Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 4, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 4, 1862 Page 7
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surrara. ; ? "on DON HXHIBITION. ' ' " Mj RETURN TlCiCKTS, LONDON AND BACK. Krtt cl i -a $100 ShlrdcUu 66 ?TEAM WEEKLY TO LIVKKPOOL, touching at Queen* l?wn(C>i.k lUrtot). The Liverpool. N?-w York and Pliila itelpbia hteiuu?hip Company intend 'I? spaio .ins iliulr full r?wertHi Ci.V'lc-built iron neamahiwi ;?? follo\ ? ? rrr or Washington - m fINA Saturday, May 17 DINIlHKii ? -i*. Mhv 24 and cruy (uccccdtug Saturday, nt noon, from par <4, Norm *irer. UlTts fjF PANS GK. Yir*t Cubm $7.? I tjtema.e $39 Do. to Louloii.... X0 Do. to T.i.nriuti .it Do. to Fjrio 8J Do. to I'm-.* JW Do. to Hamburg.. ?*>l Do. to Hamhurt; 35 Passengrrr ai?o i awarded to ilu re, 11 remen. K iteid&m, Antwerp. A<- . at e-,,;nily U?v raUi Kate* li'uiu Liverpool or t^ueeuslown: first cabin, Jin, $85, $I0V !?!'?' r-c : iom Liverpool, HO, K,om Queens* town, 'I IM-t0 fan be Iwv.i .ht bore at tlic.-.e ra'cs. enabling people to ?> lot lor ibeir friends, Tneac it' ..Tr.ers have superior accommodations fur passen ger*; arc mi ongiy bnilt in water-il;iit Iron sections, and car ry patent lit>? ai.ui'illators. Expirientod surgeon* are at tached to each ?'eamer. For further ii.formation apply In Liverpool to \\ illiam In. ttan. Ascot &; Water etrert; in GU?gow to Alexander Mal colm, 6.M. Lto h >.<piare; in UiiwntUitli to (5. A W. 1). S?y mourAC . in Lou .on to Rives .V Mnooy, til Kin* William ?treel: in 1'nria '1 Joles Decone, S l'lace dn la Itour.-e; ia Philadelphia to John O. Dale. Ill Waluut ? ticet; or at tiw ^""SoMmo: DALE, Agent, IS Broadway, New York. The norttt german llotdh1 hteamship bre MEN. II. We??el?, co- mander. tarrying ti e fulled D la tea mail, wnl cail from pier 30 North river, fooi ol Giiam be I* street, on SATURDAY. may 10, at 12 o'clock M? row BREMEN VIA f-OUTHAMPTON, UkinSr.oTn,erH to UAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN. at tha following raiea:? For the first cabin, $100; secondcabin, $60; steerage, $15. for frettbt or passage awly to O.'iiLKlCHS k CO., 68 Broad street. NBW YOKK TO LIVERPOOL. Tllli STEAMSHIP f.RKAT EASTERN Will nil from New York t< r Liverpool on SATURDAY, MAY 31. _ Price of passage In Vint Cabin $!Wa?.l35, according to state room accommodations, all other privilege* being coital. Third C?lun $30 a $50, with verv Bep-?rlor accommodation*. Suits of Kooma for families iu i\ I. ? en.-aged by special airaug'-inent. No Berth ?ecure.i uui:l raid for. HOWLAND A AS PIN WALL, Agents. Plana of t'.-o ship may b ? seen, and eiunKi'iii' iiift tn ide for freight or oHs-a;e. on uppller 'ton to Chug. A. Whitney, at the office, N > 7 Broadway, N< \v York. STEAM T > LONDONDKHItY, OLASOOW AND LIVER pool.?T. c Monttcal Sttr im?blp i'ompan>'j limt elnss full powen ,1, Civile built I learner NOltTII AAIKKU'AN, Captain B'UMeNs. . arrylng the Canadian an I United Statra ?uaiia, will sn 1 from Ouobeo next Saturday, May 10. Rat"s of | a?N>g ? Irom Now York:?Kirat < Iusk. according to nee m ?nodatioua, 6 and $7U; Hte<'race, found with good provi sions, $o0. Kates of piMdugt from New York and return nt the foro,vin:: redu.e.! rates:?K!r?t eabin. S137 and $167; ?teera^e, $'() Certl:ieaten Issued for bringing out pas cu ffl ' - ? ; ' ? * - " ? ? i r[Rr? from a I the principnl towns in (lr<at lirltniu ami Ire and at vei Mew York and at very low rates K. r ['assise apply at 23 Broadway, SAI'it.1. A SEaHL]1., flenertl Ag nils. Commencing may i, i*a. NEW AKItANOEMENT. FOR CALIKOHN1A, VIA PANAMA For the bciier neeonutiodution of tbo-lni- o number of peo ple now emulating to the cold mining d.idriou, of California -and British Colombia, FOUR steamers p. r month will lie despatched fiom New Yorlf and from San Kraneiaoo rcepi-c tively, inktean of three, as heretofore. Regular days of departure irom New York, oti the 1st, Sib, 16th and 2tHi. evept when these dates fall on Sunday, when the day ol Oepirture will b< the Monday following. For freight or passage apply at the only oiliee of the line, So. 3 Bowline Green, New York. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. R?yAL BIAIL> W'WAJiaUIP PERSIA.-FOR LIVER. |<?ol.?T.,0 J FI.HIA, E. O. Lott, comte.atid.T, will null! ?ram tlif m? Wednesday next, 7th ltiK'nrr. 2?.. ''7-'!. ' P'y bciwiw-B the < oiii|wiiy'R whnrr, at im.A'L. 1' U,? r?r'1* from t'to II A .M., til convey bowd- ho"? b,,t '^cn^er. , The CHINA will sa I Mav 21. ?? K. CUNARD, No. 4 Bowling Green. Fob Liverpool and London?tapscott'm line. Sbi.i i ll\NCIS B. CUTTINti, ?i pier JO Kaat IfftifrifJ?1. .i 5' '""i'1 Mav6?8"l> ADRIATIC. at pier 17 oMt rl\t r. f.?r Imii? on,- May o. For i>assa"<? at ow l" fAPlVCon ?yo.:? South Mr-et. ' T^KTS017 S LINii LIVERPOOL and LONDON PACK .^RBMITTANOBS to ENGLAND. irel IND *C I-PA98AOK TO OK PKOM GREAT BRITAIN OH IRELAND *l tin' low.- ,- r?W?, uml DRAFTS, pavelr.e i??Ji'tjfl4Byw?,ro throughout the USlTED fclM.dom, can bo obtained, ?s luerr ui,,r, at - . TAMCOTT A C0.*?,.% Siiitlh Htfnl, AtWR^LIA.? KAJMABOO LINE: ESTAHEESUKD J INDIANA lX7! i n,VlOU" Ji'"w Voltl" '" l*<k'l i ' , ' Hooora, command*!-, n-ill have ' |he usual pro ,.t.t despatch of this line lur McIU.'irrte d.r-ct -J?**c'' l,,<vl ,l:ou' far h;?tand second .abfn ptWngnra ?"l*f o ? and i choice or 1 enh? nrn j ow >* secur-d I&waie W;\ni?XiK 1LIK" L0Hf) ' 91'BHEAU, *uo WiiU s r?*t. LORD ? CO., oona tfii ea at M. lb.mru \ A UHTRALIA PIONEER LINbIoARBVINU TUB JtX. United S'alea mall.?The clipper ship CITY OK BAT1I ?*"5 lonui Biidcr. ;cr Mrlborne, is rapidly oUi'ik at pior 22^1'riHVCr-, fHf ,jlpp?r AM 2BITA, ilnSta ?ommaoder. for Svdticy at pin- 12. The.Upper bark CAB -.g^isArrvR ' ?SSS?Stt%WSJSr,",k Pl*F STEAM KB fob HAVANA. " I The Lulled Stales Mall Meamahlp _ _ columbia. -!?-? Afr."'?! tr."l.t?.< StateiI Navy, Commander, will leave Soon nre' ,.i p'Vj!1?" Wedueaday, May U, *t 1J o'clock. . ShOounl L'lir r.^T can bu PWured 'row the Span uotu"'- frrLAt or nasxa?e apply o ' _ * OKD, TILEhTON A CO, 29 Broadway. F?" ?AB UNBoV'T"? KA8T 8AIUNO ? &s *ppiy The umited states mail sthamhhip . BOANOKE ' 3Hi ***yy p er No. 13, North River, on Wr.lnead.iy Mar 7 MO, at 13 Y at^"n^Pi^aiy. for llavana direct. ' ^ LuDLAM, 1IEINEKEN * Co., 115 Broadway. rUHMTURE. ===== AfSU?i^',?E r?B sKc?ND hand pcbni if p-rrr ah i^i? t-?n,?ta, at OM lludaon street, corner ??L ^ promptly atleud?*d to, by A'tdrecslaa a <ne. Pm-uitnre a? above. Couutry caHa attendi-d to. Ji taidl^?? 8r IT OK ?"?AIIBLLKD KUBNITCBE /u ^ ' ? warranted manufacture; also solid PAKRIN(JTt*\ s'rv?' iSk *.,Ul at H. P. IU^ll.hedrVn i5i/8- ^Ci4a" ,lr,!0t' Wooaier. D. IBii Fl'RNITUBE?PUBSrcUBE. bargain'S?BAHQAIN8. ?it^^O>*'pRTll OK PI BNITL'BU, ?v ANn ketail, ft?...iT ^'KAA'' * TAYl.OB, No. 87 Brwerv, Lament',naorL uaod prlCC" ^ M? olh" M"b OmmMHm of FOR CASH' BO?E?rpOD r A blob and chamber FURNITURE, Waiioh I v\" U- ^.KLAINE AND PLI s?i. ? AUOOAiW, M ALNUl/AM)i IMITATION FL'BNITURE, v ,?*J^EKV LE8CB11T10N. * ? lt "an^ '??*! > hi i? tureinaeU, I rum 121 to $10). ?h^l^^P.Vid'ry.'l?^* " k^">^rUUa4 la AM. OOODS WARRANTED. *DBOKEN KUKNITIBE, CHINA, OL.VSSVTABK, AC. ?A urn nii'tiu atrongpf i?*?'1'-1; 0ll'y "*?* A Bkhanfs .? Co.a .umMncd Ol'teand Cemont, l? ia warrant, d, or mon. y ref..n l?il Sola ^t-iicy lor t.ic Unite.l Hiatpa. ALLVN A 1'lihLl'S I "il ?roadway. A* nt* wanted |n avery S??le. ' ^ Cabinet Pl'RNlTURK AT MAN l?KACTtTRERS' PRICES i tlVMJOU WORTH OK KCRNlTtKK fOn?|f?ti> "i-eof the fnllliigolTIn our wholesale btialneaa ? lbw?.t",'.c V'VV" m'",UUcl,,,eJ 8 >o<la to tlic p.iblla at the lam\nv^,MrV''.I'AR^,R' LI1IRARV, DININO and BKD Ia?l.!m. ml " ?????? ' ?1. ami i? U1C latest i.V " ('". Is warranted. i lea*-* examine o:ir jpioda b<-i..ri> pin- h alnir <-l?cwli"re. K.. i ^ . E1L A HRAI nsdoiik, M M ,J t- * 'Jn,. ?' betWr " &*'"* -tu i N n-,ollt ~ .r?nd. Ka-M-x H -uston at. atace' pa.-a . |oae !