Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1862, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1862 Page 8
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BOAKDIBO AID LODCIIO. Ai>riv ?re family, residing in twbnttthtrd kiiwt, M?dis<n eqn.tre, would lei an elegantly furnished Pari. i aw. H drool* to a g< ntleinan anil wiie, or aing'.* gcouiiiiirii. rirat rtiea house, with .very c jiiveuohoe Apply SiMKM Ll'MH, S98 fourth avenue. A ROOM ON SECOND FLOOR, CONTAINING OAR, hut hLd f?i 1 Titer, with ba broom adjoining, to let it Ageutloioaa, or a H'1.' leman and hi* wile, with full or arti? I Buaid, family private, reteiencea renamed. Apply hi lei Lexiugton avenue, third house abo. e Tim ty-eigblh at. A LADY HAVING TAKEN A HOUSE ON FOURTH ureet, nem HroaJwity, will let three or lour t iumailed at "ufur?i?l.. <i Keoma, alter lat of . Mat, to xttutlemcii au.l then wire*. jt aiticle gentlemen; full Board it denned; Sinatra! C o'ckck. Addreax llouia. box 115 Herald utile Attention is called op those living in h?U-laahd boarding bnnae* to tin e i.iblishmeul opened it 110 M ..edouga! atreet, and turnisiied with everything nec*H?ary or kooeokeevum in "ider that a lamily may have a omptoii home ami live at a low rate. At 3w tenth street, near second avenue, to e|, e.ith hoard. in a tiret baae private houee, a K..< >u, io i lientleiiiao ami wilt, also, Kooma to aitigli' genleu en Dunerat d. At EW YOUNG MEN. WISHING to room together or eep..ia;?ly, ran tie u,e jmino.lated with nicely furnished Roeirui, with good Board convenient for men doing buatge-adoivn town; neat all the hote.sand atagea; two mlnutee' walk t.on. Breadwav; at M Grime atroet, three doora above Spring sirect. A parlor and bedroom on second floor fn'ut, m ,y be ha I, with Board, at 71 Kurt Twenty-ihlrd elicit, near Fourth av> one. AT NO bU Hl.iru MHUi, KLinu.1 UKITHIVIII ulu.e and t .Hi' .?' ntes.?Rooms to lot.' n suite or sin gu?, with f.r-t lass H".t tt dinner at o o'clock, reference* hivec *. d re., ind; oo moving in May. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING more ROOM than II.oy die, will rei.i, on and after May 1, sevei si nioety furnished Rooms to tingle gentlemen, withotu board; the hoi.hi son Two: y-tlftb et, near Fourth avenue; vary cenxratiy .o. .mil and eouientenl to oar* and Hat's. Refereact a exchangrd. Add -mi H. m. E., box 1S5 Herald otilce. AI'KV ra TAMILY WILE LET To slNv.LE GENi.. iu< a Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, without t oai <1 A| | ,v at 2-> La i T-utietli street, near Broadway. a T :C i TV NTY.'. IFfB .street?elegantly A uiiasUu Rooms let, wait Board. A private table if sired. A bmall Family, residing*in thirty-fifth sired, near K fth avenc. deal re to rent a large second atory K<. in. to a g?nt'enian and his wife, with H aril; also a coin oo ihlr.l h' 'j', 'o onefor 'wo single gentlemen. lTndoubted refer ik*b required. Address, wiih name, A. B. C., Mation U. At tut sbi onu avenue, first house above Riuyri saol Car*. ?-Gentlemen and their wives, or smelo KuUemen, can be a< < *.luum laied with pleasant Rooms and siid. Dinner at six o'c.ock. R' feren es exchanged. A PRIVATE fam'ly. having POUR ROOMS MORE thai, tney will occupy. desire to let them. v. tth Board, from the 1st of May, to gotitleiu-u and their wives or saigla eutiouien. Loeation i'wenly-iirst street, near Uroauw.v. Address L. W., box 113 liersld offle*. A pleasant home may be found by; also Rooms for two single gentlemen, frnut Room and Bedroom on the second tloor and the whole of the Third Floor, at 13 Ashland place, corner of Waverley place. Dinner at six o'clock. A WIDOW LADY WOULD BOARD ONE OR TWO young ladies or laao a child to board, orer two years of J age. J until re at 133 Wea Thirty-second street, upper boor. A private family, having taken a first ems* houir in Fourteenth street, opposiie Union square, would be |'eased to taks'a few gemlenieu, with lull or partial Board Address box 412 i'-ist ofltce. References exshauggd. GENTLEMAN DESIRES ~A~ LARGE, WELL FUR u.siii'd It., m, with Board, in a private family. Ad .ir.u n it i. # . ... r.-. a,- i hoaZtS Post oil!cp. ALAHGE FRONT KOO.VI l.\D PANTRY ON TRE at ou>! floor, furnished or unfurnished, to i?, ?iiJi i Board, to agonfUuruui anil wife or a tew s.itgfe gentlemen; Also a very drsirai !c Room ob ' it third floor, suitable for one or two persons, in a private family. Cat; a'. Greenwich atieel, near Morton, References eichauged. AG I- N I LEM AN AND ills WIPE AND ONE or. TvTO ungl.. go; tlemen can oMslu elegantly furnished Rooms in the I'.; -. rlaiis private bouse No. 200 W o ,t Tin nly-lhird alreei. not ? . Seventh even ;e. Dinner at 6 o cix-k. A LARGE FRONT parlor AND BEDROOM ADjoining, elegantly fumi-hed, in a first class private bouse o.. Tw?.niy-:hird street to let, with b aid. to a gentle- I nun aiitl h i w ife. Dinner at 0 G -lock. Address A. M. 11., ! boa No US Ueraid office. j AWIWHV J.ADY. HAVING NO CHILDREN AND o aujijius a strictly private house, trould leia 1 leasant Room, r iraished or ittifnrnltlied, '0 a single geiulentan or tone !? y, without Board or breakfast only. Apply at 111! Wi at I'i.i; y-s- er.tU street, near Broadway AWIl); 'TV L \DY, LIVING IN 9 SMALL HOUSE, ?eai L Wugton arena would let to a laly aud goniLmat. am - , rurolsbed Par or and B> droom, with Board for t>-: lady. Adder-V E. W , SUtion P. AF.ESPE'"TAftLE WIDOW LADY WOULD LET A neatly furnished R jom, wiih Board, to two or three yo ,ng men. Cut. .'or two or three days at No. 281 Elisabeth tix-i 1, lev ftfci/R A parlor, wiTn two pantrieu, in principal t oy ? brown atone bOuae, with Board, for two g -ntlememi' . en'leri.6'! and wire, for $8 a week; also single Roorr., with B lard, for $3 50, at 155 E; si Thiriy-tiftn street, near Third arenas, A YOUNG LADY (MUSIC TEACHER) DESIRES IK ad to a pleasant family, wto-ro tlie use of one of N eiuw.iy's lies- nisno.s and musical instruction would be onn.dcred an equivalent, 0; partly so. Address M. L. M., H raid udtee. A SUIT OF ROOMS ON THE SECOND AND THIRD flocisof a hra: lass hoitae to rent, furnished or unlurtuai.ud, full or partial Bovrd, to gciitlsmen ana their trim cr single ge .lietuen, at All St. MarW'splaee, urar Second we, tut. EaNy dinner. A PRIVATE WARILY HAVE A HANDSOMELY FURA nteh- d front Sifting Room, BfJn.ora atiahed ,-il?o a ingle Koom u. let, with or without Board. to gentlemen Rnui"' :'i ?t !??? Terma moderate. Refcrencea exihauged. Calm. aflRe'i Sixteenth street, between Filth ana Stxtn AI'Rlt ATE i AMILY WOt'LD LET A NEATLY FURr.i?h>M fr<it.t Room aud l?igc Pantry oil ?e oad floor, id fc i^k h. otr. ,f required, to k.iigic ucti lonien, without Board Terms moderate. Apply at 1!17 West Twenty fourth Wrret, between and Nui'n aucttuea. ArPLT AT 16,1 WEST FOURTEENTH STREET FOR I urn..Led or unfurnished Room*, ? uh or wabuut Board, u|>e . extremely moderate tern i to I? rnj.ment boarders, fad ilass hnu?e, Tuenty-lhlri Mutt, luutveaii Fifth aud Sixth ifo 'i, Diun. r at ?ix. At 30 - LINTON place -two large ROOMS - onr,. lu ",.ond floor, would be let with Bourn to a party "t t g.o gentlemen or a small family of udu.t- DinBet at t A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OR TWO SINGLE GENi ii. an have lartteattd pleasant Room, and lewd, in T i ioy third atrcet,wr if d' .u<.d a whole ti or la, re at .19 W. at Twenty-aeconil at-eet. The house and location la bin c'ana. BOAKD-OEJCTTEM^V AND THEIR WIVES OR SIN?ie gentlemen can he accommodated with Boc-uts. in amtn u., At N ' C >al ?.reet. The 1 o : ? haa .<11 the au< dem improvements. BOAhD ?DESIRABLE ROOMS TO LET, W ITU BO\RD, on ?eeoud not! third pours. to untried or-I...; rentleaaon. D.t nar at bait-past an o'clock. Uuex'-eptionatile re In i pivan ami t'-qulrnd. App.iv a 1U9 Went Thittienth treat, between Sixth and Seientb a- itiitea. BOAHD-ATTHR FIRM CLASS HOUSE. >G. OWE8T rbirtj-KinUi street. >etwei;n Fifth aud sixth are:. ? (Vtiria; Htll), tpatleaM mayo alndeltg tut front Kooina, ith tnp?" ior B ai t aud aueommodnligM, to a uuiet family, upon moderate terras. Board.