Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 1, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 1, 1862 Page 3
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SITUATIONS WASTED-FEMALES. A LADY GOING TO THE COUNTRY WISHES TO ohtain a situation for her cook. Apply between 1U and M at 4th it. ? ARERPECTABLE YOUNO WOVfAN WISHES A Si tuation in u private fuml'y ?s chamOertnaid and Seam* ?lieu; no objection to travel with a family, brut of city ra" lerenee from her last plai t*, where she ha# lived for the last Iwo years. Pleaso caU at 47t> Bill av., corner ol 41?t it., for wo da> a. ___ A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT wo man, as tiis'cla.-a eha'nbermaid; U Hilly competent to t'tki*<?o;' children; ha< live.I six yearsin her last rami ly, anil ran furnish t!m very b< st ot city reference. Can be ?een for two ila>? at U 13ili St., between Stli and tith avs. RESPECTABLE YOUNd WOMAN DESIRES A SIT ^uatlon as uur*e and plain sewer; can embroider nicely: no objection to ti.e country. Can be seen for two uaya at iii ?lh av. AglTl'ATTO* WANTED?BV A RESPECTABLE yoitiig womau, as chambermaid or waitre??; hun the uftrt afcitv r< -faience. Can bj sweji at her laat employer'!, 294 West 34th st , between 9th and lOih av*. A A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUN'i WOMAN. AS seamstress; can cut ami tit children's dresse-, and <o.all ktodaof family sewing; would do cliamberwork or :i-*l?t n theatre of children; has no objection to-tho ooun.ry ; has the kit of city reference. Call for two days at 145 En?-t2tih si. A RESPECTABLE AND EXPERIENCED WOMAN wishes a situation an cook In a private family, or to lake > haixe ot a houae tor (tio summer in tiie absence ol a family. Jl< st of city reference from hei la?t place. Call at M Weal 41st St., between Broadway and 7th av. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHER TO DO GENERAL housework in a private family. Good city reference. 3*ll at 131 Smith ?t? Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A, young girl, to (^housework. Can be seen lor one day ^Washington av., corner of Pacific s(., Brooklyn, over the pacerj store. Beat of city reference from her liut place. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN A. wants a situation in a prii ate family, as chambermaid tad plain uuedlu worker, or would wait ou an old lady. Can pre satisfactory ctty and country references. No objection ? ga to the cunutry. Address 8. A , Ilcrald oflke. A If ENGLISH LADY IS DESTROUS OP OBTAINING A. a situation as stewardess on one of ti.e Euro|>i nn rteamers; is fi Uy experienced and competent to undertake he same; heat reference. Address for two weeks at 487 91b ??., between %th and 4Qth sts. * RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GERMAN GIRL A. wishes a situation in an family, aa waitress, or to do any kind ol sewing and wait on children Has good reference. Can be seen at SIS East 12th St., first Door, left hand side. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid and waitrfM, or to do the housework of a ?nail family. Can be seen till suited at present situation, l> London terraee. West 83d st. AM AMERICAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS nnrse and plain seamstress; ia willing to aasist with lhamberwork; no objection to go ia the country. Please call 'er two days at 57 East 26tti st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa good cook, washer and ironer;can mike good bread and biscuit; la willing to go to the couutry with a family for the summer; good city reference will be ?Iven. Can be seen for two day! at 90 West 19th st., Id tne Frost basement. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO A man, as nurse and seamstress; has no objection to go n the country; can give eight years' reference May be seen lor two days,at No. 2 Love lane, corner of College place, Brooklyn. A COMPETENT YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO EN A gage with a family, aa seamstress; understand! dress making, cutting and lilting children's clothes, shirt making and tine sewing; has no objection to do light chamberwork if required;" has city reference. Call at 2el tiih av., between I7tn and 18th sts , in the lioop stcre, for two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE joiinj; girl, as chambermaid, or chambermaid and wni (rem. ?>r to do chainberwork and assist in washing; best of rtty reference cau be given, city or country. Apply at 73 West 20th St., for two days. L RESPECTABLE SCOTCH PROTESTANT WOMAN, . wishes a sjiwfuion as housekeeper; good reference given .1 far twa days at88KI*g st. A LADY GIVING UP HOUSEKEEPING WOULD A. like to get situations for two excellent girls; one as ?aad cook, and the other as waitress. Can be seen for two at their present employer's, 40 West 21st St., from 10 to A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waitiesa, or as ?bauiberniaid ar.d laundress; no objection 10 go in the touu fry, has the best city reference from her lust place, ( all tar two days at 31 West 12th St., front basement. A SITUATION wasido?dv jl Bvt|j)?eTABLE young woman, aa cook and to assist wi ?ad ironing. Beat city reierence. Call at 212 M-dison ft ?ear building. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE A young woman, as chambermaid and waitress; is tho roughly competent. The very best ol city reference from Inrt class fauiUiea. Can be Men fw two ilacs at 1,271 Broad ray, near 33d st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa laundress; would be willing to assist ? the chamberwork. Beat of city reference can be giv.en kyply at 184 Wait 4ist A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS A first class cook; thoroughly understands her business: Vould aaaist to wash and iron In a private family. City re Igenae. Call at 48 Spring it. Can be aeaa fr?ro 10 till 2. 4 SITUATION WANTED?BY AN AMERICAN GIRL, to do general housework in a small family; understands vaahlng and ironing and plain cooking, or would be w.llinp p lake eare or an invalid lady. Call Tor three days at M ?tannine It., third Door, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A STEADY PERSON, AS A lady s maid and seamstrras in a private family, can cut tad At ladles' and children'a dresses and do plain sewing: so abjection to the country. Call for two days at 270 6th av , Wtwaea 17th and Mth ita. A YOUNO COLORED WOMAN W1R11E8 A SITUA-* A tion either as nurse or chambermaid. Por reference > ply to or addreaa Mrs. Winslow, MS Broadway, for three i^ya A A PROTESTANT WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION A? cock: la a good washer and ironer and excellent baker. iUo aa chambermaid and waiter or to do plain sewing; n< abjection to go to the country for the Dimmer months. Good at; references. Call for lira daya at 1S6 8d ??., between 16th tad 17th ? in., in the fancy atore. RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS cook (an eicellent*ak?r>, washer and ironer, or to aa 4at is the waiiblng and Ironing. The very beat of city refe ?M(. Call for two days at 24 State st., South Brooklyn ?o abjection to go to New York. ARBSPRCTABLE PROTESTANT QIRL WANTS A situation a* chambermaid and toassist with nsahln? m to do the housework Of a sm*U family. Inquire at 44% lliantic st., Brooklyn, nm Soar, up stairs, fur two daya. ACOOR 8 SITUATION WANTBD-BY A COMPETENT woman, who perfectly understand* her business in all la branches; no objection to the country for the summer; MB give coo l ? ltr references If rcontrrd. Call at 166 9th St., Mtwaen 3d and 4th ???.. for two fays, If not engaged. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT PER sou, aa chambermaid and to do the One waahing and VOBiagina priest" family; would like ;o go with a ramilv la the country for the summer; can give sli rears' referencea frerri her last employer. Call at 248East Uth st., between lai sod 3d ava , second Uocr ft out room, for tnodays, if not en A SITUATION WANTED-RY A RESPECTABLE KnJ' * i-i I as nurse snd seamstress or to do cha>u Mrwork or sewing; no objection to the counti y for the sum ber mouths, B- at of city reference. Call at 142 Esat 1'ltt st. between 2d auil Bl ava., s I lloor. front room. SITUATION WANTED?T?Y A RESPECTABLE young woiuati. to do the honvwork of a snut'l private ily; good <it]r reference. Can ba seen for two days at 111 laoB st, room No. ft, in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOUNG WOMAN, AS laundress, to go in the country, cook, wash and iron. (Mod country reference. Can M seen for two days at ltW West 23d St., near gth ar. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS waitress in a private faintly; has no objection to go In the country; would assist In chainberwork if required. Per fectly understand* her bus Bess. Can sire three years're Call at 78 West '*Kh at , near 6th av., tor iwo days. L Wad RE8PBCTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITU _ at too. la a prlvata familv, as cook, waaher and iroaer, ado ehamberwork. Uoo-I reference givsu. Call at 431 bia street, bear Druraw, Hroaklvn. *r to d< Cohiml A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN. TO rook and wash; la a good bread and pto baker. Good stty reference. Can ka seen for two days, at 61 West J8< h St., Mwwb IU and 7th avei. YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE or chambermaid and waitree?; Is a Protestant: has no to ihe country. Call at UU Hicks at., Brooklyn. A YOU &K1 Am fBOTESTANT QIRL WISHES A SITUATION AH chambermaid and to aaslst with the waahing; Is a good walareas; or would do plain sowing, or stiead children; hss pa abjections to go In the country for tha summer; has the fcaei of city reference from ber laat place. Call for two days at Ml West 18th st A^m MUTATION WASTED ? BT A RESPECTABLE young girl, 10 do the aooktng. waabing and Ironing. or agaaral houaawork, in > amall private fa milt; ha* good cllv ref?rence. Cull for two daya ?? 79 Waal ft b at, baiwecit ?Ik M4 7* avaa,. Ibird Boor, froal room. A mm SITUATION WANTED-BT A YOINU WOMAN, TO do bouaewmk, chambcrwork and take cart of < luMi?n: M l city rafarcnee. Call for two dura at 87 Carroll at., ba (?ni llvrila art. and Wtlloughby at., Brooklyn, Id the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOINO OIRL WISHE9 A SITl'A tlon aa chamlwrniald and wattraaa. or aa noraa and ?ranalraaa; ta willing to make bai-aelf obliging, and la well calculated lo give aamfactlou to h?r employer*: baa good ally r*f?rf?rt. Can be aaen at 198 *th at., Cliblou piaca, room U A MUTATION WANTED-BY A VOUKU WOMAK, TO JEL doaenaral haueework in a tmall familv g?od clt? refe ranee. Can be aeen fur two dayt at ttl W>?t Mth at , be tween t?b and 10th are. A RESPECTABLE TOCNO WOMAN WAN1H A HITU. atlon aaaook in a amall family; no objertlou to aaaul with the waahlng and Imalng: no objection to the oonntry can fire good rlty reference If requited, fall at 414 3d av., tap floor, front room, for two dava. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A rOUN<? WOMAN, A. aa nnrae; good refeiance. Can b? aeen for two ilav? ?t gg Wooaterat., from 8 A.M, to3 P.M. A RESPECTABLE YOUMO WOMAN DESIRES A attoatlon tod., general housework, la a good plain cook, watber and Ironcr; naa no objection to ?o to the ronutiy. (?eat of city raftrtnea. t all at No. 6 Hammond at., In thr basemen t. AREM'BCTABLE YOI NO OIRL WI4HES A HITCA lion In a amall private family t > do general Imtiaewnrk or chatnberwork; la willing and obliging, ha* nool'Jwilon ?ago a abort dUUnce In tb? ?oumr?. II*? good city refe rence. Call at IW Weal Wih at., between 7ih and glh a?oa far two daya AYOIJNO WOMAN WISHER A BITUATTON AH COOK; nnrteratanda making puddinga. plea, raki'a, l> c cream, JaUl", Ac Country prt-l erred Boil city ri'i. irn,<- it,,m place. Chn be ?een for two <'ay? at Wcet Ift'li at , ?*.. Iwe/n #th ami 7lh a\a Would aaai?li(> waghlng mid lioniim MnKjuiraU. SITUATIONS WANTED-IUMAtBS. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPE'TABLM young gin. 10 do light cnau.Ocrwork and or to take care of cbln r n. Apply lor two day* at Columbia st one door fioiu the curnei t.f Amity tt., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A COMPETENT PER sou, an cook: Is an nt biker of bread aud And i.nderstauds her business and < an give the best of city reference-ai to equability. Apply at 117 7th ave., between 20tb and 21st itu. Cub lie seen For two day*, second tloor, front room. A SITUATION WAS TED-BY A SMART, MIDDLE aged woman, to no t-.nnaework In n prkate famliy: n>? otijtxuon to the country; lue h*-?tol reierence given. Call at 2i"8 West 2--tli st., first iioor, for two day-". Are-pectabi.e younu woman wishes a biti a tiou 10 do general housework, wash and Iron. Call tor two days at lid t'edar si. AYOl'Nti OIRL DEM RES A SITUATION AS NURSE and scamsTexs; understands dressmaku.g; has no ob jections to m the country for tiie r, lias the best of city reference* rail for two day* at Ml West 18th st. A LADY, GOTVO AWAY, DESIRES TO OBTAIN A Si tuation for her isundress autl waitress, or waitress and cliamberuiaiJ. Apply from 9 to 12 o'clock, for two days, at 248 4th st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RE8FEOTABLE young w oui-in, as good plain cook, wualier and i ouur, or general nouaoworker In a small private family. Fifteen mon lis' reference from lier last pla'-e. ( all at 212 East lUth st , corner 1st uve., s ?< ond tloor, back room. A SITUATION" WANTED-BY a re8pectable young w?uian, as cook, ie willing to assist in ttio w.n-hfag and lronitig or as laundry maid: no ot'je Hon to a laige fauiiix or to go a snort d stm<e in the country. Has three years references from her last place. Call for two days at 26ft, northwest oruer of 45th St., Vtb ave. A cook and CHAMBERMAID OP undoubted respectabilitv, liavinji hix and two years' recominei''.a tiouHfrom melr last employers, wish situations in private families. Can be seen for two day* at 22/ Mutt st. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A situation AS cook, washer and irouer, or to assist in washing lu a sma l private family, and would like to go to tbe country for the summer. Can be seen for tw? days, if not engaged, at 92 East ;?2d st. lias upwards of five years' city reference frotn htr last employer. A situation WANTED-BY A I'BOFESSED COOK; J\. understands ail kind* of cooking and baking; is willing to in the washing and ironing; uudeistands the core of milk and butter; no objection to the couutry. Cal. at 118 Went 27th st. for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A competent PE*" son, aa nuree, no objection to go in the country. The best of city reference from her laat place. Call at 140 / th av., corner oi 2Uth St., for two days. A SMART, TIDY, MIDDLE AO ED WOMAN WOl'LD wish to travel with a family, or with a single lady, la alwaya ready and willing aud never sea sick, inquire for tbree days at M Bauds at., Brooklyn. AN american LADY, HAVING A WHEELER * Wilson scwiug inaching, would line a situation as seam stress or housekeeper; under*.auds all kinds of work. Any one wishing u competent person and willing to treat her as oueof the family (wages no object) may apply at No. 8 Greene st., near Canal). A6ITUATION WANTED-BY A YOl'Nt! WOMAN, TO do cluunberwork anil waiting or houscw ork in a private family. Good city reference. Can be aeen for two day* at 162 West 28th at. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT YOl'KO WOMAN wishes* situation as ehuintwi maid anil walteess In a amall private family; If) a good plain sewer auii a ttrst class embroiderer Can conic well recommended from her last employer. Can l>e Keen for two days at SI West 43d St., be tween 5th ai.dfitb are. A youno woman Wants a situation as laun dirts would do ehutnberwork and fine waehing; no objection to the country. <>ood city reference given il wauled. Call at No. 1 Ul.oii court, University ptace, be tween 11th an>! 12th sis. A SITUATION WANTED?by A YOUNG WOMAN, AH Ur-trate plain ois, v.a<thei and ironer; best city refe rence. Can be ??en for tv. o day n at 23 6th at., uear Bowery, i.rut lioor, front room. A situation WANTED-BYA VOl'NO WOMAN, TO cook, wash nnd iroi. and do general housework; good city i eference. Can be seen for tw o d..ys at 460 ytli ftve., be twee* S7tti and 33'h sts. An amfrioan lady, having one op wheeler and Wilson'a sewing machine*, would like asitnato'i as seamstn ?a or housekeeper; Is perfectly competent c>l till ing either capacity for any one wishing a competent person and w illing to treat her as one ol tlie family. Wanes no ob ject. Apply at No. 8 Urcen ; St., near Canal si. No ol j< ctl< o to the country. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES \ SITU uuou an wet Dune, lall at No. V Mouioe tu, rear liouse, tust door. - % A situation WANTED-BY TWO YOUNG WOMEN; one to co ?. woo. -.. i ,>r |, ueufa. liouw work the other as chambermaid and watnwr V?uou mj ., m' rences. Can be seen for two ilayi^at to Stanton St., betvi?u Concord and Tillaty Ms., BiOokiyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A SMART. INDl'S trious girl, to do cooking, washing and Ironing, u g? ne ral housework, either iniheciiy oi .