Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1862 Page 3
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?ITUATIONH WAWT15D?PEMAI.ES. AT PKENUII LAUNDRESS WISHES TO TAKE IN washii tf at tier residence or ??o ?? i by the ?!*) . l-?st ei y Nfemcee, term* ; W. Adiircs i Lttuntt.CfcS, llj Lat. -JUi si., llret Boer. / A FAMILY DISCONTINUING IIor.iEKEKl'lXG WISH JO. to obtain situations for two superior ternnti; oiliti S0< k, Im olbe ' as nurse IV4 seams!it**; ikr latter Is ,i?ed to p?i king Wn> < ler ft WUt?u s sewii.? ne. Address L., km i,or; i mi oiji .o. A GET*.MAN WOMAN OP KESPECTABttlTY. MAR U\ iit-4, v\ Uii.mii i IilliiiTB, uialx ? in take > lnir-:e MB st'en 1 to the r'l ? of tbr- house nl' * family, lrfco ? 111 be ab-e;it prlM the ? .1.1 r. ?'? ry suii fact, ay HiVi-ii'i- ..s to re S|*ictabiiuy and honesty w i j bo gi\en. Adilwsa Wis. jleckd, bi x .:2v l'o~t ofllce. Mew York. ? A YOl'NO I.ADY, AMERICA*. BBslRES TO WAIT J\ ujniii: n 1. re for the oiufori of ut. uvalU; i-* patient, 01 pfc aMi.g anj 1 uillU) manners a:. I iii^My )< ?is:,table; no <>bjwtlou>i 'o t.avel. Afld'fi* for two tiajs, L. Cordelia, Brooklyn l*u 11 lie , A WET Nl'RSB WANTED?FOR A CHILD EIGHT mou.h* old, at lj Nc. th -Mooic St. who can fur nish gocd re ft it n cel. HOl'i.ZKEEl'Elt'iJ SIT'.'ATI ON WANTED?BY AX Aim il< an lady; bout of city r. foence. Address lVr one week M. C. P., station D, Bible llous WANTEM?A SITUATION TO TRAVEL W1TTI A family to Europe or Cslifori.ia, by a moat trustworthy person. App'y to l?r. Calien, Mon:agui. placc, coiner of Clinton street, B ooklyn. WANTED?IJY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION* AS govi rin ss, to teai h voting children; would bo willing to assist in sewing: beat reference* giveu. App;y personally or by letter to 03 Vaurtam Street. WANTED?KY A YOl'NG PKOTEriTAN'T WOMAN, who ilioro 'giily understand* dressmaking, aslttiauon as lady's mat I and eamstr jss; also nmMpo'i no* hnNr dress lug. Apply at her ;n'e?eut employer's, 77 Idas t. *t. SITUATIONS VVASTED-JIALKg. A DRUOGLST AND~CllE .118r OF GREAT EXPERJ ence nnd iu.ineiicc. iittmrn cTy acqualnsed with the biihineH lii all Its brandies, spe*.>iiiK several laninnfiee, wishes to engage an clerk hi a reypee.allc stare, wiih u view, of entering oh a punier, or Muring out. Pliarma'-y, box iOb lien.11 oJic% A YOl'NO MAN, WHO WRITES A VERY PLAIN, legible hand, and haatuui vmsriefiuu as a copyist, ue sires employment ill, or n?iy respoi table buMness, at a uioderate salary, fan lurnisli the beM New York city refe rence*. AdurocS bux 10! II :raiu o.liue. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG ENGLISH. man, to work in a store op drive lm.s u; understate!* the care or horaes. Ruferi'nce from 111 i.< t employer if rc quirrd. AililresK R. L, bo* 111 Herald oltK'e, COACHMAN'S SITUATION .WANTED-BY A l!E spei.'table vonn.ij limn, who Hndermands 111* biisii.ess; ha* bad inauj* years' e*j) i lence; is a guml anilOKrettll driver; i* perieetly con?ersnnt ivit'i th" innns enient nnd treatment of horsi *; wiU be round willing and obium!!. , Good city refereaoR. Address W. U., at Mr. Wnlker'ssod dmry store, eoruor of 2'jtli st. and Bro.idwav, or box 22J Hern Id ollice. SITUATION WANTED?AS COACHMAN. BY A RE upectable yotuig inan, wiui per."ectly umlei-stsnds lil* bu sine*., ,n all its bran hen, and ha* the best of eity references from fouuirand present employers, Addre>? box 2,747 I'oft oliee. WANTED?BY A RETURNED VOLUNTEER, A SITUA Uon >ti almost auybuslues* where Ku < ai> make a liv |?J. A'liid'B John A Henry, care of LtWieneo R. Kerr, Putnam House, 2tlth hi. ami 4:h ar. WANTED-BY A YOUNG ENGLISHMAN, A SITUA lion an steward or bookkeeiMtr in u hotel, city or Muntry; served in the capacity of sieward Uic last inre? Oik; rufcrs to Inst employer for character and capability. Ire. 'or tlirro days A. A., Herald olli . e. IIKLl* WANTKD-FE.IIALEsV PIEST CLASS DRESSMAKERS WANTED?AT 870 Bioadwuy; no other* uecd apply. Call between <j and ? o'clock A. M. MBS. WILSON WANTS SITUATIONS FOR HER OPE mtor* on Wheater k Wilson's machine*, by the day or Wil line sewing taken in; wach.ncg sent out; no help wanit.i. .Mrs. W Ison, 4l!7 lth ave., next door to Park ave nue market. VTURfE WANTED-BY A LADY WnO IS BOARDING, A j a neat, capable young girl as nurtc, and to assist gcue rally. Apply v.nit relet' nee after II A. M. at It3 Blccckcr Street. WANTED-WIIEELER & WILSON OPERATORS AND tm-t' in, m-cuKtomed to work on sblrt*. Good bands only. Call at 171 Dtianc *1., up stairs. WANTED?FOR WASHINGTON, D. 0., A WELL educated, experienced and line looking youny lauy, who is willing to asFM in tendln-r to first etui clith tooms; i?n<- who suits wtU rtnd a ple.isint borne and be*t of wages. Addre&a lot three day. Paolo Oxenioudt, U' raid ollice. WANTED-A KH18T CLAR3 MILLINER, ON 8TATEN Inland. Sue uiuat gnu tlie bent ?t city rcferem c. in SU roof Mrs. Crlilln. Canal St., Uto doors front Right St., tuple ton, lor three day*. ^ STANTED IMMEDIATELY?F!FTV OIEL8 TO WORK on knotte.l sKi. ts. Apply at uic French ?k:rt loclori, 21 av., corner ot I'lfeh St. ANTED-A SEWING MACHINE OPERATOR, WHO euft bring her own mnchine. Apply at til Rcadc ft., ?Mm, ANTED-TWO EXPERIENCED SALESWOMEN, well acquainted With the sale of Millinery goods. Ap to Thot. A J. G. Johnson, 306 C.iual ?t., corner of oostur. w up SI w ft CAL1 ~ ti IIETJP W ANTED?MALES, Agent.-; wanted kvertwhehe-kor day a Co.'h i\ero?e!ie Oil Burner for Uiod lumps: eneapcht and best in use. Sample"! mailed I r'C on r< eeipt of 10 cents, toy the manufacturer*. Day A: Co., Newark. N. J. BOY WANTED?BETWEEN 10 AND YEARS OF ag", a le to 'rive hone* und wUStnf :?> l e (reneraliy use mi; must !iv? with lit* employer. Address, In own hand writing living u^e, reoin .enflathins and \> acs expected, A. B. P., Uni :i . 'Iiire Post olln e, partag*pre | ud. ALE*MAN WANTED-FOR DRESS GOODS AND nil dep.-.rtuieMs also a cheek bo). Apply at Lord ? j . or *, 17 and 4'.' CalhaiUm *?.. WANTED?A < TiVE BOOK CANVASSERS ON THE gre .t "Ne* York Ctty and Stale 11 ok," now ready. A Idre^t W lit A Y s , l'bilu lelphla. WANTED?V SMART YOUNG MAN, WELL AC <! ... nt d witn cinbr |.l> rics and laces. Ar ;>iy by let Mr to W. WUicltiSon, Troy, N. Y., staling salary and w l;ere last cnu e,v< d. WANTED?IN A COMMISSION HOI SE, A SMART* activi hid, 15 o 10 year* of aae. who e. n reside with li's Ire - in tliU ctty. Atiureaa box 101 P.i?t oihce. "117" AN ted?THREE BOVI, TO WORK AT A LIGHT VY to. not.ii Hiring Lm?n.cor; wage* aup r v.celt. Ai. jjiy at ^J1 W e?t 2t>tn st. WANTED?A MAN TO CANVASS THE CITY, OBTAIN < uaty, pension, mliiiiialtv, stiiltjpinjj, ntid iitiier el. mH t ? ru l'-t; j<>od mtti eau l a made. Address J. W. II., Ilera.d ?Atkiatliitf qu-iilllcatii ns. WANTED-A YOONO MAN IN A LIGHT, PLEASANT. Tf ofliec bos ntsa; ? |, rson wlljug to I a i lustmplcycr v*> to$M can m et witn p g .ml situation, paying J7 to J9 per wi ek. Aditrei' V. W. X., Herald olKc ?, to-dajr. WANTED?i ERVAN AND ENGLISH DRY GOOD'' s.i'e mrn, at Win. Hill's, i77 Grand St.; none bn' gnoil ?Ii lai u weed apply. T1TAITERS WANTED?AT THE FULTON COFFEE ff Mouse, No. It.'i K11Hon *t. Nouc bulfxiierienc id band* ?ei d apply :o Jt. A Frair. WANTED-I AVANT A YOUNG MAN. WITH S10J, TO Uavcl'.Moa^h the Southwest on aliusitio^s tour that will | ay J1VAI per month and e*p"n*e*. No mo, q enp.tnl re quired. Address, With references, Q. M. O.. Herald oitiee. WANTED-A SALESMAN IN A CARPET STORE; ONE :.c ||...luted with lUu burlneai. Addtcss Bniine**. Herald oile e. WANT1.D-A SALESMAN IN A FUftNITl RF, STOIlE (.i.o.l ?.i?e* given Ij one tbat suits. Apply at 4<i> Pearl sti uet. - ??