Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Nisan 1862, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Nisan 1862 Page 11
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I p* HOtfOBS, HOOMS, TO J.r.T. 1*iTocrTA^K t<> r,rr J.A. W'UKi w.1 ' "cSh ?m onlim ' t, a h . en ? U ?... T fruits, >Mlthj e , t r arable If rebuilt i; -li r in the > uni'1- , r Si fact square. A pj !y to . , li. BiiiNKBIUlOr if', 48 W nil treat, Sun Inanrauce t'oiti[-?uy ALAKdE BUILDING, Hi-fi. FEET BUITA IX FOR ctnirJi, m iitai o." ? ?. ! : .n pur ou Sr. h s ... ?ue, between Ful 'f-tll ut . J IvriV k i' d . .'it, oppo e Re??pr'ilr sqii , , tu ,.|? "i . f. . In; nul to ? -oa i a'or>', aratniu the hull, Willi four small room* a tut bed, nil (roll fm ahe f, two ato.e . "ii 1 i uui two i . nil t'.o Ufba'.e depth of (lie h 11 . e 'tUH'in h g.,i, i 1. : itog neat nod subst-v till ' ' i j- 1 t i.o w mi : .?;>* reani.ed. Iuqulr. it tli; ?1 ? of LOCK AVOUii & CO.,li Wtiamatrcet, betvee 111 ai. 1 2 o'clock. Amity btreet. no i n. between tuomi-son and Mnrdoug'iliti'i'r ititham lei n hoi'. t"'o ? a ?*if alory, full ?i?.h1 Hou. e, In nrlmu o.d: r, tho nrst o >r, OonMntingof threo t'Oi .ii.tan ' . i,.vi! nmu.. lupellter with thn from liaraoient room, lot; tho Int. ;r with ceparato oatrunco; t:a? fixture j e h i Real a year for tho whole, or separately in pi : iiion. AIuAKGE IIGUrt ON tHE EAST SIDE TO lETTliree etory uin. has ',..,"1', op.. i i Extui <, da, all complete. Ren; only tp '. Aim it u y Hn;..,t ou Murray Hill; rent ..'3 in l.i Flft.v-fi r1'-. oi , near Fourth avenue; reutjTAI. Apply to JOUN rfcTTUEliJii, 413 * Third avenue. Apart of a tiotse to lst.?thb upper part ol' the Buy It h ont.;, u>:U llouw, 131 Km' TWriyl-'th street; six oraavi u Room*, w.iu .nr, v.uicloset, gas.,. 1lar, Ac , to a family of am,vu The reaiduo ol the houae la occupied >,y the uw; r. Beat of references required. Appiy as a1 0' o. AN ELEGANT FOUR STORY BROWN STONE ItIGH Ji. itm.ii House to Wert Ttveuty-llrsi street, '>pi>onitethc Coilego grounds; It Is ' i v. ry line order, galnte l mid papered oxpoaaively, un i roruieiiy rtutuu tor fr.uov, wiu be rented una vai 10 5750. JAMES K. EDWA '-uy. 27! W-et Twenty-third streot. i A FACT.?97 HOT': FS TO LET1, FURNISHED AND unfurnished, do A i a < otlntry, furnl uied and unfurnished,some .-p ?m ,1. A I -Itii Stores and Lo ta to reut choap. N. C. BISHOP, 114 Broadway, ttore door. A SUIT OF BOOMS To LET?FURNISHED OR UNfurnished; wo iio lit tUo satire oof, with oxelr.flve kitchen, to a family wl* ng to live as If In tlioir own bou e. Apply ntCl Weal Flftenniu street, between Flub uui Stub venues. A FLOOR, CONTAINING PARLOR, KITCHEN, three be rootna, .aa, w.v lath, A .., nowlv pointed, <" let lo a resectable tiii.lly, ;,i th" brown .'one liou-e 102 EaatTliirty-lirtli street. Apnly at IF1 Hart Thtity first atreut. Bent $14. A PRIVATE FAMILY \V SUE To KENT A LAROE -fA. front Room, (urn she I, and it' inquired would let u Bedroom with It; aleo ? small Kooia ' it ;'out!cmtui. House private. Mo. (UK Grand . A FURNISHED COUNTRY I'L'.OE TO LET?FOR THE season or longer romprieiun i .voire rooina; one und a half hour'a ride by N. Y. .? N. I.'n""u Riiiroail, live njlnutes' while from de)r>t: etj'd- roj.u. d* t nat'deu. plenty of bade, fruit of all kinds. Frleo $,v. ": rue li-.lf for ?30 p-r month. For partleui*. i silfrc-s A. A , Darien Depot, Conn. A HOUSE AND PAltr OF A H JUSB TO LET?18S, 305 andllvPEaat Nlm". tnui otrt:np.ier part of 201 do.; aleo 109 St. Mark's place. r?ut $30u. $5Cd and $6U0. In excellent order. Apply to C. J. FOLSOM, 138 First aveuue, corner Eighth street. A PARTMENTS FOR OEXTEKL KAMTT.TB3, WITH ALL A the ci nvenl. ace; for hour .d.eepiag (the Hi?tr m woi adapted for a pliysi, Id the tlr-i' claae h u :e 1.2-bi Broadway, between Tliirty-fU >t and Tbirty-aecmd street*. Apply aa above, or to EDMUND 11URH Y, 67 V.'ilibim street. EAKERY TO LET?Iff. GRAND STREET; A GOOD stand and well established. Apply t.i BISCO, 1A3 it Twenty-third street, before 10 A. M. or after & P. M. COUNTRY nOUSK TO LET?FOR THE SEASON, AT Saratoga Spring*; a fine, spacious brick House, newly furnished, In Frauxlin street, n few st j g from Congress Spring. For particulars address W. B., box No. 79 Saratoga Springs. /COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?AT CHATHAM, N VJ J., near the depot of the Morris and Essex Railroad, and oltable for gentlemen doing basilica In the city. For parUouUrs apply to OBO. W. CAMPBELL, 153 M.itden lan.:. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET ON LONG ISLAND? Two and a half acre* of land, fine bouse, plenty of fruit and shade tree*; easy of access; rent low. Apply at 74 East xwmty-thirfl street, or to k. w, iiv kiaBUT, *f> flroaa street. COUNTRY SEAT TO LET.?THE BPLRNOTD RESIdear*, on Cedar Hill, Now Roc.heUs, known as Mngnolia, > fronting Long Is,and Sound. The houso contains thirteen rooms, with closets and storeroom*, cellk'xs and walli painted In fresoo, and furnished throughout with every requisite, eroept silver, linen and crockery. The grounds Include eight ere* of Ian 1 with abundance of shrubbery ando holes fruita, together wl'.h carriage house, stables and othor outbuildings. Apply to F. W. BURKE, Esq., 190 Nassau s'rect. COTTAGE HOUSE TO LET-AT BRRGKN POINT, H. J., contstning seven rooms, hsautifully situated, with water front, sud wltliin three minutes' walk of the nteaiuhoat landtag. For particulars address H. box 112 Herald olllcta Desirable suits of booms for genteel famU.cs. Rent, git 60 per month. New House, umrV.o man tela, gas, Ac. Apply at 153 West Thlrly-til'th street, alter TCILEGANTLY FURNISHED BROWN 6TONE HOUSE, El to a private f anally only, No. 48 East Twenty-ninth street, three stories and high basement, in goo l order; all modern Improvements; lot U? feel deep. Rent 91,200. Apply to H. H. rick, 13 City Hail, second story. "IjUFTH AVENUE, BETWEEN FOURTEENTH AND f Fifteenth si reels, a Suit of Rooms, partly furnished, on flrst, sccnud or third story, will be rented for the year to a rirson or family of undoubted respectability, Adores# box 119 Post oflico. ?v TCUBNISllED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO LET? J without board, sing y or in suite, or lloors coutainlng six to eeven room*. Location unnquaUed. Application can be made on or before 1st or May, wueu poearsslon can te given. Apply on the picmissa, 19 Union equare. OR STORY BROWN STONE HOUSE, HANDSOMELY iruialied. In a very desirable locality. for SCO a mou'h et to a email private family, without children, th* hove described hou.e, for Ave months. The sole object In letting at this price 1* to have It well eared for. Address M. box 145 Herald office. YjlURNISHED HOUSH to LET.?A. HANDSOMELY JC fttrnlehod House on tho Hudson river, eight miles from the City Hall; gas, f urine*, hot and oold water, billiard table, Ac.; five a ires of L?nd, embracing a tine garden and ? . learn, with eplendid shade tree*. stables. Ice houso (tilled) all is perfect order. Apply at No. 113 Duanr street. j YJHTRNISHED BOOMS TO LliT-?TWO FRONT ROOMS A an third door, well fnralslied and- connected, to b? 1st, tpsnte or together, without Board, to gentlemen only; own low. Apply at 30 Bou J street. Furnished booms.-two neatly furnished Rooms on the seeond floor to let, to a gentleman and wife, with oonveulence for cooking, at fl& 60 per week, in a . Rouse with a small family. Apply at 817 West Twenty-fourth Wrest, between Biglith and Ninth avenues. Good rooms to lrt-on third, fourth and fifth floors, at No, 6 Chatham square, vary cheap; good lights for all kinds of business; flue entrance. Apply at PENDLETON'S Photograph Gallery, 5 Chatham square. Lofts for storage or shops to lf-t.?the Second aT.d Th.rd Lofts of house 6J Em Thirty-nth ntrect, near Broadway, wl.l be rented l'roin May I. Apply to HIRAM M KICK ITT. 49 Third avenue. T LEWELLYN PARK, ORANGE. N. J.-TO LET, TILL JLi April 1, for H.thM, or till November or December 1, for 1,000, a flmt cla.-s lirlck House, fourteen rooms, elegantly furnished, with all modern conveniences, commanding mag lfloent views; grounds seres, ban bomely laid out w'.th bne shade trues, garden well advanced; stable large. ApjlytoH.b. BLACK WELL, SO William street, from 9 to II T IQUOB STORE AND DWELLING TO LET-CORNER JJ of West Twenty-eighth street and Bisventb avenue, with or without two Bianles adjoining a good stand for feed and sals stables. Apply to H. A. BURK, fn Cliff street. Lofts to lbt-at no. s north william street, welt lighted an 1 adapted for light manuiaclurlng purposes; reufiow. 