Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 24, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 24, 1862 Page 7
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to aee, to divert all appropriation* for stone tortlfloation* to the construction of iron bstifles IMPORTANT FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Arrival of Refugees from Savannah, Richmond and Norfolk. The Merrimac Soon to Reappear in Hampton Roads. Foot New Rebel Gunboats Launched and Four More Building. Return of the French Minister from Richmond. fh? Fight Between the Union nnd Rebel Troops on the Dismal Swamp Canal. Large Rebel Reinforcements En Route for Yorktown, fcf., ic.| it. Forthkbs Monro*, AprtI 22,1862. * A email rowboat arrived bore this morning from Nor. folk, containing three men, one woman and two children. Tha refugeea report tho Merrlmac atlll at the Gosport Nary Yard. Workmen were eng ged In placing iron ahioida orer her port holea. It was supposed that the Improvements would bo completed, and the Merrimao would be out again In two or three days. The Uerrlmso was aground fte last day she came out, aa waa generally supposed bora. a Nothing waa aaid In Korroik about tha bursting of a gun, and that supposition was undoubtedly incorrect. Captain Burhanen la'tbooght to be still aliro, having bean wounded only by a rifleshot in tba thigh. It waa only a flesh wound. Tho ateamer Jamestown and ateam tug Beaufort went p tho Jamea river oa Friday, and the Yorktown on Sunday, to obtain coal at Richmond. They to k In tow a a umber of schooner# loaded with lr< n, to be rolled Into v plate# at tba Tredegar Works, In Richmond. Four new gunboats have been launched at the Navy Yard, aad four more are In the course of construction, et Norfolk, aad part of these will be covered with tha iroa plate# above montioned. Tha previously reported engagement between the - troop# of General Duraatde and a Georgia regiment took place en Saturday. The Union troopa are laid to have umbered Ave hundred. The rebel troopa consisted of 1 the Third Georgia regiment, Colonel Wright; The engagemeet took place, not at Elisabeth City, but on tho aaaal above that place. The rebel lues waa fifteen killed aad thirty-five wounded. They were only partly equipped and many lacked musketa and ammunition. They art eald to havo run on being attacked. The Union troopa held their ground until they had burled their doad and carried away their wounded, when they retired. Eleven graves of Union eoldiero were subsequently eouuled mi Uie battle field. Ou of the refugees visited Uichaund last waok. Ha atataa that there ere very few either thero or at Norfolk, thajr moetly having boon aant to Yorktown. 14(000 troops ara ail4 to hare pv?ed through Richmond an ona day last waak, bound for Yorktown. Tha wholo party of rarugaoa oamo from Savannah. Ona Of tha meo, who bringa hla wlfa and cblldran, belongs in Halifax. Aoothar baloaga In Now York, aod la a carpenter by trada. Tha third la ona of lha craw of tha ateim r Ftngal, which ran tha blockade soma lima aiuoa at flavanoak Tha trow of tha Fingal wara aant hara from Norfolk by a Hag of truce aoma waaka slues but wara immodlstely raturnad. Tha raat of tha araw ara still la Norfolk. Cp to laat Saturday thsy wara aupportad by tha British Consul; but a recent despatch from Lord Lyons has thrown tham upon thair own resources, and it Is supposed thsy will ha forced to an list in tha rebel nary. Ona of the man, who loft Savannah on the 1st of March, reports great cone tarnation tbora. Tha steamer Flnfal, and other vassals In tha harbor, were reaty to beauuk or burned. Tha troops la tha vicinity of Savannah bava bean dying to large numbers, on account of tba dirty eouditloa in whioh they keep themselves. Tha city might bava bean easily taken by our troops at tha time of lha tirst landing in rort itnyai. ad dumb *u man couodautly aipoctsd, and tbc who!* oily wu la a (lata M mteoM axritamant and alarm. Tha refugeea trrlvad at Otd rolat at about half pact two o'clock this morning, aftar panting Tory cloaa la tba rabal plokots and binaries, aad vara bailed for tbt nrtj timo by the iteamor Baltimore, lying in tba Itoada Tba English atoamor Kioaidc I aft bar ancboraga la the op par part of Iba Roads tbia forenoon aaa ta do* *? oicrad holow tba Minnesota. Tba French atoamor distend) reto'sod 'root fortoit with II Morcier, tba Franca Minister, tb<a artarooaa Ilia despatcbee proceed immed'ataiy ?o New fart by aaa, where a ateamar it In waiting >a oraaa tBa atlautia ? NEWS FROM 1HE RAPPAHANNOCK Tba River Opened ? Predcrtahabo*#? Capture of Sevan Htbn cnoonara and Two Steamera. WASn>>QToa, April U, I HI The Iviug Philip arrived at tha Nary Tara tbia more(tig, and reporta that tha ataamar Yankee went ap the Rappahnnneck to Fredericksburg yesterday, hiving aau tinuslj passed through tba aunkon abalructiona teveu miles bol >w that town Our flotilla bava eapturtd aevan rel.el schooners?ono of which bad a vaiuabia cargo ot dry goods, medicines and aalt] etre?and slao two amah steamers It la rnrther stated that tha rebel pickata art occaa'cnaatly seen on tho south sido of the river. Our troops still command tba possession of Froderlckstnirg, tha residents of which ara entirely free In tbeir us'ial business pursuits. IMPORTANT FROM GEN. BANKS' ARMY. Occupation of Harrisonburg by Ciilon Troops?Skirmish and Flight of tha Rebels, dtc., 6ic> iURtd-o.tscnn, Va , April 22, 1662. Ponnolly made a reoonnjlaiancato day, toward, Chistown When approaching, ho wae flred on by iha robot cavalry acouta. Two companies of (ha Ohio cavalry woro deployod on the loft towards Gordonevllle turnpike, the sama numbur ot the Vermont cavalry on the right and tho Michigan cavalry on tho centre; namptou'a hat tery anJ (ho Connecticut Fifth formed the reserve. Tho rebel cavalry, after the first fire, retreated te the town, where thoy joined their command, and when escaping by the Gordonavllle route were passed by the Ohio cavalry. Seven men and eleven bursea war# eaptured, the reat aaeaped. The town was then entered and ocenplad by Colonal Hon nelly and the cavalry. We found in tho town oight of Jackson a Winchester bottagea, whom ha raieaaad yeaism ay, noar Shenandoah on ibsir parole ol donor Two bad died of fatigue and want ot attention, the raat are aow eo tholr way home targe emouota ot (rale aad forage are Petog aocnrol in (be valtay. Interesting from Citato. VIM OTaTn (JOVRHKltlWT IN OPERATION?UNITED STATES SIN ATOM CHOSEN?MORE INDIA* OUTRAtlRM, ETC. Salt Lien, April IP. IMS Tba legieiature nl the Stat# at Deaerat aeaemhiei in (hi* elty on tho Utb, la acoordanoe witn the proclamat on or Governor Yonng The Governor's Meat age la patriotic Two Senatora have been elaelad. Salt Uaa, April SI, 1102. The Indiana have stolen the atock from nearly every ntatlon between Forts laramle and Brldger, and killed aeveral men They burned one station, and threatened the eut're destruction of the Overland Mall Company'a properly Tho eotnpnny, In consequence, are concentrating their employes and property at a few stations for protection, and have abandoned all attempts toearry the mail for the prvaeni hake Navigation. C. W., April 2.1. 