Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1862, Page 5

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1862 Page 5
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The President's Visit to For tress Monroe. Oar Fortress Dlomoe Corresponcfence. FofttMK*Jiuwioa, May 7, Tht PretuUnt't Uec j-iio'i?A Miititt of Huilor?Ue He mrwtthe Gurruon?He Vi iL F'tr'. Wool?hi*/<c'? kr Ca tena ami ike Monitor?flu Fi'U to Iht Plagtkip?T!m Meri-im ic uff C'ranry Itimd, <fc. The leading event of lint d.iy lioro wait the vis it of Pre .-4tdent Lii-coln and suite to the Ifcirtment or Vir^iuia. fie arrived lust night, at ten o'cUi k in the trim little iteam reven'ie cutter Miami, from WshlngtOO. I7e vva.-> accompanied by tiduoral Clark, Mr. (smith, clerk of the Houso Military Committee; several in m'je a of Congress and others. This arrlvil of the I'resi. out was wholly un aspectod to tho outside u or Id hero, ai d it was so unos tentatious few could ho induced to btdievo the fact until llicy nero convinced hy ocular denvu ? >t ration. The President renin nod on board the Miami uutrl this morning at ei^bt o clock, wb a Major General Wool, the veteran o>mm?uder of this da . partment, attended by Colonels Oram and Canuoo, 1 lan tenant Colonel Whipple, Ad] tint General and M:iJor .Jonoa, the Provost Marshal, all in full unil'orni. proceeded '.from their quarters In the fortre-s to the new govern ment wharf, where tba M latin lay, where they gava the President u formal reception. Assnur.l Secretary of War Tucker, who has benn m ihis dnparimeot f;r some <?im? past, also formed onu of the receiving party After congratulations hid he?u ??xtotid -d ou the safe -arrival of the President, the i a ty widked in proceenon '?to the fortress. The President w in Kre*te t as lie pas-ed .the guards by Iho custmiia.y saint * and tbe warm con gratulations of everybody in the department Tho Ptcal dent loosed careworn, and his simple and easy manners, Co oae unacquainted with him, would have led to any other impression in tbe world, than that he was the "President of a nation or ovor thirty millions of inhabi tants. As he entered the a il y port of the fortress the main guard was turned out, ar.d a suluU of twenty-one guns was Qred from the water lottery of the lortress. The visitors proceeded to tbe bna.itlful parade ground, ^shaded by umbrageous trees, where tbe troops garrison tug the fort wore on mornii g parade. As Hoon as the President appeared the regimental band played the air -of "Hail to the Chief" in a mauuer highly artlstio and inspiring. The troop-' presented arms," and tha as '* 1 "-owd gave tokens of tbeir reg:i"d for th? Pr?'Sl reverb''ate with their hearty > istnis-n d the President made a o fort, water battery and ma iler piace his atteutioa waa to iho machine for rifling ?ation at the time of the visit. icy of its movements were highly d. ut in tarn visittd Kurt Wool as received without the customa mscd with at bia request, i'er did rltleU guns of the f -rt ware .t the tobftl battery at Awall's - . watch'<1 (be nu*lu< op-.randi of **?1 * g ? r ben the first shell was trod he i ke and listened attentively to > ng fuse an the shell proceeded ,-h ' v" '- am ; foil the shell struric directly la < llr.g with a loud report, throwing ?uf "?? ? smoke in the air. 1 4 President sutoooqaeetly vUUcd the Iron batteries ?Oalfca and Monitor. Ho examined these , ves ta ela with much care, making the most deuikd ?Inquiries as ta their oouMmotlon and q*ra -tion. Ob the Monitor especially his Inqui ries wore numerous, and the olUorn i of that ship airded Balm great gratification bv the distinct manner la fhlch ?they answered his inquiries and the full knowledgethey 'developed of their honorable profoesioa. At half-past one o'slock P. M. the President wafeibotit <o prooeed to pay a formal visit to Flag Officer Got*bo ?rough, on board the flagship Minnesota, as the dcers of that vessel were getting their men ready to run the .yards and Ore a salute, the lookout on the foreto an. ?aounoed that ths Merrimac w s coming out of Nofoik. The men were beat to quarters and the fleet in th<har. (Oor signalized to get rsady for action. True enough the Kerrimac was seen off ths ncrth end or Craney Uandi -with steam up, aad black amoks eurlini out if her pipe. The fleet formed tine of bat <le, aad soon were in rvadimss to give the XShel monster a hearty recepti n, should it hav ths tesserlty to visit ths Roe. is. The Merrlraac reoskied | -stationary under ths guns of Oransy island for sefcral iJsours, and then returned to Norfolk. Her visit wss^tly va menace, a Uunt,no doubt with a view to tndue+ur -gunbotU fleet to moot her lu the Elisabeth river }ut ?the attempt was a failure. The President meanwhile visited the flagship Mais ??ota, where hewee received by the customary hone* of atannlng the yards, flring a salute, he. The old bip ?which stood bravsly through ths engagement of thttb ?and 9th of March last still remains afloat to again a.*rt * Abe supremacy of the Stars and Stripes. The PM ?dent examined particularly the portions of the ship let' Xiad been struck by rebel s^ot, and when ths philoscfey -of how four stateroesss were knocked into one by ats <Ue rebel shell was siplalned, he was forced to sxjSss 4ils surprise at the the terrible effect of an explosion* a Hen-Inch shell, which gave him a perfect horror of woten ?wrar vessels. This afternoon his excellency Presldeat Llncolnias invited to witness a review of General Heber's brigto. KThe command was drawn up In line, awaiting Genu 'Wool's staff and ths distinguished guests. Word.hower, ?cases at half-past three o'clock that the review wdd net take place, owing to the appearance of the Merrlnc. This order, however, was again countermanded, id Che President, Secretaries Stanton and Chase and H jgadlar Osneral Egbert L. Vlele took up a position Id -reviewed the troops, expressing themselves hi^y pleased with th# ^Dearanoe or our rorcee at Cgp Hamilton. The review over, the spectators grstd Alls Excellency and General Wool with hearty ch.* Brigadier General Max Weber was highly complimeed Jtt the One appear an oe of the soldiers under his <?? mand, both by Presidsat Lincoln and Secretary Suav The President wss mounted upon ths flns bay steeof Major General Wool. The visit of the Preeident to this point was certain ' step towards that relaxation which that dlstinguiad ?officer so much needs, after one or the moet trying jfrs ?afovr national existence. The weather was dsilglul entire day, a beautiful breeze blowing rromhe ' north west. At the time I close this letter the Proa hit 1s still here enjoying the hospitality of General HI. He will probably return to Washington this evening HEWS FROM BEN. FREMONT'S CORI. ?OMnpailon of Giles Court House?Cf ture of Prisoners, dte., Ae. HsAwjvAnrsns, MocrraiH nvAarmrr, Nsar Paaisevnu, V*., May 8,1803. despatch from Faysttsvlllo announoes that the) ?vanosof General Cox, oomposedof part of tteTw O' (third Ohio, under Mj^or Cowley, occupied Jlles drt and Darrows, on New rlvsr, yoaterday. ? / ? rebels ran, and did not burn ths 'lacs, sin , tnidfd. Abundaal fomsslssary stores, a lieutewit cohel, s were captured, heoitltns . fJ.jiJ' The itffat of * rebel at portant than wu.l Crati up 1 ' lighting, and Shack k ad ?ali General Frftant. sua Moontji* May hat his advancSonslstlng of Ohio, under M*Cauley,oe* <e and the nafws of New ut the rebels, W were taken . ' I*/ isi t able quantity commissary 1 e twenty prlvataads prleoa Md ths burning ths plans, as oitizsns remakssd most of Hs adds thths revjpH ot .no eneu.. eek lnereaee inn pern <as they become mors known. TOHN C. FREMONT, Major General b?ea?