- iW|CTt|,,i ACONFECTIONEH, WHO TUOROUGBLY UNDER stand* niau<ifiu.t'.>riif cam'j aud urnaimnUng, wanted taimudiately, a; 81 Moatfomery sf., Jersey City. Artists.-wan ted a steamer and sailing alitp painted in ; o m! stjlc, ou a board three feet long by two I'eet wnle. Scu i iov,?<t prloc, ai!li adUn ?*, ,o i o\ .l.iii Post oOii e. BUSINES1 CIIANCKS-rO TAILORS-A TAILOR lull) ioir; -tent to eot and make elerlenl garinentu, and Wialiing to e* ai-.i.ti In.use.1, tan Ilea, ot a coo l ui.iu rtu Bily l.v a ldi' s in, I ox AWJ l ost o.lice, N. Y. Carpenters WANTED.?APPLY TO PTTPItKM II. Ku.ivi'< No?. l&tt auil 181 UkIi.ii'.I it., itaiu Btanton Mail Kivii.^iuii % i. C'ARl'ENTKKS WANTED?AT 26* AND ICC PACIFIC / iitit, CAKI'KNTEKH WANTED ? kiftv IIAN:>S, TO work uu rrl i i*i:ri?i> r?. Ai J'.jr ?l l.'io lacigiy, iJll La?l 4?J ?t *?iwnn I ? xiiu'cB unit 31 avrs. HUH:- ESIU -It WANTED.?A PI it.ST i.r.A.SH HAND nnljr nr. <1 appl.r, on Mi>n jj.n .iniiidimVuil ?t? oorncr if #iu av?., und< r the Httj at*',. ? *, w Fran i? WiJ HOlWr HuKR WANTED?A COOD HUHMAT '.ft1 rt ? l7ta ?l., iit-tu tflli ??. Njiiu i ilia M kily ma:i lit I'll HI' Ml I ' K -wasted, A PRACTICAL PAINTER, AV N ? > l.? ? .. IffclwRgart WOtkMlb miv wair tl ill ?h*j |1i> BVKIi-i . wan t KD, A J j? J.Vi.r. o; X ii ii. i'l ? Oy* llou o, |1 'ivt i t' , 'ley, N. Y. VX7 ANrl.D? A OAI'.DEaER; (>\R < (JMl'EiHNT TO fl i*?i .v fl ol ali.iff Hint jij-.i ' , ii. jnniicii'! ?? liouJ luiiy ?l I 'J ?? M A. Dltl?, 132 'Vtiliam *? 1*; AXTED?A NOV TO l.earn A trade. NONE Bl T Tf *u. ?; ? an i'i K'liiilab nccil apj ly at lh? block fat: rj 203 Ornli a *1. KRF.mcii AIlVERTISKJIKSTsi * ON DEMANDS? I NK NUI'RUl.'l', KIlAN" AIPK. 8'A til f *??*? J < tU' troi* ? "HH, ?? a ?? fni u m i 1ft, av. Of 1?P.M,?KDE?t NE hOSsr. ?V.A\t aI-E, POUR ami " ii !l lin e:...>i.l tie t _ " ?' 11 ? n , r vir mie IhmHo 'rujriile. K utiilr r mi ?> ? --<1 si. MATUIMUft i .\i.. a w11: >v :. iiv a i;;> \*;mii: hi; a ' J\ nnalnurk#?t mi ru * n of n\. an?. u|j<> ??(i'i!d |i| in..*!.'A tl ii". I ?> I ? 4l-|>. ail.. i>, . Ih ?l. iillimatn vlrur I. innlrlmmiy. Tr.? J- rvr a jt?i;? ? hr,i>ily, Nhc S* la'i, trail fe.ii.til, ullil ia ? tilr I a H'I^IihV Iu'.kiiij; man. Adin.hi Im 9u?? ^.ta, .u aia .cii.y, .Mia i.?aiiura Uray, HciaM off) Aoentlemav. abc?:t ^ ve\r<! or a(.e, de^ itr?? to ? fi'iii 1h<- *>,i|U?inian'T ol .iyoung'.wiy, W|t|, A ?t?w to mairlinony. AM rommimi"*iion? airnii/ coniidcii. tsx ri^t.?V? K.7??'" "" ?" " DRY UOOBM. .. At ci'shmab a brooks' NRW STORE, On Si?tl. ii? ?*? e,eorner of l wcn y-cigbtb street. Will exhibit for Mia ~ MONDAY, MAY 3, An Idv< e of NEW KVlil.OIDL. IKS, verv ?ie>.tjr. An nvotoe of NEW KAlt ASOLd.a 1 SUM UMBRELLAS. ah invoice of urw md very lii o LA CBS. An in nico of CAMBRIC BANDS, 12o, to76c. An invoice.of IIJ011 LACK VEILS, CrPTTMAV ,? BROOKS, Sixth aveme end Wb street, Wul own MONDAY, HAY i. with *o entire NEW STOCK OK KM'II KTKBONfe ami TRIMMING RIBBONS. uuiuu.NS, KIBHONS, ... ... 1\ IBBON 11, bought cheap at auetion and will be toMit low price*. 1_kIir-, please cull and nee <01* yourMjTCI. We have all the new colovs in market. fioo pieces JOINED BLONDS, Wo. toSfio. adoien. Bonnet awl I IMNU SILK*, desirablecolore. RCCJIES and TABS, 10<-., lie., 13c., JSC., 21c.,28c.,37c. to 7.V. KI.OWKRS, new stvies lust received. Hi ISKS, BIDS, GRASSES, A< , ail new styles. 200diuen Cord HEAD NETS, ?., a urimearticle. JlILI.iNERY in all Its l>r.m lies. STRAW BONNETS an.I MISSES' HATS. ,in.t > from the manufacturers, a full Line LA DIES'. MISSES' am! CHILDREN'S Sua* Boi.nets, which WO aiiall a 1 .it io.T flgureH. 6 (i MISSES'SlBAW 11ATS and BONNETS, 60c. _ ?A\) Do. do. do. 5?. to 7a. 8,000 LADIES' STRAW BONNETS, 60c. to 87c. a,.**) I,A 1)1158' tine Split Slrr.w, $1 to $1 26. bit' LADIES' line Neapolitan (trays, very cheap. I.adi>' ihe*L Bonnets ure ull now Sbupes;the Styles are beautiful. MILLINERY in all its branches executed with taste at our Store. BONNETS bleached and pressed to new style. ( I SIIMAN A BROOKS, <6S Sixth av< ni;e, coi ner Twenty-eighth street. LADIES' Kit) GLOVES, S3 .a pun; the very best quality. LADIES' KID GI.OVBS, fcV. LADIES' Kll> GLOV1.S, 6'V. LADIES' KID OLO\ ES. t.., all *i/o? and colors. GKNTS' BID GLOVBS, tillc. GENTS' KID GLOVES, tWc., tip top. GKN'IS' K!D GLOVES, ode. ? . LADIES' KID GLO.vES. In regard to our Knl Glove?, we ?nall rontlnue to sell them at our old price, CA eeiils u pair, tiioigh ' cost us to import I'J cents per dozen mote tiiau last yeaa. Much has been Maid tbe hut two yesra:.bout ladies'kid floves; we liavs only to m-j that, din ing tbo In.-1 jear, our salts Were 104 dOiten per week ias hard as tuo times were). Our customers c nth. tie toe .11 lor more, s.iyinu they \v?rc as rood aa any dollar gloves the} ev> r purchased. We pledge the la'iicsofthlxaucl other (.ilicsoiir word and the reputation o:' our store th. t our Kid Gloves are a fine and w?rt finished article, and warrant ed per.cctly strulig. I'rn e 6S ceuts. Our spring stock is now in j tore, in black, white and<*nlors. All -i/es. Cl'SIIVAN .? BROOKS, SiMb avenue, comer of Twenty-eighth street. AT CUSIIMAN ? BROOKS' AT CUS1IMAN ft BROOKS' AT CUSHMAN ft KKO<>KS' new store, on Siitb avenne, cutlif-rot Twtuty-ei jhtu tr? ? t, LADIES, we open this week a splendid assortment of HfuSlhlRV lind GLOVES; also, i l,o cc styles siLIC Ml ITS; uiir *:ote :sNu\V WELL KILLED witii the best makes and uualit i s ;o be lotiml anywhere. LADIES* HOSIERY, 8, 10, 12,14,18, 25 to 50,\ CHILDREN'S HOSIERY, iu c\ery sue and quality to suit. GENTS' HOSIERY, 8,10,12,13 to 2Sc.. real English. GENTS' simimer under Ve.-ts. LADIES' do. GLOVES in slllc, also in lisle thread. GLOVES in every slie. (?LOVES iu the nest qualities. GL )VES for ladles, nil sorts. OLOVES for nentlemen. every variety, (lLOVES for boys and girls in sizes. MITTS. MlTTS. MITiS. Ladles' ai d misses' ailk MITTS 18<'. to 73e. LADIES, this lot of MITTS we are selling very much under tegular prices. We speak of them as bargains 1111111 FANS, PANS, FANS, fans. Just received, a choice lot of rich Fane. Ladies will do well to see our K&ns. EXTRACTS. SOAKS (very Una). < OLOONES: none but the very best quality. l'ElwPliMBRY, in variety. _ ? Lioias and OwirrL?inw?Wc call your at tention to our Store Extracts, Colognes, Soaps, 4c., Ac., knowing these little au'aira are very essential the coming season, anil bow "all" important it ia to have them of good quality. We keep none but tbe very finest qualities, and sell them just as cheap as possible. Thread*. Needles, Pint, Tape*. Hair Bruabe*, Teeth Brushes. 