Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 11, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 11, 1862 Page 2
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return to tt - s.ani o-?r-?i Lovell dire ? iflbi >?<*l li<v j! jit >nes to tbeiu The ofli j.s according o ee l to lie rear oi thef y Ha I, wUof? !h -y i -ck a ? an I proceeded t-- the wkai i. Pir i? t:m ict r aew i-j intSieuilt and ? v itsd crowd of ??> i>)> h-wi > .. .iigiit, i , iiu tin- lit) ilul, who *!? ttru.tely bur: ahod r J >a\.s. lor < uixal Lovell, luid iii? \U. roesly gri au'd for "Lincoln uit b's bqua vi m. ' Ttocnlm this uiiili i'.uiIo, 1 ? it .-re S nde addressed tbem :a * few ?!v.i uent u:'4 *i*1 "u wufue, coutiseilii.g in der . t: >a, ol.-i -? -si d, t r rude.and couilden a in their cams Jtc!ar;i'i t: at ibe h. r.or oi th? t r.ver mi r.i ami oU> ?.-?? in s-i iuui.:a,-n ! th?tfl#ncir?l Lovell's answer lo tbo demm >: i<?i ; er der was worthy of tlie command er of a br?\ - j?- pie. G n-r tl I,ovell, on appearing on the steps, was also ieudly che. i. Hu adili uj^ed I lie multitude in a short apeeoi< e -1 irn>^ his purpose not to surrender tin city, but to retire with his army and light the Lincolnitea, wlium the;. could a!wa>s whip <m land. He l>i it-fly ale ho ! I s course in the .-reparation of the defctfee of th> city. That ho hid done all he could do with he raaai.r ai !i I'lsrosal. Thnt h- came hero s x mi.ntha tiolati: 'ih.a it w >s his r? sources to couieud successfully ih- enemy'* i*>wer on water. He ad\ .j><3ii ihecllt.ens to bear then nelves manfully, never to stoop or submit to the Lincoln demination, and tow-tit w tli ;>au .nt fortitude '.or the .deliverance from b' nilago w hicli must soon cine to tbem. The Ueueral theu moun ed his horse, and accompanied by hi? staff, rode to the Jackann Kaii.oad, where ho ie?k the last car, bat lug all eatly sent bis army ahead of him. Ketoi-1 Accounts of Ike Appraranee of the City After the Surrender. [From the New Orleans Picayune, Ajiril 27.] TUB CiTV AT NIGHT. Thuul:-~ to the precautions take;. by the authorities, an>l to the good sense and unstlrmking patriotism of our citizem , b.v *? b ni the authorities are efficient y sup ported in tboir efforts for the pi eservation of peace and lb" protcclcn of property, the city, at a late hour list night. was .is i escaful and quiet as a country'e;?as quiet as though no extraordinary excitement prevailed throughout the flay; in fact, iluus much qait'er than in ofhii'irv timet. New.Orloans, in th .shourof h;r adversity, by the calm dignity i-.?e display.- in lbs presence o: iliounemy,by Hie proof she :\ ^s -f hor unflinching determin .tion to sostain to the uttermost the righteous cause for which she has done so much and made su. h great men ikes by her serene end-trance ondib'mayed of the evil which af flicts h?r, fti h r Witting onj<d<nce in thr nU di.iunt emminf of b-iiMtrm -b?tUr daffi?of s;>cedy deliveranco from the euemys tons?is show ng a blight e-.amnl'? to to her si???r cities, and proving herself, in all respects, worthy .. the prou.t rece; ti >n she has achieved. We gl -ry in ber.g a citizen of tbir great metropolis. Tb; Iiiist fc'orty-fight Hours. [1 . ;.;ti the lioW o. 1 ans l)aiiy Dee, April 28.) No,' v.- voi u uie people uf New thrown so repeal, .liy fi\.m a:, excess of joy to at. excess of dos"ond. oncy, and jia iin so unexpectedly from the greatest despair to thu witdin hope. We are all a tins history, pre stilly, n tii st eventful ciia, tor in the history of l,ou tb *i ure so extraordinary tliat tre al mo-t tatu ;. wo ?rc re.. :ila nov-.-l. W in ii !11 ' enufbe. hoir, at the very time v.c-v-i'.':t-j :.;ca- th1* g ."i it defence?f eiirforts ;?)' w ' y fi>n ;-al Pua-.a anJ nisoravo men. we tcc-iv ed, cii 111s ay iuorii..ig,a most ter.ible .sboelt when cai i thi ew tiiaia Dumber of federal gutib als had | pr. ^ed i io;.e very .'orts. tram that nrmenr in C ? ait I i'iiy itltrJ as l-nt lor ih: dr.f -dcrat* j,o- m mtitf, m d the l aitc : Stat es vcssolt> were expccted hero by Frid. ? m .t_.u :. But ^-u ' hursday evening i.'fouua tion re en-. 'h<sphce,trom what source we know not. te the c t ct that there were but three g inboats, a very much damaged ?.e in tho nitnber. above tho Quarantin . It w-uid not requi more than uDe thousai.d brave young men to ke these gunboats, tad n > d tr th-y .v ui'. he roc. ii e l in less thau twenty-lour hours. Th.s new rar of hope, iaint as it w is, ui 1 n t 1. t loug; .mc on Fri a> morning u numintr >r United Stat ?? vtssels were seen s.e ttuiog up the river, ready to sweep iway every cbstacle whicli might he thrown up to ston their pr?gress. Eyery thing wat con tiA,.-"'i a Untayain, -md he burning of our *ujy4y of nat ion and f fit - > nfide a> w~vi on ai during tite pf-i m? i i.Jt:. We relate in our last number how Captain Baily, sec. nd in <? iiunaud of the federal fleet now in the rivei. am on hate l?-> Friday ai'ieinooB, to < einand from the ?I ? an I the i,ity Council the surrender of the place. :h -n iV.e Mint, t*ost iiihce and Ctut<-ui ii s; I it t: ('r t I >',-fin ?< IJ^vh r, which so ft w a. i 'hr | i can ti so. with-'ut giiei a a suame. .md the p-il a?a i ot tin> Lo flag, fbis totellUeaoe was com- I ai .oicated in a lnoasage sent by the Mayor to tie- City ? 'ouuctl,and pubi.i od in full l.y ? a laal Saturday. A i the City Father ' did not wish o give a hasty answer en ?uch r. ? uicntoa ".estions, 'hey adjoaroed '.ill . aturday moriiK.gat :? o'clock. li"iu 'akc u; jam the history of the dramatic lost eve..:-, asd we w.ii -ee whether New Orleans er. :n jer 1 and p .lied down the L> uisiana Hag, or whether the i ho. ii i?a int istcd on their first lesolution. which w.i.- a 3?t r' i us^l abo .t, that s u e State tia^ oti mo City Hall. iu he t i aiitime '.nreo oEcers from the feder:. sq i id rnn, ucc m, anied by a sergeant of the navy, bearing a flag oi trace, .ar.ded at the l'oot of Poydra? si . at, ai.J woni.euri 1 by a veiy large crowd, to the City Fall, where they delivered to iho Mayor the following lelts.", writl"ii by the commanding oiic't himfeli' [Tbis letter of Fiag Ofl:cer Farragot has already ap* oared m tho Herald.] When he bad road this communication tn silence, thj Mayor went to the Council, \vho. e it was read to all the ?nor hers by the cloik ot the Aidnrnien. Tho ft-ovoat ilarshaJ* \vrc admitted at that secret session. Wo ?onld rood on the facfle of all them gentlemen marks of 'Jit dtry t ft J. culic l to a neb'r fsprewiton, of telf-rezj tci. A quarter of hc hour'ate* the Mayor went ba. k to his parlor, w1i>t? h ? ha 1 left ih. fou: federals, and at a quar ter to twelve :be .' won: bjck \-i their boats, in com pnr.y w:ih Mr. Baker, the Mayor e Secretary, who was the bearer of the following letter, addressed by the Mayor to Captain .laiiy. fci reply to his verbal communication of the day t>ofre:? [Mayor M :;roe'? answer to the nag Officer was pub lished in ti.e Hkrald of May 2.] At ah ui ha!f-v>a t ten o'clocit Mr. Baker was buck. Ho tlia' C mmodcrp Karrag t ii;.?.sted on the extcBtkob *?f a I the eii.'E'3c:nia;::uJ id hiB letter, and throat ?:.e > to ha-, e all t'? Cor e er*io soldiers Le would find tu ?he city si the po-. Should tho Mayor refuse Mhaulduw th Louisiana tho Ooramodoro aaid It #' .;(! bo b ti ed '.own with ra. . on bails and sbous: awi if ant/' dy ucj m dtrtold for inc txprnn n >-,f hit I nj.aih', /'?? ?!,? f't i <4 S'atex. he vh/U city would It he'd ,'rs onlJ' Bj: the Cimmodcie adlod lint ho wo .Id S'ud U;s uicmiaiuin Hi wriiii g. Mr. tinker La 1 brought, at ihe same : to C-ai>t. Karreg ,t, tho f"ilowiog pro t -ft in re.-ird to the federal Hag which a bedy of hado-mo in tho to Lc>rt on the Mint:? ?i??I tun informed th?t a i> Cy of men from your vr.* oels h< i.-tod the United State.- flag on the Mint 1 trust that this act, committed ! e.'ore ihe city surrendered, and wi...o negotiations between )oars- if and tho r ty .mtli'^r;tw>- wer- still peu<i,r.g. ? s not perpetrated with ><> rsaaetl-n. I h. i'by rrutes: against that act, by whomsoever and whatever a .thjrlty it may have be?n ConiJilt *4. lUipeeUul.y, JOHN T. MONT.oE. Mayor. The Commodore irformod Mr. Baker that th..H flag *i bointod by his rdor. l!ut ti.e oil liag wu.-, iior >ri . n* w?v ng to the breeze on tho Mint for, soon alter the d partoraof the navvies, a crowd hi- <ed it down and tore it 'o i ecs, In the eo rs* of the dny, as a gai :g of boys went to tlii lev"? ..tar Pnydroa street. v:ui a .-uiaii C ii die ate Hag, a rifle .vhs tired at them from oue o the federal vroools, <m<! an old n,.m named Hill, ? q .iet wii c.v-s of this -cone, waa kille<l. Beroro wo conclude we most state th..t the written u um .t m is not yet roeeivod. On the other hand, two c. <vrias letters fron General Huncan. written, ono on We<lnefc.lay anl the it her on Kriday, were recoivo-1 by t!