Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 29, 1862, Page 9

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 29, 1862 Page 9
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, T Ojf^JK'lJAXi JBST AT?# ] jVrinoB 8MAX.L FARM OR COUNTRY NEAT TO BE fl. sold for 92,790; all new buildings, adeeming the city limit* of Bingham pton overlooking the city, riven, railroad*. Ac. Call and see photographs. ^7 . J. W. BARTLETT, owner, 47S Broadway. N. Y. AT HUDSON. N. Y. 102 acres or excellent Land, and good improvements, , cheep far cash or exc hange. ^ IRELAND A WEBB., 81 Cedar *treet. A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SEAT, 72 ACRES, WATER front, 12 miles in New Jersey, $9,000; 200 acres near Sing Sing, $9,000 ; 90 acres, uuarter of a mile from depot, in Roekland county, $7,000; 27 do., $2,000. Oood buildings, ahoice fruits, Ac., on each. Farms of all prices and locations. Parties wishing to buy, sell or exchange will please call on or address W. H. MELICK, 407 Broadway. Farms of all varieties, locations and prices, near depots, villages, sc.; convenient to the city. Several Country Seats and Residences, and some < iiy Residences for sale, ut bargains, or to exchange, ou the most liberal and easy terms. southwicg A wood, 82 Nassau street. Farm of 192 acres, fifty-five miles on lono Island, for sale or exchange for property lightly encumbered; two apple orchards, 12llacies under cultivation, tbo remainder wood; tiee and clear of encumbrance. Apply to P. ZEOLtO. 12 Centre slice!. For sale?at a great sacrifice, and on the most liberal terms, one of the Uncst Farms and Besimanat u" 'lie Hudson river, with a lovely view for miles, aujior*- 'he premises, choice fruit and shade trees in abundance, larg. and elegant double house, wide piazza, good outbuildings and fences, over two hundred acres of land in u high stale of cultivation, and, in fact, iu every reaped one of the most desirable farms on the river; and there never was a better chance to make a good purchase of a farm, ou which can be cleared $5,00d annually, with a delightful borne In the bargain. Possession at once. Apply to ISA AC A. BIGGS. 73 Nassau street. rB SALE?AT SARATOGA SPRINGS, A VERY DE8Irable gentleman's Residence; bouse of brick, two story and basement, 43 feet square, with back Building. Lot USxl$$; well laid out; good garden and stable; in fine order. Apply to E. % LUDLOW ACQ., No. 3 Pine street. IpOM BALE?A SPLENDID FARM AND BUILDING f site, containing JUO acres, 30 acres woo J land, principally locust, on Eaton's Neck, 90 mile* from New York city, on Long Island count.; southerly, water front, oommauuing views of Bound and Bays; game, ft*b, oysters and clams in abundance; ettens re ciay and fire sand hanks. Ccmnuuication daily by steamboat and railroad to Northport. One half of the purchase money nan remain on bond and mortgage. Inquire of H. K. LEWIS, 24 Fulton street, Brooklyn, or E. SOBER, Northport, L. I. ljior SALE-FOR PART CASH, BALANCE IN CITY I? property, a Farm of 50acres; good building, Ac.; one of <i9s acres, near an inland city In tilts Siaf, both clear. F, D. RICHARDSON A Co.. 82 and 84 Nassau street. For sale?a model house, brown stone, full size, with all the modern Improvements combined, just finished; one u.' the best locations; built expressly for -the owner's use b; days'work, and will be sold extremely low. For further oarliculars inquire of CHARLES r'OX, 31 East Thirty-eighth street. FOR SALE OB EXCHANGE-A FARM OF sixty acres, one of i'J, one of 99, with good buildings and ifrult, in New Jerac , for cash; one of 53 acres, with stook, Ac. Apply to P. ZE1LIO, 12 Centre street. FOR SALE OR TO LET?A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE AND three acres of ;.and; all modern Improvements; well atocked with l'rult am. ornamental trees; neighborhood lirst class; within forty in nutes of the city by railroad every hour. Terms easy. Inquire of 11. HOAG, 75 fine street. T EASEHOLD PROPERTY ON VANDAM STREET FOR JLi sale.?No. 27 Vanuatu stieet (two story and attic brick Houae), near Macdougui atreet. For price and terms apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. mo EXCHANGE?Foil AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS X or goods, a Farm ol 12u acres, two miles north oi Battle greek, Michigan, with good buildings. Ac.; also one of 114 acres. In Oniario coun v, this State, sixty acres fine timber, both improved. Address R. U. L., box 122 Herald office. COPAHTN ERSHIP NOTICES. PARTNER WANTED.?WOO TO $1,200 CA8II-IN A cash business, well; no bonus required; money perfectly secured; references, Ac., given; other chances pea. IRELAND, HINCKLEY A CO., 63 Nassau street. H7"ANTED?A PARTNER. WITH *2.000. TO HELP TT work a patent article now in great'demand, tt is a I ready money business. No ageut need apply. Address or appv to the Inventor, 3. C. ChainherUin, corner oi DeKalb avenue and Byeraon etieet, Brooklyn, L. I. WANTED?A PARTNER, WITH A SMALL CAPITAL, to eugage in the manufacture and boitleing of Saraapanartlla, Root Beer, Mean and Bitters. Must be well acquaintad in the elty. Address 488% Second avenue. ?1 KA -PARTNER WANTED, IMMEDIATELY (AN ipllll/, honest, enterprising and reliable man), in a , popular and respectaole money making business. Profits divided daily. Call as 183 East Broadway, near Canal street drat floor, back parlor. ' B. STRONG. ?qnn ?A NAN WANTED TO PURCHASE THE INJouU. tereat of a retiring partner in an old established Bar and Restaurant, established for the past twenty years, and now doing a first ci tss business; cheap rent and favorable lease. Apply to T. <1. STEPHENS, on the premises, 383 Canal street, opposite West Broadway. *QAA ?PARTNER WANTED, IN A BUSINESS 81X<POuU. teen years established; one who has a good knowledge of business. Call at 149 Grand street. *Onn ~AN ACTIVK PARTNER WANTED, IN A ipOUU. good paying popular business. A respectable man, with business qualifications, can meet with an unexceptionable good chance to make money fast. W. MA1TLAND A CO., 104 Broadway. *K(\(\ ?THE ADVERTISER WOULD CONTRIBUTE spUUl/a this amount una his serv ices in some tirst class cash business. Has been many years principal, and is caribis to fill any position. Address, giving real name and usiness, Jobber, Herald ofllce. ACAA CASH A.?D ACTIVE PARTNER WANTED qluv" In au esiaalished, pleasant and profitable ofiico business; the nxr-nses are light and the business remunerative, and can bo greatly extended. Kor particulars ad dress C !u. Oliver. 51 Liberty street. d>Q/kf| OR $1,000.? A YOUNG MAN WITH THE ABOVE qpOUV/ amount wishes to connect himself wltli some eatablisbedjhouse in the Produce Business. Address W. W., ueraia onior. 4?1 AAA TO INVEST IN SOME SAFE, PAYING BU vltVUv sines*. manufacturing or otherwise, or would accept a situation hi a small salary; references given if required. Address M. B.. Herald office, staling business, Ac. ?1 OK ft -AN ACTIVE PARTNER WANTED. IN A pl.All'U. business that will )?iy ut least 92,000 during each summer season without risk; .< rare chance for a >afo investment la busiaess. For particular* call at A3 Pla? street, room No. 8. ?"l TO $3,000.?A PARTNER WANTED WITH ^PXsArVVf thiaamouat, In the wholesale Liquor and Commission bualneaa down town; to lake entire charge of the books and cash ; a young man preferred; the beat of references given and required. Address B? box 1,753 Post oilloe. N. V. _ q?0 Kftft -PARTNER WANTED, IN THE MOST apleudld paying business in New York. To anf man of ordinary ability this presents the greatest held to make a fortune ever offered. Inquire at SOS and SOS Bro id eray, room No. 0, up stair*. O ft A A -A PARTNER WITH THIS AMOUNT ql'U.t/Uu. wanted, either silent or active, in a very safe, respectable and lucrative bualneaa. Only persona ot Integrity need answer J. T., Herald office. 9 *nn ?PARTNER W ANTE D, TO TAKE THE A.tlUU. management ot a light business. Sales I or MOO can be effected the lirat year; prohts 100 per cent, e association is with a firs' class city llrin. W. MAITLAND Jt CO.. 100 Broadway. $?J AAA -WANTED IN THE MANUKACTLKP. OK U.t/UU, an improved article of general use, secured by patent. Call and sue the article, at 121 Nassau street. Pi. y., from 9 to 12 o'clock, room No. 5. The li rms offered will pay a mply and sately. q AAA ?a gentleman, who has this hum ipO.VvUv/. to Invest, desires a partner in auy roper'alite paying business. Address, with particulars, Capital, box B. B-. station O. New York. felftftftft?A PARTNER WANTED, TO .JOIN A q)iWUU. man with this amount, to purchase a bualneaa that has paid $12,UUl> the last year and wlU pay double that sum if times improve. Address Hardware, Herald office. ~ DRY GOODS. At macy's. SPECIALITIES. Jt. H. MAOV, Nos. 2IH and 206 Sixth avenue, two doors below Fourteenth llrmit ">8 NOW OPENING. SPECIALITIES. In addition to our aidnndld m<> -k of PLAIN AND FANCY IIAT RIBBONS, ,100 cartoon* of all till- desirable shade* of BLUB, ORKEN, A/.CLINK. FU8C1IIA, 4c., In wide ami narrow ribbons. 