Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1862 Page 2
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SALES -\T AlCTIOU. ASSIO.nBE S ALK-?D D. CAOLKINS, AUCTIONEER MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD fUBNITCBK RICH PHBMGH PLATE i".EU AND MaM'BL M1KHOBS, .-?UFEKKLY CAKVED KOSKWOOD 1'lANOi'OBTE, 8ILVRB 1'LA l B. At-.. AO.. Pur has (1a: a coat of over ilS.i-OO. Ou Thursday (lb s da)), .MAY 1. at 10\o'Uock precisely All the ?Ltyorb ar.u cosily Fi rn tu.e, Paintings, Statuary an J Works ofAr', rosewood> iig Koum Sunn, ele?an sevcu ocUvp Piano orte, Nbtwi V ;lvet l'arpet?, Ac., contained In the residence No. TM Wost Fourteenth s reel, between Eigh h a ad Ninth aveuuea. The auctioneer call* th-' special attention of the public 10 tail safe as being the lanutand riiha?i ?m?.jrtmciit of Household Furniture offered at auc tion thin won. rL? furniture *u all m . Je fof the prespnt owner, aud t? in good order. The whole will be per>-u>plorlly and abaolutely awa without j-"H-r*e. DRAWING BOOK FURNITURE aonsists of curved rosewood Ku^c ei, marble lope ird French plate doors and ba-'k; ladj'n Work Tattle, inlaid with ra >ttier ot pearl: rosewood > Voire Table, statuary marble top; full Huita of Drawmg Boom Furniture?el<'s?at Tete-a Tete Sofa?. two Arm, two Reception, aud elfiit oval bark Chain, carved rosewood frames aud oo>ered tn three Mlore l aatin brocade of th? m?ei eiuenslve Ve- lption. two CotMir Tables, .nlaid with buhl and tortoise (h> U; Brocade and Lace Curtains, Fran' h plate l'ler aud Man.el Mirrors, with rich iilt frames; * perb Sevres and Dread' n China Vases, richly decorated; Parian marble Statuettes ot tht Seasons, artistic bronzes, representing Night and Mornlaf, Pandora, Painting. Poetry. Muai ?. Crusaders, Ac i antique lata Vanes, from Hercua.neum and Pempeii. ?b ny Ca 1 Table, velvet Carpets, Kut;?, Tur.lsh E <-y Chairs, bron/e Clock, runs one month; Ull Paintings, by Roua.cati, Inmaa, Uunil gten. Cole, Learand ..nd other eminent arttsia. MAGNIFICENTSRv KN OCT.V'B PIANOFORTE, earved legs and case, four round corners. tini.,hed all round, inlaid witn pearl and Ailid pearl keys, co?l$&>>; Music Back, rosewood Stool, covered in brocade ; embroidered cloth Cover, Book* and Music; hall roo-wood HaintauJ, O.Ieloth. Stair Carpet, A?\ Chambers, second etorv?Blehly carved rosewood Bedsteads, style Louis XIV.; Bureaus and Oom an odea to match; Wardrobes, Dressing anl Toilet Tables, Sharing St-.u ls, Book Stands, Couch, Ai iu Chairs, Curtains, Shades, Cornices, Ua.r Ma'.tresses, Beds and Bedding, de:o rated China Toilet S-ts, Mirrors, Dining Room Furniture of ?very kind. Tea Sew, Silverwar-, ivory Table Cutlery, Dining Table, Ac. No postponement. Car'Taen in attendanoe to cart, pack or shin goads for purchasers. Goods muat be removed 'h'S day. Auction notice. M. B. CHAPMAN, AUCTIONS FK. MAGNIFICENT HOUSEHOLD KOJINITURB, Paintings, Statunrv. an l many rare and eieiaiui vVorkaof Art, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, on this day (Thi.rsday). May 1. sate commencing at II o'elo k pretise'.v, at the elegant reaideuoe H W.-?t Sixteenth atrcet, be'weco Fifth an 1 Sut'i ar.'htios. Viz:?Seven octave rom-w od Pianofoi te, Koaenrood Drawing R oui Suns, Broar.e and Ormolu Chaadetle: a, ' Veuet Medallion Carpels, Sevres and Dresden China Vases, Pier and Mantel Mirrors, Embroidered Lace Curtains, Oil Paintings by eminent artists, Boatwood.indN.ick walnut C r Vi. r Kurn ' ir-, OaL Dining Boom S .us.C.mia, ti.ass an ! Silver. N. B.?The a letlonivr > mid < .11 th parti-u ar i 'ent:on of Ma frtenda a?d the publiu to thiesale th- ataio*ue com prising tho largest and ri ii.'*t i..l e !l . old hY.r niture, Ac., offered at auction tliH ?sw? ?. s ? e.-?ti i>- v, without regard to the weather, t'a awgaea ? ..ti ho*. - Rosewood Drawing Boom S.- ?, bp>n/? -iDd uriaolu Ciande liers, Velvet Medai.ioo Ca. ? s vr ? i: Dresdei, Ottina Ornaments, pier and Maui-1 Minora, ui -i ? r-d L.u*e Curtains. Oil i'aint:n^s, b ? . . e, s . K ,. cc tre Tablet, BncoixBtix**, Cabinet*. Ls.l y'e Ko'k i'a e aeper i broaxe Clock, Dresden CjIiu 1';u rn uis,. t?- . ,ui auiui Drawing Boom Fnrniture, cofere i in m cen, ?;old and blue hreeatei; artistic BroMes, ivpr - mlag Hamli't, Es-neralila, Crusa.lers, Beilmlng Chairs, ( a.-, juid Sota Table*, biaci walnut Suit, covered lu re s. MAONIFICENT 7 OCTAVE BOSEWOOD PIANOFOltTE, overstrung lia?n, ro>ind oruers; made to order, ? <0"): Stool an 1 Cover, Canter! ry. Extension Tabic, Sideboard, China, Oiasa, Silver Ware, Taole Cutlery, Couches, Arm Caati-a. CI c .s, Ei.gra'. n.b*. Ua St. n !, rosewood .nd ma h igsi.v Bnrratis, Ar nolr. -a-01nc?, Bedsteads, llair M.ittivs sea, Keaihei Ueils, Blauketx, Bocker, Sofat. Chairs, covered with ha..flo*h; Sofa B< "'steads, Co;t nodes, Tteilet Set*. Stair Carets, Oilcloths. \ s.i Furniture ?? nei ?. ants' menta. Al o lar?? assortment ol Basement aud KiU'.ien Furniture. AUo one Family C j u ht oi:e Road W.. .on, mad* bv Duaenbury: pairn..n h d H ?rse?, S yearn old; one saddle Mare, set^ o: Harness, Kobi Blanke s, Ac. N. B.?A Compe tent person will be in att -n^ance to pack and ship the goods ata reasonable charge. AUCTION' NOTICE.?Rt'SSEL W VVESTCOTT, \UC tlon-er. PEREMPTORY SALE i r tE VL'TIFI'I. FURNITl'RE, ii# .ill descrliitMn, ????h ,4 rare COLLECTION ok PAI-MlKi-* AND elegant works ok art. <An e\traordinar.i pi>?r-.'wurv lor hens- :.?-eper*} At th*? el.^uiw awtaj Wo*t Ti?naj'iir*4 direct, near Sc. .' ah a< enue, this (Thursday nf ni<> 11 at two e'rloek piecieeljr. composing th? ruure ouients.oi it" hw*. the whole c'mi Mil n ? i .???nnn viHom udtered at auction ooa?l*i n j of supc, t> roaewood Ptrlur Suits roaewood Centre and Pier Tabli sdk and L.i Curtain*, E i/abohan Eu n<tre?, elegant ronewood Pianoforte. Stool and Cover. Turkish Louiup-s and Ann Chai magniuoul Vmwk, of law and perau; mariile B ist of llyron, Hrnnzu Clock*, \.t ua'de col lection of H 'tUn i'-al an.I Laud-ca< e Palatini;*, richly tiamitl; <k?ld ana J andarape Shade, Chaadeiiere, Cornei Etagcres, J<!We't aSl CMA.MBER ,0.1) DIN ISO BOOM. Elegant rot>u?o J is .l?i~.. s, Dr< ?.siu.; llu.i .i^s, n ith mar ble tops; Comm 1<*? two wain it Suits, covered in r-'?, made to orders Card Table*, Ho.??r Va*. *, Sofaa, S,<r.H.: Beat and Co; at;e chairs, h >c>;crs, IL?lr M urea**!.. elegant B*d? and B"ddlng. ov il Mirror Sofa Beds."*-!*, Ac., with a large variety ol CtuD .. . ic,. ? ut Gla*?, Ivory Cutlery, Sil verware anJ Bedroom Fir It are of very de^crin ion. All to be eold', ruin ir *h>n" Caiaio-ueeat .io ii>?. N. B ?iloUMkeeperi, hotel teepera and ui-aler*, will fiud thueele worthy of ip.-> i*l .ttentiun, a* the furniture i* all ia perfect order. ii n: ? ?! w, ? .? i nekr. KEGILAK SALi I'i STOCKS AND BONDS. ALBEKl .'! Nl< OLAY W10 eetl thie day (Ttiarii.iny\ M..y l, at !2){ 0>lo-If, ?t the Stoik 8ale? Ho .in, i$ Willta .. a r --t, Ss . Mtrk * Ina. C".. J.'." d It of Republic $l(w At! .?m- Bit of P anrl lim 40< hatliam Batik 23 *1 Imp A Tradwrs In* jo ^5 Adriatic Ins lift 3V Atlantic Bauk of New V rl 100 92,ftiM) Logsn Co. >liu. and M muf. Co. Bont*. ?,i*W U. 8. 7 3-10 Tre -urr Notes. ?,0011 N. S A Boa lot. UK it norf. bond*. 1.0U0 MemphisCtly t> |? r cent t*ind*. Kelt regular sa>, Monday, May 5. ALllEKT H. NICOLAV, Auctioneer and S'ock iirok r,6? William street. Auction sale of* and shori w m lioLL! ngsiie ad, Auc .oneer. The fourth gr at rn -aaf a>n-tion -al of BOOTS AND SHoKS By CHAULEs C. WaIUIEN Will take place al 22 CortUndt *tr ? t On 1*1 DAY. Jl.tY 2, Ajld will include - ONE THOUSAND PACKAGES OR XOllE, labrtuslng invo.cca of prime, n en made aud e> asouahle Rods, ouiitributed b? the UNCI PAX MANfFACrCKERS IN NEW ENGLAND AND NEU VORK CITY. f PECTAL NOTICE. THESE SALLS WILL BE continued WEEKLY, ON KKID.V.', DI KING filE SEASON, And It ia intended <li4l v ...n. oustltute A NEW AND DIhTISki ISHEii FEAIL'RE IN TIIE BO1 >T AND SUOE 11. AUK OK HIL CITY <:?! *i(LES C. WAKBliN, B ?ot and Si oe Wareli une, ?! Curtlan^t ?tr'- t. Auction notice SAMCEL osooon, Ai CTL N'EER. PERBMl Tt UV > VLE OK I B UOl'SK iOl.D ECRM T> .vK. FRIDAY, V .? ?{. at 1<H4 Vio- k. At 110 Wtlfl TWKJtn St. OND uliEKT. betwe- n Sixth and Seventh a en nd the Fura.turr c'uuiiti?-<i jn aild hou*e. consist,:u. f rosewood Parior Sulta, . overed iu ih> richest bro ate. Toeewo-jic.eii ? ?..a'?? Pi notortr. rosewood c-ulre Tabli'S el g.iut Pier nd Maul-:) M rr. r<, i?iti. Cor. nioea and Vaaea to match, Wilton and Bi ia*e a Car;.et?, Oil I'alnunga, r?