*^g Anniversaries To-da IKIiy, Msv 0.?Americas Board of Conissloners tor foreign Missions, in Irving Hall?mornlq Five Petals Bouse of Industry, la Ir* Hall- even. American Baptist Mariners' Soelety, Mis Oliver etrset Baptist oborsh?evsalng. Canal Navigation AitMfWsy ?, 1882. leaded grala hosts arrived here thhtoiuiug from THE COAL MINERS' REBELLION. Outbreak Among th? foul IMtntir* of the ? Schnyiklll Uc(ii)n?Tb? UuiUw* Or gauicrdoThey Hi. ze the Collieiie* ami Flood the Min??-Govrrn?i(iil Supplies of Coal Sto|ipvil?The Military of Phllu ii?lphia Uu Up to Sjuppi eti the Insui rtt tiou?Appramuft of Matter* uud Cauict of the Trouble, &c., \o. oca rutLinbLPuiA coukksiomdencb. PiiiiAithLKutA, May 8, liCJ. I have Just returned from tbe scone of hi stilitie* In Schuylkill county, baring sccompauied the military of this city tbither. Sine* my return upward* of two hundred add.t oual trooj<s buve b?tu ordered to Mluers ville, and also a battery of howitzers, waking In all about lour b aidrou soldiers, (ully suppliod wuh sixty charges each, ami food for an indefinite period. >'our other companies iu tbo I'utied Statos service, connected with Coloue: \Ym H. Yeaton's regiment of militia, are under arm* and uwaitlng orders to move. It u poesible tUut tlie fears of the county authorities and of the mino owuers have magnlQod difficulty; but it is evideut that the mutineers are numerous, de termined and well armed, and only need the will to make a long and rigorous defence. Tbe d.ftkutty is ono of annual occurrence in tbo mining districts of Pennsylvania, but it never before reached its present propoMions. H arises from ibe tyranny of mining capitalists, as regards both the amount of wages paid ta the operatives and the manuer In which sueli wages aro doled out. Probably an equal amount of wretchedness is remarked, of no oilier class but the coal mine{p of this State. The ave rage nmuunt of irages paid to miners is about Ove dollars per weok.aud this, most generally, is not paid in cash, but In "orders'* upon storekeepers In the employment of the mining companies. Tlie operatives in this way not only receive paltry pay, but they are swindled by the capital ists, and compelled to take merchandise at tbo capital ists' own rate; ao that they barely obtain tho necessaries or .ife. In the spring of tho year the Schuylkill canal and Its branches open navigation, and there is a corresponding rise In tne price of coal. Great quantities are mined in Muy and June, and at thoso seasons tho miners look Tor an advance of hire, which they have usually obtained. This demand for advance takes the form of a "strike," when operations aro temporarily suspended, until the ?lelve receive the enlarged pay or a compromise of some kind is entered into. This year was made an era for a "strike" upon a grand sc.alo, and, taking advantage of the absence or ail ml'itary org mizntious from tho cou.ity, tho operatives proceeded ho ensure their demands by force. They soiled the collieries of the Forest Improvement Company (now controlled by New York capitalists), interdicted all em ployes from working under threat of death.and, by put ting out the fires at the collieries, stopped tho pumps that cleared the mines of water, wboieby they wore soon flooded. The Sheriff of Schuylkill county found that ho could tnuke no arrests aud that heoeuld not summon a posse of citizens to assist Kim, the sympathies of tho mass being with the -'strikers." The latter grew defiant, held meet ings at Forrestvillo, Hocklevllle, Thomaston and other points, and made; reparations to organize a general strike throughout the whole coal region. The few that Insisted upon working at the old rates were roughly handled, the contractors and agents of the mineowuers vfsie threat ened with loss of life and property if they toajntairied opposition, and the Sheriff was too weak either in spirit or In force to assert the law and arrest the ringleaders. The latter had organized the strike cunningly and executed It unflinchingly. The colliers of 0110 I mine enforced the strike upon another, so that no ! omploye appeared where he could be recognized. In this way the officers are yet batfled as to the whereabouts of the ringleaders. About fifteen hundred men were num bered in tho primary offensive measures, and their num. bflrs are said to be increasing. The locality where hos tilities commenced is noted for the turbulence of its deni zens, murdsrs and riots being frequent occurrences there, and ignorance and drunkenness being character istic of the populace. Doubtless the grinding restrictions of capitalists have so dograded the people, but at the same tiuie the mine owners assert that to pay more for mining coal would be ruinous to them. Daring tho winter families, comp scd of eight persons, have existed upon three dollars a week, and are obliged out of this sum to buy their oil and pay rent. However much the strikers were to be oommlsseratert, their high-handed proteedings left the law no option but force, aud the Governor called upon General Patterson (of Harrier's Fsrry fame) to deputize certain men to quell the riot. Your correct pendent pro ceeded with these to lllnersville on Wednesday afternoon, where the troops are quartered in the Odd Fellows' Hall, and waited quietly until after mid. night, when the people of the town were fast asleep. Then, stealthily, they moved out toward Forrestville,the infected district, with loaded muskets and set bayonets, and this morning had mounted guard over all the col lieries, to the great astonishment of the mutineers. The lat or are fierce and threaten to retake the mines. I rode among them at dawn to-day, and they seemed uuanimous as to their grie\ai.ces, asserting that they meant to abolish the "order" system and to secure equal and definite rates for their services. ?o that they would be out of the reach of want. The Sheriff, mean time, has ordsred the troops to stand fait, and the rein forcements that went on to-day Indicate fears of rup ture. If difficulties occur they will be of a serious cha racter, as the miners are embittered by the presence of soldiers, and they are all armed with their favorite moun tain rifles. M..ny of tbein were in the three mouths' service, and have the elements or military