8 1'ior*, Portcinonitnlea, OiutH. Dross Braids, Oaloons. Crotchet Needle* and Hooks. Bullous, Bu'ious, Button*. Bullous?All that are iaabionable we have tk?i( a.u<l iu fact every Tarlnj of Tl.iradB an J Yankee Notioua wanted, can be bought cheap. AX CliSllDIAN A BROOKS' new *tore, AT t'l SlfMAS A BROOKS' a.lw rtore, AT Ol'SllMAN A BHOOKS' new store, AT OISIIMAN A BROOKS' i.ew (lore, AT CUSH.MAN A BROOKS' new More, on Blh are. anA 3P tb *t. on 6th are. and K8th at. on 6th are. and 28th at. ou Gth are. and XSth at. vu 6tb ave. and J8th at. Ai we bar* haul lain for nearly a week we must .-all attention to our I*ee G<h*I? and Embroider!) a, us lUcy must go, rain or "Ii inf. DOWN <;<?KS TUB I'RKER. A boot 1,490 Co'lurx, mw p 0"., "11 pm ?- 10c. to 15e. About l,4(n) Collars, n> w price "<? t<> l:te.. ol<t price SOc. to^le. Aliout 1,490 Collars, now price 1*'. ttjiV\,old juice 37c. tofcM. Aboat 1,4'JO Collar*, new pric" 31?- t?5t> old piloeb3c. toSbc. All o n- VEILS marked IK)W.V, All our ViilLS luai'kcl DOWN, All ear VEILS marked DOWN, LACESmarkMl DOWN, LACKS marke t DOWN, LACKS milked DOWN, AT CVSHMAV A BROOKS NEW RTORE, AT Ol'RUM.vN A BBOOKS' NKW bTullE, AT Cl'SHMAM A BROOKS' NKW STORE, 403 Sixth arenue, corner Tw< nty-cighth atreet. e?3 Sixth ave.iU'-, coiner Twcuty-elghw *tre< t. K. B.?Ladles jind ^entlRmeB, please rerrv'tnhrr v.e are Kellmu Klii Oluvea In till mr and a lora at U3c., w ,i ranted niil ritriaquality. Ct Sll.MAN a BROOKS. ^It.XOLD, COUNTABLE A CO.? Hare noirop' n a large an J ttell assorted t'.o.'k of ttaple and BOCSEKERFJNli DRY GOODS, *L.cblbey lireoflfciln^at moderate price*. Canal atreet, corner of Meroer atreet. ^T WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. ENGLISH <AR1'ET1NU8, OILCLOTHS, AC. FRENCH PAPER HANoTnoS, WINDOW SHADES, GILT CORNICE?, RCtiS", MATS, MATTINGS. J. W. COATES, No. 311 Hudsonllrcet. fourth door abore Spiiitx ?'i?tt, invite* the ht'ont.on or oaah hnyersto Ire lar#e aud it'.racti. e steck, bu igbt at a wholesale bankrupt sale:? J,urn) piece* English Brussels carpet*, at *6 centa per yd. it! ?' Throe-Ply at fl| cants |<er rd. 600 " Evlra Tinlly Ingrain at 75 eenta p*r yd. f,0J " Eiue, all wool a. 6j . e?u per yd. Cuod Carpets nt 30 'Silts per yd. 10,000 yard* fine English Oilcloths, to be aoUl rery cheap. Fine Go'.d an 1 Vclret Paper Hanging*. *t ftO *nt? per roll. Finn Ha in P?pat . at 12 coui* per roU. S.tHJO p; irs fine Gold Window Shade*. ?t $1 per; air. fine Gold and Velvet KuaJ' i at |2SU |*r pair. y T LEG RAIN'S. Rich Fancy Si.ks at Of'e.its; woilh $1 78. Rich Silk OreaiHnc at 63 cents. New inroiceof Flounced Barege Robe*, with SUwl* to Biateb, at S6 Ml the Dre?s and Sbawl. JOO Robe*, Mexican Barege, at 91 60 ihe dres*. 800 *Mg Fiench Embnidei ie*, from 91 75 to 93 SO; north OVi r J 6 Git a*, reduction on tb* rich Lace*, to sell out that department. Miltcrairs' French Janinct at IS ccaia; (uaraateed fast ctloi n, q iaiity of 30 cent*. LEG RAIN, 720 Broadway, corner of Waveiiry p:*e*. An important koth b TO LaDIEA J. A J. HOMES * La HATAKD, 477 Broadway, Will open on MONDAY, lay ft, A Urge ai.d elcaiinl aaaorlmenl or ncftuiirm pakisien mantillas, sacqves and SHAW LETT EH. Aim Novaltlea of our o*n manufacture, at prlcea to srrp am.. J. * J. HOMES A L? BATAnn, 477 Itrjnlway. N. B?Thin ho-iKB la T?n.rilot>lnr1y racmnux ndad to ?li.mger* mil vmltofa, an en ? one pvl<? 1* aaknt. irnm win. li no delation 1* luade, ana ail <?>ori* Bold in thl? hnu-e ar- new, faililoi able and warranted the i*bi <|ua!ity lor th- nuiit-d 4 NNOniC RMT N, EXTRAORDINARY. A CAitPKTUfi, CARPETING, OILCLOTila, OILCLOTH*, B V reteb80r A CO., ." nl Nm. I anil B M*irr alraeta, invite t*i-intention if r.?,h buyciato iteir lai?e aod altrac II ? ?ioiit t ('an :ln . 1.?<U PIKfKS KXOLlfH TAPESTRY, ?X) PicrBri riiRRii ri.v-i'i'v .ir 911 1'IK TJS EXTRA 'A'ALITT IN0RATN3, 100 HECKS ALL WuOL. frnm Xb? HON. 60 I ENtS PEB YARD. O.L< I. >1113 OiK-lot'.m of every tvHii?fiuml tc 24 fat*. wide?(rom ibt be*' in .nofai hirer*. KNClMfll OII.tJLOrUS. A larni lcl for ?vnlni ro*nn? nil I kit 1-? t ?, 4'tiKAP?KXTHA OIIBaP. BXU.A ilAUUAIMS OH J KI.D. Onrentira ? . ?> U w..< pur l.n?*dl baiora <h? yreat ?.'??nre fnrrtMh. whleh ' nvVca lit to oiler to <*n?h burer* lndice meni* mrny run with. Ad mi y call wil Bive iluic ai.d nunrr. E. A. PETERSON A CO , 31A Canal and No*. 1 and 3 N< ri er aireeia. A MA L! K r. . n < i INTON place, N'EAIl BROADWAY. Stiaw Buiiii. ta, llonnet Fia a???, KluWia, Ribbuua and Ofber Mllllof 'V f "?'> ? Alt'I.NINO AND DREBB CAVft, LI SO (M., A It I frt.ES ? NOVELTY, flarHAlitl Co'inin'* for Miiiv and children, Vtiia, Oniti ra and CUwatllly W * . MO"RNfNO ARTlt.LEB CtOMT AND UKESH MANTILLAS, ADl4l|b?T0fuM(JWii*Tf ju?t btvu rtctlrtd. A DHY OUUUS. * KINZEV'S EIGHTH AVKNITK ("HEAP STOKE, OK K AT BARGA1N8 FROM LAST WEEK S AUCTION SAI.EH. , READY ON MON1MY MOBNIHO. EMBROIDERY DEPARTMENT. Auction lot nf Lacn Veils, 12.:. lu MJc. Auction lo! ot Tin ami On na II:,e Vi lla. Auction lot ot CM.Urn, tic., 12' , loo., Ii5e. Auction lot of Collar*, 37c., 50c., 63e.., 75c. Auc'ion lot or Hand*, 6e , 12c., 16'., IS"'. .Uic'.iuu lut ol' BanIs, 25c , 3li'., 37c., 50c. Aiictiou tot of VlukIIii Caps, 10'., 12c. Auction lot ol" Lace Edgings, 1". per yard. Auction l"t ot I.Hi n Hosoiiik, A to Sic. 11A M > KI' Kti 11E V OKI'A HTM E NT. Anrtlmi lot of Lin< n Handkerchiefs, Sc., Co., Sc., 10% Auction lot of line Heimlich, 1H<\, 119c. Auction lot of Kent'*, *11 Linen, 12Kc.. 16c., 18c. Am tlon lot ol gent's Linen Ueuistich, 2fio. Am tlon lot of Colored Holders, 5c , 5c., 6c., 8c. Aiictiou lot ol ical Pineapple, at 26c. SUN UMBRELLAS AND PARA80L8. STRAW BONNET DEPARTMENT. Opening over 1U,U>K) new Bonnets Him week. Auction lot of Bouuets, n >t new slnyiea, tic., 12c. WW pretty Fancy S.ruvvn. 2be., 31c.,co-. 760 Spill Straw Hornets, 3le., 3Sr.. 50c. 9C0 Tuu y Neapolitan Bonnets, 00c., (i3c. 7i0 pretty HaLr Bonnets, Vie. FINE SPLIT STRAWS. GOO pietty tape Braid Bonnets, sa.SOc. t>w) neat Pedal Braid Bonnets, 'Wc., .VI. #70 fancy Diuista'o'.c Bonnets, iSr., 50c. bOO pretty mixed i Bonnet*. 60c. FINE TUS' ANS AND PEARL8. 760 Fine Fan y Satin liiai I Bonneta, 31c., 38c. Hot) white Shaker i'.oiiiu in, 20c. ihJODiil'vicnt Stylfs in Bonnet*. SSc., 80c., 03c., 750. VERY BEST HON NET FRAMES in the city, 12), cents. All the new stvle* in Bloomer*anil Turban*. UNION, MONITOR. ERICSSON, MAKGARETTA, BRREATA, _ . _ And other styles in Legion n, Tuscan, Pedals, Pearls, Co bur>J), Split Straws anil Dunstable*. Opoulng (.heap lot nf Bio urn is; 12c., 2V., 38c. RIBBON DEPARTMENT. 6,000 yards Fancy Trlmmlnc Ribbons, 3e., 4<\, Sc. 7. OX) yard* Fanny bonnet Ribbons, 6c., 8.'-, 10c. SiOOO yards tiew *tyU s Bonnet Ribbons, 12;jc., 18c. 20,Otxi yarns Bonnet Ribbons, 18c., 22c., 2ac. TRIMMING DEPARTMENT. . _ ALL THB NEW fcl'lLES IN DRK8S TRIMMINGS. 2n,oo0j%uM.