Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1862, Page 12

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1862 Page 12
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THE ANNIVERSARIES. I lew Y?rk CKy tntl-SUvery Society, inerkaa Tract Society, the American Tract Society of Bosloo, Ac., I Ac.. Ac. Wew York City Anil-Slavery Society. crust'IIES OK THEODORE TILTON AND WENDELL PHILLIPS. The auniv.rwy of the New York City Anti-Slav.ry Society ?aa held lirn evening id the Cooper In stitute. The aud ranee was large anil respeclabia,and vraa presided over by Dr. Haktt, wbo, aflar a few Intro ductory remarks, in winch h. alluded lo the assertion of ?he enemies of the eoclety that it wag dead, introduced the Hutchinson family, who sang one of their character. Istio anti slaver? melodies. THBOIK.K. Tilton, of the Indepmdml, was (he first ?peaker. He said that freedom owed a debt to a pitch, and what ibe nation needed more than victory was the spoken word of a free people to rta government, demand 4ug in tones of thunder that henceforth that liberty shall be the pueeeaaum of all cla^oa and colors, knitting the nation Mto sum brotherhood, calling down upon us th. to iHsing of Cod, who was the Father of *11. ihe story ?f American slavery never could be told, for heroism ?uflferlim tears would be its record. He alinded to the *>ng of John Brown, which was now the soul of all the laws or Congress and the proclamations of the Presidsnt. "That was ?oe sign of the Unies. Another sign was that the oM gentleman s asylum (the Tract Society, In Nassau street) was publishing Wllberforces speeches ?n slavery, d.liverel arty five years ago Ho warned to* eloquent tuend who was to follow lo be careful of ^ lract Sociel>r might bo publishing tot. speetn fifty years hence. (Laughter and applause.) k lSL*,v*,B1nMBl wa* to be reconstructed, slavery must toe Ian entirely out. The question was. how should the "?' ^e power l.e burtei1 "iiler the ground. He believed ?toat the Confiscation bill would not tend to wipe away the system, but it would do something The proportion to cu onize the slave would not settle the question Nor could the Stales in rebellion finally determine the matter Tneie wit* only one way which was sale, juat, humane ?nd courageous, and that wan the lifting of the right arm of the war power for the blow of universal emanuoation Patrick Henry, of Virginia, to show that the constitution, In clear and unequivocal terms irave ih. pU,7er 10 em,u,??Pate the slavts. Ho be JwiedOiat before the war ends Congress would issu- an teTm M,r" Tilun taii ">? represen wuv? man of the last administration was Inm*** ^^aiian.ofwboaitwottldboftiidytD the lang uani of ? Jarnes' of Laucaster.thou bast SJc ' i ved Ho had taith in the government, but greater faith S!' He 8^rd heaftllp to ^almeat j wei?ravanuL'i ' k w,t,h,H that the sentiment ah!.Us < , ^ was by reason of the early eUoria of sub^^tbe'alave power ??veru?cn?- were'enabled to ,,'H'LUi*> was introduced amid great applause, we r?r. -n ,1,BOp,u l to the conclusion that o 1U a war: but w? w*ru six months at It be ore Mr. Seward woke up to that fact. Theanti ?lavery . ntrrprise was launched on the id?*a that we wuroa civilized people. We believed that the milleniuin of br?uie had come and not bullet*. We were rielit so far as the north of the Potomac was concerned but we forKot that tbenineteenth century. with its ty^g ^ ^' w !fJ!Dk,:< 1 ''ku l1'* classic legend to tlie dead carcass of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries tho ai><1 l? development of the other'side of the Potomac. President Lincoln was an honest nun Marrh8^" machine. It look him to the 4th oi """eMa*., and felt, in the lung,ia?;e ??it? ' J' o*ve ('0<, ^huighiy on his side; but ho niuat have the Suae of Kentucky. He believed that the Tnn'ihi!".! W?iUl" Wa" "" UeXL Marck before he tonic another .top lorwarcL for he took long strides, and onlv once ay jar. He, thought it would, if thj ueonle nrged him ahead a hule, be . great advaE Wie speaker alluded lo the mission of Brigu-iier fietie ai isaxton to South < arclina, and afiirmeJ that he went on the theory .hat (Jie: .? was no **ir-ril)w known to the law ryle the gtate of South Carolina Tb? miht?Z ^neral cyried the republican pUtform with him. Hut the Territories ol the L'nued States ignore.1 slavery liri kT'" "m'J 10 a nruu)'1 lUl" uf th" republican party, and he hoped Saxton would know ncthirfl but citizens. ? did Lot it was the duty of the people to arraigu ?nd criticize the C' vornment. Our civilization in the tW ih-118 ??i! "*ejf? etlu';JtUuu ?""> labor. H.- i.e.d that the jwuth wae u. -be aumhilated. not the TerriUirial So.itii, bjt the that oiTere i five thousand dollars wLw'r, 01 Wm' Uo>u Garrison. This countiy ' weuln nev. r see p-ace nor union till the Suuth in th i? ?eni,e was anniiuiate.1. He thoi.ght wo had conMitu* atoll^,iPhWOr but if W0L<1(1 "o: it would not ,*SL' fT h" a'd iS"1 lhiuk a natlon'? liie"W*8 .ockod up in parchment. The citizens of New Mgland who^nlgrato i-to lliinola did so with the un ^erstandin,. that the Mississippi was to be theirs. The South sai i:?"1 ray cannon m order that I may an She accepted the challenge, and <u?n " hem* the iir?est and tho strongest, aha would ?i.ninilale her i .stciul. He dirt not believe that JolT. I>av s ever had more tba. soo.ouo men,but he would a bia toa tie somewhere before he > leiued. The North had t* ?conquer their arms, and hau also lo annihilate a state i i mind. Mr Phillip,, in -i bitter and sarc^r ?n',n apokeof the barbarism-of tlio Siuth, claiming that tte Southern did not Know how lo open a jackknife He htm1hlJ*, r"r Ltnu<1ence in the in orma tung ven him by a contraband,and he (Burnside) h id aaid that as loi.p as he had a Kif h-j would share it with the m^u who gave him Koauoke. Could the American peop e aflord u> give up Uie nse of four millions of such in^d w . If"? X"e tni0" arn>y wouW ii t (1, ? we g, t rid of some of our g?m.rals, for ho claimed the riKht of having the Northern idea rep-esen:ed all over the .-outh. He (aid a tribute to the energy i.r the Secretary ot the Navy, and said that it na? not m ne Cabinet but in public opinion that we wrro to find the atren?jth our catiae tor this summer. Mr. Philiii^ con tinned at great leagtk, and in com.lusion s<iu that there yas not a spot on the lace of the ,?rth where the "la's and Stripes wo ud tail uroie< t Uju American citi/en ? the fifteen save states. The 'en.<,o w^ whtlher the citizens of New York and ILissach nett. Should i,? proteoMd by the 'aw., ^ pnion wherever the .?t?rs and >trlpes.wsre carried. And in order to ^-complisn that the people should demand ?f President I i tiurt .vhen :-outh Carolina ha l g|4 e i ^ 'b* ** ha"'. *" cut U:e neck of tht sv. tein which nad huherfco made her au.ii am .ug UerTwters and thai he shall use it in the name of jimice and Go.l ' Loud call, wen- martefor Mr. (Jakh ws, who r<?e and ^.a r.m r',Trk" Sa,d that tf"' h0,,r ha '?come ? hen the nature of thei contest in wiich they wer. .pgared was beginning to be ntelligently under?t..od He was contl tfent that the jw.ple only n?eded to clearly oomnreiiend J^e sti ugitie to lead them to rise up as J, mm/for tile honor, the glory and the .unity of our common republic and decr-e the abolu.o. of %Uverv, now^ha by treachery and rebe.iM?n of U)e south that jh.w?r wm put iLrft, r^t ?f ,h" *""""?<?? was 7o" ?hi f.K v? country and he bei.eved th.t the wealth ot the North greatly angmenttHl. and consequently the hicwm arvi prosperity of the South ,f there could be liberty throughout the land mZ' a MM. << M.ngs irom the HutchiMoas the audience di. American Tract SoctcXy. The thirty fourth anniversary of this society mac oele. brated yesterday morning, at Irving Hall, wtucfc wu? fcv a large audience of bothae^cs. The business Mrsion opened at nine o'clock A. M., Hon. Wm. C. Aiix auder, ace of the Vice Presidents, in the chair. The CvJinifAii opened the proceeding* by Deferring to tbe decease of Hon. Thomas S. WU!lams, of Hartford, Conn., wfcj had for a number of year* presided oyer the deliberatiens of thcsocety. Ho pronounced a k>og and eloquent eul"gium on tbe character an4 qualities of the decease 1, *. d expressed regret that the society had been deprived of Ma supervision. Rer. Dr Firs*:*, Chancellor of Ube Kear York Col. reraity, Invoked a blessiug. Rev. Or t>a*7.-rr then made a few remark* reviewing the nervlcea rendered by those connected with the so etety, and aPo'img to the late Hon. Theodore Frslingbujr een, to whose memory he paid an appropriate tribuXs. The annual report of the Treasurer was read by Mr. All**, and rh >wed the following result.?Received la donation* bl<1 legacies, f7s,707 06; sales,$124,767 70, naking, with fialaate in treasury, $2>>4,721 49; expend ed in manufactarmg.-nd issuing, $127,449 13; eolportage. $27.032 "1 colprtmw agennee and depositors, $14, 820 11. caah fur foreigt land*.$6,000; all other expenses, $20,*94 21 ; balance n treasury, $428 13 ; making 4204,Til 49. From theabstraet of the annual report prepared by Jlev. M?*m. * Hallo, k and^iwitman, it appear* thai there were printed 'luring the year 333,400 volumes, 7,413 !*)0 publication'. SO MO P'mea Total circulation in thir ty seven yea * 18,2*1,801 vplunies, 23K,165,m<?6 public*, tlons, 5,73".*7?^).;o pager Circulation of the Jnuiirnn Um.ruyr about 142,UW mostly; fiafjchitfltr, or Mm ^eng r 'n German, 30,000 CkilfM Pavtr. 