Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1862 Page 2
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2 HOV9HM, ROUXI, AC., TO LIT. A VIBT NBAT TUKBB dTURY 1'IOH STOOP HOUSE A Ui irnt ou Woai T eeaiieih aire.I, aw all modern anirtnDiiiiia an4 ga? natures: Is ts beautiful order *ud una K? U?c leal arranged email Suitee? .u mo viiy ; rem Also, Anew throe and a half e ry high s'oop House, 26 feet Vide, ?a W?d Twenty-second etiert, east of Kighih avenue, twain! ul looailun, baa ad modern Improvements, gee tutors* ant furnaou. We supposed It rented, but It u ulfered gala. lea, A three end a half story high stoop brown etooa Houee; all <>n<enieaot>a; in due order; on West PIfty-fourtn ttreet; go -d neighborhood, for $1 JO It thould rent for $761. Alan, A good Uiree alary high at op brown at hie fiont Houae on Stoat Thin/-atmli street; modern, turuane, gaa fixtures and in good order , real $AuO House coot $10,1)00. Aim, A three story high atoop Uouae on Weot Twenty fourth treei. I eiweeu Seventh anil Eighth avenues; modem 1mpro.eiui.uta, Ac., Ac., rent $611). Alto, the following Houses ? 370 Weal Aid at., goo fixtures and all Improvement! ....$t&0 1M West Idd ?L 6UU 166 Weattld at fiHO .** West tilth at , C dutge VW 111 Weat lAth at., all Improvement and fixtuiei $JJ gad a number of other* at low rents. JAMIiri a EDWARDS. 0? e 277 West Tweuty-ihir . rtrcet. Open till # P. M. A PINE B17IT OP KOUMS?OON9I8TINO OP POUR XV rooms on second door and two basements, in bonte No. HI) Bleecker street; b.>- all improvement*. $17. Also, third Poor, oonrisllng of lour rooms. ?l:h privilege in haih, $lt; first lloor, lour rooms and buseon ut, gas and water, No. 6 Bank street, and drat Huor, four rooms and basement, gas j and wa'er. No. 12 Bank Mreci, $16; sacond floor, live rooms, It6 Bev nth avenue. In good order, $16; second tioor, live riiomi, 736 Watbinston street, gas snd wat r, $19, half of Iiouse, No. 7#4 Wasblngion street, rent low; whole house, hi West bio tenth struct, ten rooms, will l>o put In good oi der < 1st of May. gsa and water In tent $oWl per annum. Also, houses and parts oi houses lu different par a of the rlty. A eery Quo house, West Twelfth sireet; rent low. I,.outre a r s it t iii rvviitu an ti,,s.?? .i v.- AOOTTAC.E TO LET?AT BKIAK CLIPP, NEAR SING felng. mi|>ri-inp six room* above ana dining room, kitchen and i-elinrin basement, a gur-en stocked wuh .-we, I fruit*; b altby 1<0.'.ion, Willi tine vi-vr of t .0 Hudson; also ItMo if rc<iuiieu; ch irch in the vtclnilv; rent 9X00; boose 2H feet square. Apply to W. K. BUINKERHOFF, 19 Wall street, Buu lus nance Company. a good CORNER 3TOBE, NO. 32 EIGHTH AVENUB, J\. to h t, sui ab's for almost any kind 01 business. InQuire 01 JOHN RO-S, la Eighth avenue. A LARUE BUILDING, 11X93 FEET, SUITABLE FOB church, military or exhibition purposes, 011 Sixth avenue, between Fortr-tirst at d Furty-a c inrt streets, opposite Beaerroi: square, the tipper part, being only the second stor.-, contains the hall, with four suiall ropuis sua tied, a.l ueil On sued, two stoves on firm* door find tr, o bos meals, ail the wbe'.s depth ol the building: tie situation is good, the building neat and ?uu-L. st'-l; -rill b? lei iu whole or parts as re8lu ed. Inquire a. tne office of LOl'ilWOQD A CO., 22 WUaui street, between 11 and 2 o'clock. A SMALL HOUSE TO LET-FULL* FURNISHED; OR A the Furniture to be sold at a bargain for cash. Apply at 91 West T v en ty-sixth street. A MIT* STREET, NO. 103. BETWBEN THOMPSON and Mardougal streets, in the modern built tw o sad a half story, full sized House, in prim order, the lust loir. Consisting of three rooms and en -load piazza, together with the from basemen: room, to let; the latter topars'-e entrance; pas fixtures complete Rent J300 a year for the Whole, or separately in proportion. ATA B li BIFICB.?TO LET. THE THREE SVORV House, No. 102 Esst Fortieth aireet, next Lexiugton avenue; all modern Improvements; good location; will sell; terms easy. Apply to JOHN U. DOUGHTf, US Bowery, ooruer Broome s reel. Apart of a house to let-in bleeckrr aireet, nesr Macuongal; either unpor or lower purl, 'o suit. Apply at 214 Bloecker street Apartments to let?consisting of two rooms on the seconu Hour, sud a knchi u an, two bedro una ou third floor, to a sm.iU quiet lamity; reut 315 irr month. Canto aeon after 7 o'rl.,-k P. M. at No. 7d West Twenty-fourth strut*. A PARI JfKNTV! TO LET?COShtHTINO Of FW? Boom* wi th four closets. It'll i:' ?u<l ilU. luqturo of Mrs. EASTOX. 6? Hudson street. A LARGE HOUSE ON" THE EAST SIi>B TO I.ETJ\ Throe si r< nua basement, high m .op, ';-ia fix'nro?, ,te., all complete. tient only $41)0 Also u four story House on Murrey Hill; rent $750. ?>ne In Ktflv-fourth street, peer fourth areuue; r-r.t $A)0. Apply to JOHN' EbTTKKTUH, 415 Thlul STCuiin. Apart ok a HOC8H TO I.BT.-the upper part ol the End. A basemen I House, HI East Thlrlj-Pftii stieet, su cr sevi'i, r.mtnii, with bath, ws-er clo ?t. i,a?. <s Ilav, Ais. to a fsiruly of grown persons. Tho residue of too house Is Otr it pie J by the owner. Best of lel'ereu. -h regutrrl. Apply AS Above. Ankleoaxt roc:; story i:? stone high stoop lluu> to rent?Oa West Twenty.i.rst s'reet >prn ttetlie Oof gegrounds; It is lu vry un.Vor1 r, palm so ami poporei' expeusirely, una formerl r iled lot fl.3i.ti; w.l be ren'e.l i n" yesr tor $7i0. j '.Mi.r u. EDM -vtiDo, 2",* WestTwenty-third street. A FINK COUNTRY UKSIOZNOE f > LET OR I OR MP'", in Ei jim, unr Sl rr. in .1, V. i it e: county, only term minutes1 welt tiv. ii tii-i ileno', u modern two story, in'.!- and basi-uien ' rhth unl ten end a half Lots, tastefully mid out in a superior, healthi nnd nieusut MighWho <d. Apply to the owner, P. F.RX.rl'f, 11 Sum Areolae, New York City. AFIRrtT CLAgu HOUSE ? BKtiWH STONE FRONT, rerjr pleA-aniiy ln?v..,! nt X . Ill W-?t Tw?nty rh!-d Street, very ilesii aoic butts or Rooms, with II mid, no ae .no Ami tht-y. Iltori. | At moR'MSAxi t.?to or for saw-;, a ttry ooiueinetit two story, suae sri I bp mrat aouM CotA#e. wlt'i Iv r'-pnr b-n; lo-nlon hf-e toy end pieieeni s.-.d easy ol -r..; Apply to the owner, I . EKNST, ell bixth ersn te, !* ?? Vorii-tty. A TWO STORY HOUSE AND A UOTTAOB TO I .Kiel .RtoplrtOfi Staten island, to ino or two famllr*. floor* fum she t ai $S per month Appli for two days M ?14 Ntn'. nth street. A PARI' OK HOUSE 58 THIRD STREET, NEAR SB cotvl Aiem.-, 10 rent: wt. -le npio-r per-, wt-h .? np-nt cms and water up rtslrs. with lialhiojtn and ?s;?r Closet on itne flour. Item rrssr ue'ile to s OeUrable P-nsit. Apply front 10 '.0 b I'. M. AIIANDAI 'MELT Kt RSISHI O 4lOOM AN'O REDrooT.i to let pi a gentlemen and wire, f.-r buesekeenlnr: Also, lord', >T '. s.- U .. fn juif at N i. ."1 l'r.nts street. fctr <iuo. s V/.-si of lito ;lwsy. Auamiu -tw ->n i.- Kirn er>;r;ivr, iiakt.HW, botwaru Seventh ?nd El,:. i .irnu.-m. w.Ji nil modern Improve neaM, :?rr? Harden, with fruit and ??. rubbery. amble, with Croton To rea|.onfiVr tenant 1: win he leaa- ' or reotei hwr lacinfra of .Ura. A. Hi)"" , IDK'at IV. ntv :i > alr-et, or 01 P \JSNY0X, < rr. i ul liii aucct oud Turd avenue, Ilartein Artm*t barrvbnt hocmb, nri ntoribs blgb, tana all the modern improvee .. a "ill be li t to one or two fam'l;. a w 'or a boarding bonae. Apply ou the pren.teeB, I1J Ti-irty.dth itr et. rrtthotiMs treat of Ur.tdway. . OAKBfV TO IfiT-IW USAND STHRliT; A GOOD J> mun i 1 ,?el. (Mm isied. A| . i> to J. I'.XSi (?, UJ Ba*t Tmen'yt'uird A .rebefore lit V. M. or -ft v 3 I*. M. COUN I ?SY kk^idtinck 10 l.KT?AT CHATHAM, S ,f . m-ai tin <t-p ol tbc M .r: I* E .? * R :i1r> ol rtd uttablib for aent'omon'ioitu on n<-sa Intbe r||/. for nor tlcutara an; > to OKI). W. C I'd i K11U., 133 Maiden Une. flOAL TAHD TO uun -OOBJfBB OF ta -CB AN'It / Weat airect t, St by .lift fret, longe?iai. tshnl and doing., large biul<i?i>i the premie ai rer well for a I'lmmr yertl, or for auy pjrpoae :er,u i i^ vbmjh f,.ud. Apply to BLNKT RBBVB, corner ni CaatlaalOtsMHi For rrvt?thb m a r> lAnnnor the Ura'oie's bouse ldl fh ou'eo-. alioet, near it : Ml AJ") Rural.tied Bmura. t ery I >w. fhURNISIIP.D OR nnfuwnlbhbo ROOMS TO I.RT? witho .t ..oerd, ainr; f or iu "lite, or '.I' >,ra M>i.'-a'ntn,t all to seven rumiix Loca .on nuiepiA.lea. Application emi be m,. i. on >r befor l"t of May, whi.ii po .wsaiua can beslvrti Anpty on the promise*, 19 l/oiou a-j utre. rBXINHBD THBBB T (T HOl'SS?HAXBBOiCJtRT n -kg iborlhHid In Uroc Hyn. Mod'-rn ooarealencea; velyrl rarnrta Psr? of r?nt may ho p.iM In nneBC'imbered reef taiite or i oo*l aei'uriii ? A: it at II S-oouU yUo, 8i? lib Rrooklj D. "r zjh Pearl ati >. T. FvoNi nicn nooag to let?for thb summrr or for th< year; a pi>4.'*iU, furnished to t?e for a prtva'e " laalif; i? a r? I f; ont m ? .'