Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 26, 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 26, 1862 Page 9
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\ ^klTVATIOIS WAIfTKO-VKHALBH. ..A bITl/ATlUN WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A: ^ w*i.i:r or to do tei.'-ijl housework. Ian I^U iu bar present place, 164 We?t Uth meet, with lira! Ola** recent menda'toas. A FAMILY, DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING KKO\ JBL the 1st ol May ue*t, desire tu obtain u situation foi \ lhair upp?r servant; she is a [>erfect waitress and capable u: doing light chain berwork, ?e.l Apply lor two days at ? Baal Thirty-third street. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A bITL'A tlon as chambermaid and tine Washer. Lanndresi Preferred Good city reference from her last place. Cat be aeeu lor two daya at 3Jo 4Ui av., in the millinery store. A TOllNO GERMAN WOMAN WISHES TO ENOAOI with a family about going to California, us eith-r child'i ourae or lady's maid ; la used to tiavellinitaad cau give fiw years 'city referuuee ; permanent aituatiou preferred. Ad dress S. O , Union square Post office, for three daya. AM ACTIVE. INTELLIGENT YOl'NO LADY WISHES a situation in a store; is willing to make hcraell traefui. Address B. L. B.. Herald office. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do housework: la a good plain cook and a Oral rate washer and lroner; has good city reference trom her last place; she la very kin-l to children and willing and Obligtag Can be seen for two days at 4S1 7th av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE *1 young girl, to cook, wash and Iron; has no objection to do housework; la strong and willing; has the best of city re. rereuces ftwm her last place and is very fond of children. Can be seep at 487 7th av. till suited. AOBRMAN GIRL DESIRES TO ACCOMPANY SOME >A1y er family to California aa servant. She will be furnished with excellent recommendations by her preseul mistress Inquire at 619th at. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU, atlou aa chambermaid and waitress or waitress only; perfectly iinderatauda her business; city reference; willing logo to the country. Call at 111 West 16th at., near oth av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOl'NO WOMAN, TO al. do hoaseirork ; good reb'renre given. Can be seen In Urera av., three doors from Claason av., Brooklyn. Ayouno woman WI8HES a situation' as COOK; understand* pastry, and makes first rate brral; excellent wisher and Ironer. Best city reference from her last place. Call at 2.V2 Bast 19th st., in the grocery store, near the church. AS LAVNDRES8.-A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS waulptotufce gentlemen's or fainilleH* washing to her ?wn hotiwi; she incompetent to do all kinds of fine washing and fluting. Can be highly recommended. Call at 240 7th AT., between 25th and 2n;h st*., third floor, back room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN WIDOW lady, as seamstress or housekeeper. For particulars and references call at 121 Essex a'., near Rivington. ALADY PROM MASSACHUSETTS, TWENTY-FIVE years old, who has met with reverses, would liko a situation as housekeeper in a small respectable family, where she could enjoy the comforts of a boiur. References exchange d. Addro-a for two days Mrs. O., Herald ofllce. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS v. allresa or chambermaid: first class ircommeudations. Can be seen for two days at her present place, 1<54 West 11th st. As COOK, WASHER AND IROXER AND CHAMBERuiaid and waitress?Two girls, fully competent for their dutlca, desire situations, fii cily or country, in the bore capacities, sepuraie or together; ihey are well recommended, wages moderate. Apply at 378 Oih ave. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS A chambermaid and waitress; no objection to go a short distance in the country; has the best ol cily retcrence. Call at 62 East ,T9th st. AYOUNO MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A SITUAtion as wet nurse; best cily reference. Call for three days at No. 5 Broadway, third Poor, back room. ARE.SFECT.VBLK YOUNG OIRL WANTS A MTuition in a private family, as first rate cook; no objection to go in the country for tue simmer. Five years'recommendation from Inst place. Can be seen until suited at 463 2d av., between 26th and 29; li sts. Housekeeper?a widow lady, qualified to take charge of a gentleman's bouse, in city or country; no remuneration will he linked; no encumbrance; can teach Sngll Isli, Fremhand music; is fond of children; has good re Terence. Address Home, station D, New York, with reel name, for three days. Houskk.ekfkr.-a i.ady well qualified to m.-ikr-u hrim? r-heoi-r <il ?nH 1,a ?m la,,,a tn'ln thu charge in the house of a widower, cither in the country or city. w here no remuneration will be accepted, and where She will be considered nmcinb rof the larnily. Best ol reference givcu. Address, wllu real ua:ne, L. F. F? Herald office, for three days. Home wanted?a nurse for the sick wishes to engage with some respectable family, w here she could bare a home, by paying for ii, win u not occupied us u i ruing. Any family willing to l ceWo her, would confer a furor by addressing nurse, No. 00 Fourth street. SITUATION WANTED?AS CHAMBERMAID AND waiter, by a young woman, who Is willing to In the washing and ironing. Apply at her present pla c, 33 East 30th *c SITUATION WANTED- AS COOK, UFA RESPECTABLE widow woman; would like lo have her daughter In the lame faintly as seamslroa; is a comia-t-nt dressmaker, or would go separate; a Kn nch lamtiy preferred; bus lived with tho eatno for the last nine years; uuderslaudK all kinds of French conking; is willing to assist with the washing and ironing. Can be seen for a week at her present employer's, No. 86 K m: IWih st. ' SITUATION WANTED.-A LADY LEAVING FOR EUrope desires to find a ilt-iutlon lor her present children's nurse. Apply between 12 ai d a o'clock at 43 West Dili ?t. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOVNO WOMAN, AS good cook; would assist with the washing; no nhject'on to the country. Call ut her present employer's, No. 2 East 30th at., betwePh Madlsou and jth avs. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE <11 ltL, as nurse and seamstress: can do all kinds of plain sewing; would Uka to travel Has four years' city inference. Call at 4886th are., betw een ra- > and 30th its. WANTED- A SITUATION AS COOK, BY A YOl'NO womun. who is willing to assist in the washing and Ironing. Apply at her present plac \ ltd East SUth st. UUANTED?A SITUATION, BY AN AMERICAN WITT Oow lady, as housekeeper in n widower's family, or as took in a small private family. Call for two days at 333 Sth at., top floor. WANTED-BY A OIKL, A SITUATION AS CHAMbcruiaid and waitress, or as nurse and to sew; would t.?o w ii>Tsi v?? nu iu iik vj iii.iv. i/in mi irm mr iwoatyi at 101 Warren at, Bro&l/D, ?r?t (lour, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A CLEAN. TIDY GIRL, to do general housework, orcbamberwork and waiting; no objection to the rontry , gnul city refrrrnce. Can he aeen for two daya at l,S.'l Bioadway, between 29tb and JUth ata. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE PK0TK8TANTUIRL, to go with a family to California; I* willing to make haraelf useful in tliat la required of her to please. Gall at Htb Blceckrr at., m ti.e lan.-y .tors, for two days. YXTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, "l as chaunOcnnaM and ?, irv- .. nod be willing to make herself generally useful; dan ctra the brat ol rcfeieuce. Call at 120 East 20tu at. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE yonng woman. o.ok; nndrmtaiids baking mid pantry and desserts 01 all kinds, wo'ild do the washing and Ironing of a small private family; would go a short dtft'an e In the country; can glYe the beat Of city reierencv. Call at (29 Kaet HHh at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT WOYY man, to take i barge of n linen room in n hotel, ora? head launtreaa. Can tie ?"cn at her present employer's, & East 20th at., near Broadway, for tw? daya SITUATIONS W WTED-JIALHS. A SOBER' rNDUSTHIO' S YOUNG MAN WISHES A situation as porter; wages no object. Address Porter, Herald oitlee. A GENTLEMAN, GOING TO NASHVILLE, WILL ENdeavor to make collection*, or obtain information in regard to outstanding deb's. Fatlsfaetory referencea clven. Parties inierraii'd will apply beforo May 1. box 8.741 Po?t oftlce. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, IN A Uonraudferd atom, or at bookkeeper, salesman or clerk; lis*been in tin b"*iue#a, andean lnllueii"e a large sonutry trade. Addiefi Gran and l'ced, box 118 Herald otttne. SITUATION WANTED IN A LAW OFFICE.?THE ADee'lleer, a young nun. nineteen yeata old, deal it ? a situation in a l.iw office; can write an rxi-rllcnt hand,and haa bed lour years'exp -rlen a in a law ofli. ej run dis.r up deadings, Ac,and la perfectly familiar with the practice. Uneireptionahle p-fei .'lice us to honesty and ability. Address box 3,011 l'ott oUi.c. TO JOHBERS AND WHOLESALE DEALERSWanted, a alinatie.n in a llrtt class houae, byaeomne. tent mail, wno can lull '-i? a Urge safe Ohio trade. it .a had several ycara' experlen-e, and wtll furntah the n...