Newspaper of The New York Herald, April 30, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated April 30, 1862 Page 2
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2 BITVilTlOIII WAITED?VENtLEV. AL1UY GOING TO THE COUNTRY W1MIES TO iibimn a situation fur her cook. Apply betwceu 10 aud 13 at MH ?th at. As.T ATION wanted?by a young girl, tor light ehambe- wo. k or Sui ng care of chit tree. t an be Keen fur twu day* at her | r *oi employer's, 57 East Sblhjst., who w ill highly recommend htr. A competent yol ng woman wishe8 A siti'auna us enuinbermaiil, ana to do flue w a-long or us lauudroas proft rri d t?oo i otiy reference her last place, 'an !? ?wn lor two daysnl Slid lih av., between 230 and 01th Ms., Id the luill.uery store. A WIDOW from the n0p.t1iern PAKT OF UKR. many, who .-.peaks h i native laivuu, aud sows very well, wishes a place as nurae. Kefcreuces giveu. Apply at 75 Allen *t., room 7. A COOK'S SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPEllIeitoed woutau. Cau ho seen at h r preasul pkice. 91 5ti.?v Avery respectable otrl wishes a fitcatlon use iimbermuiu mid waitress sun assist in washing aud ironing: can sew well and tnke care of growing cbllten. the I.est of relerence flora her present p a f ail for two day* ut 129 Montague St., second house 1.out Cltmou St., Brooklyn, he.ween the hums of 10 and 12. A RESPECTABLE GIRI, WANTS a SITUATION a3 chambermaid and waitress or ch.i lieu s nurse; is uetusionied to the care of small children; is witling to make herself generally useful; good eiiy reference. Can be seen uutil engaged at 05 Dou .lass st., he(ween Smith and itoyt, Hr aikb Akk.sI'Ectable n Its- WI8BS8A RITU ATION as urst c a-s : nest city reference Cau he secu for two days at bit East 12J st. A SITUATION WANTED-by a RESPECTABLE young woman, as ehamhermald and waitress; be. t oi jt.y reference given. Call tor two days at lb We-t I3th at , Between 5th and tilh avs. ^ RESPECTABLE Y()!'NU GIRL WISHES a SITU .am. us .IU4TC u..u uuiKltw, la . ui iu.i.n? an infant from us birth; hai seven years' recommendation; ii > objection to travel. Can be seen lor two cluys at I..y 7:lt h .. between 16 ti ami 20th sot., urst lloor, front room, A situation wan ted-by a young woman, as cua<nt>ei uvvd and U inaro**, or to do housework. lies', cuy reitu rn s. Can be sum for two days at lit corner of Bond .tnu Wurieu sts., Brooklyn, over the grocery, serond Hour. AB srECTABI.E YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A a.tiiulien to do general housewo k in a stnuil private family ; is a gx?d plain cook and a good washer ai d froner. U" d city re orence trout bur last place. Call for two days ai 110 War en at , U 'tween Uoyt and Boud. Brooklyn, Urst tto r. backroom. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A situation iu a small private family to rto general home, work; has lived live years iu iter last pin e. Be.-t of city reii rcuoe. Call for two days at lud East 12th st., corner 0 1st av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE S otcu girl, to coos, wash and ir it in a small p irate faintly. Good it; reference given. Call at 265 West 24>U at A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE yo nig g.rl, us waitress, and no objection to asstai ?tin thechamberwork; h is the best city refer: nee from Iter las' place. Call at 67 Wesi 53d ft., corner of Broadway. A RESPECTABLE l'KOTESTANT GIRL WOULD LIKE to attend au invalid lady, or take care of a child or two between tue ace of two and lour years. To be seen I or two days at her last place, 17b West 2ith at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN. TO do ehuiiibei-wora or lauudrywork; understands Uutiu,' lud all kinds oi une washing aud Ironing. City reference. Cat. at ll'l East 16th St., between 1st atid 2d avs., second floor, bark. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS a SITUATION IN A gentleman s family as nurse <r chambermaid; no ob1 ciion to ibc- country; a comfortable boniu preferred to high wages. Can give a.tiaiautory reference. Can be a 'en fir two days at No. 5 6th st', near the Bowery, secoud door, back 'num. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, to eouk, wish and irou; n a goo i plain cook and au ex. cedent wasner and ironer. Has good city reference. Call at vd West 41th St., between 5th an 1 6th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RKliPfiOTABr.B oritu. jTV ns co k. washer and iroller, or to do general housework iu a small family. Best of city lefor-uce. Can he aeeu uutll . anau ed at liMArnity at., Brooklyn, top MM, A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE yoin; woman, as nurse and chambermaid; is n good pi? n arwer; an excellent tine washer and troner; cen emI? oiler nicely. Good city reference can be given. Call at 2Uo East isih st., near 3d av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SIToatUni iu a ittu.l private family; is a good cook, waalim end ii-oner. Can be seen at 113 Pactuc St., between Court and B 'erutn, Brooklyn. A YOUNO, CAPABLE AND HIGHLY RESPECTABLE ladv it she- a situation as honaekeeper in some widowe s or bach' ior'a faintly, where ahe will let tnaile an equ .l of. References exchanged, l'lease addr as, for three day*, W' ?. r>. S.. Herald oiUce. AWOM VN WISHES V SITU AT.ON AS COOK. WASHer an I ironer in a respectable laniily; prefers the country, iiaa a b y 11 years old whom sue Wishes to lia e with 4.-r, whovould make himself uselul. Call at 2P> West ltitn ? , l orarr of Sth av., hrst Uoor, front, room No. 7. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO ENGLISH Protestant girl, as chambermaid and to do line washing, era waiir as and chambermaid. Also her mother, nil eldeny worn in, who is a drat class cook, haker and a good butter maker: good referen.?. Call at lud West 28ih at., and 7th sr., room No. <5. Alt SPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A 81TUAtma to do general housework; Is a good plain cook, a Ot xt rntc nastier and iruner, bat uu objections 10 go a short ii-tauoc in the country. Has good city relerence. Can be wen tor i?o days at No. lo7 West 33d at., rear oulldutg. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE t Protestant) young woman, as chambermaid and do oe uuc washing; has no objections to the country. B'*tut tly reference given from her last place. Call at lid West tilth St. A situation wanteh-by a respectable wotitsn, as nurse; willing to goto an Institute or lor JhllIron; Ucapable of lakiux chaise of a baby; noobjto'.'on a? tnc eoitntry, Good relerenee. Can be s en for two days at No. to East 33d St., between 4th und Madison ares. At OUNG WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION' AS EXcelieiit cook. Understands all kinds of meats, soups, pastry end Seven years' city refer nee from her wsi pU>'e. Can be seen for two days at 104 East 9'h si , I s door, front room. ABESl'ECTAULE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation as waitress and chambermaid in a private 'emily She la capunle, willing ai.d obliging. and can good city re ereucrs. Can t* seen for two days at ber present employ' r a, OuWcst iilh st. No objei'i.ons to the euntry. A GOOD COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A 1'KIvate family. Ilus tl.e best ol city reference. A young fin wishes a situation as seamstress. Is s good sewer; e hi oall kinds o; embroidery. Would like to a?s i: ,n uhsmW rwork, or would take ca'e of growing children, Hat th? est of refi ren. e from good tauiiltee. Also a young woman wishes a situation to do chumberwork and assist in tut washing. lius the b- it of city reterence. Call for two days at 'i puliou st.. Brooklyn. AVERY RESPECTABLE YOCNO OIRL WISHES TO & alii a au lai.ou as chambermaid or waiter, or would lo p a n sewing general l.ou e.vork In a private lamtly. lias -t of reiervnee from her sat pace. Call at or address Sua two day*. lu3 WaOt luth ?t, Nee- York. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL, TO*DO ciianieerwork and wailin , or cbamberwork and take lure of thlluren; una uo ubj Tlon logo a short distance In ih-'-ountry; has good ci y reference. Can be seen for two iuieat No. 314 we?i doth si., secoi.d Boor, fruut room, bo w n 8ih and ath av?. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE *??hitiK and tinning; h i? no objection !o go In (he country wih % family. liood refer oce. Apply at 136 Eui 25 h nw 2d arc ? . A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPE TABLE young woman, to uortiami* raork an.i waiui.g, or to lo piaiu aewiug; haa lite boat of city retereiu e; would na*e 10 tibia'lion to go a the country. Apply ai Ui East -Ala >-ar 21 nve. A respectable wuhan wishes the w%.siiin-; ul a few sin, c .en l' ioitii, orfaiaiUea, ny iba mot.tli; it ** ) u. at, aud caref ul of ladies iinertea; e n do Kruicu lining and box pi..Plug n the neatest maimer; beat reference. Call at or aunt i aa 2/2 21 tb St., comer ol 1 lib av. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNO WOMAN. AS ci tmu riuitld end waitreaa; would take c.ire ul eh igren. I an be s.n >r two day* at S6 1st, Brookl; u. A youno wi.inat desires a situation as "ompetcnt> rma.d and Sne waalt-r and Loner; an It nod city ret-r no-. Can be aaeuat Hi Weat 33d at. AStTl ATlON WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE >ouii( no.nan, ua utirae nnd a amalresa, or would t ike lie entirecUargC 31 a bauy; no objeitiou to go lo tbe caunli jr autb a family for tbe summer; good city reference. Call -..r ... iSvi Mt **t "LI u v luii -IOK I ... A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SL tuation In a private i.imnjr aa chambermaid ni l a am. urea; no objection tu travel w.tli a tamily; heat of city re ?r>-ni,!' from D?-r laat pla> where ahe bin lived for the laat wo yeaia. Pleaae > all at 476 tuar, corner 01 till at, tor wo data. AKESPEt TABLE MIDDLE AflED WOMAN WANTS a all tin lion aa . no* in a private amlly; a c mp-n ut ear b"?in--a; or, would go aa latindreat or to do general (' uarwork tu a amallprfnte family g ?id reference. Can w aero or two dayi at iw lmnreua* AS OOVBKNKSS, HOliMEKREBEL OK COMPANIONA re?pe table widow lady, thirty ye?ra of a;e, highly 'located, wUbea an engagement In either of the above capav. ?v abe defirwe 10 find a permanent and plaaaaut bume. A. Ire.a Y.4 Sherwood, box 1.13 Herald ofllce. a i-aoy wlelthh TO PROCURE a SITUATION POR A f\. girl who l.aa Lved with her t'of all jreare, either cliamaertnaid an* r, ,|? une wnahlng an 1 Ironing, ora* olinmheratari and to anno grown children. Apply at 17 Ei?t SM at. AMRST CLAsa ENGLISH COOK WANTS A SITL'Atton; underaowxiaall Klnda of rooting; baa no objeoCa to go in the co'iavrv, would aan.t wlta the waahing. U-iIre at U? Weat JAvh at, between 6th and 7lh ava, R tne rear. A Situation wanter-hy a respectable . 7? "d an In a pi i n ' ' jin ly, i.i a Ural rate conk tad ei.-iieul l?u an It-i^o l Lher of brad and ataniit, and uudermanda all kiu<% ?r amp*: Iw* nn obiec nun ta the I onilrj. The heat Of retereaee uiren ran 6n Veen ^ oalilag at 1411 Went g7that.. Vat Uo'r, "aek V^.n, ARITVATI'IN W ANTED?11Y A JhuPECTABLK , (11 1, a* lirai rata coon, and il willing tO ?a?lai in the p. .In w.ialnng if require); ran give the heat <N refei-enoa (loin laat nla e, w here alie lia* lived live yaara. Can be Wen f .r tw o da. a at lyi ,f near 23d at. Ail! hpkctablr Olltl, WISHES a situation as i'l? n .eaiiiatrtaa, or aa > limnu- rmald and wallivaa; ha* objection to go to the country, (jood illy reference Dora he -t-t place. Call at Ail V\ eat 16th ?t., near 8th av? In the ban-merit, lor two tlay-t. A YOUNo WOMAN WISIIH 1 A SITUATION as OOOK. te?k.od).Un ooa aud e.c Uent waahei and iion-r! id ratanda Qui ng. bak ng. Best of city re ereuce. Call St ?i 6 n at., tear tne ilow ry. A SITUATION WANTlP-BY A RB-1P EOT ABLE jtV ? > ng . Irl, to dogen i n lion-1 work. Call at LdL iat Idd .1, loi tnree daya. N: SITUATIONS WANTKD? I'EW.IIiES. \ RESPECTABLE PROTEST\NT OIKI. WISHES A silii.uou aa ;iwk lu a small private family, or at* chambermaid anil waitress. Has no ohm cllou to the country. Tub very beat of city relerenoe. Call for two daya at 1X1, nunheact corner of 7lh arc and 2lat at. A SITUATION W AN 1'ED?BY A RE8PB0TABI.E young y:rl. age-t 15 yar*, iu a lespeciable family, aa nurse or 10 do light rhntuia-rwurk; bas good city reference. Call at .102 Weal Jtlth at., between 9th anil 1Mb art Cau tie seen for two <1 vs. V RESPECTVBLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A KITUAlion in a pi irate .amity, us waitress au 1 chambermaid, or to do chauiberwork an 1 take care ot oliildreu; no obiec:ions to the country; has eieellent city references. Cau lie aeon ."or two days at her last employer's, 15 Eaat 15th st., from 11 till 4 o'clock. 4 KESPKt'TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SlTUA an,,ii as plain cook au ! good washer aud ironer. Hood city re ere nee. Call for two d ya at 165 1st sr., near 11th at, uext to the baker's, second door, back room. 4 RESPECTABLE, STEADY WOMAN WANTS A SITUJV at:,aa first c'?wi ct ok. la a hotel, reeteiwut or beard* lug ho .s ; uudi islands her business perfectly; lias best of city and country leicronce. Can he seen till auited at 250 Mulberry st. 4 RKSPECT4B1 E YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A8ITUAiV tl >n as competent cook; uiulcraunda all kinds of family ookiug and baking: no objection to assist w ith the washing. Best of eliy reference. Can be s en for iwo daya at 40 West ilkh -t.. up stairs, froui room. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE dl. young married woman, as wet nurse iu some good family. Has the beat of city reference. Call for tw o days ai gSO Mulberry st , uear Houston, lir?t floor, front room. AS WAITRESS, AC.?wanted, by a competent. inly girl, with excellent city retereuce, a situation aa 0 a it-era or thorough servant; takes charge of th silver and (Muin* room; wages $7; no objection :o Newport or any part 01 ih j country lor the summer. Call at or address a note to I'M list at. for two day*. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU.V a ion us chambermaid and to asm ,t In the washing and tronlug, or to do ) lain ..curing. Can bo tun u at her present employer's, d35 West 23d st. \ RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WOMAN, WHO HAS lived in some of the best families lu the city, desires to take charge f a uousc for the summer. Can give the best testimonial-- as to chancier and capability. Call for two days at lfll East 29th st. m A RESPECT IBLK GIRL WlSIIE-t A SITUATION TO jt\. cook, wash a d iron, t r would do Ih housework of a small family; no objection to go to lit country a short distune ; good"city reference giveu. Cad at 119 Johnsou st., Brooklyn. A S WET NURSE ?A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO .1 man, who has just lost her baby, wishes to get n baby m wet nurse at her own house. Chill for two days a! 175 22u st., bit ween 1st and 2 1 ava., second floor, ft out room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUAkl. ii"U to do chauiberwork and line wash in", or would do waiting; country prclerred. Apply at 72 Easi 3Jd st? third Moor. A COLORED GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS NURSE TV and seamstress; understands u.kuigcare of an Infant; in obje.i.ou to the country; Las hist c.ass city tele rcuce. Apply at IU West 30; h St. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as chambermaid and w. l .rvss, or as nurse un l seamsiress; has no objection to the countty: city rclerence aiv n. Cau be s, en for three days i t 70 29th st., -between 4 GOGH EDUCATED WIDOW, PROM THE NORTHA oru |'(i! I of Bermnny, wishes u pla ? an nurse; is a good seamstress and will make borseif ustTul lo the lady ol ibe Kcfeienc.s given. Imp ire si ;j Allen at., la the real', rooui No. 7. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WITH THE BEET CITS' il reference, wishes 10 lake iu lam I; tvashing. Call at t'dli HtuLon St., in too rear. A SITCATION WANTED-BV A RESPECTABLE GIRL, kl lo do general housework in a private family. Best city refareuce lr mi her last place. Call . or two day ? at 2ii? Gold St., Brooklyn, iu the rear. Al'ROTE.STaV.NT GIRL WISHES A RfWArlON AS mIhIii cook, wanhtx ??<* Myuw. Cr?od city reference. Gail at 'iiiiJaysu, iii arTillarv, Brooklyn. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO a), do general ho'tsework or riiumUerw ork, and to assist witn the ? ashing. Ouod city ref, ience. ('all lor tito days a' 122 West 2?lh ?:., between Jib and S'.h avs., top lluor, hack room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A STTUAtlon as chambermaid and waitress, or to iniud children and sew; is willing to make herselt genet ally us i nl; has no objection to go to tho country. Has good city r ferenoCull at 23d 2d av., between l'Siu and di:h sty. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION IN A kV private family; is a good plain cook, wasliei and ironer; has tin: best of city retort nc< s. Can be seeu at her pi cScut employe,'s, ,'ila 5 h av., mar AW M. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION A3 cliaiiib-inia. t ami to us-ist in the waahtn : uiut iroiin;, or to do waning; good City references. Cau be teen tor two days at 147 Wot 2,11. St.. oetwe -a 7ih and Sth nvs. A SITUaTI )S WANTED-BY* A COMPETENT WOA man, as lirst cla-s chainberinnid: is lullr competent to take care oi ei.iidun; has deed six years iu uer l-iet family, and tan t urn li th very b it of city r terenc-. Can ue seen for two days ul tr idth between 5th and Cth uvs. \ SITUATION WANTED?8Y A YOUNG WO* iN. AS took, w.sher and Iroucr, in a private family; would go to the country it mi'iired. Can be s cu till eiuaizi-d at ltid East btilh si., beiwc, n >J and Id avow \S COOK.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BV A KB* spu-titb.e youn; woman, a* c >"k. who thoroughly understands her bu-i:i\ss in all its various branches; best ?f et'ya.iJ eountry references. So objection to tbe eouutry. CaiJ at M ..dJir:., 19Kid 11:Is *!.. to: t ' > t. A SITUATION WASTED?AS CHAMBERMAID ASD plain ik'Wer or to do line washing uul Ercaru fluting. Tne le-m of city reierence from ber la.' place. Call Tor two days at Ism East liit.1 at. Ayocso girl wants a situation to do geneml housework; ttutieiatau Is h r business; has ;,o >-t | from her lust crap.uyer. t *o oe seen lor two days in liny t street, bets ten State an I Atlantic, ht'.h house from At! intlc, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-AS WET NURSE, BV A HE peciable married Woman, wl'b a fresli breast "I milk. Cou he seen lor taru d.ty >, l'rom 9 till Id o cl-ci, a bl A t; did at. ACTUATION W.i.NTKD-Bt A IWICTAIU! PBO teuton', girl. In a small prira'.e lamtlv, as plant rook, or to do leneral housework; is * good washer and ironer; no objection in go n snort distance in the country, Hits n ot rot- rence. Ca b seen for l.vo dsy- ,it doit East 13th et., bel ween 1st av, and II'. A. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, in ? small private i'amtly.,:o do chamber, wuik and walling, or chamber.vork and take care ol children; liaa no oojectioo to go a short di-t met; in Ibe country. ll:ts gotel city relercnce. Can be seen lor two days at do.) East J.ilh St., between 1st av. aad av. A. A SITUATION WANTED-JY A YOUNU GIBE, AS saamstresst uud-rst?iid#lresuiiaaiiig and ladies' hairdressing; ,oud rity reference can be given. Can be seen for two days at Ci'J bin ate. . A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A COMPETENT PER30N, ss seamstress; no obje. tb.n to do light cbamberwork or wait on growing children. Ctn be seen at her | r-s-tit empluv. er's, 2d 13th st , between University place and 5th av., lor three days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, to do chambervork and sewing, or to take are of children, or to a.slsl tv-;b the washuia and nouiug. Hasgomi reference. C?o be e-n fur two "ays at 339 dd are., between dial and ddd its . litet floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRLto do cooking, washing and ironiu or to do tbe hou-e' woi k of a small private family; bus no objection to go a abort dls'au e m the country. Uau^i.e city r ierence Irom her Inst pint;, w here she lus* lived nearly two years. Call at IkO Atlantic s'? belv. en 11: k- and Heury, Brooklyn. V SITUATION \V ANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE yo ung girl, a> C.i.imnermaid and waiter. The best of rity reference tan be given from her la t olace. Can ba m.bii f >r two daya at Uf 7tb ar., near latu at'., ae< ond tloor, trotil room. A SITUATION WASTED?BT A YOUNG WOMAN. AS ook, vva-her and lio er; under-dand* pn-try wok well; la willing to go In the country; i.iy reference "can be given. Call Tor wo daya at 71 Lanuid at , N. Y. \ situation wanted?by a younq oikl, as good pan cook: an eicellen t wactber and ironcr; I* a gO"d urrad and btaciilt linker; fond cl'y reference. Can be zee 11 a< H5 (i;ii av., ineiid boor, Dark room. a BESPEt iABLK CIItr, WISHES A SITUATION A iv plain i O"k, wash rr an I iron-r, in a email bimi.y, or to do geii'T il hoi-c work. Good city retcrence. Call at 2lZ /lb av.. n' ar at. \ RESPECTABLE GIRO WANTS A SITUATION IN A ./a. ainaU private family aa rook; U a good baker, v a- her end I rone;-; Willi:.g and obltgiug. Call lor two daya a' tl Beat IJth <i. House cleaning, washing AND ironing wanted. Call at HI;! Ej t :Ud at., aeeond tlooi, trjnt room. Housekeeper or companion-wanted, a actuation, by an AmeiT .in widow ol thirty'wo, entirely alone: In a widower a fam lv preferred; o. would take a j nr'ner, ahe having a marhin and some ntrnlture. Addrc a, atating w here an Interview may be bad, M c. P., ztatlon E, 8th ar. HOUSEKEEPER'S SITUATION WANTED-BY AN Ainetfcau middle aged widow. In a hotel or gentleman'a fatally, In etiy or country, or would engage to aaatat In the general hntmewnrh, new and make heraelf otherwlae generally u?eiul; w here there la one eei'Tant; underalanda cooking, baking. Ac , p-neetly, an I doea not object to children Go.,j reler nee gitou. Addreaa Uouaekreper, atalton E, Sih av. "|_J OTE LS.?A IIBAD^ LAUNDNESB WANTS A SITU A AA mill '."11 jWI'U ?OlllP. PH1I UU ail MUUI Ul inning; II competent to taae charga of linen, inn J washing noil Ironera and <*a*h?ra li a good mroun'ant, can take * taint out of linen; no objection tog's n abort diat*nce in the oountry: hna ten yean' r-feren c from her laat place. Call on or aduieaa M. C., 141 Weat 13th at., In ib? atore. SITFATIOlt WANTBD-BY A KKSi'ElTABf.B TOUWO l'rov? am. girl, aa nurae and plnln acamatreaa. Apply at ?3'J W a1 2Mb at., top Boor, Iront room. CITUATlOJf WANTED?BT A TOUNO WOMAW, AS O < hamt>ermaid and aratr.atreaa; la a good, neat aewer and embroiderer. Ilae lira yrara' refri-nee from her laat place, t 'an let a *n at MS East 29tb at. Sm'ATlOJt WANTED-AS COOK, WA8IIEH AND Ifnner, In a email pr.r.ite family, by a competent woman, ! at i jotted, with rood city rerereaaefrom we'place, of an agraiiahle and unlet dl-po?lllon, or would engage aac,.ok only; no ubje<'lon to go a abort itlatenre In the country. Call on or addc a* for two day*, at 113 Waul 43th at., a> ounl a omt floor, tront room. (^ITI ATIOK WANTKD-BY A KK.dl'Et' VOUNO k J girl, di nurae and e'amtlriet, or a* nura? and to do ohan. .erwora, or to aaalat with tlia wathmg and Ironing and make he. eclf generally 'a-f111; no objection to the country for the aumr, er; good reference froin tier la-l plaie. Can be seeo iron 10 A M. till 4 I'. M . at 2d!) oili av., corner ol 1Mb at., third flour, front r oin. Ent-anri- on Hth at ClTOATlOIflH WANTED -A LADY Hi IN(1 TP HOU E O keeping, wit ,et u> And altnatlona tor t> .o very dean kblo all la, aa cook an i landreta and . '.amb -rina: I and w i tre , Ttiey would pr> fer I alng togeth r and i a n tig In toe.r ii tghborhood. Apply iilia *e?n, belo c 11 o u a , ? | Wtat 26Hi it EW YORK HERALD, WE situations WASTED?FEMALE*. ^ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE TUl NO O g.rl, a? cbamberu aid and ?aureus, or would take care of chihlrcu and do plain netv:ug; ban no objection to do general housework In a small private family; lie oest of city .eference can be given Call a: u* Nth av. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RE8PKCTABI E YOUNO woman, to do chaui'oci work and a. sist lu I he washing and ironing; good en.y leiniunee from ber laat place. Iuquire fur two days oi Mra. Led ty. 61 Weal 18th at. Situation wanted-BY a respectable y01 no girl, between 18 and IS yeai k old, aa chambermaid and w. Itreaa in a sinall private family. fan give the beat of city reference. Cuu be eeen at ber prevent employer's, 111 Ptcrropon! at, Brooklyn. Situations wanted-by two respectable girls; one aa tii-wt rate cook, washer and ironer; tbrno years'reference; the other aa chambermaid and waitrcaa; beet city reference; wish situations separate or together, t au be seen lor two days at No 94 Aid at., bclw era 6tn and 7th ava. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNU girl, as laundress; is willing to go aa chaniLermatd, and to assist lu w ashing; no objection to the country. Call lor tW o day s at 211 West 15m a t. SITUATION WANTED-BY A TIDY YOUNO OIKL. AS nurse and seamstress for drawing up cblltlnn or sa ehanibermaid and aeutnstreaa. The lies! of recommeudstiou from her present en p.over, where she will be till the5th of May. Call from 11 till 2 o clock at No. 5 East 16lh St., hr-t dour from 5th ave. SITUATION WANTED BY A YOUNO AMERICAN girl, aa nurse and eatuvttes-, beat city references. Call at 15t>ii id ar. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO as girl, as _ood cook, washer and Ironer; best references. Call at 190.J4 3i av., between 18th and l'Jih sts. Two sisters df.sike situ ation's.-one IS a flrat rate cook, anl la willing to usai-t in tho washing and itoninu; she is a good maker of bread, biscuit and pastry. Th" other aa laumire-a and to assist in chamberwurk. Both thoroughly understand their business and can produce unexceptionable city refc ute<. Call at No. 411 31st at., corner of 3d sr., third (tow, back room, for two days. tvr ANTED?A SlTUAT'ON, by a RESPECTABLE WOYY mun, as good cook and ilrst rate laundress; la a good baker; neat an t obliging; no objection to go ? short distance tu the cuuniry. t'au be at-eu till rugaged at 319 West 35ih at, "\IrASTIiD ? A SITU vTION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY girl, aa cook, washer and ironer, in a small respectable family, orcliambenviwk and waiting. Good city references. Call for two daya at 248 7th ace., near 20th st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOMAN, a situation lo go out house cleaning and w ashing; good reference given. Call at 123 Varlck at., in the shoe store, fur two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, wash and iron or to do the general hou-ework of a small family; best city reference. Apply at 19 East 2etth at., northwest corner of tih av. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa chambermaid and waitress: can give the beat of re Yretire where she is itu-.v living at W East IfGth St. ; no objections to go Irfit he country. IV ANTED?a SITUATION, BY a RESPECTABLE YT young girl, aschainbu inaid slid waitress, can give uneyoeptiutiable reference from bcr last place, whereutbe has serted seven years. Can be seen fur two data at 1(15 Lu t 28th st. TVANTED-A SITUATION AS CIIAMBKKMAID ANO TT waiire-s in a small private family; it a willing aud oil) girl; good reference from tier las'. place. Call fur tn odapsat 200 tb 'a si.. near lat Mr. TV ANTED?A SITUATION A3 LAUNDRESS, BY A T? Protestant young woman. Can be seen at her present employer's, 438 Madisou av, WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8ITUA. tton to dn general housework io a small private famt ly; is a good cook, w asber and ironer. Call at 439 Mnlbciry St., IVout ruuiu. _____________ "WET NUH8F..-A YOUNO HEALTHY WOMAN, WITFI VY a tine bieaat of tniik, who recently lust lier baby, irisliee t J obtain a situation as net num.-; the best of refer' eaces can be given, among others Dr. Stephenson, at No. 43 West 18th St., bet wife u 8 anil 9 A. M. or 8 atui 7 P. M. Inquire for Mrs. SherHln, at 133 East 2oth St., from 9 to 11 A. M. TV ANTED?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION TT aachambermaid ami to lake care of eliildren, or would do the general housework ot a small family. Impure at G7 st., Brooklyn, of her present employer. TVANTED?BY A YOUNG \\ OMAN, A SITUATION AS it chambermaid and line washing and ironiug. City re. fereni e: baa no objection to go to the country. Call at 141 West 4/th St. IITANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A-SITUATION TT to take care of children and sew. Best oi reference from her last place, wh<Tc she has lived two years. Call at No. 81 Butler St., uear Smith st. for two days. IVrAN'ThD?>A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO TT take care of children anil do p'atu sewing: wages not so mu-h an object as a good home, would like in go in trie country. Call for two days at her pieseut employer's ItOJ West 4:st st., ueur loth av. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE young women; one as cook, washer and lrouer, and is a tlrst rate took; the titer ?< clianibermaid and waitress; lias uoobjtct.on to as., -t in the washing anil ironing; the best city and country references <au bevgiven. Can be seeu fur two days at 168 Wed lotu St., between 7tU and 8tb avj , nrst tloor, uarlt room. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNO WOMAN WHO lias been In tier present employ tor the last fiv years, as cook and Can be seen for C.vo days at 69 West 43d et. \XrANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE TT young woman, *3 chambermaid or, Isul.lug to enzaye either for c ty or country. Beat of e <y lefeiemo. Call for iwo days at VI \\ est 21th St.. lira1 iloor, back room. YVfANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A TT situatluti m goud cook aud to as-ist v illi the washing and; no objection to tits country, ltest city reference Call for two da; s at 1X1 Wen 32-i m. near >ih av., in the rear. llf ANTtD?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITl'ATT lion a* rharalermaid and waurets; can nice city reference*. Call at -IS' fitM a" . second fto. r, ha. A room. \V ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO GIRL, A TT ?uuatton aa chambermaid ami waitress, or as chambermaid and to ss.isl in washing and ironing; four years' reterences from last pla.e. Apply for two day* at 97 East ldth at., top'floor. WANI'ED?B?' A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG gtri, a situation to do general housework In a small private family. Apply at 1A. last 16th ?t.. lirat llour, back. W ANTED-V BXTCAZIOX. BY A RESPECTABLE IT > onng girl, as chambermaid anl nnitres*, or a* children'* nurse and plain sewer. Be.t o! <l:y relerence ran ba given from her fiat place. Can be seen tor two day* at 217 lit ar., befeen Ut* an l llth sis.. third Poor, NMfc room. IJLTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Pro'.estant girl, to cook, wash .m l ir >n, or U willing to do general h-iusew .rk in a small private family. Has.the nest ot cny roferrn e. t;an he wen for two days at 115 King St., between Hudson aud Greenwich. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A situation aa nurse and seam-dress or to do chamberwork; baa no objection to go In the country. Has good city reference. Call at IfttJ Sd ur., between 16th and 17th sts., in the tan-y *tore. 117ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN A TT situation as cook, aud to assist in the washing aud Ironing, in s lesyeot ibb- private tauu y ; tour .mil a half years' reference irom her last place. Cell tor twe day sat 173 West 19t.i st., lirnt floor. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GERMAN WOTv man, a situation in an American family, to do chainberw ork uud up stairs work; city reference. Can be seen for two days at 19ft West 23d St., near 7th av. 3*1 ANTED?* SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE >v woman, ** good pUlu cook and tlmt rate washer and ironer; no objection to the cuu'.ry. Call at 82 Dutlleld at., Mwn tl/ANTOD?BY A RESPECTA1II* GIRL, A 81TUA, <? Hon ns (hambermald ami waitress, or 10 do genera housi w. rk tor a small tauiiiy. Apply at 404 Fulton ar. Brooklyn. VlfANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITl'AT? tfcmIsnurse; lafttliy competent to lakectit|t of a b.iby from its btrtu; would have uo objection to attend an Invalid lady, or to go a short distance In the eenulry, or to travel , has the boat of city reference: has lived In her last situation Ufteen years. Address 01 call at liil East -'.Id St., second Moor, front room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cook; she understands her bitsme s; can nuke bread, cuke and (leaser's; would assist in washing and Ironing or do the whole vashing in a small family; good city reference. Call at 2o7 3d ar.. near 23d si. ll'AXIED-BY A nOTIIIAIT WOMAN, A SITl'AYT tioti as cook, washer an I Ironer, In a smsll private family; best of cuy reli-reneesgiven from her List place. Call al 197 2bth si., betw i cu sib aud 9th a? s., in the rear. WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE FEMALE. A SITUslion a? cook, washer and Inner, In a respectable family; ti objection logo id the country; best of references. Call at 113 K i t Mli WANTED-BYA RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITl'Aitoo to do l-ousi-Hink In s private family; is a good washer and an t a good cook. Good city reference, ghal! at 47 Fulton at., Bt o >kl) n, lor two 'lay*. UrANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook a id to assist with the washing an t Ironing, uo obj ("ion to (he country. Also wanted, by a young * mi in, a ei'iiatloti as< b-trnliertuuld and waitress, or to take rare o; children. Call at their present employer's, 129 14th at. AjLr ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA' TT tloo as chambermaid an 1 waitress, Oan be seen at her present employer's, Mo. 11 West 28th at. WANTED?BY A YOUNO QIRL, A SITUATION AS YT s-srnstress and do light chamberwerk. Oall at No. U West ?lh si. WANTED-BT A IIESPECTABI.E WOMAN, A BITUA tion to do plain cooking, wuahing and ironing, or chamberwork and to awl at with the waautng and Ironing. Oo>>d city reference glean. Call at 2"2 Pearl at., near Concord, Brooklyn Wanted-a situation ah chambermaid and waltreaa in a private family; nnderetan.Ja the bnelueae perfectly, baa no objection to going a little way la the country, Can can bare good recommendation from bar laat employer. Inquire at No. 1 Waat iSth at, for one day. WaMTTD-A situation bt a uood plain cook who tt witling to aaelet in waehing and Ironing, good eferenrc irom her laat rmployera. Apply.'.! 11th at., for two dnye. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tion to cook, wuab and iron; la a Hp top baker. Oily referenda it required. Call at V> Montgomery at . near Ueury. TENANTED?BY A RESPKt TABLE YOUNO WOMAN. A VY aitnatton aa chambermaid and aeamatreai.; la all kln la ol vamily acwltig; would asaiat In waahlng and Ironing ;Ynaa the beat oity reTerence. Can be aeen at her prevent plane, il'J Euat AM at., between 6th ntul Madlaoii aretiuea.