'Inquire at the offloe, on the Ural floor, up Walrs, from 11 to 1 o'clock. 2ffice3 to let-in building no, 3j liberty stieet, near William Rent moderate fo desirable par Apply as above to MARK LEVY. "DART OK A FOUSB TO LET?CONSISTING OF BEMr coud FUnran I fron- Bailment, to a ami I family 'f MM*: rent $130 per annum, Inquire m the iremisr*, [ . Nifty-thirl atrcet, belwecu Fourth mid Fifth avenuei. TJLEASANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?AT *TjBeden'a lauding, beautifully s> lusted on the Palliadea VttOVudaon, twenty-two mile* from New York.and less than two milea from the Tappan a latum of the H?rth?rn i BaRMB't l the houae la plainly furnleha<l, haa two Urge and HtaMlir room on the Brat Boor MSjEtwo a'.ory kitchen; there are three arrea of land beWmK to the preralaea, and the place m proverbially hen 1thy. jUN. Inquire of H. a. TOKUBY, United Stales Assay -nA $1$ PER MONTH.?TO LBT, IN WILLIAM8A^R, in afenteei*. lghborhnod, a comfortable Hooie tdflni seven room*, aar.'eu, balcony Care, three centa, MM^Bdoor every ten rail nu tee to the fen Ira. Very pleahealthy. Apply at 1M (Traud atroet, Williamsburg. t3<WU ORANQE, NEW JER8EY.-T0 LET. A FURSZflphed House, with eleven rooms, half acre of ground, (MSB) Ao. Al*o, one with nine rooms and about the mmo aSHty or gro ind. all In good order, near the Preshrterttsn WE, a few rods from the Morris and Esacx depot. Inquire fQSTONE, South Oritnga. QfMtE TO LET?WITH two NICE ROOMS, IN TUB U St house, 03 DlrlaJcn street; a good stand for any bosOM$-millUry, dry goods or a geodgrocery atore; lease glfEL Adply at 96 dm Ion street apudy semam power to lst-larob and junsit wdl lighted; well railed for a uiaohlnlst; goad locatloTWw Water *1 raet SABLE TO T.ET-A FINE PLACE, WITH A Bt\Slnet* establish'd. at Noa. <3 an ' 70 Bank street, New k, covering two low of giouud. with the icaee for another |M- Inquire on said premises, of the ownsr. Stable AND OOACII HOUSE to LET.?HALF of a it* slatl Stable and large Carriage House to let, with imP location op Thirty i,inth street, wlthla a few ipors of Fifth avenue; the stable t* large ana airy and TSIHiwtrahta. Apply to Mr. FORTUNE, if Chatham street, vniUrr?tiAtTan vn ?a vautam oThonm - ?? v< mvMiuii pinasi, HAS AUL "1 fli modern Imprrirainanta; 1* In comp'eto order. ChanSellaaR large glasses and oilcloths go witli ths homs, Raul tswT^watl it! (36 Washington stisct, corner of Vaaliy. rro\*T-AT HAfrriNos, two mihttte*' walk I flpn landing, two Cottage*. with garden attached. Reel ntnriflB*. Innolrs of ME ALIO, 410 Broadway, or E. D. IiAinpWLB, l,J?t Hr< ?<lw?y. _____ fTO UT-SBCOHD FLOOR OP HOVSB NO. 319 X Foarth aremie, with front and back parlors, two hall bad rooms, storage room, hath room, with hot nnd < old waters VaMilWSWl with <0 '<n g ig- and ali n?w?*rj .inprovnoiontat' Kent moderate. inquire at 1W Fourth avenue, or on rno ikr-SECONT)' FIX>ofl "oP 110OWE NO. t? L Fifty-fourth street, ron'aing two parlors and two rooms erijafalaf; is', Crotoo watar audlpanirh:*, owner occupies rert cTw hoiis*; rrnl Sl.12 par year. Alro, Apartment No. gir Tenth avenue, between Forty-sow a t aod Kortv-thlrd StreatA Ba&t $4 and M per mouth. Inquire on tlis prewile*a. mll - I rfT-LAjlUE FACTOFT AND TWP.NTV DWELL- I tiM wettmrn, the country, nea, dupit, con1^"jVfaao)ty, flaest* i valor piwsr, Ac.: au fir. ti> nt | ^ " ^Sanifam.iilaa. 1 6. OAT. %>M?f Bouts T^a A Wood. tie Nassau gt ovl, 1 1 fc. NEW Y< I HOVSH8, ROOWH, AO,, TO I.KT. fro LET-IN UUTTKNBirr.O NEW JVUSNY, BENT 1 low. two Hou;?, one tenia.te for a uh?j?, wuK ovc". and good well of water: mo :> lier will be let out In r?' a. roth hum otu' ita altaoiied. To be noon by applying K'.Viuue DVVYLit, u ay i.,e iuf.. itoi, or at Kohl r A , 1- It's brow aiy, | i fpo LET?'TUB TII tBH STORY AND UA5BMBNT , 1 brt u Mo as , wi i'Uie 1. , 154 Onion i?l tr-s; coni leUis all iho modern Improvemute, snub us (>s, hot an-i ' Col i wu. r, hutu, Ac. Ap;sy to U lu JHUB U. llA .oO'Jlv, '<ii ! S.iitaJc street. i fjio Lit. T?PART Of A BROWN STONE FRONT HOUSE, j J. "1 a!) mo Urn Improve uenU. lu.pmt- cu the prerai it-*, 4/7 Third avenue. I fPO LET?AT IT CHRISTOPHER STliRBT,TflE 8R00ND 1 i' oor, son-nting of front sad bed; room, two bedrooms, I'milieu, t.ti eli, and one U..irooiu on tblri tloor; mier, ga?. Ac.: !. r , line y..rd; r? ot tJU. Inquire of UKNKf II. T i HON, 17 Christopher Can in hail immediately. fro LE r-IN EaBT CHESTER, a OOOO HOUSE, BIQHT X r?oma; one avre; plenty outbuildings; rem lid'./. Al-o, a good ilooo ; hpv\.u rtd'utm twoaoree; r?ut?iuO. All near too tit or. Impure of A. M. LANB.l'os mutter, Bust Chester. r.IO LET-D WELLING HOUSES AND TARTS OK HOUSES X in Clin: "on ".r 11, oetwceu Ore.enwicn ar. t Washington siroots, with all tiio modern improvement*, in gins' order, at low rents, to c nil teunutJ. Ap:>!y to uMARTlN WAIEilJ, 122 Charlton TO LET?THE LAFOK HOUSE NO. 2d 0 It BAT JONES street. Tills tnnise I* modern built and hue a<t the tin nrovameuta; is tveU arranged and ad numbly calculated for a Inri',8 b< ardi: g ho e Alio the Iluuaa No. 2ll Bond (treat. These houses areoonnect'd, and will be let tnce-ner lor a Hoa. ding house or private hotel purposes, or will be let ue.iarate at h very iu*r rent. Inquire of SN1TU A HEAP, dol Eighth avenue. TO LET.?A PINE THREE 8TORV BRICK QOUaE, with basement ami under cs'lar, entirely new, Is now ouered to rout at a t cry low price; liae pis,- range, hot unit cold w iter, bath, water el..act? Etna hosier, Ac., rituute on Jeit'ereon alreet, I! Its amis ?p,?t of Ormoud place. near Fulton avannenar route. Tor terms apply lo PEED A Co., did i'Ulton etriet, Bro hlyu. rno LET-SIX 1I0UHE8, SITUATED ON SPIUNO TER1 ra' e, Kushwlca, I,. 1., one mile from the (irand street p.imiscs; rent $125 each pur annum. Apply to 1). & A. KIWGSLAND, SliTfON X CO,, 35 Broad urcft. rpO LET?IN BROOKLYN, A SUIT OP FURNISHED A ilo.m.t, suitable ,or hoiseke.ipUig, to a small family; rub, water, Ac., up siaira; tun tninutin' walk from the fames; lout $2u per mouth. Addles* 1H Adu.u* siren. ipO LET?THE THIRD AND "OURTII STORIES OF A A r ue house on tho north side of Slxty-secoud street, hoiiso west ?f Third avenue, consisting of six rooms, ciasand water. 14-ut moderate to a good truant. App'r ou tin prew'.se.s. ritO LET?RENT LOW?THE FOUR STOItY BRICK A House 71) R. -.t Thlrty-nrst street; will be put In or ler, uud let to two small families. Apply to J. II. DOUGHTY, 158 Bowery, from 12 to 3. rr.O LET-IN BROOKLYN, FIYB ROOMS ON TIIE A second floor, uud pantry, Mermen t nn pantries, part of a In ego garden; the rest of the house occupied by a widow, without family. luqul; u ou the premises, Doujlnss street, bciwrun Vander' Ut nuil Underbill aveuues, uear the Flatb.-oti care. To a email family rent $10 per month. rpO LET?IN WILLIAMSBURG, THE FAR LOR AND X Basement Hooch of a llrst class nevr house. Kldgewood water, sewers, Ao. Rout I.,w. inquire on the premises. 23d Tcnih ?reete? ' WtU1*""lbul=' ^tweeu Ninth and TO LET-IN FIRST STREET, ONE DOOR FROM THE Bow-cry, four Lofts, 14*41 feet, with good hoist wheel. Also nature, rery cheap; if t>fu planofone manufacturer, ono will bo taken tn exchange tor reul. Apply to A. 8. SMITH, No. 21)5 Bowery. TO LET?THREE STORY HIGH STOOP BASEMENT brick House 1110 Mott street; all modern conveniences; carriage house end building la rear; rent low. Apply lo C. A. WATEBBURY, 25.1 Front street, New York, or WM. H. BROWN, 69 Fulton avenue, Bro rklyn. rpo LET OR LEASB-THE TWO MODEL ENGLISH X basement Houses, 2#1>{ and 203 West Nineteenth street, between Ninth an.1 Tenth avonues, with all the modern Improvement*; hot end cold water to fourth stories; bathing rooms, water clorets, front uud mar vaults, front and rear s'alrways, mirrors, Sc.; will he rented lo good tenants at moderate prices. Apply for 1'iirtbcr particulars to JAMES M. EDGAR, 258 West Nineteenth street. r LET?TUB HOUSB NO. 213 CHURCH 8TKHKT, near Walker street. Rent low. Apply to JAMES (jRUIK.SKANK, Of. Broadway. TO LET-A FIRST CLASH BROWN STONE HOUSEfurnished, 21 West Thirty-flrst stteet. The house la 100 feet deep, and the furniture new a ad very handsome. Open for inspection daily from 2 to 6 P. it. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, FOURTH FLOOR. OF two Rooms and three Bodrooms, with use of bath, lauudry and part of cellar. Can be soon from 10 to i o'clock. If 5 Heat Twentieth street. rpo LET-NO. *3 DIVISION STKBET. THE STORE Mm uiM Mil uiur^i BUH?ni? ;i mriuor a uuiiurMSm leraw low. Apply to H. A BOQERT, M BTall Street, third floor, front. rLBT-FCRNtSIlBD, FOR SIX MONTH? OR A YEAR, cheap to a until family, a throe story high .toon brown stone bouse; new audclcan; location unexceptionable. Apply to J. 8. MOOKE, 203 Fourth avenue. TO LET?AT 107 WE8T TWENTY-FOURTH 8TRRHT, also at IfiS West Thlrty-flrsl stre it, on second aud third floors, four Rooms each, to etusll respectable American famine*: gas, water and other convenience; rent $7, #10 and #11. Inquire at the above numbers. TO LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, SECOND FLOOR, OF two Rooms and two Be l moms au<l part of fourth floor, If required, with use of gas bctb, part or cellar and laundry. Can be soen from ten to fcuro '-look. 1V> East Twentieth st. TO LET?TO A SMALL FAMILY, SECOND FLOOR OF house 329 Went Twenty-eighth street. Four Rooms, two pantries, bath. Lot and cold water and gso, cellar room, Ac. Rem #300. lu a clean and quiet neighborhood. References git cn aud required. r LET?AT NO. 103 FIF11I STREET, NE AR RKCOND avonuo, the lower, part of the Hours, with two large Rooms on the third story, with gaa aud buth. Also, pai l of the House No. i3 Second avenue, with gas and bath. Inquire on the premises. ri LET?AT ASTORIA. TO A SMALL FAMILY, A neat Cottage, containing ala nloe rooms, with kitchen and cellar attached; also, a flower garden aud a good well of water; about fifteen minutes' walk from terry; rent #70. Iuqulre or O. C. HOWELL, carpenter, Astcris r LET-TUB FOLLOWING DESIRABLE B0UE88, AT REDUCED RENTS:? No. ltd Bast Thirteenth stree', four story, brown stone Etutllah Basement. No. 153 Bast Thlv tsenfh street, four story, brown atone. No. in Boat Fifteenth street, three story, high stoop. No. 21 Htnyvetant street, three story and attic. No. 148 East Thirteenth street, four story, high stoop. No. 48 Clinton Place, between Fifth avenue and Uulversity place. Na. MTaiI T?Antv.<iiYlh ctPMt. hm*n ai/inc klch n!n,\r> No. P.* Bail KlfUentti street, &ut story, English basement. No. 1(B East Thirteenth -Imi. North aide Saventy-debth atf-a*, between third and Fourth avenues. brick, >we store, high ?<wn, fc.tou. Apply to TUOMAH ilA' FAllf.AN, 1&J Em. Tnutb atroet TO LET-AT LOW PHNT. A LAHCIE STORE AND Aportcirpts, at tbe corner of 'fermy-thhl sired unci annuo A, at tho forr. Tb:s le a ?ood ? cr^cir and liquors. Inquire ou tho promt* ?, 01 of JOHN ORGAN', X'i Pearl street. r LET?THE SAW MANUFACTORY ON TENTH street, cot nerd Aintlie, r.otmlyn, E. D Tne hud.ling la 50*30 feet, thrr? stones, well HfbUid, on two lot* of groituJ, subside for almost any kind or ui.rutita turiuo. Apply lo UUOIIEK A GREEN, corner of Ur.uid and F.i'th streets, Brooklyn, B. D. r LET-AT TUB FOLLOWING REDUCEII RENTS:? No. 230 W. Sf'h at., tbie? story English basemen*. $350 So. 241 W. 30th St., three story English baaemeat.. 500 o. 3dW. A7tlt at., four story |j. stoop brow u stent* 70o No. ?0 W. ;MUh St., three s'. ;y high stoop briclt. 500 No. 102 W. nd St., four atcry English basement. 51) No. 80 W. 42d at., three story b. sloop hn>. atone. #75 No. 60Leonard street (formerly now 600 Nu. 120 W. Situ at., furnished or un.uinbtard. ? No. flic 91th areaue, four s'.o.y Store 600 Nr. 1,281 llroa.Itvay, four ctoiy Store M0 No. 11 W. 28th St., four stoiy English 700 No. 333 W. 3.'?th il., four story F, gMkli bu?ciu nt. 173 No. 91W. 27th at., throe wry high sMop brick. 600 No. 70 W. .hist et., three story h. .stoop bro. atone. f 'O Coltm(r *1 Bastche tor . SO Co'taje at Mount Vornon, Eighth atcnue, near d -pot. 100 Alio Store a, pa: ts of Houses, Collages, do. Apply to e ft. Lawrence, l.Jol Broadway. Between Thirty-first and Thii iy-aocmd street'1 mo I.KT-APARTMENTH IN EAST BROADWAY, NEAR a Clinton; lower ports, second and third Hours, in first class houses. Rent low. Apple at all Ban Broadway, near Clinton street, mo LET?A BUTCHER SHOP, LONG ESTABLISHED. A No. 118 Smith street, Brooklyn. Tne Seto-id and Third t Floors, In good order, also to Ian App y at 312 B ut Broad- i way, n ar CUuton s reet, Now York. TO LET-CHE AP TO FAMILIES, RO?'MS, BEDROOMS, ! _ Basiincnta and OIB-es, In houaea 2d Oliver, Pi East I I Broadway, 78 Sim, M Brack, 401 (Iretmwicb, and 20 Vertck t recta; biaaineut Ltiuor Store for any bii'lneaa, 131 (lidaou tra. t. Inquire in bmament, No, 23 Bait Broadway, Inima diateiy. r LET?PART OP HOUSE DM SK> OND AVENUE, ccrmrol Thirty-fourth altect, with all the modern lav proevtnenta; range, b-tth, gas, liot aud ooltl wat?r; most eonvcnleut nil* of room* for liousakcaplng in the city. Will be let reaeooab'a. rpo LET, TO A SMALL FAMILY?A NICE FRONT X Room and Bedroom and dark Bedroom, on tha ?t, ond ll Br hOOM 414 QraanwMl atren, between H ibort and Ijaiyht atitete, poeara-lon lot of May; no bill up. Inquire of Meaaro. MEKHAN, MUrcenwHth I treat, between Chamber* and Bcude. up atalrn. r LET-ON STATBN ISLAND, A FINE LAROB House, with all Ute neeetnary outbuilding!andeevan arret of Land. With ihoica fruiu. Ac., eommandiug a Una view or tLa wall, altuated about two uillea from Vandrrbllt'a Landing. Rent low to a good tenant. Apply to JAMBS M. McLEAN. 87 Wail atreel. _____________ TO LET?A COUNTRY PLACE, CONSISTING OP A genteel. commodious noma, furnlabed ll detlied. togeUier with barn, tanning land. Implemanla and atnok. The whole or any part thereof would be let to ault applicant#. It la situated on tbe Central fUilroad or New Jeraey, one and a quarter hour fram Naw York, In the vtetnlty of uhnrchoa, echoole, Sc., within ton mlnutet of depot. A delightful prV vate realdauoo, built In the modern etyie, naw and In goad order, about oeveul'on room*; well aditpted for a flretfiaaa boarding houaa. For jfnrthar parUcularaaddruaa A. f. Wallace, nation B, N T. Poet olllce. TO LET-A FURNISHED COTTAOB, CONTAINING twelve rooma, at Naw Brighton, gluten Ieiand. Kent SlfO par month. Apply to JAMEi CRUIKSHANK, 86 Broadway. TO LET-A NEW AND BBAUT1FUL GROCERY StORB In a rich neighborhood In Brooklyn; no othar store near; any one wnii'ng to mike money, ton la their only chance, with a good trade and aura pay. Apply immediately to UP BAKEK, 47 Pine street, Naw York. TO LET?FURNISHED, THE MEDIUM SIZED HIOH akjp House, I JO West Thirty fourth atreal, 100 fact west of u?evnth avenue: every Improvem-at; unmrpawd for convenience, and In perfect order; to lat forfl'a months from May I, or hy ttie .tear, r.cnt moderate. Apply on the pt-em8 o'clock. ' TIO LF.T?HOUSES ?ja NINTH STRUUT, NEAR 3KCond tAW-Vtltie, J4 Hull-] atre?l end till d (loot* and basstneai. iit i'buu avenue, liavs all the ,i od -r > Iniumv? m. !, . Kent reasonable, Apt>Iy ut No, 37 Eu-t Twentywcwud streets ** ORK HERALD, TUESDAY, HOCSKS, KOOMT3, AO.. TO Ml fOO LET?HOUJtt NO~2M FOUBTH STREET OlT'OA alia Waahl uri m a.)mrt. b.'u.lmn cannot be ?urpu?oii in ttij city. Apply ?t ' '4 t"- urili atriut. rpu LET?Tllii! TWO 8TOBY, ATTIC ANL> BAiEwBl f L ! .ek IiouaaSl Veal . . i. t, in fc hjJ urUor, couta g 11 rooma. WtU be rmtad low toa good taeanL Inquiry at to -. >ut< iron, up alatra. i rpo CUT?A OOOD BUSINESS PLM'B. ON TUB FIF" K I L a*?iiiu\ lor a ouicuoi shup or tiudt toi a, also a L ' 1 n. 'ul for an ?yai?r aaloou. Ainly a tisa lii oiau Cottage, oor it of For tlalli tlreotaul Klf'.tt arbour. TO LET-IN WILLIAM lilUPU, TV 0 1 HRI'E STOKT i ilouaoa, Willi all modern iniproaaiurnta Ouaibr nm < Nlulh alreat. balarou Tuird Bud I'unrtl. a'.rao a Ilia < il.?r (brown atono) on Tinrl slraat, between l> ff:, '.U anil skill ib Tenlb *u a?ta. litq'iirao TliTKK MURRAY, 1K> Mv .r'u iaon, N'?w % uric, or oi J Oh.'. Mo'. ANN, iung* Co .u. ty 8?vlngs Iu?li'.ut:ou, willlainaburg. j rp-> Lirr-THE taki. Fi.OOK AND ; i:. is. K- 1 A Went of H ) ia? 8u W-xt h a'-ri-n, wi'.U pi ivlloye of bcilh; ulce yarJ and cuilar; a -.mill l;i lly occupy inn reel of llie bouse. Apply at ih?