100 cartoona splendid quality FANCY HAT RIBBON8. Closing at la., la 6d., 2*., 3?. and 4a a yard. SPKCI \LITIEtf. In addition to our usual stock of EMBROIDERIES, we BUI open 1,000 INFANTS' EMBROIDERED DRESSE8, From $1 to (Id. 1,000 INFANTS' NEEDLE WORKKD FROCK BODIES, From !la. to (3. From auction vary cheap, linn VftC lie. Worked Cn'.hira ln?n' aliancl 2a 2,000 Needlu-work.d Collar* (new ibaptt), 2?. 6<l. 2,000 tieedle.worked Collat* (new *hapo), 3*. Pull atoclt of linn Cambric Uan<|< (needle-worked). Meedle-wotked Catuhriu Kloum mgs. Inserting*, Rising*, Ac., Ac., very Inw. A Una Im of "Ladles'Embroidered llanrtkerctlefa, tuckrd and hnmanlched ilandkercblria, Mourning Handkerchiefs, at very low prloes. SPECIALITIES Cloning or nil our real Puahar Lara Mantlllaa Pnnber Lace Hbawla, Puahar Lace Cantrea, Pusher Lace Flouuclugn. at lean than half tba coal ot Importation. Alao a Una atock of Thread and Pusher Laca Valla, Pelerine Capaa, Bar be a, Coiffures, Polut Laca Collara, Ac., Ac., at vary low pricaa. SPECIALITIES. Received by the las- steamer from Europe fTery ahadn of Ino Urenadlne Veila, Uremtdine*, Tiannna and Veil Barege*. Ladle* will llnd our atoca lull of the most deatrable tiuoda m the markot, In every department, at vrry low price* R. H. macv MM and 106 Sixth avenue, two doora below fourteenth atrcet. THB RKBKLLIOS. SILK AND BUNTINO PLAUS, ALL SIZP.8, ON HAND 3 for eale; aleo Mounting*. Trlmiultiga, Eagles, 'falls, Spear Haada, Ac. Ornamental Painting and Embrolleritigon allk. HOJKR A OBAIIAM , 97 Ouane atrert. UNITED STATES NAVAL RENDEZVOUS, NEW TURK; Headquarters No. 9 Cherry street, r SB South atreet; the only United States Naval Rendezvous in thiarlty. Wanted, Landauien, beamen and Ordinary Seamen, to ahlp or three yeara or during the war. Apply Immediately, as above ZXTANTED-A StjUAD OP PROM SIX TO PIFTEKN VT men, ,to Join the Fifty-ninth regiment, located near Washington, for which a lair price will he paid. Apply at IK Broadway, room 17. W|AIBOAT?. ~ "TjlOll KICYPOHT, I.AM.Im; AT K)KT II A Mil.TON.JC The aie.imooal REYPORT will leave Robinson *1 root pier daily (Sunday* eiccpted;, at 1 o'clock P. M., and Keyport at lyi w Uock A. M. NEW ro ROOXI. JKC., TO IiWI^ A GOOD CHANCE-TO LET, A MEAT THREE STORY Houac, containing twelve ruum(, now filled with a good clan* of bo.irder-; and Furniture, utmost new, for aale at a aacrlflce; ill healih lathe aole cauao for selling. fur particular a inquire at aa Market atreet. A HAN DSC MM PAKLOR AND BKDUOOM TO LET.? Suitable lor a doctor'a odlce, dentist, merchant tailor, or any other liitht business; almi. Furnished Koonia for genteel men, terma to ault the times. Mo. 115 Prince street, a few doors west ot Broadway. AT NEW BRIGHTON?A VILLA. FURNISHED OR UNfurn.shed, with modern improvements, on the Heights; line grounds, garden, carriage house, stable, Ac.; view unsurpassed; live minutes from the ferry. Apply to T. BOND, 132 Broadway. A SMALL THREE STORY HOUSE TO LET?FURDialled, to a gentleman and wife, anil the rent taken in Board by three grown persons. Breakfast and tea during tliu week and dinner on Sunday. House has all the modern improvements. Apply at 16 Cottage place, between Bleecker | and Houston streets. COUNTRY SEATS TO RENT BY E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street, near Blond way. I FURNISHED. - . New Brighton?Fine Country Seat.... - .$1,800 Weatehest'T?Adjoining Weat Farms..... *00 Bloomingdah?House and 22 acres 2,2.10 New Hamburg?Brick House, Stable, Ac I,li00 New Hamburg?Large House and 24 acres 1,600 Bedford, Westchestercouuty?Stone House,.... H00 Hastings?Stone Mansion 1,30) Tarrytown?Elegant Mansion 3.000 Castletown Heights?Fine House, with 12 acres........ 1,800 Yonksrs?26 ai res, with nice House 1,600 musiiuiu?rreuy nonage, with grounds 00' Westchester, near Williams' Bridge 2,4<iO Stamford, Conn?On Strawberry Hill tWl) Orange, N. J.?Fine large House, with 3'i acres 1,250 Vanderbllt Landing, H.I Houae. Ac ? At Cllttoo, 8l* ten Island?The elecunt Kesideuce formerly owned by Mr. W. H. Aapluwall 2,000 At Bookaway?Two Cottage* 30U-3A0 ' At Bergen Point, N. J.- With One view of the liny 1,000 I Slip, L. I.? Double Cottage and 5 acre* of Ground...,. 450 Eagle-wood?Brick English Cottage, for season 450 Astoria?Handsome Ilouae and 1,200 UN FURNISH F.D. Davenport Keck?Beautiful House and 7 acre*.......... 800 Mosliolu?Cottage, chateau style, wuu grounds. 500 Tarrytowr? Stoue Houae and 13 acrea .. t>00 Throgg's Neclt?Large Ilouae anil Harden 400 Alao many uibers luditfarenl locations. For full particular* apply to K. U. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3Pine atreet, near Broadway. COUNTRY HOUSES TO RENT-AT SUMMIT. N. J., one hour's ride from the. ciiy by Morrta and Essex Railroad, ten' walk from the depot. Four ucw houses, with stables, Ac., now Unlahed; each house supplied with Ice hottae, Itlled, arm other conveniences for a family; the whole enclosed iu a , /out of tiOO feet, nicely fenced, having besides the use of u park of 40 acres as pleasure ground. SOUTIIWICK A WOOD, 82 Nassau street, or ,J. RIEVA, 00 Exchange place. CCOUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?FOR THE SUMMER, J at Pelbain, Westchester county, one mile from depot, on New Haven Railroad, consisting of mansion house con wining thirteen rooms, with lawn, garden, and privilege in stable. For particular* apply at US West street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?VERY PLEASANTly located in New Jersey, oue hour irom city by cars, near depot. House modern; liirgr, roomy. and very convenient. Large tardea and yards attached, with well and els tern wat -r; rem $100. Apply to T. M. WILLIS, No. 05 Fulton street. COUNTRY RESIDENCE IN FLUSHING, FIVE minutes' walk from the depot; hulf the rent Will he taken for an elegant cottage, seven rooms, large garden and plenty of fruit. Apply ut No. 3 Cottage place, or or WILLElS a CARL, Flushing. COTTAGES TO LET OR FOR SALE?BEAUTIFULLY suuuted, near the salt water, and less than one hour from the city by rail; two well built, pretty frame and brick Cottages, with large gardens; will be let on reasonable terms. Apply at No. 75 Liberty street. English basement house, on ninth street, to rent.?Toe four story brown stone front House, 45 Ninth street, between Fifth and Sixth avenues. Apply to IS. II. LLUUIW A CO., No. 3 Fine street. IjfURNISHED HOUSE TO LET.?THE BROWN STONE ' front House No. 56 Kant Thirty-seventh street, for live or six months l'rom May 1; completely furnished, and will be rented low. Inquire on the premises, or address box 157 Herald office. Furnished house to rent.?tub enolish basement House No. 53 Ninth street, near Fifth ave- 1 nue, new and completely furnished, to rent for six or twelve mouths, to a private family only. For terms, Ac., address box 2,815 Post office. Can tie seen lrom 1 to 4 P. M, Furnished house in Brooklyn to let-no. 125 Faoitic street, near Clinton ; Iho house is three stories and attic, and haa water, Ac. in it; the furniture ia complete and of the Le?t quality; au extra lot goes with the house, laid out as a garden; it will be let to a private family only, for six or twelve months, at $800 per annum; former price $1,100. Apply on the premises. IjfURNISHED ROOM AND BEDROOM TO LET?WITH 1 everything necessary for housekeeping: terms only $12 permontn, Including gas; water in the rooms"; a good opportunity for loose tired of boarding; references exchanged. Apply at No. yd West Twenty-fifth street. First, second and third floors to let?in the new brown stone front house, 477 Second avenue, corner of Thirtieth street, replete with "very couvcnlence. Kent moderate. Apply to Mrs. WALTON, at 473. House to let?no. 102 twenty-second street, between Lexington and Third avenues; also No. 23U Twenty-eighth street, between Ninth and Tenth avenues, inquire of J. E. HERNANDEZ, No. 127 West Twenly-Hrst street. House to let?at harlem. with street and Sixth sveuue, at moderate rent, with every accommodation. Apply to Mr. FAKRELL, 152 Thompson street, or at 230 Washlngtou square, south. House no. 47 lispenard street, near broad. way, to let, at a iow rent. Apply to A. JOUitNEAY, 373 Broadway. Loin' to let.?the second floor of no. 113 Walker street, sixteen tret cast of Centre street, with or without st ain power; is well lighted and suitable for a ware room or won-snop. The building Is strong and covers the whole lot, 25x77 ft. Apply for particulars to J. i'LOOT, on the premises. Lofts to let at 390 pearl street, new york. Also, a Hotel at Far Rockaway, near the l'uviiiou, with ballroom, barroom ana-he 1, range in sheds, Ac. Apply to SAMUEL J. L. NORTON, corner of Eighth and Urand streem, Williamsburg, or ou the premises. Near pektii amboy, n. j.