Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1862 Page 1
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TH 1 ' u"iA* 11 * WHOLE NO. 9363. e-7,". ; . T. ' ? . . i., SITUATIONS WASTED- FS3MA1.E9. For Otker Wtnti Bee Eighth Page. REfiPBCTABLB GERMAN WIDOW~WOMAN jl w la hex a situation either as housekeeper, nook or to do Several housework; wages no object if like can only keep k-r ebild, two year, old; would go In the country Inquire pi lia Allen at., corner of Delanesy, third Door. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE J young woman, ae cook, waeber and lrouer; be. .even year.' city reference from her laet place; no objection to the ionntry. Call at 270 3d av., between 22d autf 23d sis , top Door, back room. A LADY GOING TO THE COUNTRY WISHES TO r*- Sbb?'n a .ituai.ottioi bei eooa. AppJ> benveeu Is) and 13 at 3i8 4th et A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU Atlon In a respectable fatally; le a good plain took and an acellent waeber and lroner: no objection to tbc reuntrv for Abe summer. Can be seen for two days at 235 10m av , first Boor, front room a Good references. < ? A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and waiter or to tale care of children; no objection to go a short distance In the country. The heat Af city references. Lett In oouaciiuence of her employer Wreaking tip house. Call for two days at 3H West 10tb eg, between 8th and 0th ars. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A HtTiTATirvv xa r<nxts .AbermAld and waiter; no objection to Jo general housework. Call at 281 WestAid sl, between 9th und 10th uva. A YOUNG LADY, JUST COME FROM FRANCE, DJ5- ? -Ty i? situation as govcrrass !n a private family or iu a """ WtSI ?th at,6 'n 'u'l!,ic *nddrawing Inquire A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT 01KL WISHES A rltnatlowaa chambermaid waitress, oi would taks tare of obildren; no objections to the country. Beat lty reTsraaco. Callul210 West 26to at., near 'Jth ar. , A BE8PECTABLB PBOTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN A wiahaa a situation as chambermaid and waitress, or aa Durao and seamstress; would prefer living 1n a religious family; beat of city references. Inquire at 8ti Boerom, ffiflcrof Pacific at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, FOR light chamber wo, k or taking care of ohihtre.u. Oau be Wean for two days at her present employer'*, 67 E??t 28tb',?t., who will highly reoommand her. ate 'r A SITUATION WANTED^hy a RESPECTABLE (j yl yrnmiT WOTJiaH, as good plain cook, first rate ? a> tier and froner, or to do general homework In a amajJ family. Best roferer e from her leal place. 0-til for two days at 19 AUautk el., 8 > Jth Brooklyn. A NICE ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO DO the housework of a small lcmlly; she is a good plain oook and excellent washer and Iroiier. Best city reference. Apply at 278 Mulberry St., near Houston. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A BE8PEC TABlJi CRj. 3 testant girl, in a small private family, as plain uok, vgr aa. geuerui huameworkar; good w asher and irom r. B? at rem-ence rroui her last place. Call for two days at 2s3 East I.Srh st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RKSPKCTABLB young girl, in a small private family, to do chamberWork and wailing, or cliamberwork and to tukc >nro of a^oal v. Good city reference. Call for two daya at 2M East A SITUATION WANTED?AS SEAMSTRESS, BY A young woman who nndersUMis dre.seinaKing, children's clothing a id all kinds of :anuly cowing, Or would lake Cure oi children or assist in chamberwnrk: good ? !!> refefance. Can be seen for two days at OA East istb et. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do central houuework in a small nrivate lnmtiv or .ham SerworS ami to a*.-u*l Id washing and ironing; la a good plum took and an excellent wnaher and kroner; la wiiltngand tlMtoilkii. Has the beat of city rcierence lor houesty and <a MBllliy. Call at S3 Vd a v., bepveeu lit und 2d at*. Can be nccn lor t.vo da)*. AS CHAMBERMAID.?A PROTESTANT YOUNCI WOm_u v. tehee a situation a* oluiubcrma.d and to annul in Washing; hae no objection to Ute country. Call at 113 West lfltli at _ , A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOU NO COLORED 5 A girl, a* chambermaid or a lad/'* waiting maid. Ha* mo objection te going to the eouniry. Apply at IK West 30th I, between 0th and 7th a vs. A GOOD SEAMSTRESS, WHO CAN OUT AND PIT drcsaci, and a neat hand at children's clothing, wishes to bo out by the day or week. Call for one week at 117 Watt rtii bt, 11 ret Boor, room No. 3. . ,i i RESPECTABLE GIRD WISHES A SITUATION TO -^Y da general housework. I* a good plain cook and an ex ellent washer and lroner. Ia willing to make herself gene. ralyce. ini. Best of city referenceg. .en. Cau be aeon at 331 Itth k'., between 7th and 8th arc* , for two days. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN. WITH A A fresh breast f milk, wishes a baby to nor**, nibtr In the bouie or out 260 Mott *t, In the rear, No. 2. ARE I'EO TABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as cook, ah* nndcreuad* her business thoroughly; can do any kind of baking or pastry ; Hie boat of city reftieaistfc Can be seen for two day* ?t lis West 15th *t, near 6th vr. a a Mnor nt a au wtMiDOtia uw a trwno M B VUADO nAllAAn.l, U I Jl T?A1 WAIL* '?/V tent young woman, or would nsilat will) the chamberwork if required. Mo objection to go la Ute county. Tho bery tool or city ivfrrer-oe cut be given. Con be ae?n for two days. at Ma Wot Mth at, AYOUNO GIRL TH'SIIES A SITUATION AS CHAM bermaid aud u?Tr?e, or chambermaid and waitreat; no bjeatton to ?!i? oqr.miy. uood city ref?rcn? can Of given. <jgp bo toon (br tfro days at M Woot 19 th at. _ N A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG ? \/X. wonutr,, to do Uiht cltamDcrtror* and sewing, c? take arc of cb'ildreu; no objection to go a xbotl il'tUurc in !bo 00ntry, sailsi'actnry rcfereuce given i>y calling u: UK Wen ? gdth v't., ttil 1 d Boor, hack room, lor two c .y?. .k respectable woman wants a situation as tit iauudrciw; can do prnin oo iuug; uo objection to the A Bouulry. ttaodclty lefnenivcati b>-given. Call at 11 I n.Oii A1 oourt, near Uuircraily place, for two dayx. '< A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOT'NO WOMAN, AS P' chambermaid and WalUnW, or would bo wSUsg 10da Ute charabrrworkand aaaiat Id the washing find Ironing 01 a A nail private 1 amity; lia* good city i Tan be seen A1 ' UAl 12lti St., l>?lw?en Mb and O'.li area., in the baa uncut. A8ITUATI0N WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, who la an experlanced cook and baker: witling to uavlst A Wltb washing aud Ironing II required; w nuld be rait-U?-<t to ? go in the country with a family; hat iintieeptlonahle refe- 'l? ranro Can be teen at 31 llch at., between btb and otu avtt., the batemtnt. A A COOK AND CHAMBERMAID, OF UNDOUBTED "? dBi respectability, having one si* and the other two years' ar best of referenda from their laat employers, waut situation* In a private family. Caa be toen for two daya at At tltyaid A brat boor, front room. Al . . a I A YOUNG WOMAK WISHES A SITUATION AS COIL" ^ A drcn's nurac and to do plain wwlug or v. ould do chain" berwnrk and assist with the washing and ironing; uo ob" A Jeeliona to go in the Rouutry for the tuiiim r; line the b-at -r pf city references. Call at 141 VYeat 29t'.i at., between 7tii fri ad gth ava. ? A SITUATION WANTED-BY A NICE, TIDY AND RE- K tpeclable gir , t<> took, wash and itou (or u auieli pi i- a Tate family: baa no objection to go a short distance In the r" country with a fantliy: good city reference c'ven. Call lor u? two days at MS Weat llitu at., between Slh and Vth ava., thud yor, Iront room. J A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS 5t A good plain cook, watber and iront i, or would do ?ene. pal housework in annul family; languid bread baker; good I B1./reference. Apply for two dayt at 142 Weal3Atli at., third A Boor, trout room. th A SITUATION WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RLHPK'fA- <?? ble aud competent girl, to do gcuent boatework In a rtv|>eotaii)c family: no ohjcsllon to go a xhort distance in the / ouutry; la a good pUln roan, washer and iionar. and an t*i. A client bread n k*r; has the beat :' city rati rencr. Cm be *' ecu till suited at Uf EMrubeth at., ucar Houston, tiral lioor, tear. I A GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO ATTEND * A a store or to do general housework in n final 1 m Call for two days at Ike comer oT Vau Burnt and S '#? ick >r pi., South BrnoVl>n. rr A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE t A young drl, as coo*, tta h r and ! nnar; good city refe- ? rsBco. Can be seen for two d iya at l~5 East vttf* b st. AM EXPERIENCED COOK WISHES A SITUATION -1 In a private fami y, an 1 ha* no objection to .:?sin with rashtag if required. t.ood iaty reference. Call at l.'A HHb PI., between 7th hud Uth av?.. itrs? Boor, ba.-k room, loi two A Bay a. i , A COMPETENT YOUNG GERMAN WOMvV IYI8IIE8 I /V a alt.iatlon ?