Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 10, 1862, Page 8

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 10, 1862 Page 8
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THE SLAVE TRADE. DtMgrttuacat of tk? Jury 1* the C?* mt Um Nif hUnf ?!??A 8(?ac In Cuart?Oa? ?f Um Jwrore Ckarfed wltk Dtareepect M lABfaafle?Th* Accuaatioa Wltk *??? by tilt District Altoracy. I'MITKC STATES CIRCUIT COURT. Before Hon. Judges Nelson and Bmalieyi May ??Ska Putted StaUt at. Samuel B. Bat/ntt, fir* Iff Uu Uattr Xiftoingale.?Al a quarter peat eleven t Ike jury, who bad been in deliberation ail night, ?called into Court, aaal, on being interrogated by the a* to whether they bad agreed upon a verdict, Ike foreman replied?We have uot. Judge Nelson?ia (here any proepect of an agree me at? Voreinao?I do not think there is the leaat. Judge Neiaon?la there any difficulty you would wish ?s have made known to the Court?an/ question in verted in the case? Mreman?No, tir. Judge Neiaon?Have you xatistied yourselves generally ttnt it is lmpiemble for you to agree* Is that the aenti Vfcreman?U Is, air. Judge Nelson?II is hardly worth while to keep tho |ary together any longer. They have been now out twenty hours. The jury were then discharged. Ike United Rtates District Attorney r<*e and said? ' ' re the jury lea; e their seats I ? u>h to moke a re Mr. McKeon?The jury have been discharged. As Court?Let the District Attorney jHfocoed. District Attorney then said?1 understand that the ti last evening inquired of the jury if they had , as he dexired to know, in order that he might __ for the Judge: that one ol? the jurors replied, "I Asn't care a damn for the Judge. I don't care a<iainn for Mm Court.'' I bring this matter before your Honor s to eMeavor to ascertain if it ia true, because, if true, such Mkfuage would be calculated to engender disrespect for Mr judicial tribunals. Judge Nelson?Marshal, step forward and be sworn as tllkis matter. Marshal Murray was then sworn. Judge Nelson?You have heard the remarks of the Metric! Attorney? Marshal?Yen, sir, but I did not hear any Juror make Me remark alluded to; one of my deputies said he heard MM remark. Deputy Marshal Smith was then sworn, and said he dM net hear any such language as "be damned, or be M?iiuii if he cared for the Judge," or anything of that kind; I wm outride the door, and heard something like tj God. District Attorney?Did you not tell one of my assist MM,Mr. Andrews, that you had beard such words as I tave repeated? Deputy Smith?No, sir; (turning to the jury) gcntle M, I did not hear any such expression in your room. District Attorney?'Aen, of course, I apologize to the Mt, though the matter referred to hut one of them. Foreman?It is a censure on the whole of ns. District Attorney?Of course it is, and I therefore Withdraw H. Another juror, addressing the Court, said there was no Moh expression made use of in the jury room. Jodge Nelson?It is evidently a misapprehension. Gen ?Mi<-n, you are discharged "until Monday morning, at eleven o'clock. Oer reporter understood that the jury were eight for ksquittal and four for a verdict of g .iUy, with a rccom " ation to mercy. The prisoner was remanded. FINANCIAL AND COMMERCIAL. Friday, May 9? 6 P. M. The mon<y market remains very quiet and dull Honey is loaned on call at about 4 a 5 per cent. Commercial paper is extremely scarce. There is an oetive business in Treasury notes (seven-thirties). which are fluctuating between 3%a 4 per cent pre ?km in foreign exchange the business done has |acn light. Banker* are holding at 114, which the public seem, as yet, rather unwilling to give. Gold IWM to-day to 103%, cloning at 103% bid. The j toy goods import for the week is small, only $079,- , ?M worth of goods having been entered, against j 9890,040 same week last year, and $1,217,149 j aune week of I860. The dry goods imports for jQgf to date fall about S* ,500,000 short oi those of the corresponding period of last year. There wu more animation in the stock market to-day than yesterday, and prices were generally hotter, though the volume of business transacted ynm considerably less than that of the early days *f this week. The market seems to be pausing be" tar* * ftesh advance. The moat buoyant stock of the day was Hudson River, which advanced 2% yor cent, closing 44% bid?an advance of about 8 par cent in four or five days, and so rapid as to ry apprehensions of a reaction. Government i (coupons) rose 1 per cent, Tennessees %, ouris %, Central %, Erie %, preferred %. ligsn Central }{, Galena %, Toledo %, Bock %. The exception to the market warn Pacific Mail, which closed at a decline of 1 per cent. At the close stocks were firm, the following being the last quotations:?United States Cs, registered, 1881,102% a MB; do. 6's, coupon, 1881, 103% a 103; do. 5's, 1874, 93% a 94; la toana 6's, ? a 86; Tennessee 6's, 58Ji a 59; Virginia g?et ? soft; North Carolina 6's, 71% a 72%: Missouri 8*s 52% a 52%; Pacific Mail, 116% a 116%; ?ow York Central, 8*% a 88%; Erie. 38% a 39%; ?o. preferred, 66^ a 66%; Hudson River, 44% a 84%; Harlem, 14% a 14%; do. preferred, 35% a 36; flooding, 47% a 48; Michigan Central, 60 a 00%; Michigan Southern and Northern Indiana, 24% a do. guaranteed, 49 a 49%; Psnama, 129 a M8%; Illinois Central, 61% a 62; Galena and Cld oogo, 71% a 71%; Cleveland snd Toledo, 41% a 46; Chkago and Rock Island, 62% a 62*^; Chicago, Barlington and Quincy, 6h% a 69; Milwaukee and >rairie do Chl?n, 2>% a 2J)i\ Clcrclaud, Columbus ?ad Cincinnati. 114% a 115; New York Central T's, 1876, 10.i: Erie third mortgage bonds, '.*yt a 88; Michigan Central 8's, flr?t niortrag-, 104% a 18fc Ulinoi? rmtral bonds, 7's, ''2% a 92%; gold, 388% a lu3%. "Hie people of Pennsylvania, Ohio and Western Sow York will bo glad to lesrn that the obstacles which have stood in the way of the prosecution of the Atlantic and Great Wost. ni Railway enter arise have at length been removed, and the work io about to be pn*hed forward with vigor to com pletion. T. W.Kennarl, Esq., of London, Eng- | load is the engineer of the road. He has already I Massed all the rolling stock, made arrangements I tor employing 6.000 m*n, and expects that by the lot of October next, the line will be completed to Akron, Ohio, when the Erie Railway Company, with its Cleveland snd Pittsburg and Mahoning ooHMCtion, will have a through lins, with the six foot gauge, from Cleveland. Ohio, to the long dock ?ft Hoboken. The principal psrties interested in the enterprise are the Duke Risnzares aud the honker Solanearea, of Madrid; Sir Morton Pets. M. P.* Mr. Edward Belts and the Kennards, ol Lee*,a; Mr. James M< Henrv, of Liverpool, snd ?mots. Samuel Hsllett* Co., of New York. The Atlantic and Great Western Railwsy bonds, which ore so little known in our market, will naturally rani( with the first and second mortgages of toe Erie Railway, which are held at a premium, while, under good management, the stock may be worth as much as the stock of the New York Cen tra) or the Uke Shore road. The Hub-Treasurer received more applications to-day for the new six per cent bonds from holders ?f legal tender currency. The conversion of the oorrenoy bids fair to be rapid. The following wss the businoos of the office to-day: - ?mm. *:,TSl,?T!? so ZjSi','n.lMnS !?0,000 OU ~ ::::::::::: The exchanges at th?- Bank Clesriog Hou*e this aoniing were f26.2*2..Vi2 71, and the balances 81,487,988 33. Thu Southern Riilroid. tb? nr*t mix davs in May. moved more freight than in any six days on record before. h> two dsy? two hundred end sistecn loaded cars passed through from Chi cago to Toledo. HiiHk Ksebrtn?e. Kuumy. M?y '?>. tloooot'SS's, M,t?i lot 8tfl -?fts X Y Ceo KB ssif IOqoo <lo. .... 1?1X do, sto ss1, QTOOO CM 6's, '81, sou l"i'? Erie RH 0S,'?"O 10i:? 100 'I** sonooi flas'01'jrwlJir iot>* f.o <1" b:w ?*?* iVjoO do 1*1'? loo ilo WW iW'ii MOO085 s, 74,co?i loo d->. ?30 M', 8TWiOO do WO io blO as'4 lfjftWt Trt?a7.-TO n, sin ion >, 03 Kris P. R pref ... #d;i ]<.?0O0 do If .'. 160 (lo .030 '{ 16000 d? 10314 300 4o ?f<?j IMOOOCSTs.I yresr 100 2W do ..., *30 <W>< JKOO III Canal ret 8. ?4 Mith H R so MM'O Ind war loan. "?'> Jj-j 1,0 ????... so1. 8MOObk>Ss, m... lo2 **' <J" MO flo>< ?is)0 Tsno fl's, *?.. & w ,,w iHmo do ?''?.V 108 Hudsoo Ktvir HK li'i 8TOO0 Hissoon 0 1 . ?2'S M do ?X UH M do. blO MX . .. 1M 4o. b30 42* *> ?60 62* 1021 ?o 42* 6000 Calltornia 7 a.. 91 400 4o 1)30 42* ?000 NY 6'*, 18731.. Ill 60 4? ?10 42* SOOO N Y Central 7'a. 106 M do 42* 10000 KRRSdui be, 88 Mi< 60 do WO 4a 4000 Buff,NYAKl?tm #1* 410 do 43 3000 HudRivSdmbds 80 200-Bwlea* RR pref.. MX 30?? do 86 tr >60 do 3?* 6000 H?rRR2 'mhd? 98'" 10 Reading RK 40 ?U00C,BfcyRR8pcba 108 400 do 47 * 2600 Mich So 2d Eutg 7? 100 do 47* ?000 4o 77 60 Ukk8kS lndRR. 