Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1862, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1862 Page 10
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JO THE ARM? BEFORE TORKTOWI. Interesting Reports from the Scene of Operations. Lively Picket Firing and Cannonading. Mutiny of an IriUi Brigade in (he Rebel Service. OONBOAT EXPLOITS IN YORK RIVER, to*) io*t ?fcc. Omr Army CorrMp?mle?f?. Camp Wun?u> Scott, \ Vr?n Touiitown, April 2a, 1802. f Cmtmci)mftU Alt. ?y4s of the JicteJi to Shell vmr Oamp>?F.ngngrinnU bete?en the Cueon GniJxnUi amI the Uriel butter he Capture cf a Sfry?Hunwra' Lf-ath of ? Beixl BrtgatlUr General?Kpftxtof bcrdanft Sharp* hoetcrt?The Weather, etc., etc. This aflerDOon lUo rebel* gave a cannui. vhog exhibi >?? tit A rarrniiuiheii'- mu.1 Bi'itiiKtw ttatatof viaut might be set down as a brilliant perfornmnoe, but 'to vary other regard was a failure. We bad a large fatigue party at work about a mile iu trout of the iatrenchroents eo tha enemy's left. Suddenly they opened with a volley of artillery, beading ever about half a doaan abulia in tbe direction of our men. All the shells fell abort, expending their murderous contents fcarmta-aly In tbe upper air. Tho simultaneousness o the firing, tbe thundering roar and size of the shells, produced, as It naturally would, considerable excitement among our troops. Many believed that the ball bad spaaed in earnest. There was a good deal of heavy firing this evening between our gunboats and tha rebel batteries on our eight. None of the enemy's shots took effect. Several ?f our shells exploded Inside the enemy's works, and it is believed with destructive effect. The efficacy of our gunboats is incontestible. They bare prevented tbe rebels from intrenching themselves below lilo iceeter Point, sad, by shelling tha encompassing woods, have scared th ou so effectually that the ahadow of a rebel has not been sceu there for several days. Quartermaster Brodhectd captured a rebel spy to-day, baar Back tlreek Landing. Tha representative ol Secesiia waa cultivating his flexor, extensor and pectoral mtiscies ^ fia propelling a row boa t, the prow directed rebel downward. The commanding voice of Mr. B-odh?ad, telling him to step, accompnniod by exhibition of the menacing mouth ol a Minie ride, caused a dropping of the oars and surrender of the inf-atio adventurer. He wns taken to headquarters. As to the number, condii ion and intend d futuie movements of the rebels, be is reticently tomb. A Mory prevails lo 'lay, but I have been unable to trace it to its course, although it is said to come from a deserter, that tired from our side fho other dav i kUJcU a rebt-I brigadier g.-nora!, the a*M oflker of the ?*y. and thrm oilier officers. TUj sb ry obtained ere- 1 deuce ;itheadquarters, sltho.igh most b.lievo it too good to bo true. <"( :.sHloritu the skill of our gunners, as indicated by thoir cwu .shooting, and the unanimous story f deserteis as to their offset on the enemy, the story is core probable than unprolwblo. One thin., i, indisputaMe, that the joint action of tir artillery und sharpshooters has bad ten times the u stn.ctive eiU-ct u|>on the rebel?, all their tiring?anil tiny have tired thus tar three funs to our one?has had on us. Our sharpshooters arc an yesore'to them. They do not understand our Y&nke-j style of rifle hand'ng. and such unerring accuracy of hot? at long range ha- rattle ! a universality of bewilderment it is hard to ge: over. * A number of volunteer surgeons have arrived, ami proffered their services m the contingency of their being ventured toaid in taking care of too sick and wounded, the number or which is expected to proportionately multiply as warm weather and the siege advances. Commanding generals and and rogim?nttl Surgeon* have received thorn with tint cor diaJity due to this liberal oiler of their services. The list contains the names of loading physicians in nearly all our Eastern ant Western cities. Meantime tbo hoaltn of the troop- continues a* good a* it b is been at any time for month-, past. Those who are sick rensivo the best . arc that can be given them. The weather has cleared urn and we are having a tout h sf summer wealhvr agum. No one who has never been within the pre- mete ot this peninsular section of Virginia would believe it possible that two days' rain could miles uch imprersitn on the roads. The mud in some places is bub deep, and, with floundering mule-, upset wagons, brosen tongues, and laying corduroy roads, there are a good many teamsters now who are doing an quantity STswearing The s ibjoct admits of it, irany subject can Insttfy emphatic expletives. Fortunately, in "this ch ssate of torrid sunshine and qin. It-mnd, the mud will be thangod to sand in a day or two. Two rebel deserters have just come iu as 1 am closing this Liter. As far as 1 can learn they givs no facts rejsrdmg the enemy additional to the statements ?i former deserters. Camp Wlvixsi.o 3 orr, 1 Nsa? Yorktuwn, April 21, 1*62. j MootmtiUeof the Rebels?Che K'cM Amtag the Irish Con Jtrmcd lit! Firing Bd'0"n lite PoJeetf?Eject of Btr Aan't SkarpsKoo'.en?Tnt Cme ponitn'e of the Beetling Poet and llarp-r's Woe/tig to he S'al Hon', <fx.. rfc. m, ? j ,<w, ??luugiii| lu ju Blabamai eg'meat, came wiihin oar lines this morning 4 good deal of bit information in very important, but iiu sroper for publication. He coal-ais tb? etatemeuu of be tie ertiug rebel colonel audj lieutenant who taiue Mtunour lines ou our '.eft, regarding tbe refusal of MIrish brigade among tuw rebel troops to continue in rms v jjiosl the Union army Tbe refusal o. igmated .Yon?t!:iir seeing an Irish re;; mental flagon our ide. (tieBight of tbe shamrock anil liarpof Erin, around which lb* gallant bona of the Emerald isle have for cent irn'B aliion with such devotional unity, revived tbe old feeling $t brotherhood They m thy wot At uAfight, an I they i >*ll not. As described to ma by the young Alanamian, I tie s<eno of tbe surreu ler of their arms w s one of grand Impre&'.iveness?''fie of lh < ? sublime s< an,% in national Uietory of raruat exhibition, and oulj called out by sfcat deestesi intensity of life mi struggle wherein are revealed the highest and noblest traits of bum^nh y?an exhibition of mat moral g-andeur and lofty dijnity j-cls sad (winters grasp as their Attest themes, b it csay in vain 10 fittingly memorialize sillier in words of imtn irta' song or on the unfading canvass. Tlie entire art,the ret lirm resolve, iu anuoun-emeut, giving up thsir arms and colors,facing the penalty of death that might be earned out to them, shows a spirit of martyrdom and snrneet self-sacrifice that savorsjof tbs wild war legend* ef Cromwell e time. Tbe entire brigade is -til! under arrest Among tbe Irish regiments on our able there IB great rejoicing and enthusiasm at tbe course taken by the rebel brigade If It is potsiMs to tbe fighting furor that existed among th- rn previous 'o this event it is increased now. Tut have a new -tiin .1 s to flght fur?the rescue of their couutrymen now held prieoners on the other side of the enemy sjn'.rourhmeut* During tbe pas: twenty-four hours theie has been b t little Bring on either eide. Our gunboats hare nit fired s ebr>t, and the enemy's guns, on th?ir left, have pre from behind the enemy'a aud'our intrenchmonu, but re lulling, as most of the rebel shots At, harmlessly to us. l'heio i< cro j diy lets firing between the pickets. I be i:er*fnn Sharpshooters still keep the rebels in m holenms | (etiifte Ttie Intter here precipit maly dsscoo led 'rem the eudaclo'is altitude fhey occupied on onr advent, and their visits to th"ir parapet) ere now tike angel emits, fow and far between. 