Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1862 Page 2
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2. TIE C4PTUBE OF IEW OJLEAUS. ? The Eeconuoissance and Preparations for the Bombardment of the Forts. The Passage of the Faion War Vessels Over the Bar at the Mouth of the Mississippi* Opening tiie Ball by Coniriodore Porter, with His Mortar Fleet. TIIE GUNBOATS SUPPORTING UIM. The Flank Movement of Major General Butler. The Mississippi Squadron and Its Commanders. fell) kf<i Kti The United States steamer Connecticut, Commander Maxwell YfoedhuJJ, Ljom the blockading squadron. arrived at this port yesterday morning, bringing the malls and about two hundred siek <uid wounded seamen from the various ships of the blockading squadron. She also brought several refugees from Toxgp, who were token from Matamoros by the United Fta'.oe guuboat Montgomery. The Connecticut left the Southwest ^ass April 12. The Ship* of the expedition to Vow Orleans were all iuside the passes, and were m.nkiug preparations to move. They had th^ir decks sanded, and were all re >dy for action. The crew* of the ships along the coast are all in very good health. The following are the ias?cngc-rs by the Connecticut ? W. H. Gladding, H. L. CMcutt.H. B. Jeoks, G. N. Hood. /.A. !?arllng, F. Davis, a. W. Patterson, J. a. Pardee, J. D. Robertson, C. J. Culberteoo, Thus. Waldeu, Henry Kiting. H. H. niH,Chas. Dowrues. W'm. W. I'alteu, F. P. White, E. Booth, J. A. Grady, N. W". Dunlap, Lieutenant fl.G.Fox, Major Fame, Geo. E. Welsh, and about 100 tick and wounded seamen and soldi , rs. The follow iug are the names of the refugees Dr ... I Anted, The*. llcliride, Hairy Ciraiug, Writ. Robe.wm, Martin Sharp, Timothy Crouin.Leon TallDiauit Oar Jlml Correspondence. Csrnii St Aran Ciu>soat Wisoju, ) Mmia^trtt Kivsh, March 11,1302. j TKe ReM Stccmere in Sight?CM to Action?They Pan try toffAotd Offering to fighi? The Men SUcp ott TMr Arrnt, Ac. This morning Capt. Bell and your correspondent took Bp their quarters on board of the Winona, Capt. Nichols, tor tna purpose* vi3?ttng points ot interest up tu-i nver. Previous to our starting for (he heed of the r>as.e?, we nude several sounding! on the her: after which we weal op, (teaming against e five knot curront at ? fine rateJust as we arrived at the head of the paasei the Kineo Signalized to tho Kennebeclc that the enemy waa In eight had to prepare for battle. Fighting fever ran high, and the sailors were in testacies when they wore called to quarters. The gnna were cast loose In a momeut, and tide arms quickly put on, and we wero ready. Captain Ball orderad the ships in line of battle, and then sum' mooed the commanders to repair on board to receive their Instructions. As it was quite late in the day it as deemed advisable to anchor In a commanding pos* VIon for the night. The rebel steamers soon turned and wont up the river, without, however, recognizing our 'oroe. Our men slept on their arms aU night, and nothin; disturbed our sleep, aare mosquitoes, which drew tome Yankee blood from ua. Uvrnro 9ratiH Guwhoat Winosa, March 12,1H62. 4 Ebavi Pag?AnotKtr Pr-*p*tl ef a BoUU?An KtciUaj Ckato?Wetire at the IUbelCrafl?T1utUi4 5t:cuners Sun dtrayoWt .fix Vet'.' PfgV?Tk* Rabat TcUgraph C'tf, <fr. At three o'clock thia morning a heavy fshut us in from the of the rebels, if they were watchiugais. Ihie state of things laeied until about n*if-;*ist eight o'clock, when the fog began to lift. Aa the hours passed by tha fog lightened, so that by ten o'clock It was quite oioar, and wo then up anchor and stood on up tho river, With the intention of gutting a glimpse of tho forts at the bend. At a quarter to eleven o'clock we saw the Week smoke of a steamer. Signals wero thrown out to our little fleet to prepare for battle. A targe banner of freedom was hoisted, and we were in fighting trim. Signal was made to inoreaee speed. O-ir dree wero a little lack; so we cut up a lot of tarred rigging which belonged to a veeaol which attempted to run the bl-.-ckad*, but get on shore. This junk waa savored into athousaud pieces by the sailors, who worked a? nmu do who ex |IWI MJ ?D eonwiUIUg. vur luwcoi orn I'livu .?im IK tarry rope, asl dense volumes of Meek ironic3 nrete front our wuokestaek. ft?m rose rapidly, end all sail ?u made. We gaioel on tbe rebel, and she piled tb? pitch pins woo<l info her furnareg. Still we gain on her. The chase now becemes truly exciting; o tr forward pirot is trained upon the tcimp; (tilt wo drew nearer end rend upon her paddle box''Star.'' "Fire at him," crieeCaptain Jfichoii. Bang, whli, whir goes a twenty-pound rtfle sboll at bim. The Star steam.* harder thsn ever,and whietle* ror help. Bang goes another shell, the Kennebec following an it. Juet thou the Kloe<> Signaled that her boilers were disabled, and of course ere gars up the chase. As we stopped we discovered S long, black rebel steamer coming to tbe as eiatauoe of the Star. Two more steamers warn then discovered and six schooners lying at anchor at a point juet below the forts. At a ipiarter of one o'clock we again formed in lino of battle having found that the Kineo'e pollers hail been foaming bat were now making steam ail right. Awaywoweut up the river again. We now round that there wero seven steamers In the party, and that they had taken the uix schooners in tow and were wadding up the river as vapidly as they could. As they had eotnuch start and be,ago ronrb raster than our vessels, w gave up the chase, having be*n up abreast of Iheealt works. At two o'clock your correspondent went on shore et the 'Jump," and cut the telegraph wire, end found that there was a slight elec'ric current manifest. Bringing away about two hundred ocd fifty feet, ho rolled to the lower side of the mouth of Wilder'* Bayou and examined-the station, but fount nothing of note, Arriving on our downward trip st tbe heed of the parses (of which 1 send you a sketch), Captain Bell and myself embaiked on board ef the Kenneberk, leaving the Winona end Kineo to held (he p?ssee We now shaped oar course down the douthwest lies, and at four o'clock 1 landed at a French gentleman s house on the right l ank of the river. Not a soul whs there to greet ne, and when we entered tbe house we found it as desolate aa an empty barn Everything hvl liesn removed but a bedstead. The outhouse* were searched, but nothing b it broken tools and ampty <l?mij<d?ns could be found. Two diacon goiate borsee were .? a half sunken lot ut tbe rear of tbe houeo, and a half down porkcra warn rooting op tba gar dro, will to an ma lean, animated V'tv* wur# cropping can# ta ao adiaoaal (laid. Leaving (fata deeolate teen a, wa CM the telegraph wira, and then embarked on the Kenne back, and steamed for tba paaa Arriving tbara at Ova o'clock, In tba mldet of a fog, wa found the Brooklyn foaldo the bar, and the flagship lying |uat cut-Ida of It. Rare wa lay all night and until the morn m of tba ltth. At eleven o'clock wa got under way, the fog having lifted go that wa could aaa the ahip. I tend you a cotreot hat r tba Keaaebeck'a o?cara ? ttoMaMl ChmmamKfip?Jno. n Ruaaall. ? lAcatmmd and AxerwMe* n?,cr?V. B. Blake. Atrutani.'