Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1862 Page 5
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K1BEL ACCOUNTS FROM EAST TENNESSEE. /SUFFERINGS OF UNION MEN. ARREST OF UNION FUGITIVES. BEBEL PROCLAMATION OF MAETIAL LAW, Ac.r - Ac., too. How the Rebel* Permit Expatriation. [From the Knoxville Register, April 'Jo.J Yesterday afternoon the struts of Kuuxviile liud quite ? martial appearance. About three o'clock in thoalier uoon Captaiu Ashby's command brought ill the 423 pri soners capture.1 tu tampbeil county, Last Tennessee re negades making their way to Kentucky to join the cut throat invaders of their hoinos. Wo have never soeu a in ore improving or sorrowful cavalcade upon the streets of Knoxville than waa presented by these cro.-it! alien and deluded wen, and the bravo capture and guards. We hare the particulars l'roni ollicers engtiged in the light. The tory etampeders consisted or six or seven hundred tuotv?tnost or them young, robuit aud athletio Tellows. About three huudied wore armed wilhrilhs and shot guns, the rest with jrtsu Is, knives and rude weapons. The attacking forco consisted of about seveu ty cavalry, under command ol Captain weury Ashby, In cludlag Captain 11*1. Gillespie's eompaoy, under com mand of Lieutenant King. Captaiu Biadl y'? company bad been detailed to Big Creek (Jap to guard that pas The attack waa made by Lieutenants (iibbs and Owena, of Ashby's company, Id the rear of the atampolers. The engagement luted for about an hour. Throe hundred of the Luioolnltos took refuge in a barn near the scene of the encounter, and here It was that the Conl'oderate party received the moet damage. Lieutenant Glbbs was wounded by four shots, moetly In the lower limbs, the moat serious being a ride shot near the hip-joint. He waa brought to the city yesterday, aud it is hoped that under careful medical treatment he will recover. The others wounded dangerously wore Oruerly .Sergeant A. G. Leg ft, privates Russell Johnson, Flunk Muriay and Thomas Rose. The leider of theatampedors, Captain Capps, of Grain ?gar county, was killed. Among tho prisoners captured were many prominent m n of this section. wL> had voluntarily oome forward and I alien the-aili ol allegUuce to the Southern comuJeracy. Wu donotkuow, at pre vent, what disposition is to bo mado ot these demented people, but shall perhaps he able to wniiw it m our next iSFuo. Tho killed and woundod among them amount ed toiibout one hundred. Wo SiKiko of the martial appearance our streets exhi bited yesterday afternoon. About the time thai Captain Ashby's cortege arrived with the pitsoneis above alluded to a Georgia regiment, just arrived, was receiving arms aud equipments at the Ordnance iieiar lincnt. and shortly after a i>ortiou of Captain Latroba's Maryland ariillcry arrived from Cumberland Cap?ou what service bouud Will b? developed horeal ier. Lying Promises of the Ilt htl Commander. . [From the Knoxville Ue.ii'tor, April 20. J lis m> jt? akt>:kh, Military I)ktartmictt 1 East Tcsmsikkk, C. S. A., April 18.1802. j Xo TDK CITIZK.NSI OK Ka!T TkNM.-KXi.:? Tho Major General coumuiidiug the department seas with reKrot that larye bo ties of cttarns, misled by de signing men, are. UavivQ th: State and ttxkinj an a>ylum in Kentucky, lie calls upon the people of East Touneasi-e to remain at their homos, to cultivato their delds, and to t>e true iu their allegiance to the existing government. He assures all ciuzeus engaged iu e dtivaung their farms that he will protect them in their rights, and that he will suspend the militia, draft undor the State law, that they may raise crops for consumption la tho coming year, lly command Of Major General E. KIRBY SMITH. H. L. Clay, A. A. U. Martial Law Proclaimed. [From the Knoxvilio He*'is tor, April 20.] OEMBRAL ORDKK?NO. 1. War ItoiMttrMKNT, Adj. aku las. (.raJtiU Office, \ Kmi.moio, Ap- ii 8,1?S2. J i, Tlio following proclamation is published for thu in formal Ion of all concerned:? PRO' TAXATION. By virtue of the power vosied in me by law, to de clare tin* suspension 01 tlie privilege of tlie writ of habeas corpus? I, Jefferson Mavis, President of the Confederate States ?f Amcrica. do proclaim that maittal law Is hereby ex ttndi-d ovor the Department of Last Tennessee, under tho to nmand of Major General K. K. Smith; and I do pro claim the suspension or all civil Jurisdicticu (with ttia kiwiiti' ii of that enabling the courts to take cognizance ut tho probate of wills, the adminis.ration of tho estates uf deceased persons, the quaiidcation of guardians, to ?titer decrees and orders for the partition and sale of property, to malt* orders,concerning roads and briiges, to a-wesH county levies and to order ti-.e payment of county dues) and thu writ of liaaeis corpus aforesaid. In witnetfl thereof, 1 huve hereunto signed my name -and set my goal. Ibis, tho 8th da.\ of Ai-ril.tu the year ?1#62. JKKKK.VlTf HAVI3. II. Ma^orUonsral E. K. Smith, uommai.dlng Iiepart stent of East Tennessee, is charged with the due oxoju t:onof the foregoing proclamation. He will forthwith tetablish an eflfoieut military puiicu, and will oufbrco the id lowing orders:? The distillation or spirituous lienors is positively pro hibited, and the distilleries will forthwith be closed. Trie sate ef spirituous li4.11 us M7 kind is also pro hibited, and eetabliihments for the sale thereof will bo -cloned. ? III. All peraons lafringing the above prohibition* will ?affer such punishment as shall be ordered by tlie >on Cice of a court martial: Provided, that no sentence to id labor lor more tlian one month shall bo lulllctcd by the sentenco of a reglmontal court martial, as directed by the OTth Article of War. My command of the Secretary of War. S. COoi'En, AdJ't. and Insp. Gen. Ofllcial?H. L. Qjtv, A. A. G. OKNBRAL OR1HUU9?HO. 23. HiuixjCAmtM. UirAitnuair Kaoi T no-auras. \ Knoxuuji, April 18,1M2. j I. Oal. W. 11. Churchwell In appointed I'rovost Marshal and charged, under the direction of the Major General Commanding, with the due execution of the foregoing proclamation In this department. By command of Msjor <>eneral K. KIRBY SMITH. H. L. CUV, A. A. G. llEADqtrART>s?, OsPAHTJiEirr East Tkwm&wuc,) Omen Pmoyuht Marshal, K*uxvilli, v Apiil 18, 1302, j Martial law having been declared lu iliis department, the pe 'pie of East Tennessee are notioed that whilst the criminal courts of tho land coutini e In the exercise of tueir functions, tliej?the people?are amenable for kilU'iiceH committed under the" Articles ol War," and Ahey cau bu tried under the ordera of the Department f' uimaiider, by military courts. I'be following extracts from tho Ku'.es and Articles of War , are published for their information and guiiianco. e e e e ? ' Art. j. Any officer or private who shall use contemp tuous or iilsn-Kjiecirul words sgainst the rresldent of the Conrederaie Stales,agilnst tho Vice President thereof, again.-! the Congress of tho Confederate .