-a oom and bedroom t?? a partv of geetlcn en ir to a gentleman aud wilb?, pertly furnt- li?d. alno a fa. H o n, tea Mug e gentl- uwu; horse has nil the raede-n improvements: dinner at d o'clock. In quire at 2811 Eaai Tentii street, litter Sicoud avenue. Board-iw west twenty eighth mreki' scceed Story; slao. third story Room and Bedroom adjcinn a suita le far yentletnen anil their wirea or a party of Ingle eentleuten. Home tirat". Lor at Ion unexcej. Bonai le Boaro-rgoms, w1tti board, tn a house very He itah . ' . a'.ed, containing all the modem Improve aner.t* and where a few boarders are taken; nHoaUandacme basemen- Room. for a t.'uysPlan; tern.? to auit the un,<? Inquire at 87 ' lltlton p'are, Eighth street. BOARD?I'i.KASANT Kl'HNMlIED OR rNhlRNtSH"it K <>m?, front (>r hack, to I'M, witu Board, in a email faii.By, aid Wrr Ttrenty-niitlt itr'Ot. The house is pha aatttly locatd, 'as ail the Improrrmenle, tad teno?i teuo to and cars. Utuoer at "ix o'clock. BOAR0-HO80KKX-MM ? HO ? BEALTIFCL AND convenient, at No. 1 Hmlaun terrace, close to tin- ferry HsaUeinen oaly. 1'artlal Roard and Rooms to atilt diBti cot .ewe. Rc'?rrtiers required. Bt.AHD_Por.Mu. wrrn BOARD, IK A hoi RE DEstraMy located, rcctalniiir all tb?m'Hlem Imprwmente ar.ll where bat lew boar lers are taken. Kslurcri . e>?h?r.(T?u Apply at 44 West Wasbtugton place "DOARD-A OEMTlsEMAM AMD WIFE 0* TWO 815 V |>. |ent(ruten 'in l?r> r nirt front FooBi, on sen nd Mer. wetT fqrnished, sw,t ti hot and cold water in tho room, (kaaad batit. in a small Atnertcaa also two or three eewaa met-. ferine modarate. Apply at ?6 LeruJ street. ear Bed feed HOARD.-A NEr?NDatoR7 HA' R ROOM To LET. D with Board io *|acetVtaen and wife: alee a Hall Eiem for a etnyte gentlemen Dinner at I '"JmR Only a few koardere taken, at <1 At Mark e place t Eighth etreetl. Bread way end glehtk e'teet .tagee pus the mier. BOARD-A SMALL FAMILY CAM RE AOCOMMODAD ted With pleasant *"?ei with B. ?r', a. apt lying at 4IB East Thirty fcttrth etreat, b?w??,u le-iington and Tklrtl awe n wee. Board amd flkabamt roomm for families on ingle gentlemen ran he procure! *t |jf M.?maon areace Reference-eq- lred. BOARD IB THIRTY FOi'RTH BTKBBT ?A PRIVATE D la' ;r *tmH t. with Board, a uiaaaaro R . ,,, ... . c?i ti? .imiiv' i acormnodata <v.e ?>r two 1*n'UnucTi with termn moderate; ho??? rery yte. .antty located, on*ei ?nt to <%n Mil ntaw-a; baa all the modern lcnrP''v*m' ''i* li>l"lro until May 1, at I<B We?t ITtli ty tr , rth reot. _ HOARD WaKTED-FOR A QBNTLBMAK AND WIFE. X) It a 11 ivitf family. retldlr* between Twelfth and Thirtieth ati eet* and Fourth and aarenth a*?nuo? TermeBltl r?r w? ? K^te'.rwa, Adiireat T. f109 w?i wmyoerond atrett. HOARD WANTED?IN A ORNTESL PRIVATE FAMfD Iy, or whrra tbtre. am b'u few Ixatrtera, for a widow tadr. dat^ltler. enlld and servant, Location not abuee TMr ly-fin rth etreet or Nilow F . irtotpth. Applicant will furni?b par iMhta etrapt 'ikipei*. T?* must be moflera'". aad Wmem will be euro wvniy. Addrr?? OnardiM, Herald , with fun partkylara. 3 HOAJID WANTFD-FOR A '1F.NTT.KMAN AND TUB D wife, loratluu not below Porntli atrea' and wktro AMtC aie but faw boardera piffar'eil Tamoa apb.iina " ?'a o pi .'.I A e' an t\ K, boa lTi U?? ' UOAItDWANfED - nro QRHTLEMfN WIFE BOARD. I> dVh two RaB'?# h'ljolnl .J, I.i^re TtllrtltHi aireet, ?e. ween the r,fta and F.i/h h atei e A rete H Jt IJ,.. (m. i k?a ?.? ,.u letaveie f NEW YOB BOARDING AND LODGING* BOAHD WANTFD-A ?IN OLE MAN WANTS BOARD w in A respectaMe Galaoiie family, location a* nui 10 Breanway and Fourth Html as possible: terms, '' "> o A." l*i we. k. A*o Hoard lor a * onus wnman m suu.e no .so, terms $2 lid. Address Jones, Herald uii re. Board wanted in yoi'no ?enLeinuti and wife >1<-&ire a i ?u! Rooui, jo >M0Ud S.,cr, with Bed/ooui adjoining, an. Board, in a ptU family; no?* others need answer; will furnish the.r own Apart, merit* Address box 375 Brooklj n Boat office. cx> tiaufieil. Suite about term a. Boarding -ftrxtshed rooms for yoing gbntlenren, with Br. akfast niul Tea and lull Board OA Sueday. 2t>S Wm Eight e.-uth street. BOtARDlNV._Fl.TvNI.SHKD FRONT ROOMS ON BBC* outl .. ud third dour*, of a first class bouse, wi h ad he modern impruvrm nti, to let, with Board. Iuqujo .t J9W .st Twenty seventh street. Boakding.-a small tamily, having more roouii lieu ihcv require, would let a furnb.hed Bedroom to a young girl, who goes <>sl by day to work jBotu J v u Sunit. ys. Coil at J31 Sixth avenue. BRuOKLYN.- V gentleman and wife or two tin els gentlemen, can obtain pleasant Runin*, furnished or unit i ulsEcd, as desired, with Board, in a pi It u to AtnUy of tour pei sons. Terms moderate. Apply at 107 Johnson Street, near Lawrence. Brooklyn -two pleasant rooms, wrrn board. wh re there are but feiv boarders, in a ilrsl class uon e. conveniently located, near the Sou h ferry. Apply at 'JO Congress street, tour doors west ot Henry. TbKOOKLYK.?A PARTY OF YfU'Sii VF.N WiSIlIKt; I li to room .ugether or separately, can lin'i pleaa.tiit Rooms, j I with Bos id, at 80 State air e!, near Clinton: eon-> Blent to | Wail aiM So th ferries; bouse kaa all the modern improve me tits. Tortus moderate. lYROOhiAN BO \RD -A PRIVATE FAMILY, PLEA 11 ?uti .} liM'a.e t, h .ting 110 small children, would lut> with Bo.u-1, one btr-c and one small Boom to a gentleman and his wi.e or a few -stogie ger.t'emen. Apply at Kc. 174 Aunty street. BOARD IN BROOKLYN.?A PLEASANT FURNISHED Ho'iim, uii second (lour, with two pantries attached. Also, uite Hall Room, in the house ol a small family, not tiro minutes' walk from throe ferries. Bath in the house. Terms moiVrat '. Apply ut 77 Clinton street, one door from Livingston. Board in brooklyn.-a gentleman and wife or two or thtce s.nule eeittlenivtl, ran obtain good Board n a private family from ihc country; location pleasant and n-ar th? ferries; a rare .hame. Apply at ibi Jay street. R f rntc required. [ Board in Brooklyn.?a young gentleman de sill's io Slid a neatly furnished Kooiu. a 1th sou l Board, hi some desirable pait or the city, cucv-nieut to the Wail ktrcet or South ferry. T-rins must not closed ?7 per week. Addrtts, statins full particulars, D., Hern id Board in Brooklyn?a small private fat.iiiy would like to dispose of two plenum Ro or.s oom Iiiunieatiug, on the second ttoor, with closets. -rates auil gas. at 79 Jeratuuiou street; would let tuem to gentlemen, with ot without hoard. Board in Brooklyn.-pleasant rooms, suitable lor ruarri .1 au 1 single gioitlemen, w ith Boitnl, can be hud in a pleasant House aud neighborhood: conienient to the principal ferries. Apply at 47 Concord street. Board in Brooklyn? ic sands street, a genUeman and wil'e can obtain u largo, pieasuu' fuVrished Ro.un, with pautries; also tine accotniuodaiio in lor eingle 1 gentlemen. The location is one of the Ansel In Sands sfeet. Terms very moderate. IJOard in brf.ioklyn.-a large boom, with ' I> het and told water, and two large closet-. can bo had, ' wuh iu l or |iar;iai Board, at l.'l Pacific si < t, between Henry aud > oasuva Broohijn. ( Board in brooki.yn-within five minutes1 walk ot Wall street aud Sooih fer. le*. A pleasant front Parlor and Bedroom on the w ootid door, nicely ! roiab" ; 1 i so a small Rc jtn for a single geutleuiau. Apply at ltd.; 1 11'its street. ___ Board tn broo^Lyn-within five uiwctfes' w.cic Kunr.ii awl wall str'-c ferries a large un l p!"as ir'FrontRoom bii?I Beitpwim. neatly furnished: also. ' a Hull K-un for a sin ,,r seat entail. Apply at 110 Heury Street, between Fieri"pout and Clafk. Board in Brooklyn.-a labor fbont pablqb on s . pd Uoor. furnished or infurnislioit. for a gentlei n;a > and wl.'c; alsoonc on tlrd floor, for two single gentle- 1 ne-ti. Locution desirable, convenient to South a d W-II i ... e..? ... T n....,.., , alts, ,.7 , [ Stave sueet rXlAKD IN BROOK IAN.?A ofesx EMAN .NI> \VJ E, ' I wKlojle gsni ii. - . mcy o /tain pleasant Booms,* -b | H ?d. by ap*lying at 190 Jursle^un aireel, between Court and < '.in', >n. BO^hU IB BBOOKI.VN._A liENTi.E >1 AN AND %V . T I- I or two or thiw single gentlemen ran obtntn pl-sauii- t Ili.nnik. :wuli Board, in a small fatuity, at lb Na.-.e?" . Ireet, j car Fulton terry. Board tn sot tii rhookl^ n mav ee obtained i for a : iitlouiiin and wtft, also a s'nglc gentleman; anil on '.a- 1st o: May the St court Floor, unfurniabe., will be va. eatert; and where i be comfort* 01' a li tne may be had; ?a?, i bath, hot in,i '-old wa'tr; couveniftit to ilie > ais and leriie". Apply at 62 Karritou street, two <1 x>r? iront C'LnVm stmet. Brooklyn heights?u? Columbia street. river rtitf, ov rioajtlug 'be bay.?A front Parl?r and Bedroom, i Roauis on tr e<tt)drtiioi\ with Boairt; suitable for acrtt man .mil wife. >r two single gentlojneu. Dinner at six o'clock, Finest *it allot: tr. Brimirlyn, between Wall aud Kultou ferries, Rylcr nie? required. Board in iiob>kef.