Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 8, 1862, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 8, 1862 Page 8
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P^KlUSiUi. (1 E C.-U-l'.KK. or MAtti H 31 J I'ST " . ? la? M?J i Im*_ my -(mgrin ae . I ?u?Mil or lie*/ 11 J )JJ IL?.*UI J. I i L.\. L HILEK-4 \'\vr. VERY VTERESTWQ NSW* OF jai.c l>: .1- oui T u?d .? or SatMriai si ?? I h? at B ou Friday .? . i*.ui.> are gone anil I ? .. I ? o?. Lr; uic ki^w A. ? well. Tu>ue?)>?*r ii'l i. IF MaK V AX N E j* I LUX OTH K KWUtK SILL- RT, I vv au fortuei > r i i ... . uu a, ne*: c ..guui, in the county at D ibiiu Ii :i ?ud r '<*(1 Dul , a for Aiu< u-a >? .. about t!.e ii. . h M eh, 1SU, will apply to Ji an ttusfctov, Solicitor J. i ,. a rick ?tr<Mtt, Diiuliu, ?h* will hear . >: ?. :uf to h. i ? > . - i* VCY DATS?If IT WO I LD HE AGREEABLE TO eolve the problem h\ in I would < h?-r. illy ?u. nr. A* to time coiuub jaur t?#?tabes. ana i.-ii* by ?it ue ROMANCE. MICHABL m kkely, who gave his address. euruar of Columbia and \*arreu atreets, Brooklyn, and Who ur.llnl bit I UUdtittrr. U Aaitfd to S* l l?Addnl?? t> the ?ru. r .if theae i.tie* A Arc** I'uiou mJ PerS'-vere-cS, H. ra.U oOiot'. M'.SSIN O?SINCE MONO AT MORNING LAST, A GIRL, u. . C. io.ra.c V. i e? a^ed !? y .rs: uaJ not r> a un r no !r? * s- > e ? oollea boo.!. Any in or ?ii .ou ot her w tie Ui? A y rau ived by k*r aflli -ted pa (CD ?,at BUl Mrv< t AM . AVeatM, MiO a U I<I Uv Mark -that ukar CHILD is uettino huub i ? u .ne u a..k, G> rg Deri "Liit U*re.." ?U.l ?t'B Du- or o C C. C.t If Bari.uui trail* ? ,:cod setter for hie u<< ex!. Uiloa let utt >uo? Wul .nn.'/U' the tarker ai~l*u u .?q_ ul)0 f'BLL >W. \1MLUA-Vt CAMPION CMBFORD-?ANY ISW)KMA " Uud ot the wSort' iti of W ? .. C. CliT J wtll be Utankfuily rterirM y W* ? Eit.ait Oo?a, K. It ?mo lrr.iuirv. Win u??er. ? * WhY IS L W. BILEMTT SEND TOl U PRESENT AD dre? u> t. 1*. ho^ rtUeK*. *1 HO REWAKD ?MISSING. SINCE THR 4TH OF ?1UU J.kine-- U~ue. ?.oui ti?e I net ?:? iui-he? kUh, dark; wore ? -n l**t > <o LarC W?>?n frock ?BttL, red tlnrmel ahirt, d. rA . ured ? <??! *n.i p?nU ooua: ?Ufp.ier.1 :u h.i>? bi-en Uri ?-itii o . iii? i .euut; ol of March at the foot of D. ar ? y street. E*?t riier $K0 re. Ward will L>e pa d on the ncunn ?:id iaeutiBcaU"n of *.ud Jama* Kane by bis broiber, m i.Uam Kaiie, 107 VartcA atraei. New York. LUST &IID FOl \U. DOii I.OST- $S REWARD-BLACK AND TAN TEH r er Uo^. i uueJ .--ijori. wiU> e.i? ci\>pi>ed, h..d daw m?i ou niu.: feet; had on i r>r**? ooi:ar; uo^ weifih* ab- ui ?me p. omia, ana has a nail white -pot on client; waalaat aaeti ri unmc up u-eeniruh ?tre%;t, tn-^r Ch.tmbeni street, yre?* lay ranrclng. $4 re>v?rj will be paid for bia returu at *5 Ekchanje place, room No U TjH>( WD?AT THE TWENTY-THIRD STREET FERKY J s. ne months since, 4 Wallet, eontataiu. a turn of money The owner can haie the same by pr?? i?? property and payiaf for two Itiivert.?e;ncul*, aa it w*a adei rtuwd a- :h. time It wan feuud. Apply at the office, Grceu, fcmr. IilOOBD?ON MONDAY AETBRNOON, IN A BROAD way and Nintn avenue niaot' ia.aUdy'a leather Travrf lia^ H.>(, whi. il the awjrr cau have by applying to S u'l Hj-nmund k Oo., Wa ehmakcra, , In? ranie Buil iiu.*, ?artier of Wi.i aud William ?tr>*ei.?. entrance in^n ?treet, and paying caaryes aud prov.ns property. LOST-A COMMISSION, ISSUED Tt> WAKEMAN HOL le k D, Secoi vl L . u? r^ani Company C. Se*e?ly-?e*4;ud ?etm.ent New Y irw S aa- Volunteer*. The ttnder w\> be kaiuaauaiely rewarded b> returning it to W. Scbaus, No. 7*J Braadway, Lost?on tcbsdat afternoon, a white Iia un Grevho nd, with outf ears. Whoever will re tarn her to 1SS W?s?i Eleventh etneet will receive a ?' tuble arward. / E HURD. LO-t? N TCBSDAY. IN a FOrRTKBNTH i-TKEET stMft, be: ween Thiructh street and Sixth avenue, a Waek Por^e, ? oau.ulng money. The hnder will be liberally tewarded by leaving it at 2b0 Canal street. T OST ?$3 REWARD FOR A POODLE POG LOST ON I J T iceitay evening in 'he vicinity of Thuty-Ar*t B'.r?*et and Lr .;u^t.o kvenuf Bv leaving her at the comer o. Twenty ?tgbih ttreel aud Fo.irth avenue, in the atore, the above will Be paid T <WT -THE COUPONS DCE APRIL I, 1SS0, IN NEW 1A York and Erie Railroad Companv, fourth mortgage Moods, Noa. I.12U and 1.130, h.twug tieen li st, all person* are hereby cautioned agninst aegotlating '.he same, application having been made to the comtwnv lor Uielr payment by the ?aderaigned, owner of the bouJa J. V. LAMORBB, Poughkeepaie. LOST-ON WEDNESDAT, BETWEEN ONE AND TWO P M. .In gome trom Lord A Taylor's to Brodie'a, in Canal street, a iold anchor Watch, hunting caee: engraved on ahieUi, 11. L B. $Al reward will be paid to the nnu?r by Tllfaay A Co, SSO Broadway. LOST-ON MONDAT bvening, a tan terrier Dot:, had a chain on his neck. The lnder will be li berally rewarded by it at the meat shop, corner of ?veuuie (' and Tenth v.rcet L08T-BETWEEN BROADWAY AND SECOND OR First avenues, in Truth ?treet, a brown Puiw. contain ing two tweuty dollar gold piece* and about twenty Qve dol lar* in btUs and change. The tinder will receive a reward and the thanks of the owaer by leaving the same at Mo. 8 Baal Twelfth street. Lost ?will bb paid fob the return to 8* West Eleventh s.reet, or to U. M Ogden, 71 Wallatreei, ?f a yellow Scot-h Terrier Slut, loot in Bee urn an street mi Ike 7tb lust Lost?a pair of gold spectacles, on step ping from a Fourth avi uue car. near Fourteenth afreet. The nnder will be auitably rewarded an returning them to McBee, 293 Broome street, corner of Eldridgv Lost-forty dollars, in five and ten dol lar gold pieeea, fro?_the corner of Prr.c- street^ > the ' of Broadway ac >nd F .lu n street, either in a Fu.lon Mreet stage or gettfng out. A suitable reward will be giv-u to the Doaer by leaving it at ll9^f Greene street. REWARDS. + r reward -lost. IN the vicinity of wash ^i) iu?lon, K'-a-ie anj Dnane itreeta, on TuttiU), Hi; ?, a Porkrtbook, containing BkOBey and papers Tin1 under will receive the above reward by returning It to Mliler A Carpenter, No 8 Erie place, ? nrnerof<ton and Bead" atreeta, or to the advertia-r. WM. C. Ll'KBERV. St) Eighth areaue. ? C REWARD -LOST. ON Tl'ESDAY MORNING, NEAR the corner of Se. , n I avrtr.i anu Fourteenth alreet, a known and wbr.e Spaniel Dog, a* ut -i?ht niontha old, a ewann? to the La.ue o; Echo. Wn. e>rr will bruin to llr M ma, 215 Weat Puurtcentn *:rret, ahall receive the above reward. fr REWARD-LOST. ON 8atcrday. Al'RIL X, A kJ aniall. white l.ap D?^; anawara to the name . f luca. hoever reiurna the aauie to No. 2 Writ Tnm> t)r?t atreei. will receive the above reward. REWARD-LOOT, ON WEDNESDAY MORNING. SO aMkali Scotch Terrwr, color u*ht yellow, ear* ant Jaae; bad on a black pat. ut leather cellar, with rod attach Mag. The Ander will receive tbe above reward by leavtrj kn at 82 Raat Twenty-Brat ureet *1A REWARD -MAKING BIRD LOST. ON SUNDAY 91'' afternoon. May 4 The flu.ler will recetee the a*?e fawar>l on rv turning him to iba owner, at No. 189 Eaat Nlne taealb atrrri. REMOVALS. American rank note company Naw Von. May I. 1SS2 Tbe offlcea of tbe American Bank Note Coui|<any nave kern reroevrd to the aerond atorj of tbe Merchant*' El ?flange Rutldmg. directly over tuelr former otUeea Tne ?Btrancr u t.irougb tba mala poructi of the uuildinc, on Wall WNt ' ; TkOCTOR WILLIAM SC III RVER?REMOVED TO ?l XJ Hee-nth atreet near Itevuud avenue. OiUa liiura from 7 to 9 A M., and S to 4 P. M. TVOCTOR LEWIS has REMOVED FROM ? jay A/ atreet to No. 7 Beach atreet. bet?er-n Varltk atreet and Weat Hr?d?av. Hall Cornell a co have removed from IB Maiden Una. to the ttore IIS Fultou (treat, between William aad Naaaau. Notice-the agency for the sale of ooods nuui factored lie the CNIOR INDIA RIBBERCOMPANY will be rem' red. on t a lit of May nail, troia No 118 Lib* ?rty atreet u> Mo 12 Park place. HY. O MADDEN. Praaldent. Haw You. April 1A ISO REMOVAL-R P. BEEEMAN A CO. HAVE RE mored from No * Chamaera atreet, t > Noa J77 and A'f Rn>ad>*ay, corner of White atreet,, up ftairm. REMOVAL-J GROSHOM HERRIoT DENTIST. has matfed bia oAea Irvui bprlig ?r?et to ti,e aontliaam a- rner of Fourteenth ureal and Seventh aeeuue. Bt.trau.e 47 Seventh arentte. POLITICAL. INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATIC general COMMIT tee ? A monthly meeting latet i ae thla evenag. 