Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1862 Page 1
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THE NEW YORK HERALD. WH0LJ3 NO. 9372. NEW YORK, THURSDAY, MAY 8, 18(52.- TRIPLE SHEET PRICE TWO CENTS. SITUATIONS WARTKD-FKSALUS. ? For Other Wanti See Klghth Page. A NUMBER Of FIRST CLASS KEMALE SERVANTS, ae^t,civil .n! capabl ?. with good rec< muiennatlnna. w.nisitcauooa At Mra. LOWE'S foshiouable instituc, 17 Stantoa at,, near the Bowery. ARESl'ECTABLE youno woman wants a situ atlon a- chambermaid ami waitress in i, rival? family t?r wouui insist with tlie washing an I ironing. Can give the bent of city reference". Can be seen at b<?r present employer'*, where she has lived two vesra and six months, i4H Wei i 4Ui al., lor two da)a, from 10 UU two o'clock. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, an nurse an<! to do plain sewing, or la wil ling to asiiat in chamberwork: can give four years' refe rence froaa her last place. Tall for two days at 111X West Silb at., in the rear, second lioor. A LADY WISHES TO PROCURE A GOOD BITUA ?rt tion for her liurac. C?a be seen until tlie end ol ibis ^?e?k at 41 Went 9th at. ARESl'ECTABLE YOUNO MARltlED WUMAN IIAV ing lost ber baby, is desn us of taking a baby at her jrMidence to wet nurse; she ia perfectly healthy, and tan give the beat reference aa to character. Call at or address 208 a*. B, corner of 15th at., op s'aira, first dm r. En lran< o ou 151 li st. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WOULD LIKB A a illation aa nurse and to do light chamberwork or plain ???wing, ran ue seen for two days at her present employer'^, S.'Wesi28thst A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL, in u private family, aa nurfce; Is u i,ood plain aewtst and chambermaid; would have uo objection to the country for tha summer. Can be seen at her pi e?eiit employer a, where ?he tiax lived two years and a half, 61 27th at., between 6th and 7th aves. ARESl'ECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WOULD LIKE to have the washing and ironing of a lew families at tinHm sldenci a or in her own liouse; the highest rclcrenucs ran be given. Address E. 8., 252 Navy st, Brooklj n. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A situation as chamt errnaiil and to assist In th : washing mini Ironing; baa the beat of reference from ntr last place. Call tor two days at 159 Laurens St., third floor. A LADY WISHES A SITUATION FOR IIER NU USE. a competent English woman, either aa infant's nurse or to do chamberwork. watting anil line washing; la wilting logo into the country; would prefer g^lng to England as la dy* maid; is never sea sick. Apply at 14 East 83d at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS tlrat class laun lrest; the best city refereuoe can b< g.v> n. Can be seen lor two days at 3<J6 2d av., uear 25th St. tlrat class lauo'lrvas; the best city refereuoe can be ~ ' IZd I AYOONO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM bcrmaiil, or would do general housework in a small family. No objection to go a abort dtaiaace in the country. Beat city reference irom her last piaee. Iuquire at &0 Henry at., in the rear. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO (lo ebamberwork and wailing. No objection to the eoiinuy. City reference from her laat plat e. Inquire at 197 Jib av., between 23d and 2ilh sit., for two days. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE young woman, as good cook; understands game, jellies, rreaeives and pastm ia willing to do the waahTug and Iron ing ol a small respectable family; baa no objection to go in the country; baa the best of city reference. Can be aeeu for three day* at 129 S.nith at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BT ? RESPECTABLE yonug girl, aa good plain cook and excellent washer and ironer in a pilvate family; no objection to do general houte ?worki the Beat of city relet once. Can be Men for two duya at 91 Sackt it at, Brooklyn. ATOtJNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION TO DO ebamberwork, would aaaiat in washing and ironing, or to lake care of children; or would do plain sewing; good city reference. Call at ber laat employer's, Mi Hicka St., Biook iTD. A SITUATION WANTED-BT A RESPECTABLE PRO testaut girl, as nurse and seamstress; can do all kinds of faml'y sewing; ia a good quick band; understands her fcualneac perfectly; baa tbe beat of elty reference; no objec tion to go in ihe country for tbe anmmer. Call at 241 6th ??., between 15th and 1Mb a la., rear bjuse, llrst floor. A RESECTABLE WIDOW WOMAN WISHES A SITU' a t ion as good plain cook, good washer and Ironer Good city reference. Call for two Jays at '218 Mott st. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS eeuk; understands all kinds of pastries and cooking. Good city reference. Can be aeea for two days at 69 West ?tb?t A YOUNO GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK. Inquire at <6 Myrtle ar., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to do cooking, waabing and ironing, or would do tbe housework of a small private family. Gooj elty reierence from laat place. Can be seen for two days at 8U West 4<!ib at. between 6th and 7th ars. A SITUATION WANTED?BT A COMPETENT WOMAN to take entire charge of a baby from lia birth, or two giowucbi dren; uo objections lo the country; city reference. < .'all at 33b Henry at., Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as good plain cook and excellent washer and Ironer; is a good baker of bread; lias no objection lo do (lie general housework of a amall family. Haa three years' reierence from her laat place. Call for two days at 217 West 20th st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PRoTE&TANi (illlL, u seunilrou; would do lighi cbatuberwork; iitua client seamstwas; ran do all kin.Is of embroidery; bo ob jection to go In the country. Can be aceu lor two days at hrr pre-eni employer's, 56 Earn. 17tb it. AS NURKE.?A SITUATION WANTED, A3 INFANT'S Dinar, by a Protectant young wo.nun; ia a m at plain newer and has gooi city reference; no objection to tuc iouu try Apply at 412 Weil 36th it., near 9<h ar. ACTUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG OIRL, AS chambermaid autl Waltrea*. and to lake rare of chil dren; no objection to tlie country; ha* good oily relerenca from lier laai place. Call at lilMeti 27ill si., between 7tb and 8th ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS laundress or to do the general housework of a small faintly; ctty relet ence. Can tie seen for two iliM at IIS Weal Mil) at., between Atb and 7tb ava. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT NURSE; Jt\. is a good plain sewer and excellent line waalie ami iruncr; also a good chambermaid; good city reform* iau be t'lven. Call at 227 East 14th Kt, near 1st ar. A TRUSTWORTHY WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as houl-keeper, laundress or cook; Is an excellent bread and blecuii maker; is a superb shirt lroncr, prefers ibe country; is itossessvd of a wtiling disposition. Wage* no object. Usa ilie best of reference*. Apply at 91 11th St., near the Second avenue. A RESPECTABLE OIRL WISHES A STEADY SITUA tiou, In a nice private family, as good cook and to sssist in the washing and ironing, t^n gel good . iiy reiereuca n k required. Call at 1US West 19ih si., between (iihaQd7ih ?r*., first door, back room. A RESPECTABLE YOl NO WOMAN WISHES A SITU ationaa chambermaid; no objection to a-slst ill the washing or to go In the (Ounlry. Has the bcil of reference. C ll at at Weal 25th at. _ A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do cbambcrwor* aud lake care of rhildreu. City rcfe TOM* Can be seen for two day- at 176 We-t I4:ii si. A SITUATION WANTED-TO D ) GENERAL UOUSE" work. Call at 32 Mot I St. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as wet nurse; lias a frvsh breast of mlik, aud is healthy. Lost her bab\ two weeks old; ^ood elly rcferevH) flven. Call for two days at 79 l'acii c St., Brooklyn, lor Maty looney. A TIDY GIRIj WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAMBER maid ami waitress In a private family; is willtn ; to make hirstif genoiully useful; best city re.eieuco' Ca.l at IWTthav. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A REfll'ECTABI.E young girl, as plain rook in a small pit ate family; Is a Very good washer and Irnner, Cull for two days ai 5>rjya 2d rv? between Jlsl and 32d st*., in the store. A YOUNG WOMAN DESIHES A SITUATION* AS lauudrma; would lake chatiibrr?or* and nnu wash ing and Ironing or ehsmbcrwnrk ami waiting; Is an ek'-el lent washer kud ironei and roiu|ie'ant chambermaid. Two fears reference. Can be seen at 13 j West 3 M st, between ih and dih ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG worn in, ua uOr*e and eewnaiie?e or na chambermaid ?ml sraiimi reas. Best city reference. Can bo seen lor two ilsye at 77 Weal 19th at, a few doors I run Oth av. A^m SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE girl, as first rale cook; is w tiling to assist iu the plain Wnahing if mini red. Best city refer, nee. Cau be acn I or two days at Mi 2d av., iu Hie stoie. A RESPECTABLE MARRIED LADY WISHES A SITU aiton as wet nurse. Good city reference. Call lor tnreo days at 238 1st ar., near 14ih st., in the confectionery -lore. YOUNG LADY,. POSSESSING THE QUALIFICA lions of a nursery gorrruess, w ishes to ait-omp.,ny a familylo ihe country for ins summer iu thla caimtli). Ad dn asl>aebcr, atstlon D, Bl'le House. AS COOK AND LAUNDRESS.?WANTED, SITI A. tious, in a Ural elaaa family, by two resiHctable woini'ti; vueascook; understands all kinds of family rooking, both Xngllsh nod American. Also a Protestant laundress; uud r atanda dolug up ladle*' line muslin* and French tinting. b st uf elly reference given. Call at 420 <lh ar., between '.'Sin Mid ifcth at*. 4 8 COOK. *0.; AS CHAMBERMAID, AC.?SITUATIONS ,/Y wanted, by twoeom|ietenl joung women; one touook, vraah and Iruu; the other as ehaiub> rmaiil and wait r ss, or would dogeiieral housework; best of city reference given. Call at 390 7tk ar., between 3ttb aud 35th sis., second U'hji, front room. * A YOUNG GIRL WISUES TO TRAVEL WITH A A Spanish or French family; lias no objection to go to Vulrn. Call for two days at lt? 24 h at., between 1st sud Id at a. A HIGHLY RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SI Jv Million in a lint class fninily; one w ho Inoion hly in i Verxtande Kri-ne'i and Amerloan cookine, such as meat, k I kinds of *o.ipa pastries, jellies, Ac. llie lieat or elly rale Iroiu her last empleyer. Call for iwo days al 17J Hi-ciker st., oornti Sullivan. k A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO 'iJ%. do general hou?? work; Isa good waner and ir >nei; Wcngagvil atf E?*wi''?'tC*' for three oayi If AS PROFESSED COOK, OR COOK AND HOUSK keeper, where a kitchen maul ls kept, wants a situation ?s snuti, hyaa expcrleneed Engtieh wJJ,"nZ> bit tad w?ny >?ars' exi<erienee in London and this citr; isalirst Xlasa profcaaed cook and eonleellonei; ihorouiilily uniier ^ta; da ne management of a large establishment eithei ki Viwu onamliy, salary not so inifti an obiect i nem.V, *l< nableeiiy reference. Call on or addreM A. B , 211 7ih ar IhlidBoor. frouiiiMiaa, '' SITUATIONS WANTKU-KKMALES. AKESPE' TABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU tion us i iiaiut'ei uj.ii'l anil waiter; is wi.llng hi assist iu the washing ami ironing; u willing anil obliging; the heat city refercnce from fier lust place. Call for two il.i\ m at 94 Weal .'Ud st, 1 e'.weeu Otli and 7th avs. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A VOCNG WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waitress, or to do ohainberwork an<l take care of i htldren; U a good newer, and has three MM reference from her last employers. Call at Jl Weal 19tl? st, between Ct'i and 7th avs., first Uoor, lac'*. loom. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as chambermaid and wriltioe and to assist In the washing and intning; hag no objection to the couutnr; beat of city reference. Call lor two day* at 126 East 2'Jth at., between 2d und 3d ava., second floor, hack room. A YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS NURSE and seamstress or mm chambermaid a 111! aeauis ress; baa lived ott nnn yea re iu her last place; ii" objection to travel. Call at 177 East 12th at., tliird Hour, front. A WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS FIRST CLASS laundress: nu objection to ?0 a short dlatancc In the country. Very best referenoo from her last place. Call at 24 Flu St., front basement. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION AS rook, washer and :ronnr. Good city reference. Call for two days at 104 Weal 2bth st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE ynunK woman, to do up stalls work and make heranlf generally nao! ill; best of city reference from her last place. Call for two days at 139 East 11th st., first tloor. A PROTESTANT GIRL DESIRES A SITUATION AS chambermaid and to assist with the washing, or would do plain Hewing nr a'assist with children; has do objections l<> go in the country for the summer. Call at or address 14 West 18th ft. A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A sltuaiioD to do chambcrworit and sew ing or waiting. Can be seen at hi r present pla e. 290 Henry St., corner of II irrii-on St.. Brooklyn, between the hours of 2 and 0 o'clock P. M.. lor two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A BESPECTABLB GIRL, as chambermaid and laundress, or to do the general housework of a suiail private f. m ly, or wouM ^o as j>! iin cook, washer nnd Ironer; no objection to tlic country. Can give city reference. Call at lf-'fl 42d st. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young woman; is a good cook, washer and lruDcr; has ?to objection to a > a short dlstauu- in the country; good re ference can be given. Call for two days at 3JU 2d are. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, to do chamberwork and waitiug or to do housework In a private family. Apply at 153 3d uve., uear Kith at., in the fancy store. AS NURSE.?A LADY IB DESIROUS OF FINDING A situation for her nurse; she is fully competent to take entire charge of an Infant from its birth; is also a neat seam stress. Can be seen at her pre-ent employer's, wheie she has lived four years, 767 Broadway, Hotel Julian, corner of 9th St., parlor no. II. AN EXCELLENT COLORED GIRL WISHE8 A S1TU atlnn as chambermaid and waitress. Inquire at her present plaoe of service. No. 4 West .17th st. AS WAITRESS OR SEAMSTllESS.?? LADY WISHES to obtain a situation In the above capacity for a young woman now In her employ: no oh lection to go a short dis tance in the country. Apply at tne house of her present employer, No. 29 West 24th it., Thursday and Friday, from 10 to 2 o'clock. A PROTESTANT YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUA tiou; Is a food cook, waaher and ironer; also an Eng lish girl, alio3 Protestant* for general housework, and a food seamstress. All good recommendations, at the large nstitute, corner of 11th st. and 6th ave. A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA tlon aa cook, waaher and lroner, or to assist in the washing and ironing and all kinds of baking; has no objec tion to go a short distance In the country. Has the best of city reference from her laat place. Call at 127 West 20th it., one door from 7th av. ARKSPECTAHLE YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU at'on at nurse and seamstress, or to do chamberwork and waiting; has good city reference. Call at 247 East 50th st, between 2d and M sves.. ttilrJ floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young English girl, as nurse stid seamstress or aa cham bermaid and seamstress; no objection to the country: the best of ciur reference can be given. Call at 378 Sth avenue, between 30th fend Slat a s. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do up stairs work and mind children; would do general housework for a smalt family; ran give good reference if required. Call for two davs in Bergen st, first house frt>m 4th av.. Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU A tlon as chambermaid, and do the line wa-hlng and ironing; good city reference. Call at 270 3d av., ucar 221 St., for two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNG woman, as goot cook: is * good baker of bread and bis cuit and excellent washer and lroner; best of city reference given. Call at 91 Greenwich av., for two days. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT Wo man, as first class cook; understands baking, and is willing to assist with washing: no obiectlon to the country; bwt of reference. Csll at 203 East 13th st, secou l floor, fionU A NICE ENGLISH GIRL WANTS A SITUATION TO do the housework In a smill family: she i? a go.?l plain cooXand an excellent wssher and Ironer; has the best of cltv reference. Apply at 276 Mulberry at, near Houston. No applicant out of town need a pi Iv. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE UIRL, ss chan.b'rmsld and waitress, or to a <>i< with the Washing and Iron'ntr, clmmber.vor'* an 1 sewlne; has good city reference. Call for tuo davs .at 76 Kulton street, Brooklyn, first floor, front room. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION' AS cook: can do aU kinds of cooking; is wllllm: to a>s!st In wsshirg and Ironinz: best of eily reference gi>en. Call for two ilnys a; 2M We t 2jth st, between Sth ami 9;h aves. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE voung woman, as cook; Is wlllim to assist with the W ishing; no objection to go to the country; has good refe rence. Call for two c ays at 193 West 14th st., one door from 8th av. A SITUATION WANTED?I1Y A RESPECTABLE voting Ctrl, ss chambermaid and wait-ess, or to do chainberwork nnd plain sewlns; no objections to thecoun tnr; would like Staten Island, as she has llreil there be (ore. The best of city reference given. Call a! l'JI 7tb av., between 23d and 24th stt. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE OIRL. to ilo general housework in * small private family, or eliamlterwoi k ami astdnt In washin; an<l Ironing*, la u good p'alu cook anil an ?'V(ellent washer and Ironer; ha? tl.e l?st of reference for honesty and capability. Cull at 315 Bowcr.v, between l?t and 2d sts. N'URSE.?WAXTED, A SITUATION, RV A RV8PECT.V ble Prate staut yonn^ woman,as nurse and s> aiusiretui: la eipable of tAklng n babo fro .11 Its Willi, or the charge of growing children; is willing to live in the country. Be-t of city referenc*. Tall at 122 East 19th at., near 3il av., Cr.-t floor. SITUATION WASTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO Ijlrl. who fully uud'-rstands her bnslncKs, im cimk or In do gem-ial housework. Call at bS Gold at.. Brooklyn, front room, up staira, for three days SITUATION'S WANTED-RY TWO RKSPECTABIK girls; one a* food washer and Ironer, Ihe other asfham hermald and waitress; good reference nlvcu. Call at US Earn 2Sth ai? aecond tloor, front. SITUATION WANTED?BY AS ACTIVE AND INDUS trions woman, to cook, wash an I Iron, or todo gen tal housework; has lived seven years In her last place. Call al 210 \ViM MM St. SITUATIONS WANTED?BY TWO RESPEOTABLE Wo men, ?Kter?; one an excellent cook, washer and irnntT and understand* a'.l kind* of cooking; the other as chamber maid and waitress; no objection to to to thecoun'ry; have the best of reference. Call at 2*5 West 24th St. QrfCATIOW WASTED?BY A RESPECTaBLE AND I' e\|viienfed ?voinan, aa cook In a private lainlly; will a**'St with the washing; haa six yeara' reference fiom her last p'.ace. Apply at '.'I Cougiess at., Biooklyu between 12 and 2 o'clock. TWO KE -PF'"TABLF. Vol NO WOMEN WISH TO PRO cure slimtlona In one family; one u* cook, wa?her an I lmner; the other as iliambermald. Best of reference g'ven from llieh- I**1 mistress. No objection to a respecta'de boatd in* house. Call for two days at 2i Sd ave., one door from 9th St. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNO WOMAN, m a? c.hamliermsld and waitress and to aaslM w:tli the washing and Ironing. or to do ihe tine washing and chamber work; will l>e found willing and obliging ; ran give the best of city reference from her last place. Call at 22t Wosi 36ih at., between 8th and P'h avca. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Yol'NU WOMAN, a situation a a chambermaltl and walress ; no objec tion to go to the country. Call at til West lfl'.h at., for iwo da\s. V\.rANTED-A SITUATION', AS COOK. WASHER AND ?T Ironer; roL ra to her piesent employer, 313 Pacific st., Brooklyn. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO OIRl, A situation saohamberaiald and plain aewer, orcham'er maiI and nailer. Call for thiee days al her present em plover's, Hicks St., Houih Hi ooklnn. ANTED?BY A YOU NO WOMAN, A SITUATION TO do genctal housework In a * nail privale family; no tib,act Ion to the country. Oood eltv reference. Apply tor two days at 2M 7lh ar., between ZMh and 27th ate. \I"A>'TED-A SITUATION. BY A MIDDLE AOED TT woman, as rook Id a small private lamily, or to as?lsl In light hottsowork or plain sewing; no objection to the conn try; wages no object; best elty reference. Call at No. 9 Spring at. WjHANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE AND TKlhT worthy girl, a situation as good plain cook; is an excel lent waahai and Irvner, or would do chatnhei work in a small private family, lias good references. Ca'l at 171 Smith at., Brooklyn. U/ANTKD?A BlTCATIok. BY A YoUNo"WOMAN. AS Tf t h.i iib 'imald and to a?sl*t In ihe washing and Ironing, or as waitress; no Objection to go In the ettinlry with a family. Call for two daya at her preaeut etnnlovei s, 123 Bsst 12ili at. \V'AN I ED- \ SITUATION, BY A PROTECTANT v v young woman, aa nurse snd seams r ss or chamber maid. Can t>a steu till en-agctl at the house or hei preaent employer, Mi Henry tt., Brooklyn. \i r A N'T ED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT VBI.K vv young vroram, na a goo i plain n>ok and to assist In washing and ironiat; no objection to the country. Good reference. Apply lor two d*jS at 111 West ltftb at, In the rear. TITANTKD?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, V v a aim uion as chambermaid and line Wasbci and Ironer, or to do eitmntierwork and plain sewing; nn objection to ga a short distance in the country; baa the Lest vf city refcrenve Apply at 2i>9 Bil>ai>eth at, near Houston. SITIiATIttSS WASTi:U-l<l JlALK8. T*7"ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOU1K) WOMAN, AS IT ?a'tresa, ur would <Xu the efcMiberwoii; w.itiug of a small family ; can refer to lUe moat It 'pectahle Ittijihles. Can be seen at 119 East lSih it. WANTED-BY A RE.-i VECTABI.E YOUNG V.OMAN, a situut.on ox seamstress in a private lamily; plain sew ing, tie?d:ewo:k au embroiderer and v< si maker, Can he aeon for a weel atW North 4th St., Will.a nsbuig. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE LADY, ONE OR two children to Hoard; mil liud n r mfortab e *ioaie. Inquire of Mrs Met'ue, In Seventy -evcntli mi a, between Third and Fourth av inues. riTANTEO-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION H as saleswoman in a bakery or . mile tlonery; has live years' city rufercnoe. Aj i Ay to oi addit a* E. W , til 3a av., in the (tore. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A ?? si uatlon us eham>>eruui i an.l oi'' bermuid and waitress; wou.d like to travel; nooLje.. lion to go iu ihi' country for the summer; best city refereuou can tie given, ('an te seen uiuil .suited at 130 East 2Stli ?t., top Uoor, front room. \\TANTED-A SITUATION AS 8EAMKTRESH, BY A TT young woman, well iu- piainted with all kiu<s of fami ly sewing; ia willing to assist in cliamberworL twa no oh jee Ion to go to lite country for thu summer. C n b ? se< n for three daysat her prudent employer's, :K Greene st. WANTED-BY A RE 'PE"TABLE YOCNO CTRL, A situation an jo-kI wu.hei' ami lioucrr.n i ii.'alti r.ult; -<he la willing and omiging; up town preferred. U *nl r? t :ri nee. Call at yu West Jfcith at., tup rootu, lor two da;. WANTED- BY A RKSI'Et"TABLE WOMAN, TO TAKE iu was . iug ironing, who iui-l< r-ian i fiiuiu ,, or to go out at dnj's work. App.y at l:t8 West 2Uth at,, in e rear, second floor. Good city reference. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young wo:nan, ?s iir?t rate co >k; would HKe a French or Spanish : amity; would assist w Ith th? wash mg. Can give goodcity reference. Call al 120 E tat 16th it., second Uoor. W ANTE!)?A SITUATION, BY A RE-PKCTAULE gin, hh cook, w ualu r aim ironer, ur would do the gene ral housework ol' a (small private lamdy; lrns good city refe rence. Can 'JC seen at No. 7 Oiiapcl tl., corner of Jay si., Brooic yn. "v WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young girl; ia a lirat rum cook, washer ml ironer, or laundress; is willing to go a short distance in the country; hat good city reference from her lust place, where sl.e has lived l'oar years. Ca.i til 5- P. iocs St., second iloor, b tv. oca Muloerry and -Marion. WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO HIGHLY UK* S|>etUble girls; ou ! as Hist class cook; understands bread und bi mts, meats an 1 desserts; no objo Hon -u assist in the washing II required; the otheras ehauibermui l and waitress, or in chambermaid and to do tine washing; both are trustworthy and obliging; can give the b st of city reference s lrom their late employers; no objection lo go a slmrt dlst nice in the country Witii a lamily returning in the lad. Cail lor two days at49v) blh a... near 3Uth st. WANTED-A SITIA7ION, BY A ltESPl-CTABLK j ouns girl, to do general housework in a -mail iu.ui. ly; is a good wash :r and ii-oi er, and a ijood plain took; ^ood city reference from her lust ,iiacc; s ie is liotU neat, obliging and wjlling. and Is very kind to children. Call lor two days over the giocery store, corner of r'niith and Bergen sis., Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION AS WAITRESS AND CHAM beruiaid, by a m a um w.lling girl. Inquire for Hiroe daysatlhe ruddeiueoi Uur present employer, M 2d piace, Brooklyn. Brooklyn preferred. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE woman, as plain cook, and is an excellcut washer and Ironer; has good reference from her last place; has no ob jection to go in the counuy to do general housework. Iu qnire at 215 19th St., front room. WANTED-A SITUATION AS LAUNDRESS OBTCOOK; no objection to go in the c-juutry. Inquire for two days at No. i Eaet 3ilh st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, to cook, waah and iron; Is a good plain cook and a rate washer and Iroucr; would be willing to do tlie housework ol a small private family, lias go.<d city refe reuce from her las: piaie. Call tor two days at 78 Concord St., between Pearl and Jay, Brooklyn. AIT ANTED?A SITUATION AS COOK. BY A COMPE TT t nt woman, who fully understands her bust oca ; lute no objection lo go a Mioi t distance In tLc country, lia< the best of city reference. Can l>u at en at 142 East 2ist sl, room No. b. WANTED-BY A YOUNG PROTESTANT WOMAN, A situation mk seamstress; can c?l and nt cliildieu'f aud Indies'dr esss. sad do nil kinds of lamily sewing; can ope rate on Wheeler A Wilson's and Grover A B&kar a sewing maohines. References from her lust place. Can be secu lill auil;d at 116 West 25th at., between 7tti and 8lb avn. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A KESPECTABLE young woman, aa uurso and ?eam?trc?s; can cut aud fit ladies' clothes. Call at 19 6tb st., third Hour, back room, for two daya. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO MAN, IN A gentleman's family; tin baa lately returned trum the army, wuere be waa ?ii,htly wounded lit tUe right hutiU; Uo objection to the country. Address lor two d.iya S., Herald oilice. IITANTED?BY A GIRL WHO IIAS BEEN SOME Tl ume in her prcs"nt situation, a nhe placo aa plain cook, washer aua Ironer. Apply at 1M West Well St., be tween Broadway and 8th av. "WANTED?A SITUATION AS WAITRESS OR CHAM TT bcrmaht ami to do line washing; ha? lived wit!) n flrst W;:hm lunillv. Best e. city rcleieucex. Call tor two days at HO Welt uj 1st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE WO M unto, us ial).i!iil>t*riiiald in a hotel, or to wait on a kick lady. Apply at 10 King at. "117ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TV girl, us no id cook, washer ?nd h-oner, In a small latin* iy ; bus lived in her last place lour years; no objection to go a short distance iii (he country. Call Tor two dajs at '??) iib av., nearZAih at., second Hour, back room. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A situation us good plain cook, washer ana lroiier; ,s wi ling lo go it short e in tne country. Best city refe reuce. Call at 111 West 17tb si., between 6th aud 7ih ait. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE yoiiiii girl, to do general Housework; is a goo I pain cook and a Ural rate wasi.e and iroiier; good cliy relet, uce Ito.ii last place. Can oe scctt l'or IWj oaya at 121 2tilh at., 7ili av.. Hist floor. IITANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, A SITUA IT l.on us cook; no objection to go a shoit distance in tue country; b^atdiy reference. Call ul No. 5 East-d at. tor two duy*. IITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE MID TT die a.'i d wouim, an an me and lo assist In the cnaui berWuCfc an I make herself n? ii' rnliy useful; bus lived in her laid place one year; no objection to go lo im country; good city refereuee. Cail tor three days at til 3d av. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE youug vsomitii, to do general housework; is a good plain cook, wa:lier and ironer; can give good re;e re nee troiu uer i.i -! pla> u. Apply ut 2?.i Ada ins at,, Brooklyn. WANTED?A SITUATION' AS CHAMBERMAID AND to no nil ? wi iilug and ironing, or cooking in a s i.all .'atnily; has goo 1 lefereace Jrooi hei lad place. Call Tor two .lay* a. ill M net 1Mb at., In the rour, thlru Uoor, ir nil room It'ANTED?BY A RE.-PKCTABLE GERMAN GIRL, A IT situation in an a.nail American iarnily to dog-n>-i?l housework. Callfot twod<ysat Wlnet St., tu thi store. ANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girl, t sli nation a* ch.iiuoeruiaid and lo assist with tiie Call for two av*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO CURL A TT situation as nurse, and no il.t do plain sewtug cbambet wot k aud wamux, or would as <tst in washing. Beat <?i reteiviici* from last employer. Apply lor two days at 21 Jay at., Brooklyn. WANTED-A H ITU ATI ?N, BY A YOUNG OIRI., To DO general housework in t small family; she la willing au I olil.g ng: uo objeetlon to go to the louutiy. Call lor t to days al No, * (lull place. ll/ANTED-BY A RESPE' TABLE GERMAN GlltL, A TT aiiiiatiou us chambirnui l sn I to lio plain s wing. Guu (lie good reterence. Call for tw > days al ISO West 2ttb si , second door, back room. W ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLB TT young ^ir!, as eti.imberiuaM and waitress, In a genteel private I a mil v. Can give goo,I rcteicncc. Call lor three osys si 33 Wuloughby si., Bro <kiyn. WaNTE[,-a BKiPECTABLE WOMAN DESIRES A TT aitusiioa aa nurse and seamstress erseamatrce*. C m be seou tor a ten day* ai Iter present employer's, (A) East .'Mill *1., between Paik an 1 le llogton ares ?*TANTED-iTA YOUNG WOMAN, A SITUATION, TO TT do genei sl housi'noiIt, U a good p ain cook anil excel lent washer and Ironer: ha>n<sioi cit.v reference. Cau be seen tor two dsjr? at lo.'i East 11th at. TITAN'1 ED?TO DO GENERAL UOU8EWORK IN A TT private tsmiiyi eoo l e.ty retereaee given. Iii'tutie at hei last pluee, 7f Macdougal al. w _ n i?hiiTgaiid mike li>rselt generally Uaefnl. days at 08 West 20:b at., between titn and 7th i w ANTE!)?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, LATE I. Y lande I, n Hitiut ou us < h tuionnuald and Wsliress; is willing M mak.' Uerseli liHtierally use.ul; nsies not so much an oujsct ss agood home. Cau be seen until engaged at 97 Eav. Hut St., between lstand2davs.

WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A SMART YOUXO TT g1r!, ss eham'iei nisi 1 and ? liild's nurao, la rspslile of taking the entire charge of a baby ir its Mrth; Is a very iieai sewei. oan uo all ktniu of emi>retd<-ry; has uu"icep tlonabie re:erence. Can be seen at 1.0 Atlantic St., second floor, front room. T1TANTBD?A SITUATION, BY A SMART RBSPEOTA TT ble girl, lor general honasworA; is h good Hasher and ironer; neulddoup stairs work; liastherery best or etty reiercnce. Can be seeu at 128 Atlantiu at., Urst floi>r, room No A. ANTED?A SIIUATIO*. BY A RESPEOTAHLR yonnn woman, as Co ik, waahet and ironet , or to do general housework in a small fsiniif; goo^l raferenoe nm lie given. Ap^ly at the aouthwest comer of Smith and Pa cific sis., itrooklyn, for two day*. ANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE gin, ss c?ok mi l iann.lress, In a private family, besi city retereni-e. Can be seen lor two days at 128 Siantou at., ?* ond Moor, baek room. WANTED-BY A MESPECTABLX" oTrL, A SITU A tlon as chambermaid slid sesnistress. ot wouM ssslst with the washing: would take 'are of, and is very kind to, ebi.dren; can do stl kinds of plain sewing aud emb.oldery and silk ilowei lug, would lie u lllln^ to travel wltb a Is !y. Has good reference. Call at SI ftth at. tlT ANTED?BY A RESPECTABLB YOUNO WOMAN* tt a lltuatlnn as rook; has g md city refereuoe. Call (or two days st No. 4 Mill st., Bmoklyn. ANTED-BY A ItE-sPECTAHLB YOUNG WOMAN, A situation as c.iok; is a good cook and an ili-ellent washet and Ironer; understands making br>-sd and lilsrwt. Also, by * girl, a situation to do up stairs work. Cell at 171 West 2?lh St., near Sth av. For Other Wanlt ??? Ei|htli Ps|?> THE CAPTURE OF HEW OBLEAH8. Progress of Operations to tlie 26th Ult. Interesting Details of the Bombardment of Forts Jackson and St. Philip. .TERRIFIC FIRING OF THE MORTAR FLEET. FORT JACKSON IN FLAMES. EXiLOSION OF A KACIAZINE. Final Reduction of Both Forts and Passage of the Union Gunboats Up the River to the City. Gen. Eutler Beported to Have Landed Below New Orleans with Four Thousand Troops, Ac., iW'. &e. The steamship Columbia, from Havana on tho 3<1 inst., ari ivod at this port ycfite; Cay. By thin arrival we aie pal iu postes -isn of additional details or the Laval en gagement below New Orleans, and of the capture of Forts Jackson and St. Philip. 1 be gunboat Daniel Smith arrive*! at Havana ou the 30th ult., ith dc?j'.itoh<jb for the United States govern ment. The Hxvaii'i H?raltl of the 3d iust. givCB some particu lars of tlio bombardment cf torn liickson and fit. Philip, which hr.d Uoen carried <n with un.tbatcd fury lor tlx days and live nights. The baniol Smith left tho scene of action on the 20th ult. Tho chain which was placed a.toss the Mississippi river broken by two of the gunboats. Tvvonly-one mortar boats and three gunboats were o.igagou in this attack upon Die forts, and succcetlod on Friday, the 25th ult., in silencing tho fortifications and securing the safe passage up therlvor of fourteen war stoaniers, bound for Now Orleans, which Is about eighty miles above. The Hartford was set on Ih-e by coming In contact with one ot the firesbips; but (lie tire was extinguished before much damage was done. The federal forces destroyed eleven Confederate gun boat*. The faderal gunboat Verona and the Confederate steamer Webster had an engagement, and the Webster ran into the Verona, injuring her so badly that she was in a sinking condition. The Verona, while in ibis despe rate .state, discharged eight guns Into the Woh'ter with sncli destructive and crushing effect that they )>oih went down together. The federal gunboat Maria J. Carlton was sunk fey the guns of the forts. Ce:ieral Butler had landed 4,000 men above I lie forts. Ou the 26th a flng of trace was s?nt on board to Com modore Porter, asking what terms would be demanded In the surrender. The reply of the Commodore was "uucoudtttonal," and the arrangement** for the surrender were to bo made on the 27th. It is said that the contest was a very hard one. ui.uiy of tho men ou tin; mortar boats falling at their p"*ts * itb fatigue, so incessantly were they kept at work. The floating battery Manama." ws- Mink by the bteam Ship Mississippi. Fircsbipa were sent down the river every night by the Confederates; but a force wan detailed with small boats for tho purpose Of towing tUeiu off where they could do no bi.rm. The h/'Son the pai t of the Unionists is said to l>e 114, w hile that of tho Confederates Is not known. fNr hun dred Confederate prisoners bare been taken. Our correspondent iu Havana reports tho Columbia take- homo a great number of passengers, many move In fact than she can comfortably accommodate, and already nearly every berth is taken for the next trip on tlie 23d. By that time all the floating population will have loft. Rti.-itiCfS continues to improve; but there is no change to note In quotations ot merchandise or exchange. Our Key AVent CeiYripondenrr. Krv W?T.*Aprll 27,1802. Sittliny of ih> N. ft. Cuyf?r at iff TVprn'r rtr?Anicat of Me ttitk ftfte* to thr Wth /?(.?.Vu r rinil of Ike I ni'eri ,Staff liarh Hcuph'ou?AY't* frum the Mittitrifijri h'ioer?Th' Bombardment Cbmmncetf on JprO -0? J far it l'rr*jr<th.?Fsi'tori n of a Kttxl Ma gcitin-"? Yarrow K'cafe of Flat/ t>Jftr r f'arrafftit ami Cout manner I'i i? <t?Tk' If"r>tfrt'l Trie' 11 r M*cl?Hum u Prb'l Gun wiu Dismount"!?Port Jaektom in h't?m-?? A l/iu'r /lunolifk il? l>c e>iert' Jl'jioitt?Mf<[uitnr.? M"f nfntiof Ike Squadron, UK, <f< Yesterday afternoon the l.'nhed|?tat< e steamer R. R. Cuyler aurt schooner Wanderer vveni to sea on a crufoo. It waa a great lelief to see tie- la tar vessel ndw weigh, b 'MDil ou duty mutable to tier nuali.x itio.i*. Shu baa been so long bTe doing guard duty that one lenrcl she would become a fixture i't the harbor; but oar l ing Officer, knowing bur value, sent tier to sea at the earliest potable momeut after his arrival. Although the Wanderer is a flno ve-.-"l. still she i* not a suitable couiuiaud Tor an oillcer aa old in the service an Lieutenant J. Ii. Spotta. fJe should be given one o^ the new gunboats, anil a fair charce with others to hand down a glorious Dame to postority. TMs tii-lining the schooner Nonpareil arrived from !Ia vana, bringing tiles ol the Hvrm.o to the 10th Inst., which i sme per sti'timor R"aii"k", hut no malls. Why ia this We h i ve had no mail ainoe the 4th Inst., and it the 11.1 vana sU-amers sre to coa-e bringing it . wo inny not iu future lo- k for any regular communication with the North. It la to "bo hoped that we are net to depend upon tho supply steamers Rhode ls'.md, Connecticut nnd Mag su< husutls: for it would be better to send by the n ^0 rlty ot sailing ve-sols than upou tbosu *t<-iuners, stepping* as they do, ivory few miles rn tba way. lhia moruhig tho United 8UUa baik Houghton arrived from the Mississippi river, whirl) place she left on Mon day last, the 21st mst. I am Indebted to bor com niasder, Acting Master N. Graham, U. S. N., for the fo' lowing highly imi-ortant Information ? The mortar tleel having been placed in position behind a point in the river about eighteen hundred