Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1862 Page 3
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SITUATIONS WAXTKP?FKMAl.g*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY a RKSI'BCTABI.K mi:> dle aged and esKerian ed color*! I woi'.utJ, a* travelling ?nail; '*n *i>eak Kr?n a S, auult; ion give good nile Itlh*. I'm be HMD M1 No. 1 litu^ "t. AH!' Bi'E1 T Mil K .MKHIi \N <? 1 Ht WISH ?'8 A ::l lua.Um us chaml.ami w..: ?*. . ?l.iiiuljcj mm ! and u .i. i e ii i . ? t;..u Iwm jiU 111 We ?6\ l till A MIDDLE AiiKli I'< Oi I > M' S> ii3K OK NBA'P J\ habit , arte .it ii i i >??? ? ? i oe i U.. um ? : v?.;.i ? ... ... . ?>? -? tafce thi' rt-- I . , , ? ;i . ? ., . i. ... < n,-. OftBtortwo ?j .aiaei |iii . . .. | l M *? v Ud, ?t. \RE8PE< TABLE I'Ri'TKSTAN'T litltl, WANTS A ?U'UtllOIl a4 ctut U?M III.lid o. U> K< i.ltl'ul II' ;| ertOl r. tli it small l.iniy; hr lul i i n v. ? all ui lln >'m k HI., Bf"Okl)n.iirm.iU?v ARFSl'K. TVBLE I'l'i'UN \\ IH1IE8 A SITUATION a* ?ea.uane h ii" u in .> ' ainly; null ritUiml* m..kiny, has no ob eU.i. to > u il.anu.civvork or i?o a Mimt dixuu.K iii tin' ?>' liny r?111 city irl'crenuca. Ca:l tor two d-ys at 4.*4 Otiei ry hi. . lii .u i >.1. i. ?. A LADY WISIIK.', TO OBTAIN \ SITUATION FOR A ser.ant, wti j liu-i bc-n witii hen. ? uj limn, aa m am (MM and u i k; cm ci a J ntl'iinia'i clmili In ihe neatest manner; U ,;u. I. 1 . u 1 to hili'.rn a i J ji- rfi oily reliable. Au|?., all 1 V> . in . hi. A SITUATION WANTKI) HY A RhSPECTABLB girl, aacbautb imuid an i amniee*, or a.s chamber maid and wuitre x; ur w oniil a*r . arc of elillJieu; no objec tion togo lu tin- onnt.y. 1>.' i ..1'ilty n foieuoe. Call at 171 Weil 20tb at. A cook'S SITUATION WANTED?BY A KESl'ECTA ble yoiiii^ wi.maii; in a gawd cook anil agood waaher and ironer, uuuci e. business perfectly. Heal of city Mieruce from h r last place, where alia haa lived a long time. Call at ii'j 27t!i hi., ,>eiueeu 7ih and 8lh ava AKE.SI'ECf ABLK YOUNO GIRL WANTS A HITU* aiion an chambermaid and waitress, or lo take care of children; 1h wiliii,-an I obligiua, and uood to children; lite beat city n fcreiue given. Apply at 13 oth at. AS COOK, CHAMBERMAID, AC.?WANTED?SITU A lions, by two ru^uuctable women; one aa expern-nced eook; understanda cooking in all ita branch**; tlie otlier aa chambermaid and to do Una waahing; both truatworlby and ?t'liging; beatdtv reference can be given. Call atllV24lh at., between Btb and 7tb avs. AYOUNii WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION AS LAUN di < af, or would do chamberwork and One wanhlng. No olUociiou to the country. Good reference U required. Call ?i ft) U St., betwe.n Itn and 6th avei. AKESI'ECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN WISHES A situation aa cook, waaher and Ironer in a aniall private family. Good city reference. Can be aeen for two day* at 34 Weat 4Mb at., between 6th and 6th av?., rear houae. Avery respectable woman wants either ladiea' or gentlemen'* waahing, or for families. Can clre good reference from thoie whom ahe washed for be fore. inquire at320Uih at., between avenuea B and C. A STEADY YOUNG WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION as cook; Isagood bread, blacuil and cake maker; will aasiat In the waahing, or do the waahing of a small latnily. Good city reference. Apply at 380 Myrtle a v., near Carlton, Brooklyn. 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNG WOMAN WANTS A 8ITUA e family, to do general homework. Good her Ian place. Call at 191 West 26th it., ft av?. ' WISHES A SITUATION TO DO nd take care of children. No objection ply at 304 Weat 17th *L, aeconu tloor, WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE u nurae and aeamatreaa, or would take t baby; no objection to go in thecoun the summer. Bent ouy reference. Call 1 av., between 24th and 26tU at*., in the WANTS A SITUATION AA COOK. ????????**? ? ? I GERMAN OIRL WISHES A SITUA: .nd chambermaid; ia willing to trave1 try or Europe. Beat of city retereuce Call Friday or baturday ai 61 Nor the rear. SUBS A SITUATION; IS WILL i Hashing and ironing; naa the best at 144 Weat Slat at., between 7th and ?U WISHES A SITUATION IN A chambermaid and waitress; would d ironing; haa the bc*t of elty refe Slat at., between 7th and tttb av*., In 8EAMSTRB8B?A SITUATION stable Protectant girl; haa excellent 117 Weat 218184., between 7th and A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT GIRL WISHES A situation a? clusnibermald and to aaslat in the waabing Bad ironing. Call at 93 Weat SOth at, between 6th and 7th wa. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RE8PECTABLE _firl an c.,0-, washer and Ironer. Beat of city reference. Apply corner of Oaford *.. and Park ar., over the meat (tore, third rorr, back room, Brooklyn. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young girl, hi chambermaid and waitreis and to make Mraeif generally uaeful, or to do houaework in a email pri Tate faintly; no objection to the country; the beat of city re Terence. Call for two day* at 221 Weat 26th at, between 8tl> A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECT*. 3LZ young woman, aa aeamitrew) and chambermaid or an ?aairiitrrM ami to ?< n4o children; understands all kinda of family sewing, ctuiiiig and fitting ladles' and cliildren a ?re *<*??, and is an cicelieot tailor-Da; best of city reference. Call for two iU.-j at 221 West 26ih at, between dtk and Vtb ?nt, third Cour. A RESPECTABLE liTRL WISHES A SITUATION TO take care of children imd do chamberwork. Call for Iwo daya at JM 1st av., between 20th and 21st sts. AYOl'NU LADY WOULD LIKE A SITUATION AS ailciwuinan, nut hawng much txpeneuce, would ex fact small re. immense. Ad.ires* Mi** wllde, stati n D, A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE yonng w, as cook. washer and Ironer. Tlie best of city rciatenee. Can be f.een mr two day-, ai f3 West 32d aL, betwe.-u Mil and i tli u.. x., ilr*t llooi, iront room. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE PRO test.mi fining v onn.i. to cook, wash and ir*.n:nra arnsll pnvate tamilr. tinn-f rlty reference. No objection to do general kouaawor*. Call for two days at 1U King st. AMVOATMMI WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE young >'o-iian, to J.? plan cookiug, ia an esc-llent wasln r and ironer; tin: i -si o. lefercnce can be uveu. Call for two daya at 2U2 Pear St., near Concord, Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WOULD WISH TO OB ia a u e washing of aatue family orgonilemen's, at h< r own residence; '-an i i\e gnnl referenco aa to capability and Lonesiy, or would go out b;. the day to wash. Call at 166 Bast 22d St., bettt ? en 1st auU ?d ayes. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESECTABLE jouug Kill, a< pla n e ok, good was. er and irouer. lu a aaaull prlviiie lainil); t'.e l ent city reference If required. Can be seen lor two d-p?, If not engaged, at 100 West l'Jth st. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE Wo man. a* nitrae and MMMtfWa; la competent of taking the enure chaigc < h.ldren; live years' reference from her laat place. Aiiuri ss IMi tith ar., between 2jlh and !0ih st*. A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AOED WOMAN WISHES a s.tuatlun io do g. neral housework; the country pre ferred ; is ae< unturned to the rare of children, and would take the mitmat on. or would take cara of an inTalid lady. Call at 1U3 West S;t<l at A SITUATION WAN TED?BY A PERSON Of STEADY jCX haMU.aa sundress and ol<aiubermald; would aanist In the enie of riilldrcu, or do plain aewlng or housuwork in m small prifntn> ; has g od city reference. Call for two tlaya nt it'Mi 8ih abetween 42U and 43d sis., lu the furniture atoie. ' M" A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young wo, as good plain coota) baker of brrad, B1 wa?herand Ironor: 1 bob.stof city reference from her p'.