1 might give you au interesting chapter on camp ru > mors It in these floating re iialj?then* tybiiiino laavee, Mteereu with portentous news?tint give many newspaper c?rTeepoD<1e??n worlds of anxiety and wiidcbaar.g Tbey hear ?r terntde battlea ?n onr cents, followed by toco of desperate lighting on our left. Whomrg eni' *' 'ei.i iu t,e cut up aird generate slaughtered bv tkewlioi*? i. and there ere ni.ngle i rumors of flags of tfwos.eapitnieiiuim, mnga/.me?e\pl'i?loo* tod iniindaSlows. )t is nmualng to read the lalteti of ?ome ?f these corrnponiiente, who, in yielr* to rl abond of their i tenia do no' wait to irece'the rumors, I boll them ikiw.i, with n't their enveloping of imirobr.bility. As an tnatanie, several papers the day a ivf sn hccrmnt of aba'tie In which It w*< stated that ultra regiment h. 1 h en nil cut to ptgees, only ?ev?r.te?i mer, oiuillig out 0 the battle a'lvc " Yht? bat tie i over took place, sad the iu.ent referred to i? stiU Jrioi, in the enjoyment of it* full ' am .'?ment of oitirere aid men, and ready, in aoy positive battle iliat mar be .n waning for its iwrtii ipaWon, to show its wdlfngne'S bi be ut up in the manner described, if the enemy run atily manage to do llni little thing, A Tory bad victim f n rampr mi' is a g rres ondont of Um tfurlf, ,?],o be g vn a data led description of how the r b air preparing lo rithmerge lb* Auny of the i'ounwr ny il? sitting Vnrk river. iFu has . tunlly elevate I a a ne? of Aema end di ieen iryrls of pHe* In the river for the i onri'-soand put c/erul thousand uien nt work on Ihr ni ? for all wl,? ii, I hsve no tiia rob s would h \ery thei.a< d w?? iheie vu d of truth la it, which there id not T?. i I- nr- ni u.g with the improving weather, tail"- ilium but a" c i established now. so that letters and pa(*'rsfor the rag mien'8 rime with pr' mp? 11 xilo and regularity. lAet evubiiig a '.lei,ecu', elu regiment aorbl' lr.I?r. LfnH,l)lri9iii Hiii|nj|. / 1 ea i'. as I CHire lUUle lor, Ibat the <''rrnepon lent of .*? She nm up Prist aud "l.e of //oyirr'.i IT. '/ have been ' emliflsil that they can pi .up I heir traps ami ,eai *. CI r ? H?*taii <'tsiw Km sis tssT toar?, Api I au lens yV Affair "I f<s? t *1,11? 4 Htlrt BiiHtrv il a<k*il by ,\> fire)- ' ;w n'mii/ if Ihl Potrr on II' tfWtrfi.. Hiitr? rim '4 /'Wra-irtilbi of 1'?m fiton' Iht d.i.sw* htprt't lit) I II at Pipit <11 lev la IKi .Hi .fr y sterday tfa-ie wan very lively hiring between Mir. J NEW TO urn, bom on our Hm two mtten tbovt Lm'? MUl. Two robot regiments wore repocfisd to bo drawn up tu hue of bottlo on our aids of Um osMk that separates ua from tba enemy, and u> attack waa made, though only by a party of two hundred. They advauood rapidly through the wood. and fired upon Um picket* of the Seventh Maine regiment, killing two and wounding three. Orders had been ironed that no fire of aktrmtahors should be returned; Bo that our boy* had only the bayonet. With this they managed to get at pretty close quarters with *he enemy, who, after the exchange of a few " prods," hastily departed. Several men of the enemy were fatally wounded. Gen. Keye.x, who was upon the spot, ts sail sled that there were several armed negroes in this party. One prisoner was taken, a tall, fine feHow, who gave the customary assurance that ho had been forced Into the rebel army? Ho was sent up to Oeu. Sumner. There appears to be no doubt that the piece in the enemy 's one-gun battery waa worked on Wednesday last by negroes, Nowata work a ten-pounder Parrott gun on a hot day ts, no doubt, hard work. yet we had sup|ioaed that this peculiar kind of work was reserved by the brave sons of the South for their own hands. It thua appears, however, that not even dauger can ennoble labor in this tine climate. Skirmishes take place continually all along the Warwick river, though the rebels are not vory adventurous. On Monday the Teaser once more ran up the Warwick river as tar as Young's House, and favorod our _ men in that direction with bor notice. She threw three "one h indred-pouud shot, one of which passed entirely through Young's barn. Nobody hurt Our men there hive collected a very nice little stack of the Teaser a missives, not one of which has been fatal. On Monday General cimlth was authorized to send oat n flag ot truce, which was inel by the enemy, and there t\as a cessation of hostilities from noon till nearly nightfall. It is given out thai this trnc.o was for an exchange of pri-sousrs. Tour h id been taken by Smith's men, and four by tha enemy; but no exchange was made, as the four taken from us had boon seal ''on to Richmond." Whcth r it took from noon till night Tor tue rebels to explain what they had done with the four men is not stated. Three contrabands came in from above Loo's MiU to General Keves' headoti&rtera a few tiii;hte since. Th?v .ware very intelligent and roads gome important stalemcnu as to the enemy's force, which one of thorn suid was at least eighty thousand uioii. They represented tho enemy's works as very extensive. Arsiy Desertions?Correction. TO THt EDITOR OF THE NEW TORE UtllALD. HssDQraaTSKS NiM.TT-B.ainn Ri.gimext P. V. ) Cam* Wirt held Scott, Va., April 21,1802. j Will you please to allow a few lines a space iu your valuable paper, in order to correct a report, dated Warwick Court House, April 15, which appeared in your edition of the 18th inst. Two ineu, a sergeant and a private, supposed to be desorters, who on Suuday, the lbth inst., crossed the Warwickfrirer, and were consequently oaptured by the reoois, did not belong to (his regiment, an your correspondent staled, but to the 102d, latl Thirteenth regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. Since we left the District of Columbia, neatly one month ago, wo hive not lost a single man, either by death "r otherwise, and the tnsu generally enjoy excellent b -alib, and are anxiously awaiting orders to *d\ once upon the | enemy, in ord'-r to prove to their excellent commso-ier, Ool. John F. B .llier, and their held aad stalf offlrers gn rally, tho effects of strict discipline and long cor.tluued practice. Yourf, very respectfully, LOUIS J LsDNER, Adjutant #Sth regiment F. V,, Peck's Brigade. General Slngruder't Address to Bis Rebel soldiers. If. .t?, .? <-** s .\KMV OK TH* Ps.vivcu,) Yor itcmnt, \ a., March 4, J To ins .last or run PtMXdinj.:? Comsadkc?lbs term of service for which mar" of you eni:.- ?d is about to expire. Your country, invaded 1 by an nsolent r"0, ngalu demands your help?your i homes are violated-^}'- ir firesides poilutcd by tho pre j seticeofa marceuarv enemy, or silent in their desolat or?many of your iVieudR In captivity or in exile?our 1 P" .pie s ?iu, and tin very altars oi o r religion dosecrat- i ?d slid prof,lusd. Trio ruthless tyrants whq,have dared , t o invade us have v >wed our con piest or our durtrecti n. It is for y ou to rise aud avongeour slaughtered c ; or uoh y -Luc t heir fate. Of what worth I is life without l'hei "v ?peace a' tho expe :?s f honor:'? the world wilh nil a boim-ifVliu ou. lath'rs ,1'ed l ie, fortune and sacied 1 honor in our hr-t war o iud-*vendence. it an empty boast, or wu. it tbe ?i -n resolve 01 freemen who know li.eir lights r.