Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1862, Page 11

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1862 Page 11
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A jootnsu, roo^MmTOLbt. . COBNBR STOItB ON BROADWAY. IN A GOOD LO A aauou, suitable for tat retail b :bl?* u, tu It l. iroin SI ?f Jsa e,at a Ww rt at, Ad liess A. B., box 162 H;rald otlice. ALABUB UROUND FLOi 'B to lkt-tiiirty fihst street. uw> Tou-ii aven'te, JU?100 ? < t, with any muunl ttaain power, lor !i.unulu< >ori> k or<li eu ral putp>?<?, at a very low reut. Apply to JOHN FEifKlVi'lH, 41 <J Third avenue, or on the {demise*. AT MOBBItiANIA.?TO LET OB FOB BALK, TWO JUL veiy piea.-.iui, mod-rate sized Country Res.dene-?, til UriB garden* aud e rry eonvenance; ea?yof up <??" and neighborhood uneveeptiona'de; t-rtua moderate t fuoj truant. Call ou or address Ph. Ernst, 17 Weal Tweu >-aixtii Hiruet, near Sixth avenue, Now York city. A PHYSICIAN'S OmCB TO LET?T11B LARGE RE JV oepto:i room, witli Pali trick, or s lirst class basement house; location nnsurpttaaea, and every requisite for comfort anil to.ivi .nlen< c. Also''le^nntly-ur -a.ehed Rooms, wl h Bo*i\l,at lJU East Tnirteuiilh atreU, iu?ar .Secojil avenue. A FIRST CLASS FURNISHED 1IOUSK TO ILliT-DE tlrably loomed near W,uliin ton square; contains all the modern Improvement*; kitchen ntQfo, Minors, chnud> llers, a sit|?rior i in ?>. a an : c>-?ry couveu enes for alarms i'uuiily. Apply at 111 Waverley plana, l'roui U to 4. A FURNISHED UOUSB T? LET?IN BROOKLYN, OK , oi tlia Heights, to a private fami'y; tiartof tho reut woiua 'be taken In board 1>;. a i n.t umn ai'd wife, who own tho io'iko. Aiitlia ??* Will iw ktreet, Herald oil; e. (COUNTRY RESIDE Nt E TO LET?TEN MINUTE8* J waUtXrom Fo. dham d i>ot; a lar.'.e uoii e, <0 fe ts piate, Containing li Room*. futuia.ej or unlurniahsd. In poiftul Older, newly painted and papered; l it* water, Taut', fur nace, Ac., together with two acre* of ground under the h i;U **t cultivation; lin* fi uk o every variety, cono't house, etabliug for three horec*, eltLxi r? house and cow L 'IUj; actuated on very hl;h ground andcomn.andlog a t onotlful ?view; for health Utu location is unanvpaii ?d, at iho low renu fui iii>hi U, of Hi; pi-r annum, k< r f. rtber pjrtlcii laralnquirc of KUBUEeiS* I'iB&.SON, arcl ltecta, 73 Eaat TwentyjixUi atreeL _____ Desirable booms, in suits or single, fob nUiied or unluriiUnr i, to let w.It.out Loard, in the lirat ? class Enalioli hns.imcut hottku 1JM N'iut'i atreat, four doora weat ot Broadway. Also a Floor auliul'lo for housekeeping TjMJKNISHED BB'tWN STONE HOUSE TO LET?TO A J private family only, at 4.1 East Tw.ouy-nlnth alreet, near Fourth avenu-, throe and liiiili baseiaent, In good ?order; all modem lioprov inenu, lot I "ft feet deep. Rcut $1,2(10. Api .y to ll4 H. BICE. 18 City Hall, second atory. Fubnished HOUSE IN THE COUNTRY TO LKT? For the summer. A lurnished H nise in a very neair able location, half An hour from the city. To a good tenant rent model ale. Addreaa A., box 1,51.11'ost ofli e. rtOOD BOOMS, ON TilIRD, FOURTH AND KIKTH 'Ur lloors, to let clicap. Flue liglit for a i Und?