< Dm - Trimmings, 2c., Sc., 4c. D;e..? Button*, all styles. MILLINERY DEPARTMENT. Bonnet Silks, all colors. Bonnet Crapes. lilond Laces, Tarlelons. Lot of Lining 8 1k, 18n. pcrynrd. __ FLOWER DEPARTMENT. Flowers of every aiylc, description and color?Rose*, Dan lias, Pinks, Grapes. A''., \e. GLOVE AND MITT DEPARTMENT. 15.000 pairs line Lisle Gloves, from auriion, 6c., 8c. 1.2 W pairs fine L si.- Gauntlet Glove*, 12c., 15c., 18c. 3,500pairs hi'ny S Ik Gloves, 18c 2,000 pairs best K <1 Gloves, spottei'. 25'-. 1.780 pairs beat Alexander's silk Gloves, SSc. 2,000 pairs best Silk Twist Mitts. 2.V, 81c? 38c. 1,0:KJ pairs best SiU. Twist Mitts, SOc , 63-., 76c. HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. 2,180 pairs Ladles Hose, froui auction, lie., 8o., 10?. V.S2J pairs Ladies' Hose, lrom auction, 12c., 16c., 18e. 4,000 pairs Ml-tt"' lin e from auction. 6c., Sc. 10c., 13c. 15,000 pairs Gent's Half Hose, 6c., 8e.. 10c. lS.tO) Pairs Gent's Half Ho e 12c., IS'., l^c. FANCY GOODS DEPARTMENT. 1,000 dOT.en^ Spool Cotton. Sc. diucn. 200 yards Spool Cotton, 2c., 3e. *pool. 26,0.10 pap?rs Uc?t ti Id Eyed Needles, 3c. 23,000 pai'CI S beat Pointed Pins, 'V. VU) bottles L'ibin s Ej.ira. ts, from an. lion, 26C. 1,00) boi ties real Handkerchief Perfumes, 6e. Braids, Billions, Comb*, Brushes Bugs, Portemonnales, Tapes. Ac., Ac., in full assortment. N. B.?.last leeeivcd, ISO LOTS OF AUCTION GOODS (CHEAP LOTS\received too late for thla advertisement. (Rea,ty on Monday liiori.ui. ). KINZtV SELLS AT WHOLESALE OB BETAIL, AT THE EIGHTH AVENUE CHEAP STORE. WM. KINZEY, 221 and 223 Eighth avenue, Between Twemy-flrst and Twsnty-second streets. AT DE PERCEVAL'S, 6?7 BROADWAY , AU KINDS of children's Cloak*, Dresses. Blankets, Sucques, Che mise*, inl'uuti Waists, Aprons, Ilibs, Baskets, infants Caps* Zouave and Garibaldi CO* t nine*, &<?., ready made and made to order. Laute?> embroidered Chemise* and Ni;htgowu Yokes: also ladies' rturtr made C'.iemisc?, Nightgown*, Night caps, Breakfuct Caps, Zouave Chemisettes, Fluted Handker chief*, Ac. AX PEYTON'S I1IBAP STORK. 274 BOWERY, HOUSEKEEPING GOODS FROM AUCTION. . BAROAIN.SI BARGAINS! BARGAINS! in white Quilt*, Linen Damask Table Clothe, Towels, Luce and Musllu Cur lama, Linen*, Sheetings aud Sluruugs. XHO AT PEYTON'S CHEAP STORE, 274 HOWERY, BROCHE, STELLA. CASHMERE and ZKPHYR SHAWLS, at a GREAT SACRIFICE, fruni the LARGE AUCTIONS daring the week. ^QENCY FOB THB NEW HAYEN PATENT SKIRTS, MADE TO QBDEB AND BEADY MADE. TUB BEST PITTING, FINEST AND CHEAPEST THING OFFERED IN THIS CITY. FITTING WARRANTED. AIM, just openinc, nt popular price*:? Summer Undershirts and Drawer*. Silk, Lisle Thread, Kid aud Hog Skin Glove*. English Cotton and Lisle Hosiery. ISilk and Linen Handkerchiefs. New .Style* u 3 ami 4 ply Collar*. r.'irisAr S arfsand ilea. , 81.k and Satin Stock- and Napoleon Tie*. Silk and Oingh?>n Umuivllas. Ac. At the Sblrt an 1 Collar Depot, S7 and 90 William street, on* door mi ih ol Maiden lunu. THEODORE C. ORANN1S, Agent Auction goods. La: ge purchases having been mule at the immense sales of last week. In S'lks, urenndlnt s, Organdies, lacrnrts. Barege*, H-ireire Anglalr.., Ac., Ac., will enable us to off'-r to pmchasers extraordinary Bargain* A. T. MBWART A CO. AT RETA1 fj? CLOiHsi, PLATN AND FANCY COATINGS, CASHIMERES, VESTING* AC., Of the most fashionable ?tvl?s and labii.?*, for MEN AND iiOVS' 8 PR I NO ANIi SUMMER WEAR, AT POPULAR PRICES. A. T. bTliWART 4 CO. Armstrong a butte rlry, ho sixth avenue. LACB4, EMlIKUiOiiBIB-, RIBBONS, HO-IERY, NOTIONS, AC., $10,000 worth of Wliite Goods, cmiaixtlng of Swiss, M-.II, Naln-' nk, Ta|? Checked, Jacoucis aud Junes Cambric, to be sold wltborn regard to cost <jrfm]><>rtatIon. They have been bought cheap and will be sold cheap, EMBROIDERIES FROM AUCTION. embracing Collar*, Bets, Handkerchiefs, embroidered, tap# bordered a: J hem nit'-hed; Ed lugs, insertions, Bands, Ac ,'e Sr'ciiil I argair* may be lolled for. Ol U LA< E DEI* vRTM IC.stvs replete with all the novel tie?, comprising Pi tnt P'Alcnoon Collar* and Rets, Point DeCan.''- do., ValcneicBM* do do., Lace Handkerchiefs, liar' es, Cultures. Volts, flleevi t Je. BL\CK THRE\D L U'liS?GREAT RARGAINS. Crapes. P.I mc's, Nets, Illusion, for iniuineiy pui i uses, Cl:eaii. A liberal <'l? omu to the trade. R1KBONS, RIB BONA. 100 cartons, Nos. 4*8 (ir.mining widths), fast received from auction. RiBBoN.H iu ??r; w idth, ol tbo choicest stvl ? and colore. TO OUR HOSIERY STOCK espe-ial attention it invitedi every m ike, style, quality i nd ;.ni?l: may b? luund. Onr Cbl'dretfa Stork li mostc >mplete. Oeiuicm. us cause, Merino ana Cotton Undershirts and Drawer*. Indies' C.mrr, Merino and Cotton Wrapper* snd Drawers. Cluldr n'? Gauze, Merino aud Cotton Wrappers and D raw ere. Hose, in SI'k, Merino, Thread and CoMcn. Gentlemen'* hall bo>e in every make and tin >h. Mils, Gloves, Ac. liL-iT PARIS Kin t?LOVES, <J3r. PER PAIR. ARMSTRONG A BUTTERLEY, 140 Suih avenue, near Eleventh atreet A POSITIVE SACRIFICE. THE GKEIUEST HAui.AISS EVER OFFERED IN NEW YORK. lOO^W YARDS OK BUiTiUH, FRENCH AND GEBMAN DRE'S GOODS. FOB SPRING AS M SUMMER WEAK. FROM S I" 25 Cents per Yard. IS,000 varus IjitM-ilas at Sr. I3.U0' vards Baryc, wool Cilmg, 6'.*. 12,(01 vards Barege Ah,, us, brucbe ngurc, ?c. 12.00H vards Hatege AogUK printed?very pieity, 10o. 10,00 > yards Cueck Mo/.amb<|iic*, ?c. ll.nfkiyard* Check Poll de Clievre, Is. and 1*. 3d. 10,mm yard* Crnv .Mned Poll de Chcvie, Is. and li. 8d. 1(1,(?*) yards Grujr -Mo/ambique. Is. 3d. 7,Wi) yards Gray Poiilins. is. Gd 6,:-U0 jawlf Silk *n-l WimI tirenadines, Is. M. f/iOOjardf Stripe and Chck Mo/amhir|ues, la Cd. ? WW yards II igb Color*, 1'i.ud Mo>?inbi>.ue, ls.S.1. and la til. C.i Ou yard* Cbeck Silk Miiture Motambi'iui**, 2a. i ease MouiMM l^awns. ltt\ jcases Mourning Challlf>< and De lalnc*, 1*. 1 in e'Mo'ii Uliig Ue laine*. If. Id. , ALSO, 1 case chuit* Poplins, Is. t>d.; former price 3% 1 ease Silk Poflins, ts. Od.j '? " fta. 1 ia*? " " 3*.; ? " " tl. h.-use * " fg ired, J*.?d.; " " fl. r* des ft ? variety of all the latest style* In DRE^i GOODS, obeaper tban In any other bouse In tb* city. l.a lies rsn rc*t assured that this advertisement Is no bum bug. tliaitheg' olsnre really bargains, and that the t>ri e* ?|Uiited above are not more than liliy cents on the dollar In tnanv c??cs. and In no case are the good* marked at aiiytblng like th*tr lull value. AI-SO, 10 ee*e? English Madder Priuts, almost to French In style aud printing, and very handsome, at U^vard.