-v i n ai 111 E i-t !i ai , ti >tween 2d and .Id avs. A RESPECTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do geueial houaewjrk In a small family; Is a good cook and hr*'iate waiher and Irouer; has the very be-t ol city reference, Call for two day* at 33 State at., South Brooklyn, second iloor, front room. A SITUATION WANTKO-BY A VERY RESPECTABLE woman, as cook; tUi.r uglily understands nor business: Sas lived se eu years in her list place; ha* the best of city r*fervn e Ctiu bo neon lor t ?? o days at 224 7th a?., one door torn 26 ii it. *4 KLbPiLufAUI.E TOIINO woman WANTS A 8ITU A ?4ion as . haini?ri..ald un'i id ??si*t lu wsshlngand {foiling Ca'i b ?eeti lor two \Vcsi 12th *t., te Iween Mb anc Vth ar*. A RBflPBCTABI.K OIRL WISIlEi A SITUATION A8 i lulu conk, washe: au l Ironer In a small private i.iml ly, ot would pre c.r chunt.erwork and assist In the waahing ?nd Ironing; no obji" tio'i to the co intry. Bc*t referenc*, eliv and c.nintry, front her last place. Call at l(Xi West sad ?t. _ A SITUATION WANTBU-BY A PROTESTANT YOUNQ worn hi, as ft ?' " l:i-s waitma or chambermaid and to <lo fine waihti'g *qd iio. 'rrg JVry good refspn^e, Vm li<i "oeen u(atil t'ligxg1 d at r? ?, ? st si., iiearwu ar. WANTED. A SITUATION, BY W 'tmn, ti infant'* nurse; is u>m liargaof an Infant or two growing . .ml ha* no objection logo a iliort H it city releience. Call at W8 2 id sts. iRSON WISHES A SITUATION; h ol a oo.l washer and Inner, would ue Ii i..?cworn of a small lan lly; r L?t place. Can be seen for two ?t. near Court, Brooklyn. fKI>?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS roner, or to do ehambei work and willing and obliging; no objecions f o I city reference Riven. Can be 24t) We*t 16th at., between 7th and ? AND LAUNDRESS.?WANTKD. 1 11, a ?? Ituatlon a* chambeiuiaid an I rmkld and wattl es*, no objection to iner; beat of city reierence can be ? st lAy East 26lu St., np stair*. ' ? 'ATION WANTED. BY A PROTRS competent ol dlsoiiaigln^ the dtitia* , rstan ls the mann J inrni ?nd care ol ?et city releren e. Call at 42 Cuion I ? en 16th andtUlh st*. TBD-BY A OIRL 17 YEARS OLD, W |h ? A ?nd w*ltre*s, or to do I'glil cliHinl'er. . . ' t; would go a abort distance In tie lit*! r.A4 v ot city i?fcretic<?. Can bp until M<rQ 10 ? 1 ? botwt'en Ut ?v. mid *?. A. n'englb f PROTBSIANr OlitL WAN1S A bernrildor toa 1st with the w*>ltlna ork ot a sn Ii '?*t? family. t;ail k, top door, front >o tu s 4. OUNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT. . A ano.i*a ied co..k; l< willing lo?-.Mwiini washing an'1 Ironing; I* a good h'Pi 1 and li>' iiit ma ? i*t ta? th ) beat af city reforoiiie from 'o r last plnn . c i ie> n fur two day* at 182 Clinton j.|*ce, a :?W oJvrs i i-o ?. Ilk av. SITUATIONS WAHTBD-FEMALES^ N EXCELLENT LAEDBESS WISHES A CTU ATION. tvf^o Otb and 7th hvb. ^ 4 SITl ATiON WANTED-BY A RRSFBCTABLB ?V viinii Mirl to do general housework In a private , r i u.'SWuMuk" washer and lioucr; him ,ood reie .,. U wnUii# -uU obligmg. Cali for two days at UO 4 Rl'SPEtTTABLE GIRL WISHES A SITUATION IN A . ? nil private family, tu do general l.ouaework; ls a , ,.?,L ,v<Ub?rMMt non r; id objections lo go a short ia ? ?? in thw couutryi gooil city reference. Call At 1-0 rac in: ftl, Brooklyn. - 4 YOUNG GIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO DO i\ homework, or rook, wiuh and iron in a inuul Jamiiy. Bt>4 uf cilv r^fdreuwlMQ be given. Call At 103 Charlton ?t? t,i iw > eu Hudson aud Greenwich sts. Can be seeu lor two day*. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE voiiiik woman; la a goml plain cook and a good washer a. d Ironer; ha*no objection to do geuoral bonne"or*. oe?? cliy reference can be given. Cau be seen at 117 Went 20th st. AS CHAMBERMAID AND WAITRESS-A RESPECT able young gtil wanta a situation ?* ^banibei a?u waitress in a piivaie family; ?he has eieelleot city reference (rout her last place; uu objection to the couutry. Call %t 116 East 42d it., oetween 4th ami Leilngton av. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RE8PECTABLE GIRL, A. as laundress or to do tiue washing; would Ugli?'? the chamberwork; no objecilou to tb? country. J}1?''? reference from her lam place. Call for two days *t lito Weal 36th St., between 8th and 0th av*. AS WET NORSE?A YOUNO, HEALTHY WuMAN, with a full breast not over two months old; niu-l have the beat of reference. Addreaa bo* 3,016 New York Post oilke. SITUATION WANTED-BY a YOUNO GIRL, AS nurse and aeamstress, or to do chamberwork aud sew ing' baa no objection to the country. Cau be seeu at ber preter.t employer's, 28 East I3ih at. A SITUATION WANTKD-BY A RESPECTABLE PRO testant youug woman, a* chambenniid 01 to do lew - luff, or aismt with washing and ironing; bent 01 clt.? re'ce from herlaat plaop. Can be seeu lor two d?ys at 67 West Wthst. _____ AfcADY WISHES A SITUATION FOR A RESPEUTA ble ulrl, to do chamberwork; will go iu the country. Apply for two day* at *19 WeslUtU at., between Sttb and Hth aves. 8 WAITRESS.?A YOUNO WOMAN WANTS A SITU atiou as waitress in a private family; willing to luslst in chamberwork; perfectly understand* ber buslnets; is willing to no in the country. Three years' relersnce. Call for two da,s at IU Weat lJth at., neaibth av. RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL WOULD LIKE A Situation to take care of children and do plain sewing, or to do liglit chamberwork. The best of city reference cau he given. C m be seen for two days at 64 West 38th ?t. SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO GIRL, TO DO general homework lu a suiall lauiily, or chauilei work and assist in the washing and Ironing. Call at herpreseut lor two days Aaelphi St., Brooklyn. CJITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO RESPECTABLE >5 girl, ah <ook, washer sud itoner, and very good . aker. Be-t city reference given if lejiiirod. No objection to do g<u ei'al housework for a small family. Can be seeu at 128 Clinton place, Hlh St., near 6th av., tor two days. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO OOOD UIRL8; ONE to cook, wash and Iron; the oih*r to do chamberwork and waiting; they prefer living together; both willing and obligiug; no objection to city or country. Good city rele renees. Call at M3 3d av., between 33ib aud 3Wlh sts., third Uoor, back i oom. _ SITUATION WANTED-AS WET NURSE. BY A RE sped able married woman. Call for one day at No. 9 Monroe St., In the i ear, first door. SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO woman, as uhainbertnaid and lo asMst in the washing aud ironing, or would do !>??? ??'???? eookin" of a ei.-.all family; aL^' *** rtnee from hei last place, call at ta Wc?l ?.v OITCATION WANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS S chambermaid anil waitress; h" no,^n^ Meufo?two the country for the summer month* Can be seeu rot two days at 360 2d are., between ifld aud 23d sts. SSITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO 5 alrl " nurse, chambermaid or waitres?; cau give Kood citv reference frum ?er laal employer. Can be seen at 174 Christopher st., for two days. SITUATIONS WANTED-BY TWO RESPECTABLE ?iris, who hare lived three years in one place, oue as tie washer and iron?r% the other a? chainberwaid and ^urer?:anbeae'n for two day. at 148 East *Jth at., be tween 2d and 3d avs. Two SISTER8 WISH SITUATIONS?ONE AS FIRST class chambermaid and waitress; can do all kinds of sewing and embroidery or tine wa?hlug and ironing; the I other as Uist claas cook and to "S^1 * {h lUe ^shing. T e beitclif referenea t an be given. Call aleSWeei ^7tntt.? between 6ih and 7th a??. ?? WAUTPn-A bituatiox. by a respectable young woman, aa t?r?t rate cook; woukl Uke at-ren.