- of biihiuosa |itirposea. Ootid for a pruning oiQcc. Runt taken In vrork. Apply iu tue pttotograph gallery, No. A Chatham vpiare. House to lf.t?3? west fifteenth street, a tliree a:ory briek; pit?. Lath, oookinc range, *c.; i ni lo atlun; l aa |u^t Been put m thoro::^l?r-uuir u id ifn.ilut ?d; will be h t !ow to a eoud tenant. A >p!y to FREDERICK Jt. WEST, XjO Wefct i'ltua nth Hired, or M Wall atreet. Handsome i uhnisiied booms to let-in the modem built lluiice ;;u Fourth stn et, near llroadwjy, mthout bo.trt', at miiderate priuca. Also, an elegant Bu.te, with privilege tu kiu hen. If diwired. Hotel to let-at high bbidgb, the country wat of R. F Cai man. Tito boat* w.:l Ian I every trip *o:- the aecommodatiou of visiters. Impure of R. F. CAR MAN, 1,251 Broadway. Madison avenue.?to let, completely and very el.-i antlv unnir.ln.-J, the live Ktory brown atoua Siialish baaenseut House, 2>JxGU feet, IU Madison avenue, or Would be to'd at a reaH /i.a'j.o price. EARE CHANCE ?to BENT, THREE UPPEP. STORIES, 006 Ei-oadwuy; tue u.ost de-'.nij!e lo atlon on tkat 41:oroughfare; opp.n<lie the >l.*tro| o.ltun, the vory centra of .faahlonable ivmit; rem lo.v to a te-tp .uaibU party. T. B. Oil ASK, 111 1'ulton atrcet, s jcond floor. ^TORE tS SIXTH AVENUR TO LET.?HAS BEEN A O fancy and dry c" >d? atore for the last tliree years has a Rod run ofnut mien: the "tore la nlrely i'lted up tor any ncy buaine/ts, or would be Ktilmblft for ? tailor t torc. Call ml the store, between Seventeenth aud Elghteeuth streets, at the above number. STEAM POWER TO LET?IN HOWARD'S BUILDINGS, Nos. 42. 41, 44, 41 aud M) Greene street, or.a block ftom ?Canal and Broadway; oue room 20x85; reut low. Inquire on ? ?n Mte premtsea. OTEADY STEAM POWER TO LET-LVRGB and -O atuall Rooms, wo!I lighted, and suited for merhaniral or oilier manufacturing purposes. No. 499 Water street, between JPlto and Rutgers alTp. fTO LET?IN OUTTBNBUBO. new JERSEY, BENT JL low. two Hou?'i: one nHtaolo for a battery, with new -orou ana t'ooj well of w'ater; the other will let let out la rootua. Both hire htablcs attached. To bj ee ru hy applying ?to Squire DU VER, the promisi i, or at Kohler m Ftnck'k brewery, TO LET-A LARGE AND WELL BUILT STORE, SITU. atod No. 4!) State str ot, Allmny. N. Y. The building Is firs tloi.cs high, 35feett>>i incitej wide, and 117 feet 8 inches deep. It i? t'ie laoat central location In Albany and la well adapted for ufaithlonahle dry goods utore. b> tug near Broad way and next to toe AInan) City Bank. The lmlldius la now ?tinderi,o tic repairs, aa l will b" 1- t in whole or pnrt. For further infonn-itloa add re us Mis. M. 9. Remoad, 36 Beaver .struct, Alhatty. TO LET?furnished, A GENTLEMAN'S BESI denre, with furniture, (.trtien, l.'O iiottae filled, and na r|>ile, situated in the tow n of Peliiam, Wi ?tchrt?ter county, -tie r Pelhatn Bridge. H r.t tl tKU Apply to C. H. DE Xl'KNB, tu Murray Hreet, up stair". ?fl^O LET?A LARGE NUMBER OF VERY CHEAP A Houses, part* ot llous' a and Floors,v. 1th too l rn lmpi ore. jBienta; al-t> fiirninho.! Hoiu.cs. to let, at veiy low rautr. Ap ply to JOHN MSTTttEl'CH, 418 Third avenue. rpo LET-THE OLD ESTABLISHED DAGUBRREAN A Gallery No. V Myrtla avenue, n-?ai- the City Hall, Brotjk ?lyn, doing a good bukiurss for a number of yaara. Kurnlture, ? oarpets, earners and Instruments, ail ready lor operating; U ?oue of the beat k tan da iu Uis city. None but good operators Head apply. mo LET?IN brooklyn, IN THB Vlt'INITY OF THB JL