Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1862 Page 1
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THE/NEW TORR HERALD. ^ I ? !-tT. r __ . ___? ,1,1 ??III. I I ? 1^'II" tmm WHOLE NO. 9375. S S ' NEW YORK, SiJNDAY, MAY 11, 1862. PRICE THREE CENTS IYTERISTLNU FROM m. lil&OX'ft IKiiY. The Cpetitions of Gca? tflilchcl, and now Long it Took. Kim to Accjiinili^ the Work. General Pope's Ruso and its Brilliant Success. ' General McClernand'a Advance 011 Mon terey, and Destruction of the Rail road Bridges near Purdy. CmaAL DDHOXP8 VICTOR* AT U8DI01V, *o. *c" THE EXPEDITION NEARPORPV. Oar Army Corraapondenee. Camp Na?* Mootiwkv, May 1,1802. ? flU Jaroftre Ujten Mtnure>j?A llirrille /'lay In $l**v i'he A, jkar>xntt ?/ the Lint of Rebtl Retreat Aft<rr fi? Haiti* of SKilck?Dttlrticlion of the UaUromI /iiulgv ??? PutH't? Vh4 Ktixl Army at Curiink? WaU ii to Utemetf ilt ^ MT4V<?Dt of which 1 wrote on the 28ih corn ttencod promptly at the tout designated. Ceneral MaClernand *u ordered to move along the lower Corinth read to a point ore and a Calf miles from Montery; (he division of Central Sherman to follow at ten, and Gene ral Cav* at twelve. The transportation and camp a^aipage was reduced to the lowest quantity. All sur pies baggage was left behind,an# all extra twite, w^eus ami anlmala turned over to division quarteruiaeiei#. Tkna wo moved into the dense wooda the right wing of the grind army. In consequence of the storm of the previous night the creeks which run through the Valleys wero much swo.ltn. The artillery and tr. us portalion trains cut -ho roads terribly, and Mia march was exceedingly difficult and ?low. Jftt It was very m ich like all other marches thn u,h a heuvlly wooded country. About four o'e'ock llcCleruaad linlto I hi* *lvibiou. t-' s rithl coming up at night found McClerrand on the g ounds which we,? a?slt,i o : to hiui. McClernand'a ad\ anced nuard ban dis covered!on?, as they su opened, o: the (ireeo teof the enemy. It be n(? quite night and i xccodingly dark, lie twodlvisl-n bivouac'* d ou tho field where General ?nillh, three weeks previom, routed tlio Miajiarippi . ?. It waa so dark wuen wo mute our beds ui on the er. und tbal wo tout., feu nothl g. and I now nothing a. ?<* locality The air n-a odensive. H o .rlh wnp, hut n a expert. cCu of tho two past weeks had mado th^ treota lauiillur tvttu moist b.ulaiu.U un.-.-uoo *u.olls,ttnd toe march had fat g'Md So thoy slept eounuly. In the morning '.he hicoud brig.ido and Taylor a b'ttt >ry w, ka up in a rebel g.aveysrti. All about were ? ?,. ent rr*ves of tho re< el ceid. Hie army bad advanced bo *a diboold t.att',0 r.e was in the mi stofthoevi ve^cea Of thr te.nh o los* and the raj id rotrtai . Ma< y ?t iho flwul w*j?6 buried linstilv, and with liUw catc* Wiuihi a few roet of tho tr?e i.n ler whicli a CMoool ftDd your ?orreapoii<loni ilopt, a r<.bc? o.l:cer ?.< b rt? .t. )>ib uniid etical"g up through Uie th:u cover tea tua loth r ?olalcra bad icfi up-n him. Bafora m"iu S M WM dec intei .ed <y the order ot Udouel SjU't. At an ?.*.>?>.. r thermm ? division was or 4Med to tnko the advatc# and nvnreh to tho hi l opp.aitu ?a and commanding Mootorry, the principal point or t?-o ktU eaiied l aa RtJ?o. Tba order wni promptly ob^jerf, ?ad ai midday his division w-? lti ittcanip. rho la-t ?ve wiles ?f the m?rch was along a belt oi high laud, ?v*r a Una road. (Mr ib ' ro ul ihe great hulk of th < t h l a my movefl be,or- tho at,ac'< on the C h, a a ihe nan.e v?ud the m?in bo'ty iutre?wd a.t i M.mUjy m . a Aafaat. Ooe atonnl huuanr, in small opebin^a at ?i?ai aistaucM, wete the enly aviduncr? <>t cu_>lvatlon. ? a few booaea on tha route had beon i.ic.d ho?,)it*?s la their vkou?deO,iBd the jarfls ab.ut ,t.u wet* aH ft ai vrith iheir grave*. Everything ndi<Mted the ^i the retreat?gun oixriagn*, caisM.1^, *wi?, t?atd and ail tha paraph malla and machinery of war, 4 r kou or bnrned str?w?*u the whole line. The dWu.OB ?^fia.ier. l Shcrnia* t* djw etioami^U two milea nuarer Cm t in lIt" tho poiut t>> which he pursued thorn on Yum ay. All the apponranc-ee ot the route ot the retreat i?dtii 11t 'f" if our urojp* bad pnraued Uaauregard on Maaday alter noon, tha defeat weokJ have be>w oom T*u. Cl< soly .cllowod as far aa Licit creek, the enemy, which wm pan c stneken to a gr?at extent, and In Va.* gieat dUo.*d?r, won d hare been utterly uoabla to hroas th# uiarahy boiuitn ?f Leo c.cek and ascend lea ? their a.til eiy and heavy trai.s. ? V s ? <lay (tree battalions of cavalry and a brigade, .Ada eowmand of U i?|.dorgan L. Smith, marchedout .Co i'udv road for the purpose oi cult.u(j tno Mobile aa4 uiuo R'ailri'al ? of l-i.rdy. Kwr Pu.rty they ;Jb9 r^btli in c?; litariblo fcrco 11 a pi^06 of tim Cf iu?u orc#rs Nvur# U* deplrt*y ih# roaiH poa^i 1*, ho nst to r igago a t'.p;nor force. Whilo the infantry taJ a detm:bnieii? of y ?. gaged ti.a enemy in the wood, euteit.ining and divarti. g nla aitonti n,U>i?o ticker wit'i two battal.ons el cav?lry,u.ov?d in aii ?' uor dlra tidu to tha ratlroart. Tl?oy Oettroyed a hr< ice 01 e h mdrad svl twont? f?ot la length, fba dostiuUion w?a oomplete. W-Ue the lire ?hi?h avaa .mad tho timbvri wa- pr^.ttsa.-igAol.^H cUy lie.ird a ir-i. appr>"* g IT1 m the uirec.t m or ? or.nth Put tire tli* men 11 atubusn , he suou cap'i're-l a 1'ocmotive, ?rnh a?*iducto , ngm e snd our tlwr puvocs, t r ) a ? Ue fouu > au ?u?i..eei a.n u? I u > aval, y, who il.? lo o:u< t vc nt, haira mile ba K Kum tn? bruigo, Ared Ik- nfine up to its niiuo *t-.i'ii cu ailty a.el tiart.'d It Tor Ui..-U .'go Atafaarful *pced ihe un orlu iia... ugiu.i," i inio the ravine, wh '>? hcr iii ject i Uieiuuofs ?uc.t.ud m i? ^ *** r ,, r H ? t ?: iuoc nm?d rti.t* 111 t Hius li<avn> haded with troops ware expeelad hjurly, aiirt the eug n i Ud uvea be-ii u> ucl ? Ue i inr..u.,h; n.e?e uoope had b. ii ntfromAl-tn u>, ny Hmn'v'dt at'.d JacWv n. tho direct rrja.1 i.g autiraly oc .u i d with tr ini.ortation to Co i.? ih? Ihe 'i. a i'li- a <4 ttubi idk.pd.in1v . ih.'.iy f i ?r n'a .i I n ;..t i t'l.t sit, i.< ttie lu'xsini i)U which are traU. ally but surely ? em "g iu Itea .r. /ar.t * - ,, |.,i nl wn.oci ti uln. ut(h i.eMio?od n abovt lb- ea from Bethel and tour miles southwest " HhsVaro to be live future movements or the rebel ...rM u H.riVan.Wier of very gru.e a .d imcortau. V-l actu?. Wl h hti .a-(*..i lai.way eemmuuica* o. a t'oii. h 1 no ilern nuway cut y. st rls<v . .irmphia a d Viciv^t' rg?in iet, t o nhole m mi rp i-^lu >u w-n , n.'h.ioutoio i u o of a.-cn o In . aaol . ife t iT. t. n- b ? .mclid.s loevneu ito. Ihvt t) *1 i v Uio way of ii a ?lnet n so toward, tie liss a ki io ?? a d is endoubV ?l y w it s pp.tmlI with and am in nl i n. A CO. e durable ^.utluu ol list ops wa Tibet mi of the late <?ltle., wo I .,h pi,, d; V c? ? td the g oat loa.J In i h>.s? h.itli It t . j knoM B I hat h ? ba, a la go num >er?I think at leant bal of h s w olj I ore??of raw lev**, an ulitilm.l ?T i ?Mii whii * ill U :lit we 1 in the weods. Vlia ' V jitrf.. ot 'the r?.:> lit l.n ou au. c.