Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1862 Page 2
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Vln at JwitK*. 1" I Jamaica, L. I., M?y 8,18*2. About nine o'clock thie morning a Ore broke ou? iu thj take* y Wd dwelling uf Andrau Cbo<Uird. The b udtng ?raa Marly deatroyed, together with PoUll'i b iruc.-Mi ?hop. The building wo owned by 0. Bttwhrdi. I,oss about two thousand dol'a:?. Mr Cheefciro's 1 M is about f1,000, insured in the Equitable lMNMMt Company fo" $1,400, ul in the Farmers' Uwtrtncs Company for $400. Edwards it insured in 'ha Cittzoui" Insurance Ooiu pauf for 91,500. Fire ?tt S*utiu-?ky. Sasi'm's-; ??, May 8,180J. About one A. M. a 3re broke out in Miller's b w>Ubinde. rjr, in tne Kcju't block. The building was destroy"d. It was oseupied by the United States Bspress, ilio office of the Sandusky ICegitUr, T. llosmer, wholesale lii-ior merchant, and Baar S Son, prodnenud commission dealers. Total toss $35,000. Insured tor $14,000. suifriia. Tim BRITISH UD NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL Mail Sir* .lalllOa BhTWKKiN NBW YORK AND UVKRPOOL, CALM.NO AT CORK HARBOR, AND BETWEEN BOSTON AND UV ERPOOL, CALLING AT HALIFAX AND ('(IRK HARBOR. SCOTIA, Capt. Ju 'kins. 1 CHINA. Cain. Anderson. FBil-HlA, C^pt. Lott. | ASIA. Capt- Cook. ARABIA, Capt. S ons. | K' Knl'A Capt. J Leitrh. A. HIOA Capt. Shannon. I CANADA, C ipt. Muir. AMKR1CA, Capt. Moodie. [ NXAiiARA, Capt. A. Eyrie. AUSTRALASIAN These vcsaels carry a clear nrhua light at masthead; green on starboard bow; red on port bow. _ rwo* new ross to UTEiroot. Chief oabin passage 91S0 Second cabin paoa^e 76 r>OM bostom to UTsar ou Chief oabin passage 9110 Second oabin passage 60 America, CapL Moodie, leaves Boston WeJnej.'av, Mar 14. Australasian, Capt. Anderson, leaves Sew York Wednesday, May XI. Ntatara, Capt. Cook, leaves Bostou Wednesday, May 28. Sontii1, CapL Ju kins, leave* New York Wednesday, June 4. Ku.upa, t.'apt. Stone, leaves Hosl u Wsdnesday, June 11. Persia, Capt. Lott, leaves New York W< il.--a-.ilsy. June 18. Airira, Cspt. Shannon, leaves Ho Hon Wednesday, June 25. China, Capt. Anderson, leaves Ne* York Wednesday, July 3. Berths not secured unul pali for. An experienced surge.m on board. Th" ownersof these ships will uot be tccoanlable for gold, eilver, bullion, sp-cie, jeweirv, precuus stoucs or metals, unless 11.Is of lauing are signed iberetor and the value tbere ira signed ib<*reior and ine value tner For freight or passage apply to E Ci'NARD, No. 4 Bowtlng Green. LONDON EXHIBITION. RBTlRh TICKETS, LONDON AND BACK. Pirstelaul eifV) Third class . . M STBaM WEEKLY TO LIVERPOOL touching it Queens town (Cork Harbor) The Liverpool, Ktw York and Phila delphia Su-nmship Company int iid di**pa:ohmg their full powered Clyde-Duilt iron iteaAShipa as fallows ? CITY or WASH1NOTON .V. s u raat Msv 10 ETNA Saturday. Ma? 17 EDIN11URO Bsi ,.;av. May 24 and every succeeding Saturday, *i noon rrotn pier 14 North river. katbs 01 r.iiiOl Etrst Cabin ?75 Do. to London ... 80 Do. to Paris 35 Do to Hamburg.. 85 Si-eiajje $30 Da to London 5! Do tc Pans M Do la Hamburg S3 Passengers also forwarded to Harre Bremen Rotterdam. Antwerp, Ac . at equally low rates Ratea from Liverpool or Queeustown First esbtn. 98i, $105 Steerage from Liverpool. $10 From Queens town, $30 Tickets can be bought here at these rates, ensbling people 10 send for their friends These steamers have superior accommodations for passeo gers, are strongly built In water-tight iron sections and car ry patent Are anuihilators Experienced surgeoni are at tached to each steamer. For further information apply In Liverpool to William !n , Agent. $2 Water street, in Glasgow to Alexander Mai conn, 5 St. Enoch square, tn Quaenstown to C A W. D Sey mour A Co.. in London to Elvas A Macey, 41 King William ,n P"ris to Julae Decoue. 6 Place de la Bourse. ._ Philadelphia to John O Dale. Ill Walnut street; ar ai the Company's offices. JOHN O. DALB, Agent. II Broadway, New York. THE NORTH OBBMAN LLOYDS STEAMSHIP BRE MEN. H. W ousels, ooma.ander. varrymit the Unuod *t??ee mall, will Mil from plot *j Narth rift*. foot al Chant Mfl C(fN(, OB SaTURDA F. MAT 10. at IS retou Mm BREMEN TU SOUTHAMPTON.' taking piiimnn to LONDON. HAVRE. SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN ?I the follow l (H rates ? Tor Uie first cabin, $100; HttMnM. MO Mtrua |A Tor freight or paaaage anply to OBLRICH9 k CO. W Broad street VTEW TORE TO LIVERPOOL. IX THE BTEAM8HIP OREAT EASTERN will Mil from Mew York for Liverpool ?a . SATURDAY. MaT It. Prlee of puu?i la Ttm Cabin 998 * 1139, according to IUU room accommodations, til other privileged being Cquel. Third Cabin $V> ? 950, with v.-ry superior accommodations Sulta of Rooau tor earn lies may to ennr' by special arrangement. Mo Borib secured until Mid for HOW LAND A ASPINWALL, Agenta. ~'M or ln? iblp may be seen, and ;ngageiaettte made ror relgbt or paaaage on application to Chaa A Whimsy at theoflloe. Mo 7 Broadway, New Turk HAMBURO AMERICAN PACKET COMPANY (TUa re LONDON. HAMBURG. HAVRE AND SOfTHAMPTON. TM favoriu- Ami eliMud elegant iron mail s eamshlp H AMMONIA, II r. Sciiwsmis, Commander, carylna ihe Untied Statea mall, aaila from pt-r 11, North river, foot of K .lton street, positively on SATURDAY. May 17. and take* i aaarngera for London. Hamburg, Uarrt and Southampton, at 'hefollowing rates ? First Cabin ?100 Second Cabin 60 ThsSoROSSlA wiii aucaeed* the H AMMONIA oa Maj it. rot passage apply exclusively to C B RICHARD a BOAN, 16l Broadway, New Tort. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY OLASOOW AND LITER pool.?The Montreal Steamahlp Company's first clase full powered. Ctyde built ateamer NORTH AMERICAN, Captain Burgees, carrying the Canadian and United Atatee mails, will anil from Uuebee next Saturday. May 10. Rates of passage from New YorkFirst data, according to accorn modatioue. $45 and 97U, steerage, found with good prow aiuns, $30 Rataa of paaaage from New York and return at the fotlowiau reduced rates?Kim oabin, $137 ant $l<7; eteerace. $00 CertiSeatea issued fur bringing out passen gers fram all the principal towns la Oreat Britain ari l Ire land at>ery low rataa For pasesus apply at 13 B oadway, Mew Tork. 8ABML A SEA RLE, General Agents. ljH>R LIVERPOOL AND LONDON-TAPSCOTT'SLINR? J; Ship EMERALD ISLE, at gier M Kaat river, sails for Liverpool May 10 SbipJAd R. KEF.LER. at pier H Ei^t liver, aaHa for London May 14 For pataage at low ratea ap ply to TAP8COTT A CO., M South atreet. U?OR LIVERPOOL?OLD BLACK STAR LINE.?THE f paoket ablo R 8. ELT. lying at pier 14 Beat river, sails ?ay la The HEMISPHERE sails Mar 14 for nates je (no or to Ireread, or drafts, apply to WILLIAMS* dUIoN, Hi Fulton street. COMMENCING MAT I, I MR NEW ARRANtlBMBNT. FOR CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA For the better acenmmodatioa of the lar^e number of pee Pia aowewuratlnz to the gold mining districts of California aad British Columbia, FOUR *tea-nere per month will be despatched from ,Vew Tork md from Baa Franciaco reapeo llvely. inatead of three, aa heret jfure. Regular dsya of departure frout New Tork, aa the let, Bth, IB'ii and llth. exuept *b?n theae date* fall on Sunday, whea the day of departure will be thr Monday following. For freight or passage apply at the oaly oAl>-* of the lind^ "?o. 6 Bowling Ureen, New Tork. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. J USTRALIA?KANGAROO LINB: ESTABLISHED { IxSS.?The ap>ndld lir^t class Mew York bulU packet Ip INIjIANA. 1 000 tonagAIo'iorn, ioratnauder, will bare th?' usual pro npt deapa'cMlf thlr Use 'or Melbourne direct Tiieaicu modnllons for :nal and aecund a>>in ue*?rn jtrs are very s per.or. a d a <-hol?: of i enlis i-an now tie ?erured bjrlnrm - let- appl.ui ion to M AlLLXR. LORD A QUBREAU, eet. LORD A CO.. eons guces at Melbuume. itWWhll s reel. FOK NEW ORLEANS -HOLMEH LINB -IN ANTICI patii o of me mo itmation of the President, ihe slnp OALENA, T. J. Le^vitt, tnas er, wll! receive freight tor tha above port, on euu litloua which will be made known on np p.iratiou at tbe o:Lce oi tue uuuer igbed. For freight or ??a?*fe apply on b> ard, at pit 20 Eaat rlrer, or to WM. I hi. SON * tfONK, 66 Bo itb streei^ First stkamkr kor Havana. The United btaUs Mai! steamship COLUMBIA. R. Adams, 17nH< d Sia'rs Na y. ('omtnander, will leara Tier No. I. North River, oo Wednaaday. May 14, at II o'clock. on, ;>re l.-i.;ly. Pa.etporta .an be ptooured from tbe Spaa ~ I. Kor freight or pa?asze apply ,o SPOFKORD, TlLEbtON A CO. 19 Broadway. "Lv>k Havana, via nassao. n. p.