Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1862, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1862 Page 8
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? SITUATIONS WUtTEO-PENALEI. Ko.- olhi r Uiinti Sre first Page. ?.. .?,, ***.?- A SITUATION WANTKO-BY A RESPECTABLE . vonn . iri, to or. e .1 housework fi h smal |>ri?at? family; it a ?w.l plain cook, w??Mr?.nl miner. willing and tiLi nig. u> d c y ler n.e. Piease ead al A>7 Weal 33d ?L, In Iaren H.ti and !0 laid. AYUl'MU WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS ? h.?ii. ermsld sud tcaskisl with the washing. < ail tie mi tor tuo days at her present employer's, No 12 Brovoort |M..ce, 10.a at., near Broadway. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A bin a.i u an clia ubsr naid and vvaii ss, or at chamberataal and to e'o pan. ving. Can bo sen at bor present employer a at N . 110 Wet ,'Stn st., for i*. day*. VKEM'EI'TABLE PROTECTANT WOMAN WANTS A a .nation .? .s?A, waauel and irouci , au eaceileul bakei ot br. ad. Go d oily re. ren e. 1'leaee call at 223 Wen tiilisi , belweeu oui andVluava. A SITUATION \ AN TED?BY A YOL'NG WOMAN, AS dl. nurse and scatustiess; has lived lor three years In her last place; van take ibo euure chaige of a buoy, has no otieciioii to the care ol growing . bildreu; b is the oust of el .y Reference. Can he seen at kdl 7ih av, comer ol 2Htn st A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as o.ismuorinaid nud waiter, and to assist wnu tne washing if required Best of city reference given Call be seen to. t>vo days at lab West 26th st.. between dm and 9th a vs. A PROTESTANT GIRL DKSIKES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and u> assist w.ta the wastiin.', or to lase ot .hndru, or .1) pla it sowing; bits no otyj. etiotis logo in the country; use tile oust of city imui ber last place. Call tor two days at 38 3d are.. near 10th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN DESIRES A Sl* tuanou as cliaiuliertuiiid; wo nd lie wii.iug to do huh' housework; is capable .d hl .ng ays.I a on; no oh ecu i to the country; g.i id city reference. Call at No. b Hammond A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED nurse and seamstress; in capable of taking me entire charge 0' a baby. lias the b'-ct city reference from her lust pin- e. 1 au be keen at 112 West 27Ui si., near 7th av., secoud lour, front room. A SITUATION WASTED-BY A RESPECT ABLE yonug w oman, as cbumoerma d audio assist witii tae washing and Ironing, or would do otuunberworK ant waning. Best city reference from h-r last place. Can he seen al 112 West 27th st., near 7ta av., second Boor, front room. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. WITH THE BEST CITY reternce, wi-ues in utile in aui ly washing. Call at bi!i Houston st., in the rear. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT tilKL WISHES A situation us . tiainbermatd ana waitress, or to tase <ure of ohihlteu, is neat, willing and obliging, (ioodcuy rele rence iroin her last place Can be ?e n lor two days at 417 Washington st., second lloor, bath room. ASH CATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. A8 cooa, waaiiei an 1 idouer; thoroughly niiderstauds her business; b. st of re erenco troin tier last place; also lor a girl as chainoermatd aud{ waitress, or to take care of chil dreu, no objecti ms to the country. Please call a' ,tb.-ir pieeut employer's, 12'J West 14tu st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, IN a private lamily; isagoou plain cook, would be willing 10 assist with washing and ironing, or rhaiuberwork ana washing, or housework, in a a small tatnliy. Oood city reiercuce. t all at 47 Charles St. A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUAtlon as waitress or chain.lermaid, she perfectly understands bet business, has the nest of illy refereuce. Call lor twodays at 31'J Atlantic si., Brooklyn A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE; good reference from her last employer'#. Call i or two days at 70 Ailsntie St., Brooklyn, over the' bar her shop. A YOUNG GIKL WISHES A SITUATION TO Do GEN eial housework iu it small private family is a good plain cook and good washer and irouer And oaker, is wen recommended from her last place. Can oc seen lor two days, 11' not engaged, al 155 Smith st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SiTUAlion, in the city or country, as laundress, or to uo the id on vowing, -nno.. - ,,g now ironing of a small private family; is willing and obliging; good referen :e given. Call tor two days at Shi Henry street, I :>oui No. ft. m . ,..n im... A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO" leslalit girl, as cook, washer and irouer, m a pr.vate lamny, uo oojeciiou to go a short distance m the country; has one year's reference from her Jast place. Can Oe teen lor two days at s02 Vl usbtngton st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE you ig girl, as nurse and seamstress, or to do chamber work auu sewing Best ol city reference can i<e given. Call lor two days at 1 hi East Hist si., see >nd tloor, front room A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS cook, wasu< r and inner in a small private family in the city or country. Good city relere.nce I rout her last piace. Call for t so ays at fi9 iMth sc, corner of tith av A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS plain cook, was.uer and irouer; uo objection to do housework or to go a short distance in the country, fin best of eity reference. Call at 111 West ?>in st., between Cth and 7tb avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PER son, to do g iu ual housework; is a good plain cook, washer ami irouer, or would do chamocrwo. * and waiting Good city r fereu e. Can be seen for two days at bo Amitj St., South Brooklyn. A SCOTCHWOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO TRA?el wit!: a family t<- i aliloi nla or Europe: has got gooc re.ommendai mis trom former employer. Address E. ,1., al A Kent seed store, 807 Broaoway, an this wees. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, as coots, understands her business; a . make breun, vu .e am. e-scrts. would assist in wasuiugauil ironing, or do tin ei.lire washing in a small lauiny. City reference. Call at Y7ltdd av , ii-sr i'l I st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED WO loan, to do general housework; is a good < ou*. u as.,er auw 11 urn i ; u.1.1 no uijji-' .inn i . a gciuicin.n i house, la unltug to make hereon generally iin-rul; inc ii si ol ( .i) referen :> given. Call tor two days at 46 p.aukitu ?t., between Elm an 1 Broadway. A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ UIKL WISHES A SITU.VJx. lion as nurse and soainctress, is coiupet ait to instruct children; the very bee; ol city reterenee given, a go d boiui pielerrcd to h.gli vva ;cs. Call at or address No. j Sixth at. uer.rdd av , around lloor, bac? rooui. Avk.'.v respectable oibl wishes a mtuatiuu aacn.'iiDb rmaid and waitress and in-in in ..i?njng and ironing, can so a- well and taao care ol giowlug children; the t*??t ol releienc iroin iier present ina < .? i for two dnysal 111 Mouiagoe ... nil house 1'ioni Clinton t.. Brooklyn. bew-n t ie i. a of lu ?u . 1.'. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A TJUNO WuMAN. IN a private tamily, as ..amberiuai i and Waitress. rm reference and capability apply at her present employer's, 171 West Hill St., near 8 h av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART AND AGKEEA bie yor iig woiuan, a? c iaiiioeruiaid and waitress in u private family, ha.- fo .ryears eltjr referen, e iroin ner .as. employer IV-ase call a. or address, ISO East 3dd St., tbird IIno , 11 out I'UOUl. A PROTEST A N'T GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO en * wash and ir ir.. dr .res a stead/ tor th aumm-ri city reference. Can be see a for two days at 111 West 17th St., second Uoor, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUa' lull, is a good plain i ooic, a good baser and an excellent washer and ir.uer, has no objection to me countr. ; best f reteren e from bcr last plane. Call at 225 West 25 h St. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO lestaut girl, as go t ook, wash r and iro .cr; is a good, no obje -non to go in the country, good u.y re.crcn e. Call at No. 6 Kidge St., corner of Oi and. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNU WOMAN', To go to Can! nnia a lady, to take care ot acn.fl and make bersed generally useful, city relereuce. Cun be seen Tor IS" day-, at 72 Ea>t 22d si. ? t SITUATION A ANTED?BY A RESPECT MILE PRO a V testaut tnld U- aged, as nurse, can take cuaige oi an r. .nil from its birth, to unn, dp ciloer on botne or S| o il, nas tlic m ?. satis. . lory it, re;, reu.-e as to ba aclei and i apabili'y. t'oi further particulars call at 67 vVest Jcth Si. A SITUATION WANTED-AS LAUNDRESS AND chambermaid, or - uri>e and to assist with the waautug and ironing; would goto toe country f ir the simmer, or travel a* lie-best of city "ler-nce. Cullortwo days at l'J6 A eat .Vitn it., betvv n 1th and dtd arcs. A SITUATION WANTED? VS WET NURSE. by A RE speitiole Protestant r led xv .man. ba >y six montlio od; noouj* ton t city reference Cad .or two days at 262 East l.,ltl St. A a I nuK-t VO ,, ',V' i VI X'. W V.NfS MTI'A IP .N as ook, to s-nst oi the w .sh iig and Ironing, or u., Ian ,drc-.i. !,as good ri-:ereui-,- Gal. at m a.; .r, si I, , tv. oday* 49 > briiupber st? between Wa.erley pLa.u and 4th avr , lirat iloor. fruit p ra. AS WAli'KJBSB ? W ANTED A SITUATION AS FIRST dau *Hitr?x, bj a re .pe- tal .1:4 girl Bat city re.omice, no oujn m ii* to go a short dlraice in uie country. Call lor two day* at 63S tith av., between J7tu and >tn tU. The advertiser will anew r tin; bell. A SITUATION WANTIJJ-BY A C1IAM lERMAID AND wutren- will assial m was >114 an 1 Ironing, utaa cue children arnl do general housework. oit> relereuce. t an be seen for two days at 113 Atlantic at , Brooklyn. \ situation wantkii-kv A uksi'f. ' i'aki.h J\ yoing w an, to do tli- eunx ng, washing and Honing, or general housework 111 a small private family; r.a.i good ? ity refererce. Can be Mil lor twu day* at 79 West JStb it., Mi t Boor, front room. A COOK -WA.N1KD, A MTUATIOb BY A REU\ ?l" tai le, who has lived naariy four yet re wlih Miempioirr, aiie la ao excellent washer aud 1 loner, aud ??ceediii?iy ?...a tii n r w oiA, Impure at 371 3d av., between XVI and 44ih "*? A PROTESTTrt TOUNO W'HltK WOUM) WISH to etiX*** Vf 'K , ,m, ,n lt> w,rlH| or \)ij th?* 1mjr. K?**l 'r*r?m, ar?1 emu worn on boy*' c.uiD'-Hor .M'l eii r quinM. limn lh? r**it of ? ity <A,niw 11 52? JiL wt ;? . Plcm^ CMII At 14? W-?t 2fth at., flrnt tlfXr Ah* I ' VHf.K WOM A ' .. , , K nWN f(0| sg with* h m liiiiuiy'fi wmmbing. V ol flinch* Kenti'mf u; lb MU eifrlWttt iatin. T***, undent Km* , r,mp,ng anrl Krmcb " 1 fei nee as to nir o t.-r and capability. 1 i>e aeen l,v .*il grg t IH We .1 24th st , in the itore. AtiOOl) COOK AND BAKER DESIRl!*j xo OBTAIN a a tOB'ion, undeistand* her buai ie> ,, %|| h< lies V. lid do I" one w-e' in* or the entire tlWOlk Mo I lent reterenee Call or two day* Al lf? gaat 2T-' 1., tietween 3d and 3d av?. ARBSEECIABLB PBOTBst \ s r 01 RE WISWJKK 7 i,? 1 nurae and *flwin*tre?s, n a private lauinj , | w U aaatai , by. < hainberwork, if required; do Object) if. tiuoa v oit itie.auoo In the country, good elty reference given Cab .. 1 I Vv ri lith at., between 4th and dtb ate*. \ KESPEC1ABI.E TOUNil WOMAN WANTS A HITO J\ a ion a- o ,'oient nook, who understand* all kinds ?>f family o" 1 oid iiakwig; no obj?e?lon to assist with the v asbii 'i 01 ,i>* city "i couitlry: he?l of city reterenee. C-il Ma in I't >wo da*s at No. 73 West itfth at. wt PF PECTABI.E PROTECTANT YOUNO WOMAN. V role, the nai'h of Ireland wished a attuation as good coot umh i? lu.ds ail kinds o( pin ueinikliik. utSlng to as hi-1 with washing and ironing, hi* two years' reform-> {Torn hti last place can cu svvu t'wl two ,'ajfsai (g) Weil #R?.|. * k NEW TO SITUATIONS WANTKO? FKMAL.KS. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do ebanibt rwork and ohun sewing, has no objection In take Are ot i hilnren , Lite best?I city reference. Call at 1?* Si ave., m the shoe store. A SITUATION WANTED-AS BARTENDER, IN SOME XV r-speelabb salociu, by a Jouug man, who lias been tn his lam place over si* years. Best reference given. Address R., boa 175 Herald oflilue. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SJTUAXV Hon o dogcu ral huusewor*. good waaliei and iromr; gooil city reference. Gall Ml 20s front St., Brooklyn 4 GIRL WANTS A SITUATION IN A SMALL PR1XV vate 1 Ainily. Inquire at 83 Allen St., for two days. A respectable YOUNG WOMAN IS DESIROUS of el taming a situation in u private family as cliamtx ruiaid aud waitress or chambermaid a id seamstress; is willing to maku herself use!ii l and obliging where s e would lind tbe comforts of a home. Comes well recommended, and ran be seru for two days at HI West 27tb si., second Boor V respectable YOUNG LADY WANTS A 81tua i.ou .s Liter and chambermaid ; good reli rencc. Can be seen or two cays at No >9 Grsrnwicb a en nr. Aim situation wanted?by a young woman, to do general housework lor a small lamily; three ears and uontbs iu las. place. Can be seen at 111 Raymond si,, Bo s.ya Arespe table girl wishes a situation to dn.enera. housework in a small private lamily; h m g'-od city reference from her last puree, t an be sceu lot two da;.sal 29 State st., .-Oul i Brooklyn situation wanted?by a itrst class lm ,v uress, in lose care of a house and do the washing lor a lamily going to the country Can bo seen tor two days r.t 92 West 19th street 4 RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS jtV laundress or oook; Insthree years' reference l rum her last; lace, has no objection to the ountry. Can bos-en lor two days a; Mrs. Scitt's, 191 West -11! I at., second ' oor. 4 YOUNG 01KL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO xV. general housework, or as chamoeimaid in a small prluto family i m be seen for two days at 154 Norfolk st., in tue rear, hrst t'oor. V SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, AS seammi ess; n a good dressmaker, and thoroughly utiil rs ..n i* wonting a l > rover A bakT sewing machine; good city referem e given. fall at 48? titli av. CIOOK AN [J CHAMRER.MAID.?WANTED, BY TWO ' respectable young women, situations; one an truti'lao Hern.a . conk; understands meals, soups, na-try and desserts; the ot nor as chambermaid and sea in Hires*; an urstand* alt k o. family sewing, or would a-sist iii washlug and ironmg. Both have the bea* of city reference. Can be s on at their present place, No id East add st.. between 5tb and .Madison avenues. CIOOK -WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WO ! man, as first class cook, thoroughly understands her i unlin si In every style und is capable of giving perfe t Bansfaction; would go with a family to the oonntry. Best of city i i f rente from Tier last place. Call for two days at 212 13ih St., between 1st av. and av. A, second tioor, front room. Hni saKELi'EK.?wanted, by \ l\uy of cnsi ierabln experience, a situation as housekeeper; is fully i o-np. teni of taking the lull charge ol any large establishment, in either city or country; tb best of city references given as to character and capability Address In- two ilays K. C. B., Broaduay I'ost oillce, and .t will be promptly attended to. Housekeeper.?a younq American woman would like to take charge of a widower's house no object!, ns to the country. Address Agnes Brown, station A, Spring st., for three days. ATI RSE WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED PROTESTANT 1\ woman, to take care of tnree children; must be healthy and well recommended. Apoly after 10 o'clock at 10U Wett 43d St., near Broadway. N'l r82?situation wanted, BY a protest\nt gtrl, as nurse and seamstress; is fuily competent to take the entire charge of a haby from its birth and bring it up ny hand if ree; ired; n > object.on to the country for the summer. Ilest of city refe.enc . Call at 307 bib av., sicond four. Can be seen lor two cays. CITUATION AS NURSE WANTED-BY A RBSPBCTi IO able and experienced woman, who can give fou years' city reference as to character and capacity aT j .'y lo her pr sent employer, atbl Irving piav, neit to corner of 1.4th si cituation wanted?in the city or country O for a boy torn teen yi a: a of age; he wishes a good uotne understands in..klng, ac. Apply at or address J. W. Mead 107 Vwrick si. SITUATIONS wanted-by two young women. one as plain eook. washer and ironer, an t the otte r as > hambermaid and waitress, or u? lake eare of eiiiloren; lio objections to the couuiry; city references. Can be seen for two da)s at 70 Hoy I st., between Douglass and Butler its., Brooklyn. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE O Kir**; one as o>oi and lo assist in washing and ironing ; the otner a* chambermaid and waiter, and to assist in wadi. :n;; and itonbi,;. i-ot.i wish to be together in a small respect* utile family. Good city references 1 ro n her !asi place. Call a 42d 7th av., between 3tiih and 37th at*., top iloor, front room. S-HJATIONS VASTBD-BTTWO OXFSTBKrGIRLS; O one as laundress and the oilier as chambermaid or 10 talMM har^e ol < hiitltC'i ana do plain sewing. Can lurmsh high rr- '.nmendaUona .ro n their present employer, at W.i Kabidis at SITUATION WANTED-BY a BB8PBCTABLB *01 NO i rotesiout girl, us nurse and plain w;ain?.n'b8 Apply at \SJ Wi s. ib..i at., ion lloor, ! rout rooui. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS O lady's maid and seamstress; understands cum..and biting clothes, can sew by Urover & Bauer's machine, is willlug t.i tiavei for the summer; best ?ity re ten nee. Can be seen until engaged, from 1U to 4. at 2/b Gib av. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RB8P* TAN LB *01 NO wo nan, an nurse and cuamhertnaid or 10 w.?ii on the ta b e is wlLing to inak. uersclf .seful to Imr employer; has no oh, imn :o go a short distance in the eoun ry lias the ?d ty ivif .ence. Can oc seen lor two days at ltx> Tillarj b. Brook yo. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE ITOX NO 0 t,.il, as ciiamiierinaid and to assist in toe wu;.!iii and ii inm.ino obj- iion to do housework in a small family Best o* city references iroin her last employer. Cad ut 4S6 7lu ave., between iJ6th and 7th sis. 01 ON wv.MEli-Jr \ VER1 SN BT NBAl O young woman, as hamberiuaid and WmIdt. (Jt?od cit> r:foi? :< e f rom la.s; paid , '.'ail ior two days a. 211 7th u?\, < rneroi 2(i:bst TION WANTED?BY A VBB* SMART, XBAT O \ounc woman, as chambermaid and waitres-: in w.jkiu l j aim in m tiie wu.MUUg; ha . oceii two yijars in ij?r im?i i , wi.i u she leave* on a -count ol too jaiuily ^vin; ill) ? iug, iro ,1 .v re vv ?i nighty rc oiiihii ii led. C ill ior iwo day* 1.1 No. t?6 West **#iii si , net* * < u ti.ii ana /th av-% situation wanted?1st a respectable young k7 .11, 10 uu cbaiiiuerwnrfc .in.; watting, oriv mind a ?a y. .i cd . ay icitnmce i n in Her ia.->L place. Call at 26* Js t'luanetto *t, in ti e : v.iiT. Situation want cd?by a respectable girl to coofc, w&auun iron ma im?ll lamiiy, Hhe )*a good plain ook, Mntrate v? ..?li?r and iron**. , l.a* goo i inference lro.n in.r nt&i , wbe.c she nah lived the o yearn nud a had. ! Aj.piy, i?w iwo ?U>>, -t her piv?ei.i, employer's, 2* Caecvcr*, Soaln Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED?1 v l PROTESTANT YOUNG t. on...n ah kooiI c;)un and liakt, .iud would al4i*i with iDe \.?*>.Liug and ironing. Has guou city icteruucf. Call lor two uays at ilM Weil 2Uh it. situation waxted-by a respectable gerU man girl, as cbaturiermaul, waitn*** or quim*: no ubj* cI Hon to go in luc Country. Apply to Minna, 67 avenue A, iiiird story, in Hunt. SITUATION WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE i.bK O mian young worn* j, *eainatre*s or ia : '* maid; in vil ing to iiiak- he well generally um ful; no objection to go iti the country. Aj p.y to Ease, 47 Ain u at., imirtn story. SITUATION WAXTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. a? good uoit and e*<'i*lleiit waiter and ironer, no objection to do g< neral iious worn lor a small private iainiiy; no o ?cct < n to gj in the country. i a?i al 21. E i .i iiitb v ., I lirxtbooi, f?? nt room an get the ?> ?*! of ri^er* r< e. | ^ituatiolcrt wax i ed?by two respectable other a* euamberm.iid mid tvaitreaa, anu 10 *- nt w th tiiwBailing mid i, oniiig, no o"je dion lu the couriry. Tn? beat ol irtotnioe lrom tner lul phe e. mi or ? iL at i/j t4lh U, eonier of 7en itv.. third door, back room. SITUATION WANTED.?A FAMILY, DECLINING O outieeiteeping, wind 10 find it good anna: ion lor a iruatwortby girl as ha iiO'ima! i aim ivailp :,e Apply tor two days <ti li ;r pr< acm employer h, 114 E vil 3!m M. rrilE PARENTS OF A YOUNG GIRL, 10 YEARS OF A age, wou.d like 10 plioR her with a reapectable private family; la very capable In a nuracry, and c..o aew very well, and wuuid make neraeif generally uaet'd ano n a !iou-e Can be -m i for two dava al itlik kd uv , two duora Horn 33d kk. 'oinl lioor, irunt roini. 'pWO YOUNG WOMEN (SISTERS; DEslRE SITUAA tiona in private la.oilie*?out an took, wumr a id lioner, tae other an chambermaid. Apply ai 144 South Oklord it, near Fa.tou ave., Hruoklyn. tiood relcren' r give.u. TWO SISTERS WANT SITUATIONS?ONE AS 1 KOfthtedcoon, who can do all kinda o, cooking, inch aa soi.j.k, name, nu ata, pvatrie.a, Jelll'ia an 1 d??a? rta; ibu otll< r a? regular Moilreaa, and can lake the entire (.barge m a dim ing room. I In j ran ijoin give excellent re couiiuendatioiie lit tocapa Jlllty < all at 1.4k W eat lath at. TWO YOUNG WOMEN WISH SITUATIONS; ONE AS plain cook, w.ikliei and irouer, oi euauib nnaiil and latiuilie.ia; the other aa chambermaid an 1 waureaa, or won,d aa alat in washing and ironing, no objection to go In the connuy Two yeara* reference I roro her luat place, 210 H illivan I, between hlee< ker and Arniiy. rpwO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN WISH SITUA A tlona; one to do hamoerwork and plain -owing, no oht.on to do h ouerw ira; the other to do homework Both bare good city relereuue. One han n > olijei tlon to d 11m m i a irk in the c jentry. Can be keen lor two daya at Hj Bin av. TWO RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMEN WISH SITUA lions. one vk cook ; thoroughly mi t-ratandk her Imaineaa. the other aa chambermaid and wallreak, Me-t of eity tele reu< e* can be given. Call at 217 Weet 26th at , for two dayi WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESrEOTABLE youugglrl, aa ckamhermald arid waltraae, or chambermaid and aeaniat reaa. Beat ol oily reference iromberlaat (gace. where abe haa lived tor two yeara. Can be eeen lor WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A ailuainiii a* cbaiiuieriiial'l an i warn. k?ii; ' ft'if [,':< Duu In wen for two <la>a at 1J7 2Mb at., between ill ami ,'m avea., In ibe naaemenl. WANTEtl-A MITUATIOS, HY A KESPECTABLE i;,i i, to cook, waah anil Iron, or to <1o the wm It ol a [ iihaII pi it ale fainllj; ha* reel fit.; referent* from la?t place Call for two days at 78Oouoord at,, nm.M-en Jay ami Pearl la , H.ooaiyu. WAN TED-HY A REHPEOTABIaK WOMAN, A SIT17AHan toilo . ni.'ial hounew n k in a small family, kooJ 'J'* n-fi-renti gl?eu i alt at 1.'4 York, comer of Hilofest., Jfroaktyn. WANTEO-A SITUATION. BY A RfcKPUOT ABLE young woman, to <lo rtiamherwork mi l waning. I an !* Hi'en lor iw> layaal.Atto Ka ,1 8th at., w.uveun a-a. 0 ami D, In the ri r, nr*t n-ior Wasted?by a ki.8pk< tahle you no woman, a lliiailon a* ii'0r.,n*n ?nre?a, or chambermaid and Yallie" , rail pioom" ... h rt of ny p ri nr n com her I tat plan, wliexe nfc.i hvai Imir >caie. Can nt itta lot two u*y? *t#' Waal Idin at.i uaai e.ii ay, . RK HERAlD, TUESDAY, jMVV AXIOMS WAMTKU? FKMAI.K*. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPEOTABl E UIRL, um chanilx-rinuid uad to ?>uu m washing Best of city rtuercuce. call at iju 6iu avenue, uesrlttiu si. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY AN UOHBST CIKL. TO il? general houcwork Private I mil y preferred Best re i ere nee*. Apply at 140 Laurens St., in ih<- boot unil shec store. Wanted-a situation, bp A WBPKTAILI yonnj woman us ursl rate cook ; '*3(1 waste ' and Ironer and undei stands her busmen; best or' city references ceil be given. t an be seen lor two day* at 82 East Warren si , Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION.BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. as cook; perf'Clly understands ner business, no ob jection to assist with me wssuing aud ironing; wants to it<> a short distance in lie- country; has the best of references. Call for two days at No. H7 West 16' h st. W AN IBD? A UTUAROM BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. as chuuilierinaid aud seamstress, or hguiDcrtnulu and waitress, understands her business perfectly: no objections to assist with inr can- o children; gO'?I city Jre eri'uee froui tier last place, c all at .132 West ibtu st., in the rear. WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITUA lion as eook Washer and inner iu a snail private family, best oicity retueuccs given lro.u her last place, t all at 223 21st St., near bth avc. 117 ANTED?SITUATIONS BY TWO VERY KBSPKCTAt I bic gh is; one us ? jc d cook and an excellent washer and Ironer; has the very heat ol city reference; the <uhcr as cUa: .her maid and h muxtress; would have no objection to tend children; have the best of city reiereuce. tall at 230 7th ave , corner of 23th st. U TASTED? BY A RESPECTABLE tiiRL A SITU A Hon to do general hsuse.wora in a small private ami ly; Is a t>oo I pla n coo*, and an exeell ill waahcr and ironer Best of eilv rule re nee. fall at HO Johnson St., Brooklyn, in Re i i.