^ r?p Mnaniah lainily; would assist with the washing, tan give 2L^'?t ^leAnlk ci:u at UU East 16th St.. second Uoor. *TTANTED-A SITUATION AS WAITRESS AND CHAM W bermald. l.y a and willing girl. Inuuire lor ibice days at the reaideuce of her present employer, W 2d place, Brooklyn. Brooklyn preferred. WiVTWn?BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO GIRL, A G allon to do general housework m a small private .family; best or city reference from her laaplace-.ourycai s situation. Call f??r turee days at 100 6th st. UTANTS;??Bit CATIONS, BY TWO SIoTERS: OflZ ? ? i?'?i rate cook, washer and irouer; Mjoroiighly "'"'cr siandu her business, and is s good dairy maid. The other as chambermaid or waitress; lully understands ber busings. Beat of reference given by their last employer. Wuuld, if not suited .take sepa rale pfacea No objection U> go a short distance In the couutry. CaU at 1*7 West 2oth St., between 7th and 8th avs. lirANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO RESPECTABLE W girls; one as cook, the other as chambermaid. Good references aiveu, an<l will make themselves useful. Cau be imen for two day* at ISO Hudson av., B.ooklyn, between Corn 'nd and Nartau ?t.., uu sulrs, between the hours ot 10 an i i o'clock. ? 1irANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE YOUNO WOMAN, A \V si'nation to ?I0 geueial housework; good liiy ij-fe rente given Call at tbe Umioi store, corner of ? i lougbby st. anil Hudson ave., liioo-lyn., up stairs. i \1TANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE \V young woman, ?? nurse and seam-tresi., or to do - h.m beiwoia . ni waaiug iu a small privatelauiliy, baa b? st ot reeommendatious; eitb< r city or a ?hsrt distance in 'h' eiHin tr, . an do lIi kind-" of embroidery on nitt?lin ?n I tlaunel. Ai ply at 137 V\ est 27th ?t.. between 7th ami,8 h ay?. lir VNTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECT IBLB VV AW ZZnTn |? , iok, wash and Iron, or lo ? o ?n.: WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE jouug woiuuu, to do general houaework, tu h u? rooking, waalilng and ironing. Apply at 27 Cornelia ai.; the beat ol city relerenue glreu, uo objection to tl>e country. WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE POTESTANT WO mail, a situation as cook 01 laundreas; lully under stands In r bualne??; no objection to the country; under stands thu rare ot milk and butter; la a good buter, and la obliging in her d!suu?IUon. Call fur two daysat 3uti 3m b twetn mv?. C and D. WA.VJED?BY A VEIW RESPKCTABLE YOl Nil orphan girl, a ?itunti<>n to do plain sew ing, 01 to take care ol a bsby and aastsi In light uhfinhrrwoik. Can tie seen I'm two Uayaal US Ureeu >vlui at ., corner of Bank ai. WANTED-BY A RESfEC TABLE YOU NO WOMAN, A aiiiiaiion ; la a goon plain rook ami a Hi at rata wa*Uer and Ironer. bus uo objection to go a abort iilstame in the country. b.m the bcai city reference. Can be seen at 111 Weal 17th at., between 6iu and 7tb ava. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, as ' oua, washer and Ironer: h?a uo Objection to go a abot t distance tu the country. Itus goo 1 reierenoe. Can be s?cti lor two day* at 20J Weal 2Jd at., be iwren 7tb and tfth urn. WANTED-BY 4 RESPECTABLE YOUNU WOMAN, a altnatlon; la a (,ood plain cook and flrat rate wnaher and Ironer? would be willing to go a abort diaiania In ilia country: I. us good city refit reneea. Can be teen at No. J Oauesvooit at., between lluilaon and 4th at. WANTED-A SITUATION, HY A RESPECTABLE girl, aa chambermaid, or would do general housework tnaaoiall private family ; the ben of reference* Cjii be giren. Cau i?e aeen for three daya at her preseul employer's, No. I Battery I lace, in ue store. WAMED-HY A RESPECTABLE PROTESTANT WO man,a kUuatlo.t'ta nook, or would do chamber work aud wasblngilsispsM* vl either; good city referem e. Ap ply at 7J Perry at. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE ?! yo<.u*'?l* 1, a- pi ill rook and br>l rati waaherana in ner; la vt tiling to do cltamberwuik ana assiai in the will ing ami Ironing, beat i lty reference ran be given. Can be icrti fur two days at lit) West 171b at. W7ANTLD-BY A YOtW<? A SITUATION AS >* ehamO nuaW a?d waltreaa; ian tio plain s> tvlog and will make neiaeif Kfueiklly iie*ii.l; h?* the If at clt* r.le rence; will no *' plalu took, watlier and Ironer. Cau be aeen at 903 Weal jllh at. WANTED?BY A STEADY, RESPECTABLE GIRL, A situation a.goud pteln cook, and mat rate wasber and Ironer,ot laundreaa alone) hna ner-n employed in that capa I it>. Has the beg; ol ell) refeience and will be Ioima_atil ing and obliging. Can o# Sec". IC"'.TTG uija al iij West -tub st. WANTED-BY A COMPETENT, TIDY UIRL, WITH eicelieni ? liy roierences, asitttalion aa general sci Taut; washes aud lions well; dues upiineu In style, wages tu to 97 a month. Call at I'M East Slat st. WET NUKSE.-A YOUNU MARRIED LADY WISHES a altnation as wet ntuae, has a full bream ot milk; her own bauy la two montiis old. Beat of city reference as to health aud cliarftrler. Call on, or a Idrese Mrs Roberts, liM Dl? Islon st. WET NURSE-WANTED, A OIIILD TO WET NURSE >? by ayoung woman with a livsh bresst ol inilk. Ap ply at 141 East U1 SI WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RKsi'Ei TABLE ' t< ung Kill, si seamnrena; would assist In clumber w< ik or ts>.e i are of children; understands nil kinds of la nilly sawing, e;1ib"o-deiy and taney work. Apply mr two nil avenue, b- tweenftlth and 30th sis., urst lion , MMk rbom. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE yonti: wom fh, na eham ierOhild and plain s?wer; no on 1 evil' n to tiiko csitt of cuilditi). Call at 4'>2 Ureenw,cii at., thlra Hoor, fruut room. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, aa cliamoermiM aud i>> amalrex or n itae'iiiid ea??r as. Has la d #?<?jesra In h-r last pluoe, l>ea' i j reimeiu-i. Call lor two da>a at 147 >'urayth at . room NT . f. ll'AMEft?A S.T' ATION BV A YOUNU 'IIIIL AS *1 mi - 'em, it I- ,i i d'#a?maslt>|{. n .d can i^it ?' ? ?1 1 i' ? i ?i'sn|>< inllBp on ? > v\ "aa ? , rri i li m no i i'ioim 10 Iota ? ? - ? ,1 <a .0' ate, 10 ti i ol u<: alo a?c., BiOckiyn, SITU ATKINS WANTKD-?EMALB8. WANTKD-BY .A RKSl'ECT A Hi.E YOUNG GIRL. A situation as chambermaid aiel assist in plain sewing. AjJfily at her present employer'*, 13 Ku?i 12th WBT NUR.SE?A RESPECTABLE MARRIED WO man, with a freah breast of milk, who lout her own baby not a week old, would take a baby to nurse at her own residence, 240 John at., Brooklyiwlwo doors cast of Hudiun av. Jlelereuoe given and rwqulren. Wanted?a situation in a private family in Brooklyn an competent; no boardlug bouse keepers need apply; beat relcrence. A;.ply at 27 Ilicka at., Brooklyn. "tlTANTBD-BY AM BXCELLENT LAUNDRESS, TIIB VV was. ing of a l?ew respectable families or geutlemcu, to take to her own house. Has oily reference. Call atiJWJ 7th ?v., xeoond floor, bank room. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A MIDDLE AGED WO ni ui, as cook or to do gensi al housework. Beat of references given. Call at 16 West 46th at. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A RE8PECTABLB young woman, to do the housework of a arnall private family; Is a good baker, washer and lroner. Can give good city reference. Cap be seen for twodays In Raymond St., In thesccoud brick houae from the Jail, south aide, top lloor. WANTED-A SITUATION, BY A SMART YOUNO WO. man, to do housework; no objection to go in the country. Can give the beat of city reference. Call at w> West 20th st. WANTED-BY A GIRL, WHO HAS LIVED BOMB time In her present situation, a nice place an plain cook, waahcr and lroner. Apply at 148 West 48iu St., between Broadway and 8th ave. WANTED-A SITUATION AS SEAMSTRB.SS AND chambermaid, by a girl who understand!-, all kindaor family sowing; is a very neat shirt maker, und is w illing to make herself usef'!l to ber employer. Best of city reference from her las' place, where she lived over ilire years. No oojeciton to the country. Can be aeen lor two ilaysat 171 East 3l-t st. WANTED?A SITUATION, BY A RESPECTABLE girl, m a amall pilvate family. to do general house work. Good reference given. Inquire at 02 Pitt at., third flour. ___ WANTED?SITUATIONS, BY TWO YOUNO WOMEN; one as good rook and to assist In wxbhlng and ironing; the other a* chu wberuiaid and lnundrcsa. Best ol city refe rences from their last, place*. Can be seen tor Iwo day* at 146 West l'Jib si., between 7th and 8tli am. ANTED-A SITUATION, BY A YOUNO WOMAN, AS chambermaid and waller. Can be well recommended. Cau be aeen lor two days at 6J 3d at. ~\\TANTED?BY A YOUNO WOMAN, WHO IS AT WORK VY during the day, a Furnished Boom, with Board, b _? tween Canal and Fourth streets, not to need $j to ?3 SO. Address for tiireu days Misa Noi rib, station A. IIT ANTED-A SITUATION BY A YOUNG WOMAN, AS VV tlrst da?s rook, In a private i.mill/; lin u? city referents. Call until s ilted M No. I'J Ea >t lltb st., be tween 3d auti 4lh tves , second lloor, back room. SITUATIONS WANTED?MALKN. AYOl'Nt; IIAN WISHES A SITUATION IN bOME wiiulesa'c business; w rites a good hand, is correct at flgurea, and willing to mako hlniaclf generally useful. Etn Fmynieu: "more an object than salary. Address M. C., box 17 Herald olllee. AS WAITER.?WAN I ED, A SITUATION BY A YOING ?nan. Can con.c weli leco.nm iided, and will l>.; loniid attentive ami obligiug. Address M. II., Hi raid Oillce, lor two days. AS GROOM AND COACHMAN ?WANTED. A SITUA lieu as groom and coachman, byajou"j man; would as sist at other work; in city or country. Apply ai the "'lice or Hon. W. T. B. Mllllken, his lormer employer, No. 1 I ant place, t' w hom he is |>ermilt<)d to retcr. A N ACTIVE, ENERGETIC BUSINESS MAN WANTS A aituatiou us salesman or travelling ag"nt in some good iob*>ing, commission or manufacturing eg.abllahnicnt. Tins been a partner for live years in a lar^e manufacturing and mercantile business In Pennsylvania and Ohio, t an in ttuenct: trade: and, it after some expell?uo?, it Wuma oe oe sir"bit, would invest capital, and Dike an interest in the buai ? . i??? an interview may b?"had. M*rchani'A'iiIUdeIpbia i C*1 A SITUATION WANTED?BY AN EXPERIENCED ?^"man?who thormiKhly understands his business and la perfectly conversant with the management treatment of hoises: has the beat of reference*, hav ing lived ulncy?..ln5n[pUce. Apilyat?ja?JWEast 15thSt. A SITUATION WANTED?A8 PRIVATE WATOM; J\ man. or to take charge ol a ?<et of olUces, can be ell recommended. Apply at 36- Dtbjav. riOACBMAN S SITUATION WANTED-BY A RE \J snectable young man, who perfectly understands his buslmSsfwould have no objet t^ns U> take care oi a smikll Budtn or a eow. Has good reisi-ence from his last em ployer. Address-for two nays !??> I&tf Herald office. ("jtRRIVGB SALESMAN.?WANTED, BY A YOUNG J man who is thoroughly acquainted with Ihe business, a volition iu a respectable establishment as aud general clerk. Address Carnages, Herald office. IAWYER ?AS THE ADVERTISER ALWAYS CALOU j latcH to succeed? he will take charge of -ttll kind? ol lec?l 1 h;? sloe**, and make no charge whatever unK>#i h'* if fniccesi luL Hat town in the practice01 luw in New York ten years, and filers for honesty and ablllfv to some of the best men In the city. Apply to or address N. HOWES, Counsellor at Law, 19 Beekroan street. TIT-ANTED?A SITUATION WANTED, BY A YOUNG VV man, ai shipping or receiving clerk in a dry good* or grocery store; has el-i&t years' experience down Itown; or woiHd accept a situation as copyist, and work hard for the Interest of his employers; eau furnish good reference. Ad drfr>a W. II. P., Herald oalef. TIT ANTED"BY AN.EXPERIENCED MAN, A BITUA VV lion ... a irrr"'^ ur publl^.ion^^o^as correspond!' gor *hl|'t'f"K i.erk, l" ritctiy i ll lt business Can give the very beat of reicrence. Address Publisher, box 103 Herald oltice. ?*1 rANTED?BY A BOY A SITUATION TO WORK IN A VV grocery store; is willing and know* how to takecate olahorT Apply at 815 7th av., corner 2ith at., for days. WANTED.-A YOUNG MAN, TWENTY-ONE YEARS OF ace, desires a situation asolmk In an olllee, or some other respectable busliu ss ftp-aks En? i h ?<?? f;".u'h.?": ently, and Is a rapid w riter. Best of reference. Address lor three days G. W. J., station E, ?tu av. WANTED?A SITUATION. BY A 1 Ol'NO MAN WHO w ilies a Loot! hami, as il'ik or ] o.ter; will nia^ aim self useful. Sa.isfactory testlnioutals Add rem T. II., Herald olllee. ?VANKEE NOTIONS?SITUATION WANTED, BY A 1 young mitt, who has had sir years' .-tpeil-n ? ^e Stock, seiituti, slipping, marking and jacking J""'1*'."'" work for a small salary; beat of rereren e. Adilre^^ lor three days Notions, XI Greene at AliwVwiLL BE'GIVES TO ANY PARTY WHO, S1UU direetlv or lndiie.:tly, will awist the advertiser, a vonnj man oi cxperienre and ab litv, to a situation in a nierchsnt's, s'llpptng. banking or insurance omee. R'l ? relicts uLdjubted. Address Iuauranoe, box 1W lleiald uflice. VBEKCH ADV lullTlfc K.M K1VTS. UN MONMEUB RTRANOEU DESIRE PAIRRLACOM* ualas*uoe a'uue jt'uue Uauic Iraucaite. Addresser C. ?: ?t.ulon L). J'NB FILLS FRANCAIAS DE^IKE TROUVER USE I'A I./ itnlle pour vovager on Em op.-. Elle pi'tit dnmu'r de b rmr recommMdatkona. m tdriMer an 270 Wait S3 I II. HCVSKS, ROOMS, ?KC? WAKTKO. Boilers wa5ted.-two plain cylinder boil ere, ii! outf.iei in diameter, M to So feet long, 'HI in - plete. Ai pljr I ) ROBERT ULCLLuM A CO., 4J Ptae atraaw Desk room or tart ok an ot kick wanted? Wither mttlOut Furniture, by an Import'T or wines. Stale particular*, rant |icr mouth, with luratturo or not. location, A<\ Ad<ir< s? P. C. E Browne, Williamsburg. L. I., Pod ollii e. IiUJKNISltED COTTAGE WANTED-BY A PRIVATE 1 ittimijr, for the eumniermontua, w.tbta nn hours ride from the rltjr, by rail or by ateambost. Address, etatmg terms ami io.-alion, bot 1,191 I'ost older, I WANT A SMALL STOKE, IN A GOOD LoCA llon. for the lienor ?l>.i?iiirm<. must be moiier.,u-, and n lease. Address, nutiun pal Ik ulam, local.ou, Ac., John Williams, 62 Llapenaid street. OTEAM ENGINE WANTED.?WANTED. A good O ai'C >nd hand double p >ru de HoisMng E:ig up, alt to e gbt huria power. 1 11. 8 VAIN, 2k William street. SEWING MACHINE WANTED-ONE OF WIIKELER A Wll?oii\<, Groeer A Bakai a or f'lnc.t- t Lroni. Muat b( well linlsbetl and in perl ret order. I'lease uaui>- Uiwrenl caali price. Adtlreaa L. S. B., Herald office. WANTED-rilE SECOND FLOOR OK A GENTEEL TT houee, in a (OOd neighborhood up mwu. ou t <i ? street. for a lamuy ol thr e ne mia, at a r-m ol aboi't SZ40. Addicts Tenement, station D, Bible Uouae. WANTED-A SECOND HAND COUNTER HIIOW rate (pUta<l preleri* I t, from ll?M(Mtloi|; must bp lb ?0""! onlcr. Addreai n box 3.MJ l'o*l viUce, iUiId* description, prl.