Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1862 Page 2
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FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. SatubBkt, M.iy 3 0 P. M. This h t3 been another very exciting day in Wall street. Money is freely supplied at tour per eeut, and the ?tr -;t bm-ines-; in Tre? uiy notes ind cer* titieates i-, v tv h'-avy; 7.HO note- sold freely at 102%, (J per cents at 101 and certificates of in debtedne-.-' a: -1!a. The foreign exchange mar ket clo ed firia '.t 112% a %. Gold rose to 102%, A vei v 1 ?ryo >. -iutas iu stocks was done ut this morning a board, and the market continued bnoy ant. Pai iii Ma.i 1 rose to llw?an advance of 2 per eeut men reacted to 1171.,. sold in the after noon a: 117, und closed at 116% bid. Government sixes at last touched par. Between the boards the coupon* wWre wanted at 180%; they closed par bid. Th railway shares were all better. Illi nois Centra! ro- %, Galena %, Toledo % lioek ia'uud 1, Pr.r'ri. duChien^. Erie preferred 1. Old Erie and Central w ere about steady. Betveen the boards t: e market was without change. At the accond board a further advance took plaoe, Cen tral roh-e to S7, lioek Island to 30, and other ?Uh lis in pr. portion. The market closed very firm, the foLou tig being the last quotations: - United States G'a, registered, 1881, 99% a 100: do. C's, coupon, 1831, 100 a 100%; do. 5*a,1874, 92^?a92%; Indiana 5's, S3 a ?; Tennessee G's, 59 a 59, Virginia C's, 50 a ?0; North Carolina li's, 0o% a 07; Missouri G's, 52}-j a 52%; Pacific Mail, 110 '4 a 117; New York Central, 86% a 87; Erie, 38 a 38; do. preferred, 0. }, .i G3%; Hudson River, :io% a 36%; Harlem, 13% a I t; do. preferred, 31% a 35: Read ing, 40 a 4o%; Michigan Central, 58 a 58%; Miehl gan Southern and Northern Indiana, 24 a 24%; do. guaranteed, 48% a48% Panama, 129 a 129j<ft Galena and i hicugo, 89% a 60%; Cleveland and Toledo, 43% a 43%; Chicago and Uock Island, 59 a 59%; Chicago, I'urlington and Qoincy, Cr?*? a 66; Milwaukee and Prairie du Chic a, 1'i% a-9%; Illiaois Central bonds, 7's, 89% a 90; gold, 102% a 102%. The Bub-Treasurer disposed privately to-day, to parties apply ing at his offieo, of another million of Treasury n le-. (7.3)) at par for gold. The limit fixed by law to the amount of deposits at 4 per cenk having been reached to-day at one o'clock P. M., tin books were closed.aad uomore deposits will be re reived unless the law is altered. The following wa3 the business of the Sub-Treasary to day:? Itccoipts $6.200.302 07 ?Kor cu-.toui - 13">.( 00 00 Tayment 5,257.914 BiUance ] 15.-JUT,107 65 The City of New York take9 out. 117,000 and the Tcutonia $335,000, making a total of $742,000. The exchanges at the Rank Clearing House this morning were $23,908,403 68, and the balances $1,410,673 02. The exchanges for the week end ing to-day were 1140,952,471 44, being a daily avc. rage of #2-, 1-2,078 57, against $20,732,73*2 78 for the week ending on Saturday last. The Nassau bank, lias declared a semi-annual dividend of thrco per cent, payable on the 10th instant. The annrnl meeting of the stockholders of the Milwaukee and Minnesota Railroad Company, for the election of directors of satol company, wiH be held on Wednesday, the 28th day ol May, in the City of Milwaukee. The annual election for directors of tbe Reek Island Railroad Company will take place at Chi cago 00 the Gth of June. The transfers will close in this city on the 7th of May, and remain closed until the 7th of June. The Director of the Mint gives the following statement of the deposits and coinage at the United Stoics mm lor vue xnoutii 01 April:? Deposits. Gold (ki)KMiU Trr-iu allrnrccs $153,375 Sliver at:d purchases 34,488 Totrtl do-v *?!?? tie7.842 Copter cents ((>. &) received in exchange for new uwu?... 1,905 GM Voirapd. Ao. of Pi-v'i. Dollars 154, 188 Bars 13 Total 154,2)4 Silver Quarter d. lUr* 25,300 fttmes 60.000 Half duiH-4 312,000 Bars 8 Total Cent* 1,000,000 Rr ?pilHhihitm. Ooldcaua|g 1MJ0I Bilvor 3S7.208 Copp^i 1,000,0>;0 Total 1,541,412 rahie. $154,148 8.483 $162,671 <1,300 fi.OCO 15,000 1,300 $28,200 10,000 102471 28,206 10,000 $200,877 Stork Excuauge. 8att KVAY. May 3,1862. ?35000 ITSfi's, *81, re?' 99>? 100shsPar\iSB<e.byo 117 4-1000 US 6 , '81, cou 1W", 110 do 117# 77000 do 1U> 427 do 11714 10000 do 100J?' 850 X Y Central !tR.. ->6 \ 0000 0 P ?'?, '71.c u 02 70> *T044 do 43 150 1000Try73 !?[?? ur? I 102-.' 100 6000 do 102?; 100 24000 d > 102J4 200 1OO40US4 (.lyearcer 99% 100 66J00 d > 'J*## loo 1000IU cm bd*, '79. #8 27000 111 war ! aw.... 90 do Ktt* w, do buu K6>i dtl S-!0 fVifi do slO 86',' do Id',' do bit M "'i d<? ^60 S(i!i 1.150 Brie RR :? l?o <!o i^x) rwf fiCOO lrJfi"i 6'" S3 100 do V>60 38 4000 Mich 0 '7s... ?4 650 do 37 Ji lOOOTeuO'a 40.... M loo do bao 37;; 10009 do 68$ 240 Kilo RR prof.... 62',' 50O0 do 4ft % |.*i50 do 42"i 13000 do .... 48 S 250 do ftt'i 10000 Virp-a art':-.bfO 4# 50 do f;;i) 62\ 3000 N Cfcroi :u >. a. 07 li>0 do. ?.:i0 ?3'a MOO do MO 077"0Harlem Bit....*.. 6000 Mis" ' ri 8's... M'j 26 do 4000 do ? 200 d.? 1KW 13;: 10000 d> b.,0 42<4 260 BodR!>M..M4 :vr ftOtM) do 52,>1 300 do 30 K WOOMOrMMNfk&IR CI' 15500' 'alii' r ia 7 ? . !?i 4000 N V Contral 7 ? ! >t 1000 Eric 5 1 in, w, 79 104 2^00 d > ... !?6 1000 KRU 1*1. mi . b? 89*4 4000 llur ,S V* t. 1m 88 10 do :sfl% 100 do ..b44 :!7 IDo Harlem KK pm(.. 34 ^ 200 do .'.'4 }J 300 Hrook'rn ("tr RR Hd 10 Nor >v War KR... 45 250 it*' > !m , Iil; ... 45 :;ooo llud It *: ' 100# 194MkrhCeu 10014 HarVm 1 ? mh '*i>^ 1000 Mtrit* 8prh,ol4 1"0 6000 ti . dm ?! e'o 104 1C00 ' ,?.w{R -|1< b 108 1000 N la Ic' mt?> 20,?0I1H ?n i?R Ik! aooo< in wiw.uu 8000 do 1000 Chr*yW2dmt 1" 100 r*o -:?0 *7>; 500 do 57'i aaOMiohf-ofc.VIRl:. 24 ioo TO 2oo s(',< ioo 5? #*) Mi . 50 17 S 170W do ?orso in 4000rhkc&NW ir.'h 400011a k 1 RR 45 looo T. *v mt?? ?<> S044 <U?vx. 90 7'*i0 ToliV, a.iu. ;i 1800<i d - 54 1000 Mt 22000 Mil.VPr 'U it lm 82 1000 (lal * rill l in.. 101 1004 <>al 4 |/M 2 m b 97 231000 Anc 1800 do 1?'2 >j ltwoo dto tifto 102 >4 5000 d >?> 10BW 70000 df>. .. .900 102)1 35 hIiS I!M ate of NY 44 10 Ocoau !!.*:.ic.. ...? 78 10 do 80 10 Rank M Anmrtoi. 103 4 Hanovor Rank.. 90 10 Irving Ban. 71 4 Hk or Ootanerre 04 SC VasI Rtvor I???>k, W? 2' Panama RK do V'>0 24 do V. 'J do... .'>30 'i\% . Su J? M U . 4H d> 4d-, 17 # >04 no 100 4'-0 160 too 50 100 100 50 IPO luo 129 a utR -m.MO ?il do hIO rtl do (il do ro 41 do >>.;.) do mo ni*g in 4lf d-> 61 >?' do b30 CU't do sr,0 #11J 'In ??'0 ?l'?J 104Clew iw ; rotd 2.V1 do .. 19 u i?< ler/'oifci 111 KR 113V ?I" .... 114 'a. RR... 69 d? brw ?#t< 49*4 10 439 <;al 50 110 50 2'? do "lo U3U CflC (to 2011 Cieve * Tol RK 700 100 100 950 40 Shoe k I eat r Bk 98 H 1300 do. I'.iO 4:t'( do 43* do bOO 4;('( do 4-j'i 'In 980 43 6 Com'w?a!tb Bk.. 45 250 Chi klfoklt RR. |0 Canton C 14100 do blO 6ft'; 4 Del k Il'i'l fa Co. 95 100 do 68',' 10 Pe?n O M ry> ... U 50 do blO 5su 125 C>nn'l in 1 Coal pff 8H 175 da 68? 60 do 8;< 210 f'bi, IJ'ir&vHit 450 d" 9 6 Mllipn du fh KR 28 w ?0 Ptolflc Mar -W (? lit 96 do.. 445 di 119 00 do.. do 0 117 25 do.. do ? ? llfi!< 50 do. 100 200 2> 40 75 40 do HO . !?'< <to . . ?*) 114 d., . 117'i do 2a# 24 >.j0 29X *1 MllVVf dnf'M?tp 41 50 MilhPr duCliSd p 41 3* do 61U 20 Tol fc W.ibawU KR 10 |70000U?t - rnooU sr. 1 tOi.'.o do. .. Sio-w US '? rf,-71 r/?o(i r , . ? livm-i .1^ IWJrW Vr7.49pel 4X01:; war' u ttmrkm 4 j, ' |5"0 > Il(*w Mm 0500 1 ibl 400* I'll 11 4 I! 1 totrv 90V" 117K UiCOM BOARD. rif n\ 2^'i ?hsN'Yr?nRH.b30 'i 99% IV) (10 S.HO lev 10" 100 do b.ift *)I{ rV't 180 Xf!? RR "1 li'l d 100 ."IX ri, '??? 8( AO d' 37'{ ? '? lw- . lOOHiilawl j!n 4 59 ilorhm till to.. 58?; 4<4Mf9ilcrh ftp. I rof. 2' 0 d ' M4 50Mich(entral RK, 47''; ' > > 5, , ftOMl'jhS,? < I ?R 2)\ 6" do 21 1 > K9MuWt^rK.!tkf:o ' v? ?4 199 do ; Si<, 52 101 !f) 91 RR 84' } .... U)( 10000 III On ItB bds 86 100 III Ccn RR ?crtp.. 01 k 15*00 do 89^ 60 do IkU) CI \ 15000 Atncriciui j; <ld. 102?{ 30 Cat & One lt!t... trj \i 20 slis AiiMtr Fx Hk. 9a M) d?> 1^0 6t>^ 70 lik ot Commerce. W '4- 0 Cieve A lolKlt.. 43,'* 15 Ilk of N Anioiica 104 200 do., 433u 113 1 ttc-HU; M SS Co. 117^' 750 do * ? { 70 do ]17'{ lJOChic fc Kk IslUR 5?* 26 do. bl0 117!? aoo dt 68 >? 5 do 117 luO do bU) f>J 400 K Y Centra! Kit.. 60 ^ CIT V CO.llJUCUdlAL KK?H>RT. San kiiay , May U?2 P. M. Floi-u.?Tho market was -otuc loss buoyant and active, while price* were I'luLaii^od. The salea utnbriu. -d about 9,000 hbls. WtiK.i; ?:>? iiua tivo; Hides 12,0i)0 b> -diets Canada club at #1 IS,ami 5,100 do. ted at il n'ixcd Wostern at f 1 25. Corn.?Sales embraced 40,000 ;burfmls, ut 57c. a 6Uc, for State und Wsstvtn. 