-o miry; i? an obliging, trustworthy *ei cant, an eseeueiu t.iiSbei and ironer, and weii recommended, a i ply ai 121 Atlantic M., Brooklyn. AS PLAIN cook, WASHER ANII 1 HONElt ?A Si tuation wanted, by a respec tabie young woman, as plain vook, washei and ironer, or tu do geiieiai housework in a private family; a short ilistanec in the country preferred. Has good reference from her last place. Call at or aridresa V'il let ave., first lloor, froi.t loom. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, as good plain cook; a good baker of bread and biectili, and a good washer and ironer: bestol city reference can be given from her laat place, call lot two days &t 1(1 East Jetti at., between Id and 3d ava. A situation WANTED-BY A COMPETENT PER ?on, as aeamstresa: is a good dressmaker and under stands a.l kinds or family eewing; no objection -o the care of chiMren, or 4o wall on a lady; none 'uia good family need apply; best of citj reference tmw bet !a?t place, v. ail at 101 Wa\er;ey place. AS COOK.?wanted, BY A FIRST CLASS COOK, A woman of knowledge of the kitrhen, a situation as cook in a!l its brau< bee; understands meats, poultry, baking and pastry, soups and game; wages to $10; city er country. Call at Xo. 184 East 21st st., for two oa< s. A COOK'S PLACE WANTED?BY A HEM'EC TABLE woman, >? good clam cook, ?Mkr and ironer , ko objection* to the country. City reference. Can be sccu (or t?o days at IM'th are. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO .A. rook, wanh aud Iron, or 10 Uo general bouseworx iu a ?mall private laiuliy; twat city reference. fan he seen for two da) >? at 170 Went 31st t?., bet? -en 7tb and 8th an t., I rout basement. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTECTANT YOUNG woutan, a? (UMrrmAI and tiue wither, or a* child's nurse, <an lake earn of uu iMsut Ironi in birth. No ohji-o tlou to the country. Cun give city refers rue. Call at MM 3d ave., corner nl 36lh at , .W (kxir. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE jiiimu girl, h* la lOdrehH or to do the cooking, wa-dnug and iroiiiEu ot a family; beat 01 ref<-rerici? given. Call Ht yu Henry at., room ti. i RB8PEC TABLE GIRL WISH hs A SITUATION AS J\ cook, washer and ironer; no obje"tlon to do housework in a small fa mi) ;*ood city reierence. Call lor two daya at W3 Urst nre., thin Uoor, front room. * URST CLASS COOK WISHES A SITUATION IS A j\ prtrale family; undernWudsiillkindaoi ,'amlly cooking, boih hn^ll-fi anil Ante lie. in; lias lived loin- yearn In her laat place; baa the very liett ol city reference, ban no object ioun iu go 10 tue count i*. New|n>rt preferred. Call at ltirf Wist 25th si., MNM 7th and Mli aves. A competent DftBMSAKM and LaSTI maid waut?a nliua'loii with a Inly or laiuly, thoroughly understands i-uttIiik and llttiiig children a; alsi lainlly sowing of all kinds; uo objei Hon to travel; lb best city references(teen. Call at ikKi tfih ave., near Mill at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A KESPI.CTaBLK youni; woman, to do ths Uonsework of a a mull family; la a good plain cook and good iva-li-r ?ri<t ironer, or would d.? oLamberH or k and assist In the washing or wai lug. Can be ?een till suited at UA West 1Mb St., In Iberexr builom : A UIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE AND seaiiMires?. *v?-uld Hkelo tiavel; can piudu-e tbe besi cliy relerenoe. t all at or addreas 1.4 r.a?t jiMi St. ? SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and waiter or I ?> assist lu washing or nursing and sewing; n i objection to country. Good city reference. Call lot twodaiaatlH Weal 91at St., third floor. __ _ A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOl NO WOMAN. TO daebamberwork and waiting or ihe housework a amall family; no objection lo tbe mutiny. ttood elty rele rente. Can lie eeco lor two days ai 819 West 3Jth at , be tween Si h and 9th ava. A COMPETENT YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tloo at waiueas or Cliaml eruiSKl and Sue wsaher aud ?tuner; country preferred. Good reference. Call at 1^0 Mulberry el A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOlNG WOMAN, TO Uo general bouncnroi k au<l make herself gen- i mIIv use rill; would do bona* ci "suing. 0:ty leti.ieuce. Caa be aeefl lor two days at 33 Monroe St. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM l>erinald and waitress, or lo assist wllb viashtug; bni no oliim'tlon to dn housework In a amall laiully. Call al Hi Smith at., Brooklyn A CAPABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUA tiou as Urat class lnundi. s?; umlei Mauds all line wasb ingand ironlug, auJ French Omnia; baa lived with tbt brat ot families. Has tindeulaliie receiu men rial Ions. Can be s-ea lor two day*at 13 Union court, tniveriliy place, between llth snd litb ata. ? RESPECTABLE tilRL WANTS A 8,1 CATION To do general bousttvOi k; Is a gnod p a n i v?k, an excel lent vasTiev and Ironev; Is w illing to make herseii ganetnllv BMlilli Seat of city rtlert uce. Csll for Iw o days at lilt *jt i at., uear 7t'.i it, Qist Uoor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL AS i batnnermaid and wal'reas. or a> owainbermal.j and child'a nurse; has unexception al*' i*;n?i>oe aa lo i h,iiacier and tapaitilliy. Call at or a<ldrei? 79 Coagiesa si., uear Hi ka MiQomyn. AS CHAMBERMAID.-A SITUATION WANTED, BY A t eapec table young woman, an chambermaid) no objec tion lo a??t*l In fie washing and tuning; baa Hie ben: of ci'.y re1"rence. Can lie ne?u lor two days at IM Eaet at. A SITUATION WANTKD-BT A RESI'ECTABLE roungglil, to doeiiamb. nnai I'a worn an uuln J i,, idiea or cbil<ii en ? nurse sud do Plmn aeirins; o wit . i*,, >rf-Ktiy tapa'de of the cure of children. Call a ^10 vj? , nt' beiWei-li 9tli aud9tli ave?, Cau l>e eMlt I >1 IW i d t>S, II no! engaged. ASITUATIOK WANTED-BY A RKsPE' TABLE Wo" naan a' cook in a private fa mil) ; undermauds ber bnnliie-it thoroughly and ha? tbe *Wt r?renm?s. Iiuulre at li t We?l lA:h at., nearttth av. ASITI ATION W^ANTED-BY A CAPABLE YOUNG w oman, aa good cook, naaln-r and Ironer; would do tn>' housework i>f a amall tsmllyj Inia no i>b, e noun to the i nut. try. Oood eiiy r-Tommen iailous. Can Mae n for tt i dars at 13 L'nioa iouri, Uulversiiy place, ktlween 1Kb sud Uih si*. A CAPABLE YdUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa child's Burar; can lake the entir.- charge nr a ? Itlld from It" hirlh; womd travel with a li.mliy lor the a imtm r Men Ihe t?-at of city recommendations. Veil be neen for Iwo ,? at IS Un.on to irt, Univcrsliy p.acc, feitwevu luu ?? ? I! ri #' _JMTUATIOWS Wi^TEU-KKMAI.KS. A SITUATION WANTED? BY A YOUNG filHL. AS I'liambt rmuid ami waitress, or aa chamboi untid un 1 nuree; la a good band at the in1*.lie; can cut :.ud fit chil dren'* i!r?t.v ? uud du all other family aewing; * tilling anil Obliging; no objection to go to any part o" '.he eOtmvy; a good 1 u.? t..ought mora ol than *?;?? Call it or a.'.drcae no. 20 a:.iiitou at., iu the reui', top lloor, for two daya. ARi_riPE< IAIILE YOL'NW GIKL WloHEH A 81 f l1 A tion aa > ook ana to aaalat In tbe wnah n;j and Ip'inng: in an excellent baker; no objection to <lo cbamberwiga and wal nig; U neat, willing un fobliging and thoroughly under stand* her b a.ucai; good city refei ence from her iaai pi ice, Can be teer. for two daya At TO Carmine at., at'Cond lloor, from ruum. A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED man 48 ,,ar'e:iei; has the best nf ri oui'iiou atloua; w iai c.i 11 ho ne In preiereu-e to wage;* llvtn ;?expect'd; uiideriiaQu* f..runng and he care ol' a'.) uind* of s- :k. My referene ? will b? axilartietory, Address!'. U., garueuer, tare 01 Mr. W. W. J'ow.ei, ate . atorc, No. 'J IV1 st at. A German woman who has nevkr been in a atoatiO'i In tliih couiury would Ifi# 10 obuiln 0:10 a? clilld'a nuiiu or waiireas can new ovi.tiy; will be touud obliging and attentive. No objection to the country. Ad dres. A. rt. C., btauoQ F, Third av., lor one week, A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, SPEAKING English and Erencli, wiaues a al.uaiion 111 u geit.10 man'* family aa chunn Ci niald und wait.eaa, would be wii liag lua -s st Willi tbe cashing and lioulug; lia- Hie best of city refereuoe. Can be aeau for two days at 224 Eaal 19th af. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS tiOoD cook; undertituiii s pa-iry, and la an exceil inivimT and Ironer. Beat of city reteiouce from her la*l p ace. Call for two days at 237 Mnduon st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITU ttiloii a* chambermaid; la willing to asaist 111 the wash 111 j aim ironing or waiting, or with children. The best of city reference. Call at 41& 3d ar., between 9Utn uud 31st at*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman iu guou plaiu . 