*sei C ouot be kept m nny i.ngthf ti?f,and, wbon it c me* to \t hi have it* elleci-not a g?K.? ouo .or their can*. t ?? ted reb l &UMP near lti'?a lot tar. wbi. H the - I^A "??ft untlnisha ? iu (.1: f - tho ?r iter , |hP rlsj, c urs? to * b .ue as? hey are lo. a e uraui)% . wcaatSis ra?-id;>? ~i.d -ur caute /"> iT'. nTwur is oa..?Ak. . 2?. It M M m? ^ this t at th y have a a uiwl ? .ge of the ?vide: t fr m Vhe c % ins ara m ki g. If B?auia progi# # Whicb\ \ 1(l4t M ,ng? ?? .t t. wi.l be as 1*1 ':o* on their pa ' ^ he eonsequeucea iaiperavefy , w..iaaatoua ?o hi i 'ud tha cause Wp?atli g ,l* V . (tb.uid ,n <?.i "h ?> itno .1 a b.uile .no eb#,l " ha lxr , i.ur?i.e<i end iiS tod. II he f k a m? w II hmeutsa I'nio.. vioto.y will ba *,i halt e Iu hi* !Ltr! II act U.ail 00 I joth Ai'lll, iWo? Ceucral 1 y aa order hanrta. * - miU,d of the r.gnt wmg ot lhm.aa ?>(?* u!?-igna. q .? the saui ? dot of oen. Ik* Army of tha ienne "IKc?d t.nevii'1 in e-iu I, ,.icck,Cei ?'ai 0 Ii1 ^ . .dk'r ?#n. .il W.T. t-her aa d oi tka dap*, tment ? >niui^ii?t oua of ilia IT? . having ?r. rvad is wsl*n 4ivM tie of Weuer, I Thomas a. ' 0j,vr>_wbl.b did it Colon I Ai pi?r, ^.lb'ti~l. i# b en inuttara l ,e ii.. credit an the "I i ot Apr v U.g 6? tUe regular ?Htaf iheaar*'i?!*pi?m a u'f n,a ieminent, irtay, ? ?nuU VUediiuiiafaloC^I?'nalAp|rter *antho %-11a a? Craut. live hid by onhr o' M iiv treat Ctfe'r. nieara will receive, It It supposed THE VICTORY NEAR CORINTH. rh? L?U DNaklnff Ackttvtm?nt of (<??> I*o]??'a DJviaion. om A ItUY COHKKfrONUtNC*. I'uri'iCo?Miwn,) Haioiui Con nth, May 4, lb6a. j TaalOiday was a buoy Mi l bloody duy with Una com ?iiod,ora pail of It at laast. Our hrcoi bad Bcarcs'y I'll Ulrly 11".to their new oamp, midway batweon LUm b irg and Corinth, bafora an urdar eama to "reconnoitre . la forco" the routo via Farmlngton, to tba vicinity of tua tribal wotka. Uaiie. I'aioa and falmar wara for the work, and at tan o'clock on tlia 3d laatant were on the march to accoinpliah It. Tba regiments aal< i,ted wa a the Tenth, flli'.aeMtft, Twanty-iccood, Twenty, ae enth,Fo>ty rccouil onl Fi.ty-llrM Illinois Voluuteer*, T ?>h and 8lxi?eoth Michigan VJluntrer*, T?taa' 6liiip?i.9? ?r*> 'Hoola; Itought I In,'* (lilh oil) nol tf*z<o?va (0.'"<J) t>att*rl*f, aid tl.a foe?md liichtgai m*ilry. YhoXjJ '"mn proceeded o I on ih? l2 lulngton toad ?J>0Ut Jlva milea, ?hen It nroHnterad the enemy's picket?, lhe shurpe hooters immenutoly formed in line of battle 01 der in (he road, throwing li*nk ing parties out to the right ami left, and opening a moat terrific lire from the bushes, which was promptly re turned by the rebeia. Six rebel saddles were emptied in half aa many minutes by the terrible band of death ; eight other of tho ''butternuts" were severely woundedi eight others were taken prisoners,and the rest,Hume forty, ?' skedaddled" off in the direction of Fanning' ton. Five of the Yates Phalanx were severely wounded, but none were killed. Our forces immediately pushed on; but had proceeue I but a few rods when they on countered a success) u of fallen trees acrots the road, from behind which a deadly flro won opened upon our advance. As *oon as it w?<! possible to dleuover the enemy's pobitwn the shaipshot ters charged over the abatis, driving tho enemy bofoie them, like a Hock of paulo sti ickeu rat* runni g from a Cairo basement In a lime of hii'h water, This Inst firing was of no detri ment to us. i or we lost no men by It and it tau?ht i s that the rel.eln were pre|>ai o I and dote: mined to dup'tte mi pi ogi ess i cli liy inch from tJiia on w.ird. As last ao tney would show us thoir whereabouts, however, our Wastry would dislodge them, mid so it continued for half a n lie vr more, over taiigied bushes and obstructed swamp roads, t> the open fields to tha e ist of Fur iu intou. Bit as fust as the hharpshoetc s advanced the engineers of Odouel BisseU?ihey who t>ok the sieuiabouiB oce Und to New Madrid?would c ear away the dohri* aurt re air the bridges, eo that at tbrco o'clock the vaoguai d cm.. god from the xwauip. Now commenced tho tight iu ca uegt. The enemy had KBted four pleocs or uitilery ;t|KO an elevation of per ps twenty feot iu hoight, completely commanding the road, Mud m-iking It utterly Im ossib'.e for our troops to gain the i,eu fi Id, oiocpt by a detour to the right or left, then Cornel Uorgan'a (Te.iUi) rog ment we. e sent to tho right, with thoYaies shari#h>>oi rw, to the left, who scoo poured suoh a lire of mutko.ry upon the r ranks as i-eut tLe gui uers from ih-ir pieces in c n luaion.and caused the infuntry to ruth pell mell o\er tne hiil to ilieir t^acond position, whore they firmed in line of buttle. Then the rebel postilion* galloped up to the guns, linibeied ;hem up, aud dragged thoni away, v.udei' a most galling fire from our infantry. Their second position was taken up hi the crest of a hill, to the right of the Furmington road.just iu advance of a piece of dense wvod, being danked upon tho loft by an old cotton gin aud piwss, and on the right and In Trout by a deep though not impose ble ravine. It now became apparent that the enemy were det rmir.ed only to treat us to a cannon fight; and uad taken such a position as to preclude uv from advancing upon them ex cept by a circuitous route of Heme two miles, which, being llnoi gli swamp and brush, was lmi (>fBible. So llou .ht^iling's guns were brought r? rward,and emerg ing from tbe timber at a doubt: quick, went into bit t ry upon tile same g ouud j st vacated l<y the rebels. New, lor ha f an hour a terribie artdloiy duel w.-s Kept up, the enemy si.ov. ing a 01 chivalry wor hy a bet ter cause, ? wo regiments if infantry m the me?n t n.e going around au t g lining n tositi n . omnia ding i'i ir left llank, an opeaing upon th u with musketry at a liaianre of on y ab ? \ thre ? it.dred ja-ds. snc.i a liuiil sent thou- butternut c- torcd ruikit into the tall timte, an if ilie od * it,.' or o ite o Iter j stscc of ? tie p<o-o was after them. 1-indig thttnM-ves deserted by their ia ai<iy suppoit, the rebel artnlerima cliiuig. d ti o r position to a ; nint about a lia i m.le i'utlhor on. their ? ew po itiou was j rt to tho right of the road leading froui Fariuitigt-.n to Go ri.dh, npou the brov. oi ? .ii,aud aboi.t tuieo-cigbtbg of a iiidrf nor hof thovilageof I'armmgtnn. ilvugli tailing's butery im'i: d lately uiovcd up to u.c eucto. a ?eeoud petition ?t he e lt<iu Kin, winle He.c ck'sbat tery proceeded to ai open Co d in tiuUvof v'armi g on and to thom cmy s ritht, from v. h'.ch two points our li e soou bocame too terrible lot humanity to endiiie.aiid too rebels fled ia coui\.sit.n in tl.e direction of Uoriuth. Then our infantry were d aw n up at the town and nlon^ Ibo roads, whi.o li e cavairy were sunt on after thu flying