Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1862 Page 1
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TH ^ Hi... i I ' 1 WHOLE NO. 9364. YORKTOWN. Operations in Front of the Rebel Works. TIIE TWO OPPOSING ARMIES. HTERESTNG PICTURE OP TIIE "SITUATIOX." Progress of the Scientific Preparations for the Siege. MAGNITUDE CF THE UNDERTAKING. Tho Work of General McCIellan and I the Potomac Army. K / j ? Rebel Ounbonts in the Warrtrielf Iiiver Shelling the Union Carajp. The WtuiKhH) to Be Soceored and ttfe Dead \o Be Embalmed, k(q fcf M til Dmpfttch from Major G?nyr* 1 lH'Cleiian, HKftcqiURiTJta or- tm An'fr <r ms rtmwic, 1 Ag.ri".8?11 A. 11. f Won. EmrntW. Stun to-., y of War ? Vrlhlngof Imorest bus frauspirai during the nigh". JKo firing oa our right, whoro the work proceeded hdiaturbad. On Ufie loft tbo enemy fired a good deal, tot hit do one, nor was the work tntan upuu. sent a batvy field battery to s;l?nce n gun ?r two o" the enamy that h ive oton irnp^rtlaeul -tliis morning, but have hurt no one. Tha wauthor ha? improved,-end w? ara making go.ul, prograac. <3?0. 1). Mc<XELLAhi, lisjcr General Command :ng. Prepress or tbo Slefle-Biltk Sktemiih r uil Defeat of a Put ty of Rrbelti Bkvosh Ymktown. April X; ICflii. ' } Tb? rebels are apparently just realizing th? fact (hit General tlcClelian la tnsKai^ extensive preparation* to pen lh? second sloge of Yorktowb. Up to yesterday the works of our trcops bavt steadily progrervt-l, direct 1* ?nder tho enemy's eyes, without any response from their gnne, excepting an occasional shot cent to inform aa that tbey were still there. Oar earthworks era r.o- beginning to present oorcry fwxjldkoie appearance to tho enemy, iuhI all day yfster4?y and last night they kept up a brisk - Ire OB them, wlib a view'to draw the men ent. Occasionally owL -II would come eo?l??o as to make It unpleasant, when tbey would lay eV?e to the ground until It bad paeccl over. No one was injured and the work pi of eraod as though no enemy wtre within rattge. This morning tho rebels opened wl.h Increased vigor Her about three hours from their batteries near the. Iver, but receiving no response they censed. Yesterday Gen. B'.ocock went out with a portion of his brigade for tbo purj-oe* of drlvieg the enemy*'rou> a piece of timber which Stay occupied iu clove proximity to-our works. Our trow s ndranco'l thro if U ?n open Held on their hands aac knees uuiil they caim. within aloaa rouskot range. Hio tebels, who were secreted behind stumps and trees, were .nxlous to get our men ej their feet aud to ? aoe-wnpltsh thu the Obptetn In commend of the enemy sbuu ?d at the height of.cle voice o charge biyo .eta, suppcting that onr tVlohtrned treips would- icatantly |uaep to thoii feet aud rue., but tt??y were mia.'akun io tbo mm. Tho command-be inp given the seeond rimo the rebels arooe, when our troops poured h>to thv.r.. we'l di reeled Ire, can*lng them to retreat, I iviug the.r ieudnnd wuuadid to be cared fcr allervards. During the ekirmoh a new battery, ythich the relic's had erected duriig Guuday night, mi l Mch int?rl'ci>d with a workteg pwty of our nm, vreswoeat electa ally silenced, and the goB.i dismantled. tm wr.itDT is more raent.ioie lor military operation*. The ttneu in drawing r.ose wtto tho Commanding flsneral will-c_ rami neo the ti??k of reducing the enemy's work <MU?! to im;e l? the aduanee of tlio I'nioa troop*. All are suagnino as to tbo rat-It,aa? the troop* ore eager to ho led Tcrwerd. Ow Kprrlnl Army CoKttpouilcjice. Casr is Fro.nt oi Vvjrnicws, April 26,1R62. Jott throe weeka have, to-day rtace the ad eaace-l brigade* of our grand > Army earn* Wore to th* cuter lino of fortiflratw^e which tho enemy Lr trected lor too defence of bin ytciiion here #t Yort'ewn During thic poriod as lmn>cn?e awumntof work ha. been performed by ihote attached to c-wery i couch of service In our army. The plane of our geeiernls and > gineer** re being not Into rpi dv ere utlm by the-w.lllbg heart* aid wrong arms ofjur nob e volunteers. L Ouraoidiera eoan to folly reu!l?.e the fret thai many A aalllion ryes, from ex t'y clrlli/ed spot nc tlai I \\Ui -itc oontinont, and even fM the i ew'e.t tllW of *.L? J earth, are looking wlU the Intoaaest later*. I toward* tills pettcsula to-day. Are they not also equally *:ire tr the | mprasslvo that-iumy million hen it are throbbing . fast with oiger axpaclea-. y sod altercate b..poe ai d:?a. f>. | ,?shite the mind m alriest.enilrely absorbed with the crnlomplstlon of personal and national lut- rente involved in the approaehk.g siege* In many instance* similar thniights and feshvge Burst bo entertained snd fSJl on either side. The rea?ot> ,*e obrkx-s. Wuh.a a < Irdo of erh. h the York ilv*? fora* the circutn'eraoee lice on She one side and tbs Raines r.ver >n the other there aie marttalled two mighty ermlcs. The G woi ?f ho armies or the eoiiteudlog rectlor* are here brought flMlA fir# llriwA ntaa m iHMMr t '*? ?. ??s a par wiul they be i lav a to bs tlM right, and some of tho h'-el la #jth> r goctloa wlU undoubtedly booiled. i Roth,partios appear to ran is# what tho whole c? mtry ohm appreciates, that unlesi-cirtUDirUncas shall chains (U ilurACt' r of tho opern'.ouo ILara unit uoou bo go .gtk o'i thin Already historic group4 out of tho moot dooperote and decisive bi.Ulst of modem times. Each army, almost within musket rat^g of -tho othor, Is rrik pig wUat it boliavca to bo adequate preparations t'oi the coming contest. Whan General KtOlellau commanded this Array of tho Potomac in froot of Washington, nud Generals Jobnuton tnd Renuregerd the robaig at CtBlreorillo and Ma ." it. It was untvorutlly exyscted that whori those antaf riatic force* cam* in ovrttact with each other In Virginia tho greatest engagement or the whole cunpin r-'uld follow. That anticipated battle a' Manas, aa did not take pUce, however. Tint nbw .iwuypf tho name troop#, in get eral terms tl might lie arid tha unit am:?, occupy menacing positions c? Virginia ao't, at tt>e gateway on tha peninsula, between tho two r<%ai rivurs?the gateway throng, which the l'ul<iu ariu> expects to ma.