>e ,\'a>or. In ti.e last, wbi'h caioe yesterilay, ttie General tta! g that he ha* plenijr of provisions, but lis d .? s no! ? the i.c< essi'.y i f holding the forts if the city K'irrende n. As thu but letter was discussed in the Mayor's rlor, th;' C federate -teamer MrKae arrived fr rn tho fort Wil li a tlzg of truce, having on boa. d abo ;t twenty ki-.e-i ..nd twicc as y wounded ixioo. Talk On 'Change. I From the New Orle .n? era-cent. April 28.} There wui a .j ga.barings on the flag* of Caronrfelet etraet. md about the City Hall and on Camp atraal the U.r ?i h id cittiai.a were m.muuae. We we; a astound a ' al ilic large number* of wotuan and children pro m?Dailed the aereral atroeta, having thuir termination on C vi. ii Tt. Of course, there waa nothing of a buiiraea tbuciht ol. ibe chief attraction waa ta and about the i l'.y U.i.l. The proC'rrilnga of the City Council will i>? foauil el e?liera. A number of the federal voaaela piocaMed ' > .ho river on Saturday evening, but return ed yesterday forenoon. The ILup 'f ti.a dU'.erent consulates, or the repreeeota tivca of European g^vernmenta, are all diaplayed from Uiulr respective otlitaa, excepting in two or three In stances. 1 he Consulate ot Urea, n tms no Sag, and two or three other nations have no representatives hero. Several priv ;te citizens, foreign subjecte, have hou>lo?I their country's emblem over their restdanres. ?he d.:trwi no/prnptrty hat txm nu/sk mere <o CAai >Mc?ary. True, all the cotton wiia expected to h .ve feeti b'irut; but why the sugar and innlaasus on the levee ?ii ?a r 'jc?<S in th.- manner it wis, that la, tamed iff fry pi (?<* ? and the ralb'.e, we w?m* taj. A part nj a cargo of i r I'itioti , jurl l'-ti led from lit I river, >rat til*, ifnlev lit ? ;(lriaiu had mad* an equal Aiuim it might Vtty beer, of mart txn !.1,1 ultome. parlm, tuA talii/iea w>uh La keif mud bag* of ru ar, rolled a "an hogrheiult aliitri barrd* of <?*,ar; in fid, never woj nuA a tcc>* ?./' piIftriny hrarl of ttfrrt, n r t-ch i< ?ma att.ccMmt.1 r ilai in t\i*h>-re(of )re pexuxihle ti'y. Measures, it will be observed, fu. c b >e.i tikeu hy tl.e authorities to put a stop to these itianra efulfdoin^*. (NBctal Proc?fdlng? of tkc City Couucil tit* S?rrtuiler. [From the .New Orleans Cissoent, April 'i8 ] GocfPib Chamww, Uty Haix, I ttrw Ouuuns, April 2K, IMi. / the Co'iim >n council, in joint session. met thia day,at ;?a o'tl .tk A. M., pursuant to adjoiir cuieot A L0BB.V EN. The rc'.l bring called the following mambars an -w^rert to their name* ? Hon. I'. i o lAllarre, President, pro tem Meeire. 9ol, Km alall, Huckinf. Robin, Htith and Will*?7. A??I8TANT AI.DEHMEN. The r- II being called tb? followuif member* anawered to thetr nitnos:? Hon J. Maglonl, I'reeident: Memr*. Allen, I'eebe, H*tiit. !'?*/&? I'ivic, fhipre Iioiigkina, Klngaiaiid, Lecfe, Mennman,. eic?hnnydrn and fol?-dano?13. On n if -, the n.eaia^e of the Mayor, received and reed it the laft Kitting, and publiibed in tlw jt<h eedmg'i titer vol, wee r<?ad. The following la the mewape referred to ? MA^OBAtTt Of Nkw Ont.RAiva, ) Crnr Hau., April M, lWi. / To riia Hof?"?AT t.n Com*o i Cot *nt ? <1**ri km i?At half j'art one o'clock T todiylwaa waited on by t'aptain Ifctiley, aecond in c tninand of the Tedeial Uaot u w iwti.g m f.ont of tho clir. bearing a iliMv.and frtun t'lig C'cer 1 ar-agut f^? the imconrtitij>nil surrendfi if tbecty<f ;:?*Or] ?srs, r.n 1t'?* h >i: M?g of tl.o t'nitiHl t-'tate~ 11 g ou tiio Custom II . e,Po*l Office ult 1 & lut. 11.' a'.-* j demanded t^rtt th? Louts!ar.a i!ag rUoild be haul*! ili wn 'ro:i tit; City Hall 1 i<t ilia* General l/n t ! v. m in comtnan ! Ii. ru, mil t . ii 1 \ without authority t net in iniiii. y in <tloi One: ?i UJve'.l was ttru i"\ ar. 1 to him. nfti'. Htaiing tliitt hi? rain ton was to lLo A.-.yu. Council, addressed bin diuiianis. Central l.ove'l refused to ; ur render the city, or his fnr 08, or a y ;>u. tiw ot them; l? I tceompanied li is re fu-.v! wi'h th?. Ptateme't that he Khu.ld evacuate the city. withdraw bis f o*>t s. an I tber luave tuo civil au tUjiitu.s to act a* the* iripbt Jeem projier. Ii is pro|>er l.ero to tJtate ih.< , in ropy loth* demand to liau! <1 wn tho flag from the City Halt, I returue.1 an unqualified refusal I am now 111 momentary expectation or receiving a a c^utl p<- em; lory demand tor the surrander of thu city. I solicit your advice in Hits entered cy. My own opin ion ia that, as a civil magistrale, (losses-JOd of no military powor, 1 am incompetent to |>erfo. m a military act. such us the surrender ot the city to a Urstiiu force ; that it would be proper to say, iu reply to a demand of that character, that wo are without military protection, that the troop* have withdrawn from the city, that we are coiirequeiitty incapable of malting ar.y rcstntanco, an I that, therefore, we can offer no obstruction to Uiu occu pation of the Mint, are the proi>eriy of the Confederate government, and that we hav a no oonlrol ever thoiu ; and that all ecu involving a Uhugfer ot authority must bo fjie forfni-il by the invading place fby the uueoty ; that the Custom House, Post olUoe, and forces them selves that we yield to physical force alone, and that wo maintain our allegiance te the govcrnm lit of thu U>nredurate States. Beyond this, a due respect for our dignity, our rights, and the Hug of our oountry . does not, I thiuk, permit u* to go. BdS;?ctfuIlya JOHN T. MON' HOE .Mayor. Mr. Ditrb presented the following preamb.e and reso lution, which were read a second time, and adopted by the following vote:? ALUEUMSN. Ykam?Hon. S. P. Do Laliarre, President pro Urn; Messrs. Cox, Forstall, HttckL.s, Robin, Stlth and Wilts?7. Nays?None. ASSISTANT ALDKKMKN. Yka ?Hon. J. Magiom, Provident: Messrs. Allen, Bcrbe, Benit, liavls, Dapre, Ho.igkins, Kiogsland, VVo, Meiisman, Seiosohnaydrc and ToloJano?13. N ay ?None. V. h. ro:is, the Common Council of '.he city of New Or leat.s. having boon advised by the military authoi ities that tho city is indefensible, declare that no resistance wii; bo made to the fore s of tho Unitod ita3, Koyt>!ved,'ihat the simtimcnts oxp ?vi6cd in tho mes sage oC his Honor tiia Mayor to tho Common Council are iu perfect accordance with the sentiments eutartain'd by tho entire population o: thi? metro;>olis, an'i th it tho Major be resj>ectfuily 1 orjuosted v> art iu the spirit mam festoit by thu message. Oil moliiu of Mr. Siith, tliejoiut =>-Hsiou was adjourned to this (Saturday) oveui: p, tho 20th inst., at half-past six o ciL-ck. H. tS. PKIRSON, Secretary pro t-m. The Rrbcl* Tear Down the Union Flag. [ from tb" New Oiloons Picayune (Extra), April 2G. Vic learn that a boat's crew hindei, flown town, e -rly tii ~ morning, and houted the federal Upg ou the Mint, and tliat In tu? course of the morning a (>ai ty of citizens toro down the flag,and whilo doing so wore tired upon from cue oi the euemy 'a vessels. Such li the common report. About eleven o'riock the party had torn down the fag c :tne up .St. Charles street in triumph, and very noon the fode-ul bunting, t .rn into shreds, was distributed arrn n r th? excited multitude assembled in the vicinity o' the * ty Hall. The hoisting o: the fla^. ii den" as represented, was an uriautbori o ! and unjiiblitlablo aci, ponding tli ? decision ot tha city autl o tio> in regird tothe demand for bar render, and our cit .mls were por'.'ectiy justified in tear ing it down. The AITalf at tl>f Mint Yesterrlny. f From the New Orioft: Picayune, April 27.J In on' extra, published \ terrtay afternoon, we hud a brief not; el of the ???.?ring down of the federal flag which Una been hoisted ou the Mint by a P>riy of tho enemy early in the mornim. We have since heard fur ther parti "'liars of tho a.iair !t np~eirs tho rc-"rt that the hoisting of th?> l!a}? was the act of a boat's crew from one of tbeer.emy a ve-.--is w-s correct. Ve can Mily conclttd ? tlut this was no to t.