00k, waainr and inner, or to do chamlierwork and waiting; la w illing to g<> to tbe country Can be aeen for iwo da} a; city rclup noc can be given. Call at 238 West 16th at., bei ween 7lb and Sth ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN AB chambermaid anil laundreas ; city relerenoo. Cau be accn lor two daya at 132 East 3Xth at. AN INDUSTRIOUS GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO du general uou-cwoik; can cook, waah and lrou;good city reierente. Call at till Eaat Uib at. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS waitrea* or cbambei uiaid. 11 lull cat teatiinouiala given trom her laet place. Apply at 75 20th at., between tint and 7 th aves. A SITUATION WANTED ?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa chambermaid and waltreaN; no object 011 to go In the couutry; city reference given. Apply at 33 Cbriato pber at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE G1BL, as nurae and chambermaid; cau give unexceptionable refercucea. Call for two days at 10 Myrtle ave., Brooklyn, In the millinery atore. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION TO DO houaework; a comfortable home preferred to high wages. Call at Mra. Lawrence'*, 20 Bring* at., Brooklyn. AS DOMESTIC FOR CALIFORNIA.?A HIGHLY RE apectable American Proteataut woman wUhea to en gage with a family going to California, ie a very ves|>on*ible p raon, intelligent and tunable of ailing any position The bigm-at refereuceH. WC' agree lor wajca before (ailing. Apply at lOTlllary at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. IN a private family, us firit class cook and baker, excellent waslffr and Ironer or luundreas; no objection to the country ; city reference. Call for two daya at 127 Weat 27tb at., be tween 7th and 8th avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO DO general houaework, beat city reference. Call for two f1aj?at38 Ma.Uougnlat. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as nurse and ecattisticsi', uiidcisiauda all kiuilaoiaew iuganil can op. ra c on Win eler ,fc Wilson's and Grover A Bilker's eetvlng maehinea; understands the ? arc of children iroin their birth: baa the beet ol city refe rence. Cail for two days at 207 East 21st at. CIOOK.-A SITUATION WANTED, AS COOK AND TO J nsslat iu tbe waahing. Apply at her lasi employer a, 27 Madison av., who can recoinOiem! her. / BOOK'S SITUATION WANTED-BY AN ENuLISH \J woman, who perfectly iinderalaiula lier blNinMa, so ipa, meats, game ami ueaaerta; ha? good city reforencei Call at 121 26ih at k near 7th av., first floor, front room. CROOK'S SITUATION WANTED-BY ONE WHO UN J ileratandi Fren h and American coikiug, all kindsof pustry, -reami and preaervea; acmtomed to large families; good lit) references gnen. Call for two <lavs at SO West 191 b al., accond lloor, front room. CVK)K WANTS A SITUATION IN A FIRST CLAtiS J I Hauling liouae or small hotel; run do all kind* of cook ing |.a?iry, cr. am. jelly, 4c.; I14K city reft renc.e from lier .aat piac . <??- ?at J3y gth av , 1 eiween I6II1 and Inth *(?. HOTELR.-A HEAD LAUNDRESS WANTS A 8ITUA tlou, car, polish shirts, and do all kiudaoi fluting; la e< u-.|ieient to take charge of linen, bin die washing ami Iron era und wasbera. is a good a i-ounlam; cau take stains cut of linen; no objection to go a abort iliatani e lr. the ?jnuntry; has. ten yeara' referent e from her !aat place. Call on or aai'reaa M. 0., 162 Weat 13tb st., in tbe store. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Wo" O man, a* nurse Can take iare of a baby from Ita birth. Will <1o plain tewing. Haa four yeara' reiereuce. Call at 23 Weat ijih at , lirel tlocr, front room. Can be aeen until atiived. SITUATIONS WANTED?by TWO SISTERS, onb as lO tirat class wsl'.ress, or chambermaid an.! plain avwer; .an do all kind* of eir.lroldrry; the other ?s good <m>,k, u whn and ironer; tinderstauda the care of milk ai.d butler; bo;li willing to make themselves generally useful: hace n i objection 10 go a abort distance in the conn try. Can give it'' best of city reference. 0*11 M 07 Weft 18tU at., oi>? door from 6th ate. Situations wanted-by two smart oerman girls; one at rook, and the other io do general house work; beat city reference* can be glreu. Call at 74 Pitt el., New York. UIIUATION WANTED?BV A COMPETENT, 1KW8T O worth* young womuu, aa waitress, or to *mi?t with cl.ainbcrwoi k in a respectable private family; ha? unei'-rp ti< naMc elty reference fr -in her last employer. Call at or ad drees 6618th it., near 9th av. SITUATION WAN TED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO mai., a* km claaa cook; understands bread baking, pustry and d> seerts; ia fully coni)>?teni oi filling Uie above al; .niton in all it* branches. Call at or addr-rn 3.' Wee 27th a... between 6tb and 6:b avs. Bett city reference Oum last tmiioyer SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, ss brat daasrook; is a native ot Wall'*; uuderstanda cooking and hou-tfc ???ping in Ml its branches. B-i-t vi refe renoe. fan be ??????? lot t?<< dayeat 149 Wesi I8t)> at. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABI.B YOINO woman, aa > ham'w-rtnald and waitress; has no objec tlon to do line washing or plain sewing. Rest or city reference fiom hei last p!?ee, where she has Tlsed lor the last four year*. ??an l>? ?<" n for two days ai No. 114 East #<tl? St., Iblrd floor, front room. TWO WISH SITUATIONS-ONE AS COOK, waalier and ironer, or would Ike ehamberwork and flue washing; the oilier aa cbatntierniaid aa4 Waiter; both have the 1 ????? Of ?'lty refereBoee. Call lor two day* al 271 3d a\\ No objection to the country. WASTED-A SITUATION HY A YOUNG WOMAN who has beeti in tier present ? niplov lor the last Uve yars, a? i ook and lauiidrcsA Can b'- San fot two days at 99 West Ml -t. WANTED-BY two YOUNrt WOMEN, situations, one as lady's timid and seamstress; understands cutting and ftttina ladles' and ihildili'i dr.s*es, and working on Wheeler sod Wilson's sewing ma' bine. The other ft? nurse or c!lnliil>errnaid; lindc. stands her business |ierfeU|v ill either capacities; has no objection to the country. Tlielr charm le;s will be found saiis:a.tory. Can be seen at their present em| loyer's, 19 Wi st 2?d at., for the week. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOINO GIRL 14 years old. to take care of children or niak* In is?lf generally useful. Can be seen lor t? o days at 3I.T lit ?t., be I wee n Not-Ill 6tb and 6th ats., W lllianisbuig. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE, ob'lglnggirl, to do general housework or a* plain conk; is a good wnsbei aud ironer; good city reference. Uan be seen lor two days at 441 Columbia at., Brooklyu, top floor, iront room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS \>alinss ami chambei n?*id or aa chambermaid and plain seaman ess; eicllent city reference. Can be ?e-u til) suited :ii Mra. L. K. Brewer a fancy (tore, 4.'?2 4th >iv., be tween Sflth and Slst sts. 1)1r ANTE D?A nfVATION AS COOK IMA HOTELOR II pilvnt* boarding bouse, In city or country. OkkI re ference. Can be se>-n tor two daya at81 t'ro?by at. ANTED?BY~AN~A M ERICAN~WoM AN." A SITU A; Una to cook, wash and llM. Apply at 281 West 28tb s\ eoH'r of lOtb ave froSt ma, third Boor VVTAN IED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT women, as cook and chambermaid. Satisfactory re re noes can lie given. Address Xo. 201 Welt Slst st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN A SITU A TT tlon to rook, wash aud iron. Best olty rel'errDOe. Csli al M Carli st., Brooklyn. AJ|r ANTED?BY AN AMEHfCAN WOMAN AND HER TT daughter. altuaMoba: tlie former at'ook, and Ilia ?,iher Intakecaia or ititMrro and <Vi plain -.cuing. or any light work; no objection tathe country. Uut.l refeien<-e. Call for Ihr ')?.?? V 1*1 w?at 17l|t at. UL'AN TED?A SITUATION BY ~ KESPRlTABUE TT girl. aachambermaid or waltren; tindetatendl nalllug thaioiitrhlj. B' ?l i'Uy r'fWH' e. No objection* to Itie conn Irr fo> 111-etunmef. '(all at OU titb a*., fc-tweon ?th and at*., in i!*? Preach alio- atore, lor two day*. 11;ANrID?A IsiTCATION, NT A TOl'NO WOMAN, as TT di*m'>crtnald <nl a< aimtreai; nod ratauda embroid er* lit all 111 brau'hca. fh? beet city leieictiee. Apply at bar preaebt pia c, 101 TTeat 8"tli St., for two dayi. WANTKD-BT AYOUMO LADY, a" SITUATION AS Mi'-awnrean in a (amy food a, wartel lnn^rjr or iadlea ahneamre Tne latter preferred, aa ahe l? iiiotuughly *r. quaintad with the ahoe buaiuet*. Addre?? J. A. It., MO Rictidway, rx>m No 3. WANTED?A HI9UAT10N, BV A RESPECTABLE toonf Woeaea, at eook; who thoroughly tiarieniiendi her budnect In ali n? flrhMI 'ntn hel; no objection to go ? short dl-laiK# In tlia country. Belt of nfHVace. Call at 129 Weal ItMh ai , betW%ett 6th and 7th a*-e?.. for two d>iya. Tl'ANTKD?BY A RESPEOTABI.B WOMAN. A Stfl/A TT tton aa Brat claaa Bnglleh Oook. n*? good recom mend itlona to lint effect. Ni oblation t<> tha conutry. Apply at 11# Bail MNh at., between *1 and H av*. WANTED?A Rtfl'ATION. BY A TOL'IM WOMAN. AS cook; abe tinder* lanila her baalnesa, cm make breed. rak? ana ilei-eria. would aaalat In wa?hmg an I ironing or di> tw hole w.ialiiiig In a amall la ullv, Ouod city reference