-nt. UTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, asgouu uook a.ur erst rate laundi ear; is a good baker, neat and obliging; ii objection to go a short distance in thecountiy. fan be seen till engaged at 316 West 33 ii st. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A PROTESTANT (UKL, as c.iuinbermuiu, and to assist in washing and ironing, or to take care if children; no objection to country; goon reference lioin her mst place, t'ail at J5S5 blU av , tuird Hour. TTJUnO-A 8ITJATION AS WET VERBS, U A Vv young wo.nan, with a tresh breast of miia, and who has recently lost her child. Apply at Castle Cordon, up stairs. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT married woman, us wet nurse, the mother of tuo babies; can give good city reference. Call for two days at No. 8,'a Stone st., Hist ttoor, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A P.ESPECTABLK Vt young girl, as cliatnbermuid and waitress, or chamberin :d aud to -r, to children, or would make her?e,f generally li.-i:l . i; uaw ine ucst 01 unyr reicrcuce. ncas , m.i ui ran Van iietb st , between 7th end Mtm VIT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A> TT good cook, washer ami ironer; tan make good br,-a and biscuits: in willing and obliging. li< -t ol city reference L orn her last plure. No objection to the country. Call at IV /Oth avenue, room No. 1, lust lloor, for two any-. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RKSPEUTAH UK WO man. us children s, or to lake charge of a baby lrom its birth; has no objection to the country. Call at lib West 15th st. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, to do wanning and ironing; euu do French Hilling ami po.ish shirts very ?ood; private ...only or Uoltl, in country oi city. Hi st ot cttv rcterenoe. Gall tor two days at No 4Fark st., corner of Pear,, room No. 5. WANTED?BY TWO RESPECTABLE GlKLS, ONE An 1.1st I rate cook itod toe other as waiver, and to assist as - hambermaid. nave no bjcctions to go a abort diskince iu the country. Can L>e seen for two days at 1U0 West-Mth street, one door west of Sth a enuo. Good reiereucea. WJ~ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT a situation as good oo >k, Wusuer and irnnsi'. .... ierstands uer ousincss penucUy; can goo tnevery b slot city reter jnce. Call at lbo S t av., near 15iu su WANTED A SI'J CATION BY A FIRST CLASS COOK VY and later; understands all kinds of family baking andpasliy; 1.0 objection to go a short distance iu the eoan try: has s ven years1 re: it.-iko from her last place. Call at 1,11.3 Broadway, near st. "WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT TT grl, a slluallou as cook, Wasner and lrone. , best of city re..-rence. Can oe secu lor two days at 02 Warren st., Brooklyn. IVANTED?BY A RKSPBCTABLB YOUNG GIRL, A YV sit'ialtou as chautbernt.iid an t waitress. Call lor two day s at 1(7 Binttb *n, cornsr ol Warren St., Brooklyn. TKTANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUATT l.ou as cook; is well qualilieu, and can procure the best city reference. Apply in B5d tith av. \AJANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT married ?oinou, as wet uurs :;no objection to go in the couairy. Call Yu .Altli si., Iietwecu blh and 7tn ava,, the only frame house on tUe block. "IITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPEt TABLE T T young woman, as cbamoermuid or wailis as; 1- willlnp to engage cither lor city or eouutry. Best o; city refers- e. Cull lor two days a 'Jl A'est 24th st., hist door, backroom. TXTANTBD?A SITUATION, BY A BZSPKCTASLB VV girl, as cool., washer and Loner, m a stnan respect vne family, orcnaiubcrw >rk and waiting. Good city references, t'a.t tor two nays at HIS 7th avc., near 2tith st. \V'ANTED?A SITl ATiON. BY A KE.-.PECTABLK YV young woman. wUo is lully competent to lake the coin cuarge of the ttibaicn; sbn is a first rate ouitcr, an exec.. reucesif i?i| Gail for two days al 107 Molt si., 04 k roOru. aOCOIlti uoor. At/ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS YV > '<>*, wwsu i a.Kl iron.:.', or as chambermaid and wait res*, no objection lo me c.riatry. Can lor two days at 2411 Columbia a, in sir11?, Erookqm. ... I\'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A COMPETENT YOUNG YV woiimn, anchaui' .maid and waitre**, and to assist Willi li.c wasutug ,iu I ironing; will lit found willing and onngiug. t.'uu din: u.e Oust .1 . i.y roicreuni a iroru net place. i.'.ill at liW/a \V s, Will at., bciv.ecu Till and Bui an s. WANTED?BY AN HONKST AND FAITHPUL GIRLS YV aaltuaiiou in a small pr.valu family, to do genera' liousrwori.. is an exeellcnl wasner and irotier. UOud l"f,i* ren os Iroin las', p uce. Can be seen lor iwo days ut 212 Mill, iv.iii st, second door, in I In' roar. W'ANiED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE y .uggiri, us . ..niuorr.until and waitress, or to do biMist'.vi Tu in a sin all taniuy; .? willing to go a snort distnt, in the country: lias good city rclercnce lroni her last e. < 'all at HI West 32d si., near 7ih av., second door, Ir >nt ro un, lor l.\ o day -. 11,*ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, YV as brst lis: waitress; un give six years' intyrelerrnc . i all ai 117 Spring si., lor two days. U'ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yniing girl, as eb ami* rniabt and waitress In a rest* idable laiiiii)'. Bust in mty reiereiice. No objection to go iu liie country. Can bo tor two days al 210 Sublvan si., bo'we. u Amity and Weetker, second lloor, back room. \t/ANl ED?BY A RESPEl TABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A YY situation to co"*, wash and Iron la a small laiuiiy; is a nrst rate r sher all I loner Best city rolcrence as to cnaraeler and capability. ( ai! at 2711 Mudisou st., her present place, tOt ti\ o days. TVr ANTED?BY A LADY OK EXPERIENCE, A 8JTUAYY t on in attend a lady iliv: 'Id and act as an amanuensis. Wo dii nave no objection to travel. Addles* Mrs, O. iv. B., Williamsburg Post olllee, N. Y. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A GERMAN woman, who thoroughly understands her business in ejorury. B<? eity rete.encc. tali lor iwo days at Oof 8th ae., 1) iw eL 1Kb its. Wanted?a situation, bv a respectable woii...n, as go'xt plii.11 cook and first rale wasucr And noiier. lias iio oojecwou in n u Hurl dislnn ? in Ihooo .ntry. Call for two days at lb/ Lu/aocl., st., between .Spring and Broome sis, rear, 1 introoni. At'ANTED?A SITUATION, BV A RESPECTABLE Tt Protestant pirl, as cuuuiberiiiatd or lanuurui,.'.. Inquire st 2JI West idtli st., for two days. Best reference. W 'ANTED? A SITUATION, BY A JYOUNU WOMAN, as nurse anu sesmslri sS. or HI do gnui nc kcisrwoik in a s.null family; pood rctVren cs Call lor two days at 2J1 West 20th street, over tlie store, iron: room. Vt'AN'TED-A 81TCATI0M, BV A RESPECTABLE it pirl. to do g> nerai lions work. Can tie seen at tier , last plane,iti Poplar at., Brooklyn. Wal.ted?BY a competent young woman, a sit nation as liani eruiaid and laundress, or would oo cbamherwork aod vail ug, has in objections to go ibe country; nest o: city reference Can bu seen far two days at | 183 till! a*., second tour, roooi No. 0, between IKItli and 30tb ts i VI'ANTED-BYA COMPETENT AND RESPECTABLE Vl young wotnau, a aituafiou as cseelleut cook, wuslier and inner. Can inudu.e tbe i" ?t of city referenoeas to ca- 1 I anility and . naraeter is willing and obliging. Call lor 1 llii.