Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 6, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 6, 1862 Page 1
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THE NEW, WHOLE NO. 9370. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, HERALD. TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. UTBHATOBB. __ r only ONLY 8MMLY ?kly only only ONLY only only ?MJLX ?ktkatkd ?jptrvikb ^fcTRATKO ^WTRATBD ?ntratbo ?jstratbd ?MBTBATKD Glustrateo HiUSTRATED ?BHTRaTBD fcAHDING, BONDING, tUDINO, BONDING, IMDINi U>Diie, liANDINO, ItANDING, JtfNDJNG, Luidixo, t1ib THK THE THE ?run TUB TUB TUB THE TUB Kliabus RBLIABLB BBLIABI.B MMABIJS BE UAH LB BELLA HI E RELIABLE RELIABLE """"? HKTORY OF HISTORY OF 1118''OKY OF HISTORY OK HISTORY OF history OF HISTORY OF history OF HISTORY OF HISTORY OF rmsBtmo pittsburg PITTSBURG pittsburg pittsburg PITTSBURG LANDING pittsburg LANT)IN<X PITTSBURG landing, pittsburg LANDING, PITTSBl'BG landing, PITTSBURG pittsburg PITTSBURG pittsburg PITTSBURG BURG 1AN0JNG, ? Sburg landing, TTSBl'RQ LARDING, TTBBI RG LANDING. pittsburg L VNOINO, PITTSBURG LANDING, PlTTSUURQ landing, PITTSBURG LANDING, PITTSBURG landing, PlTTSBUGG LANDING, pittsburg landing! PITTSBURG LANDING, PITTSBURG landing, pittsburg LANDING PITTSBURG landing, OR THE TENNEFsEE, THE TENNESSEE, THE TENNESSEE, TIIE TENNKS6EE, THE TENNESSEE THE TENNBSSEK, THE TENNESSEE, the TENNR88BK. TIIE TRNNBSgBE, ?BMP THE TENNESSEE) BHJLOR, ON the TENNESSEE, BHILOH, ON the tenne&EE. 8gJH>H. CN THE TENNEPEE, ?BlLOn, ON THB TENNESSEE, "IILOH, ON tub TENNESSEE, SglLOg. ON THE TBNNEKSEE, ON tub TBNNE89BB, wgi ON the TENNEB6E& IJ-9S- S5 TH5 TENNESSEE, 2?'LOH, on Tn| TENNESSEE, ?S Tn? tbnneshebT ?* THB TBNMEHPBR, l?'Qg- ON THB TBnAeSSEH, IILOQ. ON T1IB TENNESSEE, ON TUB TBNNBS&BB! ? Will It found la i!b8UK\SS fisftli LRSLIR'8 I.KST.tE'S liBKL1B'8 MMUK'B LBfLIES LEfiLIE'H J.FSI4E 3 LESLIE'S LBSLf K'H LB JLiIB'fl liRfll.lE'R LKHLIK'8 LKSUK8 11XV8TRATED REWrBFAIT.R ILLU8TRATR0 NEW8PAPER _Ut,UBTRATED J1XCHTRATKD ILLUSTRATED ILf-OHTRATED 1LLOSTUA I'BD ?Xt'BT RATED Iixuhtratkd ILLUHTHATKO jIlustkatko fPPDSTRVTRD IZiLUSTRaTBD II L08TKATKD XULU?'J'NaTED AND AND AND AND AKD ?CPPLRBRBT; IBl'I'FI.KMKNT; supplement; SUPPLEMENT; HUPPLRHENT; SUPPLEMENT; 8UPPLKM KNT; 8UPPI.BMENT supplement! *UPPLEMRNT; UPPLKMRNT; SUPPLRMRNt! SUPPLEMENT; supplement SUPPLEMENT; KBADT OB BBA0Y OB KUaDV QB NEWSPAPER. rkwftpaper newspaper NEWSPAPER KRWHPAl'RR newspaper NRHSPAPBR nrwhpaprr newspaper NRWSPAPER NEWSPAPER NEWSPAPER NEWSPAPEB Morbibo, MORNING. Mnfi ftig inn ? MORNIBO, ? - THi' prmpbtwbbk, "??"USi.UW i!9.??-!Ll'PBRB> artwiv i and his 11EB ???"'?fMf different position! 6f tta eontaeidlnR with flielr aueeaaae* and r*rtr>**, are ffom the non HenriLarto, and ble sorpa ol' analatanta, atuw.hed aaveral enmmandaof the Army of the HculU who wltneeaoa xrtrj toene they have portrayad. T' la?>or of the artlate nft'MKtry In vicb ?n iu d?i ,akln? la UUIe known or underetood hy the public. Our rrofnao ?4<tuie?areof areaUarall in auch attuatl?tia, and it la by hard iravol, Incnaant toil, ejpnuire and t-i Ivatlnna he m.)?i dl?entira<in4 character, ihat th.-y are enabled :0 1 these a-tnraie pictures. ^ ?2SJ?NT8r^F THIg GRAND DOCCL1 BOMBER.? l?) Buttery, Sunluy rooming, (fill ?BKorS^^uSKI1 -cond line. ?TV Inpfmnil on the L ft Wing?General Ilnrlbiit'a C^r'uilpalf?*) Reb*1" ,l lhe P'Mh Orchard, Sun Jfcfta?t Liiiaof tha National Drf<nc? from whloh th? ??Ma warn repulaed, on Sunday evening. (Double imge ) TfcaUunboala Taylor anil Let I nato n *h .1 i hn.I h . ?Mk Of tha landing In annport of th? laat Una oPdelenoe ^?maii/ti? Pirat OUIa, Pltt.bnrjLandln*fftSff ?#e 1 jjjrtharlng the Wounded after tha battle The PnrMt on Pirn during the enaafement of Bun.tar "Calottei Jobnaon' captures a Reb?-l Wib "* burning the dead home* new of Shot on a Tree. of Tbrre Rebel Soldier* l>y a Federal Capiain. a Coward out of Carr p ^ irktoWB. iland, Borur nottll* off To^d. tha Dalta of tha MiMiaaii pi. Veatel* erowtji| tb? A SITUATIONS WARTED-FKMALES. A~ SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, aa chambermaid and waitress, or as nnrae and seam s tress; has ito objection to the country; good city reference ?riven. Can be Hern for lb rev day* at 70 29th at., between Lexington and 4th ava. . A COMPETENT GIRL, WHB GOOD REFERENCE. wanM a situation us chambermaid and waitress. You can net lier or suyoilier first class servant you want, free oI any charge, at lttEaut 11th St., betMreen 3d and 4tb avs. A RESPECTABLE GERMAN GIRL WANTS A SlfUA tion as tirst class cook; understands soups, meats and pastry and desserts of all kinds, and speaks the English mnf'itwe; can procure the best city reference. Call at *00 East 33d St., between 1st and SMI a** SITUATION WANTED? BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as iir?t rate cook, and in willing to assist 'n the plain washing if required. Can give the bo#t of reference from her lasi pi ioe, where she bat lived live years. Can bo seen for two days at 1M 7th av., near 23d st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS cbamb:rn*id und si amstres", in a respectable family; can do embroliery and would iriaku herself generally ush ful; the best of reference can be given. Call for two days at 4314th av., between 30th ad I 81st sis. A YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION. TO TAKE care of children; can do plain sewing and all kinds oi embroidery. Apply at 75 Madison ave. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good cook, good washer and ironer, ?r to do general housework; no objection to do chamber work and waiting. Good reference. Can be seen for two days ut 138 Sack1,it st., near Hicks at., Sooth Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG SCOTCH gir;, to do general housework in a small private family. Can bu teen for two days at 125 Went 28th St., In the store. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG COLORED GIRL DESIRES Jr.L a situation as chambermaid lu a private family in the city. Call at 191 Mulberry St., rear building, first floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do chauibcrwork and waiting, or chain berwori and nursing. City reference. Can be sten for two days at 210 West 25th st. AS NURSE.?A SITUATION WANTED. BY A PROTES woman I'ul.y competent of die-(.urging Ihe duties of infant's nurse; understands the management aud care of tant woman fully competent of ills-Lurking Ihe duties infant's nurse; understands the management and care of children; long experience. City reference. Call at 42 Union s-juaie, cost side, between 10th and 17th sts. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A PITUa" ilun, as nurse and seamstress, or as chambermaid and seamstress, or would do the housework of a small private family; has ihe best of city reference. No objection to go a short distance In the country. Call for two days at 148 West 19th St., third floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN WO* man desires a situation a? cook in a sm ill family; ha no objection to ?o a short distance In the country. Call ou or udriress Mrs. Woitliington,239Spriug St., In the basement, where sliecan be seel) until engaged. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A 8ITUA1ION as seamstress; is willing to do ehumbcrwork If re quired; understands cutting and fitting. Two years' city reference given. Call at 144 Weil 19th si., mar 8th av. Avery respectable girl wishes a situa tioii in a small private family to do general housework. Best city reference. Call at 54 East Warren si., Brooklyn, second floor, bat k room. * A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WOMAN, WHO HAS JY lust her own baby, wishes a baby to we - nurse; has .1 fresh breast of miik. Can be well recouimendcd for respec tability. Can be seen for two days at her own residence, 102 En-1 &ilb st. Cull at the basement door. A HIGHLY RE8PECTAIILE GIRL WISHES A SITUA tlon as uiirsc and seamstress; she is a most competent nnil trustworthy p rion to till tiie situati in, ami bo highly rei trom oded by the lauyjshe lived with, and who lias known her for years. Cau be seen at 400 Cth av., betwe u 27th ,'^ih Hcmijjl lioot^fr^t rojm. A FIRST CLAPS ENGLISH COOK WISHES A SITUA tion in n respectable family; understands baking and dairy work. Call lor two days at 119 19th st., between 2d and 3d avs. AblTUATION WANTED?BIT A STEADY, CAPABLE woman, as nurse and seamstress; iius uo objeei<oii to go in the country, or travelling fur the summer months; can be well re-I'minended, and can be ?een at her present em ployer's, 24 Eust 35th st. A YOUNG WIDOW WOMAN. ABOl'T TWENTY.FOUR years of age, would like to have a situation In a small family, with her baby, two years old, 111 either city or coun try ; good oity reference. Call at 40 West Utli si,, between 6th and 0th avs., in the grocery store. ALADT S MAID WISHED TO ENGAGE WITH A family fil ing to Europe; is accustomed to travel, and would take charge of children on the passage; also make herself generally useful; salary no object. Address for two days M. f.j box 117 Herald qitlCB. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, as seamstress: understands all kinds of lamlly sewing, ?ilk embroidery and the linest of needlework: can take full Charge of a baby or chll ilrcn; is willing to do lij{bt chamber work; no objection to the country: beat of reference if j? qnircU. Call for Um e days at 63 fit ton are., Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN IS DESIROUS of obtaining a situation iu a private family as chumber mald and waitress, or as chambermaid mid seamstress; Is willing to make herself useful and obliging where she would lind the comforts of a b me. Comes well recommend* sd, aud can be seen for tw o days at 141 West 27th St., second floor. AM SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED WO man; iaagooi cook and would aaslat wltb the wa?blng and Ironing and do the baking of a small private family. Brit of city reference gl\ en from Iwr butt place. Can be seen at No. 1/0 West 17th It., I>etween 7th aud 8th area. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do general housework foua small private family, or to do plain cooking, washing aud Ironing; ii wil ling and obliging. Good elty reference given from her last l>1aoo, where abe baa lived oca year. Coll for two day* at 108 We?t Uth at., between Cih and 7tb area. A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ WOMAN WANTS A 81TUA tlon in chambermaid aud waiter; no objection to so In the country. lias live years'reference Irora her lasi place. Can be ?< en for two da; a If not engage.! at 237 East 19th tit., ton llocr, back room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do up stair* work or bouse* ork and make berneif gene rally tffllul. City re 1 err no'. Caji b<-accn for two du;s at 430 7>b ?v., between Srtth and #7tta ata. A SITUATION WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE .voting tviinian, a< uuivi and tumilrem; can cut and lit children's dr**se?. it willing to inate beravll generally neaful; bo objection to go to the country for tbc Rammer; good reference can be given. '.all for two days at 1J3 Ea*t !?th el., near 3d uv. ABITI'ATiON WANTED?BY A PltOlESTANT OlRL. as scamstrciia; i.o objection to do iljut ch unlterwork; la an fxreilent n atustreas; ctn do nil kinds of erohr ildeiy; no objection lo going in this country. C.iu be seoaat Ler pre sent employer (, Sri East 17<h at. A INITI ATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young w-mian. at 0r?t rate o >oic, wusbcr and iron'r; baa aevsn years' reference from her U?t p ace, no objections to the oountty. Can be acn toi'two dityut at ^7d 3d av., be tween 2id and 23d s!s., top tloor, hack room. Airuatioii wanted?by a toxnmnrr wo man, us baby'a'. or nurs' and HtMirm, Can give good city rcioreuce Horn b?'r last employer. Can be eeen at 830 Broadway. A RESPECTABLE TOCNO WOMAN WANTS A SITUA* tiou ?a rhambeiuntid and waller, or lo itrsitt with tue wital.ingaud ironing. Can be seen for two day* at 138 East 22d at , first Iloor, front loom. An REHI'EI TABLE YOVNO OlRL WANTS A 81TUA tion na ?>o^, \\ a'rtber and tronir. ?lood city reference. Can I e seen for two day a at 176 East 2dtli ?t. A\ ERY RESPECTABLE OlRL WANTS A SITUATION us chami>?rniaid or waiter, or lo take -are or children; no objection to go a ahoit distince In the ciuntry; has the best of city tefen nee; left her last situation In ronsciueuce of the lady giving >p bouaekeeuiug. Call for two days at 310 West So st . mtw 'en 9th and 10th a. a. AM SITUATION W \htbd?by a respectable young woman, as gt>od pHin rook; a gou?l tinker of bp aii and bl* ult. and a goud wasliar and irouer; b<m or city r^frrenrc .-an be given Imra her la*t place. Call at 141 East SHth *L, between 2d and Sd a*?. Am situation wanted-by a steady man, as private watchman; or to take charge of a set of o&ces: can he wail recommended trwm bis ant place. AUdrcsaJ. II., 302 8th ar. A SITUATION WAMKD-BV A YOUNO WOMAN. TO JBi dochambrrw.rk aud waiting, nuJ lake earn of children. MM poo i city reference. Can be tec J for two day*, at 10S Weal 2tth at. AM YOCNfJ WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AN LAUN draas; la a <<>mpe'ant ?MMMM and line waahsr and Ironer. ia fully aid* to act In any oi th??e capacities Oood city reference If required. Call at M W?at 1Mb el. A SITUATION WANTF.D-BT A TOUNO WOMAN. AS chambermaid and w*m*tra??, or to lake care of children, In a small private family; no objection to *> in the country. HI i years' city reference !iom her laat plare. Call at 131 Want 'Mth at., between 7th and 0th aet., top Uoor. A SITU ATION WANTED-BY A KESTECTABLE UIBL, between 16 and 19 year* old, to take care of a child, or to aaal?t .n light work. No objection to go to the country for the summer month*. Apply for two day* at 176 Bast Wt n St., ?