-.d uarcd s . !?.. u'l th-ai? The long ivar of me Revolution culmiiia'ed at leugili in victorious trl- ' wmph <: *! the-e plains of York town. Tho-c frowning bat- ' UemeaiB ?:i ilie height* of York are turned, in this sec- , and watyn liberty agari I lb? enemies of our country. You breathe the air aud tread the soil con crated by the presence aud the heroism of our patriotic sire--. Shall we, their ems, imitate ilieir example, or basely \ bow :h ? ueck to the y< ke of the oppressor ? I know your answer! You remember your wrongs,sad yon are fe.-olveil to avougo thi-ni. True to the instincts of pa triotic devotion, you will not fill a coward's gra\ >; yon | will spring with alacrity to the death grapple with *ihe lVe, n'-r relinquish the strife I ill victory crowneour arms. l_'ow arris die a thousand deaths; brare men die but once, . I and conquer though they die. j It is therefore withcui surprise that your tornraandirg general has le.unei of your purpose to reenlist in this holy sir: ggie, and that you bear with cheerfulness end constancy, worthy of hie admiration, the disappointment of withdrawing from you the furloughs 4t> visit your liomog ' which tbe g iverament promised you, aud winch the present danger of our beloved country alone forbids it . to grant. When the war is ended, in that hour of triumph you will be pro.i l to remember that by your sufferings and sacrifice3, uo lets titan by your valor, you conquered. Soldiers 1 though reverses and disasters hare recently befallen us, let us remember that truth is eb-ru&l, aud that i"no is Just. His a m is our trust, and the great Ruler of nations aud of men will protect the right and crown with victory the nolilfiaad the brare. let us take courage then. Oul enemy, dead 10 tbe spirit of liberty, can only .dght wtiiie their offer" are unexhausiel. Commerce is th?ir king. Their go.l i-> gold. They glory iu their shame. The war winch liitenaifle* thehs. The dey ol retribution will came. The a: .-nggle will n it be ;Uwa/.< defensive on o ir part. Wo will yet strike down our ruthless invaders, amid the smoking r litis of itieir ciiio?, end, with urine in our bauds dictate to ma of peace on tliair owe soil. J. B YNKHKAD MAORUUKR, It'ijor (joneral Commanding. \rw KuitUiiiI Solilitu' ll'lirf A**oclntlun. Tli.s a-soc.atioa lies fltie.l t:p fo ir floor# of the -pacimie building No. 194 Br > ?<! .vay .?? a hospital, for n r.ded soldu'r# tn trontC* through this city from the ?<:at of war. 'Hie part of tlio building set aside for tbt.s purpo.-e is tt'JO foot long by lib broad. The rear l*rt of ibo first floor hi - boon tilled op as a committee room, apothecary ?h p an I store room The front part is converted into a bitting room, surge it's ojiereting room ? <i general asionibly toon for the patients. The second end third floors ere fltk-J with cats for the wo .nd* t. The u?*o t?ti?n ha? now as hundred and flity nvu be steals, :i.atir *#? a id be Ming 'I he fourth floor contain* room* i t the niton . or - and n.s, in ermy c >okmg reugo, an iron water ta * ratable of holding three hutnlret'. gallon f water,and ?*tr* i-wla In ? -e ol need. Laoh floor is \ out dated by three wiud >\v- at each nd. opening at the op three more In the u.idtu end w ie,and two large vciKilalor* ten by twenty te t. Thebniidieg tins hot and r id water,gas, water closets, w .til a tl.A fit )?gp f:ii il h i??M ?naa>... A.t r? Th*r? . u m ? / ... boi4t four and ? half feel "tuare. with a car at'ircUvd, lor ili? purpo-w of h" sUng wound'.."! aolligr* who oo unable to got up i.i<i .tai a. A meeting of the iu?o. iation w.s hem on Tuesday eroiung in their meetiug nom, which n inMeiully lilted up. Mr. Charlea C.o6:d !'? > the chair. "the mtout' a of the last meeting having been rsad and appros el, Mr 1, >wr, Chairman of the Vina rice Comruiiiee, re poid that f5.00" would l?e required for the p?i|? i of ihe association, taking into reii-uder.-.tlon fS,<?H) for the rent of tlio building, besalos current expeise* fuDei. rtpth n list* IiaiI he< n 1 uieil.and he war La; py to state that thus tar$2,4?* had been subscribed. Colonel 1 A. Iiows said that Drs. Buck and 'lose as a committee of two. appointed by the New York surgeons, bed .n*p? tea lbs, expressed tb"ir ontire apppoval A ita Internal at rouge'iieut*, ami vllit. ?d to takeentire charge of the medienl dj,.a tmeit tin motion P wis resolved to give the charge of the m dice I dep.- to lira. Buck. Stone and I-ambert. On motion ? melee,of Yormont, was admitted a member Oi the 'Ciation. Mr. Perkins was a so adnutted. A rote of thailcs was passed to Mr. Ti ancle Lout ret for a present of a- eonnt books 10 the Baaee.ijtion. and aieu to Mr A. f Stewart lor a present of a splendid carpet. After the members of the assn iation had made an insjxrtion of tb# h'ludiag they aat down to a aplenoiu col- % let ion, prepared by Colonel llowe, after the disc u?i> ion teral s;>eef he? were made in hehntf of the aaeocirllon, ami the proceedings srounJ up very harmoniously. 'I'be-Womrn'e Amlliary Committee of the New Eng. land Boldlnrs' Belief Association is divided Into Ave weekn committees, and they art expat tad to attend at tha bouae No. 1M Broadway on ea< h day of their reapactire w?sk?. Bbltasry. RIB JAllM ti. THK ARCTIC KXPJ.O&KP. I rota tIre l/ui Ion Poet, April 4.1 * Adm.i-ai Mr J?mae Clark ltoe>-, the Arctic voyaear, died at Ay le-bury on Thursday ,ag. d ?rg The de> eu?d w ?. the ih'rd son of Mr. t"> >eij? Knss, of Uaieorrook, tn ,? county of ,'hilloway, and nephew or .Mr Jot.u |u w, K < . 11., rnid was iffun in IS'iO. He entered the navy in 1SU irwjMne Bear Admiral of ill White id laid, served ii i the nrv I eipe-tniot ? for the ileruvury of Hie | yorthweat r -"age I nun IMS Pi i W8: <1 a siver< T and ntsr Kt tl e Brtllra Mas ?-n tli" North Magnetic Pole, in is:ii ci 1 me A lant't to relieve 'hofronen winders In HatTln's Bay, in low. cc inoanded the ettpedilioh to the Antarctic i a .us Irutn lk. K to 1MR; sllairivd the blgln* t latitude ?vai vet r< v;hc<l (7S d? grvos 10 sevoud*) and approached within m hiMKfeud aid e..y inV- <>i the -wiutb Magnetic i uie. Arris ale ami I>e|>iia tures. ARRIVAL*. Liv? root. ? Sleamaiiip H .h iiiIhii a' Portl Boii ier end two aer enu, h Whlwutia, t tieek'ii.ri l.u w:ni<e, I'll a<0 ?eraud wl.e, R. I via w.i. Capt ?ill -anst. wife i and el.nd, Mra Prince aid chill, lispt CrefthtoA and v Ife, foh > < l l i-inn. Cspt Jlvane < sin SMon, .fames O'Brien, i Col r. vkina, P K* rshuw, M.aa Mnrun, Mlae Siaith, Mita i ct>*ni|.l u, P Wll-on, M. fiiina, K.lir .1 Wood, P O'ilo| h' -y, 'di i'niirt w re and ahlhli JUia ttvyeey, l] Kfiikie ? i At and is the sicy i?a RK HERALD, SATURDAY, | GENERAL KT0WEIT3 ADVANCE. Interesting News from the Army on 1 the Rappahannock* Impudent Declarations of the City Council of Fredericksburg. Good Order and Health Among the Troops. The Rappahannock River Clear of Obstructions, &c^ &c., &e. ' WasmitOTtw, April 35,1803. The correspondent of tho Hxh*d at Fredericksburg end* the following:? FHKnsRiCKfwURO, April 23,1802. Better order never existed in an army than has prevailed among the troops occupying Falmouth. The stringent order directing all plunderers aad marauders to be shot, if Ul toe led m the act, elfoctually pscvcuted any destruction of projierty whatever during our advance upon Frede icksburg, and since tho occupation of our present quarters but a single depredation has been committed, which was Itself immediately atoned for and the perpetrate"* punched. Captain Gibbons, of the Fourth recently appointed Brigadier General, was mode novost Marshal of the brigade when our forces occupied Falmruth, and lias preserved snob admirablo order that the most violent secessionists freely admit that they have suffered far less inconvenience than when the robels held possession hore. Any soldier found entering a house, s no in the execution of an order, or with a permit from headquarters, is severely punished, and none are pcrmitlod to leave their camp unless upon duty. A few days since Gen. McDowell round a small portion of aieacedestroyed, in tho vicinity of a camp, and although it woe not positively known that our own troops had used the rails, the mon were ordered into the woods, whore thev cut and snlit rails and robnilt tho fouce. lea vine it in mndh bettor condition lb in it liod apparently evor ( been before. f Ih* .unitary condition of tho troops is unexampled. After tho exhausting march of thirty miles in leM than twenty-four fiotira, during tho hottest uay of the aoa- * on, uiul for the most part in the face of the enemy, lose ^ thanseventy-five wore reported on tho Hick list, inulud. Ing tho wounded. Notwithstanding a pitiless storm of ^ wind and rain, which boat down Incessantly for twelve n hours alter the oocupetiou of our present position, few of ' the men aro suffering, even from colds,and the regiments turn out on parade in rtuer order and appearance tlian z comfortably eascoaco t in their winter ijuart rs. Tho wounded are progressing admirably, and promise ri to res nino their duties soon. Brigade Surgeon Pouch, by* his tact and foresight has secured tho frlen ishlp of ^ every resident in Palm uh, and is daily offered the use Df in ist coinmo lious an I b ?lulifnlly situate 1 residmccs la ror hospitals. Tho exit and wounded have all been removed from the church, whore they were drst placed, to several flno h usee In tho village, and aro provided with ice, lemons gathered fresh from the trees, and inuumsra ^ hie other little luxuries, which go so far towards allcvi , ilmg i he suffering ol hospital exporienco. 'L' The dead have ail b^oa interred iu the old Revolutiontry burying-ground? a spot where their relatives may ' well loavo them to rest. ar Theeuvalry rogiiuants have well nigh supplied thoir loss of horses with tliosa found thronguout ths country lb without owners, an 1 aro again la renditions for another <1] lash u|x>n tho rebois. A wrong impression prevails ihroughout the country relative to the organization of the 'Jl Harris cavalry regiments. There are two regiments In .? , w! Liio sorvicw?me ira i :arria auu me xiarrib ugui cayury? iBe latter being connected with (Jen. King's division, and ll* whose brilliant Condi;ci loss won such a reputation for w !he Ira rfs-ris rnrnlry, so viug at a distant post. '* wen- i King has established his headquarters at the souse of Mr. Puiilii i, in the immediate vicinity of the ** Headquarters of General McDowell, who occupies the '* residence of Mr. Lacy, Aid to General Smith, of the vi rebel army. 86 The flotilla succeeded in clearing the Rappahannock of obstructions, and reached Fredericksburg orfraturday. T1 Work has commenced on the Aquta creek add Fredericksburg Railroad, which will soon he in running order. The railroad bridge over the Kappahannock will, ? of course, be immediately rebuilt. Goneral McDowell Is 8< indefatigable hi pushing forward the erection of bridges and establishment of supply depots, devoting much of 1 bis tlui# required for rest to the personal supervision of ' the work, and often passing the entire day with hats ( single meal. Mr f'alne, civil and topographical engineer, attached " to General McDowell's suT, is busily engaged in preuaring a map for the use of the General, giving the locality l' of every crossroad and stream, together with an outline r of the face ?f the country. Much valuable information 11 relative to the course and condition of the roads south of us h is been obtaiuud from contrabands and residents of 1 Fredericksburg.. An immense amount of flour remains in Fredericks- 1 burg, and over a th usaud bushels of corn are now ?t A ibe mills, being ground for the use of the troops. Tlui cotton factory in Falmouth continues to run as usual, and a small store supplies the soldiers with a 11 ready means of, Imposing of tlicir money, fabulous prkes a being asked for the m- at triiliug articles. it The committee appointed by the City Council of Frode- " rielitburg waited upon General Augur last Saturday ^ afternoon,and projected hltu with a document, of which ^ il.a fitllnwlrui is a eoovh At a tn?#t tie i f Ilia Mayor ati'l Common <V?unu.l of th t"wn f Fre<'e I'-kshitrg, held tine lath d?y of April, 1862, p is order to <; ir,'er as to what action id pr.i|>or to be taken by thorn in the present pcxjtion of tho town, it wan w unsntrnouely ordered? ft Th?t ? c lumtttee, consisting of tlin Mayor and Mcarrs h Win. A. Settle,J. Gordon Wallace, Thoa. B. Haiti n,'.Vin. F. llroidd'is and .lohn S. Marya, Jr., be appointed, whose g/ il tiy it-linn l>e to confer witn the military coiriinaniler of the forces of the United Slates now threatening tuo tl occupation of this town, and that the conference bo _ h-ld whenever-aid commander shall nek a cuiniuun catioti from these authorities. A Tb*' committee slutll inform the comm indnr that, iniitucti i s the forced of tlie Confederate States have evacuated the town, no resistance can or will be n' made to its occupation by the United Mates forces. ai but tbat the* m inicij*! authorities expect and riaim AI that a'dyp'ate slope will be taken by tbe commander to Insure protection to persons and property during such occupation, according to the rocognlztd rules of civilized In wer'aro; and that said ier he further informed f0 tbat the population of this town have been in the pest, otnl are now, !n connection and [sentiment, loyal to tho eaistii g go*' rnmcnt of the Mate of Ajrgina and of the Gi Confederate 8U1' es of Ameriea. at From tho record. A copy test. G F. CIIRW, C. C. rl Contrabands are flocking in by scores, maayof them ** porsesslng valuable Informstion. From them I learn " that the rebels had a regiment of mounted negroes, armed N' with sabres, at Manassas, and tliat the regiment is HtiU in the service in the vicinity of Gordooaville. *' ? The reports of barbaritlea perpetrated ?i>on our doad r" at Hull run have not boen exaggerated. The rebels aug (;l up the temaiue of our eoldiere, and made spurs of their Jawbones, cutting up their ekelotone Into every contelvable form, and sending the trinkets home tolbeir St irland*. The rabel army la raportad ni being greatly demorallied by the recent Union victories, the aews of which m the rebel authorities vainly endeavor to eeppreas. ta Ibo rebala quartored In fredarieksbnrg last weak ni moved off toward* Oordonarllle, and It la believed am a encamped but a abort dixlauce from thla place. WasHtvomir, April 26,1862. j, The Yankee haa arrived from the neighborhood ef ?