ChII at iWWeai 2#U at., near 0lti It, leionJ fl.joi, front t oum. 1\r AN TED?BY K RE-rEl'TABLE OIRL, A 3ITCA TT tion aa liret elaee chambermaid; no objecting to anal?! ?mh the waaliing MMi Irooing: ao objection to Urn country f..r ih? Miuuner llaa the l?-ai of cfty reference from har la?t plat- CaH fur two di?y?, it noi cnKageJ, at lHR>it31ai at , bet? en Oth ami 7th av?. lVANTSO-t MfUATIOX, BY A ItBf I'E" TABLE Wu TT in?n, a* eook; MTlectly UO.ItnlMda nerbutlneea; bo I'liMlinl ti M it WIW the wanlngi tit ban of nty i-, f?. rem* ftoat her h??t employer. Call at 03 Wrat 21 at at, WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A BBrtPICTABIiR IT vming woman, aa cook In a priratn family; ?ntMb| willing to a?l*? with Ibe waalilng; baa four ycara* rai> r. ncc tron ii> r in" pi ? Cau be ceen for twv da;a at ti 2|ui ?t, tirn- r o Wh ar. SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMALES. WACTlD?BY .A Rt.-J'E' TAHLE "yOUNG"WO* AnTa asiria'iou m chambermaid and wik.tre?a aud tour ti?t at washing or to do general housework ; in.a the bee! ot references. .1 al 01 a ddress M. E . at Mr-. Green's, coi uer of Uuiou ami Smith sis . 8 >uth Brookl> it for two days. WANTED? UY A RESPECTABLE YOlNti WOMAN. A TT aMuu'ion at cook, washer atialroner; haa twoje .ru' reference nom her last p aoo; a? objection to the oouulry. Call fur mo tiuy at l.i Smith ?l, li.oa.iju. WAN I'ED?BY TWO VEKY RKSI'E ' I ABLE <ilRl.S. auctions, uu?M|iOud nlain coo*, wa^hei anduoiicr, the other as Mainst,resa ant cnatubermuid. and t > a?-> ?t in niindiUg ctlil I|MI. lioih Uaie the v. ry 0 nl of city i'. IV lence. W mid p.eler a good bo ue to big u?g< s. Calf at ?tt) 7th av., comer 36th n t. WANTED?BY A YOl'.V i tilKL, A SITUATION AS TT chambermaid and watresa; hits no < .bjeetioo to iniud Children; is willing to go to ft..y iMti't of iho country and i0 'lo thv waahlii ;<>i a?inaH tami y while in th ?? < u .tr . Beit ot city refi'i'ouoe. o.u be aecii at in r lantern- loyer's, 66 Went 34t.i at., for two day*. WANTED?A SITUATION BY A YOUNG OIRl , TO DO cuutubci'M'i i> and wailing, or gcuer-t hous wur> in a ?mat! family. iit at city ret'ereuca. Can be ke< u for two Uaj? at MJ) llKlu at., Brooklyn WANTED?UY A YOUMJ G1KL, A SITIATTON AS i ba iitii ruia id, and us-ist wult t..e waiting; tbe beat of cltj re I ivncen. c-'ali a' Irtili at., b tw?en 6tit and 7th avi WANTED-A SlfUA'HUN, BY A UB.S1 ECIAHI.E young wo nan as n irsi and aeamslre-a, uuderstauds ciittitv Md t t'lng ladies ilr shps. Call for t\\o duyr at 3o7 3d av., south it ac corner ol -oih at. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, TT to took, u\.ah and irou, ortodog ncrai housewo. k ; rood ra e w a^ea e\| ecl d. Keivrenie can t e ^;v? u. Call at 217 Thompson sr., corner of 4ih at. "llf ANTED?A SITUATION BY A EBSPECTABLE M1D TT die a^ed wo aa seainsuess, and call .itsio. in b> u*ekte,>ing; beat, of ' iiy rei. ivnue can be given. Can be teen I oi tw o daya at 76 Crosby -t. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN A SITUATION AS oUok; bns no obJee ton to uksis in the washing aud iron ng; has no obje tion to go a ahort dut m e in the vo in try; good r*f< r. n. et given. Can be seen for two duj a at li9 Eiiat Broadway, brat uoor, ba-k room. WANTED-BY A VOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO ?T do gvncral hoinework in a ainail private latni'y, i? a good b iker ami a in -i rate wturner and irouer ; lms .ooit city reference. Ca 1 at 260 Navy St., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A HESI'Et.'TABLE WOMAN, A S1TUA tlon to no plain cooking, tvaslilug and Ironing; no ob jection to do up atatra work, cnaiuoerwork aud waiting, g?, d city reference given. Call for two days at litfEaat Mlb at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO WOMAN, A Mtuatlon to do general nounework; ih a good plain cook, waaber and irouer, and a good baaer; no objection a lo a large family, aud Is not afraid of work; liaa good refe rence froin where >>he baa lived IB mouths. Call lor two daya at 13180th at., between 7th aud Uth avs., brat flo >r, in tbe rear. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA t.ou aa neamalress; tau cut aud lit ladies'aud chil dren's dresses; can take tbe en tiro charge of a baby trout ita birth; no objection to do line washing and < liaiuberwork; good city reference. Call at 417 7th av., tcp lioor. WANTEI>-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youum girl, io do cliaiuberwork and waiting or lo as alat with tbe waxhiug aud ironing; uo objection to go in the country. Cull at lt?7 Weal 44Ui at., lur t vo days. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa good plain cook; lh a good washer aud irouer; or would dog-neral housework in a respecUole small pri vate family; good ciljr referend a if required. Call till en ga^eil at ?Stj Smith at., corncrof Sackett St., Brooklyn, tcp Uoor. WANTED-BY A RES PEC I ABLE WOMAN. A SITUA tion tocook, wasii and iron; no obje< i >u to a hotel or the country; lius goo?l city reference. U'i lor two daya at 265 East lain at., second Uoor, Irom WASTED-BY A WILLING, KESPECTAHLE YOUNO girl, a situation to do cb imberwork ami naitmg.orto do plain sewing aud tuae cue of children; bat ihe beat of city raference. Can b seen lor two d.iya at her |?r? sent eiu ployer's, No. li Carroll place, between Court and Clinton sta.. South Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, TT aaltuation as good cook; unucrstauds sou] s, un au" and poultry: lsa aood waaberund irouer; can give the best of city reference irotu^cr last place, H l-ere elie lia.-t lived two years. Call at 13"< WJ av., i.c ir 16th at. WAXTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 6ITUA TI fl.,n in a prlxaie family lo t.iko earn ol children and do chamber or needle work; uo objection to go>ug iu the country. Can i>e s.'tn tor two days a; 200 Weat JKl St., t>e twei n tub and 1'Jth avs. \\f ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG I'ERSON, ITu aituation as nurse and s amstress, or lo do light berwork; isa l'rou stunt, and naa the Im-sI rccomiucndatious. Can be seen tor a few days ui her pn wnt rinj loyeis, M East 3i th at., oue door east of Ma iison av. It, 4HI11U-IU A KESI'Kl TABLE YOING WO TT man, a s tiution to cook, wash and iron; good city re ferencc given. Call at 142 llanlsoti at it et, Biookl}n,lor two days. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tion lo do general housework, oj would do up s'.airs work and assist with the wa?htug aud ironing. Oovd city reference given. Call at 82 Wy aoff st .Brooklyn, for two cara. w 11,'ANTED?BY A RESPEi TABLE MARRIED WOMAN. TV a kiiuatlou as wel uorae; bar child being si* weekauld: good city reference given. Apply al SOU Weal 18th si WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young gu i, >? chain Le< maid and Walter, ur Id do grutt rui houaewora Id a private family. Apply for iwo day* a; U3AUamli ave., Brooklyn. "IIT"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA TV tioii aa flr<t rale chain oertuaid; utniersuud* wailing. Ha* four yam ?' clly reference from ber laal place. Can be ?ecu 1M two daya at 39ti ?ib it. Tl*ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV girl, to do homework in a private family; la a good cxi* and a Ural rate waaher and Ironer. Uaod nty reference given. Ciiu be at'Cti W two day* at 267 Bust Uth at \\rA*TED-BT ^ RESPEi TABLE YOl'NG WOMAN. A VV situation a? i-oolt. Haa rood clly reference. Call at No. 18e East 17th at, for two daya. ANTED-A SITCATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do geuerai housework; i? a goo.t Cook, ?ubrr ami iruuer; good city relereaoe. Can be *een for two day* at 184 Hudson av., Brooklyn, lu the rear, near DeKalo a*7 WAXTED-A SITUATION, BY A PROTESTANT young woman, na chambermaid and walireai, or aa nurse aud seamstress; has Hit- ben. reference Ir >m ber laal place; has no objection to the country. Call al 142 2i*t at., a lew* toon ??