Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1862 Page 7
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therefore proof in abundance of the utter rottenness of the politicians of both political parties. They are all mixed up in jobberies and schemes of plunder, each vieing with the other to see which shall obtain the largest siice. Let either side be in power, it is the same o story, and the difference between the two par ties in this respect is only the difference e .tween tweedledum and tweedledee. Abolition Sedition Again Rampant. We are told that Satan sometimes makes his appearance in the garb of an angel of li^ht. This explains why the abolition orators choose ?religious annlw?aries and houses of public worship as the limes and places for their se ditious conversaziones. Last year, shrinking ?into their holes like vermin before the storm of popular indignation, the abolitionists did not dare hold their anniversaries. Since then, however, they have been allowed greater license, have been invited to lecture at the national capital, and, generally speaking, have basked in comparative sunshine, disturbed only by occasional showers of rotten eggs from * the good people of Cincinnati and Burlington. Consequently, emboldened by this gleam of fortune, the Jacobin ranters have reappeared in this city, holding high festival in the Chnrch of the Puritans. Dressed in new spring suits?for the anti slavery societies have been taking up large .contributions for contrabands recently?the ;abolition ?' spouting wretches" made their ap pearance upon the platform. Among them the Tribune records the presence of Brigadier Gene ral Rufus Saxton, United States Army. What a loyal brigadier could be doing in such com pany, unless he had a file of soldiers with loaded muskets to aid him in dispersing tho assemblage, we arc at a loss to know. Let us charitably suppose that General Saxton at tended merely from curiosity, or from a desire ?to learn from the abolition orators what he ? ought not to <do in South Carolina. At any rate, he made no speech, and probably left ? early, disgusted with the whole affair, and wondering why he was to be sent South to put down a rebellion, when the govern ment allowed sedition to disgrace this me tropolis. The church was crowdcd with n large audience, who went to sleep over the business proceedings of the meeting, and loudly applauded a chance reference to York town, as if a Union victory could be appro priately celebrated in a disunion convention. "William Lloyd Garrison, remembering the ex ample of "the Devil's quoting Scripture," ?read a chapter of the Bible; and the Ileverend Post, of Jersey City, followed in a prayer, ?which is described as "rather long," and ?which was probably as effectual as the long prayers of the ancient Pharisees. A report, ?exhibiting a favorable condition of the finances, ?was next read, and the performances then fcegma in earnest. It is a remarkable feature of these abolition gatherings that they begin with prayer and a financial statement, and end with hymns and the contribution box. A letter was read from Gernt Smith, who said nothing important, but enclosed fifty dollars. The report of the Executive Com mittee congratulated the society upon the spread of abolition, and flung hard names at the Southern rebels, whom the society had fanatically deluded into treason. ! A colored individual named Brown, who had j ?onoe been a slave, then attempted to tell what the slaves thonght of emancipation, bnt failed j nest dismally, having apparently forgotten j what he thought aa a slave, and being unable I to think very clearly as a freeman. One of Brown's arguments, in favor of emancipation j and against colonization, was, that if the negroes j were idle and worthless they might just as well remain here at the North, because, of course, they could not enter into competition with in i dustrious white men. Has Brown ever heard * of a poorhouse or a prison? Does he know that industrious white men have to pay taxes to j support such places! Is he aware that idle worthless niggers would fill them ? Theodore Tilton, a second rate Beecher, thsn passed round the hat, and the Rev. Robert Hatfield, of Brooklyn, followed in an attack upon God or the constitution, whichever authorized and per mitted slavery, though we must do him the J justice to say that he rather gave the constitu tion the credit of the " infamous wrong." The abolitionists are very fond of assailing the constitution, because they think it a " covenant with death and an agreement with Hell," and ean find in it no sentence which does not make secessionists and abolitionists equally guilty of treason. Wendell Phillips, the lion of the occasion, then followed in a speech which savored more -of rotten eggs than any of his previous per formances. In a oonple of hours' time he managed to utter enough treason to entitle him to half a dozen hangings. He has always deserved one. He ridiculed the President and his colonization schemes, and de ? dared that Fremont was the virtual dic tator of the republic. He attacked the American church and the Supreme Court. Having abused everybody in this world, Phillips took up the cause of his dearest friend, and declared that "the Devil was an ass/' This Is very ankind and ungrateful of Phillips, and we hope that his friend will pay him off for It, sooner or later. If he does not, we shall agree with Phillips, for once, and think that bis opinion of Pluto is perfectly correct. Cer tainly Satan cannot be accused of not taking care ef his own; for these abolitionists still survive. Wo advise the government to take ? counsel against them with Parson Brownlow. ' The parson is a loyal man. and comes from a slave State. He has, of course, been abused by Dr. Cheever and his troupe. Now. Brown low advices that abolitionists and secessionists shall be bung in pairs. The idea is an excel lent one. Let the government send these ranters to Fort Lafayette a while, to be seasoned, and :thon string them up with the rebels, like dried haddock, at the end of the war. Thus the ?oountry will be saved, and his Satanic Majesty be enabled to settle his accounts with Phillips ? very speedily. Snjwmn Fiortinu at New Ori.bans.?Great ? events aro crowding