JMlh day of ^Vhe following Beetion of the act of April 15, 1859, Is published for the Information of taxpayers:? Si.i.Tios 10. During the time the books shall be open to public inspection, as hereinbefore provided, application may be made by .. uj person considering himself aggrieved by the assessed valuation of his real or p r-onnl estate, to have thssme corrected. If such application be made in relation to the assessed valuation of real 1 estate, it must be. made lit writing, stating the ground of objection thereto, and thereupon the Commissioners shall examine inio the complaint, and if. In their judguvnt, the assessment is erroneous, shey shall cause the same to be corrected. If such application he marie in relation to the assessed valuation of personal estate, the appll ant shall be. examined under oath by the said Commissioners, who shall be authorised to administer such oath, or any of tliein; and if, in his or their judgment, the as sessment Is erroneous, they shall cause the Simc to lie corrected, and fix the amount of such uascoameut as they may believe to be Just, and dpclare their decision there n within thiity days after such application shall have been made to them. No reduction Khali be made by the Board of Supervisors of any assessment on real or personal estate imposed under this act, unless it shall appear, tinder oath or afflrmatlon, that the pnrty aggrieved was unable to intend within the period prescribed for the correction of taxes, by reason of sickness or abs?noe from the c.iiy.?Laws of 1859, Chapter ,102, Sert'ons9 and 19. A. J. WI1.MAM60N, J, W. ALLEN, J. W BROWN, Commissioners of Taxes and Assessments. fPHE SWEEPERS AND CARTMEN OK THE F1KTI1, 1 Eighth. Ninth, Fourteenth and Fifteenth wards, met at the foot of Waits street, for the purpose of working no mine under H.tcMey, until they get paid tip to Saturday, April 19. These men have no menus until they get their money. WESTCHESTER COUNTY TAXES.?LAST NOTICE. Taxpayers of Mount Vernon, Wakelteld. Wushingtonville, Union Fort, Felhamvllle, Ac., tire notilied that I shall be at my office, corner of Oruml and Elizabeth streets (Fourteenth Ward Motel), on Monday, April 27. for the last time. Lots sold at the tax sale January 2d may he redeemed. JOHN S. YORKE, Collector. PB11SONAL. IF JEAN FRANCOIS, SEAMAN, WILL CALL AT THE office of Samuel Warburton, snipping master. No. 108 South stieet, be will hear of something to his advantage. IF AUGUST, RECENTLY IN THE EMPLOY OF Batcledor, In Bond street, will send his address toll. K., Herald office, he will bear of something to bia advantage JANE?I'l.EASE TO CALL AT MY OFFICE THURSday or Friday afternoon, between the houisof I amid O'clock, as 1 wish to see yon on particular Imslne-s heiorc h av Ing the city, or write tne by mall. WILLIAM. MR. DA I,TON WILL P1.EA8E CALL AT THE BHOAD. wity Post office for a letter. A. P. MISS CLARA ANDREWS, WHO RESIDED IN BROOKlyn last summer, will find a letter of Importance In the Brooklyn Post office. '</-\HIO.N. '?SATURDAY WILL DO. HAVE Will (TEN V/ ivunji WILL MRS. WARNER CALL AT THE SPRING street foot oflloe and get a letter addressed to her there. '.' nut writ.-' you in time. 100 ~w'3* *'5 <41)'ai'4 (l0'<)'10 A*M''a' jo) q oqj w,li' kind a letter, to-morrow at 57 itli/T eight til home for a moment only. IUISCELLA.VEOU8. ~ i RTH.'LES FOB TRAVELLERS.?SOLE LEATHER A. Trunks, Or Si: unit Bonnet Trunks, Leather an , Carset Mag*. Travelling, elegant Furls made Ladies' Troveiling ind Shopping Hags. just received l.y utrainer City oi Baltimore. JOHN CATTNACH, S6 Broadway, corner ol'Wall (treat, a: d 701 HriHtd.vay, near Fourth street. Advertising orders and acceptances wanted?On any of the principal mininerrlal ncw*)npers; Herald or Times preferred. Address Advertiser. Herald Hir e, with particulars for oue week and you will receive (roper attention. AFACT.-COKNS, MINIONS. CALOSITIES YASOUI?i Ever ssniu ee, KvcreH?ene s, Frosted ami Blistered Fee:, Chilblains, A'-., arc safely and elllcariou?ij' euro 1 by Ming Dr. Bogga' Corn and KuuloigA deflator, a neiul and de liiaule appil ation. I'llee 25 and Ml cent* per bo*. Kent by ja ill on r.)"eipt of prl. e. Sold by druggists. Dr ,1 BKIGHS. pi a Ileal siirgeou chiropodist, proprietor, 212 B " ulwuy, opposite St. Paul's church, New York. Anew and excellent preparation for dyeing gr.-y or red hair to a natural lilaek brown, Willi u vug uatde en-am lu- mntly.?Worthy of attention, luvented by tl 17. 11 ART, l'erluin -r, 171 Deuinc ., stre t, New Yor!>, an I ?old w-h Jc?*.u to druggists and dealer- To be i ad at ri t:.11 in 75 erntu p *r iki tie nt. St r. Godfrey's SH Broadway slid or C. F. Fuelling, tog Eighth areutie, and A. ltuden, agent, druggist, 323 Bowery. BCltHICK'S BLIND SLAT LOOKS SECURE THE mats of blinds at any desired angle. depot 212 Bioud vny, room It. Cthina, glass and e a rtiienwabe cheap for J eSKli.?Any parties liav lug ca -h in baud, and w letting to obtain tli" W'"ria o tlielr i a one y in the ahme urt tides, ean lbareomniMlated, lor thirty days, ai IW Clmmners sire t, on stairs. CURTIS A MAKER." Cioal dealers and others. especially those J who ha*." n r-new their en . n?fre-|itenuy, it wan id aulte lo tlielr advantage lo e. II ml examine an improved i men, win li lor dura, till y and siniplt-Itr is unsurp i*?ed. MoH by CHI i'FING BUG. ,v > HO Coril.iudt stie -t. s nn fur u cneolnr. (torns?cl'rld for 2j CENTS EACH.?BINiONS, J Inve le.l Natl*. ,te.. eui-ei! at "id Ho'\ery, ioiK"r Ol Canal stieet, b\ l)i W. E. RICE, Surgeon i liirop alln, formerly with l?r. Briggs. Delano's moth proof pencil cedar trunks a i" I 'lie I lent nro. or ion a-.iin-t iiiotli: eoiuer ol Mtw krr ami lliiiiiitinn.l ?irenl<. Depot for imri: iniotouk um?ic riik>u? ai.s.J K. I.L1IVK .t Po. yMi'il.<rturiug c oA? Br. an a ay. FM11U CORD UID KIXUUKO WOOD DKFOT.? J I'onl Wo"..', iv.' load, f-. *n<! $2 ill. K mlling Woo 1. per loud. j'.\ %i 26 ami ?! W; Kindling Wm d, p" i ti.ii, 17. .,?<y. ami JJ". No. 7$ Kit l Twenty ilflti ilmet, near Thu.l aM'tin*. 1^A< TM.-ACIIINO TJ'.KTII PIREP PRRFEPNA. FREE JD from ) il'i, ami Mi nt. T"?lli filled with fj-il I, in best tnann r. 11'?<. ..ftshiii^". Vo'icati b? convincd . I. .t( ili?i-i true ut I.NUKKs >1.1/8. i1M Wmi(Twenty-" tut hut . X ?' York. m/idjixoh l \.i now rrlumo baker'* island \X Una no of I be hoe quail I y. A'*') otlie.- i?itni.o* o the moat approved kiitu* iu (I'l.tnlit'tf t" ami iiancliiMiT;, a. llic Idiwm prl't"'. .lOIIX B. HAItOY, VS Sue n si" .1, corner ui V. Y. i *1 as kixti res wanted.-any osk h'vino \T kh. h ir '."ill .ir.ti ,v1' ilmt i. tiasli .; i-tumi" ' } .nl'lr ?lug.I. P. V . Il 'ialil '.111.'" MVRHLi MANTKI.M?I ME VI HSPR'.HEK INFORMS in. ii.i -lui tlii.t he x.'ll'iK A.'i iltela, .V"., cheap i Ituit liny p. i"in In .lie li'itln- ?s Those wishing id pin. ,<se s' ti.ilit n il nouit at A. h'i. Vltl.U S Mm . ", py li.o. Eighteenth strcC .vent of Third a,. ,en No. York. It ACIIINFKY. -WANTED, A.V OklEI-VTING E M11 Ji E JM. (four Ineli 111 ok" ell.I I'liii' ill II ii.rel. Addle , elating pi le-'. i'ii . s a M. At liuci, 'hj* 1,4ii I'ott iliee. OTU-THK BKsr KEROSENE I'M. RKDt'PED TO 40 cents |m gilluii. Als i Inimps, Crockery CUIk. mul (Unas, Kaney OuoJs, Hem* Miiga, 4iiit.lf.rT. Soou;n. fatacre, Vii?e*mul 'lea s. .*chcap ? A. HAI.DVV l.N S, li.'i ?.,t cry, aiiiicrI'. ti.1 lie ?W.k and yf. Kit am. kind" ON k aRTICT.E, a i .75 iciiat, wh.clt million- v.o.ii't delntbl to hut.. ill n tie !t"Pl a la nit tlm t.i -.nil at .ill limes nasi tin. b.' ill .in err.I. Ouiy ..m* dollar. ro . ot your II It "11 on HI en vein . wi'li alaii.p if yon wish Ii lemnie ?i. .1, in ' it in ms iiu.l j n i wilijKc iveaiiiriilHi wdlli pait' nlura. Ad-Ire S.I) tf ttta. pinny, Near York ctiy. rrne nion i bet perer-wive4 tec ekenpe t? I. S. M11 alio I. U Yliiirnv, Drnel Ii P ly Tic specter; J. J. ( rliu n.Vn. Kenul-.", of Knusinky. Oflicetill Canal slvnct. Nun York. TO TEE PI III Ii'.?AH rilB PITY HAS bU'.' N AND |s atlll Itil'nsln.l uti b iIihi meal I atl.aoun* ilineasn. il.<nnntlpo'.i, ii-'i, . inMe am feels, i h i iltuv t" .'c.pi.iiiii D |ni ivtnnvc llie jmrks II piled I. tun- lb* lirnp'.ltui I- cntliol.. Ji"H>' lM Il tu Imp by :i Ueiilimi 01 \v;?il" nil? wist [luti llti* in it. mini dreadful mil I n l?o*n fuMr*" en ' Horn tu rlaur, f: !)< >> and hcautliy tin- kMii; but none necC i?ppl> wlu? ikikI bcur tin' ripen**' ill about "I jlileen ien!? ? nay lit: I lie period (d At bant live ? o*? 'iluiad wialiitip'to bom* tip*. . urlu tyra doll .re Ad'lM** M. M. 81., lltivdolOir. ml It will ban I'Uded in liniiivilii i - 1 y m MM) U1MCKMAJUIKH.?WANJTB VAOM A VKW Mil,' X Jion If r k I>y tin* iliuti* lid; n a. "d chain:* for lav work Aug inanpariaarnAn u yard; the oKiniti'ii hii;iu|? n thing null ?"