yards below frort Jackson, opened tire on tho fort on the afternoon of the 20th last., which was continued with ex ceeditig accuracy aud r.tpidity, two thirteen inch shells ? minute beiug thrown, noarly all of which were railing within tho (oft and apparently doing much da mage to the work, i'rom a deserter wlio had escaped from Kort Jnrksou ana reache*! the lleei, we learti that our ?U?lis had exploded one or the smaller magaxin** in the fort, killing and wounding a gi eat numbri, and lie ?Iso aays Itiey (the shells) were tearing everything to pieces within the tort. The ouly d,turtle the moilar de*t had 1 evened?eheitored a* they are behind the point, which Is covered with trees?w?s the disabling of ?ne of the kikm u rs, the Carlton, by a shell, wlilcb passed through her nmgaxlne without exploding. On iu IwiMage It o?p.s.xe<l the powder tanks ami played the ml* chief generally, slightly wounding the two inen in the magazine, and |*u)aed out through the schooner's h'lll below the water line, which caused hor to Oil In a very short tiine. but not sink, on account of her being on the mud at thu time. Ihe Carlton belongs to Lieutenant ijueen s division, and will be easily repaired and pumped out. Captain Uraham further informs me that when he left the acene ol action, on Monday,all the building- in the Interior of tho fort were on tiro,and the place ttiu api^aiance of being loo hot for the garrison. Peveral lire rails tad boen aent down by the enemy, but our lit tle steim guuboats had got hold or them and towml them a'hnre, where they were permitted lu burn up without doing any ons injury. ?>n Mottilny night the heavy chain across the rlvor was to be cut,an l on Tuesday or Wednesday the attack was to be made by the fleet. The only casualties that bag ooourred thus far were one killed aud ten wounded. The steam gunboats would occasionally run up clo?o to the chain and exchsnge a few shots. In this way the Oneida lo^t the men above referred to, a shot having passed through her bows, killing the captain or her forward pivot gun and wounding the rent of the gun's crew, fv veral interesting incidents have occurred which I will ment ion yepaiatelv narrow *so?nt or THt rtJin oruns row poihrr. Klag Ofllcer V arragut, withCommauder I'ortnr, had t>eon up the river making a reoonnoisssnee on boaidtlieHnr rletLaoe. On tbeir return, when the steamer was close in with Hi# river batik, a number of rill* shotn we^c Iir?d at tlio I log Officer and t < innander Porter, while they were steading on the brii'ge, which whistled iu?conifortiMy clese; but, lurt.u.Uo'y, neither vi.s TU? H#f ijiwa w?s .mmctiutielr Mopped, and several rounds of tune-inch shell*. u> couipanicd with a few doyes of (/rape and canister sent seoesh uy mg at d. uble quick to a wore secure locution. 'iuk wsamn ri tkiism urm vital. Since our tieet n .? bejti m ilie ri\er, the r?l el gun boats, wh ch l.a\e heretofore bee' annoying our f k aung veraela with their im pert lu once, have sought shelter under the wid<h of Kurt Ja< knon. where they wait for stray pickings. Aslant tune i-nice the L'nitod Staus stoamoi Westlhdd, Commander W. M. itoushaw. steamed up the river for the purpose,as f^riiamcn terra it,of tskug " a look ww." Tlie rebels. not knowing what s-Lo was, or her armament, thou lit she was fsir game for them, and out ihey accordingly came, thiee to oue a-> usual, the Wrstlield juicily" waited in;til they came near enough to try th ir ran^e, when h-^r hundred pounder l'arr< (t gun wua > ur> I'mly aiiueJ, antl ? "hot cent |i!urap through iho paddle box of the nearest eecosh steamer. He y were astonished truly, and 'lid not wait for a second visitor of like dimensions; bv.t (teamed lip the river again to a secure berth, out of the w.iyol the WebtDeid and Other ves.^els en Tying a like armament. Thcv wia bj more discreet in future,ami not attempt any Such foolith prank!1. No doubt thoy rec">?Uiy.ed the New Yoik ferry boat, ui.a thought possibly she would answer in fut ire for the frry between New Orleans and Algiers. Possibly nl.e will, but not under any au< U colois a?; tbey would wish to fly oyer her. HOW i KKt.U. i.t'S WAS PISXOl"' sr>. Tho United ?<ti.te steamer Varum*, < ommandpr Boers, has a.'so hail a uUlt (flair with ihe enemy which s;ic?iks well for our (junuery. bho has tukei. tier tarn in run n.ii), up tar l iver,anil oaoneoceasi u wl ilo h^j- b ws were turned directly towards Fort JacWri, she caluily received sevrra. shots from a very heavy guu mounted In one of 1 Its am i? ol the work, none oi which struck bT, however, Captain B' gkStlieu til- u^iil his turn had come. Accordingly. tlib Voruna's heavy rilled gun, momitcd ou her fort can. o, was pointed at'lho gun from which the tho it were leiencil nnJ tired. and, as good gunnery would ba.e it ,the shot struck either the guuor cwiatte, dietnountii g >> and throwing tho (run some dis tance. No other i8ho.8 wui 0 tired from thai angle of the work during the day. MvmKIViion Of A UoUSiS HY A TlilHIKK.N INtH BllfcU.. The dc?ei tor who escapcd from Kort Jack-ion re[?orta that cue of the tMCeenmoh -hells had fallen into a houco or wMsideiable u intensions within the fort, and mat whin it expioile ' not a vestige of tho building remained. lie also says lliat lu hi,* opinion the fort would capitul 'to in twenty-four hours after 1 e sun eeded mi making Ins e~caitt,which he did in Uij oonfusion atlindiiiR iho blow 11 ? up of the inugaziM. ? /II that 1 have giveil above relative to ?bf> operations cu the Missi. sippi is what wa* seen hyCautaln Uraham, of the bark Iiom hten. and not fouiu ed upon mere hear s ;j; .'nd, as an opportunity off-rs o: ^ n n; ,hisi 1 oiomu iikm 1 to Hnvtuia in time fur th- Hcanoke, 1 1 ave taken the liberty of being a t itle in advance oi the Hkkalo's cerrcf pimienls attached tv !? luj; tilli er i'arra ,ut's squad ron . iu giving a fc? items of iuierest to the public. 1 do not. it w ill be wrong to say that, in addi tion to the squadron iu the Alteco-sippi river, there were also several transports having ou board some twelve thousand men of General Butler's division, who would occupy and hold last as the fleet took poscesHon. Ibe next ari ival I'roui the Mississippi river will bring news of deep into, 1 si tund it is. to be hoped that all will go oaas well as we has9 commenced. If it does the und must soon come, and New Orleans be once more placed under the protect kju of Uncle Saui. The moeuultoes have beeu, for the past 1 wo days, really dreadful: there is Uu rest on account of them. Your cor respondent is now writing with a wet towe! around each ankle, to keep oil' their venemousstiogf, white his hands are rapidly assuming a shape that w juld lead a stranger to suppose he had been engaged in a combat a la John C. lleeiian. 1 am informed by some of the - riny officers, that but few, if any, of tbe troops on tlio island were sble to obtain idecp last night, and their prospects for this are no better. If we suffer so much here from these terri ble little Insects, what must be fh? fate of the poor fellows on ship Island and the Mississippi river, where they are a 1 huusaml fold worse than here.' I know of cases within my own experience wbete tbo crews of veeeels employed on tbe surveyof tho coast of I/>ufsiana have been made sick for want of rest, on account of the swarms of mosquitoes that infest all this section of the country. They are much larger aud more venomous I hut those fbund in the North, and are very bad all the year round: eo you may imagine the fato of a person * ho has lived a ! his life at the North, comlug South to spi nd the summer, especially if not provided with a mosquito bar. April 23, 1862. Tho United State* bark Pursuit and steamer De S'oto sailed yesterday afternoon, lite former on n cruise and. ibs latter to rotuime her station off Barutariu Hay, coast of jjouisiann. The Lulled Slates steamer .Somerset ar rived yesterday afternoon, and after dialing >\lil proceed to join the Western division of the Gulf squadron. Wo ha\e no local item* of any interest whatever. Kverything ih very quiet , and bids fair to continue so. In my lata, per Florida, 1 mentioned a minor of ibe pro bable inking possession of souie pruptrty or one of the "lloly Alliance.'' Tin* rumorpto\?d true,the propert> of Mr. James Kiler baring been taken tor llie use ftf thf Navy Itopnrtmeut. AH the wharf property here will be eventually taken by the government, for it will all be re quired and should belong t<> no one else. Our long wished for machine shop im* Arrived, with tnhohinery and machinists, and Is now in eotfilc of con struction. It will be ready for operation In a fu? weeks, and \t ill be a great saving of time and espouse to the government, and should have bean here six months since. Our Havana C'oi reiponilencr. Havana. May 3, 1802. Pnfmt of Optntiont *lXtwOrl<aiu U> tlte 20th utt.? Utm(*!rdnti itl of >brf* J< rlton and St. Philip?