$.<>nrt dour, ha- k room. A respectable YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 81. tuellun aacook, who thoroughly understands her bual. Deal: undcrabtnds | aetry anl la a food baker. Tha beat <4 olty reference giren from her laafemployer. Can be a?en for two day at JI2 Mb sy . betw een I5?h ami 10th ?!*. AS M'RSE ?A COMPETENT WOMAN WI81IES A situation lu a respectable lamlly; la eapnlbe of tbe en tire charge or an Infant from Ita birth or can bring It itp by hand: la a goo'l plain ??" or. Maa the best of city rei?rtn?a. Call Ioi .? o day* at llftp'.h a. ? In the mnlinetjr *t.> ?. AM SITUATION WANTRD-BT A YOUNO WOMAN, TO d'jgrn ral housework In a small prl\ate family; la a good cook, washer and Iron^r. City reference, Can be See* for two ?liur* at W (irauU at., corner ol' Monroe. No obles tlon to chlKran, AM RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHER A SITUATION AS cook, washer an<i Ironer in a private faintly ; la a good baker and eycalJ nt vvaaher and troaar: ha? no oh|?>'tloi) to a yintuel boarding bo'iac or will go to N "W York. Has good reierenee. Cm oeseouior two'lays at 2Mtiold at., near Tillary at., Brooklyn. Am COOK AND CHAMBERMAID OK UNDOUBTED respcrlnbillty, ha?lngsix and two years ri eommeiidft tionlroui thetr last <wnployerg|wi4li situations In a private family. CAII for twf naj a at 140 Kast S6'.h ?L ARESrKt TABI.R PROTESTANT WOMAN 1yant8 A situation .ti (.n? k. The lte?tof coy iefrien< ?. Can bo ?e?n fot two day* a? 24? THi ar. AMTirATION WaXTKD-BY A RESPE'TARLR yountt girl, to doehambcrwoik and waiting In n private MW&eM jencr^al hougewcy Bt'i Of U'y J tJCUl ?. Cull SITUATIONS WAKTED-rBHALES. A TIDY, WELL RECOMMENDED AMD COMPETENT 'servant wi.-his a situation to do housework; la uot afrit id to work. Cooks plain aud well, is a neat washer and ironer and la klpd to children. Apply at 47 Allen ?t., second Hour. ABEHPECTABLE woman desires a situation as seamstress and t? take charge of children, or as seamstress and chambermaid; understands the cure of chil dren, and ran perfectly cut and fit thiu i lollies. Mas first class city referocods. Call at 121 Bast 18th st., scoond floor, back room. A81TUATI0N WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO nan, as mine; Is competent to lake charge of an Infant from its birth; Is willing to travel to California with a lady. Beferenre from her (ant employer. Can be wen for two days si *71 3d av., com or of 22.1 st.. second floor, front room. A COMPETENT DKBSSMAKBR AND LADY'S MAID want* a situation with a lailv or t.imily; thoroughly cutting and ttttlnn children's rloiliiux; also family sewing of ail kinds; no objection to travel; the best city retVren-cg given. Call at AJO Cih anear 14th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A PITUA tton In a sinsll private family to <lo general housework; aan give goo?l reference. Can he seen for two days at 233 West 25th st., between 8th and 'Jth a vs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young uo niD, as i ook, wuslier and lroner; good city refei ence. Call at 108 West Sid St., between 6th and 7th avs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO ENOI.I8H 1'iutestant girl, to do the general housework of a small family; is a good plain cook, washer and ironer; or would do chamberwork arid waiting. Also, good cook and baker; understands the rare of a dairy, lioth nave good city refe rence. Call at 1US West 28th st., near 7th av., room 6. AM RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OIRL WISHES TO obtain a situation to do general housework in a small family. Apply at 194 East 17th St., second floor, back roum. I DRESSMAKER WISHES A FEW MORS OCSTO /V iners, to go out by the ?iay or week; can eut and tit ladies' dresses. Call at or addresa 838 6th ave, first floor, front room. A COOK WISHES A SITUATION IN A BOARDING house, hoel or restaurant; understands all kinds of meats, soups and pastry. Can be seen for two days at 272 We?tl7th st., near 9th av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS good'ook; no- objection to assist with the washing. City reference. Can 1>e seen for two days at 23Q)i East 9th st. AM YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM berniald and waitress; has no objection to help with the washing. Best of rlty reference. Can be seen for two days at 271 Myrtle av., Brooklyn, second floor, front room. AN ENGLISH GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS nurst aud seaniHtr 'SM; would like to travel to Europe, flood city reference. Apply at 333 8th av., second floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as children's nurse and chambermaid, or will take charge ol a baby and do the sewing; Is willing and obliging; is willing to go a short distance in the country. Bfi&t of city reference. Call for two days at 73 West 17th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WANTS A SITUA A tlon as chambermaid or waitress, or to do general housework In a small family. Oood city reference. Call for two daysat 223 East 19th St., top floor, A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES TO OBTAIN some family's washing at her resident, or to go out by the day. Bent reference. Iiuiuiro at 233 1st av. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN a aural private family to do general housework. Oood reference from lust place. Can DC seen for two days atSOJ picks at., PiooVlyfe. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and team stress; understands all kinds of lamily wing; good re,ferenoe froiu her last lilac >. Can bp seen t'oi tuo days at IjJj) Washington St., second floor, back room. I RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMaN WISHES A SITU. JX atlon as good rook; is willing to assist in the wash ni and irup'.ng: ha no objection to the country; has the best of refer licc. Call at 226 West 2ith st. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WANTS \ SITUATION AS cook; understands all kinds ol pastries and rooking; good reference. Can be seen for two days st 09 West 25th st AnESrECTABLE YOU NO WOMAN WISHES A SITU Sil in as cook, wa?her and Ironcr, or would i o M cham bermaid ami waller; bust city refe rence from last place. Can be teen till suited at 91 East Baltic St., South Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNQ WOMAN; IS an eiperleneed cook and baker; would assist in the wa.