Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1862 Page 5
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jm ! ?? .Aefaet if, tha nuitt ia inactive ia caasaquaace I If the absence of decisive mwb from the amy. ha aoon aa our generals begin to aend us reliable j intelligence of victories, stocks will move quickly noogb. it the close tbe market was steady, the tallowing being tbe last quotations:?United States 'a, registered, 1881, 94% a %; do. 6's, conpon, 1881, 94% a%; do. 5's, coupon, 1874, 87% a %; Indiana 5's, 78 a %; Tennessee 6's, 65% a%; Virginia I'a, 66 a 56; North Carolina 6's, 64 a 66; Missouri ?'s, 49% a %; Pacific Mail, 104% a 106; New York "entral, 83 a %; Erie, 36% a %; do. preferred, ay, a %; Hudson River, 35% a 36; Harlem, 12% a %; do. preferred,' 30 a 31; Reading, 43 a %; Michigan Central, 53% % 54; Michigan Southern ukd Northern Indiana, 21% a 22; do. guaranteed, 14% a %; Panama, 123% a %; Illinois Central, 58 4%; Catena and Chicago, 66% a 67; Cleveland ami Toledo, 41% a %; Chicago and Rock Island, *3% a 64; Chicago, Burlington and Quincy, 62 a %; Milwankee and Prairie du Chien, 26% a 26; Clevelaud, Columbus and Cincinnati, 112 a %; New York Central 7's, 1876, 103 a 104; Erie third mortgage bonds, 93 a %; Michigan Central 8's, first mortgage, 99% a %; Illinois Central bonds. 7's. 86 a V.: American cold, 101% ?%' 'Mie following is the late law of tho Btato of Wis onBin concerning the Milwaukee and Prairie dii I'bteii Railway:? fWthihed April 1#, 1S82. Chc.pltr SO, Private nrfl Lata I An-aist to aine;ut eiis-pter 3<? of ilia gauoral Uws m 1*00, entitled ' An act to facilitate und auih'-utl.'.-uc the format loti ot a corporation. by tho purchase of the Milwaukee una AJissi- aiiipcRailroad (.ouipany." Tho people or the "State of Wisconsin, rcprfRentad id le&ale and Assembly, do enact as follows:? SJocticri 1. SvUion ovcu of chapter 308 of the peroral ?nd local Ibwh of J sou, entitled ' An net to facilitate and Authenticate the format <-ju of a corporation, tiy the pur base of the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad Com?any>s hereby repealed. See. 2. This act shall not be construed an in any mat. er impairing or invalidating the articles of association f the purchaser.-: of the Milwaukee aud Miariseippi Kail trend Company, executed by l. 11 Meyers, John t'atllu, nilan CarriphellJW. Sehull audi ouis A. Von lioftn.tnn.on *he 21st day of January, 1801, and hied in iheoihcoof the Secretary of Slate, nn?t the sa.d articles of aasocia twin or tbe Milwaukee and Prairie <lu Chlen Railway (tompany are hereby raliiied and confirmed. Sec 3. This ar t shall take effo :t and be in force from and after its passage and publication. Approved April t>, 18C2. Thi? law repeals Bcction 7 of the reorganization law, and confirms the articles of association under Which the new company organized. The repeal f section 7 has or must have, in due course, the effect to increase the value of the common stockThe surplus which, under section 7, was to be Invested in the prior securities, will now be applicable to dividends on the common stock. Taking last years' business, as a criterion and making reasonable allowance tor outlays, to whiclj last years' income wns yet liable, there would still have been snfticient lor a dividend on the common sto le, and a dividend of even only 1 or 2 per cent would pndorbtedly have caused the stock to advance. An advance in the common sto k would do much to facilitate the settlement of the farm mortgages. An advance to 40 a 60 per cent, would undoubtedly operate on tin holders of the t'uriu mortgages just as confidence in ilm property anil the reorganization Operated on the Milwaukee city bondholders, who took se ond preferred for their Milwaukee city bonds. Whatever may Lave been believed formerly, recent events will Lave convinced the public that Milwaukee city bonds were far prcferabio to most of the farm mortgages, and gradually us matters settle down the holders f farm mortgages, with, perhaps, some exceptions, will find it better to take common stock Hao reserved and offered by the trustees of the Milwaukee and Mississippi creditors) than to lose time in fruitless suits, which, at best, in the majority of oasts, will give them the land, unsaleable and probably neglected, besides taxes and court and counsel expenses to pay. The farmers, driven to despair by annoying court proceedings, doubting the possibility of any material appreciation in the alne of the stock to which they might become entitled, formed leagues, and pressed their views for relief before the Legislature. The result is the so-called Farm Mortgage Relief bill which passed, and will, it is thought, become a law in June. This bill scales the farm mortgages, and is optional with companies to accept. Those companies accepting are to pay twelve per cent fearly on the scaled amount of the farm mortgages issued for the company until these arc paid rtf a Mflivill ho ,.,n.l.. force companies into accepting, the expected Jaw. Thin han a depressing influence on the Bock, and counteracts what naturally would or eight hare been the effect of the above givcu law repealing section 7. The remonetrance uow being igned ia with a view to show farmers thm* i jtockholders will not consent to the acceptance or Abe Farm Mortgage Relief bill or law, aud that, if necessary, tbey will, throngh the proper tribunals, forbid the acceptance f each law or prove it nn< onetitutional; alao to urge the repeal of the same on the groan I that it operates and only can operate injurioi -ly lo the farmers. It creates hopes that never carc be realized, ia unjust in its exactions, retards the settlements of farm mortgages, and tends to k< ep i or make farmers unfriendly to the road, when their good will would do much to benefit the pro perty and thereby relievo thcro. The famcis bavc acted and are aeting very unwisely. When the compromise wus being negotiated they refused to appear and treat. Tbey were advised not to commit themselves ia any way, and, as a matter of coarse, they would have been totally excluded but for the representations of the directors of the Milwaukee and Mississippi Railroad. Instead ol pursuing the only course that can benefit themtiz, doing everything in their powr to aid and benefit the new company?they seek relief by urging unjust and impracticable measures, which the Stockholders will not listen to; for the new com" pany has nothing whatever to do with the farm mortgages. All such laws aa the farmers hat < urged and partially succeeded in obtaining heretofore have been declared unconstitutional; they ban only injure them, and, above all, they must result in discrediting the people of any State whose legislature enacts them. Buck laws reflect upon the whole fetatc and its pcoplo. The business of the 8ab-Treosurv was as follows I*d?y:? eeelpte |6,340,?w ?. ? For easterns >43 .(*00 00 r*rm?nU 6,628,7Oft 96 ftWKC 12,698,147 39 The American Exchange Bank has declared dividend of three per cent, payable May 5; the Mechanics' Banking Association, a semi annual dividend of three per cent, payable May 1. The exchangee at the Bank Ch ai ing House tbie morning were $10,126,412 44, and tic balances 1078,879 40. The transfer book* of tie Cleveland and Toledo Railroad Company reopen to-morrow, the 26th invtant, at ten o'clock in the morning. After the 15th of May next the dividends remaining unpaid will be disbursed at the office of the company in Cleveland, in sight exchanges on New York. The Chicago TrUmrte of Wednesday ?aye:>? < Purteg the week the various llaee ef railroad leading So U.o seaboard hare reduced tbeir rates 20c. oa flour and lOe on fourth class. They are aa follows? Third clast- flurtk chm. FVmr. llsw York, all rtil 0.85 O.oo J.20 Wew York, via Lake Krie...'....? 77 0.64 1 to ftoetoo, all rail 0.86 (i t* 1.30 Boston, via lake Kriw 0.77 0 SO 120 The following table shews the receipts ef floor, grata, Mo stock, Ac, since January 1 to April 10, for three yours ? 1867. 1SST 1880 Floor, bble 206,049 882,614 124,695 Wheat, buskolB 1,713,650 1,720,216 847,0*4 J.... 1,670,222 3,846,888 2,967.786 Jftli 208,787 134,426 372,792 WW- 192 047 100,107 44,444 " 'WV 308,040 167,818 102,672 seds, pounds 2,118,438 2,297,837 2,310,710 Work, bbls 26 166 29,986 11,602 Cut meats, ponnde 6,760,793 7,190,881 6,718,076 *Artl 4,737.690 3,288,0M WlbW.. 266.608 170,639 66,490 f ive hogs. No 170 063 90.413 34,880 pressed hogs, No 1U.616 114,0.