Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1862, Page 10

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1862 Page 10
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t'^RSUHIHL. (' e f-?H, ' K 0i' MABCH JJ Jl'bT V HIVKD J% today, "?) i. in/ chagrin and 0 is*| point Btent 1 ill ,?i set, or 1 ....1 U?OUUUi?Ut'; ? "?H the '1-*. lAlKY. HELEN?I HAVE VERY INTERESTING N ''W > OF Dri.n jut Ti it?4.v or Saiurtliti b? at * km Jay a ? .IV gone and I * I a ! alou#. Lei uie know abou. mu. v.. ? well. TuiMover. JtifTK. IK MARY ANNE ML'LUNA. OTHERWISE SILLLRY, 1 who former!) r ? .1 i Thumi.n, ucai K.ugms, in the cunty of Dubnu Irei.uii. tid v-no tall Oubi n for America la .ii about the momb . M ''eh, wtt| Apply to J . un Buckley, Solicit r ?);."? 1 d rick urcM, Duollu, she will bear Of Ljluetllill* '.J hel ad?ali -ige Lucy date?if it wouu> be agreeable to solve ihe problem by an interv e?v, l? imld.h ?oi->ur. A> tu uuie coiiMili your own wi?he?. and repiyb* note ROMANCE. Michael m.-ffely, who gave his addrkss, comer ol rulumoi* and >A arreu streets, Broom in, ami Who cann.'t b? found thtre, 1? aoted to se 1 . n.iddre.1 t<> the writer of tlieae lines A Idresa Uuua suJ lVriiever?..ce. H.-raid .Jtlice. MIHSING?SINCE MONPAY morning last, a gikl, u. . . i U.aasriut it. if. aged U f .re: end nut r <i merino In- * ,'i?- ft. * o-ilen boo.]. tny inloi nnwi of her w 'oe ilia k y rec< ive.l by bee afflried pa .en ?,at I '.lot aired an . Tumi* ave>ii< Man. a le. MARK THAT DJiVR CHILD IS GETHNG HL'GE. ii w u, ne imant, Ge-rg I D. -L id LoveU" etlll eon'.inuu :or!o C C. * ? Ii B?n au win*.-. a good <.etter for Ina o.-n exhibition let me ?uow Wi.l muzzle the larger ai.J sen U down. ODD FELL JW. W1LUAM CAMPION CUtVORD-AXY IN FORM A ti>.a of the wherein. ,!* of Wm, C. Clifford will be th?nkf?ily received by W?i#r Elliott, Cou. patty ?, ti U ?nto Iniautrv, Will, neater ? a. LY IS L. W. Si LENT? SEND YOCB PRESENT AD dree* to K. L., and r Ueve. ?1 AA REWAiiD.?MISSING, SINCE THR 4TH OF jPXW/ March, Jame? L?iie. a; out five leet ill lurhes Wkb, dark liar; w..r* ? -n la-.t f-rn dart brown fruek coat, red llannel shirt, dirk colored vcat *nd patila'oons: supposed to been r< wnc.. on the evening of the 4.h of Mari-h at the foot of D? iar: ? y street, East river. $100 re w..rd will be pa.d on the recovery ?:iJ ideutlflusilon of said James Kane by his brother, Wi.liam Kane, 107 Varick atraet. New York. w _ LOST AND FUtWD. DOO LOST-fS REWARD.?BLACK AND TAN TEK r er Dog, umeu Sport, with cm cropped: bud deu ou binu feet; had on :i firaaj collar, dog weighs ab-.tit nine p. uuds, ana i.u s nail white >pot on chest; was last ?ee i ri nnlng up C-eenwii h "trect, near Ch ambers street, jesu ? 'lay inornlna. $S reward will be paid for his return at *6 Exchange place, ro.'iu No. W. FOI ND?AT THE TWENTY THIRD STREET FERRY, s. iim" moattis since, a W.illet, containing a sum of Bi?ney. The owner can have the same by proving pro pert v ?nd ; a. :ng for two advertisements, as it wu adv riiacd at th time It was feund. Apply at the oSlie, Greeu, Itrry. IIOUND?ON MONDVY afternoon, IN A BROAD way and Ntntn uveuu - omnibus, a lady's leather Travel Bag, whku the iiwji^r au have by applying to Suu'l Hammond .V Co., Wa ehmnicera, jie., Ins urance BuilJiu. s, eerner of Wall and William streets, entrance in Wll.ia.n ?treet, and paying charges and property. LOST-A COMMISSION, ISSUED TO WAKEMAN HOL le'ton, S<-> oud Li.- ii< nam Company C, Scveiily-setoud eegin.pnt New York S ate Volunteers, The Under will be hai.usomely rewarded by returning it to W. Schaus, No. 744 Broadway, Lost?un Tuesday afternoon, a white Italian Gr-vho. nd, with t>uff ears. Whoever will re torn her to 186 West Eleventh street w ill receive a suitable ?eward. / K. HL'RD. LOST?<3N TUESDAY. IN A fourteenth STREET suig., beiwren l'nir'.ieth street and Sixth avenue, a bL'tcli P or*. < onuiining money. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at 2M Canal street. T OST.?$3 REWARD for A POODLE DOG LOST ON XJ T lesilav evening in the vicinity of Thiity-1r*t siivet and Irfjingt.>n avenue By leaving her at the coi ner o. Twenty ?ighth street and Fo mb avenue, in the store, the above will ftepud. IOST -THE COUPONS due APRIL I, 1S59, IN new I York and Erie Railroad Company, fourth mortgage nils. No*. 1,129 and 1,130, hi. lug been Inst, all person, are hereby cautioned agninst negotiating '.he same, application having been made to the company for their payment by the ?ndersigned, owner of the bonds. J. V. LAMOREE. Poughkeepsie. Lost?on Wednesday, between one and two P. M. .Ingoing from Lord A Taylor's to Brodie's, in Canal street, a told anchor Watch, hunting case: engraved on shield, M. L B. fcA) reward will be paid to the Bniier bv Tiffany A Co., SAO Broadway. LOST-ON MONDAY EVENING, A TAN TERRIER Dog; had a chain on his neck. The finder will be li berally rewarded by leaving it at the meat shop, corner of ?venue C and Tenth street. LOST-BETWEEN broadway AND SECOND OR First avenues, in T*nth street, a brown Pure*, contain ing two tweuty dollar gold pieces and about tw enty-Hve dol lare in bills and change. The tinder will receive a reward and the thanks of the owner by leaving the same at No. 8 East Twelfth street. Lost ??s will be paid for the return to 84 We*t Eleventh r.reet, or to G. M. O^den, 71 W?ll*treei, ?f a yellow Scotch Terrier Slut, lost In Beesman street on the 7th in*t. LOBT?A PAIR OF GOLD spectacles, ON 8TEP ping from a Fourth avenue car, near Fourteenth street. The tinder will be suitably rewarded en returning them o Jeeeph McKee, 292 Broome street, corner of Eldridge LOST?FORTY DOLLARS, IN FIVE AND TEN DOL lar gold pieeee, from the corner of Priucs street t ? thr corner or Broadway and Fulton street, either in a Fnitoii ?treet siage or getting out. A suitable reward will be givi n to the finder by leaving it at 119)? Greene street. REWARDS. ? c reward?lost, in the vicinity of wash V" ingtou, Reade and Dtiane (.treets, on Tuesday, SI iy ?, a Pocketbook, containing money anil paper*. The Under will receive the a'nive reward by returning it to Miller A Carpenter, No. 8 Erie place, < ornerof Washington and Reade atrsela, or to the advertiser. WM. C. LUFBERY, 30 Eighth avenue. a>K REWARD -LOST, ON Tl'ESDAY MORNING, NEAR V" tbeoornerof Second avenue and Fourteenth street, a brown and w hi!e Spaniel Dog, ahout eight months old,an ew?nnn to the i.ame .11 Echo. Win tirr will bring him to Mr. Morris, 225 Weat Fourteenth MIMt, (hall receive the above reward. fr REWARD ?LOST, UN SATURDAY, APRIL 26, A ?J small. white l.ap Do;, answers to the name of luca. hoever returns the aauie to No. 2 West Thirty UrM street. Will receive the above reward. AC REWARD-LOST, ON WEDNESDAY MORNING, C?J a small Scotch Terrier, color until yellow, earn cut eiese; had on a black pat< nt leather collar, with red atitcb tag. The finder will receive the above reward by leaving bim at 52 Eaat Twenty-first atreet. <fc"| A REWARD -MOCKING BIRD LOST, ON SUNDAY afternoon. May 4 The finder will receive the above reward on returning him to the owner, at No. 189 Eaat Kine taeath atreel. ^ HEMOV AL*i. American bank note company. Nk?- York, May 6, 1S62. The offlcea of the American Bank Noie Company hate keen removed to the second atory "f the Merchant*' Ex ahaage Building, directly over their former oihces. The ? u through the mala portico of the building, on Wail atreel. IMpB WILLIAM 8CHIRMER?REMOVED TO ?J J Seventh street, near Second avenue. lioura Irom to ? A M., and ItotC. M I DOCTOR LEWIS HAS REMOVED PROM 25 JAY " atreet to No. 7 Beach atreet, uetwern Varitk street and eat Broadway. Hall, Cornell a co have removed from 123 Maiden laue. to the store 115 Fulton street, between William aad Nassau Notice-the agency por the sale ok ooods manufactured by THE UNION INDIA RUBBER COMPANY will be removed, on tne 1st of May next, from No ldS Lib arty atreet lo Mo. 12 Park place. HY. O HADDEN, President. New York. April 16,1862. Removal? b. p. bkekman a co, have re mnved from No *5 Chambers sire-1, t'i Noa. 577 sod 3.9 Broadway, corner or White ?treet,,ut> stairs Removal.