-to rent, furnished, at Kaglcswood, a commodious Engltsn Cottage. with seven um of ground, handsomely laid nut and well IruLcd. Rent $4i0 for ell mom ha, or $ClW per annum. Apply to E. H. LUDLOW A CO., No. 3 Pine street. PART OP OOOO HOUSE-NO. 139 WEST THIRTYsixth street, tu let to a email family; alao House 291 Koas stieet (key neit door), desirable residence lor genteel family, pric: $375. Apply to C. PART HI DUE, 229 Pearl at. STORE TO LET?NO 575 SECOND AVENUE; WILI. be put in line order; rent $300 per year. Also, Third Ploor of 7T& Sixth avenue, six rooms; rent $12 per month. Apply at 109 P .t rl street. CTKAM POWER TO LET.?IN HOWARD'S BUILDINGS, O 42. H, 40, 18 and 50 Ureene street, near ('anal street ami Broadway. One Room JuxS-V Rent low, and Immediate possession siren. Apply on the promisee. Stables to let-one has pour stalls, room tor tbreo cat itag-s. large hay loft, Ac.; small a'.able has three stalls on ground door, bar lolt, A.t.; would he let together or separate; rent moderate. No. 47 Atnlty street, near Bmudwity. SECOND STORY, CONSISTING OF PARLOR, kitchen, two bedrooms and large eloaet, of House No. 35, Broom- sucei; rent $16 per Apply on the premises. To let?the three story krit'k house no. 177 Oruhard street, cuntainiiig two parlors and tea mom, two basements, and auto three rooms on third floor, if required; gas and Crotun. Apply as above. TO LET?THE VERY DESIRABLE LOFTS, NOS. 214 and 235 Hroauwav, opposite tne Park. In quire upon the premises. TRACY. IRWIN A CO. TO LET?THE DWELLING PART OP HOUSE NO. .'>64 llroone etre t, eorner of Vsrick, consisting of night ' rooms, Willi good kit'ben and basement rooms, all in perfect order; rent very low. Apply to J. H. ARCll Kit, No. 50 Barclay street. TO LET?A NEW AND BEAUTIFUL GROCERY STORE. In a rich neighborhood, in Brooklyn; no other store near. Any on winning to make money, now Is their only chance, with a good trade and sure pay. Apply immediatelv to U. BAKER. 47 Pine Street, New York. mO LBT-THE LOWER PART OP HOUSE lot LAU- r .a. mil* mr u-uai 1? >, irnuinsse. * men), Closets, one or two Bedrooms, Ae.: nam and jjss, tine yard. Kent moderate. Inquire ou the premise*. , mo LET?THE FOLLOWING, AT ANN BAKU LOW ; X rents ? ,, 141 West 2*1 street, bl own Mono (tkD 174 Weal21*1 street, nuwly painted ... /IS) , 43 Greenwich avenue, four story and attic MX) ' 161 West 39m street, three story fiUl i 907 West 24th street, three story WX) 1 114 West did street, three story and attic MX) ' ill Hammond street, three story MX) ' 273 West I'Jili unit, three story 426 236 Hudson sired, two story and attic 423 I7ti West lltfth street, tliree story 4?X) ? 163 West 17th street, two story and attic..... MX) 2t)l West 101 h street, three story 430 I I'.l Hudson nlurn (34lh strr t), thr e story 401) 203 West Kim streat, three story (XX) f 47 West Washington place, three story 43d J. W. DKNIIAM, Eighth avenue, corner Sixteenth street, from 7 A. M. to 9 1*. X. | TO LKT-PUUN1SHED, THE WHOLE OR PART OP " the Hist. Moor of ati Engltsn basement house, consisting oi Parlor, Bedroom and Reception Room; the same are suit- / ahl?, Inr a dnntiat i?r nhiitiUn innl, at v.. Ill IS* " ? - ? r-v-"? "ft" J ?? " ?J Tw?9uijr-M<.'ODa strocf. N TO LET -ONLY $300 FOR A COSY LITTLE HOUSE [ in Watt Fnrty-rtghih street; til the modern Improvements, Imth, range, waahtub* mud tti fixture* rompleie; to btMtu from 1 tu 6. Inquire at WW Eighth avenue, corner Vortf?|kU atreei. f rpo LET?PRIVATE DWBLLINO~NO. 17 ST. LIKES X place (Leroy ttreet), lour stories, brown stone; twelve i room*, gas bulb, and all the modern improvement*; reut ( 9UU. Amily to Mildcrburger, No. tiQ Carmine ttreet, or US t Fulton ttreet. A. TURKMAN. . TO LET?THE SECOND FLOOR OK HOUSE NO. IM Wet Nineteenth ttreet. near Eighth avenue, to a tint 11 family. B-ut |14 per month. _______ ' TO LET?AT BEllOEN POINT, A LAKOE DOUBLE J Houae, contltUng ot twenty rootna, tuitable for a hotel, ' tummer bearding bouae, or young ladle*' school, or lor two families, a* the roomf and hateinenta are all alike on either * tide, aa much -oom at any ordluary kite bxiee; near the ' water; good lithing and bathing; only forty rain net' tail or four hour*' drive i roin the ciiy; l>?rn, carriage honte and I vegetable garden. Inquire at 62 west Eighteenth ttreet, be- ' tweet. Kit ill ami Sixth avenue*. { TO LET-HOUSE 229 CLINTON STREET, NEAR MADIaon; flue location, grape ,<rbor*, get. hot and cold water; will oe let low to a good tenant. Inquire of J. L. WILLIS, ' 108 Lewi* ntrrct, near Stanton, r LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY, WITHOUTCIIILDKEN. J the encoml ttory and part of the third, ctmtlailng ol live ! ruorae, with gat and water; the house hat til the modern ! Improveinenttand will be painted throughout; lobe *een at , anytime; 164 Wcat Fortieth ttreet, between Seventh ami ' Eighth avenue*; rent $JW. Addie*a No. ay Montgomery, * street. TO LET?TIIB UPPER AND LOWER TART OF NO 1*8 Second avenue; hot an.I cold wtlur, gat, hath* 1 w.iter clnaet*. laumlry, Ac. For particular* apply a* above. 1 No bill ou house. I RK ffEfiALD, TUESDAY, ^ hovski, rooms, *c., to lst.^ TO LET?A PLEASANT COUNTRY RESIDENCE. ON Rahway avenue, Elizabeth, New Jn?y; 11 rooms, . house surrounded with sliadr ami fruit trees; large gardeu; 1 2 or 3 acre* of ground, mostly tilled witb fruit; barn, carnage bouse, Ac. Also a three story brick House on 125ib street, east of Sixth avenue, now occupied by Rev. Mr. Walker, 12 l ooms. SYLVESTER LAY. Commissioner fdraU the States, 2tJ Broadway, N. Y. ; TO LET?SECOND FLOOR. BACK BASEMENT, FRONT J A'tlc Room and use of cellar of 1 S3 Mulberry street, near Broome. Eight closets (with drawer*, shelles, Ac ), gas and water. Hi nt $2/5. Inquire at 126 East Nineteenth 1 street. j TO LET?A VERY NICE FRONT BASEMENT, AT NO. ' 223 Hudson street, near C.iual, and is intended for any 1 re*i*ctable business, with the exception of liquor; rent per mouth, $6. Apply at 31 East Twentieth street, to Mrs. ' EA8TOB. TO LET?THE MAGNIFICENT STORE 671 BROAD- i way, adjoining the main entrance to the Lafarge House; size about 2&xt3 ieet, with two splcudnl show window s attached; one of the best business locations on Broadway, and ! suitable for a jewelry, g uts' furnishing, or any other genteel business. Will be let at a very reasonable rent if called ; for immediately. A merchant tailor or jeweller would have no opposition in Ibis while block alter May next. Furfur- , thcr particulars inquiiu at No. 421)? Broadway, fourth door above Cunat street. TO LET-HOUSE 54 SOUTH FOURTH STREET \ Brooklyn (late Williamsburg), near the Kiiosevelt street furry; house in perfect order, water and gas thi o ighout; location one of the best; possession given on the lirst of May , next; rent low. Apply to A. JOUR.ME AY. 373 Broadway. I TO LET?THE OKNTEEL THREE STORY AND ATTIC. I House 56 East Twoitiy-ufih street, but very small; will I be put In splendid order; haa every Improvement: location I unexceptionable; rent $510 Also a small House 102)$ East i Twenty-eighth street, at $10 AIM a nice Floor, five rooms, 1 with gits, at 146 East Forty-tlfth street, near T nrd avenue, I at SIX WILCOX, i 185 Fifth avenue, corner Twenty-third slrcit, < TO LET?PARTOF HOUSE NO. 105 SULLIVAN STREET, between Spring and Prince streets, consisting of fuur 1 Rooms and Bathroom on second Hour; hot aud cold water and gas; rent moderate. TO LET-TO A SMALL OKNTEEL FAMILY, THE ' Third Floor of House 191 West Twentieth street, con- 1 stating of live large rooms, with closets. Gas and Crotou water throughout. Apply to J. TAYLOR, 300 Eighth ave- < nue, between Twenty-Uflh and Twenty-sixth streets. TO LET?A FINE SUIT OF SIX ROOMS. A SECOND Floor, with all conveniences, in a new brown stone House In Broadway, near Furty-tifth street; line location; rent paid in board. None but a nice small tamlly, without ' bad children, need apply. Cull on or address Towuscud, 677 , Sixth aveuite. 1H) LET?TO A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR A SMALL 1 . f.inilly, half of a three story House, with all the mo- . dern improvements; or would be let unfurnished. Inquire ' at 109 Grand street, Jersey City. rpO LET?THE HANDSOME THREE STORY AND AT- ' l tic House, No. 5j East Sixteenth street; it is iu com- j ploieorder and just pain ed throughout; has two bathrooms, furnace, Ac.; can ce seen from 12 to " i HOMER MORGAN, No. 2 Pine street. j r|V) L.ET?FAKT UK THE BROWN STONE HOUSE NO. ( X 907 Went Fiftieth street, to a small family; room and rent to suit uu acceptable tenant; balance of the honac. to be | occupied by a ainatl family of adulta (Amerlcaua). Impure j on tue premise*. rpo LET-TKE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE 131 ! X Ea t Nineteenth street, having all the late improvement* ami iu per feet order; rent $aU<t. For particular* apply to , John Foster, 119 Kail Eighteenth street. i TO LET?TUE THREE STORY BRICK HOUSE, WITH ] hit<h stoopumt all the modern improvement* aud *ubeellar, north sale of Fifty-tiflh street, about one hundred feet east ut Third avenue; reut $3UU. Iuuulrc at the olllce ol Frsnch'a Hotel. ' TO LET-FURNISHED, TO A MARRIED ?onpf,F without children, dwclliug purt of two story house l,.IRb 1 Broadway, betwesn Thirty-eighth and Thlrly-nlnth streets, containing four Rooms, with every convenience. Rent taken in Board by the owner. TO LET?