*a?ary referencea. Address Salc-iran, care of B. Lock wood. Chitham Sipiare r MERCHANTS, MANUFACTURERS, AO.?A OCNlie man of bnaiuraa *apenen"0 and foreign tonne lima would like 10 become emit for SOutu good article, houac nr mntpany, in any line; wool.I alao ,i vide nil klmia nf ortlan In thieot any foreign market; th? utni"?t i ulviiy and alienIkon win be Riven to all t none*". Knat . Ian rafeien a given if deatrcd. Addrtna 1'ona I, Herald ollie . WANTED?CONSlONAIHN i'S.? V PARTY ACCUSTOM ed to aolicll cniialgnineiite of produce, Bonti, would like to uiake an arrangement with a good* to t? \ei Weatouthe aanm Utiaineaa: he ean ominand liiftu-n* m '.he Well. Addreaa Party, Heraldoltice, for thrae da) a. WANTED?A SITUATION IN A STORK, IN THE CITY or country, by a v-mng man twenty yeai# of age, who >aa had aomo aiiowMgn id bualnen. liool rel r-utci given. Ad Ireaa M. F R Brooklyn poet nfflce. WANTKD-HY A COMPETENT man. a situation a* slilj ping o. e >i 1- ?i uniting elri g; nndei "tend* liualnei-a thoroughly J ja > lid rterot* hi* time lo ih" leal in * eata of Ilia mpio^er. T.ia nry beat of ref- return g'tVu. Addruae Writer, Herald of. french advutlmlllbitli ON DEM ANDE?ONE JEl'NB FIt.I.E KKANCA1?K D1C don/e a tpiator/.e ana, pour nai ler aveo doug petite* lllra. 8 adrcaaer uu 324 6me ?v., nvant mid!. ON DKMANDE?AU NO. 127 4ME AV? DIN BONNES brndeuaea et aniulit do ling- r> a en tin, S'adreraer n Mime. Signal, n i atoro. 'riii: MllLLHNIi A SUTLER WANTED- Foil ONE OK Tllli OLDEST and beat New York r-fitmente, lit ilia army or iho I'o. etnac. He meat be an n 'llvo, eniifpclent Im -luo-a man, wiitforillicieni e. >p ml, nnd ready to enter upon lila .luilea at once. For full partlculan addreaa B., bo* a,til.. I'oat odiot. OFFICERS -A UNIFORM AND COMPLETE OUTFIT fot a United Sluice mounted nllleei wlH be mid cheap; nearly now. Apply at No. US KaalTarllili ate at,near IIroad way. QII.K AND BUNTINU KLAUS, ALE SIZES, ON HAND O lor aula: nlao Staffe, Mounting*, Trimming", Fa l-a alia, Spear lleada, Ae. Ornainenmi patntmit and Bmorob d#rtng on Bilk. HOJKR A oka H AM, 97 bonne at 1 ret, Manufaeturen Palmare and Daaiguera. NEW YQ] ; HBLP WA.NTBD?MAXJBB. ? A GENT* CAN MAKE MORE MONEY BY SKlXING t A RICKAKD'S UNION' PRIZE STATIONEKY AND KKCK1PE I'A' K-Al.E than liv anv other investment. _ ______ our package 1*1 in SUCH demand that agents i Easily make prom aio to $is a day. r CIRCULARS MAILED KREE f w. C. KK'KARDn a CO., lltf Nassau S.reet. AQENT-JW YOU WISH TO INVEST A SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING BUSINESS Exumiuelue merit* of the t MULTOMIOROON. i Call an J see it, or -end for a circular. 6. C. RICKARDK a CO., Wi Nassau street, W. t. ! A gents.?"strike while the iron id hut.'' I A Yini can make Ada day ?>y Helling the DIME PANPBOSPIlOSIt'M PRIZE PACKAGE, Price 10 cent". Containing lixteen new and ut htinul article*, including A GIPT OK JEWELRY. If you would maae ra?ney now, -end for a circular, r W. II. CA'i'KLY A CO , 102 Nassau atreel. Agents, send for our circular, mailed free. PRIZE AND PORTRAIT PACKET, ; UNION AND RECEIPT PACKET. prize packet for the mil.!,ion. EXCELSIOR STATIONERY PACKET, PACKETS WITn AND WITHOUT JEWELRY. HEADQUARTERS FOR STATIONERY PACKETS, I HASKINS A CO., 36 Beekmau street, New York. Agents wanted everywhere-to sell woodworth's novel Unconsumlng Segar. A descriptive circular sent to any address on the receipt of one red alainp. Call from 10 A. 8 P. M.. or address Bridges A Lane, 50 Cortlandt street, corner of Greenwich. AGENTS WANTED?IN EVERY STATE OF THE il Union, to eell Dodin'a Patent Kerosene Oil Burner for fluid lamps. IIss no competition. Sample sent ou receipt of four red stamps. Address Joseph Dodin, 22 Duane at,, Now York. TJOOKKEEPER AND ENTRY CLERK WANTED?FOR J3 a dry goods house In Boston. Address, inclosing red stamp Tor answer, with referenda, Ac., for three days, Dry Goods, Herald office. "DOT WAKTBD-IN A BROKER'S OFFICE; ONE WHO I) writes s good hand and re-.ides with hla parents. Salary flrnl year $75. Address, in handwriting of applicant, Herbert, Herald office. Drug clerk wanted-immedutelv. apply to J. G. Kip's pharmacy, 3d av., between 85th and 86th streets. Dnx uuous-WAM'KO, A SALESMAN FOR DRESS goods. Beat city reference required. Apply at 313 SHU avenue. 1JIOUR HUNDRED AGENTS WANTED?TO SELL A . useful article, In groat domaud, wuutcd by everybody, married or single; $20 weekly can easily be mndn; no humbug; articles mailed free, with secret for manufacturing, for 15 cents (silver). A. HUNTER, 29 New Bowery, N. V. ?TANTED-AGENTS EVERYWHERE, TO SELL TV LAMB'S new artlaie, something every man would be glad to obtain; not ane In a million ever saw it. No article that ever was inveutcd will sell e iuul to it; also other new articles. Circular with out sen't ree to any address. OSCAR E. LAMB, 1'. O. bo* 2,571, Boston, Mass. tXTANTED?A SMALL BOY IN A STORE TO DO ER. TT lauds, Ac. Call after 4 1*. M. at lOd Keadc at. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE, HONEST BOY, IN A dry good* store; one b?viDg gome knowledge of the business preferred. Apply to E. G. Mcehau, 257 1st or. YTI7"ANTED?AN ERRAND BOY, WHO RESIDES IN It the Third, Tilth or Eighth ward, und (an count well recommended; wages $2 per week. Address U. W. W.. Herald ollieo. WANTED?SIX KEN FOR STEAMERS, ONE GOvi-rnnHS for a private family,two girls to travel, two conductors, three porters, two boys to learn trade*, two clerka for grocery stores, salesman tor a Yankee notion house, one barkeeper, men ou farms, Ac. Apply at No. 7 Chatham square. WANTED-A PORTER, WHO UNDERSTANDS PACKing gut fixtures and glass The best of reference required. Apply to Archer A i'ancoaat, No. 9 Mercer at. WANTED?A TOOKG MAN TO DRIVE A BREAD wagon and make himself generally useful. None need apply but tho.-c who understand taking care of horses and witli good reference lor sobriety and honesty. Inquire at 96 6th av., alter 9 o'clock A. M. ______ WANTED?A MAN CAPABLE OF TAKING FULL charge of a corset manufactory. Extra good wages and perm nent employment to the right man. Apply to S. 1. Sherman, 312 Pulton Street, Brooklyn. ChQfin ?WANTED, A RELIABLE MAN, WITH THIS tJOUU. amount, to take charge, of a river boat; the : I 'hi party can meet with a permanent situation; wages >10 per month and hoard; good aeenritv given for the money. A' ply to MAITLAND A CO., 101 Broadway. HELP WANTED?FEMALES. A~ SUNDANCE OK GOOD SERVANTS TO SLIT A1 !.Neat, aclive, civil: good washers and ironor* and cooks; well recommended. Abo, good houscworkcrs, tor city or country, at the larfce institute, eoruer of 11th si. and 6:h av. MRS. FLOYD. CURL WANTED?TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. X Inquire at 134 West 3i)th at., near 7th av. Good WAGES paid to first clash hands on muslin embroidery. Sample* to be shown at 331 Canal St., up stairs. Milliners wanted, also, a good trimmer. Apply ut 136 Atlantic .it., Brooklyn. Seamstress wanted?a gentleman would like to engage a sranistrent to do ihe sew'lng for himself and little uti, at hrr own house; would lot lii< Wheeler A Wilson in? machine u> the parly on very liberal terms. Address, with particulars, B N. K., bo* 203 Horrid otlloe. SEVERAL HANDS WANTED?TO WORK ON CLOAKS, at No. 41 Catharine at. To millers.?wanted, a situation as miller, In town or country, by an experienced man; baa rcfeIMM* Address m., box 227 Herald s#ee, WANTED-A WOMAN TO GO INTO THE COUNTRY, who la a hood rook, washer and irourr ; one that ran come well recommended may apply at 275 Madison .street, from 10 to 3 o'clock. WANTED TO GO TO ENOLAND AS WAITING maid.?A lady wishes to tind an opportunity fur an erci llent young woman, several years In her service, to i? r.a wattin.r maid with a lady going to any seaport in (Heat Britain. Call at 87 West 44th at. WANTED-A NEAT, RESPECTABLE GIRL, TO assist in taking care of one child, three years of ag* ; a good seamstress and one who un deralanda rutting and fitting. Apply to Mrs. Halateail, Union Place Hotel, corner of Broadway and 14th st. WANTED.?A COMPETENT GIRL, WHO CAN COME well recommended, to cook, wash fiu.1 iron, nud who is willing to mil. herself useful gencially, will And a good place in a family of tire at 40 Portland av., Brooklyn. Wage* $7. tkf anted?a first class" milliner fttuo to a f w ii'rigiJuoruiK viijt. *' atv nron "AITANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHE R AND IBONER; TT one who can milk *n>! brln-clty references. Noito other need apply at 12 St. Murk's place to-day. between the honnfof 10 anil 12 o'clock. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL FOR GENERAL llOl'Sli' work in asmall family. Apply, with reference, ut 1159 York street, Jersey City, for two ciaye. WANTED-A GERMAN GIRL, FOR GENERAL TT hor-e.vork in .i sniult fatnlly ; must be a rood r asher u t ironer. Call si 69 West 17th at. "IITANTED?NTJR8B AND SEAMSTRESS, TO MIND TT three children. Call at 2:tl West 32d at., with tiest reLommcnilations. None but faithful, ijuict and Steady women need apply. Wages $8. AIT ANTED?100 GOOD SKIltT HANDS; ALSO A BOY' TT who understands cnttlug wire and putting in slides' Apply at McKeiinee's, 200 6th uve. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSE* work; German preferred. Cull, with recouimcnila" Una, at .'10 West SLt at., between 8th uud ?th ates. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIllL, TO DO GENERAL housework In a family of two, pleasantly sltuut-d in :t Tillage; must be able to milk; one that In well recommended and desirous to pirase. will mid an excellent and permareut situation. None but it Protestant nee.l apply. Call ut 62 . nd 94 CHIf St., iroin 1 to 3 P. M., lor ^ivo days. "AirANTED?TWO GOOD OIKLS, ONE TO DO PLAIN TT cooking, washing and irouiug, and the otberns general servant; Geimaus or colored prefer red. Apply at No. 9 Van Voist S', York St., Jersey City. WANTED?.1 HOOD. SMART PROTESTANT ii!R! . fO go twelve mile* In the country. Apply irov II to 12 o'clock, at at Perry as. TVTANTKD?A I'Ki(TEKTANT WOMAN AS POOR, YT wAberenlironer; one who understands bar buain'. * well, Good re ommemlatlon. Apply between 9 end J1 o'clock, ut IMweBl ttih st. "ll'AN TED?IN A PRIVATE FAMILY. TWO lilKI.S; TT one as a oral rate cook, who la willing to asalat with t'ue washing', thn other m i hamberniaid And lanndr.-*; bet it most understand th-lr Imaihcts. Apply alter 9 u' Wltbav. _ rtfANTED-A WET NURSE, WHOSE CHILD IS TT under the ago or six month*, t all at 147 West 49'lt st, on S.itiirtl;iy. A pill lid, between the hours of 12 anil 3 P. M. WAM1KD?A GERMAN OIRL TO GO TO PORT RICH moml, Slaten Island, for itenoiat hauaowi't k, In a small family; must be u good cook, -.vuslier and irvnnr. Ooo<l iflferi in" iC'iiilied. A| ply at lit" Eust limed vr.e^is early aa postlb!". A Protestant preferred. WANTED.?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG M \ RIMED WOTT man, who hue lost her bahy Uiteiy, wishes to lines. a baby at her o? tt teaidencf. Call f ir two days at 31 Lexiug^on av. \lf ANTED.?SIX GOOD MILLINERS CAN TIND IM" TT tiifdlale employment at Isaac lllnns, tho oldest mil" llnory st aiillalituentJtt the city, :to9 Hudson st. WANTED?A COOK, WHO UNDERSTANDS HER business thoroughly, to go a short distance In the country. Apply, between lOand 12o' dock A. M., at 23A 9tb are one. WANTED?A PROTESTANT COOK, W VflHKIt AND limner, to en a thort distance In the country, good I The eniplnyov Can fee < "li ?t 10 uVltr.'k, at tKEIt' .MA >S, "7 4th av. chamber riald and lnundrese M two * ,iltr"??e* for city. Hood reference required. TV'ANTED?A KIKST CLASS COOK. APPLY. WITH VY recommendation* between the houraof I and J o'ti iu, e>i*i nrrtay unit .Monday, ?i No. li Al'ilon puue, 4lh it. WANTSD-TO HO A (WORT DISTANCE IN THE IT couutry, a woman its cook and lanvlf-o; wilting to mako herselfgenerally useful; must hrtni good reference Inquire at 17 WMtWn M., from io toll on katarday, wtu inn. _ WANTED?A NBAT, TlDV YOIINU UIRL, AH WtlT. rem and nhamborffiald: one who whiiik a .oil lioinft and ran come w ell reeomtnend?d may call this day t.l No. f! State at,, Brooklyn. = MATRIMONIAL. AYOl'NO MAN, THIRTY YEARS OF AOE. DESIRES to correspond with a .vounu lady not yean old with a view to matrimony. The lady ntnat be e ll bred, of attractive appearance and truthful. The gentle, man will bring the flr?l and la*} of these rauurentrnu. a good dlspoaltlon, Rood faith and a good estalAhiti nda travelling In Eurm'r. Address Krastua A. IrvlngWTfo l>ot 40(1 Albany Post odce, with all pertinent particulars, for one weeks j RK HERALD, SATURDAY, IPP1PO. , The British and nokttT American bo* al Mall Ht**arnshlpe between new york a Nil liverpool, calling AT DORK IIAKHOK. AND BETWEEN RONTON AND LI > EKI'CIOL, CALLING AT HALIFAX AMI COR;,' HARBOR. SCOTIA, Capt. Judklns, CHINA. Capt. Andersou, PERSIA. Capt. laKt, ASIA, ("Apt. < halt, AKAUIA, Capt. Stone, KCROPA <'apt. J L dull, AFRICA, Capt. Shannon, CANADA, Capt. Mulr, AMERICA, Capt. Mnodte, N1A<< aka, Capt. A. K\rie. AUSlBAL ASIAN These vessels carry a clear white light at masthead; green Ou atarboa id how; red on port bow. ruoa new rOBtv to i.ivicaroot. Chief cabin passage $130 eoond cabin paastge 75 MO* BOSTON TO LI VL trOOL. Chief cabin passage $110 Second cabtu passage 00 Canada, Cart. Macauley, leaves Bo-ton Wednesday, April SO. Peraia, Capt. Lott, leaves New York Wednesday, May 7. America, Capt. Stone, leaves B utton Wednesday, May 14. China, Cant. Anderson, leaves Now York Wednesday, Msy 21. Niagara, Capt. Cook, leaves Boston Weduesday, Kay 28. Scotia, Capt. Judkins, leaves New York Wednesday, June 4 Kitropa, Capr. Moodte, leaves Boston Wednesday, June 11. Persia. Capt. Lott, leaves New York Wednesday, June IS. Berths not secured until paid for. An oxpenenend surgeon on hoard. The owners of these ships will not be accountable for gold, Silver, bullion, specie, jewelry, precious stones or metals, unless bills of led tug sis signed therefor and tb# value thereof therein expressed. For freight or pas-axe apply to r K. CCNAKD, No. 4 Jtovllng Oreen. TAP0COTT8 LINE LIVERPOOL AND LONDON PACKets. REMITTANCES TO ENGLAND, IRELAND. *C. PASSAGE TO OR FROM CURAT Hit!TAIN OR IRELAND At the lowest rates, snd DRAWS, payable On demand anywhere throughout the UNITED KINGDOM, can be obtained, as heretofore, at TAP SCOTT A CO.'a, 84 South street. Australia pioneer l*nk?carrying the United States mall.?The clipper ship CITY of BAT1I, Cooper commander, lor Melborne, Is raiiidly loading at pier 10 Bast river. The flipper ship SOUTH AMERICA. Lincoln commander, for Sydney, al pier 13. The clipper lan k C 411LOTTA, for New Zealand, at pier 2S Ka.ti river. Por freight or paasage apply to B. W. CAMERON, 90 Beaver street. Cash advancer, made on approved consignments. Consignees in Australia. Messrs. Ii. TOWNS A Co. First steamer for Havana. The United States Mall stesn ship COLUMBIA. R. Adams, United Stales Navy, Commander, wilt leave pier No. 1. North River, on Wednesday, May M, at 12 o'clock, noon, pre .'isely. Fesauorta cau bo procured from the Spanish Consul. For freight or pa rage apply to 8FOKFORD, TILE-TON A CO, 39 Broadway. The united states mail stkamship roanoke will leave pier No. 13, North Hirer, on Wednesday. May 7, 1962, at 12 o'clock at noon, precisely, for Havana direct. LUDLAM, UEINBKBN A CO., 116 Broadway. MUSICAL.. A MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAViTltOSBWOOD PIunofortn for sale, elegantly carved I g? and case; overstrung bass, lull iron plate, liued ivllh batiuwood; lias all modem improvements: ma le lo order; been in use .-even months; coat $500, for $250, including Stool end Cover. Also, Parlor Furniture at a sactitlee. Inquire at i"U West Twenty sixth street, near Sixth avenue. A BARGAIN TO CASH PURCHASERS.?$160 FOR A magnificent large sevou octave Pianoforte, original price $275; all modern improvements; overstrung bass, trou )da;e, round corner-, splendid tone and touch, nearly new. Apply to Mcl>ONALD A CO.. Ar>S Bowery, near Fourth at. Anew school harmonium?in oaic cases, for Chapels, Sabbatli Schools end Parlors, for onlv i35, $50and $N'>, e,qc. d to those sold for $11X1 and $21)0. MeIn irons at wholesale, retail or for mil, bv S. T. GORDON, 700 Broadway, Ageut for Geo. A. Pilnci A "Co. A SITUATION WANTED?At* ouoaiMST and CHOrister, by a gentleman who has hud several .*yo. rlence, and who can give the best of references. Address Organist, 579 Broadway. FOR SALE CHEAP?FOUR NEW SEVEN OCTAVE Pianofortes, finished in the beat style uml made by the best idly maki-i , with all the la: ?t impr.ivemen's und warranted. Inquire at 12-t Ea-t Treaty-eighth street, between Second and Tillrd avenues. Musrc IN FAMILIES ?A YOUNG LADY, EDUCATED for a teacher of music, and who 1ms had three years' exjierlunee lit teaching, wishes a pleasant, home-like Boarding Pluec, where she'-an pay expenses in full or in part by giving Lessons upon the I'la'no. Apply at 185 Adelphl street, Brooklyn. issTiatTioar. Governess wanted.-* widower, aged a$ w ishes to engag- ? young l.-,ay, trom 17 to 20 years ol age, as governess lo a dr .dot six. To an educated and ictincd young lad), a vcidesirable home will ho given. Address R- e'joek, box IPS Herald ofllec. WASHINGTON IIEIflllTS' FRENCH INSTITUTE.? T? On the 1st of M.iv the well known French Boarding School of Mr. LKSFlNA-iSL w 1.11)<- removed lo Fori Washington. Circulars may be lo 1 at the iiisiilullon, 119 Cliu'.ou plica,?. *. tit"ANTED?TM ME HI ATET.Y. A YOl'NG- LADY TO Tt in the Kn.tltah branchea. Latin uud Fainting. Apply on Saturday morn I u^-, from U t'!! 