-luiig and Ironing If required; would bo willing to go In the iO !ntry with a family; unexceptionable reference. Cun be kreu/ui two Ua} ? at >o. 3 E?st list at., between Brood ?V?id6?h nv. VV 4 . - A situation WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as, cook, washer and troner. Una wood city references, and thoroughly tinder*tnud? her business. Can be icon for tiro days, at the b<um of tier present employer, 91 Etist 17th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNQ FEMALE WANTS A fllrU ation In a small family, to do general housework. The beet city refereni-e Riven for the last uin? yean. Can be seen for two days, from 9 till 4 o'clock, at 26 Sheriff street, between Broome and Detaileey, first floor, back room. A situation WANTBI>?BY A respectable young woman, as otok, washer and li^ner; the best of city reference from her last place. Can be seen at 2<tt 34th St., between 9th an I 10th ava. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, Aft laundress; understand* wasMog, Ironfng, glazing aud fluting; eity reference. Call at 270 3d ar., near afef St., aeeond floor, Mck, fur two day*. A situation wanted-by a rbspectabijs young girl, aa chambermaid and waitress Beat refe rence front ber last pla x. Call at 130 West 33d St., corner of 7tb av. ASnt'ATION WANTED?BY A YOUNQ WOMAN, A8 chambermaid a id waitress, or would do plain sewing and UKncare or nhildrvD. Three years' reference from her last emp'oycr. Call at 3f>01st av., between 221 and 23d sis., second Hour, baok room. A RESECTABLE colored WOMAN WISHES TO get a situation as chambermaid in a public bouse at a watering plate. Call st N<>. 6 Pair St., Brooklyn, between the hours ol 9 and S o'clock, on Tuesday. A COOK'S situation wanted-BY A respectable woman; thoroughly understands her business. Bern eity reference. Can fie seen fur two days *1 her present em p'.oj er\ M West 45th st. A SITUATION WANTED?AS TRWELLING MAID, by a re?po table and eioei leocod colo.-ed woman. Can be seen uultl engaged at No. 1 Klngst. A resectable young oiiil wisrtBB a situa llou as nurse and seamstress; Is coui|> ? at to Instruet childrrii. Tun veiy bc?t of nlty lefeieuou i;irrn. Would 1 refer living n .t Fr ncli family; wages not so mil h an o > etas a goot and permanent hum*. Can bo seen at 20 fasblii^t iii p'noe, near Broadway, lor two days. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIKL WISIIKS A SITU A tlun to do general boas uork, in a small family; baa no objection to go a short distance in the < O intry; h is the' '.in. Call foi two days at 5Jfl Ct i are., be tween ,U?t Slid S2 I >IH. I RESPK. TABLE PERSON WISHKH A situation _i Y ass amslr. ss. lu a prnao family; undistaudi lirest mnklng; hai no obj< eiion to rhumbe. work; good my refe rences ('all f,,r tw j days at W Chariton si., ro mi 14. A YOU NO OIRL WISHES a SITUATION TO IK) rhumb -rwork and w?uliw, or would do iieu.<ew< r'* in a small piiv#t* family, good roferenco oau be jilven from her last plate. Inuulre at '11a Couit at., between luiuu and Frcsldent sts., Brooklyn. A situation wanted-by a respectable young womsn, *? *eatn?tre**; no objection lo do lifcht cbaniherwork ( understands *11 kinds of family sewing, cut ting auil filling children a'lothlng; i? an eicidleut talloress. Oood el'y rcftreiicciw. Call lor two day* al 221 Weatltfth ?t., bM*tei Mb ?Md 9th a\ x., thiid floor. ? STEADY YO! N(] WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION J\ as cook and to assist in the washing, or lo r,>ok, u?nh and Iron for a *mail fimity. Oood otty reference. Apply at IN Court at., bctweou Amity and Oongre??, Brooklyn, fur two day*. AYOUNO AMERICAN WOMAN WANT** A SITUA* tton, tn a ?inall private family, to do homework. Good rjfcrwu. Call for two day* at 118 East ISth St., near 3d ar. A situation WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE viniitf woman, aa good cook, washer and kroner, la a ? broadand biscuit maker; ha* no objection lo (,o in the try with a lamlly for tbe summer. Uood city roieronto. Call atH Wc*t 19tU si, for two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A respectable OIRL, ? A a? chambermaid and waltreM, or a* chambermaid and plain neatiiftro**; uo objection* to go * *hort distance la the oouutry. Can be *een at IM Weat I8th st.

A situation WANTRD?BY AN experienced ? oichman. who thoroughly understand* his business anctinpenecUyoiavertantwUb tbe treatment and menage ni'M ul horse* Has the boot of rafertn cs, having lived eight year, In on* place. Appl^ at?6 and <8|Ml Qt. ARBSPEC7ABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU eil?n tn a private lamlly; I* a kood plain eook and an etoelleui uaslnraud Ironer; would dochamlH rwork arid us ?1st In washing. 81* year*' city reference If required. Can be seen fm three day*. If not engaged, at <"41 1st av., between 3*U and 394 *t*., second Boor, roar.. Actuation wanted-by a young WOMAM, TO cook, wash atfd Iron, or a* lannilrOK* or to do general botiMtvorfc; no objection to a largo famllv. City relereace. Iniulrc At88Carroll *(., one door from Co.ambla, Brooklyn. CALIFORNIA.?A YOUNO OIRL DESIRES A SITUA t Ion a* servant In a family going to California. Bent references. Addre** 209 East 55th it. Fancy or thread and needle storb.-alady who ran keep acronnts aud will give security, desire* employment. A-ldreat Mia Or.ty, <8 (irand St., Jcraey City, HOUSKKFETKItS-AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES A situation as hnuiMkneper in a hotel or boarding houso, having bad a number or years' ttMrMnroi good olty reffl. renoo given. Call on or addres* A. W., 60 Carmine si., for one week. Housekeepers SITUATION WASTED?BY A Wi dow la'ly. who is kind and obliging; will lin found faith ful in *rery respect; can cut and make children'* clothes, make and trim bonnets, no objeotion to leave the city. In quire al 77 Pitt gt. LACNORESSE'S situation WANTED?MY A COMI'E tent and respectalHO woman | no objection to to into the country a shrnt distance. Can he *ecu lor two days at No 40 Bedford *t. CirUATtOVS WAKTED-PY TWO RESPECTABLE O flrls; one a* good <oo* and eicellent waslvr and ironer; is a soci baker; the other as chambermaid and laundress! both understand their buslneas thoroughly Ilaro the bent of city reference I rora their last place. Call al J09 We t 43d flt, btlviteu 9th and IQtb art*., iecend flotr, hack room. MTUATIONB WABTED-FBHALBI.^ SITUATION WANTED?AH COOK, BY A KESPECTA Me widow woman without any incumbrance: untier tUr.iN Pi. och looking, mi nt, Kanin and soups; would have no objection to doth* washing and Ironing in a amall family, ('an be seen for two da+? a', her present . mi<loy<'r-*, where ?be ha* lived for several year*. Apply at 8tS Bant 35th it. SITUATION WANTED?IIY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG woman, with it fresh breuat of milk, an a w et nurbe in a roiuftiblfl family. Can lie at 147 7th av., between 20th and 21st sts., tei'.iioor, back room. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 81 IT! A tion, to do general housework in a sma'l private t.unllv: good re'ejvB'e from last place. Call for two days at 259 Spring, near lludsop *t. ___ WANTED-BY A RESECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, a situation an aca*iisira?a iu a private family; plain sewing, needlework. an embroiderer ami v?