Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 3, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 3, 1862 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE} NO, 9367. NEW YORK, SATURDAY, MAY 3, 1862. PRICE TWO CENTS. HEWS FROM HOBTH ?AROLHi. The Capture of Fort Macon Officially Confirmed. All the Guns on the Side At tacked Dismounted. Wilmington, N. C., Reported Captured by Gen. Burnside. Details of the Battle Near Eliza beth City, to, tf., to* fofrriUBB Monoa, May 1,1869. Boa. I. M. iMirfoa, Secretary of War:? toe?Captain Worden, of the nary, with despatches font Geaeral Burnside, haa Just arrived. He reports fcort Macon taken after eleven hours' bombardment. I"oor hundred prisoners were taxen. Colonel White, lata af the Ordnance Department, commanded Fori Macon. Loll ob oar aide one killed and eleven wounded. JNO. E. WOOL, Major General. yoRTBias Memos, May 2,1802. fit* steamer Julia Farren arrived from NewberB thin Burning, having left that place on Tuesday. Bhe brings the malls and official despatches. AH (he previously reported particulars of the capture ?f Fort Macon are conllrmod. The fort surrendered on Friday evening, aad all the stores and ammunition, the latter in large quantity, were raptured. The fort was garrisoned Immediately by Union trcops. Everything was quiet when the Julia Farfen left, there was no other news in that vicinity. Only one man is reportod killed on our side during the bombardment. The enemy lost seven. The Wilmington Journal of Wednesday has the follow ing in confirmation of the fall ?f Fort Maoen, telegraphed from here yesterday;-* We have Just learned that the Are upon the fort was opened at a quarter before six o'clock on Friday morn ing, and that the engagement between the fort and the federal batteries was kept up until seven o'clock that ?Toning, when the fert "became wholly untenable, ana Was surrendered, ae before stated. All the guns Inside Ike fert, opposite to the side attacked, were dismounted, had all but three of the guns bearing upon the enemy's lee were also dismounted. The enemy's central yof breach tag guns was within eleven hundred yards of the fort. The right and left flanking batterif* were more distant. It turns out that the report ef fifteen tt our men having'been killed in a scout some days eince ?gainst the enemy's pickets is untrue. One man only free eve* wounded, and none were killed until Friday ieet, the day of the attack upon the fert. From other ?eoounts It is gathered that during the HMmbardment of Fort Ifaeoa eeven rebels wero killed wad a great many wounded. Colonel White and one hundred eed tifty men were i<e tUased on parole by General Bureslde. The Petersburg (Va.) Jkprtu,ct May 1,says that* report was onrrent there of the -oejture of Wilmington, H. 0., by General Burnslde. By the Julia I'arrin we have the Union accounts of the ?ght above Elizabeth City, previwly reported. Genual Beno was despatched by General T3um?ide on the 17U1, With five regiments and four piests of artillery, an pre-. Vtously stated, to Elizabeth City,'thence to move in the direction of Norfolk. ? General Reno landed at Elisabeth City, and sent Colo Mi Hawkins by a circuitous reute to get In front cf the ?Demy, and followed with a part of the remaining foroe After marching twenty milts the enemy was found in* trenched, with batteries In poeltlcn In the edge of ? wood, Which commanded the approaches over the open fields. Coined Howard, of the irariuo artillery, in ad vance, tired upon tho enomy, wd our pieces were put in poeltion for a throe hours' artillery drill. Colonel Haw kins' force got astray, and found themseh es four ulits Id General Reno's rear. General Reno Kent regiments to the right aud li ft, to outflank the enemy, the moveinont being finely executed, SAd there was a prospect of having the whole rebel force. When Colonel Hawkins came up, Goneral lleno ?rdered him to the right; but coming into the open lie-Id, lie charged on the enemy iho bayonet, appeared in the elearieg, and rocehed the fire or buth Datterlea at>l fell the retei infantry. Colonel Hawkins we? wour ded in Ae arm, and Adjutant Gadiden killed. A charge was then ma le by the olhor regiments oa Both flanka of (be enen.y, who was put to rout and re treated to the canal locks, and iheare to Norfolk. General Reno this cue of the most brilliant ?Shirs he ever saw. Our loss in commissioned oftoers wa*?killed one, wounded seven; non commissi mod officers, killed two, wounded thirteen; private* k.ille<t six, wounded forty. General Burnelde positively ordered General Reno not to advance any further toward Norfolk, the object being to feel the strength of the enemy la the reur; so, after remaining six hoars on the field or battle, be rum ned to Elizabeth City. Having not euough vragons, and the men ?eing exhausted by a severe march, seventeen of our wounded were left on the Held In charge of a 3urg;on, With a flag of truce. These have arrived at l n dress Monroe. The enemy's loss is larger than eure The dag of of to lay has not yet returned IMPORTANT FROM TH? MISSISSIPPI. ??ported Capture of Baton Rouge, the Capital of Louisiana Preparation! 101 a General Attack on Fort Wright, Ac., Ao., ire. CniCAOO, Mi; ?, ,8bi A apecl*l aeipatcfc to the Ch.osgo Tritium, freta Cairo ?eday, - From thefidw< Ita.-n of(A? lapturi of B*lou Hv */n ana *k* CwfedtraU tmnaI. OiJRJ, Hay 8, JMi. I"be nscrUrs beiew oontlLue firing at Kort Wrignt it (atervala ef tan mtnntea. '"onin&Jore Koote is prepar lag for a general altaokoa the r?b?l works. An attack 4S eur Beet wet wpwwd on tneeday from ihe robel gunboats. Our flotilla formed to Una of iMt'e, but no OwBODitrattoni war* ma lt. Tbe river It stationary, end eight Inehes btfebar than ever before known. ffha Rebel " Sltnstlon" on llae 91lMtaatpi?i> fCorrerpodonce of t.Ue Kichinnnd Examiner, April 'J7. ] Msstrms, April 18, 1S02. !f>lar.