City Hall, a l?i"(te turmsued iront Room, In a strictly (irivii te family. For further particulars lnqulis at 183 Fulion Straet, In the store. fno LET?TUB NEW JiriLDINO ADJACENT TO TUB J. hotel at Manmrote ik de|>o'. N-? vr York and New Haven Railroad, aut-.tble for a store and dwelling. Apply to J. D. nllX Mnmuruoeck village. No agent need snply. -fro LET?IN FLOORS OR APABTMENT8, TO 8TIT. J. gtutctl famiitt % UK- U stela-a briok H'?n*e, 147 Tenth tfttenue, near Twon'IeUt ?u?vn, oj.poaiit- the colt' g- Krounda. X >eatlon iiueu cptlommle. Hem cheap. Ai pljr to KOBERT V4U1.K, JR., Ua W?st Thirty-fourth itntj. rno LET?A FIRST CLAS3 FOUR 8T0BY HOUSE, IN X. iirat rate order, lmiw> n.i Waveil-^y place sud Clinton place, auitatle for a private family; lit a good location for a 4entl*t or milliner. Apply at 2tii Greene street ?fpO LET?WITH STEAM POWER, TUB FIRST AND A. Second F;oora of the Inrgr Factory, Nun. 110, 112 and 114 But Twenty-ievetiU street, uear Third aveuuc, cither sep* cattily er together, lu iiilrc on the premises. TO LET-TO A SM ALL FAMILY, AT 43 SECOND AVE nuc, from three to lire Il.oroti on the third (tor/, with ,??eand waler; pl?a??ntly located. fjlfl LET-seventh WARD?PART OB WIIOl.B OF A. the Hoiim iiu. U Uotivuruettr struct; Crotou and gas; ,m-<jd neighborhood, rent low to a genteel family. In^mre Tor one ueek. Ihqii in good order. tTH) LET-TUB WHOLE OR FARP OF A- THREE A atory brown sono'Hoise, ooiilaining all th.: meUerii Im provement", to a de?.,raote lanilly; Us ren"l Ijw; poj '?eaitlon immediately If required. Apply at 144 Eaat Forty, ninth atreef. ? rpo lf.t-at new rochblle. a fikb. labob X Collar I Ion***, tMlalung 13 rjom?, aud ill .veiookliK the Bound, Hit re Is n lawn anil Harden or about three or four ? 'Ten, with ?mi/ie, c:?riiitge and UrMU tooin; ih< rn In a line ?ami lie.ieh near the hott*", with ptl.ilege of a hntblng h> ui*; tli" Kfeaatluu in elevated mid neaitfcy. It- nt low io a ,m**l tcnaii. Api'ly to II. I*. KKLLOiiO, on the premises, or to WM. 8. 1UK..K * CO.. ItU Ful.ou suvct. TO let?FURNISHED, TO A SMALL FAMILY, WITH out ehlldruu, an ei tna I'loor, suitable for houa^k-cp ing, in a Brat 1-1*44 lioutc, with all mo lcra Improvements, tn ? one ot the boat lo atl<> ? in .he city. For jiarfldtilsra in^'ilrc ou the yi'tiilm UU Weat i? tmtli auovt. -qW LET, RKNT LOW, 1 KNTIRB ITPI'BB PART. 49.1 BROATW VY. Kl. Nicholas bitten. Lt> a'ton unatirpiianed. Apply to D. J LEV V, ttJ Btvadway, room No, 4. TflO LET-AT CARMANfiVILLE. A LIVERY STAR LB 1 att'l ?t.'?lt House, nrvcn i'?ea??; well eMn'Oiahtd; slit' en stall*, with .'tv.? fe?t earriegw ptoni; olQeea, *?'. Bo 1riling for horsee ? an bo b>,a nt jii ? month. rent $4U0. Apply to A. H, MILIjt-', 1Mb alrWiitiiH Tenth avenuo. TO LET?A TWO SIO'tY A.VD HASEMENT BBiCK eottago bvtlt House, plcaja&t'y In utod 'n fnentv-Ui ?t ?trrrt, urar Sen I .ir?init>. oofHa ning t<rn rooms, ?Ith g^a tixuiire, Crnton w -it'T. I'a-.ti room, r.Mige in kltcben, elo< arm. A .; mi been recently paint" 1, Inal le an I out, ai d fcandfetm'ly jnprtnlt l?