upon us so rapidly that it is somewhat to be feared we may forget to notice so fully as they deserve many of the most gallant exploits of our brave armies and navies on particular occasions. In this day's journal we givo a brief account of the splendid fighting and brilliant deeds of our naval forces under Commodores Farragut, Porter and Bai ley, a short distance from New Orleans. It is worthy of admiration how coolly thoy broke down the barricade of boats and chains stretched across thr river; how quietly they met the flreehips which caino bkuing down from New Orleans, and towed them off one by one as they approached, by boats full of brave men; and how, after securing them in safe lo calities, they left them there to burn and blaze away, harmless and innoouous, and waste their fury "on the desert air." It appears that nothing was neglected to be done which pru dence dictated to secure the victory. Alto gether, the nation has cause to be proud of the deeds of its brave defenders. The bombard ment and oapture of the two rebel forts, St. Philip and Jackson, forms a great event in his tory, among the many brilliant exploits of this great war. The incidents attending the pro longed engagement are deeply interesting, and will well repay perusal. Honor to the brave. Shameful Mismanagement of Republi can Journal*. Ecclesiastos assures us that to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under Heaven, and adds, with special refer ?nee towards this crisis, that there is a time of peace and a time of war, a time to keep al ienee and a time to speak, a time to build up and a time to break down. It is a very great pity that, during this season of religious anni versaries, oar republican contemporaries do not devote a Uttle time to refreshing their Scriptural reminiscences, and take the hint thus explicitly conveyed. No constant reader of either of the fire re publican organs published in this city would imagine from their tone and policy that this was a time of dreadful civil war. Unable to appreciate the importance, the responsibilities! the necessities and the proprieties of such a crisis, the republican editors indulge in daily abuse of our government officials and our gene rals?each lauding his own favorite to the skies, and attacking every one who appears to interfere with his plans, present or future, mili tary or political. Thq Tribune sneers and carps at General McClellan and glorifies Secretary Stanton. The Evening Post follows the exam ple of the Tribune, and adds buncombe lauda tions of the great Fremont. The World be rates Secretary Stanton, and charges that he has dislocated the vertebras of McClellan's ana conda. The Times is equally severe upon Sec retary Stanton, but discharges its heaviest flying artillery at Secretary Welles, who keeps his eye and his gunboats on the watch for the Merrimac, and cannot see the chance to go up the James river and aid our Peninsula Army. The Commercial Advertiser treads, Indian file, in the footprints of the Times and World, and does its little best to add to the confusion. Thus, with occasional skirmishes against Hal leck, Buell and Grant, these five republican journals continually strive to breed jealousies, disagreements, suspicions and discontents in our councils and our armies. Whether or not the facts stated to support these criticisms are true has nothing whatever to do with the cas6. Perhaps General Fre mont, like a second Alexander, could conquer another world if it were made to order for him, though, thus far, he has done very little in this. Perhaps General McClellan may be to blame because he preferred the slow and sure method of victory, instead of rushing heed lessly onward to Richmond or ruin. Perhaps Secretary Stanton may be at fault in relying too much upon the Spirit of the Lord and red flannel trowser, and too Uttle upon a conjunc tion of the corps d'armee of McClellan and McDowell. Perhaps Secretary Welles may be a modern Rip Yan Winkle and a firm believer in Noah's ark as a model for vessels-of-war. Just at present we care neither to assert nor deny anything in regard to these matters, and we think that the republican journals will gain very little credit, either from their own party or from the loyal publio, by constantly discuss ing them. If our officials and our generals are really gnilty upon these charges, the time will come when they will be arraigned and pun ished; and, great or small, they will find that, though the mills of the gods grind slowly, they crush exceedingly fine. We have on record* the facts and the proofs in. regard to the con duct of this wt?r, and we know how to use them when the proper time comes. Tin present, we hold, is not that proper time. This is a season of national peril, not of Presidential aspirations and political controversies; a time to build up the Union, not to break down repu tations ; a time to maintain a discreet silence, and not a time to speak without regard to con sequences. Taking all things into consideration, it seems to us that the affairs of this nation have bean managed thus far with singular wisdom and with remarkable sagacity, prudence and fideli ty to the constitution. No other nation in such terrible straits has ever been so well cared for and so triumphantly rescued. Let each one review for himself the momentous events which have crowded upon us since Fort Sumter was attacked, and he will find that the great test of success declares our administra* tion admirable and our generals skilful and brave. By and by, when the war is concluded, and we have free license to place all the facts of the case before the public, we can fairly discuss the question whether such and such officials or such and such generals deserve to share our praises or our blame. To discuss these questions now is a species of moral trea son, of which we believe our republican con temporaries to bo designedly guilty. Its effect can only be to weaken our forces, by exciting dissensions among our leaders in the Cabinet and in tho Hold; and whatever weakens us strengthens the enemy. It is perhaps too much to expect that the republican editors will be moved to change their course from any such considerations; but let them reflect that they are now serving neither God nor