* Hamm< ??. Cuu do all kitidf 01 Kieneb , tnbratdcry au<l rauilly . ewing. Hat no 0:1 to wait | * a lady. Hot or city r-tlamieo ran ba glTen. Call at I"! I ?' WaalMtb at., oaj door from lib ar., tor two dry*. | A YOUNG WOMAN WANT* A SITUATION A8 COOK j AX tnaprtralc lamily tin tlir l??t of nty reference 7*. prom bar laal place. Cull tor I vo <t*?a at ifTO lliok??i., be i vhat Pacific and Allamlr ita., Brooklyn, In the fattcv atom. A SITUATION WAMED-BY A RESI'Kt,TABLE UIIU, J M% to do chamberwork And waiting or I'lniia \lu*.. B-si a SSL reference. Ottibeaeau lor two Java til/ Waal 4Mb I It A SCOTCH PROTECTANT OllU. WAN IN A SITUATION J A wailing, t.r to -. ok, waali onu , iron for a amall family. Coll for two dttja a! jn| ftli a<., oral I ?f24tb?t. J, A SITUATION WANTBlX?11V A JlltillLY KEdPEOTA. blr Protectant woman, .;* profeieod l/ti.itdte ?; <iml?:'. j atanda pollahlng, Kremli Ituilut, A'.; I.aa nu object.ou to a It hotel or bearding bo;?<t: would go a atoo'i dltbtnt < tu the li ountrv If required. UneiueylooaMe elty reference. rail 8 #1 237 Elitab 'lh It., near Uoaeloo, llr>l floor, In ilia rear. Alan ba ari a til I engaged. A YOUNG WOMAN WIHHEP A SITUATION TO Do o A general hotmewot k In a atuill private tnunly; no ob- t .lection to go In the ronntry. Hat be bot of totr reference, lUaU at nra(l?lra>?X7U Ml av? balwaen 2*d ami i .d eta., lor |pad >1ay?. \A SITUATION WANTED?ST A COMPETENT I'ER c TV ion, Ji anrie, ami wlu> can laAe.thr-rnilia can* of mi i Vant Tb.c belt m elly refereuoo glvgit Gill for two diyi gtW 2Mb at., neardlh a*. a ^ ^JUIflfrCTA BLI YOUNG,. WOMAN WAWT3 A SIT. \l>i in ? tt'preMAr prirM* family.' U t> JOO'I city rcl?- ] r rt^vi^^n bewenio'liroiUnatherpree'i't ?iD| k>jtr ?, <1 **\pECTitDI,R GIRL WANT* > MTUAJWOK TO A (IftttVT#! houi-wark; |# # .1)0| w;vh?r ?nJ ironijr tnii J Old pU't VA; U wtlllQc to lo unrthlrik r?(itili?<t. Wcl! a Vi , 1'*" M Front at., Bruo<'/n? n??r Gold, I poOiMl JTk0?f ni' K room. . A nR*TZr;?JlM.K OlRl, WANTS A BITR'ATION AM J J\ chwlitimsy. ^ UonirMtor wail.r In * t?0'-?'* f?nii- ? T Men Mty r-KirVf?, <H1 lot t? o d?y? M MS'Vo*t 3-Vl ?< si, WH(W fill Mn'JjJM'*, Mceit i Sow IMltl. n V. E NE m THE OPE Plans of Forts Jackson JW . ... ^1 ftVfj ^SBS^ EBQEm MIS' Wheot????^ ^ m TWO BAfiffi* AT Bl FDRT MffiflOTfi WIW^TSJLANKII WEST D A V u r? i /*/\TER5 ? SON ' A?Main work. fl?Ditch one fciu>dr< snvinras wa%nn-nuu HEtfVKOTABI.K YOUNG WOMAN DK8J RRS A L situation o* Mwunipr;s mi l ahamlx-rmaiil; laa m at i! atlmtlvn nvi'sr] an rnmr highly rrccmmendpit, ;md ii-iOBiw* agnnteol rilapoalCon. A<M rae, O. M. No. 21 l'ni'>n L'aion at, South NtooHjii. tot t.??> HTCATTOM WANTED?B>" A TOVM WOUOr, TO L tlo up ? .aii* work an.l aaiiat with vraahina and iioulng; y rnfrrtnoc gtrtn. Call lor IWi day* at 212 Fn'lon ave., wUyo. SITUATION WANTED?BY A UKSPRrTABLB L vount; girl, to cook, w< h am) iron for n small ipinlly. ic hut of illy referenn* giren. Call at 232 Wulbarry at. SITUATION WANTED?AH WAITRESS, ON CHAML bcrnianl anil waitress; perir tly iiud?r?isn<l? hrr bnsi*a; wr!'rrix.mnvudad liy crinr.plorer. Call at Inr pi a i.i place, 11| l.av Nik . REsPEiTAMjE girl WISHES A SITUATION as L cook. ernaUer til l imn sr, or to .!o nmntl bnnarvvork In innJTi'arully; b*si oi city ve!ereu>o given. G*n bo weu r 1*0 rta.v at So. 9 tith at., eecond U<o>', front room. . RESPECTABLE VutTNO PERSON WANTS A SITULttM .It chAmbenv.i J; can I - bSgii'v rceoiii.iinndcd jm tUi: I'liv e the it uow living in. (.'ah l?? ? en at 179 uiUon jL, corner of Vestry at. , RE<1 lit'TABLE PROTJWTAKr U1RL DESIRE* A> i .At chninb-imaid irid<lri"?j boa* ot ?ify ferae re from Mr In'i employ or. Call ai M WctllllUi Mq lar 6th a>. I COOK'S SITl' ATlON W \N TGD?B* AN KXPKR1L tocot vvoaiou. Can heaven at fan pie.eoi |H?t, 91 I. av. t RESPLCTVBLE VO S I GIRL WISHES A 8ITIJAv Hon a* chambermaid and tva'treat ami to H?ai?tw|tb c warding and ironing, or to do plain sewing; is willing iJ obllru a; hat two year*' cltj reference, t ai lot '?o ly x at 42 Wcet 24>h at. i lady breaking up housekeeping wishbh V a aduatlon for b'-e chambermaid and wait to a, nhoc.ii highly leoomntendcd. Gall nl At Wert 36th at, I SITUATION WtNTMO-UY A RESPECTABLE V rnung woman, aa c.iaruiMTiuii. J and to atalit with tba >?btu(. or chaiub i-rxt^l t and waltrc-e, or to do gnieial jutework in a :?nisi!I family, ran give good rity rvhrence out b- r lart i ntat O.vll lin iiranytW It9 Wesi27vb at., o n It. 1 SITUATION W.VNTBD-BV * PROTESTANT WO* \ "V loan, ? e?aj?*tvea* and to rare for children; under" a.ids i nlting aud ijtling I iJIca' and children'* ditatovand 1 kinds of plain irwin,,. Apply at 251 24lh at., between Mh nilli'thara. 1 situation WAN! ED-TO COOK. WASH AND X iron; good plain took: tirst rnte u.ialier imd ironer; ;>'?d fit J rererwuoe. Can l>e ??eu for two .Ly* a: 69 Court ircet, corner of a (antic, Brooklyn. 