.eaire iiy io.atad. lie q-iire a' H> i'Ur.tou pirn.'. Four stout brows rtowr kofsr. havdaomp.i.t fumiahod, In a very tiecdranle lo alily. for RoO a raon'h Will le| lo a "mail r:.?#'e ra-rlij without ehlMrea, Ibe above drarrll.'.l h ?i'?e, forflr- tminiha. The a-4e ob.ect la HI ipc at tin* pi too la to bais II tceU rartd for. Adurere If. B , bol ltf> IT. raid oH-e. Fiotvunri) nonsb to I>.t-a iianoitomblt f irst Ited House on U.- H river, eigbt lul'e* from the Oily llall, i;b* fnrttar, ii >t <n ' 'id rf r. billiard table, Re.; nveai-.-a of Und, einbre^l.ic a Cue sardcu and lawn, with aplendtd -bode Ira 'a, ataile?, ma bo iac (Slled) all In perfantnriW Apply at No. H*( Putri" a reet. FU1.MSUP.U ROOMS TO I.rt -TWO FRONT ROOMS on 'Bird door, well furnished and s/Bnroted, ie be let, pareu pr iiiaetbir, wiijn.t itiu.J, to c""0'~u?fn wnly; ^eraaiow. Apply at.?! Bon.; i. re . /TOOD R'liMd TO I.KT-ON fill ill) To ifH AND VX Bilii .1 1., r. _ J li*M? Tt>r a'l I uda of bnwi"-!: bra m':r inip. Apt^V ?' fMlNPL.l l iN"p i'romgr.pu li?i rf, $ <J\.iiiaia *t -M>' ' /! ** Ifb' CF.MK T TP OOODTEN \.\TS -TO Lht, vT th? tyo Kit ? M-i. iy, j0a 04 P art droit, Now V i ll for ti'f ? ,forty * nr?ty irhoJffln!* jr*r> ^ ! ? uniti ror further imrticirarappply o JAME* PJNCl?AU'., cornerofCw'mi* lr ,.i trrrfc. HOU*ra TO LET?'1 ilPr ; STORIES, mIO I PTOflP. wo turn lair*0** * run" N .?. l*?, w:> and JB9Bn?'irnrti?MitIi atwt, i l l* \- r ' r if .Vo. S"l in.-, ikoim hsrt Fimrt" nth ?'r?v au>l |> si. Mirk ? r * '. Apply to'J .T FOLBO*, 13B Elr?t a ?. , ~ori"-rof T; Jith alraat, UOOSS 47 LlfilUKARD SffWKT, lti:o?DWAV, to lot at alrwr n'. A] pi/ to A JOUKMISAV, A" J tnili WO/. Hobokbk ?to r, a sr.c:osi? klooi;, oxtaivlug tiie to >m? i "vcy .-our. n'-ii-a for it. i-*.?-,,|ng for a ainiit tamiiy, n inniBii < ? I. ilgtr ul Hew fit rtv..,-; rant mfider'-Vi. Inqttlrn at Xo, '?Parti jdaen, lloboai a, #vi dourarmm fourth mra-t. LOrTA r??K HTORAHE OR Stinp.d To LET.?THb Mocouit arid Th i J Lr> - i t lion ">J Eiat TVrt?. 'i h t otrwrl, m ar I'roadwav. will mio irom Hay I. Arr'y 'O UlhA II MKbltl IT, til Third Tf tw. r LBWRI.I.TK l'APK. OfiANUK. X. J.-TO LKT, TH.L JLi April I, fir $1,000, oi till >'nrr it or r,r D'ltiputr I, f r I.Ohm a firm Kb a brt.-k HouM, f' '.r'n i fi,.iii, > >ni.y I furnlnhod. wiih all amdrn ronrenleiwsep, lomttiandln < mr.<Blftmnt vlrrra, grot'Bda &>4 arr.-* han lio noly laid out with largo aliBdo IrorB; garden well adr*ar-:d; ataUe Uif. AnSly to H 15 BLArKV'KLI.. W M ll'Iam from 3 j II 'U. Nftatrt k-rmishrd room to ret-a wwow lady wlabaa .i Wla naa ly faiulabcd front Kooiu, on |U4 imond ti"or of ho"?' S Alt fllrth arrnne, to B jj?nUoluta. Tom* rpry modTata. 0KB OF THE HOST COMTKNIKMT HBOOKD FLOORS u> rut to Hew fork, m io mi, ou? all h?n. wi n run, Be., hdth. tratar clo. t *a. urnraa, good collar, largl t?rT otii Other lamllf; lo atlooon Tlilrtioth atraat, botwr. n Rial.U and Ninth aroniina; huuaa it wi la and roomy; will 4 HOV8B9, ROOMS, AO., TO LBT. ONLY JAM KENT-FOB A NICE, llANDSOdK THREE ouwv nail high liui'metl House, with modern lonviniia WiIkou street, kutit dour froui Lie aveaui , Ijru. b. U.. Ule W Ultatnsburg, ka utiuut V walk irotu Rioeeveit street ferry. Rent h">o-a neatly furnished cottage, comulDiug 8 rooms, garden, fruit treest rurrauis, AO., lure* minute*' aalk front BUplstou Lauding. S. I : une hour from C.ty Hall luuulr.i of A. 1JOL.OW, IU Ea?t fourteenth tiMiorof J. VAN DU.-iEK, Coueetor, Simpleton, a l I'unB* saloti immediately. Rent ?u pbk month-to let. in wtlliamsburg, tu a guutcsi neighborhood, a comfo-u I House containing seven room*, garden, b.loay Car*, three cents, pass trie door ercrv leu minnles to the ferrle*. Very p>?*anl and healthy. Apply at 452 Grand street, W Idiamsburg. STANLEY HOUSE. BRIDGEPORT, OONN.-TIII8 WELL known Hotel 1* no . to rem., possession given In a few day*; toe preMiut tenant would like In dt*|M>*e of hi* Kurnlture. Ac., at a fair ralnatiou; the location of the H su ley Ih n.' by the wale.'aide, it* spvioux rooms and ban .eon e giuundi, reuuer it specially attractive to visitor* in the warm season; persons fmin the city can find no pleusantiT p' toe along this coast, the establishment, build ngs, to., are, iu good conditiou aud are to rent onrrason.tM* terms. RUSSELL TOML1N8GN, Bridgeport. SOUTH ORANGE. NEW JERSEY.-TO LET. A FURmabcd Uouse, with eleven room*, half acre of ground, stable, Ac. Also, one with nine rooms ar.d about tho same quantity of ground, all iu good order, near tne Presbyterian church, a few rod* from the Morris and Boasx depot. Inquire of O S I ON E, .South Orange. STABLE AND COACH HOUSE TO LET.?HALF OF A at* atall S ahie and large Carrlago House to let, with immediate poawadou; lo-'atinn on street, witbin a f.-w doors of Filth Utenne; ih stable ia lara" and airy anil v-ry desirable. Apply to Mr FORTUNE, lb Chatham street. CTORK AND ROOMS TO LBT, AT REDUCED RBNT? IJ fin. Sun* 37 Crosby street long estamidtt-d a* a grocery itore and wed lo-ated for any ties.,, also a First Floor, tig' ther or separate; huge yard with every convenience. Apply on '.he piemiues. STORK TO I.KT?WITH TWO NICE ROOMS, IN THE new house, A'. Division street; u g od rtan.l for any busines*?ui it.ry, dry "ood, or a good grocery riot*, Isaac given. Ad, at Dr Lion RfHt RAVENSWOOD?TO LEf, VERY CHEAP, A DEsirnble Cot tag", cmla n lag thirteen rooms, with barn, lur.e garden, iruit, spade and shm! bury iu au milnnce. Possession any day. Apply to J . C. MALLOKY, 103 Broadway, r0.m No. 6, from iu to 3 o clock. STEAM POWER.?TUB BKdT CHANCB TO START in liusiao** 1* now ort'ered in i. m. Singer a Co.'h ubiv building, coruri of Uohtuoey sad Mau in slrtei*, where Room* sad stead yStam Power are being lot at tbe lowest rates, inquire on the premises STEADY STEAM TOWER TO LBT?LARUE AND stnsii B jome, wvll lighted; well Bulled for s machinist; aiNid liN-aKon 4 W'.'tL-r Ntrt-cl rpo LB1?THREE fiTORY BRICK HO USB. 121 WEST X Tenia street, io gm d Order, w Uh mods*n improvement*. Inquire a: 131. TIO LBT-IN QUTT8NBUBO, NEW JERSBY, BHXT low. two one S'.utntde lor a bakery, wilh new * ovenaud good well of water; too other w.ii be let out in rvornn both have staUes uti* 'bed. To be w in by applying to bqulre DWVhB. near the promises, o. at Kohler ? fMri brewery, TO LET?THE THREE STOBT AND BA&EMRKT bn< k. Ho i* -, win sua collar, 1.15 Ci.nton street; i intuitu all the mo Jot n Improvements, such at gas, hot and colli water, bulb, Au. Apply to GEORGE (1. UALLOiIK, Hi Suflnlk street TO LET?l'ABT OK A BROWN 3TONB FRONT HOUSE, mlih all tr.oli rn linprovemtut*. Inquire on the premises, 177 Third avenue. TO LET?AT 17 OH.USTOFHER STREET. THE SECOND Kioor, rotiKlaUtirf of front ::no book room, two beilrooins, pauiries, closets, and one bedioom on third tlbor; water, rac Ac.: large. lino yard; rent JJ7.V In pilre of HENRY H. fti SON, 17 Christopher ntrcrt. Can io had immediately. fTO LET?IX EAST Ci-ESTKn. a hood tWlTST. EL: JIT | 1 r?rr r V f' V ...... f "SI A).11, n good House, at v -n rooms; two uorcu; rent $ltW. All near t' u river. Inqui.c o' A. M. L.VXE, Rodlmuiler, East Cheater. fro LET?DWELLING HOUSEi: AND PARTS OK HOUSES X lu tfirariton ?tr t, between Greenwich an 1 Wasbu gton streets, tvitbaUlnc modern improvements, in good order, at ow rrnti, to good u-nautg. Apply to MARTIN WATERS, 133 Charlton air jet. rpo LET-ONE OF THOSE DKSIRABLB MOUSES IN X Wa ihlti-io . pi*<e, WlUUmaL.tuv, lilt.'*: blocks from tao t orrlc t. In pert eel order, i ami -1 walla, pan'l marbled hal'a, water, ftaa, ofca t will be let low to a (jco 1 ten on. Also, a vrry tl- ntbe- H e;?e to lrt to one or two tam'ties. inqinr-of the owner, * ' Li Washington pl tc. fro LET?TUB LARGE HOUSE Nil. 311 GREAT JONES X a treat Than ho . rn bvl'l awl kaa a.l tie lmproveivuis; Is iv.llarittntreUanii admirably calcuki'ad ior a is rye i* arding home. Ai-o the II,-use No." 20 Bond street. These house - ar. CvunetP d. and will be let together for a torn !!& ; house or prlvuc hotel purposed, or trlH be let aeiarate at u very low reut. Iuquiro of SMITH A MliAU, ail Eighth avenue. 'po LEi? A KN'UO .VMRHR* BRICK HOUSE, IN OOXX pit to order. No. Is lie! street, fa- a rao terato rent t , a good tenun', with gatenurea. l'oaae,.tii?n uumediately. Also *out<- u,ee Aour'merts. Apply at Sli Pl.ot kir wro.t, lira; the above | r, a ty. T. OCOBLRTSL rpO LBT OK EXCHANGE?a FARM OK 131 ACRES; 1 price 4100 p 1 ere; blue cla/ soil 18 inches, hood fences, huuaa end la gn bum, uuitub.e for a dairy of tiny rows; quar i r u. ? .kur; ijuiu y-i;vo inuns iron n;ii: raw tor. i>r. DERIOIC, <t/7 Fourth N. if. 'po-rnt-a ram three story brickhours, a with baieoient au . u tiler ? istr, entirely new, 11 uo .t . i'-i <! to mat a? a my tor i rto: has . ???, rang'!. hM tn4 cold wn.vr, b?:h, water i-t arts iltnti be.iter, atttiAt" .