-e eays at dll c-a-t Utb St. I Ur an ted?bv a respectable youno woman, A sit..aiiou to travel with a laindy to Europe, baa t rare Med lor on? y ar. II s goo 1 reference Apply foronc wccaat 1 Til >t < st d).n m i ''tween 7th and 8t s WASITINO W \NTED-BY A KESPECTAHLE I'ltOTEB* taut wo.ii..ii, at tn r own nc tae, gentlemen t and lamliy w.tshing and ir. nine. Best city reference. Apply at US West 17u> st, bcttn n sth and 9tn art ^ VI'ANTED- BY A ltKSPE'TABLE YOUNU WOMAN, I TV a sitnauuii s* laundress, < bainbermaid or l" lane <stre I oi ' Inldren Tee best o . ity re erence Can be girori by tailing at HNH 7th av? negr .lltb st. VI ANTED?HT A k US'ROTABLE (11KL. A BITUA i II it on as tirstelaxs la n iress, or would do cnamberwork sill] fin- washing, ban no oojecllon to so a sh rt distance .u thecnmitry Good city reference. Call at W 7th av. Wanted?by a respectable woman, a bituaUoti a* lii st laaa eo k, omlcr-tanila ail hmda 0< hua'.ry and poultry. inigtlci.y rufercDoe kruut .ad place. i all at I7'i K**i 17th at. WANTEU-a SITUATION, BY A HEMPEc TABLE UIRL, i.itciy iauued, aa mirae and o.iuinbormald, or to amdat In the hooaewnrk of a private family No objection logo in the country Cau he at. n for three day* at 7/ Moury at. Wanted-by \ RBEPBCTABLB ol rl, a situation a? nil rite ami to do IU;hl housework. (food reference, Call fur two itay* at the eighth home from coruer ol Bushwka arenne, in Metropolitan avenue, Wtilla.nsuBrg. Wantld-a situation. by a young woman, as ohauibermald| oan hum .inu make op hue muslins would t > us lauudrean In a pn/ate family, no objection to the country (food cllf reference. Infiig i: ."Ji let ave., bet recti 171 h an t Idtli air., tu the dru? atoie, tor two dayt. Wanted?a situation, by a young woman, to dochuinbei vork. waabiiip and lion'.op. or rookm,; in u tin ill lmailt i heat m city reference nmu. iur two d.iya at In r |o employer a, Hi SVeat Sold at. Wanted?a situation, by a resi kotaiilb ytinnq woman, to do general honaett n k. is ipoon coos, naaher and Iroiier: au make good ' r-*d unit ulr. *a. pood city ret. r. noes irom Uat Call for iteodajn at Ml Stu av., loom 7. '

\\J ANTED A SITUATION AS UAUNDKUSS, OK AS y? nam-arioard anil in main tfit.t the tvaab up, til Cialn awa^i uu eautudsall kind a of tv stub U iting. t 'a . c r:vn till ru.ttd at !' front Bruoktft t %* 1 APRIL 29, 1862?TRIPLE tVAflMK WANTED-PHIUK WaNTKU-BV A YOl Nil WOMAN. A situation cook, and assist In the washing, oau give good c.ty lef. i n-e Please cail ?t ?7 KhM Sdd at. TIT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, Till KTY v? joara of age, a situation as urrae. In ' 'illy eownetrrit to take charge el children. having been a mother. Call a orgaddre^a, until engaged, 171 Bocrumst.. Brooklyn, between Brrg'-u and Drau. VAT ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE "? . irl. to ,lo g iwral itouMvrork, or would tie wilt ng to g . to CaluoruiA as chad a nurse Can gite good city reference. Call at S5 Oxford at., near Myrtle av., Brooklyn. UTIATIOKH tt tM KU-Jiil.ES. \ MAN AND WIFE WISH SlTl AT10NS: THE MAN as farmer aud gardener; underatauda the c ire o: si-e-k Ac.; the woman aa good rook, washer and lrouer, or lirat cjass srvar.t. Both thoroughly unerstind their biisincsa. The beat ot reference Address J F., box Jul) Hi raid oUioe. Can be seen for two days at 115 East 26th at. AVOUNQ MAN W18HB8 |A SITUATION AS COACH uian or gai-leni r; wouid m ike litm*"ll generally uselul; has tio objeetion to go to the , uuuiry. Can give good elty and country rcfircucea. Address tor two days B. Ik., box If. Hernia ollice. A YOUNG MAN FROM T1IE COl'NTKY. A ltAl'II) A Mnu, quirk at SgtVMi nod who hag A thnrougli knowle'lge of bookkeeping, wauta a aitualtou as aaaiatant bookkeeper or entry clerk; salary uio .urate, heat city and country reference. Adilreaa lor live davaU. W Foster, Jr. 1152 P. arl at , N. Y. 4 S WAITER?WILL BI5 DISENGAGED ON THE 1ST al ol May, and wguta a aituatmn in a respectable regular lamily; cau prodcet) beat city aud country refer uce a. to character and capability, can be also ruconi.iiundcd by the lannly Willi whom tie uow lives. Any nr tos addieaaed to E. Mot"., 51 West ffitk St., for two uuys, will he atteuded i". A SITUATION WANTED?IN A DKY GOODS OR 1V .n c ry atore, wholesale or retail, as porier or undei elerk, by a respectable young man iro n the country, can write a plain hand and is quick and corivct at liguies; ean give good rcler. uce for honesty and sooriety. Apply at 3d ivu-uingion si. AN INTELLIGENT AMERICAN. IS YEARS OLD. 1>E sires u situation as taiukac-per; understands the bin i urss; mis good habits; ran gtvr the very tics' o! references, will accept a J?w salary; bail sous experience, would gn at r- ml. Apply at or address .bookkeeper. Id isroau et., lor two nays. Vrkspei table young man, from the coi ntry, wlslics a situallon as clerk, hnr tender or nuy other ru"|>rctublu business; lias been lu the dry goo Is .".nil the grocery ous.u m sevn years: has a liir'e ire In of filends, is awiualntcu Willi a great many mercb..uts who do their trading In this citv; no objectiotis to the < ountry. Address I'. W., r'ren n's Hotel, for two days. A YOUNG MAN, 20 YEARS OP AfiE. WISHES A situation in some wholesale business; writes a good band, is correct at li Hires, has a knowledge oi business, an 1 w p.ling to make ulrnseil' generally ueolul; salary no oujeci. Address J. H. if,, Herald office * YOUEG MAN, 17. YEARS OP ACE. WHO HAS a V been two years on a dairy farm, wishes omp.oytnent on a larm or in a < o .niry aloro; good refer, n o gi u is to capacity and ehara.or. Apply to II. Ferguson, 17 Wa'l St., New York. t SITUATION WANTED ?BY A RESPECTABLE ,/jL young man, from the country, ua bar tenner clerk, or any other respectable bi.siu -us; no ob.oe ions to theeo intrr. A dreos mr two days W. S., French's Hotel. A YOUNG MAN PROM THE COUNTRY WANTS A situation in somo stoic where he can make himself generally useful; lias had some experience In the dry guod-s and not.on business. Addivis W. li. S., Herald oilice. A GENTLEMAN WISHES TO PROCURE A 8ITUAtion for a Protesiant coachman, wlio will be disengaged buy 1; can recommend him very highly ;or over tun years, as allowing his bushiest thoroughly In m < ry respect Addi-ess Coac.iman, cure of T. A. llalllday. En., 74 iiuavcr si., lor win days. Bookkeeper.-.a first class BOOKKEEPER won.a like to obtain a situation as bookkeeper, havin g served in tnat capacity for the last six years in one of ih largest Louses in tills city; salary expected modciato. Address box 131 Herald olli e. (TOACHMAN S SITUATION WANTED?BY' A REJ s|ic. taolc young man, who understands his business; has had many years' experience; is a good and earel ul driver; 1' perfectly conversant with th- munaguiuuu. and treatment of horses; will be found willing and obliging, (loud city referente. Address W. H., at Mr. Walk r's saddlery sto,e, corner of ibtli at. and Broadway, or box 22J Herald oilice. CTOACIIMAN'S OR COACHMAN AND HARDENER's J situation w ant id, by a smart, active, single young man, who thoroughly understand* hi* business. Can show good city and country references. Call on or address D. S. H., Herald office, for t.vo days. pOACII-MAN.-WANTKD, A SITUATION, BY A RE v-/ ?| uiui ', who pcricutiy unueisium-.s nis mis no.-.-; can pro luce best city reaercnru from his last nlacc. Call at or address for two (lays31 Prince su, corner of Mutt, or box 102 U -raid office. f'ARMLU.-A SINGLE I*BOTESTANT MAN, WHO IS A In *t class ploughman, alio understands fanning in all Its brunt-hen an well us stock of all kinds, desires a situation, toy Kcntl-iiiHii requiring such a inun will address or call at lilt rt ee- 24th st., in the rear, lor ttvo days. HARDWARE?A YOCNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION in a hardware store; has some knowledge oi the business and is willing to make himself generally useful; salary not so much an object us emp.oyiueui; good reference given. Address lor three days S., Herald office. I WILL GIVE $10 TO ANY PERSON WHO WILL PROMUM form* steady sit nut.on us booske-p r, or any other light work; best of reference given. Address for one week, John JT. M., box 16(1 Herald ofi INITI ATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MAN, IN O a wholesale liquor business; bus out door customers, or in the cider business; understands manufacturing syrups and cordials. Address J. S., box 207 Iierald office. rro DRUOGIbTS.?A MIDDLE AGED MAN WANTS J employment in a wholesale or retail store; und-rsueds the business; good refen-nre given and low wages required. A.iilress Apothecary, station G, Broadway, N. 1. TWO onu WANTKP-AT THE NEW TORS ELEC- I irical lustilute, Oct Broadway, to lold*. keep the elegant rooms of the Institute in order, and do light work and be useful generally. Apply after 12 o'clock M. TO JOBBERS AND WHOLESALE DEALER#.? Wanted, a situation in a Ural class house, by a comp"tent man, wii" cm in.tumii e a laig : safe Onto trade, it as h ,ii several years'experience, ami will furnish the necessary retercncrs. Address Salesman, care of il. Lockwood, Oliathan. s (incre I'o t otllce. \yANTED?BY A STOl'T, HEALTHY MAN AND HIS T? wife, sltuall in*on a larm; man understands larniln 111 all its parts; w man capable of any busim ss in a lariuer's