-st the endurance and patience of our people, fo. i: is dUflcilt to imagine th''l the act?unjustifiable and insulting as it was under the circ itnst' noes?eo'Jii have Iji- committed without the knowledge, eonnivui 'e or autLority oi the naval ofceers of tho enemy. It also appear* that tlie report that the party who tore (Sown the flag war; fired upon from one of tho enemy 's vessels was welt founded. We a*o informed that thoro were t.vo d.;-l.arges, neither m which, we are g!ad to bear, did any injury. Tb" tirst was a shower of grai?, and the seconi a siie.i from a frmr pounder bia swivel gun. Aporiicnof this shall we have se w. It struck tho house of Mr. J. A. Lacour, corner of Victory and Fronchmeu streets, and fortunate ly did not explode. The names of tho party that dis tinguished tin,ini?)Ive* by gallmitly tearing down tho fi. ; that ha^l been surrc; titioufdy hoisted, wo learn, are W. B. Muml'ord, who cut it loose from the flagsuff amid tbe shower of grape. Lieutenant N. Holme-* Sergeant Burns, and Jam-s Reed. Thoy deserve great credit for their patriotic act. The Public Schools to be Kept Open. [From the Pxayune. Aprii 27.1 Wo are glad to iearu that the First District School Board has Aotermined that the public schools iu the dis trict shall be kept open as usual. Altho'iph wo bare no fn.erm.aion to that effect, we presume that the public achorh throughout the city will be kept open, it is eminently proper that such should be the case. Insulting the Union Forces and What. Came of It. [From the New Orleans Picayune, April 27.] Under ilia head of "Coroner's Inquests,'' we have men t. >ned the inquest on the body of n man named Brown, who was killed yesterday morniag on the 'teamboat landing, by a minle ball fired from one of th? enemy's ?esseis. It appears from information that we hare re ceived tli it a party of some eight men, of the Pickwick Hangers, who partlcipcted in th < battle of 8! iloh and have returned to this city, marched down to th<> steam boat laud.: g. bia: mg with them a Confederate nag, and having a drummer atiu tifor with them, that pra ted e> tot&ewater'i nige unt'i their Jlagdisplayed proudly in r a e brers*, and that on arriving Uv re tkty *nJ tknr fnto rtus iunf* "Oarryvtvtn," <Jv. "btnnit Bin* Flar," and "IHxie' flayed; tha: wuen tho enemy discover ed them, a party of sharpshooters jiio>iei?k1 the rigging of the Hartford, the enemy's f'a^hip, an.I opened a bri.-k fire upon tbeir.; that tho u.c'1 Ifrown, who was a spectator, was shot and killed, and it at t?o o; the l.aagei* v. ero wvind-'d?-one fu the and th? ctiior In the heel. This Information we have Truin (sprain If. W. rte Colls, of the Fnnger-*.and bis flr'i l'ii?u. i. They also luport that whiie they were ?.b -r -e,a .. in? ; dy, v.ho wa-- by,asked permission w *' .f ;h ? ' eilertle tl?g for a uioir.ei.t, wliich was , - a,.-1 it. : tkat the exultingly waved the ilag n the . ? ? tli? ><nemy,utt>:iy regardless of tho balls which ??" wh.stltag arennd her. Although we think tuchde ? ?< 'r teat mttkeunewe art rcconUn-j ure injudicious, tuC 1 b .t feel admiration for the gadantry of those eLgaifd in it, aid wh<, their lace to tbe foe, slowly re tired :rem tho scene < t action. It .-ays little for s^y eaa* sv'eration that may l:e exp?'cted fr< m an enemy ehoa they lire rodyes of Vinie hails among hundreds of un armed men and women, a* we are ass i.ed was the case in Uils instance. \ Crowd of Women and Children Fired Into by the Kneiny. [Frcin the Saw Orleans Crosceiit, April 29.] On Saturday, about Loon.a party of moo, who had recently returned from Heat.ri gard g oiwy, watt down on tho evee with a baud of music sad a Confederal* Ci| lo Ilv# ?" 10 lbe,r feelings In face of the fader a la. The lavo# was (Wisely crowded with peo| la, among whom wore a gre t n'.mber of woman and chidren, but this did not deter the aharpsbooleru on board of tha vae ?el nearest tha shorn front opeu.iig lire upon thu man en gaged in the harnil-ss eibibltkm of patriotism, which ie.-"l?ed in Uia oeath of an innocent bystander ?nd the w<jund ng of two others. W- do net eemmend 0?. action He y<w"j men ufco pn,v>ktd :ku unfor unate affair, but wa caacot refrain from condemning tbe cruelty or the parties who oould lave) their gun* at ? crowd for tha fault of two or three. Condemnation of tha Destruction of Pro perty When tha Rebel Troopa Ktmm* a ted. [From tha Algiers Newsboy April 29] Thar* was much loan and destruction of property oa Thursday night aid Friday, u'A?* uxm utrrty mtnectuary and unfilled for. Our dry dockx, which the whole f<<larjl navy could not carry away, were sunk, most of Uieoi beyond hope of recovery. A warehouse below tbe depot, lately put in ues by Mr. lhay*r,was burnt oa ye?te:day ra?, because of tbe picseaceof a little coium herein, which belonged to a Spanish house, but bosses IhlA there were two hundred bigshcids of; tiger, itr pi-yr.t'j of a wviom lad fin Jttokapat. Two of the barges '?< tha Opelousas Railroad wsro also burned Aonc 'jf them tamjirr* met' neeowary. The cottvi be ioLgrd 'o foreigners, and wan safe from capf ore. t who put up in half balee, as is usual with cotton In* tecdoi ior Mailcaa transportation. TKert >x>M Kiv. hem I ? apparent r'Monfor iti ilMlrttctien. Not only this, but Mr. 1 hayer asked for time to roll It out, but this war de h*9b W. Kcf.t to h-MT of no stor* luckfody. llow the Pence of the City was Preserved. [front tlie New Orleao* ftee, April M.\ PROCLAMATION BT THE MAYOR. Mayoralty or N'sw Omut...'s, 1 Crrr Ham., April 20,1802. ( The ?id and melancholy circumstance* through 'Vhich ? j jre ;a=slng ie<<oire tha utmost wisdom and for '.u tha part of our riti/ON*. Tbejr should i, riii r tb<>nu?U>s to be carried a way by too k*en a f ?a fi ii dillic ttles by whithttay are surrounded, ; b t. ought, ? n the contrary, to Hid ihc mould j*l a.nho j n:j* lii mmnwiuiiig order in the cay. To lacililste my d., ics .h tlie constitute ! Chi r of Police, l lnveallod to I m? .-si"'inco the servi-es of the kiro;> m Breads, aii' ttiiy have been invested by me >?itii tho duty of watciiii g over tho public tranquillity, ?'atry|?, UBdar th j direction of the con.iiianllig oilker .f s?ld brigs .e should be tuated with respect and b y?>>l JOHN T. ilONKOE, Msyor. Approved April 26. 1862 Wm. KRK.RFr,CU. Irmaii Safety Committee. HEtlXJtTARTKRH EUROPEAN BRIOAPB| NO. 42 0I.J> I.EVK* HTfUtKT, IIETWKB.V CtTBTOM 1I0C. L AND B.g's TILLS. Nrw ORI.RA**, April 27?11 o'clock A. M. By order of HI* II .nor. Mayor .1. T. Monro-, dated this dsy, I hoi eby aasutne the command of a,I tho lurcigu troops. I call upoo sll gcod citizen* tn give mo chat aid nnd s?si?tsnte they cm to preserve i rdcr and i.iv i (ullilty in th? citr. atnl they are r , teste I u> as^em"?!*? lorthwith at a r^otral nomt m ench o! their respective .'MtrioU, ajvl rt xirt imn: ' a;? y to tht ?e boad.i<iartori? r. 1 \j j \ 1-. Fni,(>? .? k! Oiuimi?r-Jiu,;. KOTICfl ILL Vt>QU AUTiLHb EliUO.'KAS U.tXU il>B. I'nua-I'nr < .!?? r I l*u I Ju;:?. i i:s, Iteinx inftr ne-1 lb it fcevo a n' >re.i will bo ojieri tor the sale vt uoc --ariea of life, h..; taken m <aurcs u secure order in Mil near iho?< Thai.ks to tli'-se Lrj-t examples of public tri t, olhoi st<-. ea w i.l wd t.b.ed v be upon before long, tho lato of B"iue nccesaary goods wilt fall ?ra lually, an i trade will resume ito ceurse. Scenes of disor ter would tend,on thu o ut.ary, to frighten storekeepers, and the public Wi uld ? iTor f on an Inereasing scarcity of (bod. Hi j general hopes that ia the difficult circumstances ui iler which Now Oi lcans now labors, all respectable in habimnw will give him their a.=sint?nce m maintain or der aad peace. The rea<1lneHs with which hon s able cit izens ottered, from the first day, to assist him in the ac complishment or tho diil.cnlt duties which ttii law ?VuntB have thrown 1141011 hiiu, is a tacunty for the good will which he hopes he will tiuJ a mo: g the'population at PAUL JUGE, Kii.'x, Commanding General Kuropeun Brigade. [Krom 'he New Or ettas IMta, April M ] On application to i:?m nrs Juge and Maignan, (ho troops under their comroind, c nslshng of the Kuropean Brigade, we e placed by the authorities in charge of the j*ace of tho city list uight. They oummuueed thiir pa> irol about sundown, and still maintain it, for the pre servation of order and private and public proi>erty. [Krvmino New Orloans Creecont, April 28.] Tins KoBEHi.v Lsaio*.?The property of ot?r citizens, d'.ring thepast three dnyg, baa been,to a greet eiteat, under the pi otectiou of the troops composing this corps, and so well have they performed this duty that they have earned the gratitude of overy ?ood and order loving m:.n in our midst. Thoir labors have been great, for th?y hive bad to be uctively at work day and night. When we consider thai the majority of theselinen are pour mechanics, who have to depend upon their daily labor for a subsistence for their families, and who, in thus undertaking the defence of our properly noglejt their own interests, tho magnitude of our obligation to thorn v ill be apparent, and we hope that it will be in delibly impressed 119011 tho honrls of our people. While on this sublet \ve eaiinot too strongly advise our readers, ??; tqj'aUy the ymii g end ardtnt, to <p:iet and order. We have wise and patriotic men at the head of our affairs in the oity, and they^pan be relied upon as sure to do everything In this omerjsencv which would bccouiu men ol honor and dig 'lty. As to the v>ic&rd and n rrvpl, ? h><se fso^e thought u'. this time is the indulgence of Criminal prop tifitter, sufDeieut for them is it to say tint tiioy will be KUtrmarlly punished whene\#;' detected. Whatever may bo jur misfortunes it nui't Dot be said t th? peoi.lo of the metro.1 li< of the Southwest fori<et the .;alf rooi?ul an<i henor n hich have ever characterized them. Two "Secrih" Sltow Their Spite at the Expense of Their Pockets. [From tl.o New Orleans I'ee, April 23.] NOTIOK. Tlie ?ub.