-?.t od an .a y Kcdro- m, Beds., OU? au>: Cht .a >'< are. Alaoa?arge c-dlecii n of a>> a u F rui tre, with whkh the tale will coniuien e. The whole of ihe Furnit ire ten* made to o-te, arid la well wortt y .if the attenti on of tflo^e about 1 urniahing tuoir bou?ea Catalogue* morniug of sa. AJOsEKH L. SMITH. AC''tionebb. WILL -.ELL ?thie i'ay at 1>)^ o'clock, at 137 K giilh ?u*<-t, near Bi itd. way, one Piano, t' r-? r ?e ?. i t?, : ??' "d n1 niaaag*i.y iltdrooui Sana,^ai,/ aud ia*t>ie, Eickere. P er C.anees, Ta' i a Br s? is and Ingrain Caip t?, Oil PaioUngo, and ev.-rynnn< i-o-ignj to a Sr-t ? u?? bouse Auction notice-persons brevkino up houwkeep i.g.aa uiaka anti-la. 'ory ar. an?e?ii.;ul? f r the BHie of their p; operty. at red'; ?d r. tee. Ciah adv..need >n ftimiture: liigheet prx e paid i.>r tw aanie at orit-aia sale. ply to PEET A GAl L, No. 1 Great Jones etreet. t I'CTION NOTICE ?PERSONS wishing to DIS V pose of ll jrset, Carriaaee. ilarn-'te or mj kind ?t uaer . . Jiee at auction, can mate ravorai-le arrangemen'.a at 68 iuj atre t. opposite the Puat odi.e. It being one oi u.e !>? at <tlone Uie city. GEO. i- NBW1IALL IGNEE'S SALE OP < LoT HI NO. VEST PATTERNS, Ken i ante, Me.? The . n'ei,t? of a retail 1 .'h ng (tore, n oiuiag, at Tnppine A Co.'e, No 8 Murray etreei. poMUv. THOJfAS SflLLMlN, AMignee ef George '?. BURK. ACCT1Q.VBER, WILL HELL THIS DAV, at J o'clock, at 140 Eighth ?'reet, n-ar Broadway, nil m' ir* uf that flnt ia?i fiv<; ?tory house, ronwetlBg -?-la mi l Ingram Carp*'*. r'jMwuod and mahng*ny 1 U^dnxnn Sulta, >u; ?r>rjUilim lie.ouglng to* i U? in. E.trytlurg n.a?t be remored tlil? iif. TAJ UK'S "ALE ?I. HERMAN k ' O.. *f"CTION i, wt . -m-11 (hit ?'??, M.y l, m 11 o'cl<? < at the aaie* <mmr*Tf, a genera* atiortmtBt of Hardware, Cut is, I'auc* Ggoda, Ae, Bf otd?r. L. BRYANT. Conat?'il?. ?W. ACCT102?E<k. H*].> h6('SB PLANTB, AC . AT AUCTION, i A tn.ltiiMmlor of D. Lyn?h Lowrenr* d>-crste<L Ul.OW Jk < 0. will a*U at amotion < n Thursday, ??'. ai 11 o clock, at the residence of the law- ft. 'Tkrofga Beck, ib. autli* >ouw i>u of U>? ?, <4n>: iintln part of O.sng* and L?mon Tr??", Aiellafl, Oaiaalitin*. Arnariti*. Mill**, s, BannaBna, Palm*tt'.?, I'sn lsiiu. s?, Dm. a?n Aiellat, Aoacla#, OaiaBluiiia, Angiitis. LIUMn. i?, BannaaAa, Palm*tt'.s, Pandaon. s?, Dra<-a*ii ,i.,ta. Fern, tugather with a gr^at r*rl?tj of o hai is'ttaMe p.antt. A1m> Hotbed Fiani**. Dahlia ?Unlet, *<? Devrlpt!' ? ratnlnf i?? may be bad ai ??f the auctioneer*' oo Tu?d ?y, trth IBM. L "HtK 8ALB.-< HASIBER9 a fair^hild, -era, will tell. < n Saturday, May 3, at liitj ? >? n. 9 i?b<1 II Woo?ter ttrct, ? }arg* <iuautltj -44 Furniture, uf all dMcrlp'lons. coin sttn/<>? Agfe I'oaiil uf K.tchen, Brdruuai Mid Pif.or , 'b? tuDiontt of butb l.O'is't FLLBB NICHOLM AlCTIOBKKR BY NBILSOK .'lIOLft ?'J<-nte?l Qouttbold V urtilture, on Thurs. " ? t. ?l 1 '3| o'clock A M., at the pi-Irate resident ? 2nri el, ail h? Fuiniture on the pr*uit*es, cotisitiing /snt rn#rW'to.1 Piano afld Stcol, rosew**1 Tctca lut relTi't.tlo Mora, In <to; do. Chair* to match, ?? . "lit ra'ile, V?Ivt I arp-ts, Bur?au?, Ala aili r ii gll' round i lat# Mirror*, with C-?B<1*tabr?? ?t* ilt? jil tO-d Caii'll*>lii'k?, t?g*liti r with ail the Ftirunur* , alto th? Bu**m?iil Furniture, Kltcliea Ar egos. AUCTIONESB.?LAft'lR STOCK Of irjt Ft m ur .? day, ni o'clock, at *tore art*, ntit nf t' ? l?'g??t <fo k* o' first rtaaa tjahlnet **" erer off. red in tin* ity, *n?br*clng Iri part a? fol Partor Sints In r?at ?,grlety, ?? cgani Et?*er"V ,iu iil'le Tab'ei. (.aht*rb<irtM. M>* ret^'iea, Ac ; Uln "-a.i?i .hraryin 't (n ro^w iod, black walntit andnak} ?i ">r Stkia In roi*w<x d, bl?. k wa.ti'it, oak and mahoija. nd obAr Artl 1*? In irrcit rariety, a* will h? *e*u by .iigoe at ?*le ff B ? At 12 o'clock, ro*?wood llano, te '? aii'1, la go< d order. KNRT H. LB1D*, Al'ClIONBBR? HfcRRY B - < l-fciKDS A CO. will tell tt ruction, on Friday. May 1. ? o'do-'h. In front of atore No. SS Naastu ?liaet ? B??cn it' ?ala uf Carriage^ Ae., ?l?: a Barouvbo, wnk 'laggaxa ?fki to? Wag; a, a Pbarton. with Pole and Rl'arta; on* *<>?: kawa? atrj ant *et Ooubl* Ha-n***, HMe Sadilla. Miuaw ?\miwmmi 8AI.B8 AT AUCTION. HENUT H LEEDS, AVCTIONKBK ?HBNBY U. L^KIM A CO. will soil ai a icUOu, ou Fn lay, May S, Mill satu! day, May 3, at IdVi o'clock each, at the sales ooiu 23 N.s>aii mrnrt, a large a?orlmtut <rt Furniture, the sa.e of which will commence in the lower .*lesr>?in. ?"? Velvet, Medallion, Brussels and Incaia Carpets; caiTe.1 Bosewood Suite, in plush . do. luocatulle and rrpe; oarved Rosewood Bedstead.., ntsliottany marble top Washttands, carved oak, mahogany and rosewood Dining Tables; carved black walnut lScokcase, vi-r> rich: mahogany Quartetlea, carvad rosewood niarble top Centre Tables, eleg:-at gilt frame French plate Piet Mirrors, with marble top Pier Baa?, ro.ewood Be*-re tarjr Rjoke.u?, mahogany Suit*, covered in hair cloth, ear* ed oak marble to,. Bullet,. legaul giltCh.iu leliers and Hra-kets. Irjn Bedatca IH, lining Boom Chandelier*. 8 m Louuges, black walnut Etagere and Book Rack. rosewood marble top Commode i, Gilt Cornice*, lace and broeatel W in dow Curtains, RoaewuoJ S ma, in various coverings, oak and black walnnt Dlnl 14 Room Smis, Window Shades, china Dinner Sets, Toilet Crockery. T a 8 t?, Cutlery. Kitchen Fur niture. 4o.;all of which will be *.i I without reserve, t >gc tber with a general assortment of other Furniture, which will lie mere fully eaumeratid in the catalogue. Also an elegant Flute, made by Badger. HENRY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER-HENRY H. LEKDS A CO. will -ell at auction on Thursday, M?y 1, at IU>? o'clock, at So. SSI Broadway, More Fixture*, con ttiiied in said store, of Couuters, Cutting Tables, Round Tables, with and without Show Case, Gas Futures, Shelrlitg Deak and Letter Press. Mirrors, Ao. HENRY B. HERTS. JR., AUOTIONEEB. BY HENRY WOOD A CO. ASSIGNEE S SALE OF El.EGA.ST CABINET FURNITURE, MAS3l\E FRENCH PLATE PIBR MiltRORS, VELVBT TAPES I KY AND BRUSSELS CARPETS, Ac.. ON FRIDAY. MAY 2. 1M2, AT II O'CL 'CK, AT THE SALESROOMS 460 BROADWAY, comprising elegant rosewood ait mah'gauy Suits. In hair cloth. bro itel and pluafc; line, richly enrved io-e?ood and other Eli/sb-than Bedsteads, rosewood marble top Oeiura Tub! ?*, Bun-am, Waahstamls, solid oak Extrusion Dining Tables uad ("hairs, richly carved solid walnut and oak Buf fets. elegant rosewood Aiuoire-a Glaces, Etagero*, solid oak Lounges, iu green and brn.uiol rep*; flue mahogany ?n.l black wilnut W.-.rdr.ibes, 4e., .tc. Term? cash. Catalogues at sale. By order. HENRY E. Mt'Bl'HY, Aaalgnea. JJENRT B. HERTS. JR.. wf>OD rQ Fereuiptori i*l? of a fine lot of aceon-i h<*nd V u nature, oo Kridav, Mat 18(52, at It o*cVk, tt ttie Mleiu-goin. No. 450 Broa?iwav, eoinp.t>inff Bedsieida, Bureaus, WAsnntanas, iirutaeU-tnd Ingrain Carpets, B ds Bedding, Cliina Vlare? Ac., Ac. Term*ea?n, Catalogues at tale. _____ Henry d. miner, auctioneer-salesroom & Nassau atreet op]a*ait" the Po?l olli'-e. MIM'.R A SO* MKK\ 1L1.E vs ill aeil at auctiou, tai* da> iTkura.aj), May 1, at 12 o'clock M., in front of their salesroom, 37 *treet, a Mure, aiiteen banda iiitfh, ? out eigut yeaia old, ai d warranted *<>uud and k:nd in all harm ?a or nnjer the ?addle; cam trot in three minute#, and is very also a city built Top Bu^y, in perfect o: der aud b<;t I'tue u?ea; *!??? " et of sing'.* Sir. Harness. JOSE 1*11 HEGEMAN, AlTCTIoNEKK.?FKII>AY, MAY 2, ai l()o c in k, A. M., prHrHfly, at the Centra' Silpwomi, corner of Wiiioughby aud Pearl streets, Brooklyn.?Regular wet-laly gale.?A very l;i:ge and genera! assortment oi han?1 80:ue FtirnMtjre, from families removing, comprising in part one splendid ro?ew<iod Piano, ce-ven octave, v% iih pe?irl keys, by S ?nub, Ath-rlon A Co.; rotewood Karlor Furniture, in ficen reps; sii paintel Chamber Sutta, maUagany Lil>iarr Cases, walnut Library T.iMe, Hair M?tn*sses, with a gn at vanciy of mahogany, walnut, and oilie.' ChaTiiber Furniture; one n aliognny lisaatello T.iWe, three teet by nine, complete, w ith B .lla aud Cues, in good order; thr--e Sewing Ma< liinea, s.0 of ilarnesH, 4c. N. B.?All th? Carpets and Oilcloths, oi which wr liav^ received a lar^e qunnfy ol Velvet, Tapes try, Brusat-ls, T rce-ply and Itigruin, will oe ri served lor ihc auuosuaipei asle, wiil h will uke p^te on the 9*.h oi &lay. JB!KJ\RT, AUCTIONEER?BT 8. A J. IIOUART? , M'.rtjagc sale.?Kri ay. May 3, ?? 