< a ;arge Iruft yard, ?lth ;,rti-s, flowers, au.l a fine grapuvlnfl, A dcsli-stble tcnhiit enn lia c It fro 11 year lo j ear at a in d-i ite rent. Apply to H W. WllVfNEY, with W-iglit* Kctchnu, 291 Bnmdnity. TO I ET--LOWER FART TIIREB STORY HUIOfC liouee, 177 Otohiud street, cunsi-tingnf front and ba 'x prrlur, and tea ruoni. und l iont room ,tud hvo MtuOM t>n Mtlrd noor. Can bo had s. parate It rcpitred. Oaa and Cro ton. Appi.v aaubove. -trpo LET?TUB SMALL TWO 8TOBY AN'D IIISEMEMT J brtok Collage BoMe >o. 17 Ilui'Htlo MivL ctimalitlng ?uren 100m*. wit': gaa. *as ItltMIWt, At*. Bent #.'74. Ajiply lo.llHlN Ro8S, U K gntli areflite, ntO LET -LOWER PART OF HOl'SE M HENRY j| st'? : t, n')ti.ti?tn.g of five rouoma and ba-einent. Rent itiioJernte. I .tpilro on the promise*. ?fro LET??TIIB "FACTORY NO8. ;i,VJ AND 3S.? WEST JL Twcniy lo u ih st am engine, tliafi n?. to ils, Ac , ? cs'ieap *o n good tenant. Tito |>Uoe is well ailapt<<il for I'lanu tfaomrtiig pii'^oacs. Apply tor panic* 10 Mr. IIAR l;lso.\, up, ?al'e Hie prjnilM) i, or to .L B. DALY, lul Front ?trM'. rro I.ET- KrRNIf)UKl>.T THRKB BTOItY BRlt'K JL llo- is ?. alt intitiern Imprweinn^iit, in a pl 'axant Iva ?tlon In the Ninth ward.enn?Mlaul to iar? and .tta^eii; would <t>? l.'t low to n responsible ten ml. A Ureas W. B C., Hei.t id ?olllca. ?fro LET?A SiiALU NBAT COTTAUK. W1TII HARDEN A and MPionila, rontiiiitUig wten room* Hisld'-s kitchen, In .n rotir^il mid linatiny !de.,tlon, t nt mlie from tlm liudaon RUor lUUioatl and one hour fr.nn the 11'v. Kent #100. Ap ,(ily tti .TAS. K. l,l)\\ Aitl>M, 277 Wa?; Tiventy thlrd Street, near Bt.;iith a?enue. ifro lSt-at yobwiTR7i,Tuit.\'LsiiFD ir bb^cirkdl A n llottfe, with I.B nt-r.! enelowd; rlgvoit rooms, g.ia, *?. ter mi I fun nee lie-it with or wBao'-.l rt b;e. o?odviewof the river, and l.fteen fnfniilr^ wn!k lr n Innt1lna and *t?. Uon. lnuulre of V,. H Ll'DL'j'iV, No. 3 Fine atreet, orf, W. LUDLtMV, Jr., It verdal ? avenu i, Ynnkert. TPOLKI'IN W1 LLlAN8BtJRO?A SUIT OF BOOB#, J. 1^0.1 ftel 'Iiliumood, pi t>? ttit loe til ???, faint about live tnt liiitcK wain t't'J u 1 lthe ' f s ry. I'm t i ^ \v U?ut citlldivn prc ?* 1 Inquire nt l.-i 8 ) ith Third str et fno BBCT1F1BRS AMl? LIQUOR MJALERS?TliB JL Ieif's ?DilU'f t' ' first 1'l .oro." tho ire proof riom In. Htl Oreetiwl' I struct to rent very lew, witk tuba, *e? In per!to o.der. I.i'l : oBtMMfliiilH s. To physict ts..?ro L':t, a fhyak ian s ofkii e, 0* Tlilrti .hi 1 ?irei i. "Uis tl r enst i.f Hl|li avenue Apply at Bo. 'i E I Tulr y .utirth ?ti ii t. tfil/tPlk MONTil ?A NEAT. 0 Ti l L C'>TT*(:E JpJ.tJ to. t. In n hc? thy ?\ entii In \V.:i ?m*'inr/;e.mMin* a.i r.ontat :.h* g.m and cfefjf coiirenli Bee. si* t lire*? nta) V?e* tue duai. App'j nt No. 4^2 Uraud ilrret, Williamsburg , IHIFNIO. L ON DOW EXHIBITION. KTIOKMM, LO.VDOS AND BAOK. First oliu?. |100 Tlnid'-I ............... 8TKAM WEEK LY TO LIVERPOOL, touohlu* at tfueons Ioau r Cork Har. ?*")? 'J'hn Liverpool, New Ifurk anl Phila <i. Iphia Ut amiblpjpompaoy int nl d.?p?iohloir theirfuil powciea Olyae-buXU irou sieajuship* us folio >-s ? ETNA Saturday, May 17 > IXSHdrtO H,i . r ay, -M.IV 24 city OP B\r."MO?j? Saturday. Mav HI and every succeeding Saturday, at noon, from pier 44, North rlvsr. Batbs or rxamAoa. First Cabin $7j I ?toeru?? $30 Do. toLuudon.... M) I Do. to Lundon ;U Do. to Pirli 415 Do. to Paris 34 Do. to Hamburg.. I? | Do. to Hamburg 34 Pass .ugci * also forwarded lo Havre, Biomen. Ro ;erd?m, Antwerp, Ac., at equally low rat s. Rates from Liverpool or Uucer.alown: Firnt cabin, $75. #106 St ra.e from Liverpool, $10, From Queen*, town, $J0. 