?l?t lu burning. A.ldi < S. If., bo* IP/ 11. ro d tilllo*. ll'ANTRn A (lOOifc NHi'OND IIAKO IKON ft 111 f.AII Tt lb .l< r. Kiilluhli' I >r I.mmlijr or lu 'h?, nili't not vu-nd more ihftn *a\i n i'w.'l iiljjli. Any one uiivingmin In n"oJ order fu. :ale tlinii c.yi addict* Hr.'ftjr, "> ISM Ilai .i,' ? tl'j'Jlig b rum. ?' __ \1TAKrun iMMrniATi.r,\ \ IIAVD, mb If 'Hum ?l*''?l lira p.- I'll 1} in hub , ?f I IkU r il* I nil-'., or (I A HartIn a i au nt linn.'- nol moped Ihn . ,1 jp lici Jii mi't hlify.'hwa limb*' in ? M'h, i t> inriniiin. meal. \piy '? I'"'" I'u'nni cotflT iM Hi i Itvoy: Oilier Jin. Il, I'ilir 1 II"' l . II'ANTBO II IUD I' MD IBB; III Hi M \ i . ?V ?'IV Int. |>r ! '. till' ' It Oli IV'I Olllce, Al.'l :ng l*?. pii.*' in I iroikcr. _ _ I U'A>ThO-A 0O()D KTJI.r,, Full DlHTIIiMVO i-kir" "inn! < iM iitUt' front thirty lo M'tjr barrel*. ,\t> lv lo II W. A VtlBOS, ?') Henvrr ntwcl. II-ANTflO-ABOUT WOKTII OK KIRST CI.AsH ft I'll i it 11 it i < in ,"r'!i,iinp< I'd l h I ' K"Ud Hnlhllli- led* n' ur by And a S: ".vlDi; Vncl tli put ! "**. Addro** t'lali, llrrald (Va. > VOURitaroM ?Of,lOTT?D-r.Y Ih'RM. MAKY A. BI.AWCIIAifl) inA'"ila . it "I ipcrior Ku'iiih Culi'ii.i. l"r , |ji<|U'?r*:, A . W$ Vt* 7ki||f.t->lit iliwt, /'?t"P') l?T? til par fttioo 1 NEW YC AMl'SEMEKTg. JJARNUMS AMERlCAN MUSEUM E A STE K HoL! 1?AY8. Tbe greateai combination of notrelliesand amueementaever preaeuted ai oue oatahlUhinenl COM. NL'TT?THE $*1.U00 NI'TT, THE BELGIAN 01 ANT, BIGHT FEEr HIGH, botii of whom, in addition to their exhibition at all houra, appear lu tbe piay of HOP O' MY THUMB; OK, TTIE OflUF. AND T"E DWARF THIS AFTERNOON AND EAENJNG, M t and 7)4 nMojk. This piece U followed a' each perfdrfflance by the elc :unt and laughable Comedietta, entitled THE WIDOW OF PALERMO. BY MRS J. J. PitlnR, MISS R FRANCE, And MesHi-K. Mugee, lladmay, Clarke and lluviUud Oo exhibiti'in at all lionra, day ami evening, THE QUAKER, OK WOODEN GUN. From i he rebel lori lllcition* at 1 'entreville, Va. THE LIVING HIPPOPOTAMUS. THE GREAT LIVING WHALE, tii v uiimiiui'iv i r ntviw the LIVING BUCK SUA Lm.SU MAMMOTH GRIZZLY (IKAII NAMSoN. 1.1VINU MONSTER SNAKES, LIVING HAPPY FAMILY, LIVING TURTLE, UKAND AOUARIA, WITII ITS LI VINd PISII, ami near a million other curiosities. Admission to all, 28 cents; children under 10, 18 cents. The public are hereby notified that the Iterlorwnnce of my 1 Stabat Muter" will not late pin e, owing to my not having been able, in spite of my inost indefatigubleellorts, up till a hue hour last night, to prepay 'he or he-ura This fi r l'ie Information of the nnrties connected with tho undei i.tkiuR, sntl to the proprietor of Irv Iny Hall for nil their km due h to inn d'a injr none' time past. The lopular ar'lit, Mine, Clara M Ur.ukei huff was jx-r e. iy rinbt in Mdnahli he i nbUe this m a nine us alio did on the subject. Money paid will ho refunded as noon as uoHsible. Most respectfully. . J. M. V. B USUI I. CT UEAT CANTERBURY MUSIC HALL, X ftsi ISROA HW A Y. NEW VICTti.'tlKS, THE GREAT CANTERBURY BUt 'C-' hKUL BEYOND ALL PARALLEL. TRIUMPHANT OVER OPPOSITION. Still presenting to CROWDED HOUSES THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT KVEIt OFFERED. THE I IIEA.' CAXTKUBl KY STILT, i NEyt'ALI.ED, STII.L UNDAUNTED, Rl-es ab nre nil e orts to eru-li It. Each night addt toils already briithl mutual Ion. IT IS FIXED ON A SI RE FOUNDATION. NO EFFORT CAN DISPLACE IT. possessing, us It does, the best conn any in Amnion. THE WONDERFUL. THE DIMINUTIVE, THE ASTOUNDING NUTI NUT! NUT! NUT! NUTI THE ORIGINAL 8-U.Ono XI Tl GENERAL NUT; tlgt smallest comedian in the world; u perfect pocket pler?. o huiiuiiR . AM, SHOULD SEE HIM. lie Slcepa ill u .vuluiit shell, drinks from a haxel nut Shell, and promenades on it eocou nut shell. THE BEAt TIFL L ZANKKETTA, whose marvellously g-aceful a-id daring p furmanco ON THE TIGHT ROPE, WITHOUT BALANCE POLE, has created an excitement unequalled by anything in the history of the stage The great canterbury minstrels, THE GREAT CANTERBURY .MINSTRELS. THE STAR TROUPE OF THE UNIVERSE BILLY BIRCH, BEN' COTTON, BILLY BIRCH, HEN COTTON. UUSTAVE B1DEAUX, CEO. GRAY, J A. HERMAN. GEO. OEKMAINK. II. WILSON, W. KOARDWELL, K. M. CARROLL, WM. ROSS, MISS ANNIE BOARDWELL, the chui'ming comic. t o -alist, THE CLIFFORD SISTERS AND OTHER OREAT ARTISTS EVERY EVENING. A GRAND MATINEE On SATURDAY, at 2 P. M. A A 1 ?'THE GREAT AMERICAN .MUSIC HALL111 441 441 414 III 41 4H 414 11 THE MUSIC 11 ALE OK THE M ASSES STILL AT THE HEIGHT OK SUCCESS, Rising prondlv over all oppoaing inllnence*. IT IS THE INSTITUTION OK THE PEOPLE, AND THE PEOPLE NOBLY SUSTAIN IT. Showing their appreciation of our brilliant managerial course by crowding it iiitrutiy. While other halls are v. axing itiiu and trembling with (ear, 444 Keens on (ho even tenor of Us way, tit In el' he BEST AND CHEAPEST AINMENT To be found In New York, and mnnnpnli/iiig ALL TIIK STARS OK THE PHOrKSSION. Kit LSI! NOVELTIES EVERY NfOllT. THE UltANl) CONSTELLATION. TONY PASTOR, TONY PASTOR, The great original Clown Jester, Comic Singer anil Stump Ora'or. CHARLEY WHITE, CHARLEY WHITE, The popular Etb'ophin Comedian, in hia glorious N'gro Burle?iiueg. Second appearance of ADD WEAVER AND M ASTER BARNEY, The celebrated Negro Comedians, who were lu?t et onlBgiereived with thi-uinm-l enthusiasm. L. SIMMONS BOB HART, The great Eccentric .1st. The Contraband Aril I. 11. LKS1.IE. C. GARDNER. J. WILD, In their reenll tr Comle Arts. MISS ERNESTINE DE KAIBER, MISS LIZZIE SCHl'LTZK. Tbe leading D.iri?ct.M'? and Vocalists of tlx' dav. AMELIA WELLS, ^ MILLIE KI.OBA MONS. PAUL BHIT .MAST'S OR AND BALLET TROUPE. GRAND MATINKK ON SATURDAY AKTKRSOONS. UoBEItT AV. Ill "ITER, Sole Proprietor und Mm.a nr. THE TEMPLE, 12 EAST HOUSTON STREET.?1IERR Urosctirtts, the|falcnted artist, will this evening niul perioral route ol ilie be t overtures from lite n.ost prnmlueiit composer*, ha the Huguenots. Norma, Krttonl and the Anrtlulioriis, i" iv 'tl nightly with iinhnuhrii d applause. Jle srs., Sohmieu, Hnwley and Sheridan, wilNIn,' "btne choice Free und Ess) i very Mon lay, 'Thursday and Saturday Chair eondsieted by At >rtb"al Lvon.iltt old favorite The hot of ales, liqutira an ' segar-. P. M. A P. SOLOMON. fPllKATRlCAIs?WANTED, A LEADING IIK.'VY MAN J and Leniing Juvcn ie Man, Toe n llrat class theatre. A;ply for three d .;?.it 77 West Tenth ' et. IHSTBUCTIOS. A r t! DOWD S REPORTING LOOMS. hoA P.KOVOW AY, t.lx r hand I* tan-jht a* u-ual. dav and ening, where youn. nteuaro prepared for tiro: vcrbntlm report>? ?, a? (.iking teittmonj, nrguuieips, ehntgei, Mperrnrj, gennoiia, Ac. \ FAMILY 1)12811!KS TO FIXD \Y MIKUABLK LADY r-*lde wiili them in th" eonniiv ' in. n.< emu.a r, who will in exchange itlve piano, mn: find Lngl^h le*?oii* in tli" hildtvn. lofeienecs n'jnir'Mi. v! In II. V. \| , box 2 ' vJJ I'qtl (Idler. A 4*00D IIANDWKITiNir AM) \ i ll*>UOL<ilI A.M)\YJ, 2\ o of HnoKkrpiujr may 1?" !? 'I'll ? w i ii ? !{>? ity h' IL Howciy, New Yoi'k. and Fit. u Mi ret, Jlmokly ii. at ho ?in -utlm; pupil*, day and rvnin 1 adles1 w i*imi.. mr twenty .cKSimK. / 1 0. MAJUll, ACTMOll Ol"THK POPPLA W<litKS~ A,/, on l>ookk?'?*ti|ng. ?lv? ? Private i.e. < <1?l p. , (J lug ami Hu-iii"** Alalia .u 111- rooms. ."/ltf |{ \ %. c,r. cninrx, with term*, on appli' atinn. 1? LOCUTION T.\ rOUT i HTA >1M ERI NO ITRKD. The new Vocal Clyiiina?iiiin. *? K ?s fivniw *>e\ent1*. utr-'ei. ii in h ilouri'liiiu c null ion. V*'<.ikl lH^*oni** vigor.-I i liere tuueli sooni i than ii..? \ nnimi r i\ a hi i and mutant* wIU i..? i i gifitly io trelra v tiita-rn to m* >;?id dn.ntf the mii,inner vaati.>n. fh - hig'.n : to*; Ioioii.Tc from pupi n. Semi for new circular. h^KKVi >1 AKi) UEKMAN I.ANiil'MJ1> FFtOi K.^OR i:. TfiLLLRiNO. si ? Brojfiw.iy ( fii'rl in |.*v;\ Will r".c \ v appli. a .ion* lor p. ivat- iiiMruc To lnthenlx*** hiiit:iit(.'C4 (luring the spring end suiunu r i Tins. I .angle Anglais' nux et ranger a. Translating, el. .-I ami dr.uua'i' rv..<iuig>. 1 Willi LA) C W.T. T1IK ATTEN 1 ION OK VOu NlJ .V1FN, J t*?#t 11 In ami out of nnployi ,* i\t, m my v%\\ i etho.f o! Id: i. >. r.ip.ii. whl -i? i i diflcr.nt from a >t:dug ever oiihlwdiid Iwiore, and Which I* ho ftimp'e a* to he a owhvd In a l"M' i otim iii*' Mtniy. Joiliom1 wh ido pot co.npii n i> I me iMt.iii'itg m tue wor i pin tit el phy T w ill ay that ,, * a*1 ait hy watch any person < n i?o.?rt or :.4k down verba* liut any ?puMch, lectin -or M'l tnnn . * !..?t .a It is po.,.?i.. > ouiig Mien I..I, a. tiiallv i .< ?' !'A o. . f 6 to $IA Jfi day Ii a hlllg flat-4 flew PVifelii. ! \s iMi ? nui| ; .y one w two A.^eiitM in every county in the I'lim-M My eliargen ur*% tor ie coining nil :?nlhort/eii ngeti-, *vt: for . copy. > m\ hy?t-Mioi I'hotio raph\, $2, to> a honi of I art tier pa. ieulai-, !