>u J: lleraon street, tilth lioja-r ;itt of Ornvnwl pliee, nr.,r Fi.ltoo are.:) to car route. For terme apply to PJiED ..vLO., 3iJ Kuilon nr--er, Bro"Uyc. rro lkt-six houses, situated "n bpriko teuI ran:, HitehvrT'li, L. I., cor mflj froja the Grand street ferry: omnib'ikm'j run at ill tln.ea from the ferry to the | j r.'in! i; rent $'.14 e.. .. per annua. Apply U> It. a a. ki.ngs1.ahu, m v'o.v . f ? . m jli?Md air--t. tl'iO LET?THE FOUR .-f.??V SHOWS STONE EJ.OJ lis,, Bim nient Uouae '.? . Eaa ' T.itr enth ft,-ft, w it* ?'l !h? ruo It'iu lit'T.c -nefju; r'jul lot tea pooj tenant, jn.p'lrc ol 1U1UH MBBKlTr, N >. t'l Third nveuiie. rpo i.kt?the modkltx til ree story house 179 X m irerley pla.e, with s'ahie !n the i .'at; rent r-0). al.j :li rtK'eiT. ;uree aic-re tinea alone front nonar lj atr-*l: real "410. Apply to george oo'lk, atn> tn i>?rr, iil Tlr. mo l.Ei-'X BROOKLYN, A h.TT OF Pl'UXISHKD j. R e.raa, ItsMe ! . 'jo>irr':ee{ inal to smell family; ; ? wavr, a , up e'alj ; lea nintr.,#? v,alk front ehejerncs; re: i rli p-. nooth. td<;ie?a 1*1 Adams at tort. rpo lkt?eilh upvkr part Or1 the moukhx it- t; f?'ir r '>m* an I bvUroor/i, hot nucleoid enter, and g:te. i>r.-$?1. Ai-tn/ oa the pr. ralw*. fP'i LKT-TriK THIRD AND FOURTH STORIfcS O? A i i -i !a?* liou*.-on :h'n uh *1J -of Sis'/-#-mud .- i, U::- hou-c weal Of Thir J a-eiir.e. ccoeUtlay of ,Ja i oinr. 0i?-nil w,v . F'u' i.iO-':.*< '.-j w goud Icuani. A]V/ u the pretnuMr-. rLBT-TKB FINK IABOE STORK AND MANEMINT I 3 Bn ulnay, v i\crr low lint. inuuiri. of Mr. I" 'iOIK, Ar-hlie rt. tuir I ;:?r. fPO f.ET?TO A SMALL, GENTEEL FAMILY, THK A U.rd l loor of b>i -so No. IU! tfuf Twentieth ..tree!, eon*l?.tin*o' lire large ro>m?, vith el>?et?. J ia end CV>toa ! 1004.1OUI. \t p y to J. l.ViLOR, V?> HlguFi nver.n<-, Kiwi-on Twti. ? Lilii and Tw.;ntjsixth street... H .?t Siu p r mouth. To r.ET-THK .narrow three stout, htch to- ;i' IPS W'.m- T*enty-v:vni!i street, containing nine room* and bathroom, in good order, with the modern Improvement#. Kflil <*ry low Apply 'O HL'TOMIJfSOS. So. 6 Jft-Oa, oFtlYh A CURTlflf, Wf SlttU ar?nu>-. rLKT-UOUSK [pi SOUTH FOURTH S1KKET. Br>of.lj-n 'file lYillurmb'irgi. n#ar the Roojemit et. eet lorry; h Jtiae la perfoct order, water and gas >hio ignont. In"alien one of 1 ho hest; p tatt'.'iou gircn on Ujetiratof d.y n?xl;ren: low. Apply tr A. JOI itSRAV. <7B Broadwey. 'PO LET- IN" BROOKLYN. THE THREE STORY I'R.YMB X Hows' do. led foari tlre-t; baa dining room and ?stensmn, trl'h live roomi ..u seeond I'oir. Moose lias all the mo ieru Impr-veni'it*. K*.*, water Ar. Rer.t Rte? per year. Apply loTi IP WAS DC Nil in. 6." Son'h street. rUET-POKSELlOS OIVKR IMMEDIATELY, THE Pr?? floors of llou-e SI Klnr street, w ith modera Iro pfjrrma nl#. suitable for ?wo famtitr*. ,.l?o t be First TV > e and fronts* ome-ii of ST. CI ng street; gat and rater, lb quire at 33 K n/t street. T~W LE ! HKT "AND >W-OSET"DiGtis AND RAM ments of three itorv triek JIoosj. In Myrtle eveno', near Tompkins av< unc. Brooklyn; right ruorr.a, rartera, raarh " mantel#. waiter, f*v rL.vo>llers, sliding doors, water, A- Kent rory low to a gwol ,r uu.t Inq-jie 00 H-o premises or Ban loor, hid Myrtle .?- - . mo LET-AM AMBROTYPB UAL'.ERY. RBM"t MODS X rsis an 1 so-d lotaU-jR. Apply on the | r?o?.set, Noi lad Orand atreet, \\ Qltaaith irR rLKT?I!f ELIZ.ABETH, R. J., A BEAUTIFUL COTisr ; ten room*, dott'ds parlora, marble tlr' frame#, wst'rtn kltehen, und cvar '>in> enter t; brgegnrder.; rent low. Inquire of A. FHEl.Fi, .M Pine *tree?. rLBT-RE-NT LyVY?THE FOi R STORY BRICK Hott-e >Y East Thirty i rtt u*et;wllll>e put in onler, ?nd let to two ?m*H famlftee. Apply tio J H. DOUOIITY, TO LET?tub I/O TVER part OP hocsb MO. M Tmrd avenne, near Blc.i nth aireefj woold ba auiubie tome HgM fa i y fan ia< a*. P'rw leu immediately. I.i i ! n Mir pir.mlaeeaad a 180 Pjart aneat, near Chat u.m. ^ 'i'O OR thiuie drsiraile oiticbn, i (a. ' r !?irvr?, -a*riv?r? 'liiiphtrmcii, Ac., lo ' < vrry ,<r rent; n l)??k il'M n w'OU il l?l kl lo ault> ab.r j i Apply ij J M TODiA. U9Ka.,ann street. fl o i.i. iM, i rvlj HOOVtri />M the 1 ??.. Boor, and pan'rjr, haecit n' an I pir'ile?. ran of A iiu?e i?p..?n: the real'if Uie ham a oucitpiM by a widow, wttb.ia'f'iuiiif iDiu.rfl .' j lk? Limro.-wa l>''i {lata atieet, between 11 flcrbtlf. and I nderhH aTenoea, uear the PlatIm/AIi . lira. I'/ a l iii'lly rent $W par moot*. T ) t.kt -IM Wir/U.VMABrno, T1IK PARI.OR AMD Hnx 1'.yit'i ,.f a ilrvl ilaaa naw houna. HMguwood l't ? .lc. p mi I iwj"lr? on Ilia prrml ?a. V% < nub H> v.w? <?* ?, Winiamabur*. beiaaeet, Ninth and J'euth i??ri "ta 'ix i.r.r tub i/Oirta pa it op a plrmishkd 1 i' iime. '? uiall mniilv without ehlldren: ?ltthe moflam upi iro'ita; bona* friti J .**, Apply a? .V-. itAmity ' f lee h'.inr n Klewltei end Amity .met*. HefniTnee ,n,11 IT T?,U1 jo A eM f/l/ PAMILT, HKI'OMU PlAJOH Q/ P. 'I a r H if* -Mwo iix.ri", bxJ room *od pauuva, wild good yard. rro <sn basembmt jt? bi-KB^ksr 1 air*"*., Mx4H. wiu t>n i-t ?e. ?-ni., or together, at r:k)0 for Ida * hob. *">*?* . I*H an I Ifw eiitb atreet, Ninth arenue. al?a Apply at ill Weal frorty-elilh atreet. To lbt-ib tim brown stone itoces im bast Tali tr-Oftb it mat, the Irat and second floora. with aaa and all the mo-lei a ImprmremcnK Apply oa tba prctnlaaw rro i.?t-fw tirht ntrbbt. oni ixkir pro* tub 1 Bowery, four Lofta, !MUI feel, with good bout wheel. Aiapaat.He, eary cheap; If loj. ptanofor a nannracttimr. one iy&j!jlH ******* r">t' ***' 44 - 8 8*iTU, NEW Y0R1C HERALD, M HOPgEI, HOO)H, <W)? TO IiiT ^ | r LET?THE LOWER PARTUS TUB THIOL sTOBT br.oa Minute, I7f Or hard ktruel, couaiatiug of two Parlor* .iud a T a llo >ui. two Haa in tint. Also tlirce B oiub oo the third Hour II re<(uirn<.; gait ?ud Oroou. Apply a- above. r|M> LET?ON CLINTON AVI'.NlB, OOBNKK OP 1 Greene, a line Hon* . in upkndtd order. alik all lli* mo tern .itiprovetueula. HAVENS, Sift Kuiton arruuu. . f^O LET?THE BI.KUANT POOP. SI'ORY BROWN STONE 1 Ho 239 Waal Tulrt i h >lr.:N. uu, feet deep all Uta way up, atreet lui fc?t wid?. Immediate lowown given. Ii. at reduced. Apply to JOHN S. RBLSO, III William aueei. rLP.T?A POUB 8TOBT HOUfiK, WITH BASEMENT US H.tnk it?root, litre r?o 1.1 011 a lloor, will all the uuxtoin Improvemruta; rcul $37lk Also, the seooud, third and fourth annua of houao comer of lireeuwi b and B.iak atreety, containing twelve ruotna, with all the inodsnt liuprirouicnla; reut$37&. lutuiro of A. O. liOOEkf A BllO., It)! Bank. otr et. 1IO LET?TI1KKB 8TORV niOH STOOP BASEMENT . brick Houao lot) Mo.l street; all modern convruunoea; carriage huuaeand building In Poir; root l?<v. App y t<i O. A. W ATKRUURY, 36s Pruul struct Nu* Wk, or WM. IL BROWN, 69 Pulton avenue, Bio iklyn. TPO LET?TUB LOWlR PART AVD THK1.E BOOMS A on tutrd ucir >T tiuu ? Sua Weal Twi :, a.ret-t, 11 ar A (Mid ou t'iuarr '.a tine .-r I- r. ori.u waut. Htid ya? .i?".re?, Ac. Apply to J. M. VaK OIV ttUKOIl, M3 Liberty sli-eel, ftoiu 11 to 1 o'cln k. TO IaET CHEAP?PINB LAKOB HOUSE NO <k> Charlea street. B int only fdh) per yeitr. Apply to JOllN M L'LSOKO, 68 Warren street. |?VF ur.i un UUDfi-lUB TIVU HUUSL BMl Lilhlf X basement Houses, 291>J unit 233 West Nineteenth sireet, bctwneu NiulA c.uil Tun.h a v rutins, with aii till' utoderu nuprovi-m nts; hot and cold water to four h stores; bathing rooms, wHier elo.ois, I'toui and ir?r vaults, Hunt and rear stairways, m'rrotv, Ac.; will be rented to good tetin .;s v.! moil orate piiees. Apply lor further parlivulurs to JAMBS Si EDGAR, L'JS Wool Nineteenth .-(root. rPO LET?FURNISHED, AN ELEGANT HCBURBAN X Residence, beautifully situated on elevated giouu toagnlhoenl vlotv. aoundaace oi' shade and fruit toei -feiti Invn of several aot?s; t,otden, stable, A<.; r?;u $>M0. Also to r< nt cu same avenue, ? splvudtd Mansion, situated in a bean, il'ni grove, nardeti, statde, Ae., with every convenience, at Elliottvlllo, it 'i tii shorn Stateu Is arvd, near boat. Call at lit . ELLIOTTS oifee, Cnlveraity Kuiidli. 32 W'av tley place, or on UKOKUE BARRETT, Esq., No. a Wall street. rLKT-THH HO; HE NO. ttS CHURCH STREET, ucei Walker street. Kent lo.v. Apply to JAMBS OBI' 1 Tvr.ilA.NK ho Broadway. rLRT-A VKRY GENTEEL ROOMY SMALL HOVSB; the best luca'.iou iu Eighth street. Alan the desirable siaed House in Ttyeotr-acv onto street, near Fourth ere hue. Keui low. Impiire or C. PITT A SON, it) Lafayette plana. qHI LET?TWO GENTEEL THKEH STORY 11RI0K X Houses, 101 and 110 West Tweulietu street, lieiween Siith and Seventh arnnu a, with all the model n Improvem?uu of bathiug room, ca?, Ae to let very l nv. Apply to JOHN PHYPE, S5 West Twentieth sireet. rPO LET?TIIB THREE STORY AND BASEMENT X bro.? n lioui Uouso 160 Ryr.-ou strei t, Eiotb.lyn, v.