1162. The steam>rs Plnn.-t and 8 in. of tho Cullingwood line, from ( biesgo. arrived Isei night, thoy boing the lb at ol it>e ituv. NEW YO: FORT WHISHT AND FORT PILLOW. DESCRIPTION Tu''e FORMERITS STRENGTH AND POSITION. CONTINUATION OF THE BOMBARDMENT. The Rebels Mounting Additional Guns, See., &c., Sec. There Appears to be considerable misunderstanding la regard to the position of tho rebel Fort Wright, on the MUsiasippl river, whioh, at last accounts, was receiving the salutations of Commodore Foote'a gun and mortar boats. It has been confounded with Fort Pillow, the name which was orlginalljr given to It; but the formidable works three miles above the oil/ of Memphis were afterwards named in honor of the rebel General, who Is famous for digging his ditches on the wrong side of bis defences, and tb? works which ars now attracting the attention of the Union flotilla were named Fort Wright. As will be seen on the map, it is situatod on the east bank of the Mississippi, in Lauderdale, in Lauderdale county, Tennessee, on a bend in the river similar to that at Island No. 10, but turning in the opposite direction a short distance above the mouth of the Hatchie river. It is one hundred and sixty-two milos by the river below Cairo, and eighty-seven below New Madrid. Instead of being, as previously supposed, but a short distance above Memphis, it is seventy-eight miles from that city and twelvo miles above Fort Randolph. The main fort is planted on what is cilled the First Chickasaw Blullii. Along the shore, Immediately under the bluffh, are eleven water batteries, extending for a mile aud a half, and mounting about forty guns, one of which is a teninch columbiad, the others being rifled sixty-fours and thirty-twos. These batteries command tbo river for two miles above and below them, thus exposing boats that may attempt Jo pass to s gauntlet of five and half miles open range. Opposite the last or lower water batlery obstructions aro planted in the river which compel boats to pas3 close to the shore. Other obstructions ars placed near the upper battery, all of which tend to complete a most formidable and troublesome defence. On the hill, In the rear of the batteries, Is the main fort, an octagonal structure with bastions, mounting some twelve or fifteen large guns. Surrounding this, and embracing a line soven miles in length, from shoro to shore,'are fortifies Mods oonslstlng of batteries, rifle pits, Ac. Tho rebels have also made ample preparations Tor the protection of their rc{??rem attack. On tho bluff they have thrown up fajjtflcUions seven miles tn circumference, and consisting oT * continuous embankment for their troops to fight behind, with numerous batteries to protect all approaches. Thfly have about thirty field pieces stationed at the monlalient points. The rebel camps are situated in the rear of the batteries, and capacious magazines have been dug in the sides of ths hills, which are reported to be stowed full of ammunition. General VUllplgne, who Is or was the commander of the fort, Is a Creole resident of New Orloans. As an engineer, he Is rspresented In ths South to bs second only to Beauregard. It has been reported that General Braxton Bragg had assumed the command siuce Commodore Foot# commenced in* attack, and tnat.cenorai viiiipigue would aot aa second. The map which w# giro abort exhibits tba courae of the river from Osceola In Arkansas to the city of Mempbla, with ail ita various windings and Islands, together with tbo locations of the various robel forts and batteries along its banks. The Islands in the Mississippi,ebove the mouth of the Obio, are all named, and below the Ohio they are numbered. Island No. 1 is below Cairo, and they continue south in numerical order to No. 136, at or near Tun ioo Bend, In Louisiana, about one hundred and twenty miles above New Orleans. From that point to its mouth the river Is clear of all Islands. We give beiowa table of distances to various points ob the Mississippi, which have been made noticeable from Cairo to Memphis:? Mil*. Cairo ? Columbus 20 Hickman 37 lalaud No. 10 05 New Madrid 75 Point Pleasant 87 Plumb Point 154 Island No. 33 104 F-rt Wright 167 Fulton Landing 108 Hatchie rlvsr 170 Island No. 34 170 Fort Randolph 175 Fort Pillow 238 Memphis -J-a THE BOMBARDMENT Of FORT WRIGHT. |Special despatch to tha Chicago Tribune.] On Fori Wriodt, April 19, 1862. Tha anemy'a gunboats have laid behind Craig Head Point (or two or tbrca nights past, foaring an attempt on our part to run tba blockade. Tba flrtog on both aides on Thursday was very heavy Tba mortars opcue-' at nooo, four being io 0| ration. Tba enemy replied immediately and brisk from tba land balterioe, throwing shell clear over us, and nearly serosa tba river to tha Tennessee shoro. Tbair tiring was very accurate, and from very he try guna Tba-St l.oula, Ceronde'et and Cairo, stationed as picket slope near tba extremity of tbo point, were obliged to move up tba rive.- several times to get out of range A ekiff attached to a mortar raft wrs hit by a shall and dashed to pelcee The shells flow thick and all about our gunboats, but none wore lilt. On Thursday night the mortars commenced firing at eight o'clock, the enemy replying immediately, and the Ore was kept up until tnlduight. A rebel shell explode! directly above the item awuiogs of the St. Louie, slightly Injuring one man in tbe wrist; another aboil struck the broadside casemato ol lb* Cairo, bui <lid oo d?m.ig*. Ike firing ceas?d at midnight. Yctierdny but litll* wh d"n?, escapt a few phot* flr*d by tba mortar*. In th* morning th* mortar* ?*r* nhiflod from th* Arkamiaa to the T*nncs-<>* *kor* for th* gr*at*r prot* tion. In th*ir ptut locality th*y bar* bo*o In grant dangar froin band* of r*bcl scout* prowling through the wood*. These (COBI* bar* already cut th* lev** In two or thr*o place*, to ?ui barrass tb* operation* of th* mortar*. Ii?**ri*r* ar* b log rapidly taken, both from tb* r*b*l gunboat* and from th?tr batter!**. Tboy *ay that a*. rly all th* ercw* of tho gunboat* bar* boea irnpraaa* I, and *o groat I* tb* f*ar of th* officer* l?