24* 10000 111 Oea RR bds. 92 10 do 24** 1000 do b30 Mw 160 do 24* 3000 TerreH&AItliu. 103 260 titch S * N I g a. 48* 'Jooo do 104 3601U Con RR scrip . 61* 7000 do 106 160 do 61* *J00*>1A Wab2m. Ml* 100 do *10 61* 1000 Han&StJoeRRb 47 100 do 61* 2000 GalACb i 2iubda #7* 116 CUv k Pitts RR.. la* 1000 M k PduC 1st m 94 OClov.ColfcCinRR 114* 2000C 4 Tol ? f bda.. 02* 43 do 116 4000 do 92 60G*1 k Chic RR... Tl* lOOflVl * Pitta 4th ra 66 100 4o Tl* 18000 American gold. 103 * 300 Clev k Tol RR ... 46 * ?>?00 do a6 103* 800 do 46* 16000 do 103* 100 do fflO 46* 10 a h? Hanover Hank 83* 100 do #30 46* 8 Metmtolitan B'k. 102* 200 do *60 46 6 Imp & Trad B'k.. 101 200 do *00 44* 10 Matropoi ins Co.. 86 376 Chi A Rock la RR 02* 20U8Tru?t(io .... 136 60 do 62* 60 Paciflc Mail S8 Co 117 * 100 do *00 ?2 I'll d> 117 lOCM.Bar&QRR (W* 6" do s30 110* 40 Hal JAWost'nRR 90 100 N Y Central KR. 88* 100 Tol * Wabash pf 26 160 do bJO 88* H MfcPduCbBR 28 SECOND MAID. $40000 U S 6'S,'81 .rag 102* 220 *bs Erie RR 38* 5000 I'i-O's.hl,c.b30 102* 60 Erio KR pref .... 60 16000 do 102* 100 do 60* iMKX) Trea73-10pc n 103* 300 Hudson R RR.... 44* 30O00 do 030 103 * 60 do. bl6 44* 2000 do 103* 600 do 44* 5000 renu 6's, '80... 58* 50 do 44* 6000 do 68* 60 do 44 4000 Miaaouri 6'?... 52* 200 do *30 44 8000 do 52 * 60 HArlam RR pref. 30 1000 IU Canal reg ba 94 160 do bSO 30 6000 Illinois tv loan. 90 160 Reading RR 47 3000 ToUkWalatmgo 89* 60 Mich Cant RR... 59* 5000 do 89* 60 do 69* 70000 Am gold... b?0 103* 60 Mich So.VNla RR. 24* 10000 do *10 103* 100 Mkh.SofcNlag ?lk 49 40000 do a4 103* 100 111 Cant RRsp.aOO 01* OahaPaciflcMSSCo.lie* 300 do 01* 60 J? 116 * 150 do bOO 02 500 N Y COntral RH . 88* 100 Gal * Chw RR... 71* 100 do *00 88 * 200 Clave k Tol RR.. 46* ?0 do bOO 88 * 260Chicidtt I RR.opg <2* CITY COMMERCIAL REPORT. Fwiut, May 9?8 P. M. Rh* u>?r*w.?Flo ir?The market waa again heavy and price* ware lower, cloning at a decline of 6c. a 10c. par bbl. The salee embraced about 16.000 bbta., closing within the following range of prlccs:? Super tine State 94 70 ft 4 85 Rxtra Slate 4 95 a 6 05 Supwrflue Western 4 70 a 4 86 Cumm?n to choice extra Western 5 CO a 0 25 Canadian 4 96 a 0 25 Southern mixed to good superfine 6 26 a 6 90 Kxtru do 0 00 a T 00 Uood t'j choice family do 7 00 a 7 60 Rye flour 3 00 a 4 00 Corn meal, Jersey and Brandy wine 2 10 a 3 10 ?Canadian Hour waa also lower but mora active at the decline, with sales of <tb>ut 1,700 bbla., closing at the above quctations. Southern flour waa In fair request while pi ices were lower. The aales embrace-l about 1,000 bbls. within tho range of the above figure?. Ryo llour was hoavy, *wth sake of 200 bbls. at tho above prices. Corn meal waa quiet at the above quotuti us, w;th sale< of 275 bbls. Wlieat w*s lower with rather more doing at the close. The first ar ival by ciinal re ich ed this city to-day, consignor to Jesse lloyt .V Co. ar.d to Gevrge Wclr. Ilie sales loot.d up about 28,000 buahe!?, at $1 20 for red Stuto winter, $1 34 ior amher Jor-ey, 9oc. a 95c. for soft Milwaukee, and (1 20 for rod Western, to arrive. Corn was again lower, but in fair r?;ue-t at the do lii.a. The ?ales footed up about 60.000 buahela at 52c. a 54 :. for Western mixed, Ui store and delivered; at 53c. for di. to arrive soon, and at 68c. ft?r handsome Southern yellow. Rye waq <|uiet and prices were steady, with iah-s of 1,700 bus hela of Stat- at 82 *c.. delivered. Rarley w;is irregu lar, wiili siles of 2,0lH> busbela choica Canada West at 90c. Barley malt was Arm, but quiet. Oats were heavy, but not quotably lower, while sales of Cana.'ian and Western wero made at 40c. a 42*c., and of Statu at 42*e. a 48r. Corros.?The market, incon?oi|uerea of the reported destruction of 11,000 ba!ee at New Orleans, with account* of lota having been destroyed on the river wherever ac coaalbla to gnufcoats, was quite excited to day, and ad vanced 1 *o. per lb. Bcsidea tho govarnmeot public sale, 1,075 bales wero told to the trade, cfr slug on the basis of 27 *c. a 28c., it having aold yea terday at 26*c. per lb. for middling upland*. The government aale comvrtaad 400 balea of Sea Island cotton, a large portion of which waa ginned here, and sold at an average of 61 *c. The balca ware light, com pared to the average weight of upland: aome did not ex ceod 160lbs. each. A lot of common Gulf cotton com priaed 26 balaa at 34 *e. A aupplemental sale of 60 bales of Sea Island waa mada at $113. Onmmon grades cf Gulf ware aoid also publicly on account of private p-ir tiee. the forma.- was inferior and damaged,and brought low tigurra. The Gulf cottons wore also of common and middlings, and prices ranged chiefly from 24c. to 27*c. I-rati in*.?'To Uverpovl 27,000 bushels of corn were engaged at 8d.a8*d. in bulk and In ahlp'a bags, 800 parkagaa lard at 27a. 6d.. 60 hhds. shouklera at 2.'B. 6J., 18,000 bushels wheat at 8*d. in bulk and in ship'e bags. .100 box"8 baoon at 27a. 6d., 100 bbls. pork at 4a. and 5,000 bbls. flour at 2a. Od. To I/judou 260 boxes Lac n at 26.'. a 27s. V . 8,000 bashela wheat at 9d. in bulk, and by ateainer 269 packages of proviak na at 46s To Glasgow 7no bhts. flour at 2s. 7*d., 4,000 buahels corn at 9d. in ship a bi^a, 50 hhils. shouldera at p. t. and 30 hhds tallow at 2->s. To Antwerp 600 bbla. flour were taken at 2a. 9d. A British vessul, henre for G lore eater with corn, waa ret orted at 10*d. In bulk. A bark from Baltimore, hence to Cork for orders, waa reported to load with wheat at lid. in b i!k,p^r CO lb*. PKovfetwin. ?pork?'The market waa l?ea buoyant ad easier. Tho *t es embraced l.SOObbls. at (12 87* a $13 for mees, $10 for prime and $12 25 for thin ine#s. Peer waa quiet, with small ?a'?s at $13 87* a f 14 for pi^ln h.atJ *u 1114 a** a $i.*> for extra. Prime n is? was nominal at $22 for extra. Ba. on wa^ scar e. 8aiea of 225 bi'Xea ware maile at 6Vc. for Cumberland cut and 8c. lor heavy shoit clear. Cut metUweroin fair do rti*iil^vi?h sa'e> of 300 packages at 4c. a 4*'C. for ahoul dars and at fir. a.6c. for bams. Lard was activo, with ?ale* of 1.800 bb!s. and ticrc", part to arrive, at Sc. a 9*e. Bultur wan dull a&d pr.c?4S u::cliai:gcd. Choj?e ?a= steady at 7c. a 8*r. for State, while no Ohio uf mo ment w-ia'ln ssarkot. SHIPPING NEWS. iUiMC ror. irsw rot*?mil bat. ?c* atset * 5 ' I *w>l? **" morn 2 22 ltd ,m 7 04 I BUM wataa morn 4 4 Port of X(W York, Mmy 9, 1*04* (IJCAIUlD. Steaiurhlp City of Waabmgton i B;), Brooks, Urerpooi?J 0 0*1'. Frem?n (Brem), Wesaela, Soathaui|)'f.n an : pr, , q?Oe'rV .? A Co. Bark .t Aklera (Olden), Bchwckhet, blvcrpcol?n<unin?S A 'biA.nt. )l ? i ii U (Creplin. fWwr, Cork?W S*l?in. ilu.k hcuard, Wi< iin^, Rotterdam?II Koop. Priz Jtdtanna 'Bren.), NordenhoMI, Iti" Janeiro? Funcli, Mink A WrW. Rn. i; l>i ummond, Connj, Aarinwall?Panama Ralltoa l To. Brig Cc.nfM. Riiland. fit K t'??J W Hubbard A C >. Brig I. Marian na, Atklna, P >ne??ftuilth. Jonra A Co. K.:.> fj 1) l'arht. Rogere, Mium a??D C Murray, S"hr L L 1* Karae?, Koji ri, Point a Petre?Baker A Day ton. Schr Arrtle, Conk, flt John*. NF?P t Merlin A Mob. S- hr Blanche (Br), Dela^i. St John. NB?D R Dewolf. Rcbr W ACradwr, Rndlrott, Aleian.iria? Baker AD- .um. Se'ir Wa?bln^ion, Me.-nll, Wnahmgtoa?Vau Urunt A Blagfct. Rchr J Compton. Vatea, Weahlnnton?Van Brunt A Slaght Schr W I> Pitta, Wye", Snow 11,11?A 0 ll.iren*. Mir M B Baworu, William*, Philadelphia?Maatar. S< hr P S Ltnd>uy, RI' Iter. Po Hand?Matter. S? l.r R.ilph ITewett, Rh<xl,?, Salem?W 8 Brown A C?. 8' lir W Rit> hie, Preathy. Ho<ton-Thayer A Rargeut. Hehr H S Bartiea. ?.Boa'wn?I Raymond. Srl,r Plymouth Rock. Barr, H'*tnn?VaMrr, ,s< hr Hv Btowr, s. ott Provlileore?Ma* tor. SrlirM Mom, smith. New London? Mn?ier. Scur Majy u William*, Cuagrove. Monvalk?M Bi ig;? A 0*. Hloop R o Oramle. Buck. Ohlncoteague?Matter ARRIVED. Rteamahip Ea?tern Queen <C 8 tranaport), Collin*. Ne*. hern an 1 llatter?* Inlet, May 7, with 101 aiek and woutl'IOd from B?i nalde'a army at Newborn and Roanoke Inland. Steamahip AU>?ny. Cbadnev, Newbera, Ml', 2>J day?. with mull* anil i*??eiigera. Bte.iDiahip Oean Cneen (II R transport). T.-rry, York inrn. hour*, with *!? k and wounded soidlern (Meamaiilp Cheaareake, Crowell, Portland, with indie and pannrngeta, 10 II I Cromwell A Co. Ht?i| .Neptune * Car, Hurague, San Kranolaco, Jan II, with I rndae in Wilett* A Co. Croaaed the equator in tlie Pacific : >'eh 1. . in Ion 120 If W; paaaed Cape >lorn Maron 1J, and fron i.ien.e to the ialand ol TrtnldaJ had mo tlr K Wlnda, i ami . -<wvi thenee to the equator had llgltt MP.->nd(ENK wlnil< , an.I sut e,| the equator in the Atlantlr Ao-ll 19 !? ion I M W, had atrona NR trndea: Apt I! 21, lat i 21 M. Ion ?i, i ?,H'ke Br lurk .Taa Carnen, of at'd lor Liverpool from Bnenoa I Airi *, M day- ottl. Kth mat, 8 AM, itaj:i. ?'*l !