u: amf.d-by a competent youno woman, a VV alto Allan ? genet al tip atatra girl; la an < * e!l?nt w a' er arid iiouer; la an I u!>ll,lug. and Itaa tw ye -a r-l i'"i e|lhe.;ao?. of It arln-'waahr- iking up Imuae. plug. N I rt?od fill Ho 7 It * e , h I , , , , , ?./ . v.. ,<lg tbl.l DN15SDAY, APRIL 30. 1861 SITUATIONS WANTBO-FEMALES. WANTED-A .SITUATION, BY A YOU NO WOMAN, TO at.end to aouie Iglit bnaiueaa, or to do chamberwork And plain aawtug. Apply ?t 1J7 Orchard at. until May 1. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 1 ! young woman. to toot. wi?b and lion in a private fn- ; mily; best of city reference given Apply m IS! East liCltt at. klTANTKD-A SITUATION, 1JY A HI. KCTAUIB vv young won.mi. ha nunc mid m amai e*a lully (oiupetent, being a tirat rule aewer and very foinl of cluldreu. Addre>a No. 75 Pulton At., Brooklyn. I "IV"" ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTAIII.E M young girl, to lake cure of children, lias liver lived out. \Vua bora iu tbU country; Iiaa iio pure-UK No ouo need apply except a roapeciable urt. ate family. Can m; weu , for lliree day* at til! SlieriU at., between Dtdninvy aud UivIngtuti air. ? \\TANTE0?A SITUATION. BY A BESPECTABLK M young woman, an uurae and aeaiu-tre?a; thoroughly undcratanda the ear# ot children. Ilaa lour years' city releienco from her luat plaoe. Call lor two daya'?l 160 Ea?i 3<th St., near 2d av. WANTED?A SITUATION MY A RESPECTABLE girl, as good cook, waalieraiul ironcr; baa l.ved iu her laai plure four years. Call lor two d.tya at M 7lh ave., ut-ar 25lh at. WANTKD-A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa cook, wnaber an 1 ironcr; la a good plain cook, flrat raie tviiaher and ironer; get good dty lef Iroui her iaat place. Call for two U7 Adama at., Biooklyn, in ihe rear. WANTED-BY A l'I'Oi'KSTANT SCOTCH WOMAN, A altuatiou aacoi'lt; no objection lo go it abort dlaianoe In the c iuulry. Beat oi city relermue. Call at 13 Union court, Unlreraity place, between 11th and 12ib ata. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, ae good plain oook, or to aaaiat with the waahiug aud ironing; no bjeetion to go aahort di.lance In the country. Beat city rrl erenoe Irom her Iaat plaoe. Can ue seen ior iwo uuya ai i n jm ?., wrucr wi ii>usi. WAKTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE IT young girl; l.< a good plain cook, anil a good wnslu-r and irom-r; or to do general housework in a amall family. Good city reft-retire from last plana. Oan ha aeau at Columbia at., third door t torn Joralemon, Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A COMPETBNT YOUNU WOMAN, A it situation ns chambermaid and waitress, and to assist with the washing and ironing; will be found willing and obliging. ltest city reference from last plat. Call ut 13t' j V> est ltlth St., between 7ib ami 8th avs. -WAN1KD-BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION TO Vr operate on Singer s sewing machine; is roinprtent to do all kinds of fancy quilting; or to work by the day in a tainily. Call for two days at Christopher st. WANTED-BY A SMART, TIDY GIRL, A SITUATION to do general housework. Oood reierence. Call st 312 Adelphi st., iiruok.yn. TITANTED?A SITUATION, AW NURSE, BY A MIDDLE IT aged woman, accustomed to the cure of grow tug children; is capable of taking ibe ent.reobaige of an iufaut; is a good sewer j hits the best of relerences. Can be s en for two days at 13 Union court, Utt.versliy place, between liili and 131 a sts. 1ITANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO OIKL, A IT situation as good p.aiu cook; Is an e c dent washer and ironer; has i o objeeuoit to do general housework in a a small private family; best referencesgiTen. Call fur iwo da) s at 1 io West lhlii st. TITAN TED?BY A RESPECTABLE QfltL, A SITUAIf lion to do rhamlierwork and fl io washing; 1* willing and obliging. The best of cl'i reference can be given. Apply for iwo da) s at Hid Eos. 23d si. WANTED-A SITUATION A3 WET NURSE, BY A respectable young woman. Appiy for two days hi 1118 Mulberry st. WANTED?FOR AN AMERIl IV WOMAN, OK lovu experience and > ?m ' "'H to t.i e n.e ,-i ?rse?ii an infant ? t?m a good lninily, w i.i m goo I and huio st services arc appreciated; i?u ilu s;vo fud sai.efaction. City reference will be given. Call HI 174 W ert 30th st., for two days. TV ANTED-BY A REt-u'ECT IB.'.E GIRL, A 8ITUAIf Urn to ao ehambertVork and waiting, orchamberwork and sew ing; no objection to go to th" country. Good city re.eretire given. Call ut CI Atlantic St., Brooklyn, second lloor, front room. Y\r ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A RITUAIf lion to do general housework; Is a good plain cook, washer and Ironer; no obj-itior. to go to the country. Good cii) reference given. Can be seen for two days at 3R> Colombia St., near Warren, Brooklyn. \V ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE II young girl, aagOod cook, excellent washer and ironer; has the best of eiiy rrierence from hci last place. Cail at 323 Bridge st , Brooklyn. AIT ANTED?BY A YOl'NO WOMAN. A SITUATION AS II plain cvok, washer and irotn r, in a sinull family. Best referenrelronil. Hipl .ee. Inquire for two days at 339 West Hons on at., llrs: lloor, back room WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE II girl, In a private family, to take care u! clitulieu; la a good chambermaid: lias no objet lions to go to tlie country lor the summer. Can be seen at her last employer's, by whom she will be well recommended, 61 W. st 2,tn sb, bet A-.-en O'.h and 7ih ara. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A SITUAII tlou as good coos, washer and imn-r; lias good city reference from her last place. Call at 6"> Douglasi St.. Brooklyn, third lloor, for two days. TV"ANTED?BY A COMPETENT 1'ERSDN, A SITUA if tlon as waitress, or to do waiting and searing. Apply lor two days at 1st' East 2/th si, near 3d av., second hour, WANTED?BV A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS TT nitiec ami seamstress, or as chambermaid an J nurse; is i apuble ol takin; care of an infant irom its birih; has the best of city reference oo n her lixtpla-e. Iniuiro iu the four) store, D.- Raid ave., near Car.tuu, Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION TO TT do housework; is a good |ilaiu cook and can make good bread and Meruit; is a good laundress; would like to go in the country Has good city reiercuce. Can he seen Ii r ih o days at IM Hamilton are., hrtiveeu Ilicks aud Ka[lelyea si s. WAN1Kl)?HV A HESI'fGTABLB MIL, A SITUATION YY a? iiur. i and senu.str ss or would he willing to assist iu line washing and ironing; would be willing to go to the country it required. lias two yea'? city reterrhee irom her present employers, fall at 113 Clinton at., Brooklyn, WANTED?A SITUATION TO DO THE GENERAL TT housework of a sma 1 piivat* laintly; la a good took, washer and Ironer Has the test of CUT reference Call at Jtfci M av . one door 11Ml tl e MM of 23d M. W"A!,'T*D?BV A BESPEf'TABLE UIRL. A SITUATT l.oii as ife.k, washer aiul ironcrln a small private land ly. Best of ciiy reference fioin her last place. Call at 109 East 19th a'., second floor, lioui room. . "lyANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED RESPECTABLE TT Protestant woman, a situation as children's nurse or to wait on an invalid; is careful and industrious. <'au give tho most uwiualt.icd testimony as to character and Call ut the other of Dr. W. Burns, No. 9 lludaon place (3-ith at.), between 9th and 19th avs. WASTED-SITi-'AT;0NS' BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT young women; cme as cook gnd the other sachstnb rniatd and waitress both have livtd yeara In the best of families In this city, and i nd.