Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 28, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 28, 1862 Page 3
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lAUMJlT APOTIOI. A^~OoflOW BOTICB. M. U. CHAPMAN, AUCTIONEER. MAUN I Kit BNT UOUBKHOLD FURNITURE, HhM?n Statuary aadmar^rare^i4>-Ugmui W orks of Ait, a ibis day (Monday!, April M, nolo commencing ml U o'ckxck precisely, Itha elegant residence ? West Sixteenth atroct, between Fifth and Sixth avenue*. la:?Seven octave rosewood Pianoforte. Ko?ewood Drawing Boon. So I a, Brahaa and Ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet Medallion Carpets, Bet rea and Dresden China Vaaes, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Bmbroldrred Laos Curtains. Oil Paintings by emit.enl art .a'a, Moaewood and black walnut Chamber Furniture, Oak Uintug Uootn baits, China, CI.a* and Sllr. N. B.?The auctioneer would call the partlcu. ir ato-ulani mi bis frtemls and lb j public to this sals, the cu al.a . out prising the la.jte?t and richest collection of Hons . o :d Furniture, A*., ollered at anctlou this season. Sale | ar "P'-ory, without regurd to the weather. Oa'aio-'uet at die itouse. SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, (he rtohesi Inairument ollered si auction thi* reason, superbly carved legs and ease, four rouud curnors. fuii iron |i.'a.?, orerstruug base, all the n o leru Improvement-,. made by eny makers, fu 'y tested by coiopeusnl judges, a d p. <no .uc d i auperior Instrument; rosewood Centerbu to 8 1 cover, ad In brocade, French sloth Cover; Book, use and Hwr't. ry, Enoolgnt.res, Lady's Work T.ble, Writing Do-h, Kr n.-b Plata Pier Mirrors, marblo Blabs and M.sM two Mantel Mirrors, richly carved frames Euil totd . 'd La n Curtains, French Shades,, two uiagud cut Bulls Drawing Room Furultuiv, oovo >d in thie color d aatln brocade of the richest <!> ? r.pdou, carved In aolld rosewood; two Totc-a-Tete Holt-, two Ann and eight Oval Back Chairs, rosewood i';ii:e Tables, tatnary uurrblo top to match Die su.ts; Etageres, lined with satiuw ood, marble top, mirror door aud Lack; 2 -- * patent Reclining Ea y Chairs, Pier, Card and Quartette Tse oles; Oil Paintings by Cole, Inmau, L?gr*nd, BvUerea. Eglaw and other eminent artists; As 'Utmra Virgin Mary, from celebrated painting In the J, uvre, Parts; Storm at Sua, by Pmgeinaele; two superb match Paintings, black walnut Hatstaud, Chairs tomatcl.: O ..loth, Stair Carpets. Chambers?English Brnsaela Car u -, rosewood marble top Dressing Bureaus, Bedsteads and Commode* to. match; Toilst Tables. Shaving Stands, lbs i.ers, Cauultfw, Ann and Oval Back Chairs covered in Satlu: Spring and [(vir.Ht.trutca, Feather Beds, Bobters and Pillows. uval Mirrors, Pastel Paintings, Decorated China Todst Bi 13. Brocatel Curtains, Ac. Upper Chambers?Mahogany and black walnut Bureaus, Horns, Bookers, W.whutaiids. Dining Room?Solid carved oak Bt.ffut, statuary marble top; liortz's pateut Extension Tabic, Arm Cltuiis. Couches, elegant sets Crystal and Ruby Class Decanters, Wines, Oobiets, Champagnes, Lemonades, Tumblers, Celery, Frnit und Preserve Stands; Finger Bow's, Buby and uold|tior Sets, Cold and China Dinner Seis, Silver und rloblv Dt*?wirrii?d Tiia Hal. Vm-tv-Inu* nle.,.>. uiliif fiver Dinner and Tee Bete, Siverwwe. ifoffee iJrn, Casteia, Ceke Baskets, Napkin Rings, Spoons, Forks, Ivory Handled Table Out'ary. Also, Basement end Kitchen Furniture. AUCTION BALE OF ELEGANT FURNITURE. Bv KUbBELL W. WEBiOOrr, Auctioneer. LAKOK SAI.B OK MAGNIFICENT FURNITURE. Two element solid rosewood Parlor Suits, In Solfurlno satin and gi een and sold. Splendid rosewood Pianoforte; Fischer, maker. Rich Car; eta, Bronzes, cosily Mantel Va*cn. with the entire beautiful collection or Furniture end Works f Art contained in the dwelling houne No. 163 West Twentydirst street. Between Seventh and Eighth evenues, THIS DAY (.MONDAY), at 2 o'clock precisely. The whole for pnalthro en i pcicmptory Hale, and to bo removed immediately, of lour supero French Pe r end Mantel and Oval Mirrors; rosewood Centre, Pier and Sofa Tables, with marble lops; aoiPl rosewood and walnut Bu.ts of Furniture, In brocatel and French reps; Ottomans, osewood Bcrreury and Bookcase, lined witit satin wood; lady's French Earcuilre; Turk Inn Lamps and Chairs In Solfeiino covers; Si'k and Lace Cuitiina, English Ta; entry and Brussels Carpets; magnificent row wood Btagere, i oat $21*); Ale ant rosnwuod Pianoforte, used but two mouths, coat MM; Work Tables, Maruuetlrle and Bols de Rose Cab nets; Meeeption Chairs, lu brocatel; roeewood anil walnut Tetaa; Bronzes and elegant man el and Etagcre Vases and Ornaments; bronze ami am #r Cbanile.ii-rs, with a superb collection at Paintings, richly framed; Mualo Cabinets, comer Xtaceree. Velvet furs, a?. DINING ROOM. CHAMBER AND LIBRARY. Btch French Bohemian China to match throughout; Ivory Ontiery, Stiver Ware, Spoons, Porks, Urns, Casters, Tea Sets, Crystal and Ruby Cut and Engraved Glassware, Ev tension Table, fourteen feet long: Oak Armchairs, Marble Btiifct, aiepaut rosewood eirvnd Bedsteads, with Hpruig and Hair Mattresses to fit; rosewood Dressing Bureaus, Coinmo let, Wushstands, Antique Tete-a-Ti tes, Oval Mirrors, Bronze and Imaid Clocks, Spring Beat and Cottage Chans, Rockers, Boias, Lounges, TeU-a Teles, Card Tables, Superb Beds and Bedding. Geld aim Landscape Shades, Htatr Carpets end Bods. Oiietoihs, Marble Hall BAiud and llall Olmirs, Sideboards, Ac., with a large variety of Chamber and Dining Boom Furniture not enume a leu. N. B.?Spe cial a; .vnlion is called to this sale, as the fnrnlnlture Is as goon aa new, and will be sold peremptorily. Catalogues at house. A J. BLKBCKER. AUCTIONEER. A. COSTLY AND ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND WORKS OF ART at public auction, at the private residence No. 40 West Thirty-eighth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. A. J. HLEECKBH, BON A CO. will sell on MONDAY, April 28, at M% o'clock, the first class Furniture and Works os Art rontalned In the above residence. Comprising Wilton. Velvet, Tapestry, Brussels and other vwi^uiit, d'i|triu iwwwu i ihiiii, eirgaui rofefwoou i'iri'ir Earnltnre. carved, in magenta Matin brocatel, made by Bogfelort * Warren, Huudn ne and other*; English Library Chairs, Bookcases. Buhl Ecolgneur, Beilr.nnn Furniture, China, Glass and Silver I'lateo Ware; Kitchen Furniture, ka, A?. ABe. a choice oolicetlen of PAINTINGS. LINE EN RAVINGS, InniudlnK many Proofs, W.iter Colors, Ac., by Ohrnotu, Wanderford, Heir, Alston, Van Willis, Tcnkalin M others. -including an Ort tlnnl Portrait of AARON BURR, . By tbe ccleorat*. maat. r, Vandeilyn; historic pleture of ureal value and raiity, purchased front the Van Jerlyu family by tiie present owner, PaitieularsIneaialocueat Hu 11 Pint street. (The sale of tbe Works of Art will commence punctually al ?Q%lork.) a J. BLEECKER, AUCTIONEER. A. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AT AUCTION. A. J.BLKEUKKK, HON A CO. wi.. sell at auction on TuesAay, April 29, at o'clock, at C5 Second av. line, nrai Fcmuh stre L, the Household Puiniture of a family rcinov tn. to the country, consisting of Brussels and Ingrain OarEOilctotha, Solas, Chairs, Tab es, oak Extension Tabl', ire, Hatstand, Book Shelves. Books, Lounges, Bureaus, h Bedsteads, Oenirc T.?Ulcs, Quart tb-s, looking teases, Waatistauils, Crockery, tl e Port hie Furns e, Man^ Ornaments, Beds, Bedding, Ki'chrn Furniture, go- Cato. wi at 11 Pine street. Albert h. nioolay. auctioneer RXOCLAR BALK OF STOCK* AND BONDS. ALKEItT H. NICOLAY WE sell, this day (Monday), A;.ril 2s, a 12 W o'clock, al lite kfERCHANIH EXCHANGE, , W Washington;.Ins. Co... hi 4U Hi. Murk's Ins. Co 25 S9 Rutgers Ins Co 20 40 Hope Ins. Co 50 20 Adriatic Ins. Co 25 20Com. Ins. Oo......... Km 20 EquitableIns. Co. OA tbt.iilieim' Hunk 25 Guardian Lire Ina. Oo. MJ 96 Exchange Ins. Oo Hll M Luriliard Life las. Co. 26 25 Imp. A Trailers Bk... 100 tWO Lagan county Munn ac turing an I Mln. Oo. bonds. AjMPcoiiaand Ouuawna RR 1st mortgage. bonds. 4A$J do. do. 31 do. do. Jtelt regular sale Thurs 'ay. Ma. 1. ALBERT H. NICOLA Y, No. 52 Willlain airest, Auc -looser ami B ock Broker. Albert h. mcolay. HOUHF.'lOLl) FURNITURE AT AUCTION. ALBERT H. NICOLAY, will sell Tnesdiy afternoon, April 29, at 4 o'clock, at No. 36 Eusi N n leentu stre. t, drei nbtr Household Furniture, wa? sold on tbo 2S-I and Out called for, and is to oe resold for e < ount and rink of fur a?af purchasers, who rare not compiled with the terms oi ale. therefore forfeiting their deposits nuule on the same, claiming of Bureaus, murhle tup, with glasses. 4s. Bedsteads, spring Mattresses. fhnhoguty Sideboard, marble inp; Gas Fixtures, lar.c oval M.iinel Glass. Ac. Terms eaah and bankable lusnsr. Odlce 62 William ilnat AJOt-B. II L HMITIJ. AUCTIONEER. WlbL SELL thin day. at 3 o'clock, m 137 K.gblli street, near Broad Hr.Mie Flit no, throe ivtcwMkl l'?r.or Suits, rosewood and Mahogany Bcdiotmi HulU, mahogany and maple Chairs, Baser*. Pier Classes, T?b . Brie-els and Ingrain Carpet*, Ut^Falotugs, and everj thing Celuug ug to a first class Auction nothe.-e. roth, auctioneer, will sail Monday, April US, in 10% oYlock precisely, ihc elegant Furniture of a pn*iu- taiuiiy leaving the city, at the ornernl Wavcrley pisoe and Slam avenue, consisting <>f handsome Brussels an 1 Ingrain Carpets, two bcaiilllui Par lot Units, covered In bin* and golu urocatet and green silk tops, marble t?p rabies. Btage' so. Lace Custulua, I'ainuagR anas, large Oral Mirrors, roe w -xl and mahogany BcdrOoin Fnmliure, llair M*t.rt-s?ea, deds, h.