Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1862 Page 1
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\ THE NEW YORK HERALD. WHOLE NO. 9376. NEW YORK, TUESDAY, MAY 13, 1862.-TRIPLE SHEET. > PRICE TWO CENTS. fro THIS NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. X TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBIUTATED. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATBD. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. tO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. DR. ADAM IJIUKIE ri LIKE P1LL8, Vtt. ADAM TiAUKIE'8 LIKE PILLS, DR. ADAM LAURIE'S LIKE PILLS, DR. ADAM LAURIE'S LIKE PILLS, DR. ADAM LAURIE'S LIKE PILLS, DKPOT 612 BROADWAY, DEPOT M2 BROADWAY, DEPOT 5U BROADWAV, DEPOT 512 BROADWAY, DEPOT 612 BROADWAY. Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel. Oppohite St. Nicnolua Hod, Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, Opposite St. Nicholas Hotel, Oi posite St. Nicholas Hotel, GEO. BULl'IN, AGENT. 8RO BOLPIN, AGENT. EO. BULl'IN, AGENT. OEO. BULl'IN, AGKNT. GEO. BULl'IN, AGENT. TO THE NERVOUS AND DEBILITATED. DR. LAURIE'S LIFE PII.L8, THE GREAT CHINESE REMEDY, DiKCoritKu ?r DR. ADAM LAURIE, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, England; Lioen t'ate of Apothecaries'Hall, ami Graduate of the Ecole <Ie IT-diclne, Pails, Ac. For many year* attached to the French and British Embassies at Hong Kong. Thisextruordinary remedy, which hat for some time put been most succersf nil v Introduced tn Europe, is now, f<tr the tirat time, offered to the American public. It was dla' overed by Dr. Laurie, during hi* residedec Id Chlnn, where It has been prescribed for many centuries, by celebrated physicians of that country, as au antidote to the olt'ects of Ktron^ teas, eatlne of epltim, Ac. Tbesfe piiln are composed from the concentrated esseno11 of a rare aud beautiful plant, indigenous to the tea-growing districts of the Celestial Empire. Their operation on the neiviu.s sys'em, whether resulting from sedentary occupa tion, indulgence in strong drinkj, residence in warm til mates, domestic griefs, excessive use of tobacco or other opiates. In tr.ily miraculous. They are also a sovereign re mecty.fn both sexes, for NEURALGIA, TIC DOLOREUX. ST. VITUS' DANCE, LANGUOR, LA8SITUPE, DEPRESSION OK SPIRITS, JIERVOCS HEADACHE, IMPOTENCY. IRRITABILITY, FEAR, EXCITEMENT, DISTASTE AND INCAPACITY FOR BUSINESS, GIDDINESS OP TIIE HEAD. And PALPITATIONS OF THE nEART. Host of which dlseasi s owe their cnn'ii io a derangement of the nervous system or digestive organs. Tl;ey take no eil'eot as a cathsrlc. but act specifically on the blood und nervous centres, and are guaranteed to be so perfectly harmless to the system tbut the moat delicate lady or tender child may take them with enure safety, whilst tlielr at tion is ultuort instantaneous in renovutiug the im paired powers or lll'e and giving renewed vigor to the most thatlered constitution. Their surprising efllcacy has been manifested to thousands of sufferers, bom male and female, whose lives bad previously been a burthen to themselves aud their families. If a tingle pill b* occasionally taken, after the principal meal of the day, there can be no danger of julftnnK from Indigestion, aud many a would-be tounnrfnd, who Bas kltlurto been only a looker-on at tlie dinner table, may bow Indulge his reasonable appetite with Impunity. ? For transmission by mail, as also for carrying in the pock et, they aie doue up in small Chinese cartons, of card case ?hap-;, and sold at one dollar per box, each box containing forty pills, or two aud a half boxes in one Tor two dollars. Sent post free, by mall, to auy addie?s, on receipt of a one or two dollar bill ot any Rood bank, or can be obtiim d re son-' Ally at the oj'.ce, 512 Broadway, oppoele St. Niel.o its Hoi ,-i Mew York, from GEO. BULl'r: General Agent for the Unit ^B alee. READ THE TESTfMON*?f& RBAD THE TBS^oJjfttg; ..-"View York, April 26,1802. EM., Agent for DrL?nri'''rtife Pll'ii ?I have .otind the greatest benefit in taktnt vuteo for a iqng time, aud'have completely cured me of a wry bad affection -?P *0?1 have round the greatest benefit Plll? I bought from you. They have entirely I ?'TVous system, which had been much deran time, and'ha " "* ' of the piles. . . /Hy wife also has taken them for neuialgla, and uperl READ THIS. N*w Yom*, May#, 18?. gtOKi Bbuix, Esq. Drib Sib?With a view of doing justice to yourself as ; ?well as with the idea or allowing others to benefit by my ex pert moe, I make tne following state men t tn regard to your MTiiluablc medicine:? Fur two or three years past I have been Buffering from a continued headache, alt-uued wuh latitude, an wrprois ve aentse of weariness, d , ression of spiiiu, and w ljfil se meu a funeral deran^.n^ent of ti e n rvottft system. 