-?t maker. Uu be seen lor a week at >H North 4th at., Willia iitmifj. YTTANTED.? A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT OTRL Vt wibbe-i a situation ax chambermaid or ultresH, or to aaalrt In waiting an I ironing. Apply for two days at her la.-it plac-", 17H W? st MUt at. _ WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A PKOTESTANT young woman, a* coon; Wvuld a.s?i?t with the wash ing and ironing, liool city reteroca. Call at 104 Went 24th at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as chambermaid add plain sewer, or would takecav" of cjiiMrftli. Good city refeeen-a from her laat |ila,:e. Call at 2 is) 9-!i av, between IStli and 36th ate., third (loor, back loom. TX?ANTED?SITUATION AS CHAMBBEMAID AND ff waitress, or seain-trvs*. Can predu-e good relerenoe if required, dun be seen thia day at 20S Sand* nf., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, to no chamberwork anil fine washing or plain tewing. Country or city. Call at txttl 31 av. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE VOUNO OIRL. A situation to do chamberwork and waiting or to take care or children; beat of city reference given. Call at No. 378 1st av., between 23d and 2M at*., second lloor, front room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE QIKL, A SITUA tion as chamb-ruuud and waitreas; is willing and ob'.Mn,:, haa the beat ol citji reference. Call for two daya at I 131 7th av., between 19th and*Kli ata. WASHING?WANTED,| BY A WIDOW WOMAN. A few Indloa'or gentiarneu's washing; can do all kinds of Pr.-neh tlu i.ig and one linen in the neatest style, and on the most ivaxonahlc term*; or woulil work out by the day. Can produce the best or reference if required. Apply to Mr*. M jore, 142 2ist at., * few do-xrs east of 3d av., room No. 7. WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE GERMAN GIRL, A situation to do general bouseworktis a good washer and ironer. Cull for two daya at Mil Myrtle av , between Ryerson at. and Urand av., Brooklyn. TITAN TED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VY girl, as chambermaid and waitress, o.1 to do chamber work ami plain sewing Beat city reference. Can be seen for two days at HI Smith ft., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A' RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AD ED pen-on, a situation u> lake charge of an liuunt from La birth, or to take charge oi an in :uld. Best aty reference from last place, which "lie left only in ceneaquenib of their removal to tne South. Call for two days at 296 9th St., second Uuor, front room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN, A situation as nurse and to do i<lain sewing Or chamber work; is willing to make herself generally useful. Call for two days at l':5 East 38th at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE man, as waiter in a prha'e fanny; can be a on until suited at bis present employes a, No. 2 East 17th St.; no ob jection to go in tho country. YVANTED?A SITUATION, BY A EE8PEOTABLE TT yo uj ijrl, va chambermaid and waitress. Call at 79 TiUar..- st , Bioo'.|\ n. TITANTED-A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID, P.Y A TT ''apabla y rl, withgoou roterenoo. Call for two ihiys at 51 West 22J st. Vit ?ntpiwby A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITI A SVcfct list ?t. Wvvtkd?by A respectable YOUNG UIRL, ?7 vr?r? or ftic, a kltuatlon to <10 cb*ml.crv*ork anil ht iwten_ry ^ UEbi'eotamlie YOUNG WOMAN, A W ?ltua?cn u.tok or ? oum do houaowork in a S?W5?S5Bftrtt b rooklvn, i i?t Hoar, baok room. lisSHBS n?*r Clinton. Brooklyn. ? *-?nvrvn BY TWO resfsctablb protestant WffiS* a. fir* tte other a* chamb. rinaid aad J*1al'1 f!llu mw1uk' the beat or 1 pno?, whcro the, htedaot.o yel? Call at 1u iqthav., nar 18th ?t^ Hr Boor, buck room. ? "%1tanted?by A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A SfifcassHfiSEse tor place, wwiicr 4ih ar. WANTED?a situation, BY A TOUNO GIRL, AS ^han^rmaid mU n?m; ijj ?0* ?tata-w?; cXV reference given. Call at k Kaat hu **? Wanted?by a respectable protectant vuuii^ woman, a aituatlon ua num and aeatnatieaa. rau cut and lit el.lldr.n'e clothe.. und^r<rt?vla alt Mgdjof faintly arwlug, and can operate on ^ * ? ";ou ' mar bine. Can he seen lor two Jul ut 384 Bowery, betw?.u fourth and ku hi atreeto. Bat? city rmfnm ... 1wtkh-ry A re^PF.CTABLP. tflrl, A SITUATION \\ ntralbona ? k in a aniuli private lamlly; .ho la a beauuful waaheraud lioner.and aaood pumicook., haa W^EST.b-? .k^Jt -i ,n i, . lokiiii; iii ?il us branch* s, i?* am exct'u<*ni b?kei ol im****,i"'K'twc? b&n.* and oi lan ;?)? a'a ? ?' VNTED-asituation, BY arfispk* jtableolrlj ?jik.i and Slat us. Wivtkd?by v YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION AS *{ ;ui,bcruiald and ?aurcsa or wnuld do kj nur^ buuac ' ? ' , _ ,i ... i-fully o'tniieteut, and ? en pr wlucc r^?'yvf^n? ?:??^e mtl toiltwo day a at irf Btldge at., r ooXlyn, in uf atorc. _ 7?r ivrvn 'ly A YOUNG WOMIN, A situation as W c "^" f?- iwu daya at itu ut ,,T tVITD-hy TWO ki'.mpECTAHLE GIRLS, sitia tt-.lSTt.u-ni aww ch i.nwriuul'1, or wou.d My tlona, one a< ?a . other .ih cook or tirat amiiat ii, taking tare of chlfcteii^no ou?^ ^ f,?? ,v?.h Mar, ? ?rttawtkd-V SITUATION AS NURSE, or CHAM j,r, ut riii11'iv? i a, 1 m kasl l.-th Wantkh t situation. BY A RESPECTABLE aktrp-A bitt* lainlly to callforula; will take i h. .iron *ud th* of h tiiailly ?ww lv - ?rIII and glut 01 a homf, \t w-SHsf1 ESwsra #xtws8 ollic* W_ 4ntfd-A SITUATION, BY A respectable ?ltl to rook, wa?u and Iron; l? a good plain cook and rttatecaxf and lienor; would I- wfilmf todotbe hoila. wuriofn ?'uiui prtvats umll j. rl.y refr VXZfrom mrta' xj. call f?r iwo day. at wconcord at.. uttween Pe?rl ut? l Jay, bi ookiyn. WANTED?by A respeotablb WOMAN, A SITUA Hon an co ik; la fully cepib'eof huiug; would aa"lat in tha waintng 11 wiulm; t?o objactlon to nuin the country fOTtha .ummlr. oiod city trl.r.noe can be aoan for two j7y. .l u"1 ** ?nt ANTED A SITUATION. BY A mobt resi'bcta W lite woman, an ??e-iuul ?k .imiuiiiv unii?cah bake too<l bfftd flm wmiiw? tniiiii Lad dt^mrtk. !? trait worthy nm\ uhugtaf. No obj^ciiou to i??ul*n li e waahlng and Honing. If raqnlfd, ?? gfra uw bent of city reference from her laat employer*. Call for two daya at ?ut>tb are., near_*Jth ^ Wivnn a SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE luuni gtr), ?a nur.oand plain iww.r; l. wiUln. to ? j^atambirwork. Oan give the ??iet rltr relercnce. call at m we*t?th ?t., near ttth ar., for two dayt* ? ?mmtin 4 ftitr A.tion. BY A hespbctabf.b ?toic. *" !" roi'tot0? do ughu'hlmta^o^k! *? tlmlng^d om^n* and crotchet or ao igni; ???? ^ 0(in bl, mrn tnr lyt0 d.yi atuoai'lamlrat., unkiklyn, ? f.introom^ MTANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A situation AS W u^moe"ialdand w?nrow; can do plain a-win* and jit. ws r?enar?n. e.elul) han the bc?t ?lly refeicn^. siu'w-l? **JiaM Mh at.. second ?