Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 9, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 9, 1862 Page 7
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8AJ.KH OF RR.Ui BSTATK, A PLBAKAST PLACK FOB SALE. IN MSA CANAAN, .l\ Oouu.?limine, Liar a, Jr., uew, with two luea, fruit lieoe, Uuf garden ?nd t ao we. is tcautilul location; < i?, .u??u Hi-res adjoining If w lite' l'ric. Call hi uutnu imuk, 1 Mi Fulton n r> Kr utl\ n. ? A T WEST OltANCK?for HALE, A NfcW AND TASTY .^.Y II ???idepce, with abo'it on* u- o niii'Iv imp ovc 1; cou vci.ient t ripu ?; a-id wit in.,, oi tun eiiy. Apply iu J. W. NIIKl'U ?N. 3ii; bov.vry, oo. nt-r F.nulh street. A LA1M1E, MAUNIPIOI'.NT RKSIDKMCB. NEAR THE Clt> l> I C', .1 linn, 1 . .1. 1 lOCatlOlt, iTI'Ull Is tn-jutv 11gmm,f ; luvn, fret' n ? I ? h.i tc tre-?. shrub Ii' ry, Cut. ? r., ,> c, i mli very i . y, or exctiaa*e for city |<rui?r . liberal! i tsOPTHWICK A WOOD *! Nassau street. A MOB TWO STORY AND ATTIC HOUSE, v. . U I o c?u"!, to rent oi for sale. It h .a ;as and mb <t aud line ya:d, ana ia iu go a older CH AS E Mil.1.9, Si Cedar struct. A GREAT SACRIFICE ? F01'. SALE. ORRENT, A FIRST olaaa lour story biovvu atone lloue, with or w.tliout Furniture. Ii is f .11 w;dth,viell I cuon ani Una n.l un IP'uvetncula. Furnlti re very handsome. ami us pool ?>? n w. CHARLES B. MILLS,210JduatraeL BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY RE- MM". K FOR SALE OR e?c] fori l; property, West M 'rilsania, Welches teroounty, inree mlti'uiea'walk from Mulros depot, nine mill's from City Hull, one. mile from double House, tilled in with brick, ile l^Utuil situation, h i iety bi'ioct, ties qinrtei> oi nu aero of ground, ^.'oil stocked with a choice v .rlily of fruit, trues : ltd iraji. vim s, fine shade tri es, vi ge table mid flower aardeti ~t: ite.'ully cultivated. Apply ;o John KEYS, loi and 103Suffolk street, from i to 11'. 51 COTTAGE FOB SALE ?IN EI.TONA. W.-.STCIIESTER C 'U ty, eigb* minutes' walk from depot; the ho is Is In splendid oi dor and the (.'rounds ban !?o nely laid out, with wleaty of choioe fruit and .shrubbery. Apply to J. B. HAR RIOT, 17 Warren place, Charles street. CHEAP PROPERTY?AT WEST HOBOKEN, FOR $10 QUO, 14 acres of land, two good houses, carriage liousu, plenty of ' otiug truit. iu the midst of great Improve menu, thirty ininut' .walk trom the ierry; 94,000 cash; 96,000 can remain on mortsage for throo years. Apply to 'JIIOS. T. STORM. 2V3 West Thirteenth street. CiountRy seat on iiudbon rivkr-to ex J chatt e, wiih Furniture and Stock, fur oily properly, i;n lucumbercd. Improvements cost $3 ),000. Splendid ijrapery. orchards of finest fruits; extensh e front on the river; liours fiom city. Address I). D , station E Post oilice. TPirTV ACRES OF FINE LAND, CHEAP FOR J; cash, or exchanged for i>iano or furniture; two ?valuable Putents lor sale, or ejtchatiK? for property; a siice Yacht to exchange for a piano ot i-ariiage. Money to toau on mortgage. TIMPSON A BACKER, 8ft Nassau St. TJIOB SALE-CUEAH rOR CASH, 76 ELIGIBLE BUILD J? ids i.ots in the Seven h ward, llri oltlyn, nesrMyrtlc ave nue. Apply to J. HUl'CJllNSON, No. 3 Bowling green, New York. IpOR HALR-A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SB AT, AT OR itiise. N. J. Ho.:se, stable, carr.s.'e kouse and tenpin niley. The house lias wiitor, rhs and all uiod"rn improve ments; leu t'i fl .tv acres of ground. (.or particulars inquire ?jf J. 1'. KLINE, No. l'JS Fultun street, up stairs. FOB 8ALE?FARMS, CITY AND COUNTRY RKSI denccs; some for rxcliauge; also all kindsoi Buiiaess Channns, procuring 1'ai tiierx, ?elUn<Oruceties. Saloons, Ac., ?ud all op rations dom in an oSlcc of t'.ns rla?s. F. D. RICHARDSON A CO., 62 and 94 Naesau street. For sale-or exchanoe for real estate or personal properly, a new and valuable Pair :t; also *' Scholarships" In Troy University; also a sma.l iravelling ?xlil?itiim to let, or a jil caeap lor cash. Apply at 77 Cedar ? i?-t, No. 20. For sale?a house, touethbr with five acres oi cultivated Land, on whlrh are a number of tfrult, shade trees, Ac-tJivuled near Keyport, N. J. For par ticulars inquire of (JEO. W. RAY, Mok UrOAdwcy: or \V. XI. McALl'IN, 73 Catharine street. I^OR SALE?AT A GREAT SACRIFICB AS THE OWN JL er Is goiug to Europe, a beautiful Building Site, 90 by ??feet, fronting on Mount Pleasant avenue aud Broad ?Irent, Newark, N. J. Apply to W. LONEY, 64 Fourth atreet, Williamsburg, N. Y. SaLE?OR EXCHANGE FOR A FARM OR GOOD J Western lands or city lots, some of those beautiful four -?tory brown stone Hou?. s. north si leof Forty-seventh street, between Ninth and Tenth aveuue*; hl^h [sto.ips, stone rails, bath, hot and cold water, otc. Apply to S. W. CRQNE-er R. PELTON, 150 West Fifty-third street. FOR SALE CHEAP?ON THE NORTHWEST CORNER of Lexington avenue and Thirty-ninth street, one four story House, with all the modern Improvements. Also out At 91 Thirty-ninth street, built iu the best manner. Inquire ou the premises. Farm cheap?or thirty six acres, near Nortliport, L. I.; grot loam soil and level, well fen ed, wood, water and fruit; one and a half story house, seven rooms; barn, carriage house, crib, Ac. Must be sold. R. BLAKB. 14 Chambers street. TTK>R SALB CHEAP?A CORNER HOUSE ON ONB OF JF the leading avenues. Also a large live story House for ?ale cheap; a Farm of 60 acnes lor sale or oxchsnge, aud one of 6ft acres. Apply to P. ZEGLIO, 12 Centru street. FOR SALB OR BXCHANOE?A PROPERTY, KNOWN as the Crom .vell Manufacturing Company, at Crom well. Conn., consisting of factories, foundry and dwellings, together with all the machinery belonging thereto, contain ing fourteen acres of ground, including toe reservoir of six acres; also a grant irotn the Common wealth of Connecticut Xor the exclusive use of water, with many otUervaluable ad vantage*; this entire property will be sold on liberal tenns, or, if desirable, property In this city or suburbs u ollerad; some money will be given in exchange. For further in formation applica'ion may be made to DYE A CURTIS, 606 Sixth avenue, N. Y. Fok hale or bxchange-a highly cultivat. ?<1 Farm, 70 acre*, nt-ar Murristown, New Jersey Alio one of 87 end one of 93 acrs* on Hiiilion River Railroad. Rensselaer county, N. Y. For particular! apply to VAN WINKLE k W1BAN8. 14 fine itreet. FOB SALB OB RBNT?WITH PRIVILEGE OF PUB. chasing, a flne Country Residence, with two acres of land in lawn, garden and fruit, beautifully situated tn the moat desirable portion of Sa? Harbor, Lang Island, tan minutes' walk from steamboat landing; position elevated, with extended land and water views. House two story, with, wingon each side; wide ball, plazia with massive co lumns, containing ten large, haurtsomely finished rooms; bssemen' and collar under all ; churches, schools snd stores close st hand. Terms accommodating. Apply to MINOR 6 BOMBRVILLE, 37 Nassau street Fob salb ob bxchanob fob city property? The beautiful Country Residence of Utc late James Conner, in Westchester county, on the road loading irotn Westchester to Eastcheoter, three-fourths of a mile from '.be steamboat landing, and one sud a half mile from Wllliaais br dgs dciThe properly consists? 1st. Of a line stone Mansion House, with tarfe Barn and Outhouses, 37 acres ot Land, eioellent Garden, Orchard, with fruit and omameulal trees, and shrubbery and grapes in great abundance. 3d. Of a large plain Home, and It acre* adjoining, con taining a great number of fruit trees. 3d. Or a new House and Barn and U acres adjoining. A vary desirable residence. Ten aorss ground may be had with either lots 3 or 9. 