Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1862, Page 6

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1862 Page 6
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HOtTmCM, llOO'f AnMmmcoi n Ui.;i th. u>.fc?i> ia -!?ci I*, j ?V .to' ? At. > J" *? l-l' NH AM. I"* on '.way. _ ________ M i.lioTYPIST ROOM III OHA.MiI "?) t JliRAKY, I am sire t ' ' * M fiu.n 1 i l&F >1 _ ACOI VTRY f-E AT TO IMt ON THE HI DtiOM, AT !?..( t ? f. . ry, :.??? mm- I - iro. . <*f? ?. u U with not " ' ' t " ?"'i ?ei. ? v ? ii tin i" Ii ><l. K. ni , i- aunua. Apply to G?ORUE SCiixIDT, l> i im AKTR^T CLASS VtnXISIIEU IIOUl* (FIFTEEN ro wis) In let?West oi Bmauaay, below N.r.tii auvot, ?onlaiuliifc ?> I the moth m ii.jr pu cut*, Mrrora, nta'.ode Jiri H, a aupeiVi piano Ac., to a go<?l i.-itaut lor $1 SM, with imuiedu.U: lAjrttf ? ?j"0. AUilr?:M.' H chard, b.'t'A way Foa. <>aw?. A1 T MOKKIKA.VIA?TO LET OK FOR SALE, TWO L v. rj pleasant, rtiulrnlc slml Co Bin KesidcOC ft. ntli l?>r < caril< ua and e eri .>>? . ? of .<? ry Uil neighborhood uBexcepuouaMe; teima moderate to a ?<? I tenunt Call OB ..r addn-M. Fu. Brum, *7 We.i Twen tj ?.xth *ti ft, ii. ar Sixth avenue, Mew York dty. (V)l'NTRY HOUSE TO LET.?A FURNISH El> ROOM J t?t?ih<tr with lOa-h huu>e and *uoi. a, I l int, yarn, gar den, A'. situate.t in Bouthpurt, rounoett'iit. wiibta live ?iim.te?' walk uf the N w York and N >? Hav < n >tet?' F.r further puti ? ilar- inquire ui JKKUMlAli STt' Ui.fiH, *?? ri.Iinu xtret i, N. Y , U>m uit-u' oiiice. OINTRY RESIDENCE TO LET?ON LONlJ ISLAND, ?even miles from lirooklju; Hut- house, s;ude an I ln*MiiJt?ojiiJ a half terra nf ground; access i>t ears ??ccy hour; lerms very rmwinaijli'. In in ire of ft.. W Hl'KLBUT, 36 Broad Jtreet, or at 74 East Twenty- liiin! ? reel. COUNTRY RESIDENCE TO LET AT PORT WASi! iosi.10?Fine houso and stable. ?as I ot water, Jfce.; tt?o atres uf croiiud. plenty si fruit ami ah, de treea. rent low, now bciot painted, Ac. Apply to M. WARD. 13U Wuliain sti*?t. c Furnished bouse to let?a thkbb story stone front House, north line ol Forty ii:>lt street, l>s ?Ween Filth and Sixth avenue*, tu a flint class tennst onlv; Louse thoroughly furnished throughout. For o.dera to see the premises apply to PHILIP R, W1LKIM8, No. 6% Flue al. Furnished house to rent?a well furnish ed ? in ill four nlory brown ?tone Huuae, In au eieeiicat ?eijrhborliooil, will b? rented t? a am ill faintly lor ai? nontha or io j^ei-. at a very low rent. aaT. F", Heralil oiiiao. IjU'RNISHED ROOMS TO LET WITHOUT BOARD.? A no aeoond xtory Room, anil two third atory ?n?le Rnuina, to let, without board. A! lily at 1 ''19 Bruad m?j. Ref?r. noes exchau^rd. House to lbt?the three story and base uieui brick Unu^e, with hot and coid water, bathn, cfeanoeUerai, Ac., in complete orvlrr, rent modemte, 170 Mar lnS5irru ^tfA?51fi4alion^,>ai'aUt! Apply to AVS HAT4KL, No. 7 UoIU slreci, up suurs, 01 at 114 street. LODUE ROOMS TO LET?AT fiOl HUDSON STREET, ??rnrr?i ?-hn.Htophrr sueet, nawly furnished and yaiiu will b* let to satislactory j ar ties, Tor M eekly or ?emi Tieetiiids, at much Its* than tu?* regular price* Aif. ^to8ifEKMAN 1'. ?olt, A^enl ' ^^m'tke premia? ""r COMPLETELY, - _ ... bruwu Madison avknuk, to newly und very eieaan'.ly rui nithed, thobj~. ?tone lioie 1U Kad*o* ??e?uB; \ fbony, kc. Apply at the hou?e or at 1*0 Mudioun ? | f~>KMT ?"* "?**? .? .umbUED COTTAOE AT STAPLE XV ton, Statcn Inland, containing el^Ut rooma, trnlt and berriea tn abundance, three tnlnulea tu ferry, one hour trora City llall, in uood order. Inquire at 134 Eai>t Fourteenth street, of A. LUDLOW, or J. VAN DUJiEK, Collector, Sta pleton Latidinj. STATBN ISLAND?PART OP A COTTAGE BESI denre to let, unfnrnlah-d, with or without Board. Thi* to a rare opportunity, and tn a small reapomible pnrtv, terms would be liberal. Communication dally to the city both by car* and boat. Location healthy, and aurronndlngs iinsar aaaed. Addreaa, In full. Country, box 191 Herald ofllce. rpo let-IN GUTTSNBURO, NEW JERSEY, RENT A low, two Houses; one suitable for a bakery, with new ?ten and good well or water; the other wiU be let out in rooms. Ko:h hare stables attached. To be aaen by applyiac toSqaire DWYEK, near the premises, or at Kohler t Pinck's brewery, r LET?IN BROOKLYN, 94 FULTON STREET. THBlE block* from ferry, alar.e d??ale House, contain'ag lo rooms. With ?!?.?, range and water, suitable for a bo^rjlutf boune; or would rent to two families; rent low. Xpp j oo premises, in shoe (tore. r LET?43 DIVISION STREET, THE PWoT FLOOR, Sued up with all bX'wcs, suitable for V mil iaery or Btlier (p-nte. I bu?lnr? Term* low. ApplJ to H. A. BO BERT, M Wall street, thirl door, front. r? LET?THE THREE STORY AND BASEMENT Ho ate So. 88 Kim* Tli.rly-??<uml st**et, between L>\? lacVin rin.l I'hird a^ieucs, hab km*, hot ind -old water, iwii , ??_ . n ut .ow,$%2.> Inquire on tU*- premises Arom 10lUI ti, ar?r J. i ?TT&Krt;U, 418 Tklri'. wuabua. r? LET?IK ?BOOKLYK, JN M BOCTH FOtAlTH street, near-he Roosevelt u>: 4<rand *u?- t* ferry,?t very ?oo?t .ient llo"K, with gt.san? wal r thrrtfgliou; lUc houac. Rent Tcrj low Apply to JOCKJM2aY,'S73 Biiudmy. rLET?*OUSE 47 LISPKK A RD STREET, AND PAl'.T ?I H ?irw 4"i L ?r*n.'rxl imr Broadway. Rent ?? Apply (o JOUKX EAT, 3BZ Broadatay. rLET A COTr AG K IWUBE. WITH SB VIRAL LOTS <i| i?ruun ' airttai le frra sum I family, -uijated on the mrUiw?i?orn? r ?1 Broad-way ami Forty-eighth street; rem ov> to *jd tenant. Amhr to JOHN WAlTF, 982 Broad way, ?<rio JAHKK BKllT, Ml Slxili avenue. r LET-TO A &MAJ.L lCESPECTAHLE FAMILY. I*\ Ui- iiouae 414 Gr?*~n? icb street, letwven Hubert aul Latgbt * r.-et?, a nice (root Rnora and Bedroom, or i ack Room and dark Br injoui. on aau a 1 float; with a nit-- Iruut Han m?at; Me* yard and every ? onven.erce, an<! clean, for ?aiiard.a.* o? nupauosi. 1 uquiM uu tue preuusaa loi oil1 ?mk. T LET. RENT LOW. ENTIRE ITPER PART, ?95 BROAUWAY, Roar Broome ?' r? .-t. Si. M h laa Hotel block LOCATION I'SUtKI ASahiO. Apply to 1?. J. LE^ V. 429 Broad? ay, !?? iom N >. 4. rLET- AT A LOW REN T, A Hii.H SIOOH NOl.'KKV lluiur, iii ruanpleU; order., a mtie t on,,.- on ?lath Forth eti-e', JemeyCity; git* and wilir; Jl.'. p month. M??, a HI ire Bai ?. Ko?ta. in Hleei leer atreei: laeap rnt. Apply to X. OUDBIKTH. J la Hi. acker street. TO LET-A LITTLE HOt.SE. 23 CI IA RLE." 8T::EET; has all modern iuip:u>euients; couveuieut to Fourth aireet and Amity line oi f(^e? or t? '? fci kiii areirie Rut $40". Inju re iu the aiore, No. 26, oi of P C. IKiBE "It's, 83 T? ' lb . reel. TO LET-A NEAT 'OTTA'.E AT BRIER CLIFF, SING Mnjj. wit* r,mht ?v:ni. nous- 28 leal aji.are. a In* garden, iJRed with fr lit*; a one view of lb* ri*er. ln?|inre at the depot for Mr nkerhofTa C tta^e, or at tin- .Sai. in ?uian - I rnnan)', iii M *1. street. TO UST-KRKimiD OR VSKUBNI8HED, A BEAU *lli !yat :it**d country resilience, IS looms uearSa.W tit s 8nug 11a- or :- rr;., ? nor.h shore), Btatei, UUad; I^r. e |>"l i>. well sha le I a in if % reial srrns, slaljin nnd every SMirsi'iir* for a .ar;- family. p?rlertly heaitln. R.-iit, ?ofiiiti!**ieii. fis<) ?'* . at Or. EMstt'i <>Aec, rnlTersf.v Bnlldln :U W.nrrley place, 4>r on .EuRilE BAIiRLTf, Km, No. ? Wa l ?tre?i. TO I.ET?iPLLNDlOLY ri/R.SISHEO BOOK*. TO fentiemen only, wn io?t Uoard, a; 2d mtti atrret, be tween Utts and B:?th avenue* rpo LET?fCRNISUED, TO A GENTLEMAN' AND X ladyoeto dm or two single g*:n:leine.i a furnianed #!? i flrai < ta ..? hminr, ti. one ol Hie iMMt local on* In th? ??y. lo. |jariiruUi?to()aire at Utt WmI FourMknth sireet. TO LET-AT SLIZABETH, new JERKEV. A 8PLEN did Cottk :< . ? llh Urge garden, a.'