>eai itnj WNW ! niile?, u^.k pi!.,! fron Iniat Jaa Wa'ermtrjr, No 10 Sb>p Kitty Howl. Dearu>rn. Llrarpool, 3ildaya, with mdta ?o Ti aak A Dcti rfmrri ship Shak?ueat? <Br*nv, p. eh tar. Urerpool. 'April 7, elth ?alt, to Chaa IiulltiR. April 2*, Ut 43 *, ion M, i>a?*eU (ftteg lreW|. Cm a to thin imrt for nriler*. Ship St Mark (nf rhorutiaUm i, < ->11. y, \ntneri V irel, ao, i via Portland, Me,toavi,In iwlia*', to j v% Bi*<*ii AO>. Ship Win R I'ra*K ?en, J?i-i k,rk Keh k, rla Faral Ap?B II, with wool, to.(II Br"wet A P i| Int Pnyal for pro *i?lona, e l a ane"?-<- ia of itreng W anlaa b?-t"re ^ettimiintorayaLMimawkln '..jht i>aciu| ><in-ta. Aptli J*, lal 41 14, ion i.?*?'?'I a two ma*tr4 ratecn,,^ Ki bad twoamoka ?Uwka; Stth, lat 41 '? ion (HI >0 ?p kc a lp Went mure land, from Ph'lad?tl|ihl? for l.lT?ri" i :ftth ina', o# Nantucket. pa>i'4 ateamabi|? Te-it. a, and tjjty of ,it? V' rk, Min I'onnd F. H*t k lev rlanl (Oidan), Btenmann. Ltvenuo , 3'i <l?y.?, with coal, to Kuger Broa. April i", nt the Hankn. <v.ia hoard ed from aelir K i/abeih, oi Marulehe.i l; f-hlng tejKirtcd very poor. fMT Dab e Inland, aaw large qnniilrs of i.e. Bark C/artua. foaeny, Jdarn. I"i i Man h 13. and Ulbraltar Apt i: * with mad<lef, lead. An, to Peck A Chttr h. I. irk VI Hint * s ?r, McniuK, St Jn^o, 14 day*, with ?Ul'ir, to War'i II Oo. Bar ink bin HI Br of Varmonth, NM), Ilorton, 'fall lax, NS, t dare, In MtilL too d<-r. Brig Jaaeobine I'ort). Nenia, Rt Cliea, !>l day*, ??ith ai't, to Hacereeyai A II tinn. Had ?? rtr hnd W? ather ' entire pan a e. Aj-rl. 27. lat 'H #?, lon HI 44. ajK.k i Ppaniak ? rriirt a A i M.tina from llaean* for Mo aeiH' ?. Hi:k A J* i Bt f * i lott, NH), Oraano. I""n a i Prlnee, At.ill 21, * lit. colt, C, A to I) R Mewoif. Brut Bpeedoway ( if I ortiand), Athertoa, Agtia<lllle, PR, April l\ wt'h ao?;.ir, lo Ihaater. Hr II ir at(^'i,e : M uiidal, F?M% Karatfiier, PR, April J#t "Mfc'ogar, i t J V t?;o ?rig Kmm (Br, of BarNkdee). Bums, KuuM, PS. ? itM. with sugar, to Brail. Bos A Co. Brig Mary (Br. *1 St J olio. .\B , Mahoney, Joo?el, Aprtf IS with neVse ami logwood, to Brett. Son A Co. Brig (Jraii* (of Han or\ Warren. (lenfuegos, April IS with Mi^ar. In I C Bu i. A Co. Balled iu ooaipuuy with berk V*o. and brig Cn re-?. for New fork. Hri.' Cyprus (Br, of Mall land. N8), Mcl'uiloch.CUnfuegus, I# dave, with ???gar, Ar, 10 J K W hiiuey A Co. April 26, was spoken My U A gunboat Amanda, cru Mnjf. Hr g Mfiorta, Haynna. Trim dad. 18 day*, with sugar, Ac, Is >>?" 8 Siepbmsou A Co. Br If Planet (Br. of Parrsbero, N8>. Lamb, Santa Crux, 0?i"a, April 21. wiib sugar, Ao, UiDH DeWutf. Sehr Hiephen Hou-hl-Iss (of New Haven , l*?tUe, Palermo P t> JUS. passed UlbraBar M ircti 22, with fruit, to Lawrence. <*?>? A Co. 6lh mrt, la' 3i US, Ion 89spoke bOJrk PalU, of all'' for Portland frmi Havana, 12 day a out. S. hr Lath Rich iaf Frankfort). Baabof (late Load, diodot Sir ra Leone April 2), sierra Leoue, April ?. with hides and fulin oil. to E R Ware. t-cbr Mar. AloS, Uolehfonl, Pooos, April With sugar, t? St urges A Co. .-?? rClifion (Br), B-lyea, 8t John, NB, 10 daje, with ship iniber. to A Sum ?er? M Co. Sehr lit* Ho lorlM, lir, of Nassau, NP), I'rise Master Coop. <W, Poit Royal. 7 days. Was captured April SS, off Charles ton, while attempting to run tbe blockade, by U 8 gunboat Sa.tfet.-o ill- Cuba. She was from Nassau, and her cargo con sist- d of ooffee, aurar. salt, Ac. 8^'ir Me sey (prize, Br, of Nassau, MP), Acting Master Cjf, ?*i...l, I'ort Koyal, 7 dais. Was captured April K off ''arc Carnival, by (lie V H gunboat Santiago do Ouba. She wao from Nassau, NP, bound to Charleston, with an assort ed cargo. Ht ur Cr ito (of Boston), Crowell, Port Royal, 7-daps. 8th Inst. .10 miles south of Barnegat, spoke ship Planter, hence for I'ort t iyiil. Rtr Ma L Howard (of St George), Jones, Choptauk River, ? da,1 R. Kh- A J De Rossett, Hilton, Fortress Monroe, S days, in bal <ut. ft' r Transport, Tilton, Virginia, 2 days. Kchr Statesman, lialsey, Baltimore, 4 (lavs. K>-kir T S Drier, l)ub<i.o"gli, Si G orges, Del, 2 day*. 8 I rLfl Endicoit, Leeds, Philadelphia for Newport. S^lii T ? Jones, Oateomb, Manillas. 7 days. Sour f'.ix n Herbert, 8 uvyer, Rasipoi t. 6 days. So ir Arnon, Crosby. Kits: port, 7 days. Sehr i.old.n tiaie, Weeks. Tisbi ryr2 day*. 8i;.r tarry Not. , Machias, 8 day a. Sti r Wave, Hat li, Rockland, 4 days. Bcv UhIjvi Hewitt. , Rockland, 4 days. Sehr Kossuth, lye, Newbnrrpnrt. 3 days. 8"hr C L Lot. nnc, Jonas, Taunton, S days. 8c nr Charger, Mahan. Kali River, 8chr W P Ritehie. Kri.'l-, Handout for Boston Btessner 11 lanesota,' ?; r tt. Baltlsssre. St a-i er Bt-veus. Uu ._. i*rlv. Baltimore. Steani' r E A Stevens. Adams, Baltimore. Bteaiiirr Fannv Cadwallmter. Pierson. BaMaoorfe Steamer uo ,Sa, Trout, i'liiladelpma. Kteairer.l B Molllson, Elrhman, Trenton. BUaSbcr Wootchester, Nye. Providence. BELOW. Shin Mary Ogden, Bark Jasper, Bennett, from Bordeaui March It SAIIJQX Steamships MeCUsUnn, and Daniel WsbeUt. Wind at sunset W. Loss of Lift at Sea, &e, Prom * record kept by I. B. Upton, Secretary of the Ame rican Shipmasters' Association, we have the following table of loss of life by casualties at sea. There Is good reason to believe thai In the Absence of anj regulations requiring a systematic reporVof lives lost at sea or wrecks, msny cases are never renorted. The loss of over one thousand lives a year seemx to justify a more Der.ect record than the mere mention In the reports of arrivals that" on the ? day of a seaman fell from aloft and was lost." The loss of life on missing vessels is very large for the last four months, .is it includes many grain laden vessels, of which thirty-five were lost in January and February, which had sailed from the port of New York. The gale of February 21 caused large lo?s of life to Glou cester fishing vessels off Georges Bank. On the 7th of March a severe gale was experienced in the vicinity of Bermuda, and on the 9th a golo was marked by the loss of lb# Ocean Monarch, and subsequently ths Charter Oak. Loss or Lira as Sua bt ( 'iguii-TiKx?1X62. Jim !'('?. Marrh, April. Total Fell from aloft 3.? 18 -14 15 IH Lost on missing vessels... 69 ?1 9(1 llfl 318 Colli-, tons, foundering, A<\ 44 3 12U 25 192 Total for 1862 142 72 25t IW ti2o Total for lfiBl 140 74 106 100 480 Total tor the whole of the year 18lii...,.? 968 American Shipmasters' Association, No 51 Wall Street?Rooks2S sud 25. The following approved officers have received ceriflcates of this association ? Captains John B Starkey, bark Magnolia; John B Morri son, I>riti Revenue; Sim B Reed, ship Fawn; John Ben, mate in ship Orient; <ieo J Giles, ship Kranoke; Ollbert'f Go?die, mate ship Colombo; Tobias Adams, schi Kate Wes ton; Geo Haesloop, ship Cambria; Milo L S.ockton, male of ship i're.ident Fdimoru; Joseph J Kiwe.I, ship Northamp ton; Geo S Lewis, bark Mampede; Rn:ns Lodge, hark Kanuy Ealer; lTeniy T Waite, ship Uncle TobvjDanl Merrill, brig Ella M.irla; Timothy Batcbelder, ship Harvest Queen; Ellhu E Wluehell, ship Saml Russell; Mariner Cunningham, mate HlierlUntaaii The fine ?t"amshlp City of Washington, Captain Brook*, sails to-day at 12 M from piarM North river for Quoenatowa and Liverpool. Smr Bonkib Louisa (of Both). Rogers, at Beactmnet, part, ?<i her chain - able in the Mow of 7tb, and lost both anchors and chain, but mtTered no other damage. Sen* Auci B Dter, for Boaton, went aahore in the Folia, at Sullivan, Me, ttb In't, and wee badly wrecked. The ship Thomas X?e, of New Bedford. Ml tona burthen has been purchased by Messrs I H Bartltt A Bona, for lly A Pierce, Esq, of Bnxtoa, on private terms. W kale men. Arr at New Bedford 7th Inst, hark Solon, Smith, Atlantic Ocean, with 20 bbls ap, and 3D do blacklleh oil on board. 5 nt hooie 15) bbla ap oil. Reporta apoke loat of February, buik Eiuoleth, Francis, Westport, 2C9 ap on board; brig Lewis Bruce, Cornell, Orleans, 20 ?p: hark Thoa Winslow, Fisher. NB, 220 sp. April 10, lat 11 N, Ion 13 W, raw a schr with wnn 1c bonta on her aide, acting very suspiciously; after n ai d? w a lar^e vhip in company with her. Air at Beverly 6th iuat, brig liahcol, Robertson, Atlanlie Ocean. 330 tibia ap 30 wli oil. Alxo npiken. on Oil Shore Ground, Jan 1, harka E ivvard Sira!l?y, SB, 2G0 ap. all told; Active, Blake, do, 160 dodo: O-prar, Stanton, do, 1110 do; Benj < iiiuiiiluua, Brigga, Dart mouth, not steted; llecla, Luce, NB, 90 ?p cruise; ships Tri drn', rialier, do, :i20 ?n du: Norman, Gibos, N .nt, 200 ap, all toll; Mary Wilder, Cleveland, do, not stated; in February, ?lil lis Alfred <11* 'b?. Da via, do, 40 ?p crniae; Arnolda, Crow ell, Jo.20) ap do; K C Jo.ics, Howes, 3S0 a.>, all told; Mary Ann, Potter, FH.IWJ ap, do; Qen Scott, Kldridge, do. n i Haled; bams Mi rllu, Dcblois, NB, 100J sn, ali told; K Coi ning. SteUmn. <?. 