-j. grosiiom herriot dentist, has removed his odice rruui spring street t>? the southeast c rner of Fourteenth street and Seventh aveuue. Entrau.e 47 Seventh avenue. POLITICAL. TNDBPE.VDKirr DKMOCRATK' GENERAL COMMIT A tee.?A monthly meeting takes | .a.e this evening, at ? o'ol ick, at Military Hall, 1?.< B .wtrv. MYEK Fasten, Chairman. P. N. Coin, Secretary. Tammany hall.-the young men s democratic Geaeral Committee ? ill meet at Tammany llall, Ibis ?leniug. May P, at * o'clock HARRY HOWARD *'a> I,KHI< ? J BfKNR, President. A^UKfcw MiTiiini.iK, s secretari-?. TOO LATK PUK CLASSiriCATIO*. A BURN HAM'S PURNITURt EXPJU^s AND PACK il. in* Establishment, No 111 West Klevenh atreet, be t*en riftn and Suth avenues ?Huusebwld furniture boxed and shipped to ail part? of tlM wm ld : Mivered wagnnefor removing lunniure m families furniture Mored. i\R. R COBBETT, MEMBER OP THE NEW VOKK / University Medical College, and Ci.liege of S'lrjeoes, mdon. can b ? consulted aa usual, at his oSce, SO Centre ?treet, lietween t hambers and Reade Private enirati -e Wo. ? City Hall place > B ?Bee Dr. C.'a dipion.a. n his ofli > Ciia> ,ea moderate. G~ ENTLEMKN H NEW AND LBPTOFF CLOTHtNQ puchaeed for the Western market. In large or small lots. The lull value a 111 he j>aid without batgMngor seeking ?ri impose. Please ' ail at the More or aduress Thomas 0. Oonroy, M Centre atreet. ? GENTLEMEN S LEFT OPP CLOTHINii PURCHASED, I in iarg> or sma11 lot?. Please eali at the stor-- or ad dr-aa Conroy, 44 ?,<-ntr<- street. L JACOBS, VJJ broadway, REMOVED FROM ? Cedai stree-.?Advance* made. In sums lo a .It, on M'a-ehes. Diamonds. Silver Plate, an! other pfr?onal pro |?-rty, or bought foi <afh Buain ss strictly ' "VACHt F OA KALE?THE FAST YACHT MANE it' 1 sing, 44 tons, lo he kmM a bargain. Apply to Mr UfcTTK, T'j Wiiiiam itreet, third Boor, ?r'?ut. MILLI5EIIV, AC. a Hatha way. ??; kroadway, has received _fV. new styles if Mi^aiidi e-sea and Dress < "ap?, I<a. ? an I Slu?lln Waleta. Pelnl L. .- anit Valenciennes Handk'-ruhiels. Foint Lane ard Valenciennea Collars and Sell, B.a k Tln ad VellBand Lice.. tjlov. ?, Ar. "TJONNETS roE THE MILLION?AT MINNS' NEW MIL JJ lllieiy, N'i lit Bower) A lar^e and entire new Mock 01 Millinery. Bonne's. Hal*. Fists, A' wi I ?e eperted this day at our new mtilinsiy, N? 214 Bowery, between Prince and flprltig streets. <^TRAW noons-pop. MISSES. BOYS AND INFANTS p Alllhe new and deslranl- "prmg ?'>)? S, now ready, at BANT A % C'aeal sirert, ? orner uf Wooater. MUSICAL. A RMV CAUJI?TH*B CH ARA i TERISTK' QUADRILLE XX and uatUe meoe owi|v>*4 uy K. Si n-pel auJ played bv ? or. iestrt at WsUftok's tae,. e every i.ight. Price 75 ceuis. Cuii'W sent by mail. JUifH, POND A CO., Pub Uaucrs, 64< b. uadway , Now Yo k. 4 YOl'NQ LADY TEACHER WOULD TAK8 ON* OR I\ t? i> in.irv (.m| is tor instruction on th Pianoforte at their residences Begin uers Kill ue spertHlly attended to. Term* $4 per mouiu. Ad-ires* Ada, box 102 Herald office. A L\DY. UIVIN., UP HOlsEKEEPINU, WILL DI8 J v pose or ? superb *? v. a octa e ro?" it P.uu ?, tor half lis vain,- ha a ton --e ?ud lo mute In lb* city, all the mo dern improvements, largest seal*, round corti-'re, ri< >ly carved case and lens, and tfuaran o-tl for three year* by eat city rnaaer. Appiy at <47 Moith Si?th street, WUliuutsbrig. A TENOR IS OPEN FOR ESlUOKHKNf TO SING ?A. in a ijuaru-'te choir iu an up town church. Ad.ircss G. O., Hemlil office \ MAGNIFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE ROSKWOOD JX. Pianotorie for sal*, with elegant carved legs ani ease, ove, s' .-uog jasN full iron plate, lined Ailii satri wood, ban all I inoi'e.u improvements, ui i te to order and has been in u e seven tnunitis, co?l $5?i, lor $.150, lucluuiiig ami cover. Also, P 4 Kui tilt ire at asacrtBre. Iuiuireat70 Weat Twenty ? tun street, near Sixth avenue TpOTl SALE-A SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO, CITY MAKE, r e..eap. Also wanted a small boy. Auply at 7U E-si IriOR SALE?A FINE NEW SEVEN OCTAVE PIANO .'oi .e, loMtwuod fini> bed in the beat manner, with ail Vie modern improvement*; warranted. In mire at 128 East 1? enty eighth atieet, between 8<cond and Third avenues. 'I" A SIGNORA ELIZA VALENTINI PARAVALLI, PRO J J fetsarol Sinning and Piano, has removed to 03 prince ?'?e?t, a> eond door, corner of Marion street, two blue It a: rem Briia lway, ? hen- she tea hea, and can be aaen every day from U till 9 o'clock. MUSIC.?INSTRUCTION ON THE PIANO, AT $2 per month, with privilege of practice, on a pleaaicg au,t thoiougli method. Pupils attended at iheir residences, $HI to $1.' per quarter. Apply at 247 Seventeenth atreet, near Ninth avenue. PIANOS, OF THE CELEBRATED MAKERS, J. * C. Fischer, with iron frame, amid bottom. paveni damper, overstrung bass, wholesale ami retail, at the manufactory and warerui.ui* 241.243, 24S, 247 and 24? Weal Tweuty ei^hlu atreel, naar Nuit.i avenue. PIANOS AND MELODEON8 AT WAR PKIOES.-ME lode.maat *15, $60 ami $98; Piauo* at $75, $80, SiUU, $115, $l.'j md Upright Collage Planoa (or <mall rooms lor sue ftnd to rent by CHAMBERS, in the Bible Houae, Fourth a-venue, coruer ol Eighth street. C0PEEIOR HOSE WOOD PIANOFORTE, NUNN8 A O Clark's make, lor sale immedifttely. Price $lt0; haa all the mooern Improvement a, grand action, powerful tone of the ^nsli'y, iron fiame and sliding deak. Apply thi* day or evening at ll!9>a Tw entieth street, near Third avenue. TITAN TED?A GOOD MUSICIAN; ONE CAPABLE OF " plaviuu on ihe. pianoforte and sin^in^ comic and other souks will meet ?it it a c od situatiun by applying at 33 How ard Hi., this day, from It) A M. 10 2 P M. -WILL BE SOLD, IF APPLIED POR SOON, a very brftiitiful carved leRed Piano, full seven ociavea, over strung t aw; coat $380. prica $105; In guaruu teea by the makeisTor turee years. Cal. at 4ri High atreet, Brooklyn. INSTRUCTION. A FRENCH YOUNG LaDY. ORADL'ATED FROM THE Ae^ciciuy of Par.?, and teaching in the best lamlliet of New York, would like to nnd a family going to Calif ornia, ao as to e? with them as governess. She only aaks her pa? aage and Ler board for the first year; the best ol city refe rences can be given. Address Eureka, boa 116 Herald office. A FRENCH laADY, TEACHER OF PIANO AMD FRENCH, In thia >^ly, win be al liberty on the lAih of May, and woul'i like to engage as a resident governess in a family re sident near tbe city. She wishes her Board In return. Ail dress for two weeks Frencti Teacher, care of J. W. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, <J2 Broadway. AT PAINE 8 MERCANTILE COLLEGES. 62 BOWERY New York, and 2*5 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Students frum city or co.mlry are entitled to three months', seventy eight lessons, instruction in Penmanship and Arithmetic, or Bookkeeping. Lesaona unlimited for $10. Ladies have separate rooms. A LADY IN HARLEM, AN EXPERIENCED TEACH er, educating her own dauglit-rs, alao lakeaa few girls to board ami educate, giving lo them a mother's care and thorough instruction in all the English branches, music, Freucti and Latin. Number limited to six. Terms reasona ble and refereuce unexceptionable. For paiticulars address F. C. Browne!!. Esq. 26 Howard street. New York, or call between 10 A. M. and 5 P. M. A LADY. OF SEVERAL YEARS' EXPERIENCE AS teacher of the English branches. dra? in?, music I voial and instrumental), dealres an engagement in a family or acbeot; will teach lor her board. Call on or address Music Teacher, 36 West 2th at. AN AMERICAN lady wishes TO INSTRUCT ONE or more children in a thorough comae of English, at their own home. The rudiments or muaic and Latlu will be taught if desired. Address Education, station K. A FRENCH LADY, OF GREAT EXPERIENCE, HAV iug terminated her winler engagements, wishes to make some new ones, either in town orln the country; she would like lo go where she could have a summer school: her acquirements are French. German, Itaiiau, music, drawing and the English bran hea. Best references given Apply at 68 living place, between 2 and 4 o'clock. ACARD.-THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW pupils day or even'n^, tor class or private instruction in PenmanshiTi, Hookke. p og .ind Arithmetic. Terms mode, rate anil success guaran eed. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH French AND GERMAN LANGUAGES.?PROFESSOR E. TILLERING. 812 Br..a.iwii> (established iu !??.'), w ill receive application * lor Private Inslru. tioii in the above branches. Lai it: ue augiaise aui etrangeis. Translating, Lira man Headings, tireekand Roman Claa>ies, Urammar. "firANTED?AB NURSERY GOVERNESS.? A MOST RE TT spectable young woman wishes a siu.aiion to instruct young children in tile rtultn.enla ol English; has five years' UtparMBce as teacher; will assist in plain sewing; will be found capable and obliging in whatever capacity her services may he required; best of references given. Call for three days at 308 Atlantic si., Brooklyn .UlSCBUiAiiaOOI. A KITCHEN RANi.E AND IIEATEK COMBINED? u\. Kan '? i-aieni. Tin* most economical ami iimatilc range Dver intro'iuoad. Whole aal>- and retail. hy CM AS. KANE, Jl(* B iwn, i ppusiK Bieeckei street. New York I LLEYIATOR.?CORNS CI'RED FOR ONE CENT JX each by ua.iu: Dr. BHHHJS' 4'urn ami Buulou Allerla tor. ? new, harmlcKN and cerium i-ure for Coras, Bullion*. Calloeitiea. Krt>?t?*>1 and Blistered Feet, Mr.f Mc. (Aariunt,-*! lo produce results sallsfa< lory a;cd ?urpri*iiij. Price 24 and SO cctils, and $1 ju r bo* Scrn hy mail on receiptor prkf) a nit *U i*nn. Sold hy ilrogjiials. Dr. J. HRIiiGS pi 0|.| ir. lor anil practical ChiropodiM, 212 Broadway, opiiositu Si. Haul's ? hurch, New Vol It. Ladies. uotei. keepers and lai n dresses? Give Sparrow's London VVa*hin* Crystal one trial. Sold by a!) r*--| eatable grw em an ! drucjji?t' at 4 i euts |?r park V. Ag'-nt lor Turk, J. XV BINNliY, 21 Ccuar H.W Postage stamps BOUGHT, Sold and exchanged. and taken FOR ADVERTISING IN ALL NEWSPAPERS. Address hot 4.63o Pout ofllci-, New York. R UTAL HAVA NA LOTTERY. OFFICIAL DRAWINtJ OF MAY 1. 1862. Na* Prize*. iNos.PrUes. 4'0 .?! H?iO 2r*> $a? 244 400 Nxi. .. 500 965 ..'.00 wu... .Mm lOl.H 400 n?o nm. 121*. I SKI 1131 14G7. 1HJH 1036 21132 20S4 2065 2122 2178 2610 27 IS 272C ?772 2r-7."> 018 3169 3192 3216 ?l\\j 8247 8263 (623 36*' 3910 MJ. 3*74 4114*i 4117 4219 4230 42M 4417 4610 4(>34 Dim 5Ui4) 41* 5ior, . .>* 01 "7 Hk 6843 4"( 5.W5. .. .40 >?)| M69 4IW N?? Prtxea INos. PrUes HW 400|154<t ...400 400 I5A97 400 MlilJtiOl li???< 400 ( 30 8. 41 H? ,S0"|15663 . 44M ? in i.v.,5 3710 5739 &--<l WHO bloft . 40(1 Cltb 4<?l ?46-S 4 ? ' (>.'.12 (?.'*42. ?7iW 4<lll 6722 40" era-. 500j 6MI. 4U01 72!*.'. ?0O 7311. 400, 7.1-1 4011! 734# 7*n 7452 731* :o?a 75i't 790r. urn I l??l .400 41"' 400 4'10 MU 501 41 Nj 4'?. 4(S) . 500 4<V 4*47... .4Ht 4703 4< ? 4905 ..400 4*40 400 *4:'4 <4440 *4#5 H.V*6 HMO fOi'i. i 4 r 9162 9681 9t7*. I J.52 lu.?76 10749 10*26 >08(4 .6.W| 40. 40.i 400 40ll| IOOO ..400 50i 400 400 400| 400 500 41*1 400 5*W 400 . 400 4(1' 400 400 .1000 .300 10 0 4'K' M0 ??? Hi"0 4UO 4"0 ..">?? 4i O 400 400 10 0 11040.. 11051 . 1107H 11132 11315 11316 11475 11502 IliKS 11919 . 12CiKI l2o?U 12 0? 121^41.. 12-A4 I:*t7n i:*?4 . i:!i:i5 . 13224 i:!2T2 Ui.'J-'s 1MV I.JWI7 I.V1A4 l%42 1>47. i:?77 iSjOB 14012 14*01 14*r<7 14(27 14448 14471. 14405 14571 14612 1474.) I.'OII . 15032 150?7 1514H I.'JIS 4'JU . lunoi 1000 157'*.. 'i-CM 10166 1G.1V5 1<M43 K'44 VI fl00,ln(j06. ...5(ili tTJ3'.' 1671.1 1?>72S 16-17 16934 17183 41*1; 17M .400,23415 4'*>i 17645 .500 23431 100 17907.. 400 23*32 4'W: 17961 40,l2!(432.. 1000 40li|ICI<i .??>liri<j. 400 1M25 . 5nO,l87ll. . 400 190H4 400119133 400I iyv>c . SOO'li'MiJ 4 0 19497 . .5(Ol 19725. .50"! 19-3" ..40OI19"-.) 800I20OQA 40" 07? 5"0";i0iio 40' 2"1*.5 .W >471. 40" 20.'3(. 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Prtira.|Nos Pri/e?,gNos Prtiea.;No< Prl?e? 14610 .|I00! 15127 , .400,lV/99 . 400 21632 . 4OII2.VU0. ..600 +*? .4002ml. ..40023931.. ?? 14613 ...400! 15127' 4(Wj 15602 400|XM3S 400 23308 600 14614 . 400,16386 40t)|lMU3... 400 23t!? . 4(lo| 14354 600 cashed and lofo rotation furnished by TAYLOR k CO., Banker*, 16 Wall street, New York. eEND THEM TO TOUR SWEETHEARTS O IN THE ARMY These natlooal AmeriWD Playiof Cards will be Wfi<e ue to erary a?.dwr Price 25* . per pa< k, or four packs mailed f ee on r?. eii>t oi one dollar. Addiess american PUBLI8IIINO AGENCY, 14 Chamber* street, N. Y. OBT THE UNION playing ( ARDH. UNION PLAYING ( AROS The >01 > are Shield!, Star* And Fla**. Colonel inxteadof Km* Diushier of the Reglmeat for yneen, and M <jor for the f?--W A:l >.pot eards numbered a* fn erdiaar* ear.'*. No new same* to learn ?et,a fer a rlrjuhr. Usual discount to the trad?. Slime par ks 23 eenls; four packs mailed free un receipt of one doUai. Address AMERICA* PI BMSIHN1 AliENl Y, 14 chsmbera st:eet. Weir York. RESTAURANT*. Hurrah i-or glory -anothbb hrbat vie ioi?. and the gieat-?t gained, w*4 ac. .miull?: ? l b ? J G, COI1 KEY, ai 421 Broadway, *here h *?!!? t.i>> .. i?, <ue in the city for 3 cent* par |!?M Stop a'i i ?*.e 011 l m Ever/ so iy (ails to see him. MR jonbs, CAN YOU TKT,L ME WHAT TWO serens niii?t 01 coarse 14 q t, ther Mo, they mate the Mate*-. prUC est, enslcsi pu' lio he isa la tie ninth wsrd ? ..muhed Hnom- :o iet, i y the n n it or w<e|i 77 Or*'f?wicli ?*n)*?e,/(Hi i>l S.vmm aven ie SPENCER SITUATIONS WAATEU?FEMALES. For other Wauti See Flnt Page. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION ft* coufc, tud i> ?Uifug tuaaaiat the waautug --ad Iroaiac t'nn ^i?e 'he l?esi of ciiy reference 0?U at lit) Went ,'7lh ?k, rcora 16. fourth Boor, for two days. AmOilljt rt AN IK D?BY A uumilll MID <1 e a^ed a i ' ? ?; -i ? [i c I colon* 1 Koiuiti, i? iravel.iag uia.d; can .,?.k tfruU'.h and S, aa\?b, i*u g.?e ^voJ !??* r?lite. Can be nfi-u ui No. 1 King n. A PLAIN i'OOS WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and Inner. or to do hamherwork aud as 1st In ??> mg and ironlim; h i* the hot of reference, city ?n 1 country , uo objection to the country. Call at No. 3 Weebawkcn sk, near Youkers Furry. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO woman, t < lake chaiye ot a baby troui u* binli. is au ellcul keaiuklress; no objectfc u to Ibe country. City re ference. Can be seen until kUited al70 Charlec *L. up sulrs. 4 SITUATION AS PLAIN COOK, WASHER AND J\. irouer, ?r to do g. on... huuaework in a private fatuity, wanted, by a young woman not a!raid to work, no object au t<> the Country, ( a:i be seen tor two days at Mr. Mci'nr laud'a, corner of 36tu st. aud llih ave. A SITUATION WANTED-BY a respectable A young woman, a? chambermaid aud waitress; is will fug to assist lu the Washing and ironing; ha- no o >je. lion to go luto the country. t'ail lor two day* at -7y Mulberry at., near Houston. \ SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG WOMAN, IN a private family, as nral rate laundicas; no objection lo the rouuln ; beat ciiy reference. Cau be aeeu until en gaged at 4M 4 th at, between lit and 2d a*>., >u the rear. ACTUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG UIRL, Ft?R chamber work aud waiting ; would aasist iu the. aud iroutng, or would do general bouiework in a small lamily: ha* g?od city reference. Call at 124 St. Marks p.ace, between Ltav and a*. A. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS goou | lain coo?, wastiar aud uouer; uo objection to go ill the couniry; city reference. Cau ! ? wen lor two day? at 424 Went 16th ?t, beiween 1Mb aud 10th av?. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, TO do cnamberwork aud waiting or chamber* oik and plain aewing; city refereuce. Can oe ?een for two day- al 302 7th av.t between 2Vlh and 30tb au., aecond tloor, back rooiu. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, IN A private fannlT, aa chambermaid, lane care of growing children and do plain Hewing. Apply at 1-'5 24 lb at , between 6ib and 7th av*., se< oud floor, back room, tor one day. Best city refereuce can be given.