* druo s'.rs tu ilh vt> una, seevud door above Ivre.iy.g.m'atb b1 j -VO LET?FOB STORNOf. OF FURNITURE, TWO JL Iiii'f uf tlio Btorn No Id Fourth avenue, each 111,5 fc. t. Apply on the prennaea. , j 'EO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, A NEATLY FDR- ' I nra/.ad Uolage, for tiio summer ana-on, anunled on i Towxaaud av.rijo, at Clifton, Sum Island, five mluutca trjm Vaniiorbfll'a ferry. Iuquirg of D. O. OARKIdON, uuar tae lauding. ?- - , i , ? - - t flio LET?A IIANDSOME FURNISHED HOUSE, Wlt'H ' A all the inodara Improvements, rurr islia.! :u full or pari ly; tin- parlor* err painted In freaco; Ktipavlb* lbs . a:d. 4 Apply al ElitTiili tlelli street, on Cue prrut.?aa. rpo LET-IN WILLIAMS BP BO. A SUIT OF ROOMS. X plm/iut location, good neighborhood, and about cvc t nnuutra' walk l'tom eltbcrfurri >. Parties without children 1 pro!erred. Inquire a: 48 Soma Third sfteel. rilO LET-THE THIRD KLCOlt OK HOUSE +54 WKI'.T X Twenty-tilth struct, comprising front *ud Unkroom, 4 tlimy bedrooms, small kitchen, marble uimtids, 0> -/ton, gas j auil Mliirrs, wxshhouse In collar. Kent $il per mom it ' Also tba back Parlor on first u or, with Bedroom. Hou: fl per mouth. rpo LET?AT VKHY LOW RENTS, SEVERAL WELL \ X lighted ?nJ ulty Workshops, ?,uiablu tin u >p . girt ' manuradtory, silver platers, cabinet makers, Ac , at 1*2 G .mil street, n.iar Broadway. Also a Sty. a to let. Apoly lit the bauetneul of 142 Grand etrost. v ANDERSON' A JONES. i rpo LET?THE UPPER I*ART OK UOl'SK No. 73 AVE- I X n ie D, writer of Sixth street, containing two Iitrge ruoinv, two l>e lrooms, pan rl u, storeroom, with ,m and not anil cold water, Ke'i kiiCJ, iuiiudiug Use n.>-. Inc.the on '.lie premises. M. DEVuY._ TO LET-VERY CHEAP, FINE APARTMENTS, ?'ONUiiitng foilr Rooms, only to small lawltlo*. Inquire at 83 Forsyth strict, second Hoot. TO I-ET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT House, N .. 38 East Thlrty-seootul strcui, between Lexington and Third uvcn'ie, suitable for a getilerl family; his Oroton, gas, ba'.h, Ac. R at low. Inquire at No. 118 Thud avenue, or K. RUSSELL, PJ7 West Ttvenly-ttflh street. TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THE DE.Arable Floor throngb, six toon.s, Ac., of Itoiue 345 Ninth avenue, near Twenty-seventh street; tent 311. Also ( to let, lite I'pp ;r TTooij, separate or together, of n vy e>ouc front house '"I West Fiftieth street j rcut reducod. _____ r LET?THE PI EST FLOOR. BASEMENT ANO PART of tan nurd floor In house 113 Teulh avenu e neat I htrly-slxth street; also ? in rear of seme, V\ ill bo reined i votyeticap to a daalrable tcuuui. a??irM of D THOMPSON, 1,433 Broadway, near Forty-seuond ?ii -cf. rpo LET.?AT MOTT HAVEN, ON THE BOSTON ROAD, X llr minutes' vraik from Harlem bridge, a three story, baseim-nt aud atllc House, with vault a id cupola, twelve i rooms, clostffs and pantiles, alt-lmg doots. marble mantels grates, well and cistern water lu the kitchen, gas pipa* through the house, piazza Trot' tttd rear, gardeu well stocked with truii t ecs, Ac.; to a careful Tamil/ reut R375. Ap. ly ou the premise* to U. OI^MOt'H. i TO LET?WITHOUT bOAUD, TO GENTLEMEN ONI.Y, two front Rooms, third story. Iuqutre at No. 15 East Seventeenth timet, bet ween Union square and fifth evvuue. r LET?TO ONE OR TWO SMALL FAMILIES, THE I Sec nJ Fiocr, containing four rooms, front basement, our room In tbo atllc (gas and Proton), of the house 113 Suf. liven street; lergo yard and under cellar. Inquire as above or at 381 Usual strset Rent fi'50. ; niO LET?THE NEW FOUR STORY, FIRST CLASS ! X brown Elmo high stoop House. 31 West Forty-lll'th street, between fifth aud Sixth avenues. Reut very low. Inquire on the prcmUtw, or a A. TBEADWELL, No. 1W Chambers street , 11 v uni-nmii fw Ai\u wj-inii u? iuug& 1 beautiful Cottage* ou mxr-fourlh street, 175 feet cast of Eighth HTeuiif, aud near Broadway #a<> Centra. i'ark. Apply to J. AO A ttt, 2.VI Broadway. j TO LET?TWO PAilLOBS ON FIRST FLOOR, MBON!' ' Basement and two trout attic Room*; sua and Uxluros; i two metres; ia.'?e yard aMd under cellar. Apply at U Macdougnl street. ri'O LEf-TTIB MODERN* THREE STORY HOUSE 179 i X Wa verier place, with stable to the rear; rem RtiOtl. AU> the modern ihree story browu atone trom Houan 10 II ",amonl afreet: rent fitH.0. Apply to GEOKOK COOK. Auctioneer, 111 Broadway. , TO LET?TIIR LARGE TTTHKK STORY AND BASEMEN l* House, la good order, M Or in.l at mot, rent ?450. Inqutre on the preutlaeo, or ot' FREDERICK DB PETSTEH. BP Wall atreet. TO LET?A TWO STORY AND ATTIC BRICK HOUSE; gssilxtures, oeilar and vault, large yard; also brick stable lu the rear: enirame trom Mailvugal atreet, also Loin yard; reut reduced to Inquire on tint, 18 fan-lain atreet. TO LET-DESIRABLE ROOM FOR A DESK, AND, IF deatrced, aome Htf lvtng on second loll, at No. 8 Mi.tray atreet. Apply on the prowuaei. TO LET?LOF18 OF STORE 122 LIBERTY STREET; ainall Store. No. ICS Urcen.v'idt rtreot; throe alory atoop House, '27ft Union street, Brooklyn. Apply to J. .11. VANDBMBEBO. '^Liberty atreet. _* TO LBT-THREB ROOMS ON THIRD FLOOR, , with gas and bath, to a 'trail family. Inquire at 03 Dank atreet. i rno LET LOW?THE UPFEIi FART OF A THREE X story Louie, with kitchen. situated in Weat Ttvoutyseventh atreet, with iuiprurootvnlA Inquire at No, 39 West Wn 't.Ligtou p;acv. rllO LET 'OB FOR BALE?A BEAUTIFULLY ' A situated I'tace on the ltudaon rirer, near Bull's Uetvy, consisting of a houae, stable and three acres of good cultivated garden ground, with grapes, flowers, do,; alao, a mall distance from the some, four sores ot' Land fronting 1 ton Hudson river. Apply to WILLIAM RADDB, No. SW Broadway, N. Y. rpo LET OR FOR F ALE?A NEAT TWO STORY ATTIC A and Basement frame House, filled In with brick,contain- i ing nine roema In perfect order, wlib ground equal lo two coy lota; neat tmd tastefully laid out, wRh ckolre frutte, fiowcra, Ac., thereoti, In, the town of West ranna. th.-.-efourths of a m.'e noui Treoiont drpr.l on llsrltin Rstli osd. For puiticuiare inquire ot It H. SMITH, Esq, Poet master at that place, or J. 'J. UtLL, 22ft roltou atreet. Mew for it. j fpO l.ET OR FOR BAt.F.?UNFURNlMIfRD, A BEAU- ! X tirul Country Beit in Westchatler oomity. near White i'lsins; t-rgi house, t?rrt".?e home sad barn, all in eaairhets orderi flu? garden, ndnouie. Several aorea ot'uhotee La-id, mar thedepot, wtll bole; low ton good tenant. \puiv to HM1N A.KKNYON No. 14 Va o. . -it, eel. % I f|K> LET OK LEA8K-YBKY LOW, Tllr, LARGE AND X eh rut brlclt Dwelling-, with mo lc u iBipimeuHuts, No. JO \ .'it'.ugliby ar*0'. corner of Brldtiw RtrAet B oiAlvo, ; Lm .VJllOlf fed. l/> a'-f r?''*r tho Cdy 1 loll .art very p ".. ? ant una 'a.slrvble. I'u? kihii ' ioK. ItPititro ot O. A. SPAKAHD, No. Id Wall atrect, N. V., ami No. 31/ Pearl attoet, Dronk!., 11. TO L11A8E?THE E.VNRB MARBLE BUILDING SU ; Broadway; 1.01* lib by Si fe Are atorlaa, with base- J and niiilor baaetaent; would mnko a line aaloon; or I aeh Boot separately; two umn (loom have b?en LUtcil up lor lodge room>. Inquire 01 B. UALBRAITU, Esq., 157 KuL loo ?u-et, or A. K kCUnKSON. 738 Broadway. ____ i TO LEA3E?TKN T.OT9 OF GROUND. BITUATED ON { ihr Baat river, between Forty-aecond nm1 Forty-third atraeta; bulkhead, with water thirty feel deep; ii r.uil i'jte lc? S'orugr, l'.iun ity or Jie mnnnfaciure of h?ary Machine- ; rj, whereg.oil wharf r.. eomir.ojMlouj tie required. Apply ai the Cedar Depot, on Ueprenilac* rito REN r-TUE I PPJt R~PAR'fOF TUB THREE STO X ry it.ak bmiae H warren pl*.w (Charloa street), mar GreMiwu'h tran'to, coin-hllng ot three rooms, 'wo bedroom* and jAiPr'n 00 aeiamd fior, nnd two bedroom* on third t foor, with privilege of wmLrixmi and tub*. bathroom, *0., j mid; buck ?ialr? from won J floor, hoi and cold water t and i*? one?eh Boor,* papered, painted and grained throughout, Lower pa, t oeciipi'ul bv a fam-tv el four p*r- I " etna, Rant to a .melt family $3?,0. luqufie of ltUMER ' DE'OE, 10 Jefferson market. ? rpO RENT?THE TWO' 8fORV~DW ELLINlV"ilOUSK i X and two and iliai acre* of Uronnl tlhpbly situated 011 . Tenth ?vecuo, oorner of l?r.h atreet, near the High Bridge. Carriage bouse and stable an the pr-'ciM-a, and a am- den w?U stocked with fruit. A.. Apply '0 A. M. LYON, & Wall ' at met. J ohknhop TO"hTrrl.vrIWf.AoTTWEN TT PIPTH i a'r> ft, between becoud and Third avenues; a fuuniory bt ick building, a two a ton-rear building connecting. ; Rent very tow. Apply at No. 8 Reade atreot. * \?j OUCBHOTS "TO RENT?WITir OR WITHOtT TT Meant power; nito