*t they d***rt that th*y fr*qu*Dtly mu2t*r th. a every hour in tho d*y. Th* batterlM now mount about forty eery heavy gun*. They hav* itsty more guaa, which they are rapidly putting In poeldon. Ifithln tb* part few day* Bragg be* arrived, and *uceo*4a G*o*ral Vllllptgae, h ikerlo la command. There aro about *li thouaaud troop* lh*r*. Both troop* and guna art from P*n*a*ola. Th*r* ar* but rour gunboaia In tba river?th* Marl poea, McRao. Pootchartraln and Llvlngvioa, mouattng a total of twenty four guns. Tb* Ivy baa gon* to Now Orloan* with Bolilna on board. Th* 0*n Polk la at M*m. pbla repairing. Capt. Engeo is acting Commodor* in olllni' ab**nc* AD lUUVyVHUVU* vvui|'>B? mw avM^uia as m < uff nvuil IB* (ended ( grapple oe to eur Beel an J take u down io Dllte. Therd trd feur rams at New Orlaana, among tbem ibd Manassas Actirt preparations are not sspeoted at prsi l. Commodors faold suffers SSTSrely from bit wouod re ddirdd at Doodiioa. Thd Ram Mtndidtd and Poartccn Rebel OanboateOfT I ha Kort?Tho First Gotten hlpmaat to tho North, Ae> Uaiao, April 21, IMS. Tbe enemy at Fort Wright are reported to hard fourteen gua boats off tbo fort, legatbar witb tba ram Manasaas. Th < latter and aarta of tba farmer arrived on Sanday. Boillae bas retoraed from New Orleans, with MeRae. Tba steamer Da Soto left the Beat yastorday with one hundred bales of cotton for Cairo. Ibis la the first shipment to I ho North slno.j tba cotrnnencanr.snlof hostilities NavlRatinn of tlx- St. Iiawrrsrr. vo,\-s?*i \p. i: -.'.i, hi2 Two stea niioita?i';a Out oi tho n ir-iw i u potl to day. RK HERALD, THURSDAY, NEWS FROM SEN. HALLECK'S ARMYCanto, April 28, 1882. It U reported that the Mound Cttjr Hoepttal will ?'expended until the waters subside. The sick ami wounded there will be transferred toother hospitals. The steamor Tigreas arrived tbia afternoon from Pitta. I &<i.r? Landing. Tlie officers of the Twelfth Iowa, who wore ?0 board, report the water falling. Their regiineut has but twflre offi-ctivo men left. A despatch frwn the float dated 22-1. says that for throe dan not a run had hcen fired, tho OOiuhatante aeetniuirly satisfied to save their powder until something can be accomplished by itfl use. Capture of a Rebel Gunboat. Pittsburg, April '-'3 1362 The gunboat Tyler, while reoonnoitorlng up the Tennessee river, osptured the rebel steamer J. Robb, near the mouth of Crane oreolc. This is one or the boats which eluded our flrst expedition up this river after tho fall of Fort Henry. Her name has been changed to lady Tyler. The weather Is rathor more pleasant. IMPORTANT FROM CALIFORNIA. Hostility of the Inrtlans?The Overland Dlails Suspended and the Telegraph in Danger. Sin Fkamcisoo, April 1A, 1862, Arrived ship , Bordeaux. Sailed rhip Prima Donna, and baric Syren. Manila; bark Fgypt, Callao. The steamers Columbia and J. T. Wright leavs bore la about six days for Honolulu, Sbanghae and Japan. San Khancibco. April IT, 13A2. Arrived steamers Orizaba, Panama; ship Magnet, Hong Kong; brig Mary Capen, Shanghai; steamer Columbia, Shanghae. Saw Francisco, April 19,1882. Arrived bark John Howe, Bordeaux. We have news from British Columbia to the 10th. Spring had opened. Miners in crowds wero leaving Victoria for the gold fields. ColonelCarlon, with about 3,000 California volunteers and a battsry, left the southeastern border of this State on a secret expedition?somo say for Artzoom and Noiv Mexico, others say for Salt Lake. Saw Fkawcisoo. April 22, 1862. Sat'ed Unitod States steamer N'arragausett and cruise; ship Camden. Koodink. The ship Devonshire has been chartered to carry a load of spars from Pugtt Sound to Spain. The Indians am again showing symptoms of hostility on the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevada. A party of whites were killed by thorn on the 13th, near Owen's river, in tho Alineda district of Salt fake. It is reported liey have destroyed several mail stations, stolon much property, and killed the employes of the Overland Mail Company. The malls are temporarily stopped. The telegraph lino is liable to be destroyed at auy moment. A regiment of California volunteers now In this Stats should bo ordered to duty in the plains at once. The Maryland Donation for the Relief of the Victims of the Baltimore Mob. Boston, April 23,1862. A resolution adopted by the Legislature of Maryland, and signed by Governor Bradford, appropriating seven thousand dollars for the relief of tho killed and 'disabled of the Massachusetts Sixth regiment by the mob In Baltimore, was read this afternoon In the House, and referred to the Committee on Federal Rolations. The resolution caused a marked sensation, and was followed by hearty applauso. Arrival of a Prize. Puiladkumiia. April 23.1862. The rebel schooner Dixie, formorly a rebel privateor, capture tj off Georgetown, South Carolina, In attempting to run tho blockade, Itouud to Nassau,N. P., loaded with cotton, spirits of turpentine, &o., by the United States steamer Keystone Statu, who placed a prize crew onboard arrived at this port this afternoon. Academy of Haste. It Is some time since the "Figlia di Reggimeato'' was given at this house. The roU of Maria is not one that the class of artists with whom we are usually favored here care much to undertake. It was with some curiosity, therefore, that we wont last night to see how Miss Kellogg would acquit bersolf in It. Being out of lino of parts in which she has made her greatest successes, and demanding, besides, more vivacity and coquetry thau belong to her temperament, we own that wo did not expect much from her. We were agreeably disappointed. Although her version of the character exhibited but little of the archness and abandon ef Piccolominl?we will not say of Jenny l.ind, Who was unapproachable in the part?it was still lively and natural. Her voice in the opening scones ex. hibitod evidences or a little fatiguo; but this soon wore off, and in the duett with Tonlo, and in the cmvien narlir It waa heard to its usual advantage Tho irii w>. delivered with considerable feeling, and was warmly applauded. In tho rataplan chorus Kiss Kellogg displayed a good deal of quiet archness, and wielded her drumsticks in such oKoellent time as to insure an encore. The famous duett with Sulpizlo, in tho second act, was not given with as much comic effect as it might have been, but it wa3 sufficiently amusing to induce tho audicnco to call for its repetition, in tho romainder of bor performance there was nothing to especially call for remark On tho whole, the role was well sung and acted,Though?as will bo judged from what wo have said?it is not entitled to rank among Miss Kellogg's happiest efforts. In a part of this kiud?which depends almost as much upon [make up and by play as upon vocal excellence?attention to dotails is of Importance. The costume of the vlvandiere is too well known for any liberties to be taken with it. Mi.iS Kellogg lust night