4t ? u'U ?k. at M.litary Hall, Its B were. MYER hasten, Chairman. f. N. Cowaa. Secretary. Tammany hali the yourg men s democratic Uenrral i n-mit-e ?m mm at Tammany UalL (bt* ?fenii.g. May P, at ? o'clock IIAKKY howard faii'imn J B?a%r i - _ Prea.dent. Aio?aw MaTaawaoa , TOULATK rUR CLAIIiriCATIOI. ABIRNHAM* H RNIT RK E\riUe* and PACE , Ilia K?tao lahment Ne III ???' Rleventb atreet. be tween Ftftrt aad Suth avan iea ?H -uaeiold ftiratuire s-iied aa>l ahipped to ail part* or 'he w rid rare.- wxgnn* fur rrn.oviac larniture at faouliea fwmuura ato-? i T\K R. CnBBETT. MEMBER OF THE NEW TOKK I f t'aleerauy MadiaalCaUefS aiid 0- .r|e Hir|?<n, Condon, ??aa b -c?nan led aa u?-ial, at bla din ?> Ceatre #ireet. i*twee;i t hambent and Reade Private emraii -e Mo. 4 City Hall piaca > B?Sea Dr. C.'f d.pionia. n bia ud> e Catargaa moderate /''BNTLFMKN S NSW AND LBFT OFF cLOTHINO \JI p'ir baaed for the Western luarket. in lar?e or ?ma,l Wta The I nil value ? ill be |<wid without hao(*nf or aeekuig %> ioi|K?ie. Plraae iiatl at tbe ikore or adureaa Tbjinaa D. Oonn'v. 44 Centra atreet. /VENTLEMKN S I.EKT orF CLOTHINO PURCHASED. MjT in larfe or ??ai lota. flea?e call at tbe at or- or ad 4r- aa UeMf, 44 l -aire atreat. T JACOBS, 407 BROADWAY, rImOVED FROM 4-t ? i, C.dai eireer.?Adtaace* made, n ?uhi? to, ett Ma-etiea. Dlamonla. Kiiver P:ata, an 1 other pertuiial |-ru V' ??? >. or Itufht for <a?h Mil' a* atr.etly IonS leti. al ?Vacht tor sai.e -the iahit MtNtit 1 tins 44 ton*, to I?e ?*?! i a bargm v Apply to M r J)K.TfS I f W il.iarn ? tre- t. third Buof, arm NILUIBRT, 4C. k BaTIMWaY, fl PEOADWAY, H 4S RECEIVK.D aew ?ijl. >. ,f llea.i.|t?aea and Dreaa Cap?. 1*. ? aa 1 Huilla waiaia Pamt L? a'i4 Vaienrieane^ Hajtdk-robiefa, >'o-it: I.aee ar Yaletirlemioa ? "llara aad Seta, B.a * Tbi aii \ei,a at..! Lae* ?., R.bnoaa. Ac. IJON'^ET- K"E T K V LI.I'IN ATBINNS'NKW mil t llni'i) >>114 A t i' aad MSft W M ko liltnary Bonn"* Hate, t <ia 4 wi ' bt onened tbl? itar ? . ir rx-w mi.tin. y, No i!4 Bowtry, f>etwe. u Prince and UprinK atreMa. ?jr*Atr OOODS?FOR MUSES BOY* AND INFANTS. P AU lbe P?t and Vatra' l" ?i?r;r g ati ?. Dow rtatly. al .SAMTi * Caoal ai/er?. car.'.e* of N .?t. r NC9ICAI4. LRMY CALLS?VMS CHARAiTERISTIOCJC.UlRItLK A'id iuiiv tih-i* c-mp. *ej ut K Si h'peI and pI >y'"d by . e orchestra at W....... k s tar. e every light. Frioe 75 cauia. >. ?u.aa trai by tuail liiilH, POND A CO., Pub If hrr% Ml h.u*4?a>, >ic# Yo ? YOL'TO LiDY TEACHER WOULD TaKK ONE OR XV two mn pupits for tostroctioa on in- Pianoforte at iWf rei-utena a Ur(UiMri will je specially attended Ux ' $J p- r owata. Address iaa, bo* ldt Herald oflc* A L\DY. UIVlSv, LP UOl'sKKEEPINO. W1 l-L D19 p> -e or a ?ii(>vrb si wn ucla e roar >1 I'.au , ; <f half its value ; hasatuu- t*uuo4 to uoas la tae cU>, all the uu> uem improvements, largest scat*. corners, rn .?ly carved ca4 and 1*0, aud ?uai*n ?*d for thr?? year* by ''at my uaaaer. App.y at 61 Noatb S.ktu street. W lilwuuabiirg. A TENOR IS OPEN PGR ENGAGEMENT TO SING ?A in a ^ chotr m au up .. *a church. Ad ..r^s G. O., Heral-l otw _ 1 V VGMFICENT SEVEN OCTAVE IIIKS* WOOD PiaAOIorte lor sale, wit i ?l?v*\ul r?rv-d legs an1 caae, ur-'.h uug uaaa. fuUtroo pi .te, nued aiu sail i wood, b<t*ell HM iuo.'e. a improvemcuta, iua te to order and has been la u>r tctm iui u.fis. coal SAO), lor $-140. including S.ooland co.jr. Also, Pa: lo.- Furniture at aaacriUc* Iu.uireatTO Wret T veuty -ixih stmt. uear Suth avenue I NOB S ALE-A SEVEN OtTAYB PIANO, CITY MAKE, weap. wanted a aiuait boy. Atply at ?U E^at Broa .1 > ay. I7K)R SAI.E?A FINE NEW <EVEN OCTAVE PIaNO ' :oi.e, t.?ewo. U. ai.i-he-1 ia the tx-at raauner, with ail Vie modem improvements. warrained. In aire ai lis Eaat Iwenty i :giita street, b< '.wren 8> ooud and Third aveuuvs J- A SIGHORA ELIZA VALENTIN! PARAVALLI, PRO J fetsa:'o! Siii;;ing and Piano, baa r**n*o*?*d to #J Priac? ?:r??t, a- iond Hour, coiner of Manon airetft. two bio. ks :rrm Broadway, ? B?rrr ate tra be*, aad can b? aoea every day from U till J o'clock. Mcsn ?instki rnoif on the piano, at w ixr iiioatb, wilb orivilage of practice, on a pti-aa.i.^ and th.i.oasb nieibod. 1 uplla alfndrd at their roauifn.-p*, flu lo (I- per quarter. A) ply at 247 SeTeuleeutb aireet, ucar Mtntb atenur. PIANOS. OK THB CELEBRATED MAKEKS. J. i C. Kifti'ber, with iron frame, atuNi bottom, pa.rnt danipcr, oeerstraasIkiw, ?li Wale and retail, at use mMWaetory and waniu ui> Ml ICS, 'i?5, 247 aad 24V Weal Tweuiy-ei,.hiu aireet, uaar Niulo avenue. PIANOS AND MELODEONS AT WAR PRICES.?ME loil. .?oa at ?l.s, aud Plaaoa at #7S, $80, 1 $115, Sirs .lud i'.Ml Upritfbt Cotugi' Planoa lor?mall roi ina lor ?aieand to rent by CifAMBEttS. in tbe Bible Houae, Vourta a>t n !??, coruer ol E'.^mh rtreet. CUPEh-IOR KOaEWOOD PIANOFORTE. NL'NNS A O Clai ..'a make, lor aa.e tin mediately. Price $H0. ha* all the luooern linmnteraeota, grand a'-iion, powerfultone of .he c e?t viuallty, in*n name aud al.d ug d??k. Apply thla 'lay or evening at 1J9>? Twentieth etreel, near Tbtrtl arenne. TrrANTED-A OOOD MUSICIAN; ONE CAPABLE OF ? 1 plat ins on iht:^ior;- and ain^io,: OMU and othrr (onm will ia* * i ?ith a n ,h1 aituaiioa by applying at 33 How ard hL, till-, day, from 10 A. M. to 2 P M A?1 OS ?WILL BE SOLD, IP APPLIED POR SOON, ipLU?.l. a eery beautiful carved leped Puno, foil aevm oiiavra, orer ?lruag l a*?; cost $340. pric ? $166, 1* *tiaran teeu by the laakeiaTor turee years Cai. at Mi High aireet, Brooklyn. IMSTRUCTIO!*. ArRENCH YOUNG LaDY GRADUATED FROM THE A' aOciay I'.4r..-s and teaching in the beat iauilUe- of New York, would like to nnd a family golug to CaUlorula, ?o aa to so with them a* goeeriieea. She only aaka her paa aag- and Ler board lor the brat year; the best ol city refe rences cau be K'ven. Audma Eureka, box 115 Herald olCer. A FRENCH LADY, TEACHER OP PIANO AMD FRENCH, in lata city, win he at liberty on the 15th of May, and would like to engage aa a resident (OTernesa in a family re sid< nt near the cny. She withes her Board In return. Ad dress for two weeks French Teacher, care of J. W. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, it! Broadway. AT PA1KE S MERCANTILE COLLEGES. ?2 BOWERY New York, siul 2S5 Kulton sn-ert, Brooklyn. Students from city ot co-at: > are entitled (o tnree months', Seventy eight lessons, instruction la Penmanship and Arithmetic, or Bookkeeping. Lesson* unlimited for $10. Ladies have separate rooms. A LADY IN HARLEM, AN EXPERIENCED TEACH cr, educating ber own daugi t-rs, also lakes a few gir;s u> board and edicale, giving to them a UiOther'e care aud ttw'jvugh lnsuu tion in all the English br.iaches, music, Fri-uc.. ami Latiu. Number limited to six. Terms reasona ble and refereuv* unexceptionable. For ^>aiUeulars address F. C. Brownell. E?<i 26 Howard street. New York, or call between 10 A. M. and A P. M. A LADY. OF SEVERAL YEARS' EXPERIENCE AS teacher of the Easltsh branches, draw ui? music . >osal aud instruv.ieotal), desiiei su engagement m a family or av'beol: will teach lor ber board. Call on or aMreaa Music Teacher, 95 West fth at. A N AMERICAN LADY WISHB8 TO INSTRl'CT ONE Va. or more children in a thorough euuise of English, at their own home Tbe rudiments or muiiv and Latlu will be uught if desired. Address Education, station K. A FRENCH LADY. OF GREAT EXPERIENCE, HAY. lug teruiluaieu her winter engaaeiiu'ats, wishes to make some uew ones, either in town orTu ihe country; she would like to go whrre she could hate a summer acftool. her acquiretuenu are Frroch. German. Italian, music, drawing and the Etigll'h br-in be* Best references given. Apply at 66 living place, between 2 and 4 o'clock. 