Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1862 Page 7
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COM Be is ft socond Cortes. lie must keep his army busy fti something. But the Hold opened La Mexico is of the proudest luitaro. Ho will jrr.ake a colony of it, as he did of Algeria, ondor pretence of compelling (La Algerian government to 00x17 out ft treaty. Mexico presents ft vast theatre Tor enterprise and the development of wealth; end the French, with their arts and arms, and advanced civilization, are just the people to lake hold of it. Tho Emperor knows that the (Jolted States are too busy with their own troubles just now to interfere with his project, bad as for the future he will trust to luck. Mexico would be ten timee a richer prize for France than Algeria, and the government of the country as a colony of the French empire Would certainly be better than the anarchy that baa prevailed for the last ten or twelve years, The publio mind will await with interest further ftevelopmeuta of this great Napoleonio scheme. . ' IMPQR1 AH f DIPLOMATIC MOVEMENTS. Tho Reported Visit of a British Agent to Richmond* We Banish and Swedish Ministers Going to the Rebel Capital, M. MKUCIER'S VISIT, &C4p &<Cif &>Ct WianwuTOSf, April 25,1S52. Lwd Lyons has not gone to Richmond, but it is understood thst representative of the British authorities has |one there, and also the Swedish and Danish Ministers. These rlalts of foreign dignitaries to the rebel eapltal, (a tho last hours of the rebellion, are significant. Th - y are the subject of much comment here. Some members K the Cabinet are blind enough to imagine that these visits are simply charitable, and Intended to remonstrate with the rebel leaders, and advise a reconciliation and a reconstruction of the Union. Wiser and more fhrseelng men 'In the Cabinet reoognlze in these mysterious visitations ! only a speculation in cotton and tobacco. It would not be surprising, whon our armies reach Richmond and New Orleans, to And that all the tobacco belongs to Franoe and aU the cotton to England. It Is absurd for the American Cabinet to flatter Itself ' ghat the representatives of foreign Powers sre taking SO muoh trouble with the very laudable purpose of aiding the government to reconstruct the Union. They are more probably attending to their own business, and keeping an eye opon to driving profitable bargains, i During the past week, for the flret time for several I months, well known secessionists here bad a grand convivtal gathering. It was a celebration of the visit of the French Minister to Richmond. It Is, however, untrue thatOompte Marcior, while in the rebel capital, held any offlolalcommiuiic ttton with any other person except the French Consul. Ills Intercourse with prominent rebel leaders with whom he had' a former acpualatanee, was altogether uno.Hclal, and did not Justify the statements In the Richmond papers in regard to Dr. Lemoine, with whom II. Mercier bad no communication whatever. His Tialt, aa hag been heretofore announced In the Hunn, wa? entirely In reference to commercial affairs. > It Is well known here that the rebel Secretary of Legation to France, George Euatis, Jr., has sent home a despatch full of encouragement to the rebel leaders. He zpreeeeg gratification at the kind and favorable reception he has received In the French capital, and Is by no tneans hopeless of patching up some sort of recognition of the Confederate States of America by the French gov ram out It Is well authenticated that the rebel leaders would ftladly see Mextoo made a French colony, and France en. Joy tag the monopoly or its trade, In return for French aid autd recognition at the present critical moment In the affaire of the rebel confederation. The recent despatches Of Mr. Euatis are believed te have reference to such an Arrangement. These speculations are Indulged by well Wishers of the conspiracy, under the Impression that {England's present weakness la Louis Napoleon's oppor. t> nity to carry out his policy for the aggrandizement of fiha power pf France among the nations. ' Our Minuter at Loudon, Mr. Adams, recently visitod JPartatfOr an offlclU conference with Mr. Dayton upon an important subject of diplomatic negotiation. The rormcr, 'fry the last ateamer reports that hi has returned to his ?*?* M. Mercler'g Visit to Rtclamond. OITR F0KTKKS9 MONROE CORRESPONDENCE. Fortress Moxrob, April 21,1802. .The Prm<1i Minister's Visit to Richmond?hurmises as to , the Nature of Uis Mission?Prslminary Negotiations? . What trance rrvposes to Do, dr., <tc. The reoent lengthy visit of the French Minister, M. Norfolk, has occasioned no little gossip and Speculation among the high-ranked military men here. At first, as I suggested, that hie mission was purely to took after the imu.ecie stock of tobacco collected for aud owned by the French government, and which is now lrtored at Richmond. The second proposition was advanced in the editorial Poiumns of the !Isx-tu>, to the affect that the French government^ through their Minister,urge upon the rebels lo lay down their .arms, as the tide or vic'ory has set ln gainst them. This third proposition is that the visit ef 11. Homier to tlio rebel capital was for a totally differ. Snt purpose than either of the other two. Since the French steamer Liusondl, with the French Minister, rs - turned lo this port from Norfolk, it has leaked out that the mission of M. Mercicr was for the purpose of opening preliminary negotiations with the rebel confederacy in regard to Mexican affaire. It is alleged that the French government proposes to acknowledge the rebel confederacy, and guarantee to it its interposition to bring about ft peace?peacoably If aha can, forcibly if the mustprovide.I Duyia k Co. will agree to non.lnteference them perpetually in any measures she may take for the subjugation of Mexico and making It a dependency or France. Certain territorial hues kixve beou named as tlio boundary line between the two new governments, allowing the rebel confederacy a con. Al terable slice more than the now covers by her arms. This proposition was received with considerable cciat by bavisanlbis Cabinet, hence the card of Dr. Leonine, published in the Richmond Ditjxtkh, in which he apeaki of l'nrg( liatlone being opened," kc. This Dr. Lemoine is a Frenchman by birth and a man of undoubted talents hi 4 influence. Ilo had an Interview with M. Msrcler eoon after the diplomats errlral et Richmond. After that interview ho published the card to which I have alluded. It is said that Davis likes tbo proposition, as far aa it goes, and is willing to send tho Monroe doc. trine to the dogs; but It is said bo will entor Into no negotiations with any government hn'esa thoy guarantee to him the