-the rrtnsn r ti,jNiirtb American loyal mall ateaDislup Rf.iiIsH ofKEN. C.ipt Le Mi sKurler, wll. aall for the ty ,f pr,ru t into 'be r< tiipauy's wl arr, at Jersey City, on 8*?- irrlsy. Iltli $t?v, and Sat'ir ey, llai Tune Pat*a?e BODt? to Kaa?ait, ?4.'?: i tasaK? 0>on< % to llavara. $'iu For lr?',uhi or na?aiu.e ? ply io K CUNARD, No t BowUagOreVJa __ yM |t, lf ^ TI^JIAKKIAOB OU.DE, OR >AT'7RALHIflT0RT OF Oe?"r*lloii?A prtvatai Map,uetor fur married iiersons, or thoee aiioul to rrairy. both tr ale and Fred rlek BoUMU M U , author and l^turer ipon the Pnystolouy and lua aaee ol the ilenerauve Orgsni. with n .ni'-rous eugr?v> trigs and eol iied p ates, lUKu aaltion, m .cli jnUr?#<f and Improved, and brought down to tin pre ,,nl ,Vay Price ?l. Kant by n^ail. l">?tajo tista, ?? >?, Hpl of the price. T W. 81'RONO. publisher, N*"?au street N. T. For sale hy al b<e>g?ell<-r? and M^dealera in the Unlled Slates ani fanadaa. Alsu,r other worka hy ihe ?a ne author S?nd tor a oatThe oniy rorrctl works of toa klud pub lished. ?'-Medical .lournaf RBLIOtOVS NOTICES. I VINE SERVICE IN THE SWEDISH LANOUAOE win be h 11 on Sunday, MhF II, at 3 o'elock t M . by the Rev. Mr. Gowenlda. Charilalo of lha Swedish irigate Norrkoping, at St. Meibew'a church, in Wa.Iter Mtaet, uear Itiundway. D 9TEAMBOAT9. M "IjiOR NKWARE-ON SUNDAY AND BVBRT DAT. r The eteamboat TtlOMAH P WAY Capt W. 4. Haul IT, leaven p|?r 10 North river, foot of l?ey street, at 10^ A. M. and I' M , landing at Latouretl* dock, Bergen Point. ORNINO LINB FOR PSBESKILL-THE AURORA vil. ?" mepee her regular t rips for tbe s> ami on Set nr.iay, May 10 leavn g Jay atreet al 0 A. M , touching at Oh'ta'npher atreet, ThlrlVth street and the other li terme. dialo landings. Returning will leave 1'aekaktU al l)f P. M. OTBAMKRS ISAAC P SMITH AND AMBRICA, FROM O foot o( llarrlaon street, daily. exc<-i>t Uun'lay*. at 9 H) A. 1{, 3 1$ and 4 *1 I* M., for Yonkera, Haatings, Doblm' Ker ry, Irrington, ThrryUma, Nyar< is inland Lake aud Ha vretraw, lew hing al Christopher ?r?ei each way. STEAMBOAT FOB SALE?IF APPUEO FOB tMKg i3 dia'.r>y; t1* 11 't le**! k*" I sn 1 Id .^et beam, draw ng oriir ?4 IO' he* water, has two oaw ang nei. laeh lylladet an I loruf two In ? at I.*e, "lie go d ?. .Iler, wh en hxa bceo th,>ri>'i..lilf, and i< n-.w In con p ei ? ortl AS i ly al ?>'* '' ? >r, ?1. betw-'-n Hi an 1 lit ?? r k -.n t?" :-lh aad IIHii iB -t. : too l.vtk rua cisA94irio\rut. Reply io >*BBL's pnue chaiiv.i.k i vti i, banc* raelaJig H|>r ralefoi #1 'i.. i'i ? ? lan 41 win the mo"'IJT. tie tuogt dllBOtllH i .? - t en.ating tho I."it'i?n en E>r..i> ru a ' i.l -?e ? i? w?itn-*?fth r?n?<ai Bsc i |?arr?e ? t.p^?iu ????;.}-' . $01) jUda*a, 10 salfyt a r?l?ie?. t?j in ne ia t ?dy MM CAEB0LL. VPECIMt BOTICEJ. ?"rriHr, v,,!-s*-?.' ff'ssfs? iLtta u'l? am u '??? f?r*.10'?? ** CON K, At^TlON^KoW^OJ} U, '???'.r'-JY,u,..' Inow York. rtfiTO'Btnetl m 8. v a"os*-orboilr .. In ?*e u m ' ' . i .v 'c. IWr't .bail onuuolljr, Wt ?? in the Mn ' >?' ' ?? .in;uw:?ruiJ foruiwmtj ? b '' . ' I, lb ivior l>y the Metro* b> r ". i i i, ,ep rt lo lhe wi I j.o.i' o ts ' i ' -arU?rs?, tin inwUMW O' at i ell I' ? 1 " ', 11 "a etui * *"0 1 'htro y C >mu?ny. JT ? I IT W ! ?' , .... .| ?? u cot" pel i?t lor K-chi"u. mft; i ,;?ui.rd ?'?.r ??o!j ?m'VlfW1 ?a Po'lic Boord bt* r.o |* ? ? ?>[?{? ?" )' , ,1 V?0C1? b- .?? t:a*!fUSl?;rO. Ana a! a,.i ...** ^iS^Uo!*^^ bv 'l.yJr..-4*?0 Will bear tii? nme, lh ? limit rtesiroa oj -u biiilershiUbOthe oiiee 'iti eo. . h ,j pre? ne i? Sec.;. The ^i,OB of ??*?? boil ? ( roper form a corre. t reiwn oi are ..iioweit in rack ers. iii?l of the iiuouiii of ?. au p( j r or t),0 xppli inc'S case, and in cane- where en,-?????'J?? rJ lle0.jj b) u e or apiwraW* i?OB?Med , llre ?r dan grotto, the Bo?:i alier iiispjotton to b a ^ner.tUjua kiili?J Board aboil pre?crlbo aurt render such boile n- 'STn \hv "n^?n iime. and until such change* ^^lter.toa, arc n^l)^u;r^ rented trom uslutf tne wnw , ?? , . imtation *e ?;1;ar;.?a? ?3?^???Itftr *? VofK u 11 quiUUi aiioa troin |>r*catal omjinnerm. to t?e cojWot "r1,^; to b. aNMd to ?> ?t-am bo.ler a hl;ber pieaju.e ol ateam lhan tlie Hamu luaoco.tlance with the w auy person violailn. the P'o*i?Jonsof lhe this Act, shall be aulliy oi amta*inaud_w^engver^acy owticr of anv s'<a n boiler id the Meti"DOUtan o"1"" ?' Panted f^ta^ffle^me ^'la ^5 teited as herein provided for. and ?h? ^owner ??? la ??> 6H-e be charged wita ihe eipenae oi so testing it. *15 Baoomt In cjnfjimlly with the provisions of the ? ;^nl,^l.1,''p0.^e act to coutar addlUoual po? ers upon tha Metr^.laii roiioe relating to the Inspection of siesm boi.ers, j v * eam ilS, ' all perilous owning ^ using any ?UtioWj . ^m boiler or boilers in the Meirop^'.ao ro^ dUm^t. eioepi connected wl.b r.n ;e. li. rnr?ie ^IJJf^etwwn quired lo report to the B"%rd of 1 o i h Oils date and the 30ih day o! May. .^.^"i'd the businesa boiler or ool;-rs so owne! or i.sed by t-em at.u t h&issx sssww ffssisss^ i.on? for l"? ins- ? . . By order ot the XWLEY. Chief Clerk. /?^HICAQO AND NORTH WESTERN RAILWAY COM (lidrK,;^ u.Vi litia-Tiie annual me ting of the ^odho?d*rg and s^cskolderH of the Chic,?o , ine year -nnuicg, sua for the iransaei on ? i ^ w||| b< Wll. B. OOPS*. PrWdenU pEMBTEflt ^ or too IWRUBEKMI. fL'BUC~" NOTICE. The onderntgosd. harlng been appointed proiwrt. and estate of the Corporation of the i bj the ?upitm?; Court of the 8tai# of New Tork, upon himself the oara, custody and chargo ?ro'in t?- and ail persons contemplating the purcha.?eof f'rW lots ln tbU oeantifnl rural Oemotery are informed thai be bas been du.y suthorlxedbyssp^lorderoflbe Court to soil snd con?ey graves and lota fer burial pj^poses. Whoever purcnate* from tha underaiened may r-st assured therefore, thjit bu purchase will hsve lhe sanc.ion of the Court, and the fround purchaaed may bo hold anduaedfor "tteaisrsrs:- may bo mad# ?lu'he?.ai??.dwlUb2 Cemetery gronnis, where every InformaUon deatred wlu be given. Dated April 5. ls*jllltaji E_ANDAR1R?E Receiver. {?yALirORNlANS, ATTENTION ?I WANT A BUSINESS V msn, wilt some capiuil to take thewhtel a twosuple snd popular ?r..cles for Oallfornia, I" wll?eh a large lucrative snd pet rnauent bu?inea? ean bo done. Apply to LAaUBEATEU. lUT Fulton street. Department of finance, comptrollers of lice April 11 1882.? Notlue for redemption oi property sold for '.npai'i ?aa?>ssnienia. for opening, widening and ex "LXrZr. to th. <-uP-ts ?r KS1'i'fpr^tT^a JMSSSr'iw men's /or ^jpcnlns, wniening and eitending stiwil ??d avenue^, u cubi;?hed in tne hew York Daily Triliun#, on lueMdafK ana Friday* of ^ach week, daaerihing tha proj*rty ao^ sol *,s a A U'.? ti" when the aune must b? redeeme.1, lu dalauliof whn-b ; a-es will b. .saued therefor. delauit of wuicn KINKQSLAJ(Di cterk ofArrearo. Masonic notice ?neptune lodoe no. sit, t. ^nd A. M -The members of tola Lodge are Uerrby aumm. ned to attend the regular wmminl^atioo onFrlday. 9th Inst., at 8 P. M-. <?? buoineeo of the utmost imporianoe By order of the W. *)AJ|IBL L GRIFFITHS, Bocretary. Notice to stockholders.?^the next annual fsix'ft'""^Tn .IK&sr. New YORK AND harlbm railroad company Treasurer'' ofll'.-0. corner of Fourth avenu. and Twenty sink street K"W York, May I. lf?.?Notice Is hereby gl??n thst tb. m?euo ? of the st.ickh<?l'ier? of the New York aud Harlem Railroad Company, for the annmU nlecUon ol dlree tora, wlU ha held ai the odioe of tha compa^?',kon?? ^ i \i?.? 10 The nolla to bo opened from 12 o clock, noon, u? j n'. Jock P M Th** trarinfer bookt will be closed fram 4 o j^k K M of the ?th; until ? o elo-k A. M. of the list, oeior* r. ?.?* ^ BMEBSON, Sec y and Treasurer. MILLINERY, JtC. A" HATHAWAY, 687 BROADWAY. Has RECEIVED new styles oi Hoaddre^ee and Dreaa cope, Lace and Mus'iln Wa.ata, Point Laoe and Valenoleonea MandkerehJ.fs, Point Ust and Valenciennes Collar*and Seta, Block Thread Voilo and Looeo, Uiovea, Kibbena, Ac. ONNETS ?SPRING BONNETS AT bargains THIS weak L. BINNS' Mllun. ry. lsrg.ot ami cneaoj-at lu the world,'?? Broajw.y, Ml. oppositsi Metropolitan Hotei. Molieo ? Avoid inisuke opposi.s MeiropoUtan tfllLUKRY AND DRESSMAKINiJ ? MRS. JANES Srat ati4 Thtrtj t^ ouJ atreeu, who.a tbaj wiU flnl the itylea ftud pricea to suit. R HKWSPAPSRS. BAD McDOODLE'8 HORSE STORY IN THE CAUCASIAN THIS WEEK ?ECRET CRIME > EXPOSED, Showing h?w K'-w V"rk is t??lir* depopulated. EXTRAOKfJlNA H V DIVORCE CA*K. Ttc defeudsut i.?v hi do iew th?? TEN WIVES, And th-iajj tlie sthue at BIU11TT CHir D3EN. ??? NATIONAL POLI< E UAZETTB. ASTROLOGY. ABTOiflSllIXQi-MADAMB MORROW, SEVENTH daugmer, bas m gift of foresight; tnlii bow mm tad Low often yo? will marry, sud all von wiah vo know, e??a four rerj thoughts, or uo pay. Lucky ctisi iua free. Her tq'.al ia no'to b? found. Her Matiic Image iiMwm lull ?