discipline among them. They are nearly all.lrub. It did not appear to mo to-day that any Immediate' breach would be occa sioned, but the telegraph may develope some later Intel ligence. The advance demanded is tweuty-flre cents per day for laborers, and ten cents per wagon of coal, for m.ners. The Forest Improvement Company Is working mainly upon govsrnment orders, and if the sums demanded are paid, tbe capitalists say that they cannot fulfil ths con tracts, which name n ce> tain amount of money per ton. The damage to the mines has beo or considerable. Tlu DLfllcalty- Settled. Pcraviun, Pa., lUjr 1,1M3. The difficulty la all settled, and the troopa will return to Philadelphia In tha morning. The employers agreed to pay tha advance demanded. NEWS FROM WA8H1NQT0H. WasntsuTon, May B, ISM. iaOl~BL.ES or TBH NtOKO WORSHIPPERS. The troublea of the negrophilisu In Congress are thickening. While half a million of our volunteers are fighting the battles of the Union, and pouring oat their blood and their Uvea to vindicate the constitution, n little band of reckleea political gamoatera here are pro poaing to trample upon that same constitution, beoauae Ita provisions in regard to African alarary are ob. noxious to their peculiar political views. The Wilsons and Sumnera, and Lovejoys, are actually urging an In. frlngemant of the constitution aa palpable aa that of the Toombses, and Wigfalla, and Devisee of the South. Iba passage of the District Rmanoipatlon bill baa at* tracled hither hundred ofslavaafrom Maryland, many of them belonging to men whoae loyalty haa never wa vered. Home of the maetera have aought to recover the fugitives under the provisions of the Fugitive Slave law, and the caaee have pasred through all the legal proceed Inga preliminary to the delivery of the alavaa. The abo lition Action are new loudly demanding that for thia rea son the execution of the Fugitive Slave law shall be arbi trarily suspended In the District. The proposition, ll ia aald, meets with some favor in the Cabinet; bat the true frlenda of the President are confident he will never o>>n aent to thua oommlt political suicide, and appear before ihe country in the attitude of striking for the constitu tion with one hand and striking at It with the other. NAVAL ORDERS AND APPOINTMKNTP. Permission baa been given to the following to report for examination aa Matter'a Mate* at the New York Navy Yard:?Charles My era, of New York; CharleeO. Hill, ef do.; John Boyle, of do.; Robert 0. Lanfear, or Beaufort, Conn.; Thomaa Q. Speighta, of Baltimore; Oeorge Ed. wards,.of Portsmouth, N. H.; Wm.n. Roberto, of Box ton; Win. Knapp.of do.; Wm. A. Morgan,ef do.; Rufua C. Greene, ef Maiden, Mass.; Hlraaa RunneUa, or Fail River, Maaa.; Peter0. Markof, oC Brooklyn, N. T. Henry H. Foe tar, John McGoWan fthd Saaauel A. Water bury, of the Potomac flotilla, have been promoted to Acting)! aaters. Christopher 0. Taafo, effNew York, la appointed Acting Maator at New York Navy Yard. Commander Joseph F. Green, detached from erdnanoe duty >t Boston, and ordered to report to Captain Pearson for oommand of the Ossipee, on the 16th proximo. Lieutenant John L. Worden ordered to report to Oenf modore Psndergraat. for oommand of the Iron clad steamer (new) Ironsides. frank A. Bgennon, of Portland, Me.,appointed Aallng Second Assistant Engineer, and ordered to the Galena. cocMramra a?mstw>. A sun wan arrested here to-day for attemping to pats a hundred dfilar hill on the the Allegheny Bank, of Pitts burg, Pa. Twenty-one bllla.or that denomination worn found on his person. The notes are exceedingly well executed,and are therefore a dangerous counterfoil. ucnurriNO troops. An order from the War Department says:?"Upon re qulsitlone made by commanders of armies in the field, authority will be given by the department to the Gover nors of the respective States to rscrnit regiments now in the aervlce." TUN DEMOCRATIC APDHKftfl. The democratic addroaa published to-day haa fallen atlilbora iu the inidst of the exciting military ne>vs Its appearance, under the particular auspice* of VaKodl^ """"""?? of suspicion, to be generally h\in, makes it a^. Hslmkroe AND NAVIGATION. TRRA8TJRV KEl'OST ^ (ODlD16rR4 and UHViga Iho fl.-si j ari of th<i r?vv,rl ?- ?, ^ >? requiiod lion (Tom the Troaaury !)ep..rtmi?.. .r> o()m by Uw to bo roady on the 1st ??.' Janua., '??fe, It is a pletod, and will be doMvured In a few u... 4 vulumrious document, and its preparation ro>, large amount of clerical labor. THU UDWURKYS IMPKACUXKNT. Tlio committee of :he Senate appointed to try the im peachment of Judge Uum;>Uruys, of Temieu-ei, will enter Immediately m>on tho discharge of th?ir duties. RECONNOMSANCK TO OULPEi'PEit COUBT UUU8U. Information hau boon received here that a cavalry re connaissance was recently made to Culpepper Court I House. Seven prisoners on horseback wore captured ns thoy were endeavoring to escape. They have been sent to Washington. Our troops were favurably received by the ponp'o, but only temporarily occiplod tye town. TUB CASE OF TIIE SHIP KMILIK ST. ttKKHK. Minister Adams has presented a claim to the British government for the restoration of the ship Euulost. Pierre, the captain of which rose upon the prize crew aud conveyed her to IJverpoo^ after hor capture by tlie United States fleet for violating the blockade. PRESENTATION TO TUB SECOND KEOIMXNT NEW YOKE VOLUNTEER ARTILLERY. This Qns regiment garrisons Forts Ward, Worth and Blanker, the advanced line of defences ou the Virginia side of the Potomac. Yesterday waa quite a gala day, the occasion bo lug the presentation of a most beautiful flag from the city of New York. In honor of the occa sion the raiment paraded in ita full strength; and the Sag wax presented by Senator Pomorey, amid the olang of martial music and the hearty cheers of an enthuslastlo regimont. Impressive prayer and an addross were made by the He v. Mr. Bloke, late of General Fremont's staff. The Colonel, Gustav Wagner, invited the ladies who graced the scene, the Held, stall' and company com manders to a tUjeuuir a la fouchetle, which was sarved up in an elegant style at tho Colonel's headquarters. Patriotie and telling speeches were made by the gallant .Senator from Kansas, by Colonel Wagner, Adjutant Law rence and Captain Hogg, In which the Governor, the city of New York, the Kmptre State, and the ever glorious Unlbn were net forgotten. Under the command of Colonel Wagner this One regiment fast approaches to perfection. The officers and men eagerly await tha order to "March." Another beautiful flag, the gift of Gover nor Morgan, was brought to-day from Washington by Quartermaster Mead, which, wo understand, it waa the Governor's intention to present to this regiment in per son. Address of the Democracy to the People of the United State*. Washdwtw, May ?, 1862. Messrs. Richardson, Knapp and Robinson, of Illinois; Law and Voorhles, of Indiana ; Aii?n, whito, v?bu. Pen dleton, Morris and Vallandigham, of Ohio ; Johnson and Ancona, of Pennsylvania, and Shlels, of Oregon, have Issued au address to the democracy of tho Uuited States, setting forth party organization as a positive good,and essential to the preservation of public liberty. This, they say, Is now a vital necessity, and thoy In vite all men, without distinction of State, aoctlon or ptorty, " who are ror the constitution as it is, and the Union as it waa," Jo unite with them in the great work of preeervinj both upon torms of perfect equality. This they agree Is the great issue. Cowrt Calendars?This Day. SvPuncM Court?Cmrrrr.?Port 1 (short causae)? Noa. 3970, 4056, 4102,4634, 4568,4799,6402 , 6769, 580ft, 58086800 , 6843, 7067, 7096, 7177.7216,7248,7283, ' 7277 , 7300, 7308 , 7510 , 7381, 7412 , 7417, 7462, 7445, 7457, 7463,7479, 7464, 7486, 7488, 7509. 