house. James Geiaghty, 242 West oith st., tuird boor, back room. TVrANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT M AN. ?? a situation as euueliiuaa; thoroughly understands bis business; is a careful driver; 110 obecuon to the country. Can i.e seen at, or a idresa M. J.. I'JS tftii st., at the stable of his present employer, from a to 12 o'clock. -\\TANTED? BY A COMPETENT MAN, A SITUATION V? h? shipping orcorresponding - lerk; understands mike b-i-lncsa tnoioughly; would uevole his time to the h"sl lute* rents "t his employer. The very best of reference glvcu. Audi' *a Writer, II. raid ollicc. W AXTED-A SITUATION, IN A BANK (lit PKIVATE banking house, by a young mail who hits hud rirn years' experience as cler* and cashier in a country bank. Me can furnish the best references. Address A. L , bos 11. Herald mlice. WANTED?A SITUATION AS PORTER OR CLERK 01 in any rap unity where he tan make himself usefulby a stioug. a- live, young man, good city refsieuee. Adurcss box IM Herald oUck WANTED-BY A YOUNU MAN, A SITUATION AS < on, iiinaii. Can refer to hi* last employer, wltli whom he Iihh been ior several years. Address i.oueUinan, bos 1.47U Post oBi- e. 1ITANTED-A SITUATION. BY A .MAN 30 YEAltS OP II age, as foreman, lirat or second mlli- r;. served in his last plaee lour year* and a hall; good rrfcreiu c ran I j given. Apply personally or by note at lad Bank St., Newa k, S. J. titANTED?A SITUATION AS CUUUI (lit ASSISTANT Yf bookkceiar, by a yoiini; man, srllO hsi bad a year tax* pertencc in a shoe store. Can come well recommended, accept of a moderate salary. Address K. W., Iiera.d Ottiee. dil -THIS AMOUNT WILL BE LOANED BY M?J .?)UU. an experienced snlesinaa loan employer, In . ofihld- ration ol a sltuiitlnii In a fancy goods or cloak eslabllahuieiit. Addr ss, with particulars, Union, Herald ofllcc. nUICH AOV BRTIMKMKNT*. ON DEMANDS UNK BONNE PRANCAIHE, BENI rectnnmaiidee, an 59 West 19th st. S'adresser podr Ihiix jours, do 9 lu-ures a nihil oil ile 8 a 8 do soir. UNK PEItSONNK KitANl'AISE, AYANT L'HABITUDE de smgner lea enlants, desire rait se placer dans une 'amllle Kile est munle dv lionnes reeommandallons, ayant tie--pl i-ieiirs annces dans la m-ine maisou. Une p-ace nour i'Euiopc scrait preleree. B'adressci an 199 Wei; 33d dreet. UNE PILLE PRANCAISE DEATHS SE PLACER comme femine de ehainbre on pour soiguer nr. emant in d-in; elle salt eoudre ct eollTer. Kile pcut fournlr dc nmne* reeommandalloiis. S'a-lresser an 18 Thompson st. FINANCIAL.. CAPITAL IN IRON WORKS WANTBD. ABOUT #13,dm wanted, in an Iron works near the city, lor wlueh an interest in the busine-s will be given. Addicts box Ml Post odlee. Department op pinance, comptrollers of. He, April II, 1S6A?Notice for redumption oi property old for unpaid sss.'ssiiienis. fur op- mug. wideD-ng and cxlending airerts and avenues. PublTr n-iUoe Is hereby given to the owners, occupant*, or persons otherwise interested therein, lliut the detailed statement of property Sold In December, 19(|l|, for unpaid assess ii.. nnet, m pttbl.ahed In the .New York Dally Tribune, nu IkicMlay* ami Krldayanf riw-li w.-rk, dencriblni; the pr operty to nolil, an<l lue time a hen the runv mint he redeemed; Id default wl wblcb, l?an* will mened therefor I*. !1. KlNKUsLAND, Clerk of Arrearf. WANTED?ItROOKJLYN CITY AND NEWTOWN RAII.road Stock and Honda. Addre** K. L A., boi Ivu lie ruld oBee ?10 /Ul(t WANTED-ON IIOND AND MORTQAUM, ?1pJ.^ .UU'" ill 7 wiroenl, un |nnp<-rly worib do ibin that IImount, olismtinn of four three eioiy buck bonne* mid ion in Wio.l TnenUelli tliret, between Sixth and Rcvenih a-* nnea; well liianred, and Ihu puliek-a will lie naalcrieo. AiiDiy to JOHN I'll YKB, ?WmI Twentieth etreet. ADC (WUV-TO DOAN ON HOND AND MOKTUAOE ?J)tJ?J.UUv/ Ml piudiiotlfe real Aetata In tblk uly or Hiuoklyn. In one. or inula Mini*, ami lor one or morevenr*. Apply, In Hie nNli-e of the Peop'e'e Klre In*u>uin;c Coninauy. toToNII K. CONHKV, No MWallatreet _M?A!? OFKK ICH. TT?' HEKBCKKR NITtKKI'.-TIIK HIGHEST OA?H price ailv ineed i.n Dlarnotjdi, Wmehe*, Jewelry, I'i.inon, Dll, bo^iia. All N B. ? IVvi lib. niter* tl ' el* liinmiu'. II. N KWTON, 77 111 eo' . r fiireet, up stair.-1 it ks r A.UKA rr.t, TJACON AND HKEEiA l'Oil DINNER T iinv".1) "HH.'k your fork hi ihnf il, tviup yum |,v. ? round til. rti'Ui, .11.1 > o I'll *ay 111 Toe no .tl-li Ik in un.l yne iH, ' Nam Howell. Dttniup'* Ale KIOII \iIDnOa , i A ? m it, CO Munich lane, < oraer oi Wdliaia ?ir?e? ! SHEET. HKEiP WANTED? PKNALE*. \T MRS I.OWR'S <:OMFORT ABLE ANI> ELEGANT oil. < , 17 Mantou street, in ar I'm U-j w iy, ph-uly "I eellent situaii ms ready, in respectable, small families, for :i I eia-ses nf r> liable female servanis, to be obtained Inlinetiuteiy \X TIIE LARUE INSTITUTE OK OUOD SERVANTS. < > rn> r of tLb rv. and 11th st., Is a ttood Selection of clrll, cu. a1 le wn.iii u?tier. nan. End Isli, S olrb, Irish, Ami'r fan auJ 1'r tosin: ts?lu auii all. Cot.dncicd by Ml* FLOYD. 11m 1 place. al? ays ready. \ T THE BE WANT S IN STITUTE, 149 OR\.\D -TREED Wanted, tir a-s coo... uis i took*. washer- uint lreuers; .. : rst e a-s 1 mi p ss; rliambf rmaitlg ami lvalue ses;:. number of nice gul-. lot' ho te.vor..; suiali g.t'is aui n i'U a. Iy laudi d. 1 LL EMPLOYERS AND (lOOD SERVANTS WILL .' A and tie an tcttca.iv odlce in Wis i .tv, by up, lying a' 3 i h ave m. near Twenty-third Mi ret; tm - Em, iic i Ity Institute, vD. ?i.n.lisb, liih'i, 8,olc. , French. Herman and emoted, Male and female help always nil hand. A T BOOh'IlAM .t BEDELL 8 NEW AND SPACIOi'K J\ oll.te . 3ui ami 3 '.l Fourth avenue, employers will always Inn! a nirgc aud wil seie led it i m ill of tlrstilass Bert aii!", rnd experienced servants can tliei eohta n the most ic-pC' tanlu, p r.iuiii ii. and dcs.rabl" ...l'uoiis. CTOi WANTED?THIS DAY; MUST HE well ue J ?:<>mien le I and a nod rook assist to and Iron ami tskt ai of lower hull and .loop; four in family; dinner at 6, Sunday and every da : k<epbuitwo etrls, with laun dress toe me in and he.p w.i-h and iron. Wares 49. Apply for d:iv ia ems a til7 bib uv., trum 10 to llo clock. C1UOK WANTED ?A COMPETENT 0 )OK, WILLING ) tea a. lu was..lag ami lltiuui-' City reference, renin red. A pi lv m J.I Westaitli striv-l. ' en III Hi J ii'iv Dressmaker wanted?at ui6 broau.vav. one who iiudt iB'un Is cutting and lilting by measure. An apprenti' c wanted. TAl'NDRKSS WANTED?TO TAKE I'IIARHE ON /. A laundry , one arcisionied to do Fivurh inning and fancy work; iiot'd not a p'...'unless with the best of lefereuce. Apply ..I the Mai son Doree, 13 East lttli St. 1 A UN DRY.?W ANTED, A FEW lilRLS WHO PERIJ feetly iindt rs'and Ironing new shirts, wore and on-torn; al i a i,oo i s.areher. T>such as will suit goad wages and st inly employment will be given, at 84 Murray st., corner ot Or -eti.vli h at. J AIDES IN BROOKLYN AND THE COUNTRY CAN J th- aiii senao.s, as usual, of a very superior class and of every deserit lion, at ih old cs.ah! shed a reney 10 TilLi ry si, Brooklyn. K. 1*. CUKISTOPUEK, sole proprietor. Slate Manning A Co.) ATURSES WANTED ?FOUR EXPERIENCED NURSES 1 4 am. s -uuistrcsse, lor tlrm elas. private families. They must b Pn dentil a is. ami have the best r-ftTcnccn. One will be r jt.ired to ojieraie on Wheeler .v Wil-ou's sewing nut' hine. Aop y Inirnediaiely at BOOK1IAM A BEDELL'S, 357 ami 30J 4t!i av. OF. WANTS IN BR lOKLYN PLEASE NOTICE.?I 0 nu\" abundance ol places every day, in the very best families in ItitHiklyn, ill the highest wag s; larg number* of la llpf.ii" dining every u?y, waning servants 01 every de ;.-i*i|itl<<n: lump and hop for yourselves. Apply to Mr. 011 111 STOPHER, 10 Tiilury St., Brooklyn, late Manning 4 Co. SERVANT'S will l'LEASE TAKE NOTICE THAT if} t.iey ran lie suit- >1 wit , tlie best of situations in oily or po ultry, ui the old astiolWhed Oilier. 