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, THE NEW brown atone front House, with every convenience, No. 138 East Thirtydifth street, near Third avenue. Rent to euit the limes. Apply to CHAS. PARFITT, on the premise a. LET-THE UPPER PART OF BROWN STONE X House, TO West Forty-sixth street; all the modern improvements and iu period order. For particulars impure on the premises. TO LET?IN BROOKLYN, TO A FAMILY OF ADULTS, the upper part of a genteel House iu W'illoughby avenue, bctweeu Clermont avenue and Adelphi street, eonlisting of four Rooms and extension, built lor two famillea; wo sets of stationary tubs, bath, a .ewer baib, two metres wo cedars. 130 LET-SECOND STORY OF HOUSE NO. 69 NORTH X Moore street, to a small aud genteel family; house very pleasant and conveniently situated; all modem improvements, such as gas, water, Ac., conuected with the sewer, immediate possession given. TO I.KT?yCKNlSHED OR UNFURNISHED, A THREE lory modern brick House, in Elliott place, Brookij u, deilrably located, oue block trout Fulton avenue; will tie let reasonably, r pply to J. II. IlAVENS, 316 Fulton avenue, or IJ4 Itleeeaer su\*h J. PENTLAND. TO LET-TO A SMALL FAMILY. OR FOR BUSINESS , purposes, mo urst Floor over iho store corner of Rose lUtl FraukiuiT stt'ce;*. It will be let together or separate, with Cioton water aud other couveuieuces; will be let , reasouabiy. Apply at 29 Rose street. TO LET?HOUSE If. WEST TWENTY-SECONH street, near Eighth averse, rent $o0^; also svecoud Floor , of 181 West Twenty-second street, r. ut tlii\ also Workshop, 1 >u Thirty.iifth street, bctwccu i've.uh aud Eightu avenue*. Apply to A. McLEAN, 1st West Twenty-second street. iiva Lui-mr, irtJVt rAKT UK THK THREE STOI1Y brick House No. 1:0 llenry street, cotiMiming 01 twu parlors, two basement.-,, and two rooms on lua third llour; gas ; run Crolon. Apply us aoove. I TO LET?THE MODERN BUILT THREE STORY ' brown atone House, lu cuinpl -to order, No. ,WJ Hemy I urect, Brooklyn, In h good ueignborbood. Inquire of' lii. rVNUK.-l.SoN, doS Hicks .micei, Brooklyn, or at W Bowery, Mew York. Rent only $460. ro LET?VERY LOW, TO A UOOD TENANT, THE four story Kugllsh basement House 1M West Forty-third . meet; contains all the inoderu luipiovi-mcnis; neighbor- < mod pleasant aud convenient to cars and elugee. Apply to be owner ou tbe prenuses. < rO LET.-THE UPPER PART OP THE HOUSE NO. ?5 Eluinlge street will Do rented cheap to u small reapcctu' lie family. Apply to M. L. DOYLE, 1107 Grand street. < rO LET?A TOWN AND COUNTRY RESIDENCE, 1 fool of Sixty-sixth Street, fronting the East rlvrr; a ' a:ge double Collage, stable, coaub bouse, garden aud live ' icieso; ground. Prult and lorest trees ,u great vuriety. iV 1,1 be let low to a good tenant. Inquire on tbe preiuis- s iral ihe Empire Sewing Ma nine Company, ill! Broadway. ???f rO LET-ALL OK THE SECOND ELOOK, AND HALK 1 of ibe third, of bouse No. 5 East Filly-third street, near J fourth avenue; ren i $10 per month, to a small family. In- 1 pure as above. j rO LET. RENT REDUCED?THE ELEUANT FOUR J story brown stone Home ?"J Wrst Tbirty-ioiirtb '. urect; 66 feet deep all tbe way up, 100 feel wide. Apply to 1 I OHM S. KELSa 6$ WUBal Areet. rO LET ON 8TATKN ISLAND?SEVERAL NEWLY erected Cottages, in Fiedler's Park, on Csstleton lielgnt*. v ib.ii hve minuiea walk oi ibe Ursi landing. Tbe Pars * s a .out twelve ncrea iu ext -ut, with line and extensive , i-wso. ine surrounding bay and country. Apply to EK 1 MBST FIEDLER, Si droadway. 1 rO LET OH FOR SALE?A NEAT TWO STORY ATTIC and Basement frame House, tilled in witu i.riek, con* .lining uln.' rooms in perfect order, with ground equal lo aau city lots; in a' and laa'vfuUy laid out, mnu > uoiee uult*, owera, Ac., tbcreou. In mo town of We?t Farms, three, ourtha of a utile from Tremont dei?u, on Harlem Railroad, for particular* Inquire of P. H. .swITH, Esq., Post master it that place, or J G. 111LL, 'it* l-'iiltou sir-ei. New Vurs. ro LET or. LEASE?A GOOD OPPORTUNITY?THE Huuae Mud Land lately t? upied uy the into Ju.iu Jura- ul, aliusl :d on the ?oilth Turnpike Mei i iek, Long Inland, 'oaaeatilon Immedlat Iv. Knr panirnlar* Impure of Mrs. H lAt'KSON, Klusbtnguio.,oppualln ihe, Brooklyn. ' ro UUIMW A KM OK null, A TRULY charming aitiiailnn, 4't mile* Hum Hohoken, on the dank mud In PutemoU, In aw* ul' excellent Lund. Willi " twetllngi., barns. A.'.; u tin-* grilled ori'tiard and Hbiindan -? * if choicci inula; desirable us u gnuiieinau'a reaidem #?, .? - * dinirabiv adapted to gardening purpurea, Apply to He;aULKY, bJ Chatham atreet, aecond lioor. * rO LEASE?ONE OK THE BEST CORNER LIQUOR Stoma in the city, on one <>1 tho avenue*. Will be loner,I ' >n good term*. Inptlre at S7I Firm avenue. ro r.ENT-KL KNISUED, A .SMVLL COTTAGE, SIX ' minute*' walk trout Yauderbllt Landing, Slalrn Island; nt taken in lioard If desired; loeatw.. very healthy. AdIroaa lor three day* box d,4db l'oat ofli . I 10 RENT?TO A SMALL FAMILY, THE SECOND \ Story 01 himae iiti7 Weal I'weuty inlrd street; contain* our rouuia; has bath, gas and sub-cellar. l'oaaeaaion May 1. ro rent-in wnrcanns, awoixmq wan Karma, a Country Seat, l'tiruiab d, In due order, with III j! ere a. Alan to let or lease, adjoining lb'- above, a Dairy v 'arm of IUO a rea. Milk Home, Kami Houae anil Stable* onipiele. Kor rents of the auovc apply to K. H. LUDLOW t i 'i 1 , No. ;i HM atreet. ^ rO THOSE TIRED OK BOARD1NU -TO LET, A NEAT. ( ly furuiahed front Room, back Room and Bedroom on 11 rat boor, witn every convenience for housekeeping, rent A per week i alao a large B", I room, auliablu lor one or two | entierneu. Apply at J78 Weal Hnuaion atreet, conn r of J lindaon. t UQSn -TO LET, THE ENTIRE LOWER PART OK * Paoo, urai claaa private dwelling KM Wc?l Twenty ninth I treet, u*ar Ninth aveune, consisting of aev-u rooma. i.aibpom, water rloaet, gaa with fixtures complete, Ac. Kor par 1 leiitars impure on tne premises. J kink arts. rO PHOTOURAPHBRS?KOR SALE, A 4-4 ITOLVES, J Booth A Haydrn'a Camera Tulie, wltb roaewod box * uuipn te; baa never been need, warranted In periecl order. 11 an be # eu by calling at Newiuau'a Bulldlug, M Bowery, I inrd Mar. 8PKCIAL. NOTICES* i JOCIETT FOR THE PROTECTION or BUtHMEHS?- j 3 To all who are umml an unconailtntional interference | rlth the bnalneaarlgnteand Indlndual libertleaof Ui pay. . iig clll/ena. To all who are agatnat an Intolrratil, prone ripit* and narrow lnindad leglaiatioo, attempting to force pe- , uiiar moral and ?oclal view* upon a fit* people. To all r rho are agnlnat thla mighty inetropolj* becoming an abject uid down irodden dependency of a aelf.conatltuted oil- i ;archl> al deapotlain at Albany. To the brewer*, bulldcra, I iMillera, aegar aellera, tnualclana, decoratora, alngera, J lancera, aetora, aaloon keepera, waHera, wine merchant*, iou?e owner* and agenta, and all othara engaged In any law- < ul trade or calling In ihla city, and couaclona of their conati- ' uilonally guaranteed right*, an liirltalion la hereby eitend- " d by the aboee named aoclety to parilctpate In the great t lieetlngtobe held at Fythagoraa Hall, Canal atreet, near I: gowcry, on Wedaeaday, April 30, at 3 P. M., for the pur- io*e oi de*l*lng waya and mean* to auccaaafully conteat the J io called Concert Saloon bill, and of reunlvlng the report of J ,he committee already nominated to engage counul to pre- j rent thl* and all future aimllar Inroad* upon the right* of . nir citizen* and hualneaa m?n. By order of the eiertulTe 1 rommlttee. FIlED. kEDDRRKK, Prealdent, | WE WOULD C ALL ATTENTION TO THE SALE O 1 va liable pr pcrty, to be *n!<T at auction, by K. It J LUDLOW k v'ii., tula day. at 13 o'clock, at the Merchant*' t Ktcii.iuga, Map*. Ac.,?t lt>? *u?Houflsxg' office. Ho, 4Plue ? IWftk r . * APRIL 29, 1862.?TRIPLE salh at auotio*. A88IONKE H SALE.-D d. OAULAINS, AUCTIONEER. MAi.NlrTOfc.NT HOUSEHOLD KU KN11'LKK RICH KKKN 'H PLATE PIER AN l? M AN TEL M1KRORS, bUl'EUBLV CAKYED ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, SILVER PLATE, At'., AC.. Turehasi dillcost of over $15,1100. On Tuesday (this ilny). April 29, at 1U>, o'clock precisely. All the super? und costly Kern lure, Paintings, Statuary *nd Works of Art roaewoot Drawing Kooin Suita, elegant seven Jt lave Piano orte, Mirror., Velvet t'tirpeU, Ac., contained in tile residence No. 20K West Fourteenth ? r-?t, between Eigh h und hinth Hveuuea. The auctioneer cads the special ilteuilonof the public to tuts sale, aa lieing the lament end richest assurtm nt oj llouseltold ffurntlure offered at auction this seu.ou. The furniture was all tnatle fur the present iwner, and is in goo 1 order. The whole will be per.uiptorily lud aosulute y sold without reserve. tlKAWJNfl ROOM FURNITURE