>y CHAMBER SUITS OK furniture? II "I1"'? Bl!'' ?t Wholraa'e and reuil: tlie S%?t ztfz??"p"i,nit-Ahn' ~uj F WARREN WARD, 277 Oaital atreet, four door?( e,i..i oi IIro.nlway. F ? IRiiT CLASS EX \ MKLLED FURNITURR?pLAIJf <f- "ta. -I mi i.r*,:ira. aoiid walam aiia<uHi't?: diuta ?I*20a;i,l up .11. ; M.utri',Sprm ; |I?.|>, ..<? ' u r^n ii i I HUER a Co , Munnfaettirtra. W) Broadway, between Bleeskei- acd IlotiJ atrueta. URNT1 URE V ANTKD? KtlR A THRKE STORY Ii ? i.e. I? T \< ' Ii H ar t Will ?> ? :;|v?u !i r i;,,. Iin . 0f ,, Apply iiiiinediab-ly at 44 E tst 111 .'. k. i' street. Plimpton s improved patent parlor bed ?t''H-f ' In" Kn ..itme - .|,| wholesale ?nd retail, n. . I.i-lii-l l.y monthly puyn,. ut, ntHiT utli ?trcet, y National Academy oi De.ign. WANTED ?KI.BNITUBK WANTS I) Tl( lllltE, SUFFI Weill I.II a |..iu- Miry hula.-, tbie- io.i.s d?en n riiuitiig ?ver.i ih"if i.-oul-?!?? for hoti?e?i or would be purehiM--1. Apply a No. 1 tir?at Jonoa ate!--.. I'EET A 0 AUL. niDIOAL. DB. R. COHUS'i'T, MEMBER OK THE NEW YORK ME dleal t o li*i;u and College of Hurije. ns, Lo.-t-lnn, ran be QuiU'ilteii, as tiaunl, at hliotlke, 20 Centre sheet, between Chatnber.i ail Ren le. Private entrain - N ., U city Hall utoS&rafo* d'plouiaa, inlilsodko. Charges Doctor hcxtkh himselfIthb piiysioian w ho eaLihl-aliod the lltint'-rijit] Dl .|H-n?aty, N.> 3 Divi sion a-ree;. New Vorit elty, in ISM, ean 1/ mnW-d from 8 A. M., until ten nV|.">-k at til^bt, ?t tbo old uldce A urlvata ?ntram-. Il.wk Tor notliin?: a private R POWER" TREATS ALL DISEASES OK FEMALES IJifh iinp.iraltelBil inco^ea. He emi t>a eonaultad at II lit street, during all hours Jay and evening. D*-*UlK?,~.A? KXPRRIBNCED AND SUCCRSSfUL i . 1' thwutttfUly cunveriiitit In treating *M?c Lu'^r11' ?treet; a private entrance. Book r|R- LINKS TREATS DISEASES OF Kt \l\r.F*? WTTif LI unpni illeted auceesa. ue ca? ,?ul VilwilIS hlrteenth a r ot, near Second avenni-. 11 "" L!M T AMU kXriCTINO medical mi >r-,,v , IV du Uml the co.uloru o .1 home lit th. f, i- . A!f 1 lum or Mada-ne PAHSALL, 741 Ore>-nw , ? . ? takeo for artoptlnn. .illdrcn FROfERHOR RESTELL, IM CHAM tit; n 1 -ror ni, be c<in.< illt d -ns Aj?eni<, 1x71. 1 t, lm Brooklyn. 170 Kuiton ?tn. i. * 1 1 y X%T II. HU.NTER. M. D., NO. .1 WtlFI , Tv w" 'l^ t, i iirn? uri n l.iin o' - , , ' ywy.form, Wlil-e aweltinjf, orehitlr, t?-!e. hi fer?5wvsar"*- ?' K.' p fhn THB TDir. _ UNION cor USE, LONO ISLAM) TROTTING?Off Mi ndiiy, Msv ;>, ui 3 o'clock; u muteli fur $2U>, inllo ! heats, 1h -I three in I Vf iu I arnewi. Jjine- McMuiin names s. >. Wuk?i<-r; Mr McDonnell names n. iu Lady Olvauy. This mux- Is 11.u't ulity ui pay. Adiiit-si-ui, i.l'iy c Kin. fill AW & WHITE, I'roj).- ie'ora. NORMAN T1IIB CXLGBBATED TROTTING 8TAL llon ?111 Mand for a limited number of \!a -h, at $j0 the Btunoii, in advance, al iii? farm of the suW ribi-r. i-IIAKI.I. W BATHGATE, Koidhaim.. rroxtONTO cuiikk wii<l j?i\and di binq the A on Uu f irm of kii owuir, a' Kluauing, L. I., in i'li.injt- of I*. F. Uruua, to wham all communications mum be a ce'. Till. ''elehuated BOMfW M. PATCIIBN WILL staiid 1 rtn.ires on the Dik man farm n ur Klngs bi idge, at $li\J the season. Good elabii h mid p suro pro vided lo?- muxes. W.M. WAI.TElIMlliE, Washington Drove Yard. HORSES, CMIKIAGES, AO. ANEW THING. MINER 4 STEVEN J, tl iiiii.n -turer of first riiu Carnages, 7'i. 71 and 70 Wulki-i Areet, Eii, ( donri-iixtui Broadway, Ar>' tislnij ou a!! their carriages and ro .J ? .gous the Patent Malleable Grooved A*?l Boh, wlfloh cause* I. o vehicle to run I wash ii,iin i than Umnid luMon caM i.on b >x. A GOOD FAMILY HORSE, PER:ECTI.Y SOI'ND AND gentle, II u i:e s and Oan iage, .In m|> S at, transferable into a single ??rih uxteeaubliihuient loruuu or two horses, built to onto , will be sold cheap ioi- i ash, or exchanged fur luriutuie, eiirp.-ts. Ac , us tliu ow ner h<t? no further unit for tUeui. A ! Abuci, bo\ ics l'cr.ild ollke. An elegant coi pe at 5 <75 <? OoT jjoo), La r?t Owner l"n*tnt[ for Europe; used but four times. 0 hi b m eu at im Broadway. 1 A lei eery o . a Oalec.r, complete, suitable for liveiy stable. Apply at 42il tiiuadw-.iy, room No. 4. Abrktt, with d >orh and windows, to make a eloxc cui . i..<;e for winter us", rity made, In good order, to bo sold at al c ion h> II. li. LEEDS, 23 Nassau ?tix'Ot, ou Tuesday, M iy <1. at I'-' M. BOAUD YOUtt llonSKS AT TI.K EXCEI4IOR sta bl^a, 1'okiutoI'l liiructb a reft ana Sixth avenue, lha bust vontiiuti d, iliained, nirv ovei-^roiuiJ aiablo in tho city. UaU and si e ilium. Terms low. Business wagons of every kind constantly oii ban ! or ininte tu order, surli a.-i Urovrra', Bakers' Milk Kxpreax, Vou will find tM* jil i.-' ax fnioralde aa any thai em ie found, an t every hi tie.e war ranted as reptv seutod, al BTEWAItT S Wajou Ka.-toiy, Kilty-third Htrcet, between B oa iwny and Ei^litii aveniii-. For sale-one ok tiik m est saddle houses iii New York, auititbiu either for an otlii^r or eiviUan, )6X han.iH hlrli. eiKht}ears old. dnpplc gray, (.'an be aeeu a fie Wa h ngio i Drove Yard*, Forty-foui ill street, betw on I'oiiith and KiPh uveniies. Inqui e oi A. M. ALl.ERTON. For sale-* drove of Canadian hokses, and oik* l> aek Ma ??, ?u,table fer a couj:e; on;< Khrilani I'ony, mid one St. Lawivnee Colt, live yeara old. a Hotter. I'll AKLES COOfEK, atB Myrtli! avenue, Brookl. n. Fob hale?on account ok the owner having leii f i Euriii e. a veiy nt., llf.-.i pair ot b.iy tlorsea, long tuils, tifc-eu liuiiiiK li>ixli; kind an I good drivers. Tu he hcc-u ut piivatc stab.e. No. 2tK? Ninth street. Ipoif SALE?AT 81 FOItSY i II STREET, A GOOD Ho Be, u Uo'k iwa.t, .*?<>! a feirong Buggy,S30; a top Bu-ini nx Wa^on, $25. I|IOK SALE?A LIGHT ROClvAWAY CARRIAGE, IN verjr gno > ni'ilfr lor Immeeiate n*.-; airounnojates six peranum, iu liidtng tin coaehman; very eoinfortaiile for win ter us-, having uioreuble Iront . artittons ami heavy inside linlngi. Cm be ai-en at Johi:gi n's lively stable, 16 Pearl street, near the Pnttery. I'Hre $.110. For sale-one ok the i inest thoroughbred llnrm-K, seven rears old, lfihiiud.s high; can trot in tlue: miiiuii'H in harueKs; is the most eii'gaut saildle horse that gocN in tli.- I'.irk. Warrenlcd sum.I and kind. Addi ess A. G., IIcihIiI oHlee. 1TI0R SALE-ONE TWO SEATED CARRIAGE, MADE JT br llain: will bo sold low fur rash. To lie -een at -Ferris'stable, Mai-dou^ul street, a few doors from Clinton plaee. For sale-a bay iiorsK, v&y, hands high, weighing about 1,0.10 pounds, sound and kind iu every respect; very last-, and a good saddle horse. Also alight, I shlfllm; top Wagou and Harness In good order: all of which can be seen on application to Mr. Scott at bancroft'S a>abl<?, 62 Irving | la.-e. FOR SALE-.V HANDSOME BAY MARE. SEVEN years old. warranted von nil and kind; can trot n mile in three minutes or heller; hands liljh; will bo sold rn^on al;l'. App y until gold at No. 131?.'wis street,Horn 6 toil A..M. aud 311 6 1*. M. FOIl SALE?A CARRIAGE WITH LEATHER TOP. aud Koeknway Mu.-sy, Exiles* Wagona. 40. Apply at 9tWe?l Tweuiy-ntnth atreet, belwoon Sixth and Seventh UTOItltl, CI EN1LEMEN HAVING HORSES TO KEEP ON I" livery 1 nn lind the bes.t Of nccomuwd u.ons al 68 and 70 Bank street. All ills (stalls above giouuri, and one 01' the bent ventilate I stables In the rlty. Also plenty of carriage room, and al>u> an exna Loft, 21x100 feel, to be let for the storage of \va40tirt, sleighs, or any other articles, at low rates. Harness kor sale.?a double coach har iieaK, made by I> <wry, In , ood order, for 9<I0, cost J l-j. AI?o a light Single Trottln; lla.