-a few single gentlemen an b<t aotounni)''ate(l with pjeasant JlooinAwtlh 1 or wiil.'v t Board. be app's fbr to or ?4dr*s*iar B., R". 88 (iardei. street. Lo*?.l0n ple?*?nt, and about Bse Winnies' walk fiom luc ferry. Boarders directory, sci broadwav?fci,l partl'ulars ir'veu fo partes wishing Hoard Id this city, 111 in at. i , }' -ev (Sty and the roent^ ?;atultou?. Boardlap bo * an 1 fainllie- wDh'iig yenterl boarders should apply. Boa- d v anted for many Applicants. _ X. B. B0D1NE A co. FRFN'i II BOARD. FRENCH INSTRUCTION, AND SO. rial Life, In I'refWeor f. Feznjub-'H family, No. Hi t ulon - i tare, Fourth avenue. Best reieWuoes required ami given. Ft)CRT 11 avenue, near madibon square.-a aa; ant ibird ?tory front Boom, w ith pantries, sul'sble for or fwa R?ntl'm?n n,ay be obtained, wnb B< ant, n a private faintly, a' 817 Fourth aver, ?. Dinner at I o'rlock FUBNHTIED ROOMS TO LET?OX THE FIRST AND second Boor, to genhemeu, wftb or without breakfast; private able if riHp.ired. Apply at 79 East Tw elfth street, neat B oedivay. Fl'RNIMlED rooms for oenflbmEN?with or bt -aiiia-t st M7 Bmad raj. iiitnwnitfcy nifvji.i iu lci, nii:i auflnu.-ji i r i r| 1.1 B*dm.>w on aeeond atory, nicely i i.rnn-' ?t, will Oc Ic to one or iwo gentlemen. at No. i<U Silt! arcbU*. FitJCNTSfltD 1'ARLORS TO LET-TO A LAdV AND ... ' n Ith Bo ml for tbc iady;' bo ho t c contains a'l:in., rovmtntr. ?t l ? fn a good location, near Hroa way Iniuiroat 4'J East Thirteenth tti'cci, between B.calv and rittroralty pla e Handsomely t crnhtied rooms to let-to cm tnvr. wllb-nt board, in the modi rn hou*e N.>. 23 Nlr'li a'tec . be v?n Fifth and Stub aveuuea. 11 A> DSt'KLV PCBNT8IIED BOOMS TO LET? J1 w.ti K .ird. in a h >??<! containing all tl c ol rn .nine rrncr > . and in a11 ..amt i art or th? i Itr, and ' . cui' i. i i i-jf ir? tnd -U|ti Apply ct SS'Xc*. Twenty lint, afreet, corner of Si ith aventt". Hoboken -a large furnished room to let, "Oth or ".Hu .,.:t K utd, v Ht, r.rtjolriag Farim- If te j.ircl, >. oMtir tw?.?, ntleti. u, in a p iva.. .< .: . ly. *ppi> at N . t Union place (Blooml.eld street \ nn. tbe fen* _______ _____ Is harlem.?two omuxn us .heir tenet, ni lour "ingle genii. men, can lind ( >u , Board mi l pleasant .i In a small pi irate family. F .r particulate tiiiuira of ibe -tarter o; the Third at tunc cars, at lb Fa*. Mrs. m. b -? m.nef, so. si west twenty ninth -lire .-an n .(roller ;,ic choice of acTfrai Kc inn to V ti. a J'. in .Main Board for the ye ror tram nil te.. lemon .?i- na In rataa n In the dtj Ibroafli the nmwtr will ind .his an eligible location. Reference* exchanged, MR' M B SUMtfRR, NtV ? WE?f TWfc.NTJ-NINlTI . ?tr>on, ba>., lUittapccn lly. a very apiradld second story front ? .it of Hooms Tacated, w Ui'h abe can uflei to partita desiring to m. he armngeir.enta lor Board for tbc summer or until <) tobcr I. The parlor It very large, elegantly frtmlsh ti!. and with broad window* on north and south a.tli e. and * iill lnrn> jianirire ami army mnvenicnee at',.' eJ othe ha-'r ? ?n; also ?nriih?r flint ivory iront Suit, eorial-ing of parlor ami two bedrooms, wil; be vacant by jji.v 11. ?rnieh will be let in -ani" way. nnl 1 O: toher 1 or for the snmraei The terms for these rowins aie less iban they arc let for In ihc winter. N'O. 40 BOND STRI.Bl.-A FINE 8BIT OK FOOM8, or ?'n*:e Rooms, to lei, with or without Board I hr?r *jtn? ?! ' ' 17 desirable, th- aticr. centra.', am! ?l!l bo In reaaoiiabla for the season N'EW HOUSE -OKNTLEMEN AND Wit EK AND wori '("tilicmeii will und ovelleul ac owmodbtloba ai.ii ferr pleasant P "mi In a new brown stone uiuw, and moat deTigbtl'nl and 000I location , ho ne has all modern :at pro* amenta N". Ij5 East Founi-anth afreet. ONE OR 7WO DESIRABLE ROOM* TO LET, WITH Board, In a small prirata laml!* . ,;aa acd aib In the Loire. Dinn?rat t o'clock. Not 59 Lexington avenue, one door above Twan'yMTh auect. ONE OR TWO ROOMH. NBATI.V FURNISHED. IN A prlraf faintly, (tillable for single gnntlem u; b use oas all'be nimb i 11 improvement*. Apply at JS W.mHu.siiQ ?tr< ?t, a few doors we?t of Broadway. TO IIKOi ERA-ANY RESPECTABLE WHOLESALE or retail grocer desiring to Board Inn flret in ? louso In every r.-sjwa and aeltle bin bill In Jroceriit, wilt phnee addrese Singleton, ?hii 1QU Herald office. References em charged. TWO OR THREE YOl'Ntl MEN COULD BE At > OK mo-taied vitb famished Bedrooms, without Board, ?t ?? or. M,|?I hi. I fnl.n ?,.J >1,11, ayrnwa, ? a low raie. mo LET-WltH BOARD, IN THE MODERN BUILT J, ho ld- 7d MkO'loogai eti-eet idl. element ? p'a<-e). large, nleaa?ia Pailor un Ami Uoor, to p>>rmau"til par: It .Mom* rat* term* mar b< made Beiereneea riven aud re i.ilr*d. rpri HRNT-WITTT BOARD,* A SUIT or Ro >MS ON X a und floor, and ai*o aome ?'i?*[ie oqee a; 12 K*m Nb'irtf??Ui atreet In the htntee formeily oocupied by Mia. Jenka. ______ VV-'Af^D-KtAHD WITH A LADT OB THE El'IRCO*V pal tatth. ol amiable and mild dlepoeitlon, for a cldld t? . it and Hire* month* okf. None but iltoi* anaw<ring t ?rd fllglO'i*!/tnrllnod n^ed addrrar, with referem?, Mm Dowdeil, HI Boweey, for on* weelt. lV*A>TF.t?-BOARn EOR A LADY AND I1FR DACOII* VV ter, efc' O ll year*, on* lam* Room or ;wo amall one*, a Kb ?loa>t required . early winner preferred, location niuat bo below Font -"nth etreei. fritna Bloat lie rery rea"on(BI* and payment * ill be prompt. A.tlreae Home Htekcr, Herald o?ce. WANTED-BV A oRNTLEMAN. A LAIWE. well frirunted Reelii, With Breakf>v?t preferred; In a private lamily of uno'ieationable reap* lability, location b?. ween Union and Madl'nn epiar-a, or o-ai the LeDtral Tark. Add reaa Do* 8,490 Foai -dti e. UTANiBli-A el'nai.f ROOM ON VtBflT Oitl'KUOVT) t oy with f i Rijarparable at the nl of the mrnfl he' fen -' frthand hortif atreei-, i?i ,?tart .*Bf ' ** Vl> *i f? ? * 'Hi ?. V , IK HERALD, SATURDAY BOAKD1MO AND LODU1NG. a amniiui and wins. a fve...a .1 il llnu.n, wit.j Bu no, i.i a pi.vale family, whti j the mm fona ot a home maybe had. east side ol lownprr. frvred. Address, stating terms, which ron-t be modriale, U H. W boa 4,225 P. ml ofltie. KIM UKU'K, < ORNl.R o> eE'TSTRENT, I street.?a lady now on Union am tre, having tascn the above eligible House, w ill accommodate a few families and onple entlemon bearing Ural class Board An iy for Hie pre.-e >l al Hi luiou *1 are. ?1Q A WEEK WILL BE 1'AID BY A GENTLEvlw man or Board for hiinsslf, w lie, Infant an I aurae. A neatly tiirnithed bedniom with Mil room or closets attaeh d, r.'unlreJ. L. ca.ion between Kii ill and S.ilh aveo ie? and Twcuiy.wvcnd aud Thirty-fourth streets. Keiereness given and required. Address M , boa 1,692 I'ostolhco. 9fl UNIVERSITY PLACE.-FCRNISIIBD ROOMS TO a*\) let, to gentleman only. without Board. Do not more 1st of May. ()D GJtEBNB STREET ?FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET davJ 10 gentlemen only; Rooms at 75 leul* to $'i per week. Also siuiifar .noma ;.ml rooms for housekeeping at No. > Monroe street, corner .of Catharine. OQ EAST TWENTIETH STBBBE?EOOHS TO I.ET, asO fnriilrhed or iin.'uinlUted, to penilem-tr only, with mi It. ,r.l V..v.l.i r?..,ilv .... ..tiil.t.... I ssnlL, li-.ih g:te, 4c. 07 hank street.?boors to let, with board, Ol fur gentlemen nuu wi re or gi gentlemen ;.conveutotu 10 stages .111J cars. T.rtns moderate. or. and 37 west thirtieth street. between 0? / Krou.lway and Fi th uveuue.?Two or tnreo select families and tnrre or fo?r geutl<-m' 11 ran now bo a-commouated ivitli suits and single Rooms. Taule first class. Reference* exchanged. a /? west twentt-fourtii street, between rfcll Kiiih ami Sixth avi noes.?Furnished Rooms, in suits or ??11 U?, suitable for fann ies or single gentlemen, can bo had on vasonable term*, in the above lirat class home. J ft NINTH STREET.?BOARD WITH ROOJIH.-TO TU let, a nice suit of two or three Room* on second tioor; aiso two single Rooms. House modern, location good, and terms reasonable. Dinner at ait o'clock. x.h west twelfth street, between fifth KJ I and Sixth avenues.?To int, with Hoard, two large, pleasant Booms, furnished or unfurnished, in a first class house. 'iVrun moderate. 7.1 TENTH STREET, ONE DOOR FROM FIFTH AVEaj m c.?Handsomely fui Hi.-iieU Suits of Rooms to let, with Board, to lint class parties desiring cool and airy apart, moms, with private la de if desired; several single Rooms l or gentlemen. Dinner at 6 o'clock. (1 ) GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING?ALSTON >?0 II us.