10^o'clock, at the auction rooms, No. 1 North William street, .lewelry, l'lat'd Ware. Ac., consisting of Uold Sets, Eariings, Breast l*ln?, Fin,rr Rings. Watch Keys, Chtilns, and alw l*lat?d Ware, 8i?ious an5 Forks, a in e lot ox' Plated frays. Also, ten s arcs of Central Park Insurance St ?k $.0) earth. By order of the mi rtgagee CHARLES M. liALL. Attorney. JBOt.ART AUCTIONEER-BY S. A J, BOGART?SAT . Utd iy. May at ln'j o'clock, at the auction rooms No. 1 North Will'.a.u stroet. Ho iseliold Fui nitu.e, consisting of Parlor Su;:s, Solas, Lounges, large lot < f Brussels, Thrce-pljr and Ingrain Carpets, O Idulh, Dress ng and Plain Bureaus, M?rMe Top Centre Ta >!ch, Wardlnbes, mahogany French Bed: leads, Hait Ma-tress h, Feather R Is and H-tiding, Kitchen Fitrti'.luro, 4c. Also on<* Iron Usfe, one Slamllag Press, Boards, 4r? i'n?c -ouiit oi former purchaser. JOHN H. Bl'BLEY, AUCTIONEER. WfLL SELL, this d'.v, at t* o o . lock, at 411 Ca'ial atieet, marble tap andaiiivxAjji eaaa Sul.i It. lis, r. sewooii,malioganv aiidOlh'T Ha- ' Wn*s"i? n"|i "S4 na .?< i>s. >> as h oi. J ?. ? i Krus%e?*? T< i r-ntt Carpets, Oilcloths, Rugs,, rrao... u U.IIsir Mat tresses, Pi ! '.v?, BoSt-ra, guilts, Laoe "'iirtain's nn?t Dices, Cbai.deliers, Suits iu Uroeat'-l, Cotta e Suit'., six Stores, Ice B"*es, Pier, Bar a*.d ithi r Min or*. Boo!.ca>c., Books. Paintings, En^raringa, CJ ;wm, Crockery and Klichen Ware, 4c T P. TRAVER AUCTIONEKB -BY VIRTUE OF A ?I . chain i ui Tt.age, HCTCHESON 4 TRAVER will sell this day. at 1U o'llock, a 123 sin e:. ne?r Front, the Stock and Itf- res ol a first class Eating House, Guppet SteamTaHea, i-t ani and Hot Wat r Boiler*. Copper I ins, dialing DUlicik iwa large Ranges, L'h'I a i l oiher I'ipe, Table'. Chair*, !uarl>l? Washstands, Paintinga, Counturs. i;lass t'ascs. Crockery, Olaw aud Sil. .-rware, t 'a teis, Mir rors, 4c., 4c. J. ROS? I'OaTLEY, Attorney for Mortgagee. M DOUGHTY, AUCTIONEER . M' RftlA'.jJ SALK t>r HOUSEHOLD Fl'RNI Tt BE. t.lLT FRAME 1'lElt ANi> MANTEL MIRItijRS, BRI SSE1.S AND VELVET CARPETS, RUSEHOOD t'Ait L'Jlt SLITS, .Ve. M DOUGHTY will aeU, thU <la. May 1, at MX o'clock, at salesroom, 7?Na?aau street, by virtue of a chattel mortgage, io e.rood Parlor Suits cowII.I in br at i; Mark wa'm : do., iu rei ualio^uny da., a l?an loth. \ m ?Tetc a-l. (??*, Aria aud Parlor Chairs; Brti s 1-. T? *stry a id Vc'.e^i Csrjs s; .jilt rta? French pla'e Pi. i ,.n ; Miiiuel Mirrors, male gany i ewood an.l black walnut Se ictiiyandJUl ;aiyBotikc.i* oe Window C'.rta.ns, int li e l ? Centre Tal.l ?*, ro- w ? . ii.?. -r . m.r ror front aixt l>ack; Pillar and Claw E?f u?n>" Dim g'fabics, ".?lily (arritlblack walnut Buffet, iwwoo .tia^- i iaiio fort'*, tnile.-;a-iy ati.I rOeewf'Od loarble Oeeacing Bu ruaua. Wa.ti ? >ud? and B. a?;e?a? to irau.., Ena..o iled i hambe. an. a. black walnut and on!; Ci..u>lM'.r Suits, ma hogany War. robes, Lnuntes, Sofas, Chairs. *c , h<\ MORTUAUE SALE.-CHARI.B8 E LOEW, AUCTION eer and mortgagee, will sell on rhurs lay, M..\ >,al 10 o'clock A. M , by ?t: iue .faih ittel mortgage, i e stock aud FUtur s of the old eslabllshe>l Hotel "nown as I u ? i Hsll, ooTiter oi Kourtn street and avenue C, ODDsi.litic ui Ba; end Hlll.ard Ro.on Fun r *. t?as F.xtures !}? l.ard Ta<>ies Bill; and Cues, Palatines, Engravings L ciia-??'? Mirror*, C irtaln-. Shades ?"hairs. Tei?*-S, |. e B i*ea, 4c. Moki'gaoi: .-vle op uoi seiiOLd fi rniti rk ? A m. I-RISTALAB, A Cilrmeer. uil: aril on Fr ??*. Mi. t, at 111'j o . a, at i! Bow? i v. a lai. e lo: ol i- iirniture, ? ou'. i g<i s.i a , Burca- ? U i-: a N. Beds ih d.lii?, Wsshs'iin !s, fatdes, t'haira, <lr f ry, (ilasifware. C> okiug UtMiaila, Car;et , Ol oihs. 1-1. ? -I.I ? '.V n 1 . > .sa.?:cS, Ac. By ur iei of ??tt<?iii y .or m -i PLANTS, FLAMS ^A SPLE.NIUD ASSOti 1MKNT OK L a It. .%? in t e v?*ry U -* r ler, t r -.1 e by 'V. HTZI'aTR on*', Twenty *11*1111* isTr?*ei an J way. Hhad'* Tt ?? ??. (trap- Vine*, lien- y- i? klea, ?ki? and (ja'd' ii^ laid o"! ami plat ? ?!. SHERMAN AUCTIONEER.?HAI.E Of ORorERlEsl ? Li<|. 'IAc ? S. iIEKMA.S .v CO , Ai a>neci?, v ill ael o:. rriii.1/. M i.\ 2, ;?t fit* num. till t.y, -i irg' .in ?> Li<(uor?, wtii'?, ic.. rtx. ?Bye aa<l Hourhon Whlakpy, Cog nac Brnu ly Sherry a?4 4*?rt Wi i ?, Ruiu tiiii, Ciinliiili, Ac., In ?<?*??< ?nd ??????, *?. Al o, Cand >? i>, S:airh, It . o , Vol -?<??>, Vln ,.ir. I'r r p?. Ten, Uollir, !>? ? Apji ? ?, rick; % ?in. ft. Ac.; Tim Oirn* <Ti, i'iu?. !i.' t * Fixture*, .*? Hy order. KOl KKT dTA.tWOOD. Oofi?table. c 1IEUMA* A CO.. AUTloX.EIU, SALESROOM 1ft How it; ? Ats.tnpe't aaie of watdh-s, Jetrclrr. A'.? WiUs,ir, Vliiy 1, at lf??i i>' ii'*. a >? 13 ft. niTjr, ?i IJ an I Aiie-t Ora'?|i"t?, litl* Gold Seta, Kar Killed ?u : K ?:i*' *, L? kot?, R:n??, Wairh Bey Si i uanl, Fob in.' Veet < bam. A'- jStuwciin'i, ?? ... Kix'ir. a, I run Sun*, Ae.,.? gal ? [>oij ivc 'o.' cntk, whbo it reserve. B. Ttlaruf A->l*ne?. Snurri sale -coffees, hPi- es, a<\ CUaMBKRH I* FAISU HIKl>, aa?-wneera, wl I mil at their aakerouin, lla >?-viu iut*>, oh Frlit.'<i, M.tyl,Htll o'clock, aiicantlty of ColTe-., Pi-pper, M> ?t,.i t and other Spires OiEip Kiirn .tiir*, A' rbe gout - uti1 ia print oriier, and m rwgtilai p.nkai{* a. JOBS KEi.LV, la?e Shi rilT. f|1 (JAKFNEV, AI CTION KKR?SAr.ESRi >OM NO. 59 A. Oru'f atrret. will sell, thia ilay. at o'clock, the Stuck sad FIHWNiif the liquor atora, J.O !*? ul iirwi'io i <c. ii'-ot Counter, Brtf Puiapa, Ta'iies Chatra, Mirror, C.o-A, Scrai-ua, Lnjuora, A'-. TI,TILMAM ABBOTT. AUCTIONEER?OFFICE NO i TT K>0t Brua<lw:iy?aofl? thti dar, ai ini^ r. i i.k-h, the Stock and Future* ?< thn Liquor Mia Frutt Stum 77# Third avenue, .on-l-uu* of two walnut OmntflL tli te Hilvr Pl?i?-il B>"T PutnM, foreign and domestic Frulta, Pick!**, l'rieerv*, and all other Kliture*: quarter* riad elghtht or pun' Brandy, Wine*, barr*laof UtiiaiMM. Ac. DENTUTRT. Artificial teeth-dr. dirki.v coKTuruEg to eitnrlTeeth In two aeconda, without pain, * ith hi* HrnumMng PluM anl Kit-tr Currant. Nueiirh <haija for ti mpornry aen or fitritcllng Ticth iu-irt?<l ulthant extrai tin! the room, uu mf lm|im-ed af?ae^l>i rtr aeneure pl.iie* Chi mli'ally p'ir? culnrufuriu ami ethrr ailiuniiatried arttbuut danurr. Ple??e ?11 and -lamme ar?' imi>u? t.fore gntn? elaMnwre. 0R. K O. DL'RKIN. UTS C'anul (traet, oppoiitv Weat Bnailwaf. ARTIFI' IAL B'INK FILtlNO ?TIIE OENI'INB USED unly l?y me. Rwnna of the dtv:orercr 8M Hrna lwar, n?ar SeT?nt?coth ?U??t Tender ti-eth, old nwi axi>l men ihelii tillr-l and wermuti"l. N. H.?A'l Iiimt* uf b-a-n if il !?pih ai.1 ?wai-t breath iiae the c?l'bi?ted Cuban D?nt frloe tud L* lion. J l'EARhdN, M. D., DlaroTerer. Having had five Teeth extracted w.TriouT i ??cling any pain whale by Dr. J J At V1LLEM, IM lit anil aireet. two Mocke from Broadway. I ohi-eii<tUy tniert tlika iu a rerammaiKlatlon to tboee wiahlng the ??* vlcea of a aktlfu ietitlat. ( H tRLEa A. OIRDLER. 154 Chrya'1? atreet. SECOND QA>D DSNTAL INSTRUMENTS WANTED ? A ? !io?rlor quality ot all ne?-i>??ary tool* and Inatni mi'Ot" Apply ?o Dr Macall a ISU Or< enwli h atreet. >ew Toik. RATRIMUitUL. A mm rovva lady, a jtbakukk i.v tjie oirv. uk superior ttf'icatloo aud rarlotiaa<omplti?hnii nta, irixliea to m?k" thv t'-'iUAiulnuce of a gcnlkman of mom-, with a ?!? w w> miUrim i-y. *ba la po?*-acd of a gen tie and niiw Wonale iltapovttoB, with eno' gh of rlvarltf and !>? rom|rM>u naoio. Ilag Ml ?.?ui y noiuh to a|<eak what ?hc think* or wtfat jtbera Mr of h.-r g?>if lo-rk? v.d pervmal a p. Era rice, will .earg tfcat U? the "><-tter jndgnvni of th>) g*n. nan ?r!>o, la rrtura. miiai poiaea* the iu> e niro'J ijiiall iif h*?4 atid heart A middle ?*ed gent!em,wi pteferr?d. A !dr??-Juli.-'"toytr.u. M?Uu>on a.) imWoat o&.-e. Alitor rtapondence atugl b? ?trtctly confidential. A WIDOW LADY I?f MIDDI.F. LITE. I!* OOOD atand ng In ?'hnrr-h and ooetety, wh ,*o ?hanvf?r la au>?? r?pi"*"h, lia* k?;oirn the ,? i-.-m . g.-,d .-n?? and companion, feeling i iite 1 rieiy, iml uniting "?r.? of t'XHln*" preying , t" heneitr ipon h?- il???ir?"? to a 0o-i> apond'nne with a g"iit.?man of th* aame character, who i? kind and a!T*t >? it*, won d prl/- ago. I (mine aboia mJ d?. ?! g?ntlen an of w?-?nh md >.<i?ir? ? - it I ^ h* hanged. Ad lre?a Air I*. II ?: aid olJT ?? f... two data, iu amceri'f. No replicg until 'be eipiratlon of that uaw. MATRIMOIfT MADF. EASY?WIlit IN-J'R' i TIOKH for <;ourtl?f. in order to win the affection* of the oppo g;.?a?g, 161 pH- *> 4?**raw?l. Sent ?o?tp?i<l oa receipt of ^?cVAMk . g. f. HI**, ?pkci.\i4 notices. At a special meeting ok the hoard OK Sch >.