11'' ?U < au be bou 'lit hero at these ratei, enabling people. io ?? 'nd ior their frlen !s. These steamers have sii|ieriur a commodatloiis for passen ger.; am a rongly built In wat'-r-tl,; it iron sections, and oar ? y patent flic nn'ilhllaturs. Exp rioncel surgeous are at tic: isd 'o each -tea ner. Km Inrthea Infor.nation apply In Liverpool to William Io ?s.n, Agent. 2! Water stre-t; in Olaatfow to Alexander Mal colm, ftSL Enoch square; In Queenatown to O. A W. D. S*y nionr A Co.; in (jon ton to Kives.fc Macey, 01 Klug William str et: In Paris to Jules Dew, 9 Pluee <le lu Bourse; la PhHxdelphln to John O. Dale, 111 Walnut streot; or at the Company's ofllces. _ JOHN O. DALE, Agent, IS Broadway. New York. NEW YORK TO LIVERPOOL. THE steamship OBEAT EASTERN will sail from New York tor Liverpool on _ , , SATURDAY, MAY 31. Price of passage In FUstl abln $90a$133, according to state room accommodations, all ether privileges bring equal. _ ThirdCabin ?30a $80, wliU very superior aonnmmodatlonfl. Suits of Rooms for families mav be eni^aged by apedal arrangement. No Berth secured until paid for. HOWLAND A ASPINWALL, Agents. Plnns of tbe r.blp may b? seen, and engagements made for freight or passage. on application to Cliaa. A. Whitney, at the ofllce, No. 7 Broadway, New York. STEAM TO LONDONDERRY, GLASGOW AND LIVER POOL?The Montreal Steamship Compan y'a first daw full powered, Clyde built steamer NOVO St OTlAJf, Captain Borland, carrying the Canadian and United fc'la'.es mails, will sail from One <eo next Saturday, May 17. Mates of pas age from New York:?First class, according to tucom mod'ttIons, $85 and $7l>; steerage, found wltii goo 1 provi sions, $30. Rates of passage from Ncv York and return at the following reduced rates:?Flr?t cabin. $137 and $167; steerage, Certificates Issued for bringing nut pas-en gnrs from nil the principal town* In Qrrat Britain and Ire land at very low rates. For p.ismge apply at 23 Btoadway, New York. SABKL A SEaRIJe, General Agents. Hamburg American packet company. STIkAM TO LONDON, H \MBURG, HAVRE AND SOUTHAMPTON. Tbe favorite fir*', class and elegant Iron mall sieamship HAMMONIA, H. F. SCHWKKSKK, Commander, caryltig the Untied States mail, calls fiom pl -r 21, North riv r, root of Fulton street, j osltl-. u y on SATURDAY, May 17. '-ltd takes pa-s users for London, Hamburg. Havre and Snbthanvptcn, at lie following rates:? Flr?t Oabln $100 Second t'ablu 60 Steerage 35 The (ORUSSIA will succeed the HAMMONIA ou May 31. For ptssase apply exclusively to C. B. RICHARD A BOAS, 151 Broadway, New York. TnE NORTn GERMAN LLOYDS' STEAMSHK* HAN3A H. J. von S iu'.eu, co.unimider, carrying the United States mail, will sail from pier 30 Nortu river, loot ol' Chambers street, on . SATURDAY, May 24, at 12 o'clock M., ron BREMEN, VIA SOUTHAMPTON, taking pi FSengerh to LONDON, HAVRE, SOUTHAMPTON AND BREMEN, at the lollouiiig rate*:? For the tlrst cabin, $10?; second cabin, 60; steerage, $35. For freltfht or passage abnlv to OELRICII8 A CO., 68 Broad streot. nOMMENCINO MAY 1 1862. \J MSn AuuAriufi.nKnr. FOP. CALIFORNIA, VIA PANAMA. For the better acommodullon of the lar^e number of peo ple now eml^ratinK to the gold mining districts of California and Bi itlsh Columbia, FOUR steamers per month wlU be devpatuhed from New YorX and from San Francisco respec tively, instead ol' three, as heretofore. ? R gtilar dsys of dei>artur? from Now York, on the 1st, $ih, 16th and 2Uh, except when these dates fall on Sunday, when the dav or departure will be the Monday following. For freight or passage apply at the only olllce of the llna. Ho. ft Bowllug Green, New York. D. B. ALLEN, Agent. Australia?kangaroo link: established 1.