2M Bowery. N. R ? He ?nre yo.i see the nam* over tb* door. No con nection with any other store. LACK BILKS! BLACK SILKS I SPECIAL MALE. B I am tiow awning (notwithstanding the heavy tariff) BLACK SlI.KS at lower prices than they have neen ar id n main years. We hue ail widths, tiuin 22 to 49 inches wxlc, from 6?r. fi; aI>o MANTILLA tflLKS, with very rKh lu-tre "PUsso note the *ddre?-." W. K. PEYTON, 174 Bcwerr, A few duor* ol Houston street. ^JlRtAlJH. ARNOLD, < unstable A CO., ?rt offering al very low prlcet, ? larfe awunment of ??pertor tACE AND MVblllt Ct'rtains. D'?r".? Mnilln, aud VEPT1 Hl'I K LACES. Canal elrci, corner of Merer (treat. (1CRTAIN MATERIAL*, j rrlBimTfiE covering?. uruoUTtntK# ooouk ok rvKKY description. SOLOMON ~A HART, N" X'J RrqMwaj. 1mpori>;us an1> DlALtlUt, Call the atloiu '.ii 01 wrlimeMle and t xu i ..vetato the ureal bai.H^j* ? hlcb they are uo?? <??< unjiiu il.c abo?e gr>oi!?. /JOTTVN, UJLR AND KIMMERINQ HOSIER > vmijt 81; et peculiar to (hi* lloune. Eiccllent Uoodn a', Popular Price*. PJtJVJi ADAMS, jie, 037 BROAD WAT, IIKV GOODS. A I. STEW A ItT * CO. ? wul ii. ike uu Monday, May 5, large addit'oos to their ?lu k ul new and Cloaks, Maniill li, hamiuoa, Ac., iu fcHik, Cloth mi 1 other la-diiouabie material*, AT EXCKEDIMOLY LOW JUICES. QllAVATH, SCARFS, T1K8 AND STOCKS, Maw goods ima op. tied, A large variety at moJerate prices. UNION ADAMS. NO. 837 BROADWAY. /1ARPETH, \j CUitTAIN MATERIALS AMD FURNITURB COVER ings. The largest, chcapebt and mom elegant stock to be found In the city. N. B ? Practlcnl upholsterers always on hand. Orders ex tiuted wtU> dee pa tun. A. T. STEWART .It CO. Elegant paris organdies, FROM T1IK AUCTION .SALES OF LAST WEEK, ?12a., Cd. and a.-,, peryard; about one-half the cost of Importation. 200 PIECES TAFFKTA IMPERATKiCE, A new aiid choice article iur' Street l>roans, received per sti'&nx r Persia. ELEGANT ORGANDIE AND BAREGE ROUES, at less than one-halt the rust of im mrtalion. PARIS I HINTED BAREGES, at 18*4 cents and 28 ceius peryard; value, 40 Anil GO rents. A. T. STEWART * CO. E" broideries AND LACES, ENTIRELY i*EW GOODS, JUST OPENED, CONSISTING Of Black Thread Lace Vi Us, from $2 25 upward*. Black Pusher Laoc Veils, fixiu. $1 and ipwarda. Magpie and Grenadine V' lis. in all colors. Black Thr> ad Umpire and French Laces. Blaik La o Fl'uincings, $1, $1 23, $1 (0 and 32?regular prices, I$2 JU, $'t and $1. Mautilla Centres and Shawns, at half prices. 1,000 pieces of Valenciennes La. op, Is. per yard Real Point Laee Collar*, from $2 upwards. Gulpuro and Valencieuncs (Julian and Sc i. Lace Coiffures, Barhes, Capes and Handkerchief* French anil Scotch Embroidered Collar* and Sets. Breakfast and Travpllln; Collnrs and Bet*. Iiiianto' WaifcW, Ruber, and Muslin E-ltfiugs and InnertlnffS. Together with a full assortment of every articlo in the trade?all at remarkably low pricr*. E. WILLIAMS * CO.. (!ate P.,tcr Roberts), 42$ Broadway. Established ik?, - TAILORING. To those whose accounts had, irom time to time, been placed to PROFIT and LOSS bat who have nobly responded to my apiieal for their Patronage, I wo ild return thanks, as alio to those wlio, in a eonlldence of an ability (derived from long expcilei' o in the b<islncs?) to answer their re qulratnents at un low C. O. D. prices, have duly ap preciated the determination that it shall not be my fault if Hereafter those who pay lor tbeir clothing arc made to pay for others dellnnuenelea. In a word, tl.e assn.aucs is tendered tonne am! all, that at no other establishment (style and character ul the gar ments considered), can thu economy so requisite to the times be exercised than a*. No. 8 Aitor House. WM. T. JENNINGS, Tailor, Miliary and Civic. FDE PERCEVAL, 657 BROADWAY.?INITIALS AND ? Coats of Arms embroidered on Handkerchiefs, Table Linen and lied Clothes. Cotton and silk embroideries made to order. Stamping Tor embroideries executed In the most Krfect manner. Transferrin,', la'? * mended aud done up e new. Babies Caps cleaned and made over. F BENCH AND AMERICAN PAPER HANGINGS. SOLOMON k HART, No :<<i9 Broadway, rtfuu vi ivhlm,~*r IMPORTERS, MANUFACTURERS AND practical PAPER HANGER8, Hare the largest and best sclccted stock or the above goods in this market. They will sell them by the lot or roll to whole sale and retail buyers, and w:ll take orders to hang them, m plain snd decorative styles, aa small advance on cost. F ANCY FLANNEL outside SHIRTS, FOR BABE ball AND CRICKET PLAYFRS, Always on hand and made to order, AT UNION ADAMS', NO. ?37 Broadway. G AUZE, MERINO UNDER garments, "for LADIES, GENTLEMEN and CHILDREN. A great variety, at popular prices. UNION ADAMS. NO~C37 broadway. xwemj-wuad and "bt" Q.L0VE6, GLOVES, OtOVEs! ~ "~~~ m'S"" UJ^M' St 25 w?^ P^r. redneed from 40 Ud JOOdo^en Glove. at 80 oenTTT^ir. Regular prle, ? ??? UNION ADAM3, 637 Broadway. /JENTS' FURNISIimo dbparth ENt! _ Cotton, Silk and^eri?o H^nTII W." 7"U ?B<1 P"U P.M? and primed Al?,ander?adeb^iefUS S2d sTanl^^Z I ^ T._STEWa'rT* CO. TJ-OUBBkEKITNO GOODS, ~ ?U. Or D. ne.iic and Foreign Mannfarturfc Iu/ ?ery verletjr. ?,,yj7. alu, qu.V'y* ^ ^ moat Riuoiiiiulc trrnii A. T. STEWART A CO. TTEAVT CURT.UNS, ~ * To the cbeap-M that aSHSE* Hob"1 Md 100ti eo,U' j SOLOMON A HART, CphoUferrr*. I areoffrHns prrat*?doc?eiltefal theI INDIA SHAWLS.?preparatory To GOINC To pit ' t'on oa ?iv!.Mtf g,imv| I ii?n *??! fnr? i? ult n" (the I rilllani In?Uu red) xs ith hoiHh L V n ITil c*n,r? 1 - SJ'*" Ualtered, repaired and clcaued. jaconets AND OIlOAKDIliS, In new dea^na anil wcil aai'ortcd, puri-hAaed at the recent Urge auction Kales. For *aic much under regular price*. arnold, constable A CO., Canal ?tree?. corner of Xerrer. J^ID, CALF, DOO, BITK, SILK AND THREAD CLOVES AND GAUNTLETS, A large and pp>enU.d variety, at low prices. PWIOW APAMS, No. 637 BROADWAY. Lace and muslin curtains, "?~ EVERY STYLE AND QCAI.itf AT UKEAT BARGAIN^ SOLOMON A HART, Importer!, No. 369 Broadway. T ACBS AND EMBROIDERIES. XJ JiaejHiine and La Orec Setj, In great variety. Barber Coiffures Ym., Poia* Plain, Hemmed Stitched S'^KSii ol,,^, *bd C,,B* Embroidered Linen Collar* A large portiou pumhaned al the re<eut auction ealra A. T. STEWART A CO. Mrs. gaynor's paris corset and skirt p?. talilithiiient, new and elecant ?tvle? in .nm?,.. , alngle Han Pan* made (,'orart* and fUteat7??lJKlrtli ifeteVSr6"815 Big Madame jaubert, ok pari? maktf ht .Vr? Manwkt* Mnki r. f?Vmrrty B^aVl^t ?^. iAND to inform her etiatomer* that ?h.. ha* removed to I3I Ninth Wreet, near B,oad??r, *he?- the NewTS.l r.!? ? m,h d' , V,?" SE^Si/SR?** w.'" b" -J Jh, "If* bbrt has adtlt d to li?*r? fciAhii*hni?>iit that o( Making D:iim s for E14tea anil ChllUrio jyjANTILEAS and SACQUES, TOR HI'RINO. atVlIOLB>ALb' PRICES** ^01r WfI?r ESALE STOCK SK^WSSS-Sti ? WOODBRIDUE k KEHOE, *? Broadway, rorner of Worth afreet. MTERS' mourmNO VTORB, NO 623 URO r>way ? .... ?FW. ??OoD* * will hh OPENED U\Y S HATS, MANTILLA* AND HH AWLS ? *? * A HYhM A CO. J^OURNIWO GOOD8. arnold, CONSTABLE A CO., have bow on eihlbltlra a choice Mo> k of MOVENINO DKB^g GOODS, mtable for the pre?ent and coming ^anai etreet. eorner nf-tfcrcer. l^EW CLOAKS. ct0AK8. A w " ziu B?>wary. N p -Be ?ur* you K? A. r?H.V^ ^iwsrsss""^*k^''-?rm i,e,D8e,wn ? JflWROM. NKWOOOMi , _ .11 ST OPENED At 2tl SIXTU AVliM E, h#-ow Foorteov.h tircct. \V. I? td'OK, MM M O. A. Ilrnrtsr *, Broadway, ir*p?<. f l;ycallnthe ?t t??U n of In* frli-t ?!* and u.< ivrlic 1* thr m.p?: < I.nxnd ch.aie k ot EMMftOttU ft (KM M?