>1 i)iU< era of ihe Seventeen! ward, hel! at Trus t es' rj nuit.JM onday craning, April 1Mb, 1 C2. < ailed ior the puri*>*e of living suitatrie expression 10 their feeling* In re gard to tho htgli resprtCl in wh.fh tlie.v held the memory of their late associate trisiee. F rands 1) ncan, the following preamble aad Mt'liutoui with unanimously adopted:? Whereas, The Almighty iu his iniintte wis i nn tas re moved from our uiidst our esteemed wd worth; ww.lM| Francs Duncan, one who has be-u for many years a morn bei ol hi* Board, and who had bee.: waWuy Interested Ul thecausiof public education, and ? ho haa ever bwn fa th ful to the trust rei>osed in him by bis fellow citizens. There for* be it Resolved, That the Board of S'iiool Officers of the Seven teenth ward deeply sympathize wi'h bta atltlcted la'iilly, aad condole with them iu their bereavement, u 1 uiso with the eititens of the ward iu the loss of one who haa ever been faithiul to them in the dls liar^p of the responsible duties of the office to which I hey elected him. Resolved, That In respei t for hi* memory the schools or the ward be closed duriug the afternoon of the funeral, and that this Board attend in n body; and Br solved. That a ropv of lliese resolutions be ti an emitted to hie family, and published la such papers as the Chairman and Secretary may select. HENRY L. SLOTE, Chuirman. Mtcnast. J. McCartht, Secretary. AMERICAN OBOOR tPIIICAL AND STATISTICAL A. Society, Oiliiton liall, Astor Pl-.ce, May I, Uni2.? A stated meeting will ha held this eveinng, at 8 o dock, when CYRUS W. FIELD, Esq., wtlll mate some r"*iarks upon the present position of the Atlantic Telegrapl enter prise. WM. COVENTRY H. WaDDELL, K?x Sec. IO. or O. P.-THE R. W. GRAND lA()E OP flOUTII ? rrn New York will hold Its regular slated session in the room. Odd Fellows' liall. corner of Oraud street, on Thurs day evening, May 1, at 7K o'clock precisely. By order. * JOHN J. DA VIES, Orund Secretary. JOINT COMMITTEE ON NATIONAL AFFAIRS OF THB C'>mmou Council will meet on Thursday, May 1, 1862, at room No. deity liall. All parties having business for the committee win alt-nd. Councilman Orton. Councilman Jones. Councilman Stevenson. Councilman Hogan. Councilman Keeeh. A. H. EkkCii, Secre!iry. NEW YORK AND IIARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY, Treasurer's nlllce, coruerof Fourth avenue and Twenty sixth street, Ki w York, May 1, IMS.?Nonce U hereby given that tne meeting of the atockholders of the New York and Harlem Railroad Company, for the annual election of direr loin, \> ill ' e held ?t t e oilice of the comiiflny, ou Tuesday, Mav 20. The polls to be opened from 12 o'clock, noon, to a o'clock P. M. The transfer books will be dosed from 4 o'clo k P. M. of the 8th, until 9 o'clock A. M. of the 21st. f, II EMERSON, Sec'.v and Treasurer. VTOTH R IS HEREBY GIVEN TO ALL PERSONS X" holdi lit claims against Lornto Dcluionico, to attend a meeting ut Delmonico's, corner of Broadway aud Chaml-era street, on Saturday, the 3d Inst., at half-past three o'clock, P.M. J. Gl'EDIN . { Awiimncs HENRY BAB VP, \^""gnecs. N OTICE TO TAXPAYER-',?OFFICE OK THE COM mi- ionei s of Taxes and Assesi ments, No. SSt'liatuOers street, Nets Yo?k, January 13, lso-'.?Notice is hereby uivi-u that the assessment roltoor real aud personal estate of ihe city ot New Yoik for the year 1*62 are uow oi>en for public inspection, and will continue open until the 30th day oi April next, inclusive. All tav pavers are earnestly requested to call a nd examine the same, in order that any errors in the as aessmcuu may be corrected. Also all persons entitled by law to reduction of their a*ser-.menls, by reason of being clergymen or for military service*; and also literary or charitaMe iasl itutions, by ;atf exempt from taxa'ion arc re quested to inak" applicauou for such reduction ot .-itemp tion, previous to the closiug of the rolls on said 30t li day of April. The follow lng section of the act of April 15, 1359, is pub lished for the Information of taxpayers:? Sfctio* 10. During the time the books Rhail be open to public ins, ectlon, as herciub-foie pt'o\ ided, application may be made by any person considering himself sggrieved by the assosiied valiuttion of his real or personal caiat", to have the same com ct -d. If such application Ue made in relation to the assessed aluatlon of reall estate, it must be mnde in wrriting, atatitig the ground ot objection thereto, and there upon the Commissioners shall examine in'O the complaint, an lif. in their judgment, the assessment is erroneous, they shall muse the same to be corrected. If such application t>e made in relation to the assi sued valiia-.ion of personal estate, the appit ant shall be examined u'ltier >ath :<y the said i om misaoneis, who shall l>e author,/.ed t" admini?t< i? such oath, or anv of them; and il', in hlsortl.elr jtid'sment, the at ses?nfi'iit i< erroneous, they shall cause the t ime to I* t or recti d, un 1 fix the amount oi such as " anient js they u ay believe to bejiist, and declare their decl?'on thereon v. i ! ln thirty days alter such applicatfam shall have been made to theni. No reduction shall be ins-lu !>y thoBoarl of S i> visors of any assesiinent ou real ori>e.' mil estate lni(->?e l undei this act. utiles-, u -haii appeal', under oath or aliii n a tion, ttat the party aggrieve i w unable to ali'-'id wl: Iu the iK-riod presor bed for the earrectlen >i taxi s, by reason <?! mickiiem ?<i ahs -uee from the city.?L..- s oi ISMi. Chanter .102. Sections#aud 11 A. t WILLIAMSON', 7. W. AI.LEN,* oi Taxes an, 1 As ?'mments. fPHE BOTTLERS' P1IOTECTIVE ASSOCIATION WILL X hold their regular monthly me >] this f Thursday J evcaitig. ai s o'clock, at Wand to*Ka; i Ho ist.>n street. Toe o'l.< ers for t ie ensuiug year w 111 also be elected. Taxes, taxes, taxes, taxes.?persons owning prop- tv in the X ill iges of Ol.ux i , No.i. 1 and 2, Bronx dale and Wake, e in the town o' West t'hustrr, can pay their School Taxes oy ratlin:' at Mi ilaiy Halt, Bowery, o; po sue Sp'.ir.g street, room No 5, on Kridsv and Saturday ef thi, week, between the hour* nl' 10 A.M. and 7 P. M., "r address the unde..?ign d, at Wllliamxirld^e, Westchester couuty. JOHN UOYLE. Collector. STKA M BO 1T?. STK.VMEKS ISAAC P. SMfTfl AN D AMERICA, FROM footoi Hnrrison stre. t, daily, e.-e-nt S :nJjv, at y :a) V. M , t li an.l 4 Ity. M., for Yonker , liastiugs, l)eb: s Fer ry, Irvington. Tarrjtown, Nyack, Ltike sn lli i. xcrstraxx, touching at Chrtstoph r stivut each nay. . HOTKLSs. Alderman Farley. Alderman t'hlpp. Aitlermau Smith. Alderman Aden. Alderman Mi1.- lit-11. T. FARLEY, Chairman. HOTEL.-ALBION HOTEL AND BOARDING house;, Uu 1 -on atfNL ? omer of Cl.arl' s; n'Uiiii 111 sul ?< or aingi ?, *uit?lile or niarned or single ii-rnuna, with or with out iio?rd. Sui^i't *ud c?r-> i*>? the door. r.LAMBERT, Froprletcc. HOTEL.?TilE 1KHSE3 NOS. W AND !>7 CLINTO plan-, Eighth atr?i-' u. .v Fi.ih avenue,will it o|*-n for the ree of great May 1; Room* c~u l> obtained eitherftirtuahed or unturituihed, an suite or i<n<le, ? i;li witiout men!"; tattle d'hot ? ill n'clock; prljrnt* ta' ? T<W> hi red. A Baseim nt to let, suitable for * pliyn.cian. Houaee 0|?*n for iiutoe< l hi A; I il St, M. !i. ANDERSON, io inert,* Hotel St. Jullen. N'KW KNr.LAXD HOTEL. CORNER OK BOWKBT" anj Btyard ?. reet.?<?u the Ettropt u iilan.?( pward4 of one hmi.Ured lun' and airy rooma, bj the dajr or vri ek. L ? igiiise -5 \ nn i ;ro. N'OBTOM HOIKE ?MIS FIRsT CLASS FAMILY 110 tel ip now oj eij f >r the reerp .on of boarder*. Th? house Is veer pieaaantl) toi-ated, a pl.-mJI i flaking in I Witl ing |*n ! adjoining, tw uty-ftiW mi to* nom tin' Ctlv, ? .4 the New Turk and Erie #ki!'oad to Patemn, s. J. 6. W. MATHEWS, I'uuipton, 8. J. BOAUUI.tU A.M? liODOl.Vfi. A CHOICE OK BOOMS CAW BE BAD IS FIKnf iia? i.oti&atl I i'wentletn '.uuiii ,111.ill? m ar Hr>*d?ay, Kit 1 li ?v?ihw, or Fouriu arcane. Tcriafl inoU** r?le. A PRIVATE FAMILY DESIRES To LET ONF, OR XA. iivo fnrulah^l or unfiitiiiab <1, f> genileiui n or ge11 lieu.n<1 nil' v 1 >, on r.'.fjnabi. m.< Dinner nt fi <. All 11 i-tn Imprort UM-DU App.y at Xti Wen limp-wmrt wnrl. AtiENTLEMAN AND WIFB OB OKI OR TWO BIS gie g uUnmt ti ? n be iin-oiuutodaied Willi pica .nt ttiHMA*. with of ?rt:liM' Bo it'll, *t t J Went FU tecuili street. In 1 we 1 n Filth aud Slvtu avenue*. A BEAUTIFUL PARLOR (FBONT) ANU BEDROOM i.?m, out ornl Hour, to le , w ill Board, 1.1 a ?? .i tletua'. analw tie or eingli gentli-'iieu, The liouae ii i*. a.l tho inr 11 unpruvement*, wito Room- on s eoiid tloir; hot ' ??ul'' *?' fl 'in y; jroiiu^ |?ujlii% i;o?i local Ion. .tJail at 2tl ffe?l Elghtceuih ?ir. e'.. 4 PLEASA.M* FURM8IIBD ROOM ON SEUONM A aiofjr, with to let, with Board, to a neuii- mac m il wire, or two ningie gnntteiuan. Tenn? moderate Ipplrat Ml I jrjr? e 1 rti't, . . 11 Bi m> and Gran" ,tr ? t PRIVATE FAXTLT HAVE TWO DESIBAFLE I'V J\. furn -lied Roomts repie ?? with paalili? ril l mod ru c nveuienc <. at . moderate ihfge, lounx innrrird plea *ottiit iiud It 10 their adviu.tag. o ill at t"i Wr? Tw. utjr-tliiiU Itioet. A I'BIVATE FAMILY, HAVING MORE ROOM THAN they deal,e, wtU r?nt, with or wltliout 1 ai: al hi rd, ?e-eral a.tei, nirtuahe. Boon.*, to alngie gein.tmeii, with gaa, l a:h. Ac. The iiom* 1 ery eeiitral y loe.i e 1, und ou *1 niert to caia and stag* ?>. < all at Si EMtTwi oty-uXth ?trust, ir dlni I a note to II. M. E., h X IU Heia.d oili^. A GENTLEMAN AND ltlh WIFE, AND ONE OR TWO . altigle geaaeruen, c.?u 1 btaln 1 leganuy t irulahi-d Ro. -.i.., ?itli B .ari, in till hq|i*e rO"" ? ti) fitted upaanlnit claaa l>. ardiiif.' !io ia?' at No. J") MTont Tweiity>tutril ?treel, oei nor of"% Dtuuer*'?is o'emvk. K? fcntice re quirad. \T M SEVENTH AVBME, THIRD HOl SEAHO\E Fourteenth atreet, gont! men nnd their wlrro and ,>.in