11 o'clock, at No. cdfi llenry at., Brooklyn. WANTKD-A FREN< II GOVERNESS, IN A SCHOOL in Brooklyn. Address 4'W Went 23d at. COl'AHTIV K K M111P KOnOlli a>o nnn ?x partner wanted,in the whole iPO.v/VM/. rule R-ctnying, in .mini;; ami Importing Li(luorhualneg*, in a la -ee r"sp . table lieu.-, doing husiueas for the last, twelve years m this oily. Has a large city aud country trade. No agents nur bo?tix party need apply. Adche s, for one wen k W. M? hoc 170 Hri-a'd ofliee. New york, ai'rrr, 25, 1s.j2.-r. a 3. monash, of tho late flint of Mona?h A Co.. have dissolved partneranil) with Co., or J. Mlali, on the LI of A|>rtl, 186.'. ,1. Mteh will continue the bu-dnrse, under the flrni of .1. Mi*h A Bio., at 188 Fultou atrcct, New Vol k. 1*. A S. MONAoII. .1. MI31I. PARTS'KR WAN'T&BmIM \ BAARDMO SOUSE, ami ptirltapa barroom, in Brooklyn; haudy to tho 1 niton and Catharine ferries. Rent htw. AKIress Br. oklyn. 11. raid ofll -e. PARTNER WANTED?$200 OR $2Y>? IN A PLEASANT, permanent nu-' prod table biuiaca-, well established. An oxtra ehan c lor a person with a small < Addre.-a Manufacturer, Brooklyn Fust otlt -e, ca.eof Geo. Cut hart. PARTNER wanted IN the (IROOEltY TRADE?A rare opportunity offered to a smart, ludnetiiona man having about 31,0<W to lineal in the above bneUiv.-a. For Iiirther parth nlars call on or address Hyde A Co., 401 Or cnwlcli ali-eei. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING bntween tLn anhecrtttere, under tie name of K. II. Han lord ? Co., 1- iliis lay dt'solied by limitation. The- httelne * of the late, firm \v|ll be rloscrt by .Ion j h Merrill and Orrin Foot--, wlio are author!/d t>> iiae the name of ih linn in liquidation. K. H. IIASFOKD, ORKIN FtHiTK, | New York, April 23. 186;> JOSEPH MKRR1TT. The buaiuea* uf the late firm will V euntluued at the old atiind, Ids Chamber* atreet. by Joseph Merrltt mid Orrin Foul', nnilvr the name of A l'optc. .fOKKPH MRKRITT, Ni.w York, Apt 11 ti, lSti2. oRtUN FoOTE. TITANTED?A MAN WHO CAN IN \ Off El >U A LEY H with thu .i live in *J,W i.v.;>ii?t. In a plea-iint inniiufactoring hnainuaa, r monopoly, i .i- it,; $10,000 nn pr tit annually. Positively no huiuhnq. Inquire before 10 A. M. or from 1 tl'l .? 1". M., ?i Ti \V< 1 Thlrty.ievuud r.'reot. ?A PARTNER WANTED, IN A HIGHLY tfOUUi respectable and vi-.y rei.r.u < :uliie uflluf bnaiileal reqttiiinit the attention of two, , n ! yielding.x band, some and aati-tactery incline. Ai pI.v .u jo.i anilutfj Broadway, room No. 8, up ?i?lr*. liefer, tin - i ichangrd. ?o/tn -wanted, a p an TO n icbmk the u ijiOUl/. bi :t of a retiring partner in a nralcla** Bar-" room and Reauuranl; an old establishment, and lately relilted up. Apply to J. C. STEPHENS, tKi Canal atreei." ?CAA ?WANTED. A PARTNER OF RKSPKCTABT" PaJ" "l/? lfty, ivlih this am on m, to Join another p t r1 y r. Eh like tiuin in Hie giocery business, in a tlrsl rxte lo niion. Addree* box ?,tT3 Post oilice, tri h re ! name, Hating where an interview tan be had. <? ? |||in ?WAN I'KD, A PARTNER IN THE Slid' bue!ne?", now In euejessftil o| la'bniw Address A. O., box 117 llcrald utile. *1 O AAA -W ANTED, AN At III. i. tNDII S1NBKS VMJ'F, man with twelve thona nd dollar*, ?a pari, ner, to attend to the tiimi.lui department of an catabii-hed and well paying uuuufn'-turing btialnri* in this city. Address L Ton?? No. ?3 flu re lay street. 'I I1 K TRADES. \N EXPERIENCED CUTTER?TO CUT LADIES' vr. arwiih ttir knife. wanted, bv Met/ A Co.. t-l ' H>oa,l. \N AMBKOTYPB OPERATOU WANTED?ONB >VHO nndcie ands the h't In'#' perfectly m*v apply a; CMiitnMM i lalleijr, Ml Cop ml i '.. Ik h In ACVRltTAOE PAINTER WASTED?ALSO A BOY To tiniah ilnj trad". Apply to J. II. Pilmrr, 1.J Downinr et. _____ \ MBUOTYl'E AND PlIOTOORUMI 0 TEH ATOP. J\. niiilrd at Tliwaiieg' eallery, 2th! Chatham admire. Weijea moderate, hot * permanent aiiuat'ou guaranteed '9 ? got >1 Workman. A fMAHT, ACTIVE BOY WHHRM TO l.UAKN TUB i'lio'iiitajililu business lu all I'* blanche*. Ad'il'CiaC. 0. Pour. 3M *><i 4IOi st. CANDY MAKER WANTED-A MAS. WHO I'NDEH "anda maUlne common cand.oe, will mid a good ulnalion; none ne-d Apply uuleas iliev i.rulerataiid the b'talneas und * ? f."i' from liremperate hamle. fall at II. N. h'latie'a, No. dOonatham at.,betweeathehonraol 11 A. M. ami 1 p. >|. TO PITOTOlin tPIIERd.?WASTKD, AS ACTIVE, OEKtlemauly yming man ol' "ypgri noo in making photo, graphic btlir..a, one with a deal of pa'toiiec and a tiattc skill and tlioro'ighly acquainted niih i'io lmaine??. Son ' inhere n cd apply at Onrury's gallery, 7"7 Broadway. rrO WOOD ESORAVBRS?WTI.'ATIOS WASTED, BY A 1 hoy vvlio b,is been at tbo burimnn about 1' months, i. nnlah ilia tl ne. Can lefer to hi* last employer. Address E M. B bo* I M il-1 M odB*. tV'ANTKD IMMEDIATELY?A TMOttOI'Otl PRA< Tiff e?1 distiller of cordtale and eytnpa. A poraoo poeeea lug$, lull knowledge of Ihebnsimaa in all |i? bi'ivh-e . an obU'n a valuable situ itinn, w-tili ntiipl" ieiii> ration, hy Immediately atldroMng A. B. Iiot ilo Herald ollle , stai lug wlieii ami where an Interview iniy he had. VITASTED-A #R9T CLASS TIN ANI) SHEET IRON TT iro>-her. None but a good workman U' d apply ?' BO upsanwlcti at., in tna narmvaro VITAMED?BOX MAKERS; STEADY WORK VV II SWIFT. 8o.lgwl.di s? , tinnr t:olliral>la, Booth tiro ohlyn. vr* ANTEII?EX PERIKNt'EH MAt 11IT*E FirTEFH, OS M ni< n'? and w> men'aghooa of all kit.In, ul 23 it., up (tall a. WANTED-ONS CIAS FITTER A.SD A PLUMBER \y an.I saa titter; a'ao. throe l>oj-? to bclp, at Parker'', ),4L'9 Broadway, m ar tVATUIKS, .IKW I'.I.IIV, Ar. H~ EADVCARTEKS FOR CHEAP .IKWKLRT.?IMO nlnce* <>f Jrwrlry for 84, comprising the snout dP'.orlptioti ot Jewelry its need In stationery packages. One pUttc of Jewelry *. nt postage paid for 10 rant a, w Ith a circular giving description of our good*. Alio Stationary nod Jewelry parka*, a, the Itoai In the market, at prl.fa varying from fit) cents to >1 Ml a do/an, AddrcatJ,T. India**. ItlfSudhlirV ovtoa,IUtfc i AfML 26, 1862.?TRIPL' 8ALBI AT AVOTIOR. AUCTION NOTICE -D. I?. CAI'LKI vs" AUCTIONEER f ivmnio, v ?alr o? El.BUAKT HOUSEHOLD PUBKXTUKE. comprising the entire first plua rusc xl Furniture, and elegant I'liqu -. marble and fur:or Onilmrali, Ac., contained in the ' !? ant residence Ku. 2IK West Konrtc nth street, m ar Klgtuh avenue, ihli day (flaturduj), at two o'cli Ck precisely, consisting of sujx rb rosewood and walnut Suits, in French bioate! an>.' reps; one woo,I Centre .sud Pier Ta >Ioj, Stilt and Lace Oui tains, KH/uliethaa K itger. e, eleg-.nt rosewood Pianoforte, Stool and Coyer :Tuikl?h Lounge* and Arm ( nun*, luuguittreut Mantel Vases of Lava and P?riau, marble Bust of Byron, hi01./e Clocks, valuable coll"' Uot of lliatorical and Landscape Paintings, richly framed', Hold and Landscape Shades, Chandeliers, enrnnr Etsgerei, Jewel Cases, Ac. <'luimbei a and Dining Kooui?Elegant losewood Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, with marble tops, Commodes, two walnut Bulls, covered in reps, mane to order: Card Tables, Flower Vases, Sofas. Spring Seat and C ottan- Chairs, Bonkers, liair Mattresses, elegant Beds and Bedding, oral Mirrors, Sofa Bedstead*. Ac., with a large variety of China, rich cut (ilass. Ivory Cutlery, Silrerwara and Bedroom Furniture of every deacriptioti. All to be sold rain or shine. Catalogues at Louae. N. B.?The I uruHure of thin sale will be hold strictly without i eserve, and must be removed immediately. A UCTION NOTICE ?M. a CHAPMAN, AUCTIONEER' AX niegant oral elass Household Furniture, Pianofortes, Paintings, buiuary, Parlor Hull*. Chamber Furniture, _ Oak Dining iloo.-n Furniture, Valval Carpels, China Or. araents, Ac., to ba peremptorily aold at auction, thin nay thai unlay), at 11 o'clock, at ilie private residence 44 Want Sixteenth atreat, between Fifth and