light, well located and roomy work. ] ebopa; steady ?teain power If wanted; adapted etthei to me- J cbanlral or light woik. Inquire ou the p.xmiaea, b/Bart i Hour ton atpcer. t I OO MNTU flTRKET. NEAR BROADWAY?TO LIT v I Ait 1 with Dler alanieit. eornleta and phant.a1l><ra btlng painted and put In beautiful condition; autuiile for a i raaldeuca or hualneaa pnroowa Apply to HENRY HILTON, 11 Boat Tweuty*igUUi aireet. Keut $1,300. j BPORTIH*. I tiVRAJfOW BCTLER, NO, 8 PECK CLIP, KABALLfRE X1 ebaUe biMdi lor stuck ait# uW. Butlers Infallible Mange Cur* and Fl?a Exterminator, 80 coot* par bottla. Butler'a "Brooding, Training, Diaaaaes, Ac., of D.iga," $1. Doga boardad, trained, Ac. ludlclnea tor all dlacaats. TNOR HALE?A FART HAILING PILOT BOAT P Schoooar, four yenrs old. about 100 tons, wall adapted for A gentleman's yacht, bslna completely fnwBibad, Ac., ad la wall adapted for trading In the Waal IuSlearor fhe Gulf of Mexico. Addr?aa A, B, I'niou square roaTSxiaa, New York. EOR HALE-VERY LOW. THE YACHT BDOAto, m prime order: Ball* and Furniture oe in piste; luriueriy ^ou^sd to Frant Lealle. Apply to JOHN J. dAvy, New* TJtOR SALE-ONE SMALL SAILBOAT, 15 F long, ? fact beam, one yrnr old, mahogany pvaoiled, all Id good order. Inquire at V. H. BOiiOPBD, No. TW Fourth atrnet. ? li

W~ "ANTED-A bMALL CKNTRR BOARD TACDT 1 aloon rigged, cabin, woll found In every respect, faat I \llar, well bunt, and for sale cheap. Apuroheaer for ench a a boat may ba found by addressing Yacht, box 1,883 N. Y. Peal office. ? iuiLioApir ? TJ CDSON RIVER UAILROAD?TRAINS FOR ALBANY Z XL Trny, thr North and Weil leave Chambers street at 7 I and 11 A Mm and*do, 8and toP. S. * NSW YORK HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD. ? Fur Albany. Troy, North and West, Winter arrrngi nt, eominencing Monday. N>r. 4, 1881. For Albany?H V A M., Erpres* .Mall Train, from T<*cu- 1 ty-StxtU eirrst d-yot. .1 For aUlotai tm ??'," TKie T? a jyiiN BVHLiilLL, AaeptABi 'ugldnlondini, C APRIL 29, 1862?TRIPL BOJUVMNO A5D M>DOIIIO, At ar* shoond avenue" west mouak abovh Mt?yi-?intul I'arlL?Qiblleuiua an 1 their w.ekm. at alititle t nil! tare C* b it spin; lodetud I'll p * init' It" > lit bud Hoard. 0ii:'<nr ?l ?i* <^uUyik R ier. area oichmiged. Ausntlkman and wrrE. or two whole ufn . Clemen, may ut* i|q j?leai-e-.t fr-.u Hooin i>u the fxMid ? uj , wi i tt it. hooui Jt'ljoin iin; .v 1. b?i lei logtilln r or pan . .1 o | i laMB ' tVdCk I'ar!or, hou*' hue u. . ' n ImorovmnMiia, ai'-'tll pr vatfl family; wuer at bix Appl) Uiib Twenty ?< >ml uLOnl. \VTBNHOM in OUUB OK THOsK LIVING in . hotele and bourdiug muiir-a A > ah e?tabUbb'nu.u .>. u i | st 11) Mi >1 mr am! funl-d ed wi'.u i-veryi Mug ne. ?~try to' bo ?e_ caoiut, lit order mat a tainily iu*y hare a ;jaip.t a uoiae au-l lire at a nw rat A A FEW HOARDERS WILL BE TAKKN AT 114 WIST 11_ Kourtaetiti: bitert, in i. pre, .no I mill", where l-?oy will lavoall tj Co io-u j. a home; a d-hi xbi" I0 JH..0U * id [ObJ neighborhood; choree of roorrta. Dinner at 6. A FEW FURNISHED ROOMS To LET?TO GENTLE in i only, will. the u onn ti in.,>roi ,-meo'b family rvli'eti'.. ft--. of retYrencea riven ati>l te iu.itd. No. J A exhiugto; placa, ncin No.. Yiikliotci. A TIM NINTH ST t BET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF tX Cr >ad ray, a Hue Nbit of Ilooma. villi Board, auitafile or a '.-entleu u and ? lie, or trim hi be lot for a phytiemira of. ire, halo- an Kiiglial' besnuiem, ?nelv udainc I for the latter i-irpoaa. A HANDSOMELY PliKNIWRD BAOK l'ARf.nR T<? fl. lot; a'so Foiloomi, ivlla f'uU >r partial B .-aid. GetiI-'tne-i ond ill ir alrta or ample geutlcoicii would do wi ll to iiauilnc ih.-bO Koouit before lining e'eeivhero. Lrx-a'tnii'o, o!j.,a ti rin i and hta.j. IN Icti* to ?lilt the liiued. kppl | at 100 Lox a poo A T NO. TO NINTH STBRGT. IIETWEKN UNIVERSITY IX ]>'* t> a-.i ITftli av >0 to ?K,.o ua to lrt, ol auite or bin[lo, with lird Board; dluaar tit 8 o'clock, rvtorciuva rtreu ?ud rerjMi.od; oo moving iu May. A NICRLT H BN'ISUEO ROOM ON SEtOND FLOOR n to let tviiU Beard; unliable 'era erniliinati and ir t. o bi. ule . ; Uic hoLt.; Ir modern; a qniot home vali/edj Tnce'lon eligible. Anply a'. IS Uroro a,reel, Oewoisu Bleocker and uiiil-ou. a I'LEAr \NT, FURMSOtD FI'ONT ROOM, Shl.O.ND tV. alory, to let?In a pi irata faniliy, to ooa or two login [i-lit'rr.ii u. without liouib. Or wHh breu,.,?it i.ud lea. *1 ld.1 aaat TetvUi atroet, Third aronue. AT 30 EAST TVS EMI Mill SI'KKBT, A FBW DOORS frupi llroai .v.iy, a goi.iletrjui and wife, or Iwoge.itlemen, tuny obi '., a pleaaaiit ami it. ally /'.rnuued irort Room, it ah B?d; tin; hour? lr Urst vlabb aad a dcbirahle iiituuK'i reaideuco. ATM EAST SIXTEENTH BTREET. NEAR IRVINO A piece?Roontato lot, with Hoard, rlngle orooanrcted. ALAROE FRONT ROOM, WITH BOARD, SUITABLE for a ddtitlcinau mid lux ,vtr<>, ma, be had in a prii aid la-mle rvai'.llMf oa tho Filth aven forjU por week. Alxia In if-- Room lor it tiuglc iieutlemaii. U?-.oreuoea cacbaugeiL Apply to W. P. \\., WiCcadt: alrect. Avery vine suit of rooms to lf.t-in a pre rate fatnlly o tw . on wly; a vuatd Ughilalattm* , ;mu. .o r.uiuii, 1.1 rui.jr-iuwi'iii attract, u? -. s/ineuwa/. Andre tn Home, uUatlcm G I'o-ii oPucC. I A FRENCH LADY?WIDOWED, RESIDING IN A . most tn.ukl.y port'iao ttroi k<>?. deaitva to take a ;ew children to Board; tonus rehson.ib.r. For rOiereucr, L'rum Ar., .id Iran Ibu, Q. L. If., box3^N,FM tin ?. V. Ai'EW 811*7 r,E OBNTLhUKN (JaS PINO ELEGANT furmohod lto >uw at the lir> t claim brown htmie house, too Second avcuiic. Loeutlou aniuilni'sed Bel'evoaoci oxCUlUguJ. A PRIVATE KAMi'.Y, IfAVINW TWO OR THREE BXUamuivtjr turalaUett K ?'md, would let theiu lo runlioaion, tvMo of tyltlio'ii ixai-itat tuianl; situated convenient totfc#Urrl?*. Ktioiywce retired. Apply *1 &!4 Bridge street, betw too U lliiiugiibjr ?wm:t Myrtltj uvtjaur, Brooklyn. / A li AC ? i'A UL^ it, ON FfR.ST KLOOK, NE\VLVPUlT Hi9h.ll, 'OKtit, with ikuij. The houaa ia first eh-H and :o!,tHiia." ill the modern Itnurovmnsiua. Apply at 36 Weal Twol'th s.reet, b'HW'cu Firth and sixth aveuuoa. AUENTLEMAN AND WIFS OK TWO SINGLE GENtlenviu cxu olt'aiu phs.uwr.1 Ko mt, with Board, at li! N nth sue;'., a taw doors west ot Broadway. The florae ou'.ol-1 .lie modern improvement*, A FEW SINGLE GHXTLEMKN, OK GENTLEMEN and their wives, can llnd a choice ot ua-it or t rout Kcome with g'tod Board, in a tart claaa house having modem liu[mjveuienta. An early appli' atlou desirable at OJ S>. Hark a l?htc;, Eighth sua. t. A LABOR FKONT ROOM XO LET?WITH FULL Board.iuilubic tor a gentleman aud wile, In the firct :lus-> honae No. (> West Twenty-fourth street, opposite Filth Atenue Hotel. \.T ISA NINTH STREET, NEAR BROADWAY?TWO a.1 U' ge hntidsome Parlors, with extension, Ciiandelieva, H\ror-, An., and Uvo or Six other desirable Rooiuo, furuUhrrt ? uiilurulabcd, to suit, lor aon'teincn only, yd bout Board. House lira! cli<s K'jglUh baseineut, wi'n all modcru Improvements. Family strictly private. A PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON SECOND FLOOR from, tuny be hau, with Board, at 74 Cad Twenty-third street, near Fourth nscnu*. AT 04 seventh AVENUE, third HOUSE ABOVE FouileenUi street. gentlemen and their wives and single gunllctuan can >>e .lOOounuodnUrt with Board aud furniahed rooms; dinner at 6. Uefurouoes exchanged. * A LARGE FRONT ROOM, IS VIEW OF ORAMERCT park, with Board; would anil a lOtiple of gentlemen; also two siiia'.l ones. Pinner at sis. Apply at 101 East Twenty-lust stire', Orauierry park. Terms low. s pbivitr wiutt.v rrivw s it.ivrsKfiirprv vttn. A nlsbsrt Siting Room, wt'h Bedraottt attached, *l?o a I ingle Ro jui, to lot, v?Hit or vrltii -ai Uaatii, to jtcUetum ouly; houtm Abet class. ReUcu< ex-.hs.igeri, Call at IJ Wot Sixteenth street, be', ween Fifth and Sixth avenues. A| WIDOW LADY, WITHOUT FAMILY, WILL LtoT A choice o? Room*, neatly t mulshed, with breakfast if desired, in a genteel. c'.esn, quiet house, with ail thu modern Improvcm-uts, to single gentlemen only, Mo boarders or chil l:en. Apply at frAmity street. AQKNTLHMAN AMD II fS WIPE, ALSO OME OR two single ^en lie tutu, nuty obtain handsomely furnished Roiling, with Board, at ajj West Tweuty-eecond ure.t. House nr?l class: table uncxueplbtnV.'le sail leriux moderate. Btosdmay, Fourteenth and Twcut>-tbtrd street singes within oue minute walk. "DOAKD-A FEW o IN OLE GENTLEMAN CAN BE JJ accomodated with pleasant Rooms autl Board at No. 71 West Twenty-gMh street, near Sixth avenue, Dinner at six o'clock. JWou.uoc exchanged. Board.?a room and bedroom to a party of gentleman, or la a geutlcnisn sud who, partly fttrnlshod; tie<>. ahel) Boom.ioastnglo gentleman; Wise has all lite modern improveaiente; dinner at 6 o'clock. luqidie at Aid Bast Tenth street, it ear Second avenue. Board.?a back boom, on second floor, suitable for agend-ut an ami wife or tno single rents-men, l*tth good Board, at Sid Weei Tweuty-flrst sit cat. Tortus moterete; house contains all the modern improvements, aud am!ly private. Board.?a choice of rooms can be had on and altar Mae :v, in a small family, al Mo. 41 East i'wenlath street, ucsr'UioaUnay. Two geutlsmeo can be accommodated. Board.