onsiaU of carved rosewood Eta. eres, in ubie tops and French plate doors and back; lady's YVrirk Table, inlaid with mother of piarl; rosewood Centre Talde. statuary marble lop; full sui.s of Drawing Kooin Kuruilure?elegant Teta.-aT te Sufus, two Ann, two Reception, and eight oral hark Chairs, carved rosewood frames and eovere 1 in three solored satin brocaile ol' lh" must expensive description ; two, iulald with Imhl aud tortoise shell; Hrocade mil Luce Curtains, French plate l'ier aud Mantel Mirrors, with rich gilt frames; snpero Sevres and Dresden China Vases, richly decorated; Parian marble Statuettes oi the ieaenni, artistle Innii? riywillm Night und Morning, Pandora, Painting, Poetry. Musi , Crusaders, Ac.; antique lava Vases, from llcrculaueum aud l'ouipeli; ebony Card Table, velvet Carpels, Kug.. Turkish Easy Chairs, hron/.e Clock. runs one month; Oil Paintings, by Rousseau, luiuan, iliintingten, Cole, Legraud anil other eminent artists. MA0NIP1CENT SEVEN OCT.At E PIANOFORTE, tnrved legs and case, four round comers, iinlshed all round, iulilil with |>rai 1 and solid pearl keys, cost $C0.t; Music Rack, rosewood Stool, covered in brocade ; embroidered eluth Dover, Books slid Music; liall rosewood IIatstand, Olleloth, Stair Carpet, Ar. CHumbers, second story?Richly carved rosewood bedsteads, style Louis XIV.; Bureaus and Commodes to match: Wardrobes, Dressing aul Toilet Tables, Shaving SUnds, Book Stands, Couch, Arm Chairs, Curiums, Shades, Cornices, liair Mattresses, Beds aud Budding, decorated China Toilet Sets, Mirrors, Dining Room Kuruilure of svery kind, Tea Sets, Silverware, ivory Table Cutlery, Diuing J Table, Ac. No postponement. Cartraeu in attendance to cart, pack or ihip goods for purchasers. , Auction notice. m b. chapman, auctioneer. MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD KUBNITURE, Paintings, Statuary, an 1 many rare unit ideguut Works of Art, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, m this day (Tuesday), Anrtl 29. wile commencing at li 11 o'clock ^precisely, .HUE cicgauu icuiurutcfl lir?l .-ilHieruiu BirCCl, UClWCeu Fifth and Sixth avenues. Viz:?Seven octave rosewood Pianoforte, kosewood Drawing Room Suits, Bronze and Ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet Medallion Carpets, Sevres and Dresden China Vusea, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Embroidered Lace Curtains, Oil Paintings by eminent artists, Bosewood and black walnut Chamber furniture, Oak Dining Kooui Suits, China, Glass and Silver. N. B.?The auctioneer ivould rail the particular attention >f bis l'ri 'nils and tlie public to tins sale, the catalogue coin prising the large-t and richest collection of Household furniture, Ac.. offered at auction this season. Sale peremptory, without regard to the weather. Catalogues at the house. Rosewood Drawing Room Suits, bronze ami ormolu Chandeliers, Velvet Medallion Cuipes, Sevres and Dresden China Ornaments, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, embroidered Lace Uurtuins, Oil Paintings, hv cminunl artists; Ktugores, Centre Tables, Encoigmires, Cabinets. Lad)'s Work Table, super!) nronzn Clock, Dresden Culna ornaments;, two toll suits Drawing ltoom form to re, covered iu green, gold and blue hrooatel; artisile Bronzes, repr -. ntiug Hamlet, Esmeralda, Crusaders; Keel in log C lairs, far, I und Sofa Tables, bhici n-:ilmit Suit, covered In reps. MAG & I FX CK N T 7 OCTAVE ROSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, )\t'.'strung bass, round corners; made to order, cost $6,111; litoolnnl Cover, Canterbury, E .tension Table, Sideboard, fhine. Glass, Silver Ware, Table Cutlery, Coucliea, Arm L'hairs, Clocks, Engravings, Stind, rosewood and mahogany Bureau-, Armo!r -a-GUe", B ul-leads. Hair Mattresses, Feather Beds, Blankets, Rocker, Sofas. Chairs, covered with haircloth: Sofa Bedsteads, Commodes, Toilet Sets, Stair Carpets, Oilcloths. Alao Furniture of aervauts' apartments. Also large assortment of Basement and Kitchen Furniture. Alaooue family Coach, one Roud Wagon, made by Duscnbury; pair mat hed Horses, 8 years old; one saddle Mure, set- ?, u?rueas Robes, Blankets, Ae. N. B.?A couipeteut person wtu lie in aiimaance ti, pack and ship the goods at a reasonable charge. Auction sale of boots and shoes. W. M. llollinushkad, Auctioneer. The third great package auction sale o. BOOl'S AND SHOES By CHARLES C. WARREN Will take place at 1it Corilsiidt street On FRIDAY. MAY 2, And will include one thousand packages ok more. Embracing invoices of prime, trash made and seasonable goods, eonirlbmed hv the principal manufacturers in new england and new york city. special notice. Ttiizci.' a . vtfb a lift f T. Of? t HYVTTVirpn iirpwrar ir raw a<uaow Tn r - - - - it i um vu wliitmubw tf CiCiQUIi un FRIDAY, HI KING THIS SEASON, And it It Intended tbi-v shall constitute X NEW ANU DlSTINl.i ISilKD FEATURE IN THE BOOT AND SHOE TRADE OK THE CITY. CHAKi.ES C. WARREN, Commission Boot and Sboe Warehouse, B Cot tlandl street. Auction notioe.-sa.mcei. osoood, auctionoer, will sell ou Friday, May 2, at 10>J o'clock. nl 130 West Tweuty-second street, between Slstli and Seventh aveuue?. ?U tne Furniture contained in said bouse, consist hi.; of rosowuod Parior Suiis, covered in tbo richest . brocatel; losewou I seven octave Pianoforte, Centre Tables, nt Pier and Mantel Mirrors, with Cornices and Vanes to match; Wilton and Brussels Carpets, till Paintings, rosewood and mahogany Bedro >tu Furniture, Ecus, Bedding, itlami and China Ware. Also A large collection of Kitchen Furniture, with whi h lb-sab- .villcoinoteuce. The whole or ilie Furniture was made to order, and la noli worthy ol the aiieuiion "1 those about furnishing their houses. Catalogues morning of su le. AI.BKKT 11. NICOLAY, AUCTIONEER. FURNITURE SALE POSTPONED. The sale ot Household Jfuruunre advertised tor to-day, at hi East Nineteenth street, win not take place. Tliu parties Having pur-bused goods uu I tie 23d iuat., its above, arc tieroby rtolu.eo that they must puy their bill and tuke a-<uy the Furniture by Thursday, May l, or they will forieit the deposits ratile on ilia same ALBERT M. NICOLAY, Auctioneer, 02 William street. Tor scat, April I'll, 1.362. AS. RICHARDS, AUCTIONEER.?1,000 CASKS Boots, Shir a Brogans and Oalters at aitciiun. Rlt'UAKD.s A WIUTi.sU will sell on Weduesday, April 30, at IU>? .'clock, at store 11 Cortlundl street, a large ana well selected dock of Spring Hoods, to which we Invite the attention of :ity and country dealers. Catalogues on morning o. sale. A JOSEPH L. SMITH, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL .1., th* day, at i o'l-liu-k, at 137 Eighth street, near Mroad,vay, one l'.auo, tarcn rose wood Pallor Suits, rose word and iiahoguny Hediuoa Suns, manogauy and maple Cuair?, Rjcaers, Pier Glasses, Tables, Brussels and liigrsin Carpets, lii 1'n.Minis, and everyihtuK belonging to a urst i lass IOUK. A POTION NOTICE.?E. ROTH, AUCTIONEER, WILL tV sell mil liny (Tuesday), April-J, ul it)>, o'clock p. rnely, me elegant Furniture of a private lamlly leaving the tiy.'at tbm orner of Wuvcrley place and Sixth avenue, couiisting of balm mime Brussels anil ln?t kill Carpets, (wo leautifiil Parlor Shim, coverud in blue and gold hrocatel and iii cn silk reps; marble t ip Table*, Etagercs, Lace Curtains, 'aiming*, A nars, large oval Mirrors, roaeivood and mauogaly Bedroom Furniture, H ?lr Mattresses, beds and Bedding, iota Bed, Lounges, spring seat Chairs, Kuker?, Tea and Sxtcn-iou Tallies, buuets, Anu Chairs, liinss, China and diver Ware, Table Cutlery, Ac. Bale positive. t POTION NOTICE?HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE SALE. A. CHAMBERS A l AlKCillLD, AUCTIONEERS, m.I sc.I on Wednesday, ApiliJU, at II oc.oua, at il)7 East rweniy ?<ivuiii.b street, a Uiie assortment ul Household Furlituie, consisting 01 lac usual variety ol' I'arlur, Bedroom u l Kitchen Furniture. t U HON SALE or HANDSOME KUItNITl;RE, ON .X Wcdue-'luy, at lu,'i A. .VI., at No. lit Oreeue avenue, tiooklyn, I'KKu A CO.. Auction era, couiprlgng rosewo id 'lauo. IsrgegiU iratuo Mirror, mahogany Mulctary, Hook, i-e, uulioi; .ny I'arlur Sun, muhoguuy bedsteads, bureaus, Vashs,sun*, ros .wieid E ugcre, Velvet, brussel* and Inraiu t arpcta; Feather beds, Miifreaseg, uiie steel hu;ravlngs, Cuius, Olass, Ciocaery War, Ac., Ac. AUCTION OK OBOCBBT STORK.?10 MORROW fx Wednesday;, at lujjo.lock, ou the premises, the enire Stuck and 1-mures ol Orn ery Store corner of Catharine lip auu Wau-r street. > 0111 prising baiaace of stink 01 t.roerles. l.iipiuis, Megar*, t'outlier*, Miejviug, Scales, Futures, tc. Wr.El.INWI'oN A. CAltlEk. Auctioneer. A UCT10N NOTICE?PIANOFORTE. AC.?A. M. CRISfX 1., I.Alt, Auctioneer, will sell oil Wednesday, April 111', t iiltj u - lucs, at tail Broadway, Saloon Futures, Ac., culltsiiiigot a ruse wood I'laiuilorte, Stage Scenery, Ous Clianelleis and Pipe, large lot of T ibles and Chairs, Oilcloth, tin r ud Futures, Mirrors, Dccnuiei*, Tumblers, Ac. A UC'TION ?OkOCEBY ANI? LIQUOR STOKE. Tills fx dsy t I'm suay i, at 10 o'clock, the Slock and Figturee Of tore corner ol Uo-ltimn and William streets, cum prising ulanee stock oi Uroceiles, Sega s, Liquor*. Hecr .Pumps, luiiiucrs, Siaies, Sliow Cases, s gar Flume*, y, De)?