4 ( AR1> -THE SI BSCK1HER WXU. RKi'KlVE .NKW A pnpi.s day or evening, tor daaa <>r private in?trucioo iu Pi nmansMii, Bookke p nj ?nd Arithmetle. Trr-is mode rale an.', auccesa gua.-au ecu. OLIVER B. GOLDSMITH French and german langcauks?pr(ife<sok E. TILLl.KlNU. HIV H' ?.:?o irtlahUilwd iu l"6-'i, a ill re'-eite a|'p4Kaiiona u r Piuaic Inalrn tiou in ilie above brancht s. Laugue ang.aise aux eiraageis, Tran-Iiting, Dra inau Readings, (irvek and Roman s, Orammtr IVANTED? AS HrR.oERYUOVERNESS.-A MOST RE TT apeetaMe yvong woatan wishes a siiua.ton to inatruct yuung children fu the rudin eoia of English; bas five ycaie' SxperMSKe aa umcher; will *nsi-i in plain >^wing; will be j found capable and obliging in ? hatever capacity Uer servlo s I maj >?? required; l<e?t of relareuces given Call for three i Jays at SOS Atlantic M,, BuHi~iyn MltCBUiMBODI. * KITCHEN RVN-E AND IIKATEK COJIBISED j\. k?n '? Th.- n.uM miftulal and .unable r? it* >nr HUi"iiK?l, and n>ialL by CHA8. K..4NE. JI"B ?? WJ,. ppotic- Bl>*tkri a.rrrt, Sew \ork t LI.EVIaTOR.-CORNS CI KI.D FOE ONE I EXT ^\. e*^b by uainc Dr. BKIGGS' t'orn mid Buwuu AM*-via i .r inr? haruil'-Mt id ) i?r'j u tir^ for Cora*, Buo u*, C?llj?i'tr>, Frv?t"-.l and Bl!?t<*i?d KM!, |r? |r. ^arnn'.ii to pro-1uo>- rcaultk aatlaf*. inry ?:?<! kurpriaiag. Prior 26 and H uenta, arm A' pi-rboi Hrni by mail ou mri|l?T pn?r aiMt *1* rent*. S -nl by ilruuuK. Dr. J. MKIUUS pie;>itr ior and prar.ltcttl ObtNfHlW. 212 Brvadaay, t.ppuallc Hi. Paul'j inirch, S?* Yoik 1AD1ES. UOTEI. KEEPERS vSP LAINDKESSES j Uitr IptriiHr'i L nden Vt aafcinx I? ryatal on* trial Svid by .ill lahlr (ru-rmar i drnr*,..t- ?' < reali p?r park *?.?. A?f nl lor X?? Turk, J. W B1KNEY.21 Uur H.rri POM TAOS STA1IPS BOCOHT, SOLD AND EXCHANGED AND TAKEN FOR ADVERTISING IN 4LL N l.VSPAI'ERs. Addrraa boi 4 &Y Pim>i ufli.c, ,V? York j^OTAL HAVANA IrflTTKBY. OFFICIAL drawing OF MAT 1. 1*02. Na? Pri/ea. Noa Pri/ra .-VI J0l>' >?? 444? .>?>: Juki MM 41*7 ..:?*>! .VM3 4?i y*b ?*?>1 ,w\\ a* N? 9*S Ml.. 1013 li??l 1IM Ifu 11*1 lljl 14GT KM 1196 :?*2 aiM aott SI 22 aiw Jul.I ?.TIJ 2; 26 :rrs M) .018 SMI 31? 321* 8341. S247 S.?i :?n 3#*' ?lj t'4 4c>4?. 4117 4jiy 4M 4ZS? 4417 4610 4*14 4M7 4705 4*)'. 4 Hi' Nii? PrUra Noa PrU?? |N..> Pnt*?. HIKW 4I?|1M!Q 41*1,21213 400 40 KM ?no 4."! *119 tiun eiw 4>?' Mb' 4' 4M ?M2 >??! U-4J rr<)j tnt 41*' 6"i?. V4I 4-41. 400' T29f. 7311 4011, }ll| 40i'; :?** 4?)| 7-*: 4>??t in 4>W 741* 4'"'! tni 4*41, wail s-4) :v"* ?*<21 lli>4? ll'l>l 400|U'I7* 4<H 111 l.t 40' 11314 41V 11316 4 ??111474 P>Kiii4ua 4??' ll>*fl 444>ll|Mf .60?|l>M> ..?<4> 1XAI 40U. 12 If* ? ? l.'Ml 4lV U-04 401 law* a*iH^?\4 H?4> UIS4 ???? ISM 80'13272 4-?' L3? vnimv. 4001I366T 400: IXM 4<*> ||?| H??' 44?l 4l>, K*> 4*4' Mi Sfti 400 4'4 H*l 4t*.' 4110 M '4 ?4t0 *4fi.'. ?4.V* *Md wn '.-HI ?I4." tfl?.' MM **?. U.S.' Iv?7? 10*4? 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For other V* auU See First Page. 4 RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION -A m j*. * .J ?? *U?iw to .>?a<st .v.ta the waaaiut: and ir. I?'II 4*?>t ? ve 'he be?l of 0 y Nfnviiw Osll al ittf * eat -7ih .. r> 15. fourth floor, (or two daya. a SITUATI W \NTt D?BY A KE>rR('TAB'..K MID -A J e aged a iJ e ipafiesia 1 colore 1 woman, ts tratei.iug uia.d. cat. *. e.k Froach and Si a, can give ^ood isi'e rein,. Can be m u at No. 1 ku,? n. A PLAIN COOK WISHES A SITUATION AS COOK, washer and ir .tier, or to do ; ham >erwork and as-l?t In wan >ag ami ironing; ha the br>t of refeieti.e, citv an t country l.aa no ob,ectlon to the country. Call at No. 3 Weehaaken at,, u^ar Youkers Ferry. 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNO woman, t take chaise ot a baby from lie b.rtii. is au eacelleui seamstress; ns oojeetfcn to the country. Ci>) re ference. Can be seeu until suited at 70 Cl'Arlrs at., up suira. SITUATION AS PL\IN COOK. WASHER AND .ronrr, or to il > gi mi... housework in a private family, ?ranted, by a younc woman not alraid to work, no obiec. m to the ?.->uutry l a.ibeuci lor two days at Mr. M. Kar taud'is corner of Sbtu at. and llihave. A 4 SITUATION WASTED-BY A RESPECTABLE .V yuutif Human. a> chambermaid and is w.U ii-i to aaaiat in tha la.shiCn aud Ironing; ha- no o election to go into ihe country. Call lor two day a at -Til Mulberry St., uear Houston. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, IN ^A. a private family, a* :mi rate laundtess, no objection to ihe couutn ; best cuy reference. Can be seea until en gaged at 444 tut it., between lat and Zd avs., ui the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG GIRL, FOR cuauibc rwori and waiting , would to tbo washing aud iroutng, or would do general housework in a small lamdy: baa g?od city reference. Call at W4 St. Mark* p. ace. between l?tav. and a*. A. A SITUATION WANTBD-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS gvou piaiucoos, waaueraud iioner; uo objection to go in ihe country . city releren, e. Cau 1 a seen lor two days at CM Weal 10th ?t, between 1Kb and llHh av?. 4 SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO A do ciiambrrwork and waiting or chaatxerwoia aud plain sswiug; city reference. Can oe seen tor two day* at dOtt 7th av., between ifitth and 30th au., aeoond Door, back room. A YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, IN A private family, aa chambermaid, lane care of growing children and do plain sewing. Apply at 1^5 Xtlh St , between (Siti and 7th avs., second floor, back room, lor out day. Best city reference can be given. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE Soot, u Protestant girl, aa first class luundreta. tho roughly competent ol her business in all ita brsnutie4. Very beat oi city reicrenoe from brat clasa lamiliei. Can be aeen lor two daya at 310 Molt St., near Bloecker. Inquire in the atorv. A RESPECTABLE WOM AN WANTS A SITUATION AS u a rise in a private lauitly. Beat of city refereuce oau be gives. Apply 'or two day* at llb-Wsat 3M St. A SITUATION WANTEH-BY A COMPETENT PER ?ou, aa nurae and aeaiuatieaa. Beat of city reference tor two years from her laal place. ?'all lor two days st 136 48th at, co:ner of 7th av., aec. lul fluor, front room. AKK8PECTABLB AMERICAN (URL WliUES A Si tuation aa chambermaid aud waitress, or a* chamber maid and taundrsoa. Uaa city reference. Can be *een at 111 West 15th at., is the rear. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN, TO do rooking, washing and Ironing, in clly or country, understands dairy work City refeieuce. Cau be aee?> ur two daya al 17 Sb' riff st. A SITUATION WANTED, BY A RESPECTABLE youug woman, as cma; under*.ands Miupa, meats, poultry and bat .ng. Can give the beat of city rvl'srence. Can be seen at 37 ifth St.. between &th and 6tb avea. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A COMPETENT BEAM t>lrea?; ran do all kinds of family oewiug, cutting aud htiing ladies' and children's dres-ea; wouki l>e wtiling to make hsiaelr otherwise useful. Can be asen for two daya at her pnaeut employer'a, 166 I2th at., betw een 6th aud 7th a vs. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A YOUNG WOMAN. AS Kamalreao; undeistanda dresatnakiug tu all iu branches, and la an experienced hairdresser. Can give the beat of city relerenoea. Can be aeen at SI 12th St., between Mh and ?ih avea A WELL EDUCATED GERMAN GIRL WISHE8 A situation, either aa housekeeper or to do the general housework or a small family. Cau at 140 Sullivan at., near Prince A SITUATION WAKTBD?BY A RESPECTABLE Geruiaa woman, aa usrss and seamstresa or chamber tuaid aud seauiatre* lu a private family; no objection to the country , suod recommeudatlou froui laal place. Call al L>1 lludaoa St., best floor, back room. A YOUNG, RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITU atioti aaeliambertoald or wattresa; haa uo objection to go a snort distance in the country; beat ol city reference If requited. Call at 114East 34th s.. A GERMAN GIRL WISIIES A SITUATION TO DO general housework, she can come well recommended. Inquire mi Mr Link's, Mft Chrysue at. A MIDDLE AGED J*ROTE8TANT NURSE. OF NEAT A haul!