foe. O if lo.JR w&.? only two kil'ed an eleven wounded, wliilo that of thcciemy wns ten ki iod, twelve wounded (now iu our liuo Is) and aboct thuiy prlnoueri?. The rebel for.'fcri ucie commanded by lii ja iler Ucncral Uorma duke, and consisted ol the i dh)wiug regimentn'? Tulrd Oonfed?tr?te (regula - ) ii.fautry, Major Keep. l'weniy-iiluth Tenauss-? iu an try. Col. fiam. Powell, Twenty Ifiit TennosSM iulaiury , t'olunel White. Ibinl IaiqI lauu infant,y, Co Orel l'ettigrew. ?'ne batt lion ol regular ?.u\ulry, and fiw.Ttt's battery of light artillery (four pieces), of ? Vlck b rg. was a most bnl'innt one ihro..ghout, and reflected hi c a credit upon all concert ed. Wo are now w.lh ti three miles of < orinth, fr<m wiiich plsce I ei peot to write my next letter, tntil then, iivstJHAi I'oi k's FTiunci'aitmr w Tin: Kin?, \ Mkak Corinth, Min., May 3,1863. J Tk* Start/rum Uumhurj,?Tht Man h?SntUli of Ilatnlurg au*l Ihe Hi-ule uj MarcJt, dt. On Monday last our column took up Ka line of march from Hamburg, and moved out on th? Corinth road to our present eamp. I need col <;escrtbo the march h'ber, for werda would fail te do the aubject Juotio^.* Such exi'crakl* road? langied tiuibar, nnfalhomah ? mud holes, rlcknty bridges, stubborn mules, Hteep liitla, precipitous gullies and tall cursing were never before witnessed or ejperieueed, except In a alml !ar march. l'ncle Toby Lss made "our army in Flandrra' memorable for ita uraof blasphemous expletives; but when, fifty or a bur died years hence, utie sball road of the way "our army itwore in Ham burg" it may be considered an expressive of the mob* expansive form in wtilrh double distilled profanity c mid lie uttered. tuftir* it to?ay that we bavo got tuross the slough, and are now here, uponlugh and dry grow d, in tbetvcodg, and in the advance. A ahort topographi- ! cal she'.cb of tl o co <Ary a.- ?ai<> ut will enable you and your readers to appreciate ?,u.' present lonition a.d ti e obstacles ?dhno b <d to overoiaio in gelling bore. Hamburg is situated nn tbe went bank ot tho T. oiK'seve river, about Nix in lc -bove i fbingl.ii.dnig, on t.n eaaliieuce rlinpH ?ia fcot at.nvch',b watermark, ami o* nt.iira lb < f aino bi.r 'Inge an I ~?veial log ? nos. The if a of tin! low pl&t m piobably luu bundled acres, amply dull i?m i'oi a much ext-tiMve .own, a <l vastly too I.tje for the i.-couun .'atton of alt ih.i native enterprise i this action of the Stu'e. I cavil g ilmlown b.teriorly v< eu.oni.ier .>n tie tbrcr land xld.p,fur a C u to of Ii.:1?h, a ?ucc?.'"irni of bayous, 1 g.oiiM and i;ulchee,:'aauip-, knoUa and nioiaf-ca, peculiar to no o lier 1< <,.i ,.f, i nil illlcientiv' evtci.aivu to aeoii'mt for tl.e town i e-iiLd no imii o o( die ulcniotiM of yro.a uvu. hi.- I moo nid enterprise cannntget lu, and igno lOticaam 'nrsari kepi ??cnblncd, erlbbod coiifln.ii" withii tin ' *?r.t-ii-? Ultca." In ordiray times of I >\v water, a i; > able ioa.1 inirota tho h?iiii|i enables ihu luiii^U 'i ?? p unlets to bring in tbuir stores ef cotton t.i ilui la '<r; but at auell a time ax this, wlieti^ to iiso an expression native here, "tho river is a b oiin," ine mi,'lit a* w 11 utidc; tako t> go in ? anuy ambulation over tb? Sly* or cr at iho nia"l tic i in .i leaky Itger birr b.irrel, at locroesirom tl.e low ?> Ibn bijli rutin-1 t ia tbo ordinary roo s.or by insane f ilia uxnal mi) s of t; aiuporiation. Kmoi gl.ig from ih ?* nap i wo roilfi w.-at of the landing the tiavele' -'ncoiii Mr a hill "f p - liapn a hunrlr?>l fe?t 10 hi>isht. a > ai hi up tbe ?ide of wi i<ih the ro<d ruoa ai its atocpos p'i t, u If tho o?>li li'irate Pt'liler who Lid a^.attpd upju ila fill dy en at c >ild f.ot un'jiil a ooiter a <? in ? anon I j bin.?o.i, Inn. lai; i ui a u| ou tlicon y foun.l ho could liud ibai was too precipitous 11 be a: an.. . nom tho bivw o. llia> bill to Ibis point tbe r ?ail.< ? o a" a ' -ir. atna b.ilwi^n hog botes and and pili:, h ' ? and gub be- ad lib. it hai- n w been six days si o.,r i a oo iioiburr, ft..I tbe rearloiiers up d tl. r nd,and it !a imptieslb e to eri-n ooi^eaiuia wtteu a.i win c< ute u^i. GENERAL MITCHEL'S SUCCESSES. Our At my Corrvuponrtcace* Nr.** Kiuimiki out, Ala., April 29?P. M. 1%'kat Gtntral JMHM Hat Dtnt?f, tftMinery Mont mentl?TKl KtLrl l\ret > ?rf? Ruiliiinganil Burning MndfXt? Th* > 'M,uit<;>(* MitrhH?A Flank Mo* ment is an I HWiliiary I't lUuiti?tint e/' Battle?Tk* At tack?-Tlit Rtbtl fitCrtai and Hrt '/u Bridge?AnetHrr Sttanf/e JMttt R^uttd.?Th* Catualim? Th* I'rit n rl' ?' tubmen**, rfc. If you *. M take the im|< of tlite Statu and trace that part or tbelwieof the I emohls and Charleston Kallroad which rani north of tbe W>nn< seee river, you wlllnee at a (1aiK? and ??4er?Und better than from any description 1 can give the rtnlt < f the thrae weeka* campaigning of tleneral M.itchei.?prkkb *aa Ooally accompliabcdat all O'clock this day fey the victory of Bridgeport. I can not prawnd to give tba fullest details or ih pre liminary movement* wUcii have resulted in a hostile, meeting of (lie rebel* m* ?. irsclvei; for, at the time the prellmiaary nw nncrfa heieg made, I waa at I eca tur ?? ting the nioM m-. ? t??it (feuerals Turciiiuai.d I.ytie In eva<'iiatl?g th. ' -? ' f'i?,cti?nbia. White there jtwo Generate x 1 kwiwyiag tbe bridg* at ? Decatur flenetalw 'i- at" *wi *ere eugnged in , builtf another at a i on ?>'?vel?ni??-the divi-'1 ilea cdvi?ander having u?t-rmtind to con trio J hit lines ae<> hold tk"1 pneltlou. gainst it ftlm' tiiu Teime*ae?> nuiru itroogly, H n?'?et bo undoiewxwl that tin til W-'lay t.'ea^* Mltchel did not K"ld tbe whole of thle part or the railroad north of tbe rlver> _ Ills left was at StevuPBon, or mi her a few ml lea e?n or if^bul the rebel right i?n? north of the Tenoergoe and adTanu*d to tbe very left ef General Mltchel. I hey thus ha I thO bildge at tlna point by which to crv.*s tho river, and wa.'? only te ar*ted from ua by a sir. ain 3c o fret wide, "ud which in foidnblo In half a dozen placo ' ear the acene ef action. In ooi. tracing hi# line by drawing In his right lie a, p ira u? in ? lurposed h.^isnd I * ina .e. t, rfim t Ihi? t?gt tho rlrer hetwe. u niinae>f .**" ' his f ra m i hn tit o ga. rrhl M c .? Wwi? hwii'# Of ihe moveme 'a from fkjiti t> . r ofntbs-iuw >? el i re thing I *.ug.p>.ntb in,.mike >)?> tebwla WOT'eat* M n? >.o. | Uuf tile O IBU1 ml Ol I ? Hi Uy ftlulih, Wi.ll Is kliOMU I" *>' o. e <>{ the most ?merprUhn and energetic vi n? rebel general*. Bui w.w it In p si' ively known itui hi lut ly took command at Cuuilia land tJn, It Is ih n.ght tint an ther is in e> mmand ol the lehe.n defeated tore. Tho 0 ce consisted ol two reglweuia of cat airy amounting ti> 1 QUO moil, live regiments of u >?ntry anil * battery < f II hi riII>'d pieces. 11m?i had advanced to the west eud of the bridge at thia point, len miles from ? toviiHim.and hod tin own up a Ion/ rifle pit. at the i i, lr of which ?