omitted from it that article of main atire wbicli after marriage ladies are proverbially said to he inclined to assume, hut which before ss well as after that important change in her condition is indispensable to the vivaadiere. Wo hope the hint will not he lost upon hor. In the rete of Tonlo Rrignoli has not much scope for the displny of his admirable vocal qualities. What he had to sing, however, won for him the larger chare of tho honors of the evening. The rcmanza from tho "Lombard!," which he introduced in the second art, was the gem of the performance, and was rapturously encored. The audicnco eeoinod determined to mako up to him by tne Increased warmth of their applause for the alight idity wh'ch they hail been guilty of towards him on ccasion of the debut of the new tenor. It is worth whilo for a favorite arti-1 to enconuter these occasional caprices of the public: for his value becomes increased in their eyes when they have bad time to aualyzo tbeir impressions. Jtrignoii is to the trnvri di gratia who occasionally invade his prerogatives what Mario or (Jiiigltni is to the same class of aspirants abroad. Hia po- ition here is one that cannot be shaken so long as he eliooscs to hold It. Ho has won it by his .superiority as a aiugor and by his qualities as a" high-toned gentle imn. Alter seven years paxsorr among its, in which ho has contributed largely to the enjoyment of the musical portion of our community, it is time that some testimonial, in the bhnpe of a complimentary benetlt or otherwise, should bo oirerod him. We throw out the suggestion, believing that It has only to bo mado to be warmly seized upon by the ho ls of warm personal friends and admirers whom it hag bocti his good fortune to acquire during his sojourn here. (?no word more about the opsra. Although contlmiod hoarseness marred to soma extent the Sulpizio of Susini, we must not omit to do Justice to Ills ejieellant iinporsonation of tho perl in other resects. In characierg of tlilg kind he ha* no superior, and Ids comic rendering of it contributed great 1> to the amusement of the audience. On Friday tho "Favorlta'' will ho given in New York, and on Saturday the "Figlia" in Brooklyn, these being positively the last nights of opera lor the present season Is tire two cities. Ms. VanDKXtiorr'e Kstnrwi.s ?The second of thes* a?..rcs.ihIo entertainments took pUco lust ovening at Podworth'a Mall. The room was crowded to its utmost exfeiit of accommodation,many attending theao dramatic readings who cannot be induced to visit a theatre. Mr. Yande.iboa's imitatloos of the great French actor, l'ecbter, in "Hamlet ' and "Othello," are amongst the most inters ting features of h>a programme. The manner in which the Frenchman interprets the text of Shakspcre Is so different from that of all the greet actors who have Preceded him that it Is well worth While to listen to Mr. Veadenhoff's reproductions of bis peculiarities. fa* .-" Sri'K.i.inio.v?A meeting was announced to take place last evening at Turn Mall, in Orchard street, to take stepa for ralelng a subscription towards theSigel testimonial. The matter has been postponed till to morrow evening, when a large mass mooting will be hold. A Maw Farce, a Heal mde.Nplltter, the "Widow of Palermo,' ttiia afternoon end evening, at Bareiitn'e Muaeunr. Spring Clothing for Boya, Youth* and mru ?Our aaanrtment la now very large mid desirable. Ordera for 8 shbol Uniform*, alio Military and Naval Uniforms receive partknlar attention. ABBOTT A KAT1IBUN, (8uocca*"ra lo Alfrrd Munroe A Co.,) 807 II road ? a jr. under 8t. Nicholas Hotel. Sale of Chine*#, Japanrit anil India Good*?Attention la ealled to the saleable day, at 10>d o'clotk. ?S0 Broadway. Herring'* Patent Champion Klre and Burglar Proof Safe*, 211 Broadway, oorner ol Murray street, New York. Kerfe'a It* Hratanrant and Private Supper Room*, opened at No. 122 Croeliy afreet, adjoining bit lormcr place of buelneaa. Crlatadoro'a Hair Ore, Preaerratlro and Wig*, Ihe bet! In theerorld, wholesale and retail and the dye privately applied at No. 8 Aator House. Itofehelor'a Hair Dye.?The Beat In th# world; harmless reliable and instantaneous Hold and applied at BATCHELOR'H Wig Factory, 18 Bond ate ret. Beautiful Complexion.?I.nlrd'a Bloom Of Youth, or Liquid Ternl, for pre'ervlng and hcnuttfilng tu? uitnpifiiou and akin. All druggist* and t.w Bmadwaj. Parrv't Trltopheroti* I* ?lte llear find rltt'Hj d t ai lti* t<? ir#"*4in?(, 'fimUiyin*, ciii'liitg, i l *nnig n l.? ' 1 ' ; 1 *11 J-j 11 At .. 'A E SHEET. city cxmimerciaIi report. Wbi>?b(?d*t( April 28?? F M A*""?Tho market mi quiet, with smal^sale* at uachanjed prices ?Elpur?Under the influence of mofifate reo?i;>t* and tho fevoi'thle foreign news, the market war again firmer, nod comiot'ti and medium (radon were improved 6c a lOo. It wan, however, lens active The s*Jog embraced about 13,000 bbls ; cloaiu( within ihe range of (lie following quotations ? Supei fine dtete J.. TO a 6 40 Extra State , ... 6 i? a 8 10 Superfine Western 8 70 * 6 80 Common to choice extra Western......... 6 00 a H IS Canadian 8 00 a 0 80 Southern mixed to good superfine 3 18 a 8 -8 E<tra do 8 'JO a 7 W Good to choice family do 7 00 a 7 50 R/e flour 8 oO a 4 15 Coin meal, Jorsey and Brandy wine 8 75 a 8 10 ?Canadian flour was active and prices firmer, with sales of 2,000 bbla. witliin the range of the above pricesSouthern flour was ul?o in Rome better request, with sales of 1,100 bids, at our quotations. Rye flour wuj firm and in tutr demand at our flga.'PS, with sales of 200 bbla. Corn mo d was heavy, withfiles of 500 a two bbls. at the above price*. Wheat was quiet, and in the absence of talus of moment qnetationa were nominal. Among the small lots told woro gool Canada club at Jl 20, inferior do. at $1 05, and at Jl 26 for red State and winter. Cora was firmer and In lair demand, with sales of about 30,000 bushels at MKu. ? ^ for Western mixed, in store and delivered,' and at 60c. for Jersey yellow. Ity# was firm and in fair request, with sale* of 2,000 bushels at 81 Kc. doliverod, and a sale of ),200 bushels was roiwrted at 82c. delivered. Barley win firm, but quiet and nominal. Hurley malt waa firmly held ut (1. Oats wore in good demand and firmer; sales of Canadian and Western were made at 37>,c. a 30c. aud Wostern at 38 "-je. a 40c. Corns was firmly held, while sales were limited and , AP1UL 1 24, 1862.?TRIPL Offltlsl nr.mtng? <rt the Dataware Slate Ixitlerlea .?? IUewwr. Kama Ciam 139?April tk. ^7,. a 29, 62, 42, 12, 41, 26, 47. 10. 61, 67, *' DtliWOk. Clis* JOi?April 23, 1802. 71, 6, 67, 43, 31, 61, 22, 10, 66, 1, 17, 64. 61. Circular* sent bv addressing john a. morris * co . Wilmington. Delaware, or Covtujlau, Kentucky. Official Drawing* of Murray, Eililf dfc CO.' Kentucky and Missouri blab* Lotteries. Kkstuck*. Eiika i;lasj jul?Ami! 23.1562. 22, 72, 63, 1, 67, 8, 33, 62, 28. 13, 66, 69. KfcMfocar, Class IM? April 23. 1832. 29. 40, 21, 48, 46. 68, 41, 78, 39. 56, 27, 70, 64. Circulars teat free of charge iiy a! treaxni cither to mru r ay k!?nr a co , Covington, Ky , or St. LouU, Mo. Prize* Caaliecl In nil Lrgallcril T,ottering. Information given. JOSKl'M BATHS, il.okur, 19 Wail street, New York, up Mair*. Royal Hnvann Lottci y.?Prize* Cashed ai d Inf irmatlon furnlsbed bv TAYLOR A CO., Bankers, No 16 Wall etreut, N. Y.