territory of the new ?vu.' tiorecj ci>ui|n ii"n iu mi tne Slav* Mates. TllUB the Bnattor stands. Davis if to conrider the French proposl tlorf, And vice vtrta. It ta said I bat among the Frsnch pro; osltloDH was onu retiring the Southern confederacy to furnish a certain number of troops to assist in conUttering Moxlco, tho expense of which to bo boms by the 1 reach government. There la a deal of plausibility In this statement, and tlio manner in which the visit was toad*, and the secrecy attached to It, at leaat should (xta-o ua suspicious as to its nature. It ia characteristic of alio Napoleonic policy to cry lha empire is peace when behind it ie a fall determination for war. Let our govgrnwut bewaro. Napoleon ia famous for hii coup d'etat. 1 The New African Hlave Trade Treaty. ' Tie Souate ou Thursday last gave its uuaniuious content to a treaty recontly nejrotiuted by the Secretary of tale, Mr. Seward, on the part of our government, and Lord l.yona, Minister of England, on behal: of his gorernmont, wliich, If we are correctly Informed of its provisions, will more effectually remove a source of constantly recurring hyutloa between the two e than any international compact which has beeu entered Jnto between them since tho treaty of (fhent. Wo reier to a tieaiy Tor the suppression of tho African glavo trade, which deflnet aud settles within specified limits the right of search, that fruitful Source of vazalioo and danger during the la.-t forty yeare. At a period as far back as that, during the Presidency of Mr. Monroe, after tho government of the United stales Kfcad by solemn act declared the African slave trade piracy, Mr. John Qulocy Adams, Secretary of State, Delated a treaty with the British Minister, by wbieb,for i mors effectual suppression ur tho slave trails, the fight of search of veeseis under the American flag "was fielded to British cruisers bath (n the waters of the African coaet end those ef America This treaty or contention wee gabmitted to the Senate of the UntUd States m ltd ooneent. and was ceajrtati) by thai body Qw*- ! . * % NEW TO] thirtsnf ,-sturM oto touting), wl'li a single amendment, to wit v-Strdrinc on? the privtieice ot Mai oh in American watere. Tbu uui. idium t n?t being aooeiled to by England, the tritely failed ; and from that time to thin, through varioua uu-sucooe-Tul eflbrta to adjust It, tho quastmn has (stiu.niv' oj*tn?one party frequently ezeroislng tlia right of visit, If not of search, and the othor reals ting and complaining of it as an insult and aggression, often threatening envious misunderstanding bath ceu the two uations until tlia preaout moment. Another Privateer. Mr. Henry Robinson, mata of the ship Victoria, which saiiad from this port a abort time alnoe, writos to his father, (Mr. E. Robinson, corner of Thirty.fourth street and Eighth avenue,) regarding another Intended rebel pr'.vateor, the eaptaln of which loudly proclaimed his in* toation to prey on American merchantmen. We are kindly allowed to make tha following extracts from the letter;? * Fatal, Azores, March S, 1642. A Southern steamer (no name given) left this port on Sunday last, bent en misohlef. She reports having left Charleston on the tth of February, loaded with ootton and turpentine, bound for Liverpool. Her captain says he will there get guns and ammnnltioa, sad return hare; that ha oaa make " s good thing of It," Tor there are merchant vessels from the North arriving and departing from hers nearly all the time. He says, also, that his cargo was consigned to the English Consul at this port, sad that that of&cial decllnsd acting as consignee, but sant hiss to a friend. Tbe Consul supplied him with oeal, In order that he might continue his voyage. On arriving here this steamer had tha English flag flying at tha main, the" Portuguese at tha fbro, and the rebel flag at the peak. He said he should hoist the English flag only ob tearing this port, ha oontlnu* under it to lot talwr his voyage. I tbiik the Amerioan government could And ampla employment for on* or two gunboats La this rlclnity, conatdorlng thi amount and value of tba (hipping belonging to lojral ownara tbat is haro afloat. Acadkmt or Mcaic.?The "Farorlta" was given at the Academy last night to a larga audianoa, it balng iho lost parformanra.of tha season. Tha principal raica wore Bllod by Madame d'Angrl and Slgnori Brignoll, Bustni and Farrl, aU of whom sang wall, and apparently to tha entire satisfaction of tha audience. \fe bare before no* tioad with commendation tha rendering of the "Fa orita," by tba aama cost, and tbaro waa nothing In tha performance last night to alter our opinion with regard to It. Madame d'Angrl acted and mng with her accustomed power. Brl<:noli sung dellciously, his "Spirlto Gentil". being deservedly encored, with a rehemonce and hearty'aenae of appreciation which ( impelled Us repetition. Ferrt, na usuaI , displayed the powers of n fluhthed artist. Buslai seemed to be In good roice, and we need hardly aay sustained his part as befits him. City Intelligence. 8alcts ix tub Park.?There ia to be a salute of a hund-oa guns in the Park, at noon to-day, in honor of the re. -' >mination oTGoneral Sickles by President Lincoln. Siom. Msktino at Turk Halt..?a rery numerous meetig "f the friends of General Fraz Blgoln waa held last c jning at Turn Hull, In Orchard stroet, Mr. ITonry Viiiroan in the chair, and Mr. Henry Waoldln acting as f.iv-oUxry. After several speeches n committee waa ai'poinled, consisting of John Meinhardt, Aug. Koch and K mnn Pdster, to confer with a similar committee from a meeting held at Steuben House some time ago, for the purpose of getting up a mass meeting to further the object of raising a subscription to buy* homestead for the ' gsiiant GeneralSlgel. The mass meeting, it is expected, wlil take place next Wenosday evening, either at Turn Hill or Steuben House, in the Bowery. I'tr s ik Norvolx Strict.?Between three and four o'clock jr os tor day morning, a fire broke out In the base, tn-ut of the three story brvek bulldlnga, Nog. eg and 100 ?' irfolk stroet, owned and occupied by E. P. Ourtio as a i ting box manufactory. Before tho flames were ext i .'