1'obk was I 'Hfc buoyant, with Bales of 500 bbta. of mess at $I J 50 a$1- 75. WmwKY.?Sales 500 bbls. State and Western at 2ic. a 26?. SHIPPING NEWS. aima.sac ton waw tori?rnti oar. suwatsr* I 5">I *;>o* sura eve 11 53 sc.vsaw 6531 nn;u waTKR morn Povt of Mew Yorls, Hay 3, 1H04* CI.F.ARKD. Steamship Chesapeake, Orowell. Portland?II B(Cromwell A Co. Ship M R Ludivfe. Hurdiig Antwerp?J ff El tvelt A i'oi Ship Unci" Toby, W nt, KlUwortli?Nesniilh a Sous. Bark Lamplighter, Thouipann, Demnrara?J M Stmlh A Sou'. .11 K. rk Maraval, CrilUnts, Barbadu*?T T D wight. Briy Itrbeen (Rr). Flrkett, (lihniltn?(lome/. Willis A Go. Fr.^ ll?ioiai! (Br), Calfrav, Gliarlo'.lctown, i'm?C H Trumbull. Prhr Phebe. Morrow. Tenet iflTe and a market?DoJIner, Pmt-r A Co. Srhr D U Oewolf fBr1, FH?p?t rick, .'acme!?1> R Dewolf. Schr Htinnah D. Nick**ran: . Nissan?It F Small. S -'ii- Greyhound (Br), Gaum art. Rigged Inland?B F Small. Schr I.avlnla Jane. Keteham, Alexandria?Mo t Bedell. Schr G W drier, Ptilincr, Baltimoro?J W M Kec Schi Constitution, Smith, Phtla ?Simpson A Clapp. 8ehr John Jonea. Cor>on. Philadelphia?J W M'-kee. Schr Gl.oiona, Wheeler, Ph ladelphfn?C I) Ilorlbut A Go. Sehr Washington, Barrett, Newcastle, Del?T G Bcatoa ? Son. M W. r 113. Nash. Elizabeth port?8 W Lewii k Co. Schr Slhui Wntb>. Ailam*. Perth AmU>iy. 8' br H'd Rover, W> ?(, H?lt'ittt? Tt P Buck it A Co. Sclir B I' Cbane, *hnte. Bnnsor? R I* li-rk. 3 S. hrKii> S'Ktn, Merrill, Portland?W S Brown A Co. Schi T!m le. Hall, Boaton?W S Brown A Co. Bohr r ori n. e. Smith. Boatoi?W K Brow n A Co. SelirSu an. Hearse. Boaton?S \V L'uia A Co. Sehr I-irtv Adam -, Bet'y, Fall Ulvoi? Master. Schr Pir:irro. B iker, Hjannia?G 1> Hnrlbut A Co. SchrTrvall, Ailinw, Van;ticket?Mazier. tUtr-I -M Uark'-r, Mid.i', l*p,\idenee?I, Kenny. Sohr Caroline, K?<. i ?, New Ha .-en?II 8 Rsici.nt. < Srtir nenigmm. Bale, Nnrwalk?* Mi Itck-.' Co. Sc'ir S D.mleU S r.i;h, llarlford?Maflter, Slooj) Ko.-.-mli, Hay Jen, Hartford?Master. ARRIVKD. I.' S gunboat Sanl'as" de Cuba, Commauier Daniel B Ridgely, Port lioyal, SC, 3 day*. Si atiisiiip Klla Warh y (prize), in charge #r Lieut Oihson, Havana, v la Port Royal 3 i'?ys. Bark Bergieann(Br. oLAVw R"fw>), Ourran, New Rng<, I, ^0'lavs in Imll.iai. to Ahin B-ll'a Son? Brii! Wllllaui A Jan" i Br. of Sunderland), Wood. Bordeaux 30 day*. In liallan*. to order. Br? l!i saMU i'h Uclfn*t),Toot! aker, Say..a. April Jt?, with suciir, Ac. lo 1r T ''rookman A Go. Brig J 11 Kitui (Br), ColDU, Windsor, N8, 10 days, with p'nstcr, ?o D R Dewolf. Brii: Gnda tBr, ot St Andrew?, NB), Pike Ra>tport. ? dav?, iu^iallaat. to Unadte, .loana A R>i.|fce. 3>i in-t, fiO miles rsF. imm Rindv nook, glyfke brt? Mar/ Stewart,of Bangor, for New York. S'-hr Ar/.ac (:'m?si), Baaa, R iclielle, 2t> days, with wine, bran lv, 4c to M I.ieua i. Schi (i W llynaon (3 mnatx, of eag Harbor), Se ill, Matan n-, 1; d?Mt. with aitgnr. to uiast'-r. Schr Garland (ot Marhias), Norton*. Trlni4sd AprH 12. with migar. &r, to Thompson A Hunter. April li*. off Ivry Wear, wa* Ixianled by G S beW Balnbtidga. iTitix'iig; l'.Uh, Off Cape Klorula, ? a< l>v V S si?attier K a^invton, erniainc. Schr L -vi Rone i Br), Keller, Nl', April 19, to J B Bi:e<in. SchrKllen Brown. 8'nriley, Rlirtt?t'.in?rt for Fall Rirtr. Schr Am< Im. Lan ?, Eli/abeiiiport for 3f?? Haren. Sehrt: L Holav MrfJai. Kltzabetbport far FallflCiver. Schr Kntirc, Kinne". Kii/alattliport lo UriiUtl. *? Schr J Hall, Co!<-, RUzahethport for Por laud k; Sclir Iie.'?biirs. Sw ift, Klicabethport f?ir Salem. Schr .1 V Wellington, Gliiptuan, t!l?al??ln>ort for Botton. Srhr Chart, r Oak. Studley, Eliraliethftort lor Bo<<tuu. 8 hr Mary, Terrell, Kli/abetliport for Providence. S^iir Marr Latiiii. Mln r. K!iz*bi-ihr>oi i for Hartford. Srhr Ktran?<1-. I?o Id. KlizabathiNirt. for Fort Lee. **rCH?iter?'ll?, Know, Hern ieb, .1 dsr*. ? ? Sehr Thuma* B Kmitb. Brnsis. Altianv for New Bedford. Schr taste, Gregory. Ponilotn for Kuukh. S'onp Commerce, smith. ni|*al"*thi?,ri tor Providence Sloop TI.otn.iK fI'll!. Hull, Pnrvidenci*, 3 dayi, Si'tmerll Htmlt*. I^iorr. Philadeluhia. Steamer Kalcon. Williams. Provtnence. I1KL0W. Bnrk S"i Bade (of Piiiladelphia). from Matan/aa. Brii Kmily Fiaher. from Wi ui ludiea. Brig "Opp#Mue" (Br), from 3Vest Indie*. SAII.KD, S!camalii|ia Tcitionia, of and for Uawburg; City of New York (Br), Liverpool. Wind at auoret 8, very light. The steamship City of New York, Captain Petric, sailed ?I noon yesterday fur Qucen*t?wu an.I Liverpool. Tin' ateamsbip Teutonia, Cap' Tan be, sailol y eater day Tor Southampton and Hamburg. The Siii Walt>k Scott, telegraphed from Halifax ax b>irnt o:l flushing. m:ir pror* 10 b* the ship Walter 8on<f, ?l Hath, C'apt Uraflam, whfckarrive 1 at AatwerpPob 19 from Callaa, >nd wu It<l reported anchored*! Kluehing April II, bound for Sweden. Tli" W S ??? built at Bath, Me, in H<5, 1210 toua regiater, and rated 1H Briu E.h.h?lX. Smith, from Ik>rtUnd for Cardenas. which put into Bermuda Mnpti 5, In alatrcsk, having repaired, pro i-eeded on her voyage *0tb tut. Br am.; lam, hence for Gloucester, which put into Bermu. da Keb It, in distress, pro reded on her voyage 30th tut. Pcnn !*j?T*fottT. from Palermo for New York, before re ported at Bermuda, in di?'rt'*>, ban be.-n emdemued. The ve*??I and materials weie to l-e Sold at aiu'tion 24th ult, tor the benefit of all concerned. Kiarcit April 1?'The Am sciir J W Welder. BMtk. from Consuntinoole. got ou atiore ou tu* Ak Bouruuu Rfi-r.nnit wm ???i t -d oil by a Russian il'-amiug, atid arrived here Mareh 2S. . WaTKRroan. April 15?The Samuel D, ton ha* arrived from Wetford with dit'ing arparatii". to aaabu at the recovery of the ear Ins: In tlw Am ship Tig.-r, or Boston iPS), a* Taut plelo* in Jan last. The f< ilos ing auction saW were lotaka place at Bermuda ild ult ?1 > imObiiKh e irn. dama^i'd on board Br bark I> < iium N.-w Yorkfor I,t>-eri?olj WWII buah whea>, d*m*?pd o:. board Br ship Plantagenet, ii ?i New York for Liverpool: and So ht?U Hour, donagi d on board Br bark Ku pin-ail"*, fioiu New York for London. Ship Hiawatha, of N"tr Bi-dfor.l, 381 ton*. ?Ith lior wliai Ir.g appurtenance*. aa dl'eharge?l No herla>.t voyage, has be. ii jiii >'lta*e<J by lleury A I'laic, o li.'-m. for the tuui o) SI.VOM). She . - to be implore 1 in the Cuira trade. Hk.<iN Vmitt-Fi'.ir4 ari* MfftiM for the safeiv of hark drape Shi t. Cant KrlaMr. of lUven hhe -ailed from New York on the 25th of nbrtmjr, luond to H.>rl>ad<.a, and bud not irr on th? li'h of April. sue undoiib edly ?u!' ri-re.l >n (he lie^vy gale* prevalent from the J7th of I'eb to 1st of Ma- rb, wbfeb ruovr I fatal to so many rrasAb. Notice to Mariners. K> # ISl.tMll.V Iff B CHI'S SK.\?, Hoxo K?n?, Keb 3??C apt i-n-.-. oi the Br brig Coding ?<>od. gh >* toe fo lowlng inionniwloa ? Tao Wl a and KmliW'i rtao ni e 'be MMM of he two l-1.ini* aituauid lU till- Lull ol I- AO Totlg, Be milked U|Kin the eiiart, hi-1 C ii>t Rpen -e iif.irpi? u- o' the '-x>*t n ? o. a tbird i?hiu >, tinder whi^h lie trasMehlM some t Itne Tuere i-a ri ?l >? .iciidln ? lone l..tain-e lo'Ue KK of Tao Wb' i. Aft'-r leav'ntt tbe?e lalnnda he itlsrovered a kIiomI, on w! if-l? the l)<MilngM?Mt ?> nearly lout, but it '#in| lay time (noon) tlm .ll-< ??! the waterwaa uaerred in t.m ? to put the helm on H" v.-.i< lunning with c!o-i. rcled topsail* a i-alr fintn tli.. dii'p wa con*tanily ro in^; Hip waiera t u'eniy ~hoal"d . ? 12 fathom*, tlii- iielin w is Iinoiediati ly put up, and it (till sh-.ali-d to "?Vff. d?ej>enlng quirdllv a* me akip paid i.f tks II at d 12 (atboiiM. Tin' na ture of alma I apte-arcd 10 be hard aind? ilie Matnt wa* bieu king to Ibe nor. h westward of tie ohiii With tegai d to rs iMx>it'on,|i o obaerva.ioii could bo oWa m d In cona nu 'ii e ot ihii * '.??.,uhi'r,|n !i. U bad prev?i! ' l for aome time \s nsrasao ?. hie Cap! SiiOBee p?t I lie stHm. down inlat4UU7 N, I in & i'-i li Whalemen. A f^Iot w?* put On i-.ard bark Al'o. Lawrenre. of and for He* Hedl rt on 1*1 last, olf S-?w I i'.s- 1, ght Ve-icl. li'orclpn Porta. A'-vtr: rf, Ape!l ItJ- Helo > ?l M ?..?tf". from Work, )!? MKR-itit , April IMfi lianai (a), N Vor'i. Bani?tn>s, *pr i is?\rr >t iiuer K'unotui*', Cha.'.citon via Mmsa., nub 7<>' ' aies < otl'w. In ii .H 2fltb, 'wir* V?