.nated wiUun ten ml ?utes w Uk Iruut d?B* CoiniaittlMina ??? raltroa i $.V; by tx it ?.w K m ,o?. Inqtiirtof A. PICELFd, Nu 1 rlnn it fro LET?THE FIVE STORY BiUCK B( iLOfKO, HUT, 1 B oalvay tietween Minlcitk and Eig t enth ? re' ;? ulll rt|i a si., or tfila^ manufaci iii in.', ?nd I -a lie* a.a.i in no i y fxi Aat bi:ain<'?a; wiMud alto be a ? at Ii*l a.a t > f >r u r ?n lailtni; or' , a b *i ? a. T .< ?a '. ea <:? niaius ?? ? i, 1 lor^<, ibe Aral Boor la d- aignrd for a ?a eato 'BS and the III?p"I floor* for wark sb >|W. I e I .< a -o a ie If en an e on Eighteenth atre-l. Tue ? . . I- ?? a' lai n lit ia pe I* Uy nt-w and complete, ?nd Won I t>e let ? ? a i rm^to a x ten.tu.'. Ai py ? * >: >f lifclt- i'ft Bi'.idwaT. T) LET-IN FLOORS OR APMfTMENTS. TO SUIT, m-? 1 faiolll s the li*at ? !*?? >>i c* Hoo*- 147 Tenth ? r? e i# i, ? rae-, opjeiaite the e,.||. f iroiin'H I' ?I" Hie eptlaaabie, < :ieai, A| py tu RODE 111 IMII.H JK . : West riMur.fourth straet. rro LET T B THRLF. .iTORY BRIi'K HOCBB, NO. 38t 1 *aat t y-Ci 11 ?tn it, repleia wuh all the ti?*l- rn V " ' 1 * R'Ti lo Ap|4y at No. 213 Weal Tbli iy fo .i a air* rj LET?TIE WHOLE OR A PART OF A THREE at" j ,.io?u? il' ae.v 'iaiBiiifati taa roodara i o | ei( r nta lo a U' ? ? ? ?? \f , v ,11 b ? I en led la** | o? are OB In '.?!? ly If rai j ,\i ply at 144 East Fory au. k sire#t. fp? i.feT -ruir OK A IfOi ?B. ?J< ? MtlSTINii or SB I i *''? i Jro *>aee!iten?. .? a a I; a-nny o' a4 t .."I |?r a-i . n. Imj in - ,,n t,.e p,emi? s, F tj Htrtf* ?l ?l? ra to utk IB. rifth *? u..e?, !o?nh ba-i~ ft tha ? ?. TI l.M r B -l.-llED *iril E' ERYruiN'O BEvCI s*<a f>>r kwM>aa**^ing mrea or five Room*, ' Hh aat and ??t?r laa M< ' f' ???' ?? ??>'n Itraaie.yi,*. Iiejuna a a Ba? i a."- ?i* e te? u??r Fourta aven .e. T?." * i I. T??> ?i RKJ* liEO BOOM. ON HE< OKD ^ H ? I" I hi ei >ity pi? e. c#ra?r of i'liatoa i> a'.". ? "E miyiiu FiaOui OP t7< HRIMTOPHEB i?.>?l.#ii Irani aa l oaek llama sud two Be i win . i- >'i. ? w .ear, aa? and W?rte yarn; rent %**?. ? a ? Mao>n ???? luirn .am, |12j m? u.t -*>*K Oil TWO VP.BF PI.EAdiN i 0> Ft' Kf? I ?a 'aI a< 44i #io d -a, I ity AaseinU.y bi llding, |rt ? ?< 4 if lfOWMEK, > . aiwto. li 1,-alX kTORT h.ji Ht it ALOAJO nTCKBT ier .<m ecu flo r Apply to a. A. V>EHf, rp /ft. B Tur T in Til IT t L'BNJ-HEO i OT Tfi* i %?r k I., a S-at ??'oii. nu.-n NIbu i; " " "3 I' - ' "f 1" !l l?roRT BXHiWIf BASEMENT ?'ib *4r.'?l, rj| i tjl ib?lnod. 'i n * ? ' tmmUusf} whit it n b+w. \ot u *' ...? H It?i Jfli iw?* pan/, tun BRf iJU.TN THE LOWER l*ABf OF 1 a .vr., TJ GST. ?PIJM . (1 Jt ?'-?* s rf* J> ?. ' W u,, ' ? oi M tie h|.?| <|T J a,1"'.! . ... l|f !**?*? ' >K ?yt?AB*. A tUH-'K M?> , it wr .< II \k *.?*. n ?aMILT AT ?3 ?>sO *VK. ! W * **& *?"? t ,4 *?#*i.? ? Hi* L WKK r. T\$' ? ??, at... * .:ei n u.# uk H at W>? t eati.-J I* 1*. BABT HPOVD ? ke.i B . ir. b-'.-i en A AJ .?? ?>..??.!> l?-? ?.T t> UjM' lArtK i??; f|H) LBT-A >*LKA-AMr IVIVl'IIIIO R" '? w** .? I.-- A* ? . -4 ->?? I f?"' h Hckkux-k !? ?( . i d. AHU ?? * W*et fU>M?a .k"i _ 1?u BK UT TUK LU* M rtltr or IIOl?B MO 58 M?M<uratr. <*M?M >|<wl Ii mkI 11.4 ..r? u> >A> r|XJ I.BT Ott ro? ?aLB- 4 LA* > "? i 'A*E X do ...i. llouae ?UA lit' ?"4ee? 0?l' . **, ? ?hj? .. .J (?rri?>t k*?i, u it* ki>it'i<l tut li'tia >?>??. il.lei. A "tll.U MM Ml ? ?'? aa !?*?... >W Ml ?( ? h? |kt*> ?, W< fc IOl.< IT I" '** ?? '? tB> ?>? !>!<?' ?'.e.l Par - iu iM <i4|. b UMimM, M - -au, nj lAiai.ta, Apt>7 lu It I. IKlfVtfc 74 L>?rif ?i*l ra LEaKB TUK TIIRKR HUKY HoVfcE MoDF.HATE Kir, 41 r?-?i ???"?!??? m-U ui KM'umHt ?>> ? l km ga?, A ., IU *? *?i?? !?r. lUeiv ?a a i???d itrnu, (luU. aiilC-aum n BL AM" ?< I *i ? r?., T ?k Hrciil Aid ? ? 'M il k cAasa. >ui ;c m4 inmni far a lumlns yald, wt.t <>it>?i 1 !?* ? ?* 1 . inA< 1 mni. m, *i.h < 0 li buU. Ajti'lJ VI K II MlMtA V. J |' 11. aitaav, at juim c. ttimk, uVMracu^-iMnMi rp<> RhNT-TIlK llOa>v* AMU i?HUl N'l'K ?,)' TUK 1 lab it. L. U?il,w fkWi^ii, N ? Jcrw-J. Tm oa-e u bulk 11f a'oite. is a.-ty l"i ?? a-*-, ah t.-?~rii.ti,l aad aliie, aaid urn.tbrtl *.mi> r a aaid water Tb* ,;r?i &ds aoiMfiriee about aitaru mi?. U?ati?,un ,f i*iti wi. .M law a aud jtartlrik, *<ui in imrrt-aaar ,<-r 4itoa. 4 >? Utf boua w a lirr raa?i[n axn7 T>m- ?r r *.?? lit ilk. v*<Jr jfri i, and mII ih* nfor?v..i ? o>M tiMii u< a tri . i..? . A111 y lo THOMAS O. SMITH. AaaiO, PTt^rona, >V.v rkEMT?I'RIVAlB UTaMLK HO S3 t??T ?in *), tmm luta in u .i u> l>. n.^ rii. 11. J11 , <rr at No. * Went T?i'iil> itr-i atraul. or at ili? >aik. rpil KKNT?FOR ONE OB TW O VK UIH. THE LAKt.E X itian-iun Houw. 1 r en hot.*-. w?ll ?v>? k? *i:h 1'Uota, graj*r? iu fuil baariiii?, ? I t . r pit, U*a ir ,rtin la uiuf about li r fr*, hi H^otjiiiliindjilr. toriwly ?' vit4' d by Wui. II. Pa.!!;. B?j a<iua(ftl 0.1 (hi Nurtli <"%*>-*. Wiawa Emliti 11111 Lh tiitl N ifly M<Niiad strraf^ Km t<4^wtaiiaru i^, ?|uirt ol JOI1N i'AINK, 47 H'.Il i.r?i, or 14t> Kn'kk avraur rOtNTISTH.-A I'ARLOa. rt'KMISHKI) OH UN Ii.r.tiitbttJ Ui .i-t aa an t ilK'c. Local 1011 vrry A.jatrabl.. Would Wt itt ui it j^ at.d ? witli Uuant -it hiI ' I Myrtle a?e???*, Brooklyn. WELL KUKNISHED KOl'R 8T0MV KROVTN STONE ilooite, on aou<' huoJrrd feev cinet, tviii tx> rt-tvuJ for S'>00, tu J board of lajy, t,Ll!d and uurw. A<idic*a A. b , H ei?l(l off.Ct\ dkij r PKIi MONTH?A NKAT. OENTKEI. I-RICH fOT ?PltJ use l? let, iu a boatitlli.l, mtti hy areiinr iu Wil llauuburi;, <un<Biosi:i reoina, tton la>vony,atui cm- (thi)-e r?nu) iti?' the tloor^ r-ry gKLtl and |>1< auiiit. li. Grand ?Ircct. WilliAmaLuiV ?' ??..- CtOTHHO. AT TUB NEW PTORff. J'? third AVENI E. I.AOIl>' ftlil grnt em^n cau ?"?D?*4 tbflr i'a t Off i.'lvtliii 1;, <^net?. Kvruilurr. Ac. f fnai'?l,lce 1,1 P'/ f"r ',r' U (Hf <**>* ir?ta h 10 ?.v*. for Xa Ple^jMr Jo moi loruei to call an nr ~<<a v -irr ia I 1/^ tl to I W'9U. 114 I Tairda>t nua, near >'o..rie?n:l> kire^t. Lati??" ?V?"1 LJ Mrs Mith. ?< A RARE CHANCE.?LADIE8 AND GENTLE**,*, ik jrou wlab to *rl tbe lull v*l>^for )our t.??. off i:lo!h log, A?'., the beat ,vou can do l? to call w f.j a Dote to t'ae wel: known dealer, B. Ml*,f?, 39 HU'a tfenue. T.erc you may be ?ure lo rxcei ,? 50 per e?Tii more than by aot oihrr daaleii. N B-->00 not b?Ue?e tbe falae preten Irrs who offer tw for *' ^ iT7ewf, BSD for i-oat*. or $7 for pan a, as It la aurely a ..ambvu. Ladi*a at ten J A i oy Mr. Miai . Pie**' reoa*:r.o?r, S<3 811th avenue, betweeu Bevcn(*? tuh and Eiglk>e?iilti mroetv. A TVHB BBTAVU8HMENT 2SS BBVBSTH AVEN0E, I jnk bare it<*tv*<1 a lar^e ordar (mm tb? W^mt to pureha?e offCtelkMg, PurnilHie, Cmrpata, Be, Ladla* aud srn tlemcB can rweeire SO per cant mot o liv uny o Inr er eallingon or addrratiiu a not ;Vi*l. ABRAHAMS, 2. 3 Sevtnih vrvnnr, betw??o Twcr,(y.!irth and Twcuty-atith ?kt*'!*. bailie* al'eadi^l to by sir*. A. ALAlttJE OKDER RBCEIVBD PROM CALIFORNIA 4o |iurcba?? UtvM Olt Clothinc, Purultura, Oa 17* 1 s A.<. Ludma und geutMmen, I cuanwiien to pay the full mlua rt all artlele". N. &. ?Do not helieve iliuac falat; fatten.!.-/* wtiq oiler iho*k?\i.inn>iia prireA Pleaaecall onora.Mrvm T R08ENBRM3. 