/>?? rtiuc'tvu </ the Rant Mitttasiat nud Sittl-ing of BU mi Rebel (Mtofi?Sinking of thf. tnion On.Uxi' t'rrona? The KHrl Lots in Ailteii avd Hounded /bur /Jim dral?l'nion LotI One ttmulrtd?O'eneriU Hit'ler Re. ivrlcd to Have Landed wih Four 'fhonwrid Trtuf$? Snij.mmt to t.ngland em llatcna tl Cot'tun from ?V'ie Orleans ani Other Svulhem Poits. <?c., <f~ The news you will receive by the Columbia is highly Important, yet I have very littie lo say, kuowiug that ycur vigilant corresptndeuts in other parts are (tithe aiert slid will keep you pi sted. The mortar schooner Daniel Smith, from the attacking fleet at New Orleans, arrived here on Wednesday evening, the 30th ult., ha\iiig left the Mississippi on the 2'ith. In-tint y a thousand rumors spread like wil Hire thi 0113b the city? ' a:.d the gieitest anxiety was manifested to learn the news. Your coteiiiporarivs of the Havana pr< s* to-.k p .iiis to assist us 111 Ibis matter, and have pub i-ho t w h it purport* tu be a ? latetncut t rom ibe tooilh ol iho commander of the Daniel Smith, front which Itapp-ars thai, alter bi>uit>aruing 1-orts Jackson and it. Philip daring six days, a poillnn of the * ub ats, twelve or fomt en 111 number, parsed Ihe forts witii the evident intention ot proui-ediug to the city it Now ditilW that e!e\uu gunboat* beiouging to Uiu I'lioui) were sunk, including UuMainous steiiui ram >! itutssis, sunk hy the guuboat Missutaipi i, the I'tiiuu isia ioting one, the Veronaj that the kis* ou hoard the luiun U'-et in killed and wouude 1 wo? oue bundled, be foi e jms-iug the torts, and foui leeu aftei warns, while the lo-s mi the other i-idu was lnur hundred; and that (.01101..I Uutler had Undid lour thmsnad nu n aiaouie point above iho forts, it is said 1 he 1 >?nicl sniitu oame heie In oidir lo forward this news to New York by ihu t olumbia. which is itorneoul by the fai 1 lliat tbo latter sails at iv on today, instead el loin o'clock P.M., her usual hour. By the way, the captain oi 111* steamer Austin, lately "arrived irem New Orleans, had l apiam Adums and his new Mimn.oi ed befote lite ilaiix>r mus ti r, last Wednesday, (or insults to bis vessel ill the M.Hpe of lumps of aim other articles throw u on iH>a>d the Austin by parties buiomting to the < olutubia. 1 h ? aitair, i am uld. wasarraoged to ihe satisfaction of all jiariies. Nearly, if notquiio all, the cotton which has been lately recu\ed here Irvm New Orleans and other south em ports, to beUif; Hhippeil to fngiand. There h.?ve tieen no Itirllier at rivals Irom blockaded |a>rts, with the e.xcep 111 u ot tha S'ho ji er 1'rinceton, si veiny one tons, ar rived yesterday from Mobile, witii c it ton, ol course, the ne.\i time veesels come from Iharlaeton, New t>i lentm,&c.,thoite p<-ris will probably be open, a- informer days. 1 tie St.his nor f. H. Smali cunio in yesterdav, iunl ro porls tliat he was Itoarded by au ABierkau steamer oil 1 ina port,but he iorgeis the name,and desired to repou Uiai he had captured thiee rebel steamers Mrtaeni ihetn lo Key West. To day ? coaster has come fr< m Haln 1 Honda, and re port* a rebel steamer hotly chased by an American sic inter of war, having arrived the day before lie left. P.?Tsi hi it. 1 have a few fsots to add to the news bro ght by the Daniel Smith. On tb? 24th a tiag of truce cam* to Comm*4ore Porter, inquiring tho condition of a surrender. None; it must be unconditional,'' was the tk mmodore s reply. It is also staled that the Verona attacked ihe W'etisier and destroyed her before sinking home If. Whilo ihe o>rt wss tiring vigorously twu'i.t our gunboats were sent to remove tilt chain across the river, and suci eeded In doing so with a kiss of about one hun .tred men in killed and wounded. Commodore Porter's Mertar Fleet. As interesting in connection with the history of the glorious achievement of our arms at New Orleans, we append a list of tho vessels composing and the officers ot/ the mortar Sottlta, which, with the gun bi?t squadron, assisted In the reduction of the for midable defences of the rebsls erected for the preserva tion of the city from the advance of our forces ? THE FLEET. Steam gunboat Owasca, Lieutenant Guest Command tag. FHIHT. OH KKD PI VISION. 1. Norfolk packet, flagship of first division?Llentf. naut Watson Smith, Commander, Edgar C. Merriman, Acting Master; A. B. Judson, Assistant Surgeon; W. Per guson, t aptain's Clark. 2 Olnrer H. I ee? Washington Uodfrey, Acting Master. B. I'ars?ci"urge II Hord, Actmp Master 4. C. P. Will uns?Aim* It. I.%ugthem. Ai ting Mutter ft O ie'ts?Thomas E. Smith, Acting Muster. 0. \V tlli: m Bacou?William P. Rogers, Actiug Master. SECOND, OB BLt'K DIViBJOX. I T. A. Ward, tiagsliip of Second division?IJonte n mt Walter W <jue n, t'linrnisndor: J. Duncan (iraham, A'-1tog Muster; a. A Uochling, Assistant Surgeon; Archer T?vlf, Captain's Cl?" k. Z. Shine) 0. Jonas?Kobcit Adams, Acting Master. J. Matthew Vaasa?Hugh II. Sa\ age, A< ting Master. 4. Maria J. Carlton?Charles E Jack, Acting Master, ft. Orvetta?Francis f. Riant'hard, Actiug Mastnr. o. Aii'il|ih Huge!?Hoilis I). Joules, Acting Master. 7. Ceoi go Mangbuui?John Col litis, Jr., Acting Master, Til 11U>, OR WHITE DIVISION. 1 Horace 1'ealee, liag-hip of ihird division?ljeuten rui it. Riudoiph Breeze, Co.nm under; George W- Sumner, Acting Muster; Robert T. kcies,Akbistant Surgeon; Al beit W Bacon, Captain's Clerk. 2. John Griffiths?Henry Brc wn, Acting Master. :j. Siinh Brum?Abraham Christian, Acting Master. 4. Ra ei ?Alvin Phiunoy, Actiug Man lor. 0. aea l'oaiu?Henry K. Wi hums, Acting Master. 6. H nrjr James?l,o\vis Pennington, Acting Master. 1. Da it Smith?Gei.rse W. Itrown, Acting Master. Steamer Harriet Iauq, Lieutenant Wainrigiit com manding, itagsbip ot Commander D. 0. Porter, com miiu lerol' the f.otil'.u. Schooner T. A. Ward?W. W. Queen. lieutenant Com manding; A. Tra\ Is,Captain's Cleric; J, 1). Graham, Act ing Master and Executive Officer; J. Van Buskiik,G. Vf> Wood and W Hatch, Master's Mate?. Schooner Sidney C. Jane.-?Robert Adams, Acting Master commanding: R. M. VIotcair, Master's Mate aad Executive omenr; w. C. Graham and T. L. Conely ju, M s tor 's Mates. Schooner Mat hew Vussar, Jr.?Hugh H. Savas*> Acting Master commanding; G. S. lie ill, Actiug Muster aad Exe cutiveOil.cor; D. 11. Griswold and W. H. Ranlleld, Acting Master's Muw.