130 apcrutsej Roaooe, Macomber, NB, uot stofc'd; Matilda SearB, Howiaud, Dartmouth, 200 ap cruise; In March, ship Louisiana. Keller, NB, 250 ap cruise. Spoken?'OB, March 25, barka Alton, Allen, KB, nothing tt i-. si anon; Clara Hell, Fisher, do, ,0 do do: Nauti lus, Swain, do, nothing dr.; Hydospe, Pope, do, do; Owt ola, If atnblln, do, 00 *p <!o: had lost the aeooud mate ami boat a rr?w on the Archer I.round, who were subsequently piuked up b> a ve?*el bound t" Callao, who put the-u 0 i t.airil the f?,B.-Utmion. of .Nanliieket?HitL>1 tiken 8" bhls *p rin. e 1i avlna ra?t?, toiue time, (fc.iiT.y, S.autfB, r?, V*.V ',hl'i ainoa leaving oo; Sacramento, D ire/, Wutptfi, tioth-'hi Hiin-e li ai m-i port; Cajio lioru Pigeon, Ak n, Dartmouth, 70 Mils this seas u. On Off P. ore Ground In Dee, brirk Charles A Edward, (I flOid, DartmoaHh, ito.hlnc slnro leaving Gallip tgoa; in Jan, II caper, 11a nl lea, FH, 1JJ bWathia -eiaon; Mar li 15. Ta' ti Smith, 70do do; S.?? if c n. Bur l?tt, Wealnort, S0> dodo. Uc.rJfrom D o 25, rem, Turner, Nam, WJO bbis nil toil J Kli'iy, do, ijO Idils ali toll in F-b brtvirv. Feb 10. lat M S, ion 98 W, ship fieorp? A Sitaan, Jernrg;m, SB, 00") sp ali told and Milling in a Whole. Spoken, Ship Polar 3' .r, P ar-..:i l ru n BangoOn Dec 19 for Liv?r i i. l, Marfh X lnt Si H, ion 17 b. Sh p Mary Rosaeli, Cro *< r, fmm M.iulmaln Dec 29 for E ,ian !, March 8, '.?t 15-1 M. mn 6 1.1 W. Rhtp Os??in? Howea, Kell'y. from New York March 6 for BUaBzUa", b 2"J, lat 6 S, Ion 2J W. 8h p .loaiali Bi a lie", from I<oa Ion for Boston, April IS, lat 6 ? i, Ion 43 M. ?. u Am auip n itU double Utpaaila, thowing Mar/att'a alt nnt?, S" S pendant. Aprl!3. Hark Av..n, <'i 11ms IJ Maya from NYofk for Valparaiso, Ma ? h Ci. ni. lat, *e (by a rc?sel which was in lat Sl2j S, ion 41 15 VV, March 4), Hark E;ChurchlH. of .Bangor, from Bostm far Havaai, May SL Oir Cope Hatteras. Hark T W fi<m?e, from Boston for Ship Island. May ft, lat 38 15,1' n 74 10. H-'hr.lames Martin, Harding, from Philadelphia for Boa Ion, May C, 4 PM, 'iff Mon'auk Foreign Ports. ACmami.i.s, PB, April M-ln port ecbr Trident, Know, for New Vork 1 daya; only Am reaa. L OwsoraxTtjjon*. April 1(^-Iu port hark Francis Pac w, Thompaoii, tor Smyrna, to loa I rags for NYork. April l'>?^Sid Joseolilne, Flint. N Vork. CikttrttMios, April 2S?In port bark Brothers, and lulg Fanatina. Tor STork ft days. DSAL, April 24?S d Ku'bven. Williams tfrom SimilT lan.lHiniiapore; Oanaaa. Kvana tfrom Uud n), Oalarn'o. Fal?octm. April 21?Arr F1 -etv. ing, .Taynt, Aieutndrta. G;>*kk, Afrl ??, A'jrfl 11?In port bark Oregon, Sloan, for Bassein 2 days. ftoTMKsama, April 22?Arr Palmetto. Jon??, Bio Janeiro. Ilosm.iM.o, Match 1?Arr ahlp War Hawk, isimmme, Han Fraiiciarn (and aid 3d for Hong K?n,:); 7th, brig Jus. phine, Stoue. J orris, Baker aiiJ llowland laiaada OH the i?irt*th, a ship, ?ti| Dosed tue White Swallow, El lery, from Han Pram i leofc*Hung Kong. Paaseil hv March 3, ships George Ix-u. Hurstow, from San Froneiaeo t'or Hong Ki. ig; BtU, Buropo, Rohertaott, from du for Shongbne. II *?*.**, Mar 3?Sid I' irk Home. CIifiord, Kagtio; brigs MrchauW. Mai foa. Matonxaa on l Portland; L T Knight, Park,and Lnef Vnn, Woaa, Cardeuaa; W H P.irka. M .VI.--y (not lloyt), MMadlea l.ivKnnKii., April 2ft?Sid Potomac, Weeks, Balh; Moon beam, How, Boston. I.isvsiri April 24?Bid Alliance, Moddrrll, NYork. Mi.amfa, Auril 1??I" port brig U.-orge R Letaou (Br), Ma Phee, [or N\'.ik.nith the Ust Car no for tlui wa-on. Hid 11:11, harks Revolution. Webb, Boston; 19th, Cambridge sparrow, do. _ _ . _*, April 19? In port Brsohr Kate, for NYork, Idg. Bid t>rerl'"ial> ? hrLotiie. Bunker, Boston. MktkiiVKf., April at?(n port bar* Utile!!* Rhodes, for NYork May 2. I'lU Oa..dace, for Boston April 29; w in Wm Carroll, rhlpinau. lor Philadelphia, disgd. I'oot at-Pnisrf*, April 21?in P .rt b irk Chanticleer, from B York dlsg; brig Pilot FMt, for Bostoa. Idgj schr Bil'otr, , for do do. lli'i Jvirmn, Marph 24?Arr bark Hazard. Karstens, New York. Sid irttb, lairks llcnrlel-a, Crowell, N?rw York; May - t^neen, Clayle. Baltimore; tirig Ctiowan, Lceruun, NY >rk. In pori March 25, brig Frra.Ksl no, Jauits, for British i f'hannel, |iie SmsotiAi., March 29-Arr ahip Carringf>n, Mather, San I I'raO' isi o for llong Kong. Sirast, Vprll 12?In poet barit We tern Ilea, Harding, for Boston, s ? -n < I.aimc, April ft?In port '>ark ?, Stevens, from I NYork, dic. Ssnta ran*, Cuba, April 21?Intp'ft brig Mary Cobb, for B York. Ticsnstrra, April 1?Arr bark Marr C Porter. Maoon, Boa ton for Oatss. American Porta. BOSTtiS. M.ijs?An ii?raa S uianlnni. El varla, Fal Hio ? li. E; Wiasluw, l>?ri. If em? Ayres: lirli; (1 lin-ji? Mi mlith, Iia/ls, CMnfuftgos; M lirs John ft Plaiei <iMi d) . D H Siner, ?ay; Polly Price, Adam'-: M A Hiiropshlro, Hhropslilro; John H All. it, Baljco. k. L A Uaneiih >wei, M. cr. Trnnnpli. Ariis. J A P.i' ? ons. Sh*w, on Mil er Muri el. J ai ry, Phl;a dui.i;TB II idgjion,Prim-.., KII/ao..;l.p .n ?osi'<" i.o* nltl, NYork. Below, bark JameaAaflr rs, tltilanjUanidrnr IB t'ie N .rro. s Old hnr' < it ? ? ? , fj i. dard. H ir*, Bueii'* Ay res; Aherdeen, Coe'imn, Ctrdxnax; ac.irs I. St'irte.niit, Oorsoa, P. iladelp'na; Ko ?? C if, I,,v. ell. XYoik: Uba-lolie rtrnwn, A n Cv ? Governor, Watson, Foril* '? Mi nro? . Clara, t'rowell, I'll.In ' dp .i,t S' I w.rl NW. av Ips Tr'niounlaln. and lli.r: l..t', Imila'.V,! ,\n dercof.. It loitdaf i fugs Moate i.rwto, A a Koss llAi.TI.ut.'rtiJ. Mar V?ArrseiiriHBcalth, T.i"j'im, NYo k. Belo-r ab Isi .el'-, All' n, tNMR Rnlterilam; din i n , Ro -re ir t OgndBf barks Agnes,from B.?hla; * i?it. ington,?, I'root ; IHUiti" (UrinelJjr r'abtdlni, from Hi . . irr-s (all l*fore report 'd). Old brig Morning Hn. (new, fK'kons). M.irae, Matanxas; n iir N a view (Hr). M... li.a , Hah a*. Sid II- raid, Win (. Rio Grande at-1 a markpt. W it t s.\i (P i l ist, i*i!< LnpAiug, *???! H Newman, lc r ?a and Moinlttf i.ight(neay. HATH, Ml). 4?C''* '.rig 'a'bsrliio K"gers, Vsatf n, hYjrkf ? hr Only Son, Johnson, do. 8hi TU. eehra Only Boa, John #on, and Catharine E<ig?r?. Yeatoa, Nfurt BANGOR, Hny 7?>'Ta aeh.e Dasile, Smith, 0 II Car er. Pemileion, in; L li Wentwortb, Rider, NYarh. BLIIABETHPORT. .lUvS-4'ld schrs D Kahn. Ml?er; ? HiuMid UurU,?nd Sa-ah L, Damer Hartlord: A Hender der?en. Baker. Provid. no; Harriet A Hannah. rallenee. New Haven, ttoop< Prankln, Prior, Mlamiix; Baml Hall, Bail, Bridgeport; JuM Bolton, Oeoper. Pellam: Luaa, Smith, Provldenee. _ _ RA8T GBKhNWICH, May ft?Arr safer Elmtra Bogera, Wlghlmsn. Kli/aoeihpor. _ PALL BIVBR. May 6?An- achra Ellen H OolL Wompsoa, O'orgetown, DC; Alfred Buniin. Dunham, Philadelphia; PI' eld MaulewK, Po\, do; sloop Helen, Babeock, Blixabetb port. Sid aehr 0 D. Basil 1, NY .rh. tt MACHIA8. May I?Arra. hr Atrella, Gould, MYork. Sid Ai ril . 0 k liri A uguata, Tabbul', U.tnua; Ocuaa Bird, Klug, Po. In R ?<>; I'vth .11, Caudate. NY.irk. MYSTIC. Ct, May t?Arr wkr Wan l?per, Robiasoa, Now York NKW BEDFORD. May 8?Sid ahlp8eeene?. Mayor, of and for Britm??; achr Kllen Bodmaa, How man, NYurk. NKWBURYPOUT, May 7-Sid ??i?r Amelia, tent, HYork. NEW HAVEN, Mav P?Arr schrs Geo go Washington, Newman. NYe k; nloop Vienna, Davia, BlUabethpurt. Old ukr Canons. NYork. __ NEWPORT, May ft?Arr schrs Htekman, Dek'reon, Phila

delphia; TBi diet, Goldsmith, do; Gamaliel, Oorhani, Pro rldi noe for MYork: Sylvester Oo?n?r, Ilionii>??n, do .or do; Dait, Phillips, Taunton for do; I! D, Blaisdell, Pall Klver for do; Viola, 8 .inus, Philadelphia for Seucou iei; sloop Proof O'asH, Hall.* k, Providence fur NYork; 7U?, brig r^yra. Low, Calais for NYork; aebra Lo blel. Bray, do for ifiriovn; 8 8 iwver, <lana:?, Boston for Philadelphia: Georgia, Buck Itn, St John, NB.for Philadelphia; Centurion, Boston for do; Ma ionn?, llaauor for NYork; Caroline, Vimilhaveo for do; E H Mash. Culler, Mr, fordo; Pearl, Saoo for do; Sarah, Ro ?kla.ul for do; Tyrone. Manilas for lo; A J Dyer, Jones port far do: J Tinker, Caluio lor do: Fesseuden, E wtport for rh lad.-ipliia. At anchor in the outer liarbor. brig Samuel Small; schrs Julia, of Joue*p?rt; Python, of Jonesport. PHILADELPHIA, May 8?Arr brig* J W Wooirun . Rob lm-.ui, H.naii/us, Natl an, Means, Tluldad de Cuba; s hrs Reindeer; Darin, Brookliavco; Thoa Borden, Wr ghungion, Piill River: Chis I* Sti kney, Beaton, Key West; Akolona, Whaler, RYorkl J S'arks. In man. Boston; T Poller, Rack et!, do; 1* A Sanrtei s, Sotnera, do. Cld Kchrs Catharena, Ke' lay, Neir; W Wallace, Scull. Eoilon; P A Sanders, Somer*. do; J Sparks. Inman, do; J R Mather, Nlckeraou, do; HWOodfr-v, Weeks, do; Indus, Sio.;ely, Bar'ados; AU'lenreld, I'aitlett, Providence; Black Uiwniond. Young, Newport; Thomas Potter, Rackett. Fall River. Sid ships Ttiscarora, Liverpool; J Morton, Ship Inland. Lrwics, Del, Mav 8?The bark Stampede. from New York; brli? E P Steuart, from Port Royal, and prize gchr Active, c me ?" thin morning, and are at anchor la the Roadstead. Wind W. POUl'iJlND, May 7?Arr briga Model, Dow, Matansas; Yoang R. poblie, Llhby, Uardennss aehr Campbell, Pli kett, do. Old Br bark Arab. Christie. 