>?IkRt, IInNr. i'uKbtiT, OloVft) 1??" ?. La ilea ana Mint**' Sir nv Mnnni'ta, 11 ? ip Hktrift, Ac. Alto, Liorno, TOWtlltn ?, Whl'C GKj)dt, Hltiboi *. kc N > hit rt>ii| pricaquoted <-n i<np?r. Ck<xU alTered chop tuo ieU at >b<! counter to nattary i! # r|rw?t haver* W. 1). LuuE, A>1 liitk ?vtoi.f, uev Kurimil MfVtt M OUV GOODS. EN'S FRENCH COTTON 11 -VLF HOSE, WHITE, L'ROWN Af D BROWN MIXED, Miitl'' w illicit seam a, nnd beautiful good*, A large vari -ty. a'. low price*. UNION ADAMS, NO. C37 BROADWAY. PAPER IIANOINO AND WINDOW SHADES, At WILSON A DEWEY'S. Having pur>:lia -e I the sin, k ol > i, or tins lurrest houses In Broadway at on,- third the cost ol imoortal on, unJ mi !?d largely to It In NKW GOODS, are |noptr?>> to otter lndnee< mi nis id buyers Uiul 'euiuiol l?o I >?<:.d .-l -'wlimr lu lite city, botli WHOLESALE AND RET II. Cull and i 308 CANAL STREET, m ar Uroadway. POPULtlt TRVDE IN DOMESTIC SUEETIMiS Slilrtiiu", I'linif, Ticks, DnImi, CoKdiimn, Jeans' 4c., cotuprtMiu.' "'Very variety ol ll.e poj ulai siyies. For utile by ibe package or piece. A. T. STEWART A CO. RU. MACY 18 NOW OPENINU FROM AUCTION LADIES' FRENCH NEEDLEWORK LINEN HAND KERCHIEFS, VERY FINE OOOD8, AT LESS THAN 1IALF THE COST OF IMPORTATION, It. 11 macy, 201 ann A)6 Siith avenue, two doors below Kua. Bei.tli st. BII. MACY, ? 201 uiul i!nC Sixth avenue, two doom below Four teenth street, IS NOW OPENING FROM AUCTION FRfcNCll AND SCOTCH EMBROIDERIES IN ti 11EAT VARIETY AT LESS THAN HALF THE OUST OF IMPORTATION. RU, MACY IS NOW OPENINO 1.000 I'lECES EMBROIDERED SWISH MUSLIMS At 2l. anil 2a. Gil. A ^ ARD, FROM AUCTION. Ml'CH I .ESS THAN COST Ol-' IMPORTATION. R. 11. MACY. 204 and 205 Sixth avenue, two doom below fourteenth street. RU. MACY ? HAS NOW OPEN HIS STO IC OF FINE PARIS FLOWERS IN CHEAT VARIETY. H. U. MACY, 20* and 205 Sixth avenue, two doors below Fouri cnlU street. KB. MACY IS NOW OPENINO FULL ASSORTMENT OK CERTAIN MUSLINS, LACE DRAPERIES, LACE CURTAIN'S, Ac., IN GHEAT VARIETY. R. II. M VCY, 201 and 206 Sixth avenue, two door* belo.v loui-tecnth street. KH. MACY . IS NOW OPENINO EVERY VARIETY PARASOLS AND SI N UMBRELLAS, FROM REST MANUFACTI REKH. R. II. MACY. 201 and 20C Slxlli avenue, two doors below Fourteenth street. Rll. MACY ? IS NOW OPENINO 60 CASES L\DIBS AND MISSES PLAIN AND FANCY STRAWS, BLOOMERS, MAY ol'EENS, AND ALL TIIE LATEST STYLES BTKAWS, AT VERY l.OW PRICES. R. H. MACY, 204 and 206 Sixth avenue, two doors belnv. Fouriueui:i street. RU. MACY IS NOW OPEN1NG FROM AUCTION ? FINE A88ORT.Mk.vr Of LAD.ES' AND MISSES* COTTON AND LISLE TIIKEAD HOSE VERY LOW. FUIXi LINE LISLE AND SILK GLOVES, FRENCH MITTS, ALL QUALITIES, AT MUCH LESS THAN C'OijT OK IMPORTATION. R. 11. MACY. 304 and 206 Sixth avenue, two doors below Fourteenth street. RU n^y . ' IIA8 NOW OPENED (AND WILL MAKE ADDITION THIS WEEK) TliE FINEST 1.1 NE OF PARIS HAT RIBBONS, (PLAIN AND FANCY) TO BE FOUND IN THE CITY. FULL A8S0RTMKMT OF ALL WIDTHS AND SHADES 1.N PLAIN RIBBONS. R. H. MACY. RU. MACY . HAS NOW OPEN HIS USUAL VARIETY OK LADIES1 AND MISSES' MAKE UP UNDER WEAR. ORDERS FOR TI118 DEPARTMENT EXECUTED WITH DESPATCH. FULL 6TOCK LADIES', MISSES' AND CENTS1 UAl'ZE MERINO UNDER WEAR. R. II MACY. 204 sod 200 Siith avenue, two door* below FourU euih street RH MACY . II AS NOW A OOMn.ETK ASSORTMENT OF COLORS AND SUE8 OP HIS CELEKKATBD LAU1L.V PARIS KID GLOVES, <H CENTS, It. H. MACY, 204 and 106 Siith avenue, two doors below Fourteenth street. KEAL INDIA C VMELS HAIR ? LON(. AND SQUARE SHAWLS, A aunerb ?mi linm.t now oi>?ti. Also, French Camels Hair Lung and bquure. Plain an<l Broclie Grenadine, 811k Tltlue, Barege and Lama Wool Shawls, At very low prices. A. T. STEWART ft CO. SPRING CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS. NOW OPEN, a lull assortment or nil the LEADING STYLE*, at extremely low prh-es. MELTON CLOTH SACQUES, new shades, fit $S to PEARL DRAB FRENCH CLOTH SACQl'EB, Just 'out, ^RICH*"LUSTRE BLACK SILK 8ACQUES. richly trimmed, at S<i WJ to $11*. In point of style ond qualify, ladles will And ourOnrment* aro superior to thosd luuml iu many stoies ou Ilr.u.uvay and Canal s.reel, and our prices we funrsnte.' vs in Mil per eent lew. W. K. PEYTON, Excelsior Clonk und Mmi'.IIIu House, 274 Bowery, near Houston street. WINDOW SHADES. SOLOMON ft HART, 3CO Broadway, Manufacturers, offer tl?m to t)te ttarie and at retail much below market prices WINDOW CURT*INS.?MADAME ROHERTS fLATB Rolwj is ft I). ? hump) bee* to acquaint her patrons and the public that, hat lu< now tak'n an ? Hablubioeni at Wll llamshrlitg*, she Is pi.v?d in a rostllon lo eveel iu dinning Window ? urtaiiis. Purlieu leaving their Cnrtuius with her shall have them returned ctiual to new, and thu best o: ri'le rein s ^vi'D for their femirlty. Lien business eoutlnued as formally at No. 0 East Eleventh stiect. A. M1L.L1N1CRY, AC, UH3. C37 BROADWAY. 1862. AN ENTIHE NEW STOCK OF SPRING MILUNERY OF SPRING MILLINERY WILL BE OPENED ON MONDAY, MAY 5. ALSO SEVERAL CASES OF tTRAW BON SETS, BATS, BLOOMERS, A C., FOR MISSES, BOYS AND IIIKaNTS, AT SIMMONS* GREAT MILUNLRV EMPORIUM, TUB OLDBST ESTABLISHMENT ON BROADWAY. MRS. SIMMONS. 107 Broadway. AT THE OLD STAND, C37 BROADWAY?THE LARGEST and best assortment of Spring Mllln'-rv hi,.I Stiavr Goods to b? fouud in the cliy, at the lowe-i canh prices. ? SIMMONS, ear Broadway. BARGAINS.-SPRING BONNETS AT BARGAINS THI8 dsy ?t L. BINNS' MilliDvry. largest and cliut>e?t iu tho world, Ml IIto*'Iw* ', 6 I. o|! .1 ie Metropolitan Hotel. No tice.? Avoid mistake. <i|-|orite Metropolitan Hotel. Chil dren's llat* aud Bonnets. ARAM? CHANCE-LADIES AND UENTLEKEN, IF yoiwifhto pel the fwll valne for your caat off ("loth mg, Jtr , tbn beet jon can do la ( > call or aen i a ni ta I t tlie well kiiown ilral)-'*, M. MINT2, ZXI fthth ivenue. T ie:v you may be am* to receive .? per rent more than by any other it'ealere. N. mil l-?:!>vo the f*l*? prete nli-ra who off) r $4d for allk <lrr??e?, i tor fonta, or $i for nanta, at) III* aiirely a huoibu*. l/iul ?a attentat Or Mr?. RlnU, Pleuw remeriib' r, ;KI Kixlli avenue, betweiiu Seventeenth ai d Eighteenth etr etc. At the new stoke, iu third avenue, ladies ami gentlemen cull iltapoao 01 their ciat off Clo'tilng, t-'arpeta, Kurnltore, Ac. 1 guarantee to jiaylor Dreaoea from $o to ?:0, fort'oata Irutn ?l to >15. for Pant* from ftl to V. I'ltaae do not forget to rail ou or aildreaa C. HIHII 114 Third avenue, Fourteenth ?tre-t. Ladle attended by Mra. Mlab. At laa seventh avenue, laihes andoentijs ni< nean ilUponc of their i a?t oil Clothing, Carpru, Fur niture und Jewelry. I guarant")' to iiay ftfiy per cent mor? than any other dealt r In the city, an I not to be hiiuibut^c-4 hy great puff" an'I fa lie pretender*. Pteaaa nil on or a V it re an J. Auhalt, IM Seventh avenue, between Tnenll*-lli and Twrnty-Cr>t nt.ceta. Latin* attended by Mr?. Anbalu Attention, ladieh and gentlemen.