-at mi east Broadway, a large purttished or tiufrrnisbcd front Room, ou second floor, isitlipantries. In aprleate fs-iiPy, for .'-sniletneu snd wire, n siitK.o gentlcmru. (las, hith, ? % References given sou required. Hoard?two large koomb, communicating, will be . .tint- d the ?'.U of May, ou the second floor to let, x tth Rot,i d; .tho t ro ?tug!o room*. Apply at IK) East TUirejenth street. Board?a small family having more room than they can occupy, would let the cnokr or rooms to tenth ni'-n am! theli nrtvi?, or single erntlvinan; bouse with nodern injjiowmcnts. Apply nt 111 West Twenty-sixth itroet near ljlglithnrciine. Boaud.-to LET, WI TH boar a a PARLOR and bedroom, ou ,'?voud ri< ?,r, front; ternis gl*. Also ono tall Room Bl; dinner st n'? o'clock; exebsugod. tpp > at law Ease Fourteenth street. Board.?a gentleman and his wife, or two single gemtauten, run cbialtt good Board t.nd handsome ?lslaked Brums. :n a prlvsM family lu W<*t 1 our.uto Ur< et, whore the full oomtorta of a home can be res! Led, Board.-a Burr or unfurnished rooms, on second floor ni a modern bouse in Fourth ?ne-t, bewean Second and Thu d av- ntte., to let. with Boxril, May t. Visa. Rooms tor geuilenteu. Apply st (tore 130 Grand street, oi'iter of Crosby. Board.?hooms, with board, in a housr deairabty loco led, eouUtfnlo;: *'l the modern iropintt-iurn* m l where hut law boavriera era l?k<n. Reluicn ex h*nV"i Apply at 44 Went Wa?lilngion pkior. Board-at im east tenth htrert, corner or Fourth-ivenue, end cue block from Mrourtweyj Room a n thn flrataniraeeuurt flwra to let, with Board: trout Room >u Itrat floor, an'labia r^bphysictan. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Icfarencea oichangcd.^^ Board on mi t.kaT^EiZtuk entire second floor of a rirateliiae House to let, *<'|u?rate oi' together. lTOlahrd or unfurnished, situated a* above, a utile weal of Ifth avenue. Aridieaa Murray iliil, bua i.dttt Foat oilier. DOARD IN H ABT.EM.-A WIDOW, WHOSB HOUSE IS D pleaanr lly alluated oa 125th atreei, hctwi.-an Fourth and 'lull a v?mu a, wiahna to obtain a few aeleut boardore?a gen. Ionian and wife or three or four alngle gentlemen. Con valient to care and steamboat. Addreei M. S., I'oet ofllcc, Harem. B" OARD wanted?BY A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE In a private family, or whore there are but row boardr*. The fcntlomau, being In a travelllug business, la away and of the time. Terms most be moderate and location on ho neat aide of the city. Address, stating full particulate, ,t. E., Herald ofllcc. a OARD WANTBD?BY A TO UNO LADY. WIIBRB there aro few or nu other boarders. Terma meet be nodarate. Riom on eeconti floor, on the east side of town, clow Grand streoi. Address James, Herald oBoe, stating DOARDINO.-A FRIVATB FAMILY, RESIDING AT 119 0 fftrt Sixteenth niroet, between Sixth and Sereoth ireorg. baa the second floor, nnfitralehod, which ihey will lot rtgetnoror aeparato; also furnlahod Kooma for genUamon; r would lat Parlor and cxteoelou Boom to a phyxlaan. BOARDI.NO-KM WEST FOURTEENTH HTREBT.-.TWO or three Room* with Board: the houac and altuatlon la art doalrable, partlouiarly for tneanmmcr; open In front, nd tho prom laaa extending through to Fifteenth at reel rVJARMNO?A BBADTIFUL PARLOR AMD BED* auoin on iho eeoonrt floor, will be let to gaataol pertico rhorwa fum.ah good rrforenoe, by a prtrnto family which 1 wall, al ill W?at Eighteenth at reel QOARD4NO-A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, CONSISTL> inn of gentlnman and wire, wlab to lot, with Hoard, brre or four IP. una, to gentleman and their wlrea or aingle anliotuon; root >1 liirnlaned, or if d-aired, unfnrnlihed; baa a', belli, A u narat A o'clock; a good table. Itonae 'nuaaaily !> ate No. 41 Irrlug pU?o, octwcou Sixteenth < ud Seeeutmiotb atreote, OOARDINO?AN ELIGIBLE A TAR I'M ANT I If A VERY LA im di, uaobtmal'o fa nlly m let, with Uoevd, to an inali,l < < a lady ext. rtln.; to tetlnlro m-dioal air, Vlndiieae i.dli 'ine attention. For location, terma, Ac., apply to or rid'', ,i Dr. Their-. 1,117 Broadway, n-ar Twenty-ninth at. 1110' 4LVN -T't (> PLPA8AMY ROOMS, WITH BOARD, 3 v it ro then- r i but low boa- l-re, In a gratolaaa hona-. ineeu'oiitly lo atrm ?r (ho nth fo-ry, Apply ?t IH mgrant tt<?ot, four tloo.f tjo*;oi Uya<y. B SHBBT. mUHWWO AJID I4>nc?0> Upooklyn -a party oktoun i mkk. v?i <h'?. ? to loom uwther or separulet an Qui |de?-4'" * j??ii Hu?id, at 4.<dOouil?tit:., it r da. tiu 45 ?.. . . Iluiiul'.oii avenue and (tooth L-rrtTerms tnodrta'-' UROOKLrN -HANDSOMELY FUKMollBD I. 'Ol , to let, with or wtiiiout Board In a an a., i JO rnao.nuOle '.erina D'nuer at 6 o'clock. K ler ?. ..acbaugj.i Apply a AM iioury street, berwvvu <>.. - a . 1 till, near South ferry. HOlLiI IN 1IR".>KLYN?A KiiiV >.L." . besecnmruodaled with Board ami ula.i-uitr P. > * N lataii ?tn" t. within tire lniiiuMa' wallt oi iuc p..u , t > rle., with buth, gas, Ac. Kefcretu ireijuM. BOAKD in BBoOn.ym.-a FEW .sin ILK Ul. men t?u he uc oiumoJale ! with hrst e Board and front Rooms, on the are mil floor. Jj?cati'u aunt. House wiih ull modern lutpruveOiCUU. WW; j. / BOARD IN BROOKLYN-A LA ROM, HANDS' ELY furnished Lout ituuui, o erl'mkhig a hi. u. | lire minutes'aik of Mouth fnrrjr; ali (he modem tune . acuta. Itkt iieu.y street, fourth door froiu Aunty. , ' reasons hi -. Board in buodk.lyn.-a aoir of rooms o> ? ootid Moor to let, a nil Board; tho li roso i? p.o-. au j cued; convenient to Fulton avenue oark; rofcrouc ? t< changed. Apply at till Lawrence street. Board in Brooklyn -a private F\mrlr wn.r. lot with Board, an fl?gaiitly furnished * ' n I front Room ami alcove Bedroom; house lie v. owned y ., uecupant, auilcoutaia* all the modem tmpiivuincnts, nei 1 borliood une>ar|itlr.iable, ten minutes' walk from lU> * u feiiy, and G..rpuss In the immediate vletui'y ' th* h i' ..- in a'l the forrter. Tertua modulate. Apply At '117 Det-n atr e , between llnyt anu Bond. Board in brooklyn.-a and hi wile, or two single gentlemen, can Hud Board an I pu aaaiii Itoums. in a prlrata family, in on. of . . en lions, near Ciinlon avouue, Apply iu Clermont a>e. . 1 unit house -,outh of Lafayette avenue, Ol' uidre.. L 11 HcTaM olUee. in BROOKLYN?PARTIES WISHING to eugage Rooms, singly or iu Suits, at PI Clitliou sir et, now hatoilieopro.luiuty; the ho u>e is tiud 'rgolng Important alterations aud improvements, which will h ooiuplci d in h few day.,; re.ereuce required. Csu lie leeu at any tiuie dar og the day. CtRBNCH HOARD, FRENCH INSTRUCTION AND SOr cial life, in Professor E. FKZaNDIE'S taml'y. No. !l) Union square (Fourth avcuie). Best refei races required and (flvou. FURNISHED rooms to LET?FOR GENTLEMEN, without board.?Two Rooms on the am.mid lloor and one ou the third, at No. 8 East Twenty-accobd street, two doors east of Broadway. Furnished rooms to let-for gentlemen, at 117 Tenth street, Brevoort place. ilUlRNISHBU ROOMS -NICE, C0MV0RTAH1.K KUOMB 1 and Bedrooms, for small, respectable landlles or alugla, (i . , |i to $d [>er week, at IAS Edrabeth atreot, I near H m oie sirs .-t They are particularly a Ia( ted for pet amis de?'' u . w. l.rr cheap and qutet. MM.! .> AVENIJE.-A LADY HAVING TAKEN an i eligible bt..wn atone !?, 141 an t ti3 J'adr- a?