Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 7, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 7, 1862 Page 1
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m NEW ERAIiD WHOLE NO. 93? 1. NEW YORK, WEDNESDAY, MAY 7, 1862.-TRIPLE SHEET. PRICE TWO CENTS. SITUATIONS WASTED-FEMALES, For Other Wsnti See RtgHtlft Page. AS SEAMSTRESS-Y~BITPATION WANTED, BV A young girl, hi a prh-ato family, us seainsti vss or laJh.s' uiaid; can cut and lit Indies'or chl'dreue'drensca; la an ex cellent Imlr divsaer; ki? veara' city references. Call for twodays at 3u West Hth at. A WIDOW, FROM THE NORTHERN PART OF OER niany, wishes a plac? aa nurse; she sneaks her native language correctly; la well osperlem ed In taMogcare or chil dren ami is a good seamstress. References given. Inquire at #7 Orchard at. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A VERY COMPETENT woman, to do chamberwork and nursing or chamber work and fine washing anil Irojilnx; beat of city references: ao objection to go in ihe cuMtftrKfor the aummer. Call at Mil 7th ave., third Hoof->*^ ^ A RESl'ECTA^E GERMAN Gl\L WANTS A HITUA tion, in rivatc family, to do chamberwork. Call for two days at^!3 Atlantic at., Brooklyn. \ A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do up maim work or general housework; ia a plain cook and coo l washer and Ironer; two years' reference. Call at No. 0 Weat S4th at., between 9th and 10th aveg. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Kil l, aa cook and to wash and Iron. Can be keen at her present employer'e, 33 West &Lh at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa first clasa chambermaid and wait resa; no objections to a*amt with the washiug and Ironing; thoroughly competent iu her business; best of c.ty reference from ilrat elasa families. Can be aeen for two day a at 1,271 Broadway, near Sid at. ARE8PECTABLE YOUNfl GIRL WANTS A 81TUA tion In a small private family, to do general Itouse.vork; te a good washer and iroder; is very kind to children. Can he seen at her last pla.:e, 33 3d ave., between 9th and 10th eta. A YOUNO AND RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A situation as chambernial l und to do plain sewing; no objection to take care of children and to sew. Can be aeen lor two daya at 19* West 'J7< h at. AS NURSE.?A LADY 18 DESIROUS OP FINDING A aituatlon for her nurse; she is a woman of n>auy years' experience in the care of children; is fully competent to take entire charge of an Infant; aha porta with her, being obliged to have a wet nurse for her own child. Apply at 33 East apth at. *** A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN HONEST, WILLING young woman, as cook, washer and ironer or to do ce netal houauwork iu a auiall private family; has the beat city reference. Call for two daya at 124 West Sfith st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AH chambermaid and to do plain sowing or to take itare of children; no objection to the country. Apply at 210 Wont 2'jtb St., between 8th and 9th aves. AYOUNO GERMAN WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as chambermaid or waiter; can speak French and Eng. lifch well. Inquire for one day at 304 >lot t ft., rear building, third floor. AN ENGLISH GIRL, WELL AND THOROUGHLY Ac quainted with her business aa wait re hi and chamber maid, wauU a situation; would be poised to engage in a family that would appreciate her service". Apply lor three days at 42 West 10th st. for character and recommendation. A SITUATION WANTED-BY AN EXPERIENCED nurse; la competent to take the entire chargc ol' an in fant from its birth; la a good plain aewer, or would assist in cnamberwork; no objection to go In the country. Good city reference. Can be seen for two days at 1133* 7th av., between 18ih atid 19th s's., aeo nd tioor, back room. A GOOD COOK WISHES A SITUATION; 18 HONEST, faithful and industrious. Good dereference from her U*t DIks, cm bs sees (or two days ut M Pacific st., Brooklyn; " > r - 1 A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chambermaid or children's nurse; is accustomed to the care of ainall children; is willing to make herself gene rally useful; has ^ooil elty reference. Can be seen at 48 l>ean at., between 8 nith and fl6ernm at a,. BrdoUyto. A MIDDLE AOED WIDOW 07 RESPECTABILITY would like to obtain a position aa ho' a -keeper, or to do sewing and light housework, for a small remuneration; un exceptionable reference; no objection to go in the country. Address for two days Mrs. B., station A Poat office, Spring st. A RESPECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN WISHES TO take in washing; no objection to take In by the dozen or by the month, or go out by the day; the beat of reference ran be giren irom her employers for ths last seven years. Call at or address 12S West 2/th at., socond Hoar, front room. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WANTS A 8ITUA tiouaa chambermaid and waitress or to assist In the washing and ironiug. The best city reference. Call for two dtyaat 41} 3d av., between 30th and Slat st*. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOL'NG WOMAN, TO eook, wash and lrou; no objection to general house work; best city reference. Can be seen for two days at 99 Weat 19th at. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG PROTESTANT GIRL wishes a situation as waitress ond to ruislst in cham >er w ark. Can tie seen for two days at 141 Madisou av. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU, ?tlon aa first class laundress; uo objection to do chain, berwork and take care of children. Good olty reference Can b? seen for two days at 40 East 33d st., near Madiaon av. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CH.VM-' beruiaid and assist in the washing and iron in.', or 'vould do Keueral housework in a small private family. Can glfe three years' *o id city reference. Call at 32J West 16th Ft., between Kth and Mb avs.. In the rear. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION aa wet nurse; lias a fresh breast of milk, sua is healthy; lost ber l aby two wotks old. oood c ty r? tcrenco given. Cull at 7tW Prospect at., Hrooklyn, tor Mury Alwmicy. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A REKPECTABf.E yo iiig wuimin, as first class chambermaid slid wait* less; no objection to assist with the wash in 4 and iroMn^; thoroughly understands her business. Fmir years' cliv re fereuc ? fnm her last employer. Can be seen for two days ut 118 East Z8th st., third floor, front room. An intelligent youno woman wants a 8ITUA tiou aa nurse: can take lite c nitre chai K? 01 a baby am bring it up by band; will travel or so to Europe; Uved two and thrco yeurs in her two last places. Beet city nleitBtt. Can be seen for two days at 117 West 26t!i ?t., between 7th and 8th avs. A YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CH1L Urt.u a nurse uu.t to do plain sowing. or would do chainberwork aud waiting; no objection to the country for the summer. Best city reference. Can ba seen for two days ut 141 West 2Vth St., between 7th and 8th avs. A RESPECTABLE girl wishes a situation to >;? t e housework of a small private family; It a food u.iaher and ironer an 1 an eicelloul baker ol brea t; no ob jection to go a short distance In li?c c unity; preiers a goo 1 bouie utfuro wages. Good city refcretioe from Iter las' em ployer. Call at 406 Caual .St., near Hudson St , third Uoor, front room. A^m RESl'ECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITU aUou as n.rse and seamstress; la tully capaole t>l taking charge of an liom Us birth. Over seven ye art' recoin rouuaatlon. Call for two days at 139 7th av., between lyth and 2Utb sts., Brat uoor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE WO men, as first class cook; Is willing to a-sut witu wssli inu and ironing; is thoroughly competent and hat the 'test of vita reference, no objection to go a abort diets n-e in the country. trail tor two data at No. M West 13tb St., between Mil anil St'i eve., second floor. AM SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS seamstress and dressmaker, In a pn.ste family; would have no objection to aaslat in chainberwork; has the best ol ?uiy reisreuce. Apply at No. 2V2 ttib av., between ISth and IVib sta. A^m SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young a'rl. to do general housework, <?n be well re raumeuded; has the best of city relerenee. Can be seen for two davs at No. 43 Union at., Boiilii Brooklyn. A^m SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young firi, lo do geoerul housework, cook, wasn and iron; enn oe wit recommcudeJ, ami ulltln.: to make r>>-r->-It useful. tan be seen (or two days vt No. A Union con it, South Brooklyn. A CAPABLE YOUNG WOMAN DESIRES A SITUA tton as nurse and seamstress; can embroider well,sua likes the country; baa good city retereuce. Call at 2it? West ?31 at., lirst lloor. RESI'BCTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation as waitress or chambermaid, In a private fa mily; good oily reference. Can be seen at the ol her mo.ncr, .il-.? Atlantic St., third Uo>r, It. ukirn. AM| RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WANTS A SITU atiou aschatnbeimald and seamstress; e?n do all km,I* ?f sewing and embroideries in the beet style; good cny rule rene-v Call at W East ISth st. RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA ? lion as chambermaid and wait.ess, <-r mu se mi l pis n anemsiresi; In willing to mass her ell ureiul, and wen , culated to give settslaction to her employers, lias good elty relereuce. U.tli lor two day* at 132 8th St., Ciluton pi**, t'.iiid Uoor, bajk room. RESPECTABLE Yd UNO WOMAN WISHES A IX 11 it,on, as good cook and to asalst in washing and tiou in i, no objection to go to the country. Call lor two days at 40 East Mil st. " ' AN AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AH cook, wash' r and ironerj besi city refereuce giveu Iro.u litii 1 .st pl.i.i*>. Call at 13V West Ahb si. RESPECTABLE TO UNO GIRL WISHES A BITt A* tion, IU a small private family, to do general housework <i. chainherwork; has no obj 'ciiou to go a shert dlstan. e In ?h? country; is will,II; and ooliglug; has foeti city rtffnvuo.'. <"all lor iwo d.iys at lM West 28m it., between 7th an i cm A SITUATION WANTED-BY ? RESPECTABLE young wo.nsti, aa waitress or chambermaid, or lo u?et*l with the e ,an b. work; understands her buslueee. Has the l*st of olty reltreaoe. Gall for two days at Urt let ave , se cond Hoor, hack loom. A^m RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU* mInn a< chambermaid and wa.t'ese In e private family sir would n?sisl with the washing an I Ironing. Can sire the best of city references. Can bo seen at her present employer s, where site has lived two years and six months, 343 Wen 4tiijd., for two days, from 10 till two o'elot k. SITUATION W \NTED?BY A RRHPECTAB1 youiig woman; elm Is thoioiighly experienced as i. ,om pein nt <ook, and Is a good hrea l end hiscnlt maker, ie trilling tosssisi with the washing It required; c.n pioume am?t unquestionable teierenee. Cill lor two u .ys at 132 in'on-Jilsce, a few doors from Btii nr. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN AS J\ first ;a s wniiren, m a private family; willing to go o *he coiiuliy lor the summer. Ilasclty reierence t an be #i en lor lwo drvs si 3(1 West 13th si., near mi? nv., first Uoor front i out. * A fiou . SITUATION W INTED-8V A VOU.MJ i.lllt, |S a. >ssis ol iHi'*, lo luxe cat? of shlldren ami ?? light ??eewor*| the cc,intry ireferred. Apply at 441 4th st. tor Ahiee deyn ' SITUATIONS WANTED?FEMAI.ES. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANT8 A 8ITC ulinn as cook. washer ami ironer, or to do housework Id a ima 1 private family. Call at 331 SwUrtt at., Br oklyn. AYOUNO WOMAN WIR1IES A SITUATION AS FIRST rate cook and good link r, and will assist in washing. If t- quired, and no objection to go to tbe countr.. The bent of cit reference from her last employer. Call at No. 188 West 27th St., between 6th and 7th area. A YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION A* chambermaid and waitress, or child's nurse; has no o? lection to do housework for a smull family. Call at 629 Columbia at., South Brooklyn. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION FOR A RE8PECTA ble giii as iirnse aud to do plain sewing; understand# all kinds uf embroidery; or would do chauibei work; would be willing to go in tbe country. Can be ?een for two days at 219 West 14th st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE young girl, as nurse and to do plain sewiug, or is wil ling to assist in chnmherwork: can give four years' refe rence from her last place. Call for two days at 111% West 24th st., in the rear, second floor. A DRESSMAKER WOULD LIKE TO HAVE" A FEW uood customers to work for, either out, by the day, or take the work houio. Call at 88 West 17th st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUA tlou as cook, washer aud ironer, or to do general house work in a small private family. Can be seeu at 111 West 28th St., corner of 7tl> ??. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIRL WOULD LIKE A situation as nurse- and to do light chambcrwork or plaiu sew?tig. Can bo seen for two days at her present employer's. 27 West 28th st A 8 FIRST CLASS COOK.?WANTED. BY A FIRST 1V clues cook, a sit .ati<>n in a private family; she thorough, ly understands her business in all its branches, such as soups, game and poultry; is an excellent baker; no objection to a*, ?let in the washing, if required; lirst class city reference. Can be seen for two days at 9* West 18th St., bctweeu 8th and 7th ave. ARKSPE'TABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do general housework in a small private latnlly; is a good plain cook and ilrst rate washer and Ironer; al-o a rood baker; has the very best of city reference. Call for two rtajs at 118, corner of lienry aiid Atlantic sis., Bioukl>u, second floor, front room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RE-SPEC TABLE young girl, as eook. washer and ironer. Has go id city reference. Can be seen lor two days at 287 1st av., bctw eta 17th and 18th sis. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WITH A FRESH BREAsT O. m:lk, wants a situation as wet nurse. In a respectable family; has just lost her baby; or as chambermaid and wait ress; can do tine sewing; no objection to the oountry or to trot el. Call at 673 1st are., between 83d and 34tti sts. A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A GOOD 8ITUA aoti for her nurae. Can be seen until the end of this week at 41 West 9th st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED woman, aa iiint ca_ai cook, thoroughly competent 101 ail its branches; no objections to go a snort distance in the country; lias the very best of city references from lirst class families. Can be seen for two days at 319 West 16th St., near 8th ave., first Moor. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A COMPETENT PER son, as seamstress, in a private family; understands ail kinds of family sewing; can operate on Wheeler A Wil. son's machine. Call for two daya at 127 West 19th st., corner of 7th ave., ee ond floor, front room. A COMPETENT YOUNG GIRL WANTS A SITUATION as aunts and seainsttvss; no objection lo travel; good city reference. Call at 1(M Went 28th at., neat 7th ave. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG SWEDISH WOMAN WANTS a I'lace as lady's dressmaker and sean-.etresj, In a pri vate family; hat eight years' practice In this conn try: can opSrata on WhfceMf A Wibon's machine; understand* housekeeping. Call at |27 Bowpry. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT WO mau, as cook in a private family; uudciatanda her bit sineaj; cenotnc well recommended. Can be ireen for two days at A3 University place, between 11th and Ifth stg. raw mHiEB all kinds of pastry, bn ad and soups; hai the lest of city reference from her last place. Can be seen at 214 We*t Slat St., between 8th and 9th ars. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, at laundress, In a private family; understand! tinting and mangling; no objections to the country; city referonec. Can be seen for two days at 198 10th av., between 41st and 4*1 Hi. RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A 0TTU ation as plain cook; Is a good washer and liont-r; best of reference from her last place. Can be seen for ttVo days at 12 Little Jones St., tlilrd Uoor, iu the rear. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU ation, iu a small private family, to do general house* work; is a good washer and lroner and can do plain cook lug: can give the best of city relerenee. Can oe seen at her last place for two daya, 18 7m are., between 12th and 13th sts. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, as good plain cook and a moft excellent washer unci lroner; best city relerenee trom her l::?t place. Call lor two days ut 197 8th St., I etwee u 2d and 3d avs. A RESPECTABLE YOl'NO woman wishes a situ. atlun as ouok and to assist In the washing and ironing; is willing to go in the country; three .vears' reference from Uer last situat.on. Apply at 120 West Sid at., fourth lloor. * RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WISHES TO OB 1\. tain a good situation as general houteworker in a smi'll family; no objection to go a short distance in tlie oountrv. UjiU at 31 City llall place tor two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO cook, wash and iron; is willing to do housework. City relerenee. Can be seen for r.vir days cornsr of Hoytun'l Warren *ts., Brooklyn, over tin* grocery. - SITUATION WANTED-AS CHAMBERMAID AND A. to a .--in with the washing and ironing or plain tewing; liaa bit years'riiy teference from her last place. Can 1>? ??en for uo da>* at 129 Ea?t 2oth tt., between 2d and 3<1 avs., third lloor, iront r join. APROTESTAKF OfBI' WISHES A SITUATION AS cook and to assist In wailiing ai d i. oninj ; make? very xood bread and biscuit; city reference. Call lor two days at 1.16 VV en 19th st. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION IN a private family; is a v>o.( rook and a first rate wmher ..nd lroner; Is willing to live in tlii city nr co intry for the Hummer; good elty reference Can be seen lor two days, 10 A. M. till2 P. 54., at 8i West 19tli at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE \TO. man, r? good plain cook, nastier and lroner, or to ?.) general li<ms> work for a .'mall prn ate family; understands her buslne?s thoroughly. aid baa tour ft ars' reference from her last place. Call at 190 Water st.. Brooklyn. A GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO uliamberwork and waiting; good city tefeiencc. Call at 98 Wooster st. AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS.?WANTED, BY a ivspe< t .b> young woman, a situation as ekamber* maid and waitress la a small family. Good city relerenee. Apply at 308 6th av. A RESPECTABLE AND EXPERIENCED YOUNG widow wishes a sltnstion as nurse aud seamstress; la fully competent lo take the entire chaige of a baby from its btrtli; has no objection to go a abort distance in the coun try. Best of elty reference. C?n be seen for two days at 214 West 21st St., between 8th and 9th avs. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES THE WASHING of a few geat'cmcn or lamlllis by the month; has tn best of reference. Uan .to Frem-h Uut ng, and Is very ait?. 1 Hi of ladles' uneries; Is capaale in every re* pet. Please call at or a Idrcs# 309 27ih St., near IUUi av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO tnau, as nurse and seamstress; has no objection to go in the country. Can girt right years' r.-f.renc?. May 6 aecu for .wo days at 30 Prince si., Brooklyn. Europe.-wanted, BY A MO>IT TRUSTWORTHY person, who *p. |K| and Writes sereral languages, * situation to travel to Europe as govcrne..*. luu ror.ter or u.ielul companion to Indies travelling for health and Instrue. tlon. Salary no object. Address Europe, or apply at E*st 14th si. LAUNDRESS' SITUATION WANTED?HY AN EXPERI sniisd person, who thoroughly understand* lier bu?in**s In all Its brain h>'S, the tiue.l of timing snd sil sorts of tire washing and In nlnjr. Can be seen at M West ^Oth St , be twern 6th and 7ib hti. SITUATION WANTED?BT A YOl'NO OIRL, TO DO rh*ini>erwrork and plain sewing; or Would takecare ol children; (nod city relerraee. Call for two ilajrs at No. 1 Henry st, near Hamilton av., South Brooklyn. SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNfl girl, ltl years of age, to take can- of children, or to do rharaberwnrk; n<> objection to go a short dlstunce 111 the ? ountry; can give referen.c from lier last plaoe. Call at 4IM Utti av., between 38th and 90th ats. SITUATION WANTED-BY A (RESPECTABLE PKO testsnt youngromau, as chant' ertuaid stid to assist in the washing and ironing of a srr all private famllv; weuM hitve no objection to do general housework; Is wi'llng and obliging; Is an e*r?lleiil waaher and Ironer; satisfactory rc Iert-n'-e gran from h?r last plaoe. Call for two days a> 130 We-u M|Ti St. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WO. O nian, as good < ok, lirst tate wis.. r and Ironer; good city reference can bo given. DM for two days at No. 4 Prince St., near the Bower*. SITUATION WANTED?BY TWO TOUEO WOMEN, AS nurses, In some mprrtable fain.:!???, to tr.i\el t> Emop<> or Cadfomla; but ot rslereiue given. Aptly fo. two (ays at No. ? Es?t Sl*t ?t. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A EINO AND OBLIO lug Oil, ?s n irse or imitr ss to a lady b-titriilng to B.otbinu. A) range men'a ninile at the house of Iter lASt eu. ployer, 177 II nry si., Bmoklyn. WANTED-HY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT young Irl, a nutation as ?n?itie,s in a priate lamlim no ohjoctiou to go a shoit distance in t lie country. Call at 4o? lOtb av., comer 41st at. A\i ANT ED?BY A KEBPEt JTAKLE YOUNG WOMAN, A f Y situation as ? hambermall and scam-drees, oi as uurw and s a.nstress; sho llteil In her lss placv seven \ ours Can at 17 tollcae place, near Uc riding sihoo!, Br..u* y.i. \\.' ED?HY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A tlWA TT tiott as laitntlp-ss. or to do ?ousewor. n a small , a mtly. UO'xl reference gi?en. Call at *22 ist,av. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RKSPE'JTABLK yoMHt womsn, toon general housewora in a private family; good 1/ r>r?n e if reuulixd. c.iu no seou lor two u ys at ll-i Aii.intlc St., HrookJ. n, second lloor. WANlED-A SITUATION, BY A RBhPCCTARLE YT yo n? P. ? t ?t,nit.girl,<i? cha-iiberiH.ild m l to assist In Washing ml Iroaing, or wotri l lake care o , h,l ren and do plain s wiu, ; AO ouiei tlM to tin; cosuiry Itost-lli role r ,,^e. i!nn hi i ecu ai W. West Z/tti si., near , .n a> , li t'.e ?t re. , IVANTED-A SITUATION BY A El.SPK lA't? ~i ?' young v nmitt. to 11 cm I II I. ?? i. ? vt?, | tv.n,lie. an tr. nur mid p aiu cOoH, Ap. ;v ?t in* un* nt cMfHgrcr s. itM La?itu u st.. Brookt?ii lor taree .lets. SITUATIONS WARTGD-FKMALF.g. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation as seamstress In a private family ; plain sewing, needleuork. an embroldeier ami vest maker. Can l* mil for a week at 88 North 4ih at., \V illiainsburg. YITANTED?A SITUATION, AS CHAMBERMAID, BY A TV capable girl, with good rofeivuct. Call for two days at 51 West 22d st. TyASTEB-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL., AS TT chambermaid and nurae; la a good plain sewer; city rel'crencc given. Ca'l at 95 Eatt lCih st. YyANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE m young woman, aa nurae and seamstress; thoroughly understand* the rare of children; lina four year*' eltv refe rence from her lanl plac?. Call ai 248 7th av., between 2<>th and 27th at*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUATION TT as chambermaid and to assist in waiting, or aa waiter and to assist In chamberwork; haa five years' eiiy reference. Can b<- aeeu for two days at 77 West I9th St., second floor, bark room. WANTED?A SITUATION AS HOU6EKEBPER IN A TT private family, or to attend to an elderly geml-man, l>y a virj respectable middle aged German womiin. Bcsl re ference. Apply at 131 Hudsou St., first iloor, back room. WANTRD-A LADY DESIRES A SITUATION FOR A rlrlaanurFeiuidseumstress; is an excellent servant and will be furnished with unexceptionable recommenda tion. Inquire at 109 West 2Sd St. X\TANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE TT young girls; one to do general housework or cook, wash and Iron; can make excel! ni bread and biscuit; the oth"r aschauiliermaid and waitress ortotake cue of chil dren: unexerntJonable city and country refereuuea given. Call on or address Advertiser. 