.iisned the mncliinosy, stock and buildings were (' . .aged to the extent of about $3,500; insured for $2,500 l an Hamilton. $2 500 in llie St. Marks'. and 81.000 in t !io Tradesmen's companies. John Roplie, ' --cui vn of the factory, lived In the upper part of No. 93. l-.i.; furntturo was d.imaged to the extent or about $50; no i ?trunce. The origin of the fire is unknown at presont. Fatal Quarrm. Bictw*?!? Bors.?Coroner Rannajr hold an inquest yesterday, at No. 123 East Third street, upon I ho body of Henry Culler,a native of Germany, agod ten years, who died from the effects of Injuries received in a fistic encounter with another lad about his own ago named August Huffman. The boys quarrelled, It appears, when Hoffman, who was tho strungor of tho two, struck deceased a blow on the hesd which causod congestion of the brain and death. The youthful homicide escaped; but the Coroner Issued a warrant for .hie apprehension, so the probability is that he will be arrested in a day or two. Founh DtoWKim?The body of an .unknown sailor, about twenty-two years of ege, was found drowned at pier 85 East rivor yesterday. Coronor Wlldey held an Inquest upon the body, and sent the remains to the deadhenee for idontiheation. The HackleyContraet. srranoi ooitrt?spkcial trkm. Before Hon- Judge Barnard. A run. 23.?L?ttnt Davit vs. Andrew J. UackDy, Uuxn and OftenJudge Barnard this morning granted the motion on the part of plaintiff** counsel to read counter affidavits In reply to,or in explanation of, any new matter set up in the .affidavits of the defendants. Counsel then read the affidavits of the plaintiff, tho Hon. Benjamin- Wood and J. B. Au'.d. Mr. Edwin James opened the plaintiffs oase, giving a brief outline of tho proceedings, and partially commented upon the answsrs and affidavits of the defendants in re. latioa to Kacklev'a contract. He said it taken him rather by surprise. He also stated that there woro various propositions which ha would mora fully submit in hia reply; but the mauuor in which the Messrs. Hops had acted in thta case with regard to his elieut was vary much like the Congress of Vienna, when it partitionad folanJ, without consulting the unhappy Poles in the matter. The Hopes never consulted his client in the matter, but pretended that they wore his trustees. Ha asked for an injunction or a receiver, to defeat the object whieh the defendants had in view?namely, to make Mr. Iktvla contribute to reimburse thorn the $40,000 w hich they had corruptly expended in influencing certain authorities connected with the Corporation to confirm this contract Mr. James concluded by saying that the name of tho Hon. Fernando Wood had been most unjustly Introduced into these discussions. The gent'eman was Willing to have made an aflldavit, but ho (jhe learned ceensol) took upon himself the responsibility of advisu g him not to condescend to notioe such attacks, and be did not shrink from avowing the res;>onsibiilty of such advice Mr. Burrell occupied the Court several hours in reply. Mr. OarvIn also spoke on behalf of the defence. Mr. James proceedod to sum up on the part of the plai^jifT, but had not concluded at the adjournment of the Court Aran. 24.?'Tho case was resumed this moruing. The court wis Jonselr crowded. Mr. P. 0. Clark, on the par of Bliss and Yelverton, referred tlieCourt to some au thorltlos. Mr. Wwln Jamas, for ths plaintiff, resumed his argument, and in a vory able address, which occupied over an hour, contended that hia client was entitled to a receiver, though the Court has bean told that if the ipjunotion is granted the city of Now York would Buffer m a sanitary point, and the sileets,lanes and avenues will be left in a worse coudltiorf than ever. Thn conduct of the Messrs. Hope reminded blin (Mr. James) of a thimble rigger in Kngland, who bad smasa'd cnniidorab.e wealth, and, wheu doalhlwaa approaching,called his son to his bedside, aud said to hint ?'"Sammy, my boy, I'm BuiU(i II i?~>? ) -.1 -1. I .!??. in IUV .ujr , nui ( uiu 'apparatuses,' with this b't of advice?wheu you sens the 'perlice' a coining you allma grab tho stako*." This is what tbs Hope* had dr>a#; In sscuring a salary of fl ,800 a yea to Anthony Hope, besides his share In the Contract, he had "grabbed the (stakes." It wns rumored that the sweoptngs of the streets of Now York were more valuable than those of H Dorado, whiob were auppoeod to have been pavtd with gold. At the conclusion of Mr. Jamos' argument the Cout t reserved its decision. Tha Soldiers' Sanitary Commission. BuflTow, April 26,1S62 A concert will take place to-morruw night In the Music I tall for the benefit of Uio soldiers of the Sanitary Commission. Many of our leadi ig clitatna, including Governor Andrew, manifest a personal Interest in Its success. The Rntland and Partington Ritllroad. Riitt.aot), April 25, 1S62. Tli* track of the Rutland and Burlington Bad mad, which waa injured by the lato flood, has neon retired, and trains now run through from Troy to Burlington without change. , Western Sanitary CommUilon. Jtmo A. Rooecrelt, !4 Maiden lane, acknowledgee the reueipt of the following eume In aid of llie Weeterii h ioailng | Huapnal end wuuuded eoldlara ? ... ^ i C. ?. Caldwell ... $10 00 Employment Society of Church of Incarnation, one barrel auU one bundle ho?pltal eioree, and caeh 5 00 Allen aire* BplMopal Maihodlai church, by Iaaae Euiler Stl 67 Caeh ., 10 00 Collegiate Reformed D itch church, Twrnty-bluth etreet and Lafayette place SM 54 OWIta f American Exchange U ink SO 00 II. D. Ward 1 00 Ceali from lioiee at TlTany A Co.'a S# 81 Five ladiee In BetankeV L. I., fourteen qullla and CHfli) A 00 Iloeplial atort from Ward School No 47, and caeh... 60 CO Grace church, Jamaica, L. I., by J. A. King 88 It) Arn >IJ, C>>natnhle A Co 20 0(1 A Jertey woman 80 00 ('ml, from lunct at I'ark A Tilford a U II) Holmee A Co 20 00 Ball, Black A Co M 72 Arnold, fVnaiablo A Co 27 20 A Rankin A Co 8 VI llegetnan ACo 9 99 Caen 1 61 Caeh 10 00 2 00 Dollar ooUecttona 21 00 Ladiee of lbs Church ot the Holy Ionocanta, hoapltal atorea. Cash, R "" 00 Robert Banner 00 00 Ladlaa of Dr. Halton'a church, hoapltal atorea. Frertoualy aoknowleged.. 7,277 AS Tom....,,,, l,l?n,U|MUH..l.,....i,pl..AlN? lIK HERALD, SATURDAY THE COMING CONTEST AT CORINTH. LARGE REINFORCEMENT!* FOR UEN. HALLECK General Pope's Division Ordered to the Field. ?