-4 OS .219 gefsatUe, H,*:i #?,?9. NEW YOf AhntitH in tJhe loftdiag items of the at* ttmtoto t of the Canada hanks, mode March 31:? Cxreulm'u. DepctUe. in. Spirit. MflBtrMJ ....$3,089,386 2,338,074 2,314,803 2,063.425 Qusbsc 608.022 206,790 270,020 108,417 Upper Canada.. 1,631,165 2,047.091 2,6i3.163 734,846 l Ooinmsrcml ... 1,978.224 1,417,610 1,166 039 868,269 City 463.066 327,961 330,012 310,030 . Gore 809,209 328,508 237.180 240 201 BkofB. N. Am. 1,100.003 730,972 1.066.739 1 260,184 Bank du People 226,377 383,319 206 602 262,664 NingaraDmtrlct 206 144 80 759 60,631 56 442 Molsomt 206,067 865,117 347.537 209.929 Toronto 686.091 113,848 341 544 195 598 Ontario 769,555 363 996 252.155 445.816 Eafct'liTowua'M 118,519 49 626 44,226 32,005 flruntford 13.320 7,428 ? 3,323 Natioiwio.263.571 171.858 92,648 174,737 Total $12,048,686 9,019,853 9,225,231 0,986,750 8tork Rxctoftuge. FwruY, April 25,1802. $50000 C Sb'?,;W,eou 94*4 18 alls kx Ilk bO | 6000 do b60 94;? 20 Amor Ex Bk. .. 90 1006 r* *5*9, '74, eou 87'4 28 Del fcHtid Can Co 92'4 I 16600l>S6s 810rwll|y 94 20 do 92 v 1000 Trea 7 3101> on 100"1, 116 Taciflc Mailf?S Co 104 % , C000US6'". I yi".;. 9?'. 50 do -30 104 V i 10000 ?to ? 10 9H'.j 15 ' do 105 I 1000 Ohio 6'i. I860. 100 ' 200 N Y On RK 83 1000 Indiana 6's.. . 78*, 200 do slO 83 ! 7000 Tcun o s, 1890. ! '>U 500 do l>45 83.', , 20000 do.... 55 550 Kris RR 36 V < 8000 do... .r.... 56*, 50 do *10 36 V 7 5000 do "1)60 55 100 do ?30 36'4 [ 5000 do slO 55' 260 Erie RRjiref.... 61'4 2000 Virginia9?s.... 56;,' 200 do 1)30 61V { 3000 do 50 . >0 flo 61 '4 1000 N Carolina 6 8. 65 : 39*Xor 4t Wor RR... 37 1 26000 Mihsouii 6's. .. 4'.',V 10 do 371 25600 do 40V 450M1.LCV.I, RR ... 54 ' 12000 California 7'k. . .3dj; 9 do 53 V 3600 .Brooklyn.w 1.. 101 loo Ul On KB scrip.. 67 i 1000 NY < cu 7'", "76 103 <C 100 do 57*4 lOOOEru HKlm, >83 93*4 150 d?. .. 57 ', : 2090 Erie RR 5 m b. $3 74 ("lev,Col ACinRK 112'.t J 1000 Hud R RR1 m. 10525 do 112!,' 600 do 105 200Clara &Tol RR.. 40 a 2000 Mich So 1 to h. 65 900 do .. ??0 40 6000 M :h So2m b. 74 V 20<) do *30 40 7000 do 74 V 100 do 40', < 2000 Tol Jr Wub 1 ni 80 2300 do 40'? .WW s WHU Z 111 OV HIV HO 4 ioot'O Am tioiu.-.t-ro ioi>; 200 do 40?( 1 13000 do 10F>1 i HICCOKD BOATll). $17000 U S6?,:74.i.ou h7i, 25 shfi FirRK 30.'4 r 14000 1'fl fl's, MX 100 Mich On HR 830 OS'.,' 1 1000 C SB's, 67... f?4ii 100 <10 ?30 S3?i 20000 Trca 7 3 lOp.u lOOJi 2.70 Harlem ICR 12'? I 7000 111 Canal rcg b K8 100 l unuma ifH 12'1'j J 6000 TenC's, 90.010 00 100 111 tea HK crip, fig' 5000 Virginia 6*8.. 56 250 do e30 68 2000 do 66& 100 do b30 68 H t 16000 N Y 6'?. 08.. 100 60 Cleve A To1RK.k5 41 U ' 0000 MC8pcl nisf c b 90 \ 1200 do 41 \ 10000 folkWab 2dm 60 300 do '30 41 M 5000 Amor geld .stiO 101 200 do MO 41 j, Toshsl'acMsgCo. 105 76 Ohio Ir R In RR.. 64 60 N Y Cen KH..b00 83 25 Ch:c, Bur & Q RH 62 200 do 83>; city commercial h 10port. Friday, April 25?6 1'. M. A.cnvp.?TtM market was unchanged ana sales wore liuii'.od at $5 60 for pearls and $6 C2,'i for i>otE. pskavfn it?.?Flour?The market was again higher f. r Slate ami Western, and oiosed 6c. belter for extra . State, |nd l'or some grades a higher improvement was claimed. The market. however, was loss active, while the Sales embraced 13,000 bbls., witbm the fo! low lug range of prices:? * Superfine State .% * PO % ? 95 Extra Stale. 5 10 a 5 15 tu.portico Western 5 80 a 5 90 Common (0 choice extra Western 5 15 a 6 30 Cauadiia 5 10 ? $.60 Southern mixc 110 g( odsuperiine 5 40 a f. 00 Extra do .a 6 10 a 7 00 (.ood to choice family do" 7 00 a 7 60 Ryellonr "00 a 4 15 Corn meal, Jirssy and Brandy ? ne.. .... 2 70 a 3 16 Canadian Hour was firmer and r. ,<xxl demaud.with sales of 1,500 bbls., w ithin the range of our quotations 1 Southern fionr was also in better demand, with sales of 1,000 bbls., within the range ol the above figures. Rye flour was steady at our quotations. with sales of 150 : bids. Corn nieui was in good demand, with vales of '] ',200bbl8. Jersey and Brundywine. chiefly the former, e.r. tho above quotations. Wheal?The market was in active, while prli ^s were firm; the sales in ?ma)l lots rooted up some 2"> 000 bushels. at f L "2 for red Western, delivered; $1 33 do. tor amber, in .-tore $1 KJ lor primo . Milwaukee club, to arrivo next month, end $1 40 for I Delaware white, Bye was earner, with game of 4,000 bushels hi 78r, a sic., on the wharf and delivered. liar- 1 ley was in fair demand and prices steady; tales of i,8po bushels Canada Past were made at 8.V., on the pier. Barley malt was quirt but steady at Jl. Oats were steady and in good isuuest, with sales of Canadian at * 38c. a 30>4o.; 38c. a 40c. for Western, and at 40c. a < 40^c. for State. , Comm.?-A sale of ?00 bags of I.aguayra was made for . exportt"? continental port yegtei day evening at 15j,'c., ! rash in hand. Other kinds were quiet and prices uachanged. ' Conns.?The market wa? firm, with iitlrs of 1,400 a i 1,600 bales en tbo basis of 29 Xc. a 80c. for middling up- t lands, chtclly ut V.'\c. a 30';. A good portion of the sales c were made to spinners and to go out of the tnai ket. < t'luuhirm.?Ratca we. e steady, whilecngageiueute were J moderate. To Literpuol 10,000 bushels wheat were taken f at 0,1*0. a 7c., in bulk aud chips'bags: 1.150 package* i bacon and lard at '32s. tid. To London 7,000 burholg ? wheat were taken, in hulk, at 7,'ad., lot) bales hop* at '4d. ' and 60 hhdt. tobacco at 20c., ami 600 bbls. hour at 2s. 3d. ( a 2s. 6tl. *' Hay.?we hare no change to notice in prices. Sales { for ghipi>ers were reported at Gbc. a 06c., and for export at 100. a 7?h'. j Hicks.?the market has been extremely dull through t the week and prices are about ?,c. lower lor moat de- I script ions. The principal sales hare embraced 6.000 dry Orinoco at 22a 30c., 7.000 best salted Culiiornia at J He;, 2,400 dry salted Maranhain at 16 t*c. v f,n>TuvR.?The market has been inactive di.ring the week and we have no change to notice in prices. " Molaswm.?A eiuall s.dc (2o hhde.) clayed Cuba was 11 Dim e on prirate terms Nat *t Stohm*.?The market was firm A sale of 1?0 bb.s spirits turpentine was made at $1 42';, while ' #7 4i> wes the asking pries at the eioeo. Common rosin was flrnily held at $9 per 310 lbs. l'Ko'.Mio>?.?t'i rk?Tlio market was le-s buoyant and nelly*. The nales embraced 600 bbls, including new mee* at $1225 a$42 30, closing at the figure, and at $12 76 for We-tcru prime nior?, und at $10 .i $10 26 for new prim llccf was quiet b it firm, wbie the galea were reported at i oOO bbls., at $12 60 u $i4 for plain nurse. an I $H 50 a $15 for extra, lieef ham.: wore atoaily, and 60 8b!s. r re reported Hold al $10 73. 1 rime incas was quirt at $20. f it moats were n good request. with talcr of iOO putk igor al 4 ' ,c. a -I . foi Ify eboaldiTS.and 4;4. . for extra (to. and at 3 a tic. for short ci;4 llama. Bacon wae ."toady, though lets a. tire tales of 125 b?x>e were made it 7o. a 7 ,e for abort ribbed, and inn bddti. rump sides Hold at r< '4c. Jard wan steady anil in good demand, with piles of boo packages at l\c. a b.V- Mutter and ciiec-.e were *n fa r request mid prices were in.changed. RlCt.?Sales embraced 2,MKju2,000 bags of East Ind. a (' atna) al .* Hc< art.?lira nmrlcel waft active and prices w re i firmer; the anion embraced 2,200 tihds., nearly all Otba*. at ?, af;'tv. for rodnin; goods, and 7c. a l\c for grocery grades, and 50 no. Porto Rico at s^c. ,115 b ixesat p. I., and B,6'J0 bags Manila on private terms. Tobacco.?1There i.-t a little mere doing and prices oro lirln. Tlic sales were 106 libds. Kent cky at 10c. a 14>(c., vifO oales Cube at J t . (IS cases e> ed leaf at 7\c a 10c WmsKsv.?Sales of 600 bb's wero made at gjc. for both Slate and Western Worn ?'The demand the past week l as been a trifle miter "l prices somewhat less for F?ml descriptions. Aafas of 26,0?<) fleece* at 46c. a tile. Nothing reported in I lied. 20.000 lbs. Caliicrt ia at 25e. for whole .afoiee. HO bale* Soaiti American, i iibracing some lot( of Cardenas and "?. Muo on pr .vutc terms. PAMILV MARKET REVIEW. i A Uttto more activity iu all braccbcaof the Kadc was visible at Washington market yesterday, prices remain pretty much tha same but lb* soles are much more extensive than d.ring i em Some good tomatoes have?arnred frcui Reminds, and are boeght at moderate pr ose. Vreshspiidub bao also appeared, together with a few | other ?c<s| table arucwe m the vegetable line. The I prices yesterday ware ae follows ? Baf? poaet ing pieces, 14e. a l#c. per lb , eirltin, 12c. a lie.; round, 11c. a 12c. D..Ma. rri.Miiiartwc An ft ?c tllmlnnftrteri Or a Or 1 Pork? RoeMtng, 8c. h loc., Lama, 10c. a 12c., bacon, t 12c.a 14c. ' Poultry?'furkaya. 