<l No. 10, aa Tar as regards Its future relations to the Southern coufcdorary, is also among ?'the thing--: ?bat wrre." It* r'p/Vjr tind etevm gunboali and tmnifoiti lav* rank, twelvt or ffteen hundred inm hart beer* mad* priiontri, together with Geuural tfnckall, aha commander, and tha remainder, who fscsped, nre aow straggling into Mttnphis ii> ifju.idi of Arc, ton or tfl J, as tiio ana may be. Scores will doubtless ba drowned In the bayous nr iert In tha caut brake*, wber<', la many instances, tba rnon hare to wade for mil-is up 4a (heir armpits In wuler. All our forces bad b<j?n remover! to tha rrMa land from tho Hand, and hera they were surrounded by 'he aa<l hemmed in beyoi.d tha bona at rum, fg ?*l>t in ludirldual eases. Tha surrender took pl-ice on Tuesday morning. Tne fliat o<>t.l(leiition of duo^er was the prt'ience of a gunbout, which Ot a itaring manner had sr<;n the gauntlet uf the ba'ttri,? during u /form onSaiut>tiiy my/d. Tlien li-ni*|Hirt? mid (roups were thro\rn through ? cannl thathad ba> n em on the Missouri side and nie-ged .Abu tho Mississippi be'r.w ihu isiand. Then fell our bat %erM>S, ona by cue, and flnMly the stronghold Itn.lf. The next polr.l of (!e<eiioe above ns is Fort Ti!low, and g%la Is snid to have been Miolled ye- lerdsy. Its josltton Is** strorg ouo, and, with a sufficiency of troops, may be Co ??iil/r/d impregnable, Ut after Uttrs, tritm it W* tc cmint iij-on anything at certain unit it ii prvvt dn. We are living, therefore, upon ibst " H*,*a *hloh springs eternal in ihe human bieast. ' U furl' Pillow falh. of eoum Mtnfhi* oe*? with u, and Item Orl'a 'h* fmndpriM <J the ftderms, cotnei m'xt on the. program* I* Is not provable (list irith Ui? rich ?Irull ee ne'irl)'/etdy to pluck, the enemy will stoi? with Otit seaie ninhe* demoB^trail?in, or that a ampen,j0us *ti"fl will sot be i*'Ut forth to vAfore the twytton* vr t\, mU e?l'.' Yvt, fW )*.Vory llttla pjni'S >u WSIUphln however. Tht ftpp'e ,Tt ifiticQv, V Mi tUmoti tallmtly mntiiipiHno <fte wor A [Correspondents at tteM&mmi Dispatch, April 27.] Mama. April 16,1862. 1 bear, from soarMf SLppoMd to b? entirely reliable, that a considerable body or sasn hubNo landed by the federals above For} Pillow, on the Forked lteer river. The transports ware enable* to uoeed (he rlTor iom distance, owing to ltd fcljh Stage of the water. The forca Oiert lanaxl icalilm ask t$ invent the fort by loiul, and will o^raia with Ou cvnboaU on the .Vtniuip mi. Fort Pillew, as you have bJMtofore keen In forme J, is situated Jua) abovo tlia mrjthof the Hatchie rivor, and it seventy uiHaa iv,>?s Moajhla by water and thirty by land. The enemy la cMTfcy Valeting Aroai the lower Tennee ?ee, through Paris, gc;.\j3 Mie country towards the Mis sissippi. They J*a ireyoa the depot batldings at the Heary station, ca titHera phis aad Ohio road, on Patur day, together ttIO Uv j oar IozSi of government stores. Tnelr intention laaup>;;.iJ4 tabs to oooupy that part of the Slate lying a!>"T? 7ct\ rilbTr and between the Iom er Tenaensee and Hia3iM.'?pl 'Avail, and gradually to ad vance os He?ph<i. news mw mmu monroe. Reported %^mfion of Co rintfe Memphis. The Reikis Jnco^alaWe Over the Loss #/ "\fe :y (hrleans. Execution d.r a Jmon Han as a Spy m ^whaaond. Resignation o? Befcel Naval Oit093f3, Ao?? %)ij Vo'.anaKtJIosnw*-! May 1, 1883' Tho weAltev ?HiS./ li -.rarm and cflear.nnd highly fAvorab'e for ih? ojwMlsaj of tbe way. Three or four rebel boats lands -.Voir ?9?aar?aea ?? Sewall'u Point thia morntof, e~'l GttiMl to * >l*tf?? buoya to mark the ehancel. s .. A *a< or trees Aasi ULaad thia afternoon broittbt tiawn an ajlish Sparta aad several newspa pers By tills arrival *v J "?? famished with farther psr tlcvdara of th-> altera Fori Vaoon and aometMng iwlditioatl With m?il ?? Uw f=*1 01 Kew Ortow, to getherwlth othov !i',e?A?lingUosn?. The Norfolk Day -Qoc-j of tttfa (Thuraday) ?ays that no talcpastts donp-itohea wara received last n'gbt. An order fcwa l*?0709t Slarabal Pa3haw prc hibUsallhuotiiorlni ila military In the d'atriotAf Norfolk, and tto af silling poultry, giwa, f.!.h, ?r*U. YAfetablej, fca.,i3 rJ3irictad to tho*o who rats* or catch the aaine. AtsiMr ordw asteada tha privilcgs of briiglngoj-iUrato train! srosaMayl to Juwl, and ailowa butchers 'io try perS. In regard to thA /Jorrtu sa, a a^JWk eorrespor.<l?nt or tha Patawbv.rf 7~?; : V-'*3*- data* the CWttor April, "* Ail were axpajMHj W ;?a? something from tho Virginia this morning: "ant ilio MotTg1!i i/tv Book is as a ilea. aj tha upon tlUouV ot. J fovbair to r*,>e;it romnns. Wbat tha runiOTi v?rorroa to In the ah ova paragraph are may poaaibly ha inferred from the tuut tfc.-H * ruiuor wa?taken frora NorSallt to Petersburg ycstai Cay that a very promu.em zs7al e-jot tod rasfcuad hi* .omrab sioa. . aha Peter?Vs\j iieyfM ?>? to-day says that many rumors wore in circilatton y Ktarday, a raoae the m a re port of tho evaoa?tf en of Memphis aad Corinth. The Richmond JK-psjdk of to-day sa>s "ti.aV the parte on tha subject of a eccvoity of rood U one ?T tho m<?t causeless imaglwAU Tha road from P.mviUe to Greens borough is rapidly censtruetlaj, and will open North Carolina, TenneaoAB and -jvki Georgia and South Ca ol.nn for supplies to feed 'ho vrfctfa State of Virg'.na." How causeless the pwio -oe/o allndsd to is may be inferred from I i>a fact ;h?A tn r-ijoinlag colaian or tho same paper is chronic's.1. V - o ?ale of butter at %i 4C per pound in the city maiitct. iix Yankoo*, saver dono.itlo traitors and ace roer.'ant Ojnfodtrato soldier ?rrl7)d in RtchtnouH yesterday. The ?'vm?r be'oag3i . j m Ohio ragime^t, atd v.ero tap lured in Bath <:Oua*j .Vi.