\ if'Mh. Agents arc I'll title. I copy gin t* ?ti J*M\.i.enl l? ay tor *?.?it!ioiMy to tea. h. A?Jdr?> i'i ivf or I) Mollis, > \ York I'oit otliee. FKMALIC I.NoTlTI IK ?iV| KITS T<?"yor\o la.iie< ttiperloi' iidvi-n o .?r I. ?* . thMMigh f rot m *om. I-!!* Itei! edncnit i?. S!" ( ;? I i M ti'i-m v !li tie .i.? n to Fienrt:. mi <er the tUitr'..tint! oi an ifplinhetl i:ororm^." !r?un 1* rii. Alio to Mn-ic, utnl * l!u: cine 'tlun ni'A?:.e ot ili? t>e t inM'crvo. New York. | ;?? (.( nm ailiirg-r he Pilnetpel. I'. G. Dart lllae, M. . iff- vn N. J. KII?. N?. ro 1IOO ? l AlTUN RALFTOVF IXSTI IT TE, < h iu : I'. li oi a id b.nhlei, coiitimii uud^r (he name manage ent < i or Ira'e ktiioii ri lug Mthool ..r roolt, an I th?. le.eptiou oi hoiM iui li.ery. N?tn h". and 117 V. e t Twrnty.talrcl niia. ?. \^THDldlLY. Aer->rM)Dh l i i!KH AND DJViNA I 11?.NH. ?IF IN ill li-ailli of i; .itlh e ? nitiiit* \l ? 1?in< t T.I FFfiTD, iiliijvallcti Biif(iiie>M, i i. :l an l f pjn u .! I'lmrvuyan , N? 1-7 !? on tr f , ' 't , Brooklyu i iee-M i?"?v , | ? t ea ivin ..ick, and Jiml* a eui In ml* ling lie s ii t?o wi, f.l. n-; iie'l.i.ii Ml; I * ; (. ter, iiuc.O-ving lulii', c I 4 h'YONIHIllMj -MADAM'; MOHJUMV, SKVKM'H i J\ .n.iiji'iiei, In :Jft if . <Ji>, tell* hunr mm* . id ' tiuw oil! II >oll WIU mi"! I v - JI l ivmli (o know, nvu your vi ij- iliou-Ui- "i no |.iy. Luckv clinim wen. Jim; ? ({' ;!' l* tin' in (.. i il l. i M (. |<|l '\ill li||{ 0| .million?IM4 Lllili't I'll. I, .|,,.lV ;J->,i-t . . I'll'"- J!} ' .?. ni?. ilinilen'on i: mt ut.n !. T oOk lll:i:K.ItKWAilH l-n|: AW I'MiSf.'X ft irl,i cai | n I Jli M M >'i. I< \ in nu'lii;, ivin i : ilmn-iili n .li cVriiii I n. :,li lllo, Inrli l.i?< Mill- ml liii'l|r Ii'im' I -tii> il?n i.,i? u n u lni,im; intiindy !?r ii .(knout--. ii nl ll ., tlic nop: ,1 i i u t*-i ' i liy ii' i'ii 'i Two > in - I* li It tut: . in tin Ihiniglit, 'I'II.i h' "1 4 11. .' I . I , irIM if nnlt' il f"i vi r 81 i' i4 i o ;r 'ly "ilaltl of lity lianpy in .|iu i ii.4i.t4 in m ^i i. .ii.i'i . lii' iniibi are fo i'mi. il o i nnliit"! i,i t*. I?i Hi-' nil '!ii? l'ialUll'.1 ji'iiin t .i ly, si I'll rUxili ai oil I' lli.p.ili Hir.'rr. \|.?WMK ll.VV, M) -RVI.MT1 AVKM E, NBAR , i'? ulj.-i oiu' i'r i, ani r|ii . oil nlio irlsii Inn. 'InIi - k, n .aW ' "Hi I -?> Uu'ilil Irat hrr pimn. Sno if Tin vein ii/ ihonaM', luck unirb in, Ion:". La lit", i.V . gmVmeii. r<Oi. ; Vfl!8. I' J-. HAVd. Bl'SIM . MKUIi AL AMD HI'IHf. iu im! "ciiri "v.iul. ' ? 'I r.willf'l l?- 'ISimI, ,il ;W l.m .y " Hinink* r, 10 il -l. ft <J .case, Irlmnla i n l pi-i. i i'i.' |. tii(i1i. I'm all it! " i? .. Bn?lnn? inf 11 Imv I fUifiiis nmilni'! H; by Imuo, nu l.m n imlr. 92 VIB8. A DDI F 11 AN KKII NU HULL KNuUN j?pi ' *tI (nil Mv ..ii i "ml i''.ill, i.ui hn ??.iiai*lif.1 I ...ii anil ni . nln- .ii 1.' . , 2"K! Kntirlli nr.iiu , soar , In nil "..Mini - iwi.* , 1 font. \ H.?I'l'isutn , It Vh I 'v . -In in . I 'IV E GKCATf-iT WDNDl K IS THK WORLD H Tllfc .1 y"'iii? r. itl n ca. > I M?iUn r HI HON, iroin Pari", in coiniiltfd ivlib l!"Irion *t nouH'Inni " on nil ml. nvo' 11'i*; i lm-" fliun' n mnl nnluitlilnl IninlmnU^ | ii?n n sn. mt io ii akit yon- I r'ovril liy your hvatt'a Ideal, aiffl i bring-lu^ni inr thn*" i-.i.u a-i..Vi nleil. LadleatAcriiU. Real. | rt fiw 0 I'ltlnl .ivrr 'U), aljuul Tvnelftli itriinc I ?pi! K IVll.V OKKM'L DKAI i i |. UI,"LrANA llHN ( il'AV. } J )i. in." 'i I A A I: nloiily innmlo f?v.'lUya li.i.f.r. ' (' n-ii t Iter lini1"' lla'aly. II f| 'nil tinna ?r" amHii f 1. 272 II ."in i.i lib rtltmt. IjiJI * 2j noil", grnitainrtt fr) ' ii'.-. Lnriij. n . .1 in . i lmrm", .|. |/'r, I'OWi nv, VT.Al: imOOVR ,STI(HI.T.-AtADA)fE 1 " ' WIIH11 li i I t nyati'. ami rife il d|)*itl?li Lilly, urn mil" Hi" iii) . ? of Iiiii. i tir, leer, mariingr, tawnlfilniu!", ili kimaa; | icai rlljns nioillitlnoa 'ai $ll UWeMe^ tvlli liirkjr uuti'UrL (roocriT lot', or gioleu, Re. >RK HERALD, THURSDAY ?? ? lost ahd kopm Found? in the bowery. ON march 17. A WHI i k Crape Slut vl. The uw 1 It-1 ian lime it oy proving pmparty and applying at If2 Fifth street, in the store. Tost?a pair ok lady'8 gold spectacles, on J J Monday last, below the Park. The tinder will t e -nit- j ably rewarded on h aving iht:n at 416 Broadway, eor.ier of ! l.iaiiennrd at reel. Tost?on Tuesday evenino, april jjl between . J Eat time into street and the Eit-rel< House, an old j Russian Leather Portemoiinale, containing a'loiit $2.1 In $!i bills, hall dollar to ailvrr and aome elioiue, ttiao a amail : account i'1 Ki. in h on note pa|ier. Whoever will retain the i above to 41 Earn Sixteenth street will be suitably rewarded. ! Iost?on tuesday, april 22, A lank book, | A No. 1113.276, with Eowar l and Mary I ynen hi It. Any 1 one linding it will please leave it in the batik whole it bv longs, in Sbtekil street. Lost.-the coupons due april i, ims, in new York and Erie Rallioad Company l'uililli mortgage bonda, Nos. 1.129 and 1,130, having been lo t, all persons are hereby autioned against urgoiint.iig the Kaine, application bnving b. en made to tbe company fur tbeii payment by tin; undersigned, owner of the bonds. J. V. LAMOREK Povtl.beepais. LOST-$I RKWARD.-LEFT IN ONE OK IHKCMIS of tbe Shore Line train, at Twenty-seventh street sir- i Hon. on Wednesday evening, April 21. a gray Overcoat. The : tinder will receive the above reward and no que-tlons aski d by leavini; it at 44 Cedar street. W' ATCII LOST.- LOST, YESTERDAY A ITER NOON, In Broadwuy, near Cbamhcra street, a lady's op ui lure | Watch, with black cord attuv' a.l. A suitable reward will be paid by h aving it at 59<! Broadway, American School Institute. dk?(? ?LOST, ON TUESDAY, APRIL22, IN fORTtBTH i ?P I ') street, near Third avenue, a tioid (horse > Wut ih and Chain, 8, 101,15.219. If tin- tinder n ill bring or send it to | 31 Chambers street (8.), he will receive the above reward. REWARDS. dh?> reward?lost. on tuesday morning, IpsJ about eight o'clock. In the vlelnitv of Thirty-seventh street and Lexington avenue, a Poodle Dog ; answers to toe I name ol Pinky; Its fun: paws hnd pist been tiimine.l r n?i. j The above reward will be paid l.jr leaving Ihe dog st fll Eft") j Thirty-seventh street j|jQ REWARD WILL BE PAID AT 210 FRONT STREET, ! fur icim-ii of a small package ol' letters supposed lo.-i , in 11 stag), hi uu nine but is the on net ?0 REWARD.?LOST, ON TUESDAY EVENINO. NBAK ; pO the corner of Broadway and Bond street, h Scotch 'JVr. , iter, lawn color, with Lug earn and tail; answers to the ) name of Fanny. The above reward w ill be paid for its rn- j turn to 41 Lafayette place. dh1f\ REWARD.?LOST, YESTERDAY AFTERNOON, plU w.Ale p.'urlnj; from Second street. nud S avenue out to Uroadwav and down to lorucr or Grand alivt and Broadway, a leather Po kctboolc, containing twenty il dlars In gold (."> pieces, and sixteen dollars in bills J'no finder, by gii ma tnformatiou to E I>. Brown, 17*5 Oram! urect. WlfTlamshtirg, where the nhove may 1 o found, wi'.l receive the above reward and the thanks of the owner, A1A REWARD.?LOST, A DIAMOND ENAMELLED J pill I'in, between Chambers ami Pulton afreet*. The Under will receive the a'mve reward by leaving 1. at N. S. Ai Hold v Co.'s,88 Warren - treat. 'dUT fV REWARD.?LOST, OH WEDNESDAY AFTER j pill noon, a Cold Wa'cb, with ft long chain, and a locket, | with hair, attached, Ta\ lor A Son, London, milkers. In going ' free Greene street In Bleecker to Broadway, mid up to Tenth street and Fourth avenue. The Under will vcrelve the above reward by leaving It at 1.51 Kil l Tenth HI 1Uet. eo nnn ?two tiioi'sand dollars reward.? ""IV/. Stolen, from the Iron safe of the Brooklyn White Lend Company, M Pulton street, the following named Bonds and Securities:? Twenty Bond* of th?kD?oiilhal and |St. Joseph Railroad Co npnn.v seven per cent Moriya tn Bonds, number* 1042 to 16bl inclusive, with ihcircoupon bunds. All dated April 1, ISM. ALSO. The following Bonds of tin: Chicago and North Western Railway Company, viz:? Sixteen (16) sinking fund bonds, numbered as follows:? Numbers SOU. Mil), 82M, 1,1611, 1.16S, 1.170,1,171, 1,691 eatb, $1,001 ' 60J " 60) " ikii", 47ti, 480, 2 40 " ao.i ' 14K, Ml, 470 ' 100 Also, S'-vvii (7> bonded Internalcoupon bonds Number* 1.S66, I,307 e?rh. 707 000 " 4dO, 4Mi " SOU *' 72, 71 " lot Al*o, Twenivfour (24) Kiriit rni?itaB? bond*. Number* 3.272, 4.219, 4,270, 4.271. 4,272, 4.273, 4.271, 4.270, 4,27(1, 4,277, 4.278. 4,2K1, . 4.282, 4.243, 4.284, 4.2V, 4,283. 4,287, 4.738. 4.740, 0,316, 0,812 rat h, $l,<kW " 2,205 " OO't " 1.779 ' J00 Aim, lliiee i3> S: <: rnd Mortgage Bon la, nmii bera 1,380, 1.820, 1,821 each $1,004 Aim. one til United State* alx pec emit bond, piyabl* in 1867, iinuihered 9,592 " I .