10c a ife . cl> Jmm, 12c a 13c.; diKkfc, 18 . a20>. geeee, 12c , p.geoua, 76o. aflfiOper lew. Sfead, 20c. a MM. ??(h; a?r!p*<! br.aa, 15?. per lb.; Mia, 10c. u 1'ic., hailfiock, 6c. a 6c.. purcb, 10c. FMrtatfW Turnip*, 10c a 13c. per Lairpeck. potateea, 10c. n 16c. do.; apinach, 8c.: cabbage*, 8c. a 12c., tcmatOM, 20a. a 3"a per Lall peek. $ HI P PIN G N E WS . avtntati of Ocean Sliantrii FOR CAMFORHIJ. KeithStar Rear tork Mag i., atpmwa'l Rtrtherh Light RtwTork *ay ?? ..Aapiawall Champion RewYorg May 21 ..A*pjp?Jl SHv IAI ROT1CI. All ItiintoflAp0.:km>tn inlttnl'J/or tho Raw Toaa HaaaiD ?*forfd It >raltd inaa?4C roa waw To*t~Tnie oar. iCT*t?a? J 251 *oow awn.. ....mem a S3 vaaan 801 aiuu wataa are 0 47 Port of Sew *?m, April #5, 1809, CLRAftn) j Btcamalip Kiwgaroo (Br). MovJ ; gatt Q..?huMon 0 and Ll erpool?O U Dale. , Bteamablp John Bell (Br), Bcml, l,ivarpool??F McDonald ! A Co. 1 Ship RcotianU, Burt, Culhl<r-lt T Thompson. Bhlp Prpperll'. Ill", Cal^a? W H Hlveramtlb. r Bark Edvatit Everett, Mardtuf, Hrlirr, Hon- P Alexandre A hun. I Bark Hapiit, Mnrtchalk. Vera Cm?? Hargvu* A Co, wqwanartcac'-'r jMi IS HERALD, SATURDAY Ba * Ocean Bride, Burg***, EIHubtthport?Miller A Houghon. Brig Scotland, Franem, Barbara*? E T Smith. Bi 4 <*eorg? Unm an, Paine, Barbados? Metaalf A Dnnean. Brig Muuaunn Eagle. , Bermuda?C A IS J Baler*. Brig Dvamlch (Br), Hender*on, Halifa*?T Jauteii. Hng Maria Wheeler, Wheeler. Phiittdelphla-U D Brook nan A Co. b lir il Brew tier, Haw kin*. Kiaal?Merrill A Abbott. Srbr Amelia, Ackeriy, St Barlholi mew'iw-Al* ater, Mulord k ?'o. Bclir Alible Forreat, Rtfllth, Oonalrea? Millar A Houghton. Si br M L Wedtuore, Karrell, Maiunra* B f Phillip*. Bohr Comnieroe. Daniel*. Alexandria? M Bedell. Bohr J li Cra timer, Cnuuner, Newcastle? Master. behr Henrietta, Re.ley Philadelphia?Master. Behr H J H'iyt, Ci ininer, Philadelphia?E 1> Hurlbnt A Co, S. hr J W Hail, M.unliinkii. Philadelphia?Mister. S'-lii' Col Eddy, Blauehard, Bangor?K B Buck A Co. Belir John. Falkinghaui, Pembroke. Sclir Oregon, (Proven, AngiieU?W 8 Brow? A Co. Bohr T Jcttrreon, Kenny, Balem?R W Rope* A Co. Bi hr Prince**, l.ovcll, Boston?rt W Lew in A Co. Sebr American Chief, Preaaey, Boston?W 8 Brown A CO. Sehr Bolivar. Fyeneh, Salisbury?Maxtor. 8chr C iiiltd, Vail, Norwich?C B Harvey. ARRIVED. Steamship Chesapeake, Croweli, PortiaiMi, walk aadae and laaeeiigei*, to II B Cromwell A Co. Swedish frigate Norrkoplng, Commander Adderaparre, t., vai.a, b day*. She mounts 32 guns, and ha* a crew of BO men. Ship J U fiyerxen, Latham, London, the Downs March 9, nth mdse, tO J A N Smith A Co. Had (V gales'.he entire itaaage, aplit and lout sal. a, atovu bulwark*. Ac, rat 12 10, on ill 30, passed 7 leeherg*. one of inimer se <-|7>. Ship Helena, Leavitt, Havre, March lit, with md*e and 210 NUtMngi-r*. pi W Kelson A nona. Had 1 birth ami 3 deaths, lib lust, let 44 IS. Inn 41. lell-ln with Br bark Solstice, Walk .lie., e for Cork, lu a sinking con litio..?look from tier lllc :?0phu and crew, 13 in iiuinbcr, and oa the Ulli transferred r ol' lltec. w to Utc Bit tii' n ship K F Oabaln, he nee lor lamIon (?ee Ml seel): 16th,Tat 42 to 43, lou 5d(j0 v> id 30,paa*e.l I large icebergs and a tiuuib. r of small pieces?the tcmpeiu .ore of the water dmlug the day retried rrotn 87 to 3d, the leo jetng in the higher Unit erillnre. Ship ('h.ulotte A Siamler, Bonner, Antwerp, Flushing Jan 16, via Fnyal March 26, with uut*c, U> li Bcnuer. Fob 22, jtti into I'.iyal loiky, having encountered W gal < with very leuvy head *oa no lolhat tune; rectiulked there. 16lit lust, at 42 1ion iB20. passed ceveial iceberg*. -Ship Fail-held, II nil, Rotterdam, Jdurcb 16, lo ballast, to G Sulkh y. Balk Investigator (of Bears port), Carver. Cardiff, March Id, r nil railroad irou, to Walsh, Carter A Chase. 13th inSt, at 42 40, Ion ST. fell in with large uuantilles of Held icc and wrgs, a,.b remained ill it 12 hoilrs; zdlh, on the Bunk*, spoke 1 si. iup s. hr K.ialiion, of Gloiie.'Ster, all troll, llorkco!., i "lina (Ital), Guidyuo, Palermo, 90 days, and 68 r?en mbruMar. with mm, to rimmt.eriam a i-nc:p?. H.iik Franklin (Nor),Urcndu, Jtto Janeiro, March 10, with loTee, to order. h.h k l' C Alexander (of Harpsvyell), Merrim.-in, Matanzar. Aiiril It', with sugar, to ,1 W ElweTl A Co. Hark Traj.-iii,iBahhidge. ltcincdtus, April 17, with sugar, to iValsh, Carver A Chase Is bound to FalmouthaE, aud put n for water, having ou t'Oth hint, iu a SK gale Off llailcras, tovo water tanks on dork. Brig Vlrkringeo (Nor), Olseu, Glasgow, OSdays, in ballot, o Funrli, >1eln ike A Wendt. In lat 4210, ion 07, *a<\ licltl ee and berg*. ling Conner (lir, of London), James, Buthurat, March 16, r .ith nut*, to Blorwlth A Kocliall. 18th lust, lav 2680, ion ? 11, spoke buik Caroline, hence for Cork: 2otli, lat 39 30, ion 12 M, Br bark .lane Strang, from Havana for Cork' ling HavelO' k (Br), Dexter, Mai tinique, March 24, Fortune Island April 16. with ^aft, to J Y Whitney A Co. Z2d mat, lat 13 4>, ion 73, ported a bal k steering 8, showing a blue flag with black it iter W in It. Brig Luis Murianna (Br, of Tortola), Atkins, Arroyo, April I, w ith sugar, to Smith, Jones A Co. Brli; i'orto Plata (Bi.'iii i, Koner, Port an Piatt, April 16, Willi tobac, o Ac, UiCFAHG Schmidt. Bi-tg Leviathan (of Boston), Singer. Trinidad, April 11, with sugar Ac, to M>.trait A Duncan. 10th inat, lat 2330. Ion 2 47, was boarded from slonp-of war Alert, bound to Ship faluud; 18th, \> a- boarded fioiiill S steamer Sauliago, from Havai ,i, all well. S' hr tin C l.everelt. So lirea, Jacksonville, April 20, with miltc, to Mcf'readjr, Motl ,v Co. ScUr M P Bui ti n, Iti.rH, linigaiby. Va.flilaiv. Srhr K f Brow n, Perkins, <icorgetown, lie, fl days. Schr ll 11 ltumt"v. Mckrrsou, Philadelphia for Boston. S, ti Bolivar, rrr,,un Phdaflelpbla for Salisbuiw. Sclir It K. Duuton, Sherman, m..,.iy Hook. Sciir.l K Pom, Itallock, Elizabethport'crrtuw iiavcn. Kf.iii Joins. Famlm huiu, Newark for Pembroke. Sciir.l Kecd, Wool, Chatham, 6 days. Sellr J V! Warren? Chapman, New Jlavon, 2 days. Schr Ciiricrel a. West, Noi lnport. s P.r Wm Thomas, Miller, Albany for Boston. S hrl. Dyer, Jameson, K mdout for Portsmouth. Su nnier Laurel, Christopher. Baiiimore. Hlcamcr Fanny''Htlwallader. Pierson, Hftltunore. Slcanif r B ack Diamond, Allen, Philadelphia. Steamer Ironsides. Vandrrveer, Philadelphia. Sunnier Westchester, Join's, Providence. BELOW. Ship Con sii lion (Br), Jones, from Liverpool, March 17, w ith indsc and passengers, to Williams A Union. Wind at sunset 8, light. American 8liipinaxterC Association, No 51 Wxt.l Stkkut? Rooms 23 *wn 28. The following approved officers hare received cer.ficates of this association:? Cup ..ins Arthur Champion, late mate ship Margaret Evans; Ou M Prindle, steamer \ixen: A'"?r Wallace, mute bark suiupotle; Jus 1J Spearwater, mate ship ' 'uy of Mobile; W in f Simpson, late in ship Hudson; Inabod Sherman, ship T\V Sears: .las V Macoduck. late mate shin I'onstltuLum; E r.i L) 1'oat, ?hip Framls A Palmer; BamtiolB Douce, ship 1'crsla; Win A Rands, ship Caravan; Na.hanhd Blum-hard, lark Mountain Eagle; ll.ins P llarksnn, srhr E Kidder; Kr.uicii i' Gushing. ia'e mate shin Mumarqnei-k; I'm ley II Ruunrls, brig I<1h McLeod;Ju? IT Stewart, ship Columbia; tVm II l.ure, hark Newliuryport; Warren More*-, ship Prince 11' Wiles;.J t; II Heed. brig Mtrvcla; Goo W Drlnkwairr. lark Vlmira Coombs; lis hard Hunting, ship Detroit; John D iYMdib n. ship Danube: Tt.omau Sknlaeld, ship Sam Donling; Hubert n Ames, e. br Globe'. Josiuh II Robinson, ?l.ip Byzantium. Mlsccllaucona. Br Berk Soi.STtc*??'apt Walker, of the British bark Soldier, of Sunderland, which foundered at Sea, reports Rall U from New York March 16, with a cargo of 20,278 bushels >f corn, in bulk, for (Jneeustown. Had fine weather up to he ?!d, when we encountered a very heavy gain from SE to S, during winch the cargo shifted to the port, the vessel lyng with her lee rail under water. All hands ar'the pomps cashed away a large port of the bulwarks and broke several itan iheons. The weather moderated again on the 26th and ontinned until the30th. when, while lying too. In a tremruIons gale from KW, shifted cat go again to starboard, carried iw.iy all the bulwarks nnd stain.ebrons on both sides, the lea making a clean breach over Mid washing an ay the men 'rum the pumps. Tim weather continued very heavy until kpril 6, when, in 1st44 U0 Ion 41, the ship Gnleua, Cast Learett, from Havre <or Sew York, hove in sight, and deeming t unsure to reeiniii longer by the vessel,she making livofrei it water per hour. and the irew being exhausted at the ninips, requested to be taken off. which was kindly comdied w ith by i.'apt Leaven. It blowing very heavy at tue ime, the crew were unable to >ave only what they stood In. kbit Hahmkt, Bassctt. at B<>sinn 11th inst from t'ardlfffur few York, reports April 22, lot 4058, Ion 00 42, rolled away " he Triigcnmast, main topgallantinast and main loiwailyard. 