A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Scotru Protestant girl, us first class laundresa, tho roughly competent ol' her business in all its branches. Very beat oi city retereuce from first eiasa lainilles. Can be aeen for two daya at 310 Mott ?(., near Biceckor. Inquire in the store. A A respectable WOM AN WANTS A SITUATION AS nurse in a private lamily. Beat ?r city reference cau be given. Applj lor two days at 126 West 22d St. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A COMPETENT PER sou, as nunte and aeamsticaa. Beat of city reference lor two years from tier last place. Call lor two days at 136 48lh St., coiner of 7th av., second lloor, front room. A RESPECTABLE AMERICAN GIRL WIS1IE8 A Si tuation aa chambermaid aud waltreas. or as chamber maid aud laundress. Baa city reference. Can be seeu at 111 West 1Mb at., In the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do cooking, washing and Ironing, in city or country; understands dairy work. City refeience. Cau be seeu lor two days al 17 Sheriff tt. situation WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as cook; unders.ands soups, meats, poultry and baking. Can give the best of city reference. Cau be seen al 37 12th St., between 6th aud 6th aves. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A competent SEAM sire**; can do all kinds of family aewiug, cutting and fitting ladles' and children's drea-es, would be willing to make herself otherwise useful. Can be seen for two daya at her prcaeut employer's, 165 12th at., between 6th and 7tb avs. A situation WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS acamalreaa; understands dressmaking iu all its branches, and ts an experienced hairdreaacr. Can give the beat of city relerences. Cau be aeeu al37 12th at., between 4ib and 6th aves. A WELL EDUCATED GERMAN GIRL WISHE8 A situation, cither aa bouaekceper or to do the general houaework of a small family. Call at 140 Sullivan at., near Prince. A situation WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE German woman, aa iMtrae and aeamatrei>a or chamber maid aud seamstress ju a private family; no objection to the couutry; good recommendation from laat place. Call al 111 Hudson si., first Boor, back room. 4 YOUNG, RESPECTABLE GIRL WI8HE8 A SITU J\- aliou asehambcruiajd or waltreas; has uo objection to go a short distance in the couniry; best of city relcrenoe If required. Call al 21ft Eaat 34th a.. A GERMAN GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO yeurral housework; she can coma well recommended, luquiie ai Mr Link's, 145 Chryane st. A MIDDLE A (JED PROTESTANT NURSE, OF NEAT h?i>it-: all'e< tiouate disposition, aud great experience la tnucureol children, la desirous ul obtaiulug it situation to take the entire .-barge of auiiitant; ih bi<ul> recommended. Call lor iw I) days at her pn scut employer's, 58 Weil 14th at. A respectable I'ROTESTANT UIKL WANTS A 81 luuuon a* cook, or to do general housework in a small private family, would go iu tlie ouuniry il required; bas g?.m cii> lelcrence. Cad for two daya at No. 64 Butler at.. Broom, n. A UKSPE<rrAHLB SCOTCH GIRL WISHES A 8ITUA . i a'i. n in <Jo Keneral housework; la a good cook, Masher ami iruaer. <.ail at 303 Hlcka at., iirookiyn. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS firM. '-1a?a onok in n private tamiiy. The beat of rele re ire given. Can ue teen ior two 4ays at No. 6 Union court. University place, netween llib ami I2ih aia. A SITl ATlON WANTEU-BY A YoUNO WOMAN, IN ?a'V a boarding house, a? cook, or to co ik, waab and iron in a private lainuy. City reference given. Can be aeen lor two days ii Ijluuovv at,, near Ohitlon. A VOUNO WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION. AS XV ?baiiL.eriintiil ami waitress; has no objection to go a snort utsunce in the country; has good cily r-lereuce. Call al ZS2 Last lilth at. t COMPETENT WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION J\ .its nrat class cook; understands her business in all its bra i; a- >, is a good boad and pastry baker; no oujections to ui' country; bes' city reference. App.y for two uavs at 1J Union louit, I Diversity place, between iltb and 12th tls. AN AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES [A SITUATION at iook, HUMier aud iruner; ueat city reference ,;nen I rum her taai place. Call at l'.tf West'JUtb St. A BKSl'ECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WOULD LIKE A JY atkiiaiaoli III a <iuail private Uuiilv aa cook, nasheraud iiouer, or to do general housework in a small lainny, ?u get I be !?.t city relcreaoe. Call at IM Smith at, between nyekolT and Bergen, Brooklyn. A respectable YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITU J\. anon in a ainal! private tamily to do *en. ral house work; IUU get tin- o< at city lefcrencc from berUat employer, a lieie abe liaa lived lorim last iwo years Call at bit Duug las si., between MnyLn and Hoyt, Brooklyn. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS CHAM berinaii anu Waitrea* in a private lamily, no objection i. .as,at in the washing and Iruuing, or aa piain cook, waab' ei aadironer: no objection to the country. Tbrce years' city reference. Can be aeeu until suited at 164 Sih at., be twecn 3d and 4th ava. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, ax laundress, in a private family; tin .It ratanda an . mang ing; no oojeniun to ihe coiiniiy. City reference. Can be aeen lor two days at 4U8 Itith av., between 41st and du a la. AN ACTIVE YOUNG WOMAN DESIRES A SITUATION as bis: class waltreaa, or would do cbamierwork and assist In washing; uo objection to go a abort distauce in tbc country; has good city reference. Call for two dava at Ii Union court, University p>ace, between lllh ami 12m ata. a UitrEOTAlU! MARRIED WOMAN WISHES A ii. bany to wet utuse at hci leaidencc. Sue has lout her own baby, a week old. and wiabea to get one to wet nurse Can be se> n uutil suiitd at &2 Ring at., in the rear, third lloor. ALADT WISHES TO KIND A GOOD SITUATION, IN a private iainlly, lor an eicullenl girl, either at chain beriniud or waitress; she la willing to assist in washing aud jronlng. Apply at 1<6 Clinton place, near and west of Jill av AS COOK AND TO ASSIST IN WASHING AND IRON ibg?A highly reapei table girl, with the leat ol city reie renre, desires a aituation in the above capacity, she under aiauUt cooking In aN Its branches. Call lor two days at No. UJ Weat :s n at , in the real, brat door. Akespectable, 8TEADY WOMAN WANTS A SITU atlun a" brst class cook, in a hotel, reataurant o' board lug bouae, und<r*taiid? her buainetsperfectly, has best of cut and oouutry referen e. Can b e aeen Uil auited at iiO Mtiloerry si. ARESPF.CTABLK PROTESTANT GIRL W1SHI3 A tuuailon aa chambermaid ?i?J nuae, will take care of cutldieti. Reference* gl??n. Call at X/2 East 21st si., seuwnd Uoor, trent roooi, this day. A SITUATION WANTED?BV A RE8PICTABLE Womao. as lauiidreea. or aa eook aud baundiSta, in a amail Family; baa lived live yeara In b> r la?t place; beat ol city teferense can be given. Call at 4il (lib av. A SITUATION WANTBD-BT A PBOTE8TANT YOUNG woman, as nrslcistschsmbermsid oraanurae, can Uke care of an infant from Us tilth; Bo ohjeciions lo go In the country ; can give best of city rtteren Can be steti lor tw J lays at SOU 3d av , corner Mth si., aecooa door. Housekeepers -an amekican lady, who has bad several years' tapenence, deairea asiiuauon aa hoosekeeper. Beai citi reieaence. Address or call upon M. U.. St West 27th st. LADIES' MAID AND FAMILY dressmaker -A KIT nation wanted by a competent i?