^i-atiand, Pe?c k. from Pa'. rtn > for New York, wanting ?30>Voo buUOMiry; IJr lirigs (!eo I)ii|. i a , Young, 1 't M rk Jii Ii. i^un u'i B- t rf, Hill, for do loj sen r PaipnH eondi mne l. \dv ?l!, Hi I*i * Kilns Bars-, Cooper, for NJTHfk 24,h. CaPiit. Aprl! 9- 9ld.Joa ph Clark, Emer?oii MYork. i u.cutta, Kat h K?Tn pirt ah!;' Zi.leikn,??' >? -i, [or Lon don. IJi- it, A| t I i7?An Jaliaima Wl'helmina for Wo "k hind pun * * >d ; Quic.- j-t*:t- \Va>'-, do ,.jr >1 t and ani^hnred . I?o^iis, Aprd 111? Arr All Mo*kleu''arg. Korff'. MY .r': Hi .. i? nr.,, Ai ' i i*? A tr Bi i at k Anna. W uile, Baltimore, SihrMe "in Oiii' HwWan. On.'off. April W?Air Uomaseu* (*), Tortlund via Near ^ fluitTOCt, April If?A r'^r Bant, Brown Rio Ji Qfiro, Oi -.o*. Apr 1 IS?Arr HI !'' i ! T.liti.t, < i rvail, Antweip. KrnWi, M>ir?-b W-AtJ W i, Illfk, l nnntiintlno pli'i n ItTTKRroui Aj r 11'*?Arr Amf !'*. Suitor, il?v r?i vIh FktM for KV"rK; .Mill'i i< <?), l'<?rl ?ml; ITili. M?n!n?t'an, Dl*"". >YorK ; ?'.?'.r'. Whl ma i. do; Kd 'tV; * '?), do; N-na t^'Ollvll 1*1, Off tte port lfth.nbip B'lr* Bontnt' JMalH-r, rrim Js?i riM llk'h. Clmm fltor. Spcm-en XYorlr, CM Hfh. M Lamb. NY' rk. Knt far hi. IMIi. Ili;i, Mr on. Ukbo*. April 17?Bt.lontw:,r?l Ann ..p i re. [firri?, for NYnrk. M.wroBt. April lfr-8M CambiU, jl*erry, Bio Janeiro ana N ii'jir, NP, April l*?'? port Imk X W Brd?0, l*ni{, frmii mi diHrw. wild'mued; brig* 0- n Pri'p, Waldo iiom M.jin a? for NYw* i'o il'i. Meteor, C.rman. frrui Boirtnu. f'.i K York in 10 (lav* wllh i-argo of ?li* I* W Br Mgr. 'Jim !?*T0w.*, Anill 17?ArT Penny, itid At nnc, NVork; S.iml f.'n.ln*y, M*U"tta?. Bid I3H1>? CampauTO. D.-boll, Qiv-.kkC, April IV A r *hir>? Llvry.r.1 P*fV"', fro'^y, Boolon, to loud f r Hnr?f>?: Kinn -ot?, Klriin, do f r M'?n irnal, 10 loud for Kng' mi; iinh, Ilr n'oatm r I'rHli <1 King dom, Cral(!,(H<i?gf)tr f'!?" ftr?? ftnropeiin ii<"<m<>r of thf ***? *on); *hlp *??!?>' ?*, Norton, !<<<< i.a, and pr."wl<d for Mon treal (l'i tow), wli re ?Iir w.!l ?i for Fnropo; 30th. Br ?learner North Am- rlenn, H I.lvrpool. 8o*dtih>*n'D, Ar-rii 15?s: i Km r an, NYoik; Jiinliii, Eraklne, Alciiu.'iiit. 8t lfkuota, March Arr lleaper, Perklaa. Manfealn for Oadli. Sariu, April 19?In port siilpi William. Brry. forE'irop.\ 1d?; *t P'ter (or .to. r>ady: Villi** B. Ik BlnlVlell, for Val mouth; ln?rk* Hum ?h? npard, J'-wrtt. lor BYo k, H A Alb'n, B iltnn, and Ch?* If Ml", iCioaby, for do I, 'i|,? (ilimor", for Rnrop": brim II <1 B'-rry, H?f . for BY ,rk A Prtera, from Pblla.lrlj.bla arr litli. Sid 1Kb, brl. - f:n?h. Bflbl>t<lXt', Balilmor"; Frrdtnla, ijom, Bo?t m. Wirhttromtt. A{r?l 13?-Air t) ii. Ik, Ki'riaa, KYork. Amcrlran i'orta. OAffTKBP, April id- Arr w:b: i i oimon, Sp ,ir, It-, idont; flrii 'I iy ?!. , n h JfYor*. KU?AHKinr')f!f M... J-CH ? ?? Trj p!n'nl* K k r. ?ili, ui. i Air.1., l,i.n.n,lIfjiiou; Y/?k*n<'M, \rnold, I r .vi d. ? -.111.1' ???.?!-f-, ?<. , It >.n w I*,?mU, Tn-r.t .n, Aon Mill .'?<> . ni'i , liri- i f> rr < j I, IIhIoc, V1(ti, .r, Pui " v . 'J i .in rr. liana/, .^anifr li in in*. I.'iiwm, f in ? '."P ??? wi:f n, ;S -II M. If ii . .i Modlseir yoalv.ivk, Ji. t ,-vn,C4.iaii.i.H?. !>?!. ii.uw. BU'i.VBTOWN, A|>rit 88?Arr ncfcruJUmo?. Dyer, Detaware for KoaUin: Mlx'rl J.iinoiuu, JaineaMui. NYork fordo; llard aurabMe. C" CO- V, t'l.iUulci|?liiu fo' Hat?; UoUh'i. La,hi, NYork for Bui kaporl ?and .til remain <1 ai nigh I, uilh other- I ouiid R OLOVCES'i'BL May 1?Ait acbr Gen 'i'aylor, Dame, Sa lem for NYork. NKWIII 1JYI OKT, Mat 1?Arr aehi Amelia, Bay ley, Maya (Mt. JfRW l/ONDON, May 1?Arr wliii Mary Mankin, !!??> ra, NYirk fir Ikxrtftit; Win Baylea. Kn.p.i, llaveretrav NY, fur I'rovxli ii.'< , sloops Wm II Bourn. Rrutherton, KYork no; ?Hltl I'e'low, Dvi r, NYork. CM briga Thoina* Ti'lutl, Tboii>l?on rfiom New llav n), Mayacm*; Amnion Day (irum Nurwt ii), Amr o. SI t April jrt, ? lu- N&rctaka, Ink (from Nori> Baltimore. MIll.AlHii.rlllA. May S?Arr brig Prin elon. Allen, Br.wl Ivn iltimAMU. MiiilU, Dahlia; Mary (fork, II > >ard, Newbnrv|>or<: K ily Virginia, Country, Somerwi; Cnarl ?? Mfori'. lng< rMill; S I* I law es, M iko. ; PoUy I'riee, A I nn., and A H-;r.Tou, Harthtt, mwUW: Alex Youn^, Y'uui:', Port R *'?*? a!, liii/a J'| a o, Jouee, NYork; Mary kilter, Da) :o i, i!o; Yjiulan i, Cld hai'ka TUn* Kltiam Ur), Ki! lam, l.ivt i jkmiI Tycoon, L win, Key W< t: srl* Jas Datia, SI pva, Key YYevt; nhra O Flail is Rjwltk B ile!#; S t' llatv-a, Ma-am Ncponaet; Shanm. Tlunlow, wwliuripoil; 0 Mrorr, In^ rmill, llpimlt; Mary Miller. Dayton, 1'iovi denc ?: I' l'ric< . A !ani?, Ho?t>m; i'andocer. II 1?V, Saturn. l'ho\ IDKNl'l:, May 1?Ajrr )*.lira Kate, Skitiinore, Kliia baUkpnrt; Tru:'.|>iil, Dunce, Noiilipoit, I?I: -lo pi Wheeler, Klbai li|?'ii i; P A BI*hoj>, Crnm.ilri'eiitort- S <1 t'hr.lohn Lancaster, WiIIkIk. rinMiielphm; Vlc or, 8aar?, Kli a'letiMmrt: h;nuia (Br\ t lark, NYork; sHoops, Harvest, ( nrw ,ii. ui.i Henri Clay, I.Iy. N V urk. PQitZIiAnl>, May 1?Arr ? hi Clurlen VMlhewB. Ciikry, Mala i'ii?. I'M wins Mi rover, Knuhl, Ship lalaud; Kreuc rciek ltoed, Mt Aluion, and Bben Saivjcr, 'JPruoy, PnMadel pi i ta. SA! KM, May 1?Arr brig Alnilra, Kelley, Philadelphia; seti ? lara Norton, Cray, BliiebtU lor Baltimore. Cld bark Law : no*, Upton, Cayenne. MARRIAGES AND DEATHS. MarrlMl. Av . s?N'Ksnrrr.?On Sunday, Maw.h 16, by the Hov. K. M. . t>UuMHia Mr. Sn.*s C. Aykks to Misb MAiiirriA 1.. Nksm: 't, oldest daughter of Joeuph Nvsbitt, 1'lsq., ail of Brooklyn. I cask?D-nikic.?On Wodnarday wening, April 30, by the Kev. KtUlior Dc Irvine, at the Church of St. Vriin Cis Xavier, John 1> am; to Makv F. Damku, both bf this city. .vaL Kraneisoo (Cal.) papera please copy. Joni-S?Thouhmv.?On Monday, April" 28, by tho Rov. Willi.n i Mr Allistor,i'mvi:*C. Jomkn IoHahik A., eldest danglnur of GoorRo C. Thunlp^ou, of San KraD' iiH.'0. San Franciaco and liurlliiKton (VI.) iiapars plo iso c py. Kkilv?MiilOnny.?On Siitnrduy, M.iy 3, by the Heir. Dr. Chambers, of Uilscity, Tuouas CI. Kkllt to M vitciAUKr Molomct, b dli pi Slatcn Inland. 8vao.uiamWmSoobk.?Uy Rov. W. F. Collins, Oso. 8. StvAOKHAMHa to Misb Mab* 0. Mooss, both Of Fort Wa^h ioKtou, N. Y. Va Cotvi*.?On Saturday, May 3, at tho resi donee of'tho bride's mollicr, i?y the Rev. Dr. Goer, I'HKiwiitic"; It. Vai'ghaic, of St. John, N. B., to Miss Fkan ks K,, second daughter of tho late Jacob Colvm, Esq., ot'New Yoilt. Died. JUiWriT.?On Saturday morning, May 3, Jonathan B.w BKTr.aged 51 years. . . Th; friends of tlic family are invited to attend tno fuB<- al, this (Sun.lhy) afternoon, at two o'clock, from hia Me residieue, f>70 Hudson stn ct Hio idqooh.?On Friday rooming, May 2, after a sport illtu**, Antoinkttk R.-codgcod. The relatives and friends of the family of her brothor, William and brother-in law,Charles Bollinger, arc invited to ail cud tho funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon at hall'.paat four o'< lock, frum her Uto ref idenco, No. 43 Wost Savon teeutti slieot. . Both.?In Brooklyn. on Saturday, Ma.v 'f appolexy, ?Bkukta Siwxuiiam, wife of Kdgar S. Boyd, aged 31 yean., tw?> mouths and 25 days. ' The relatives and l'l iends of tho family are invited to attjnd.Hi"funeral,on Monday afternoon,at two o'i lock, from her lato residence, No. 17 stantou htreet, viUiout furthor luvitiit ion. ? ? ? ^ Cairo.?la Brooklyn, on J riday, May 2, Harhy Mat tisonf youDg6bt#on of Elijah ii. and Maria L. Caird, ago i 10 month**. . ,, Tlie relatives and friends of the family are respectfully invitfi to ntiend tho funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at thr o o'clock from tho residence of hid parents, No. 90 orange suuet, coiner ofU-nty. , CANAVAi?:nPort Friday. May2,or croup. Joeain Kkaxcw, sou' of l'ati ick and Eliza Cuoavan, aged 4 years ami 2 inontbs. . ' The friends of tho family nre respectfully invited to a'tend Uie funeral, from tho roaidenco of hi* grand mother. Mrs. William Naught op, No. 339 ttouth Second street, Jacsny, Cit*, this (.viiutuy) aftorooon, at cue o'clock. The remains will bo laken to tlio temoteryof the Holy Ciros, Flatbush, L. I.,for interment. IMtkk. 