8t Juso: srhr Abbie E Wll lar.l. roil ley, Sa^ua. Sid, wind 8, U 8 rev cutler Caleb Cnshing, Webet r, on a orulae. PROVIDENCE. May 7?At* atmr Westehe er, Nye, HYork; Khrs R H Odson. Colson. Baltimore; R I hard Hill, Smith. Baltimore; Ann 8 Brown, Brown, Philadelphia; Jaa Alilerdte ?? Sates. Philadelphia: Pullru>h, Dewoy. Philadel phia; decline M Smith, Mills, Philadelphia; Allen H Brown, Crowell, Philadelphia; Minerva, Brooks. Philadelphia; J H Bartlett, Rockhll*, Phlladalphia: Marti a Collins. Shourda, Philadelphia; Mary Terrell, Blirabtlaport; Eva, Northap,do; J P Roks. do for Paw tucket. New Begulii*. Ball, EUinbelh port; Henry Clay, Delano R ndout; John M Parker, Midget, NYork; rloops George Davis, D ivls, Bondout; Julia Ann, Davis. Handout, hid si-hrn War Steed, Hmltb, Philadelphia; I L While, Harvey; Chuiicr, Mahan, and Mat'iew Bird, Davis, Elisabeth port; Connecticut, Pratt; Ja? H Deputy, Lewis, and Washington, Perguaon, do; Danl B Martin, Swift, Washington, N J: Anna Shepard, Tooker, and Tharher Taylor, Lorinr, NYork. PORTSMOUTH. May 7?Arr at the wharf, ship Porta mo'ith, Borland Cadlx. PAWTL'CKET. May 7?Art achr Island Belle, Butler, Pbl ladelphla. KOCKI AND, May 1?Arr brig H Leeds, Smith, Huwett'a Inland for NYork. Sid April 20, achra Georgia, Bucklin. Phi ladelphia; Sarah, Holdeu, NYork; Angeiine, III*, do; May 1. Peru, Thorndlke, do; 3d. C! a lotte. Arey, do. SAN PR VNCISCO, May ft?Arr stra ner Golden A?e, Pa niiuu; shlp.i Kndeavor,, NY<rk; Miry Robinson, M"Cleave, do; Mary E Ba!cb, Elridge, Bo ton; Rambler, Carletoti, do; Vlct?ir, Cro vell. Hong Kong; 7th, Phantom, Sarsi ant, do. 8M 5th, sbi]>s Webfoot, He j^e, Calao; Elvi ra. An 'ten-, Val.Vtralao; rchr Caroline E Koote, Ainoor river. SUI.LI VAN, May 6?Sid achr Plata, Stratum, Philadelphia; 7th. Zmh o, Mun-h, NYork. SAI.LM. May C?Arr fhrj Boston. Wall, v'l -abethport; 7th, 8 V w S'nimoni, (lodf e ?, Phila elp'iia; M S Partridge, Hiv; L i y Blake, Everett, and L^'enburg, H\v .!, K I alielh iiort. Old 7:h, bark Parker Cook (.ute of Hal in ). Lord, of nnd foi Boston; brig Amelia. Kellcy, Phila^^li>hla; a.'hr T .onia* Jeilersjn, Kennev, NYork. scales at auction. Auction notice ? m. b chapman, ai'ctionkek. Large sale of lirslclan Household rufnlture. Pianoi'otUf, Paintings, Jfeivet Carpet*, Bron e?, Statuary, Cb.imle.iei s, Lie.* Curtains, ro^ewo id and bbick walnut Par. lor Suits, Ac , at public auction, on tii;s day (S.iturtiay), Hay 10. at tli? elegant residence No. West Sixteenth ctr. et, bc tween Fifth and Sixth avenues. Sale commencing at eleven o'clock meCseiy. l'srlor*. Velvet Carpeu, R iqs, Pier and Mantel Mutoi?, Ca-d Table*, Etsteron, Statuaiy inarole tojis, Centre T.iMen, two full I'arlor Suits, covered Willi bracatel. Se< reuire and Bookea e. MAGNIFICENT 7-OCTAVH RJSEWOOD PIANOFORTE, lo ir ruund c irners, ma le b; Brondua-' makers: Canterbury Stool an I Cover. Oil Paintliirs by eminent arti-ts; the Holy Family, by Fellows; Marine Views, Fruit Piece, Winter Scene, two match Paintings, by Cole; Bronze S'..tuary, Hamlet, Cheval de Mulev; two suiKjrb Sevres China Vaa<'i<, cost flO); solid oak Bullet, Slaeboaril, China, Glass stul Sliver Ware; Ta'ile Cutl?ry, oak Arm Chairs. Lounges and Chairs, covered with rep!1; Chamberi", roscwoo l Drcrsing Bur. ana, Be Isteads, Ward r ibes, Conimodes, Chairs, Armolr-a-Glaoe, Hair Mattresses, Feather B< da, Blankets, Counterpanes, Sheets. Oval Mir rorii. Clocks, Hta'r Carpet, Oilciolh, black walnut Sofas, RoCkers, Cliairs, Arm Chairs,oorerod With reps; Bru-aels and Ingrain Carpets. Also a large assortment of Bt<aemcnt and Kitchen Furniture. Sale preremptory. rain or shine. N. B.?The house for sale; Inquire of the auctioneer. Auction notice.?e. roth, auctioneer LARGE SALE OK ELEGANT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, BEAUTIFUL BRUSSELS AND INGRAIN CARPETS, CUT GLASS, CHINA AND SILVER WARE, RICH CHINA AND PARI \N VASES. Tli it day, May 10. at 10W o'clock precisely, at the ele-ant remdence. 119 West Eighth street, between Fifth and Sl?th avenue*, < onslstiug of tbrea elegiuit Parlor Suit", covered in rich sutiu brocatel, firet n velvet rep* and haircloth; lir.:e Oval Mirror*, rosewood Centre and Side Tabl two Eta gele*, with mirror I nc'.c and doors, cost each $125; fine U-c Curtain*. Tnrklih Chaii*, R-ceptlon Cham, Hmu/e Clock*, rich China Va*e?, 1'arior Ornament*, Oil Paintings, Ladles' Writing Desks, elegant Corner an 1 Book S and*. beautiful ro?rwood Cnambcr Suit*, e e.nnt Tete-a-Tetes, covered In hair loth . mtho^an; B '?iiteu'tn. liureau*, Wa*hxiaiid*, Hair and'.res-e*, Bed*. Bolatcr*. Pillow*, Blanket*, Sofa Bed*, Lounge*. Mirrori, Clock*. V?a a, Spring HatCiiaii*, Ingrain Carpet*. single and double black walnut Bed*tcad*, W i*hstan<t*, Tabic*, Rocker*, Mirrors, fainting*, black wal nut Exlen*lon Table, Hallot, Fremiti China Tea Set*. Ivory Table Cutlery. Glaaa. China and Sl.ver Ware; Table Cutlery, Oak Dining Chairs, Olliloth, Stair Carpets, Chandelier*. Ac. Kile poattive. All good* must be removed forty-night hours alter the sale. N. H.?Rciiublc men will be In atteudanie to cart, pack or ship the good* for p?trcho*cra. AM. MKRWIN. AUCTIONEER. . By BANGS, MERWIN A CO., Irving Buildings OH and 5 Hi Broadway. Saturday evening, May 10, at 7 o'cio H, Standard and Mis eellsncotta Hooka, a large coileiHlon, embracing manv of library odlUoa*; also a creat variety of Classical und School Book-, Photographic Album*, Ac.; a-o three mahogany and gl??* Show Caat-a. A M. MERWIN, AUCTIONEER. A. By 1UNIM MKRWIN .* CO., Irving Buildings, 591 M"d W? .? * MONDAY EVENING, May 12, a' 7o'clock. Choice Pi t\ ate Library of valuable und Kiandard work*, lie mdiug luaiij in tha Herman aod French languages; also a variety of expensively Illustrate I Boot*, embracing a line ropy ol B iyd< li s Bliakspere, 9 vols, folio, morocco. Tlie Biit>h Poet* III I1S vnl*., llimo, half calf. Hoo* Of W ori ginal Etchings, by the ? a manor*, folio, momea, A--., a.-. (' talogucaara ready and the B < ksare on vimv at the :.<lea room*. \ C. TUTTLE AUCTIONEER-OFFICE W) BliOvfl ./?.? w;y.?Receiver'* Sale.?Peremptory ante of a K tail Stock of tlai d.vai*. Public notice is lie,euy Riven tha- the nnderaigtied will sell o:i Satm i?7, Mav 10. n It) o'clock, at I II ltud?on *tr ct. In tin: city o! Now York, a valuaole tig ;k of Hardware ana Fixtures, together ? h lime*, Wage is, Ac. t. E. fTS .V >VKr, Recalver. N. B.?The above sale Is ad lorn n-d toTu sday, 13th in?t., MHM time nit ! pUce, T. E. S'lEWAKT, Recalver. v urrrios notice. A ATTR ACTIVE sale THIS D\Y (SATURDAY). Our sale of this day ? ill contain So CARTONS RICH SPRING BONNET RIBBO>'8. $30 LOTS NEWLY IMPORTED EMBROIDERIES 151 LOIS FRENCH EMH'D NEEDLE WORK EDGINGS, INSERTINGS. BANDS AMI) FLOUNCING**. (00 PIECES 04 Will TP. GOG DM. IN VARIETY. Invok e, of DR \P?JRY MUSLINS, all qualities. Invoice* ol LACE CI RTAINS, Including -rnic of high coal. lUo, assortments OF STAPLE AND FANCY DRY GOODS. Catalogue* *a I imoil* nov ica- y. Vi M. TOPPING A CO.. Auctioneer*. N"i V and II Park place, and N<>. .1 Murray airee'.. Auction nohce.-thom.vs m. connaughton. anetinnee , will sell thl* diy. at S o'clo-k, ai ft Third lt\ennr n ar Twelfth strict, a large assortment of Hlsssa IioUI Furniture. o?ns.*ting al Hr i*?els and Ingrain Caipes. Feather B d*. Holder* and Pil o*>, Blauket*, Ctmifortei*. two line iu-ckoo4 SiiIIil; sl*<> Solas, Chairs, Tables, P.n rsan*, W. shstati'ls, rosewood and mahogat y Bo?>kco?e*, Ward rob- *, Chali*. Chin* and G a** Ware, Entensiun Ta ble*, Oilcloth and Matting; al*o oae Light Wagon. AUCTION NOTICE.?Wlf.LI AM WITTF.ItS, AUCTION J\ cr ?Spec al Mle ol Catrlage* an l W.'uor.*,?HENRY PALMKR will aell by catalogue, on Saturday, May ?. at II o'clock, at tli? New York Tatter**tTB, corner Sljlli avenue anl Thiriy-tiln'.b street, 7A new and areond band Wagou*. Carriage*."R'x kaviay*, Phaetou*, Mr. Sol4 without reserve to pay Horace. Auction sale of ready made clothing, ac. A. M. < RISTALVK, Auclioueer, will icllmi M?n lav, May 12, at It) o'clock, nt 2S Bowery, a lart;* n??ortm'-nt of Cioihlng, Cloth and t'o^slniere Frock and BnalnesaCoAK; Doeskin, Cloth, Caadmere and Satinet Paul*: Silk. Satin, Cloth and Summer Ve*t? Also, a large lot of ploea goods, *iotli*, Ca"?linere?, Bat net*, Linings, Mudln*. Alpaca*, aiicv O' oil* N"' *tl?'*. Trimming* and Button* AI*o, a large lot of Boot* and nhoei, Gaitera, Ae. India rubber Clothing. UCTtON flALB OV good FURNITt-RE?BY PEED A CO , Monday, Msy 12. at 10li o'elork, at (>l Elliott place, Brooklyn, compiling ntaliogany I'srlur and Cha;ebtsr Furniture, Bru?