-rson. woold like to eugage wiib a family travelling fur the aumuier. reliable re ferenoe. ? al' at or addreaa for two da< sRu. I ba-i 21st St. NURMB8.-A PRiiTKsTaNT W'UNAN, WBO HAS HAD many yrai a eija-iience In the care and msnagsinent of eniidreii, wants a situation as Inlant's aurae, is tapaole ef bating the gnure charge ol an lalant from us blrtb, isagnod s?anisirs?s Best ol reference. Call for two daya at lat av., near 14th at. Situations wantrd-hy two besprctablb giris; one an firtt ral* cook, end la a goon mead, biscuit ami pastiy baker, also * mat late WM.-B> r aai ir/ner, tus oihei u ciiainbermald au I la mjr-*s they hare the beat of city relet mice n otu tbeir last place, t all at 7th av., Iu the paper atore, n a 1411| al , for two days SITUATION WANI'ED-BY A UESI'H TaBLK OlRL>, aa uundiekS, or iu do i.hanibeiwoi k. (Jail lur two >iaya at VII West IS'.b st . hi the rear. SITUATION WANTBD-BT A RRSPBCTARLR GIRL, ss cbaatbernsld and wailr?a?, or wo iljtak* cars of chllilrea. no obje< lion to the couatry Call for tno uays at 211 Meat Iltb at , in the rear. -t*'ANTKD-BV A YOI NG filKL, A SITUATION AS ff chami.era.ald i i wauri aa, ?>r t i taae is'e of children, the beat ol city rel> ten e give*. Apply lar lwods>s at 4ll t'nu'.on st. to ibs rear. WANTKD-SIIUATIoS* BY two KKV.'K TtRLE touag women; oneasouos; ur.osratsn ? air."at; ran mvke htead.raae and deaSr-u, ?#,.i j sstlc ,n the i?>n l .fandir Tbe otnei .ts cas i> -ro.aiJ, and w *n>si In the W'i?p <z and irotii g. ' r w. ?!. 1 i*?i-caie Of t n.;rtn. OO' u refeiea es. Apply at WlH Wa*?J?tb?t. KITVATIOJS WANTED-KK WALES. WAJITBD-BY A RBSPECTAMLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situatiou as plan: sewer and 10 lak-- tare of children. Can be a. t u lui two day* HI 143 Eul 16th st, finl Hour, baok room, YITANTED?A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG WOMAN M who ii a good cook, waauer aud Ironor, willing 10 do llijhl iio in work to a Mnall privme fa.oily good city refe rence can bo given. Call for two day sat -75 West lath at., in (lit rear. ' TtTANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT M kco'ch woman, a situation as nurse; can lake >'?? or a baby from itsbirtli. Can be a?eu for t.\o day* at 107 East IS ti ?t., between 3d aod 4tb a . a. WANTED-A SITUATION A3 WET NURSE, BV A young married wouian, with a Iresh breast of milk; baby four week* old. Call at 224 14th at., first Uoor, front room. WANTED-BY A WOMAN. A SITUATION TO COOK; wa?h and Inn, or 10 do general housework in a Pr> v tic family; no objeoti >n to go a abort Jiatan e in ihe con n try. Good city reference. Cau ou aeeu till suite! at 160 Went Broadway, to the store. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, AN Aiuericau, to attead a atore or to take care of children. Inquire at 1.171 Broadway. WAN 1 ED?A SITUATION, BY A FIRST CLAS8 COOK, who thoroughly understands ht;i business in all its brauibes. would like logo to the country; ban no objection to a first class boarding bouse or a stnal hotel aa head rook; has the beat of city reference. Can be seen lor two daya At 248J Wftt 16lh at., between 7th and 8th ava. WANTED?BY A COLORED GIRL, A SITUATION AS TT cook; understands cooking in all its branches. Call for two days at her present employer's, 197 Madison av., north rant corner of 3o. h st. WANTED-BY A CAPABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A SITU" atiou aa chambermaid and waitresa or aa nurse and acamstresa; no objection to go in the country; baa tbe beat of city rcfereticc. Call at 44 Schermerhoin at., Brooklyn. 3nd 43(1 ,(. unuJ ? o dock at 727 6iA Ca" for ou> between 42d WET NURSeZl Vnirw/-i~~ __ nuL^*!',?????<>d hreaitof WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITU A" tiun to mind a baby and assist with light chamber work; good reference from her last place. Can b? necn for two daya at 152 Korsyth at. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN, a situation aa plain cook, waaber and ironer, or to do general housework in a small private family; good cltv refe rence given If required. Call for two daya at 417 Pearl at. XTTANTED?BY A PROTE8TANT WOMAN. A SITUA Yf to cook, wash and iron In a private family; best city reference irom her last place. Call at 228 West 25th hi. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as cook In a small pi ivate family. Can give flood recommendations from her last place, where she haa ived lor-uiue years. Can be seen for two days at 140 Greene st. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL, TO do general housework; no objectiou logo in tbe coun try. Call lor two days at 116 Pearl at, Brooklyn. Good reference. WANTED -BY A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WASH inc. at 25c. per doien; washing and ironing, 50c. Ap rly at 3607th ave. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A SITUA tion ns ehainhermaid, or waitress and fine washer; will take pain sewing; good recommendation from her last place. Apply at 106 East 13th at., between 3d and 4th are., first floor. WANTED,?A FAMILY NO LONGER NEEDING HER services, seek a place for a young girl, pleasant and competent, to sew, take care of children or to do light eham berwork. Apply for two days at 26 West 18th it. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE American girl, to do ehamberwork, washing and take care of a baby. Call at 225 West 43d st., second boor, back moms, for two daya. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN' a situation, as chambermaid or waitress, or to do wash log a'une; she is willing and obliging; baa the best of city references. Call at 404 West 40th St., first house Irom 9th uve. Can be seen for two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE . girl, for general housework; is a good cook, washer and Ironer: haa excellent referenoe. Inquire for two daya at No. 5 7th ?v. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation a* cook; is willing to assist In the w ashing and ironing, or to do ehamberwork and waiting In a private family; can give unsurpassable city or country referenoe aa to capability. Call for two days at 128 7th av., between 19th and 20th sta. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT girls, situationa; one as plain cook, washer and Ironer; the other as chambermaid and waitress in a small pri vate family; good references given. Can be seen at 114 West 4SI'j at., near 7th av. TIT ANTE D?1'Y A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, A 8ITUATION v v as chaniti. rmald or waitress; has no objection to take care of children or to do general houaework. Inquire for two days at 79 Charlton st., first floor, second room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa chambermaid and seamstress or nurae; la a good cutter and litter of dresses; understands all kinda of family sewing perfectly. Call at 141 7th av. Good city re ference. ?WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL, A TT situation as wait res* ami to do ehamberwork, or to assist wub tie washing. Good city reference; no objection to liv<- in Brooklyn. Apply at 92 Henry at, room No. 11, for two days. TirANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE TT girl, as cook ami to assist in washing and ironing, in a private family. Best city reference. Apply for two days at her last emp over's, 40 Douglaas St., South Brooklyn, five doors weat ol Smith st WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO attend a bakery, or as waitress in a family. Good city reference given. Apply at 251 Mulberry St. XJLT VNTED-A SITUATION. BY A RESPECTABLE "T young woman, as good cook, washer and ironer; un derstands pastry cooking; or to do general housework. 