-ness lor 9'7 SO. Can l?s seen at 20 rilU Direct. JUST ARRIVED? KROM THE NORTHERN PART OP this Slate, 21 of the finest Home* that have been in mar ket tai* season, compii*ln? Matlied I'aira, Coupe, R >ad and Saddle Horses, to.' -ial 01' them very fan' trotters. Many of them are the premium animals of the Suto. and worthy of an Iiih|h'' ilou from those w;xh<:i|; to buy. Will be ollerca at very low priuea. Can lie s-en at Metr.ipolltau Stable*, cor ner of Prince and Crosby streets. PUBLIC SALE OP HORSES AND MULES BEU1NU. in? to the United Slates?ODIce of Assistant Quarter master, I'erryvllle, Md., April 30, 1462.?Will be xold at pub lie auction, nt Ferryvllle, Maiyland, on Tuesday, May SI, H62, nt 12 oVI.tek M., tins following c>nd mueii property bdontuu 10 the United States ?l?:? 172 Horsea. 22 Marea with foaL 22 MuleH. Terw>?Cash, in coin, or United State* note*. syMMES (SARDNER, Cap alii and Assistant Quartermaaii r United States Army. PONIES. PONIES, TONIES, OF ALL SIZES. FOR ?ale, at war pii :e?, at Portj-secoud street, between Fifth and Sixth avennea. UEO. BRONSOV. SPAVIN INFIRMARY, 1,500 BROADWAY.?SPAVINED h?r* a will now be attended to and perfectly cured, by a U'W process?no tiring or blistering. An energistui rran, with some means, wanted to a?alat. Apply at the office, 1,000 . Broadway. V "irBKMONT HORSES KOR SALE.?ONE PAIR CHEST V nuts, 1G hanus, 7 years old. One pair Bays (llamtlto nlaii?), li.'j lisads, 3 year* old Also several very f ne single ami saddle liars ? to bis seen at Wssliiuxion Hall Stable. 1 951 and 1,<J53 Third avenue, bet ween 125th aud I'J&li streets, Harlem. WANTED?A GOOD PAIR OF ROAD HORSES, IN exchange for IGi acres ui very land (par'ially Improved), lyinii veiyneara flourishing cliy in theWes'.. Title perfect. A good tradu will b? giten. Andrew C. It. J., Herald oltiee. WACION FOR SALE-A STYLISH TWO SEATED BOX Watmi, shitting top. TVitll Pole mU Sha.'ta, In *ood or der: bulit by i'arker; nearly new. Can be seen at Camp A Co.'*. stables, West TliiUeeaiU ?atrect, between Fifth and Sutli avenues. ff HORSKS KOR SALE.?CAN BF. SEEN AT NO. 10 t) Lore lane, in Brooklyn. One bla IS hands high, iliorttnll: one bay, hands IiIrIi : one brownJMS liareta lil?h;'oue buy, long tail. Ail fanoy horses, very une. One saddle Morse, very line, over IS hands high. <J?7,lr -A UREAT BARGAIN.?FOX SALE, A HOT'.riB, u) I II irnnss and Market Wacon, complete, for ono-liiilf their value. Having no line for theui the owners arc willing to a II at a sacriUee. They can be secu at Nicholas Dlmond'a aUbles, 81 New street, >ew York. Nl'NJIhlt KK3UHTS. B EI,MONT IIAMi, SCHOOLET'fl MOUNTAIN SPRINGS Now Jei-acy.?The above writ known summer resort win Ns open for the reception or guest* oil I l?r> 2 It It of May. The Iioum'li?? !>.''it nul in thorough mpatr, with many new ml ilitlon*. /Ml looimuutrntlona addressed to rue lit tin- above place will meet attention. WJM.iAM SI I Wit\ Train* lo tve fool nt I'ortlamlt atreot at *>., A. M. and Z'i I'. M. Green orovf. mansion, kky port?this fa' vorit" if* 'it i- n w o|cn tor the r e|it" 11 of ? carder* Familie* w to inaku arrangements for the mm wll? hi- aceommodaie I on Very modem to term*. jSi.-amtxuts I"**-"- toot of Robinson streui daily. For p.uUcjl.irs apply .it Varii k Itntl. New York, or on tlie premises. Heath hoi sk. soiioo. r.v s mountain springs, n. J. Ilnvinj; fakt n tlill elegant and popular es' .b'lshment I *1 all o| en it on the 1st of June, gen 'tally rclitti d end newly rurntshfd, with linen, cmekery. Ar Ail nsexjerieii o In tha hotel bu-'n"?? ret the Aslor limine, N. Y., and other lirsl i lass hotels, enable* me to give aaaurane* that tt will be kept in tha T ry best in tiner. Train* I or tha Mountain, via Mm* and i:a?ex 15 llroid, I a n foot of tJurtUndi streeiHt Mtj A. M. and S'i I" M. Rooms may now be enured on favorable torw . More jwticulartiilorrra'l'in may l e hail bv address. Inzthe mlaertber, or l?y calling on Mr. STETSON , of the Attor Hmnte, New York. E. fl. COJ.EMAN, Proprietor, I AKK MOBSMAN HOUSE, I.AKE MolIEOAN. WIl L J open oi May ZJ lor the accommodation of Hoarder.-, h.t tated four limes oist of Peek kill on tho Hud-on, one ho irand a l.alf* ride iroin Mew Y<* k. Term* ill itotKrn mr week. Aiidrc i A. W, Palmer, Coutmeutal Hotel, Pet ,.s kill. Alao a few g >o I Family Room* at the Continental, In the villa ,i", t> u nilfiuie*' walk fi oin the depot of Iliulm n River Railroad. Referuiiee*, Thomas NoIk m, Ev nlng t'oa' build in,, itid Roliert D. Ne|?,n.70Re:,.lt> airu. River house foot of imd street (caumans vide), no.". I.v lVrnl-lied. and in Complete order.?Kami lies and > iule He i'l?mi'!i can make ai ra i^euieata jfor the soaton on r>'H onabla leniia. Ori)uti''? well shad' .1, uml ac cessible hourly by Hudson River Railroad, aioamboator a'a-c. Apply an a'oove. DANCING AOADEKIUS, CJ LESSONS AT MADAME F AI! V AliBAUM DANC. > ing academy, tiH Hroidway, enab! ? atljr i*r-on to master ail "hi dance*, except the ri'io.'.a waltz. Open only for three ulnhls a we.-k?Tueadny, Thursday an4 Saturday? for lessons and p a ' Ice, AlTROLOOYi ASToUSDINO hires ano pivina noxs.?the d'sease.t, melancholy, troubled cr curious ahould i:on all It Madame l'l<l Ki()Rl>, the unilvallcd MidO'sluud ltisl ness Clairvoyant, 107 Dean atrett, comer o. Hoyt, Brooklyn. ImnlM preaiTliM-d, rvanta foratold, sl'sent frlemla found, hydropathic and ela.'irJo tmitmeni given. S slno^s Inter views, Mc?nt>tM04MII, fl; hy letter, >. ? -i .liair,S3, A MEDICAL 01i .41RVO Y A XT.?ST HS. SEYMOIR, 101 Wot Kll lei'tith street. Miner of bitili areu i", I ho most ro,Intito exatmaliiil mcdkal olat? voyant In A i.arl ??. Will toll jo i the wis* and euro, and de.ori c all your sjmptome. S ittafactloa or no p?y. rrilK 0 URATE ST WOKDKR IN Till; WORM) IS THE X J"".: ' mi .H-ooniplt I'ml Malawi lizRONi from Paris. W liOtna " Mil, mill d wiili the Ktrh lest -?ttl deiieeon all af f'Irs ot lu?i iestoroadruukt ii and ttAfaUlifiil huaban Is; has s s i'itI i inak* >au beloved by vonr li. a, t'sliloni, and In ln (s tc;i'tlier tb e Inti4 ??paratmi. f.ixlles W lonto. Resilience 80Til rdatOnue, ntiore Tvvi lith ?n>et, TPRlJliY WONDEIfllli?'Wilt) WOi r.D NOT DOXSULT 1 thocel mat < I MAPAMU i'lKRO'-., wit ? would bo li ippy (fl ore all throw who wlah to loot mt ? the puat, McaetitMd fulnroov nts. at 1-9Concord uieo , lir?t i^in C(na UutUou aveuue, Dtovki/n, fc*c? W AMUSHMKNTS. NIBLO'S OAltDliN L iKce ai.d ilun Uera, E L. DAVENPORT, H C. JAR RETT A NO W WTlEATLLY. Fourth week of th? uiignirioetu oi?e> itie apejUcl# of TitR ENCHANrRESs, The brillian: aucseasof which , , FORMS AN EPOCH in the annals of tlie b:'l?f ACI1LAU AND ARTX6TIU TRIUMPHS Of luc uay, aim iinliirea iho iiutriiijj&mmtl to anno-.incd it EVERY M'iHT UNTCI. FURTHER NOTICE. HIE ai'I.E.NI)lU VOCALIZATION OK MISH CAROLINE RICHflinS, M Weill" lit , MuutTui seting, Uuwntlv . ec-ivc I with ROUND AFTER KOI NO OF AlU'LAL'SIi INTELLIGENT AND FAiiUloNABLF. AUDIEN0E8, fllllUJ till! SPACIOUS AUDITORIUM from uarqunt to ceil iu, Brilliaut re eptio'i o ANNT.T1I OAMSTTI. pronounced Hi? liUST TElil'SICnoREAN ARTIST iu America. MR PETER RICH IMG.-: A> DR M YTIIAVABIUS. NEW \NU SIM.EN 1 ?11> .Si'BNbUY. oi'kratk ivroitf-? A Si'l.ENDID HAiil.t! AN INCREASED ORCHESTRA Hil l all EXCELLENT DRAMATIC COMPANY. Admission, Dreaa C.icic and Parquet fWcenta Se-ureil Parquet Stall'' 75 cents Family Circle, entrance on Cio>by street .25 cents , Doors open at quarter 7; lo'commenci at 7o'clock. KIN A. M I A I.. August belmont a co.. ? BANKKItS, 00 WALL-STRKBT, Issue letters of credit to travellers available in all parti of Hie world through tlie Messrs. Rothschild, of Paris, Ludui, Frankfort, Vienna, Naples, uml Uieir eureapoudenti. Army and navy pat office. A< rear* of i'ii. for resigned, deceased ant dig barge I officers oi the Army and Navy. l'ri|e Moaey, Bounty Moner, Jtc. JOHN B MURRAY. Army an t Navv Ranker. 39 Na-Kun sucet, New Yurk, opposite tin- Post office. Army and navy pay a n o boi nty office, robert sewei.l. 21 Wall si reel, corner ol lJrond, New York. Pay, Rouuty and Puxe Money, eolected, and I'euaiouK pio urei. UES10NED AND DISCHARGED OFFICERS' PAY AC emmta ait JII!. toil and cashml, and army claims of all il ?i.