-tales, or against lheChi<T Magistrate o." legislature of aiiy of the Confe derate States in which h? may be quarts ed, If a com missioned officer, shall lie cashiered, or otherwise pun ished, as a cjurt martial may decide. If a ncn-commis kn ued officer or soldier, he shall suffer such punishment as slv.n br inlllcted by the s memo of a court tur.rtial. . e ? ? ? ? I Art. Any officer or soldier who shall be convicted ?I having advised or persuadsd any other ofllccr or sol tfcer to desert the service of tho Confederate States shall Boiler death or such other pu'iishinont ss shall De inlllct ed 'ii^'n him bv the sentence of a court martial. ' Art. f>5. Whosoever helming to the armies of the Con federate Scales In foreign part-. shall force it ssfog'iard shall suffer death. Art. jtl Whosoever shall rollevo (>14 enemy with tnonoy, victuals or ammunition, or shall knowingly har bor or protect .in enemy, shall nutfcr death, or such other f> inl'hioent ?.-? shall be ordered by tho sentence of n cmrt Snarl Ul. , Art. 57. Whosoever shal'be convicted of holding or rcsponitmce with, or giving IntelliReiico to, the enemy, Oil her directly or Indirectly, shall sailer death, or such other punishment as shall be oruorel l>y the aenteuco of ? court tnurilal. ??????? WH. M. ? HORCHWWX, Col..tic' a; d i'rovost Marshal. Cienerul Smith has issued n proclamation id amuoKty to those who have fled the ft-na, d?i larlrg that It they return within thirty days the.. -)i ill not ho inolusted or |?ihi*lied ou acoouDt of pan act* i f Wor<!t. Tlie Hrlirl Sumner Mumter. ftHKIVAI. OK HKK Orill'HIM IN KNIiLANll?1 ? Kit ORKW 1; I SO HA IMS 1.1) AND TUB SHIP TO BK COM'. Bo-vow, May 3,1862. c aptain Seniines and'jfllcer!> of tho Sumter arrived at Southampton on the 17th .:It., tn the m nl steamar Mool tau. from Gibraltar. The crew of the Hnmter bad been paid on, and she wu to be sold. Tit* Fort Warr n Prisoners. 1>K ATI! ??? COL.. DAVI1K-O.V EXCJIANOB OV AUSTIN K. MilrIf. Br*?*, Msy 3, isaa. (olonel Davidson, of the thud >\isslp.Mppi rog<m?nt, (inpt'irod at Karl Donelson. died at Fort Warren on Tuea day. HI* body has been scut to bis friends. Austin K. Smith, lata Navy Agent at Sun Ffane'sco, has been released from Fort Wairen, In exchsng.- fur Wm. Ay res, o ' hiladelphla, ah-' ana captured while .ambling over the battle field of Bull ri.n, ai'ter the evacuation of Manassas. Tbe Rantalna of General C. F. Smith. Pinutci.FHiA, May 3.189'i. The remaina of <Jtneri.| U. jr. Smith arrived herd this afternoon and w?re ret ?ir?d by tho military. Tliey will lie In Until Tue=d ?/ urte.t.e n, when the funeral ceremonies will take place. Ida Home fiiiatd will participate In tK'* ceret .miles. Tlie Powder Mill KJt|ili)*ltin at Uoeham, Maine. '"axooi, 3, tsna. Hie powder mill explo .on nt oi,im Incuded eight ftulldlnM*, which explod. ' s s.y My. Two hundred Ikirreln of powder were in them. Ho one was Injured. The Imnds were all at tnnur ..t flu tlnu. The cause of MM explosion is imVnown. NEWS FROM WASHINOTON. WASHIjrOTOK, uar 3,i?ea. THK NATIONAL TAX BILL. The Senate 1 inance Committee are making such ?l"w progress in their tinkering ui>ou the Tax bill, that it will probably be reported without material umealment Upon soma of the moat iui| ortant alterations pr?i*>sud the committee, in the abseuce of one of Its members, is at a dead lock, and consequently the amendments fail. An effort will be made in the Senate to sub. stitute an almost totally different scheme of raisiug revenue. The objection principally urged against the House bill is, that it embraces too many subjects of taxation, and renders the collection of the lax infinitely more complicated than is necessary. A general desire is manifested for the simpliilcatiou of the system, and consequent reduction of the number of tax gatherers re quired to execute it. VISIT OF THB PRESIDENT AND MRS. LINCOLN TO THK NAVY YAKD. The President and Mrs. Lincoln visited the Navy Yard this afternoon, to witness some Interesting trials of a breech-loading cannon, invented and patented by parties in Cincinnati. A large number of ladies and gontleinen, including several members or Congress, were present. The first discharge of the piece interrupted one of the President's stories, aftor which the experiments pro ceeded in a satisfactory manner. At the first trial three shots were fired so rapidly that the first struck the water Just as the last one left the gun. OBNBBAL ABKRCROMBIB REMOVED FROM COWANS AT WARRXMTOM JUNCTION. General Abercrembie, lately in command of the troop* at Warren ton Junetion, ha* been ordered to report a^ Fortress Monroe, and General Hart Buff suecoods him. Pome persons here are surprised at the change; but the truth is,that bitter complaints have been made by the officers and soldiers stationed at Warrenton Junction against Genoral Abercromble, that he has regacded the protection of the secessionists In that neighbor hood more than the comfort and health of hU own troops. It la alleged that, while our soldiors wero with* out fresh provisions, and living on scant ra tions, in a swampy, unhealthy locality, they were mado togcard rebel property, instead of con. flucatliig articles fnecoggary for their comfort und health. A rob?l cavalry captain, whom thoy captured in his bed with his uniform lying by his side, his commit. Bion being in his coat pocket, was released. These things may have caused General Aliercrombie to be sent to Fortress Mouroo, where there is a Retiring Board. LBTTKR FROM GENKRAL W. F. SMITH TO MR. MOR RILL, M. C., RELATIVE TO THK CHAKOS OF IN TOXICATION. The following letter, from General W. F. Smith, the commander of the troops in the fight at Lee's Mills, near Yorlctown, on the 16th ultimo, was rend by Mr. Morrill, of Vermont, in the Rouse of Representatives, on Friday last, during his romarks explanatory of tba origin of the charge of intoxication alleged against the General:?0 r readers will boar in mind that General Anith hue been proven guiltless of the charge by unitnpeacbablo wit* neesus of his conduct during tho light uliuded too:? Camp m?r Yorjttow.v, Vq. , April 30,1902. Hon. Jrsmi C. Morrii.i.:? Fir?Yom have seeu (It, in your placo in the IIjubb of Representatives, to utter a foul slander against me. Y<u h:ive offered t<> tho country no evidence In support of your naked assertion. You have, so far as I can learn, taken no public stops to coi:eet test! mony to substantiate your charge*, and t lie indignant denials which hiivo gone from olllcerg of thin division to y.ursolf aud colleagues have failed to elicit from you an open ar.d fruiik apology. It ix now my time to speak, and here, face to faco with a bravo foo. I turn hack to you,an assassin, and tell you you must prove your ch irge against roe or make your retraction as pub lic as) the libel: and 1 am certain that, throughout the length anil breadth of this great land, every m uily heart w 1.1 ray I havo demanded no more than I have a right to compol. WM. F. SMITH, Commanding division in the Army of the l'otomao. WORK OP THK EMANCIPATION COMMISSION. The Emancipation Commissioners are now holding regular swsloos, and receiving petitions for coinposa lion for emancipated slaves. Tho. Commissioners have prepared a form of tho statement required under oath trom oach claimant, and win proco d to examine tho wit nesses named to substantiate each claim in regular order. When the In all the cases is complete,-tho ap praisements will be made aad reported to the Secretary of the Treasury for payment. Thus far, or