>xlf* etliured. vV Li.I.INtiToN A. CAill'EK, Auctioneer. \UCTION SALE OF STORE FIXTURES.?THE Fixtures in store 071* Hronilway, consisting ,,| .shelving, 'outlier*, C unices, tilaas Cases, Cupboards, Drawers, ohir* 'U lures, Ac , Ac., will be sold mis day, at three o'cioea. U. U. PlTCtlER, 677 llroadway. A T AUCTION?UKBAT SALE OF DECIDUOUS AND t\. Evergreen tree-., i turn, Sbruba. Ru? -s, lieruactoug and lower liarip-n Plants, Of ul! the ilrslrauln sorts, at 104 Broadray, uu dgtb and dOih, commencing at o'clock. A. A. CARTER, Auctioneer. BY E. T. WILLS. AUCTIONEER.?AUCTION NOTICESale of Foreign and Domestic Dry Hoods, nils day l ues-lay), at 47 Mai ray street, comprising a general assortrent, in Iota to suit the city and country retail trade. n. ?u xtaL* pcuu \>?* D. Tuesday, April iW, at 10 o'cld-k, enure mock ol Htli, laps, Fancy Uuods, contained In store No, 77 Main street, Hooalyn, being a sloe* of a retailer declining business; Conlatlngin part of Black Silk Mala, Kail Jo., in great variety. lalJer's itlocks, Iron.*, Countcia, Show cases, utavei, Ac. By n. lohub.-n. mottt wii,l skll on wednes* nay, April JO, at 10 o'clck, tin* entire mock of Trim uings and Fancy Oooda contained In atore 167 Sixth avenue. David i?. elan. acctiorwr, will sell on Wednesday, April 30, Hi I0>? o'Clo* k, ai 20 Ltuglil itreel, he Kurniluie oi the above houae. Caiaiugucs ready on the uoinnigol *ale. Terms canb. rarticuiara in Wednesday's laper. By order of ADDISON BEACH, Mortgagee. David d. khan, auctioneer.?nit eat hale ok Hotel Furniture tlila day, at IHJj o'clock. The route ma >1 Hotel 21 Went Houston atreet, near Mercer turret, consistngol Wlnea, Luiuora, Negars; (llaaawaio, Decanters, Bur toom Kiirnlttire, stiver mounted English three handle ! Hei r iiuip. Chain, Tahlea, Bureaua, Bookcases, Bedmeada, Car eta, Oilcintba, Feather Bnda, Hair Mattresses; large 1'ier (irrora, Chauaelleri. Oil Palming*, Engravings; Crockery, ' Miking Utensile, Kitrbeu Furniture, ?c. Catalogue* now aady. EROTH, AUCTIONEER. atfl sxtraohdinary opportunity for liOUHEKEEI'EKS and THE trade. All the beautiful Household Furniture ol the large Dwell, ng House 121 Wavrney place, between Washington square rut Birth avenue, will he aeld at public miction this lay, April 29. at two o'clock precisely, consisting ot thee leaiitlinl Parlor Suits, covered In orocatel, reps and hair loth; each aolt consists of one Tele a-Tele Sofa, one Ann, me Reception and four Medallion bac* Chairs; rosewood lent re and Pier Tahlea, Btiurerea, with mirror back and loora, La -c Curtalus, China vases, Ac.; slao. over live bunIrcd Iota of Parlor, Bedroom and Dinning Room Furniture; Hues, China and Silver Ware, Msltres?e*. Bedding, Brussels ind Murrain Carpets, Ac. Sale positive. All the goods must >e removed twenty-lour hours alter the sale. In F1TSIMMONS, AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL THIS ' day, at ltl>? o'clock, at 4d6 Washington street, the Fixurea ana Contents ol a Oroeeif and Liquor Store: Cot Beds, >-ddlug. Feather Reds and Bedsteads, Alio a large Wooden table, two NcffouudUitf Sluts, Ac. V i SHEET. 8ALB8 AT AUCTION. EOWAKD ECHKNCK, AUCTIONEER HANDSOME HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE By HOWARD SCHKNCK, on We luesduy, 30ib iust_, at lOJi o'clock, at 110 Em Thirty-fourth street, between Luxlugion ami Third avenues, .11 the haudsomc Kuriiilure contained in lae above house, consisting id part of rosewood Parlor Suit, in brocatel; rosewood Pianol'orie, Centre Tables, Mtageres Curtains, Velvet, Brussels and Ingram Carp is; KooK'aoi-H, iualio;;any aud black walnut B id room Kurulfor;, Washst hi Im. Mattresses, Feather Beds. Chandeliers, China and Ulan* Ware, At;., Ac. Also, the Kitchen Furuilurd, with which the sale will commence. FCOLTON, auctioneer -LARUE SALE OK cen tin I Household Furniture, Piano, Velvet Carpets, .oncave and convex Mirrors, French plate do., Curtains, iiiauogaily aud rosewood Furniture, Uas Futures, ii .?On Wed ncs Jay, April 30, at a o'clock, at 510 Seventh avenue, near Forty-tin-i sirert, the entire of the bouse, embracing rich Parlor, Dining K on ami Bedroom goods, Velvet, Tap, any aud other Carp la; Oilcloths, Fren h plate aud cot avc .Mirrors, one Piauoforie, French Chairs, Marble ton an 1 Ext u sion Tables, Dressing Bureaus, Feather Beds, llalr Mattresses, Paintings, Engravings, Voltaire and other Easy Chairs, China and Glass Ware, Kitchen Furniture, Relrtgeratur, Ac. Sule peremptory, and goods must be removed sums day. Remember the hour, 2 o'clock. GO. HOKTON, AUCTIONEER, will sell THIS . day, at his store, 51 Caroline street, ul 11 o'olo -k, by virtue of a mortgage, one splendid rosewood Pianoforte, elegant Mirrors, six Chandelier.-, Brackets, Hall Harp, Furuilure Ac. A HI'RINCSTKEN, attorney foi mortgagee. Genteel furniture this day?will be sold thladay, at 10>4 o'clock, by A. J. HLKECKEK, SON A CO., the Furniture ot the house 65 Second avenue, near Fourth street, the propcityof a family breaking up housekeeping. Catalogues at sale. Henry ii. lemur, auctioneer -cmsteel Household Furniture, made to order .?HENRY II. LEEDS A CO. will sell al auction on Wednesday, April 5(1, hi lo}i o'clock, at 82 Weal Twenty-second street, between Fifth and Sixlh avenues, a general assortment, consisting of Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Pier dieses, rosewood Par1 >1' Suits, covered in haircloth; upright rosewood Pianourle, mahogany Bookcases, Easy Chsir, covered lit plush; oak. Lounge and Chairs, .Centre Table, Chandeliers, Pier Classes, Lace Curiums. A '. Bedroom of mahogany Bedslruila. Bureaus, Mirror, Wardrobe, Shaviug Stand. Mat tresses. Ac. College Furniture, China, Class aud Kitchen Ware, Without reserve. TTKNttY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER?HKNRY U. -A x iji .* i-u., ?tl bell at auction, on n euacsuay, April 30, nt 10% o'clock, at No. SO West Bloveutli street, Furniture, consisting of Brussels Carpets, carved rosewood Suit, in lilne figured satlu; rosewi o 1 Sofa und Chairs, In crimson plush; Lara Window Curtalna, Hrucatel do., Pedestal Table, with marble top; gilt frame I'ier MI vol s, rosewosd inarbln top Centr' Tables, rosewood Work Table, rosewood s ven octave Piano, Brouxo (Mocktill I Candelabra*, rosewood Sola Table, marble Statuary,curved rosewood Builet, rosewood Mali Table, Chairs, Ac.; oak Sideboard, mahogany Dressing Bureaux, Washxiaiids, are.; Hair Mntlre-xex, Stair Carpets, Oilcloth, Palliasses, black wraluut Cane Seat Chairs, Lounges, Ac.; Kltehen Furniture. Ac.; all of the most fasbiouable style. To he sold without reserve. Henry il* leeds, ai;ctioni;er.-henry h. LEEDS A CO. will xellat auction, ou Wednesday, April 30. at 10 o'clock, at the private stable':, rear of IIS Fittb avenue, e< rner Seventeenth street, executor's sale of the tollowin,;, vl/.:?A Barouche, with baggage rack, Ac.; a Top Wa.oii, a Phaeton, with pole and shafts; one set Double Harness, a Stile Saddle, and otber articles. Henry b. herts, jr., auctioneer. BY HENRY WOOD A CO. SHERIFF S SALE. SEWING MACHINES, MACHINERY. LATHES, DRILLS. I'LANTN'U MACHINES. TOOLS, AC., AC., ON TUESDAY, APRIL lib. AT 10y2 O'CLOCK, AT 131, 133 ANO 135 MERCER STREET, Comprising a large lot ol Sewing Machines, Laities, Upright and other Drills, Planing Machines, Punching Machines, Vices, Pullies, Shutting, Belting, Forges und Anvils, Frames, Castings, Circular Saws, Index Drilling Machines, Platform Scales, Tapping Machines, large Herring's Iron Sul'e, Oas Fixtures, lurge lot ot Tools, Work Benches. Stools. Cualrs, Ac., Ac. JAMES LYNCH, Sherill. Henry it. hurts, jr., auctioneer. BY HKNUY WOOD A CO. Peremptory sale of the Liquor Saloon, well known as the Washington Shades, ou Tuesday, April '29. at 10)? o'clock, at 210 Fourth street, corner of Thompson, comprising finelyported Liquors, Brandies, Whiskeys, Uin: imported Havana Segars; Bar Counter, Beer Pumps; flue Sporting Pictures; Chairs, Tables, Devuulers, Mirrors, Ac., Ac. Also one flue inporied English Shot or Sporting Uttu. John im. vandkwater, auctioneer. pekempioiiv KALE at public auction. by a. journeay. HOTEL FURNITURE AND FIXTURES, AT 80UTH AMERICAN HOTEL, 30 EAST HOUSTON STREET, netweon Crosby und Mulberry street*. WILL SELL, ON TUESDAY, APRIL 39. at 10 oclock a. M? All the furniture and fixtures In wild Hoti-i> Consisting of parlor suits, DINING 1'AULKS, bedroom furniture, ao. restaurant furniture-tables, CHINA WARE, GLASS WARE, CUTLERY and silver wars; . bar and oyster counters and fix 11 > res, kitchen utensils, And Furniture of n substantial end varied description. Sale posiuvc. And all articles to be sold without reserve to the highest bidder. J BOG ART, AUCTIONEER-ELEGANT ROSEWOOD Furniture, Onrpeta. S. a J. BOOART will sell on Tuesday, April89, si ID;. o'clork, at No, 34 Tenth street, l>riweeu Fifth and Sixth avenues, superior Household Furniture, consisting in part of ruaewood I'arlur Suit, large French plate Mirrors, Reception