'lit into Boston to refit. BRliRUiCiABi -.en?'The Br brig renoned ashore on the oe Klogger, was the Clarence, from Mayagnez. She gut iff rithuut damage, and arrived at Philadelphia 22d. Pcnn Rove?The steamship Chessneake. from Portland. ; rhen passing thri ugli Hell Gate yrstoidny AM, oaite iu col i Islon w ith au ipknown arhr and sunk her. Cart Town,? II, Feb 20?The ship Screamer, Snow rom NaCitnelS for Falmouth, E, Wore reported put in i-aky, rontlnue i to make about 5 in 'lies water iter hour, and , t urtner Miirvev has advised that the timber now landed be I .ppeil iu another botliim. IH hi E O l-Vl' r of NYorkwas bartered to ontey about 231 logs timber.! Short Votaor?The brig Thomas Tumli, Captain Thump, ion, arrived at Sew JIavcn 25th, from Mayaguez, w itli a ciro of*'gar and molasses. The vessel made hei outward lassage in nine davR,Bud has been unseat fro.n that purl nlv tnirty-one dayr. oarrled a. full '-argo each way. The ship Wm Lonl, Jr, is now on die (treat Sectional iluck or repalra. Khe will be stripped, te, anlked und i.'wly cop. i, red. The U S filg.ite John Adams is ul ;o ou the small klamcdv it. Slio will bo stripped, r.vai'ked, coppered nd thoroughly overhauled. Lacrchkd?At lluuinston lttth intt, by II Hunt, a fine ?rk ulled the Bully B nsall, to n? u. r.tiide l by Cunt caviii. of New York. She wag tOive i to tt Andrews, > )}. o loan immed.airly for Cubit. Whitleineit. Arr at New Bedford ISih, rJilp Fabius, Saiiib, Arctic Otfran, 64 from Sandwich I?lAnds and 43 day* from i'ei uambuco, ritii 150 bbla up, 23b do wli oil a,.d lli.iM) lbs bine. An aide 22d,* MiertaSmyth Smith, Indian Ocean, taurine.m Nov IS, via l,iule Slab Kay Sib II, with IIUOsp flW , h *i.<l 32'>> lba!,uue; * nt home during the voyage 110 ap 25 wb and l')15 lbs I one. Also m i l urk < Irailtude, Davis, iirliotak Hea, llonolnl.i idt 27, Horotmiua Jan I, wllh 20U up 20d0 wh and lAWJ h> lie on board; sent boon- 42d *p 475 wli ami 16,0.At lbs bono, inoke March 14, Br i>a> k Trim, 2 days I rum Pen umlnico for ,'verpool, wh > r por.ed llnil -hni Hitx-rnU, of and I'm NH Id from Pernarnbnco 7 days previous. Ar. at ?I'I 23d, sbip Uood Itomrn, S'mh, Arctic Ocean H .noMln De j, WhytiM'l. ko 27lh, with lixk) wb and 9w?) lbs i , em homo 1e?*ii<! 3000 lbs bone; 1ms nn fgt 7751 Ralls wb roni snip onward, 17t) galls wli and 9U0I) lbs bone from nbip lllton, 4IKW Iba bono from ship Oullno. <'raised on Chileand aw but jot whale, which wan siickuud i *i, irt-.olirr with he tout. Kp"h? Dec 27, off Whyriotackc, liar* Msi tlia, Daley, Nfl, bouud to NZealand, nothing sin, r leavlnu Sandwich laudr. 1 Salt, IHUi and 19th Inal, la'. 33 41 to 3047, <>? bnf d*. boxes, \>, lln.. in, -picked no a bbl ol' Uouraud a box Obtaining a hand cotton gin. Arr at do24ib?bai k, Worth, Indian O.oan, Mauritius tov 14 si llrlai.ftKrb 26. wlthWU ?p 5WI wb and 37nO hon*. look 3 si bbla oil atnee leas lug Mauritius Haa on fgt Sou lip lonefi 'in bark Kathleen, Hp,ike ia Wnlwleh B iy Jan 13, larks Joshua Bragdon, Hpooner, of MB, 70 up; Feb IV, fiea Ireexc, Week*, do, IW) do. S J 22.1, bark I'moin Dexter, Atlantic O ?an Ar, at San FrmiKiaeo March 15. hark Hu.ah Warr?n. r mle, larruatoii I aland, wnh oil. Fab 8, had a boat Move, and As Potterrou. boauncreT.of Rochester, NY. waa severely ut with a I*a e, and died 4 dajraalter. Report* Fab al, iu (alienk* Bar, ea? bark Carib, ol ttK.fl wli?, Delaware tien It r to able John now land, Whelden, NB>, 10 wha. Hid 20th, bark Joseph Mriitoelt, Thomas, NB, for a whaling Tills*. Arr at BArbadoa March IB, aabr Techa, Benson, front a rulse, with 49 bbla oil (and aid A|tril4 to cruise). Hid i'mm'do AptII9, w hr Kingfisher, Lambert, to cruise. At St Thomas 3IM nit, trig Ear hoi, Robinson, arr 30?h, with 179 this oil Al ?l Helena7th ult, barks Palilalia, Hlocum, NB tan- Pab ), 1009 ap 50 wh? aid day of arrival and returned 4th uk, aptaln sick on ?horc?Pi>? 140 ?p off St Helena after leaving 'cb 6; Concordia, tlamttkin. SH (arr 1st ult), wMli ISUspMO tb IlkVI Iba hona, all leld : Eil*ha Dnabar, Lincoln, MB, 79) p, all *ol4 (arr Feb AD, lionnd home: America, Luer, folmea'Hale, 1150 ap, all told (arr3d ult); brig L"oai<laa, Iklff. NB (arr Feb <>. St*) sp 20 wb, all J;,Id takf Peti 24 and turned 6th ?lt)t achr Huaar.King, SH (arr Feb 25), 20 ?p aid Feb W and returned Jdth ult). Also at do 7th (an 2d), ship Splendid, Norton, Edgar town, i.b 1400 ap 360 wb. Arr nt <to Feb I. bnrka Falcon, Braley. NB. from a entire *nd ?ld 24th); Oth, Prenlrteiit, Wordell, XM, WJ k) (am! alii tjth); 19th, Dram, Worth, X?, 800 au 800 wh, (aid 24th for lOihr), 20ih, WarbingtOD, Babcock, BIJ, {00 up 600 wh und Id 16th for koine). _ Off at.'l on at-lo Feb 24, bark George k Mary, ricree, of Featpurl, with 170 ap. Off an.I on at do Cth ull, ih.p Navigator, Flehcr, Edgar own, ?V?p40wh. Arr at Va.ivaraleo t7'h nil, khlp Bdtvard Car/, Gardner, of (ant, from a crnlM, oil not "tntcd. Air a< s'eyclrrllei KrbW, barka Uotr t nrrer, Hheripan, of ktftiBort, 660 ?p (atid kid March 3 to crttlM) ; Janet, t'.ltln, of lo, l?r u?,d"';rl aiikVe (an.l ahl Mtncn 3?oil aaing a? Igat rej?ri) 1 294, r?arl, Ha.ttelt, 01 N L, 220 ap 160 wh if lie, ( ?11 aigM, and about 900 liMa tromiiaik Hope, NB, wreck."! it IM laUnd of Coat l? I Jau 20 tan.l kid Maivh 4 to crtii*). favia, April 2?Arc id and ou March 31, bark Kn.ttamr, Plahiw, N H, 300 ap anno leaving I'ajU. Kopurta apoko, iv> late, Ac. ahip t'.inatltutlon, Wtnalotr. Nant, 12) ap. A letter from Oapt Wheldon, of ahlp Julia liowlan.l, N R laled Kan Franclaon Mar. It 31. reporla her arrival M.t. ?lt 20, mm Halicnaa Bar, whom took tbla a. aaon 060 bb.a oil, Sound to tho Actio 0. can. A letter from Oapt Crapo, of hark Montgomery, N B, rewrte hi r at Ta'. .ihnano March 9, having taken VO bbla ap oil a??cr..lae Mail tilte.t for an.-ight mnntha' crtnae. A letter from t'npt hoc*, of ahlp Murntng Light, N B, 1 ejoi tv her at TVoahntiio March ti, ready for aaa. an.l eipeuled ,o be at home In 9l) itaye. Bark .doming Star, No. (bn, N B, Fan In poet, tar ing freight for home. I A >ltar frov. O'.pt Cole, of narR Vigilant, X B, reporta her ii Tnlcaluano March 0. bound on a enlae. a letter from Webb, of bark Smyrna, X B, reporta ict at Talrahuano March 4, ready for aoa, to aall for the Atantic Ocean, at. 1 mu,iM be at Fayal In May or Arkt of Jane. ' AUtteV frem Oapt NartleH, of hark Frarl, ot Nan I on ton fclTy j\pV~i r?9 I, reportaXJ?aa QI bark Uopa' 5 SHEET. nr* Bay: Cr-allcage. Bulloch, Lincolnnlle for Fortreaa Moo rw. Cta 23 t. bark Globe, McMullaii, Km' Indira, ccbr 8 l Stevens, Stuilley, Philadelphia (and both aid). Aiao aid acbr Chalk nip. TAl NTON, April 2J?fild Khr Harriet Rjao, Staple*, Philadelphia. PKKHOWAL.. P0< TOR A. J. VANI1EKKEHEN, KOitUEHL? OP f45 Broadway, will please aeud hia present address to 0. L. . Herald ofllce. From enoland.-hhovld this meet the eves Of Mr. W. Savage, f-'Oin YorsaUrre, or \I<. A re or Mr. I. Murtln, from Manchester, the advertiser would be gkil to ee or hoar. Address Cooper, Herald office. QEOROE.-COMB 8ATIR0AV, APRIL 2d. IP JEAN FRANCOIS, SEAMAN, WILL CALL AT THE office of Samuel Warburton, shipping m.uter, No. lull South street, he will hear of aomethmg to his advantage. IP MR. UASBROOK. THE MANl'PACTCRER OP ittiiuou, w ill let J. John-en, Heraid office, know where he is to le found, he will hear of a) wet lung to hie advantage. . Ml SB SARAH HALL MAY HEAR OK SOMEiUINta to her advantage by aeudlng her ivddieaa to Mordauut, Herald oQiee. Madam parsells has removed to hi gkebnwith street, bclweeu ljaimnoud and Perry streetsCblldreu taken for adoption aud adopted 0"t. Id K? FIRST INITIAL SAME AS BROTHER, RUT , AFK1L 245, 1862.-TRIPL1 ?f New Bedford, at the & .chalks, about Jab IS. Upt B ' look eff Oapt MoFarlAn. hia wife, I ahildrco and tkeuiaw, j and tarried the? iuio Mahe. He also aarcd about 170 bbla I oil from the wreck. The Hone belonged to Beno Kolley and 1 other# of New Bedford, and old tfceoco Aug 1.18&9, and waa laat reported Nov 23, I*61, with 8U0 bbla op olL Hhe waa 186 ton", valued, with outfits, at thue of lading, 916,000, and ia partially inaiired, A letter from Mr Flabor. Oral officer of bark Hleuhania, Wllbcrell, of KB, reports her at Mongunni Dec 18 (arr lltb), With 270 bbla ap and 950 do wh oil, all well. A letter from the second ullleer of bark Draco, Worth, NB, dated 8l Helena, Feb 2i, ivi , rta having taken 106 ap 06 wti j dare leaving Mauritius. The bark waa ready for aoa, bound QOlMi A letter from San Pranriaeo dated March 28, stales that bark Joseph urinnell, Thoiuao, of NB, would aail on a cruiae ? that day. expertiug to arrive home in Dec next. From Lower