-jlaia. The Rielinjonl Z>v; -J.\ ot ya?tarday racarda the esa cutlon.aaaepy.oii iho 28th of April, of Timothy AVab ctcr. Mrs. VtebzMv, who wna arretted with her hus band , is BtlU at Caatlo Godwin. Webatcr Is i aid to be tho first apy y>t arecu'tsd by tha rebels. TVtat if tlie federal gorerumant should .oDramance h.tnj-inf -pUa ? There are no tslegr:.?hlO Jaapatchss ia any of tlio morning papers of t}-Jay. The following cMitiinal llama regarding the tall of Now Orleans tiro Cnl va ba aleauer*. frous tl-o papcra:? j' Comiacdore r^-r?.5UV hvl proposed terms a enpiciia tionto M?7or Mon-vs,which tho lati?r had accepted, ar.d the city of New Orloma wa at last accounta he'd by absttalionermnrlc^Jits.a ttaanuadroii. U-nerui But if.r'aforces were wf V.n a for? mllw of the cUy, 'a^vi'.ig landed on l^e Fontshsrtraln. A roto from Captain Hmry A. Gada^en, of the atearn sbip .trr.^o, ia:orxi ?y J oorreipondei.t tliat tliero is no iruih in t'-c trihl'.iheU comnunicatlon signed R. B Crosby, in referoaC. ?th9 .tttDmptof two b?ta' crows frem ihat se?-.;l to s.H"'n iattory oo Sewali s Total a f?w r-lgb'i t -33. The ^ntlaam aame-1 aa iti cliarge of the boatr?Meean MoLr.wi endBsckett?are jfileersoti *h# Ara.c- hLt O ???;. itsrjja bknow n on beard aj It. 8 Cro?by ^ ? lolcrtriti# vu r+;.:xC. At Norfolk yesterday that r?p:*ii MoTntcsh, auTnoJca coiaaisnder of t1i?> ^un t>Mt Louialt^a, nt iJ'fi Or.?aa3, had bew.i badly r.ound ?4_wh?n or tri ors rre rot oUt*d. Krot i t'uo -ime aoarc* it wae *JJ losrnad taV "iptai.. Thom.-u H'.jer, suppesed to l a thr ccrmvv4?r of th?' McK ie, waa oor taliy ?reuDfl??r T. t*jOK-??ma?,^cAt. Vrcm tha Pet?:3bi?i - -nd Norfolk Oa t J*.-'. or to-dry I gioa.- 'l o foi!o7!r.t*a?aoa:? ?iersia1 TrenM ! and ;or*a hundre<i T'tiior. pr wroia bad srrivid a? ,:r Io..?, '!?.bJtaa. Tue etTirerE trcre t" b? stut '?? 7 aaf'. tSc rrivitaa to Mrr.t|fem.*rj-. A larte fra rr;U'a AbJrdean on KrkVty 1"*t, '<} which ? ia foundry ut< 1 machine ah? p was destre yad. Tbe editor ata'.v "?b. t an er.omy hath ? one this." The ratals on Ir.joasoUMaln tholr ?railing oTor 'tie fall of New Oi >'"3, aams oharglBg Get srsl I,e\ ell tresther; . ?.or-noior; Doilina paase.i through Colum bia, 9. C'.,?!?? oul srRbhrtoad, ea ? lurday. I'e ex pressed hlrr' el' *-i ?"n"octly naaiod nt tho fall of '.lis Crescent City. Hint-to' that thora aero one hurdred hsary gnus jMl': i ?r. '.hsieveobelwern l"ort -T?. ? n and the ri'y; the' t>.a tuu?2iaja-raa r?adyand rr^iiii.g tirrt lumero'io heard b? p?>".?09, composed of active ycrg 10*0, "tro cr^ankod to board ai d tnke the nnt.'.n al veaaol"?ftt tr.^irfia, aa-J that th? Mlsai-slpi l, t'ue causortof the Vl-^r.ia, although uamittbed, co J.i, If n*cess?ry. he bro -jht Into action. Tbe i ?be! Brljallar Ql&dden was auu> unoe>l to have died ron vra-riia rocJlred at ^hilnh. Faanuw Moxa >r, Ma> 2,18i'd. Tha Frev.?U wai' wtjamsr Quaoadi aarlred from Wu=b (ngton tbis afternD'>n, Three verii!;?es from Norfolk Isft lastnlgM in aro\s boat, arriving At ?n'.f-?:ujt eayoa thia ? orning. Tliero is ;ittle news, exjaplo rspetltloa of pre*ious ropirt?. Commodore Tatnall raDOlred sealed ordera i-n Monday, and sailed; but,opening tham inlllzabt Hi river, found lie waa ordered to ran tho blockade au.i proceed to York river. Ha thereupon roturnodto Norfolk, and iaitne. dialely raaigued hia cs.nTalcaloa,togatner witii hii cldaf odlcera. There woa genera' asp^atation In N???To!k that tlie Mer rlmac would como oct for Ihe loat tbr. e or four days. RftUigesa e-> tbot itareftro asveral hundred Unlnn men in Norfolk known to botsuch, and many otliera, who keop quiet, including ?any of tho aoldiera. Tiioro are tlx or seven thousand troops rador General Kuger between l'lg Point and Norfolk. Three eompani?3 In ?)rUznouth rehollod nnd stacked arma a raw daya alnoe. It io alao rei>"rtcd ih .t part of (jeueral Uagr ider'a forow had mutinied at Williamsburg. A torpedo has basn oonitrueted At Norfolk?whether recei tly >r not is not .ttatod?calculated to be mansxed toder water sy om tnAa, and be propelled by him under ibe v"?Aei tc b? deitroyal. 1H3 ?Ai 1 ?o bo iva iraiT r?al ton(t. PROBABLE RETREAT OF BEAGBEGARD TO GRAND JUNCTION. Slap Showing the Position of Grand Junction and the Different Routes Leading Therefrom. TENN ESSEE 4 A L ><& & TH ms$\s\mtppi ?< IQRENAOA iu'i ['ALABAMA ^ ? W/TEflSfeSOM THE FLIGHT OF THE REBEL CONGRESS. TU?? Utchmnnil Prt'sa on ?l?e 44 ?U?j" of 1 ho Member*. p'-roin the Richmond Kxtinilner, April CS.J Tf ttfne ho any mod.'pr no oiitraKOOM <iy linr? IhiJ. ho c*'t Mt tllithi under any . Ircum itaaoe* whahner, I nay ' (bin 1 whl.iiwr tlml noC'ly without int ntlon to :?'* ' oil-nee ] to niiy bravo tn#n In U-f nation), I ? ay, "r r.ith?r, 1 <\ blip r, that he l< au Ign ir:u-; follow, ami hath tie it iviid Homer, I norVlntll, nor Itno'.vo ho auithliT'ot 11"< tor an.! Titrnns; nay, that he I* nnncpialnt-l with ihe history '?f ;ro:u 1MB living, who, tliCUijh hrii*.o as 11 itn, I'.y, a?, tlyers, liuV5 run iwtr, tlM Ijtied known how ffcr, and ilto JjOrl knowi why, to tiieisurprtsa of tholr i'rlen'in and t'l# >nitortaliiuiet. ef their enemies, By such reaaorlng does th? f<timo'/t*l PieMIngJnalTy the "falling back" of a farorlto hero, cnl in Jtxrditnfl l; (jootl film for ike Mtpersion qf our '5.ti/?i' ell'?net I/O v nii?Ve.uite, %e. <-an <??tl none bote/. fLey, <?.o, \ac : it ;i b aoe a* lion', eye, at li'jert; art, alas! they, 'co, na*~. run away, "the. Jjor.