225,000. Pub Jicaiions >o the society s list, 3'(>13. or which 677 are vo lume*, basides S/UI4 publications in about 130 lan ^piage-, approved iot publication abroad Gratuitous distribution for th? r*ar. In 3,"00 distinct grants, 6O,U4 046 t*t;es, and 12 9i;i,s?i6 pages to life *i)ou?b<-'i4 and tinei'.tor.-i?value upwar>la of $42,000. After the acceptance*</ tbe above, the anuual election Cor olOeera wu proem.<led with by ballot. <4o motion of Uie Rev. Pavip Mt'ua, a committee of A ?. v??a appoiu'el to tr inmate a President lot the entil ing -u?r. fbis cossauitee nominated the First Vice rrc SmI-uI ?f the **l?ty, theR.ght Rev. Charles P. McII wauie H.'h"P of the l*oc se of Ohio, as President; which ?mm ub uivtonaly adopted, R?-v Mr MawR proposed a resolution to the oflfoot. thnt the "fllier* of th" society be the same is th"?e of the last year, with the exception of Rl.1l) >p Meade, d"'eased, itU'l tli. t R?v William W. Rnnd bo elected ?t> cretary uf the publ-diing d :.Jtrtment. Carried Tellers liav ng been appointed a ballot for an Fxeoutlve Committee for the ensuing year was gone into, with the fo|V>w ing ree.iit Seventy "Igbtvi'te* wre [filled, of which the subjoined gori<lemon got aevtnty four, ami w are thdWfoi* declared 4uly elected ? I'nlMtkingOmmi'tv?Hev. Pavid Magia, P. P.,Kliza J)eth, N J., Kev William K Williams, D. 0., Hev. Wil liam Adam*,/1. It . Hev Hen,'amlnC Cutler, ft. f)., Rev. Jehemla ASiuus. H.D., IloMon, .'as*..Rev. Vho*. lie Witt, . I?. 4 fiyiribtUiyr.a?m.tte<?W? Ftfrr^,.Alfreds Harn?5. lUrshiii8' 0onst*"t' r>r William N. Blakeraan, Hoary P. Mnaneet'ommittee?Richard T. Haines, Moses Allen, Tnanus C. Doremus, Richard 8. Folio wes, George N Tius. &q , Oliver E. Wood. Tlmiiliep bruchM of tho animal report or statement ware then submitted ie:?rau>ly. Krorn it we collate the substance a* follows : J'*Mi<atiotu? New royal octavo edition of the Family Bible, with brier notes and instructions, maps, chronological index, synopsis of the harmony. .vc.,care fkliy revised by Rev. Profess. r E. P. Harrows, and tho pr.K.r* r*ad by Ilev. Dr. William R. Williams, with the oversight or the publishiug committee. Combining the benefits of skiil in the criminal a. d ci>gnate languages, and modern geographical resoachers. The results olamly given, without perplexing the common reader with divers theories. Tho book tnuy be an inestimable blessing to any family for use in daily worship or devotional read "?*. Price $.) <? The Kuonnlty of the Slave 'o !1Dd lhe 1X11 y ?r seeking the Morul and Spiritual Kknatwn of tho Colored Race;" in speeches of Wilberforce and Vox, and Clark son s Summary View, action of the Presbyterian General Assembly 1818, Report of Committee of the Synod of Keotuoky, including a plan for gradual emancipation in 11 i 'a?"' YoungsSermon, Duties of Masters 1616. Historical Tales for Young Protectants, illustrated. 'Ihe Christian 1'hysiclan. Ti e Prodigal Son. Tho Seaman's Compass and Chart. Raster's Saints' Rest, in Swedish. For Soldiers?The Camp and Po< ket Libraries; Memoirs ot Have lock, Vicars and Hammond; twenty-six pocket tracts from premium manuscripts: in all 176 bo< ks tracts and cards issued especially for our army and navy' vlrmv <in>l Xaiy.?In accordance with the instructions or the society at the last anniversary, the committee at once commenced the preparation of locket, cainp and army and navy libraries; and as rapidly as th-v were prepared, employed the surest, speediest and mewt eco nomical channels for their distribution to the various regiments and th- camps of instruction in tbe loyal St ites, and to the blockading 3quadron along the Southern seaboard,and tho gunboats and transports on tbe interior watei s. (II ihe 175 publications in books, tracts and ^ , ?w/^L?<1, r"r the l)UrP???. &!5,000 voium s and over 1.000.000 distinct tracts have bee.i issued the while expense amounting to about treble that authorized bv the s. ciety. The distribution has been made from tho so ciety s agencies at Ltoston, R Chester, Clncigo. St Louis, Cincinnati, l'altimorejwd Philadelphia, but miinly from the office in New York. Abui.dant evidence has been received that this form of Christian effort was needed, oatthas been appreciated and largely blessed. I'&.pl*.?The oommittoj have prepared a series oi elementary works adapted to the mental state and wauts of the colored people, and have circulated of these and others above 1C0.1)00 pages among them at Washington, fortress Monroe And Port Royal. Hut as few as those recently escaped from bendago can read a system of instruction has boeu devised and put into ope ration in the District of Columbia, and hundreds I are uow learning to read tho book of God. Tw> cal. with the voluntary aid of many Christians and | philanthropic individuals. are carrying forward this work with the protection of the government and the cordial ap proval of the President and his Cabinet. Oolportage.?\)uring the pasly?ar 219 colporteurs, or whom 18 wore students, have laboro I in twenty of the States of thu Union a:.d in tha Canada*. They made 227, 582 family visits: conve std on persons! religion or pr.iv. ed with 189,575 families: found 32.331 families who ha bitually neglect evangelical preaching; 14,250 families of Roman Catho ics. 14.319 who were .esti'ute of all rel. gious books but th ? Bible, and S.K00 who had not the i word or God; tliey ad iressed 4,853 public o prayer m-et iugs. Of the colporteurs, 49 labored among Germans.'I elsh, Hollanders auii l>ai cs. " During the twenty-one years since colportage was first prosecuted by the society the results have been as fol lows.?Time employed oqua! to tho service or one man for 45.151 months; 7,413,171 volumes sold; 2.132 924 volumes gran'.ed to the destitute: 205,770 p..blic and prayer meetings addressed: 8,(517.389 raniilv vl?lts made; 4,3iv>,035 famines conversed with on personal re ligion or prayed with; 1.158,961 tain lies habitually neg lecting evangelical prea hing; 76a.052 famines or Roman CatboljcK: 166.097 f*tniHcs dcsti:ule ot'al! religious books except the Bible, and 419,049 without the word of God. Ftirniua Cask Ayjirujrriatinnt Kur the Sandwich Inlands, $100; China, Presbyterian Board, $(!00: Fuh Chan,Sltio. Xing|M> Ituptist Mission. $200; Rnrman and i Karens. $300; Northern India, $t>00; 0rissa,$100 Arcot I Reformed Dutch,$300: Madura, $400: <Y?yli>n, $200 Zu- I Ium, South Africa. $100; *yria, $300; Turkey, Western mission, $300: Central. $300; Eastern, $300: Greec, American Board. $300, lt*.ly, $200 Hambi'r* Haptist Mission, $200; Sweden, $100. Towl. $5,000.' Tlte sum of $800 has a,so been transferred from the mission in Bombay to that in Turkey . $300 from Ahmed nuggur to Madura; and $300 from the Reformed Dutch, mission at Amoy to their Arcot mission. Ou motion, the whole report was adopted. The business session here closed, a id tho society com raer.ced the regular celebration or their anniversary. The Rev. Glbj* Wooi>, District Secretary of the North west, was introduced to the audience as the Drst to ad- i uress them, lie spoke at some length ra support of the J American Tract A.cietv, and urged tho ncessty of a vt- 'I porous prosecution or the w>rk it had in hjnds. He effered the fullowing resolutions com h sion:? Resolved, That tho system of col pert age, approved and blessed or Cod duriug the twenty-one years of its wide ampli ation to the wastes of our land, and in lis co oiwrauve aspect supplementing the labors of thj ministry by e;il,sting the aotivo |>crsonaJ service or in dividual meml-ers of the churrh, calls ror the continued and hearty sympathy of all who desire the fulfilment or our Saviour's taste mmar.d. Rev. Dr. Jons Topd, or Pittsville, Massachusetts se conded tho resolution, dwelln g at length on the duty of the society to educate tbe negroes to the best oi th-ir ability. He had had tbe honor <>r writing a few littl. b Hits which hail boon read prat y extensively on the plantations in the Se ith. But these books had been mli tigated. Where he (the s]>eak"r) h id luade th.un say "I/n-e, honor and obey thy father an i thy mother they read?"lovo, Ur?or and obey thev master and mis tress." The time, however, was coming soon, when those books could be read by the slaves in a proper manner. Was it tK?t trne to-day that they were learning lessons in the government ot man. in the cause of war. and In tho management of mr ami natio is and so far.from being i.n ellete,su;?erarinuited.exha sted -ociet>, he was perfectly satwlied that that society had hardly got into its youth yet. ' he President and other members of tho oip.iniiati n might pa.-s nway, but the society would be there, with always en i lgh of instru in ntallty to carry out its objects, lie did not know P ec:soly wiij <;o,i, in Hie providence, did not iier nit them to know more of the results of the soiie.y'e lab rs.To all that wi- reported or its operands con veyed but a (ami idea of its good results. Ihe next resolutiou was to Lave been proposed and spoke.i to by the R v. Mr. Sunle land, but tu ?: gentle man ex;,ress-d by letter his Inability to atte id. Mivuesallex, Keq., then read Uie revolution as fol lows:? J Revolved, That while rejoicing In what the aclety ha* ' been able to accomplish fur I ho spiritual weifare of the colored population ui our lind.we gratefully reco/nlse the p.uvidonce of <Jod iu now giving unrestricted ?.