-e, aud where to be ae? d "tlTANTRP?BY A LADY, A ROOM SUITABLE FoR A TT small private school, with m family ?hei? nh rati tut Instruction m M?? Enuliau Inatiehea, Flench, lunate ami d?S*-!llg an a whole oi a partial payment ortjir mil Call at or adilrtss.Immediately, Mrs W. Burd, III \?e?t Twenty* III tb airrei. N. Y. "TV ANTED?TO RliNr. BT A GENTI.f.MAN AND WIFE W (to natiha ??'. ring, tw<> or thr. .? nice ft oinalna ?>od locality lielnw Oraad Street, Dot lar from thr Bowery, errasmuat be molirate. A(ldie??, wltii paulculan, W. H. H., bo* 1811 Herald ofllce. 1 "3C"5 I*""u f"" ff VV "a eoJd buelneaa Im alily in the upper part ot the clly, ?tiltuiiU' lor an offl < n'nl bedronn'. tliriv mull l ? an Inle BnJrntenirui - from tb? mreet: we?t of Uioa^lnay pr?. rrctl. Addrri? L. J. C , atallun C. WANTED TO KENT IMMEUIATKLY-HY A IIKMLE W innn and hl? wldi, aIhwe Mory hlfb mopp Ifo" r, \vitb nindrrn liupr .vcinen a, la a {?<Ht ueighborlio.xt, a' a modrr ate rent, will be promptly pmJ. A ldrr?? MeieUani, Herald oflice, atitlng 1 jwa*t rent and location. WANTKD IMMEDIATELY?TWO OF WHEELI5R A \\ lUon'a sew ing otaohlnee, with operatoie. Apply at No. IS- West B^oodwar. up ?Ulr?. WANTED-A FLOOR OF rOUE OR FIVE R?iO>fS. for a ?mull family, between Sixteenth aud Thirtieth etraeta, and lUIrd and S 'venlh avenue*; rent not to spaced $10. AdJreii H. C., ISti Klftb avcUue. " J RAILROADS, Hudson river railiiuad -tbains for albany* Troy, the North and West leaee ObamOers street at 7 and 11AM.. end 3.M, a and 1046 P. M. VriW YORK. HARLEM AND ALBANY RAILROAD, ^ "" "iteMSffliSw,si Connnencina Thnradny, May K, HW. For Albany, I I SO A. M., En reaa Man Train irom Twenty ait>h street st-itton For nil luail trains see Time Tahla. JOI1X BURCHILL, Aaslsiant Snperlntandent.

NRW YORK AND NEW HAVEH RAILROAD COMPA iiy, Transportation oBca, corner Twenl/ eerenth street ami FoiirUi at nue. New Tor*. April SO, 1W1?Notlr- ?On anrtnl ir Mondav, May N the 3 SO P. M. Esnrew Train Tae i. ston Will be cbau? tlo S P. M , arrlripg In llo?ton at II :M ]> M. JAMBS H. HOYT, dnptrinlandeat. , , JKKLP WAN'TKD-PEMAIBS. W,'? Vi1? ,;OOD SERVANTS IM. f? " adlatelv apply al ii?e Lur, ? Jn? ,? y st. and Ufa av., for civil, capable, t. jy U' rmtu boji.1, I floyo a" h UV" L"* '1 "ii ?<"" ? I'd ty Mn rUJYD. Ou?d places always ready. A .N,'RSB WAVrK:'-TO ATI END A I.WV IS OOJf! V A)'1-y ari,:i |a <>'? io<?>* ibc Now v.,i* buad"ice'501 aBd w NEAT, TIDY UIRL WANTED?TO DO GENERIL toil?work. Apply at 2!) Jane it. , N INTELLIGENT YOUNO LADY WANTED, A3 _L aasis'ant iu u ll|(Lit husin* ss T one who can f.irra U $800 to $1.00 J, good se. uriiy mi J a liberal salary will be given. Address II. Wheatoii, HciaM oilier, AMILLINERYSALESWOUAN AND TWO FIRST KATE inlllners wanted: the highest wutes to good hand*. Ap ply to M ulauie Camilla Lacy, 12J 6tTi av., between 9th and 10th ale. Milliner wanted-to trimthildren'b straw haiK. None but an e?| crlenced hand need apply. In quire at B^nta's, 357 Caual at., corner of Woo?ter. Shirt hands wanted-first class hands on Que ordrred work. Apply at A. Ranitin * Co.'a, corner of fttli av. and 22d at. OERVANTS WANTED IN BROOKLYN.-WANTED, IM O mediately, bevei al in st clans cook* aud other lirat eia?s servants, for the most oxcellcnt situations, now ready lu the best families In Brooklyn. Apply to W. MANNING, No. 1ft Court street, Brooklyn, one door from Joralemon, wher e. | over seventy Cmt clues servanta have been provided with aitiialiona iLis week. SERVANT'S WANTED IN BROOKLYN.?WANTSD, this day, two laumir sae?, at the highest wages given; two ro"k?, wasliers and ironera, for gentle men's l.iml.ies, a short distance iu the country; waxes $8; and everal girls fo hoim-'wurk in small tamilies; (7 Apply immediately to Mr. CIIIS'iOl'Hlfilt, No. 10Hilary St., Brooklyn. WANTED?TRIMMERS ON FANCY AND STRAW hats, at lftfi Fulton St., Brooklyn. flfANTED?TO OO A SHORT DISTANCE IN THE II country, a neat, tidy youug Ounnan gii 1, to do cbam berwork, washing and ironing and wui tin* In a small family; nvisiunderstand hn- byatnaaa ih? ? mjiih, and la wall re commended. Apply at itie offloc of the l'rescotl House, from 11 to 2, to-day. "WANTED-'* NEAT, TIDY YOUNO GIRL, Wll 11 fully competent to (do sawing and to assist In i rare of children. M ages J?.- Kent of refor. nee req American or French preferred. i'tU t" <iay from li o'clock, at.'S West lTtli at., between 5lh ?od 6ih ?>??. WANTED?ONE OR TWO LADIES, OF GOOD AD dress, to s il an arl!:le of >arn merit. Ternm llliuia!, and tl.e buuiness highly respectable. Address box 1,135 New York Puat offlce. WANTED?TWO FIHST CLASS MILLINERS. AI'PLY VY bt a, R. Reed's, 274 6t<. av. WANTED?A GOOD COOK. WASUER AND IKONER; n wo i an who is roinjiclcnt, honest, gooj naliired snil illspusrd :o *tay at l.oine may apply with reference, to-day, after lOo'i lock, at 4'J H -rrepont ??(., Brooklyn. WAITER WANTED.?A PROTESTANT CIRI>, AS waiter mid to ab?lst in light wrishins, to eo a short dlx tanreln thei'ountry; 8roi h or Welsh prclVtied. Appljrat78 Eh si '.'Is1 St.. bcLweVn U ami ? - u OC1SU I East -ls> st., between 9 and 12 o'clock. WANTED-A FIRST RATE C(JOK, WITH THE BEST < ity recortimi-nilationa and willing to live in the coun try. Apply this day, l>etween 10 ami 12, at lOt! West 21?l st. WANTED-A GIRL ABOUT 18 OR 19 YEARS OLD t" do general housework. Apply at 43 Bank St.. between 10 and 3 o'clock. WANTED?A GinL TO TAKE CARE OF CHILDREN l T and do plain sewing, a so billing to he generally useful: good icferrncc required. A| ply at 41 Domlutck ?t. WANTED?A PROTESTANT WOMAN FOR GENERAL housework; nuist he a good washer and it oner, and a good plain oou, neat nnd tidy and not afraid of work. Ap ply al .173 State St., Brooklyn. ?\1TANTF.0-A YOUNO GIRL TO LEARN DRESS TT maUiug; will be paid while learning. None but good ?r wers need apply, at 179 Blercker?t. WANTED?V WET NORSE TO TAKE CARE OF A child, three months old; must have good freah milk. Apply at 457 Broome st. at 12 o'clock. WANTED-A RESPECTABLE YOUNG GERMAN OR En lirh woman, as atsistaut nurse and chambermaid, in a Mnall private institution. Beat city reference required. Api'ly at l'.'G 2d av., before twelve in the tuornintr. WANTED?A GIRL, TO DO GENERAL HOUSEWORK TV In a|suiall private family; muat be a good < ook, washer andiron"]-. Gnol iltjr lefcrcuce Indispensable. Apply at 28 Grove st.a tiom 10 till 12 o'clock. WANTED-A PROTESTANT GIRL. AS EXPERIENCED nurse. Good relerence req'iiren. Apply al 280 Uenry st , Brooklyn, betwtvn 10 ?nd 12 o'clock. WANTED?A YOI N.l GIRL, TO DO LIGHT HOU8E wurk. Apply n*m Sunday, Irom U to 12, al the corner of V I av. and 61st at, lop Moor, front room. WANTED-A YOUNO WOMAN. AS CHAMBERMAID TT auii io assist ill the washing and ironing. Apply ai 229 West 23d si., between 10 A. M and 4 P. M. WANTED-A WELSH OR GERMAN OIRL; A GOOD VT cook, washer and irouer. None but an experienced person, with good reference, need uppjy. Call ai 2J1 West 22tl st. WANTED-A CLEAN AND TIDY COOK; MOST BE A TT good washer and ironer: wa^es $7. Must have good city reference. Apply for two days at 12.4 West 44iU st. WANTED?A GOOD WOMAN COOK FOR A RE8TAU TT rant; also a smart girl a? waiter. Good ivfernucu re quired. Apply ai 20j 8th av. WANTED-A PERSON TO DO GENERAL IIOI'SE VY work; a Rood pi <iii cook, washer anil ironer. Also, a Sood seamstress; one who can cut and III ladles' aud ehil rrn's Iresses and boys' clothing, can find a good aituailoti; uiust have go?d reference. Apply at 211 East ftOib at., be tween 1st and 2d ava. II ""ANTED?A RESPECTABLE. HEALTHY WET TT nurse; one that can conic well recommended. Ap ply at 47 Fleet st., Brooklyn.