-rh In triumph U JUChOMBd. It'll tfaia la tho point at which tho enemy ban ''etermtaod to make a atnbbora stand and dispute tho passage Always aeting on the defcaelm?except in the attack on fort Sumter, Somerset and Pitdeburg?It baa beau tho peculiar proruicc of the enemy'^o tnrtify. He hag at ways shown much military skill Id the selection of peal liana f..r ilafai.rao Taintraailla atui Manaa aa ???r aplendid situations, or, to couOr.s tbsta'.statements to my observations on tbls pstilnsula. tbs works stPig Haiti*), though hjr no meant formidable m tMaraeelvo*, wsrs strong by rtaoonof tbslr admirable acsituft. So it u Willi the works at Reward's Bridge, wlMeh wd,found dassrud when ws marched on the road to YorJttown, 3j tt waa at (?e's Mill, on the Warwlok riser, wbefa tbetireea Mountain boys distinguish'il tbemssie'es by Ibelr gsllsnt conduct on the 16th Inst. Rugged ground, rarities, swamps, marshes?these ars always foutJtl about the enemy's defensive positions. They are pre. eminently r.harscteristlo or tbs spots h? baa ctaoaen for 1 bis fsrtincstlona In this vltinlty. Wherever nature had ' at made a plsea particularly rssorahla (or defence, ac | '-M NJL cording to hi* Men, be has had the aid of. art Ileuce I lowlands bar* b> en flooded, natural sr^amps rendered i: mora impsssah'.a, artificial swamps improvised, and a other barriers to an advancing forceXoostructed. t According to all accounts, the impediments which our Union soldiers hare confronted aQy ?tber points?the West included?have been few/and ?nght in comparison with the Immense fnrllP At,,ins which frown down upon us bore in front of, Yorkt'wn. u?fore ws catne hero, I apprehend the ^ were very few on our aide who itnagiued that t'yg works which the enemy had ( erected were either x) r.ira?ri?e or so formidable as ws found them , while w.ifeiu the last three weeks thay have j been greatly s<rsrA_th?ned. [lesidrs the connected fortl- . fioation, with i'* salient 'srigles, and mnouutlug many heavy columb Ads, which rarr ends the anctcnt town itseir,and bes/tes (be water hAtteriea for sweeping the river, whic a are erected-jn Una elds at Yorklown and on tho other r/'.e e'Cloucwter, there hi an outer chain of earth*. /i,s, which we car. bog, stretcher acr<iss th' an 'tre pe /.V,?ula. There aro inner tinee of fortifications, also tt thai when drrested at on* point he can fall hack to " #'? her. The ou'iny underetandr tho character of the for#ltv. has csassnts-1 tusticounUr. Tho csution, skill and ' *??gy of otr Ohnrminding Os', and the tnaguiiicenl waMcrial r id complete eiiuipmoutre' our army, baveccuvl .cod or r Southern adversary that all his ell'orts will ha ucoesfta-y to ho!4 tho posit itst be lias choRen, be it . /oriiSeti strong.y as it way. Ttrrrel'oio, nine# tho Union army cnlpoe d una, ho uas been bending all his energies tovs idor his fortifications still rnoio impreguu. hie. Tho ww ids of rebel roldiers. hud thousands of negro bavr- been working night and <lay. From bofcrc hot rif ? HiPilter aunsot we cr.n sec thorn, busy as bees* Working like beavers, aud when tbo darkness rennets them tnv-'.l>lo we caa nedr thorn. Wo can scs tteir tflicerft r! J in g Id the works on? wound them, superintending the labor iu .1 -giving uddiilonal Instructions* App^rertly tliev moke little eiioi 1 to conceal their opera W ua; hundreds of ibose ialorera may be observed, wiih the necessary implement', itt vrgtkf nitig this redoubt, it Sending thui rifle tut , connect it tb"*? separate works, orhrwi-iitg yonder tiarajjet. Sentinels strirl tmamMown uKtfet embankments. T itb that confidence which an intrenched 11 sittoo at-' irally furntehes, these of the wb-m wo can see conduct themselves with the ffrer.tcsi nonchalance But behind, where our eyes c*uroach them, from wbat Information we haverero.I, It 1h in an trot*.?hai thoy ore io a state of no little trepidation. They dread e\en tbo ua,n? or iho Potomac J rmy. They aronot 3" eafe alter all, wren behind their *>rmidabie fortlH-aiioi a. Jbey ?ro undoubtedly coil ^.trusting masked batteries, which will open at unex ^l.ectcd m-'incnts; wsd inner works, whieb, to some extent, will command Wv? *< outer chain of deforces. I Kxcept the prrliminury contest on the day of "our arrival., the' engagement at loo's liill ou the lt^h met , and the briiliaut vuul suvesgiul little cJ large of wane r,f out Massachusetts boyu ou a rebel red (mot at day iigmt thin morning?the particulars of which 1 fliave alrvaJ-y forwarded?we have uoue little iu the ac "AjuI lighting Mt d further than te keep our sharpshooter. i 011 the logout for imprudent root's, and our artillerists In practice bye&ndine en occasional shell at the enemy's Storking partoss. We ha, ? done an immense amount of preparatory-or rk. however. This ia a rlege in the con( duct of tebluli much scientific ck?'l Is needed. The onemy know: the', the only way to curve st'ully assault him , is by meausof ' -gu'.ar approachec. I'? knows we are a. -work eomewkvo, and huoco rokei Bitot and shell come over litre q to often. At attrmst every hour day and nigbt-reports of cannon aad of hur ting shells are board,twitta now ttud then the sharj. (rack of u riflo in thf hau ls of some Htrrpsh otcr. Soi etinirs they cease>1'.-cm the enemy'* ?. natvjf.noi tbcyge from ottrs. 'It Is said that tkar? ,s cnsidec: We ontt i# pressure?He work of ih* aboik.aiiists?sra. . i <;. ner:U McCiellan.'One thing is cort-u..-- lii<- area* is Tor him ' Those Tihers lives ore mlrecttl to his car have the fullest conti I 'ticj iu him. Ai.i in the prose it Instance no one who - an e a and understand his opus.. lions hero on the peninsula can question i.Is ability er 1 energy. Notwitbew.idlrg unfavorable .wet. her for mi lilt ry move ments,noiv thst.tnding a series ef disadvantage which It Is not necissary to enumeraf o, our commute ng gene rai and Lis devoted army have , erfertr* an immense amount ) f tabor ueces< ary to on. su-cess in Ui< fast ap. prcachbi(pe>ge. If the publio, villi n ^ingleuiyc and a generous heart, could only fully inderstuud and. appreciate our "situation," Ihoy a too, .nth urea, old would place itnnli it confidence iu i.Un. and hat lu.' an en speed. One of the most beautiful end touching ths..,y con. nected wrtk our army movementu is tha prepigrtttous being mart* hy some of tho Ftkiefl for the truuepur'-ition liomr ro the :r fr end - of the bndie; of those who si. 11 be k ilod, surd tho tender cure of those who eha'l be wounded. .'i'ho Med? al Director of the Army o the Futo' inkc has made arrangements fo.'.ue fitting up of ? temnboatAXer sending as soon an possible after ana:', ion the wounded to hospitals at Fort Mouioe, AJe\tuui:id. Washington, Georgetown, Philadsh h..t, New Yosk.aad perhaps to ..*.lb.u<y. These buaie will be furnh'.td wiib everything necersary foe caro an<i cornfort of the wounded. Accord^ ? to tho arrange mentk made by the Secretary . ot War and the Ocverncre of New York, Pennsylvania and Mansach otu, tie medical stiffs oa those steamerr. wiii bu com, uw. of ?ki!fui medical go' tie men from tliw.e, respective Sl.?t?.: who hare vohrulet'e'l 'heir service*, so that the limited number of a-mj-cju allowed bj law to each of onr vt'.un'eer regiments will not he d' td u> sup; 1/ thoss hospital ships. Thol unitary Comma alo:i are makl"g rwpavaliena for U.c-care of tho killed ' and wounded, no', a one from New York but ' ho.- froai other Siiitrs. Ut* will hive the splendid ale umbo*! Kim City. Maaraobuaett '??- alraady bar. lix rurg':o-i??. Pr.?. f'ebct, V v*, llmlv.xU, Orny, Homuur. .md Itodgoa? ? liu kill b> ..uapJirg to U>v *.