Sixth aveuura, c-onsixtluu ot rosewood and black walnut Suita, covered with Uruutul and rape; C -utre Table, K'agerea, Bookcase, Mirrors, (Tori?, Ornaments, Paintings, by eielncut ai'tii'a; seven o'ta?e rosewood Ptauoforte, made by Broadway makers; Ualstaml, oilcloth, Stair Carpet. Huleans. Bedsteads, Wardrobes, Mattresses, Blankets, Toils! Sels, Bed Canopy, Extension Tabu-, Sideboard, Dtnuerand Tea Seta, cut and euciavrd Glassware, aolld Silver Ware, Catleis, Bpoons, Porka Napkin Rings; aiaoa large assortment of B'taenient and Kitchen Furniture. N. 11.?The Houae to iet; poeaeision Immediately. Inquire ol the auetionecv. Auction notice.?b. both, auctioneer. large SAlrk op elegant household furniture, Thls day, at lite Out uer ot Sixth avenue and Waverley place, sale commencing at lu/* o'clock ppecl- ly. consisting ol lu.ndsome Oorp'ts, two len.tlfnt Parlor Sulfa, covered In broi ateland sreen silk reps ; Mirrors, macule top Table-, Etagerea, Vases, Cur.ctnx, eleven day Clock, rosewood and mahogany Hedateads, Bureaus, Waahaunds, Mattresses, Heda and Bedding, Mirrors, Clocks, Sofa Bed-, Ro. kera, Cha r>, Lounges, Tea and Extcim.ou Tabl e, Glass, China and Silver Ware, Table Cutlery, Ac. Sale [Kialtlve. ASSIGNEES' PALE OP READY MADE CLOTHING, Ac.?A. M. CniSTALAR, auctioneer, w ill sell on Monday, April lid, at tu>i o'clock, at ?1 Bowery, a targe stock of Clothing, comprising Hit. Cloth and C.i.-slmere Frock and Rustuesf;, black Doeskin Fancy Caasitnerea and Satinet Pants; bilk, Satin, Cloth and Souimer Vesu; n'so, a Urge assortment of Summer Clothing. Coat", Paula. Vesta. Also, Cloth", Cnasimrres, Satiurta, Muslin*, Altuteua, Linings. Also, Shirts, Collars, Neckties, Fancy Goods, Ac. By order of assignee. Auction sale of fppvitube in Brooklyn, by COLE A Ml'RPHY, n Monday, JHlh, ni 10 o'clock, at th? corner of Clint mi am. Mouuiguo* ot recta, embracing the entire Furniture ot ddpnr'ora, draw ing rooms and chainhers. Rosewood, mahouany and hlaek walnut Bailor and Chamber Sulla; best Unit- .\f>iitrr.<ae..,, Ui-oh-i Is and Ingrain Carpets, Oval and Pier Gl.t.n *, Elagerea, Wardrobes, Plimpton H idaicad, China nnd Ulna- Ware. Auction bale of furniture in williambburg, by COLE A Mi-ltl'llT.?Mahogany Parlor and <' amber Furniture, Wiltun and Ingrain Can eta, China and Glass Ware, Cooking Stuns, Kucheu Furniture, Ac. By i1engy u. leeds A co.?on monday, april 28, at, lobj o'clock, at the rt-ldenee. It West Thirtytil'th street, near Fifth avenue, handsome Household Furnlture, made toordei by Mircotl"-, coii*i?iiug ot Velte; Carpets, nearly new. In parlors?Elegant S ilt of carved ebony inlaid Furniture, curt-red with me lailion aubua-oo, cost $l,kOJ; lulaid Etagvie. Ceutra and Side Tables, on PaintIn-''. Bedroom Furniture tnudc to order by Mureotle, of M -e,.i.ui'ui Uois de Rose?Hcdat.-.-dr. Bureaus', A . Diooigroi in h oi-ni'iteo?Hnia?u Carpets, Extension Table, Beds, Malirossos, Bedding, Porn-lun, oik. ware, and Kitchen Furntiiiri*, with winch the sale wilUoiiino-uce. By virtue of a chattel mortgage i will export; lor sale on Tuesday, the filth dm or April, ai 11 o'clock, W Ml Grand street, the c.ullrti Fu nltnre of said hottae, consisting of Carpets, Bur, an*. Mirrors, Kn'vee, Forks, Beds, Bedsteads, Bedding, and a general assortment ot Household Furniture. V. S. .MILLS, Auctioneer, 11 Chambers street. CONSTABLE'S SALE.-BY vip.TUE OF an EX'EOU. tlon, i nlll sell at public vendue, ,,u Monday, April 28, at two o'clock, ut W. Witters' auction roam*. 451 Canal street, the following goods:?Rosewood Full, In brocatel. 5piece*; 1 rosewood marble top Dressing Bureau, I losewood Etag re, 1 rosewood Secretary Music Stand, 2 rosewood marble top Tables. By order of W. \\. L\UD, Constable. David d. egan, auctioneer, will sell on Monday, 'Milt nisi., al I0,'? o'clo k, nt 10'i \ ariok treel, tan contents of Ho- house, consisting of o general assortment of Furniture, (kirpjta, Budding, Chins, Glass, Crockery, fin. Iron and Wooden Ware. David d. ecjax, auctioneer, will sell ox Tuesday, 218 h InaC, at 10>J o'clnnk, the contents of a hotel, txn-iitt jiij of Looking Glasaoa, Dcc&ucr.s, Tuinhh r?, Pumps, Un* Fixtures, Oilcloths, Carpets, .lJ -di, Bedding, Ac., Ac. David i>, f.gan, auctionekb.?fubhiturb or every description, Osi jets of all kinds, China, Glass, Ciuvkery, Hardware, Beds, Bedding, Mattresses, and every description of property pur has <t nt lad Caual street, hy Jonathan Gilbert*. David d. eoav, auctionker-ralebroo* <.'-s Canal street, will aell on Monday, April 38, at |o>? o'clock, at lot Yaric.k struct. Up Tuctilay, at JO^j o'clock, tho Furnttitre of a lars' house, No. 21 Huu.don street, near Mercer. On Wednesday. at the same hour, mortgage. sale by order of A Miaon B> a it, Esq.. 2ti Lxight street. Particulars hcieaft- r, Catalogue* on tho day of sale. IitUWAKD 8CUENCK, AUCTIONEER. J ASSIGNEE'S SALE OK BUl'EKM HOUSEHOLD FCR MTimK FItKVTOCS TO KEMOVAL. By KDWAItU rtCHENCK, this day, M ix fust., at eleven o'clock, at his salesroom 111 and 1,17 Broadway, the S'o k of one of the he,t cabinet makers in the city, constat ink In part oi elegant k?li.l. ? ve.l and plain re .owned I'arior Scots, eic. "nut black waltint lllirary and Pining Room Suits in reps; maaittieent ro-ewta d tumid cotuered Hedsteuda nud Bu rcans; do. iii black walnut, finished in oil; roaonnoi ?nd walnut 8e retary and Llbi arv llookca?e?.. el-gaut ro-eivood Elcgercs. carved ? alnnt Buffets and Extension Tables, walu .t Hall Keck-aud Chairs and other elegant Fnrnltoru. The it hoc c furniture la all of (l.a i ?ry best raauufactuie an 1 will b- p isiiively .sold by order of the assignee. N. B.?The furniture must he positively removed cn ihedajrof stile. By order of J. B. FREEMAN, As ignee. ivDWARD SCIIENCK. AUCTIONEER. !j THE CONTENTS OF V F1RBT CLASS r.EdTAliBANT. Bj EDWAUD St'UEN'.'K, on Monday, Ji'h inxt., al 10 o'l'loek, al 43 Walker street, lite entire Fixtures of a i 1st i la-s Rcsiauraitt. dig, in part, of marble top Tables, Dining Chalis, .solas ami Chairs. large Klrmra, large Oliandt i eiaand Kraekets, Catter.v, China and Crockery, lilaaavvaic. Table Ltncu. Spoons, Forks. Knives, w.; Oilcloths. Carpets, Bedsteads, Bun au*. Waahst.inda, Mattresses aud Bedding, mahogany Cash Desk, Segnr t'asi. also, S'eain Taiile, Copper Fans and Crn", large uptight Tubular Boiler, bUek v< aiuin marble tup C mill' r and Bar Fixtures; also, a targe a .sortmcnt of Kitchen Fur.ilture. J7DWAED SCHEME. ACCTIOSEER. tj ELEGANT. ADDLE HORSE. By EOWAKD SfLiKNCX, tills day, 2u'h instant, at I o'clock, it his s ileaiooiits, No". Ill and 117 Broadway, a bay .-addle Horse, long tail nud mane, 7 years old, l.V-i bands blab, warranted perfectly sound, kind and gmtl in every i nay: in one of two most stylish hors-aln I le country; the property of a gentleman leaiu* l'or Europe. I'D WARP H. LUDLOW. AUCTIONEER, a HA.NDtiO.MK 1IOI SKtlOLD I'l KNMURE AT AUCTION. E n. LUDLOW A CO. will * I! hi miction, on WEDNESDAY, April 30. ut 11 o'clock, at No. ltio Ettai Fourteenth turret, near Second avenue, the entire Puinttnm contained in oil house, emulating In part, of handsome n. r ami Mantel Classes, marble top C mm and Side 'faille*, mahogany sofa. Chair* nil Drawer*, in rejrs; Made ami Hmu/e Clock*, handsome Window Cur* tains, mahogany Extension Tables, French Hcdst'* a, Armetre a-Ola e, Bi il?, Bedding, Velvet, Hrux el-and Ingram Cut-pel*. Olb'lothe, China and Gls**ware, to??-th*r With an a.Korliuent of Kit -hen Furniture, with ivbleh the sale will coinmenre. FOOLTON, AUCTIONEER.?LA HUB SALE OK genteel ll inaehold Furniture, Pianoforte, Velvet Carpets, 1'ieni-li Plate Mirrors, Curlalus and Cornice*, rosewool and uuhi gutty Parlor Stilt*, A'., At',, on Tneaday, April 211, at 10)a o'elork, at ICS Ninth atreet, m ar Broadway, fh" entire grille 1 Furniture of the home, rmbnvin,; French Plate Mirror.-, one Pianoforte, Veive', fap"?tir, Three ply rnd Ingr .in Carpel*, Oilcloth", marble top Book r?-"H, octretariea, Dicing Buret"*, rosewood and mahogany French an , Untitle Bed-tends, Hair M utreeao*, F? i?i 1 s ard?, BttntMi lablea, Lnce Curtains and 1,'ot ote. a. Wardrobe*, Loouge?) marhla top Centra and Card .Tables, Oitoinau*. Out Fixture*. Sloven, China ami t?|j***aie. Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Cataloguea on morning til' in!*, GRQROE COOK AUmoNIRR?OBITOKL HOTEL Furniture, On .V >>.<lny. April 2S, at I0)i o -look, all the Ki ruiliter loni.iltnd m the Union Cottage, Twenty-third aire. , corn" of Nliilli avenue. Chamber, Dining Room and llarroo r. Furniture: Carpet a, Otlelotba, Mirror*, Table*, China and C.T*ware, Kitehen Ulettsil*. Ae. Catelnguee at *a!e, v\ h 'h v 111 b ah-olnte. /USOKtlE COOK, AUCTIONMEK-ELKOANT IIOLYR".T hold Furniture. Tu-ibiv, at 111,1; o'clock, a' theai.irn N?. 141 Ui'uadway i|t"it the American Te'egiaph oSlee). a large *?or? of i'r*t i lea* ,Rvuude Kiiruitura lor 1'arhoa, t i amber*. I.tbrarle*, D.nlug K r'Uia, A<'.. en suite ot Inoart; i1 Miit Pm u" Seer, t.trtea, K:ig*ies, Table,. blnei* wslmtt ami to ew.i. I Bin* ?? *, \Ver<li..lie*,, B if. f *, li r.-.otr It i.lug Table*, Lounge*. Cbaira, Ac., being will wort'M the attention of buyera. Cat 'loguo* at aaile, \ rt ? Ai twelve O'clock, one *ev n o tave I'huioioi ie, In good oil!. I. ('F.OhilK lIOLBBook, AUCTIONEER, OKH0B J'hi r H-.I IfOI.BKOOK A CADNET will ell tlil-i daw. atlOUo'i ivK, nt l."J Wear Sivto nth ?ti'cct, Bent Seventh nr.. nil th? FunHim of Ihn Uoinw-, rnunrieing rote \v-od, nvib.-gany and walnut ParlorandH'-d Room Kurnltin four C*rt*ta, Waif MMW*1!, B nud I'll!o? ?, ttru aplendld Rrmi'i li'ii'M an I othertin* Klitm-oa, llallUtl Bed* an I Bedding, inuh-ifany Kr'nnalou Tah i- Dining Room end Kitchen KitrHiittre, Ac., A-. HENRY II. LB 10", 1IV lIONEKR.?llFNRV II. I.RFDH A l!i'., wilt noil, tit auction, net M ind*/, A prtl th, at lot, n clock, at V ' ll uij mrcst, b4nda?m? Itouft.-liold Kirn t- .- .'liii enure conl-ni* of the ai.<>?-a hoti*o, con-da-ang if Kng.iah Valret Oarpeta, Ivo carved Aoeowood Salt#, In rvlni-Hin i-ndgold aud num ubrocade; rfewondt 'round Hi i-TV "*:-legent Pier Virrura, with Cornice* mi l Vuvee t.? n, iti-'if made ' -?" 'i-r hy W llmau and Slovene; roeerroed I Piann, eeren octave: Miinn-i Ornament*, Parian Porcelain nndBron/e?, Ilill Stun 1, dlninf room oak 14vi*n-d->u Table, riiaiva i i n iiM ,/.a * i'littalnaand H nln* LioibrlkliiH -ilinom Ktiriiit'ire, of mahogaaj Cottage Furniture, i'|i hly iMinrllrd en ? it i ; Hrnae I* Carpet*, M* tn-?sr.., Hi-ilii'i" I'nr -nl.