|.er*Uoi.?144 Ludlow atreet, below Houston. Price U kbm. Ueutlemac uol admitted. A BONA TIDE ASTROI/JUI8T, THAT EVERY ONI < an depend on, la Mine. WILSwN. wlio the object ol jo'ir ?,?.t 14 ?'?]ii u yon ?ul*r. due tells the pre unt and Uture of your ll;e. Cud warn* you of dangei a . nd b; ug? huitcs* out <>f tho iu.Mt perilous undertaklnga. M. B ? Cclcbra e.1 u>agic charms. No 1ill Allen street, between Hou?t<.n ?nd Snu'on ^'n et?. o*cr tLe bakery. Charges lor ladies end ?entlcm?ii, W cefcts. LOOK JIEBBI-S6,?)U REWARD FOR ANY PBRSON who ceo equal Mis* WEIXWOTOll in glvtug oorpwt si*.?m-nta on oil event* through life, particularly Ipih i. la*suit* and lucky numbers. Kb# alto liasa ne*?r lallltU remedy for anuilnaiM, tod bringing tb? **?i?r*to4 to ?Fiber, by which Two souls with but \ ain('.? Two li-srts inn iwnt u will be united lowr She Is pe-'ectly certain of herhepny ?ciuirrisenia In M wr<ec? i*oi*. Her truth*are lound ed on natural #i?U. Da.ay ta aonauU this beautiful loan* lady, at 101 0Utfc *veum O] po?!ie Klgblh at met. MADAM5 llAT. MO 8BVKNTH AVKMt'E, NBAR Tw?Ti y-sorenth ?tr<*l, aurpriaca ill who nut her The ?>'k, routed *nd unlucky should ten her po-aer*. She t> Us your very thought*, lucky uumocra, loaaa*. Ladle* a <*nts. gentlemen 30 en's . MRS HAYS, MEDICAL AND BUSINESS CLAIRVpY ?nt, ran '>? ooneuttod *' VI Lcroy utreei, near Bleect-.T to SMert dUM-Mea and praacftie reme tie*. iiu*tuu?s * rl yyM *1; '?? enclo?loi^h?lr, $1 VfAD.tME vLIHORli-l.sRIVALLBD CLAIRVOYANT 1U and b Miaeas mmli <i<>, 107 U ?*? strce.t corner of Huyt, BiOOklya. H- lit i ? MT'aerl'Md, event* foretold, lu?e re a to red, ?' writ Irienda foi nd Bualti'M oou*ult*tlou* SO cent*. Medical 9i. MISS DAVIS. TUB HEaITIPUL CANADIAN OIPHY Paluiiat, b?a c<m-14 ied to rpn^atn * snort l na* looker. Bbe h*a r-moT?d t? ,'>W Oreenwt'.-!i a r^ft Oensult her im medisisly She hs? no?i<isi in d*? rlbing t i'p?*', present ? nd fuiure l ad.** 25 cius, k?oili-ni.u, Su c nut. Lui:kr numbers, charm*. MBS. ADDtf BANKER, SPIRITUAL MBliltiM, MEDI eai and b laiarn Cuiii ro>?n'.. gl < a satiafHi lion lo nu merous ?l*itors, day an ! ??enin; Hnn-i ? Trt To rth street, fbui d iora w??t o| Hroaiwa) N B.?thaivipi de lin*aicl by istter. XT 8.? WHO IIVS NOT HEARD OP T.iE "cKLE . 'iratcd Madajie ?'RIKW.-ITER, who has remo i ? , i,i Th ri igmti *tr?"i ? urn o < ui aadwiioo i\ ue (ownltM vllkMMtN MWni.'iMl Eh* !??. no e iual. Mie Utll* the nam'- r> futar* '? or b-tsbaaJ, al*t> tnat of b,r vial tor. Il'you wish truth gi'e ii*-r a caii, T~HE )RE WEST tfirJbV.H [V tm |a T.1K ng n I S'uo-. pit ii u Mudsne IIYK'IX, fro n P*i < who an be eoasu:ir'i1 -Mill *ie strli tt-el con ? i u*o i * af f?(r*ofl,'c i??ln'?i 't-nn ?neul >? litm I ., ???< e ? r. ('iimsk? ou f> lu1-''. hy your h rt'atl-al ?ud '? n , >p ? t.h-r th ?? Inn ? * i ' Lt'll?< 36 ecd ? iC. ? ,< n1 ? ft Th ; 1 arnnue, ..i.ov tm-Ifili *<r ?l. If" HOWBRT. NI'AR IlBOf'VK HT t K l.T ? \f ADAM ft i" '?) WIIXIl.K. ? allt i, a il aii l t ? i >,> vtla 'lie ni}?t*rics nfiuinr ly,'ora. n arii-ncr ?bscntfri 'D is, si? t.n ss, pare.???:?> s medic.u'* lor Ut WU* yuodt nuBfters, pnpcstj ioai?r ctolM. *?. HVIICAL. A magnificent KSVKN OOTAVB HOUR WOOD I'l anof re lor sate; elegantly , a v v ! , ? ? d , o*"i strung : ?ts, lull Iron pls'o, Hood with si iu?ood. anu has alt the modern ini|n|MnHihi; MM io order, ln?n in use t in uuritlia; c ? 0 furf ? i 1 i-iJir -l o dsurt A. a I'irl >' Kmu lira at a aaoriiloe. tuquiteal7D Wui Ttv n y ainli strict, " ?r Sltth aveuue. A BUY CALM?THE CHARACTERISTIC QU aUKIM.K J\ i..-i 1-a t j e, o t?y U. Moepel an< piny J i>r t! ?'if e- r.? ia Wai* is tbnatro ov, n ntlkL i'l oe 75 I, u C i..8?b n . by mail. FIRTU, POND A 00., Pub lish lit., 64< Bio* iw.iv, Now York. AVO-NQ LADY TEACIIitlt WOULD TAKH ONB OR l*o more |hij 'It or Instruction on the Piano!brte at their rcsidenoe*. Beginner* will uo a,<6cUl!y a.uinied io. Verm* $1 p r month. Ad 'r.iss AJa, I o? lutlti raid oilice. A LADY WOULD LI KB TO GIVE LESViNS IK MU8I0 ?U'1 painUug iu exchaug'! f _>r board. Address K. Taylor, sta..ou 0. Anew and simple, but very thorough method or in&mi tlon (or the piano, by a wed qualiiied l-itiy teac.h r. Particular Mire taken with !*,tnners Term* dio leiate. Address J. K., tfci lit) Herald o:!.ee. Alt A Si 8INC.EK WANTKD-FOR A QUAUTKTTE choir >o an Episcopal church; luual be fully qual ied piTi'tfctly iaiuil.a>'wuli the "ai'ricr, aud bring high testimo niaN Adores* Choir, Hernld aHoe. Depot ok tub aIjBXandiib organ, For Church?*, CI;ip"l?, School* and Drawing Rooms, toin Broalway SOLE MEDAL OP HONOKat the tuiversal Exhibition of IsM. This magnificent Instrument tpatented In the United States Mav S 11591, which the brilliant performance of TiiALBKRG, VILANOVA and MLLE. WBLLI8 bav.. rend' red as papular in Americas* in Europe, has been adopted by the greatest artist* and oompoeersoi both ooati nrriLH. GUTTSCHALK, LISZT, ROSSINI, MBYBRBEER. Ac.. Ao. The Alexandre Organ ia celebrated far the solidity and |>re oi-i.on of its mechanism, a* well a* for the fullness and power of rta tone, and tne remarkable quality ol keeping perfectly ui tone in ail climates. Prices at the depot, ???, $60, $1M, $1W, $l?, rOS, $*#, $980. $84U. 54C0 ? descriptive circular sent to any uddress on application to B. PABRBGUBTTE8, Jr.. SOS Broadway. Importer of Buaaon Aceordror.s. Violins. Violin Striuis.Jke. Elegantly carved romewooo pianokoute. almost uew, for aala immeJiuto y.?Cost $:J00, is seven octave, large scale, round corners, aero.I legs, iron frame, grand action, power: ?l U> ie of tbe pareet quaMty: Stool, t;over, *e. Apply during tbe day or evening at 12V.1-, Twta tieth street, near Third avenue. OR 8ALB CHEAP-A \T5RT FINE B0SBW500 _ seven octave Piano, made in the be*t m-.uner, with ail theUtest inipi-ovemenU; warranted. In'mire at 124 Kasi Twenty-eightu street, hetw-en Second and Thi -d av nucs First class sbvev octave pianofortes, war ranted for threo yesrs, ?t citremely low pneot. P. LYNCH, 'jrll Broadway, near Fifth Avuiuie IlKsl LA SrGNORA ELIZA VALBNTINI PARAVALLT, PRO fcaorol Singing and l'iauo, bid removed to 0; Prtnoe stree*, sneond door, corner of Marion street, two blocks from Broadway, where she teaches, and can be seen every day froffl*i till 3 o'clock. WANTED-POR A COUNTRY CHURCH. IN TH8 vitaniiy of the city, a person to play a melodeon nod con,',uc? t'us psalmody on Sunday, to whom a fall i.tlary will be giren. AilreM, with references, Psalino.iy, Uiiall office. 0*1 RZ -WILL BE SOLD, IF APPLIED TOR SOON. JpJLOtJ. a vury b autlfulcarvedlegeJ P aiio, lull sev-n octaves, over strung bass; cost $.ljO, pruj.- $I3K; is g.iaran teed by the makers for tUreo j eari. oaliat 43 High fctroet. Brooklyn. F INSTRUCTION. AN AMERICAN LADY WISHES TO INSTRUCT ONK or more children in a tlioto igh course of Bullish, at their iiwn home. The rudiinon's of music sn l Laun will be taught If desired. Address Education, fetation K. A LADY, SPEAKiNO FRENCH, GERMAN AND XTL Italian fluently, being also a thorough miisicisu. whose rogagemenu will soon Ici minate, wishes to go to the cotto try; would give Instruction during the r,umiiiw months in all or any or the above accomplishments for a small remune ration; unexceptionable referent**. Address U. b. P., boi S.831 Post offlcc, N. Y. A CARD.-THE SUBSCRIBER WILL RECEIVE NEW /. pupiiS day oreven'.ng, foroiass or private in^truc'ton in i'enu^Uip. 15ookk?, p ng andI Anthuietlc. Terms inode. rale aud auccaJ* ?uaraute?3. p" ?- OOLDSMITII, JfS. 6 Kotirtt *ad 108 Broac way. Lady teachbr wanted-in a PETt>TB family, near tU^ eity, vv-bert* A good home WiU bd if: tui'o lor services, Addr*?* for oad wjek yirgiuia, Henua office. vro. 147 MADISON AVENUE. ?INSTITUTION F0.R young ladies, directed by Mm*. Don Bernard, ? Rocliefermoy. Separate classes for tho'c wishing to jierv "*' themselves in French, grammar, literature aud Ji-amatia readings. SUMMER BOARDING SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES.? Galway Ladios' Seminary, Galway, Saratoga county, N. Y., Rev. D. W. Sintib, Principal.?Hoard. Washing, Lights, Fuel and TtMllon in all English Branches, per school year, ? 