-.ea? to thousand a v. h i have recently est ajiej from bondage, an t recommend that the eftoru so promptly adopted by thu committee for the ir intellectual, moral aad spii itual imwov' mom be si eedi.y eali rged. Kev. Mr. I ibrsok, who ha* been devoting hie talents to ibii ed icatioti of thu contrabands in Washington, imder the auspices of the society, was here introduced, and HK.ko to thu resolution. Ho bad, lie aaid, been requested by the officers or thu Trai t Society to explain u? the meeting the manner in which he had inalructed the colored people in Washington. On reaching Washington he learned that a large number of cotitrahands were at a pi tea called I'ulT<;ret?n'<r 'W, near the Capitol. He tlien called onl ommandar l>ahlgreen,withan introduction from Rov. I>r. Smith, asking jior mission to a^iemble tlie contra band* and tcarh tuem to read. This |>ermi*ion was granted and be then pr'iceeded with his labors. The speaker here exhibited a large card, with somescrtptu ral passages printed thorn n, as the means by whl' b he soi?bt to educate the cutrtbands. He thin continued to My that it had been his privilege very often to ad drees congregations of colored | eopie He had S|>oken withoens of thousands of them, in different Houthern cUios in the rice fields of Georgia, la thecotton fields of Carolina and Virginia, and in the corn fields of Kena* kv and Ten"esare. In fact be wan altogether iivuiumhI to U.kng then, and If he should I lurgol a lllle while that Out audience he was now ad dressing were white, in his <?xcoeding symplli itv, th y should ple*M excuse him. (Applause an 1 laughter.) He caid to these negroes when U*-y were before him?"Now. If I had a pictare of a horse here, and should hold ?t up to you, you would know it?" "oh. yes," they all replied. "Or a [W.ture of a dogT'"Yes." >'W.ili, ' I said, "these are I coll pictures; these are tfcs words UM you have been accustomed to use all yourlives." AaJ in that manner M took him but about half au hour to Kmh tbcin tho llrst verse or the in the book of God. He told them tt>at they had now the military protection, and that ali .the bayonets they saw around" them were now secured Cm their protection and to enaJble them to learn tho wonds of God. (Ap plause.) id teaching tbe negroes to ne*!. they were at the same 11ate, by this system, ternbr.g them to read the words of tiod; and be ajked what gr wter blefsing could be communicated to huinau beings? & to hoped that that society would rarry its efforts through that entire catnp of Africans?if hernial be |v?rmlttrd tt > use such a figure?until every African on this continent shall be ablest least to read the word or God. (A,"?Platise ) This work was entirely feaa ble. The neero wm. accus tomed to observe closely, and when you teach bin ? those ? ords he scans them closely. He said that the) were eager to learn?eager to bring all the power* of t their I mind tecope with their Ignorance. (Applause.) He had never seen such eagurness for education as he I 'ad seen among these negroes. In regard to the slavei 1 question and negro question, there was a great variety of opinion as to the right to deal with them?as to abolition and coloniz-ation? as to this tract aociety und the other tract society. As to all tliese > itio"' -.uid means that cone before the people th-re wivs a trront variety of opinion but tb?re, In that society, therecoald be but one opinion, and whatever Viewi I bey had with regard to any or all of these quas tions, he *ii* lure they should all harmonize in the view that ever) Hung should be done to teach these |>eople the word or tiod. (Applause ) \ow he e was a great work to be doiis l>y a Christian people He was there that day un ler l ie provitlenca of bod. He had al?aysf*lt a deep Interest in th* African race as many there knew. A* he saw those people coming Into our lines in thou rands, lie was anglou that somebody should undertake the work . and he vent t" tiie society himself and asked them to t ike the metier in hand- The society gars him n commission and asked him if he would not go and undertake 'he w< rk, and he therefore entered on it. He Wished that society, and other So- letise?hn did not care which?would enter on Hie ? .rk on a larger scale. I,et tlmm look at th Sandwich Mant Mission. What a noble mission that was! Hut what wore something like one hundred thousand people In the Kaudwich I?!ands to four millions here in our own midst which are lo be taught the word of God. (Applause.) There wi?s quite enouuli at this time to engage th< irso ciety. '1 here wore thousands at Port Royal, Fortress Mori W ?nd other place , and their numbers w< re to be great'y )P r ased He hi I bid au interview with M^or t.enerai llunisr, at P< rt .R ysl and hs^-aid tint he would supply their c>l, o i?m\iiii riu ns, trmsportatlon. Jki .. if they *?nt them 'o li'.n tie waMod thai Society and the t'bri?tiau people io crsatea public, synn , hy lbs: wt/uld iiv away wild evei r J?w forbid ling tb? bu- I min toeing to road (ha word of God. Ho asked thatsocety if thev co ild m>< their way clearly to, use theireflbrts until seen a Kate of things was done away wilti. They were a disgrace to our civilization; they were a disgrace lu tholr I'rcioiitaniiim. The worst thing tliey saw about tho Church of Kome was that she would not allow her po p e to read the word of God. Those law- sh uld be abolisheil. Thoy should all be swept away among the things that were. And he wished the society would publish a tract condemnatory of these laws, and send copies of it among tho people. He believe 1?and lie wanted It to >;o forth as his belief?that all the horrors of tins war?that all its devast itions?that all its desolations? that all its thousand, thousand, th lusand terrible cala mities have ooido from the Almighty on this nauon for its treatment of tho African raoo. (Applause.) He had heeu among these people as, perhaps, no man in the au dience had ever been among them. He had baen with them in the mountains and in the valleys; ho had talked with them by the wayssde, and if there were any Chris tian po iplo on that platform?if there were any CUrwti in people in that house?if there were a man of all the men that he saw there that was a Christian, he could tell them that he had seen such Christians among these slaves. The Presi 'eut of that society had just gone homo to heaven. He did not know him personally, but had seen him on various occasioi.s, and he believed that he was a good man and a holy one. He bad seen theso slaves, too, go right up, as bo believed, to the same glorious home. (Applause.) And lie believed that a Christian slave was iust as true to his Master as a white man. these slaves had been offended all over the laud, and he lielWved God was punishing to-day those who had olfended them. (Applause.) At the conclusion of the gentleman's remarks the resolution wax put aud carried. Kev. Mr. Ctumuw, of Missouri, and one of the army chaplaius, next spoke in support of the following reso lut on, which wasad ipted:? Resolved. That the large expenditure by the com mittee for the moral and spiritual welfare of the ofllcors and mon in our army and navy is fully Justified, as much lias thus been done to prepare them for brave action in the Held, for dying in p.'ace with God, or for return ing victorious, a blessing to their friends ahd an honor to their C 'unt'y. R.-v. Mr. .Ton**, pastor or the Mariner's church, fol lowed in a loug speech in praise of the sailors of Ame rica. The following resolution was then adopted:? Resolved, That the rich blessing of God, from year to year,on the publications and labors of the society, at home aud abroad, increasingly demonstrates His willing ness to bless the use of the press in connection with per sonal effort for the salvation of men. A hymn having been sung, benedintion was pronounced by Dr. Si wmkhs, and the meetiug adjourned situ die Ti?e American Tract Society of Boston. The meeting of tho American Tract Soeloty instituted In Boston took place at the Academy of Music at three o'clock yesterday afternoon. Ihe Academy was crowded to overflowing by a highly respectablo audience. Rev. fi. H. Tyng, Vice President of the society, delivered the opening eddress. He spoke at longth of tho efficiency and progress of the society, harped on the question of slavery, claiming it as the causo of the present war, and stating that tho reign of that institution had ceasod. Singing a hymn followed. The Secretary then gave an account of tho distribution of tracts to the so'diers, stating the whole army had baen supplied with the samo. Th : following is an <-\tract from the report in relation to the condition of tho society:? Beyond any other siuce the organization of this society, the {>ast year has been one of varied and most important labors, aud, notwithstanding the business derangements of tne eountry, of enlarged prosperity. The confidence of the Christian community in the position and work of the society was never more extensively or warmlv mani fested, and the donations for its charitable operations have been larg t than in any former year, and more than double those of the preceding year. It lias been the special privilege of the society to aid argely in tho work or supplying healthful spiritual influ ences to the armies of the country ougaged in suppress ing the great rebellion. Tracts, books and periodical* have been distributed through every department of these armies, both in the places of their enlistment and in the field of active service: also among the seaman and marines of oar gallant navy. For