>mg<i?i aoldiera from ili* '>ld Bojr R rta. 1') * ! ?' islatare of Pannnf Ivanit bar lug authorised km Governor ? make eric ur* arr?u4> l.cti" for bringing ?" be own roil fcr (ruatmaut a utidad Pennsylvania irooj*, ant! the uair.r* rta Vlon of the dead ,t s burial .it thai; former bastes, the eiecut'ou of the miliar w? an (runted lo Pr. Sm/h , the Surgeon General of tlte Stale, lie r?eut to Wiuchtaier took linjne fifty of the xonrt wounded in the iCightf iourlb and One fundi eo and T-nth Pcm.pjrSr-n.i r* intents engaged in Lb* battle r?.i w.t place, and ton d?a 1 bodies, which wue emb.iiutjj., and'out to ibo friend* of the deceased St. M *?pb ? Hospital, in Philadelyl . baa be*n tii.ed up for tbn a r . , m- iiation of throo hundred paten's. Accommodation* b v llki wise been provided near lauicaatr.r, At Criiier'a <?i-e, naar rhcatar, and at Harr burg, fur about sera* .hundred mora. The stenmcr Wlii'.'mi, now at id. re .cum. s landing, on thorlure of the peninsula, h.oj barn prepared vritlt all ilia ner?ea?ry arrangements, iiul iding a large supply of ruodhal aio/e-t, far tba n eap tioo of about thraa hmi' -id wot udtd, who c. u ba hroight fror.i the fluid in*. Ac. mpnnylug this ship ia L>r. frolic. hlm.eL', and war twenty otltar r'irgeenfi,ftlaieT* of ( barity and tnt'Vr nurser. I rdylit na wall appand ibo nam>~t or lliose voUMsar physicians. They ara l?ra. Gilbert, Morris, Mkm)8g*r,T*?r!f, Mi Bride, Thomap, Guth. Campbell, Bishop, Hod pa, Nab. biegir, Moore, Appleiate. Kljrnn, U.d-oy and IVh. All he bodice of reunaylvauia'a anna who ahull be killed? mat is,all thai can ha racognlcad-?will ba wiabaiined and (ant liome, for burial by tbtlr frianda. Tba remains of Lieutenant Wr.gner liava been embelmod wd lorwhi dad to Philadelphia. S i I And toe nomea or ttnae noble rellow* rhAll be pre creed ?r*?^y decay, will the I Memory of their patriotic r?r*iew? be t'iubaiiue<l in I i,\e annate of Hi# Rule nod of the na? on. 1 lull'ion* Imre l>een git nn to the nnrgeoce of a.I tho piwrnaylvi'ila regiment* to vrnl tho wounded ot York town a* ape'dily oe potaibie to tbo receiving ?h:p, aad. to let tboso wfto temporarily Imry tbo dead |rtn lurid# the clothing of ??rb a piece 01 paper rtating hi* name, cnfO)>aap a.'k regiment, a# well *a hn place or reeldorioe. lbe magnificent arenmer Con modore, which ha* been cued an the headquarter* wMe on the water of Central MoClellan and bin ?ta(| oilier re. baa h#eo placet under the thargo of ?ev#ral of thoao rennaylvaoia ph/aiclana, aa a general reception hospital fur tbora frnru every ether State who rhnll be wounded in tbo approaching battle, 1 ft it being titled up with c rery comfort an I convenience. 1 IgltiJ tboioarraiigeir.eti'g, ami other pi . paratKina which ) ere befc? I#"!* ??<H<fcrai>? *>U?ta en the peploeels by J W TO NEW YORK, WEDNBS1 irigade and regimental surgoous for the immediate drees ugof wouude, al: that humanity can do will be done to uccor those who may fall is their practical devotion to heir country and their flag. Camp VCnrmaD scon, \ ItBrona Yorktown, April 27, ISoZ J FV M'tatArr? Qu\tt of tho Rtbtlo?A Xoffro S.'i?rp. tk?o'*r?A Florida Corporal Dotirt* J. oui lit Rett I Ranks?Who Bo h, tfc. Since Friday a disagreeable northeast elorm has prerailed, and we have the usual amount of bad roads aul uud an a consequence; but our brave soldiers have long go learned to disregard such trltles, and go steadily on in the discharge of their duties, unmindful of the weather. Since the attack upon and capture of the rebel redoubt yeeterday morning by the gallant Massachusetts boye, the enemy have remained very qnlot In tbelr baiter ire, bat teewt particularly spiteful in t>*!r attemp'r at pfeket (hooting. It must have been extremely aggravating to the rebels to see their redoubt formed by a less number than there was In it at the time, end that, too. In the I fare of a fort within so ?hort * range that a company of rbosl spectators were driven from the ramparts by the ?s!l directed tiro of a company of skirmishers. l'rivato Kingsbury, yesl-*r<tay reported mortally wouuded, died last night. With on# exception the rest of the .rounded will probably be able 'u resume their duties m a short time. '1 bore are among the rebnl sharp hootors a large number of t. gm-s. who snow a gocd d-sl oi ability in the use of *he rule?In fa''t, our pickets declare that the he-1 shot among iheoi >a a slalwortb dorkev, who climbs up inside tiro chimney of a recently burnt house, and,knocking out* brick fora porthole, site |iercbod in side watching his chance for a shot at our people. Oe-sharpshooter* watch hi<n very closo'y, so closely. 'a 'vet, that h? i am been unable to reach his don, an., is tl is morning t'esierici'in behind mi apple tree, where ho a ill probably ho kepi from doing any harm to day. ' This morning a corporal of tho First Klorlda w;imen cine in ad ga-o himself up toour pickets, l'u iu an Irish ma n, named Ward, from Mew Jersey, and was I employed en the const survey steamer Stoienu at the timet he rebellion Wruke out, when he was fore d into ihc rebel ser rito. On Saturday morning he posted bw guard in regular order, and then made hie escupu from their Ho -wan compelled t'< socreto hin. It for twenty ; ;ur hoirri in a .small hole between tho v-.-s, o*. ing to the fire oi our pickets and sharpshooters. lie "tetcs ths*. a Inrgo number of rebel s.iidierr. are ready to coine or of to our lit Ca but for fear of our *ii*r|> uiu 'loath ti i was Hout immediately to keudnun-ters. Camf Wisnuji P.i'Tt, April ??>, l?62. 1>m Rrt'b A^-rin IJjm Hvft-^%* Df.i. Anxmg the Storming Party?JWen'r Thtyxirory n?.w 7V / 'tiKfrl Ceremony?J iVtirroic Stoape?Anvthcr Dti Her fron. Ik' he>J Kanki-rAnoiker Prtutd Man, iff. Ai tor cli?!cg iny letter of yesterday, nod paying the cotuplimdnt 1 did to the rebels for tliclr quietness during the morning, tho rascals spoiled U ail by opening a heavy lire of artillery, but upon .vbora or what it was diiUcuii to determine. Their rhot and shells full In til directions, vrithoui brrm to any one. The bod es <>f the three men trilled uu the storming party of Saturday wore interred yosterduy, In a vault which their comrade* had prepared. It is located on the riopecf a 5teei> hill, bountifully ehidnd fey huge oaks, with a)i uuder growth of lanrol. The bervioen wero conducted by the chaplain, Itev. Mr. Cud worth, who de. lirered ?r. impressive address to tho men, a'hiding touchlugiy to tho fact ihat the men foil on tho ground upon which their fathers utoed, and r tho in,mortal Wart. if"u, nca- ly a century ago, lighting lor iho ?aine glot,uub iko perj motion of tko American repubUu. At auotker point a rebel cauiHtf. hooraod out. " 'lliore," ojciaiwj the chaplain, ' there are tho raiua do Hani tone* which have been beiche ! furlli from tho l.alig ?r t' utgresu tor a generation paat, only-ike tones are a litilo hen,or exd the missiles a little liardcr. It lays treason, K'.ari hy ami despotism us plainly us if spoken hy tho detxMei. ioBti*aiors of ili.s uienunhoh rebel lion.' I'bo man listened with attentive interest, and as they ieft ttoe?fccetio each man looked determined to do his wh'-'r ! ,(iy in tl.u task of extiognUkiiig tho rebellion. V- ? .lgv'u have a g.iwifoof auustune this muriiiu , wk. h it is h-.pod may continue for at lev! a few d:.y?. Private .! seph W. tin- sir rmish of Saturday mora..' , was shot through tho hoo',.uid ogrin received a tall which struck his breastplate. wbaro it . route. <! It was n limit rlfio ball. SpootuR was knocked ?h in by the blow, but imurtxLatoly rooovirad and joined lis comrades in the redoubt, ,11a v.aa with lu ti'eut^ yard-of tl-e am part when he receive' Uia shot. .taot\r*.d?'ort< r came wlttun cur liuec this morning, lie Is quite v. youth, unit v as umember if (ompraiy C, Ninth Ahktarti:! r?