Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1862 Page 2
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AMUS1MUTI. ^ LiOU KBBNB'h IHEaTRB I*oore open tlT; In oinmen ?? At 7\ o'clock. . ? 11 KB AT SUCCBSrf ?x iM ?*w uil original pur, RBA8'>N ANU PoLLY, OK. LIKE IV PARIB, Alapted from the French expressi 'or tbi* thsalra,t? FOUR A1T8, ? ^ A SBKIEs 0?"t'ABLBAl/K Whiaa will he presented with MBW liCBMBUY. 1 NEW ML'SIC, MBW 0O3TUMB8. NEW SON (in AMD CUABl'SES. NEW DANCE? DISTRIBUTION UK IlKMAltKABLE STRBNUTH. THIS BVKN1NG, AMD BVBKY NIGHT I'NHL EUBTilER NOTICE, W*li oe put a . tl.s new and o. l^.nal Lh'.uie Kautasllqae, tn four ioU. cklltxl UBASON AKD FOLLY; OB, LIKE I.N PARIS. SATAN, a geuUcnun with wauni Wf All so laminar as lu render I ui thoi Introduction uaueoessary?h.a itral spi?aiau e this -oa ?on in averyuay oslutnfe. M an LAl'RA KBBNB MONfilEL'RCBN TIME, a stock brother win. fre quf-nia the Htiuiar for pastime, perfeotiy an tail ID the ui slri t 1,1 tin- Bulls and Bears, an i up to tue luk-aud tall in Brazilians aud Mt-s LAL'RA KKENB OUBV ALJKK D'Et ARTE, a young loan about town, well versed in the i.aMi of E< arte, bioaa,- i with a natural g.ft lor pre?digita tlon an 1 all the black arts gnu rally, and who will infallibly name every e.oveuth eard the moment he sees It, without any assastance from Adrien Mi?s LA t'KA KEENS MADAME CLVRICE, a gushing and romantic tenia e with au eye for the picturesque, who finds irufiea in rmuling brooks, figures of ijffi i iti stoues, and exstatic similitudes In everything Miss LAL'BA KEENE JOHN SjilTll, Jr., a person wliose uame it la mli ariu our mouths as household words, ami w hose nkduence is designated with geo graphi a and numerical accuracy, and with a Ireipiency .hat is absolutely alarming la iimii I, and are indigenous to every larg ? ?very autheuitc city directory (for further particulars see Trow. US2-&11 "Mi-a LAI RA RBENB UfihAM Or POLICE, one or thorn' eurse e nccs w lilch attach wall municipal gov ern city, the pe' aversions! ail lionest pen pie taiuUiu w lib disirtiuni.e idea.- lu repai d to property, personal anil otherwise, or iu any way tinctured with the be.lei' in agra rlan philoaouliv Misa LAI KA KEENE MONslH R BODOLl'HB. Principal of the Aca claim for the education oi usurers, a person 01 liberal turn of iniud w eu las miud la turned towaid himself, who neve i does any thing under oue hundred per cent, and who ha* an aQair on hand which promis a one bund. e<l ami ttfty M?s LA IB A KEENS M0NS1KI H PARTOl'T, the original inventor of the passe-partout, a man of lartje eiperl ence and uantiw ideas, who cinLeshtsap pea a nee on bcua'.f ot Satan s<>le'.y for the purpose of tempting and tenting the re pentance of Measeturs Kerven and D?l urari:e Mias LAURA BEENB QBNEV1EVE. a jiopt.lar actress, and of course an angei in iiii-KUtse, not to say a number of dlsguiaes, which?well, as she makes th# napiauatioii herself during the. oonrse of tiie drama, the mention oi the matter would simply be an ante-, iimux, and therefore we leave it entirely In her hands Miss LA I RA KEENS ATOLUi, a gentleman ef great ce!ebnty and an tiqu reputation, but who has o. late become so accomplished ixa the mat er of fiobing that he no longer linds It neci ss iry to carry his lyre about with him Mrs. KM MA WAisLEB OHONCUON, a young lady from Bi ittany, tt-lio consul rs it the height of female manners to always have tne last word, and as many of the preceding ones as she can conveniently monopolize, and who Is determined to :;ir9 some peopie a .piece of lier mind, without regard to their p ace of niiatl or hers either. Mrs. EMMA WALLER MADAME RUSTYFt'NUUS, a cheerful old Masa tc o a.'), ut the year one, whose tongue ap Ears to oe hun^ nil a pivot, an ! w no is par ?.larly fascinated by "those eyes" Mrs EMMA WALLER OAMIN DE PAK1S, a fast youth of the "Lower Twenty,' getierally to be to end under vari ous cognomens in all large cities, and who mustt>e seen to be properly appreciated. Mrs. EMMA WALLER MADAME FLOK1NE t'HERl, a prima donna. t of course, who appears tor ttie purpose oT making an appeal for a charitabfrt purpose, which, as in all similar cares. Is only a pre. text, bnt which nappens lnthis case to lie a pretext for sin^iug a remarkably prettv aouc..., Mrs emma waller MARIE, a Mater ot Chanty Mrs. WALLER JEANNETTE another popular uc tr i-.. perfectly fgkliie to tasc care oi herself Mis. EM V.A WALLER OAkHEN, of the broken heart and hopeless lite Miss ADA CLII-TON MAJtELKINE, t' i>,iU1], virls * Mrs. J. H. STODDAKT TMONwc'ETl'E, ( teasanlgiru. j MlgJ( JUi.lE. i I Miss NoKAH LEliili MAR1B. I Parisian Buttfirflie. M",t EVERETT ItKRtllA T ? ?*rtsian ButtertRs -. MissMARSU FLORA. t . ? ( FLOtlbNCE MADAME HT ALP1I0NSE. mistress of a fash louabl ? gam,4 ng >aioou in Paris Mrs. MARLOWE JBNN Y (Carmen's Maid) Mrs. DILLOK f Brittany pea 1 OBOBQB KBRVEN 1 a.nut, ? ho 1 . Mr. WAJLLBB { have returned j (to Paris to do I t?st Ule in all .Mr. RAYMOND Its rapidity... j ?ARON' CliItvOKK, a Pijlijj eille, with a predi leciiun tor collecting wilweripiions and dis bursing?.ears for and to the cauao ot Poland and Ui.- mi inory of bis act .-earn-* Mr. MABLOWE COUNT !? ILON, nis confederate, always anxious to assist in an; little matter of Confederate .... V' ^'u di-oppmg the tears Mr. LBVICK JAM KM, an English iCer, utterly dlraated of all natural ferocity?in fact, a very timid tiger, whom uo oue need fear to fight?a man who doesn't allude in the most remote manner to the suprem icy of the British navy, and who don't care a?bolt for iroa plaiea Mr. C PETBR3 JACOBUS, an old usurer anu receiver "f the Rue aux reves. who lias an ait i on for "artairs" yi-I .lng 15J per cent?when he can't get more Mr. J. H STODDART ORIMPART. I h,? linl bl,,r n?Hn"rq ? Mr- DILLoN M1WNAKD (hl? *Unl ,ml ?'?"y nil- SIBLY PIERRE, i t Mr. B1LBY JEAN ...I Vagatioads of Paris, ? Mr. RICHARD J-iSBPH. ) f M.. HKNi:?' JAIL-iK. (the Cerb-Tos of CI Ciyi Mr. MABKIIAM Ladiea. (icn.lo.m u. Police, ? ii:a ion .'a. Peasants, Ac, New and or.gina! music r.v TliOMAS HAKBR. JJABNUMS AMERICAN Ml'SEt'N. oheat NATIONAL DOG SHOW, 01.K iT national l>OU SHOW, ohkat national poo snow, UHSAT NATIONAL DOO SHOW, (.HEAT national 1K)G slow, Moad&>, Tuc la.', Wcdin'i?Uy, TuunwUy, Friday, ?>aturday, May 12, 13,14. 16, Wand 17.1(U3, When upward o! $i,aa'? will be r an in premiums l-OB III* BEST flPtm K.VS n? u I,s, incll'OINO EVERY BKK:?r? <>? Dot.-. KNOWN. Th'j will uPdoutoeulf be one of l> HOST KXi ITINo an "J X.STLPKsn.V.i EXHIBITIONS ever ?h-u on .V? > oi.un nt Mr BaKMJMi* i>?p| y to .uinoi.n-r ha* FH\N0IS BUT JLKK, T?n lei" r? i, .mi '1 DuHr'i1 i"rurr! Delineator, ha* consented to ..a <? on*'tion il> rinj ?h? entire ?now choice iiwvlmpr palm m ?.>ry Kiii. ri breel, from the OIANT HIMVIaN H!oOD>IOl Nu to t i" dunlnutlre tlw.irf TE\KZKit. lOii.^rUluK at. it t .Jrtjr dlfirent breed*, thta being the oiiljr taMMce ill be > uown world whe:" the wb'i? etolM (rtwrgit; hurt t> en repreaealed in on* u Billy Mffip. OtSerseat1'iimm ot-'Bln* raie > mi p .rehred dor?, ot (Mi bant t in v ? i ?> i ?: to rthii?t t>m. a^lia aie beln* W i?" i u(> .n till' I,?e" n for the awommo <!aU in o> TWO TUO 8ANI> U'HM TtM-y wll' be no ?f ranged at Ij be i - ti to .r.o'.ert advantage, andvetuot be within ie?eh of ifetor* or of e? h o h r. TLe lilaheat i>r?mi tn !? ? i~i ? fiNK TIIO'sasd DOLLARS one rilVL.SAKU DOl.LS KB ? NK l"HOI>aN1? 1XM.LAM Ttte otli*rprr niufflNii'.u vr. fl'ii Mi IRK. *1, t(5 $1,705 M'lKfc The numbe.-cf de?-11 itblt<vl n lit be Hm, f iw lPJef each ?lata. rwiinlmi iT < \hlbit n { tr ' ?* vill noeure num. Iim! iertli.c.t'? (Ml tppli aili.n at I Li n Ucr o t.1 <? VJu win. ontfu ng'.iem to .he en ry ol in i tfiya on 1 ?(" -Itlnx $1. aievtd at .'f j***! faith. Sali dollar will be r-lura-3 oo tb>' li mi da> of the eihib tion. Kor f ull p?rticu'm obtain fr?? Circulate at the Ml^bb. NIXON H ROY ii or net's, l'ALV, :K N. corne- at K .urt.'-nllj ?tnvt and HI it'.i ?*<? <ne, WEDNESDAY AFTERKOON At' TWO A Si) E*EN TNG AT HRVBN. MAY i IStB. AND BVERY AlflAtOOl \*U E > ESI Si i DCBINO Ttlfc. Wt.UK, Will-be pro luotxt, f'ir the rut uin>. ifcc ni r**rv ule of jack, the uiAai km.