213 East ISUi st. "W7"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITTTA TT lion to do general homework In a small private inani ty; in a good washer and ironer. Can be seen for one day at 313 West 21st st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A Hon to do genoial liousnwor* in a nice private family; isagood plain cook, washor an 1 ironor; is well reeuminend rd fri m her last plaoe: no objection to the country lor the summer. Call at 130 East 29th st. ?rANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE PRO TT testant klrl, hs eh?mberuiiid or launilress in a private family, luipuru at 201 West 2t)ih St.. in the rear, for two day*. Good reference given If required. T\7"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRI,, A SITUA" T T Hon in a prlvae family as chambermaid and lauu<lrea? Uasih.ibrst of city reieience; has lived live years and a ball' In her last p'a c. Call for two days at 117 West UtJtli St., between 7th and 6th aves. WANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK, OR LAUNDRESS, by a n^pectablo Protestant wouisn. I'an iw ?.m ai her eiupl jyer's, KO Wekt 22d el, between Gib anil 7th avof., until engaged. Can furnish lb" be-.t of reroinmendatious. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE voutiK woman, M chambermaid and is willing iu h sslst. with the wa?b:ng and ironing; in a good newer ana a good hand at embroidery: lias been three years and three mouths In her last place, fnm which she has the beat of city ret'e rmice. call for two days al 103 West VJth si. between t?;h and 7th aves. WANTED ?A SITl'ATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yoiiiij wom.'.n as chambermaid and assist la washing and ironing, or as cook; would hnve no objections to houa< \\ ork, in a small fauilly. Call at 36 John at., naar the Bridge ft. ferry, rtcond floor, front room, between tire hums of ten and two. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa chaonbarmaid and to do plain S-'Wltif;, has no objection to help do the wa?hiag and iron a:: good city re ference. Call at 221 Pacific at.. Brooklyn TXT"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY young woman, as ook and to asslat in the washing and ironing; haa the belt of city reference. Call lor two day* at 46 Bd av. \JLr ANTED?A 81TUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE 11 young woman, as waitress; also, by a respectable wo. Win, a situation ?e vpokiu t? private lamilv: they would prefer living togetnerT n"it of vCff fSBJe fXH m given IVSTrt their last Employers. Can be teen lor two day ? at 156 W cat STthat. WANTED?BY A COMPETENT OIRL. A SITUATION aa chambermaid in a respectable family; would do plain aewing or embroidery; would go in the country ur travel with a lady; la fond of children; haa lived twelve ) ears in tlr.-.t clasi American families in this city and three years with one of the llt'H families la Brooklyn; would go u? first class cook if not stilted In the above capacities. Ap ply to or address M. S., 81 Broome at, ooruor of Colambia. Can be aeon all the week, or until engaged. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN. A S1TUA tion aa chambermaid and waitress. Three year*' reference from last place. Call ai 99 Wett 18th at. \ITANTED-A SITUATION, A8 WET NURSE, BY A YY respectable young iwirrtod won an who haa loat her own baby, had the Lett city reference from lamlliesahc has lived with an 1 from the pbylclnn who attended her. Call for two dxys at 416 3d av., near 31st at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GERMAN girl, a situation us chambermaid and seamstress or chambern.ald and waitress. Be?l city reference. Inquire i or two days al i(M 3d av., bctw ecu 13th and 14th its. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as first class cook, and ts willing to a-sist ,n the washing and ironing; no objection to go it shut t distance in the country. Hasagood iroomiuendat'op from her last I luce. Call Ml 173 West 25lh at., ueur 8th af WANTEn-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG OIEL, A situation, to cook, wash iind Iron; the beet ol city refe rence given, t an lw seen for two days at 316 lllcks at., near Congress, S ?;st-h B.ooUyij Mscond floor, tiont. VITA MED?A SITUATION AS COOK, WASHER AND YY ironer, or wot'Id do geuoral hoiscitork. Apply at No. T Gallatin |.la*o, bn> >klyn, her present employer's, any day ihtg week excepting Saturday. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE I-ADY. ONE OR VY two children to Hoard; will hud a cutuloi isb.e home. Inquire of Mr-. MeCue, In Seventy-seventh street, between Third and fourth avenues. rtr ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITU A YY Hon us good e.iok, washer un I ironer. Uood c ty reference from a?r laai pnee. Can be seen for two days at the corner of Court and S ickeit ?l*., South Brooklyn, over tbu meal market. WANTED?A SITUATION AS NURSE AND CHAM bermald, or chambermaid and acanistrea*. Can b* seen fur two lays at her rre-t ut employer's, where she haa lived nearly three years, 4U6 h av. WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO WOMAN, A aituation-as nuive an i chambermaid, or chanibermuid and laundress; is a good p'aui sewar; has good city refe rence t rom her last place. Cull at lift West 37th gt. UTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN. ' a situation as cook, washer and trow r or to do gene n. ral bona -wo. k; good city reference I rotn her last uise-. ? 'all lor two days at the comer of I'nderbtllav. and Paclfirf si. (inick house), Brooklyn, third floor, ba'k rooms. IITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE IT young girl, to do gen?ra! housework in a a null lamily; city reference can tie given. Al'ply at M Pacific St., corner ot Hicks at., South Brooklyn. UfANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE YY youug girl, to cook, wash unit iron ur lo do p n ral b nueuork for a small family; good reference. Apply for two d.ij s al 203 Wett Ul s t. WANTED?A RITl'ATION AS SEAMiiTRESi*, BY A young woman, well acquainted with all km* of fami ly sewing; la willing to ssaiM In rhambi-rwork; hss no ol> j?c>lou to go lo Use country for ihe summer. Cau be ?c n fur three day 1 at her present employer'*, :ii Greene st. V|7"AKTED-A PITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT Protestant ?lrl, u chambermaid and waitress; ]i?l reference given. Can 395 2d are. AIT"ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A STRONO YOCKU TT woman, ou a Jarm; sbn la willing to go lor three dol lars a month and board for a little boy nix ye,irs old; tan Hive go d reference a* to belnf a noher, industrious, honest woman: understands cow* and Inner. Addrrse MaryCantv, care of 1'utrlek Sr.ea, Knrdh.iiii, \\e?'cbe?iei c i-tnty, N. Y.' VV'ANTED-BY A VOL"SO UIRI-. A SITUATION A8 TT cook, wanner and Irouer, or lo general housework In a Mnall private family. Plraae rail at 1*1 Ea?t IWh st. WANTED-BY AX HONEST, INRl STRIOL'S wo man, to bo out by the da,.', hoiaa cleaning, or washing an>l Ironing. Katiafaciory referent eglveu. Inquire of Mary Kobiuson, 114 Eaat 33d *t., ill the rear. WANTED?BY A REHPECTABI.E PROTECTANT girl, a tit * i fit ton ai mine and to do pla n sewing, or ?a chambermaid an I line washer. Please (..ill at 3ft Wc-t 13th at., up stair.*, first floor. WANTED-BY A REHPECTABI.E PROTESTANT young woman, a situation aa nur* and seamstress;