glogenUeaaa ran K a cemmodatej with Board and fur* niafced r>oin*; Ultinaratfi. R.-f.-reneeaeacliauged. AOKNTI.EMAN ANP WIFE OR A FA MILY r tjf OB. tain pleoaaatBoowi*. with full or partial Board, and on> at 12 Bi cker atroai, oax of Broadway. Reference*! etelan^?d. L'<?! on loOTi nient to ?*?? and <?T'. A LAB UK FRONT BOOM TO LET?WITH FILL Bwrii, * liUida lor u geutieuiaii and wife, in the tn it claip hwnae Niv? W. ?t Twenty fourtli gtreet, opi^t te the Filth At'eitue H >lel. AarRKTLY PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVINO A Si'ARB itaom, would iat It to a gimiuman and UU wile or t ro aiugie ,,entt. met'. Inquiri* at 111 Eaat Ei^uiei-nib Brset. Term? moderate, A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING NEAR LONDON terrare, are d-idr.i'H of rantiiut furiiiah'-d or uufnr nifhrd Room*, with or without breaklait, to one Or two gen tlemen. ifn'ian urat riana and eonvanient to lari and tiagca. Please i*ll at 410 Went Twenty third atrset. A PRIVATE FAMILY. OCCU PYING A FIRST CLANS bou ? on Murray IIIIL would like to reduce their < k penaet by mkln^ a few >ioar?ler*; pltnunt Rooma, a lili'rai labli nBl all tin' cm fort* ol a homa will be provided at moderate priee*. fatn aetory refeiencea eichanged Call at 7l Weil Tlitrty eighth etreei A I *DY, II WING TAKBN THE FIRUT CLAHS A. Hoiiae No. tw E?it Twenty-tliird atieet, la preiiared to re. ceivi gen (Ml B irdara, who can b? ao otBinodated with miita or altigle Room*, replete with all the modern liiiproremeota. Term? niod< r .ie K ferencee erchanged APLB4SANT FLOOR TO LET, FDBNIUHED?<ON (lacingof two BooflM and two Bedroom* uli and cioaet rooma, in llrat cUm hu'JUM 191 Wed T>- eutj -eventh ?treet. A FEW fOORO MEN OB A GENTLEMAN AND WiFK ran e w . iiim 'dated with full Bnard, in a .. 1 :y Uavt'.ij few,at very moderate termi, in<|iih liigruN" in E?? Tw inlleth atreet. Rooma pi <au'(au4 furni hod witii a.1 tho modern Improrementa. A Bit ELY rt'BNISHID ROOM, ON iEcoND n o iH, . v.tti H ard, ? iltal le for a ge-itleniati.. 1 ?, ? ,r two a 'lgie K' niietiien, tho houM ia tnode-t; a (a et nomo p all/ ii; lo ntl >n eligible. Apply at 10 Oiot? aire. I, lie. twet 11 Hie otter and Hudton atreeta. LADY, HAVING Jtsf~Hlb A NUMBER OF TEB? ni.e Room* vacated, I* d< atroui of letting thetn tn a fain, y for the ?eaaon. F r particuiaii adurcM Oija, Union a<|'iaii Pot'uffloe, with .a ?. AT WO SECOND AVB.s^R FIRST HOI'SB ABov| StuyTeaant park?Oeatlemen mi I their wive* or ulngle geiiiirinen, ean W MowimMiiI with Jilea^aut ll n? and IIOAHDINO WD liOUUING, AT NO. SO NINTH STREET. BETWEBN UNIVERSITY ana i I. II! ?vi uuo ? KooaiS Id 1>(, ea suite or ?ln jjlis with first class Board, dinner at 6 o'clock, references . gneu aud requirou; no mui tag i i May. Acno'OE or three very large handsomely fuinia.ed Rooms can be sd, la a beautiful iocatiou in Brookl>n, beyond the busiuess ,onion, a few blocks from llnou avenue. One largo frout Room and Bedroom ad Joining, $12 for two [ier week, Wreak!-Si at 7 A. M.; dinner al 0>, I*. M. iialf hour from the terries Fullou avenue, second door east of I' ranktin avenue. A FEW SMALL FAMILIES DESIROUS OF CUR lading their expenses during tue summer. can be ac commodated with everything nccessary for housekeeping, at the private family hotel, UK M.icaon?al street. A HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOK, ON THE SE ' cond Door; also two smaller Rooms, each of whleb is lultable for a gentleman and hi* wife, or two single gentle men; and one Room for a single gentleman, to rent, wltk Board, at S7 East Twrnty-third street. The location U unaur passcd for pleasant quietness. A PRIVATE FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE, WELL furnished front Room, on third floor, to gentleman, without Board, or wilb breakfast served la room if desired. Location ISJWesi Seventeenth street, between Fiithjand Sixth avenues. A PRIVATE FAMILY, HAYING RECENTLY TAKEN the House 107 Eighth rtrect, between Firth and Sixth avenues, can accommodate tamilies and single gentlemen; the house has been newly fitted tip, and contains all the Im provements. References exchanged. A NEATLY FURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM to rent to a single gentleman, in a small private family; gas aud bath; convenient to re?Uuraii;s and all parts of the elty; reference required. Apply at 330 Fourth avenue. A FEW GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED with good Board and nicely furnished Rooms at mode rate term", convenient lor business men, near all the first c a-e hotels, two minutes' walk from the St. Nicholas hotel, at M Greene ftrei t, three doora above Spring atreet. AOENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OR SINGLE OENTLE men, wishing ? third story front Room w illi Board in a lirstcla-s family, where they can bit.u the comforts of a home, will please address 115 Weft Fourteenth street. A PARTY HAVING SOME GOOD CARPETS AND furniture to dispose of, and take payment in Board, cau make an snangement with a lady living in a nrst clasa brown stone house, two blocks from Madison square. Ad dress L. A. P., Madison square Post olllce. A PRIVATE FAMILY, RESIDING AT 15 ELM PLACE, Brooklyn, will let the large front Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to a married couple. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Terms inodet at?. A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING IN SOUTH Brooklyn, Would let to one or iwi gentlemen a fur nished Room, with partinl Board or Br-aktast and Dinner. English and (ierinau Btjokeu. DinneratC P. M. References exchanged. A i,tress C. N., box 151 Herald ?Ot-c. 4 PLEASANT HOME MAY BE FOUND BY GENTLE -?jL m< u aud their wives; front Room and Bedroom, ou sci' nd Hour, and two Rooms and Bedrooms, on third Itoor; dinner at tlx o'clock. 16 p!a< c, corncr of Waverioy place. A |(iER.MAN FAMILY WOl'LD LET FROM THE 12TII A of May, a handsomely furnished Back I'arlor, with Ex tension Room, :in<! two adjoining Rooms t-n the second tloor, wiih B aid (.French atvlis), to single gentlemen or genilainen an I tlieir wives. Apply at 20 West Ninth street, bctw*jn Filth and Slxih avenues'. French aud English spoken. Re ferences exchanged. A FRENCH LADY?WIDOWED, RESIDING IN A most healthy portion of Brooklyn, desires to take a few children to Bo lm; terms reasonable. For reference, terms Ac., address Mine. L. M? box \'jr>4,Post office N. Y. AT 124 NINTH STREET? NE VR BROADWAY?TWO large handsome Parlors, with extension Chandeliers, Mi.Tur.-i. A'-., and live or six other desirable Rooms, furnished or unfurnished, to suit, for gentlemen only, w ithout Board. ;i rst class English has?-ment, Willi ail modern im prove aents. Fauily strictly private. ,4 CHOICE OF ROOMS, WITH BOARD. FURNISHED A or unfuriil he 1, in the modern house U<? Waverley pliiC ?, between Sixth avenue and Washington I'arade Ground. Dinner at t> 1'. M A LADY 1IAS A Nil'ELY FURNISHED ROOM TO JA. let to a gentleman aud !?<iy (bo rd lor the la ly), iu a quiet location. No other hoarder*. Apply at 112 West Twen ty ? i ,-nth .-'ree:, near Seveutii avenue. A PRIVATE FAMILY LEAVING THE CITY I??SIRE to lind a placo for a good cook. Apply at .M S;. Xji ?'s P' ''e. AT 117 NINTH STREET. A FEW DOORS WEST OF Broadway, elegantly furnished Rooms .'o let to familli s, w ill Board. or to s.iu' gi-utiemen .. ith or wllho'.i taiard. ?' a . '?-.*? c h.'. ."'ifB' U-?? t lUGHLY RESI'ECTABLB GBR MAN FAMILY, o.