within two days, applications have been filed for compensation for forty-two of the slaves msnu mittod la tho DUtrict of Columbia under the Emancipa tion act. OUR BRIO A DIRK OKNKKAU). The latest count show* that there are now one hun dred and sixty-eight brigadier generals, and that twenty six in addition await Senatorial action. A favorablo ropcrt has boon made on the ronom (nation of Daulel E. Sickles, and there seems to be no doubt uow that he will soon be confirmed. The biil proposing to limit the number ef brigadier generals to two hundred, and of major geaerala to twenty six. In all probability will beoome a law. NAVAL URDKK3 AMD AITOISTMUNTS. The Navy lepartment has mad* the following appoint- j meats:? Jamee Seamtn, Acting Third Assistant Engineer of United States steamship Dragon, al Hampton Roads, Commander John A. Winalow, ordered to report to Klag Officer Foote for duty. 0. J. Bisaoll, Michigan, appointed Acting Asaistant Surgeon, ordered to report to Commodore Paulding lor duty. Acting Master Isaac Warren, detached from the Flag, ordered to United Stales steamship Fort Henry. Acting Master D. F. Mosman, detaohed from tho Fort Henry, ordered to United State* Htoamanlp Flag. Master'o Uric C.J. Hubbell, of J<>ne?ville, Wis., has deserted,after having drawn two months' advance pay. THK C1TT OJFICIALS TAKINU TDK OATH OF ALLI OIANC'K. The oath of allegiance Is being administered to all the officers and employee of the city go\ eminent of Wash ington. Thus far nono have declined this test of loyalty. THE NKW BKCKKTAKY OK THK FKKNCH LKOATION. Vlcompte Jules Trellhard has arrived hore, to nHs ime the position of First Secretary of the Frenc h I/gitlon, in the place of Monsieur IiOuis de (iooflrny, who has been appointed by the Kmperor Napoleon Minister to Greece. CONSULAR RSCOUNITI0NP. The Presdont has recognized J.C. Kondrup as Vice Consul for Denmark in and for tho District of Columbia, and K. 8. Sayres Vice Consul of Dennitrk for Pommy 1 vaula, at Philadelphia. NO TOBACCO TO BB RAHKt) THIS REASON BY TM KKBKI.H. According to reliable information from Richmond, the planter? liave determined to raiso no tobacco this sea son, and tho military had seized the stock on hand, to prevent Its fulling Into the hands of Iho federal army. NMAI.L IR0P8 IN MARYLAND. The farmers of Maryland will raise but small crops thl* j^anon. The weather has been unfavorable for fallowing and early seeding, and the state of ainiirs make thnm un curtain what to do. Moat of them have sufficient employ moot, liowexor, in looking for their runaway negroec. A KOKI'.IUN ADVKNTt'RKR L'NMAHKKD. Count Sweinit7. ( rain, Is the name of an adventurer who rame to this country several wooks since, bearing letters purporting to have been written by a general who reived under the Archduke Maximilian, recommending him to Karon Hulae mann, Austrian Miiiicier, and desiring blm to credit the Count with four hundred dollars por month He succeeded in deceiving Chevalier Hulfemunn and all the other foreign diplomats. In (ho New York Hotel he gave a grand entertainment, to which the Belgian Minis tor Mid other distinguished gentlemen were Invited,and It is said, run up a bill of eight hundred dollars at that In tel. He has enioyed the hoepitalltiM of all the foreign diplemsta In Washington, snd st their request, with that of Secretary Seward, he was uppolnted to t;en rul Fremont's atalT, and aenl for duty ta General IK. ibleday, who commands the troops la Wash ing on. The Count was Yery generous with bis ra uey snd sttenllou to wounded soldiers, and won the goed opinion or all who hneamo acquainted with him. Baron Hulsemann, who has cnhed hie drafia to the amount of Hixitnn hundred dollars, wrote te Europe some inquiries about him, and by the last eteamvr learned .that the letters presentod by the Count were fergenee, slid that Maximilian'iad no >uch general as the one wIiom signature was used. When Ibis revelation was made, on Thursday, tb^Count disappeared. He had hy. I othecatad his pay for (be month of May for one hun dred dollars, to Rlgga k Ce., bonkers, and may hare fleeced others. Our citizen* are laughing at the diplo mats, end the police are in pursuit of the Count. Rt'Blt or RASCALS TO TBI CAPITAL. Thore saema to hare been very recently a ^warming to Washington of counterfeiters, bogus money * hovers, pickpockets nnd burglars. Some of the counterfeits are fo cleverly exoonted as to ' t!.e most expert banker*, many of whom have k?en victimised within the past week by b >gc.s Qve dol lar notes or the Bull'* lload liuik, Now York illy. The ? tiers' e?tahllaliments in the cam;* aie lunooeutly male the means of circulating much or this money among the soldiers. The vigilance of detective oMcers has been aroused, and arrangements ntaiio to ealch the parties implicated in those rascalities. THE SIEGE JDFJfOSKTOWN. Washington, May 3,1*64. Despatches rocelvod at the War Department to-iluy In* dicate quiet at Fortress Monroe and at heaJqu&rters, near Yorktown, with the exception that at the la.tir place our Hattery No. 1 was occasionally trying tlio ruin;? of Us hoavj guns on ihocity of Yorktown, and its prac tice was sulliciently good to cause a disagreeable excite ment among the mhahitaiits. No unfavorable news has been received from any quarter. Oar Army Correspondence. Mjxaycnk. Fivs Mili?4 Kk> li YoiUtTOWit, liuy 1,1802. Tht W.ather?An Ounce of Prevention?Ika Shar}whoot tn?Paying Off the Troopt?Oyster* Becoming Scarce? Condition of the Ruadt?Accommo latiuns for the H'oun I td. <fv. The weather to-day Is moro like the lnt of March than anything else that I can ounipare it to. A oold northeast wind blows off the bay, aocompanlod with a drenching rain. It has become a in Uter of considerable doubt whether there Is ever any clear weather in this poor, miserable section of the Union. Tlie troops httvo com* meoced to look upon It as a ''inaller of course," and con sequently to be expected. The Provost Marshal set to work yeslerdaf and cap tured all the "dugouts" and Bklflb belonging to the origi nal Inh ibitants of this place. For some some time past they htivo been suspccted of giving information to the enomy, through the medium ol' these auxiliaries, and a few evenings slnco a skiff, containing two m o, In a (logout, was soeu endeavoi ing to pass our tine of pick-t boats; they were immediately taken to headquarters, and, on l>oius< questioned us to their objcct Ingoing fo far out, said that they "wore looking around." As the Marshal could not see any particular reason for their "looking around," their crait was confiscated, and the men sent homo, with u strict injunction to remain theie. They are rery strong Union people (f). The reb'-ls have long boosted of their crack shoot ing, but since tho arrival of a ro^imoat wo meet them on tlicir own ground in rosjioct to sharp >.h ooting. YePtorday one of our pickets observed of ihu uuouiy s pickets mount into tho branches of a tree ut.