-rataud their business llioroi ghly. Beat of ci-y refereaee. t an he seen utull suited at 147 Tin av. WAJiTKD?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TT luting woman; la a good cook, thoroughly mi iersianus her business. is w illlng to saslat wiib (he washing and Ironins; would uiah to live in a small res|>ce.ahle family. Can be teen at 12s Smith ?t , BiO"kli n, in the fancy store; has the best of cltv retercncc. Call lor two days." 11'ANTED?A SITUATION BY A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, as>gro:ai'l and ti'irae, and has no oi jeclion to assist in the srasmug and Ironing; has good cuy reference from lior last place. Please call at the corner of Bond and Douglass als., In Bond, next to the grocery store, top floor, fu.nt room, Brooklyn. UfANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK. WASHER AND Ironer. Good city r'-terence given. Call at 212 West 2'iih it., between 3th and 9th avs. WANrED~A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE * ? young woman, as i:namuermaiu una waiter, una 10 assi.-! in ??ashing n'i i ironing. ileal of city reference. Cnu bo see I al L'lil Last 01 li at. UrAKTED?BY TWO TOVNQ women. sn UATlnNS. on,' as lady's maid and team Iron; understand* cntilng at.dfrilng Udte- ami rhlldmn ? drat* Mini workingon Wi-eeler and WiUon'i aewlng nuir hltie. Tie other a* nurse or chambermaid; understanda hor business perfectly In either capneitlea; has no objection to the country. Their charueleta will be found rails aetory. Can be seen at their pre cut employer'*, IK Wi-m ?M at., for the week YI'AKTKD-KY TWO i.'KSPE-1T NHl.E (URLS, HITt'A* It lions; one as waitress; ha* no objection to assist tn rhamberwork; the other to tnitid children and assist with ehamhtruork. Both haic the best of city reference. ( all for tWO ha;,* at '.Ml West MKh M., between Vth and dih ?vi. TVr ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A UESPMT ABLE TV nur*e, ?no t* capable of taking care ol a baby from its birth; ha* the be*' of city reference from her laat place. Can ice *een for two day* al 4 n 6th av., between iI7tn and Ifsih at*,, aecond Door, trout room, A ANTE I'?BY A RESPEt TABLE YOI'NO WOMAN, v? a sltuallon a* rhumbennald or waltre??. the t>est ot re'eimce given lor several year* l'loa?e call fur two day* at 1IJ East 16tb at., between 1st ar. and Livingston place. fir ANTED?BY A COMPETENT LAUNDRESS. FAMILY TV washing, by the dozen or niiuith; done with the aborts eat notice; can produce the beat of reletenco. Call al 173 Em Xid al? room No. 7. WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION AS children'* inald and *e?tnaire.*; can do embroidery; has no ohjee.tlon to go a short distance In the country. Ilaa city inference from ner laat place. Can be Men fur two daya I 113 Bail Htb at., third door, front. W/in i A nnoioviAPuo umu, A out A* lion. In a small family, to do general liouarwork. oo<ki reference given. Call at 3s7 Myrti# av., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION A RESPECTABLE girl, aa chambermaid and waiting, in a private boarding bouae, or would do the housework of a small I atully, no objections to go a short distance in the ronnii jr: the best of city reference from her Ian employer. Call lor two days at 81 west 28th at., llrst door, buck room, between 6th and 7tb avenues. WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A 8ITCAtlou as laundress or to do general housework; best of reference. Can t? en at the bouse of bei present employer, No. 17 West 31st su WANTKD-BV A RESPECTABLE YOCNO PERSON, A situation as nurse and seamstress, or to do Mght shamerwork: is a Protestant, and has 'hu best recommendations. Call st 36 Bast 57tb street, one door east of Madison av. Wanted?a situation, by a respectable young girl, aged 17, aa chambarmald and waitreas In a mall private lamtly; or w ould take care of childrrn and do plain sewing; has the best city referenoe from her last place. Can be seen at 200 East 13th St., between 1st and 3d avs. Wantep-by a highly respectable woman, s Protestant, a situation as chambermaid; can operate on Wheeler A Wilson's sewing machine. Can be seen nl her present employer's, 66 East 23d st., where she has lived for Iholastyear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, VT a situation as wet nurse; It young and healihy, with a fi sh breast of milk. Good recommendations given. Call at If W.iahlngum St., or address M. II., box 206 Herald office, f..r two days. 117ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL. A H1TUA If lion as cook, washer and Inter In ? pi Ivate fsmily; can pro l i > u '-'d tlty reference App > at 1U Woa; 3l?'. at., (y-t ween 6lh md 7tb a?A 2. SITUATIONS WANTFD-KKMAL.EH. TI7AN1ED-A SITUATION. BV A RESPECTABLE TT young girl, as i)ui Me ami pain arwtr: U wtlSng In J asaut with rbumb rworlL; can glvu the b st city reference; has no objection to the country. Call at 84 Wot 20th al., near Stii ave., for two days. VV ANTED?BY A YOl'NU WOMAN, A SITUATION A3 TT good plain co >k, washer and ir U"f, or to ogcii'ial housework <n a nuall family; bus two years' re'erence; the J rinse of I avtng 1* giving up ho m k eping Call for two days at 284 7 th ave., between 2ath aud 2Jth atup stair*. WANTED?A SITUATION' AS HOUSEKEEPER, BY widow lady (au American) of reiitiemeul j l.-pi ri'rtlv competent to take the entire charge of house st i ping iu ail ite Its neb. a; no objei lion to the country or a wiuower'a family. Address IIou.ekeeiKir, Untuu aipiare Post oQlce, fur one week. -i WANTED?A SITUATION, 11V A RESPECTABLE t gil l, a* cl amber.naid nu l waiter, or us t hanih rmuld nud to assist with die washing and lionn g. lie d eily r. e teuco fiom her last pine. Call at 39 West 41st at,, three Hours from the drug store. \17ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE , TT youag girl, as coos, wa <<icr aud ir ner; is a good ba- I ker; b e, no oh.action to go to the country, Uu* good city referenc*. fall at 2711 West 39th at. ? , -' 1 I1V.LP \V ANTED?KEMA TEN. AT MRS. LOWE'S COMFORTABLE AND E LEU ANT office, 17 tvanton elreet, near the Bowery, plenty of excedent allualioni ready, In respectable, small laniiitos, for ' all classes of reliable letitalo sen ants, to be obtained lmnie- , diately. ! All families two want hood servants immediately upp;.v a the Lurgo Institute, cot ner of 1DU ; t. and 6tb a v., for civ i capable, tidy Herman, Scotch, Irish, j American and Pro e-lai.t women, to all. Conducted by Mrs. FLOYD. Good i onesalwaysrea dy. ALL EMPLOYERS OF dO(>D SERVANTS WILL FIND ' the most extensive oilhc In this city by applying at 378 6thave., new23dTt., the Enpiro City Institute, vis:?Hug* ' Huh, Irish, Scotch, French, tie-man and colored always on hand, male snd leiuale, sulta-lo lor alt kinds of work; 15 years established. AT THE SERVANTS' INSTITUTE, NO. 143 GRAND street?Wanted, lirat class ciok; a'so cooks, w ishers and lroin rs, a tirst ilea lauudiess, ciiumberiualds and waitress' s, a numl er ol nice girls for housework, small girls, an I girls lately landed. A GOOD DRESSMAKER WANTkD?WHO UNDERstands how to woik on all ti e pans of a dress; steady work. Apply at No. 24 10th St., between 4th aud tilli uves, COOK WANTED?A NEAT, TIDY PROTESTANT WOman to cook, wash mi l Iron for a small family; must understand h r business, and bring good eiy reromiinuidationi. Apply frotn 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. at i2 West oblti st. C1UOK4, LAUNDRESSES, COOKS, WASUKI'.S AND / lrouers, chambermaids, waitresses, seamstresses, nurses, general house workers and ladies' maids, farm-rs, gardeners, roachmen and waiters wauled at the Clinton Hall Employment Society, on Aster place, a few doors caat of Broadway. I AUNDIiEsS WANTED?TO TAKE CHARGE OF A J lauiidry; one accustomed to do French timing and tancy work; i.e id nut apply unless with the besi of reference. Apoly at the Matson Doree, 42 East 14th st. NURSE WANTED?AN KXTKIUKN, KT> PROTESTANT won,an, io take core ol' thru- children; must he health v ami well recommended. Apuly after 10 o'ckh kat 100 W e?t 43d si., near 11 roadway. Servants wanted-five cooks, four chamberniai'lH, four uui seg, eight or ti n good geueral housework girls. Also girl* tor the country. O . ce 321) Fourth aveuue, between Twenty-fourth and Tw n y-U th streets. SERVANTS IN RROOKLVT ,X,X-U,AS,?? nuriCK.