1 was advised to try Dr. Laurie's li.c pills, and although I l.ave only use 1 them a few weeks the cflecl is tronderful. Tite chance wi s ? >t verv suidea, for ttao pill* are not a p;. tot ai t m Md.y <n the syste r>, aud feelings for tb? b iter firadiutlly tame over ine; thepalu* in n y k ail are greatly relieved, my usual e fr-tes end s. lrits oeem to have re'urued, and I feel once more niyadf ?gain. I havetto heslnrion in raying that tliese are the if suits of ? m,v experience. It yo'i ?e? fit you inn use these s?m.trk? iu what way you pi' aa<, 1 shall be always wtl> Lug and happ; to testify verbally to what 1 have here slated Yours, very respuctl ully, ' THO8. HARFORD, Beekkeeper, Home Journal olUce, 107 Fulton street, READ THIS. Nlw Yovk, April 22,1852. To Mr. <?bo. Bt'i-rm, Agent for Dr.JLa'irte'a Lii'e l'ills:? I have exper en e<1 tlie pre*t.-a'. rell*f ir-nn taklns one box of ypnt pi'ls. I lire betu a most a r.ia'tyr fo many y a k to neuralgia and nervous debility, ?? severe at im;. as to prevent 11 .? at.endlng to bustness. Tlicj have e or.pleioiy toured .1 e, nod I will cheerfully ?pe..Jt of their I ? to any la * who wi 1 call upon me. t-rs. wlt^ Di^ vnaker, iJti Six:liavenue. READ mis. Nkw York, May 1,1862. Art*xt reR Dr. U' *'!'.' Pu.l?^ PloaMScjvl meanotlt' T- box of pilla. I find they do m t(H< xreates' good. The nervoea hei>. uch has left me alto K<tther, and, whenerer I feel Wie sPg'ite* symptom ot Us ic iurnirg, the taking uf a pill rnwen'a it. Youra, Ac.. " A. STEf IIKNS,U3th stroet, llariem. RLAD .HIS. Nr.w Yore, May S, 1SS2. >48rotten Bn.rin, Esq., Apwrt for Lai'.rte.'s L:fe Pills ? Dkar S a?I have been s ifferlnu ? vir ly from ??henma Sand nnuri.lile |?ins,ex*.endlng from the hiptnt'.ie knee, our a-lv ioe I look s >no 01 Dr. Laurie's PI'?!?? whl.h com lly restored me in lete> tiian three days. Yours trulv, ISA.\C K 'lA'lE, 537 Hr.-aiiu;iy. ?K\D 1H :s. Tn Gkoror BCLrtw, Agent for Laurie's Pills:? * The pills I eot from y?on n m >nth kin o have completer cored me of severe dit.'inc*' In the hi ad. which I liatl linen aullering from, at inMTi al , for year*. They are the ftuefct mcaiciue I have ever taken. R-spactfully vours, JAVCs HENDE/SON, XISixth avenue. READ THIS FROM Sin ROHF.KT BABCLAT. BART. DufoAMfos, Ireland, Ati?n?t 10,1801. Dr. Adam LArBtB, E iintuirg:? Dbar SlK?While attending the Court of Section at Edln bmg I vra* auddenly alfltc'.e I with angina peetori*, accom panied with palpitation of ilioh.tarl an J great dlr!.? ul'y of breathing. It whb then 1 heard?f your ceJc'ira'ed Chlnea Filla, a'ld I .van Induued to try tbc a under vour adrloe. I now emiaid?*r myself completely cured, having hail no rn lapae for the Ui>t ill ru miii*. But lor y<*ir timely aid I i>c lievp my ruse would Lave Umg tin e terminated fatally. Truly your friend, _ .. ROBERT BARCLAY. RE ADTH18. Abut ako KaHOih. Eordox, July 7,1S61. DUB Doctob E aitik? Von nak me for4k testimonial and I ehrerfully give you one. Whilst will, my regiment in (tie Bait I art leu, I cuutrac'.ed tiie baucful lurblt <>l eutlng oul ,m Added to a most immoderate 'iac of tobaei: . T'ie?e combined, ma pro?tratert nijr oernHU #y?tem, that 1 te?m? utt-rjr ?ownrlea* and beljde*??acaaeely able la lift my rood to m\ Mouth. I hare taken the pll)? for three months, and their ofTeita have b?*n moot marred.**, loan now rat heartiiv aaof old?lake muealrlan oertisc of whici. I am very fond indeed mr whole sya.ein l? completely elian<ed. I sliu'l con tinue their uae, and have eaery commence they will quite ic ?tore me. Your*, faithfully, ARCHIBALD PRATT, late Captain Her Majeatv'ii 44th fool. Hi: A I) Tliltl' 143 ITtcn Stbbkt, 11l'1?#ucu Lomook, March 1], 1861. Da. A naa IiADBik:? Mr Dban Sib?My wlf? desire* me to express her gratitude to you for her complete restoration to health from taking your Life Pllla. liar cxce<;*4v? r.rief at ilia 1 a* of our only child so preyed up. u her min.l And paralysed her uerveathat Itnared was a hopelM* one. Bin- is happily no., quite well, and I *<-n 1 you Uiia at her particular reuuetl. Yours, very retpactf ully. U. B. PIOKEN. READ Till*. Tub Aluakt, Lokdon, Not, 10,18f0 Dr. AnA* Lacbib:? D? *n Hi i?11 unnot but expreaa to you lli? gratitude I feel Ifcr the almo?t miraculooi e re your Plila Iiaip performed i upon my daughter. 1 wna in'.need to try them a* a deini i resort. Imm tie pcraua .loni ef uiy pUyai' lau, your frion I Dr. Lever. TheSt. Vltua' Dense hue "ntirely i'l?!vpppaicd; she ran ?ra!k and play aa well aa t.jr itateia, and I* quite a dlUcrenl J ?ntltl. Iler general'h I* al-o much Improv 1. Vcty truly your*, ALt'llUD I'AUliT CUNNIN'UHAM. K.AI) THIS. CtJi t.OnKf CAATt.H. Iurn i\m?.?niBR, Dee.i, 18Si?. Mv Dbak Oh. I, vi'UiK?1 need not te.I you, a< you know myenne, how |ire?t a ?u3erer i was from unrvou? protlra tlou when lirxl I pniil vou a vi'Of-'vional vlniu t hav airl>t ljr followed jour advlee and taken the pill* regularly alncc that tin,m. I may a?v,rt with truth I am now a oundinnn, ? fiial to fuf i ierctw of mind or body. My trieud, 8<r It -deride M, ?t njy earii'-at ^.hciietion, ha> com men cd lo t.ik lh< in, and hi tell* ine 1i?h already eij <! rieiicd thtlr L? u' t. liver faithfully voitra, Ut'NCAV <iE''iR>:E KORBEfl.Of Forbea. . HIS. 17 Be ?roB? Row, Wai.worth, > , _ . Lo.nuob, Man h 7, IdOl. ? jDr. Aoau liACNta, Eillu'ourjr:? Mr DkabHir?Autlhg from the advice you gave me when in Kdin;)'iv, 1 .?v# taken u regular lotnsi ol your Life T lla. I am happy lo aay tk.v mv . omplatnt (tic doloraux), with wliteh 1 nave been iroiild'd lor twenty ypain, 1? raid liy firing way to their power*. 