273 Bowery, near Hons on street. Twenty-live girls were engaged out of th.s uilioo yesterday. . WANTED?CHILDREN'S FANCY STRAW HAT TRIM11101*8 wanted ut F. II. Biglow's, No. 133 Fultin .St., Hrooklyu. \\TANTED? AN EXPERIENCED COOK, TO GO TO VV .lio country; one who ran bring recommendation* for neatness and capability. Anil. bitweeu Hi hour-, of 11 and 10 i.n Tuesnny u-onilM. at S.. i>0 East 17th st. WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY GIRL. TO HO THE GENcnvl housework of a small family. Call ut 44 Smith si., Brooklyn, on Tuesduy or Wednesday, between tin hours 01 12 to J o cloak. WANTED-SIX FIRST CLASS MILLINERS AND TWO go ,d iriuimers; steady employment una good wages _i .cn. Noue bat good hands need upply to Mrs. Opic, 114>j Bowery. WANTED?A YOUNG GIRL. AS WAITRESS AND TO make herselt generally useful. None need apply Wltliout good city ri ferenee a. 3d East lTt.i st. \\T ANTED?Afi WET NURSE, A STRONG AND Y V healthy woman. App.y at Xi West 13th street, alter 2 o*cloek 1'. SL W'ANTED?A SMART GIRL TO DO GENERAL housework in a rue hunt's lanilly; will have to keep live looms ui urdir; must be kind to children. Apply at lot 2d av , top Dour. W' ANTED-A FIRST GLASS MILLINER AND TRIMf V uier. The lies'- wages will ta puin to one who understands the business. Apply immediately at 27 Scherinerhorn struct, Ureoslyu. Wanted?a good girl for general house. work; one who Is smart and understands her bumtv ss; rhe must be a good v. a her and ir.uier, and understand looking; none neon apply without a good reference. Applyin Clause 11 av., second door south ol Uu;csuv., Brooklyn. WET NI'US 10 WANTED-A RESPECTABLE HE \LT1IY woman, wilu a full fresh breast of milk, bavmg a babe a moil h or six weeks o.d. Good reference rei[uire<t. Apply at Ormund place, second door from Fulton av., Brooklyn. WANTED?A YOUNG ( Illl. TO DO GENERAL HOUSE work. Impure .11 No. dd Woe; 41th at., between liih am! Gth uvs. WANTMI-TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE IN THE country, a girl to rook, wash and noi: the must be a good plum eo ik, willing and of a good disposition, and mum come well recommended. Apply between II and 12 o'c.ock, at No. IG E istlplili si. WANTED?A (SIRE TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK. M est be a coo.I washer and irouer, mid .Mllluglogoa abort (ildeliot in the country. Wa?ts Apply at jW Clinton street, Brooklyn. TITANTED?A YOUNG GIRL TO GO TO STATES TT l -land (German preferred),-to take charge of a little girl. S ic most know bow to sew mid embroider. Apply at 2SS lib St., from y to jl A. JI. Wag s $ >. VITANTED?A (SIRL FOll GENERAL HOUSEWORK VV .Musi have good illy reference. Apply at lb bi. Luke's place, L moy St. TIT ANTED?A GERMAN GIRL, TO COOK, WASH AND TT iron in a small private family. Apply at 322 ml av., between 20tii and 21st sis. ir-ANTED?A SMART, TIDY GIRL. TO DO THE TT liouaework ol a small mnuly. Must Coine well reeonimended. Impure from 11 tlil 2, I. ixtngton av., between 44th ami 451 b sts. WANTED?A PROTESTANT GIRL, FROM THIRTEEN to lifteeti years olii, 10 help with the wo: It and lake care 01 a child, three .11 family; wages ?>2 per inoitih; good relcrenco required Apply at 70S Washington snot. WANTED- A COMPETENT GIRL TO TAKE OARE OF children and ui assi-t in l.oasework. Apply at No. 7 Washington terrace, Hobo ken. , TXT ANTED?A CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS, TT cook, 1.undress, nur. e and seane-trees, and a young woman to do chainberwork and tine wanning and ironing. Apply at N >. 7 11th St., between Broadway and Un.versity", iroiu U to 4 o'clock. THE TRADER. A YOUNG MARRIED MAN WISHES A SITUATION IS vegetable gardener, is accnatomed To all kinds of Work, horses, ac. ; wll. lake small wage* in a steady place. Cali for two days at S78 llioadway, lit the plant store. A WATCHMAKER WANTS A SITUATION.?II AN American; has had twenty-five years' experience; can fu. uisb good reference froui last employer; is willing to go out of town. Ad truss lor Iwo days II. K. A., box Id!) Herald oiliee. AXACHZN18T WANTED-TO GO A SHORT Distance 111 the country. 10 take charge of the metal portion ot the machinery ol a factory and 'o execute tue rc| airs of the same; must understand blaeksmithlng. To a good I? ,1., 1,.....1 u.111 l?. i-iunnlnul 1. *1 HA nee dsu the vein r A man of family preferred, to whom a good house in id garden will bo fui ntsiied at a nominal rent. Address Henry, Herald olllce, BROOKLYN.?HOUSE PAINTERS WANTED, at a. Buiigari 8, 37 llnmiiton uveuue, So lib Brooklyn. FILESXITUI WANTED?ONE DOUBLE BAWD EoR. g. r, ouc bustard, one rasp, one mill saw tile cutter. Aiko two laii.-r saw nle c niters. Apply a; the Star File Work*, Tenth <-L, Williamsburg. or at No. 4 Llbertv ?i.. New York. THO*. r. OEBEE. T)li;mi?er wanted-a competent mechanic. J at tk> Urnnd Bt., \\ ildsmsburg. Call between 12 ami 1 ii at I II. .1 U 11. Iloolon'a. PAINTERS.?JOURNEYMEN PAINTERS WANTED, Una (Tuesday; morning, at 490 Broome at., near broadway, To millers.?wanted, a situation as miller. in town or country, bv an experienced man, has relerence. Address M , box 217 Herald oillte. TO DENTISTS -WANTED AN ASSISTANT DENTIST Apply to Dr. Mmerlin, All Nlntti avenue, at 8 P. M. TRL'NKMAKERS WANTED?MUST HE OOOD WORK-' men and oi sober steady habits. None others need apply at 222 Sib av. UPHOLSTERER WANTED-ONE WHO UNDER stands all branches of the business. Apply Immediately at :m 4th ar. WANTED IMMEDIATELV-A THOROUGH PRACTIcal distiller of cor llalsaud syrups. A person possesss Ing a full knowledge of the business In all its bram he. can obtain a valuable situation, with ample remuneration, by Immediately addressing A. B. c., box 111! Herald otlke, stating when and where an interview may be b ol. WANTKU-AM UPHOLSTERER; ONE WHO can vv wy car|s'ts and oilelouis and hang shades. None but a sober, honest man n^ed apply, with reference, to William Birri, 1-0 Fulton av., Brooklyn. II "ANTED?A HASI1 AND BLIND MAKER. CALL FOR If two days at Erie Hotel, comer ol Washington stnet Hid Jay, m 7 o ' lock, I'. M. Vt El.i.S WANTED-A PAPER HANGER. NONE BUT good workmen uoeil apply. A. HE ADDER, .191 (Jrand at. WANTED?PERSONS TO LEARN A BEAUTIFUL iimnncM, winch can tw uractlaed m home, and will en. aula isirsoin1 lo ni*?e glo to ?*? per wank Taught yor> rut ooahie by Dr R L ?? A H n, W1 Grand at. WANTEII-AN AHHIHTANT FOREWOMAN FOR THE cloak drpai tniuni. A lady ol a.nMy ami eipcrienen will Is; Imerahy dealt w ibt none need apply lint Uiuan liav. inn evp rlenee In a llrat claw ciiy bmisc. apply Iwiwc-n 8 and U A. M. and # loO P. M. ,td W R Roberta, l&l Bowery. \Vr ANTED?ONE LtTII.R HAND AND ONE Vlt'E TY hand. Noil" b it steady workmen need apply at Alt Waters!. _ \ir ANTBO-A CABINET MAKER KoK JOBBING AND Vf new wn-Jr. None mil a ; rat rut - need apply li H.ih rt Unfile, 1.1ft Woo-lor St. Old furniture mai.o lo i I yHWl its tie . MATUlilIUNlAU i I WEALTHY HERMAN GENTLEM \N WI8HF-I TO it hiivouin scipinlnnM wit.i a your.. Am nun lav, of tail in; prep i' e ,n ap|s a: a n e. witn a I 11<r* vhjtY lo niri- i nn.tij ; : .I infnr i a Ion Will be stif lly euotid iiti 8. A dieu 1 lot lo ir .uy.. Hcn< man, ?| illon A Hpriitg sii'i ri r.wt mine. I HELP WANTED?MALEIa ' * gent-ip you wish to INVEST jv a small capital in a i' BUSINESS " Examine lLie uieriUof LUU multowckoo.v, t Ca.l and see it, or -end lor a circular. S. c. BJCKAKDS * CO., 101! Nassau street. N Y. Agents.?"strike while the ikon is hot." You cau tna <i $H a dsv l y selling ti e LIME I'ANi'ROBPHOSIl M I'KUK PACKAGE, Pr 10 c at , Comaii inn sixcu n?v. an t mi pun! articles, iuciu<Un2 V OIKT O ' JEWELRY. If you would mux money now, -cu. fur a circular. W. II. catkly .a co., 102 Nassau Hireet> Agents can realize more profit hykkllinc KiCKAHU'n UNION I' 1 K STATIONERY ANI> BINI 'r! PACKAGE Thau bv ,.uy ot icr nive.-i i.i nt. _ . OUB PACKAGE IS IN /''CI DEMAND THAT AGENTS EASILY MAKE ! KO t Sid TO SIS A L.lY. CTItcr LA IIS MAILED FREE. B. c. kickauijb A co., 102 Nassau street / \nFSTR WANTED?IN STRUT STATE OF Till! J V. Uuion, to *i 11 Dndin's Patent Kerosene Oil Burner loi Hind lamps. lias no roupeiitinn. Sample Html on receipt oj I'nur red stamps. Addles* JostioU Lodin, 22 Lunue hi., Nevi York. VBOY WANTED?HE Ml'ST BE SMALL OF Hltf uyc and very InleUi.ont; a suitable one will yet lirsl rate wares and steady enip.oymeut: dutii s lixnt. Apply al iU8 and .MIS Broadway, room No. <>, up a;airs. Bi tter and cheese.?salesman wanted, in a wlioleaalu roniin iflon liniiHi : must thuroii. lily ui d r stand q lullties, and bo acquainted wltli retailers and ainp' pern; salary Andreas C., box 1119 Herald office, witb lafaionse , Boy wanted?in an enolish cutlery ware louse; must reside wuu Ins p.ueuts and give the best of relenun ; ace from IS m 18. Address .u baudwriltngi W living, MS3,226Po?l Offlee. TJOY WANTED?TO MAKE HIMSELF USEFUL Al |j Mi.K'y Ale Kstabllthmeiit, 635 Broadway. Apply be< twrrU 'J and 10 o'clock A. M. Dun: CI.HRK WANTED?ONE WHO 18 WELL AC* quainled with the r-tall trade. No other need apply al 050 Greenwich, ooineryf Burrow st. 1}ORTER W ANTED?IN A WOODEN WARE STOKE' J one ttrapiti.iiie: wit;, the business preferred. Apply thla txflftthli, at 109 Washington street. WANTED?A COMPETENT WAITER, TO TAKE cliatvc of a ladlo.V icst.iurant and ire cream saloon* must come well recommended and give seouiity to ths amount oi' $190 to $200; go .d wagon and permanent stlua tlon. Address, with real name, Situation, Herald ofltae. V\TANTED?IN A PHOTOGRAPHIC GALI.ERY, AN VV active young man ul gentlemauly appcaraitcu, who hut the. requirou taste and experience in giving positions. Address, with particulars, 0. T., box 155 lleraid odice, lor two days. W'ANTED IMMEDIATELY?THREE SALESMEN, IN .he hat,1 ap and straw go tda jobbing business. Apply at 161 llroa d way. ' WANTED?BRICKLAYERS, I'.VRPENlPERS AND LA* borere. 