- all'e? uouaie dupoainon, aud ureal experience in me ,-jre 1 < hildrcu. is des rous ol oblAiuiujE a situation to lake the enurv barge of an infant; is hignly recommended. ?. ail lor iw o days at ber pi> sent employer'a. 38 Wtat 14th su A Rb>l'E<"TABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WANTS A 81 J\ iitation a? co. k, or tu do general bouarwsrk in a small p..,ai<- fatal,y; would go in the oouiury li required, haa goo.; city lefcrrnoe. Csil for two days at No. *4 Butler St., Brooil, n. A RESPECTABLE Sl OTCH GIRL WISHES A SITl'A an. u Ui do Kenentl iioum'work; la a good cook, washer ami ironcr. i ail al 303 Hicka at., Brooklyn. 4 RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS A nr.! '-tana ,-uok in * private family The b* at ol rele n u e gtveu. Can oe ?^en for two dais .,t\o. 6 Union oouri, l'uner>Jty place, ??twren llib aud l^ih at*. ? IRt ATI ON WA.\TKI> -BY A YOCIO WOMAN, IN

V a Uiaruiua hou?<, aa co >a. or to co <k, waab and iron in aputaU- laiui.y. Oiij reference gikeu. Cau be aeen lor two daya at i.> uu liow au. near DimsIou. A Yor Sii WO* A* WISHES A SITUATION. A8 ??Ln.i -i r:i)4ni iiui tu no objection to gv> * ?auriuiiaace in ibc couairjr; &*? good cay r^fereuce. C*li *; iJU ha*l li'iu ?l. 4 competent woman wishes a Situation J\. .** fir?t i-.mM <v?>k; an derm* i uit her busiue** .u *11 j;?i i?i> u ?, is m good bb"?J au?i paJtrjr bftker; no objections to ! to*country; i"-*' ctf> reienmc**. App.y tor two <:i>? *t lJ j I iik>u ioui i, I ou* )?itj plitt, tel*eeh lliu ana l.iti *u. i O AMERICAN WOMAN WISHES ;A 81TLATIUN , i> uaiA, mtiierud iroMr. ucai ciij rrferruce ?mn ?mm b?r i??. ptacc. Call it MwntHihiL VRMSPEt'TABLE YOtNU ROMAN WOULD LlkE A hUHMM lu a llllail (iriflle lalllllt aiaXHia, ?a>lirr>u>I | iruuer. ??: to alo g. neril bouaa-? ork in a iuia.1 tun. j. tali arltua ? ?i ? ilk srJt-rrMiT. I'ilill UM Smilb >1. iKlwren n.x-kotf and ki- Bruvklyu. 4 KEM'Ei I VBLE ToUNU WOMAN WISHES A SITU -A luott ,u ? will' |n mi- ainily w do gen rat w^rk. on gn| tur mMcily lefrreuc. fnaiu tier 1 ait etup.oyri. * lie. r iu? lu .i*< .1 torui. laii ;uro ><-ir? Cm it u> iluug la? M*nii -nij in and Haft, Brvunjn. A VOL NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS I'llAM briiU'i mu waiirean in i rm*K taintly. nu objection j i .?a.?l in iLe waiting imi Uvmug, or a> p.nn cook, wi?n > ct aa i iroorr iiu oojeuuii ta mi counuy. Yhre. year*' j vit> it-li p-iior. Ian bv ireu until luitcd II 164 ftb ai., be I twecn 3d and 4ib 1*1. I \ SITUATION wantbd-by a young woman. ; ia ,i nMnaa, tn i priMie family; un.i?raiandi ; an mang ln4. uo ooj?-?-ti .n in ih?-oo.inli* a ny rr:errii c 1 Can tf- MfH lor iwu aia.m II 4'.<M??I| a*., lie 1 a? la- u 41*1 irnl *"'4 ?'*' 4 N Ai TIN E YOVKU WOMAN DHWH A SITUATION _?"V a? Uia.. a.iaie *altreaa, ur would do caaruirrH ork a on i-MH inwaiMniE; Lu uiijr< lu n'? go ? ibori Oniau e in in.' country. bu|i?i i ity reference I'll! for iwo d??i ai 13 L iiion . uur, I ii;t?i?i j tM-l*rcu Ulh luii U... all. VRE>I'ECTABLK MARRIED WOMAN wishes A l>ai) lu "fi uuiaa at i,t i . maeu ? Sue bli lo?< h?r vwu tub;,I mtra uld la t Mtibea U> ?rt ud* 10 WPl li irw tinWM'ili ami: luluJ il si king it., id the rr?r, iblrd Boor. A UAIiT WISHES to kino a uood SITUATION, IX A i private :a.uilj, lur im no-llrni (tri.eilbei it cbAai la-rmiid or a^iirci*, >be n willing .o am i. ia ??uuj iuU ,n>uu.g. A|Hily ?: H6 ? lialon pla t. uiMf and * r?l of ).u ?t. AS OOOK AND TO ASSIST IN WASHING AND IROM IBS?A UliOl) rp?jw< ubie jiri, ?ili lac : e?i ol city reie ren e. a>-ain'ia mimii. n in Hi- aootc cipicitv, (be under ?iiutH in il in iTiocbi-i. Oill lor two di>i il >o. IX: Wr?i -'9 a ?l. iu Ibr rev, urit floor. 4 RK>t'El* 1 ABI.C. STEADY WoMA!? wants A SITU i A itluu ?? Lrit till'ivok, :n I tioiu, rrsuurani 0'buird iui iii'uae, und' r?unJ? ber biuinen perfeenjr. bii ben of cu> md oouutry rr>ren ?. < u b ? ieen UI. aollbd n M ? Mulnerrjr *. ___________ A RESPECTABLE fROTLsTAKt HIRL WISHES A A m.uiuoo aa rbainbrrmaid ai.JD.iir. will like cAre of iBiidien Rf> renc<? guea. Cill it StJ Elkl JIM M.. leuwud u ?t, I rant rvoai, ihli day ANITIATIOB WASTKD-BY a UESI'BCTAHLK wuiuia aa liuudreai or aa cook >ud itjndiiii, ia I tmiii rauoly. uia lurd bra- year* il krr llal pliie, bell ol Clly lefetVMt <in be given. Call at 111 bib ae. A SITUATION WAN TED-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNU ? omia. ii brilclaaicbiiBberirai(l oraaOjrae. can ia>- carx of in nfiul Ir tn ill t lrlk, ao u*>j<iclli>aa M p III tbe country, fan gi?# be?i of city relffiu.-e. Can tie Mm lor iwu laya a; MM 3J ar , corair Mia n.. miiM door. HOUSEKEKPERC -AN AMERICAN LADY. WHO HAS nad ?nni y<ara aiiaerwaie, daiirei iMiuaUon aa bo i?ek*a-ari h. al i ilf re.aa u.a. AaJrm or call upon M. U . H Waai Z7th ti. Ladies maid and family dressmaker-a sit lalaMQ wanied by ? rumpeta-ni t- rami would like l? eugiii wub i iiiuny iriaellmg lar the lunimrj, re.labia re fereaai ( all at or IJ ueaa for two da>? > ? i Kl'l Hit it Nl Kj.ES -A PROTESTANT WOMAN, WHO HAS HAD many y-ai ? 'ii'i^n e In ib? ear* and minaiamrni af I Iiiiilren, wanv< i ittuiuon II inlant ? nnrae. n aapiola af taking iiae charge ul aa lalint from iia mrtb, .?? good ?ran.a'iMi Hell ol refeiVD'r. Call for two day* at Xafl IU a> , ?iar l?Ui M. r .' j _ OITikTloNS W4NTRD-HY TWO RESPECT\flLE 0 gir ?; u'i? n>#r?i iata ciruiwaewi o.ead, Marull 1 id | mi > blkrr a n>ai late ?ia-V i aa a it torr, Iba oibn aa cniniliertuaid m i IkuMMt ib?y aire tbe b^it nf Clly re!eie?ic? irom Iblir laM place. Call it 3ft 7lb at., la tbe pap< r iinre, aea> S4lb at . f ir n?o diy? _______ Situation WANIED-BY A llESPfcCTABLt Ul KL, ia ,.?iinmr?t, ji ia loi baiubatWo: k v'ai! tur ,?j ,?ja ai ft I Wen IS'.b ? tn i!ie rear S1T( ATION WaNIBD-BY A RKsPEOTABI.B HIRL. ii chamber maid an-1 >eallr?a? oi- tMulgtikr cirt o[ childiei ii > t.'ije i.'n a ihe couairy Cn far iwa <ayl at til Meal lltb M . iu tbe rear. Ul ANTf D?BV 4 TOI Nil GIRL, A SITUATION AS f? chair.: er i aid < i wa iri ?a. or I ? ia?? a?-e of ihrt lit a . I the belt af my ret- iea e g..n Ap|l?iar t?o at 44 Ciio'.on ii it. iba rear ' \\T AS TED?SI It ATION * BY Two K* i> T \ BLE i Yf jo'.ag t?ei en. oar a?co.,a, ar.jerilc I em mike (?rea4,eai? an-l 4eaieM?, 1 a?tlr .a the ana I 1 and it mat. Tbr otsfi ai cka.ia "a aiJ, an I I. taixi It, ti e 1* nf i? m 1 ltfc?a g. ? ' 1 tkkf cue ?l 1 1 wro | t>? .1 rtinea ei App'y at UIH l*a?tWlb M. SITUATIONS WAMTRD?VKNALBM. TLTANlED?BY A RESPtUYAHLB YOUNG WOMAN. A ?? sit'iauou as plair sewer and u> take *are af children Can be k cu for two day ? al 1*3 East ItSlh si., firal Boor, baok room. "11^ ANTED?A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG WOMAN *T wikj Is h good cook, Vftajtr and ironer, wilitnc to do lt^hl ho .nrwork to a ?m?ll private family good city refe itum can be g:vea. Call for iwo d*)* at .73 West Imu si., in Hit rear. WAN FBD?BY A RESPECTABLB PROTESTANT . . SfO '-'h ivouisn, A situation as nurtr; ca:i ukr >-?iu of % w ? 4*"lu "? birth. Can be ?u far t.*o day* at 107 East I3.h st, telwcen 3d and 4th in TyANTED-A tflTCATION AS WET NURSE, BY A rr yo ing married woman. with a fresh br> a?t of mt 1 k; baby four weeks old. Call at 23S ltih si., nrs? floor, front rooui. \T*ANTED?BY A WOMAN. A SITUATION TO COOK-' vr wa?h and Iron, or to do general housework in a pri r?u> famil) . no objecu >n to go a short distan e m '.he con n* try. Go 1 city reference. Can dm seau till sails 1 at 160 West Broadnajr, in the core. -IITANTED-A SITUATION. BY A YOUNG OIRL, AN ' " Auiercau, to attend a store or to take car* of cuildren. Inquire at 1.571 Broadway. WAN 1 ED?A SITUATION, BY A PI RST CLASS COOK. ?ho ihoro iglily understands her business in sll its brauvbes. would like to go to the country, has no obiectiou to a first .