^.backroom. Wtntkd?a SITI'ATItlN, bv A ke81'ECT ABLE if 11 art chamliarninld anil i^am.trea.; l.a* the b.-.t city ,. .. rsi '' i iin ' V a"'ii for two day. at 1? kaatwtl, at., third 'loor, front room. .? ? iitanted-A situation, BY A respectable W roiiiii woman, a Proliant, is infant a nur?e; cau ilo *t , j" " h?!? L. o,t city reference. Can tmacen for two dav? ai l l" w. it iutli at., between 7th and 8th avea, tuird Boor. Ho objcct^rojiaha country. _ titanted?a situation. BY a first CLASS \\ noanialr*.*, who undoratanda Cutting end making hov*' and girN' dreaorai alao laillea' dn-e* i; will fooiit hy the wi ck. C..II at irfi 7tli n?., up atalra, aeeond Boor. if ANTED -A SITUATION BY \ rewctabij i'lh W aon in a pi irate fft-nily. to do chamber work and wait. l?g or take tft? of a baby ami do a irtlj rial* mwlng. Ap. ply at ?a ovlnuibui ?!. Brooklyn ileighta. SITUATIONS WANTED- FEMALES. WANTED?BY A EWKTAIU YOUNG WOMAN, A I-Uuu leu an cliamt ermsld and waitress. Or to do line washing ami lion? i?ir; is fully competent to lake full charge of a huby. Cau |h? the 1 >?? xt of city or ccjutry retciciiee. Can be Keen at 4it> corner of o3d at mid Sd a*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AG?D widow woinan.-a* plain ? o <k, washer ?ud iruner. Ilu the best of cily reieieme. Cull at 218 Mott St., in the bsse rneut. W TXT'ANTE1>?BY A PROTESTANT GIRL, A SITUATION VV at chambermaid Utlaundress, oiylatm< ? . . lar . ; ran do the ncatcs! of French inning; will go In inn country for the summer if required. Ha-, the best of city reli rence from her last place. Cau be teen for two day* at 101 East JJili ni? between li and 2>i avs. WANTED?BY TWO BBBl'BPTABliE OIRIB; CSHAH II first ra a cook Slid ItjC oilier as wait, r, and to assist aa el.umbermaid; lia\? no objections to go a short distant o in th<> co ntiy; ceo J references. Can be seen fur two Uaj* at 113 WM?ib at. _ WASTED?A HTTUATION, WHERE THE CARE OF A matron would be r<*uuir?'d or to ^o to Europe with .i faintly The best of reference. Addresa II. H., 134 Wert 2#th st., near yth a?. TITAKTED?BY A RESI'Ef TABLii WOMAN, A SITI'a" VV tion as nuifti, understands tilling charge of a baby from lis birth; bei?t of ruierenre; has no objei tlous to 4,0 a short distance iu the country. Cail at No. 9 6th st. lor two days, rear. ANTED-A SITUATION, BV A KESPKCTABLE jomgnenoan, m du < liatuberwork uud tin.! ivaahintt and Ironiug, or aa lauiidrtui iu a nriva.e family, fallal-19 West 18th St., to twi-en thi Oth ami IO1I1 airs . nut floor, ba,k room, for two da* b; no objection to the country. 117"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RE8PE''TABLE 01RL, TT to do pUi 11 cooking, cashing and ironing in a private family; cliy reference may be wen; has no -tiun 10 Uie couuiry lor the summer. Apply for two d?)s at l'J litb at., between 3d and 4th av*. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoing woman, as chambermaid and "<m?resr, or waitics; no ohje lion k) go in ihe country. Best city refe wnco from her last |)iaee. Call at 340 Wen Mtiu st. TJLTAN'TBD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE VV you 111; girl, to do cnambcrwork and wait ug; no objec tion to the country. Ovod City reference frtni her last place. Call at M>9 tab av , l> t*wn 44th and 4Mb sta. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A ?linatonas chambermaid and waitress, or w->uld do housewirk In a-mall lamUv. Besi city refereuce. Call for two days at UlWra; 28th St., third floor, bark room. WANTBD? BY A YOUNO ENGLISH GIRL, A BiTUA. tion ss chambermaid and wai>r,.-sa. vr to do Ihe general housework Of a small private family; is willing and obliging and not afraid of work; best of recrenoe given. Call lor two days at 11513lh st., comer 01 3d av. TXTAJITBD?BY A COMPETENT SEAMSTRESS, WHO VV can c 11 and tit lades' and children's Orestes, a situ tion; wHI <n age by the dny or week, or take wo.k at h? r Own residencet ba* the best of city reference. Call for two da) ? at 117 West Mi h at. WAXTSD-BY A PROTESTANT ENGLISH GIRI., A a situation as waitress, or would do chamberworfc and waiting In a small prnalo family iu the city; ban ih.i best of ?iiy re I ere nee Iron Iter last employi r. wlieu >ne nan lived nearly three years. Call at or address (r-rry, IW 8nil?v??- .ml, in the rear, for two dayc. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO man. a wtuatlon as<00k; is&food plain ?? ok; tin ler stan Is the baking of bread, pies, biscuit and all sorts of rooking has the I est of eiiy reference. Can l o seen for two day.t ?t ?>5 West 27th st., near Uh av.. In the, WANTED?A SITUATION, UY .\ KE8FB0TABLEWo man, to cok, wash and iron iu a small fa mly; is a good cook and superior lanndress; good referen: e. 11.11 lie sei n at 140 Pailac St., betiveen Boerum and Court bis , Brntiklyn. "IVrANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPEOTABI.E V? young, nn nurse and sc.imatri i-s; t .oioug ily underMands ihecai?of ehiidi<n; lias tmir yertrs' ? t 1 e.'e ren< e from lier limt plucc. Cail at 248 7th av., between !lot!i and 2/tli his. TIT ANTED?BY A NEAT YOVNO OlltL, OP IB, A Vf sutiii*ioo ai n(UN ?; tut'iui ailr: in Iii.ick ; t the ; reads unit wi'ltci*; tailing and uUihl:>g. $1 to i!>. Cail at 181 Ea*t I'Kt Rt. WANTED-A SITUATION AS HOtVEKEEf'ER JN A private family, or to fttten 1 t<i nil eld' iiy gentleman, by a v<ry reKpcoul le uili'd " ngc l di r.. all oni'ii. li'st re ference. Aynr at uj Hudson si., IIrat i:?6r, V.u-u roJ>o WAN 1 ED?A SIITATI">N, BY A RMPECTABLB Kir , a* eh.vnber.nal. aim seamstress; can xpru^ li> r nian ami Eugtvli. trail at I2J Waveriev pia e, WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOPNG WOMAN, AS ??ilrra? or cliaril>ern;uld ami a<Min?lrts>, under stands rmbio d'Tv; bin the bc--t -Itjr reference. 0*11 f?r wo day* at 1&2 71h uv . Mar 21 nt at. WANTED-BY A RKSi'ECTABLK AND COMI'KTBSl' woman, a Hituatlon as infant'* nttrae: U a very rood seamstress; ia tt l.liiijj lg make herself iikeiul in whatever capacity Ler servh ea inn;,' t'e r"<iuhe J, ha- th very bent city reference. Call it 119 Ea*l21al at., between 2<1 and 3<1 av?. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, A SITUATION a* chambermaid and to asidst in uauinc, or as waiter and to assist In rbambcrwork ; has live years' city reference. Can be seen for two days at 71 We* 19U it., second Uoor, back room. WANTED?A SITUATION AS BAKER AND PASTRY cook in a firm .-last hotel or dining witoon; ?? <> 1 < !ty re ference. Apply at Dr. Jackaou'a drug store, l?l C'.ierry M. WANTED?BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PROTES taut woman, who can jgivc tbe mum tt??