ran cut and tit children'* ciolhea and uiidcrslnnds all kinds of famliy sew ing; <an opeiate on Wl.e-ler A Wilson a ma chine. Be?t of reference*. < all for two dajs at 3(44 Bowery, between 4th and Mb at*. W^HANTED-A SITt'ATlON, BY A RESPECTABLE jomi. woman, aa llr-t i me laundress, orcbambermnld and latiudresa; no objection lo go to the i ?untry; Ihe beat of elty reference '.an be given. Call for two < ?/? at 02} | Weal Washington plate. WANTED?BY A IIEBPBCTABLB WOMAN, A SITVA t on aa good plain rook and to assist In wathlng and Ironing; no objection to the cvuutry. Cau be teen until en gated ut her present employ-t'*. 2".1 Llvlagitou St.,Brooklyn, or address b<>i 3,04 New York Poet oOlce. WANTED? BY A WOM \N, A RITUAWON TO COOK. TT wn*h and Iron, or to do general homework, In a pri vnfo family; baa no ?jjeeiion to go a short dlstams In the country, iiaa good elty retervnt*. Can be seen till suited at No. t-> L-wis st., belweuii Broom* auJ Delauccy sis., in Ihe Until WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, IN a * null family, lo cook, wash and Iron; Isatirst rate eo 'k; should Ilka logo to the country for the summer; ran bring upwards of live years' reference from her laat emit ov. et Can he wen lor two days, If not engage.I. at 256 West 12lli st 14'ANTED? BY A RESPB<^TABI.B WOMAN, A HITUA TT tlon ns took; is a food pi till cook; iinilcrstnud* the buklng of bread, pies, biscuit, and all sorts of plain cook n Una no objeciloii to do the houaewot k of a hid ill family, lias el* years'city reiereitee trom Iter last place. Cau Itj seen fo.- iwo ilnys a N '. I H rington tt. I VAN TED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPElTABLE TT yout.g woman, at tnir. u and *eamsii'*s, or to d >rhim b r -or't nnd woltin.', 111 :i *mal! private inmily; has hc*t of rei oiiiuieii eition ; *Uh*r city or a shortdistance in tlie cotin try; i an >!o ?;1 kind* id c.ubr lidery on mnstin and (latin-1. A,?, 1y t l.V.i 2d av., b'lwet n 2?lh a tut 2;llti sia. VVANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YO'.'NO WOMAN, T>> ?T i'* i i,. i it I ou*?work 'ii a p I. ut ? isn't T. ''an tie *o>"i for''? da) Hi I' jK hi 16'Ii -t. \l A ?.TIP?A HI 11 ATION A.<4 COOK, BV A KESPR T I? s I"." "K 'vi'in i i; m 'Vililn , to a-??i in ?im tvitanl 14 I and fr i H g, bso Iiyr ft ? liom rli? e n ?. ','a ? j I e 1 i; ; ?. o , e 1 ,mgi from -il!l t,, ? con ' ,. t SITUATIONS WANTED-FENAI.RK. WANTED?A SITUATION^ BT A YOUNG GIBL, AS seam urea*; undemumda dieaaiiiakiog, cutting ami Alio* rhib.rcn'a clothe*; underatanda operating <>d Wheeler and W!l?on.'? sewing machine; no objection to take care of chil dren. Good city reference. Call for two daya at 347 3d ave., comer 22d at. WE FN D RKE?SITU ATI ON WANTED, BY A HEALTHY young woman, nan wet nume, in a leapectable family. Apply at No. 60 South 3d at., WUltanmburg, after 9 o'clock WANTED?A situation, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, aa ckan-berinaid and walireas, or to do general housework In a Linall private family ; has good elty reference. Can beaeen at her laat place, 318 West 35th at., betwevn 8th and 9th aia., t rat Boer, front. WANTED?BY A FIRST CLASS DRESSMAKER, THE IT work of a few private famine*, by tlie day. Beat city reference. Apply at or addr-aa 89 lloiirtoa at., corner of Elizabeth, Tilt Hour. Orders will meet with prompt attention. WANTED-BY A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE PERSON, a aituation as jeaiuaueas and elam henna id; la a ueat, plain aewet , nuuld make heraelf otherwise usciul; wages not bo inu. h an nine't aa a ntc family; no objection to tne care oi a crown child. Very b at cfiy reference. Al ply at 922 Rro.1'1 wjty, entrance on 21 s: at., In the dressmaking establish m< nt, thu<t Door. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A HITUA lion; la a sood plant cook and an excellent washer and lroncr; no objection to the cotinuT. Good city reference. Call at 111 17tti at., between 6th and Jih avx. TITAN TED-BY A protestant WOMAN. A SITU A" TV Hon to cook, wutl and lro u in a unia'l private family Bc-itetty reference from her laet place. Call at 497 9th av.> between loth and list at*. WANTED-BY A RESPECT A BLB YOUNG WOMAN, it aituation to act; to a baby and new ; la a good smart newer; or would do general housework iu a (mall private faiuilv. Beit olty refer cuce. Call at MOEuat 14th at., near a". A, in the store. Wanted?a situation, by a ruspki tabl e woi man, aa lamdi ess or to do the housework df a sraal private family, lleet :hy reference. Can be aojn for two days at. 184 Laurens at., near Bleecker nt. WANTED-BY A yot'NG WOMAN, v SITUATION VT ns saleswoman In a bakery or confectionery; hat live years' elty reference. Apply to or addresa E. W., 48 3d av., in the store. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE, THOROUGHLY t < .npetent widow lady, a aituation aa housekeeper in a geutleir au's family. Inquire at H Rivlujtou st. for three days. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA. T T turn an first rate cook in a private boarding house or re *<aurant; baa ir> obj oollou to go aahort distance in the coun try, bat ol' elty reference given if required. Call for two ? a j i at in Bow?ry, between Hi-aier and tlrand at a. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WORRIED WOMAN, Tf a batiy to wet nurse, at b?'r own re?ldcn e, whose baity is only six weokN old. Call at 2d Atlantic St., Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA 11 lion as chambermaid and nuiae; good city reference given. Ca!! at I9? West 27th at., over ibe groeery. WANTED- \ SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE M young girl, as chambermaid and waiter; is willing to assiat in tbo washing and ironing, or would take care of Chil dren. Call for two days at 28 Perry at. 117"ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG\WOMAN, A VT aituation aa tirat rate took and good washer and leoncr. Beat, of city reference. Call at 176 liabt 2Ctl? st., tecauU Moor, front room, for two daya. ttTANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A 8ITUA tt tion au cliuwi e.tiiald and waltresa. Uoud leference. Call for two daya at 191 West 3ith at. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A VT situation as cook, washer a,nd iroucr, or to do general housework In a small family. Can be seeu at 68 East War ren (>t., opposite the public school, Brooklyn. \Y WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS TT waitress, or would do the chainhenvork and wait lug of a sir all family: ran refer to ll>e most rcpcctablii fatnll;c?. Can be icen at lift East 18th st. WAX TED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situition as chambermaid and plain seaman en*; is a good operator on a son lug machine; would take caie or chil dren . uas live won' city reference from lier last place. Call at 152 7th av., between 4)lh aud 21st sts. 11TANTE&-BY A RESPECTABLE rROTESTANT WO TT man, a situation to do general housework; best of reference. Call at 128 17th eu, between 7th aud 8ili avs. Wl ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE (TIRL, LATELY TV landed, a situation ss ohatubertuald and waitress; 1* willing to make herself generally useful: wages nut so much an o'i|nci nit * good home. Can be sew until engaged at 71 Bust liiih ?t., between 1st and 2d avos. TI7ANTED ?