> tmeut. I! is i uc 01 M.; uumi'ti' wbu have been ro<. ntly dratted ftot i that State, It* iia?i?g been just uvn we?kft in (lit) .- r\ i ?. When bo waskiitiit relnoUutiy loipt cased :ut*- (be robel eerslco hi* mother Ul ! him tlwt fho r> ild get an opportunity bo l ed alter desertani ;>trlve I" o.igago in some bouef I an 1 pro titable btnihie :i id the North. Ite watched hil ch.troa, law an opportunity, ami title mo- vtn,-tat. over to our ride. Ee so 'I the re-het< bah Jtio received the of It e taking of N*w Ori?<ui? by ibcliulon tro<p?. He i mi sunt to nearlHOk.' lark. Our Korti ' lt Monroe faimtttcMtltiirt Fo?iH?!j tie; hos, A| r.l M, lbbii. licit*! OeuthteU* Oi. the tfarvriib Riv* ?lh'ySl'U tin Cniu i Caiuu? lore GoULannt^i. Tel'jrtifked Ut?'Jit Mrrr\m*c?Artie I Irvope (ktnrtyfi to Snr* V.'i J'Otnl, <tc fit a rebel guntuati appeared in the Wac\" elk river at ton o'clock A. M. to day. and helled.1 he camp of the left corps ol tii? -M ini' of the I'utoouc, bus with \kltt t molt or lo;a on our side t cannot at thin ilme*?. te, at no anthem 10 account of deU.ll baa rem Ut d thi* p< int. lie. Dolbi, tele.ra;> ?t> Iiag tthoer tiehbdiorott^t the facts, but the toe ttage,up to five o'clock J*. M. , bad received no practical aotaer. The .lame riser it practically closed to our lioet *o long rc the Mommae and ber con .oris have the freedom of. ." imptou Ruads. T4ir only way we (an the biocjHtfe Is by blocking tip ttie narrow pert 01 Elizabeth river with stono ladon hulke, thur barring .lie door aguiaat cay li.ii.her annoyance and allay leg anticipmi t.-e of attack* frcnu 'he saucy rcbol C '!. 1 ne mentor* wvir'fciij rnnu? ui. nyi,;>4llio t'"jM Olttccr ao d.'?.r't Colli thu.i wa ue habiw la ly? m lacked barn at any tairfc t by U.<" Xerrimar. Whan 'hia hUtJl bav< been 'ici.a lha Jamesrlverar will feai'MOod, M us enublin* 'i* U? i'inu'.. wii both JUuW* ut' ik-a aucTiiy"* vuj 'inn on 'hi Yo?lt and Junes nrtro? tuaawro a'-ifh ft u'd x.jon ;us'ire the f^.'l or the r?ur| tumjlojj Tiwo gcctii.s to be, and !i u Ibe *e?erall)-eyi'Teis*.! ojijnloo b' ra thai tbere J? t > tu v h aad ills ti:l?r?f".>Hlarsa in ib? n*<>t *>r +%} ..,l*<;* lr ibe b'wrih At lamb; t'luad.m. 1 ntll U ram? i**l hi .is ivy ike extolled "f our lieul The|i?rrlmar. aid four rate' auut'oat* were (l.aitontly e<wi ttali niurniu* anchored b alert*-a t'raiirj- Uimitt and Norfolk, it wan or Mile-it I.we- trj thai they intestied to idij MS vial' to tiny, b it they <1I<1 ooi. a lai>ia rebel bat botu>rucd boat lixa boeu lojay all 4iy t<? itajr i M) i ijai totmmM'a 1'oiut. ibe trf irnauial i-anner cf < no o( ilia rctil ror]0 woo ? !! iliotiiictly se 'bey wi/a beinj /errie-i acrote jiilzabeth rh-er. Thr Altiok I |i?n U?u. IV. P. Miiitli. Captain J.'-miliar Starr, Jr., a sanUcinan well known iu Htaiary tir-lar, 1'oimerly an oPicar In ibe ItriCab m m), but now atUobod to General entitle ? ?ta;f an Volunteer Ald-iaCamp, wrltfa the following letter, which hat bean battled to ua for publteujon. W* sheer fiilly jjiv? ro'm in aur columns for ii, aa *ha manly and earnest spirit wb;..l? perradea It evidently gMor.ttiler* Ur Term l'y HK?'"triitT*' Ptmn'f D?r -ion,) CAHI Wimtuid ?>b Yoniu >?X, J. '. t 1 24, 1) Mr I'iu* TVtnar?In my 'at letter, written hurriedly after the action of the lCth, I eapvivy horror ami indignation at toe eight of our dead ai they ner- carried pant ox 'lit' linM aaililljroaovulaMtodilltlorM to reoUirae and body . bearing l)i? n>arka or bayonet rvouude, v hlch erldently ware InBlvted (and etir anrgeont fay It aliio) aa they lay wounded awd (lying, or dead, at I be led of tb?or eav tge foe?. To Jar a ran gieater lbdignatien and dUgnit hare 7 I alt at the night of I he follow.tig pwr^raph. Mr M rrlll, of Vrrmont, a krd lnarr to Introduce a rr-.oiu lion which, he thought, ought to rerriva ilw> tmanlmnaa approval <J ih" If : ?. It w ia rood, ar. inllojae'? lle-olrrrt, That ll,r President be roquratel to alrike from 1 ILn rvlla ti a nan a of any oflrer who ha* be n knoirn to be habitually latj?l"n( d by eptrl. loue lltnura rhilo In .wuior. lie aal(l, In 'har*i?n? engagement Ifur Yurktow it, two Vertntint ootnpatilr* were ordered to u ularc of ee-tremo |*ril, and performed on" uf tho ronit gullnnl aip, ,tu wlttieaaeii i ' u kni.. wir TI av we-ti ordered Mlf/IV J r>rmhi l,?tu ij, aid luko and uo'4 if for fifiy minutes In tin It, i ni? r?t-o! fo! < <; nf Ilu-tng that lima tiny were not t ijv - rt-rt or intulter-id i.jr tliilt <immtnilin| (jtnrriL win viimniiirr'J'iMl. Ha (Morrill) hnd h?> n ftif.-rni'd liy meet rsrpnnalhlt gentlemen, who ?*? the Ofui, that* bo was ci-os* ly drt.|i*. un I lial rn'trn from hi* horn, onside of hi* | <t?oii end fice being, nron-d with mm', TliiP attack i* dlroflt'd Against ouo of tbo be?| unit bravest ollicvi* IB the Army ol Uio I'otoinee?vi?; tieneisl W. K. Sniuli--nud I aiinort r^rni that i volunteered my fecb> aid In support of the Niriliere cause, *li?n I ?up on* of our ah>*t general*, p ssesx'ng lh? oonQii nr? alike of liia military superiors and iulerlois.tlius vindictively . alninaiatdJ In the very fa .-e ol iba etirmv. luring the action In question 1 war In attendance upon Peroral fhnitb from seven eYIoek A. M. until alinrtly he fore sunset, when hs despatched tea with a messupe to M tjor Psneril HcCIsIIhp, Whmi ( ApUin tlntl's battery npsued lire, ?f?tf minute* after novea o clock a. M., and during lite firing, which ?H terribly severe fornmrly hp if an b nr. (icisral nmlih stood out uncovered, at Hie frost of the battery. I wm not ttu font from bltn, with lw? otheK'Hinere tf hise atf t twron men struck he one shell at tlie gun lieinetllaiely on bin right: still be tfv?r niociir Vf'1' I'ohxJ watchiog tu? efoi i of eur ur RK H OAY, APRIL 30, 1862. ui?.a the iiBiny 's fort as ool and collected ?? th nigh he ?rl reviewing the division, and not until our six pieces bad succeeded iu silencing the rebel Runs did he make a step to tiio rear. A fatig e part; wok sent to the front to bury our dead, so as to give the gunners room to work the pieces; and, to giro you an idea bow hot the fire a as, one of this parly was badly wounded while engaged in digging a g-ute t'< r a (lead artilleryman. W'heD we advanced our artillery?twenty places?to wlihtn Ore hundred yards of the rebel fort, the Or.eral was at the side of i aptaln Ayr** the otnciroom nandlng the artillery of om division, and during the sntiie engagement in Ihe afternoon the General ; tiuained imder Ore, although Ins stuff frequently urged him not toox|xee himself. Not even General Met, who came on the field ah' ut noon, ronld induce bim to go to the rear. Had you seen tho enthusiastic features of the fifth Wisconsin btys, as they pus *J tl.eGeneral at double quiet, when ordered to the front?every one of them bearing oa