1 feel already .iiiue a new man. will with pkriiire an*w?r?uy p utlea whe may bo reler.ed gome. Voura, moatreapettiulJr, JOri.V I'tjRTF.OlD. DEPOT, f.ia BROADWAY, DEPOT, 51J HHOAbWAV. DEPOT, ilJ llltU/UFWA*. DEl'OT, 6U BROADWAY, DEPOT, Mli MKOADWAY, PKl uT, Aia liROADWAY, ? 'El"(IT, bli HI'.OADWAY, . DEl'OT, .*>12 K HO AD WAT, DMi'of, ?ia nit iadwat, DEl'OT, fin It It OA H'VAV, DKPUT, ft|i BROADWAY, DEl'Oi', ft':J IIP.O\DWAY, 851.01,? a is roadway! Dtro , bii BROADWAY, DK ['Of, M.' BHUADWAY, d.^i'ot, m Broadway) DhPOT, fil'J hhOAD ? .sy DKi'O J , "Vj I" OA'.; >.v DEPOT. M2 PR<? VII ,V w* DlfPOT, S13 BitotDW OPFOHiTrf rue vr. Nir iof.iiim'el y v O 'lNbirtii T IE .sr. KIOIlDLAtl 11 I '.l, m' t" .'{?POSiTu .lit IT. M' I'd.AM IKM r.L,, N. y'. 5P>,r?r<Vlfi I 111, . T MOlloLA t llon.D, N y jn'kj'^'TP r'*E ?-'f. Niruoi.As noiKi,. >? y T'jli ST. Ml, HOI AM hi.. B' Y. fillllTl the KP. Nh II 11,Ah, S, Y. fPPOHl'i'il HIE M M'.'.UM.AM 11(1 IKE, N. Y. 9i PO'iri BC0llt)EA"? llori E, N. >. el f O Ilfc V>>' M'. Mt.'l.Ol.AH liolf.l,, B. V. i.l n-hi. i iiAkt m< no .a. Ut'l'O. Iftf TllK MI. BSCH0LA8 HOI KE, M. V. HOI EE, .V. Y, KE BATTLE FIELD IN VIRGINIA. The Area of General McOlellan's Operations?Bottom's Bridge, on the Ohlckahominy. See Seventh Page for Details. SITUATIONS VVAXTKD?FEMALES. For Other Wants See Eighth Pugf. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A YOUNG (JIRL, AS seamatrcaa or nursery governess. t' uo*<f |>tiou,il?l?s references given; a CalboHc in mil* preferred. Addrfni M. B. C., Herald office, or apply at 94 Wayne at, Jersey city. A YOUNG WOMAN WtSHFS A SITUATION AS nurse; uuderstinda the tare of children; ran do p'alii sewing; haa the b at of city reference. Call at iiUi M eat iMtli at. An enousii woman wants a situation as hbinek**p< r or nur<* for children. Right yejra1 ftaod NtMWN. Call on or addiem Mr?. Maraon, at Mr. Hi k mann'ii grocery .tore. Slat at., near Lexington h\. ARE8PKCTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION In a private latntly, a i unk: unilera'and* alt lluas of English and American cookln*, also soups, pastry ami hiit.!?<{; tio objetton* togo to the country for ttie summer : bes the best orcity reference. Call for two days at 72 3d avc., Miwu Utk and r.'ih ata. ? Ave ay hespei'table youno oirl wishes a situation aa Or.tcl*,* liinv ; la competent of taking care of an Infant fio 11 ita bir;h; U a go ld sewer, and U w ill ing and obliging; baa the beet of city reference. Call at 139 7th Ave., bet wen huh ami > .i at*., flr*t tti... . fro at room. A SITUATION WANted?my a respectable wo man, a* good <\to*, waaher and lr?n'r; la ;? Iko a gooJ pastry cook; a private family preferred. Call at .10 West Washington plaoe, corner or eth >r, ARE8PECTAHLE GIRL WANTS A SITUATION AS chainhtrmald aud waiti es?. or to do tha housework of a am.ill family Can ho so; n at btr I ait employer's. 13 Loudon terrace, Weat Md at., for two days. A RESPECTABLE OIRI. WISHES A SITUATION TO conk, waaU and iron; go id i ity reference. Can be -ia:u for t?o daj a at No. S Par . av., n?*r llii'lsoit, Brooklyn, A SITUATION WANTED?BV A YOUNO OIRL. AS cook, washer and iroor, haa no objoutiou to go a short distance in the rountry; s ol city references from her !mt place. Cm !><? ?ern lor two days al 81 Went 28' !> ?t., second lioor, front tooin. A YOUNO AMERICAN OIRL, OK KKHN'KMKNI, DE Sim a a tmttlou ?s nnrs ry goreruesn; ? neaily; no 0'ij" e'l in to gO In the conutiy. Addiv?a A. D., i'o-t. o:U0e, Brooklyn. * ' AYOl.NO WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION, WITH A b?i>y mn months ol I, to iln plum sen utg or any kind of work; prc'.eia tl?? uonuiry. City refer- nee. Can "e seen for two tiaya at ?tf Orchard at. A SITUATION WATTED?BY A RE T^t TABLE girl, hpuaework; la a good plain cook.and a ur?t rate washer and Iroiier. tfMil itrafmlf. Apply be tween Cud. rhill and Cllnti n ars , in Atlantic at,. bioj-K'n, neit to ttio ai' ,ur atoie, on the top floor. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A RESPECTABLE young K'l l, ?' cook, n aaher and Irnner, or to do the houaewo'k ot a small family; no ol>je'ilion< lo Vile country: best of r. lerence from her laat piao*. Cail at ltt Wesi 2/tb at., betweun 7th and tHti ava,, Bret tloor, took room. A SITUATION WANTED?HY A RESPECTABLE YOUNG* n otoan, to do general housework far a krnall private Dually. llasgi^it ren-reiio! from her laat p.acc. isu bo seen for two days al 128 Norfolk at. ARl-HI'EOTABLB YOUNO 0IK!? WISHES A SITUA. tt"U <st hntnVmald or unrae; Is e'ollftug >nd willing m make lier*eif uwilult no ob|i>utlon to -to tho toons- work of a ajaaUfatu'ly. (fool city roieienc* given. Api iyai No, 8.) I*ingla?s at., between Smlili an.i iloj^, fenth Brooklyn. AYOUX'*WOMAN WISHES A SITUATION AS CHAM U tuial land sean.atrea . Ila. the heH of re.'ertn-e O ?ll for two days at US .'th a?., onn ooir trom SOiii ?i No ot ji ctlo.i to go ? abort distance in the co.intry, A 8WJATION W^TED-^IY A Y0tN0"wbMAN T0 A take car ol r hi Wren and to do plain ?ewttrt: lew tvagea City referenoc. fall lor two daya at No. y Ciaro.uont ar ' B-ooklyu. A~w?sr c?ahs coot wjotiii a tm:,Viiu?^u5. di't ?aiid< Kranch an 1 Amerl an looking, inrnt* i??i?i" aii'ips and piatiy. Best ol city referent* an to eai*idlliv' Can lie seen for two nay* at 7S Went SilHh at. AHESPBt TAIILE PROTECTANT OIRI, WISHES A nilii.illon aa cook, or wnnltl do geneial lion ewoi it Ins good reference; no objection to t!i? country. Call *t J u Col.iDinla ??., Brooklyn, arid door. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A REsPECfAMI I', yonn ? girt, ? s " I'n. awl nnd waiter, or to a^otst in UM waalilng ami Ironing or do llaiit honaanxrk. Beat eltr ti n h'i letl ,. a *. Call at III Weal S#?h St.. hi . Iwn li iih and Hill am. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A l!K*PKl TABf.K *imi.g ??.ni oi. s, in teliaa unk; ahe nndei t nn? her V, 7 '. *" wmiimnMri ? nna ner btis'ii'! <? In *i'| tia '>i. in i.e. < in he iiirhly i neiiimeiided frnm ne^iist fitae\ C?ll or'wo daya at ?? Wn i:?t ?t. I BITU.vTJON WAMhD?AS criABUBRMdlO AVD J\ welt'.- ? If a v.-ur: iriiatelr leetftif. Cn,?l atj. rt *? , IrtlVti t n.VJ.^Lii4 0 th ^ g , J'.fr.t iltnir. Sin VIIONS WANIED-FRNALEH. A mm vouko girl wants a mtuation to do <;e neral bou?e\voik in it nnall private family, 01 u good ! nlnIn cook, waehcr and IroMr; can gl?e good city rc:>r<-nee from her Un place. Apply at 69 Degr.iw at., Brooklyn, lor two daya. ^ AHESPECTABI.E OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO I du general houaework la a email family; gftfed reie I '?(><??. 1'all ai 651 3d nr., 10:1 Bpor, front room A SITUATION WANTED?BY A RESPECTABLE young woman, m snot mok, waalierand irouar, or to ' I du general bouasH or*, in objection 10 '|o ehautbet ?ork aixl j watting; good teleren??. Can be ???( !> lor loo d*)%a'. 157 8a< k'tt at., negr HI' ka, South Brooklyn. A RESPECTABLE OIKL WIRUEfl A SITUATION TO do general houaework|iu a private family Jin a plnin rook and Ural rata wa?rer and Ironer: bet city reference from her laat place. ('all at 77* 3d ?r., between SUt and 52 I ?t? , lir*t floor, back ioomi. Arespkctahle oerman aim. wishes a siru MlM *J chataber uald .ind la do tine traahmg and I ronton, or aa laundre**; no objection t<> go r.i | be count rr. Call atK UuiT.nliy placa, in laagiuire aiore. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A KESVKCIABLK PRU tenant girl, a? nurse an t aeaiaureae in a i>iival* iarol ly. Cm be ?oen until engaged a< 10 Jane ?t. A SITUATION WANTED?BY A Yni;?U Wo St IN, AS ? waiter aud cliauibeirutil, no objcctlou* to a?*Iet with the waehing a%1 Ironing, or to go to 'he i onntrjr: h' (U or rlty reference from her laai rlae?. t"all for iwo day* ai I0J We*i I9th at , between tth and 7th y A situation wantkiwby A YOUNU woman, TO doelia t)beraork md waiting,and aeel 11 ?ltu ;he nail ling and Ironing; ?K y.-ara tliy r<Mcrence Hum her le?t place. Can be ?oen for two daya ai ZW 4'h at., b<'inren Unliereity place And Orrene *t. A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WISHES A SlTlATlON In a private fa ulty ie a Uret rate nam, and baker; uiideriianilii hci bn-.ucw Ibo e .^lily. I? WiUiiig to in the waabltig and turning; rereMtfi ? gfTi u uolli aer IdV' place. Can be eecn tor two daya at No. I ,%<nu it,, mrMr of Fnlton ?t., Brooklyn. i RESPECTABLE YOUNQ <11BL WANTS A SITt/A* A tlon a* oook or to do geii-ral lioua>-wot k : u*? no ?, tion to go to tiie country. Can be ?ecn at M ttj-kul ai. Bmoklvn, for two d*ya. A SITUATION WaNTED-B^ \ Not V.i wotMtN, in do general hoiitowoik oi qliatuUei work an 1 ?a' in?; |i a good plain cjuk, waabei and Ironer. Oood city rt-fei, n Call for two daya at lilt} Wo.I I9tli it., ?eeond (light of ?ll?lr?. front room. A SITUATION WANTED?A^ NUR-iR am) SKAM