1- irst rate m enuiiics t/iu; obtain steady em' ploynietit, at good wages, hy applying immediately to Joller* sun E. V.'i llams. arhitcd and oiilld'-r, at the new fculld? ings, corner ot President and Hicks sis,, lirouklyn, WANTED?A YOUNG HAN, IN A DRY GOODS commission house, as llglil porter. One who resides in Brooklyn preferred. War- h mo er.tte. Best of eityrefe* relic ts retiuirod. Addres- N w Vur-? Post ollice, box 3.290. 'Y\TANTED?SIN MEN 1 OK STEAMERS, ONE STEW' ?? arilcss, three Porters, two Conductors, two 11 rake men' two hoys lor trades, one Entry Clerk, a cieik for a steamer, a time keep, r for a machine shop?wages $10 per week?one Barkte] or, on' Ap,ily at No. 7 square, WANTED?IN A RESTAURANT, A FIREMAN; A SINglo. loan; wages $16 p.-r mouth; none need apply unless they understand their business parted y. Apply at 123 West street. WANTED-AN ACTIVE, INTELLIGENT AMERICAN la i, 15 or 10 years or age, to attend an ofllee and go upon errands. He must reside with his parents and come well recommended. Preference will he given to a resident o. the S?v. inli ward. SaLny $101 par year, payable weekly. Apply from o till 10 at 252 tsoutu st. TIT"ANTED?AT NO. 11 COLLEGE PLACE, CORNER 11 Mm ray street, good waibrs; none others need apply V\-.VNTED-A COMPETENT WAITER, AT LEGGEtT 8 It oitiltig saloon, 12 Chaitiam st. WANTED?FOE A SMALL. HOTEL IN THE COUNtiv, a young n an ;.s bartender; the fare wi.l be paid, ami reasonable wages. Al o a smart boy for a liquor more in this ciiy. Apply ;it 378 Sixth uveuue, near Tweniy-tbird street. VITANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO TAKE CHARGE OF A it butcher '? shop; must lie thoroughly acquainted witb tbobunin ms an 1 have nrst class references us to honesty, Ac. Apply at No. 1 avenue D. WANTED?A YOUNG MAN IN A GROCER? STORE; one well acquainted auh the business; also one u porter. Apply at bt Hammond ?t. WANTED?A UOOD SMART WAITER. IN A DINING " saloon, uon i but tlu>se wno unilcistand the u.isint'sa need npplv. Inquire to S. Cro >k A Co., 1U Fulton market. WANTED-AT VAN DYKE'S HOTEL, CATHARINE it slip. two or three good waiters an.l a sma.l boy te wipe spr ing; those acquaints 1 with chicks. Nunc otnerg uu al ui ply. WANTKD-AT A COUNTRY RESIDENCE, NEAR. Vt ling city, a Single in in, accustomed to driving and tiie e ire of nurses, making and terming work in general. Good reeoinuieinla.ions req tired. Apply alter it) o'clock at 67 Wsll St., second story. UT ANTED?A OQHOREB MAN, To WORK EVENings, Apply to L. J nneg, corner of Broadway ami 23d st., in the restaurant. V ANTED.-RESPECTABLE PARTIES DESIRING \V meroudie situationssic mid apply at Hini MtifnMntf Clerks'Registry and Advertising olhc.:, 1111 Kill.on s.ieet, Reference to nrst elas. houses. Established 1S51. Conducttd oa a new and ail . anui,eons principle. Apple ants by mull must euclos.' a slump. TTTANTED?A BOY ABOUT FOURTEEN YEAKR OF ' V V age. Apply after U A. M. to H. II. Clapp A Co., 87 and 69 Catherine si. UrANTED-A BOY TO ATTEND HAR. aptly at 68 Oliver st. tuls day. C l/? A MONTH AND EXPENSES.?MALE AND FEqp'xU male agents wanted, local and travelling, In ev. ry county in the United St ates an 1 Canada. Call on o. address, with stamps, C. M. Brown, 71 illeecker st., New York. For Other Wanls Sec First Page. HOUSES, ROOHS^ .?C., WAITED. A SE ON J) K LOO It, Oli APARTMENTS SUITABLE J\ lor houMkeeirtiig, for a small Ikmiif wiikouteklMniti la a quiet how ; u? tlowortldeof thecitv pjefirrml; ant imiMt not exceed $12a month; reference given. Address A, K. It., b OX 1SI7 Herald OfflCfc VLADY AND GENTLEMAN WOULD LIKE 10 HIKE a furnished or untuin sin-1 Ronound ltd room; l<vat.ou betwi en Twentieth .m l Tnirty-I- iirin streets. Br-ndwav mi l Eighth avenue. Addles , with lull particulars, II. C., 1 ox 1-0 Ilerald oillce. HOL.SK OKA FAR I'M K X i .s FOR HOUSEKEEPING, ON seeontl hour, wanted, east of sixth aveutii' and west of Third avenue, lietween Fourth and Twentieth streets; threo adults; no children. Keierencu given and required. AddresaRoom till .New lnlng Route. OFFICE WANTED?TO BB A FURNISHED ROOM. win- an entrance from -arret, and an ait joining npnrtm-nt L r b .room, also lorn hied. Ruth to he attended to, but Board not wanted. Address L. W. J., lleralu otlice. SPECIAL NOTICE.?\ STORE WANTED, IN A CEN iral miration in the city of Ncwura, N. J., by the 1st ol Angus: or S. ptember. Ad . s* iuuustry, Ueraid ufllue, with I-ar.ieniaiS -d' loeunou, Ac. OTUPY AND OKrlCK WANTED.?AN EPISCOPAL O 1 rgjmian Is desirous of hiring a tmnt Has-'ment Room in a (louse somewhere la-tw. n Lexington and Fourth avenues and Twenty-nintli and Thirty-second sirects; must he In a quiet and respectable building. Address immediately XtnUter, No. S Bible House. WANTED?TO RENT. IN A COUNTRY PLACE, ON the Hudson river, between 30 and 100 miles of New Y-.rk. a miiii 11 IP-use; one with i.ore preferred; suitable for the millinery and dressmaking business. Parties having the above to let will nleusc address L. P., Herald ollicc, staling terms and location. WANTED?A HOUSE AT THE SEASIDE, A SHORT Tv distance from New York, fur ni-tied or unl m nishcil, suitable for board-rs. A go -1, careful tenant may be sc. curr I oy addressing Mrs. 8. W., Post o Ucc, N. Y., or H3 Pul? ton avenue. Itro ikliu. WANTED?A SMALL STORE OR PART OF A STORE, for a business leqillrlng Utile r Kim, besides a show window. Address, stating terms, which must be low, box l.Ktil Cost Ottco. \imnted-a store scttabui for a butcher ? ? ahop, with a rcaaonabl" r nt. Any party hav.iig.>ucb, with or without IDlute*, ? II hil l <t cuatuitierj liy uddi t-KKii.g l'rtor, Oreenpoint I'oat ulUce, L I. WANTED?BY A MAN AND HIS WIKE, KOUK Oft tt.urooma lor In aek'cping; mnit bo in the Finlt ward, In a remmolable nelghixYnoud; runt mint bo low. Artrun box 102 Herald oil cc. Wanted?IN A pbivatb house, A SECOND Floor, auitablo for hoiihckeeplng, by a gcntl 'man and wife, nochlldrrn; In vicinity ot Jtroartway and Twenty tirat atreet; rant not to nn rd $;5d per annum, Including can. Addreaa K. O., no* ISO He,aid ufHee. Wanted to rent?im mediately, a fur. nlahed Cottage, In a pi i.i tut, heaUny location, n >t over one hour'a ride from the city (Jeraey preferred.) A1. dreaa L., mating term* and location, oUlct or U. Hay Hum, No. 4 Fine itreel. M U N IO Ala. AMAONIKIUENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSEWooD P|. anolorle fur Kale, elegantly carted leg* and ease,over, rtiung l?a?a, full Iron plaie, jin d with Matlnwuial; has all modern Improvement*; urid* to order, and hei u uaed a-vrn month*; cunt S um; will *ell it for $2j0, including atool and "over. Alan I'arlor Furniture at a aaerince. Inquire at 7U Worn Twenty *Uih mrret, near Sixth avenue. I A I,Ell ANT ROSEWOOD SEVEN OCTAVE FIANO<J forte for aalu?Ha? aplcn I Hi 'C oil leg*, r.ehly carved atae, irou fiuulii, gland act.on, incratiuug baae, round cor' uera, line elnol, cover, Ac.; eo?t $300. Apply at Twi n, lleth aireet, near Tlilrd avenue. Fric 41 to. M~ UBICAL.-A BEAUTIFUL I'lANOFORTE, ROSE. wood, seven netavc. etrvert l| a and lyre, patent damper, rationed lay*, Iron tiHmn, Ac. Ila* l*!*n m u*c only uvu montM, Muni be told at a lacrlftae. Apply at 200 Fourth et. r|VENOR HINDER WANTED- ()N_ST tTEN(ISLAND, IN 1 ail lipl*npai rinin n . ruti.|r u??.'-.., ?.w r ic'B morning and evening. Addresa bui 2,041 Fust .. .. _ _ M HIPFIMO. I 1IIEAI' I'ASHAUR Til ANI) PKOM LIVERPOOL JIT U tin- Vi..-? I??li 1' ' .-hip,J A MKS KlSTi K JR. sa ls on the lit ol M?(. Knr | ino aon nppi > ou jonrl, li ot Of Beekmmi s reel, or lo JAOOM 11*1 louth street. IAOR LIVERPOOL AND LOXOON-TAPSCOTTg LIMB. F nl>i|> KHAN' IS H ' i lll.MJ, l>n.g ui pier fl) Ktul I in r. 'HI.S lor Livri PO". Mm X Ship AilltlA I'll,', al on I I . K'"' river, sni ? i"i n , ,i M*y 8. : or iwiiotLti 141 '4,* rslfpppl) to TAl'StHI 1 .? i 0 ,j# tioutu (truth

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