(,\nov? why, ! i Nit ??!;/ )??' toj th ~ir frieruls etui ilit cut-ri<x>mu-uI of U.<ir enemies." K would Vc, i? wore n*t3aJ, to and hoar their proloutfl that tho opinion .'h'y ran ,'rom "ap preheniiioa"vas altogether au "out*>'e i.ios," aurt thit their adj Hirtiueiit wm ilue to the 0>\ple fact W, ?.'or gre*sadjo>m-cd because f?ngr?:i; )t?i"no mr>"e kiifijne*s to do," ?jiKZt their record ihnvs thai iht tariff hiu<fj in me diaa, hi ndred am! /b/'y-ii'tt; mih'laty /?uui. sion* Idi tx.'./'.'tted on ihe U.b'e, iittd while iL.tiri.ig to ?? Tii'/triflr. nf th ? tir.;lu, nt>i Ui-ii he . e'xrti: l u.ni0Ktl a wtnJj^r <tf oitl', Ih' U'l~t of iivv,i /.( iiaii f\* Vitus* to relate, ?v.,- Congrtt* hie iiait In in r ire. WinU *' occupation ctrtaiii'.<j ?kw n-il <14 rt >n if ilit tcampering I'Ajo -.riunmi, an I if ?,n()pr<ihrB:):oii" ito I xothing ou earth to do '.Tiih ft, r. wo s o b*"jn-l in polito ne--;to Relieve, tlun the l<ord ?po\vh wh/Congr? -sin Rotio, vid the Jx'r?l :.nowo h*n v'ou^rr a wili'C'inie haok to tic. We k?ir"> that oil othor '.er'????? faP.iclnnonlirho Intend to preUr'Uight V) light, !>? ?*-'<t .??? .iy bain dan^or, '.rlll'io ? hatthfydoiu that \r.\y hie .i- v. i'.b O'.il. |i|ireheu: i".i" 'ir It' l'.li-ht ici.d I'.illr, i' will lio'. bo x. 'ituldcn iutiildo. Tl?i.c r: it"' the to in' itcii'ff !hil'. ti if tf rim's c e. vill f t ??< (?;/?< r.wUr (th'f'ip. Ab .itidm.t for a? r.oj?a;'ii:<'?iit villui:, oe I J. I b> the ci?T>tioiis ot ,;n<:h ftitvtrz v hoth iiarti^ 't.-.vo in the .icld. No l.irj<o city, tl?f"nd-. I Uy oxiefvlvo liiK-e cud m?ral , r?wt armiv ?, ?v-r wai or cnu aiiriit'L i'lcbtiond will al'.wi, l ho open I'll one iM?, M?! Uvm: "*.' ?< \.:r t to get <??* oi' it can do a. at)i :iajc. Il i ' ih xi her ?, ut i"mt, 'h Cnpff Urate ar.n' rt't ti / ?v.w. trf after lAirtunil ai'-auUmilor im ai.-'d b.i-lM .?c r.i uird .h y hum ii -? ????/?;/ t.rc in he u:faioJ, with u l.nov. how iv.atijr :htio mo, uor '.*?? ther ''j?y aro not mvito frigbtuMtd loan lbcir>plve.-. wt 5'TtOt the /\iltii y vf H'- .mi- .u', f it i ]il"c* at all,will i/c n fiu.f nww, a:: - hall 'pc rrll about4t. V>ni< borore I*. r.umea < i . )?tuoon?,t aro fore, gel out of bie.'i h iK'f-r:vc. J_' >J < p:nu: rt< is -vo/ th a ru it K '!'/<?> ?ll'hi ,>i , o last, fur th-; Icavinjof it, though it will ?. j> oruio niuuy Uiounamls oi its ?.?, v% Kl rot 6c !? ?...?< *f?? I *o Iho yovet umfiit i'.-jeii. Nnil 4 . :I1 c'iw ii f->r tl.* Kovermnent ??*t o? '/v? ^i?. ? *0 ? ? cape a load of rv ion aid i'if.itt>y s !? 1 :? wvt?<?: cruth the groat", t c u pKror ????! .'orpct tIt t h-.n 1 vor ruJed the world. Vh? j 1. ...i .? .??*? '? <'?ti!A <?? I JUiil Hat trill ' ' 'Jtihe/i'U of a- n,,' J1 <jr It I/O pittl/ivu a renounce & M 'he pe<<[>le?i'thc city and'hi ''try v*. 1 !?t f- -e t? il-j% by thu ocoupalicti of ltlcbmond, tlm i .jiaher.- .1 0 t.o\ a n n?ent weald B'.Jur n. >s? tlwu fcii> oilier 'adiviih t '*. and if thoj.'ba>? a itrapi of c .uo...;i -?n.o thty k'ie ?. :t. lleuci. it piay ho ?al> ly iire.lictvl tli.U tlioy w .1 Icf'n i this pl iro-.villi all the Tor.-o thoy ctvu c.'ii'.i aed. 0 bare no doubt but iho arraag?i<i?nli4 i f Mr. ""a.lolph are nicint and our ai ? 1*3 im cvroi >;?t to nu-et'ho ilcmai.ifci of iho orir.l.s. Svid!t:t: au<l ofi'corM I 1 w the ?UW>: and wiil piny lor it accordingly?. Many .1 nation liaa o id Its ri dtnijition to a d<.t t?lve , i?to; y uef.T" the t.-lis o!' lis enjiitf l. [Ki oto ihe jia'liniond I./jftiuli nr, Ao il ?\l. | Tlie ih:.|)erplon of CongroM, to-.'ay cuotiut '10 rc^ar^ed otberv.ico tban as a mo.-' imfciyil e*r". it h. v>i'tu> e.>nuii 'e U> all f/'KVJ. It U done h< the votf. uf tl.o ?on?.t' H of llmro \ ery Mr(.??* whi<-ii I t. o hMt\ lotidert in their prof'-t" Inns ?>f i- rli.tieu ? nil Tnt<>r. of them ti in think Hkb.mutvl iii?euin, Ik rtoiil the I jji oIhiI.Hhi/ of ert'.cn liny 1'iri/iWa '' tc'tPr''rilIJ*') ,',j Cliff of (l-fiti', an-i vi-h iO ?? .Off ?n th- ir n '( ?), I, i,l/i'io.l fh>Wthal tut>? jitift. 'Iliej* e.\h!Mt *i vti's wiy of tliinltlng a' 1 ae'uvr vision, a aiojt it .;????'?? ;t > c?iof ??'l:at ?i r ?^i'.g iiei^, anil aro ; me y ui ? ivrui.; tlir future that ii^< ch te Inm.T' ilt-10. ThoMCAOt Vir^inl-i '1 t thoi .l 1 t I --I' hm ld not he adt.ilited lata the head of any i"?.i < r autln-riiy in tLo Coufoiier.Ue tfttlr*. Ij the ? ;t fl-wj Vt;; I irt,iuia, 11 I'tfet tin .>?<.'<Jtj. ??'"<. C VI 0/ ih IV.'.". / h, J ; >. the '??>'!> i t 'h i ih' ) .') ,>??? ? c,ri ll ni in j ! /te0ii *'i'h t i oi 0,1:01 /io"iler I r u~_, vh('n hty init V".. <J' ^ !'? i ancriirt ?>' T i.^.'nw, Ju;iirurt to j,-i. ?:#?? trt ?'??<i ..?tt ?< "**'.>/? Qottiti/n trev'i'noi U r tf.p' IVsi. '.-.-ioti (<r the bor.h1. hi / iuw.i'i .he end of ,.'i? N'. ttlii.rn b"ril? If ?. ? ?et* . ? .?;>'? rf .th 1'ioy wou'ii ne, er j?if f.trtli i'ie gi,;..' til- 1I01. t.'*> n 1 tnaltln<;. i L'e" \T<nird bf r.ill ^ ?"???.; to !*' 'is g... it -i U10 cotton of iliMo if tbej ?..? nt rnd |:ii:."t hk.o. jf */ I o'in I'sriiUf Virt tnU4ho u?cn .icti 11 of t' .it . :r..nj in. ! wark will only ,tli'.hi-'1 w i h hot>., at<4'^.'w; and j fiedei'i- iv* b.ittio" */UI I"' i' tight a few *<?*" .'.iter n 1 tin* )ilantutloti?? of tbe ?, w.i.l T.'iei ..? of ch-ncef 'ift n-il t'"tt -r.y. Tiitvi'r'i j/aiM'/ .h'.S" ?ihhutjiei'efli .: for-1 ?n the ji-niii'iilr, .U'tu'th '1 rat i'vf thi'i in? 'iiri tc ?/ i',t <ti" h>.i'{lhtfhiu;l, I'.i'l'.lf jii-jUl only it ih't/ c i tare to h:ee t'l't iL To icavi Jllot-onl r.t 'io*?y n i'1 1 be 11.1. *rd 1- Biit lit1) (o or"'nin'yii ihn ir^ty il T- lot IV'I ur tn or.???..n,.- d.~ . help R cai ?? In . | 1 ar til.'].