? ireee, i'y a re-pectaule gn I of goi"l oapai'tlyi b?"! of t ity ivleien-e Call at flS St. Jlaik ? pU e,b,k ?t,. tween lutar. And a* A. rtfat StWir, for thrc- d>y?. ??TOl'NO OTHL WAWTS A SITUATION; !<> \ (10O0 , <wik and ctpeiient waaher ^nd I rone r; or would do | general konacwork id a Hmalt prlvata family; li i.? gooJ rity rcieMtico from bet laat place. Call lor tww daya it l?<) .lohn so i at., In Ihe bauuical, Brooklyn. A A8 PROFESSED COOK OR COOK.?lIOl'SEKEEPl.R'rt 1 eiiualinn wanted, ?vhen> n kitchen maid la kepi, hi an ?ip<M leaded Bhgil'h w ?man, wbo haa a practfi-al knoWle Igc ot ho:iaekk"piag and markt'Unti In large raiabliahmenia;'a tt ' thbi'O'igh, piofeaaed cook and >'i>aleoiioner: wotil.l no' ob- i ject to the yn*iiay,ei'inil oi a ?aienng plai n eatabll ?binH?l lor the tnmmer; ittieiceitlio ..Vtli; I. ^.nionialu IVnm ttindon and thin city. A 'dri-sa M. 1)., 2,"7 7th ar., iblr I 1'ioor, front room. ASfrUATION WANTS*": ?7 A RKSPECTa?I.>, girl, to cooic, waaii and lr>n, or to do g n?ral h?n?c. work lu a private fain ly. Ke?l of nlty lolerene?; ivrcn yeare* !? the Call at 101? t e at., Ho iflt Bt ok A YOOIW tilRL WISIIKS A HITI ATION TO l>0 _i\. pu. u aejrlag or emliroiderlng, or won't! i?ke t are or a Child. Call or tn o daya at 2t:j ti.h ar., betwaen lfitli au I 11 h lit net*. ASITU VflON WANTED?BV A COMPI.TKNT YOI SO, at Aral elaaecOok: alie undeteUtlitlaall kind* oi jioiiltry. game, jelilct, nut rift, *<-. Tlie b.>?t ul --It) f I'-reiicea cau Be glren. Call at No. 9 5'b at., mat IJoor, Iinoii loOJt. AHKRPBCrA?l.E OIRIj WISHES A si ri A I IllV IN A amnll prtvlUJ lauilly, lo do gc eial honaeWo k. Can ? Ite'e?"!! lor two day a at *rt-M|tii a*., net w. en 3 <k nml Vtii i-t , Amn-ATION WANTEII-UY A YOl Ntl uJKf., AS wi., t? lu-rauii Irouer In a email p',v?l f ml,;i;i ^o id pla'n ? o'?* awl an exg -lloyt U ,n<n >i. or wo'i'.il g.i as ittndreat. The hea' of r*f(k?u fr?im he l?aiji5 a; n-. u ? j ? turn (0.0 11 V.e 'Ointryt ekt iintliritaiiiia tne iat"n n it alnl lull r t ,11 lie ?e.-n I n two n?; - lr '??" - ., in the tear, liiirtl lioor. 1 HIT!'\TION WANIED-BV A II IHII.V Ill fil' . i?. I\ I Ift iitlnd.c ait'd aw tiae, ae gut' |'.ain eu >k, tva i it l iter, i r wott 4 o )t ne al l i'i ?".'" - In a inal' p. i .. ?? l-'ulf, ha'- no ?ib(er-|. . to n , - n ? t ^ n v i.i t . . i In l.:i?i.:'ev ptnnali i .y-e ie ... r. , | .t . i tlal. l?ft*? til ji'f'U ?l . mat 11 ,? I'O.H t. ar RITVAIIOm WAlfTKlJ?PKMAL.B3S. I ? SITI ATIOM W AN i KD-B* V I'liu riiSTANT YOUNG : J\, woman. *? chambermaid und hue vuhrr, or a* nnw and 4eam*tre**: Urst eln?* i-etereuie irom her laut plac*. I Call for lao-day* *i 232 I*carl Mrect, wxi door to the Star brt Wry. between Connor I and Tillary rtreet*. t r.EHrECTARLE PKOTESJANT OIRL WISHES A . 1 nil*iAlicD un i hainlM-rmatd and to do aewlnf, ora? '-hum tMvma'd nod a?Ua' with ? ho naahJnc or ta tuke care of a i-hild; g-iod 'l?r reference. Call at 117 ffnt Mth at. 4 SITUATION WASTED?BY A TOl'Nfl WOMAN. TO .XTL do fimmifrWDik and wiahing; would atarcii and iron ; city rein*lie.; two venr* In l?at place. Can b<- ??> n lor lWi> > daj* at UIJJ W?il 2itu at., bctwcan 7ih aud 8 th arch ALh ItEnPECTABLB YOUNG WOMAN WISHES TO OB latn * (itwuilou ?" nui'Hf and cbarobermVd. Call at her employer-?, II? Wert 44th at., between Broadway and trth at., for t>vo day*. City reference. Ai^m RESiE<'table uirl wishes to oo out as Vem hy tJ??> wet-It nr day; i? a good di-i-MtnakiT, Mil l iiiidi-i *t imt? nil kind* of fatally coring. The t?e*t or city (??"frrent-n ' tieii If refilled. Call at 331 6th av., between 2t>th ?nd v'?. A SITI'ATION WANTED?BY A KBSI'Et T48LB A xmngnitl, ?? conk, waalter and Irouer; good il?yrtffe iri 'f. Can i"? < ii lot 'wo ,t 17431 10 Junes at., ne*r <tli at. AYOUXO WIKL WISHES A PITUAIION TO DO rliaiav-rwoilt <u t f?-*t?t *nh tlie wmlting and Ironing. Cau l>e ee.-n at iter pieteat eiutJoyer'a, at 46 Ea*t29ih at. VYOI'Ntl lilRI. Wt*HE* A STTIATION TO DO ji ueral tin ? work In :t tin ill private family. Gooi i Itv reterenee. \pid? m K -yh"ti I m? o;n>o-iti! Ct.y Ho-pi tal, Brook yn. ?'att ho a?'en for IM day*. VOBrfPEt TVBLE WOMAN WISHES THE WASHING o .i I t c ntt' men or lemU.e*, by the month; la rvry neat a Mil are ul i la Me ier,. . IU do Kreoch lltrln: ? ud l>ox pia'.i "g; iia* the be?i of reference; la capable in i a* err re?t>?-t. t all at oi adflren 299 West 27th at., between ' I 9ih and loth *?e?. VpEspki TABI.E rorxo OUU. WisilEH A BtTi A ; lion at cook, w*?b< i an I Ironer In a ttnall primal* fanv ly: is a it'-oJ (d >Ht i-ook mid eteellfiii iattndrr*-: no i>Uji". I i Ion in go a o? t ?l? nut* in ihetiuntrj, or wott'd ion* lain I dre<*; tinder* ami* the oire of milk aud butter; In- the 1? ? . ol el?? t ei>r'?ee t'rtitn la it ptae^. Call for two aaya In (he reai iif IA.? We i !!9tli at., neavTih ar. A.?|Tt'ATION WANTEJV-BY A C.OOD fOOK; WOCI.D nva >' with ti e na-mnn and ti'ou,nii; would do tlie haklitg nf a mnall family , no obje' ll?n tu ill* eunnty lor Uie mmiuT month" ile*t city roteren'-c her laet |da<v. f?*i tje itefn iw tvro d?va it' I2J Wc?t 24ih between 6th and Till era V IMITATION W \NTEO?BY A COXPITENT PRB * Bon, to do fiirral imnwivork In a u Irale tamily; t? a good I'lalu cwk, wnihcr and lionet; no otijarilon to g.. m lb* ??oi.ntrjr. OoimI city rrf#rfnre. fan be aeea for two dayj. ?t I G Amity *1., 8?uth ilrooklyn. * REnPICTABIJS room tlIRL WANTH A OVl'A- ' j\ tlni to do general bmuenork; Rtvid plain rook, weaher at.nlnri'ter, mi l ^o id bnkT Hood < lty reference fropi la?t ill ? e. Can tie aeea tor two day* at Mi B??t Uib ?t., top Hour, frout t uu.o. 1 NtTl'ATfOK WANTEIl-^r A Wl'XO WOMAN. TO iV do Keneral Itoue'teork In a atuall private family, or t hamix rwoiKan ! valt ng. t'ny reforest. Can be ?e?u for two dayeat l.