(?m Also, other aectt cities, and about five hundred dollar.' In Treaaury demand note, bank bills and gold. The above reward ivill be paid for the recovery of the bonds. The publie are cautioned again*! iiorchaslm. or negotiating the name. KlSllEIt llOWll, Treasurer. Amu, 21, IPC2. SHIPPING*. XfliW VOItK TO 1.1 VimPOOJo IN THE STEAMSHIP (iftEAT EAHTEIIN will fc.iil limn New York t< t' 'Liverpool on SVTi nuAY, MAY 31, I'll, " ii.' pissjijc in Ilrat t'ai in $05.1 $1.?", a- online to slat" room ?c< otnuiodatlun*, all other privilege* being < <junl. Third Cabin $.?) a $00, with very itlperioi necnnimodnt.on*. .Sons of K>?un* lor fa mdies may lie en '.'need bv site ial arrant: loont. No Berth ><*"iire ! ".unl paid for. IIOWLAND * ASPISWALL, A'jatit*. Pinna of the ?bip may b ?eeti. and engagement* ni id- lor fndrbt or pna?A;je. 4?n application at the rijttce, No. 7 Hroadw*v, N w Vork. COP A1CT\KHSH1P N OT ICIOS. A PARTNER WANTED TMWKDJ ATKI.Y-WITll -S30U. iii tin- Lirpior and I..i ..? Ht"*r bii-ini'.v< on the now long do-k, between t'py a*i<l llobokcit. Tliia wllII* u viaud chmn?' for n man u it i ihe above amu lilt. For particular* upplv to J, MADDEN, 102 Hloo n field atio-t, Hobo k< n, N J 13UMNKS8 Del IittLD To A PERSON WITH feMALL ? jAc tpitnl, bavin" fore* md.ibilitv ? \ ? i ti party lifvinir a busincM* in tliib :y, wi ll know n end {;,l>lUb"d foi yearn, 11 or. d toy touci pil it, haa o I'lmUit fo gh i rtilahb party .hi opportunity t * e??fidm.t the !?.v.i.u in a neighboring city, iv lie re fortune ?mii ho inadi in li \ e year-*. TTiis i* 0" humbug orrat'dij" nny. The husiues* L *afe, *ur<\ in?pei*tntdc and **w . . To an hon it i, j i ml lull part li . ira will be yiven on a.. interview. No ajonta notiecd. Addie* Augu u", rjisald otlli'O. OWINO TO THE PUOLONOL1) 1ELNESS OK ONE OK tl.?* purine - a i opportunity i? i.ow off* red o. pui ohaaltiK ' tie Ji i in*. i* -1 in "i?#? of the heat lorn ted * near | City I (all) and b-?i jMylii!; Dmln: l!oo:u* in New Y??rk. i ul-w 1 l be found worthy the attention of panic* soekim' . *afe, prodtaole citeh hi."In >*. Every vatlafaetlon given upon uit interview; $1 f?')) ca*ii reojilrod; balance, *1,0Ki, i i be pal t in monthly pav?;ie?. w from the f rofit* of th~ tuiaine*-. K. |>avb, b?<\ lit Herald "Him. T>ARTNEK WANTED?\V I I'll (MM, IN A ID SINEWS II well e%iahM*h?i.vrlH) |?.?rn it profit*; hirm order* on b.*ii!. t'lii ! a d?! *.s fa a* i ?? !','. For futthrr partlet . Inr* Inquire of A. E ?i>RHT, Hfi T.ero> M ' 0', near I'.'t'pcltrr, ' |?ARTNEU WAN'THD?WITH PROM To t MA\ IN ; 9T a.i'e and j roHtable produce nn i i rov *1 n ? I A ?dr m* M. P., Herald tdhrr. I pAKTNLR WANTED?WITH #1 000 TO $2t*KI, TO TAKE | J the plice of a retiring part irr, in the Piodu. ? t'oniiulsI noli lniilil|Mw?; wet! e<*t.t"|l?h' I >?ml d"iuu .1 " 0 1 b flnrta, a?R 1 in airadl'y inrr< atitis;. \d'r?* ' M t?. E.vch.iOge Hoffl, j Alii *ire,eii\vU:b aip ef. N, Y. ! IIAKE CHANUE KOK A KOIIT1NR?KOIl 1 J4 $"?,(UJ an Inti i'at or pu'-inciabtn. worth h. il n niillloti j tk?l!*r?, will ;Av? n In h ii.? \ i ortatnp gait pro*' .a. f or full parOcnlnr# nwdi? - - Ciicrciist Unison, N.N a ihvrr ' U In' vp-ti^a'Jon ai?MciK*fl ( fRIlK ADVFI'TIHKK. IIAVJSO HKKN foil OVER T.VO ' A v?iUIK lit a ri" ,?? lain# wUul' a.aIp Joij.i nvi iMsiurv. |? <|r. j -.liHtii' of rxtnti I'tig tlv *. in*, i '\otihl Ir*'* with a ?lio. j ron^li bo?lnou* titan - I ro*po Ability with ii\ v to a put* I ? idt 1 'i ni S^iUM ill n?l?l 11?>n nnnl i ' * 1 mpiiivd: lui i!?rr partioul*r* ti uii in:t?r. low. V<ld"?? ! M h mt H r iid ?.Mi -p. j W VNTBD?A PAKTSEK. WITH ?l,(Mi To Sl.ftM, } ft rlth-r In ia?'i *r i(n.?dr. to Join th njvcrfHnr In Hi I ladiff til I tiWi'l ni-n'M mini I tug rcrwl? Imsim ?*. who vt I i nii- 'nil a Ilk#* amount. V'ldrct* M 'ti: .it, Nation ? I'oti OXSf . y.'jjjll -l'AP.r.NKi: \\ AN i'F.I>, IN S HKJIU.Y nilI J!%VN.f. Hp ' t? ! ! and Very t'.*ni iit *i ft'.ivc nlfP it t>n?iti<wi, I i ) ?it Jtif* tho ati'iitloli o: two, and yielding a )iHii?Uotu?* and -at. fact iy In- tn . Apply I WlhUVM TiRMKM, jfll'l an t j MX! Kr adwpy i1 A ?" M.s!.1? . llv,.! fi ; I . I (2?? Iflf I ?WANTED. A M \S AV ITU HUH AMOl Nf TO i io?r. to hi'tMi.pli ?r on good spcuti'v. to | i iitir;.' of i n iM..' -ni Hurl or**; fdereitcw ?*x'!iai)fcc.|; nn^i.t $V' it twin h titnl ho ?i\i; no no nprd opp'y tMtlto u ib' | no? :. Apply i 82 T?*nih avrittie ' fii'Jia - \ H'HTNHR \VA> n;i? IN \ IlKSf'E. i A i >?i ?h tin m? woli < ?'.<b!n.-Up 1 and paong I h i f p. ?ht*. \j ply nt I, 7. In th* '.mill*r vnrd, uoovn Tlilrt t>-.-i nr nf!i mil -t. <2*\ ilim ?WAM'KD, \ PAWTNRK WITH Till* nmaifil, w. ilhoi'Mi ij uinlf i<ta?'d* tie r.' ] it >v I'l' lm All ltit? rvltw v 41! * "ittls'y mm to Iih- uUy? A*. A'ftli*' IfMlf?i. i?o\ 117 floral1 oi'. e. nan cmtf -pari an n htkd, in a U Ja I ,^U\.r gliitimio I'll <ii????-v j ro/c tMi'*'!, Ac., -Iv mi, ; Jr initi (? tiiiftj-ti. Ing l!nr, wiili pl.iuyordfi ?, $4# f?. (ni:<r ; ?! a ?' ** '< Hindu#** I i f I \ M? HI Nf K i ' A A CO., 4S Xafl#au * pp I. rhin i' iiouiit, "l" ninr if n> uy, In i 1' h, I .iii'l ?'?(> twenty )' exp i?Umi t In hiiniur??, If it'ci-rune of fcrnlng i:,nu Willi * m<* permit or I'rm. r;t ir n? I purlin: oronorwl"". I'! lm" M. M , llci iht o il *,' -iting j n .1 IIV o; u * mill w heiv nn interview m > lmd. ! IIIHI TO ? AXTRD, AN ,OriVB l'ART p.5.vH/" iter, to m'.f lh? mnnn/i mm ?i h *nr - ixolttg | light hnnlt , which, v.uh eh re, will yield At knot }1 VNXI ' ii' i pi nil' iii* 1141 >??<r. w maTTkand a ro? nu Bim<i??x. BlLlilAKDS. ALARUM MO K OF NIAV vNO SKi'ONH IIA.1I> f; ilnlTn'On', < i h l"h Ooinhlnaiion Ouhdotis I fill' mi l? ill nt'l<!"r In s ill Ih" I I'll 'H. I'll I.I.A X 1 OtlM.liXORU, OIIAOMIlWby .livid, S. V. I iiiLi.i UJi'S - F"i: sAl.i; or to uiiik, two kohl" J> vttmd ihtn bet' Tahlr*. Inquire nt IIi Tnlnl nreiiue. ; "IJILLI airn?. -Fob kale, a lakuk ani> shlenuid I J wto< k <u I'CiV ;itiM wrond b inri wtli th m t j iwrfi ft ; n'l <-m-ni i cushion* imw in ?#? . Ortrr by umi! for j tutile*niiiI hitrmJD^ Hito by W. II. UKlFrlTIf, 146 I Kti)U*u ilrtM l. 1 I > II.LIAIIDS? IO I.RT, TUB rOLI'MBlAN MLLAIID .!> IP en .N l<40 Mmii iwiir, nortlwuit cnr.i rnf Twenty. ni'ontl mirk; fin- of ih* I "ft l< r.uh'n* in the rlijr. Nil. K ill l.ic Appl} Hi X 5 Kh ' Twijiut-w md no ci frotn n ! toll A. M.,orl tog I' M. .1. N. DENNIS. H AVI NO Rionr or TUN must rate billiard T.ihl** nearly new; will rxeh itnje lor lii*t tUnn Kuinl j tore; ? rnr.'chin"'tor tlio-c wrliblng to iiupne* uf ibclr tnrnii'irc A'tJrrM H. S. 8., station A, Spring Htiocl, turn,Mi M' If. ____ lyEURoNK IN WANT Of* ntl.MtRD TAIII Es WII.L I in,4 II 'O llielr ftdvuiiini.'' lo anil at NlIAKI' H r nnuinc oi v.UHK It on rtreet. Where ho ke y . on linn I Orel elan, rntil' i, wl'li hit ii"? iy InvMiled piilrm Ciofclin*, inferior la j ii'ijr u >w In' Alio. ??'"D<I bund Tublce. , APRIL 24, 1862.?TRIPI RALES AT AVOTMM. 4LBBBT II NIOOL.AT. \UMI>NKEK A. ItEiit'LAR BALK <>K STta'KS AND BONDS. ALBERT 11. NltOLA V Will sell, this dav (Thursday). A1 r'l M a l.'J4 o'clock, at the MKKi'II A.S'Is KXCIiANi.E, 20 eh*. Amor. E. h. Bk $100 An shs. Ainer. Tel. Co... $100 M Atlantic Bk. of P'U'll d J oil 22 N V E piihm > lus.Co 46 til Hope Kile Ins. C .to 111 Washington Fir.-InoCo 90 JO Loyauco. M. A MfaCo li O $ i.tWii United Stales 7.1-111 Tr?a?ury Nou s. 4 (100 Now York and Bo.! u R till dad 6 percent Loud*.

Also Hook Ac onus Hmonniioc 10 $1,471 $4, by order of Lewis K. Loder, Esq., Receiver. . Next regular sale Monday, Ap '.I". n( 121. lock, at (lie Meio'i.ints' K reliance. ' aI.HKUI II. NiOOLAY, Auctioneer and Stock Banker, No. 42 William street. A LOTION NOTICE.-M. H. CHAPMAN, AUCTIONEER. ilAONJFR'KNT HOUSEHOLD Ft HNTTUKE P wNTLNud. STATUARY, AND MANY RARE AND COSTLY WOKKH OK AHT, At publie auction, Oils day (Thursday,) April 24, At the olef int rc? i<-nr? $8 West Hliiceuin street, lieiween Kil'.h and Sixlli at cones. Sul* eonunonein ;. i II or-loc.,, vie ? SEVEN OCTAX K KOHKWOOD PIANOFORTE, the riches'. .a?truuuut ollcred i.t auction tiiis <asoii, ?ujuvbly curve I legs and eoae, I'our rouud eorneis, full iron i>lau*, ovetsiimng huts, all ihu modern Improvements, niuile by city maker*, lolly Poled In iooi|i o n' judges, and pronounced a .-upeiinrtnsirumimt; rorcuoot Cimlcrbury, do Stool, eovt red io hro'.ide. French cloth Cover; Bookease and Se ret.inr. Kir, lyidy's Work Table, WithinDesk, Kifnidi I'lat' I'ici Mirrors, marble Suits ami Brarke's. two lurge Mantel Mitrow, richly inrvtxl frame*; Embroidered Luce Cut tains, Fren li shade , Cornice*, two iii.u'iiil.reut stills Druwl .f Room Kiirnliori, covered In three rolo.ed satin bro vtc ol too itch.'