> an unfinished fort. Hint ?io--1 ion de tnded th? approach to tho bi Idge wLlch pons the Twnne^ee. 'D une worki were nu thocresi "f a lull which ran jit right urgies wi h the bridgo, u'.rl which tho rallr< ad papii 'd with a eight rot? Oeyonl tlio country if rolling, heavily wmded anil a linlrahly adapted for a li;;ht. Tho railroad la not tlw ouljr approach to th-: bridge. A itirt road?as immaca dauiized roads sro called in this co.nt j?rui b t > the right or and nea Iv parallel wiib (he railroad, b i g at the diktat ce of ? mothing like a nun torn the lar o . Tlio loft of t.etietal Mtichei. previowl to liis m vomont on Brli!g-port, wa ai titevet sou. On Suuday nun mug tbe brign le waa engaged in build ing the brioge nliIrli two wet k? befuro tiiev bad de sttoyod. At tbe Fame lime a d day another brigade was eng >g"d iu bu till g thn oi e at tiooatur. It cu not be denn d that Gonerul Mitcbel Is a Protean cimmn uler, M he aptea s at me ami tho mmo time at itiilorei t n a ?n. ICO miles a ai t.building ;i..d burning, ooutrao. ing and aspauclBg, retreating and ailac?iug, and he, mora than all this, builds br dgon an raj.i y as be burns tli'm. Uo ocoiii-le i Sunday lu tleairoy mg the Deoutur bridgo. Ho took ouly tbe same lime an ? tl e eumu ? ay ti< build the bridgoovur whkb he waa to maruli to vic tory. lhe bridge?which is lour en?t ol Stevin aoii?la : 00 t'eot in length, yet it wus cotnt letou in twen ty foil r ho irs, aud ? regiment paaMd wtr to ibo furiber shore. A:' tbe stream which It s^ai ? m, at that point, twenty eet rieep, an idea can be conceive < of the mag nitiido ot' the material, irg ai.d the extent of the lub-?r. /m on as the b idgo was completed the brig.i e w is (runs ' rtod by ru * to wi biu four muss of U. idge^ ri. I h.s was accomplished with dilllculty on Moa.'ay a d 'Iii's ay inortiingB, tbo ei.ttro l? <e not being salely landed until about noon to-day. It wan fo >nd lmi>i>PBib a to ii^e ho sojj i n tbu march, wbu ll was ? i< ug the railroad for a mile, so General Mitch*! ordered two of his lighter guns by har.rt to ihe point of attsi k. Iho march was made blow ly and quietly, the rebel p!< kets atapoiut three miles from Bridgeport ma bong reached i.ntll three o'eloi k. They wore driven iu, but not followed closely. '1'hny fell back upon a large cavalry force, and one regiment of lniai.tfy, who, exi cctli g tieu. lLiitchol to advance by the railroad, placed tUcmselvee in position to receive him. lint, with a rapidity which discovered that the plan wa* not formed at tbo moment, but had buin>>tudied ami loruieddelibera'.eiy, (imi. Mitcbel ordered a regi ment to tbu right, aud hastily and quiet y tho whole c.dumu marchi d through the wooes and reached tho direct r?'ad which led to Bridgeport. V?m e*s ull, aud (ho brufchuooil iud wild Bowes we e tramp ed under f ot by the eng r nu n who pushed on to ibo 'ontllct for wh.cb t'ley w re no anxious. 'll;e men tol cd at the heavy cai'foiis and umber*, 'llio rope c^er a Uu. dred filmiilda. a grew le avy . and the beui\ r? wo.i. y, but hy never l aued. Iho n nd at last was rou< bed, and on tliuy I' cned; ii > couui a. d, in cheering woiiIh fri-m co.i iiiioiiiers, v e. ; ie es ary t > ire tl;om forward, ll.o pi s iu ot * t tu? stilBo enuy luviKoratti g Iho in j-a imal. biped r quail tr e i. which n. .; ed spur or enoour .gemai't, wan ii y ow.i aaimi.l, w 1ms? murougtng iu ..rut-Hh warns me that 1 must ??Brtu..'' h m off. 1 buud you a skoiclt of this ir.arfto.iy Uiuik inovoment of <leu. MiU'hel:~ GEN. Miroimb's FI.ANK MOVEMENT?Tni ti'S'E OP BA'ITLK P illMltl) UY MITOi El'h KOHi.'B fUVIt W IO TIlK AuVANOliON TUB BKUi-L W01UI8 AT KKUUE Tt Rf. I y iUi:* II ink movement, alter 1*0 twin' UMcb.iiM ral iliicliui p uC'.'tl binwaii in th it .1* tttl.jr n?o uc 4 horri ble pui-Hi u? Uitueuu iwo force* of iho nuoiiiy. A ml.t to tlia riglU or our rear one ragORflat o. ml iu. y ami two of cavalry vert drawn up in pi.smuu, wniiugau.. w< n daring wliy wo did nut nthick lb* in. Not iiiori- than iho md<)dtauiiMnutilrNU) l>i hbnront wt';a f>ur rogl n ?tit ni iu.autry drawn up iu II: ? of liaitio. uil Imid u from him by u lull, not mure tlian n h inlio.l ymd< 10 lit* croft, m y of imM; ? IhHk wu(>d 10 ihn i i|lil, mul a i oi ei U.iM l<> tin) loll. No oilior a a in than tint given w lian ilia pit kola vt^.o driven iu two huura bcf. ra wis rotcbeaiad to ilia lebeia anill they laieived nuo ahicn wi.s iui 'u' n iii Ikt" indeed. 1 bo him of battle was lorui'd at the fool of tba lull, the iw> | loco?ot an il:erv, chwgeu \fiib tl.eil, in tbo crntin. the ortlor wan giwu ami tbo line maicl.ud f?Jt waid towan t; ilincirkl ol il.e bi I. II. I ro iouuIduk U thay were La l il. ,vl> vo liic t p of tha >.<?!> le tlo.u tin y Mw tbo riicmy Ciavt n up In II.,a It. llinu work , two pn-cet of aitlllery peering from ibn iitlui*. *1 foil. I'ha li i t a lOi.k jil < i; altoUwir own, a. il tl.e mcu brae thorn.* Wee or >i encounter wbn Li tl ay had fca wo Id n> t r-st tliuir me; II. 1h< artillery j at ieand ab va ilia top of >???j bill, catchh z a', n a mi'?, an it w iaf itm mi n* in iii rmit Mil c .mpteii- n .ii.k tl.a t iny b? lore it. A iuouient'ac..nsuliallou e.itucd be. wi-uu UMMh ral Mitchol and tb? captain or artMery. Iho gunner* fixed tbelr *ca ra, tl.e |il' ces were gradual d for (ha dUteUca, and la a few i.>e?ndn tho two alielia bi.rat in tbo TCiy midst of the grand rebel reserve. Tb<- ?>naitiriutii n creatatl by tin* muo pat;tail attack can b? bjtter Iiimkhi*.! th.ia *e scribed. Tbair <ti Hilary wne never winked. Iliryap pruned to conclude that tbiir cavalry ami Infantry iegi uient in front bad been mki ii, anil not ri l thing the ? ame rata lor thnuiMi .<??. they beg-ui to fall ha. k. Tlia coutlemat on Into ?bich itii'j hud b t*n ttirnwn wa* evideut va ..tti.era Miicliell, *nd altar a MCotiil round ? f thell Ua ordarad a ra, Id adVttice, and over t1 ? bill aad aci t*-s the ?? ley went tbo wbola una on a tiv b o >iui?ik. Bill the ei alt dirt not wait lar our appr nrh. A sum porta b*t*i ,aid waa not A> ithed mini tua ilvar waa Elaret I'ot.ierii thannieWraami < nr iniant.y. Captain i> in * ? nt hhe.l nfier ,?Heil altar Ilium, wh.cb uiuy ?erv.d h) I. c th?lr a|N>oil,at.d lhay bad aoun Usu ; bin. oni of r n.;e. Iha ki irtga acrobR tha tIvar hero ia in two parta. lba wnkiv. neurt it a c ttimnB bi id,tf nuch aa ona are* ?n railn arts knd inrnp kea,?<vor Ninall t ir?-tm?, w itb tliv ?Itrpiton tbiB waaittverod. An I8i..nil in rba m il d a of tlia rlvei ia tlia uasiem letmiuoaof tlilat i?rt.| ili? hridga BiMI*lib Miltd Hliu.aor t,.? rivm ia a flu? xtructure, with a draw lor tLa HCv<minio<.a.Wnot tha boitta wmrh |.ly thus lar i.b?va iha m i-i-oi abrala. in tbuir bittd tbo rvb<!la did u t die tba wratarn part of tho b idaia by too tiu.a we Ii.mi n.'anhad tba town mul drawbridge w. a iu tlamfl". Ihttr a wax groat dnng-r thai ilia $ iiuem lia I ol the br.'lge woul burn, ai.u ii ww li ta tiAna attain ting to rend u.en to tlia inland fot,tbx |>ui|<taiu nl aavnrg it. A fb?R? oi 'itftory in tbo in ihor >'nnt! ooula iubaih wh L> Uui d ng. <5?n *hi Mitt in I c..i r I far v li tiieara !