Mammon, their country nor their party. Professing to be re publican organs, they attack a republican ad ministration. Professing to be loyal journals, they assail the Union cause. If they persist in this suicidal policy we venture to predict that when the restoration of the Union removes all restraints from newspaper criticism they will not be in existence to improve the opportuni ties they now dangerously anticipate. Great as is the hue and cry they raise for or against certain officials and generals, it does not at all divert public attention from the fact that the republican organs of this city are guilty of the worst jobberies of the war; and when the day of reckoning comes these editors will wiah that they had spent more time in repentance and atonement, and less in increasing the number of their transgressions. On to Rkjhmoki).?Now thatQthe onward movement is begun, what has become of Bri gadier General Greeley, with his nigger bri gade? Why is he not there, marching in the van at the head of his colored guard, in his slouched bat and long white coat? Does not the doughty General intend to be in at the death with his brigade? We hear nothing of him in these days. On to Richmond, just once, Brigndiur General Greeley. On mud! NEWS FROM WASHINQTON. Wamumotoh, May T, 1882. TH* TAX BILL in THIS 8BNATK. e Senate will without any unnecessary delay pro wed to consider the Tax bill, aud it is thought the re Port of the Committee on Kiuance will be adopted with out materia! change. The tax of twenty cent* per gal on on w iukejr and twenty couta per pound on tobacoo, ?estimated, will yield $40,000,000. Should the views ?* ? m'IJOrUX prevail, it it Supposed the crowed* rU'n ll>*3e *?uruM would be cousidurably in FIKKCK QUARREL OVER tub COLOKI7.ATION FUND. hrr ?f "I0 clau8e '^e Oistriot Kmauaioa 1 m*klnK an ?Pl>ropriatiou for the colonization of ohi *manr',,<,tM ?laves, is likely to oocasion consider ? rou . 1 here is already a horde or abolition pluu- j erers grasping for the disbursement of the one hundred thousand dollars appropriated. Numerous propositions j ^? b00n ?'?Emitted?one for Hayti, another for | r'o th ' ^uo"1?r for Neutral America, and still another e a Islands and the alluvial soil of South Carolina, ea locates of these various colonization projects are J """ce m their opposition as the different parties that ? een for years quarrelling over the Pennsylvania Avenue JUUroad. Thoy ar.i?U of phiUnthropy in view 0B* huB?'r?l thousand dollars to ke disbursed. NA*'At OMBKRS AND APPOINTMENTS. u ? nJ7 Department has ordered Assistant Paymaa w joau 8. WooLioa to report to the Chief of the Bureau ol Provisions aad Clothing for a?ty. Ea?<ae*r Bishop is ordered to report to Flag cr Dupout for duty on board the Wyandot. Coamandar Overton Carr, to command the receiving ship Allegany, to relieve Lieutenant Charles Thomas. Wm.H. Herring, of Philadelphia, is appointed Acting Master s Mate, aud ordered to the Navy Yard at New York. * OFMCAL REPORTS OF THE BATTLE OF 8LIL0H. I ecrotary Stunton, in a communication to tho House to-day, in response to a resolution of inquiry, says that the only official report of the battle of Shiloh yet re | ceiyed at the War Office is that of General Grant. Gen eral Halleok s report has not come to hand, and no sub. reports accompanied that or General Grant. ABUSE OF MILEAGE FAV. In the debate upon tho election case of the Nebraska delegate to-day, the fact was developed that the Com n.ittoe on Mileago had somewhat confused ideas of dis tances. At the extra session it appeared, from the state ment of the committee, that each member drew for mile ago what he saw Ut, and that nnny membors drew much tnoro than has been allowed them this session. DIPLOMATIC FIASCO. The Legation of the soi-disant government of the United States or Colombia, as Genoral Mosquera calls that part of New Granada over which he rules by mora force or arms, has been completely unsuccessrul la Washing ton, in the steps taken to open tho way ror the recogni' tion of that government, which is nothing but a parody or the government or Jefferson Davis, and founded ex actly on the same principles. General Herran continues as the regular Minister from that country, and Senor Pom bo an his secretary. 8?nor Arboleda, who came hare a few days ago with despatches from Mosquera to our government, against Gen. Herran, was refuged audience by Mr. Secretary Seward and even the despatches war* not allowed to bo de livered. The government and Minister of New Granada or Granadlan confederacy, are the only ones recognized' by the government of the United States. The govern ments of England and France have also refused to re" calve tha Ministers sent by Mosquera. General Moequera pratonds that U*e Granadisn people have accepted and conflrmed his usurped and sectional authority; aad that the fact of his occupying Bogota is conclusive in favor of his government. But it is known that a paper called "Colombian Compact," aad signed In September last byaeven Individuals, called '?Pleni potentials of the Sovereign States/' appointed more or less directly by Moequera himself, and who met at his own house, is the whole ground or his pretensions and that in regard to the capital, this hae been alternatively ?n his hands and in the bands of the constitutionalists * All tho three northern States of Now Granada, where Mosquera's party stands in a ridiculous minority have been evacuated lately by most of hi* forces, in his oar suit or Governor Canal.of Santander; and now they are supposed to be in the hands of tho constitutionalist* The other two most important States, Cauca and Antioquia remain faithful to tha constitutional government KigM la the full number of States. The other three, Magda lena, Bolivar and Santander, are the smallest in popula tlon and political importance. General Mosquera suffered a signal dereat at Boyaca on the 20th of February last, at the heads or Governor Canal, who attacked him with very inferior num bers. Canal too* 305 prisoners, and slept on the ground That battle has destroyed all the military pre,llM of Moequera, and Canal is now tho man. After an ad mirable retreat through all the armies of Mosquera he sue ceeded in joining the troops of Antioquia aad Cauca The