-iln uml tilnaaware, and Kitchen furniture, v-i b which the "fly ivIU vounncnor. HII. I.EKDR A CO., AUCTIONEER*?H. H. LEEDS A CI) , will ""ii, "ii -aim day, April M, at ItMf n't, < k, at It i rt t-lrnce, No S3 E?"l Tt Iftn-'h a rent, between Fifth mid Mndlarn avenue*. nletfint UoiMekold Furniture, .vm. alatlnt id richly < nrvcd rt-ae-vood Parlor Furniture, covered In heavy blue utltt briH .nl" andcrlmaon aatin; heavy velvet M-dalll- n t aryeta, heavy blur and <rltn*on brocadeCnaialnt en -tilt'', carved i-enlrc and aide Table-, rnaoivuOd Elagwre, MMitel end Bla-l're Ornotueuta, Library In ri h ly tarred id,n k walnut,-torero I In green rep*; Mm a w alnut S-< rotary, tint Engraving*. Pining Ri-inna?Boi k walnut Ol.i'* Ballot; Bedroom* of carred roiewood and black waliint and Cottage Furniture, Brit-acle and Ingrain Carp.-.*; Porcelain and dataware, Ac., nil made to order 1% tko ucat|cliy makei*, and lu line order. HKNIlY D MINER, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM .17 Nn??a i atreet, nptviait" thn I'oat ipOI-'C.?MINER A HOMKUVll.l.F, will ai-ll at auction, on Monday, April 3d, at IOM o'clock, at Un-lr aalearootu Rn. S7 Nataati altrot, one line till Palming of King Alfred the Oreel, lately evbiblied at the Dn?*eldotf Uellcry. By order ?l MATUEW T. BlfiRRBi Constable. / K SHEET. MALKS AT ACCTIOA. nKNRTH LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. Elegant Hoaaeho.d Furniture, moved iron a c juu i j w it ;>! livde TV.ik ! " roa'cnierice of ulf liKNKf It. LbKltK t CO nil) w|| ' > j iui nan. its M<> iiia;, April ^6, at o'clock, at No. 56 Eas' Thirty seventh street, M' my hill, neai M*di?>n n?en' e a very v.isa'ow loi ol cosily Puraitue, lua u to ortci Ujf llutcb!u? , B-i'idiuu*, au4 P rtaol, and i? partly Imported t roni Part". ' ng u| richly i irvod t'tuuca wuluut Parlor nti it, severed m figured mouuet . suit ofrtar woad, covered la tine green rlo!h ; superb Ag mt'irt<-r Carpets. lu perfect order ; wtltun and Brussels do '.arc Dr ad-o and Japan se Vases from the King of Hoi land's Sale : Mar<pi"lerle Purniture, Jspane.e CYnir? T*Me Inlaid ; ro?ew?od ;K'agere, a premium 7 oris ?? Pianoforte made t>y (tale ft Co., with pearl keys, richly carved, end <\w $1.01111. Dining room Furniture, of oak, undo by Hutching* , one large tud two aide Buffet*. verv handsome Extrusion Table, Chairs, Ac.; large Parian Figure of Sappho, coat $33$ brunre Clock, Mantel Mlrrois, carved oak Conaob* Table Bedroom* of Inlaid roaeu ood, imported, richly Imported carved rosewood Bedsieada, Bureau*, auit French de Lain* real Chinese Toilet Bete, Drraeiag Bureau with iaotoeet cabinets and aaiin wood Hull covered in ailk plush ; Bull hi solid oak, made by. Baudolne ; Cheval Oiaaees. Couche* large bronze Ua> Figures, imported by Tiffany ft Co. for hftll Hall Stand, Ac. Will be sold without reserve. _______ Henry h. leebs, auctioneer ?henry h I.KEDH ft CO. will sell at suction, ou Saturday. A ;>rt M. at 1"H o'clock, at the salesroom, a general assoruueat p Household Furniture, consisting of Brussels and lugralt Carpets oanred rosewood Bull#, iu brr>eate>, made by Rous el 'sant brocatel Window Curtains, lined and interlined; ete Mat rosewood marble lop Centre Table, Dressing Bureaus Pier Mirrors, enamelled Cottage Suit*, rosewood and ma hoganv Sofas, E ageree, rosewood Pianos, matioganr Boek era. Chairs, Ac , in haircloth; Hall Stand and Table, llan Mattress.'*, Fo.ther Beds. Bolsters and Pillows; inahog.iaj Wasbslands, oak.Chnirs. in ririped brocatel; also 8-aies Truck*, rosewood French Secretary, Ingrain and Brunaeil Blair Carpets, Crockery, Chins and GI??* Ware, Ac. Bali without re.erve. A! so a rose wood Inlaid Bachelor'# Buffet lined with satlnwood and Imported from Paris. Henry b. hkbtb, jr., auctioneer. by henry wood 'A CO handhomk household fcrnitl l'k. on tuesday, april iw, at lot: o'clock, AT ti? l'RINCB STREET. NEAR BROADWAY Comprising, In part. Wive!, Brussels and Three-ply Car pets, richly carved solid rosewood Parlor Suit, In trend motpiet; massive solid walnut Becrelary Hoik<?f. hestr French plate Pier Mantel Milrors, with rlcliljr < ai ved xolt> wain'it end gilt frame*; elegant anlid oak Buffet, w.ti BienDa marble top; solid rosewood Ued*lcads,|Uiireaus, lis) Stand, Ac.; Solid oak Dining Chair#, Sideboard, E\Icuhioi Dining Table, rosewood l'lSuol'orte, China, cut Qlssauarf Taldc Cutlery, Ac., together with the usual assortment o Kitchen Fiirnilurec and Utensils with which the sale nt! cbmuteiicn. Catalogues ready on Monday, ui the DM of th auctioneer, ISO Broadwav. HORSES, waoonh and harness at auctiom.On Monday, at 11 o'clock, by PEED A CO., at Jlii Fill Ion atreal, Brooklyn, 4 Homes, 10 Wa.'uas, I Sleigh, Har U'-*?. Ac.; 1 lload Wagon, with top, weighs 100 pounds, bttil by Daly. B. CLAYTON, attorney for lli.nrvd. miner. auctioneer-SALESROOM s MKKVILt K will self at auetiou, ou Monday. Aptll 2S, at 1(IJ o'clock. at the Pearl street House, corner of Pearl and Ki-ir, Rtnu't\|th entire Furniture contained In said house, e >n 1 Misting ol' Bedstead*, Bureau", Wnshstands, Table*. CI airs Ac., Ac.; Hair, Iliiik and Straw Mattresses; Feather Beds Pillows mid Bolsters: Sheets, Blankets and Comfortcs Brussels and Ingrain Carpeu, Stan- Carpets, Oll dnths, Pat lor Furniture, Pianoforte. Tete-a-tete Bu'aa, Arm and Parlo Chairs. Conlre Taltl-s, Window Curtains. Mirrors,Dl.-iln Room Furniture, Table*, Cliairn. Crockery, Knire*, Forks Spoous, Ac., An. Aiso a large bssiii :tnent of KluhruFura ture, with which the sale will romtnenee. HENRY D. MINER. AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 3 Nassau street, opposite the Post oilier.-..MINER < S< i.VEltVIELK will sell at auction, ou Saturday, April ? ti. * 10>a o'clock, nt 180 West Twenty-that street, Genteel House hold Furniture, consisting of Brussels and In ram Carpets Mahogany and hltick walnut Bra trad a, Cottage Suit, n.l hogany Trtc-n-Tete, Arm and Parlor chairs, rosewood ' Vr tre and SMe Tallies, Corner Stinda, llair, Husk and Strut Ma Ureses, oak Extenaiou Table. Iron Bedatead .Bureaus Wnahstands and Crock -ry, Chair*, Ac. Aim Kilcheu Km uiturc, with which the sale will commence. J BOG ART, At'C T! ONE Kit?HY S. A .J. BOOAB1 Qentrel Household Furuuurc. Will sell on Montiat April td, Hit the FurnUnrr t onlaincd In the largo four stor brown stone house, "tl West Twenty-third aire-1, bet ?-( Fifth and Hnllt avenues, consisting in put of rosewood Pal lor Suit i, in broea'el; niarblr top liiajii French Plate Mt rots, rosvwoud Centre Tu >!es. tumble tops; mahogany Cei It'o Ttbles, marble toys; t>>alo>s?uy Chair,, F ? as an Louagi'k mahogany and black walnt t Bedsteads, H.t.rMa tresses. Pnlllauea, Bed lnalioyane Bureaus, m-i.'u g?uy WashPun ii-.. marble tops; mahog my Table-. Kstensio Table, l!l feet; Dining Room Chairs, llrti-s-ls and Thru pi Carpet*, Oilcloth ;, Crockery, Chine uiid Oltisswaie, Cutler; and Plailtd Ware, large lot of Kitchen Furniture, Ac. J BOO ART, AUCTIONEER. BT S. A ,T. BOOAST. CM . Baterday, April II'i, at ,'t o'clock, nt No. 71 it ckmti street, o.'i tie mint of former purehaaer, one Standiuj Pre.a one iron Fate, one See. tog Ih-u-h, 1 Boards. OffABLB8 I. WATTS, Attorney tornotl^afsc, J BOH ART, AUCTIONEER?ELEGANT HOSRWOOl , Furniture, Carpel-A Ac?S. A J. HOG MPl' will sell oi Ton, lay, April 29, at lOJj o'cl-v k, at No. 114 Tenth street, la tween Filth and Sixth an nuel, superior Household Furni tine, eonan-limt in part f rosewood Parlor Hull, large Freer plate Mirrors, Reecptlon Ghairs, Rockets a till La.-; 0 lis it's Gas Chandeliers, Velvet Carpets, one Pianoforte, Librar B'tokea.-.e, French Secretury, Lounges, Chairs. Chaiube Furr.ltur.'?French Brdst: uls, Dressing Bureaus, Wardrobe: CarjirK Dining room?Sideboard. Dresset-s.iy .tension Din tug Table, Mirror, Chairs; Kit-h -n l'nrnltiire, Ae. N. 11.Thegooda mu. t he removed same day. Catalogues tan b had on Monday a', tie .suction room . JBOOART. AUCTIONEER-BY S. A J. BOOARV Mortgage sale.?Friday. May 2. at 10'? o'clock, at tli in lion looms, No. 1 North William street. Jewelry, PineWare, A', constating of Gold Kcts, Earnings. Breast i'ln. Finger Kings, Watch Key s, Clittus, and also l'lated Wan Spoons an<1 Forks; a lira lot of Plated Trays. Also, te shares ol Central Park Insurance Stock, J.l)t <n it. B order of the mortgagee. CHARLES M. IIALL, Attorney. JBOG.vBT, AUCTIONEER.?BY S. A d. ISOUAIU' Monday, April*!1*, at 11 o'clock. Can Furniture uu 1 Fix tttr-s of tlia klonuceilo House, g'4o Blcucker street, c.n-t-tin of Mirrors. Conner .1 liar Counter. Decaliters. Turn hie ri Oil i'atnttugs, superior Oilcloth*, < ane Arm Chairs. Rotin Table*, mahogany tyuieaua, Brume's und Inkreiii Oarpeti Washatand". malm/uny French Bedatead*, M*tlie-?e' an Bcldlnq, lias Chandelier* mid Fixture*, atlvcr plated lJn Pitcher, Crockery and Olaiuw.'ire, Dining Table, Kit' he Furniture, Cooking Utensils, Ac., Ac. JBOtlART, AUCTIONEER?BY S. A J. HOGAK1 Tlit* day, at 10 o'clock, at Ward Soli no'. No. l;t, liousto alrcet. nbsraveuue A, a aniall lot 1 Household Furniture. T BOOAUT, AUCTIONEER.