'hi Saturday, May 3, Kahny. daughter Of J. H. ocd Adda H. Itnter, ar.ed 3 years and 10 monlhs. The relatives irrm frtends or the family are invited to ?tiead tho faneral, tills (Sunday) artsmooo, at threo O'CiOCK, at Mo. J* Went ?..Uiv a?i oot. Wru>>Wly?. TU? *o maius will b,< takeu to Ia rI glmrg for intvment. Poha>.?On Saturday, fcUy 3, aiier a long illness, Ax*, the beloved wilo of John lioran. a native of Moyadd, pa ish of Bnllonakill, Queens county, Ireland. The relatives a-id friends of tho ramily aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral,from hor late residence, 1S6 Seventh si:out, ou Monday artornoon, at two o'clock. Fwrr?O.a Friday, May 2, Jorru F'airr.a native of Canton Tiscino, Switzerland, a;ed 41 years aud 1 month. '1 he relatives and friends ol the family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from his Ute residence. No. 65Division stroet, this (Sunday) two o'clock. His remains will be I ikeu to Calvary t'onietory for interment. (iKAUsr ?t?uFriday,May2, Batrii* Francis Gkarbt, only s-nof John and Mirg-uet Oearoy.agel 7 yews and ^ThcfrlCids and relatives of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, from the residence or hit i>arcnt?, 408 Seventh avenue, this (Sunday) aftornton, at one o'clock. His remains will be tskon to Calvary Cemetery for interment. Gi.aiov-.?<)n Friday morning, May 2, Ma?<;arkt O To* wkr, wifeof Tiiomns <!ibiions, native of Armoy, county Antrim,Ireland, aged 40 years. ...... The friends and acquaintances of tho family are ro spoctftiHy invited to attend tho funeral.from her lato residence, 04 James street, this (Sunday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Country Antrim (Ireland) papers please copy, (.lui unrn.?On Saturday, May 3. ^Oiiaklks A. Gkicli itti , aged 71 y?ers. 'Ihe friends and acquaintances of the family are re S'wctfttlly invited to attend tiio fnnerat, from bis Iste riwi No. 131 Coles street, Jersey City, on Monday afteruooo. at two o'clock. ? _ Urct.moctirAirn.?01 Thursday, May 1, the wife of Henry Hielderbrand, aged St year* and 0 months. Tha frioads and rolutivos are iuvited to attend thefu neral,this (Sunday) afternoon, at one o'clock, at Nb. 9 Birmingham street. Slijo |ia|ier.? please copy. Httiiirs.-On Friday, May 2. Ja?kh IIbvry TIi r.H*3. S'HI of Ml. liael and Bridget Hughes, aged 9 years and 10 momlis. _ The friends, relatives and acquaintances Of the family aro respectfully invited to attend the funeral. Ir uu tho re- idence >.| his parents, 156 H?nry street, this (Sunday) at ternoon, at half pa^' one o'clock. Khi.t.?<? Thursday, May 1, ? f c.wiy imption, lua carkt Km.i v,aged 21 years and H ni< nibs. Her friowls ai.d acquaintances are res|>ectfiilly re qneM'd to atu nd the fnnerat, this fSunuay) af!eri'0->n, at one o'chK-k. from tho residence of her mi>th?r, No. 187 Kast |>onih street. _ Kkt*kau.y.?On Friday, May 2 M?rt Ksmhally, a native O! I tut levant, county Cork, Irelaud, aged 86 years, 10 month- ardlldavs. Tao iriends of the lamily aro requested to attend the funeral, frum ll:o rei leuce of her son Jolin. 38 West Br vlway. this (Sunday) afternoon,at ono o'clock, to Cal ?air < '??me'erv. kimiv.?On Saturday, May 3, of consumption, SrsA* A., r.'Itct or Caleb Kirby, aged W) years, ? months and J dap. . , . motb^r, thou lin-it le t ua, And thy los.< wo deeply 'eel; 'tis Uod .lut ha.' b'-refl us, Ho can all ?ur sorrow* heal. The fric id- an I relative-? of tho family are respectfully invii- d to ftit? na the funeral, rn Monday mornin?, a? ten o'clock. f""m her late reddi' ica, No.intfotrckstreet, without rurther Invitation. The remaum will be ulwn to Westchester for intcrninnt. IltltruO e a d Troy |?pors please copy. Ikv . fm Saturday, May 0,l.'. vv. Tim rolaiive-an I friend- of the family are lespeetf idy iiivlt. I to Mtond 'ho luneral from his 1 do r?: idem e. \"o. 3...; W rsi Tmrty tirth s'ro. t, this sunday) afternoon, at tw > o'clo-... wilLout larth r noi ..;e. I,!.w,-.?In J r r, V. .1., <n Saturday, May 3, Bu MAVti I ".wis, -ige?l oU ye r* and i mo.ilh. Th- rala- ivea a-id irsends tha lamily a.-e rcsjeel. l y inv .te.l to at ten I ti.o fnue al.ihis (Sunday) ?fteni'?n, at thrso o'ciock,from Ills la u resi touci, No. XI Csnai street. J" -ejrCity. Nj ixisoi. H.? \t lt d) -ken. N. J , on Saturday, May 3, 11 'UHiKt !??.. Bi'.K K, wife oi M. M. l os?i||h aad daughter of -'-iihk Ia:i I far I no Frederick, ag?l 29 vpat-?, II tiientbs and 0 days. Tli'-rolati . i* and friends of ilia family; also the mom be. s of H lioken l/> lgo No. ,V>. F. and A. M., are re?i>e. I fully reqtusled toaitiad the funeral, f. om the residence of lie father, No. 1 Wl'l >w -trv?, box Hill, Hobo ken, on M nday aft m on, at twoo clock. M -N*.. KV.? till lo Iisday, M tv 1, IlRtlHiKr VloJifcitltN, Wife of I'1 tcr II. Mon.'gh n, a .-id yes".*.

Tti?i relative? and of iho ire lovaw to at'end th" f>mer.:l, this (S mday) a'tern-on, at on a c'clo^k, from hor Ute roslu^aie, 1?U tost Nineteenth Sl Onri;)?.?la Brooklyu, "n Friday, May, 2. Rt.i.a Coijs, ymri'T-t daughter of llenry II. end Margaret L. Orton, a^e.1 I year an l 8 monthf. 11 in relatives and Iriends or the family aro respectfully Inri'od to aticrid the funeral, from tin residen t of her parents, I^vingston street, this (Sunday) aflernwi, at two o'clock. Pntuipe On Friday, May 2, MrBAU.T*niuiw, nat .o oi the ooutity of Ki!d.?ro, lr?lBUd,a*ed HO yens. The frl'tols and aequaln'snos of tiio family #re ro ane?-tfnlly invited to a'tend the funcal, from his I its tevidence.No. M* West Nioeleenth street, th s (winday) aftornoor at two o cl?s k. Hi* romalns will be taken to i tivur v < 'met ry for Intr, ment. gfARitow.?On Friday, May 2, Flizamu 31'ARkow, wire of John i>|jorrow. of Brooklyn, F. D. iii" <*1 Ui? fatdily aro resj>octfuliy Invited to ft?.d " t'u:..?ral, tlii ?S it.'Uy) s*l"rn" n. ' I ???> o'.-loek, from tho falviry I'r >t stant Fidseopal ch irsh, coru?r of vvith Ninth and l-iglitli -.ireits. Srawi-sr.?tm Friday, May i, Tihoihy irasiBT, ageiC years and 4 months. Tli? friett'is of the fimilyare respe fully invited to attend the rnncral. this (Sunday) af'ern" n, at t-vo o okKk, from his late residence, 222 East iwenty third "sirmrttiff.^0'1 Friday. M*y2, HutvstenC. F .rrr nrv. n oiitive of Vorhurgdanim, I/tesua, llauover, si d -?i years ami 8 months. I' .. . , v.-' md fn.'iid ..ft' ?r?!.M'y are re-i?"-t.r .lly |. . iiM.dthn ft-uera!,'ii: (- i . lay) .>(? iriioen, at !' ck.froto hie UH- r :t lenre. - ??' " ?:?;?!' str--1. y. ,1 y, v . nmirdajr, April New l?- l^.>rd, , y i' ^ .y r.t. (>rpi nj?, ?nl\ 'hild oi Unvid If. awl Car >? ! lin 'in'.' ii ' il.-ye.k, e ;e i 11 years, 11 months and l'J f'e raHUUM were Inte-red a: T.ontr B- nott ' IUm. en A QotMiy i'a,crij |i.ea?? . Van IV'int.?In llobuk.-n, on Sunday, April 27, Isaukl i-a Fr im?, the I'fily daugh -r 11 Isaac and Fanujr V'.in Inr. a.;od 3 yivti s. 3 moatlw a:.d 1J day*. Wa tuf.'ii.-Ai Newark, N.J , ob Saturday, Jlay 3, Sakaii WuffV, iu tlta 74th year of :115c. Her friends tnd rtMltw art- invited to attend the fu nsral, from tho Methodist K.iisoopal church, Kou'.h Mar ket itrool, Newark, on Monday ultaruoou, at half past two ik'c lock, without further n>uce. W hken.?On Friday, May a, Joiin D. W .ittiKs, sjjJ 4T yctti a. His friends and thopo of his family arc Invite I to at ten t the funeral, this (Sunday) afternoon, at twoo'c ock, from Ti uriiy chaiiel. Hafitot'1 papers t Iwue copy, Wkttkka.v?(hi Saturday, May 3, Jo:in P., MA of George H. and Catharine Wotturuu, agol 9 yours, 0 m utf'8 and 18 days. The r lilives mnl friends of tho family are rospeetf'.itljf invited to ttend the tunoral, thia. (Suaday) afternoon, nt two o'clof k, from tho residence of hifc parents, T9tX> 1' rahtostreet, New York. Whit*.?On Friday, .May 2, of consumption, Maky Wnra, iatlic 2Sth year of her ago. Her i riends, aim those f f her lamily. aro respectfully invited to atteud tho funeral, this (Sunday) afiiiiioon, at l Ad o'clock, from hor late residence, 8ti Wyekudfatreot, Brooklyn. Lt?ST AMI I'OLAO. I7IOUND ADRIFT I>r THE NORTH YACHT twenty ? iglit feet Ihii', palnlcl i>la--k and firei n bottom. The uwuer can have the 1 <>p rty by provin ? ae.t 1 ??> n#y charges. Apply at Whitehall slip. M. SULLIVAN. IOST-ON SATtfRDAV AFTER NOON, AT I'NIOK J a<piaiv, $J0 I'r?iii ,I fitat s money, in an envelrpa. A liberal reward will ha given l>y returning the amount to 278 Tenth wrntf. IOST?A BI.AOK AND TAN SI-IT; SMALh WHITE J apot nmler (tain, lia I 011 a chain collar, ?vnb the nalbe of J. I:<x*rove, iiKI W illlani street. Whoever will rctmu her l?2.S5 Broadway, in the store, will bo liberally reward)' I. I' OST?ON THE EVENING OK NAY 2, 8140 IN CITY J billvrotlrd up Ul brown payer, in the vicinity of Canal street anil Broadway. As il wu lust h> a poor jornj jul tt:e Under will re<en e hei ll auks a'lU a rew aril of' $40 on i? turuing it tu2'M?anul street, orfi<J Weal Twelfth street. _ "rkwaiidu. (g?> RE WARD.?LOST. A SHORT LEGGED SCOTCH *PO Terrier, yellow culncH Dop; lost in Fourth uvrnue, n jvr Twentieth street, cn Wednesday morning The Under ? Ift rci-elve the utove reward by having Mm at 216 Fourth areuur. $n ttEW.AKD.