<? ???vu tba brtdgfl iiv K*>i?g ??? the .a and. "Uh . of yuu iv111 voluiitetrr ' ha ormd. A but cmiI oi iho 'thirty :hinl Ohm upriii g Icrmh tl and nniorrd th>* b? i g . ? ??Ilia a my nviul'' O'ted (Mneral Mitutifl. At III-li r-< i wot.i anoilier. atid uiitutior, nil ? t,i anoiiiur, tin ti. ^vol nu?r* wwrr a* plenty na ihoy wore a tb?('ri aid ?l't ' rail a year and fonrioau iiaya ago. Tho In iditti ?.u> aavaii. Tba rebal?ydlii not ilro*tn tlie i ? ly, and wu did not lo<o i mnif. ? g in tne manntima, '"tiiDiU faco'1 Umi a imrti n ui th... briKiv.e lorinwd, Willi Hiooftti.' ty ia<>ltiim ,u whit ??.) h motuautl>?ior?t>uribar. ab ntw. p i.-d, tl.a m - i , win in we had tuiiMMl two unlc ? id in i<a,hiii n , tin it illlery, oOnOalVel vital ;nr mo tlhy-n. lit Un ,a i ami I. <im i ly ?. wn'lip rail rand. 11o niyji ) Iu tl.a van, iiitl Awl.eii fo Waid. In Itil p.iH< i I iiy ti.?^ at uc. i - t'd in hair I bji a. W o oou pl?. I I .tl I XHI t P' 10'' HI wl.l II ?i|_ I t'll! |H iirttl li a. but a H'w m.u prtrla ay. t.irni1W*? b? ? I pp i i ilieiu, li t <i . i pa n.iii.i' > vr eto ' li rMig'ar c ?U |rnva oi;.ttiva. i eyc.tba *?. ioti in w.i na l A ,u 110 "if a, and illdim i nrci-lve tin t Nw> had madea iu.?Uku until me/ w? ? wnhni i.uon liuu d ud \ ar a <i ns. Ihey were in uu open wheat fle d. t)i e by nno th y h illert, huddling together, and looking for uli ib? uu'Id like a hord i f I'm I toned der,unde cidid wl Hkir to fly or i ot. At this moment fioiiTuI Miti hcl ordered t'apta'n Laomi < to gi> ? them Kaum'nr, i d they waited un it iliey got "> h"1 n<> long r. The who'efotce Jed in ev ry direction. f> eh a vutmnede I

m rvr hhw, Kulerlets h"r-e* : ere in ng with pal' un horsed iiui i.nburt cavalry wen. in one iiidisci minute slump da. broke for wot")*, hills, vul eye nod every other kind of shelter. lw> cavalry c in alien were eta tod in purpui', nud up to thu time I write prl-oners eru hei>)({ brouiiit in by squids. '.ho rebel infantry r*f imrnt, somt. learn ng b* 'uto <>f thoir compeDlnns, fled In tlia wood*, and are scatter. d in eve y direction. <f tli cattitalltog t. o ih< lvti> I c n Spei.i p 8 tively? nr no- h< t the relit 1 Iim it m not bo e;t?y t" decide. Ihelr k i ed wiM probably roach fio. It i8 ge ? ally BO?Bti mined. Abort 17J or 'M) prisoners have be*:B br ueht In; bu{ I think the unmher will be lately Increus d. There is no way for tl o:n t' ernfa tho river, and thee a1 e rcaUered in every direction, 'ihero is no mniih f wav f r tin-in to e*c.i|>e unleMs by being she to ed "y the citiaei*, who will, ilot'.htlo?s, armd thorn ail the aid which ihey o n raiu'y grant. I aim Id not be surprised if we cap uroaa many as (.Of <> them. To i I .1 ipeiiriiii.-e, at the line ?e anp< A'ed over the ereatoi the inii a ui n? iad i l.o relicl*, they were erawu l'i in line nf buttle bu'. p i* n> rr i^nari that tho oxoifi Mont following >.p the aim. m of the i?u h ure Wore had rii'Bided by He lioM wo made tint atl.ick, und tluy we ?engaged in eurpirg, thi? in in pa t true. The supper witg bei g ot?kc<!,hui wo a'e it, the rebels lea- ing it in an e*t eUeiit all te of pres rva'.l u. Th ? a ur p oie, m a iy ia o, wan u oat ftpmplete, and Un so en gaged in tho stumiwde m e net likely Min n to forgot it. ihe attack on tin; wain Mv?makfl"Keit*rve" in th,' nr ,t winch I .-uinl yon of Una utmpie ail.iir?w as made ut six o clock, according to the i)li ors iud Dim around me at this tirn$. It was neat' da k, uinl be pin suit wa,s li~gu? after dark aet iu. Tim f ill n sul's cannot be fully Ub^wq ui til morning, when I sh 'il add a postscri I. ami porliapf a h c> ud It t'er l'rr m pla e. where I pintli h ire to go to li nt a mail This co mi y ip almost shut out entirely from mall facilities. 1 saw the Into* Kkk/id yestei day. It way dated Ap. il 12. Latent 1 onisvii emid Ni>*hvi! e papers ure a week | old. An squally bad state of altiirs exists regiirdn.g statimiery. I | < n you this coninmuicatli n on the !!y leaves of Putnam'? laLU tulle?uy eutiro librui y at this time. 1 have had nnly a moment's couver*atl<vt ?.riih pi'Won erf>. ()no of them told tna that New inlo nihu ih - n ta'.en by "you Yankees.-'' lici ernl il it lie I io.Im me that ho Las the tamo new* via another rebel snurco. SimtrK, April 30,1802. Two Piter* of Artitfrry Taken? '*<? ?'?/ Sfitchtl?Inci <i*nU?.1 Culhm Bale I'oiiiuuH Bridgt?JU Bvoyancy, <fc. Tho work of i!io night ha? r.ot been leas successful thna that of the day. The pursuit hits continued with energy and wo now have three hundred prisoners, who are bc?iiig f^nt to the mar. General l.ytie lies c una op and tho work gooa britvc'y on. Ihe <??l and wounded of the rebel* amount to sixty three. Wo shells luve played fearful havi c .imoi.g iho r<-ic 1b. Win wounds nre of t! 8 m>s rigluii.lchuructur. The rmor.or.iuro bolnt speedi ly gcui to H'.ntsvWo and to the e?f. ; ur i jj the night a squad of infantry cr ' Fed the river by mi'.i .8 of the iron woilc of Lho dnv.vbil.ige, which yetremaiiod period,and h ivo t; ccwrt'd ;u <a diirlm: removing two pieces 'f li- lit n iiUt ,y. ?;<>w the Ceed was . ccotiiplii ?'d uuUfltiy ?.. :rs to ki w;hut cer turn it in thatth ? two pieciF, v.ilh th ?? o.? is? is.u'i of I ammunition Uavo be n hi<u gilt id iii^a. o.t, I ho mo to fcnil a full act' >uat ? i th'# a air. n? I > tie t lo graphed to 1 o- oral MUchtf. who n'? i<m- iy re| , ?i e ca.oi I a> d d >u.'( alk>w the boj s to strattg'.e toCl.atla no< ?.a aud b ii'g it away." As > u.i wi.l ? eo by iny accoi nt, tho infantry did not get n shot. 'iheyaro ii.iuila: <1 ull'aptaln 1. otn!.; ai.d i dfguant thai he should tm\o eloacd th^m .ill oat, leaving the iifaMiy nulling to <lo, Cut tii iufnmry did tho,r (i ity and depot ve tho h- li commendations which t.encr.l Uitchel stiovix u ou ihein. General Mitchol hat demnmitraied that he ia one of tito most energetic atd cntorpi Innstge .eral* in command 0, any division of tho army, lie la never without e soui<es,never hesitates, an<l ti,a'..ram re movements, 10 rapidly am lo ontfrind iho enemy and rout a!i'/.r all h.n iDovemen m. He has ?1. ??dy 11 a?e Lin mark iu this a or. After the rebrls had crossed tho rivr an-1 burned iho bri ge, iho whistle ol a locoinetn e winf heard in tbe dis iai?e. rap *ln I,omuls called t,sn?rn Mitchell's atteu tin tn It, ..n1 sahi ho judged it wan in ihe wo ids beyond tho river, two milea distant. *'!?>. me give > in a pboll on geuvrai principles, <>eiieialf'' roq estett ra it. lyMniis. " i.ei ?im liav* it.' baid the i.iBi>r l, Whiz I weflt the shell, a. d. liinuliatipi as with its h uttlug, we heard tiot. toot, and away the traintwCtetunoi-ga Wh?