-BY S. A JT. BOO 181 el This d.iy. f t 11 o'clock, at the anetlnn room No. 1 N<>rt William atreet, Household Furniture, tonaiaiing of Plant two Light Wagons, tnaliotiitiy Sola*, Lounge*. Par.'u Chair*, Bureaus, Bookcases, Looking tllas*, Brussels. thrci ply uu't ingrain Oirjiel*, Oilcloth, one rosewood Fal lot Suit one I'iano, Bed< ?uds, Maitrrise*. B dding, Washatanrts Counters. Desk*. Kitchen Furniture;also two Llulu W ig on one liay M ir; alt. it Id hand* lilgli. A dc|s>?ll required trot all puivlin? i?. A'-o ConatHblc'fi ?<|e: Teaaka lilquoi, Brandy Wine, (iin, Whlakey, andheinpty Ban el'. M. IHiOOY, Con til.'e JUEUKMAM. MONDAY, April 2d, at 0 o'clock A. M., at No 13U Joralemon xfreei, between Gout and Clinton street*, Brooklyn, a general assortment of mahogany and walnut Parlor, Cham her and Diuiuu Boom Furniture, liair*, Bookcase il 'island, Brueo is and Ingrain Carpets.' Hit iolli . I.: Cur tain* Dinner Set, Sewing Machine, Turning Lathe, Ac. Same day. a'. I o'clock P. M., at No. IFJd Henry sheet, l>o>ween HarrUor and I ?egraw, Brooklyn, liandaotne Furniture?R in wood I'jrlor Suit, in green reps Mantel .Mirror, Turkish Arm Choirs. hand mini mahogaui Writing Table, C utte Tahlee, Bo ik' av. two pstn'od an. i limneRed marble top Chamber Hulte, tlsir Matu . i inn hng.iny Extension Table, Chairs, while China Din;i"i Set Glassware, Medallion Carpels, Oilcloths, Ac. Same day, nt 10o'clock A. M., at No. it Bast Bal'ic street, near Cour streat, Brooklyn, a small quantity of Ilousuhol'l Furniture, Carpcli, Ac. Battle day, nt 4 o'clock P. M., at No. id Beoond place, near Court street Brooklyn, Carpet*, Oilcloth', Household Furniture, Ae. JOHN L. VANDEWATER, AUCTIOVKEH. PEREMPTORY SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION BY A. JOIRNF VY. HOTEL FITRNITUKE AMI I I YTI I'KS, AT snt i ll AMERICAN HOTEL M EAST HOUSTON STREET, between Crosby and Mu berry streets. WILL SELL. ON TUESDAY. APRIL AT 10 OUl.O K A. All the Kmuit?irr- and I'ihuim id aid hotel, CJiialslfng o Parlor Suita, liming T..bie?, itedroom Kitmllnre, Ac.; ret tauiaut Furniture, Table*, China Wji*, Ulim Warr, Untie ty iii'l Silver War*. Bar ami Oj *l?i Counter* and Putin e> Kitchen UttMU*, MMi Pnrntl I a mhetaMlnl > ! wlei deecrlptlon. Mala poai'lve, and all at tide* to b? rold wuhou riMRrvi! to the blglient bidder. +OHN I.. VANDEVTATER, AUOTIONRBN *1 PEREMPTORY BALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION, By A. JOUKMEaV. on SATURDAY, April 96. 11 A. M AT SALESROOM ;17T BROADWAY, 1' I ' K.N ITU ItE Ro?ewood Bulls, in b.n ilcl, haircloth, A Ko'twood aeven 0 tarn Pianoforte, carved lag*, o-.t rnn HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS, In Ore i( Variety. Velvet Ami TapeOry Carp ;t*, Ac., Ac. Removed for cor of ?a!e. J I'. TRAVER, AUCTIONEER -IfUTcHESON A TRA . VEIR ivlll *ell ih? a . a I |U'. >' by virttM of ' ill cm *?te. tlK Bur ami LtlD' h Kwm in Eighth nr--? . in'* Sixth aventi*, large Counter*. Beer Puib)<*. Keg*, s reeni I?<'inijohii?i*Bijiile*, Tabic*, t'iuiirGaa Future*, L: pion the family,'. JOHN!! HURIRY, AUCTIONEER, WILL Slil.L Till l.iV,Bt JuVlok, in 441 Cam. I dtreot, marble top mi nthei Bureau*. Sofa Bed*, Wardrobe*, liatrack, mahogan ondo'lici Bed'eid*, Evteuaimi, C-ntie aud nthevTali!** Pier, liitr, Mantel ar.d h'T G!m ?; Feather Be I* and Hal Mattreaae*, Pillow.*, Blank eta, Veil'*, rtherla, Velvet Brm Three-ply and oth> rOarpet*; Oil doth*, Matting, Bcwln Mil lrnea, t'b.iud' lier* HUd Kllc'ien Wile, M DOUGHTY. AUCTIONEER, will SELL Till dnr (Sa'nrday). at It'1. n e!rvk, *i *a|e?r in, 79 Namil - t.lloi BEHOLD IT IIMT i HE, eonalatlngnr aoil rvMWovd, bb ? walnut and mahogany I'aiior siiii*, ,* > red In hrneatel, rep* and li*lrclo(h; Medallion. Velve Tannatry and Ingrain i 'irpei*, roiewo.rd, niahnitany i>n I wal nut Beikea* ?, Dpiage a, marble Ml' Willi ) Table*, Ei en sioii Dlu'na Ti'hlea, Onilng t'balr*. I?re<?lng Bureau*, W.iali dftnda, B?i'?t'.nia, lla Mat r-?-ra, Lontiuea, Oh*Ira,Set'** enamelled n.ik and vraltim Chamber Bulla, Ar., *e. Th' wbele will be : rind woi'.by the att ui'lon of hoimlsreperi Also one I. M. Singer'* Serving Machine, enmph'te. \foRTG.\OK BALE OK THE SIOCK AND FIXTURE' A'A. m Ml An 'ii-n nnnui:?, n "iur my, in iu a ei,, ai .? Kultmi strc"i, Hi*" ifclyn, by PEED A CO., aiiellonssrs. in Vrl-ti?ii i" sew'tod ihice pull M' it Pump, mahogany Chain ablea, i lima, Crockery, and Ulan Ware, Ae R r. HA/.KJ.L, AlJCTIOKKER . LAPOK, ATTRACTIVE AND PEREMPTORY ?AU OP *00.d00 WOKTII OK HARDWARE. CI TLBRY, HUNS, Ac. WHITTRMi Rk t H I'/iHUi will sell at motion, THIS DAY. SAITKDAY, And everj nmynMlIng ilny unill all la sold, r,?niui*ii>'ing at 1 o elscit ?tw li day, at NO. W BERK MAM STREET. The entire As?ign"d Stork of M''Mr?. Ellis Bros. ,1 Co., com prising a well ??'! eted asaortuienl ?f ' HEAVY AND All ELK HARDWARE. This day'" sale w ill comini noc lit ilia basement with b 7<I7, eoniprlalng a large assortment of Heavy and 8hei (Jood*. SHERMAN A CO., AUCTIONEERS, WII.I, 8X1. N O? . \|.,? lay. April Dl, at 10 0'elock, ni 17A Bleeaker street the entire Furniture In aald dwelling, constatIng of Pari,) Hiitta, S. fas, Chairs, Drr.atng Hme.i'is, Wash stand*. Centii nil,I Card TaM s, large lot B. dsteads, Ilalr and Ifiisk Mat trewco, Featlioi Beds, Plliow*, Rohdma, BruaaeD Three-nly Ingrain and Htalr Carpet*; Oilcloth*. Malting, Pier and Man ti l Mlrrora, I.nen Curtains, Shade*, Ar.jnlm large lot o | Kitchen and Dining Ko>m Furniture, A". Hale posllles wit html reserve, And well wortk the attkclioa of IAS trad, i OUfW. 9 IALB* AT AVCTIOR. - -.A.. A* A.**" - ** SHERMAN A CO., AUCTIONEKRA WILL sRLL ott Muli4a>. Ullllukl. ui 11 u'c.ook, at >1 Ku)d. l ?liuot< all the ii" h aud tlegaut Household Furiiituie contained u* 1 aaid lour etury boua.-. ?u ? Berera! Par or Suila, aeiaa, 1 Tcte-vTrlee, K icking . ad othei Chain, Centre and Cain > Tablca. Pter and Mantel Mirroi-* nor Kienrli Mn'al Clock, cust $Iid Dining and Tea'fable*, mahogany and black wal? uut treucii Bedstead*, mlr iM Ila>k fiitln tl"<, Ur|T l?i I Feather iicds, Pillows aud Bolalcis, Dressing liurcaus* WnaoisUuds'tHI PainLu^s, Eu^rav. ;gs, is Brub.?eL>, Tltrrs Fly and In*.am Carpels. Oiiaiotiit 'aether with a taiga and grneml a-sortinent ol Kit hen aud biuing itooui Permtura. Bale positive, fur caah, well worth the all -uLon At i llu tigle aud ethers. Sheriff s sale?coffer, spicks, Ac . ao CHAMBERS A FAIKCIHLD, AL'OTIONF.KUS. ' n ill aril at their Mutaroniu, lid Nassau ali en, on Man ia/. > April 2d, at II o'clock, a large stock from a l 'a Jtng Spice fac. >0 y. comprising groeii aud ground ('oiler of assorted graded; whole and ground Pepper, Cinnamon, Oloves, (linger. Nut. mega and other apnea; Pepper Sauce, tteflnid Cream Tartar 1 Saleia uaaud Hnpernarboiiate of Soda, English and Pi such 1 M ,sin ru, about 8S0 boxes Yeaai Fowder. Also a variety ol ; unaeellaneoud ailiclea, air . Balk in boiea aud bags, Ohoce ' late, Ground litre Vermicelli, Bnuly aud other llquora 30 baga Corks, Haud Paper. Ac.. Ac. Alao. Flat!una Scaled.l?0? Safe, ami oQloe furulture. The goods are now ou view, j JOHN KELLY, UK Sh-il*^ t m GAPFNEY, AUCTIONEER, WILL HELL THIS DAT, X at 2 o'clock P. M.. at salesroom, No Centre atreet by virtue ol an raecution, 'fable*, Chairs. Counters, lot Cheat, Clock, Mirror, Cooking UtcnsiL. Decanters, 0U1 i Frame Picture#, Ac.; one Piano. Alao Gi.? erv Future* and I W*^"n _1>ANIEL FRIED, Coudlabto. f mo BUILDERS.?MORTGAGE KALE OR BRICK.-* ' 1 CHAMBERh Jt KAIKCHILD, auetioaern. wul Mb tiiU day (Saturday), at IX o cluck, on Lhe aoutb aide oi Bar 1 only-eighth atreet, between Seeoud and Third ateauei, a ' targe auautlty of preaaad and piaiu Brtek. Sale positive. > M. SMITH, Attorney for Mortgegee.__ WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL OR Monday, at 10>? o'clock, at 6M BroVdway, Saloon P-u uittire And Fixture*?Marble top Counter*, Oyster do. A# the Ulaas, Ohlua, Wiuen, Segars and I,i |iior?. Also four ?! Pheiau'a latest style or marble bed ami combination Tables and every thin.'complete, Oildothii. Tlila is a rare ckanoc for amateurs in the idlliurdltap, for one ol' the beat tables is ' thecouiilry I* in this sale. I \VM- WITTTER8, AUCTIONEER?WTLL SELL OR 1 VI Tttasday, at in,' J o'clock, at HM Princ- atresi, the enUrs i Furuituro ul' the above house. On Sd day of May. at Ml Canal street, the eulirp stork of Wines, Lupinrs, Ssgarsi I Store Fixtuiea, Ac. At 3 o'clock oa Tuesday, at No. 40 Auuf.f i ?ireet, Furniture of the house WM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL TUB jday, .It 10JT o'olo k, at No. 7 Vaudatn street, all the Pa* Inr, Ceamb'r, Diuitig Room and Kitchen- Furniture, A<\,t?l the shore house. t \\rM. WITTERS, AUCTIONEER. WILL BELL THIfc ll day,allot Canal ctr.-ei, * latge iud \tilnaole asaotl nienl of tinn Household Furniture, .