4th. Of two parcels of ground on the weet stce of the road, opposite Mansion House, containing about 40 acres, with a gardener's house* a fine stream of water running through it, ?nd about two acres of woodland. Apply to BENEDICT A CUIT. Si fin* street. Fob sale or exchanob <not much monbt wanted)?A three story woodeu House and Lot. built ezpresslr for a bakery; good well of water and stable fora liorse; In the thriving vutajc of Gotten nurg, N. J., opposite Seventieth etreet, N?w York. For forth r particulars auply to8qutreDW YER, near the premises'or at 37 West Tw?aty. first street. New Turk. For salb ob to let?three first class three Mory brown stone Houses on Fifty-secoud street, adjoining tin: new Methodist church, corner of Lexington avenue. App y to PICKENS A CA.SI.EY. on the premises. Fob exohangb-two first class brown Htone Houses In East Fiftieth street, four stories bl^h, blub stoop, nrst clsfs neighborhood, for good Tenement Pro perty. Lots or son 1 Country Seat. Apply to 8. li. 8., 2(o. ? Eric Buildings, Dunne street. GLBN WOOD CASTLE FOB SALE -ALL THE LUXURY of a city and country plat e t onibined. A very desirable Situation for any gentleman duln? business in the city. This Jsa stone'enttle, all cover d with ivy, close by a Burgling brook mouldering over Its pebbly bottom; there U the pureat spring water, a flah pond, splendid shade trees; a garden on ?urpeased, all planted with choloo vegetables, chole e fruits end berries of all klnda; a tine stuble and cistern. This pro perty of sbout two acres i? ail ui ted In Westchester county, a little *a?t of the o d Boston load, above the stone church, about fifteen minutes' walk from the old Harlem bridge. Apply to CHARLES LEACH, on tho premises. ?OUSE FOR SALE AT A BARGAIN, IN BROOK lyn.?A n?w three story brick House, with the modern Improvements, situate on Uol.l street, near Willoughbv, will tie sold for fJ.SOO, worth ftf.AOO; lot 2fttl00; possession imme diately. Address C. E. F., Her.iM office. Lots wanted-for cash, immediately, Lo cated between Twentieth and Fiftieth streeta shd Lex ington and Kit tii avenues, SOilOO deep, or a corner, or 10Ui7# in the block, to build five rlrst class dwellings upon. I'RICB A THOMAS, 670 Broadway. Hc Port Richmond, ? statin island.-neat story Oottaoe, Cat rtngu llouie, lartto tine yard, abun dance of fruit. an?de tree*. Ac., for sale or eichmge for me tiium url :)d New York, Hro, k ? n or Jersey city house. W. P. SKY.MOf K, 79 Cedar street. Ten ok the most desirable ri'Iudino i.ots in Jeraev City for sale or ex 'hanse, at panic prices, ?misted b*tw>" n the two ferrb-s. Very Tittle colli required. Apply at 191 Sooth Sli'h street, Jersey City, on the pre mises, or at 3D Pond street, N. Y. VALUABLE LOTS K?R HALE OK TO LBT ON sroi nd rent-To- eoltage site, or lor maniifArtnHog pup s< s, lhmtingon theioiiowin* street* in I h isd< p a ? PBaeotid ?? m ., Hsncock atreet, Clintva strse , Ilowinl street, Jrotu sir ol, IMImore *tt et, wetmo ela id street, CleaiGeld s imi, Ir diariA ? 1 Oiit?ny mviv.hs. From iuo icet to SOD ie?t f row '>y I leet 10 m i?ei deep. Apply to JOSfcl'll K. MARCER, ' ? . Attorney at Law, t 4? Walnut sliest. Philadelphia. k WAlSTK?, TO p' "^"ASE-llN Tins CITY "or f I B oiiklyit (re'Peetah.y i,v ateuj a throe stoty House, worth a ? U $10. so in earlwt^e .?r a (mailer House iu the t 2Jiy, A "Wise end Bridgeport, Conn., Baak Stock, e Fai r# 01 oHirr valiwbls pr--lie _i- ?? s. 11 SURD, MCIiainber* street Wanted to h:r< ha^e in t tr r: oo'i'nthV-a small House an ! sbo toi e .. i soi Ground und' r auK tlvntion and well stmwitli Iron, within one hour o! New fork.Bcrtien. N J, preferred; fltillftsted laod aniSuit more desirable tlisn u nt- K i ItiuPrice t'roui II Jim [a g.',"00, ? fish paym nt < f >?<) andfltVp' r e*oiito thereaf ter mi paid f jr. Add re M l'ui> liasnr, ileraid offli.-, nntl -JKKI :ai. IMRK LOT TO EXCHANGE <Tu."vIf, fora ? a.l t i.ttnge, with garden, in B.ook. lyu or Herlrm. At .i.< M H., but l:< Herald oilcs. il?/d nAlt fOB A GltAlN AND rRCIT FARM OP 74 a< ri'S, Willi Slf.cs, Crop* *o I K-nnil ire; Mod bulldiltgi; Sdtnlles oa Istsnd, Jet it. v:?ii ' "orcircular in '.he air pressure ch no Morn, MCnrtla i tl i el, New \or*. W \i lltliTOii, { niiiiTAHr. , trETERAN 0OBl"; (> 1*1 J,?AN AD.IOI.'RN :i? M?t.NTil. v ly to-eiirg of th, < orps ? I e . St tin M reriloi.s,, 1 IMS (Krldsyi Hvenltis M?r 9 at i}% u cluck. I' ltMluAl s.leu. tlanus is r out sud. By or'i it, | A "RM OAiJ.T, f i'.oacU M. f urr?, AuiUtenV. IIORSBS. CARRIAGE*, &C. A' HEW THINO. MiNEB* tiTKVKK . M.n.u.'tuier of hint i lass Carriagea, 71.71 aau ,0 W.itkeratntrt, i'h-i (loot ea.?i "I Hroadway, !?>' using on all ibeircarria^.'- .tUu roa I ?a*o..x the Patent Malleable Owofed Ax I b->x, wl i li r.niiN tl.e vehicle U) run much iicl ITUiu thou'' laahion castIfUfl box. AriNB PAIR OK PONY BULT MORGAN HOUSES lar .il;?16 h.tti is high, with U?,; talis, beuutt- u' o rivers, per (. i I I v i.i,;ll ail'i ut!i . AUi a Splendid nll|1u Hont, t ? per 'ic harn.'as i' aa Id. ? l.i *r, wi li a double set of iglit Hh-.ii'M, top IVagou, bolt) auit alia'1-*. Aiao a Trolling v> . ,oii. All will sold ut a vei y modurat price. Ai ply at 60 W? h; Thirtie ii ?irecli A??'LKH!'II> KAY MAI'B FIFTEEN AMD A HALF1 ha v .s ii. ;h. ra i* 1 i'u I. >uk I tan , and worth $'200, wtil 0 aoi J for $i^5 if called for within two day*. Apply al the livtry sta le, K..ty-?^uond aired, between !j?. ^n.l and Third a.enuea. Any person having a pair of horses por win rh iio lies do uh for two u.oiUIim, ami which re quire Ine Uai ol c.uv aiid attention, the advertiser would ln;i* ID ma' ? an arrar ;jrntetit to keep lliein lor the roocaaion ai uiti before it 11.hi wagou, on Sluteu Island. Addrcaa Horses, 11 i*iaid oil;*#. Auction sale op carriagbs ok all descrip llona, ou Sj urdaj", Dirty lit at 11 o'tUook, at ilie New York Ta.lerialls, eorne. ot .Sixth avenue *?d Thirty-ninth ?tree!. Sale peremptory. Si-u auction head. I>lack house for sale?one ok the hand ) so.nesion Ci n rai Park, 1 Dii hands hi^li, 1 years old, warrants! perfectly souud ami kind a'id rati trot In 2:46; prii'a tfi'iiJ. Inquire for John, at Underbill and Fleet's lively stalile, Lalsvulta placw. /1ARRIAGE3. HOUSES AND HARNESS KOR SALE?AT VJ the Brookiyu (Ivin^a county) Manufactory and Ware RiOnn. Toe moat approved and taahionable. Kpring atylei of Carriages, Bretts, rlia- tons, Oal ( hes, Top and Open Uug (tea, (iermaniowu mid other Bockaivays, Grocers' and lin slucs* VVa.onr, Dvpo! anil Hotel Carriages, and second baud Carriages and Wagons of all kinds; also lloraea, Harness and Saddlery. 10 Nevms slr.jel and 1S4 Pulton avenue. (1ART HORSE WANTED-ABOUT 1# HANDS HIGH ; J one that will stau t without lyiai; ; priue about $100. Call at Troy steamboat oilier, pier 10 North river. Double set of elegant light harness and a two-third sent trotting Wa^m, ? ilth pole and shafts, made I y D. J. Duaenbury, in Hue orderr, lor .-ale al s.ables St Wi at Thirteenth street Price ?190; cost $21)6. Inob sale-a fink bay coupe horse, is hands . high, i-tyllah and prompt driter. S >lu lor want of uae. Inquire of A. MuBltiDE. "Ml K.nt Fifteenth itreet. B^OR SALE?A TRUSTER SORREL M ARB, SOUND AND kind in every reaped; a saddle biatt.^ud not aur pusaeil in harneaa. Ap|ny at TU HN'J itii'.S Bldliia A' adetur, corner of Twenty-aiktii aireet and Sixth avenue, tor Mr. B.'a mare. IpOK SALE ?Jl'S'f ,\RRIVJF.D FROM CANADA EAST, fifti.en j,ood yo iii? Hor n s, which will bo soi l cneap for ca-ih or exrhati",ed. Aiau a Farm to exchr.titte Apply at th? corner of Fourteenth atrnet and Tea'h av. noe, iear nf wood yard. HUUli LAHiiRY. ?