-I.OKT, A SMALL SCOTCH TERRfER. 'I Color, p 'pper ami tutiaUtrd; had on collir, with oali e;'s name an I Ute address. Whoever will br;n^ him to Ban croft's stable. 5? Irvliu; place, will rec lie live dollars reward and no questions n k-n. REWARD.?LOMT, A DOti, ON THE 30TH Al'Kir,. ?PtJ a sin. It white Italian Greyhound, with mouse colorol ,x|kiIm on liiin. The Under wi'l Ix-pli d tin* above r?w?rd on leaving the dog at No. J Ashland plac?, l'errjr streei, from 7 l" 10 in tiie Li'eninf C.'Al. MifVl. <g,rr REWARD.?LOST, ON THE BOSTON ROAD, ?JJ5*_> above West Farms, a *lun built biars. and Cut Dog/, veiydark. The above will be p-vid l*jr ret rnlnc him to 'lheo.tore<iD, 07 Eieltange pluxco, <a WiHiaui Hoadding, Harlem. C-r. REWARD.?LOST, FROM 3M SIXTH AVUNIJE, ON C*' Weunesdav, April 30, a while 8 aniah Do;, named L'rin o; eyes very elenr black; eara tinned with bioan; fuec au I le^.s sl.aved"very bi^li. ?1/\ REWARD.?JjOST, YESTERDAY AI TFI'NOON, ?yi U in Bi-oadway, near Houston stqtet, wntle itilaig on a st n e, n I'oitemonuaie, coo'aaiRiit se.'vciitv-tlirre dqliar-s. The osvm , being a poor man, ho:ie- t!ie Under wilfTe gind cnoaah t return llienaa.e and n- et <? lie above reward, to John Finch, Broadway Sqtiaii PUii-e, o ; -e41SBreme street. nUTARY. r?1 ST regiment, COMPAN'V E.? THE iJEMHERS OK < JL thi- Cotnjiaiiy will a fmlde at Jlia Armory on ilon dav", May 5. a' 1 .'Ji ??< loi k.Tu lull lai gfr.- die*; wli t- ?? and t'iove . By order ol Oapt. H. L. 1RA111'OKU. ? P. /, Orderly Sergeant. w,,,w i?i;bliCATIOJI8. DR. P. MOLLK'K, AUTHOR OK "THE MARRIAGE ChiMi'i" Mill liVctiirer on ttie Pliistiogy and Or ran (if men in of Hie Parental K.vbtein; otliie No.5WJ itroiidw.o , I rum 10 nil i did v. ev<eiit Sundays N. B.?Dr. II. attend* only tofbiao put'illareaaea d. warned in ha well known books ? id lecturer. Andreas bo* I'oat ollue. _____ Mme. demorests MIRROR OF FASHIONS. The Summer, with valuable additiouaand aplendid iu? proven, aw. will be^ pre*, ntiu* .be Upbeat. "-Oeon^g?**?* in ibe world. N?W PAlili* BRAVE, NO. 6, Willi Rue nloel iNirtruiihol UEKRR..L IjYON, AN1) HcCOOK, THE BOY HERO OF DULL KI N. l.tery family aUoald pasresa thi* ??l->^nui memorial of oar ga.iant dead. ItOSS A TO use Y, Naa-au atreel, New York. Til K MARRIAGE GUIDE, OR N ATURAE II [STORY OF G II ration?A privat: inairu'tor for married |? r?> ua. or 'hoi' itJbut t<> inarrv, boi'i male and female, by Frederirk Ilollick, M. X)., author and lei tnroi nj t!ie l'liybl ilog.V and Dia- aae- of the General ivr Organs. \iIt i ninni ions eu^iHy ing* and r.mired'n; 20Mh e itloii, inu< b enlarge! an I improved, and brought dawn lo the present day. Pri'-e $1. Sent liy mail, |a>8tugc i>ai I, on tempt of the price. T. W. STRONG, puhliaher, trt Nassau alrer I, N. Y. four oilier ?or<? liy lite same autbor. S<nd for a ??utalosue. The only correct work r of the kind pttbliahed.?Med. Journal. DBNTMTBY. Artificial teeth.-or. durkin continues to pitrart Teeth in two auconda, tvltUout jaiiu, Willi hia Benumbing Fluid and Elc lric Currant. No extra harge Tor teiiipoinry seta or Mdneliog. Teeth Inserted witboat eMractiug the roota, on uiy improved atmospheric pr -aaure pi ilea. (Tlirrai. ally pure ctilnrofortu and ether admiuiatered xt illiont dancer, Pleaaeeall and examine aueeimena l>efoi? gtdnt! elaewliere. OR. U G. DURKIN, 373 Canal at reel, oppo-it- Weal Broadway. 4 RTIFICIAL beautiful PATENT GUMOTYPE J\. Teeth.?PHeea unprecedented. .-'.ilTt r a*U $8; Runner $11; Cold $20. Dentlatry icuaraaiiletxi. F iling and extracting teetu without pain. National Deuial Gallery, Sixth avenue, corner of Twenty-second ?trcei; eatbbl'ahnd in irtto, Ove premiumK awarded. Or. M AKtiON, Dcnti't. Artificial bonk film no, so cents?pur cli-inod of Dr. P.araon, Broadway, before he reiiu qulahed buaineaa and removed to Europe, one" year nine.'; alao a aupenvr ariMe, made exjire?a'y tor iae hy Dr. Chili >n, OiOce ItM E??t Tw-ntv-aeeond aireet, lorm.-rly of Broadway. , Dr. LUTI1KK, Sr., Dentiat itwenty yenra'i. Artificial teeth.-beautiful sets on puke tlHer, only or on line gold and platin i. $J.V and wnnanted rqnal to any v ork m New Yoilc. Single teeth, $1. Teeili tilled and extracted witOoot the leaat pain, and perfectly harmle a. Genuine bone Ulliinj, only AO ceiita. O'U'-e ljt)Sixth avenue, between Tenth and Kleventlt air-eu. Dr. l.UTIIElt, Dentist. Artificial bone fillimg-rooiis of tuk dis. < ov'fter, 839 Hmadw ay near Seventeenth Hre.'l. B" ware ol trashy imiiatlona. Tender te"th, old not- and mere fiieUa tilled and wariauied. N. II.?All lovara ol heautiuil t" Hi ami awrel lir' ath 'iae the c^le'ira ed C 'ban D utifricc an I !<>ilion. JAS. I'EARSON, M. L>., Oi?eoverrr. Ta'At TS ?ACHING TEETH CUliElt PEHFE?'TLY, FREE A frmn juin, and lUled. Teeth Iti'ed wnh Gold, in lieat manner, free of charge. You -an >?? convirc d this It true at 1NGKK3 ILL'S, lil West Twi nty-aco >nd itrec', New York. A MRto UEMOVAl.K. DOI.PHL'S KEPPKLJIANN HAS REMOVED TO Ko" lui Kuit-ni at reel, four ilH>ra we t of Bru.i Iway. nOCTOR WILLIAM SCIIIRVEK RK.XIOVF.D TO ? S A- nih ?:re ?!, nearS -eond a.onuo. U lico iioura from 7 to 0 A M.aiKlt lot H. M DOCTOR LEWIS HAS REMOVED FROM Ji JAY atreet to No. I U. a. n a.reet, beta >? -n Varlrk r're t anil Weal Broadway. HLLON A CO., IMPOIITEES O? cutlery, AC., ? have remro.l to 4? Warren ? reet.t HVLL. CORNELL A CO. IIAVF. Rl MOVED FROM 1'J.t Maid ii lane, to tho rt >re lla Fnitun atleet, betv.ecu William and Nai^ tn. RS r. MUNBOB, Err.'TRICIAN, HAS removed OS Cariiiiue atrcet. \JOTI0K ?THE AGKXCT F.tRTlIE SALE OK COuDS a* lil.xn ifae nred l?J THE i NIONINDIVRUBBERCOMPANY v. tl'? jeranv. d, on tue Nt u' Miyiia,;, lro:n No. 103 Lib* eity reel 10 No. 12 Pai k pla' ". IIV. G. II ADDEN, Preaid?nt. N' w Yobk. A]>ril IS, 1S*S I?I.MOi'AL.-WM. C. OILMA!* A H IN, It dealers I.N INSURANCE SCRIP, Have rcn.oved to 11 I'lti" Mf<- M, corncr ol William. TJEMOVAL.?WILLIAM VV. SANGER, M. D , HAS RE J W moved to 13 (Mntoti p'lee, Eighth a re l, a few doora xv '-at of Broadw iy. , It \ 1 Llltt A I) . Hudson rivfr railk< ? *d.-i it \ins for alb any. Tiny, Hie North an.I \V at leave CaaniOura awvt i at 7 aud 11 A. M , and 3.10, i and I'J .15 I'. M. N'lw YORK. HARLEM AND A .IIANY RAILROAD. I'Oit .\LB\NH, TROY, NORl.l ,\.\D W^T. fl MMElt ARK 4KOKMF NT, CtMniiicniiug M iUja), Ma,. J, L36J. For Albsny, in A. M .il'orsaa M 1 Tri u i>om T -cnty. linh atrcct! Ml. For ir.l local lialiis a?e Time Table. JdII.N Bl'rti'IIlLli, An .J'ant ''iperlnter.diint. VT.W VOBK AND NEW H AVEN R \II.ROAD COM PA XN uy, Tranaportation iiiU'e. cornerTwanty .e.emh itract a: d Fourm av -nu Netv Vo K, Aprl1 30, I ? N ? i .?On and afn r Monday, May S tho 3:30 P. M. ExpreaaTra.a (tt lJ.j-'.ou wiii be c.iaii^i d lo ,1 1' V. rr.v. ig 111 Un ..on at 11.40 P.M. _ JAMFK 11 IIOYT, superintendent. xrnw yobk and ri.i suing h tit road! i> C1UNOIS C)7 iEhm:ni s. Qreat I'ftdui'ilon ?f Fi ? nh* and Fair. TirKET3 in ( ]..NT.?. From tlif 11 \v d?i<it at ll-nl-r'a Point lo FlttChlng, ar.i Iho _a.i-.iry Cein :teiy, Win r 11, Newxinu aud tv?. ?uu;i 113 OX I jlivary If PHsliJon Cl?tir?r depot*. rtivft' Inc aio 1 trip* on Lxave J amf*' i.i|> f ny 1 on aud after May 6. F mwm ?.|- ? .' JT or L ave Fluihinif. Thirty-:ottrth ?'r?et !er. # A. M. I || M. A A M 1 P. M. 7 A. M. 3 P. M. 7 A M. ?H M. 8 A.M. 6 P M. 3A M. SP. M. 9 A M. AT M 6 P.M. 10 A.M. 7 P.M. 0 A. M. 7 P. M. '"n* b ? 11 at one lixlf theutual rates, and re ceived at Jujiratltp ferry uiml 5 P^,31. .... BOTfOUFF, fluperln'end'fit. CUAU /11 MI.EHI.AM> COAU?JIHT ElVKD, ' I MBIR* Ij land Ccnl or a superior n> allly, lor blai k inltlin, wh;< h will i>e delivered at tl Ml P"r ton; aiai, Omnber'nn l l.nmp Coal at the lowrat inaijetpr. e, Til IS. Tlti SLOW Jr., ?Jj , Eaat Conrteenih ?: eet. N. 3 .. an I f"Ot of So illi SeVcuHl nnd Srntih Tenth atreeln, Brooklyn. E D. ... ? t>. -THE IHCTQUAt ITY Or RKD .'.SH COAIi, h)'J ?j\t, a* teen I til ileilvir d 'o ay p't f the i'iy i ii 11 P 1 ti n ol J. . I' 1 'in I ; !? ?< e ,i . ler mil |a'.:n.u Wlicrf fo ' Of I'e.ryi n.t, No ,1. tiv t. O1..0 1M Wait!' le/1 ^ ? iUXMiVibU* A??tm SALE! AT AUCTION. .. Ad. caulk ins, auctioneer. s Vl.K OK OVER $l*,dJO WOKTil MaQNIUC^N 1' household FURMIURB AT PUBLIC AUCTION, At theelemul re?i lem*-,-is Went Fourteenth stivet, n.'ir Kig.i'.h avenue, on to mday, May 5, it lit1, o'clock, precisely, lha ca'tlogue comprising the Ingest and richest assortment of it >? at: hold Furniture .Hid Works ol A t ouried at am tion Una s* is>-n?the rut::* ei'giM Kurnlt'ir# and 'ira'itiiut Work* I Art contained in tne ? |:.rge dwelling, ult o: which will le K iM widioat re tTve, mi nn.sibe muiovcd uiuuodiaWly, consisting ol" rvnythi i.: to be r.