212 tt-'Teatii avenw. L^die* atveaiKu oy Mra Rowuliarc' TU9 SBA'ENTn A?TBXl'E, LADIES ANO CKMI.E . men una dUpone of?b< ir m>t oil Cloibwac, Cary. f, Kur uRureaad Jeweiry. I ^uarnnu e lo i?y nfty percent uwre than anyttvtber dealer in tb? city, and not to be b<initi.iggi-d by itrvai pnfla and faiae (iretenarr*. l'fax m:l no or a W ?IreMj Anhalt, l,U9?venin avenue, lie:ween Twentieth and I ?tat? Ural 111 octa Lad tea attended by Mrs. Anbali. ATTENTION, LADIES AND GENTI.KMEN.?I HAVE jua. lecfliv, n ft, 1*10 to pure hilar l?m 0.1 Clor,.U|i, l'ur mttve ?tul Carjieif fo.- the California in-, wet I d 1 pi' uit>* lo^uy the hionee' prin-a in the city by calltni; on or adtiicaa iu.'a note to E. Ml NT/, 137 Sixth avenue, t?i> ilosia a'10 e Veuth ativet. Ladtra amended to by Bin. Minu. Remem ber, 137 Sixtlt at ? uu". AT NO. 3M BOWEUV.-II. BOUKTBAL HAVJM; a i;re;tt ii?r ire lu purchase 11 Im?e uuaotltv of . tul od' Wearing Appun-I, Wi-n l.tre, t-arpet*. J"\veiry, Be. by call ing on, ladlea and futiamcD can obt ln the utm< at v?|ot for each ar.icle. Ludtca .it.t inlcd to uy Mra. Kostiiibai. I'.i *M'reiucuaber, *nd u> JiJ Bo .very, oppoait* flrtAlJww treat. A' A POSITIVE PACT.-LADFES AND GENTLEMEN. IP yon want to ^et -.lie utn.oBl value lor Tout .a t C otliiui, Carjicla, Furnltme and Jewelry, the hm you raa olf u? ia ?'i n'nil a noir 10 A-'HARRIS, ftil Third avetmr, Ihi tweau Ttirty-eielub and Thirtv-uintb alrae'A, e.iai ?Uk Tl?*re you may <1 p< n.l you will reeaira is |>er eai.t more than el any oilier dealt r'* it New Vork. Ladica attended br Mia. Ilarna. \ r (HI OLD 8TAND. IM >r.v EKTH AVEN'i E ?MRH. ^Vu:. KMhL- intlunaa:n|uiy iha :o ntvin* j.r.ce ? l"iuni k-i 1 . Hb lor 8 Ik Dre.?-a, imtii (3 to t IS lor Coat a ami I root Blt< ' rPaste, Aieu CArftU, k'wilun, Jenny, .sc. A uo'.e by | ? at puuciiuilly .1.landed toby Mta. E. falei*. Oentli men attenrt -d to Mr. E. t BT TTKB CII \N E THAN EVER.-I IIATE JUST aTX I ceil,-d tti.UUO I otn J. Btilbaum A Co., Cniclnaa'l, .0 ?urrkaaa MwHea' Mil geatieaiaa^CAM oif ciothiag, >'i.rai lure. Carpets, Jewelry. Ac. 1 guaranta 1 to pay Ally par c, ni niuie ban any ttbar dealer i'leoae . all on or a I rea* A. 01't'As. :'h vrtra b aven le, baiwaen Tweuiy fourth and I "o. Lftdiaoattended to by Mra D. A TTEMHO*.?-LADIES AND Ob.M LKMtX. IT YOU A, h..i to lind a lair and hoaeai dealer to ?ii-|0?0i your iu I CloiU.Uk. i ?rj. la, Furniture ml Jewciry, 4k* D*?t thing you cmi do i? to call on or addreax the h neind rll known dealer, K. HARRIS Hid Seven! ii ar nets; where m will e dealt with 10 your tatihfaeMoK. At thla place yon rau receive tifty pen en more than lrom aq ntlii'i m in* illy, and Ton wal aiotd l?-ing humbugged. i'le ae do nitfa.keif. HAKKlri. 156 Seventh avenue. Lwiiaa attend ed by Mr*. Ilarria AT TUB Ollli.lKAL OLD WKI.L knowh h. har Kl>? lCManijonn'ui, 1#4 Seventh aTenae, lannnli doing buaineaa at IK! Seventh avent.c, Utr of the mil know n Qalifoi nun a nil V\ eatei n agency ?tare of .itJ Buhmj, now com- *'#? k again hi-. old 'piartera, 1-44 Seventh a ? ' ? nue, guarantee* to <ontln<,e, aa ever Irf-forc, bv paying the utmMt valur forCatt On Apiwri'l, Carpet*, Ftu? ultmc and Je velry. H ladlei or g'm'MBrn i^n ifl mim fled by rereiv:ng ilia full ?alue for their m t!cl*e, thay tan well avoid being pui/ied or hmnbnesid by falae pretenuera and bub oil-ia t>v .a.inn at on.u or addi-Mua.' we!lknown buyer H. II iri.a, 1M Se. rnth avenue: You may d>'i?n<!. la ties an gen- euen, upon being dealt with tj tow an-laf* tlon Lidl-? attended wf Mri. H. Ilarrle. Pteaea not o fo.f't IM seventh avenue, between Tw-nt..-In?t and Twenty-aaeOBd ttieeta. (1LOTHINO.?II (). BAlLEY A CO 31' CESSORS TO J and of tbe lute ;.rin ol J. B C'oae, Bal.e. A Of) , No. S I'ark place, have pur. oa* I T lie Intere-t of Mr J.B.itnt therein and removed their Mock to So. 35# B' omwaj, oe tween L- onard ami Fiatiklln atreeti wh i a they vr111 eon tlnna the Yontbs and Children1! Clothing Buaineaa aa hnt. tof >re con itn ted by the old urm. / "ALIKORXIA AND 1'IKE'd PEAK TRADE-A OREAT lemkud for ladiea an I g ntkai- na ca-t off Olo'.&iug. F' rnittir t;arpet*anfl JeweHf. i "naiaatee to pev twenty tif per cut more than any other eatablahment, and no buiuiiog. Cad at oraendanote M ft* or 9'>Ji Weat Broad . !? iw. :n Leonard an i Franklin air*et?, and Ua .New^ik av uue. J' rary t:i ??. Ladies attended by Mta. R Oat>ay. andgetitletnen by Mr. S Uahay. / ' ENI'LKMhi s SEW AND LB FT Off CLOTHINO \JT porc.aaed for ilie Wftern market. In large oi ?ioall kpia. Tbe I till value ? hi <>* t>ald wttlionl ba <ng or ?e<-k ;m mlmyoea. Klcaae ra 1 at the itore ot addieaa Thonta-It. Cobtoy,M Cestro \t'AKTia)-A LARiiK ASSORTMENT Or LAIHEh Tt andfemleinen iaii oil Clinking, .'"Weliy, t arpua, tor w .lit the hi heat nrlt ? will be |a|il, <? i. RftRd, S9i yen h avenue, eoruti ol fumlnire Call on or fetdreaa Tweo'v-fourth aiteei. La tl-a HOTELS. ASTOHIA H01FI..-TU1S HOTEL AT Ail OR I K Lou; lalaad, having ??n ? li ad and fnrnlahed l* mow ?pen for tli#ataJWitnodatlon of (ka p ibil . I'le*?an' i/ aitu and. iron ing on the v at- r, ?ttrroiiiidr'l wkkMatMifitl aeenery and plea-ant di iTea, It ulTet ? eitra Indtv emantl to ih? public. Aa a aiimmer re-ori. 'ma oi-l la nnatir|iaa?e I. Udllueaied With t a hotiae It I latge and rommodiou* ai.i d? lor lie: rttfl idiit or tratiau lit t a. on, and v. tier* may oe had at a'l time* t. eaua of i tiveyance t.. any pari or the couu'rr, Klaiiing |i?rti-a may be hWo ai'ppned with ho:.!*, ha't, Au., At , or for pleaattre, under the nn:i>?d.ate a-iperitialou o. an ab'.e and expmlenced a'lU.itirgemi.-inan. The Bar la atOc Wed Willi Ul? eliot'Oat oraada ot wlnea, llquora a-1 I aegara, *o., and iii? faolr act with all tliat the appetite mav I' T >rg?t etmreMBMl* will And t ila hotel a convenient dia e, wbere.ata little di?tan<e, they may ?'ia it nn er eoveied a da and itilM. Dlnneia raady aa orteral. Oondoual amrimMtaatlon ?lib S>-w York city by Hurl o?te :? rry, Elgiiti-*ivt? a r?>e! mid >ie ?ad aretiue oani.aieam oatfronl reck allt ind B /jiklrn (Hi* Railroad, ftotn Kuiton ter-? via <,rc .t...,t. . ihcnce by ata^a to the dooi of the hoteL Come a id "? ? n,n .ou like K. WW. ?. WILHON, Proprietor. VTAPir.R HOI HE. ? ('.M R OF POURTRKNTH ^' i r?et and Fourth avenua?A few p! ?ulta?nd at:mlc Koonx to rent. With m-ml* iU tab e d' hoto nr In cif#. Ter n* moder ta. Tranaieui i>o*rd one dollar and flttyecnta p?r <?y PAVILION HOTEL. RETPORT. XKW JKR^ET.-TIIK A ander?lg?ed. narlng uk'n the aiiore fa-orlte atitctiicr reaort ?Md ?efitrMahed it In the an at tnod.-rn atyla, ta?"< titla mathod <rf tllnfrlrarta anil fiijur patmnaof the t'ar.lion Inat lie H now mady to ie r|t? Ho.itd. ta u>r h* ae^aon at moil rate termt Oood Imihinz tiahing ??', Boat ? n?hlng '4~'kle, At-,, alwats tot han I. (*EO. .1. K1EREB, Promieior. Kb. parti- u.ara Jlnqulre nf JOHN E Hl.t.NCAN, No. I?<0 Broari tvay. rpilK liAlNK'>1F, fRKKMAK STRRET. It THKOITLT I d j ? ? I "? H ? 'm?? a Ceietira'-'d pbiiaM ' ttia Ale A i n t.oat.' i.o v ou iap, with ?o on < -. ?i fotJtTJj. C tftia -'a* .r lit it' eii, UKITAVEAiVrS. |fl t-l .11 OLOKV ..AkOTIlflR fl I- B \t I.' nipi (? ? '11 KKV at 4kt H- I.t.l , - >, a I|. . i " am j.itr|li<?a fo, and?o iMtlJitn. f tod/ a to ae? iii.u. A F01PDI\0 AVn l.OT>rj|\R. ? ?TI KM AM AMD WIKE OK 1W0 ^IMOLE < CHIA? .r; ?/<(.%<i -j Wilh I: K u ..* an*j goou lit t . ?? an>a.l private r.uniiy; >iu?e rtr.-c, t av*i 'linn lat 80. ?. Refe <-uce? ?icku.iti.d. Apply at '38 WektTweuiy a. c i FKW YOl'NtJ MEN CAN BB ACOOMMODaTKD ?> Hi ah. iy uro.ab. i Koo , ?, &i,t J H^ard; umi\ n m ? r 6.1 ( M ? i> near a!; Hie ttr?t clas* hotels. An J' at J* v. trui' >l.< ft, one uooratovo hpriug. ASMaIX PRIVATE KAMILY, U INCJ IN SOUTH H ? " 1'n. wiihiti iwo hi.nut> w ,ia of Court Ktieet 1* U***" rf,"'.'