->i!e of Thoir lines, and, all er comfortably sc ding liiiusoli, cooily pot his glass to his oyo and cointn' need la .ing a pr. spi'cuvo vie* of our winks. This was very we.I. but it vv s >i slurt duration. Tho pickot who had be >.i watchi g tho gentlvmaa's movements, brought his ritlo to bear upon liiru.iind in a moment tho sightseer led headlong to the ground, und, niter a tinio, carried off by h:s companions. The exporimout was not . epea ed during he day. 1 be itaymustciB a e now visitivg our division,and tho b >s are roc. ivmg their pay. As llioro is for a si ill.e 's money hi re, u ost of tho niori saud it home to their fain lies or friends. I'he s itler??v.h . aro at pres nt rather senrco?obtain ah .ut four prices for every they Bed to the soldiers. tvery day ttio crooks and ooves along tho bay are thronged with soldio s fishing for oysters. Some of .hem a cceed m pcoou ii.g cargoes, but the biva von are g. owing .-c irce, .u account of tho freq-..out inroads of tho troops upon their beds iho roads are still in a horrible condition, and are likely to roiuain so on account of llie frequent rains that visit this deplorable i-oction of tho country. The inhabi tants here aro making fortunes out of tho visit of uur troops. tor a th ink of wutoryouiue expected to |?y Ave cents, und everything else iu proper! ion. 'llioro is plenty here to write about that would be interesting to tho aihlic; but, owing to tho tringoiit iniururoj und >r wlii. h corro?i<om enta are placed, I am unable to men tion it. Lxt naive preparations have boen male for the accnm moiUii ii of ho wou i'lod. Some of ihu^lunsl steamboats that . ly on tho vir thorn wale.-'* bivo been chart*, ed by tbe a ivermiioiit,and a. e Utted up in toe most beautiful au<i comi'i-finldo iitaniier. IVno*t.ei of ovory dcacrip ti n nro al'.y arriving, and no fear in'iy bo enteri?m?d ti nt the men who are ll^htlnf for the glorious old l;uion w ill bo prop-i ly carvd l?r, liy ovo.y host that arrives from Fortress Monroe we have ii.voices of visitors who coins to hare a vlow of war as it exists, without the ''pomp^" b .t with plenty of die "vlronmstunceR." Tbcy r. mam a few hours, and are glad io get away again by the return Aoom misl.ii ions for visitors are t'ow and Car1?jtwei<H. i ran ois Kinetic F?liot, First I ioutcnaut Cump iny T, One li ai.edand i'lxth l ounsylvania legimeut, died at Camp Win Held fjcoit, near Yorktown, on the HtU of April last. HEWS FEOH FORTRESS MONROE. B ami mors, 3,1802. The Old P?iut bo it has arrived, bat it brines do dots. A (it.g of truco had ootne down from Norfolk, but uo lator Intelligence cama with it. Our Forlrru Noiirop Correspondence. Kuutbh^ Mo.vuok, Way 1,1802. TKr Wta'Xer?Visit nf British OJftctn to the Iron Iiatlrry Oa eva?Tkt Mtrrimoc ShV A'-n Bunyi Off J3T2." * Oonit^ntXSiny A'<*ir forictown? CU'*r i'rnctic nf Onr Gunb-xtt*?VuUnjuuhest riti ten?A Wrm V&rk OiynN.ifc. For the past fori y -olglu hours the wind hua been blow Ing from the northeast, accompanied at interva's by a dense fog. Ti e Mcrrlmao Is looked for on her roUrm at any moment when the weather fejvoj Titi-> ci^rn ing it was di.;covcrod that the rebols had mooroii tw> additional buoys in the vicinity of Scwall's Point. This fact ta-ts created the bollef that the Uerrimac will uiak?, ore l<mg, a desperate attempt to run our blooka'In under tho cover of night, and attempt to destroy our fleet In the York river. I?rtven to desperation by their rocent revorse at New Orleana, they uo doubt aro in a state of frenzy that crcates within their brrasts a rancor iliut will make them attempt stub a bold moasuro at I hive intimated. I do not fool disposed to gay whit tho pre parations are to repel sueh a step, but all I cm publicly dec.aro is, lot them try the sxttorlmout Woareroadf. A party of the officers of the British ilium carvetlo Rltiaido vlsitod tho iron battory Galena tod ty. They inspected her with great miuuioneji, oba.-rvlng the to talis of her construction, and oxhibitod thoir opinions of her qualities by frequent ejaculations of wonderment and surprise, Tlicir visit was, no doubt, semt-offlcial, and the result of their investigations will ?wo |,1Us through ollli'ial ciionneia to the British Admiralty. Heavy musketry and cannonading wore heard near Yorktown last night. The United Mtato* tpuab ml* Se ba?o and M.-i*at:iti?i participated In it. Their long rau^o gun.- enahlo them to throw sh'dl into and l?eyond Vo. k town, while at the samo tltno they are out <.r the rsnge of the b st guns < f the rebels J\>r the hut week thuso two boats have Iteen doir.g invaluable service iu throw ing grape, canister, shot and shell directly into tho rebel camps, while (hoy have n?t lost nor had a man in jure i. Af-iw nore ii .ats of their < !a<* are much needed tiers. Tho float ing sepulchres, or the Morgan fleet, as they are termed, are mure snails, compared to the new gui boats. Tin Tew or th? former oiasa that aro iiere uro rotten, hard to tnauage, and altogether worthless for war purposes. The secretory of War's recent order forbidding persons visiting the Army of tho Potomac out of mere cunueity was looked upon nt llrst ?? apropos; but it seems there Is a I nk somewhere, judging by tho h mdreds of curiositv seekers ttist daily arrive \ is ital timore. They uro a positive nuisance to the operations of I lie army; they havo no busluosj here whatever, and unites no pretence whatever should they be tolerated. The Hull run pauio was croatod by camp full 'wers ami foolish t'ungro :.sinen;our ox|H>rlence in that affair slnuld be suttlclont to prevent the recurrence of any similar proceeding. Will the .Secretary of War ferret nut the oUicial who disregards his |ieremplory orders liy is suing passes to curiosity hunters and panic breeders? Let us have no more of it. Lioutouant Colonel HalllJay, of tho Ninety .ninth New York rOKlment, ha*been removed from the ooramandof Fort Wool, and Major Nixon, of the saiuejrogimeut, has ?ucc sided him. Ihe cause nf this change Is known only to those who efleeled It. I.ieuteu.iat Colonel Hallidny, while in command of the fort, discharged his duties ? ,th sn Impartiality, akill and snergy that can lie sui |<assed by uo ollicer lu this department. He is a gradual* of the J'oly technic school ef Prussia, and as an urtillei isi has no superior la the Department of Virginia. His withdrawal from the command of Kort Wool is looked upon as a most Inopportune step st this particular time. A New York regiment, recently informing garr'eon duty in the fortreee, were peremptorily ordered to quit the fort and go into oamp. It is alleged that their offei. e was the love of strong drink. A few nights ago the guard broke into the Ordnance Department store and stole two barrels of whiskey, upon which they got beastly drunk. Hence their pronpt dismissal by tieu. Wool. Brigadier General Clarence Seward, nephew of the Se cretary of State, and dr. Venderpoel, Surgeon General of New York (Hate, arrived here to-day from Baltimore. They departed this afternoon fer Oamp Scott, near York town. The object of thoir visit, I learn, Is to look after tho Interests of tho soldiers from tho Kmuire State. Tho soldiers ef the entire Army of the Potomac aro being paid off Those vulturoo of tho army, Ihe sutlers, by tho sales of their trashy articles, are robbing the sol diers out of thslr pay as soon as they receive it by their extortionate prices. Why do not Congress put a stop to this legalised system of robbery? By so doing they will lessen tho mortality and sickneso or the army twenty five per cent, and cause the hard earnings of our patri otic soldiers to go into the right channels, vis.: their fa mule*; whereat, under the present the soldisrs' money tt grssped by tho sutler, and that, to.), while Mteir families at home beg for bread or are sent to M?e parish poor house. Cttit.iiBS* at th? Ww.-Friends of children who have gone West from tho Juvsnile Asylum may hear from them l>y celling ou Mr.Geo. H. Allan, agent of the instl. tutlon. Hundreds of them linvn lately been heard fi\ru V.any accounts are vory interest jug. RELIGIOUS INTELLIGENCE. The Aii?lTcriarieii Swvlay, May*.?Sow York lkbls hociety, in tho Re formed Dutch ch ircb, Fifth avenue, corner ?f 1 winty ninth street?evening. American Sratu<ro's Friend Society?Annual sermon in tho Presbyterian church,o-truer of Lalayette *ud Ox:oid ?treats, I'.rook I yu?oveulug.

