Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 27, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 27, 1862 Page 2
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t Tlio BnBdw?]r Concert Sniooma?Writ of Hakt?? (urput for tile Walter Girl*? At tack of Hie Ne?r V urk Timet on Judge Barnard. Bl'l'KilMB OOVBT?SPBt'AI. PKIk. Before Hou. Judge Barnard. iWVlt?f?li< Mllltr JoisJiW Hxil ??? of Ik' II' Vr (J rL >J CtmU't'ury llitl C'-m vi .y' <?.-?, hi5 iirui Jiy.?'lliib .4 ? writ Jf lubaa# c*>-tied nut ; > tb? pr >, rietorj of the Canterbury saloon trt! thr ?~i i can Mu-1' . i.?U,44? Broadway, k> u?t tlio i-ioti1 no uhly of the w t1't act passed f >r cLiriig t'l u ? ort ea.uou* oi jr. Mr. Jame* I". B inly and M' Km. ii Byrue a;>i>nui ; i .or the ''pretty a a tor girl*," a .1 Mr. Whllel. d, A3* '.Hit Ihnirici Attorney, f >r lu - (m->, ie. Judge iiari.ard si..1 -I.i Uin oa.- of Mriggl,charged vv..u m irder, the f il u p"*t;*>ued lijr tli action of the t art uatilnuxt Thm?d*y. llis.e been .dil'.'euug from a sovin cold and lioa l..t he, .iu.l should not hut o come dowu to* -?y W?. w it out irom l tie fuel tha euino utitu oonuot lud with t!io Nf * York Tim's, be oitging to a class t?.' p ens who very pi operly are counecto-l vt ndi such ou t tub .ohtuont, hue lie.ughl lit to itttil ni?* on the bei.rh with ie?M?ctloile inceit saloons. J ?uu", thirifora.u te. today, malte an order ihat uo peraroa. except iurors and lawyer*, all>11 be admitted insula thro i. ttige Tlni attack i* of no importance to me; indeed, I ha v e tow oim accustomed to sucli thing* bi t the viud.ctive am moeity of a el of verm.u, who are actually u cur*#and nuMano* to anriely, bo chucked.and so long ua 1 liave the power 1 ahull do so. 1 am nut going to s .ondt, without any cauaoor provocation, to such aliucka from Irrespomible perso::. . n r ?m I p ing to permit any por ou without uuy li. callui? t ? reviaw my actions on tbe lu ri. i. for the tutrix.*# of forcing lodgment In opposition to my idanaoflpropriety, or to enable men wuhi?m ?nv character or respoosloiliiy, or decent standing in society. to control tlie judiciary of this city. It hustle generate!.' to iuio|*'ti iiit;aaiioe;aud,hud I not this ciuo lw lore me, I >>< uld le-romptorily issuo a btuivli w urant and imprison the parly guilty of it, and I give notice I jhsll imprison the party wbo is guilty, if there us power enough iu the Supreme Court to ilo It. Mr Whitehead suet that in vie w of the illness of the Judge, wiJ ibo ric ut act ou this sub.?ot hai-iug beau only just rer ived, ho would suggest un adjournment of tlie case Th'\v li1J n it yet got a c? lie I copy of the act. Lie also hoped to have tiro c-t-operati'tt of M. Cramin, counsel of the Society for the Reformati m of vends lHniD p euts. b it be had tint -> < u ibeuci .tili ihis uiou oat. Coc.i. al therefore wigg -ted the propriety of an ad,ournuieut. Judge Bernard thought it aon'd ! ? as well t.i c:,d thio matter ir. the first ivautn e lie: iv ti e gen T term n Iticday, to lx? l.jurd t'Olo;? a t bench Altera i,:i illation betw joi ooui.sutoa both siJus, the suggestion of 11 o Court wan adopted em isiepivilly Judge Itariuud. aJ tre- dug the re|forters present, sud ? In respect the matter whic.i was bef.ire mo this tin aing , I doom n t-roper In statu thtt I d i not refer, and did not hitond to refer, to t ho law reporter*, recognizing Ihoin to be a class of gentlemen, is fir us their treatment of me is concerned. I refer to the pennya-liners who go around getting up s -usajou a In < >. 1 can only say that I have the pi asin-e of kaowiuu , omc sis or seven of tho reporters now before. me, and I es teem them to b -geei lemen. I did not intend , as my re marks would soetn t - imply, to refer t" them , but 1 refer to lliise iu -ii wli), for the |>uriKe-e of ma king twenty live or fifty cents, g' around 1 ho city and get up sensation articles. The law reporter c>f the Hukatd sal t that they were much obliged to his Honor tor o\cu - atuig them I rum any participation in the ailai k on the Court. PlWfiWUbi A NV ONE WISHING Til ADOPT a ;-'ilfK HE il.Tii V xa. Babeenn findo> at Madam Pirs>eU'?. 741 Cvi-t-uw ii street, between llaiamond and Perry et.eeU, Children taken for adoption and adopted o it. * BRIDGET KKM.V.-TNKf KMATION W VNTF.D OF Bn ig. t Kelly, a ho is. i Ire. in 1 about eh . en yrj. * auo, from Ihithknnny. county Mi-nth. U'lutn J*.t heard JVi.n, -- living hi Brooklyn. Any iuforiualion respecting her Would lie thankfully received by her stuer Ksite, who Is now in this country. Audreaa J49 West Tweuty lourth etri-w. HBNKY LYON, PROM t'ALTFURN IA. WHO stopl'BD til French's Hotel huh .Ian ;, lhtil. may hnr of some, tiling la ate abvsr.iaro b> u box I*..?' rbtire, Any frteu.l addrefcsLa above. INFORMATION WANTED?OF JOfIN AND EDWARD Duugbeit;. of county Ty"ewr, Iiej' whole. vU -iv|:!?ire year* ago, and nre suppowd Ui oo in i'ui.a lelpb'a, by Mary ad Catherine Fran'cau, 11' Tltlaiy street, Brooklyn, tare 01 Wm. Mmllen. ThiUul Iptnu pai?i? p.cmte <-opy. INITIKMATIoN WAXTLU-OF ltARTOL SHAW, WHO 1 formerl; lined ;ti Oau' < ronn'v, a-" hutch-r '< .. f.ii :..e , by his hi other John Shew, arrive ot Westmeath, Koemead, Ireland. ai IS Blceokcr street. Mrs. warnbr, formerly of wo ni'Lsox street, w it'in,la le teraddressed :o her from Let ?.?. lur at I'll ion fnunv Post oitie*. 831 BiWlway. J. C.| WIVES A \ D UUVOlii Irish wmiskky?ioiiv jamr;son a sovs old Luibtui M...I Wh.akey, Uuiuuess Porter; old t'.oguac Hmndr. inru-e-i. bottled lu K-a ire, now landing ex-s'e.itu a illty or New York. For *,. ie by the importers. corbt-ys, 0! Verey str-et and SI Duane .sties:. RUDMAN S PHIL\DLLF1UA ALL.?I HEREBY notify tar public ! oat I am no longer agent for Win. C. Kudinan, nor u I selling any nle representing it to be ut Uls manufacture; but I ai? selling a superior artioh , at a i lower price, l.rewrd by Mr. Thus. P. Per rose, who has been 1 3 re wing for Mr. R' lor the past ten year*. anil who ' Teals ijualifled he ran turn out an art ci? equal, if not ntparlor. to irOKthipj up -su 4u.11 mI ample It at hOSTKR A PENROSE S Ale Vaults, 7?<'-slar street. HENRY O. FOSTER. MIIaXTAKT. JEREMIAH DONOVAN (IU.Ufl>.-AT A MEBIINti OF the Jeremmh Donovan llu.irrt. iia:d :tlt Rose aire-1, Ml Saturday nrening. A, rll 2t>, l-di, to take nrtlon n relation to tue draih of .ur Iste coinpati.ou an I as. iate. Jcrraiah Donovan the fol'.owlua irraiu Ir and reeni'iilou* were adopted ? Resolved, That in (he death of Mr. Jeremiah Donovan o r hitherto happy circle h.ia been bereft of one of Its moat valuable, reaper tail and dovotedfrterds: t';e Jeremiah Dono van Quard n?s 1 st au ar.leni ami M u? friend. and our mrtropoHs has been deput e I of Hie aeiriac* of a us ml and atimeb e uiliri n Resolved, while we yield, wih die rarer nee and humility, to the del o' Htm who rhss'eueth whomsoever he Involfc, y,it our deaths ere II led with a deep and utddiog ormw by the t i l:u< lj an ' monk <i .... deceaseo. n who, aaa frb-nd ami ronipauinn, n leor-d hini -elf to all his a? iate*. su I who, we w idtumi, by 1,1.. upri bland bo o.ab.e, romm.iiided the reajiec: of all who knew iiim. Resoived, That t< the wide", hro'lmr and us'ei of Mr. Jeremiah Donovan wo tender our aineere ronu dence. arid <wi heartily ensure Iheni thai we symp,.t line with tbeui in their atttl .ton. Re*'I red, That the abovo preamble and res 1iit!rn< be fiubliahed in the Sunday .Wrciry and lie an: also an euheoucati'd nopy of the s ine be promoted i., the widow of p 'eased. DANIEl. SOI LLY, Captain. Maohtca J inn ke -relaru S5IX UWHONSAT M KAt S DA .Hi NO ' 5 A' Artemy, en 11' H'lv*-", ir" ? . J1 . u , *i*n oionr* *h** ** waltr Open In .]ti of 'h# hmm. oiny on Tu*-*'l/*f. Tliiiroday -un n i,,rj ,y r*ening*for leMona anil practice muw Pl BI-l( *TIO?B. SOMBTlllNfl NKW-TIIE UNION riAtllWCARU- Tnev hraullful National Card* are now rrany. King Uiienn* an I J*?" are playd out. The ?*il'A urn cava, hl-t n. Il?? ?n l <t?n *rr?ng'*l In *pv* t > |mk the nouul ?ai,.e? ? In ordlnnrjr card*. The Colonel r> pr- * tl'a the King, th>' IHnfthter of I'm Regiment tiic Qn< f.n, mid the M* ;oi III* Jaok. I "mi dtaroanl to ihe tradr American Pii'ilnhlng Agnn jr. II Cham "r? ? rev, Aenrt foe a lap nu MM VT-t. LVJR RKTrORT, LANDl M> AT HjHT H.Y.MMTH. r 1 h- **?*mVi*t KlrV'i.MtT ? I '* ** I' i pl?r ilnlif (*nti<l*?? #?n?|,t*d), at 4 n\ vk I*. M K fort at ?S o'clock A. M NOTBLB. 