-d i'ia. Sola Bod, Lounge a, 3 print Heat Chairs. Koekers, Tea ami Kvlcnslrm Tables, B ITjt, Arm Chnlr*, Olasa, Cutna and hilv. r Wan-, TaWe Ont.ery, ho. Sale positive. AB8IONEF. H SALB ok ready made olotiiino A'.?A. M. viKiitTALAK. auctioneer, will sell this Any, Apt 11 23, at 10% o clonk, at 23 Bowery, a large stork iM Ooth n , comprising tine Dion. clotn, eacsimcre Frock and Business Coats, black dosskin and fane, caxsln ere and satinet Fanta, ailk, satin, nasslrnrre and I .ait Vests; also a large assortment of Summer Hoods, Coats, Pants, Vests, Ac. ; also a large lot oi' Piece ?i tods, Cloths, O.iaalinciwe, Balt icu, Muslins, Al|S?'a?. Shirts, Collars, Nenk Ties, But eosjano Trimmings; a large and general assortment ol Boots, Shoes, Oallers, Bmgans. Ae. By order of assignor. A UCTION NOTICE.?RICHARD WALTERS, Al'CA denser, sr l.s I Ilia day. si 10% o'rlor*, tile stock o a Boot and Shoe Stop-, 41 Division street, co. alsllng of men's PWOd sua prgg d ll ht and heavy Boole, Hlinos and Oftitt rs; women's and crilldtt ?s' Gaiters, Shoes an Sipping, suitsfete tor the sraadi. Tne stock la Sa ea* le and p *frally new; btoBtoro Klilmea. llmwers rind 8 icit lugs fot the business, wKh some Parlor Kurnit ire, one Awning. Store to lei. Auction NOI: 'B.-WII.I.'Sk AOI.D. Hll* !?\V, A largo aesor mcul of Household Pcrnrure, of FcalTior Bods, blankets, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waahatands. Bookcases. Wardiohes, rosewood Bull, do. Bedkiead and Burcan, large ChandrJI s, tiler Ulaeses, Sofas, Chairs, nd Necdhain's Pntent Sale Bedstead, I'leT Tshlea, Brussels and Ingrain Csrpeis, Silver Plated Were, leningee and Lounge Beds, Crrs kery, <1 ins wap . Ac. Also one flue mahogany Desk, wlUi Drawers, coat AM. and twooOi-rt'oiuitliio Motive Desks. At 12 o'clock one light Wagon Sales tint .lay alh>% O'clock, at No. 9i Thlr I avenue, near Twelfth "tied. T. *. OOMBAUCHPON, AnaMnmar. AUCTION NOTICE?W.IM HOLMNttRHifirk spp J\ tlonoer.?l.tMOeaoe* Rooto, Bhora, It ?gin.< ?m< (j^it. or# at am tion onlVaday. April Jit, at 1UJ? u clock, ?t ?t,r* of J. T. Wht'ebnune. I'll l.'dnUMI itreet, comprtalng n lin* Urorlmmlof aonaottabl* goon*. direct from t -.fjr Ml well adapted to ilty and oviinlr/ buyer#. Co.bUo^uM ready on morning of aato. Auction notice?crockkry. glass and fanct Good*.?Hy W. W. (HIIJ1I.EY, Auctioneer, onTueariay April * . at 11)o'cl >cJt, It 2M1 Pea.l meet, trlihmil reerrre, *1, kind". boat Whit* Gr.nlto Wtoa, edged, 4I)>1, 1'. C. and Fane, Goods, In Into for (teuton. Those wanting ca*h l?r- I (too* plaaoa ?Uciid. Auction balk of furniture in Brooklyn by ( OLE A MURPHY, on Mvu .ay, JHth, at 10 o'rloufc, t ?li? curlier of Climon and Montagu* xireeta, embracing ?b? entire Furniture oi 36 |ierk>rs, drawing room* ami chamber*. Marwond, n.ohngany and black na nut Parlor ami Otamhar Hull*; 1**1 llair Satire****, Hruax. lx and Ingrain Caria-ia, Oval *nd Pier Ola# **, Etajerra, Wardrobe*, Pllmpton MMtali Chtaa tad OMa Rf in*. Auction pale of crockery and olaiw.-hf.nry o. EVANA, Au. ttouner. will *rll for enxli, from lit nheh **, in !-? <* t?? anlt oily and eoA'try dealer*, on Tu?x,'ay, April Ml, at in o'clock, at 16 maiden lau*. a new na*'>-i*d Mock (n whlH Or*rite and ail kinds of Common Ware, Gt*-?a*rc, A t'. Hal: |*>*tUvn and MlMdVa Ooodt qarofwlly itpocked for "hipping. Auction noticr.-IarthrnwanK aNd"ola*s war* by KOKBRT HAYDOUK, mi Turwlay, April 16, j i at II o'cl?k, at hi i an tlon room, N??. Idl Li'ierty street, at four montli*' credit, 75 - rati * while Granl'.o una Common War*. I'M- ?** French and lichen.1?D Ulaaa, MM do. Aroetinan Flint Ot.isx. AH uctiow balk irt WTlliamhuur<i- hy "cole I MI'KIMI Y, lb I* day (Mo..,la*), at li*>vlock, ai I'd Fifth afreet, coi.ntoliior of mahogany !?,.. i.,r an I Channel Furnl. ire, Vetoed Brunelx and Ingrain PitrB*ta, Mp'irraace, Clnna and i?la*ewar*, Kltrben Furniture, kr. UTtiT.N re To, - ion N k. o'AKI.KY a tfo.-'firiNday, April W, at III .A I* k, at 7* i baton At reft, Bro. k Btondid roxewood **v. a -u?e Piano, aolM rdWtrootf Bun, roo?woo:J *ud taaLcgaiiy Pa, .or uudCbkMbtr IALBI AT ACCTIOP. _ Auction salb ok furniture in williams burg, by OOLK * MLRl'llY.-Mahogaay Hark" and OUaraher ruralture, Wilton and Ingram Oar-pel*. Obma and (JUu Ware, Cooking Stove, Kitchen Furniture, A* i " CriON.?N. LONOUB WILL SELL ON TUESDAY. J\ \ ril *?, at 10 uVlcck, <he entire ato-a of Tr . mining* ana I'o I?y <?.> ?Is. contained iu stare 1C7 8l*Ui avenue, near T>v n ?li wet > u. ho: svlb ok FURNITURE IN brooklyn? .A ,iy , <ILK : MI'nrHY, on Tuesday, at 10 o'cJ.n, a ? S .1 in; C". ?> ii tir.oklyD, coneiailui; uf iu* wmd H rlurH . I, m velvet; mahogany Bedttaada and li'ir-una, Kv "u II TA 1 11 ua ' ml Ingram Carpets, elegant Hat b'and, fo ir i b uUi'tt ra, . e. Vl'OTION SAL*? '>K ?tO>)D KI'KMTURK ON TI ES.i.n at i lj A >1. f it Liwruca atrei-t, Brooklyn? P.MD4 OO, .... ioneeni?''-ouai -ting ui mahogany Solas, Ctin . Ton . !t .r VuUaiii Hedaieads, Fealuer It d -,0. i|?'U on. Mha, Kgrii' n furniture, Ac. Auction notioe.-wm. witters, avctioneer. ill.Ml I'ALMMt vetil will mi T p day, April V). at 12 a in k, a ten link Tit.eraail'a, S.vth avenue and Thirty-urn b r t, lie ?ia, W?g <?. llainemi, Ac. Alaotuo re. en * nk' 0|, n Wagnua, built by firewater A Co. Ana. one iiW 'u. Iln w. o eloae u oonivrn. Hale pefMRpfagp HH. SEiXVS. A CTIONKER.?THIS AFTERNOON. s ulio' ;-j Divini .u aire i, Kurnltui-e, t'ariieta, 8t"V a a. .. qu, utlty nf Ordinary and tlla*e\vare in lota: , ii thy'be a-ei'Lon m dealer*. Continuation on Tuesday at aa .ititldi* and place. D BURKE, AT CTIuNEEE, WILL HELL ON MON. d y, April 2et ovtock, at 207 Warn Forty-eighth r'reet. n. E ah .li and Nlntii avenue*, all the rl<-h Hon elnd'l Furn!tui> in laid bouse, vizFai lorHu'iia, Rooking and other Chain, Centre and Curd Table*. l'i*r and >1 nil 1 Miirors, Hnuki.a-.eB. Painting* and Engravings, ri.-n b V..'?1 CI.ok, Dining and Tea Table*, mahogany Beutteads, Bruiae! i Carpets, Mattrew*. Ac., together with a general anscrtment of Kitchen, Bed end Dining Room l-'ui nltuta. David d eoav, auctioneer.-large sale op Hotel Furniture ?On Tuesday, April 2-J, ai lOJj o'clock, the block. Furniture, biuuon and Barroom Pix'uiMt, including ailver mouoti d Eu*ii*h three handled B. er Pump, ol lhe English Ale and Chop Home, 21 AVeat Houston Ktreet, nrnr Mercer, eonRisting in yun t of Cli.wra, Tablet., Bureau*. Bookrat a.-, BedatcaiU. *ph udld Saloon Oilcloth, anlid bin a alnut Tallies, wu? Arm Ctialr*. French p'Ato tilaaa a, pl.rn and ornamental Chan leiicra. Oil i'liinlini:*, Kneravihea, Wines, Liquors and Briars, Buives, Crock' ry, Cooking uteusi.? land Kitchen Furmlprc. David d. khan, auctioneer, wile sell, this day, at 10,Si o'nlosk, at 108 Varick street, the entire cotiU-nts ill iirivate dwelling bouse,' 'lusisiing of rich Parlor and Dining ft,mvu furniture, Brussels. Ingrain and other t arpets; Looking < I laser-.. sofas. 'f?'a-n-tete?, Arm Chairs, marWe top Taolt a, Ei-utlii r Bids, Hair Mattresses Pillows, Bolsters, Crockery, China and Ulass Ware, Co ?kiug Utensils, Stoves, Ac. Deposit require! Lorn at'I puicliasciH. David d. egan, auctioneer, wilt. sell on Tnesday, ut III,' j o'eiock, the entire furniture, Looking Glasses, Paintings Carpets, Ac., of the Senate, .'I West Houston etreet. Also, a Surge quantity ?>t' tllassware, Cablet*, Decanters, Wine Glasses, Ac., Ac. {'articular* lu Tuesday's paper. David d. boast, auctioneer, will sell on Wednesday, April .10, at lliJ-j o'clock, at 3d L.algltt street, the furuit ire ot tbe above house. Catalogues ready on the looming ol sale. Terms ea-h. Particulars in Wednesday's paper. By outer nf ADDISON BEACH, Mortgagee. 17DWABD BCHENCK, ALCXflfcRKK. !i HANDSOME UOIWHOU> PCRNITFRE. EDWARD KCiiEKv K will sell at air lien on Monday. April 38, at PI.1 i oclock, at the private residence. SKI West Twenty-fourth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues, nil the furniture contained In said bouse, consisting ol' roseword Parlor Bait, seven octave rosewood Pianoforte, Pier Mirrors, oak Usiclisien Dining Table, oak Dining Ciiairs and Sofa, mahogany Ren clary Bookcase, mahogany ..ud Mack walnut Bedsteads, Brussels, Ingrain and Htair Calls-Is Oilclothe, Chandeliers, Curtains, fil .es and China \Varw, <kc together with the Kitchen Utensils, w 1th wiiicii the eale will commence. Edward bournck. auctioneer. u a ndriom k HO us r. ho ld pu h XITCRE, By KDWAIID Si'HENCK, on Tuesday', til th Inst., st 10V o'clo k, at lit] East: 1th strt et, between Lcxingt n and Third avouu"', all tlie nanl-oiie Kurnituiocontained in the above house consisting in | art of rosewood Pan?r Suite in brocaicl; roscv.ood Pi..n ,forte. Centre Tables, Etogcro, Curtains. velvet and Brussels Carpets, Mirrors, Bookcases, rosewood and mahogany Bedsteads, mar !e top Bureaus, Wash elands and Co nmoues; lanhugmij Kofaa und Chairs, nihes, Ingrain Carpets, llair Mattresses, Beds and Bedding i 'bandolier;, end line fixtures, China and Glassware, Clocks, Ac.; a so. the K..' heu Furntluie, with which the sale wili commence. IilDWARl) St HENOK. AUCTIONEER. U THE CONTENTS OP A kikht CLAWS RESTAURANT. By EDWARD HCIIENCK, on Monday, J8G1 in i., at K> cPcI'hJi, at A3 Walker street, the entire fixtures of a first Kea'a li'sut, consit-libg, in part, of marble top Tables, Dining Chair*, Sofas and Chairs, large Mirrors, large Ci.andel uik and Brockets, i'astern, Cblt-a and Crockery, Classearn, Table l.incn. Spoons, forks, Knives, Ac.; Oilcloths, ? ar|>eu, ncusicaos, nurcaus, namininnua, M?ur<:.w?s >d? Bedelng, mahogany Cash Desk, Segar Oases, Ac. . also, Strum Tabic, Copper Pans nnd l.'rolarge upright Tubular Boiler, Mack walnut iiinrtdo top C muter and Bar Kiituiee; also, a Urge assoitm-ru of Kitcncu Furnllure. }i?DWAKJ> ntRTIlK. AUCTIONEER. WII.L 8ELL, OM 14 Tuesday next, April 2' at II u'cloos K'. M., all theflxtures of I he >p i iaa Bioie at 75) Broadway, near Eighth street, as followsr? Lirgi' and Diull rihow Cases, Counters, Side Cases with twciyedoora. Ur.e Mirrors, Desks, Chairs, K tools. One Reflector, Onflnielcra, Bioves, Awutng, one largi burglar proof Iron Sue, Ac., Ae. Kale positive. T. mis r,.Kh. Goods rr.iff lie removed (ho same day. Auctioneer's (dBce 35 Chulliam n reel. Ell. LUDLOW, Al'CTIMNBER.?HANDHOME HOC8E bold I'm in lure at auction.?E. H. H'DLOW A CO. will sell at auclon, on Wedn? a.lay. A) r.l 30, at ll o'clock, ut Irtj Has: Fourteenth street, near Hecond avenue, the entire Furniture contained In said house, consist ug, in p il l, of n'swooi! Sofas. Lounges. Kiis.v Chairs, Gothic uudilioep. tlon Chairs, In reps; rosewood Pianoforte, Win. 11.11 k lion, makers; tine French | late Pier Glass, io<en.adlil ild Centre Table, marble top Pier and Bofa Tallies, Eiagi-ic, with mirrors; in hnganv and whinrit Bedsteads. Palliasses. Hair Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, Wa hstandn, Toilet Crockery, Library Bookcases, Extension Table, mahogany and wulnut Chairs, Sideboard", marble top Dressing Bureaus, lace curtains. Window Miades, Cornier*, Velvet, Hrusseis aud Ingrain Carjeta, Oilcloth-., Ac., Ar.; together trltli an oaairw ment of Kitchen Furniture, with which the sa'.e will eotuui*T"?. Catalogors atoflhje. Mo. 3 Pine street. J,3 U. LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?IIANDSOME HOUSE 'J. bold Furniture a' auction.- E. H. LI'JlLOW A CO. W.!l sell at auc lou, on Tuesday. April 2V. at 11 o'clock, at 44 East Nineteenth street, near Fourth avenue, the entire remained In said house, most of wuleh w s made to onh r by lint bit gs A I b iveoir, cons-sting ,n psrt of rosewood Psrior Bull, Mi sllktigured reps, Etagere marble top with Mirrors; rosewood 7 octave Pianoforte, round comers, Wm. Ilitll A Son make:-*; tuaible lop Centre Toulon, walnut and meho_aiiv French Bo lateadu, Pallhtsn-s, H.ilr Mattresses, Hooters and Pillows, Blankets, marble top Dressing Hue siis, W ashstsDds, Commodes, Dressing Tallies, Toilet Croi-keiy, Lounges, lissy Chairs, black waitiut Extension Table, Dining Chairs, marble top HulTct, Rofa Tables, Laoe Curtains, China and Gtasswiii-e, Library Bookcase and Chairs, English, Brussels and Ingialn Carpets, Oilcloths, Window Kbades, Oa* Chandeliers and Bru'-keta. Ac.; together with an assortment of Kitchen Furniture with which he sale will tSMMMl Catalogues at oblce. No. 3 Puir st. 1} BOTH, AUCTIONEER J. AS EXTRAORDINARY OPPORTUNITY FOB HOFRF.KEKPEKH AND THE TRAuB All inn bcantllul Household Furniture or tb large Dwelling lfouac 128 Waveriey plaee, between Washington square and Sixth avenue, will lie sold at public awrt.un thin Monday, April 28. at two nVlwk pre.iaely, oomdatlng of turoe beautllul Parlor Bui's, covered In Iroculel, re,* and bmr cloth: each suit eonainti of one Teie a-Tete Sofa, one Arm. one Reception ami four Medallion ba.ta Chaira: rosewood Centre and Pier Table", ELigerc", with mirror bock and oeora; Lace Curtains, China vase?, An.; alao. oveanve hundred Ma of Parlor, Bcdnsim and Dlim n; Hoom F*.u nlliuo; .Una i, China and Mirer W re; Mattresses, Redding, Brussels and Carets, A . Bale poa ttvr. All the gooda moat be removed twenty-lour hunra aiter the aate. FCOLTON. A1 CTIONJ-.ER -HOTEL Fl.'KPI ri'KK Home", Wagon", Harnesses Sad !! a, Blelaba^ nun Cow, Ac., Ac.?iOn Hon lil,, April 28, at Kl)a o' lo. it, :tt the well known H'< wart's Hotel, on the C pic*" Hlila macadamiae 1 lord. two tnllea and a lmll from willlam-bor< fen-leg, the entlio Furniture ef the house, comprising Parlor, I) ulng n.v .ni, ii'-'iro-on and al.ahaa Ooeh; al itiaifloi Carpata and O'l'.'lotlia, maililo 'op K irnlture, lleila, Mnlraas -a, U.casio^ Biipaiis. Tabloa, Solas, Mirrora, Oui-ia-iia, China and Class, Tattle Cutlery, Ac., Ac., I ?tng "Otne twenty live rooms or nw.t. Also ant e. al fine Horact, on- or two t ' ?. >?, acv ral an a of double and single Harness, Saddles, Kieigbs, Bulfalo R.-lies, Bella, throe or lour Wagon*. both pleasure and bustno**. Tba sale will be without reaerie, whatever the state of Uio weather. tlOLTON, ArCTICEER -LARCH HAI.K OK I? j nteel H.wicho'd Furniture. Pianoforte, Vclret Carpel", Fiumh Plate Mirrors, Certains and Oomirea, rosew<xil and mahogany Parloi Hi-its, At, Ae., on Tuesday, April 2!?, at 10)tf ownek, at KM Ntn b stroet, near Broudway, ho entire ReuM"-! Fu'Tiliure of tie house, embryo-lint several Kis nob Plate Mirr-.os, or.o Pianoforte, Velvet, T?|"-?Lry, Thirc jdy and Ti.prr.iv Cr.rjieti. Oil- loth", morble t. p ca*<-?, Socretarle*. Drewdt.g Buieiua. rosewood and mahogi.ny Keen*h anl entitle Bedsteads, llalr M.ittresae", Feather rteda, Hldrl nard*, Kitaosloii Ttih'ea, lan e Curtains and Cornice", Vt aril rota ?, Lounges, mat-iile t ip Centra and Oar.i ,TaUl>", Ottomana, hum Flit-jres, blows, China and Otasswarr, Kltcheu Furmtur.*, Ae. Catalogue.* en morning of sal". * U COl.TOl*, AlVflONEKR. ?GENTEEL HOPS!!' J; ' hold Furniture, t arp<-:s. French plat* Mirror", roaewood Photo, Ac., at l )!< j clock. <-n We .'-ie? av. Aur.l 30. at N<> 31 Washington Cn). a.sily H.iiV-:in .*, Tl ne-ply at. I Ingrain i Oilcloth a. Ibme. F.cmu plate Mil ror?, l.rncaiel Curtain", r.>enw">>d Piano, Sola*. CI air*, mar'.le I'M* Centre Tohl-a, Dressing Bnrrans, Rnnkcaaes Iron Hat Htanil, line OH Kain'luga, Knirjvmiji, Hair Matin *re? ?n<: Feather Il-d'. Catalogued on morning of ?!?. /11-iuiti R Hoi'RRooK. Ai'rnom*. \J RITEKlolt OIT.TOM MADE KriNJTI'RE, OFFICE DKKKR. IRON HAKE, *41.. AO. On Tuesday, April 21), > KWa o'4?'k. at 0?> and PV 1>M '.on sire* t, J. BO VHP will m-. I the entlra hal.,i>ce .1 bias r-li . I ruse ? .1,, mahogany and oak F?ml lartolernrj description, Com lining lr pan ?if elegant oak B"!Tete, roaea-o ?1, walnut dint mahogany A rmrnree, sjl.ndd Chamber M ilie, araorg ? hii'li la Jm I ull Holt ill Zebra* 0..I, the only on# In thlaeltr; I'nrl.irHuila, rof*?mo4 and wal .it btegvree, Centir, Hidn kU.lHi.l v Talrt a, Ac., Ar, Aiao 'ho OIB<? Fnru.ture, It. ii h 'f. . A''.. AI) of rh'rh will I"1 a?M without ie.arrall. il to rloaa I ho numipr.. Catalogues reajy on Om morning of aal?. (1EORIIE IKHIK, ATH'TIORKER?KU5UANT HOl'flEI Ittd'l HnrnltiirK. To-morrow, ai IOJ, o'clOeA. at tlie store No. 141 Mi.. .!waj (noit the American T?iegift|h oIBcp), a large ?U.. k r.f lira. . la is . Ity made Furniture for I'arlora, Hhaml. re, l.lbrat lea, Dining Rooma, Ac,en aulte or In part: nlegiuit Tal ler p. . letailt". Ktac re', Tables, black walnut anu| h. ,.k. ??e?, \t"s:,lr .lea, 4itn..|ra-a-(ilao??, Boffeta, Eden-Ion Inning Te.hlos, leH.ngea, Chairs, Ac,, being Weil worthy the ationlTou 01 buy are. Catalogues at sale. N B.-A' twelve o',lot*, one seven o>.tave Pianoforte, In good order. C"1 IliJOKRY AM) MQCOU HTOHK ATAU>TIOV,-TO. IT morrow (Tin oduy), at II o' I. a, the contonla of Ora. eery Storecorner... !! < ktnanatid Will am tlrecll, comprising lli.i Ntlaocti ?f tlrororl. a, TJ, and Re are: Baer Putnna, ta'e Ice, Couplers Hhe'v IPC, Segar Kltt ir..r. Cases, Au. JM posit? roqnlred. WE I.T.I SOTO R A. CARTER, Auctioneer. /- F.olli.i; CO?)K, AUCTIORF.KIt,?herrKELIIOCHE\T hold Furniture jl 41 Ka?t Twentieth streeLon Wed nee. dar, April .V, at IT);g o'clock?AH tl.o genteel Furniture in ill" nhnre four atcr* hoi:?e, ln. in.llng Parlors CI sn.bsra. Room an l hliehen Furntlura; Carpet* Oilcloths a <ly, Reielltif, .Miit..ih, Ae. Catalogue* on morulng of U. HOIITOW, A tVHONRh'R.W 11 I,~sKI C TTI1R IT. .toy, a' elo-e, 31 csrralne alroet, at II o'clock, ijy VII Il-J II ni Tignge, Jliiiiaehoi'.! K.irnltnrn, onalatlng.,f H i' Tahiea, Plan u, Minora, Belaieade. Wash* iinda, i)||. pic pets. Jjovugeo Rurcaue, E'tnaioi. Tallies, nhcra. t%|. t. n ! <, I Bare -n Conntrr; ? Be. i-F n.r.n. us, ^ A. SPKIN.IHTEEN, AU y for * >rt?age?, n(.R IS, .VAC,OS HAM) HARM>H AT AUi;riON.~ Or M ,v. *. II cm k. \j- vp'tp A Co., ..t M,t FillI an -I'-el. l?r...'K r , 4 Tim ca, ft fa ..n-, I R|.>lgh, Har nrvg. ?e. I R"atl w"h<>n. with, weigh* ISO n<y nd*. bu'R try?'i. ? cuncir HIW.KU fwwvrtiHfr, NEW YORK HKHALI), * BALBI AT AVOTIOR. nKNRT H. LEEDS. A0OTIONKBR.-HKNRY H' I'KKJW A 0 a, .. ill wlltiutiwiiuu, vui M iihIk, A prtl SM, at 10^ o clock, at ~??i Henry street, handsome Hons hold Piirnlt' re, tho entire coup-Ota of the above house, t 'insisting of Bugusb Velvet Gvrpnts, two carved Rosewood Bolts, tn criiuami and gold aud inarona hrocu n ; rosewood Outre and Hide fables. ilegaut Pier Mirrors, with Conines aud Vases to match, made to ord. r hy Williams and Smvena; ruMWiwd Piano, aeveti octave; M.iiel Ornament*, Parian Porcelain and Bio ir.en, Hall .Stand, dining room oak K'tension Tatde, Choirs to watcu. lane Curtains aoo 8. tin hroonlc Isnubilkint; Bedroom Furniture, of mahogany Colt-go Pnrniture, richly enamelled en soite; B. .sscls Carpets, M i ires*. it. Be Iding, Porcelain and Ol.nisware, aud Rituhcu furniture, with which the eale will conimeuc.'