- . ?, between Thirty-, cou tend Thlrty.thlrd hirer's, a ' . v'y liiminhed them, is now pr. pared to 1. i to tlr^t Uss r..inIt and gentlemen tha choice ot elegaai aulta and siujte It) hoi, wt'h or without private tabl. if desired. Tlia kir'tlon is one of the most delightf ul u the city. Rcfcrruoeti exchanged. N'O. 9 HUBERT STREET?NEAR st. JOHN' S PARK the upper pari, consisting of Parlors _nd fe liooms.with Ki'oheu privilege, will ha let low to a small lutully. Apply to UliuR'ife a. SD'KLKS, VJ Nasaau strecL laf ClsltUii DA/IUO TXTTTIf DAAOn FAT> OfHTnT O I. gentlemen and gentlemen end their wives, may be had at P'4 Fourth stieet, Albiou place. References excusuged. Dinner at <1 o'clock. TJLEASANT, FURNISHED ROOM3 TO LET, WITH X t>??<d. Apply at M Waverley pis: e. Rooms to lkt-with boabd. at 79 hacdougai. tree!. Dinner at <>?. Rooms to let-with ob without board, at 5S University place. TO SINGLE GENTLEMEN.?A SMALL PRIVATE family will let, without board, a targe, nnat'.y ftirnishe 1 Room on second lioor. Terms moderate. Home p'e tantly l'icated lu Variolt place, Sullivan street, between Houston and Bleacher streets. Addfeas L. L., box 177 Herald odlce. TO LET-WITH Oil WITHOUT BOARD-A LAROE, pica .ant, airy Room (second floor, front), suitable lor a emitleman and wife or two single gentlemen. Apply at 91 Pr.nce ati-ect, one bloc It from Broadway. fIIO LET-WITH BO.YBD, IN A FIRST CLASS HOUSE, X a handsomely furnished bank Parlor and Extension ; alio lanto front room aad small one adjoining, on the a.coud floor. Terms moderate. Roioruncee exchanged. 117 West Houston street. ATERY PLEASANT ROOMS. SUITABLE FOR FAMILIES ? or single gentlemen, with full or rartial Board. References exchanged. Apply at 113 Second avenue. WANTED-BY A YOUNO LADY. A BOOM PARTLY TV furnished. where a Arc can be kept In winter. Beard for Sunany only. Location between Second avenue and Broadway, not above Eighteenth streer. Please address, slating terms, Miss Ollfton, Union square Post oQlce \irANTED?THREE OBNTLEMBN TO BOARD; GOOD vv accommodations for $i 60 per week, at 31 Mo.troe street. <}A WEST TWENTY-ElonTn STREET, CORNER OF ?i\' Broadway.?Very desirable suits of furnirbe l Koouia to lot, wl>U Board, to families and single gantlcutcn, at mooo. uo ; t ms. Dinner at six o'clock. OA UNION SQUARE -FURNISHED BOOMS TO LET, OU wilb Board; references required. Q1 WEST TWENTY-FOURTH STREET, NEAR FIFTII OI avenue.?An elrg.utl Psrlor and other line Rooms can now be obtained, with or without Ural clase Board. Refe renco given aud required. Q7 BANK STREET.? ROOMS TO LET, WITH BOARD, da forgeutleuieu and their wires or elugle geutlcucn; cunvstileul to etsgesand care. Terms moderate. A A IRVING PLACE.?TO LET WITH BOARD. PAR. tcte lor and Bedroom on second floor, and one plea?ant mall Boom on fourth floor. References required. a q west thirty-first street, corner op Tw Broadway ?Gentlemen and their *Wm or 4k&al? gentlemen nan find pleasant B >nms, alugle or in auita, with Aral data Board. Apply a? above. Proper reference given end required. Dinner ?i C o'olock. kit Bast seventeenth street, three doors i)U fiom Union aquare.?A lew very handsome Rooms to let, Willi Board. House flf.t oleea. Dinner at lit. T'-nnv uiod'rate. Refer encea ogchangcd. K7 EAST TWENTY.KIOHTH STREET, NEAR FOURTII O I avautie.?Dcatrable Rooms on aecoud floor, connected Or aeparala, and suitable for gentlemen and their wives, to lot, wlili Board, iu a flret data hoaee. Ha moving tn May. References exchanged. oa east twentt.kirst street, qramkrot CU Pars.?To let. a suit of Furnished Rooms, with Board, antRlrdfleoc.callable foi a fa?.i>. hmImmaim be-.uiliully locatedbelwcen Lexington and Fourth avenues, with park privilege. QQ ORBENE STREET. ABOVE SPRINO, ALSTON JO 1 loose.?Elegantly furnished auita of Rooms; gat, Oroton and every rou\enicnc* for housekreplug economically; particularly suitable for small respectable famlliea: rent low ia7i oklene street-elegant furnisueo XU 4 - Rooms to let, with good Board, to ladles and gentlemen; board for hidloa only; terms inodeiate; gu<d location near Broadway, between Spt tug and Prince street. "I i) IT BAST TWELFTH STREET ?FURNISHED ROOMS, ltj'J In s'tUa or single, with Bonrd, for gentlemen or g< u;l"ineu and their wires, can he ohUlnod by applying as above. References exchanged. 1.1{* prince 8thbet?st. clair hocsf.-ele IU gently furnished Rooms, with Kedruonm attached, with all the eonvenleaoes for housekeeping complete. iuclurttn* and t'rolou water, to lot to re?i>cctaMe families or single g. nilenx u. TOO Bt.EKCKER STREET-A GENTLEMAN AND A0?r his wife, or a party of single [{entlemeri, can be sr. coinmnd wiili a suit ur Rooms on Mcor. I Uoor, vvitb Board; dinner at tis:l?ru)? moderate. it. . ? ? ? 01 A W'M BTKKST. NEAR SPRING ? FURNISHED Zi Uf Aiertmui's at low tenia, with every eonreuhnce l'cr housekeeping; bust furniture, bedding and Uueu. cook tng ulsnalla, gj? und C'QlQjfr_. I Of?/\ WEST TWESTY-TIIIRD STREET.?A GENTLE aUU man and wife, also or tlirce single gem [emeu, nan be ar.-ooimodattd with Furnished Rooms and Board. References exchanged. oftl eourth avenue, third door below diUl Tweuiy-hrst let, Rooms, n-utty fund died, singly or in suits, to with private table, or to single seniienion with partial Board, or Rooms without Board. Reference* exchanged. JQ/t rOl'BTH STREET.?LARGE AND DESIRABLE OO'Jt Rienns t > lei, with Board, suitable for two or three gentlemen. Location desirable, between Broadway and the Bowery. References exchanged. ~ piiopouai.s. Army supplies. Omen or Aumt Clothivo **b Eotrtraoi, i Coasmt or Bnooaa axo Gut iki, 1 Wrw Yoaa, April 2?, tad?, ) Seslod rropossls will be received st this offloe until Thurs. day, the rtr.t dsy of May next, siIIM., for furnishing by contract, deliverable st ths Depot of Army Clothing and Euulpage In tbli cily, Ititi.uoo Mosquito Bars (linen netting), g feet 9 inches long, 19 Inches wide end ? Inches deep? One half of the quantity to be delivered In Sfteen days, and th* rtmainacr in iwcniy aay?, uier iu? accepting oi id* p1T^eVbor# article* will be aublect lo inspection by worn Inspectors appointed by authority of the united State*. PropoaaU will be accompanied by proper guarantee aettlng forth that if the contract la awarded to theparty named therein, he will at once execute the eame, and glee hood* for the l'althful porfermance of the oontravt. The United state* reserve* the right to reject all bids deemed unreaaonable. PropoaaU to be endoreed, "PropoaaU for furnishing Moaqui to Bare," and addraeeed to Lileutenant Colonel D. It. VTNTON, Deputy Quartermaiter General United State* Army. SBALBD PROPOSALS #ILL OR RBCRIYRO UP TO 13 M. on Wedneiday. the 30th tnat., at the offlco of the AMiatant Quariermaoter United Suttea Army, for submit ling to the undsrtigned, with a risw of put phasing foriltogoSOD Draught Horses 100 Saddle llorae#, 36 Draught Mules. The Draught Roraea to be free from hit defects, toM between lire and seren years old and from 16,. o 16W;handa high. Saddle Roraet to be MM banda hlgb, sound in all reapects, Mil between the ngsa office and sorsn year* old. White and light gray horses t?l>iiW. . S. All the animals submit'cd will be lubjeeled to a the rough examination and tnapee-ion by 6 duly authorUw agont appointed for that purpose . . , _ 3. The persona to whom the bids are hwarlod will be Br), fed of the Hare where Ihe Inspection of tho animus will take place ot the time of aeardlna the > oii'raot. The underjlgned reverses Ut? right on th* puft A the government to reject all bid* deemed ur.reaecuat'U. Pmpnasla will l>e endorsed ? _ "I'rout>0*1* for Sup,dying the (Joveerupt,it with iTv;?? , and Mules," and will no directed to rapt, Den-? C " Aaelalant ^lartermArfter t ilted Hi : i r /.rnir, ? ><>' > | atreet,H. I RRMif 0. I10D?KM Oaptem and Assistant ' % 'ail*. ' ?< V, A ^ J 11 j ^MUMtTKRUa 'TAt*. '* * ' ? ?* * * ? ' ? * i *-"*? * -***AA ? ? <.? ?! A |l.*# . t I a ? ?tt ' ' * > k ?-* I ? . -'A,-;: . mrSSm\? V .... , S% wl ' ' TiZmL Z1 1 ? <* < .... W?M J ! 1 V* ? . " A 4 * ? iy....?r,?u > ' . . ? .... A"" ; >a ?*? >. - * . . < -i. ... . ,, . Oud ??!/ !.??. .? . . . , I 4 1 cit*i '.khimT3.?w i im ]*>lt RUB "?H HI t 4? BV f. .|*| ^ 1 aj?* !?< Nf m??i . i*.. H a h* A > i m* ?.? 1 tj a ? tw fo. ?r A a tiinj ? * . i ?t, otto .* vm? a* rf irt! mil' < lui< n ? ??- |<an> a ro? -AIJS tfbrhi- * .1? I *Ui. . Ai. .* ?t ) k?(il <?. with ?<*..? .. * a. i.m w?i?r ?n.? 44., i'? ?w M)|. *|i i* ?f i?f U i , .. *lu i.o ??l 4u* ui . (*?.<-* At / ht A A KAUO'.a.M? *n?OiHK *?.* roit HaLH-TIIK I a 1> ?t .. <a*. i/f ft ?. Us " .a reaou, ?r ? on I *u>. o .en oAJO'; Aft*t M? A * iMr l*xw. KT u*?