\?Elegantly furnish -d suits of Rooms; gas, Croton and every convenieuce for housekeeping eeonoinl. ally, parti,,larly Huitahlo fur small r.--pec table families or single getulemon, Kent lotv to permanent tenants. 1 "I f\ RLEEt'ker street. west of and near IJLU Broadway.?Foinidied Rooms, with cr with t.t Hoard. Meals served in rooms li' desired. Transient boarders .1. oinm iduted. pleasant and central. 1 thompson street, between houston IOU and l'rineo streets. A fetv respectable young raca -an hare good Board and wall ventilated Rooms, with privilege of b ith 100111, at reasonable rates. IJQ NINTH STREET. BETWEEN BR04DWAY AND. itio Fourth avenue.? Choice of Bedrooms and P,nlor, lor families and single gentlemen, with Hoard. 1 SO PRINCE STREET?ST CLAIR HOUSE.-ELKI'll) gauily furnlshe ' R cms, with Bedrooms attachedsi;h ad the conveniences lor housekeepiug compleie, in, Imiiugga- and Croton water, to let to 1 expectable families 3r single gentlenmn. 0 l O ELM STREET, NEAR STRING?FURNTSHltD da LvJ Apaitiucnts tor immediate ao?H|M?ney. The lowest lit-' in Ac chy. considering tb < nvenieneo of ?: onomy in h'jtw keeping. Best bed tint and f 11 niture, -villi range, cookiig '.ieiiaiisai.d linen cnmpiele; g. r a> ii'rot.-n. 1 "| .xrt bkoaDWAY, betwben twrnty-Kii'Til iiimg and Twenty-sixth mi 1 is, opp>ito Madison iquare.?Elegant rooms m.iv u->w be ?dv .'.ed, furnished or .ufurmshed, single or in suits. CO I NTKY BOARD. 4 few gentlemen can obtain country A Board at the no v Dorp Hotel. Sew Dorp. B lien Island, orly minutes'ride from New Y k by retire id and ' <1 1 nun, N'e . D id, S. J, | NTRY BoaUD.-A ?,F.NH.EMAN AND WIFE AND U .1 Singh: gentleman ?ivh B urd n ar the city, by loa; preferred; no ?.ti;<r boarder : term* rea aonale. Address, ivith Wring, Amos, box 3,(J6l Fo.-l office. nomnrnv muhmocbit hill wen ue, yon \J hers.?Fi.-r.iles and single gentlemen deairiug Board for Ihe summer xvi'I tind superior ncc mmortntlons at the above place. Tbe house is large, splendid garden, fruit trues nnd j .ihhni'. The scenery is uns..par-crl, commanding a man' 1Scent view of the Hudson for mil-*. For particulars impure si 24 University place, corner of Ninth street. ClOUNTRY BOARD?GOOD BOARD MAY BE OB ) talned, with ? private tamiiy, in a pleasant viilatre, on the Hudson. For particulars inquire of Faokard ami Seymour, 139 Maiden Ian-. COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED AMONG THE hills ot Connecticut, at a large brick farm house, near a depot; very healthy location; ice, fruit, vegetables, dairy, Ac , in abundance. Fcr particular* catl this day on t^e proVictor, al the Knickerbocker Life Insurance Company, 106 Broadway. pOUNTRY BOARD WANTED?COR A LADY FOR THE \J season, in It pica,ant, healthy location, within one hour or so of the etiy. Terms moderate. Address, stating partie-. lars, V*. E. R., Vi Prirtoe eneeU C'ODNTRY BOARD WANTED-FOR A FAMILY OF ) four persons, on the Hudson river; location between Nee Yof* and larrytowh; aec'ss.blc to the cars; Qrsi class Boar,., and large aiiy Rooms, with bath required- Addivss A. II. L. Herald office. (COUNTRY board WANTED-BYTWO GENTLEMEN, J i loin Istol June for the summer; location must be mar the Wuier and wlthtn an boor's ildc ct? the city. Address D. Y. I)., bos 814 Post office, lUting terms and particulars. ClOUNTRY OR CITY BOARD WANTED-FOR MUBIC J and Eng ub. The lady is a proficient iu music; has taught ir. ilie So'utn foi '.hree years. Also Board for a boy on a farm, v hk b will be paid. Addrc s for one week Country Board, BtntK office. XTEW BRIOHTON, STATEN ISLAND.?SUPERIOR ACii eouiTiioiatlons for on- or two tamtjies and a few single gentlemen can be bud at ihe elegant mansion <>a Evergi "it IflJl, N nr BrigMo.i, live minutes' w*.k from atcsmKoui landing. Extensive highly euiuvated grounds, fruit, vc,etah>- ,tF> , cni lablinr. Also to rent for the seapun. a Furnished Oottagw, wth private tabic, to a family or puny of gcntlem- u. Appiic.i ion ean.t! x made unlti Monday, Apr! a* si tho Hotel 8'. Dermal*, corner of Fifth svei e nd xwe&tj-second eu eat. M .MMKR ItFSMORTS. Moi UTAlN UOURE, 80CTB ORAMiR, If J . WILL be open; <i f< i the r?>-.'pilon 01' lojarrtrr*on the I5ih "f May. The I. me te U?. *ly 1' uU;d; beautiful grounds: only one t.nur :iom Now Yore, t la Morns and Krri Railnail, from ?o<t o* CortiaciH ?treut. riiARI.BR 5-TRIVOER, Proprietor. WOltr.AN J.AKB-WITHIN V' nOt'Il3' RIDE. i?l Moil it Phwaiil Hou-e n 01 e of the inyrt In aniil'ul ami t-.i. Jiy tpota in In* State. Families rtei'ri ,g summer !' n ml) rnto ' > WALTBR R 'NEfl.MS Ilioadwny, third lion,-. A Oot'K.:", with ga.'tcu and 5 a.rea to lot, or Kami for sale, 95 a' tw. K'OKTON nOCSB.?THIS FIRST CLASS FAMILY 110 leiiin.w u.ien for the i -orptiui of b .irdef*. The house ia v. ry nleasantlv totaled, a 'p>n<1li flrh ng and Balling rot.d adjoining, twenty-four mlloa ft' "> 4h' jity, via the Now V?i t iwitt Ei io Railroad to I'.i'nfn, y. ,f. * W MATHF.WS, Pi uton, V. J. ON AND AFTER THE 1ST OF MAY T.iE RIVERSIDE It"inr. Red Hank Monmouth county. N. J., will be open fur therccept-un m *'ie?t?. i.'. tj. A \v A. FRENCH, Propr?eter?. CCMMER KEFORT. O Oi E\N HOFRE, NIWPORr. K. I VE.?SR? KKRNKK A BIR< II beg to Infor.c ibeif fn?. e Btid tin-pohlb-that they have ranted the Oc ? i Uona? for ilo* ??a? oi, and w,ll 01" n I' for the rrnep' to.i o' guests In the l.,"er pvrtof J'toe. A plan of the houri mi, ',9 ?fn at the Clnrwnoi n Hi", where apartments may I - enan'ied. Nr.w Yokk. April ill. 18' . KEKNER & BIRCH. THB LA TOli'BBTTS UODSB. BBROEN POINT will open for the i rcepUou of guests on the lai of J ..lie. A rMuet on from regular rates ma ie w 1th tairiipr* engaging tor tl.e snuaotl The llergen Ho.n Sonta ieat e Pier No. North river r.t7 :i and 11 A M. 3 1\ 4 9(> and 3 4t) P. M Time fro... New York 35 minu ?. VVEfLF.Y W II11.1.. Propi fPUE PAVILION, NEW BRIGHTON. WILL OPEN ON i. the lam o. Any The peoprle r la lo w prepared to make art angeinentt with pai iie? wishing to take room* for the eomeier. F. BLA.MAKD, Proprietor. /utnouxiT. AHTOCNUlN'l CI'RES ASD DIVINATlofB.-IF IN III heahh or troio.* < onuilt Modtmt t'LthFOHl), nolira loo U laturva, Nu-llnal and MptrlltR) ClAirrtjan*., No. lij Dean *tr?-ct, voiner of Biyt, Brooklyn. BUr fnve eila aioutv debit* mwai , prea?* 11 ># ? r> lu-dUa, and htidk kb?eui ft-mud-. Biialnc*" Intorrlewa, SO eon1*; m?Ui;al, $1; by letter, tr.cio?uig I.air, ASTONISHING!?vaim me borrow, sbvhntb daughter, has a elft of foreatght; tail* ho-v ?ood nnd bow of leu you w i.J marry, and all you wlah to know, eren jour ?ery thought*. or do pay. Lucky cbanoa froo. Her equal la aot to ue found. Her Ma.ue Imago <no" in mil Operation?ItM Lttdloe. utruct, below Houston. l'rtoe 38 eonta. Qeo'.lemeo do' admitted. MRU P. T U\fd. MBDK-AL AND BUSINK88 OLAIR ojatit, ran b-ent.OD.tcd aa ttejal at M Leioy aireot, near Wteokor, to detoc' dlaeaac, llnd abaaot frtcnda, and preecrtbo re.nedlea for all asea, Rootnoaa lnterrlewa Ut coca; medical 91; l<y leihT. ancioelug hair, $3. MRS. ADDIE BANKhK, SPIRITUAL BKDIHM, MEDI. al and Hu*in"?* < Ui.TOjact, continue* to give aatlefa. tluo to uumeiOua i intii*. day and evening, at hor r Kim a, &>1 Fourth a on ie, near Iwav ty-acroud atreet.MCi'nd door T*nc ROBERT. NEAR HROomE "TitHRT - MADAMS IDi) WlDoKK, Clelnoiant and *ilw -I Kpamah lady, uneeila the inyati ltoaof tnturity, lovr, mairlaae, abaent friend*, ieknoao; proarrtboa morfietne* for oil diaraaea. tella lucky numSnri. prupartT ion or ?i?ien. *t MKD1CAL,. 1WTOR HUNTER UtMMEUF-*Tli| PUVKICIAN J r who crlnii ?li-rt ?'i? llmucrim D,?p?a?*rf, No. 3 Dl. rill n fllf-nt. N*w Vork ?ily. In liVM, <-?n No oniri !l?d from b A M. mill 1(1 o'-tx-k ^tulvht nltbcolA o(Co?. Apr lain fti'.r?r.e?. U >ok l?r notolnf. D? WAHD AN EXPERIENCED AND 8UC< ESNKUL P'uyMrUn .?nil SnrMon, V'lbronyby onrfnant mih itln"". > on bo ' Molten * I Wangle aimr!. A pmo'.f rti iran'*. Hook grA'.la. Atienili ?!??;. ?. DH POWERS TREATS ALL DI8I A KS O PEMAI! ' with nni-nroPnVM litem bn oi>n*iiiM4 .%i 12' ?tr?.. t <1 .. n : nil hour(Uy and r ve ,inr?. PROFESSOR fiESTF.TX, 143 Off AM HERS R rREET.OAM tit cur nltnl m 'U'isl Ai;ot>'?i, ItfU 1 .bcrij ?cr?*t, K T. In HroMlTII. Ill CultM >1' rt. Wll H U TEH M D. R0.9D1 ISltiN CTREE T, N Y..t ?it 1 %l <rn? or option* at l> > akin, Wrof'tla in nrtrr form, wkl.p ciliug or'hltlr, ?Si no-el*, hj It onoir jfr*Tf), flm >10, ilie>..ii?tie?i, Ottlc, vliiOtlc m In n.< a ' i ?V r Ji i ? Ir* ' , APRIL 2% 1862.?TRIPLE bpbcul iot1cki.