California up to date, the reports were alight, but ahipa were supposed U) nave done poorly?ahip John Rowland, Whel- | den, NB, waa apokeu Feb 14, having taken 10 whv. about 400 bbla; at 8an Ulego, no date, ship Oean, Clark, NHaven, 14 wha. The steamer from Tauama reported (hip Harvest, Manchester, NB. 100 bbla. Cnpl Horun. of bark Rea For. of W"atport, re porta her off 1 Cape Verde Dee 16, with 100 up, all well. cam Nye, of bark Arab. Fit, reports her at Capo Verde* Nov 34. ail well, clean, for River Mate direct. Hpoken-D?e ?, 'at 33 06 b. ion 158 06 E, Mermaid, Jenki, j Weatport, 14 inoa out, 25i)sia :<1| well. Feb a, lat 6 58 R. Ion 107 W, Louisiana, Kelley, NB, 42 moo out "42JH" bbissp. Mm eh 18, lat 3j 40 N, Ion 138 W, hark Carib, ateering NNW No date, off Mmrdalcna Bav, Harvest, Manchester, NB, 37 whs?1000 bbls oil. Spoken, At. V 8 gunboat Jfculgie, tic nee for am. near Fort Royal, April 19?she was leaking badly, having been ashore off Cape I lookout. c S gunboat Rnmoset, hence for Tort Royal, April W, off Charleston; and two other guubuata, Foreign Forth. Antwirv, April HI?In port ships Augustus, Brftdbnrn, for NYurk; Laura iBreini, Wi./iwen, for ao; c ? Sto.terfolt (Meek), B. ruer, for do Mny 15; EVMre. flnbercaseam, Hai risen, l or Ban F* uciaco 18l!i; A'.alii,in bark Carlo C, Sueieh, for NYurk last or the month; nrl'.a Volosvano (A sti, 81gante, for do April II); li'inin ( Vital) i.uppis, tor do soon. BHKMKy, April 6?Arr On -crni-us, Muliuken. Baltimore. Bvknos Avars, Feb 28?1 u port, ships Bam) Robertson, Ta. ber, uue, BtU'Orie, I ear;, do; kirks La I'lata, Crow ell, and Wave Civat, Harmon, for New York; Archer, L'wis, for Boston; Winnow, Daiis, for do; Whistling Wind, llatlin, lor foreign pons in ballast; ffulia Cobs, Staples, forthaKiv. its; Out.anil, Dekhoii,. foiu Montevideo, unc; 8 la' la, Burley, from do, arr Feb 23, unci 8alem, Mo iltgn, from Mm rhias. arr Feb 24 (see Montevideo); Oleulurn, Tebcnham; Paladin, Wl.son; Crania, Si, Wrick; Btiumn, Jordan; Hebecen, Ml'heuar; Join (li'idln. Park; Caaritut, Treat; Saoiio, Wood; Hr-ilbci \ A.lain*; rvnnoSf, Oliver, and Our Union, Kent, uoe; brigs Souther, Bawyer, from Bo-ton, air Feb 2i), blag; Moonlight front do, diag; Josephine, Wood, fur Hun Francisco; Anna Wellington, Ju keon, and Ro.uoke, Long, for NYork, Idg; M Nnptninis (Old), lor do, do, ldg; Caiirad (Ham), Joigcnaen, lor Boston, do; M A Herrera, Ki. n.m, on ; sebi Harry M.iyhee, Cnlver, from Patagonia, arr Feb 20; Sen na 1* Sniilli, BuiPh, uue: barah Heudrika Dutch), Jong, l.en o air Feb 14; W. 8. Tisdale, Fouruicr, for foreign ports. bid Keb 15. hark WiUaril, Atkinson, foreign ports; 16th, Vigo. Thurlow, do; 18ih brigs ctrea-slan,, Bosar.o; Aiooaioor, Aiw ood, foreign ports via Montevideo; 21 it, Lagrange. K'mhal), Patsgonlu. Caluao, Mao h >1?Arr ships John Slnari. Bernsee, Chinchns (and sld 29th for Antwerp); 29th, Joseph flilehrist, Carney, do; Prllioeluu, Wamaek, Montevideo. Bid 29lli, ehlp Otseonthe, BorsBy, fhlnehar, to load for England; bark Amaitnnian, Mayo, Valparaiso. In port 28th, ships R >se S'ltndiah, Hutching*, and Limit, Fnviirln, diig; Princeton, Waniaek, prepuring to load guauo; Joseph tl ileli 11st, C.trnuy. for Cork, preparing for sea. At tlu Cldnclia Islands March 27, ships Dellthavcn, Freese; National, final!; Whampon, Long; Santa Clans. Hopkins; Hns.n t] tjwi na, Norton; Kinma June, Jordan; Shooting Htgr, Drink water; Lunmvrgl- r, ; Claru, Wells; Oolden Cms', Riiell; tlreenwood. Btonc; Keystone, Bnrnhmn; Commoiiweallh, tlroxlcrs Helen R Cooper, Lipham; l.ydia Hkolfleld, Bkolli'lcl: Chullenger, Winsoi; Kit C .rson, Howes; John Friuior, ilerlieat; Junies Brow nj.'ritbtrce; Lee Chew, Sinclair; D .n ui, Adams; Thomas llurvviud, Robinson; Atuluuta, Mo; l id, and tlolden Horn, Hi. e, ldg guano. A ho i t fifty large vesao'.sgt the tsla-uls, and loading gtdng on very slowly in eoiuanp.ema of want of la >oieiu, and U was feared pai l of the ve.saola would get a deninrrnye. Cai.dvtia, March 20?In port ships riimoon, l.angley, from Valparaiso arc previous to 16lli, for Swansea ldg; Proapero, Strom, from Cm i/ai arr prev to 16th. ldg. 31d prcv to Ibtli, aliip Souuiein n.tnt--., Kunwlee, t'ailao; bark Hirekhead, Bennett, PaPinu rc. Canton, March 1 ?In poi t ship Sea Serpent, pike, tor NewYork Idg. Cai-k Haytiin, AprillS?In port si-hrsSna-.n, Berry, (or Boston 7 days; J Nh;;i?rson, Cage from .toarr 12th. i 'akoknas, April IB?Arr l arks < i i uea, lliehturn, urn! Joscph Flah, Barn'ird, N York; Inigs Young Ameriea, Collins, do: Yankee, Bldridgo, Wi.cosset; Miuthii WaHhlngioii, Anderson, and I) " Cistner, Hasllngv, Porlliui l; Ropo t.-r, Uiun, Beriii ida; 15'I , -S Thurston, l.smpiier, Pm land; Wm;cam..w, Nickels, and W R Sawver, B. idford, Boston; I'mima, iiushaiu, and Thistle (Bri, S nitli, do; teh. b.iliio 11 Pickens r.-no; . 1 Anier), (loilfiwy, Clasgow. Bid I3;b, brigs Ashler, Theslrup, 1'ortlund; Sulhe, Bute Baltimore. ?!i. April9?Slil bark. K> :c*. Ray, Philadelphia; brid Romance, Dom nif Baltimore; li'th, Weuonuh. Bow.leu, Boston: whr .J \V Miner, Berry, Falmouth; 11th, bug Lauzarotc, Harrimai;, B<">; mi. A11' at <li> i2th, bark Clias Brewer. Pierce, Curacna. IJkal. April li?Arr Mary Bruughton, Herrick, Lotulon (and Hbl fo. Su.iawii). UlmiK, April 9?8M T B Bart ram, Nieliols. Cubn. Fa yai., March 25? in port ships America, Salter, t'or Liver1)0'i! about "1'b; Victoria, Rrmis .n, for London about 10<tay?; France, Klim, lor Bristol about 15. icpg; Nunnmlo ; llrj, Unaline, for Liverpool ro n; Warbler (JBr)? Holgato, for do do, repg. Ko 'Ciiow, Feb 11?In port Brcra brig Neptm;, for NYork Ida. IIii.m; Ko.-f, March 7?Arr ship Jacob Boil, Frlsbie, Nctv York. Havana, April 17?Arr harks Hannah Thornton, Tarr, NYork: Dodo tBrcini, Hee, and Lucira (Brcui). liartcr. do. Tr.uioph (Br), Murphy, do: Prentiss llobbs, Ellis, Frank fort i lSllt, sirunirra \V l> Hctves (Conti-d), Smith, aim Arizona (Confed), Forbes, NOrh au*) sliip John AAliirrt, Ryder, Button; bark St Jago, Berry, Puillund; brigs Edwin, Webber, and Rto Uranile, Greenleaf,do; Kdw.iod, Melville, Newport; Neptunua(Olden), Diurka, HYol'k; Nithotn Stotaoti. I'iilortey, Belfast, Eng. Sid 17th a 18th, bark Almoner, Lamphcr, Carden is; brig Louna, Spencer, buaua and Baltimore. Luxrtrooi. April 12?Adv North American, <*l for Quebec 17th; America, te> tor Halifax 19th; City of Washington, (s) for NYork 11th; Moonbeum, Dow, for Boston 15th (Page, Richardson A Co-.' lia?>: Addison, Pike, fordo 2V. h (ticorgo Warren A (Jt)'s line); Ellen Austin, (larrh k, for NYork llfh; John .1 Boyd, Thomas, and Neptune, Pea body, for do 16th; Wyoming, liurtou, fov Philadelphia, ready; Frank Moult, Morse, for do with despatch; Wild Ranger, (s'ulii) 1014 tons, built at Metlford in 1259, U? ho sold at auction ?3d. Mkrsiha, April r?SM Ossuna, Dyer, Corfu. Mulls, Peru, Ma. oh 15?In port bark Sumter, Humphrey#, for Valparaiso. ' HUpka.s, Feb 26?In port sUip Louisa, Bowen, for Amherst. Mlcbolhsk. no date?Ait Snow Squall, Dillingham, New York. MontkxtPfe.0. March 2?Tn port ship Heo W Bourne. I.ord. from Portland, ding: barka Parana, lauutston. lrooi Cadiz, arr Feb 14, do; Volant, Whiting, from Cardiff dlsg; John Jchn K-'rr, Nweotser. fr::iu Qrrrnook, do; Sal'111, Moulin.i, fixnn Maehiasria Buenos Ayrce, uiv;; hngs Murshal Ney, Darling. from Rio Grande, ?!.