-t oi 3d av., No. 7. 11"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Tol'NG WOMAN, A (V situation aa waitress, or chambermaid and waitress, baa Do obje tion to ga to the ? ountry; baa good city rele rence. Call at 1 '0 West Itftb at., 6th and 7Ui ava. TIJASTED-BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN, A SITUA VV tlou us cook, washer mid Ironer In a small urivate family, or wo .Id hare no ohjei Uon to go a shot t dlatMea lu Hie c ountry lor the summer. Best ol city reference from ber last place. Cal. at Ml Vth avc., betw een 4.11 and 44th ata. WASTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA" VV tioii to cook, wash and Iron, or general housework In a small tainlty; no o ijectious to the country t?o ?*l city re:e reno: given. Call lor two days ul 221 West 2Uih si , m ar Shb ave. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A KJRST CLASS SEAM ?ticss, who uudei sa.ils cutting and tilting children s drevses. and a,so ladies', and can do all kiuds oi lamlly sew. nit:. Call al l\U 7ib av., tbrce door* frotu 23d *U, up slau>, front room. VV'ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG QIRL, VV Isti ly fioui tb'- Oil Country, a altuaiiuu as nurse, chambermaid or plain s -wer. Can be *u n for two days ?I 1Ui? \V< st Sid *L -lVrANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV young woman. a* uui*e and aeamatreas; Is fully i-otn pctent, being a tirst rate m-wcr and rrry fond of rbiidieu. 1 ,m l't- *"? 11 tor two d.iy? at I O .V w Canai at. -ll/ANTED-A SITUATION, BY AN EXPERIENCED VV girl (with the beat of clly reference), us nurse, aeatn atrsaa, chamheiiiisld or w 111 tuKe charge o au infant. Call lor two day* at 287 Jay ft , Brooklyn. w /ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO man, to do general bouse work in a small private laml ly. Best ol city re 1 arc ilea*. Can be aeeu fin two days. Apply at 211 Wooster at. TETANTBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV girl as chambermaid aud ssamstreas; Is a good autter and Otter of dresses, and undi r?tand? do ngall kinos uf fami ly sewing with taste; no objection to going a shot 1 distance in the country; city reference. Call al 141 7tu ar. WANTED-A SITUATION, Br A RESPECTABLE VV girl, lu a pr.xale lauuly, aa gooi plaiu cook, waaber aud I roue r Can be seen at ber late employer's, wl<m she has lived for three years, 61 Weai g7ui el., balweeii gib and 7th ar*. 1ITANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE TO! Nil GIRL, A VV iltuatloa asgood pluln cook, and to ssst-t with the washing and ironing; no obje< tlon to go to 1 be country; Stxleu Island preferred; beat ar city reference ean be (Heu. Call lor two days at **? Mulberiy street, uear spring. T*,'ANTED-A SITUATION, BT A PROTESTANT VV young wouian, as a t.rst rate cook, ete.-lleul waaber ? ud Ironer and a first rate haher; baa no objection to go a stiori diaiao e lu tha counlijr. Call at 111 Uiasuw icb s*. lor two daya. Tue beat ot re!*r?nc? can ba (lean from htr laai place. ' ?\1 "ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN, VV a ?i ua lon as good pUln cook, Waabar and Ironer, or to do aanetvl housework Call lor two days at her lust place, 2<SS Pacific ai., yellow aottage, between Smitb and lioytat*., South Bruokl.m. TL'ANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION AS VV cook, waaher and ironer, or to do the homework ol a a ma!: r*tnliy. Call lor two day* al her laaupiace 187 Oilaton at.. Btooklyn. ____________________ WANTED-A SITUATION IN A SMALL PRIVATE latnllv, to do general housework or to do washing and ironing; reference given. Can be seen at 9UUreane at. Tl'-ANTED-SITUATIONS. BY TWO TRUSTWORTHY VV girls; one aa cook, washer and ironer; the other aa chambermaid and wnitr -ss; ean produce the Wat ol city re ference Inm their last place, where thar lle.'d for three vears. Call for two days at 311 tfth a?.,b?tweao Wth and 6th an. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl to do voeking or general housework; has a good recomtne idet ou from her la*: place. Addias* lor two Jay*. or call at Id# Istav., coi uarTili at. WANTED-A SITUATION BY A WIDOW WOMAN, TO do general bausework; no ohjeciloa to the couutiy, where ahe can have her Utile girl with her four ye?r* old. Call for two daya al 127 Kaat 8ih st., two door* fioin the 3d are nne. ' WANTED?A BITVATION. BY A SMART, RBSPECT. able girl, as chambermaid; I* a flrat class waltrea*: ba* the very beat or city refereur*; has lived nearly four years in her la*l place. Can !>e aeen for two days at 120 At ? title ?t , Brooklyn, evcond Door, front room. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE fV glil, to Cook, wash and Iron or do general housework In a email family; good leferen e If re<|iiired. Call al )I2 A Can tie Pt,, in the bakery, ft* two days, W \NTRD-BY a RKSPF.rTARLP, YOI N') WOM AN, A VV iftv.tlnii I) e <?k, wnsh ?n I lion . 1. \ l entieie u tKi 111. 1-1 at No. A 7U> ?? ., tiilrj 1; or two daya. SITUATION* WANTED? FEMALES. TVANTKD-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general noi.aewnrk in a i-inul) private tam iy; u a good ir?n.,r ai doo. k; b*a six year* reference. Can be ae> a at 1S2 East Broadway WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, at chambciuiaiil and .vaitr. ?a, would have d i objection U> una at in ii.? washing and leonin ? Call loi two du,s at tfl l'jth at., between ttUi and 7th uvf., liiat 00 >r, la ro>m. TITAN TED?BY A RK^l'lVTAH' K WOMAN, A SITUA . Id c-xik; m 4 good plain cook and an excellent ] waa ier and kronei; best ol rc'ereu* e; no objection to <lo ge^ ueral ho.n?.-work; would (b a s'-.ort dtsfmoo in iheco.nlry. win ur, fecal. WANTED?A Sil'UA I'iON, BY A HEai'EcTAHl.E young woman, a ? ??ha-m.pinuM or waitresses and ooi .- ??-*;. lias ill -b at of .tj j-..- ereb-%*. Uao be seen for twu . - a y h at 1S1 7tli ave. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO irian, an coo*; i* <* luatnuo \vu fr and ir^ncr. uo id eiiy nn'M-iitrom het 'aM place. ?V.lM4i West 41m i, near Broadway. UTANTEU-BYA RESPE" i A KI !?: YOUNG WOMAN, A n sanation as cook In a piivucu family. Can civ: tie best 01 i ily reference. Can bo seen for tv o :1a;. h at 206U'Jth | a!., botwi en 8' n and t)tti aves., t? mill Ih or fro i rooui WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN, A situation ?a chambermaid an! waitress, or aaahll ?.r?'it'a nurse and plain seamslres-; understands wa-bmg and Ironiug; best city referenc. Call .a 17'J Atlami. av., be tween CUniou an'! Washington, lira I lloar, back room, Brooklyn SITUATION 9 W ANT ED-MALES. A THOROUGHLY COMPETENT MAN, THROWN OUT or employment hy the rebellion, desires a situation :n some res|M < lanie bosmeia, would demote liia lime to the in terest of 1ms < tnplnyer; salary nut so much ail object aa jiood eWlploymeut. Address S. O. C., box 3,M)J I'oal ofll-e. The beat of reference given. AYOl'NO MAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CkERK or porter, lias no obje. lions to go a abort distance in eonntry. Co n reference na to robriety and honesty. O il, from ? iu > |*. M , at i-i Kn mutoa ht. A WELL EDUCATED YOUNG MAN. NINETEEN yi ars old, desires a situation m aoinn whoh aale bouse, olllce, ur any Oiher r spertalde buaim as, where his i|uallti caitona would be available; Is a ami rapid writer, lirat ro.e ae- unlanf, and H'luj tu s-rvi tbe Lest in.cleats of his employer. Salary no oujei t. Bust .Ity reierence aa to moral eh.ira. ter and ability. Pli ase addresa for three daya Montr 'S , Herald ollloe. ATOUNO MAN, 19 YEAR.S OLD, WISHES A SITl'A Umii aa clerk in an ?Ut. e nr aa>< sman, or any reapeeta l le euip.oyinent. A .ore a J. L. L., siatbju D, B.I le iluse. AS WAITER ?WANTEP, A SITUATION ^Y A STEADY yoong man. as waiter in a rrh ate family; understand* bis business perfectly well-, will be 10 :nd kiudatitl obliging; no objection lo the eouo'ry. Has the beatof city refen-noi Iro n his last place, where. I.e has lived two v,-ar*. Addreaa fur ll.ree day* B. W., 1,271 Broadway, in the atore. AS COACHMAN.?WANTED, A SITUATION. BY A respectable man, who understand* hU buhlneas, and baa lived w ,th aome of the be>t In Europe; haa been twelve years In New York, haa been steady for ten yeara witb two families, haa recommendations to l>e seen from hiaboyhool; underitaml* the treatment of