- eh." Pri?d ici d 'i jTM.ij to. < o ii fii'i'lorr FUOTE, WWi new ViriRtiM, Prop? rurx ie JACK COMMODORE FO&TE Hid AID COLONEL SMALL Btewerdui Ibe Caatl- . rtatn Lathrop Ogre of ">!? Rj'd Ryu (eight foet huh; 8. Honreu j&me Swell >w All (a a.i. Cannibal) T An:r?wa Uotdleri, tiuarl?. 4r by the Juvenile ,'.-oiipe rtmiu>pe.\r*ii> o ot |lv> hi autlfu K<im ??ii .er.ue, V \UB.Vl<>lrii,LI t VaKI... THE iTiJIITNTNU CAl.tM.ArOR Wtll appee- c??vt alV oocn and ereumg. SAM LaTIIROT* in bia (Teat V,*AR SPEECH All lb.- TB lUi E of KlOEtiH tn" At KOBATS KKOM Nliy.O'S OAKDEN ^111 appear at >v. ry jwrf irmance. - Dooroopen attvrooelo k in ibe AfUrncon, Ai 1 at ?-teu id the Evening. Performanc e to i mmetic1 half m hour after opening. Admlaaloa 3ft centa Rwrrtxl eea!? SO cen ta Child re ii to rearm d BMla 3& e<-nta URTANT8 MIMSTBEL& *><-ha I'na" Hall, 472 Broadw*y, a'.vn> Grand ?'ra?t. MONDAY , MAY ?. and ?-vry nlihi d ring the *e?k, CARTE OK \ iSTTB CHILDREN. Oi'-AI'R V1>E TWI?T. FlWSWe. CaeeSer, HW ri, Iloulm, Kowl<-r, Ooul i, a?tal ^ M .rr ?"H. fill-in, U? itnin fPfTTtORv KBTL ASO DAN BRYANT, KtkHIED I'ATII OH RoNX OF MALTA Doom 0[i?n "t 7, curiatoa rts'-* a' B o'glfw*. Tlck?U 26 aeau. _________ ZHE AMl'HEMEMT !'AR EXi EiJANOE-UOP TO night, ai M?'iam< HAt va<? Ba ( m L??.i n? Acadaay, SIB nciwa;. abov* H'?i?4"n rtn t A mitnbiT o: d'cxii1 dan Mit?a> ?'I'Kagi d inr tbf N HPion. C?iuin"ii< ing at 8 o olo" k MdoUi^li.rf Ht UK Aiiml??l?n SO-eu-. *nrAUiAt'K H THEATRE. Ww Tu?<wkbtmt?d Army QiutdrtlU . ermooaad by Ro'iert StoopAi, ln<et bel lr> trie Mert-nth re?luient nf ihl?eity, playrd ulghtly at Wallark'a theatre tor eigiit anceeMlve w*eka. and nightly enrored. Inat laanad b? rlRTtl. POND iOBl Reply to perl h prize <hi almnoeT-i will Dan e Keel a Jig In private fir ?!.'??.. ib? be^t danger to win ttar mot. M , the moat rtltlic It atapt and be?t eon atltutlx ih^ beat dancer. Earh party to ae'aet twelra frteniU to witnr* 111" i-niitcat, eneh par y aelec fing a judge and they, the ludf I, u> nolari it rinrte My money la mady. R. M ( ARKOLL LAVRA KEI'.NEIt theatrz Th? nelabrated l?m Keetie Waltr, romp-iaed by the wpular ? duttof, Tiiom >? Baker, la played nightly at Laura flteena a IM aire, and alwi<y< re ti-manded. The enormntu aale of thla beautiful wait?, la * ?ii(T\rlont pr<?f of ita great popu taHty. It wan played In even fashionable ball room laat aea n, and la rouncl in "*erf hon?e tliat haa a piano HORACE WATBK4 Agent, 481 Br >ad?:?y, ^yALLACt S THEA"*RR. The m i oal gem of the ae n Robert StAep>l'a t*. S Arm* Call* nightly euc >r?d at Wnllaok a lb aba. Juat jgBgH (.r f RTtf, POND * CO ?riION'l? P 0IBC01. . . I Wanteo ??? ebll.lren for C ndare'la Ap>>!yfrom tolooio' 'ha Palace (larden, Po ut nib ?>ri i ?ud ilk aveaue ANVSRHBJITa. XJIBLO'H GARDEN. "* ?1 Lesser ? tl M inwr), E. L. ftAYEMPollT, iTC l A.BRKTT AND W WHBATLBY. Fourth we?k of th" maenitWnt amrntir spectacle of TI i K E N' CII ANT B E >8, The brillUtit suoeea- of whtcn KoKMS AN EPOCH la the aunal* of the . SPECTACULAR AND ARTISTIC TRIUMPHS of the day. and in i"i es the management t.> aniiounneit BVRBV NIGHT UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. THE SI'LEMDID VOCAUIATIOM MISB CAROLINE RICHIN08, a* well ?? her l.oa. tiful acting, is msjitlv received with ROUND AFTER KOI nd or applause INTELLIGENT AND FASHIONABLE AUDIENOES. filling the * SPACIOUS AUDITORIUM from nariuet to ceiling. Brllluuu reception o: ANNETTI QAUITTI, pronounced (he BEST TERP8ICH0REAN ARTIST il Aru? Tic*. MR. l'ETER RICHINOS AS DR MATHANASIUS. NSW AMI SI'IjENDID MCEN'ERY. FULL OPERATIC CIIOKUS, A SPLENDID BALLET. AN INCREASED ORCHESTRA EXCELLENT DRAMATIC COMPANY. Admission, Dress Circle and'iuet CO cent* Secured Parquet Stall* 76 cents Family Circles l uuaiic 011 Crosby atreeL .. .26 centa Doors open at quarter pa?t 7; to ootnmenoe at 7V o'olook. 1*7'UTTER OARDEN. TF KIOHTEE.NTU NIGHT OK MISS BATEMAN, THE YOl'NG QUEEN OK THE AMERICAN STAOB. EIGHTH NIGHT OK JULIA, IN ' THE HUNCHBACK." Tliitt play must be ? ITllDKAWS THIS WEEK to mike room for ''OERALDIN K." SATURDAY EVENI2TO, May 1?, For the el'lit time. Knowles' <lrama of TUE HUNCHBACK. JCLIA MISS BATEMAN Master Wa;t r J. VV. Wallack, Jr S.r Thorn*.-. Clifford Edwin Adams Modus v A. II. Davenport Fathom W. Davldge Helen Mrs. Chun frail and ,i tine cast throughout. L ader of tha Orchestra ...Mr. E. Molleuhhtier Doorsopen at 7W|; Curtain at 8 o'clock. Bo* oluce open from 9 till 1. Seals mav be ?e mod in a.Uanoe. ON MONDAY EVENING NEXT. wtll be produce I t e Amrrran Tragedy of GEKALDINE, OK THE HUNCHBACK BRIDE. A CADEMY OP MUSIC. A TUESDAY EVENING, MAY 1J. 1881 FAREWELL BENEFIT TO BIKCH .? COTTON'S MINSTRELS, Previous lo their depaiture tor A utralia. The company comprises the follow ing well kn own and talented artists:? Btlly Blreh, Ber Cotton, K Abeceo, G Ridaui, M A. Scott, C. G?odwtu, D. Braham, M. itiley, T. J. Peel, M. Barker, J. Bradshaw. C. V. Hand. For particulars future bills, programmes, Ac. Admission 80 cents. Amphitheatre ???2S cents. C. V. HAND, Manager. VTEW bowery theatre. ?1 Sole Proprietor Mr. J. W. UugarQ SATL'RDAY, MAY 10. The ta.ented artist MR. E. EDDY to three favorite characters. The beautiful play of DAM OK AND PYTHIAS. Dane rig by Miss Louisa Browne The Hibernian faro* ol THE HAPPY MAX. The grand incantu.nn ncen. from DEK FREISCHUTZ, and the na'ional dram i of NL'K OF THE WOODS. B ARKUM'S MUSEUM. IMMENSE SUCCESS OP MADAME CELESTE'S MAGNIFICENT DKAMA, B1 J. b. BUCKSTONE. with a-.w and app.opr.ate Scenery, Costumes, Properties and other Appoiu-m it*. bj tL<- best artists. entitled FLOWERS OF THE FOREST; OR, A GIPSY"8 STORY. Thla piece has been In pre palatum unit rehearsal for seve ral week*, and la produced at AN ENORMOUS EXPENSE. The various uktiraa era ai c represented by the talented ar tists of tbe Museum Company, in ludlnc' Mrs. J. J. Prior, Misses Allf.-rd and Waters, Mes?r?. Nu^le, Jamison, BrUge mau, llads'>ay, BrK>'<(, Clarke, Ac., Ac. It will be pro duced EVERY AFTERNOON AT S O CLOCK, AND EVERY EVENING AT 7V O'CLOCK. ANOTHER EXTRAORDINARY NOVELTY. MASTER DUDLEY WAI.i-BR, THE INFANT ORATOR. Only six years oid. He is truly the most charming and de I14btt .1l little prodigy ever seen or beard. No written de scription can e ve an idea of bis wonderful powers. He will five "i-ecimeus o. bis oratory between tiie nets, at every per orn.ance In tie Lecture Room, aifd on the platform In the main ball of the Museum. At interval during tbe day and even! n v. lie c1'* ?? h a engagement to-<'ay. COMMODORE NUW, THE $30,000 NUTT, will bold his levee* at all hours, and give a variety of Inte resting performance.?. Also on exhibition, day and evening, THE QUAKER, OK WOODEN GUN, from the rt b ? 1 ionizations at Centreville. \a. THE GREAT LIVING WHALE, THE MADAGASCAR ALBIN'JS, THE LIVING BLACK SEA LION, LIVING MAMMOTH GRIZZLY BKAR SAMSON. LIVING MONSTER SNAKES, LIVING HAl'PY FAMILY, LIVINU TURTLE, IRAND AtjCARlA. with its mn'.tlludo of beauttlul LIVING HSU, and near a Million of other Curiosities. Admission t*> all. 25 cent Children under ten. 15 cents. OBAND NATIONAL BABY SHOW, JUNES. $2,000 in premiums for Hues'. BsMes, Twins, Trip'ets, Quaterna and Fsl Haoies, Number of Baol--s limited to one hundred. Fort* already engaged. Seireceruacates Itnuic <Hdtc!y at ticket oC.ce Don't fail to resd advertisement of the ORAND N ATIONAL DOG SHOW. IRVING HALL?GRAND CONCERT. TUESDAY, MAY 15, 18S2, THEODORE THOMAS GRAND VOCAL AND OKCHESTKAL CONCERT. The-toUovrm.: eninent ar.isls will appear ? MME EUGENIE DS LC8SAN, MR. B 'U NO WOJ.LENHALPT. MESSRS. W. MASON, 8. B. MILLS. B GOLU iE JK, E. HARTMA.N'N, A. F. TGt'LMIN. Harpist. THE TEUTONIA CHORAL SOCIETY. A GRAND OR HI STRA OF 60 PERFORMERS, Wi.ha navel an J a: tractive programme. Con tarter THEO. THOMAS Lea tor Mr. JOSEPH NOLL T1 kets $1 each, to b - had at a.l tae pnncipal music s ores. Holders ot ti:-l eai may obtain reserved seats w extra charge o' Schaif'nb-*rg A -L'lis, 7d' Broadway; fleer It Schlrnser, 7ul Bro.ilvr?y, ajd at Sibcil s stationary nor , 12 W all street. The gaieties the gaieties, the gaieties 61'i MUdADWAY. f:# l V STUBS 61R tic VP STAIRS 616 In a - orcimri* with t!i? ream-vi i-umerona nut ran a of the UHKATfc.