*el* und In :rr.ln Carpets, pier Mlnoi*, Bed ding, Kitchen and Dining Room Ki.rnlture, Ae. POTION SAI.R-TM IS DAYT aT 6M BROADWAY, AT 10o'clock A. M., Ih? Flitiuresand Furniture or aion cert saloon. By order of P. ?!. II \HBKKRY. constable. BKNJ. MEP.ltl'IT, Auctioneer. BY JOSEPH HEOEMAN?MONDVY, MAY 1*, AT It o'clock A. M., at No. 210 Union streol, between Clinton and Henry It net*, Brooklyn, Suit rose w ml Parlor Furni ture, til fumy rrp*; N piece* painted Chamber S .(*;# pa is handsome Bronxe and gill Chandeliers, i light*; t and Bru?*' 1 C.irp'i*. rojewood Exten*lon Table, US leet Dlnin] MHim nml K.Pdn n Furnltur.'. Splendid frntewcod Tlatio, 7 Octave, by Chlcki ring will be *old about 12)4 o'clock P. M. C~bN8TABLET^,ALE -BYTTi{Tl7E OF THKEK EXE* cntlous I Will *itll at auction, this tiny, st tho foot of Os-nseroort *tn et, at II A. M. a lar^e lot of Lumber, con. listing of maple and oak plank A. SPRINOKTEF.N, Constable. Daniel a mathkws, auctione'ek, will si;lu thl* day, at I0X o'eio A, at hi* naleMoum, t'O Eaaaatl ! street, A LARGE LOT OF GAS CIIANDLIERU j In oxcll'nt order, and but lllt'e u?"d. Daniel a. matnrwrt. auotionebh, will sell, thiaday, Snti.rd',,/tlO^o i. ,* Hi salesroom, I N't. flii NAMi .U STutEBT, 1 m tsir* ss^rtm'r.' il Il<nir.ein>id Farnlture. Ca pst", Gas Fmeii *, A''., t'O'A-ed f i fun olencfoi *iie'. if".slating in I u4,t?.' ? irved es'nit an I maie'rany P irh r d ill.,, e'ocant Centre Ti?'d?*. r-t.1 v and I.IUrorjr Boot(.i?"?, TiirklM Ba .? Chnlrs. H ? ? r?, t-1 et i h H> il ? e Is, f >. ?*? -inr il r at.*, Wart i e?, Wi *.. ? and , ll i'i Mat re*sos, P 1 inssi i, I- ather Beds, itoHer*, I'i.low*, Co?nteri?t>e*, Eiiglish, Brttaa is, T* >e*lr? an I In {i in Carpets; Minor*, S. fa H' il*, Lounge*, Exten nt Tables, Dining Chairs, Rnsmel'.eJ plMMnlivr Si its, ! Cloe-V.% Bintl/ -i ?-.g>aUng*,A*. Also i faw very ciioicc Oil P iluifng* Al*o ?? laige lot of lias Cliamte | Ac. IALBS Mm Aoorww. D BURKE, AUCTIONEER. OFFIOB 1? BOWERY. . w.l tell this day, al 10% o'clock, about***) north of lint class Furniture, uu the premises, No. 3 oarruU place, Ble?cker Mtmi, including hne rosewood Md mal.ogany Ma w, unit lan.-y Bookcase, with Library; Carpets, Oilcloth, M?it Mirrors, Ac. _____________ EH LUDLOW, AUCTIONEER.?BLEU ANT coun ? try Scat, at Th ox,'* Neck, to be sold alaueilon, It not previously disposed of ?t private sale. B. H. LI) ULO vV A iU. *1.1 krll at au.tion, oo lion clay, May 12, lb&i, at 12 O'clock, at the Merchants' Exchange salesroom, No. Ill Broedw.iy, the cosily Country Beat and Farm formerly e<-ou pied by Governor & D. M. r^an. on Throgg's Neck, WosU h s ter uounty, I routing on and commanding a line view of I-our Island rouad and the neighboring la .an da. It couialntanout li t)-l our a> rea of line arable and meadow laud, al>out thirty Ave acres of whfch la In lawn. A large quantity of fruit trees, greenhouse, grapery, toe house, tilled; hue stables and ne cessary outbuildings. The house Is commodious and built iu Eng uh .otia:e style, with large hall entrance, aad contain* sixteen io-ms. The house cm be seen by tailing the Har lem Rallro.d to Williams' r 'gr>, where carriages can be ob tained: or by, landing at Baylla' Landing. Haps at the No. 3 Fine street. 13DWARD 81NTZENICH. AUCTIONEER, !i iiy ciias. w. davenport. ELEGANT PARLOR, CHAMBER, HALL, LIBRARY **o DINING KOOM FURNITURE. ALSO A L#Y or RKcO.D HAND FURNITURE, 1IANOFORTK8, AC., This (Jay, Hay 10, at 10>? o ciock. at Uie salesrooms, 155 and lo7 B runaway, a large an I elegant assortment or Parlor, Ciiainbcr. Dining Room, Library and Hull Furniture, manu factured In the best manner and warranted. Also a lot of second hau l furniture, P.anoforte, Ac. (with which the vale will commence In the lower salesroom), tonsisliug of Parlor S tilS, Book uses, Bedsteads, Tables, Chairs, blunges, .U . Ac. laidies desirous oi at'.endiug (his sale may bo assured that evei> attention and laciiUy will be paid to them. Edward omczbxich. auctioneer, LI OUT BOAD WAGON. Bv C. W. DAVENPORT, at 12 o'cio k Hits day, at 155 and 157 Broadway, one lirst rate Light Road Wagon, elegantly made and (.erectly new. To be wild peremptorily. FCOLTON, AUCTIONEER.?LABOR SALE OP HOTEL ? and llouseho.d Furniture, Prencn piaie Mirrors, Car Ens, OiUletbs, Parlor Su la. Ac., Ac. This day (Saturday), iy 10, at 10J? o'clock, at 113 Fulon street, a very large as sortment o. good new and second hand Furniture, of every kind and description, embracing tome very good Parlor. Dining Room, Bedroom and Hasemeut: also arge and mi al Mirrors, Carpets and Oil'loths, Extension Tables, marble top Dressing Bureaus, Bullets. Wardrobes, Bookcases. Teie a-fte, Uoiuic and French Bedsteads, Wash-stands, Cottige Buits, in oak, verv rich; Hht tands, Hair Mattressi a. Ohina aud Glass Ware, Outl ry, together with every article sulubta for housekeeping. Sale will be peremptory, and catalogues at 9 o'clock. GEORGR HOLBROOK, AUCTIONEER.?M0BT0A0K sale.?HOLBROOK A C.tGNEK will sell thU day, at loj^o clock, u.e cn ire Furniture of the hotel known a? the Ba.ik, No. 9 Houston street, near Broadway, consisting in part of one tour pull Ln^llsh Beer Pump, Bar and Bar Fixtures. Pier, Hautel an i Bar Mirrors, Fainting aud lin pr ivings, which is one of the 8e?enth Regiment En campment al Kingston; Silver l'Lited Ware, Walters, Mug?, Urns, Casters, *c.; Crockery and Glassware, black waiiiui Tables, Arm Chairs, Rani,* and Fixtures; one 60 gallon Cop ut Boiler, tour C andellers and Gas H>tures, Ot c oih Cocoa Halting: al- o a ueneral assortment of Household Fur niture contained to the upper part of the house; aUo one double bariel English Fowling i'l ee. JNO. M. SOHERVILI.E, Attorney lor Mortgagee. C1EOROB COOK. AUCTIONEER?ELF.OANT HOUSE J holu Furniture, this day, at hall-past 10 o'clock, at - tore 141 Broadway, a large Sloe*. oi' superb Furrfiture, consisting ol Parlor, Chamber and Dining Room Suits of various kinds, l.'. ra y and S> creui.y Boosoases, Bullets, Extension Dmtn:' Tables, Lo'inger, Chain, Ac. Catalogues at saV. Henry h. leeds, auctioneer?valuadle phi vate collection or Oii Panning - ?il K.N it V II. 1 Kl-.US A (JO. ? sell a: auction, on oaturday, May 10, al 11 o cluck, at tut tr .liilerv, 2$ Nassau street, line private collection of Oil Paintings, by celooialed American artists, being the en tire gallery of a gentli man coiinoj-seur, lornprlTiug the woiks <>i Qi^noux, Uumnd, J. V. t!roi)s.>y, 11. Peters, Cntv, Jam s Hart, William llait.'A. F. Ta t, O. II. Hail, Cnsilcar, D. Johnson, Si.aituck, Bellows, A. Worst, Board, Otrlei, \an Beest, J. U. Bro?n,, an t others of e<|iial ce ieurity, lormiiig a very sen ci and l.n o l etion of A mericaa I'aintini,^. Tl.ny will be ready l or exhibition as Above on and alter Wednesday, 7th insL, With catalogue. HENRV H. LEEDS, AUCTIONEER.?ITOCSEHOLD 1' u, I'lt'ire.?HliNKY II. LEEDS ,v CO., will sell ut a .e ion, on Alomlay, M y 12, at 10>s o c ock, at tin- salesroom, 1(3 Nats 1U street, a iargj ass., it. i nt of liou^rhold Fnint ture, consiklfngof roMjuood Burs in biocalel; inalio^r.ny do., in plush and haircloth; Ijuun.^cs, r <? w >od mar Jc top C< ntre Tables, rrahocany do. (si in Tables, ro?Miooi and n an "tuny Bureaus, h.aclt wsl.'iut co., oak and black walnut K-tension Lining Tables, do. Sideboards, wit i R.arb'.u tops; oak Dining Room t rans, in reps end lia'her; rosewood Beds ends, iiiauojg'iny ? o., Washstands, Torel Sei?, Uiusseis, Velvet and In,;an t'arpcis: i-tair uariets, Oi i lutiis, Clianil) 11. rs, ilirr is. gil; lraiucu Engiuvlngs and lot of Kitchen Fumittire, ail of w !i!eh has been n moved for eonvi niemc ol isle, and wi 1 be told without reserve. HBNRV C. SCRIBNER, AUCTIOXEEP..?CCNTINUA lion sale oi Uoi.S' ho.d Fdimture, Mirrors, Matt es-es. Building, Crocker/ and olassuarc. Plated Ware. Brussels and Ingrnt.. Oarp ts, Ac., Ac. HI-.NRV C. HCRIBNEB will sell to-iuur:OA' < Saturday) at 11 o'clts k A. M., al salesroom 111 Nuskmi street. Parlor, Chamber aud Dining room Fur niture of rosewood, black wainnt and mahogany, in ?urate), reps. Ac.; Solas, L -s. La.-y Chairs, Bedsteads, Bureaus. Washstands, Centre ja' les, Crockery. and Plated Ware, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Stair Rods, Ac. J OHN L. YANDEWATER, AUCTIONEER. LA HOE PEREMPTORY SALE, AT PUBLIC AUCTION, BY A. JOURNBAY, SATURDAY, MAT 10. At 11 o'clock A. V., at salesroom, 873 Broad'.vay, Of New and Second Hand Household Furniture, comprising rosewood Hint*, In brocatel and hair clotli; French Plate Mirror*, Tables, Chairs, Lounge*, made-up Carpets, In Ta pestry and Velvet. Ac., Ac.; OOice F irniture, Desks, Chairs, Siools, Ac., tetuoved for convenience of sale. TBOOART. AUOTIONEER.