- i'ribers w ill c intintte taking Confederate notes fr r produce and groceries, or the j aymonts o'd. bts due them. yUKVROUZK BKtfci. A:BiL28,1S02. G. I'A.SCAi.. Commenting on tho abovo tho liti li ?.* the following:? A NoruExamtle.?Messrs. Queyrouze k Bros, aad (i. 1'aseal atiDouuce in c ur advertising columns that the\ coniin ie to roorive Conl'ederato notes for produce and groceries Mid in payment of deb's due thorn. Let 0 y true hearted Southerner follow this excellent and praise worthy example. Otlu-r Dealers More Scimiblr. [From the New o'leans Pieeyuuo, pril 2S.] We learn that dealers in pro', ision? and other rcca? 8a:j articles of trad# lofund, iu aoine cas -s, to rocoive Ccn'ederato money in payment for th'-ir goods. This i? very reprehensible, an i is cau.?e of no little dm tress tu poor people, who, ?<? tht faith of the rcpretenla'.lms nt iii to lb. m by the aiUh'/riifs, h ire taken that uionoy, uud have now no other. Rebel Fidltori Sulimtitivr to the Sur roundings, and Aiking glSgl)! i-'uvora. [From lho Now Orleans iJoe. April 23.] Our readers wiii make the pro; er allowanoos for the comparative mengretosA of intelligence and lack of in terest in our columns. It is aln. si iin;>of.?ib!e to ret up a newspaper when its conductors arc debarred alike from mall and telegraphic 1 cilitie.". For several day? the jir<? oi this city ha ? boan c mpelled to perform its onerous labors wi tho it haviag access to a single ex. hange shoe". This, we trust, U not to coutla'ift. II ha>'*t may Is the exU'iit of authority the federals fei distosd in exercise over ova' unfurluiiat* city, vie hope thej mil ,e mi! th? uwiral an ' i-; irtureofthe tuuel mails, bo that the Inhabitants shall not be completely isolated from every other portion of the country. Thievery Ranpant Amid (he Confusion [From the Now Orleans I'icayu ,e, April iiS.] I tiring the confi'ion incident la th - ev ents of yester d iy. lieense was taken by many person- to possess them ?eh ei of articles of private pro[erty, from tho levee anil the stores and warehouses ia tho vioinity. The Mayor ha* i?eued a proclamation warning ail .such to restore those art idea to his office, open penalty of being pro oeoded against to the full extent of tho law. Sentiments of th* City Prese Hegarding " The situation." [From the New Orleans Picayune, April 28.J THE DUTY OP THB HOCB. We have great satisfaction in reading the several pro clamations of Mayor Moaroe, addressed to the people of this city, with reference to the duty devolving upon them at the present solemn and critical exigency. Truly, as be says In that, which has alse the sanction of tho Committee of Safety,through its PreeMeot, one of oar best and moat prominent citizens, the circumstances, tad and melancholy cs they are, in which we are now placed, require on our part the exercise of the utmost wisdom and forbearonce. We have devoted freely of our men, our substance and our exertions to the of our beloved city, and have nothing wherewith to reproach our*jlves,'in the way of dereliction or negloct of duty, to accomplish that object ir* wi nuxfeder*. A superior force, avail ing it?elf of facilities of approach we had net the power to resist, and of an arm in which we were cot capable of competing with it, hat accomplished Um purpote, and standi before our city, dictating to t'llerau of surrender. It now devolves upon tu to meet the exigency with dignity?not with craven submissiveness on the one hand, nor, as the Mv or .-ays, with Indecent ularrity on the other; but wi'h calm and reliant hope for the moment, which we may confidently trust is not remote, when our brethren and countrymen will achieve our de liverance. Meantime, wo have domestic interests, near on 1 ileir to us, to giiard and to defend. The preservation of the peace, 1'iict aud good order of our city. Is now the para mount duty of every citizen. The Mayor tel.s the iuva der that h" ha? i gallant people, a people sensitive of all that can atfect their diguity uui suit-respect, over which to exercise the government he now, we trust, but touiiu rarily can aa^rt. l*t ns vortfy, by our example, toe cnaracter our chief magistrate hah not unjuftly claimed lor Un. He promises to discharge ali the duties imjx^.di upon h.rn by his oiP.ce with rtlljio'is fidelity. Re it ours V' sustain hiin and the other authorities of our city in that good work. Let tie not, by r.-ish acts of vlolen-o, though these may be the diotafs of otlemPd pride at.d a lieepseone of injury, give the enemy warrant for asper sions he haa not been backward,in pa. I. iu throwing upon us; nor furnish htm a pretext for Inflicting want'm end irreparable injury upon the city. The strict and tall jicrfortuance ot these high and holy duties is not by any means iucorn intent with.tboko reel ings which, though temporarily defcoted, we have, a* men and freemen, a ri^ht to entertain; cor with that dignity which the sou! come Ions of rov.itude may i.iain tain, even in the midst of disaster. We have now pressing upon us, with more stringency than ever, many relative obligations, the aecredueM of which evory good citizen will be free to admit. "Ihe poor ye have ever with yon," said one, precept* wore uttered for our g-iidance. It is ours to consider, more than ever and in every way possible, their impera tive wanls. ttakerios, and groceries, and markets, and provision stores should be kept open during the day, and th .s article? necessary for subsistence be made and kept eesy of access and procurement. This la no time to prac tice extort* n or to higgle about prices. The exorbitant profit upon the sale of articles or prime necessity wrung from ths scantily supplied purse of a fellow citizen, Is now more than ever a rohberv. We trust that every such instance will meet, at the hands of tho community, with tho execration it so justly merits. The Rltuitm, [From Um New urieai.s Bee, April 2S.1 -:lice the data of our last publication ihore baa been no malarial change iu the position of aflkirs Id our city. Whlie coafo??edly ID tha power of the federal float, New Orleans baa not yet be?ti formally surrendered to tha enemy. Tbo pueiti?u aaaanad by the Mayor and Com raou Council la relation to the demanda made upon them by tba oosamander of Um United States naval forces now in our river, ramaina unaltered ao far aa we can learn. While the dtObrcnce between them seems to raet upon little more than a question of punctilio, the views of the municipal authorities undoubtedly meet the approbation of a Urge majority of tbo people. Ao oim feelt Me *light en nnik to aAilnt Meretped towards Me fedtralt They are here in conaeqnence of having overeome our limited meaas of resistance; they hold the city at their mercy, because we arejiowerleea and they are strong. They may haul down our (lags aad substitute their own, and the population will not attempt to interfere, painful aa tha apeotaele may be. In fact, they have no right to interfere Tbo law of might now governs them, and they are bound to submit, l/'ador these clroumstancee we conceive that it ia really of small moment vokrOirrlke Si ale Jlag be rmwsd from tin lasiaiil of Ike CVy Hall evh r byl** federali or by w. Indeed we can peroelra no reason why tho emblem, whieh Is totally distiuot from theConred^rateilaf, should be in the slightest degree obnoxious to the commander of the naval expedition. Every state P'missus a particular Bag. whieh doea Dot couili't w>th Uut recognized aa the Stars and Stripes, and it may be remarked that a city hal', though a public edifice, liv. not tb" moet remote eanneotlQB with tho buil l ug Maimed as belonging to the Cuniederato gov ern n\ lit. Oa local columns o'.otnia full accounts of the discus sion between thu lederal commander and the city au? tli rit i?h to tin. latent date. The luextwn la yet unwilled, but Will, wt bOftt, be definitively and satisfactorily ar Mi ged to day. Meanwhile several ve<? ?!? of the liostl e fleoi hivo gone 'ip the river,ami though rumor,vltk h*r UiomanU lunntvi attigm rai it,m obj" U to (Ail unrrp-r'<1 ezodtti, v ; rofm "Mr en'ire ign;ran>e of the de.u,,n in vttw. We m ^ht, gu- -as, but prefer to sufler o vein a to sj oak for themselves. I he iuUliigeooe lrom the forts, referred to ol?euhe<-e, diffused eotiniderable saturation among our otilaen*. It Is s masrhat comiortl k to know that, in the midst of our dmacier, the solo Aefonceaof the river h >ve not yni Wn destroyed, or materially danviged, ind, above n I, tha' the heroic cimniauUer has c.* aped without injury. Kiom all aecunts the forts foogl t tlio enemy with the utmost UfspjratioD, and the proof of ib? determine I co rs o and constancy of their garrlh.-n is, that while they were p?M d they have not been reduced. With r??|iect. to the Inhabitants and their feelings we liavn tn ny that, with the exception f a few inton and recklosi men, who. we h.lievo, wiil heneo fvrth be properly reatrtiued, the vat! inly have be amr Powj-Tra/i efy fohn an<i quit N ?> Southern niHn can !?.' c?uies bolio'd this fur unotro mlia? the pride mi l : >ry of tbe Southwest?#iven over, even Iknugb if In temporarily, to the pos s ,-sioii ?f ?ur f?aa, without experiencing oinott nig or pu >i ? d and ui-igmui! sorrow. Th ! c> of A' Orleans tu the (' Tjnu-nlr gem rn?i mt isam iHiMM' au i \t is fail,/ to 'irk la palliate or <teny (*-? exb rJ of the miitantunt. I:ut Hi nigh couriered, thw citixena are Dot diimayrd. "hey not sajriftced thwlr rait' respect or impaired