^53.?Tiie splendid tir.t class New York bull! packet ship INDIANA, 1,000 ton*, Hoborn, rommaader, will have the usual prompt dsxpatch of this lino fOv* Melbourno direct. The aiooit modations for Hist and second cabin passengers are very superior, ai d a choice of 1 orihs can now re seeureil bylinrneillate applleal ion toMAlLLER, LORD A QVERRAV, 103Walls rcet. LORD A CO..consgnces at Melbourne. First steamer for havana. Tbe Uuited States Mall steamship COLUMBIA. R. Ailams, United Stales Navy, Commander, wT.l leave pier No. 1. North River, on Wednesday, Mty 14, at 12 o'clock, neon, proelselv. Pasniiort* can b? procured from tbe Span ish Consul. For freight or passage apply to SPOFI OKD, TILESTON A CO. 29 Broadway. TjlOR HAVANA. VIA NASSAU, N. P.-THE BRITISH JP and North American royal mall steamship BRITISH QUEEN, ("apt. Le Mrssurler, wlli sail for the above ports Irom llie company's wharf, at Jersey City, on Saturday, 21th May, snd Saturday, 2lsl June. Passage money to Nassau, $45; pasfaee money to Havana, $60. For freight or passage apply to E. CCNARD, No. 4 Bon ling Green. FHOPOSALS. C0AU Written proposals will be rei-elred until tbe 24th Inst, for (he delivery on the aorta wharf at W ' ,t Po nt, N. Y., or tho following quantities and qualities of White Ash Coal, clean: 000 tons 12,240 lb*, par ton; Locust Mountain, stesinboat slzo. Alio, 780 tons (1,240 lbs. per ton), eu s!/s. 800 tons do. do. store size, ofeiuer Beaver Mountain, Buck Mountain or Baltimore Vein, Wyoming. Price ef each auted separately. Coal can He delivered from the Schuylkill, Lehigh and Wyoming district* at the Went Point whurf fromoanal boau whic.i receive n at the mines, without breaking bulk, via th* Schuvlklil and Dlaware and Barltan Cana'.a. More (nan the ordinary facilities for wlmilhll will be fitrnUhrd. 'fne cotil to bo delivered between the 1st of June aud 24ih ?r Angust uext. BDWD. C. BOYNTON, Captain and Quartcrmaelar Military Academy. Wwt Poixt! N. Y., May 2. Una. NOTICB.-KKiU.El> PROPOSALS ARB INVITED US UI the 27th day of Miiy, 1V0J, at 12 o'clook M, for sup. l ining the United States Subslatcnca Department with 6,000 head ol' Bif I Oa tie on the lieof. The cattle to be delivered at Washington City, and each animal to t.rerni!" 1,300 pounds Croat weight; no animal ad mitted which wi lgba less than 1,000 pounds groa.i. Hclicra aud bulls not waited. Tin- cattlo u> bo delivered at such times and la S'ich quan tities as the government may require. The ttrst delivery of cattle to be made on tho lOtb ot June, 18Q, or as soon thereafter aa government may require. A bond wl h cood and aulUcient security will bs required. Government reserves to itnelf tin right to pay in Treasury not m, or othrriovernmeiii fund*. No bid will be euteria.ue l when put in by contractors who have previously failed to comply wltti their contracts, or where the bld-lrr 1s not present to respond to his