>OR SALE?THE TROTTINO MARE LADY POST. She U a Tom Tliurno colt., 15han ia bii(b, sound and gentle, and-au trot 1U0 miles in fit hours. Ia at Oakley's stable, Hobo ken N. J., near the ferry. f>OH SALE?A LIGHT BOCKAWAY CARRIAUE, IN very goo 1 order for Immediate use; accommo tales sis person^ In ludln? the coachman; very comfortahlc foi wiu ti-r :S , buviiix moveabl' iron! j.artiuona and heavy inside linings. Can ue sceu at Johtisoa's livery stable, 16 Pearl street, near the Battery. Price IPOK SALE-A BAY MARE, 15 >4 HANDS IIIOH, 7 YEABS 1 old this Hpriiu. warranted sound and kiud in harneaa and under the saddle; it would b* hard to match her lor en durance and beauty of moveintnts; can be seen at Philip Cleary's stables, in Eighteenth street, near Broa Iwsy. Also for Male, a C?naHan Pony, 14 hands hi^li, a first ralu animal. The owner can be seen at *2 East Seventeenth street. For sale-a horse, waoon and harness, suitable for any light business. Apply at JOHN BALDWIN 8, Gran 1 street, Wiliiatnaburg, FOR SALE-SIX SEAT COACH (R0CKAWA7), AT nearly ball iu cost; been used but ten times: built by Dunu, to order, with high w! eels. Will be sold at Auction at Taitei <<aH s, Sixth aveuue and Thirty-nintb street, on Satur day, Msy 10, at 12 o'clock, if not before at private aale. FOR SALE?a superior BLOODED MARE, DARK bay, 15,!, bands high, 8 years old. loug tail, kind lu har ness and under the saddle, and can trot fast for an untrained horse; warranted in every respect. Price $400. Inquire of A. J. Tompkins, at the stable, Fourth avenue and Thirty second street, or at U Cortlaudt street. For sale-a bay colt, 104 hands hioh. can trot fa at aud stvllsh. Warranted sound and kind. Can be seen at No. 43 Charles suvet. IilOR SALE-FOUR 8INOLE HORSES, OOOD FOR saddle Or wagoa; one large Horse, one pair bay Horses, I6)i binds high, very stylish anil good travellers. All to be ?oiu cheap, at 35 am 37 WestTwen.y-ninth street. For sale-a lono island bred horse, just in Irom Suffolk county, bright bay, six years old, about 15>4 hands high, kind and gentle in all harness, and can trot in three minutes or belter to a wagon. Can be seen at Cartl A Lewis' stable, 34 Fulton street, Brooklyn. For salb-a beautiful black saddle horsb; has been ridden by lady nearly a year; perfectly gen tle, sound and kiud in all liaruess; six years old, 15!* hands. Will be sold for one third less than bis value. Any trial will be given Call at 34J Cherry aireet. For sale-a single seated light rockaway, for one horse; will be sold very cheap, as the owner has no further uae for it. Apply at 200 Eaat Ninth street, butweed Second and Third avenues. For sale-fifteen of thb finest horses that have bean In market this season, comprising match ed pairs, ooupe, road and saddle Horses; some Tery fast trot ters. The above are the balance of twenty-four that came In from Livingston eounty ten days ago, aud will be offered at low figurea to oloee safes. Buyers will do well to call and examine them, as many of them are the premium animala of the Stale. Can be seen at Metropolitan Stable*, corner of Prince, and Crosby streets. LEWIS, Owner. IpOR SALE OR BXCHJLNUB?TWELYE YOUNO ' Horses, just from Canada Wait, 14 to 17 bands high, four to s?ven years old; one matched team of Orays, one Mare, with Colt; all sound and kind. Iunuire In the blaolumiih'a Shop, 120 Norfolk street. Horses for salb -bbvbn vbry fine fancy Horsee; one black, IS hands blah, short tall; two ?lugle bay horses, 1SK hands htah. abort tails, very stylish; one Ions tail bay, 16 bands high: one dapple brown, very Dice, It hands: one very nice Saddle Horse. Can be seen al No 10 Love lane, Brooklyn. Horses.?just arrived prom vermost jsfine ytmug Horses of all qualities. For sale at private aale the NewYork Tatiersalla. Also 10 very One last road Horses. JUST ARRIVED AT THE METROPOLITAN STABLES, corner of Priuee and Crosby streets, one of the Quest oou|.a horses that baa bean la market in Ave years; also a very nae Black Hawk Mare, by Philip Alien; is flvs yeara old, itands ISJt biads, color dark brown, long, beautiful tail, and for style and beauty In harness or under the saddle la not surpassed by aay animal for sale In lh<! city; Is perfectly Kin, aad can trot very cloae to thres uiluutee. Will be sola LEWI8. Owner. LOUIS BRANDT, VETERINA.IV jJUKGKON, NO Si lut Twenty fourth street, bit..een Lexlngiun and Tulrd avenues.?By a practice of mon (ban tliirty years In iilfferint countries ami clliuaie*. llifi ndci signed baa been enabled to become tlmrou>ii>ly acqa it- ted with ihe different dlat-a?ca lo which homes air n.ilijecl, b ?ving paid special a' t-ntMn to coflln joint lameness or ontr actum of the hoof, which he has cured In .-v >"?so without leaving any external mark*. Medical advi ?? vi\<n to purchaser* only, auil nol 10 teller*. Iugursblu uuca will be eiam'.neJ free or cbarge If brought to 111, oiHre All other domestic animals and birds attended to. OHlce >10 .r? trom 10 A. M. to I P. H. LOUIS ItRA.VliT, a Hhnr o '.e "Infallible Guide to Dia eowr (he Agei of Iliirat a. ' VIKW CABMAOK, hah. ESS and SADI'LE re. J_\ poeltory ?A l.irg* aaaortment of tiatrlsgea, Co > pes, Br-tts. 1'hietoi'*. Boi'*aw.~ys, Top and Op?u Buggl ?. Bust iiesa huu Depot Wagons, llariv js. ladiea' and gen b i.i-n'l Buddies, Bridles, Martingales, Whips, 4c., for nale at Umad way, coruer of Foriy-serenth street, and Seventii avenue, corner of Forty-aevinth sue?t. NEW AND SECOND HAND light waoon. also it new Cemrai hirk Photon, for Ml* at Mo. St West Twenty fifth street. PUBLIC SALE OK HORDES AND MULES BELONG tng to the United States.?Office of Assistant Quarter master, Perrrvlile, Md.. April 30, 1868.?Will be sold at pub lic auction, at Perryville, M*iyland, on Tuesday, May 13, 1-^2, at 12 o'clock M , tne following oend-maed property belonging to the Unite: iiatee, vlg:? 172 Ilorees. ? Mares with foal. u - St Mules. Tenus?Cash, In ooln, or United States notes. SYMMES GARDNER, Captain and Assistant Quartermaster United States Army. PONIES. PONTES, PONIES, OF ALL SIZES, FOR snle, at war price!, at Forty second street, between Filth and Suili avenues. GBO. BKONSON. CTALLIOX FOR SALE-CHBAP. 11 HANDS, YOl!N(l, O sound and kind; a batulamne Lorse. Apply at tAc Cor ner of Bleccher and Crosby sts. SECOND HAND LIGHT EXPKE8H WAOON FOB SALE cheap. BAKER A SMITH, 143 Centre street. SIT. LAW REM E STALLION TO BXCnANGE-FORA J well u a a, light grocery Wagon, he Is a very haiidsonin and desirable animal. Apply to J. R. THOMSON, S72 Buwerr. SADDLE MARK FOR 8ALE-IS ABOUT FIFTEEN iiaiiils tilgu, dork bay, with black legs, gentle, sound and well tralnea; eight years old. Can be aeen at Dlslirow'a Riding B' hool. corner of Fifth avenue and Thirty-ninth (treat. Saddles.?wanted, two or thrbb sbcond hand side Saddles Apply to J. (Hartley, IU and 314 ?roadway. Truce wanted-with four wheels and aprlngs suitable tnrcarrylng heavy freight for railroad, rail on or addreta, with price and full partirulars, George EleeV'er, freight ai?ent at James' slip ferry. IXTANTBO-A LADY 3 SADDLB HORSE; MUST RB TT vi r. g> ntle, kind, sound and thoroughly broken to slnUe and double harness. Any person having an animal of I he ?l>oi* description nan llnU a purchaser, at a fair prion, tj.'Inquiring at wood's livery stable, M and 71 Mouth 811th street, Williamsburg. WASTED--A roNY, MX TO 15 HANDS HIGH, OVBR seven years old. Must be gentle, kind, 10 a ml and well broken to lunula harness aud the saddle ; one having been used by Indies or child id 11 preferred. Address bok 89 l'ost ?iilce, stating pi we and where to be seen. ?\]U ANiKU TO PURCHAHB?A FAMILY HORSB, ?T sound and kind. Address bot I,24S l'oet office, giving description and prior, which must be tow. "tA'ANTED TO purchase?A LIGHT TWO SEATED v? Bo kaway AddixssH AW, 71 Gold ftr-et. N. Y., cni.ig 'lew ri id ion and pjioe. Also tor sale, a light Business Waym, nuiily n?w. til "in Wir.Tj BUT AN EXPRESS WAGON, SIGNS, ?ipl'./u M.tes. .li- ; a iayin; steamboat rottte 1 in. Ap| ly luornitiea to PARRINGTON, lit WeM street. UVIXIMTI A1VD AUJU.rrS. j \Rapnehs, disc 11 a RGBs from tub kakj, 1/ RUn-lna**, Cliruiiie lartauimatiou, and all dMeasen ?i tlin eye snJ 1 ar, * so nervous tflTm ilnn? sml itsrrh, the he <|'i??ll cause ?r de mot, C^rrd by l>i. ijluMi Coutulta tlda '(in!, pen.).'.*,!/ oi t)i It-Al l. 'A!J Ur jaUttej, WiAMnAL. TS? T **"> navV I'A* omou. J\ 4rN*"f f?? fcr ilwM|r| tad dli tiir|4d oflloers of Army mil Mary. Prise Muuoy, Bouut/ Money, ?c. _ JOK'N Bt- M UBttAY, Army aa) Navy A inker. ?i'J Namaii ? reav ? -rk, opposite the Hunt olli e. AliUt Si' UMLMOK? a OW.. BAN K'Kil.S, NO. SO WALL st , ixcue 1 u .? of credit to travellers, available in all parts of the world throng* Messrs. Boihscbtld, 'if Paris, Lou duii, Krsuklort, Vienna, N >p eg. a d tueir . or. ti.fioodenu, Atuiorknd si-rbist, thrke djoih west of 11: aaaw.ty?Mi'uej iUitac? I od Waicnog, UUnxAdtf, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Uuod,, and peraonni property of every d Ascription, or bought and sold by JOHKPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. A ME It 10 AN 001.11 AND SILVER, 7 30 UNITED J\. Stales Trrn?urv notes, and the iirat issue of Demaud notes, bought and sold ut the b? l rates by *. f. JAMKS X CO.. 45 Wail street. TNTERRST ON CITY OF CHICAGO MUNICIPAL, X Water aad Sewerage bonds, dun in New York July 1 next, * ill be paid at any time alter io>day, on the prescnia* lion of the eonpoiis at my otlloe in Chicago, or will be paid as heretofore, on July 1 in Now York. 8AM L DU 1'AL. Cnicauo, April. 