-a INSIITITIjN IX I HE WOrtLD, tk? |?rci rw-tor ha* drcided to iblHt all hi-?!trgction? free, co nainidriK Srtnrduy ertiilnf, May lj, lrtW. On whu-b oc-at '>u * graud deraonatration will b-made, rale 'la led to d'-vrlnj-e ;h - pj?er? of good or evil of th" :ar lamed PRETTY WMTEU girls, whom- Wfjfaie anil tnt? reat t.av ? rirllM ib>' attention of thu nuw Yurk ly* alniure. and quoted the v uaHlve nerves of lbrrul:or <?: ll?e (.*?ei , w u<> r>na nt ?< r l)f>-n able to de'-ide uja.n th* place of hialmth. Ala*. poor YoricK. Adtuisnlun free. WALLACES TJ'EATKE. I nli<d Stale* Army full*, a quadrille,compoc 1 l>y Ro'iori Si ,el. n-<rl >d to the "tRoer* an-l memo. r? of the h?T"inli <!i.i ri. >i Y. s M N i 'o il Guard, and piavd upward* or ''ft* n ?i is at Wa'.la k'a lke*Ut< JuM piuhaLcd by FIRTH. i'ond A CO. GL FO.i OLYMPIC TULATRB. BKOADWAY. . i.-.kiiu.hi of lit- i-oinnwny at thia eaiabluMtrcot, *? tb' jr will a.. 'U oiwij at t'.ic ?>t>i JV'wry theatre. RCIHjEW TllOCUHTS. the Co-LKAN MORS. ROBERT H AC A IRK. JACK BHEFI'AKD A mammoth bill for fcron {way Saturday night. American dramatic fi nd association.-the annual meeting lor tii" eU:C. <n nfoOoer* will lake place at tbe j&ce of ti _? aMiicialiOk, fit Dtoidway, on M'.ndav, Mar 12, at I P. M. Tbe I al! ?. bo* will be opeued at 2 I'. M, and clone at 4 P. M pr- 'ljn lv CHAKI.ES * FEUN.'.RD, Se-rHary A. D. P. A PIKE fl OPERA HOCSE, CINCINNATI, OHIO ?THE dra uitlic -a'awn at tbir > 4 abUafcment n il! roruireme In the i*ll. P-rsona engagement* will i Irate addivaa tho undersigned. sta;* will f;u ' it to ib.'ir IiiIdiM to ?? to tUte. _ _ SAXL'hi. N. PIKE. Ctseteiaott. UTALLACE'S THEATRE. it Tm pem of our national ftiutc, liy America'* flr?t 'tup-aer, R tbtr! Stoop*!, tot L'. M. Army tjiiadrUle, dedi catee to the de-ftnth re(liiicD't V. Y. 8. M , ppriornifd eT>*ry nl(ht with r. |>eated eni-on:*. .Music Juat isaued by KIMi'H. POND * CO. ; Last week op the exhibition op CHURCH* ??HEART ?>r THE ANDES," AT GDUflLH, 772 BROADWAY, from 9 to C o ck? k. AdmUaien 34 centa. Vlmtora are r? qiieeted to brlr.g opeta glne* ?. Nation\l academy op desion.-the thirty nevenlli annnal eib*oit on of the National Aiad>*my of Design, e<>n?Utin? of Origlual Woricn by Living Am?ia, m now o^en for tbe ?eaao-i, at tl.e Oal!erl> *. tOi B.oadwav. Seawti liclfU 60 centa. Hingl' adir'-uon 2d w.,tn T. AI'UlSftN RICHARDS, Corre?p<.ndlng R.vri;taiy. N A. occLirra and alrhts. Deafness, discharges prom tub ears, Bllnduoan, Chronic Ind.imn itlon, and all tiia?aaea uf the eye and car: a.?o oerv tie alffratonn and <iitarrh, *.h? fre mi nt c?u?e oi deai'nes', cured by I>r. URA Ki COiituiCa* tloo free, Jcraonally or hp letter, OtW Br >ndway. MEDICAL. AN OLD HT.VMD.?Ufl'AL CONSULTATIONS -dr. nAHKo.v IM Blocker street, four d-?o;* .'rjtn Mac, Ni-w York, from II till S, aud from 4 till * Dr. COOPP.r 14 Ol'ANE fltREET, MEMBER OFTHB College of rfi) i.ic ?n* and ?uigeonaof New York, may be cocnul'fu ("ally at iiU office, fiom 8 Id Uie morning until 9 IB III* i veiling. DR. R CO.tBETT, MEMBER OP THE NE<V YORK I'nlveraMy Madwal Col'rge, and Ool'-ge of Murgeona, Lmdon. ran bi'coi.aulurd aa uaual. a. his ofllc.-, M Centre ?treet, between I hamboro and Hckde Private on'ranee No. 8 City liaU piaro. N. B ?B?i> Dr. C.'g diploma, la lilt "(Be. (/nargta moJeraf. DOcTOB HINTEB H1B> ELF?THF, PHYHICIA* ? ho "?tabli?hej| tne Haaiei lan Di?petitai-y, No. 3 Mv| alon a'rtei. New Yr.rk city, in ldJ4, ?au i or milted irem ft A M. until ten ' lock at nlglM, ai the old like. A |irl *te entrancr BooV lor tiothir j. rROPERNOB BB8TELL, 163 CH AMBF.RR STREET ' A It be oonaulted aa uxial. Agent*, \/]u Libert* ? -U *. U Brooklyn. 174 Fulton ?reet! J * RF.MOVAI^-DB BAI.PH'SOFPK E, TO IMBLEBCi ^R ?treet. waat of Broadway. Hour*. II to 2 and it till i. Wf H HLNTP.fl M r? BO. ? MVinOB HTHF.PT N TV ? ?., alnte KM, niree eriipllosi of ihe aklft, ? in ?r?ry form, white awellliig, orrthltlr, '.arlco-^le. hyd>o^e|i>, gmrel, i.v i'a r!v*- motlam, a' .le, ckrouk ?i luilaji'ua laiy No pay UUcujeA AMuaiMMirra. WALLACES. MK. WALLACE Uu great pleasure In *;koo? Ir-djiug t'e unprecedented ra> spuna* mud*' by the public to hia en ors that Ikl STANDARD AND LEGITIMATE DRAMA Should Ixt [irrx iiiml with a pcrf<-< tlon of can and detail hitherto iinaiteinpird. The unqualified auoi?t> attending the t tfoitin.' ic* hid to kudu tire a Trash bEKU.8 or SPLENDID REVIVALS. TONIGHT. SATURDAY, Hen-nth time here. th>- great play, by Bnlwer, author of "Richelieu" ant* ' Money,'' of the LADY or LYONH, Whl<~h haM attracted all d'Mi?t*lv crowded auHenoea, who manifested their great gratification by the moat enthusi astic plaudits ever beard within the walla of this eatabUsh meut. THIS PERFECTLY PRODUCED PLAT Will be i:1vei> to-uutht. With entire New Sc< uery, Superb Oostu nes of the Umc, both civil and military, and meat powerfully caul. ClaUite Meluotte" Mr. Lester Wallack Col. Duma* Mr. Mark Smith G!arl* Mr. Charles Klxher Bauseani -Mr. Reynolds Moiih. De?cliarp< l>? Mr. Norton .'abot, I^iudlord 01 (be Golden Lion Mr. (1. Holland CuHi>ard Mr. Youug Major DramouiuiH Mr, Parke* Captain Dupoiit Mr. Paraloo t'aptain Oerault Mr. Turner Pauline Mrs. Hoey Mme. Deach-ipiif'liea Mrs. Vernon Widow Melnotte Mrs. John Helton Marian Misa Greene The new Sceuerv. by IS11E ItWOOl), will consist of SALOON AND DRAWING KOOM 1!? THR HOUSE OP MONSIEUR DMSCnAI'PELl BS. EXTERIOR OK TilK (lOLKKN LION INN. Tills WIDOW MKl.XOTTB'S COTTAGE. VIEW OK TI1K CITY OP LYONS. PROOKAMMB POK THE ENSUING WEEK: _ Monday, 0..D HEADS AND YOUNG HEARTS. Titu?av, 8HB STOOPS TO CONQC8B. WKPMKStDAr. LOVE AND MONET. ? Thursday, THF RIVALS. Fkip vr, THE LADV OP LYONS. In rehearsai, MONEY, Ac , 4o. FlNANCIJUi. ^ Akmv and navy i-ay umos. Ait ar< of l'a> for resigned, deceased and discharged officers of the Army and Navy. Prite Money, Bounty Money. Ac. JOHN B. MURRAY, Army anl Nary Banker. S'J Nassau ? reet. New Yurk, opposite the PmIoAm. AUGUST BELMONT A CO., BANKERS, NO. 50 WALL St., issue letters of credit to travellers, available in alt parts or the world through Me.-iars. Rothschild, ot Paris, Lon* don, Frankfort, Vienna, Naples, and their correspondents. AT 111 GRAND STREET, THREE DOORS WEST OP Broadway?Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plate, Dry Goods, and personal property of every description, or bought and sold by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctlom-rr and broker. AMKRI AN GOLD AND SILVER, 7-SO UNITED Slat's Treasury notes, i.nd the one >e*r Certificates of Indebtedness, bought and sold at the best rales by P: P. JAMES 4 CO., 45 Wall strret. A PREMIUM PAID FOR UNITED STATES DEMAND note*, tir.-vt isiue, by P. P. JAMKS A CO., 45 Wall at. PROPOSALS POR $230,0(A) OP "THE NEW YORK Comity Court House Stock."?Sealed proposals wjll he received at he Comptroller's otlice, until Saturday, Mty 17, UH, tUU2?'elwlt r. M^ |rli?n the same will be P'lollcly opened, l or the whole or any part of the sum of two hundred and lil'tv thousand dollars of "The New York County Court House Sio k," authorised by chapter 1S7 oi the laws or ltMW, and by an ordinance of the Board of Supervisors, approved by the Mavor, April IP, 1362. The *aid Siock is to pro.-ide me ms to pay for the land ac ouired lor a new Court House, and to erect such Court House tiiereon. It will hear Int. rest at the rate of six pee ceni per annum, payable half yearly, on the first days of May and November, and lh<- principal will b- redeemable in successive annual Instalments of one hundred thousand dol lars each, commencing with thr first day o! November, A. D., W75. Tilt prop osals will stale the iimoont of stock desired, and the price per one hundred dolors thereof ; and the persons whose prc-jx. a - arc accepted will be required to deposit, with the I'ouuty Tieisurer, w.'hin lifteen day* alter the OPeniu^ of the IiiJn, the sum awarded, to them respectively. t)u pres- utins to the Comptroller the receipt* ot the Coun ty Treasurer for such deposits, the parties will be entitled to receive e?r!l.icntea for e.ptal amount* of the par value of the Mock, hearing Interest Irotu the dat?s of payments. Kadi pr >po?ition should be se.i><1 and endorsed, "Pro I osals for New York County Court House 8to'k," and en cles'd in a s;*'"oiid envelope addres-v d to the Comptroller. The ri'.;Ut I- reserved to reject any or all of (he bid", if con sidered necessary t.' pro'eet or promote the Interests of the county. ROBERT T. HAWS. Comptroller. Cur ok Nkw Yokk, D'.pjutmi nt or Fixattcx, Comp tkom."U * Of. icp, Mar 6, 13?. PRIZE LISTS ARE NOW BEING MADE UP POE tl..? B o katllnn M|'iadron, ali i prizes are paid daily for the San Jacinto, Crusader, Constellat on, Mohawk, Ac., Ac. JOHN B. MUR'.tAY, Army and Nav* Banker, No.: 9 Nassau street. New York, oppoeUc the Post o il e. PENSION AND WAR CLAIM OFFICE, ESTABLISHED by Major Myers, United State* Army, in 1817.?