->;; Brother*. Broke, from Pernaiubucn, ballasting; ?chr Coast Pilot, llulrbklas, from Paranagiis, di?g. Maiar/a". April 11?KM ship Charles A June, lladtrll, fork; mi * Murv B Rich, t'Ai lion, do; hrl.t Geo Ames, Anion, Boston; schr AH Cannon, Nowrcll, Philadelphia. MjKsanii '.a. Ap.iil3? Arr Br brig Kvdsior. Card, NYork. Nassai', April 18? lu port rebel steamers Tlio* l,Wr?i;?, returned Irom Ail ?n?u< sssfui attempt to run lh? h!o hud; of Charleston; KlUkWarley, from Havana, would atteiii; t to ruu ihit !>! cluido; CeiiL from Char'.eslun; Bi sciin: Vigilant am! J .1 Flnlaysen, for NYork tn a dnv or tivo with the muds and pa-xau-'Taof wrecked uteamei Karnak. Onro, NA, Ken 7?Air ship Younc America, Carlisle, Greenock (and eld Kime day for Aamani. Tn ilOit Feb H, ships A?<r", Simpson, from Melbourne, w ig orders; VcrsalFe*, Hherbiirue, finn do, disg; Humboldt, Edwards, from lo, dlsg; bal k Ni.Ma, Kay, for N> wr instle, NSW, ready. 1'ouT Frat' , OV, Maick S?Bid bark Susan Jane, Taber, Coast of Alrlra. I'aita, .March fl?Arr ship Henrietta Mar y, Krysrr, Cardiff \ la Valpara mi Kk-vaPio-i, April 17?lu portrait Ceil Kerry, Emery, f- i Fiitm i Hh 20th; brigs Mnnsoni, t.'arlln, and Trenton, Aiher toil, for NYoiii next day. Hisiiaroiir, Feb 22?Air W< sb-m Coiiln lit, Lull, S indcr land: 23d, Tj'i ho> Webb, i.iil'trm K. tjai r >. Fims.uai, I'eblil?In pert ship Horatio, Painer, forjjew York Ida. Sai.i'a, April 11?Tn pert berk Fanny Bin It, Swc t? r, for Kr.linmilli, king, ready, brtfs It G Iterry, Rat-, toi .NY rkd days; F'. ili.ida, I, id, for Bua'.on Jo;Cli rles Wesley, Kuril, for Portland 3. 1 a,rou'iso, Feb 20?>: : sl ip llorrloiErvir.f. M..? ing, Bostoii, Trimiiad, April II?In port barks AC Small iBr), Tote, ding, to load for New Y'ork, It C W Dodge, Jarvi#, d:sg; uud Oil. I'M, Vaupahaiso, Marrh ltf?In port ships John Bryant, O udn-l, irom Otugo, N Z. ai r Rtb, I < r Chlndia Illinois lo load foi England; Korea! 'Jaoeu, Crosby, for T ime, to load lor England; Hornet, Mltd til, for Iipiloue and Philadelphia; s'-ua;i March, Hlow?r?, for do ami B<o*M)n; bars Firrenco, Randall, to load guano for England. American Porta, BOSTON, April 21?Arr ship Harriet. Basseti, Cardiff for NYork, Nilks John, Tripp, M>s?lna; l? Wright, ,lr, Gild's, do; Nonpareil, Flliin, Mi.rsetiles; U II YaeriBr;toit,, I'bi.iuleipbia; iiidcs Monte Crista, Clinrrhilt, Cape llaytlen, A J Row, email, en#u?; ttnoy, -naey, in, via NYork, Kit C* son, Smith, t ?pc M iy fen: It ri Wright, Brown, Tungler: A Tlrrcll, HicKlne, Philadelphia; Krank Uerbert, I'arhtr, do; Charlotte, Arey, itn.l Minnie Cobb, Avertll. Rundotit Signal for a litp and a brl*. In the buy mo bark* au'l a In If. CM ship Arno, ChaUlMtl, St Oeoi*o, Kll to load forMfrpnttt; hark* Allen T.trlimi (Ootoli), Rome, Surinam: Emma Orion#, pnou.Cardenae; a? i.,ia Albert Detter Donne, ilouatv.-a; Jumea 8 llewctt. I.ake, rhlUUrlrhla JanmaWivon, Young SYork vU IVovincctowii. AI>o eld altlpa R chant Mora*, Oil" '', Ml Oeor#*. NH, lo had lor Europe; Klngliehcr, Freeman, NYork; hark B. ?j Buiyea-. Know, lenfn.ogoa; firlga Wavorley. 8 'tit, do; Stephen Dot, in. Tv'.er. Havana: aohre W 8 Baker, Wocdburv, Jarmel: Kllwthclh A Helen, Smith, Philadelphia; tV>oi, Plilnnoy, N Tort. SM, wlodWNW, Moguabe , Arno; barlt Alive THA?!r!MOUB. Apnl?? Arr,eofc-i A II Mac-heater, For. treaa Monro*; Ra;ah L fllatni <lta, Handy, Hatter**. Cld, ahlp Kotia. MiakHly, Amaterdan; ?:hk Magpie Bell Ollkey, Kt facie: Tore# Bioiliera (B?>, IVnlon, llintfa*; Ju'.ia Newell, Troth B.etnn Bid, * n* Maggie Bell, Thr. e Brothrre ,BHAl^OR.?Ap*l^?A*r a.'hr* Mew Olobe, Phil'.!;,*, Tiaraaa; Hotmd Brook, Kinery, NYork. EI.IZABKTITPORT, ApM ?4^*U? echrii Margaret Ann. ThtockBonou. Krd Beak Kate ShMmore, Prot M.ioi , IN Hevtnour. Mort'n. Brlatel; Odd bellow, OarrU.m, Fair haven; J & Waldron, Small, NHareu: J H Pranaia, (>aer, Norwich; aloope Copy, Wheeler, Providence; V H Warner, Cheney, April MT?Arr ?.hre Paathca, Orb, Phila lelpbla for B-r>ton; Emma Oake", Lenah, New York for do; Willow, Parker, do for Pembroke jlrt_Air arhra charlotte, An /, MYorb for flvalott; John A,Luna. Mali, Rockland for N York. 23,1-PM eehreEmina t)akea, Charlotte, Panthea, Wilten. ?|!rnfw?IJ trhr Frar -ea Aitif, Mlicheil, Bt NEW BEDFORD, \pril 24?Arr arhr*Caiiha;en*. Kelly, Philadelphia; U?n Mnnon, tjebotn, Random N 11 Head, Kelly, Nto.k. Hid -hip ranihr a, Manobrator, NVork NEWPORT, Aui il 24?Mil brig* B Young, HireUurd A Torray; s> hr* Ellenrtrkina, Aran*; NeNon Wella, Mary Emily, 1 H Pr-a ntt, EH/* H. O -ofgo mrttcr, Mept'ino. port tuwnhend, wt, March 17?al l ?hlp Wm Storgii, CpiVl.Al>hLPHIA. April?!?Arr ateairiih.p Sason, Malthawr, lloaloii; kelrh Commerce, Baruea, Ma.inguri; ?oHi* Mm 'el, Tarho*, Portland; Urnnd Iatand. Short, Newburyport, Ann Murin. Eldndge; M r, H ickmghitoi, and J J. (leri ty, Smith, New York. Clil eehre Maytionrr.Rllbiirn, Portland; Union. Ilnlbrook, Aiila.rt; Mary Kllrn, Caae, Nantucket; Core*, Meredith, L)lili;U <1 Floyd. It igglus, New Bedford; War Bleed, Smith, Proyldedoe; II irk man, Dickin*PORt7!anD, AprB a?Arr, steamship Bohemian (Br), Borland, L vr pool fla Londonderry. I'lrt, briu Lii.ahci, B-i'-knilniler, Hirnna; ? h Phenln, Hamilton. New York; ate imer <'neoni'o?ko, Crowell, Now York. Mid, brig Kudorue a>b John l' Hrooki. and nth era. PORTSMOUTH, April 22?Arr achr Pear), Brown, rhiktdulpiln. PROVIDENCE, April 24?Arr achr* 8y dealer Cleaner, Dob.on, andCitlien, Dnnkwau-r, Haltmur-; Mall, Kclley, and IV A Crocker, Eudtcott, Philadelphia. Bid achr Hamilton, Nlekeraon, Nl'or*. HAN FKANClHi'O. April 19?\rr bark Sohn Tln-ve Kelton, Horrieau*. Hid I6ih, Syren, Ureen, an 1 Prima 1> nna, Harriman, Moulin; bark Fg.p, llu,*nc*, CaMnn; 17<h, ahlp Magnet. Ming, Hong Kong. or ig Mary I apcii, Brttory, Hhanana';22 I, ahlp Camden, iliutoe't, KndUk. In port 22d met, ehtp Deemiebiro, Calhoun, for Fugrt Found, to lead-pur* at H am. BAiikM, AdiU e2?A*r M? f) B MawfUtb, ^ hoyf. Prja V/. f.e wkm noncommittal. rurcna^en art; iumi personilly, and p intuitu ar? mostly independent of eacb otlu .. 11' frilling, woitld kuo v the place of retort; each ulght iway, ki;U n.all no iliii aunumr. No. 2 is Iiuui country, ant! baa done in equal wrong tvnb the one you Know; cannot bt; more explicit > ; detected by conalaut naders; tbls explains mi; teat- >11. LOST AMI FOUND. Dot! LOST IN llARf-EM?ON THCBSDAT NKJIIT?A Blue* ami Tun.uad a riiatct strap on uia tieek, long tail, ear* cropped; name la Jack or Dandy. \uy person returnin* bun t<> tlie nor hwe?t mruer of Seem .1 avenue ami llt)iu meet, or to No. J Bond atie- t, will be suitably rewarded. HBXMBNBBKG. FOUND?A HDL'Nl) DOrt. THE OWNER CAN HAVE lorn by pr vmg property und pay-lug expenses. It not called for in three (lay s will lie so d 10 p?y expenses. Apply iu Foity-fourtlr street between Se-.ond end Third an noes. T. K IE KM AN. I OUT?ON TUEivDAY AFTERNOON, IN THIRD AVEJ nue, bclne-n Eighteenth and Ttvontylirst street*, a Purse, couiamln:;a aautll sum o. money and a lady a breast(>ln. The tin .or w li bo suitably rawai-rted by leaving the iresatpln at 1ST l'a-t Twenty-first street, near Third arouue. IOHT?ON THE ilTII !N8T? IN A TWENTY-THIRD J Greet stage, a Lady's, with $22 in rush uud a low nape: r; amnii; them are two lulls for milk. The finder w ill he an.ply rewarded by leaving it at 37 Weal Twenty-eighth at. LOST-BETWBEN BROADWAY AND LOUD 4 TAYlor'c, m Uraiid.struet, ono lady's Broc lr l'iu, of white leaves. The under will receive a liberal reward by leaving it at at) Chambers street, top lioor. _ L08T-IN WHITEHALL STREET. A POCKETBOOK, the properly of a poor woman. The finder wlltjdcuse re'urn it tol 13 Franklin aireut. J 06T?THURSDAY EVENING, 31TII INST, GOING J from Ninth aienue lo Broadway, in Twenty third street S'uge No. 42, a silver Watch, limning -as-, with a short, bho k iniiatl- n rubier chain attft-hed. It in highly mired as a keepsake, and the hndcr will be liberally rewarded on lea?fee it. at tw London terrace. LOST.?APRIL 21. IN THE LOWER PART OP THE city, a Po ?etb ?ik containing si tilt draft No. 4.0SJ, lor $-.U0, on Mount Pleasant Branch Bank of Iowa. payable at Park Bank; also, a cheek dated April 23, made riy S A Rich, for $15; also 412 or $14 in bids and gold. Check and draft not endorsed by the subscriber. hating been stopped. \ suitable reward will be paid by retarniog it to 1ST w llliaea sin el, apataira. f OST?ON THE 24TTI INST., A LARGE sI/.EO BLACK I J and tan D jg ; anewors to the name of "Jackson.'1 Whoev: r rotmnBtho same to No. 32 Greet Jones street, b - liberally rewarded. Lost.?nv small apprentice nor. a diamond King aud tvvo l'tn b o-,, one tisue paper, in going trout No. 10Co t nndt ?tiCCt tuJMioa tuny, op iu JLioaoe. through lo Eim, thru: g t Kim to Pearl street, thro lgh id B load way, through Hi--adwaytoCar.