B< ard of Foreign Missions of tho Presbyterian chureh? Sermon in tho Fiith avenue Presbyterian chureh? eve ling. Home for the Friendless?Sermon in tho Madison a re nue Baptist ch iri:h, corner of Madison aveiwe aud TUtr ty-Urxt street?evening. Union Thoological Seminary?Anniversary oration in Madison square Presbyterian church?.evening. Am-iricnn and Foreign Christian Union?beinaon in St. George's church?evening. Church of the Anti ^lavory Soeioty?Sermott in the Chwrchof the Puritans, Union square?evening. JUo-ndty, May 6.?Amoricau Seamen's Friend S< clety, In Irving Hall, oorner of Irving plaoo aud Kast Fifteenth street?evening. Board of Foreign Missions of the Proahy terian Church, at the room* in Centre street?four P. if. luetday, May 6?American Anti-Slavery Society, ?ln the Church of tbo I'uriians?morning. American and Foreign Christian Union, ia Irving Hall, corner of Irving place and East Fifteenth street?morning New York Sunday Schools?Meeting of Uto children in Irving Hall, three o'clock?afternoon. Now York Sunday School Uuion, In Irving Hall? evening. Amerloan Congregational Union?Annual Address in Broadway Tabernacle?evening. Howard Mission and Home for Little Wanderers, at ihe Academy of Music?evening. Universalis Association. Annual sermon in the church oorner of IJIeecker and Downing etreeta?evening. Wednesday, May 7 American A'ltUSlavery Society? Business meeting in the lecture room of the Church of the Puritans?morning. American Tract Society, in Irving Hall?morning. New York City Anti-Slavery Society, In Cooper Insti. tute?evening. American Homo Missionary Society, In Irving Hall? evening. American Temperance Union, in the Church of tho Pu ritans?evening. Universalis Association?Sunday schools, in the Church of the Divine Unity, Broadway?half past two o'clock P. M. Boston American Tract Socicty, in the Academy of Mu-' lc?three P. M. H <me for tho Friendloss?Business mettlnp, mornlnpr, aud exorcises by tho children at threo P. M., in tho Home chapel. Tit urn-lity, M<xy 8.? \morican Bible Society?Moeting of the Directors in the Bible House at nine A.M., and anui vi.rFary exorcises in Irving nail at ten A. M. Asylum for Deaf and Dumb, In Irving Hall, at three P. M. Ameiicnn C ngrogatlonal Union, in the Brooklyn Aca demy of Music?evening. New York State Colonization Soolcty, in Irving Hall? evening. Five Points IaJIos' Home Mission, In the Academy oT Music.?evening. y.iday, Mau 9.?American Poard of Commissioners for Foreign Missions, In Irving Hall?moruing. Five Points House of Industry, in Irving Hal!?even ing. American Baptist Mariners' Soeioty, In the Oliver street BaptM church?evening. Sunday. May 25.?American and Foreign Bible So ciety, in the Macdou?'al street lUjitial church?oven lng. Cltjr Chnrehci To*Dny< In Bwonrt I'nlvrrnaltnt oh.irrh. eorticr ?f tUivnatk atroet and Hatond avoitua, Rot. (?. T. ViitndHrs will do livor the eighth dtocoursj concerning the l>9vii,lhls evening, at half-p-vst Bavoa o'clock. Subject? "Cisting Uut of Devils. What Wore Thoyf" Murmu^ ULicourne? "Claims of I'nivoiutHBm on th? Age." Rev. Sidnoy A. Corey wiil preach in the tttone cborob, Twouty-oighth street, near Broadway, at half-past three o'clock, and in (be evening at brtlf-pugt seven o'clock. lu St. Ann'H church, Key. Thomas (lallaudet, rector services at halt -past ton o'clock A. M., cud at four ?ud a quarter to aight P. M. 'Ilie roctor mil pt'facU in tbo morning, and tho Rev. K. C. Ewer in the evening. Ia the afternoon, at tour o'clock, Bishop Potter will a 'mluli tor the ritu of confirmation. "Paul dwelt tw.> whole years In his own hired ho'iae," Kor. William Alvfci Burttott will preach from the abovo text this evening at the Brooklyn yabarnaclj,. i^tnT mu?luo services In Um mwjjufc ^SrvKea at half pant teno'aKk A. M.. ?ail4rt Charter to eight o'?k<okP. M. t^c >uhi?ot ot a dlsc-iur/c, by Rev. A/fl^uruugiMiB. Intheaouth Itaptist church, Twenty flftli ?lroot, between Soventh and Kigbth avouueti, this evening. at half-past sort* o'clock. "Last Sayings of J<Hiiia" will be his morn in; tbemo. In the Memorial church, Hammond stroot, corner or Waverluy pUee, the Rjv. Francis Vinton, D. D., an as sistant tuimiitor fTTrioii^ church, will preaoh thU even ing tl?e amilverssry of ibo owning of the uh'irch. Services at half past ten, half-pnsi three and hair past soven o'clock ?**" * In the Church of the Resurrection (Protestant KpU copel;, north aido of Thirty fifth siroet, and east of Sixth aveuue, divine aervico at half-pant fuu o'clock A. M. and half-p^at wron oJcWck P. M. Th^- rector, E. o. Kiagg, will preach in tUe morning, ouT itev. i?r. Higbee, of Trinity (burch. will prcach In tbo evoaing. ' End of the world about 1H?>4?0L?, according to more than one hundred axixiitors." Inclines on this sub ject nl lnlf-jvst seven P. M., In the les-er chapel of the tnlvorany,"Washington square, by tho Rev. Mr. Baxter > Episcopal minister. In the f Uiirchof the Epiphiiny, Stanton street, between Ehsex and Norfolk Streets, so< vices at balf-pa-d ten A. M., and hair past three and half-pist seven P. M. Bishop Poller will administer confirm a ion in the e veto ing. lu the Blrocker street Universalis! church this evening, Rov. Hobm liali'iu will c nfldw ''Tho Resurrection of the Just." Morning safvlces at half past ten o'clock. A disc Mima ?>u '-Kating und Drinking naiuualion" will be given by Rov. E. 0. Brooks, at the Twentieth street Universalis! rhirch, between Sixth and Seventh avenues, at balf-pasl threo o'clock. Communion i ervice will fid low. .-orvice la the morning at half |wk) ton o'clock At the lAislit street church, corner of I/tight and Varlek streets, R?v. I. P. Kalloch will preach this nvrn ingni>on ''tJod Rrtj'iiciug," and lu the evening upon " Ilia Life oik! Tillies of Noah." Baptism in the morning. Army meeting in the Rov. Dr. Ilatlich]'* church, cor ner of Thirty-first street and Ninth avenue, this evening at half-past seven o'clock. "The Silent t om;ortcr" for the hospitals, and tho "Bible Render" for the "'freed man." Rev. B. W. Cbidiaw, late chapUm in the United Slates Army, in Missouri, an I other eminent apc.ikeia, will addraas the meeting. In the church of the Fourth t*niv?rsali.