$100 bounty is now due the widows and neira of deceased soldiers e:ill-t-.d for two yearo or the war. 1'ei Jions and prize money aecured. Addrtsa C. W. Myers, ttj Broadway, N. Y., room No. 32. pESIONED AND DISCHARGED OFFICERS' PAY AC It counts adjuste d and cashed, and anny claims of all description* promptly arranged and collected at J. H. HLoUNT'S Army Ciauu, 73 William street, corner of Liberty. STATE PAY FOR SUPERNUMERARY OFFICERS, UN dcr the late act of the S ale ot New York, is now belnjl colle led by JOHN B MURRAY. Anny and Navy Bunker, No. SI) Nassau street. New York, opposite the Post office. TO ARMY AND NAVY OFFICERS.-RIfHAKDX KIN'GSLAND, No. 4 Broad s're-t. one door fi om Wall atreet. purchases yuar:enu*s'er<i', Cominlrsaiy, Ordnance and Contractors' Culms, and makea advonees on officers' pay rolls. United Hfa'.-n and Sate cai-us, tounty, prlz# money and pensions adjusted and collected with prompt ties and on libeial terms. d?"l Afl BOUNTY NOW DUE. WiTH PENSIONS OF JpJ WU two and three years' volu?teeis, three ui n'.hs' inio.ia, sennieu and marines discharged on account of dls. ab: .tv, or their widows and heirs, and all i.ack due., collect ed. No charge for in'o tnati .n. MaTHIAS GOETZEL, No. 4 Cen're itrret. LOAN OK KICK 8. AT C6 NasAI HTRBKT?A. HON! .M AN, DIAMOND bruk-r, makea lllx-rul adrancea on Piumonda, Wat :bea, Jeweiri, <>r lniji tbem .a full va.u-, at bis private o!Uoe, U6Niiw.ii ativet, room ^ 2, up allure B.ialtic.s conll drnliaL A T 77 BLEKCKER RTkiiET?THE HIOIIK.SP I'RICES xV. ad vane d on Diamond*, Wat<T.cj, Jewelry, Ac. A'ro Pawnbroker * Ticket* b iiubl for diamond*. watch ?, j?;w clry, guna, piatola, tc? at 77 Blt-eekcr airei t, up *t*i r. If. NEWTON. AT 305 BKOAOWAT, CORNER OF DL'AML STREET, Money ao/dii.:. '! to *iiy amount va Damon la, Waioii-a, Jewelry. Ac. Huaif ?** ai-.ct.'jr coiiti.l. raiil. T. II. KKE8IDU, auctioneer and brokar. I'rtvjie entrance In Uuan? atre t, flrat oor vmof Broadway. At iij Broadway, corner ok pulton street. The be t pr:u*imlu foi Diamond*, v or uuset. Ad T'ini "a o.l Wat'1 4 s, Peirli. Plate. ()| tl il InalrnmenU Ac , left on aale, -r < 111 bitv mem at a (air ralnnUoa J. 11. BaPRINoBR, J12 Broadway, room IS, up Mali*. / 1ASH PVi.< I OH V ,MONDS?ALSO FOR INDIA \J Center* Hair Snnw Moticyto loan. A fewartc!ea of I) amiiiiil .Ifnflrj for n aheap. Apply tuly from y till lu A. M , and i till S P. M. B rt . PLUMB, Diamond Broker, Hi Bro<'1? i r, I[URNITURE?WANTED TO HIRE. TliRlJE OOOD ' Hair Mattretacl AddreM4. D. J., Hem: J oflcc. TIHKRAL* ADVANCES MADE on DIAMONDS, a Wa nh?> and Jewelry. Old Hold at I S'lrer bought for rash at high'** prH'j. Camel* h?lr Sn*wi* bnnubt and lli*'al price paid tor t: em. by LOL'18 A; RICH, 728 Broad way . JACOBS, 407 HROADWAT, REMOVED~PROM 43 J% (Vdar alrcet.?Advance* made, in aum* to anil, on Watcbei. D.smond*. Bllrer Plate, and oth r r raonal pro perty, or bought for <*aah. Buidne** tmctly ??..? i?ntlal. ONEYTO LOAN?T.^UirS TO SUlfi ON~ WATril ES Di.'tnon 's, Drv Uoodaaiid all vaUabie Porfonal Pro p?ity, Stiver Plate, Ac. Apply to R. WOOD,62 H liton rtnet, ?econ 1 floor, Iroct loom, Irom 9 to S o'clock.

MONET LENT-TO ANY Aim\*T~ON ALL KINDS of peraonal property, a* Watches, Diamonds (wt mid ur.-nti, Jewelry, Dry Oooda. Ac., by AAIION ADOLPHI'S, II etj?ed loan office, 429 Feari street, corner of n?w Lliambtra HTML PAWNBKOKEKs" TICKETS PURCHASED AT lik Broome *tre.t, tour doors from Broadway, of cintiiiti?, Diamond*, Jrweliy, Witches, k<- Por ?l?, Nofinra< Ooata, \i , Ca*?ini?re I'ann, $1. Vena, 50 ; Pull a'tit torli OEORGE LEVIE, CommlMlon M i.haM. 1 Ml nan smbh^awvirokbr-m tiuxbm LUl/ b r> ii*?eiL Tbe or dinal . heap <;io'.hlne m?m . Por a .le, 0?ajmcra Panta, TV.. \eats, *)-., ttoai* from $1 to $?(. Al?o Uenta' Kurn ahln* oooda from auction. J B. HOPKINS, Cominiaa'.ou Ai-nnt, TUB UEBEI.LIOX. l^IPTT-TUttD RKOIidENT, N Y V-V ?SBl'RUH X1 Cbat*e?rf?-Go?d men wat.t> d to Qll tip , con.[Mn<-. Apply lo Capt. D. W. Dinga, AOUrand alrcet. 1AST CHAKC"R~ NOW OPFBRKD IN A~KIK8T ( LASS J re*tm' nt ?Any ofll -?f or non-commlnaionail i m er fcav* log oornpan >a o | url ? of compjnica i an obtain a po Itton In a riaiuv in now rmlnj under cp*eial ottiers by ip).lying at 609 li'.idaoD atr , corner of Hammond. ONE LlEl'Tl ?'ANT. AC"?RErRL'ITN WANTED. NOW i? th<- o.ipoitttnlty. Oue more chance wi mm your cinn> try in ilia Flfiy-thlrd re;lmcut Plfth Ea/.c bilgade, aom? man led by U?a A. H ??? . :, Utr Major of th- 8 Trntjr fit t r< glni'snt N Y. p M All |)art|?s wl?hlBit l" a t va non> ro i'tr.l?*,oncd oflrara muat >np y lm .i'olu'rly to aticuri-vo aitlona to Captalu W. S. UPIIaM, SI Ch ;har,i iimt, kc riutflbg olHce, M. T, C ILK AND ROti INo KI AOH, ALL SIZBS, <?N"llAND f?.r aale; alao HU?lK Monatinga, Trimminga, Kaalci, Ball?, Hpear Heada, A?. Orii?naiital I'kluting and E'uhrol deriCRon allk. HOIKR M MI m 97 Dnane ?tract. T?NITRD STATES MARINE CORI'H -WANTED, POB L- 'he I nlted Statca Marine Corp;-, able bodied, ii,*elilK, nt, umarried man. betwean the sg- < of eighlaau and lortj yeara. not lea:- Crc f' e. fo i and a half Inabea bigb, and ofgooil ??liar?tct< r. Holdlcra aervlng in tblacorpa perform dnty la uatyyardt aod on I oftftl 01 reavtla of w+r. Pay from SIS to $ '4 per n oi lb, wllb n>?? ndac.ra of Llvtiiii g. boitrd and no dl' .tl attcri Um.?, furnlahc I by the go f< rnmoni. Apply at the Rend?*To?a. is B' ?r?ry, or at thfi Marina Ba.ra<A., Pluibing aven .?, urookl; n. A 'IARLAND, Major Commanding. V OS Bl? RO~C H ASSE fBS, PI FT Y-TIIIKD " KKOIMP.NT ? N T. T,?II(ifif ttf for that $100 botmtp, Lxtt riiBr,"# l> ore the war?nd?. K??trulta now ,?an" d ft No. (0 Chat ham aqiiare. Ap[ ly to Captain M CMKORr or Lleul*'ant Si'ER .INti, forma ly of Dntye'i'a i&oiuyea. OS toJI u? if t 'M A SS E t" RH? KIFT Y-TI 111 REOIV! ? New York Vohanteara, organized ut r ape< in 1 tl.orlty iron) th>- War Deitartinen1. ?i<utrier> i at Belli Oarden Ki|-;>?i? ih atreat, East river, ua icr command of loncl Oeorw A. Buckingham (4jii* Major of tic Savanty-i re.'lm ni RnwTork Mala Militia) It la ln'"nde,l thai ??VoaMirgh y'ltft'oeurai' ahall tiot be excelled by any itrm In the dali' Pay and ?nbal<tencc to coinm?nty Irom rlat.i en'latioent R*< roll* will b? aeni at oneSlo camp, wnere oiiarters are p onded, flllu bounty to aach soldier wli honorably diacltargcd from the ??rvica. The families of th' erill it!n< v'II bo a ded by ihe State, (iood n,. n waute I t Ut up Con piny T. ApplyVn -"'and/t ee ( * I ] ? ? HI I' V, flf' |(}f Lata of Nin'h reg m?nt Na%Yark Htaia MiUUa, INTERESTING FROM EUROPE. Oor Paris. Frankfort-on-the-Main and Con stantinople Correspondence. Effect of u Bull Run " Kumll'i Exclusion in Paria. The Rebel Agents and Their Machina tion* in Franoe. The XFational Shooting Festival of Germany. Life and Foreign Services of Brigadier General Carl Schurz* HIUDER OF AN AMERICA* MISSIONARY. FRERt'H VIEW OF THE RESULT OF THE WAR, Ac., Ac., Ac. Our Paris Correspondence. Paws, April 25, 1802. The Excommunication of LL.D. Kussell from the Ameri can Army, and Its Effect?How the French Approve of Secretary Stanton't Actum Towrds the London Times? The 11*4*1 Came Still on the IVane?What the Oovemment Hopes from if. Mire*?Another Pmmphltion Italy?The Japanese Novelty, <fc., <fc. French journals have been bo constantly in the habit of making copious extracts from Mr. Russell's lot tors to the London Times that ths formal announcement of his correspondence being about to cease, in consequence of ths refusal of the American government to afford him his required facilities, nscsssarlly sxoites some attention in Parisian society. As far us I can Ascertain, all are sorry to lesrn that so fluent a pen should be about to dry up. At the same time, so far from there being any disjv>sitiou to qusstion Mr. Stanton's prudence and sagacity in the course be hss thought flt to adopt, all parties