-tl stre-t. Toe Under will receive a l ew n d and tiie thanks und gratitude of an apprentice noy o. lin e means to replace his lo.-s. >. lowiul leave it at -*25,i.romltvay. Missing?on moxday, 21, a little boy, twelve yeare old, Ur--ss. d In a suitgray; n ? b-iotsoa; light ba r and complexion. If any p tsou snowing of in ; wnercabouta tvi I h ave tvoul at 37 Ridge ".reel, they will confer a tavor on his poor mother. KKVVAUDS. A LIBERAL REWARD WILL BE GIVEN, AND PIF 21 l> dollars lor l .u . onvlcllou of inn thief, tor a Buy Mure, wiibblao . miuie and lall, about Hurt-en or fourteen hands high, ivpba bum h on h. r right nin l fetlock Mat;alna black no lop light Wagon and Hr.rin-ss, contaliiin. a'box of Bnehan'a Soap under lae cut of the t, agon. S o.en from in Irout of 114 l'oai I aire-, t, on lh. ra lay, April 24, at o^a 1*. M. Apply at 112 IVri- str.-i t lo John UefrlWl, or at 121 Pearl street to Louis ThMcnuinn, e irimaii. <? 1 HEW\RD.?I.Od', ON THE WAY FROM 241 SOUTH ipl 8>e lid a r-et, William b up, to lot Chambers street, Hew York, a (Raster's Diamond and Pen llCwr. The abov : reward will be paid by leaving tlicin at . liner |U-e. (J?r REWARD.?iiOST, A BLACK AND TAN DOG: IiJ em s l.ppe i, but long; mi were to .le - r ame oi >b.arlie. The above reward will he paid on his return to 3d West Ttveniy-fourtli atreot, uttd no questions asked. <210 RKWARD.-TAKK.N. BY MISTAKE, A BOX, $JLvf ...iiulniiig honks and papers, on landing from steamer star of the So ith. Pier No. IH North river, on Finerday, April 19. The bur was marked in pencil, on the tup. "Do. 1. Mitchell,an-l on tlio end, "Presbyteriftu Books.'' Toe above rcwurrl will be paid oo delivery of trie boa at 170 Wa-Mngion sue.- , Nov Yoik. $1U Kataruny 11.01 nliij;, Hie turn ni' *.!rti| 111 gold Kurt tonic ?il\er. io Holng fto.u II ixter ttrct to Molt. Tue Under will receive the above reward l y returning it to a poor woman at EatherTrainer ft clnirvh u Molt atroct. *AK REWARD--TJOtT, ON in ruSDAY A I TSft nooll, a Indira' Uolll lai.lltllvg i/ltnO Wutcll, Willi t'liiiu, Croat an I it Utile Unite attache.!. Tin; ubotr reward will be given, with tinmen to the tinder, or any amount wlin it ?ii;* l.iiiiytm It wua it gil t \t' Icti Mi.d not bo r. , l.t"'d,. n rt irnii . It to 2S| Klgntli if mil', or M. II iwi'll A >., Hi Llln-rty mr.iet. (WtlC -TO PAWNBROKERS, At'.?STOLEN OR MIS qp*?*.l. l.tnl, a nul l English W.H li, "l" u lace, g dd ilinl. nitt.l' by I'nvmA Mrnihem, No. I " i ii gold V.itChuu una heif. reward will be fit n lot- their recovery, unil no qnea ion* a * ?1, ?r a y Un i on ad .1. ml on thrin will l>? raliinitml on u i|;lirir.on to A. I, liROtV NL', i.t ila 1,11 lack a. Co.'s, 5*6 lliuadHay. NKW PVltUCATION?l. "TIOW TO MAKE MONEY 1IY AllYElt I Isf.G, li A P It At. ill .VI. HAN'S ADVIJr.. v nt for ijin three n nt stamp to "iiy . <1*1' ex*. ROHLR I'mjN a CO.. -? ami b* N'a- an-i .New York ritv. J'. <t'^r sot.i'ix houghham: I it <1 takrii in ant quantity for itUvertiorg in .<11 uew?|ia|e.a at pi.'jii-Uca' iOWolt latlC". Qiji'UK!' so II/I.I N, THEIR rsn AND VBl NK.? o 0 ' " in 1 't! t 1 II, It I lit N. li. m ait'l Kr> it-i of lln: <1 lien t.' I' ia, I . ' >la- O.l.l l'>I o\t , fnlu i f T<? | ''.auc.', .Ml. 'I IX ,1.1 k .1) 1 ft.11 ii .I 'l.' I". \J o 1 M"I1.I'V, a; lite I'lilii'ftii-r'o. 1'AKC.K 11 >.N -, 113 15" * f. way, ftinl at KOxS A fO- 11Y S. lIOTEiiR. P YTTI N S II" 1KI -77, 17.1 AND 1 I ONBKVWirlt stici 1, O' :?e. 1 M .ay ami W..i ran.?C iinniou lo'ihe buiMPCuu iilan olbi.1 1,1 a* n:u. la* dex vM. Itc^l.t :lit an 1 l'liirli <! 11' r.i all honr-.l) \8. JKNKINSO.N, t'ropreI r, laic oi ll c Railroad all A Aaanit lion? , t1 .any WINKS AMD LIIVUOHS. VTOTI'S.?I II AYR THIS DAY Al'I't UN t I'D W.J. J.1 II' wrl', No. It) II uaion xtrre;ai ill U . small ice', il'.y of New York, wile agent for my Pain A Us. Ail e'er.* coot 10 Moildrftun will b>' |iroin|itly attended to. The piihlt< arc ranii ni. <1 against orualu deaignliig penonx, who l ate S'lfixpliilonxly oSiair d iny makx, arid am tilling tljftin wltli an air oi 1 u 1 it r quality anil t ending the aitnn; ?< my m.tu 11 facta re. I will gnarentce lion genuine mile x purfiaaed of IV .1 llo e'l. awe auent for New York. i'Bu.Aoai.rnu, April 11.1-KS. WM. P. Kl'DMAK. Ul.'MM \.N S PHILADELPHIA AI.B.?I HEREBY notify tlic public I urn n? l'tiger agent fur \v in. P. Kuilaian, "nor am 1 at lllitg uny alu ri |>rvn'ni 1114 u to 1m uf I1I1 tin. 11 Ufa tui", lint 1 em wiling .1 ? ,|,. rl.'r anl. li', at a lower prim, brewed by Mr. Thie. H. I'or ru?", who h:ia been brewing for Mr. Hodman lor the pr.-t nu an.I who (or'h i|uni|iirit he rau t'irn out nn article e<|iinl, If not nuerior, to unythlug Mr. Ku.Iiimii ohm produce. Pull an I ea'uule it at 1 OSTERA PEN ROBE'S Ale Vaitlie, 74 Cedar droit. IIENKT P. HlafKR. \?'IVF.H AND I.llgUORS -t DOT OK ALL KINDS OK \l 1.1 pmr', tVliiea, ami Llunvr Klavnrliiga, for tale at A Briber, to cloee a bowMeea. Impure at M I lew aril street, tia ionic nt, to-iiny. DANCIHO ACADE.H1E8. THE AMLHKMfcNT PAH RXPKLI.KKCB.-HOP Tonight at Madame SAl'TAUlSAU'H Dai lug Academy, ?l* Bioa.lvray. above lln airenl. E egaut danecuace eng.i40d fur the noroalon. M'Hic first tlaae. Cmimeu'.ea at H ami closing a' 11 o'clock. Admission tOoenie. STBAMBOATI. The m team bo at j.onu island leaves for Nortbport, to iching at the intermediate landings, every afternoon (Hnmiay* c?-eiited), from Pnllnn Mnrfeet slip, 111 three o'clock Returning, Icatee Nortbpoit every worning, at hall-past five o'elo-k. OtfLISTS AND AUR1STS. DBAINESH, DISCHARGES FROM THE EARS. BMnilr '*?, Phrenic Inllam'tiatlon, and all diseases of tbe Eye and Kur: alu Nervone A (faction* and Catarrh, tbe frei|ticm 1'Aiiec ?1 ilcafiv a?, cmed by Dr. ORAVEB, fit1.' Rrouduay. BILLIARDS* A M^OS JWOjj vjfjwgt, AND SKiIOND HAND JTJl VHlinm mijq.i, nun ih?ii*u ? v'juiqiiiiiuuu vun tiouv, ?t liner, lit emt the tlttoca. Pit ELAN * OUl.LUNUBR, 03 te ?J Crgnby ilrecl, N. T. BlLLTAKIV<-ON VoNDVY, APRIL it). KAVA.NAUH A hVeenuut will tithe pon^-Mfn of the well entailII ;hetl known m Ph<?t<ii'? tin .me, corner of Bint>i. wejr end T?nib htreel, where they will b? U?pr* to hen their fwentlh _ KAVANAllll A FREEMAN. UTAJtriJ-TWO ur PtUULAVH B1LLJ A RU TABLE* ?T An goo'l M new, with .1?te t-eltnin*; Will lln<| e rC?h Ctieiomet hy rpvljint; to BETH HOI.DEN, 13V Cedar meet. Net* Yo. it. KftT AUIlVNTH. tAREE ) UKOIIES I'OK RE8TAURANTB H RVrsHKD ' nn thn mo?t mn?nn*Me lernm, et the Commodore'h No. T New etre. 1, N. B ?Clubhand |huU< a t?n obuln Fl?n rail Qeiu Onowdtre, he good ite the .ihglnnl chowder* nthde by the Pilgrim Father# of Now Bngkuid. TOO LAI fi POACU^il'iCiriOJI. I IT M ttavMW AVLNl K-CI it) ??> UK BILK J\ Drethee, |A 10 P for Ooeth <3 to ?7 ror Pratt, AC., will I le Mill lor III' fthifnrrl, mnrlirt t nil nil r n.Mrrjiihy | j**i CcreuMft, hwgetTfOtt ?' *** Mt?.t| AH?*<l0? ?J amp mm?ti. ^ BKOOKLTN ACiDEMT ok Mr8TC. XIIIH SATCKDAY EVENING,APRIL m. *' LAoT MGHT op THE opera. for the Gr?t time In that liv, Donizetti a celebrated Opff# THE DAUGHTER Ob1 TUB REGIMENT. KELLOGG, BKIGNOLI, 8USINI. Ticket* can also Us entuisd in New York, at Eibeii'k, WkJ treei. MS. JAB. *. "NIXOH HAH THE HONOK OK AJt iro'UCJn* that he will open hie ORIGINAL. ROYAL LTRCCS, Willi all th*' GREAT TKOUI'E OP AHl lhTH, who created eut-h a furore at Niblo'a Garden in the HM( leUI an ! 1-iil, for a SHOUT SIMMFK SEASON IN NEW YOKE, COMMENCING MONUAY EVENING, AFKIL tt. Anil continuing each mil eminent AFTERNOON AND EVENING, * On '.lie KIT ADJOINING THE PALV'E GARDEN. FOURTEENTH HTKEET, NEAR SIXTH AVENGE. All the equestrian trlumpha will bo revived. embracing the nanus* of all the great artists of the day, Mil ntsw cMiliilales for public lavor from over* clime. the famous ella zoyara, THE El IT EE GAMMA, MONS. OMAR 20Y.VRA. _ SVM LONG. SAM LATOROP, MESSRS SYLVESTER. OEO. ROSS AND W. II. PENNT. S1G. ^EUASTIAN, D KII'AHDM AND A LARGE AUXILIARY PURGE. M .I.M.N haa also ? cured, at a fcirkt oipenie, the Mr vice* of COM FOOTE and COL. SMALL, who will bol.l tlieir tlrni Levees In N w Y ora on this ucckklOB, THESE M VRVEELOIS MINIATi RK MEN. AND WONDERFUL PIGMIES, iui'i an nil other ?i?' mo-..hoi Amtuaicl Lil'-lcuce* in LACK OK INCHES, LENGTH OP TEARS and STRENGTH OP IN telleCv ever brought hefoo the nubile. THE I OMMODOUE AND COLONEL will uartleiii'iv 111. .V h and ci ry uciTonnanee of NINON S ORIGINAL ROYAL CIRCUS, and can be seen without extra charge. Hoier, I'd eenuv. Reserved aeats, SOcente. Children to reserved mam. in ceiltk. Dooi h?