Hill, Inimitable Ilnlr Cutter, No. 1 Barclay street Hair Dye, 60 cents, black or brown; beat in use. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Wednesday, April 23?6 P. M. The ease (a the money market continues, and was farther increased this morning by the announcement of tho redaction of the government rate of interest to four per cent. To-day money was freely offered at five per cent on call, and paper of the highest grade wa3 in demand at five. Four will doubtless be the current rate for money next month and throughout the early part of the summer. Foreign exchange closed steady at 112% a % fey bankers' bills, without much activity. Gold is firmer at 101% a %. The stock market was firm to-day, with a rising tendency. At the morning board governments sold freely at ?an advance of one-fourth per cent?and were afterward in demand at that price. Tho recent short sales of governments at 92% a 93 will cost tho bears something. Without some serious disaster to our arms, government sixes will 6ell at par this summer. In State stocks there was not much change. Of the railway shares, the most active were Erie and Central, which are steadily advancing; and Toledo and Illinois Central," which wefe severely hammered by the bears, and which declined % a % per cent. All kinds of absurd rumors are set afloat by the bears to frighten the holders of Toledo. The facts are Bimply that the road earned last year between 6 a 7 per cent on its stock over and above expenses and interest; that its floating debt is fully covered by available asacts, and that there ia every reason to believe I that it will earn thia year (1862-3) over a million dollars?or more than it has taken in any year since 1866. Under these circumstances there is no reason why holders should sacrifice their property at present prices. If speculation revives, ij will seize upon Toledo?being a low priced dividend paying Btock?at l<*t as quickly as anything on the list; and, with or without speculation, the income of the property will cause the stock to appreciate gradually. Between the boards and in the afternoon the market was steady, the most active stocks on the list being governments, Erie, Central and Toledo. Stocks closed steady, tho following being the last quotations:?United States6's,registered, 1881,94% a94%; do. 6's, coupon, 1881,94^ a 94%; do. 6's, do., 1874, 86%a87; Indiana 6's, 77 a 78; Tennessee 6's, 56 a 66%; Virginia 6's, 57 a ?; North Carolina 6's, 63% a 65; Missouri 6's, 49% a 49%; Pacific Mail, 104% a 105; New York Central, 83% a 83%; Erie, 37J? a 37%; do. preferred, 62% a 62%; Hudson River, 35% a 36; Harlem, 12%al2%; do. preferred, 30 a 31; Reading, 43% a 43%; Michigan Central, 54% a 55; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 22% a 22%; do. guaranteed, 46% a 45%; Panama, 122 a 123%; Illinois Central, 69% a 59%; Galena and Chicago, 67 a 67%; Cleveland and Toledo, 41 a 41%; Chicago and Rock Island, 64%-a 54%; Chica' go, Burlington and Quincy, 62 a 62%; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien, 25% a 26; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 112% a 113; New York Central 7's of 1876. 103 a 103V?: Erie third mort gage bonds, 92% a 93; Illinois Central bonds, 7's, 86% ? 87; gold, 101% a 101%. The Sub-Treasurer has received no official notice of any change in the rate of interest to be allowed on government deposits, and continues to pay tive per cent. The deposits to-day fell short of three-quarters of a million. The business of the Sub-Treasury was as follows:? Receipts $4,340 283 66 ?For customs 104 000 00 PaymenO 8,387,7S0 :;5 Balance 7,080,737 00 The Asia to-day took out only $167,220 34. The California steamer brought $630,000. The exchanges at the Bauk Clearing Mouse this morning were $18,460,562 69, and the balances $1,284,963 56. Annexed is a statement of the receipts and expenditures of the United States for the quarter ending December 31, 1861, exclusive of trust funds: ? Rtriit;? Fiom custom* $8,309,060 From sales of public lauds >7?-..... 30,688 From miscellaneous 172,316 From tlirre years' bonds at 7 3-10 per cent.. 91,790,676 From Vuitail States notes 11,180,000 From sixty d:\)s' Troasury notes, por act March 2,1801 13,000 From Mock for tiro Washington and Oregon war debt. 483,000 From loan of Novambor 10,1801, por act July 17, and August 8, 1801 24.204,120 Total $143,687,440 Nsptndttwrtl? Civil, foreign Intorcourso and miscellaneous. $4,733,400 Interior (|>eiialnns and Indian) 400,102 Wnr 84,003,389 Navy 0,779,^38 Interest on public debt, Including Treasury notes $3,738,620 Pavinenl of Treasury notes, por net of Docombor 23,1857 203,300 payment of Treasury notes, por act of December 17, I860 ? 429,000 Payment of Troasury uoles, per act ol Marru 2, isoi i- iou,'iov Reimbursement of temporary 1 'an, pur nri of Jul> IT und Augiifet 6, 1S61 ...28,500,060 45/100,928 Tolal *114,940,123 Stock Exchange. WrimnMiMY, April 23,1862. *1000 (i 9 6 *,'08,cm 96 *4000 American gold. 101 4000 V Sfl'8, '81,rog 94 5000 do 101 ?? 50000 ISO'S,Nil,C.b30 04 >i 10O0 do ?30 101^ 5000 do blO 04'4 5 .shs Am Kx Uanic. 89^ 2000 do 94 60 1'ucMall RSCo.bOO 10f? 40O00 do 94.14 25 do *13 104 42000 U S 6's.lyrcer 98 300 NY Cen RR 831,' 5000 do slO 98 TO do slO 83'i 8000 Ohio 6'*, '80 .. 99}f 100 Kris RR 3714 1000 III coil bdtt. 02. 8D?4 600 do 1.3 37'4 1000 111 con bd.-i, '7T. 90 100 do *50 37',' 2000 111 con bdn, '79 . 90J4 200 do *00 37 'b 1000 Illinois war l'n 8S14 200 Erie RU pref.... 62.'4 1000 Indiana6'*.... 78?4 000 do b50 02', 4000 Miolidwi'Okbda. 88 7 do 62 4000 Tenn 6'R, '00.. 50 100 do blO 62>4 2000 do 66,14 400 do 62 2000 do *10 56 6 Mieh fen RR.... 54.1,' ' 7000 Missouri 6'*... 49J4 110 do 64', 6000 do 49,<>4 100 do b!5 64;, 1000 California 7'?.. 8614 300 111 Cent KR scrip eo WW ur"OK'D c w i,. iui ?u ug olv nu 600 NY Centrum's. UT 60 do slO 60 V 1000 Krlsadmrs. 'TO 10i 160 do 69,?4 6000ErlsKK3mb,'S3 92>< 160 do 60 '? 6000 do 92 *4 60 do *16 6 9)4 3000 ErisRR 6th mb 82 JK 100 do r60 60V 1000 Duff, N YAK lm 82 1000 111 Cent o- b sop 30 1000 do 82<4 700C1er*ATol Kit.. 41 1000 CBAQHR 8 pcb #7*4 800 do 40V 11000 III Con KRbds. 86)4 8"? ? 