-t Society, Cum berland street, near Lafayette avenue. Ilrooklyn, the pastor, Kev.C. Cravens, will preach at halfpaat ten A. M and hall' p??st aavan P. M. 6uh;ect for the eveaing? ?' The Judgment." Tho public la cordially Invited. Rev. r. T. Wiukleuian, Professor in P. C. I, will preerh this morning (May 4) In St. Matthew'a Evangelical Lu theran church, Atlantic strant, above Powers, Brooklyn. Sarvicea to commence at half-past tan o'cl"ck. Mra. Oora L. V. Hatch will hoi 1 a matinee ooaversa tionaie at Dodworth's Hall, ?0? llroadway, at hslf-piet tan A. M. At half-past seven P. M. she will dieoours* an "Tna Human Mind?Its Allegiance to Cod.'' American Bible Society. The nUiM meeting ?r tli* managers ?u held at tha flible House, Alitor place , on TU irsday, the lit inst.,at half pent three P. M .?Hon. I.uthsr Rradish in the chair. Th? Kev. I/it Jmm, 0. D., ntd th? ninetieth and offered prayar. Letters wars presented from several aframa in regard to their operations, and especially In supplying soldier* and prisoners of war. from W. W. Walker, Kaq., of'the United States Navy, returning thai Its for hooka frantad to tho United State* ship I* Mo; from Captain Van Tuyl, returning thanks lor books granted <o hi* com Cm j, who bad not boon supplied; from W. R. Buiklsy, ?., depositary at Louisville, with au account of din tribution* tn tha array If lapltala at that cHy, and U? good effect on the patients, lr.?n He*, i. W. Sutherland, with a full account or th.? distribution of bouks granted for the supply of soldieri in Mnuouri. A letter waa read from Iter. W. .1. R. Taylor, P. P.. aocepting 'he ollioeof one or the corresponding secre taries of this society, to whieh he was elected at the former meting of the Board. The aunmneeineni '?r the dealt* of the late President of this society, tha Hon. Thoo.|ore Krelinghn>Nen, IX D., havin* been made, a committee wan appoints I to draw up sellable resolutions on the subject, which, on being aubsi-ipiently p. e<euted, were a Ijpte.i by ?Bnard. (Jrilt's of books were niai'e of 1 000 Rthlep'to the Tre*. by tor tan Hoard of I'liblleatiofl; hooka for tho supply of arm) li"~pilaW ai Vis lei iok miv, Annapolis au I Ciimhtr ant Mil for annaVr of other than MnrrlnDd soldiers who are rare 1 for by tho Maryland Bible Society, lop distributl iu am mg (oliHol pel*on? at Beaolort aud l*or( books lor the supply or wcmnded soldiers at Pitts burg Ijuidingandelaewhtre, for s<>tdk)r*at Fort Wash ington, Del.; tor aSunday school of a German Evangili cul church ou l,oug lslau'1. for a H uidaf school at 1*> m?ia:a,8. A.; to thi'Cv man Kvanguli'-at Book Society at Cleveland, Ohio; tw?uty Ili ee cupMf of Cher?k<e Scriptures for distribution, ami several nmu of smallor amount, including "J'-Jt vol :ru * id various Utig' iwres to captains of vessel* sailing toforwigu ]>? >rt?. INTERESTING NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. Destrar tlon of Nugur and MoIukmi at New Orleann?Stria Uebel Uunkoatt Ituiut?Savannah Wlfl Never Harvrn. drr?Air tit of the J Nil tor of tliv M *m pliit Aralunrhi-.Capt at* of ltebvl Ciui' iiou near Charleston, iV< , WASUiMorar, May 3,1862. The following was received by tho Secretary of War thin morning. The Kiibiuiud Kzamimr of May 2 con tains tho annexed nuws items:? Mowta, May 1,1802. The teJegrapfc operator fr;in the ilay St. Louis hx? to # graphed to tho Mobile ofllr.e that the itorea in N >w Or leans were being emptied of sugar aud molasses, which were thrown into tho streets and the river. The city was to have bnea formally surrendered on the 20th ult., but tbe tune wiui extended. Some of the enemy 'a vessels have gone op the river. Arotrwa, April 30,1862. Tho NewjBrleaua Hulletin of Friday suys that F. B. Rein, ha w, Confederate States Navy Agent, telegraphed from roint Alabache on the 24th that aeven of our gun boats had keen flrsd after being overpowered by the enemy. The Navy Department recolvod a similar des patch laat Saturday, but it is not known what boats are referred to. Savannah, Qa., April SO, 1862. Letters received here to-day from the prisoners taken at Kort l'ula.'ki slatd that they are at Fort Columbus, on Governor's Inland, Now York harbor, all well aud kindly treated. Savaknaii, Ga., May 1,1802 General Lruvton has formally communicated t > the City Council his determination never to surrender tho city. TUe Council have resolved to sustain General l.?w tun. Miami is, April 20, 1802. Pr. Foulkes, editor of the Memphis, has been urreslod for publishing an article calculated to array Uio planters against the government. Chakubton, May 1,1802. The federals h ive captured a suwll battery two guns near White Point, twoutj'-two milas from Charleston. (Jeuoral Evans has sent a forco to look after the Yankees. Caiho, May 2,1302. The Memphis .4ry<i of Saturday him a despatch t rom Corinth staling that dwpatches just received there state that Genoral Buckner a id Colonel Knger Hanson, who were taken prisouors at Fort Doiiolscm, are to bi e* changed for General 1'reritlsa and Captain Wm. G. Mo. Michael, of Philadelphia, who was chiof of Gon. Smith's stair. City Intelligence^ Dkatu or thb Kkv. Dr. Bamm.?Tho Rev. Dr. Bangs, one of tbe oldest clergyraeu in the city of New York, died yesterday morning. He ?aa on* of the pioneers of Methodism In this country, and remarkablo iu a high degree for all tho qualitios of a soaloua, earnest aud ia d'.slriotis pastor. He was greatly esteemed in this city, whero ho had ministered up to tha tin.,* of bis.'loath, for a period of over forty yoars. As an author U. boro a good population, hfivini; edited the ChruiicM Jtlvo ate ami Meihi'diM Quarterly for somo time. an J pubiltdMd an interesting work on Methodist Episcopal miraioLs in tbis count ry, besides a biography of ttve Bur. Freebora iiar rettaoa. On April 23, 1SS6, he eel' brated his "golden we idmg" wiih groat liberality, and shortly previous was prevented with a cano enclosing #'2,(XX), by biff f. ion l-,. as a m;irk of their esteem and affection for him, ASOTHfcK ftilMIHUI FKAT Ol* THK TArt-?WAIJS FROM V- i-iMuixwi to Boaros i* Floor Dayb Edward Pay-son HwIiju, ilia young man who In 1&8L oit?uipteJ to walk Mum Boston and tbe city of W&shingtA inside of ten I cm c utlve days, Is about to make at >ther podoslrhn ventoro for reasons which he sots forth vary cloudy in a Jim, nui o.'UUi famous wa'.k Just publish* 1 for liis boiiutt t 1113 principal incentive tor making auothor attompt is to rfc&ofunds to pay doles mcurn-d for board aud other no c -ssari'-s (taring h'a llrU v> mure, imd also to disprove the aec isation that ho wrs brit>ed to lose his lirst wagor by penrn* who hid bot him. \7eston intends lo start i n his second walk on Monday, May Hi, and expects to roach ltoston frrm Washington in eight consecutive days. H? will be ?ocomp*nio I all the way by four gau lltmon iu cai riajo*, who will testify itnlor oath us to the manner in which tbe feat will be performed. Leaving VVa-liicjskon Me) 10, at Qv? I'. M.. he will reach Balllmoro, disUuto 46 miles, Tuesday, 3 P. M. Philadelphia, distance l?3 utiles, Wc tnes'lay, 12 M. Trenton, distance 17U wiles, 'lh ;nni..y, 11 A. M. Newark, distance, 231 miles, Friday, 7>, A. K. New York, distance 211 otlU?, Friday, 10 A. M. No-. ?20 uiIIm,Saturday, 2 P. M. Ha1 <ntfd u fa mice 366 mil s, -'aturdiiy, 12 P. M. Wereatlor, dUutfto 486 mii-m- mjuOai ? UK i%Ki Framiughom, 167 utiles, fuosday, 11 A. M. Boston, distance 478 miles, T .isday,5 1*. M. W-sii'ii whs formerly an attache of this oflloe, and ex hibltwl Ills pedestrian pewers ( occasion In aa ox t. aoidiiie'y Siumer. He is quite saugulne of success la bis present venture. AiToumasT or a 8rinuL Dcrtrrr Sbkmit.?y. Lo renzo De Angolto, for uoiriy sixteen y-oar* conneotod with the United States Department as a Deputy Marshal, and only reoontly superseded undsr the proeent r>vimt, hax bo?u appointed by Sheriff Lynch as a special deputy. Several friends of Mr. De Angclls gave him a surprise Early on Friday night, carrying thither innumerable tutkets of provisions? -htckeus, turkeys, wild lowland cb.imtA:ne. On enuring the house of the ppwlr at). *]u!t? ffrTof u *xTuWnE itps. iu a speech of brief but *l/wPiSr!S3, expatiated upon the previous eiliciont acts of "Lme Do ^uetis'* aj Deputy Marshal. IIu spjke of the numeroul arrests ho had ellbc;ed, of his visits to Franc#, of the majuiOi ont ni' presented to him by tii<> Km. (leror N?