a large part of the time these distrihut ions have been systematic and regular, reaching many hundred regiments ovcry weak. Camps, barracks, fur 's, h?ottals. naval and transport ships have been supplied with "spiritual rati ns," needful alike ior the physical and moral health of the men. One of the secretaries of the society has devoted the greater part of the year to the personal s ipervlsion of this distribution, receiving, in this worlc, the eordial approbation of ihe government and military authorities, and all practicable facilities for increasing Its extent and effectiveness. The blsssing of God has. in a most remarkable degree, orownod theso labors, and, besides restraining vie* and promoting the general tone of morals, hundreds of souls, it is believed, havo been made savingly acquainted with our Lord Jesus Christ. Tho total receipts of the society from all sources during the year have been $88,064 72. exceeding those of tho year preceding by nearly $14,000, and about $9,000 greater than in any other year since its organiza tion. the whole ex"ondltures of the year have been $88,115 77.' These receipts and expenses have occurred in the two departments of charity and business, as fol Receip't.?Trcm donations, $37,140 87: legacies, $8,323 <13?Total, $-43,470 80. Lart year,$21,641. Di'burmmm's.?For collec'ing sgancies, Including sa laries and travelling expenses of district ho 'ret tries and othois employed in collecting funds, $4,659 43. For grants, or gratuitous diBtribution to the army and navy, missionary and oilier benevolent institutiois, ?.hur< hcs, ministers"nuct individual engaged m home evangeliza tion: Uospita s, prisons, &c.; and to life members and iifo directors of thu society. $30,797 17?equal, nt the usual rate of fifteen pages tor one cent, to 46,195,755 liases. This Is nearly double the amount of last >ear, an. 1 almost Ave times greater than during any former year. Kor colportage. including expenses of distribution in the army, J.VS33 21. Owing to the largo demands of the army work, the number of colour tours employe! has been less than last year. but a very interesting labor h ts s ill been performed not oniy in the Eastern and Middlu States, but more particularly at the'.Vest, und r tho direction of the Western Tract Agency, at <111' ug?. Kor rlrculars,stationery, posta-e. &c., $878 58. Th total iimount expended in the charitable depart ment is *12.067 39 Fjt tkr Mdien.?The whole amount of donations spa clficaly designated for the benefit of the soldiers has bean $17.7'J3 77. The disbursements in t' half, in grants and oxnenses of distribution, f equal to 33.295 336 pages. I'Mi itinu.?<)T Tracts, In tho series, there bar* bean printed during the year, 1.095,800 co nies. envelope tracts, of a size suitable to be inclosed in let'ers, 419.000 pocket tracts, ou tinted pai er. 222,300; children's tracts, each with an engraving, 48,000: square mmiatnre tracts, 15.000: one page tracts,or hand bills, 30,400: leaflets lor letters, 7,000: miseellaneoi g. 10.600? total, 1,83$ 000 copies, comprising 10,24S,4')0 pages. Volumes, including stitched pamphlets in covers,429.1M copies. ombraciug 30,931,988 pages. Papers?Tract Jour mi, S03.000 copies; Child at Home, l.Gib,000; Chriniiiin Manner, 340,400. Whole amount of printing done? trai-ts und books. 41,180,388 pages; papers, 2,758,400 copies. The cost of the above for copyrights, editing,stereo typiug, engraving, paimr, printing and binding was $61,300 >>2. Pureliasod or other societies and booksellers, $lo.r,24 93. Total cuBt of publications for the year, $61.83* 75. SaUr.?The cash receipts from sates, during the joar, were $44 5-3 92 ; from tha charitable departments Tor erants.$30,797 15. Total receipts of this department, $76.3X1 07. Krpendi'ure*.?For publications, $01.8.14 76 : salaries of executive ollicers, store expenses, clerk hira,postage, stationery,kc..$15.01# 80. Total expenditures of this department $76,861 66. The auxiliaries of the society at Portland, Provideace, Norwich. Hartford,also the Western Reserve Tract So ciety at Cleveland and the Western Tract Agency at Chi cago, have continue l their operations with success, and have rendered us efficient aid. The latter agoncy has during the year come into direct relation* with us as an auxiliary.and its etlicient secretary, Rev. O. 8. F. .Sa vage, is laboring assiduously in promoting tha distribu tion of our publications among the hospitals and camps of our victorious armies of the West. The general condition and prospects of this society are highly encouraging. The list of lta publications, though by no meana equal to its necessities, is now sufficient to give it a largo business, and is of such a character as to gain lor it the confidence and favor or tho Christian pub lic. The demands for them are increasing, and from a vary wi le range of patronage in foreign countries, as well as at home. Several thousand dollars worth have bnen ordered from Australia and other parts of the Bri tish colonies, and from Kngland it?o|f. The wisdom and righteousness of Its policy in regard to publishing on slave ry have been signally verified by the events of the year. The success of its business operations has confirmed the wisdom of publishing by contract, rather than the car rying forward or a large printing office of Its own. Above all. the tokens or Ood's bl-ssmg upon the publica tions so widely distributed by it. create *?i>ecial obliga tions of gratitude to Him, and give grateful encourage ment to proaacute these labors with renewed energy and hops. Rev. T. L. Ct7Yt.RR. or Brooklyn, followed In an appro priate and eloquent address. Bev. Hkvky Warp Bswhsr concluded the speaking part of th; programme in in anti slavery address. The exercisaa concluded with the benediction. Anniversaries To-day. Thnrtday, M<tj 8.?American Bible Society?Meeting of the Directors in the Bible House at nine A.M., and anni versary exercises in Irving Hall at ten A. M. Asylum for l*iaf and Dumb, in Irving Hall, at three P k' An '?'loan Congregational Union, in the Brooklyn Aca demy, of Mus.o?evening. flew-.York Stats (^Ionization Society, In Irving Hall evenings Five* lAdiM' Home Mission, in the Academy of Music? eve* inl First Comtt. "'I''0 "f ,h? Children of St. Joseph school, to take place at the church corner or Sixth avenue and Fourth street. Conrt t. *lrn<lar?This Dsy, Common Pifas ? Pa rt 1? Nos 354, 63#, *19.957,601, tOf.o 1067. 10C9, 101,?- 1071, 107$, 686. 410, 97'.?, 94.'. Part 2.?Nos. 649. 684. 193,1020,647,373.953,428,439, 405. 1814. 444, 691, , .T4B Siikihior Oit'Rt.?fart f#?Vol. 1121, 660, 1757, 1773, 1593. 2127, 1383. 3329, 223, ,3071, 8049,1893, 1052,10. 3 Part II ?No*. SIR, 791. I 182, V 740, 3194,185a, 1184, J 1MB, 18')? l'K)0,1902,1904. 8S4, 361a, H60, I0 !4. Part 3 ? Nos. tat, 1811.1846,3047,1810. ?U6, H77, 1881, 1 1,3, 1-h 1**7,1889, 1896, 1897, 1?99. I'art 4 ?Nos. |$f|), 1876 r 3?. 19.'?, 1938, 194", 1942,lpflO. 1M2, 1954, IVttf, 1900, im, 1904 The Wtitrrn Kunitary Comialsaton* Mr. James E. Yeatmau, President of the Western Sunt tary Commission, writes, under date of May 3, lo their agent in this city:?"The great majority of the sick In General Halleck's division are being sent to us, and1 have all their wants?tho demands ou us aro in creasing. We still have to luok to our friends at the Fast Any thing that is sent will come into good use. Hospital shirts mid draw.-rs, made of hetvy cotton, aro the bast." In addition to tho above, Mr. Koosevult lias received the following telegram, dated St. Lorn, May 7,1802. We are in great need of hospital shirts and drawers say at least two thousand o each. J AS. E. YKATMAN. Above call is very urgent, and wo hope will be re sponded to at once. The funds of the Commission are nearly out, and they are compelled lo ask the community for more. There being an idea In the community that these wants are supplied by the United States Sanitary Commission, I would slate that such is not the case, as they have no agency in St. Louis, but the wholo bur len of the llnatiug and other hospitals connected with St. Louis, fails upou the Western Sanitary Committee. There a. a now under their charge sis thousand sick and wounded. Any contributions, cithor in money or goods, will be roceivud and properly forwarded by I. A. ROOSEVELT, 04 Maiden lane, Bole Agent for the Western Sanitary Commission Postal Arrangement with Nova Scotia. to the roam aster of new york. Post Ofhcb Dwakimknt, ) Washington, May 6,1882. J l hive to inform you, thtt a new arrangement lias boeu co: eluded between this Department and the Gene ral I'ost Ollice of the Province or Nova Scotia, requiring the full prepayment of postage to destinati n, by p< stago stamps, upon letters excliauged between tho United Slates and Nova Scotia, ou aud after the 1st of country to teiain.asat p:esont,ail tho postage it collect*. All letters, therefore, mailed in the United .States and addressed to Nora Scotia, on and aftor the 1st of Jui.o, 1S62, will bo rcq iire i to boi repiid by United States p,-s; a es:am;is, at ihe existing rates?viz: ten cen:s the s n gle rate for all distances na over 3,000 miles from the frontier Ifcie, and tifieeu cents lor gre iter distances. Litters-received in this country from Nova Scotia will likewise como fully prepaid, and ara to bo delivered without further charge. The prepayment of iiostage to all the other British North American provinces continues optional, as at pre sent. I aw, vory respectfully, you obudio t servant JOHN A. KASSON, First Assistant Postmaster General. Arrivals and Departures. I AKRJVAI.8. Livmpool?Steamship Au>tralisian?Mrs C D Allmond. Miss Carter, Mr 8. bwenke, Hon Mr Weih rell, Mr Ramie, Capt Lawrmee, B Wi ,ght, J Burues, J Siarr. P Hodman, lady and two -on*; J Sharpies, Mr Gostenhdler, lady, threi n n ,.n i n r?e; Mr Hibdean. Mr wgland. T Conch, Mis Go yh i.n \ 80f), Q Campbell, J Alcxandt r, S Bourne, I'api Uuti. nbur.u'. T Gr*aves, A Fenctii, Mr Uurabell, Miss 8inith, Mr Holiiian. * Havana?Steamship Columbia?C P Fischer, Mr T cker.