7621, 7588,7010, 7837 , 7646, 7602, 7?59>,', 7665 , 7676, B, 7679V;. Sermon Coon?Part 1.?Ncs. 1767, 1773, 150.1, 2127 , 3829, 223 . 3071, 3049. 1323. Part 2.?No*. 816, 798,1882,1740, 8194,1862,1864,18M, 1900, 1902, 1904, 804, #618, 1034. 294, 1118. Part 3.?Nna. 1345, 737, 1873.1881,1901,1903, 1909,1*11,1313,1915, 1917,1921, 1923,1926,1927. Part 4?Noa. 1968,1970,1972, 1974, 1976,1978,1980,1982,1984,1986,1988,1990,1994,1996, 1998. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Tbchsday, May {f?? P. M. Honey continues very abundant on call at from 4 a 5 per cent. At the former rate any house in good standing can snpply its wants without diffi culty. Gold was firmer again to-day, rising to 103, at which figure some $200,000 changed Lauds, aud closing firm at that price. The foreign exchanges sympathized, of course, and the leading bankers asked 114 for sterling and 4.97% for francs; bnt we do not hear of many transactions at these rates. The principal feature of tho day is the deposit at the Sub-Treasury of*some 150,000 in legal tender demand notes, for conversion into the twenty year stock, redeemable at the pleasure of the govern ment after fire years. The stock market was comparatively inactive to-day, and lower on nearly all tho speculative list. Governments were firmer. The coupon 6'a of 1881 advanced to 102% at the first board, with sales of over $300,000 at this price, but fell back to 102 at the afternoon session. 7.30's rose to 103% and one year certifi cates to 99ft. Tennessees fell to 58% and Mis souris to 52%, while North Carolines rose to 72. The decline in the railroad shares ranges from % a 1 per cent. Hudson River wet, however, an exception to the general movement, and, uud?r a well distributed demand, rose steadily to 41% at the second boand, closing in demand at that price. On comparing to day's closing prices with those of yesterday, we notice a decline of % per cent in Pacific lfail, of %in New York Central, of % in Erie common and preferred, of % In Michigan Southern and 1% in guaranteed, of % in Reading* of X in Michigan Central, of % in Panama, of % in Illinois Central, of % in Galena, of % in Tole do, of % in Rock Island. Rank shares and rail road bonds wore fairly active, at a decline in some descriptions and an advance in others. The market closed dull at about the following quotations:?United States 6's, registered, 1881, 101% a %; do. 6's, eonpon, 1881, 101% a 102. do. 5's, 1874, 93 a 84; Tennessee 6's, 58% a %; Virginia 6's, 58 a 59; North Carolina 6's, 71 % a 72; Missouri 6's, 52 a %; Pacific Mail, 117% a %; New York Central, 88% a %; Brie, 88% a %; do. preferred, 66% a 66; Hudson River, 41,% a 42; Harlem, 14% ? %5 do. preferred, 38% a %; Reading, 46% a 47%; Michigan Central, 59% a 60; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 24% a %; do. guaranteed, 48% a %; Panama, 129 a %; Illinois Central, 62 a 62; Galena and Chicago, 71% a %; Cleveland and Toledo, 45% a %; Chi cago and Rock Island, 62% a %; Chicago, Bar lington and Qulncy, 65 a 69; Milwaukee and Prai rie in Cliien, 28% a 29; Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati, 113% a 114; Illinois Central bonds, 94% a 92. The businesa of the day at the Sub-Treasury wu as follows:? Receipts v 94,197,114 94 ?for ?uxtom*. 944,000 00 9,163,885 04 Balance 19,637,2m M Tho mail from Washington this morning brought $2,440,000 new United States notes, of which 1900,000 are in 100's, 9400,000 inBO's, $320,000 in 20'e, 9320,000 In 10's, and $300,000 In 5's. At the annual mooting of the No# York Bank Koto Company the following gentlemen were elect, sd trustees, to serve for the ensuing year.?Messrs. Tracy R. Edaon, C. Toppan, 8. H. Carpenter, N Wright, G. W. Hatch, B. J. Danforth, R. Draper, I f, W. Edmonds and H. Perkins. Tho followingr officers were elected:?Tracy R. Edaon, President; Edwsrd J. Danforth, Vice President; Nesiah Wright, Treasurer, and Prnnoio W. BdmomH, Secretary. Holders of certificates issued by Mr. John Fergn son, oalling for the second mortgage bonds of ^he Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago Railroad* un der the plan of reorganization, are requesfed to leave them at the office of Messrs. Winslow, Lanier A Co. on Tuesday next, the 13th, and In a few days thereafter the bonds will be ready for d?>ti. i very. This morning s man presented at the of!,ft* 0f Thompson A Brothers seven one tandrrd dollar I not-s ?r the Alleghany County Bank of fttfeburg, which ?ifl s?t once pronounced t .. The I paytjr wss Obtained upd tfivvp in c'jiurgs of deico tivc* EUler. who te confident that the has l>?en fouul who oounUrfeitod the Shoe and Leather Batik notc-B, the beat evor seen. Stock Quhans?^ nri?IT. "^7 ?, 1* $10000 TTS 9'e,>81 .wg 101 * 46 afet I ac M 2? C"- **** 161(00 U g B'g, '81,co^ 102 100 do .<? '5'* 2IOA00 do >02* 25 do slS 11000U8fc,'81.()rwl.y loi 130 do It?* aiooo ivo?7 3-iot?cu ltww 60 do moin? tiiooo d? *10 N Y Con BE 8f<* 70001'3 6'a, 1 yearo 99* 6>*i d? "10 88* *000 Kfctjcky S n? 02 m do .. 88 iio>., tl" 01* 1 1000 'iJ cou h?l?,'62. 05 SO t.* *?16 WL* 6000 Ih' m*r 10M-.. 96* 100 do.. ??10 88* 12600 ?#* <00 do.... ???3? M* 900001ml l?ao... 03 200 111 Cen lUt sp. <30 1000 Mich 8 b? 97 800 do 62 4<JOO taun 6's,'^ -? 400 Erie RH s30 1?S COOO do tJM 69 200 do aftO So^i 60CJ KCaiullia O's. 72 do bflO 38* 6000 Missouri 6'?... **3 301 do 38 ,' 2000 do 62* 460 do 38 * 7000 do 52* 100 .do 1)30 38* 10000 do 62* OOOlriOlMt preferred 60 2000M6'HltoH4uS,IKR 82* 40C d^, s30 86 16000 California 7's.. 91 100 do.*....b30 06* 3000 do 91* t'60 Hudson R.'r Kit. 41 3000 Mian 8 p 0 biU. 04 60 do AOO 41* 2000 Erie RR 1st m b 104 60 Co t>30 41* 2000 KrteKR 4th m b 89* 50 do bOD 41* 3000 Hud Riv 3d m b 80 160 do b30 *1* 4000 Harlem let m b 101* 60 do......s60 41 3000 do 101* 100 ' do S30 41* 6OC0 do 101 260 do 41}; .1000 MC8pcb.oid.BlO 102 100 do bOO 41 ^ 9000 C.UfcQRKg |? o b 10.3 100 Harlem RR 14* 1000 Goeh Ur biis... 96 S00 do 14* 3000 MC8pclmafcb 104* 106 Mich Can RR.... (50 1000 Mich Soar be. 93 160 do. CO* 12000 do 92* 160 do 60% 6000 do 92 100 do sSO 00 6000 do 92* 100 do bao 60* 60o0 LeCh Mil 1 ( b. 20 160 MSo&NIRR.alO 24* 6000 do 20 K 266 do 24ft SOOOChi&N Wif b 92 800 MSo fcN I g stk.. 49* 9000 nauJbPtJoRRbB 47 60 do b?0 49* 12000Tol&Wab 2dm 67 60 Cler & IMtts RR. 19* 1000 MllitPduChl m 94* 6 Clor.Coi&Cin RR 114 looo Cle&lol a f bda 92 60 Gal x Chicago RK 71* 16000 American gold 102* 200 do b30 71* 30000 do 102* 17 Clev & Tol BR ... 