-.i-ipti n > promptly arranged auil colli- led at J. II. KLOUM'S Army Claim oilice, 78 William street, curilui ol Libu-ty. rPHK TURKISH BATHS. L In compliance with the wishes oC the public, the sharee of the Turkish Bath Company kaiT been reduced to teo 1 il ia rs each. Tln^e, however, aubseribing for live shares, or to the Amount ol SfiO, will, besides the riviliir ilrvM-iut, cujoy th privilege of a free ticket, available once in t? o months, which guarantees twelve per cent on the invest urn:, Bubaeriptions to the atook of tin Turkish Mal i Company will now tie received ai the irtliccsol the following journals:? Evening Post, Express, Journal of ? 'on. merer, Tine .Tri bune, World, Vuniiy l air, ami iti Messrs. Appleby's, 133 Water sired. The following itoullcnicncumpos ilie Board of Direction:?> Hon. A. W. Bradford. LL. D. Valentine Mott, M O Wm. CuUen lliyiint, Esq. John Ordtonaux, M. D , Saai Thco. W Dwifiht, IjL. D., taiy Commission. Ort. CaL ii iw Heliooi. .T S. Tlwiyer, Es'|., Hon. Ueo, Hon. Dnile! F. Tlemann. (tlias. Godfrey Unnthcr, F ^. John T'irrev, M. D., O'inia. King, LL. D., 1'res. CjI. Woi. H Van Bureu, M. D., College Sanitary Commission. C. OSCANYAN, S 'i votary and General Manager. N. B.?Mr. Oscunyao run ne ipi n st the oilice of the \ anity Fair, 110 Nassau street, or st 37 Liffayeite p'ace BOUNTY NOW DUB?WITH PENSIONS, OF tw.i ami three yi ura ? volunteers, three months milttiii, seamen and Siarines disehsrcct on aecouiil of ilisa bility, o; their widows and heirs, ami all back dues collected. No charge tor information. MATIII AS GOETSEL, No. 4 Centre street. <J?-I CAA WANTED?ON GOOD CITY PROPMRTY, ipT.ouU for 5 years, at 7 per cent. Nons but priaripals nee:I address K. K. Iv,, Post o'Iica. or; T0 LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE? tPZiu.UuU In sums varyini from $3,uu0 to $10,000, on hrstciass real eatate ta the city. Address, giving description of proix*rty, box 3,770 I'ost office. Ann T0 I'OAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE? ijluu.uU" Ou productive real estate in this city or Bruokh n, in one or mare sums. Apply iu the office of (lie l'eopiu'H Fire Insuriuie.u Compiny, No. G6 Wall street, to A.HN P. CONRKY. IjOABT offices. AT 77 BLEECKER STREET?THE HIGHEST PRICES advanwd on l):ainouds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Also Pawnbroker's Tickets bought for diamonds, watches, jew elry, ^uns, pistols. Ac., at 77 Bleecker atreeljmp stairs. J_J TI. NEWTON. At .tot broadwav, corner op duane street, Money ndvanced to any amount on Dimoiwli. Waioii??, Jewelry, Ac. Business strictly confidential. T. 11. KEEtUNG, aii. tioneer and broker. Private eutranca In Duane street, Urst door weat of Broadway. AT 212 BROADWAY, CORNER OF FULTON STREET. Tan bet prlers paid for Olanu n la, act or un-.e'. Ad vances on Watches, Pearls, Plate. Optiesl instrumenta, Ac., $100 lint I'll si e, or will buy them at h fair valuation. J. II. BARRINoElt, 212 Broadway, room 13. up aUllra. JACtlllS. 4)7 BROADWAY. REMOVED PROM 43 Collar street, advancea made ou Watches, Diamonds and other valuable personal properly. Old Gold and Silver bought. Business strictly routtdentlal. L. 1 IKE HAL ADVANCES MADE ON diamonds, J Watches and Jewelry. OM (.'old ami Silver lioiight Tor cash at highest prices. Camels hall- Shawls bsuuhl and liberal price paid for them, by LOUIS ANRlcH, 723 Broad way. Money lent-to any amount, on all kinds of personal property, as Watches, Diamonds (set aud unset), Jewelry, D.y lloodt., Ac., by AARON ADOLrilUS, licensed loan oOice, 429 Pearl 3treat, corner of new Chambers street. rpHE HIGHEST PRICE PAID FOR INDIA CAMEL'S 1 Hair 'Shawls, or would be taken In exchange for Dia mond Jewelry. Canh paid for Diamonds. Money to loan. B. W. PLUMB, Diamond Broker, 612 Broadway. Apply only from #111110 and 3 till 3. ' SPECIAL NOTICES. AO. 1L, NO. JO.?THE REGULAR monthly MEET . lug of the above number will be held at Ceellian Hull, 211 East Twentieth street, near First avenue, on Monday evening, the Sth Inst., at-7>i o'clock. Ail member* are re quested to attend. By order of PATRICK McOOWAN, President. TUBKNCB McOoWAK, heetviary. CCHILDREN AT THE WEST.?FRIENDS OF children J who have gone Weil fruin the Juvenile A-vlum may hear from them by calling on Mr. George H. Allan, agent of the institution. Hundreds of them have litely been heard from. Many account* are rery interesting. Call this week, from 2 to 6 P. M., at 71 West Thirteenth street. Masonic funeral notice.-the members of Abrams Lodge. No 20, F. and A. M , are hereby noti fied to attend a special coaimimtea'lon to be lield at the lodte room, 118 avenue D, on Sunday, 1th Intl., .<t 11 o'clock A. M., for the purpo-e of attending the fum ralof our late brother P. M John It. Oliver. Members in good standing of sister ladies are respectfully invited lo pirtlrlpate. K% order o. JOSt.Pl! HAZELL, W. M. NEW YORK AND HARLEM RAILROAD COMPANY Treasurer's otllce, corner of Fourth avenue and Twenty sixth street, New York, May I, 1M82.?Notic ? is hereby given that the mealing of the stockholders ol' the N York and Harlem Railroad Company, for the annual election of direc tors, w ill l.o hold at (lie ollice of the company, on Tiie^hty, May 20. The polls to be opened from 12 o'clock, noon, to J o'i lock P. M. The trani-fer hooks will be closed from 4 nck> k P. M. of the "lb, iin'llo'cloc k A. M. of the 2lsi. W. II. E M KRSON, See y and Treasurer. Notice to the public.?i have this day re movi d my pawnbrokers business to No.,lUi>ElgIitli a?e 1111??: but li.ivc mailt- arrangements lor thirty day^ Willi Mr. O'Mara, who nontliiua* the business at the old stand, to re deem plodves with me through him, after the 11th In-4. Mr*. CHARLES COHEN, Pawnbroker, N?w Yontt, May 1,1862. Columbia and Brooine s'reels. NEW YORK liquor DEALERS'SOCIETY.?THE ItE gular monthly meeting of ttit.s societ v will be held oil T icsday evening, M.iyO, at 8 o'clock, at lie Metropolitan Rooms, ISO Hester street. By order. P. W. ENUS, President. Johx Room, Recording Secretary. VfHW YORK CITY AND COUNTY LIQUOR DEALERS' _I\ Protective SocMr.?Tha regular monthly meeting of the above society will be hol.t ut liielr room*, Bleeclccr House, on Monday, Mar f<, ui 7V 1*. M. Pnneiual alien.lance is required. Byonlerof WALTER ROCHE, Prestduui. Vtttr.K Mi Quapk, Recording Secretary. QCIENTIKIC AND INDUSTRIAL EXCURSTON.-AN O I'tperleno'd Prenektnaa In willing to undertake ihe rhargenf ten tmM jroui|(miltni-n, (ram 16 in 20. to vlatl Emope, at $7(Wuach; everything first cU.<s; Me week In London, ono In l*?rm and two lu the South of France, Alp*. 4c. Lse'.iaitttic, >21 lirou'l.vaj. 'PWENTV KIFTH ANNIVERSARY.-UNION TREOLO, 1. Blo?tl Seminary. At Meroer street Preahytariau churrli Moniiuy evening. May 5, at 7H o'clock. TUE JOINT COMMITTEE ON NATIONAL AFFAIRS of the Oofltmon Council will meet on Momlay, Mai ;>, 1-C.J, at IF. Mi, at room No. 8 City Hall. Atl p*rtTe? having buftnrs* before the e will all. nd. Al.tennan Farley, Councilman Orton, Alderman (Jhipp, Uouoeiiinan Jones, Alderman Hinitu, Councilman llogan, Alderman Mitchell, Cotinellmau Stevenson, A'.dei man Allen. Councilman Keech. T1RENCE FARLEY, Chairman. Ai.kx. Kerch, Secretary. TAMMANY SOCIETY, OR COLUMBIAN ORDER.? Rrntbera, n regular meeting of the Institution will be held at ihe Council Chamber of the Ureal Wigwam, on Mon day evening, May S, at half an hour uftei the setting of the null. UyoiJer _ NELSON J. WATEUBl RY, Grand Ssohem. C*.?r*i?C. C tutus, Secretary. Manhattan, Heiuoti of Btoasoms, 5th Moon, Year of Disco very 37i), of Independence the wth nnd of Hie Institution the 73.1. HOTELS. Bath hotk?