12.V Superior advantage! n the Ornamental branches. The Principal will be in New York on Friday of each week until June to accompany young ladies to the se.ulnary Circulars and other information may be had of M. B. 8PAULDING. Esq., No. 3 Astor House. Teachers wantbd.-two frencii ladies for scbooli near New York; a lady to t ach dui^Iu. drawing sud Freneh, la Delaware. Se adbools for sjle and to rent. School* and families infuru i>d of eom|?4eitt tea hers without charge. G. 8 WOODMAN 4k CO., Wl fcr adway. WANTED?BY A YOUNG LADY, A SITUATION AS governess in a family about visiting Europe; she ?peak* the French, Spanish, German aad EngNeh languages, snd?possesses good mus:cal abilities. For particulars ad dress A. B., box 3U6 Herald office w ANTED?A FURNISHED BEDROOM IN COMPFM aatiott for thorough Instruction in tne French language and music, by an exp-nenead Ua?her, with use of hi* piano if need' 1. The blghe*t and best referent** given. Ad lies* Sigma, Herald offioe. THE RKBBIslsIOflr. Army and navy uniforms. RICHARDSON. SPKN'CK t THOMSON, Morclisutand M..i'ary Tailoi*, 47l> Broadway, New York, De?ire to Invite the attention of offl' -rs of the army and navy to th'fir ho .se, which lias >een pstionued for a n<imb?'i of yeara by many officer*, including tne most prominent in both branches ui the sorvtse, who, or their ooutluued patron ago, acknowledge their approval of the superior uniform* and citisens dress furnished by the establishment Gentle men at * distsnce, whose measures are not on boo Its, will at their request have msatui-ingcards sent to them by Fimr- THIRD REOIMENT. N T V ?VOSBUROH Cba*?.:urs.?Ooo<l mru wanted to BU up a company. Apply to Capt. D. W. Dtas*, 270 Orand MrMt. OKB LIEUTENANT, AC.-RBCBUTTS WANTED. NOW I* the opportunity. One more cbanoe to eorre your coun trjr lo the rlrty-tbirO regiment, Filth K?;lj brigade, com One more cbanoe to aorre youreouu e?im.-nt, Flilti K?,ij brigade, com m'todod by Geo. A. Buckingham, late Major of the Seventy Dr?t regln N. V. S M AH parti** wumng lo net as non ; o..icer* moat apply Immediately o aeeure po ?.tton* to Capuin W S. UFIIaM. 31 Ciaatkun, Bo crmting offle-. N. If. C. Silk AND BUNTING FLAGS, ALL SIZES, ON HAND tor sale; aiso Staff*. M/unthige, Trimming*, Ka^len, Balld, rtp?*r Head*, a ? ' > rn ru?uU I'a.ntin: an i Bitibroi* daniijon Mlk. HOJEK A URAll X >1, S7 Diaoc atruit. rTNITl.O STATES M\RIfrB (OKI'S-WANTED. POR ) the United su:ci M\n Curp?, ?!.:e uodied, Intelligent, unman:cJ men. t'Wr'n the r.g?-* oi eighteen >.n I forty yema, not lean loan ti* e fiet fo'ir auJ a half gb. *u i ot food uhar. r. buidtei* nerving In Ibis rorpa perform duly in nary yard* rlu on "u?rJ of vewl* of war. Pay fion; $11 .? $.1 per month, with afcaadanas of bothing, board and medic*! .ttsnuauce, luroia.ied by the go \ertimen'. Apply at Hit R-ndeiroj*, H Hiwery, or at the Baira<:(i, Kl- *i.tngat?n"e, tt, . ,?lvn. A. Oakland, Major Commanding. 1 ff MSN WANTED-TO KILL A COMPANT IN TO.8 Xtl Fiuy-th.rd legnnent N Y. S. V (Vo*btirgh ('ha??eura), Coioocl O. A. Buckingham. now stationed at Hi* foot ol Eightieth strwt. Rt rult* furnished >*.lh uniiorma and ?i*nt o amp a' once. Apply o Lieu\;n*ut C. Halle, 1M Pearl aireet, '.(u ner of Chatham. rDHNlTlKB. Afa;h price given f >r second hand jtrni ture. Mirror* and Carpet*, at UG Hudson atrett, eoruer of ferry. A. calla prompilr attenied to, by nddragatag a la* Furniture** above. Country call* attended to. A BEDROOM SUIT OF ENAMELLED FCRNITt'RB lu a., co or*, of wa;ran'ed manufastnre, Vso aoliil Cbt-Stnu: <;b imbar Su.ta, plain and oruam -ut*1, ;??. H. P. FaRKINOTOM'S, No. Jfifl ( anal atreet, oiipolte Vfwier EaublUhad In iS4--4 All kind* op purniti re lookino olaisbs, Matlrea^*, Bedding, A< , be.o*r aiirt'on price*, wairvit ed and del!??'ed tree. M rl. W SNEDKN'M, HQ Bownry, b i tweoii Stan'.on an 1 H nmton atr^ctv C.ill a id aa-# money Note u'lmbar. Roaawood Parlor JuH*. A D. I8? PURNlTtTRE?KU*RNIUCRR_.. * tlROAlfi 9-BARUAIN8. WO000 roRT^ToP PCRVITURE. WHOLESALE AND ItfcTA.L. BVDBOKAAF V TAYIXJR, N'< 17 Brwery Offer 'li*ir en"i? ?t?.K a. lower pr?j?i than any Jtfler aa'a:) liabmenl In tbe United stat ?<, K?)K CABH, Comitiiog f __ _ BOnWOOD PARLOR AV[) riTAMBSR FfTRNmriiB, IN BROCA1EU DBIiAINE AND PLUSH NAUOOA.Nr, WAI.Mil'AND LMlTAtlON ri ltMTUBE, OF EVER/ DESCRIPTION Kname !nd Pu nilureln *>-t?, from gAltotlOO Ail of o'tr Pornl.iire l> Di. du or aeiccleo material and la Hi* laud ipprorH aiyle*. ALL UOODS WARKANTBD ABUBNHAM h PUKNITUHB, *ND PACK . Ing E^'a ,.i?hmcnt, 111 Wiw Kleftiiln tt.eel, belvteeu !? ittb and M.jtii tvenu**. Ilouaeiiold furniture bi xel and ?hipped to *11 | *rt* of ti e world Covered wa;oo* for remo ving furiiltui e of fiuullle*. Kurnitui c etored. ? NAMELLP.D OHAMBBB HCITS OP rUBRITUBF leal colore ano atyle*. at wholMaio and retu., i .a larg??t *iocH iiiiiier.ty Hull* ?*J aud ' pwarda. AUo, ?eli4 waln'it S'jiUi, Naiire ?-*, Pailiaaaen. Ac. WAKRBN WAKD, ?77 Canal nice I, luut uowrieaaiol Broadway. First class bnamellbd furniture-flair. decorate ! and grained, ootid walnut an l oat Seta; tfulto aitaiand UP**rd?: M*ttre*oe*. Bo^m, Ac. J. W. PISIIBB A CO., Maoufaetiforo, | 6C0BroaJi*ay. ui twiien Ble'-okei and .load *tr??tA T7UTBNITURB wantbd-A PERSON DBSIRO' SOP |1 OtftnnteBCiDg h nek eplog, wi,,n 10 p rooaau lor aUh. fmm ti<K to $'<00 w rib o' gon ' i iin Pumlii.r -?> -,e o ral a**'n tinent. Any ??r*?n v i?Hin* to flwpooo of a*me, by .idiire M?g ? ""?? >:> " i -L* ou A, Sprluii dretf. Will n.> ft "l'i 1'ro opt a-t UUMFTOK'S niraOVED PATENT J'aRI/)R HED 1 'i, a<iin'ltl IMI c.'A'* I ui intiit, ***ld wli'? K.e an I retail; a.w rurniehetl l.y mootniy p .ytr-uto, ati*?T mfb * ie^t, lor.ner.y Natioual A. ademy o. Dejigli. I1K OAflH PHI' B I'AtD fO.t M,? ,nd ? rn tire, Cirp t?, < I 'tlfln , Wat-he, J " .-v. i,l p '<( ally aliunde t to Ftirnllii"- oouglil. m.> 1 T cuai' RfiiB k (IOLMMI rlt, *t \iy'A' rEl? TO lllltE?FUltMfU! B, hUl r I II' NT TO *T i :i i, a to - i !? ? - t '? <1 ' ? >'? "I n ??.iy uln?*ie , i* I wltti tbe e> eptlo ni p.u.or mini L r , r e W<Jta.>A l?v pti'?ti*?Mt> Al!rjLLl ff'LI ionwatrfew ,rfa*T A OAVI* RAI.RB AT ABCTIOI. Auction motiob. M B OllAl'M\N, AUOTIONKi'lK. MA'iNIi'loaN!' UOl'Sfc IKJ1.IJ FURNITURR, I* A1 NT1N >.s, n t'ATi' AltA N '> M i.sY KA UK AND 8LE a A NT WOiAi : O ' art, to be >o.J ?i p bite \ 101 (in il l ds t! RIDAY May 9. SAI.B OOMMHN >INi. AT l'%0 OM> K i'RBClBBtr. At li.e ? No IS Writ a Xloentti street, be twf II 1'if ii Hill Huh avcm -S 8XVi:N OCTAVE II )- 3 WOOD IIINOVORTK. ih* A'liest inJtrumcn D'lr i .i tin I,, n thu * ww,i .p >rb ly caivt J I ? uu, four rutui t turner*, full iron piste, ovi i?>ruo( ha ,i, ?ii tii ? moil"'ti imp: ri-nien'a, tna> l>y my m??' ?, fully te?lei i.y cout|> mj '??, ?? 1 pnmu inii a supert r In Inimi ut: riuk-w :?nl Ha.. eruury, da. St. ol, eavH e t in bfiMMdli Krcn.-h .'loth Cover; K-oki'a * and St,'* '''tary, En olgn<irGS. Ltdjr i Work Tahl.% Wiitiu !>???*., Ki nco 1'Ult l\er Uiiti. a. in irtue Slat;* and l>ra ? el . iwii largo

Mantel Minor*, richly tarred frame*; emb ikiitd In it Curtain*, I'rench aiitules, Ooi u;o. *, two iag:utionnl 8 itui Drawing Uoon Kurn ture, oo .ered in three color s! wfn brooaie ol' the richest description, curve i in oili l ro<owood ; two Tato-a Tote So at, two Arm and eight O al Hack Okiira, ro*invood Otnti Tab!"*, aUiuary marbie top to match ti e ?ti if ; ii eg re*. lined with luitiu wuod, marble lopa,Ba:rroi' dour and ba.-fc; K oft pttru K K'llntug & ??>/ O.ialrn, i'nr, Card and O :arleiu ia liiaa; Oil lSintin^s by Oole, Ionian, Legrand, S- l i?, Kg law mid ..tier eminent ArtUtt i ASMimp.ioa Vir?iu Mnry, fro n 0Mebr?l<4 patattng m the I-ouvre, I'aria, .Sunn at Sea ) y Kin^t-i iimli', twosuperb in itcii Palatini'*, blauk waio'it IlaU'aml, Chairi to maton; Oilcloth Stair Carp la Chain bora?Bug! nil Bri.aiela Uarriottt, rosewood ile l?v Ore** log Burea't.i, B> lstoads anil C->nm "dee lu install; Tjilel Ta ble*, Sharlug Sutuili, Rocker*, Couchea, Arm Oval B %ck Cltaira oereied iu satin; S; 1 s*;avl Hair MAiireava Ftailtei Bed?. Bnlal ra uml Pillows. O. a! Mirror*, I'axtei Paining*. Deooratod China Toilet Seta. Brocutei Cnilaiiu, Ac. Upper Ohatnb iti?Mahogany and h'actc wainut Bureaui, Sura*, B'K-kers, WssliKtauda. Oioin^ Boom?S<.liJ rar?e 1 o*k Ri?t frtt, atatuary msrblf top; Hitrlz's pateni Buennoo Tinte, Arm Chairt, Co ich^H, ele.ttnl set* Orysiai as.i Kui ? (Ji.t?s. Donoioi?