his face the reflect on ?f tho Generals cheerful, tidily hxk, as he urged them on with a pleasant wrd or smile? you would uuaerstan l wbst my feelingr: must be when I ** him thus be wly and pol tically m .dg ed Iiurmg the day the Geoeial was twt<? thrown (rent fata horse, lbe first tuna?on rl ling rabidly to the front ui? n herring tint the rebels were attempting '? turn our right think? his horse fell headlong into a bcghnle, thron ing General Smith forward upon his and chard. The second time ; he was dismounted by bis In rse rearing at the cl<?? report of rixtoea cf our guns, thed simultaneously, causing thr glr'li to brook, nod throwing the Geoer*. on kin back. Pri m daybreak until near sumod the Gonerailiad uoilii"g 1'ieat. About noon I offered bmc. my ilask oi whiskey, . which he r?f sed, sayiO't ho would rather have some water, if possible I procured scmo water foi htm front ' the est teen of a cavalry man in tho rear. In oouclasr'u, I would merely any that each and every officer neart- ui during that dxy knows. as 1 do, that he reiuaim d perfectly orxil and eolleoted, carrying out General lie Julian's orders to the letter. The Insinuation thai General mi : b was innxicated i8 a base lie, to the nisit despicable )ienor.?I or politic11 animosity. I cannot bear that such iujuslice should prevail. Your affectionate a. GRANDER STARR. J an of her I'i .tannic Majesty's Thirteenth regiment of foot.> to >lenernl W V. Smith. 1'hv Capture of Col. Crorktr .arm Major | Caatdp. ALIUS*, Aprtl 29,1802. A letter from Captain McNutt. of tbn Nine / -third regiment, gives ait ucoo-'rt of the capture of Colonel Crocker an t Major Caasidy. ' The two oUlcora left tho ctmpon foot at half-past six o'clock on TUursdny, and were lust pern in ilia lines of the pickets. Hallooing was shortly alter lieird in the woods whore they were i walking, i'he-y do..hlleaa fell Into an eutOnsb of rebels and wore taken pi tenners. [From the Norfolk Day Book, Apr!) 20. Kti>, Apt il 24,1862. Colonel Crocker and Major Cto sulay, of the Ninety thud Now York lOgunent of volunteers, ami a prlvai of ilio Wmcoubln Fifth roijimeut. were capfued neat YorKtow ii yesterday,and arrive t here to-day. No news of a battle on tiio pc: insula. V.thiug far tier f-om FteJer icksbnrg or Blue ltidgo Vnlley. THE 0ART41RE OF NEW ORLEANS. Desperate Naval Engagement on th3 Mississippi River. One lliri m Gunbovt Reported Sunk. The &ebei Iron-Clad Battery Destrcy& i by the PeDsacola. i ?mrr Trn&iw I acq TrTB V nr lire 1XU UVUt) ' UUI UWK Cv?oiia*&on of th< City by tt.e llebcl Fcwcph. Our Traps* in Quiet Possession of New Orleati 'Ac., Ac., Ac. Ccife o. April 29, i??. A *|><r.a) rieepefc fi from Fort T/i <!u dated 2?ih icit. raya:? From ?! .!.?'??.-? [ learo thai tfav Orloaaa ia dot tt Captain'Verier 4 qt <ct pa-jswian. The federal fleet paveed Fori Ja CFon on Tbured y niter a dtapovate * vol erija.p u.?v,, la which oi<. iaz a wan Huiltaud savcral badly ijod. It 1? *up;>osod that tho federal laaa It rery heavy. Tb reb'l loaceraa aijly killedaiid ?ae l. i. ired and e'jaty four wiwuiUrd. The eugift'Kec' la: ted part of 4w<i.* ayp. The fade/ala took pcwesloa <sf Ui? city without i etrofsle On l"rid*p ??# rebel force evetetiited, after destroy in, *1! the at?nu<*r? wbi-.L they bad ?? uta for. They tool with them tae*.greaur , art of the miliAt y store* In th i?yThe UnionoUzcni mre vry JuHlW i torn, wmw Moxeoa, *4- 1 2>, to*.'. Jlie cMy of % <f Orlaana htw been Lak<\n by tho Union for ere. Th* takfr 'i phlc iterators imele;/ left there, *1 pr#? ieusi.y reported, no parjicnlarl hid bee-i i*oe.? ad. ft la. etat.ed, hoe. erer, the*, the opei etui a attempted t< return, but 'ound the city it. possession ot the Orion troops. It 10 probable the city surrendered without re hlstauce after the fleet rvde titir et.|.?urauee. There is a rfpert that the eueeiy'e tu?i? h tuaat -A iron giiUhoetjLullt eh tre te a second Merrlmae, vrac, wh le on Ita way, destroyed by the,; tiled States otatmer ' i'eni-aoola. ____ KosfRSi' k, April 2V, 1M*. ,!Po\. Knwwlf .8ia*kw, Sn/Jutrtnv <.r A'aa ? Hie fdieweh: *PP*V* m the HJrhniont DirpnUh of uia atlii inet j "Tho fenrfnt et^teof ansjioripe n trhlob tbtg city ha* existed for t?\o er tbree days tier at leet ondad, AVt/> /ATieeeu it in >ht ptnmtem 0/ Ik' eaemg II wot tvtunnU^ Mf Otrrrai f.ovtU, who ha? removed his forces to Camp Miwvn ?->n th? lArlu_n Rfillriud '' JOHN K. Major Uanaral NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE, KoK?-f;??* Monrni. April '38,Jfi<>2. A ll*K of triKd tn <HjlO*4 dcapatchaa and latta af.r | tba I'nlon prisoner*. No nay ?pap?ri \?ara racslvad,or I at louit noua " ra* into tba baii.'i of thi rrportaia (or tba I praaa. Tba waatbar and t <i* to-day ha: o l>aen Ttry jarorab'e for tit* raappairaiiru ot atia Marrlnuo In Llampion Bond), but sbo at Ml daisy* coming out. It ia reportad that amna rabr! gunboats ic tba Jaiuaa rtror attainted thia foraacon t" aball aomo of our cuiupa this xida of Waraluk. tVasirsuTW, April 29,1802. A daapatoh from ] ortivss Mooroo to-day at aua o'clock P. M. aayaall if rpiiat. Wasthsr plaa .jit. No aawa. Intt rrtllni front Naahrlllr, Trnti. mumhim t or prominrnt ctn.tvt with cor. JOHNSON a. OIlKtT UNION MKLlINe TO BK HKiU)kmoi abm'j' ok affairs, KAFllTlt.!*, April 20. 18A2. Hayley Peyton, Kx t;ovori.or t', Hun. ffui. H. f tekee Mil William H. I'o'lc are In cohtultat on te tjlgiil with Governor Johnarn, en important matters. A great Union m sating if. to tak* place shortly. Kvory. thing l?oks encouraging. Slilp Mout lllnnr Aahoir. Huston, April 29,1862. The ship Mont Plan \ from fhlcMs for Dost on, in ??h"r? on I'oaked 11 ill bank, Cap* Cod. TIM ship has nine foot of water In her hold. |f the weather iu'KIi raien alie may tie saved, A ?ie?ruer with i!' tin pump has gone to her a??istance. The Hailing of Ihe Canada. Huston, April M, lgug. The mails for (ho ilaainahipCanada will c <-su at seven o'clock to morrow (Wednesday) merningt tint tee will po| sail for Halifax una l.iverpvcl until about ten. ER A T INTEREST!HO FROM EUROPE. ? UXru _ una-..