seem only to wouder that Mr. Russell has bo. n iudulged with such long impunity. His graphic bet exaggerated descriptions have always been read with avidity; but no one can doubt that their whole bias has beon continually in favor of the South. Now, ths London lirti-t exorcise* a very powerful influence, not only over the people, but the cabinets of Europe; and opinion thus gene rated amongst the governed and governmental departments of ths Old World cannot but react u?ain upon the rebel States In encouraging them to persist in their present rash and ruinous policy. As to Mr. Rus Mil's pica that what lie writes doss not reach America till aftsr the lapse of a month, it is really fallacious. The importance of his words does not so much attach to his descriptions of detail, movements of troops and general line of military tactics us to his account < f ths general morale cf the army and tire Uuited States government itself. This correspondence, if other reports are to be believed, 4s regaided with anxiety in the rebel camp. Many s cowering spirit is nerved to greater firmness by the perusal of its friendly spirit, i'.s-pleasant predic tions and its favoring influences. In France, in fact, no one is sorry to hoar that the I/ra don Times has received, through its correspondent, a "slap iu ths facc." 9he arrogant tone which that Jour nal assumes in shaking of Fre n-h politlo; is distaste ful to all parties, and mauy are dispn-sd to see in this thoroughly independent conduct of the Amoricau go vernment a spirit of dsllanco to England, which others only bids their time to follow. Tns conduct of K&giand towards the United States in their hour of trial, as ex pressed both in Parliament and the leading journal, has bsen so full of priie and haughtiness that a day of reck oulng may ono day comc. All the world sees it, and Mr. Stanton is rather regarded as a beacon ia the bold line bs has pursued. Opinion in Franco i? dtily stierr h nicg sgakat the rebel s'talos. It seems to be generally thought that the hour of final trium;<h cannot be long delayed. At ths ssme time it I* believsd tint ths government of tho 1 mted States is gradually l iyinx ths founilat.on or a most lmt>ortaut chamjc?that it in. la Tact, fist becont ifcg a Power or immense milita-y importance, ana about to exercice au influeuas on forc:go politico in do v?y In fer! ir to France lietMslf. A London lei ler appears in tho Mntti'utr respecting the LOiu| '.aint which tho Vnited State- " government has been making in regard to the lie-. tumirts bee mlng i leel smporluUi for Southern supplies, as a moral violation of the professed reutrality." It fflvcs also the au? wor of ths Kuglbdi Cabinet, " th*t such a circumstance m >t hove l?e n fores'-eu by tlu American government, and is only an additional nrg >mout tor roconcillation b t .vjen the two pa> lie* lu the American republic." Prints Poliguac, who married SI. Mires' daughter, is, of courso, in high fes.hei at hvs father in-law's osca; e, thoi gh it issai'i that tho lady retains such a bitter re sentment at the Princes behavior when he.' lathe- * t/ were St th ; won't that sb? r"l'u?es to cotuu ^ f? live with hitn. Mires' Star is now so completely .n ths ?soeu'tant that many do aot acruple lo MmikM Le will ere long be a m"io important pcrs^na^o in I'm i ? than M. Fonld himself. His boid challenge to th ) Presl dtnt. v lieu charged with abstracting 5,( 00.000 franc o*, to divulge the nsmen of tne parting who.i he paid t jii ?i m?Count dc Morny being tolerably well known to i>o of u? is nn torst'iod to have much to do wi;h his lit T' e chest containing tho pliers ordered to b<- rot urn <1 to Miies w<igli iiiurd tko (04 pounds. 3'hs copying of document* itly co?t 7,two fr-inc". th ? v> i ttioation 01 ib?: trial ^OHO franco, and ill * vrtaole trial ."-onie'JOn noo irai v i. Ootmde.isg that pHtlee is rulii to be grr.ied gratuitously tti Franca, tbis i* |>retty well. M. deTihdntcLet lux published a pamphlet on the* kingdom of Italy, which lo 'ks vary Itfco a Fret li g< \ ercnieutal programme. lie divides tho l(v;c* Italian States in'u two e'a-fcs or - osjo the kingdom of Naples, mmus ?'ie'ly; th? < tuar the ramauiilcr of the peninsula. lis in t|nirt whether tuiit'.cation is to ba considered in en ?c con .' ijh.-d fact, li# cotisi iers that Tuscauy, Moden* aud Part!* are all \sr? It Sitinile.l with this unification, as steo Cmhrti aud the Marchce, nod ibai throughout t c i whole of t.Vper Italy the t?":eiVW1 iffact of th's y e->t measure is exparinnrod in lha shap? of an lucrea*ad tiaitic. Society rejoiced at thia unification froni its ant!;>athy to Neapolitan rule. Dot Naples is histori' ally and geofcrap'.leaiiy ?*iaraud from the rest o| Italy, and the a itb >r thinks four or five jours of peacu and trau <iiiillity a. e n?<?ysiry to reconcile it to the chant e. Rome and Venice no <io<s not consider uidi?j?i;.:iU>l ? tlut, in fret, tho a<ij >urmng of the Roman 'luistloti we venta an Au?tro-8paul?h iolcrvciitiou?ketpi the rte:,ia gngii*?of iuly in eh'-tk,aud reduces the Pap-icy to its oi ig'nal condition: and, lastly, thin tie kir*d in t Italy is an s( C'iiupll."hed fact ttmt rauet be rco gul:-.* I by the other Puwas ot Kuropa. He thinks, likewise, that the French trooj* must <amain at Rome. 1 be Japanese Ambassadors cual.nne to he th? giuitf lions of ParU. F.very diy they may be riding In the Champs Ktjrsaes, ?nd eveijr night at one or olher of the theatres. Tartiea sojourning at t!.o llotvi da 1/itivie had arapl* opportunities of gratify ng ? heir curiosity, ns more tlian once ih"y have dined at the J'/?/?; and li: jse \>ho i.a\o picked up a lit (Is Ki eti< h or Jlngli ii?aud many of the suito have already don-- so? ars g;m1 to enter into conversati on. Their F.xceHeiK,:os' poctt< tliandkerchieis (before u?e, be it untle'stood) are i'i grsit rcu<iest,ar.d everyday *eoi?s of tb?.e s.ju .re bus ol t;ce paper aro distrih ited and pixserved as on rlostie.. The Anibsnctdo,* havo beau t. Versao^-a, where wheelchairs were provided for th'.-m tliai the} might trtv rM without fatigue the long gtjlei le am curt More of that fatuous souvenir of Louis (Jus lorn aud survey tDe tniias of cnnv.iss that adorn lis walla, ftie fountains were let I'xwo especially to do them honor, and liethaps u?thngih:it they have witnessed in this oily of >ien iiy gratiii?<l the in so much as th^e celebrated wsier worfe The vensr .bis bald head* of thtsr Ka 'am dl plomatn w?ng> d to and fro as the tnigbly N?ptune gushed o\.t his fants'tic waters, snd the wbnie ganlon nee e, .is terrace ipou tarrum rose below them, ail a ire ?nh thousands In holiday toilet m.d gushing; spriif, t-eetned to strike them with amazement. Vos'erday tbey went to the lio'el des in'-slld. s They ronforni thsmsalvas wondarrully t0liur0|iesn habits, > nd tn th? <>igoity with wiii> b thry raise tiisir straw lists, wUen saluting those who conduct tbem through the va rious rtepartn.euia, tbey are second to no Frenchman of the beat *gr of French coui tesy. Thair jwiraits havo been careiuiiy photographed, aud crowds dsiiy msombie around Ulrous'a shup wlmlow to ins^set and comment Upon tliem. Tbey take their dapM ture next wsek for i/>ndou, iu or?lev to be present at the opening of the In ternational KxlubUiou. Mrs itinail ,lbe American drsmat 1st,is giving tocrowded audiences re rei enun?n$ frcrn iroeihs and ('Fa ist." l'ists, April 36,1 Mi Bnuthtrn 1Yl*ffro?hic li<)?orf'?PmaU Ltttm l? .OoulHern trt?Th' BtM OmrmssMi in Parit?C<MftdrraU Oma. mtnlt?Rnitlith Qninttend Frrighu? TKt London Exhi bition?Cmnnt?vv ali^ru B'twrn France and Knglaitd? Spring Wealhtr?Ti inmph of fAs Sludmls ? Tit Qiiem of /f'llawt?The A'?< lirnvm, ifr. The dsy a'tor the arrival of {he news of thebattleof Corinth the 1'alrit published a despatch purporting to be -ma: ? a mercantile hoose l?l 1.1 verponl, from one in Hal ? <ie 1 dated the 8th of April, the purport of wh rh i 'hat. d No. 10 still remained in poaaeeaien of tha - ?