>' r i '<?. t, H < u * T/OP. SAL.K?CII8AP K I A H l>? ? '"t? Ml 1 ct.o'.i.* ur 4 .?* nf * i. f u .??? .* prlTOt# H-u'doaM ( 10- rtl) ?' I.U4I.A I1 * A. at* A* ilrpo*. t'i?r* i in o?*t> ,j , .U ? j i-Li.4 Oo ot H tti.h.D uiiiiirt,!!" l.i lnl'i o?ai ?A?f. <?# FOR salk-a iannr i OU ^TH* MUT ?t U ?| M J , ho..?. 4US.A liur ba-a *U.'jr; tli.-T man ho* ?* d t <1 On .? .Mp"*"*in-u ?; U' 10 li-r > . .cro. f ?< i.. I f I* J n,.i P K U N l.*?4 U4 r*MI Mah a ?4*? iron - Af .K-T B IfOL'H; ; < II BOt TH >?.? * i* * <m M low , tidonni y t ii,i> 11 i | i irttiiiiit. 1">n1 It', Wythe srenue, tMWWl Ctyni' . si. J far! ?'?sls Ijiort ha i e-a two kt' tt l|t>u*r. with i? ? ? ? H j ' ui? !" .lure, i -.4 lov a IVnily to tve tn, bctneaa t to* y? a .ad sleu rvl an I built p toe i'sandr/. A i. ?' W . (<v*?;r Uaw slice', belueeo TsnlU Md t>. ,?u?i iron 8 VI .e-AT A GREAT BACrtFttlL WITH M r .. . *m Ittw# Mom front Unuu 8 > it West Yl4rt? . F ituiti.if oivlc to orUrj. Apply o > ' '<>* |*< *" TCOR BALE?A DCtlK B E kR<t1l?RJfOR, WITH M L esfM ? "MU high.a l-l.j., .. I, III us* tVr>/ iiiLm of X?* f--t l.v * ..... .u. .ai *TiSk lw-r jeer. c?n bo bong 'Hteatul. If. MS Is. * d WASHES HARDEN BEr.O II, MB..; t w For hale or rxrtux e-a block of r?i three *U,r/ houses, in Vie in.-4 bii.tu Mlu,sua.. ef as si ti oat \mr >,n*n tow..* In W u' ia, ."i ? ?w lure.! alp Ion I logout l u.?U W i] l.? * bea- .< si cb-u u;ud fot ur.euaimbO ?t re*i ??,?.? In X. -. T -r* ?.* ?.a? or v.riuiiv. Apply to THE'). K. JA< I ox. Vmho AiJ corner or Fir I tu t South Sortnth s . a, Wnii For kale, or exchangr koh a small farm or .ouutry place, four Ktrsi avenue Li'i mil n?' # situated use.'Ifarlem, ivtu wiiu tb- ai.-t*. .to I. B colli, #750 rtcl: Address II 1). O , H?m!4 oflice L'OB SALE or EXCHANGE (MOT MUCH HoNBt JL waaied;?A three story *.wJ.u Rouse snA Lei belli expressly for a oakery; good well of water ted eiahlr fsrii h-r_c; mthe l j:Iv'ug village ?i J , ?,.,^attt Seventieth street, Nlw Fork. For furtbur uintcutars loS intra DW VEK, near the preu.lees or at SI West Twvow. first street. New Turk. For sale, exchange or to lkt-thr tw* foot nt?ry br.-k Building.*, Nos. 72 and 7* Wvat Tsrasi?p? flfiUsticc, .veil udiptrd for any manufacturing purge#* buying no engine end boiler. Apply to T. P. CAMrBMIe 1?8 Broadway, room No. 7. FOR SALE OR TO LET?AT BSD FORD, FRM choan, one House and Lot on Putnam areaus, I#'fast east of Bedford aveuuet also one House aad tw* Low eg M?dtan:i struct, east of liedfor>l avenue; water aad gas m botti house*; location good N. B.?Fulton avenus cea ftoui Fli!ton ferry run within two bleeka of the piupul* Iu'iulre of U. A. WEED, on the premlaso. For salb or to let?thrhr first clam tluce story brown stone Houses on Ftfty-eeoewd street ? adjo'ulng the new Methodist cbureh, oorner of Loaingte* avenue. App'y to FICKBN8 A CAMLET, on the grswtfc/ iftOR SALE, TO LET OR EXCHANOB?THR Pttfl ' story brown stone, high sloop House, BUS leiiMUl evsnuo, with all tha noweatlmprovewonts. Inquire or w, CL.VKE. M East Twenty slitii ttreot. , FOR SAI.E, TO LET OR BXCHANOE?PHILABBBs pMa l.rloi Uous.< and Stable, with lot SHIM.#, No. fll Adelpht street, Brooklyn, in tine order. n. a. UAin&b, w run nmi, a. e. i^OR SALE OR TO RENT-TWO houses in ?S 1 towu of Greenwich, Coon., ettuatod nr*r the [tlliM dr pot, and on tlie eteuroboat road: a-tld dwelling* kar*< very pkaaait water view and healthy locationijwccraMM Jivfii immediately. For panteulara Inquire of WM. WAS .ACE, at the depot, Greenwich Station, Conn. FOIl SAME. T.EASB OR TO LET?ONE OR FIYK LOT*, with Hi itk and Frame Buildings on part of |them. Iml (juire of H. MAILLARD, 169 Tenth avenue. HACKENSACK VILLAGR LOTS FOR SALE?FMNM lots on ouih aide of E.rex etrcet.nrar tu? dapuL Several train* to New York dally, very aaay of acceee. AMI to H. .1. DAVID, 116 Maasau etreet. 7 T 018 AMD bouses for salb NEAR CENTRA* J J i'ark, on Fourth avenue, between Ninety-aeOond au Ninety,fourth atrueta, and on Ninety-fourth and Mlaety-tWfW etreet, (will: the three unfinished houeee), between Third Ml Fifth avenuca, known M Proepect Hill. 4. T. FAB1SB, 193 Front strati Property for sale, in second avenue, was a bakery In It; the oven la In good condition, and (M da*! furniture; the Hotiee bring* g?oil rent and in a mm aright*, rbood. Inquire of Ml*. 8TEUBIN0, tTOEnat 10 teeuih a root, between avenues A and B. i <do A aa WILL buy a NEW TWO STORY AM Jpa.tUU atUo Cottage Bona* and Lot, eight reeaX buely l.itd out in a beautiful location : $400 cash. tha om a nee glfti per year; also a two etory brick Siora and Datl Ung on Fifth avenue, price H.SOO : terms the aame aa above * Apply at the office or D. C. Daniel*, corner of Fifth .MM nue and Fourteenth street, Brooklyn. 4?o nnn -for sale or EzcBANos-rvf fiO.UuU, Houses; one a very nloo brick Cottage la M nhat of order, corner of Amity and Nlohole streets. Newark N. j.; no tncumbraiieo. Apply to J. B. RICHARDSON, a| the pteulses, or M. MALVANT, 1M Warren atreet, Newaam ^ FOaULB. .y A genteel BOARDIMQ HOUSE, QOOD WILL AM) Laaae for aala cheap?a very rare chance. Rent vw| low, and In a very respectable and eligible location. Bait done a very profitable buaineaa for several yeara. SeveiM good paving boardere will lemala. Satisfactory rraaoan given for disposing of the aame. Addreaa ImmedHMH Boar ling Bouae, eutloo A, Spring atreet, D" RUO STORE FOR BALE?FOB LESS TBAM BALB Its ong'uat cost; muat be aold before the lat of May, al the owners are to go in other buaiueaa. Apply to W. MAIM LAND A CO., lot Hroadway. ?vur-n uT/.vr SAD OiTS AM AUV A* ?a* Dual JL) avenue* in '.ho city; muat be told tblt dl|L4iltf itico for a go t drn ;n *?. Apply to HALB k UKEENVR, t . fil Ana street, few York. : IiloR S VLB-A NEW AICD KLEOANT DINING SALOON, . > 1 lit" ! up In the moil approved .*tyle: marble floor, steam holler, and all the convenience*; Is situated between ud convenient 'o tvn Railroad depotson one of the beet th* rmtthi.tia 'a the city. Parties Jes'roua of obtaining auoh |U i: vrlll add read TicntU'cr, room ISC, Crook'* Hotel, 7# Chatham street j > t-iOR SAX'E?THE OLD ESTABLISHED PA I N'T SB 09 No. 73 East Bio.?d-.vny, This Is au txc Hon*. op]>ortunlt* to obtain a good bmluPM. The present oseupent U Obliged o retire on av^l|hcaltt,. 171011 SALE?A FEED STORE, DOWN TOWN, BSTA1 blished eight or nine years; the business Is In full and effeeiive operation. Further particulars given by addreMtna '1,01 Herald oflke. IjhOR SALE?A LOT OF 81IELYINO. ALSO DU( ' Rtova sad I'tpe, and leather Hose for street washiagi will be sold cheap. Apply at 70 Barctej street, upstair*. F~oa sale?a butchers shop, one or tui best meal and vegetable market* In the city: also Butter and Cheese Stand. Satisfactory masons given fos selling. Call at 81 Qreeawlcb avenue, or at 409 West wast* Ingtou market. A LUNDTT F" OR SALE CHEAP?A SCHOONER; CARRIES TW? hundred tons In all faet water .sails and rigging new. Can be seen at the foot of Laroy and Went ate., Noith rirer. IrtOR SALE CHEAP-A OOOD COUNTER. TOOETOKR ' with Screens, aad some Bar Plsturee; also adrstrato Awning, nearly new. Apply to mediately at 14 Hudson street, corner of Rcade street. Wul be sold together or narste. - \rACIUNKRT TOR a-VLE-UNB FORTY WORM** lu giuo; one ton hurt* Engine and Boiler. iR Mmpmm almoiT "eW PrlW ,600JOHN STUART, STOCK, FIXTURES, AC.. OF A CORN*?.i!Iti1m*,o25 SUtb avenue, for eali al a bargain.???? '^'1 ? I tore on the four oornara; but a few hu??W "Ja*" i? *!? rw,ulrod. Wll 1 ba eold at a very low w*? ? WW""* W mediately. L'l of etore at a lw rent. Apply to J. W. OILL.IB8, ?7 W.ehlngton ilrcet. v ' rpo^eToEd AT A BAR-ou, r? id and 1 Standi in the elty for thaf >f 1 Aicohol; now retailiui fror-0 10 * ^' * * " quire at ?U Writ '""''f ? ff" wUm Bl. JohueTtllr, ' ^ "~"|T= " r~ WKOICAL. Tji^St&JSWS^SS'?4K woi'lbait/ itreet. Jrr cbaBETT, MEMBER or TUB NEW YORK * D "t5 it'h!rvfloci. f.ln,UL^ and RvVte. otrate entrance Ke. ? frlljf IUB diplotWi. tnhuoinca. t\anfl under*!*. I - T)? ?).Lr.lld0Fl.^,^TOVt.?lT9kfe wS"5i iSllToWRRS TRK^H ALL DISEASM ".w K\rKR!B!?<'BD AMD #?UOCRfi?F0l> SSlfK,W?sq BookcraU* ?t?y ? -M ?nnriVrT0"Ti)Jn,Ka.-DI?B4fllU OF FBMALU* imMtt I'r. tlUKKfl. Wo. I H7 ?r<)?dw?r feS^s^as ?- ?7 ? i , -jftsreswa * V, ?u m ov 'S W? FuW*? ?w< * ?.

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