1362. City Comptroller. LA 0BO898 AND MILWAUKEE RAILltOAD LAND (Irani Bonds, nut assented, will be purchased by the un.ler.'lftnt d until the 15th of this month, after which time they w II bo entitled to ouly a nominal dividend from the sale of the road. C. ALLADIOB, 53 Wall street. PROl'OS.lLS FOR $25(>.0U0 OF " TUB NEW YORK Cuuuly Court llutisj Stock."?Sealed proposals will he received at the Co'nuirollei'? olliee, uutll Saturday, May 17, IH62, until 2 u elook P. M., when the same will be publicly opened, lor the ? hole or any part of the sum of two hundred and lilkv t'lousiind dollars or "The New York County Court Huuse Slu k," authorized by chapter 107of the law* of 1842, and by an ordinance of the Board of Supervisors, approved by the Mavor, April 18, 1862. The iaid s:uck is to provide meant to pay for the land so nulled lor a now Court House, and to erect such Court House tuereon. It will bear interest at tha rate of six per oent per annum, i?vab'e half yearly, on the lint days of May and November, ati l the principal will be redeemable In suowgsive annual instalments of one hundred thaaaand dol lars each, commencing with the Oral day ef November, A. D., SRTftb ? The proposals will state the amount of atoek desired, and thi" price per one hundred dollars thereof; and the persons whose proposals arc accepted will be required to deposit with the County Treisurer, within fifteen days alter the opening of the bids, the sum awarded to them respeetlvely. On presenting to the Comptroller the receipts of the Coun ty Treasurer fur such deposits, the parties will be entitled t* receive certlumtes for equal amounts of the par raise of the stock, bearing interest from the dales of payments. Kach proposition should be sealed and endorsed, "Pro posal!) for New York County Court House Stock," and on clos-d in a second envelope addressed to the Comptroller. The right l.< reserved to reject any or all of the !>lds, If con sidered niH'essary to protect or promote the Internes of the county. ROBERT T. HAWS. Comptroller. Cirr or N?w York, Dupahtmknt or Finanos, Conr raoLLKa's Orricc, May 6, 1802. PRIZB LISTS ARE NOW BBINO MADB UP FOB the Blockading Squadrou, and prizes are paid daUy for the San Jaeinto, CriiMader, Constellation, Mohawk, Ac., Ac. JOHN 11 MURRAY, Army and Na\y Banker. No. 39 Nassau street, New York, opposite the Post office. RESIGNED AND DISCHARGED OFFICERS' PAY AC counia adjusted and cashed, and army claims of all descriptions promptly arranged and collected at J. H. BI OUNT'S Army Claim olllce, 78 William street, corner of Liberty. STATE PAY FOR SUPERNUMKRARY OFFICERS, UN der the late an of the S ate of New York, is now being collected by JOHN B. MURRAY, Army and Navy Banker, No. 39 Nassau street, New York, opposite the Post olllce. TO LOAN?15,000, $2,000 ON BOND AND MORTOAQE, Apply to C. II. BAILEY, 220 Broome street. WANTED?COLUMBUS. PIQUA AND INDIANA RAIL YT road first mortgage bonds, by ALBERT 11. N1COLAY, 82 William street <3fl Oft BOUNTY NOW DUE, WITH PENSIONS OF mPXUV/ two and three years' volunteers, three months' militia, seamen and marines discharged on account of dis ability, or their wljows and heirs, aud all back dues collect ed. No charge for Information. MATH IAS OOETZBL, No. 4 Centre street. flilin Ann to LOAN ON BOND AND MORTGAGE? ipaUiUuU In sums varying from IS,000 to 910,000, on first class real estate in (he eity. Address, giving des rlption of property, boi 3,77<> Poet oQtoe. ? nnn WANTED-ON BOND AND MORTGAGE tJ>?JU.UUU on first class Broadway Properly, worth double the amount. Principles only addresa W. T., hoc 3,603 Post office. <SlZZ nnn 70 LOAN ON BOND and mortgage? *BOU?\JyJKf On productive real estate in thU city or Brooklyn, In one or more sums. Apply in the office of the People's Fire Iusuranoe Company, No. 66 Wall street, to JOHN F. CONREY. LOAM OFFICES. AT 305 BROADWAY, CORNER OF DUANE STREET, Money advanced to any amount on Diamonds, Watcbee, Jewelry, Ac. Business Strictly confidential. T. H. BBKSING, auctioneer and broker. Private entrance iu Duane street, first door west of Broadway. AT 668 BROADWAY, CORNER OF BOND STREET, room No. 5.?HENRY HYMAN advances cash on Dia monds, set or unset, or buys the same for cash; also on Watches, Silver Ware, Pianos, Jewelry and Personal Pro perty. AT 66 NASSAU STREET.?A. honigman, DIAMOND broker, makes liberal advances on Dlsmonds, Watchee, Jewelry, Ac., or buys them at full value, at his private office, 66 Nassiu street, room No. 2, up stairs. Business confl dential. AT 77 BLEECEEB BTRBBT-THE HIGHEST PRICES advanced on Diamonds, Watches, Jewelry, Ac. Also Pawnbroker's Tickets bought for diamonds, watches, jew elry, guns, pistols, Ac., et 77 Bleeeker street, up stairs. H. NEWTON. r\ASH PAID FOR DIAMONDS?ALSO FOB INDIA V Camel'* Hair Shawl*. Money to lots. A ft* article# of Diamond Jewelry fur *alc cheap. Apply only from 9 till 10 A. M., and X till i P. M. B. W. PIUMB, Diamond Broker, 612 Broadway, LIBBBAL ADVANCES MADB ON DIAMONDS, Watches and Jewelry. Old Gold and Silver bought for cash at htgheat price*. Camels hn1r Shawl* beogbt and liberal price paid tor them, by LOUIS AN RICH, 7'M Broad way. L JACOBS, 407 BROADWAY, BBMOYBD PROM 43 ? Cedar street.?Advances made, in sums to auit, an Walchs*, Diamonds, Silver Plate, and other personal pro perty, or bought for ea?h. Business strictly < oufldeutlal. ONBY TO LOAN?IN SUMS TO SUIT,~OSfWATCH E8 Diamonds, Dry Goods and all valuable Personal Pro perty, Silver Plate, Ac. Apply to R. WOOD, tO Pulton street, second floor, iront room, from 9 to 6 o'clock. ONEY LKNT-TO ANAMOUNT ON ALL KINDS of personalproperly, as Watches, Diamonds (set and unset), Jewelry, Dry Goods, Ac., by AARON ADOLPHUS, licensed loan oflice, 430 Pearl street, corner of uew Chamber* street. PAWN TICKETS PURCHASED AT 448 BROOMB street, four doora from Broadway, of Clothing, Dia monds, Jewelry, Watches. Ac. For sale?Bustneaa Coat*, SI; Caaslmere Pant*. $1; vesta, 80>'. full Suita at (1 OEOROE LBVIB, Commission Merchant. _ PROFOIAU. QOAL. Written propn??1? wi 1 be received until the 14th Inst., for the dotivcry on the noitli wharf at West Po at, M. Y., ol the following quantities and ritixlilie* oi White Ash Coal, o.ean: ?U0 tons (.2.2M lbs. per ton) Locust Mountain, steamboat size. Also, 750 tons (1,140 lb*. per ton), egg size, ??tons do. do. stove size, of either Beaver Mountain, Bunk Mountain or BaltfcBON Vein, Wyoming. Price of each at tied snpnrntely. Coal nan be delivered from the Silinylkiil, Lehigh and Wyoming district* st the West Point wliari from oanal boats which ret elve it at.the mines, without break lug bulk, via th 8 huylkld and D lawaro and Banian Canva More than the ordlnarr facllltirl for will be furnwhed. The coal to b- delivered between the 1st of Jane anil of August uext. * BDWD. C. BOYNTOX, Captnln an I Guart*rma*t*r Military Academy. Wht PoiKt. N. V., May 2,18ti2. PBOI'OSALS >'011 bMALL ARMS FOR TUB UNITED STATES SBRVICK. 0*t>-?i*e? Orrict, > W*?Hit*oro*. D. C., April 29, l!?<B. I Propoaale will be received by this Department until A P. M. on the evening ol the 14th ol May, 18ta, for manufacturing. In the United States, for the government, within on* y?ftf from that date, the following description of arms, viz .?? MprlngSeld Killed Muskets, model ItttS. Harper's F*rr/ RiUea, with sword bayonet* \?id stMlKftb barils, modi'l HJS Breech l ' Carbines, for cavalry. Revolver Pistols, army size, Sabres for light caval, Non iomni!s?lone(4o?c*ra' Bwordi, I ^ . . Musician*' So (,rd*. ' { ?