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE I TT * i,ling plain cook, washer Hurt Ironer, or to 1 do g-ti' ral l.onseworK In a small private I'atnllr. Has good city reference. Call for two days at 121 East -O.ii st., tTilrtl Coor, back imm. TVrANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, A SITUATION IN TT a small lauiily to cook, wash and iron; alfO t > do ge neral hoitsr-wurt; no objection to Uie roontiy. Oau be seen for two da.; s at 174 West 37th st. RANTED?A (SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, its ch.iinbt'i maid or wamesa; Is willing to do both, o.' to do g-nttal housework In .t small famllv; best of city reference nueu. Call for two days at 175 West 321 it., to;) lloor, front room. WANTED? A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE Vt 1 rotostant girl, its chambermaid and M-amsiruaa, oi waitress; best of city reference; no object! m to the rnttutrr. (an lie wen for two days at 1st) Ea?t 21st St., between 1st aud 2davs. WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION A9 TT i i.auibeiiusid and nailtcss, and to aatisi In the watjh iii>{ nnd Ir in.ii?, or to iln the washing and ehnmherwork; best of ciiy r-fereuce Horn her ltisl place; win be found willing and ohllclng. Can bo stcn at 224 West 33tU st., be iwccn 3th and t'th nvs. VITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GERMAN TT g'rl, *? < ,ok, wnshor and Ironer: Is willing and oolig lug. Address 041 Co.uwbia st., South Brooklyn. TV ANTED?BY A MIDDLE AGED WOMAN, A SITUA T T lion as cook, w miliar and lrouer in a small lamily. no objection to the' ouulry; be.?t city refer, n e from her last employer. Can be s -eu tor two days at 1417th ay., betweeu IV!h aud 20th sta., third lloor, trout rou>. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY AN EXPERIENCED cook, wtoi iiu.ierslaiids all kinds of cooking, pastry aud preserving. Beat of elty reference, ("all lor tao nays at 87 24th St., n< ar tth av., room 10, sccoml lloor. XtTANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT young alrl, us chuo.oermald aud waitress; no objec tion to th- country; bent ol reforence from her iast plare. Cull at 01 Bast 3*1 si., third door, front room. 117ANTED?BY X YOUNO GIRL, A SITUATION AS TT snnmairess; understsn la all kinds of family sewing; c..n operate uii IV bee er A Wilson's aewlug ma tune; hasa sew tig nis' Llne whl' li > an bo 11 tod if letpiired. Call lor two days at 194 Ess* Slat at. WANTED-A SITUATION AS COOK OR CIIAMBER Tt mailt, by a widow worn in; has on" child; wishes to tike Iter with her tu the country for low Wages. Apply ai 197 Bui 81 K? reorth floor, irtmt rooa. WANTED-A SITUA1IOK. BY A RE-PECTABLE > oung girl, to do ehnmberwork and mKe c ire of ehil dren; 110 objection to *0 in tlfe country. Uon4 city reference. Can bsi seen for two days at 424 3.1 11 ar 3-M si. A NITIATION* WANTED?MAI.ES. SITUATION WANTED?BY A.N K\ PER IE.WED 10 tebman, w ho thoroughly und'-rstands his bnslnoss and is parfoctly eonvi'sant with the ireatment and mau i?e mentor hor-ea. Ifas the best of refercn cs, having llrej eight yenrs In one pla"e. Apply a' 40 and 43 East ^^j>t. A YOUNO MAN, OP GOOD FAMILY. A NATIVE or Switzerland, wishes to place bltnsa,f on a good farm, I11 thu .? New York or lVnnaylvauU,, where he could make himself ns-ful and beeoRM a-qnalnted with the nprrl culture or Uils cuutry; la thoroughly versed In that of hia own - la willing to iiay r< n<nnably lor board. AU^Ircsa, slat ing t"mi*, M. O., bo< 211 lleiald office. A YOUNG MAN WISHES A SITUATION AS COACH man In a prleat ? family; ec.u t ike eve of oorass; ran 8lve the beat of ref rcB *. Call ou or ad<ircsa John Burns, 1 Naasau st. AS COACHM IN.?WANTED. A SITUATION BY A respertable young nisii, us coachman, who perfectly un derstands bis bnsuies? In s II us hram hes, isa- arefol .Irivrr aud a good groom; has the best icferenee from furmer em ployers, also from present employer. Call at or address for two dnva SO Baarer St., ae-ond lloor, fi . lit "(liee. A YOUNG MAN WIS1IE1' A SITUATION TN THE wholesale grocery or provision (mslnesa, to learn the business; la goud at writing and tlgures; good referencu. Address J., bo* 13.1 H"ralO oiUee. A RESPECTABLE TOUNG MAN WANTS A SITUATION with a gentlonukti, to take carc ot a horse and make himself usefo'; ran work In ?garden; only a few days land ed from 1 clan.1; no objections to the oonutry. Apply at 283 West 28tb St., for two days. CrjRAIN. FLOUR AND PEED.?A TOUNO MAN, WHO T has been in the business, wishes a situation as book keeper, sslestran or general elerk; can Intluenee a largs country trade mid give good references. Address Peed Store, boi 118 Herald oOioe. TO HOTEL PROPRIETORS.?THE ADVERTISED DE sires an engagement to oondnct, or assist In conducting, ?ny first els"-sestablUhtncut. Is urepared wllh the evidences 01 hisoipaeiiy, Ac. Address Q? No. 21 7lh av. TO BACHELORS AND OTHERS -WANTED, A SITU ation, by ? middle aged Proteatant tnao; Is oapablo of doing all ine woik of a single gantlenian's house or nlsfarm house, cicKptlng washing. Ac.; la a good plain eook, dairy man, gardener and coachman, of an obliging temper, wlUi an cMajtlcntehaiacler for sobriety aud lutustry. Address for three dsys Man Cook, Herald oflloe. yyAN rEII-BY AN KXPERIENCBD MAN, A SITUA tiou 111 a new-.|ia|ier oillue or publishing house, or as coiresponding or shlupnig oltrks perfectly tindeistands his bitsi'icss Can give the v?ry b'jst of reference, A tires* Publisher, bo? lot Herald otlh-e. Wanted-hy a boy,"Pii teen "years ~old, a mi iati"U in a diy goojs or gi't ry store. Adilr. ss C. S. ROIH N'.nON, I5s Dutlh.l l St., Brooklyn. WANTBD-BY A YOUNG MAN WHO bas A GENE I lai knort ledge ol b 'siuesa, a situation In a tvbolaMlil frocry or commission bustn'ls Where hU ttane will bs oily i cipl d. A- 'h'! Wiper's object is to lesrn th<' bW. nesi anlhnve his Ume employe 1, salary will be a s-eond ary conslilersti m. Addrc-s, with name ol Arm, for one week, C , hot 3,334 root oflh-e. WaNTED ^A H'TU \TIH\, Ity a YOUNO M \N TO TT mlP-i s(w of Iwr* s* who thnioughly nnttorsteuds It. Call nt i2 Ea?t l?th s-., for iwu ilsys. lA/ANTKU-BT A KBSPKt TAIiLE COLOBID llOYj A TT >,i.ia o 1 as lo in.m, oi with a doct. r, < r <vo I >#Vr tai e.u 1 It r On .d elty rofer nees. Call Id^tTro It.,j s a, .142 B M k. 1 St.. in ar Ciutlk s*t. For OIHrr Wants See Piifir. INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. THE NAILS OF T11E HAMMONIA. Our London, Paris, Berlin and Medi terranean Correspondence* The American Rebellion the Re gulator of European Affairs. PROGRESS OF THE COTTON FAMINE IN ENGLAND Can Government Relieve the * Starring Operative* 1 The Naval Revolution in England, Franoe, Italy and Holland. New Flan for the Defence of the ; 8 British Coast. The British 8Mp EmUie St. Pierre Recap tor e4 from United States Seamen The American Prize Crew Surprised, Ironed and Taken to Liverpool. The Bishop of Orleans Denounces Slavery and Offers His Prayers 'for the Union. FINANCIERS AND FASHIONS IN FRANCE M. Mires, the Banker) Acquitted After a Strange Scene in Court. Eugenie Invents a New Petticoat and flakes a Coop d'Etat en the Ladies* Napoleon's Compliment to the Public Schools of America. The Prince Imperial to be Educated from Pri mary Booke from the United States, Ac.. Ac., Ac, Tli* London Herald of tbo 23d <>f April says:? owing to ihs content between the Merrimac and Moni tor in tns United States, and tl^e consequent debates in Parliament on the comparative merits of fortiOoatkons aud iron ships, the works at Breakwater Head, in the Isle of Portland, have been stopped, and it is expeoted ttiat the Verne fortifications in that island will not be proceeded with. A Paris corresponden t of the London Herald, writing on th? 21st of April, says:? The rumor Is revived of an Anglo-French Intervention in American affairs. It is said by the Southern party here that communications havo lately passed between Loudon and Paris on the aubjeot. The Spanish steamer which sailed on tho 10th of April lor Havana, carried out a large sum io specie, to pay the expenses incurred in Cuba for the expedition to Mexico. ? ? One of the most spleudld lino-of-baule-.-hlps in tho French service, tho KouUuoy, is ordered to takeoulier guns, all wood?n sliips of her class, in consequence of a ministeiial decision, being reduced to the rank of trans, ports. The Temporal Kmperor or Japan was married on the 10th of January last, his ago aud that of his wi!e amounting to thirty-two years. M. Mario and Mme. Gtifi have left Paris for a brief sojourn at their villa near Florence, described as one of the most beautiful spots in that lovely vicinity. Our Pari* Correspondence. Paris, April 11, 1802. 