.,, description, cm red lu solid riiseiviw d; two Ti te ? Ti le Solus. i?o Arm unci eight Oval Ruck Chairs, rosewood Centre Tables, statuary marblu top to lumih tic s its; Etage-es, lined will siitiuwo id. nm idc lop tumor door and buck; King's patent Hec.liuing Easy ci a . Pier, i aid and (j< arictt-T.ibli ; O 1 Punning* by C I.c, Julian, Lcgruud, Selleres, Kg. low ami other ciniiiuiit urn is; Assnmptlmi Virgin Msry, from celebrate i pull tllig iuih- Louvre, I'iris;.S. uiu a S u, tiy 1'ingci'H.i; "v.? -ii| rh mat' h Palutlii' ?. bisk walnut ll.csianj, io match; oil Cloth, S u. ('urnct.-, < buntiers?Ihic't -li Brosuel O*1;?t?, ro.cvood marble top Drexr':ig Rurru u, Bedstead. ?,i I Conn od. * to oa a i; Tobc Ta 8 ..,v.?, S tod , Bo?* i , Com bee, Arm and Oval Buck i Centre covered In sniln; Kpriiu; and Hair Mi. iiv.'.e s. F athcr Reds, Bolsl is en 1 Pillows, O ul Mir, nr., Pastel Putining :, Deoorated Cbina Toilet8"u?, Bto ale', I'liid.iin.s, Ac. Upper Chamber*?Mahogany aud Yuk wwttut Hureuna, Solas, Ho kers, Washulandsl Dlnim '. >iro- -Solid eiu vert oak But la*, st.V.'.tuiv marble lop; Hut '* |wi' nt Kkt-ii.iou i'.'iie, Arm Chair*. Couches, elep'iii se; i Cr.. btal and R'.'.y r.'. .sh D-euntcrs. Wnies, Qui lets Champs hies, L"..ionau4S. TmnbleiCel y. Fruit aiiib Prexer.e Smnd-'i I'liiRnr li-nvle, Kutiv uiul Li old Li p or Sir, Cod slid China Din Keis Silver und richly Decorated leu Set, 1 rty-loiirple es; solid sir . Dinner and Ti . Se S|R erware, coffee urn, easier*. Cek' Hassets, N'ansln P. ugs. Spoon.. Fork* Ivory Handle i Tubte Cut cry. Also, Basement und K.t :he.n Furniture. Ai i "TION NOTICE.?R. W. WESTCOTT, AUCTIONEER. Peremptory .de of elecaiit llonsebold Fuiniture, compi isin ' II.e entire lirst C.usa ro*ok. nod Farultire and elegant Risque, Marble and Pari, n20i'iu\:ueiits, .Ve , C niaiued in the elegunt re t le.ip'O No. 182 \X en Tiveniy.first street near S< vnth nveulie, i ii 'i.iy iiiuiia a y i, a.i ? >'' i'". r pi , consisting of si. perl rosewood and vatriut Sii.ii, in French >iru:Htfl anil r i?>; ronen > ol Ontr' uud Pier Table j, silk, and U.< *'uriuiii*. K i/iil'Pll an Etsgerer elegant rouovbud l'l tuofni < , Stool and I'mir; TuiLrh Lnungts and Arm < lii'.na. nmguifl i'Jit M. n el Vases m lata mid parian, matb'.c Bu-t of Byron, limn a. t;ioek?, valuable d union or" llmtori-si rnd I Lands ape Palming*, richI.' finned; gold and luuils.ipc Shades, Chandeliers, Cornel i'Uu "roM. .lewrl Case, A.CHAMBER AMI r?lN!N<? BOOMS. 1 Elegant rosea ood Bedsteads. Dt'cuing Bureaus, uit'll marble < ?()-.; Couiinnje* two walnut Suds,coveredinr*pa. ..1 dc I U> order; Card Tables, Flower Van"*, Solas, Spring Seat and I Cottage Chairs fluekcia, Hair Maitm-sea, clernn: lied* and I Bedding, "vul Mirrors, Sofa Bedsteads, Ac., with i large vu( i ici v of China, r loli Out Class, Ivory Out lory, Silver'.vara and : H?miiom I'lirulniv- of every description. AH <o be *old, | ralu or Milne. Catalogue* ut lluu in. i S. K.?UntiaektepriK hotel koep-rg and dealers will find | this sale worthy o' special Hllcntton, as ti e Furl]I'ure !. all ! in perfect order, ,4 M. Oni.iT4l.411 ?I OIIUNKKI:. -At ' TMN SALE J\. of llouathod Km u turr.-A. M. OBlST.VI.AK will sell on this dm, April 54. at 10)i o'clock, at street, the Furniture root*lued in said Vuse. run dating of Parlor Furr.'lure, Velvet Car;; f?, two larae J'nmeti piste Mirrors; al*o Hed*te?d?, Bed-, and Bedding. Wujlialandl, t -ockery, B ireaii', Chair*. Taides OK Paintings, lin'ravings: also Dining Boom and Kitchen Furniture, (.looking 1 tensile, Crocker. , ti'assw ai e, Ac., Ac, VUOTION NOTICE.?K. ROTH. AUCTIONEER. LATt'tK SALE OK EI.KtlANT HOUSEHOLD Ft HNIll'KE, ') day, Atoll 24, at 11 oVlo preclselv, a< the large dwelltug house 12S Wan rle, place, east ol Sr.tli avenue. of two lieantiful Parliir Sulla, cue Si'a Tete-a-tete, one Arm Ohnir, two Keruption end four Medallion Bark Chairs, toaetvood marble top Tabic*. Etugercs, Comer and Book Stand*, flun Painting*, Lace Curtains, Shade", Vaser, parlor Ornaments, rosewood, muhoga'ty una black waliiut B"d steads; Bureaus, WaihsUnds, S 'las, T< to-a-Tcfes, covered 111 hain-loth ana I'mnaak; Easy Chair*, Spring Seat Chairs, Lounge |, Rocker*, Mirror*, Clucks, Curtain*, Bookcase Tea Table*, Hair Mattresses, Sola P.ods, Class, China mid Sliver Wure; Table Cutlery, Bullet, Mirrors, Engravings, lieantlful Bi us* !*, I'a|w>try .nut Ingralu Carpet*, Oilcloth, Cnaudelli'i-v, Ac. Sale positive. ASSICNEC'S SAI.K OK MAHOCA.nV. IIOSK,WOOD, W VLNUT VXD OAK. BOAKDS, Pl.VNKS AND VKNEKKS. and a rciicr al ol o li'w wood* in treat variety, My t. M. CBlSiALAK. Aiieiioucer, Tills d?y, April 24, at IDH o'clock, At llie yards of (llle.hrlst A Daniel*. 2(M I- ifeukliu wreck By order of u.**lgur.o. The at ove sale I* well worthy lb" attention or buyer*, Catalogue* to be had on the premise*, or at 'ho olliett of auctioneer, 2d Bowery, on Tuesday, 22d lad. \SSt.iNEK'S S A I.K.--.I 1". TR.4VER. A U< TloV'KFi:BvHHTCHESOS A n:\Vi.It-vttl ii this cat, at 10o'clock, i.i *7 S ell a.enii", Flviures of groocrv niidllouur .mire. Counter*, tbr- e It.o r Puinps, (Jtnss C.i c, J m and Oli i t an*, Scree in, Ice Bo o s; ulso, Wurdrolie, Cliali*. Bureau*, TabP s, Bedstead*, Bedding, Spring Fori'ilor", Cart, Ac. D < I ST BAN* DEB, Avsign-o. , t MIATI KL MOKTOAflE.??. ISAACS, Af"<:TI<, 1 wilt 4.4*11 tliK.l .c ut \<t <?*!.'? (lit pnulrii uir <>t li e t iiilt* r-iiiitiintr ot u Hit i'Ibmi U'|tl'.r "totr, rum l<tlln - of H , Had. Km , I) ?? Ch? Smol I n k". Kl floly, < in. Will", to '.lit r.thing coufalmsl in iho store By milfr i.f THOU vs Mt'MG\s, ConxttMe. / lONSTABLKS SAMi OK TWO sKWIMi MU'UJNKSV.' i no of Crovry A Hi'lot'* mid . ofn'i I M. Singnr'* ? ill In aolil Hil" ?li?y at 10}. at So 3*0 Jluii oil street j By order o. A. Syring-dlrtl, tVnrt'ibli'. DI?. OA I IAINV AIM riONKlllt. AUCTlOJi NMi'ICli.- POSITIVE AND IM1K S).R\ Kit s M.K Ol VAOjmiCT.VJ- Hoi SlMMI.n H RNITCRE AT I'l III.I'' At ? TIMJf. Al m-elegant widen-' No. '.' JO \Vo?i l imiittnlh iliw! tcai KlgMli I'venun, Oil Till lisHAY ablatio).'. April>1. Tilt* CM;. ngne <: >tl>1.1 I*' " III' I^i fit ..oil n li> at i.e? irn ii'iii ot' Ho im'IioI I Kuriiltnro an Works ot Art OHVreil at auollon 11 >'tt aetuam, Suyri. i-n o ooUva 1' an iforti, I-'.it. Di'miti, llOolo Suit", Arils'. v III t o H i, Stutiiui. , Mi! I'Hliitiiign,i mlnout ar'i'ts ISrour% an3 Ormolu Chaiiilch-M, I'ifl mid Manti 1 Mirrors, 'a !ti an I I.: ''r i 'tirt.ilim, Ac t 'oil i mini'' in it at I'M. n?ivk i ro i-rly, lite entire cl. ^..:it Km iiitiiri* it tut lieirutitt : Work* " Att i ootaiiiti! in the ubovi l.ngedwr'.linf, .ill ot wliirh will t.e .' l without rrnerre, ?m loii-t l?o removed I' to v Mutely. i. ti* sting of ivory I.log U bo toiinil In i\ t i ?t i'..i" i raid .-IK'. ? I'.irlo.-, Library, Ittni.ij Koo.ii ami 1'hanibei Kn-ii hit, l*?tIoimi">iit?iii Mip" 4<?r Vr lot,thre- m..:;nl!i i nnl ?o!l?l I on.oil aiiil:c- ven-il in i. moo i, bine ami gob I : ...I I , ail.t C .1 i * il. of 111.' Hill t ri I.I'll-: ' it otrill | linn; tJ uhlc fcii.1 T i! k'?l H my Oh..Ita, in iiin|iu :>n I mn in nr..(]< ; indie.' " iiil lii* w. 'in! Iter e, lion mid Ann Chair* iiivi'inl in trdd, blue, eriinann mil maroon >.nin; tin < vlul iiwiiw-'imI i .mi||, T.iolei.. ivt'h I icli ati.iuxry mih >ie topi r\p -i<?ivi'tjr iixrvfil / im woml Vier, H ii,i and Hid Th''1 ?? will luiirbh'top- liar?" ' u.stly i*mva-imh1 Ktii.ei*'*, v.iili inartili t i*. plate Kla*? drma, Ac., tinpnitcd e\|-ie--l> n r ih? own 1 er: I idles' )o > no *1 Wnr. I vie . i wenyoiiv dni Hrmu mid Wriiin'ii Oltvkf. el" mm China V?- <, wltli m> mo* <iia>ti Hud Hiix usirr Laud*uiP' ?, pa tin ii r In Kianc ni:i< il r i ni a plain 1*1- lili.aa, with i <:ii Mid heav; I,'olit I'ame; M.intrl Mirror l" mateli,nf ?u on square ii'..vv nuhmldrierl Uir Window Curiiilaa und i' rin iavj."'and caii n'iir Miilir y id Oil Vanning ', l.y native ar< i',ui. iiii'li a? l.ii|i'l?i'.i|ira. Wiilt' r 8i'* i, , Martin V I. II, ! nipt ..<11'treea, A".. the who'* forming a vc.) pleasing ineliwi. KOKLIVOOP HLVKN OCTAVE 1*1 AROKoRTK. I Tli" ino't i ,'.nit iii*i i .l ino t mil "ITi'ivi] nt pui .i, an linn rifti urillnt. iHiltinu, uplendld etnetl letta. overstrung ten. with .ill tlm 1.11??' In.prm omenta, finished bunk, ronmlmi | in i a, i.uaii'b"iird rlnbiy inlniil with pearl mil solid |?'i j pr.>.?a pevfwl w .n. und n really oil" of inn mini braotlfn i liialrnnic.iK to lie fnttivl; rn ewool I'ia'.O 8'nol, In crtlii.'"; J 4 ia 11 ii ; Hub tifiibw*eed Vimo Covtir. Pining Konin?llinli Velr"! I'art m ill ? ml order; ao'i i mil ! Hum-urn l'al nil | oialied In il. lir i i , inner; iiriri'l" I. ; I n \ T,M.i Mii'i' na, Hold PiCIia111 In hairrloth. <o >i i..iir '.itn all ill , it'?) and crystal r :i UU> Warn, \\ Im t" no:1 iiptn'k, Tmnlili ia. (1 Main, und Peranter* to match II. Ii I lua T-.i and lliiinar Beta, e'i?Mv - Ivor War", Tiu an Pin. i Sm'v "? , tiM-iily-rnnr iii"b,r-', Car Masker* ii.i t' 'a Colli" i nd Tim I'm . Him itn?, F< rka, Liquor Stand* ?ii!" t fur T?bl? Ciillrry, in I Mr Pit hrrs, .1". Chamber-?