<*? THE UNION ARMY READY. The Enemy Preparing for the Action, Deary Firing Heard In the Direction of Pittsburg Landing. Arrival of Union Gunboats at Hantsvilla, Alabama, Steamers on the Tennessee River Attacked. Disastrous Floods on the Lower Mhiiaahmi. \c-i &c., &c. | Cmo 100, April 25,1862. A special despatch Iji*1 Cairo to-day say3 that paa. songere by tha Ball* of Memphis fay at Savannah thoy be.rd hoary firing in l no direct Ion of Pittsburg. The cannonading was brUlc and gradually grow louder, being heard for miles thin side of Savannah. The belief was that a general engagemr. t had taken place; and this was trenMhsnod by the fact that on Wednesday significant preparations worn mads by donors! Hillock for an attack ? Tli.' rumor that fighting had commenced at Pittsburg U di bellevad at headquarters. General Strong received deep tcbea from General Itatlock yesterday. No moat Ion of an." affair was made. > Our gunboats on tho Tennossee river had oBboted a paasago over tho Muscle Shoals, and penetrated as far as HunUviile, Alabama, whore thoy captured a quantity of rebel o jiamlasarjr stores. CitftO, April 85,1903. The steamers Belle of Memphis and unuuWt?w.from Pittsburg Landing Wodnesrtay morning, arrived last night. They wore fired into thirty-five miles below Pittsburg by a band of guerillas, f om behind some dwellings on the left bank of tho Tennessee, (he Choctaw received seven shots. Her mat 0 wis killed. Tne Belle of Mem* phis rocoi vod twelve shots, mortally wounding one nogro boy. .,,v -"* '-*".The^rb'ivdi at Pittsburg are improving. Skirmishos between the pickets continue. The riror bore is still rising. The lowor Mississippi is fearfully overflowed, causing the greatest lose of property ever known, Ncwipajifr Accounts. {"From the Ciucmraii Gazette, April gg.] The news of a greal bnttle near Corinth, Miss., may be expected houily. Fxteneive preparations are boiog risde on our side. The euomy la, doubtieea, equally active. Both sides fully comprehend the importance of tho impending engagement. If the rebels should bo defeated , the rum of tho Mississippi Volley, and, la a great measuro, of the rchorion, will ba decided. Boaurugaid la not insensible to this. His army Is not ignorant of it. General Halteck and the brave dofenders who make up tho grand army under bis command, 011tortain similar views. Tho approaching battle, if won by oar troops, will bo the listgroat battle, inallprobabilltv, that will be fought iu the cotton States. It ia not to b?expected, therafore, that the fight will ba anything short of a desperate struggle. We do not anticipate a retreat off the part or Iteauregard without a battle, because the moral effect of this would be quite as bad on tho cause, now desperate, which he represent* as a defeat, That, under these circumstances, ho will fight?and light desperately?struggling as a mati In the agonies of death, we are bound to believe. In view of these facts, and the consequences that necessarily reau;t from an organized battle in which over two hundred ^Jiousand men ahalt be engaged, it is the duty of the citizens to make provisions in advance for the care of the wounded. Lot boats be chartered, nuroea engaged, physician* procured, supplies obtained aud everything put in readiness at once for the approaching mission. Let the legislature appropriate money to stimulate and swell private contributions. We all know a bloody battle is impending. It is almost certalu that it will bo fought before the clone of the presont week. (lent-cal Halleck has his army oonoenti ated. It is organized aud equipped. The enemy will grow stronger by delay. Our tide is expected to make the attack. Hie commander knows the impoi tanoe or striking quickly, and he wdl not delay the blow. There can bono excuse, then, we re. peat, for delay tn the organization of measures of relief, rwtrauatiotfa on th* fisi.d. [Correspondence of the St. 1/iuia PrrrsBTTito Limm, April 19,18S2. Propirations go steadily forwaid here, and the trooje daily advance. Some of the divUlonj now are posted within a mile of the rebel pickets; numbers of now batteries and fresh soldiers have arrived, ami evidently bofore another week the fate of Corinth will bo decided. Oenoral Mitchol has reached Decatur, holding the bridge there, and capturing some soige guns on their way to Boriragard. Hundreds of wounded confederate* have bu n found by parties botweoo her# and Corinth, tho last day or two, an I brought in lioro. t?o energetic have been the inonsurus takeu by General lijliuck that tho army bore is fully prepared to immediately assume ti.e offensive, lienors! Bu ell's troops oro in excellent en* union- IH'UIOB VI UH1 MTULJ U?II^ mom auu amrmim with tho enemy. From present appearances. an immo di ?lo advanoa will take place upon Corinth. un account of tho destruction of tho railroad bri Igns. It is now impossible for Beauregard to obtain reinforcements. Heforo another weak cioso.sCorintli will probably b? won or lost, tho two g.e.vt armies or tho South a id West again meal together, and Ha! j<;k conquer Beauregard or Boauregnrd coupler Halleok. Toe a two general*, who, so far. havo proved themselves tho host on their respective siies, in a few days meat wharo merit iB heat to3ted, on tlm fluid of conflict. The coming c utest will bo one of tarrll/le i forest. Tho Union army is iu a posiiiou from v hicli it-catinot rot. uat. The alva.. o must be a toady an I uuiutarriij tod. A rovar.-o won!! provo almoat Talal, at least a* far as the sp. mg catnpai/n iscmcs ned. liut of this thoro is little daugor. Gen. Hallei s lias tho troops for saccct-s, and they hare the commander But opposed to our army ia the best rebel talent and the Unapt soldier* in the Come toralo service. Tho; arc well disciplined and thoroughly armed, facts which tho lata engagement abundantly proved. Their leader*are Beauregard, Hardee Prac^ Polk, Hoyn and Breckinridge, the four former hitllturx strategists of the first order. Tlio Confederate governmai t is bending iu energies wtli dosper ite earnes tie,, to man.lain its po; i>n nt Corltilh. With tho In .f af t!i? iH'er, tbut of Mo bile, New Orleans and the Gulf S' es woub itntne ?l lately follow. It wi/.dd no t.iifor be a question with tli ra wh re to make a stand, hi ' whither t> Ily for escatie. Richmond's tiin no, out oli .. >m its Soutliorn dcpendei clcs, wo.itd toUtr,and the Confederate fabric nie't away herore ihe YSVstaru ariny.Ii vm, thosjou the Potomac to oc ' ipy deported defeii ,i,,. Here will ba the rtrngg o, and th.rt err ay days. Uii' <a liultock ilii mediately tako? the 'Moil v , Beauregard will, iholatt . isimw Omin.audar i.i Chu., and his viewaon attacking instead of at Tainli > are we'.: known, other Oircumstati. a are combining ' moke tho coming battlo a fttarfui ou'o The friendly fooling lately incr? In. between tho combatants hea fled, and a hitter hue rapidly taking 'lie place. Hardly a soldier bet whit hi* boned a friend, and the thought ilia; death sraoto them through brothers, while defending the common Aug of both, has proved maddening. Cowards who Had w uon ihoir comran ions lought have been reproached until they are brave In despair, and win auxlortH to wijie avrtiy the disgrace. Our army her#, for lighting purt>r.