|ualilled refe rence as to character and capability, a m.nation lo take charge of a baby, or an invalid; la a good honwkei-oer, rar? - ful and Industrlons, and fond of ilitldr- u. Call at the ulUee of Dr. W. Burns, No. 9Uudion place, 14th at., bet#Ofu 9tU and 10<h avs, WANTED?BY AN EXPERIER? K7l FKKSON, A Ml fa atlou as chambermaid and to a-slst with lino tvanhliui; no objection to the countiy for the auniuier. Bietfiti y references. Can be wen lor two days at 73 ltftii ?t., be tween 6th and 7th ava WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SINGLE MAN. WHO has been engaged for mveral veam In buatue"ii in this city, and hat alto been abroad; <-an give good city reference, an l can be ?e.'n by addrea-Jug L. P., boj I Vi II' raid olltre. WANTED-BY AN EXCELLENT LAITNDRESS THE washing of some respectable family; best of rolcrctue an to eapab.ilty and honesty. Call at i:2 l*t av., top tloor, bac i room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY RESECTABLE Protectant vounJ g rl. n, i bumlui m:\ld and waitress. Call for two days it 112 West -Oth ?i.. in the rear. HfCZ.1* WASTEU- FEMALES. LI. FAMILIES WHO WANT GOOD SERVANTS IM n.e.llnlc y n, wy at ilm li?#tltnU?, earner ofllth at. ?n'i Mh av . tor ahrll, capable, tidy (Irrman. Houtrh, li mh, Atii* rlcxn n '<1 PrmenUUtt tonuin, to ault nil. Cuuuu:l<!<l by Mm. KLOYD. Q.ol ptaf* ..l'viiy* ready. AT THE HCRVaMS' INSTITUTE, 149 GRAND ST. Kmplo Mr* ?I|>| li?*t Willi (IriRrterll eTfnnte 111 any )W1 Ity, for 1 l.o n .) .11 d rimtilry. Piofeawd rivifc*. cook*, \v.,*her.t an I Iron re. r>wltrawjl ami n*iirtii,fS, U n drfiaes, nuraee, g:i#i f'jr li luaewui-k. AT MRU, LOWE'S COMFORTABLE AND ELE'iANT oOice, 17 Stanton ttn nl, ni?. rthe B very, plentjpr ? \ ci-l.ent nutation* mi ty iu reaneeteblO fln*!l IMiinw, M) M MiumI immediately for nlkbh >ina e ?erv?iua with good r> eoinineiidation*, v. ithout payineit. t OOOD MILLINER WANTED IMMEDIATELY, AT ./V Ml Fulton *tre t. Brooklyn. _____ A HERMAN OR ENGLISH WOMAN W.VNTKD?TO DO ceuerui honaework for ? f wntlv uf four gi .wn j cr-Mii*. Wa*i h $5 p r month. Apply ul i*>6 Eaat 20iIt ?!. 1 EMPLOYERS AND SERVANTS WILL PLRASB TAKE !i nolle that lin y fan he unite 1 with K'od <-n *tr-, at 'he o''t e*t..bll<heil ?8fc?, 275 H wery. neor llOUfttOO WrtW. Wanted?ihm day. ook*. i hAinV.rinald", Uundrvwl, nnriH'*, and 36 general acrvanla. MILLINERS.?IMPKOTBM AND APPRENTIt'BS wanted limn Hla'cly; Heady nurk and good wugi *. Apply a', 36 NortU Moore atrccl, Yarlck, Oeod anwei* paid n-liil'- learning. VTl'RhB WANTED?AMERICAN OR fCOTril PRE A* ferrcd. Tho??; wbo am experienced In takingWf of children, willing tu to in the ? .moliy during the mmmii r. ?mil hare go->d r? ferrix**, nmy apply at IU8 P*clOc street, Brooklyn. N<iue M ProU?lan'* need n, i v. Paper boxmaki5r<? wanted-five or six hood girl* lu tn ikr paper bo*e?; eady employment and good par will b s *lv en tlie year ro iml, at No. IM K ? lioii at BALDWIN * VULLYOOFF. WANTRD-A NEAT INDUSTRIOUS 0IRL, TO DO general hon*?wi.rk; muat bi> a good plain rook and g.iod w??her an't Inner. Uornl reference* froin a reeen ?Ituatlon inlinpen*?ble. Apply ??> Mm. Rice. Clnnaou ar. two door* lutilh of Putnam nr., Hni ?lvn. WANTBD-A OOOD GIRL, TO COOK, WASH AND Iron and to go to f c eountry during the *umuier. None need apply uaieie wi 11 ree imn.endod, at 3W Wfit 34th at., Uctwm-n the hours of V mid 13 A. M. WANTED--LATHES OR OENTLFMBN TO LB ARN A TT Imalue** lhnt I* atm if, aitmmer and wlolar, in ?rrry city. It will pay $IS to $Sl) a work ai lent. Aj>p y a' 141 Uraml ?irc t one week. Dr. R. LOVBAaioN. WANTED-A WET NCIUB, WITH A KRE^II BREAST of milk. Apply, wltii i-afcrvnco, from V tu U u'oluck, at No. 72 E.nt Htd at. WANTED-A OOOD GERMAN (TOOK, IN A PRIVATE ia:nily. Apply at No. V Cl aileo at. WAN (ED A YOl'NG AND TIDY ENGLISH OR OER man fcirl, tu ilolbo |,o iaework oi a n ry amail famil*; nn'it bn a llr?.t rule waahci- snd I rum r and plain imo?. HtltfrnW re?ulr?l. W.\ti $."V P*r milk. Apiily at 98 Wph 27tli ?t., Iiawmcnt di*u', between U ami 12 A. M. WANTED?A YOT NO WOMAN OF TWENTY FIVB OB thlny yrarn ?f aw. w!m p>'rf*t iiy iindpt'4tand? <-')oUing and I* a ^inmI hakrr ?ml 1? inlrpsa, to do the iixiklnc nna wanhtim or a arnall fatnlly; none n?w>4 apply without *? od dtynftrcilcM ?-all at 841. In ton place, bt-lwecu tbo hour* of 11 and I, for two day*. WANTBD-A PROTESTANT GIRL, TO DO T?!K OB Dcral (ion* Work li a wall private raimW; mint be a ?(Oil waaher M l Iron, i n-id ?-e rc> ntuuu iuitd. Iuutillu at tae can ixge tai.tory, 114 E i/abetti it. WANTED?IMMBDI AlBl.Y.A SBAMSTHEBS, BY THE month. Who call J" all kind* of fu .ily reiving and oprratu on Wheeler A Wl.eou'a machine. Apply at S3 lot place, Brooklyn. TV-ANTED?A ?!OI,ORED WOMAN, WHO UNDER TT ?tand? i-ookkig ami ran do lencrnl hunarwork If re quired; w?Ke? |3 per week. Nonn but ? gaud cook ne#l apply at 13 W itt, at., for two day*. For Otkir W?nti 9?o Bl|hlh Page. IMPORTANT FROM THE SOUTH. TIIE CAPTURE OF NEW ORLEANS* Rebel Report of the Fall of Forts Jackson and St. Philip* Reported Destruction of Property by the Rebels. THE REBEL GENERAL DUNCAN ON PAROLF, Can Communication with Mobile bo Kept Open? BOGUS REPORTS OF REBEL VICTORIES. The Rebels in Feur of the Effect in Europe of the Late Mob Vietoriei. OBJECT OF THE FREJtfH HDIMTEE'S VISIT* Great Fears for the Safety of Rich mond and Petersburg1. PSO VISION SE80U2CES OF XXBXLDOM, 4c., 4c., *e. The Capture of New OtIumi. XVW OKLKAMS RtPOHTXD IN POBfK-SION 09 TBS FKJMtHALfl. [From the Norfolk Day Book, May 8.] At crew, Ga., May 2,1M2. The Mttm has a special despatch from Mobil*, of tlie 1 st or May. It *nj? Omifortt Jacknm and SI Ptulip had t'aUtn, ntmi Cm. Duncan uku in Aim Orltam am kit parole. Alto., that the federal flag waa hoisted on th? Custom House. liEtfOllTKl) DHSTRI'CTION OF PROPERTY BY TUB KBBKL8. [trim the Norfolk Day B<, May 3.] May 1,1882. Tho tdlogr.Tph opcrnt'T from Hny St. Louis Iioh tel* grajilicl lo the Mobile otiico that lh-ttor- in Nuu>' rleunt i "re Utng rmjtiul iif sugar and ni 'later, which. wer4 being th aun hno th : sti? '* .tnii !h rivtr. The city waa M hav<i bccu lormaliy surrendered ou the 27th (*) but the tliuo \*as ( xuitdel. Some of the enemy's vessels have gono up tho rivor CONFEDERATE BOATS BUllMED. [From the Norfolk Day Ho >k, May 3.j AcliPMA, April 30,1S02. The New Orlcnr.s liuU'tin of Friday .vays that K. B. Kortfhaw, Confedrrato Hnt^ Xavy, telegraphed from Hoint Alubarlip on the 24th, that seven of our gunboats had l>e 'ii flrod ufir.r it nj o ? ?rp wrfl by the meny. [The Navy L'epariiueni ro< eked a similar despatch Ja*tSatiir ?i; y, but it **?" not known what boats are ro.'oircd to.? Kr'Wixr.] WilKHK rtIK 1:011 BART1MENT OF THE NEW ORLEANS FOHTH WAS HKARU. . fK rom tho N> w Orleans Pic:ijune, April 24.] We uuderstttud that tho telegraph operators at Baton Rouge and ( Union informed