*, Wine*, Ouhleu. Champagne*. i.eo.tioad ?? Turn b'erH, Celery, Fruit sud freeerte SUi.m. Ptogei Bowls, Ru iy sod Gold Liiiuoi Set*, Uotd aolTCfeios Dinner Set*. Siuaraad richly Oocorsled Tea Set, fort* roar pieces. ?i Ml (tlrer Dinner aci Tea Sew, Silver Ware, Ooflee urn Csatert Cake Baskets, Ntpkin Kings. 3;io?ns, Forg* Itory Haadled Table Cut^ry Also. Bsaouient snd KitcQes Faroimfg. A UCT10N J ALB Of BOOTS ABO SU0B8 V M HCLL1NQSHSAD. aOCTIONBBB. TIi IfU package Miction atle of Beeu Ml IktU, it* Baulksc wabrbm No 13 Corglsodt (tree*. WU> at k*:s tut* asp. Hay ?. st tOK ''olMft. r&u iiri mpertaa ?acti?i asl* wUI Include One houaana package* at Bare, Exciu?l?ety freab and tesaonable good*. Cutr.pri.Mc.e ail .be leading atyle* uoi* ao .a jcb in lemaad. Bom ?' Kakiero aod Cliy Manufacture. being the largest sod MSt assortment The ?t ks?? o3ser?d ttuseanoa. Sf'EClAL NOTICE. TBE8B SAL SI WTI.L BK CONTINUED WBBKLf, ON F.tlOAV HRKKAFTKR. And 11 l? 'Men)") lbs' tliey nliall conslitule A NEW ANO DISTINODISHED FEaTURB III THE Boot aNL> SHOE TKADB OF TllK CXTV. ?' I'fUt'.e ?*.? ?i caniignment, BOOTS a'ND oHOIi-S BY TIIE PACKAOB. Adaptec i*.L oiaikeu, if beboidator below Mnntifaeiurera' prices. CHARLES C. WAKRKN, t'ommitsioa Boot and Shoe Warehouse, No. 23 Cortlaudt atreet. A UCTION NOTICE ?D. D. CAULKIN8, AUCTIONKEB. A OfVlCE 334 BROADWAY1. LAROE SALE OF RICH AND CO-rLYo pUEMIwa|s E LEO M*aRLOu'sillTS*IH BROCATBL, VALUABLE PAlMlNOS. ABMSTIg BKON/.KS^ _ 40 D. D. CAULKINS A CO. wUI all. on Friday. May>,at the elegant private residence. 218 V\ eat Fourteenth street, between Eighth *nl Ninth avenues. commencing at 10.., o <lock A.M. The sale comprises the entire contents of tue house The elegant Parlor Furniture wan made lo order cud i* in solid rosewood. The wh ile will be sold to the highest bidder for nasli, offering extra induoementa to purchasers, as the en'ire Furniture of the boiiae is nearly new, and mu.-t be Bold, owing to removal. Elegant rosewoji Pt ano forte. ^av-n octave, with all modern Improvements, overstrung has', Ao., coat $009. with guarantee for 'jjree JetrS- rich rjiewooi Stool, cvered to aatln and cmbrol cler <1 O n or; three elegiint full suits of rosewood nituie, ill rich brocade and satin; ro?>woo<l EUgeres splen did and cosily 1'ar.aa Ornaments, rich Vasoa, Sc., maguiilccnt oolleclion of rare PitittljliigiS roseytt^ Turkish Ea?v Chairs, in line reiisjrosewood C?hire And Side mamw top Tables, r.chly carved Chamber Stilt*, mah.?*oy; Bureaus, carved Bedstead*. over 600 yarus afitlf gattl Velvet. * ad Ingi ain Carpets; Wasbataods, Sofa Kin fine"air*loth; t,n pure Hair Bsttreswe Tn,? to 30 pound*, to order, and In exejUent coBdlUon^Din Ing Bo .ni Furniture cousists ot floe oak Bitengjon Table, Silver Ware, rich China, ivory and silver Cutlery, rorka, Spoona, A "V'lth heavy cut audeog.aved Ulaasware of every dea-1 e purniiuro la of the beat deacripton and offers extraordinary Inducement, to housekeepers and other*. A. competent person in aii?nd*ace to cart, pack ana suip * His lor purchasers, at a reasonable charge. ? ~r^r(,'NBE'S *ALE OFBLEQANT CABINET FUBNI A tur?. v DOCOHTr, AUCTIONEER, trm .oil An Frl^4!", May ? and Saturday, May 10, at 10k ImL* !.2h ir at. alesroom 79 Maaaaii street, cons,.ling o? ov.iock cwh ajy, ??* , hrocatel aod haircloth; Walnut do.. w Secretary and B,?kca.ea. mahogany and ^ ?, Dressing and pWo Sare*"' IIIIU! Tallies, walnut Side A. oa its, mirror doors and bac^s; walnut, Oh. top. corn melied Chamber Suits, with awt wtJ'1'0"* Cha rs, marble plete; niabogaiiy ".hairs Bx'hera and Aril M Cot:age Bed top Centre Tables, Pier and Naaiel Mirror - with other .leads, Cane Seul Dining and B?cepuou Chat.?! wlu u u goods la the cssbiuet line, ALgo A large assortment of seoond haa4 "Tf'y'chlul, honcewable description, Carpets, Beds aud Beddia?* Crockery, Glass Ware, Cutlery^ Ac. ? Some line Oil Paintings. The whole for absolute sale, a?A worthy the attention of housekeepers and the trade. Cata logue. ready each day of sale. DRIAN H. MULLBB. AUCTIONEER?PROPERTY at Raven.wood.?ADRIAN H. MULLEB will sell ?* auction on Tuesday, May 13, ?fc. ?t Ho a chnni's Exchange salesroom. 111 Broadway, 13 Lots. ?*?h ? 1200 feet, with a two story and attic House, MxM ieet, de sirably situated at Ravenawood, L. I., en the Hunter s Point anu Astoria turnpike. In the mldal of ?n* aod about ?6 minute.' distance from the City Hall, new York. The property will lie sold In lota, thus aoordin* a floe opportunity to those deairou. of narchasin* for the ereeuen of suburban residences, in aa easily aoce?sibl? and ailracUve locality. Finrperoeiitoa mortgag". Maps and fuU par ticulars at 36 Wall street. Auction notice.??, both, auctioneer, wiia sell this morning, at 10* o'eiock precisely, the elegant Household Furniture of a private famlfr leaelng the city, at their residence, Clintoo place, Weat Eighth street, a few doors from Sixth avenue, oonsiailog oi one solid roaewoott Parlor Suit, conaUlsUng of one Sita. Tete a tete, one Arm. one KecepUon and four inedaUio? hack Chairs, wHh half anos, cov-red in rich green and black sUk brocatel; one do., cuvcre 1 in blue and gold; ro.ewood?er and l^ntre IJsJ'isa, Btagcres, with mirror back and doors; 21 day Br?"?*e Clock, riuh China and Parian Vases, Lace Curtains, Shadea, Paint iuj. Turkish Easy Chairs, ladles* Writing Desk, rosewood Reception Chairs, rosewood, mahogany and blark walnut Bid.v^ads .Bur'aua, WasUstaBds, Lounges. Sofa Bed. spring seat Chairs, Bc kers, Mlrrits. ( locks. Coiner snd Book Stead. Hair and Spring Mattresses, Boaters, Piliows, Beds, Blansets Carpets, solidblack walnut Extension Tab.ejmar bi.) top Buffet, 12 lining Chairs. Cut Ulasa anrt China Ware, Table Cutlery, Sliver Ware and I?ory Table Cutlery, Ao. Sale positive. "T"UtTioiT NOTICE.-LABOB STOCK OF SECOND A har.d ClOtiiiug.?A. M. CRISTALAR, auctione.-i'. will .ell Ihii djy. May V, at 10k o cloe^, at 23 Bpwer/, a large snl ercu'iie siork as iii'ove, comprialng about ' v\. Ore?e, .11 coloraand jiatteras, 200 Calico, Musliu and De laine Dres ,'-s; also a lar.e assortment ol Bro:he, Crap* and W silleu Shawls, Basques, Cai*r aud MantlUas; a laue iOt of Q .Its, K inket., Sneets, Bouts, Ehues, PlaicdWare, Fancy <loods, Ac.; alsoMen'tCIoth'n^, Coats, lanta, Vesta, Ar Ae. Hale positive, without reserve, end well worthy the al i ntionof tie trade. TUCTr>N NOTICB.-W^LU^ITTEBS AI'CTION. A eer ?Special sale ot Cs-rtages and W igona ?IIENKr PALMER will sell by catalogue, on Haturdav. May ?, at. 11 o'clock at the New Yoik Talterfcili A corner SUthi avenue and TBlrvy-tlnth stree', 76 n -w snd ae<oiid hand W anons. Ca: riages. B wkaways, ^hautona, Ac. Bold without reserve to pay atorags. Auction notice -persons breaking up house.eei.iug can have their Properly so.d at auction a' pt'V'y reduced rates. Liberal a-irsnces made on Furni ture at private sales, or would bs purchased, aod the highest pi Ice ps.d Apply at No. 1 Ureal Jones suee^ ^ uAUL 1 UCTION SALE OF SECOND HAND 'L'RNITURE,.AC. A CHAS. IX DAVItf. auctioneer?by CHAS. D. DAVIS 4 CO?will sell this day, at U' o'rlock. at thaii salesi-oom, 1M WUlism street, lietween Frankfort and Spruce stree,s, an extenaivo lot of second hand Furniture, consisting of marble ton Ceutre Table#, Card Tablea, WaahsUiids. |uia ho.uu. Bureaus, Sofas and Sofa Bottom Chairs, Lemnaea, Sec-D'arlaa, B-.J.ieed., Brussels and Iusra n Cirpets, Oil i In'ba, Matting, Feather Beda, Bolsters, Pillows, I aillaaaea. Cnl.ia, Otaas v\ and a large lot of wall P?i??r. without r*?ein?. Ais<> for amount of whoui It may eou C ."orover A Baker's Sewln't Machins. How s Sowing Machine. i Hand Se"'lng Machine. liv WILLIAM IKVIXII, AUCTIONEER-SAMUEL OS* B OOOD A SON will sell at ihelr sale.r .om iTrc-t tir.t door esst of Broadway, on Friday. May ?, at iu>4 ?>o 'o < a l?raasortinent of Household Furniture, consiat in"' f fcr',s'^a Three-ply and Ingtnln Carpels, Btalr pets stiver piat -'l and uraa. Rods, OilcM'is, Dooi M.ts, Bro chet'e Wind w Curtain* and Coinlces. Wliid'vw Saade^ma I iiuanv awl luaek wainut marble lop Dteea ng Bureaus, nvJ.Ihurn-Is. matiogauy aud blaohy^ot,^*^ Mii.-kinff Chtlm. maiiwkany n?lai<J Coain, oa* uag worn* VhAnZ'cio* OJuir., Lounge. Wore la hit' ' F".