( HEAT EXHIBITION, LONDON. 18d2.-VieiTOR8 TO X DtvigrenL, national nhitntiou. and tourismgene ifc ly, arc iii\Anl to Imw l the prevalent Hmop< ?n costume# At the clothing Hu< se of II t'KEKD, *? Conduit street, Booi! ?ur, et, Wi, London. Orders roupwifully solicited una pronij.ijj elocated. I'udei special appointmente to the i tjuern, Empi ror and Kmpi-ss of the Irent-h, Ptduoe Imperial, Ac. i.' rrespondfug house 17 Rue Tailbo-it, 1'a. .s. M*-'s \t) '!-.fivi; ok i n; fhoi'iuktokh ok con. to -a n, bier btowcr*, Iniuor dealers, pianoforte i n,..ivifa.'tnn>ri<, musicians and singers of the ciy of New York and neighborhood. *11 promts whoare Interested in ( the jn w law against rotuert saloons are invited lo attend the 1 li.M- iuc thisaltrrno IIP itS o'clock, at Ml Br ...daay, to ? - 'a whiuutanui rour interests i-au be best saved. QPKOUL MASONIC NOTICE?THI? OFFICERS AND < turmembeis of lioto-nlinden Lodge, N<<. ft, P. a d v M.??l I shot re and member* of sister lo g >, are r sin. t til- i to assemble at tbe rooms oi liohenlin.ti n lodge, 3 No .'Hi Montague 1! II, Court street, on tfinday aftertia. n, at I i u vlook, te pay the last tribute of respect to the remain* of our late worthy brother, Andrew L. D /endorf, wbo departed this II e on Friday moruin t. April 2d, aged II years and two iuoin.U.-. iiie reunites win be tuken to lireenwood Cerne- 1 lery for interment. By order. I ALEX. CAMPBELL, Secretary.^ Westchester <olmy paxes last notkb. . T?v,. ..M. V .......... W.l^Hil.l \C ..I,,.,..I..,,. xt.le, Union Port. lyili iii:v(Jle. A' uotui cd I shall i be at my ofllce, corner ol'-liraiid ami Ellirabeth aueets lFourteenth \\ ;?rd Hoioli, on Monday, April 27, for lire last lime. Lot? sol J a. the tar sale January 1ft) nniv he redeemed. Kjil N H. VOKKE, Collector. 1 MISCELLANSOVS. _ ; Articles for travkllkrs.-koi.e leather i Trunks, Ore's And Bonnet. Trunk*, leather and C.nprt Ba ?, I'mvelline bag* el van' Pirii mail- Ladies' T av. 'liu;; | and chopping BugiClust received by steamer City of Haiti mote. JOHN ? ATfNAt'll, Mb Broadway, corner of Wall ' street, umVTOd Broadway, near Kourtb street. 1 A ST PERSON H.VVINC ONE HUNDRED OOLLABS al In ra.,1), Oitii buy one of C. C. Harrison's extra lar^e quick working Cameras, together with the w'lqle and coin- ' pletoeet uf instrument*, comprising slock. chemicals, and i everyUdag n ecessary ik uiit, business, which thrown- 1 er would sell l'or <n it, oil account ol ill health. Address R. R., Jr., box 42 Pn-t cilice. New Brunswick, N J. A FACT.?CORNS, BUNIONS. CALOSITIES, NASCU- I !ar Excrescence--, Bad Nails, Frosied and HlUtcrad 1 Feet, and all o:h< r aitlictlous of the iVt, successfully cured ' bv Dr. lIRIOilfi, 212 Broadway. Dr. Brig:*' Corn and 1 Bunion Alleviator s meeting u ith great snci ess in the same line. No caustic, no |ialu, no blood; cure certain and com{tlete. The boo' or shoe can lie worn at all times without the east inconvenience. Price 25 and 60 cents per l>ox. Sr nt l by mail on receipt of price. Sold by drugg'sis everywhere i Dr. J. B KItixJH, Practical Surgeon CbiruLudUt, Proprietor, 212 Broadway, opposite St. Faiil's church, New York. I Brown stone wanted, for cash?4,000 surface feet of broken Ashler; maybe delivered either immediately or during 'he summer; durability and cheapness will be more cousulercd. Address, stating where s imples inav be aeon, Jaqiies A Mooney, West Forty-lifih street, near Elereiitli auenue. New York. CHINA, GLASS AND EARTHENWARE CHEAP FOR cash.?Any parties having cash in hand, and wishing to obtain thn worth of their money in the above articles, can be accommodated, for thirty days, at 140 Chamber* ?tre< t, up slatrj. CURTIS A BAKER. . CORNS CURED FOR 25 CENTS EACH: BUNIONS, Bed Nail", Ac, cured a> 61 Bowery, corner of Canal, I by Dr. RICE, ri cti al t Uropc?ist. Dr. R' e's Anuibllalor ' curi t Coma sod Bunions, 25 and 50 cents per ho*. 1 Dr. c. h. lawton attends to the treatment of all kinds of nervous acute and chn iilc diseases on electrical principles. Perfect satisfaction guaranteed iu all cares, i'atienta accommodated with Board. Depot run PURE PHOTOGRAPHIC CHEMICalm ? J. F. Ll'H.ME A Co., Manutacturing Cticmisis, 05J Broad* ay. DRUG DRAWERS WANTED.?A LOT OF DRAWERS, suitable for a retail drug store, wanted. For partic'dars ' apply at 47<J>i Broadway, iu tile store. " Frink's patent gaslight replbctoh8 sub- | j pa s rwerything for disptu' ins goods to ad. on ate; every [_ a ore should have tlicm. The'public are cautioned against 6 buying woi'tiiless imitations, as tliqj uit.-d States ourte have lately ilei-ided that put chasers of ariivhs infringing a ri.uu' .VI :wi IUI uu .in- as lut . aiv I VI - .4.1 ..." ivc my card iu ;. I genuine. A liberal dieeo. n . to tbs trade. I. 1*. KRINK, Patentee and Sole Manufacturer, 5iJ ' reet, third door east of Bmadway. Iitai ts.?aching teeth cured perfectly, frbe 1 from pain, snd filled. Tcctli idled with Gobi, in best manner, free or charge. be oon<'li <j. >1 that th'sis ne at INGEUSOIn.'S, 1.3 Vl eat Tweuty-Micjnd street, New York. "/Nlr\KOM.--T AY. NOW SELLINGBAULK'.-: ISLAND vt Guano ?t' this bon quality. Also other Guanos of the most approved kinds ill quantities to tu t purchasers, at the Aiv.esi prices. JOHN B. BARDY, 68 South .reel, corner oi Wall, N. Y. Invalid.-you will get the recti e for a sure 1 Cure forCutigl.-, Cold^ Consumption, ..nd ail l.tiug Diseases, uy sending to It. ADEE, 881 Pearl street, New Yo.s, lie t?naH it fre" Write lor it It bos cared thousands. Liquor casks wanted-eight half pipes Brandy, sn I 12 quaiter Sherry Wines; io he trimmed and in good order rod painted. A !dress, naming price and where to be seen, A. li. LI., Herald tike. I MARBLE MANTELS.?THE SUBSCRIBER INFORMS the publb that he i* sell ng Mantels, Ac., cheaper than | any tvrson in tl.e business Those wishing to purchase should cull soon at A. KLABER'8 Marble Yard, 1U9 East Eighteenth street, westot Third avenue. New Yoik. OIL.?THE BEST KEROSENE OIL REDUCED TO 40 ceuts per gallon. A'so Lamps, Crockery, < bina and Glace, Fancy Goods, Beer Mugs, Cutlery, Spoons, t'aaters, Vhves and Tea Seia cheap at C. A. BALDWIN S, G6 Bowery, e.prner Caovl slreet. "OEKK AND YE SHALL KIND."-THE VERY ARTIO ele for millions. It is just ine very 'hing for fast men and t'asi women; important to the fan. y and gay; ri. h to <oi.template. Direct your name on an envelope (with stamp, if you wiM. it io come sealed \ encio-e to me, and you will rersive n circular with particulars. Address H. D. Humphrey, New York elty. SHOW CASE WANTED?A HANDSOME ONE, OrENlng at the aids, at a low figure. Apply at 630 Broadway, up stairs. SAFE WANTED.?A GOOD SECOND HAND SAFE Lillie's or Herring's patent, about or 28.26 or 2tj In terior measure. Parties answering must offi-r low, or no atW iiiiwn will lie paid to It. Address in )>erson or by letter 3d Mf SUM I. Tl. c.?get gracie catlins joke send ten cents ami your an..rrsa to station A. Spiing si reel. TO DBICKMARERS.r-WANTED MADE A FEW MIL. Ilou Brlek by toe thousand; a good ebacee for tw o work lnt; men as pnr'ners In a yard; theownei can supply eveiy. tiling anJ assist in burning. Address 9. I'., Lux l'L Hcra.d olltee. . "T1lrANTED?ONE OR MORE OF LADD A WEBSTEB'3 ' W famiii Sewing Marble s, in good order. Address, etat- I tug style and price, box ?49, Baltimore Post offlee. < VV-VSTED-AV INVENTION FOR A V8EFUL AND TT practical article thai will retail 'or 25 oeu'ii. Anv p?r. h n having on-; perfected, or with a brilllail id' a of one, ai <1 wUhing to di?;>os<- of It. c rv hear ol a ca?b oumoroer by adtl ett-iig s. 11.. box 200 lltraid office. I>R\ tiOODsT" VT mac v s. SPECIALITIES TIIIS MORNING. R H. MACV, 204 ami 30 (tlvtb avenue, two door* below Fourth atrtet, Will >)> n this (Saturday) morning, In add.k n to In* -p!oi,..i l rtock of .Ladle*' Pari* K d Glo . *, at cent*, 1.10J dozen Iodic*' i|oat?r Jong two b >tt< n TARIS KID <* LOVES. plrndltLq tnlity, all desirable (hades, 6s. and 7*. p- r pair; uaum pit", 10". Also, l.tRM) do-en LADIES' LISLE THREAD I10SE, 1*. CO., i 21., J*., 4i. Al-o a -nlei.did stock of FRENCH AND s(*OTOII KMBKOIDBRIEP, At much Ice* thau th cost or importation. AT O. A J MOWBRAY'S, wj CRAM) STKEi:':. ORE AT SW.E OF DRY GOODS, at tiftv rent*on the dollai. Fancy Dress Silka, 4,will yard*. at 50 rent*. Do. C,?e>0 " extra, at 81 cent*. I)o. 3,(10!) " Inc h? flgnra, 87 . ?ni?. l>o. ioj " cheue, yard wide, ft. Black Silks, nrnri*nted i ot to cut or crack. 7 ?) yard* lilac* Silk at AS cents, 3 tlOO " " oil boiled, 75 cent*. 