.CK?n a furntahe* ifiotn. w.iti parii ,*insi D.nner. K?iMl??-i ftiiu O'TII ui a. u?ei.. I) na.T at ti i? 14 j^L teicuucs c*. hauled. A'ltl! . ka C. N , U>'X J&.1 Hem A FE.W y<?*SIHHBD OR INKUUMVatlEIX ROOMS TO _ _ ^ * i.j ? r auuuuL Boii d. al No. 11 .1. ?...i ,* Ft* IlAND?OME ROOMS ro lvct-with BOARD, - *A U?li Let,ll?toll a?,. Uu?. A?'[.'.:asa>v suit or rooms, on second floor. alio a aiar Kioui, nun t>'? ban w.lti full or Rr#<ri, lU ft ?? 1. d.-kiraiile .< c.liou uu Twcui>-lirki airisel, t-e, ? Hw.uw.v aii.i Kourib aiciiao. Address N. X). C., Hi 1 . fti.i otHer. A 1 ? AM) BEDROOM ADJOININO, ON THE tn'Md u? r lu t, iorniahe.1 or unformatted. Am? Ilk.) iieuui. Apply fti 2Jd East Tenth auaet, ucfti Bc.cnd mm. A rUEASANT, SEi OND STORY FRONT ROOM TO um. ?? t, witj? hu^irt, to a j^fiiilcman ami bU wife, 01 to two ?i? . ?k? ih.? utcii, in a private family; iertui low. Call ail Um* werk at 812 Greiowicfa din et A FEW VERY DESIUAULE ROOMS TO let, WITH B-Mird, at At W.-at M.urti 1 mil street, corner of Bum 4MNA1M. ? T l^j WEST TWKNTY-FOURTH STREET, A FEW J\ dooia . o Eighth av.-nu.?a tew geuilemen eau b! *<-??in IftV' it with Board and nloely furniahed Ruonu. The hvum kuunll u>? iiiudt iu impioTeiueuU. ASMAI.L PRIVATE FAMILY, I.IVINO IN BOITH b uuktvn, io .1 Oim rlasK Hi'iKbliorliood, ? ill,in a,* ? ??1. ,.110.11 ?ur?i u?r.:, wo ld 1,.110 gentlemen two iirte ]?? . r?, o. .1 f ? R,aiiii on m i on 1 floor, furnicied or iwiiur n ill .1, oi imriial Board. Teriua modi-rat*'. E,igliiiU ami lie ?p k u. R fori m u* reiiuli'ud. Addreu C. H., i' i i.O II- ruin aHiee. AT <7 EAST TWENTY THIRD STREET (MADISON -141ml >, a small p. iv? e iiuuily dekirea 10 let an 1 le/^ut lurntatied fit.Uir; aire Rrdroonift, with or wlibout Board; Ont 1 Iw; reffrv-Bccn ?ai:bunged. ATTENriO.N IS CAI.IiKO TO THOSE LIVINU IN IIO t?-:? uu,! aurdlng to an ek.aliiiiiliiiieiit op -neu at No. J1U Alaodoi.xut (trei:., and 1 urni-hed Willi averti: ug oe oe.?arj f,,r h,,i.? kerpiiu. in orler that a family may liave a n ui| 1. u uoiae akd live aia low rale. AFl'RMSIIED PARI.OR AND BEDROOM, ON BK c. Dd, uinU i>c lei Ui one or lyore geoilemen, w.lli or w.iliiiii. b j,jt <m 1^1 Miih avenue. At H01CE OK ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, WITH ait ill* 11,,mIi ro tinpri vcmf ?,'% to i t to a lientleinau and laiiy, w ith lull Boar.i for iadyonlr Wmi Nlue Ufouili a re< i, tl.ive dooralrom Huih *. ''nile A <iEN 1LEMAN AND WIFE OR~T? > OR THREE A ?l"?ie ?.u!lcim.nt,n be AowimnojJJj" % ir T"h.' ?J5? '? ? I rivate U:uliy.*?w uv4*& App'>' IM W eil rcuili ?u?hh. near Blacker T*' ' _ \ SLIr OF ROOMS FOR A (imivui.. ?~ A to let, will, Hoard: al" ENTX'K?^ aUD W1FB and rom ih avenut. "TiSwSiS' V* W'W WSSZZ J\. coll i kloi > ; private balbs. ft.. . Aito fi rgrtiileiiu n. bou-? Uriit clana. 22 Ea^ Fo?ltt^eul|| BU^et near L'niver.liy place. * FINK SUIT OF RO^MB ON SKCOND FLOOR TO am. let, wtik Bouro^ u> ^ in,all ?l?i family, or a party of aiu^iti RC-UemcU VrlVMt table It deaired. Terms rca? Svi'^'.iie. Rri'< ran't required. Apply at 123 Ltm.gloii ave nue, corner ui Tirent' -nltjU ctrect. A FEW OBNTL^MSN CAN BB ACCOMMODATED with I'leacatil ftooum, and lull or partial Board, iu a pri vate family. F.'t )iarttciikarv call at No. tf Albion place, Fourth airoet, near becoad avenue, lleler. nee required. A french FAMILY WILL LET A LARGE FURNISH ed Irnai, Room on Oral Door, and one MvyDd 'too back Room, with Ural ia:e Board and every convenience. Apply al No. 9 Tun icenth atreet, near Fiflli avenue. AT 122 MADISON AVENUE?A PRIVATE FAMILY i* ill let their two ?:ory front Room*, or the Floor tbr iofli, and a aingle Rou;n, with Board; bona* Ural cluaa; private batha, Ac. Kefereni?s oxcAaaged. Apply aa above. Ayeiiy demisable suit of booms to let wllh Board, to a gcnileiiiaii and wile; 1 ?ation unenoep tiouable; the Rooma are hftr.4?ooiely lui iuabcd. Apply at 137 Wen Thirteenth atrial, norUiweai corner of Bevanib avc m.e. Releroiices required. ASCII OF HANDSOMELY FURNISHED BOOMS TO let, with Board, to gentlemen and tbeii wives, or aiiiKle geutlemen. Ilouac eonutias ail llin mode, n iiuprovcmi ata, and in pletiMinily located. Apply al 40 Welt Twenty-Orat atreet, near tilth avenue. I LADY AND QENT, OR A QUIET LADY CAN HAVE J.JL a large front Pai lur, iu au Ku^linh baa-'iiieut hoime, or a rut, I it-out Room, wr.h Board tor ladv, at $5 and %'J\ all tbe modern improvements; 1 ainily small. Apply at ij Ami ty AN ELDERLY WIDOW, WITHOUT FAMILY, WOUI-W 1 "i a pleapnut ' irulalied Ki^in. anil BeJroom, wilh con reui. toi hoiirckceplu^ or with Boai.l; being a g??4 nur-ie, voul-l a ?-oinm",iaie a lady who would roijulre nu:? iug Apply al ?*1 West foiirth atreet, betwieu Ei-'blli ami Ninth avenoes At no. uu east t u km y i iith srHLbT, between Mai.-on and K >uit:i uvei.ues, h*Q<Moiuely Roiiui-, ui li't. wilh Board. A privutu lable if oomicd. Ai-leasa.vt well kuknishld parlor and 1)i diooni coi oeeiiuu, at W I ourth avenue, near Tw. n ty i.ilh atreet, .or $.'* a w ? ek; reatauranta very convenient; or Willi it,, , 1111 11 referable, on reaaonabie lerma. Also an uufu uianed room. A IT 130 TUI SHE STRICET, THIRD HLOCJC FROM J\ Hr?M*dwav, hainl?4>ii.? \y IrrblnheU 1; oms to I (to^o ti u^'ii, 01 itvut.emrii an<t th**ir on uiOttKrate termn. A FAMILY OK THREE ADULT*. OCCUPYING A j\ ni Hicm biOAQ >bo lion**-, u> i^iitf ;Iiy locAtcil at 45 K .^iThu u ur?i?lr*'Ct i.o Fourtli auu .M uli*on avt-nu m, n t? il<! let the (t it or fri oitd Floor, furiilait<*?l or | ai .laily with !i?>ard Pr*f1 e ,? in th<* kitchen. WIlHiW AI>Y. Oi'CUPYINO A MODERN BROWN b i?i? ii i* ?. <!??* !?* t<? I't a haiuiMJm ly nirni-h'*.J *uit I'.tHiui", Ok., liin or keparate, to a iaiiy a(i<l Lf'auU?-iuaii or rut ei!) HI. Fil l t.oani iOi lady ? U >. Oi uood uuiKt|4i<'tia ;e. Apj ly at 6U Wo?t FiiUrntb ?treeL VrUHAAMt PROHT BO0X TO XJIT?FUftXISHED, on M.ron'l wrh Moiri for the ludy only: ai?o K oaiB ?tillable for b? u-oko? j>;nf; gaa, bath, Ao. in?|??ir? at .No. iLiitilow i??u r, Or.tweeu tfoliivan and Macdotugal rirjvtl. A LADY ,\ND (aENTLKMAK, i-R Y0U2V0 LADT.OAX J\. iin^a pu t y :r?mt Roo;a( wi U a aaall pr.Vitt" lntoiiy eon*>?t.lit:' l tliirr J^iinax; no vhil ireu. Trrnih to quirt |>i*: A -i t ?1 > ian'*c from Broadway. bia;es paa?. ho. a.! Weat '1 liitty-iMPcond *ir? et. Board?to let, with tioAHD, at 117 second ivrnue, helwn n Kigian au<j Niutn atrettie, two mcdy furnished ir nt P* un*, with ?I'T tary b^dfttead iu each, fjocutMin d^Hir.tbh . Re!(*r?ut exchanged. Board?a lavy let a p^ont and back K<'<'in. on tbc arroml Boor, neatly furnlibad lor ItaunKni'piiig. Tanae tired of hi?r lin< ?i.i lind Itm it p n* ? ant hoiii?-. Apply 217 Weal Twenty-fourth iltMt, Ue WMt Jt.icht i ami Niutb u venue*. Board ?a uentlemnn and iiis wife wibiiisu ijui> or l*o baml-ouia H wm*, nnfurtll-bi-U, ran k'xhiq th?Oi ill a private family. The lionae ii new, Willi *11 tbn im provemenu. l.o *i.on oae "f thr !>??i in tli ? t'y. Imjuiro *! lift Went TMrty-fourtU Mmt, umi Broad? >. Board-to let. with board, a i.aroe, hand aoinely FtnllM VlUI l? ui. <>., the MM . our of * firat i-ia?a iruwn ?U>n* houae. wnta all the inu 1*1 n Improve iu- ui*. Tb<- bimic Irunu uii a my naudaono garden. A p. ply at >>>. h Ea*t Iklrty-Oeveaib a'.raat. Board?hkvekat. plkabaHT koomh or the rreoiid tloor, ?Itb Boar 1. hi nJCIm'on piaar, near Ki/tb avenue. Dluner at ? oVlork Boaiid.-a oentleman ARD I.aDY, OR two ?mi ,*? 1-a uiii br ae?oiauio !at ? I wltb pleaaant Ho Min ?i <1 Bo*. J in ? UrM <lax !.<??.>1, ai moderate tern.a. f *.uil> Unman. ? ail at 140 W- at Foirtoruib (treat, be Iwetn 3 Tfii tiaud E'gbth avenuaa. BOARD.-nEvfl.KVKN AM# their W1VEM, OR HI* k|f h uta. <an eMail n<-?4ly luraiabad R-I .m?. win K0:110, at No W??! tVaabir gwu pla a, nj.p ??ii? tba Waali Ingt/in I'ar*'.* (around. BOARD.?BRAlTiriL k IT OF ROOM* NaT BE