1>ArTRNrt Uui 0,7 oil Avy 2 uKi , - i I Krool, bol'AuCU M u y ?u \i ? , , .,,4, K r plan or t' . . * , . *n11 inch 'o nt<r i a'lI r ? \1 jrskin to t t( l*U) Of tli?! Rtflroi i '* '1 K u*nn $ \ " * I HUC^RI, ROOlf, M? TO LIT. _ A KINK KlilT or BOOMS-UONBimNO OF FOUR I\ room- uu > (iiM IfcK'i au.l two ku iuiiu, iu li Nm Vjtl Hlmkri mro I, baa ail iu oovnmrnia, $17. A so third Hour, con-imum o* lol,p laoina, a lib privilege in bwlli. >14; d I door to I roMii am. I as nail ? iter, No. A Bauk itrect, and flr-u floor ir rooms aad basement, gas (III I wall' . No II I'auk Ml'a t, $|5, ??xo:. i Hour, room, I Itn rv-v nili avenue, lu go ' order aecond floflr, live : r I rua. TSJ Wu II. Urn, . ? -ml wat r, tU. kail ul h sr, No 7"H WarhtaatoM street, renMow, whol bouse si VV e?t h'.eve; th Mrem/tcn room will la* pwt in _o >d Older 10 I May gas aud won n m ?.?n per itiuum. A. o, 11 uses an oHru-oi honaea iu iron: loal a ot therlty A v. rv Une ho ;?e, USs West r?e : street; rent low. I qi irj o. K. 1.. A 11. T. Ill ith.iA V ii'1 Hml*> i tr et. New Vor . 4 CO'lT.Vlg TO i.M'-AT BKIAU CLIFF, NEAR SINU {\ Km j, ngpii >i ai a ns>m? above . ul lining r mm, kit! ci.ii and .ella.-ln uerl, a gar en auv Led witk small | fruita; halthy .< o i >-.. with Mi vi w of I if Hudsou. also s aide l. re .u. ' ; < ? rcii la l ie 11 n. , lent $i sI, ho iae *8 fact spnrr. \op'.V lo IV, R. liitlNhKKUOl F, 4'J Wall | um-t, Sun in*' am*- tloaipauy A 'I'llKEh tfi'OKY BROWN ATONE Hol'SK TO LET J\ on IVeat r lit i"li Bireet, i outaina 14 H e i a, u line or k-r, o lib pallor i buiidPllera and gas fixtures turoiigbo U. Kent flM Apply at iil"> West Fif'ieih street. ABAUttY WITH STOKKAND DWELLING, TO LET, in iiie ' eei b eiue*s i 4 A of Uobokru, at a low rent. Apply at 141 Wash ntt'un at ran, Uoooiten \ GOOD OOKNF STOWS, NO X! ElUUTU AVENl.'B, J\ to let, v ui.ihle ' r almoat any kind ol business, luquire of JOHN KO-s, 48 Eighth avenue. AL4HOF B( 11.141 NO, 44X91 FKKT SUITABLE FOR ojiorvii. oi m or exiitbitinu pur, js--, on Sutk nvau e, ii twee ii I u 'tiirst a.d Forty-s cuid stre. Is, opposite Ke., raoir squire, i i tipper pari, being ool the second atory, L'ditaliii the Bali, with l'our small i- muis atl*. bed. ail well I li 'Ii ?l; two atu-e- i first .not niij two ban rr.culs, ail the ?'! o depth of tlio h I'd ng; li e dilation gooJ, the b-illilmg neai H ii I Mi?vlai t al: w u Be I t i.i w Pole or porta aa reft uei'. lu'.utr a. the ofllve of LOCKWOOD A OO.. 3* WHlUui street, but"' em !1 ai d J o'clock. I 4 Ft UNl-itlfill J1ALL AND DWELLING TO LET? > - V Aduuraii'ii ad i, ted Lor the army nu-diral authorities, I ur uaniea ili-Hirini; tine, large, wril ventilated premises in a j fashion ih'u? i iei. tin >i lv?od near l'u n square. Tiie hull la the an'u c iiep.1, of uu exii'4 deep lot the dwelilng is lime . s < les, air . on liie ii-uul of the lot- Apply to J UllN l.lsOVD 1 lO.NS, lu N i l i street. Aroi NTIIV i.K-illlFN F. TO I.BT-TEN ROOMS. c 'pleieij fui.u-l. i, beaumul pr eimta, laama. shade and u :ee , to iwel.c nion lis; land ii nqMred; e -a ii house an i tali; ; mrs in ill y iuui"tea to South ferry. Appiy to W. S. ITaUASI, lJ4B oi.lw.ry. t VARTY fiOI . 4 TO K a HOPE, WILE LET A HAND -'V r .,ir., three piarters of a mile wee: of Hnls.n:.- ti ml-nh ira. N.J. mo liu u ho si, 13 ro mis, eleean !<e s. ,.b*i . valorv, -.arr a; ii ni l birti, law.-, in iron : f- t! le-ers, A ; im-i -e , irtly iuni.she 1, M to .0 iirrsii - i--I c-e* if desired K-M i OU :o a goo 1 tens Ad re-- 1>. VV., l il Ea-t l-'uurteenth airect. i 8M ILL] ? CO ! ! r?1 I iiU PUKinSHSD; OR t ..-- : '!! ..( .re tn ' .--old at a bargain lot cash. Apply at >11 Wen. Twen v ?i?tti street. \ Til RISK STORY MODERN HOUSE To LET-NO. A 17" Wee ' ..r> i i worth $riX). 'or $100. Ai?o ft m>? . 1 >; v?, ri'ii! v.-rv low A uuiuli Store nu t II re, 5too. A' ,>1> to .SMITH, Iffif Broadway. I MITT STREET, NO. MI, BETWEEN THOMPSON ?'\ mil Mi'o tg n? .. t the mo-T-u built I io n ill ii.i . stnri. I'll; si- II ii-e, in mini onler, the tirat t'o-ir, ' >i..-i my o: three ro > u* ail i eurlns-.1 piftzra, together With l 1 ao ent r,i mi. t" let; 'S- 1st > r with separate en *ri? ; (ivuroa i nine e Kent e.b'1 it year for the ivh. . , or se, ar.itbly in prop rtion. I FACT.-'.'7 II1 il'rES TO LET FURNISHED AND niir .iit-l- A, eheup, A'ac. ?'10 (icuntry, 1 minuhe l ?n ! :[.iurni-tie<1. ftome pi.-i ilnl. A fitet?223 Storea and Lofta to rent cheap N. ! BISHOP, 1U Broadway, more Door. AC CAJtMANSVILLB-A HUI CLASS pWUiUW. of JO roon.i, Bii.- and every couveui u e. garden, with fruit, nv? loir, v. i t ,ie naMe; h niae furuiftliea or uut; loot Ion . Apoly it SM It iirtay utreet, op utairs, or on the premise*, 162 t street, cast oi I ruth avenue. V. H. LOCKWOOD. A MODERN P.L'ILT UOL SE-NO. 274 FORTY-FOL'RTn street, oelvi -en Niu'U and T-nth aveuues, to ekeUaim? fo t troo ! mrm in the southeastern patt of L**?~ " triicoa. am. Will eive , .e-n-r. No ahy-sU"-* noticed. ve>.'">.vri.cs OImXI N -m 6Jo Kl-h'h avenue, N. Y. ? T V'Ri 1-'I< E ?TO LET. THE THREE STORY * V Ho se, No luti Last Fortieth street, neat Lexington avenue; aUniol-ri. itniirivenieiiu.; good location; vri.l telil tenor ?asv An,i:y to I0HN II DOUGHTY, 155 Bowery, corurr 8 -roe a reet A: IRGB WORKSHOP TO LET-SUITABLE FOR sot business ln jnTe .it No 236 West Twenty-fourth a net, "liio-ii Eight!. ?n<l Ninth avenues. AIWKT OF A HOUSE TO LET?IN Bl.EECKEK tree', near Maclotigal; either upper or lower pail, to suit. Ap ^lv at 214 Bleerhet etreet. A T 121 WESTPOUBI'BT'NTn SI REET.?TO I.ET-TWO Ta. or three Rootw.'. nufurtitfthad, with til the modern improvements; hot and cold v uter In every room; bath, eioeeta Ac., on *o3i<- flour, rrut rn derate. Inquire for whale wetk VPARTMENTS TO LF.T?COXSISTINGl OF TWO r ioui* 0:1 On' werond Uoor, end a kiichen and I we bed ro m.- .u thir l doe , l<. a amsil qulti limUgr; rral|lf prr month. r'aii he n-en after 7 o'clock P.M. at K<>. 72 Wet: Tweuly-fott. u * iwl. A PAKTMEM8 TO LF.T-3IX ROOMS AND BIX PANA trie* ijtii!..!-:, w li run convenience; two gaa ilmndeliera and tiec't e ens' ackets<ni ' r?t flooi over atore. Alao an old en .ibhshed Lager B n- tilling, ASS Hudaoa A; . >- jI No. H Tt-.itii -ti.v i A second floor, OR AP vrtment8 SFITAIILE for bo.uekui': 4 fur * small 1'aeii.y ivubont childre nt in .. piiet honse; west lower aide of the i itr preferred; ten t mn.v notexeced *12 a month - r Terence given. Addrea* A. K K.boi.2J7 Herald oSicr. t SECOND FLOOR. CONHIBTINO OF THREE 7a. Ur* mil caudaumely furmawrd Room*, with separate . to l. i, w th Ileal .1, ca =ut e ui aeperatr. Aleo line Room*. su't ible for single geattcuim. Apply at 106 Baa Fourteenth si m i. 1 V HOUSE (316 WEST FIFTEENTH STREET) TO LET. Throe atoi r, h'gb sloop, brick, 27*45. with large yanl. all .. o leru improvement*. Will be rented very low to a ,;oo ' teua 1'., on immediate app iratioo to JOHN LLOYD Jl SONS. l'< Xanaiu etr. et. Bakerv t ? lei?ids grand street; a good .and and well rnt.ihliabed. Apply I . .1. KISt'O, l.Vt East Tweniy-llilrd atr- ? , before 10 A. M r aft ri P. M. Cd Of NT R Y RESIDENCE TO LET-.vT CHATHAM. N J J., th ai the.I. . of tue Mono ao 1 E?ca R.u road, and suitable ...rgi 1 tie* i i doing hti iness l.i the city. For particulars apply loUTlO. W. CAMPBELL, 153 M ud-n lane COUNTRY bEAT TO LET-AT KINCSRRIDOK. A Collar# font tilling 13 room-, with all ino<leiu improve* Di. nts, with 1 to # or. n otiel, ? I'h good water, gin I uerns and out itiililiii ,a. l.-t cheap. Appli 10 WM. UKCRIaN, Kings nidge Oyster II..use. /AOIXTUY IIOCSKS TO KEST-AT SUMMIT, N J. \_y one li'iui' tide from the ritt by Mom* stid Esse 1 Rail road.1-n mlnae* walk tromthe depot, lour net* Hon -ea, wl:n Sul e,g and 1 ,m i.nishtd if; each bouse, supplied with p-ebouse filled, M l other ronreniencea for a family, and who s enclosed iu afr>mt?l flnutret, uicely Dosed baring lie- le a sark of An acres as p ,1, .-e ground. Apply to fi< luTllWiCK AW'IOD. 82 KimAn uroet, ot J. KIEV A. JO t.'.'l U?e p are. li'oR f Vilf HUES OR OiHEllWlHK.-TIIB BRICK r Building <01 three lot*. 75x101 on ilie aotilh aide <>f Four.eenta treat nf Tenth avenue. to lease; also the Lmuori Y?rd 001 tier of Fourteenth aireet and Tenth avenue. Apply in K 11. LUDLOW, Nn 3 Pine atie-i, ..r 10 J. C. tt ill l'K. 11 Wed Twenty liisl elreet. Jflf RNIKUBD ROOMS TO I.ET-IN BROOKLYN. BIN. ale n in anils, or ILmra containing Ave roome. I ca . 11 g en! A, (ill lie mad nu or Id-loiv "lie 1-. of May. with i ti',te.:ia'.~ imaa -aaion. >0: tail LI igrt inquire at -Tt Bridge .,>1 .*t, Biuoklyu. john mitchell, ,n JAMRs FINN, (CotnmiUee. PATRL fi 11. ROCK. > CI ST HEOlMIiNT?A NEW COM PA NY FOR THIS RB 4 J. ftm in i? li' v f m.n,'. Yu-injt n:?n >N i -i .join e?n do I > by applying ... the ofli'-e of H A MM1 > > I) t HOMAIN, Brjiiteray, ne*r V? ty-fifih Tiil? rim,.our neeli evrrj'ffii.r?d?T rvei..?? At 9 oil**, at the re plaee. HII, LIVItDS. ALAROK HTO k OK NKVV AND SECOND mvnd Bi.iUrJT* .??, wi-h I'll ah ? Coinbin*iiou o iu .ua-, for**!- #t nrioM to null t!i? 'i;uet. PHBL.vN a OOLLKNUKR it olPCr uby street, N Y. Any person having two smalt, sitp.h kit.. Ii*m Teh ??, with uitiirm ron.pmui imi ia ?oo<i oiler, trub ShArp'e pat a*. cnaliiot ? preferred, uinv meet with ? cuh I uitorui-r by aiidn-Min B.diarde, lien.hi oftl e. BILLIARD TABLE-IN COMPLETE ORDER. Wi m Hell* and Cie*, fb~ Mk; ptv ASo 11 applieJ tor mg. lO'imre ai 31 KaM Broadway BILIJARDH.