-atas ' <t boauregard ha-' antliely destroyed tha of C o -ral nuell'i a ny, had takes Ma batie Ida ? ivaral tbouaa id p? leonar?, and thai (4 I* t?nr? Twkiown, had been repuUod by General Magrader, ud forced to retire to Purtrwa M"nroe, whir* bo ?u awaiting reinforcements from Washington. A'though ? despatch of the 12th, which arrived tho name day, con tained no confirmation of these reports, tho Southern rebels in Paris ?til) profess to believe that tlio Oirimh battle was a Southern victory, and thai Gcuoral Mcflel lau ha* been badly whipped at York town. Indeed, seve ral private letters have been received by .southerners hero from friouda in Baltimore and Philadelphia, making the Utter statement, on the streugth or which they bavo fallen back on their old game of brag. One or two grand victories, they say, would convince the nations ol Eu repe that they possess sufficient strength to enable them to resist successfully; and their hopes are again reviving that France and Eng'and will recognize them. Most of tho news, such on I hive given a specimen of above, coibiw here to Mr. Slidellyt'id la by him seht to the 1'atrif, whii'h, although It Is not so enthusiastic for the Southern cause ns it was lu the time of Judge Roat, when it wa? handsomely paid for Its enthusiasm, may ?till be consldei ed as the rebel organ In Paris. "fiiore ere in Paris probably about two hundred South erners, about flfty of whom are mon of family, and nearly all of whom are men of property, who prefer to remain away from the scenes of strife and carnage, and are waiting patiently for tho war to be over. These people In one Important respect gain a eontlnu ?1 advan tage over tho loyal Americans resident In Paris. They are eternally talking, in season nud out o* season, and endeavoring to convince everybody with whom they <iome in contact or the Justloe and sure success of their cause. Englishmen in particular, who encounter them at the hotels, are Immediately set upon, and all the old griev ances which they allege against the North are set forth In pitiable terms: and tben the brag game Is resorted to, and the superiority of race assorted, and the determina tion expressed that the South shall never be subjugated. From the extreme Southern States I believe there are but two mon in Paris who may be considered loyal to the Union?one of those is from Alabama, the other from OeorRla. Tho remainder, so far as I hare encom>tered them, are unyielding, uncompromising, and some of them devilish, In their dispositions. In fmeaklng of the capture of Oeneral Prentiss yesterday,I heard one of them?who I holier* Is a deacon in a church lu Missis sippi?any that If he had hla way ho would Inflict upon h?m and over other "Infernal Yankee officer" who came ioto his h>nds a horrible and barbarous punishment. With very few exemptions there Is no Intercourse be tween the Southern and Northern men In Paris. There are, however, of the former a few moderate, sensible men, who have been In tho Northern 8talos, and know tho indomitable energy of <wr people, and who havo rid themse' ves of some of the absurd notions which Ignorant Southerners who have never been out of their own cane brakes and cotton fluids obtain of "Yankees," with whom one can talk without being forced to listen to noth ing but blackguardism and bombast. men, Ib view of the recent Union victories, fall back upon the old assertion that the "North may conquer, but can never subinrato them," and place groat reliance up n the aid which they exneot to receive from the hot, feverish summer climtte of the South, which they liojio will "kill off the invaders like sheep." There are, In addition to the cl?sses 1 hive described, a number of young men from the different Southern States here, fnst youths, whose entire attention Is do voted to "loud cravats" and "stunning necktie-'," and who nre much more Interested 1n the .Tardin Mabillo and the Chateau des Hours than in Corinth or York town. Th'-.-o youths And plenty of nssociatos among voting man of the sitrie stinvi ond dezree of snood from th" North ern States, who sink all th-ir political differences in thair common devotion to Bacchus and Yenu*. Sevoral of these young Ponthorn bloods sport "Confed?rato cra vats" and Confederate breastpins, which are the princi pal evidences of !ho|r patriotism. These, liowover, are cheap In Paris now. A house In the rue de I'Eohlqnler, and which has a branch in Canal street, New Orleans, had a large number of these ornaments manufactured for Southern use. and shipped them a few months since for New Orlo as, wiih the intention of -unn'Tig the blockade. Thoy wore frighten-J oil by the federal cruisers, however, and returned to t- ran <j, with their ontire-largo thrown buck on their hands. Tliev have since be n selling it at r'lail.and Southern patriotism, among its mi'o and iom <le representatives, thus flrids n cheap vent. i nn .vnnir'tir, in ill i/oniou corresrKi-.U'snce, maios tbr\t the United State.- government ha* remona'rati-d with tljp Cabinet of Great Britain .votnst the facilities which are extended to vessels loading in English port# with goods known to bo Intended tor thePouthf ruSutus, and particularly atrairst pernillt\n;: (ho Rormndits to be made the point of rrnd< of nil theao ve-sels, winch from Here watch a favorable opportunity of getting into Southern porti. 1ho KnglL-di government, the writer as aorta, have rep'ied that the vea^ls load ard ch>ar for open ports, and -that ttieso difficulties, which cannot bo prevented by the Fnglish government,should have been forenoon by that of the United St ??tea, tul only furnish another evidence of the nee x^ity of so:no nrrang -tnoui and compromise between the two dontoiidiug sections. A subscription list has been open ham some days at one of tho AmeH-an btnklrg houses for the purpose of raining one thwtMnd pound* to decorate ad<1 put la good order the little, dark, dirty space 'which has been set aonrt for th? Am rh an exhibitor* at the Ixmdon exhibi tion. The proposition ilM not roeel with aiiy success here, as most of the Americana In Parli arc of tho opinion that, under a'l tho circumstances, it wouid be batter to ke-'p away fnm tiie FaiglUh exhibition. There are evidently ;,omo itnoorinpt communications in progress Fr-m o and Fug land, eith>riu re gard to Rome,tho United Stat'*. MnxtRO, or :<omo other * b;ect?is the MarquU de 1i Lavaletto return* to Paris, the Count de Moruy, President of the Corps Legislatif, and the half brother of the Etnpei or, is sent to Loudon on a mission of Homo sort, Those iivelv mcvemonts, coming immediately ?!tor the recent nieech of Lord Pahnerston on the Roman qnesti^n, and the statement that Austria has rem' nslratel with 'ho !in?lish govern ment in relation to that Kpooch, and demanded somo ex planations as to bow the view* therein eTpre?*u<l affected the rights o( Austria in Vecotla, probably tar* iefe r.-nce to the vexed question of Rome* It is a?? ted that iu view of tho fact that the brigandage in 'heNeapolitan territory is "r.couruged at?' kopt up under the immediate direct too of Francis the Secor.d, residing at Rome, the French government are about demanding that Fran cis "hull seek sotno other anyh;ni. fur he.- remixedfr Jtn tlv bor'er. The tuost delightful portion of ti.e r.ri*i*.n *c*<;a is upon u?. The weather ii delightfully warm, and the tr'e-i, ilowers and fhr-ibs :n the ganlfn; are aU it blos som. Ti?hc popular idnce^of resort for Btranfort, the Chntea'i de-i Flours and tho Jfcrdln Va'.illks, are ope.i, -ml the lovely an 1 damsels who frequent thiro may n..vr bo V, on every e\'(n:n0' tri,<pi"g <t on tht. ?? liaht fantMtto" h hi at U : he jet* tf a ih'i'i"on I Hah'*, s r rounded by tta |ierfi.ino* o' a Unot'saud Sowers and Ike murmur* of p ishmg f> untalnH. The students and the I b?rals hf ve triumphed ovor the (l. rgj-. II., oc iccoiirlcf the suspni-lon of whose course of hi lire* at the ('ullage do Franco la&t winter there were sens serious disturbance* among the stu den:", which le I to a a imbor of arrcsta, announced to res Hie his eottrf* lutae new series, wh<ih orunonees ouV')tiday next. Professor Kdonard I*bout?ve,oM of the editors of the ./<?? Mxrtt, continue" hi.; onurfse i'P >i tue "Cooetit itio 111' t'ue United states," which has bc.r.i thfWWred fro.i ita commencement. The ipiv* i of Holland if expecte I to ni' ht, i cd ?luring her stay iu Pmi- ? t occupy tbel'avlliou Margin, in the new Louvro. Her r.>yal spaW# is to J.iin hei ia a few days. T.i? long looked for and i ftou post;oced dram* of the '?Vo'.ontatres de 141-1" waa al lc> tii | nwlticed at the Porte St. Marita, cn Tuosday ev?n..i>'. it w >s aupp<?e<t that '?