bMiina -n.ail pirata Uroily, juiet and retlied. n? ?I ? 11 iu !a ? Ji. ? a ? r 1 '?? . ? '.Ii all W - lira im pi">??mental nu boa 1 'la. b mar. For full ptrlraku ad ur- m I), I'. if., hot Ui Heiald on* - Lotattau Mar Breaker atiei taa<i *f>i of Br-ad way, Board?a ftrkti.y private f*vilt. mavind n.iiia nnaa< (1Mb ui y ir > In will I t, uu miil-iird, with Buaid, tao u:a*?aut iront l! -um tbdbmM la moi?w, 111 ur.i iate 01 Iff. an I In a p1 tmi la ar?n, lui-n .p on. ?t>|' rei.-iene-a mvau an 1 roq-nrad. A|py at 127 E..? J ul 1 ty-aa< ood atrr 1. BOARD-l NPl RNISHKD TO LKT, EN anlt? 01 aMi<l' , w.ih U ard. Ai?> a ?M| f nu a.ivl Ko in tor t? o n finrn; ho ia- in.idarti ind <?>.mala* all tin ImproicnK-uta. Apply St ITUW?*I l<> Uatb atia I Tciiui ?odi-rala, BOVRD?tl?K)D BOARD AND PLEA HANI ROOM* I* n lirat ciaaa tir^v n aiui.e h <ua* Ian l?lo ?? irum ? l iar*. ? * 1 i.? ./ lalnad for g > ?lcarp'<a ,.nJ fnrai' ii?,or ? 11 ai an pinruloan i? mail* fur lb? uaa tlir.**!. A l'.iaaa A. H. Mad son ?(a*re l'o*l o.lWe. Board.-rooms. with board, ui a HOI hK verv dralrably lo< *tad, <oBtatnin< all tli? mmVrn laprova iiifinta; alai^K ltoom la two ttatiia, I >e*p a o * uai tl^ouia bHnain*til room, for a phy? elu. Inqnlrr at ncilaiaa ptik*. Board at us webt twektv-twird itrert.?a Parlor and B^lioom on tba *1:1011.1 uoor, iront, baud | amn^ly ftn'iiubfd. i? Ja?t, with BnarJ. a ilaMa 10 af-una . niao aud nIfr or two amgle (oiillaiuaa. Diua?rat(P M. Rt'farpnrea rirnanic-d. Board can be h ad por two oenti.kmkn a <d ibflr Wlraa. al<-0 ?m*W- K'-ntlainrn *01 la.ilaa, ai W M rd Tvv niv-?'*lh alra?t Vi 1 r p.-aaaiu Rnima, ? ia and wat?i. Conrenlmt to cars and ail atana i ii?? Board up tows.?a privatr pavilp o> itpy. ln< thr nia :? 'inu four n?| nonae if WastTbim ?ikUi ui 1 batwwaii Hlih:.od 8.ft., an ultra, oB'or and *1 ty (iaiir.i'ila Ri?un to nimtBa* Wiiho# Vblldroa anl to al 11 alea<itl?m^, Ibi- honac baa ml Ik'' n ndria imjrira tnerrwi lo-^tloi.'^fenlru U?'?r? an'l f?rma raa a'H)" to d?-ah atila buardnra. Jli tcrnno arveban^n BO A1 D WAHIKMIi A I-KIVaTR PAMM.Y BY A N weWIWS6, will" ?Burn Mh# ^ H?a ?:i I lull jraara; lo- mn c? aa<l r> tAola, and ?? 1 .iv Doxlaiafa Addrraa J. Jft, llr-an a. ^ Board wanti d-i> a i:j. rrxst WiERoif fi* opr. 1 man family by a al?#l#?-rtlpwa8 Iu 11 1. ? ra Mr, iiK'aiii'P il p'.r. l?l#. Adi rraa llb&W* ? .>? H. !' , liai Id off! f. Board WASTSD-ro* a oenti.e ias. is c ? ratmll1 ?f ? wow lady, ?l,ar<? i??* romfnria.. ? may in-l-dj i'.a>n 1. ron miidalloiiand pri.a >n I :imci nt ii?a?rod. Aii irru U<rin?a(?ii, li'raid obc?. i # ot .. ? ... ?? j ?; - ? ,^r ??.* brotvu kouae. *? iXi. ' u IMHM- ,orty lifth iamuy ??^bw>or .0 ??. ut-* (tm.'lliug u-ior k0A*0 tfanted- BY A YOlTNli 01 ntlkman, in A i: j i?. .?.y, .r. * ?!.??*??} ? -r"L ' *' .llr?.ui .I.<1 l'.inilf.miil. I.r,eu ad ..e?a *?? *?. ' v>. ?'.uare po* ublce. _ ? [ fvoasb 1?*NTKD--hy A yol'NG centlem an in ^ 1> j l.-aaaa'. location up town; a rlf.i*n.i it.. J.11. faatun lfrca, :oi *4 |;er A-X reftwemfea. A j art-,? llouie, box a*? H< ra.j "?'?? ?|>0*mu)IN(i -nu. 1117 BO'.VKUY, 0< )ks Kit nv Till kd 1^'^l-a rjj r'iissp ?? ^it-Ah **'??"? a??ib> lucRt'?" Private f?mly. ?? "doabdlna-a PRIVATE family, hksinin<) ln 1*1 their own house, will uaommoi-aw a u.?* . with Board and k uiiih, furnished, inouc oi uie Z'ui m.? the ^r.,p?rt ofthe?l>. Kefer- a.c exchanged. Apply at no- i5 Bit.'-re id**. tv0ard1ng -TWO OB Til It MB <^n 'lkmf.N WILL x> l.*l pieuaant Rooina, w "'. i"*" i? ?? 2ml ai.autic n?l*a fiwin South 1. rry. Brooklyn. ajl'ly *t 2? Al.auuc btr? ei, second door from Court. "n(u?lHN(j ? A 13entlkman AND wikk OB TWO b miotic gentlemen ?ao bo acounuiodaiid with Boaid in a (>rivate family. 139 Eighth avenue. ? tioarding.?TWO REril'E?:TAI?LE YOUNG MEN CAN b be accommodated with good Board e" d^ie*enlh ly. hi 111 Weil Thirty-Ural atieei, between Sixth and betenth avenues. tikuoklth BOA it d?a kkw OENTI.EMKN CAN Bo^^^ou... With kuodbou,m,.n family at 36 Garden lire el, one door fiom Sale atrrei, nve mmu&??klrom Wall h^el or South ferry. Term, mo rale. Brooklyn ?fubnisubd booms to let, with or without l>. ard. .ua French private lainlly. aonaiat w ?? aTront an.l back parlor: al*o a .mull rooni; term* mo derate i s?a ??d modem iiunrovemenia. Ml readout street, Brooklyn; two minute1 walk from ihe f try. V>booklyn-A new england FAMILY. LIVING li Ilia lirst Clas? engliah ta^nicnt hojue, f^"j ?ninuli b' wnlk of kuluin iVrry, would ilkf to u ul liir iroiii and baciv Purloin, with butril, to a lauiUy ?r ??ngle jti.u* itien. Beien ucc required. AilUre<? boi 1.4 Broolly* 1 oat o ilice. ?? Board in Brooklyn.?a pleasant furnished 1 to.>iu on aetond llooi, with iwu p:iniri<:? atucli<-d. al ?o, ou.'. Hall Boom, in ll.o liouae ofawi.all minutes' walk from tlirnc feme*. B.ith in the ho .ae. 1. rrna ?ode?te. Apply at 77 Clinton .treet, one door Irom Li?.?* ?ton. inh s n a r,hpr-tab.e neighbor hood, at 2? jay ?'-rect; tjaa, bath and closet. Board in buooklyn.?two single qentlemen, or a be aioommodau>d with i1'0,?-'.?''U . aj i *a invni i^hinik mi socond op tliird floui, with i5? ar<l, a? JEM and bath, lerin. low. ? inn IN brooklw-a (iarok, handsomb, i n \\0~ roobi, with Board, lor a gentle.,m.. ml wife, 15 tur>- . No. iflfl Second ukt'.e- tftke 1 fuifoa f rrj *0 ??oa?l pwc?. ? " ? j 15oabd IN BROOKLYN ?a oentlema^and^^ a?m?u lamily,.? 18Na?au convenient to Fulton ferry. ? "" TJOABD IN SOUTH ?ntwuefttttw^ilngle j3 will accommodate a ual nrnlihe.l, on second gentlemen, with Apply at >'o. 20 "??* in<l third t1oo:a, on moderate terrna. *vv ?on atrcet, Brooklyn. ? -ooard in SOUTH Snv^nt1ttrjssid ftriiea Apply at?fu^ri?,n .treat, two dcora 1 rotu c unton etrec *?? ? ?? " majits x> Where parttea wl?u.n? ruli pai^j" country are fcouara im u.- chy, brooktyn.^r^ ^y ?nteel boanler. -|i>RXNCa b.0ail^n^fby0pr^U<^80kwm*1^di^cm?l * lr\l,^\rp^or f?^lShtd o?unfurnlah?d. ApplT ?ctoorth AVENUE, NKAB p V.*y desirable r????. , ii?a houae 417 Fourth wnner the day. Befer.nce.m chango*. tes &???** glten and retired. t,1urkished wgww V etreet, between liroaawat ana family who will homely fnrt'u.h. d, ioi .ingle gentlemen. i^urnislled BOOMS a ain^tTy" private x with or without lailalb '?fi,uir onlv one a luire jzvyBtto!d^ay-no: ko" Ah aVeirte"? Bath, gas, Ac. References required. _____ m..ter Vp;w<0 wistt Twenty-Ural atreet. erne r ol Sixth avefme. __ ? 1?v??,?.r...js-isisrssss jwa lr?4?