45* 110000 do 103 200 do 45* 10000 do bSO 108 100 do b60 46* 120000 ilo bOO 103 20 do 46* 96 absMechanics'Bk 100 106 Chle & Rk la RR. 62 15 Bank of.Vaw York 100 100 do 62* 10 Merchants' Bank 100 20 do 02' J 10 Bk of Commarco. 97 100 do 02* 61 Metropolitan Bk. 103 100 do.... 62* 100 KaatBlvar Bank. 90 162 Mil APdu'ORB. 29 8 Continental Bank 92 23 Mil frPduC 2<1pref 02* 8KCOND BOARD. $41000Tr 7 810 pen 103* 100 sha Erie RR. .b60 38* 3000 MUsouri 6'a... 62* 38 Erie RR preferred 06* 10000 do 52 * 60 do b30 66 7600 N Carolina O's. 73 250 Cler 4 Toledo RR 46* 1000 IlUnoia war loan 90 100 do b!6 45* 6000 do 96* 200 Hudson Rivor RR 41* 1000 Gal * Chi let m 102 60 do b30 41* 1000 do 102* 106 do 41* 1000Cler kTol af bd 92 900 Harlem RB prof.. 36* 5000 MlcbSo a f bda. 92* 60 Mich Central BB. 69* lOOOO American gold. 103 100 111 Con RR scrip.. 62 20 she Am Exch Bk. 94 60 do b30 62* 20 do 93* 15 Panama BB 128*

36 r?ao Mall SS Ce.. 117 * 26 Gal & Chicago BR 71 SOON Y Can RR..bM 88* 60 do 816 71 260 do 88* lOOMllhPr duCh BR 29 6 Krie RH 88* CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Thcrsdat, May 8?8 P. & BnuMrnnv*.?Flour?Owing to Increased receipts the market was heavy and lower, and doted at a decline or about 10c. per barrel. At tbe falling off the market was more active and the salss footed up about 14,000 bbls., within the following range of prioes:? Super too State $4 80 a 4 95 Extra State S 00 a 6 18 Superfine Western 4 80 a 4 05 Common to choice extra Western 6 06 a 6 30 'Canadian 6 00 a 0 30 Southern mixed to good superfine 6 30 a s 90 Extra de 8 00 a 7 OO Coed to choice family do T 00 a 7 80 Rye Sour 3 00 ft 4 00 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 70 a 3 00 ?Canada closed In favor or buyers, with a fair amount of rales, which reached 1,600 bbla., closing within the range of tm above quotations. Sonthern flour participated In the general dullness, and was also lower. The sales em braced about 1,500 bbls., at tlie above prices. Rye flour wan heavy and lower .with sales ofV>0 bbla. Corn meal was unchanged, while the salea embraced 450 bbls. at our quotations. Wheat was heavy and lowor, in some eases reported/at a decline of lo. a to. The salea em braced only about 11.000 bushels at $1 15}^ for a small lot amber Iowa, 91 14 lor red State spring, and $1 33 a $1 35 fbr whitb Michigan. Corn was lower, with a fair demand at the eonoesrton, with sales of about 60,000 bushels at f>3<\ a 54c. for Western mixed, in store, snd at 55c. a 56c. for do., de livered . Rye wss steady, with sales ef 1,200 bushels of htate at 82 ,'jo., delivered. Barley was nominal at 80c. a 85c. Barley malt was more active, ana prices firm, with sales of 5,000 bushels Canada at $1 10, lem discount. Oats were in fair request, though somslsss buoyant, with sales ot Canadian and Western at 40c. a 42c., and or State at 43X0. a 43o. Kkskjhts?To Liverpool 28.000 bushels of corn, In bulk, were engaged at 7|fd. a 8d., and 8,000 do. whoat. In bulk, at 8^d., 1,400 bbls. flour at Si. 6d., 50 bales of cotton at 3-16J. ,450 boxes bacon at 27s. 6d., 40 lihds. of tobacoo at 27s. 64., and by neutral vessel 1,000 bbls. flour at 2*. 6d.t and per steamor 900 boxes bacon at 6's. 6d., and 700 boxeaelieeee at 62m. fld. To London 2,000 bbls. flour were engaged at 2s. 64., 150 bones bacon were engaged at 25s.. and 70 hhds. tobacco at 27s. 6d. To .fntw<rp 6.000bushels wheat, In ships bagp, al 9d., and SOO packages provisions at 27s. 8d. a 30s. A bark was taken to load with 20,000 bushels of grain to Cork, fer orders,at 7s. 6d. per quarter. Psorfccos*. ?Pork was less buoyant, without quotable ebange ef prices, while eales were lees active, with sales of 2,500 bbls., closing at $13 for mess, and at $10 a $10 VJt; for prime, with sales of 300 bbls. prime mess on private terms. Beef was very firm and in fair de maud, with sales of 250 bbls.. at $13 $5 a $14 for plain mess, and at $15 for extra. Prime mess beef was firmer, with sales of 50 bbie. of extra at $22. Beef hams were quiet at $16 a $17. Cut meats were in flair demand, with saiss of 800 packages lit 4c. for light shoulders and at 4*?c. a 4\c. for extra mavy do., and at 6c. a 0e. for hams aad at 6 .'40. for extra hams. Bacon was quiet. Lard was in fair request and pricee were less buoyant, while the salea embraced about 1,600 packagee at 8c. H%e. State butter was dull at Kc. a 17e., and Ohio at 12c. a Mc. Cheese was steady at 7c. a 8>;c. for State. No Ohio of moment was in market. Deal Directi r With the Manaiisctsrtr.? A large business, wholesale and retail, uns<irpa*sed facili ties for tlie importation of materials, a thorough practical kn.itrlrrire of the manufacturing branch, enable KftPEN flCHElD to sell a better Hat tX.t3 SO than ran be purchased of a lucre vender In Broadway for $4. ESPENSCHE1D, Manufarturtr of Outs' Mats, 118 Naesau street. Long Live Gew. MtClfllan. Long Live WHITE, the Hatter.?His superb styls of Dress and Soft lfats are beyond comparison, round only at 216 Broadway. Davld'i Spring Style mt Gentlemen's Hats, 288X Broadway, near Buane street. Nirsw Goods?For Misses, Boys and In fanta. All the new and d??lrable spring styles, now ready, at BANTA'8, Canal at reet, corner of Woosler. Ladlei* Frenth Walking Boots (Mew Stvle); Balnn rals and Oalters for spring, with ladles', misses' and bora' Bue's and Shoe*, all styles and prices, at MILLER A CO.'S, M7 Canal street. At JefTera', 3T3 Broadway. Gentleman's fine Shoes and elastic Oalwra in great variety. MeCanley. Broker In Money, Removed, temporarily, to No. 53 Chatham street, second floor, rooms 1 and 2. m The Dog Show West Week nt Barnun's will be the affair of the season. See advertisement. Last Day bnt One of tke Indent Orator at Barnum's Mnw.itn. Ills speeches, sddresees, Mr., are truly wonderful. Madame Celeste's great drama Is played afternoon aad evening. See sdvertisem jot. At JeflVre*. BT3 Broadway, f.adHn' Con gresa Boots, $2; Balmorals, $2 $1 75; children's, |l 37, JKFKCR8, 073 Broadway. MtnA'i Chocolate, 645 BroadwM?Thc auperlor quality of this Chocolate ajM bnvcrage and. nourlah m?nt for Invalid* and children M wail know a, It can ha need bj pereona of the moat delicto health, and la often re conuur mlrd by many of our moiVoeltbratcd pbyakiana. Herrfng'a Patent Champion Vlre and R'irgTar Proof Safea, MI BroaOeray, corner aX Murray atr-et. Haw Terk. Clrcmlar. Raw Tom, Apnl ?, IML We hare (Ma day tranaftrred the Warrhaat Tailoring a*, pectineal ef onr bnalneaa /rem the aaeond floor of the a'?ee comer of'Broadway MM Warren atreeta, te the aecond fleor Where in are opealota rary tana and aeleet "took c/gpr1ng We H to aaaura eur frieafi that no palna nr rmai wU> he (pared te auataln the reputation ef ihia Ibr ?eh ef oaf The retail Beady Made Clothlag Departmental! rLXKA?i{^^^^?s5iasisi Hew oa hand. _ D. 4 CO. Hfll, Inlaaltable Catter ?f Hair and hlaheraWo.1 BatcUj final Hair to centa, blaok er "0W?. BfpliO UI61 al*h?to^? llalir Dr?rini i* Bast la the 4MMJMMK9VS* Sold ud Sp IS Bond aterai. ReantlfWl Vhviplexlon.