1 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE V Kill In do pi tn v okJiij'. naahliui and Ironing, ornould o housework. Has the ' oat coy icf"reoeer Call a' P.'7 91U t., between2?l and 3d ?'en. for two day I. \ RESPBCTABLB WOMAN, WITH TUB BEST OK V Olty relercneo, wtibtaael'uaUon at took. ??* ucr and or I" do the oenrral bo'iaework of a null family. UU lor two daya a: 255 W- ai l&to rt \ RESPBCTAM.K YOUKO OIR1 WISH88 A MTU. nTt hVnUirTor l"j nko*"araVr ohll&ieu, nr to do plain ??irjg. Cu l At 410:4 ore., top floor, from 101m. AN INDUSTRIOUS GIRL WIMISn V SITUATION AS II. oonk siid lo ?Mt?' in I ho wishing (ti U Iron I tit; i.o objecion in ihe ' iimtir for vb? aiimurr sn year*' reference rem bei I**1. v'ao*. C*1! ?' ??< 4l!i nr. bnMrann StWi aai 1*1 ?t*. _________ _ __ AKKSl'BO TAHI.B YOt'NO OIRU WANT* A 8ITU ttIon a* oliamhermatd and *aUre>*. ( '. to (to general nuarwork In a ainall private fatallyi It ? fool waahar and ronei; tilv reference. C?t! til 87 Eat! fl tllto *'., between luiith and Hort ?t* . Brooklyn A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A VOONu OIW.. blOHljl lecu ve:u ? old. lo tako oara o: i ro en childr it and ir?, T to do light cliamberwork and eowtug; wanid like to *o In lie country for the O'.iiuinni ivi b a respectable family. Call I w 7ih IV, between ?M an I ktth nta. A YOUNU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS OOOE; rV thoroughly undrratauda Iter b't i.nen lo all lla brain he? 7all at 87 Kaai .Wd at., i<r*t floor, from r *>ui A rot NO LADY WANTS A SITUATION AS COfJIt IS" EV a restaurant. trail lor two day* ai N > 6 drove at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A |YOUNG, ACTIVE t\. fil l, ??*r.?t elaM wallreaa, o. a* chambermaid and waiteaa. t:?o gtm lho b.-it city r-feiencr. can ho seen fur two ara at her pream.t amptoynr'e 44 W, ?t 17,h at., where a\e iaavlog on aecnnni or their g? ag 1. Bmupe. A SITUATION WANTED?BT~ A J8KSPE< !TA~B1,R !w. young girl, to cook, waah and Iron. Boat city lercrenca iren. Calllortwodi;>?at8r Pactfo. n. turner of lUnrr IrnoHyo A RESPECT A BUR YOU NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUX atlon aaniiiae md wiwMraer, or a? chain wrmaht nnd altera* In a omaU family: go > I refer-lire giicn run he enfnrtwo dgy ?< *'J Weil *9 li a', nw lb--r. s. W YO !W YORK, TUESDAY, API RATIONS BE and St. Phillip, Mississi] While on a Reconnoiss* * A **** ** ' - 1 11111 9I8p|/>? / J ANOBSR .? $ JACK5UI\ yo BATTERIES IJ ? IN CASEMATES g^jl OUT-WORK^ \\ ^ . 26 GUWLS^ ^{j I fi II C c I 0 I %' f * i id foot wide. O-Lorgo rafl, eOBPOMd of logs ch?i< HEAD OF THE PASSES OF THE M X/ w /* > w i | JJ| y Mf/. ej /ptijV Mi SHALLOW WATER F Nam?Both a idea of the Piimi and tha rlrar art faoad t headr 'hart ia a amall point of to! 1.1 tarth. At ont point < mand the approach. Tha telegraph Una aitanJa la the Pai equal in opted It In accuracy, ami any movement of tba lie For Detail* of New* See SITUATION *4 WANTKO-VRMAliE't. AS OOOK AND CHAMBERMAID -TWO UKRMAN ' flrli de?ire Mutation*. e> |Miaie or logctber: oue l? a cook and b itior, will t??i?t In WMlM"1;!: the >>t!i'r 1 w111 be found a complct' ehambcruiaid and n ailr ??, No ob- i jection to fn iu Utc oonolry. Apply at 't?8 #<h art. A OOOK fl PLACE WANTED?BV A RKflPEcTAKLE I woman: atidrraUnda her bualucaa thoroughly; a.cid I waaherand Ironrr; illy lefeienoe glrm Call for twodnra ' at the corner of VaadoiMl' are. and 1'aclflc: #?., Brooklyn, i third floor, front. A SITUATION WANTED?BY I KEdrEi,TABLE UIRL. . a* Aniii'?riiiaid ami wilt "*? or .?* n imo ami tr .m , ktreis; ha* no objection to the nuntry. tan be aeon for two , day* at 7 > Etet 3vih at., at liar present iipoy?ir. 1 MIDDLE AfiED WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION /V a* nuireand plain eewiir; ha* nine >v jrr'ilty reM.-n ei | no objection to travel in the country witTa lady. Apply at 3)4 run at., two doore from 3d or., for two d*ya. A SITUATION WANTED?BY \ RKSI'ECTAUM', vo.mfl ulrl. aa rook. waab'-r and Ironrr In a > nvi family; Irni go mI referem o from her 1**1 pla"*; h?? no obJ< c lion logo In the ro.inliy. (Jan l>? mm for two (Inyo ntel ! Writ 3oth at., between ?th and fill tra., Hcond floor, Tiont I room. | AVKBY RBSPKOTABLS WIDOW WOMAN WOULD like to have the wnahltig and Ironing of one or two fa mil lea or a faw rliigle grmlemen, at hor rraldonre, II.1 221 i af Reference con bo given from thoee who have tUeda done, and elao from thoee rh* lived With a year. Situation wHfTBb-BY a youko woman"as good rook, WAnhev and tamer; good bread and Me in in i cr; ran do op Blair* wink and plain an Wing; w II raoomiri?ni|idiv-ort