-I k5 uuve abtiB law?-* pi icca every day, In the very beat familieu un o .lyii, at :ue highest wages; large numbers of ladn s ate coming every d iy, wanting ce, vu.its of every dc. script ion. Come and ^eo for yourselves. Apply to Mr. CHRISTOPHER, Id Hilary gt., Brooklyn, late Maiming A Co. qiWO GIRLS WANTED?ACCUSTOMED TO FOLDING. X to put up 100,tKX) circulars. Wanted, this morning, early. Lloyd's American Map Publishing Eatubliskmeut, 104 Bros may. TWO GIRLS WANTED-AT TIIE NEW YORK Electrical Institute, 501 and MJJ Broadway, to fold circulars, keep the elegant rooms of the Institute lu order, and be u?ee.! generally. Apply after 11 o'clo. k A. M. WANTED?A NEAT. TIDY GIRL. TO DO THE GENera I housework of a small family. Call at 44 Smith St., Brooklyn, on Tuesday or Wednesday, between the hours ol 12 to 2 o clock. TXT ANTED?FOR A SMALL FAMILY', A PLAIN COOK, TI washer and hotter; al o a food chambermaid; an English or German cook. preferred; both most bring good retorenccs. Ap; ly after9 o'c.oek A. M , at bo East It (a si., near Irving pht o. WANTED-AS NURSE, AT ROTE STAN T WOMAN, TO take the entire charge of a baby, lour months old; she must have long experience ill the care of Infanjs, and a kind and alfeeiionatu uisposiliou. To a fully capable per. on, good wages and a permanent situation will no given. Address, slating particulars, Privi.te Family, Herald oilicc. 1X7ANTED?A FIRST CLASS COOK WHO WOULD It a-sist in u a<hlitg and lion n;. Al.-o.t thorough waitress and chambermaid, who understands theiaru of a furnace; must have ci.y reference. Apply for two days at 12 West 47th St., after 10 A. M. 1X7ANTED?A NEAT, TIDY, PROTESTANT GIRL TO IT take charge ol the children and to uo the chamberwork In a small family; references reunited. Apply at 245 WertSlM St., I aseiueut door. WANTED-A GIRL, TO GO TO EUROPE WITH A IT small family as mire. None need apply without good city reference. Cull ut 115 West 13th St. 1X7ANTED?A FEW LADIES OR GENTLEMEN TO IT learn a very profitable dimness, that is steady winter aud summer, In all cities; it wilt pay $15 to $2U per week at least Apply for turec days to Dr. if. Lore A Bon, inventors, 141 Onus] st. WANTED?A WOMAN TO DO GENERAL IIOl'SETT work aud take can- of a child. Apply, with relercnces, at 61 Roosevelt st., corner of New Bowery. UrANTEl)-l PROTESl'ANT WAITRESS TO-UO A abort ilistauee in the country; one well qualified, and with city rcteri hues, ran apply betweeu It) aud 3 o'clock at the Clarendon Hotel, room 21. WANTED?A GOOD WOMAN TO DO GENERAL TT housework for a small tanuly in the country; one that understands the care of tulik aud butter. Call for two days at V3 Clark St., Brooklyn. WANTED?A FIRST CLASS MILLINER, ON STA'I'EN Tt Is and; must have tt.c best or city relerenee. Inquire at Mrs. Origin's. Cansl street, Stapleton, the second house Irom Right street, mr three days, troni 3 to 10 o'clock A. M. TEAMED?GOOD DRESSMAKERS. NOSE BUT CoM ff potent hands ii. c : ?i i> y ut No. 3 CllfWI |"Uce, 8'h at.WANTED IMMEDIATELY?SEVERAL OOOD DRESSmakers. Apply at 14.. 4th MN YirANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONKIl' YT nour but city rtdereme taken. Apply atUEastltSlh t , for two days, beiweeu 10 and 1J o'clock. ANTED? V FIRST CLASS MILLINER TO GO TO A TT neighboringc.ty. Apply at .iTd Broadway, WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN, AS CUAMBERinanl and good washer and Jruntr, at ?S Montague it, Br< oklyn. WA .TI.D-A TOUNO GIRL TO TAKE CAKE OF A lithe boy. None need apply but those who have city references, anil who can embiuider and lew well. Apply utter half.past niue o'c.oek A. M. ut HI >eat I'M , . WANTED?A COOK WHO CAM ASSIST IN THE TT w-u-lilng ml ironing. City tefereucea required. Apply ut <6 Am av. WA!,TKD-A SMART, ACTIVE YOL'NO WOMAN. As TT chuuiberinaid and to wn.t on table; none need apply unless tulljr competent, and wl ling to i.o a short distance In the country. Call Immediately ut 101 West 14th at. TlTANTEl) ? A WOMAN AS CHAMBERMAID AND TT lain.dress; one well reeotntuended uiuy apply at Bti Ml ins. u St., Mn ..\lyii Hektils. fXTAMTBD?A NEAT, BMAST. TBl'STT GIRL. VO DO TT gi housework in a aniull kindly. An Am rlcan and one tioiu the country preferred. Apply to J. s. Brown, N4 Broadway. WANTED?A SMART, TIDY GIRL, AS CHAMBERmaiii and waitress; bust oi eliy rofcicnces r, quired. Aiudv ut No. DO Jlickset , Brooklyn, this tWidmsday) I t orn 10 A. M. to it P. M. W'ANTED-A SEAMSTRESS; ONE WIIO UNDERY Y aland* dreasmakiu,-, ?ua Is willing to do light chamberwork. Reference* required. Apply at /tO llrujdw ?T, between Iv anil S !>'. 1 ick. WANTED?A SMART, TIDY GIRL, AH CHAMBERf f ii aiit end nurse. .Mint 1? willing and obliging, and no' aftaidoi work. Muat have good reference. Call ot-iwi-tn !> ana 11 o'clock this morning, at Win Fifteenth meet, Ii.isemeni door. WAN'TED-A GOOD LAl'NDRESS AND TO ASSIST in chamlx-rwork. Apply at lb IIudaon terrace, Hoboken, till I u nlock. WANTED?A PERt-ON TO DO WAITING AND ASSIST II in the Walking aud in ning, fur ooo or two month*; wage* $8; rcler. no * required. Apply at 43 Wcat 30lh at., between .0 and 12 SI., for l\v o day a. WANTED-A SMART, RESPECTABLE OIRL TO wait on tables at Uakrr'a tiiolng roonta, 12S Oiand at. WANTED IMSIEDIATELY?TWO GOOD STRAW HAT and bonnet pre Me ra; gi ol wages and full time can be uwA Apply toChaa. O. Huntley, corner ol Broad and Fulton ate., Newark, N. J. WANTED-A HOOD OIRL TO DO THE GENERAL housework, and muat ba a good washer aud lroner. Apply at 146 Won ;'6th at. WANTED-A SEAMSTRESS AND CHAMBERMAID. Apply thia day, with reference*, at 71 74b sr., between 10 and la-o'clock. -air a vtl'Ii l-ts-tv PT/I1K MlKKna WONR RITT w good hands u?e<l apply >i 41 Catharine n." ? I WANTED?A QOOD COOK AND TO ASSIST IN WASHlog end honing. Apply at JHfiSlh rive., after 11 o'clock; leo <l gil l to take ogre of a child and do sewing, and assist In cbamberwork. WUMICH APVKlMlllitl. f\K DBMANDK (JNE PKRSONNE KAISONNABLE V/ pour serrlr au etore TV! ilrand et. ON DBMANDE ONE FBMMB D? CIIAMBRE, SUI8seaee, Kranoalae ou Allemande, qui pari# Francale. S adreaser au 20 Eaat 17tU al. BlLUAKPg. A large stock op nbw and second hand Billiard Table*, with Phslau's Combination Cuhalons, lor sale at prices to auit the timea. I'll ELAN a CULLENDER, S3 to ? Crosby atreei, N. T. Billiards.?for sale, a splendid stock of new and second hand Tables, at reasonable prices. Orders by mall attended to and Tables repaired IJ W. H. GRIFFITH, ltd Fulton airnet. I iKHRttONS IN WANT OF BILLIARD TABLFS WII.L A llnd It to llielr advantage to call at Sharp's manufactory, lis Fulton Stri ct, where they will hnd tables with Ills uawiy Invented | stent rashlnns, admitted hy the b st Jit Ige.i to bo auy.-i.or o any now In use, Scuvud hau l tables ou band. HELP WAIWED-MULES!^ * QBNT-TP YOU WISH TO INVEST V fv a t-MAJ.L Capital in a paiumo ucWfl Kiamlne Uie merits of ibe wH JfULTOMICROON, V Call au i wr it, Iir end for a circular S. 0. RICHARDS A CO (ifn Xiniau e'riyt |M 4 GENTS.?"STRUCK WHILE THE JUOK IS ll<)W :i Vol! I ail maso $S? day t.y selling u ? DIME PANPROSPHOSI M PKI/js VAVKIlH Price 10 cut-, H Containing aistcen new anil original artblea. mclu A OIPT Of JEWELRY If yon t\ 0'ild inaKe iii nn v now, on I I'm-a i irculur W. II. CATliLY A CO., 102 Nm a$ A OENiS CAN REALIZE MORE I'ltOFIT I1Y .TP M a. KICK AKD'S 1 N1UN I'l.l K STATIONERY AND BKCII'U PACKAGE TUnu by any ot'ici mvi-.-r- ul. IUU PACKAGE IS IN s ill D < M ,N !> Ill \T A EASILY MA- K lloM *! ' 3 \ DAT CIRCULAR"* MAILED FREE. 8. 0. KICKAKDS A CO., 10J.Niiis.uhmH Agents,send coroint circular. mailed PR IKE AND PORTRAIT PA JNIOM AND hBCEIPT PACKET, -M PRIZE PACKET FOR THE MILLION EXCELSIOR STATIONERY PAW fACKE!8 WITH AND \t ITHOl'T .iKWKLKY. HKADyl'AIUEKS I OK STATIONERY PACKtlW UASKINs A CO., liti Hi'iAui.iu street, Neiv \H agents wanted everywhere?fob nil |L Co.'h Kl' Oil Burner for tluicl lainpa; ivH mil best ill lite. Samples mailed fr< e on receipt ot 10 H >y the manufacturer*. Day A Co.. Newark. N. J. A BOY ABOUT 1C OR IS YEARS OLD WANTEB open oysters mid work in an oyster house. N in H jood w oi'ki r need 1U>1 Iy. at Hik At. H V YOUNG MAN OP REsl E TYIULITY AM?I sensing actlvo habit", wbo is a good write: iiud c H ais employer $200, unit' have a permanent Munition, vH iiioileiate salary; his duties will be to make collect :*lH H i nd lo the looks of a w eekly publication, 4r. AjH reference, Delta, Herald olllre. H A SMART,INTELLIGENT MAN WANTED?IN A M aantiasli bio-iuess, well established andpaylnt^H weekly Income. Only $151) required lor uu litup doubled references wiil l? required. 