constitutionalists are suppeeed to have 13,000 men in arms, and Mosquera 11,000. In ravor or the former stand the principles, the people aad the military prestige The policy of Meequere Is very obnoxious to hor neigh bor, Venezuela, as be has made a league with the rebels of the letter republic. In consequence of this, it is nn derstood that General Paez will declare war against Mo,. fm This Colombian movement is also threatening the peaoe and sovereignty of tha republic of Ecuador; but It goems that tha Ecuadorian government baa not understood tha dealgn. TBI REPORTED COUNTBBPE1T TRBARl'BY NOTES. Notwithstanding tha report put in circulation in refe rence to counterfeit Treasury note*, no offlcar of tha Treasury baa yat seen any of tha allagad spurious notes. It ia believed that tha report haa been set afloat by speculators. TBI BORDER STATS CONORKSaMEX I.OYAL TO THE UNION. Tha representations that tha border SUta man contain plated a withdrawal from Congress ia a calumny upon a claaa of men who have, more than any .others in tha national legislature, exhibited devotion to the country. They deprecate the efforts of tha radiaal abolitlonieta to convert the war for the Union Into a partisan aectional war for the accomplishment of tha purposea of a crazy faction; bnt they have ao idea of abandoning their posts at a Juncture so critical, and demanding the utmost ener gies of every staunch aupporter of the Union and tha conatitatlon. TBI HCMrRRBTH IXPSaCBMBYr CjL?l. The Speaker has appointed Repreaantativee Bingham and Pendleton to preaant to tha Senate tha Humphreys impeachment queetion, alluded to yeaterday In tha ra port of tha Houae proceedings. ARRIVAL OP MO HX CONTRABANDS. About thirty contrabands arrived here to day, moatly from Virginia, and are quartered In Duff Green'a Row, which was once a fashionable block of resiliences, but is now the negroes' rest. About one thousand black rata gees are connected with this Institution, and people from all parta of the country resort there to hire contraband help. The blacks accept whatever terma may be offered them, and this 1a the reaaon why their labor is sought for. Meat of them, however, are Ot for nothing but out door labor, and good bouse eervanta are rarely found, among them. The free nagroea and other laborers of the district are somewhat disturbed by this Influx of muaclo which can be hired fbr almost nothing; but the govern' meat, having the article thrown upon Ita hands, must dispose of it In the read its t manner possible ANNOUNCEMENT OP TBI CAPTt'RB OP NBW OBI.EANS ? THE REN AT B. A despatch from New York, with Iaformatkw, brought by the Columbia, of tha capture of Now Orleans, was read In the Senate thla afternoon, during the debate upon the City Railroad bill. It was wsll received, and Senator Ms Dougall immediately moved a vote of thanks toCSmmo' dore Farragut and General Butler, saying to Senators that their reoognltloa of snch important servicee should be as prompt as their gratitude waa hearty. Parliamentary rule required unanimous consent to entertain the motion, and some Senator objected, eo that Mr. MoDougall's gene rous purpose waa temporarily defeated. TBE NEBRASKA ELECTION CASI. Grovsr's comedy Congress, with Setcbelt.Lotty Rough and all the funny pereene advertised on the theatre bills here, were entirely ecUpeed In the House to-day, during the debate upon the contested election of the Nebmska delegate. The sitting member made a speech which con vulsed the House with merriment. The bursts of ap plause were frequent and uproarons, reminding one of the Bowery stage mors Mian the halls of leglelation. Mr Daley's quotation of the lines, While the lamp holds out to burs, The vllost sinner may return. which he insisted WM fr?a lbs Bible, brought down toe house. PROCEEDINGS OF C0N6RESS. TI1IRTY-SKVKNTH CO#?HEM? yUUiT 8K8S10N. 8(MU. Washington, May T, 1802. nil RANKRUPT BILL. The President pro um., Mr. Foots, presented petitions of citizen# of Now York in fovor of a bankrupt act. PKTITIONH IN FAVUR OF SLAYKKY. Mr. Kbnnkdt, (opp.) of Md., presented petitions of citi zens of Maryland as Icing for the immediate and uncondi tional repeal of the law abolishing slavery in the District of Coiunibia, and the better enforctmout of the Fugitive Slave law. INDKMNITT FOR A SLAV*. Also a petition of W. D. Bowie, asking for compensa tion for a slave who was appropriated to the military service of the government. TOK DWLOTAI.TT OF SXNATOR STARS. Mr. Svunkr, (rop.) of Mass., oCTered a resolution for the expulsion of Mr. Stark, of Oregon. APPROPRIATION F()K ths ft inking kvxii. Mr. Fmutoin, (rep.) of Me., from the Committee on Finance, reported a bill making appropriations to roim burso the sinking fund of the offices of the Secretary of the Treasury, and for the temporary cSarks for 18tS3. Passed. th? akmt ArraoreiATioN bill. Also the House bill to provide for dallciimey for pay ment or volunteer*, and for the payment of troops ia the Western Departmont. The bill appropriates some thing over S30.000.000. Mr. Grimks, (rep.) of krwa, asked bow many men were In Uie army? . . Mr. Wiuson. (rep.) of Mass., thought there were from 600,000 to 620,000. He could not say exactly. Mr. Trumbi ix, (rep.) of III., thought it rather hasty legislation to attempt to pass a bill like this. It wonld bo better to watt till the bill was printed. Mr. Fbhskndkn, (rep.) of Me., said the bill was printed and had been on the table throe weeks. Mr. TrumiiVU. said it was the House bill that was on tho table, and that the bill just reported was from the committee this morning. He thought wo ought not to appropriate the people s money carelessly. Mr. Fr^xndkn said this was the manner of appro priating which had always been pursued. The Financo Committee could not know all things. How many w?-ro in the army the department, cannot tell exactly. No more of tha appropriation will be used than is absolute ly needed,and it is a perfectly safe way or making the ap propriation. If the Senator was so careful of the Trea sury he should examine into these facts. There was no foundation for anything like a general splurge against the Finance Committee, or carelessness in making ap propriations. Mr. Wh.