-l'h 1 all the moieto improvements., $Cw. Apply ou the premise-. OX) LET-A NICE HOUSE, TWENTY ROOMS. ADAPTX ed to one or two families, at 13d Went Thirty sixth Street. Prion $M. Also genirei llen -e at 221 Kosa sireet, BrooUyu. frx : HOJ. Apply to 0. 1'AHTRIDGE, f,"J i'eart street. r LET-A TWO STORY BRICK RCILDINO. <5 FEET di op, with a frame llulldicg In front, suluhie for any l..nd of1natiuf?t.tiirtn5l business, heavy or light wot!;. In quire o; HENRY O. BAILEY, IKS Oitruwpher Street, N. Y rLET?UULR1IB AD FRONT ON WEST ttTRJSMft if. K..uearCan?i street: Store and Dwelling 435 Us-.Ulogtou street, opposite tipvxngstrict QiArkftt', BUusiaiith ami Wheelwright's Snop, JU Sullivan atre.ti, near t.'enal; luiuk S-ablCS each two stalls and loft, suitable lor rietaii'n; cottage House Ski Koi-y-ll'htb street, net!" Lexington a remiss ets'tt i -vims; Baaumont Anil Cellar of 2j M-t street, with Power, If desire I; I'arts o-' Hordes, Apartments, Workshops, Ao. Also Hmtvi and I'arts of I loose* for p,v spottablecolored families. App'y to JAMES PRICE, AW Hudson s'rre . ri O LET-IN BROOKLYN. A NEAT COTTAGE. 134 X Vauderblit arenu.'. near Clinton, cntaiitlng thirteen room.-, convrnleut to feiry by city car-. It -nt low .f applied for lmmedla cly. Apply lu'fi.ll. EATON, lib Jotai-anu s'reet, BixKik'jrn. rPO LET-AT HIGH BRIDGE. ON THE HARLEM RIL ver. th- Oottntry Scat of K. 1*. t'nrui.m: the hotim contains sixteen rooms, with l athe, ho'. t.n ! cold iv.tie ", .vnsh'.nbs, ami A 1 the modern i.npru etn-ulr, [Nir.'y feiu sbnl; tMv-u uouu', srspo anc .1I'-'U no i , y.i.'Ci n siu i?<l wnhfiultit a: i kind*. Ala a nfind*--.a'r l.'ora/e "id bcvbral H.uac. at Carmauavl I -, on me ll JdruJ rtrrr. IaV-Uo of It. K. OAKMAN, i.?M llroa.w r.\ ri VKt-is a rnrvATB family, without board, tn ' or two Koom*. fitrnbthrd or unfurnished ? ? couple o: gi-rvlem-n.ora ?;entl. n an and wue; t\;>ylou-pM'snnsj.ieferred; toru.? moderate. ' A]<: ly ;li 14f>fis<t 1U r:y-thir<t at. rpo fjkr?a" riiiir class'bkown stone uoi'be J. lumisbod, 24 We*f Ti.lny.firs>' drcu. !?> huts ?c i- IV) t'-et >1 ?p, and the furniture new nail vety i. lud.-ocn" Op n lor ir. stKClU'U duly l'ro:a 2 to C i". X. TO I.ET?A IIIOH BASKMEYi, UI3 BROADWAY, at BY IlMfeet; alto the Music Sw omr It, ad* M e; chai the Iutg? hrli 2 iiouae corner ot Uroafcy and Umisb'n struct*. A'Ka.t Uouaton s'reet; 11 cats be cli-red Into* ate.'f. infinite at fi!4J? Broadway, upf.rS, SCCCUd tln.r. rpo i.EY OR tOR sale-AT HARLEM. OK EMU A street, a lar^c and con-.m >dt(/>a and tout Lo s, 1 wlrti can-age house, u*s, bath, .1" i aleo on sumo atriwt, > Cotiagr Hnure and two Iota and a Iritf, ? **, l ath, A ; it- "a l>tap; immediate postv.s.ioo. Apptv to E. 11. BKOtY.N, l.'l Na-scuMrest, irons 1 tod P. M. TO I KT?AT HARLEM, OS litD AND IftTH STCBRT8 . A e?"? irum RtgltUi avenue, Cottage Houae, v.uth >? l around and at?b:? tor io lr boa-a. Apply to JUltOW.,, i.l N'taauit street, from 1 to .'S f. M. rLKr-THB riNB. LARUE. ELIDIBLE wlt.t ot without b .. -.uanl, .'k?7 Bn.tery, l>< t?< - , jud Tilth st cets, ra*t side. AoUUefm aui-lth .ayta ery, | ?h.>c or cro-kery Mure, o.? aim..-, any kind ul' us-inn a. U o< undo to b". rpo LBY?THE OLD STAND, LAf ft. vND STOKE, a ornoattc the Hu'tsor. lilmr rrtl.i . on Ninth aerr.uc. No. o!0; JACJ only tor t wo ho ?n.[tiire ot .'>(1 Tenth avenue. IK) LXT-THE TWO STORY ATTIO AND BA'tBMBXT Uriatk Honsedl We?r TUrte- .th str. *f, contmuuijt etc. t; . . in iiuou umiT ' n'i t.-iii i r-.ufu M?v 10 ft goo ; i.'O fni. > l'ljulreat to Stone el ect, uptljlre. S Tf r.i.r_io \ smalt. family " o ;'iu kloof,or tarn ft. nnd thioi- U "Im. u , wi'h . v of Kit;, Unitc.y and I mt ofaeUar. C<u bo m- n lruui 1U to > u' i j K ;.i Tiei.ti.-lh afreet. ffX) UiT.-OXLY $j00 K)R a COSY LiflLB llO.rK i la W.'itjfoity eighth street; a'! th- .n-xl?i-n Impi'reb tllt. r utgO, WOU'.l tMbo ,lfl.I R.l tiXttli'P* t .Utl<l>C. T" >> a-eo from J io 1 o'r oct. ft. lire m CSJ Eighth uya 'p, oim.-r of J-'oi y-etJMb a'rcet. rptl l.iir-THK KOCH STORY BROWN KiONEETOl l!?ii h- i-deol II . .? , Ill W?*t v Kir;.. ti. H o ?tuiu- and It.-ottlwir li It handsomely .tfuto-: on-offio wide * itvt?, .v.'.h J)e?g:..u uov'tit-n a. 1 f l.ou?e ?? .a ? K>d i.i f"or. In pil.e of h.tllTU A M KA1>, I Jiiliifi'li ana o.i rA. nilXrH, lit I'lne tirM. | fro LET-LOW, TO A FIUYATS. liESi'ONSIBLB VEV. A ant, th-- thro story* id lui'-nient brwtf flouts, -No. Id) i Wc Tf-nty-iovenih ktrw'. fir belt. (tuiidtlleik, j vraf r l*. wsh tub#, ,ic. It the? i o-uu-Jeep, and b-i anno yard. Inyuu-o on Ihe prruiiec. ' flto HIT?.NO. 43 DIVISION SirtKiT. iltE fe.OilK X ti*.-' ?'.! uxiarr kui'u I" * 'UiUl'i r? btt.-lBPf". Tumi j I -v. Apply to II. A. Bv<JL U\ il Wa'l alte r, third 3-?ur, ti-.m. . . rno I-Bl'-THE NEW FIRST CLASS. KOl'N STORY X bt jh si ovp br iwn -toe hou?v'?i Wf. Koity-m'lh i>tic-t, fifth and Sixth si-pii ' s. future on tlm premier?, of at A. TRKAOTKLL, lu* Chambers s'r*r-. rliBT-KCRNISItBD, FOR SIX MONIH9 OR A YEAR, chr. p to a small family, ? Hire* a ory high .(no.. bn.wn a.'oue Uo.tae; uew and- >*n; looetain uttesc p dutiable. Apply to J. S. MOOHE, TjJ Count . euue.. t|V) un?AT 107 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH isTREBT, X also at 1H3 West Thli tydS*M *treet, "t? ?e and a ad third llo.ia, four R .-outaca4h. to aatall r?->p. liable Aru-rl-aii lair.'Ilea; gta, water and o'Eerajhrcaleo-iai r:m $7, $10 * til. In.pure at ibe abore number*. rL%i-A TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK Hi ' p. llalurr*, .pilar and vauh, im-* alio li. lea t 'l btr la 1 ?* rear; amraueefiom Mard'tiaal ?ir?tl, at*. t'letu yard; r< t?l redit-ed to mill the ilmcA JupiCe on ihc pre. cahtee, 13 V i'iibm aires'. nvt iit to ? rmii.i ?i ?n.v isriuin rroon n? X t rto fWvB-i auU two liydrvjui* and p.11 i iw fourth Poor, I if r'TJro I, wl'b u?- of gj", bst'i, pti i or eelim* and lunvliw. * 0<in 'jc urea irom tea to four oVJoc.i. I'i & i t'w u h ?V | ft A) LEI'?WITHOUT BOARD, A 8MAI.T. Hon* AND 1 Roilroom, wttb t!f?? etcl hr pi* ori third floor, t" a aitiRle pei-on, or would tw let tor <mr, 40 at VI P'r month. Inquire on the premier*, 3#i we?t Twem. j "t", nr.w N nth avenue, early opffe.vo the elli HOujttr empty now. TO LKT-TO A SMALL FAMILY, t .0 )SV KLOu I OF b-ttun Ki TwrtHy-*''?ht*i etr funr R.?,ae, two - uitrkw. bain, hot ?o I .-old water rml r e'lir room, A. tlen> 1300. In arlr.utai.diiriykiwlut'.-d, it t?iencitnflrjit ? >,! ^ jitre<b TO LEV?A fir 5 STORE, WITH A I.AiWiK W OIIRMIOP In tbe rear. AMo a tuenelit Sf-e, ,... -nu. bo-'-roaker, ppm tr or barber. OfT^e* t,i let, y; m B mme alien, ? f? doors weel'Of Ut .lariw.iy. TO JiKT?Wl. it 1MVBDMTU POhrfliiftO . tlB Sr.nndri r r.f IBS'ril HiOadwa>. four Mwi; trio Frrtaad eou Fluoreof 13SuiLi.iu atie" . in nt a-id B^droorr In 21 W>rt rtrf, an* rv r t of t. Went Twei.ty air. ot. Ap| y a* 16 flullitao >,iie. t. rno let?at no. kw fifth strrbt, nk ah rhc-ond ! I iTertie, lb* Iawt par. of 'b'" Hum % ? Hi two ' atocma on the tnirl stury, with ga? Md h . h. Al v, part o. : the iioum V HIS. ondarcn.e. with t,.s a I bau>. luiptlfe t,n the pn mleea. fTK> LET-rltRKB ROOMS ON THR TH1RII 8TORT?A X front,? jack eud botw-.n rojoi , with t'roton w-ei?r and pnntrw?; ) > K ,a r-irnlehad In tho attic. Jnq ilra at Jlmli Aveaud. _ ______ TO LKT -AT T It KM O ST IIPPKR MORRHANIA, A comfort* *wo a'ory h-i'iae, eun'atnln ; e?v<;n ro'imij nod well and Hat* .: trj(? vloea. fruit ir. m and ncrrent bnih?>i >r> 'be In* Rent r-btoeaVe Apply to JOHN K. f RAIR'o Trancal, r LET?AT A MODKRATB HJIT, TBB IWIOl.B I P. ret firrt ui Ho ur Th T' -htli avenue, i.'-Ai the. corner of Tortr Uia* tro?t; oniein < a . nnd bath, and I* wail edvptr-o for a rr.?P'. Uhle .oerJ n^ ooune Apply on '.be premier*. r Li{T-.HE DtTBLLINO PART OK TToi'i* HS4M Brnndwey 'h?r.r Nlne'eenih street, with r'l tiie rnu '- rh mprot--vpood lo-ai" fv?r h-ialnoKa; will |m irt In w> leoriHwtrt. Rent hiw, In<( in the More. rno LET?FART Of A IMM'RABLR HOUPR; HAS ALL X nioiern Imf rovmeriis, aim plcdaantly locate-'; to a de rrabh tenaht the ehulee ?f nppef or lower part win lie rjvsii; rent in jr "pr.r ton from Sd<M to i 7J. Apply ou tho p. rml-e*, 2Pt iVi M fwntj Wind atreet. I,VT-AT~A5TORlA, TO A MM ALL PAMH.T, A neat otfr*, oonla.nlna alt nh-e ruomi, with k'trbra and nellar atuehed; aim, a tljwer sarden a goml well of watrr, rhft ufeen mlnotaa' waU from tariyf rout $70 Inifiilra of 0. C. H"Wflhb, odrpenter, Astoria ist- thr th8rb 8tort iimh 8toop ovf RLL Ina Hutuw tM Waat Twenttoth atraet, fronting tlbalaea Bauer >,r.. aiabed with C'rotoa add fee fllturea, and erary oonvan'en'O th?* Oan bo deeli Apply 10 D. A. Ol/SHMan, la.. Ninth are?<id * '**? TwflRtM* Mid TwflRlfi tr?t wsttb. - 1 ONDAY, AFKIli 28, 1805