^ WANTED-A GERMAN WOMAN AS NURSE AND TT seam-trcps; intiu be accustomed to tli'-eais'ot children, aud huve cny rclerein r. Call ai 149 East llth St., near 2d av. U'ANTED-A NURSE AND SEAMSTRESS; ONE WHO ran coma Well re-onimended; Pioteslunt preferred. Apply, between 9 and 12 o'clock, at 86 Pineapple st , Biooklyn. VL'ANTED-A OOOD COOK, WASHER AND IRONER, V T to go a nhui l itlsiance l loin the city; must thorough ly unileistand er busliicae. Apply at Si Pik'i st. WET NURSE WANTED-TO NUP.SE AN INFANT, SIX TT mont'ix old. A respectable, w lib goiwl refe reu es, will uu I a g i >d sltaaliou by addis-ssing M R . He rald ollice. WANTED-A GOOD GIRL, TO DO THE GE.N'ER \L ' ' , housework in a sma.l prlcat- faintly ; ouo who uuder teaudscooking, taking, and Is a rood ?aaher and Ironer Wl'hout goml references noue need apply; wages ?7 Anolv this dav (Knday ;, from HHol o clock. In Raymond sL east Jj'.e, afth house Irom Fulton av., between Fmiou and De Kalbava.. Brooklyn. WANTED?A UIRI, TO take carb OK AS INFANT and do up alalia work; v.t(ri moderate. Apply at Mo. I WestWth ?t., basement. WOMAN WANTED?FOR AN ENGLISH RESTAU ram do? u town, to woi k M the kitchen, wa?li dishes, Ac., w II'i some little knowledge of cooking; nil night or Sun day * ork. Apply bctweacu a aud 10 thla morning at 06 Mai d'ii lane. "IITANTED-A Ml ..LINER TO GO A SHORT DISTANCE V? in the country, fo one fully competent liberal wage* will be given. Apply at 378 Broadway. \VASTfcD-A FEW FIRST CLASS DRESS MAKERS. VV Nuue other* need apply at No. < lltti at., near Broad w?r 1VANTED-A OIRL TO TAKE CARE OK A KICK f T la lv. None but thi^e having lunr eiperlence need apply. Call ?t at Beach it., niter it oViotk ibia morning. Vva,ca per uiontb. WANTED-A competent WOMAN, WITH GOOD city reference, to do the houaewoik, coo i lug, washing and ironing ol'a ataall lauiily. None otaeia need apply, at 8*Ea?t30iIi at. WANTED-A GOOD OPERATOR ON SINGER'S MA chine, to work on Indiea' and children > line morocco gaiters; also two or three binders, to baate and finish Hue fcaitrrs. None but brst rste Lands need apply at No. 1 Ren ?lck Hi., < jrner ot Cauul. second no >i IT'ANTED-A SMART, TIOY GIRL, TO DO GENERAL VV lions''work; one who understands . jokm n>id is a * oil wasiier and Ironer. Apply after 10 o'clock at *13 bust j .th st , beltxeeu 2d and Stl avs. Wanted?milliners and trimmer*.-sevem milliuert, aud lilmmera wanted, aalesnomen milliner wanted, bloomer hat trimmer wnnted, hoiin-t and hat pre**er warned, three api>rauiice? ?mird. Call alter 9 until 7 P. M. at L. Hum* Mill.uerjr, Mi Bnut Iwny. 1\-ANT1.D-FOR A HOTBL, A SMART LAUNDRESS. VV Inquire, at 1/ Uarc.ay el , between 8 aud 10 la the morning. THE TBADEIi A GARDENER'S situation WANTED?BY A MAN of good ?iMiieuce ?ud?ool reoomtneadailous from his last emt, n'.SO uuder.tanda Mrnsing in al its tr<m<'hr?; i* " filing 10 devote bis time ?o the Inlet ?st or Ins employer. Address Gardener and Farmer, csn or Mr. Meeker, H) William si., cotuer of Beskmsn, whteh ?ill meet vtiih rrouipt a'tentlon. ________ A SIGN PAINTER. FIRST CLASS, WANI'ED-BV ME J\. flgu t o upauy,1 orner of Franklin street and Htoidway. Constant situation. nOMPOflfOiW.-TrA^O. A tOUKO MAN. FOR A \_/ country papei on Lung lulati i; one a$4 -.::i"V'?d and t ap work at press tueierred; atso a boy ?h > is auipialnted with the hitslnrss. Apply to or address F., M Prince St., Brook lyo PHOTOGRAPH PRINTER WANTED IMMEDIATELY? ? good printer on albumen and plain paper, for city hint class. Address Marion, Hsiald oUtce. Painters wanted-non* but first rate h mds. Apply to Samuel Piatt, I'M 4th ar., between 7 and?o'clock only. WANTED-A good HAIR CUlTElt and WIG MAKER. Apply to t. Hertbeuroder, 2tM Washington st , Boston, Mas*. WANTED-A SLOOK CUTTER rOR PAPER HANG lag (brass baud). Apply at Mo. 3 Front St., Man chester House, near Castle Garilan. WANTED-two OR THREE carpenters OB CA binet makers, for frame tusking. Apply at 221 West 3f tb st. WANTED-A CHAIR PAINTER AND ornament er, capable of taking Charge of a paint shop. Apply at 109 Usual street. TirANTED?AT 233 THIRD AVENUE. A PLUMBER W and boy. None but good handa need apply. TIT ANTED?two PLUMBERS. APPLY TO H. BOYD, VV piombar, S? Grand street None but good workman need applf. ? ANTED-A SITUATION AS FARM tit AND OAK rtensr, bf a married r?an Without children; iau ml k. Hla wifa understands miikfeu i bu'.ter. Address D. u., lie raid offioo. JIKT.P WHTED- MAL.RS. a'uENT?IF YOU WISH TO INVEST JY A SMALL CAPITAL IN A PAYING Ut-'fclNESS Examine tua merlin of me MULTOMICBOON. fall mimI se.e it, nr tend for a circular 0 UCCAIM I CO.,NtfiMMMmt,!- T. AGENTS ARK MAKING MORE MONEY BY CELLING BURRO'S UNION PRi/E b i'ATlONEKk' AND RECIPE PACKAGE Than by any uther investment. OUR PACKAGE IS IN gt'OH DEMAND 111 AT ACENT-. EAblLY MAKK FROM $tu TO $14 A DAY. circulars M A 1 1 1 1) 1RKE. S. C. RICKARDS i CO.. ltrj Nassau street. AOENT8.?WE CANN'OT SUPPLY THE DEMAND. You . aii make t1 a day by selling the DIME FANl'KOttPHOSlUM PRIZE PACKAGE, Price 10 rents, Containing sixteen new and original at ticks, including A GIFT OK JEWELRY. If you would make uion y u w g nd lor a circular. W. H. CATKLY A CO , I<ti Nas-ou street. AGENTS, .SEND FOB OI K CIRCULAR. MAILED KB EE. PRIZE AND PORTRAIT PACKET, UNION AND RECEIPT J ACKET. PRIZE PACKET FOR THE MILLION, ? EXCELSIOR STATIONERY PACKET, PACKETS WITH ANI> WITHOUT JEWELBY. HEADQUARTERS FOB STATIOIfERY PACKETS, HArtKlNs A CO., 36 be. Lilian - re t, N w York. A CENTS WANTED EVERYWHERE?FOR DAY A Co.'s Kerosene O.l Burner lur UuiU lamps; cheapest and best in use. Sitmj ie* mailed fire on ..?< elpi uf 10 ccuis, by the manufacturers, U..y A Co.. Newark, N. J. A CENTS WANTED-TO KEI L DOWNS PATENT KE ronene uil burner l'oi fluid .aiu|>% nos'lg only one cont per week >n i no danger of (.xp o -m; sample sent ourec.ipi, of four red slumps. Address Joceph D d:u, T1 Duane It. A competent salesman WANTED-BY wood Brothers, 3'.?j B ? ui.w.i' ; a man mufMed Willi Mt bnMiie**. Applications by note only. Also wanted, a me chanical draughtsman. A YOUNG MAN WANTED?IN A DRY GOODS STOKE, bavin; some knowled of the business and wllllii? to make bimartf generally useful, and not afraid of work. Apply for two days at L. U. Parker's, 170 0lli ave.. near XU at. An intelligent american boy wanted? About Id \ ears of age (from the country preicrred), lo live with hi* employer and make himself generally us.-fill around n genteel Imslm-aa place; must be of ?,ood dispo itinu and give good references; no.-.e othera will suit. Callstor a.ldrcs , 0. M. Mi'Kennec,0 6tli avr. A SMART BOY WANTKD-TO GO ERRANuS- SU.I week. 'Apply early to M. T. ilig.-lna, 136?tha? A COI.ORKD MAN WANTED-TO WAIT ON AN oml & "rrM,t ,mj wo,i TlOY WANTKD-I.V AM Of, !CK. SALALY ?1 10 PER will office. ,u 1 lkVl ^ D. i\, box 100 lie TJOY WANTED?IN AN IMPORTING HOUSE: ONE fc"ar> m T? ARKEEPER WANTED.-ADDRESS R. II., Boxloo jSoyed '' ????? relerence and where last cm PORTER WANTED?ONE WHO HAS BEEN ACCl'S Joined to rcoeiN iug and t?hi]tp)>lm: coodf. A rood vinHjt, houest liian o*n ?e< ure a good sltuatiou by adtiri?ciHiii? box4,lzo PostoiUce, iiomciliatciy. (JALEB.MLN WANTEO?TO SELL SE(JARS ON COM O minion. ]'arile? imvc-lllug iu Uuium that would not anuns"lHn's- ^VPly at 17 TED.?MAN AND WIPE, WITHOUT O' children; man and wife, with four boys, aged 18, 15 10 "JOU!' *? With orders. Oue po?JWf6ing the ic^uihjte qualllkatiom riVJ ?ar.? m dew?ble ?Huatlon by addresslns D. B., bo* 1,516 Fost office, wittt relerenc??s. TyANTED-A 80BER, STEAD* MAN, TO ATTEND . ? Kl, Rl/er Rectiiyiug Distillery, 176 av B corner of 11th ?t. Oood rocommeodiitioas required. ' VTrANTED?ONE OR TWO ACTIVE MEN AS CANVAS T? aers for busim-saadrerilscments in this city new aula *x?Rg&rn'per oen"ii8- ^ f?'