40'* 1000 do 8684 100 do b30 41 1000 D IAW IIR 1 m 103 20 Chi & Rock 1 IUI 64)4 2000 Tol & Wsb 2 in 50 150 do 64*4 2000 ClevAtTol I bs 87 60 do b:*0 64 V 1000 do 86)4 26 Tol A Wab prsf'd 18 8tt'OND BOARD. $6000 US 68,'81, rep ?<*4 260 sta# P?c M 88 Co.. 106 80000 U S 8's,'81,C?u 04*4 20? do s30 104V 10000 do b20 04Jj 6 do 104*4 20000 U 8 8's, lyr cer 08 150 NY (en RR 8.7*4 100*10 UH.Vb,'7?, con 87 200 Erie RR 37 V 6000 III (Ansl bs, 60 88 260 Erie RR prsf bSO 62*4 2000 California 86*4 100 do boO 62', nOOOTsnn 8's, W.. 56*4 60 Mich H AN la UR 2V'\ 2000 do 50*4 16 HICsn RR scrip. 59*4 4<)00 Brooklyn cw I 101 loo do 69 , 1000 Vlch H2d m.. 74*4 tOO CtOTfcPWU RR ITv 6000 Hod KW afb# 100 loo do 17v 20r,0 T*il A TVub 1 m 80 6(7 C*P? I Toi Rl'. 4l'u #000 Tol A Wa1> 2 tn 50 60 New .Torsov RR 1'2<? i 60 , "*?' m -60 104 J00 but A *4 *4t< v4 |?i ..ui;uuuguu. Corrox.?Tho market was firm, while the sales ombraced about 800 hubs* oa tha basis or 20;<c. a .10c. for middling uplands. The foreign news -imparted moro buoyancy to prices and sole.-' were made in the after: noon at im??c. a doc., with little to be had under the outside figure. Khkiuhth ware le-s active, while ratos ware without change of importance. To Liverpool 7,COO bushels of wheat wore engaged at 7o. in bulk, 6<>0 packages proviaioiis at 22s. Cd., 1,000 packages bacon and lard per neutral vessel at 22s. t?t. To 1/melon, 200 bacou at 22s. fid. To Glasgow, 25 tons tallow at 22s. 8d. To Hamburg, 100 tierces lard a'. 25s. and 100 bbls. provisions at 2*. 6d. per bbl. A Bromen brig was taken up to loud for Brazil w ith 2,400 bbls. at p. t. Naval Sronss.?Spirits turpentiuo was qmel and flrni at tl 81 a SI We quote common ut $7 75 a *8 asked, No. 2 at $8 50 a$9, and No. 1 at $10 a 111 50; white und palo at $15: tar at $0 50 u $10. and pitch a' $8 a $6 25. Paovtsio.vs.?Pork?The business doing was to a fair cutout. Tho silos footed up 1,200 bbls. at $12 25 a $12 27'? for mess. $10 a $10 25 for new prime, and $12 50 s $18 , for prime mors. Itoef was firm, with sales of 200 bbls. at $12 ?0 i $14 for plain mo-s rind $14 50 a $15 or extra met-s. Prime mess was quiet. Beef h.uns were inactive and nominal. Cut meats were iu fair request, end prices unchanged. Bacon, with moderate supplies, was quiet and prices unalterod. lard was in good demand and prims firmer. Sales of 1,500 bt>ls. and tierros were reported at 7?gc. a 8*fe. Tlie sales included 100 tierces, deliverable on the 15th of May, at 8,'*c. Butter and cheese were unchanged. Tka.?The public sale previously alluded to cams off to-day. The cutaloguo comprised about 5,000 half chests < greens anil blacks. Tlie sals drow a good company of buyers, but it lacked spirit, and the prices obtained did Dot rary materially from tlmse current at privato sales. Ilio catalogue was all sold through. Pricos for Hyson and Young Hyson wore at from 70c. a $1 05. The block* wero heaviest, but were disposed of at about the current trade'rates. Sales of Real Ketate. By James M. Miller A William Kennolly. Hou3eand lot s. s. 20th rt., 278 ft. w.Other.."...$2,800 House and lot e. s. 1'earl at 10,000 Houm and lot (Juiou square 10,000 House and lot a. s. 34tl> St., 374 ft. w. 2d ar 4,700 House and lot s. s. 10th St., 34T ft. w. 7th ar 7,800 4 lots on 119th st. and 9tli ay 1 ,'200 Storee Nos. 90 and 92 Maiden lone 19,500 4 lots e. s. ar. B, 22 ft. n. 15th Rt 5.500 By E. H. Ludlow & Co. House and lot on 34th st., near 6th ar., 25x98 21,600 1 lot on 56th St., near 1st ar., 46x141 2,175 Married. Babcock?Brow*.?In thi? city, on Monday, April 21, by the Iter. Dr. Stephens, Caori.b C. Bibcock to Sarah M.. youngest daughter of John S. Brown. Donors?Pi .tint.?On Tuesday evening, April 22. at the First Mariner's Baptist church, by the Rev. Ira R. Stewart John W. Bordm* to Misa fcuHci i.a H. Pwrot, both of Little Silver, N. J. Earlc?Foci.os.?In Philadelphia, on Sunday evening, April 20, by the Iter. Benjamin Watson, William Parle, of New York, to Ax.vnt A., daughter of Kobe, t J. l'onlon, E-jq., of thefoitner place. no vr?lloania.?On Saturday, April 19, by the r.ev. Lot Jones, Thomas Hiiaurove to Mies Maj-.tdaLav; jtl.v Morris, both of this city. HoAiit.AM)?Hkocks.?On Saturday, March 22, by the Rev. J. V hay re, Mr. Johh HoAOLAsnto Mr?. 11. M., all of this city. Lo mis?Iiockwood.?On Tuesday, April 22, at Trinity church, New Kocbelie, by the Dev. Dr. Morgan, John v. d. Isiomm, of this city, to IIattibA., dsughtui of he >. Luck wood, Esq., of- New Rochelle. Man?Kfanm..?On Tuesday, April 22, at St. Paul's church, corner of Sixth avenue and I'lfteonth street, by the Dev. K. W. tielssenhaincr, Ems N. F. MntK to 5 .daughter of Hermann Knubel, Esq , of this city. Iloatcn papers pleats copy. M hjrk?Whituk k.?On Tuesday, April 22. at the reei. denee of the bride'e failier, hy the Rev. Dr. H ittcn, Cboruk (j. M<k*? t? Harriet Fanshaw, daughter ifftm. S. Whit lock, Esq., all of this city. O'Xb.h?Bras.?On Sunday. April 20. by (he Rev. lather McClusky, at the (berth of Nativity, Second avonuo, Wsi. K. O'Neill, of Albany, N. Y., to JoSanka Rvast, third daughter of Michael Ryan, of Hue city W hitwei l? Clark .?At Fort Plain, N. Y.f on Wcduas. day, April 16, by the Rev. J. C. Hull, Flpman It. Wurr wwl.Jr., of Fair Haven, Mass., to Miss Kisic H. Clark, daughter of William Clerk, K?q , of Furl I'lsin. Oltd. Binwu.r..?.flu Wednesday, April 23, Mrs. Clara Rn>- j well, wife of Marshall 9. Bid well, eged 6J years. ine 1 nanus uou ruaiivn ma iuvktu id mikuiij minineral, Ihia (Thursday) afternoon, at four oclock,al 27 Clinton place. Btcrrs.?(in Saturday, April 10, at hsr lata res dence, tYaecck's Point, L. I., Mrs. Sarah Bktts, aped 86 roars IlRsrr.?On Wedneday, April 23, Aiuua Packard, daughtor orCharles S and Mehitable Brett, aged 4 years, 4 mouths and 28 days. 'tho relatives auil triends of the family ara respectfully invited to attend tire funeral, from No. 128 drove stieet. Jersey City, N. J., this (Thursday) atteruoon, at three o'clock. Bi:k.nvA!f.?On Tuesday, April 22. at six o'clock in tho eveuiDg. Cam uu.w. the beloved wtl'e ol Mirhaol Pu .nuan, aged 27 years. The relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral,from her late reaideuie, No. 125 IVesI Thirty-third street, bctwi on Broadwav and Seventh avenue,this (Thursday) afternoon at, half past one o'clock. Bt stiso.