*f Chair, in delaine, oak Bookca?e anu Library T ni>;;!Lr Hedi H?lr MaUifH rillo vi an<l Bpl-ier., PslluJLT?!'uw maiiogany Window Lounges, mahogany Fsiliaas a, w Reception Chairs, Bookoase and 8? ^e'irf Ha^ Cha.T ?lot"c b"ack walnu' Pa.'or Suit, In laucf ress; elegant mahoaany KUgere, p.ate glass doors and h^k: oak marSfe toft Buffet, Ao By a T HXUA ApCTIOBBBE -AUCTIOIJ NOTICE - t^iiv < rates of Eanhenwsre, China and Fao'V Ooods, OO Frlila at 11 o'clock, at the suciion rooms, ?7 Murray street, with an asaortment of oilier Uooiia. Catalogues ready By WILLIAM IRVING, AUCTIOHEBR.?SAMUEL OS iiO' 'D A St*N will sell in front of their store, H3Cedar .?,eet tillsilsy M?y 9. al l ocl ck, a spotted 4r.y Horse,nine *earaoltl. U fianrts hlgh, *ound# sod kind; cau trot In l:W. A 1*^0 a tie*" Road ?nd Himm. | D"at-Vu"l? KUAN AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL. THIS A aIV at Canal Vtre-r at two o'clock. Bedsteads, i. >rittress-s, ( hsmber Suits o Bnam lled Furniture, T' i , s Tao es Hui-aus. Looking, marble top Wash elands! Ilsll 9 ands, Engravings, PaltiMMs, Sulr Bods, Car. p. t, At -1 aiso one Piano ai.d fop w agou .r no*l7 AUCTIONEER. will SELL THIS AFTER W *r,? ;t j Ok t*ei-iwl, the elegant Houaehold Fur } ir oi a t'jura orjr dwelling ions#, 11'/ W est Eighth street, r ,mh Fifth ail 1 Sixth av.tnues consisting of elegant n m*''? an i Ingrain Csrpets, two solid black walnut Parlor 5 ,!TL;"red pThrocatel an' green silk reM, mar I top ?' ?&, iSEM Be Isle ids, Hurea'.s, Sofa Beda, ?pr n < 1 ! A,all's ItSwers. L ull iss. Hair Mattressss, Me Is, lied " *t" rrs, a. ' Silver \V are, Table Cutlery. Ac. Sile | (' .11 v. _ * vs LUWLoW, ,IR., AVCTIONRKn ||, u" ,.Uri ti?M, HARNESS, AC, tens 11 111 'tv I| , ? I I SI li th'r, dsy a1 II, at 1 /,B iV.'nj street, West <?l Brae way, a hS"'"?'1' ? . ?f,r;,iur p i eon a i l?i> Bo*.; > 'ft ihiV vv , n ,iei and secon 1, nlso, ene su : r ' tor's P a '.r?, i. w, built to ord r for ' , ?V.-"mi. AlI.:rtlV.Ei:R, will I LL ON 1 I I'| IS? !<?'?I I '? '-a ??'<*"* atflil <1 0 d av roe, I t "- ii,-' i I -nope, ?iiu* B??aUi.6 ta?-\ V,sskj, jHMl'viM.' 40 ? ALBS AT AUCTION. |?DWABD glNrZKNIOH. AUCTION EB1L 1<V 0 W l)AvtNi'OIIi. Llogaut Parlor, oiiiunb i. II ill, UUirji and Dining Uooaa Furuilure. Ales. Pe<etiJ bund Furniture. PIANO If KTK. 1,... May ,0. I >, i clock, *t the aalesrooin* IBS an i is; Kruailiftjr.t lu: an i aidant auortineni ol' Parlor, Chamber, binlu lo^m l.t,r. ly and 11*11 l'uriuiuro, inanu lectured a tli best in ' ou i\ uuU \v 1.1j Also, to Olid bMMt Knn,I u e<? ith wbioli ti e bale will ooniiiu'ii ft hi i it* lovw At eruom), eonai*>:ns ol ru*ew.>od Pa lor Suit, I lookout* t, lie istoada. Tables, Obair*. Lounges. Ac., Plan fort*, Ac. pMJWAKU SINTZENIOH, AUCTION ElsX LaNDSusIB IIOUSEHO! Di'UKNITUKK. PIANCFCKTK CaUik r.s, acj BY C. W. D.WKM'ORT, On Fnl*y, K%y ?. at lt>% o'ci >nn. ?n iho premises 166 ant fhlr.j'-su. nili street, the whole ol me Furuiiurs t< 1 iwaidru o, uumnsling ol carved rosewood P?riot .v.iii in K ? eu hrocilel, marble top Tables. 7 octave P. tun'crt* 1.n llf ?.!??? Carpets. manic. M.rrors. c m k *xu:us:co 1 able, umbo;aoy Stuetioard, Citatr* Ac ; buck waiout ?n l other Chamber Bml>, Maitrc-sPealbet B?a. S.a.r Cat pcta,, carved Hall Stand, U.ass, (Jaiu? u.j mo u?uai article* of housekeeping The whole ia ;u ?x:ei:eu! ordei itod was new one year since GEO HOLbROOK. AUCTIONEER?OFF! CB HO !t? Braajway ?Moilga^t Si ii ? KCLHUCOK * CAUNEV wms?ll, cn amtirduy next, all the Furr?iui* Ac, at ms lio'.Li ki own an ibe Bank, N i 9 But H luitoo sirce', con sisting ol (our pull Beer Pump. Bur and Fixtures Piet, Man l**i aoit Bar Minor*, Engrat log* (loung wblcn ucoe ol the en ampmeot of tlie Scren'b regiment. N V ). war Mr top Tables, Arm C h.iiis, plated Wallers. Muga, Ac.; Gas '.'liaude liera, Heater, ot cloth, Crockery, Ulassware ami aii other ? nicies u-ually lound io a lirst cUsa hotel. Catalogues at sale JOHN .M-kjOMBBVILLB, Attorney (er Mortnagec. CtEO. IIOLHBOOK. AUCTIONEER ?HOLBROOK * f CAONEY wilt sell, this day. al ljtf o'clock, al l?* West Twelfth strict, between 84rib and 8evealh avoouee. all the genteel Furmtnre ol the house, ecnuaUng er two roeewoel Parlor 8u4U, rosewood Centre and other Tables, two Ui^e Pier Qlas*ei, Curtains, Shadea, Plttnpton Bedstead, tnah?ga UJ Be Utead.-s Bureaus ao4 Waaimlands. Oilcloths, 8uMr CarpeU, hair and other XaUre?M>a, Bolster* and Pillowa, line lot ol Siieeta, Oomlorters and Bpreada, oaa l>iaing Table and Ctiaire to watch. Plated, Crockery and Uiasa Waie>and Kitchen FuraiiMre Geokgb oeoK. auctioxbeb.-blsoavt housb hoia Kumuure.?Thuday, at lQUo'cloek, at saloaroow 111 Broadway, n<>*l lo tho Auienran Telegraph ollue, a att pcr i sto k ol first claas custom made Furniture, consisutig of Parioi Suits of var.ous kinds, Library Salts, Kecepttoo and Diniiifi Uoora Suits, Parlor Secrclarles. Etigxrea, Buf fets, Eilenaion Oiniug Tablei) Chamber Suits, el rotowooJ, black wa'nut and malioguny; Library and Secretary Book cases, Amoirv a Q.ace, Loungca, Cliairs, llall Standa, Hall Tables tind Chairs, Totlct and Charaoer Sets?making a very desirable stock, fur jKisilive sale. For particulars see cata logues. N. B.?At 12 o'clock one rosewood Puuoforte. GENTRRf, FOBWITUBE THIS DAY.-A. J. BLEBCK KU, SON A CO., will sell this day, at IO)* o'clock, at No. 27V Fourth arenue, near Twenty-second struct, the rose wood and mahogany Parlor, Dlniug Koom and Budrooiu Furniture of a gentLuian's family declining housekeeping. HBNKT H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEhB.?HOUSEHOLD Furniture.?HENUY 11. LEBDS A CO., Hiii sell at auclion, on Friday, May ii, at 10^ o clock, at t.'ie salesroom, 23 Nunaau street, a large nsaortinent of Household Furui lure, consisting of rosewood Suits in brocatel; mahogany uo? to pl iah aad hair cloth; Lounges, roai-wood marole top Centre Tables, mahogany do. Side Tables, rosewood and mahogany Drehaing Bureaus, black waln-it do., o?k and black w-tlriut Extension Dining Tables, do. Sideboards, with marble tops; oak Dining Boom Chairs, in reps an i lea'her; ros"wooi Ikdsieads, mahogany do., Wanhstan'ls, Toilet S ts, Bttuitis, Velvet and Ingrain Carpeta; Stair Carpets, Oilolotlis, Chandeliers, Mirrors, gilt framed Ensravlngs, and lot of Kitchen Furniture, all of whicb hna been removed for couvenieace of sale, and will be sold without reserve. HBNBY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER. VALUABLE HOBSES AND CABBIAOE3. HBNBY U. LEEDS A CO. will sell at auction, on Friday, May 11, at 10 o clock, at tha stable 17 Eaat Tuirteeuth street, near Fltt!i avenue:? Valuable Horses, Carriages, Harness, As., (he property of a gentleman leaving lor Europe, viz:? One pair bay Horace, 15 hands high, long tall. One Curtain Carriage, in good order, made bf Wood Brothers. One fine double atlver plated Harness. A pair of valuable Horses, bay and black, very fast. A nay Horse, sound and kind and gentle. A sorrel Horee. pony built; excellent saddle horse. A liue Koc&pway, pole and shifts and double UKBMA One do tor's Olg. Phaeton and Harness. Two men's Saddle#, la fcood order. One pony Sleigh. Three Kobee?eoe black bear, rsry Una; ana lai<go buffalo and one wolf. Together with Horae Blankets, Sheets aad other articles. The stable to let. Inquire of tha auctioneer*. HENBY H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER?VALUABLE PBI vale collection of Oil Paintings.?HENRY II. LEEDS A CO. twill seU at auction, on Saturday, May 10, al II o'clock, at tuelr gallery, 13 Naaaau street, line private collection or OU l'aiutinga, by celebrated American artists, being the en tire gallery of a gentleman connoisseur, comprising the works ol Oignoux, Durand, J. F. Ccopeey, H. Pe'.crs, Cray, Jam' a Hart, William Hart.lA. F. Tatt, O. H. Hal, Cssilear, D. Johnson, Sliattuck, Bellows, A. Worst. Boird, Oertel, Van Beest, J. O. Brown, Drlleaaard, and others of equal ce lebrity, forming a very sell et and One coll ction of American Paintings. They will be ruady for exhibition as above ou and after Wednoaday, 7th iuat., with catalogue. Henry n. mineb, auctioneer, salesroom 37 Nas*a>r street, opposite the Post oitice.?MI.NKB A 60MEBV1LLE will sell al auction, en Friday, May 9, at U oMock, at their salesroom, 37 Nsssau street, an elegant col lection of modern Oil Paintings of the American ?nd French schools, among whl'-h will be lounl tha Harbor of Antwerp, by the late A. Van Beest, said to be his (attest and finest pn lure; also severs I smaller Paintings and Drawings by the same artist. Landscape, by Delassard, painted expressly for the Paris Exhibition of 'Ml; Interiors, by Lentani de Metx, Seignac, Manion I and N'blis; Landscapes aad Marines by O. Inneas, C. Lefebo^e, Mlchaioo, A. B.VIron, A. Pellctier, UiSord, Bondel, Hekklng. Qlradel, Melby aad others. The above are all elegantly I ramed and worthy the atteutioa of oonuisseure. They are now