-r, n-ul !? d?. d "lore pru.lenl too, ,von: 1 b?s n>,. r ihlor rod ii e<'' p ?, u *o of r* 1 ? ? ig in t' r capittl III it it est t.ioil'cpti 1?" no |?iif<*r '?'??ided. It will i?e lime ouongh t?>gi> who? it i-. ao ictigef ; ?: -il?'?? to i<l'iy; at. 1 a'lei'l tSii''U^- . ?.? 'l*ie?vcM"l ?" pre n I dlii.H'J flight. I l'nt h- Rlrhni .fd Whig, Ao-M''2.] for "e?' of ???cii'"?ti 'ti i'i# railroad thu tmr.ijK'.leJ t on;,r< 11 lei t yi.'ie; ! it in a nuttier of th. tr> a'? land ner.e t iul t'Oni*. fi* ? Ii j.Uj jro drartti ly su iIim oi anproi ?w?f ?*? oft oiper. Tu ptot^ct the t a.r edera frou i'io ni ali?f| ai d b'lllfi'o^a tlmt abonrd n tig ibe line of ibe < *tiiil,ti"ti?rnl Winder li*s drlai'tnl ft f.t tuent oi la ll't to ipiirrh In ailrauoe jt tlio i.m, v ayr| oio?t' tho t.n.pat'' of the jiintt- ?. 'I'll# rfgiiient Ir armi d with |?opiri:ns of tbe lon^'Bt range. Tlio will* ? tcnipai v the i.i?ini>edei.< to a ?elude i c.v,? in tlio 1 ; >i n

talua 0 lli puK'ntil, and io.i?C Ihvtu thero in i bnrgoof the i h"ilrtn of ihe \ ? ?e, unlli Mct'lel'an tltlnku pm per to le? tl tw come forth. rhe!ad!esr?i n t-.? ton -o fence of their oounti y. .% City of flifusr. iTr-m lliu IMppateh, April 07.J in *, \ n., \prjl 24. Tbe prarent appoaranco of Dauvilla reminds on* vaiy fordldy of tho ciliur) of rsi'mo *poi:ru of In lhaOI41Vu Iitrut scripture**. I'roin hII p.irtri cif Ilia frontier aud m?. c>.v.t of till") f-'ato rtfugees am fin-king t > thle point. Alri-wly il.a hut-. '1 ait-1 ;>rlvatu boarding hvuga.-i u ? crondad. Not having nrtlripntoJ auyh nn prce^ilon to the!r population, tho riikleiit fitl/i-ns had not laid inauiL a supply of provink-n-i a-> would f e nufTiclanf In r that all may have enough. T'm ' ontablea ho'I very high, and the pri< *h iriva un upward t<hdonoy. Uut ilia country aronnil U riuhand l'ertlk',and tuKiczo, wblch lies far atunered all purpnaom with tho tarmerj, will kIvo place to??orit, pork, | as, potatoes, ami arli<:>?? mora easily dlgestud than tho *T??d. TliO Uttugo tuiml lit Working Order. ,vviu? l k, X. V., M?y 2, ISM. Ilia m i-l Itx it on tlio (Jawogo Canal ia in complete order, and throe loaded boats from Uiwego raa lu-d this city Inn nljtht. I*?-i-a?n:ll IiitelIIveni e. Mr. iMvId Kennedy, of Kngland; l\ Hunmord, of Crown i'-dnt, *. l>. I >ra-?. of ?icnt J. Jt. Junes, of I'OIH *;?l?<iuia; II. M. Wteno, ->f I'liHii.N-l .hia, W, V. Aiken, I nlCd Mate* Army: .1. Mc? uir?. of W eh iBgt Mi; J. H. !!'? h, T. I'v lan, of *t. T/ini -, nn-l K, I V>.,I'larlli', Of IkMtOtl, 1r? M"PP'IJ/ at kh? Met" >|H>' i <n Jlnttl. NEWS FROM GEN. HALLECK'S ARMY. Highly Important Intelligence Not Allowed to be Telegraphed* Statement of the Union and Rebel Losses in the Great Battle. Reply of toil. Grant to the Criticisms ou Din Management 0/ tftr Battle, 4fce., &c.% &c. < mKO, May SI11895. Tko a*w? fron. fitlAurg LMtdlng is of the hiS^stim nurtaaoo. Its tranami,-?ion oyer th* wires ifl G(Wf.l Dallas*'* division Ms taken rof.s?r,aim of Fordy without opposition. IHo oneray'i !aft Hank had ren4*d in that ta>*n. ?Sortrnor Vate? hft to-n?l.t for l'lttsburg with a* bonsai sf auuT and a largo quantity of .sanitary stores. ?A. rlraris stationary awl tight inches higher than ev^r before kuown. Vrr.vecK'l T ?'W>i>.:,Jlay 2,1862. * ?.?..??* ??*?? -?? ?-="* 7 41 "u luior >;aueral 'ill .mas' division from tl?* Vrmy of tha Ohio to iho Army of T?n?-ser. aid Major General T^m MtaVej .-omr-iand of th* a.-ny foruiorl> und*rQ?nara ,)rant,o which the .llvisimrt ofCeraralt M*'l*rrar.- and Wal'ao* aro t> conatltut* a re. :r e under G*neml >!?? r:?r--aiid. llr.jor GcueraKJraut will retain command of ma <i;itv!et, Including tl.o army corp. ?' Jennae:*, but in the !?wt Movements will act aj r.ecotJd in command ?>!? Major (>?r" rai oununaii'iing t?* Department. ? 'isi 'n.vati, May '2, 1!o2. :?*? r., ???-.w hai frou U? eorre. pomlunt .rith th* y?f General Ilall< I tba following offlolal Ugurco of 1 . i tho bat'-lo of 1'Ktsburg Tending EtM. >; ? ;.?rnuwlN... | uy. \t. jt: i.. w.v.i'oo* '-*? J, vr. IVaUaro* ?s J?< .^5 Hnrlburt;* ^ 4*2 i . 4< > i J i ? va* isw o,? i,6?a so n;i --- at no-. * ? ">r? uo* itjo" Vr nt:?s ? 4l() -r, V!.u!,'vnr>''V.3 012 1') IfflCooW'S ___ _ Total 4'044t 'l i t.tal killed, wounded au<i mUmiug is About ' ;!.e wounded nave aiiwo di*d. (.Kir bu ial parti-s report hatwevn 2,500ai]d '',000 r?be:S few ud doad t the '.old. L'witrogard 1.H not l-v Ann 20,00?)ni?n In , waunnod -.ndprlvr r saud ?ick,UB?d up.u.d parKs ntrickon during h * ;uoT?nH?t from ? oriath up-.niuta b,M' JAtt'linH- . . rt>? -al pabU-lMf pa.-. ng''"i of a tx'.ot from fl1.-,e:-?ir.r?ittaw.iy to* iinf- u.ln?him of tl.e catu: o of tho criticHm of hia mann*<unent of Mm battto uf ' Ittwbnr, landing. i.Joiioral ?ir-ui ?ajs: t. c ? amt do r. y duty ?? t'.io ^ ?>ry b?rt of '?y aWliir v , i rr?*o, and <o ad 1 can ... b,.n. .? war t -..V'Vi lam not n aPi'iiaut for aoy thing at L;.^ ? i ? .if l'u 'v .r. 't era ?? ouw th\n,;i feol vroil ...,? ?. li ? . >i udeii .. i?* awry ' :a o man m ?' .? ...a d'Vl..! il>o Hi....el i'-e ? >?'. Iwr wnl V-m3'"' br' -v v 1MM, 1. -thing Oo?M \? WW* -v r.',,-..,w "A'-* ri, '?-'???X;1:^d lha ii'.iii'ii r '. .in ?. 1 d-1 aoi fc l'?-,o. h-a-'vor, th > i~?sSsawan sr !"? r i. ?!'. :> ell M iriw, -t \t *f? ih-horta-t I M iuld h *?'7 J*' c'mv j, j ,'^r'y tre'-aU to tin id. ?* ' 1 ? ^ - ? '? Menufrw,rt ' ?r,wM* ,v Unimt Vr ???> tWt. !*->'? -i )Wpul?M an, April ?V] Our ?r .orK.itlon '? ??? I- 1?. "" >"?* ttl. n of r<>rl'.?i by reb*t.Vh..-.hwo yet oo tri'ieiai'.m ?.' tb ? > '? AdJUio,ai fans. iv rtation had beu i rd?r.l by Antral M, la. V rod i re varatl"-t ara r -aV' gf-rth- ro-.u . -m-. nil. > the faga ,., , .wm iiv ilw tin-allies ar ? tint lied ,t latbo v> ?.il b? in a da-ant -nditkm for travel, and, a kV. r e re- M-i.t . !o merM, ( tbead arcetrur-.i UdcUt.