\. without children, occipying a Lrst eiass housr, will i t an legalit y furnished Parlor, with Chamber; private tai>le if desired. KiglisUant F.ench spoken. Apply at id East B'">: kcritreei, near Bi la.y. VFEW SINGLE GENTLEMEN N OBTAIN' BOARD Inaprivate iaiiilly, wuh the comforts of a ]?? r i . at No. 4 Louis place, Sccond street, near South lViilt:, Wll lunn.btirg. l/oiivcuient to Grau i and Roosevelt si i ter ries. Dinner at t \ u ciw k. A VERY MCE ROOM. SUITABLE FOB A I'llY A sici i .'eoai e, n;i l ? me other R >.'ins, to rent, with or Board, al l'mrtv-seion I street, between Sixiii and bc.vuth avenue-. A GENTLEMAN AND LADY CAN OBTAIN BOARD ? :th a widow lad> ; board for the 1*1) only. For p.irii cul.irs inqiil e at tid West Twenty ft ii street. \ PRIVATE FAMILY, LIVING AT NO. 3o TWELFTH JV street, near Broadway, Would let a line suit of Rvoma, also a few sill. In Rooms, to geutlc nen and their wives or to ?tattle gcnliemeu. A PRIVATE FAMILY WI^tl TO LET TWO WELL f!:ini-h I Rooms, with or w tiiOUt ooar.l, to two g-u tierii":: and wives or to single grntiemen. Lo<?iion ttS E.i-t Twnlftii street, one door lroiu 1-. una avenue, Kolcreuces klven ami required. AT 22 EAST FOURTEENTH STREET, NEAR UN1VER slty place aril Fifth avenue ? Oi.e s'.lt of di lrni le Rojins on second st >ry, also sing e I o uus lor gentlemen, 1'nTai ta.Ua, Ac. Nonu butpaitnsul reupcofibUlty need apply A FURNISHED FRONT ROOM To I.ET LOW-WITH .\_ t .eik a-t if required, In n itrtctly private lamiiy, loca tion Twet, y-thlrJ street, near N.nth a.enue. Apply in siore 1J."> .suith a cuue, betwc n Nineteeuth and Tweuneih A PARLOR AND TWO 11 ED ROOMS, OV THE SECOND story, lu a private hou*-. to iet, rirnislied, separately ir together, u lilt mil or Board. Tcims mo lerate. vpp y a'. W Wi -t 1 weugr-slxth street, between Broadway amt Sixth avenue. . 4 i'artm;:nts to lt;t-f. unished or unfur Xx. ni-h it, to a g -iitlf man and his wile, or to single geti tleni n. \v:tnoj ait,, ut Burl. Applv at IM Eist T< nth sice li -twe 11 Third all I Fourth an ri <e*. A few ROOMS TO LET?FURSISUED OR UNFUR JY, wi ll or wituout Breaklast aud Tea, at N i. 4 Four h slice'. Board? ilevs-ant rooms, with or without lurniture, to let with Board; jiood neiK.'S ri.oo t uud convpnit n. lt)0iti<-ii A I'l.v at dl West T?r>-uly-.<lstli strict. Board?in a first ct.ass hoUcE, near union . Ill S ...V r S..nt ,qis s; a I lull' e of lioo-' .', f i-T'.i *1'-I or mi; urn shed, lo let, wlij 4 superior table. Addreft L. P., box .t,J75 r, nt oilier. Board?at ir?i east tenth street, corner of F arth avenue, sil l one h . k fro n jtroidasv ; Kootus en I' lust m . iloor* :o let. wllh Board; ri.s Room on ttrst 1!oor, ?u a'U" for a physician, liion u at iu clock. Ji"fiTcii<?-ev.. .nge<L BOARD ?\ private family ? ol'LD LET TWO OB t I >? k "?!.:?< i ll m' oui! ; u .r, uufurmxh . the immm i* ?? urv .? <!?'?? o iriturj brown kttme, w the l u< ri . m taqait; atlutf WtwlTitiriy-.o' .li ... ? t, mar Broadway. BOARD ?1? iv kmt TW KNTY elohtii 8ti' ? kt, i loadetory; also, ihlril siory Room jui bturuom ad joining, far ci iu?ni*n ?nn their wlreaora party of ?i-i. .1 k'rtulfman.>' *t cioaa. lo:?tiou uuexoop uotuble. Boarr-a small private family ooci'pyuia tlifir own h'm^e, in a n:ry iicmi able location, will ? ? u a fi w r ? ni?, with or without li 'ur to a fe* yntlemeti, or feni!?u?-nawl their Wire*, M n t#ry jtiu<i" ? prlre, Cat at '6 Emt Twenty-iuema *tr?i?t, near Fourth avenue. Board.-pleasast rooms, in a new, firkt ?i.r i bro? n atone hoi,*a, antiame fot < or ?ln,le g *titl<mrii. but ol .i'lcrcm e glvea and reo'ilroil. vmn.ii i7 tut Twenty-eighth ?irn. t, Board.?two larue u<?oms, coxmi>h atino, will !>*vacat d tlie 8th at may. on lb* necond ?? . io !???, wlili hi >;ird; a No t v<> ?tngl'- room*. Apply*) ju en?t Thir teenth *tie? t. Board.?handsomely itrkished ROOMS in Amily plat-", for ? lady ani. nmhmn. boar i l>>r the l ijy only. ajtlr -m A. B., bi <a iway p<>?1 uluce, lorone week. BOARD-A FEW SINGLE CAN br aoMRiodated with pleauuit it 'om* and Hoard at no 71 We*t Twenty ninth atr.'et, n??r hl>1h i?vrnue. Dinner at all o'clock. kelrrrnco en hanged. BOARD.-handsomely PI' vib1ied ROOMS, FRONT ornar, on the ?? ?iij Uooi. to let lu a kt nth-man m J lady, with or without loam for 'he ladv only; aljo a'tntl! room to a Inly; term* moderate; dtuatlou |i|uiut. Apply at 1A) hulllarn *?reet, n- ar Amity. BOARD.-to LET, TO TWO gentlemen, WITH partial toard u required. a m.atly furnbh.d Parlor and two bedmotlul with tiv of Bath Room, all <>a necond floor, or will he let llngly. Term* moderate. Apply at 66 lesini; u>n aeenue, bet* -?n Twenty-flith and Twenty-?litb *ireet*. Board with cKFi RXisiitu rooms-in a small l<riv*tf> f?tni y may he had, with bath, tfa.?, Ac., by aji p!] at i.'l Wr?t .Sixteenth etrcrl. Terms troiu $.1 M tu $4 per week. BOAHD NEAR THE CENTRAL l'ARK-two UBN tlotnen obtain * |iWinnt Room end Bedivoin, wHh ? beautiful ?I*W in tli* park: owly a few hoarder* taken; priiti inoderaie. Nkaiutu i'.iod Li ne', oorncr ol Eighth av?. nue end Seventy tlrnt afreet. Board at us west TWENTY-TitrrtD strf,et.-a Pwor ltd Bcdrmn on Cut immi tour, front, to i?t. with every oo>retih'a<'*| attached, eotteble for u gintleman and wife, or two single gentleme n, felerenoee eicTianged^ Board caw at had for mak and wipe, also forcing:'- 3errle.1i" n, at 111 West Twcnty-tbird Itreet, with nil tnudffa Imprwetneitta. BOAKD WvNTED-BT a LADV (tevohbr OP maeto), where inmructloe and nee of ? pieae would be taken in lull ut partial uuyrnent; undoubted nieren ?? KiT?n. Addre?e Jfre, A., T nfon ? pare PMtesiM. BOAKU WANTED-KoR a OBNTLBtfAN. wlke AMD 'child, up town, wit "t H! *11? ere Me. Tei mo, f 'J tier week A hirer* <>r mil on Ja'ije* Simeon, to William mrtet, till* 'lay, betw en 12 AB'I 4 ft M. Board WAHTiiD-rda a ientleman and w e ib i iirtvete family, i r trveli eem I In to >mj l?? on b?tvi"ti rrntn M'ld I'biily i.lght.i e'ret ti end tin I I an Sit k %?entf?; w it t i tit riiitti'-nt; will pnr |0 weekly; tefe reoexti.iatt jp* I. Ail'lrp?? A. I}., hot 131 ll'-raid <>flf'e Board wan rkb ?voentllman wiuhkb m i:n'. uege a Furnished Boom, with <>t without BuertL ma ?triefly I?rl* a.t', r*uitly. tb a e part of the city, Al<ire?t, Stating t*'rnn, 0. D., Herald hoard Wanted.?a sikule denti.rman de j~j eiree%wel fnMtaheil Koo.n. with H'vBrd, nut above Tw?n>>tilth itr' ft Au lr.- ?t, it uu r?>lul'?U2 p*ril.iU?t?, i> ,f >?. ft* fi9 UtUiA WARDING AMD LODGING* mktwsk. iiiln children, wsnl Board loeetSfrfn * "rown P?r-on? and two |?n, ,i.. f.inj], where a^iVlH, . , 'electable and strictly fi-se for a year, Tem.,1 1:8 ,"u> f?. n 1; will en 1 rum tWrim 'i'i "i' . .* ""'WUI school a short dsiantn ^5lS$o, ios &?.% Tc?uo-* ?VS B??,b1/at? family OFFERS TO A or an additional t-n RiomBf?p7?irantAR0?im for p"r tjr-ninth street. ^ Roo,,1 for APP*J ?t ** We*| Twenl AND WIFE, OR TWO Board, with Koonii ^h#r ftim'i Sth accommodated with KuJST'B,OJkJ,u B^dhNom^ a COUPLB WANTING A Boardino.-a nicblt fuunished par,,,. l.rai flrwir, front, for a gentleman a*??irl ? nouse. Wo. 3 SC. Mark's place. lfe' brown (tone DOAilDIMO?FOR GENTLBMHN AND^IVPJ n? ' A* fie Rciitlenien, at 114 Waverler mare hi ? WW jg^hrss- r.-.^'lrS Sa^?-s.5s BBS?/a>Y^-8^Bwo? accommodations, with second >lorr ftout BMafe11? * handsomely furnished shksjst ^srwaek^sairtjss B^ggj^^yt^psgga uer .U* dln UENTLBMAN and wife oii aec'nd sto ' - ho ', J, f n,c.'.u ,ol>ul" 1{<urJ. front Room SSS^s's aton W y 1 77 Cllulotl atreet. one door from Living mammmrn. UOAKD IN brooklyn.?A LADY AND GEN'TI PMAV I "n'fr!^ X'p"y at2ll'!ljl,0L??ee'ry bc BOARD IN brooklyn.?A GENTLEMAN AND I1H "li? '_T lU u Keutlemen can obtain two jl n-aut ^t'r' . ^?"u 7,''L" o"a iluor, wuli Hoard, at 232 llicks rate. utar tlje W 1,11 s'' ??t and South feme*. Terms mode- | LET-A ROoM on thr i.,^t t ?, I ? 1 atone, contains mo lern Improve . |? Pleasantly located, within lliteen or twenty lw Oiw i?r?t ,S?UtU UUJ VUU ,,re" ferriM &9$m& T)0\RL? IN brooklyn.?ROOMS FOR OXE OR two Jtnr73Sute street; live minntcs from W..1I tnuVnue Aceomtiiodat ton & superior ami terms |>OARD IN brooklyn?two single GENTLEMEN lust c'.L'lftnilV.n'i /ad, ucan b<; ''ocominoduted wiiu to all ft? I,r,0. on woud uoor: convenient 1 ' "" lerrle*i location pkiuaut. 32 Willougfiby street. ( "OOAUO IN BROOKLYN.?AN t'NH KMSHKD room tniinV ",! H"ar<'. >" a fentleman ..,.d wile, < n reasona . I'l'^ale lanul>, where no oth. r I tak. u. Location very line. 10< Second pla -e. "DOARO IN brooklyn.?A SINGLE GENTLEMAN uT r 11 ?v;0"""0^1"1 Wllh H ""U.ll Ronin, on third Urlin L .h*ever place, between Uiclcsand jn nr> Icrm.s uiuderate. "ooai;D IN BROOKLYN.?MARRIED OR single tt.?m ?:afiriV-TT?"^iZ'ul,TTi'^he fcFrli .1.1.11 . a BH ?:g;.?'0:-ho<j'i. Atpp y a- !, V Bcord .