* d' moor'.rati u' mas to be i'tade,aad every avo i! atleslttln; or rtatiding pi'ce in the tbentre had bt-n taken aom'e days In advance. Ihrre was no trouble, however. the piece not ruipilrlr.g tobebltM*! down, ns It fell of its owii weight. The drs.ra i-- founded upou the iuvasiou of the allie- in 1H14. an I the i^rincipnl chtracx ters are Va;?deon and a half rent half aliegoiieal c^arao ter,io the form of a ri:na:e, wli > .4 eouiinualty a.-tvlog Fraai-e. Tha rcdiorro sat thraagb *.oarly s ix hours of at ipidity, the j?l ?y conimoucln^ nt !alf-;a-t so -"n and eudlug at a nuarter to out, exliibitint; a remarkable d? <re<.' ?>! patterne as well ?? magnanlniAy, arriving at tbe ?on< I'leion th t ?o utterly worthies" production would n' t ereti bear hlsslag. Out- Frnnkfort-on-the-Maln Corrcapon dene*. FlUSKTORT-O.N-TCI-M11*, April 22. 1?12. for 'ht Git^f Xa'ional SI,.< Pf/i-al? If Hi* Gastronomic an<l Ortnl LHtrarg at. I FteitnttfU Art an ,<??"'??.( \V(t* C.-Jlar of ttt riling O'.urn ioiii? iVliivNttlify "f lh? fiir:tliVnV??.1 .Sniu Rifleman to Have Putt Coi 't'oit'l Of Ih' D*taiU?Sbyh ,/ 0,/ T.if$ and Foreign SerricM of Br.^alitr Qcn'.ral Carl Sehnrt, of Ihr Am-n-wi A i ??y, rfc. Ureal prap-.rat ion* era t>?lrfc ruadaiB oar city for iha Katiounl Get man Sliootln* restival, U> be Ltltl herein tba iniddie of July. The Feelieal t'lmmlllM hnre appropriated iLa liberal auni of aue bun hod tbouaand Dorine for Iba building of elegant and apaoinua tenia, their outfit and a loroioenta. A gigantic kitchen la to ba built in con nect ion with 'be immecee * imng lant, In which wholeo.taa may l>a ro?eied by the dozea. A ne natroui aoup boiler ia alraady In proceaa of completion, capableof holding ?aupTor ten tlimnand p^eona, a frying pan for omeletg of a tbeuaaoA egge each, eu(T?e Uoiiera of fabuloua diuiaa aiona, aad a wina railar la rompariaoft la which tba ltathawelnkellor tu Bremen alQki in point of aUa to la aigtiiflcanaa. Telegraphic llnaa ara being put ap between the aboot Ing plaoa and tba city ttalloo. A dally paper, under tba tdttorablp of Dr, Schweitaer, demoted to tha depoaite and intaraata <?f tba faaliral, la to ba officially p.jbliabed by tba Faalival Committee. At the repeal of iha committee thePenete baa order, ad a*'fa?tlTal aoln" ?o ba ariuck, from which tl.auxuay p. emlome of tba ahnotem ara to ba paid ll Ir generally eipecled, nr.d not without reason,that tha d?p. tattosa of flwiaafraa ahootera will tuny off a)| tUa Loalata ft.? rartaln tt la that flc.hweilxer /octier fcehieaal alflh nan DntacMn nether." Jf?r" than tf'gbl hundred afcootere ha- a already entered tli ? t . . ritrtt? shaeterg are atoaa-llng'y forruMe'tle but tk?*ani ewitrerland ara mora ?o. fvary sb.xjte <? ttao ciatio i In Germany baa ana??in<-ad an intent io g,, preaant. Many thousand dianngnuliad ah?, . rt are aip?ctad to take part in tba festival, *n4 evs c i>ar*iiogg gre heing made for Un.r eat?rt?inin,.?, .< um ?ictr ity of th* (round*. mmxj deputation* have announced (Mr IntMtioo m occupying their own military l*nt* UP?? (t>e ?Poa field, thueo of Switwrland especially. Tlx committ** bar* < nonimouitly cbo?*n and cord laity Invited th* Herr Johnfoaemeister ObrM, of Swli m-land, to the entire AminuuMt of the shooting piece, giving him tin) m et unlimited power In regard lo all lha ds tail* of preparation, and the full generahtoip of the arrangement* and of lb* shooters?a poet which, by long experience, he ia better qualified thau any other man in Europe to All with honor. Thar Swiss receive all such compliinenU an their legitimate right; and well they may. We are not arrogant enough to imagine we can rival th* festival of the Mwiw We* Shooter* at SMnz, 1 >st year. To dream it wer? mwinnu We are glad that we are about to be enabled to r?tur* the bountiful hospitalitle* of the brave moun taineers. They graciously permitted us Germau* to carry off many a handsosee prise, and we are deter min*d not to grudge the gallant fellows our 1 lechers. We are not the descendants of Willlum Tell, bitting the mark is iuborn in the Hwitzer. Success to him. It is the opinion of our military men that you Ameri oans mlKht have mad* a better selection among our Prus sian boys for a brigadier general than you hav o done In appointing Carl Schura to mich a |?o*t. l*ru?sian g?ne rals ar* obliged to bave a military oducatiea and military experience. Carl ScbirK ha* neither. At all ?rents, we G?rm?na would never c?b sider nis adventures as military ei|*rieaces. It is po* sibltf that you Americans may do so; but we have always supposed that there were d.stingul*li*d Indian warriors enough in your brave land, wh'?* exiwrleuoe in battt* would amply fit them for officers, should more be needed than your regular army and that of the volunteers could aflbrd. We never could understand why your govern ment sent Carl Sctiurz lo Spain, although we bH know why he did not stay th*re. He *ald that Madrid and it* "surroundings *soaed cold and uncongenial." W* ar* inclined to think thqy did. The handsome se< rotary of th* American Minister was re peatedly invited to the Court entertainment*. The Min ister himself was graciously allowed to pursue bis mili tary studios and enjoy his relicctions, undisturbed and in silence, at home. The surroundiugs wer* "uncon genial." Why should he remain? Carl Sebum evidently disbelieves th* old saying, that "There ar* mor* fish in th? sea thau ever will ha caught." H* believes they can be caught, and he In tends to catch them. H* is * good angler, and his worm* bait well. A brief biographical notice of Rrigulier Gonersl Schura may not be iinlnter*sting to the readers of the Hkbuji The American Brigadier General,CsrlScburr, was bora near Bonn, on the Rhine, in th* year 1827. Whii* a student at th* University, by his oativ* town, he became possessed of a <!*sir* to mingle in the revolution of 1MH, then waging in Germany. 11* tliereforo left school, ia company with several companions, arid presented bimsell to Col. Frits Anneke,at Kaiserslantern, in the l'aUUmatl. who was then commanding tbo artillery of the revolu tionlstn. Ills eutbuslastic rebellion against the German govoi umont, and bis evident dejire for activity, induced the Colonel to honor hlin with the |>ost of seooud aid, bia wife, Madam Mathilda Krnn/iska Anneke, being tlrst aid. The oiecrable horsemanship of the young volunteer, combined with his physical Inability to endur* fatign*, rendered tho duties of hU fair associate, wke was a superb hint*woman, moat onerous. Had lie gallantly rema ned upon duty, iusteaxi of accepting the kindly offer of his sympathetic co-adjutant t > p*r> form hi-" share also, which she did with honorable d*? patch (thinking, kind heart, that tho poor boy ne*dM rost) at the celebrated battle of !<asiadt, b* would a? have thon gon* to sleep upon a cannon, and would n* have been left alotio in the fortress after its evacuation us he was, and would have had the honor of an hotter able retreat, instead of an ignominious escape, three days later, through an underground sewer. This c tiuprise* the entire military experience of ft brt godier general of the United Stutes^f America. If boldness and bravery, and an undaunted couraga, good horsemanship and experience, are things to be da sired lu American generalship, we cannot believe the just deserts of General Schurz's co-eld can be long disregarded; and, ft* Schurz is' now brigadier general, may we not expect that Madaa Anneke, who, wo learn, is now sojourning in Switzer land, will shortly receive official lutormation of her ftp pointment as mnjor general in the Amerloan armyf Wl await the announcement with Interest. What do Americans expect that General Schurz to goinj to do? lie will keep in tno wake of whatever distinguish *d abolition Americans be imagines iu tho highest n-gnr* of th* people?Fremont, perliap*; we liavo heard it hist, ed. He will be sure to ?? render no aid or comfort" 44 Gonoral Btonker, Colonels' Willich, Sclummolpionulng and Anneke. or to any-of his old German anterior* now enlisted in the American army, the appointment of say of whom ia the place of Schurz European military m*a would have considered wis* and natural. The new Am* rioau general is keen, yet not farseoing; ambitio is, but unwise; but his worms but well. He is * tally tir*d Carl Schurz is not strong; but, provided behasakta* and womanly adjiuant to assist him, be may manage l* get along. He reiuires repoe* during action. Th* soimd of the cannon will not disturb his slumbers. Hobodf ought to disturb bim. I-et him slumb*r. Our Constantinople Correspondence^ Conmiaktinuiui, April IS, 186S< Hurler ?