their -i.,! Ily. They du tiO! indulge in bootleg laments tieaa. nor are they guilty of tlie puerile ? surdity of hunting up *iO*im*fur their wraiti and reeeatmant. As it manure not now v hothor all that might have been done |r> protect our city wai done, and aa we know that with tlie means at our o mimaud its apprnaohes worn de funded with persevering and indemiUbla braoary, we c-an afford to regard the ca'amit"iis r< suit with unshaken fortitude aud manly resignation. Any other course of conduct would lie unworthy of us. In 0"ticiirslon, we h?ve to express tho thanks aud gratitude 01 all good citizens towards the Euroiwan aud French brigad * lor th ir patriotic services in patrolling the city at night, aud their successful exertions In secur ing public order. Tlia Nttuailon?Onr Duty. fKroni the New 0 -leans Cresceul, April 28.] The circ.unstances surrounding its, their nature and exieut, must bo patent to all and need no reiteration at this time. With a large and powerful federal fleet before our city demanding its surrender, the reply or our city authorities, diguilledly and determinedly refusing to ac cede to the demand?these and alt other things connected with our unpleasant and humiliating condition, are familial' to our ran tors, and prudeuco requires that little bo snia thereof in (lies* columns. But, little as we shall Bay. we will alter in caltu, determined, sober aud un mistakable language. While we counsel order and discretion with our citl r.onn?that 1.0 act i>? committed tending to insult or to exasperate the enemy in our front?vet our people Khould quietly uwait.with unflinching spirits, the time when the freo.-unfetterod s >ul may soud forth ita natural and patriotic Impulse*. bei that day be near or far off, it is not ot our knowledge at this time to Fay; but the hope and t/jliff id strong within us that their triumph, yet incomplete, will be of short duration, and this city soon again breathe tbe pure air of tbe free. It U with feeling* of tho deepest pride that we point the ten -ralolfcora t??the fact that no Union sentiment exists in cur mi 1st?that with almost one voice and with one tongue this aomraunlty entirely fepadMii nil alle ge-m*c to the old government,and warmly and devotedly adheres to the nc*. And wo respectfully but firmly assui 1. that this sen:inieut, this feeling, is so firmly im planted in the breams of our people tha' lutlime. j. o eir rum - liter, nor'an r run ?if t - rrn lira'r it. or still th ir free. .il* in th* for lh-:r itfirjjendettce. They have sulTored. they may -.nffir unspeakably in the fu ture, h :t we h i/j'd tiothi-;; in Baying that no saci :tiee, cvon to the lust life, wi!i lie too much to accomplish tho one threat, mighty and glorious undertaking. ThU w> hw-.wl!y he'iove.'aiid while we do not fftier 01 ;r convic lioi'ti m'a vaiu-giorious spirit, wo will not shrink from tiit ir I?ve and independent oxpressina. T^e action of otir city nutlioritios?tho Mayor and Co':miuii Cuv.ncil?lr bo>u such as tu fill every imiriotic brtoat with honest pride. The answer of the Mayor to the demand of the federal commander is at once able, cur toons ant iti^iitled, and will reflect imperishabla hanorln tho.-tnnals of historic tiin<\ The Coimeil Iiils felly justified the oxpoetition.- of tbo |ieople, an ! lo. wea!or lor wo", thalr conduct in this tryii 5 crisL-i will he upheld anil maintained by e^n y bhir"^' who can :i=scrt the koul if man AYe may be "C iLiquerfH), not stilidu-jd." Wc may be defencalofs, but the craven heart must not ho found am on? n? who would inglorlously yield ?.ibedi enco to an unjust demand. Our jiowerfel I'i.etny may "cry havoc,and let s!i;>the dogsof war," audagenero-.s, brave, dovotrd jieople sutler the horrors thereol, ^nil tho inn-cent welter in thflir gore. 0"d lorbidl We do not lieii vo it. The. wf'rld w>>uld st?nd aghast. All CUris ten'lom would wai.e a^ from a horrid dream, uml retri bution, ilirc and terrible, be visited up-m thi perjte tra1, rs Of tha dastardly outrage. No I iKe raih 80 our enemyth' 'uttii-c 10 believe them incapable of such an a:ruci ty. They are men?must have 1 he souls of mou?and however much tU -ir devotion to thuir cau^o aud flax, tin ? cuujt remember and Rrant us the wine rectitude of purpose, nndltiU uwre.tUo CMki given ri^Ut to protect onr hom(*s. Hut v h it will \re c.ay lor our brav?) garrisons nnu their glnriau* - omrrn. i' r.?Ki rt? Jackton :.nd St. Philip?for tii" gali<;;it e ows and oillcers o:' our gunboats, all of wliom bavO > r ormed deal-; of daring tha* will livo in all eon in., time. Tliasntnoaf Duuean will shine on the hist'jrlo i'a.e in bright and nnfiding glory His bold aud dc:? r :'.edsj irit, w/h tha* of hn gallaut compatri o's, h?* h^ld tho forts, and sli'l holds them, against tie l.iijiuty force that se i.s fo cncompass them. 1 iheir huccosf has -I've! to amellorato our Mndttioa I in other ;e.; c>-t?, and inspires tho hope that ovcr.v- ] thing rn iy yot bo re?aiued. Wo will al le*Ht lvpo and I boiteve so, and seek to 1 .nnsel our pe iple to pitte ico j and fortitude in thi.< thoir h urcf trial. We have cue r- i irg newsfrom many si rres. Be confident of the fnturo. Pal-:od b tho arm ar.d all the coward heart thu fait .is in his duty n >w. Alt may bo lest but our h' nor, and wi ll our honor left,our delivcranco will he swif: and certain. We have only ucw to remind our merchants and ?hop keepers 0: their duly iu this crisis. Their stores fIv uid aM be op'-n as usual. Ttioy must n .'t add to the general distreE3 by keeping cl"rcil doors. Tlio wants and ue cessities of the community must be met, and we hnro no li'Sitation in asserting that all will be found this morn ing reudy and anxious to alleviate the ger.orai distrtss. Tho currency should continue as it has been; there U no r ason for dutrust. A few days, by tho wi.>e action of our authorities und the public, ma -ten irill <wini? (hrir vxmttd cewrte, and quirl and order rtign once more tit our Kardtfcrt Great Snfferlng for Want of Provision*. THE CITY IN A STARVING CONDITION. [From the Picayune, April 27.] We we sorry to siy that tho supplies in the markets yesterday rfft vsry scanty, and that, with very rare exceptions, the grocery and provision stores were still closed. Thu failure to furnish tbe usual supplies to the markets and to open the grocery and provision stores, occasioned much unnecessary distress iu tho city, espe cially to those whose mucins do not allow of their having a stock of the necessaries of life on hand for more than their daily consumption. We do hope, for tli? good of sil?vendors and purchasers?that suppl:es will be forth coming to-dav, and, thenceforth, in sufficient quantities to meet tho demand, and at reasonably moderate prices. [From tho Crescent, April 2$.] PROCLAMATION BY THK MAYOR. Mayohaliv or Knw Orisa:.9, ) City Ham., April 26, 1962. J To tho keepers of grocery and provision stores:? Tho city utulioritian rcjuxst that all keepers of gro cery stores -ind otI:cr establishments where pro vis tons are sold Immediately open iboir respective placrs of business, and not force the authorities to measures they weuld wish to avoid. It Is also recommended the ordinary currency continue to he rec ire<l. It Is as good no-*- an it ever h is fcoen, and the o is no res.TW> to ntject it. Thoc who refuse it must shim tho e -ii.