-lono island. The above well known aummer resort will be opened for the reception of boarders on the 15th ef Majr. Tim noise anil ground* are being put lit thorough repair lor the accom modation Of TiMlor*. Persons wlihlng to en ta?e Board for l lie coming aumntur will plc.te ? apply to or a Irtrea* me at tlio abort | late. J. R. CARY, Superintendent, PSTELER 8 HOTEL. NEW SRKtlfTON, S. I.?V PliTHLKR b it* to inform tne public thst his Hotel |q open it ni May I, whero be would lie pleased to see bufriends and paUvna. HB8TAVR A NTS. ^ Bacon and orekni for dinner or tukbday ? "Stick yoili fork hi ihe fat, wrap . our green* round the bacon, ami you'll say there's no dish 11 k Im uan.l greens. S'liii C'JWeiL Roast Beef and Yorkshire Fnl ling on Monday. RICH VltDSON, Ag nt, T6 Maiden lane, roi .?roi Wullatn strict, House of lords, la Rast Houston htrekr.? Ti su'. >: ibers lo initnn WMr friends ami tin puMle that they limlAm ttw ai.<?*n wall known II ? o, nn.l hope to in -it a cont.ii'taiuv o psUonagi. Outliers lr?iuiil<Jts t/Uoi>?, IHcaks an., st li rem W It N"iti.)N, / 1(rora4el|_ 11. E fJUABl*. j W'"* AMUSK.UKNTS LAU11A KKl'.NB'S THEATRE. Doors OjH.ii at 7; to eouimeij, e at ?X o'eiock The mauageiucui ha* great pkairire iu auaounuOf Ike piO'llll tijll UU MONDAY. MAY 5, Mb* fust time, ol an entirely i.-,v and origiu*! DUAME PANT AST 1V U E, RuUIIhI REASON AND FOLLY; OK, LIFR IN HARTS. A lap'.c J I i'oiu tbe French e xpres?lv for this theatre, la FuliR At T8. A SKl'fES OKTABLEAUX W uf-h will lie i>. "i.-u.c i wt'h MiNV S'.'LMEltY, NEW MUSIC. NFW COSTUMES. NEW SON.).-. AND CHORUSES, NEW D\M ES DISTRIBUTION Oi IU MAR! ABLE STRENGTH. THIS K.'EMM.i, AND EVhitY NIiill i l Siflli Ki'RTUEB NOTICE, Will be played tiio new ant oiiginal Drum* PiuitasL-jue, in f jur act >. c.uleil REASON A I'D K ILLY; OR. LIl E IN PARIS. SATAN, n gentli iu in with whom we are all io lamiliar as to lender I urthur introduction unnecc- jitry?his SU?t apik&ranie tbU >-e? *<>n in everyday co.slumo Mis< LAURA KEENE MONSIEUR CENTIME, a Mock broker who fie. que lit. the Bourse for pastime, perfectly a t tail in (lie luysl 'ry of {he Hnll.j and ilf is ami t.p w the ri?c a-i I fall In Bra/lb ms and Afrli-am Mill LAURA KEEXE CHEV ALIEK D'Li'AliTE, a young n m al'out 'own. well vci?e I in the game <>t Ecarte, bitsac I with a natural gill lor picsuigtia tlon aul all the black arts generally, ?ul wUo will infallibly nunc every eleventh c inl ttir moment lie aees tt, without any

assistance from Allien Mica LA IK A KEENE MaDam K CI.A HICK, a taaluiij and romantic tenia e with an eye for tbe |iie(urN|M, who find* tro|nt? in miming brook*, ligilrns of apcech in stones, and en static similitudes Iu everything Mis* LAUKA KEENE JOUN SMITH, Jr., a pcison whose name ia fa miliar in our mouth* a* household words, and whoso residuue i iadesignated Willi geo? graphical ntid ntiuierCatl accuracy, and ?iih ufrequcny that in u isolutoly a'arining lti inenta, anil are Iu Ihiertona to every largu every authentic illy dirccioiy (for further particulars gee Trow. 136Z ui) ..Mi* I.AU11A KEENE SERGEANT OK POLICE, one of those cxciac ences wlucli atta' U to all mitiiiclpalgovern lily, the peculiar aversion of Ml honest peo jilti tainted witu diatribmi.e ideas lu regard to properly, personal and otherwise, or lit any way tun mred with the belief in agra rian philosophy ? Miss LAURA KEENS MONslEl'R KODOhPUE, Principal of the Aca tlainv tor the education o: usurer*, a person uf liberal turn of uilnd when his mind ia turned toward hiinaulf, who n v.t does any thing uudor one hundred p r coul, and who ha*an nflair on hand which proiniacn que huiidreil and til"tv Mixa LAI ltA KEENE MONSIEI K I'ARI'Ol'T, the oiigiual invcutor of tin* iiatoo-paitout, a matt of large experi ence a ml narrow idea.", who makes his ap pea. a nee on behalf of Satan solely for tho purpose of tempting and testing the re pentance of Moaru'iura Kerven and D.M inarlr v Mis- LAURA KEENE OENKUl'ilb. a popular actress, and of courso an iiii;,!'! in disguise, not to say a iiunibcrof tilsguiKes, which?well, as slu* inaiti's the e?plHiialloti herself during the course of tne diujnn, the mention of thi matter would aliupiy be an antr-eliuiax, and therefore we Uavu it entirely iu her bands Miss LAl'RA KEENE APOLLO, a gentleman if great eele .rily and au tlcpie reuut ition, but who lias u late bc. oiue so accomplished iu the nint'er ol Uhblng he no louiter lltnls it necessary to carry his lyro about >vilh hun Mrs. KMMA WALLER CIIONC'ION, a yourtfe lady lroin Brittany, who coU^ld"is it the height of female maimers to aivrays have tlie last word, and as many of the preceding ones as she eau < onrcnietilly monopolise, and who is determined to iuve some people a piece of her mind, without regard to their peace of mind or hers either. Mr*. EMMA WALLER MADAME UrSTVri'NT.U.S, a c heerful oi l Mana i<: e. alu ut the year one, whose tongue ap pear* to be hung on a pivot, and who is par tic ilarly lajKiuatud by "those eyes'' Mrs EMMA WALLER OAMIN DE PARIS, a fast youth of the "Lower Twenty, ' generally to ne found nnilor vari ous oguouicns in all large cities, and who must be i>ecu to be properly appreciated.... Mrs. EMMA WALLER MADAME KLORINE CHERI, a prima donna. ofvouiae, who appears lorthe purpo o of malvinf; ail appeal tvr a charitable purpose, which, as in all similar cases, is only u pre fii, but tvbich happens iu.tuis ea*e to be a pretext fer singing a remarkably pretty Song Mr*. KMMA WALLER MONS1KCU ADOLPHE, a friend and assistant of Monsieur Partout, who also endeavors to t. ?t th? reformation oi Messieurs Kervcn WALLER ?nd Delmarlro. and who is iierfeotly con viin?d of t.ic.'r sincerity M r*. EM MA JEANNETTE, another popular actress, to whom limy be appHod the same remarks which weretiaruin ike ur Ucue.lcve, auu who may be dismUsed wlUio it any further refereuca, as she la perfectly able to take ? ? caraofUerself.. Mrs. EMMA WALLER CARMEN, of the broken heart and hopeless We ?????? Miss ADA CLIFTON (Her ttrst appearance this season.) MADELEINE, I ? ? i Mis J. II. STODDART inOMJi EI1L, ) 8 ru,. f Miu roffK B(;KKK (Miss NORAH LEIQU . Parisian ButtorQies {-M!*1 JULIE. i MARIE, ( P BURT1IA, f l'LORA, ) I Miss MARSH ( Mi** FLORENCE I MADAME (ST. ALPIIONSE. mi? r*s.s of a lash lonahta i.ainoling sa oon in Paris Mrs. MARLOWE JENNY (Carmen'sMaid) Mrs. DILTX)N GEORGE KERVEN fsin'u*"y 'who1! D.W. WALLER i have returned }? I to Paris to do I EUGENE DELMARTRE, fast life In all J. T. RAYMOND (.Its rapidity..., BARON CHIKOKF, a Poliah exile, with a predi lection for collecting s*ib*<ri|Mioni and dis bursing?tears fur and to the cause ol Polaud and tin memory of his an cstorn Mr. MARLOWE COUNT FILON, blsc?nfede:-aie, alwaysaifxious to assist iu any little matter ol l ontederate scrip, but diopjiing the taars Mr. LEYICK JAMES, au English Tiger, utterly divested ol nil natural iiTocity?m fact, a very timid tig*r, whom no one need fear to light?a mau who doesn't allude in the most remote manner to the supremacy of the Biitlsh navy, and who don't eare a?bolt for iron plates Mr. 0. PETERS JACOBUS, an Old usurer and reoetver of the Hue aul reves. who has an affection for "affairs" yicl liug l&J per cent?when he cau't get more. Mr. J. U. STODDART MENARD :} bU ?ileQl bul no11' l*rlutr4 I Mr. SIBLY " PIERRE, i (Mr. BILUY JEAN .../ Vagabonds of l'sr.s, Mr RIDHARD JOSEPH.) (Mr. HENRY JAILOR, (theTerbertisor Clieiiy) Mr. MAUKHAX Ladies, Uemlenieu, Police, Vagaunds, Peasauts, Ac. SYNOPSIS OK SCENEilY AND INCIDENTS. AC I KIRST?SCEtNB FIRST. PRObOOUE. A PEASANT COTTAGE IN BRITTANY. Life's desolation; runaway lovers; uricfja lore token to be worn neit tlie heart; com ilatfon In the matter of shirt but ton*; moniy ihu root of all evil; alongsory li trriedly told; it strong min ted female; oT to Pari* HChNE II.?CARNIVAL BALL AT A PARISIAN CAFE A bachannlian .songandchorus; Apollo in Purls; PLEVSE, OIDDY bOY, TO MODBR ATE; A dyapcpilc Punch and u misguided Pierrot; sance for the goose; me road 10 ruin; not to be taken id; two million Irani'*; a satisfactory reference; ancient and modern au zcis. IIOW ARE YOU, LOST CHILD? Stomachic gymnastics; tinning the tiger; Terpsichore yieMs to hanger; a ture- ilavs' last: a fartiivnrd serenade; A LEtiEND OF TUB DEVIL; Satin in propria pcraonm; a sodden mcot ry from a ne ryous nlioek; Satan looking after li;s interests; thu pitralls of Pa ris; n drink to a bott--i acquaiiitaii ??; a disguised augel, a disciple of Mcsuier; a mesmeric si??ta; THE DOCBLB VISION; Annul or devil? Iioins the !ast place; SATAN A. CEPr.