-KOK bALK. A Hi'I b.MlID STOCK uK new andaecnud hand Tible* a riumonableiirice . Table* to let, And ordi r? by im:l attended to. by W. II. GRIFFITH IMF ilion atr.-et. Billiards-on Monday, april js kavanacii A Ki will iak 5*1 ?Al >n of the well ?vi?li llihed -alo .n known a* I'heUn * Roma, r, rurr of Broadway and Tenth lliwt. where they wilt h happv t . ? ,!u ir friend*. KAVANAUH A FREEMAN PRRRh.iNS IN WANT OK BILLIARD TJBUie WILL bud I ? their 'idraniajfe in call ui Sim: p'? m tnnfwdorv, 1M Ku tmi k' ; y anil hud utile. artt i bid nrw.y la 'en'eil patent uuhi'di-. u l ulif-d liy the l,< *i jail ;e? to tie yoar.oi id Auy aoa in u*r. S coa<l haul tallies on hand. IITANTHD?TWO OF PIIELAVS BILLIARD T.VBLE* '? a? , .*id*? e*r. ? th -l it o'loii -. n''l l,r ' *< ta r.Mtmner hr *;ii'ly :ij to SETII HOLDKN, 13?<'ndat *t New York. _ . 0<k -RED ASH COH. PER TON OK J.-'W $4 ^0. poundi A**u?or|or n>*Htv of < o?l for fa oily uae wi' r,f ^ * i'i'l prouipUj . i',4iVbtX, lllffQlii trofit, ttu 11"1 Elplitb jivv^ue. A. ilKARTT <2> A Olk-Aio ASH COAL I AM NOW "RLIMKRINQ JjS I the i.r*t i) nl,I) of Ited A?h t i.rl a. tAJ'tj tou, nt 1,000 Dm* ; l.'??tom, nod rod! ' ? of l'i-iry And Wedtwm-U. North rt- i MJ .to*' i nni U > Wnedrtd) i DAKCISO AC VDKMIK*. OR' OKE si DA>'CtHO V Mtf MY Wtl HK<>jMli -tT j ran fltAOtj "<jiHKK. wj^SfftwDA? VvJ^rW'V 'A^Ui'V,*"* / TjM;k\is f.n < ? i'nkitkmimed itooM* t?lktr Kuril, m?g y or Ui nana, or door* coutainliu; ai\ : o cn ro i.ii*. Lo-n ion iiu-" uHn.1. Appllrv.ii.n o?n l>r in* te on -ir in-for.- 1st of Mo v inn ita-m a?.ou i j?<i t>ar.tvrit. Ap|>i) o? the t?i.mii?c I t l/u o ?| *re. I^Oia STOKY IlKOM'N -tTONK IIUI'SP., IIA MWtMlf,Y I l' ru ? tv ,i vrrjr d lrt? In I il.ty. foi J 41 i i>o>a ft M ill I-f t * ?! ill j> iv i an'ijr. Million! ftn d'ri i o ixiv t dt* ' c il boil, liorln n n o* Tii ' *ol no at ih I I tig a f il- I'll " i. ' i 1 ?ia r well catrd '.or. Aildi*-*a I. it., to..\ U.i lli'i iltl oIT1. i>, /"* I'K > T l.MV'i E MI-INT II (I ('!? T.'IN >. VTS V' I.KT, I J i tin i i Atom* .Von. MM gild 6 !' . a'.r - t .War Vnrli (i nti e I fo I'ttia" ?i iv ;. ' * * l>jf . - ti i ino* I funlm ran.. li'o y to.;.\MK AIM I,%t R, corn-j of< Iwlnam nnd IVa.i *'. >*r ia. UOK.SK 47 LTKPEJMirD iTIiKtiT YEAR RKOADWAY. .o 1st at a 10 * I u . Aj-'I'-y A JOlIKMaAY, 97i llroadway. j OKTS K.lH STOKAOK OK iHOI'i T I LBT-TIIK I 4 'iv 1 .i at r i .1 I. - o i * S.' K < Tblit 1 a no, Tmar Hnailwiv. ?I. In* rruO'J from May I Api>'T V? HIKAM Mt.ltHIIT. 4VT.1.I-.I ?. inf K/UOR STORE vNII |i\V HJ.IXi! TO LET-I'ORNEK la oi lw uty. .I. n or- ui I E.rv> > a ivrll i-. ith or *.i-I. tan M .. In* *'joining i fiOo'l *'atvl tor f.-i it * a. ntnbli * A|i|i'y 11 A. Bl Ri: Idll'liS street. rl.FW il.LY.V I'AUK, OltW'lK. V .1,-tC LBT, TILI, i .i t ri 1, tot 81,81*1. in ttll ;< ivctniMi ui Ufcsutiior 1, lor Jit i? :? cl? ? li.ii I; Hon." fourteen t . v, lO'^antly rni to ,?:ii lUmodrm ' uoTftiintvmja,enrnmandingmag i nt t, (toaii V| i.c ?, I ?*.! ovuely I ml?? it vnlt ira" i .in a K.n .! 'I 1 I'.nRrvd. 1 'l*ip". A l. liiil .lt W bLAf iviVl 1.1. .tf VilRftn vliont, lion. t> l.i it A M. NKAR BR illlt'AY I-O'I $U fi K AS SUM -TO t"i, a aii li.t.i far.i *..* *i on nt an '.i? i man .i'avnring . . a i- r -t ... V i ' ii. nv I'll ia .n it re?r f N.i hKV > .'or *" . ? I"! i-on tli" pirn. ?va. OFKH K ro ITT?_ vr II U,K IMtirE A A RM, UOIIT -I VI i j * HI in'' 'no. I ofn W. : utrnni I m i aii" i* . 1 ., ii.inAltv ftt'I^Unw ?l Wall aire- : mr.r of hoc r. v> i rr-m brook urjr, to a I ^'it i i a.ii v >/i .1 iit*; i SrtCT.i I Kl'i'ji ju t ;mi* oi i.r i ,i.i i;i , h'i n . i:<>' v?i I mm. <t 'ten; rni'I"I a'r v ,>| i v j ill ili i.m I ilni iMtlwncu fiiUuii ail I.a f". i? A v. < |>FNT %ViO~\ N?' IT A V IfOSHEO ( OTTAOE, ''ON II Uaiii 8 r kiiiii, jii . n, fruit treca, : irmnia, Ac. the* .III I. Ml * Inn I.* 'I Hi A I . una h<irrfrom It' tr Hell I H'i 11 "c of A I I'lltiOW 184 Eeil fourteenth at en or I, I VAN' 01 KK. C jllfcl'i.', Sapleion, ? I. Hot a < ill IVHneUmt Ty. I ijF.vr ?:.? Eit M ivrii -to let, in wim.iahs ll 'Iiirg I'l I I: ? n . ? - irha cin'orta la Hoi|#r ii<.iirilou aernu rootne, AMcn, bal Mf Car?, three ' ?uia. in.i- ,?i| vi-r i ii'hi '.;a to ?hi ferriea t'trjr plea..Mil ill 1 lie il'liy A :>"!"> it ?Tt Or Hid aire** Wl't'anahure C P.\d I'O VKC.-TIIK HKNf C'll VN' K TO HTVRT i) ll ll IIM' nil'' >.f"i i| I'l I * rlin.fl % Cn.'a new I' i (1. , iu n?i' ill llo aricey i n 1 Miii*ln eneaie, where ft ''ii i i?f* a Hi let '! !!m I. "rat raU" p . e i ? "* ? ? " - ?' ' V._ utonfc .on *\ v \;r ro let no -at even-mi l~ ' I 1 Ttf't; ' i "I , fr 'I'l Ii,* I'd"f Way n aHI* I r( 'rug hop iraiy t??pcAnblr | * ? -i" v ! l-: I t'lfcAM fOWl'.R . T,| . IN HOWARD'S HCfI.KiB'H. i J 1.' tl 11 8 i. i' p , i u in ,i ae tin I | : <n. It ? i? I mini Ii.. ? . i fa. A O.l.i. i UMT ? I.Atl'jK A N O 1 * I il I If .ii'.! ,?l, ( ' ?a t ' '"t. J a NEW YORK HERALD, tH hocijbi, rooms, m., to ut. South okamuk. new jersey.-to lbt a pub. O ulahed uuiim, with Hymn rwm^ half acre of gronud, stable, Ac. Alan, una with oliu rwiai Mid About tbe aoiua quantity of ground. all id good order, near tbe Presbyterian cuufh, a few rod* from tbe Mori is aud Lsaes down. Inquire of U stone. South Orauge. otable to let-the whole Olt in takt (for c3 private u*sa comprising ouo ot the most roomy, ronr u.i ut and u-at tilled iu llie city. f t particulars inquire uu thi premises, No !M Grand street, near Meruer atrort. utablb and coach house to lbt.?rialf ot a kJ nit atall H able and Urge Carnage Hoi ?e to let, with uu mediate [>oa*> N-non; locatiou on Thirty ninth atrevl, vtilhiu a f doors of Tilth avenue, ih> stable U Urge ami airy aud v desirable Apply to Mr. fortune, 19 Chatham xlreet. otable to le r?in twbntl-second street ? k' An elegant tabli'. 15?10 , No 131 East Tw.-ul,>-aaoond tt eel Third ? eiiue, lor $ .30. Inquire o i preoil-es, or o J t mills to. uer avenue and Forty-foii'th st 'eeC To libtothbhk story brick house. 13* www tt-alh nlrei'i, iu good order, with modern imptovcuiauu. Inquire at 121. r let-in guttenburo, new jersey. bent low, two Uouses; one amiable for a liakvry, with oaw oven suit goo.Wvell of water; the older will bo lei out in root a. Hoth have slables attachod. To iu set-u by applying to Squire i>u ykk, near the premise*, or at holder A ylook's brewery, To let-the three story and basement hii It Ho.1*-, wiili kubdvilar, 133 Olin'oa atreet. rontutu* all llie modem improvemeut-i, s,.eh as gaa, bnand" col,1 water, b.itli, go App y u okohufcl o. lIALLOi't, 31 Sulfolk aireet. rpo let?furnished country ke-s1denob. x ii nine aud give uda, a very desirable location; Hue slut lo trees. Ac.; good fruit; easy of scoria; near the healthy village of Giro l ove, l. i. Toriua easy. Apply to w. r. ee ed, ibs Fulton, street, n. y, To let?\ large double house, oonsistino ot iwcniy i< '.in*, sellable lor a hotel or boardug house, or yOa.ig' school, or lor tw o families, aa rooms an 1 b.ta.'iuenis *rc all alike on either * de; as much room as any ordinary house, near llie wau-r; good fishing; almu'. forty uunuiiV nail, or about an hour's drive from the cry; barn, caimgo house* and veiv a -'e gaidrn. Inquire alifc West Kiglil'.-iith atreet, imlwi-n Filth and Sixth a vs. TO LET-part Of a brown STONE front house, wi lt all modern Improvements. Inquire on the premises, 177 Third nvenne. rno LET-AT 17 CHRISTOPHER STREET. THE SECOND a. r iter, Guuxiattug oi irum ami ua k room, two wukhiiii*, pnutri' M, closets, and one bedroom on Ihlrd I'oor. wairr, gas. Ar.; Ur^c, line yard, rent $'?16. Inquire of HENRY H. TYSON, 11 Christopher atieet. Can be bad immediately. TO LHT-O* STATKN ISLAND. A FINE LARGE II I iae. wiili all the uecesaary outbuildings ami s run a'roa m Land, wltli choice truita. Ac., commanding aline view >1 the nc-an. Mtuat rd a'out two milea from V'auiirrbilt'a Lauding. Rem low to a gooi teuaul. Apply to JAMES M. McLEAN. 07 W all sire t. IK) LEI'-IN EAST CHESTER, A i.oOl) HOUSE, EIGHT r.iO'na; one aero; plenty outbuildings; rent %IHX Also, a good House; aevcu rooms; two acres; reul $lud. All uear lite rn er. Inquire ol A. M. LANE, l'uaiuia.iei, East Chorier TO LET?DWELLING HOUSES AND FARTS OF HOUSES in Cliarllnti a ret, Imiweon Urernwrlch mil Waatiiug.oii sireets, wltli all llio modern iuiprovcm -nls, in ? > >d otuler, ul low r ma, to good tenants. App'y to MARTIN WATERS, l.M durlhiu sirjei. rpo LET-SIX NEW THREE 8T0RT HOUSES, JUST X umshed, corner of Pittj -luurth street and Broadway, with all the modem improvements; tout $1V). inquire o:' V B UKPlEMKhB, M? Broadway, or ol HAMMOND KG. MAINE, northwral aide ol FoUy-aiath sued and Broudwuy /IK) LET-ONE OF THOSE DESIR VBt.E UOl'SRS IN X Washington place, V UUanisonrg, blocks Iroui the ferries, in periect order, patDI d walla, pan d tuarhli-d halia, water, gas chandeliers, Ac.; will bo lei low to a gi o.l tenant. Also, a very deal rattle House to let to onaw "??isslllia. Inquire ottho owner, at UT?