*l We t 2#ili rt., lliat Uoor. t "in; atii in wamed-bv a IttnOTAILI 1\ jonnu *lrl ai plain cook; 1* ? moai ei .-iiont wmthemadIrouer; ba*the baet01 rtt* reference irom hei in?t p ?ee. Can Nt ?e ti for two day* at No. ll){ Stli at , oe twein 21 au t 3d ar*. ? RKHPKCTABLR YOUNG OIKh WANTS A HIft'A .1 tionWulMm 'iinnid or a* ?Mr*?; I* wlllla* to a?*i?t in anyihlug; tu* iwo/ran' etfy !? Oreoo-. Can be noon for t?vii d"** ?t 41A ;H ?r? b'lween Nth and Cut at*. a RRfPEUrABI K PROTRdTANl' OIRI. WI-tHKH a jV. aitna'lon In a prtvet" faintly a'nnr*or to do rbain f lierwi.rk *n t ?atii/i<; good ?|iy r?liii.<B':? glren. Hull at Si .Montagu" M . Ui' ok vu. t YOt NO tlIRL WANTS A SITf VTION IN A BMAUI. J*, prliate i?niilft to .o("utml hotiaevrork: Rood 8't* n-fn r oue from her l..>( p!*'?. t.'all At 211 ?t, in the . I KtirilKI L. Oai.lOIXtl OIRlt WIRII^t A 81T( ATION .'V t ) t?? t.p *tait ? nork o. ge.i nil hm?'anra in * *m?tl taotiiy g "OI re'erea o irom her Inat employer. Cull at the i i it- i "i 4-hh it. an I 2d ??., over the grocery e orr, top I'iioi-, ronl iooin. t w.-p;:. Tab i: cikl wants a uttcatiom ah ting mil on n It ? tvat'iing and ironing in a pi i t -???! I* r*'t?t ifHWwllWi ?t, l I?tut. W If- HE * A mrt ATIOS ah AWO-rKXi EL I ,i .'rtv'H: e?u cot an I ,'H; la a beautiful ? -w -r; ? -ei , nt d: ? ie?i l y iheilay. vee? nioath; wonld i ? lii?u|li"rin ?; T* If n^n ie1; the a<trert r M |?r 11 ? *ly ? < -all' of uiriu. ito- horiiao: >i b>ibv ad row ,o a i iiinalit ; mi , t Ion to ,t* or. -an<ry. K*iv t-w i a II Oh item the Bo? A SITUATIONS WANTED?FEN VL.RS. A FIRST CLASS COLORED OIRL WISHES TO PRO cur* a h luation as rbaiiibermald and seamstress or ?< uiirat or wa'lr^'M. or would like a situation to travel with a family as mirae or la wait upon a la ly to Europe;good reft rencea. Call at 160 WtsllJth at., iu the rear, w-oondUoor. A situation wanted-by a respectable wo mao, as first claaacoott; thoroughly com pent la all it' branchca; no objection to assist with washing and Ironing; the very best city reference from tirat cla is lamllies; It will, lux to K" ? abort distance in the country. Can he seen for two days at 87 tith av., ?eooud floor, front room. Akespkctable woman wishes a situation to do cbntnbeirworlt and :a*e care of c'il 'drten; itir refe rcnee. No nbjeetioB lo go wttb a family t? Europt. Call for t? o day a at ?7 Weal Jutb St., first floor, front room. RESPECTABLE YOCNO AMERICAN protestant woman want* a sltustoa a< good cook; Isaguod bread and biaruit baker; good iltv r-fei'-n e can be given. Call for two days at M west itrth at. A RESPECTABLE UIRL WISHES A situation AS uurse and aeatnatreas; ran cut and lit children's rioth ing; la willing to make herself useful; no objection to go a short distance iu the co-.t titty; lias 'Ji<- m-m of tit/ rcie ranee f rom her last place. Apply at Sit 11th at. A SITUATION WANTED-BY A you NO WOMAN, TO d? the cooking, washing and Ironing of a small prl rate family. Beat of city reference. Call a S189'h av , se cond floor, for two ilava. No ohjeclj >n* to . i In the rountry. A RESPECTABLE YOI'NU WOM AN WANTS A SI I I A t on to do general housework In a sinall family. Oan te?eil r. commando 1. Can be seen for two days at No. 2 to h*t., corner JW av., BruolUyn. AYOUNO OIRL WISHES A SITUATION. IN SOME rrapectai'le family, to do h ii-'wo-k C?u giv* t'.e heat ol city rairrenco aa to hon<;?ty aa<l -ap* ility. Ap ply for two ilays at 175 E?.t 'Mi'J St. N AC.ED SCOTCH WOMAN WISHES A situation In a aii-all family, In the <4 y, to tt*<- tart- of <hlldnn or to do hott ew >rk: wants a (?wl. steady h me. rofa ranee. Can be seen for a weak at 4U wrst 24.h at., second Soor, front t?uas. \ SITUATION WANTED -BY A YOCNO WOMAN, AB ???nt a ?ar w? !?! ro aa lanadreea In a ?mall family. *??*??!?ttf inf.. a e. t an he seen for two day* at lit West J*th s4 , b?t?. ? a :?h au<i Mh ates. A HITl ATloN WaBTF.D BY a YOCNO WOMAN; IB a g- <M wash' r and In ner, good plain cook ? wilting to do hanwwort ?r ei?amb?r* ork an^u-sin 4n the w.iah ng au<l nonliig, wMld g<> to th? ' ?xintry. City referents. Can be -<<n^r i?'i day a st IMirlh si., over' ihe store, second A respectable YOUNU OIRL. OP 17 YEARS, want* s situation to do light ' ha't ^Ttvork anil to take ' ifc. . i, Apply at III? East 16th si. AH RESPECTABLE YOCNO WOMAN, WIIO I'KDIR at.mdi WuprWr .? V\ i<og > ?e? uff tua Mm, MM a situation as ladf's maid and e*atuatreef; un.l< r?i?n<ls cut ting sml filling ladle*' aud chtldf h a .ireaaes and all kinds of family sowing; no objecting to assist with fhfldr-n or to do light chetnbera-aik; best of referenda. Apply at ITS East lft at. AM RESPECT ABLE OIRL WISHES A SITUATION TO do housework and a- plain ? wk and to waah