- b WAMTBD-A YOUNU MAN IN A PINE GROCERY TV bnsloeaa; must be well acquainted with business and well recommended; on* who llrea with his parent* preler red. Apply at the cornar of 20lh it. and 4th ave. for three days. ?flTANTED?A BOY. ABOUT 18 TEARS OP AQB, TO * ? mend a liquor store; must have good reiomw niia Uon from laat employer, and experience In the bualueas. In qulroat SIS HIeccKer at.. In the at ore. WAMTED-A FARMER AND IIIS WIPE. TO GO ON a farm ana take charge ol it; tho?e aecustouied to ?eedaiindpouliry preferred. Inquire at 211 Pearl at, alter WrANTED?six MEN FOR STEAMERS, THREE POR "T ters lor tiurea. two clerka lor atorea, one entry clerk two conductors, clerk for a steamer, t vo boys for trades clerk lor a lumber yard, valet to travel to France, lour girls to travel, one housekeeper aud oue stewardess. Apulv at No. 7 Chatham square. ' WANTED-BY AN ACTIVE BUSINESS MAN, A SITU YT anon ai traT. lliug agent to some eihiliittoi) or .or a konse to ?ell Soids. I aui acquainie.l w ith most all kinds ol goixta, And iiavc ait exU^nsivu acmuiitilan^e in every large town ?nd city I'tom Maine to Iowa. Alight iu time lake an iuterett in an exhibition w.rnlu pay. Good re ferenee here as well as in New York. Will reply promptly, or rail upon the person answering this. Address Resident, box 340 Auburn P. at oOke, N. Y. \\f ANTED?A YOUNG MAN TO TAKE CHARGE OP A YT bUliaid loom in a clut> iu a ueigi.bonug city: aim a barkeeper and .-lerk ho understan is accounts. Audics^P. H. Herald oflice. Best relereuces re juired. \17"ANTED-FOR A SEGAR STORE UP TOWN, A BOY Yf Korn 14 to 17 years old; onu w h i docs uot cut a swell, does not smoke or euewr, and ea.i give the very b??t oi refe rences as to honesty ; reading aud writing iudisj>cu^ablo. To a good, intclll^. nt noy tiic proprietor will give a good home. Address iu own handwriting A S. J., Mauiton square Pou oBlce. Ii"ANTED?AX AMERICAN HOSTLER, WHO UNDER YT stands driving; l-nt|?rnrlur? tlrst eiasahilcl, a siiort dlsi.mee in the country, aud a waiter boy lor a i?nt' tins city. Ap;>ly a. m>7 Bowery. V\,rANTED?IN AN OFFICE, A BOY TO WRITE; YT must write nuiek. well and legible; salary n.-t to ex ceed $3 per week. Address, in haudAriling ol appneaut, boxSiMw Poet oOice. WANTED.?A YOtNUUliKMAN, WITH MODEST ASPI iitiluuf, apt-aliing, beanie* hit ova Unguage, Knglluli ?ud Kmaeti, nu hew ?u u ailuauon in it i oiumla?ion house liy ml ireiMiii; lew line# lu Ueioiiin, English ami French) to bo* 3 J'oul <llio?. |VTANTED-AN INTELLIGENT tARTMAX, OWNING Tf **o.?d horar, barne.** and carl, or wngou. lu iio ilie norkoi a h lrsaie and ret.iil Krooety atoro ill thu lower Brt o! tUc city. Apply at the Atlantic Bank, llii Bmadwav, iwe.n tho hour* ut y and U A. M. and J to 5 1*. M., uuiil Tu-Muy, M y IS. IVANTED?A YOUNG MAN. WHO UNDERSTANDS IT bookkeeping; a Oe man prefer.# 1, at Btf Liotrt; ai., fir 'i lott. WANTBD-AN IN I ULLUiEN T YOUNG NAN. SOME wliat acquainted ? nh tho drug biislne? ; releivme rei|Uln ii. Apply at 711 Mjrde uv., Biwk.rn, in Uia botanic dmgaio.e WANTED-TIT? Oil THltCK UOOD TIED tsKIRT f T tlninhei or trimmer*. Apply tu A?her I. Meyei, ibl Broadway, ojruerot iValkor el. WANTED-A YOUNG MAN. As ASSISTANT IN AN OF Bit; mual lie a good writer, quM and cirreil al flgurea, and Laic city leUieme. S-Liy moderate. Ad dreaa W? >1 Aid ottic-. TirANTED?MANTILLA IIaNDS FOR MILK GOODS; VY tun but aipertenemi liauda nm-d appiy ai No. .a U .IU nt., up ataua, Ulird Uoor. WANTED-A BOV, FROM U TO 1? YEADS OF AOS, u> aiteud a groceiy , uiual corn# wed reiommeuded. Apply at 78 King at. WJ ANTED?A FEW THOROUGHLY COMPETENT ?T . arp.'t meaaurei a, cuitiM* trnd 11) er?. Apply to A. T. titan art ? C'., Broadway, Chaiuucra and Head* at*. WANTED?A CORRESPONDING ULEIIK, ALSO AN ?Mp;riencrd clerk lu a w.o eaale grocery bou*>-. Apj. y al 131 I niton a'reat, Murebau;* Uici ka'Healatry OfUce. ->i tu;?t .on? prociir d lor reap- rwli'f pant**. No c nun alon in aiv?uc. Reienruce to ui>lclae? uoj*e*. The onl* reliable udli i', e>ta> iiatie i 18W. (2 <(W\ -A RliSPEOTABLB MAN. WITH TUE J]pTtUU? abave amount lo nan hU employe* ou Hie >ic*i o. *>? urity. may eecura n permanent situation at $li per w?ek b) calliug at .V.S Broadway, loomKI. " WVrRIWO.VlAt,. ~ A HANDSOME YOL N'i MIDSHIPMAN (U. B. ?.), who ia beul by, wealthy, agrveaM* and faiclna lug, d?. airea the ao<|iiain aiiue of aoiue charming yodim lady, wan i* pifiiy, accomplished, loving, ami oaa Irullr appraoiMa a cotnluilabli! bum . tidi kind and ii.dulgent liuniiand. Ad. dtI'm, with carte dc rialte, Kiauk t'rice, uoi m Brvad?ay foal odlco, care ol 13. Lock wo.'d, Esq. A UBNTLEMAN, TWENTY BIUHT TEARS OF AOB, Jx w ho Intendaapendingaiuut years abroad, drilre* to cor* reapond with aoine lady ol aultabie yaart with a > lew to mar riHge. Probity, amtabiii'y, and aUcciluiMte di?po<uioii art thi> qualuiea dolred and wblcb will be MMiprorated. A know ieU?? or French, aHhouxb uot ttidiapcnaable. would ba rrtaraed laTorabljr. All cuuini iuliauona atrictiy coolidi-n liai. A'tdreaafor lour weeka Jamtl li., boi MS Al s*:iy I'aal oaice, N. T. AOENTI.EMAN, ABOUT ? YEARS OF AOB, WISHES to meet wilh a jronng l?dy n* l orar M, Rood looking and alUcaouatp, inalrimoul uy ineiinad. Advernaer enjoy* a Mcdcra e laco.nafnmfmidanot aaacteil ky the tim-a, la well eduoafd, of go.Ml family and gontlnuianly manner*. Antwen rtquMWd from MM (aud li they have a few buu drad dollar* at command will not b? objected to, which w ill ba fully aemirriJt Addraaafoi two daya, appointing lima and p ace of interview, walpole Montague, Broadway Poat ottice. New Yoik. AYOUNO MAN, TWBNTT-TIIRER YEARS OLD, wiahe.t to correiuoud witK aome yming lady, with a tlew to matrimony. Moaey no a kind ana loving dlipoaition the gual ic>tu.aii?. AdUinta Aaioine, Herald offlce. ?PORT1HO, R~OTVBOATWANlED-Sli<;0ND HAND AND ABOUT alilfeu feet long. Muat be in pei r?c* onlei. Ad iicaa box 3,411 PoaloDloe. YACHT F<)R8AI,E-AS01'Ta?T0N.>', ONB YEAR OLD, well built, and i''In- e.l to i<e 'intial *i aMl ailuai of heraitu. Addreaa lariit, lieruld oilli-e. VACHT inn HALE.?TIIE FA FT lAi'HT MAVKl! 1 Jill", 44 Ion*, io ba p.'Id n bat'ii Api'U to >h BKTTK, 10 William Itf?' m'llrd Do f, n mt. VTACIITS AND ?? \II.1KI Vfii OF Al.l. >v v|< I ?crl|'iioi>n, bnosi I, t lt.hiri'- . ?'? ? iNUJ-.ll O. I ? u I lia<a^r, tl'* i|b i HI S"'H ' m? i w . HIGHLY RESPECTABLE YOUNO WIDOW, WHO j\ ?)?;?? h r >' ? ;i uou..:, uaa ft mu? loMly MutalacbikL oi.e 11 on i o : >vi u< toa>i p'- 11 in M>ine ;;??l cL?e family) PERSONAL. i*kctabi.e you . .'i .. . aaa * wuai ? !. ii tj . wlblk ' to . i?l p* it ill W)u?is t'od I* . I?i. ? A] ,?lr loroii.-waek t# j. g . ^ | |JJ tA' l i. . 1 .u>nl . ~lm?l ll?jr MVlh Uttfelillli. II the i car. ? E. r i ' T I . to- .. M-t fcr? ?ergu?, ll? W' << f.. . atreet, MM SUth avenue, >? the icar. ? MA : H 31 U ST RECEIVED ,j my ?;! aii'in and nthsappoint l-.j *. you laaiiiiit y. Com< down PAIKY. A LETTER AT STATION D. H.^i'i '' i nformation iO OF JOHN IiII.F.'jN, YORK vill.- 1.- ? t.,i . .v i I lor \\ a-htunion. An) tlaii-gao ? win 1 '" ' i y -1*j*1'?! A*0 * Dllo". A.ldr. Y?..I.,V, X.Y., 1W o.Uof. tfaihingtoii paper* pie .R oo|>y. ____________ P IA M li S JONES, CuOPKR, WILL CA1.L AT TUB x ooruer ui Swim, .ait:,, ,m .? . m r- < U Bro.i .?ynt be w:. b.-ar ol' ttumctbing io 1.1 > a Iv.iii ? at 1*. fcogarty a, tor out CO*. _ _ F THIS SHOULD MEET THE EYE Of ME. E. HAR ?. r.wni. lately of Torj.uo. .. nl I .ir jr-third street, in lkil < lty, he would oblige the Do-tor b> lea'? i?4 hio a Idles* at uk 11 f raid office. MISSINii?SINCK MONDAY MORNING LAST, A GIRL, named Catharine Mulucev, aged 1- ?Vl,"ni' . .