Chairs, Rockers and Essy Chairs, (las Chandeliers, Velvet Carp-Is, one Pianoforte, Library Bookcase, French Secretary, Lounges, Chairs, Chamber Kurulture?French Bedsteads, Dressing Bureaus, Wardrola-H, Carpels. Dining room?Sideboard, Dresner*.E,tension Dining Tahie. Mlri-er, Chairs; Kitchen Furniture, A". N. B.? The goods must be removed same day. Catalogues ran be had on Monday at the auction s'uoius. J BOOART. AUCTIONEER?BY S. a J. BOOART? , Mortgage sale.?Fn..ay. May 2. at 10ki o'clock, at the y ki. 1 north with,mi all * of .lender plule.l Ware, Ac., consisting of Gold Wets, ??arrlngs, Breast Pins, Finger Rings, Watch Key*. Chains, and Also Plated U'are, Spoons and Forks; n lino lot of Tinted Troys. Also,c,?i share* of Crntral 1'ark lnsursn a Stock, $10J <<aeh. By order of the uiortgugee. CHARLES M. HALL, Atloruoy. THOU ART, AU< 'TIONEEK?BY S. A J. BOGART. Wednesday, April 30. ai 11 o'clock, at northwest corner of Thirty-eighth street and Ninth amine. mortgagee's sale 01 tlio Stoc* and Futures of a Grocery Store, coiiMsiing of Sega is. Tea, Coffee, Spices, Scales, Weights. Store Fixtures; one Horse, Wagon and Harness. Also, Household Furniture, Sofas, Tables. Chairs, Carpels, Bedroom and Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Oil AS. F. WATTS, Att'v for Mortgagee. J MORI ARTY. AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL THIS . day, at 10 o'clock, at 173Chutham auunre, Soias, Chairs, Tables, Lounger, Bureaus, Bedsteads, Mirrors, Clocks, Oil Tannings, Window Curtains, Feather Beds, Carpets, one fine Tier Mirror, and other good* too numerous to mention. T BOGART, Al t'TIONEEK.-BY S. A.I. BOQAKT. THIS day, at o'clock P. M., at 101 Witlinm street. Hie entire Tools and Machinery oi a Silk Fringe Manufactory?Looms, Cruupitig Machine, Gimp Machine, Spinning Machine, Tool*, Ac. J BOGART. AUCTIONEER.?BY 8. A J. BOGART. THIS day, at 3 o'clock, at II.A East Broadway, mortgage sale of Household Furniture?Bureaus, Bedsteads, Beds and Bedding, Carpets, Sofas, Lounges, Looking Glass, Washstands, Ac. JHEUEMAN. WEDNESDAY, April 30, at 10 o'clock A. M? in the house* No*. 63 ami 65 Columbia street, between Cranberry and Orange streets, Brooklyn. A large and general assortment of Ilnuseliid l Furniture, Pier Glasses, Parlor Suites, warble top Centra Tables, Sofas, Lounges. Chairs, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Washstands, Tt\ ointon s Red l, .ids and Wardrobes with mirror fronts. Hair Ma11ma*-*, Bedding, Extension Table, Carpets. Oilcloth*, Ac. SAME DAY, ?t 1111, o'clock A. M., Hi No. ? Washington avcnu*, between (Jutes unit Green avenues, Brooklyn, Mahogany Parlor and Chamber Furniture, Brussels Carpet*, on dolus, A SAME DAY, at S o'clock 1". M., at No. 3D Tillary street, near Washington street, Hrouklyn, A small quantity of furniture, Carpet*, Ac. JOHN H. HURLEY, AUCTIONEER?WILL SK1-L, THIS day, at 'J o'clock, at 44-t Canal street, a large hshoj tmcni of Bureaus, Bedsteads, Waahsiands, Chair*, I'ler, Mantel, Bar and other Uluascv; Extension, Centre ami other Tables; Wardrobes, Bookcases, Sofas, Sola Beds, Cottage Suits, Bru?Three-ply and other Carpets; Oileloths, Rugs, llalr and oilier .Matties*-*, Feather Bed*. Pillows, Bolsters, Sheet*, Comforts, Blankets, one second hand 1'luno, Cooking Stove*, Engraving*, Paintings, CIonhi*, Kitchen, Earthen and Giass Ware, together with everything for housekeeping. J P. TRAVER. AUCTIONEER, BY IICTCIIESON A TRAYKR, win *eii tin* day, at Mk o'clock, at SI Haiiillton street, Counter*, Beer Pumps, lee Mux, Keg*. Screen, Stove, Scab ?, Soap, Candle*, Starch, Spices, T?a*, Tea Cans. Fish,-Vinegar, Wines, Liquors, SegHts, Ac. J BOO ART, AUCTIONEER.?BY S. A J. HOG ART. Slierut'*! Halo. Wednesday, April 30, at II o'clock. Hardware, oboe i-'iiriiiture, Ar.; Hoc*, Log dtMM, Traps, Plain s, Gauges. Lumps, Csndlesiiek*. Pepper Hole*, Steelyards. Axe*, Platform Scales, Stearns ,t Marvin * Sale, Clock*; Double Desk, Stauding Desk, Wardrobes, Ac. JOHN KELLY, Late Sheriff. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL. THIS day, at MM o'clock, al salesroom, 79 MM HIM, 11 iSsrhotd Furniture of a party declining bousekseping. broeatelle ; iiihn >^atiy <lo. In hair riolh, black walnut do. in reps, m??wo k1 Ktagere, mirror door* ami ea< it; toarcle top Contra Tables, Brussels aud Tapestry Carpets, Ingram do., medallion Velvet do., Ida* k walnut, mahogany and rosewood Hi" retary and Library Boot- uses; walnut ami oak, idllni and claw Erensinn Dining Tables, Inning Cbatrs, BnlTrts, Lace Window Curtains and Cornices, mahogany and rosewood marble top Dressing Bureaus. Wasuaianda and Beds; ads In match; block walnut Aruioire-u-Ohc e, mahogany Ward tone, enamelled Chamber Nulla, black walnut ollad marble lop Chamber Sulla, euamelled Cottage Sulla, Ae , Ac. The whole will be found worthy Ihr. attention of bouaekeepera ON ACCOUNT OP REMOVAL -WILL BK SOLD TIUS day. at 10 o'clock A. M., witbnut reaerv.- |at auction, a I splendid assortment of Stereoscopes, Views, AJhuma, Kane* I tjeoda, Ac., at ol) Nassau street J. P. THOMAS. Auctioneer. PAWNBROKERS SALE OK MKN AND WOMEN'S Wrrrlng Apparel.?A. M CRISTALAK, Auctioneer, 23 Boweiy. will soil tins 'lay, a' I04 ?. a large ss-ort. ment of Bilk Dresses, Capes. Mantillas, .Mmwla, I'araaoia, Spreads. Boots, Shoes Ac.; also a lsr*? lotof M-ii'sOlolhing. By oeilcr of A. J JACKSON, W Walker street. PAWNBROKERS SALB.-W. N. LB WIS. AUCTIONrer, will sell this day. at oclock A. M., at IM Bowery, up stairs, a large assortment of Women's Clothing, 1 Blankets, Ottilia, Sioea, Sewing Machines, Ac. By order <* W. A It. SIMPSON PAWNBROKER'S SALE.-THIS DAY, >r 10* X o'clock, JOHN MORTIMER will sell, at N?. IB Kssi Broadway, a latgc assortment of Ladtaa' Wear'ug Apparel, consisting 01 Silk. llelalne and Muslin Dresses. Crape. StedlA and Silk Shawls Mantillas, Uuder Uarmenta, Sheets, Table Cloths, and a greet variety of other gooda worth* the alien, tluo of dealer* and hmiMMeperst B.r orderolH. Barnard, 21 Third avunue. PAWNBROKER'S SALE. - THIS DAY, AT lit* o'clock, JOHN MORTIMER will rail at No. IB East Broadway, e.orner of Catharine street, a large.assortment of Ludiea' wearing Apparel* c?n?l?tlna ot 811k, .Hualln and other Dresses; Crape, fklk and Stella Shawls; Mantillas, Coder Oarinoiits. MheeM, Table Cloths, and a great variety of other g tod* worth* the attention ot dealers and Uouaeksepera. Xi.d&V of Bum*rd, V WW ?rsnue, 9, - 4 i HALBS AT AUCTION. PAWNBROKER'S SALE.?THIS DA*. AT ll?t O'clock, ?t BELL A 1N' iUIIAI'ii ulriwu, HN>? Bowery. 400 lota Pledged Goods, ol Ail descriptions. By order of D. rOLHEMUS, Lii-eiia'-d i'awnb.oker UT IIAZKLL, AU<'TIONKER. . HARDWARE, CUTLERY. AC.. AT AUCTION. W iUTTKMOKE A HA4KLL will sell Him day iTueaUay). at 10^4 o'clock, ut their salesroom. 15- Bros 1 w y . a inr.'. aud varied a-aonmeut of heavy ?u. abed Hardware, Cutlery, Ac., I11 lots to ami o ly and country buyers TEA TKAV.S AND WAITERS. 3 e*aka e-iperior Kiiguah Tka Trays aud Wa.lera, Ateoited aucaaud uuiubera, in perfect order. BRASS STAIR HO LIS 250 dozen Brass Stan Rods, assorted auesond kinds. NOTICE. Our ueit sale will lake n'.ace at our new asl-vo 1111 No 89 Liberty street, between Broadway and Na-sau street. Kt. hazell, auctioneer. DAMACEOHARDWARE AT AUCTION WHITTKMiRK A II A/ELL will sell, this day (Tuesday!, at lll>4 o Viae a. al their aal sroom 15A Broadway, 1 ONE CABK ASSuKTED HARDWARE, damaged by srster. U HERMAN A 00.. AUCTIONEERS. WILE HELL. mis bay, April 2A ut lu>i o'clock, at No. 13 Bowera. by virtue of a bill ol sale, a lot oi blushed and unllniabed uiuai cat liistrnuieuta, vl/.: Banjos. Tain bori lies, Drums, Ac. A J a large lot of Veneering aud Tools, Hards Are aud Cutlery, and a large loi ol Meerschaum Pipes, air. Al oa nasi ri .n ut uf Household furniture By order of LLOY1! BRVANT_ SHERMAN, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM NO. II . Bowery.?S. HERMAN .? CO , will ael . 011 Wednesday. A; ril 30. At U o'clix k, hi 11W \\ est Broadway. ir sr fi jnkliu street, the Stock and f ixtures of s Li'iuor ami O cssery Store, cnusisiing o. Soap, Cai.dles, Coder. Tea. Sugar, Ac., Ac Al* 1 a lari;c lot of Ll tuors, 111 keg., nari rls 11. d ueuiijobus. Store fixtures, Counters, Ac. Sal.- posh m tor cask. Ill OAKfNKY. AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM 99 CBN1 . tre aireet. will m:1I ibis day, at 2 o'cl>? k I'. M . the less-, stock and Kixlure* of the Drinking Saloon 7nl Broad way; Couuteia, Tallica, Cliaira, (.?? rial.ilea, Shelving, Bolides, vciuijipuub, iiiuioinra, Dr.m lies, d iuj, die. TOAFFNEY, AUCTIONEER?SALESROOM UCENTRE . direct, will aril ou Wedu?