-i T.lE l'LBDt.B; The final warn Ins; cro. leery at a discount. SONO AND CIIORI H. COMIC TABLEAU OK SMASH AND CRASH. a< t second. SCENE I.?Till-. BACIIi.liOK'H HOME. Asleep or not asleep? nn el -pliant s foot prima; an affection of thi; cliest; cashmere* a id diamonds, nn unweiconie visi tor; un Impertinent imuiiry governess; the false pretenses ot society; a threat and a Iiik brother; a time for reforma tion; connden-e birds; dabbling In ui -ks; a Brazilian dia mond; wlno ann an African uold mini; 11 It A/. I I.IAN S AND AKRIOANS: A new st ? k broker; a tiiianeial revolution In Brazil and Africa; a little truthful a I vim about tho tiulls and bears; Into another trap; dllfor>nt opinion* about prollt and low; inchtaus the tiger; a strange refits**. H'JENE IIDKAWINU ROOM AT M lDA.UB ST. AL l'HONSE'S. A p easant balance *he;-tj ab'out dinner; subscriptions li the caun of round thankfully received, anew king 01 the mountains, Madame Rustyfungus; i-efugae Irom Monlcait; prepared curds; pot calling k*ti!e black; the mysteries of e> arte; something strikes Satin'seve: a winning Mau l; SATANIC FKi.STlDftllTATION; Naming the card; '1 HE KiNti OK DIAMONDS! THE TEN OF CM'Bffi The eleventh card, a >t >rm on the lionion; interposition of the |H,lh;e,TA?LEAU XND END OK ACT TWO. ACT THIRD. SCENE II.?CARMEN'S BOUDOIR. Matrimonia: agents; an amnlrei in iliochrysalla state; new rendition oi a;i old proverb; THE WOOD WOMAN: Sustaining one's rcputaiiou; a Mraugu appeal; the seam stress of ih"? lauboiirg St. Antolne. THE BROKEN HEART AND HOPELESS LIKE; A killer puriioae; a woman's reugean-ft. HOME, SWEKI 1IOMKI The diamond rro*s; the godftd mlrtli, Madame Clarice; a beautiful Idea; ruatlo angels; a beartr ni'ltig separation; taking eare of the pigs; adramail ? resoutn ; an appeal for John Smith's safety; an educated tiger; a very Utile gilt, the man who hasn't the clile; a hint atmut KncMsh ponies; a slight interruption ot the oonr*o ol true love; Tron-jtielte's la?t words; DAN,* OVERCOME. AND JUPITER TRIUMPHANT. Thccblcntl ri^ht. couutry vs. Palis; iho old isioil ar name of Smith; In pursuit of Information; story of a wedding; Smith a? the paternal uari-n:; a bird tlmt will tight; A YOliiSO F'LKR WHO HAS TltAV i.LLKD. Mt-rennllle agents In demand; the tiger, incompliance with . his oatli, noes to the devil. 8uk?*1I.?Exthitiuaor Rat's Cama.?A young gal'.owa Mrd, with a WBISTUNQ SONO. The vagabonds of Paris. HATS C.VSTLE "SACRED SOIL." Steel against lead; an inebriated tiger; a government I cn-t; Iho tlijer out on the loose, SCSI a III.?JacoBia' orrica axd Iktcriob or IUi'i Casti.k. Wl.tit Jaeobu* loan* money for; recrimination; a myste rious interim dlatur; a model uaurer; nn all'alr a' ISO p. r ci'ut, money worth IS per ccnt per month; the estate sacri flced; taklaghlamedicine. TUE UOOD WOMAN caught In a trap. THE I DOT* CAST DOWN THE VICTIM DISENTHRALLED. The ulurers foiled; a noisy chorus. TABLEAUX AND END OP ACT THREE. AUT FOURTH. Scrwr. I.?'Tun DraToa'a Pri?o?, Rcb pa Cticnr.?A hard pillow; mousetraps and phlloaophy; rsnlahesand dysiiepaia; an iinagiuary salai!; < ash nil hari I; r<snaneo and reality. THE INVOCATION. Satm In a robe d* i humbre and velvet .-dlppera; honey and bnin-'on -; Sa'an's atroiighol I; traditiuual trade mark*; u good dc* II; slink ra o> e's fa Ih. THE LAST TEMl'T \TION. Kerosene oil; terms. >nt ranted; nmon of sentiment; POT orty end liai'plnesj; a gleam n ligiit; AOfranna. THii BIIIDW OUT OK THE CAOE. An nni'icaieinl an ,|ect, t'.e inros ty of the tiger auoeumbilo the I"tlno -eo" remorse and virtue. IS.:?.IK U ?At iiOMRlrs IlKlrtANT I The pecullkfiue.191 a wi itlou ha lO, AKUSKMHSITS. TOE IC?TUKNKI> PENITENTS. A ruunlun, tlu> mystery mini..11'J. GKNEUEVE IN HUB TBUK CHARACTER. A^Ucral hut mistaken opinion. JKANN^TTE AT HOMK. Revelations auJ ex|"*uaUoui>; fvrtuuu ration'J, boortfult REASON TUIUMPUS OVER FOLLY. Box book u iw n*u. o at* may be *ocured in ilwiN. WINTER GARDEN. *? THIRD WKKK OF" TRIUMPH. MISS iJA'IBMAN, The Yoimg Um en ol the Aiinricc.n St-ige, who Is pronoun-cu by lUe preaa, the profession and the pualic toe peerless star of the drama, CommeiKes h r thml w e< k on loniiuy Y?>-6. MONDAY hint TUESDAY. Mi. yaud6. In compliance wllh u<-n ral demand, THE lit NCliUArK. JjliB BATh.MAN as JULIA Mr .1 \\ . Wiil.iiek, Jr ax Mast-r W- iter Mi. A. lain* ax Sii Thoiuaa CUllord Mr. A. ll. Davuport a* Modus _ , An excellent ca?t throughout. Li iMlfr of theOn-lidii-a .Mr. If.. MoUenhsuT. SPECIAL NOTii.B-CIIA.NUL OK TiM...?TI - doom will be opt lie 1 h -reafler at half p.v>t seven (Instead of wven o'tsl ?-k). IVrioimanees coinnitii-e at >i o'clock. Box offlce oix'ii froin 9 li I 4 o'clock. S.-aU niay b ? ired in n.Ivai.ce. Due no'ice will be given of the repetition of Miss ii.ue nian's great characters of Juliet, Blanc*. l'auliue, Ac., Ac. rpiiE GREAT AMEItlUAN MUSIC HAM., J. 411 444 444 414 414 444 444 444 BROADWAY, BROADWAY. TilK MUSIC HALL OP THE MASSES, MORE SUCCB-SSKl'L THAN E V K It. FIRMLY FIXED IN THE HEARTS OK fltB PEOPLE; Tut people, wlio will iut arinMy pairouize tLc best entertain ment In t>? found. Well may our BRILl.l AN r glTOOESSrON OP PROWDT5D noUSES, OUU OLOBIOU8 MANAGKB1AL TRIUMPHS, OUR l'HPRECKDB.\TBJ> POPULARITY, strike terror to tli* hearts ol t!\fm<" who ?-ek to .-hackle TUP. MINDS OK TUB MASSES, to deprivn the in of THBlB KAVORITE PLACE OK AMUSEMENT. 444 SOAKS PROUDLY ABOVE ALL OBSTACLES. Its popularity but increase* \rlm every elfurt lo injure us, sug^cxted by tUc same opirit of bitfoiry, intolerance and fa naticism that MOURNED TUB SUCCESSES OK THE UNION TROOPS FOR BATTLES FOUGHT ON SUNDAY; That imprison newsboys for sell.n^ pap is on the Sibbatb, and declare that a few self-wnislipping pharisccs aliall do cide what araureiuent mar Ix* ??njoyeu by ttie people of THIS MIGHTY EMPIRE CITY, wrlio pronounce it ai> a-bomi-uaUon lor meu to visit music hallH, where "the man of sin rilbbetli the hair ol toe horse to the bow r Is of Hie cat; yea, plays a vio lin, and the sounds oi laughter aud oilier such wickedness doth salute i he ear." Meu who Com|>ound for sins lliey feel Inclined to, By oainning those tlic^ have no miud to. .STANDS ON A BASIS THAT CANNOT BE SHAKEN. It is impervious to all the assault* of prejudice aud perse cution. OUR CAREER IS STILL ONWARD. WE PALTER NOT?WE KEAIt NOT. THE PEOPLE AKE WITH ITS IN OUR 4TBUGQLE FOR TUB ItlUllT, so we keep on ADDING TO OUR ALREADY MONSTER COMPANY. INCREASING OUR ATTRACTIONS, PKODUCINU FRESH NOVELTIES. MONOPOLIZING ALL THE GREAT STAR8, and preseniini! an enierialnment which we may CHALLENGE THE WORLD TO E^l'AL. A CARD FROM 411. To tiik Public.?Finding that unconstitutional enactment* aud the malicious aud scurrilous sensation articles ot the Dally Times, the Policy Oar.ette, and other low papers did not have the intended ellcct, thai of crtish'nuis, our enc inies have started the wilfully lying report thai we were about closing Wc would lniunn me public that this ia false. 