* red meriuo dreim, i.ia *.u- . blue "O.'.ien hood. Any, million of her wi? k- tbank ully ie. . !? ej by her affiled P* rent!,at 131t *treet and Tenth avenu- Man! ft Uuvl r. M.?YOUR FRIEND It. K. Id OUT Of THE CLUB xix. house. Meet littn al t c line pla e a* laot, on Irridaj evening, at 7 o'clo- k. *? ' M TV riLLIAM campion CLIFFORD.?ANY INFOMMA ? y' tion of the ;vuei? ??? >uti ol W <?. C. * hit". <1 will b? thankfully roeclved by W ,er El.iott, Coinpan, K, Filtb Ohio Infantry, Winebemer, \ ii. r o'clock.?i nill attend, as heretofore, on 0 lUth lu?t , when I bope to be u.orc ? "OceLafnl In aettlBi the <le?iri d lnX?rmat:o!i. All your iriendi are well, Ml hop* juiurv. M. wan asking for ) on. L _ liObT AK1) FOiKU. Bankers and merchants, beware?on *on dav l.iat a gentleman wuo wan a out leaving WMtilC' ton city in the car* bad bia l'ft betbaok take ii lr2u'lk,? pocket. It contain'd twenty dol (.r? in money draft*, drawn by tbc Tr a user on tbo A??i?tant in New Yiirk. Theiw dra!l? were as follows?One uunitwr ed 3,Mil, for $15ti. on*' numbered1 S.65i, or $30U 6#, Other numbered i\.5U>, for t 'Si l>2- A? the payinent of lhcie drafts bat been atopi e.1 dealnra nhouK bo on t.ieir guaM ? they may be twin ileil by the sharp m who 'o aoroitly taiu'd tJuMf salon ol tao pocket miU. No.-. &*?*>'> wci? endorsed by the peiauua to wluiu they w;re mad* pavable. DUO LOST.-A WHITE AND TAN ENOUKB Bpanlol. Five dollar* reward will be i?ald lorn i re turn to 2^6 rearl ?>t! oet. ? Flew away-on thijrsday morning, a mali, krecn parrot, with a green and yellow ht*.'id. Two dol* lararewardfwUl begWen. with tnu thank* of the<>ww to whoever will bring tt back, or Rive Information .oadlng to iU recovery, to 7U3 Broadway. It lift pet bird, and cannot live * itliout lta mate. FOL'ND-AT tiie twenty-third street ferry aome month* aince, a Wallet, conta.nma a sum of monev The owner can have the name by provlii. propei ty anil itiivlns for two advertiaeinenW, an it waa alvertlHCil at the Umelt wai found. Apply ftt tbo offloe, Grecnpolnl ferry. T OST?ON monday BVENINO, A TAN TERHIER J i 'n0ii- had a chain on hU neck, ^be fiuder will be 11 bera 1 ?y Awa* d edbf .eavlng It ftt the meat ahop, corner of avenue 0 sud Tentn street. T OST -t-l will BE PAID r"RuT"EH RnE7i"w^ll^?eU IJ West Eleventh street, or to G. M. Oidtn, 71 Walletreet, ol a yellow Scotch Terrier Slut, loat In Beektnau atreet ou the 7th lnit. X OsT?FORTY dollars, in five and ten dol. TJ lar gold piece*, from the corner of Prtt?! Tiff'iKliion corner of Broadway and Fulton atreet, either in ? treet stage or getting out. A aultable reward will be (1 totbe finacr by leaving ltfttlU*K Greene atrcet. LOST?ON wednesday AFTERNOON, FROM A sixth avenue car. a paper box, coutftining bonnet* and tlowers. The Uuder will He liberally rewarded bj leaving at L. E. R*-ed'?, M9 Stub avenue. LOST?YESTERDAY NOON, CORNER OF RA88AU and Liberty atiaet*. ?n Alpbftbeucal Account Book, Ma al Mnameik The finder wltf be liberally reward edand receive Jhe ^banka of the owner by left?m? " wWh M. Young, carrier, Poet oillee. T OST-ON tuesday BYBNINO.A NAJHT \j Ticket, with a letter. By ??n(Un* it to lal Boum ww the Under will be eultaWy rewarded. T OST?A bundle, containing A PAIR OF PANT8 J*' io'tia ftouvh 'fera That TeVt Brooklyn on"wedD?eday ^ththe ferry i^ater. at the Sauth terry. New York aide. Lort?ON THUBSDAT, MAY 8, A LARGE BLACK AND iftn Dog; ftn'.were to the name of Jim. Five dallftnre ward will be pftid by returning h^tft to 7t?l Bt-oadway. T nRT OB MISLAID.?CERTIFICATES FOR BLBVBN Jj bbdf. Tobaoto, boarln* tno cliy of New York tob^c'ojta ri"onRv4r'K m" w w'r.'m 2 ^4^ h'm W7?rR M .S8.7-ST R. M...W.i7S, RM. Sw.'r'm W.iiO AH jietsom- ftp- hereby cautioned ~m?7.Z7Z .nar HIE PARTY WITH A FOUR WHEEL liberally comruusated. ^ " REWARDS. ,-?r> REWARD ?LOST, A SCCTTCH TERRIER, SHC^T ffiT'xWJtertffire1The above reward by leaving blni at :.2 Ea?t Twenly-flrat ?treet. _ _ ?nK ,VARD ?strayed FROM A. A. FULLER'S i'ift WeatThlrty-Mth atreet, New York, W"A'^ DULLER. Ii waid. _? ? "TKiif'^w?th whfu^^A,*^t70'u? ZtFanny\ The atove icw.rd will be blven on return lug her to Si llowuid ?ti?et. . ? upward?STRAYED, ON WEDNESDAY MORN by'ret *rnin^<her'to llU We*t Nine .'enV.i urnet. " - - .W i nn arinYED FROM f.9 HENRY STREET. $15 Ro" suniu ^^bo%V?wU wmtellpid b; rettunio^ .aid *i,t to the above number. DRV GOODS. 1 KVW PACT i'tiR I'llE LADiKS.-^ILIiJ. CLEANED A u? a *npo.lor '^"t'r-^ ^.rrta^Vl lnlTin^; ly announce 10the ladle* ol .-t^ 1>lhllll.lll tl.Deh made ui'. HUk?. 'Uu??e* D { )>.,,i'.|Uii'ni. ut. Only one ?t t!,e s.atrn I-land hancyw.^ ?. ttruuklyn. BAR KVT r1 NEPHKWM AN O X ? No.:s*nd 7 .1 bn atreet, g^yVo"rk,"d47Norl'. El.bib >treet, pbiudelpbto. _ At 1'BVTON'8 CHEAP STORE, 3*4 feWEKV, HOL'SBlvKEl'I.N'U t.O >U* nwfM AUOTIO. Bariaina, barRutii*, Kir :mIii? In Witlu- yiillla, Lines Danm-k >abl?' Ciolli*, Ton? !*, La:u and t'uruuua, Llneus, Sluctiiig* utnl liiitx. AL.-O AT I'K > TON '! CHEAT STORK, J, ? HOWERY, Br vhe, Stella, Cn-liui. re mid /.epli> r mikIi, it a great aacillice, fioiu the large .n il..;.* during II.t- irrrk. BI.VCK SILKS, BLACK SILK M Ei IAI. S* U.K. I am now spiling (notil ,*tiu.;iii 'te li avy tirilT) Blaek Silka at lower pi ic?a tlian .:i. * nil r u.-en *olu in ninny years. We have all width*, from "Si to 40 im-ii. i ?l'e, irum a/<-*nt* up; al*o Manilla SilLa, Willi ru.y rl.iiiu-.r . "Please uuW Ibe addreM." \\. K PEYTON, i.74 Bowery, a few Uoo. a aumu n. ilu.mton street. Branch ok the princess ci.uth.loe hoop Skirt Manufacturing Company, ."15 .lam- ?-rwt Skirt* made lu order, and old bald* made over. (CARPETS! CARPETS! CARPETS: CARI'ETSI CAR J p?t?, CnrpeU, Caij>el*, Caipeta, Carpet*, Carpeta, Car pet*, Cm pels, CarpeU, Carpel*. Cm |i"l?, i arpvta, Carpeta. Oilrlo .i?, OtKl<>tlia. Oilcloth", Oilcloth* (I'.lrlo'.ha. Malting, Matting, Milting, Matting, Malting, Matting. Ruga, Taiiio Cover*. 8li*de?, Mata, Ac., at vary low prtrta. Allgoooiare'iuarauteed. l.ook tor ? HIRAM ANDERSON. M Bowery. 1.1 ART INDIA PINEAPPLE DRESS OOODS-BLACK J and colored, ptam, plaid and (tripr^ tlie ino*t durable material Ioi mmmer wear. Alao, Cherkra, Waah and Jua aore Silk*. Cantou and Japan.-** Crape*, Yellow Nank , na, hneraticker, Buff Pomcitea, La tongs, Curiosities, embroidered Pineapple Handkerchiefs and ran*, ths newtil, aa well aa erery atyla. Naval American Iadtaa Uooda, Bark wot* Kane, Wholesale and retail. fountain'S India Store, 618 Broadway. MANTILLAS AND CI.OAKS. lai EST BROADWAY STYLES AT BOWERY PRICES. Call at 234 Bowery, and buy A Cloak or Mantilla ror $3 BO worth $4 00. A Cloak oi Mantilla for 3 UO worth ? 00. A Cloak or Mantilla for 4 00 worth ? 0>. A Cloak or Mantilla for 5 00 worth X (*}. A Clock or Mantilla for ? U0 worth 8 00. A Clo.<k or Mantilla for 7 00 worth 10 00. Cloth and Silk Saoque* aod ManUila* to avary variety at 81 Bowery. T. SC1IKN0K._ gPRINO CLOAKS AgiyUNHLLAS. afuUa..ortmeato^.i;?aUtTrLKgi VaOQUKS (now ahadaa) at 111* |l. l'KAKL DBAS I'RBNCU CLOTH DO. (j??t out) ?t 9* l0KICH LUSTRE BLACK SILK SACiJUES, richly irlir meil. al $0 SO to $10. In point of are aiparlor 1 ami Canalf* mm Wn- W. K. PEYTON. Eic*l*ior Cloak and Mantilla House, 174 Bowery, near Houston straat ; Of *tyin and quality, ladle* will (Ind our nrm?n(a lortoibo** found in many store* on Broadway I street, and our price* we guarantee 29 to 90 per w ISDOW ?HADES STORE 'viTlNDOWS aKD KKVLIOIITR. . O. L. A J. B. KELTY, 5M Broadway s t COAL. i ASH COAL 'KK TiiN Of ii A ?n| r n trltv of CimI lor .? ^ >? ? I it i i\ ied pramptly. Yard IWW I U1 Elalith avenue. A HEAKTT

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