*)Htwi place. mo LF.T-DESIKABLE ROOM FOB A DESK, AND, IF X Uesirced, some SiUrlviua ?n second loll, at So. 6 .11111ray street. Apple ??<ae prenibei. T~ O LET?THE LARGE HOUSE NO. 2d GREAT JONES street. Tins liouaa aaiuoderu iinili and has all Hie. itn provemeate; la weltanauged and adiuir.ibly calculated Tor a large ' <aiding uoiisc Alto the limine No. "JO Bond all'el. I'll - w houses are connected, and tvlll be let together foi a lata'Hug house or prlva:e hotel purposes. oe will l>e lei' a very low rent. Inquire ol SMITH A MEAD, AM Eighth aceaue. TO LET?THE LARUE, DOUBLE FRAME HOUSE sod els Lota ol handsomely shaded ground, s.lusted on the liorthweai corner of Third avenue itnrt Hove uty-fifth strre', adapted lor a pu'dic b..* ?e or private leaiuen -e; re?t low. W. t. STEWART, 1W South htceet. TO LET?A 8NUQ MODERN BRICK HOUSE, IN COMpl le oider. No. lSBelhuae street, lor a mo-ier.itn real to h good tenant, with gas fixture#. Possession Immediately. Also bomo nice Apartments Apply at 516 H1??:Wki airoet, uear the above property. T. CUDBIKTM. rLET? A HANDSOME TWO STORY AND BASEuient brick Uouie in Stxty-UfUi tire I, uear Second avenue; hr.a justbeen palmed, with 1 aiidrmnegua Atiurea, bath, ho! water. Ac.; lit ?lcxcelleut neighborhood; rent '.cry low. Apply to F. GORRIOAN, J? , real estate ageut, 785 S cond avenue, near Pony-ninth street. rl.ET?A. COUNTRY PLACE, COXStSTINO OK A genteel, commodious Huum, turtiiidied if de?ired. logrtlier with barn, farming laud, inij l-mtinW aiidituck. Tire whole or auy |wrt tliereot would be let to ill applu ants. It It Hituat'd uu the Genital Railroad of New Jersey, one ami a quarter hour from New York, iu the vicinity of rhui lies, school*. At ., within ten mini,tea of depot. A delightful privet' le'tdence, built ,n -be modern siyle, new end ill good order, about seventeen room*; well au-pted for a rtrit ela?? bo ri ng bo'de. Koi ftutlirr particular* addrdse A. F. IVallace, station E, N Y. Post office. TO LKT-A FURNISHED OOTTAUS. CONTAINING twelve room a, at N-u B tdliino. Btiteu Ij.aml. Keui (130 per uioutli. Apply lo JAMES t'RHIKSUANk, 56 11 roadway. TO LET?A GOOD Hm WWW BASEMENT AND at tic Bedroom, lo a re-iiecta be mid, 11 a<-u wan and wife, a1 i-1 Kianklin aliopl. B?t Wiper awla. TO LET?THE UPPER PART UK HOUSE IBS IIho KY atreot, New York, oontp,lulus lUe aeeood and vb t I Door*, four rooms pacli; has gas, butn, Uo: and cold water; or In wpirsie Moors to auii; ouly one laualiy niore in the liotiae; has a fine yard attached. witu grape arbor. Apply to Br. KITSON, 16 Jlcnry street. fro LET?PART OF A MODERN R09ML TO A SM ILL A. gptiteel family. Apply lor 'bree daya at i46 Wwi 1'nirty eighth atrret. TO LET OK EXCHANGE?A KARM OK 135 ACRES, pripe 6101) per acre; blup Plar -oil IS incliea, good feiieea, houtp and large barn, auit ?h'e for a dairy ol aiurmw,; quarter of a mile Irom dej> a, twenty-lire ihiIp- livaa Brnotivn; ren low. Dr. DKtilOK, H>7 Fot rth street, N Y. IV) LET-PART OK A HOUSE. KI.EtSASTLY LG(rercd. t? o biorka from Mad -on aq,lure, coo .lining iondon. i:ii|?orauH!Dta. To a deapabie lant'ijt not, .ow. In. quire In m: cuub store, 917 BiOcdway. wo let?Houses nos. m ninth street, nksr A S?. u .d armor, 226 Tb:i 4 ai-aur Iwo flnnr-airl baarDirnt; 51 b <u4 street. sernud an I fbtru door* and Swutoaenl. Hare all tap too inrn Impioreniee K*n a reaowi.ibie. /_?. ply at Not 37 K*- Twenty second street rLEt.-A FINE THREE rtTOKY BRICK NOUpKv w,t!? I s-. n l und-r ? ,?r, e itu if n-w. nu t otlpied to r .. i a; % very low prim ha* ?n. range, not and cold water, 'i.nli. .vat' r <| iteta, Etu* be "r. At'., situate u? Jerteraon -'net, ll'la bona ra*t oforuiond K,.l- f ton arrline's, .out", f oi term* apply so PEED A CO., 1)13 I pulton air f i, Brooklyn. ( rpo LET. IN IlitOiIKLYN?THE TWO STORY ATTIC | m. ?m i n iK^iinuK ri nee, .miii oitniniioti, tvaivi ail > gaa. tl tVlllQnghny stroel, only ten tuinttiev walk i'nini P"l. I ton w W ill kirert li-rry. rtnt S&'iO. Apply .it6? WHuuabny , atioet, ur at .'?J Wi*rr V V rp? LET?SIX HOUSES. SITUATED OS sri'IXi. TEK- i 1 rail-, B'taliwi k. K. I., on* mile from tin (ir.niU ferry; omnilii-aea niri at all timr* from tin- u i-ry to the , pr iMaea; ritit $l'.i4 rah pur in Apply to U. A A. KlMtiHLAND, St TI ON .4 CO. V. Hmail a.iv't. f|X> LBT-TIIF. IB it'll STORV rlROtV.V SI ON i KM.. 1 Lull H.k"iiii'iit limine iJV Raa T litt r iit.i kirtVf. ? itli all tta rnoom-n im|iro i-'in-n. rem iovui.i ?nn iitnuui. impure of IIIUAM MKl/.lMTI , fco. IJ I'lin d .tveni.,... 'I' > LJ.T?fin: STORE*. NWS. 1*2 SIXTH A ' EN I E1 lietwr ti Thirteenth ant Ki* liter nth anuria Tin Iwa tt i:i la o' he Ik-i in. In-my. an 1 the :??i hlntk of (lie a Kinniee remain, wlm-li are I'm ilo.iUriy i lited lor fain y go ula, Jry gno<iii, A'. 'I'y KI T- a;. K XCH.LENi' Sf AND FOR A UUL'OK 1 anm-, attuatad nit otn of Km m at im. li tltoi-a ;Iifa ' i ' ItnmfiliaU'ijr nppoa 11 ino . ? u-iv "Uipyiirda in lull op ration, am ? irm a n il li* h i il maixiia. n i -a; I liaa i . n.lW Hall all v .ilaebni; II Kill Is laair.i ora oiitnber of I yr.ii- at a a odi'iiur reut ?o au'.'.i i?i ant. Iii kjii. ai lli? n rtlmi .. r..i:r vt l int an I N.n'li Sixth atreala E: nklyu, , MO I.FT?TIIJ'. MODERN TtlRKK A TORT I.Ol'AE 17T? L Wavtriey pita-- ,? tt ai.min m Hi., war; frf, $-i?k A In I Vli.- Minimi thrtf a'niy 'nowu atone lion Hone" lo li nilaion I ?!(* >; em SOOta Apply to IIKOIt'ili JkijK, Auc- I In nr.'r. 1(1 Br mtna.i 'ft lJJT-tN BROOKLYN. A AI IT OK ? HN|S[{FD ' L H ??, Millahla iqi- krepuii;, to ? eme)'.family; gn?, ?iit, * ;. in * lira; ten minntr* milk iinn ilia frrrtea; ri :i t? > |a r mo i Addrea* 1*4 Ada in a rrw. rft i KI T TUB Kmc. PART <>K TI F. MODERN X :hn i at tty n ok itweiilug llo.iae.Tli W. < . TirralfTinirili aii'i' t; four room* mud lwioio.itn, tint and a?id water, ami. ga-. Ki n' SWT Apply oti ftie p- till rJ' > Kl-.f TilK THIRD AND FOURTH (TORIES OK A I i t .t 'Jaaa Hottae tin ihn north aldf o. STUjr-aofond atreat, ti .' lioafif wrat oi Third avi-noa. l onklnt r*g ( aia rniutra. ( a 'I'lvt'ii. Ha at tuoilriai; tn a s'wt jimni. Apply on tl||' |il mi ?. TO l.f'.T?K ART OF A TOREK STOBV BRICK IIOKAB it V tliun lorry. H o All n. Kluvoa and Karfwia for aale r.aa-and aralor lu 11)9 linn no. Kont low |o a attitabla pat ?. Addraaa hot J,fi(0 Now Tork Pa-l oSm. IPO I|M ml TIME KARioE ATOBE AND BASSMBNT 1 >ij Hi mdaar. at a ??ry low rent Inunlrc of Mr. DUG(TIN, \ridiitoct, third Hoi?r. rro eet -a nb\? abd heaktikul orockrv stork 1 ,n a rl> h nol|hbnrh'Kid In Kiooklyn; no other atore aaar; an/ oni-. w<atoin( to make money, now le their oaly ehanoe, with a ttoo l trade an I aura nay Apply iiumedlately to U. BAKKB. 4T Pine atreet, New Vork TO X.KT-1N WIKDIAM8BKRO, PART OP A H0K8B to one l imily or two email onea. eonaiailua of two Bane, menra. two Pariora and threa Hndrooma, folding doera, water, Ae Di-airahli-location, neat the tai rlaa. Terma low. In mira el ?e South Vom th Btree'. mil Firth irpo im-TO AW M AIX, nRYTCTL FA HILT, TH8 JL tb'rd Floor <1 bunw No. Ill Watt ToerttiaMi stroat, aoa Tt'lonof Bm l*rA? rooma, with cloaeta. 0;i? And Oro'on **t. | throufhout. App v to J, TAYLOR. Alt Eighth n's Uaiworu Toeut/tlUli Mil TwaMjr<aiMh (irreti. R?ui | |iti p?r otolith. T?7l/:T-^rilK FIVE STORY llRICK FACTORY. NOS 1 ttrt a ltd (t-i lloniton utrMt on? door from Boworr will a-Uut'd WL .ili'JA'.', J'Uno &r carrlaaa mantifaaturar*. lu ty i* (.rT'tllN TT HI Kit, 3if B midway. roaina 17 and II. rp<) LET?TIIE BARROW TliRER 8TORY, HIOII I JL ;t??ai> lion" 101 Worn Toontr-aaraulh atrooL containing I I III." and iM'ltrriooi tn g."id ordor, with tho niodoru in.! > .vonK-nla. U-itl t :y loo Apply lo J. HUT' HIN M iy N J Ja-oU atrecl, or DYE A CvltTISS, t>B Si Alb ! ' M- I.I T-HOV'R M Vtt'Tff FOf'P.TH STREET, | || i i itn WiIllwiAliitrg), iiaar the Ro "veil iti-art m . . li oalu oerfrot order, water ami gaa Utiamthoal, lo. ! , ,ii t 'te p 'ioMai i k. j i out.! or Mo# | i. ,t i . io? Aio'fitA tOURNBAY, Wl Br?*dw?y J PC OAF, AP'RCL 2T, 186'A HODUI, BOOM, ?C.. TO ^ rbBT?FOB BOBINKHti PUKPOBKS. TWO OK foub stories of a bri k inuldlug. 46*34 wi, it* Tweuiy ? tth street, iui Third evouue. Kent lv?. Apia* at 146 East Twenty-sixth street rLBT-TUE UPPER PAUT OP A BROWN ciTONK Ircut House. In Heeoud avenue, mr For y-eighlli street (the second story *.d part o. Lb* lUiid), lu it small luuiily of adult*. The limine contain*, nil the modern iuiprovenieuta, had is In a good neigh' orb <> !. K-iu $JUO. One other family lu the Iiuuim*. A|r,.. at 14b Km T? onty-ei*Lh atreet. rLRT-IK A IIP IKABUB LOCATION. 97 8ROOKD