. HENRY 11. LEEDS. APOTIONEKR. lile uut Household I'oruit .re, mot 0J front a country seat at Pink for convenience of sale. HENItY If, LKKUS .1 CO. all! mil by auction, on Mo lay, April 2S, at 10>? o'clock, at No. &4 East Thirty seventh street, Murrny hill, near Mabiaon aveuue, a very vnl'*ablo lot of . slly Furniture, uiade to order by Hutching.., Huudolne, and Ponsot, and i? barfly imported from Purls, Consisting of rieliiy carved French wa'mit Parlor Sniln, covered in figured inotiuet; anil olMwwoo 1, covered in nne green doth ; aup rb Axiniofctrr Paifiets, In perfect order ; Wdlon and Brns-ele do ; large Dresden and dspim. ? Vanes from the Ring Of Holland's stt.e ; Ultr i u r>. t'diuilus, Japanese Centre Table, Inlaid ; rosewood iK ere, a premium 7 octave Plan, fo te, nvidehy Halo J- Co., with pearl keys, richly carved, and coat *1 ,i>U I-liuing room furniture, of oik, wade by HuWliings ; oue I'lr'e i.ud tno at': Buffets, verv bsolsome ExieiiMbin Table, Oi'alra, Ac.; lar?e I'aiwn Figure of Maunhu, to t t'JuO; Tr> n.'c Olo k, Mantel Minor ' oarved oak console Table. Bedrooms of inlaid rosewood, lui; orleu, richly i iport* d can ed Befji.-adh, H.i-u. a, a'llt French do l.alun, reel Chine*-' VoileI Sole, Divaaios Hop an with iuoloe d cabinet* and At: in mod Suit covered in silk pi t?h ; Bolt in wild *!<, made by Hsuloln" ; Cbeval il.asH.s, Couches, large bronaeCaa Figures, Imported by Tlilany t Co. for ball; Hali Stand, Will lye wild without reserve. HENKV ir. LEKt>S, AUCTIONEER.?HENRY H LfiHDtt .t CO. will sell at auction, on .Von iay, April ?B, at l'j>i oVoclt, at the residence. II West Tltlrtybftii atreei,near t'ifili av.oiue, hainhnme Household K.triutnre, uub!.) to ortlei hv M.irvmtte. conais'tnc of t'elvei Car pets, neatly now. in parlor*?Elegant Muii of carved ebony Inlaid Furniture, coy red with medallion auhtissoa, eost $l,Jt>>; inlaid Centre and Side i'.ibies, Oil Paintings. Bedroom Finn,turd made to order hy Mia.wtir, of Mar picteiln Hols do Rosqw-Beds trade. Bureaus, Ac. Diningroom Furniture- Brussels Carpets, Exeo.lon fable, Beds, Mattresses, Redding. Fareabln, Ola .sware ami Kitchen Furniture, with whioli the sale s*i>I commence. HEVltV 11. LEEDS, AIT' TIONEKR.-HBNRY Ii. LEEDS A. CO will sell, at auction, on T t<v..av, April t\ at Ui'i o'olock, at the resino us No. At 11a ?t Twenty-Brat street, huii'laome M tmeliold Furniture, ron-usling Of Velvet Cat pets 4ti"?riy now). large Plot- tlla- u Cornii es, I ace Curtains r n 1 1... ui 'rk ns, I '.nil*, nonw uii Etigero; rosewood On -.Side and Carl Tables; superb Suit of carrwl n? e.vood 1 nrnliure, coveied with crimson silk brocade; Chandeliers ml Fixtures; r s w od seven o. lave I'lano, a very superb rt. atruinoul. Unnnt room?Carved Ills k walnut Ex'etn-bm Talt'c, Bullet and Cha're 'e match; Library Bookcase, > >alt lln',1 Bla.d. H drool no? I 'm ly < arved solid rosewood Bedsteads, H invar Mid Wardrobes, Ma"resses, Bedding, A., do. mahogany Bedroom Furniture, Brussels Carpels, Cornices, Pore'lain and Olass, Kitchen Furniture, Ac., all of which are iirst n allty, ma le < order by Ihe best city uiaheis. Henry u. leki s, auctioneer, -henry ir. LEEDS a CO. w ill tell, at auction, on Tuesday, April 2#, at 10>? o'iloek, at N i. 43 W -st Nineteenth it'reel., elegant Household Furniture, by order of Evocators, consisting of ciagmit carved ronjwood Parlor Furniture, in green end gold brocatel; do. in plusli, Curtains to match; Velvet Medallion Carpets, rosewood Furnituie in orange bro. ade, Etagere and Ornaments. Urcen Cloth Curtains, Pier Mir ors an I Bases; Piano, seven istave, carved rosewood, by Chi-koritig: I.It ranr, in oak, en suite. Dining room?Oik Extension Table, Mullet and Chairs, upholstered; line Enslaving*, richly framed. Bedrooms?Carved rosewood Ainoir a-tilsee, lieds'.CMds, Bureaus, Ac.; mahogany and t'o'tage Furnituie, .Mattresses, Bedding, Ac.; Porcelain and (ilassware, In variety all made to order by I he Iwet elty makers, all of which will bo sold w.lhimt reserve, by order of Excei.torn. Henry d. miner, acctionher?sai.msuoi?** aj N'a-nu si reel, opposite the a KOMEKVil.l.K w ill sell at suction, on Monday, April 2H, at Ito, o'c ock, at the Pearl street House, corner of P'uirl and roriy streets,|the entire Furniture contained in said house, consisting of Bedsteads, Bureau*, Washs'inds, Tables, Cl aire, Ac.. Ac.; Hals. Husk and Straw Harnesses; Feather Beds, Pillows and Bolsters', 6ho"?s, Blankets and Comforters; Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Htair Carpets. Oilcloths, Parlor Furniture, Planofor.e, Tetc-a trie Solas, Arm and Parlor Cbalra, <>11 Ire Tables, Win brw Curtains. Mirrors, Dining Room Furn I turn, Tabloa, Chairs, Crockery, Knives, Forks, Spoons, Ac., Ac. Also ? large assortment of Klchen FurnlLilt's*, tvilh whlclt Ihi* uln tvlll I'Dniinmtiwi Henry b. herts, jr., auctioneer. BY HENRY WOOD A < 0. HANDROMK HOI'HEHOLD FURNITURE, On Monday, A pill IX, at. lOlj o'clock, At No. 151 West Thi r'cent n street, C-omprisiug Velvet and d* Carpets, rosewood -anil mahogany Parlor and Cliam>*tr Bulls, Mirrors, Bed", Bedding, China,Olashware, A:., together with thn nsuiil assortmeitt oi Ktuheii Furniture and Ut" ns: la, with which lha tela win commence. Terms rash. t la'slogm* at sale, Henry b. herts, ir.. auctionef.r. by iienry wood A ho. hhmriff h BAI.E. RRWIXtl MACHINES, MACHINERY. LATHER, DRtl.l.S, I'l.ANINO MACHINES, TOOLS, AO.. AO., ON TUESDAY. APRIL 29, AT 10'j O'CLOCK, AT 131, 123 AND 135 MEMO Ell STREET, (ion.prising a Urge lut nl Bowing Machines, tallies. Upright and other Drills, Planing tTncmnes. Punching Murlilncs, Vices, Pnllt?, Bhsfting, Belting, I'or^esand *nvil?JKiamca, tasting*. Circular Saws, lndej iv Ming Machines, Platform Scales, Tapping MucMuea, largo Herring's Iron Sale, Has Fixtures, large Tot of Tools. Work Benches Roils, Chairs, Ac.. Ac. .TAMES LYNCH, Blierlll'. Henry b. hurts. jr.. auctionker. BY I1ENRY \YOOI) A CO. Peremptory sale nf the Liquor Saloon, well known as the Washington Shad":', on Tuesday, April l?ij? o'clock, al 316 Fourth street, corner of Thompson, coinpi Ismg fine Imported Liquors, Brandies, Whlskcye, Oil): imported Havana 8egars; Bar Counter, Beer Pumps; floe Sporting Fhluiws; Chairs, 'rallies. Oe enters, Mirrors. Ac., Ac. Also one fine Imported English Khol or Sporting Oun. Henry n. miner, auctioneers-salesroom 37 1 street, opposite tile Post oilier.?MINER A SOMKRVl JJ.K svtll sell at snciliu, on Monday. April 36, at UBa o'clock, at their aaloHroom No. 37 Nassau street, one line OP Painting of King Alfred the Ureal, lately exhibited at the iJusseldurf Uallery. By order of MATHKW T. BlKHNli,. Con-: table. _ Henry h, lee dh, auctioneer.?henry p LEEDS a t o. will sell at miction, on Tuna, a., Apr! 39, a Ut>a o'clock, al 531 Ilr atin ay, Fixtures contained in lha a'xive Store, consisting of Counters. Cutting Tables, round Tables, with and without Hhow tasca on them; Show Hayes, Gas Ft>lure Shelving, Desk and tatter i'n ss. Minora, Ac. JEOHARl. AUCTIONEER ?BY H. A .1. B WART. Oenteel Household Furnuuie. Will sell on Monday. Ap.ll at rtil.cli, all the Furniture contained in the large fakir story hrown stona house. 71 We?t Twenty-third at., between Fifth and Sixth a nines, consisting in part of rosewood Far lor Suit", in blocate!, marble tip fc ague. French Plate Mir rort, rosewood l>nire Tables, inarbl i tops; mahogany Centre T b>s. -marble to. 'S; mahogany Chairs, Rous an I Lounges, mahogany and blae t walnut Bedstcuda. Hair Mat' trvtxr*. Palliasses, bed Uuil's, mahogany Bureaus, mahogany W'.vhsaiids, marble 1 ips; mahogany Tnbler, Fx nr.-Ion Table, I9lc.-t; Dining Room < hairs, Hours Is and Threeply Cartsds. DtlrJoil.a, Cio kery, t hloa and dataware, Cutlery and Plated Ware, large lot of Kitchen Furniture, Ae. JDWAKT, AVI TIUSfiiiK.- KlibliAAT W >?r. WI.MJU . Furniture. Carpet*. An.?8. A J. BOOABT wl.l aell on Tuesday, Apr!129, ut W\ "'clo k, at No. 34 Tooth at.-eet, Iktween 1 anil Sljtli ?? one*. h.perlor Household Furniture, eoiislrtias In part of ww'Mil Parlor H ut, largo Fteneu plaio Mirr-'r", ll 'x-ptluu <'h/ur?, Rock'r* and Ka*y Chairs, Oaa Chandeliers, Velvet Carpel-, quo Pianoforte, Library Bookr:ik<>, French Boereiary, Lounge*, rhnlrr. rnamb r Furniture?Freach Bcd?tcadH. Drersl'ig HuicaoC WiirdruneR, Carpet*. Dining men.?Bidcb aid, l)r?H*e.a,h.trillion Dining Table, Minor, Chairs; Kit-hen Furniture, dr. N. H. ? Tin-good* mud be removed mime day. Catalogue* <an Ix: bad on Monday at the auction r on*. JBdOmr] AUCTIONEER BY B. A J. BOOART, Mortgage anle.i- Fri ay. May 2, at ll>*i qjclork, ut thn am lion rooms, No. ) Nnr'.h W.lhani at < vet. Jewelry, Plated Ware, Ac., conalniug 01' Hold Beta, Earring*, Hn-aat Pin*, Klnger Ring*. Wiitch Key*, Chain*. and also Plat'd Ware, H.ioon* and Fork*, a line lot of Plated Tray*. Aluo, ten at area of Central Park Insurance. fit*;*, f 0> ia-li. By order of the mortgagee. Oil ARLEH M. HALL Attorney. JB'H.AUT. AUCTIONKF.R.?BY B. A .T. BOO ART.? Moiidrv. April 24, at 11 o'clock, the Furniture ano Klxturva of I lie Moniieello II n*e, 240 Blcecker street, c .nri-ilng of Minora. Coppered Bar tkiunior. Decanters, Turn lerii, Oil Painting*, superior Oilcloth*, rano Arm ' hair*. K loud Tahle,*, niauoganv Bureaus, Bruioe * and Ingrain Carpet*. WmI standi-, uiaViguuv French Bed'teaiis. Mattie-re* and Bedding, (la* Chandelier* nnd future*, silver plat' d Bar P.tcher, Crockery and Glassware, Dtnlug Tubl-, Kitchen Pornllura, Cooking l.'tei.sll*, An., An. BOOART. AL'CTIONKBR?BY H. A ~li~BO<VAHT.? W une*riay, April 30, ut 11 o'clock, at northwest lorner of TMrty-elghth street and Eighth avenue, mortgagee'* kale 01' the Htwik anil Ftiture* of a tiro- er> B'orv, consisting of egam, TeaMhifree, Spl'-e*. S< al''?, Wclglit*. Store fixture*; One llomeTWagan and Harness. Also, Housrhold Furniture, Bofas, Tahio*. Chair*, Carpet*. Bedroom nnd Kitchen Furniture, An. Cll AH. P. WATTS, AM't lor Mortgage*. JMOOUK. Al'CTIONEKK WILL SKLu. rHIB DAY. AT 10W o'eloek. the Pernltitro enntalned n)lhg dwelling, Klghty third street, between Beeond and Thiisi aven ira, eon latins of nmhoiany and other Chairs, Hofe* and Sofa Beds, Dressing SMd Other Bureau*, mahnsany Dtnlug and Mber Table*. Oiehith, Carpet*. Maltrckae*. Ruga, MiiTor Pier UU*4, rost $130: English Thrush and Mocking Bird, Chandelier, Angrrlean Flag, Croekeiy, (llasswure, and a variety or Kitchen and otha* useful Furn tuio. T BOliARl' AUCTIONEER?RY K. A J. BOOART.? J Tuesday, April 29, at 2 o'closT, at No. 101 Willow eject, the entire Tool* and MuihJnery of a Bilk fringe Manufactory?Icrom*, Craping Machine, lilnip and Spinning Machines, Tool*, Ae,, Ae. OHN I*. VANDKWA (ERT AUCTIONEER PKRBMPTORY BALK AT PDHJJC AUCTION. BY A. JOCltNEAY. HOTBL Pl'RNtTf'RB AND KlXTl'HBH. AT SOUTH AMERICAN HOTEL, 38 FAST HOUSTON STREET, l?".we.a Cnieby and Mother rj street* WILL BELL, ON TUESDAY, APRIL 98. AT H? OCItOCK A. M., All the FURNITURE AND FIXTURES In aald Hotel, CootcieMrg of * PARLOR BI'lTB. OlMNtl TABLE.". BFDROOM FURNITURE, AC. REBTAI'R ANT FURNITURE?TAB LEO,