6.6(10 " " " $1. Silk Rooea-2M) Silk Kobe*.$16. $18. $.'5. $3! nui $60. 1). reel loot < and Barege Angla!*". from 4y. up. Flue Piench Harege, *11 colore, nly the. and 2*. B*i-'g' Ho' ??. 31 yard* each, on y $2 60; co*. $6.. lilac* (in cautiic, only ISc.; coat 40r. Ml* eiripe Krein It 1'opllO, 66c.; Coat 8*. Plain all wool Delslnc*, 2V. Faci] ie* and Traveling Cloak* of every de?criptioc from $2 up. Children's Cloak* and SaMMa from Hup. I r. !.*? r? <*n :.t, I* are avli" I to . xa i ii.< i.i.sstoc* before haying. The above go al* are part of two import*tl in* designed for llio Southern market and purchased at half cut O. A J. MOWBRAY, No 260 Grand (tract, cornet Por*yth. (NEORGF- KETES, 343 EIGHTH AVENUE, IS OPENING X Saily. from auction aud Importer*, new Dre*a (looda, n*w Prints, new |< .oaks, new Shawl?, new Catpela, new Ulhlotb*, r.ew Window Shade* all at low price*. SPRING MANTILLAS. 700 English Walking Sa' jue*. fmm $2(0 up. 400 Black Silk Walking Bar-pie* from $6 to $80. Hlch Bilk Scarf klamillat, from $16 to $40. All n?w and fashionable atyle*. rnanufv. tured for the Brandway retail trade. AT LOW PRICES. Ladle* are invited to call anil examine. B. H. MILLS A CO . I 381 Broadway, oorner White street. * MIUTrery.M;. A CHol" BAND WT.LL SELECTED STOCK OFKFHINQ A. Mlldnery and ."'.raw Moods of the newest shape and styles, are otiered to the ladles at the lowest cash pi kes, at Mi a. SlMMtaNH', 637 Broadway. N. B.?The trade supplied BARGAINS THIS WEEK?BPBINO BONNETS.?L MIN.Srt Mlipnery, largest and cheapest la tho world, M. Bma?l>vej?Ml?"Pi ceil" Metropolliaa llo'al. Mmireing ( Bonnets, Mioses' Bonnets. Old Maui repaired; Leghorns teanid. Travelling Bonnets. Evening Hate. VTOTHK.-MLLB. R BARNETT RESI'EOTFULLY ANis n routes ittne puulto and btr patrons that ehe will continue the Milll.iory business 'intll the 1st ol J'lly usit, tiHUaiiii ircelved *>y the. list arrivals froin Paris a fresh and !< led sines of the cliokest goods, which she oils re at a gi. atea r.fl o, as thry must be sold by the above tiaie. 28 J Waverlsy pin e. | O/WA CARES hats from AUCTION. ZvU Till. (IRE vtebt BAROAlNd KVE'l OFFEREE gts.rawt. ...? Hpied Cotton, IV. ann. \ best Cotton, tn and 8U) yards, forTc nta <0 dor light KM Moves M . ents a pali. , woll v, orllt $1. A iieaatifnl issortinsnl of trimming ami bona l Itl da.os, v<o? cheap. At ronaluson A Mb a res'. eor 8th itr, and 19t!i st. RAILROAIMs ~ ~ T HUDSON RIVER RAll.ROAO?TRAINS FOR ALBANY, T. ot, the North and W' st leave Oltamusrs street at 7 and II a. M and 3.30, s and lb I*. M. NEW YORK, JIARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD, r r A'beti, Tto), Nortli and West. W.oisr sreejiget". nt. eiwm. '.icing Monday, Nee f, isg|. I r or Albnr.y?lo.:? A.M. Kiprees Mali Train, trout Twerly -lilt, s'reet d |?d. F a'i to al 'ra na ccc Time TW'-m. *0 n ncHTf.r a'sis'r.r'f -?.rn.'rr,aer? I ' I 1 SHEET, HOVSSI, KOOM9, ?C., TO AHAlfOTL RKSIDKNCB TO LET-CORNER OF Btcbi* lui.rii. ?(wi andax nugA, opposite Wm. NU'lo's, urnr the East river ?i.<l Hell (Jala ferry; 15 low, all in garden, a aL box borders, gravelled walks,(targe dwelling, coach hnusa. stable, Ac ; choke plants ail fruit In abundance: gas, Cintou, runge", 1' Inquire of JAMES At'KERMAN, 101 Nassau street, or the subscriber, ou the premises. APAitTM t.sts for (ientebl families, with alt. the eonvenieaces for housekeeping (the first story well xiapU'd for ajphy(detail), in the first class English basement House 1,-lti "be adwai, between Thirty-first and Thirty hoBond streets. A rely at above, or to EDMUND HUHRY, 57 William street. A cottage to let-at briar cliff, near sing Sinn, comprtsiu; ids rooms above and dining rnont, kitfhen and cellar In basement, a gardan at** ked with small fruita; heitltliy K c tiiou, with fine view of tie Hudaou; alio liable If required; church in lha ?icinitv; rent $2-s); hoiiae IB feel square. Apply to W. 11. BRINKEKHOKF, 0 Wall Itreet, Sun lua nance Company. 0 A THREE STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE TO LET on R eat Fliticih t.rcet, i on tains 14 Rooms, in fine order, h ith parlor cbandellew and gas natures throughout. Rent |500. Apply at 195 West Fiftieth street. A furnished room on fjrct floor to let?10 1 1l a bachelor ivlahl ly; o live In a private family. Also an Office on the tame lloor Apply at B7 Bkeoker street, near Bicarwsy, next o Savings Bank. AfBCOND FLOOR, OR APARTMENTS SUITABLE fi r houaiikecp. ,g. for a en,all lainiiy without children, In bouse; won lotver Side of the city preferred; rent must nut exceed $12 a month; reference given. Address A. K. K., box 227 Herald office, Country res'lie.MCE to let?at port RICHmond, Smteu Island, ihiee-eighthsw>f a mile from the ferry; noatsi very hour tothe city; a Farm, with ;i5 acres of land, ga d House, burn, carriage house, two gardens, orchml, Ac. Rent $'(<? Apply to R. H. HOPKINS, 31 Pine street, room No. 6, rear building. TTtURNlSUED THREE STORY HOUSE-HANDSOMEST I? nclguisirhood in Brooklyn. Modem conveniences; velvet carpets. Part of rent may be paid in unencumbered p al cutte or good sAcurlil**. Apply at II Second place, South liiuoklyn, or 22'J Peart street, N. Y. Furnished country residence to let at liulibs' Kerry, 20 miles trum city, oil Uudvon river; beautiful Uoililr Cottage, barns, caniage and green houses, 15 acres lauil, line c .iden nml fruit, ten minutes' walk from depot. Apply to IK' H BURET, on the premises, or at 101 Broadway, corner ul D y street. Furnished house to let?for the summer or for the year; a pica-ant, lurnUhe.l house for a private ituiily ; it is 2 feci front and most desirably lo ulcd. Inptlre at 90 (.Tutton place. Great inducement to good tenants -to let, the two Stores Nob. W>end <61 Pearl street, Now York. Djuin e.l for th? lasttorty years by wholesale arc ore. Good >tands. For further parllcttlai apply to JAMES SINCLAIR! :orner of Chatham and Pearl streets. Hat, cap and shoe business to let?the best corner store in tbo village of Peeksklll; has been iccnpied for tne hat sod cap business for ten years; it the jest location in th village lor a genteel lady's snoe store, in: tiding men and ch hlren's wear. Apply at No. 4 New street, oom No. 2, from 12 to 3 o'clock, or on the promises, opposite ho hank. Half of a house to let?no. sb laight street, near St. John's park. Either lower or upper inrt, with basements, ens, hut and cold water, baths, Jr. Tent low. Apply at tl c hous". or at No. 62 Laieht street, opusite. BOUSE 'TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, AT NO. 1 WEST Baltic street, in-ar Court street, three stories, with v-t'tr, range, hath, tag and heater; a few moment-'walk run South Kerry. Bent only $736. Inquire at 383 Brooinc trect, New York. House in clkrmont avenue, buooklvn, to Three story, h. i.l sit buscmeut, neat a id cuuveni! it. Gas, water, Ac. Rent low to a satisfactory tenant. I ipii at 1115 Tearl street, in olhce, up stalls, lo HENRY lEOKUK. House in Washington avenue, Brooklyn. ne .r Uaies menu-, to let?Three story English buwui, las r. Rue. i ,inn .on i iciiaui. 44 ;i c , t ' 'i?liN GOULD, at B.i -k.y.. { Houses ro i et-in bxoellbnt 0r?er?jnHfc rents, thr o -'.DI.S, h gh s imps and lUodern inii rnee* nents; No". 185. -??."> a., I 2ui)East Nineteenth stie.-t; No. IJJJf st. Mm k's i English hasemeiit; also Upper Port o 'jut Nineteenth sire d. A; ply to 0. J. FOLSOAI, Lie Fuel t\enne, cet'i tr 1 E 3U1I1 s.ieet. Rent ?m?to let, a cottage, enollju rural style, with parlor, dining room, bix bedrooms, kitchen tud cidlar, beautifully situated near Vanderbill launlng, 3titen Island. \v. II ANTllON, 16 Exe.hange pluce. STORE TO LET, NO. 128 THIRD AVENUE, AND tbiM story mid ti.ree Rooms in second Skury, in same house, and a very nice three story House, 183 East ThiriyIhird street. All modern improvements. Rent low. Inquire ?t 146 Third avenue, iuitm 'I'O LET-TWO PARLORS. ON FIRST FLOOR, FRONT, X H i-emeni and two attic Room*. One and Immes; two meters. Large yard and under cellar. item $500. Adnlyat 12 Mac ong il street. Can be seen between It) and 12 o'clock. TO LET?A NICE SHOP, 16 BY 26 FEET, ONE DOOR from 'Thud avenue. Inquire at 3ti0 Third a;cnue. Ken I J9 per month. TO LET?TI1E COUNTRY RESIDENCE OF THE LATE Abel !'. Anderson, knou ii as Woody Crest, near tin. ll.;h Bridge, in Westchester i ounty. The grounds comprise about 20 acres. The place is easy of access from the city by or railroad. For further particulars inquire of TI1EOUORK HINSDALE, No. 7 Nassau street, New York, TO LET-T1IE ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN tone House. 