--arid inwn veniecce* they thus participate in infllctln.r on the com munity. It Is* hoped that a spirit of accommodation will now be evinced by all persons. TIio?e individuals who hold Conie lerate money acd wUh to part with it, can have it exctuuignd ior city bills by applying to the Com mittee of Public Safety. For tho bettor preservation ot public order, it is j-ar tlctilsrly de?ired mat all citizens he home at niuu P. II.. and that ladies and children remain within dons as much as possible. JOHN T. MONROE, Mayo/. PROCLAMATION BY THE MAYOR. MaYOBAITY OK N'kw OSIXAM, 1 Crtv Hali . April 27,1882. / The Mayor of the city, in conduction with the Com mittoe of Public Safety, iu taking measures to provide for the distribution of a supply of provisions through the free market. Ill* arrangement will be perfected by Monday morning, after which time thore will bo a sulli clent quantity or provisions accessible to tbe public. In the meantime the people are requested to maintain a proper calmness, and to rely on the disposition and the elT'-rts of the authorities and the committee to do every thing practicable for their relief. JOHN T. MONROE, Mayor PROCLAMATION BY TBI MAYOR. Mayor \liy op New orlsaxs, \ Crrr Hall, April 26,1862. J AN persons having in thoir possession sugar, molasses, bacon, or othor articles taken from the levee or else where. yesterday, are li?r>by notified to return the same to my office. In default of their so doing they will be prosecuted to the fall extent of the law. JOHN T. MONROE, Mayor. Mayoralty or Nrw Ohlsajcs, > Crnr Hail, April 26,1802. J Keepers ef grocery Stores and bakeries are hereby notified that it is tho desire of the city authorities that they open their places of business immediate:/, In or der that the people of the city may be supplied with food. The authorities will see that they are protected in their rights. JOHN T. MONROE, Mayor. LOAM OFFICKS. A' T 309 B BO AD WAT, CORNER OF DUAKB 3TRBET, Monty advaneod to any amount on Diamond*, Wu'ches, Jttwlry, Ac. Buainra* strictly confldcntlal. T. H. KBKSINO, auctioneer and broker. Prirale entrance hi Diane street, ffr?t door VM of Bmtdn*. ? A T 111 ORAND STREET, TFTUKH DOORS WB8T OF A Broadway?Money advanced on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Plata, Dry Ouoda, and personal property of uverjr dearrlpilon, or lx>U?ht aud aoid by JOSEPH A. JACKSON, auctioneer and broker. ? T77BLBKCKRR STREET?THE HIOHEST PRICES J\ tulvnnacd un Diamond*, Watch**, Jawelry, Ac. AIM Pawnbroker's Tickets bougt.t for rlUunonda, watchea, jaw elry, fcutia, pistole, Ac., at n Bleecker street, up ataira, II. NEWTOW. /"IASH PAID FOB DIAMONDS?ALSO FOR INDIA \J OMfl'l Hair Shawla. Money to loan. A few artieJe* of Diamond Jewalry fWhaal* cheap. Apply only rromBUll U) A. M , an J 3 till S P. II. B. W. PLUMB, Diamond Broker, MS Rro.ulwny, L JACOBS, tar BROADWAY, REMOVED FROM ?S ? Crdai ftrf'M.?Adratire* made, in auma to stilt, on Watchea. Duimmida. Bllver Plata, an 1 othur p*r?onal pro perty, or bought for ? a*h. Bnalnca* airietly <oninlentlai. 1IBF.RAI. ADVANCES MADE OK DIAMONDS, J Wuii e?, Jewtlry an J Sliver Warp, or bought for <a<h at the hn 1 ?"! pried. I'erantu havlna Old'lolrTatirt Silver Ware for il' can do no better thnn call on LOUIS ANRD'H, 7X1 ?.' ? l *nf. TLION'V LENT?TO ANY AMOUNT. ON ALL "KINDS JJI i.f f? ? prop rty, na Wniehex, D . londi (art nnd nii-cti, l ?? Dry U "la, An., by AARON AD0LFI11 .??, lMtnaed i'Hiit olliee, 43U .'"*ri street, corner oi Saw (ihtmbrri street. ' i V I'Ki .>!<? \ I A Ij. ~ AV'II NO OENTLKMAN, WELL CONNECTED, DE I. . ?- ? s. < -rti >|M iMinr-e of a young lady frith ? yfr-w to ?MtflK.otiy. S'ie must of koi d looking, kin I hearted m l v i 1 i) !?) i i?ke IbA afvertlm r hipiy. Ail ?: mimtir>l< at ona at;l" . i tia| A'li r-na Norman, He a I ollii e, and ih.ii . c r!- da y|?lt<i If pi.a^ible. "a n amkrii an lady, twenty these ybams or /l a I-. v.l lio'< to rum the Minalnta i cot s c ..mi, r i I'h a vli'*- to rtistrltiioav; nn:?t !>'? ti l, in ijo I i f t (mm MillII an t !?' I I'oftd dlapoattlnn. Nona un I i tiilr'v ? natter. A'lilie?< Minnie Lwmont, etat on 1>, "H'mae. IfOn^K'*, CA HRIAOR1, AO. AI.DMiNBV AND AYi^illKE'oaITLB, SUK11 AND Pouie. ai d Leicester Sheep. Wiil be *> J, by IliGOKKTI A Co., at "l'*Ueri*tl .St.bhv, Ki\,h avem:e and 'ihirt; -uiu'.U Street, on till ilA-i of Hay, at 1- o'clock?can be Been on ilie day before? 16 l>e?U of Aiiii rue/ Cattle, 12 head of Ayrshire Catt.e, Slot an J l'.tuies and Lei enter Sheep. Imported and bred by lilt-- uuJri -i^i. d. 'or |?artloularb aa to Aldurut vs au ! HKtn apply to THOMAS RICHARDSON, ,, . 15 Broadway ror lar'.iuurs as to Ayrshire* and Poulea hup y to WILLIAM WaTSOH, Ztf Park puce. A BI.ACK IIOKSK, Wi HANDS HAS TROT led iu - St, for aa'.e cheap to nun win-t an appreciate a kind, g n>le and Mat horse. Address W. Van R., Herald MUM. A SECOND liAND LUMBER FARM WA.oTx AND* A set oi Double HaiaeSi want d, ut iJi Jf'uiion street, New York. 1>KOOD MAKE FOB BALE?SEVEN YEARS OLD. J J Apply for lour days, until 10 A. M., at KETCHAU'S stables, College place, rear or Msnsion House, Brooalyu. BOAKD YOUR HORSES AT THE excelsior ?Ubln, corner of Thirtieth -trie! aud Sixth sveuue. The beat ventilated, airy. healthy, over-ground auble In the city. Call and see it, aud be convinced. Barouche for sale.-a barouche poic sale for less than half ita coat; In good ordrr, but ilttle uaed, and made iu tlie beat wanner by one of the beat makers. Price $360. Inquire in Tenth street, la rear of 787 Brood way. ClAltRlAUES. HOUSES AND harness K0R SALE?AT J the Mrouglyn (Kini;s oountyj JMauaiaowry and Ware roouiH. The mont approved and laahioaable spring styles of Carriages, Bretts, Phat-tous, Caleoh'S, Tup and Open Bun gles, llermantown and uther Rucka ways, Urocura' aud Uu uneaa Wagons, Depot and Hotel Carri igea, and second hand Currla<;i? und Waiwnsof all kinds; also Horses, Harness and Saddlery. 10 Kevins street and litt Fulioii aveuue. ClAliBIAliES FOR SALE?FOUR LIGHT TURN OVER ) a. at Roc.aways, one sliding seat Carriage, one light no top W?t,on, one Depot Wayon, two second hand dolor's Ulglj the above were taken for debt and will be aold low as the owner wishes to reallxe; also, one light family Carriage and Harness, suitable for hacking. M. C. EDEY, 64 tiedar street, opposite the Post office. IfOR SAI.E-A TRUSTEE SORREL MAKE, 80UND AND Kind in every irsjiect; a hue saddle b 'a*t, and not sur passed In harness, Appiy at TURN URK'S Riding Academy, to iter ol' T?< uty-aUth street and Sutu avenue, ior .dr. B. a mate. IJtOR 8ALK?A HOUND. GENTLE, FAST, HANDSOME Horse. IS1 j hands, of great cacliiranoi ami uu a>:ti n; two Wugnna, a uoublu and single cited, built by the b"st city makers, with Harness, Saddle. Bridle, Ac., owner i.av ing no use tor tiietu. Ap.i'y at 253 Pearl sireet. I"H>R SALE?A VERY STYLISH PUARTON, BUILT BY Wood Bros., with top shining to Irunt or iu k seat; lms only bsen used a few times. Ai?a set of extra i,n? i:bht lion hit! Harness Apply at suv.e No. 1 East Tn-eut. ?eiahth street. POR SALE?A HANDSOME COUPE; NEVER IK USE; cost $JJiJt)j lati-ht style. Will be sold at h barpii;), o.' would hire it ' y :he month, with one or two Hoi s.-s. Also, one team o! siylish ilotsea, warranted in every respc i, <ue is t'ei fei tly broke mo the saddle; avouU make a lino pa or military horse; both horst sseven years old. To he see;: at 117 horse, David Mnlg oiv's stables, 51 Bast Twelfth riuet. IpOlt SALE-A FINE GliAY HORSE, SIXTEEN' HANDS 1 hign, lit for rtprev. Also, one hun r J aeivs el' ; tod land u> ? for :i cheap house *Md lot. Apply to C. WARD, 1114 West Thir;y-!ifth street, for three days, Ir<Oil SALE?A FINE RAY HORSE. HVf HANDS HICII, ' sound and geutle; .? beautiful sadule hor e tor x la !/ or gontlemsa Inquire a: the stable of M. FLYNN. 113 East Eighteenth street. Eioi: SALE?A FINE BAY OOUPB HORSE, SIXTrF.N hands high, a Vt^ry stylish and prompt driver. Sold for want ol use. inquire of ANDREW ,'J BiiilJH, 2U2 EasL Fiftuenth stiee'. E^OR .SALE-A DOCTOR S WAGON, IN FINE ORDER; also a new Rockaway t'ari las". Will be sold mueh bu low th ir vaiua. Apply U> Dr. LEVINOS, at 66 Amity street. New Y01 FOR SALE CHEAP?A FIRST RATE GROCERS' TOP Wason, In goo I ord -r; his been ran nearly one year; cost $175. an 1 will b ' sold for SS5. Apply at thn corner or West Twelfth strn.'t and Greenwich ave me. /government HOUSES WANTED?SIX HUNDRED |LT Drntigh aud Csvalry Horses, tifto si to t'xteen nud a half iian : hlisii. Iiv? to soti-n old, soui'l in all retpei is. Call . >r a few day* at Bull's Head Hotel, corner of Third avfiiuocud Twcnty-foarth street, between the hours of 0 an I 10 A. M. TJ OR8ES AND WAGONS.?CASH LIBERALLY AD IX vauccd on Horses, Waton*, Harn -.'