-ik tou wUh to get Die I il l value lor your caaioll Clothing, Oar peta, Furniture and Jewelry, the bent you can do l? to aend a (tola to the well known dialer, F. IIARKIH, IIW Seventh ave nue. Than* you may bo convlni-ed you Kill lie dealt with to (our amnfaetlon For Dia^-r? from $6to $30, for CoaU from 4 to$IS, for Pant* fnrni tl to $3 Pleaae do not forge' <> call on oraddrees K. Uarria, 16g Seventh avcuue. Ladiria-,. tended by Mr* Martin. A POSITIVE FACT-LADIEH AND gentlemen. IF J\ you want to get the utnioat value for yout nit olf Clothmp, Oarpcla, Fnrnitnie and J? welry, the l>e?> >o'i rati do ia In ?tin<1 a note to A, IIAHKI8, 661 Tblrii avrtnie, >.e tweau Thirty-eighth and Thirty-ninth atraeia, enat *1 le. There rott n.ay dipenj yoti will receive "JH |>or <?nt mora than at any other dealer'! In New York. Luuice aitiudod by Mr*. Harm t T TME Ot.D STAND. IM SEVENTH AVEMI'E ?MIt?. ?/\ffiilKKIELscontinue*loi?ay lhalo .owing once* ?From f.1 to $26 tor 8:1k t?re??e?, fron $1 tc #16 for l'oat? and ftom $1 to fcfor Pant". AI?o V'-atp-ia, Furniture. Jewelry, Hr. A note by p<*i tmuulually H't?ndf J lo by Mra. Knewlela. Oenllcmen attended lo by Mr. E. rALIFOHNIAAND PIKE'# PEAK TRADE.?A ORE AT demand for tadlea' an l g-utieiuen'a caat off I'loihtng. Furniture, Carpetaand Jewelry. I guarantee to par twenty* fire p*r cent mor? thau nny olbi r eolabUahmeat, ai.d no btitiib ?:?. Oatl at or? nl?note In R9 or 95'J We*t Bi >ad wai, b' tween Leonard an I Fr..n*lin atrooti, and 'i? Newark aren c, ,)?w?e? ritr. La Ilea alien ltd by Mri. R. (Ja 4j', and geatienien by M . ? ilahay. X.j.yh KM ? : *\ %NI? LEFT OFF 01 OTIIIH I I.J ptnhaeoil lor Ihe We?tem tu>tl(*l. In lar?e or ?inill lute. The fnil val ie will be paid Wlthntl lia.utllne or aeeklng tiilnil 't'* I'll aae <a l at Ike Hon oi aii.ucs* Thoinai V. Coaroy. 44 Centre airoet, Merchant taii.ors, nnvivn from ?i'N> vo f J ofK. woith <>t c.Dthlng todiep> te of at a lair price, will meet v? uh u < ah pnrchurei bj > at the (lore or ad* lltWBI Tbs??. 0, V'tfBlo/, 44 VSBMC tuift. B MUSICAL. A GREAT FACRIKICB.-A UVEN OCTAVB KO'? wood Piano, <osof ua.i st <1 if sold tii* week. prlei $ltiO; ?... t v.&it luontb* ago 586#! tplt n lid ton , ke. C*d Al ?7 Wcm Ninth straet, between I ;I'lli and Sitth u.euies, Ml Maik1.iv au I Tli<r?<t#y before 12 M., t r W edui >day and Butmday ?: lingtbedsy, A 8<'Pit A NO DKhlRES A SITUATION IN A CA< tbolic i r l'roi fcuut ulturt b, Ap|>ly t 115 Eaat Sid st. A MAGNIFICENT seven OCTAVE ROSEWOOD . Pia' ? .orm for' ?elegantly eamd ]"?s aud caso, ot eratrnng bam. 1'uli Iron p n<\ lined wi'li * tin wood, ha - All modern iuipro1 emeiiti, u ude ? . order And been iiieii seven mouths, . si $.?*>. for in !ml,ug Kin I mid fia??rj ui.-o Parlor Furniture at a sacrifice. In p o al "0 Wesl Twenty-sixth strvct, Lear Sim Ii ai< ui.e. Y GBT'i'ISG CilOLLET'S TRI-COLtiR YOU OA* play aevenV'.eight afleonipantmeau ? ? tie w iiii* out tHe trouble "if iffatnine mule, 2 e,- N ? Method bj Choi let. PiAUttAud Music !? uued In tvn u > !our iciwuuaA Eighteen n w composition* by OholM; Wall?, Ucdutva, Pollui. 1*3 First a> cu.ip. Pianos (Used fu* 59 oenta, Depot op tiir alexandre organ, Pur Chorthcs, l'kap< It, SchuoU uud Drawing Ron in ^ 'tUS Broadway. BOLE MEDAL OP HONOR a' the lin.icrsal Exhibition of 1S65. Thi* maKuiilcent instrument (patoi tod in tbe United State* Mi,. .H, IHSii), which the brilliant perforuiancu <>; 'THALBERG, VII.A.NOV \ and ML1.K. WEIXIS have rendered a? popuiarln America nx In Eurntii , ha* been adopted by the gi calest 1U tibia and oompo-i i <>i bothcocti* najkt*. GOTTSCHALK, T.1SZT. ROSSINI, MEYERBEER, Ac., Ac. The Aiexam't i Oijjai. l? eeiebiAted lor la *o!hluy ano c re ckon oi its iiit'xJiaituin, a- n .11 an fur the illni stand pow, a of IU telle, and the rcimukable qi.a.Uy o. keeping periccily in tunc iu all ci.mute*. Price* at the depot, $45, $50, $100, $100, t-ltO, $235, $200, $?*> $34(1, $1(10. A descriptnc circular sent to any a Idlest on application to E. PAl'RE'll'ETTES. .1-.. .' 4 Bioftdway, Importer of iluaw n Aeiordeona. \MtM? Viu.iu rin mts, dtd IJIOR RALB ?I'UH KALE,O VERY KYOriMJtti 1' VMBf ; lilM, beiiin^iu^' to Old J> <"? ia ;ei,r D. Vaien'1 nu AlHonierv &ood And yo'utiA .'p akiui; i'ariut. Ai 11> uM WIIllAin atreet, N r Great tiarh mns in pi vxoa and mei.o^kons, al my new Rtirl eiteiif ive piano l'o nrts. ' (JcM rtteoiw hand Pianoa .-Im- i|>. PlAnoa and Meio .eoua o lei, And renl tmp i' ri (n purel.a^i'. Best of plAno* a^ waspricen, i'lai.oA tuuwi. T. s. itERKY, 5U8 ilroadw iy, Ve'. w:en l'riuce And II Oiiataa >tn et*. JUST PUBLISHKD?AT Wt'NUBKMANN 3, BB >AD* W:iy,' min alora Null, Onn <1 M iv lot | bin?, mm poaed i y llenry Scliri^ih r, autUor of rii a i'..rk Ska infl Qnnlrme.Ac. Al ' lo l.i'Iiad at all lUUAIc M res aud al Biu> nuni'*3KiiMc>um,ol Mr. Oni<tie< tt. New music.?' presidkst Lincoln's grand Mitr. li," mud1 by P B. II. maurilier, l.eaiiri ol the Taent> M'-iund Iteirnm ut Band, <le lioated to die. Union Aimy. Tin. tillo I? U bi'autilull) iliiitu t. i.eil an o\ al tableau, from whim, the Go Idr* t'e;e<i* pit! itigthe Irapery. ?liacli'Mitg a iHa ltlful portrait of ti e I'ri'siileltl, ? oiored to the life, and the lineat pkiureoi ourniiicf M v^isiraie thai ha* o*#r nei n p ibliihed. On the opjio no i ? a ItoioAti Wat. nor, with *?ord ntid thield from tin' lop of the pafie. Ot? thu apex of the oval rlfo* the dome of tho National I'apltol. The whole design itchaate and l'till of charaeti-r. Pri<e60 cent*, ii.Ailed i ree. l*lani?t in at tendance to ry X<"? Mualc. HORACE WATER', A^en', <1 Uioa?!way. The best souvenir ok the wari iiALt.AU>'. OP II1E WAR. Asernsof Pictorial Lyric*, Horn the p nof Mr. A. J. 11. OUOAIS.NK, mat^uiliC" nlly llliisliai.'.i liouiOMKinal drawing*. A part will appear every uu nih, inclndin^, am ni ? other events, the Kail of 8umtcr, i) at.i of Lyon, Death of EllKWnrtb, Newbern, Bali a HI'ill, I'urt itoyal, Port Doiiela. n, Pittsburg Landing, Koannke. Himpton Koad*, Pea Rhliie, Ac., A'-. Tin; Whole forming an Illnatrated Po etio..l Souvenir, of crery event In the p.csent mo?t import. Ant smuggle. Part I. entitled, the. Mar. h to tl.e Capitol (of the SimIi r"(,imentof Matoiichu.-etU), 1* now ready. Single Suris (moutl 1..), 25 ccula. Ono yeal'(twelve monthly parts), 3. Liberal terms to the trade, Clubs and Canvazivrs. Ad dies* John itoulu*, 37 Park Row, New York, boa 3,940 Poet olllee. l,t>09 asents wanted. VIOLIN TAUliHT?BY THE CT.LEBRATl'.D PRICPE KICK BUCKLEY; alio Banjo a.ol Violin by JAMBS BUCKLEY. Pati nt Hau.i's for s tie cheap, wtrh whleh pu pil* . an learn inucb quicker than with any other instru ment. Call and examine them at S<* Wh to street, n?ai Broadway. f?K PIANOFORTES AND ONE MELOI'BON TO LET? iJ') al $^. $2 ?0, $3, $3 90, $4. and a new s?veu o.uave, w ith ovcrHtrnng lata, $6 a month, or for tale very cheap. Mi.sic taught in n few les*ons and Pianoa fined l>y Prof. DUMKDAY, 201) Oram! street, near Moit. PIANOS.?WAR l'j;ictri. NEW 6% (JCTAVB ?j)J.t:vr Plain*, ull round i orneiv. over?tit;ns and full Iron Irumea, for (140; 7 octa\ o do., for j16j; mtuui! hand Pianoa at great bargain*. OneSoctave, $0u; one do., Gilbert, $110; oni'cj?<wr!ave, ore6\,oelave, Gilbert, $1 ii. MeioteoDa? 