+urgton?C. K I'erry. Aiiittaml Acting Rav?uUf?r?C L Burnet JoHnf Jfnawre?Brooke, R. 0. Wade OapMa'l (Ttori?0. P. I/)vorlng. tUroad AtotW.iU gnptflevr? U W. Fltoh. TAird Au\?n<U Eiyjinetn?lS. C. flowing, L. W. Robinnon, B. k. Roberta. Acting Jfmtor'i MnUt?J. D. ENlf E Tlokham, J W. Page, J. W. Merryman Cmrtn Suree fr.ioamr H a air own,1 Ppoi Town, Socwwwt Pare, if-i. "h 13.l%tt. J ?V Hartford Vamt Ootr tin Bar <w $jfttp-Wko Areom. plufiol tSo Difficult PmU-TKcFI^ rffictr'i Apprfialion rtflto Pilot'i Skill ,4c. nart t am, onca mora, on board of our good old ?b'p? a;id r?n say, wltfc truth,"there Ig no plana like hotne.'? t learned tb t aa toon aatha < % would permit we w??itd g ; o o- et the bar. At three o'clock, under the pilctag# a 'I. tHar, tTnitad Wtaten <Viatt Hurray, and Captain >, sli, ?? vtartaJ mild#. On wo etui, *t aaiof alewly, t > NEW Y< touchtug ooly once, passing over the bar Im^ safety, sad upal'-ngslleof the Brooklyn, thenoeupthe rlror, ?ad to an anchorage off Pilot Town, where we aaotwed about dvoo'ciouk. To Mr. Ha!tor in duo the msgor portion of the credit of the oaf# ami speedy pilotage of two heavy tint else* attorn sloops-of. war The flag offloer was highly delighted with Mr. Halter's ekiU and uaefblnos^ and has advised tho Nary Department and tha Coast Survey of his appreciation of the sertrlcos rendered, Af. ter anchoring we loaded our guns with shell and setae* watches. Two of out broadsido guts here been remored forward; one of thorn Is now looking out of tho poit bridle port up the river. Our watch on deck are armod aad the lookouts doubled, end everything ready to re" ceire the rebels in due and proper form, PliA*r Town, March 14,1893. .lit ?The Start and Stripe* Wave Over filet Ibvm?The Detelaie Appearance of the linen?Slcrirh tf the Plow?The Hartford iHrmsntled?The Jtehel fleet? Their Names and Strength?The Xaicilly Vtay of the J'UoL leg the Iteteii, rfc., rfc. This morning, at half-past four o'clock, Lieutenant A. Kants, Captain Broome, your con espondentand thirty ma* , rises, wiih one artnod boat's crew, embarked in tho barge ! and third cutter aad wout on shore to take poeeesaion of the town and hol=t the Stars and Stripes. Pulling up the I little creek we landed at a wharf, then, forming the uutrines and armed sailors, we marched to the music of tho drum to the lookout station. The marines formed In Hue, while the officers sad sailors went to the top rove> halyards got the flsg3Uir up, aad at the signal the colors piped "apcolors." The marines presented aims, and ail U*n,:s joined in and gave three tremendous cheers. We then took formal possession of the town and the land and wa'or adjacent thereto. We then visited each houao and found all deserted, save thiee. Two of them were occupied by families of two brother* named Thompson? Germans sad fishermen. The third party proved to bo a bachelor Italian, a pickler of oysters by trade, and abg s amp by looks. After visiting the houses and picking out military quarters, we selected a suitable place to land our spars, for ws are to dismantle the ship here and clear her for action, and also to make it a dejot for stores, coal, Ac. leaving a guard of marines ashore we returned to the ship. Pilot Town is composed of u do sen middling good housos with a> ninny more of less importance. Some of thorn are, or a'. lonst have beeu, fitted up richly. Tho house of Johnson, tho old Dane, a pilot, has been used for a hotel, and is very large and commodious. Ross' house is In excellent repair. The people ashore told us the pilots left hers some months ago, and by mere chance thoy were enabled to remain behind. They are in a half famished condition, and arc terribly afraid of the vengeance of the rebels ebouM they furnish us with Qsh and oysters. They were assured that their livos and property abould be protectoJ, and it would not be likely that they would over see a seeeeh Sag again. As soon as wo returned to the ship the topgallant maeta were sent down, all the spare spars put over the side and towed ashore and hauled up until wo should used the.n. While 1 think of it I will forward you a list of steamcrs on the Mississippi river, and the armamoat of them, is fur as I can learn ? McRae, four thirty Iwo-poundor*. and one nine-inch hell gun. Ivy, one Armstrong rilled guns. Jack-eui, two eight-inch shell guo. Livingston, lour eight-inch shell f ins and two rifled iwauty pounders. Muon (now), Ave forward and throe aft Sluleil (new), Ave forward and three aft. Manesaas (ram), in cloak repairing Trunessee, drawing sixteen anl a half foot, ootton loaded, waiting to get out. Atlantic, unknown. Matagorda, unknown, America, i.akriown. Pay. -uik?awu. W H tV*hV-laknowu. Star, three forward aod one aft Quit* a littlo fleet; bat groat oa a run. Tbu I know from observation. i inclose too a lata Galveeten ulrf? van, captured oa board a schooner by the Santee. ft contains no news, but la a ourioerty In newspaperdom. At ten o'clock tha Brooklyn came up tbe rlre*, an I took her positlou on our starboard bow, close in ehore: and us soon as she anchoret down came ber muts, and both ship* were busy all day in towing tbelr spurs aeh >r? and stowing thorn In a boat shed. I *]>ent nearly all Use afternoon on shore, an 1 enjoyed myself highly in looking into tbe different bouses. Some were left in the utra.etc->u<Vsiou, while others wore clean swept,and such of iheir hoi suhol'l utettsila as they left behind were put >n order In tbe office of tbe Louisiana Pilot Association, now occupied by our marines as a guard house, I found a oopv of tho laws regulating this body of men. Tbe people aehore sey most of tbe pilots were forced to go to N'ew Orleans, and to give up a fund of (100,990 for sick and disabled pilots to aid tbe rebel oause. If they were here now they could mike money and. If not as much as in former times, they oouM takefcare of their King little homes. Rut now ther are debarred from the comforts of home, and are Id continual dread that their Utile all will be destroys by Are or sacking. The Flag OfBcer wont on shore, with Captain Bali and Dr. foils, during the day, for the purpose of selecting a piece for our wounded after onr first engagement. Dr. Folts assures me that ho ens accommodate one thousand patients i-omfot tably in these houses, perhaps it is all for the best Tut the pilots to luce left, for the abore ronton if i none other. Xolliiug has been or will be removed from the dwellings, and the mormas will take good care to keep intruders away. I inclose you some sleet ion tickets which will show you that the pilots were Interested in politics. The ticket inoloeed has a dados upon It in which those words appear?'* Tlie Union?ll must be pi ese'Vtd.'