*?, I# more effective than before Ilia buttle. I'ti ii a, there i# good reason to believe, have en.loil, auil the troop#, Instead of having to detainl, will hereafter proas steadily. constantly onward, General llallecic ha* boon busily engaged, eluce hie arrival, In destroying ih? enemy mear.e oi commonicall n, rendering unolee* tboso railroads that, like groat arteriea, have given to the heart of the rabel positions, Corinth, life end strength. He has succeeded, and ttajxv iant rosulls are visible already. Itear creek bridge In tlamee. Its timber# falling greeted a thousand rebals oo tbelr way from Virginia only day before yesterday. Crowded on tbe long train wbicb rushed rapidly Into view ae our troops wsre ?ld Ing the Ore, tliay bad to speed backward again instead or raachlng their termlnue? Orlntb. Oeu. Mltnhel baa reached the Irrldgo At Decatur, and ll reported marching hero with thirty thousand men. lftblaba true It la an accomplishment or greit importance?the rebels will be out off, and their overthrow at Corlath become a oortalnty. S<> affaire suud now, find we here, hundreds of milon np the Tennessee, are watting anxiously for the result. Our cblof General, and thai of tbe rebels alao, will speedily have an opportunity to test each other's merits. To ither, defeat will be oipial to death. Yesterday a body of our oavalry, Ave thousand strong, made a reconnolssttnce toward! Corinth. They met ami skirmished with the enemv on th# bank of a'creak six mi lea from here. ?ix rebels found themselves prisoners, and ons or two were killed. Our cavalry followed until they came In eight of an infantry camp, aupported by artillery, and then retired. Along the route pursued, In houas, and sven scattered through the woods, wsre bun dreds of woundsd confederates. TBI AMItBTT OV TBI PEOPT.K. [From the Cincinnati Gaiette, April 22.) The people ere course auious wiih reference yt the , APRIL 20, 1862?TllIPL impending battle snxr CoHulti. We are uot permitted to m; wkut na- Ihh-d uoue on the side of < ur arm/ In un iC.!"tion of thui e out but th? fuet# in onr peeeeeeion warrant us la assuring tba p'iptiu that nothing that count bo to strengthcu tlic L'ni <u foroen by (J-iinrel Hul lock baa boon oiui'.teii. Thorn has bean organization and oonceutration, ai,J with go ?<1 peuo alship, such as we may expect anil tnavu Bold tent. Hich ?e wo know to be there, to defend the Union, and God ou our aide, a vie lory may be expected our army in oood condition. A lea patch from Cairo aajri:? Our army at Pittsburg it in excel! out lighting condition. t he regiment* that were so frightfully decimated at thj lateooutnat ar? being reorganized, and?thanks to theaolivlty of Ueneiai ilalleck?every division, brigade, regiment and coiupauy are prepared to meet the enemy with an unbroken front. Our fiooutc penetrate directly to the enemy's linos and bring back intelligence. FRMPARATION9 FOR TUB WOUNDKD. despatoh from Indianapolis, Ind., dated tho list, Bays:? That a great battle Is Impending at Oorinth is evident. Before additional surgical aid can reach the Held about fire days must elapse. Indiana has twsnty-four regiments before tho enemy, profiting by the experience at Fort Donelson and Pittsburg Landing. Governor Morton will send Immediately two additional surgeons to each regiment, with abundant hospital storae, to await the fight. The surgeons volunteer, but the Sutte pays thei expenses and provides transportation. FRKFARATION8 OF TBI BNRXT. The rebels are preparing te make a determined and desperate stand at Corinth, and fresh troops were constantly arriving at Memphis. Beauregard, who is chief in command, Is actively engaged In throwing up intreuchmeuts aloug his whole line, planting batteries and preparing for a systematic defence. ORN. BBAURKOARD'S IKTKRCKFTXD DX8FATCH. ORIGINAL. Corinth, April 9. To Gen. Sakt'RL Cooprr, Richmond, Va. All present probabilities are that whenever the enemy moves en this position he will do s# with an overwhelm ilng force of not less - than yrtuU zriy mhkjnap men. by uma cthc vkjlyi Kate nqhkl luriU rrmy lolikjnup ya31 wlrmqj tnna phia may possibly thrakj rt n zye pntj&Flo nyhlaxrVy 5 a lohkjnap vhmy. Can we not bo reinforced xrhn dyngtilka) mi?. If defeated here ey thjyloyvrqj mntSyc nop dehqMU bki vmkjp whereas we could eveu afford to lose for a*?lulo woniTmlha nap innuuSyl for the

purpose of defeating qkyMjiiive which would not only insure us the valley of the Mississippi but our Imlopeudeuce. 1'. G. T. BEAUREGARD. IR.tK3Lsr.OK, Corikth, April 9. Gen. Ssmvkl Coopkr, Richmond, Vs.:? All present probabilities aro that whenever tho enemy moves on this position ho will do so with an overwhelm ing force of not less than eighty-live thousand men. We can now mustor only about thirty Ave thoi sand effective (men).. Van Born mnjr i>osslbly join us in a few day* with fifteen thousand more. Can we not be reinforced from Pcmborton's army? If defeated here we lose the Mississippi valley,and probably our cause; whorous we could even afford to lose, for a while, Charleston aud Savannah, for the purpose of defeating Bueil's army, which would not only iusure us the valley or thu Mississippi! but our independence. P. G. T. BEAUREGARD. Railroad Accident* BaiiimoKK, April 2o,186'2. An accident ocourrod to the afternoon train from Philadelphia Dear Northeast. Tho wheels of the last car got off the track and throw the cars against others tandiugon aside tra;k. home eix or seven were injured, but none killud. One man named Otto Grant had hie leg empuiatuU. The train was delayed for souio time by the accident. THE ADVANCE OF GEN. M'DOWELL. Tlic March of the Union Troops on Fredericksburg, Va.?Map of Fredericksburg, Fnlmontb and Viclnlty-ProgrtM of the Siege of lforktown?Important movements in tho West?The Captare of the Town of Apalachlcoln?Important Intelligence from Mexico?The Lntest News from Europe, Ac., Ac. An Interesting account of the Advance of the Union Troops ou Fredericksburg, Va.,and Occupation of the Heights comm.tinliug the CHty, accompanied with a Map of Fredericksburg, Falmouth and vicinity, showing tho nature of the surface of tho surrounding couutry, will be published in tho Wsickly IIkkaid, ready this morning; at teno'olock. It will also give the latest accounts of the Operations of the Unlcn Artny before Yorktowu, Va.> Tho latest account* of tho Orations of the Union Armies in the West; Interesting account of the Capture of Apa iHtiiivuiia, n?.tn mi/i n.a micivic^ Ul U.OUI. OSUIIWBgen k^witb ths Inhabitants, and reports of all Importaut War Movements during tlio past week; Important Into!!!, gencc from Mtxuto; The Latest News from Kurope, ami mnch other rsa.ling matter. Tsriu.?TUroo Dollars per year. Singlo copies six cents. Official Drawings of Mnrray, Eddy j[ Co. a Ketituckv ami Missouri State Lotteries. KasTuoar, Emi t class I'JO?Aonl 25.1882. 68, 23, lti. 6, 60, 15, 43, .Oft, 35. 40, 34, 33, 64. Kwitkcst. Class 114?April 28,1862. 50, 5, 61, 10. 24, 72, 78. 23, lti, 75, 8, 10. Circulars seat free of charge by addressing either lo MURRAY, BODY A CO., Covington, Ky., or St. Louis, hi t. OflUlnl Drawings of the Kentucky unit D.iuv jre Suite Latteries. 