|)ol"<m, of his rushibz to Washington at the in cipiaucy of tbe reboili< n mul Ills reuminlng there with other Ijyal, armad inen, to de end the csj ltnl un il (he brave volunteers ca-ne to plnnk tlirm. elvo.i in fac< '>f .bo rebols. Ibe Judge prMeaied Mr. Deputy Sheriff Dc An gelm ?* ith a maitnillceiit gnl>l shield of oMr\ surmountod by th.: eafle aud two flails of tho Union. Arrrhrrrh sur prise sup, er whs provided by AIIhu Conrey and B. S. llaigiit,and the guests did it ample Justlco. Spoirhns, SOnKsanu unotiUl'J'U Loronzj De Au^eiis u ? deputy siientToiNo v York. Arro vmwrr or BKumiuii is mi Cuorox Board.? The Crol >n Board have appointed WiUUm C. Rbodes, late Stato Prison Inspector, us Registrar under the Croton Board, in tbe plnco of Mr. liauce, deceased. This olllcer bus charge of the collection of all the water rents of the Croton Department; it is, therefore, one of great lin j orunea to the city. The heleciiuii of Mr. Hhode* lor this |M.?illui has uaiiib.ted a ilesiro on tho part ol the Board In place the important trusts of th it odko in trust' w rihy bauds. His record as a .state odlcer Is without a stain and beyond suspicion, lid there Is nodoiibt but tliut be will discharge bis diitiM onuecied with this? nice with e<|ual satisractlun to ?h? public. Since the expiration of Mr. KhodHC'term or oflloe as State Prison Inspector lie has b'-eu fiiiihfuliy discbai>'iiig his duti"s as a private cl.i/.en. Inning tho formation of tbe Tammany re^t mout, he labore I night aud day, and left nothing tmdotie that would add to tn<* c .mioi i of tbe soldiers who we"< l>-a\ ing their homes for tbe camp bold of the army of the nation. Wlil'o others Wore receiving the praise, lie was c ut nt with knowing that he bad I'.ouowh U Ins time and money could do ti rcrfect the details of tiie Ifelianl, hi d add cm fort to the individual soldiers I when in the touted lit Id. His S|ipoinlment gives uni versal Satisfaction Prwkvtauks 10 Mr. Jahiw, I<atk Mama IIoat Bi iu>ra or mr Bkooki tk Navy Yjrp.-A o> m nuttoe prcc*oded to ihe rem dance of tint above uamod fi iiiMnau u ft-w evenings a.nce and presented hlin n maaalva gold wa.cb aa a mailt of their ast em Mr. Keiiy, on Iwlialf of th? lw>ai bnildor* otnployed in tlia t.trd mails a very appropriate presentation apoech. In * bleu he ?nit>fl*od tha cfcarrctar and ability of Mr. Ker rigan.whu reapon'iod by thanking the gentlemen for their prcaclit, and assuring thain of hi* attachment to In- late employe*, after which ha Invited ihe ooaunittee to partake of a collation. Pam or Vauahi* PAijrtwoe.?A large collection of valuable oil painting*, chiefly tha production* of Kugglea and DongbtT. were sold at public miction, at the rimma 01 Miliar ? Sumenrllle, on FrKUy. There wrro quite a largo number of artlnta aud prominent citizen* preeent at the wale, and City Judge MoCuna waa amon| tha pur chaser*. Kiar ii? W*vr Taiai?Ki?rn Strict?Shortly before eleven o'clock l*?t night a lira occurred in tha dwelling house No. 123 West Thirteenth a tree t, occupied by Mrs. Mary Lynda. The Are originated frena a match thrown down ?areleeaty after lighting tha gaa In tha second atory room. Tha match, it teem*, tired aoma bedding and mattrosaea. burned through I ha window ciMlng, and at tended to tne roof. Damage to furniture about $1A0: no Inaurance. I<ainafa to building about 9400; iuaured. The houaa ia ownad by K. H. Kly. Riraa Twataa ?Tha ahlpGuy Maanerlng, lying at piar 34 Kaet river, waa entered by aorua river tk levee a few day* age, and Mil* to tha amouat of $fiOO were stolen. No clue to the robbarr. The British brig Kmma, lying at pier 18 Kaat river, waa robbed on the night of tha tat ln?t. of Mils amounting to (lift, and $li$ in manay. No arreita maila. Where are the River polieer Cm MT.Rmrw rm thr ni tt'a IIkad Bur* ?The thill'* Head Hank of this city haa d"teroiined to lasue no more Hive dollar bill* for the prov-nt, In Oon<tequeuce of a new and dangerot ? conuterielt of Hint donoaiinatii?i hav lug tn tde it? appearance. The public are requeetett to sond in the genuine llvea for redemption. Katai. IIitcnWAY Ca' l'airlrk Mnthnarn.a H borer, fell through the hatchway of the More No. &Vtau.> itrrt fMltrdtjr aim waa ainioat I'mUntl)' kllivd. Ti , bed) was roB.ovnd to the N"<v York HoapiUl, ?rU.v e ntrnnir Nau?n?n!h held i>n Inyueat. Official Drawings or Murray, Eddy < Co.'D KenXiakv and Mtaaouri Slate Lotteries. kawniaaf. Uxtsa una* **.?May 3. MM. 29, 24, I, 4t, 16, 33, ao, 5!?, 3), 47, 'J, 2?. Kimuir Clui 211!?May S, 18K. 66, 41, 15, 26, 1. 1 >, 32, 21, C!>, 4-. ?S, 3? Circulars wift free of ctiaryr ?y addressing riih-r to MURRAY, BDDY A CO . Corin.tou. Ky . or St. Louis, *?. ORIciul Dnivtringi o/ Itae Keuturkjr ?ni Delaware Slate Loverien. Kk.w rt'CKT bXTiu Class 157? May WL 02, 46, 7.i. 41. 40, .18, Mi, 4H. ??>. .'to. 42, 48. DtuWau*. Cu*s 2:6? May S, 1.S6Z. 4S, 74, 30. 7,>, 24, 54, ?5, 23, 35. IB, 68, 39. Circular* (nut by aIdreaalii* J>)IIN A. MOIiRIS 4 CO.. Wilmington Delaware, or Covington, Kentucky, Prlzri Cashed In All Lt);iillied l.otle? rl;r kIv<*u JOSEPH HATES. Broker. N >. 11 Wall atreet, room N >. 1, New York. Eipeniehrld'a Spring Slylriof Gentle men'a ii.iiM, for lineueaa, elegance tnd duiablliiy, arc uueur ]>aaaed. Try them at 118 Naaaan street. NMrti and Collars Made to Order* Style, fitting nod workmauahip unrivalled. Union Adaina, No. 637 Broadway. A Vara Toltacco^-Yellow Bunk Totae* to.?Onedwlu'a I'tne Yellow Bunk Tobauoo, free .from all impurlttea, for aale by nil tobacco and ? g?i dealera, and at wlioleaale by K UOuDWlN Jc BKOTIIER, MJ Water atreet. A Scrtt lilt.?-Gents* Patent Leather Foota nf$2, a'-JHAKTLETTB, 872 Orand street, oorner Nor. folk. Ktefe't New Restaurant and Private Bnpper Bouium, openod a* No. 1W (Jroaby street, adjoining lila lonncr place of business. Dr. Kennedy** Medical Discovery U warranto I to cure Scrofula, Brynlpelas, Ringworm. ScaM Ilead. Salt Rlieum, Ulcers. Kovui S-ii'ea,, au J every disease of the Skin, of whatever nature. Crlstadoro's Ilulr Dye, Preservative and Wl(,n, tlia bent In the world, wholesale and retail aad the dye privately applied at No. 6 Alitor llouae. Beautiful Complexion.?Laird's Bloom of Youth, or Liquid Fearl, preserves an J be >uUfe.