Fredericksburg, and report* that one day thla w*'k the n Auacostla, while pmesmg I/twry* Point, on the Rappa' u bannock, waa tired upon by a small body of rebel Infant- ? ry. Che throw a few shells at tliarn, which eviaed tbern t rapidly to dlsporso. The flotilla la still actively engaged c In selling rebel craft. In all it haa captured aistoan n rebel echoonera. t NEWS FROM GENERAL BANKS' ARMY. 1 ?? ?-?t New MiVKkt, ApriH4, 1882 I Hon. fcnw* >t. dvirrot*, fecretary of War;? ? Our advanced guard, Cilonel Donnelly commanding, f took three prisoner* to-day at a point nine mile* beyond * Il*rri?onhnrg. tice of the n Bays he belongs to Cbmpany Bol the Tenth Virginia regiment of lafaalrf. Tin* reg|. 1 Iment haa been oa ibe itappatiaimoik, according to pre. I Information. The priaoner aaya the regiment I joined Jackaon at hi* present location, near Stannard*. I vine, from Culpa pper. if. P> BANK.", Major General Commanding. APRIL 26, 1862.?TRIPLE NEWS FROM WASHIN8T0N. I Wamrnoton, April 28,1800. l nra withdrawal or int. wblles from tub matt department. Notwithstanding tbo contradictions published in the t] Km# and fnbwni, the truth of the Hrru.d's statement, ^ S roferonoo to a change in the Navy Deportment, will p. we long hi shown by the foot of the retirement of Ar. f( Walks. Chptalu U. V. R>x, the preseut Assistant Seore- j ary, has been prominently mentioned in connection w with the suooaesion. During the whole term of this ad. y ninislration, whatever of energy has been exhibited in y his Department Is attributable entirely to Captain Pox. c] the rrcognitiom op uayti amd ubbuia. u the bill which passed yesterday, providing for the es- ? abllshment of diplomatic relationa with Hnyti and Libs* u ia, authoriaes the Prcaident to appoint to each of these T wpublics a diplomatic representative of the United States, to he an accredited Commissioner and Consul jeneral, with an annua] salary of four thousand dollars, q tub merkikao. The report that the Usrriroao is being covered with fi ron plates three feet lower than she was before is not * irodited here. Piatos three lochos thick and three feet 4 side, and of the length necessary, provided they have r hem on hand in Nbrfidk?'vwh they have not?will B weigh, in rough estimate, abo... no hundred and twelve 4 -ona. She would have to bo in the dry dock for at least 'our wouks. It would require a forco of two hundred nen to do tbe work In that time. After It was done silo would draw'at least one foot more wator than at present) tnd this would very materially iuterfi'/o with the working of her casemate guns, rendering thoin practically ineflbotire. HKCimO* OP TUB MINISTER OP SALVADOR. Honor TVin Lorenzo Moutufar bas prose r,tcd?hig credentials to the President as Minister of the republic of Salvalor. He said his goaorument it >d ordered him to say that it earnestly desires the poace, prosperity and glory >f the lluitod States, over which our Uxocutive so luiihully presides, adding that the people of Salvador are progressive and eminently American, and that tboy offer up g tholr prayers to 1 leaven that tbe great people of tbe United c states may ever prospor, and thai the republic fo unded ij the immortal Washington may each day become more joworful and manirost stronger sympathies with tbe b leople of the American continent, who profess their prin- c iiples and love their institutions. n The President replied that republicanism in this coun- g. ry is demonstrating its adaptation to the highest into- C ests of society aad tho preservation of the State itself o< gainst the violence of faction. Klsewliure on tbe Amori- s< an continent It is struggling against the inroads of tl narchy, which invites foreign intervention. Let the ei iinerican States, therefore, draw closer together, and q nhnate and reassure each other, and thus prove to the a rorld that, although we have inherited the errors of y ncient systems, we are nevertheless capable of consisting and establishing the new one which we have K'sen. On the result largely depend tho progress, civili- Tl ition and happiness or mankind. ti< dfi CONFISCATION B'LI.S LAID ON T1IK SHELF FOR TUB PRESENT. Tlio Confiscalion bills are put at rest for a season in ra io Senate as well as in tho House, hy reference to a in lect committee. The committees will probably study ot w a little, und public opinion a good deal, before they w port on the aiibjoct. ui A NEW CONFISCATION BILL. to Senator Cowan, of Pennsylvania, Introduced a new con- tc cation bill, which, upon his motion, was, together with z? 1 lulls, substitutes and amendments relating to the pun* bmcnt of rebels and the forfeiture and confiscation of leir properly, referred to a select commute of five, who th o not yot namod. Mr. Cowan's bill ts supplementary to at i?3 existing act relating to troason, and provides at in addition to capital punishment, the goods, muom, nuu croons ui mo person convictcu nc the crime shall be immediately forfeited, and sold at he iblic sale for the benetit of the United States, and also to o ufcof his real estate during his U'ctnue. Also that N( bou a true bill of indictment for treason has been found r a grand jury against a person not yet arrested, or bo, having been arrested, has escaped, process of out- th wry shall be issued, under the rules to be prescribed of r the Supreme Court; and if net found and arrested W ter three months notice, their property shall be for' tfa ited as aforesaid. Tho rights of such persona to ser- n< ce and labor of slaves Is also forfeited, and the slaves h? t free. This act is to apply to persons who may be lilty of treason after the let day of May nest. IK GOVERNMENT CONTRACT INVESTIGATING COM- w MITTKK. Al The speech of Mr. Dawes, of Massachusetts, in reply b( > the extraordinary attacks made upon the committee on u| ivernmeut contract!, by Thaddeus Stevens, attracted D] -eat attention in the House. The committee has sen attacked twice during the abeence of al| s roombers from tbe Hjuso. On the last occasion (t !r. Stevens said tbe committee had committed greater 0, auds upon the Treasury than they had detected. The \ iply of Mr. Dawes was very able and terribly severe. ai tr. Stevens absented himself, although a few momenta fC efore Mr. Dawos had notified him that he waa about to t] r-ply to hie assaults upon the integ rity of the commit- t. His sarcasms were so cutting that Mr. Kelly, of ^ hiladelphin, rallied to the defence of bis colleague, but tr. Dawes' rejoinder was still nioro caustic and powerful 0 ban his previous speech. Those who relish personal!les will look with interest for the reply of Mr. Stevens. j, iCCIDENT TO THE NEW TORE TRAIN?A Nl"MBEK OK * PERSONS INJURED. The morning express train from New York was <le ained two hours seven miles erst of Havre do Grace by 0 n accident. The passenger car at the end of the train C a sweeping a curvo was thrown off against a dirt car tid stove