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In .quality aid tinleb It it h bun pa of ? (I oln?e lint, m l yoi tbo price it tun old figure. wluaU bu re idered the .'aahloonble f.ibrlee of Bapeusabeld so popular The fctore U 116 Naeeuu at r oat. Harried' IkriXAi'?Kjunomo.?On Thai s lay, April 24 , et Tjjnity church, by the llsv. Praneis Vtutoo, O.I) , Johh lucwx sap to M .Kie Locus, delughior of the late Captain hatuuel Franc laco. New Lundoa (Conn.,) paper* please copy. I.yniu -M 'Avat.?On Tuesday, April 8*J, by tlio Rer. ffm. Starrs, V. Q., Patrick Lrxcu to Rosa-sa 0. McAtay, ail of this city. . Nichols?Uamoak.?On Thursday, April 17, by the Ilor. Wm. P. Hammond, Mr. Wit. S. Ntcuoia to Misa l.rz/is Mr NOAM, all of this city. VnasocT?Woon On Thursday, April 24, at the renidoucs of the bride's father, by the Rev. Thomas H. Smith, Joinr H. Vtasoor, formerly of Ulster county, tu Mies Mary Emma, eldest daughter of James II. Wood, Esq. Ulster and Orange county papers please copy. WiiiTwu?Monius.?In Wcodbridgo, N. J.. April 21, by the Rev. Henry A. Butts, Samckl B. M'nrr:.wo,of New York, to Miss Ansa C., daughter of T. H. Morris,of the former place. TO THE EDITOR OP TH8 HERALD. New York, April 26, 1862. In the marriage notices In to-day's Hmraii> I see my name Inserted as being married, which was done by some malicious person, wholly unauthorized, and which 1 declare to bo false. ' MARTIN WETTER AU. Died. J1U.MIBU * .ai |BUU iii'-iuwoia ui mu i uit u \h\zk tuvii .llt'W.Upolltan pollco, an rospnrtfully invitod to attond the funeral on Simduy afleruom, at ono o'clock. Haddock.?t'n Friday, April 25, Emir Haddock. Tho irtends and relatives of the family are invited to attc: <1 tlio lutmral, at Dr. Burchard's church, tm Thirteenth f dreet, between Sirth and Seventh avenue*, oa Sunday afternoon, at two o'cl ck The rnmiiua will bs tuk n to Rihway on Monday morning for Interment. jnMi_In Brooklyn, on Wednesd.y, April 23, Octthud , w ifj of Frederick Vf. Jones and youngest d.tugiuor o; Jau't)) I.. Shn. ;>e, Esq., of I'll; iadet phi.v agc-d 21 y oars. Th.. frit nd? :ind relatives of the family are invited to at t n 1 thofuaeral tbt< (Satui Jay) afternoon at twoo'clock, f om St. Ann'*church, corner of WoehiLgloQ ;?nu Saude stieets, Brooklyn. M " an.?fin Tuesday, April 22, a' Fortress Monroe. Servant \Vai.i.a< b L. Moors, aitiitaej to the non-c'"ntnia. mod stall,of the Twelfth ra^iuieui .Now York Volunteers, aged 21 yoars. Tlio fimoral will tako plane from the Allen street Presbyterian church, on Sunday aftornoon, at three o'clock; the roii.alnc will be taken to (i-conwood for intermed. Iho friends of the family, and the members of tiie fifth and Seventh ccmpanies of Seventh rcginent, New York, are roquesled to attend wilUout further notiro. McMaton.?fn Friday, April 25, Mar* Jaxk Point, wife of James Mo Matron, aged 22 years, y months and 8 days. Ih'< rolativos and friends of tho family aro invited to attend I he funo'nl on Monday afternoon at tUton o'clock, fro u her late rusideuco, No. 25 North Third street, Brook yn, E. D. 1 hi adulphia and Newark : apers please cftpy. Nkivmav?On Thursday, April 24, J/K", wife of Ld we'd Ne"'man, aged i-0 years, a native of Wales. Tliefrteuds or the family are invited to attend the funeral, from tlio Foray til struct Methodist Kpl. copal chu. sh, this (ditnrday) afternoon, at two o'clock. ltoa :kts ?At Bloomfield, N. J., on Thursday, April 24. Ahiiau, L). SKiovsa, wlio or the lata S. J. K" verts, of Now York. liiefrUt'ds at.;1 ao'iuaititanres aro, r?**i 'ruiljr invited to attend the funeral, at St. Haul a church on Sunday a: toruooo,at half-paal two o'clock, without further tint; tatlon. St-.inmajiv?On Friday, April 25, Faa.v ii Sraiiourr.v, aged H.i ycara and 22 dnye. , The rolattvoa and friouda of tha family and the members of tho German oak lodge No. 82,1.0.0. F , In gervra! a'o rasp.-ctfuliy invited to atteiid iho fine at, on Fundiy afternoon, at half-J a->t two o'el< * f-nc hu lato residence, corner of North Seventh and Fifth eireote, Williamsburg. Tkc\ r.?On Friday, April 28, Joairii, tbo youligcet too of Andrew and Uridf ft Treacy a;ed 10 m .uilia Tho !uueral will take place f, >m the residence of her 1 irenl:<, i-.l Mulberry street, thin (Saturday) afternoon, at t?voo cluck. His rem una will ho taken to Calvary Cemetery fer iniorinent. Wkkk'.?On Thursday. April 24, nt New, N J.., Toe itv'hk K- Wtrewt, only eon of Joseph Weeks The friends of tho famhy, an I those of h.s mother-Inlaw, VIrs INtra H. llrowu, are re* >eotfilly Invited to attain! tho funeral, this day (Sntur \y), nt twelve o'clock, ft m tho roeldenre of his father, 168 Weat Klevonth s reel, without further invU.tllon, ailNGlBlali A3I30U 4. A WELCOME FiECE OF VMV-t i i the I, A til lis I 1.ADIE3I I.ADTE8I AN IMMENSE STOCK Of ClTIA If. H'fKT'tKRATORH, Silver rinto'l h o?. l a Tray?, brushes, I) uk t<, C O f IN I UTEN8I..S. to ault evcrv d 's r ntion. f atovi.e, ranc* , and TWKNTV-mK 1KB CENT leita r.tlctt than an* other a ore. JCE ('ITCH KK8, 64 SO RACK. Tha lar raat ? aoi tnuuil f llollNP. KLKMHil I NO QOODB IN THE Ciif, At E P. BASSKOIID'S Great liouaek*enar'a Bazaar, Coop r tnsi tute 11 'tiding. In Aator place, One block . rotn Broad way. No connection * Itli any other atom lu the city, Aromatic "SCHIEDAM firilNArrS." Coontry Men-ham*. On ?ei-* and Drng*l*ia, Oram* la prim bad better iMM awl/apfSic* ... Onoi-PKO WOLFS, 22 Bearer .treat. A BOUT ilOUnK FURNISHING. " The old retain, hmcnt of J. A C. BKB11IAN, Ut';' w: c t .?.gt Of evert doe rlptlnn 1 fCd'C'J prl 01 of Hh.n, a "'I<VKR FlATKD WaRR, ^M vSl tr- Tea TfSJi" .a"'! ,A'n"-|0?? manufa-tnre, I, fuh'/an I .Va pani?ed T1 n W are* *Hio?L"? '*' K"f "H" "" Bronze Ware*; *rt"i Ooppor, Iron au fjl.od. *nd?u,Btom.*4 " p "**" H H."CARB t!* A^KCK'RLLSa2Tl.?ii2t/?8-AT LOir ""CBS. aitox.?At Tsrryi.wn, on r riuay morning, April ?j, CATnuRiwa Acku, In the "2d year of her age. Tho relatives and friend* are invited to attend tho fit neral, at the Seoond Reformed Dutch church, of Terrytown, on Sunday afternoon, at three o'clock. Allwi.?At Koelrn, I.. I., on Woduesiay, April 23, Martha U., widow of John M. Allan, aged 33 year*. Funeral sirvice at Christ Church, Manha*clt, on 3on? day morning uoxt. at hair-past ten o'clock. Baldwin?At Youkers, I.tdia P., wife of Ebenezor Baldwin. In the 82d year of hut age. Her friemle, and the friend* of the family, are respectfully invitod to attend thn funeral, thia (Saturday) afternoon, at throe o'clock, from tho rostdonce of her son, Anson Baldwin, Locust llill, Yonkers. Barrki-t.?On Friday afternoon, April 23, John Josa-u, only eon of John and Anne Barrett, aged 1 year au<i 20 days. . The frionda and relatives of tho family nr? respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon, a} two o'clock, trom tho rosidonc* of his