-lass boarding bouse or a smal hotel as head cook; has the best of city reference Can be seen lor two days At 24IJJ W est 16th St.. between 7th and 8th a vs. TITANTED?BY A COLORED GIRL, A SITUATION AS H cook i understand* cooking In all its branches. Call for two days at her present employer's, 1*7 Madison a*., north east corner of 36: h st. WANTBD-BY A CAPABLE YOUNG WOMAN, A SITU" atinn a* chambermaid and waitress or a* nurse and seamstress; no objection logo in the country; lias the best of city reference. Call at 44 Schermerhoi n St.. Brooklyn. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE GIRL A SITU A lion a* rook or laundress; no objection to lh? country for the sumuar: good reference from last place Call for two day* from * unul 6 o'clock at 737 6th a?., between 43d and 43>i sis. WET NURSE.?A YOUNG AND UEALTUY WOMAN, harms a Rood breast of ml:k, desires a iltuauon as wet nurse; child si* weeks old; best references. Call for two days at 101 Prince >>1., from 10 A. M. to 1 P. M. WANTBD-BY A RESPECTABLB GIRL A 8ITUA" lion to mind a baby and assist with light chamber work; ?.<od reference from her laat place. Can be seen for two dsysat 132 Korsjrth st T1TANTBD?BY A RBSPBCTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. ? Y a situation as plain cook, washer and ironer, or to do general housework lit a small private family; good citv refe rence given if required. Call for two day* at 417 Pearl st. TITANTED?BY A PROTESTANT WOMAN. A SITl'A TV to cook, wash and Iron ins prirate family; best city reference ;rom her last place. 0*11 at 223 We?t 23th st. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situailou a* cook la a small pi ivate family Can give good recommeiidalions from her last |la< e, where she ha* lived for-uiue yeara Can be nea for two day* at 140 Greene st WANTBD-A SITUATION. BY A TOUNG GIRL TO do ? ii?r^l housework: no objectiou to go tu the coun try Call lor two day* at lit Pearl *L, Brooklyn. Good reference. WANTED?BT A RESPECTABLE WOMAN, WASH ing. si 23c. per doiea; washing and Ironing, 50c. Ap ply at 360 7th are. \1> ANTED?BY A RBSPBCTABLE GIRL, A SITU-A <r lion .'i* chambermaid, or waitress snd fine washer; will take pain sewing: good recommendation from her last place. A, ply at 108 East 13Ui *L, between 3d and 4th avs., nrst door. ry-ANTBD.-A FAMILY NO LONGER NEEDING HER * *ervieei, seek a place for a young girl, pleasant and competent, to sew, take care of children or to do light cham berworlt. Apply for two day* at 25 West 18th St. WANTKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE r r American girl, to do chamberwork, washing and take care of a baby Call at 223 West 43d at., *econd Boor, back room*, for two day*. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN .? *ituanoa, as chambermaid or waitress, or to do waah tof a'one; she I* willing and obliging; baa the best of city references. Call at 404 West 40th st, first heu*e f rom 9ih ave. Can be seen tor two days. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE . girl, for general houaework; I* a good cook, washer and ironer; has excellent reference. Inquire for two days at no. A 7in sr. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN. A situation as cook; is willing to assist in the washing and iron lug, or to do chamberwork and welting In a prirate family: can glee nnsurpaaaable city or country reference as to capability. Call fur two day* at 1J8 7th ar., between 19th and 30th sts. WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLB PROTESTANT girls, situations: oae as plain ceok, waaher and ironer. the other a* chambermaid and waitreia ta a small pn raic family, good references (Iran. Can be seen at 114 Wen 4tt'j et., near 7th ar. TITAXTr.D- .' Y A NEAT. TIDT GIRL A SITUATION Yr aa i hatnt ruiald or waitress; has no objection to lake care of children or to do general houaew ork. Inquire for two day* at 79 Charlton st , first Boor, aocond room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BT A RESPECTABLE girl, s*chambermaid and seamstress or nurse; is a good cutler and fitter of dresses; understands all kinds of tamily sewing perfectly. Call at 1A1 7lh a*. Good city re ference. WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GIRL. A ?r filiation as waitrea? ami lo do chamberwork, or to asMsl with u.e washing Good citv reference; no objection t > lire in Brooklyn. Apply al92 Henry si., room No. II, lor two day a WANTED?A SITI'ATION. BY A RESPECTABLB TT girl, aa cook and to asafst In waahlng and ironing, in a t>rivate fauiily. Best c;ty referen e. Apply for Iwo dsysat her last emp o>er s, 40 Douglass St., South Brooklyn, live doors w est ol Smith st. IVAlTW-4 SITUATION. BY A YOUNG GIRL. TO rY atlend a bakery, or as wj tires* in a family Good city r. fereniv Apply at 361 Mulberry si. UTAJITKD-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE rf young woman, a* good ci>ok, washer and ironer, uii detsland> pastry cooking; or to ilo general housew rk. has no objectiou to go a short distance in ihe country. Cau have good city relereuce Call at 33," Went 24th st \\"ANTU?-BV A VERY RESPECTABLE YOt'NG WO M man. a situation a- %.ainberma;d and seamstress, or would uiskc herse.f generally useful. Can be seen until en raged a; S7 E ist 33-1 st.. fii; d .''ix>r, front room WANTED?BT A RESI'KCTABLE C.1RL A SITl'A rY tion In a small family Is a good plain cook, washer aud ironer Call at 1(4 Monroe st. KRKXCH ADVKRT1SKMKXT8. DEI X Ct ISl.NiF.RES FKAXCAIdEB PE 1'KEWIKK oidre. dout uur ivral cordon btato, ttiu fcuinw d* chatnbre. doat lMd? piruiler ordrr, iin pi?f> taeurdc fan cat* el maitrr d equitation. une institutive pour t ir.n n?, l'anglais. I'al.rtnau.t. l'capagnol el le |'?no; deal g.n-. ti? ,.r tabt* da premier ordre. I'un Irtncaltrl I autre ucMirf M uu vali-i de , i,amt>re j arlaiu cinq laug'iea, dee feurii- J* chambre el drs i>onn?"? d'nflwu d--? raut j>?. i r |?;f I'K i ropr demanaent h se plan rdam oe b u?f f?m i ?? > ? dre??er d?- ?uil* a I'Ageuce Fmnca.?e <*. M. < < A, 1.1 vKD 61 Stiih arenue, anioeisee par le gourmr > 1 : a la rw> a matidauon des prinopales !amlll>a de Mf V r* Ou de raabdr a la meme address* une noorrtce frMKliM daul ctnatnlerea <1* arroad ordnr, et UM Icuu- de cbititiv pour la 11 ?> ? >; ? * $-v par :n ? ON DEMANPE?INE FILLE FRANCAlBE POLK remiar d? chatnbre el rondre 8 adreseer >u ti Eui IM at. I " s K FILLE FEAMCA1SE DESIRE SB PLACER L mnimr bunnc 4 eufauts S'a.1 re?a*r au No .*K Sue armor. TTNB JEIN'B KRAST AlSE DESIRE CNE SlTl'ATIoN L. dan* uor faiunle America Or pour pr> utre aotuadea enfant*. rile peut fournlr da u.nne recommendation-. Ki ur-ss-r pom deul joura au 2*5 Weet tVth at, betwcea Vih aud lKtb area , a A. UrUn. ?F.W PIBI.TCATIONB. DR. F. UOLL1CK AlTHOU UK "THE MARRIAGE Glide," ?u.t l,e?iur. r on Uie Phlsl <.ogjr and Derange tnaiiia ol the Parental t> stem, odk* No. WV Broadway, trim )0 till t dally, ?irep? Sundays H. B.?Dr. H attends only to tb ee |?u'ur >a?es deeeribed la ma w?U known hooka aud Itrturri. Address V i i?? !' oil ? e MB. DhM 5Es-T I BMOl Of FABMlONdl?TMt summer number, with raluabie additions and splendid iniproTi-inen^, n>inpriaiD( a.egaul Katkion Pintao. tuga. Braid Wwk. En>broi>lrr]r, aud three lull ? tea I'ntterna ?f Preaoea, nuw rMdy. Mme. DEMOREiri mimm or I9HK1 ti*. .,i.e?i niW; ?n ; empbatuaiiy the laraeat and be?t Faabion Ma?a'iua In tba wor d Pnbllahed quarter.j at 47S 4?n<dwajr, and (old ererjrwber* at 1A aenta. Mai.ed frea on rarvipt i-i the priu*. Yearly $1, with the prirtiaje of aalaci i'i| fliicenu worth of plain pntterna eitrm aa a premium. Summer number now ready. SPLI.Ni'lB 81 MMBR ? ASHlONti-EUKuAKTLY 1U ItialralM au t fully deacribal In Mure DEMORF.ST'd MIKRIIK OK FAdHloSrt. and aold evarywhere at IS eanta. Mallei nee oa raeeipt of (he plica. Siiamer nuia'jer Djw rMdy. __________________ T'~ at lAMdAOt lOHNL or NATI'R111~roRY OF t|fn--raUon ?A prteai* lallrwur fur aaarriad r?"r?mi, or (boa* avaiii to mnrry, both n ale and female, by Frederick Holltrk, M D. author aud le<-tar?r upon the Phyaloiogr and Dtoeaaeaof the llenarauea Organa, with o .m-iout eu'irat hp and aolorbd piatra. IOTth aiiiuo. tiuifh Mhrmnid Improve,l. an<1 bruti<ht down to lha preaent day. I'ru-a tl Rant by u,*i . t'oataae paid, on raieipt of the price. T w SIRtiN'il. p.iNlaner, w* Raaaau alreet. K. Y. For ??le b? al booa?ell>r? and nawadealera In tha I'niied dtniea and CnnAdaa A!a.. iO'ir other work* by the aaa# Author. Send for a rata >fue. Th?ouiy correct worka of the kind pub llahed -Mediral Journal THE RKBBL.L.IOII.'