> tlie com* plexh n and sun. .ill druggists ami at 4,'.9 Broadway. "foMar'*" Vermin Exterminator Dfpot removed from 512 to 4S2 Broadway, between Broome auA Ui und street*. New York. Trasses.?Marsh & Cn.'s Kudleal Care Truk^es, Shoulder Brace*, and l)r. WadawortU's Uterine Bis ratoi ? a superior urttcle. No. t Vint? atreet, Ajitor House. A MISCELLANEOUS. T $3. $3 50, ?4 AND *4 50.?SliuES AND CAITBB^. Sin mi; styles, uow roe ly at JONES', 10 and 12 Ann alreet. All admit kkink's caslkjht bbplei torb gurpusK e>'erythiug for displaying goods to advautage. A iwaj h re?d.\, at 5ib Pearl Street. AT 302 BROADWAY.?WEODINU OaRDS AND NOT? paper, ul??uut alylun, at KV'LRDELL'S 04U store, 3U? Broanway, c truer I>??ine street __ ALE DRINKER8. ATTENTION.-I NOW HAVE O* draught H e follow nig celebrated A. ta ? All-oji'i; lnd a. Button-on.Trent. Murphy* Cork 1'orter, Outlines.' Dublin Porter, J one*' XXX K;ook Ale, linwatd <k Puller a Spring Water, ftla-.*ey, rottins A Co.'s Philadelphia, Auisuel) Brothers''Albany, and others. UElt. E. MKNDUM, Broadway aad Cedar street. <? A LL WHO ONCE U8K BARTLETT'H BURNISH BD A Needlea lor liuud or mui b.n - sewing, will uae uo other*.'*?Mine. UimoreU. UARTL KTT'S Needle and ty?vr luj, Machine Furnishing Depot, 173 Broadway. AVOlUE PROM YORKTOWN.?VOLUNTBER8, A* lelillout A Voico from Yorktown. Lot facia apeak tut llu inw>iv<?. Ri iul thu brief nolo received tlila morning troui one of our brave aoldlrra now beiore York* Hfk. ? Cakp WiNriiii.o Scott, nui *o?*row Thomas Hoi.lowat, F.ij.. 80 Maiden iunu, May I, 1862:? Sui? At tin re urts none of " Hollowav'a 1111a" for aula hereabout*, I enclose aa order, for which pk-una - ud ma lh* nuiouut in yonrvery ruluable Pills, wtlliout delay. If thcrs la ally pos:ani* or exprinaagc, pltuisu deduct It, and ooligo, lour* iruly, In bu*t?', T. IIANLEY, Adjutant, Ninth N. Y. Cavalnr, heloro Yorktow*, Va. 1*. S.?Your ruu are famous for tbe curs of dysentery, and 1 have no doubt they will prove a* oOk aetoua la ttuiil* und : ever here aa they have iu other division* of th* army. 4 LL KINDS or LADIES' AND QEN'TLBMENS' OAK . iV mouta duan-d without boiujf taken apart, to look lite uc?. No. i'SJ Broome street, cor.iei of Broadway. CI ATARRH.?1>R. UOQUALK'S CATARRH BBMBDT J penetrate* the i.ecret umbuah of this terrH le dneseo and cures it without (win or peril. Price (L Sold by dntfte H i's. Dc,?it 612 Brumlway. .Send * stamp lor a pamhlel Do lay no Uniflor. CIBUTl'llKS AND CANES FOB THE MILLION. ATTHB / Mauutsclui. r'a. C. PIN NELL, No. 2 Cortland! atreel. If Oil MOTHS ?CEDAR CAMPHOR 18 KTIFLIMQ TO ' nil ln?ecl life. Cheup, agreeable dunble, reliable. Right owi.w. au.t trade,. .i by HAIIKIS A CHAPMAN, >ja toll. Foi Haiti iu New York by Cnwell, Mao* A Co., IIB iafc. Fifth Avenue Hoiel, and by Laiell, Marsh and Gardiner >? !(.? <iold sir* at. One pouqd package, $1; box of all uAa ruivaan FBBNCH BRONZES (Dlr. oi Iraportatation), Consisting of Mantel Ornaments, StatuaHoa, Oronaa Inkstands, Ac. N. B.? Plumbing and das Fitting attended to aa usual, at No. SSI Fourth atreet aud No. S Aator House, Barclay atreeV. tested for 19 yaara and growa In favor. It killa and nl? minute* Roa he*. B-d Bugs. Aula, Flea*. Motba in elotlMk Furs and Furnlluru, garden iuso< Is, Ac. All genuine beam the signature of B. Lyon, and is not poisonous lo peraons 90 domestic animals. Beware of counterfeits and iiultaltoaa. CiUKlM klUa all InaaoU iu a Lrute. . Lyo.i'? f ul? are <lenth io rata aud mice. Bold everywhere. Depot, ?)2 Broadway. MAUNBTIC INSECT POWDER, TJARTIES ABOUT TO COMMENCE X HOUSEKEEPING, AND DEStKINO AN o IT FIT AT VKKY LOW PRICES, Can aarc li per o ut bv pun-lm?:>u a. uur entali]|->ho>en(. EXAMINE TUB FOl.LOWINU LIST OF PRICES POME OF OUR iMlttSa ARTICLES French China Ten Set*. 41 i'loce< tl Tg Fr.nuh Ch na Bieukfaat S?-t , 41 i ^ u Breakfast Ooll'ee Cupa aud sa icei-, per do/ l 7a Covered B 'tiei D'.?i.e*. ? a<h Id I' n i s, t>emcil Mid Tea Bert c ??. In all Iju ptajea, for M 0+ Ci:t ti u*? ' lo'dcla, per do* | (j C'.it u:??-Ch,itinwjnic!i, per Jui I tg 1 '? {fair 1'int Tuuti'irrs. per <G>< i* Fine Ivory Dinner Kntvea, per tioi 4 CO Fine I tory DlXeri Knlvcm. per Uo/ 3 m Kiae Plated lue Pitchor*,. a li SOU Fine Pl.rted Tabid Spoona, jut do* 5 M Kino Flaia I TMb'fl Fo ka, fx r do' ... .1 M Fine I" au?l Tiw Spo 'Uk. per do/. I 7fc F ?<? Piated r?? Seta, 0 piee?a, per net li) (O Fined Tea 8 it, liuely tn?w-d. with lunula en Kraud to order, per nel SRI 09 Flue P.'aiad Ca tera (tluui botUio), ? toh 4 Uf e. v. iiAiruiivrot T * co? Noa. 48S, 4!>fl >n 1 4\<t Proadway. Corner of II room- ?treat. Pmuw-w HAVE, after mcch exertion. it imeileit In dlaoorerlhg new ?Mimec* fur the *? ppiy i f the flneai cinfala, which are the beat of lena> * for the p.e herrallon of tli<' eye. BECREL BROTHERS, 37 Maiden lane, N. Y. ^TCYVESANT INSURANCE COMPANY.?AT A MERT O iiifi of .lie Hoard 01 Director*, hold the M ln?t , the fol lowing report .via received, at*: pled an I directed 10 'to pul> l.a'ied ? Til ? 8pp< ial Committee of Fiv# reapectfully report that they linvu na?i Inoualy at'ended to the dulle* referred t? hem in oonatMpienee of the delalcntmim of the lale Seer*. Urj, H. I. Pent*. and hate ha.l the a-ai-taiice of nn a'de ? ..nniani in lnvMl?aUii^ Ihu Mock Ledger and the hooka (tinncctrd therewith. Tltla "tamlnatl >n haa ?o far pro*re*ae 1 that the eoTimllt ? are nearly rea!> to al*.er M reran anMktnf outstanding err 1(1. at ea in order to hare thein verified, wh* 1 a tn ire com plete r?i?irt ran ba Klvna, A thorough Ion of t'ie aaaeta of the romnatn haa Ih' 11 ? ade to the l*t May Inat., which ahowa the following rt'-ulia ? li Hido.tii I mortgagee 4 Temporary loan* |4,4.'?i 00 Honda of tho CorjhiratHin of city of New y,,rk ID.OtKI 0# Cash in hank 4.2>i : ?l (?aali in otU<a ltd II l.e .1 ??nut* 9.IM>0? A I'l lied IMarea l'ri'inliim duo .. .'l.rvoi1 <W Total $UM 40 at Tlierfi are no elatma for loaaea una 'itled. Due lor t. nt, Ac 9U7 A# hami'kii wiuurm.) C. V. EVERE1T, 1 H1MON AHKAHAM8. VCommlttea. B WT. FLOYD, 1 ANDRE FKOMENT, J Nk.w Yoaa, M r 5, IN62 CrKlNOI WAI.KINO COATS, TO $10; FINE BLUE 0 OaOtb, *11| 8 ..Mine. tKenOit*, W to $10; Silk mined 1 ndia, lint, *40. A laigj aa-ornuent of Faii'-y Ca niiin-r a, lora iilsiiO. 1'anta ?nd N e?t, (111 Flnnat Black Frock, to order, %*T. CLARKE, lit WillUm atreet. Ilol/.-KKKJil'KR ? ? USE Ki'AHKOW'S LONDON ,j'.i4j g < rj* al. "ne trial w111 ion } . ?( ita valua. S' J 0/ hM renpeeta le urngitft- ami ki ><???><? at t oeota pt r tHi'-kage, A^cat tor New Y01 k, J. W. HIN.N'K>, il Ce?.af rpo l 1 Wi yRBWOE TNAFMOO. \JM dacnt QENTS LIE EN CotUM, Mortn U e?nlf, kellng for 10 cent* aae'i. Altu an Immensa aiaortmant of Clothinx *t^ ^ ^ n Iit ll? UOWKRY CI.OTIIINO COMPANY, * I0? Bi-w'efy, uaar Orand atreet. VOt* IjVI'M Fim ULASSlFICAritfl. I E-MitAlLK ArAkTMENTS TO I.ET. HKPON Q ! ? 1 .1 *1* roomj, |-aa and water. No, IWllWl ?im>, it nth" to a ?maU laniiiy. Applj a ? Nu. *.'J Orand ulree, 'i ll 1 MEMRI-RS OF ACACIA LODOE. NO. 127, F. A* J \ M.. nie notlAad to meet at iheti l odge rot ni, thl> (?<i n .1/) n"M iiln_, 4 II o'olw k. A H . lo atioml the fniier* o oa uaaMMd br?M?tf,4f?%tb^B*awi'^ ^ % ^

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