1ms no objection lo go a short distance in ibe country. Can have good city reference. Call at 22? West 24th st. AIT ANTED?BY A VERY RESPECTABLE YOUNG WO TT man. a situation a* Nainbcrmaid and seamstress, or would make herself generally useful. Can be seen until en raged a; 87 East 32.1 st.. tulid floor, front room WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL, A 8ITUA tioti In a small family; Is a t,ood plain coos, washer and ironer. Call at 106 Monroe st KRESCH ADVUKTISEMKnTS. DEI X CI ISIN1ERES WHKUIMI DE l'KEMU.R ordre, dont tine (vral cordon bleuj, deux fciiime de chambre, riont unede premier ordre, un pr?fc**enr dt) tr?n raiaet nialtre d'equitation, une Inatitutrke pour I Irtnoin, 1'anglal*, 1'allrmand. l'l-xpaguol et le piano; deux garcon* til lable de premier ordre, I'un francaiaet I'aittre alle-uiuid, <-t un valet d<* diamlire parlant cinq langiie*, de* MM?* de chambre el dea bonne* d'enfaut* dealrant partir pour I'Eu rope, demandent a *e placer dana de b,iiDt^ famlle* S'a dre??er de suite a I'Ac-nee Francai*e <J? M. C. CA1LI.AHD, 61 Sixth avenue, autoriaee par le gouvernement a la reconi inundation dea prioripalea tamllWa de Neir York On de maude a la meme aadreaae une nourriee francalae. deux rm?liileies de second ordre, et use Icmtu - de chambre pour la Havane, a $2U par moia. ON DEMANDE?t'NE FILLE FRANCAI8E POUR rein roe de chambre et coudre. 8 adreaaer mi 28 Earn 13th at. UNE FILLE FRANCAISE DESIRE SE I*LA< ER com me bonne d enfant*. S'a.tre?e.-r an No .'Mi Sue avenue. TTNE JEUNE FRANCAISE DESIRE UNE SITUATION L dana une lainiile Americaine pour prendre aoinadea enfant*; elle peut fournlr de bonne recommandation*. S'a dp-aa-r pour dcut joura au MS Welt Wth at., between ?ih and 101b ave*., a A. Ueiln. WF.W PI RI.rrATIOlTti Dr. F. HOLL1CK. AUTHOR OF "THE MARKIAOE Ouide," and Lecturer on tbe FUdnlon and Derange menu ol tbe Parental Sj atem; o 111 re No. W9 Broadway, from lU till 2 dally, except Sunday*. N. B.?Dr. H. attend* only to thoee peculiar cane* deacrlbed In bla well known book* and lecture*. Address box 3,606 Poet office. MME. DEMi iKEST'S MIUKOR OF FASH ION Si?THE mimnier number, with valuable addition* and splendid improvements, comprising elegant Ka.-bion Plate*. Engrar uiga. Braid Work, Embroidery, and three lull sited Pattern* et Ureases. now ready. ME.DEMORESTS MIRRoTOF FASHIONS 18 UN unestionably and emphstiially the largest and beat Fashion Magarlue in the world. Published quaiteriy at 473 Broadway, and aold everywhere at 25 o?nta, Mailed "free on receipt o( the price. Yearly $1, with the privilege of select ing Silcente worth of plain pattern* extra aa a premium. Hummer number now ready. SPLKNDIB SI MMER FASHIONS?ELEIJANTL.Y IL. Inasrated and full* describe I in Mine DEMURESTs MIRROR OF FASHIONS, and (old everywhere at U cent*. Mailed iiee on teeeipl of ihe price. Summer number njw ready. ThkmarIuage ocide~ o rn a tFr a lhi a to r t of <;? titration-A private instructor for married person*, or Iboie about to marry, both male and female, by Frederick Holllck, M D, author and lecturer upon the Physiology and Diseaaraof the Generative Organs, with num-rous engrav ing* and colored plate*; 20>ttt edition, much enlarged am] Improved, and Drought down to Ihe prevent day. Price SI. Hem by mall, imstage paid, nn receipt of tbe price. T W STRONG, pnblliher, 90 Rasaau street. N. Y. For Dale by al bookseller* and newsdealer* in the United State* and Canada*. Also four other work* by Ihe same author. Head for a catalogue. Theouly correct wort* of the kind pub lished?Medical Journal. THE REBBLLIOK. SJCOTT'8 SMO-THE REUIMENT HAS MOVRD TO 5 Washington. All meinoers left behind, from orerataved passe* or ether cauae. will report to underaigned Payday w ithin t* o week*. We do not with any member leu out. Major BENNETT. No. 9 Pine itreet. Sergeant McCLER NONT, IS Centre atreet. ILK AND BUNTING FLAGS, ALL, SIZES ON HAND for sale: a 1*0 Staff*. Mounting*. Trimming*, Eagle*, Ball*, Mpear Head*, Ac. Ornamental Painting an I EnSroi derlngou *llk. HOIER A URaH AM, 97 Duane ttreet. UNITED STATES MARINE OORI'B.?WANTED FuR tbe United Slate* Marine Corp*, able bodied, Intelligent, unmarried in*n. between th? age* of el?litten *nd forty yean, net I*** than Ave feet four and a half in'.he* high, and of good t!i?ia<-t?r. Ho.dlera serving in this eorp* perform duty in navy yard* and on beard ol *???? 1* ef war Pay from SIS lo $?* per month, with ?bHniUn"* of etoinlng. iKjard and medical alun Uoce, fnrulahed by th*go vernm?ni. Apj ly *t Ihe Rendervrua, I* Bowery, or at the Marine B*-ra< *a, Fluahing avenue, Brooklyn. A OAKLAND, M*Jir Commanding. OHVM (MmNwIMl' FIKtV tHIED RI'ilMBNT N Y. V.?Hurry up l?t ihut |10U boi.nty L**( i4iau .e fcelere the war end*. Recruit* now wanted at No. ID Catha rlne ?.tre< t. Apply to MUnFORD or J. *nienant 61'ERLINU, lotinariy of D'.ryee'* /.o iave*. RKGAIIS AND TOBACCO. CE IARS VERY CHEAP-THE AtlfONEE AT NO 17 KroiUiy i* mil r' xlltg 04? !!,? (lock of Havana, Ho mettiv afid (ictuiaii h-gtr*. Por.uaaira Mil >?* cllerel grenter Igdu^mtm* ihao can be offered claewbert. situations wantrd-males. A COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A V \ it ned m?a. vuo bait tao jeais' ut> nftlWN (HH last employer; has n 1 objection to th ? country; unders'.un In plain gardening fall tur two days at 74 Weal 13tu si., be tween 6th uud eth avs. ARKSPEi'TABLE MAN WISHES A SITUATION TO travel with a ijeuil' iiiuu to Eui ope, either this mouth or In June; spents English, German, Holland Dumb an I i some French; n willing and obliging. Address this week I ilenry Lan.ioa.- Broadway Post I ASITUATK M wanted-BT an EXPERIENCED , thoroughly understands his business, and Is | tierlectly conversant with tbti treatment an t ma lagement of , horses. Best of reference, bavins lived eight years in one place. Address John Burns, Herald office. AS COACH MAN.?WANTED, A SITUATION, BY A respectable man, who understand* his business, in I has lived with soine of tbe beat families lu Europe; has been l.' ?earalnNeiv York; has been steady lor ten years w.t t >o ainllies; haa recommendations to be seen from hit boyhood. Understands the treatment of horses; will be found wllllu^ and obliging: can milk if desired. Address fur two days Coachman, box 147 Herald office. A SITUATION WANVED-BY A YOUNG MAN, AS groom, or toasslst at waiting; haa no objection to go In the country or city; la willing to make himself g -neraHy iisefulaioiiail any gentleman s place; tbe heal of city refe rence given, from tils laat employer; wages moderate. Call fur two days al M East l.Ub St., in ibe sture. COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTKO-BY A REKPEC tahle young man; one who ; eriectly undcrsuuids Ills business; is an excellent driver an't an experlen' e?l groom; will be found willing and obliging, has good cltyrefere ce; no objection to the country. Address Coachman, box 149, Heraid ollloe. COACHMAN.-W ANTED, A SITUATION. BY A COM patent young man, who tho.oug'.ily understands the eare of horses andls a good driver. Can give good recom mendations. Address J M. C , 79 Bleeciicr si., lor two days. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER OR ENTRY clerk, l>y an eiMyrienced bookkeeper. Best of reference given. Address L.B., Herald office. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO MAN, A8 SALES man In a wholesale grocery and proTlalon store; Is well acquainted with tbe city and country trade, and can give the best of city re:erence. Addreas Salesman, Herald oBhe. for two days. r DRUGGISTS.?A YOUNG MAN, WHO HAS BEEN ten ye?r^ in tbe retail druj biiniuesa, desires a situatiou in the fsr West; bast of references given. Apply at UUi Hudson atreet. \\TANTED?SITUATIONS, BY A MAN AND WIPE. TV without encumbrance; both sober and industrious; the man thoroughly understands the care of horses; is a good plain gardener and can milk; hia wlfelaagood plain cook, waaher and Ironer; both jaung and able to work; beat refe rence from laat emplaycr. fall al 276 lstav. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A SMART, INTELLl TT gent boy, to learn a respectable trade. Can be seen for two days at 2% Molt at. WANTED? BY A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS HAD SIX years' experience, a situation to run au engine; can keep it lu running order; wages not so much an object'iVa steady job. Address for three days R. J. H., Herald office. WANTED-A SITUATION. BY A BOY 15 YEARS OK age, as errand boy in a store, or would learu a trade; good reference given. Also a hoy lor a larm. Call ou or ad dress W. E. Luu, No. C Prince hi. WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED MAN. A glTUA tlon lu a new-paper olin e or publication oouac, or aa corresponding or shipping clerk; perfectly uudristands his business. Can give the very b. si of reference. Adilreas Publisher, box 103 Herald office. ' WANTED-A SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNO mau, as shipping or lecelvlng vlert in a dry good* or grocery store; haa eight years' ei-perienre down town, or would accept a situation aa copyist, and work hard lor tbe interest of his employers; can furnish good reference. Ad dress W. H. S., Herald office. HELP WASTED-MAIiESj^ AGENT-IT YOU WISH To'INVEST A SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING BUSINESS Examiue the merits of the MULTOMICROON, Call and see It, or send for a circular. 8. C. RICKARDS A CO., 102 Nassau street,N. T. Agents are making more money by selling RICKABD'8 UNION PRIZE STATIONERY AND RECIPE PACKAGE Than by any other Investment. OUR PACKAGE 18 TN SUCH DEMAND THAT AGENTS EASILY MAKE FROM $10 TO $16 A DAY. CIRCULARS MAILED FREE. 8. C. RICKARD8 A CO.. KB Nassau street. Agents.?we cannot supply the demand. You ran make $!< a day bv selling the DIME PAN PBOSPHOSIUM PRIZE PACKAGE, Price 10 cents. Containing aliteen new and original articles, including A GIFT OK JEWELRY. If you would make money now a?nd lor a circular. W. H. CATELY A CO , 1U2 {iasaau street Agents wanted everywhere-pob day a Co.1 s Kerosene Oil Burner for fluid lampe; cheapest and beat Id use. Samples mailed ffre on receipt of 10 cents, by tbe manufacturers, Day k Co.. Newark, N. J. Agents wanted-to sell dodin s patent ke rosene oil burner far fluid lamps; costs only one cent per week and no danger of txp ?<don; sample aeut on reoeipt af four red slumps. Address Joseph Dodin, 23 Duane st. A BOY WANTED?IN A LOAN OPFICE, WHO can read and write a good haud; tbe best of reference re quired ; salary brst year J.fl. Apply st 342 6th av. A COMPETENT 8ALESMAN WANTED?BY WOOD Brotbeis, 3D6 Broadway; a man acquainted with the business Applications by note only. Also wanted, a me chanical draughtsman, AN ENTERPRISING MAN WANTED?IN AN ESTAB lodied cash mercantile business. $300 will be the amount required. Apply at 429 Broadway. C. B. HOWES A_CO. Bookkeeper?wanted, a young man, not over twenty years old, somewhat acquainted with book keeping; must he qui k, prompt, a good p-'ninan and willing to work hard for a small salary. Address box 1.766 Post office. B~~ OY WANl'ED-ABOCT 18, TO 8eLl1)OODS BY SAM pl?; mint hsve some knowledge of liowers. feathers and laces, and be acquainted with milliners. Wages fkim $8 a month and a commission on sales. Call, with refe rence, al 431) Broadway, hrst flight, alter tf A M. Boy wanted-from 12 to i&years ok age. who writes a good hand, lives with his parents and ran I ring good r-fereuce. Salary (100 or $160 per annum. Ap ply between 3 and 4 P. M. at room 12, Nj Wall street. Boy wanted.-a boy 16 to is years old. to act as a messenger in a down town olTi e. Address box 1.361 Post office. In applicant's hand writing, giving refe rences, and slating compensation expected. Drug clerk wanted.-one who is compe leut, and can give undoubted reference as to hon-siy, Ac., may apply at 61/6 8th av., after 10 o'clock A. M. salary inodrrate. DRL'G~CLERK WANTED?A YOUNG MAN THa roughly com,,stent, at 76 Columbia st. PORTER WANTED?ONE WHO HAS BEEN ACCl'S A tomed to receiving and shippping good-. A fcOod, smart, active, honest man can secure a good situation by addressing Ixn 4,12$ Post office, immediat-iy. CEAMSTKfcBB WANTED ?SHE MIST THOROUGHLY LJ tin >rsuud cutting ami titling children's drea?es sud do all kinds oY lainily sewing. One who ha* Home Idea of dress ing hair preferred. Beat city reference required. Apply Irorn 9 i" 12 A. M . or Irom 5 to 7 P. M , at 33 Earn ltih >1. mo DKl'GGISTS -WANTED. A GOOD APOTHECARY, A to take a sitiiatinu la a drug (tore in South America; none but thoac well 'juallh*d need apply at the Sterens House, room 42. from 7 till 9 o'clock A. M. r DRUGGISTS.-WANTED, AN ACTIVE. ENERGETIC young man, fully competent lor the retail and |>re*crlp tmn depui tuiani of an old establlnhed (tore, and to assist with ordsrs One poaseeslug the requisite quallfrations will hear of a desirable sanation by addreaalng D. R., boi 1,415 Post MM, wltii references. "tlTASTEO-A MAN AND WIFE, TO WORK ON A m suia.l larm. To a i apable. UonMt man a neady place and good watti will be paid. Apply at 13 I'ark place. H. 8 IIAWK8. WHHAKTED?A GOOD BARKEEPER: ONE WHO CAN come well recommended; none other* need apply. In quire at the billiard rooma, 00 and VI Eaat ltik at , between the hours of ? and 6 P. M. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNO MAN, TO SO licit business for a iklp chandlery store. Address G., box 1.JVJ I'oat office, New York. WANTED-AN HONEST, INTELLIGENT ROY, 12 OR IS yearn old, in a billiard saloon Beat of references required. Apply at the WaverJey Billiard Rooms, corner of hth at. and tin a?. WANTED?A SMART, INTELLIGENT YOUNO MAN to attend bar. Apply at 125 1st ave., corner or dth at. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE YOUNG MAN, PROM 18 to 22 years of age, who la willing to make himself generally useful, may and employment and a good home, by applying this day,between 9 and 11 o'clock, at Dr. P. D. Irish's Indian Medicine store. No. 3 Third arrHue, none ae-d apply without the best of relerente. WANTED ?A PORTER, FOR A CARRIAGE WARE house; must he used to Ika care of carrugea; a c >ach painter preferabls. Apply at Wood Brothers, 39o Broadway. WAITERS AND BOYS.-KXPEPIENCED WAITERS M snd boys to clear tables are wanted at lo Dey at. WAN'IED-6 MEN FOR STEAMERS. 