**?! MMMt* Steel 8<nhM;ia lor rifled musket bayonet*. rropoials will state? For muskets and rifles, the price for 10 000 of either, and the reduction proposed, per gun, foreaeh additional 10,000 to 20.UU0. ? Per revolver* and carbine*, the kind proposed, and the price for ft.OlM, and reduction, per pistol or carbin*, fir ea. h additional 6.000 to 30,000. Por sabre*, sword* and scabbards, the price nf each of the prescribed patterns to the number of 6,000 each, and also lor t acli additional 5,1100 to SO.Oi All the firearm*are to be furnished with the regular ap pendages. The rifled mu?k*t* are to be in all respect* iden tical with those manufactured at the United Slates Armory, Springfield. Mas*., and are to Interchange with It and with each other In all their part*. Each of the other kinde of fire arms must also Interchange with one another In th* "-t 1 manner. The materials for these arm* must be of the very beat aim* llty, and no malleable Iron part* will be allowed to be u*ed. AUUif artleleemustbeaabjecttolh* inspection prescribed by the Ordnance Regulations, and must be boied, ready for transportation, at the eipenm of the contractor*, in such manner as may be directed. Inspect ona will be Md* at the factor!** in lots of not less than 1,0U0 each. Proposals will state the name of the establishment making the offer, the number and date of the first delivery, Md rate Of delivery monthly thereafter. Failure to make a delivery at a speolile 1 lira*, or any attempt to Introduce malleahlo iron or other inferior material Into the work, will anbleet the whole number of arm* contracted Tor to forfeiture, at the option of the department. The department reeerves to Itself th* right to reject any bid, and will oon*ld?r none made through any agent, broker, or party other than the regular manufacturer*. Proponals will be addressed a* follows;?"General J. W. Ripley, Chief or Ordnanco, Washington, D. 0.," and will b? endorsed "Proposal* for Mnsket*," or rifle*, sabre*, A*., a* th* caae may be. t>BOPOSALI FOB THE SUPPLY OF FRESH BEEF IT for use or United Stales troop* Matloned at Port Colum etiis. New York harbor, for on* year, commencing Jun* 1, Ida, will be received at the ofloe of the A. A. C. N? Fort Co lumbus, New York Harbor, nntll 11 o'clock M., on th* Hit initaut. The beef ls to be of first enallty, In equal propor tion* of fore and hind nuarters. neck* and *h*nk* eicluded, and to be delivered at Port Comtnbu* at such time* and In such quantities a* may be required. Two securities, of nve thousand dollars *aeh, will he required for the ral'hrul rut fitment or the contrai l. Proposal* will lie addressed to First Lieut, tiant it. B. Child*, Siztb Infantry, oflics ol A. A. C. 8., Port Columbus, New York Harbor, and be endorsed "Propo salH for the supply or rresb beef." The underlined reserve* ihorljhtto reject any or all bid* which lie deems eitrava gant, or daublfiil M'-uritles. H R. CHILD*, First Lieutenant Sltlh Infantry, A. A. C. B. AMU*KMEI*T*. riHlE ADAIR DRAMATIC! AND I'fC NIC ASSOClX I linn,?All member* am par !? ilert* i?|:ic*e| friniect I os (I ri ?v> evening, at their r ntiii, Miou ? it *11, Bowerv, at *o clock, en bu? net.* m iMporlauc* In reference to the summer ?r. aiiunmfm. ANDREW tURniitON. ' nan. Mis* PtuK* :?>? ,-r? * i AMUSR!* HSTV** ACADEMY o? muskT TUESDAY BVKNINc, M1Y I* W83 VAHV.Wl.LL HKNKf T lill.O!! <* CO I TON'S _ , WIN3I Ki.L-i, Previous to Ihflr d parture iyr A'tstralia. TVc w etunprm'* the following well known anl t.?lenttr< ar. l-U ? Bill* Bitch, K.-n CollOH. K. Abeoro, O Hldni, M 4. 8 >;l, C. Goodwin, O. lira bam, M. BUejr, T. J i'uel, M Utlkgr, J. Bmdahaw. C V. Hand. for p?.r isularsaee future bills, programim-*, Ac A'Jwihmhoo V> c?n:? Ampbiihuatr-- u, o?nts C. V ll\ND Vi f*r. TITAM.AOK8. TT Entrance on Bread war sad Tbirtee nth street. Proprietorand Manner ....Mr Waltaek 8ta*e Manager Mr LeateiWaUaok Doors open at 7K. Begin at B o'clock. Hit W.VI LA' K haagreat pleasure in acknowledging the unprecedented re sponse bmi by the public to ins endeavors that ilia Man dard and legitimate drama should lie pr-sentrd will: a per fection of coal and detail htiherto un attempted. The un qualified succo?? attending the effort induces him to an nounce a FRESH SKKIES OP SPLKNIHD REVIVALiS, TONKJHT (HUDAY), Third time here, Col nan's uteri 114(1 act Comedy of the ? JEALOUS WIFE. Honored by a brilliant and crowded auditory at its I aft rep

resentatlon with the moat unqualified mai k* o: au ess. will be repeated to-night, with the same capital ilstriuut 011 Mr Oakly Mr. Cliarlea FNher MajorOakly Mr Wake Charles Oakly Mr Reynolds Russet Mr. Mark Smith Lord Trinket Mr. Kioyd Sir Harrv Beagle .Mr. Young Captain O'Cutter Mr. Norton Williaina Mr. Par^lo# David Mr. Turner Mra. Oakly Mr?. Hoey Lady Kreelore Miaa Fanny Morau't Harriet Mra. Sloan Toilet.... Mra. Reeves Chambermaid Mlaa Carman To-morrow (Saturday), Seventh time, Bulwer's atandard play of the LADY OK LYONS, which has attracted tlx densely crowded audience*, who manifested their great gratiti<atioo by the moat enihualuatlo plaudlta ever heard '.rltuiu th? walla of thia establishment. POOORAMMB FOB THE ENSUING WEKtfc.? Mom oar, OLD HEADS AND YoUNO HEARTS. Tucsdav. SHE STOOPS TO CONQUEB. WantinsDAT, LOVK AND MONEY Tiiurmdav, THE RIVALS. Pamir, THE LADY OF LYONS. Box Offlie open from 8 A. M. to ? P. M. In rehearaal, MONEY. AO., AC THE GAIETIES. THE GAIETIES. THE OAIBTIES. CIS HROADWAY. 616 UP STAIRS 61* 615 UP STAIRS CIS la a romance with the request 01 nnmerona patrons of the GREATEST INSTITUTION IN 111E WOULD, the proprietor has decided to exhibit all hta attractions FREE, commencing Saturday evening, May 19, 186!. On which occasion a grand deuToustration will be made, calc ilated to devclo; s tha powers of good or evil of the Tar lamed PRKTTY WAITER GIRLS. whoae welfare and iuti-rcat hart; excited the attention of the New York legislature, and quieted the sensitive nerves of the editor of the Gaiette, who ha never been abla to decide ujwn the place of his birtb. Alas, poor Yorick. Admission B ARB U MS MUSEUM. IMMENSE SUCCESS OP MADAME CELESTE'S MAGNIFICENT DltAMA, BY J. B. BUCKSTONR, with nsw and appropriate Scenery, Costumes, Properties and other Appointments, by the beat artists, entitled FLOWERS OF THE FOREST; OR, A GIPSY'S STORY. This piece has been in prepatatiou and rehearsal for seve ral weeks, and is produced at AN ENORMOUS EXPENSB. T(ie various charaocers are represented br the talented ar tists of the Museum Company, including Mrs. J. J. Prior, Misses Allford and Waters, Messrs. Nagle, Jamison, Bridge man, Hadaway, Brooks, Clarke, Ac., Ac. It will be pro duced EVERY AFTERNOON AT 3 O'CLOCK, AND EVERY EVENING AT 7? O'CLOCK. ANOTHER EXTRAORDINARY NOVELTY. MASTER DUDLEY WALLER, THE INFANT ORATOR. Only sli years old. He is truly the most charming and de lightful little prodigy ever seen or heard. No written de scription can give an idea of his wonderful powers. He will f;ive specimens of his oratory between the acts, at every per ormauoe In the Lecture Room, and on the platform In the main hall of the Museum. At intervsls during the day and evening. He cloees his engagement to-morrow. COMMODORB NUTT, THE $30,000 NUTT, will hold bis levees at all hours, and give a variety of Inte resting performances. Also on exhibition, day and evening. THE QUAKER, OR WOOUEN OUN, from tharebel forlltK-ationa it Centrnvlile, Va. THE GREAT LIVING WHALE, THE MADAGASCAR ALBINOS. THE LIVING BLACK SEA LION, LIV\NO MAMMOTH GRIZZLY BEAR SAMSON. LIVING MONRTER SNAKES, LIVING HAPPY FAMILY, LIVING TURTLE. GRAND AQUARIA, with its multitude of beautitul LIVING FISH, and near a Million of other Curiosities. Admission to all, 26 cents. Children under ten. tt-cents. GRAND NATIONAL BABY SHOW, JUNES. 