iiivi tvaUK ill akh WailK. cFfijJfY " ' Attn R1LVKR HTAItB; BAR AND OYBTRR t'OVSTKRR AND NIX 11*RK8, KID I1KN CTKNiMbft, And FtirnKtire ??f a anbaUnttal and rarird dcaorlptfoa. Sain poritlv*. And all articles to b? aol t oil Wit raaci-r* to like liUiiart bidder. j~h??r?,an:tj;rhpav avm~ At 8o'clock A. at 177 Clinton *trr?t, briwaan Wnrr?n and Baltic at raw*, not'HEIIor.D KUIINITVRR?Roaawood, in CrMnaon plnali; Eoigcr?, marble lop Chamber Prrnlt'ire, Hair Mattrc?a*a, ??ak EtVnatoo Tabic, Chairs, Bmatcll Carpeia, Oilcloth*, Human,!, Ac. fiim* Day, At IS o'clock at noon, at in II. < V> aired, oorn*r 01 Warrcu at ran t. Auaaaortiiiantiif H >ua*liold Furniture, Ctrpd*. Ao. H.i in a Day, All o'clock P. X., at IB Harrison atrcci, near Court street, Mnhccaiif Ptrint ami ? tiambci Furniture, Ac. Haina day. At S'j o'clock P. X., at IXt PI*mi|>ont atroat, battrran Clinton iiud Foltun atrocla, Rnaawoed Parlor Suit. In groan | limit; Mlrrora, Palntlnca, Chamber and Dining Room iirrtttura, Carpet*, Oilcloth*, Ac., A.'. _ fp TRATRR, AUCTION RRR-BT HUTCH EBON A . TltAVKIl, will aril, on Monday, ?th Inat., at mj( lock, at JOI Chain hart atreftt, near Wret. f'onnteraJTabl**, t'halra, Ht?ala. Caatara, Bang*. Be am Table, Lead Mpa, Mat I'/lP-raa, Cmbcry, CvfkJpg Pwlif. D'aaawvt. Ac. 2. foh, A FIRST CL\S8 BAKERY SOR SALE?LOCATED OK Kignin anemia. U is the brat eovlilib-l JUkrr* lu th > ity, and l? now dome a Urge. proiiiaOie buaini ai. Tbia ta a rare ehuuoe. Bar p-rueuiars apply la W. H. MlfCHELL, 77 Cedar street. A BEAUTIFULLY FITTED UP COKNBR LIQUOR Store, wlth r without stock fur ia.r;b m fce?-n oeoniiled for Lb-- 'ui three yean h? the present proprietor, who haa done A No. 1, aod la now doing an ax xlk nt b'laioeaa; a ahulee O'l-ner; moat decidedly one of the vrrr bent in the Pourte nth war', on a Mil-- with and mar Bruadurai ; a great thorn ;?J| are; will b a: I lied win- 1 io I ae-; ae.i a 1 otiTy oil account o. baring two .dnrea, aod canuoi a Pud In bn'h; will aeil etcher one; both a-n iirat oiaao, everything lu perfect order. Lea e ti res ye >r>i. ami not low. _ iHOMAS itllLNNAN, LU X traan atrret, N, Y. Attention. roofers.? \bout two tons op un. hound Paint Hrrloa lor aai<- < hea i. on avmut of raiuova' Appy loiioedia'.clv to CUXL1.E k AX?LKS, faint to Anil i y street. BOTTOM HTONB AND BUILDING STONE OP THE l?"?t ouall y for ?.il -. Apply to M. t'ASKY, at tlia quarry, Fifty sixth street and Nlutn annuo. DRltl HTORE FOR HA1.K IN BROOKLYN.? A SMALL store w.t! be sold tor half ita -- i e owner baa other business. It laa^ool ehanee for a phyrietan or e tierlnun ap loc .ry. Apply ko W. W. THAYER. New York. Drug store por sale-long est \hlisiird* well locked, n ally ilted up ami lu a good locality. Long lease, tow lent. <>nar nut of u-hcr buiueas lid ao:d low. Apply mi 'J08Seventh arena-, near Twenty-fourth street. Good oi" u.lj for a Payalcian IjVyR B \LE OHKAP-A SCHOONER; CARRIES TWO bandied ions in six i. et water; sails and rigr.-iw u-w. Can be ?? at tlio loot of lanvy and Wert sts., North river. IM>K 8ALH--LEA8K AND FUTURES Of A CORNER 1 I.lqto r Storr, do.I;,: a onaiiHoM . f gtt.OIMJor yi ar. Wit. no sold er eap. ISAAC A. lllnns, 7'i Naaaau atrant IjlOR SALE?THE LEASE, STOCK AND FIXTURES 0? . a Liqu,-r Stoiu; It ia one o. tho In ?i land -In the Ninth , * fird. it iiiust L>e soiJ, as the owner la go:<is to E< n>|ie on other Important bstUeix |sq lire at So, ^ Waal Thirl enu. 1 street. No atfi-itu need apply. rr SALE?A new AND * N'T dining SALOON fitted ip in tiie most approved siyle; marble floor. Meant bofer, and >.11 tin: - om men ,a a dilated I rfveni nod coDven out to two Rdlrond depots on one of ti e bret tbomuxhhties In the elty. Parti-.?> hi iwii i f obtaining such s ION DAY, APltlL 28, 18ft IALBS AT AtJOTIOM. ^ M~ DOrOHTff.AUOTIONEEU hmuiito,* itk ui luu'.aoaie Household Purollure, CarreU, Pier e.laasrs, Plan a, Ac H. DOl'UHTY will wit uu Won,I .y, April Si, at WJ< o'clock, at MiWrootji, 711 No- a,u ?ir> ci. The entire Ptimiture of a family declining housekeeping, consisting of two< oitagr Pi?nol< .rlcs, roe-wood Pariur Hi.its, oovered In broaisi and haircloth; bUv-k walnut tlo , In r-|>?; ttiwelegant Frea,h pinto Maul I Mirrora, Medallion Velvet Carpel*, Brna-el and Tapestry tlo.; Isiee Curtain* and Corns-s, inahoguny Pariur So is, covered lu haircloth; waluut, ro*-woo<l and ma'oguuy Secretary and Library Hoikma-r, Centre Tallica, Evu noon Dunne Table-, Duong Chairs, rirhly carved aolld walnut Dinti g S-1t, in g-een rep-; mahogany and rosewood marble top Di easing Hur> aim, Waaha anda, Bo latrads, Ilair Matt. .-eves. Pallia**-*, enamelled Chamber>, ouk and wa n it maible top do., Ac, ac. Mb. j. Mccormick. auctioneer, will sell on Monday, 2-tit mr., at Id o'o o It A. *1 , at the u welling bonne No. 191 Bast Twenty-third otrret, toe llotiaeho'd Furniture, Ac., ronala'.ng of B da, lie Intend*, Chair*. Tables, Bureaus, C .rpet*, O'.l-loth*. Blinds, Shad, a, Crt> kery mid Gluasware, Move and Kiilurea Alao the cant off Clothing of the family. PAWN dBORER'S SALE-TUESDAY, 29T1I, JOHN MORTIMER will tell, at IS K:?t Broadway, a largo as-orlm-nt of Ladle*' Wearing Apparel, aultable for tno romliig ie a on, raiiisis'.mg uf Hdk, De.aiue and M islin Dreaaea; Crape, 8llk and Stella Si.awls; Mantillas, Under UarinenU *n I a great ai i-ty ol oilier uo?.l* worthy lh.: altcuimn of d-aler* and housekeepers. By order of H. BAIL BAUD, Jt Third avenue. PAWNBROKERS SALE.?W. N. LEWIS, ACUUoticer, will sell, to-nm-row, at 10Vi o clock, at 1 5 Bowery, up ?L.lrs, a targe assortment of Female Clothing, Beds, Blankets, Uuil*. Shoe, Remnant*, and Sewing Machine*. By order of W. A B. SIMl'SoN. PAWNBROKERS SALE?TUTS DAY, MONDAY, AT lu.'* O'c.n k, .It HELL A IN'.KAIIAM B salesrooms, 14 New (lower), AS I lots Pledged Ooo. s?"Watches, Jewelry, .\c, worthy of aiteutbni. By order of Mr. Fry, licensed Pawn, broker, 116 avenue 0. "PAWNBROKER'S R\LE?THIS D \Y.?JOIIN MORTII MLR, a itilio car, lu East Braniwst, oorucr of Latheline street, will m l ,jlOW uclock. 30) fait* of Women I I'loihlug, Slik.s, D and other U-esnca, Parasols, Hoots, Shoe*, Peal' ?r Red-, Pillows, Jew elry. P. UAVJLBY, 67 Division wlreft. CJMALI. DISTILLERY AT AUCTION?ON TUESDAY. >5 the Sotli Inst, at l*?P. M., bj M ? Oll.lARI), MET. S AflO., 100 \\ all atreet, Uie . o i'eiilv of No. H Corloai n sir el, in tin: rear, the foot of tlrand meet. Last river, 'f ey i oc?Wt of n Popper Willi of ID) gallon* capacity. warranted lu eomulete orbing order, together with Mashing Tube, Washing Tubs. Slock, B.i iTels, Ac. Tin: whole iv Id In: offer d in ou? lc br.-i, and offers an o, porUinity * Idoui met with tor , omm-n-iug the busluers or. a small apltal. if not sold in thai way it will lie divided into loti seji.lately, an I meat be cleared nut, as I he owner lias another lee lne s which requires his whole attention. Tin: pi emia, s may bu seen uom 3 till 5 P. M. the day bet ire tlie sale. SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER, SALESROOM NO. 13 , Bowery. S. HERMAN A CO., will sell on Monday. April. at .11 o'clock, No. 21 Bayard street, near Bowery, all the geiitc-1 Household Furniture contained in said lour story ho tae, .misting o. Parlor Furnilaie,Solas, Chairs,Its-kcis marble mp Centre. Card sod Pier Tables, marble top Die s lug Bureaus and Wa sit-lands. Tap-airy and Itigraiu Carpets. Oil. I - hs. Mailing, Laee and Damask Cncnlns. mahogany Fren ii He-1-1 .ids, IJair and llitsk Va'tressen, 16 lm< PeaiherBcds, PPlowa, Bolsters, 1 Muei-ul Clock, Looklii| Oh, - - erf, IP,of . use. Wardrobe, A-. La g- lot Kitting. Din. m Boom on.I Kuchen Furniture. require.I from all pnrvhaaera O HERMAN, AUtmONEEB, 8ALESROOM 13, O. Bowerv ?8. IIKK.M VN .t CO. will sell, on Mondayi 28tli Inst , at 10 o'clock, at I7t> Ble t-ker elreel, all the el-gaiij Hon i-hcS,l Furniture, con.,Inert ie ?airt dwelling, cinsistinj. of Parlor Sulia, mahogany Snfae, Parlor, Busy and Ko kin Chairs, mahogany Dvesdng Bureau*, VVash.