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday, Api il 22. Richard I,awhk.vcm, only son of Ihotnos B. aud Andorra* d. Bunting. His remains will be taken to Mount Ilolty, S.J., for Interment Cami Brit-?On Wednesday evemug. April 23, at sot en o'clock, after a lung and cerorc illness,Tuomas C'at:rau.L, late ot Hundeo, Scotland. aged 60. His ro'atives and (rlende, and membere of the Protes tant Episcopal Brntliorhood, of New Vork, are particularly re-iu<>ted to attend his funeral, on Friday, fiom his "lite residence, No. 130 Orchard streot. Dundee |?i?rs please copy. Dknman ?On Tuef da/yApril 22, Mary Eiiilt, wife of Klrbard N. I1 man, and eldret daughter of p. V. W. Bishop, n (lio 23d year ol her age. The reiatlves and friends of the family are res|>er.tfMlly Invited to attend the funeral, tbia (Thursday) afteruo- n, at four o'clock, froui the reeidei ce of her parents, No. 568 West Thirty tilth htroel, without further invitation. 1'he rotnains w ill Le taken on Ki iday to I'ou^hkeeps.e for inter ment. Flu* is.?On Tuesday, April 22, A tint Faaxtv Her Iriends and relatives are rospretfulty Invited to attond the funeral, on Friday aflornoon, at two o'clock, from the re-ildeuce of lior aon, No. 29V West Houston street. Franki*.?In Pr ok'yn.on Wednesday, April 21, of consumption, I.tctra A., son of Charier l? and Ann k. Franklin, in the 2Ath your of hi* ago. The fronds of tint family and iba members of the Fourtacnth regiment N. Y. H. M , ara respectfully invited to attend lim funeral frotn tlia residence of lias parents. No. Mk-ehctiicrliorn *traat,tb a (Thursday) at t< rnoon, at half past ihree o c ock. IlaKOKX ?On Wadne-da> morning, April 23, Eowno J. Usui lot, agod .",3 J ears. The funeral will like plare on Friday afternoon, at two o'clock,from No. 75 Uroume street. The Metropolitan lodge la respectfully invited to ntteud. Hamu.kjv?in Brooklyn, on Tuea lay morning, April 22, Mania K. Hanoi a.v, relict of William Hand leu, in the ftSlli year of ber age. . The relative.- and frloud* of the family ara respectfully invited to attend the runoral, from bar lata residence, 84 Nassauatreet,this (Thursday) altetuoou, at two o clock, without further invitation. .san Francisco end Chicago papa a plaaaa copy., am?Suddenly, in Jerrtay City, on Tuesday, April 22, Ioa, daughter of Banjamln and 3arah llllngworth, agad 4 inootbs nud 7 days. Wrap the ?now while shroud around her, Fold her arras across ber fereaat, I Ay her gently In the colli flour dueling Ida ban gone to real. The relatives and frlanda of tha family ara respectfully invited lo attend the funeral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the residence of her pnreute, corner of South Ktghth end F.rie streets, Jereey City. Josrs?In Brooklyn, on Wedneeday, April 23, (fas tuii.k urlfanf l.'radnriftk W Janta ftiid vmihiMal .iani/Ii Mr of Jacob L. char, e, Ilaq., of Philadelphia, aged U year*. Due notice will b? gives of lb* funeral. Philadelphia papers plea, e copy. Ka.vk?On Tuesday, April 32, nntrxirr Ka.vs, a native or Dublin, aged fl? year*. Her friends are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Thursday) m?miog, at tan o'clock, from the residence ot her son, John Kaue, 354 Kirst avenue. Dublin papers please copy. IiSayi raft on Wednesday, April 38, Chart m I.vatIraki,only son of John and Catbariue Leaycraft, aged 4 years and S dava. The funeral will take placo on Friday afternoon, at two O'c! >ck from Iho I ssldciu e of his grandfather, (J. a. craft, No. lu Waodeu*al street i Mct-v-k ?Vu luce J*/, Apip U, af\et a ffe/rt and p^n fc V "~rr 7 fttl I'lneea Patrick riksbi >?Cili., ann of Pat rink and Mai y koOill, ajod 8 year*, 1 month and 13 days Tin relative* and frieuda of thu tamiiy uie re.-peolfuily Invited to attend tha funeral, tins (fhuraday) .ifterni>on, at two o'clock, from the residence of hia larouts, No. 151 l.uJ "w sire#'. Mkao.?(>i: Wedno-day, April 23, Joun B Mnan, in the 37th year of hla ago. iiin . slatleva and frieuda, and tboa# of tho family art reap'(.tfuiiy united to alt-tnl th? funeral, on Friday afuTuooo, at thrt# o'clock, from tha residence of h;a brother in-law, Andrew (yuackenbuah, No 34 Charloa street, without further isyilation. OOoK-tiCJi..?On Tuesday, Apr'1 22, of croup, Joiin JaaiKa O CoNMKrx.aon of I>uiie! and Mary O'Cotinell, native ol Dujgle, county Kerry, Ireland, aged 1 y ar, Id ram.the and 22 daye. 'fill- fueiUs of the family are requested to atleud tha thia (Thursday) aliemoi u, at sue o'clock, from No. 45*4 I'earl struct. I'ik KK>.:;aOu Tueoday, April 22, Wn BKi.ii or a, ycutiiroat daughter of Frederic auit Mot a K.eckeub?rr,, Mi tic- 2d year ot her age, iinl i aUl v and fnauiU of the i' are respectfully luriti-d to attend thofuaoial, from her lots r-sidenis, 702 Fourth alroet, this (Thursday) afternoon, at one O'clock Roiim? ?On Tuesday montiag, April 22, Fuzabktf Ro* Bisn, reiki of William'Rubin*, ag< d it; year*and 4 daya. The rolaAiv? and friend.-* of tha family are r?f peer fully requested r^attena the r.meral, UMa (Thursday) altcr nun, at twoo'clock from her lute residence, Wo. 13416 Fourih gtre< *>, Will umeburg, I,. T Ssw.v.?On Wednesduy, April Kum Jim only child of Gilliam H. a-.d Amanda M. Seeley, aged 1 year anil 1 month. 'Jli? relatives in<1 friends ?f the fVtouly are respectfully Invited tn attend the funeral, without further invitation, front the residence of her pur wits, No. 3*f'ommerce Mtrnet, this 'Thursday) evening, at seven o'oleck. llor remaine will be tukon to Chester, Orange county, New York, on Friday morning, for interment. Slum?On Wednesday, April 23, eudtlenly, at tho reel* dene# of his brother-in law, Horace F. Sigter, Mr. Jon* C. Htnnr, axed 63 years. Notice of the funeral In Friday's pa|>er. Smith ami Kavahao*.?On Friday, Marih 14, killed at the I utile of Newborn, Sergeant itoKKiir B. Smut, Company li, Fifty-first regiment N. Y. V., and1 private Jon* Kavanauh, Company K, name regiment. l"h? friends of the family and members of Company B, Thirteenth regiment N. Y. S. M., arc rospoctfully invited to atICDd the funeral, from their late rueideiioe, No. gi Portland avenue, Brooklyn, this (Thursday)!afternoon, at two o'clock. ri.vow.?On Tuesday, April 22, of croup, Kij Runs**, youngest sou of Eli and Agues 1/iuisa Snow, agud 1 year, 6 months nud Id days. The relatives sod frl*nds of the family are respectfully Invited to attend tliu funeral, from the rrsideuoo of hi* parents. 