> in J in * iu*t class re*idmi.c?Parlor, L'.'jraty, Diutag Room a ud Uuuiubi Furnhure I'tirloisc > train superior Vc vet Carpets, three magnifies nt b >iij iom w in Suits. ? ov>'! ed i:i tllHrojll, t?l?i<* ?iuJ lio!!. aid erffnanii isnfl Koltsam. or the most exiiensho if s r.ptiou; tiothle and Tuiki-h Easy < hui -. in u.u<|ii<'t and sulii) bro cade, folk's' -olid iMocwood Kf , tioii .ml Arm < ? i f ov f< 1 la roM,, crimson ana "mnr.K>ri a itin. thm- >olt 1 i.sewooifC/Vnti I ., .il-a. with i i b sia'uaiy marble ban; ex pen- .vely rari "il I'i i, Sola a.itl Side Tunics: iii'i .'y ros' wood K <? en - with ni.o?!>!,? |o;>?, pl,it?< rIii-s d' or, A"., l'n: > .'d c\|> -t|,v foi the ow.. f.Ofi.uit Bali i V\ n?dow <' trlains, Biuii/.c end Ormolu C ark*-, e1 '_,unt CuotaVu.-ea.Wiih tli ? mo I ?:??'. aid cxjv naive iiiiidsv .n. a, t ,iut -d to or . :? in !?'.-i...- , iii.i'jiunc"nt Ki ti h |.ate J'.er ill.,-a, nUh rich and Ii ? avy col i frame; Mantel >|irroi to o>ntcli. ot six feet ' tuair heavy rmoioldeicd Laee Window tJurii.;iu?n I Cor n.i?s, lai jt. andiUeu imvariel'. o; Oil 1'aintiUHby native Art1 's, such n land s M'uiter Se.e|irs, Murine Views, Sirlptaral riecc-,Ae., the v*,.ole foi'inuiu a vers plouningrol li'ell.ui; aup-noi ro'inv Plaiinioi'e. tail ce' nocmv nl>* K?ni raw, tuiisli U nil lutinn. Itiiuid p ?t,- and ? iobly nr . w th cost S K?U. belli; a ?alt"->i.? ina'rumcui; lovwood i'i i:m Si > il. cuv. n-d In ?aliti, with uu cU'^anl uud oos-tly fill b oldciV'! ? o*. r. D nina i; in>-?Ri;'!: Wlvpt Tuj os'ry In good order; solid oan lit . nxion rabb-, a!1 p itjihi- 1 In t!:u b - i nuunnr; in i: lilr t ip K.iiioy TaOlrs Mii'iora. So a Iti .Is, I'hairs in hair cl'iili. tojfit.iei w.tli all the and rryntHl cut CUnanaie, WIiii h, t.'iiHiapaifuoF, Tiinibu r.i, (l ibiits nnd Ocrimtrrs to matcli; n?-li ciuna T a and IXnn. r&<*is. conly Si ver Ware, Tea and Uinucr Si-r? H ilvi r?, Cake Baskeu, *' ig'^rs, Cof fi-e aim Tea Urn*, S, pon?, Korks, Tii'iuui' Standu, atfpcrtor Talde (' - tlei y, ma: hie Pltoln-m, Ac. t'lia nbei'b?(Jratljr solid rosewood and tna!i'i'.an;.' Red BicuflH, Stiltnaty iiiurble top Bureaiiii. Wax.isUnd- and t'om modes to umt' ii; over twenty p.ire lluir Ai.iMrrs-rs, from 10 tofld i'.iniiids. made to order and in excellent con lttion; ill" i;ruin ('arpet<. bedroom Sflrrorti, CliH-ka, 'Coilet Ta'des. 1'owel ltacka, Toilet Hetn of I'lutas, Btair Calj^'is and Ro 1.4, ina h Kan.> rui-hioncd Ciinl i> Rocki-ra, Solas. Lonngea, t ouch B dn, Uallt amis. Tea and O.n i g Tables, Ac., A . No pin' jmjui'iiii nt. Urpox t.i ?<ei|utri'dfroiii c\ cry p'trclia <er, and the goo is uitikt be lO'Uovett on tlio dfty of aale. Auction notice. M H. ClIAI'MAK. AUCTIONEER mao.mkicknt h iL'sKiiOt.D i rrniti/re, I'AINTINUtfc STATUARY ANU MA.W K.Vlth AN J ELE l?ant WORK.'? OK ART. to be promptm.!>? sold at ^uldi auction Oil to-morrow (MONDAY). Miv 5. S\T,E COMMKNfINU AT IU!j' I) UUil'K PKE^rSRLV, At the olegant i'. sldcu' i* No. ffc.t omt-csitli b'tcet, be tween Fifth and SfMli aveitiu'B. viz:? Seven octave ruse wood l'lsaorptte. R le^wood and blaclt walnut Suits, Broaze a'ld Ormo!tfChauael.f.n, Velvet Medallion Carpets, Sevres anil Dre*lc.i chitia Vasja, 1'1-r u-id Ma.i'.el Mirrors, Embroidored Lsce C .rla!a?. Oil I'ain'in^x. by eminent artists, Rosewood and black walnut t!i>anitier KuVniture, en suite; Slatlre ?, Bed Ini',*, Warnrol. '- ik Dlnitig ltiKim K'trnl torc: t'lilni, i.lius nnd Silver Ware; Table Cutlery. Table Linen, &? Also, Has 'Uieii! uti i K ifi.eii Kitrni'.ur". Tae aaetioneei w oulif cull ill" particular iittentk ii of his friends and the public to". the c;?ialo^iU'< vmprisnig theil heat ft's T.iiicnl of Household Furniture, Ac., oilcrod nt auction tlii* a ason. The Furniture wa? a:l made lo e dcr I'M than b icn moiitliH ago, ami in'f tin: best dea< r.ptiou. Sale pouttre, wtthou regard to weather. Auction notice-e. roth, ai ctioneeh. An exiraOldiuary opporlunliy for ll'iuselfepers and tlia trade. El.Eii ANT nO("SEHOM> Fl'RNlTl UE, I{and3oine Hi us-els and Tliree ply C irprt-, Cut (i'a-s and China Ware, At public Miictiou, On Monday, May 5. at II o'cln. k pre iscljr, at the clef ant fo ;r story rCHidcue? IIP West KikIiiIi stii- t (Clinton pis i ). Is."wten Filth and Sixth avenues, consisting of beautiful l'srl T, Fiit'iiiitA'. in s .1", inrered in lieli 'Bt-.n bruMlel, ereeati-llk ntps^i.nd ha.r.'loth; ros wood t'entre and I'ler T dilf -, lilsc res with niirt r ' a-k and disj s; I<aee t'ur talns, tine runnings, rich t'tiiua Vaaei, cli'iiaut Unissels t' .rp'(a. Turkish Ki v t'lia is and fitiungea, Uecu. tion Chairs lo n.j eh; Isidy's Wruluy Desk, roseiviKid, t<iaho "iny ami black uuliiut Kcdst ads, Biiremis, Witsliatuiido, Hair and t-'prliiK Mattre-s'-s, Beds, He ld 113. Ruinsrts. Sofa Beits, r, urn ;cs. Mirrors, Clo -ks. (' irnvi and B mi St 1 mis. Tea 1 0 I K .teBMon Tables. (11 is", China and Silver War ?, Tn'ile Cut l?-i>. Oilcloths, Chandeliers, Ac. Sale positive. Auction notice.-v mortoaoe sale of ele uatu llouseliold Furnltur.', nonsislihg ?l Br issi*ls u'id Ingrain t ,tr|M'U, Freiu h plate Pier (llsk-vs, lane nndBro 1 ai el tturtaliis, rosnuoodSuit, 111 sat, 11 Iwocsielt Marble Top t'.-litre Tallies, roseuood Etaijeies, rW.-s bai-k aiul Irout; roaoW!MHt and nmho^.'iny Bi'd.-t ads, Msrbbj Top and ither Bureaus, WaslistamlH, Hofas. Olislts, Feather B.'da, Itohiiers autl l'lllvys, Blanket', Coiutortables, beat Ila'r Mail eaaos, fine mabognny \t ardiobes, oak 1'!xtension Table, (to. Chairs, SMelriar l, Clous and (il is* Ware, Frew h Cio ks, V. aca, C.indelaUn. two flue guilt Cuaudcjieia and (?n? FiUiu-ea, roseWoofl ltl(<Utin,'Vrh1il Top Hii-r Tables, Swfr Oanwis and Rods hue Oil Ps.ulim'K unit Mnuiaiinns. N B.?The carpets and oil cloth we-e all m w in NVn ember lust. This sale will take plan- 011 Monday, M i) 5, at lo', o'clock. at No. 9 Ludlow place. West Houston street, nour V j Ho tpal slrwt. T IIO-. M. CONN AU(iHToN, A K'Ikouet 1'. AUCTIONEK11.-;,-J0?IIN K. OAKLEY..* CO. WIIJ, SELL 011 Monday, May 5, at 10 A. M., at No. IUO Carrol street, Brooklyn, p^nleel Honai'hnld Kiiinlinre, Enullah B us-els and In^iain <'ar|iets. Wheeler A Wilson's Sewing Mschine, enlemtid roamvood Suit. Ill crimson broral<||; malioxanr riencli Bedsteads. Burcuiis and Chairs, black walnut Exten sion Table, rosewood msible top Centre Table, do. Eisrere, Sideboard, silver plated Tea Set, Bedding, Maun-ssea, Lac<! ('ortains, Engrartngs, Crockery, m'gcc.llaneous Boo>s. Auction notice?persons wi.-hino to uis imse of Horses. Cat < a;e<, llsrue.s o. iiuy kiud of inai 1 haiiifise st au lion, can nuke favortble arrangem^n'a a; til ( edar streei, op|s)klte tlip Post oJlce, it la-inn on? of the b -st ln atlons In tho city. OEO. T. nkwhai.L. \ CJ< TION NOTICE.?BY WM. W. SIIIRI.EY. AHC J\ tiouecr. Crockery and (ilasswar*?Tuesiiay, M.iT at 10 o'clock, at No. 2<1 Pearl street, all klndaof l eal White Granite, Tea,Toilei and Dinner Ware; Edged, l)l|i|ied, ('(.., Yel.ow and Kock Ware, in lots for retailers. Free cash sale*. Call and see. liCTION NOTICE. L KKtll'LAR HALE OK STRAW AND P. L. OOOD3, On Mnn4.iv, Mar 6. 550 CASES STRAW AM) P. L. GOODS. Will lie soil on Monday. W*. TOPPING A CO., Auctioneers. 9 nod 11 Park plant and No. a Murray street. AUCTIOK 8 ALE OP FCRNlTCRB. IN BROOKLYN? Hjr l'(il,K A ML'BPllY, o i Monday, ut lOUo'ciifk, at 33S? Fulton kltwl, rouiUting '>1 mahogany Sofas, Cbaira, l'cg. trr Tables, Bureaus. a laruc number of Bedsteads, beat Hair Matti-eascs, thrc; suits oi painted Cliaiu x r Furniture, liaud some Brussels mid Three-ply Carpel?, large Pier OJuun, Gas Futures, oak Dining Caaira, Extension Table, 4c. Auction sale of ready made clothing, ac ? A. M, OUISTAjtAR, Aimlmcr, will -ell, tin Monday, Mav 3, ut WJi.uViork. at XIBowerr, a lar^-- ito<-kol seasonable Clothing, 'wii|>rialu : line biacl. Clolli an J C .i-slmere Kri?'k ?ml Bus:l>ea* Coats; black Doeskin, Inn ? Cassiiiiere, Satinet ?nd Summer Punt*: Silk, Saiin, Cftls and Mara-illaa Vesta; also a large lot of t'lmhit, Ca'Siuierea, Satinets, MiikII is. Linings, Albaccas, Silesia-; h lare lot oi Linen and Muslin bhr>*, Neck Tic-., funey Uooils, Ac., Ac.; i'iui Ur^e lot of Booia, shoes, (Jailers, Ac. tlON.