-lialrd'a Bloom of Youth or Lliptld TerATpreeerrea and hcattUrtee the com I'lailon and akfn. Holdb by all drggla'a and at 439 Broadway Crtatadoro'eHalr Oy?, PreeerratlTe and Wlga, Ilia beat In the world, wlinleaale an I retail, and tba dye prlfalely appUedet K<? ? Aat * llouar. Itnllottty'K Oinlmml and Pllli ft-Hl r in-an* only rttb th<> Olntmi nt jlnto the choat night e?d *r .1 tafcc t n I'UU i t*'<tljr OlltiUl Dratvlnp of Kd*7 * Co.'. kiou?ok? ?ud Mu-> UH4eri*K. t?n t ? r'T" it. ' ' KESTVOnr CW*.((-MafS.MW- ^ ' v??i *"*? Covin Ion. _ -v? ?M OiflcUl l)ru>? n^t of tlie it?uta?-, DeUware tfiat- L.nuerl??. ? KkifTUCKT Kxtiu Clam I >'?M*jr ?. IfXU. 99, 2'2, 41. .'< i . I, '1 *>?', 74 '40, 46, 12. DklAtaius, Class & ?May 8.1861. 1 73, 07. a. . ?/.?, 67. V*. aa, 00, ?w, 4J, 24. by?.Mre?lu?oHN ^ ^ 0Q > Vf i!nain?l'?n. Uelswaru, or Uu^ui .tuu Kaiu J <T? ltoval l,ot?rry--<"on''nrtrd Hjr the Hi intoh g.n-ersm'e t l'rlies uuLoi by TAV1A.K X t/?*. B&uk.'ra, lli *v all Mi' St. M. Y. Prize* C?s>>eil ?u all l>eu?'4*crt lotte ries Iul oroiMiou given. JOt-B'U BATBd. Br wer. nts. ?umru?. i. n? M Wall strret. KoOW Ho. I. If.>vsl IIuV*n? Lottery, Coo>l?M?* by tJr"nm?.. Prize, i?h.d b, TAT LOU 4 CO.. bUi.e?V ? Wall m?at i'?w A.*>rln(i 't In * Good Os?. ?? ' ? s~ V;"1, mat Uim <H!4ia.>? io ???!? H. OulU? ? ? .ut ??!? a, *? ??* '? ?*? " the u"* of four dollars. . Dp ltlnnvTV'Vr Tfu.?-Tli? Owly Per fect summer ?.<! Cli8,lP, cle*?'rtUWkUWl4 comfortable. roadway. JV uinea. Bsixucokr?,?Uwy*w.?% ?? Thursday, liny S. at Trinity ehwch, in this cttjr, *f U?e Her. Dr. Colt, of n-iuity cburch, Plavtaburg, If. Y. > P. K. Mbilihukk to lkiry Locra, daughtor ot tH*lirt?V'aptain 11. li. Sawyer, United 3taWa Navy. Ha?:lton?Aonkw?On *fciday evening, May f, by the Kav. Mr. Pec it, D. O;, at t%> residence of tu* bride's uncio, Mr. E. A. Evan*,of Wili'>maburg, Mr. Uaouw* W. Hamilto* to Miss CaROtan Ok ua Acmcw, bethof this city. Liverpool papers ploa^etopy '? Hor.vbr? Krkukvbi no.?On ThM& "Ja7 i April IT, by the Key. J. A^Fok, Mr. I&aau Hsnants u Miss Maby V. Fk? dkmbuko, all of this city. Hahi*?BUsibrto*.? In 3rookly?,%on Thursday, M?J 8, br the lt?v. l>r. Morgan, Hsvo: C. H^TB.of this city, to vixomu WUktkrtov Wolt?MoNbar.?In Brooklyn, on Tka'iday, May 8, at the Lafayette aveuue l'resbytenaa'ChttfU >i hy the tUr. Theo. L. Cuyier, I'ktkr Wolt, .It., to llmr Ummh, daugh ter of Captain Baker McNear, forc*?riy of A wion, Matt. Boston papers'please copy. Died. Ajsam3.?At Cornwall, Or&ngo county, M Third day (Tuesday) evening, May 6, of disease of tte* heart, Na Tiu.Nnii. AiMM.->, iu tho 6Uii year or hie age. lit* rulaiivod ami frlunls are respeotruHytlnvlted to attend the funeral, from his late- residence, Cornwall, Orange county, New York, oil Seventh day (AUurday) afternoon, at two o'clock. Bkkoh.?Che bunal soi vices of.loasC. Biroa* will be held at Trinity chapel, Twenty-tifth street, thl.v(i'riday) at Ur noon, at three o'clock. Friend* nn I i i'iIIii iiiars In Tiled to attend. Booth.?On Tuesday evening, May e, ot mrlti ftivtr, Wilijam A. Booth, Jr., only surviving child of Jlev. Robert R. anil- Kionia I* Booth, aged 2 years; T Mkithi and 12 days. The relatives and rriends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, without further n*tiee, from the residence Of his parents, No. 101 Nluth street, this (Friday) afternoon, at three o'clock. Cocmkam.?on Wednesday night, May 7, at 0-o'clock, after a short illness, Jamsb Cochran, aged 38 years. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon,at two o'clock, from his brte residence. No. 72 Bank street. CiRkauAN.?On Thursday, May 8, Thomas, son of Thomas and llary Ann Carregan,' of Kings oouair, Ire land, in the Slst year of his age. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend the funeral, from his late residence, OlTlrsI street, on Saturday afternoon, at one o'clock. Catto?On Mouday, Hay 6, of brain fever, J. Loom Catxo, aged about 23 years, a unlive of Delaware. Delaware papvs please copy. Davis.?Ou Thursday, Hay 8, it his residence, 118 Eaat Thirty-second street, the Rev Samcbl C. 1>atis, aged M years, 4 months anJ 4 days. The relatives and friends of tho family are invited to attend the funeral on Saturday morning, at nine o'clock precisely. The remains will be taken to White Plains for interment Kuan?On Thursday, May 8, Joan FosDj in the 7Sth year of bis sge. Funeral services will be held at the house of his ne phew, Charles A. Whitney, No. 188 Bleeeker street, on Saturday afternoon, at three o'clock. His friends and th< se of the family are invited to altend'wKhout further invitation. Philadelphia papers please oopy. Gablb.?In Brooklyu, on Wednesday^ May T, Mrs. Euzabktu Qamjc, In the 72d year of her age. The relatives and friends are respectfully invited < to attend tbe funeral, on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock, frutn her late residence, No. 52 Prospect street. Gaimdbn.?On Saturday, April 19, on the battle Held of Camden, N. C., Adjutant Cbarlss A. OADsi>a*,?of the Ninth regiment New York Slate Volunteers (Hawkins1 Zouavos), in the Slst year of bis age. His friends are res|>eclfully Invited to attend the fune ral, this (Friday) afternoon, at two o'clock, from the National Guard Armoiy. I'he members of Howard Lodge, No. 39, will meet at tbe Armory of the Seventh regiment and accompany the remains to Greenwood. By order of the Master. W. 8. ICATON, Seoretary. Jamison.?.On Wednesday, May 7, after ? lingering ill ness, Klika Iauik, wife ot John Jamison. The friends of the family, alao thoee of her brother, John Laden, are invited to attend the funeral, on Satur day ten o'clock, from 128 Fourth street. Funeral service will be held at St. Joseph's churclw Sixth avenue, at half-ps*t ten o'oloek precisely. The rJW mains will be interred In the family vault at Calvary cemetery. Moos.?On Thursday, May 8, Sarah Mook, relict of Thomas Moon, after a lingering Illness, in the T4lh year of her age. Notice of the funeral will be given In Saturday's paper. MoCa??On Thursday, May 8, after a short illness, Cbaelss McCaxk. The friends and acquaintances are rsspoctfally-Invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at half past one o'oloek, from the residence of bis brother-in law, James Cnr^y, 140 West Thirty third street. McDojtald.?On Wednesday evening, May 7, William J* McQumaio, aged 83 years. The relatives and friends of ths family are respect fully invited to attend tbe funeral, thla (Friday) after noon, at two o clock, from his late residouce, 336 West Ftflt?nvh strait. MoOttiL.?On Wednesday, May 7,. after a short but severe illness, Paciuck MuUau, a native of Cor lea, county of Tyrone, Ireland. May the Lord have mercy on his soul. The friends and acquaintances of the family are re spectfully Invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) morning, at ten o'clock, from the residence of his nephew, James Donley, corner or Atlantic and Carlton avonues, Brooklyn. His remains will be taken to St. Joseph's church, where there will be a solemn high mass, and from thence to Calvary Cemetery. 