-on, (rep.) of Mass., elaimed that it was abso lutely impossible for the department to keep a strict ac count of the exact numbers in the army. Regiments were continually changing and losing men by disease, ic., and the department cannot tell at any momout the precise numbers. . ?. Mr. Grmbs, (rep.) of Wis., thought if thcofficors of tho army were obliged to make proper returns promptly this difficulty would bo obviated. The bill was laid over. INCKKA8B or RKVKNr*. Mr. Fehskwdkn, from the Committee on Finance, also reported the Uouso bill to provide Increased reveuue. Passed. THE VICTORY AT WILLIAKSBUKG. Mr. Wilson, of Mass., sent to the Clerk's desk de spatches from General McClellan concerning the occupa tion or Williamsburg, which were read; also a despatch from General Hartsuff. RBCAPTCRED VESSiXS. Mr. Fxssbndxn offered a resolution that the Committee or Commerce inquire whether any legislation is necessary in relation to vessels belonging to loyal citizens heretofore which have been seized and confiscated by the rebels, and recaptured at New Orleans and other places. Adopted. TSX CASTE OF SENATOR STARK. Mr. Sitmnkr, (rep.) of Mas.*., said lie had in hand the I report made by the committee, which came to the conclu

sion that the Senator from Oregon was disloyal. He had waited for some action, and wished to ask the Senator rrom New Hampshire (Mr. Clark}, who was chairman I of the committee, if he intended to make any further I (rep.) or N. H., said tha committee had dls I charged the duty entrusted to thoui, which was simply ! to investigate the charges. They preferred to leave tho auesti<>n of further action with the Senate. Mr. Soxxxan. (rop.) of ? Ohio, said he signed tho report of the committee, but hoped me Senate would lake no moro action on this question. It would soon be settled by the paople of Oregon. Mr. Sumner offered a resolution that Benjamin Stark, Senator from Oregon, who has been found by a commit tee or thisfeody to be disloyal to the government or tha United States, be and the same is hereby expelled rrom the Senate. Mr. Sauusbcby, (opp.) or Del., objected to its present consideration, ami the resolution was laid over. REUKF OP CA1TAIN FAERAOCT. Mr. McDocoau.. (opp.) or Cat.,from the Naval Commit tee, reported a bill for the relief or Captain D. G. Farra gut. The biil authorizes the payment of advances made by him while in California. It passod. THE WASHINGTON AND GIORORTOWN RAILROAD. The bill for the incorporation or the Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company, providing for a city rall? road, was taken up. THK UirBACHlfr.NT OF JtJDOl HI'MWBKYS. A message was roceired from the Uouso, that tha House had resolved that a committee of two beappointed to proceed to the Senate, and. in the name of the people and of the Houre of Representation, impeach W. H. Humphreys, Judgaof the District Court of Tennessee, 4c., and that the House bad appointed Messrs. Btngham and Pendleton. . The committee from the Houso appeared at tha bar of tha Senate, and Mr. Bingham said:?Being ordered by the House or Representatives to appear at the bar of the Senate, in the name oC tho llou.-o of Representatives and of all the people of the United States, we do impeach W. H. Humphreys, a Judge of the United States for several Districts of Tennessee, of high crimes and misdemeanors. The House or Representatives will in due time exhibit particular articles of impeaehment against htm andmako good tha same, and we do demand, that tho Senate take order for the appearance of said W. H. Humphreys to answer said impeaehment. ... ? . . , President FotncR in the Chair?The senate will take proper order in tha premises. THX RAILROAD BILL KSCMKD. After further consideration and amendmont of the Railroad bill, Mr Shf.rman moved to disagree to the House amend ments, so that the bill could go to a Committee of Confe rence, as he thought that tha etily way that could really secure a railroad ia tho city. Mr Gwmi? had a despatch from New York of news by the steamer Columbia. Sent to the Clerk's desk and read. Mr Sherinan'e motion was agreed to, and on motion of Mr Morrill a Committee of Conference was apjwlnted. MIITTAHY tWHKMmW. Mr. Wilson, of Mass., introduced a bill for the ap pointment of military storekeepers. Tim NCMBKB OF OENKRALS ? THE ARMT. On motion of Mr. Mass., the bill to limit tha number <>f brigadior and major generals was taken up, the question being on Mr. Hale's amendment to make the number of brigadiers 180 instead of 20V. Mr Wilson said we had now appointed three major generals in tha regular army, and there was one vacancy. In the volunteers there have been twenty-two major gene rals confirmed?making twenty-sl*. In the regular army we have eight brigadiers, and in the volunteers thora have been two hundred sent in?making in all two hun dred and eight brigadiers sent in?and one hundred and sixty-eight have been.confirmed. He thought, on the whole, the amendment should be rejected. Mr. Harris, (rep.) of N. Y., wes opposed to the bill. He thought eoine Senators would like to limit the num ber of captains or colonels. We ought to hare as many brigadiers aa we had brigades. Mr. Ghixu said there were more brigadier* than were Mr. Lain, (rep.) of Kansas, said thoy bad in Kansas the other day ten thousand men, and thay had six brlga iw. Mr. CHA?nbBR. (opp.) of Mich., Mid this was "imply a mat Mr of figures. He knew that we wanted ? brig?di*r for every four thousand men. Then one hundred and llfty brigadiers were enough for (is hundred thousand men. Jf we bad one hundred and eighty tbere would be thirty extra, and he thought one hundred ami fljty enough. Hut Senator or representative Soand?o ha* a particular friend who wants to bo brigadier; so name* were sent in not becauao the service wants them. thk rmwirtmt o* cnxrwAno*. The PMMt>rrT proU-m. announced tbe select committee on the Confiscation bill, as follows ?Maura. Clark (chair man). Collamer,Trumbull, i owan, Wilson (Mass ), Har ris, Hnerman, Henderson and Willey. Mr. Tri'mrvij., (rep.) of 111., asked to be excused, as he had voted against the committee. Ho thought he oould ?Vlo no good upon it. He was excused, and Mr. Harlan appointed in*lead Af ter an executive session the Senate adjou rned. Ke?n of Representative*. Wasiiixoton, May ?, 18(2. pom