HCIaus-en. J PC Thompson,, Mrs RW Shu! teldt, three childieu anils-rani; A McCartv, J 8 Ma. las wl:e, three children anil w r ant; S La ay.-. , J W O S aug nc*sy Mrs M J t ody, Mr.i C Unpens, T Mrooks and family. 1j Herer.lin, wile, abree ch Idren and t-.* o servants; Mii-.s llereroia, .Miss Don- ass, Mi*s L Fernandez, C H Mor rell, wile, three child en and t ? o servants; i> W Teller, P S Shelton. Jr; Mrs M de J Am arena, . augh er and servant; MisCi.apean and servant, M.hi A Klshor. Miss M Hishop and two maids F El.-rhardt, I' Gener, J ,M Frlarte and wl.e, h i ..nvart, wlfe and wiv.iit; M|,s A .-o a. K Baker. Jr. and wife- Mr. M * Dhnnelly, Mrs E keilv, Mrs .1 T Sanchez, Mrs M Murray, J M Sleven, M ..alle, g Dcspai, ne. H Zul-er!, Nuuiu-, Uco Li ell, 11 K lloring, wife, .wo chil iien and servant; Mrs Smith, Mips A Sm th. M>h E Otlz, Mlsa K Inonez. Mrs M Awozaran and two hilcr. n, E Doi/.e, T K Fi'fiDii 'e, A NN arburv, K Castcl.o. P tit* L<iynuz, wife, child a d servant; Mrs J .1 Souther. Mr* Mehols, .1 V Brit* wile and two children; E Castillo, i. Teller, C Edmonstori. C M"rrc"i A Ke-II, B F Con.prez..n, W C Fife, M Martin, Mrs Reichman ? n.i i wo cbi,dren, Mis- 8 Phinnev, J Catlln C hail burn. A De Carden.s. wl.e and two ?.eitanu; D II Mon.-k, E Bru. kmaii. ti Oo. Ion, L I;, ckel, E W Canye, Mrs A Ketancourt, G Van Wa vner. G M Jones, li Gerard and servant, C Tap. tit, C Huh. no, J Aineuuie, L Hernandez, J Heneivje. D Downn L P-c iu I, Mrs M King a and child. Mr andI Mrs Do ?;la*K. M Killings J A Bolglano, Pa i**l H.-k neio. F \lriau, EJoie, J 11 uhe-. L M -Lel an, U W Hart K L Gonzales, S ( aldee. C Alien, M E lei a. J Bo^anlns, P Johnson, Jtvaim. J Miidi.l, MrsM Ross. Mrs Kerrin, J B yard.S K Kifihier, F De Mir-. L G Dromel, Mrs E Norris, J W Hammond, H B Jackson, J Partridge. Nassau?8chr Time?Messrs Kerr and Caldwell, engineers BonKosATKKS-naik Wave C.e?i?MissS Spring, Mr Oeo Ta'oott, Mr E E Davison, Mr T F Warren. Bdksos Ayrjw?Bark La Plau?Lieut W H Macomb, USN: E M-Warner. HarAWAr-fichr John Walker?T W Stephenson, J H Meban. II b Frye, Mr Lapine. ^r^BE^;?h?^Ene^ - DEP ARI Clt W. Ltv*nroot.?Steamer Persia?Miss Wood, riiwk,vnla; Miss J H Spear, Kurlington, Vt; Mi's C C Howard, VIsJ Mary Marvin, H W Stetn, bimon Goldenberg, Mr and Mr-. Gerge Johnson, G.I Krali, <? B Eng.Uh. sew Yort; Mrs J S Moigan, Mish Mi rutin, Lon ion; Mrs Booth, t?o iliildi'i n i.nd servant. New Tors; Mra Arch bald t'ampbel., lour . lnl dreu and servant, (i asgow; Mr and Mrs Jo-eph Flaib. New ^ork: Ml?? Whliuker, St L -ulu; M ss Owen, Henry Own, New York; G Castillon. Pl.iladelp ia; Mrs L Jtlohenand servant, New York; G H Sh. rnian, Jo n Linsing. Water town; Mr \V hltla >er. St Louis; A H St hull/, ft* sTm s-ei ger; J J KingKrord. New Yoi k, Miss S M, Wat. c11'" J * Hubbard, do; Master C Cohen, I'hoad. li h a; C K Scni.eider. Mr and Mrs Joseph 8eli>:m?iri, eii;ht i h ldren and two serv-int*: Mr Stemhart. Mr and Mrs H HanemaMi and child. New York; Miss Joh sion. Phila lelm.l ? ? Mr i:n . Mrs II 8 Allen J W Cochran, New York; H Iv Mo'rgan. li.trilord; Mr and Mrs L Fink and chil l. MrsU R men, ctild and servant; Mr and Mrs ti M Lewis. E B Strange O 11 S iec NS.w Yor?, Jess.- Tyson, M .ln,. ore; B Wood. Phi,ad. Iph a; Thomas Owen, Mis- L A Harmon, Mrs C-'"? ?? J[i MHowe, M i and Mrs Peter K.-nneth and cnlld. Mr aud Mrs John Weber, child and two and Mrs L von two children and ser ant, "ew York: M and Mr E i asiillon, Pli lad. Iphia; Mr and r< E A Ar< hibald (H B M Cons nj, <? H M.n an, J It Mo, n Mr a,id Mrs G D Morgan. Miss MatholLin Miss Morgan, New York: John N Gambril, B.ltimor-; John l,owit, New Vork Al"\ Jo:.union. Phi a el lna; .1 l> Gemuieli Moi tr al- f 11 Wilkins, Philadelphia; It B eg, Kngiind. J M 1 -a I ,'john i, ?r'"'. v1''a,le l'l> a; E Lo.cione. Havana; u Tinsen, New York; 8 Kostton, Euglan i; aines 11 Orne. Pln.a .-lonla Miss I'revo-t an.. ,-l*o-r, Eaatche-er, N Y; Mrs Writ t and oompanion, PhiUdelphia; SW Col ins, Conn, c ut; b KIdl', It McD ,u_all, J A Hl,s?, James T Lee. Jo-eph 8utt. L B Boiiase, George Soeyer, Mis Douglas, twochil ,ren and servant: Mr aud Mrs Ge -rge Ackburn tnreec il.iren and ?cr vant. New York; Mr an I Mrs W DWaloott. ftica A S epha nl. Phi adelplua: Fred II W leo t, I Una; W Gill-s i W est Troy; John Sehwsriz Ne.\ y rk; W.n D S lurt. .;o?u Cald well, Dr and Mrs S Chester Norris, two children am servant Philadelphia; G neral Simon t'.imeron , t'nlted Staiea Min ister to 8t Petersburg), wife and two Misses Cameron Mr and Mrs B H Brew:,ier, Master F Brewster. Mastei 8 C Burns,d .\ Master Simon I'mm ron and nuiuvruiii Pcnn sylvaiua; Mr and M s P Donald, New York; Mrs II Cart wrlght, Kinrston, t: W; M as Porier, l)r an.I M -Jane-K Rhoads, Philadelphia; Henry Pierce. California; Jud;e riioiiii son, W A Porier. Pnilaileipu.a; E V Haughwotit and aervant. Master Frank G Haughwuot. Mrs W 5 Thomson. three rhlidren and servant. New Yors: His* E laiw' to". , Philadelphia; Mr and Mrs Thos Porteous. J Eglo. J htoller. New Vork: T N.isli. Chlourir E Bliss, John Wilson, T Shultf, NY; A May. r, Clev. laml' L Ballsy, N V; Liuis de Gcofroy. 8ecr. tar of' French Lei gallon at Washingion, P M W ft ,1 eld, W Wh tney Jr. H Shuliz, Mrs o Sliul'/, NY; Mr and V is H yard T.n lor, child and servant. Secretary to Uossian Ln^a l iu; Di L . o?s E VV Holberg, G VVaiu, J F 8-^heteier, Mr and >1 sCGll Sellloutier, Mrs Eiuraa Porteon, N Y; Mrs Halhan, England J.?hn8pr?gu" aud servant, NY. K Protehette, HarrisOnrg, V j l Streeham, J W Kendai, N Y; 8 Wray PlillaUeiplila JT T Kal^ Hariiord; K-v J F Lewis, U D. Blslo.p o1 Ontario: Ti,os CharUin, 8 leHield; B Willett. A 0 rL. Una, E Klrkpatrick. N Y. E Latourcada, Phila eiiaiia. <3 Dels,at. W Cl/uigley and colored man servant, J t'arlm t. Mr Fenton, t, Gunnell, NY; Ho.i A U.-iiiiln^ton, Rule Hrl gade: R Dunlop, llamllton; J L Erdiu .n, J B Bush N Y Oco Perkins, Toronto; J aines Tealc, England: It A Burnet C?*n; T P Sinen, Havana; F Smith, CUas A Sterling. N Y 1 raacla Haakrll, B-.iton. ' 11 avasa?Steamship lioanoke?Ramon Menendest. M de J Ouitterei, Saml Cllnc, Wauer Crowson, Franelneo Granderv v'1 K B,on*?y. "y 8 -moner John Chaining, J FMilllngwii. N.rso Po, h, AbMh Martinez, Mis A Val.tea, child aud servant; J G B rrats, O Fl-orot D Eu genie, Fall*Lauibert, Ang ina Martinez: H-nry Phlmna'u Oweu Bums, D Modatt, P Hans, Geo W Elus, and seven in SHIPPING NEWS. ALMANAC FOR WW TORE?THIS BAT. ? OKB1IM * 3- I >OON 1CT? morn I 29 simiBit 7 u2| aign wane morn 2 W Port of New York, May I, 1869. CI.RAKKD. BteemehtoRoanoce. Couch. Havana?Ludlam A RHnekcn. Ship Orunimbo, Townacnd, Acapuli-o?Hailri A Carman. 8lilp Helvetia, HLgini, Panama?W Wliillnck, Jr. Ship K H Culling. Maluncy, Llveriiool?H N Smith A Ship Adriatic. Moor?, London?E E Vorgan A Wiley. Ship Wrston Merrltt, Robinson, Londonderry?snow A BurucM. Mnp Minnehaha, McOrath, Londonderry?O k J Knoi A Co. Hark 8a?on?llle, Singer, Aaplnwall?Starhuek k Co. Brig Paulina (fori, DeCatnpoi, Mtlfordhaven?Hegeraeyer A Hrnnn, Hrl? I'orlo Plata (Bremen), Port au Piatt?C F1 H(J Schmidt. Br ir Machlaa, Shoppy, Renritaa?Owen A Carnegie. liriK Karnaa, I>< wnirip. Xlbara?Owen A Carnegie. Bibr Alice T (Br/, Thompson, La^uayra, Ac?Brett, Son A Co. Si hr Emllv, Sheridan, Cornwallta-D R tV-wolf. Bchr K M Smith. Child", Washington?L Kenny. Bohr Siitwrlor, RoMnaon, Raltlmor?U L Hatch. Si hr K Hamilton, Lynch Bnow Hill?A C llavena. Bchr J Adama. Hutch. Ilallnwell?Q I, Hatch. Schr Olinnet, Sp>'ar, Hallow ell?(J I. Hatch. Kciir Mary Elizabeth, Chase Plymouth?E O HurihutACo. Bchr Pavilion, Baker, lllnitham? K D llurlbiit A Co. Si hr H K liunlou, Sherman, Boston?O L Hatch Schr Sarah l.oulsa, Yeaton. Boston?W S Bruwu A Co, Bchr Emily, Baiea, Chester? H H Rackett. S' hr N Slialer. Strickland, Hart lord? H 8 Racket!. Sloop C Peck, Peck. Stamford?K Sanford. ARKIVKU. Steamship Australasian (Br), Anderaon, Liverpool, April 21, via yurenatown ^7th,5 lft I'M, with tndaeand passenger*, to E Conarrt. April 2x. 7 PM, saw ateamablp ??, tram Boatun for Liverpool, Steamship Columbia, Adama, Havana. Mav S, at noon, with mdai and pasaentjer*, to Rpofford.Tlleiton A Co. Ship Aloandti Marshall Marahall, Liverpool, April J, with mil.i' and .'<3? p.M?'ti jera i a.I Well), to C II Marahall A < i>. Hark JO?anne|K*tkniann I Hum), Roper, Amm. Jan 22. Bsse I Anjler Keb 4 Cap* tinod Hope Manila ?, St Helena ih, Wlh teas, to Mlypham k Cm. II irk Bloo iier (Swe), Kudio, Cette. 83 dayi, with lalt, to order. Hnrk Wave Crest, Harmon, Bienoe Ayre., M irch IS, with hides Ac, to Oeo Sa?orj A ' o. bailed in company with bark IM Plat i March 20, hit It 10 R, !"n St 211. (poke ship Star .if Brunswick, oi ?nd tr"in l.ivaipo tor Anslialia, with pa? aeeccrt; April 4, hit 2 KB, h i 8.116, apote brig M E Jotive, tS ilays fro o Km flrnnde f >r N. v Vork. all well. Bark I.i Plat i (nt Kali mi, t rovell, B ieno* Ayrei, Mvrch IS, with l;td "> A'*, to K \\ Riip ?? A Co. Back Henrietta lot Bait tnr> ), Cro"Pll, BIO Janeiro, March 16. t?lit W>'rce,fOerd.'r S lied in e?,i.,, any With h..i k Mat O een. {nt B->' <? on , an I I rlj t in ttah. loi New Vi>e? Hark Henry Tu.w iru'gi- , St VU.e nt. IS day*, v Itli hides, to II tu*)Vt 1-1 1 Sens, of New Haven. ;?! lust, I,it S3. Ion Ti saw*>''? Alt< ? > steering 8E. Bark Rtcliard D<JVl"? ?