444 441 444 44 4 444 THE MUSIC HALL OF THE MASSES WILL NOT CLOSE. but on Ihe contrary WE HAVE INCREASED uUUJIOMPANT, aud will Pieseut EVERY NTOIIT TUE LEADING STABS OF TUB AGE WE LIVE IN. 414 444 444 will never suceumb to INTOLERANCE, BIGOTRY AND PURITANISM. Tyrannic knaves to crush us try III vaiu, Wo know our rl?hts and darn our rights maintain. NOTE OUR BRILLIANT ARRAY OK STARS: TONY PASTOR, CHARLEY WHITE, TONY PASTOR, CHARLEY WHITE, TONY PASTOR, CHARLEY WHITE, The greatest Comic Singer ill The Lender of all Coiue existence. dians. ERNESTINE DE FAIRER, LIZZIE 8CHULTZE, ERNESTINE I)E FA1BEK, LI/.ZIK SCUULTRE, The Premier Danseuse aud Vocalists of the profession, ADD WEAVER, L. SIMMONS, BOB HART, LORD BARNEY, COUNT TOMMY, AMELIA WELLS, the Beautiful Souk-stress. THE MAGNIKICENT CORPS DE BALLET, under the dUca^iwa of tho renowned master, PROF. B. YA'iBS. GRAND MATINEE ON SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Glorious and Brilliant Novelties in preparation. RQBBRT W. BUTLER, sole Proprietor said Mwxaner. /IBEAT (iXMTIWSUKY MUelC HALL. U $35 Broadway. TRIUMPHANT AS EVER. OPEN EVERY EVENING. OP^N EVERY EVENING. THE GREAT CANTERBURY CANNOT BE CRUSHED. So far from being closed by the machinations of faua'.ical legislators and biased theatrical tnanageia. THE CI HEAT CANTERBURY flourishes nil the more. The CROWDED HOUSES accorded to us by the public of New York, rebuking by their presence and hearty plaudits the uujuat, illegal and uucun st it ut tonal efforts to dictate lo A FREE PEOPLE, in the matter of INNOCENT AND RATIONAL AMUSEMENTS demand from man acknowledgement of the UNPARALLELED PUBLIC PATRONAGE. Thii we cannot testily to a bolter and mora substantial manner than by presenting A HOST OP NEW 8TARS, confident that the extra expense will be more than justified by the EXTRA ATTRACTION and the enjoyment allorded tn our patron j by a GRAND DOUBLE COMPANY, CO* BIK INC AN ENTIRE NEW COMPANY Attn THE POPULAR CANTERBURY COMPANY INTO OKK. To that end we have effected engagement* with the emi nent Ethiopian Comedians, J. PIERCE. J. PIERCE, _ J. JUDGE, W. CLARK, J. .JUDGE, W. CLAltE, The beautiful and popular danaeuse, Miss ADELAIDE PRICE, Miss ADELAIDE PRICE, whose name has lou? stood at the head of the professional scroll as leading d inn-use of the principal the itrcw. THE KAMOPS SEAGRIST BROTHERS, THE FAMOUS SEAUlilST BROTHERS, wlio will appear in thetr graceful exorcises, aud introduce their wonderful pair of trained dog*. WM. B. HARRISON, WM. B. IIARIUSON. the world {famed comic and extempore vocalist, whose as tonishing mental powers have for years astonished theatre JOHN SIENA, JOHN SIENA, the celebrated performer on that po'-uliar snd Uoautiful In strument THE HUNGARIAN PIANOFORTE. In additiou to whirli the beautiful (MARIETTA ZANKRETTA, MARIETTA ZANKRETTA, the flrst female Tight Rope jierlormer in the world, will ap |K<"ENTIRELY NEW ACTS OT THE TIOHT ROPE. The woBderiuI ALEXANDRE ZANKRETTA, ALEXANDRE ZANKRETTA, la his daring Stilt IVrtoimmnt on tha tight rope, KAR ECLIPSING mlonuin. THE CHARMING CL1KKORD 8ISTEBS, In their cxnulsite Songs end Duetts. MISS I1ATTIB ENtiEL, J. A. HERMAN, UEO. GRAY, K. M. CARROMj, G. UliRMAINE, W ROSS THE ORF.AT CANTERBURY MINSTRELS. ' ' A GRAND MATLNEE ON SATURDAY, AT 2 P. M. CHRIS N'HtRIS, Proprietor. SPORTING. IjWULlSII TERRIEE?Of RARE BREED AND GREAT 'J beauty, honestly w orth $60, will be sold st halt tu ice, If raNc'l lor io-?!.iy or ihe oarly |>hi l oi the week. Apply to M. bMlTIf, No. 4 Adams' court, or 117 Latir.ns stn<:t. Til OR SALE?A FAST SAILWf(f"pILOT BOAT SCHOON J; er, ot about one hundred tons; lour years old: well adapted lor a gentleiunu'a .a lit, beiiigcomplcfcly furnished, Ac., and well milted lor trading !ti the W : st Indies or (lull of Mexico. Address A. El, box 1,211 X. Y. PostoBee. OPOBTSMEN ATTENTION.?NOW IS YOUR TIME TO O buy a full blood Pointer Dm Pup, n<ne months old. In prime health and sound. Address J. F. W.. Union *-piarc Post otllee. CKITTLES.-SPORT AND HEALTHFUL EXERCISE 0 together. A goo.I dry ground. Well lighted every ere# nlng. at the West India Shades, 167 \Ve?t nrtrdrMMnvh A mo ial harmonic meeting Monday and Saturday evenings, C. Carson, chairman. I. KINO. PROPOSALR. PROPOSALS FOR SMALL ARMS FOR THE UNITED STATES SERVICE. OnnfAKr* Orrirr, ) W*?bii*cto\. D.Apul W, WW. ) Proposals will be received by this Department until<1 P. M. on the cvenlngoi the IMli ot May, IHw, tor aianalactuetag, I.I the United States, for the government, within one year fn?m that .late, ilia following deecrlptton of arms, vix:? Springfield Kllleil Muskets, model IJJS. llarjiei?'* K-rrv Rifles, with swjrd bayonet* and steel scab buids, moil< i 186J. Breech leading CarMnes, for cavalry. Revolve# I'ihoIh, army size. Sabres for I<k'?? e.iyalry. Non-' on.mi<-ionr4 Otlioers Swords, i , , hh . Musi* isn? Swords, \ " 01 Steel Scabbards tor rifled musket bayonets. Proposal* v 111 state? for muskets and rifles, the price for 30 000 of either, and the reduction proposed, per gun, for each additional lU,t)0U to V> r revolvers snd carbines, the hind proposed, snd the prl e lor IMjOQ, nn.l re luctlon, per pistol or carbine, for each VHH) to A),(KIO. Kor seliree, awordsand scabbards, Ihe pHee of each of the pres. i ibid patterns to tVe number of O.OUU each, aud also ior J-neh mlditional V'W'o ?MXX>. All the tireaiins jre lo be furnished with the regular ap penilxgen. The rl!'e,| mmkets arn lobe iu all rei|?ots iden tleai with thnae man'ilaaliircd at tha United Stsios Armiviy, Spi tugiield, Ma.-a., and arc to Interchange v lib It and wlih 1 a>'!i ollieriti Ml their parts Eaeo of the other kinds ol lire n-ms must also interchange with one another in the same tn* i'hf material" for these arms must be of the very best qua lity, and no tnalleibln Iron parts will he allowed la be nsed, AR the irtfel n n.uxt he subject lo the Inspection preacni*-d by the ordnnni e U -nulations, and must fit lioxr d, r>ady for transportation, at the exp a?e of the eon'rsctprs. In siw h manner as may be dtre^'ie<i. lns|iect ojis will be made at the tsetories In lots ol not less than l.OUOeaeh. Prai?M-ila will state the name of the establish?i"nt making U,o offer, the number and date of the llrit delivery, and lata ol dellv ry monthly thereafter. Failure to mak ? a delivery at * specified time, or any attnmpt to Introdme malleable Iron or other inferior msterial into the work, will subject the win He number Of arms contracted for to forfeiture, el the option "t the department. The department reserves tn Itself the right to reject eny bid, snd will ciinsider none meda tbrongh sny agent, eroker, oflurty tdhci^ than the regular manufin turer?. Propeekls win he addreised s< follows:?-'General j. w. Ill.iley, Chi I of Ordnance. Waslilngioti, P C , end Will b? eii'll tied "Piop-Mele ivr Jlus^.s," vt rUt?i NkVlV*. A?-i M V4 v*#? am* AHUSKMKBTS. <?TTSt'II Af i\'8 L \8T OOMCBRT?N1BI.O 8 8ALOOM. J TO-MORROW. (MONDAY., MAY 5. POSITIVELY ooirix iiA^K s last in nk'.v yoiik. Mr. Uriiu rpfept-clfnlly announces thai prert m? Bunt Jtusludea fur I hi- appai anoe of Mr. OolUcltaT la Plnlau. Iphiu, Washington i?n J Baltimore, prevent hij i/ugar ?lay in New fork; ami therefore. on MONDAY, -MAY 0, Will be POSITIVELY THE LAST A PPB.YB >.NCE of Mr. Gottach.tlk, and on that owulra will be m'.miik- <1 Thec. l hrated DIET PEOM "TRoVATORK,' Arranged for two pianoa. vvlii. h wan erpn .??!>? co.uiioaed bjr Mr. G'litsehatk fur Mr. Til ALBE1U1, an I ha* been executed by Tfcaiberjr and Gottschulk W.tb iiuinenu! ?im a. T an able Mr. Uottachalk tj sa'isfactorily produce ; It i >. <oiu|>oai aion, Mr. M1I,LS, the celebrated piaitiat, kindly consent ed l<> lake the pa: t which was tieiljruiuit orlg.uaily by Mr. Tiiullieig. On this occasion ?ir. Gua.Nchalk will be ua-iated by Mum PATH. TOMHBH and FERRi, who will znako their laat api> e ui Nuw York prior to their departure for Emup", ai I .ViOl.l.hN llALtlf. Mimical Director and Conductor 61 nor MilZIO Tiie programme will be attractive and mo#; earcfulij se lected. Ticket* $1. Sea'n nan b" s?cttre<1. without entra charm. at Beer A S ihiriner'a (aueoeaaoes of Btoumuk), No. 701 liriad way ; tiibcl's, Ni. 11 W..11 atieet, uud in the eveuiug at tutt Hall. Mr. Gotttehalk will perform Tuenday in Philadelphia, Woduesday, Thuraday aud Friday in WaakingUML TTT ALLACK'S. TT Doora opou :it 7)?. Be^ln at 8 o'< lock. MR. WAIXACK. haa great plea?ttre In aeki.owicdging the unprecedented f mioiiae m.n'e by the public to htK endeavors thntnr elan, dard end legitimate ('nana dliouid be pi ??win d wflh i per lemion of (ostuiid duUll hitherto unaUempted. Tie un qualified aucceaa a tending tUo eilort induces bim to IB uouiice a FRESH 8E ' BS OK SPLBNTMD REVIVALS, oommenclng MONDAY, MAY 5, with Bourcicault'a mobt spark in; and original production, the Conutdv oi LOVE IN A MAZE, which will be glvei. with SUPERB NEW SCENERY ISHF.lfwoOD. Appropriate music by HTOKFEL. Appointments, Machinery and NEW OOoTUMBB. Col. Uuckethorna Mr. Lester WalUck tiur I Minever Mr. Charles Fiahec Tony Nettlctop Mr. Mark 8 tilth Kir Abel Uucketluuue Mr. Norton Mopui Mr. Young Walier Mr. Turiuir Mm. Buckethorue Mm. Iloey Faith Mm- M iry Gannon Lady Aurora Mis* Kauay Moraut PEOUKAMME KOtt TUB WEEii - Momoat, IX)VE IN A MAZE. Tswiixr, Bulner's LADY OP LY0N8. which has alti*: tod lire denaely crowili d au.1i-nec?, who manifested their gruat rialifliatiou by the moat enihimtaatM plaudit* ever heard with in tlu< wail* of Uii? eatabiialiiucul. W Kl?