37 Dominick street, this (fliursd-iy) afternoon, at twoo'elock. St*>>.?Un wind, In Humboldt Kay, California, on Friday, May 11, lSd.i, (iivKim C., the beloved sou Of Sarah A. and the Into Michael 8'alV, aged 27 years. May his soul rest to peace. Honesdalo l'a., pa'iers please copy. Stkvmkom ?en Wednesday, April 23, Jon* H. SrsrnreoN, aged 22 years. Tho funai at u ill take place lliis (Thursday) Oftcrnoou, at three o'clock,from his late rssldouce, No. 71 King Btreot. Vast Sac*.?dn Wednesday, April 23, David L. Van Sao*, tn tho 32.1 yearof his ago. Funeral services will beheld at the residence of his son, Abraham Van Saun, 22? West Eights -nth street, this (Thntsday ) afternoon, at half-past eveu o'c'ouk. The remains will b > taken to Ilackctmack, N. J , tor latennent. WnJtt.vp.?On Wednesday, April 23, Annmtw Wiuuss, aged 30 yoars. The friends of the family, and those of liis brothers, Thomas-und luvid, ars respectfully invited tn attend the fun ral, this (Thursday) afternoon, at one o'clock, from his lats rssldcneo.No. 40? East Tenth street. Wii.uaxs.?In Blooming Grove, Orange county, on Tuesday aflernoon, April IS, at bu!f-piu<t three o'clock, after n lit gering illness, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation, Mart Louisa, the beloved wife of Ulram K. Williams, and eldest daughter of the late Win. K. Murray, and niece of Professor tiognn, North Charles street, Baltimore city, aged 21 years, 1 month and 4 days. Oh, Mary I dear.departed shade, Where Is thy place of blissful is it? Her remains were taken to Blooming Uroys Cometry nntll further Interment. Baltimore and Saratoga papers please copy. HISOBLLAIBOVS. A WELCOME 1'IECE OF NEWS For the LADIES I I.ALUES,I LADIES t AN IMMENSE STOCK OF ObTLKRV, REFRIGERATORS, silver Plated Ware, Tea Trays, Brushes, Baaketa, C< o.viwu UTENSILS, to auit CTery description of stores. ranges, and TWENTY-FIVE PER CENT If is price than any other a'ore. ICE PITCHERS. $4 SO EACH. 't he largest asaortment of HOUSE FURNISHING GOOD* IN THE CITY, At B. I>. BASSFORD'S (treat IIousekceper'a Bazaar, Cooper Institute Building, In Aitor plane, One block frutn Broadway. ' No connection w ith any other store la the ci.y. \T $.). S3 SO. $4 AND $4 SO.-SHOES AND GAITERS, it. Spring styles, now ready at JONES*, 10 and 12 Ann street. AT GIMflREDE'S.MS BROADWAY, $t PUOTOGBAPB Albums (for tlfty pictures) retailed at $3. IT ( nil edm's?artistic MONOGRAMS, WEDJ V. ding Cards aad 300 t allelic# of Note Paper, with Envelopes to match. AT BARKER'S, TIIE BEST AND MOST NATURAL Wigs In the world are to be fouud, 822 Broadway. AT 302 BROADW AT.-WEDDING CARDS AND NOT* Papers, at KVERDELL'S celebrated establishment, earner of Duane street. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa The Golden Teakettle House Furnishing Store; the chcnpnat place in the city for families going to hous 'keeping, for hotels, ships, go. Refrigerators, Cutlery, Wooden and Tin Wares, Baskets, Ae. .ALEXANDER DKLMAB, TOt Broadway, near Fourth street. A PURE TOBACCO.?YELLOW BANK TOBACCO ? GoodwiA's Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from aillnapurlttea, for sale be all tobacco nnd *'g*r dealers, and at wholesale by E. GOODWIN A BROTHER, 201) Watsrstreet Aromatic "SCHIEDAM SCHNArrS." Country Merchants, Or #.-rs and Druggtsie, Apothecart' aud Hotel K- perSL All pereona who wish to purchase SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS before the adrance In prices had better make early appilcel'?n' ddolpho wolfe, 2? Bearer street. BAUTLETTS' NEEDLE AND SEWING MACHINE foil nlshmg Depot. All kinds of No -dies (ISO for 28 ccate>. Wholesale and relalt. 473 Broadway. Boots and shoes-all the new and desirable si*lc* for spring wear now ready, at the new Stom -W Third 'uremic, near Twenty-fourth t'reet. RcUih dal jobbing prices. WM T. ALLEN, Agent. ClIIlROPODIsTH.?LITTLEKIELD A WESTEKVKLT J Practical Chiropodists, 616 Broadway, opposite the Hi. Nieho'ss Ilntrl, continue luclr auiwMl ul treatment on Coroa, Hindoos, Vascular Eicresoeni os, (Hub and Inverted Nail* We ahnll remote on ttie 1st of May to 662 ilruad\?aj, b?tirWII Thirteenth aud Pout lee nth streets. YT LOTH I NO. \J In clothing b >ys of auy age, llic usual eipence will b* reatly lessened by fitting them out at ROGERS A RAT. MoN'DS, 121, in and 126 Fulton blrrel, or 214 Broadway. The tlrm hare brought their bov'a department to absolut* pcrf-i lltU, a- Ml IN I the Style, finish and InQnlte variety of ll.e stork; and in cheapness, as In other reape- ta they oear unity the palm. /lOKNS, Bl'MONS, INVERTED NAILS. ENLARGED \J Joints, and all disease* of the 1% et, cored without pain or Inconrenienee to the patient, by Dr. ZACIIARIE. Hur.>eo? t hiroinaliat, 76tJ Broadway. Iteiura to physicians aud surgeons of the city. Down with tub dcst-brownE'8 new metallie Weather Strip, patented February IS, 1H62, is wurlanted Inez- lu e heat nnd duat from doors stnl windows of c. ery description. Send for circular to Metallic Weather Strip Company, - 12 Broadway, room It. DRAKB a PLANTATION bitters. 8. T. I860. X. It In-lgorales, (lengthen* and purilhs the system; Ian perfect appetizer, and the most agreeable and effectual tonla in the world. It is composed of the celebrated Callaaya bark, recta, herbs, and pure si. Croix rum. Particularly adapted la delicate females; cuies Dyspepsia aud Weakness, and is tusk the thing for the changes of scazoii*. Hold by all grocers, druggists, hotels and saloons. P. U. DRAKE A CO., 202 Broadway, N. Y. "Lf INK Oi,D BOl UPON, MONONO VHEuA AN D RTH ' J? Whiskey.?A large stock, comprising all grades; cunt v cry cltotre. tor medicinal purposes, a nstaody on liaml and for sale by JNO 8CKYMHER A CO., 126 Front street. CTA8 riXTlBES. r STEPHEN PHILBIN, NO 707 BROADWAY, Offers for sale, at reduced prices, a spb-Ddtd assortment oas fixtures. FRENCH BRONZES (Direct I Ion). Consisting of Mantel Ornament*, Siatnet ea, (Imnpgg Inkstands, Ac. N. B ?Plumbing and Gu* Killing attended to as usual, as No. 331 Fourth at reel and No. 2 Astor House, Barclay airtwL (l RAND SPRING OPENINO OF CARPETS AT HUD T son Itall.?Look. Splendid Tapestries, 7a. per yard; Three-ply Carpets. 7i. to $1: s iner n Ingmln. ft. 6d; 0.-..U. llrul do., Js. Od.; Oilcloths, 2s. 61.; Paper Haiiglnn, Ac. LANDtiN, SH Hudson street, near Houston. Lyons maonktki ?????? INSECT POWDER, tested for 19 reara ninl grows In favor It kills and ester. minutes Roadies, Bed Ruga. A lit a, Fleas, Mollis In elothm Furs and Fiirnilure. *nrden Inaoctt. Ae. All genutne bare # the signature of K. Lyou, and la not polaomm* in net sons or domestic animals Beware of rounterl'elia and Imitations. Even's Powder kills all Insect, in a trice, Lvou's Pills are death ' rsts and mi- e. Sold everywhere. Depot, *12 Broedway. "MORTONS 00I.D PKNS.-PRICKH TO 8VIT THE iM pucart aim I vui ?? lull _ Maiden Lane. Call or Index* (lamp for circular. Notice-no rbmoval.-m. lakxont, par;a l-ondonand New York Pliralcian and Surgeon. will remain at hi* private offleea, IM7 Broadway, up atalra. QMITH * BROTHKR 8 NEW TORE PAUt XXX ALB. In whole, half and inert*, e,?ak?, brewed lre-n the chi?ie, -i barley malt and hope. Brewery l.n and leu \t * >> Kt?ble.-nM el reel, bet ween Seventh and Eighth nvennea, > V. fTUt'SSKS, TRI S-UH, Tltl'SaM ? fct; i'T lie: Hit f.VR L niaenred hy M ARHII BROTIIKKS' lt? ileal Cere Tr-w. They aleo keep silk Klaevtc Mr-chln,*, c.r >en Hupp,i trr* and Shmid r hu e- I ' " , fer piiy*i4% dt'toiuntuii made w -irdei, somci jf am am* "J