-BY 8. A J. BOOART.? . this day. May 10, at 10J* o'clock, at tlio auction rooms. No. 1 North William street, Household Puncture, consisting of mahogany Sofas, L Hinges, mahogany bureaus, Brass. 1*, Three-p'y and Ingrain Carp ts, Oilcloth, mahogany French Bedsteads, Hnlr Mattresses, Kitchen Furniture, 4e. Also three lire proof Bates, one Stearns A Marvin's, one Her ring's, one Sherwood's Phienlx Safe; al o lot of Boois and Shoes; also one lay Horse, one tobacco pedlar's Wagon, acta Harness, Ac. J BOOART, AUCTIONEER-BY 8. A J. BOOART.? 0 Monday, May 12. at 11 o'clock, at 103 First street, n -ar First avenue, aenlael Household Fiunit'ire;?Mahogany Soj.i' Rockers, Parlor Chairs, L ies Curtulns, Brussels an<l In.ruin Carpets, Eta^ere, French Bedsteads, He Is und Bed ding, mahogany Bureuu*, TMriM Chairs, Kitchen Furni ture, Ac. TOIIN H. BURLEY, AUCTIONS :R. WILL SELL THIS O day. at 2 o'clock, at 411 Can .1 street, Sofa Beds, 11-1 reaus, Wardrobes, Huir.icks, Wushstand*. Ext.-mdc n. Centre and oilier Tables; mahogany and other Hcd.toada, Tier, Bar nn l other Minors; La? Curtains, OtHlileci; Velvet, Brus sels Three-ply and other Carpets; Feather Beds, Biankt is, Pillows, Bolsters, Comforters Ilair Mattresses. Oil<-k>ih?, White .mil C.iacfc Matun :, llu^s.Cuau tellers, Wntiuit D ?!*<*, S'oi'ca, Ij 'ni; s, roltita, OoUi.o S .Its, Kitchen War-, Ac. Mr. F.URY, APOTTONEER. . M. tl. E1>EY will fcil on ?ftturi'ay, May 10. at U o'clock. In from ot his salesroom, No. 04 C? lar street, oppo >lt* tlie Post olUce,one trtomnnot Mare, long mane ami l>ob tall, great en.lurai;c-- au>i si/Con; can trot In tlirce minutes ; warranted hound, kind und free from all tricks ; go In ?Uu;l4 or double harness. A rut chancc for any one who wants a Inst r.d reliable annual. Also, O.te haudeome slide .sent Carriage, leithai- trlmm ??!; nno lirh'. tuin oV? r seat Uockaviay, on - Iiftltl two aeat de^ut \> a C?, , tor lour persouS; one second hati 1 top Express or Ba-1 ii. ts Wagon, otio second Land lour scat Wagon, bulk by Wood Brothers. M DOUGHTY, AUCTION RER. . Peremptory sale of hand mine Household P imlttire, Car: e'.s, 1'1> rant Mantle Mirrors, Ac. M. DOUGH1Y will h II tliU rt i> VS .turdsy), al 10'? o'clock, at sale room iff Ness iti stri et, theentlre Furniture contained in tile above store Vis.?Eleg nt roaewood Parlor Htilt, i ov. ered in hrorcitai. black walnut do.,in reps; richly carved solid walnut LWjra.-y St..t, <overed in re|i?; rosewood and waiuut Liiiraty and a eretar;. Bookcases, rosewood all 1 ma ll jt. ny marble top Centre fibfeni Brussels, Ta|? siry, Vein t nii'i IniT'ln Carp Ha; Lvs Window CorUlns, Ex tension Inn Inn Fai>ie?, bWtck tvaintil Bullet, richly i arvod buck wal unt t'hamlMr 8 ilt?, finla i?: t in oil; oak do. s tntihocnny nn I rotenood marble top l>rt slnij Bu:rans, W??!i? a-i )s, Bed st'-a.s, Hair Mattreases, Lniugee, War liobea, Canton Mat t ng, Ac, The whole to be peruinpiorlly sold. MOBTQAOB SALE OF Bl'RriS' VARIETIES-COB. ncr Ktllton and Pineapple st .eets, Brooklyn, Hsturday, ?May Id. at IU o clock, bv l'KED A CO. Stage Menea, two I?rop Cui taiiis, rosewooil l'luno, forty-el?;ht Aim Chairs and Cu.-hioti', threalarge plalo Mirrors, Benches, Bar Utttun-s, Ac. J. A. CAMPF1ELD, Attorney for Mortgagee. OPEN FOR EXHIBITION ON MONDYY MORNINO.? Oil Patntlnii".?A collection of flue ilginal Paintings, the properly oi Wm. Beeb", Esq , romprisini5 choice ?p.-1 metis oi the English and French School*. Anionic them inay be named those of J. P. Herring, Ot o. A Williams, 1>. Inomjn, E. H. Wehuert, Jns. C. Mi ado.vs, and many othera Also a lew rare and cosUy wofSliy tka old masters, vis? A tine and Importnnt work by K >ger of Brughos, with loi ters and offer* coiuernlHg It from Dr. Waageu, Sir C. L. Eaetlake and others. It is admitted by luc bl<h aulhoritlea named to lx- one of the llue .t exaiup ea o. the early Oerman m bool extant. Also aline v.ork by Bornsrd, of Brtovls, the best Flemish pupil of Rafael, i M. Smith, Esq.. author of the Catalogue Itaisonee, and the ahnv<i named geutlemen, have rieclifed on t ils and ma<l' oilers. Parts uf It are be lieved to be by Kafael. Also HO other Hoe Paintings lo lie sold al auction on Frldav ereulng, May 14, at 0 o'c lock, at R77 Broadway, opjwsite .'OMo's, whore they are on exhibi tion till eventaz ol aile. EDWAKD MCUBNCK, An tloneer, U9 Broadway SSHERIFF'S SALE.?RICH JSWBLRY.?CHAMBERS A ) i'.VIRt'HILI>. aui-tl'H eera. w 1 ? ell, at their saloruoms. No. 11S Liberty strft~t, on Mniniay, May 12. at I0>{ n cio'k, a nnautily of very elegant Jewelry, eonsi?ting of Oold W:iU-h, Neck Chain aud CiiateUtne, Oold Vest Casln, Oolil Band and Chum Brnceleta, Coral and Oold Neoklaues, Bracelets and B?oo<'!isa, Llsntund King, one gem's Diamond Pin, \ery fll>r, AC., JOHN KELLY, |*te Sheriff. SHERIFF'S HALR.-S A J. BOOART, Al'i'TIONEERR, will sell, on Satuiday, Vav 10, at II o'eloek, at the auc liou rooms, the balance <d the stoeli of Hanlwsre, Olllco Fur nlttire, Iron Sile, Ar.. consisting of heavy Chains, Suet* ynrds. Meat Cutters, Mills, one Steams a Muivin's S ite, Wafirobes, mahogany double Denis, Letter Presa, Olasa Showcases, Ac. JOHN KELLY, Late fiheriil. TO RE HOLD-BY PUBLIC AUCTION, ON MONDAY, 12Ui, at two o clnak P. M., ttnloaa previously disposed of, the whole of the Furniture, Carpets, Bedding, Ac., A< ., of lioise liW tlran I streei, w st. Will be sold without reserve PEItgOSAIi. C^EOROE McUBsToP BALLAYFOBLA, COUNTY TY X rone, I re land?A friend lately landed wlsliej tosee ymt, or Mend your t.d Ire s where you call be neeti to Tnoinns Co i ?ore, 5JK Columbia stiwt, near iriinlltou sretne , Brooklyn JANE?COMB TO NEW YORK, MAY 10. JOHN. "WILLIAM CAMI'KiN CLIH O'tO.-ANY_ INKdIIMA f T lion of the; whereaboots ol Wm. C. ?!lllford will be thankfully received by Walier Elliott, K, Fifth Ohio Infantry, WllH:liesle;\ Vs. U.99 ?YOI KH RKCRIVEU. FEAIl I ?'\N T Fill. Asyjjvenlng, Mlerday sin e. Please 7'^. 2 lo. irbi.e. 'WaaeicwediBgly disappointed. L<t nothing | i eyi ut S llarihf, i'DAb C! 1 ? r,,K f-ITY OK BED ASH CO \L In r aii's a rei 0 d find deliver d to ony |tar: of the e[iy at |4 Sty per too of 2,t" ?> :?>un l<; le < lo a->nI lealersan | ca. tmen. wharf foot of i'r rv strett, North river, Oilico 14<l Wa.efley |> ho? #n > 3U Bowery. a. rftEADWU.L, Agnk RELIGIOUS noticks. 4 ND ME TOOK uim bv THE HAND AND LIFTED A. him up"?Acta ill., 7. re- William AJrin baituu will preach l'ruut the above ten ou Suuday evening!?}?? Brooklyn Tabernacle. sirvlo ? at 10>? A. M. and ix'? h. Abmy meetino?prek8ytebian BOARD OP Publlau on?a public meeting wi 1 be held an Sunday evenlug iicxi. aliiv 11, at the Fif ti avenue prwshrteriao church, earner of Nineteenth street (&?. Dr. Rice'a), uj aid la ihe supply of tue army ami navy v. ith religious reading, through the iiueury of the pre*') tcrian Board of fiuul * ti< n. Rct. Dr. Potts will preside. and addr mm will b* made by a representative pf tlie Board ami by be*. dta. we* and Ereba. An army meeting will bb held next sab b-.tli evening in tuw R- forme.! uuuiti church, in tu,rty fourth street, between Eighth ?nd Ninth avenues, Bar, mr. ftryker pastor. H will pr< side and conduct un servtoca,. commencing at 7h 1*. M. All are cordially Invited to attend. Statements oy the agent and addivetas may ae tangled fr.-m Rev Mr. D iryca, oue oi the pas.ora of the couagtat* < Lurch, and oth- ia of eminent ability. Coma and hear ibain. The inee:i.ig will be ouu of the ate peat interest. lit call is moit urgent " a GOOD TIME, OB THE SUPPOSED pleasures A of Diss pntlon.1 ?be, . e. u. Brooks wtli repeat fela dla oourse on tills sul>ie t, at twe Twentieth stieet U niveraallst' church, between Sixth and s ?venih uvetiuea, tomorrow af ternoon, at s3a o'clock, Sermon in tliciuuruing oa" Heart Power." _____ ii a BRAIIAM; THE TRIAL OP PAITn."