p.:rents, No. dAJ 31'est Forty-seventh street. Booth.?On Thursday morning, April 24, or scarlet fever, Baku l.ATUEor, daughter ol' Rev. ltuboi I R. Booth, aged 7 years. Tho relatives and friends of tho family arc respectfully invited to atteud tho funeral this (.Saturday) afternoon at three o'clock, from tho residence of her parents, 101 Ninth strcot. without further invitation. BRtrroff.?On Friday, April 23, of consumption/ Naiii am el Larrro?,ln tho 3Tth year of hia age. Tiro relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invited, to attend the funeral,on Sunday morning, at half-past ulne o'clock,from the resider.oo of his brotherin-law, Morris Yetman, No. 10 Columbia street. The remains will be taken to Staton Island for interment. CmvKT.ajm.?On Wednesday, April 23, after a long and severe lUuesg, Mrs. Jank Oi.svki.avt>., widow of Charles Clovu at.d, Esq., aged 58 years, 8 months and 20 dayr. The relatives aud frionds of the family are respectfully invited toiittoud tho fuuural, this (Saturday) afternoon', at three o'clock, from hor late residence in PorlTaud avenue, fourth house from Myrtle avenue, Brooklyn. CoMiw.?On Friday, April 25, after a severe illness, Am, only daughter of Janios ut. and Frances f.uima Comlis,. .red 3 yu.-re, 4 months and '7" days. Tho relatives and of tho family are respectfully invitel to attend tho funeral, on Sunday afternoon, at two o'd >ck, from the rosidenco of her parents, 183 El*I Twentieth street. Cowk.v.?At twelve o'clock P.M., on Thursday, April U. Maky Cowkn. aired 20 vears. a uativo of Dublin. Her remains will be interred in Calvary Cemetery en Sunday afternoon, at two o'clock. Tire friends and relatives of the deceased requested to attend the funeral, from her luto residence,43 Madison street. Conns.?On I'riday morning, April 25, of scarlet fever, M-uy Bsm, daughtor of Thomas L. and Maria G. Coles, aged 4 years, 6 months and 5 day?. The ret itive# and friends of the family, also thova of horgraniifh li-r, R. C. (Bell, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Saturday) afternoon, at four o'clock, from the residence of her parents, No. S14 East Tbi.tioth street, between First and See nd avenues UiVKOTOKT.?4>u Thursday morning, at ten o'clock. April 24, Lua.NPKK, i uiy child of Samuel (deceased) and Ellen Davenport, ?t-ed 6 years and 7 mouths. lbe relatives and friends ot the family are requested to attend t he funeral, this (Saturday) from the residence of hie grandmother, Mr a. Dillon, 300 Ninth street, coiner of avenue U. Dosovax.?On Friday, April 26, Jkremiah Dojcovax, of this city. Due notice of the funeral will be given in to-inoifow e paper. Dszkmvou'.? In Brooklyn,ou Friduymoinins, April 25, or consumption, A.vukkvv L. Dszosuobp, aged 41 years and two mouths. The friends and relatives of the family, likewise Iho members ?f Hoheulluden I.odge No. 66, F. h A. M.,and the tu- .ibersof Protector Engine Company No. 8, are rea euUully iuvitod-to attend the funeral,from his lute re el tence, 13 ) Cwiicord street, on Sunday afternoon, at tyro o'clock. The remains will be interred in Greenwood Oiinotery. Gut as.?At his residenco, No. 40 Hudson street, on Friday afternoon, April 26, at Tour o clock, GtoWO. F. DiEHKN, -god 34 years. The Mends and rolattvrs of the family, also the members of the New Vork Volunteers who served during the ., .... ...J ... _/ il... Tkl..l I..-. .77. 7 | MMCKLLAKEUVN. 1 \ uxx AAD NAPX,'Maaj AND .-..aLuNi* ulas. an . It uf iu|crlui* uaniJity^j prt HnU madd f n t. ? *'*? t ' 3 mi4 t UEOKl BEOTllKrtS, 37 Nudes lanu. 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THE BOWERY CLOTHINO COMPANY NO. 101 BOWERY, NEAR GRAND STREET. SIGN OK TUB BULLETIN. ITaa just opened Ita apritig campaign attain?t high pridSS with an immense and rart"d aaaurt in-otot Clothing, adapts! to the requirement* of men, yeutli sod children, Wloh u offered at even lean tbau the uapreoedontedly IM and popular WAR PRICES which have prevailed at Una eaUbiUhmest s?St alsoe 1% foundation. We rigidly adhere to the following rulea, which aeestu auit the public, and hare gained for us the uuviable repots Lou of "fair-, square aud reliable'1 dealer*, and scoured t* enormous patronage:? All good* soi l by us are werrauted lo be jnat sa rape* aenled. Wa will allow the prinl ge of exchanging (wlthtS three day?i any garmrat aold at retail, which upon euouu t on at home dues not mect'the approval of the pur chaaer, In either material, atyle or lit; or, If thiearr^agp it.rant id nut 1V 111m* rail. WM will PihfUlld the* tAfkn We reaped! ally solicit. un lamination of our *-ocA,'nn4i guarantee eutire satisfaction. BOWERY CLOTHING company, No. 104 Bowery, urar Uran_ street C III RnPODIHTH.-LITTLK HELD A WBflTBRVKL* Practical C'blropodl*te, &lo Broadway, opposite the At Nicholas Hotel, com lour lueir succcsalul treatment on C ma Buuioua, Vaacuiar B orcacencein Club aui Inverted Wells We shall remove ou the 1st of May to 053 Broadway, bw twaeu Thirteenth and Fourteenth street*. CI0>>KB, BUNIONS. INVERTED NAILS. ENLAKUHb ) joiut*?*iid all dls-uses o. the feet, c red without pels or tnconvcuinuce to tire patient, by Dr. EACH A RIB. Surgut* Chiropodist, 700 Broadway. Let era to physician* antlswr geuua of the city. DR. J. n. SCITENCK. i Tiila distinguished pnysician, whose brillietit and wM| t spread reputation trai been u quired by hie eminently cm cessful treatment cl consumption, even in cose* which haw been regarded aud prouiuncod incurable by the regular f? ouliy, will be at his rnom?, No. 32 BUND STREET, from 11 A. M. until 4 P % for consultation, and to examine the condition of his (t . . y Ilia great experience, derived from a long and exteasm practice, clone Htudy, and devotion to hU profession, togeiaaa ? ith the assistance of llM^terfeet iuatrumeot with which M* examination* of the lung* are tuade, enable htm to detect tha slightest nyntptoma of disease. _ HI* litre- great medicine', hi# PULMONIC SYRUP, ska WEED TONIC and M ANIMATE 1'ILLS, have oeea aa widely celebrated a* remedies fbr disease* of the Lungs. Liver and Btomactl, aa hia own reputation in the manage went aud ire ol patient* (Uttering under three diwnoa YVe would advise all who need hUsarvi.ea to call upou htm aa above. For nn examination of the lung* with the reap*. * rometer lii? charge Is throo dollar*, but for ordinar y "'-ami nations and aurlce, without Uai instrument, nvouarg* b | ! made. , Dr. 8CIIENCK would feci grateful to such patient# aa J , have been btnclU.-d by hi* ttrcslment If they would calt os ?' htm during his visit* te heir citm*, and certify, by wrttteg r latemcnla, to the bcnetl: they have received. Beaid* being f a great satisfaction in blm, auch certificate* tend to Imgan ? ' confldenoe to bundled* of aulfeier* irom almiiar disease* ' wbo need only faith in Dr. 8UHENGK and hi* loioedtMti v yet be aavetL ? He always has a full supply of mediuiiea at UU roouMY wliieb can tie had at any time. D"AKB 3 plantation bitters. 