229 Wdt Thirty-fourth street. 66 fi et deep all the way up; immediate possession given: sure1 100 feet w ide; rent reduced. Apidy to JOHN B. KELSO, No. C2 William street. TO LET?THE FOUR STORY BItOWN 8T0NE ENOlish basement House 143 West Forty-second street, between Eighth uremic and Broadway. It is handsomely situated on oue of the wide streets, with Belgian pavements. Tue house is in good order. Inquire of feMITll A MEAD, 354 Eighth avenue, or A. pheli's, 31 Pine street. rpO LET-TUB SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. ti X Barrow street, uelween Bleeder and Fourth streets, comprising tw o tine, airy rooms, with pantries between, a lied room over (he hall, iron t basement and one attic room, ail in complete good order. ? ith , as and Croton water. The lower floor to be occupied by a family of three adults only. jv* ill rrni?;u ?nc mw ih?i jcmm at **.*}. r) LET-PART OK THE TWO BTORY HOUSE NO. 26 Charlton itii et conkl-tlnn of irout r join, two bedroom* and (jftiitry ou eco'i t lloor, and Lac* basement, to a small l.mily wlinout clm-non; real $200. Inquire on the prellM 110 LET-IN BEBGEN, N. J? NEAR BERGEN" SQUARE. . a l!r-t class c<-iiiie.'.iM'a Re.ldence, two st-ny tun: art bore ncni lions-,; m -hed i. ro iglmut with taste. all modern v?y ? c cat in hided; grounds n-atly laid out; churches, s hoo e,stor-0, Jke., in the lu.m ntiaid vlcinl y; the In. a.iuu .ui i e c.iborho dull that coula oedo ircd, being entirely tiro no.u anything of an objectionable character; fa c from J< racy Oily. live ceuu; > an every ten miiu. ua. ami early desirii g a neat ami grub-el residence ttUBOt fa 1 to be . 0 t l.ei". Aj ply a: 6S Pearlatrei t. TII LET?TW'? comon AT STRYRERS BAY, Ninety-seventh street and Hudson river, forty-two minutes from Cham tiers tired by Hudson R.ver enrs or Bh ' tnln,;dsl" s ines. Apply on tUe premises, or to A. S PENCE, Id Wall street. mO LET-PART OK THE DOUBLE BRICK COTTA'lB JL on ^'rlker'a lane, Fifty- ecoml slr-ot anil Eleventh avenue; has roe water and hot air. Also four story English b.ssraent Hon-eaim |iaa? of others, very die.p. Apply to J. (i. DAWSON, FltU-sc ond street, second house west oi Eleventh avenue, or No. 13 Park place, up stairs. To LET?THE SMALL, GENTEEL HOUSE, CALi trial-d for a hae .el r or family of four or llvo p-rson* hOEas: 1'vyi ny-Attli street. I'omaius 11.o *!"ep ng rooms. besides parlor and basement ; every modern Improvement. Can b seen from II to 3, by card. \\ ILoOA, ttjr Fifth ave, n..e, corMc of Twenty-third street. TO LET?SMALL HOI; SE 102? EAST TWENTY EIGHTH str* et. ailini rdeems mi . MM . also s em 1 floor, lour room*, 123 East i r - ty -i, lnh street, $11; n so B.cond Fluor, live . want. 101 East Fortviifih strict; Third Floor, hv.- r nuii, $10 ; . also R .oms 38 Downing street at t5. W1LCOA, IbJ Fifth avenue, corner of Twenty-third street rro I.ET?IN BROOKLYN. THE THREE STORY FRAME J. House No. III.) P.-Hil street; nas dining room anil elten-i.m, with rooms ou second Uoor. House has all the ?. urn irn 11 <.l<v 111>11f a f7iisi walpr An- Rptit iLtft) iipr vpur Apply 'tVlVlOJil \H ur'NlTAMrj. South aircetT ' """" TO LET-A K1? K HOUSE, TWENTY ROOMS, ADAPTed to uue or two families, at 139 West lbtriy*ixth am el. 1'ricc $S0t). Also geuleel Mouse at ^21 Koss street, Krookljro. Price *40b. Apply to 0. PAKTKIDGE, ilvJ I'earl stlect. riV) LET?TWO UEMEEL THREE STORY BRICK 1 Houses, 101 and 110 Writ Twentieth street, bei ween Slilti and Seventh avenue*, with *11 the modern Improvement* of bathing room, gar, *c.; lo let very low. A poly to JOIIN P1IA KB, hi West Twentieth street. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE UPPER PART oi brown stone House, 70 West Forty-slntb street, in perfect ordc r: all modem Improvements; to the right kind of * wount will be let low. For particular* ln'iuirc on the premises. ' TO LET-PART OF A THREE STORY ENGLISH basement Hoik; ha* all the modern improvement*; two parlors anil bedrooms, hascmcut mid bedroom, inure, If reunited; bath ami ass; rent to suit the timer. Apply at 98 Thirty seeond itiecl. _____________ TO LET?AN OFFICE, SUITABLE FOR A PHYSICIAN. | also, Front Rooms on third floor, at 10 Unlveralty plane? r rner of Olintou pla>e, H^li h street. Address K. A. L., siailon D. r LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OF HOUSE NO. *0 Prtiiee street, nnwly p*tii>*4. papered, with gap, water, i Ac. Hennery low toeama.l family TO LKT-THE WHOLE UPPER PART OF HOUSE W Third atrnet, near nomad avenue, with Basement; gas i and water up stairs, also bathroom and watsr closet on same floor; rent reasonable to n(deslrnbl? tsnaot. Apply fioin lu ill# P. M. I - , r LET-STORE NO MB HUDSON STREET, ONE duor from Spring, a desirable location for sny buslncrs. -. _i_ ... n . I'nsviiR >i Ihe Greenwich H-mk. or afire 5 cfock'at 298 Spring etre'rtT TO LET?THE THREE STOBY AND BASEMENT brows from It ohm l#0 Byereon street, Brnoslyn, with albtbn modern improrenieule. Kent, $3M). Apply on the prcmitM. rro LET-A F0UR:8TOBY BROWN STONE HOUSE on JL Second avenee, adpUis'ip southwest edrnei of Fin* llurd street, containing*11 modern improvement* AlsobsJf of a similar House on tarns b kk. Rent very low to a good tenant. Apply on the px'miseeto O. H. 8WIFT. rLET AT HAHLEM-ON FIRST AVENUE, NEAR 119th i'rr. i, alai,.e new house, two store basement and mttle, marble mann la. gas and Cio.on, fine rlter view; will ei11 omm *(:? ? two genteel 1 ainllles; baa 12 RuoigS, with pantri' e; rent low. Apply at No. A New street, room No. 9. from III to d o'clock. " To KENT?THE TWO story DWELLING HOUSE and two and (thai aura of Ground eligibly situated on Trnth avenue, eoinrr or 190th *t e>'t, near the High Bridge Carnage home and stable on the premise* and a garden w II stocked with fruit, Ac. Ai ply to A M. LVON, A Wall tree fTH> HUNT?A FINE HOTEL, WITH ABOUT FORTY i. room*, also stable, sheds, or. I hi* tea line oppoitunily tnr rei G e wi?hln* to go in ihat business. It Is situated In New Ruche lie, eery near the railroad depot. Apply to 1L NAY 1,0't e?t flreenwlrs street. % SALES or REAL ESTATE. A' kirst class bkown stone house for sale h nh or without furniture.?Thr honor is fcur -lui it* llfijttiO, Willi all modern liriprov. month, situated on a arid. atYect, near war. the furniture 1a nearly new ud very hundsome. Will he s .'d at a gr*. t sacrifice. CHAN. K. MiLL.s,3l cedar street Farms ok various sues and pukes, in ai r so. lions of the lountry: be; ntiftil Seat, and R.?idenceh, convenient to the city, ami Cttv Uesidetieeh lor kale on may terms, and to exchange very liheivlly. sol'tllwlt k a ivoiid, 43 naaaau atreet. For sale?thr thkee store brick hoosk anil Lot No. 143 Houtli Ninta street, Willianial-ui* mow Brooklyn, E. If.); 1. in drat rate o drr; roomaand hall i .unit* Sfiuelv papered; contains nine rounis, beanies uluecta and pantries. Marble mantels In 11m and second stOTif. grateoj to.ding doors, j,a* und gns uxtuira Kid^ewoid water, r.. ul.c in Uif'-hen, and goodciliur. Ii n railing in front, grass plot. An. Will he sold cheap. Apply Immediately to khan CIS T. W ALliER. 46 Pine .Uvel. N Y. Hardware stock to trace estate. with nr without i he aland; established for a number of yi arc Arrb ?l *> ' Eighth avi nue. Morrlhanta lots?in exchange for a good Hons*, with modern Improvem. n'a, in the vicinity ol Hai ism, ui' would negotiate villi some builder. Pieast Address f. c. b., station d, n. y. for^aiTe" " C1anal boat for sale.?in y lire on board the J boat .it pier 34 East river, near the Catharine furry, ur Of william h. bolton, Nov. 31 and 33 Catl.ariuc MoikeW Drug ft. hie FOR sale IN brooklyn.?a SMALL st. re will be sulci i'or hull' its value as Lie owner haa other business. It Is a pool chance lor a pliy ii ian or a tier* man apothecary. Appiy to \v. w. thayer, New York. I nor sale -tn old bitabl18hd business or s * years; a yplciidid eha.ute for a man with a en.all Capita i. Apply t > a. kna 1*1'. 20j Cuntre street. Ijlor ha lb?a lot of broken bread and bake 1 bouse Sweepings. u. s. p. 15. Co., 102 wau r street. 