*-siwsw """? *~* icrm. low. Apply at JO l nd at cel. pkntlbmen and their WIVES (jt tlenien ? an tc ay:oniuio<- wlti, al! he modern im ^ l.andr,, ly fun... .e.l ho -'eet" hio?WIvo. prove in- n t?. i'i . - ? h-sssssj ?j'a^n' ninth ,reet, be,.ecu FUth and bixih ateuaei. ??? An/! a handsome fuhnihiied room, a'l ain "y? bn a prtva'te 'touw?'inqn^re at 96 Prinee .treet, wrat ol Bi??auw.iy. ^ o aft\fnvr NO 22 WEST TWENTV-NINTH t,?n ^/om hndjwo ^rue y ^ [wq u|rd blury ?illgie ko? m?A Eeiortneee exchanged. NO. 101 WKST twelfth BTliEET.?A LARGE pleaannt K' oin, fuiDUh-'d. for a lulv an.t gKMluman or two Dingle gentlemen, with Board, for per ?Mk. A ?Ingle Kouiu lor M. Oaa, balk, Ac. 1'iret door lioiu Smtb irniir. XTO. 78 WEST ELEVENTH STREET.?DESIRABLE i.1 Eoorna for mnilemen, turaialieil or iinfurntikcd, in ault* if prefi ri*d; all tli>- modern itiiproremeula; no chil dren; Breakfaai and Tea In room, If dealred. Pleasant ROOMS, WITH BOAKU, FOR SINULE centlemen and i,eritlcireu and u.eir m tve*. may be ob Uilfd at 4lH Fourth atrect lA'.biou p a r). Kelrreuoea ex eliuiued. Dinner ?l l> o'clock. Rooms?with hoard, ex si ite or single. mat be had at Wrat Fourteenth HrHU llouae newly paiuU d aud papered. Tiikee or foue single gentlemen, or gen tlemen and iheir Wirea, <an be accommodate I with ploaoant llouaon brat or ?e ond Coor, with Board, in a pri vate family Ituoiua fumlalied or lint wniabed. Call at No. 141 l.idri is*- atraet. lifnwi? gtrea an.i required. rpo LEI-A HITIT OK NICELY furnished PARLORS A and m-lripon.a, oti the l.rat, a' c>ud ami third tloora, with or without Hoard, in a firei ciaaa liouae. Tiring moderate. It (- reBeca ochanged, App y at SO Kaat Fourteenth aireet. rpO LE1^-TO WINGI.HGENTLEMEN ONLY, TWO FUR 1 niakt-o Kuo'ua, !a a hi-t (?;*?? &ou??. For parliculuia in i lie at -6 Kioi a'tuH, or a.ldicaa B. Buck, N V. l'ott ???. \? A*TKD PERMANENTLY, IN A RESPECTABLE ?T altty,brtae-'i Fillit and Ninth arenuea, Kourtn iah and Tblrulouttk ?treeu, two Kooim, one tinfutniched, on n<-t tn??r f.ii oiii. e (hti?llah lmaeniem pieferreJ i.with Hoard |..r ? li and wile. Referenoca re.|U.iW Addr> aa I'hyalelan, boi IK Herald oUh?, atatiitf tartue, which Butt be mode rat-. \t' AN TEIi ?BY TWO SlNOCE GENTLEMEN, A f? ane well furniab* I R ?.on, with Board. R. (erencea it'inlinl. Addreae. with l"tma, D. C., Herald oflke. ail TO i BOAEDIMO ?A OENTLEMAN AND WIFE $?> aid iIiim or four yo'in* mna no be at* irnmodaled w t g>?>i Ko >oit and B--a'd at 300 Uraad strati. A piauo taM n ,n ? . n?ft lor board. 11 kTII mTEEET.?A FEW DOUBLE AND MINGLE lU R ma, eo g.ntly furaiah'4, can ba bad, with Board, l.t Ia1i?e an.I MNMM baring ???? l refeieneeaat the IwgN li Tenth e'reol, II re TOO rt pbwe, occupied br a priea'.e fan I iy, between Eioadway aud lialrerntf plaje. ill WEST TWENTY FOURTH HTREET. NEAR FIFTH OJ. a'euu??One ar two Roonaa can agw t>?-jbulued, with ot without lit at e'aaa Hoar I. aiao, a nae Pat lor if deeJrable. iufiniiMi#t? ?d ?7^F?IT THIRTIETH STREET-TWO OR THREE O I aaMKt famuiea and three or lour aanttoman cm low be awomtneda'ed with elacaot *ntu of Rooma, <>b aei-ond, tiled an i roonk Aoora, atwly fitratahad Table irat alaaa. Reif raocee #Mkaa?ed. 8r WF.?f ELEVENTH hTREET. BETWEEN FIFTH and BUb arenuaa ?A ladj would eta mil of nmUy luini'hed H una. ou ? id (!o r. Mo ther or eaparate, ? uh fall or partial H ard Teriaa fr m, JS inpl [*r week The cumforU of a p'auat, ?(tiM borne iao b? rea ited AUo a Ma?M ? ot. i s , W( LINTON PLACE.?VERT DEnlRABLE EOOMS, . laige and . .n. no'iaua. lor uartlee efcrnileima or teattllaa. lUinthed or ni.l nrniali. d, on reaeoti title termft llotiao ni ely Jilted up; ta!ne tun?<ep loua 1 uni ? at 6: reArreacealive*. Pumllttre taken In atehanga for b >ard. BKjMtEENE FTREET, ABO\ r. snElNO, A. .-TON UO Mtiuaa K eranlly lorntahed ?'li e r.f R . irni: !.*?, Cro [ toaaad e>er|r oniaaieoce for h iuaekeepitif etouomual y; ! pa'tieuiki ly aaliabla for amall reapertahle famlliea. reMlow I MACDOUGAL nTREET -To LET, AW OXO I thj I'l-e.r, fi ralalud oi i.l rr, ?'i d. ?ilh orwuhoui E -ard H iua? ant n'1.1, . t!i.?d br.t ?Wilbaa fuor tl ? I '? aihi Pa id Oman!. Mm f kRia,i .n.J 1 ?? r'l PTRMKf -A R"OH ot), ? t> R i oi btolieiBcu oi (OuuKaaa aad Wilt, vii icaeMiiablc >?i m . * n- - - t. l POAR"^l? AMU LODGING. 1 **0 kasr noui-1 jij?ru stHKKr -A uknti.emam I A **" ?:.<? wll?, u o.'tik- ... ? .um, u . ih obia.u ! i. on.hf? .uJ '( orfroi.t itu ?u tbir? >'oor. Family i iu .L, iueJ . rum ate. 1 i'RINCft 8tUi.KT-.ST. CLAill HOUSB.-ELE JvJv/ r..i.l .uru lluk, Willi iicdiuuuiH a u Lea, V> 111. all in *. ton < uienes iot hoi.a keepiiom|.'eie, iu cludm^ yt* auUCrotiu ?k.ei, to .el io mtpeciai .e lauiiues, or aiugir geauwiu.n. 1 7H AND lM WLEf?CKKH STREICT?A NEW HOUSE, 1 t U wuh ali u? m d. rn unpii vnr.enis. Pe&aiut itooms, wiili rm Hn.rd, from $ ( V' In Hb per week for single gentlemen. Families from $o to f IS. *i(\O WEST TWENTY-TIII I!D STRKKT. ONE DOOR Iroin Sv.uth xwui'. I'o let, w:t.i Hoard, uni *mt o: Ki'iimi. Also two single Room'. II >..mi ut lirti l Uu nad t< ram moderate. 91A EL* STREET, NEAR SPRING.?FURNISHED ?< LU Apa. imeuta lor mi.iieuUU) oceupiiucy. 1 tic lowest it uU in tin city, c ?un.lei'ing the convenience oi economy in housekeeping. It st bo.Kln. and liiniiture, with ruu^e, coo ting uuinaile aim Hue a complete; gan auil Croton. FOi'RTH STREET.?BOOMS, furnished OR TcUO nnt ruislie l, to lei, wall H mrl A suit of Rooms on second llo r, comprising front ami bck purlora exten sion ami bedrooms, may Im had, together or uparateiy; also tin.ill Room* for single gentlemen, or gentlemen and their wives. Reie.encea i xcliuiiged. 1-19'J BROAD WAV, BETWEEN TWEN TV-FIFTH . J_j?) anil Twenty-Sixth tt.eotx, opposite Madison ?ui' are.?Elegmt U 1 imi 111.y now be obtained, tingle or In ?una, 1 uioLiiud or unfurnished. COUNTRY UOAKO. AFRKNC1I gentleman, PROFESSOR OF LAN gt age?, would like to l.a.e Board for the summerat Tarr, tow u. Or iu the vicinity. ile is w illing to tea h iu com rmaation 11 desired. Highest leferencer. Address Clery, Herald ottloe. BOARD-AT GblFTOK, BTATEN ISLAND. FOR TWO Centlemen and ibeir wiv> a. In a pri>?te family, uo other bnardt-rN, at a pie >mti.t country residence iu a hei.llhy and deligbilul neighho.liood; good gardeu; maiding for hnrnes If de?lred. Tlirct'o^uariera of an hourliom New York. Reli-r to E. A. MTANSHURV, E?'i., 103 Broadway, or ad dreaa C. It , l>oz 3 Mi Pott otllca. Board at clifton, btatbn isiand-at tub Ix-nutiMll Vil a )>el uging to the < stale of W':i. 11. Town arnd, E<j., al>otit IS miniil"?' walk from the no it, three Rooma, ? ouialning modern ini|iroveuienlH; line view of New York bay und the ocean; t( a?iou? pro.hi !?, good xiabllnp, freah ?egi tabled, fruit and milk. Apply on the premlsea. (COUNTRY HOARD.-THR EXCELSIOR HOUSE IS J now open fur a immer boardera. Thla br.uit'lul and healthy retort It deligntfully I oca I'll at Oruton Dtin, Went diWtorMMhr, til mllaa froai S ng Sing. The moll 'tain and la'**' aeenery 111 the lMim..dlat*' ?.einlty c.nnotlii ? irnai<ntd. Hue liahmg b aling. ?<-. Terma moderate. For furtbtr partlci.larn ad lie^a Kden Klpp, Siny Sing. CIOUNTRY UOARD.-A SMALL FAMILY OF FOUR OB ) U e pvraonacan have go.ul plain Hoard Inn piivate inuii ly, wkihin lorty mitea of N< w turk, nn the New Hav>-n mad. Th<- lite of .> uiaito can be nad. Teruu n.o lera e F01 par ticulars apply at or addreta C. B., UUX Twentieth ail it I, near Third avenue. COUNTRY BOARD-FULL PABTICULARS OF DE mraiile Houwa oil the lludtoii, i<ong Itliiud, New Jer ?ey ai.d Souuil, u> boanl -rt gr tuitoiiK y, at "Ho tr:l m . Dl reeioiy," jel liruadway. PaiUna w >rhing genteel b aiJeri alioulJapply, btlubliabed IS^S. A. 8. BOUINE A CO. COUNTRY AVDt'lTV UOAKI).?!'ABTIE8 WANTIKO tiiiurd on Siat> u Island or L ng i?land, up the llii< ?in, in Connecticut <>r New J< 1 eey, New Vork city or Br >bklyu. will be duvt te.l by 1 ailing ou or ad lietaln^ A. C. JONi.H A CO., S.1S Broadway. Bward wanted l > ault aeveral p .run?. COUNTRY BOARD WASTKU?Ki,R KOI'K MONTHS, l y a lainily 01 aig, within ftJ^r 90 niluutee from Ne>v York bv railroad or meauboat; luuat lie convenient to depot ?ferre.