* Comment is unnecessary. Pti-ot Town .South Www Pase, March 14, 133-.J. A Xbirvt?7V BAtlt HiphJrd?Our Vet Hit R*<idyfor Adirn Last evening we bed a very heavy storm, which laelod nntil ten o'clock to day. The rcmaindor of our spars were pom on *hore, as well as spars rigging, 4<\ About noon wo wore arousod froin our quiet lire by the report from the masthead that the enemy were in sight and coming down tba river. At two o'clock the number of emckes increased, and we signalised the Brooklyn to gat nndor way and follow us up the Pass. On arriving at 'be Bond of the Pas<ee wrftu.chored off Cubbidd's House, and ordered the Kineo to take up a position ou the other side of tue river. The B. ooklyn anchored ahoad and tho WtuoB* remained at her old position. The afternoon and evening was lovely, and a bright moon inado ibo scene all that could ba desired. The rlvor is vary high?at least a foot higher than it woe a few days since, when T was up her* in tba Winona Ware ready now to re ceive tba scamps. We have three heavy bow gm.:, gun, in the tope, an t petanls; so, should they pay us e vleit, they will find that there la no "Pope's run" affj.r they are about to enter. Rxad or ma Passm. March Id, 1S42. A( thai of fb> P<Uf??Co.nmt>d'>n Farraqut?Tht Mm rnr r "'ra-rn? vonw mvrr tuovai'i' i oj Cktittn?Tr?Of>i ami Bat/jn- 't?C-mmo-Vn e Parro/iui Gem ft Vhip f?'ond to Arrange fo> tKt Co operate,* of the Pot CM, <tf We Ar? now where a blockading iiuvlron ehould hart been month* ego. We irt where we can do something t/>wnr1 stopping cotton going out and arms coming In. Wo era where we can and will trouble eaooah at our pleasure end to hie dlseomfort; an to Flag Officer Fatra gut belongs the prtie* tie iA a man of the age, and one, though belag honored Dp fears, le in appearance a young man?a men de tlued to rank with the brightest of our navel ofB<-ors. Not r*sh, but a go ahead man, be combines valor with dljc ration, and will not rush Into anything ho oaauot see be way out of. Every one respects him, and our meo will fight to the death for him. While I am wrttiog this afternoon the masthead lookouts report flftoen vessels In sight, off the Southwest Peas and Pass nd'Outre. Moat of them, I should judge, are Schooners of the mortar flotilla. In a few days we wll| have a fleet here of some considerable magnitude. The Winona has been eeut la the mouth of the Pass with In atruotloas to the teasels not te oome ap, and thereby re veal our foree te the enemy. At dark aha returned, brieging the news of the arrival of the Mortar flotilla Commander Porter la eharga. Laet night they captured three prises loaded with cotton. This /Hernoon the Kiasc chased the Bier, whieh made her appearance at a point about m milee above ot. Two Union met, who lived tea milee above this fort, oeroe to us thlsaflsmoon, with a vast amount of very valuabls Information. The six sr.hoenera we saw on Thursday are anchoret at In let vela from fort Jaekaon, aeons 'he rivsr, and a chaiu stretched from tbo Fort St. Pliillp side, across the decks of the sclioon-rs, and thence to a baey clone to Fort , where a ! epepe le left for veeaels to pass thro , jh Another chela 1 leatretched under the bottoms of the vvwe'sead se c ufd so that two ebatne art strelahon to blockade the r vtr Wo can tlx that is a abort time. The Tea ,ee?e* aod Webb went'tp tbe royer on Thursday Thiv * Ui )RK HEBALD, TUESDAY, several other veecelj, aro oottoa toaded, and raady to run the blockade tf they can. There are 1,800 troopa at For* Jaokaou, and aa many tnoro at Fort St. Philip Each fort was reinforced last week by 100 men. At English Bend there is a mud battery, and one a few miles above It. After givlnj us alt the Information thoy were poa" sensed of, tliey wore put on their parole and allowed W go to Pilot Town, where they formerly reelded. The Star is in eight this morning. The Kineo chased her and she ran, ou usual. Flag OlBoer Farragut shirred hi-' fl g to the Winona, and sailed for Ship Island togeitheeiuadron in order, and to hurry them up. The Brooklyn is the senior ship, and from bar all or. dera will cmsnato until the return of the l'lag Officer? which will t?o la tho co rse or afow days. Ac urdof marines was sent to-day 40 Pilot Town to occupy it permanently. Utrerxn Statss Fun Smn IT isr* n, 1 ITsan or ran Paeans, March 21, l-> 2- J The Rebel Spy Cr?i-er??Quirt Reigns Around?I/jj tal Arnuipvt '.i/j/or 'he Coming Bailie, <fe. For the last two days it Ua3 been blowing a gale of wind from the west war i, with tromondous rain storms at night, accompanied v. th heavy thunder and very vivid hghtning. The weather is so cold that peaj.ickets are by no moans uncomfortable. Every day the rebels cotno down In the Star to see m. Yesterday they were somewhat startled by the eight of quite a number of iho mortar flotilla, coming u? Pass-al'Outrc, so that they could go down the Southwest Pass rathor than go arouud outside and over the-har. Our g luboats, who pefortn a kind of picket duty, prevented the Star from seeing too much at one time. At about eight o'clock last evening ws discovered a large Are in the neighborhood of the forts, but we have not yet learned wry it was kindled. My Impression Is thai the robeU are e'eariug away th" woods or reede, so as to "give us Jessie" when we come up. A mail arrived to- lay, composed of old letters, prububly picked up at Pickens, or brought out in some array transport. The Flag Office:- ha* not yet returnoJ, but wo shall look for him by Sunday at lon3t. Until then we probably -*haH r'.-nain in sialu puo, which, by the w?y, is ft very disagt eouble position to he placed in. We aro all very una So .s to be up and doing. For naval officers thero i.s nothing so disagreeable as a wa it of something to do when the enomy I.s within a do tcn miles. But I snpposo <*? Drill h,?A all a, Wii.l la .la h, a ...I h. Th? frv'MU of Madicino and Surgory of the y-ivy I>ap rtrr.ont have shipped, aud wo arcs daily expecting the arriral ef, a largo amount of hospital stores, raUtros3a , an (I j ia fact, all the necessary articios for hospital use for the squadron. Floot Surgeon Foltzwill prepare the houses at Pilot Town for t> jspital purposes. This arran&ement will be exceiiant, as the location ia good,easy of aocessand the houses ,are oommo.Iioua; and, Instead of sanding tHo wounded up to Ship Island or to the marina hospital at Key West, wo will hsvo thom near as, and whero tiny can be oastly attended to without so m ish transportation. Dr. Foitz'a experience in the service and during the war with Mexico Ota him eminently for the poet ue occupies. Ws will Dead a few colored woman here as uursee, aa they are innck better than men. But 1 suppose they can bo procured at points further North, as there are none hare that we can got as yot. Oa Board Usjxan Staitm Goxboat Kkwfbhck, ) MiaSHBtm ItivsR, March 28,1882. j 2 Reermnrriaanco?Thi Appearance of the Rivet Dante? The ltetxU Fin on Our Rorom%oit*iing Party?The Shot and Shell Fall Clote to Our Vend?We Da Not Stop?A . Onesided Fight?Sket'ih of the Rebel Worte?The