in. The wife of Simon F. Ximmerinan, of Villiamsburg, and two children; Mr. Nelson, of New ti rork, ?nd two ladies of his party, and per- tl aps a do/on other persons were more or o-s Injured, several seriously; hut none sup- n need1 to La fataliv except aj young man,whose body V utli both i' gs crnshed below the knee, w as dragged oui V om under the ear. Dr. Boot, of the Uleuker divieion tl ofjpltal, with a surgeon of the Teuth New Jersey, was t< m?ne our na-'-meers. ari l remained behind with Pur in t?r Pangborn to look after the eight wounded loft to a to hospitable house at ("bar!e?town station. Mr. Ray fi iond, "f the Tiit i", received a slight cut over the eye. e RMY APPOIN TttESTfl CONFIRMED BY Till SENATE. O The Senate today, in executivo section, confirmed the >mlr.atioas of Ooorgo CadwallaJcr, of Penney Ivan la, I" id Gum go H Thomas, of Virginia, ai major gpneralu, ti id Colonel All red (1. Toiry, ol Connecticut, MUcs Saskell. of Indiana; MhJ'T TIenry W. Wersella, of the Sixth fantry: Colmiel John W. Geary, Major ttarauel W. Craw- vi rd, of the Thirteenth Infantry, and I.eonnrd F. Row, of G idlana as brigadier generate of volunteers. Brigadier n nerrtl James W. Reply, to be Chief of Ordinance, ct id Wm. A Hammond aa surgeon general, with ink of brigadier general; also Cliarles F. Garrett i Assistant Quartermaster, and Harvey A. Smith, ot v Commissary of Subsiatsnce. y, 111 IN ATI0N3 REPORTED RWRi TO BY TBI SENATE- 11 The Senate, it i.t raid, rejeoted Nathan Reeve aa Assist- tr it Quartermaster, aud the following as brigadier gene tt ila ?John Cochrane, U. II. Lock wood, Charles F. erke, and Charles Daaa. CIVIL APPOINTMENT CONFIRMED. I* John Trimble, of Tenuersee, was confirmed aa Cm led ct im Attoruev for tbe Middle District of that Stale. H NOMINATION 0F OENK.KAI. 8ICKI.ES. ? C.ansral KIcWIm hu baen ranominated by th? President si i Br igaditr (ioueral. It la understood that a change has Ti ikon place in the opinion of Senators, and that bla no ail stlon will be conflrmod without hesitation. BII.L AFFECTING UNITED STATES MARSHALS AND " OTHER OFFICERS. H Mr. Wada, of Ohio, Introduced in the Senate to-day a ' ill important to United Mat** marshal* sad their ^ enctates. It* provision* are, that all actions against larshal* and other ofllcera of the Unitod Slatea, founded lt pott ai rest* of j>erson? suspect# of being engaged in, * r aiding the rebellion or securer* oT their property, 8< rial* tdiall be had in tho United States Circuit ourta, and not In State courta. All such actions oMt pending may be transferred, at the op- P< ion of the dofendant, from the Slate courts to tl be United United Ntato* Circuit Dour*;ell euch cause* tl io*r or hereafter pending may be postponed frem term o teiiu, until the rebellion has been completely supu e* jrd,and if, orier the paar.igeof this act, any private c iltiwn shall can # an officer or servunt of the United b dales to be arrostad on pro e*a for a oivil Suit, for acts e I' ll# in the discharge of his duty, such private ciii*< n a ihall be adjudged guilty of a misdemeanor, and punished a jj fine and Imprisonment. Parties aggrieves! by act* ef pie United Ntato* officer* may petition for their remedy w Congre??. j STEAMSHIP T.TNEBETWRRN BAN FRANCTVCf) ANTynyiA. J Senator lAtliam gained a signal Ir utrph io thr, m the r jareag* of h s bill for a line Of arir.od mail aioamo a ! t I SHEET. rem flan Francisco to Chine and.lanan. The bill bas i en opposed strongly by some of the muni inthiwBial I Mmlxin of the Senate, but ib? untiring energy of Mr. at bum prevailed. TUB PACIKIC RAILROAD BII-U The further consideration of thia bill is agreed on, itt I ke House of Represontath es,/or next week. lffurtbsr t mien tboreou is postpoued till Oeeeuib ;r next it is very t robable that tho wh le measure will bo defeated, and I >r the reason that tho tax operation (if this latter is 1 ispoeed of in both branches during the present session) i ill by that time draw immensely upon the purses of ( m people at large, and tho ery will bo for a decrease in M public expenditures; and hence, members will be inlined to reject all such schemes, mid tho entering on 1 10 prosecution of any work?uo matter how good it i tay be?which is not absolutely necessary to carry on ? le war. 1 hb military railroad route between wash- i inqton and new york. ] Um following it the bill reported in the House by the emmittee on Roads and Canals :? Section 1?'Tho several direct lines of railroad loading , rom New York to Washington, through Philadelphia nd Baltimore, with their connections in said cities, and 1 uch branches or change of location as n ay be necessary ] n complete said connections, arc military and postal , oules. Sec. 2?For tho purpose of securing the more safe, peody and economical transportation of troops, muiii- i ions of war and the muils over said roads, the several rail- i oad companies owning tho stmo are hereby authorised, inder tho supervision sad direction of the Secretary or Far .and under such regulations and restrictions as he nay prescribe, to enjoy and exercise all the rights and | mwors to rnako and construct such branchesnud changes if location as may be necessary to improve aud ouiu>letc their connections in Piiiladolphia and Ualtimoro, i ind for the establishment of ferries, construe- . ion of bridges, aud the use of steam lower, on and over any or all portions 1 if said roads and thoir connections: provided, that full i xraiponsation shall be made to any Jieraou or cor/oration , or aiiy damage caused by tiie taking property for any if the purposes aforosaid, according to the laws of tho Itato in which such properly may b located. Sao. 3.?(>n all tho road a orfbranchos of roads provided or iu the cities of Baltimore aud Philadelphia, locotnoIves shall not bo run at rate of speed exceeding elghl nilos par hour, aud every precaution shall bo used gainst injury to persons and property. OH. POOTB BELIEVED OK. A PORTION OK II IS ARDUOUS DUTIES. Commodore Footc, owing to the wouud received in the ?ttle of Fortffilenry, has asked to be relieved from the ommand of the Western hoot. But tho Navy Departtent, being unwilling to dispense with his important arvlees just now in that quarter, have ordered Captaiu harlcs H. Davis, one of the first and most efficient offl?rs of tho service, to repair to tho squadron, as his x ond in command, thus relieving him from much of 10 physical labor of his responsible position, without ndingering the success of our naval operations in that uarter by withdrawing the supervision of bis active ud able mind from thorn oven for a day. UK DIFFICULTY BETWEEN MESSRS. VA1LANDIOHAM ASCI WADE. All is qniot along the linos between Vallandigbam and 'ade this evening, the latter having made no domonstra- 1 uns in response to the attack mado upon him yesterday TIIB NAVAL ACADEMY. Prominent Marylanders aro strongly urging the re-to tion uf the Naval Academy to Anna|iohs. The majority I Congress appreciate and desire to recognize the patri- ' ic devotion of the Union men of Maryland, but they 1 ill nover consent to rostore to her the Naval Ac idi tny, ' itil her poople can prove themselves suillciently loyal dispense with the presence of a standing army to pro. ' ct tbe railroads from rebel vandalism aud Union ciliitiS lVom rebel outrage. SERIOUS ILLNESS OF SENATOR PEARCE. The illness of .