|H'ii ai i ami 7 o'clock. P- rformnncea to coinrnence half an hour after opening. MEI.OL.KnN, sail llKOVDW.VY, BETWEEN SPRING end l'rin el recta, lu cu-equi-nee ol a rerun! ac' of the Lerdalature, and_ is ai-curdancu Willi the advice of counsel, the proprietor !? ? discharged lns"wnuer girls" anil cloned his bar, out will furnish his jjnesw with Ice cream, lemouudc, soda water end all kinds uf temperance drinks. Will he recti m the MELODEoN, SATURDAY NIGHT, April 20, 1862, One of the most attractive programme* over picsentM, 1L lusirat d by snelt stursas SAM SiURI'LEY, MIS-! EVA BRENT, 1-ATT1E STEWART, ULLE. ROSA. Prof. SEtOKIST AND SON, ADKLK CALX A, Messrs. LEWIS AND CHRISTIE, the celebrated Aerial Gyuinatts, THE INFANT BLONDIN. MATILDA FORBES, Al'GL'S'l'E SEluRIHT, with hla celebrated dog Lager Bier MISS EMMA WARD, MLLE. DU'PONT, Hirt other distinguished artists, composing me largest and best company in New York. A lrc-.l) programme every night. EVERYTHING NEW AT THE MODEL CONCERT HALL OK AMERICA. OPE CHAPEL, 720 BROADWAY^ "" The LAST MATINEE this day. at3 o'clock, The LAST EVENING, at 7X o'clock of captain williamsSOUTH SEA W1IALIKO VOYAGE Admission 23 cents. Children 1.1 cents. A i 1"?THE GREAT AMERICAN M USloTlALL, fc'T'I. Hi 444 ltd 414 444 444 444 Ms BROADWAY. the MUSIC 1IAI.L OF THE MASSES I OLDKIOl'SLY MAINTAINS ITS SWAY presenting a continuous CARNIVAL OF MIRTH. ENERGY AND ENTERPRISE Mark our managerial course.- We are ever on the alert M scottte new and attractive tea teres. WE KNOW NO LIMITS. we fear no opposition. 444 444 444 is firmly fitted in the hearts of tin- pc >p>. IT IS MANAGED BY THE PUBLIC, FOR THE PUBLIC TASTE IS ot'R ONLY GUIDE. Every greet star in the prefessional llrmatuenl Is engaged for our p-.tmui, uiukiiid .411 THE ONLY MUSIC 11ALL IN THE WORLD MAINTAINING A STOCK COM 1' v.N Y OF STAR ARTISTS, iiDVi'J N *-?>KKK.-T. IS All hi./. A IIIMvl.KV, JJliiCiXOLT, li I.. DAViiNPoliT, IIliKUMANN AND M V I'It.DA DEHOR. ALL THE BRIUI1T Lit.H IS dFTIIIi i'HOFESSION AX 411. Ihc only plane >*1' amusement in the epy to witness a SVi KU.Ni AND LKOITIMATK ENTERTAIN dEXT, OKIOINAL KiUIOl'r iN A( IS. .-ii'AHKLI N't HAN K) litCICSTRIOITIES. Ui.Oi:iO!'S C'OVIO SONOH. DLLIOIU n i. DAM ES. CjIAHMi.NO UAJJUDS OB.VCEKL I. IIVMX.ASricS. CI KAN II Jit KLKSUCESBIULL1 V.ST .. ALLEYS lii shotfor nil ti nt, gory to make up A SPLENDID AND ENJOYABLE PERFORMANCE, 14 1 is, beyond dispute. the lirst Mudl TlaJI in the Universe. Ho people > appreciation t tir cilona in evinced c.u b even n? by t'HOW DED HOUSES t ROWOIiD H0USE8. CROWDED 1IOI KS. CROWDED HOUSES. SHoC'IS OP AITL.\lsE, R'JAR.s Of LACOUTKR gii'. i i.or Miperlati |*rform<!"'. ALL A\li DELMUIED, all ?!*| erienoe en loyinr . ?en toy in m . uu move to inniih? tloiiig more to Jl?!11 hypochondriacs,splon actl ill huuiOl than a a hole oi t" lull ui pii.vsiti out. 414 444 444 p:-u-eul? not only tbn best, but the chc.pcst <mierUuiilB?att each n t * i', .; ivnriu at "t lie pi n e ol mini uon. Jki.J'l tlir Hi' iutl array >>f Stars.? TON \ PASTOR, TONY PASTOR Tony pastor, tony pastor, (he mo. i popular, n'.ir.ii tive and original c'lowu, Jester, Coin jo SI; and S. < mi> < iraii.r m ,iim in. a. CHARLEY WHITE, CUU4LEY WHITE, Tim great EPiopian t nn.i-itlat), nuihomf all the ix?pi in* Nl tg o Karces ainC Evtr.iva.pnrae ot ihe nay. New Herds favorite, 1.. SiMMON 3, Ti e e.- eiitrlc Bun hum, in Ills original Reims. ADD WEAVER AND .MASTER BARNEY, It' ihcii Ethiopian dualities. KOI5 11 A 141'. !u Inn ? on.leri ol i'o ;ii-.liu:i.! n-ilineailon*. CHARLEY liVttU.NBR, In Ills Lt "en a > > I- ivs .i "(I D del D ;; ".l JOHNNY VI ID. In 1.1* Ol.l Virylllnr .lb ai d I" *. IIAIiltV I .KS, In hi* ; i il ' l D.r * a 11 II . v, e -pes, VI:-; lit: Mis i: S h lir run!:' The b.aut ;; Duo?- :w am; ,' i?i, in |i r li? ikies'oiiri* MISS LIZZIE ScH.M.l/h, Thedtli 1.1 ID.. i 1 r.:.i.i ? In her ?? ' i S >i.r" Till; Xllfl.l 1 \N r L'OIU'S 1)? Ullder ttl" Ii 1' ? *i<? ' M" "111 nt Hi'V. ; ?I 1. ill! ) 1.1 A V i I;R \NI? > AT x i i . t;n\n M>T NRK, OKtNU >1 * 1 i > i , ' :> ?!,. I-I-.K, (MAM) MAllVii. t.,*\l> H H'ltKI!, UKAN.J MM-'M.J-.. ' -V I >1 . .'iH, Ilxin.ntv iV? n 11 4 uti LAIIlKS \M< I I LI) ..v this .< <)-, .r , tt < '.o ; THIS t H'Ki:\< '< ?. >. . 1 '< l. KOIlMi 1' M. til 1 I.Kit, > In i|- i -! ?? .nr|!? **\lr? Mil.' 1.1 I'l Vt I.,!i.Ills - iji-.o ' i?.v\v, rr s .11: lN?"I:II \SEI) VITtt.VCII i.V ^ All i'tr iniinri 1 i<- ! iui p < m- p ..i . ?c Hit II! M-.ll Ii.> < i. "II I! il t'l * HI uniUr, i I I" tt" | .1 i : - iiiium. ('! . ! ' i ) :h" ji i !i< r i.'. j fi o ui'i-4 UEAI'Ttr; I. |).\- . sf:s, j*il.* i un ui .u.ii.. ATTK < TM i: irM.i r-.T i'?f) ! >;, . A1J>> I'KKL.s. HVH -Ify.JRRd, Ai KOUAl'S, 1'ANTUMi A.'., m . f i .i'ii or. Tl.c position win 11 tin il il tfco UAIKTiKS by th? i' .hli" ftj'l im"*. i?- - inmtlna all thn UK A i riKIL I'J.MAi.h which i;llnrv in the am in- i flrmittueni, v. tn Ijc wa.i > ?l by lh? coiitln !? ! cx il im tin- |uo|irl in-, ami lie i iblic cun alw..yi rely up i inidiuy ilu* mori ue?ur. ulat it .exomii ta' ci Kuintii "ti tii" AMEBI'A* STALE. MLLI;. O. COSIA Tin-; MH-T /.ASSH AL iku ELE u nit French Daue-use la America, hat , ??i nrri>?t' Ir mi M'-mou iitul tliiiana, w b-'i-it all" luvl t. c .in c am. I .Sfilii iiit ..ii.-ti" . Alan V .: 1 II. tt rPi Cl it'l.' mr . knew n t<-l>? the in-'?t KMeful Uwirer anil Huliqt Va?l*r Uuratut lloii. West Bleouker fi New York. ClKU\T rAWTBRBrBY MfSIC HALL, r k*> BROADWAY. U>0 V CARD TO THE ft ItLIC. The tfirat Canterbury (estahliilied and cordite ted on tht atyle o! Hi" Oau'erbury Jlurtu llall, London, it place ul amusement y?4V*r>-nl*<-?I 1 y the Mr?t men or the ay?> ha* Moot] the teas o. o>?i 'In* year*, wanting ll,n moat nattering ea* miniums l'rnm 'kmu u;ess and public, with a few iinentiabtt exemption*. During thai lime it lias .1 Horded enjoyment ta Tntlliunj. preamt "i tiio fiist ertlsfsof the day and gtrrn e*a< i,l 'yinrnt, at lib 'ml salaries, to tl>#ii wads. While: theair* aftei theatre hs* u 1W11 'bed to <1 ill tiniaa and other ratine*, the great Canto bury .us llourialied and triumphed, Tbia fa t alone is snflktrn. *n lae for their mullet and en ay. The nubile will awry* uotronlxe the b '?t eutertatnmcatal henc-tbry prefer I* .in ? an tatnhiiabnu-ul what* thejt an aritne-* a perfo ce presented by artiata, of wbotS many receive each tuo-o talnry than u paid In tome theatre* to a whole eonijteny. There lias been no 1 koala* rf the Ureal Canterbury during llie dull seasons of the year, Tortlie slmpj* ronton that, unlike tl o theairee, we hate no d ill season*. Our performance is muled to our amlteac* the year reund. To place an rs abii. iiin-nt like thia, one whkh, Tu EnmpdC would lake rank ulthlbc Itrat theatre# and opera bo*ta?a,aad whl.h lie re li superior to ihsm, on a |*r with those baatmsM aud c-llar sahKiiiH la mi omtvge upon out pair .na, in costCW log whick 1 he p 'bile 1a ? ith us. TUB GREAT CAHTBRBPRT (STILL I.BADS IRK YAH, Still present* th<- sa:no i.<ii<ilant rarlety of perfcrnbgfd IS bereto'ore, siitl 'naln'alns nad addato ltd MAMUD'fil OiMl'ANY OF STAB t,11 AND MATlNKB, GRAND WaTI.NK",, QRAN D0MATI.NKB. dMinned ripressh r r toe ? <Vnie' us'"v LAMB* MID < turn ArrBRRuo*. ' {{{jj THIS At-TERSOi'S. *"I1. Bl,rBR!*VOB, THE BjAtTJfTj. Y.ANKRRTTA, THS BKA L'TiFUL ZAXKUrrr iiEMj AIi MT, nKNEKAL y T. BIU.V BIRCH, BKM COTTON. 5OMT BIR'lf. _ BEN COTTON. Ol'BTAVK BIDKAI'X. UB'V OKAY J. HEKMANJf M TIlK CUK ORD SIS BKs * Mt?S ANNIE XO.tKUV. ELb, km! k'l the comi?n>, appearing. _ XTOVBATY Ml'flCAI. I.NWTITrTE ~ * i\ rtl# Hi"? loij, m*.ir Hoi Won ttrwit. HE B'?W IN 111,'MULE SCIKJKHION to t nr. DicTArfii or Ol'k WIRE LKi!I8f.ATOK8 AT ALBANY knd kublti'.ot'' I' r our !?i? CONCERT ROOM VKRPORSIANOES ,riNSTRL*ENTAL MUSICAL ENTERTAINMENT BV TWO PCLL BAND?, JACK805 P BRABN BAND AND HbYTHK* HTHINO BAND, Ca-.npoe'd "f 'm> mo?t finl.linl and n vottijuikiiM pei ''.>riu?rt on Li???. ^ti?ng *n.1 InnunuurnU in Attnlok on iik. . orHn BVKRY NiullT, Couiirrnol. ? RATI'Kit AY, Alini .C, 1MB ADH.S^ION CPEE N, B.-T. iiton on uy inn,uu< & CH RJ ;r?n.wtk. 1

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