avenue, panel .1 ht^U sioopiWHlerti liuilt House, consisting of three Kit'iit* on sei-o.ei iloor mil two o nlourth Hour, tt uh us- of b.itli. front lia ,cnt in'.. heal aud gis if da sired. A pp. on uie premises. TO LET-TUB THREE STORY AND BASEMENT BKIOK House, No. KM Oiiium'u 1 strcoi, uxiUtiulna twelve rooms In good order ; rent low to % goo I tenant. For particulars Apply lo A M. FANNING, 335 Bower; rLBT-TUB THREE STORY AND BASEMENT brick 11 rue, Vt.3 Ei .ntti avm-ue; la 3d feet front, with g.itaud w&tor for two ih'uilin* or our: lull riul$5J6per year, for lower par', $.*35. Apply to P. VALENTINE, 50 Washington market, or in Fifiy-Iourth atreet, 100 laat from Eighth avenue. TO LET-IN BROOKLYN, TUB FRAME OOTHIO Collage No. 94 \ underbill avenue, near Myrtle avenue. Ilea Bldgewood water Mini ran Ititures, good yard, Ao. Inquire of H. w. BURT1S, 119 M/rt:c aareuue, Brooklyu. TO LET-A NUMBER OF HOUSES, PRINCIPALLY IN 1 lie western portion of the elty, which will be let at rea enable rents. Also some Parts of Houses. Apply lo J. A W. HKNHAM, Eighth arenue, cornor of SixtoOuih atreet, from morning to V in the evening. ri LBT-TWO BEAUTIFUL FLOORS IN HOUSE NO. I to West Thiriy-ttrst aireet; the; coastal of right room* each. Inquire on the premise* ao; lime through Uie tia; or eveuing. r LBT-A FIRST CLASS BROWN 8TONB HOUSEfurnished, 34 West Thirty-flral street. The hottae U Ml) fi ?t deep, and (he furniture new and very handsome. Open for inspect!>u dall; from 8 to C P. M. r LBT-A HIGH BASEMENT, 6M BROADWAY, 38 BY !0o feet; sine the Music Scire over it, same else; also the larg - brick House comer ot Oroab; sad Houston street*, 20 East Houston sireot; it can be altered tutoastorc. laquire al 6I4J* Broadway, up stairs, second Ueor. TO LET-EITHER THE WHOl.B OR UTTER OB lower purl of the browu atone Dwolliu t Il.cise, with all modern im to/emeu .4 No. 307 W> si F.rt.t-eghtU street, between Eighth aud Ninth avenues, at very iuw rent. In ijujrc uii ixic {ironiuw. TO LET?THE LOWER PART OF THE THREE STOUY br>ck House, 177 Orchard stree', consisting of two Parlors ttnd .i T a Room, two Has meets. Usu three Booms oil the third Uoor it' required ; t;n? ami Cro on. Apply as above. TO I.KT-ON CLINTON AVENUE, CORNER OF Greene, a line House, iu splendid order, with all tho modern improvements. AppytoJ. II UAVLNS, 31} Puttou avenue. TO LET-COBXEK HOUSE Od SECOND AVENUE, with private stable. Alio Fort (Jet"go Hotel and Steamboat Lauding, near ILjli Bridge, iu thin el v. A C. DAYTON. Office or Toi.illns in A Brigbam, No. 1 New street. rpo LET?THE ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN STONE A House, 22!) West Thlrt'-fourth str el. 6.1 feet deep all the way up, street IjO teet w.'d . Immediate possession given. R. u1 reduced. Apply to JOHN S. KELSO, 02 William street. TO LET-A FOUR STORY HOUSE, WITH BASEMENT yd Bunk street, three rooms ou s Uoor, with all the modein improvements; rout $1171. Also, the second, third and touiih ev rjeg vi tp;ys? corner OvMjiwkU sutl Bib*. strfifcfg, containing twelve rooLiS, with alt fl.e ? impioveniuntH; rem $375. Inquire of A. a. HOUfcltT A BKO., 103 Bank Blteel. rilO LET?FOR $5C0, THE TIII1EE HTOKY AND BASEA inent brick House 7H West Thirteenth street, near (tilth avenue. Inquire ol' F. BLANcIIET. 2M Sixth avenue, be: mc Id o''lo A A. M Or After, A J M. ri LET?FOR $150, THE HHUBB .STORY AND BABE luent hrlck Houae 145 West Twentieth street, near Eighth avenue. Inquire of V. lil, VNCIIET. 2y? Sixth avenue. before 10 o'olnek A. M. or after IP. M. TO LET?FOR $375, THE THREE STORY AND BASEmem brick house 14 Tompkins place, Bruoklyn, near Court street. Inquire ol' F. BLANCHE!', ZM Sixth avenue, before 10 o'clock A. M. or after 1 1*. M. rpo I ?f-FOR tm. THE THREE STORY AND BASKA ment hr.ok House IK Crosby street, near Houaton street Inquire of F. BLANCHE!', 234 Sixth avenue, before lOo'olo k A. M. or at tor 4 P. M. rpo LET?AT CARMANSMLLE, PORTY MINUTES X from ire City llall, the w .civ or part ol a largo double Hon*-; large garden, gas. water, fiuikand i-hsde.trees view of river, Ac. Apply to W. H. A TWA'! ER, 67 Maiden lui.o. TO LET-A FIRST CLASS FOUR STORY HOUSE IN thoroughly good order, newly papered and painted; baths nod a ster cles,ts below and above, and gas ana gas fliHires throughout. Is a very do-.uabio location for a private family, or would be rented for business purpoeeA Apply at No. 361 Greene street. mo LET-THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BASEMBNT A brick House Its Moil street; all moJeru conveniences; carriage house aud building in tear; ren. low. Apply to C. A. WaTEBBUKY, 3eS From street, New York, or WM. H. BROWN, fib Fulton avenue, Bio iklyu. rpo LET-A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED HOUSE, FOUR X story, shout It I teen room*, i tu.tted tit low Fo r.eeuth atieet, tie ween Fil'h ?nd Si th avenues; wilt he let lo v to a I r.tate lamily; po?ev<?iou tuiim d atel. PRICK d THOMAS, 675 Broxdway. rpo LET?TO A SMI L FAMILY, WITHOUT CHIL X d tn, t o ti'cj? I Hour, iltree rd"m-, with closet*; a su, baok Bssemoiilit tequ ted; modern t i pt iti-iueu s Parties ot r--pi ctsbillty it ay uppl) at 1? We it Twenty s< cmd aires'. TO LET?THE IiOWFR PART AND THREE ROOMS on third the if houw 3u2 West Tw -litstreet, n at* Ao ngrtou squarc u une r.l- with water and gas ttxtnres, Ac. A Did v to J. M. VAN Di-N hkllOH. 1X3 L.twrtr at est fiotii t> lo" 1 o'clce k. TO I.ET CHEAP?KIN E LA ROE ROW NO (0 Ch.iitea Kln-el Rem ontv AtFKI par rear. Apple to JOHN MCI, FORD, K* Warren atrect. TO LET-TWO HTOKY \N > BASEMENT COTTAUE, S Wmi HA?.[mu1li eirwi, uear Wiflh avenue, a nil io lull view at- theCentral Park; vvaieraod gar In the limire; Bia| e viae*. iw bmdie* ami p a litreea !e (lie garden; rent EUUhikI waterrm*. laqttire of Mr. M. MUKRY, Jl Klftylo1 rih alt-eel, or Igi Aral Fiftieth alrert. rLIT-l'ART OF A HOUSE ON BIOHTEENTJI Street, near Fifth avenue; run $?7\ iiicttniinf gate Inquirt to the U?t mm4J7 Broadway. W I" 'KANCALL r LOT?HOUSE MO. 54 MORTON STREET HAS ALL the modem inipauretBriita; la In complete wder. Cti.indrllera, large glaae.- and mUiotlia go ?tth the liotiro. Keul low. Call .il <IW Waiting o i street, corner of Veetrjr. rpo LET -KENT $ WS-THK THREE Sl'ORY >ND BASE 1 menl brick Dwell.u? No.3.9? Bp-It* itree', KitxAlyn. Ha< ?-iter am! gar, with bxtnrea. Apply to J. A. KUYllVKN, 35 N 'i vtau at rati, New York. MID LET iM< LEASE?THE TWO MODEL MKOLMM JL basement-Hooees, .91 'Jalnl AO Wei Ninoiemjtii etifel, b-tween NHi' h anil Tenth aveuitea, with all the msdi-rn mi prov> ui-nte; lot and cold water V, four h more*; bathing rooma, wutrr "hoots, front and rear vault a, li out nut rear aiairtraya, miriwe, Ac.; witlbs tenptt to good tm-auta at modotaifl pric-eai Apple tor forth'-v parlh u! na to FAMES M Itdh VK Jtiii W? at Vl'iete. nth Ftreet. rpo LET-IN PACIFIC yCKERT. BROOKLYN 357? I Tut'',, atory ntoattr flout Home, gaa. water, lunge, aud ail the modern improvement*. H 111 tie rented Ion to u .'?>1 tenant, or divided for two TamUle*. Apply to I it OVCKK, V>i Wall fleet. rpo LET?FURNISHED, AN RLKOANT 81BCR.BAN I Residence, berulifully ?Uiat?i on elevaird ground, luagtliHMRl vl"iT. ahii ulan e of shade and iruii troca iu U vo of rerural acioa: gatdrn. viable. Av lent AtiOJ. Aim ih m on aaiw avenue, a splendid Manai -v, sitoati d in a heatuifnl gr-.v-a, miden, alaf-ht, At-., with ivtiy oonvenienee. it Buiottvill", not tli ahoie vu.eti ia nutl, ne'%, bout. (.'all at Dr. EL.LIOlTSutle, U aivcraity Miiilitlug, .13 WaVcrley nlav.ur anQKOUOE BARRETT. Esq. No . Wall e n t. I I.I.I ? IIII> i'" > II" I.' II .111.-11 I, A lie,ii Welkin- wee- Km 'on-, tpplv to J A Mb.4 WRUIKSII AN K. &.' Bmadw.-ty. ro I,El?A Ml K TWO STORY UOTTAOE HOUSE. i ?im pi* all I Wilier, situated a '07 Biok ltNiti e.-t, imai Cmit! airi-i-l. Brook l.ti, at mo I "ate rent. Iniiuiic at It J. S.I tMIM BALDWIN. over lh" Central Hank. j line. Via nl ininaHinl W mlnnkWi street?, Brooklyn. TO LET?A VBKV LEMUEL ItcwadT SMALL HOUSE; A iht bvst lirttli a in Eighth elite!. Alao me deetcsoli? %./. il Iliiuae in Twt iuv sevcnCi at, i -i. rear Fourth uvruue. Rente lot*. Irnjiilri nf U. IMTf A SON. I/O I.aftyctU; place. I'D LET?FUR tiBUBD OR l-"\FtTtNI?HKD, TUK 1 Urn* I.uti ani wrior blown atone man u>n llou-r No. Ill) Wert Finn i-rniii street, beiw- c.i MlaUi and Severn h avenues, lui luorly thn reside noe ol tin- In to itnbiiel W iDl'U. Si.q.; Linen none, 'iI by T.I f"et, fin voi. * ?u,j one o .be moat nam.urn and i h i ia-i III tills illy. Will I e V-I mr. milled, or the Furniture will b- eold il dean *Mi-at a In* pib-etoth antal Kent Si.tfti Apt../ in JOHN 1 At INIi?TOX, iJb Rreauvay, third *tmy. rro LET-KHET E"I*1 A Mi\T THREE STORY HIUI1 A stoop buck Hauae; under ' liar, bath, *n, mtn-ei. rung*. Vo , III good otdci and good ti U't 'Oibunu, No. !Al W at Tnlrtieth street, between Eiublh n Niiuti avoir e?. Apply to J. I MILL* 167 Btoadway. N V. ri'O LET?TB, A KKSl-KcTAKCE FAMILY, A, HOUSE, A No 27d Forty fourth su-eet, i?e:w.