-rrABX.ES SALE.?RICHARD WALTERS, Al'C I t oMer, m>ll> IMwrim , *1 in.1 a o'clock, by virtue of an mrciitloa, M l.H Beat I roadway, n otuMUity of lloasniiold KWfcilUK', Sofas. Bureau*. Tables. Bedsteads, Bedding ono anpe ior BagatelleTable, Rsllsan 1 Cues; nne bs; el I r.i:dy, twenty iron H-l-nuls, MHTM, Ciot'irri and mil. r Kuoda, two Oyster Barn, 4c ; al-o olio lino Brussela Carpet, !hn e Hair and othei Mattr sscs. P. COLLINS, Constable David d. bgak, auctioneer?will aXLL on Monday, V?' &. a. IO)j I'ci.K-k, al '."J East Itu'iMM a rret, a ntmi'ierof B-'dnt' a.Is, B'irenus, Sofas,<i?, W i rdrobea, Oontra Tublea, Miple Chairs, nu sets oi I'aii Uses, A>'. IJDWAKD SINT'.EMCII. At'CTloNEF.R. i ASSIGNEE'S SAI.E Oi' A LAIti.'E STOCK OF ELE ax.vr nomMioi.n kirnitikb, removed for CO.WKMCM.K Dl SAL'C BV C. >V. DAVENPORT. On MONDAY, M.i* .1. At nV.o> k. ui lii?and 157 BROADWAY, A large ? ock of t li gsul Household Furnltu e. of or.o of the P1BST CITY MANIFACTCRKRS, l iii?tiiig ol i r e', ..-sort me, t ?f II ANuSOMU PARLOR St'ITS, Of ris ivooJ, bla k m a I ii ii and instojauy Elaccrea and other simitar arlH.-a. RICH CHAMBER H iLNITl'RE, In Oik, black wal'.int aid ro? w o!. conM-'ing of War! robe.', Armoirw, With Ki nrft plate tnlnwa, u> iUt. id?, i ri'V.i, C.iinnio li- . W lalisl in^a, L mi p !?' i-v C1 n' v .v ? LIBR VKY, UIMiNiI K0t<M XSl) llAI.I. rt'KN'llUKE. B. or ler of <' It. MORTON, J.OiLLE-iPIT, Jr., < UDWARD SINTilHXICII, AfCTtO.NLEK. FIRST CLASS CABIXKT 1TIINITI RF? Mkiinfa t'-re.l ptprc-il* lor city istall uide. UY <: W. DAVENPORT. Tucfday and W?dne*day next, at U% o'clock m h day, on the pri'iiiis.", 6lfi BROaDWAY. lOnn i Bleecker atrect, T!m larjte atnck ? ff'eaanl ntlntmrc n iliinr. roi,*Ul.lii;r of ELBUANT ROSEWOOD I'ARLOII KORNITl liK, Inrmdlnj vey rl lily ran danJ plaiti moul ' -a > >iu, ttoh Etageri'a, T?bieB ,itvt >ih- r 'rtlclea n gr at v.s i-'y. BLACK WAUilT PA Ii I,lilt rUMS, of till iatc?t lie* i:;n?. RICH 01! AM HER I'URMTI UK, In v..?. wood, bia * wa nut, inako my mil oiV, torn? of ? 1.1 di ire *ery line!* i ii v'd. D1NINU ROOM ANIi LI BR ART PORN iTTItB, flmlira.'iii4 mi itu<i?< a. y l.ti ?? uaaurtmatM ol plain and i aire I Silri o ii d*. E\ esulott rablrn, it O vi.i oh, Lju. c; ai.'i, AC. Aba CHOICE DIWIN'I R(M>M HI ITS, in wata' landoi'k, plain attd uui>d <<? i?diarep% HALL I . RNirrHK. Uroiy don- liplioil oi I'ai I II :ti:i k?. chair*, Ac, In a I ll'ion 11 the ahorr will h ? luun f all ai i lea tui i!ty kep'In a Urit claai tlock. M.iy U-" e<amini> I nnii tv*'..ilognea Ivid O' Monday. El IX. I.UDU>W. AlICTICNKER. J. (IKftEN HOl'SK l-l A NTS, AC, AT Al'? TION, B>or l' i of A'lmliiistratrtl ut D. I.mi Ii L nm we, di'i ca*3il, E. 11. I.CDLOW ,v CO. vlll s 1 at anwlnfli.n Tlitiral.iT, JLiv S, IJOJ, at II o't'ock, al the ri i loii?.*? u( iiki Into D. I,y,?e1i La'-. ? cnee, Thrr?t iNn-k, th>* enti. e olit. nt'i of llie K ran 'jouu'V, i oii.?t ting in jioi t oi v range anil L 'Oioii Tree a, <'Atnalija, A'cIIh*. Ai ? Ooranlnni-, Atnnritla, l/'lioi, Iji r?M'tt?Hat'trinai, Pa'in>'tti>a, nirea, Alt'P anl*. Vnru. W^eiiwi wilh a gn at *al?ely ol o her rare and valua ble plant' AM iiotbr I Pramea, Dahlia R iota, CHadlolna, tkr. Dm riptr. e i atiiliigni'ii may be had a' Utu Ofllt." of tii>i ?nclionnera on T sculay,# Ii ln<t. TjlOR ?\',:;-5lV PDjBLIO AUI TION. AT <jt!0(lf'B. i; Long ? a nd. fun Wailneiday, Way 7, D6J, m n.ioii tb b tk < ;' MS OAKLAND, a< ahe n nv liesnu ilie heach at tjiioiiiit, i t'tOjjiie can be ivacheii from New York by ruilio 11 i i .in - .i'I 'i: J m. ? ally at ii A. U. an I I'X P. M. Geo. HOLBR'IOK, AUCTIONEER.-OFFICE liron lv ay. Mortnane aaku UOLBRC'OK A CAONKY will x II, on Tuesday, JLty #, a? IOJJ o'clock, in PiAirtli *:ry?t, near Brondway, all the neiMeal aud coatly KurnHtirs, Ao., conUtMdintaaAbove four alorjrhouae, oonalaUng partly ot two foMiW'Ol r.irtor Suit* by flolcliings, on- ruaKWiiad PlaMk WW Plimpton Hedatead, OfW hn>nxe Cliv k and two KUi>rcS, c '?!. $W, fotiuceii seta laco and oilier Curtains, lai?c Pier OI*atea, r n ivnod and ma'm any BedronOI Fu til tnre, llair Mattranacs, Bolatera and Pillowt.Ani) lit ossein and Ilium II C.u'i t-, It.? II Oilclotlis, 1 ir?n lot of Be tiling, Paint Irm and Engravlnga, China and ratlin marble \ as. i, Ol. ro Uirea flhamber Stills, line Oas Cli ndaltera, ETlen x , r,i ..ii ind .ill the Dining BOOin Mid Kllchan Punilmre. wl'll t'" B.lyr, China, Out OIhki and Plated Waie, Ac. The 1 n:n.i I house umt over $i,iW CataloKuea al m On Titvrwlay ne*t, at W( o'clock, In Tw%llth atrntt. i, , he ii nvenne, a large and gotiUJltiiafUBiini of Jfurnl. , ^nre. MyliiM vt wUvU iu Utw louii, SALES AT Al'CTIOIV. AUCTION notice?wm witters, auctioneer. HEN KY HA I MEB will Hell, on Tile* lav. May fl. .t It o cliw lv, .it the N *t* York Tattcrsali*, Sixth avouu ? aud Tliii ty-nluth street, Uorses, Wagvaa, liarucfg, Ac. Particulars bnnfltr. CI RO HOLBKOOK. AUCTIONEER OPKfCE NO WJ IBroadw ?' -MOl.BROOK A CAUNKY will sell, onMon d;>v, >1 iy 6, .-i! 2 *, at 13 vf??t Mention stree1, iiv Kur? it I'mi'hi a live*toryh raw, removed loi lonrontmiotfof ?aU>. ci| li-ndid (.Ui indi'lfel cobt $123; r..*"Miol Pnrioi Suita; thrre C!i Mui il" . iti-cwood, :i u! hiiy Hid walnut Bed steads; Hun mis, YIua'm .iiids, I!au Mattressea, Kiothct Hi- Is. So' aa, B j ker?. Hat Backs, Brua*ei* and Iiurain Car pets Oii-'o'b, Dining Room nod Kltrbcu FtlriliMir", AC. Sain |i i-.uvo. Do not forget the hour, 1 oViock. HE.MU U. BEETS, JB., AUCTIONEER. lty II EXBY tt'OUU A CO. ASSIGNEE 8 HALE ET.! lA.N'T CAB'KB 1' Kl'RNITURE, On MONDAY, Al AY 6, a! 11 o'l lo It. At the salosroin* t.Vl BROADWAY, I'nmprising io-K*wood Parlor Suit*. ro-i>wo "l nitrbit lop WaSUHtaUil Huresns, Bedsteads, B illet S_- ivi.iriea. Kill fr.iuii Pt> r flirroi-x, Et.ujcre-i. Vdtel and Brunei* Carpets, A\ Terms cash. Catalogues at sale. EZRA K. KELI/MH1, Assignee Henry b. iiebts, jk,, auctioneer, II HENRY wool) A CO., Will sell, without lewi vr. On TUESDAY, MAY C, At 11 0V!O' k, at their unlciroom. 4M> BROADWAY, A Hpien 1U assortment or Rich Diamond .Teivelrjr in seta, Brm*l'ta, Pln?, Earrings, Stud*. Sleeve Buttons, Ac.: line Paris made H carat Chain and Band Br.iceieta, Chaielainn and Vest Chain*, Pins, Ear riu,(.i. titiuia, Sleeve Muttons, LokAU, Charms, line OoU audSiKcr Watches, Ae., ti ihk the entire stock of hii im porter, an 1 to be 6ii|d positively without any reserve what ever, to i lii?c thu btiMuets. Tbi* sale U well worthy the at tention of the Inide. Catalogue* ?ill h. ready and goola on view or, Morday at the saiesrooou, -130 Broadway. Henry d. miner. auctioneer?salesroom st Nassau ati'i" t, op) Oilte the Pott olllot.?MINER A KcMKKVII.LE will kell at auction, ou Monday, Muy 5. at luj4 o'clock, at their aal ???room, S7 Nissan sin et, a lan,e a ad general aisortuiaiit ol Household Furniture, Pianos, Ac., re moved lor convrnl 'tio? ol ml"?Consisting of Aiminster. Velvet, Brustuli, aud Ingrain Cayiets; mahogany, blin k wal nut and oak Hulleia, Extension Tahlc? ami Ciiai:*; tuahoga ny RiolMaca, 8of??, Chairs, Lounana, )i, dsteaila. Bureaus, Centre and Si le Tallies black walnut Llbiury Suit, gilt triune Pier Mantel Mirrors, Hair and Straw Maitreaacn, fr'ciilher Bi'ds, BoUtera and Pillow* black walnut an 1 ma hogauy Hat Kacna. Stair Cai |jct? and RoiU. Diniug and Bed room Ci ockery, W1 idow Curt tins and Shades, Kticlieu Ware, Ac Also tlirr" line ro-ewood and maliogany 1'iunua, of superior lone, made l?y our lw?t city makers. AImj one Orover .v B.'ikt r Sewing Machine, cost $1.3J, and one fin* Stereo-cow. with Rtand lor fifty views. AMES M. MILLER, AUCTIONEER. 1'A' ICAOL ,-iALK Of HOOTS A\D SHOES, ON THUKSPAY, May S, A' li.M o'clock. By ALEXIS BBAOO. S i. 5i Vt-xe) Mrcet, New York, I IVE HUNDRED CASKS. ALL l ilt T CLASS KRENCil OOODS. ALEXIS BRAlMi, Ho, 5> Vesey street. J BOO ART. ADCTIONEEB.?BY S. A. J. BOO tRT? . Monday, May 5, at 111 o'clock, -it No. 191 Sixth avenue. u.ortfdKP a* ?' of Hoi a hold Kurnttuic, con | tnitof in 1 bo tany 'l'et- -a Teles. i'si lor Chair*, mahogany Biiirotn, Brus sels nnrt Carpets. Oilcloths. Wftsh?tan 1.^ oak Exten aion Dining Tuole. in.irl?1?: lop Centre Tabic, .\c. .)<?IIN W. SOMMRINDVKE,Attorney lor Mortgagee. JBOilART, AUCTIONEER.? BY S. A J. BOO ART. ? Mfuidiy, M ty'S,"St 11 o'cio k, in iron <.|" st^r- No. 1 \ ~N"i th tViUinn lUurl, mo. i;.a :u ?alc of one liny Hoikc. HusJ ne?* Wn-;im; one flray Horse, about 1# bands Ingli, -ootid uu 1 kind; ??; Single Harness, .??. i F. WATTS, Attorneyfor Mortgager. J BOO UU", Alt;. O.NiiKR.-BY 8 A J. B'JiJART. . T !??? lay. .