91,000 In premluma for finest Babies, Twins, Triplets, djuatemsand Fat Babies. Number of Babies limited to one hundred. Forty already engaged. Beeurecertihcates imme diately at ticket office. Don't fail to read advertisement of the GRAND NATIONAL DOG SHOW.. N1 YORKER STADT THEATRE GERMAN OPERA. First appearance ol the distinguished German Prima Doaaa FRAU JOHANNA ROTTER, from the Court Theatre of Darmsladt. FRIDAY, May?, 1863. MARIS; on. THB DAUGHTER OF THE RBGIMBNT, Couiic Opera, in three acts, by Donizetti. Fran Johauua Rotter as Maria Mr. Quint as Tonlo Mr. Graff as Stilpix Conductor, Mr. Iforwig. Price of admission:?Box, $6; First Tier, Ncents; Seoond Tier and Parquet, 26 rents; Gallery, IS cents. Doors open at 7 o'clock. Commence a* 8 o'clock. PBOFESBOR ANDERSON'S advertising CURTAIN, WINTER GARDEN, NKW YORK. ORBAT NOVELTY FOR ADVERTISERS. Profeeaer ANDERSON has the piea?ui? of snoounclng that he has leased the Winter Garden theatre fo- two months. It will open for his summer season on June 2, IMS, with a new, original, (rand Hnd thoroughly sensational Spec tacular Burlesque, in ihe course of which entirely novel de velopments of 1'rofessor AivJeisou a Magical performs rises will be introduced. Tbe new burlea<(ue wilt be from the rertile brain and fancy Bn of Mr. Charles (iayler; the scenery will bo from the ar tio pencil of Mr. Haven The Ural talent in America, and selected artistes frem Knroro will Unengaged. The mechani cal elaboration* of the Parisian theatree, and tbe acinic re aourcea of the Opera houses of London, will be dnlv called into kid, and the whole will be produced nnder the direction ?i Frofestor Anderson, who will Introduce for the first time In thi* country, the ADVERTISING CURTAIN. OR MERCANTILE DROP SCENE, which will be splendidly painted and divided ioto ornamen tat paneli; the designing, painting and ornamentation being entrusted to the decorative iklll of Mr. Gaapard Maeder. Bach panel will be a iTara'e lllttstra'ed and emti :ltUhe4 advertleimetit of the parties who may eontnrl The name 01 each, place of hu.lneaa, an.I whatever they may wish to advertise, will he legibly, artintically and elaborately writ ten, ao aa to attract the attention of tboie who nit in front of the houae, and be alike readable lorm dieaa circle, parquet and family circle. The tienettl to be derived hy advertisers from thla n >T ?Uy will be apparent at the first glance. The burlesque ta to be in three acta, and the Advertising Curtain will be displayed at the end 'if each act. It ia i Xpeeled .hat the " run" of tbe piece will he lor forty-eight ni?h'.s. and thai the average nightly attendance will b? about 2 flOO, which in the couree of two montha, givea an aggregate iota I of 120.IIU0 persons, by each of whom the advertisement in sure to l>e read Then It ia intended that there shall be el?hi Matinib*. the aver age attendance at each of which will possibly be I,SCO, giving a total of 132,0t>0 pereona to eee, rea I and study the Advertis ing Cut all the majority of ? horn, In all prvoability, would never have beard or the adverser nor of hi* wares, but flrom the novel system of advertising thua adopted by Fro feasor Anderson. Pereona deairoua of obtaining Information relative to size, position and price of each Ipnael, will pleaae address (en clooing stamps for |>o?t.ige) Professor An let-eon, Hotel de l'Eurupe, Houston street, New York, when a plan of the Curtain and a prospective will be immediately forwarded to them by mall, or they will be waited on parsonnlly. The plan Is bra.uifuHy lithographed, and conveys ail tbe infor mation requisite for the ichemt lo be uorou^hly under ?tool. it Is Absolutely euanttal that all applications for upa-e on theoiruin should 1* made Immediately, as It will require the fulleiertionsof thsarUst for every available hour, to complete the curtain by the 11 of June. The competition for tbe beat panels la already very great, and the most eligible ones are to be secured only by applying instantly. The theatre will positively onen for the representation of Profeaaer Anderson's Ot cat Spectacular Burlesque on the date abvre giv;n. Those who have as yet omitted to see ?i?e Baietiiii the younl Junen oi the stage and star o; tbe first magnitude In the eonsteliaui" of American talent, should visit ths Winter Oarden without delay, P* 'o* lM* representation of this sttraordinary artist will taM place OS May SI, and Ibe great Burlesque be produced on tbe follow lag Monday.! The Advertising Curtain will be ooe of the summer aes* satlonsof New York. ri beat ~ca^tebbV ry "music hall, \J ?'?' BROADWAY THE PEOPLE'S MUSIC HALL. CONTINUED SUCCESS OP THB GRAND DOUBLB COMPANY, The b?st company that ever appeared on tbe New York sue*. Ivory ad applauded to Ihe echo, son tmJKgSSSr.S** THE GRRAT CANTERBURY, THB FOUNTAIN HEAD OF TALENT. ALL thb LEADING PROFESSIONALS OF tub AOS. thb beautiful SANFRKTTA, thb daring albxandre, THB WONDERFUL SEAORlrfT, THE INIMITABLE FIERCE, THE EXQUISITE ADELAIDk. thb CHARMING cliffords thb GIFTED HARRISON, thb oracbful BNUKL, prsHKif.Tr.'iv. h. the GBBAT OANTBRRl-RY' MINSTRELS. B?M' A GRAND MAT1NEB ON SATURDAY. K. B.?The contract for the signs will be given t? the law yer, having been decided against the painter's alina of the times. American dramatic fund association,-thb annual mooting for tbe election of oOeers will take place at tbe offlce of the association, M Broadway, on Monday May 12, at IP. M. The ballot bot WIU he opined at|?f and cloee at 4 P. M precisely. CHARLES S. BERNARD, Secretary A. D. F. A. WALLACE'S THBATRB Tf The gem of -vir national musie, by America's first composer, Robert Stoepel, the U. 8. Army Uusdrills, dedi cated to the Seventh regime?!, N. Y. 8. M., performed every nl^ht^wiih repeated enoerss. Musie just Issued hy FIRTH, The lubin brother's will soom'opbn their Cagiloetromanli- isum, arid Introduce, thn first time in thisc'ty, I'aglloslto'a Mtf ? CurUIn, which Is original with theuiscivea. "II' ALL ACE'S THE ATKI'. " ~ >? The musical *em of thn ?e*?on, Robert Stoepel'a U S Afniy Callfc nightly encored *? Wall*'.k'O theatre Just pnhlul d hy FIIITH, POND ,? I'D / l RAND ANAIOWICAL Ml C <1 \NlT11"\|.1 M ~n " v 1 ,\n iMii i.e'l from Bresdway, n.?w ^ \LriHTm oabde* ?' BLV'K.Ni ., .MM NIGHT OF Tiiv ?/???,. , ... **? BATE MAW. TUB YOUNO 01 El * i>? THE AVE '.:0AM UT i-JB. 8. EN I'll >1 ;||T ()' T, J JJI.IA, IK f ?; ilUMOIiiUOK." IriKHlunV^"'-*'-N 'lu'ii **** *"wkd KitiiMY EVENING, May 9. J' *r the a .eij , t:? it? , K ion i n' drama of fl,.Tv T; i; IH NUiiBAOK. i ? . ??;. ? Mini BATEXBtf ?l. ?* r V* ? t r . I. W. Wallaek, It S r . o... t*Gii .orJ gdwui Mum f?u "? ' "? A. il. 01 eiinort EiV""" w oavi-iKP UWbu- ,M?s Clutulrau and i.-i ? en-1 t!:r i jn ? ? wjfchroi iWtfrji. la ....... Mr B. MoMenhauer i>u"rnOf-.1 < ;<??, Cm i.:i ., .?? a, 3 o'clock. h <* oiliu* 'pen from 1> .s*l I .-e na iuav be ?f.,\ j,, . c , Olf MONDAY EV. M.Mi NK*T. W" be |Wuiluce !.fl.t>,AUi ? !' '? V .jf UEKALUJNE, OH __ TITO HUNCHBACK UltlDB NIBLO'K OARDBIT. WiUf u' .1 Mmi&ictnt K. L. DAV KNPORT, ;i "^RRKrr AMD W WilCATliQY Fourth waek of the m ?rnift.-#*nt operatic opecUtclo -A - THE aNCHANTRBSB; The brilliant auicesmir winch . , , .. FOK,\? am EPOCH In the annata or the - SPECTACULAR AND ARTISTIC TRIUMPHS or the OAj. And Induce! tbe nvauaneneiit to announce I* O {y^J<'u1t U?T'I. FURTHER NOTICE. TUB SPLENDID- VOCALIZATION MISS CAROLl?NB RICHINGS, A* nllM herJ^uliful acting, U ntahtly receivc* with BOUND AFTER UOJND OF APPLAUSB fii.PT^LLX0ENT AND FASHIONABLE AUDIBNCBS, tilling the SPACIOUS AUDITORIUM from narquet to coiiin*. Brilliant reception of ANNBTTI OALBTn, pronounced the BEST TERPSICHORE AN ARTIST la America. MB. PETER RICHINGS AS DR. MATIIANA3IU3. NEW AND SPLENDID SCENERY. FULL OPERATIC CHORUS, A SPLENDID BALLET. AN INCREASED ORCHESTRA and an EXCELLENT DRAMATIC COMPANY. A'lmuaion, Dress Circ le And Parquet SO cents Secured Pa'quel Stalls 75c?m? Family Circle, entrance on Crosby atreet. 20 ceuta Doors open At quarter pant 7; tn commence At o'clock. LAURA KEBNB'S THEATRE Doors open at even, commences quarter before eight. To-night and every night. IMMENSE SUCCESS Or TIIK NKW I'XITION DRAMA, Entitled, REASON AND FOLLY; OK. ? LIFE IN PARIS. Produced on Monday evening to a lio 'ie literally crowded from parquet to celling. The piece baa been presented with new scenery, appropriate coHiuniea, ei'iuiaito mw?ic, intri cate transl onuatious and cast, by the entire strength of the company. JllS.-i LAURA KEENE IN NINE CHARACTERS, with auperb costume*. 8*l?n ? ? MISS LAURA KF.ENB Monsieur Centime MISS LaURA KEENE Chevalier D'Earte MISS LAURA KKENE Madame Clarice MISS LAI' K A KEENE John Smith, ,)r MISS LAURA K KENE Sergeanlof Police MISS I.Al'RA KEF,SB Monbietir RoUoipbe MISS LAI RV KEEKR Monalei r Partout MTSS LAURA KKGNR OenoreWe MISS LAURA KKENE Apolo Mlt-i. EMMA WALLER Cuonohou MRS. EMMA WALLKR Madame Ruaiyl'iiugus MRS. EMMA WALLER Jmmlnde Parm Mlts EMMA WALLER M?dam* Flore Cheri MRS. EMMA WALI.KR Monaieur Ado phe MRS. KM MA WALLER Jeaneltn MRS EMMA WALLER Carmen MISS ADA CLIFTON U?o Kervrn MR. WALLER SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY. ACT I.?S'-ene 1?A p -uaanfa eotia^e in RrKtanjr. Seen.' 2?Carnival ball at a Parisian cafe. Act II.?Scene 1?The Bachelor'* home. s?en? i?Drawing room al Madame Si. AlptiOQM'S. Tableau and end of ?