-ena'.or Pearco, of Maryland, lies exoited ie alarm of his friends. It is thought ho will not be ile to recover. MRS. ORKKNUOW, TUB REBEL PRISONER. Hon. Mr. Ely had a long interview to-day with tho itorious and delimit rebel female prisoner, Mrs. Greeniw. The visit was mutually interesting and satlsfacry. > GERMAN TYPE OR OERMAN PRINTERS IN TBE f GOVERNMENT OFFICE. j The House to-day reversed its yesterday's action on ( ? motion to print 2.1,000 copios of tho agricultural part ( the Patent OfRce Report In the German language. Mr. ( Alton, Chairman of the Printing Committee, stating that ( ? government printing office has noitber German type ( ir German printers. Beside, the work would have to ( i translated. AWARD OP CONTRACTS POR IRON-CLAD VESSELS. The Navy Deportment is quietly, though efficiently, at , ork increasing the means of the national defence. The tlantic Works and Harrison Lorlng, of Boston, have . Mod contracts for buildlnc iron-clad vessels. ider the rccont taw. , ECI8IOK8 ON TBI PROPOSALS FOR CARRYING TBI PACIFIC AND WEST AND NORTHWEST MAILS. On Thursday waa commenced the announcement of to decisions on the proposals for conveying the mails > the PaciQc coast, and in the West and Northwest, Ac. large number of bidders were In altendanoe I the Post Office Department. The proposals ir the Pacific coast are very much hlghar um formerly, and those for Keutucky and Missouri re considerably advanced, owing,doubtless, to the mdliiry disturbances in those Sut"S, while la lllnois, Indlus and other States the rates are lower. In all, thi umber of routes are about 2,500. averaging ten bid') for ich. The sim total of the offers for the entire lettinga i about equal to that of four years ago for similar series. CONSULAR APPOINT MRST CONFIRMS!*. The Senate, in executive sesaiou on Thursday, con. rtned the nomination of Martin Metcalf, of Michigan, as Oc<uilat Agues Calientcs, Mexico. THE ARMY. Brigade Surgeon J. W. Thomson, United States Volun ers, is dismissed from the ess rlcn an alarmist, on *e recommendation of his commanding officers. Ou recommendation of RrigaJW General Sumner, com *auding second army c"rp?. approved by Major General lc( lellan. commanding the Army of the Potomac, Major an M.viiiliau?, Captain Eattk'hor ur.d Captain Camp, ot be Mxfy-rightb r'fimsnt Now York Volunteers; IJeunuut bombard, Adjutant of the Kighth Illinois cavalry, nd Assistant Surgeon Williams, of tne First New York rtlllery, are, l>y direction of the President, stricken -I'm <h>< rolls of 'bo army for being captured by the nemy while struggling without authority beyond the utpotts of the a-, lyy, March 29, 1SG22he ho id'iuartars of Lieutenant Coloi.ei Win. Tloftnin, igbtb infantry, Commissary General of Prisoners, is ansfei red from New York to Detroit, Micb. THE CASE or tiESERAI, m'kinstky. The .tudiciary Committee of the House will roport adsraely to the memorial of citizen of Chicago in favor of eueral McKinetry. The ootnmilieo have determined at to*make public ihe letter of Secretary Stanton to .he >minlttee. M MBfR OF RICK AND WOt'NbED BOLDIF.W. The number of sick end wounded soldiers in ibego irtiment b' spital" of the District is, according to the at weekly returns, three ihcnsattd two hundred and venly two. Of thrae r ue thousand ere New York oopa. The Alexandr ia hospital coots ma one thousand re hundred and tarty. HINTING Pi ni.lC DOOt'MEXTS IN BKRllAN. Iiy be debate In the llouae on Thursday, upon tb# pro. anion t? print twenty-Bra thousand regies of the Agrl iltnral Report in lb? Herman language, It waa ntmerrod in? tba memberj who bad the largaat Herman eonatituicles nia U ibe loudast api-orbes In favor o( tba maa ira. [IE PROr#RRD NEW It AIMIOAD BETWEEN WASHING TON ASK NEW YOKE. 1 Mr. Hanatt, PrestJant of lite Italtliaora and Ohio Rail, tad, appeared before the'Military Committoe of the 1 ouso on Thursday, and made aorna statements In oppotlon to tha project for a raw military railway from 1 raahington to New York. A deaporata effort la baing lade by tha monopolists wbo have enjoyed the profits of 1 la only line of railroad brtween Washington and New I ork, to suppress all rivalry. I'ottgieaR will hardly dlsre- 1 ?rd the public demand for tha broaklng up this monopoly. TREATIES WITH INDIAN TMHUH. Bills respecting the In linn tribe* wore placed before the inaia and Itouso .n ilrirsday, but attracted little alienon. The red maa's'lutereaiaarn heeded but little, while lie black man h mo prominent before the country. ARKIYAt. or fOI.ONKI. EET FROM YORICTOWN. Colonel Key,of Ueneral He lellan's staff, was In tbo Ity for a lew Ivor ' on Thuaaday, b ivlng coma up on aslneea with tba War Impertinent. It is auntcieut to tAto thai the Inform'tion brought by Colonel Kay ia aach a to allay ad Impatience in regard to th# progress if flairs at Yorbiowa, fcjK Arn OK A RJtiiRi. ruihONRR. On Thursday morning, between t wo and four o'clock, W . Raisin, formerly la the rebel army, but late a political iriaouer, arrooted for disloyal act* ou tbo oaotern ahoro f Maryland, roai s.t l to aecapo from tha old (Capitol d diary pria>a. by lowering himself front a window while the back of the sentinel on duty near by wit urnad. lie has not. born retaken. SENATOR BALI'S Jl'HY BILL. The Jury bill offered by Senator Ualo ia 004 of tbi* lerms of measures preannounced by hiin in hia threata iO prosecute the warfare upon the tlai slial of the Diatrict if Columbia, until the office shall be stripped of every teetige of power or patronage. It is .nispeoted, also, hat this ^particular measure is intended to forestall the darshal in suminoulng a jury to try the indictments tending in the Criminal Court here rgainst Horace Jreeley. TBI PI'NKRAL OP MA.IOIl TA1.UOT. At the funeral of Major Talbot, latj chief of General IVads worth'8 staff, MiUUryGovurnir of this District which took place iu.9t. Aloysiu* church Thursday, the ^Delating bishop, In bis diso-m. 10, dwolt particularly ipon the loyalty of the doeo-ced as one of the chief merits of his character. High M1 -s ? as celebrated and lfosart'a<'Roquiem" was performed in splendid atylo. BMBALMINO TUB lUiVT). Secretary of War Stanton has issued an order, that all officers of the army shall pass Prv Brown and Alexander and their assistants within the lines, nud afford them all' propor facilities for embalming the remains of auch officers anil soldiers as m y die upon the held. President Lincoln's son and General In a lor were embalmed by these gentlemen, who have the secret of the process ot Soquet, tho great French embalm, r. PLOATI.NO HOSPITAL SENT TO ror.TKE8S MONBOE. Tho Sanitary Commission will to-morrow dospstch the steamship Daniel Webster to Fo: trows Monree as a floating hospital. She is to oarry a large supply of hospital stores, medicines, clothing, ice, fee., and a corps of surgeons, nurses mid hospit J Several members of the commission acccm ;>any for the purpose ot completing tho arrangements ror the transfer of the sick and wounded. . THE FIGHT AT SOUTH MILLS, IT. C. HE.ttXJUARXICR3, DtSPAtlTMH .-r (IS VlKlilXIA,! Anrll '24. 