-d ? ngar tl.-tn v*y bo re "iirad la^' t.'.. tra wagon .??? h .r.e for whl-b j na Ntlon.ibatal' "t -?'? . . ba es'.eb ishe-l ?<? Vl'- ; N? < t, Tr itevv" *?' M-nil't*. ^a K.'i'i'-'-e i:' w,"'- r,ni,i"l back .... al'?U* <?.? ^"U ,h" ,rr! ?1 ar?nl, a-e ?e ') end?.Hor,nj< to wa-i trne, Pi tha bopt of r additional r.l. forc.m,nM The | gtV.emert lb t haww onHlank'd b> tlanaral ( 0l llunttv ill* ??? iwr, '? unworthy of being m down m a raa^m for thl' retrograde movement, foroen. Mltchel'. f.rce alona could not haya infplrad Bcanre army with any eanao of dergor. ny Withdrawing from Corlntlt, tha enemy j one of his Una* uf retreat, via tba Moiurt a.w oblo lla road, leaving him vBiy th# Mim Ualppt' ?tra lviiir.'ad an.l tbo Ml.^lasippl rivar. Both o, theaa will 8o,,n bo 'ire arW.os reverts, If, a. tve antidpata. Ha lata eurrvtaiul oparatlons of th* na jd llt?t of 1'orUr ?tJ l>.n-?ct aro tnarg*llcal1y Miow*d up. Indeed, I Is .,.ta .-..gethef wit of tUa range of probability tlnttliene oi e-ailinj bav* V?en tba cans* of tit* altorationsln B*au regard's p'ana. and ima b)y Ha io..y ?t oiica y;ansp?'rt liw f. i cei to th* 'ar fc'onlh, With tbo design of a ?rand roup for tl.e re a,. uaof Nar. Orion..*, .urrander p,g Me:n'>bif ?>* * militnry n*ce?ity; though we ran hardly tliInk be would do tbst. u Hi* retreat of th* *'iemy from Corintb la a pn'bllo cnfe.alon <f hla woaUn* . In thaW.^. 11a la ct -lety eornet-ed. Oua of tbre* altorn.ilv,s a p.o M.ted for hla aco'Mdanc*. H" tnnat HkIiI a: t.rand Juno lion or Memphis, ?urrtrder thogreater pario. Vk*na,. Kiwi, ippi.nd Manama, or di?i*r.a hla fo e?. the ,1 lemma Is fatal, nbaie-.-r boi.-a =s made. V. vii, . hst th? pob!1: *T|-e t.-'t-oa ^f a great battla on it# bortm of taMM* aud Mlsslnsippl ?1U not be unfulfilled. Dm and Wtherto boaatful arnij of Beauregard wM be troogbt be a stand, and pursued eloecly that H MMMMfl the ebtiNnge of Halleck'a In vincible troop?. Wt IM net U? iHghtont fears for the result when Uwi mat haMMSM, fbr (be secession hordes will be driven from petal to potet until they are oom palled to r*n op ilWy. Destroy'.^ Um ftArtod M he retreats, it will be ei e<>?<i|r;g1jr .iUHcutt toMtow hfca, while he can, If again deciding not to make* Mud, retreat at pleasuretowarde either New Ortssu erUoWto, compelling the Union army to make Kh mliaies by aWw marches, whilo he myee by railroad. IMPORTANT mm TORKTOWN. Opening Tire of the Big Siege Batteries QBrle tamy's Works. BombMbMtf M York to wa and the . JtofceMMpMii at Moucestcre '? **? Burning*#* BttBd Sbcly-eight Pounder on the Heights of the Town. The KeMa Scattered and Their Fire SUeeced, Mm fee.. t?. km Tcmtown, May 1, 18G3. '>11 Tu6e .ay a steamboat was seen with a load of troop* at Yorktown. Tbtj pretoafcty c&mo from Went Point, thirty ml!?s abore, kidkuUtag that the enemy aro being reinforced, instead of preparing to evacuate. Battery ;'o. 1, at the mouth of Wormalcy'8 creek, and commanding* the ratal water batteries at Yorktown .uiU <i!oi-tfster, opened faster day afternoon on the euetn>'? > hipping at a range of about two miles. The first shot, which waa followed In rapid sue cg?s!on by others, caused the rebel vesaeia to boat a baity rotieat oat of range. No damage was supposed to have been eucUJned by the enemy's vessels, aa the range had uot been obtained. the guns <r?re then directed towards the works at "Vorktown and Gloucester, with the view of getting a reply. They were not long kept waiting, ?.hen thj large pivot gun stationed on the Heights of torktm tent a messenger which ciused' every' on* la Jnmp for the treuehes. The lire wm new kept up quite brtakly for two hours from both ?Hep, with no 1nmng~. so for as we were concerned, a'though seme of thetr shells came too olose to make ;t plea-ant. The aooaraey of our gunners, considering this being the first attempt with the new siege pieces, %\ *? acknowledged by competent Judges to fie most ad mirable. t'ome of cur sheds were seen te explode di rectly oyer ihe enemy's parapets, which a moment be fore were lined with men. jWwut .sixty shots ware fired from our one and two huud.-e<! pounder ParroMs daring the afternnon. what U a mace tiu> ???? mm.S not known. Hie reb?<s opened on oar parallel, where the work men were employed, about dusk, throwing shells, at intervals, daring the night. No 6ns was hurt. Private <*harlcs Young, Company A, Twenty sixth renusylvanu reglmst, was severely wounded In the kueo la.<t night, while cb picket duty. liiMvy .*.mH showers still oootinue to visit us dally, letardiurf i n a consider able degree military operations. Two deserters belonging to the Mississippi battalion, commanded by Colonel Taylor, camped Lear York town, deserted last eight while on picket duty. They are both Northern uwn; bat they ean give little or no informa tion. ?Joiierals Johnston and Itagrndor made speeches last woek to a'J thetr troops, oeMng on them to use every r\ortlon ! defeat the Northern invaders; that thoy I should never surrender so long as there waa a man left; thai if thru Mrr^Wri at BuMwi 'Kt cautt of ihi eon O h r >'"j ?a* ptm, ae tMp wsri ittn mined to re*t their caut* "nihil th-irlaM ftaMa. tseigeaut Planmaa.of the Fortieth United States iu.'an try, formerly second HsIsdsiH In the English army, and who div :i y.lrbed hfesself la the Crimean war, for which lie had nv >ais, died yesterday from a wound roceived while on C Ky to the trenches on Monday night last. t'oni:i.!e-?tjie alarm la by car Burgeons as to the ;urablllty of woonda