< t'i. Act III.?Scene 1?Carmen'a boudoir. Scene 2? Exterior of Bats caalle. Scene S?Jacobin' office and eiterior of Rata castle; A noUy chorus: tableau: end of act S. Act IV.?Scene I?The debtor's prison tn i ue de Cliclir. Scene J?At bonie in Brittany; the returned penitent*; a reunion; the mystery unravelled; Genevieve in lier true character; a general but mistaken opinion; Jcanelle at home; revelations and eiplanations; fortune restored; heartfelt thanks; reason triumphs over folly. New and original muaic by Thomas Baker. XTEW BOWERY THEATRE. Sole Proprietor .Mr. I. W. Llnfard FRIDAY, Mat 9. !&?, lMt Unit of tht grand sp**ctitcitiar drama of DER FRKI8CHUTZ. OR THE|8EVEN CHARMED "BULLETS. MB E. EDDY AS CASPAR Favorite Dance Miss Louisa Browne The nautical drama of THB GAMECOCK OF THE WILDERNESS. Sampaon Hardhead Mr. E. Eddy And the oomtc drama of THE PRINCE AND THE WATCHMAN. Frederick Storke Mr. O. C. Boniface. GL. FOX'S OLYMPIC THEATRE-BROADWAY. ALL TH AT GLITTERS IS NOT GOLD. Stephen Plum, C. W, C.arke; Toby Twtpkle, G. L. Foi; Martha Gibba, Mlsa Mary Mitchell, L*<ljr L lathcrtiriJge, Mrs. II. C. Oraltan. FROLIC OF THE FAIRIES. MaturkA Mias Fanny Herring HEBCULES. Tim Mr. C. K. Fog LOUIS SCHREIRER8 OBANO SACRED CONCBBT. for the txueUt OF HIS BKOTflKR CHARLES, ?erlously wounded iu the battle of Belmont, WILL TAKK I'LACE SUNDAY^MAY II, IRyikq'hall. Solo performers? Madame Johano**n. Mssir*. Mollen hauer, Mills, Sehrelher, and (he full chorus of tlie "Arlon" Society. An orchestra of 60 p*riorm*rs, conducted by C. Ansohut/ autl C. Br reman u ADMISSION 80 CKMT8. ADMiaMON M CENTS Grand firemen's foot racb. PRIZE OF A SILVER TRUMPET, WORTH. tllJO, AT THE MELODKON, M9 BROADWAT, ON WBDNBSDAY EVENING, MAY 14, IMS. The above prize of a Silver Trumpet worth $100. Is submit ted for the oompetitlon or f remeu only. No professional runner allowed tne tilal. The conditions to be aa follows Each engine, hose, and hook and ladder company In Naw York, Brooklyn and Williamsburg, to make on* entry to run twenty (SO) usees around ike ring, against time. The com pany, whoa* represent*iire shall make th* beat time, to bo entitled to thoTrunipet. subject to rules and i-eguiatluns mad* by delegateo from the Severn' companies interested. Eutrlaa to be mad* before 6 P. M.. on Wednesday, Utb I oat. IMHce open for entries daily, from 10 A. M. till 2 P. M. Tram pot now on exhibition at Haughwout A Co.'s, Broad way, coruer Broome. Tlnketa 29 rente. AAA ORBAT AMERICAN MUSIC HA Lb. iTT. 444 444 444 4-40-4 444 444 444 444 44* BROADWAY. 4f TO THE PUBLIC. ACABD FROM TITE MUSIC HALL Of THE MASSE*. The modern Solomons trom the rural dial;lets who gov -rn or misgovern tli- gr?at olty of New York, have seen rt; in their wisdom (were we not charitable we should say in th?<r task of it), to pass an 'inparaileled, un|u?t and unoonautu tlonal law depriving our citizens or the freedom and pr!. I. leg* of eheoalntt their own n nnsement, an t taking from us therlghtof furnishing refreshment to our patrons, a >Uht for which w* have paid th* Stat- s nri-e (orlVen'e) tired l>y Itaelf. Deeming, In common with tbe majority or th" peop'e, this anertmeui, fenitlral, unlawful and opuo?ud to tbe tenor aad spirit of th.?t bulwark of our liberties Ihe constitution, wr determined tn teat It In a >iui*t. orderly and lawfnl manner, raeolve,! t>i abide liy he d?el?ioe of an ooblasseil judiciary. The ess* wsa postponed. Unwilling to suffer under what flhakapere t"ilv terms a cars*, "tha laws delays," we opened our refreshment saloon on Minday evening lust, and had. a* heretofore, our fomal* waiters In at tendance?a custom, by thefway, pursued la all th* principal theatres and opera houses of Europe. We then tent 'void to th* poll.* authorities of our action. A* the public Is aware, a formal arrest was (as we aotldpa'** and desired) the oonaeqeenee, and now, we ar* happy to stats, a contest between right and wrong, which ra.gUt have b**n str*t<-h*d out to "th# crack of doom." will be speedily terlsJ. ThN Is th* wnole nistory of tne "des-ent, arrest." Ac. In ihe mean lira* wseonf jrm to the law as auudi, but tjie perfurqaane* at ? 444 414 444 _ ' CONTINUES THE SAHE AS EVER We st'll retain ALL THB STARS OF THE PROFESSION. We still present to CROWDED HOUSES CROWDED HOUSES A BRILLIANT AND MATCHLESS BNTKRTAINMBNT. 444 still remalas FIRST IN RESPECTABILITY, FIRST IN POPULARITY and Iml In ih? h?a-tt of the people, - v STonc com^AS!" I'VIar AftTtlTS. ?3_i3=HS22*3r,e5?3 if 3 6 ?B 3 F a* THB HAONTFICUNT CORPS DE BALLET In reheereal far speedy production In glorious style. A STARTLfNO AND BRILLIANT NOVBLTT. Grand Matin**, to accommodate ladles en4 children, M Saturday. The Management hare great pleasure IB announcing an engagement with 'J. A. HERMAN, B. vsftsi&a, " "Tkia&'ToTSMlSS in active preparation for speedy production. Ho nMnN will bo spared la their production. PIKE'S OPERA HOUSE. CINCINNATI, OHIO-THE dramatic eeaaoa at this establishment will eomtn*nen In th* fall. Person* desiring engagement* will nlaaee addreen th* und*r*lgn*d. Stare will ?n44t to their interact to nego ttat*. . SAMUEL N PIEB, Cincinnati. Last week of the exhibition or from ? to* o'eiook. Admieelen N cents. Viiltore art re quested to bring opsrn glassee. Laura keknrb theatre ?????? The oelebrated Laura Keen* Walts, eotnposed by the popular conductor, Thomas Baker, Is played ulghtly at Laura Keens'* theatre, and always redentanaed. The enormous sale of tMsAcautlful walls Is a sufficient pr<?f of Itegrast popu larity, It was playe# in *rery fash'onatd* ball room nisi sen season, and Is found In every houee that has a T"aoo HORACE WATERS. Agent, 4SI It roadway. WALLACE'S THEATRE. United Stales Army t'alla, a q"adrllle. eompos*d by Robert stoepet. nscrii>ed f* the ofioert ae I mamtrrs of the Peeenth regtm n< N T. N M , Nn'!o i*l flnard, and played upwards of r.ftv n ghta at Wa lack's tbeatre. Jiiat imblished ny FIRTH POND A no. rplt K \ I Hit' A I. and tONTKKr" SALOf'N AlENPT I mmuveii o?l4V< Mroadwey?Want-d,'tirit clan dan a>< a an t h i'e> i. i -oh It-ih r'a The* i an ? (!, n ert K* ton IHi t Al?o for Roberi Hm er t ?' . J j-. ; I h J E Ra n-r, W tt. hn^ >?h and o ir i m<" -t A t v as a.'uvi. Iiu.u ii til A JA>- W'JMMHU. A^vut. AHirjiMfKsrps, T AURA BERNE'S TUHATZfl *-i i>o? Hop,-u i' r in ... 7x o'oi ">?. UEKAT dlj' > of tbtr uenr ttu i on ;;i .!i.fiy KEaSiS A SO FUi^r; 0?i, i Lll'K lis i'AlCIS I Adapted frj u tli? Kan , , .. i.'r ikiiiUMtra u >'v^L'A'.. J Witch wltlbanr-iU!:."^; ?*?M*AU* NEW Dc:ENEK/, | MEW MUSIC. NSW BONO 4 A NO cnou s\ COfT1Vile*' '< K V? I' IMh ' nrSTRfQt'TfON' OP FJ M-AI' . AKLK "?? I KBN'*tTff ANDEVKitv Ki Viii i m'j;1 i iinnjui n >nuB ?" w,j ?i;,,! B KARON a FD K>LLY; ? _ OK 1 " I J.N f , SATAN, 1 If mil r?nn w .> n >?. .n -iU m? I'MHiiir as i? r- . ' ? null. - c Tin nimi >>.-i,ry?-Ms !ir<> .. n , ,B4 MOKsiSrSniE^K^ ?.,J! "??? quente the Ho ir?r ftir ,*is Im p. j,-, i,. l.ili in III," itj teiv i,l iU- ii i - ? ,,l i., r, an : n,?lo inn 11 sv Air J I* tin K. ./,;. i: i...j chbv ai.'lk o^arte,.^^^ Ka"w" !#wii wll ver-ei in the-game nt E aite, blasae i w<tli a n?tiirai gin lor pn-..ngua. tloii ami al lh" ti! Mil- arts gen Tiliy, mil who will infallibly nam-' even eTeveutli carJ the i: nun ut im aeea k, wilt,.j it any ?.?M^i.'!u",ce Adrian .. . ..Mi a ka KEBNB MADaME CLAKH'K, a guirlilnrf Had roi.aiiiic tema'e wltli mi eve for lh- pi, ouruii ,iic who unds tropes .ii riuiul'.i^ ? l?i' 4 at apeech m stones, and eTautic s.miltiudea In .inMiPuflraii*. , M-" '"VUKA KBBMB WUN SMITH, Jr.. a jxusoa whose uainf 14 11. miliar In our iim uli* aa Ii<>hm.-1w>Ii| words, and whose rrIdeuve is det.i,,uj<ei? with neo graph! -al mill numerical ?wiiirw y, a?d with a frequency inmu absolutely a!annln? in men is, anit irf intH^cmiiii, infiory Ur'i ?venr anthenlio 'rtfy 1I1.1 ctory (for furllifr partfwiUiimieTrow. 