-rev. I. g. jtxka loch will preach ou thtasubject on Sunday evening,. In laighi street church, comer of L-.igtit an 1 Variafcaireeta. SubjecU'or the morning 'Ihe Poor have the Gospel Pleached to tiieui." BLEEOKER STREET UNIVERSALIS* CHURCH ? hnbjcet for to-morrow morning, "A Good Idle andtha Pay For It;? in the evening, by special request, "The Doty of Forgive uesa," by Rev. Moses Ball >u. CHURCH OF THE RESURRECTION (PROTESTANT Eplwopul , no th side of Thirty-fifth street ana east of Sixth avenue.?Divine a :rvlc? every Sunday. at 10J? ocloctc A. M. ami 7s o'clock P. M. The re.vor, k?v. e. o. Pbgg. will prom h morning and evening. A special collection will be taken >.p ufter taoh service, to defray the expenses of tb#? church. christian CHAPEL, WE8TSEVENTEENTH STREET,. v7 near Sixth avenue.?Elder D. C. Unmet, af clneinnati, heordn^ be ictary of the ci.mtlau Missionary Soeletv, will preucu ou Suuuay, May 11, at l?!3ti o'clock A m.. Prearh lng by thi pastor In the evening, at a quarter halora eight* The punlic are inv.ted to attend. rthukch OFTHE GOOD 8HEi'nERD?FIFTY FOURTH \J street, between Second una Tmrd avenue*. Rev. Ralph H< yt, rector, rervlce on Sunday, May 11, at m)f A. M. and S)4 o'clock P. M. scuta free. Families recently located id t e neighborhood are invited to worship with uila tw|i> gaiion. CHRISTIAN CHAPEL, SEVENTEENTH STREET, ifear Sixth avenue.?serti es on LdrJ's Day, May 11. | at 10j4 A. m. and \\ P. M. Eider D. h. Burnet, af Cincin nati, will preiu h iu the morning, and Urban 0. Brewer, ite P s-or, iu the evening. Suojcot, evening, "The Christian i fcoidler." Divine servich in hie swedish laxouaok will be h-11 on Sunday, May 11, at S o'clock P. V., by the R v. Mr. Gowenlua, cnanlaln of the Swedish (rigal* Norrkoping, at St. Matuew'a church, la Walker street, near Broadway. Free mission church, corner op madisok and Gouvcrucur ? t: ecu, uuder tn? care or the Rev. Dr. lurdenburah. m> i :.ln^ service ut 10?? o'clock. The Rev. R. D. Mitch o~k, D.D., may be expe -tea to preach to marrow evening. 8ervice at 7)? o'clock. All are cordially Invited to attend. Fifth avenue baptist church, corner op Forty-sixta siri-et.?Kcv. J. w . B.nihatn will proaeh iat the above , uco on suu<lay. May ll. in the morning, on "ihe ues'irrection of the D"e!:'' i;i he afierno->n, ^t S o'clock, ou "i'!i<; loi-s of the Soul;* an i In the evening, at o'cloc k, will deliver an auu.-e.-stj the Sabbath School vaacham ??l^irty DAYS IN JERUSALEM. OR A SKETCH OP r i'nleat lie ; n 1 a D ^cr.ptio.i o: J. rusalem."? miiiiaoa V. blie Williams x. .'1 deliver t-.e nbo,*e lecture at wi iett s.reet metluxli?t Episcopal cliun li, u'lil it street, near Grand sirei-t, i n weon -seuv evening, M.iy u, nt 8 oc.ook. Maps, inc ur s, a an t c -rloaitli a will b.i freely used In iliua tratlug inu lecture. auiult.auce i6 cauls. Chtldreu mlarma. ?r?ATHER BEESON WILL PREACH IN THE laioiit 1? suet huj tist church, on saobath, at tnrco o clock P. M. i.avo 'Hill, t'.e imiiau Jenny Lin.<, wilt sing approp. lat* pieces lor the oc asion. HEDuIN i M. E. CHURCH?EAST seventebnth t, north .side, netAeen k.igt nnd Second men e?t near ste .vesant Park. doctor A'lel si v. ??, pastor, will preacli on S unlay morning, at lu-1 o'eliKk, and in the even ing at 7)i o'c.ock. Seals free. Stranger* are coidiady in vited. Memorial church?hammond street, oor nero; Wurerlcy plao*-. Tnc R:v. F. S. W .ey, rector of cnriat ei-nr-li, will (.reach t>j-m'nrow (sundaju evening, karvioea at lolj A. M., ->.'i and 7>? f<m P. M. santa free. Notice.?calvary baptist church, west Twt ntv-thlrd turret, hatween Fifth and Sixth a>ennea? seriicn at 10>j A. M, Ser.i.oa l>y Dr. Oulctte, paster, en "divluv- Wo;snip Due to Jesus." At 4 i*. M. sermon on "tka Soul I in mortal.'' S.rau.era invited ami seated by tao a;jxton. Rev. mb. frothinoham will, hy urgent rb quest, r jie.t his ea tjr sermon on the " V'owr Resur" rectluiinof Cnriat." si inlay morning nt ebbitt Hall, no. aft West T.urty third street. Services at ov Seats frea. UEV. DR. VAN NEST IS EXPElTED TO PREACH IB ? the church in Fiftieth street, between Seventh and Eighth avenues, on Sabbath morning. R w. P. W. Grave" la ihe afternoon. Services commence a: iOii A. M. and 3j? . P. M. REV. SIDNEY A. COREY WILL PREACH IN THK stone c.inich (Tiventv-clghth a.r. et, near h.oadway), m> inorrow atlerncon, at3>i o'clock, and lu the cveLing, at 7)? . o'alock. Religious societies in want op op town cutirc'i arco:nmo<laUon x/ill liuil Trenor'a Hall, No. U West Thirty-fourth straet, one door weal of tbe ^uuc ion of br'adwa/fand sl.xt i are iue. dealrnbly adapted. Tho above hail has been used for ra.lgioua wnrahip lor the laat lour years, and la furnished complete. appl^aa above. second UNI verbalist CHURCH, BLEVBNTH ij street, near Second avenue, Rev. O. T. Flanders, pastor.? The last discourse of the series concerning the Devil win ba delin red ou Sunday evening, at 7x o'cluiik. Subject?"The Destiny ol t ic D.-vil." The public ireely invited. THE SECOND COMING OP CHRIST TO JUDGB THB Wo 11 about isdmk), and th : ensuing milieiiiiial, 1000 few.?a lecture npon this at lecture room 20, Cooper Insti tute, Sunday, nt 7>? P. M., by Rev. M. Baiter, Episcopal in nls-ter. Sots fr e. TOO IsATfll k.m cl. vsiikic V ril>.v. Vstkology.?pbofbsior WILSON, THE CBt.e braicd aitroioger, nas re.nove 1 to iu ka>t Twent.v etgbili street, near Third avenue, wi.ire he may becon*u:ted o-i all ihe events of life. Time of birth required. k-ew . /"lUWUUk AMU tlAMII'J.NU JIAniAUJI, VJT l-i, S I aa.l 6-4, Bd Check, Glicne and White, Oi superior quality. For M'.e In bond or duty paid, in iiuauliuei to salt puruhasers by A. .IttCRNEAT. N >. STi Uroaawajr. DB. WAllD, AN EXPERIENCED AND HUCOKaBFUL pn? ti l II--, u.or <u lily con.srntu in uvaliint >U.*-ss?s, bn i ontuli' d a*. 12 L.i.nht mre.'t?the ouly piiioc. Apil vate entrain'". Book gratis. Attends always. Dft. POWERS TRE.VT8 ALL DISEASES OP FEMALES with unparalleled an.or*- II ? can b ? ccasalted at 12 La 1^lit street, uumw all hours, cay nnd evening. FOR LIVERPOOL.?"TOE WORLD WIDE KNOWN i:;l;.pcr -lil|i DREA!?oUl?UT. i a^U u Sunuel*, sulio Ulay -J. Tt.lwcel. brateU sii.p Id iter last p < *>*ige out at the fit amers City ot' Baltimore and Joon !*?? II. Por pas ago, lo.tra rate-, ?| iil. ott b jftr i, per No. b Nona river, or tor. M. JH.VARl.Si, it) Ho uli mr.'nt. BiOR LIVERPOOL AND LONDON -'TAPHCOTPfl I.INB Slilji h ilERA LD ISLE, a'. jnnrSf E it river, tutila tor Liverpool Mny 12; mil r-litp JaS. R. KiiliLMt, at 11. r 16 Ea-trl . er, sa U for London Muy 14. lor pua age, at low rait*, apply to TAPSCOTT A CO., 94 H nub street. CiENTLEMF.N llAVIXO ANY NEW OR LEFT Or* X Clothing to dliiposa of can ootain t hi hgheat p-tee br calling Ht tho "tort-, or addressing JOHN MUEl'uY, ?OT Pearl strot, between Park and Centre streets. All orders punctually attended to. Millinbry GOODS.-F W. 8IMSON HAS OPENED at Ilia new a'l-re, 31!) Canal rreet. Tour doors wettoi Ar nold, Countable A Co.. a new stock or Ritihona, Silks, t towers, Lncm, An., which he offers at tha moat i?aaa~ PI. a*e oalL Wholesale department up at . Ira N1 MISS DAVIS, TUB BEAUTIFUL CANADIAN UIPSY l'almlat, haa concluded to remain a abort lima loaaar. She has removed to J48 Greenwich sirect. Coaault krr im mediately. She haa no equal la desrlblng the past, preaent and future. Ladles 25 ornta, gentleman (0 aeata. Lucky numb.n, charms. rBW HOSIERY AND MEN S furnishing GOOD# ESTABLISHMENT,. No- ICS Fifth arenas, corner of Twenty-second street Madison square. For the accommodation of our up town friends and cMto mers, we have opened a branch at the ab.?rs tae^lon. A? RANKIN m CO., Na M Buwsry. N. R.?Particular attantlon given ts tha manulaoiurs of flne Jress Slilrts, Collars, Mo , to ordsr. R~ EAD, READ.?-A FORTUNE FOR ALL. THBOBEAT . ?t Propnete?s In the world Is the )Oua| aad beauiilul Ml?* ROWLEY. She tell* tlie past, preaent and fatura ot emirllle snt all von wish to know. ConsuR her Ion medi al ly, at 346 West Thirteenth street. THE COMMITTEE ON SEWERS OF TUB BOARD OF Aldermen will meet On Wednesday, at 2 o'ekx?.k P M., In the library. Punctual attendance is lequcsied i.s all par tics having business before the committee are ln\ .toil to be present. TEKENCB FAltuEY. IRA A. ALLS 1. (..BO. A JBRL^.AH. 4?1 Oft BOUNTY AND CHANCB TO BNLIST IN ipIUU the Voslturgh Cbaaaeur?, Company B. Vacanclee. to nil in nonvimiti'Uuinns. lloloic snlixtlng call at 4M Prari itrc. t, corner ofC.istham. Seller, Intelligent men psrticu larly invited to calL C. II VILE, Lieutenant, Begnlar appointed Reerultlug OOlcer. tPOBTIMO. IIOR SALE?THE ^CHOOSER YACHT JULIET, NEA B 1 ly ninety fins hnrthen, four year* old, draw* an Tret Hrtter without her centre imarl, last, staunck aud la good order. Apply at 48 Went Eleventh street. FOR SALE?TWO EMU,ism POINTER doos; ONE eight, en month* old ami the In ?t broks In the eoi'Mitv ot his nge, and lots been Ininle 1 on all i anie and warrnn ed: a lair trial to re*ponsii>Ie p.irile*, lh other ninu month< old an.l never ir.v mams. Apply at 118 Seventh avunue, in !>*?? tru nt, for tince days. Yacht for sale.?a staunoh schoonbr. ai, about lot! ton*; WoikI sea hoat, last, *tiou?(and roomy. T. r.ns easy; wnl take *ecurltlcs in p-iy, ll good. Address l.os 3,5'i(l New York Post ofllc-!. B1LMAUD9, /caution -PHELAN'S FATBWT IIILLIARD TARLRH " / iiml e iinhlnnll'.ri cu?.i|oti*. inanuhi turril and lor *alo only 1./ I'HEI.AN k COLLKNDKR, ttt to t? Crosby street, N. V. fPWELVB MILLIARD TABLES AND EUllIT ROWI.ino I Alhy*. an c?tjibll*hment coni| lete, lor ?aN- elieap at No*. 627 anil HJ Hrondwny opposite Laura Keenc's theatre. Also two Kpaeioua Uouuisj X' .lit? ?!?, to lit ?er>- low.

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