horses; will be found willing a-d obliging, can miik If deslr.'d. Add tec* tor two daya Coachman, box 147 Herald office. A BOY, THIRTEEN YEARS OF AtiE, RESIDING with hla parents, Is deairuua of getting a situation, such aaerran-i buy; be can apeak French, and can wiite English and French. Apply to Mrs. Day, 43 President at.. Soutb Brookes. ACOAt I1MAN S SITUATION IS WANTED-BY A 1 martled man, with a atnall family, who understands bt* busim-as and has three years' city reference from his his: employer, whom he left having no further use for hltn; has no objection to tjoiug io the country; understands p ain gardening. If required. Can be aecii at Noa. 8 and 10 Wall at., New York, until 12 o'clock. BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG MAN, A SITUATION to travel with a gentleman this *p: lug to Europe; hus a gOod education; understands acveral Enropean lal.g- ages, and willing lo irake himself generally useful. Address N. U. W , station D, A slot place. I WILL GIVE $10 TO ANY PERSON WIIO WILL PKO curelormea steady ailuatou as bookkeeper, or any Other light work ; best of reference uvea. Address for one week, John J. M , box lbO Herald olU -e, SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG MA11KIED MAN ua . o .chiiian and gardener; van milk cows and do gene ral bnuaework; best of referen e given. Add re s Charles Bodenalab, College Point, L. I. TI/ANTED-A SITUATION, IN A BANK OR PRIVATE 11 banking bouae, by a yonng man wbo has had seteii years' experience aa e!> r? and cashier in a conutry ba-ik. He can furnish the beet riferen es. Addreaa A. U, box 147 He :aM ollice. TVTANTED-BY a YOUNG MAN, a SITUATION AS VY coachman. Cau refer to his last employer, with whom he haa t een lor several year*. Aii-iiwx i,?7u Post olli e WTANTED-A situation, BY A MAN 30 YEARS OF TT ugt, am foreman, lint ?r aeeoud miller, served In hia lai>t place lour mjun ami a hill, good reference tan bs ghen. Apply personally or by note at 15^' Bunk *t., Newark, N. J. TITANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, IN A f V w noktale or retail Kioeery; m well acquainted with tfac bnsinraH. and ha!) good city reference. Addreia II. Ueury, Malign t Foal oOioe. WANTED-A situation IN THE GROCERY BUM. nrn, by an int<'lll^i-nt man (an American), tneniy-five year<ofage; write* plainly, in atrlcily temperate, and not afr ol work, ila* first daa* reference*. Addrees Daniel, LI . laid oiiie. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A STEADY SINGLE middle aged mat.; ban been twenty venra In tbe gro cery, fruit and liquor btiRincaa; wage* moderate. The beat of reference* gl\eu. Addrc** 8. P., Mtailun A, Spring street. WANTED-BY AN experienced MAN, A 8ITUA tion in a newspaper oflice, or publishing bouae, or a? corresponding or shipping clerk; perfectly understand* bli buslresr. ?'au (ire very beat of reference. Address Pub Usher, b<>( I(R lleial I oflice. X\TANTED?BY A respectable MIDDLE AGED TT Englishman, a situation to a"en4 on an Amerlean gen tleman or gentleman an l lady, who are aba.iljtotiig over to visit the London Enbib tiou and other uaris of E irope. Ad drew R. A Mat Ion D. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A MAN WUOflS FULLY ca|>able of taking charge of a gentleman'* place; un derstands gardening snil (arming In all it* luancUes; a!*o the care and management of stock. Ha* the l?st of refe r nee from hit lale employer. < 'an be *een for two day* at No. 7 Fiankfort st. "\I" ANTED?A situation AS COACHMAN, IN A I'Rl" TY ?aie family; is sulling to make hcntacif fjenernlly use ful. fan be wen at any time at h.a pieaenl employer's, 144 2d av., ode door ! rom ?lh at, " HELP WANTKD-MALES. AGENT?IF YOU WISII TO INVEST A SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING BUSINESS Examine the merit* of the multomicroox. Call and keif it, or "end for a circular ? S. C. rjckards A CO., 102Na*aau street,N. Y. AGENTS.?"STRIKE WHILE THE IRON IS HOT.'1 Yon can make a >lay l>y selling (lie DIKE PANPROSrifOSIl'M PRIZE PACKAGE, Pi ice lOoenU, Containing *i*teen new and erfalnal *i tale*, Including A OIFT OK .JEWELRY. If yon would make money now, -euil for a circular. W. U. CATELY A C<>. Ktt N.i- au street. Agents can realize more profit by selling KICKAJUI'S UNION PHIZE STATIONERY AND ret'll'E PACKAGE Than by any ot'.ier luveatmcnL our PACKAGE IS IN HITCH DEMAND that AGENTS EASILY MAKE FEOM >10 TO ?15 A day circulars MAILED Pit EE. S. C. RIOKAEWS A CO.. Ittt Nassau Agents wanted everywheke-kur day a Co.* Kerosene Oil Burner for Hold lamp*: cheapest ami best in use. Samples mailed fr< ? on receipt of 10 rente, by ilie manufacturer*, Day .V Co.. Newark, N.J. ' AGENTS' HEADQUARTERS, 3i? WALKER STREET ? Loa lug a Pictorial History of the United Stale*. Life or General Wlu&eMScott; Lile of General McClcllan; Por trait* of Scoit, McCleilan and all the other general*. Great ind?rttnent* offertd Mlscellaueou* Book* at the lowest whole tale pi Ice*. (Nil on or a.ldre?* Geo. W. Elliott, DO Walker at, New York. BOY WANTED?IN A WHOLESALE DRY GOODS store; salary $60 ibe bin j ear. Addreaa bo? 761 Peat ottkt. ___ Boy wan ted-in an orncE, from i? to i? years of age, residing with 111* parent*. up town: well reeoin ??ended. Apply afo ?' three o\lock at 218 Fulton at., room No. 4. _ Four hundred agrnts wanted-to sell a u-cfnl article, in great demand, wanted by everybody, married or alnglc; ?<.() weeklv can ea*ily be made, no buni biie; article mailed tree, with' *aeret for manufacturing, for 16ceuia ia.lver). A HI NTEU, 19 New Bowery, N. Y. antei>-by wood brothers, no. m broad way, a flirt daaa aaleaman: one thoroughly aoqnalnied with the carriage busincM and city trade. Alao Wanted, a young man familiar with me hanieal draughting. Applica tions received by letter only. \I7 ANTED?IN A SMALL WARE AND NOTION BI'HX TT naaa, a aaleatnan. who mmauudi tia?e. Amir to L R,, Kt Witwn it., up stair* WANTED-A YOt'NG MAN, PROM 17 TO ? YEAR* of age. to art M clet k an ) keep a book la a down tow* auction bona*; muot remda with bit parenta, ai Ibr nlar? will ba mode rata lor lha Ur?t year. Atldreaeln own kaad wriling, with reteranree, AuotU.n. bol li? Herald office. IITANTED-ON A FARM IN NEW JEK?V. A MAN AND TT bia wife; one a-iuxlnted with farming and utuler a: audit taking e?w of iow?,mllklng, Ac.; aw baa Prateat ?'it. Ametiraa, Oerman, Engl a'i or Seoahman prefmrtd. ?allat 70 Waal Broadway until Friday, May! 11 o>toek. WANTED?A RETAIL DRV 000D8 SALESMAN TT Po?ter Broihera, *7* Bleeoker at. 11'ANTED?A GOOD MAN COOK FOR THE OFFICERS TT me?? of her Britannic Majeaty*a Flrat brigade. Mix* teenth regiment, liberal wagea >vni b? given. Application* atatlng team* and encloalng tr? monl?l?. to be made to the President af this Mttaa, Uotiegnua Hotel, Montreal, Canada. VETANTBD-IN AN IMPORTER'S STORE, A ROT TO VT uiake himself generally treeful. Addraa* box 1.IH4 Pn?l olloe IITANTED?tN A LAWYER'S OFFICE. A BOT NOT VT ot-er Ift treat? of ai;e, ana who h ritea a good band. Ad dtt'*a box :>,.w Port oflli e WAN TEH?A Bl)Y TU ATTEND IN A BOOR STORE nnit nUcf, m't?! eome well rec >mm?o led and wrtta a fair legible hand. A Mn-?i, poM pal I, box 3,787 Poet office WANTED-A CLERK IS A HOTEL, AS AN ASSIST VT ant. wlt!t aouie experience. Mint oome well ret otn mendel from former employer" and write a good baad. Call at PtMrera Hotel, 17 an.l 1# Park row. TITaN'TED-IN THE FISH AND OT8TER BUSINESS, TT a good young Dim; one *eil acquainted with (lie btial ne??, wh" mti come well recommended. Apply Immediately at 1X1 9<b av. WANTED-A CLERE IN a COUNTRY STORE, A corrcfP mdlng elerk and two collecinra. Apply at ISI Fulton ?t Mtrctianta' Cl#rkl' Reglatry office. nu?Mkn? prtiur d. R'-ferrnrei to flrat rlasa Tiot.*>aa. Eital<!lit>ad la lUftfi. Conducted on a new and advantage'ma prim iple. ft/" ANTED -A SMALL BOY, ABOUT U YK AR-t OF tt aoa. to open ovutern and to attend In aa oyator aal<on. jntulrTal 364 "W ?*r?, UKLP W.IV'I'KO-M VI.KS. WBIH ANTED?AS Ci? \( IIMAN AND OBOOmTan pit ? married man (English preferred), bv a ge tieman ke?