|, ?t not over >4 per w_,' Sr*' Morris ?r J fe,. gf Iawi*luf. I arm iwnae ?r -rn\&m- ? % , , . fn. w. totkianZ WouUlBreSrL. ?,boXJ,TWWew ?ex or iludMW Rirer roa.J>. Aumv?.... .. York Post oBilV CLIFTON, SfATEN I8LAND.-t11e VILLA OF J. F. D. Latiii'r. ^tq.. l? pr*|tarei| for tbe reeeption of llrat clatt boarders ma_nl!icyM oeean view, private baihlng gionna, frealt *uiik and vegetable*; stabling aocutnmodalloat; one h?*.Y froui Wall Straei. Rjlaienuea egchaugrd. IF YOU DEHIBE BO ard IM THE COUNTBY OB CITY you 1*11 he suited 1 torn tbe list at oA'* of the under aigned. If you wiah boarders leave a desinpllon to aoec modate applleanla. A. O. JON'tH A CO., Mt Broadway. WANTED?BOAi:D IK the countby. BY AN OLD btdy, terms u Yorkviile Post terms u,uat be reasonable. Adurea* box 'Hi WS3~?*mOINT.S.J.. T WaT. ^ V" 6? nuni.vs. MISCKIalsABTKOVft. tznudrSin ? c-:Ksaftsa;a AB RIAT1C PKRFUMBD RATI IH?A DK1.IUHTFUL LUX I ury, furulthed Iu ?pa'ton* .,nl uoinfor a ile room*, clean loweit in abuud.iu' e. and ibe best srtitu iu the world, at the Franklin Baihlng, liar Dresaing, Perfumery, and Wig and Toupee Saloon", rf.rner Broadway and D y aireet, rec nilv thoroughly renovated, and under the management of WibLIAM 1 . I'ROCH. p. rfnmiry ..ud Pomades, and the best IlairDys ma.i?, 111 small p?<;es. with dire> tlun.4 for appli int., wiiulcaleand i lall. A li xial dedatUon made to wholesale buyers ALI.EVIATOR.'?CORNS Ct'PEDFORONB CENT EACH by Ii?lm; Di. Ill g.?' r III and Hon.. 11 Alleviator,a new, barmlesaC aU'i reriaiu rure for ><irn?, i>unions. |calln>ltiee, frosted aud tdistered ieet, an I no anil:, 110 a-'ld, no paiu. Warranted lo pro uce renu'.t* ? ii -lac ory i.nd furpriting. l'rie 'is ennta and .'On nit and $1 por l>oi; sent by mall on r"i eipt of price and ? Sold l y dri-ggls-*. Dr. J BKIiitiS. (r piieior and praeii - 1 eimmwiti, US Bread way, opponie St. Paul's cbuich. New York. BDIIDSALL S AKNICA LINIMENT, FOR BURNS, SORB Throat, Paius au i Acnes?:be b-tt in use. Sold by ali drii^sipts. DR. ROKENHKIMBIt S PATKRT CI RR FOR CORNS AND BUNION*. No. 401 ('?n?l HI reel. Dr. R. opora'.es on hard sad Soft Corns, Cuih N's . Buninns, Nhi.s |'< 11 a'.ng F1 an. Ac. The Doctor h?a the priillei.A to refer to il ni. J. 3. t'litten <len. Prole*.''! r I.lebig, Columbia Col'age; Robert M : rray, UuM"d Stne< Marshal; D. Delavan, t'lty Inapeeior; Coiou- i MeLeod Murphy, and bosisof utb"r>. Hardware, CUTLERY AND GCNO. Roger's A Woat-nholuis Pocket Ku.jri, Ac. Dlxoa's Pnw der Klaska and Sporting Articles; P' reus>ioo t'ai ? and Gua Wadding; Chains, lliM<?and heavy li ud?. WOLVE, D As 11 A KISUliR, IlffrtlWb M Warreu It, JUST THE THING.?PARTIBB i;OING IV TUB goun try tu Kjwiut the summer should take Uwlrjr A Hri'lt'i Portable Col, Lounge and Chair with mem. Sine, wb'a folded. four by au inches sqnar* ami two I' ll long. UfKLElf A BKAl>Y,440 Bioadwaf. Mrs. e. morris, letter WRITER and cm virr. at her : ooms, 733 Ilroadway. *\ riting hour* from 10 A. M. tin 4 P. M. N. H.?To ?lii'h ahe nas add> it shir' making ait"r the moat moderu, imported stylee. Pattern* furnished. ' Marble mantels.?tmk subscriber informs the public: that be ia Mantel*, Ac., cheaper than any wrmn In the business. Those wi-hlng to puicuaee alioitlri cull soon at A. KLWIER'S Marble Yard, ltW East Eighteenth street mltl Third avenue, New York. Notice?if voir wish to sell tour store. House, Lot. Kara, Saloon, Patent Right, or it you want to procure a pariner In any kind of business, you ran accom plish it by catling on M. TERHLNE, AUS Hriadwaf. raoui0, up italra. POSTAGE STAMPS BOUGHT.?PARTIES HAVING postage (tumps to dispone of at a discount can find a cash customer bv addressing a note to llenrr, but 175 Herald of. Ice, stating on what terms the/ will tell. *?^EEK AND YE SHALL FIND"?TH! VERY ARTICLE O lor niMllan*. It i* just the very thing for last men and fast women: Important to the fancy and gay rich to con. temi late. Direct your nam* on an envelope (frith stamp if you wi?h it to rcmc sealed) addressed to iue, and you will receive a circular with particular*. Address 8. D. Hum. pbrey, New York city. That gouraud's Italian medicated soap i?e ?erve* all the popularity it receives ia proved from the fact that it has been be I ore the people these tweuty-tbr-e years past, during which time It has steadily been Increasing Ita ?tabs 100 per cent; it must also be boras la mind t.iat it has had in bear the most Tloleat opposition; counterfeits Imitation*, and low prl ad stnlf have attempted to be foiet-d upon an Intelligent people, and most signally failed. Again, this S'.ap must tint be confounded with ord.uary tore) aoaiie. That I* not It* only recommendation?It has more valuable properties; it not only blenches the darkest and sallowest skin.' a mott boautlful white, but it cure* pnnpies, eruptions, salt rheum, tetter, chaps, chafes, and e? cry other kind of skin deformity. Equally famed il GOl HALO S l'oudre Subtile for uprooting hair from low foreheads, npper lips, or an* p.irt of the body. Alio, Hair Djo, Liquid Rouge, Lily Wiuie and Hair Restorative are found at tli?. GOL RAI'D'a Old Established Depot, 67 Walker street, near Broadwav; 120 Washington street, Bo.ton; Carleton, Lowell; Bllis, Sprlngueld; CaUender, Philadelphia; Hays. Brooklyn, Jtc. VBRliNES' ELECTRO CHEMICAL BATIIS, 119 Koiiiih avenue, attended by Professor YEKGN ES, the Inventor. Olebrated for the ejtractlon of mercury and metallic sui-stance* from the system, and for their auoeesa In diseases peculiar to Isdlis; also for rheumatism, debility, fever, Ac. WORMS, WORMS, WORMS.-TUK ONLY CTJRR rn* this dietreaaitig dlieaaa?Sik oe obtained for $1 by ad* dressing W. B. Mstiuall, Pott office, Brooklyn, N. Y. HEMOTALS. American bank notb company. New Yo*?, May 0,1800. The office* of the American Bank Note Company have been retuov-ed to the second story of the Mercnants' Ex change Building, directly over their former offices. The entrance Is through the mala portico of the building, on Wall street. TVOCTOR WILLIAM SCHIRMER?REMOVED TO 41 XJ Sevulli sire l, near Semud avcuue. Office hours from 7 to V A M., and 0 to 4 P. M. JkOCTOR LEWIS HAS REMOVED FROM 29 ,fAY t street to No. 7 Boach street, between Variok street and eat Broadway. N? OTICE-THK AGENCY FOB THE BALE OF OOOD8 man iiaelured by THR UNION INDIA RUBBER COMPANY will ha removed, on the 1st ot May uett, Iroiu No, 103 Lib erty street to No 11 Park place. ' ' I(Y. G. HADDEN, PiVdilent. New Yoa?, April 19, lwU. RBMOTAL?T. OROSHON HERBIOT, DENTIST, HAS , i?! ?ved hia office from Spring street lo II,s soothfast i ruai of K r e nih street an'l .Seventh avenue, Bnlnnct ! 4V Kcien h sv iiue. ? ARTS. '!'<> PnotOdRAPM ALBUM DhALt if.-DKALfCRK IN I ? i wl' i.u'l l? to thei. a iv.tma? i to oa.l a liUUT ,t Kl > *..'4 Wln:e Hi-pet. 'vUo ?ro I'll lined Wfiirnisb a j i ? np- A1' I'ln ? ? p' lio- 0ty!0 attLe Iowe0lptiue,to I uku thejr laviU the Iraue, **M SALE, rei t ... .i..- l iu til* V.l ill i, J >!?*??. 14i low yq, auaand Ifttfw A Yjtol AND MACHINESHOP IN fi -t: { i'* cost), '.Ol-|gw .in J. * f? HiW > * MICPU lion; machinery tools, naiire-' ?JfSI* iU "aeCf b,,ul UP*IIU C 'iiiplt t' and in ord?r. Wlerns, tugiaen, 4c., ail Ci0"T"W";K ?* WOOD, 82 Nunq ?t reet. A beautiful MICROSCOPE ~~ K?r as f*"ntV(?ih rr) ^ F " of ,1^?*?? TfME8. txwsKtas - tttbllnlieU lor the past iw^niv^va iUT *2'V; T^u b??ines* iween Broadway and the Hu' i1t?n i 0U afreet, be* ?KJu?tt A thb lkasb, Lunch Hniuon, near Liber, v strea^i,^ A1* ?"J AI.L co7. DS!8aa^jg.