-itkiid-.t>ntre em Un-d Table*, mahogany and black walnut Bcdal-aoa, llairnm Husk Mat. ress-s, F-ath-r Berts, Pillows, Bolstt;ra, Velvet Hrost la ami fin ruin Oorjwl*, Oil. loth, Matiiur, fine l'ier ant Ma.itie Ola-sea, l-tro Ourulns, and a general asaoilmen Dining Room and Kitchen Furniture. Sale positive, and wel cu? au-niloii of trade ami oUiarA LJHEKIFF'S SALE?COFFUB, HPICRA, AC.. AC. O CHAMBERS A FA1BC1II1.D, AUC'TIOMEERS, will sell at their sal. sroim, 113 Nassau street, on Monday April 2KH?t 11 o'- lock, n large stock rrom s Spice far o v. co.npriblng grcen and ground Cofeeof ussorletf r(-.1... whole anu ground l'ep|>er, Oliinaiuon, Cloves, (!ing' r Ntil meg* and ot-er spi-ev; P-p.ier Sauce, Refined ( ream Tar tsr Saleraiuaaitd Hup-rearlionale of Soda, Engllsli and Frencl M isiard, uimiiiI 2.M) boiee Yeast Puwdor. Abo a variety o mis-dlaneous a I t.k ICS, viz : Salt in boje* and l ugs, Cmr o late, Oround Rloe, Vermio lll, Brandy and other liuuont, 3? hags Coiks, Sand Paper. Ac., Ac. Also, Platform Seal-s, lroi Safe, and oltlce furniture. The gooii* are now on v.ew. JOHN KELLY, He Sheriff. c HERM AN A CO., J* PCTIONEERS?WILL HKLL OI Tuesday, April 29, at salesroom No. 13 Bowery a largi lot liiiiahed aiid unfinished Musical Instruments, being tb< entire slo. k of a manufacturer. Alao, large lot of Tools Heie'h"?, I'lanes, Vices, A<\; and a large lot llouachold Fur iilturv, Hard'.rare, CuUciy, Ac., Au. rn C.AFFNEY, ACCTIOXKB*, SALESROOM M OEN 1 . trv ttnu t, will sell on Tuesday, ?1 10)? o'clock, tbt Stir k and rixttuee of the Grocery and Lienor Htore, 18! limit Twenty.second street, near First avenue; an exeollen i >ounter, B, er Pumps, Stand Cas ts, Glass Case, Seal is. But tli s. Soup, HMivli^Can ties, Tea UMaMerv, Ac. WT ~ M. I JAJVT>. AC CTTON EKB. ?JOHN A~ BAG LEI TT , will sell, nn Tuesday,, at 10'* o'clock, the entire eontenls of the Fa per Hanging Ksl'tbliatnarnt No. 67 Ttilr< r.venue, between Tenth and Eleventh streets, consisting nt Wall Paper, Bat n, Velvet and Burble Patterns; also s I irgi lot of Window Shades, Curtains, Gilt Cornices, tlords, seW, A-'., Ac. Sale jm-dtive, rain or shine. ll'M TOPPING, AUC1TOXKEHL V> EXTRA AM) SPECIAL SALE OF STRAW GOODS VO <'ASKS WOMEN'S, MISSES'. MEN'S AND BOYS', la full assortment. Will he sold on MONDAY, APRIL 28. at U o'clock A. M. by WM. TOPPING A OO , Aoetioneera, No*. 9 and II Purk place and e Murray street, \I>?r"wiTTKRH. VI'CTIO.NKER. WILL SELL THIf TT day, at 2 u nlock, at 454 Oaus 1 street, by virtue of I chattel tnong ige, Ibentf* Stock and Fixtures of a Lagei Bier Baluon?I'.OCbaira, dlTsb.ea, Bier Stun-lc, Ulasswnr-, Counters, Sofas, Mir: om, and all other to.wis eounected wilt such saloons; I Bagatelle and Tivi II Table. A'l of the abort Is lii'al class. By order of Mortgagee. 11/ M. WITTERS. Al trriONKKR, WlIx~SKUL, ON Tt Tuesday, at lO.'tJ o'e. oak, at toe corner of Beach and Hudson street* the emi r K'.twk and Fixtures of the whole sale an I retail Liquor Store?line Bar, large Mirror, Paintings, T ilde*. Chairs. K and Casks, Measurer, Pumps, Gai Fixtures. Glassware, Kiore, and everything ounnc tcd with ftrst class eatablisl.'unnt. Also the entire stock of Ant ?'a AHfl UnMAllL ITM TVJTTKK8, AI'triTONBISIL?WILL HKl.lV," ON Vf Monday, April 28. at 10% o'< lock, at 018 Broadway, thi entire Furniture nnd Future*, Wlnea, Liquor* nn.l "Hf^arx Marble lop anil other < 'winters; also lour Phrian'a beet mar hie bad Tables and Combination Oualilona. Una ??r these Uliles Is vald io be a* goal av anv In tlila elly. Tula Is a rnrv ehuore for amateur* In ( be biIhard Hoc. Toeae am for pool live aale. WV WITTERS, AI'I.TKINKKK, WILL HELL, THIS day; at two '"jock, at IM Canal H'reet, a largo uml valuable ua-ortnifiit o. Hue Furniture, CLrpetx, Bodi. Brddtnq. Dining Room and Kitchen Fum ire, Ac., I mm fa mill"* and others removing. Over thirty load* of every description, and niuat be aold. "117 11 WITTERS, "" AI^IONKKjC^lNHTANLiil YY Hale.--By virtue oi? an i volition, I will sell, at no ]|< vendue, on MnuiUy. April 28. at 2 v'c'ock, at W. WITTERS auction room i, 444 Canal nlr"fl. ihe foil wing goo a:?Koac wood Bull, In bnavsitj, lire pieces; one rosewood marb e toj Dressing Human, one rosewood Etacocc, one roaetvno Secretary Music Bland, two rosewood inai bio top Tabl-e. Hj order ol W. IV. L.\DD, Constable. 11/M. WITTERR, AI'LTIONEKIL^VILiThKLL,"TilIf VY 1"|_% ovlt. 'k, at 1(18 Hrnadway, four aplendli Rilllaid Table*. I'uelan v make, coinbln itlon cushions. 1'i.r Ilex in want ahoul'l att oid, aa U>eae in I a a-e considered by an.icrur player* io lie a* gorl an mj In the uomitry, ami most lie wild.. WM WITTER*. AI:<"PIONEER, WILL HELU 0> Tuesday, at 108|Orlnrk, at nH Prince icrect, the eu tire genteel Furr Ituiv, A-- , of Ihe above houae, comprising everything (leefnlaii I neo-aiary for ho laekeeptng. WM. WITTERS, AI (HONKER. WILL HELlT Of T'mvday. at two u'nlork, at No. 4 Anilty alraci. all thi llonaehold Knrnil'J'e, Ac., of the honac; elao Huoe, Wagoi and llari.e'a. Ac, WILLIAM ABBOTT, VUICTION BUM?OF/iCE, NoTi Kaat Broadway, ? 111 sell on Uita day, at 10% o'lloek th< entire Furnltnm of the Boufrilng llouae No. 84 Hcsici Sheet. corner oi' Orchard:?Mabojaoy Chair* and Sofaa Carpel*, Feather Beda, Bedetrada, Hair and all other Mat tresses. welntil Kvtenslun Table, and all Uie Crockery am Oilcloth*. A<. 117ILLIA.M ABBOTT, Al'OTK INKER?OFFICE Nu. ( YY Rant Hi iad? oy, will aril on T jes lay, at 1 o'clock, thi Slock and fixture* of the wholesale lequor Store and lane) Hair<.? n t|H Wall afreet, iiuerter* and eighth* of Mr ndy pipe* of pure tlln. Bnunmn and other Wliiekevs, thte? Wench plate Mirror*, Cooaler, thirty-four 1'eei long, ana ul other hrtereaeootalred In a IIrat nlaaa Barr .oin. eiiiu'w annurr alTtl KlNRFIt Wild. BeTj. oi w Tw.mIi) . at 10 o'cioijt, I lit; KUwutea ui the well kitowt f.lqunr Hun* corner of Chatham and lame* alreata:?Ettg Mali ban* Pttntpa, (lountera, Franco plaft fler and ohet Minor.*, Arm and other Chair*, walnut fabtra, Rr'rlgcr-at" Fainting* and beautiful ,lkngtv.7tng'. oi Maueppa, Ait; Irot Hafe, Deeanter*. Clawe*. An.. An. Tl*M WOW' A VCTIONEKR ?OFPICK M JAOK BO* YT i.:rrrl., . [la (hia day, ai IOAJ o'olook. tba effrcUot th< Rrabtureiii 414 Broalway, ri/ Table., Chair*, Caaleta Or tiler. Mirrors, Decanter*, l.atnpe, Shade*, one Mange an* ??her Ft* lure* Ae. . COPAHTNRHNHIP HMTICKR. XTWIK K OK IMMOr.CTIO.N-KCTIOR 18 HER8B1 J.Y gi'. tn 'he urnta of Oariluer A Co. and John rlpeir) A On. are hereby dtmohrrd by mutual content. The htnunew of aald (Mm* nlll hereafter he conducted by Ollyer L. (lard ncr and Uoorge W. Deweoa, under Ibe nanin of Gardner J Oo. JOHN KVKRKY, O. W. DEWKRS, O. I,. GARD.NKII. fPHK OOPAHTNERtsHIF HERETOFORE EXISTING J. between the *ob?rtl>er?, under the uuiue of K. H. Han ford A Co.. la ilila day dtaaolrrd hy limitation. The hualneai of the late flrin w|ll lie tloaed by Joa-i b MertiU and Omr I'taiie, who a:a aulhorbtd to uae the name of the Arm li liquidation H H IUNKOKD. OHRIN KOOTR.I New Ynea, ApiU 21. IWt, JOHKPH MF.RKITT Tin hualueae Of (be late nrnt wl'.l be continued at the oh land, ItSI Chauibrra at'art, hr Joaoph MarrlU and Onir Foole, under tha uatue oi Merrill A 1'oo'e. JOSEPH MKHRITT, New Yotut, AprM 2A, 1W(. mini* KooTK. PARTNER WANTKD?IN A SUMMER BUHIN KHf wlii' ti tan be made permanent. The right party, with from $.110 to uu oe. ure an unuauatly good rhiutoe u make utoncT. 0<??d aeourltv for money adranoed. W. MAlTRANlt A t'O . 104 Hmadwny. (hrilll CASH AND ACTIVE PARTNER W\>i*.u gll lt 111 In en "?(a'dl4'ied, pleaaattl and prntttable olllr* bttalu -a, tho expenavt are light and tbr btndner* remune rat I re, and run he greatly extended. For particulars ad dre?*I?. W. D? box 11 1 Herald Ollhie. "T ia ? ti'ivro urthiTDik r m Tl**? tkud t-n hnstlMM, tliat bra boon ee'ablialied for fltteer year* and paying large profit*. Apply Initio lumber yuril l,3KS7 BnMWtr, aimr? Thlrty-eoecitinativct. AI (win - PiiwuBr ?W.vYTKD "WITH fmi P I .tMJU. amount. Co an active man an Opportunity ,tr re?IUe *rt,00ll Willi In one yerr la oifored. Proflta Unman'! .ci'ea iinilnilu-I. Ilnehnwa, ? lanufa.-turliu* Audioes Minu fadnrer, boa 191 tleruld oinon. . aiTC|w\ ?Faktnh"r "wanted. in tiir tplondid payln; Imaltirtn In New York. Ta any man of ordinary ibilfiy thU prreenU the grmicM Held Ic make a fortune offered. Inquire at 603 and Mtt way, room No 9, up e'.nlre. r-A fARTNRK WAN I Kll. IN TlIK W Hul.K pO.'lU'ii aale Rectifying, OUtllllug and Importing LI mior b'liloeeIn a Lai go reaper's Me hoiiar, doing hu'lnaeo I'di thr. laat >w?lro yeara In thla Ity, II ?a a largo rltj and mun try trado. No ag.nti nor Ugiia pary need apply. AddrtM fqr oq| we?k; W. V., toi 17*hmMNt. n'a ? win liiwlr ss Treasurer, room ISA, Crook'* Hop 1, 71 Chatham dir.!. t IjlOil SALE?THE OLD ESTABLISHED PAINT 6I10P No. 7'I Hast Broadway. This la an ? s.c Dm opportunity u obtain a good l)ii ..i> d. T'io present occupant la obllg.J O re i ire: on at count, of iii heal lit. For pale-one herring s rake, with hall s Patent Lock; nlso iwo Pliuforni Scales, at 2:7 wusulug I ton street, tut ner of Chambers stiret I tor MALE?the FBWIH of a tea store1 clien p lor cash. Apply at 116 East Houston atioei, tor , ner of Mauhuliiin. For sale?stock and fixtures of a fancy Store on the best side ol Fulton street, Brooklyn. T ruts low. HP>ek small and well assorted. Apply to fl. HOUNH; FIELD, 278 Atlantis sir -el, Brooklyn. i tfoll HALE CHEAP?A set OF CHANDELIERS AND I Has Kit n rs aitilii'ieiii for a four st .ry buli.i|iig. Apply to KEA A POLLOCK, Clumbers and Qas Fillers, comer of Greenwich and C'oiilantltatiects. ; TTtOI". SALE -TUB LEASE OF A LONG ESTABLISHED t I Public House, with Billiard Roouie, Tube, Ac. To any one who wishes to commence a Publ.c House on a large I eeale the above -a mild be a good opportunity. I J. W. DEMtAM, Eighth avenue, | coi ner of Sixteenth street, from morning to 9 P. M. J T?OR hale-CHEAP. TWO FINK MIRRORS 90X21, OF > P very heavy Kronen glass; also Cornices and Console Tables to match, all tnaIc to order. For lurcher parikuiluni please call at til street. Iiion BALE?A CHANCE SELDOM OFFERED?TO A cash eusiomer, If sold before tho 1st of May, a grout bargain will be given to tho buyer?the Lease. Furniture V an.i Klxltir ?, a 1 eoutplete, of the W'averley Hotel, corner of * Mneiy-?i?i>auaeiaiiil Blo-'innigdain r.Md. Bold as the proi prletor has other biunneas. { titor HALE?the central market, located at J J* 168 Ninth avenue, New Vork, together with U rse, " Wagon, Bmoke House und everything ro?iplete ioi car.yiug 1 a arge business. Long lease and lew rent. App.y on the preml-es. ? . jpor sale?the stock and fixtures of a but; P t?r and C'e sc bto e; Is now doing a btiuiiieiot of from 3 $2D to $26 per day; will be soil cheap, as the owner ia going 3 in the couutiy. Apply at 161 8 cooil aveuu ' TTIOH SALE?A FIRST GLASS CORNER LlyCOH J? Store, a id lease of the whole Hoove at v rv low r r.t on one of the prln Ipn! aveiiuea. Apply to JAMES HEALY. 