those hero that ihc sound of thu at tho b< mbardinent of For in Jackson ar.d St. l'huip waa distinctly heard in those places on Tuesday evening. Atid wo have been told that ou tho sumc even, ing it waa heard here. The distance o. tho forte, on aa< air lino, froi.i Uatou Rouge us about 130 milrs, and from Clinton 160. Dy an air line from her* they are about fifty mil'U. A gMiithwau from Berwick's llay, opposite lha ht-ar, t<dd us.o'i Tuesday evening, that the reports could be beard there also. The sound ol' the bombardment can also be heard at Fort l'ik*. A who wmb ihere on Toco.lay oigbt lolls us that tliero wiis tiring hcerd all tint nitbI and on Wednesday morning. A QfERY AS TO KEEPING OPEN THE COUW'MCATIOtt UHTWEKN NF.W ORLEANS AND MOBILE. [Flora tho NV.v Orleans Picayune, April 24.] Have wc not a silllcient number of gunboutM now afloat and at command, not otherwise employed, to open and to keep open commercial and tta\ clhngcommunication with our ulster city of Mobile ? It seems to us that what w* hive, manned with exporionoed artlllorists and good oi,:c?rs, would be round rflkk-nt to that desirable end. But our object iu making the inquiry is only to obtain mtormiition. A Hh'HF.L WAIL FOR TOE I.OS3 OK NKW ORLEANS? DBsTOuTU EFFORT 10 IRBI'IltE COl'HAUS IN KK Stl.POM. "fc * ?>??? [IVorn tTifc Attpim'ii it.a.j Constltutiooaiiet, Aprilthi.j flto capture of the Crescent Hty by tlic Yank?*s in volves a soi ious lr*" to the Southern cotifede'acy. it cut* off ??? rxte/unVe d j"Ot of suf pUci for our firm.'/ <t?<i curtail* cur fn UUin for (Ke manvfuctui* >f arm$ an/1 ammunition. It rirmlly gives the <*<rMz Ike <mh-ol of Me Vissisripj i ricer ami lijirlnei t? of our u/ }>lic* of tujiir anilmU'Uret. In sh ut, It I* a severe blow to the conle ili racy, and an immrnsr advantage frr th<? imm% Hut, adrnlttlUK all this, It di i-flnot signify that tli?> >? ?ifeJeraoy lg nbo'it to I>e conquered, or that tho rebel!.' u, as our foe? aro pleased to styl* oor efforts for Independence, I? about to bo crushed." Wa have time and n 'alii averted that tho cap'ure "I our seaboard cities, or ?.{ |v Ints sub let to th-' visits of the lederol i 01 boats, w "Id not in. voire the conquest of the South. Tho l/uinon journals tako tlio same view of the subject, an t we reeu only refer to the hi-1 i y of tho flrct An.crlrau revolution to sustain tbia aascrti< n. It )8 true the long of these cltieg la 11 i?ad disaster?lej.lorable occurrences?hut not suffe ciontly so to cau>e us to "despair of ike republic." When New York, Philadelphia, Charleston, .HVfi'nah su I Aug *ta wot* in the liriuils of th* Hi it ish, our fathom dhl not saeouinb to the terrible power <f their cM'nltl; b it. with an unswerving faith iu tli* jisilceof ihelr cause, they gained fr^ h ardor, and pitrsti d tho ?trugg!* for indepeuoence with renewed oiiergv and an unfalter ing devotion. Shall we prove o.iraclve? unworthy sons of su< h n< ble aire*/ >hall we, with resources so much M j^cior to theirs, w Ith an army so much larger than th-irs, with a |K>polatio>> so much greater than theirs, falter for ono moment In the defene* of our liberties and of oyr na tionality? Shall w? desp iud and beenst wu bccuTIW we liave met reveries here and there f fhallwf' theiraemeuof tho South, become the hawsis <f wnod and the draw'ers of water for a despotic and Implacable Mf No! .hopatri Itm of the people, rcflned In Mm crucible of a<lveriity, must, like para goM.shina th? brighter; thi-lr high resolves must b? renewed upon th* altar ot their country's independence; their willlupness to boar suffering, to give all and risk all for tho confode 0<jr. rauat be re afflrmed and made appareot by their acts of ;>atr?ot ^m and devotion to th* ^,iiM. Away, then, with 4g^t>oudetii:y?with despair?it Id ?' dlegra. e to frr ouie*?to men strugg: ing to b? ire*. They know but ono resolve, but one ihifeh ieth, aud that on* is "?toryor death " With larg* artniee In the field, w ith brave and aoounplisho-l letters <t their h*ad. wlthr a.just taiise, uad the favftr of an over ruling Providonee, what havo we tofesry Tliu water courses may bo over run bvthnlr gunboats, th* senroast maybe seiaed by their Ae*ts,cltl ? and towns may rail Into their hand*, but w* hare tlie I terlor of the? onfe iaiacy?if ne*d Mj the woods and the mountiiini?iu which and upon whka to concentrate onr armies, and ilienc* drive bark and root the invaders of our soil. But we need not fear (1Kb an alternative. Tke <nrmy h411 bt foAl/ptd at Kerb* town and at 0> -tnih? iml when his broken cohorts ac I flying phaLirX"* go ftyi?fl tn l,- to Vuir \orthtrn homtwi routed ami rf?>/-?r>erf, jmrtued by our <~i> tnriaus armim " then will our > ap'ured citK'S be given up, and the ln>t% pendeuceof our c onfederacy acknowlo-lged. This la m Idle dream. It Is a reasonable hnpe:and one which need* but patriotism,energy and determination to accomplish. Then,we ask onr readers?our whole people?to cast away all fcoiiugs of despair or despondency, tn th* worda of tho poet, It la wtacr and better never give op, Than onc<i to despair; and, In the language oi Beauregard, to 'be of good riieer;our cause is just, and UoUwlll yet give ua th? victory." Tlie Uebrl SltMlio* ?t CorlnU>< RlHEi, VKltHtO* OF TUB MTMMMt IM WHICH Til COK? FKDKHATKn ?0r0HT AT CORINTH. [Krom tbe Petersburg Express, M.?y 2.J SOUIUMUT fOUMEHJi. Tho d,<h* ?rt?nlT!g ruu of luck, which, beginning wltk ?hn def.-at of Oeoeral 7/)lltroffi?r, ut Somerset. po ?a> couraged the winy, h?d well uigh ilist-onrutfod iho rotu flderire of the South In Ibe superiority of the t"n(?fenl man hi a lighter. We know Out in every cu>? our sol* dlers wro overpowered l>y MmbM. b it the d?pr?st<in0 eflfcct of adversity wns more powerful even tli n?mvl? tlon, nn.l wo onirt not resist ilu fear that otir mm war* littln better UiAn tl.o*e who fought litem, nud thai num ber? would decide the battles, If not tho gfMNl result of tho war. Hut the battles of April Oth and 7th r?et?r* tbe prest ige of the tfonihern soid:er. On Sunday, wltli scarce thirty fJ\ ? thousand men, tl\" thousand bum* ua<f (Mr;y thousand foot end artillery, we taught au?l entirety roatod an army of s me tl'ty thousand or tnoro of the b.-et troops?be t In i?r < n??( and t?o/?rA|r-tfett tb| e tnv can mat Khal lu tliie war. They were Wetter^ m ;i,"hnr<ly and darln# feliowe of tb? prainea, net the fe Mc and timorous derlrrnaof tho Kw t'<rn oitlee. irrove these stout and splendidly equipped fellows beforf eg lite chaff be'ore the gale, and ulgM only oared them. Art-r a day of slaughter and a night of weary w?tcly lug tinder arm*, ihe.ouemy hurled legion* of fresh trdofi iipi.n u*,outnuhift?rln< na more tlutu twe lu OM, It if authentically stated. The Mobile Nfi$Ur bM autteerltf fur stating that on tht te omi day nw ptmH is Utk if

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