~ Ol ? ITS Ml-TWB KEJIKKM IIAd MOVED TO O W?au??4t.'n. AU member* left behind, from oyeratayad pnaaaa or other ranae will report to undera.j:ied I'ay day * ithin t?o werka Wa d<> not with any member leu out. Major BENNETT. No. ? Pins e!ra#t. Hergeaot Mct'LER NONT. IS Centre street SILK AND BUNTINQ FI.AOH. ALL SltEd OH HAND for sale, aiao diaffa. Mouatmfa, Trlrnmin(a. Katlea. Baits, Ht-ear Heads, 4r Ornsmentai Painting an I K nbroi dei ng ou silk. HOJEK k ORAH AM, 17 D<iane sir eat. fTNITEO BTATBR M t HI > B COB PB. ?W ANTID, FoI L the I tile 1 Ma ea Marine Corps, able bodied, lutalllgent, unmsrri-d men between the egea of ej|Meen sn1 loriy years, net laaa than die feet four and a hair in he* high, and of good e isiaet?r. Si.dlers -erring In th.a corps perl arm daly la aarrrarls and m bwsrd ui ?sss> laa( war Pay from #11 to f?? | er inenlh, with abm'si-e of rlotniug. i?>ard and medical alien Uace, furuiahed by the go rernment. Apt-ly al the Rendeirrua, M R -wery, or at Ike Marine B*rra>'as, Flusbing a< enne, Hr> >klrn. A iJAkUASD, Comman ling VToisBVRirrliAWSUHSrVlKTY THIBD KE'IfMENT V N V V ?H >rry up fo thai|iJtbn.aiy Last ??sue fcalere ihe wsr end?. now wanted at No. 10 Ca:ha rlne i App'y io r%(??*!9 Mt'MfoRD or l.* :?iraiit KI'fcKI.i NO, lo'ineriy i>f D'.nee s /.a :aree. HK04R1 AND TOBACCO. Lit ;AR< \ERY riHSAP.TItE AttlQvIF. AT NO 17 J5B'j?i >s> ?? still . ikiag ?ei Uaaiocanf Msraas, Dn in* ? i iv ?6d uerman >?girs. P.r.,,??. ra Mil be cHtrg.1 greater ic lo.aaiee" ibaB caa he altered tiaewh?re SITUATIONS WANTRD-MALES. ACOACHM 4 VS SITUATION WANTED-FY AVVi riem?B *no h.ta lao years' til) lefereuce frtb I* last trnpVyr; has n i object:, n t.> th.* eoui.irv. .utters Is I tain gardening tur two days at 7* West liiu St.. i1 twetn 6tb and 6ih are A A RESPECTABLE MAN WISHES A SITUATION TO travel wut a senU-iisju to Euto,*, eitht r tills m nth or In June; (peats K.tiiluh. OinUDi Holland Dut.'b an: some French; s Willi: c and obligit .. A (dress tfcia week ileury*,- Broadway Poat A SITl'ATIi N WANTED-KY AN EXPERIENCED >V c ,v h:i an thoro ahir understands hi* business, a-d Is I?rin tly eanveraam with the treatment au I ma kgemeni of loraea. Hesi o' referent*, havm.* lived eight jrars iu one p.a.e, Address John Burns, Herald oUk-e. s coachm an.?wanted, a situation, by a respectable man, wh > u ierstauds hia business, an ! lias liied with some of the b<'ai families iu Europe: has been 1.' years In New York; has been stea ly lor tan years w t l>o families; baa recommendations to be seen from bla boyh< >d. I n lerstanda the treatment of horn's, Mill be found wil.iu; and obliging: can tnllk if desired. Address for two days Coachmau, box 147 lleruUl offloe. A SITUATION WANVED-BY A YOU Nil MAN, AS groom, or to assist at waiting; has no objeeli. n to go in the .o;ntr? or city; ta willing to make hlmaell n?oers'ly uaeful around any gent'.euiau s j.i.4ce. the beat o; city refe rence given, frim Kb last employer, wages moderate. Call l'or two day* at JO East 1Mb at., la ihe su>re COACHMAN'S SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESI'EC tablr young ifcan; one who . erieclly un n rguuids bla business: is an excellent driver an i aa experienced grooaa; will l<a louud willing and obliging. I: aa good city* fere. ee; no objection to tha country. Adareaa Coachman, box 1*8, Herald oUioe. Coachman.?wanted, a situation, by acu* peteut young man, who tuu.uui;'.;ly understands ibt* eare of horses and la a jiood driver Can give good return mendatlons. Address J M. Q., 79 Bleecker si?, for two >!ave. SITUATION WANTED-AS BOOKKEEPER OR ENTRY clerk, l>y an exwsrienc'-d bookkeeper. Best of reference given. Adun sa L. B., Herald odlca. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN. AS SALES man in a wholesale grocery and provlalon aiore; is weil acquainted with the city and country trade, and can rive the beat of city relerence. Addreaa Salesman, Herald onl. for two day*. r DRUGGISTS.?A YOUNG MAN, WHO HAS BERN ten ye*r-< in the retail drui business. desires J situsm u In the far West; best of referencea given. Appiy at jui Hndeon aireet. TAT AN TED?SITU ATIONS, BY A MAN AND WIFE. TT without encumbrance; both sober and Industrious; the man thoroughly underatauda the care of horses; la a mx>d plain gardener and can milk; hia wife la a good plain eook washer and Ironer; both jeung and able to work i beat refe rence from laat em player Call al 276 lstav. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A SMART. INTELLI gent boy, to learn a respectable trade. Can be seen for two daya at 1?6 Motl at , ^ WANTED?BY A YOUNG MAN WHO HAS HAD SIX years'experience, a situatitiu to run au engine; can keep it In running order; wa?;cs not so much an objic: -Ma ateaUy job. Audresa for three day* R. J. H. <l> ra!<i ottice. WANTED-A SITUATH)N. BY A BOY 15 YEARS OK at;c. aa erraud boy in a Klor?. or * oald learu au:idc; good relerence given. Also a boy .iv a larui. Call on or ad dreas W. E. Luu, No. 6 Friucc si. WANTED?BY AN experienced MAN A SITUA U<m lu a 111 .? or p.ibUcatioQ ttoust'. or aa corresponding or cblt pfng clerk, perfectly uudeistauds bis buaiueaa. Can give tue very ,?st of lefercacc. Aiiiiress Publisher, box 103 Herald oftrce. WANTED-A situation WANTED, BY A YOUNG mau, aaah:pping ut iec?ltiiig in a dry goods or grocery atore, has eiiht yeara' erperienre down town; or would accept a ait nation aaeop) tat, and work hard for the interest of his employers; can furniah good relen-ncc. Ad dr?>a W. H. 8., Herald ofllee. HELP WASTED'MAliES. AGENT-IP YOU WISH TO INVEST A SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING BUSINESS Examine toe merits of the MULTOMICHOON. Call and aee It, or send for a circular 8. C. RICKARDB A CO.. UUNaaaaa atraet.N. T. Agents are making moke money by selling RICKARD'S UNION PKIZE stationery AND RECIPE PACKAGE Than by any ouier investment. OUR PACKAGE IS TN SUCH DEMAND that AGENTS EASILY MAKE FROM $10 TO SU A day. CIRCULARS MAILED free. 8. C. rickard8 A CO.. IU* Nassau street. Agents.?we cannot supply the demand. You can n>ake $S a day bv selling the DIMS panprosphosium PkUE PACKAGE, Prli-e 10 icnts. Coataming aixtaen new an<! un^^nAl artidea, including A GUT OF JEWELRY. If yea would make money now a-nd lor a circular. W. 11. CATELY A CO . llU street. Agents wanted everywhere-fob day a Co.'* Kerosene O l Burner for fluid lam(ie; cheapest and beat in uee. Sample* mailed ffee on receipt of 10 ccnta, by the manufacturer*. Day A Co., Newark, N. J Agents wan ted-to sell dodi.vs patent ke roeene oil burner far fluid .amp*; cusu only one cent per week an I no danger of tip eslon, sample sent on reoei Pi af four red aunipe. Addreaa Joseph D>>din, Zi Duane *L A BOY WANTED?IN A LOAN OFFICE, WHO CAN read and write a good baud: the beat of reference re quired. apiary iir.i y*a' J.O. Apply st 343 6th av. ACOMPETKNT lAlflMAI WANTEI>-BY WOOD Br<<Uiei>, 3*> Broadway; a man acquainted with the business Applications by note only. Alio wanted, a me chanical draughtsman. A N enterprising MaN WANTED?IN AN ESTAB :l h>l>ed raab merraatlie business. $3iA) will be the amount required. Apply at 4!? Broadway C B. HOWE8 k CO. OOKKEEPER-WANTED, A YOUNG MAN. NOT over tweuty years old. somewhat acquainted wlib book keeping; must Ue qui k, prompt, a good p 'nm-ui and ?i llug u> work hard for a small salary. Addreaa box 1.7&S Poat oflice. BOY WANTED?ABOUT M, TO SELL GOODS BY SAM pi-. mi;?t have aome knowledge of nowers. feathers and lact-a, and be acquainted with milliner- Wa^cs ffc>m SS ainonihaud a comuiisaum on sales. C.ill, with refe reiue, at *39 Broadway, lust Bight, aiterO A M. Boy w an nu>-rBOM u TO is years ok age. who writes a gi?id hand, live- *:ih his parents and ran t i lug good r-fcreuce Sal try $likl or $150 i>er annum. Ap ply bet.t t eu 3 and * P M at room IS, N} W all street. Boy wanted.