laat p'ace. C.ib be K"n 'or twodayaatlCI bmitb *', B'ookivn, UK H tIL 20, 1862?TRIPLE SIX FORE HEW' jpi F.'ver, with the Line mce, March 28, 1862. Jllll^ORT SnUJILIt g?\|g|v mountingwithmts h 22 GUNS % ? REBEL STFAM&V 5TAH A v& %?*<\\ A ^rnr vw i^|e ? ?? vu>^ * Oo ./ : <) together, aud todfp<l io the river near the eaitern bat ISSJSSIPPI RIVER, MARCH, 1862. yj fliMi fJt'J/j* nMTiumrBJBBXB Sli'o; PiSSW ^ shauow.wateb^^ ^ ^ - ' III' by ft narrow strip or land, corored with rush**. At the A) th? r?l)..J? commenced erecting fta eftrtbwork I* com Ms, cut the pilota bare ft system of signals which, If sot et is promptly transmitted to New Oi leans, Sswnnd And Third Pomi, SITUATIONS WANTED? PC1MAL.BS. Ayountj woman m desirous uf obtaininc * altuatlon aa cHIWVa uuraa. or la do chombarwark ami win#; ran alee the maat aat sfacfory rar*r?nra? Uan bo aern this wmS at 92 Rtat 2Sd at. ARESPBOTABLK OIRL W*NTS A SITUATION Aft cook, waahrtr and noner. or to do general houaework la a twill family, or a? laundraat. Call for too la/a at Tl Sacketl ah, from basement. A respectable oibl wishes a situation to dnacneial houx?arork In a araatl prltrata family; Is a aood p.aln cook ami drat rata wa'har and tron?r; hat th? verv Coat of city rrlorown. ('alitor two U.ijn at No 4 W,|. low"place, South Brooklyn. _ V respectable ornt. wishes a situation as and to do plain a*win#, or aa chambermaid and wait rati. No ob|rct.ou to go In the cotinttr. flood il*y raterenar fr'm her I art p'aee. Call at 251 w*?l lt?tk at , near *lh areoue. - _ i kbspectablb married woman WANTS a iV a.cuti hi ' wet nutse. 0<'id e.ty reference. Cati for three <la]ra at CM Knat lltll at. Vsi rua'rioN wantki>-bV a rkspbctabi.e girl, la nn airellrut'OOk, and la willing to aa?lat In the na.elrma aud ironing; thoroughly understands her boetneai In i?'l it* ??r*nchrai Iwat cltj retcreuce. Call tor two days at 9131 a*., corner of Ulh at, _____ PRt i>KN8BD COOK WISHES A SITUATION; UN daratanda har business; good city reference; no objecIon to tlic country. be seen for two daye at 182 7th ar., lhl-d llo.w. " /A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WOULD LIKE TO OB , \ uln * few families'trothing and ironing at home ot hotel waallltg; ci y rarer*nor. Call ?t )H2 ;th *? . tUv.. [ E R AI EET. ORLEANS. |j ) of Fire as Experienced \ i * \ ) J Mmnmnmi 85 ma i ' , I c . GULF OF ; ^M^ICO I vi u o 1 \ |&?K ik, aud torn* lour of flv* miles below the forte, SITl'ATIONH \Y AV'l r.D-PEMALES. A SITUATION WANTED -BV A RESPECTABLE rKOt?'*l*nt girl, to do general housework in ? huhII faintly; is a i?oin| washer and Ironer: can liave the b.-at of city n wim imjui Iter la-1 pla^e, if ioi|ulr>'d; r.u ubjectiou to do cbamberwerk or mind children. can be a no ror two dayant No. 3 Broadway, a conil floor. Atl LAI NURKP8.-A SITUATION WANTED BY A RE?[* 11' le | ct'soii. a? laundrv?< In a private family; la fully rotnpe;"Ut, and i au furul-h the highest city icfetonra a to Charcot. r and vuplelty. Can be aeon for two dnvs at 146Kill av., b'-twe. n l'tii and 18th ?l*. A RESPECTAHLE YOUNG GIRL WAN TH A PITUAA lion iif coo?, wnsber aud irotier In a [ritaic luinlly. Haatlm beat or elty reference. Cau bo u at 107 E? ?t Sid k.b 'twe. n ID and 8 O'clock. A respectable young man. able to con??r>e in aeveia lancuaM- . wi-hea * wi.h a lamily traveling t > Europ* as courier. Addion* lor three da>a A D., box IIS llciald office. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO iio tr. nmal hmaework In aatnnll p.(vale family; Ik a SDd wjelier and iiOnar. G md oily ivtv ivnw. rail for two yaat&LSl av., between 37ih and BitU its, (bird floor, bark room. A RESPECTABLE GIBL WANTS A SITUATION TO do i h imberv.-nik and wnllloc. Beit city reference trom her laat pla>- Call at 22fl Mail lftb at. A SITUATION WANTED-HY A WOMAX, AS FIRST elan cook, who fully und?rs!amla her buatneae, ill u lirrt c.a-r ?wo.;diu4 ..ou-<? or in h private family; umlei ..lunde all kind* of aoupaaad Jelllci and baklnr; hen of rltv reference. Call fur i*o day a at ZX> Wc*l doth au. between 8th and nth ava., r.-ar houee. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOJ1 man, ar goo-, plain cook; ?be thoioiuhly underetuude all kliuia of rooking; ha> no obJ<*-tl(jii to aaala: with the washing and ir..iuug: ia and obUjtinj;; ba? the ben of city refercn-e Irom lier la ,t place. Call for twodayaa 241 titb Bto . Between Iftih and Ifliti at*., lu the rear A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED woman; ?he ia a eood cook, and would caalat with tho WkjMn* an I ironing; con do lite hating of a mnall private fanilc ; would gr a --lion dlatanc*- In the < mmlry for the autnmet If re'iulred; beat of o tr rrlerenea from her laat pb e. Call lor two data at 00 Moat 3tH'i *t., betwe-n Olb and 7lb ar*?. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS cook iu a tirlraia family, and to e?Ust In aa-hmg an 1 IruuiU'C good bread and btacuit maker; city reference. Apply ai ISKi Kaet 17th at., lop tlo >:, back room. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE yoi tig woman. ay lauu<lr"i*: would be w illing to aaant In tiie bMir.byrwoik. p -I ol city relcrence cau be gireu. Apply at 184 wee lie rt A RESPECTABLE gibl WANTS A SITUATION AS rook; ia a food waebri and Imnrr; ie willing and obll*.' ins. t'lty refarence gleru. Call at 2i Laat IStii at , u-a* fluire rally puce. A RESPECTABLE STEADY WOMAN WISHES A aim iilon lu a -"Uilfinan'.* lunitly; thoroughly mideiatauda Ih* care ol ohlldrt n ft 'tu With, and hae lt??d a?>Teii year* In her laat plane; beat oi city anl country tefercnec given. Apply at .Vd2 3d av. \ RF.SrBC'iABLE YOLNUwWOMAN WANTS A S1T0( A 1. allow n * ?"IH1 cwa n nu a ?UI . . v. * ......... ? uoiier, understandsbei uueiuess thoroughly; can give elrbl vcera' city r.Oerenou I rata bar last place. Inquire ai 118 Ens' 2<th *1., between 2d and Ad avs., second flour, front room. AM RKSrEOTAliLK VOIN'I WOMAN WIHIlEd A SITUatlon In a prlrate ' a* rhamnerma'd and waitless. or assist iu washing and ironing; hat seven roars' boat oi try rtfmni>. Call at 2JA IV.-si latb at., Iw the t-ascmenl. Am situation , wanted-bp a respri table young woman, t. do ehainbrrwork and waiting, or to CGsmbcnvork anil lakecam of children: uan lo all kinds of nubroldeiy and plain sewing; no objection to I be CO J til rr. Brat city icfanuce. Oall si ISa East Mth at , between lid i andSd ars , top floor, front r.wran. A competent touno woman wishes a situaHon aa chambermaid, and to do One washing, or aa lauu* drees profcuod Uoodctty riferance Iron tier last place. Can he acen for two daysat MtHh ar., between 23d and iMtti ate., In the mlUJiisry (tore. A situation wanted-as cook. in a prtvatk laiiulr hy a conipt isnt person who ik rlcnltr understands her b tier", m? ' oan r -u.- i\ ell cr '.unit udnd. Apply ai HA Eait 1 >th si. Can be seen for two days. A competent person wishes a situation ai laundress in a small fsaallr, or otherwise as chambermaid ami to do One washing, under lands Kienrh limine and uolng up all kind* of tadTr.s'Una In csj the fc ?i eliy n ferencca given Cod at 8)4 Oth av., b, tween 2ltl and til its., s com Uboi, front room. A RESPECTABLE (IHtL WAN PS A SITUATION TO no i haniberta in k Mil wal ing, be>t oi oily raioreme; I no objectlona to jn in the country for the antnmer. Call for two ilavsat No ti'ollece place, corner of Loro lane. Uruoklyn Actuation wantkd-rv a respectable I young mil, io cook, wesh and Iron, or to ilo acu.ersl 1 housework ; is a hrst tste washd and fronri. ( llrortwo days at 170.16th st , between are. A and 8, In tho butcher's e. oro. A' YOUNG LADT w1?!te* A SITUATION AS IM proreTVrttho ilrttamakii'i. Atldrwo M. 0,? i'd k iu #t / PRICE TWO CENTS. ~ SITUATIONS WAITED.FBMALBI. I IfANTED?A SITUATION, Br A RESIEOTABLK TV yv-nr woman, as fnok washer and Irnuer, or to assist n thr can do a'! kinds of linking, dor-t o,ty refe rr- n in-, ?-t place. Cad At U7 7th av., scgoud lloor, Mick rooui, for tvro duja [ttanted-a situation, bt a RP.8FBCTABLB M young as nurse mud plain sewer; is willing to isaiat with rhamberwork; cao give the Lieat olty reference. lall at 7'5 West 1 "th st., n-ar (5th av., for two days. IVTANTKO-A SITUATION, BY A RE8PBCTABLB TV girl, as gioo co de, w ishor and understand! lalting well; beat city referenda given. Call for two days at Hulsih at., near 24 av., first floor, front room. VXTANTED?BY A UESPECTABtB WOW tN A SITUATV tinn aauiitcAssc jok; lias had the most eitenaire and rarted expeiWboe. Tlie best of city references from her lait )lac?. where ahe haa lived for the. mat three yeara Call at !lfl 7th are., between S*th and 15th sis., first fioor, up stairs. U/" ANTED?BY TWO YOUNG OIKOS, SITUATIONS Ad TV chambermaids itud watiiesses; one Is Notch and tlie ither an American; no obioctlon to the country; aia> willing ind obliging and not afraid of work; wages not so much an . ibiect as a good hour. Call-for ivvo days at 115 East lSlb it., corner of 3d av., over the store. I17"lil nurse,?wanted, by a young widow, a YY aituat 11 to w l nuiseubuhy through the summer or nuyr l!er jirt-eant employer, with whom (He ha been i we August, cau testify to the a'jiindanc-o and?004 u dity ii In-r in illt. Call at No. 1 iladuou ay., comer ol' 23 d at., week. VITANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE Y? ; iiu ; wniiun, to do the housework of a smell family; say . ., washer and irotter; has lived the la^t two years ore family; good city tcAreue. Call lortwo days at ilft 2d av. rTTAN'TED?A SITUATION. AS NURSE, BY A RETT ej.ecla'jle women, wlto Is e.i]>abl ol taking the e lire ihorge of in, iufanl (roui ? birih, or to urlug it up hy l.and: s a good plain sewer. Una u>e oust of ei.y ivf ante. Cull 'or two days it 1M East Slat at., aocoad uoor, fr at rtoa. \\TANTED?BY A SMART. TIDY OIRL, AGED 14 YY y, a>s. a elinatlon to tale - a e of children, or to v. ait on able; Is wilting to make herself generally useful; has pood -rcomineiidatioua. Cati at 19ti>$ 3d av., bolweun ll-.a and I9tu t.. WANTED?SITUATIONS, 11/ TWO RESPECTABLE Sirs; one to dOpluin eooltiug, wa?hinr nnd honing; lie other to do plain a--wing or to assist with the waiting, tnd ta witling and obliging f'nL at 2/6 ski si., b-.iwesn )th and lOtli a vs. WANTED?BY* A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do ehamln-rwork and waiting or Houaewort in w small rnuitly. No objection to go to the country. Call for two days at 3-' East/tint., near 1st av. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO YY i.ook, wa ii and iron. InNjwVork rBrmCjn; has lived ; i?oral year* tn her iaat p.acc. Call for two iUye at UM East 21?t at., N. Y. WANTED?BY ARESPBCTABLB YOUNG WOMAN, A > It nation as took, washer cud trouer. Can be Seen at bei employer's, 311 West 22d at., English base Die nt. \Vf ANTED?11Y A YOUNG OIRL. A SITUATION IN A YY small fand'y as chambermaid and watt r liest ol City reference. Call at lOd E;ut 13'.L st., second boor, front 10 IBS, WAN IEL>?A SITUATION, AS GOOD COCK; WOULD bo willing to assist with the wanning und Ironing. The bent or city references cum b given. Cs.l at CV 21tn at., corner uf C.U ave. T1TANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YoUNG GIRL, A YV bp nation an cook uif hMtkl wP.U tho v- n-Uln ; and ironing; la an rxoellaul b.'kcr. Can be sv-.i for two daya, tl not sooner engaged, at t?0 Weal 26th at., near Kih am. "firANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ENGLISH IL.OTE8TYf tint girl, a situation in u smalt private I am by 'oalogeneral hou?. work; i? a rood pin In ook, tvashoraud Ir..ucr. Cat! for two days1113 Weal J5tb St., first door, near Mb ore. TtTANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A YY situation to cook, wash and Iron, or to do maiAder* work ?iul waiting; nine yiurs' good refei enc-. C.-il at Nu 4 We-t 31a; st., u< ar 3tu av. AS.' ANTED?RY A YOUNG GIRL, A SITUATION TO YY do housework in a small private family, or would do viuiinbi rwork aud mae care of eniifren; is a good nlil,, an.,1.- u-jLchar .md ii*.,iiii.-i cno.t cite refers:,re. (:^u at Ss'iioth.IT. " "? TV' ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE PUO TT tuiitan'. woman, as conk; thoroughly md-ru'anda her buMiO'iih; |h willing to assist iu the ivaalitiis ami ironing; beat city reference. Call at 4?3 Otb uv., bilwe n iSr.b a to I tOtu Is., second ltoar. UrAKTKD-BT A RESPECTABLE YO'JNM vJI?!L, A TT situation a? wuittves and chambermaid; would bo willing Iosmwsi Willi the waniiing :iu<) trial tig; liu* no objection to go to the country for lh* summer; h*l lb best of uity rc feroucea. Cuu be seen for two iluy* at TIM Bi, euuu oiaiiiist. - ^ WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YO'JNO CTRL. A situation 10 do general housework or cUainberwurh, or waiting City reference. Call for two cl.iv* at liW Welt 19th jit. TITANTED?A STU oTIOM, BY A RESPECTVBLB TT woman us wet nurse. Call tor two day* at Ml Bast 2\'<1 et. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOTJ1TG WOMAN, h -iti'Mum tu in leu i in i g i ol' a baby; cun uiuiid at chlli'mii's di. ?*c?, and is wiling to mike Vj. " Ifgiv.rraily useful. Noobjeci.ou lo go to the country To" the -wiinmor; Kod i id crane" i'lout her lu-t yluco. C?u ha n.iiiorlv.n ysat iU9."cS'l at, comer 3dar. , WANTED?BY A RESPECTVBLB WOMAN, A SITUnllon na rhiimbarmaid mid to aislst with the wa->htng and ironing; tour \car? city rcor rice gnon. Call at HO We A Ctrl ?,t. WANTE' '?BY A RESPECTABLE YO NO tJIRL, A aituHtton a* plain took; it a gnu waahi r and irouer; also a good biker; would to genera! housework ma ] ririito funny; good toy raierenue. Wugeamoiieraie; uo objuutton to go lo the country. Cull ."t 1-0, * Wont .'tfiii at. TIT AN 1'ED?A SITUATION, HY A RRSC'CTABLB TT girl,au uhaorbinmaidiMtu waiuoaj; ?-n give the beat of raferou, e where i-hc is now li. in.;ut 4a East 39:h .; no Objections to go in tliu country. T\rAN iBD-BY A BES!?E(rTABLB (URL, A RTTI' VTION M fct> cook nul excellent weaker uud iruuai; al -o .1 > doug gtrl to U" k< n ml homework. B ilh have good >ity mfc. rencaa. Call it 157 Wmi 32d ?