_ HOD8BSS, ROOX9. ?0? *3 bit. rLKT?'TUB FOLLOWING DESIRABLE UOUBBd AT UtOUUKD BENTS ? N i l i4 But Turieonth mn', lour ?lory, brown stem English Ku imniii. Ka. IS E,cd Thirteenth street, four story, brm.n "tons. No. IN Knsl Fifteenth limit, three story. high stoop. No. 21 hluyvi wot street, three story sua ttttlo. No. I4S East Thirteenth street, four story, htfch stoop. No. id ioiaioii flsue, between Tilth avenue suit Uitivrrslt] place. No. 89 West T?euty-slxth street, brown stone, high stoop. No. M Rial Fifteenth street, four story. English basement No. IP.' Hast Thirteenth u tract. North s do Keenly -eighth street, between Third end Fourth avenues. brick, two story, high sloop, J.ttX). Apply to THOMAS MACFAKLAN. ISO Kssi Tenth street r LET?IN BROOKLYN T.VO BLOCKS FROM IIAM Utou ferry, suo go si neighborhood; the lows i pailionsistluc <>f I'ot .us, U isi tu. ms liuil If oil Bedroom, nil iu good order; watoraud sew r iu the house. In luire on the premises, MSs keus ieet, i r of A. LAN'UM.iN, 24 lie/si, N.Jf, fltOLKT?MKOWN -1TONE FRONT IloU-iB (M BY Ml, A four st n\ bsx anleellur; hor ami mid aster, si lUtuins and ulmnii hers, all In good oi'di ,-j reul (bdO. lull to IOHN Mrh.1 UbI.VS, Ml Fourth avenue. TO LET?AT LOW KENT, A LARGE BTOBB AND A['.u'meut?, si it e cuuer of Tvn uty-thiril srr. eland sienn A, st Ih * form. This is s gooi stand for a ?r e ry and li'iuor;. Inquire on the premlt s, or of JOHN ORGAN, 3_a 1'enrl stits t rito UMHI first and second stoky and L U mini, rooms, w til improvements, wnsh tuU.,u . ul e Ii 'iso In East Thlr y-thlrd street, between L'-tlnipon end Third inclines Also half of s Furnished House end Tnird Kiory. Apply at 10b East Thirty-third strset rpO LET OR ICR BALE?A BEAUTIFULLY A situated Flaoo on the Hudson river, near Bull's l'erry, eonsLliug of s b 'Use, ruble anil Ihr e seres of good cultivated garden grouud, Willi gi .pes, llotvcra, Ac.; also, a small douu ? from t .o aauie, lour a res or Lornl i routing the Hudson river. Apply to WILLIAM RAl DE, No. itOU Broadway, N. Y. TO LBT?TUB 8TOBE AND BASEMENT NO. 108 WILhsui strert. corner of .folio. Apply >n tho premises. TO LET-TnK SAW MANUFACTORY ON TENTH street, OC!ner ot Atu?lle, Brooklyn, K. D Tiin building is 50x30 feet, three A >rlcs, well lighted. on twolots of ground, liuttanlo for sny kind ot luauufaAurtiui. Apply to lltHIUMS .t i;REIiN, corner of Grand and Fifth streets, Brooklyn, E. It. rrtOLSr?AT THE following reduced rents ? X N . -l.r W. ittttli sl., three story Ein:ii It basetnent. .?S30 No. bil W. .Sfith st., thr.-n story Eag tsh hnsenv-nt.. 550 No. Vi W. 47th si , four-u?ry h. stoop brown stono. 700 No. Sl) W-Sfith rt., three story high stoop brick. WO No. KB W. SStl St.. four story English basement. 8 41 fit. 85 \V. 42d rt ., three (ttory h. sloop l?ro. stone. t>7.1 N >. 00 ftnooa.-d i:r?rt Moilnerly $1,7.<01, now 6JU V I*' W. Sitti kt., fuirl-hrd or no .urnlshcd ? No. 616Siih armor, lo .r story Store. 600 No. 1,381, foir stoty Si -? 640 No. 41W. 28t)i ?t., four n'.ory" English basement. 7SO No. .153 Vf. iAlh fct., four rtory Kn?lt<li basement. i7it No. M W. 37th at,, thre* rtory high stoop (rich. fiOO Nr. 76 IV. flat ?i., three Moty h. stoop hro. atone. & 0 Oouag' ut Eostoh.-Her fch* Cottage at Mount Vomon, Blgnth urer.ue, Brett* depot. 100 AUo W'.r. i, f4 !? of Houses, OottaieH, *". Apply lo E. 1). I.A1YRENOK, 1 '-61 H i o? 1 way. Be'n era Thlrljflnt nnd Thirty *afMxmd streets. rLKT-rAHT OF HOUSE NO. Kf SULLIVAN street, c insisting of four Room-s Mini Until room, on second floor, and fiont UiiHuicrit ; hot und cold water aud f. TO r.RT?A THREE STORY BRICK IlOlTFi' IN fTPTYtilth sirfft, no: h ft Ic. 11*1 feet rust of Third nvrtiue; rout, $.109. Alao store No. 551 H.oadw'.j. impum ,it French's Hotel. _ TO I.BT?SECOND FJ.OOR Of HOUSE NO. WEST Eoiiy-fourth Street; sis looms, nit'i wet. r and (t>s. in g x> I tirder; also bs.cnent Hoor of name h iuso, with four rooms, Mater soil gas, on r,?-o:.ibl torm*. Apply ou the premises. rpo LET? APARTMENTS IN EAST BROADWAY, NE iK J. Clinton atriai; Inwer purta, second and thirl floors. In ttra- Us* Louses. Kent loir. Apply at ti- E?' t Broadway, near t 'Union Street. TO I.ET?THM THIRD FLOOR Of HOUSB 17-t EAST Seventeenth strei t, nca. SlnyTesjittl. . Vrh?uvi ft*.ma. wi*h gas, Croton water, marble it a:.l Is?to a g utnel iitmily. TO LET?TO A HXALT MlLY, THE SECOND FLOOR* rot. .lining four R. i. h. furnKL d or unfurnished. to" gelher or k: pai-ately. In p.ire at 1!'. West Thirty-Kislh Street* TO LET?T.<E HOUSE NO. 81 LUDLOW STREET. CONela'lnffor two go vojiii* wit on - bedroom, suitable forti sira'.i far.illy; ml $15 per mov.lli; gas, Croton at-r, Ac. A rp > ii 57 K . i 11. -idtriiy, or 271 Canal oire.-t (lireiy slttli!t>i, near Broadway. rpo I,FT?THE TIIKEB STORY ltOt*8K, 13.1 MACDOL1 (til treui, neat Wnthitig'an vp.are; ha* rang*, hot sud .oi l r .it--, bnthjo in, gas with flxtitre-., Ac. Inpit.e iif ft. M VAN IVART, gibd-f, 111;'ot, tortier Maodcttgal. 110 LET?A UOXT AMD BACK BASEMENT, WITH .< Ft/' ' onfjdtlrd au-rr and -. -.r.-ot fcrtlahad )>&rlO( ?r rr.qiiltxsQ. fcx^vueiii I'I.k* i??i- u or hujum l i.Uiy Iui'iic ?t lit VW?t T.vtluu tr.-i-t, near KixUi trMN. fl'O r,RT?IN K300KC.VN. *? TUtrDdH STitEET. NEAR X Couciri!, a vw/dcsiinblfi ?. n m'f'i > i Ftti. tone, Walt 'I'M t>rry; r i > " "T?l> P. I>1 Fi.fti'. Aili'l fi-'v flio IT." 'HE V . < . i ; . tI w,.v . . .1 , . , si/f ? 1 * : jd ?v 1 j-'n"ii . i -AllHd U . ? i .* /" iiuii. V\ r fur. . . fourth do t r e>. -V'Oli irOUaBKKEPrKG. m*E IKK?>IA, AL1. an .i* n < oad tla .r of ac En'i'.'ir > t mn' t.i iJojs?. No 'lark r. ??>?. Immediate po.?s?.!>-i iti; rant $ik. Water in hw-". t:?u i ? f'-a ft 33 Waet Fn.'tj-.fourth Ktu'ct, noit M muH J. b' trvren J'JitU aud B.*ih aw isuta. rno M T?THE fii:noM> floor in the new xii: X bldlmlUiai 131 Kibth avruur, eoo-lJtin, of *:i r.> r.nt, ami ' nlstn .1 trUh Crotsn no ! r?? (litre ; .an> m kill i.pu. nrjeh tub, w">r hud wa -.r c h-.-t. a'i in new aiyi*.Nif'.rdlngn iu' llnal n'-i<lrn.a? . >r n ; ui":' *t inrxlf rule rent. A'iOm: i..luUifcr Fluoi *. Anjdy l*> ii. A. C'?";-UMAN. ItiJ MutU ov uuc, I'ft.vvri Tv/ciiiirtU and 'I n jQir ftikl treeu. rro I.t r-TllE L1 HOE TWO NTOltV A.V ) M.t- i.Mf.SI JL I, " FO. In atlli.,;!* lil-,.1 ' T ..i T* Inijuirn on the f??ui am, ? nt l'REi)KBh.-K 1*K I'llYSTBF, >jl) Will F'rri I. rro lbv?a B'.'Tonnn SH<i\ i/>n; lsi \".i,isr u. I. X.i lid S alih < '.:? (, n -";. . in' S 11 ; vl Tiilr.l Floor*, iu *o<>i ?itl v, ttlno i'i 'Aj'j? j -Ill ivfi lliu.uL nnr I'limn'i ?.; t, N?v<- Yor!:. IV) i.KI"?rHE\t* H> FAMIMR.J !' ) >M If? ' -i Hal ?ni? >irul (>'ii in imu ) 2o O.i'-r, M hast, MnainT|79liM|tfl h,Mli!n ; nick, sad 30 V.i-i k r - )*; ?>i-. "mini i.l i . .* r fo. n- v b' -ln-??t Ul H irt-m loq in Oov.'.u il, V\ Zt fcj Hi- > : ". A 'jr, |>n?j. 'PO LE? T > A VERY HMAT.I., QflHT l.ASilf.V, A J. "rt ; ,<i, fl'.r . o it:.- UKl'l fill --Lie I'fc- -II; >1' and uittrrArj tic ?rln;> H?nt, Chat!.* ?w*ra. iwlj ? l/v<'Uuniumi nr.wt, lu tinfar*Unit '.lino, ll ri! ?- ?l rro l.ET?I'AKT of lIOLf:. M .-lc. xd avkxirr. 1 i- rn-.* ?f ToiPty-l'vi*. '? v-'tU s.", the ??*.-?. .? -n loijirnerutini/; Ian." i)?'l., hot ooM tt":V:r; :ut>"*c-<nrcainrt mil i of u ' - !u.- ii.- -j hi til elt/. Will til' IW mo urr an uptv-ktrst stmsbi sear testh A SVC..UO, liv ; -a-ni l ino. f 10 -u oi'.s lo'.r H'mmn in lu-inJ loon, vitt prMltvo ! r I'ltoMB. f lV pir li.oritli; ? ri m i p:m' i n on ??eii flout. rro LET?IL K Vl.iltlfD RCx?M, DKOAlriYAY, J I if -ri?s.'l ilot Ir-' Appl;. up .'.VIA "r 'ft ? -7. Aln-i in !<io? a'"v.e lionv i'l ten. i-i-r. iLw iert an ! b'.ort CIA Hrtwlwti . Aip'.r lot tb'j !- ' sri 01*,'^ Urobdway, rro I.EL-TO A SMALL, OKN'iEKL FAMILY, TllK 1 ne-vtt-1 tlmn, citudnlluj )fl! nmti? . ? , n<t no r tn.-n UMKitle; Brsl roJiord-r In tli? bu. < . X . 3 Mbiniu* one <ioar fioai RLn-.A r; mni 01-."'J i"> n-n-.'b. On- inn.!. r. "ily wiih no rallili>n ow.-itpf n . ?r |?n. rj LET, TO A f-.HAt.'. I ?1 M:OVT RdOniil Hoitni-KRiDi: J?'* RVnur. ir'V- und jo.rorioti?? 414 OroniT< li ?rj? i, l.otivci.) 11 .?> 11 nnd l^Jrhl poi--? lou lot of M . r no I" ijr I not if ol Jl-'Fia MELI1A.N ,'t Z ?irt*u Ir.!i >-(< ti, 1 t vc ? ChamliMi ai"t R?ntl?. ' ( nli*. TO BBNT-PAr F OF TflE THIIEE fTORY BRICK Hou*? Kc. 14 \\ orreu plo- (t ^rrl.. j. WxMraor. ll?r aadrold wnlof nnd |fi ?br' ikIuk.i, wn .luu (Uid batbiiR in bo, An. iMTikiu In un' n'? prtfciE. A .Bjdl r?mt!T on-'y n<nsl ?n;.'ly to DiT'OK, Xo. it Jnlfirton Miorkn. rrv> HH.vr?>bnt ?Hi. mu ktunt iiuucK, :a X Writ Washington r'awk <vUi 'Tainted thnm -bout, n. ? y?? fixture*, rsnit", bath, he A; ply lo h'CUATIO 'Vfi^ iJaR.Vj.V, Bull's IWi K' nit, oonwr Tworry-BfUi nred end Trim it' enu*. m? rb.vt?thb two sronr dwelling hoi re I and two ?nJ .1 h*.r ?nr?M of Oru'iuu ctlviblv aitu-tMaJ .? Toftth ?tenue, ooit?er of llfihlt street, tvar (Co llloh llrl igf. Oeirtaye h" um end stable O't tin* premise*, and a gardtti wWI r. u ted ci'b fi itfl, A . Ai,i/ to A. M. LYON, 'a Wall ?tn.?t. TOUKST? A VKRY SB AT COTTAUB ATYOMTURR, A f-w ti'icuKx w.tlk frout the depot; ..mbuna shout 11 r-cmi; thun to r'iCi.Aent A'.ouud for I K?