4}i ueuive, aaeond hand, j4u; fl or lave, do., $30; <lo., piano ?ii It, $86. Ouc hundred new and a>. < ad hand 1'iamw nod Meludeoiia to rent Worn to 94 per in* nth. a-nt rent allowed ii purchased. m'inUily payments nc?tvy>i i oi the mini a. kcivif,u trutfe t" ntM perpafe. Plnnlat in wenftanua to try new luusir. c.itn paid lor hand Piano* and Malo> deon*. 110 It At E watrkij, a; >nt, 4jI Brvaoway. ?ink -WILL BE BOLD, IF APPLIED POR pooir. ?j5juc/. a eery bi aut.ful carved legad Piano, full wtven OVtaves, over strung ima*; coat $3.7), pr.c - 1ji9.V is giarau te-i by the makers f"r three year.. Cull ai 48 11'fh street, Brooklyn. INSTRUCTION. An accomplished iroviia frbnch lady, hay. lot; been renent.y thrown upon her on n rown i n-o* for* liT.nt, wlvhet to n>?ir:ii't n tew pup'!< Ill French, Music and Crochet work. Adureii* Indigence, Herald i.fli.e. A FRENCH lady, having some time at her <ms|/o?al, would Willi to engage us vl-itlng guvernea* to a ladies' seminary or private blip u nerfiN t mis tree* of the Fmich and Spanish lung'tage* nml coutl give uiati'iaUon ill tliu rudimcul-oi mu.-lr aw; Eng.ndi can tia wen where alia i* nt present en^a; ??<!, .it.*- 8ch< rmerhona at., Brooklyn. A YOUNG LADY teacher WOULD TAKE ONE OR two ii.ore pupils lor in'ti n. tlou oi the Pianoforte at their residence*. Bcgitimia will lie apeclally attcidol to. 'i'ei in- $ |h.r mouth. Atllretui Alia, box uk lietaid oHice. ARITHMETIC, BOOKKEEPING, writing.?GENT! E wlio*-- onrly education has b- 'i nettle led may rouirdy all leliclclli lea by taking leaaon* at dol1ikar j* Aca demy, lit/) Broadway. Easy anil |.ta. ivuimf sj.wi g.til business problems taught in a r?w lew in*. All this week.?the subscriber will re nil i' new pupli" old aud young, at lit' nom.i.u i liar^e of two t lima 'or iwc'.ve lemi n?, or d"'!*!* t<>r twfti.y iiwmiii* iii l'KUin..b i.ij . No extra cuiurtu:. i' i;.func tion Jvt-n. Room*, 3s0 Broad wnv n i n'n. 0 i ? ' nil a' Ptino. OLIVER u. goi.dsmiru. BOARDING si 1i00l-AT THE ijealtlkul ul' A'le ol HlouP.itt) M, n. J., finely lec .ted, i'urt) u ninlr* by MorrU and ef? '\ railroad ironi new Yntk. aji Efiatnpal rlarcyiriau h?? a Selei t Family B 'aid ug S lino!, where ! rp 't'it'p a tho mi^h bMin< *? ? dutai on and i. ..i a K'jod l.oine. Limited number ol ? liolant??Ijlit. Two ttcanele-? are , feb. The ?e?"!nn cotnnvnca May 6 k> tiolars pay from ilie time of entiliuir. i'lilt e!n?? city iiferetin* , l> en. 'PrmiflM) per year; 5*1 per wmitoa. Ad lre??-aui'oni|i'Jy a?.tud>d ;o. Addrens Ree. O c .r, Blo mfield, n .1. IMPORTANT TO parents AND gl'ARPIANS. Tho>e having ctilidieii between ilh' ajji * of five and twelve year*, who would like to proeure Board and Tuition in the aeiuo mw,hiri> uoir an ? i poiluniijr u a pnvatu faml y, where they will rrenl*.' th.- beat oi m?itli. rty' are. Very i amleomp ami healthy !"? ation, about ouk t.O'irfr .m the clly, u fUurt distance Irons i'ort Ki' bmoud St.i!I u 1* and. Ikmrd, with ttut'on, &s per w. ? k. l'artlea ioterrntad will ihave all further parti- iltn by ad> die -in* J- M. U , Cuatuain ?<(iiura i'o-t o.-ie, care ui b. Lock wool. houses, ROOMS, ^c.. wamtsu. WIDOW LADT wiftftes TO KIND twu nli-ely furiiiahed mckuu Hour aiiaiuiunta, I'arbT and lkdrroin, with h^iiiwlceaplng convi.-nlen. ee, o:i moderata terui*. a'mro*, italing tenua, Mia. G., boa i'.'l Herald ofllee. Bowmno ai.LEY wanted-any PERSON n\VIN(? a Uuwllug Alley to dl>pone of, in go id ord< r a'.d fli lo b" moved, <an henr ora r>i*h en?t'>mer, If aold ehe.ip, l y ar plying to JOSEPH WILKIN. ii York airoot, Jeraey cily^ Floor wanted-three imfurnisiied r iomb, lor a nentli i ian and wife, without Hoard, Aud'eas, atadii.' terms, Roland, Herald ul-ce. OOM WANTED?kt'rnisiied, AND suitable fur I aii olUoe, with an entrame irom the street, a- piiat9 from t' e liovno main entratiee; If eon nee led w uh .in uh,nitii In; apartiuei.t no o'i|e<'liuii; weal of Filth a*eni?e pr< lei red. A?dtc**L. W. J., llciald olllre. TIT ANTED k> HIRE A THREE hlORY 111 <; II rttm>P tt Ho imlootalnlnuall inoiein lmprevenieni?. between Eighth iiu l TTiltlleth ?tr.-ei*and F ourth and S-venu n\< Rent not to e* <-ed >800. Addre*a for pari|cul.tra'b?* Fotl ulUee. Ii wanted?tite LOWER PART OF A HOUSE, WITH >y twu ltouniH Iu the title, with a gm'd yard, locatlnti ftl?ive hlei- k't Htteel, tout not to axoeeU $3m). Addrc-a D.. boa Foat oiHee. tutahted-an i'MTltSl- BED PARLOR floor, ?f frontor hh"k Ba?emeut, one ? (tn^ini ';p alalia, lt^ ?t.idem houae, lor ihieeadnlt*. b?t*ee? F.lghtli and TwcR Math atn "la, and Fourth uu.l sivth a?> n n *. R iu not f> rt ree<! >?,' ?" p r annum. Beat of refemv e given and re>p:tra<. Ad.lrea* t . u O , i nlon onuare po*t otli e. ii' a , v beoomd FLOOR. IN THE wbbunui ?y p.irtaf dir. hy ?tamliy of *w?> p ?!? na tiiilnx, itattng praia and full partlculara. E. h., li. * iv he. aid ndit-e -IVAN-ied-by A bm ALL, ouibt F t MILT t no }) children), a Third and a lull Pari nl k ,, nd F.o< r, ant'-ible IOI hoiinekaerlnt. In a pileaio hi.u?e. with'u e*?f walking dutanee of Br?.u.>vay and Tw, nl* lir?i air et. rent aboiu tl>?. Addre*a, with full mla-ilar*. K. 0.. llciaiR off.c . COVAHTRIRIJKIV NOTICM. ClOFARTNn.MtlUr.-1-llll.irOATr . ANON. f.HhFjC J n-r ii'?vf t :a a of f i : -'ii | ii nip, ?> < -m fllTTl of I'hillp I* l#l A (.'Ot| ai*-i, "?* *ht ' >'c*' Ota ill I^#l !'*? A ? wilu- mi n il- IV wl >,l i . * ami . cinml'?inn bu?liia*ft?t the e.U ?i;.ud, 101 i r hi ? <-< imErc. Mw U>RK, M ?f I, IMi. A. T. IIElTMiH. PARTNER WAWTBD.-HiM t M Y RTiTt'U.V KKOM TMK war I hare n:<iwrd aouia of nn-oid nut! Ij< ?i |? rflarM* rra, and 'Vol up" a: exhibition of aa unvU merit oml airiiilar to my I,l*,!igT*bl"amof Ami rtran Hlalory. of whteh I ?**? ao utimttiarliv deprived by thv rub*Ik oh Ur .Vaainalpjil. Of lit. re?|'Pi la! llilj. my Induntry and ability, ??id the l.irt oflij having ti ftda imp hiiliitrfd dwlara i?r t!i?< l> r"iT w?r, I can furm-h proof. I *r<nit a partivr wrltli *1 mv. to fornlatl m , iw?i?and bill*. I t:?\e, or ran mult*. Ml ?h'i an fravlftga neca-anr. Kvorytl lne a1?e la r> ?<1y. Addret* Henry )'>?' hau, WlllUmauiiig^oat oik*. THE COPARTNERSHIP HERETOFORE EXISTING mirier the l.rm of Ji tin J .cuiiua A f-on l? thla riay ill*. aolTrd br m'Hnal conacol. Tbt w.fnj.?1 the flr#? will M ??r 1 in liquidation. J"UN JAOOBWW, , Niar Yoaa, May 1,1869. HA ML. H.J A COB I** TIIKATRtCAt PARTNER WANT D-A CENTRE man aim a t" en|a#r ? theatrical ramtany lo Irarel la d"<liuna uf aitod banmaaa parturr who ,a< ruinuh %*V. 10 wlih lit* ?4?*rti*r| baa n?w .- -an-ry and ev*ry ro nnialM ai u intnient aln ady puMnaei. Aridreaa H. B. 11 iiaa, t? * *?> Wall ?tr#rl, New eliy. C"> llllil PARTNER WAWTEO, IN a SUTRT AND Jp? >.Ul tin.'l' rr.?n'? Pufnltainf StmT, <-? ?*rr?a<1? ay? m | afA'h iviial of from $2,WU lo f%M>, Hrh#a,i?rrlla?? ln? a rood run oi flrol <:l??a < ??h cn?omrr?, and ban haan a?. ta'i .?h ? I litti ?n ratra Tli.a i*bft opportnrlty lb?t atlileM ollrra He.rrai.i ai. tichanged. AUviuil ^rva, uan c; KujbUV d| tv* iW U?r?14 ,

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