*n wo ifticta d the atrvam, over wbieh tho bri *ce was to lie b 11', on F uadoy?Juddv creek, as it is vol led? we r?uud that tha b. ek water had Uo dad U until it was three hanurtd feet wide and at least twenty fa* t ueep. How to ?r- aa It was Uin que Hiu ; and when pnt to Geuer*i to* resile.'?>yh, I hav it u.? t? in thacara." A r?^d w.'s-?\tr,cu.y ihnde to the (edgu of the stream, and d?.wn ihia was (ru:ir<l a p>.nu> a br dgc -that Is, the men unloaded and ro !ed down tho ti.uik sixty aix bales of cottm. Ihey we m d iu tho stream, two wU.e, and guy rop> s sirelctud from tree to trte through iho water, Rails were run thr iiKh the ro^cs ol the t).ilas. aud thus bound tlutn tog) thu . l'faoi. p>.mks woro laid fr?iu? one bale to anuii er, p.ucad ts t.'.u bwatx for pontoon bridged aie placed, and the bridge was complete, t.euera) MUchoi a ; uu thai he had c tl' luted the hii yancy or a hale of cotton, stwl its overed it to bo 446 pounds. .Some Hdlors who knew tlicir weiKht, a ided thai of lour t-f tbeuu>>'Ue4 to^ettier, 1,ta pounds, and ate pvd on a single halo outhewalvr. 1 sunk to within an inUi of beingeul'tnergod. and proved ih? ca cu.ation of tieno al Miictud to bo oorreet. On iheni.ui'h fr m tho point at whlih wo left the ra.lioa I, Muchel was always iu the roer. Un oaobing tho r< a i hsadiug to 1 r,d,. port, bo a>ked ot n strangei, w hai roa<i It was. 'To Urid^pit, ' s.iid th man. " you gui<lo us, ' said UeLaral il t lirl. ?<Oh! vou cannot iravl It," said t>n' man, for a bridge is bui Ms anJ tbe timber fall, n n. ' how me tho route," said tho t.enors! mat refusol. '? lake ! lui p-isaner." A bah iv Irimeii t>ad him iu an la taut. h a ouj; nd away th y wcut far Ue.ut of the party, i i.e ly, wo saw the wi.oki party g. (ienural Mit<h i bio ?iit tho ci.i.oin to a it H and tliny oioaad The '??i w ni t to "boirea h a UoukIi," but n chore tarriol a all,aui', o?t(<!l hi glances, th > row tti ui uit ti'O hi i iteon ii? work ot tlse ??.<< striioture, and pasocd ovor it. in i u .,tXM) m.n, each h a ing a mu:l t on one . l ouider t\.. k r^d on ttio okher a in l ir pi ro. miry muddy, ve t'umli. n, liitiMi i h lii- o oil', eu^agsd wi h hi .'U> y giaid iuconipieti a bin iter iirtdt.o, vd thr m ui?;eiovi( liyKiwil u won U'"tt' mini rr<^ pftig tbe if"< ^e.i. 1 clone f Mr the mall, wli rh will be c.u ri d by an infantry 011 tor k ii g t? N<> hvide, to wh -o tinier mercy it i' ei. ir S'?d,with reh.ct.inoo ai da thousand evo Irc.lO'is oi th ? Uiun-mlHI instances of ili? f< i getlVli o. S ?if man. Weiinv'ia repoil. in ?l tli.ed and in en I'e, of lui'cap turo ai iiei at ir oi f'uptam MprM s butiwry of i-rtHlarj from Ctovoiand, Ohio. FIGHT AT LEBANON. One Hundred unit Fifty of Tforgan'i iHiKlit Cu |?< u ? ril and u liiii|2c Number Kiiiril?Miir^mi he (lotted li 11H-ii?.\ r?. ly nil oi tlie Mr li*l Hor?ea Mud A; mm Cnp'MtMl?lttbelit In l<'ull Flifhl uiid (.ciiiihI iiumuiil 111 Hut I'm an t. [Kr. m tho *iw.'i ill# Ui.l n, iiay B.] Wo hn?p .,nRI r*<-c|v?i irvui lieudqui t> id .Uefol'owlng hi. lil gratifying n w- ?iiui.urMi i vtn ut nnu thagnl uui K mucky and P?ao?ylvrol> e.trM y hnviiciivo.ei tli-iu M>v? ?l?hj:l?ry. Wr will |irif?co He < ea, atctit* by ?imIiOk thui, on tM night or ih? 4U< Int. ^Sunday), Mor t(k .? auti WooU k Onu'.i n, nuMbertftf M to Hvu uavulry, niMiloaKri?) lato i*.mut>e, thirty uiitmirom thii city, una ei iutmniatd out* uguig Hie Una* citi?e..s Ueuertil Lnimoiit hiving h?en i>m\ louti.y of a uioviiment hi ttoigun'a in the 4u?.uon ?il tbia cily. *nd rightly gi.e.-i*>ug hi* r?M d?nU,<Aii<in hud gone 10 Mil iraanmiro ilia rrluay night pretrlou*. taking with hint portlona I tvionaia Wooift ro'a and Mruili < h< uuic-y cavalry, and Wyiik ?p a I aimaylvaala eaialry. A part of tb ?m tru?>, * ware national here and the reat between bure tnd M ni>? abu o. (Mi Monday murtili g at feur o'clocki we puahetf acroae Ilia eouBWy fr<>ni MtirfituhlKHO to liebuinu, mm nur pi ix?d (he irk> ia m >bat U?. 'lbe rebela left their uor>-ea precipitately and lied t" the nana ? wUcuce tliay ill ed on aokiter*, being united in tin i work by the ii.u?b.lanii". lbe i efpauliek 1.1, tbe reat of tha utory. v*? ia>pt< tint a l"?a?u will be taught by tienerai mn lit 0 ibr l.etiai.ou rabeia which xliall liover be forgotten, iliej are an laiamoiiB eet or cowardly aca.iaaiuB, and ruiny ceeerTo the bmigmaa'a halter. a aeye.e rbuWe iaa?ie.y ueeiitul, and n* truat M will be promptly ml imuia.vitid. It wuuld linvea wboie*uiue ' tiuot on ???mo o. the biackbeui.ed ?ad costard y tr.iltora m thla city, * be hate b.eii hoping for Morgan'H approaeb, no that tlie> nvwbi euga*e iu tu?i iiaateainatiou ol' t,ie Uu ion meu in Niialivilli'. 1 he io low mg li an extraet from flcn. Du > uont'a enicial kMw, Hay 8, 1*02. 1 anrpi U*d and attacked tha ea iu> un.or Colo, ela M 'i^iiu and Wood ibw inornlug ut luur o'u oak, at iIna ti.a< ?, an<i aimi ahuio lnuglit bmi.e ol one mn a half h 'uig, .ini a runiiu g hglii a eigliteon ?!!? a in ,?irault, uciievedacimipioMi ?nda Miuatial %Ivtory. wy i.nee v,ujiabiiiii nia lixuitreo, c iu?i ho . ui deu.uuirnniH fr,in < l< Met W\nao<pH tWVWiib I>..uf;. W;.'n:i, Uoimiat (-njr .? , ?h'- i ilth jvppiiiiky. atmC'ii. Wuotlo.d'n n ?t Kemail) oarahy, th.a ol ti>e etietni, ua Ht itc. hy btm eil, u|i?aMia of ei^lit liuiidruil. Ik'khlcM ulih'll, tliu 1 .i) I int.. btiaata, hot i., tnu nn.ij, > i*c. cd n mur* i.or- '.aB ? i n mil to ? fn.m Inen In tire , ami k*|ii It up i inn it i i inkiHiUtni loicoa ? I ibo ei.auiy hml ilml ur at ieid?iii or o.ipn.r#ii. Tbe nirc?*?n liitiie ai lo warn rtolnaitely mou .tod. In i it' ..u; iinu li.i. uiail hiuI It 1} i r koi r K,,inii?,j wm Ri <? lc ti iik't in Mi uobect f. W-iu.l i? iK tbe i in.til .-tatca iiny; iUkj ga| lain*, four le mu i>, n it u ? m#>'f <i? It Bund and u.iy li ia-k iiMIhiio hlilllt ?.l i-Mi.ltel MM . 111,1 ki, til Will lioi HX |M|||\ ami' iii wo., n ii i i i.ij lue. u.o um ? ?. r< c r (? ? uy , ? i i I' it i| w ini o.-.i, i.|i,' f inner m th i 'e/t tin u i r .ii tho iioUotiitii. \> t toft iiopriki .ii a ?* e,n Mi, '* 1 if 1 ? ?.??? I'tn . a. n. y tut o .. i} , wti 'I hi tliduiiii i* ot ttio i neMf in iik iha airi'M iigkt by u. i?it ug i i'ii? ?>i o .r i,n i ?> p. ii in,k in >.jir iniiotiid y unit p*nN>'<i,l ilarin, mi a i< u* iv- u "? o gaw ii. ii mlenalw'aiiynftfii ny M*?e"Oi<eik from | i? ., It) it Morgan h m-elf waa umong til ? killed. lh?r? is aa yet no official cnn0rinail<<n *>f this re|?