ou exhibition with ealalo.uea. TJENBY C. SCBIBNEB. AUCTIONEEB ?CONTINUA i 1 tioa sale of Household Furniture. Mirror*, Mattrasiee, B^-tlii',-, Cro-kery aad Olaaen are, Plated Ware, Brussels and L.iersi" Cupels, Ae., Ac. HENBY C. SCBIBNEB will sell (.Saturday) at 11 o'clock A. M., at aalestoom HI Maasa'i street. Parlor, Chamber aad Dining room Fur niture of rt/aowo04'! black walnut aad mahogany, in btacatel, reps, Ae.; So.fas, lounges. Easy Chairs, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Waaaataatfa, X>ntre Tables, Crockery. Olsai and Plated Ware, Biusaels Jtnd Ingrain Carpels, Stair Bods, Ac. H EN BY B. HEBT9, JB,, AUCTIONEEB. BY HENBY WOOD A CO. SHEBirrB SALE. HOTEL FUH.VITUBB. On FBIDAY, May ?. at 1^ o'clock. AT THE SALESROOMS MO. M BROADWAY, COMPKI8INQ Til e: ENTIBE FUKNITUBE OP A HOTBL, Couaisting of Velvet, Brussels and Ia^rain Carpeta, Oil els'bs. Patent Mangle, rosewood tread nctien aad square Pianos, Billiard Table, rosewood, mahogany, wainat and oak Chamber, Parlor and Dining Boom Furniture, la every va riety; alcgant Frenth plate Pier and Mantel Claaaea, Beds, Beading, Mauresfea, Crockery, China, Olaeeware, Cutlery, Plated Ware, Ac.: together with a large lot nf Kllchea Fur niture and Utenslla, with which Ike aale will commence. Catalogues will be nil, early - Wotick.?Parties furnishing will had this sal* well worthy their attention. TOUM U. VANDBWATBB, AUCTIOMBBB. LAROB PEREMPTORY 8ALB, AT PUBLIC AUCTIOB, BY A JOUBNEAY, 8ATUBDAT, MAT M, At 11 o'elocfc A. M , at salesroom, J7S Bratdirir, Of New and Second llsrtd Household Furniture, comprising rosewood SiilU, lu briK-ttti 1 and balr <:loU?; French Plate M i rors, Tables, Chair*, Lounsng. made-upCarpeta, In Ta pue'.ry an t Velvet. Ac., A".; uiflce Furniture, lliih. Chairs, 8 0 i!?, Ao., lamovsd let convenience of sale. T BOG ART, AUCTIONEER-BY 8. A J. BOOART? rj , Monday, Hay 11. a' II o'clock, at 1IM Fiiat atrset, near First nvaii :e, tienteel Household Furniture-?Mahogany Sjja*. Rocket a, Pailor Chairs, Lsco Curtain*. Brussels aad In :raiu Chi put*. E latere, French Bedstead*! Mods and Bed din!;, mahogany Bureaus, Tabiea, Clialra, Kltolien Furni ture, Ao. T HOOART, AUCTIONEER?BT 8. k J. BOO ART ? ?l . S Iturday, Ma;. 10, at 10K o k, at the miction rooms, N.,. 1 Nor'h V\ illlsnt street, Household Furniture, consisting 01 mahoipny Sofas, Lounge*, uiahocanr Borea ia, Brussels, Thi re p y and Ingrain Carpels, Oilclom, mahogany French Bedsteads, Hair Ma'tre* ss, Kitchen Furniture, Ac. Alao tire lire proof 8ai>a, una Htaarns A Marvin's, one Her ring'*, one Sherwood's Phirnlx Safe; alio lot of Moot* and Mhnns; also one bay Horse, one tobaoio pedlar's Wagon, aeta Harness, Ac Jm MOORE, AUCTIONEER, CORNER OF NEW BOW . ery and Oliver street, sells this day, at II o'clock. Counter*, Oio-ery and oilier Ulaas Cases, Tea, Oil and Mo lasses Can*: Decanters, Kegs, Pump', Screens, Tumblers, Painting*, .Varnle Top w sin it snd other Tal>i?s, Urga Bar I H1U liU^Oj u.?t "!? IVU n?iss M HM?? VIHVI aisid^w, itip OBI M11 rors, Ice Bote*. C> ntrs Tables, Oilcloth, Sofas, ma' bonny roppei Una* Barsnd Kxturas, and a variaty of use ful Furniture. MBiOKTOAOBR SALE -RICHARD WALTERS, Auc tioneer, sell* this day, at I OS o'clock, at 18 Eael Broad way, l>v virtue ot a chanel mortgaco, our green and gold brocatefSuit Rosewood Furiilture, it*:?Tbie* Sofas, two Ann C'isim, lour <h*ls snd sit red velvet anat walnut (, one do. Sewing Chair, three rosewood Rect-pilon Chairs, una walnu* KooksUnd, MM go'Hi mahogany I'lsno forle two uiarnle tap rosewood Tables, two good isrja Bins, sailriarprts. JAMES CAMPBELL, Attorney lor Mo.tgag*e. Also, Constable's sole of sundry Household Furniture ?Bu nana, marble op Tables, Waahatands, three exrellant mo dern On*Chan .tilers, with othergooda. Salt positive. r. COLLINS, Constable MOBTOAOB SALE OF BURTrs- VARIETIES?< OR. I 1 er I ulton and l'tneapn'? sleds, Brooklyn, Bsturday, May 10, at 10 o'olock, by PEED A CO. Stag-- S<?nea, two Drop Curtains, rosewood I'l.ino, forty eight Ai at C. sirs and Cuahlons, three large plat* Mlrrora, Banchea Bat Fixtures, Ac. J. A. CAMPFIELD, Attorney for Moitgage*. Rail T. HAZBLL, AUCTIONEER. . WlllTTEMOKh A ilA/.KM. will aell gt auction thi? day (Fild?y>, at 10K o'clock, at the salesroom, /v No 6J Llbotty HARDWARE, CUTLERY. AC , in lots to suit city and rummy b,yera, comprising in |?rt Ate*, Hat,beta, Hammers, Chisels, Auger Bltts, Compasses, Files, Hcieu *, inaleabla Iron Saw Framea ZOO; uoxsu Plan'er*' lira, Plated Wlre, Ac.; Tabls, Dessert and I o kst Cutlery, Shears, Ac. Also, FRENCH. TINNED AND RNAMEI LED WARE, Ssnre l am. k'resol va Keltic,, S|uun?, Di?u Covers, CoTee Pots, Orldiron*, Cups, Tureens, D p|?'ra. 8 oora, Suup Ladl-s, brushes, Wue, Nulls, Ao., Ac. Also, WAITER8, LEA TRAYS, AC. A larre assonmcnt of "leiant Tea Traya, Waltera, Breed and Emfc Trays, Ac., of all sixes . AI aupei lor ((Uabty. R T. HA.ZRI.L. AUCTIONEBR. ? , WlilTI'EMORE A IIA/i-LL will sell at auction, on FRIDAY. MAY 9. at lt)M o'clock, al theli a*l> sroom, ^ ta I.IHRR 1Y STREET, in s.Idltlon lo a gen> nil assoitnojit or li.irdwara, Cutleiy. " RENOH TINNKD WAI'.E, eonipnalng. In |?rt. lu.ned Mane psns. Mkimmers. Dinpeta, .six,on-, Pnattng Ppoona, Cops, Ac,: enamelled Saner pins, I'ceaerslng K> tti-a |trlt?iinia Houp La ll-ta, Ac., Ac. FINE TF.A TR\YS*"AnD WAITERS V? dozeii superior quality Waltera, T-a Ttays, Bregd B?*k>'ta, Ae. ^ 1, HI RV VN, At'CTtOHEER -s IIKRMANACO WILL O, soil on f 1 idav, ut |.i U . lery, at II o'cl.i k, '.r virtu* ill seveia< < ireutl, ni, n lai -e ipiantily of l,i,|iiois, ^i insi'tlnt 01 Psi* sua l?ir* Hranutei, Bourbon and M011,on,I'.ain Whlsl y, c-isss R im, I'orl and 8h*rry Wine,, Kir-,, 1 W a it r, ptoes <? u, i is * Frem li Brsndr, L mdnn CI i'i lloiue Om, Cur lis,*, l>a?krt< C'mnipsau ?, Ao ; a so , a ,|s. Mill* a s, H ,ap?, t aud.nn, CoiieB, Pi on ?*, Dried Apples, ' Vin 'I, Dutch 11 rriaj* S. Ill I'cim, Reaus, Ae By or l?r. 4. UiiWUU. Atwraoy, BVUMttI btAf W0UI>, UmUM*, IAIiB? AT ADOT1UII, Rbcei ve r-s bale'?peremptob y 8alb ok A retail stock of Hard>v tie.?PuMlo notice In h' r?-by fiTcn that the undersigned will .el! on Saturday, May 10 at I o'clock, at Mi Hiidsou street, Id the city of New Yoili ? valuable alack ol Uardwaro uud Futuroe. together wi a liorfeoe, Wagons, Ac. T. B. SH-.WART, Wt 'l'tT QllEBIFF'S SALB.-8 A J. BOQART, AUCTION!; rtl.A C5 will sell, <n .Saturday. May 10. m 11 o'olock, at t, e .. io tioa rooms, t' 0 btiu:o? of the atook of It .idwarc, Olli.1 Fur niture, Iron Bife, .tc., consisting 01 heav> cbmn , si yard*. Muat Cutter* Mills, one Ktc*rn* M Marvin'* Si u Wardrobe*, mahogany doit'ii ? 1? -8k Letter frpn OUis Showcase*, Ac. JO IN KELLY, Late Sheriti'. 11HOMAS VEII'CII. AIctflONEER. OFFICE NO *71 B Puelio A.iuunig.ruior ? sale of Uou*o) Furniture, 4c.. on Friday May 9, 18C2, at ID \ M , at Nn. ? Bnugo atreiit. Fiusiiin^, at tbe resldeucu of the iaui (l.<b i?i Winter, a large lot of rosewood an 1 mahogany JIoi:s iiolil Furniture,, Carii.tges, Harness, Oa-den To tla, b.H bouse Plaiti, Ac. 6 1*. KlfSSBL, 1'ublic Administrator. fpo BB SOLD?ItV PUBLIC AUCTION, ON MONDAY, X K'lh. ai t? o 0 cl c'< 1*. M(, unless previously dl^po^ed of. the wbc.e ofttio ft umiturc, Carpets, Bedding, Ac., Ac., o( b'.t.aa lOP Grand street, w. at. Will be Mild ??vitliout ri-s r ve WM. ICi'i'ING, AUCTIONEER AUCTION NOTICE. ATTRACTIVE AND IMPORTANT 8 A LB. T11I8 DAY AND TO-MOKUbW, FRIDAY. Muy 9, and SATURDAY, May 10. We beg it Invite attention to the above aale, . ? FR1DAV8 catalogue la not* ready, atd will be, found to contain . Full assortments of . STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS. * SATURDAY 3 SALE trill 00 stain full linns ol choice EMBROIDERIES. Full assortment* of needle worked EDOINOS, JNSKKTINGS, flouncinos AND BANDS. MW piece* of Jaconets, Muslins, Twills, Check*,Stripe*, aad other White Quods. Invoice* of Tamboured and Embroidered Drapery Wnlti Invoices of Lace Curtains, Including many 01 high coat. ALSO, ASSORTMENTS OF STAPLE ANi> FANCY DRY OOOML Catalogues readyon morning of each day'* sal?. WM. TOPPING A GO.. Auctioneer*, ... No a. 9 and 11 Park plaoe, nad Wo. 8 Murrajr street. WILLIAM WITTERS, AUCTIONEER, WILL SELL this day, at 2 o'clock, at 434 Oaual street, 700yards Tipe*u-y and other Carpets, 400 yards Olloloth, 9(A) yards Malting; also Bugs, Mats, Table Covers, Office Furniture, A# WILLIAM WITTERS, auctioneer. WILL SELL this (lay, at 2 o'clock, at 454 Canal street, a lar^o and vul ualue assortment of