-a.iu?, April 90, at 10 o dues A. M.. at ilic private rusidi nco odd Si-coud avenue, >11 the i-li-giint Furniture contained ill raid house, com tiling ?l rosewood Parlor Suits, mahogany and olhei .suits, Ingram and Brussels Carpets, Solas, Bureaus. Minors rosewood and in iliuguiiy lie is amis, Feather Be la, II .ii Matir -s*e?. Oil i'aintluis. En r.i> lugs, and China Ware, Kit heu Kurniture, with which the aalc will commence. TKEILLY, AUCTIONEER-WILL SEI.I. THIS DAT. hi 10 o cliHtli, the Sl'H'k and Flit re* of lie- gurry und liquor store ou the corner of Thlrty elrlitli street and Ninth uveuue. AIho, a Horse anil \Vi?so i. baie positive. VS MILLS, Al'CTIi NKKR. WILL. HELL THIS DAY, at 11 o'clock, a' 99 Urand street, by virtitrc of a chat tel mortgage, all the Furniture in Hani houae, consisting ot Carpel*, Ciiaus, Mirrors, Hoil?. Be loitutls, Bedding, Tables, Ollolotha. Ac. V. S. MILLS, Auctioneer, 14 Chamber* atreel. WM. WITTERS, Al'CTIi INKER, WILL HKLL, ON Tuesday, at 10>j o'c ueK, at the comer of Beach and Ii da i sireeta, the eullre Stock and Fixtures of the whuln s.i .id retail Liquor Store?tine. Bar, large Mirror, I'.unt lugs, Tables, Ch.ilra, S and Casks, Measures, Pumps. Lias Fixtures. Glassware, Store, und everything ooiincetcd wtlu a first etnas establishment. Also tne entire stock of Una W ines, Liquor* hud S-gar.?. WM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER?WILL SELL, TIIIH lay, in 1UX o'clock, at bid Hroadway, lour splendid Billiard Tables, Chelan's make, combination cushions. Carties m want ahould attend, as these la lea are considered by amateur players to lie as good as any In the country, nn* must be sold. The above sale la postponed to Wednesday 3Uth insl. WM, WITTERS. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL, TIIH day, at 2 o'clock, at 40 Amity street, tbc entire Kurntttire of tne above house?Carpets, Parlor Suits, Piar and other Classen, mahogany anil other Bedsteads, Bureaus, Wushstatids, Oil' loth*. Sofas, Rocking and other Chairs, Cooking Utensils, together with the Dining Room ami Kltch en Furniture. Also Horse, Wagon anil Harness. WM. WITTERS. AUCTIONEER. WILL SELL. TIIM day, at lilt, o'eloek, al lot Prliice street, the enure genteel Furniture oi the above house, cousuMiu-: in part of Uruasels, (Three Ply |nn 1 Ingrain Carpels, Ollclutus, mahogany and other Bedsteads, Hair and other Matin-sees, Partus Suits, Pier and other Clashes, Wavhst nds.fToilet War*, Curtains, Cornices. Hair*, its, tissue*. n.oinu. IV* sud othM Tables; Sofas, Easy and other Chairs, Wurdrobea, Chamtte* Uuiia. Hurcaus. Kitchen I'teasiis, Chandeliers, to?etucr with the Dining Room and Kitcheu Furniture, WM. WITTERH, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL ON Wednesday, at I0X o'clock, at IW Fulton street. Bar unJ Bar Fixtures, classes, China and Ulaas, Carpets, Chairs, Tables, and all the oll'ects in the hi! isrd rooms lately occupied by Karauagb A Freeman. WM. WOLF, AUCTIONEER, OFFICII 4? JACKSON street, sells on Wednesday, April Ju, at 10 o'clock, the Slock and Fixtures of the Orocary and Liquor Store No. I* Spring street, corner of Elizabeth, consisting ot Sugars. Teas, Codecs, Starch, Soap. Barley, It ice; also tains. Hfouuivo, UblM VWCB, (Nat C?, BUUViUJfi IJV (.'lie six, Clock* and other Stock. WM. WOLF, AUCTIONEER, OFFICE 49 JACKSON street, sells, ou tin* day, At 10 o'clock, the Stock and Fixtures ol the large Liquor Store No. 937 Stanton ?track, corner or Cannon, consisting ot doe Counter*, three Heer Pumps, fire and ten gallon Keg*, Oasts, Screen*, Fancy Bottle* and Liquor*. WILLIAM ABBOTT, ATCTIONEER?OFFICE NO 4 Ea*t Kruadwny, cell* ou thia day. at 1U>? o'clock, the Stock A Fixtures of the Grocery and laiqnor Store No. 1 Bataris street, corner ul Roosevelt, Beer t'ump*. Glass Cases, Counters, Feu ter Fttchor, and other natures, Ac. WILLIAM ABHOTT, AUCTIONEEK?OFFICE NO. 4 Esst Bros.may, will sell on Wednesday, at 10 o clock, the Stock and Fixtures ul the Grocery aud Liquor Store 13a West Broadway, rorner of Walker street. Teas, Sugars, Soap, Starch, Flour. Ice Chest, Kegs, Liquors, Scales. Awning, Couuters. REMOVALS. NOTICE -THE AGENCY FOR THE SALE OF GOODS manifaeiured bt THE UNION INDIA RUBBER COMPANY will be removed, on tne 1st of May next, Irom No. 103 Lib* eity street to No. 12 Psrk place. UY. C. llADDEN, PresldeoL New York. April 13,1369 HORSES, CAKRIAUE8, AC. AliOOl) SPRING CART for SALE CHEAP. APPLY at -i: Onaa mom fur twu COUPE FOB HALL* AT $375; COST $91)0, LATEST style; owuer leaving for Europe; beeu run hut four liraea; good hs nc w; mad" by uue of the heat makers. Alio fo? sale, very cheap, a Calncbe, in good order Can be aeeaal 4.V) Broadway, ur apply at 429 Broadway, room No. 4. IpoR SALE?A HANDSOME COLT, SIX YEARS OLD. 1 Is very gentle and fit lor the saddle, or will drive. Ca? lie g>mn a tine .-table corner of DeKalb aveuur and Uouatun str.e(, Brooklyn, L 1. Inquire lor HENRY 8CHR1BVFER. at the corner store. Ij^OR SALE-A FINE AND VERY STYLISH YOCNfl 1 llorse, lon^ mane, between 16and 17handa blah: cost over $300. fan be bought for ball the price at Oakb-y'a sublet, lio oken. ficntlt-un-n m want of a very One and cheap horse would do well to go and look at it. Proprietor at b4 Beekman street, New York. For sale-a ray horse, xs hands hiuh,ekjiit years ol<l, double or siugle driver. Apply at 887 Broad- ' way, corner ol Nineteenth aireet. * For sale-a nice chestnut sorrel iiorse, $ yeuiaold, !." >; hsuda high, klud In all hameaa and tho -addle, periectly sound, without tault or blemlth, faat trot fr, mid will be sold cheap. Inquire at 1BI East Broadway. For sale-a two seated shifting top jaookr Wai|uu, uearly new, built to order by Ford'a Boo, pole and . baft*. Inquire of C. JOHNSON, comer of Bevnulla avenue and Twenty-wound street. For sale-a splendid bay horse, 10* rands high, long tail, I) years old. For style tie surpassed; would make a splendid carriage, coupe or saddle bursa; warranted without a lault or blemish of an] kind. Can lie seen at 172 Ohrystie street, until sold. Ifor sale?cheap. a second hand shifting ' tront Koekawer; also a cheap doctor's Wagon, and several a c und hand Wa^ou*. with or without tops, at FRANK. AsHK'S, 100 and IbJ Crosby street, near Bleccker. TilOB SALE CHEAP?A CURTAIN QUARTERED COACH. J? in good order. Inquire at private stable 111 Tbirty ointU street, one door east of Fil th avenue. 17ior SALE CHEAP?A LIGHT SIX SEAT rocka. . way, Road Wagon, Bar niche, Coach and a jump aeat Rockawuy Apply at the red brick nnvate stable, on allep -U East Thirty-seventh street, or at It] Maiden lane, up stairs. For sale cheap-a five year old horse, warranted so iud and klnu; a good pacer under the saddle, ami can trot in A lb to wagon Apply at the coal yard, MM Washington street. T.lOll flST.K CHEAP?A VIVE CI.OKK niRRIll'.r J? made liy John R. Lawrence, and la In perfect order. Apply to tbe private mafic In Thirtieth hi reel, one dour from Broadway. For sale cheap ok will exchange for furuiiurt?A light Spring Cart, In good order r. U. BISHOP A CO., SIR Hn laon at reel. For sale or exchange?for horsks of less value, two valuable Marea live and idx yeara old; alao supciioi team or Farm Uoraea, alao a hundaomi' bright bay Horse, pony built; also our of tbe hands?tn'at Canadian Poo in* In the city, bandaome for a boy; price all warlUWi Applv at 128 Canal mreet. Horse, cart and harness for sale.?tub borae laan imported heavily built aialfwn, suitable for draughting; Hound, bind anil gentle, and will be Mid Heparan', It drairetL Apply al No. I Wall Htreet. vtokman-thib celebrated trotting btal. AN ii<.n will a'and fur a limlied number of morea at tun faim of tbe Hubarrlber at $60 ih- aes?on, In advanoe. CHAS. W. BATIiqATK^rmHtara, W. C. On. c addle horse for sale?lay- bright bay. long* O iall, all yeara old, trou and ea'ts . haa been ridden bw h lady, Humid and gentle; la witj""1 w**jf * ,rl^ ??J ha given. Caul lie aeen at ** Water atreel, from i to # o'ciuuk P M. _____ rpiloROVOHbred 8"tr'e for bale?TO CLOSE an One WlIioiT u yea ' "ld- ' heatunt, I8J, aonnd and kind. A l*n barnea? or under saddle. One Mare IS *"" ",<1- W(K>0 ' l'- 18> """nd and kind, une ware, , |n h.rn4M or uml4r One lone ve?f "'d Gelding,dark brown, unbroken to hnrnenm \\Z hr^/ear old Stallion. of great sua. dark bay. one thr^f"' <* <*"" * '"rk line t.o y'-ar flit fielding, dark brown. <d O .. yeat ung Filly, of great promiae, blood bay. rne above are ol the beat blood nf the country. For parti* .nixi-sand prices apply to Wk. ALLFIKLD, boi ltd general Poatolllee. N. Y. ___ TWO baker fl WAGONS, WITH HORSES AND HARe neaa, warned. Apply al I78)? Hh-ka at., Brooklyn. anted?a cart horse from fl to ? team old. must he perfectly suund, and cheap for cask. Apply at 2.V.I Front alreel, corner ol Dover. Wagon.?for s vle, a two heaTed souarkFox Wagon, with shilling seat and shitting top, pole and aua'ts. buih by Duaenbury, almont new. Also a light sin.I# llainesa Appiy to EDWARD KELLY, is West Tnirteentln a reel. WANTED TO Fl rchase?TWO OOOD FAMILY lloraeaand one taam Coach Horaca. Apply at No. IE Nevlna at., near Fulton avenue, Brooklyn. 6HORSE8?JCHT FROM THE COUNTRY. 18 hands high, alv yeara old, also one black Team. 16 handa high, sir years "Ul,til for t uck, fucvudore, exprcaa vraoydiiyfn | tywu Wdrk. laqtUre at HI Cangl etreet, N. Y. a-' . iNI &

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