-eu Nlti'h and Tenth avenues, nil Modem Imptovcnw ina; iha healthiist location intbecity. Apply mi tin- i.inul.v. TO LET-THE SECOND FLOOR OF A 'iANDHO.M B two ttory house nn,aiming o, lour'tooma, -' nitnunleaeating, wlta aloneta, bath. LTolou water and rlegant gas 8\. turns; a So, an attic room, coal cnUar. small back kitchen and agte-ab.n yardi one bl?-k Loin lUitiibua aud ear*, real moderate: tef?ren<?a required. Inquiry at 11 Tandana street. Puaeesshin Immediate. r LET?THE STORE AT THE JURATION OF NEW Bower* and Chatham nnare; on* of the beat bastion* in the city for Eiclunge, luauiauca or other bust nee*; also Lofta, wall lighted, gaa, Ac., lor matnifn-.tairrt. Apply to (J. BRADLEY.181 Chatham avert. r LET-TWO OBNTENL THREE STORY BRICK Houses, MR and 1LA Wcat Twaniiath atiaet, batwaan Ruth and Seventh avenues, with all the modern improvements of bath lag room, see, Ac.: to let vert low. Apply to JOHN rilTFB, 85 WeatTwe mi lefh at reel. TO LET-THE THRF.B STORY AND BASEMENT brown front House ISO Ryereou street. Brooklyn, wl'h all the modern improvements, Kent, ?;*? Apply on the premltaa. mo RENT-A USE HOTEL, WITH ABOUT FORTY j ?r partita wlabtng t" go In tbat liintneaa. It to situated in Now Bocbelle, ? <ry near the railroad depot. Apply to H. NATLQR, W iiraonwich aitert. rLET-PAIiT OP TIIK DObBLH BRICK COTTAOB on Htrtlur'n Una, Fluy-wond itr?at and Klev.ntU nesnns , Iim gaa, water nnd nut air Also lour alory FmCIhIi baaoinent Round nnd parta Of others, vriy rbe .p Apply lo 1.0. DAWflON. Flftyae nnd street, wninl honsa weal o( Eleventh avenue, or No 18 Park place, up at* Ira. TO I.BT-IS BROOKLYN. THE THRKK STORY FRAMB Houao No. 168 Pearl street, Iih dining rootn nod ontsailon, Willi Ave ronns oa second floor. Ilu.iae baa nil the modern Inprovrtrie nts, gna, water, A". Ri-ni fnw per year. Apply to T110.HJ.H DUNHAM, 6i South ain e TOLBT-A NIC* HOI KB TWENTY itoO'lH, aUPT d to ona or two families, at l'*> West Thirty i*ib a reel. PrRe f*WU,- Alan ge'Wel II I " at Til Kox>. str-el., Brooklyn i'rni7|4|Xl Apply 1/ ty, I'A'AtUU/dB d# Pearl aV<wt, i horn**, noons. *o.. to lit. fp > LET-TO A HMAL1. FAMILY. NO C'lULHitKM? I X I..iw K'MHut on third flu .. ?l Iw fr no at. eat ha* t an, . a.h h..t and ould w .iter, the gthrr | n t uf the l.uu?) u oouupted b) a email tami.y. B.ut $12 p ir uauU 1H> LBT*~TO A SMALL FAMILY ONLY, THE THIRD Flau o; 11. une in lienit atrect. lia* and .ol n i >l*i K*n;$lM For parur nlara uppiirr at 'C. B a' at et. I'o lkt-a fleas \ nt country besides hon . Knhwujuri-.Kln... lb, N J , iiiuoui , ).o r . o ill* Ml with a.iado and ir i.l i.l" , .? ;.i . :i ill.- i. !. >u dri.tu; '?j or thr e . - u o ? .... !, a a t- 1 IIi.'.hu, on I2*.ili kti? 4.1 .1 a . ii .1 '.l by K v W Walltar, i? ... . ....... *.t$K. L LSI EK I.ay, Attorney at 1*. w an C hi in. .pi ioi a.i t..e .. ZMI Broadway rLKT-iN BROOKLYN. T l? RLRIU l-v'/m II ami|UMi fairy, au<l jioo-1 uei^.mo. I'.> I; t .< liitinneiating of Farlore, D.iauut nia :tmi 11., it .im Ii. v>.ul order; w ater aud kew. r lu th> liou? . la put. .it tbe pruuil* aee, el 8a a reel, or of A. LAHDMaa, it l>oy ?i , N. Y. TO LBT?TWO FARLOK8. OH ITItEf KLOOB, I BOBT, R.t ..emi-inand two attic, it-ioina. Una ami ii-.uics; two I luelrr. Large yard ami uu.ler uilar, K?ui$.vii). Apoly at 12 Mac.lougnl a'roet. t-'au bo ao. u bulweeu to ami 12 c' It. TO LET?IM BERGEN, N J,, NEAR BERGEN SQUARE, a tir.-t I 'naa g-'nilemnn'a R-i .l Uuoe, two k.ory, all.o nud ba e nrni bout',Ibttished ll roughout w ith Uate. all modern Irapioieni'alaaud ( ve~y cotivenh nee. 6*< >n;lmlod; K tunds a utiv lnldout;ol.urchea,e huu a,a:.>r<a, V,,iu the lu m >i .'e Tlciuliy, the location an J i o g.ibo no d .ill mat coniu in: dealied, being entirely free trow aiijtbiug of au objectionable character; fare from Ji r?j Oily, live nan; i?.? ovary tea nilnutCH; any parly deairii g a neat and geutcul reaidrnoe caiinot fall to be pleat'd here. Apply at (U Pearl aire. t. r let?the house 7* west twenty-seventh atrcet, rent $6.0; alpo lower part of House No. 80, i .me street. Apply at loines' drug atore, lu SlUU avenue, eccoud door above Twenty aonecfa atr.ol, ou MoiiJuy. TO LBT?AT IIABLKM, FURNISHED OB UNFURnished, with Immediate posse talon, the 1ar?? Double House on Second avenue, ucar With, street. htsblc, l?rj? garden, fruit Irwd, Ac. Apply to UBl>. CHKHTKKUAN. CO Hiimu street. TO LBT-DWELLINO HOUSE NO 171 NINTH STREET Possession immediately. IL u'$.10. In ooinple ? or cr Basement Store ol No. 710 Broad wev Ren[ $.00 Apply to UFO. CllliSi KEMAN, 6D Nassau strut . IT on the pitii if't. TO LKT-BUOWN STONE FRONT HOUSE (16 BY Ml. lour at' rv barmen' uni cellar; ho' m<l tola ursl'T, .as fixturesand ohand.-ller*. all in it -od Old-'r; r ni fitti. Inquire at JOHN MoKIBBIN'S, J6I FourtL a vnne. TO LET-AT LOW RENT, A LAROE STOKE AND Apartments, at the corner of Twooly-lhr I trrrot and venue A, at the ferry. Thin ma ?oo I stand for a gri c-rir and liquors. Inquire on the iirrmi* a, o. of JOHN", tot Pearl street TIO I-KT-TIIE FIRST AND SECOND STORY AND B t?r:n"ii', -e\ eu rooms, w I lonrovriuenb, wash tubs, of it nf e lio ise iu Laai Thii y d I. I street, between Lexington and Third aveni's A!s half oI s Furniil t tl IJuu.o aui Third Story. Apply at 105 East Thirty-third tract. rl.KT OR FOR SALE? A BEAUTIFULLY situated Place on the Hudson river, near Bu!' Ferry, consisting ot a It 'tier, stable and three arres .if gi.od cultivated itarrifn ground, wlilt grapes, Mowers, Jr., also, a small dlstaii'n (rotn the same, four a-res ol Land I routine lie Hudson river. Apply to WILLIAM It A DDL, No. 3Uv Broadway, N. Y. r LET?THE FIR3T FLOOR AND BAaEMLMTdsOF a newly IInmIi d high sloop bite': House, t,u southerly side or Fifty -ninth street, between First and Second avenue,.; c. n'.altij eleven Rooms, wardrobes and Pantries, a..d every convenience for a genteel family; rent low to a good teiji't: po-s-s-ion 1st For rafthci part.utilara apply onthitpTJmuea, or to V ROUSSEAU, iaer^v', rno LET-THE STORE AND BASEMENT NO. 106 tVILX Uam street, corner of John. Apply ori the premises. TO LET-THE MODERN BUILT THREE 8TOJIY brown atone House No li-IS IImy slre-t. Bronkhn ' loo J neighborhood. Inqulie of W'.VI. ANDERSON, 35*5 Hx-k-i street, Brooklyn, or si 99 Bo'cry, New York. Rcut only $430 TO LET?A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED HOUSE, IN -Tinrteentu mreet; is In complete order, and furnished titrou .hone Rent low to a deairablo tenant, $<JUU; an int. media e posvssalou. Address Mortimer, station D, Bible House. r LET?THE SAW MANUFACTORY ON TENTH street, ooiuer ol Alnslie, Brooklyn, E D The building 1? SOn.'tO fsef, three at Mies, well Itwlitesl, on two Iota of ground , ?uiia!'le for almost any kind of uianula luring. Applt to IIUUIIES A GREEN, uorner of Urand and FlUu atrcts, Brooklyn, E. 1>. r LET?$20 PER MONTH-THE SECOND FI.OOB OF the line brown stone lloute <W! Sixth uvouue, uear Fortifeth atioet; gae, hot and ooid water; a whole ho me complete, all on one floor; not a tenement house; balance occupied by the leasee, possession immediately. Inquire on the premises. fpO LET?AT THE FOLLOWING REDUCED RENTS ? X No. ?W W. 3t>ih St., three story Kng'.Lh basement..$350 No. till W. 36th si., three story Eugiiih basement . .VSi No. 38 W. 47th St., four story h. stoop brown atone. TOO No. HO W- 36lh at., three story high sloop brick. tOO No. 102 W. 321st., four story English haseuieut. 5 si No. 86 W. 43d at., three story li ai nop stone. ?>73 No. fit)Leonard street (formerly $1,730), notv WO No. 130 W. 34th at, furoi-diod or un "urnished. ? No. 618 Sith avenue, four story Store COO No. l,3cn Broadway, lour story Store 630 No. it W. 28ih St., four s ory Eng'iah liasmicot. 700 No 333 W. Ilfttb St., four story English basement. 17& No. WW. 37t j st? Hire; story high stoop brick. 500 No. 76 W. 31 si st., three stoiy h. a oop ro. stone. 6 0 Cottage at Kastcliciiter 80 Collage at Mount Vernon. Eighth avenue, uear d pot 10t? Also Stores, parts Of H umps, Collate*, Ac. Apply to K D. LAWRENCE, 1,261 f; oa I way. Between Thirty-Ore' on1 streets. fpO LET, TO A SMALL FAMILY?A NICE FRONT floor of house 4U Greenwich slrnei, between Hubert ami Laight streets; ro - a ion latol May; Do bill up. I;:<|UijM of Meeaia. MEKH\N .11)2 Greenwich street, between Chiiubera end Reade, up Mite. TO LET?THE SMALL, OENTEEL HOUSE, NO. Kail Twcutr-H th street, ntnr Lexington avenue. Will be p?r in complete order. A'ao the aanil House Twenty-eighth street. Ala Second I'louv MO Eiat Forty-tilth street, at $13, live rooms. Willi gas ; very desiraiile. WILCOX, ISO Fil>b avenue, corner ffwcniy-'bltd alrrrt. TO LET-A TOWN AMD COUNTRY RESIDENCE. AT the loot of Silly-atath siircl, frou'lua t'ae Kaic river. A lame don1 le Hoihio Cottage, Carriage it.raw, S'ahhw, Garden, with about live acrea of land; and ion .. trees m grea.. viiriety; will be let cheap to a good tennvt. Inquire on tne lueinises. oral the Emmie Sewing Mac-bin t Company, No. Alb Broadway. TO RENT?THE SECOND- AND THIRD FLOORS OP the neat blown aion) hmpo- So Hid Weal Twavli.jr.rulh auvat. ions siin? of seven- room*, uonialning nil tmnvioil '? ", gns. water, Ac. For parucuiari apply 10 Mr*. tlltolYM, did lY.