1882. I Hon. Enwur M. Staxtos, Secretary of War:? Assistant Surgeon Warrorr, unconuiiionaHy released,, with 9?Tenloen prisoners and four attendants, arrived this evenirg from Norfolk. They ws.'o tho wounded left on the field in the affair of tho South Mills. Tho troop* of tbo United states consisted,as ropo'ricd, of 3,000 men, under the o invtusnd of Brigidior (loneral Reno. TheSnr.. geon says the robots reported only a Georgia regiment and three pieces of artillery as being used in the engagement. JOHN R. wool, Major General. HEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Arrival of Wounded Soldiers from North Carolina. Foktiu'Bi Muxuof., April 24,1802. A flag of truce was sent to Norfo'lc to-day with despatches. A pleasure party from lies ton accompanied It. Nonowswus made public, and it Is staled no newspapers were received. On tho rot urn of tho flag tho steamboat Nelly llarer proceeded witii a flag of truce to receive a number of wounded taken by the i ebels in a recent skirmish near Elizabeth City. Tho wounded wore brought down from Norfolk in a schooner, in tow of a rebel tugboat. The Nelly Baker took the schooner in tow, and brought tier here just as the beat was to le ivo for Baltimore. There wits no opportunity to learn names. Oar Newport's News Coricspo??de?eo. XewroRT's Nnw-i,Va., April 20,1802. 'Slight Skirmish Between Our Battery cn Fort H oof and a Rebel Battery cn Sewall's P' inl?Probably "Nobody Ilurl"?The Weather again Uiy ropitiout?Neglect in Addressing Soldiers' LelUrs and C< nsequeid Inconvenience?Exorbitant Prices to be Charged New Torlt Volunteers for "Shoddy" Uniforms?Want of Beading Matter for the Sick Soldiers, etc., Jr. At flvt o'clock last evening one of tho batteries on <owatt's Toint opened Ore on the Rip Raps (Fort Wool). It was promptly responded to frotu our side with good elect. One of the guards at our signal station states that one shell burst right over the rebel battery, and this statement has 3ince been corroborated by others. With Lbe exception of this little episode, everything remains tulei in this vicinity, and thore are no signs either above or bolow us. Yesterday afternoon a severo rainstorm set in, with Kntitlav sn/l litrMniner whirh list Of) mfllt Of Ihi nldli. and must have boon very trying to our*brave boys at I Warwick river and Yurie town. Tho rain baa BOW ceased, I but the sky is atill orercaat, and the prospects arc that I we shall not have dry and warm weather for soaaa dayn I to come. We with onoe more to call attention to the very care. I leas manner in which a great proportion of soldiers' H letters are addressed. Many or tbsm fall to itate the I regiment, while others omit both tho names of tM regl- -fl ment and company; the consequence is, that the post- H masters have to guess at the intended deetlnalion by H scanning the postmarks, and that, in iBalances where H that gives no cine, the letters am sent to the Deed I otter ofbee. The fol lowing is an example of bow a totter H should be directedH Private John Shields, Company K, Tweutioth Indiana Volunteers, H Newport's News, Va. H If the regiment moves all letters thus directed wtll be H sure to re icti the owner wherever be may be locaiod. The recent or,lor from the War Department (Genoral Orders, No. 23, dated March 29, 1962,) section 3, has caused no little commotion in camp. It elates that.? H Ills Excellency the Governor of New York has decided upon the following prices to be charged to the noa-eommlaStoned ofjcetvaad private* lit the amoral regiments I run thai State now in lha Held for aitt los of clothing heron,foro famished them line State. The said prices have been I tited Iruui Ute average oust of the se veral articles:? For each Infantry overcoat 98 68 I-or,cell in ran try jacket 6 U Kor each infantry trowaers 3 S? For h fatigue cap Up Fur each patrol shoes (porfyedl 1 2., For each pair of (hoes (newed) 1 <Jg For each pair ol drawer*. 6j NreMhpelref eeshe 24 For each shirt H j H For each blanket I When we state that the clothing furnished by Gove r nor Morgan to tho Now York logiiiients stationed at this poet ia of the shoddy kind, ut th vry worst quality, (he feelings of the soldiers on Hie subject can readily l>,? imagined. I lie Jackets and pantaloons ware of Hur.h Uiieuiahlo stuff that they were all in rags before they bad been worn a m"iitb, and ll was n frequent eight in May last to behold half a company appear on drees paraJe with nothing but shirtd and draws: s on. The prices of the clothing furnished by tho linilud Utales, which generally is of excolleut quality, id evcu lower tbao the vhoddv Dricesv? United Slates Army over. out 20 L lilted State" Army jn- ki-t 2 Ut United Mian a Army l.i)wwr< j (ij United Slate* Arinv tutisue ck|< gj ^^B United Mtnles Army ?? v d ?lio>-? 1 44 ^^B United State* Am.) dr.wers AO ^^B United Stele* Arn.y la 24 ^^B L ulled state* Army H t 8H Tbn Seventh rogltnout New York Volunteers (Steuben Guard), IVIonel Von schack, are making greet prepnrnti -us to nelebrait tMrmmnvf on the twenty third instant . No claae of soldiers kn<>w better than our Tartonic brethren how to get up such festival* with daslatch aa well aa with taate. H Aa our hoapitata now recelro large addirioneof patients Trom the artay of the rotomao, gilts of good books c me eery acceptable, Several packages of that kind have been racelved from Mra. K. W. Llbby, Fuctnryvllle.HUlen lalnnd. Ihoso wbo ara benevolently inehnad that way can Mod any auch to the ITovost Marshal at Newport's New*, who will faithfully dial rib no tbem according to the wiahea ef the douots Incur RMNM Monrw ooricapon'W>nceKpnbiiahed in our iesueof jesterday, tn speaking of the Information giren by tome refugees who tnrde their escape from Norfolk, the following paaaage occurs:? They aay that the advance guard of the Union troops ^^B bad roaclwd Hlraboth City, aud that an aflair had taken place between it and five hundred rebel eoldiera, in which ^^B the lormer were repideed. This is uewa to us, and if not rrediioU. One of these gentlemen called on ua yaatsrday, and^^J Hales that Uie above la incorrect. He aaya the Inform* ^^B Hon tbey gave was, tb*t tha Union troops, numborirg^^B Bvc bund rod. attacked tha TUjrd beorgla regiment, nnm-^^B boring one thousand men, under (Jokmel Wright, on tbe^^H [ anal below Klizabelh City, v. c tod aftoraahon mo^^B gag. ment tha rebola ratroateJ six miiee, to the iniib^B indof the canal wbora it was expected they would intke^^H Hiudlier aland. Tlie robe i lost i ronty live killed m.d^H thirty iiva woundod On night last the robeia^^J were reinforced with two regiments. The Case of Colonel lennlsoti. St. I/)iur, April 2f>, i As order has been Isaued for the relonoe of Cbloool Jcn^^H nh in from mlllUry prison,ho giving bonds of k'i^^B thousand dollars to api>oai at vci to ?h.ii. charges maybe produced againsi him. Thspsrticuln^^H . * * - xasl >!? lift# h im oT.i'ii' < \\ Jju M K a u? .'t-m -v public,but it Is presumed ail tha ku t<< urii *i,< < y foi tlici.mii)j. JemNon on bning arrested inam<"iiat?I^^H refined bis post in the nrnojr. I.oxt of * Government Runmtr. t'iwnw**Ti, April 1*52. Tor government atearaer lunice wm ran into ?>^^H night by Mia Commodore Parry, off Ashland, Ky , nLk. The boat li n total Ion. 2fo iiraa wart leak I

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