*wl i<*n'*n; 'itr b' .* < i.uii.oiict'- a Una view of ia? river; rent b'tW J R. BD'.r AHOK #77 W *? Twenty thtr 1 sire, t, or B. A. b i tHil B a'lwojr. Yonkera, next tio-it to tits I'oat olfiua, rpo LET IN JERSEY CITY?A THRRK ."TORY AND X tvax-ntH use, Inch etoou, ocurt ys.ti la (root, end f" art'i w?' r t ii runabout; ttl Va*r* atret*, tire mln-.v*' wi*.k iroiti the ftrrr, Tor parlU ulart , niulie ol WlJJo AM YENVILL, 113 Brnsdary. N. Y.,mar butminp. Ttl LBT OR LKAAK -VKRT LOW, THE LARGS ANO elraont tilck Dweiir.g, with mo tern impiMremet t?, St.. 70 Willoughht ? res', corner of Br l?r divet, Brooklyn. Lot WiioO teet. Lo-atlon i.ear the City Hall en I vry pea-i.rtB._ii deuntbl . To-.av'oii itt'iu Iminedia.ely In a "ire til H. A. HFAFARD, No. IfWn'l Btin, y./ nd ?l) 1'rtirl street, Hroofcli c. TO LET OR LKASB-THB 8TOIUI A,SI) FRONT ANO reer l? iUdtnc*, 1MV Br Iter Tret. Tu a downtble letter I tbepr tnla-a wilt b" let At low rent. Apply to Air. WM LO' K, ltt Baxter xuaet. rlKT OR FOR "AI.E-A FIFRT CLASS FOLH etory, brown Mono front Ucuss, well located, full width and ail modern improvements. Apply t<j CtlAH. U. MILLS, 81 Osdar street. TO f.RT OR FOR HALR-FOl-R NKW MODERN TliRRli story llottese, on Brooklyn HoUlits. >hrt? minutes walk from Fulton ferry: hare ranr- a, vasn tube, hot anil old water, baths. A-.; rent only $100. Inquire of MAJOR THOMI'SON, n Woo* tar atraet, N. Y.. nr at the house*. T1 LET OR FOR SALE?A NK \T TWO HCOKY ATTH . nd Ba-emert frame House, filled In with brick,contain li>A nine rooots la oerfoot order, unh ground eooal to tWc ot'T lots, neat and tastefully laid out. with rb >r? irnlta flowera, Bo., thereon. In the town of West Farm a, thr-.u lO'irtlia of a mils from Tremotil depot on llrrli rn R tllroel Tor parttcutarr imptireof H. 11. HMIT1I, Km., i'os' master a tMkl pis as, or J. O.^tLL, tM Fslton stret v . vo.k. rLRASR?TIIB BSTIRS MARBLB BUILDINO Sit BresAWsy; stars 110 by M fast; bra atoriss, with t>aae tent and under baas mast; would make a Has asiom; oi rach Boor separately; two upper floor* bare been fitted tit ?? W&TtrX B^w'sJ!''a,q"1,7 I HOUSBS, BOOMS. AC,, TO LKT. ^ , mo LKA.SK-TKN LOTS Or UKO'JND, SITl'ATKD OS J. (be K.i?. river, betweea an t Knrty-ibird I streets; bulkhead, with water thirty lm-i d,ep; la suitable (or 8 Ouge, Fuiin ry or the tuanulacture ol heavy Machinery, w here good whari a j umodali a.- a.'c . c 11r a Apply l the I'e.tai Depot. ou the promt* a fl'O L8ASB?FOR OBOOBBIMS, LIQUORS, SHADES, r 1 Wuiea, tleerv, Alea, U.? teis, or any hue naaa, two or ' the b -at iitauda, Urgt luucunu' aioua, n ut . h- ap, S3 East 8-oolway and Lllludaon airoet. Impairs lu basemen! of 21 East B oadway, lujui .lla . iy. i rro lbasb?two lots of oaot m< m by miiaoh, 1 1 on I'.xl street. bet..ssn t> > a i . ' I..::' h a-euuofi. ( ' 100 feel rom li*.v r .ce caiuran no lahle fur a ' ta.ernor other d Midline. Term > '.I1 f '.tar to J Jobiujii. tare J. O. Levi. 14 i< u, ' I finiKK vU AND NKhDI.K HTORE TO LEf. AND FIX J. t reafor rain; rent 912 nor n c.. o t.v- piein- ; Una, 717 Oreea noli street. a.oud dooi a' lea ?'ts t. j flUIE THREE 8TORY AND HAhi'M KNT IIOf'TR 127 LA j 1 layette avenue Brooklyn, with all lf.o Tun .era Improve ! menu, to let, with Furniture. If agreeable would uke pari ot the ivn uut in Board. ' mo DBNT18TB AND!>T1IK KB. ?TO LKT.^tllK 71UrtT ? A Floor over a drug store to R dentist or u null private I family. It U sulub.e to and hasher ocupled by tut former for a year: rent low; two families in the house, are en.all and with, ut children. A; y a'. 078 Sia.h avenua, ueei Tntrty-ninih street . UrrER PART OF flOFSB IN WEST TWENt'iKTFI t atroet, near Sivth avenue.?Fu r Rooms ou aec.ui . . or, lneiodiug bath room, water closet. w?: h b.slns, extra; four ro ne und o|s'n rai rel In iilt c; gas and water throughout. Apply et ~ti6 Fourth a.reel, WasLlogton square. orwi ?T0 I.ET, A TWO STORY TIOITSK ON e Bight;'-nth street, lirvl hon e from Filth eve- f nue. inquire of JOHN TURNER, Blghty-atxth Street, near * Third uvenue, or 27 Park avenue. i taOrfl "TO LET-TIIK TWO STORY. ATTIC AND ] ??)??<JV/. baa ruent Irljk Hou-e, No. 8t Nhsuiu atreei, 0 Brooklyn, tvlth rear buildng (whirh a . le med a* fne.tory o .ratable), rent #'<<). Apply ?t 111-' Nas nu s'loet, New York J (In b. ear store), or on the premises, hi Nausu i street, Brook- { lyri, between 1' art and da, a.i eels. J HOB9B9, CABBIAOB8, AO, J A NSW TKINO. f li.diliB A STB YENS, Manufacturer of first ' lass Carriages, 73, 71 and <6 Wall ei etrwt, ] First door cast of Broadway, j Are using on all their cirri ages nnd road w neons the Patent r malleable O round Axel Box, whtcu causes the vehicle to run tuuoh ligiiti r than the old laahloa east Iron box. ALDEKNBY AND AYRSHIRE OATTLB. SHETLAND 1 Ponies an I L .locator Sheep? Will be so d by liAliUKR- , TTf A dO , at Tutuusail's Stables, Bixth avenue and Thirty- , uimh street, ou M <J IS, al I O dock. , Can he seen tho aajr before. 10 lieutd of A darnep 0attl& i 12 head of Ayrshire Oat tie, She -land Ponies and Leicester Bheep, j Imported aud bred hy the undersigned. ( Pot pari ouhtra as in the Aidecnnya and Bho. p Apply to THOMAS RICHARDSON. No lf? Broadway! " And as to Arrsblres and Pealss Apply to WILLIAM WATRf'N, J No. 29 P. rk plaoe. ? yy riNE BLACK COLT FOB BALB- SIRBD BY BUKR 8 ; ? - . . .. ?, m ui |wi uiu bui vpriiit;. urou 11 lu d .uliin umt si ge burn Mi kind unit gentle. Also tgray ' llor?P, nine jctus old, whlo i will bo (Kil l cle ?[>. Apply at ' 15owns liter/ statics, 15utla street, corner of htojrum, Brooklyn. J A PAIR OK HANDSOME TOUNCJ IIOK.-.ES FOB SAKE? Hi liutuls high, wufc lung In :1k, UI Hip It 111 lUrl.cra, per- 1 fectly jetule la oreiy raspe d, w ill l-e "mid separately ur to- J gather. Also a ret of Double Umrn snd two sets o' Single ] lis iresa. n Tup Wegon, Pole u nl S.ioii c, also s Trotting I j Wagon and HlMiikt r-<. Wo . 11 he evehaugod for Iron rncr- , chsndrse. Apply st 68 Welt Thirtieth slivit. I AOEStLE'!AN, GGIXd IN THE COUNTRY FOBT1IE " * m id i . "11 (sku cliurge of n saddle Uurau for Ids ! keep, with go nl care. Addres P. II., Uera'.d office. j A RRIVED THIS MOKMNO, AT THE METROPOU- ! il Isii ;ahlnt, rorip r of Prtn : sn<i t'rnb' streets, from . tbo wc-t t.i par. of thl*'lute 31 f the ti.iest Horua that . hare lie n fit ilie market this year, coioisilng of matched J pairs. Coupe, Road and Saddle Hor n. Many or them are the premium auimabto. tue State, ant Worthy of an Inspection itoiii tho?v wishing to purchase. Tiejy will t>? olfcred ; hi very low prices. A TWO SKAT HOf'HAWAV, 1TIV-I Ptil.R AMD ? ahaits, In tool order, btil Ut'le u*eu; also alfum Florae, , lor car. or, seven yours old, i-intnen hsndsbigh?weighs 1,301 p .unda, for .ale cheap at !tt Hum T. u .j oro nt street. ( Board your horses at tiIe new vork tat tereall'u. Sixth and Thirty-ninth street, being one of the best arranged, most toDim?u,ous and boat conducted i stables in the rlty, having an exercising ring free to all i boarders, (" images to let for null* and the road. Regular 1 rales at sue,,on, every Tuesday at 13 u u. ali. ul Horse^, Wagons, Ft amcsa, Ac. bre Aur't m head. ' HENRI FAl/MER, Salesman. . /"1ARRIAGE8, HORSES AND HAHNRS.i FOBHALK.? V ' Tie shoiiticn of pitrrhuaera n now serially relied to tue BrsoUyn, Klup; conn y, Ctiriiaga uasuiif ictury and ware* r.uims, where may be louurt a iar?e s ock of the Most up. J p ujvd uid f.u bin. able spring styled ot Cur: iwgrs. Coaches, | Bretta, Fan Phaetona, Culusnci, toy a id "pen buggies, Cor- t man I own nn I three-seat Rco .sways, grocer.', express unl 1 business VV.igoni , dep .I and h ,U-i Carriages, and second bond fisrrprgiand Wn.on* of a.l kinds. AJao, Horses and Harnett*, selt-ng at ore r which derv competition. No. Id Ni vin iBiree. and 131 Foliru ITNM,Brooklyn. j "17OP. SAKE?AKK THK HORbhM, WAGONS, SLEIGHS. 1 ' A 1( .i-.eis. To !- and apparatus v nd. i'-.i wi.U a Ural rlssa Bckery. Will rent hakerv, Butblsu an.I houno cheap. 1 The ro nolr ireiik a.i tvo lit foe ilia whi Is F. I>. RICHARDSON ti 00.. twl and 31 Nssrtu street. j IjKJR HAI.B?A FINK CI.OPK GAHaiAOB, MADE MY J 1 John K Li? r. n. . *.id M in n- orJcr. Apply at ( loo prtiate rlable m 'iMrtieih iUt-ei, ono door froru ttroori- . WlJr. ; T/>OK taALE?A GRAY HORSH, BUllAMI.K KO". A J? g. -i cr'* u.-e, light we* ia, or unAfti- the fttdillo; will ho t ] ( ..! ! riteap, ni tlm -nmer mi no uae for h m. C m bo *reu j anytime*- the loom n flout yari la fliaoon'h atrrol, nror 4 are title A. ( FOC. 8ALK-ONK ?IF.