? una ail Horse frx-k Initio oe to.'I st. auction or private sale. Bale day e.ery Ttiursdas. AppW a; 4t> Bayard streut. BICHARD WALTERS, Auctioneer. House a wvoon\?wanted to hire for three nioutu-, with the privilege of niirchnkini; wubin that period, a light Express Wagon and Jin ues., and a f. ood, ac* i:. Horse. Apply at No. 37 South William street, up st ilrs. T MI'ORTliD STUD HOUSE?TIIOHO I.'fill SUED, SIX J year! old, dark l>ay, very handsome, \wih tin'- shoulders, loins, quarter* aud teg*. Tnere is no higher or purer Hne aifit hor*o in the E.ixiUti stud b iok. From his bli.o I fl.4 re and up-knei! action lie is a magnificent Uursi to breed sadill*, road u{ euuipag", a* well a* racing :-nok fro.n. Some asso. eialion or breeding district should purchase this tine stal Hon. Apply at 115and 117 WestTwentv-ihird street. JUST ARRIVED?FROM TnE NORTHERN PART OF e> t!f s Suite, iour extra tine pair of bay Horses, and five very superior s n.,le Horses, two o: them very tast. Buyers will do "well to call and oxatnlt e these, it* many of them are the premium animals of the State. Otto ot the lines'coupe Horses that has been iu the market in tlve y< an is with this lot. Can bo seen nt the Metropolitan stables, c inter of Prinoe. and Crosby streets. LEWIS, o.vner. IOUIS BRANDT, vetebinary SUROKON, NO. 8? J East Twenty-fourth street, between Lexington and Third avenues.?By a practice of more than thirty years in diJerent countries and climates, the undersigned has been enabled to become thoroughly acquainted with the ditferent diwai?s to whi h horses sre subject, h iving paid spec'al at. tentivn to coffin joint lameness or contraction of the hoof, watch he has cured in almost evarr case w.lhout leaving any external marks. Medical advice given to purchasers only, nnd uol to sellers. Incurable caa?s will be examined free of charge if brought to my office. All other domestic animals and Furdsattended to. Oflie* hours from 10 A. M. to t P. M. LOUIS BBANDT. author of the "Inlallible Guide to Dis cover the Ages ot Horses." Maltese jack hero, imported, thorough ? red, black, M}? haad* nigh, Is standing for mares at th" farm opposite O. C. Vandewater's Hotel, South Oyster Bay, L. I. Terms, $10 the season, in advamnj: $15 to Insure. Mare at the owner's risk. JOHN DUFFY. MAJOR LOW,'' BY GEO ROE M. patchen, WILL iVl staud at the farm of L. H. Haight, Dover Plain*, Dutches county, at $30 for the season. OCE.tN?BA8HAW TROTTING STALLION, BY LONG Is.snd U'.v % Hawk, dam by Abda.lah?is standing at Dr. Lawrenee's fstm, at Soui.i Oyster Hay, L. I., at $12 M the season; $^i) to Insure. Mare at the o-vnor's ri*k. Is for sale; price $3,oO), or trade for land in or ti'ar New York. A Mn ss l>r. .1. H. Lawrence, St. Denis Hold, Now York, or John Dully, South Oyster Bay, L I. "PUBLIC SALE OF HORSES AND MULES BELONG J. ing to the United Slates.?Ofllce of Assistant Quarter master, Perrjvllle, Mil., April 3d, ltWX?Will be sold at pub lic auction, in Prrryviile, Muiyland, on Tuesday, Ma, 13, l.*>2, at 1J o'clock M., lue foliowln; coud miied property belong: n? to the United Slates, viz:? 172 Horse*. 22 Mi res with foal. Ti Mules. Tertn>?Cash, in coin, or Untfd Stales notes. SYMMES GARDNER, Capta'itand Assistant Quartermaster United States Army. PONIES PONIES, I'ONIES, OF ALL SIZES, FOR sale, at war i rioes, at Forty-second street, between Filth and Sixth avenue*. GEO. BBONSON. PONT OR DON KB Y CART WANTED?ONE IN GOOD order and suitable for children. Address, with prloe, Ac., box 2,510 Post SPECIAL NOTICE?central PARK CARRIAGES.? 0 . and after Saturday, Miy 10, lSt3, carriages will be placed on the Central Park for public service, within the en closure, at Fifty-ninth street and Sixth and Eighth avenue*. By order of the Ceutral l'ara Commissioner*. SECOND HAND CARRIAGES FOR SALE. One vH-oii l hand one h <rse Coupe, in go id order. One second hand two horM Coupe, in good order. Two seoond hand Trotting Wagons, on half springs. One seoond hand Brett, in first rate order (light). Ou't $h s) a'. Roekaway Carriage, glass sides. One second hand Ceupjt Roekaway. One second hand Top Boggy, at $73. Apply at BRBWSTKR A baldwin'S, 785 Broadway, cor ner of T uth street. Turfmen, attention?the oreat remedy Dis covered.?horace WILLIAMS' Horse Hoof Ointment Is a sure euro for *fusrter Cra< ks, Contracted Hoof, Scratchee, Corn*, and. by^xtcaaloaal applica linn, keeis the Hoof in a healthy Condition Sold everywhere. II AW LEY A CO., Wholesale Agents, No*, 6M, 080, Sti and .JO Seventh avenue. THE CBLEBBATBD TROTTING stallion NOBM AN, the sire of Prince John ami Belle of RicUmond, and half brother of G#iy Eddy, -vlll stand, at $50 tor the sensou, at the farm of CHAS. W. BATHGATB, Ford ham, WestcheaUr county. Tub cblbbbatbd iior^k obo m. patchbn will maml Inr mures an the DykeuuM farm, near Krnga bridge, at $100 Ibe aeaeon. Good iliMn And iimtum pro ' WM. WALTERMIRB. vided lor _ ^ _ Waahlngton Drove Yard mo ICEMBN.?KOB SALK CHEAP. A DO ('it LB ICB X Wagon, platform ?prug?, nearly now; ? :irat rate arti cle. Apply at 100 Bloouitti-ld street. Rohoken. JOHN M PATTERSON. TBOTTIBO BARB KOB SALE?A 8tvlisii BLACK roan Marc, a l>-o and iml-ndld dr.rer, ftt periectly ^entfe and safe; can trot in 2 vi; spted shown, and a re sponsible wnrr^ntco given sa to soundness, Ar. Also, a su perior Road Wagon, ll*rue<w, Hanketa, Ac. Applr at JOHN IloOONALD'S stable, 66 und 08 Wtst Twenty-third street, nearSlith aventwi. WANTBD-A MARK, WiTH FO AL?.?AUDHESS box 3..W Pod oHlc?\ ntitlng ?lw, color, age, aud lowcvt caah price. WANTKD TO BCY, CHEAP, FOR CASH-TWO sound anil kind U.une.*, that wlti drive well together or heparat<>ljr. One mu-t trot in about Ihn-e minutes; the otlirr n.iinl tie a very klit I, gentlo iiunlljr home. One muat be a good i-nfl ilo horse. Bet partimlar about heln* Fnm? color. Must m ine ? <110.1 match it-am, and atyllsh In appear ance. Any pw ty havlnn surh a? reqtiiied above, am! willing to aell at a kiw figure, will plena* aldiv^s P., H*nM oiitc, Mating price, size, ?ge. rotor, ?p d, and lull p trticulara. ? HOTKIjB. Bath hotbl-at BArir. lonj island. will bk opened for the fitoepdon of miest* oil the lath Inst. | Pamllie. d> siring to Rooma f"r the coming h immer can 1I0 ho by applying to ine soIm rlbrr on the pruttseii J. 11. UARY, tjuporlntmidenl. ST. J C LIEN?GRANT STREET, BTATEN ISLAND, near yiinr*ntine l-aodlng. Otien May 0 lor gentlemen and lamlliea. Ball Room, Bow. ItiK Alleys, Billlardsand SUbl.n 1U bboadwat. JAMES HOtT3B PARLOUS ANU BKD ROOMS TO let, At v. ry Low Hal.*, With or vltiio'tt B >a 1 I. Ron mi,K. A rare chanck?Ft r hau< chkap, tup- olb e*tubl miea p ? w 1U0 iiruu >iju OflM.2'* Myrtle ??en 10 ? ub all tar Sio. k and v ikt .r i -. Inquire of JOiiA M. L'tUV 2'J aud 31 Atlantic M*rki t, 801 th Brooklyn. Avery klkovnt affowan FOR SALE- HAS? so lie y eailn m. '.'T -d oi brilliant colon, an i 11 xIra Ur?? aize. ('an do ? '?M hi the sal.: rojai of II. LEEuS A 00., No. 23 Nat.?*') street. Afiivsician. u.wijfa an honorable, ckomt able and eaiablishcti o:9ce tpeoallty, si ic t . . - .i?>fe of his business, and wou'd fo'ly ?ji-Klify a eem|*>tt nt to con i let t ie sa .ie. Satisfactory re-uuus git tu ioiv>o.lia?. Address Or. r,, box lift Hi-raid oiUte. A FIRST C Li ASS BILLIARD AN L> LAUKK BIKK Saloon, on > of the best in the city, locate i oa a leading thorougl.l'aru, now dom^ uu excellent i<i:sinoK?; will i?j aoii Very cheap ior ?-?an. Address Billiards, Ml West Twenty. second street, near Eighth avenue. Fob saxe-a good change.?an old e-jtab llstu d I'apei Hauling, Upholstery and Window Shade Buun '&?, wall lilted up, w'kl) a good selected atoek and cue omers. Beoaon: alc.kursa in family. Apply on prciuiaee, Si Court atreet, Brooklyn. 1i?0R SALE?A WELL ESTABLISflBO Bl'SINHNS 1 Hotel and Restau ant, doltiK a very good bitumens. Must be sold, on account of the death of the proprietor. In quire at.t>2 Fourth avenue, corner or Tweuly-siith Itmt New York. For sale?in consequence op tiie proprib tor'a death, a well arranged and f requented Hotel la Fourth avenue, next to tlie Harlem and New Haven Rat.road li?l'BOL&Uire H' Cooper Institute, of Mr. B. F. For hale-in Brooklyn, the stock, fixtures and Kood Will oi a Millinery Siore, now duina a lira* rate cash business, and established for years Satisfactory reus ons given for selling. Will be aold low, if applied foi immediately. Address Mis* I)., Brooklyn Foai ollu-e. I[*0B BALE?THB STUCK AND FIXTURES OF A Fancy Goods and Stationery Store, finely lo ated and doing a good bpsliiesa. A nice chauoe for an euterprieng man with a email capital. Addiesa H J, N., Broadway Foal offlce. "" For SALE?AN OLD ESTABLISHED AND 8NU? Stationery, Biok 8:ore aud Bindery; pleasantly ?itua ted on tbu lliidao^niut'ty miles from New York; a respon sible person will iSeal Willi liberal terms, ai- tiie proprietot reliuuiitshee In ooilsenuenre of laid health. For particular* inqti^ot J. K. HOOLE. l-i Nassau street, N. Y. 1JI08 SALE?A FURNISHING STORE AT BTAPLKTON 1 8la ten Island, containing a coiiijli-.e aa^Oi tmeut oi House KunilthlD'4 Ui o ia. Hardware,, Glassware A ?.; doing an excellent Imstnes-; will be sold cheap If imme." diate.y applied for. A lirst rate opportunity lor a vouug boginuer, witb a smalt capital. AI>-o for sale a gotbie Ho'i-e. 211 by 35 feet, wi'.h a Verandah on three aice*, baviiiR a mosi commanding viiw ? >#r the bay, Lous Isl u l, But en I-laud, c. ljui 10ib* 130. line crapes aud fruit treea. Aim> y t ? <7 F.lIKOSHElM, U Finu street, or to JOHN G. WIITE, 1UJ Clumbers