8. T. 1300. X. Ii invigorate*, strengthens and purines the system, lag ptriect api>etlzer, una the most agreeable an I ellectiiat toaW in the wort I. It ia composed of the celebrated Ca. saya bark rcota, hero?, und pure Si. Croix rum. Particularly adapted 4t dtdu ite females; cures Dyspepsia and Wrakin ss. and t* jual the tiling iur the changes f seasons. Bold by all grooerw druggist*, hotel* and aaluons. P. U. Uvt.VKE A CO.. 2.2 Bioadway. N. T. DURNO'B catarrh snuff hircnglhens Weak Eye*, Improves the earing, Relieve* Headache, Promote* Expectoration, Cure* Catarrh In it* worst forms, and Sweeten* the Breath. It eoutn.ns no tobacco, i* mild, and promote* a pieaaaat seu.'jiion aud bcnellciul results to ail wbo appreciate " a clear head." * Sold only id liautUome boxes, at 25 cents. J. DUKNO'A D pot, 214 Greenwich street, N?w York. Entire suits to order from sis to $?.?tmkB choice styles or fancy csasliuei'tts lor Pants and VoaUk ton two $10. Walking Coats to $10 Rami $5. Rum French Cloth for Dre-s or Rrock, from $10 to $20. Terf li amino tus for $12 to $15. In tact, if you want garnmuU o me to iny store and examine. CLARKE, Hi William S'-rwA n OLD PLATING. we have in operation an extra 81. e oold i'latino 80luti0. * 32 inches by 13 inches, and -re prepared to plate article* of almost any site, either for private indlvlduali orTor At trade, in the Terr brat manner and on the moat ruuoaaMa , term.. E. V. HAUCHWOUT 4 CO.. MsS, 190 ami 493 Broadway, corner ot Broome straei. t iter art sensation. N. P. WILLIS sunday mercury. Among the eur:a?ities of literature may be mentioned a m.rkab:> puu^eut poem 1 >y N. P. W'.llia, Ju?t brought 14 light, which rri.ttca to a ittbje t of speca! internal to y*u44 ladies' ho ir ling achot la, and will appear lu print for the Arm luuu in tlio SUNDAY MBRCVRY TO-MOIIKOW. Said poem will he one of the delicacies of the fnsw "Sunday'Table Talk," In which the lowers of rollicking humor, sparkling wit and truth -aiire will a so tini auolher of the tacy WasUluston letters of ORPHEUS a KERR, who illustrates the asiomsulng .kill ol our profound any surgeon', this week, and relates his experience In the COMA* derate institution of learning known ss "Cotton beast" Gary." A BURLESQUE CRITICISM op THE ACADEMY 09 DESIGN' PICTURES, AN APDRhSi to THE POTOMAC ARMY. NOVEL EXTRACT FltOM BNNEHY CPKINS, K. L. B. AC., Ac., trll. likewise be found iu llie. ' SUNDAY TAI1I.E TALK," which is only onts out of the many iu inula bin deport* "THE GREAT SUNDAY NEWSPAPER. The SUNDAY MERCURY publishes all the Sunday mora ,ng :> w? of the "Associated nreaa," and *n*? la in ctrcsbnJioii ihr combined issues of all the other Sunday papere. Life pictures or, lite pictures or. life no tnrea of Andrew Jackson, John Quinc) A t.ins, Henry Clay, Oanlt 1 Webster, /.oclmry Taylor, silas Wright, and other d parted s'atesinen and heroes, will be copied from the i lubraU n Me me coderi.on in ' Cartes ds Vialte" far tho>e who desire mur cuius of three 111 virions men. All tuki n ir ,m life; 133 Bioadviay. Send la your or 'eiH Imiur dlatelv. MEADE BK<>6 J TON'S MAGNETIC 2 INSECT POWDER, t. sted for 19 rears ami giowsin favor. It kii.a and ester. niinste* K a lies. Bui Bugs. Ants. Rleus, Mute.s iu "lotbai Fur* and 1-urulture. Harden Insect*, Ac. A it Ke.'itito bear* (lie algttuMire of K. li)wu. and la not ptiraonoua o per.una a* dOBitatie anrna'a. Beware of counterfeit* and linitallona. Lynn'aPowder kill* all InaccU lu a lilce, Lj ui 'n Pill* arc death o rau nuU mi e. Sold everywhere, Depot, 2>.J Broadway. Mob oks < :.r> pens pricks d'c it the p s-t and 1'ena Id a nt the li.iud of every ? riUrr, at II Maiden lane. Call or Inn isa stamp fur oironar N'OTICE-hO REMOVAL.?M. LAKMONT, I'ARW Loiul lteud Sic Vurlt Put idol u and Surgeon, wUl ru'i at hla private ofll <)*, Cl" Broadway, up a'.aira. PARTIES ABOUT To KM MOVE Oft KEKir THEIR DWELLINGS will I n ! it tol'belr a dvamrrg" to examine our EXTENSIVE STOCK OF CHIN'A AND OI,ASS WAIIK, CHAN I ELIEKS AND OAS FIXTURE.., MIRRORS AND CORNlCBB, of which wo have 'ha har. lao; reel pauerrta In tha city PLATED WARE AND I'ANOT GOODS k v. iiAuoHWotrr a oo, Noa. PW. t?) and II12 Broadway, corner Broome airnt OMITU A BROTHER'S k NEW TORE PALE XXX ALB. In whole, hall and quarter ens*a, brewed from the ohnieaat barley niall and bopa. Brewery 1M and 190 Weal Eighteenth atraot, between Seventh and Kt|hih nvenuaa, W. T. Trusses, tri s-iRs, thi sses ?kvpti kk ok iibr nlaotu rd by MAESII BROTH EES' Kadloal Core Tnaaa Tliey alao ?< -p Ntik K.aallr Slockln a, for vartaoo- vetna Si iip rrtera and Hhouidar nrucaa. 1 oat run tenia inrphyatae1 deformlllna ma le to order, oorucrof I roadway and Ana earn THE DIAPHRAGM FILTER HAS BEEN AWARDED two quid rae-ra a and three Silver inedala by the American Itiat:iuP>, Maaa?. hi'.aeat a M ' a . ca'Char.ta la AeauclaUoa. and M r? land InattluS-, and < rt.d?atea from nearly all tha medi cal ra til'.y. The winter de| Oait waahtpi .nta tl.a etraaaa >i thra ftnuaio. ait'l iwaalut ihiough. tne ace rr i mala, Jn*jt-"i th? water \e j j'"f- ManufacturedntwirnnM by A l.K X. MuJCK N/.1K. No. 303 Fourth tli iet. A lioural dleI ceunt wmilm to piumbon. U" NIYBKSIJ'T OF NBW YuKK, MEDICAL Dltl'JJlT. men t.?The Bff.ou o! IA62- 1 wlll.oomiiinnte ?.ft (*) ber20 V uiciiilm' Moll, M. D., KinrrUue Prol'i ?ior of gurf.Tv .Vm'n ti I' iitu', M D., ProfcMor, I Materia M tiki'4 In rat" ii' * 0. 8. Hmlfi.r'l, M D? Prof.'saor of Ml Iw/io, j j.thu vt. l)rat? r. M. D., Pi'ib "?nr ot Cheiulatry and phVaiui >0 ! A If rail 0. 1'oet. M. D., I'mVeaor ot duigyrv. A*. ft. Vnn Humn, M D , Profrnor of Aoatomy; Johu T MMnalfa, M. 1?., I'rofeaeur of the luatltugU and Practice nf lfi'liuiae. . The lie uie-,tre artai.ged eo aito glee opuprttinlty Y'>r daily l attendem a .it the minieroii" Mjeptul.a and di?p?inai?l-in?. Tl?? aiiikl a . medit al and iibnte'.rkal cilnlquee In lh<\ College art nui.tic I'd i? tier'' '{nn kpring, aumntrr an I aumma I cnurae la N Ing carried o* during the preient Wanlon In the '.anal manner. Letter* of In vdrr may b" adlieaeed ta 1 Piolrnor Diaper, PrrAidant of the Modi *1 Faculty, ITnircra.ty, New York. ?TT<JRl HIP. ;irST"' EXCLAIMED DAME SMITHRU etna, " My uarpct* are ruined, and thero la Jumna d Brutua, .tr . tmaliia wltn hit hngtr a map of aeoaaala on tba centre table-'* ? What aliall I dot" Echo anawere, 'Ipof* "Apply Itriggrae'inew Metallic Weather Strip It will ea. elude heat End dual from doora and wtndoea of inn da* P aoriptlon " AMxaaa *?*lUa Wi tUUfcMfor* %

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