(Tj>D II AND TWO HOP.-iH ' Feed Wagon, two aixiouii linn.I MIT: Wagons, on- light 1 I'i 'I'llre Curt. Apply to It. L.KNO.V, Ttum avenue ant K ; Met. r.H'B HMjr-i COMPUTUS EfttSUSUWT BE- j J1 ? njrln t > i pi. v to K ' r an n .tlni or a htinkaklu . I' r.r, ur.;U Unit ft-ripe J <?"n the ba"A. Ion* ia.l an ! mane, 1? I In In*i?)i , ivir.ui.t.M ? m l aid p? iilr In hrru-r* or noil i t' ?i !j i.u.l fes*; iu iM'tiM I al.vlft r?nnot he inr a * .., Set of Sngle llnrnein. Isti ii.niin mnr; r irt'nud,, U. * . Ti.c *h : will ?>c aild loci'- ; ,iy. m tV I'n an ;, y ; aiately. ( an ho won any day no- ! t : I" M , a' Macka/'a rl Mi', iweoty-'birl ree' end | M u. j blOU NALB?A BOSTON (HO; ALSO A Trft.N OVER at T. ji Wo ;<i'.; aiao t inenimrjir n -.ii light IT a I In-jit r..-a'illHjj ilrrrrr etr.'rt: ii?i II. r>ri trfcan, o.i liwry; rwlift ever fii'O'iil l aiittl.9 lie*: o. oair. Lew J fitOB HAL'l-V MAY M IKK. I i'"TE8N HANDS lK'lil] . A' ft .;< I rml anil >ail .1-ho.e-; vi'nrruu'ed i- miiU and good In ovrrr ia; jirr*. Ala ?, IV "nn jn 1 Harnett . tru/iira j a: Sfl'KIi S i. 7 In 1. o a't ;<v, rar Grand. TCOJtBAMl-A VERMONT B K liOB B OF IBt ] I' M'ne.: f!*? K Mook : it a :< all teen hanua ; , > r ul, apiri i J l '. i ry above/, i? fc mat uiid-r aadni or In -in-.e >.*iue<. ; a aid r.,ak< a hue rarri .gu U nae; all y<ar? oiil in Jnii- on * i ; -'U fur 'T.i in of u.\ A|nly to JOHN K. HOT- ; TON, 61 Wi ' T kon'y-tn'iilb it.cel. 1.10B SAT.l-i?A ' BUY S' PfcBJOll ROAD TICIUKiHAU J ti " I b'a rui - in 3 41, ft no <. Ijlnat'.y .m ; w .1 ; | Ift i iu for half Ma uft to oioie an tiUtc. AC t/nca ,c. J., i I in* I.'Hi lv" orr.n<. ] t'OR ?A? C-A FI. P. HA7 M'.RF. 1J UWDS HIOK, I perfect It route'. '.i an : ften'Jo; Pile* $J&k Aptly a? 1 -r*-..- i..r r K 1?-'C d XB?A HWfMTT s'O.'.Hfiti H' DOLTt itOHVB. J1 14.1 ';u"d* !. .'b, long urn' * *, !mi ?, f.iat, I f-u and h'^h rirlf'l. c'tn lr ??r, \i V : ."tabl'H 'if David never.*, T.v.tnty.iiinth uti el, r. ?r Broadway. IVi^e $1hj. e-fJi. >'m.n sau.- a rixb black houoe, i< -j iiami.-, vr.i'? .vd, ,'i|'.'.hic iv.r a enrr'auv or Oia *< * en at the ? ?' 'o In t*eniy-?i?iA ou-Ovt, i ?r at t,\ hi o. betire 12 i - a, I?on 8/le- a BKAimrcT. !?<.?;?net. m a finb anddtu, ei ' lieu' to tti? i-sy n. nvad slid kind in im; tpp'T Tiiir.jre'a H <'1ta A .i."#'jrLe< rnor of ,U'u attest and Sixth ai', of Mj.STUMilipn. Fan iULt-A F*:r>> STORE, no.v.v i AWN, L TAbitrhed right or ulna r,'*"s; the. b* latin" Lt in fti.'i a-d ell. .' ivooi? ' dlon. V'n.-i.v r ;w .iiu. giv by gJdt. adii# Vi H , ho* i fai Herald tlW. ^ TCORBALK?ASriiENDID 0 AY M ARK SCIIABLE FOB r ft get t'.. mtn and i*dy: can tro' In .1,'j i- .m-i. wall I btoke lo wuidUr, an I Miiuxl md kind, a.thuat n bi.-adeh; la gentle and hind in aJtglo or double h.>rn-it; 1.- o very atjr'ih driver, aid at? ?uar? ?id. Would <;*< i.*uge fc> a lovror price ho. m. Apjil; ai 181 Eat! Twen./.ffth ?t-., t. UOK-SKe FOR SALE-A LABOK PA! It OF DARK gray, long tftila; ?!*? four Apr ,*rst a'nyl.' !lor*c? trun 1 W?M< >? New k oi k. On'>o ar.on *i N /# Ron Tuiiiy-iid.tii t a'r. e?, between Slitli avenue nnit BroaAwajr. 1JOMIES OF A hi. STARS, AN it HARNESS- AJLSO X Warrone and Harnca, f'r ?!? viieap at Ku??y Moor.dkiretf, N-tneen Plfih and Sia.b rni *\ Jttoaus KKoxaos SPAVIN INPIRjfAKY. NO. US UB'IADRA..?PABlie* In the eo nitry and ?there who upp. id.. u>m norul their hm Npai inaennrely ft-enrd aud efT-tctiuilTyanred [ ? wilhwutC.i igoi blUlotirg. 'h.nv i?An tn rgvticluaui 10 oia,, In this boaicera: oi.o pith nine -,,eam an ! fond of , boieaaprei.'rrnd. Ay dj .? the ?a)Vi- i.i.o, B' * Itraj-. TUVn* WANTBO.-A 8EC<?K;) (AND ONE HORsB Truek, Uklit *n<l In (pi.ei op 0' A .dresa, atr.*las' price, At., ir iok, llvrftld oillce. <? mo? WONDER."-'J-HtS CBhBTTAATBO 8TAI.IJON 1 X li no v mending for ir.-t. t _i Wdton haarvneo'o J tablea, it Plushlin^ lemg lidaii i, at "i !rl ti.e "en?nn, In ad??nn.e. Marc* tlUe riti ?1 ownui'it jnaiUie Dtovidod. Ho " wm iif "Tom ?' .iwder,1' c in by " '' vjdrcclt r," 1 r Umrougiinrta, I' c,<r L..e'.1 u. u.:a ' ,,n, cuo in >u-?d<i j pound* wight, blark Vgg. nmnr rod Uli i :.u ii wit.i all-er ( . n o, 1* Ihirlr n >r? o old In June 1 *if, u. 1',ut a 1 dngait, and ran pot* li'?fde < t il 'Jf lo * ?atroi.m: ' '? f1 pood a nook " , hor *>*? ?ny. lie boa l.i-.n a half Ad In !n ! ? than one uii- J nnt.'. H? U for mle, prion WHI rxehanpe f ir * form 1 naif How VerS, or other proper*; or <vuiilc. Addrree or * r*,t r? ftliove, or on th" Dr. .1. BL'lUilNO J.A1V1 tiKNCB, Bt. Ih.iilr HoWl. W?w V ,*. WAOON FOK BALK.?A IT AO.ON N *CA nY NET t pniibn'ii oipr-ool/ f u- th, baaing bii'ln- a, **'li bo i sold low If applied for wx,n, ?* fhe *ucr rn no fnrlbvr u?e I for it. Apply at &jI sixth ituaue. WANTLD?A 1-AlB OF HOB^r.H, HA MOI83, CAR- i rlage, Ac The hot ?oamOM be kind, round. aa<l good ( ' drlrrm, nnrl kI mit>U? lor fainltT u- e, for win, h will bo glrrn to rxnbaiir- :w> up-Miwn IxK improving rapidly In , rahnr, and w< il icoted. Addtvaa box 1,83 I'nv. .lire, rutting . partfctnrrr. , ! TXTAyrr.p -x handsome. ; bay or r "r Mi* Hm, a nt.t 18 rril ilgh, IP .1 u to rlctt. Ti ?r?ulJ, kind mo well brok* 11. ? ? ->j (mvel'er, uinl rttliat bin ,r ivrjr prrjr-i I .or* arntleu 1 loiri'i' 1 ill!. Al-Ii* h in troio" lop Biggf Wagou rn<l 0 light llmnm, nhi h have b??n bet iUtle uaed and la g'td o-Jet. AtdrraaT. T. I E, Herald tan. r flTAWTRD?A (IOOD HORSE, V, TO 16 HANDS HIGH!; I YT ii.url bo ro'i. I and klo<l rn.l 1. goojl irate h-r a na good Light Top and lit.u?<?, a [Crfgg| ntdrt Adfireaa JottUMiti MWUkWeet, SAt.BE OF;??TATBt ma orra.TuniTT.-rai .on place on Long 1 aland for Mir, Ot ouo-half iu wort* onii lean thM half iu oust lew years Siuve. It WatiuutM nt Bay Kills*, anil von be readied by bone railroad la third or lorly utiuuiee from Kallou, Wall sneet. Mouth nru.,1 ton avaune ferry. The crounds oonaiat of ahout elghtaM acre# of the very Sural laud, all of which hie, at great as pcn?e, been lata out In law na, i amble*, wale*, garden*, be, *uu containing a large quantity of young fruit uvea of ai rerietiaa, oraaaaenttd tree*, grapevines, shrubbery, he. The buildings cuudsl of a large elegant mansion, with obnci m lory, aad containing tweuly-two room* (right of whleh an >11 the tint lloori, large conservatory, gaa bouae, porterb lodge, tool shop. slalde. accommodating hficeii horeea; largi : ri-Uge house, henneries. So., the wno'.e in tine order, nag jouimandiiig * *|>lendl(1 view of New York cl>y and bay, Jar ? y *hore anil listen I 'land. I'or term*, which will be vrag liberal, apply between the hour* of 12 and 1 at 81 Prontatreai A oreat bargain-por balk cheap. BBVB8AI Houses and Lo-e just nnUhed; alau < 'uuntry Beat* at drrgeu. New Jersey, wltblu twenty minutes of Jersey C la "erry by horse railroad. Apply to A. M. TAN^KRKOKt. So. 18 Hourly street, room iff, or of O. A. fhlLAtlO, ,rocer, Bergen. A BEAUTIFUL, FARM OF FIFTY ACRES?NKAI fx the chore, 7 mllea. Oil Lo ig island, with good ho iter in and OQibuiidiuga, plenty ol fruit and piirWwa'.er; pcta 13,600. B. A. BUXCH, Mo. I City Ilall plaoe, coraer of Ghauibers street. A LARGE LIMB OF ALL YAKIBTIES OF FARMS IS CX illrt'crent scotoma of the country, and of all price*: CUy .ud Country Seat* near the rltv for salo oheap on eag| crm* orexchan ed most literally; can suit all. S0UTHW10K A WOOD, 8J Nassau street A FIRST CLASS BROWN 8TONE TRONT HOUSE TOE fl saio or to lei?four st< rl?< a id i aictnenl; Forty-eighth treet, eighth house wcat of Fifth avenue. Has all ihe modm Improvements, and Is newly finished. A| p y on tk* iremise*, or at John Ken iedya steam Marble Works, Thlrr-tlfth etree: and Broadway For bale?at a ore at kaoiuf Job, and om THE most llhoi'.ii terms, o e of the Une, | ,rms and ivstdeuoeg n the Hu sou river, with s lo ply lieu lor miles, with dock m the premises: choioe Irult and shada trees in abiuid&noe; true and elc ;aut double house, wide p una, good oulhutldngs and fettoea; over two hundred aires of laud, uadrT a dgh state of cultivation; and, in fa t. In every respect one of lie mod dnstrablH farm* on the river; and thei* never wss . hettrr chance to make a good purchase of a farm, on whioh an he cleared Ore thousand dotlais, no ally, with a doUght, ul home In the bargain. Possession at onoe. Apply to ISAAO A. BIGOS, 73 Nassau street. For bale?a obbat bargain, trte only $1,300, a sp tndld Farm ol 111 a, res, In Jefferson, V. L: ex. client bouse and barn, abundance of valuable tin* >er, well watered, Ac. B. A. BUNCH, No. 2 City Hall place, corner of Chamber*- street. For salb-or a partner wilt, bb taker. the Unitorollff Hotel. At High Bridge; thouiaad. visitns the pl icc daily; splendid qhanoo to mak? money. J*Pilyon the premises or to ISAAC A. BIGGS, No. 73 Na? *U .licet. Fob sale-on hurray bill, two nbw