-si Twenty -ev.-niti atreet, near Ntuih a'. TO RENT?PAItT OP THE TilKEE STOR* BRICK Uonau No. 11 Warren | lone (Charles atreet). House in JOl i-l feet. Hot anil cold water am* gas tbrmigboiit, wa,hiu; and hrtbing tubs, Ae Everything in first nite order. A sina'l family ouly uoed apply to MOSES DKVOh, No 10 Jeifetsen Market. TO RENT?\ KKY IA?W, TUB TWO bTOKY llOL'Sfc, :? West Washington place; will I e painted thr<u.ihout new gsaCxii.cea, rati .in, bath. ae. Apply t? IlICIIARH Wile tl.\M81>?i Hulls Heal Baufc, corner Tweuty-nftli nir.-et and Inir 1 avenue. f|'0 LET IN JERSEY CITY-A THREE STORY .?*D J Ivwtaent House, high somji, court yar I In Hunt, anil and srwi-r tliioiiglmtil; 8.' gNei Kre'l, live mlnut s" walk ituiii Die lurry. Pur pa. ficujars iuuiiiie of It'll.I.i \M VE.NVILU Ifd Broadway, N. Y., reav-tni tiding f|iO l.ET OR FOE BALK?FOl'R NHW MODERN THREE X alory Ito'iaea, on Brooklyn Heigh a, three minutes' walk irotn Pvillon ferry: bavo ranges, wa?h tubs, hot and enlrt w ib-r, bnihn, Ae.; tent only r?i*V- Inquire of MAJCK THOMPSON 27 UVaatri atreet. N. Y., or it the nouses. fno LET OR LEASE?FURNISHED OH UNPL'KNISHBDi J tbe resldeqc now ixx opted by the lutMri ibi r, ul West l oriy-wv? nth aireet, tio.u Suth r.viuiua. T.IC liou?e l."? blown Moiie, ibme stray, oat nn ni and,In goodordi. and Hie'"'igMxWiiood is oieeflewt. Can lie i?en I rum # to ' li'do I It. i.- X-suo, u dudiiig rent oi i aa iiktuiea and mil I... .. O $1 Jim ouip ely bed. /p|lyt. JOHN L'VI.VG.S I ON 1.' Broadway, third alory. fro LET Oil. LKABE?THE HOUSE AND GARDEN, I foriue-ly c pied b) Capt. Ulasson, Unit* i Stales Navy, al the 1 riterof avenue anil Rush street, Wliliauikbiirg. A|.;d. oe \ t .live rro I KI-IJ*. iW'.OOKf.YN (2-t <'HEr-VER PEACE). TO 1 an.! lanitly, part of a three ?tory n nil tu?? orient Hon?, U.IU ! 11*4; of four Kooiue mid Bnvemeut; waUr, gae, Jkr Term* n aaouable. fPO LBT-PtVWI.SjAION i.IVKX IM'VXDIATKLY, THE J. urn floor* ol llmt-e SI Kin* ativt, with iiu>d>ru improve" m?. suitable for two fumtllee; ,iU? th" 1'trrt Clour and froi t Basement ol 33 King Mr. ot; La and water. In i|Olr? at .VI King alreet. rpb LEI ?K'.KST AMI HEi'OtfDI COOKS AND BASE 1 tnenta ol three t >ry briik Ho ? In Myrtle ?rca i?, nor l'otn|.?in? avrnua BruOMirit. e-glit rooma, lailoee, m i i hie manV la. wait r. in- rlieMclier*. all'Hug dome, water, t'\ Rent very K?? In a g m-t enitut. lunglnc <> the ireuiiwi or noil door, 'X.i dyrtlu avenue. rpoi.KT-1'i k tin ALL FAMILY, '.uwrk i\\kt (7r Jl Ronae ri Kiug at; <*t, ronsiating of lirat Hour, front". nn nt and three rontiie on third floor. Inquire uu (tic urrmlaea, or of K. BIX K, N V. Poat nflVte rno LOT 01' KOP. BALM v Ni AT two STORY ATTII L and Beat-mnnl limine House, till t>l Jn with hi , k, r no nlag nine rooms in tarfeul order, with grnun.t 0411 I to two city lota; mtai and tastefully iald out, with cuolce limits, flowera, be., Ikt'iam, In the town nf Wast Farms, thr u luttrtbn 01 a iniic 1.otu fieuiout Ui pol on Hariam For partlmiiarj inquire ol' It. II. N.lilTII, Esq., Pia.maali r ai ttia' place, or J. O .HILL, 2>S Fulton at cut. .ho* Xptk. TO I.MASK?TilK ENTIRE BABBLE BLILDINu flii Broadway; s ore 110 l?y in fa c, live s'urtea, ?,th nave, turn' and under bnseuieut, would tnahu a llo- amount or earh floot aepa.ately; two upper llt>ora have tieen fitted op for lodge iooma. Inquire of H. OALBKAITll, Ban., 127 (iNti too afreet, or A EAtfLKSON, 7? Broadway. T~0 LEAHK?TEN LOTS <>F 11ROUND, BITt'ATBDOW tbe tart rivet, betwe. 11 Fortyocoud and Forty-third etreet*. bulkhead, with watei thirty Rod deep. Is suitable for ft 01 age. Foundry At- the mannlact ire of heavy Meek liery, where good wbart gvcommodatloiia are required. Apply at the Cedar Depot, on the prumtaea r l.KASE?FOR <?KOt FIlIKt, LIWl OII8, HI'AIlE-t Wlnea, H??ea, AIM. Oystera, or any buam*-?, two ol ?tanda, larar baarmenia atoret, 1 nt . u. ,lp. ? Ka?t Smjidwat and lUllltidaon atrrat. Inquire In r-aaaiuont uf W Rati Broadway, immediately. THE SBCOND STOHT OK A BODKRN BtTi>Tioi"s5 to lei, I urtiialied. with fill or Hoard, Turn a moderate. Applv at M Waal fwoot; ?mh atrao?;i??iwa?-n Broadway and Btith arentie. r E TIIUKB 8TOBT AND BASf M FNTHOVFK Iff EA rarKteailii ie, Brnok'.yo. with .,1] ihr modern nnprori Dirnta, to lot, wllh ?> XI .i^iivaido would taka liar' of the reat mil In Bon d TO DKNTTHTN AND i?TMI,KH'-fl? ~!,K r,"TUB KIRMT t idor o>er a druf *ivn - i , a dvollai or a -..noil pnvaia ramltv. It la a .II, ituJ liaa l,.., o ? ooitr I o> tow f,.t m?i**>r a year ; tvntfow; two 'aunliua l|i llie Lima*, are TaVWiny^ fliOO { ?' 'i.ChuookT>\r tjti:msikci V '* *tr*H' ">t'"iii ' w a i r , ii Kalum far it ra KliH.e_Ku noma K,?r > .,.1. K , waltr marl, * mnntala, hiyh r?- . - l* . s I- |: .we, , 1 n< , on (Mi llnor Alp and well i anlllek ,| - < &<l-%(} -TO t.r.T, AT I'anio I'Viv'-i, TiIFUOIMS Hi Waai BoiMath e ,r#t f m, I' taeni .n, brown atone l m.o -d, aU mm era tmribrSwen a Nil MiSLr!" 'w' ' JACDU?: . V 8&LB8 Of MAIi UTATI. A BARK OPI'O KT UNI IT. -Til E MOBT 8LEOANT pUie pa Loug laUud for Mir, at uiie-hsl/ iu worth, and IrM thau Uilf iu coat a law year* ainoc It u situated t Buy KtJg and cau be riMktd by home railroad lu thirty or forty infuuiea from FultoJ* Wall afreet. South or Uam? ton o?eo"e frrry. T'ie ground* oonaial of almut eighteen acres of the very Quest land, all of ? Inch b it. at great pease, been laid out to taunt. rambles, waika. gsiJona, he., and ooutaluiug a large quaml'y o: young irutt trees ot ?h varieties, oiuuuemUl tree*. giapevm. ?, shriibuury. Ac. t'bn buildings oou-1st of a largs m ? . e it.*.. . n. with oltarv*. tory, and containing twenty-'. ? . n*>u.s (aigh.of wiil-h are oh the first tloor), large cm i i.ituiy, hoti-.e, |torler'n lodge, tool shop. at* >! . aroui .1 1i.1t .1 ; 1 I " en bornea, large -p- -?fT * * :r . ? note In tine untrr, and commanding a sploiul I view of Now York rt y and bay, Joy sry shore ami 81 tt< n f luid. For terms. which wiU be very liberal, apply belweeu t a fours of 1- no t at dl Front street AriRHT 0LA.S8, BROWN STONE It'itONT HOUSE . for -af or 10 iet.-Four stnilr* uiul lurm nt, Forty ai-veiitli stiaot, north birte, a:gh .'1 1 wiistof 1'iiiii avenue. Ilaaatlthe MiiproveiiinutS anil in-wly fnah-d. Ap ply on the prean.s, oral JulIN kENNEDY'd 81 uiu M.ifAs Work*, T .Itty-Oflit street ami Bi o ut way ? ' " ' BEAUTIFUL NEW COTTAGE FOR SALE-ON BE'tOKN It'll, at tb? We* Kuil, iiuii-on ritry, N J . on y two tulles from the Jersey City or Hobukeu ferry. The house la highly ornamental, L.rg ' parlors, e gin rooms, live mat bla mantel*, huge plana, slim roof, an 1 lloateo on el vatod ground, flue view, Ac., three city lota go with the boire, good neighiiorhood, Improving rapidly Piloe $3,601), worth $4,0110 A large ponton may remain on bond an t uiort ago, or goO't S'., ur 1. tafou 11 payinant. This hrudsome pi 1 a 1* worth) 01 loupe lain Apply at I V. Cedar * trail, N t , m to THOMAS ANDREWS, WstKnl. Hudson City. By N tw Jersey Kail read Ibis house Is 1 nty tweuty uuntter'tOM front fool of Cortland', street. New York TjIOE SALE-PRICE REDUCED TO $1.00)?THE LEASE JU ol the four store 11 nld'.ug, itorlltetat earn *r 01 Eighth avenue and Thirty -8: til Street, together Willi the iJoi.i Wilt anil Pigtures; saifafai tory lesrons given for selling. Apply to E U. LAWllLNOK, t.'ABA Ur .adway, between Tuirt/Arist and Thtrly sjcoud strop's. DOR 8AI.E? ONE OR TWO OP THE DESIRABLE r llj .s . u.l Lo'4 .? t.i,').i>to$l,.W t?a? than wist, ?i Ninth avenue, near Twraty-*ev-nth tt eet; also to'* and ll.itiws 428 and ? 1 West Tntrty-Wfth sti ret palso line finished auto trout Its u ?. Forty-eigh-h air e. iti.i iWl Went Frtteth str.rf, A'tre-eA L> . iM W at Fiftieth nog BALE- IT A OBEAT lAOtZH CM OB r without tut uito , 1 lie i rst .T?aa four atory high nui0|i liruwnsumr iron; linn.- N > It West Tflrty-tilnl't street. Kitrni'ure in t to P. at t u A' ply on the the prrutieea For hale?new roiiti hotel and nine acres of ground, at . . Long Iaraod. 011 the gteat south 11 u opt 1 t.sla.iu. ! ?, < 11 ltaoyhin .tu t ia Hp luuu X oil 111- p . inisc or ..f K MoKINNlN, lfSLaai rot tie u s.iuet, Now Y rk For sale tenement house in Brooklyn.?a .mall thr u > lory br.i k llotiar. with Store ou tirg l?i?r| l.ia water an 1 gas, ntiso.,u IJ p.r ten!, oil $$.0W); |i?toe $l,''iO. T-rnv ! rum J.'si.' v $700eish ; the Um>u -an on b U'l mil 111 .u p if be nod. Apply 10 E. R. KKLLOCJ, IK) lieaver atieol. New Y ti t. L"H>P. 8A1.K?PQE THE HIHHEST OFFER, HOUSE, r tv:th'f, Sejsnd avenuo and Twelfth stitvl, tws K.irnu, N w I toe.: lie: Illok, Sirt)flftli and Bisty sigtb streets, Jlrta lway. rtlajta, Harlem; 6 scree, KlngaPndge '.1 lies opposllf C ntra t'nrk, lieu ,e, Fifty.lotirtli hlts-et, uear S xth avenue; H'-tsca. Fifty third ? reel, near rtfth itvenuc; Lota, i.eair.g 111 avuue nil Fitly-set milt at e <4: Ij.i t yen1third 1.1 eetn -ir S-v. niU avonu A. 0 DA* " ^N, No I Nr.' atue' O lice >1 Tomliuaon A Hrlgliam. f.lOK SALR-THK THUEE STORY HRlOtC HOUBl 11 sill I...1 an 14'! u.intli Nmtli street. Wll istw .I..,.