3frone and Boston papers please copy. cQiwito.?On Thursday, April 8, after a lingering ill ness. Klizabkth McGuoos, a native of Ireland, aged 74 years. Ths friends of the family are respectfully Invited to at tend the funeral, from the residence of her son, Richard McOlnnls, No. 14 Downing street, on Saturday afternoon, at two o'clock. MOallt.?On Wednesday, May 7, of croup, Isrwis F. McNally, aged 2 years and 1 month. The relatives and friends of the family are Invited to attend the funeral, this (Friday) afternoon, at half Bit three o'clock, from the residence of his rather, John Nelly. No. 77 Wi Hough by street Brooklyn, without Nrther Invitation. o'Ikuiobt*.?in Brooklyn, E. D.,on Wednesday even ing. May 7, John, son or James and Margaret 0. OTtono hue, aged 8 months and 21 day*. The relatives aird friends of the,farfilly are respectfully invited to attend the funeral, from tho residence of bis parents,52 Second street, near South Eighth, this (Fri day) ?rterr?'?n,at two o'clock. Kydm.?On Wednesday evening, May 7, Jon* Thomas Ridkb, aged 19 years acirS mouths, the eldest eeu if Mary and the late Domlntck Ryder. The funeral will take place on Saturday morning, at half-past nine o'clock precisely, from the residence of his mother, No. 133 West Twenty-eighth street, to St. Francis Xavier's church, where a requiem mass wiA bs celebrated, and from thence to Calvary Cemetery. California. Canadian and Irish papers plaase copy. Tammll.? On Wedneeday, May 7, of oonsumptlen, DB wttt B., ton of Emeline B. Kaddell. lb* funeral will take place from the residence of hia author, M Fike street, this (Friday) afternoon, at two a*?toe*. Nautucket an* Raveuua (Ohio) papers pleass copy. BrwrauK.?On Wednesday, May T, Aj.kwt Hnuuui, youngest dm of John ud Margaret Steneck, aged a years, 1 month and 30 daya. The relatlvea and frlena? ara respectfully invited te attend his funeral, trom ttflwtir (treat, Ihta (Friday) aTtervaen, at one o'clock. 8r\u?A.t.?8u<Wenly, o* Wedneeday, May 7, Tbomas Bcuutajc, ton ef Mauri oe and Mary Sullivan, a native of Xhm pariah of Drumcollohsr, county Umeriek, Ireland, te UteVth year of hia age. The friends of the family are invited te attend the funeral, from the rseldence of hia parents, corner at Fifty alathetrest and Fira? avenue, thia (Fii?ay> after aoon, at two o'clock. l imerick and oaiway papara pleeaa oopy. Saaj?On Saturday, April I, at san Francisoo. Roi.aito Box Sua, at the age of 88 year a, second aoa of the late J. AugustusShea, aad brother of Ueerge Shea, af thia Cl%ia death la chiefly attributable te hia e?hrta darlag (ha late floeda 1* Haeramento, of which aity he waa a realdeat for aareral yeara paat. Hia body rapoaea la calvary OmeUrr, flaa Fraaclaco. Hnaaa i n.?On Thureaay morning, May 8, after a ahort hut severe illneea, Mrs. Ki.uai Sum an, aged 00 yeara. Due aMIoe of the taaaral will be given in te morrow's P^ffrr.?At the residence or his mother, Hartford, Ver mont, oa Friday, April 86, after a lingering iilnoss, Tneo i>onx 0 Taft, aged 20 years. Ooosumptloo had eo waited hia vital ooergles that he Oled without a straggle, pasting peacefully to a better world. Chicago papers pie tse copy. Wahwiot. ?On Thuradsy, May 8, only daughter of Andrew and Mary J. Warwick. The friends ana relatives are restfclfhliy Invited te sttoad the funeral without further n>tl<e,rem the re sidence of h-i parrntx. 8*2 Wont Korty four.h ttreo,<u ?a',nrdaT morning, at te > o'clock i ?? Th'irsday,May8,al two P.M., Kon*at Wn i> K*,ng.*ia7 y?mrs. ' ? theI'lm ihi will takepla^o ?n Saturday iftam on, <?? two ?'afc?4t. fniin In- lata imMw . K wtfc <?mA ?treat. rwMMC Uaa rm* ?ut aM?-f vitm.K?um Y-- ?? lUf t, ? BM-Ab'a Hut. N.J. K ? kbt T, mh> 1 II WaM.Va'Mi Atitu ftnwf, ymn m* ? ??tM r. * - ?ti?< t k0k ? LKnMWW ? ,MM_ I /\ 1.? V"U Marc* t J I'm ' Wiaj| Vf*' i ?^r* ' I r* ? *n? U?i ?? tm mM -*a Im Mi Lm .m* m. tm imf?-"*. ? *? ? Mm aMiM-M **" *' "? ?4#* dual imii, . ? ?> *' * a. ?* uu'ihu la V lit ? ? ???. af> i 'I -a. t?nn*u aitl k-a. l>*Ui lit *???-? Ml *? Ifc- a ?ud ??*??. en rtfft in uji In Ku u?iu?. .u * , Mi to ?? . purity* tbr ?t Inte eubt WS t |. .-M '?>?' ??? ?-??< art e, ? I ?|i ftM Ml MW M TO'i h.o i < ii? jr.mrW"* ? *fc , ?Mi ?? .* r tW ??*.? m A ? V AIM*ii M I* tia |hi # t. 1 * . , i ?t,e ? % liUMIt* i! i 4 .*| ?4. i ..m ?a ... .at |. .,j, Mi'l, friiiti i?mf: ft n, , f ..,??*? bi iliml V?l?. ... . i. L- ???- -*??ll? mm ? . ,i. mm M ?Mi nimiiltK u>*rrw?" i - f - ? i mm I.t? ???-bavar ? ? I. 1I.I.M ?.tie* MMl, *.a?- . . ei th? wi' .rt >o i K tu. ?a.i ?. -ft* ??*' KM ? U II IH1> Mn.n ? c. y , ? . m MUfeUlg M. neaeili j |>UI J t <> ?hJIw?( .re |? VAI.H.NTMfc. H'Tf * f? 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VaMll M W*M, Dr. CiiruorMu, l?r. ui an I iMbrr- m ,?? it ? p? aiwna|l>.? uamr Uf ? rmr I la aa>.?Ut< riwiit. . u ,-i aM l>larr< lor I'.I-?a]f ..r l. . |i , rt thiakM <(M i alu (rntioa, ii ?ji l? aa- a; ?n<1 ilia a>uraai'?< la aa ' t> ai i una, a.H It due* w aup;.l> p ut kauma la ail p+iUtJ tba illy. 1 ti* U-Uar r*1r~rr& i<. ia ?a la I ? ? ? Mr CUM Ml BICaPIOX L unipno Vroiio, U'iir'1 ?uf iii. i . . ?? ?/ JJ1114 "quo?. receiv. a (rem ieadugg i.u u -? ? --T m^.c^ ^r, jM"*"?it-typf OTIM h?n" _,.rf druK' Ku in the it? ai hi. age.u. V wh",.tr7-, ' ,Ji. their P^'iUlof iirb win-., t.rsnrtl. a, ,m o- .? ?i n ..fl nrJi^rfli P"UP r lu pr*-c rib. a ??? Kd ?n Mr W?M? win I ? f , ? i ,h Zm'm* Molt, Caruocbaa aud M. J. Kai hael I. r?V.n .2 juuttrtliiiiltMudon; ?Uli u Wliik . - 5i: " *? the cur i >n ibe "BusftiHM World* . f payei. it number of th. I.,,*! pLoT S ha^ta? r IM'i?ctS'-.** " To .??<-* rto" <-ai.,. a l? w . *7* cully bold the Importations ..f Mr. W?ir. ?? . i. r,u tA?? note tohlui.-a JiVw Vo.k Dtsjatch ' ^ "d tettt ???*. MEAcWaJ. WX.Nts AND UQOOR1. iKi.71?,. leading pnudictLg physicians and surgwona at it'.i. ii' *?? 'Jr*- Moll, Camochu, **> r-, R. in^' *nJ "? J- R'l'heel '??> ? uuli?J la u lng w the celebtatrd Importer of ll.juoia. Mr. Ld .It o W?6, S,i!Tf.i' ?. ""nW.Mient, which thaigen Hernia will tu ly^? h'tlre ngtfoubt Aware of Hie universal eutJ2> r?tiur.?f wluea aud liquors, and having Irtruc d u> ?mat' ence ih* dilliculties atieudlng the proem al of a pur** rrx^m* S2S,ri"r,^d* n'^ r, queried * r.VoSTfc reiiev. teem from . tukmma In which they ud ue^uuni ?nth?:*l 'P' i * ?P"",?Hari..a, loouud in ..ill rvot i?n< mt f. 7.'/? ""'.I* * "x'for i?-??"of hi. br*?w!3 winea. It is needles to say thai liie rtluc ot the suKseattea rn' L^JT^ Xr- Wol(a ImnnMi. .ad Le ha. compiled Wlih the expreaa-d desire. A list of tueae .Jw n? . **!?' ,k> ?i'*reaee t?our column ef bu.n ?a. lujUeeT Xp&tVift^ ?