-| 111(1 \aiuald* hoi?.eauU i entitling a pmua eulirely fm. miliar * llii thi ir t are; taunt bung be*' of city rcieren. ea Apply at No. 7 1'lati ?t., between 11 u i I o'clock. TITANTED?TN BROOKLYN, A YOUNG WAN TO AT frui'Kri A 11> at the o >rn r of Water W**Uiiii?Ui(l aii'eeu, Al>.i it yu\ u^utatt to attend ali'iuor more. Apply at (lit: s.t ne p^ace TirANTED?A YOUNG MAN W!fO UNDEP.STAND9 il dn. tug aud Hits care of hur?.e?, and to una. at in the garden. Apply at 11 Veiey St. "I1TANTED?A BOV TO WORK AT PERPTMERY, CORK IT botti' ?, Ac. ; one whi) been la u drug atore prefer red. Apply I...? utui nlnK'ut S4 W,..kei "117"ANTED?A BUY, WXIO CAN WRITE AND SPEAK T? tlic German language; mutt wr;iea >;ood hand and be well it* omiueiidi d. Miliary, lliat jcar, $00. Addms Id ow a handwrpiug Loa 13 Post ollic '. WANTED-AN INTELLIGENT BOY TO LEARN turning o! tii fl je? airy, one ? ho ban worked at Uio buaii tag prelVrrel. Apply M Guar u J llery, 17 John Rt WANTED?FOR A WATER CLUE ESTABLISHMENT TT a man and bia wife; the m ia to make hiuiaelr g> n? ? tu-elul: the ?ouiaii mimt be a good wif-her ui.dltvnei a:i<l>u% aud OOlUiUg, guod wa ea. Apply at 3/8 till aT. near 2"J st. " * WANTED?six MEN FOR STEAMERS, ONE STEW ardeia, two mrl* to travel wKh a tniMly to Europe, twt clerk* lor grocery tturen, a clerk for a flipping ofliee tw< boys for tra lt i., liso contlmtuia, nv<? britkeineo, men on latum, a young man a* ui in un p jiy a apsrefctnl ti Caliiuru.a, t?" chambermaid lui a hotel. Apply at No. 1 C! atliait. a piare. WM ANTED?IN A SUIFPIMq AND COMMISSION l ouse, an i m perii m ed boo*fccep,?r and a Bitkoo wel oi I'limne**; he muai i.are t!ie bent o! reeimmen uai.un* una must be tbuCuii?Un c.iici?.,i A.ldi'fca boi ho t ollice. XfJ ANTED?FOR WHALING VOYA'.ES, TWENT1 * TV ?ii> tyoung men, aeamen, i.rdlrtary Hcamnn Mid land* men; a so, coti)i?ra, carpentera mid blackauiltha.coofca am atcwaida, itnd o t ????:?!!'. Apjlj to V. L 1'L.vKi., 47 We?t ai., curnei o. Keotor. WANTED?A BOY IN A LAW OFFICE: ONE WHO Tt haa hai! >.o:iii i xperi. tae i-r?:erred; lalary mo'erat* A ldi i??, ?jivtn.; na ,e. lesliienc , exp. r.eace, refer :uoea, Ac., Count Mm. IT iaid oillce. WANTED-ON A FARM, A STEADY, KIDDLE AOEX mall i? single luun pielerTedJ, who lin ieratanda gar cl.-nin? and the care of liur .-ii. Apply a: Tarrant A Co.'a 2 SUreeawlch at., corner of Warren. WANTED?A PORTER. IN THE FURNITURE STORE 14U Chatham at. WAIl'EKS.-TWO OOOI> WAITERS WANTED AT ? Dey iireet. Apply hi lore i) o'cl ok, thia moruing. W ANTED-A MAN AND WIFE, FOR A QENTLEMAN'8 place in the country; the man a* farmer aim carefu hand over borat e; (he wife t<i do kit> benwork; alto a mngk ?nan io asitat on the larui. Appir at 374 Bowery, ueaj Houilon M. ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A YoUNO MAN WHO iiiiileiKianda th>- uyxter uui>iui*if, to attend to *n oyalei bar, an<l ivho at the aame tlm" lit rnpaMe and wllllnf to act an a waiter. Apply at No. 3 3d ar.,' asemeut. (J? j fI A MONTH AND EXPENSES.?MALE AND FE iJ)tU male agenta wanted, lo.Hi and iraiellluc. In every c iinty in the I'nllfd Ht ,u a and ib - Canadaa. Call on or ad ireia, with itamp, C. M. Bran, 71 Bleeeker at., New York. HELP WANTKD- FEMALES. ~ AT MRS. LOWE'S COMEOHTABLE AND ELEGANT i llli e, 17 Siantnn Kreet, near the Bowcrr, plenty of ei cellent Kituailmm ready, in reHpectablo, atnall fanillie*, fci nil cLmae* of it:liable female acrvanl*. to b* obtained imme diately. ALL FAMILIES W1IO WANT GOOD SERVANTS IM 1\ mediately apply at the Large Institute, corner of lltb st. ami Oth av.. lor rlvtl, capable, tiily German, Scotch, Irish, American and Protestant wotnt n, to ?till all. Conducted bj Mr* FLOYD. Good places alwsya ready. ALL EMPLOYERS AND GOOD SERVANTS W1LI find the most extensive ofllre in this city by applying a 3i8 6lu av., near ifcsd at., at the Empire City Institute^ Tlx;? E"i{ll h, Irish, Hatch, American, Fr. n> ;h, German and co 1'red, male anil female, on hatnl, muuMu for ail kinds of work. This office has been 15 years established A GIRL WANTED?FOR GENERAL HOl'SEWORK. Sflgilsll preferred; must b; clean and uiUtug, wag0 $5 per month. Apply nt Sil>? 3d av , near 2Vith at. AT THE SERVANTS' INSTITl TE, NO. 149 GRAND ST. Wunic 1. a Hint class cook; ale". < o ks, washers and Irotiers; a lirst class laundress, chambermaids and wait resscs; a number of nice girls lor homework, small gtrlf and ylri* liitely lat"*od DHESS tap MAKERS AND LACE WORKERS WANT ed at 943 Broadway, corner of Bleccxer it. D. CLARKE Girl wanted-mpst be a good cook, washer a:ul iiouer; wanes $7 a ti.outh. Apply to Alex. Htdnut, druggist, Court at., oppvaM* Warn n, Brooklyn. Girls wno vnderstand making paper boxes will lind employment at No. 444 Ptarl at. Mrs m. c. green s aoency for employment Euat Fourteenth street, lirst door from Third avenue hm on hand lirst class situations for suitable held, while and colored, aud highest wages. Public patronage la respectfully solicited. Milliners wanted.-two first rate milli uera w anted: wages no object to good banda. Apply to Msdauie Camilie Lac;, 130 6th a*., between Sib and lot* streets. S'ERVANTS IN BROOKLYN PLEASE NOTTTE-MR 5 MANNING, of Tlitary street, is now at 16 Court street, opposite the City Hall, and has more first class situations Is gentlemen's families tlsu any other ellice in tne city. OERVANTB IN BROOKLYN WANTING SITUATIONS k J ean be suited lmmnliut< ly, in first class families, at th< highest wages. I have many situations now ready is the best families In Brookly n and may be engaged this day Apply to Mr. CHRISTOPHER, 10 Tlllarr St., Vooklyn, late Manning A Co. ' 'PWO YOUNG LADIES WANTED?TO ASSIST IN A X gruteel lu*t t las* saloon. Apply at 70S Broadway afw 12 o'elo k. W1'ANTED? A FIRST CLAM MILLINER TO 00 TO A ueigt.boring ? lty. Apply at 378 Bruadway. 117"ANTED IMMEDIATELY?TWO GOOD STRAW HA? TV and bonnet ureisers: (t>od wages aud lull time ean bs made. Apply to Clias. G. Iluntley, corner of Broad ajU Fulton sis .. Newark, N. J. 11TANTF.D-A OOOD GIRL, TO COOK, WASB TT and it on. and to go Into the onntiy during the sum mer. Nun - n< c.I apply unleaa luliy uoaivcu at. Can at No 38 West Mia st. WANTED? A 8VAI.L GIRL A BO IT FIFTEEN YE Alii II out, toi<e>: in Asafiib i noik and ou tulle, mm be nea", smart, and a good tetter. Inquire of Dr. Bunas, <1 Great Jones at. WANTED?A HEADDBESrf AND CAP MAKEB; ONE wb'> ?nderirt <nd* getting np m w ftyle*, an t ha- Iwi In a lir*t Pl??? establishment. Aadrcat,)"it l?a.d, J. W. C An<1eri<>n, OKI Brondway. W'AKTED?t MMEDIATELY, V> A I.(Xll) DRESSMAKER. Inqnlre M 111 Went 24tli at. ANTED.-TWO" MPBK1KNOE DMII.I.INERH AN! one s??d drraamalMr niiiitel at 1,21s R:o. itwaj : or dinary one- n?t de?tred. Call on Friday. "\1T ?Mn:D?A8 COOK, WAtfllEK AMD IRoNER, A Tf reapecUible. iip.iI and tidy girl, om-<rho understand! milking, to ;0 lo HtaU-n Iiluml lbo*e who bavegoid < i:j reference apply at 1(51 Eu?t IStli at., alter 10 o'clock in LLt morning. . WAN 1 ED-A NE*T UlRL TO DO THE WOKE OF M ?mall faintly mid ai?l-t In a atore; a x<>ot how f >f i nice girl. Call lor two da>aaillU Hacked it., tkiulli Block Ijm WANTED?WHEELER k WILSON'S OPERATORS and bastera. Uood handa only ftiTlj at 171 Duanc ft np atalr*. WANTED?TWO GIRLS; OXB AS GOOD COOK <raaln r mid ironer; the oilier aa chambermaid a lit wall it ?a lor a private family; mu-t thvtuusbjy uadeiaUM their biudiiem and bring good rofarencea from lavt tima ilona. Apply at 31 CUulou place, UtU ft, from ? to 11 o'clock ?\1TAHTEP?A GERMAN PROTEBTaNT OIR1* TO DC 11 till' houacwork ol ft (mall Ameiican family. Apply ?) 80 Lexington are., from 12 to 1 o'clock. Masted?v smart, tidy giru to do cenerai bonne* ork, in a *mall family. Apply for two day* If Lafayette are., eight doora caatef Bodiord ate., Eruoklyo. HfANTED-A QIRL. AS CUAMBERMAJD AVI! Tf oura. ; German preferred. Apply after t o'clock all} Wait Mih at. . Wanted-a respkctuble V<>cno woman, to l ook, waah and Iron; one who la w4BlM( aad able M work aad oau bring ?ooU teattmoniala, Ac., My apply at V* Bowery. , WANTED-FIVE OIRLS FOB OBNBBAL HOPS* Work, at* cooha. (our jearnatrayet wapied, ihu taornlni for good plaeri. New Tuti ifeifUfBMBi Om, S5B Alb a?., uat*a iu Mlh a?d 2iih aw. 4,6M Po?t 8%?, ?utlng rtmuarrattofe, tm. w-Xpgo-f r?h" tjsh it litierv ind (%M&f W0fK jwufli>tiHip^f^MN ptvvoM vAOfJijaSuB^ii zSSzxst Broukl>n ? i ? ? UTANTED?A TOl'KO OIRlTO DO OBJflWAL HOUSB n Wk. oood <*VJ rtfcwnoe m'Unrt. JayilnalM b> o..v i> 11 uunion >fc , i , j. p wa>tkd-a woman wc^^ipji^ro i?o? W^HlKTKD a cook, WASIIRR A1C0 IHlOHBR, to OO wanted-an american, SCO?d, OMUfAM OA In wln?'*r W?|K"U'>. iujwm w4ssu.^s"?5sw^"~^ It; to go In H><" country Cltniun |tl?i* after 10 o'clock. WAKTED-BY A SMALL FAMILY II* JERRBY city ? tirlto do paotl houwwwk: mufi tea I'**! cook waiher and iivuei, an.l wUUllg to n *ke h*i? li ??-n.-raII) JSrel b. Am nto. befor, U o'ulock, *1 lt? avuntc, wMWH., M isatjb^aa. ftfhp ,"s;r'w!rvc rksqatsawi o'clock. - ? - MvlMTKn.A? AMERICA* WOMAB Ai BOC?B w -p1k2sa%ssr'b!ma?esb! ?t. biiwwn 10and ? " , .... ? w"00,,w0"

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