^.ggAcsr OLD Eg. ?at.slaciory reasons Jveu iVi ? uinSUfc^eaif; '?ntmoderate; fjUl^oi the premises, Broadway and ^?p&Vd tf "plOR HOO?THE STOCK, FIXTURES LKjUR I* T fiJrMss'Wj!j?S &."??" ?* ume and attention. " oU>er business requiring hi* F corner ot ] House, opp'iaite to the ! 'tnoW11 ?? Keho.-'a conuiininy Hilrtv bcdH KnH n i * Hull rc,ad depot, in B pay tLe reiu of Lh i liulnK ? ??"<1 husin?s?. The Uxig. N,wPVoyrk foPbu^e &L0",?' the bent location* m None but principals dealt wirh vt? ??# 0n pea"onahle terms, or deadhead* need apply For' ^wf? "\TV??hl? noagenta on the premises. lurtUer information inquira F^n^^^^^ERYSTOBE, NOW Do! pioprietor wishes to dibp,,^ ?r Vt onl,_''i"cllenl- ?"'? ihe iiav.n^ other business to attend to i.fni ""naequence of ti* Fourth avenue d tJ* AWlf on "??> premises, sssiipps Court street, Brooklyn. J- ^PP1/ 011 premiaee, 30 F?Ho.?f anrKesUtf^Tffi^1?.1180 J?ES8 Must be soi'J; on account of 'the Ueftli of "the ifi^l-ie'nr "V* eason. -ivpn fr- . i?,.T".-" ,0?" years. Satisfy mmeduT?t.? I j5e,"B<- WIU bo sold low. if applied mmedUlcly^ Address Hits P., Brooklyn Foitoflice. ?^L,?t7?E3,9* Tnt, FINEST billiard ROOMS l ? - 'v i located In 4 ?i>sinesa part of th<? i hit is a good opportunity for a sua of Ktfjtfgik - - idAAV A. S1W o . - , ^a sau treat. 1' ?>pI'0?u'cU'?f^*}^h?^OON',1* BROOKLTW, te.rss??^ J^OR SALE?tub STOCK and FIXTUHEH nif I w:M;as? ,m4U ^,ui- Hor/v?ar4 FSR SALE?ON ONE OK THE principal AVEVITP? one of the best Hotel, Lodte sn" Billlart uMUhJ? \ 1' fur,ll"t'?*' and fitted up; old ea. tabilshed .land; will be sold nl a great bargain. ISAAC A. BIUUS, 73 Nassau street. For sale?an oi.d established and hnuo Stationerj, Biok S:ore and Biudery; pleasantly situa iea on the Hudson, ninety miles from K?w York- a resnon slbls person will meet with iilieral teiTns, as the'uroDriet'<> relinquiKhes In coaiequen' e of bad healtL. For parucularl InqLiito or J. R. HOOLE, 1M Natsau street, N. Y. ^ For sale?all kind of business cuancfs such as Oroceries, Saloons, Hotels. Ac.: also all kinda 'n<1 0f "eil1 E?tate%c^annrbu^ v- u- ricHARDSON A C0^8a andj^N.>s.?u ?r?t FOR SALE?a splendid ale house and a cor. ner Liquor s.ore. Uoih will be sold at a *u nhc I or Ca" mfne sfreet1'' U 8?'Dg iDt? 0ll>er bu,lue**- Al'Ply ?? 01 For sale?cheap for cash, the old vsn* ?** Va,le-v *"orV! R *tauranl and Oyster .saloon, .'iUX Thiriy^venth street. Reaaons lor If aS'nf?127k ? r business and cannot attend to It. Apply on the prsmiaos, or at 2^5 Washington street. Ii'OR SALE?ONE OF THE BEST LOCATED PHOTO. gi)iph Galleries in the Bowery, up but one (light of alaira ?'ld SS?. S * g??d bu*'"e"- Adoreg* A. W-X^ LU liZ CIORSALE-THE LEASE AND fixtures OF nvpT^i w!iy, Sudds' :'r(.lllcUP^^t^^",; r n business. Apply at 77 Ceda^rei^ lt^?"^.t0 ,tartln F?^rAd^-^VnA^,J^T' WITH LUNCH COI-n: sold un iibfral ier iih. Pric?*$M>J locauon; will be IRI.I.A N I), HINOKLRV A CO., C3 Kmmm .tree,. F?u n ai;k-t,,e apparatus, lease and ooon X W iU of tha Photographic Gaiierv ut t&i Hr i doing anetce'lent oash businasa. * 681 15ruil<iwa)'? Ai'i'Iy to P. ZKciLIO, 12 Cenire s.reet, rtD'* C,,KfA,,-?ARE CHANCE?HAL F^AS IJ Z. FOR SALE?OR WILL TAKE A PARTNER IV iivp of thf U .t down town ililliiird and Drinking Sa oon^ .u p";;/5 ? dw"? ?' tooi?s?z?\ ' S A. Bloqs, 73 Nassau street. ITIOR SALE, OK a PARTNER W ILL BE TAKEN?THE! J? L'nilcrtl.tT Hotel, at High BriU?>\ Thousands visit t o Bit e ? ally. A ?pl( uiliil chance to make money. Apply oQ e preoit?ee or t<> ISAAC A. III (it iS, 73 Nu-g.ui itrrrL Hotel fob sale ?the i-kescott hotel, no. m E<?i Houston street, near Broadway, for t*ale on re.i ?onablc tartae; It is furnished completely throughout. In In p i ,!?. t. r.lei, and nearly full of Doardera. Apply on tlie pr-m Hotel, no. 12 pulton street, Brooklyn, op mtn Pulton fi rry?Lease, Pnrtitanud Klituree fur aal-'i tho leant- hat three reira to run. The houm la now iliHUfi a pa>lng butlueia. Nune nqpd api'ly t>utcash cutto* mets. For'p?rtlcu;ani api ly on the premises. LAMP STORE FnR SALE?WITH A SMALL, NEWLY eelei ted stock, ami t>entl)r fitted up and eight large 40 gallon c.tun, with ereiyth ng complete to curry on th" buai n< aa, wholesale and retail; alto Horse, Hsrneas, Wagon ami Cans, with a rery larga ouie; will l>e aold cheap on accouut of si< knesa. Apply tula ,Ujr at 'M Elm street. Meat, veuetable and fish market for sale.? A good c ?n a to a pat ty of am.til means, a? It tn it! l>e .old HA UN Kh, Ml Thud arenne, between Thirty* seventh and i'biur-eighth tireeU. VTBW IIAVEN HOTEL FOR SALE-CORNER OF 1^1 Twenty seventh street and Fourth avenue, opposite thy New Haven and UarRtti depot. For particular* ln.(uiro on the premlvea. J- WOOD.^ SHOW CAR* FOR SALE -THE BEAUTIFl'L CAfl? which Mr. 8. Cahill exhibited tola atoefc of hoots and ?lioes hi at the Ciyatal Pals- n, will now be sold lesa u.un the a ret oust. To be seen at 6.7 Broadway. TO butcher* -FOR HALE, A STALL IN THE AT. lamia niu kci. ?'-ookivu, no* loin* a good mininma. Inquire oi K. O'BklEX, C'eik of the market, J9I ri'Rl HAHB ONE LOOK I Nil <11 ASH, ?pl I O Sllv- tin ? Tai l-. i'?M'7?l inches; >73 Iron Wrlghte, lt> i o jtid" ?a< 'i j on. lafyt c uiiag Tattle, twn an lata I)ry? lug Tablet. nn>! all apj u' I'-naneea fur to tatting and ailvet lug plate glaaa For particulars inquire at 88 Maaaau street, tor* n r of John, up ataira, room lb PKMTHTET. ? Artificial tketii -bbai tiful Vets on pi kr ?liver, only 855 or on Itae (eld and plauna, 828; and wat rautej equal to any work la New Tent. Single teeth, ?1. Tr?th filled and eitraeteB without the least |?io, an4 iw rfertly harmlest. tj. n tine bone niitmr. ortly M OOl f 1VJ diith avenue, between Tenth and K>ver*J, ?? m?'.rfcR. Dentin. ARTIFICIAL BONE FIX-I P1FTY CENTS?I'CR J.X.I h?-edof J at. 1 ?-TVii, H road "ay. before be remove<| to Europe, present rtaid. tiee. Also euperlor Bone Filling While. eipretov for me by Dr ChOtoa. OIBie rormerlv nP Broadway and Oreat Jone. Mreet r> m?red t > No. 104 East Twenty-sec md it Dr. Lt'TIIKR, Dentist, (twenty yeara > Artificial beaitikcl patent ocmottpb Teeth.?Prices unpreoedsuled. Stiver tela, 18; Rnb> er# $li; Hold, $!W. Dentl'tiy guaranteed. Filling and eitraiCtlnc teeth without pain. National Dental Gallery, Blith a venue, corner of Twenty-eacoud street; established In llVMl; lira premluiaaawarded. Dr. MANSON, De ntlet. Having had two extracted wr-rirour paw, by Dr. J. JAY \ ILLKRS, 1M Orand aH*et,two blocks from Rtoadway. I take areat pleasure in ina> r lug thit, ala recommendation to peiaoi" amlerlnr irom tooth ache. Miti KATE HEILLY,' New York flf MUNICIPAL AFFAIRS. CORPORATION NOTICK.-THE c'oMXITTEE Off Priitlngand Advertising of the Board of Aldermeak met yemer.lay and racelved repllra to their Inters'(atories. from tin following paper*, vli ?Herald, Bun. Commertlal Advertlwr, Tribune, Timet, New Yorker Staata /.eitimg. Sunday Mercury, Irish Amern an, New Ybrk Leader, Dalijr Trantcrlji . R* pi t from some of the altove papers not Le lrtft n coinjianlod by an artlilavlt, ?n<l many to *?"? notloen iis'l been lent not harlnj replied, the Committee adjonrtieil to meet Ii.a u on Frltlar, the 9th Instant, at two o'clock P. M.,laruu,No 8,C..yfta.l. A_ >( JAMES REED, HI5NKY SMITH, WM. WAL^U. ?IOHN C BRADT, rpHE COMMITTBB ?iN AHHESSMBNTf* OF Tim BOARD I of A!4ermed w.ll meet on Momiay, tlie 1-th ln?l.,al I ,rfl? o'lHotk P. M , In roam No. 8, City llall. A.I partitt in. . tied, will pitaso it'end, wfhout fifrUn mo iV^SbnJi ^ <'??"???" ? JOHN B. BKADT, '

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