>la> 6, iii lu.'j o'clock, at ih.- .-.uctmu ru ? inaa^ No. 1 Not ili trHllain .-tre.'', IlotisenoiJ Furniture, oona mure of malmjiiuy Snas. Parlor, lto'kiug .in I Ei*/ Cl.oira, French I'lati' Mitrors, Brussels^ 7lirec-|dv all I Ingra u t' r nits. Oilrl 'ihn, uarhlc lop biack wall nt an.I inaboitanjr Drcumg Bureaus, Wash t.inriy, Paintings aart Iinitni tn<a. Window Shale* an<l CurUuw, Clock*, Crockery aud Ciaaa w.uo, WaiiliviMM, Itnokcaaca, uiahoiiiiiiy, Pranci antl CM - tai- l!?d<fl<als, Wallrek>p*. Redding. Kurheu Furniture, Ac. Also one Herring's Fiie Proof Bale, O titer Leaks, A c., Ac. MOOUOIITY, M'CTIONF.ER.?-EXECUTORS SALS . nl' i an laoiuc iio ischold Furniture, Carpets, iohcwoo4 Parlor Suits, ft , ,?i'. M. DOCOHTY will soli, on M?ud ij. May 5. at IOK ?'' lock, at tUrf xa!<??:.k?:ii. 79 Nasaiu street, handsome K.rnltura, ron UtiliR lii |uil of solid rosewood Irain-- Parlo.- .-.oils, covered In brocal ?< mil hair r'filh; black wnlnni (to., tn r< pi: ri My itiri d walnut Library Soil, tin alit-d n i.l.; iOhCw<,oa Btiizeiv. niir oi 'i' iit and in k; roar woo. I, maiiogiuy <uid Walnut l^-cruuiry and Library B00k1a4.11; n??.'?>> top Ceo. Ire Tables Oa ? Cham ehrrs, oak and wnln it p.lUr and law Ekteu-1011 Dili hj Tables, richy eirvcd statu iry uwriilc lop MniTel; Dsafaf TaMwmlnui t'fenmlier Swilr, Uniahfd ta '< ?: ?k >></., iiiutK'C.n.v nndmacolc 'ep f>rr<-itiiii; llun-iMia. W ?rttmainH', Hair MaHrca?iea, i*?:u?4.^a, Lo.m iv, Wardrohea, Miri-or*, Ac. MunTOAOE BALK OK HOUSES. CARTS, STltEET Sue?|)inii MHrUluca, Ac.?I j tirtui' 01 a rhailPi murt Kac>' I Wiir * II ai aii.'tion, on Mo..dair, May S, at :? o'rloek A.' M? at No. 147 Woui T.vcn y-oightb atrrot, eight Ho. a -a, with Carls, S-icet tt .< roiiws MaclUnra. Af. T. Di HiAN, Attorney lor U.irtga ee. N OTICB.?TO MtoN XBRCUANTS. AO. FORE!' LO rnirf Sale. Tin- SherllToi \\ eaichrKter i-ouiiiv * III ?etl. j?t piilillc aurtio.i, nl White l'liiini. 011 Tuesday, May ti, at l! O. .ix'k, at iioou, a WticMiil ai d Kolliug >1111, aitin'.i-on th* CioIkii tlrei, at Yorktown. Wrairhea'.cr rouuty, includio* over , i ir arrea ot latnil, with iraliT power, i.uil dam. btutO iiii*. luiua e?, water wheels, tolla, innc'.ilnrry, *i-.. Ac. Maiiiifa? tirers of plate or io<t irnti, hoop akiri aprin^a, or ?ay fern Of Iron orwuo IHMMAnMM lowtiicli 1 he N alar power an 1 building* are ea|ioo:e ot b"iiu; a<1a|ited. w.ll Law a deairaMe opi o tnnlty to pun k ai helo.v nir, A <eut taay li> waior (Ciotnu rlvrrl.aitd iludmn River Itnlioad >ta tioua. Kur terma. Ae., ai>niv to the aubaeilbcrs. S. K. A F. B. WK1HTMAN. 193 Bniadnar, N. Y. Nbw Yuan, Apr.i Mi, llW2. 0 HEUMAN. A CO., AUCTION'EEItS-SAI^SROOU U O. Boh cry, will hi 1: ou Mauday, 6tli inat.. at Id', j'.-iock, at No.'13 Bowery?t'onatable'a *aie of M piert-a Lue O'-ouaa for boom t*. !o' of Bonnet Wire, I'unchini; and Cntutig Ma chinr. 4'ntiliiK Hoards l"l of Pa'ter, S;ove?, ileaka, large lot 01 t'haira. iiia];otauy Soliih, Bedid'ads Bedding, HatsUnia, Tabl a. Pti'tnrea. A?' Alao, a larg- of Hartlwnr ?, Cat lery. Tooia. Ac. Byoriero. KOdtU'l' 8TAN WOIETU, t'i.? aiai-le. WM. WITTEB8. AUCTIONEER?WILL 8KLL, MOV day, April i, at 10), oeloek, at 174 B- >a? I way. the en llr.i furniture o. the ala>re iio ow% cohmimchi: hi a >|>i ndlA aMortiuettl o; llotiM'hold Furniture, Parlor Kiri*. 1'ier .id4n Mantel Mirror, Diiraoa. Waahit tnda. Mahogany I'i enck a?l t.'otla^- B"datra a, Oilt lolba, Clialrc, Tnlii"n, So: aa. Lounge., Cunaina, CornJc-a, Toilet Ware, O-lerr, Cookta^ B'enada. togetber with tl.a Dining Boom and Ki'.chea Kur nuuv. WM. WITTEUS. AUCTIONBKR, WILL SELL. OK Monday, May 4. at t oclo^k, ai 4-11 Canal atrewl, tb? Furniture 01 se eral f imllie*?Velvet Tapeslly, Three piv and other t arj'tS Oilrlotha, I'lerand Man eiUlaaaea, Me.U, Paudinr, Ae.. t-igMber with Panor, i hainVr, Oiu og Bo uu unJ Kitchen Furniture. A MIStKLLA.VEOllS, W IDO V I.ADY Wll.L KENT OB SELL A JlAND. jV aomc 8 't ol Ci andelieraand Uaa FUiiuea. eoiiinlnw, suitable for n large lour atury boune; will be ao.u < heap. Apply nt l<*l Ea 1 Ttmtf-ihl arre -t (Ursaercy Park). ?A BSAUTTFClt MTCBOHCOPE. i*. MAt.NIFTtNO FIVE HI'XDRED TIMES, I lor '' rents in silver. Hrr, 01 dillcr a: |>owrra, it). Addri'aa K. I.. B'lwrn, I ox Boston, Mas . Alleviator.-corns cured koii one oemt caeh, hy tuing i>r. Mr.^' a' Corn uti.' Bun;o 1 All ru 1 r?a new, hatmleasnn.l vtbitn ?.ire tor Corn?, lluuiona, Caloaillf-, Proatrd and diuwrnd i' -e|, Ac.; ?a. ru.ted to produce p attlia sill-f irtory and aur| rl?ing. Price S3 an I SO uatiu. Sent iiy mail on 11 cc.fH of pr.i* and ?lx cent*. Sold liy drtijUJaU. L>.\ J. IIKIUUS. t'.iiropo lut ai-d Pro jurtrtor, /It UroadMray, opo.i?i:e St. Paul a church, N- w York, Bi-sin;:ss cards, ;? oexls per i.ouo ctrci'Larb, S1 ents i**r I 0J?; BlllUeutfli, ih>i i:i?, $a |><*r nasi; UWaltwlll ptii IjBi I N'enspap< it, M ok* i-1 m lileta, ?very tiling prion d e<jnaily low. 1>v\ LE Y'S. Comer of R"d(le and Centre a reeta. CGENERAL AOSXCT K r?K am. niiAwcur : or U.MR DRESSl.Vti. PnlnMiiil.e I In the ? ;tj at Near York, Nd 1U Hi >u Iwa.v, near Priaitne slree', 1 .am Wo. f, ? I ? April IM'. domenico 3ft CARDT gi to lunu-.n all hair dremteraof America. p.i'toiK woilutfen, tlia hi up a dan ?IBen for ibe tic. onii.i . o. o rtlt a.-\c?, eirliihiifljr l-?r thia luanch w iiu'iuras A t r thirty year? ?? tire ei?mi a<, and liit'eiivrar, n inii- large iueiru|I Ucunied t 1 ??<?*ry in l!i- inirrc?t f iln: tra.le in wtt.c'i I hive iiev .? 1 tu/af ten'.ton to nisM<li a Uuiiilil AftMy, at ? JBronliray, r 00; No. 4, .S m Yi. k, to IM c ittdueicd in th. ?..1,11 ,'yl -aa His. Pan . London and oilur larg'! el'i a .11 l'.vtope. Tlin propri t 1 r o. lit no.* me 1 It at in ti.ia il'v 1 j't employ, era an I ciiipio. In j l.iilty ol iirui iiriug Mr c.c .1 o'ln r |>er ?,oil'm 1.0 are well acfji..ilnied w|!!-tii.' cp .mti Iiihi. 1 a, In theattoi hair working nn.l well re.oinniond d fi t the ra pac Iy drsircd. luuat i..v 11 ...bly be sani I ii ?' ail I pa run ne.1 ti) t!i.'tt.i 'e I'i Ihut line 01 lm?'ite?*. Th- liranti.e. in tim lieirapork h si ie?? consists of Liidicn' en I tien U nien'n 1m 11 di "."Mil", ' 11. Iier tig. w ig luak in; and !ia 1' w .1 kill tin 1(4 Virion 11 in h 1. I he otii;do) er?, \r:icn w uat.n < a pei ho i ill any capacity, will pici^oso^t a note to ttir oUlifo call |?r. ton.illy nid tn or 11 Ci" ptWpiletur of aid A ? 11 y, mi de acrilai for W'!:at work tiir person i I to lice-ipliy 1 nn-l the in ii iie Int. u la io jive po.' iiiuntb 01 Jier 1 e ?)<, In or ier to e 1 la le th" propt c 'I id >.i! I A :?*ney 10 aeud .?uil'itde |w?r* ?o.i. We ? laaiiiy the art into t..t?e illailu ?' i.ran cr' vm ? Beat, lueiliaui aud o.diuary woik'n n, m tin' i p.i'n ns may, in ap; liratlon, ilealgnata a on e 1:." *111 I of Wor.uien de-ire I. Tic ? harges for mi Ii apt Ii at, .:i til i?% in . Ii-ri-c U) t etlts . arli, lor city ? f N >v Y?k, liio *lyn. .Ii'i ey City, atld one dollar 10' pitiou? out 01 I'i ? UelgliiMir* lioo 1. One wenk will lei itimatU to S'Ui ei. 1 ntlier ?> t ? it uny extnti h:t:P?! il '.pitr mm of 1 tber ? llieaand 1 oun ti s. In their call for w> r* unit; mtt*> dcM-rl'ie in Lie I tier 1 e re jtii-ite for l!ie ;? ??.??, and iett ri ?iiu?l itlau cu ilaln ? jo.-i'ii^e xtinip ti h" Hire an answer., hoj * ami gill,-.villi w.ii I* ;m mnted to tnliil any sit. at.on are re. ipi-rod to i;lve-.its, urtiiiy 11 0UitucUo.lti*ili4 in of I 1 o pro* c il it 011 r in luc 0 1 u.Mtain nt xnch oui| I ivm 10. N. II ? ' All Isti^uaifc* 1 KngHxii, Krenth, Apatusli and It ii m i ?| ami wiitt. 11 l>. I li. 1111 Icr-lguud. Ulliee lion in trout I > A M. to 4 P. M. I). .-I c,\R|?l. MARLLIi MANTi'.LJ,?THE SPB.4CRIKKR IHc'ORMS* tba puldi th*t hit i< acli na Munte i>. ??., eii npu than anv lieraoii In tlic liuSIl!'1# Tl? ?- ? wi bliifl I > jiuic aso f. io ilii call soon at A. IiIAIIER .I M-irole V.i-i, lnj Etst Elgliieenth Wrect. we-1 of Third avenue. New Y01.;. milBKS IISL'TKS ?llEADAt'UE ci :: 1 i rilRBS X 111ln.1t a, and warrant"'!, I<y nsin^ it LANSIN i'H Haadvil" Dropa. Ho.d wholeialn mil r. 'ail at Hi Nh-mu fttic ;, I y HI E A CO J at if! Hi udw y. 1.11) ClnUl.i* ittrir!, IVtliand tlitfl, cor ier of fclton an t Nussnn ? treii. an I tl8tlii' n.vich street, Ne v York. Purely in.; tilde anil i.ertc. 'ly Uarinlcsk. No cure, no pay. Pi loe i3 cents p>ir lai'tl". 4? HI BiltCAL OTEHATIONS SUCCPSSFUIXY PER Jj lorni 'I.?Two very ai ieutifle surgical opciatlors wra i<eri'i rim d on thn 3d In-L liy Piofe?sor J. 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