67 West street, corner of Rector street, from 12 to 1 o clock, ' or in the evening at 228 Seventh av. our, corner Twenty-fifth J auvet. ______ For bale-a lioht, cash manufacturing business, in n live operation, yielding one hundred dmr l...,?pn,i,,ltl,.lin,ill IVllll... iu.1.1 mill, UjiiI, Vi- i,,u> I for nr exchanged in part for household fnrnilute. ' Aiv | ply lo KlHIIKH, 340 Hioomc street. I "IT'Olt Kll.K,?A PARTNER IN AN ESTABLISHED JD cash paying remunerative bitslw-*, without ri?k or com petition, is, on account ol'111 tieuiti. and the 'peculiar nature of the business, obliged to retire; will sell his Interest or exohunge for a hardware business or a hotel In a good location; a rare rhance. Addrcan for an interview Industry, Bruoklyu Post ogioe. For sale?TTIB stock, fixtires and uood will of a Lamp, Tinware and ltou-u Furnishing H ore, in a good bwdn -ax locality. For particulars iuu'tire at HENRY ep88teinr, 331 Water street. FOR 8.U.E CHEAP?A GOOD COUNTER, TOGETHER wllo Bownr, and Bonn- Bar Fixtures; also a fir-1 rate ' Awning, nearly new. Apply I'c.mciliatcly at HI Hudson street e arner of Jtsade street. Will be told together or ae|ia rate. 'jthir HAIjK?TO DIVIDE LOFTS AND OFFICES. J? several large Mash Window*and Sas i Doors, wnli hnrd partiiions; standing Snow Oases, live feet huh. Also Interior Skylight Windows. App.y to P. DUPOlir. W Liberty street, New York, up stairs. For ealb-a liquor store, stock and fixlures, doing a fslr mislnesx, at S31 Second avenue. Satis factory reasons for filing given. App.y on the premiss*. FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN-A FIVE YEARS LEASE, with s ock and fixtures, of a nice M inor mi l Lager Bier Saloon, with a fine garden and a hand mine Dwelling. This la a grand rhance for a party U> gat Into i snug btwlueaa. Apply t>n the prcrolsea, corner of Fourth aud Bloomuetd si reels, Hoboken, N. J. Hair dremheks.-a first class habiiino and Hatrdrea-tag Saoon for sale, in one nt the beet las* Uotv* lu the city, and .uiii; a llrst rate business. For Infornia Ion Inquire <.f \V. I'RtiWKAKD, Rainbow Hotel, Berkman street IRON I.AM I' POSTS FOR KALE?FOUR FANCY LAMP Posts, with Guards und l^stiiiyvw, exsi tly similar to tho o now In ir..nt of Niolu * tiar l n. in |Ulrc at auction rooms if HENRY WOOD ?k CO., 4S0 Broadway. IRON SAFES.?FIVE NEW IRON SAFES FOR SALB, ot the ben make. Will be sold at half the manufacturer s pres. A|JJW k BR0THEB 2SZ Washing'on attest. Iiyrott STORK FOR KALE?A CORNER DOING A J ..ooil business on one of the principal avenues, with or without sto-k. Applv at 3I< Franklin street, between 9and 10 A. M or before 6 P Vf. Patent of tlIK most valuable CIIara'ter? W itrrehy h great deal ol money an be made, lorsdc extremely cheap slid on meet easy Iciros, the a.t.cle cheaply got up ami of great use and nee salty. I sochi.. ick X wood, 83 Nassau street. f "PHOTOGRAPHIC GALLERY FOR HALE.?E8TABJT lished thlrtoeu years. Apply at 4)7 Bowery. a cjteamboat for kale.-the favoritf. steam. I O boat Field, now running bftwwn Harlrm, HUh Br.dg<nnd K ridgp. Kald t>< ai In Ihneti ye.iin ol I, out huiitirou feet ,u IriiuUi; twenty X???l Is am, lliro leetoraiigl.tor witrr, I i? very atlfl mid alanu h, and ia now avenging shout twelve . miles per hour; engines a id maehiiu ry leiow deck, n ikliu p her cap title of carrying live hundred duss- niter*. The owner i Lain.' nutated in other l .alneta. e I'.l ecll iier c'teao lor m b. For niribcrlnlormntivn n|iply to HEO.W. DBA HE, on bond, I or addivaa htm at Kordlmio, Westchester count). ; rruja, coffee ami nuv grocery for hai.e) J llan Uonudy fitted up; .oLihl.-bed three yearn; uiuier ! lew lent and doing n good cash trade; no credit; w.ll bo told low. Apply at S7tt Seventh avenue. r PRINTER*.-one hob's MKDII'm puss, tubes Aland Freaeea, unc Auauie Crave, two Copp r Pinto Pre sera, two Embossing Machines, Job Type, Imposing 1 Bf-iica, Ink Tabic a, Ac., to be aoitl at a aucriliuc, at Zi i>y at. rBWOK BINDERS?TWO IVUM MACHINES, ONE Paging Machine, Lilng l'reear*, Paper O aim ; PievM i, Sewing Vices, Binders Bliesre, F.iii-d lug Tn da, t'arj Shears i ar.d Tablet, 9 to W Inches, Ac.., to he told cheap, at ZS 1?-j at UNREHERVET) SAItB OF A TRIT88 BUSINESS.?OS I Tiu-a ?ay, 29.h Inai.. will be a >lil at )<Q Hruadway, the > whole stork ni T m*?, .tc? bdmit nig to the drtri of Kinno I a Phillips, lata at U o'clock protdecyr. fl/\A STOCKS OF BEES FOR RALE?NATIVES AMD AWU Itattans; glass hoi.a; boxes. Books on keei'il tore. tltrculara tent to all nppllcan a Addreaa M. Uuenby, St. Johnnvllle, N. Y. I aorni ?FOR BALE. AT A GREAT SACRIFICE, TIIE PO""". good will nnd Stock 01 a light, pleuaani and pruntaiila wholcnaio oaah business, Over twelve yeatg' ratahHahod. Can be oarided aa at a ama I espanae. and no rl.kA belter chance nrv. r wan off. red for a perron WmhiDg to co a good builneaa with the small aum of $du>. Addreaa Mirohanl. bos 135 II em LI nlUee. ?1 OAH -ASMAU, CHOICE STICK OF SHOES. > I JJ>J.,asv"" good le-ase aim va.nable Klxiur a 01 cm o- hl beat Hior a In the city Apply to, or address for tl rre days, 1 T. U. BLDKEMB, ? Broadway. UKSTHTHT. ' ,t RTIFICIAT, BONK KH.LING.-THE OEM INK USED A only by me. Rooms of the discoverer 8h9 Broadway, near Seventeenth street. Tender teeth, old root a and uu re ehel'a Piled and warranted. N. B.?AH Livewof beautiful tamh ond aweel breath ??an the celebrated Cuban Dentifrice I and Lotion. ?J. PEARS' IN, M. D., D:*">verer. Dr. white a brolher s improved artificial Teeth.?Whole acta, 9-\ $8, 910, $IA hi 9lit. Terln tilled with gold, BOe. to 91 All work warranted mat cia-s at No IS Bond street, New York, and 717 Ardi street, Phi's | drlphta. fACTH.?AOHINO TBBT1I CBRKD PKKFKt 'TLY, FuEIi JP from pn iii, nna nn?il. rretn riieo wttn iioki, in i>, ?t manner, free of chuifp. Yoti.un he cnnvlne.v.! th?t th:?ia I mir nl INOKHHOLI./9, 123 We?l Twenty.?r, .?mI atrtet, Mow HAVING IIADTWEI.VE ROOTS F,Xrn\CTKI> WITH out fteilng any pe'n whaterer, hy J. JaY VILl.ERrt. i IMOmn.l ?re#i, two h'.o-ka from lfi.t<iw:iy, T i In" rt thia aa a rnoninmpujathm to thono aulierlng irum I to-itharho. Mlaa Orarn Hnlnoa. S73 Woat Forty-aoventli TO DENTISTS.?All AIUOI'KNKO MKRTINU OI' DKY tiita, opyosa I to pitying unlawf ul tribute to the AmortPin Hard Robber Co., will lip Iipi.I at tl < .!?,?,t (,( " e V Y 1 T?> in Manofiirtiirlna Co., 731 Broadway, at J ft u'ejo t f. M , ? on M nrtay, April 281 ' 79 THK KKRHUIOWi TTNITP.D STATES JfAVAl, RRVDRXVOLS, NEW VORK*. U l ead (itAitare No OR. rr> aueat or Nm'ih ? !* ' , ili.a Only Unuad Mtaiaa Na al Hondo/mm In Ui? Gi.--11 anted, , l<ni lumen. Seaman and Ordinary S n" n, in >n p f > tnrva /-: ??r timing tbp air, Aj?piJ ? 3 MUSICAL. A GREAT BARGAIN.?SPLENDID 8EVNN ootav* carved Piano, bj lue beat ioe*" ni: ? arrar. teg j co d (4:10; been u?d a few montha. To be aula before ibe la , if al a great aaerUtae. Inquire at SI Greenwich avenue. A GOOD SOPRANO. AOQl'A'NTPn WITH TUB KPIBoofi .1 an i Pr. nnyur an - . . "s it .Ituaiion ma cliuri b lu New York or B out. } n .> npdcrate. A?ld Vocal, care of P. );?l? 'J* H .i. ,'h at., Wilr iluwuburg. * A SITUATION WAN"! E ' -AS OiOvM.-T AND CTIOrietcr, by a gen ? . a - i . ,ca.a "?|>erler-ee. and ?..? van tr.e *> ?: r- n *< A ' nan OrgvuUt. 47? Broad-, ,j. : VUDf GIV -"s k?*e S i f'.L PIS noa ofaau' er j erven ocw e run v, o Pint . (i iX Ha vi.lue; i.a all > ale, rouu.l oorac.a, r > o* - - a t , - <- i ? A * and fully w.r.anicu. A > ?. n7 >' >'< ... .a <burg. A BARGAI N TO C.A.SII PCEC 11 ISEIU ? il 0 "'OK A nagtiiu rul la nl'1 .1 p ltd J7i; a .I,, .i , - u vi.t ... ? .jdrnUiJ ton" and touch, or*. 1. ti n. .V;i, :y l> d ) jl CO. 761 liuwer- M*,r <u ; \mackifigrn r 7 u.i'ave ko-k. a ihnofor 11 'o iti ,t . ,ir. s . , a . ? I ase, full .... . tin.. * . ... ?' .... B lut ro rc-nta; loudc ..r r. Do .1 In ic ? Vvo i.UiiJ. n. c t <? J pr *2 ' . i.d .g Stool and <VVT. A.. i'Ario? Eurultut t < iv t ? yo IXVet T naty aultt eireat, . *rs..\:h . it -. Ipo it m k jo'v?a splendid seven oc1avb . ?? <1 1 uuo, l; ..iv ? i 5i e; full Iron i ra- , (i .-wrrl' l ion", jr11' . tion 'n . . treble* inn Puce(140. Apvl ?. .-jap of 1 La.trcum street# Bro lyu, 7,'<> s\lk cheap?one new keven ootavfi I Finn- fctte. usttdela the bc3t roenr'T by one of toe bent ty mtil; r?; warranted inquire at ISM Eaat Twa-ity-cl ,hlb * -t,: e? w.' ea St job-*; and Tlitrd a vernier. /NEE.vT BARGAINS IV PI AVON, AT H5? BROAOWAY. U uv ir Pour: ruth aueci,.