andiron; prefers the country. Call at 101 Hester St., for two d%ya Oood city references given. AM ItTUATION WANTED-nr A KESPECTABLB young woman, as i-harabermald and waiiiens; is willing to ss-dst in the waai.ini and trvpmg; no abjection to the cai'ttfy. f.'au be eetn at har pifaent employer's, 139 Bast Ifth at; _ AH COMPETENT OIRIi WISHES A SITUATION TO cook, wash anil iron, and d i the hottMwork of a small private family; no obJrfttoa to chatnl erwork. Beat rltv ra ference. Call ?t Warren at , butwaan Smllk and Hayt, Biooklvn, third Hoor, front room. A^rn RESPVCTA HI r. V "UNO WOMAN WISHES A SIT LA tlou na cbambermaM and wnllresa. no obla. tion to do t n" wssklng and Iraplnc, has the Host of <-ity reference. Call for two day* at W3 Jib av,, corner or Mth st. ? SITUATION WANIKP-BT A YOVNu WOMAN OP iV n ?|"--w liny. ?a Itrst elaas waltrefa and chambermaid; hsa lived four year* In liet '.aat place; rin produce the best of t Ity reference. Apply for two days ai 111 Enat 19tfe at ? RESPECTABLE ENGLISH WOMAN WANTS A I situation in a private family aa nurse and chatnbar nutid, "r wo 1<1 <*o hiti- waelilng iruitlng, wottlu lake c tr?. of an Invalid ladv, or would like to go to Europe. Ap ply (or iwe days al her present employer a, 119 Kaa> i7tfc rt. \ RKsl'l-V T t BI.E WOM AN WIsHKs A SWI'ATH?N . \ ?? n>-*t cM?* cook. sb? thoroti un<leratan?ls her bua'tt". h In all Its branches, an4 I ?-ihe beat of city r>'fe ren.-e; ha* no objection io the ojnntiy. t^ail lar two Jays at til WeatWth at. A 4 SITUATION WANTKH-BY A RKJJPKCIABLE ,'\ V'tutig wo'o .ii, 'e d<i tt-c |te'i? M liouaewofk of a so sTl urn v t-iwid -nf? "iti? Iron tur laal cmplayera. Call for .vrt.lijaat iJJWeeiJpih at., Hist f.? r. f'tyc Olhrr W anil f?ec KisAlh Pi? ?(? STATE OF THINGS SV RICHMOID. Starvation Prices in the Rebel Capital. Commercial Douses Closed and Every body Selling at Auction* THE CITY PANIC STRICKEN. United States Treasury Notes "Greedily Bought Up." Tbe Rebel Press Aiding the Defamen of General McClellan. The Fate of Richmond Depend ing on the Merrimae. . All the Tobacco in Richmond to be Destroyed in Case of an Attack Governor Lctc^ter and the Rebel Congress at Loggerheads. The Reported "Rush" to Arms Denied by Governor Letcher. DESERTION FOLLOWING CONSCRIPTION. MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS, *c., Ac., *e. Another Proof of Union Sentiment la Richmond. [From tbe Richmond Enquirer.] WHKBK DO THXT 00118 FROM? It It ft fact that there la a pretty fair supply of Ualtetf Statee Treasury notes in this city. It Is a fact that (hsfr art told and greedily bought up at ffU cenli on Ik* dollar, and it is all* a fact that a erriiim Uass of traitorous indi vi&uaU arc actriingly anxious to en'er largely into tit trade. Now these are significant facts; and the flrat queptMo that occurs is, Where do the notes eoipe from, and why are fhe shavers so eager to enter into the trader Confidence la the Rebel Government ?? the Wane. [From the Riclyuond piapfttch, April 11.) to fua bottom or tub dktatch. It mast be ft souree of extreme regret to all true Son th orn men ton* to many attacks, just or not, mad* against tike ipipemmenl bp weu of our pMic journals. These at tacks l ave tbe effect of wtdkmistg our My caiue, and alao give aid and comfort to our enemies. J iat, manly and p!ii!<>*ophicel criticisms upon pub io measures and the conduct of public men may servo a good purpose; but the unprovoked assaults wh ch we ofiea witness are wrong, an<l nhould at once ueitse. Howevar pe. mini may differ in opinion aa to their marits, it mist bo ooucedod that the members of the cabiuM and all our general* h ive been solocted at leaet waU reference to tbe public good, may be safely aillrined th;U many of thsm h.ivo distinguished ability, ar.d tbat all are truly patriot* io. As for the President, all reflecting and intelligent men must kuow that be is the right ina:i in tbe right pl*ce,at the right time, and that the South needs him. Rioumond, April 8,1843- VIBUUUA. Obstructing the Approaches to me?> luond ? [From tho Richmond Examiner.} There in ono expedient practicable fur the defsnes of ths channol of ih? Jaroes river, which eauld not well be provided In theoasoof the Misai??ippl. The tl?.w of the stream In our rtrr la sl?w, and the d >pth of the chan nel comparatjvsly alight. Jt admiie of easy obstruction, whereas the Mlpafesippl did not admit of each a thing, except at thp cost of tmmsoss labor, liraj anl ripe dm. Various m >dep have been suggested for obstructing tho cii:in:iel of the Jamas. Some rocoimne.,d the plan of rtaWS roostruetsd of sotlroSrowi dug up by the roots, stW thrown, roots awl br?ahm, tfeto (ho strain. Too ro.c sink to Um bottom, the brai.cues p4M^4owra Iroai, and en sb ills Is tbu? furmed of thickly studded tie * (or a din lance up and down tho channel of tho sire. m. Tho roomy lure engines for removing prompt ly almost i.ny sort of obotruMlons In the channels of rtvors; but the removal of a raft of trees. matted W Cther by the pressure of t^e stream, and held to ttomby accumulated san I and earth washed against lli -m, is found to be a work requiring the most powerful and expeudve machinery. AnoOier plan of obstruction Is that of tilling the chan nel wtUj atones, large and an.all?tho smaller tho batter, as tho work of removal IS tti a randoro t mm lettious. The obatraction of the channel for a few hundred yards by this means Would o(frctu?lly stop tho ascent of guh boats; and, If protected on each aide by bomb-proof bat teries. they con Id l?