dotal 4 port op crrnr Mr. Sum, (rep.) of Ma**., fro** the Cotamitl** on Commerce, reported a bill establishing a port of entry and delivery In tb* collection district of Beaufort, 3. C., at or near Hilton Head, to be call*d the port of Port Royal, and providing for the appointment of a oolieetor, at a salary of $1,S00 par annum, and for w*lgh*rs, gaugers, tec. Mr. Eliot remarked that a letter from tb* Secretary bad b*?n s*nt to tb* comssitte*, statiag lb* importance of this maaanr*. Tb* bill wa* passed. tb? vicroar at wn.i lAMmraa. Mr. Cos, (opp^ of Ohio, sent up a oopy of a despatch from General iSoieUan, announcing a victory at Wil liamsburg, which waa read, and apparently afforded much gratification. xahyi.anu aauap poa raa HAaucacsarra srrra mixm. Mr. < aismin, (Union) of Md., caused to b* r*ad tb* resolution* of tbe Maryland Legislature appropriating $10,000 for the relief of Hie families of those of lbs Mas sachusetts Sixth regiment who suffered by tb* l(Mb of April riot in Raltimor*, and the response of tb* Massa chusetts legislature in acknowledgment of the generous sympathies and kind anil paternal feelings thus *x hib,ted. which should always prevail among tb* Slates Of tbe Union. Mr. Crlafleld ssid these proceedings aflhrded so>n* sign iK a restoration of peaceful relations, wbile we were receiving accounts of the glorious *u*c*ss?s of our arms. The Hous* r**"rn*d tbe consideration of the Nebraska contested election case. A<l*bV.?ta*<irt. Messrs. Rtutuarcoft, (opp.jof 111.,and Pwulotoh, (opp.)of Ohio, advocated the claim* of the contestant, Mr Morton, who aiao argued his right to the ?eat uow occupied l>y Mr. Daily. Mr. Dailt, or Nebraska. g|K>ke ID support of hia right to his seat. During the debate each party contended that the other reported to fraudulent votes. Mr. Dawk*, (rep.) of Mass., replied to Mr. Voorheee' speech of yesterday. Mr. Wamjihl'kkk, (rep.) of 111., moved to lav the whole Subject <>n the tuhle. Carried, 64 agaiust 38. Tnis vote retains Mr. Daily iu his seat. Adjournod. Mr. Timonowt Thomas' Coni bkt This entertainment, the most promising of the season, comes off oa Tuesday next, the 13th, at Irving IlalL The artistic arrange ments are on the most comprehensive scale. The sale of tickets commences to day. So nigra Franoaims.?M. Edgabd's B?bot.?The bene fit of this accomplished actor takes place this evening at Niblo's Saloon. We bespeak for it from those who have derived so much pleasure fram M. Edgard's humorous delineations, a full attendance. Important Decision by the United States Circuit Count- on Treason. Cincinnati , May 7,1802. Tn the United States Clrauit Court, at tha April term, 1801, the Grand Jury found an indictment of treason against James W. Chenaweth, (tor furnishing supplies and munitions of war to the rebels. Al the present term ex-Senator I'ugh, oounsel for the defendant, moved to quash the- Indictment en the ground that the first clause of section two, ar> tlcie three, of the constitution, which provides th<it treason shall consist only of levying war raters to rebellion, while the- second clause, "or adhering to their enemies In giving aid and oomfort" relates only to a public war with a. foreign enemy. Justiro Swayne gavo his decision yosterday sustaining the motion by quashing the indictment. To-morrow's Enquirer will contain the decisions length. News flrom 8an Francisco. San Frsncimu, May 5,186t. Arrived steamer Golden Age. Panama; ships Mary Robinson and Endeavor, New York; Mary E. Balch and Rambler, Boston;Victor, Hong Kong; barks Pontiac, Li verpool; Ashuburg, H'tmburg. Sailed ships Wobfoot ,,CaUao: Elvira, Valparaiso; schoon er Caroline E. Foot, Amoor river. Twelve huodrod passengers salted last week for the Oregon and Rritish Columbia mines. Two steamers will depart for the same destination this week. Sandwich Island dates to the 10th of April are re ceived. Tha French Consul died at Honolulu on the 20th of March. San Fiuncisco. May 0,1802. Arrived ship Icon htm, from Sydney, and bark Oregon, from Newcastle. Sailed ships Talisman and Wilbur Flsk, for Callao. The Miners* Riot at Pottavllle. Philadelphia, May 7,1802. The strike among the minors near l'ottsville is becom ing sorious. The employers not complying with their demand, the miners have stopped the pumps, causing serious,damage to property from the flooding or mlnos. The mines of the I'orest Improvement Company ere rapidly filling up with water. Several infantry companies of Home Guards leave here this afternoon to prevent further damage. Three hundred of the reserve Grey s of this city leave soon for the scene of difficulties at Pottsville. Letters for the Bnrastde Expedition. TO THB KDITOK OK THE BBKALD. Headquabtkrs, Department North Carolina,) Nkwiikbn, May a, 1802. / Bin?Will you be kind enough to have published by telegraph that the letlers for the Burnside expedition will be forwarded from the New York Post Office, instead of en board the Maria Greenleaf, Old Point Com Tort? I am,sirj very respectfully, your obedient servant, A. E. BlKN.-iDK. Major General, Commanding Department North Caroline. Personal Intelligence. Among tho passengers who eailetl Tor England yeeter day in the steamship Persia were:?Hon. SlmonCamnrou, our Minister to th? Court or Russia, with his family and suite; Right Rere-ond J. V. Lewis, Bishop of Ontario; Mr. E. A. Archibald, II. R. M. Consul to this port, and bit wife, and Lcuis Da Cuufray, Secretary of the French Legation at Washington. Mrs. Major General Fremont and family arrived at the Aator House late on Tuesday night. They left yester day for Little Neck, L. I., whore they will remain some time. J. W. Bonaparte, of Baltimore, is stopping at the New York Hotel. This gentloman w the eldest sou of the late Jerome Ronaparte, a brother of the Great Na|>oleon, who, it will be remembered, contracted a marriage with Miss Patterson of that city wbilo on a Visit to this country during the life time of IiIh illustrious brother. Baron de Stock!. Rim?tan Minuter to the United State*; Miss Riggfl, of Washington; Major Thomas Morton, of New York, and Mr. Stillmsn and Mr. Stewart, of Phila delphia, arn stopping at tho Clarendon Hotel. l)r. Nicholson and wife, Walter C. Green, Mrs. P. C. and B.C. Brooka, Jr.,of Boston; T. Brook;- and wife and L. de Heredin and wife, of Cuba, are stopping at the Brevoort Houae. Dr. Ten Brook, of the United States Army; E. C. Bil linger, of the United States Navy; C. F. Ellis and wife, of Ronton; R. France, of Baltimore; H. B. Schotleld, of Philadelphia; Charles Doren, James McN'ally and W. G. Mcpham, of St. Louis; K. Butler, of llyde Park; D. Wit kins, or Chicago, and Angel Regit, of Mexico, are stopping at the Metropolitan Hotel. W. de Rassloff, Danish Minister to the United States; Hon. Alexander Pennington, of the Liverpool Rifle Bri gade; Alexander J. Holmes, of tho Philadelphia Inquire. Major W. W. Sherman, of the United State* Army; G. W. I loan, or the United States Coast Survey; M. D. Morgan, of Cuuaodairiua; G. Tl. Roberta,of Iniliaua; Dr. Flower, of I'tioa; H. G. Anderson, ef Pooria, III.; L Davenport, of Maryland; H. 8. Chase, of Boston, and W. Higgin bottom and family, el' Oneida, are stopping at the .