Range gf the Gum, <6,-., eh. This morning Captain (tad and your correspondent came on board of this trim little gunboat, and proceeded up tha river for tho purpose of making a roconnoUtance, and. If poaaible, to draw the Ore of the euomy. The gunboat Wiaaahic-kon was ordered to join us; bat, as her apeedwas not equal to ours, she fell into the rear, and we were obliged to slack up our speed so she oould keep in company. We proceeded up the river,, after wa had passed the salt works, quite a number of small huts and small houses situated near the water's edge, on both banks of the river. When within about three miles of the forts, their flags being In sight, we saw a man on Jhore, and we despatched a hoit to bring him off to the ship. He wa3 somewhat frightened, and wo did not get but littlo Information from him,S3 we were well posted up in affairs in the vicinity of the forts.' At noon we ware in fall view of the enemy; but Fart Jackson wee hid behind a grove of trees. We steamed ahead at fu'l speed, CapU-.n Boll and Mr. Wide being at the most taking notw. At this tim<t the steamer Star cam* oat from the fort,and by son try evolutions endeavored to toll ns^ou to what thoy oonaiderad certain destruction. Thoir theory wse well basod, as the sequel will show WeoniynoMced the rehol steamer by ilring uthimonoe. When Fort Jackson's barbette guns wore just emerging from tho clump of trees, of which a portion had been foiled so a* to loive au unobstructed Hoe of lire, it was (Ire minute* nest noon, end on the instant e (lash, e dense column of white amoko, showed thet their impettencecould not be brooked,end that they were de* termined to dr,7? us beck. On we steamed, heedless of theshetl which buret within two hundred yarda of u*. We were busy taking not-s of the surroundings, when bang west two gone, the shot felling within slaty yards of as. On we steatne-l. Our cooineae was too much for tlism, end they showed it by firing e whole curtain et us of et least eight guna. In the mesh t wo wo not! ;ed that eight bulks end e large raft supported the chain cable serosa the rjver, and that, aa a protection to the chain, e small mud battery tu t boan erected on a point lying out from the f'>rt. We also noticed that there ere heavy butteries, of oror twenty guns each, ou either aide of Fort St. Philip. The second broadside trom the fort brought out a rifled gun from Fort St. Philip, whose range exceeded the guns of Fort Jackson. The first, e rtfle, was succeeded bye aecood, both being of extraordinary range. In fact, better firing could not be made. Tho shell and shot wore dropping around us like bail end in closo proximity, and I must confess I did aomo tell watching. Captain Kuitel handled the Kounobsc beautifully, and if she had not been moved tip and serosa the river rapidly we would hare been knock-id Into match sticks. AfUr seceeb had fired about sixty "hots, and we had learned all wo wan tod to know, wo turned around, end tho piece we were lying on, the !?ft bank of the rivsr, a moment before was made white with tho plunging shot end bui sting shell. Each shot thoy fired was gcttirg nearer, so V.I limit lieal t.nua 'o'l ectlMn Iwetiltf wee.l. nf ,|MWe It was the prettiest sigv* I have ever witnessed in thai particular line of bu.iuMe. The Wiseahiekon coming up, w aignallzed her to follow our motions, and as ?he turned she was tho r?c.pi<-nt of their far reaching shot, none of which atruck her. We camo down the river, having been under a severe fir* for about twenty minutes. Capt. Bali was ae cool as man could be, and T no ' ?ed with great pleasure the discretion and activity of Lieut. Commanding Ituaael and bis executive ofbeer, Lieut. T. Make We would bare made a splendid fight, bat did not. de aire to show our metal to an enemy. At ell are noi familiar with the !<>oetioa of the place iu question, I will describe It. Much, anil, in fart, ail, in relation to position and strong'.!) of tho forta is wo'! known to our cum macding office's; but for public benefit I will stale that Fort Jackaon la iht flrat work approached, and l- (iiuated on (he right bank of the river. It ie a Art sided work, with iNutlons. 1 wo of the curtaica only are cascmated, each containing eight gvns. The baaism furs are also caaemated. Tho up river side of the fort ia poorly armed, and is not caseiuatod. An auxiliary work way down the river has been built to command the upward approach, and mounts twontf eight guns. The parade ground haa botn dug uj>, and tha ^ater let la, so that if a shell, un^xploded, falls inside of the work its value It diminlahed by Ha non oxplosion. On a point outlying from the fort Is a email mud work, probably constructed, to cover the ehelo bulks. Tho mag-nine capacity of this fort lg one hundred rounds to each gun. Now for pbrt St. I*hilip. It U an irregular work, n{ irAtuiblarahiii size. with no aaaenutos nriil i? stm gthannd by taaavy ba'tni ma ca nach aide. It la a formidable work, and ia to many reaper,t? equal to Fort Jackaon. Tbe two idled gnoa wboae m<>te| waa brought ont to-day I feel eonfldent ara Armstrong lOOpoandera. Th? robals bare a targe number of O-ponadera In tbeee forta, and thay bava, by practice, obtained ba'n'ifulrangee, tod will bit aora.'thing, ] can Maura you. The cable ! Uretcbad woea tb? river la an eseellaot manner. But for una thing null I eererely oansura tba off,cor in command of tbcM works?that i?, a want of diaarotloQ and patUuoa. Had ha renarrad hit lira for tan mlnutee be would have bit u? with ava> y gua ba flra-i, but wo rauat make an allowance, m it wm tba flrat time the/ hara bad ail opportunity of (anting thrlr guns on tba Cog they on a swore to boaor and pmtcat, and conaa. q antly tbalr impatlnnue shewed to na tba poaitton, num bar and ranpa of artillery. if# kind of practice thay win m?Vi ar i tba p-eve* aoot wbara wa may etj a;i to flr?t receive Mielr nre. f.on drat t< a i it w?u the bail ra I jruwwdl ar* ' . ia'-'j' {'?* ? ?*3d tao.a APRIL 29, i862.?TRIPL1 ' than on#??ad I uover saw an enemy bo foolishly eh it his power, whon he could Lordly bat have town v? were only m iking a r? onnolsaanes, tad if be did sac ceod m disabling us wt were cb.o, by th? assistance o! oar companions, to got out of his clutches. W? could plainly** the anxious .-pecutofb on tho parapet or th: forti am ou the paddle boxes of the Star. I notioeJ that, as wo approached Fort Jackaoo lUey hauled done the tiara and bora, so that we should bare r.< mai lt to fire at. Two robot steamers were telegraphed for, and prudently lay up to the (inaranttne, waiting fur therord?rs. I think their armed ateimora arpuptlu iiver, tu tha vicinity of Memphis. Ne doubt th- New Or leans papers of to morrow will give full particulars of a