-.m Arrival of the Bremen and City of Washington. * a PROGRESS CF THE NAVAL REV/OI.UTIQN. , u Iron Fleets for France, England, * Austria and ; Napoleon's Speech to tire Japanese Ambassadors. Reported Attack of the Chinese Rebels hj tfie English ond Frencli, &c., &o., &c. The steumfhiT>'Hremeti,Captain IV fcsr'-*, franc Ttreivien ' by way of .Southampton, arrive.I ex eb'lu port at nooa I > cf^biday. Tho llieuten loft Southampton <es "the le#i instatr. . Her news has b.en anticipated / ?n* twotdsy* later received by the North American > Capo Pact ' Our Kuropoan flics by iho Ui trior are and ad in L'jm1 on and Paris to the 16th of April #vh. juuriMf i being K ree days later than those rec ived y Vy #ie P ir* a. The s contain n one int?r?> tingdeiu As of the ae*a by Ui.-Kortb American to the period of th * saiKug ' f C.o Bromcr A trade re|K>rt from \? Kta, Kngii'x?a , of the t&th oF April sayR :?A little is do: in the "cm ,rican trwr a.even for tlie C nfederxto Stales , lite London lime* of tt ? >0iih ins'm : has thetfallowing paragraph* in ite city a ftic'e :? A request Ins been / addressed j So the rowmif'oo of Spanish'Anierlcnc bui- ^holders to hr consider J leir icciut resolution against out ^ri - iitwip ar f--iropositi * for a now loan (or Venezuela w (neb Uocj ' provide for the full maintenance of tho arrange me' iv "ltcroi a to with the bondholders in 186 , . Tiie report circ gated-with regjr d to s-Ermainn loan is that it will be for {m nominal a: negnt of jTfiO.OOO.Ot'-O in a I fear anil a half |w-r cent itoca^st bft, u?W negotiated by Xorsrs. Billing. , The luttor p''g-i of lb* - dement is uu. questionably irroneoos ;-abut fit is i Murdered probable that some nc| filiations of lh'rk.oah I ? noeu comp eted in Ixmdun w fn another leacin^ hou g, . in uy cue*,t'i* time chosen jfor the announcement is inopportune,aiueo during the ivcxllive or six woelcs i fcto payments in u< u ncctiouw tii ttie Moorish,Turkish, ami Egyptian b iu.will ?o?. ? a 4m. floating i n-'usof ih ecsiiituiisisof hoodoo and prsi tin any g*rea.l ca,;?rTieii- iw oouarofimeiii. 1 tie '> tan of Brest, of April lb 4 announces thai 250 French ii-ainen hare been embark m- en board the tailing frigate ipbi etiie, which is to oo s-.-ej- them to Mexico, where t iiuy are to c->mp!ele tho ci tan ol the ships osropesing the ex|ielition A large ijuantity of provisions lius lif it wis betifi omlxirkcii on h ecrtl the Iptngunie. Cai lain Lage, of the sle-un corw?l's Cliaptal, >:ist arriv rd at Toulon from Mexico, fc g* ween (April 12 j sum mom M to Partr, by telegr-anh. I' i is supposed tliat iho guv jrument is desirous o1 fc.v. in r pceeise informal me >>11 the At; .is of u flairs in that coot try, previous t<> giving ord ers for the prosecution of i be war with increas. il , vigjir. fhe Madrid jourtmle of the 10 Ih -of April contain the following Intelligence? ,Tho motion or II. Castro re'eii re to Mexico, Involving a /vote of --ensure eti ilie g >v o.-ui n-u-,, was r--ji-cied in th I Imgre; s b> a majority of 1U8 vckn* to ,'iM. A letter ft oni Naples of tut (04, of April, in the LouIon Jtiu-i, st; c.? On Friday-evening last too iirst pu'jiic lecture in the English langus a ever given In Naplei w-b deltveisd by l)r. Anu.'oy lutltohouse of the British Vice Consul, Mr. Turner. The object- war. to interest tfci English residents In :h? i?iabl\3limaut of th it graal dssideiatum, a good Protertajii eohocl for the beuetlt of tho famllisa of English iesideut? hkI visitors. Nothing of tho kic-i i.ow exists, ami this fact deters many ;mople from visiting ' Naples. Applications have bcien alrp.vly sent to England for a good master. The lecture win on tho natomy of tho human fran.e,J!nd it. whs a graceful act on the pa t of Dr. A - rusi-y. u-hu, <u ik-. VniUd Hielss Cmuiil, has fuken to lively an tiiUctC in an uutitutwn io muJi ncaltii. THE NAVAL REVOLUTION. The Jr?n-Pla(cil fleet of France. Paris (April iii) Curroapcn fence of London lime*.] Three lr'*-pl tied float:n; batteries are about 10 tie i con.-truclsd at Nantes. Ksch of these b.itierlo* is t bo pruv. iod Willi aneiig'UO of !fto bor.-o uwer, and to bo nnnixl with fourteen gun.'. liter nemos nru the Arrogante,the Implacable ami the Kpln utru. ? t?nl?rs have been reciirved at l.orient t? hasten the ,1 completion > f tl.e iron-Cueed ft i;at< b Us.on e, of forty guns, au-1 Serve: tlante of thirty eight. i ho jrun-cased frigate Solleriiio, of fifty twe gum, will, it Is said. be shortly la nciiod. As soon a i the b -rferino is - ir the storks an Iron caned frigate, currying an equal number of g ins, and U> be ca'le I the 1'riuce liup?. ial, is I j be commenced, togutber with twolloatmi' bat'.cries. Progress of Lite Dritiih \:ivy. i | Pi tun tlie liOiiduu 11 m . April Iti., The Duke of b aaereot. Klrst I. ad of the \drnlrulty, acc< ;npan:ed by hw pri\ at? ? c.r?iarjr,rsptaiii J. M<h ro, C. Q?. arid Hear Admiral R. Hpencer Kobicsi n,Comptroller ? of me Navy. peid in official \ islt toihuiham dock) ard It yesterday. Their ob,ecl was to m.-pect the iron ?hr a now under construction at < b ttbam, in order to ascertain * the p .'gross made wilt) thesn. Ku arriving st llic dockyard the I hike of .Somerset w.i a met by Captain Fatubnwo, superintendent; Mr. lang, mister shipbuilder: Commander l'op<\ msster attendant, and the othrr principal Officials of ilie establishment, who accompanied him to ihj dm k in winch the Acbill ?. 50. is hnlMltia twl.r r. h.. .tjx- it a lonaidriatile time u> 'ho iurjwcthm of the works. After the AA'tk'ii U? proceeded to the extreme end of tb# building abade lo Ir.^-ecl the armor plated i f. igst? RoyalOak, fio wljirh h cow walnut loreoiv# hot alnelJ plates. Jnairi'Ct, > ua * vo giv-n for eve y oyirtion to bo used in cuMi.ictiag tliir vest !, which, proved do Jeiay urine i m plating her. will be launched ' Ui jTigu ; nam, ab .11 a mot !> bef ire tho per; il fortuoi ly calculated iiikO. Ihe w>rh# adjo uing the Royal oak ahr.i, in which the iun- hmety ro filrod to be u?e.1 In [ iapai lb* armor pie- a Is t be S'eel*d, wore then in(I, a ft# i wh "ia vift was paid to (Ue lilwark, 01, a id 'ho Ttolvb ?, >J,n*dere! to be converted into artier plated ah,eld oiiips. I'be I. a .k J'i incr. nun ingrt# ana nndorke' y at order at portemouth, end b' Ibed at ir Ui..e Puke el Wellington, at harbor mcor ings. i'i ia morning, weather permitting, the H ack lattice will i#ari< the bart er and test herru#! lug qcalltii-e, wltli her temporarily enlarged rudder,u.,tenia tlie hi# of Wight. The tlhesapeake.M, Steam friga'o, 4'0 lion# power, ii in x- bo*r*#*e,betaf repaired. flhnlaaeitd b# reiltled But it h bciieved thul she will l>u shortly Iron plated, fur which puri>o?u?ho is admirably adapted. The iron ?tea.-"er lt> -i?iauce, 18, two Iio.