-.treel. R"'n?h>.,i Ls SRt>OKL\TJ.?VN elegantly FL'R Xj ii . . *d 'K" Loom 'in.I Hull lied room adi'dinni; over ...Km; the , it, and hay o, New York, n?? 7t?Jho% Dri l"tri? liit'' T.'ivnr"?1 r ien w'*lk from the mi i , ' i f lV0 to(jeih?r, w it ii board; terms n ode rau*. Atn?lynt I jI Lnion a.n et. B() ^^lioo^wKVTf--A^E^TLEMA-V AND WIFE e n I ' l .Vr1, !! ' 5 f 0 ??*?'ts<-Wf?a enu l*. acr omnioilat ' niji tool Hn;.rd and ptea^iat Rooms b> aputyini; at 258 W, street, u..,i DeKalli avenue. Kefwen^is ex'bsn ed lio'j-'c! u*uoe,'aus* c#r? P?** within ;i lialr block oi the Board in Brooklyn.?a genti-eman and his w fe or two or tllr, sirn(le t;entleuien can ohtaln turn it Rooms, witl. lion i, . , , small Unuly at i j Nu a itrei't, coriveiilent to Fulton ferry. 1 Board in south Brooklyn.?i'atvties a^ol't n:aknu a change In thelt r^.-ldi-nee ,v;.: ind p'eavuit ,"a:l ,u """ H>? ?' , rn ? !i . ")!,l*''n em to cars and ferries, tosMssion ; - ? ?" y. Appl) at 1 u mt i itr et OUAUD on BROOKLYN HKIGRTS.?A PLEASAKt Fuhou or w"n Brooklyn iiEiiiiris.-To rent, with board furnished or ttnf'irnl?hed, ? large R-iom and hail Hed' r?'m , n ,",?d licwr; als.1 Rooms on th.rd .o"?; i^a N^w f'l. .'. . J y" ?nd iiliy; t utJi, Jc.! Cove. nlent to f' riles; tenm moderate. 51 Willow street. BOARDERS' DIRECTORY, rSl BROADWAY ?Vl'LL Jl" T! ,r": l,rall'itoiis, to partte. wtshli ? H .ird in lists snii s ulsnluii genteel boarders should hmilv Mn?r,i wanted tor many applicants. a S. BODiNK A CO ir V1 nrK:,"rv otbbetfMADyoirsoPAMi! jfj. . ! l'L v;,k,w '?u"'ir 'lesire to i< t an elojaui [ m. ? ,.-.j till1 p", Biuroom , with or wimout:i .|. sl Vwth^r* r^a^'1- A,ply to Mr. LL8U. m B^ri.n1 It BOARD,'ll insi ki i'TIOS asd SO. clal life, in prole** f K. fkz .voik d family. no. 10 union square (Fourth *"fllb' l' :-t rufen-u xa required and (hi*. inurnished BOOMS?on TtlE SB< ON'D FLOOR, MAY 1 be i ;id, ? iiii i; jt'i. "iiii umi ill iirir.ii# fa inly, iwu p log a or* i-laaaliouaa in mtin ... hill. A, ply at ti West thirty-eighth eirert, between Fitt'i 'id SI ih arcane*. eiihnishkd ROOMS?ik A I'BIVATE FAMILY. TO J1 b't in id-ije i;?ntlemru. convenient to restaurant, car* and >1*4 ?. '1' una nuwabte. Apt iy at 214 \S eat t" ? my torn tii ?ir?<l tthrni.SHED BOOMS.?gentlemt.f CAN OBTA. .< r htv ? '.oi< ? It onm, without unir tin the iii'idern bi? 5!t hullA Domini?tr ''u, ?itli ii'i' of gaaaul bath, it fair In km liF.D ROOMS fob GENTLEMEN AT no 117 teitth ? ?h, between bcadwajr an 1 vbinmii uiaoe. Iilurnlshki it' to Ms TO LET?to obntlbmbn, 1 wtuio j: Bear .. at no. 4 Bond atreet, near Hrondway. t^lrmshkd boom4 ro LET?to TWO OB THREE r grn:ietn '..ot a ?' hl|htnuu and <!k<. witboat board; home ha* a 1 the mproveineti s and lainlly private. i'le.,-..) r.ill at it K ng niroet, leiween Varlc* .tud xlacdougal atreet*. Befereu'e n an.i required. l ienishbd KOOMS TO LET-ONE OB wo HAND. J1 a-.meljr larnlshed Ro >,n*. wli'io'u board, to a *ingle n> .iteman, In a prime four ?tory hrown aten* hou*e; na tion ti'jr kiitb A' u ic Hotel. Appi/at 37 wcat Twenty* i iurth *i reel. Ipt'l'm-i'ed ROOMS TO LET.- v I'bivate F.\M1LY ' wfl. ?w B'.'iitie, li#wjy and uatnunmely furnl*hed. ?% itho< t ?ril, in tin' modern built houae No. ss.i Fourth atr?et. lu'LNIS.IKD KOOMS to LET.?two FRONT BOOMS x on third tl or, ww " r.iiv i vtftt? af^iif 7^-.?ut li<r let, eeparme or to.?t'.ier. without Board, to ^eutlernvb ottty term* low. apply at 30 Pond atreit, ipubeishbd BOOMS To LIT?WITH or witiioit 1 it ;ti i, a li oiit itti'l back ti'0't oi the aco. ml il< oi an t a frmt Boom on t'>e third Onod rifeiencea dm and re snlrod. lu'iulre at No. B bast Twenty-*.! ond air -ct, near roadway. Furnished rooms to let.?fablors and bed room* from $1 50 io $S per wee*. Drrtrablc toatiin, bcrantoenth at net. onejaoefc eaat of uul n s iuaie, prhat* fiiiml). Addreae X. Y. X., atati 41 D, A*tur plaoe. FURNISHED BOOMS to LET. WITH or WITHOUT i arttal liunrl, in a atnetly i ri\?t?? txmtly. and in a most dratraole location, 79 Fourth a> euue, only um equate from Broadway. Reference* raqwel. fnurntsued HOUSE.?a LADT RAVING TERT 1 batulaomp finaluu-c (parlor roaewood), rompbtta, for a ihrw atory bouae, would arrange with ?t1?if,ictortr j. w ti"? for thf nee f It and n i-elve bonrd for hcraelf and daughter. apijv at 1'j0 Second art nuo. clentlkmen cranoing THEIR PLACE OK X Boarding on the lit of m*y will d > well to oall, before woktegela*'where, at the Urge modem houae No. rtv Whlt? att-pet, one iloor raat of br< adway. Tcrma r asunable. Re feratioea remtlred. G~ kntlemf.N AND t1ikir WIVES, AND A fijw SIN. gie gentlemen, can b? well a&ommodaled w,tn good boiti), In a p>**ant lo( aiion ami near two Mage route*, til*> ? few day eoardew. Apply at 10 All<-n *tn'et. OTEL lodthnos?ci,E \N and comfortable. sliiule ro troin $1 25 to $16# per ??ak,orUeenw Br ttiiinl, at tb llotei, iw i'rfn p atrvet, corner of ompeob etr ' diatoat all hour*. Op?n all night. Jersey city hoard.-house first class, with all Modern i 'provemeni*. ?tlf furnlried front Hooin.ifnt $11 a aa ii, with ? ?pleudld *l?iw ct 'lie bi.y, for a i' titlemati end wife, at 159 urand atreot. Dinner ai 0. mettmhiicki i' d. i AitHE AND at?*y ROOMS. furnisi1f.D OR ufl j furnlahad, with or without bourd, may bad on .nt i alt. t- the ltd of m.o', a? No. i!> Bond ~t i????. uoouta, in *nlta, lorfamllte*. k >r particular!apply .? tbe ofll :<? of lb" B.tu. ci oft 11" i*, until May 1. n-O 10 BOND stbbet.-A FINE si'it OF KOOM3 ol mnijie Rooma, to let. With o* without Kurd. Three rc> .in* nrn v.-ry dt-alrali'e, ibr lota'ion i^nlial, and w .u be la* loikihifl for the aeaaon ijrivati: m'AHD in BR'>okhn.? A okntlemaH an . ii a ift.or twft oingli'ieiitl"' ncanua omi:to dated w'tn la-tfe iod ?ingle kxim tttid (? ?> d Hotrrt, ,.i moderate prlcaat pie r ant m ailon. Apply at3^l si*tost. orivatk BOARD in mooeltn im HENRY x urteti loiailon un?urp'a'<*eif and annmumn' to the South k-ii i' *. neatly I'm uisli^d I'arlot and h- iroom ad|oln? lug Alao *comnt?lat1ob% f,,r aingie gentleuieit. teima moiterate. Apply a* abo?*. KOOMS slnwle D iN schk, WITH ra^ftal m tuu ^ lBl*?ihk?. ^ BOARD!WO AMP LOOOIHO. TO FIRST OLASs families -!. OENTEELFA.HLY wi?hiog to live in Jlrtt class style, may arrange tortf>srd and private table with a gentleman harms oua of th. moM (eaiiftblft p'acoa on the Hudson. It ia dsli^btfiillr l tested pe: racily h altliful and near the olty. Plenty of irult ex'ea aire lawns, large shade neoa, good Coating, l athing, 4c. K< ceUeal stable and carriage house. Ti e duelling ia*n aa? commodious; haa gas, bath, hot and cold water, \ A lib* rai | roe only aeoe, tod. Address Hudson, box N?. JM Xlute* OJloe. fpwO FLEAS.vNT booms, furmisfied or unfub JL uishe I, on third lloor of house Mo. 63 >lxth avenu i. No boaiders and small family in house, Apply to Dr. bUkeasy on ilis premises. To let-unfurnished, with BOAHD, in a FBI Tate family, two front K oina; th* hotiaa u modeui neighborhood unexceptiniajle. Host of references glvt? aoa fqulred. Apply at 127 ii*at Thlriy-secoud street. r LET, with fcoard.-LAROE, pleasant ROOM to l?i. with or with >ut Board, auluble for a gentiemaa Ana wif* or two ?iukIo ge&tlcmdo. Term* reanou.ible. ftefo rencos exchanged. Call at 1i Macdougal atreet, St. Clement's place, near Bleoker street. WANTED?A GENTLEMAN AMD HIB WIFE DESIRl to let their Utise to a amall famUy, and board out th. rent. The house la three atorlea and bai^iaaut, supplied witk water aud gas, anil situated In a very respectable uekhbor hood. Apily at tho premises, ASS Fourth street. TIT ANTED?OENTEEL BOARD FOB A BIMOL8 OBW TT tleuian, between Tvrenty-aeoond and Tweaty-alat* atr- otn, and Seventh and Ninth avenues; price not to aioaed (4 per week. Reference* giv<a and required. Addteoahoi 2.1HM New York 1'oal office. WANTED-BY A OENTXLMAN, WIFE AND CHILD. iu a house with mo le*. Improvement*, % oomfortabU Room, with good Board: terms not to exceed ag s week: to cation l'rom Eighteenth to Twenty-eighth,l*d Fourth M Eighth avenues. Beat references given aud required. Ad dre-* A- M., Madison square Post ortloe. WANTED-BOARD, FOR FOUB C.BOWN PERSONS, ? in a farm house, near some village, within one In n nr?4 mi'."i of Now York city; a mountainous district pro fcrrtd. Address J. B., station D, Bible Houao, Ns^ Yorit. 3 WEST TWMNTY-FOUKTll STREBT.?AN E1C1AN1 suit or Rooms, handsomely furnished, for sngMgeutle. men or u getAteman and lady; location desirable, qpitoslU Fifth Avenue HquI. Dinner at aix. ?0 TO $4.?BOxBDINQ AT 3fi0 ORAND STREITf. ?J50 A gentleman >M wire and three or lour yotms gall can bare good Board ant coraiortable Rooms, with gaaaM bathroom. Rooms suitable for a doctor or dentlai. ?K TO $7.?FURNISHED RooMS TO LET, VERY LOT ?IpU ? ith water, gas, Ac., to K'l-'lcmpn, or gentleman ol wife, only. IV.vate house ami koo<1 location. Apply at H 2d East Twenty ?eighth street, near Mnu>?011 avenue. c\n ORE EKE STREET.?FURNISH1 to gi-ntleinen oulv: Room . at #3 to /.