<n a'-xn-ni of removing, a gutendi.l lot of Pianos, lull Iron fratuv, aud warren ted. Will be 1.old at a targuia noforv May. vtew music.?' prr-1DENT ukco ,l(f GRAND 1\ Mnroh," wl'.h th * bv ' vigilBit? ..1 bis K-wllcncy that bug ever been published. Mr-., by if Imaraulier, le-der of Hut Twenty-n cond regiment ban '. Price 60 cciitn. Mailed l' -o. Pi*in aiiv.naiiucv to try new li nt. PubilMLed by HORACE WATERS, agent, tdl Broadway. ^ SPLENDID ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE FOR $140} co.-t .? <U but titu montha ago; rvcit O'tavea, round h sold Immediately. Apply at 12t'>? Twentieth etrcel, near l avenue. PIANOS AT ORE ITER BARGAINS THAN EVER offered.?'Two rosetvoid Piano*, iu moat excellent condition, ii? wly regulated an J pol m><*\ at $12.1 and $113; muni in' >-ol'l ltd ore ih I t ol May. A!s > A itplen lid DlaiontO F ute, of Ootiicr's make, omit $85, will of ? Id for $.10. At OOl'ENllOl EN'S music store, K86 llro.i>l.vuy, throe door* below Foul teeuth street. 1>IANO FOR RAI.B?A SPLENDID CI RIGHT SEVEN J. octave, l ree stringed Inmrumi nt tmn'e In Parle lor tho exposition of lfi/6, a. Id there tor 2 4u0 linns. us good ad i ewj case rose an l lelea wood. Addreas D. D , Herald utile*. PIANO WANTED.?$101 TO $160 WILL BE LOANED. w l lot re t, for a atlpiiliuc I per o I, for the use of a flrat e!a?# full seven octave p aoofm e, hy a res, ons bin lemon, whose family consists ol only hi im l.'an I vif . Ra( exchanged. Cad or on aJdreeaJ. S. A., Id Soutb Seventh etri'i-t, Williamsburg. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS SOPRANO, FOR the linv. Dr. Piee'achurch, Syd; ey ijl.ue, Brootlyu; rniiet be ful v equal t-> the most dtdlc-.LCatholic .una ?. Aipty reia nallv to J. R. MAtiKATlI, Orotn ai, <1 Weal Haitie treet, uetwaen Heury and Clinton, Brooklyn. W/AN lED?A SEVEN OCTAVE R08E.V00D PIANO* tV lortc; one lut e used. Any person o vln , m.iib ? oue to flspo c of will please address Mibs Ida Veiity, at itton K 1* .1 ..HI. e, K ?htli avenue, lor three jays. stating iho term*, widcli must be model ate. <2*1 r/\ PIANOS ?WAR PRICKS. NEW 6^ OCTAVB iJLuU Pianos, all round corn ra, overatiun/; and iron 7 octave do., for $178 $2.4! $2601 Soi-ond ho ml Piano* at great hargaina. One o o ave, $41); one do., (1 Ibert, $110;* one 6>jo. iave rosewood, $.28; una Hi., do., Wat ra, fitki; inn do.. ot{, $180. juclodrona?oclave, second Iiuim, $40; 6 o Lave do., ?a0; i t, piano -tyle, $t!8. tine t Uolrcd new and arc n hat d P anon and MelO* d o.ia to rent from $2 to$0p r month, and i?nt allowed If lurches d Mm my pa m. nta r eeireu for the same. Foreign Moale 2 cents per p ige. Pianlai in alien anoc to try new fcui.c, 110.1ACE WATERS, Agent. 481 Broadway. INSTltU CTION. ~ ~ , A GOOD HANDWRITING GUARANTEED TO ALU old and young, lu ten lessons ol an nour euoli. Pr.vatA liiNtrurtiou given. Bookkeeping, Ac., day and evening. CaS lor circulars at No. 6 Fourth avenue and .136 Bros (way. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH. ALL BOOKKEEPING, PENMANSHIP, AND OTHEH co.iiinercuM aiximidishqionta, will continue Li be taught during the spring and summer mouth* at 1'AINE'S old established Booms, No. 63 Hawery. New York, and 383 FM* torn alreet, UiMouty n. Ladies W riling l-ewuma $2. " a MKRICAN 8C1IOOL INSTITUTE." SW BBO\DWAT. /V au.'pliea aui- oia with tcai'h is without char . ana parents wl*h ? houl ilreuDra. Wanted, teacher o. French and German. lor a liool In Netv Y. r ,. O. 8. WOODMAN AGO.. Agenta foraohooh. A FRENCH YOUNG LADY, IIAVINO II. R DIPLOMA Iroin ti.e Ao demy of Paris and Leaching tn tba iaat leuiilieg of New York, wou d like to fli d ? r- apee abta faintly filing uatiflllfornia, so aa 11 go with them aa governeM. Sue euiy akVa her uss-a -e . nd hrr I* aril o.r th ilia yaar. i'ea o i-ltjr reference will he given. AdureaaA. D., box 149 Herald oilice. American edccatiokal bureau, a?i broadnay.?Sehoo.a and 'amilica a ipi ilrd With teucbart gratuitously. Teaem ra . nr.,..,lie,I with pm.ltlona? uosdvaucd tee. W anted immediate, a French lady, I tea h trench and mnae, also one tn teach Orrmtin und rr n b. 8nlrH. WllLiON k OO. /"IOCNTHY HOME FOR BOYS?AN BPPERIBNOBD XJ teacher, in one nf the in .?t attractive viliac a in Maw ySuglnnd. will receive Into hia amily a few hoys aud?r twei.e, in edii ate. an evuenaes $4tl p r q isrler. The wife ol he b- iern at the otDce, 186 Fifth avenue. from ten to t ? aire o'clock, or at Mr. E. W. Mulouinga, 478 Broad way,ra n two to lour. /l C. MAILSII, AUTHOR OF THE POPULAR W0JUt8~ \J, on ilnoKkeeplag, giv, * 1'nraia LftMnning Boo^iwp. ingaiil Buainea* Allium ai Ida rinuu, 306 Broadway. Cuculere, with trrin?. on application. IgTRENOH ANUroEKMAN 1ANOI'AOES?PROKBSsdli 1' K. TEt.LlidlNtJ. HI i Broad >ay. e?iao i? In ithi will .?*iT>* ap,>h atl na for pri ate h etru U n ib lie dim.a language" ill,ring ibft aprin an I ti-rma. Langiiaanglu * ' atii tt'trai g*r?. Tea* fating, uramai.o leading*. Uracil i i>1 Ro'iiasi ( l'i? n P, French is^dttk for yoT'n.j la die? no i? M..dh-ou aveu..e, corner of l-ii lytnlrd ureal Principal, Madame 1)>>n Ber nrd nee do Iloch'*'-moy. Rfpa ala cl??(ea for t:iu*e wtahing to |h rl ct therna l/ea lu ircutb Literal lira, (iranimar an<l Dramai.c Ron tug. KIDlNUSt WOOL?CAPIAIN KAI.STON'S INKTITVT*^ Ruling R.-h.iol and Hta: ie?, oon un.e under Uie earn# management, for claim or unvn o le -aon rl- m . i school or ro..d), an I ihe roorptlnn of nomca at livery. Noa lib and 117 W?.-tT*ciity-lHrd aireet. WASHINGTON HEIGHTS PRKNCII INSTITUTE? On the I t of ti iv -.lie well knoH n Frvneh Hoarding NcmooI .,f Mr. I.KHP1NA SB will tie removed to Knri WiiahInLti.n. Oi colara may oe lied at the. mautuuon, HSOknton place, N. Y. " ] FtHMTURE. ~ A KAIK PRICE GIVEN FOR SECOND HAND PUEKIJ\. tun-, Mirror* and I'arjr u, at S it llideon aireet, oorner uf Perry. Al. valla promptly aitonJed to, by addreaatng A Hue. Purnl.uruaa above. Country valla attend, u to. a LAME assortment O* IIP?BOLD FURNtj\ tuteat private tan. at a aa'-rlttev.?s?>eii uoiava ruedwi-o l Ptano nie; coat AO', for fc-O, >n ding stool a ad Cover Pallor Suit fir $ I .V>. one i.o.. $ i); Ho iaea -re, Etag re-. Centre Ta >lc. Kiv n on Table*. Huff la, O irp.-ta, Mil to.?, latUn .a, t'tnega, Biifnie, it datiMUe, Mattreaaef, AC , at half original mm. Apply at 70 Weei Twentyaltib * treat, la tween Sixth nn J Heveiuii av niir-a A PARLOR HCIT OP HKVKN HECKS WANTED?IE rosewood or ol. ek naluut, modern atyle. in oxehatig* for boo d In a Ural claaa hot! e In ti.e m r ! iLd>-nai i of tad c i). Addrvse immediately L. I'., box J S7& Pn?ln%?. A GENU IJEMAKTUVINII LP HOUSEKEEPING WILL red ihla day ciienp, ai private ?. ie, hi> 1'iauo and bona* furniture Inquire on the piemlaea, No. 20 Baal Twenty fourth atrret, near Konrlh avenue. POU..OK SlTiir WANTED UK SEVEN PlTCES-IN roaanood or black walu.i.. mo h ru atyle, and in good vuidiilon; it cheap would find a ra?h Imj r Would alao buy a good parlor Carpet. Andix-a* II. B. J.. Herald flBw. * BEDROOM ~HClT~f)K ENAMELLED FURNtTrR* In ah ro t ra, of anrnui ed in uofacinre; also aot'd Cheatnut Cl. unber Snltr, i laln and ornamental, at 11. F. PAUUKllTUli s. No. Ola, suai ?tea at, oppoatle W otter. KatituUIied lu mis. A 'J' MNKS OX xi'l:5lfl'RJE~UX>KIH<1 OlAnWil h? Bti.idlntJ, Ac., br t). aort on i ir"l, w ... * I end delivered (w. at tl. W HNCnrfNN ilvl Bnw^Tr^TlA tweei, staiiiou ami 11 uriou ultveta, 0*11 a?j tare iitnaat Nm- tbe number. KomwoqI P? tor sul" ??# money. ENAMFXLKl) CHAMBER 81 ITs" OF FURNITURE. In All rnfor? ant) at aholea.i# una n-laM*? lur^ii it'ick lu Ih#cilj. Hnlli 8>i and upnaril*, ilia mUb valnutMuUii, Malir*<v ., p..:ita*?*?" *e ?'""ru*- *??o MM WAHKEK SAKII, 277 Canal mreet. four doors cuttm Broadway. * I^IUST CLASS ftNA.HELLPD rURHITORB-PLAIBL I J"?ratoJ itn<l Kratnotl, a did walnut and oat Beta a*in! ?t$2Uand upwarda; Mntiresura Mprinu Beds Ac J. W. FISHER A 00.. Sail11faeturera. _ 850 Broadway, between Bleeck. r and Hood alreeta. F~ 1'RMTtIHR BOUHHT.?F t MIMES Q1VINO UP Iiou>*m rptn;; can * 1 thetr Farnl: ora frtr <a<h.andra. * A*l"ral'l|CVnr*n *'"0 Tii .pd u>.? near Tmrt/ionC *nMr pwliipnir ia,ended to. 'Mtr^ Vnml.ort. a. aim., FlRNtTl'RK, CARPETS, BOOKS, PAMPIIUtfS AND Mlit-arii* h o hi for reit I, n.otiei, at 121 Slith avenue, paiwe-n Nrn h and Tenti aweett. ' FVPJfiT' HR l ?>R'haLB.-ViLiTBS MJLbON Hoi* d ?), April id, at pi'1' at- tow, at 244 W rat FiUernUi atr?et, a qiinntll' r.f Brocaol R-" wood Furniture; ait . * numhernf Pi.yllth Velvet Carpet- ol 111 at quality, NaJa'ba. NNmett* Ml HI A M.. e; > It till 6 P. If! IjH KNITI'PE FOR HILK- A PANTEY. ABOUTBREAK I UK ?|> li< wet replug. offer their F impure for eale, la lota to ault iiiin-haoo s. at * crura. TIi-i* u. ? ? bin tulna w ill r?!l for Ihrar daye at MP R*e*| Tweaty flrat timet, between ri ilh and Hrremh avenue*. F" ~OR"baTk-II"I>''M?.EI? I t RMTl'llE, CONRIStFhJ o: fen hoi, bedroom an I iniior Furnliuiw. liinuirw at No 107 I,'rater treet. roi ner , f hi Ir d* at.eei, mom No. 8. ' tAiivrm.vo improvho patent pari air bri> Viijuitun ?ttl<l ImlgnuhlD i ulrmlr itnrt Oinrr mat : an 1 rci'll; n!?n fin nl?h I "T m ot'Hy; .<y i ntaTal Illsiw?VC , -ire-l. foruirrljr National Ai aileiry ol IV?ikn 1 (JTUR40K OF El RMll'KE, .!?' ?MAY HK~*^nTi / ^ the ?|xii !<m? biiil'lliy-. K >. S2.'and '.UN Fciiih arannn Atlly.n.lOHN THOMPSON, on lhn|nWn*i CUttlKAUB OK KURNITl1 R(i t AS BG HaD~7w TO* "r* proof btjllllnj No. 9s? Put'. v rn will And thoii *(V ]> on r..r t'i*<r pre>tx>rt> Otwn fr<? m * M teioo , m. "PrfMr^Ibl" fPO HJiN r-rMG Kl H.Vi rV K^ OF A THRmTbtom T B.kiiiI of Wo ad*](It. For p?rltruto* ??v ply at H W?l Ninth alrant. 1 IV* D. OTirtKRAN. WJAUHR hT"nkiT"TnD | ?"??'r'nAn?'wi 411 tb* Aboyc IBC. (>?>.,ki.

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