< put beyond tho possibility of being removed by the enemy. -? ? [From the Richmond Dispatch, ipril 11.] ' " The defences of Jam-e river should be jiro*ec?t?4 with unfiigsiDg activity. Kxperlsuce has Warned us that rivets ore our weak points, gnd that it la whoa supporied by their gunboau tliai the enuiny become must far ml da - be. We have now, it is true, a Virginia, but from tho very moment of her triumph the North went to work with all its ci.o.'gy to eofcatruct iron shielded vessels of a like character, an 1 of n draught suitable to all waters. I. baa on uulimitod supply of materials and of man, and ita multitudinous woiksho, s have been In full blast, dry and nuM, l?r<>m the hour of the Virginia's victory. 1/ ' we do not exhibit squill prom, Utude, ac Ivlty, and do tormlnalion, U Is cosy to s* i the conaoquouces. The J.tni -p rirer must be made impregnable against any fores that tho enemy can bring s^ainst It. It should be o structe 1 ogalnat the passage ofvessils I t every posst ble foi m which science aud experience u*u sJjgest, and Its shores lined with bomb-proof batteries. High Fries of Beef. [From IDs Kit hmotid Di'patob, April ii.J This commodity was selling in the Hick moot markets yesterday at v ry exaggerated prices. The reason as sign.-d is thst on Wednesday a rtruirtHm had keen madt i fur mo*t of the beef vatttt mar Ik* city for tk* um s/c A* arat in tKe pannniln. If (he prices which wore deauuUed and paid ye?e. day shall bs scted on as a prscedont, It will Hocn become necessary for (luueral Winder to Ox the price of beef at a reasonable standard. While the bnteh era mar not be the only dealers in articles of prime ne cessity who are onxlou* t ? make all they cau, at lli, ia their ca*e,as wrll In that of others, a limit must be sat to human cu idity. We are told t?.? then* who ought hi know that whilst m m wants but little here below, be wsnts that little Just a* long as he can hid on to it. It la no lees true all men are anxious to make their little all ' aa large aa they oouveulenUy can, no matter at whoae expenee Tho Traitor Deserters from the D'Epl* aiewtl Zoasvas Ratcaiad. [From tho Richmond Dispatch, Api il M.J The three French rflioere wiio lately comsfroqi Wash Ington to Richmond, i t thn purpose of joioi g our %/5hy, w,re rslsasod on Friday m|tk by order of tieneral Wl?i | der from tho tomporary surveillance established over their persons. They e.tpressod many thanks (or the kindness shown them sipco their arrival here, ana have united in a rei est to be a?. ijjfied to any post where their services can be made available In the present con test. Their nauiae are Captain Vlfqusrin, ueattoanta Dc Beaumont and Ciprlsno. Panic la the ?lly. [From lbs Xashville Union, April 20 J From a geQllaman who has Just come through from Richmond ws learn thst a fearful state of affklro prevails ID tha rebel capital. There Is a great scarcity of mo nsosesarles of life. lYorts eis are at famine prices, and saaai/ a4 iht poor art in a rt ining roodiW/m The wealth ier rebels refuse gsosrsUy to extend them ordinary jsliaritlM, sod caasa or drsadl'ul s iflhrtng as l deetltutioa 'are rsDorted, eepsolslly in ths familiss of rabal *oldl?ra Men once noted for their liberality areeeMfod In HI sorts of dlsbonorsble speculst ions. Th* pnpU *aw no tuveitfiOfindinga* city at*"* ft- M?',*i (resp., ai>< link tn a ti+fidy turrtmtr ru crr^nm. It m tm MMM and dreariest city on tbe globe. Vn nil aides arowlU nMfif l WftDl Aid KJUlilld P?Wfi MMMMI WMl WlW 4?bmurh?rjr. Feats of the Rebels stRlahmoal. [From lbs Rioliinoud Kistnlner, April SO ] The fol-e <>f f'nvndi, ia rrrun' pnmtr* (tfTnin, caws Ihrarmt a! IVM-i-m Ike ?J? tiapvsf lAs mt, imfic. IfMcI'owellls conc* tra ins aieras of BfV thonsand for a mar. h from the Happabannock upon Rk-fc mood,there is ' slso ia that dire, tion; bm M is a dtoevr again?wwblch the government,bel*?' rorswsraei, wsba e s to belisvs will bo forearmed. Taking l? for gramsd that a tkifto titration from tbs dtrsoffkn ef tbe Kjip,ahaauock, being fore*?o, Is provided far, wo ? st'irntoths proportion,or rattier ths fact, (feat tho safety of RicUs\ond defends ttimn otar army at Tork town, cinW /th'i' Miinn (h lirt if* cfcontW tf (Aa rinr in the fcret < /1>\4 .tMrts??ic. 1 h a rr??si may bs set n * n by bol on'y ono Maflllor, i h i >>? ? ?:t; rf thsfli, In s short I'M. It 9ff h