-a boy 16 to is years old, to aci as a meaaenxer in a down towu olE Addrev. box 1.341 Poat odice. In applicant's hind wriling, giving refe reu e*. ana s:atliig oon pens.*.ion expected. Drug clerk wanted-one who is compe leut, and can give undoubted relerence as to hon-sty, AC., may a; p.y al 8th av., aller 10 o'cloca A. M. aalary uiodrraie. DHLG CLERK WANTED?A YOU NO MAM THO roughly fouipetent, at 76 Columbia si. |>ORTER WANTED?ONE W1IO HAS BEEN ACCl'S 1 liHMd la receiving ?uu khippping (uod?. A ?.o.m1, ?Hin t, ictire hone?t man can a* ure * f?o i situation by aildioesintf l?>\ 4,1-4 Poai oilier, immediat - J. CKAMiTRhH WANTED-SHE MI ST THOROUGHLY k us 'fntawl wMliail fitting rbilurou's drr?ci and do all kln.M ot lainilj sewing Onr who ha* some idea of dress tag hair referred Bex city rc-lerrnce Apply from 9 to 12 A. v or (rum 5 to 7 P. M , itu ks?t 16.h at rpt? DBCOOinn -wanted, a good apothecary, A to aUr a ait iati?u la a drug (lore in South America, mm* bill ihuac well qoallSod need apply at the Stevens Houae. ri um 42. from 7 till 9 o'clock A. M. rpo DRUGGISTS.-WANTED. an active, energetic X Tilin g :ni?n, fully competent lor ;h- retail and | re^rip. lion depailnieni of an old eatablDhed store, and to aaaiat with order*. One pi?aeeatug the requisite qusttSratioaa wiUhearof a desirable aimauou by addreaalng D. R., box 1,51ft Po?l oBce, witn reference* It'ANTEn-A MAN AND WIPE, TO WORK ON A T? aiua I farm. To a . apable. honest man a #;rady |iaee hod good wa?ea will be paid. At ply at U I'ars pla,-e. H. g IIAWKI. "firAKTED?A OOOD BARKEEPER: ONE WHO CAN TT come well recommended. none others need apple, la quire at the billiard rooms, 90 aud 02 East 14th el., between the Loirs of 4 and 6P. M. tl'ANTED?A RESPECTABLE YOUNG "MAN, TO io TT lie t busiaesa for a ship chaadlery More. Aid res* G bo i I.Ely I'oat office, New Yorh. WANTED-AS HONEST. INTELLIGENT boy, 12 OR IS years old, IB a blllaiM saloon Beat of inference* required. Apply at the WaveMey Billiard Rooms, corner of 8th st and 9th a?. ' ' r" Tl'-ANTED-A SMART, INTELLIGENT TOrNG MAN TT to attend bar A|.plj at lib 1st arr.,eorner of 4th st. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE VMM man. PRi?M 19 to 32Tears of age. who la willing to make himself generally useful, may titid employment and at? home, by applying this day. bet ween 9 and 11 o' loci, a; Dr P. D. Irish's Indian Medicine aiorv. No ft Third aeeuue, none ae>-4 apply without thr best of reference. WANTED-A PORTER, FOR A CARRIAGE WARE TT bouse: mast be used to the care o( eatrugea. a c <ach painter prelerable. Applj M Wo-.m Brother*, Mo Hn>? : ?ay \VAITKK8 AND BOYS ?EXPERIENCED WAITERS TV snd boys to clear tabi.-sare want-.I at %J Dry at. WTANTED-? MEN TOR STEAMERS 2 CONDl'CTOM. ?? 3 porters, S elerks for gnwery atores, 4 irirla to trarei to California and Europe, 2 ei pi*<? driver*, c.erk for a ue m il 2 b us Tor trades, I stewardeea, uien on farms. Apply at No 7 t'liatliam ?aiair - ? : \ITANTED-rlVE OR SIX SAI.ESMEV WnO ABM AC TT qtiainted with ahlppera aud grtxvre in aud near this city, to seH a superior article of < Inegar by the pa< *age, per aample Ad Jreaa boi S.M2 Post oBce, at onoo. A Aral rate opportunity for mallnc money t ir Hie ruhi atamp of m-n "TV"ANTED ?AN EXPERIENCED SALESMAN IN THE TT retail cluhing trade oae who ean comman i a good trade preferred; good aalary to a food inaa. Addreos. with refer< nee. Fulton, boi >00 Herald HBoe. 11'ANTED?A GROOM AND COACHMAN, TO WEAR TT lleery and make himaeif generally useful. Apply to Mr. Edwards. British Coasutale, 17 Broadway, between 11 aao 12 o'otock. WANTBD-AN EXPERIENCED DRT GOODS SALES man None but a goed wlndaw tmairsr next an y at ft 8 e? Iman a, 263 Oirenwich at. WANTED -A MAN COOK. INQCIKE OP WILLIAM Tayloi, ?'?ft-' Broalway, between .i aud IS o'clock A.M. -nranted-a stout bot, to do the kitchen TT w o: * or coffee sal va Apply at 91 6th or. Wan ted?an experienced ci.ekk "in" a ? h.d.'M'e grocery ho me . go>4 salary tu a qiia'.lSed party Al?o, a ce.lejtor App y at IJI Full >a st , Mer. h. nia' Cleits' R'^ 4try ?1icr bit a.ions prorated. R>i'e:en>< to 6rii c'asa no .?et. K?taMnhet l*}6. Noi co iduc e I in any iBte ligeiice oB e plae titanted -a 'clerk ib a nlfw cla-s FkTaTL TT grO' who unile'tiaadi the busmen Kef? re:i? xq nrel Addr?is A., iiaii >n t*. \\TANlKD-SALEgMKN TOR THE CI,OAK AND DRKSS TT goo :? d'parimeB.e; kltoa young m?a that it w.lnug to wjrt and make hnuae.r eenerat.y a- ul la the store. W R Rt'BERTS. ISI How.ry WAITER wanted -ONE WHO I'NDSRST tn'd5 f T nia bu4ia(>? ".ay avp>f at FrtBch't Hotel?t id ' o a A. M HELP WiATKll-PKMAlJil. ^ ? LI. FAMILIES WIN. WANT GOOD BEBt ANTS I Mr iV n e.oate.j at :b< Large luaU.ute. curnar at Uth an <;i i av., {or civil. eatable. uJy 0? Booteh, Irish. Miu rtoau and Protestant ? mtu ail Cvudiuted i-g Mr* 1 !? YD Ovod ji'ar- |U? vs ready. . BB or SMALI MRU WAN fKD -IV GOOD A l.iiiit: e?; eioelleut sit ?Uous, to do light wt.rh, alad several | ..ilsand wcmru >vaui?d. in si. all fauiillee, f?r|W?j ml hou*e? ork. In g o t place*. mai-dtatsly; alb la dlf And c.'unv Inquire HI the l?n,?> lusutu.r, corner of llM at. atiddt ii ave. 4 FIR^TOIASS MILLINER VANTED IMMEDIATELY. -f\. At N'j. SI Moutgou.erj at., Jersey City. 4 SM ART, ACTIVE GIRL. WITH GOOD CITY REFE reuces, fa nuttil for *> tiersl hoi.sework at 122 Weal 38th st.; none other* need apply. V T THE FRENCH 1X-Jr: TI TK OK M C. GAILLARD. A M Suth avenue. aiithoriJad b.? the government At tho recommendation of the be*: faralL? oi New York. Em plover* can obtain the most effi en Kreneb, Ei gish, Oer mmi and American servauts. male* aud female*, of ail r*pac.ties, aud lirsi clsas vrvan'* tlu moat desirable situa tions oi' the dty and country. M Sixth avenue, near Wash ington place. t 04 >D COOK WANTED?WHO I? A GOOD BAKER . Y. and II willtu;: to a-sisi iu wa*h ng and lroniuc. Alio & go.-d waitress, w .> can i!o fine washing and Ironing. With goo>; references. Apply at l-> Ea.^t 37th at, before 2 o'clock. LL EMI'l.OVERS AND GOOD SERVANTS, MALE! _ ? and !? male, w ul find the most eitenaive office in tbia eit) at 'iT* S'H v.. n *r 23'. st?the Emidre City Instltwe. 1j yeara established. Parties requiring good domestics of all nations v. ill !<ud It to Ibnr interest to patron)** Sua odice. Country order* rromptly attended to. RKSSMA CERS WANTED?AT388 FOURTH AVENl'E. Suae lit rate hand* U'-e I apply. M3F <j 1.jiE> 3 AGENCY K>U EMPLOYMENT, 1U Fourie. n'.r street. corner of Third avenue.?Do in est o h lp f.iiu.fulU supplied Waute.l, on Broadway or 4th a*., Ro. ir.a suitable or the abovj I usiuesa. Addrea* aa above. A small girl, for light work, :? u n ? d. Nurse and sbamstrkss wanted?a oibl who urder?t indi tht r.iiv of children, and know* bow la aew well. A p'> At (J> West 44th St.. three doorafrirm Broad ? w:iy. north >)ue, b^taarn the houra of ten and twelve. Protestant <jibl wanted?to do ueneral. bousear< r t, at il lVwers at., H.