sireet. IilOB84L&-VEUY CHEAP, A STORK FRONT, WITH . in?i ,e glass e,up hii I -uatieu, ??U couii'.e'.e; sue of tlx front, 12 by ? l'eet; prite $fn Aiij.iy at 3S7 Broadway. I ?'OR RAI.E?TYl'E, PRESSES, ACj BUOKIIINDKR8 fools, Sum !in:( Pres i", l,.itiie?. Siuall Steam H >il-rs 'inuisj irtalieu Crate#. Mil! for Uoiling Wire, Willi Fulieva (jui-nurplau- Fit -mis. Em'- a-iug Manninea, Steui Pen Ma chni'-ry, with Uies and Presses, at 2.1 Oey street. StOU HALE?THE STOCK OK GROCERIES IN TUB siore coi'oei of - outh i'uird aucei ami Jersey uvenue Jeraey Ci'y. As the owner la reiinn?' f i< no b.i.lneoa, h? wisiica to aell out. A leaee Will be given ol the aa< fixtures for three or live years, at a moderate Apply at ti.e -.tore, Jersey CI y. 77OK BILE?A PAPER HAKOIMQ ESTABLI8HMSMT rituated in one of the beat avenues in tlie city, in eea ti"Ct!on witli uud having the iuiluence of a paint store, doin| a larje amount of tia le; or would s> 11 together; or a parluet would be taknu. Address 1'aluter, Herald oUiue. F ..OK SALE?TOOLS, FIXTURES, ,l-C , Of A STRAW . Bleachery, at 346 Broouie street. There is a gou.i run ? trade, hn't it is a llrst rale chauce for any one togointotlu business. For sals?one oi- the oldest estabushbc Drinking and Lod^iiig House*, ;w rooms. opposite Wash ingtou Mai ne!. Foriurttier particulars apply to ANURKW VALE, three doors eust fro.ii Greenwich sir et, ou Ouaue. ou the ri^ht. VJ-EW HAVENHOTEL FOR SALE-CORNER 01 jLN Twenty-seventh street ami Fourth avenue, opposiU tUe New Haven and Ilsrl >m depot. Fur paMtculsrs iu miri ou the premises. J. WOOD. TjHOTOOEAFli OAMJERTFOR SALE?288* BOWER? J now doiug ? flotirUlilng hu*la?ss, newly papered aM handsomely tlxed for Join a lai ye business; skylight 11x14 Will he sold a bargain. Beat low und favorable lease. STEAM ENGINE" FOR ~S ALE?FROM 8 TO lit HO RSI power, with band wheel and pimp alt.'i'hed, ue.irl) new and In perfect order. May be seen at the factory, 10) Horatio street. 5? 1 OS ?CORNER 8T0BE OX ONE OF THE U|$B VT^'K Ins avenues, handsomely fitted up, Shelving Counters, Drawers, Scale*, Ga* Fixtures,,s, Ac., ta ge.ther with about $i'.0 worth of Groceries; Lease ot Start iUa low rent. Wi.i * 11 the entire stock of Fixtures, Awning A' ., lor $425. about halt its value. Apply to WRIGHT CULLIES A BROTHER, No* 233. X5 and237 Washing street. BILLUBDS. Any ferson having two full sized slati beo Billiard Tabe*, complete, Willi balls. ou"S, Me., la coid order, and with Sharp's patent cushions preferred, mag li Mr of a cash customer by addretsius Monitor, Herat* Office. Billiard table fob sale at a bargain?oi will be exchanged for a good Pianoforte; a small sises Table, with all Fixtures complete and In good ord'-r; ask only for want of room. Address Billiards, Herald uAce, 01 box 3,236 New York Tost oil ce. BILLIARDS.-FOB SALE, 1,000 SPLENDID NEW AMI second liana Tables, at reasonable prices. Tabloa U let and Bagatelle Tables for sale. Orders by mall atteudei to. W. 11 GRIFFITH, l?g Fulton atret. GAUTION.-PIIELAN'S PATENT BILLIARD TABLES and combination cushions, manufactured and tor salt only, by rilELAN A COLLENDEB, ? to W Crosby str*H rllWELVE BILLIARD TABLES AND EIGHT BOWUM X. Alleys, an establishment complete, for sale cheap # No*. 62? and 6iJ Broadway, opposite Laura Ke-ne'a tlx ' Also two spacious Koo.ns, SOx 100 feet, to let very low. mSCELLAIEOCI. A BUY ANU NAVY UNIFORMS. RICHARDSON, SPENt'E A THOMSON, Merchant an 1 Military Tailors, 470 Bioa.lway, New York, Deaire to Invite the attention of oDioers of the army so* navy to their house, which has been patronized for a numbet of years by many officers, including the moat prominent I* both branches of til!" service, who, by their continued patro* ago, acknowledge tltclr approval ot the superior uniforms and citizens' dress furnished ny the establishment. Gentle men nt a distance, nliose measure* are not on the book* will at their request have measuring card* sent to them h| mail. ALLEVIATOR?CORNS CURED FOR ONE CEOT ? a h, by using Dr BIUGUS CORN AND BUNION ALLEVIATOR, ? n.\v, harmless anl cei tain cure for i urns bunion*. ealositica, frosted and blistered feet, Ac. No can* tic, no acid, no pain. Warant'd to produce results satis factory nnd turpi siu^. lM"e 21 cents, SO cents and $1 mi b ix. S' nt by mini on receipt of price and six cents. Sol* by di ggists. Dr. J. BRINGS, Proprietor Md Practical CM> ro; odl*t, 212 Broadway, opposite St. Haul's church, N. V. ABEAUTIFI I, MIOBOSCOPE. MAGNIFYING FIVE nt NDBED TIMES, For Scent'(Silver). Plvoot different powers $1. MailM free. F. L. BOWEN', bo* 220 Boston Post ollioe, Mass. BURDSALL'S ARNICA LINIMENT, FOR BUBM, SORB Throat, Pains and Achus? the b-st In use. bold by sift druggist*. CURTAINS CLEANED AND REPAIBBB Z?Z5TOB muslin, without the aid of* acid or Wenching powder; warran'ed grass bleached by Mr*. ,1. BENMU, i;m"iiviile. L. I. Pr.nclpa] office In New Vork at Dr. Giles' drug store. 189 Sixth avenue, corner of Thirteenth street. Fob piles?use bliss' 'compound confection Paste," price $2, and ' 8 ipposltory Ointment," pnm SI- Por nervous d?bilitr inn "C'u<-> I Cure ' Sri. < $1. Send fur ci. cuing oi' particulars. Addra* C. K. lis* 4 Co., C43 Broadway. Gas fixtures, of every description, maw* ??factored and for wle. wholesale and rtUlLni No.78 Fourili nvenuo, near ilic corner ?! It-nth mreet. N. B. On Future* fnrnlefced upon monthly peyutenta. ICE CBBAM. wholesale and betail. Onrdene, Salens, Steamboats. Excursione, Plenlee, Sua dav Schools and Church Fair*. Parties,, families. Ac. supplied at $1 60 per gallon; five piliuiis or mure $1 ? pee per gallon. "fly the Patent Steam loo Cream Company." Depot 1W Chat bam square. ALHEBl' HALL JUST THE Till NO.?parties GOINO IN THE COUM. try to spend the summer should lakn Ourley A Brady* Portable Cot, Lotuige and Chair with thetn. Size, whan folded, four by xtx Inches square and two fret lonu. UURLKY A BRADY. 410 Broadway MABBLB MANTELS -THE subscriber INFORMS the public that ho fa Kidlme Mantels, Ae., cheaper Hum any person In the bueinees Tlioso wishing to pmchaae suo"ld call ioon at A. KLAHIiR'rt Marbln Yard, ldtt Bast Eighteenth street. west of Thli-d avonuc, New York. MRU. B. MORRIS, LETTER WRITER, copyist AND curd writer. 783 Broadway, second iloor, back parlor. Writing houra from 10 A. M. till t P.M. N. B.?To which she hua added rthirt making after the moat approved Imported and latest styles. Patterns furnished. Make haste and get married.?weddino Cards, Wedding C.trda, Plato and ilfty Card*, only SU Wedding Card#. Wedding Card a, $1, at WIIAlTEs', Nu. f Aator Ilonse, Barriay street. Ham plea forwarded to ell partk.if the United Htatea free oi charge. Notice.?i have this day appointed w. t. Howell, No. 19 llous'on street and 31 Beekman street, city of New York, solo agent for my Pale Ale. All order* sent to his eddreea will be promptly attended to. Tho peblJe are cautioned agliut certain designing persona, who have surentltlonsly obtained my na*ks, and are tilling them with an nle of in'erior <iuallty and vending the same aa my manu facture. I will g'larantxe none genuine unless purchased off W, J. Howell, sole ag'-m for New York. Prii.adkumi, Apt*! H, 18(U. WM. C RUDM.VW. Opposition to imposition.?dr. w. e. bio* Surgeon CMrot odlat. M Bowery, oorm r of Canal sire**, cures eoina, bt.m< iia, club and Inverted nalii, ami nil dia> eawa that the feet nrn heir to. Corn* cure I for 3A cent* eacu. Tuerr are many styling themselves profeasore who char e the exorbitant sums of irom $1 lo 910. Who w.l' pa? sueh prlret when they ean he relieved perma.ient'y lor m wiiu? Itiee'a Anulhlia'or enres rorna, btiol'tia, chilblains^ frosted and blistered iert. and SO rents per bo*. POSTAGE STAMPS BO TOUT.?1'AltTIES HaTTnO poftaze atliirps to diap .se oi al i disc milt ran And n cash cost jiui i-liy addniashig a i.meto llenty, box 17# Herald of fice, Staling 'in what teriu.s they will sell. TO PRINTERS ?\VANTED, A BOB OR TAYLOR thn- - revolution Prating l'reka; si/.e of bed not lese than Iti. ic tnuit be in first rate working ord r. Art dr> < 11 initio, Herald ullleo. _ VfERONUfJ' ELECTRO "CIIBMICAL BATHS, 110 V Foirtli -ivi'-.i..'!, attended by I'n 1"* or \ EI<UM,S, the in. n'Or. (Celebrated for the tXtfartlon ot mer iiry and tne ,.!.!? i-h ivoin the sym-m. and f..r tlieir (niccese In il1 ? a- -a p i uiuir to Lidli a; also for rheum itiain, debility, fevur, Ae. - \4 ORMS, WORMS, WORMS.?THE OKLV CORE FOB VY thi j dtsi. "sa.i.g di-n ise esn be obtaltiad for St by ad dr>"i,n. \V K. Mnisliinl, l o t office, BroO yti, N. Y. WfANTED- TWO SECOND If ANI) RIIOW CASES THAI V? w II anew, r for e ii t. , bo i writt,, ht feet ii(i ul.f io a I cli ap ma[ " ~ a /.?, (] iivliiy tod pi .ee, long. Anyone h ? io a i i icup .?...y ad-trt??C. B.. Herald oSicq, cutting i

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