-*. Sch xincr Maria J. Cat '.ton?Charles K. Jack, Acting Musfr commanding: Douglas F. O'Brlon, Master's Mate and Executive Olltcer; Jerome B. Johnson and August A lter, Master s Mate-. gchouner Orvetta Adams, Acting Muster com* nianding: Knos O. Adams, Master's Mate and Ex cutive OHicor; SandUtrd Randall, Muster's Mate. Adolph Hugo!?H.B Jack?", Acting Master c mini.u . i'ig peter Pecker. Master's M.?tc and Executlv ? Officer; Silas S. i'ardee ami Frank Davis, Master's Mates. Scht aaar Georgn Manglmro?John Collins, Ac linn Mas ter i ? mmatidlug. J. M. Richards, Master's Mute nud Exe ru ive officer: Samuel A. O'Brien and W. Davis, Master'! M >. dentine Horaoo Bea'??K. R. Breese, Lieutenant U.?i. mantling; E. \V. fcumner, Executive Officer; - le .i s, Surgeon. Scho<>uoi John Griffith?Henry Brown, Acting Master Commanding; A. M. Catuby, Executive oflicer, Master * Mates?T. 11. Leveraaler,E. Booth. Schooner Surah Uruen- Acting Master G>m rnanding; Ma-ter's Mates?M. C. Rider, Sylvester Row land . J. S. iiyde. SiliOoner ILtcer?Ai ting Master A. Phintiey command* iug; Master's Mates?E. T. Martin, H. C. Whit mot e, D. C. Corey. Brig Sea Foam?Acting Master H. F. Williams com manding; Master's Mates?J*L. Perkins, A. Felix, J. Moss. Schooner Henry Janes?Acting Master L. W. Reming ton commanding; Master's Mutes?R.N.Spates,A. Soper, Z. Predntore. Schooner Daniel Smith?Acting Master U.W. Brown commanding: Master's Mate-'?F. W. Town, Executive Officer; K. Gubtioison, R. Soratuers. THE MORTARS- INSTRUCTION'S FOR THEIR USE?IV TERESTI.NO PAKTICt'I.ARM REOAKDINU MOltTAR AND BOMB NtACTlOB, ETC. '11m iollowing practical hints for the service of mor tars and bombs are issued by the bureau, and are to be observed until further experience shows the necessity for modifying them:? The bureau especially directs that all Information, ot whatever nature, connected with the snbje<tt, whether ou shipboard or on land, may be transmitted to the bureau through the proper channels. 1. Uefore the vessels leave port everything must be arranged in the magazines for the rapid and aafe trans mission of ammunition to the mortars, and any delidency Should be pi ouiptly ropflrted to the officer oommandmg tbo division, and by him to tbe officer la charge of the ordnance. 2. Tha officer in command of each vessel is to be pre ?ent at the embarkation of the ordnance, to stow and clock the lints. 3. Ail the implements acoompauying the mortars are to be k?n>t in lookers used solely for that purpose, ana under the charge of the gunner or his mate. 4. Tite full service chai gen lor i he mortars will be sent on board, rea<ly tilled. In white cotton bags, and their transmission Ir >tn the magazine will be in lcikber passing boxus. 6. The |iowder is to be emptied ainto the mortar. and the bag placed in the rear, to Wipe out the m >rtar cham ber alter every round. 6. I*ige tubs of water are to be kept near the maga siucs. w ith buckets at hand, to drown the carti idges or to exiiuguifh tii e and every precaution taken to cut Ofl trains of powddr with wet swabs. 7. The forward part or the vessel above decks will be used as tbo mohl convenient place for cult iug and pro pu iug fuses,and a heavy screen, spread tout fashion, silouiu tie rigged secure the Inko* trout fire from tbe mortar* or rum. b. In tiring against ibe wind tuo ftnsh is thrown back inboard, and care should l>o taken to wet the silcs, decko and rigging of the ves.-el, the sails coveted with t iifaitlins.atid tuen sutioned with buckets to put out Ure. 9. ons hundred bombs are to be st all times kept ready filled in the -hell room. 10. Malum bi^Js will be pre;>ured f ?r each ves;el, from wbuh tbeie must not be uny <te\ intio.i. 11. For the present it w iii ba sniliciout to say that ten ineu aud au ofiUer will be the number required for each mortai due man to carry |?wder. higbt men to gel out ami whip up bomb*.* Two t.ien to curry tlw b nub 10 the ui rlur. (>ut- jM-tiy o Ulcer to cut Iuse*. , , one man to carry rural t<> the bomb. '1 wuuty loui men will be thscomplewsut of each vessel besides the oflJcor in charge. And a vessel properly organized ought to throw at least twenty bombs an hour. STATIONS AT MORTARS. No. 1. Captain attends and gives general ordera about loading; poi .18; in.-'-rls inctiou tube and ttr*t. No. 2. Sponger and trainer. No.3. Loader and truiner. No. -I. MioMniau and trainer N i. 5. Sbeiiman and trainer.' ihoee twtak* th* cU-ll from the shell currier* and lower it iutotbeguu. No. t. lianitspiku and train tackle. No. 7. Handspike and train tackle. No. H. Kir mi H' b?rs. No. V. Iloi en. i i< ba a. When lue eccentrics are rawed the bar is lashed don until thi* bomb is pointed at lite object. No. 10. lu chargo ol quadrant and level line. No. 11. i'cwder mat'. No. 1U. OBi. or in r.liarg No. U '1" carry (uiw. No. 14. T<> arrange fuse for distanoa. In Idinu;. hells tlie gunner and t wo assistant* will be detailed 1 r tliis purpose, borsidej the man statlmed to pus* powder from the tuagiisino. All and light* must bo put out when the magasia* if op< lied lor action. No friction tube* or percutaiou cai* to be kept in the in igaxine. TAKI.VU Tit* IWTASI S. 1. An loexperleiK ed oflloer will find difficulty in est! mating distances by tlte eye alone, as it requires long |<rai tic* sad studied nboervati n. Tnc sextant. however, otlein ? Mirer method of approximately tlviug a position by taking the angles betw< eu any thioe points, which ai a generally foiind to be a> uraiely laid down on the i oa. i .survey charts, p otting the angles with a bora proiiactoi <>r working lUem o it by the three point pro l> lem, wbkli ia given iu all survey tug books. 2. Ii the objret to be assuulte I is a large ons, a prnctl csl man i an, l>y the o*erciso of moderate judgement after two or threu lues, tlirow the bombs n?ar the work; bul at thu same tunc the sextant is tho tin rn coitaln ineaas lor determining the true distance, sod the oincur in com* maBd .?ho*ild make litmse'f a?|oalnled with the simple manner o[ uie isuriug borix uital ang'o. U. If points ate n<>t v:?il> e in Use then measure abase mi shore angle on th* olijoct to be arrived at, and from the aualc* ot the bus* lines you ctu flk the position of tho mortar vessel. 4. *\ ben a vessel once gets her position accurately de termined, and It boo'tnes necessary altera bombard* menl to remo(re not t ihe line of battle, a small bu <y. mth the vessel's name and number, sh mid be dropped under loot, so that the s tote position may, il occasion oiter, bo resumed. Iinil'lltn MORTARS. 1. After the powder haa b*en emptied through Ihsfun nei out ol the cotton hag tutu the chamber, the bomb, I ailed and fused, is to If ca efully lowered into the bore by the Hooks,and showed to rest upon the charge. 2. The fi'Mtlou tube is uot put into the vent until the piece is about to be tired. rtsas. 3. The fuses (or thirteen inch bombs, to be used at pre senters in se ti its, and narked according to their esti mated distance in practice, v nr.? 4. Seven inches exlretuj length, and each secUob one inch, giving a ihglit for every svuiea of seven seconds and a t >tal of IMty-nlns sec ?ds. 6. I'usas for s*ac<?*t mortars are driven in a coaleai paper case ami enclosed M wooden plugs sf vartout c tors. 6. The plugs ars ( f the proi e - sue for the fuse hole' the axis bore-i'cyllndricaily Irom the large end down U within a short distanoe oi the >110111 end which m left solid,which oriliec is tilled Willi oompom.ion preseel hatd and evenly i S p"ssiblr. At the large oud a cup Is hollowed out and tilled with powder tneisteaed with al cohol. 7. The rate of hflrsi^ig is ascertained by experlatent and marked in a water i>roof o<p which is tied over the cup. rt ootss o? rt.t.mi souse. 1. Hav ng lieen laapected to seo that the t> mbs art clean and di v, place them on a block ma |? for the pnr t ose or on gromm ts of inpe or on th gro'ini, with the eyes up. The charge, b/m* . arelully measure , I* then p uired In to the chamber ih ough a tunnel, Wimv at ihe ?sme time ths ruse is cut to the proper length by rextiur it on sgroove ma le In tbe blocknno sawing It across. TI' fu?e Is then trtse t In the bote an I shunt! enter ihr> 14Barters of its length; if it does not, it must be rs.h. by rasping 2 Ttrs hea l of the fuse belag cover*! with law if

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