-rc power, got up steam a (.'htviham harbor yesterday n ruing. end at eleven o'clock r?i take n In tow by "the p"il,lie whorl steamers A'btei. ifr. H'nkey, Master Commander, and the African, Mr. Harvey, Master < miannder. oho then proceeded to^tnarnea under thechn-g# ofMt. V. HomnI* M 1 'ter of the WnlteaJey, Til, and a party of rigge: and labrers ftvin lli% 4o< kyar-l o-UMrg In navigat g I,or Alt r eutliuc cWai < the hariior thelterlate iro prouceled uencr her own .end wnafo.ud tuanswer bar helm very aatUfactrvrity ho time la to bo lost In ryfltik- and i-oniplecrg her at tbtornee^ for the first d|. v Ision of Die pteam reserve. ori'.?rrbnve beenracdvad -4 I'ortemoeUi dockyard, freui mi# Admiralty, to e>,aperwiall further work oh Juils for nhipc-of-tha-llne. Contract for ? British Cnpole 8hlp. 'From tb# lAidon Army and '>avy (iuxet'e, April 12.) ' Tho taiidar of Mr >arr. Snui jda Hri'thera, of Ihe Isle ot Iwaa. for the construction of i npuia Oo'.r#' cupel a via 1 eel iiav ug I ea fucud to bo the luwsl, it was ou Mmid.vy , last accepted by the Admiralty. Messrs S imudn have bound thei iteivee under a p?ralty or i4,000 t which will he rtgidlv anforcad ia the evont of any (wit- ?n their oart) to launch t'ie ship m tM 10ih < / j titmarv. lsea. Tiit price whieb the contract? vn. ?44 16#.?-.i'token la regarded aa very low, and lb* cei.llciiiea who have nndor i?k?n it will, ir ther eu.x-?ed i 1 complying with ;t? ternw, d?"W graal praise tor rher rnt*i t rinn .jid , energy 'Ihe ship, for xblch ?lso,000 ha* beep takeu in the rgtimi'OH, la to be 2d> feet long, nearly J.600 ton*, will draw ab->ut twenty feet, and wi I hava engines ol 600 born power. Sbo will, scoording to present arrange 1 inonts, have tlx cupolas, ascb vn*<t with 'wo 100 pounder Armstrong guns. Bnaland'i Alarm Respecting Her Sr.- I rnritv. I fFroin the Imodoo Times, .April 14.) I . The debute In the IP. .hi or i,ords on the .|uest on of ' 1 theHpHtic iU forte y iclde a valuable contribution to ;h* I 1 information of the .. uinf ry on a ??hivi t which, as U? f Imka d fembridaotrul) remarked, i? ergmeeiug p.-ollc c attention to an r <tanl Mr i'?/! r*rnt: I Before " ever, we tii*rns>< th# views of government on 'be point o lmm'"li?teijr under discussion, it will be nroeamry *0 eerrocta iiiieappri i.e "ion aim h has ten<ie<* to coorui* two ipuytlolis very dlslltigutehsble (iom each other, it ap, e^s to hove bean IWgiued b<<th by ford I* Orer and I*>u' I'. 'enbor.mgii, end to luve been, indeed, generally etc imod, tliul the oonrtusion to which the I hi) instinctively jumped aft*r tlie American . experiment was limply a conclusion that forta vvi hi ii i-lee- no. a use j on-nieied ehtpa 'C'M -I a1'?!, tl iiatisrmn mraw ? rst Stilth' -v' ?"..t 0< th nue-,H"n of fori* was Introduced at ail \\ hat was concluded ff hi I I Amcrir hi battle w??, that wooden hips, however ?tr-/f>g or uumerou*, were utterly help e 1cm ig.iiial eceii eatem; on ed Ironsides, and that it was tl co..?ffi i ntly within ths powor cf any nation to oonstrutj* b iD. PRICE TWO CENTS. tin-nurse uf a few mot re, and ul a very mod.rate t. tialf a d /an vesre * winch w. til be m o 'ban a etch hir the whole i ? v? or with h we re'h d 'or protao >n. Of nnr < n ire ?fit t foree of out S n r?d ant f-rty ' 'A l oh-1" rr tic, nlj gmM I# rrf/n d* ' for Ike fu'ure fit ft Jiyl i? . M ,.xi? '*? t ltcNw ircnytll disk nav. and thoopb other I'owers, mi iloubt, were in liar ly cir immarveru *vet, unless was vailed ourselves ' r r ?n ertor rear. roe? 10 maintain cur iKieltlon, vre light beuvrrptifffced In our own waterr ai any moment e e e It to ftattefs/te* y to And that the % ivernmant Ih awake ?the rrueucy ujfihe wrnmi. Of course, we are lie l>?irj th.g "or ,in n for the amrlu f n of otte i(ay it upsii y c"vti. . ,,io/ r?o- rxi, rvd u? osnner (til for a week v?/' ' i wV ? erf * >iw< t o ' e rltitfl on (he jsiprefl kft ih'uc t ?r i??,^ |>m?r of 1/un.t B .1 t Lu hike <"Quiibrldf*\e y ft i tb'> observed mat we cou/?i i"la(fon> to fii'Mwrv t< lerfih'on. far while v y titioi toeih oM >*'< >, ,i,n. H le of no Rood 4o ray hai we are In a "stem ut transition." Thai i? true,, nod a very it o ? me a'aio It ia; but the safety >f!'he couotry sow. ( ddurUg this s ate as well an ill 'Here, ly. i | i?,y ;.iuiu y mkn'w lodged the oblifa'mn, and to>.nitieil it was lov.nrs tdef r us to ttend it'll. V, have made oi o g. oil s tp within 'he lael w< k. We, have jot a dun that will destroy any ir nv awl ehi'dn though r ooth. r nation has ?! l a gun which r llldoRi ovoi.rt tie ha'l pr icnth hive isqyid, rrlneh wtwiu en ible'hetl-i o forts at Sii.tbrtd toco.m and rvory ?cl. of v e. between them, ffc have fifteen iroii-/:a?ed ships, the Iiuk" or .Uoiueroet again tells un, sltlp r bul . or building we lmvo live wi>" en ninn-of war Pjoslvinp then plates uct wo hav ouo, It seems dtfiy on.... cupeir rassei actually : Uerod. This w souiekhiog.t* t the truesKn "f the sinmis till i' /iiiite -ymtrro v ;.? II - ,,l It, fort uf Si i'leul. l ord, W ew lU rnt'o v (tinj he hjoto' the de :*, mode a romurt whte'in a? bo found horeufter to eon tain a most l ai thaeiu arr-n fcui. Wo are taking all tlito tr.o. gUt lor Sidth (*! bir jut' toft he store' e-ttUainnl i? I'orUnwulh arte* ?Mh,v:hioh i/i i fht' econfmeH by the. >ln t. of a hot'ile .llert; t ut k hen ' alt iron citi- ,n vI.els htvebe n substituted fot the \l ia lib-get rghl.ii tthen sural ei "eci.tAov?, in/I tnnfe ,vitu mils an ia. d rhareaU/u'tdua'T- red f cow ?; a, t, mill / 'or' atrot'h b in en r.u r.h dau-rerfromh I I r j til i- That is a r e t on dcsorv.c?f sonut c tisider.. ti< m (Vhatv- tl.nl1 have oj.rctecl i? rtcf ikejtmt: "J the pit srr t,l-ut the feet (J the I u'.uie The M trtweni lu Ainlr!u-li?p?rt?B* Consideration- in the ttiiiinct. A Cabi Kii.u ter, Apui 10, etnanai 1 r. mum the Em? tw i l l * <? J njiii, institutes at Vienna a special coim% ur'.loo i ? study the ?|- -stn-u ??l the ravy. I'hia C' in-. hi iwo, j r tried over by Count lie1 libs g, Minister cf' P'o. oigu A : airs, h*s to give its opinion ou t he . fo lowutg folnif1 D ??' Austria reijuire .1 navy? 2 W Int ovi?lit. to Mo ;bu si 1 engih of such a imvjr? S. f? <i toy o her mount, ho 1 ound to rep .*? air attack VlUOll llfcl' '"HiI*? 4. wp* 11 ? sin-ctal system of coast for UflctUionn an trice tu pis bet them 5. Mh~- vouid Me the oxp'.'ii oof either one ot thosa metvureg? The commit lee has already pronounced lUelr for L'le rtctafy of nv. AuUrian tied'<iual to tint /(avian JUet and /or!kr ci ntfi tk tint "J if. n yliied vtntit. Proposed itrfoiui in tlic Spanish Navy. The 1 etimuiienio tuiauo of April 10 c 11. a . .4 an a liclo h-ggetttng t<> ilio government tho propriety of inline din 1 suspending ih?* construction Oi wooden vo scls, and ot' building iron-plated ships us rapidly as possib.o. THE AMERICAN QUESTION. Engllili Opinion or I be Isaacs of tile W ur [From the I on don Times, April ld,| In t>och a campaign a., the federal a my if n w 0|H:uim> in, lea the movements must access*! iiy he slow ami cautious. The masses cf tr ops to he moved are ini inetiRe, thoir orpani/ .tiou, iu spile ol the (,ood will and uaturul uuickness ol the men, is far from complete, and the country to bo traversed adds to tho domriatioi of pri iiiitiveuntuie ilia arllihvii resolution .ma c by an ot still da enemy. We, th-refore. n t bo surprised that April lias begun before tho fedei ai army of the I'.'toniao lias entered into tho campiign. The late st news is ! > tl e 3d 0, tie' pre- nt mo'itli, andat tliat tlui the forces ot Uutieral MJ' e lau ami his suImi diu nts were still m the neighborhood ol Washington, p.epa iug tor the gr. a oxped.t.ou v. h oil is to act a utiisi Uichmou i iixnlhe 1*1 * ? * The resolution to co-operate with the States dee i ring to abolish t- every bus pawed the enaie by a majority of 3d to lu, the dissentients being the re rcse.ta ives of the bor er .