\stor House. Colonel J. A. Johnson, of the United States Army; J. Martin and wife, of Kingston: H. B. t; rah am, of New pert; J. T. tireen ;?ud A. H. Littlefleld, of Pawtticket, R. I.; 8. 8. White and wlfo, 1'. J. Kvl'is, J. F. Walker and C. D. B. Bourroughs, of Philadelphia; H. F. Barrows, of Ma* auhusetts, and F. WasMiurn, of Connecticut, are stopping at the LaCsi'ge House. Official Drawings or Nsrray, Eddy & Co.'a Kentucky and ?1ishouj1 State Lotterlea. KcVTtfcaT. Esxaa -IV-May 7.1882. 45, 28, :?7, AO, 4*. 62, 25, 72, 3!>, Vtt. 2, 32. Ksirrocsr. Class Jus? May 7,18*:. 10, 51, 7?, 61, 62. ;W. .16. 47, 24, 74. 3, 23, 40. Circulars sent free of charge ny addreaaing either to MURRAY. BODY * CO.. Covington. Kjr., or St. Louis, av. OBclal Drawlnfs of the Knntarky and Delaware State Lotteries Kkurnrar. Bars* Class 103?May 7.1462. 19. 1. ;M. tl? 7o. ti4. 26. 26. 49, 22. 31, 6f>. Dcbawatk. CiusJIC-Ma; 7.1862. 19. 215, lfi. ?i. ?*, 73, 35, 76, 41, 65, ;i7, 21, 12. Circulars sent by addreisin* JOHN A. MORRIS A CO.. Wilmington. Delaware, or Covington, Kentucky. Royal Havana Lotteryn-Sec Official drawing ol' May 1,1963, in another column. TAYLOR & ?0. Prises Cashed la Alt Legallied lotteries. Information given. JOSEPH BATES, Broker, II Wall atrwl, room No. 1, N. Y. Royal Havana. Lottery, Conducted by the Spanish c'lvrrnmpnt Priiesraahed by TAYLOR A CO., bankers, 16 Wall street The Grand Drama of "Flowers of the Forest," at BAKNt'M'8, is a gem, and la attracting great crowds of vuiiors. Herring's Patent Champion Firs and Burglar Proof Salrs, 251 Broadway, eorner of Murray street, New York. A Pare Tobacco.?Yellow Bank Tobac co.?(loodwin's Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from all Impurities, for aale by all tefcftoco and wear ilealer*, and at Wholesale by E GOODWIN A BROTHER. 209 Water street. At Jeirera', 1)73 Broadway, Ladies' Con greaa Bouts, t); Balmorals, $2 80; miue*. $1 75; children'!, 91 37. JEFFKRS. 673 Broadway. M. W. King.?Patent Easy Chairs, guaranteed to Induce enae and comfort. Plea?i-to ooprto iiiEant Broadway, at which number you will i.nd M. W. KINli, Agi-nt, late of Broad\>ay. Bafchelor's Hair Dye.?The Best In tho world; harmle**, reliable and inntantaneoua. Sold and ap plied at BATCH BLOB'S^ Wig factory. 16 Bond steret. Hill, Inimitable Catter of Hair and Whiskers, No. I Barclay atreet. Hair Dye 60 cents, black or brown. Beet In use. Dr. Kennedy's Medical Discovery Is warranted to rurr Scrofula, Kry?l|ielaa, Ringworm, Scald Head, Salt Rheum, fleers. Fever Bores, Pimples, and every disease of the Skin, of whatever nature. Bcantlfal Complexion?Laird's Bloom of Youth or LlgnM Pearl preserves and beautifies the com plesioo and skin Sold by ail druggists and at *39 Broadway Crlstadoro'a Hair Dye, Preservative and Wigs, th" best lo the world, wholesale and retail, and the dye privately applied at No. 6 Astor House. Trasses.?Marsh dt Co.'s Radleal Care Trusses, Shoulder Braces, and Dr Wadaworth's Uterine Rle valor?a supeilor article. No. JYescy street, Aslor House. Trasses.?White's Patent Lever Trasses are the heal In the world for curing ruptures; differing In priorlple and action from all old fashioned humbugs. Sup portora and Bracea unrivalled. Call and aee th>Mn. t'amph lets free. GBBtiORY A CO., 26 Bond street. Barry's Trlcopherons Is the Best and cheapest article for dr???lng, beautifying, aurllug, cleaning, preaervlna and restoring the hair. Ladles try It. Sold by all druggiata. ^ Milliner Wanted to Trim Children's straw hats None hut an eiperienred hand seed apply. In quire at BANTA'S, 367 Ciioel street, ournci jf Wooster, MARS FOR THE PACIFIC. The Triumphant Progress of the Vnlea Cause?The Bts?s?Uob of YorktowB The Pall of Kurt Macon?The Oecnpe* tlon of Mew OrkMtns?The Operations iu the West-?Opening of the Souther* Ports Interesting News (tram Kurope, Ac., dw. The mail steamship Ariol, Captain Jones, will leuvs this port st noon to-day for Aspinwall. The malls for Central. America and the South Partita will alone at half-past tea o'clock this morning. Tub Nbw York Ubbalo?Edition for the Pacific?wiU be published at nine o'clock thin morning, and wilt contain full details of all the Important events of the past week, including the Evacuation of Yorkt<>wn; Tht Bombardmout and Capture of Port Macon; Additional particulars of the OueupatioB ef New Orleans; Important Now* from the Arm/ of tbe West; Capture of a uumbat of vessels by the Blockading Fleet; Proceedings of Cuu gress;Secretary Seward's Loiters to the Foreign Minis ters raising the Blockade; L*te and Interesting New* from Europe, and a.variety of other interesting reading. Single copios, la.wrappers, ready for mailing, six cents. Tha Dull Days af Spring, when that: frvrr nnwa over u?. te the- laziest part of our RllaU-aoc. A heavy and light titling bat make* on* very uncomfortable. Tbls can be remedied. Call on KNOX, the batter, of Breed way and Fulton wrwl, aud he will furirtsh you with one ot hi* light, spring etyiea, whie.i will relieve much at thai sleepy iazlneM aad add ?o your general eppearaoee. Tha Grant National Dog Show at. BARNUM'S next week piuaaise* to be a grand. affair TU? dog* are coming in rapidly, and many of the linesi bruedl known will h" numerously rcpre.ente I. Ttie competition for prices spirited. So nurry up the dogs. At Jcffirrt', 973 Broadway. Grntlemen'l. fine Slioes-and elastic (jailers In greai variety. A Few Mora Left.?Gentlemen's Paten* Leather Boots for fcZ, at BAKTLKTI S, 372 Grand street, corner Norfolk. MeCauley, Broker lu Money, Kemored, temtxiraiil*, to No. U Chatham street, second Uoor, roouu 1 aud St. Married. McKbe?1IUi.ux?On Tuesday, April 8, by the Ker< William Quiun, l>r. J a Mm U. McKkh, of New York, U Mm Mbi.ub Haltm, of Boston, Mans. Died. CaautAV.?on Wednesday night. May 7, at 0 o'clock after a short illnoiui, Jambs C-ocuKafi, ugod 36 years. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invites to atteud tho funeral,on Friday afternoon,at two o'clock from his late residence, N'o. 72 llaak street. Clark*.?In Brooklyn, on Tuesday or suing, May 0, Hokacb W. Clark*. Relatives and friends are invited to attend the funeral at the residence of Mr. Alfred Uammatt, 376 Sacketl street, this (Thursday) atternoon, at one o'clock, wlthoal further invitation. His remains will be taken to RochM ter for interment. Ku>dbii..?On Wednesday, May 7, of consumption. Da witt B., son of Kuieline B. Kuluell. The funeral will take place fr? m the residence of hit mother, No. 26 Pike street, on Friday afternoon, at tw? nVnifr Nantucket and Ravenn* (Ohio) papers please copy. HvnKR.?On Wednesday evening, May 7. at the real, dence of his mother, 133 West Twenty-eighth street J oiik TuoHAd, eldest son of Mary and the late Dominicfe Ryder, aged 19 years and & months. Notice of tho funeral will bo given In to-moroow't paper. California, Canada and Irish papers pleaseoopy. SncfKCK.?On Wednesday, May 7, Alhbrt Huhlui. youngest son of John anil Margaret Steneck, aged 2 years, 1 month and 20 days. Tho relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend his fuuoral, from No. 43Hester street, on Friday aiternonn, at one o'clock. far other matriagtt and d*a!kt aw f fdi pay. MlHCBUiAKBOIIS. A KMY AND NAVY X B1TTKR3. 8BTLERS, GROCERS. DRUGGIST^ HOTELS. SALOONS, All tin j- then. Pronounced by connoisseurs and medical dim unequalled. A sovereign remedy tor biliousness, chills find lever, and all dlaeaaea arising rrom malaria. Have you ? friend In (he servicer If so. sendhlm a bottle or McPhaU'i Army and Navy Bitters. It may Wre his life. The style Is very attractive, baring artistic designs of the army aud mar) on each bottle. Liberal discount to dealers. Principal depot 107 Fulton street, up stairs. A NOTORIOUS FACT. Splendid ailver plated Ice Pitchers, )tN||lN,|tM REFRIGERATORS, Best kind, and twenty per cent less than any other I CUTLERY Thirty per cent lens than any other house. SILVER PLATED WARE ef every description, thirty per cent reduction on format prices. COOKING UTENSILS To suit all kinds of stoves and ranges; Tea Trays, And evory description of Housekeeping Articles, warrant? flmt cia?s goods, at equally low prices. LADIES! LADIES! LADIES I If you onee vislc the store to aee the stock and prices, you an anre to call again at K. D. BASS FORD'S Extensive House Furnishing BAZAAR, Cooper Institute Building, Astor Place, One block from Broadway. No connection with any other house. AT 30 THIRD AVENUE, NEAR TWE NTT-FOURTH street, you will ttad a splendid assortment of genta , l? dies' misses', boys' and infanta' Boots, Shoes, UaTteri, Bat dace# UU All admit prink'b gaslight reflectors surpass everything fur displaying goods to advantage Alaaya ready, at MS Pearl street, A LL KINDS OP LADIES' AND GENTLEHEN8' OAR J\. menu cleaned without being taken apart, to look like new. No. 4M Broome street, corner of Broadway. as irn | ""/? siuu iiumitn uv/v/iB, r?uves, uatici t, moials, Slipiiers. Ac., all prime fresh g mhU, at r d prices. III. T. ALLEN, Ag A RARE COMBINATION OP FASHION, ELEGANCS and artistic excellence. will be found In the atimmei number ol Mme. DENoREST'S MIRROR OF FASHIONS now ready. See advertisement in another oolumn of thia paper. AT *3. $3 SO, $4 AND $< JO -SHOES AND OAITEBS, Spnug styles, now ready at JONES', 10 and 12 Ann street. Alleviator.?corns cured for one ceni each by using Dr. MKKil/M Corn and Bunion Allen* tor; a new, harmleaa snil certain mire for Corns, Bunion* Callosities, Fiost'-d and HUstered F? et, Ac . Ac. Warranted to |irodticc results a.u sfsctorj and surprising. Price 23 in4 eetus, aud $1 per box. hem by mull on reeetpt of pr at and six rents. Sold by druggists. Dr. J. BRIGGS, propri* tor snd praetleal Chiropodist, JI2 Broadway, opposite Ht Paul's church, New York. AT GIMBREDE'S, *4 ALBUMS <fifty PICTURES, rrtslled at $3. W> d llng CardsJNote Pa| er, Monogram* lu perfect tost Business cards. 75 ce>ts per 1,000; circular! Mo.; lsibals, St*-. Billheads, flrsi > lass, $:> per reais Newspapers, Hooks, Pamphlets. Cases, Circulars. Pr? grammes?everything, from Label* to mammoth Posters printed equally low T R. DAW LEY'S new establishment corner Reade and Centre streets. CORNS, BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS. ENLARGE! joints, and all illsesses of the feet, cured without pala or inconvenience to the patient, by Dr. 2ACI1AKIE, Surgcoa Chiropodist. 700 Broadway. Rslers to physicians and sur ge?naof the city. CORNS CURED FOR 25 CENTS EACH-BUNION^ inverted nails, Me., cured at M Bowery, comer of Can*. Street, hy Dr. W. E. RICE. Prsctical Chiropodist Dr. Rfc-e's Annilitlator cures com*, bunions, chilbaiiia, frosted and HMOllfNl, 2 anil jdr. perlwi. (1RUTCHES AND CANES FOR THE MILLION. AT Till J manufacturer's. _ C. PINNELL, No. 1 Cortlandt street. FLAG8! FLAGS'! FLAGS!! Hunting and Silk Flags, wholeeale and retail, at JOTIB N. STEARNS', tW Cedar street, nearly opposite the Poat oflici-. Also a tine aseortment of Chlne?e and Japaoeae Fancy Goods. Great bargains in boots and siioes.-s. ca HILL will now sell the balance of his stock at a greatlj reduced price, consisting of ladles' Gaiters. 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RECEIVED P be STEAVBR JOHN DUNCAN A HONS, Union ^uJre and Four toenth atreet, ~ GOAIaa "== ==~ ?THE BEST QUALlr r OF RED ASH COAL . &XS ^r''''>'d ?"<' l1"1' red to any part of th? City at $4 SI) per ton of 3,IM) poll' ,lU. |M, toooal dealers snt raninen W harf foot of Per , . ,lrM^ north rlrer. Oilia HO W avuiloy plaoe aud 313 0' ,wery A TBEADWBLL, Agent.

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