-ooklyn. Servants okwcb. t40 or\nd sr., near bowe i'. , It) veara es.ablished?honest, cajable sad worthy ?ervania f r eliv or oountrr. Irt>h. Herman, Enrlidt and American, jc N. B.?All order* lett to my care are taJlhful lyattended to. ISALAH WATTS. Servants wanted in Brooklyn.?wanted, im mediateir. several drat class cook*, washers and Ironers, and servants of all work, for most eti-ellent situation* now ready, at the blithest waged, in the nrst families In Brooklyn, Apply to w. man.mno, is Court *1, Brooklyn, oppoaiia the City Hall. CEBVANTS IN IWTtfiTir WANTING SITUATIONS 0 can he suited irauicdule y in r>t lass families, at the highest ?a^es. I have many ofatlona no* ready in lbs 1 e?t families iu Bruoklyn, ai.d n,a t,e eu>;a?:ed thin day. t\ m- and see for yoiiraeWe*. Apiily io MiJ. CHBI8TO 1'HEK, 10 Tiilary street, Bio< ?'yn. ia'.e Manning A Co. \ITANTED?TRIMMERS ON FANCY AND STBAW vV hats, at I?3 Fulton st., Br.o k'yn. TJ7ANTED?1!Y A BACHELOR OF MEANS. A YOUN(J " lady hMurk-eper, poaseasini gool looks and refine ment; no ottii rs need apply. Audresa A. C. E., Madiaoa .V1 D ?iu?re Post otliee. WANTED.?A GENTLEMAN HP MEAN8 WISHES TO enga,:e a y^ung lady .?* housekeeper; one of raflnw ment, ? ih full co.uriJof her owa affair*. Addrea* Home, boa l.M lleraid ofllce, far one week, with full particular*. One from the country preferred. "VVASTED-A GIRL, AS EXPERIENCED NURSE m aud n?amslre*a; wage* $S. New York city refereuca re iuire?. Inquire at U Wast 37th si, uetweeu 10 and X Pro (e*tant preterred. WANTED?A MIDDLE AOED PERSON, AS GENERAL servant in a small lamiiy; ? ho is fond at cbndrea and preler* a couitoi taole an iVasy situauoa to Urge wage*, may apply k>-day at No. 2 Fraukltn place. Power* street, Brooklyn, E. D. WANTED-TO GO A SHORT DISTANC* IN THK If country, a neat, tidy youug ticrmaa gtrt, to do ebaai berwnrk, washing ana ironing and waiting in a (mail family; must understand her buaine>* thoroughly, and be wall ra coiuinen.ted. Apply at tne oOlce of the Preacolt Houae, front 11 to 2, to ny. WANTED-A NEAT AND TIDY GIRL, TO COOK AND aasiat la waahiug and ironing. Reference* required. Apply for two day* at MO Weat 23d *L ANTED-A OIRI, WHO TBDERSTANDS ATTEND log a bar. Apply at 1M Fir*. St., Williamabuig. WANTED-A HEALTHY. RESPECTABLE WOMAN, with a fresh breast of milk, to lake a baby to bar owa residence. Call at M Weat S7th *L, between Cth a*4 7tt> area. WANTED-A GOOD CHAMBERMAID AND WAIT resa, and to aaatat with the waahing and irouing. Alto a nuiae and aeamsirea*. Tboae having good city refer enrea can apply arter 9 o'clock at IS London terreee, Weat' 23d at. Ring the basement beU. WANTED-A SMART GIBL. BETWEEN THE AGE O* 12 and 1&, to take care of two ihtldren; wage* $3, *ucb a girl will nnd a pleaaant home. Apply at 18 Perry *4. Ac Americas preferred. TX"ANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK; It must be a good waaber and ironer, and willing to fp te the country. Wages (6 Apply at 1*4 Clinton *L, Brooklyn WANTED-A MIDDIX AGED AMERICAN OE GBR TV man woman to do general nouaework; one who la ac customed to childreu. Call at 66 Eidridge street. WANTED-A PROTESTANT CHAMBERMAID AND V? nurae; one who c .ii bring good city referene-- Apply between tne hour* of 3 a .. 6 P. M. at No. UCairvll park. Brooklyn. WANTED-A NEAT, TIDY GIRL, TO DO tiENERAX housework: must lie a laircook an<i a good washer and ironer. none oiher? need app.y wjku $3. CaM iu Elliot! pla-e, lourth house south ol Fulton av , Brooklyn. TIT ANTE D?tX)OD MILLINERS. THE HIO HB81 IV waxea.pai.i; w ork giveu t j take home and iu tho house. Apply at No. ft Division st. "11"ANTED?A GERMAN PROTECTANT GIRL IN A VT small pr.vate tsmiiy, one cai?:<le of plain cook lnii. w-asbiuii and irouing. Ap.nvai.-0t Wesley place. Mul berry at., near Bieecker. at ten o'c.m-A TITANTED?A WOMAN TO DO THE CHAMBERWORR VV lor a small house. One that ran mind her l-nsines and keep sober will hear of a ^ood place. Apply at<6 Croat'} sireet, attei 10o'clock. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL. FOR GENERAL HOUSE TV worst must be a go. d plain cook, washer and Irenes and kind to children, and come well rec< in mended. Apply from 10 to 12 o'clock at 3*2 Weat lith St., between Stb and ?thava. WANTED?A NURSE. IN AN AMERICAN FAMILY ; VT one competent to take charge of three children and that can come well recommended, may apply at No. M Eaat loth st. WANTED-A GIRL. FOR GENERAL housework ; mutt ba a good cook, wa?'\?r and ironer, anil willing and capable. Apply at 34 Susaei si., Jersey Cuy, N. J. W"ANTED?FOR TUB COUNTRY. A GIRL, FOR GE T? uerwl housework: must be A g od cook, washer auJ ironer and understand milking and making butter. ? willing aud .apable girl only seed apply a; 34 Suimi at.. Jer?ey City, N. J. TKTANTED-TWO GIRLS, W1TII GOOD CITY RKFE TT r<??<*?. one to take care of young children, the othei aa waitress, chambermaid and trouer. Apply from 10 to IS on Thursday morning, at 1A London terrace (West 23d at). Wage* $? WANTED-A SKILFUL AND TASTEFUL TRIMMER of ladies' and childraaa' Lata; no urn who ha* not had experience tn the moat fashionable . la of Broadway work wil; answer. Apply to Thomas llcyn* Ids. MS Canal at TTAHTBD-A YOUNG OIRL, TO WAIT UPON AND TT attend rhildran and do general homework. wag>s$3 a month. Apply at 71 West 47m at., between Cth anil 7th ars. WANTED?A GIRL TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK i German or Scotch preferred. Apply at 2tt I (Ah II., between 26th ?nd 27th sis. \\T ANTF.D?A CLEAN AND HONEST GIRL. FOR TT general housework In a family of four, two children Included, hot and cold water, waauitig and wringing ma chine. iuu?t be a good ironer; wages 93 per month Inquire at tt Chatham at %MTANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASHER AND IRONER; TT wkite or colored. None but an eiperienced person with goo I city rcferenoe, need apply. Call at lOU West 30u St., near Broa iway. WANTED-A SMART OIRL, TO DO THE WORK OP three or four In a private fauuly; she must make her self g, nerally useful and have ?0"<1 ity reference; such s E'rai-n can have a good homs and fair wages. Apply at tt iviMoti si., private door. WANTED-A SMART, ACTIVE GIRL. TO ATTBNL a bakery and romectionary. One who has he-u a the business before preferred, and can oome well rscom mended, may spp?y at I) Montgomery at., Jersey City. THR TRADES, A N american YOUTH DESIRES TO GO l.'NDEP J\. instructions to a pbouuraplm and to learn the art It all Its breaches. Addreee Joeeph Alport, Herald olBca, foi three days. GARDENER'S SITUATION WANTED -BT A MAN ,if good siperienc* sad good recommendations from bis taat etnpiojer. also understands farming In All its brtnehea. Is willing to devote his time to the Interest of hi. employer. Address Gardener sad Farmer, care of Mr Becker, 1M William St., oorncr of Bcskman, which will meet wuA prompt attention. ABESFBCTABLB MIDDLE AOED MAN, HATIlfQ NO family, wishes a situation a? farmer or gardener, U competent to UkaeAarge of a country seal; a home betns mora destrabln than w ages Can ba seen for two days at 1 J Es?tS?th st. A Gardener wanted-one who understand? grapes and vegetables perle<lly, with rlty references Apply between 8 aud'10 A. M at No. 4 Baal Stth *1 WANTED-A OOOD HAIR CI ITER and WIG MAKER Apply to F. Hercbenroder, M? Washington (t., Boston, Mssa TITANTED-A GOOD OILDKR. none OTHER need TT apply at 1M Hudson St. TKTANTFD-AN OPERATOR. AT L 8. HICKS' PHOTO TT ugraph and Ambrotype Rooms, 164 Grand St.. WU liamsburg, L I None but tho?s understanding All the branches need apply. WANTED-FOUR OOOD journeymen cabpen lera. Apply to .lames Cavauagh. 108 Cedar at , car panter and builder. For OihK Wants ??? First Page. MATRIMONIAL.. TWO* YOUNG OF.NTLBMSN-mooerately GOOD looting snd Well connected, who have It ng baen friends desire the ?? ottaintanre o( two of Iba opposite tei, Uven r iumeiiarts in Intel Igence, refinement anil ap "*rsnr?, and f mm euht'en to twenty >>-. r? of sgs with a e ew ta nairl m<<n? FntMre ccrresponden e to <?*! tl.a siucetigt U bt>|A Ad ires* A. A c? bu? AM lioeAld attcs.

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