- laics v>li? 0 tl.uo j provai.i. While these Mbemes arc receiving the at eutio 01 thu linaiicisl i|Uc?l|.ilw appear to be in comple e abeyance. Taxes have bei ti voted; arul it nmaii 1 lor ill # ? rnwnt tno.l eclthcm,\f it can. The sanguine expectations of ihe North knu|i up the value of tin 'iruu-uiy notes, and, though .he load of debt is incroa. nig with frightful regulai iiy every month, there is no tho. glit'of the ounm al morrow. The whole soul of the Auiu. lean |>eoph> ot be to Mtcilotis is now in this war, and thu n.lure is torgotteb m the Qerco excitement of 11.0 present. A Rebel Privateer ortthe fount of Borneo. A rather stai Uii.g MiiLo' hub made a few days ago of he prisu .ee o, a ' onfodeials pi ivatcur in the bin* ilea. : lis is ret ried to Lavo been (alien lu with by her Majesty's flup 1'a.ueer,iu tho c< of horneo, nod, if 1 hove at ah, must evident.y have boou on tho I uW' ul for Aim riu.iu rmips outward bo 11!, Just in tt.eir irack by the Palawan pvmuo ngniuat tho north eaitcrii muiiki ' ii. This run r, so ami m eg to American tts-els, will, however, bo R|cerlily put to rent onuwsy or other; but it 1; particularly un.o. lunate or them 'hat the l'o oral government has ucl a xp.elo war ves-el of any de.icriptl. in these waters, except the Saginaw, and she Ik rutt4)ii and neeiea*. Napoleon ami the J?|i?utw. SKBEC1I UK TUT. bMlKI.OH TO THK A Ml' AaPADOKtl [Kruin (lie Loudou 1'iiuea, April JO.J The Japu.eae A in lie- adorn were j ec ived on Sunday 1?> (! ? htnperor at (lie H ileriea. At ball )*<l iwo five mart carriage* wont to tha Hotel hi 1-oiiviu to convoy them to ti e palace. 1 lie cortege entered tbo yurd of tlio Tuile. tea l>y .be Arc lie Triowphe, '..(.ops being dr.,wn p at eicb si. o to pay tbvui ml.nary honors. Ill j tirsl carriage ooutaii.eil two noble Japanese oilman, et.iliird to wear two swore, wlio earn d a o. IT r couleltuug tl > latter wi l.ieu by ibe hraperor of Jit I-an to his M.i.i'sty Na|iolion 111. lu the neat carriage, drawn by six bor es, were the second an.I tbtrd Ambassadors, attended by I tar an sibuet, seer mry for tb* introduction of fuiolgu representative*. In the next, also drawn by six horses, was tba h at Ambassador, with tb# t.llo of Miinater i Wiiipnteniiary. acc-in, atlel by Ifarou I .epic, Introducer of embassadors; and in two other car r at.":., with two hor iee each, were other oihcors and the W'Tpretcra of the Kinli?-*y. Tb. y a.ighltd under ibe entrance of the Pavilion d'Horn^e, and tnere fixed tu tliair belts tno second etv rd, v. Inch in Jutnn ia a mat It of hi Jb distinct,on. They were received at the fool of tn? grand aae, on w hu ll wo e ranged the t'sm, by ibe bukoda r ?mb ceres, t. uul Master oi tho vereui ntee. Alter taring parsod through the bailor.0 dn.alVx, and tha Inagnbi'.'Bt rooms of the I'alaoe, they were introduced into ho >i'l ii du Tie e. The : mp. lor, the I mp e * and tie: Prince imperial were tueio crated in sta'e, surronn.le by the whole cert. Tlie geuUemvn were in (lid ofil lul ew tnti)", u cou-t dre:-ea and tia'ns. Tnet'hisfo: the r nil ic-- y, alter hav ing made a prof. und obeieence to their, tne tug auurcs ii .iu?n " -wincu wau isj-eunu in rrencn by one nf tl e Inter prelerr ? Hiun?Aocordlrid tu the ordcra of hi* Majesty the Tycoon, we hat a the Lunjr of pn i.entu,; oor-cl es this ?,ay at the audiiure ot yonr Majesty. S ue,, the eot' lugion of Ihn treaty Iwtwrrn Krance and rt l iUoi.s n i to n.'telop tli msaivi-s n.oro mora be.tven tio-' two countries; o .r Hover, inn haa coti.eui: utly chaivud oa to deliver a p< eoiml tetter to yonr Msjea'y, and to rapines to you at tin: a time tl.e tlnCertiyo' tils desoVeounaS .m l lit* desire to see the treaty maintained. 0 it Soverei.n has ordered us to reaperffully make known to your Mayes y tlint he Him he* great vmoe to the tact that, by your Imp-rUl k ndneea. the bnibaaay eenl to Eur pa 1- to be comet to bark lu J upau on ooard a trench vessel ofwar. We conclude by njireasing the tieet *1 hea for the waliare of your Majesty and of your '?u??ci family, aa wall us lortbr happiness and prosperity of tliu t-teu h nation. NAIW.EOh'H KKPLY. The Emperor rap ied in Hie to.lowing tarma:? lam happy to e-o for the flret time in Prance the re pre entailseaol the Emperor of Japan. The treaty whim w. has dint# together will, I bone, lead to f rorable reaulta rm the two eoumrtea. 1 rtouut not tnat your reetdetns- in hianre will give you a juatiOeao. the "ranoeur of our ai'ton; Hut reception which you wl 1 lirre meet with, and '.ho freedom whim you will enjoy, will conviu.o yoo that hospitality la one of the Urat sirlliea 01 a tl> II "d nut.On. I will wi.liiiKly have yoo conveyed hark to your <eontry by t veaael-oi-eat, iand you will carry whb the run enirraiice of your myope to Europe the ansoranee af my dealie to keep up ibe moat trtend.y relatione wltsi Jepaa. The Kmbuaay then retired, avd waa conveyed back is lib the aaina ceremonial to tbe Hotel do 1 .our re, The members of the Embassy woe o. monies of tba richest kind, and their arr*a were mayuiilcent. The valuable presents for their Mkjesth g, which bad bctu eenl via Sues, hare not yet arrived Imyortaat frum China. HkPORTKD ATTACK UP TIIK KMULtkU AMU IKKXCB OM rm. tuiiikLS. m rai gnrroa ov th? umiant nana. A prwteerlpium <>f our "kanakas cetTopondanta to Ihelr letter, dated tba 21at of February, contains the ueei that* me 1 iigllah aid I ranch tnen ot war had on isat dayrrocead'd up the Mienghaa river and jtsvd on t...Wirlr A t/7iflii mhoui tkrc huuilrtt. Am mm dii HA' nn<l Iii? iDUu matiuD? which appear* to Imve b?*m most pro rly kept a secret? Id uuy of the printa<1 report* ra. aired by the mail, you may, i/?rhapa, give publicity to t iu ilia ootamua "f your valued >< irnal. We incloae ur card, anil rein*lu,*ir, jroura ri-apecifully, lUn uw, K. C., April 1ft. f? 4 00. The lUlaMwrl Btftta Convention. .1 art neon Crrr,Me.,AptU 38.1M2 The U' varnor to day teaued tba prootamuieo coavtn ic the fttat? Contention on tba first Moo lay in June a1 ntpuce. The principal eauaagitan la, thatthestaie ight to ba rediatrlcled toal to glta MiaaoaTi tba two liUtioiial rapraaectattraa la too grata, to which aha la niiUrd andor tha lata ratte of rapraaaatatioa. It la i"?i|iit that a full aitaadanoa af Iha ?eeibera wttl ba a?t

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