1+iJ-ii',) ..Mi ? J.AI RA KBBtfK I^SlOlllAN^ Of KULittb, one flf tlioiii' Airr^e. *or?a which atlai 'itnall iniuiiri|ialnnn-rn city. Uie peculiar cnjrtluii ol all lioueat im. |>lo laiiiuiit wltli dlHtrikiitl.e ulu- In n gard to prop?rt?, i*rMinal imi otlioi wiai-, or 111 any way ilin'tiireit wltb Ilia IxrlrC iu agra nan philoitnuliv Miaa i.AL'RA CWI MOK4IELK KODOI.t'll *. i'rinoioal nf tlirt A'a dan1)' lor IIih i*itucation ol uaiir?pa( a person (X Uhrral turn of mind vrt en hin inm l ft turned towanl InniHo'.i whonurcrdoea?oy t&ing under one liutulind p* r .-.en', and wliu liaaan allair on hand wblob promia a one hundred an I llfiy Mimt I.A KA KRKKK lfON?Uil'K PARTOUT, tl>*or.tinul itiveutor or """ llis paiMn partaut, a nan of larite e<peri> ence anil narrow ideas, who iuak^? I,i? ap peal an ;e 011 behalf of Sal an aulaiy for ilia purpose of tempting ami teatmg the re pentance of Mexseiura Kern n and Del mat ire Mla< LAURA KBBMS UBNBV1BVE. a i>opiiUir actreaa, ?nd of (uiirae an angel m ilUKulae, not to tii? a number of dlagulaeN, well, a* ?he makoa tlie enpianu'.ion herself during the oourae of the drama, the mention ol the uia ter would almply he an ante.cljiiiax, and thereiore we leave it entlrrlr in her banda MUa IjAURA RKEMB ATOiiLy, a gentleman ?f great oe'9*/rltv and an tlqtie reinitatlon, hut ?lui,a< 01 lalo hecome an accomplished in the uiatier of flhhing that Ii* uo longer finite II ueci naarf to rarry III* lyre about w ith him Mr*. EMMa. WALLtM OUONCIIUN, a young lady from Rnltaiiy, who conaldi r*it the brighi ol female nianneraM alw ays tkave the Uat word, and at many of the pr> eeding ouch aa alio rau eoavenienlly ni'iuopoliie, and who la determined to itir* eonie |>eeiile a piece of her mind, without regard to 1 heir peace of miud or hers either. Mm. EMMA W A LLIS MADAME RUSTYFl'NGCS, ach. ertul old Maaa- " iu oi abost the rear one, whoae tongn ; ap pears to he hum; < n a pivot, and wlio 1* par iicularly faaciuaWd liy'tlioae ?*?<'? GAMIN DB. PARIS, a fait youth OJ^be ^w,.^ WALL8M Twenty," gonerally to oe louud uu '.er ?art oui coguomena 111 all large ci tie*, and who mud be ?een lo be pruper.y apprec at< d. ..??? MADAME PLOKINE CHERI, a jinn"aK|<unit/ of courae, who appeam tor tun pui po a or tnakiogau appeal fur a charitable purpose, which, aa In all similarra.-e*. n only a pie tezt, but which happein lottlui raanto he a pretaal for am^ing a remarkahly juettv w.??"n8.? Mra. EMMA WALLER MARIE, a Miter ot Charity Mr*. WALLER iIBANNET'IE. another popular actress, perfe.-.tly able 10 take care 01 b-raelf Mra. EMMA WALLBS CARMEN, of the heart and boiieU.^a tile ? Misa AI>A CLIPTOM MADELEIMB, | \ Mra. J. II. KTODDART TKOMtitElTB, i ?!"*.. { M,SJ ,0NE BUR|^ JULIE. 1 ( Mlaa NORAH JUBIOK Sffigx ????- SKfiKI" MADAME It. ALPH0N8E, ml?trea?of ^'fa^"0* lonable gambling aaloon in Paris Mra. MARLOWS JBNN V (Carmeu'a Maid) lira. DILLOK fMrutanj- pea-1 GBORUB KBBVEN laanta. Vho) ..Mr WALUUi < likrc return -d } I to Tarn to do I EUOBNB DELMARTllB, f*?t Hie in all Mr. RAYMOND lltarapidity ..J BARON CHIKOKF, a Poliah emfe, with a pr^dl lection lor collecting aubooripilons and dla buramg?^earal'orand to the cauaeol Poland and the nvuKirv or hin au esiora Mr MARLOWI COUNT KII.U.V, hi*enufedaraie, always uaioua to aasUt In any little maitni 01 I'ontMarate ?crip, but dropping the teara Mr. LIT10K JAMES, an Engllah Tuer, utterly dlveated ol all natural ferocity?in fact, a *ery timid tiger, whom uo one nied 'ear to Oght?a man who doean'l allude In the moet remote manner to the aupremacy of the Ril'.lah navy, and who don t care a?uoll for iron platea Mr. 0. "WHIt JACOBUS, an old uaurer and re<?iirer of the Rue aui Fe?ea, who hn an affection for '?affaire'1 yielding 160 per cent?when ha ^'t |:et mora Mr. J. U. STODDAB* MIGNARD .'}hu bat neley partner. | ^ fII^>w PIERRE. 1 ( Mr. BILBV VagaboaJa af Pana, {Mr r.ICUABU JOSEPH. ) ?Mr. I1KNRT JAILOR, (the Carbarn* of Cliohy) Mi. MARKMAV Ladlea, Gentlemen, P ilice Vagabond!. Peaianta Ac* Mew and original mueic b? THOMAS BAKER. gARNUM'd AMBRICAS MUSEUM. ORBAT NATIONAL DOG SHOW, OKBAT NATIONAL DOG SHOW GREAT NATIONAL DOO SHOW. GRBAT NATION <L DOG SHOW! GREAT NATIONAL DOG SHOW, Monday, Tuesday, Wedneaday, Thuraday, Friday. Sdwtar. "V ll? "? U- ,e ?nd "?18W- " When upward of t2.3l)i WILL BE PAID IN PBBMIt/MB BBST SPECIMENS OF DOGS. INCLUDING BYEBV ^ 4n BBBBD OF DOGS KKOW*. mimmm Thla will tiadoubtedly be one of the MOST EXCITING AND IN TERESTING BHUBITIOMB erer seen nn this roDllatat. . & 5AK>!F V '? '? ?nnounre thai FRANCIS BOT LtK, Esq., the renowned Dog Breeder and Denueator baa consented to have on ekMbTtlfo the antlr* the* choice ep'cimen pairs of eiery knowu bread, from Ike GIANT_ flHERlAN BLOOOl/OUNO to Uie dimiuutlew dwarf i-nrrprUIni; at I ait thirty dilfr^ent'?iris. Una being the nolr MHtance In ibe 1 nown world whera Iks whole cktlua fraianuir have bren repreaeuted In one t% nuly gr- up. Oth?r ietitleinen owning ?aie and pure bre4 doa?, "I gr a? hoa-i .y, hareals.. airred to exhibit ihem. fi alls *rej;ehii? fl' < I up in tt,? ? umiuii for the aoiomma ?*auon of TWO inOI SAND DotfS Tl *y will be sa ar> rKng'.'ij aa :o be S'<-n o the beet advAutage, aadyataul ba wltnln reach of visitors or of each oth r. The bigho: 1 r -nium to be paid is ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. ONE thousand dollars ON> THOISANO DOLLARS. TO* otter premium* ?i: o ,i<i k> Si I'h MORE. $1, .lie MO KB. $! --U3 MORE Th ? num'jorof docsax ? b.ted will b? limited ??100of SMI *!??*. Person* daurou* of otbibll'af t' olr dtf? will aecuro num. beri'd certitioateaut' appln turn at the ticket OfliCO or the Mu seum, antltllng thrift to tb* entry of tbolr dug*. on de*po?titn? $1, a* rvld'nee o' food faith. Skid dollar will bo return*! on the Utt day of th* oihiblttra. For fall p*rilejlnr* tibials frto clrcaUn It (bo Kumb. XTIXOITS ROYAL CIRcrt, i> l,'ALVh OAHDKN. : . corner of Fourteenth Itfoet lad Rlr'.n aretiue VBDNESDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO AND BVENINO AT HEVKN, May 7 lDtfi AND EVERT AFTERNOON ANI> BVENINO DUBINO THE WKEK, Will bo produced, forth* n?t tune, iho mir*erj (aloof JACK, THE GIANT KII.I.ER. f r^diK-eU ei;irr??ly lar rowrauUtir* KoOTE, With new Wardioboa, ProporliM, Ac JACK .CONMODORB FOOTS HIS AID COLONEL SMALL Steward ot the c**tl* 8amL|thra? Otro of Iho Re t Fro te?bt feel ni*b) 8 Hawaii D*me Swallow All t* *ti? Cannibal) .... T Anrlrawa Soldlora, Ooarrlo, to... tf th* .Jiirenlla Try up? THI LTOTlTrflNO C ALO'LATOB Will appear eeenr afternoon and e??j:lt_ SAM LATIIROP.... .Inbiarreat.. T. WAR SPEECH AU the TROUPE or RIDERS and ACROBAT* FROM NIHI.O'8 HARDEN Will appoar at every performance. Dooraopeu at Iwo o'olo. k In .Lo Afternoon, And at Mean In (bo R**otaft. Performance to coamenae half an hour after oramo*. Admiaaioc Maaala Reservedeealo. .SOnaala Children to roaer*ed paste.., tooeaia BRTANT'g minstrel* Mechanic*' Hall. 471 Broadway, *bo?* Orand *tre?t. MONDAY, MAY "?r7 y|jj'j?u ? ll" LOST OBILORENAI<rK ? OBAPE VINE TWIST florouoa, Campbell, Haeorl, Hob*e, Fowler, Ooul I, l)ar?t> _ aiua. Morrleoa. Hilton. Oattlair EPH HORN, NEIL AND DAN Ult^ART, RUUtJED PATH OR SOUS O* MALTA D?onop?a*t7, curtain* rlae* at A o'claok. TlokoU SS mi> rrni fEisi and olory ? I or rati Mainlltonlcitj i*jii* worKPfamoa*^ _ -TAllfUWCABIR^n^WONDER AND ANATOMY.* (bo?( door lo Ball, Black A Co "al. All wht vslaa wiMoat, awuiamast, knowledge M? *wi4sl#mn,.itb,.tr.^(o MOST WONDB8PUL. B1TRAOKUINAEY. HARYBLLOOSk THRILL I NO, ? NSC R PAHS ASIA SUPERJ^^h invalu^^H INSTRUi^^^H ? ?ui ;?a%v JCflfff aSTi \v SClBNTIFlC*INSTITirTTOJl . for gentleiaea oily, from 19 till IS. iMtoa MoouU. ALLACK'R THBATRB. Tuo celebrntOtl Arm; Q.iadri^a, eomooaoit bjr RoMrt Rtoepe , ln*?rllM4 to the Sov ntli rajtment of tliUcity, nlayrd nlai tly at Wallaek'o th**tra ror Oljb' *<iecMt t week*, and nifhtljr racorod Jun ia*n?d b| FIRTll, Pl?MD A OO. ?? Nixom h royal CIRCUS. ~ w *iit-1 ? Mart- obiidrea for Oiadoroll* *?i'^ II to I . el >? * ?t (he Pva>.? Qar.lea, ^'irv*eotb ?m?M Ulklu BT?U

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