\ KaltAT, CBr daaire.) THE LOVE CUASE. Tuuiiaoar, LOVE IN A MAZB. FaiDAY. THE JEALOUS WIFE. Satuuoat, THE LADY OF LYONS. New boweuy theatre. Sola Proprietor Mr. S. W. LiogarA MONDAY, MAY 8, 1SI,2, Tliu talented Ameiican art/ate. MR. E. EDDY, aN TWO Olt.UlNAL (JUARACTRRS. The beautiiiii'Irama of the OAME OOC.V OP THE WILDE1!NE88. Sampson IIiiMheaJ Mr. B. Eddy DANCING 1<Y MISS LOUISA BROWNB. The aurceaai ill Spectn niar Draiua ot DER KKEISOUUT OR, THE SE.EN C11A it.MEI) BOLliETf5, WITH MR. E. KDUV, MB. 8. E. HYaN. MR. J NITWAK, U?a. W. 0. JONES, KATE DENIN. ltYNAN aud al th* (ompany, in the last UltAND SCbMC BPKECU AND MECHANICAL TRANSFORMATIONS. THE COMIC DRAMA OK THE PRINCE AMD THE WATCHMAB. MR. O. C. BONIFACE A3 FREDERICK STORKB. T>ARNUM'S AMEUICAN MU8EUM. ENTIRE CHANGS OF I'EBFORMANCE8. MADAME TELESTE'8 ROMANTIC LEGENDARY AND DOMESTIC DRAMA. In three parta, by J. B. BUOKSTONE, Ea-p, aa acted by her in all the principal theatroj of Europe and Aincrita, with new aud appropriate Scuiksias, Costumk.m, PRoraaiuu, tal other appoiutmcnta by the best artUU, entitled FL0WE1I8 OK THE PORB^T ; OR, A GIPSY'S STORY Thia piece hn* been iu preparation and rehcaraal for aereml weeks, aud is produced at _ _ AN E.NORM0U8 EXPENSE. The various characters are r. pri-Heut d by the taleataB aitista of i he Muaeum ornpuny, fn .luduig Mra. J. J. Pl'.IOR, Miaaea Alllord and Watera, Mra-trs. Nagle, Jamlaon, Bri.i^a man. Uadaway, Brooka, Clarke, Ac., Ac. It wiU bo pr? duced EVERY AFTERNOON, at S O'CLOCK, AND EVERY EVENING at W to S. ANOTHKR BXTltAORDINARY NOVELTY. MASTER DUDLEY WALLER, TIIE INPANT ORATOR. Only alx years old, arho rehearaea a great variety of pieces cxtracta ol speeehea, addrcaacs, Ac., giving every expteasieM of lht- author, whether it be arguiiiuntative, daclauwtory e* pathetic with a ndelity unsurpassed even by the moat ae* ooinplislied oratora. He will (jive specimens of hiaorawnr Itetwcen the acta, at every performance in ihe Lecture Room, an I on ihe platform in toe main hall of the Museum, at !&? tervals during the day and evening. COMMODORE NliTT?THE ?90,0U0 NUTT I will hold his levees al all hours, and give a variety of lal^ ri stln^ iiertormances. Alao on exbibliion, day and evcnmfc THE QUAKER OR WOODEN OUM froui the Bel el Fortifications at Cen'.revillc, Va. TIIE GREAT LIVINU WHALE, THE MADAGASCAR ALUINOS, THB LIVINU llI.At;K SEA LKIK, I.IVINO MAMMOTH GRIZZLY BEAR 8 A MHO V. UriNG MONSTER SNARES, LIVING HAPPY FAMlLr. LINING TURTLE, GRAND AQUARIA, with Ita multitude of beauSful LIViNG FISH,and near* Million other Curiosities. Admisaioa to all. 26 cents; Children tinder ten. It otafe GRAND NATIONAL BABY 8II0W, JuneS. $2,0t?Mu premiums for iiuost BABIES, twiNS, TRI^8 (jUATEttNS AND fig Number of babies limited to one hundrd. Forty already engaged. Secure certificates liumathately at Ucket oUoe. Don't fall to rt ad advertisement of THE GBAND NATIONAL DOO SHOW. Bryant s minstrels. Mechanic*' 11*11, 473 Broadway, above Oraad street. MONDAY, MAY t, and every ntuht during the week. CARTE DM VISITE. LOST CHILDREN. OKAl'B VINE TWICT. Floreuo.-, Campbell. Harori, HoHbs, Fowler, UoulU, Uarot mjna. Morn ion. llilton, Oeitiu.s, EPlllloRN, NEIL AND DAN BRYANT, hUiiUED l'AIII UK SUNS UK MALTA. Doors oj>en at 7, curtaina rises at 8 o'clock. Tickets ? Mat*. CI L. FOX'S OLYMPIC TUKATHE?BROADWAY. Acting Manser O. (". Howard I Tr aaurer. W. 'i'ryea MONDAY EVENINO, MAY 5, NEW ORLEANS?l'HE CKEtfUENT CITY OURS. Pan] Mr. W. C. Clarke | El a Mws Miry Mil. Cltlikera Mr. U.1- Fa Molly (With song) M.-s Fanny Ilioto Overture byOrehes'rs Conductor, C. Kounitr. THE UOLDEN AXE NIXON'S ROYAL CIROCS, Coiner of Fourteenth at root and Siith area Mb TO-MORROW AFTERNOON AND KVKiNINU, JA< K THE Ui ANT KILLER. J?k Comm. dore Foot* Steward oi' the Oastlo Sam LaUirop Soldiers, Gnai d?, Ao., by Ike J u von tic Corps. Fir?t OMearanae of MISS Will ITARER. TilE LITHTNINQ CALCULATOR, who will appear In both A I mission 25 cent*. Hemrved Seat* BO cent*. Dooisopen at 7; oertorawneei eommeocc at H o'clock. NIBLO'S CONCERT SALOON. ELEtlANlLY DECORATED, SEATS CUSHIONED, and In ever* re?peet Ml ipte i tor r J EST CL ASS CONCERTO, LECTURES And other tx rioi manors. TO LE t lor nlgut, work or month. Apply to A. T STEWART, Broadway and Chambers street. D OD WORTH'S HALL PRESENTATION SOIREES (Poripomid on . c onut ot the siorm), LT.JCOMMKNCK O.N MONDAY E\EI WILI.JCOMMKN'CK O.N MONDAY EVEN1NO. MAY 5, ISM, and continue for one weak. O.i this occasion the following popular talout will ay. pear:? Mi*. J. M. MOZART, Soprano. Mr. J. K. THOMAS, limtone. Mr Gl'BTAVI'S '.'EARY, Tenor. Mr.*. I!. MILL.*. Pianist. M *sMATILDA E. TOKDT, Violinist. One hundred un l MNnty-two Pi perms, Including a iplcn di i r at*wood l'laiiotorlo (now on Mblbition .it rtrth, i unl A < 'o.'*, 517 Broadwajr), n 0rarer ,t Bikrr So urine Ma. '.ise, an t an ele^snt (Sold Wat< h itn I many other ValuaM ! a rlieiaa will tin civ.'U to tke pations o,,Uies? entei tainm nu. Tickets $1. TONES' WOOD.- I ONES' WOOD. JONES' WOOD. ?l The ti?if r?igt t I c.:s leive to Inform th pn:.h Hint tin alrftvn welt known j..irk will Ha tor '.e roption o* visitors iiid nMSlrtlcH >m and ?ftcr lite Hi t day ot Kay. Urea linprnvi m nts having heen mnde, the park oilers <njw(io aii mmo litlions to lie flies'-. Dating always b en tii ? fa vorii'- Li ii e of etcttrslons and l< stlvals, the iiti'b r Tnat will stilr* to render It for tlHiensnlng eea-on nior at tractive. Enturniiu tlmnks to a rene'o m public for the kin* pat runafcc Ii" Iiuh received In form, r mj .s ms, he soitciw t continuation ot the same. He-peotlVly, I. SOMMERS, Proprietor Jones' Wood Hotel and Park. mROY THEATRE, N. Y.-WAN TKI). A FIRST CLAM I. Dsnscuse, and a Prompter; m?o who ran art pr?feria4 AIKEN A WILKINSON. MEI.OHBON,M BitOADWAY.?Tills POPULAR 11ALI will no.e for a miort uiue, toawnlt Hie dm taion of Mm courts on the oonMiiutlunaHW of the PSOent act of the l^gia latitre airectin? the eilstetn* of this cIjim ot nmusrtueitM u!?o to renovato, repair. A*'., the ball. nottce will II gtvi n of n? at an i*r|f day. Last week of the exhibition or f III lit II S "1IEART 111- THE ANDBV AT OOUCli n, 773 BROADWAY, from 9 to# oehxk. A'tmiaiion 2i> cent s. V Id tors art r* questad to bring op^ra glaases. MRS J. H.ALLEN. HAVINO WITHDRAWN nom Lsora Keen#'* tiuati?i for Aba piirpo?o of fuiailtn, rerftal M?r ewgOffnnfit^ I* prepared to negoUate wlt> Diauagera ioi the enauMg soaaon. Ad iressM Atuity street mtOlft, MRtBtS and lonw hose, ^ run OPERA, THEATRE AMD CIRCUS. A fait assortment at low prices. UNt6N~AT>AMH, ?J7 BROADWAY. AMORAMA WANTED-ANY ONE H AVI NO ONB TC dUpo-x! of ( Ait ttnd s oash eultotuer by S'tdr, ssltsg Haa (nginn. -OO Hro*#?S(^ ? Bowery tueaikk to let-with roknkri Wanlrobf and Ptoperttca. Immediate uo?sesaten <tTi!? Applytl JOHN S. GILES. Recotrer, M Elisabeth stro -t. ITEAMBOATSi LVTBAMKR3 13VAC P. SMITH AND AMERICA. ITWfc S font ot Hsrt lxon Mreet, .tsttr, e*erpt Siirrtay.. It 9 .?? A ?i S 14 and 4.30 P. M., for Tonker?, II tsllngs, 0 bee tej r? Irrlngton, Tarrytnwn, Njacs, RiekUnd l.i?k? and liA

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