9 C. H. HOWES & CO., 4-D W Drivers wanted.-wanted, severe men to drii'e ca. riage. Iuquire a; 07 Weak Dreg clerk wanted.?a young ma. JH of prepiirlug pie-i i iptuus, with good recouitn^J Addm > 8? lb raid offlce. Drug clerk wanted?to go into the < try; must OS thoroughly competent, anil tb? be* leaci * rc (ulred. Address bur 1,73d Po?t olllce, N Y. rpwo WAITERS WANTED?AT THE PULTON CO A House, 143 Pulton at. None but expei-leucd haul apply. Apply ibis diy at nine o'elock t . It. A. I rary. \ITANTED?BY WOOD, BROTHERS, NO MM III T? w ay, a first class salesman, In tin- fairinge bet one thoroughly acquainted with the cuy trade. Appl received by letter only. Also w anted, a young umu L w itli uiccliauical diniightlng. _ YIT ANTED?8 MEN POR STEAMERS. 2 BOY; vv trmlr*, 2 C"Uductoi h, 2 bi?tkctem*u. clerk or, bout, 4 gir a to ti as cl to Culitorni i and hi trope, I stow raiet to travel vwtU a mete iaut. Apply al No. 7 U ttquure. ? W'ANTED-A YOUNG MAN AS SALESMAN IN V? i.i.d n. egrooevy More* nuH uoderalattdtkil and come well recommended. Apply between the h and 12 at the hast India Tea Company, 10> E:g'it? WASTED?A A ART ACTIVE BOT, BETWEL: TT ages of 16 and 18, to act as cleric in a broker' salary small lbe lir.n year. Call at 1X4 Broadway, m 4, between tbe boors of 10 and 11 A. M. WANTBD-A STOUT, GOOD HELPER IORAB TT Suibli; one who la not afraid Of work. Apply t Wire Mill, 22d st. and 2d are. WANTED?TWENTY-FIVE CANVASSERS, TO S( ad.'rtlsemeiits for a Business Direct'iry. Onl :<ct;uaiuted ivitb tbe business ucod apply; salary an mission paid. Address wltb reference, enclosing sta reply, Advcnseuient, box 118 Herald olliee. WANTED?A BOY WHO HAS SOME KNOWI ot tbe sign painting business; one who unde drawing preferred. Call before 10 A. M. at 134 Broad WANTED-THRKE RESPECTABLE MEN, TO TT Burdbk's blind : lat lock, lor securuifl the a blinds at any desired angle. Apply at 211 Bro room 14. WANTED?IN A SMALL WAKE AND NOTION ties*, a sab sman. wno command* trade. ArplB K.,82 W arren St., up atairs. WANTED-TWO GOOD WAITER BOYS, AT joy's Hotel, corner ot Park row and Beekuiau s TVrANTED?TO GO TO PROVIDENCE, R. I., A Y (T Irishman, of good address, who understau 'a tie dry goods busiues-. (alt at Sweeny's Hotel, Chalk between the hours of 7 and 10 o'clock A. M. R DA WANTED-A VERY SMART WAITER FOR A D TT saloon, to ? hom good wages will bo given. A 203 Washington st. WANTED?IN A CLOTHINO STOKE, A Y man, as salesman, who is ac]"a niod with th tiudc aftd Is a good wilier. Addres'a U. C., box 112 otlice. WANTED?A YOUNO MAN, TO ASSIST IN AT TT ing bar. None but those bating good referenct apply to W.M.Caldwell, corner of Main and Walt Brooklyn. 8ITCATIONS WA^D-MALES A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN. FROM TOT try. wishes a situation as <l'rk, bar lent <1 other resectable business; has been in the dt? the grocery business seven years; h is a larg friends, is acquainted with a great many mrrifJia^HH their trading in this city: no objections to the tonulnfl dress P. W., Frrn th's Hotel, for two days. A YOUNO MAN, AGED TWENTY, DESIRES A si tion in some Stere or merettntlle house. Can tfl bent of reference*. Would be willing to do almost anfl bt'Uorable. Addrtas C. R. H., Herald office. J A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT MAN. THROwJ of employee nt by the rebellion, desires a sltuaH some reaia-elanlo business; would devote bia lime to ureal of Ins employer; salary not so muSi m, oojeel a employment. Address S. 0. C., box 3,a0d l'ost oOlcc best of refricncc given. AN AMERICAN MAN AND WIFE. MIDDLE t would take charge ot a gentleman's house ttarou | aominer. Can give sixteen years' reference. Call 00 dress 916 lliuadwuy, at tlrcaamakar's. A YOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS 01 or porter; ban nonobjections to go a short dlsu country. Qooa rcicrenco as to sobriety and honesty, from 2 to 5 P. M., at 2d Ktvtngton st, A WELL EDUCATED TOO NO MAN. KINK yiars old. desires a situation In some who! aale oflice. or sny o.!u r reaped il le busin. as when- lust callous would be available ; I- I go.?.t and rapl I writel rs'e ae ountan', and sin; to serve ihs beat employer. ilalary Msiijisl Beat cliy refervasn moral character unit ubility. Please address fur thre, Herald oJlec. CtLOTUINO.?A SALESMAN, WHO 13 THOKOW J acquainted with the buslne-a, would like toconmc elf with some wholesale or retail house at a modcratl ty. Adores. Energy. Herald ufllce. fOvCHMAN, OR COACHMAN AND UARDEN \J Situation wanted, by a must active single young can show the best of eiiyanil cmntry references; u si .nds bis bu'lui s* well, aud would make himself i* A tdrsaafor two days D. S. H., box 153 lleiald oilire^ CtOACUMAN.?SITUATION WANTED BY A^H / lame yuting nun, who undeiatsmla hU feetlv; Is a ;;ood mid careful driver, and ' an fur^^^H cry rsfervne. ; no objacrtow Isglto ih co tu'B Ki.ii ess D., No. 8M Rtuudwuy, corner of ldtn I WILL LIVE $10 TO ANY f?ON WHO J. cure for men steady sl'unt.on hr hookkecp^^H other light work; beat of reference given. Addr^^H week, John J. M , box IbO lleraUl olli CJITI'ATION W ANTED-BY A YOUNG MAN. .mo ...les.w nua in St. i Ills' Whull'l all' 111* (not dry goo In); ha^ had aovrral ve*r?' ciperleiKO^TF in hi and general Herk In a New E island cuy, an 11 au u> reference in li la city, as to aln.i'y ainl lutegritv, m I'rn ' la a in.!.? <. In nddit on in hit tormer employer* itiesa C. W., 1'oat ofllce, New Ycrk. SITUATION WANTi.'D?BY A 8TKOXO BUY, IN city or couulry: li wiaheaagi" d home. cauiclA been in the luuntiy >ji year. Addicts J. W. M m arlekat , N. Y. rno PRINTERS AND ITULISHERH.-A ROBUST, A ling young (Inimnn wants employ meat a a jir I h ton;,lily midor?Umlj English, French ainl .Spa K .Terence given. 0. tf? at Mr. Kruger'a, 30 Qreenwicb \IT ANTED-A S.TUATION, IN A BANK OR PRIV TT banking liotiac, by a young man who h;:? bad i years'experT'iic aa,ch rk and caihbr in a country la .1 cau furnish the belt reftroacw. Addre-a A, L , boa 11 aid olllce. \AtANTKD-A SITUATION AS COACHMAN. B II Pn tchtant young uian, in a priinta family; hai beat oi teattmont.i a Tor industry and capability : tiu derst thoroughly the care and treatment ol one and taat ho l.i a good groomsman and can fill driver; no utile lion t countiy. Cull on or addreal fo. live > ays, J. L. II., care Noergimrd, liatnilion llou <e, oorn r gSlli at. and Br ad VI/-ANTED-A SITUATION AS PORTER OR CLI Tr or In any capacity where he can make liims*lf ua by a strong. active young man; good oily refen ucu. Ail bos lii Herald oOlce. WANTED-BY A TOUNO MAN, A SITUATION eoacnUlan. Can refer to bla last employer, with w he has lieen lor several years. Address Coachman, boa) Poal ofll ?. _____________ W~ ANTED-A SITUATION, BT A M AN 30 TEAM age, aa foreman, nrat or aeeoud miller; acrved It Iaat place four years and a half; good reference can In gi Apply personally <? by note at 151 Bank at., Newark, N. WAH rs u-oi Aii en a r llou In a oewapaper oillro, or puhllalun,; lio it*, u currrapondlug or (hipping clerk, pcrf .ctly undoi ch'..!/ bualnen. Can give very beat of reference. Addroea I llaher, box 1U3 Herald office. WIKE AND SPIRIT MEROIIANTS.-A VOLNU* who baa bad many ysara eiperlrne* In the adore ti on the European plan, dealrra a altuation Hi anlm|oi houae; he la fully competent lo ka-p a ?,< of hooka and entire charge of the cellnra No objuc'iou to manage a loon. Flratclaas reference. Addrme A. Z , t>. a U'7 lie ofllce. \tTANTED?A SITUATION. BT A RI-SPEtTAI TT young man, aa bartender In aomr re*p rtaole a?l haa been in hla laat place over au ycaia; no ohjc lion I In tba country. AdUrc*' R., hot 175 Herald office. CO Ale. CtUMBEKIiAND OOAU-JIST RK'KIVKO, CUNT J land Ooai of a auperlor <;ualiiy, for 1 'nek tnltha, w will be delivered at $5.10 p'r ton; alao, Cumhoi :?nd 1. dual, at the loweat market price. Tllt'S. TKU8I.OW. Mi Kfttt Fourteenth aticct, N. Y., hi I foot of South Scf and South Tenth alreet*. Brooklyn, E l> / lOAL. -I'RICl RBDUCBD?PEACH OHCIIARD. I gii ami Loeu*t Mount' hi lie-li '1 oni tlio m n.'H, l tilt tee a pel' < < A'. > '(i"r 1,1 pool ' , gllah H uae inel, at lotreat market rat a. J SllY REEVE corn rOtnt! and Centre alfef uud MM J ** aul Wca. h.I 4

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