0?m)Aication* of the Mexican huwtion?Protect of Diffi mltiei in tht Monrot Doctrine?Hittery of tkr Alliance nn J Origin of the Idta?XapoUon'i Plan from the Com mencement?Hit LegMatit* Difficult*-* and Daire for Foreign Profit ami Glory?Tht French Army Cannot be ft'.luced?M7?at Voti tht E.nperor I\>retec??Interdict* cm Religion* Socictief and Ike Clergy?Tht Italian Ques tion and a ftar of Garibaldi, ?6e. When the combined expedition to Mexico was flrst mooted here, you will boar in mind 1 deemed It a menace against the Inltsd States. I cams to this conclusion from the animus displaced a you by the government organs here, aad because 1 felt sure that some day the pc.pleof the Anicricau States would find thotnsolvessora pelkd to say to die Allies?"Take your forces from this contiueut. We cannot and will not sufTcr European inter vention here." I fear my conclusion was too jnst a one. When you have done with the rebels you will have, no doubt, to turn your attention to what France will be doing in Mexico; for sho will then have tsken forcible possession of that republic. England accepts the treaty of !*o!edad. Spam, it la now known, will do so likewise. She approve* of General Prim's action In the matter; but Franco arcepts and ap proves nothing. At all risks and hazards she will at tempt to conquer and hold Mexico. I have been so for tunate as to obtain precise and authentic information upon the Mexican intervention, and will give you the details. You may rest assured they are correct. The idea originated with the EtnperorfNapoleon, and was suggested to him by the San Domingo aflair. By his advice and encouMgpment,and through strong promise* of great increase of power to accrue, Spain was In duced to act at once in the Mexican business. She waa assured the kernels would all be for her, the plory for France and the shells Tor England. In fact, she was to reconquer,aided by France and England, her former American possessions. Spain, dazzled at this bright prospect, at once plunged into the matter. She was to sondalarge number of troop:'?say half of the Invading force?Franco the test, aud England, tough old John Hull, would provido tho ships to carry almost all, If not all, the expedition, kngcr to set, rtpatn said she bad ships enough ef her own, and at ouce she started off bar swarthy battalions. England, warned by former proceedings, turned ft deaf ear to Napoleon's request as to providing transports for his troops, aad here Nnpoleon found himself obliged to give way. He was thus forced to nse his own ships aud incur au expense he hsd fully detsr. mined to avoid. Launched in this aflkir, he could not withdraw; so, ss England sent so few soldiers, ho waa obliged to send thousands, th? more so u ho had all along determined to make a eatspaw of Spain. This soon became evident to Spain, and new she is averse to the expedition, understands she has been duped. that Napoleon never would let her have anything in Mexico. I'riiu ssw this?hence lie sigued the Holedad convention. The Faigliah Commissiouor knew this? hence lie sigtied and Admiral de la Oraviere put hta foot in It who i he suned the said contention: Tho fact is, tho Admiral was not au fail with the ideas of Napoleon, lie .the Admiral) was to make this beginnlug sll smooth, and then deeper heads were to outwit tho represents lives oi Jpaln nud England. It never was for a moment supposed hero Hist Spain would go against her in tmctlons: that she would so Sooii awaken to thn chcat that wns being put ttpoa her. The \dmlral blundered. I!e has b n snpersediwl, and France wid now aet alono in the matter, unless she can scare Spain into foiiilng her. Kupland will not. Tho Em peror cannot withdraw from that iatal expedition now, moiiif ho wished it over much. It would be a miserable railuro. ar.d he cannot, must rot, fail now. Ho Will spend money and men to any extent. lie must ?noeeed in that i osiiy experiment. The nation must see that for the mtlli expiYdod ilieis will be some return. Thus you iitti un!e stand that I (to not overateth.' im pr.rtance of the Mexican ex|i"dlttoB. V u will en long he oh tged to drive tho French from Mexico, and .1 I i o siuaii aiiair to 4) that. A' y attomi't it me lotion, 3* v ample payment to France of debt, expenses of expedi tion, Ac.. 4r., wers useless. You will, I fear, luva 10 use your bayomts and your Dahlgrena as persuaders?that ia, in case affairs do not lake some very unexpected turn bore. M. Fuuld haa, I am assured, done all in his power to make the Em jwror ahaudon the expedition. He failed to obtain this. He then urged upon the Emperor an immediate reduction of the army, and obtained a seeming concession. That Hi tbe disbanding of >2,000 troop*. But in reality this wua no concession, and was motived from the fact thai the army exooeded by 40,000 the number provided for by the budget. Had the reduction not been made an extiaordiuary credit would have had to be demanded of the Corps Legislatif. and that body, at the present BM went, seem inclined to be stifTneckcd. The government ia aware, as It is, that it must stifltor s defeat; the bait lax will not go down, while other and equally important matters will be put down by the legis lators. altogether matters look gloomy for the government. M. Kould has, 1 am told, determined to re sign in case his bills are rejected by the Chambers. Thai they will be ho must knuw. floated M. Rouher.the Mi nister of Commerce, ha. e Feen his Majesty, ancl begged of him a further and nnmeroi s reduction of tbe armad forces,as well as the abandonment or the Mexican expe dition. It ia said the Kmperor wan deeply aflbeted bp the supplications of bis two most devoted minister!: but he is determined he will not reduoe the army. What does he dread, or rather what doe* keforeuef in tbe meanwhile, and to add to tlio general feeling of discontent and alarm even, Pcraignp continues attacking tbe clergy. He haa done for the Society of St. Vincent do Haul, and tbe govern ment haa just, at his earneat desire, forbidden the jubi lee which the Archbishop of Toulouse wished celebrated in memory or the massacre of Protestants which took pi ice iu that city some three hundred years ago. In thla matter the Minister of the Interior is right, feuch a cele bration could but have inflamed evil pas- ions. Still, the clargy will feol they are unco more put down by ths government, and ihoir hostility will but become lb* more bitter. The Jioniitui- publishes the following not* apioposof the purposed jubilee:? The oelebratlon or a jubilee from the 16th to the tSd of May neu, as pit-si-ribed by tue pastoral letter oi tbe Arch bishop or Tuuio 86, ia nothing out the commemoration of an a.llictliw aud sanguinary episode of our old rel.uloua dis cord*. The present law's, and urticie 1 of the Concordat, r. latiru to the external of Catholic worship, make it a duty lor the government to Interdict a cerem ny which mi(,ht excite divisions and hatred anions the dllfereut elassea or citltens, and disturb public traoqu.loty. In consequence, nnd without in any way derogating lroui the a moat imme morial custom which haa rallied the- ape lid p. ocexslon call ed ibat of the Corp?-8 unts, the govcrn.nent ha* do ide 1 that all tha external pro e.