*i ., romprixing Carpets^ 7 Oilcloths, Beds, Bedding, Dining Knotn and Kit dteu Furai lure, in great variety. Also, lot) puna of B> una Bute. 1 WILLIAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER-OFFICE NO. - II E..*t Broadway, sell* ou Saturday, ul 11 u'llur., lbs , Stock and Fixtures ot the Grocery and Liquor Store No 63# Third avenue, line Couateis, lar*e Olasa Case, n huge Ipt ot 1 Crockery, Hub Fixtures, lee Chests, Ac. r W X. LLOVD, AUCTIONEER.?JOHN A 3AGLB1 t II, will sell, on Tueaiiav, aitli, at 10}y o'c'ock. the entirai contents ot the Paper Hanging Est ilciahni. ni No. 57 Thud t- avenue, betw een Tcuih and Eleventh sir. ots, cona?Un? of Wail Paper, Sat.u. Velvet, and Marble Patterns, also a 1 trg* ~ , lot ot W Imlow Shades, Curtains, Oil! Cornices, Curds, TeaT sets, Ac., Ac. Sale positive, raiu or aliiue. KULILIOCS NOTICES. M A DAM?THE FIRST MAN."?KEY. I. S. KALLOC* il will romniriire a course of sermons, on prominent Bun- characters, on Sunday evening, at 7J4 o'clock, in ths L'lighi alreet church, corner of Lslghl and Vnrlrk street*. Hf will iilsn preach, al lit1! A M., on "The True Philosophy Life." ANAKMT MEETING WILL BEHELD NEXT BAR hath e. entiig, A) i 111!7, ,in allot the Board of PtlBNcM y tl >n, for army nurpos s, in the Reformed Dutch church, cm ,, tier of Fifth avenue atnl Twenty-Arm street. Rev. Dr. Fer r. rla. Chancellor of the C ntveraltv, will preside and roudocr r the services, commencing at 71 i i*. Mf Add re ares may be ea a- p cled from K' V. Dt. Asa D. Smith, ol Nan York, and Rev I l>r. Pur er, of Btookiytt. All are c .rdially invited to attend (. "a here is the tiiuat pressing need ot prompt and energetic .-0 f. tlon in helialf of ihe spir.tual Int-r.-sts o. our men in arms n on laud and sea. The call is urgent. A coll.ctiou will bi y , sio-i. Y TJLKECKER STREET UNIVERSALIS! CHURCH .LJ corner ot Downing *'reel. R-t. A he. Moore, Ol Hart S lord. Conn., will preach In this church to morrow (Sunday, n incli ning, at 10>i. and in the evening ?t 7lJ o'clock. Snbjed , for the evening, "Christ. s a Sacrifice." pHUROII OF THE GOOD SHEPHERD?FIFTT - \,i I out til street, betwuen Third and 8-e.ioJ avenuos [) Sunday morning, A| ril 'J7, the teelor. Ttev. Ralph Hoyt, wit i, preach from the text "One noMati Anything." Services* iO*s aud rL? o'elo k. Seats free. ? SNTIITRCH OF THE TRANSFIGURATION-EASl v '1'vvi niv-nlhth street, near Fifth avenue. Sunday evuts y ingacrvicrs. Divine ocrvice will lie h.hliu thia church to i- morrow (s net,'ijr) ci cnlng at 7,S- Seruion by Rov. W dliaai i, F. Worgau, I) I) - T"1R Thompson will conclude nts discussion e .1" 01 Hi" Unity of Mankind, by reviewing the theory* l'roftaaor Agaaei/, at the Broadway Tab. made church, la morrow evoniug, at 7,'j o'clock. " tj'nd of the would about ls<m-?9 accord X!i ing to moie than One Hundred Kipoaitora."?Tin Fifth Lecture Of the aerlea, by the Rev. m Busier, Epia-op* minister, In t!ie le. ture r.ioiu, No. 20 Cooper luau.aW, <m Sunday, at 7,t? o'clock l" M. Seal* Iran. "I_|K that belie veth not 8haia UN IJL d.inuird.''?Rev. K. IS. BiiiOka wili preach on tlm led at the Twentieth a! I've I Umvcruallut church, bemoeu Siata and Seventh avenue*, to-morrow afterooou, at 3 o uiorfc. Sermon in morning at 1U'j. Hedging m e. church, east seventeenth Hireet, north side, between Flrat and Second avenuci* neat Sluyveaunt I'm k?Do tor Abel Slevena, pastor, wit preach on Sunday morning, at 10% o'clock, ihe fount courae of aennuua on "The Bible," and In tha evening, a 7.'g o'clock. See la free. Struugora arc cordially Invited. ' \fkmorial, hammond street, corner n ill oi Waierley ola e.?The Rev. O-.irge E. Thrall, rectoa ol church ol the Messiah, Rrooklyu, will preach to-m urn* (Sunday) evening, ami ihe Re.v. Jauu a t'ameron, of Califoruis. In Ihe afternoon. Sri* ice a at 10} A. M , and an I h 7?, u'e'ock V. m. Free ? '* I e, REV. SIDNEY A CO REV MILL PREACH IN Till Sionc . hurt U (Twe:ii> . I.?lith vnect. nrar Broadway#, , to-morrow afternoon, at (1 o'clock, and iu the evruina, at > o'clock. '? IkKLIUlOUS SOCIETIES, IN WANT OF UP TOWH ' IV church accommodation, will find Trenor a Hall, 69 M'ckf Thlrty-foui tli afreet, urar ttroudwny, desirably adapted, tha above hall la welt known aa a place of religioua worship fo* th - laat four yeara, and ia furuiahed c>uiplete. Kent low, Inuutre at Ihe hall. . CKCOND ITNIVER- W.IST CHURCH, CORNER ELE. 1*1 ruth street and S ootid avenue.?Rev. O. T. Klandera will delivrrthe sevem 1, discourse com ruling tho Devilou eundap evening at 7)f o'clock. Subje t?"The place ol the Dev.i: (ha Lak of Fire and Brims' one." The public are qordially Hi' vucd. 1 OT. ANN'S CHURCH. I.EV. TIIOS. GALLAUDET* O re. tor.?tki vi* i a t e mor row. ? , usual, with the votw a ln)J A. m. anil P. M? and in the aigu !aiigiiei,f "t A P. M* f Tli? cent.n will orcach .'L t .l h scr.I'C. Seals tree I "IIMl fOW."?TOB MET. WM Aim l?illf ' A will preach upon Ihls subject to morrow cvetitna ?I t'an Brooklyn Tabernacle, in Kullt-n nvenur, near He/h ^ street. Services tu commence at lOJi A. M. uiul 7l? P. M. Tiieodork tilton. one ok the editorr or 111*- Inlepailtelll, will lecture Sabbath evening, April ZT, in tin- It'-ihi -.da Baptist i lim h, Jtsuj 1'ity, mi Sumh Kouith ' etrcet, between Erie atr-e? ami Jr.-oy avenue Scrrltca us commune* at ! , o'clu k. Sullied?"The Nututu?ita Peat, Pie?eiit and Kuturc, and ihu linimrttii. e of I he Christian l*i nelple in Uuldiug it through lis rertle." ~PIJimTHiE. , A T 11(1 VATE SAU:~MWK8T fifteenth street ; JV h beautiful Parlor Set of nu-wood broeatel furniture; also splrn ud Kn:;Maii VnlvetCsruet, A person will be la atlcmluuce lioui lilA. M. till 41". M. Ijll'RMTt' IIS WANTED-A SECOND HAND SEC It K1 tarv Booses so, mahogany oi rosewood, in g ood condii lion; also, n Carpet. either three-ply m Bi-?els, 6 jrar<l? i* totiare. Address, staling price and rondti ion, A. H., boa 10S llcialil oCiic. ^ I TNVJRNITURB WANTED?NEW uR SECOND HAND J Carpets, Parlor, Dining Room sod Kit lien Furniture, bv A Iti 'i efaaa music teacher, thorough and of giwateipartrii-e, Iiaruig enjordU s tery ejuensieo iiaironage for upward* of 2."> years. Said l urnliur# to be paid far wholly or in |mrt >> in Piano snd Vo si Instruction. Addreaa Prolessor of Music. Ilerald uiln-e. 11*11 D. OYSTBRMAN, DKAI.ER IN NEW AND K 11 se ond bund Kurnllnie, Carpets, Beds, Oat Pitlmew of every description, a' N7dGrand street, baiwrrn Norfolk aud Suffolk "treela. All Ibe i.nicies In the above line bought, old oraMHipi r DENTMTHT. | a i BTIKICIAL TEETH.?DR. PLKKIY CONTINUES Tt? r -/V. ciirn ( Toeth In two seconds, w ithout puln, with hid * i. M"immi>ing r riin sno r. ''-inn i. irmnv. ,?< nm nnryi. for temporary aele or eatwtliij, Teeili In-eimd without. . ettranting the rnol*, on my lini>ro""l aiiuo'pherio preaoirw J plate*. CbrmtMlly pure chloroform mid ether adtnmlalerrt*S without danger. i'leaee <'*11 Mid examine epe tmcne before ,1 going elemvnern. DR. R 0. DCHKIN, 373 t'mial etieH. , oppoelte Wf?i Broadway r \ BTIFICI AL HOVE PM.MNO -TENDER TRRTH, Ohn '* J\. ro??? end tnf: ' ahella n:iml and w irrenird . the jr mine 8 ttand only by me. N B.? til Inear* of beautiful teeth end breath ti-e th" celebrated tluhen Uentrluvr- nml Dotion; " ruomoofthc dln-'Otrer. r, SMI Hroa.l .v.iy, n?n. 8i\ ontrriitli * i-ticel. JAMES PEARSON, M. D., divovrrrr. |1 1 AH. WHJTB A BROTHER'S IMPROVED ARTIFICIAL t U Tc' th.-t\ hole J.V ?1, ?I0, ?IA to *?<l Teeth ailed i. with gold, 00c lo $1. All work warranted firat rle?' ?t IS Bond atreet, W?w York, end 717 Arch atreet, I'hll olalphl*. HAVING IIAIl USE TOOTH KBTRACTBD RHTHOUT Ceoling any pain whatever, by Dr. J.JAY VILI.KKS, I. l.YI Grand xtreet, I - In <wl i'ly m?er? my nam" ? a rrfrenco lo Giuae autlei mg I rotn 'o dlnr he. ' B. O. MOOD, No. 3S Wei rim -reel and 1"# (. ham hero atreet. M'OIITIYO. '' l?OR SALfr-THR FAST SAIMN.I, SROOP HIOUKD J? ynrhtlllSBKCOA. Apply for lUM'ttcolar* *i the lleralS olDce. ( 1PIOR Al.K-? FAST SAILING PIIJOT BO VT P Brh j 'tier Ciiur<l. about IU) ton*, well adaplrd iTw a uoittleinan'a j.i hi, brlnit ootppletrly I'nrnlahe I, Ar , an.1 in' wo I adapted for trading In lh- Weil Indlee or ilia 0 "lull "I Meiico. AdditeaA. B, Union a?jit?i? Poet oflic*, .Vw Y'irh. " j^oR SA1E?vI JtY LOW,rTHE YACHT EDGAR, lit ' pnuir nnirr , ?- ?-> > , bolciiiij''10 1 tank Lealle. Apply to JOHN J. DAW, New'} ark, N t. FOR SAI.B?t'HKAl*. SIX OF TUB BEST BREED OF" Krmliah Uroybonnd Pupa. M'ul ba Bold At onca. Call at 213 Kail Second atr;et, Ural floor. I IMPORTED KOWI.s JUST ARRIVED AND POR SAI.E. I Ris k ami whltn Hpatilah Dorktna, Bremona, Dominique, , Poland, Phraannt, Spaitfkd llamburaa, Bolton tlraya, s-nl Brlahta, *c. Qamc from the yard of the late Pnnoa AU>er% f of England. Alao. F.gga of llir above liroetla (warranted) Ion i, hatching, $2 a down. Sent hy eipreaa at onr tlak. AddrMg , it John Benaon * t o, Imir.rter# and hrftSle-A. d?otJE Ulaadi S

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