groat victory over tho "Yankee lleet," and you may con. Unuo to hoar of these victories, aa we wl!l draw " their C;e tvory dsy, if wo can, and in due time w? will aiVcco their whole lire. As I have wn.teu befcie, it ie no easy Job to take those forts, but 1 am satisflai, with the force and armaments wo will bring to bear against them, tlioy must glvo up to the ontslde pressure. Wd know their weak'polnts better or as well as they do, and of course we will Uke aJvanugo ot it . Wo saw two square rigged nhipa ubovc the forts, with their topgallant mists down. These may bo cottou loaded vessels who luvc been waiting for a chance to got out( We would rospectfnl'y inform "that party" their clautt is gono. After turning to corao dowu the river, the Siai Showed us somo way, to seo if so cams dowu with s vww 10 uriug U(f me neei ana oommoQce me wort:, tve will bo there soon euough, aad that they will learn lo tbeii sorrow. Wo arrivod back to the Head of the Fuse: at two in tho afternoon, and returned on board of oui sliip. IT.vttko Srvnw Fi.AOinp Hartt-ird, > flam or tuu Pas?, March 20,1882. J Rumort of War?The AVtvi of the Hampton lioari. Fight. Ac,, dtc. Tho Flag Officer want down to Southeast Paaf today, to 'see how tho ahi-a wars getting on down there. lie will probably return to-night' On board this and the vessels bore there Is no news o' much importance. We have rumors foHowod by rumors. W? learn from a New Orleans paper of tbo Xith Inst, that iha Merritnic bus been down to ITampton Roads and m: desud liavoo among our ships. The story evidently has some foundation; but we cannot believe all we And In thit sheet about the affair. Wo are very anxious to hear the full particulars, and wish they would not keep the Monitor, which belongs to our fleet, at the Roads any onger than possible. We want her here. It Is highly important that we should have hor here. Rut I suppose now it would be almost madness to Ask for her. We pity poor Worden, and trust he may recover the use of hU 0J?3. I close thi3 letter, as there is a supplementary mai1 being made up on board, which. I suppose, will be sent to Ship Island. Up to noon to day we have no tidings of the Connecticut, which, according to our calculations, U now oyer due. U.\rnt? Status Fiaosatp nutrro&o,) Heap or thk Passu, V Mcrasfcpn Rime. April 4,1883. ) Other Vettel* Pan the Fight HHwm th* Untiei Statu Ghtnhoai Kineo and the RPbel tlagehip?A Ret>' Lookout?Tm Rebel Fleet in Force near the FurU, <tc. Since my lost letter I have been engaged in voyaging between this ship and those on the bar a? Southwest Pass, watching with interest tbo efforts which have been made to get the heavy draught vessels into the river. Th? Mi?sla#ippi, Iroquois end Oneida have come in, but the i owttcuia is xuii vuwjq, iryiu|{ iu v?m(t uj?. i iaiu& a little more tugging will bring lier In elao. Th? Connoct Icut is here with a meagre mail Tor as; but she brings as intelligence of the sad disaster in Hampton Roads, whlcb we were afraid at first was of a more doleful oharaeter. To day we hare been eyo witnesses'of a smart little brush between the gunboat Kineo and the flagship of the rebel flotilla. Tiie scene of the skirmish was a few mile? above us, and most of the tiring could be witnessed from our topgallant forecastle. Just before noon a steamer appeared in sight at the point above as, steaming down the river. We noticed immediately that sho was stranger, end that she wore the blue flag of the Admire' of the rebel*. She waa a large and powerful sid?-whee| boat, pointed black, and had two masts. At the main waved the stars and hire. Signals were immediately thrown out from the Brooklyn (Opt. Aldeu;being the se uior oflicer here, the flag ottlccr being at the bar) to chasr 'heonoray. ThoKinooantl Iroquois immediately proceed, cd to execute tbe o. der. The robot boat cam* down a short distance, and atopped his engine to await the arr.val c our gunboats. A.- aeon as thi Kiaeo?auobelngjh* fastest boat of the (wo?got within range ahe fired a rifled gun at the defiant Admiral, bul m??J the mark. The rebel now slowly turned bia hoad up stream, when the Kineo let fly another shell, end hi1 sece.b. This had the effect to quicltcu hi* speed, and away he went up stroeui an fast as his wneeL; oould pro pet him. The Kineo kept firing at him, and Captain Ran acta informs me that lie hit him three times. She was tnn ntiw.h uU' lliA rdli?i. AJi.i hai ivaiiI nIF urilli 9 (U.i in hifl ear in the shape of a riftod sjiell. Whou the Kmec armodat the ./map she uw thai the Admiral was not aloua, fur in tba U^tanoo aha mw three river boats?avi deniiy gunboats?two iron clad gunboats, ooastructei with sloping s.Jes. and in almost every reepect being th< co'in'orpart of Flag Officer Foote'a gunboats on the t/ppei MtasiMippl; e>*d beside* ibese there was a horse-lookint affair, which was pronounced at once to lie'be Rani Captain Ransom, finding the e<Ma agauisl bitn wieelt eoechrled not to tight the party, and after miking a goof Observation of tha treeaels he returned with tbs Troquorand reported the state of nfl'site to Captain Aider,, whoa once ilea patched the Kennebec to inform llie Flag oflicei of the appearatH* of the enemy's fl>>'ilia in foroe N'othia| Occurred in the latter part of the afitHU^on to ocCieiot ai y ol.nn. but ju.-'t before sundown rebel ste-imei made its appearance off tbe point ami rema.ued th?ri some time ukidg untie, ami then relumed to tepurt There c*ii be no doubt that tbe rebcals era preparing f at'ark us with rams, fir vtius, gunboats, and, in fad, witt ell the otfenBive means within their comroaud. To ye vent them laying a ploa baied upon our present ii?.?itiun or th? posit km of our v*.-seU aimo wo <ame up her* after dark we all up *nub<<r and buvo shifted positions and ss I am writing wo are foriamg into ttne of-hattlt and making all proparstiona to meet thorn on grounc whieb we trust will prove our superiority. TV'e era noi e,wtUir./*r>oa e A<rl. I - K. ,l m.V nAlttllfr kae .leUa^ , at,tee ... Is r,lulling iu? ? *>"'> > ?u. uuuun; ? -* no . ,r .1 f aid in protecting lie honor,and to uaf.trl the emblem of ( great nation over ft p'opte who have rebelled and ca aaMe ? fiag whlcb hu beoo rospccl^d for 'taar'y a r?c Inry Tod"tli:' we will giro our itmont indeavors, an' trust to t od for aweee. W# do not intend to bo cmigb "napping''and be butted and rjiouied at the uillnn< in' icy ofe deapeiata foe. Twice our Teeaeia have beet tb ie meltreeted, ftnd w? will try not to bavo it occur ag.'in without the dep'cdators. Tlie-a ij atrotig reeeoo? for believing 'bit it will hot be long be fore ihe eimmy will be upon ua and urake atrong efforfi te drive us fmm these watere. They mar do it. but 1 doubt It. Our lighting will be of a deaperate character Vbey will coma in fbree. Tueir reoounoiaaaroe of to da' hcwa thnf, and contrast* ?tron,-ljr with our* a few day 1 have no doubt but the morentcr is of the otu my w.j expedite our tnovemeu?e greatly, J^and we wlU be undo lira much etonor then'tvehad t alcul i?d upon. We all wiel ,t . ?? over. Snrpen'-e la terjlble; but cooineM and dt? cretlon are our best plan after all, and we must Mile mum to jam any great objeri | Flmiwmi, April A, 1M2 Our f'tt .Vd &Ztl Vp 'Vf ffthol Admiral Tri* to Fright m V16y a Bold Jfwaucrs, btU Fiih?A fight This morning King Officer r?r'?g"t, who MriT? from lUol'BM last evening. Caputs Bali and your spool*! embarked on bnnrd the Iroquois. The following vessel stcompontri us? Onnboste Wissshlckon, Rauhdlo Kunnslwe, Rineo and Hoiota We left our aorhorag with a full bead of stsam and a dsterminatien to Ugh tbeir resMls If they could be induced to come out. Tb Iroquois, which yesterday wae the sternest hoai soon showed her superiority by rapidly leering on rompaa osf Is the rear. Kothlog worthy of note noeurr* going up the flrat fow ra'los; but when the t.gni to prepare for battle was made and we beat to quartan I was forcibly struck with the jwrsetwie! o( this trii era!!. The officers sod orew art vsry annlous to eles np any imputattoss which may bare been east upo tliem In relattos to tbeir orulse after the Sumter. Detei m'nition beamed from erory eye. In many Insteace tho men were stripped to an undamhlrt roady for fight. Perfect it Illness reigned tbrougbeut tbe vests which was not broken sure when the rieg Office made tome remark from tbe mail bead, whore b bed stationed himself, with Ceptsln Cell, t tee tbe forts sad tbe position of tbe ginboati Our speed was inrr?kted to Ite utmost s:id tbe Iroquo trembled like an aspen leaf over 'is# revolution of be st^w At about noon a rebel boat bearing a smelt b!" lite (.\dmirat), made its appearance Hl.e was at one I pronounce.! to be tbe tugbont ^r, n. Howh Down sli i 1 cme, ? i.' she wee to annihilate tho eai re party; bt S SHEET. r i do frig that wo war* steaming fu(H than usual alio, wisei 1/ for tor, but unl iekily for us, down holm, and soon was going up tho rfVar at full speod, Wo did not Are at her, choosing rather not to show our guus. As wo drew I nour the forto, who?? llsgs wo oould see, tho Admiral i wt^ rolnfurcod hjr U.3 fiolllia, consisting of tho Ham, two I Iron clad gunboats and two ordinary steamors. We i thought auraly that we were to haw a brush Just m ) we opened Fort Jackson, a little white smoke?hang?. I whU-whir rvhie?crack?splash?a white circle on tLe muddy surface of the rivor revcalod at oaoe the fact tin* i 0'ie of tlio huudrcd-pcunder rilles Lad hceu removed from Fort Fhilip to Fort Jackson, and that the domoustrai lion Just wituessed was from it. This wis followed by another one, which atruok still closer, neither of thorn being over thirty yard i diatunt. The third one passed i hetwoen the smoke stack and mainmast, j'ist clearing the starboard waist boat, and, by the way, my L'ad, aud i Exploding clues alongside of the ship. Tue rebels s.irei> thought thoy had hit us in a tender spot, for they i immediately signalled from the fort, aud the flotilla made a torribie show of coining out, so much so thai we dropped down the river about three hundred i yards, so as to tight thorn oat of range of the gnus of the fort. Dowu camo one follow, end when he saw that we wore formed in Hue of battle, his buitor sense camo to him and away he wen; For four hours we lay here, hoping he would como out and fight us, but ho did not ree it in that light. Tne fort fired four more shots at us, each one coming close to us. Wo saw a large hro r*fl moored close to the fort, alt ready, no doubt' to send down to us. We found tholr range mark fa green bush) for tholr rifled guns, and. in fact, made more notes than thoy would he willing to let us bars if they could pre went {it. The firing, and the long time we wora away from our anchorage, induced the Hartford, Brooklyn, Richmond and Varuna to proceed up the river, but wo were roturniug when wo met thorn. I am happy I (o record that the Hartford was the fastest of her class, , and her appearance elicited much commendation. We returned and anchored in propor order to resist aud re' 'pelauy uttack the rebels cboeo to make. Tbo reconnois anoo was eminently successful in all points, savo one, the capture of enoor more of tholr boats, lain sure wo offered them every inducement so to do, but they ore probably laying back for the future. We havfi a large fleet at tbo head of the Passos, and a still larger one lays at Pilot Town, fly tbe way, Lieutenant Heielor.of attached to the Hartford, has been relieved by Lieutenant Tiiton, of the Colorado. Lieutenant Ileisler could not be well sparod from the vessel just as we are going into a fight. Unrnrn Suns Fi iosmp Hajktorp, I Hk.ii> op tub piaskh, Mikmssuti Kivsa. April 9, lfitM. f More fighting?The trench Captain?The Flag of Trwct? How It toas.Recexved?Something Tntaph'.alilr?Thtfyealment the French Captain Recdvd?Porter't tW Atlived?Medical Sftorei Wanted?Death of franco Ilird? A Whit* Eagle Tfootrt Over the Fled, eta. lifters have assumed a more wr.riike aspect since tho date of my last letter. We have t>eoa dre.1 nt several times by the rebels, and the New Orleans papers have announced the federals repulsed on each ooeasion. I can aamre you that they glory over a very trifling aflV.r. In the (list place, we have not fired at them but twioe; onoe we hit one of their gunboats. They have expended^ nearly one hundred shells at our gunboats, and have not hit us once. Wo are peinod to learn by the way of New Orleans (papers of the 7th lost.) of a misfortune to our army in the Southwest, and trust it is not so bad as the rebels picture it. They paint their victory In glowing color's, and talk of tbe utter annihilation of our entire army. Yesterday Captain Clews, of the French brig of war Milan, baring Ilia permission of our Flag Oftleor, took bis boat and went on board of tha gunboat Winona, Commsndar Nichols, to go up to the CiesoentCity. Tbo Winona want up within two miles of tbod'ort, dying I flag of trnca (tha first Ouo hoisted on tliis river), where < the Freueh Captalu embarked in hia boat. The Wiaowt, with Cotboecjider Da Camp, of the Iroquois, on board, weal up at ill further, to Inform the eemniauUar of tbo forte of the Frenchman's desire to communicate with him. da soon as the Winona came within range of Pert Jacks'*# the latter flred a blank cartridge?a signal to hear# to. Owing to soma mistake the Winona did not aiackau d> wn bar speed enough to satisfy tin* rebels, and they flred a shot at bar, which just cleared ber topgallant forecaatla. By this time the gunboat was close to the fort, and to a mall tugboat whiuh lay at the poiut "wooding up." The foiiowaiuthe boat ware terribly frightened, and ran away from their vessel. No scouer bad tbay oleartd I no decks of the tug before ?lm was discovered to be ui flamsa, end despite of the sflbrts of the Winona's boats, she was totally dontroyad by Are. In tba mean time CapteinPe Pump lowered a bo?t bearing a white flag and started towards the Undtug place. Again tha robeis Area a shot at our people. The boat returned to the gunboat,and immediately the rebel atorxnsrs Morgan and Daflance cares down bearing a whits flag, and took up a position on each aids of tha Wlnoaa. A soon at matters could be explaieed the Morgan want down the II ver end took the French boat in tow; after winch >etne pa layer took place between the rebels and Captain De r?mp, ami they yep.uated. Our people saw twelve steamers,ono of them the Star of the We*t, which flwl at our approach, probably not cat leg to show her armament (if she has any). W? oountad tUtv.'svag'tus is fort Jackson; but we do not r nare to know about their forte. t'poa the wbeW, It id ft I strange pi?cc of btr'ueae, end you wib her,: mora about it in proper time t'h.? morning the Trench boat waa .?ee? m theiiu'lauue, coming down the rleer under .