-Costly anlld rn'rnmil aiu! mahogany Oil | rli.nla, ala'uatv, n'.'b1" (up Buinnu*, W i*h?innd* and Coin n. il" to man u ovr t? entv pure Pair Ma.'tr "?, fnnn It in thl pound*, lnnde In order unil Itirxcollinii i-ondittoii: IIIri.ioi t'arpeti. Hi iliiiiim Milrora. C|oeha,Tnili'l Table*, 'I iw" I..i Ii. Tel i Set* of Cloth, Stair Carpets and Kml*. maboga in . usli" ned Clialrr, Kin tu rs Sofa* Lounge*, Coil, h Minis ! Hull Siniida, PUiiiiL' T.ilib a, A' V n.?The fnenlttire lo the above a ile in ine of the mi. I'i doia .'plimn III lo nl Ciller, ollei i-xtriwidinaiy In I .III in ills in lajitaakeep.o Imlel kri'|s ta ami the I am ytmrrally. Hale )s??illv". w iilionl ri Rani lo Weather l/PWAHU St IIJiM'K. Al. CTIONKEK. Vi KINK OIL IMINTINtiS. It LOW Mil) M IILNCK.oii tills day, iMtliind., at II o'. .'"k, at hi*, aaleai aims, loo an I U-7 llrnadnray, n ealie Ij ot loir til Valium ta, many of llie.tii lieailm; the rortltliatti ol lie ii'tiat Am mi'i mn v I.! lie I',nil, I KI.Ni: IVINTKI! It KNK, Ml ,'dlHTH. HP! BP. i t P.OHA VKNMKV IN. SI AHIiK SOT'.NK BV VVOIM ILMANV ill hi I \HlPPI.a ill J'.MT, IIY V. K. MCOI.IB, two wrsriut schNts, nv pl kkiivn. And aiv. ikI line in Imena by J. NmlUente, Tnnt.i r, Boi*' I'as and at barn. Tin Pnliitmra an- liuw on ekbihillon, ami ni l iio poaltiveljf fold w Itlnnit l ?eiio, 1A0WAHD MOIIKNCIL. M QTIONBRR \ I'MitiANT S t pl)l,I. lloltSR. Hy RDWAIID H'UERCK, <>n Saturd.-y, 2Gih Inat , a I o el". ;it In* ?4l??ro<ini?. No . 15.'" mid Iftl Hi oadtvay. at'*v *addb-Jlome, long Ull nun mai.e, 7 ycni ? old, l?'J bandit high, warranted iH'rffPtlf mini, kind ai I gcntl-i in every ?ay; I* one ill' tin" inoat ?i> Mali li<>rN'iln the countiy; thr property of a gentleman leaving for Kur pr. ("an le aeen until the ilay 01 anl* at the atatile X i. PH Mi-rear *lrret. FCOmi*. AUCTIONEER -IIOTRT, Rt'RXITt'RFi, . lli.i m *, Waaona, hi lali*, flarnoaa, Ae, ,tr-ii i Men day, April 23. at 10'? o'clock, at Rtewarl'* Hotel, otitln-Cy pica* lllli- iami, Inru and a half inllea fmni Wllliatnantira h-i-rle*, I'" entire Furniture of the hotel, together with all ilia nock, I lor a, Cow a, tt'a,on*, Raddle*, darne-*, A"., ft'- More (nil particular* In lime 1.1 COI ion. At CTIONKBR-tiENTFM, HOI P Kuilnt ire, Carpet*, Ollelnlha, Mi: rora, 1'nrlor nulla, (Vina, tll-i'-t Vriro, A Ac ?'Tiila (lav (Thtirrd.iv), April lit, at peg o'clock. at ha Clinton aire I, near i4vlin,*ton, Brooklyn, the entire genteel K.imitiir of the It - i-e. it ? li| rnmpria.- ill pnrl m.ilio any and r.-imwood Pallor, Dining It o n, llcdreoin ninl B.i?eioiiiit tiooda; Velvet, loo,-try, Three-ply ?i"t Ingrain Cnrncta. Ollelnlha Rda*. T'-'e n-To'e Vnlwlie and Pallor Chali . Aldohoaida, niaiblt; top Drr?*iii| Bor.-fiiia, marble inp Centre Table*. Mo-ro a. Curtain <, PointIuy, lie la, M litre**'-.*, Kltenalnfl Diniiit Tiblea on* verv flue Portable ll.npr, China, Olaaa Ware, Mtelien i-'nrtillurr, j fte , Ac. Sal- pen- ,ipl< ljr. (tROKOR C'l'iK, AUf'TIoRERIt.?Kr.Ktl WT HOCRE X hold Kimilliirt?Till* day, at h.ili'-pn t 111 n'clnrh, at ih? lore So 141 Broadivav (neil the American Tel. graph nilleo) n I rge at>H'k of llrat elaaa oily ma t* Fnmltoaa, fnr Farlora ; Cbambi r?, Mbrnrioe. Dining Room*, Ae ,enaulto or In porta ! elegitnI Parlor Rc-t relai lea, Etaueira, Table*, bl. i k vvolnu I and inaewood B-iokeaa. a, Wardrobe*, Aamoire.i- gtare H if . ieia, KMrnalnu Dining Tabla, I,nun,i-? ( a is ,v V !? i well worthy the attention or hnyi*. Calalo oo * n'i * ie | . N H ?At twelve o'clock, oue a*v n ottaVc Flatwloitr I. ' Older. ,E SHEET. MALES AT ACCTIOM. j />EOK<;K cook, AL't TloVKEIc?<11 Ml KL HOUSE \l J' Furniture.?At Cnftnn, tjiaU n l- md, on Friuay i f (to on i roa). uilialf.past loo n vk tin m ire Furniture of | the aiiiteel < otiag* on N"n V'ork kvhhi', adjoining the new O I lutliollc ihuirii. Kor iiarti'Ulars m : catalog' ee, adiicli m?y B ; be bad at ihe bo use or of <!' <'ru** Cook, 141 Aioaduav. I 111 i " " - - ' ?'i C>r:nr<ie iiolbrook. auctioneer, office m bo A B.ou Iw.iy.?HoLiiKowK A OAUNKY will eell, tbia L't I day, at 1-,'j o'elo A. at S7 Pi ineo eireet, near Headway, all [ X'b I tin: rurniiui'ti voiitaiutul in a bi at i'ia^ Iwmrdlng bound,'com* 1 an ! 'njaiii.- mahriiany parlor Sni'n, |?|,.r 01., . - fill'' Carpal a, I Bedroom, Kiluiien an.t Din.n., Room I ui ii.turc. Sale on \l Saturday "i Ho laehoM F irrit ,r? in w- m- S i i-nth sweet. I ' I Si' C1EOKOK H<'IjKUOI>K. AUOTIONEEK, OFFICE MW a' JT Broadway.? HOI.BROOK A CACNKV will soil, tlila tin il.ijr, at 'I u'cl.'< k, at It? Frmklin tree r. . Gre nvOch. a f? I general assortment ol haii'I" im- llnat- mi l Furniture, oon- ; l>o si.-tlngof I'ar.'ir, Be Irooni, Dining Jmhuh uinl Kitchen Fitrnlture, ~y\ HESKV B. I KKTS .IK , ALOTIONK It ai BV HENRY WOOD A i O. in ASSIGNEE x BALE OF , Br ELKO A NT C t ill K ET ITItNITI'IlE, Fu VELVET. IA1 ESTKV AND HRC.-xKl S CARPETS, <In Tulli* a} A.n il 44, at 11 o e oak, AT THE SALE -'BOON, .No. tin BROADWAY, comprising richly larved roamvood. i.ialm'.any and walnut > Silts, in saiiii aamiyk, p!u?h, br>'?nd ami haircloth; ?le- I gnnt and massive Kronen plan- I'iei mil Mantel Minora, ^ Milid etrved romnvo.l ami wal'int E'iaar'<b,dau and LoUtf frt, Ouatoi -e Bedstead*, mini oak nUd walnut 1'illar Extcm-lou Duong Table*, n ill i o.v w ?>d Ai moire .? i ilnre. marble t >p Burt aits, \Vath*iand?. Centre Table*. Etas* re'. Bull' is, 8c<> retail ?, i.ak and mack via nut Dlul'i,' C airs, line Spring, Curled llalr Mnlli'eai s, K. athei Klllowx, ,t'.,Ae. Terms *: lash. Catalogues n sale B? t '. r. J1 K.'.HA ! '. kellouts, Assignee. OM Henry b herts, jr., auctioneer. v 111 llKNi.i WOOD '.t < O. SHERIFF'S SALE. T, WOOLLEN SHAWLS J HENRY, WOOD A O. will se.l, n Tu.-day, April J2 4 II o'flork, at the sal "-loons, No. Hroadwaj, a large lot of Woollen Shawls. JAMES LYNCH, Sheriff. _ The above Is lirreby uJjouriied until Fiiday, April 2fl, at same utne and plin JAMES I.YM'H, Slierllf. X Henry b. hkiits. jr.. auctioneer. ? HV HBNllY WO ?li ,v ?:o . hl I'EltEMl'TOl:Y SALE, ?'ALECHE - ARRIAOE AND ?' COL'HE. 141 HENRY WOOD A CO. will sell .di rii"? ? ! iy, April 24. ut 12 oM' ' k, ui their snlosmoina, Ifisl Bi i .dtvav, "lie sitpi'rb Cn- |, originally for a Eitiopeau oi ler b.v the beat city makers. w Twin* cmk!>. lij ? - . - ? (it HEN11V B. HERTS, JR. APCTlOMiElt. T' H V HENRY MOOD A CO sheriff s ale, s w.tpetre, .to. T HENRY WOOD A- OO. will suit, on Tb iia uiy, April 34, at X 11 o'tlock, ?i tin-ir a.les. 001ns, tit) Biuudway, two hundred |" pounds pure Saltpetre or Ni"ate Po a?a J UIBH LYNCH, Sheriff. J HENRY B. HERTS. JR., AUCTIONEER. t? BY HKMtY wood A oo. pi SHERIFFS SAUK. MEEKS' ll \I'M l'lTES. HENRY WUO.I A OO. will r. ii. mi Tin lalay, April 34, at I 11 o'i-li)"ii, at t . ir sale-rooms, tft? Bi . a large lot of I. Meerschaum Pile's. M JAMES LYNCH, 8heiiff. s. UENHY 1>. MINER, AOOTMNEKR-SALESROOM S7 1 Nassau street, opposite lb* Cub ".live, MINER .It .SO- A MKRVII.LE will s II at u'litioai, on Friilax, An. 120. at 10J^ l.i oVIi. 'k, at their salesroom, 37 N imvui "tr i lar^i and g> lo mini u-sort'.ii'-iit n! Household Fnrui'iirr, removed lor eon- 14 vrnlence of ta'e, cohkIk iiis of rn?. a'- J and mahogany Pla- iiol"iU?, Tupi-try. Ilms "us an I Ingrain Carpets, olclotha, | 1)1' iAc.; rosewood, bhti 1> uaLmi. ami u.e . gauySolas, A Ann and Parlor Chairs; rosowood, ula l; walnut an I malio- r, a any Bureaus. Washsl n da, A Pailur Furniture?S da.*, e, 1' ' a-Teti v. Tj'i'-e O.irtulUB. Will low Shades; rosewood, ,,] l is k w'i nut and mah >euny Mm Stand*; oak end black waln' '.Extension Dining fables, Chulra, Ac.; rosexvo xt. inano- a unity an I black walnut Centre and Mde Tables, Feather J Beds, Hair and Straw, Palis*'**, Ac.; Holster*, l'illowB, en s, Bedroom Crockery; alio nil assort- j; ment ot Kitheu Furniture, with which the talc w ill com- ^ ni'Mioe. 1 T 11 EOF M AN. ?l . FRIDAY. April 2.1. At 9 o'clock A. M. at 11 Later uoe Hiect, Johnson, Kro'kiyu, ' 1 A small 1'iniilltyof Furniture, in good order, Carpets, J Oi.elo.'ha, Range Ac. >, FRIDVY, April i?. n At 9 o'clock A. M. at ti e central salesrooms, roruer of Wil- p lotionbv and Pearl street*, Br-wkhn \ RElilJL \K WEEKLY S VLE-Mahogany and walnut Parlot Bait*, pointed Chamber Suits, niaTuwauy Sofas, Chairs, Bookcases, Buieaus, Wa iM lauds, marble top Tables, Bed- h ( leads, Matlrt-ses, Feather Beds, t arpets, Oilcloths, Ac. *' FRIDAY, April 21. <' At 1 o'clock P M pree.Priy. ai .0 E <at Thlity-Keynnth ftrcct, * ts IWeen Foiti th mid l?