-,. / .,? > Broohlyu. L. V. >? u UlJiOHlif 9 ij;r; W>u??And half. and somt-Ty p upcr d, contains amt 1'uotii-, beside, ti-?eei* and Fiauine*. Murb;?* mantels in tirst and s-oonJ stories: grate* o'diae doors, gai onJ Hi * iiiturcs Bid juwovd water, mtc e in kitrhi-u, and good o I :ir. Iron railing !u frnut, graai oldL Ac. Wi.l bo Hold ch-*p. Fosses-inn at unre. Apply lot imdid'el/to fBy\(a3 T. WALKER. 10 Fine str-ft, N. Y. "L'OR KALE OR TO LET-AT BEDFORD" VERY J? cheap, cue House uBd Lot on Putnam avenue, 10J feet enH <f lled-v.rd avenu ; *lji on? UoU40 stl'l two Lot# on Midlson air cot, east of Ijertrdrd avenue, water and gas Iff both house*, location good H B ?1'ult n avenue ears trout Fulton ferry ruu within two blocks of tue proper!#. Inquire of H. A. \VEKD, on the premises. For sale or to let-in fort lee. a larob Double House, nearly new, with 2^ seres of Land, ton minutes' walk from tie lauding, twenty minutes' walk iron? iheNyrthern Railroad station, with a urge variety of fruit tree.", two wells of water and a good burn on the premises. Th? steamboat E Ilulse I .???? foot of Spriod street eve y day at ten o'rb c':. For paxiioulsrs ajiply to the Fort L-e ili?u-n, Fort L e, to J ROTTER. If hold ft w 11 be sot# the ai>. For sale?tub three story krick store abb Dwelling on southerly corner ol V an Brunt and Trvnmat street", Brooklyn, paying over 1') per cent; store has water aul gar: price 93,30>; terms "any Apply to E R. KEL LOOG, 90 Beaver street, New York. FOR RALE?THE TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE, OMr taiclug eight rooms anl sit climets, In Academy street Astoria, Long I aland, cheap fir cash. Apply t-> JOHN P. MESEBOLE, Astoria, Long Island, 1/iOR SALE?HOTEL AT YONBBKfi, KNOWN AS THB JT Hudson Hotel, opposite depot and landings; lirst rate location; four stories, brick, U rooms. Also a small Cottage, thiec-luarters of a mile from the depot, with a piartor or an acre of ground. Inquire of O. O. I'EJHLOW, Franklin House, Yonkers. IfOR SALE?CHEAP FOR CASH, OR WOULD 8X' change for a stock of Furniture, a spleudid site for ? pnvalc rcs'den'-e at th city of Kliratieth, N J., uear lh* Cars run every hour, day and nl.ght. Call at 41 Wsslnngto i street, lly <ken, in the auction store, till sold. For sale or to lep-in one of tiis most healthy Hud plea-ant J'.nations in Biooklyo, a newly built House, with nil the m*doru Improvements; the rooms reel# niand comfortable; the house has all tho enure* aiciiCL'a that oould be desired; would be Lkestremely low b* a s <od tenant. For parjcnlars apply to Mr V BAKER, tf Flue street. N. Y. JjlOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?FOR A DWELLING * house up ton n, a Country Be, euie, one mile north ot llsilsm bridge and Hv In n-itne' w.iik from railroad depot, U uiae in |h rb ct or In-, bull by the ,ty, with fttrttae* aaa range, a atahlc and s. a le ti-ei-h also, fi'iit trees, gr*;s*s>4 shi ubbery oi inrrous kiu-L- Apply to T. CONNER, kf-Ceatro street, New V?wk. CIOR SALE OF EXilH \!HIE?THE NEAT TWO WORT, Ivn, tor a lumae and in <rr - or two ol Inn I. near tba caty Apply on ill. prewi e?. or ?Ur.?. with description M.1 loerl'on, W. II. L., Betal.l For balk oic kxchanob-a block of fovk Hire- story houaas, in I'm bssv Irunn s? loeauou of una of Hie rnoal 'louriabi.ig town* in W ,?cn:i.?in, entirely unenirjm . brrel midWord in gao l I nauta Will Im a >!il cheap oFe*. . chaosed for oiienr.uii javJ res! csta' 'in Now York, Kiooklyo 1 or vicinity. Applj to THEO. F. J/w 'K.sOM. Attorney, Ac., ronier of First and Hwitb Seventh streets, Wllliam.rb.irg fc'OR. sale CUBA??A TWO yroav AND HIOB V b ?. mem brick Cottage Homo and lour Lota, Including: the santliweat corner of Udtii * rsr' ?:.<! Kirat avenue, Har I'll. Kr-ipeviuee aul trees. All for ..'sM an I a portion mar remain, Inquire in the brlr\ li . mi on toe corner of IMtU sir,' t and avenue A. of sTEI'liEN KOBBitTo, or at Md South at;- -el. FOK HALE OK EKCIIANUB (NOW SUCH MONEY w.tut?d)?A tbrw Htory woodon House arid Lot, buiM expressly for a bakery , goo I wo 1 >f tvater anil stable fum liorar: -n ilia tbrlvtng village pr Uuttenlnrg. M J.oppoalt# tieren,ielhatriet, New y.,i k For forth-r particular* apply to A pore LW f IIK. nasi tbe preinlaaa' or at if West T won if llrat a'ecot. N * Turk. Fob SALE, EXrHANLB OR TO LIU?TUB TW? (;?: story bri.'k K it .nogs, Nor 7t! and 71 West Twen fflfth *i eei, well t.l.ptoil to , y manofac'orin.j purpose, havtlit, an engine mil lw er. Apply to f H. CAMPBELL, i.d B'"*d ,i ?y. ro on No. i T.10K cALE Oil TO LEV?A COUNTRY RF..-.IDKNOK, J one iinn lie's wnia ti iu Te-nou depot, >u the road to High Kt'Uili', Wnatcbester .a)'mi,; a cottage, ten noma, \ acre, plenty of fruit, too.1 . a'.O" !>?rn, Ac Sor particulars Inquire w lift, W>m Thirty street, or of O W. DITAIdtTF, earner of I'b'i i m? :nd I l.aiubera street, lain Okacbarii Bunk Fob ralk or to lkt fiiRRt: first claim three story brown stone I too*. * n Fifty-second aireet, adjoining tlie new N un" d cnoh, corner of Iwrlngton avenue. Apply to 1'U K EN.S ,t CAai.KY nu tne prrumeoa. HAt'Bl NSO K VIL.' V.E UjT.s KOR S.VisE?KOUB lids on ?.iih a o ..I I .so. street, near the lepot. Sevctal trains to New v..; A <l.r:l/, eery easy ol nuaisa. Apply lo II. J 111?VIL>. 116 N va- i I a rave I OTA AND HOI. s, d FOP- SAI.K NEAR ENTRAL J Fa.'i Y oil', avenue. bAtw Ninety *r, md aint Vile y io ,i :ft atr, eta, n t ?aet> . o>u li auj llnetytlnrB sir eet, .? ubli.e three uutiiiUn-d ho cat, urtween Tlunl aul Kifib a To a. aekuown as Prospect 11:11. J I. FAKESH, 123 Front street. MORRIAAV5A I.UTS?IN B.Xi II.WdE FCRiAOOOD Ho ? W illi mooern imp.ovem, Jala, In tbc vleldlty at ll.ii tun. or would negotiate wi ll sj u r builder. 1'lcasc addrear K. H. R.. elation I). N l\'ANTf4l>?A FAf'AI G"? I'OFHTRY It' iHOBNCB, ?? 'fit)**! tiii.*!t mit**n nf lie city, in etchiinkn lor ? full sired 4* ehln^ ho -e in-l i.-a. near U taao s-iuirc. Adiiro*a, with foil antieulais, tj. En bo* 1.JU4 PoatdJlta, N. Y. (jllTll STREKT Y0l:KVTM,E. B8TW EEN TMIRD A.VB t7\J V< r:h arrnttee.->Kcv aale or i ' lei tn?* ori-art of n lUto> story mil bawrjien: Huitac; rem lenMi.iabls; I rras -u ?aio easy, sii->> <*** u from Third a fit.a. 979 S.\3T BROADWAY FOR AALK -TiK.fli. STOUT aw I A and attic brink Teniae, ill 0 wide, will- ruou- i u lutprovi-mauia bit lu fee Prfi td TUI). TVrin r-?nr. HO -htkK NlNtUAN, No. t "too a'root oi)"f\ to iwo-r a ?Aia in Brooklyn, dots ?jJon Dates ?? oat- sua M-uiiiie utreet, on tho grade, aud natural soil; areni a p?v. A and at wHli a-vs. Alao ihroa low on Row York ?vm jr at %o*i ca h. opp >ail* Dr. A'tama' church: ita* ami w?i?r through hir erenu-, whliih ft parol. Apply R. ADAIR, earner ol Reed and Oau-1 arenuaa, Hrooiriya. or S7 l'fac Arwri, Maw York. - ? ? - . 1 ill tWlA WIM. BUY A. NKW TWO STORY IIOl'RE. P I U'JU noautid-sa ala noma, dmible parlors, utarMa i ?!?: la sad grate, la*, v hy I7A, us? bio- k from oaia to Uiraa fsrrlct RAW or mora rash tha balance ttt to $60 duartarly. Aprils to Y. ANDMMDN. sorter of Filth aeamts aud Fnmrto>-uhalrret, Bro-klyn. _ fllQ A All W?Ut BTY A NKW TWO HTORV ANI> PA.xvU atttn. Cottage ant Lot, eight roonU| flneijr laid out la a heamliul location : MOO - ash. tha balansa Rjno pei y?ar; alaa a twoshiry brick Store and D*fl ling an Firth arrant, price f I ?00 : term* the same as abova. Apply ai the olBoa of X>. 0. Daniel*. - irner of Fifth art-. nui* and Four'aatitll at reel, Brooklyn. AO qnft -fill BALI. AT A OKKAT AORIMC* ?s>.0"*/? srllb or without Furniture, a 'bree atorja Ena'Kh bav men I brick House In perfect ordnr; hangaa. walnrand oalh, ItSSi Fory-a-vent* atraat, between tec-uJJ and Third awmuee. Aitn AAA >KOH BALK U? TO f.BT, A FINK REM. <W*ee, with r>or Inta ol arm-id, Riabla and thiw Hlmd, on CUuion avenue. Brooklyn: hmian new, Ms40 hesitjd arll'i Aram, ?u-l all the ruoirrn improvi-menu, rlew jf lliv bay, RiMen tsl in-l tn-1 T*r-"r, ta-Uic fruit iu run'*#: thirty innutoi fro-, fhe Wit-eliai'V I? : hangs will be lot, partially fi'riti"?*d fur |I,M( in,iire of WkU * til At ti.iH Wall street RAUnOADI, n?JI)SON*rV RR RA ??.?<? AM i i AlNHFOK MiB ANT, Tll/V. U?? Nl.rUi MlWn ?*r OiiAAll/'JfH lUtOl ?l / Dill A M..KOiS3U,?kn't 10 P >i XI BiW VOKKl, UAttldtM AMI a N r It AI MHO AD. ' ll /. rA.n?nr Tror. .loilii ft art Wont. Winttr> ul, 0111111 11 iilig Mnudfty, hi?v, 4, I Mil. 1 ur AIliMVM?lO.JU A. A., KxpirM JiUti TitUIJ, l.oiu i nivu. ty-urt ?lh ft'.rW d rot for ?>l lo. ?1 trftim m?o Tims T*M?. JOU?i ujl^uiufc,

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