>? i ,rks Itlmiusi, Eraklne.Bag? ?, lOdayt. With anctr. er. Brijlto-iio e Ot Ma,' .n.we), l,ont, Burnnt Ayret. Mar h 4. ? nli wool, to 1 a. er, BMg I'ndln.'. P. r m .it. R-i Janeiro. M lays, elifc c- free, le Harder. W 1 afni t . BalK n Ha l light is tnd? in ar.f the voir pa?-? e w? .. A.efro'ii P'o t?. IJ" B'taator and has lieen* N if llatt ia?. With fogalW MNE ? .d-. Bf g Rii uulive iof B.ingof), WorliAm, 81 .'Ohue. PR, April XV with sugar Ac, to master. Has been 5 days N of Hatteraa, with light winds and asPus. 3d inst, off Halteras, suoke bark B Churchill, of Hangur, bound S. ,, Bri? P I Kevins (Br, of Si John, NB), Cole. Mansanilla, 30 days, with sugar Ac, to P I Nevius A Son. Has heen7days N of Hatleras, with light winds and calms. 6th ln?t. l it 3a 45, Ion 74 JUL spoke lark Thos W House, of and from Boston, bound 8, all well. _ . . ? line Prince of Walea (Br, of Bt John, MB, Smith, Sagua, 15 days, with sugar, to P 1 Nevlns A Son. Brig Mary Emily (Br), Mayo, Baraoa, 10 days, with fruit, to Jos Eneas. Hrii; Marshal Ney. Lilly, Elizabethport for Boston. Schr Maaonlc (of Bucksporl), Perry, Ooree, via t ape Verde Ai rH 11, with indea Ac, to ER Ware A Co: vesser to B P SI I' .Ian 1, outward passage, lat 37 19, Ion 57 37, loat overboard Wm Cooper (colored), of Nasaau, NP. Schr John Walker (ol New Haven). Bunnell, Havana, April 28, ?ith fruit, to T Gilmartin. April 29, lat 2i 40, ion 82. spoke schr J C Heal, from Charleston for Havana, with 130 bales cotton, bound to Key West, in charge of a prize ciew Iro'n I'S st"ainer Santiago de Cuba, Schr Chief, EUlridge, Urauada, 16 days, with fruit, to Thoa Qi -martin. Schr Lulsita, Underhill, Baracoa, 10 days, with fruit, to T Gilmartin. Schr Time (Hr), Sawyer, Nassau, April 27, with cotton, to Montell I Bartow. S( hr Telegraph, Rogers, West Indies, via Island Sound. Schr Emma, Smith, Hatteras Inlet, 5 day*. Schr Fannie Moss, (Javel, Halteras, 4 days, Si'hr Mail, Bremer, Chlncoteauue. Schr Armadillo, Young, Washington, 6 day* Schr Mararapio, Henley. Baltimore, 9 day? Schr iiaii.ilton, Ogden, Baltimoie, 4 days. Schr Ksnny Davis, Evans, Berlin, Md. Schr W I) I'ltis, Wyalt, Berlin, Md. Schr Waunonsa, Savin, Smyrna, Del. Schr S .1 Evans, Reed, Forked River, 2 days. Schr Alihy Weld, Wing Klizabetlipurt for Salem. Schr M M aring, Nash, Elizabethport for Boston. Schr Mischief, ??. Klizaoethport for Boaton. Schr N"w Re^ulus, Ball, Elizabethport for Providene*. Schr Wm I'enn, Hulse, Elizabethport lor New Haven. Schr Sea Flower, Clark, Elutabethpoi t for New Haven. 8'hr Ceo K Lanlalr, Snow, Glo urester, 3days. Schi Bay Stale, Hallett. Boston. 3 days. Schr Cotnstock, , Ornrges Banks, 5 days. Sti amer Belvldere (L S transport), Sloan, l'ort Royal, to U S Quartermaster. Arrived tith. ? Steamer llaxe (U S transport), Williams, Newbern vlaHat tera* Inlet, to U S Quartermaster. Steamer F W Brniie, Foster. Baltimore. Steamer J Thompson. Cundlff. Baltimore. Steamer Falcon. Adam", Knltlmnrc. Steamer Alice. Macon, Baltimore. Si' amer Vulcan. .Morrison, Philadelphia. Steamer Middlesex. Cox, Philadelphia. Steamer Uspray, Keuny, Providence. BELOW. Ship Wm Chvmberlain, J<-nn ugs, from Gibraltar, 30days. Kriit C W Ring, Irotn Cardenas. Also, one ship, unknown. SAILED. Steamships Persia (Br), Queenstoirn and Liverpool; Ro anoke, Havana. Wind at sunset NNW. miscellaneous. Th* steamship Persia, Capt Lott, tailed yesterday at noon for (Jueenstown and Liverpool. . Hit Stkvmsiih- Kabnak remained ashore at Nassau on the 27th ult, Willi wreckers alongside. Bakk D CitAi'tN, Tucker, of Boston, hence at Vera Cruz, was lost at port during a norther on the 19th ult. Crew all s . vcd. The 1) C was built in 1369 at Bristol, Me, 398 tons register, and rated A2. Sine Younc Hkctor?A despatch dated San Francisco, 4th Inst, reports the artivai there of ship Yotxng Hector, of New Bedford, with loss of lore aud main topmasts. Siur Albert Currish, of Newhuryport, before reported stran.ed near 8pikcroog, was 1000 tuna, built in New bury poit in 1859 by Currier, Jr, who owned one-quartet of tile ship. A lie rt Currier ow ned one-hair, and Capt Edward Raynes one.i|Ui?rter. A C has insurance for $19,uOi in Hos. ton; J C, Jr. lor $7000 in New York; and Capt R for $2500 in Newhuryport. Hakk Gkapkshot (of New Haven). Frlsblc. hence Feb 25 for Barbados, lieiore reported missiug, was undoumedly lost ut sea a lew da* s after leaving port. .Capt GiOrer, of ark L.vsamler, at Boston ,'ith lust I mm Cientuegos, reports March 2, on h:t> outwaru passage, in lat 39, Ion 08, fell iu with the abandoned wreck of a vessel, the sea makiug a complete breach over her. Her marts were gone, the c..bln and all the upper pari of the vessel broken to pieces, and portions of her ci,r?-n or stores, consisting of barrels of provisions, were seen Hunting about ou the sea. The vessel was a complete wreck. All thai could be seen of her name was the following letters: " pksmot. The remainder had been destroyed, Notiace of any person could be found. Bkig Calmi.'i.k, at Philadelphia from Palermo, reports o.T the Brown saw- auunkuonn Schr with another s^hr along si-ie stiipp nt: her. Schr Many Mankik, before reported sunk by collision, was run into nl{ht of 3d Iiim, while at a.chor opposite tue I'cquot House, New l, n Ion, by steamer City of New York. She was struck amldsi.ips and tut ueany in two, an i sunk in les. than & tninutes in about h fathoms of wa'.er. The crew tarely es caped, the shock was so euddeu and unexpected. Sue is owned in Boston, and with hercargoisesliina'cd tub-worth from $4(i,00o ui --60.000. She had b en at anchor in the har bor the 30th ult. Sbe will no doubt be a total loss, but a portion i f her cargo will probably be saved. She was uuilt at Baltimore In 1818, 231 tons register, and owned by Lucas A Leeds, of this city. Scim Dancing Wavk, before reported abandoned, was fallen in with March 14 by brig Frances Jane, dismasted and full ot water, having been knocked down by u water spout on the 6th, The V J tool; off the captain and 3 men, the mate having l een w ashed overboard. They had been without wa ter for 8 days. Scuu Ann Maria, from Philadelphia for Portland, la ashore on the Brown, uesr Lewes, and a total loss. Schr Hklcka F, Cha-e, hence for Jamaica, was seen going Into Neuvitas 20th ult, in distress, having had heavy weather and lost sails. Sciir Gi-idk, a prize to the gunboat Huron, arrived at Phi" lade! ph la litli Inst. She was eauiured ItHii ult, off Charleston* In attempting to run the blockade. Her cargo consisted of 10.1 hales i otlon, a lew bus tobacco and some rice. CHERnoi'RO, April IS?The American ship Jacob Morton, from Calcutta tor London (rice), which ian on shore at Si onville Jau 29, has been got off and Into these roads by the Phienix steaming. London, April 25?The American ship Marathon, from Phi" ladelphia wit < petroleum oil on bo ird, having proceeded into the London Do-ks on the 22d inst, contrary to the instruc tions of the dlrec ors o. the company, was lmmediat ly or d red out, and iell the cocts the same (lav. Missing VksskIv?The Robt Barker sailed Jan 29 for Queensiywn lor orders and has not slmebeen hearu of. Whalemen. 81il from New Bedford Uu mat, uar!c Ocean, Cornell, At lantic Ocean. Arr at Bevi rly 6th, brig Eschol, Rol ertson. North Atlant c Oei an. with 3oO -p. 61(1 from Nautucart 6ln, bark R L Baratow, Husaey, Atlan tic O ean, Arr at ilahia March 15, Myra, Haven, of Sag Harbor, from Fayal, no report A. N si-ii J.i iboiit 11th nit, sehrs El> anor B Conwell, Ki burn, of I'rovii e town, 2% rnontna out. with ft4 bbl* sp oil; Rieiizi, Uoodsp ed, uf Pruvinciiown, ami Estella, 8uuw, do do. A letter fmm th" first officer of hark R '"'Im, Hunnewell, of NB, rt'i orta her at *> a April 8, lat 10 ;6 N, Ion flj 25 W (he. fore reported at 8t Thomas April II). having taken 8 ?nial whiil"*. making 100 bbis rjj oil. llait I ail very bad wcathor. A letter from on hoard ahlp Mary Fraz.ler. Hiitt awav, N1*, rei orta her >it Banbury. West ('oaat New Holland. F>bIS, with 40> bills ap and 250 do wh ml. all told, ad well. H.iU taKi-ii 2 ?? kp sin<' ? !<??> ing Mauritius In November. A letter from Capt Grant, of ship Japan, .SB, reports her at Bay of 1-landa Jan 9, niih 1540 bbfs i-p oil, all told, all well. A l?iter from ('apt SpnuMlng, of bark Java 2d, NB, reports h>r in Gcograiibe ?tay Feb 10, with 260 bids sp and 1>*' 'u wh oil, all iout. ail ? ell A letter from ('apt Grinnell, of bark A R Tucker. NB, re poi ts her oi River o.>1 Feb 16. ?lth 230 iibis sp oil nil told. Took a aperm rhale in > ornnanv with ship Northern L:cbt, o! NB, which divide 1 SObblx oil. Spoken, Sic, Steamalip Hansn (fir m), henoo for Southampton and Bremen, April 23 off Portland. fhip FhIncSend. llar'lnp, hence Fcb28 for 8an Francisco, March IK." lat 10 20 N, Ion 28 *0. Ship Hi>rt"ii' la, Dirysr, hence Feb 28 for Shanghae, March 25, lat 21 21 N, !on '17?by a vessel arrived In E. g slid. Four seamen we:e taken from lier who were rescued from selir John SI aw, of Machlaa, before reported dlsmaated in the O' If Stream Feb 25 SU'p 8 bil. Freeman, from Rangoon for London, Jan 28. lat 3 47 8. loi <?28B. Siiin (Jranliv Stite, Jacobs, from Calcutta tor London, Mureh A, Cape L'Aiiiilhaa N 5 milea. Sliin Jane D Cooper, from Moulmein for Falmouth, March 28. lat 0 8, l>>n 21 W Ship ril l Rover, Crowrlt, from Bstavla Dec 27 for Bre men, March 9, lat 2 N. Ion 25 W. Ship Biehard Mitchell. A)l?