/* an American Mimonary and I/U Servant*? Drmlh of the Iter. Mr. Coppix at the Hands qf Briffanit ? Effort* for Their Arrest, rfc. The A. B. M. F. Mission* has just expoi ioncod a mtwI k?a in the do,Mb of one of its mwt efflciout member* la this country. Tho Rot. J. Oppix, a missionary established at Adas*, in Asia Mluor, whiUt proceeding from this place to Alas* androtta, on the sea coast, was fired upon by a party ? brigand*, and iu a few boars died of two wound* received in his broiUt. He was Meompanted by an Armeaiaa Protestant servant, two muleteers, a Turkish ca>ees ot guard, and ou Ottoman ofll-- ;?l. Ilr Coppix au.l his ser vant were both Uiiied, and ouo of the luuletoera aud tbi oil cial were severely wounded, the British and American VlceOonsul*of AiexandreU*, on hoariug of tho and adhir, proceeded immediately U the spot, ;? ouomprtijixl by a Isrga number of guards, and had Mr. C. conveyed to the town; b.;t It ia boliovnd thai bo expired boforc reaching it. Ills wkfo uu thors 14 iee the J cad holy of hor husband. The liovornor of Alaxandretta has takon every posal bio iixauri to find out and punish the peri>etrators of tbls horn 1)1** act, and the l'orte has seat strong ordors to botb an t the Governor of Adana to ihopamo eilect. Mr. Johiaon, the excellent and ablo Consul of the Unitod at tieyrout, has gone therii in a f ranch sl?am?r.of-war for tho purpose of attending to the mM te *. It is behoved that before long the ansasMns will bo found. The French View of the Result of tit* Rebellion* [Pari* {April 24) correspondence of I/mdon Herald.j llis thixiu publishes, under tbe signature of that my? tn'iosig peneaage, the" Secretaire de to BeiMtw>r" ? ol.iborate artid.! on American alTair*, which, it I* under* ktood, ihe government tin resorted to its comrxtifinlran 10 ;?t inserted. I subjoin it* sellout |?ria. After sutinf Mint theSouth appear.* to be getUnc the wortt of it,and (ctim'itin,T its opinion that, -<ooner or later, I lie whole ot the c*-Unlted .Stutea will be suhjboted to the title ol Washir.gton, the writer goen on to it?k, What nextf and pri? eeds to u\araine the quoation whether it is likely lint the old fe luril constitution will be found ofllciont?? wl.other the North and the Sr<ulh will forgive post dinar enree sad make it up. He espra?H?ti donbti on tbe sub jet, and goesoa to hint al thr eitaMithv of a hiyVf i n trainrt attclnlt poremmtnl?urhtthrr a republic or a mmutrckj it immiierinl. He says:?? 'Ihecotistl'ution of the tfnlted S>at. a, wh.2h now da tee for lotiolf-aii years. In ut ic,ue of it* kind. Itwai not form ed ?t um-, but wns the fruit of tbe Intw and patieal dolibe rati ins of an .'ie*>mb:y wlilrti consulted c'ccumsiancoe, and bat th" ait of contormlng to t iam. Thirteen seinrnte e. 'onie* e?ian. ipsted and bc?NM eevcrelga Sta'es by tnclr bravery an t iholr latriotism, and by the loyal?? staoee of Kraaee. inh ibiiei bv men of the amine Mrf a id r,peaking the Kime l?n,:ua*?, felt the necessity of regulating their com-.on latere Its without abdicating their iullvlduaj aoveielgnty, icnsldered by tlieni aa a supreine Ideaolng. Ut :h? aide of that sovereignty th-'y organised another, that oi the federal government, onmt*>sed of a conge ?? of two ?-h iinberi, of a President elected by tbe na'ioii, end of a high eourt of Justice The attributions of thta fed-rat government were specially Hied, The thirteen States w mid maintain the p enitude of their sovereignly fa* their Internal affair*, and for al! matters wMeb, by the con* atltutlon, did n>t devolve on the federal authority. Tbat corilsi'Mim of two sovereignties, each acting In lie own circle, 11 the dostructlve characteristic of the present (ooilltution of tlin United Htales. It waa a metier at necessity: tor on no other renditions would the thlrtee? Colon lea here accepted It. ft waa. however, likely to beeoine a atatnbling-bluck at s >me given moment, and that moment arrived when the civil war broke oat. We will now oon tlnoe to retsoa ou the byi<?!hesis of the arm tea of the South being d?'fi aied a:id disperse I by the North. Thai fact btdug RC 'imtiilsUed c*n the two sovereignities roe list ea they did before IH6lf Yes; If, aa a small number ot persona aav, there ejr.isa at it nx maturity la the South lo re-establish the I'n in re-suler into tb" federal compact. No: If, aa fh -re Is every reason to believe, the great maa? of the iiw haM'ants of 'he slave States have ricterm tied to ?sparnie Irom the North. Wllltbe Incompatlbll Iv of temper between the North and the South, which can no longer be dottMed, a'low rood order to be nnv longer possible in the Chamber 11 H?t>res. ntMlvesorln theSenatef Cnn a Georgian or a Sooth Hit roll man, or a citizen of Mississippi sit beside one of M^sanehnaeita or of Ohlot It appears I'npoeilble to bepe for such a thing. The Chamber would every day be? nme a field of battle, and II would no li nger be sreoehee Utti lulls from revolvers which would be excBanited, ao '-rest la the excitement on both sides. A pan of the peop'e of the Union, In the North, hare acted In the It le events aa though they had lost sight of the stdrilwbi h pi elided over the framlngof the constitution. In tl?e"r ardent deatre to vanquish the Hpnth they have non eider* 1 the federal government aa i laced higher than th? Itidl vi.lo'il ?orerclgn'y or thnMtates. Beingi nergeileally resolved to ac ompllsh their purpose, they hare lent their as/il'tsnn* to a system of rsntraliullon which would hav,- atrunk with horror the authors of the constitution, and It la because the tradition haa been broken In such a manner, thivt II will not be very easy to reunite it. The eminent ruennhodrew up the constitution foresaw that a day might eom * tvlicn at tempts might he made to oentrallae the pov.-er to the detrl nient or tbe Individual sovereignty of the States, und tlwf adopied piece itionaryenactm'-iiisto me> t thut danger. The atrongest or them waa that which "tales thai the federal <o' vafnment haa no powera but ihoaeelven it by ths constitu tion, and ean do nothing but what It la authorize d by it 10^0. This restrictive Idea of the attributions or ths federal gotsmmeni has been brought under til sou is Inn anropo* to special taeta. but it has alwaya bci n aatu-noned. The aflatr of the Unlt"d States Batik, ntid the In tervention of the federal government lu pttbllj wurka, are eiamplea of It, The d.vtrlne, there,ore, w.itcli cotifinee the federal aovarelgnly within narrow llmlta appeara to be a ilogma above all dispute. The States of New England la 'he North hare advocated it with aa much ardor as tne Souths but prior lo the late outbreak It was more particularly In the thirteen old State* that ttie doctrine waa unst warmly sup ported. Th? slave Htatea are, from thai wish to preserve their pellicular Itndilutions, firmly opposed to tbat transfor mation of the constitution which would be ttie complete overilirow of It. Hut If they are definltivel' v.iut)uished, will their resilience bu In valnf Will not the A'est?that young giant. Influenced by the Instinct of centralisation?Itnpoae ou thetn any law It |>le.isea, with or without the assent of tlie old Ktates or the Northf The consiit'itloa of the United Htatrs hea had a great mlefortune. . . In tie struggle between the North and the South It has oeeu ?.;ted agaiust bv tho I'realdent In many of its , rineiD<<l enaetments, and that with the Banc lion or at least th> CO*wet, of the North. lion, or at least tain loaiiaj''when, 'ml""hls" own "prlvste authority, he t?laI ?..? th* nnhtU; for ihr COKrvM lion? tht ca'led ?*\SlraoWT Ilirit call the mllltla unde* !!2ml He^"sn?*ie^?./ it In the most offensive ma one* IkSi. |n certs la ftealMlna. s? a' ?attlmore, jfiuspeaded the l^i iJliilrt bv ordsrta# the arrtrt eat vwtauve l?

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