-sioua or ceremonie < relative to the celebration of the jubilee mentioned iu tne pastoral letter, thull Oe iiitenlietal. I should have added above that Messrs. Fould aad Rouher begged tbo Kmperor to withdraw his troops from Rome. There ia now some chance of that. The Emperor cinnot go on forever holding out against tho advice of bla moat devoU>d followers, added to which Garibaldi la de termined to mix up in this matter,and crowned heads are afraid of him. So strong is the impression here that the Pope will die shortly that the government wiiraliow the Frcncb Bishop to attend the Convention at Rome. It Is intended that, in case of tbe demise of Pius IX., French influence may prevail at Rome. A private letter from Turin, under date of the 5th Inst., contains the following details:? ? Several distinguished Romans have fled from Rome to cscajK! being Imprisoned; amongst others the learned M. Carottl, the librarian of the Corsiulenne. He cava that at Turin tbe churches are much more frequented and the priests muc'a more respected than at Koine. Tue clergy continue to be. divided amongst themselves. The number of ecclesiastics who share Father Passa^ta'a opinions Increases every day. This Is especially the case in Tuacany, and more particularly In the diocessor Plstoja. Although General Garibaldi has 8iven numerous proora of the friendship he feels towards le King, he has nevertheless declared at l'arma, at a meet ing or workmen, that be still pio'efcsed republican oplnlous. This has afllicted the lrlendsor Italian unity. Despite this profession of faith, It is asserted that the government will appoint him Inspector Ueneral of the National Uuarda. In the same speech the General stated that he had undertaken to demand the recall of Mazxlui, and expressed his convic llou that his request would be successful. The King will go to Naples during the prorogation oi the Parliament. M. Ri. tazxl will. It is said, accompany him. It Is expected Ibat the lnsumctlonary moveracuts will soon be suppressed, for It Is announced that General Lamarim r.i intends taking simul taneous action against tbe brigands In every province. The news from Sicily Is not very satisfactory. The discontent felt against the government is Increaahig, on account of the weakness it ahowa in tbe maintenance ot the law. The last is, the intrigues ol' Francis, tha ex-King of Naple1, are allowed by the Pontifical?I should soy en couraged?while theFreucb,althoi gh apparently averse, do but little to put them down. A* long as sucb a state of attain continues, just so long will Victor Emanuel Qnd it liCP.cult to pacify thepenl'is:ila. Some days since, at the trial of the editors of the jour nal Le Travail, wbich waa, as you know, suppressed, tha advocate of Martin Bernard, tbe famous political suf ferer, M. Finanuel^rngo, in reply to th"i I'rocureur Im perial, who hnd calleil M. Bernard "a dauber-ma conspi rator, having passe J almost alibis life in the p. isonaor IM State.'' said, "Do you know, M. le Procureur Imperial, how for such attacks may roach? IIuvc you calculated tholr general import before launching them against Mar tin Bernard? Where. In tha troubled timca wc now live in?where do wo not Hie old cou?pi.atois . M irtln Ber nard lias doubtless suUered too lung in the gloomy cells and dark dungeons of tbe citadel of Douleus and Mount St. Miohacl. ? * ? Olkci wert Urn omfmot in thFurtres*of Ham. Ah! let us notam rge fruiu ilio causa wo dinctts." to day, or, if you qpeolc to u; about oi'l contjiiia cie*, I rhaft /< obliged to sjtak of them in my turn." Again, replyinu to the assertion oi tho puijlie prosecu tor that Martin Bernard was tbe friend of leiru Kolitn, the b'ad of tbo Revolutionary Ommitiee of London, M. Am/to exclaimed, "Yes, certainly, he is the friend of my friend, LcdruRollin. Yen, I confiss in his 'mine,and 1 pioclaitn in my niuii, that frkndvhip h is reproached with?that friendship which J deem an h-U' r! la it ne cessary, pcrcbance, to di?8imulute that which wo feel in our heart", our intimate sentiments and thoughts, in order to defend ourselves bwiore the in irate doty it is to rouder instice? No, assuredly no! Martin Bernard would not acoei t an acquittal at such a price; a:id I would cartainly have declined the lienor of defeud lug him if 1 bad not knowa that 1 c mid speak openly at the ba- of law and Just lea." The firmness of tlie language produced an immense 1m prelum, an I, no doubt, saved Beruarl fruia another long term of imprisonment. It is reported tho King of Italy will coma to Tar is dur ing tha confinement of bia daughter, tbe l'ncce*s Co llide. This is, 1 beliave, an error. Prinoo Hinbort, her Highness' brother, will vim her, but not the King. Tha Queen of Holland will arrive here on tho 231 instant. Rumor has it she comes to arrange a marriage between her son, tbe Prtncu of Ora:go, and tie Princes* Anne Muraf. It is now assorted that more antra .ti' n prcvailj in tho provinces and th.t the o|*ratlve<i are butteem ployed titan for soma time paat. This proceeds from tho fact that Immense government orders have been given, and that tbe successoeof the Northern States of America hive revivod the hojtes and the industry of the manufacturers. In Paris, however, shopkeejera complain loudly and deeply. Never, Since ISM, were so many first class establishments winding up aud eelling olTatcoet. Fr. m Lyons wa bear that the trade In raw silk hac bee mo almost dead. It la cxpocted~I should aay loudly ho|>ed?that largo orders lor Krencb mwi. farlure* w III follow the opening of tbe London Inhibition. The atudents, who were, as you know, deprived of thair two organs, LeTrarail and U Muvmenl, are to start two othars, which will be caliod L'A*int (iirdenud Le Mutin. The governmeut Is worried by the display of detorminad hostility made by tha studauls. Pawa, April 11,1842. EnjUent Effeci qf the Xewt of the Union Victoria*?Many and Material Rtatovt Why the French Government Should H'i'iA for an End of the War ia America? Lull Before a Storm of Revolution and Strife on the Cunti nm'.?XapoU?n'i Programme of Action?Court ani Church Ooetip, rfc. The victories of Fort Ponelnon, Peanfnrt, New Madrid, Xewbern. I'ea Ridge and others have almost obliterated the trifling modicum of doubt which ittll luiked In tha French mind as to tbe ultimata triumph of tbe Northern arms. I believe all well constituted mio<1? are relieved at tbe probability of soon seeing tbe grand experiment ol man's freedom, aa played on tha American continent* emerge from behind a temporary cloud mora traescen doot and glorious than ever. The history of tha human raca proves that tha onward path of nations la through seas of blood. Great America would appear to be simply passing tba ordeal of soma general law, in order that bar foundations may obtain the imperishable oemeut oT ages. Something of thia ia already evident. In what comer of the world ia ber present strife, bar noble energy and enduring valor uuheard off Every child Is lisping ber history from pole to pole, and old men, aa they eomment on tbe marvellous tale, are oarefal to impress on the generaliona which follows them that, aa the blood of the martyrs waa the seed of the church, so areihehero*s whe fall In the aacred cauae of self-government the foun dation stouea of a temple of freedom eternal aa tine Itself. lhere are nsny inducement* which at preeent lead men to loek with admiration, not unmingled with a*<, to yonr side the Allanlto. For In France we have reached a seaaon of the year when, If there Is any woik to be done, me demons of mischief have amp.e room and verge enough. It is true the army is being shortened In its arm; not only hare thirty two thousand men been struok off, but ? clear regiment or two has been broken up. But there Is an ominous Bound booming upfront Italy, and with Auatrla armed to tho teeth, and Garibaldi uttering sinister words, no one knows what to think. M GUI* >t was heard to say to M. do Broglie oaly two nights ag o/'Ihavt no confdence in tAit tranquillity." And certain it ie that no nmI in any clan of life, I think, hat Tbe general supposition is that the Emperor haa his uauai confkienee in time. He believe, that the Pope w,II, ere long sleep that slumber which no amount or Infallibility bus rescued his predecessors from, and that then all difllcnUies will dissolve at by tbe band or rate. There ie, ton know, as imperial eoumn In holy orders, as yst a slnipo priest, and Whonever Pius I*, shall die ills hoped that a Rouaparte will bo tho next Pope. I'efM, iH, n,ut* Mathmal It is even said that In tho treaty f Viliifr.tnctt a -ocret titnlerstaaaing waa come to with

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