- ington avenues, New Yors, * M HOU ANY PARLOR FUKsITERE-Ru ewo d niar'ole lop Mu*ie Bland, marble Mantel OruauieuN, La- c. Curtaiua o ' ami \t ludotv Shade-; Piano. Cover and S'.ool. Ae.; mahogany J a. d i.alnu' Chamber Fiimliuro, Carpet", Oilcloth, China t| D niter .111 Tea 8et<\ (iluaa Ware, Filter Plated Ware, wal- j nut 1'illar Extension Table, Refrigerator an I Kitchen Furnl- n ture. Cuteloguc* at the house on the morning of rile. Sale positive uitbo it regard lo weather. JOSEPH HF.ilF.MAN?THIS DAY iTHIJRbllAY), APRIL 21, at 2 oVov . I'. M.. at No. 1M S. li.-riu rboru slice.. ' Brooklyn, be ween Haul and lloyi, mahogany Parlor uud 1 Ch iniber Fnrnlt. lie, Caep-'.g, Oilcloths, stores, Ac, t JOHN II. HIUI.F.Y, AU- flOXKKB- WILI. SBLTi, THIS day. at 2 j'elorK, hi <44 < '.iuu! rn*l, Sola Hods, marble . t"i xtnl other lie. K? W ...liNtumls, Ward- J rultuM, lnnho .niiy umi i' Bi-d*teads i'h r, Mar and ti other tllasnefc; \>1.. t, H> un<e!n. Three-ply - ii-t other Cm pete, d rimnd lie's. r.'Stlier B' Ih, Hodidnflr, Hair Mattiesse*. .Sew. Inland W <hln;t V n blnrr OiMutlt., Knits, Mnt'lns, K\len> . aion. I'..'litre and >tlier Table*; Kit. lieu Ware. Sale on Friday, at a nV!'> k. All the l uri.ttiiie contained hi the ?lx it Tjr , I home, 189 Eighth afreet, J T BOtiAKT, AITTTIONEEK.?BY ?. .1 J. BOOART. " I Friday, April 2?, at Id1* oViork, ?t No. W Wfii Thir!? .? nt i >uv?u, g?-;ti?*f.l i! hirpIhiM Kitrnilor?, mahogany < hutr*, Bnipx |x nn I Ingrain <?i|>eia, Minora, B?-drooin . uiid Kitchen Furniture. TBOt.ART, AtVTJO N KKK--BV S. A J. BCKJART? ? Will xell un Tup- la). Ajuii J'J, at 1<I^ o'clock, a; No. 34 I Wcxt Tenth s'r. 1t, Ip.j hi' llouxelio'd F?u niturr, confuting i of rnsi ?v.K)?i, malm ai . wtk rl??r, OU toil er and Dl- i mil'! It I?ti r urniti.ip, Urge French P.ato Mlrnm. I'amMo- v en . C ti, Ac, CAUtloiiifi cftu Im had on Monday i .?t ?hi- a I , mi , N 0 IN- 'w i!. II | MOKIABTY, AT.'CTIONKKH, WJM. SF.LL, AT f Knxi Mr.??uiw'i>, ? ItlnVlurk. on I i my, 2.?fh IriMant, ale tii** i urn.tuiH poiii ti tptl In aiLi ) oiim . on iu.c j)ook<a?<', ii i.% ho any <'h*rv Softm, a!<rgc Mmm? Tabio, Mirers Oil Paintingx, Clo * i in Hor He-N. RiUt'iila, Beddni'4. Stove 41 Inr^" lot o! i' o<r er>, Oiulpry, Ac. PAWNBROKER'S SAI.E.-THIH BAY, AT IO>{ OPDOOK, L :*l EHLI* dr i V?'!l -'I A M'S nitla*ro<if,u?, 2m V w Boucry, large sale oi v.tin.i Y.'l >tn.n4aii'l utli r I'l dd goo.ia, u nil-! linr. of NVatrli'/ <nd Jewelry ,w. Byn.?t?*i*o; M. MKr.UBAlill, Li "nsnt hvn Uokcr, 4 st'irai d *tr? *1, I >AW\BROKER'S SALE. TIMS DAY, .1 MORTIMER ill - I ai 111 a o ci )-k, t I. * \arl"ty ?T w unciihi t? arii \|?j?Rri?1, Mi uiabjp; hI*?) iiipii h goo i-t S a?e? i . odd iolol J ".ieir) By Otuer of .I T?> b^ii, jMoiitnd at i> r. 11 AZI;i.f?. AI;? Tioxiifjt IV. 1. kiU.r ATTBA* TIV/; AND PKKEVPIOKY .SALK i IK $ ; ',iMl St ?i,f M| nK HARDWARE. I'l l LICKV, Oi VH. Ac. ? WIiITTLM' II.- \ I' AZM.It i.i r I a? auction. I rm DAI. Mil im v. AiidPrpry pu<*er.:.jtf?g day uiuil alt a h ?, pointnencinf at 10 i o rhxrk pa- h dav. ;it i No. iibekman strkkt. The en' e rito-- ot >!- K u.- *.l, 0.4. ^ c-i., e-vn. , iniaiiiga u?ii a-L'cujil a luii ii ol ' HE:VVY AND 81IK1.I HARDWARE, In ci'ervf ?rlriy kn nrn to tho ti T 'i'LK AND 1'Ot'KKT ri Ti.KRY Da'd* . h ihIi nkultu'H, Kn !?, rv\ Kill n, Jt??i?ubin*fl aud , 1 Ot.i1' 1 v lt\ZOM. 8C SS )K8, SIII5AUS, Ac., O. inanufa tttiie and au|?? r.oi ?4 miry. ; OfN.S AM? HUN MATERI\!.v' IB VARIETY. To'- * ?Ip will comnip?af? ?. i?h (Inn .date ..tin, Powder \ Flaa! e. Shot belt.--, P i'-ugal .11 ('ajm, Ap. 0 ?n' 'i iw i? a y ai can bad at the office of ' lh?nu t ou-r- No, 1MB ootwuy. i The ?. 1? wi.t n?*r \> 11It 1 i i'-42, PoeWrt Cutlery, of < WeMentio'.Hi, itodrr:** aulothr- - *)< brate t maker*. c nk&) m A<ix \ < . om : n* UaEsbq tun 13 * H. How n %. wl.? -?U 'hi* ?l;<> iT'.urad :y>, April 24, at ID^ ' * o elouk, ?i u Temii atm*t, n *r I- n si avenue, llonae hnM I'uti." tin . vlr: r??? P N> Sn'*-. n-^v >o.? nttil J Afiho^ni tui l?l?: * *? Th ? *. IN Hut ii-. Hof.i?, 1 i*hu r?, |> t?e a: V? ?!. ?? u and o" t farp m, <>i <: oth?, lour ? ' Urge * /< ? i<mi u pint Him r?; richly o n* uen . d; ??n fmu ruM' %uod -f\yii or h>c I', no; inalioi;aiiy b?*d*ta??d*t i ' I ? Dioin R< lid Kl(''lii'n HHtii * ?'iu k?, Engruvin;;* r ?-*kor> ;io<l Ultssv. uiv ,vr. Bale pne lv?, W caato, and well tliaatl ntfon ol ike * trade and Louaoteep' ra generally. 1 o MJUWAK A OO., AUCTIONEBRB VIUOUOI * iJm Krtdav, J vh, ' It'o' !< Nn. *.t I nrieith street, a re [ ti.-tnl rt-nnri'in til ut decant II .nisi 'lold Knrnitnre, r-'iatli.: m n i.'iri .;,1 and' jr i'.rl'H' Units, rnvwim I and ma ' * Iniipu v marMc lopT.ii'i , i i . I.ngaiir ; till l>|:u k walnut It. 1 slmiils, Hair and llnsk Wniii tin,- K uili.r BimN, 1*11litv< him tlol.tfii, Bureaus, . t , tV.'i'iM.nrts, i'h.Im, Mirrors. Carpeti". OI!*Mli; ?'"> f I wye lot ol Kitroititre, Ac. Q IIKH.VAN .. (M \ I't'TJu.N J'K WIM. hKI.l. ON n* M.m I9th at M - ",l, ?*t 'ft;i .tifi-t, ti.i' i entire Kuril"rtrc In hum f'> <r ?ti>r> >vcllfti(;. i n Islii g ul t r.n lt?r Knlia, Otthintwi, H't ,i? if "nan l Hit twit furniture, I nn.l : I Int of t*iir|"-itii ti . *t 1 , t in k iv, (llasswnrr, i ,A I'.i.. 1. tnfntnm hIv.m ? , nt ^ I UlfltUirK'* r'Al-K Of Kl KNltl KE ?t il AMUKIW A I I? KAIIti'llII \J w 1'n't ' 'li' ir aI'lu-ifiiin, Nu. II." 1 , Htr. t, nit Tlntr. 1a\ April X. nt ID n etc:.nmm llMl ttliam- ' , b.r I'lirmttti , uak idbittrj i! i<-, iv.itnni Il.itdina. fi.pvnt nak Iti ilp'.'ftil, Mlrr n* f! 'L, . I'ulnUitg*, Ac., A?.; i:mi. < ik I) In l> a*k, Oltl'fi T ili n.lrn. Ac , ,tc. .lOIlN K1.1.LV, lute Hhertn. ril OAKKNtlV. Al? i.OMiKB-NALB<llOOM M ttfcN- J JL . ir. .ti i t, v lll set! mi rrHI.J, tti - Jttli ln?f., at li'1,' o'cln h. ill Stuck a? l t'ixluroa of ih- l.itimir Blur, aotilli. I r. Htemncri' Ni ilU Hicniic ami Th ir*>-nliitti ?ic.t;nti c\. ifi;. tit t'linnti Beer Hump*, Burnt Oiklm, llculeu, Bmli.H, iim Kittui, A'-. i riA UAK^XCY, Att!TIONKEK-HAl-K>l!iK1M M? t'KN- 1 A. ire si ret, will st 11 this day, nt u I ?k, 1*. M., t l.e ' J/hm* Hint nti'1 lit I tr.? of tin- ii i Ijr lliti I up (tin err I i an I 1 i |imr Rictti, IAI L si Eleventh siren; Cuntil.r, K.,s, He r l'it:T'|ts. Bn'llc*, ''hnlre. Tables. A''.; a'so, a good Mm w and Wagon. 11' ! I.I.I AM ABBOTT, AVoTIONEER -I'.I.I.S ?N THIS if, i!?y,?ii l'i ?o'clock, iLb M'tctioi) loom", No. 4 iiui Ur a<l"?v, tbB i re:!; and Klxlun>n u; u,d.- rr mul I.lmiui Store.?i uunters, Hi?ft, Ci'in, n? ><i Awning, barrvU of Mnvkr el i o ny r BU I ?r.4 gftfi V'irnll ir . it | 1JLMI.UVM ABHOTf. Al > TION'KtuR-OFt'irK .NO * Tf K ? I H mi *'aj , pil< "il fill day, .>t 2 o rlir k, ? lot ol Tuiti'tuiv, in umv hit * iniju A!* lli' en iri'S.'Tk a dc.ili.r retfMng rroti t'?* ?? ii ai'Miitit hi .< kn ? ? I mi | I III llM'Sd*, CT|SU ft 'fft' lev?Hi lllr lO'llkl'. M ill I II >1 new i'miill aired". i ... I 11,'II,MAM AH' OIT AlCTIOMiLK-OHHK NO. 4 . , I ?! f. ' Bvtijr, pIIk ii I'll Int. *l /(". n'r! k, 'lie ; titook and Futnrna of Itao Giovei una" Lii|""t H'nrr wi Him' . I nroMe, iu nrr of Thlm^epeon'i ntrrr -Oonnle rs, He i , , i I'n > n, K'jjfi, Staiv.l I' m',?. l'livir, Soft)'. Blsrcfc, 1'atiuii-s, I Scales, Sj. ft, pl^i' if pi.UT Hill. ty, Wsjon, ,| . i\ M WITTERR M'CTIO.NKER. Mil,I, HELL ON 1 i IT ilun l; . at I "1; " !'i k, ill ilH Biniilwny Siili* n Fur. I nllillP Bil l VOllll M.irl'li' l"I !'<>.ml TP. O.,I i it,i All ?' ! II,p ?H ne, riili,n, Wince, B'Vi.irft and Liannr*. AKo lour of 1' olnii'ulat nil in'"l,v l"*'l ?'i<rp<iiii',lmillnn Teblee, ' 1 Bin! ei ii, "" ' ! :. II nlhft, I'll lift ten rare limine ? I Ini-Hin,ii 'io m the i liur, for one of the beil table* In A ! | tbe country ! In ibi*sale. '. i 1VM. VKl.l orr, Ai'i TIONKEB-TO Bi'TriKRf.-THE | \f in " 'I "nit r< M i-n'l i lo Hi ' !' oMTraiuil ?, f, * Wi n tiiol 11' r erlli'li'B. I'h Veil In fftfti't, Ac , a? fttlllalile for j j I ftti ' re ?hifinii'ir? Hrr ilir m ilon a Brit i 'ln' Hlor J. P. I n Am nsmi A I'o. in Journal ol ronimcre*. ? 5 HALES AT Al'CTIOI. k WITTS A* AUCTH'MEBB, will BELL fHIH ? day, at IO>i o'clock,I7J Thump* u >tiui th> eiit.m UU?I Knriiiiuie of the at o chouse?PttrinrBtiiU, Mirrors, i ralptluas, due Carpel, Oilcloths, K dai ids da and Bedding. II nr and other M .itr Ma'*, Centre, rung and Tea Tables: Bureaus, W a h-l n :. T. ... Me Ha'Karl!. Chandelier*, <j > rum ea. .so., Motaa, m.i saiiy Ka?y .o ti o'le, S o. es, Cooalu* In-usl * Ai[ether with ad olhei r I.i'ia usually to.tinI ill a ? n >h. d I. oii-e. Meat uf t tt aeods h e lieen mad' in l a la, d tire sold on account f the u.s n. r returning bumf. Lr\l WOLI\ A IK IToMiEtt. OEKD'E 49 JACKSON 1 atreet. will aril, o.i * ': i 11v April '25 at lufi o loc..t?? re* and Kiamr-* u' the LLp or Store 241 East Fourteenth el, cotieUt u.' of I iar.'e la, c Counter. 