Furniture?Tailor Suits, Ccn ire, Side, Dining and Tea Tables; l'ler and oiber Glasses, Lace Cur tains, Bookcase, rich Tapestry, Three-ply and other Carpets; Oljslotli*, Stair Hods, Beds, Bedding, marble lop Dies* tig Buic?us, Waahstanda, Wardrobes. Chaudolior*. Loungea, Sofa Beds, Cane and other Chairs, Rockers, Dining Boom and Kitchen Furniture, Stoves, Ao. WILLIAM ABBOTT, AUCTIONEER?OK TICK NO 1 East Broadway?will ae 1 this day, at 1U){ o'clock, the Stock and Fixtures of the Grocury and Liquor o,or? 2u0 East TweUih street?spii ndtd Counter*, Ioe Chest, Kegs, Casks. Soap, Starch, Caudles, Ao. M THE TURF. ALTR8E JACK HERO. IMPORTED, THOROUGH bred, black, hanus nltsh, is standing for mares at the farm opposite G. C. Vandowater's Hotel, South Oystet Bay, L. I. Terms, $11) the seaeon, la advance. $15 to insure. Mare at the owner's risk. JOHN DUFFlf. OCEAN-BASHAW TROTTING STALLION, BY LONO Island Bla^k Hawk, dam by Abdailah?is standtnz at Dr. Lawrence's farm, at South Oyxter Bay, L. I., at $12 M the season ; $<W to Insure. Mare at the owner's risk. Is for Bale; price $XUO), or tiade for laud in or near New York. A lilress Dr. J. B. Lawrence, St. Denis Hotel, New York, o* John Dully, South Oyster Bay, L. I. The celebrated horse oeo. m. patchen will stand foruiarus on the Djketnan farm, near Kinga> bridge, at $100 the season. Good stables andp.isture pro vided ioc mare*. WM. WALTERKlitE, Washington Drove Yard. COPARTNERSHIP WOTICB8. A FORTUNE MADE EASY.?A GENTLEMAN OF EDU> cation good add!ess, who Is aoenstomed to move la S?o4 -oetety, 4 capital of $300. and whose b utlnee* p4rtnSU blm to take a trip to Bugland for one month or Ion cer, uuur bear of a sura way of making a fortune In a short time, by addressing Confidential, box 103 Ilerald office. Please state where an Interview may be bad, at or after I o'olock P. K A FORTUNE.?THE PATENT EIGHT OP AN ABTICLB. which every pernon has to use, would be sold; or a partner with capital la wanted to engage in manufacturing this artiole. No agents wanted. Address W. Kuhl, HerelZ ollioe. AM EXTEAORDINARY opportunity.?ANT OEM. tlemau with $300 can learn 01 a ebanoe to engage la m pleasant enterprise, Utat will yield $1,000 a month, as will be shown by poeitive proof, by applying at MS and 604 Broa4? way, room 6, up staira. APARTNKR WANTED?In AN ESTABLISHED PAT lug business, uow la aucc-esf ul operation, yielding a sure and profitable Income. A small capital, say $2C0, oilj lequired. Apply to C. B. HOWES A CO., 439 Broadway. / IOFAETNERSHIP.?PHIUP DATES AND 8. T. HHFP. KJ ner have this day formed a copartnership, under tM Arm Ol Philip Dater A Co.. and. as the succsaors of Dat r* A Co., will continue tlie wholesale grocery and oommlsstoa business at the old stand, 161 Front etreet. PHILIP DATES, Mow Yon*, May 1. 1888. S. T. HEFFNSB. Literary enterpbizk?a ease chance.?a gentleman of literary taste or one of waotica! businese habits, who ran command from $4,100 to $$,000, eaa become partner with the advertiser in a literary enterprise ef a no vel character. lie deeign is entirely original and calculated for a wide circulation, while a limited elivralalion will pa* expenses and lusurs a profit lis popularity Is oertain, aa< as it has no competitor, it can be rendered largely profitable. As an investment it offer* a larger return than any other claas of property. Oaah capital aeoeaeary. Principal* oato dealt with. Addrea*, with real name, L. L D, bos 111 PARTNER WANTED?WITH A LITTLE CAPITAL. AT A * place of lumnxr rworl, dmt the city, where a large udoiioi of money can ba made, with othar favarabla iaduo* meat*. For particular* add real B. W. O., Herald ofioe. PARTNER WANTED?WITH $M>. IE A MANUFAC X turiag budneaa, ibat U paying over 4'JO per eeat prodt; lama order* on band; aold aa faat aa mada. Inqaure of B BUBBRT, St Leroy atreet. for three day*. PARTNER WANTED?WITH ABOUT ?1.500, IE A dC, coatalaiBf Are run of Prentie* A rage'* milUu doing a city baaiueea. Addrcaa Miller, box 107 Herald ettae. PARTNBR WANTSIE THE HAT AED CAP SCSI, nfia, long eatabliahed, full atoek; reaaon for partner, mora than one can attend l?; rant low. Apply at IW Qraaa wteb street. THE COFABTNRRBIHF HERETOFORE EXIBTIN0 under the Una of Joke Jaoabua A 9aa la tbla day dl* eoived br mutual ooaaent- Ike aame of the Arm will M uaed In lfquldgfoa. JOHN JACOBUS. Naw Yoka, ?ay 1. HP. SAUL. M.JACoriua. THE ADYEBTI8BB WI0HE8 TO MEET WITH A good bualnea* maa te tola Mm in a proa labia and (trial, ly <*ati buiineea From Bloutt la IVIU weuld ba roaelrea. Addreaa R. C. M., Herald oBoe. r MANUFACTURERS?A PERSOE, WELL AO. quaiated among the dry and fancy guoda jobber*, la da alroua of making arrangement* with manufacturer* to re ceive cen*l?nuienta and eatabli*h a?a?eaey la tl<u city, Keft-reti' ea given. Addreaa Commleeiiia Merchant, box 171 Herald offloo. Wanted-a. partner to take hold op a lu. crativu man iiaoturing biiilnaea; the article la good demand, $.1,OOJ to ??,UU0 n>cea*ery. Addreaa Expectation. $200, TO MOO.?a YOUNO HAN, WITH THE ABOTE J aiiiouut, wiahe* to gel intoaeake reapevtabte btul ' aa. Addreaa Heiaid ottce. -A PARTNER WANTED, TO- TAKE FULl . charge oi a ttrat olaaa giw ery *tore In a tint rlaa* neighborhood. Fur | articulare apply at A P. MITU'H real $2j0. charge oi a Hrat olaaa grocery *ton in a ttrat cb neighborhood. For | articulare r ? * | d estate oJ'Oe, ISI Blgbtu avenue. (Aiinn ?A PERMANENT CASH P ATI NO MBRCAN ijpOUU. tile uualne**. Any party wiehing to tnveai the above amount may apply to N. DAVIJ A CO., 9ft Naw Bowery. APAA - WANTED, A PARTNER. WITH TOIB JpOUvJ. amount, to enter Into a nr*t olaaa paying liuai n"v?, where there i* no rlak. Inuutra of JAB. CONNER, G14>i Broadway, between 12 and 1 P. M. jrAA -the WRITER WOULD CONTRIBUTE THIB St)UU. am. unt and hi* *ervlcee In *om? profitable caab builne**. llaa had much experience and will treat only with partieenf elm-teat integrity. Addreee, cutting real name and bitaiueea, Quick, Herald oUlce, -A PARTNER WANTED IN A RERVBCTA fflOUU. ble i a?h paying bualneaa, and wi ll uatatiliahed lor the laat twelve v,ar?. Apply to C. B. HOW EH, 4S Broadway, or at 1.W7 Bioadwey, lu the lumber yard, above Thirty Seventh *lreeL art n.(\(\ to ?2.<m>-aey party full* estae Jbl.OUU llehediu an eRUve and reliable bo*iiiwa, hut te em lug." p*rtn*r, wiu capital, may ed lre*e Anaae Lee, tin aid office. ?Trnn -WANTED A PARTNER WITH *1.500, IE S> L.OUU. one of the beat paying Inieiaeaaee la the city, fo an active mau an opportunity In re ll/e *A0O0 within om year I* ollered. Addrtae, with name, Ac., E bo* 1? Herald oUice. _ ~ MKDICAL. ~ Te OLD STAND.-USUAL CONSULTATIONS ?DR. A HARItOW, IVt Bleecker aireet, four dour* lr?iu Ma? dJugal, New Vork. fromJUill ?, and from 4 till 8. Dai R COOPER. 14 DUANE STREET, MEMBER OF THE Collaae of Phy*iciau* and Burgeon* of New Torn, may be ronauiten dally at bl* oOoe, from 8 In the morning until ?la th* evening. DOCTOR HUNTER HIMSELF?THE PHYSICIAN who eatabllahed the H'interien DUpeinary, No S Dlvt aion ctroet. New York city, In MM, can be oouanlted I roin t a k uniii ten o'clock night, At Iht old otilce. A private entrance. Book for nothing. EkR R COBBETT, MEMBER OF THE NEW Y01R ' Unlverrtty MedUwl College, aud College oi s ir?r,,na, ndon ian be consulted aa uaual, at hi* olli iu Oenre ?ueet between Cbambera and Re?de Prttaie ?nti?uie No dfcity Hall place. N B -Bee Dr. C.'* diploma, lu hu eftM. Cleeigm moderate. S,9"powers TREATS ALI. DISEASES OPFlMALBl ' with unparalleled auooeae il<< ran be t onaulteti at I m Ight atieet, duilng all hour*. Jayorerenlug DR WARD. WITH THIRTY YEARS' EXPERIEN'; thorougblycMnverxant In treating diceaael, can b" oi *ulted ?t U Lai?ht aireet; the only place. A p'lv*ie entra Atteuda alway*. _ I I A DIES EXPE0TIN0 medical attendance can Hj find the comi ori* 0 v liome at the private Lying In A*f" r!Ini oi H?<latni> PAItSALLE, 741 Oreenw! ;h atr -nt. MilMrne takcu lor adoption, and al?o children adopted out. nHIBMOV al-div ralph n OrriCB. T01M B RrcNKE , ?t,?((t, weat .If Broadway, ll'iura, II to I .1 d till '.I Professor rrstfll, im c? ambfps stp.rbt.cae ? Ca goamted ae venal. Agent*, ittH M?*rt/ treei M T. la Brooklyn, 17ft i Jlton aireet. ttr || HUNTER M II.. NO. ? DIVISION STREET, N V\ , V., am - liH, ?? f"? nrnpiHiii* of the akin, a ioiiila is e. f?*forta. white *w?:il^g, erohitlr, va-iM ele, byd ewie gravel, fiet'ila, rheiimattaui, av'ite, ciug^.a ot iui.auiuia wry. Nw pay UilwuiV'l f'1

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