>rf. The following 'el ^graphic despatch bag b??n reee.ved from Colonel Dullk-ld:? Mi'rfnuwdo':'), Tenn., V?f 6, 18fl'J. I htv? thia Instant reitir ud fr< m Labium, a'ter a four days' chase niter M'-irg.n. A detachment of the feventh Paiinsvliania, and Fist and Koorlh Ken tuck r c ivnl y, nvart< ok Morgan at I?hun?n this morning, at th e o'clock, anil ?nmulete y surprised and tho nughly r' ted liim. n> d ciptf e I a hrgo quantity ? f arm* and h -rues a.'"i 160 |>riB' ura, among the number IJeute ant Cii|nr?' Robert Wind, of Ad.ima1 cavlry, lata an om> or in ih" rutted Hiatea Army. The auainy ware pur sued Ij tho ( umber laud river. IMPORTANT FROM NASHVILLE. Bttaltalory Jl<u?ur<* of Uov. Johnson. K^arou, May 10.1802. Governor Join,ion ban Manod a procliirn uion anuounc. It'S that Tor every I nn n uiati captured or maltreated by marauding bauds ftvo or more prominent rebels shall be arres e?l, and f?r al! pro|>erty of l< yalis a dostr yed am ple iemonoratioo shall bo made to them out of (be property of anch In the vicinity as l.ave given aid. cow. fort, Information or encouragement to pirtlcs commit ting depredations. Tue order will bo oxecuud to the letter, and itpecul earning in giveu accordingly. Capture ot Union Cavalry< Caiko, May 10, 1862. The steamer Roe, from Pittsburg landing yesterday afternoon, has arrived, and reports that one bund ed of our cavalry, while reconnoiterlng from tlio left wing on Thursday night, wero curprited by a superior force of rebel*, and capured. The Hl?ge or Fort Wrlglit. CniriGO, May 10,1802. A special dei,patch from Cairo rays:? A report reached hero last nigbt thai a lieutenant from the Henton yesterday approached the works at Fort Wright, and could see no signs of li e there. Ho uaed a glass us bo approaehod nearer to the works, and saw but Tew laborers there, and although he looked right into the w.rks not a soldier could be seen. A special (Iospatch from Fort Wright says:? A do orter an Ived at the fleet yesterday who asserts p> sill vely that all the iar.d forces have been withdrawn from tho Tort save bare y enough to work tho guns. JolT Thompson came up yesterday under a dug of truoo and exchanged a oouplo of federal surgeons cap tured at Belmont for rebel oW'-irs of equal rank He has command both afloat and'ashore. Cairo, May 10,1862. Commodore Foote arrived hero lo day, tn rouU to Cleveland, lea.injj Captain Davis in chargo of tho Hoot. Secession Plot at Paiiiieuh, Ivy. Chicago, May 10,1862. A special clef paten from Cairo nays:? Intelligence from Padnrah .state-! th it a Recession pl?t on tlio part of tho sec ssii ti residents th'rc has b nn dr. ? covered to hand the town uvcr to the rcbols. Slept) 1i.a\ c been taken to punish the conspirators. For so\e a wo.'ks past thi-y ha\ e nightly inut, si\ hundred in num. her, In a largo ball in ihat place. Ui.t for tho inform it < r given by one of their number th i plot would have b e coiujiimma.tted within anothe week. ThJ military fore bai alnte b 'on largely iucrv.i cd, and every p.ocauti-in taken to prevent it. Tho large sixty.four pounders upon the embankments and around the marine bosnital art turned upou tho town to bo used in care of an outbreak NEWS FROM FORTRESS MONROE. SeWilli's Point Cannonaded by tlie Mou? Uor and the Rip Rap* llatterjr. Fomnr,.n Moxiuie, May 0, 1802. ThsMerrimao routined otl' the roint *11 night. T ie Monitor went up Ibis afternoon and fired a few ibotB into gewall's Point. The Rip Raps battery also opened briskly, a number of ibe shots striking in the woods. Many comparisons are <lrawn between tbe enterprise ?f tbe naval fleets h?re and at New Orleans. Official Report of Commodore ?jk?ldi boresgb of the Khclllsf of Pol at. r kitbd Srxncs Kixifitip Mi.nnkkota, I HiJiKH K Boahh, Vs., Way 0,1802 f 11? fcj'wi unnar, tbe President of tbo Putted Platen:? Pik?Agreeably to a communication Just received from tbe lien. Edwin M. Stanton, I have tbo honor to r?;>ort tbi. instructions 1 (are yesterday to tbo off.?>rs com mending tbo several voswls detailed to open firs upon .'?wall's Polat were.?That ibeoDjectof tho move was to ascertain the practicality of lauding a tody of troops thereabouts, and to red.toe tho irorkt, if it could ho U .oe. that tho wooden ve$?u's should attack the principal works In entiiado, aud tint the Monitor, to be aciora pHiii- d by tbe Stevens, should i;o up us far as tbo works, and iliere cerate in front, on 'h<> Merrlmac's appeararoe outside of tbo works. Tbe Monitor had order* to full back into fair channel ?*y, and only to engage her <i<?rtn>:*ly in such a position ? but this ship, t- ?;etber with tho iiio chant rc -cl.; it. tended Ivr tlie pui peso, could run her down, il'snop portunity prisemed itself tlie other vessels were not to lie?>'tats to rm her down, in I tho loioru. an . n iruwd i t< am er of!i|-1.1 tlmuL'il, hi^h speed and w itli a <;? rve t bow. was kept In tho direction of th? \tonitor, <? ? presslj to tlir. w brr: tlf acrobf. tl e VorrSnuc, .itlio ftn ? a d ? r att of bor pi it til hiu*?,liut <' c 11 too c di I n it en gi; e, nor did t e place b?r e'f wlier" ilio could hat been ?? sssllcd by our mm re^o!* .ny r ,or * hero there wr? any pro p u t whatever ofguuin; .i' lie.. M> inrtrui t oi s mere uece*.?rily verbal, u-1 .n ; i I x them I po??d that ! was oiryrg out y?e :r wl*',e I substance, If n> t oiliu lettc . llio dotnoi-liatum re siiitod iu csUtbilaii] g the ;a-t tha'. the nuinhor of g .n* at tbe principal work onfewall's i'oini b >s n?en c?en tlally reduced, and In rot greater now iha:i about soven teen, and (hit the number of men now sbitlouc I thr.'e is comparatively (lulls limited Tlie quarters I with thlp wi.rk were net on Are hy . ur shells, ami uo doubt toricuFly injured 1 am, very rerpectfulij . your oliedisnt tenant, L. V. OoLnsnORUtKMI, Commanding Naval III x:Ua.ling S<piadrou. Noil Arrival of tliv (lid loint Boat. B^t.nnorjt, May 10, IsftJ, Ths regular boit from Old Point bat nit yet arrived be, s. 11 uy rumor* are in <:ons .ipien. ? Destruction of Cotton. Hngnr and Molaa ??? at Mi utplna. Cairo, May 10, 1802 A refag^a frnni Ifampbla rtfirt* that n l.irge number of tri.ip* bad arrived at Mempbin from Arkansaa at..I Te*?a, ami were wnti>e<1i.\lely aunt to Oorintb. Tlw pro. yo?t Marehnl commenced burning the cotton early laat w?vk. Mont of the *ugor ami molaaaoa wan thrown tha riwr. The rebel government *e trail a large amount or properly and aant tt toroiumhua, MUf.,ai d proattaod to imy for tt three mouth* after the treaty or peace with the toiled Mate*. J<-(] Tbnmpaon waa acouriDg lha country around Mam phi* wltb ha gulf anlorc ng tb?c< oMrlptlon act. Deaerlera from Beauratard'a army roiort that the troo. a ara an kulf railoaa. and th?t thair provitlona wi.l not laat forty dayt. All tba tnlai try which bad been Stationed at Fort Wright had been aeiii to Corinth. A nnn.ber of cltlzene of Mompl.H ha I bfen imprisoned for ?xprearnlrg d. ulltt aa to the aicce*e of thy rebel!n o. Moat of lb. aitlzi na r?nia ne<I, but a nutnhvr of Ut? rabol ayrnpathizera weie le?viug for the interior id antict|>a Ik* or tba arrival of the 1'nlon iloel. Uto ilfxtructl' o of property at Memphis la combo mloil I y lha Union prieonera exchanged yauUi day. We a#- learn 1 r? in them that General Villvplgue bad e* praaaad hlmae f aa ibornoghly dtrgustrrt wUb the mm nor in which bll cotnmurfd hud licwn Uikoo aw.iy | a .i a In th<> general opinion amorg itlailngnlabed officer* that tort Wright will I o ?v..caie>l a it bin a *c.k K're At Anlitirtta Aim' ax, May 10,1803. a (Ire broke onl In the cooper nhupoi tho Auburn Slate |" It n. ut ki* o'c o< k Inat evenl g, ilmlroyl g that b i. < g n.t n la .i>m nut o at ck .md io m b i? uj h It to hi . ? >? . i*ikct>> * M 8*. a A. < III r .? (J. . i u i p a a la It'll I tt ?? * at ??d. Ih i ami l a -'in?a In lli.i il a no ion of iho ?lio > wi'l mn. |o nbui<t ill oaa t" lha ??