1 M.rror but Hot 4, no i>e ul..otitis, 3 liter 1'umua, Copper Meaaures, reeni, and all other aiticlsd n-ed iu a tirat clasa potter uae. If M. 0. HIOU1SS. Al GTIOMKBR?STORE 427 TtURU ? avenue, w ill sell thia diy (Thursday), at 10)4 o'clock, , near Twenty-sixth timet, a la ? aa?.,riot uf K"t'iiliui> Ac., vl/ - sofaa,, Chairs, Tublea, msela and oilier Carp, a Pier talalutea, Bedding, Kin h> n ruiture, Ac. Hale positive. THE TURK. *SiOM COOMB. L. I -TMOrri-NU.?FRIDAY. APRIL ' 25, at hu t -paxl 2 o'clotk. Mull lor $2U). ni le he.ita, iat three in u?e, to watona, owners lu oil e. Admlsaioii wtiu. . JOHN WHITE, Proprietor. HOKhKH, CARUIAOK8, AC. lOBBALE?A BEA1 riKCL Lady s saddle HOUSE, ala old, 15 ha . a hush; haa lieen iamed by prea. ul i n. r, and will be wan uu d without laull ur -leiiitsb and rf nly ireeth; Is well nrnki n to single or double hone a pply toll IA ok IS, Broadway, . oinroi Thirty-uiuth at. [">K SALE?TWO NEW DOUBLE i'aKKI AliES?MADh Ul the beat manner liy Measl'a. Hunb. il A llulglil, M.uipti in. Conn. Manufacturers' jiriee lor tbe C.ile. tie, tidy) r the Hack, $:0 A Ii'n ral dthooiint will b n.a J illtECNWO'lD, Jr., Barman's .kluaeuin. .toit 8ALE?I IOI1T HOBSBSd OKB PINE BOBTAIL 1 raj Uorae, price $id.'>. alao mi laige ua.. Home, i r at 15; a;so on bo'ia.l hay li>r?e, priced! ; ulao one bnidune Htallioii Horae. pile $l3o; also u h uidnonie da| |dr a., sidule IIoi?e, will pwte or trot, price ill J All to be en ut Si,l? Perry atreet. fOK SALE?ONB BBAl TIKI'L OKAY HORSE, 16)? ' hands In. It; warranted ao n ! and kind in all horncRs ell tialne.i to aaddle to cut lady or gentleman; also, twit (hi I toad kk agon s, two Ki ling Huldlea and on.- .una and i tile Set o II ones . Call m 257 Seventh akeuue, bctw. CO .vcnty-slxth and Tiventy-aeveutli streets. riOR BALB CUBAN?A HANDSOME DARK HAT Horse, lti>? hands high : a go Oil traveller. and wurrau'en irfeclly sotiuu. Apply to DR. < R t FT, 4jj Ho .no . street iOKSKS FOR KALE?SIX FINE FAMILY OK CAB nagc liurtcs, l'roiu H to Syear* old; will Imi soid ai a irrain Also one vt ry nloe hliu k Horse, 10 bill! Is high Ap y at No. lit Luc lane, 11 r oltlyn, IORSES FOR SALE?A BARGAIN.?AN ELEGAN'I liuy Horse, sound, kind an.I young. Alan a Hue bay i.iv, suiinide lor any kind ol wok and under Hie s .ddle >01 lor w n n. use, ' he p. Apply a 'J8 M error h re t. 10BBB8 FOB SALE?A FAIR OF MIDDLE BUSS black Horses, good travellers and sup ri r saddle imv-s, warranted in every reap,* t; a set o. Hamesaud iir gents' and ladies' Saddles for sale. Inquire at Cans radley'e livery stable, Eusi .Sixteenth street, near Hinli av. 10B8K WANTBD-TO BORROW ONE. IF i.KvrLB, to take iu thecoiiinry: will lie kept in good order and 'turned to the owner in as sound > on .Hum as w hen recaivt; it not, will be paid tor. Ala > a Wagon Is wauled. Ayly at dot Hroadivay, in the store. PERSONS IN WANT OF t ARRIAGES WILL KIND IT lor their inti rest to mlt at No. iid t'edsr street, opposite in Post od.c '. w her. c tn b i touud a large stock, comprising rctt*. i'liietonx. sinftlug lop Boggles, no lop Bnggi'a, Ac, e. AiBo Harness, Saddles, Ac. An early tall will Insure attains. nHAXOUL. LtOR SALE.?TO EXKt UTORK AND OTHERS KEEK P lug security by ilrsi uiorttng.i on city prop ny. $1,800 mirtgagn given for piirJni-e money, at 1 gal interest, lleiidslau unekieptionablc^Tlie purchaser^ ean reulize on the rice 12 tier cent tier enciiiii. Address box 70S Font oOlce, lew York. if! n AAA OF RAILROAD AND OOAL BONDS AND D1U.UUU 8td"ksto exchange for Brandies Whskcy, riii. Wine au.1 .Meiciiauolse, suiiahlc lor I'eiiusv Ivanut Ira le. p.ily. with sauip'es, betw -en 10 and 2 o'clock, to WM. 8. \ URL, at F. D. Rlcliard-ou A Oo.'s., 82 and 84 Nassau strce . j?Q.- AAA TO LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE, IN Jrk7?J.v/l/U this city and Brooklyn, Iu sums to suit; 'iiiy prlnc pals need apply. Also, $10,iJM> in nnu sum, lor irooklyu. Apply at Id N,ts-aii street, room No. 10, third loot ; ollice bums Irom 1 till 3 J*. M. LOAN OKFICEN. AT 77 BL'IEUKEK KTREET?THE HIGHEST CASH price ndt tiiee l mi Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Pianos, )r.v Ootids, h'l'.ars. N. tl.?Pawnbroker-' Tickets o 'g'.it. li. NEWTON, 77 Bleecker street, up stairs. 1TK NASSAU STREET.?A. HO.NIOMAN, DIAMOND t\ broker, makes libera! ad ranees on Diamonds, Watches, ewelry, A'-., nr buys them at full value, at bis private ollica, tl Nassau street, room No. 2, up stair*. Busings coofl. initial. a |>A\\ N BROKE US' TICKETS {CBOBinD OKfLOTllI uif, Jewelry, Pistols, iliuia, Kuncj Hoods, Ac., at SriHiinr h11 e . A lot oi lirst < U*< ('loll ing on huml ami lor *1.',?ltii*iu<;..aCo.?ta, Cuaaiincie I'antaaud Fun. v V. i ?git i sail. O. LEVIE. DRY GOODS. I/AST INDIA PIsk A I'l'l.E dress hoods, BLACK IJ and i- >lni?di p nln. plaid and anlped, the ino?t durable nal I ul 10. suiiihn 1' net'.?, I re ill $& to $ift. Ala i. rimckoil, A n?ii ami Trustor 8Mk?,'nu ami Japanese Ci apes, Nan.1 i-n?, S k-r. Pun. Liitougs, Cm lo lues, Kmn-oiilerml Pin -apple Ilau ikerehUdH and Fan-, tin* nam*1 us '.i ll an every ?" >. . Nnv-I American 1 ml,an Co ,<ls, Park voiik Fans, AO. FOUNTAIN 8 Ilnlia Stum, liM Inoudnty. \ini,i open VY AT KMT AIL, l IN THU RsL'AY, April 24, UNSUHl'AbSED ASSORTMENT or FINK CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS, st.i. MADE EXPRESSLY mil TIIK CITY TKADE. jiayt a KAUK, 301 Mioadway MXUaSSVRY, AC. A CHI 111 E AND WELL SELECTED STOCK OK SI'KINrt Mil.unity mid SlYriv of tin- new. at .hap* aud styles, am nil err I to llie ladlraat the lowest cash prl"-?, at Mrs SIMMONS', 637 B ondwnj. M. B ?Tne trade supplied N oriCt.-MI.LK. K. HARNETT RESPECTFULLY AN ? liminee* i . t ie pn |, mid her pairon* tnat she * . 11 Miit.n .e lint Milliner.. mull Ihe 1st o. .Inly nest, inuring i eceived o> Hi. lust .u o.vals front Paris a Irean ami H'le.'teile* of llie cliun ort iooils, which ahn oiler at a r :il sa r.lie, as they innst lie sold by the ut/ove nn.e lib il'a- cr.ey place. t)/tO CASKS Sl'UAW HATS KROM AUCTION. ?'MF THE CKK'.TKST K \ K I AlN.s EVER OFFERED . 11) * in. Spool Cotton, Iftr. a i/ . lieat t otton, I 0 and 300 tarda, for9nta: Dalit Kl 1 Okrvea U) vent. a pair, iv. .. north %'. A heanUlul asuoi'.iiieut of lilinining ami loan t Iti, ten eh np. At ItoNALDbOM A Mb. tRKS', cor llth a v. and 10th it. DENTISTRY. Vliriru IAL TKEITI-UH. D! KKIN CON TIN EH TO i ?lra i !' ii in t\> i arco id?, without pain, with tila Hi u-nniuiv: Kill Ml .iu i Ki'lrii' t'l.rraul. Norstia charge hi in |i<>: ii r.v la or emr .allnc. Tec lb in rrt.'i iwthotu. sure'din* ilm root*, on my iittpnued a*no*plti rlc pre* iro putr . I'u-nil' nilI'UitciI' r .iirm and ether a ludiiu'ercd without iluniier. li'leaae call and examine auectmcua before i.'iiliit; else where. UK. It il. Dl'llKIN, II7J llano! Mi''- t, ofifiij It * Weil Wrnauuay. t IITIKK IAI. HONE KfM-INH-TENDKRTEKTU, Oi.O yY f.?m olid men- ahella tilled and warranted; the pen nine n??il only I'jr inc. 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KM llll.lsll. in in. ?.* '4i i<cljr Um cli>?|M ?ml bed Aw lolTi-rth In the world, nn?"rpa?s"'l In houuty, natural appearance, If.; r air- 1,111 ml ' rali.!I y, and arc In i\. ? in.ut lull . w:n ran:'- Whole Si-la m T -lh, $ to ?l;i. w i n are In" oiid i ompetiloh an l Hup il ir In uli others. 'teeth c\. ir> mlnltli'i i e!i.irjfi? where artlflclal <uim ir. inserted. Tcnli llllcj with r"cl, ftd eeuta oi $1, uith nit pain. and n> am ior life. Ml Work at halt thr prices t'har e I e'sewberw I'm tir?lc;a?* work. 13 Knnd rirut, New York; 717 Arvh itreet, l'Mlml.Jpii'a. HAVIN'i IIAD HIV TEETH AND iltlOTH EXTH.Vi'TBD. witi.' ii' r. |ii n, by I>i .1 JAY VII.I.KKS. i.Vtiliand ulr-el.t'.' i bl' ka I rum H roadway, I take preat pieuaurc In I ntnuiulld ; J iilm u those aotferui^ Iretn t' Olhach- d II M. I', it H 'Hoi -tre-t. UII10I.K OH PARTIAL bKTtf or TEETH, MOUNTED according to the at-M ami iiiual upprovi d ft n iplea of leiilal aeteinf, unliatiny rat are to Hie. and wuri-anti !; al-.o n th lillrd or itr-'fted '.ililmiil pain. Nervous jn and ill ra p "'die penile us well as reliable nfierallon < are a*|ie ia'1) no lied to iIk old ual'li?heil rnoma of the nndei i|n*'' Prlcearreally lediKed iirm' Juna I. !?'. HI.AKENEY, U HUih avenua PHOPVIALI. UBALIBD rROrOflAU \s il.I. HE UOIiVIOOrivH 0 12 M <>n UCtiit Mt?>, I 3o.ti ?t tin-. tlie^H t?.Mailt <J'tarti r.iiaa'er Culled Alalia Ai my, for aohmluliig u Ilic ill 1cr-l^ntr<l, itllh a view of |>ujvhMJng t.ji ii.og? frrnimnt, ItU llranuhl II .iraea, lili Sa<lilt llnr?C4, 20 Inu'ight Kuli*. The Draught Hi>i-?'? l" I'f lr?- fr.nn:ill dof. rit, i 1 ? be.^H ve"U llie agfl? of A>o md ? van jrcaia ulil and from IS >vH Id'J hand' Tilijh. Aadd'e llnivia to lie IJl^ liniidv h*gh,^H .no i !n nil n -p?cia, and la-tweeu the ay?>? o lit r nnl aerrn am old. 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