-"ill. H looked a1 reu?e,?? we orpcsUrd hewoolu Mk? in one w onr gunboats. Whon Csptkin CKw?,of the Hi m,ar rirrd cn board h?.:aW, in subs', ince, tba? Urn . ebe'e bed made a prirw ?f hi a, chorfil kin ee?'W b'.'ng < il?i, awi to otlme him to < i.,?nhiit'M r. v:M iVe*j Orleans execpt by a brief teicg.niti.suii they told linn the' when hij answer ennte down they would s?f!l It to him. This morning, et seven o'clock, they released him tid invite.! bitn to breakfast with thru lhr ho refused la s prompt end decisive mauner He I?it them in no pleasnnt humor, ond breakfasted on board of ono of our gunboats i am at e lo-s '? know how hi. government will receive hie report. Thi< piece of information hue tp.erd lika wildfl' a, and k the principal topio of tonverectioa to-day. rorter'e entire fleet i? hern at anchor, and the eight f oni our t.oop l'|trolf magnificent. Ualf a hundred ol re* eels ara lying around, like bioodbouhde, pan'log to poun-e uoou thi ir prey. Ah eur heavy ship* ere over the bar. e . >e the Colorado. We lutv.j taken four of bar nine inch guns, and others have been placed on other ve<se)r Ce rww mount twmty tighl a'taw, a very hoary e> moment. The c si shlj* aro arriving and we are oegii ' g to ?e? I at article, which we have been eo much in need of A more wlij sen he ruadc. I saw in * late Vevr Oileaus paper they have a new ... .aw;. ...lua ih? ini?i i??^..i.iu. / r>? I ' "" ~ , ? - \ miuablor>am<-,at with which they will put ugalto flight; and nice, they b?ve ijomn "tremendous" "Horng lag mortars'' Baa trogMd will wipff cut the fumy, ao<l Mtfcfcsllsnd lite lUin and Armadillo will siuk the nary, p It uiay l>a well to talk so, but It be proved by deeds, i Ttli.Dk tut p'aes,.o far us I kno>v al>cul them and am I, 'ble to jutlg" of them, are about right, ac<l foeliug go, I tlnnk we wtll Win r Tb?ra ia ana thing in regard to tb? et|inpmtnl of our fcpiadron 1 Ibiak tny ?l .ty to write about. Wearassdiy In waul of medical officer*, and aepar tally medical storsa. Every day anrgeeas are coming on boar J tba a flagaltip for tbi'igr needful in ease wa ba\e ! wounded man there Is liitTe, vary little, chtoro. il fornt ar ether out bare, and in performing I, operations they are one of tba graal a necessities of the ocras?on Many a valuatla life migb, i, be -ercd If tba hea<la of do]<arMneo*? ware careful about a there trtuga The boaith of tba squadron la vary good it now, but Taver time if coming and we mini naturally eg. e pert to have eooto eiek ones. It becomes my pa,nful i duty to record the logs of a tine young uau belonging to r the uiartnr Ceet. It appearg thftt on the 18th of Mar b, d while off Paea a l'Ottlra, a boat from tba M. J. Carlton aw i1 W nipt ad to go on board of the T Ward while the tat* I, tar vessel wsa under way, and, owing to some unforeseen u causa, ihe boat was cap'tsed and tba entire oraw thrown r out. All ware saved but an ordinary aoaman, named u Francis Bird, agM twenly.thraa, a native of Bristol, r. England. By tbla uuiimaly death, tba fleet ladaprirad a of an axcatlant man. Ha wag drowned while doing his a duty,and his family art, of course, entitled toapension, I, A vary large wblta eagle haa beau floating over our r beads all day long, and Be pregnane ta ballad as a good a omen, I do cat know whan T have teen such a eight, o When first discovered he waa right over our masthead, and a .tost visible slowly and gracefully ha deseanded until with, s In, f?y 300 ysrd*. whan aalling off southward for a moir maut, ha suddeuly darted upwards and towards the can. a traoftheeun. Thuk be sailed and winged until dusk, a when he w?? lost to our view. ? >) ir giiDuoiVt now Ho up at the Jump, suns ten nv at it ft ukhave4g* t wv lo got ., Ui klloff the rebel* tt i ^ com* down and see our fleet. w j have eeeu iuou- amok* all day, tad i am of ill* impreaaion that they ar* hard at work a t lengthening themaal vee at t u* fort *o a* to r*c*iv in with all the formalities or war Of oourss, all aro Oouflloul on ouraldo oft glorious victory, and i suppose ti >y think the satu*. we will aoon ttud out who u righ', ia surmises, at leant. Our depot at Pilot Town U f >uu?l to bo w*U adapted for the purpose* Intended. a hospital baa bo*a established ult ra, and a large quantity of aliip gtorss bare beou already landed Uoutenan'. Tilton, of the in iriae oorpe of the Colorado, lias raliuvixi Msutenant George Homier, of tbo marine corps of this skip, and ho ban leturned on board to take part in the coming tight. Our mariuea ar* among the best drilled tun crcwa in the ship, and wtd rot- ler a good account of theraaeivos ou tbo day of batUe< 1 think some of the Coiorado'a men will hoaout to thta jlbp to work our four now g :n< Give ua our coal, and wc are ready to act on tba offensive, but now we ona iuly act on the defensive. Ten days more and i will haro the material for a soul thrilling letter, not to muck fat style at in the facts it will contain. * Putaaau', April 10,100* Arrival of Cn CormteUeut-OptlfN Porter't Fed propatin-] to open the Ball?General butler to lake the BeMt tfNI the Faxk?The Supporting FUot of Tenth of Wor.rfc. The Connecticut arrived this afternoon, and, as her mail closos at an early hour to-morrow morn I nr. I must drew my littler to a close and note brlufly oar movements here. It will uot bo improper to state now that a portion or Porter's mortar boat will commence operatl ma tomorrow morning as soon as thoy can 1># towed iuse po? sit ion. The ball will open slightly at Orjt. Captain Porter baa overy coufldenco In the ta<;o->*a Of tys vessels, and expects great things of them. TUero lias a difficulty arisen among some of the acting masters commanding Homo of the aolioonors, and I believe six will leave ia the Connecticut for the North. Thoyaie charged, with die*, bediocceof orders, and thoy dwell im any intentioa sf so doing. Kb I am not fully posted in the matter, I refrata at this lime from m A lug any comments. The Mississippi came up to day, aud now lies at aaoha* oiT our port bow. We have a very formidable feel here now. The Sachem (surveying steamer) or. rlv> d here to day ; and, by the first of tho week, ( expect to see a half a dozen of Butler's steamers in this neigh borbood, but not in the river. I think alt our plaua are now matured, and we will Ml soon ; and us it will lake the Connecticut about eighteen days to got borne, I can seo no harm in