-> c. m< Also similar Rooms and Rboiiis lor llou*ekeepiu, MDi,roe street, c >rner of Oatharine street. OK AND 37 WEST THIRTIETH STREET, UETWE* Oi) Broadway and Filth avenue.?Two or three sal.'ett. milii-s and three or four gentle^ < j can now be ace ,mrv d ited with stilts and single Roo- ? in oneof the most delig)? ful locations 'D 'he city, la . urot class. Re lore noes !? cban ft 1. QQ OHEAT JONES STREET.?GENTLEMEN f OO their wires or single gentlemen can be accdAnmod with pleasant Rooms and Board. Dluuer at 6 o'clock, fercnces exchanged. on WEST sixteenth STREET, BETWEEN FII Ow and Sixth avenues?llsn iaomely lurnlslied IW to lit, w,th Hoard, suita ile lor ?enL]euien and theirwM or single g utl'men. House ili f t class. Dinner at 6. tv icnco ?? requ'red. , i)Q EAST FIFTEENTH STREET, TWO DOORS H?M OO L*nion square.?A hanilsom.-ly furnished front fjoj and iiacU Parlor as bedroom, with or wltliont Board, or't* private table it'df>sireil; a'so Rooms for singlo gentMen with Breakfast. En^lUli, French, Spanish and Hali.^P" ken. lteferen o < excuangod. A I' \VESI"n\ENTY FOrrtTH .STREET, NEAR f'T: t:U Avenue Hotel, the entire second floor, counefd ot separate, and suitable for gentlemen and their wivnJ M with Board, in a Lirsi class house. No moving iU?fi terms moderate. j A Q WEST FIFTEENTH STREET, BETWEEN JTTII TO and Sixth av.-mr s.?p'rnlsl oil Room to l"t w.tloaN 11' re (Hired. !ue house u new and|<ii it class. kulfuoci eiclianned. - , EAST SEVENTEEN STREET, THREE >OE , l>-<.in Fourth a A few handsome i* : ul. be K hi,us to l. i, with Boanr; perm* moderate. Jw-rckar il changed. Dinner at ?i o'clock. Lo attou unsurpaa t[ (1 | WP?T POUHTKEM'II STItliET.? ROOMS ' >"r w tli B>ard, to bin>,le gentlemen or1ami > iith clnl Jivu. Koierciic.a exchanged. 79 TENTH ON 12 DO if: FROM Fir. I , I uuo.?ilfiidsoin- ly furnished vilts <A Bonn it with Board, toiirst clns* parties desiring caol andakfa Hu nts, with j.rivntr ta'dc If desired; several singiitU for gentlemen. Dinner at s>x o'clock. 50 7Q SPRING STRFET, THREE DOORS FRn.M 3R , I i7 way.?To lit, handsomely furnished Rwins, t -4 gle gentlemen. Tno lo atlou is near ail the first class J tind pla< s ?>f umusvbii uts. room free. Inyo r5. ANSON IIOl'sE 1 (11 CLINTON' PLACE.-A NUMBER OF BEAUT t/1 Koom* to lot. furnished Or unfurnished, to sing '?? tlenicn or families, oliihireii no objection. Hfueallrst Dinner at sib o'clock. Tirms moderate. Apjlynimf on M .y 1. QO GREENE STREET, ABOVE SPRING 1LS ^ I/O House ? Elegantly ; irnisheu suits of Bornietmp. <? t% tou ut.d every < onvan enc for housekeeping economic- L |ii*rUc?i1tl^y suitable for small respeetaMf l'arr'll *. rent- * in71 GREENE isTKLET?ELE<i VNT J.V7 I 2 Room* to let, with gool Board, M? ladles *id elU1-* men; board for ladles only; terms moderate; go.f i.e .r Broadway, lictween Spring and Priute atre L. "1 f) C E AST TWELFTH STREET ? FUBNIMlfftOftNt !_?) in si.:ti or single, tvith Board, lor Memen ?? g. n lcineii and their wives, can be obtained by plying af above. References exchanged. 1 'Ml THOMPSON STREET, BETWEEN fjfrCS A*1! IOU Houston ?treeu.?tliod H -ard and tare w?U vea tiiati-d for a law rest rouble young mau. taruis rea sonable. ' 1\)7 NINTH STP.EET, NEAR BROADVSA ft6 LET lui without H iard. a suit of Rooms. eleeat:f'?nilshe4 sutmhle tora ijentl and wife, or aingM iflemi-n; as w,U be let for any genteel buainrsa; also sin^lejut lljoit 1C(; l'KlNCE STREET?ST. CLAIR H, l'JW jantly furnUhed Rooms, with rfedrj w. h all 'tin eenveiilonets for h >tis?keej .t>l ciutlin!? gin atul t'roton water, to let to reepl or single g' niiemeii. I 7fi AND ,7!t BLEEOKEB 8TRKBT-A/EW IIOUKB II U uilli all ihfl n>u<1>.rii Impruvouuls p- an* R unite, with excellent, IromaSVH #.") per week' br>.-akia->l from G !o 9; dinner at 1J% an. I 6. ? HA KI.M STREET. NEAH SPRI.NU ?i '/ Alaittiien'a at lots lean, with ev Tor housekeeping; be-t furniture, bedding illg Utensil , ? '? 'H i ClOIOU. west twenty-third street iUu i a .'I m ,!<?, ,iUo two nr thrie :i ain be ttc ommodaie.i wllb KutuiahcU Uocp an 1 U<j?r4 Belerencca cxchuu~ d. 403 fourth srRICET.-TO LET, Wl II BOARD, A Suit of R.ionia, fiiraUbed ' tin utn.?b. d? on f.eeond Poor, coui|irl?inrf front And bap! ?r.oin, Kiiee? ?I'.n an.I Redrooni,| tillable for u family: oi 111 be letsepfc. rat-ly Alio funiLhed K ?omik, for grnt'. .on and thru wives and ainglog' ut tmen, Tc.tni rcsaoii.! e. Referent* etcban gt d. JTRKISlfBB ? linen, e?ok A GENTLB fi ntlemea COUJTTKY BOARI * MARRIED ENGLISH WOMAN. LIV?'? A SIloRT V u In the country, woulJ boat.fanl care Mr * chi ?!, At h? r own bum*. Reaiipcinblr part* may cell on M ?U'lrt'M Mr*. 8era.ler, M> t.. ?i 14tli at., loii W. Board on states isi.and -two'sixoi.e uFJ? ttamen an be acc mini/.lut .1 with i>< i d, in a pr:r?M family, within ten minutes' walk of yn *"tlne Lan iiu*. room lir.e an<! facing the l>ay, Ac.; refr Ucis eieliaiaei Address W. M., Ik raid oitice. Board wanted for the summ k?in poiwH keepalo or it* neighborhooo, hy a la. , three children and nnrae; a farm bouse preferred; twe good Room* *? joining or connecting with eac!i other r |ulred. Adme**, with lull particular*, J. P. R., 84 South an ut, N"W York, ui apply to 8. II. log. raoll, Esq., at tho ( ;y Bank, P>u#fe kuenate 7 . *1.0' NTPT B&ARD.-A OENTI.EM|>f AND \J living alone, In Portehoater, woulollke to take '%? ndly to Hoird .t iling the ?Utnmer, la a 111# brnltby I >ca(i,. *. No othei 'mrdcra taken; or would let thiUou** tiiiuiakeA to a anod tenant. For terra* inquire froUltf to 3 o'clock al 20 Fourth avenue to Jo*. H Beer*. ' ^ (lOl'NTBY BOARD.-ONB OB TWO F.MILIE* CO'IIsB J b* a - .mini.i.tat'd with g.ioil B'urd all pleuaaut K ?* in a ?er> heauhy lo. utlon near the salt inrr. Term* n rate. JVi parth nhii* apply for two dayiltt 14ft W at T e? tr-fourth street. . CIOUNTRY BOARD.?PARTIBf DBsrtOt'H OF BOARIB J era, by aemling full parilculara to l?, can be *tipi.lir4 T'rmatn iboae Boaidcra %2, ?i] li antn f ir Boara cratia. Kcalillahed lurtu. k IRELAND. UINCKLBV_* CO ,?S N.ianau a>re?<. COI NTRT BOARD OAK RB OBTAINED NB tit MTTL* Neck, aeventcen mile* froia New Toif on a farm, ><lti plenty of fruit, ((cod table, gixxl beda, ani r?r. gi,o I aoenM> niodatlona. Apply at 448 Ailantte atre.-t Btook.yn. CtOUNTRT BOARD WANTED-BY TWO FAMtl.lBM J cur ls tngof three each; a farmliona* w mid he prei ? r?*i. sliiiatina on the Sound; a.. eae by b.>at ? l.h n .me hn . or the c.U Adilreaa fnr one Hrek, with full partieota ro?.m ,1 Amor Place Hotel. COVNTRY BOARD WANTED?BY A PABTY OF in aitulia. Locality muat be healthy, and dintanl from city not nror thirty lullea. Fo (nod a. eor ,m.. lutl na a fa ? price will be given. At p!y at No. 1 Great Jon a alteet. ' PBBT S BitiRT HAMtl.TON BOARD MAT BE HAD Foil A lamtlj of three or four ponton* in n t auilrfomelji fur nialieu h. ua*. pleaaantl/ eltuated, korderlna m the bar, In the vlflmU ?l ihe rallr"B.l, near For. H tutlton There aie no nther l?Mr<lera. Nuiin l>'it tirit uaaa boat In - are l apply. A-ldr.-?? Hey wood, Herald nlBce, V tJltril MIOllB XT ATE N 1 SI. v\D, POR1 -trt? 1.1 uiond.?Board can be oblmn' 1 within a ir .!? heiiliby l?*.itloii, wnere Out fow bnanle a will b >?"n; within live minute*'walk 'if the lau'ilti*. T.w?* families, or tbri'O young men. will b- r"C ived Ii :ir? ol, or adilreaa 11.. care of Bogle Dyer, S3 Barclay sir ? , 81 MMKR HKBOliTB. H I' llOOl BV M MOCNTAIN springs, n .1 llaTtng taken tins el x-nl and popuUr ewab.lsh iicnt l ?1 all oi^'i It on the l*t of .Intie *? n. r,? ly reflUmt en-: newly furnished, with lWen.??ockevj. tc At mgekmrien'? n the lu.iel httsitiea*at the A-tor llTuse, N. Y , and othei ft. Inaa hoU ls. enablea me taglve ajrturanee that tl will be 4 In tue very best msnwr. Ti Alna for the Mouit', n, ?la . and I'.aa ? lt.ilrou4, leave foot of 0<n h.nrtt slieetiu \ M ?nd I1# P M. R .oms may no* h' enlaced on faem-a leima. More fa>tlenl*r inf-rmatlon may b? IHad by ?1^r^ ' lug the anbevtiber, 'it l>y oall]ng.On Sit HI1BTSON . Of ?#? Aator Houm, N?w York. E. B COLEMAN, Pi opriator. rPHB U TOURKTTE HOUSE, HRRoEl. Tt'TNT, V I I (fltlopen for (be reception of |ueats..n the Jnu# A reduction from regular ratee mt.1* w..n l^atr? ?*< li.v <or the araaon The Wergen P? at bosll 1? I Hortii riv^r ut 7 20 and 11 A M.;3I0,4 M * Time fttm S. v York Jft w ^ "*b? I ?B

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