>nt eto' * la about $ 0,0(H), 11 ? < Vt tu tlkJ i mii k .1 til y to p*r>vrnt the II ? from re*?litg. ihe.vw.ia ihi.i .. o i any II ill ,i e ?w VtKY INTEREST FROM NEW ORLEANS. Rebel Accounts of the Surren der of the City. Official Proceeding* uf the Common Council Deeidiug to Surrender. Speeches by Pierre Sculf and Major General Lowell, What the New Orleans Press Bays of the Situation. The Property Destroyed by oraer or General Lovell* Rebel Ccndemnation of the Incen diary Act. General Appearance of the City as Described by its Press. Insult to Our Gallant Navy, and What Resulted from It* THE EUROPEAN BRIGADE PRESERVING ORDER. I*rovisioii? Scarce and starvation Impending. INTERESTING INCIDENTS, kci) &<?! kc< Our Gr*at Ulsiistrr un<l Iluiui) iAtaun. f Kroin the New iirlca.m rolia, April 2d. J Ye: tcrUuy S?w Orleans wan j-ul jeci<*'? 10 (lie most tej rible humiliation m <1 degradation which ha ve ever failou upon a bravo and true i uop.o. Alter 11 \ ?li >tit doience by our fort* below the city?tfter e<hau-tlrg all our re - ui cos mm st i I?tlm ?i eai r i esoun o w iter of the ?ucmv enabled ihem to pass our exteiior f i liflcnti na ?itti i h iir la km 0 t, and tlm> o ipro:ieho : the city with a Bp.a in>o o. li in-uol turn- ,t?t vo-se's, all s.iam gunU a s o1 mor4.1 r v.?*e.-. llv ru ..v a latg* f c* of land I; <*'| s in the ci.'y;b to what avill were tho/ ajtaiiiot ibo ships unci cmio 1- "f ih ? en tnyT ill I ii.' niouient it was anno need thai ih ? shii n ha 1 pofsao th t'ortn. it boc tine <>vi .on to a.l rolli-cun# po: sotti that tiiO city wast defenceless. Ste| - \\o e tho . tak< n to len der ii a bar. en c mpiest. lly ordoi o. iu? (> .V 'inor aud miliary a'lth.iritlas.ull I ho govci nuicnt mutu.sons and Klu. os wsru pent away. 8uch mate ?al of war an could Ui t ha runinviV. wu.i destroyed. Or.lers were alfco umiu'd to <te?>troy all iho .on on in this city. TUIs wan *lf.o done. Tho troop* under Caneral Ijovall wero ninnheA to the interior lines of the city?a few m.Vs bf'.ow?these lines would have been for uituallle avMust any army advamiug by laod; but "ic batlt rk'?r.firtlie u\?tr ware quite weak and iu ?U' Ciive ugiiin&l the -bi| s?-ei cciany in the nresenr iilage of the rfver?the htghnurfiice nf tho wat*rennbling Ib.-n coiniuetcly to c .mmaud tha .- irroundii.jj country, laihtwulMiiiofi&lnit nui) ... ubvtooa thai tha cnemj's ile?! would meet with no . criots ob.uacle iit up tb? river. Accordingly u was announced ai an o rty h <ur thut tkey wi re c mlng. Their vc?sein cam ? up (lowly,as if IocIiuk thmr w.ij?the, tli j flagship i f Cum. l'arragit, I. riling. Then followed the ll. o-Ali u, the Kii'Uin md, aD.l ulne other siiifH, big and little. V.. thud -ihi.w appnta.'ho 1 the baltofia*, about six or sewn miiai" below the city, our artillerist* uputicd upon then frum both side.- ?> tho l iver. Put. an tho .runs were ou y "weiiiy lours. ihav produced hut lit. tie elfact. ihi? Shi;*! replied \?t;h >everai hrr* Ui :<rt. which rli .wen ih.t they re.utplnlaly o mmaudeil '>at turtaa. Ih" batteriaa, though iuaouad by unm .uttaod (pinj #rs. koptup the lire i u- **me tiuie, but * HU ?>> af fect, and ui lern'i -h d'.vx>uraeiu8 circuin-tat <r.< as to rtnu-r it an obvious poli jr to wiiiidiaw iheg.u:u;r; snj the tro> ii*. l'ho ha tie* ies ' ere acotT-iin^l* .itiauC<>,:e?ti the ir.toi were mar liad to ha Joc, ..n lu<i r?i. d. In the p.nam iit.h '.h > Ii ?i*'r '.|ua Iro.. so ;on -d up tlie rivor. A trrrililu a?l?t n??!aai !h> y nx.-cta ? ?J.: |?re S tiled lo tL'i vietori'u.a i'i.js. Ihc while levee, !or m <R,t\n ,.r?pp? mi wi4.', irotu tie luit"i.jj iruhp and fcun ?>, vi-'i'h the acth r:t i * hut i e:c?l t?? hr imiviiii >i, lr !: r <m r m- y L'-V h'.inlng i-hii s, tho detorUoi our fl et - ,<|??. tne tmrc mt , >cW nod n aiati'. v. tilch c u ?> lived "it r. I no mu oli-ou | ii .i^ up ih :. r. ;lo , t m iit. trnlo o..i*'? .d cn t v li. in; Ija.ii'.j > in to! I.or ri i i'. ill* . ci ? -lo. \ ' v |^ . i, ??. Ic ? Ii '? wn lit uJ hy trro# ?f our * dlu.v but w t'.ioot i ruw n. '11.* d: l not re;,!; , b'.t p . c.i P : *!.i ' ? , j mrr A l?'i)w "lii'er v.'as nl-cdoa h u.| > ihe ships, wiiich wax reii ??.?? 11 ? 1., 'a;'. ir ui i ie.\ )>si - i'-ti ill .o !l. . lusftKUUns ch c iit'i. i' .. .|?nili. i.. - lower* * , uc' il il g.V'1% i|i ' si*'m. a ..r ? i h t . b' 'Third i-u > rjo is W"ie i% uu r i l"i. ? . &:?< Ik. r ; ?. v.i' ?4rtl ' . ire ..j.t : i i.i ? ? < :i> d ?i.MM|caiu?. 'O ..u .!.? i< h--il: ? ?? ttt ? iKIhWnf tli. 1* iu irikitta "i it. ill i.. hi ... T Hoi i.,..< ?o as t ?' siiiui. uia . 'vera1 a>ic Is. >. ? r '> i hi luihis I'l :tlo. for li'iil .n !? ...ail. . : ?.t; .... Ithlvro o, * ?,4 t;i?? ?,. d 'I %? i,. i. si(U?lrin , Cap .1 iar?i'it'. *?, !*:.??: ? a a iwn. . ?t .0 : o i i jrr ? u-4 i n i i 'i . .{ tn? Mw:o ? i ... ii- p; i s i v .? 1 a '..ill, i i i i ? m -t ; ii ' no . -I I'O ' i?i > ' - - * I ? - ' ? I I I * -t ? ? ? ? . .. iilOa irui .' i ?! tf ey w .? ? ? c .o 'n.(1. .. , i v s?\.J/, iif*etc ." J li .'tcr til ' ,? ire "f"ti I H*'ir.e ?."fcu'tBrm. w i in' ? ? i i<? c .the t t M '( m a ? i a h v' i in. f y i i I-,. >i? .???! c.\ '.t .i nob th.i ih no 11? ?, i ' i"i ?: ? , curtain i ? ?. vf:'. w-?? - .???!'. f r.'ui'i i i j a.iJ ? ???>?! W ? 1 . '.'"'n I'-.'. .1 ? 'I n Iju;j It 0 , UD M i iti?, at !..<? I t Mill'. 1< ,?< id tin "f? H? lii'ittt to /r#r'i -ijrjj'-r ? ( ?) IIU/I ti!1 I it'V ->/ ..r? fj* cr jh i ''f iir :j c > (*yvrti ihu *l.?yor' 1 lh? f vlcm! ofllc" 1 ui <1Vc, .?1 It I'i'P.iiy ray, ? 1. 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It *? ?i.?t?< tilt, liuwi.ior, for Lltn to tfc# Mtter acctaiual hnt j .if g Mag .??. huwtta man 0**111*1 a UM So thorn com jnufiity. In tba ci*iro? ?f iho e-.tivcmntioD, bo Jove, tli * ' f 11'f rtnm kod that ('?, t. Karragm <ioop ly rwfrelletl t?> *?? ?l.? H| Mt ..f Incoii'ilMt Iffui -Milch pie v? leu in iho en/ in tlio ioatrnmioti <>t cotMn ?itJ other tbwgfl. Tbe Imyor rui.iarkeit Hint h? ?'urt irom bim liuti ib? di ??r' eti"n w n 01 o r own pn jwrty, and UM cot couiwrn Opt. K?yli?? r*yll><i ih tt 11 ijckti liimy ?ff ? nt'n *< ?'U> >fMr Kit j**. Tb? Jl.iyor r* jili' u that li?J juijg tl (Jttltrtnil y. .?fi?i- awlill* 0?*ll. L?r?<4l anlwtl in frost of IboCIll Hull kiiiI w*? Mr>?i?d >> ali loua ci <i#r* by tlio crow) outcl lo. <'n niii?rt, g the M-ty r'a ottnv ('*; 1. Huyleia la' triiiiiccl hiniewll' u* h?. i>n<i in romtir'ail "f iha I'mtM^ ninadr' o In f. ml 'if tb? c:tjr. uou.Kovoll rc|iliuti "I ain I.ovi'll, of tll? army of lh? 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