&'?'?? -?<?? York Co2?r iJlrORTAIfT LETTER?THE DOCTOEi AUAtKfi if _ liAHT. From the letter published Jjeiow U win be aw n that th* most famous of oar Mew Yerk doctors tia-.e lorruAliy iw 2ySi 5"r 'TSISSfy? leIlow dli*?n? t*dolt>ho Wo f?. ^M.f ?. ^<Lhi*,cJa^!n'*ted 'mporUttotu oi Pui?Sri..??, Uauon Uinthlk^iiSI' respectable apeibecarte. at dtli erent poiaia tiirough the cllfcta order that liwllda, for trtmn ?.aoh ?|. by the faculty, may be able to obtaia HJltjt*!, tou?.h name, aa thoas of I>r B. J. Ma. phael, Ura. \aluitlM Molt, J. V. Caraocbaa, Ac., aire tkli rewie.ttbe gPea-tetiWMibte.Hn ' ' * h?Piy *? ?ot? tbat Mr. Woll. ha* acc 4ed I* tM. madlcat demand. o?<t our reader, will i.n l to another part W tau paper the nnmee'aud dlreotloc. of the pilM.ual iiiu. glota from whom MV. Wolle'. pure Brandies, Wme?, Ac., caa "ow be prtH-ured. Kundrnta of lnraliu. nave ben., killed b> the adulterated atulf ao often sold lor medicinal r~rrinei a?? too much linportsaci' cannot be all*. I.e Lto the reform rwtueated A the follwrtns letter :-New Tork terrarfT V TO THE PUBLIC. ^ ^ The aubscrlber ha? appoluted the following adottaMsMn. bis aflrsiiia la Mew York aud itrnoUn, tur iIm ste at te BOTTliKl) WIMKB act! Llyl. (?R." ~ CDOLTHO TfOLFB, jOHn'miftii W Broadway JOHM MBAKIM m ?? J. A I. COD DIN i] TOM. .715 " THOfl. T. OBEBN 802 ?? ?^9^ * CO?Mh a* , Broadway aaA {'JdiTan + fit? tfW Broadway. liDH&M A CO Ml Blan ker airoet. ,, H 3S? Kourth avenue L CA83EBEKB ft7 (fourth " Mh iiTV^ ?Ea ass Fourth " ??. Uliii.S litl Sluh a oko k MUKLB.:..:.;::.;:.s^aiKh - y-mvS\wB1?* 142 Kl.hth ? A. ILUON 251 Klahth * WM.B. PEKKIN,i7l Klfhth " 11. M. DICKINSON \2j Atlaoilc street, Rroutes a. And lor sale by AFOTBBOAKIEH OHNHKaHlt. ? TT8NTI0M, CASH BUYBB8. BLI8S * WHEELOCK, SIO BROADWAY,1 OlTcr oalow market prices MMOUMACt WAM8L'TTA, AMOSKEAQ. CIIICKOPBK IN ION AND OT11BB POPlTLAli l'RINTW. ALSO DOMESTIC AND COTTON A DEB. AM# STAPLE DRESS ROODS, HOSIERY. WOOLUDOL WHITE UOODS AND NOilONB. rSINTt AND DOMESTICS FOB CASH. * Other goods four months' 01 edit. Or with a liberal discount roreash. BLISS A WIIBKLOCK, 3M) A KITCHEN RANi.B AND HEATER COMBINED? K*i^' ? ptleot. The most ecoounncftl and cun^li JfiHSL*!1? 'ntroduced. WholaaaU and retail, by CUA&. KANM, 31* Bowery, oppoalte Bleecker at reel, New forlL A PVMU TOBACCO.?YELLOW BANK TOBAOCO. 0*w4wla'a Pure Yellow Bank Tobacco, free from allla purltlea, fer sale by all tobacco ami aegar dealers, and at wheleete* by E. OOODWIM A BBOTBBR. aiM'Wtur .treat ATM# THIRD AVRKl'E, NEAR TWENTY-POOKTI ?Ireet, you will And a splendid aasnriment of a- uta lw die.' mtaM.', boys' and infjuts' Boots. Shoes, (Jailers, Ba. morata, Slippers. Ao.. aB prime fresh g ods, at r-^dnotA prlc^ WM. T. ALLEN, All. admit pbink's oTs light reklectori surpaia effrytliln^ for dinplAytiu nucida ui ad1 ao* *"* Atway. ready, at MM Pearl .traetT ' suvaAlage AW IMPORTANT WORK ON PHY8IOLOOY, AC.-DA Larmnnt's Parts, London and Mew York M?<K ?I A A *tser arid Marriage uulde.?A new etlitlon, revealing nr^a facU obtalaed by a ostomy and sioarinuiuu In the Ft eate and English hr.apllals, Ac., Including a treaiAie upon the d a easea and weaknesse. afflicting the human ftmtW from tgc >? ?5n'2J?Llh,lr Ssnt free to any address for $1, h* f. WARNER, No. 1 Vesey street, Astor House, or KOfti A TOL^KY, 111 Nassau street. Mew York. A NEW ERA IN SEW1NO MACHINES.-TUB UR<>. **r A Baker Sewing Machine Coinpnny, delermis"4 that the public .hall be repaid for their gencrou. and ia eras ling patronage, bare Just produned VBgvrl Lopk Htlt * Machine?rapid, quiet, .imple and elegant, harlu . a irtratskl needle, adapted either to tailoring or fatally use, an l sewl iA with equal facility fine cotton or heavy llneu thread. T ? machine I. a great advance upon all the Iryk stitch and ah t tie machlnss betore in use. and I. offend to the pubi c tf the low price of PORTY iioiXABS. It can be seea e?" mined and tested at 4M Broadway. AH *OX OP DURNO'8 8NCPP WILL CORE CAT ARRH. sweeten the breath, relieve bronchitis, aud has 1 re qiiemiy cured desfneM. Nl<ht, bear!or, taste, smell aad memory are improved by Its km. At yn bboadway?wedding cardj and no"? ? | Paper, In elegant styles, at J AS. E\ .'.KbLl.i. H, ?>u? ltahed w year., corner of street. Bass a allsopp's bottled ales-lanpinu p.* Leona. JOHN DUNCAN A SONH, Utdon ...juare ad Po irte.uth street C| 1WTCHES AND 'JUfRS FOR THE MtLLION, AT THE J manufacturer's. d. PINNELL, No 1 CerUaedt /"10IINS, BUNirjNB, INVERTED NAILS, ENLAEoEB \J Joints, and al?diseasas of the feet, a ired without ,?!? or Inconvenience jo the patient, te Qc. ZAOIIA HI K. Nurnaa Chiropodist, 740 Broadway. Refer, to physicians and sue geons of the city. ILAOS I PLiTfM PLAORtlt PI.AOSMII?WHOLE sale and reull, al JOHN N. STEARNS', ?0 Cajar s..eet, nearly opposite UiC Poet ofllce. Gmm REAT RAROAJNS IN BOOTS AND RHOEH -B. CA. HILL wilt nv^ sell the baianoe of his aii? k at a grnalb reduced price, custslstlng of ladles' Oslters. Sllpp r. mm Mil skins; misses' Blioas, all khtds, and Oslf aad Pst- nt La* th er Boots, Pumps, On ord Ties and Uaitan for C all and see. 0*7 Broadway. (GENTLEMEN'S LEPT OPP CLOTHINO PURCHASED, T In large or small lots. Please call at the store uraA dresaConroy, H Centre street. T TON'S MAO NET 10 Ju Insect powder, tested for 19 year, and grows In favor. It kills and m|ss m1 nates Roaches, Bed Hugs, Asia, Plaas. Moths in c]oO?% Furs and Purniture, garden laterts, Ac. All genuine beate the signature of E. Lyon, aad Is aet poisonous to iwrsoau sa Ismsstlc animals. Beware of vouaterleba and U?Italian*. Lyna'rPtJwder kllla UI Inseota In a tttee. Lyoa's Fills are death 1* rata astf mice. Sold everywhere. Depot, EH Broadway. PARTIES ABOUT TO COMMERCE HOUdJik.RP.PlNU. "" ** ?,s?A%is'1r"ta''iK5??s'w.r'olp~ PBICBS SOME OF OUR LEAD! NO ARTICLE*-? French Chlaa Tea Sets. M pteses.. ft Tk Frsach China Breakfast SeU, *1 pieces. || Breakfast Coffee Cope and Saucers, pet dot IS Covered Butter Dianea, 1 g) D nlng, Dessert snd Tea Services, la ?& ll? places, for. * M Out Otass rioii let., per dos. IE Cat Olaas Champagnes, per dot. 19 Cut Olssa VTInejilaasss, ^er dos I 0| tl Half Pint Tumblers, Fine Ivory Dinner Knivee, per dee Fine Ivory Veesert Kntvee, per Sot Fine Plated Ice Pitcher*, " H Fine Plated ~ Pine Plaied Table rorku, peVAer. SW fine Plated Tea ?r*.t>a, par dot !? Fine F'atrd Tea Beta, fpfroee, per set M# Flue Pisted Tea Sri., oaely cussed, with initial, en- . graved to order, y?r ml ?( Fine Plated CasVjf. ,? rut feetU-s). ?i?B. 40* m?dd. it. v. Hwonwoir _ Noa. m*. *it) .a l 401 Broadway, Corner of Broome .trees \f ANTPD?.V SITUATION, BV A YOt'NO OIP.U *4 n sinatrosa nociv pivemesa. fin icepMon 'b!s rei i-en-e- ?vce.t K Oatuo'Is family preferred Adilr< .a M. !'>0? II'iVji ?, ?r *;>|dy ai ir. Wsywe st., Jersey city.

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