1aor sale?a splendid mark ft, now DOiNti a ? root! business; two fine stalls marble tish stand, cullea pumper, i t large store uud basement, long lease, low rent? Apply ut 158 Ninth avenue. Fop. sale?the old established paint shot \'o. 73 Fast Broadway. Tills is an excellent opportunity to obtain a good business." tn? present occupant is obliged 0 retire on account ol* ill health. tjvjr sale?one herri no's safe. with mall's x 1* .tint lo**k; also two plat form Scales, at 237 WuBtnugton street, corner of Chambers street I|h'r sale-a pair of handsome warranted fieii' h plate Pier Classen, its 33x.ifi, vet in gilt names, and flt'i Italian marble slabs uud bronzed brackets. In'i ui .- ut htwe.'st Bro. <1 vay. For SALE-the fixtures of a tea storbi clu up for cash. Appiy ul 44t> East Houston Street, CM tier of Manhattan. Ifor sale?THE LEASE and FIXTURES of a bah and Oyster saloon; must be sold; reason foi selling nisde known on appllca!ion. Inquire on premlltl 217 Third avenue, curnur ol Tweiiiy-.irst street. Apply after 12 o'clo-k p. m. I poll bale?a well established wholesale " and retal Liqttor Store on onu of the l>e?t. paying corners in lie city and now doing a tint class business. Good rcu*on., fur selling out. Apply to r. walters, 18 East Broadway. For sale cheap-tub handsome and com. plef Fixtures of ;ue 8 'gai ^t >r- No. 84 Beakmeu streets cjus;slii ; of Counters, Showeas. ?, Sheivlug, Inman Figure* Outaide Sb c.via-e. Ac., Ac. Will be sold cheap. Ijtqr sai.f. < hftp pur casu-a bar, ovstbh ' ..icon an.l Restaurant, wit i ladies' private snppei loonih attached, located in on" of the most public thorough" fares In tut* city, if applied lot soon, the proprietor having Oth t bnslr.t m lattendto. Apply ajsld Grsrd street, New York. taor SALli i ueai', for cash-tiie siock and 1 Fixtures of a first < lax.; wholesale and Ltcjuog usiur - in uiiu of tli best neighborhoods in this city. The muamis are nr arly n-w. Death of a dear f. .em' and the hgr doing to Califuru a ca .se of selling. Appiy to wm. qnsdti. X1. i East Broadway. /1kocehies, hotels, restauban18. confeo. u tionerin , Stores, Ac , for .le, in the moat d'siutble l0? e,liens and ai > arious prie s. Those wanting business can e ai .clj Ui. boms .nlteo thwick .i .wood, 82 nassau street. Hotel fob sale.?tub prksoott hotel, no. 30 e..xtHo uton sr et. near Broadway, for sale or to let to a good, res[Mjrsible mnu; It re furnished complete hi rough, out, in perl'e :l order, and neariy full of boarders. Appiy on the premise". Kerosene, fluid and alcohol store for mi .?One ot the bet stands in the city, now r?t?t.iu| from nv?- t?i seven barrels a week. Also a large quantity o? tilas.- Earthen were. \\ i:,bc sold cheap. HatisfactOry 1 enso given lor s Ihr g by applying in the store. No. tX) Wesl Broadway. To printers.?one hob's MEDIUM press, three Hand Presses, one Adams Press, two Copper Plate l'rcs-es .two Embossing Machines, Job Type, imposing Stones, Ink Tables, Ac., to be sjid at a sacrifice, at 23 Dey it, rro bookbinders -two ruling machines, one x page g ma. blue, Lying It. sets. Paper Cuttin i PretatK Wowing Vices, Binder" Shears, Finishing Tools, Card shctfta .it i Tables, 'J to 23 Inches, Ac., to be sold cheap, at 23 Dey it', MOUSES, ROOMS, <fcC? WANTED. ^ Rare opportunity; - a lady, a tiiorougs housekeeper, would lute to .orange with a party hating a fui uished house, who would take the rent in board ; be* of vc ".renocs given and required. Address a. Curtis, t| east Fifteenth stiret. r\erk room or part of an office wanted.? XJ Trice $50 to $75. Lo,nlloii between Fulton and Wail sirce *, and not above second story. Addiess II., HerAla office. PAKT OF A HOUKE WANTED-ABOUT 8IX ROOM*, In a central location and a'u?d neighborhood. Address, fating terms end full particulars, C. F. W., Herald office. TO JEWELLERS.?WANTED TO PURCHASE FO* i-ush, a Store, in a good locution, with stock, .'nturtSj A'., and apart men:* for (amity; Sisth avenue preferred. Address, staling particular*, Jeweller, Herald olllte. V\7 ANTED?THE ENTIRE FIRST FLOOR OP A TT Liwelling Mouse, between fourth and i ourtecslh streets, and Fourth and Fifth avenue*. Address Doctor, $0$ Broadway, drug store, stating trims, particulars, A'*. WANTED-STEAM POWER AND ROOM, SUITABI.H fora small armory or euiishop. Address O. Howard, 12 Whitehall Street. "117"ANTED?PART OF A HOUSE, FROM FIVE TO L TT seven roomc with one otlur re pe-tab> fani'ly in tin ho isc In a co id n iglib rhood; rent not to eiceed $250. Address D. L. H., bos lt?7 Hersld oflice. \\* ANTED-A FURNISHED ROOM FOR A OEV rLETT man and his wlt>: terms must be moderate. Addreir, stating paitioulars, U. H. F., Herald oUlce, "fir ANTED?BY A GENTLEMAN. A Fl'RNIbUBD TT Runin, without Board, l.i u private family. lU rerenca given. A idress X. Y. Z., be* 115 Herald ofiiee. W AM ED IN BROGKLYX, NORTII OF ATLANTIC TT S'l-er', by a family of four adults. Part of a Ho use. with a e ni. el family w ithout children, within 15 luiaute*1 walk of City Hull; rciit not to exceed $175; unesceptlonabUl refreeO'esgiven sn 1 rcqul e 1. Address lor two days, with full uxrliruiura. A, C. F? ho* .1,410 N. Y. Post office. , nrARTBI -BT \ UMLI MXTUKAK a la rob ? trout Room ul Hcmd Uoor, i it J. 1.. lurnUhed, nt ;.bO'f f iMi? r month; lo Atlon ueur ltro.nlv.-..y aurt not abuse I'Lion < plan-. Adrtreta, ioi three date, sie.nig lo atlou and i iiu% i\ .11. H. u. 1. id oMee. VlTAN'i'ED IMMEDIATELY- \N UNFURNISHED i.odo* tt ing Room mar Broadway, between fourth etreel ami Union "luare. Addrva Ciiarlci, llerulr. oilloe, -taunt location and term*. tl'ANTED?TO RENT, IN A COUNTRY PLACE, on ff tha llmUon river, between 30 and 10U miks of New York, a small Hon** one tti'.h more preferred; ? ,,tabic far th* millinery ami \re??makin * bueinefa. Haitiee having the Kl)u\> t > l. t will pleaae address L F., II' raid OlOcc, Elating 'erruB and location. HORSE*, ? ARRHCES, At. " A FINE BAY MAKE. 9 YEARS old, >0* HANDS high, will be B'.'d bv auction, under con.ta '* tenure, at iho a net i n rcmi Ni. 1 Nortii William alre'i, .oruer ol Frankfort, at 10>a o'clock, thia day (Saturday;, Si, liable fcg a he ivy drench*. For sale?a bay mare, six years old, it hnn<l? bob tall: can trot In 2:55; Morgan brad, war*' d B i'iud and kind <u all hai ne.B, Btaoda without I) .ng, and is a beautiful .saddle mare, Also, a Dosenhury wagon wlih ahiftlng leather lop and a ot of plated tiugl.- barm-aa, ad good as new. The whole will be Bold foi $276. Apply In th$ din.Her; , 17$ avenue B, corner of Eleventh ?tr*et. FOR SAl.E-A BEAUTIFUL SADDLE TONY. SU'ITA* hie for lady gr gentleman; 15 handa, 0 years old: epiiite<$ and BtjiiBb, but kind and gentle, warranted perfectly Bound. Can be -em until eold at Fallen Stabler, corner of Broadway and Tweaty-aeven'h a'reel. EOR SALE?A PERFECT flENTLEM AN'M RCAJ> lloraa; ta very *ty!l?b and attractive; a at i-.ion, 10 lianda h. perfectly reliable iu every reaped uud can bo uaed by a chiiu, benau trot In about 2 SI For further purllci lara ad* dreaa M. M , boi 1,911 Poat odlce. Horse wanted-a riding horse, lono tail, that in.-re and camera, not over 15 handa blah. Apple to JOHN liKLEN, at Btable oppoaite Bradley Wl Iwry stable, Thlity-firBt atrcet, near Fifth ?v , before 9 o'clock a. m. PONIES or ALL SIZES, AND HARNESS?ALBO f i.v.i. W,aoni un.l llirtw'ti. for aale *h*an at parto* '(Old an I, Hwmd Fifth aud Sixth avenura. ' "*? OEOKOE BRON9QK. TnonoronBBED Devonshire and Ayrshire Citlle.?lltbf>-r*|cuiulog In; Cowa and.Boll*. prdlgrwa S'rfot. For tale nt redu.ed prlrea.Addraaa A. II TredweDa ladtaon, Nome eouniy. N. J. WANTED?A FAMILY HORSE, MOT OVER LIOIIT . year* old, banda blah eoind and kind In arrr* raaprri. In exchange for anew Pianoforte. Apply to N W. OATLKV, 17 Chambera mimi, up etalre. FINANCIAL. A MERIC'AN (lOLD AND SILVER, 7.20 UMtEQ UX 8t?i*a Traaaury Nob a and 1 year per can! Car'IBeafnoI Indebted uraa, bo ialit and ao d at the beat intra, by P. P. JAMES A CO., ?ft W..II TO LAWYER* AMD 9PBOULATORH.?WANlRD, A loan of ttUUi will ..tabu a judgment for $4,(AX), rccanUM I obtained againat a peraon dnccaard, and la a lleh on nfnrga aatate in thlaiHy, to collect at nncaj otbar collateral It re. 3 uned, and a handaome remunarailon. Add reel for thief ayi W. A. V., general Peat office. i mu* twtkrrsT DI E MAY I, ON THE MOKIOMiB I hnnrln i.l tbo C'lovolaml mul PlUabura ilallroful Or>n>{*?fa Jill h. by H. fl. KiydVlEV. a^to"nnn to i.oan < * bond and mortoaoh JR/n.UUU InthUcltjaiil Brooklyn, in aumatorlt Vo'lcant*. Only prln*lpafi may apply at No. 10 N???aJ ttrrct, room 10. tlilril floor. Oflleo hour* from I to 3 1 , M. ;; MIA\ OKKICKH. L JACOB-', 107 BROADWAY, REMOVED /ROM *3 Collar itrott.?Moi.ey a.lvnuccil on Wat.-hot, Diamond* tssaata?wJ? 1 I #

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