-n. from New Bedford for Bue noa Ayri a, ,11 well, March S, l it 4 N. Ion 23. Ship Garnet, Bradford, from Boston for Rio Janeiro, April 1, .at 19 30 N, Ion 36 12. Bark K Dwlght, from Boston for Surinam. April 30, lat (6 10. Ion 63. Bark Washington. White, from Baltimore for Rio Janeiro, March 27, 1 ?t 39 24 N, Ion 60. iri ManzaniHo. from Portland for Havana, Ma; 3. High lands of Cape Cod WNW 2"> miles. Foreign Porta* AsTWFur, April 22?Arr Ailstidis, Koblmann, Phlhidel Ehia; 24th, Johanna, itomke, New>or-c. Hid 22d. Ig-nlo, .uppis, and Voloarano, 8igantl, NVork; 24th, Catharine Borianil, Will.una, Sweden. Ahki iso. Pit, A|TiI 20? In port brlgC C Billings, for Mew York. Mg molasses. Bristol (I'ill), April 23?Arr France, Bills, NVork (pro ceeds 2>>th). BKi.rast, April 2>?Arr llanta, Ilowgrgo. NYork: 22d, Bur Srmeister Kiraten, Klrsteln, do; 26tn, Old Hickory, Pblla Ink la. Brkmkrhavbit, April 2S?Arr Wild Rover, Crowed, Bata vla; F. F (Jabaln, Hetnke, New Y?rk. Slil 21st, Uausa, Wle tlnu, llaltimore; K!i?e A .Malhilde, Oerdea, and Atlantic, Feldhnaen, Sew York. Hkrui*, April ??8ld Speed, Olaen, America. BprDos Avhi.s, March 1.1? In p >rt ahlp u W Boume, Lord, from Montevideo, wtg, baika Arrher, Lewis, for Bo>tun 4 da\a Lavinla, Treat, for do H days: Urania, Shlv> rick. for NY>>rk lOdavs; Whistlin.. Wind. flxviland, wig, brigs ,\nt>a Wellington. Jaekson, lor New York 8 days; Sparkling Sea, Wiahart, from Liverpool, will load bone asn: achrs W .?< TIs dale, for Bio Janeiro 8 days; Harry Maybee, Culver, lor do IB diiys. Also In pott March 13, ahins Sharon,'dla;; St Oeorge, do; barksC-arlna, for Boston Mar> h 30; Balaois, for do J5tli; (Ih-nburn, diae; brliis M A Herrera, une; Josephine, disg. Moonlight, do. Ho>ither, do; S P Smith, une. U?tiii*rst Ai rll 6? In port brig Richmond, Clark, from Carilt, t" load lor NYork. Basicos, April 27?In |>ort schrs Arctic, M Mtinson, and A Kelly, all for N Ye k In 10 days C-amrr, April 24?Arr Ma' la Rartlett. (lilehrtat. Rilboa. Cowes, Apr,I 24? trr New York (s), Wencke, NYork (and proe^'ded lor Br> oi> nI. ('rrrr, Ai rll 12?Sid W B Nash, NYork. r*Dit. April 16? Sid fjongfellow. Moody. Boston. UoKUfMa. April 20? In p ut barns Uarlbal II, for Cadlg, read\: I-land Q"e?'n, from N wrastle, arr I7th, for orders. Caee i>k Vmns, April II?In port bark Oregon, Sloan, from Nsm Itaa, Tor Bissau 2 davs. Ciit'ii-?as, April28? Rid brlns Chimboraro, Mehan, Bos ton; W R Sawyer, Bradford, do; Fannie, Ross, Portland: Pilot Fish. Chase, Falmouth. Ciks rrrnos, April 26? Arr schr Somerset, Sterling, Anti gua; 2Kth, bark Xenas Colin, Rlridell, Asplnivnll; John H Freneh, croaby, Ht Thomas. Bid 26 h, bllgs Nantaaket, Dunimr. ant Hanooeg, Olbbs, Boaton; Alio- Coraon, I'h ladelpMa, a. lira John Qriltln, Foater, do; E O Knight, Hen ea, Iit<i? April 28?Arr Noonday, Henry, London (and aid fa Boston ) P> t bark 72d. (langes, from London for Caleirta. Dovia. April 24?O.'f, .Meridian, Lenf, from New York for Bilite ti. Pru t*, April 22? \rr Peony, Fowler, and S W Pike, Lo vett, NYork; 24th. Omeja, Mora", do. liiaMitiM, A; ril 14?I ti | or ?> hr Virginia. Hawkins, from NYork, nrr Ithh. to sail Ifitn for Porto lilcn. Fai.moii rn, April 23?Arr llun n as, Owen, Moulmein; 2iih DCYeatnn. Poti-. Manrl ltis, JA'h, Man- heater, Tnsk, T rut Nova. Sid2Jd, Mlval, Hateh, Itotlerdarn Lucy Itin^, Thurhiw, Antwerp; 21th, Hsrreda Brothera, Petera n, Liver p ol; 28th, Mary Lee, Morton, Brlatols lluntreas. Ov*en, Cna lmi*, Foedeiis Arra, De*"iiai* (from Havre), NVork. 1 w.-i, Apri' 7 In port ahlp U'a Mer , ill , McKlnatry, fro i N\>. k >i Lverpftol, would ' e ready In ah"iit ;l we k'i, O'd.tfinilh ,1 I'l'ht Amer can shl^. 8ld April I, slilp Atnc rlrii i r i r e>! A 1.1. l.lverpo >1 i,a ?v. April 21?Sid Jennv Pitts, Hull, CaHao. Oi a ?> April 21? Arr J P W lie lei (Jad>', .NYoik;21d, Cm . I.ii.ii, Luc >lo, 24th f o d Brougham. Honing, I'liila deipi ia. .S,|| 29th, John Ktie Luther, NVork. tin*) KOCH Apriitl? Aer Edwin N a> nt, Coba. r nrr,, ai i 11 \> Merrua, sears, Sunderland; Jl-1, (I V 11 1<1<" . I< '111 "Ol. (?!??, si e? ? Ai 1 -i 1 J? n Earle. B oksrh, Mar <| i-.-i v> WY 'rit), Bs'rnaN, liubbard, Lcth'jfg (and old for NYork): 11th Lottery, Tharrell, Palermo for N Yor*. Pawed do 17th?Win Van Name, Cook, (r m Cagllaria for England; John Crystal, Ip.on, frurn Medina for NYork; L >tal Seranton, l.owden, frim Alexandria for England; ? P Linnell, I'ercival, fioiu Malaga ;or NYork, Bennett Plan ner, Wears, supposed t or the Buy of Biscay laud waa spoken April 20, no lat or Ion). lioaAivtis, April 5?In port chr Hanover, Lawson. for Bos ton & day* 11 a v kk, April 22?Arr in the .-oads, Prince Imperial, Priteb aro, N York taud Hid 20th). Hamburg. Api il2l)?Arr Saxinla (s), Ehler?, NYork. Bid 21st, Oder, Winzen, unil Frankiin, Murray, NYork. Arr ui Cuxhaven 21th, John Btrtr.m, hnud sen, NYork. Heltoct, April 24?Arr Neptuii-, Bahle, Baltimore. 11 ivava, April S'>?Arr ship <?uilin^ Star, u..irae, Sunder In nd; May I, scbra SAB Small Donovan. Portland; 3d, Princeton (Confeii). Barnes Mobil-via SanCayetano. SKI i9t!i (not28lb), ship S R Malhry. Lester. Havre, 30h, briiti Chaa E iwar.i, Smith, Sierra Mm na; US Haaaell, Has* Ft'll, Matanzaa; sclirs W S Lo d, llark, Saaua; Mindora, Barcent, Cardenas; May 1, bn? D-!nont, (Jinn, Portland; schr Plying Dragon, Bryer, Ship Is anil 2?l, briga Thoa Con nor, York, Saguaaa l l'ortland; Prenus Ilobbs, Ellis, Car denas. Cld 2d. briga Mechanic, Mortnn, Ma'tnzas and Portland; Lucy Ann, W taa, Cardenas; L T Knight I'ark, do and Port land; W 11 Parka, Hoyt, Remedies; Denmark, Staples, do. ' Halii-ax. April 29?A r schr Nancy, Pirry, Philadelphia. .Iacxikl, April I<?? In port bri? Jannel Jacket. Baker, for Boston next day: Br s'Tir ARC, for N Ytrk 3 day*. I. iv sit pool, April 20 ?Arr, Panama, Soile, Tome (Chill); ?2d. Arg i, Hsllar.l, Pnllad lphia; P Lac mn>, Qrav, MiuaUt lao; Joini Duffns, Fori est, Matan/.a?; 23d Shateraue, Ox nsrd, Pbilanelphm, Etna (s), Kenn dy. NYork; Krel.Gal las. do; 24th, Jer I honpaou, Blakr; Belle ol' the Ocean, Reed, and Sir R Peel, l.arrabee, do; Revere, Rocko, Callao; Cb mborazo, M han, Canlz; 24th, Hannah Kecor, Brooka, Alexandria. SU 21*1, Ellen Austin, Oarrlck, N York; J t Elliott, Bay den, ai d Ai|ulla, Baker, do; 23d, J J Boyd, Thnjiaa, N York; Arey, Wilson, and Anawan, M'Nalr, do: 24th Isabel)* C .lonea, Woodhouse, Ba'timore; Edmund, Wthman, do; Edamlnondas, Healey, Bombay; Nova Scotianus), Ballan tine, Quebec and Montreal. C d 22, Addison, Pike, Boston; 23d, Potomac. Week*, Bath; 24th, Ualatca, Wendell. Provlucetown. Ac; Amelia,. Mclieuzle, Chincha Island; 26th, J W Andrews, Hardy,, Cardenas. Ent out 21st, Plone Pales, Callao (not NTork); 22d, Thoa Jefferson, Rollins, Bostun; Amelia, McKen/le, Chincha's; Invincible, Hepburn, NYork; Manhattan, Dixon,, and Ell wood Walter, ( hudwick, do; 231, Escort, Whitman, NYork;. E 2, Chandler, do: Manchester, frank, do; Man-la C Day, Chaae, do: 24th, Virg nla <k Esteillna, Wilklns, Genoa; Wei Kid. B.anchard, Havana; Wm T.uiacotl, Pel:. N) ork: Etna is), do: Vanguard. llallett, do; Sotia (si, do; Shatemuo, Oxnard, Philadelphia; Roland, Wlc-te, Santv Hook: (en tered April 14 for ilamptou Roads); II dene Rascbem, Sand* Hook; (entered April5 for Hampton Roads); 25ih, Hannah Secor, B ooks, NYork. London, April 23?Arr London, Hurlbut. and Mirage, Ro berts, NYork. Fiying i'lotid, Wlusor, Hong Kong; Hanover,. Morion. Hi? Grande; 21th, Victoria, Stinson, and Conrad, Haiickc. NYork; Lady McNear, McNear, Calcutta, Ac. Clil 21th, Delhi. Crosby, Swansea and NYork; 29th, Milton*. Bradford, NYork; Amazon, llovey, do; Europa, Reed, New port, Rio Janeiro und AUyab. Ent out 24;h, Tran?iueLar, Goodwin, Boston: 25th, Minnie 8 ? ITer. Connauton, do: -nth, Rh ne, Moore, NYork. Lkith, April 19?S d Flora, Page, NYork. Londondkbrt, April 23?Arr E Sherwood, Hall, Phila delphia. Lisbon, April 11?Sid Joseph Hume, Kenealy, NYork. Lomg Kkt, April 7?In port schr Selena Helen, from Auz Caves, for Boston. Makskilm s, April 22?Arr Tiberias, Leeooq, Clenfuegoa. Sid 10th, Josphin.', Film, NYork. Mavauuicz, April lit? In p./rt imrks AddUon Child, Smith, for Marsi-llles. Idp; Gazelle, Ri.odes, for NYork; brius Can dace. Snow, lor Boston: Petrel, lor Philadelphia; Etpreaa (Br), tor ; a-lir W Carroll, for Phtlsdelpbiii. Matankas, April 27?Arr aehr A B Terry. Havana; 29th;,. barKs T ensiling, Colcord, NYork; May 1, Peerless (Br), ska il Hi;. do; Avola, Crouoli. Boston. Sid 27th, schr N Borden. Collins. Pall Riv?r: 29th, brig Cioton, Eddy. Bris ol; Ma 1, barks l'hilena, Wlaslow, N"*r York; Albion Lincoln. B '? er, Portland: John Cartit, Alex aruler, Cork; brii Olive, Mansileld. Portland, Nkwi-ort, April 25?Arr John Henry,.Carver, and Comet,. Rogers, Carrueiv>. Nassau, April 20?Sid Conred steamer Cecil, for a Southern* port. Plymouth, April 22?Arr Berlin. Jackson, Boston; 23d,. S reamer. Snow, Mauluiein for orders; Mazatlan, Nichols, do. Off the Start, 20th, Otcar, from NYork far Ham bun. Portsmouth, April 22?Off, Cornelius Orinnell, Spencer, from Lon Ion for NYi>: k. Psit.