announcing tike fact that Conorsil Butter will lake a hand in the affalt an* give the rehols ? backhanded blow. * Th tw jslher is beautiful and the temperaturi is jsit right to fight in. I suppose to-morrow there will be a greet doal of esoitemeat In tha fleet, whon the bombard' uieul commences. It ia true that there are not many vessel* ordered to talio part In it. It will be a kind of mortar practice, ?ufl I suppose the rebel gunboats wf| try aad-drive the mortar vessels away; but wa will hart a sufficient force to prevent this. The following resseif will be thoro to keep off thoir small fryOneia, Kathadin,Kiueo, Wiss.ihickea, Harriet Lane, Cliiiten, West, field and Owaeco; and if aeooasity requires it, we tM send up four or five steam aloopriofwar. Tou oan now look out for stirring news from this qssr > ter. All hands are confident of our sucoees, and many are anxious to open the grand a^y. Tha schooner Rachel Seaman ia hers to-day, all wed M board. iut 1'iouvm omnui vi-vrm Biifm, 19 utin nvru. ? understand that tho rebel oommanrter at the fort said just aa Caytaiu CUws vu le?vlug:-*<<Yo.i would do ua tho favor not to inform our antagonists anything m relation to our po-Rion hore." To which Captain Clown repliod:?"Sir, you do not know tho first groat principles of warfare;'" and aftor bidding him good mora tag, he left dlsgrrted. ' Psiren Statu Stsa* ScoororWaa InoQtxoffl, Tmrnrvl Miuse cp th3 MmauoiPR Rrvmt, April 10,1802. % The JfUviiAfiH Squadron?The VtrcngtK of the ftrw ? Ar,other Aooowrt oftk* Recomncitermoo?The Robrl Fleet Th>- Chirmerq from (he Mrt?Our AJ'anoe or fkA% THUy* ObtUtiodant of (hi Rivrr?Cctfiaia Be Canp, <fie,, <fc. Convinced that tho attack op tho riror and tho imper* t?n' operations of tho Mississippi axpodition would b* performed by tho floot. * I came on board tho Iroquois ea the 30th ult., and am at tho present writing almost within raugo ?r the guns at Forts Jaokaon and St. Phillip, MM pnnuwiate points of attack. The squadron in tho rireff eonalets of over forty eail, as follows:? Flagship Hartford, twenty-six guns, Captain Richard Wainwright; Executive offlcor, nontenant J. S. Thorntoa. Steam sloop Brooklyn, twenty-six guns. Captain Thonaes T. Craven; Executive officer, Lieutenant It. is. Lowry. Steam sloop Richmond, twenty eight guae, fijUM James AM-nSteam sloop Mississippi, sixteen guns, Captain M.SmitfiP, Executive oaicer., Lieutenant Dewey. Hteare sh op Y'eruna, ten guns, Captain Charles8. Boggp. Steam stoop Pensacola, iwonty-fo?ir guns, .Captain Honry W. Morris; Executive Offlcor, Lieutenant yriaote Reo. Steam sloop Oneida, eleven gnns, Commander 3. Phi llpe Leo; Executive Ofitoer, Lieutenant Sicord. US loam sloop Iroquois, nine guns. Commander John B% Caaip. Executive Officer, David B. Harmony. Gunboat Wee'field, six guns, Captain William p. itensbaw. GuuboatKaithdin, six guns, Lieutenant Commanding George Preble. Gunboat Piuola, five guns, Liontennnt Commanding Croeby. , Gunboat Cayuga, five guar, Liectenant Cox man-ling Napolvuii Harrison. Cunboat Clifton, five guae. C i it boat Itasca, five guns, Lieutenant Commanding t*. II. B. Caldwell. Gunboat Kennebec, fire guns. Lieutenant Oamenefidig .K-Oil HUSWIl. t.uahonl Kanawha, five gone, Lieutenant Commanding Feblger. ( gciotn, 8ix gun", Lieutenant Commanding Kdwara Donaldson. Gunboat Miami, (is gun*, Iueutooant Comiaandiag A-1). Ilarroll. Gunboat Owaieo, Ave guns, Lieutenant Oxumandiof JobaGuMt. Gunboat Winona, four guns, Lieutenant Commanding Kdward T. Nichols ; Executive oti.cer, John O. Walker. Gunboat Wissuliiokou, ftvo guu, Lloutonaut Commanding Albert N Smith. Gunboat Kiueo, dvo guns, Lloutonaut Com man ding George H. IlanHorn. Srhor.uor Klttatinuy, uino gi;na, Acting Volunteer Lientemnt Lotus on. Gunboat Harriet T.ane,tiU guns, Lloutonant Commanding J. M. Welnwrlglit, with Commander David D. Por. tor. who has twenty-one schooners, composing " Porter a mortar fleet," each carrying a hoary mortar and two thirty-two pouad gunn. The flo<*t j thus far, thsreforo, consists of forty nix sail* carrying two huudrod and eighty-six guns, and twenty010 mortars, the whole un ler command of Hag OJIoer D. 3. Farrago I?Henry H.Bell, Flag Captain. The first obstacles to be met by this formidable fleet, In its ap. proach to New Orleans, are the two forts Jackson sad St. Philip, just above [us?the first on the woetsrn the se< el on the eastern bank of tho river. Both are stroug for Mentions, and will no doubt l>e ably defended. Complotod under tho super' vision of General Beauregard, they ware pronounced years ago to be capable of " besting off any navy in tha world." Fort St Philip commands some three miles og the river, exposing no nscondlng fleet to a direct raking Are for'the distance of more than a mile. It Is supported by 'broe or four batteries, and has in all eighty-live channel bearing guns, several of which are supposed to boons hundred pound rlflos, of English manufacture. Fort Jaukson, upon the left side of the river in asceuding, was formerly concealed from view until a boat coming from WWW WBij vut tuv wuvucu mtuvrM hiding it bap b?*o cleared, and it now appears In sigh* 4 eta distance of about two and a half miles, whsre as Hacking force eotnaa within range of ila thot, aadt suor. after, under the Are from St. Philip. Fort Jackson, with iU (tanking battarlaa, mounts ninety guns, sixteen being in casemate, and Is a very formidable work. Both foi ls are built of brick, the duet from which, in oase of good praotlce on the part of eur mortar fleet, wit1 render the defenders anything hnt comfortable in their quartern. Just beiow the two forts, stretched diagonally autoes the river, supported by a raft and aavan vaaaala> are eeveral heavy ehalna whleh mult in some manner ba cut or otherwise removed before the forte can ha passed. These chains are strongly protected by earthworks a| each end, besides being direotly under the fire of hath forte. At their western extremity, where they are mads fast to an anchored raft, a pasaaga la left for the reb#| fleet to pare up and down, and through this pasaaga they dally issue. I send you herewith a rough diagram (hewing the position or aflklre an tha occasion of a mesa1 reconnaissance by the Iroquois?of which more aeon? which will render more Intelligible tha dsfouosh ef tha enemy at thla point. On Friday, the flflth ull., Commodore Farragut, with tha Kennebeo, Lieutenant Commanding John Russet, nude a 'eoorrolstance to the point below the forte (men Honed aboyn and shown in the accompanying diagram). Thoy rcme'med uidar (Ire from tha forts for spins tins, the p. actios of ths rebels being exceedingly accurate Out of soma forty or fifty shots fired, only a vary few being oth?r. tltsn good lto<> shots and many of them fall tag la veyy clo?s proximity to the Kennebec. The fire was not i rstu'ded by ?is, Commodore Farrogut net wishing to i ( g te the ettsu.y the od au'ag? ef a knowledge of? ??

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