here, owing to the peculiarity of tin clituai*. In view of this fsct, arrangements are being i,. Me to s< ud North all those who may be wounded as ?i>il< kiy ih possible. JV.AtK.uwnms Aiurr or mPotomac, May 2?3 P. If. Tl>e rt'xiis opened this morntng with tb?!r rifled ?:cl t tribute1. "ttlyalght-ponader, placed on tho heights of Yorktawn. Our * i liattery, of out hundred and two hundred pounder i'uiTotta, waa (ban brought to bear upon the only % .n which has given as any trouble, our shots falling orcr aad aromd It wKh avary prospect of lu l>?'ng .)i-mounted vary goon, when, on its tweuty thlrd di 3l*rg*,4k* wwmf'i pm burnt into a thousand j-i- - v, up the parapet, and making haroe with tha c-owd who were ooUeeUd aroond it at tba tima. V? le-i than tea persons ware stand,ng on tba parapet, within its feat of H, bwMia those that wara bid from v lew by ilia worka. Ika 4eainiotion of Ufa must bare t*?n o>n*?!erafcte. n uLi ww tha ooly gm. which tba rebels bare shown capah'a of -I'tag No. 1 Battery any barm. ill lr!ng to' their elds now oeased, while our guns ware mm -wi with renewed rigor, directing their shells tut" ths town. About oan hundred aboU were fired by our Run i j to two o*oiock this afternoon, when, aa If by mutual ?? r^e-tt, tkar all ceaaed. .M> .1 '. welve o'eiook to-day a rabal steamboat came Oowii t.'i* riser aad atteng*ed to land at Torktowa, but w.tA prera&tad by a Pew ahota from our hundred-pounder Parrott. The rabala kepi op a oontlnneas fire all laat night on >nr mrn in the trenches. The only cafnaltiaa ware the wounding iA Jamaa Inllooe aad Philip, Com ; any ? Thirteenth Now Tor* regiment. I lie la agata ploaaant. If It ahould continue you >.4n to lit out for atartltag asws from t hie quarllr, aa t io work laid out la approaching completion. 1 Ho. Company O, Berdan's sharpshooters, was >i .? C"' art eight on picket doty, and taken prl?on?r. i hr Kooatala Depart inrnt. Ol 'I'UT.iifi OP THB UNION PORCH IX TH1 KA NAWHA TALLir. Wwutuiro, May 2,1M2. \ <1a?, ?tch reealrodlaat night at headquarters from Central Co?, wf tha Kanawha Department, speaks of atlil t'o?Mnu?tl atom*. The roads axe frightful. lh? nows that tha aaemy Is abandoning Greenbrier county 1r credited, aa the movement la an Inevitable oon re>(uen<- of demonstrattona making in tha Valley. ,-tbeii- k progresses stoadlly bat slowly, owing to high waters. BTAVP Of fllKBUL KBiMONT. Chief of i-!a<T Ooloccl An*elm Albert. l op gr*pvj|' al Kngtneer OoioneJ John T. Fiala. Asrt. ??{,..I*ot Ueaaral Colonel Albert Tracy. < ImK f Cavalry Colonel Charles Zagenpl. ( !t,ef ( f trtilttry Lint. Oolonel John PUsoa. Judge Sulcata UansraJ Major R. H. Corwln. Aid Oatoael R. W. Hudson. Aid Lieut. Colonel J. W. Haraje. Aid Major T. J. Weed. Captain J. R. Howard. Aid Captain R. W. Raymond. Captain John C. Hopper. Aid Captain Cyrus Hamlin. Aid Captain ? Nordendorp. ?hmoa's vmptoN. if reui tl?s wheeling Intelligencer, April 30.] When I .-tfonant Governor Polaley. (icneral Samuel* Rtid t'olcnei rothers were down In the Valloy organising turn t."dor the reatorod gorarnment they met ncnorai llleiikot 'n .ilvUlonof the array, oompoeed of teti thousand ileniinDa.enc.tmped between Caarlenton and tVicelxwter. Tne> lixd 1m>oi me separatoa from their taute and sup pliei, and had beea forty day* auJ nights w ithout cover ing. iheyhad eaten isp everything in tha country e* rei.t the ret co raits.and had ooinmrnced ou tbem. tiene I'hI !I->S*cMBS, v ho had been detailed aa a ?iK'.-(al com jntnider to lu?l <ba divtstim out of tbo wilderne.-s. was hi-Aid lu any that ha had newr con a lH?ttoi looking ' y <r men or an anairiaore capable or enduring tha h.T ish'pa to ?Wah Ihiy sw suMect tt is said that <,i ? era) I - .moat tt aboat to Join lb i divH ?n. Highly Important Diplomatic Move ments in Washington. Results of M. Mercier's Visit to Richmond. Reported Consultation Between the Cabi net and the Diplomatic Corps. AN AMNESTY UNDER CONSIDERATION. NAPOLEON S SECRET DESIGNS. Another Effort to ke Made to Secure the Re cognition of Southern Nationality, Ac.. Ac., *?. Oar Washington Correspondence. WiKiiiKtmiN, May 1, IMC. About two months ago I stated that there was in con templation by the government an "amMity" measure; that then It was proposed to u(T?r said amnesty as s.xiu as our power extruded orer Richmond and a few othor specified places. Now, I learn?not In so many rds directly, but in Inference Indirectly?that the "subject matter" of such "amnesty" measure is actual"y unuer consideration, and may soon be issued, the whole de pending en the immediate success or defeat of our arms. I was told some time ago that such amnesty would be extended to all except Davis and his Cabinet and *Le Confederate major and brigadier generals, with a few prominent and eminent civilians. litis Is all that I know on the subject, and this I learned by careful, covert, and not direct inquiry. WiSitixaTuN, May 1,1S83. The evening before Iast*at eight o'clock, there was an extraordinary gathering, not In the form of a dinner party, or an o.Tciai reception, but in the shape of a grave consultation on our national troubles, between the Pre* - dent, bis Cabinet and the diplomatic corps. Tho impres. sl?n given to me Is that the business in band was drawn from the late visit of the French Minister to Richmond, and that at the bottom of it lies tbe question or au armis tice. It is believed that Mons. Morcier and l/>rd Lyons are very anxious to save the cotton and tobacco of the South, and they think It can be saved through aa armis tice witk Jeff. Davis, as a first step to a treaty ef peace. It Is bolieved, too, that Mons. Mercler, with the occupa tion or New Orlesns by the United 8tateB forces, has concluded that the time has come when, under tLe instructions of the Emperor, he may step forward :s ? mediator. W-ifflUJKiroM, May 1, lSt?2 1 have deemed It best to communicate tho following facta to you, that they may be used or not, at your dis cretion. Some of them seem somewhat in conflict with tbe views editorWIy expressed in tbe Ubkaiji; but I pre sent them just as I learned them. The rao:t intelligent French residents here are positive that the visit of M. Morcier to Richmond was of the gravest diplomatic charautor. 