\^Mhuco. April 6?In port bark Cordelia, Roberts, fiom Philadelphia, nrr 2d, disc; . nly Am v*?sel. Sid 1st, brig, Hmnon (from Maceio), NYoik. ul'Kk.vtowh, April 22?Arr line is, H-nuhin, NYork; 23dv Gu-iav, Bal Imoie; 24th, Palmetract, NYork; Sid 24th, An nie Ha , Gill, NYork; ii. Diva. NYork. Jtio J an n ho, Peo 7?Arr brU'Bclisano (8p), Maristany,.. NYork. In port Man-h 13, barks Annr E Grant, Swain, wtg: Fan me I renslinw., do; Abigail, McParland, do; H^jsri etia, Crowt-ll,do; .May Queen, liayle, to load r, jxt day; Cub rad, Salisbury, reg air ng; Ui ion, H'-ard, do; bri a Virginia, Bare.ay, wig; Presti-siino, Jum-.s. troin Baltimore, dlsg. Swanska. April 24th?Sid Sen Swallow, NYork. Surinam, Aurn fr?In port brc Predk Wording, Herrick,, from NYork. St Dominco, April 14?In poit schr Forest Oak, Baraet, for Boston 3 da\a. Sr Ckoix, April 21?No Aui vessel In port. Sr Vincknt, April 2i?No Ain ve>?el in port. St Johns, PR, April i3?Xu port rears C Kanta-jszi, Woo*> ter, for Areceibo, wtg win;!; Fred Howell, Mills, dlag; Elian Forrester, Rhodes, do; Addle E Barnes. Bi-tmwnrth. ao. Br Iago, April 20?Arr biig B Dunning, W.ti?he?ler, Port land; 25th, schr Mi ria Jane Br), Anderson. NYork. Sa(;da. April 3? \rr B Wa'.son, Wi.leby, Havana; Express, Sundber,-: Magna Cha.ta (i>r), and. Sam Mn pherd, J'-wett. NY(irk;5tb, C ll Kennedy, Batn. Matan^as; 7th, Rt. ra. Presto, Havana (and aid 22d for Halifax); 12th, Blmlra,. Mr-Dona1.!, Boston; Ocean Wave, Morton, Maculas: 'ftih, Iza, WlilUms. NYork. Ailinijiou, Murcb, Havana; J D King, McGregor, do; 16th, Proteus, Ginn, do; 17th, B P Nash, Put man, Philadelphia; .lud^e Blancy, Coombs, Key W at; ?2d,.. F Lenni?, SumieT, do; La Ciguemi, Ha-ty, Havana; 24th,. Harriri 8 Fisk, Fisk, Key We .t Wa.ler Kalel^h, Phil lips, Havana; 28th. John Pleice, Norton, Cardenas; 29th,. Ned. M"Kee, Havana. Sid April 9. Fannie Buck, Sweetsnr, Falmouth; 15th, Ex press (hr), Frith. Portlau.u lath, Iloia* (Br), Simpson, New York; 221, C H K-nue'l., Bain, Boston; 2Hth, Chaa H-'ddle. Crosby, Amsterdam; Jo'in Troup, Lake, New York;29th, E Schulu. How >r :, t-ainionth. St John, NB, May 2?t'ld ships Empress, Lyons, Liverpool;, s"hr EKen Br}-sen, Prlee, NYork; Jd, ship Cyguei, Dunbaux, . Dublin. Ti.O >x, April 21?Arr Ssrtelle, Lowry, Clyde. Tkxki., April 21?Arr Reli uicc, Banns, Cardenas. Wklt,' Hr. April 2J?Arr Formica H irtesen. NYork, Zjua, AjTil 12?Sol sehr Oriental, Dallny. NYork. American Ports. BOSTON*. Mnv 6?Arr s..ip S? ah N? > man, Cobb. Calenttav hark Htiunboul, Cioome, Sui.vrn.i; brl.a Stromiicss (Br)J. Marwlc ;, 8t Johns, PK. Fre'donla, Lord, Sagua; achrs Rata Sargent, Brown, Ja mel; Nari.tganiotl, lla.l, CurdnoM; Ju lia Anna. Harding, Kits' II, TI; Eb-u C I'rowo. Per? kin*, Oeorgt-tawn, DO; W'illiom 11 .'anient, Cboptauk River-,, s S Hammond. Paine; Mi y Ellnabtth, helloy, and Volt*, ('lark. Pi HaCe.phia: J V Wellington. Cbtpman: D ,t E Kel lev, Kelley, and (V W Hrainard, Boardman, Eii/abethport;. Empress. Perry. Hondo t; Mess-ncer, Fogg. and Isabella, Faulklin, New York. Telegraph* i brig Wenonab, from Ci enfuegos. In the bay fo-ir br'ss. Old ship Merchant (new, of Providence, 951 6t-9V.tiS tona), Sprague, 8!iip Iclaud; ache, llenri Payson.Crowell, Baltimore. Nothing went to left. Wind NW to N. BALTIMORE, Mey"t5?Arr Bhlp Adolphine, Meyerdieek, of and fr nn Bremenbarks Anna Brein), Kas-hen, Cadiz;. Pa.mvra iKr>, L'>vitt, lialitav; Anna <Br), White, Demara ra; br'iij* E< bo, Benson. Mayaguei; France* ,1a ,e, Martin,. An tUaj; Che*u;>eak ? Br), Gwynu, Detnarnra: s-brs Jenuia Morton, Green, Pedro Key*, H' ralu, Knight, Fall River: K An ularlilH, Haskell, Calais; '?.i,tltnl, CoIlt'iK, Fr..nklln, M?., Cld ?hi| s Bremerhaven . Hrem), lltlken. L.veri nol; Ann E Hooper, Hooper, do; brig 3 ilferino, Knight, Caroeuas; acbrr 8 M .Sherman, Sherman. Boston. 6lh?Below ahlpB Isabella, Allen, trom Rotterdam; Macau lay. K'>ei from (ieii.i.i; b irk* A^t.o*, I'rorn H.ihU; D oloroe (form- rly Paladin), iro n Bueni * A>re?; Washington, frm . Cld brie III raid. Wing, Ulo Orand* and a mkt;.schr Lady Mulgrave (Br), nart.Kau, Host Indies. Bid brig Solfe rino, Kn B'>t, Gardens*. HRISTiiL, May #?Arr schr John M Parker, Midcet, New Yor? lor Providence. ^ 1 sloop' Harvest, Corwin. NYork. CALAIS. April 24?si is h" It!*, Tliuriston. Baltimore;; 3(lth, Caroline Grunt, Pr. saev, Ne* Y ork. ELUAhETH t'OKT. M.iy n?Oi-' *<"ir* Abby Webb, Hutch Ints Boston. T 1' Abe I, ltrsgjf, Camoridge; Kal-on, Hale. Norwalk; Win H Putnl*, Mayo Pert tno.itti; T) M Meserole,., Brown, Providence; Parmer, Thompson, Stamfrd: A U lla/ard, Laun er, Mar.f r i. sloop* Hickory. II lit*. White atone; Penri ("obi -Icli, ProvWence; Krin ol Rosen. Taunton. ELLSWORTH, April i??Arr schr Rubicon, Ilkmmontf,, EiiOARTOWN, May 4?Sid schr* Union, Dyer, Boston; B <'Brown, Perkins, do; Balloon, Giau:, liankfort; Loess < Dvcr. Jameson. Portsmouth; Klylhg Kub, Low, Gloucester. Gulden L ght, Lane, Biieksport. FALL RIVER, May .V-Arr seh-s Evergreen, Potter, Phila- ? dclphla; C.lnto, , Boiden; Ellen Karnes, Brigs*, and Ohaa Z Hi,No, McGar, Eliiabethport Sid #th, schr* Frank Lucaa T o. lor, Inllaielphla via tieaoonnet; sloop Neptune, Davie hll/alwihoort. KEW BEDFORD Mav C?Sid bark Prieas; ?ehrs l> S ?' Flovd WnT'i". I'hRadelphla; Anguste, Kellcy, N-Yoifc. NEWbUIi POJIT, ? ay i??Arr -clir Kulton. Browoa, PM' ladelphla. Sid schrs Halo, Newman, Philadelphia; Koi.autn, Lee, New Y'ork. NBiVPOKT, May i?Arr sehru Lebanah. Teel, aad Bay State, Me?erw. Providenec for NYork: 0 L Loverltw, Jones, Taumon for Eliiabethiwrt 81d *:ln> Eli/.aheth. .-now; La martin.-. O .rnev; Vn id (Br). Burgess, and Granite States Hallelt, N York;*Neponset, Ingrnham. Providence for NYork (or Rockland); s.oo,m Henry ( lay, Ely, do for NYork; Mary EU>a .eth, i ha-e, Kllxabeiliport. Sin?Arr M'hr. Rodman M Priee, Kelley. Boston for NYork: Seaman's Hrid , Culse. lor rhllailelphla;. AlTred Bunting. iDunham, I'hlla lelplil > for 8ea<?nnet; (ieorte 9 Brown, Oardn r, Port Enen; Peiir!, Brown, Newbunporl lor Pluludslpiiia; Surah Jane, Gardner, NYork; ?l?o|? New World, Ormsn, do for D>ghtun; Toiteinco, Bay, Nantucket > for NYork. 6th?Arr ?cbr Hickman, Diekerson, Philadelphia. SI4 sohrs Bav State, L'-nanah. S' aman's Pride, E>ehange, R. Price. Pear:, Seaman's Krlde; Yan Buren, Wall, Pblladelr phia: and other* I ound westward. NEW LO.NIXiN, M j 0?Arr*nr Telegraph, Rog-rs, Ar my., for Norwich. Sl.t ?tb, brltf* Tbos Turrull. fhomp?oa ? (from New Haven). Majraxuet; Ama/on. Day, Pbrto Rico. NEW HAVBN. May (?\rrfcbw .Mary A Bromley. Mua rev. ; Daniel Morris, Ho<iver. Wilmlnston; Ei en Louisa, Snow, New York; W 11 Bti t. Awry, and old Xark. Abbott, E i/abetlinorl Sloop Jennie Bifhnp, do. Cld brig Georgo ,. Whitney, St Crulx. sclir Sarah Elizabeth, New York; eloop Victory, Kll/n>>ethport PIIILADELPII A, May ??Arr l ark Es*ei, Ray, Ctenfue cos- schr* Pauline PC'.rneila tDuteli), Hagedorn, Rotter Ham; Ellen Perkins, Jonas, Boston; Deiian.e, llarHngton, Portland; C Loe^r. Law*. Boston. Sid steamship Haion. Matthews, Boston; bark Lsur tt.1. Walis, Trinidad; lirigs T Nelson Harris. Boston; Bi.rmah. Sher-nan, do; schr* hsMie K BaSman, Cardenas; Flora Kim-. M< Farlaad, St Johne, I'R: Ocean. Pierte. Salem: C Looser, Lmwj, and G A Hav den Smith. Boston; Ann. Blake. Yarmouth, Me; L H Bndi eott! I/flrds, Newport; 8 L Crooker, Preabrey, Taumon, G W Cutntnlii-*. Wel len. I*all River. Lewes Del, May A?The lirvr .s Zephyr, for Dublin; Irma . for L'i>;uayra; two I,ark* unknown, together with bi lp? Scio, for Cleufnego*. Alu e Maude, for do; Breeze, for Barbados, and several oilgs and schrs, name* not ascei taiued, pas*ed to sea yesu r lay. The ship New England, from ?enea, I* at the Mraek wster waiting orders. PROVIDENCE, M l. t?Arr steamer Falcon, Williams. NYork schr* Arthur 8 filttil ton. Churn, Ycomloo, Md; Dla ,leni Maker, Tangier; 8ea \\ it h, Tyler, Philadelphia. Mid Br brig ElUabetb, Boiiche, NYora, wlirs Mail. Kel.ey, Phi la<lelphla; charli s 11a vl j. Adon. Chase, Mills; E \V Bab cock, Robinson. Wak oeld. Arnold; heuator, Kackelt, snc* Mon'te/iima. I'enuv, llllzali ?thjaivt; Green ( oanty Tanner, H\de, Rondont; Will Hav lo?. Ktiapp,, NY; Al fred F Howe, Col* hi, NVorV; La una, Kin*. ?IH Oam iliel, Sylvester, tissuer, (tO( r Pl l'ade pltla); sloops Commeree, Tyler; (ipeaklir, Palmer 1 Velocity; Smith. au<l ?fiaiislation, Smith, Eliz.ibethport) Prooi tflasM, Hallook, and Fashion. Ye'ing. Ron milt. Opera, Katferlv, NVork PORTLAND, May 3? Arr bark Canada, Mitchell, Matan* r.ts; 4:h. Urthlp HnmriM , Liineiich. I; bark lonl'.-.lHutch Inson. Cardenas. Cld 3d, ?<hr ltitnnlA WeatUiaok, Llttle jobn, Phlladi-ipnla. Sid 3d, s.cainshlp Bohemian; ship St Mark (from Antwerp*. NY' ik. , 5th?Arr brig Cvelone, Me< n ty, Mntamas; rnbrs St L*w renoe, (julinhy, Mai Ina* for NYoik; Charlotte, Arcy, Roe* land for do; stoti' er Cli ?ap ake, ORiWell NYork. Cld b?rk (Ju.lton, Penncll,.Havana; brig* Aroostodk, 8?ett, Ilhvanav J \\e*t, H.ndlson, Cardenas. * ?... PORTSMOUTH, May3? cld schr Sardinia, Ward, Plilla. 5-h?Arr beiow ship Portsmouth, Borland, Cadll. 8ld lib, sclii Sl lonla, Wied. Phlli<tlulpM% I' tlVTI ('KI T M r .1?Mr ?ehr Rulb llsl?e.r, Penny, De laws-eClty. Sli! schr RM Browning, Rlsley, PWla<lefpjk SAN KRANCISCO, Mayl-Air ship Young lie-.or Has ard. New Bedford} > ark Hart/, fltomuy?, M CIiajW>t Slue] s. Sid 1st. siiiiia Badlnnt, Matthews, < a lau; Ma^enia, JYa^ToT*?P-M ^hpCL Lorerlng, Jones, Elite H'?aM?bt?i Rea " WA'AhaMi'May'l-SidstbrLa.-partlaa Q(\irBtT.NTork. f

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