(., betwacj Dili At 1 IHh ave., front bate in'in, T\rANTKU-BT A SEAMSTRESS, A FLACK To 8HW ii by the day or week. or would attll belter to get sewing nt her own horae;she l? a goo l plain and fan*y ewer nnd maker of rhlMrcn'n clotha*. Call at N". 194 Hi. Mai k np.nci, 81I1 at., near nr. a., lira; floor. \ff ANTED?BV TWO RESPECTABLE YOUMU OIRL8, TT alluiilions, one an plain cook, aud th< other an chant, barmaid and wfclirrsa; are i.oo l waakere and lron*ra; good ctty reference. Call ut 114 lvaM 3tili at., pap (lour, imnu TTrANTED?BY A UIOHLY RESPECTABLE AND Yl writ rceonmendad girl. ? ilt'ieUon a? chaiobeimaid andrcamafr ?; In willing and obllain.,'. Can Ire seen for two diva at 4141 Chare., tietwren 5 th and 91st da. tlTET NURSE'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A TOCNO it Arnerleau woman . her im n elilld la tbrra monibaold; lu'i'iue al 159 South t'tU a!., Willi .inabunt TIrANTED?IIY A RESPECTAHLE OIRL. A RITUAII Hon as cook, and to aN?.?t In the washing; ?r would do chamber work nn.i warhiui. Ha* the heat of city reference. Call a> 111 W"?t U.Vh at., between 7th ar. null Hiowtway, In tue rear. TIT ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE WO II man, as <.ook iu a auinli fa.udf j la au xi '-i'.onl laui. ill'esl beat ri'feranooc yircn. Call a'. 194 Hudson at. WANTL0-A SITUATION, BY A if III IILY IlKSI'EUT. able young woman, a? good plain cook, w.a-hcr and Ironcr; < au mate goo 1 oread and btacuiti la trustworthy and obliging; <an giro K?>d citv reference front her place. Calfror two days at I2t Weil Mth sr., near 7th av. "W" AN TED?A SITUATION, BY A MOST RKSPKCTAYY ble yotm.t wn.nan, aa a flrwr elais wabrwas; la w llllnc to assist In the washing and Ironing, tirc'iutiel; or would po at ihauiberuiald and fine wr.ian r: in trustworthy and obi in?; can clve the beat clly reference Prom her last placet Call ior two daya ai lit Wit. -">lu uoar ?in a*. TITAHTI'D-AMTUAT 0 <. BY ? UE^PKCTABLK GIRIa ft 10 ito ( laiii'xrwork au<l waiting, or ctir.inN<r vork ana t<> n ratal with u-Vihlng and lroalu '. The boat of eliy r?frrrn>T. (,'i.n It cu lor in o d, at Mb Kaat a*. Tt-VNTED?A SITUATION TO DO CHAURRlttYORK TT an ', watting, nr g"ti ral bouanwork. Good riiy rolar.'.ior, Noob|icU<>n to the co. nlry. Can be. ?'i o (or two al.i.r?, at l.&tl Brwfwtjr. between Wtli and 99th atn-rta. WAN riiD-A SITUATION, 11Y A nETECTAUI.R PRO Jo'tatll Klrf, a* niirae atid ehamhertnal 11n a piltrata family City nTrresra. Inqn.r' (Vr two djy? at IsJJohaaon ?L, MM Uo .. \lrANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A HlidUEOTABUB Tf Kog!la'i woman, at w t tturjic, li n 'na loat lier baby. 1-v.r rrfrron c call at l>r. Bia'kwella, l.M M at .Iromono till tlte a'elonk. lirANTKO-nY A UKSI'KCTABI.E TO UNO WOMAN, ff a allttaOun In a air,all family, u.. rliaiaberuiatd ami waitrea*; ha' no obie-l on to g? a ?b, it dlatanae In tbr country; beatol city rafet'uee be cttrnu. Aiqily at No. JH K ?' ldth at. TIT ANTED?BY A YOUNG EADY, A SITUATION AN f T aaloanomau In a (any grola, eonfeixlou ry ei ladles' aln a store. Tiia Utter prnfetrnt, as ah? t? thoroughly ?e. Sualnted with the aboe bnalooe*. Addreaa t. A. if, Mi) roadway, roo i. Ne 2. WANTED?-BY A HRSPB'TABUK PROTESTANT jurl, a ailtiailoa a* rh*nlH:rtueid atnl waitreae. Apply at 112 W it 2U h at , in t?>- roar, for two day*. _ WANTED?A tITUATION. BY A tlBSTRCTAELB youn- girl, to do sanrrai houatworfc In a imatl private faiu ly. It a xood washer and irouer, and can do plain rookin? Tha i.aai of #dr t' i'ren a al?an. Call at dh7 7ib at . idi-and Uoor. t>?'* I oio. \ITANrKn-bV A RRtfPKcTABUI YOl'NO WOMAN, A TT hlhidlon ii!? llr>t clM? C Kik, In a faperttM* nrlT.ito fam lT;"??.an<U lid burtona- 'p'rfoni?; no nlijrdloiin lo the roiiatry. B it < lijr reftrroco. UnU ?i 7?bin a*., l>* Iwi on tftih ?n4 lOtli a ' YKANTHD-A SITUATION, BV A YoUK.) UIBL, A* TT umniriH or obi.inlc riiwlrt u'l k?uuIih, no obi" linn in ih? country. Hi'I of clijr rcfantra* can bo pi j luic.U Call at 1T2 E. ?l Pvt. m., n--a. Ail a v. "il/ANlRD-A SITUATION', BY A KRSI K? TAIft.B If TiMinsj(til, m ehnmiormii't onil watirof*: rirti hit* iiniroaphon*'> fter*"'* from bm :n*l placr, wh*rr?n* ha* nru-J ofv?n jrea:* Cjtt bc'r.-u for two ilaiaallUH E?t Sftli HI. _ _ _ _ tl'anted-a situation- am chambermaid ant> Tf w:\lir<-?a|ii a mail p irnt* family: In a willing Obli*ing airlj poo l r*fi i*iK* from lior lad plac*. Call foe lAOiliiyaatltCo^b at., n- ..r lit it. For Oilier Want* Ste Highlit l'a(r, /

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