2 CONDUCTORS, .1 porters, J clsrki for grocery stores, 4 girls to trwrel to California and Europe, 2 eipiess drlrere, clerk for a saw null. 2 bo?s for trades, 1 stewardess, men on farms. Apply at Na 7 Chatham s>|naro. WANTED-FIVE OR HIK SALESMEN. WHO ARB AC TV quainted with ahlppers and grwvrs lo and near this city, to seH a superior article of vlnagar by the pa< Xa?e, per aample Address boi 3,562 Post oSlce, at onne. A flrst rat* opportunity for making money for ths right stamp of men WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN. IN THE retail clothing trsde; one who ean command a good trade preferred; good salary to a good inaa. Address, with refer- nee, Fulton, boi KW Herald olSoe. WANTED-A GROOM AND COACHMAN, TO WEAR Ilsery and make himself generally useful. Apply to Mr. Edwards, British Coasulate, 17 Broadway, between 11 aad 12 o'clock. WANTBD-AN EXPERIENCED DRY OOODS SALES man None but a good window need apply at R Stesdman's, 263 Gteenwich at. WANTED-A Man COOK. INQUIRE OF WILLIAM TaylOi, .'iSi Broadway, hetweeu A and IV o'clock A.M. WANTED-A STOUT BOT, TO DO TIIK KITCHEN woik or coffee sal i"a Apply at 91 6th ar. WANTED-AN EXPERIENCED Cl.KKIC IV a wholesale grocery ho i?e ; gojl salary to a qualified party. Also, a collector. Apply at ISI Fulton St., Mer< h. nn Cletss' Registry office. Situations piocur?d. Rcfetenn lo Brit clssi homes. Established 1456. Not conduced in any lute.Iigsnce nil), e plan. WANTED-A t'LEKIC IN A FIRST CLA-S KK.aTl who undertthadt the busmen Reie rence rsqilfsJ. Address A., elation G. W'AH1ED-SALE8MEN FOR THE CLOAK AMD DEEM is d-pariment*; also a young in?n thsl li willing to work and make himself ecneral.y < s?i ul in the store. ft R ROBERTS, VI Bowery. AITER WANTBII ?ONE WHO UNDERSTANDS his butluess may apply at French'* Hotel st 10 o\:o a A. M WAjVTKD?, A u*i!IL'E8 w,l(- WAMT GOOD MEBlANTt lMj f mi' til * av* "for ri^ii Vfr*u LwrnuT <rf Qth Americanand'pnwl?.: ^ U-r.nau, Scotch, Irlata. mwkloyd. ouo/piSc^1^^^ ?25*3^ aaUtitu ave. K Institute, corner of lllll it. \ FIRST CLASS MILLINER WANTED IMMEDlATPf V Aju N K 81 Montgomery at., ..r?"y(,tj TE ' A SMART, ACTIVE '1IKL, WITH OOOD CITV KECK /, i rentes, la wanted fur generti housework at IT' West i*h>l.; none othere need apply. ??"? at 1? Weat AT^ ,?rench institute of m. c. gaillard. -aV 51 . ixth avenuiv authorized bvtho rovcmtnent At th? recommendation of the bet New York. Bm ployt'iH can obtain the most <-Cl ? en. French Biifflinh <Vr man and American servants. male. auU 1'emails. oV all capacities, and lirst class aervan's, the most drairable sltua lJIgton pliuie. aUd COllntry' 81 8lxlh "venue, near Wash . A uJl.?du,f~^*TEP-Wn0 19 A WD BAKER a t t *-*Ut in wantiing Mid ironing. Also % firt ?%?? jT "i"a? ?!???? washing and Ironhig, wlti foo<t Mfeieuc?>a.Apj)lyairlS Ea?t 87th it., before 2 o'clock. ALL EMPLOYERS AND GOOD SERVANTS MALE elu ai 3-K'i'l'h-V*'11 fl"4jhe moat eitenuve ofllce in this 1> yeara e-iabl shed ?pr,H ' 'th,' Emolre C"T Institute. aH'nihu ui unit it a'"V* reiV''rin? ?0011 domeatica of an na 1 >ns w 111 i\nd it to their Intereat to patronize thiu ollKn. ( ountry order* promptly attended to DRESSMA CER.S WANTED?AT268 FOURTH AVFNIIP _N??e but i.ret rate hand, ueeltpply! fcWUE* MSP GREEN 3 AGENCY KOR EMPLOYMENT 114 Ki'irie. nth i-treel, corner of Third avenue h lp faithfully MipplteJ Wanted, on Broadway or 4th ar Koomaaultab1" or the abor? miin.isa. Addreiu abe.e* A ?mall girl, for li?ht work, 1a v anted. aoere. A.NI) SEAMSTRESS WANTED-A GIRL WHO R~ew ?Hi l .t i/iir* of chlldre". and knows how to wav uorth^JlPj11, We?t?lh at., three doorafrum Broad way. uortli slue, b-twei'U the hour* 01 ten and twelve. pBOTESTANT GIRL WANTED-TO DO GENERAL ? houaew. rj, at U Powers at., Brooklyn. gERVANTSJ OFFICE, 240 GRAND ST.. NEAlTBOWE* aeiTran'ia f i u *" <1?bo"os,> ?M'?Me *nd worthy read? at .he hf..h 7 ' r, m<?H "'-client situation* now Applr' *0 w MA*vrv^?i?.the Lrst la Brooklyn. the'CUy Haii; MANNIN0. 1? Court at., Brooklyn. oppo?t? CJERVANTS IN BROOKLYN" WANTING SITUATTONflr bth?ui"fi i kS.v?dl;lU'y i,"t ? k"^millea, at the 1 "r, , *- *? have many sifat ons now ready in tha r m? !i ,Brook'yn. *i?d n.ay 1? euXed th's daT PIIKR imtT yourselves. Apply to MH. CilRISTo" PJibR, 10 Tillary aireet. Brooklyn. la^Man ,u,i?a?"B*U U7ANTLD TRIMMERS ON FANCY AND KTftAW n bHtg, at lj?5 Fulton bt.. Broitoj" hKAW W BACHEL0K <)f BEANS, A TODNd ?wSS^^^?c*-ass TIT ANTED. A GENTLEMAN OP MEAN8 WISHES TO WANTED-A GIRL, AS EXPERIENCED NURSE TyANTED?A MIDDLE AGED l'ERSON AS OKNFRie V* servant In a email family; o'e * ho ? food ??chhd?? and prefers a comfortable andVaay^.,.,1". ml.tS.' ssww "No-2 ^^iiDp^.powS:^ VyANTED?TO GO A SHORT DISTANCB IN THR 5.ouutr>:-,,k "?*?? tidy youutf Germaa .lrl tA .tA .k/LK IISi.m,1(('r<?n'ne ?n'1 w*l"n* In a email family undaratand her buaine>a thorouably and be well 1 ItTtXtoj.AP,>" " l"e ?fflCe ?f TyANTED-A NEAT AND TIDY GIRL TOMnB aiun! ijwssw^ttwcssia "ew. EiSSxSS ??11 ?-a SSf3S?'-5 VyANTED-A MIDDLE AGED AMERICAN OB GBR. KM'S at5P Brooklyn''" tluUr* ? ??" Pa*'1 fourth houseeouth o^ultona^Brooki^I. K",oW TFAN'TED-A GERMAN PROTESTANT OIRi t? T fegseasss^gRasaatg street, after 1U o dol'k k PUOe" Appl' *tM Cro*t'? "VyANTED?A GOOD GIRL, FOR OBNEBAL MOUSP riMHSa? WANTED?FOR TUB country. A GIRL. FOR OF uer?l houaework; muM be I |k?I cook, waaher aud miner and .nderaiaml milking and making butter; a witling ami rapable girl only aeed apply at 34 Huaaex at.. Jeraey City, M. J. WANTEQ-TWO OIRLS, WITH GOOD CITY REFE TT rencea: one lo take care of young children, the olhei a* wnltieaa, chambermaid and Irouer. Apply from 10 lo IS on rhur?day morning, at 16 London terraee (Weal 23d at). Wagea ft WANTED-A SKILFUL AND TASTEFUL TRIMMER of ladiea' and rhlldreaa' bata; mi om wbo baa not bad experience lo ih<- moat faahiunable atyle of Broadway work Wfl answer Applr to Tbomaa K.ynldn, 303 Caaallt WANTED-A YOUNG OIRL, TO WAIT UPON AMD attend children and do general bouaework; wag*a $3 a month. Apply at 71 Wot 47m at., between Ctb and 7th ara. WANTED?A OIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; German or Scotch preferred. Apply at 2M l(Hb a*., between Mih and 27th ata. WANTED-A CLEAN AND HONE8T OIRL. FOB general bouaework In a family of tour, two children Included, hot and cold water, wanning and wringing Ma chine: muht be a good lroner; wagea |i per month. Inquire at 2S Chatham at. WANTED?A GOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER; white or colored. None but an experienced peraon with goo l city reference, ueed apply. Call at lOLi Weat 3?n, at , near Broalway. ,f WANTED-A SMART OIRL, TO DO TUB WORK OP Hire.' or four in a private family; ahe muat make her aelfgi ner.illy uaelul and have i,o?id >ity reference; auch a peraon cau bare a good home and fair wagea. Apply at M bivielon at., private door. WANTED-A BMART, ACTIVE OIRL. TO ATTBNL a bakery and conlectlouery. One who baa be.-n a the buatneaa itefore preferred, and can come well worn mended, may apply at V Montgomery at., Jeraey City. THE TRADES. AN AMERICAN YOUTH DESIRES TO GO UNDEF Inatnic.iona to a pbologrnplici and to learn tha art la all Ita branchaa Addreaa Joeeph Ail port, Herald olSce, fo? three daya. A GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED?HT A MAN of good experience and good recommendation* from hla laat employer; alao on<ln atanda farming in nil ita br inchea, la willing to derote hia time to the Intereat of hi. employer. Addreea Gardener and Farmer, care of Mr Becker, 148 W illiaui at., oorner of Bcekman, whleh will meet with prompt attention. ARESPBCTABLB MIDDLE AGED MAN, UAYINO NO family, wialnw a aituallon a? farmer or gardener; 1. competent to take charge of a country aeat; a heme belna more dealrabl? than wagea. Can be aeea for two daya at Id BaSt 29th at. Gardener wanted-one who understands grapea and ?eget?blea perle< tly, with city reference* Apply between b aud'lU A. H. at No. 4 East Slth at WANTED-A good HAIR Ct'tter and WIO MAKER Apply to t. Herchenroder, 2M Waablngton at., Boatoii, Maaa , , . , WANTED-A good GILDER. none OTHER NBBD apply at 124 Hudaon at. WANTED-AN operator, AT L. 8. HICKS' PHOTO torfraph and Ambrotype Knoma, UM Urand at.. WU liamab'irg, L I None but those undrratandlng All the branchea need apply. WANTED-FOUR good JOURNEYMEN carpen lere. Apply lo Jamea Cavauagh, 1U8 Cedar al , car penter and builder. For OUter Wants First P?|?. ? matriwowia|^ TWO fOUNO OENTLRMEN?moderately good luoltiuK. Mini well connected, who have long been friend*, dealre the at niialntance of two of the oppoaite aex, ilie J c mntf ri.arta In InleUgenee, refinement and apfearanc*, and from tlghteeo W twenty je?r?of age with a fiew to iiairl monr Future correaponden e toieat the alncenij trf lrt>U? Addreaa A. * box Ml U<x*U eSlca.

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