1 am convinced, from what I have learned from theeo French people, that tue Kmperor's designs on Mexico are at tho bottom of tbe wholo aflUir, and that in regard to this war all his gym. pathies are with tho South, and not with t ie United States government. These French people believe that M. Morcier has made a secret treaty with the Confederate government, which Is both political and commercial iu Its character. According to advices received here from Paris, it 18 believed by the French government that tl.e turning point In the war ho.s now been reached?that tl.e tide ot' successes will now turn,and that the summer cam paign will result disastrously to the federal arms. So far aa I can learn, this view is jartly based upon tbe fact that the Union forces will now have to operate so mach further from their base of operations, la a hostile A try,and generally where,th lrg inboats cannot co-opeiMfe aud will also have to uucounter the dreadod climatic features of tho South. They Inform me also that they know that within a few days assurances have bueu se< t to the French government from the highest authority, both hero and in Baltimore, that will contlrm this view, and that foreshadow a certain Union defeat, b>>th at Yorktown and at Corinth. They bolleve that tho ratifl cation of this treaty may depend upon the result of these two engagements. But they bollove that, In considera tion of a monopoly of commercial advantages, and also in consideration of aid of some kind in his Mexican scheme, Napoleon has agreed to use his good* with tho United Stales government in putting an end to liie war on terras which will tec a re to tho Souibci n State* an independent nationality, and that on the failure of the United Stntei to accept his mediation he will himself acknowledge tho Indejeniieuce of the Southern con'odt raey. [From tbe Richmond DHpatch, April 28.] "TI1K SECRET." The Charleston Mercury is Informed, on ucdoubto* authority, that Monsieur Mercler visited Richmond for the purposo of ascertaining the truth in regard to the Yankee promises to eonquer the Confederate States ir> Sixty days. Tbe Mcrcury learns that hs is pretty well satisfied of the absurdity of Yankeo expectations, and of the ability of ths Confederate States to ma)u!*.n themselves. Ills visit was made at the tugkectivc ct Mr. Slldell. We have heard nothing of this previously. QEN. MITCHEL'S OPERATIONS. Tlie Expedition to Bridgeport, Beauregard'* Despatch to Jtff. D??i? was Taken, dkc. Hi'kta ru *, Alii., May 1,1S62 How. E. M. fiAirrox, Secretary ef War ? Early yesterday morning my troops crorsed from the Island to the mainland end captured two vis pmnder cannon and their ammunition. The inhabitants report the enemy to hare retreated ir great confusion. 0. M. MITCHFT., Brigadier <?er,ora' BRIDGEPORT, Ala., April 29, 18- 2. General Mitchei attacked tte foroe of lienors! F. Kirlty Smtlh at this point thla after noun, and, r.fttr hafi aa hour's shelling, routed them, with the !oh? of atxty -three killed and a large number wounded. Three ban' prisoners eud two piecee of artillery were taken. The rebels fled across the bridge, burning a span lieyond tl o island, abandoning arms and supplies and cutting.:: tLeir adYancs, which had beon flanked. Cj.toiNKATi, May 2,1862. The Comnnrial'i correspondent, with Gen. Mitchell army, (ire* the following explanation of the manner l:i which Uen. Beauregard's despatch nM takon at Hui.ts ? ? die:?The wires were brokon at a point beyond Hud's vllle, and Beauregard's despatch was reoulrcd at Hunt ? ville, and was being prepared by the operator there ti. be forwarded by locomotive to Chattanooga, aad thru e repeated by telegraph to Richmond, when den. Mitchei surprised tho tewn, and la-Untly seized the telegra; h oflioe. Gen. Mltehel himself solved the cypher after hours of study. There is no doubt as to the goDiiineat^e of Ike despatch. Interesting from Mcmpltle. ArrrauwDBD attack rnoit tie federal ri iKr? - THI BITT TO lit! SWRNBtl, liTC. Cairo, May 2, ]?.?-.> The latest news from ihe fleet say It was genera1!.* I?e llaved the* a simultaneous attack would be made by the fleet berore the close of the week. Memphis papers of the 20th say ? meeting held the night before had concluded to burn the city in case of the approach of the federal fleet. Editorials urgently call on Ihe people to roltiforue price at Fort Wright, a* the only hope aud *Mr alien of the ?ur Movements of European Sftanttr*. H* i ipax, May 2,IMS. The steamship America sailed at nine o'clock u<? evening for notion, where she will be due onSaturdNV "The'steamship Canada, from lion ton, arrived hero at haif-pait two o'clock Ibis morning and nailed agnu at Ave o'clock for Liverpool. The freight stoamcr Br,tish Queen, from Liverpool on the letb April, has arrive 1 here. Hh? brings a du;> me of the America ? newr. The steamship i anada,bene* for Liverpool, will * I cfTOape Ruee, weather permitting, fsr despatches ?!>? is due there, abvot midnight to niv r*w n ght.

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