first c!a?s tour story brown stone Iron; Houses, one Ne. tt East Thirty-eighth street, nonr Madison avenue, 35 by At iad one No. 47 East street, with all the mold u improvements. Iintuiro oo the promises. tr<OR RALE. OB WILL BE EXCHANGED FOR A . snutU farm or country ptaor?Four First avenue Lata .uinouinbcrcd, sU .ated near tlarlom. even with grade,im uady. Price $700 each. Address U. D. G . Herald oflloo. IJIOIt SALE?ONE OB TWO OF THH DEfflRARLS L' Uousca and Lots, at 51,0JO to $1,500 less than cost, 3S5 vintli avenue, in-ar Tweuty-sov.iitb stieei; also tola and lousea 4113 and Ail Went Tlitrty-nfth street. also fine flutshod .tone from bouses, 1% Bast Forty-eighth sue at and 8WI West fl. beta street, Address A. D.? 301 West Flftlith street I7K>R SALE?TKNHMBNT HOUSE IN BROOKLYN.?A L' atnullihrte Btoiy brick House, with Store ou tlrst none; uib water and gas; pays over 10 per cent on $2,000; pnM 11,750. Terms, irotn $50d to $700 o*sh| the baianoecitnrenaln on bond and mortgage if desired. Apply to A A xKLLOGO, 90 Baaver street. New York. EjlOR SALE OB TO LF.T-AT BEDFORD, VE*T ' cheap, one H' use and Lot on Pntuam avenue, 101M last of BoJInrd avenue; also one House and two Lota tut dndtaon slrsct, east of Bedford avenue; water and gas in >otli hnuses; loiation good. N. B ?Fultnn avenue care t ,.t Fulton ferry run within two Monks of the property, dqulre of H. A. WEED, on the premises. Li OK SALE OK TO LET-IN FORT LKH. A large L Dounle House, nearly new, with 2t? acres ol Lanl, ten ninnies' wals from the lauding, twenty minute.' walk from he Northern Railroad station, with a Urge variety of trull rec-, two wells of water und a good barn on the prcmiana. Phe steamboat E. Hulsr i-aves foot of Spring; street ivt y day at ten o'clock. For particulars apply io i he Fast U-c H. u-.e, Fort Lee, to J. BUITER. IP sold It w.ll be aslft neap. FOR SALK-THB THREE STORY BRICK STORE and Du elling on to.tlhi rly corner of Van Brunt and Train uoi tweets, Brooklyn, pa. tng over 10 per cent; store haswaur ind gas; price gd.iOd; terms easy. Apply to E. B. KKLbOGO, 90 Boavcr street. Mew York. BK.R SALE?THE TWO STOBY FRAME HOUSE. don C1 t.'.lnlng elybt rooms and six closets, In Academy street Astoria, Long Inlauo. cheap for cash. Apply to JOHN MKHBKOLIi, Aauirts, Long Island. b^OR SALR-CUEAI' FOR OASH, OR WOOLD H*. change fur a stock of Furniture, e splendid site fer a trlvaU- residence at the city of Kllzabet.i, N. J., near Mm kpot. (Jars run every lio .r, day and night. Gall as IB iVaJiln^io.i street, UoGokcu, In the auoUon sto; c~, till sold. EjlOP. salb?AND bomb for exchange, farms. 1 City and Country Kfmrtencry. all aires, prlc-s uuii to* latlons. Some good bargains for 93Sh. Also, a perfect r aide's nt business chances. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 83 and 8? Nasam slaved. IpCK SALE OB EXCHANGE?FOB A D VELUM . house up to < n, a Country Resilience, one rnllo north at larlem bridge and Ave m nut:;.'walk from railroad dupoi. 1 m so In pern ct order, built by the day, with furnace end ange, a . table and sliale tieca; aL o. fruit trees. gra| ?<aad >h unbvy of rauous kinds Apply to T. CONNER, ;5 Centre itrost, Now fork. b'i'n Vtt DAUIIrtHUn?A OUUV& vrv mn three alory housea, tn live boat buain h location of mio of he moat flourishing lowna In VTIsCoiimu, tn'i'ely uiv n.imr3 reu aud lest -d to good tenants. Will lie and cheap or u> hangt.l for unencumbered rcule <tale in New York, HtockJyn lrviojutiy. Apply to TIIKO. P. JACKSON, Attorney, Avx. ornrr-of first and South Seventh a trot la, Williamsburg. |iM3!t 8ALB OB BXOHANOR (NOT MUCH MON'BX I wonted)?A three atory wood?n Uouso and Lot, buiit ipreaabr for a bakery; good trad of water aud stable for a* ;ot:;c; Initio thrlvtug village of Uuttunbu:^ N. J., oppoatta Teventletli street, New York, for further particulars uppky :oH ntis if vV k'Klt, near tha premise).' or at St Wool Twenty* t!r*l Hirvet, Now 'fork. L'OU BALE OB TO LKT-A POliNTRV RH.-'TDEifCH* L i.ue niuu'.c'a walk troro Tremont depot, no the road to High Hrldre, WuMeheiter count, : a cottage, u-u noma, V ?.re, p.. uty <>r frui', good wa'er, tiaru, Ac. for particulate lonlie ; lll^a West Thitlv-second atreet, or of G. W. lOTt'llii'lT, curuer of Chatham and (Jham era atreet. Mo I r.atiiam Batik. FOK SALE OB TO LIST?THBKK FIRST CLASH atory brown mone Hnurea on i'lfty-'eoond atreet, id joining t te new M-thmiiat church, earner of fiexlngtoo 1 venue, App:y to PlCkBKK A CASLKY, on the preaHaaai Irion salk OR TO rent?two houhkd IN thb " town of Greenwich, Conn., situated near the rnilroea i J*', and on tha ste.vmiioat road; r ild dwellings her# a , i ty pliaaant water view and healthy loentiun; poest Mdoa riven inmrdlalely. Pur particulars in-pure of VVM. WALLACE, at I he depot, (ireeiiv Iij S'.aiiou, Conn. For rale, lease or to let?one oit five lots, with HrP-fc nnd t'rsmo B iluliusi t n p.. i of ,tn- m. In iul f of II. MAII.LAKO, llrtf Tenth a >.-, 1 OTP AM) HOUSES FOR BALK NEAR CENTRAL Id "erk, en fourth avenue, Imtween Ntnety-weoad end Ninety in Tth streets, and oo ,'iiri.ty-lnunU una Nliiei; -third itree), (with tue three unltnl-h -d bouaea), between Third and t'lfh avenues, known as Prelect Hill. J. T. fAKlSH, liGPr nl i Veet. UrANTED?A FARM OR O0NTRY RBSIDEXCB, within tldrtv mile* of iha r.liy. In earhsagn for a hit ![/ 1 dw<-: tni; liou-.* a i<1 to*, near Union ...i-a. Add new, irttli lull purtirulirs, KoguMD, l>ot I.3SM riMtoUrc, W. T. [IHTH sTRERT, YOKKVIMJC, RKI WERN THIRD AMD ?/*/ Y iur;h arcnu '.?For salo o. to |i>t thr wi.ol - or part if a thren a'orr and basement Uou'e; irn' reri/luabln; ! nn? 01 seta raiiy; nlxili hotu>? from Third airnie. 1 9(| NINTH HTRKftT, KKAB BROADWAY?TO LET lsji' Willi ptcr gla?? S ctonlcaa nail cbaadnllerr; now >?!' >! pa!u*<?i| and p " In beauUfml condition; suitable for rr.-dance nr b't?lnr-s? pnrtmvA Apply In HENRY MIL roN, 11 List 'fw i/-Aightli rtraet. Kan' M.-tJU 979 EAST BROADWAY FOR SALR-TURBE 8T0BT ??% and at le brick Houar, S-i it, r. lib in -darn IncroTOMCtite-ir. la fre Krtr $A,ouu Terms ?w-y UOMEK .Molt'.AJX. No. I I-ino sweet _ itl w,Lr' MUY A KBW TH"? NTORY U0V8K Ipli'l'B ' cjr fining alt rooms, double pa.Lira, cwUl nant'lrt anil grata. i?< ij l?y 17S, on# block from or* to thran arrlea, $201' waisi rank, Ui? Lilad'-a Ct9 to %tO ituart -riy. A.ipli to Y. ANDRR90N, uorucr of Fifth aeeutia ami Fo-ir#eDlh street, Brcioalya. ?*> /IfiftWILL "U* * WKW TWO STORY AMD {tiU.TUU Htiia Cottavo Hoita# ami Lot, eight ruoino. Miciy k<i>( oil In a iM-u.niiUl location : AfUO .-ash, lbs bat oca fluXi par viar; ab<o a two ?lory bnck 8lorn and Dwsb lug ou 11 ilb arrnua, rrlo-fl^OO : lamia Ihu n.m? aa atom, tpply at "Jianfflca of D. (1. Daniels, comer of FlfiU a*eluo and Fouru-culh street, Brooklyn. 89 nn/1 -FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE?TWO pO.UUv. Itouaaa; one a very nice brick Cottage In itn *.i* of order, rotnarof Amity and Nichols streets, Newar*, ( J : no lnrur..lT?nne. Apply to J. H. RICH tHURON, * be premise* orM. MALVANY, 1M Warmu atisei.Mawnrk. L'i nn/l FORAOOOD FARM OK NKVKNTY-KIVT. PTiWlnJ acres, froR. water, wood, rriln, alo'tc #n$ uola, fund'um. good balhiln*. twost. r/huae, thliiy-Hs o'l-a fiom N> w fork, rear dejot, Knat Otllio, mhoot and lb- tel.en Call at ftSBortlandl sli at. In the Churn stum. WE. HIMTOlT PEIDiONAL. FIDO.- ALL AMD SEE MB THIS EVENING, AT half-.-aai seven, where you am* me la??, wltbourfatt. Bob adoption-ant resphotabi.k pamii.t wishing to odopl a tine, hrsHh/ lamule nr. Id, (so mnntka i' l, . n lotto the opportunity by ol 6A ilrand rtf^H HKNItY LYON, FRO* CALIFORNIA, WHO STOPPED .nl Preneh'a Hotel Z4it? lune, i(M|, m?r hear of cotnr. hing *< hit ?d\ an'ag" by a MlTMing boa 2.830 P"?t odbc. Any friend addreaaaaabove. t-rr ARRIVED ?AFK AND RELIEVED MY AN* Ictt. "Alt is well Inst ci.da wall." I b-pe aiut thiok ihnlwlll. Yn>i are wroiii?It wan not sniwcroU in pcrwrc. Tour itltl'.'uat l< patnr I Vouta trulr. V IT TIIK LADY W1IO I.El-T THE IIAT, SHAWL AND Furmt Mr*. flTelghlen a. No. 71 Rea'i'ngto atria', on I ri.lty isfteraooo, will rati, aha u n jan ilieth by paying elItcnret old proving proiterty. MlSS El.ISA ABKRLIXO, WHO W 1MHEH TO FIND Mr. Alexander Parson, rill p'eate call at 19 Doyra Mr it, At ha cannot find her retldaixe. XV INK.4 AND LIHVORR. Rodman* 8 Philadelphia alk.~i hereby notify the nubile tuat I am no len'W f(,r Win.? R idtnan, noram I selling any ale repr? anting It to bo (n hl? manufacture; but I ana celling a superior artlrle. at a lower prion, browed by Mr. Thoa. It. I'enroaa, who hat bajt b. owing for Mr. Rodman for tne patl ten yttrs. and WM fe-la uaillied be ean tore out an article equal. If nm anper or, lo anything Mr R'l iman can pmdnew. 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