bid, and all bids to be au;oiiip?nled by two guaranty*. The of Itrms should be na'-jd In full, with th* pre due Address of all tho me'iibers of tho flr:n. Bid* t<> be diMctaJ to Major A. BECKWITII, C. 9., U. 8. A., Washington, D. C. ror.M or acA*AnTca. We, , of tl: e county of ? , and State of , and - ? ?. of the county of - ?, and .Slat ; of - ? ?? ? , do hereby .guar *n:ee that Is able to fullil a contract In accordance Willi the t mil of h a proposition, and that, should his pro position be accept*.!, he will at once enter into a contract In acoordauee therewith. Si> .'ild the ooatr iot be awarded htm, wo are prepared to become his securities. Th - guarsn'so mint be appended to each bid. P BOPOOALA iUit UMALL ARMS FOR TUB UNITED STATES uKavick Ordkakcb Ornc*, > WiiHlworoff. D. C., April 29, 1H<H. J Proposals will b? revived by this Department until ti P. M. on ths evening ft tho 16th of May. I3*>i, lor mmi'ifa during, in'.he United Stale*, fc.r the gnvernmen', one year (run that date, i ho for owing description of arms, viz:? Kiringlkeld Mil- 1 Mitketa, model liW. I la ? i er'? Pi i r/ Ritien, with sword bay onets and steol scab baiit*, model 1-iS.V Bio ch I' Carbines, for cavalry. Revolver Pistols, army sue. Rahrcs for light ca\aliy. Non rommlsi iou?d officers' Sword*,) rAm Mnnteiaa** K. or U, ( *M)el *c*ol*rda. Steel Hii?b!.urd? lor rilled muaket bayonets. Proposals will stat? For lo'iRkcts and rifles, the pries tor 20,000 of either, and the reduetlou proposed, p r gun, for each additional 10,000 to J0.003. ?,.r revolvers aud carbines, the kind prorosed. sad the price for ft.tXM, aud ra :notion, per pistol or carblno, f ir oach additional &.U00 to 20,000. For sabn s, swords and scabbards, the price of oach of the presenb. d pattern > to tl e number of 0,000 each, and Also for each Additional A,000 to 20,0 0. All ihe firearm* are to be turnlshed with the regdlar ap P' 11,luce*. Tiie rilled miinke.* are to be In all respcots Iden tical with tboso manufactured at the United State* Armory, Spruigtisld. Ma**., an I are io l.iterchange wltli It and with each other In all their parts. Bach of tbe other kind* of lire arm* must also Iniercharige with one another In tho same manner. The materials for these arms must b? of ths very best qua lity, and no malleable iron parts will be allowed to lie used. All tho artlrfi * muat bo Subject to the inspection prescribed bv the Urdu inre Regulations, nud must be boxed, ready for tian*|>ortatlon, at tho etpenie of the coniractors, In such manner as may be directed. Inspect ons will be made at the factories in lots ol not lass than 1,000 each. ProrxMials will state the name ol the establl*hmentmaking the oT' r, the number aud d.i'u of the first delivery, and rate of delivery monthly th-reafter. Kalltire to make a delivery SI ii apeeitted time, or any attempt to Introduce ma'.leable li on or other Inferior material Into the work, will subject the whole number of arms contracted for to forfeiture, at the option of the department. The department rescrvea to Itself tho rlifht to reject any b!d,j^ will co;i'?ld rr none mnds through any s.enl, broker, orjfXrty other than tho regular iiian<Ji;. turci a Proposels will be addressed ns follows:?"Oeneral J. W. Ripley, CI11 f ol Ordnance, WashingVin, I), C.," aud will be emlirsed '?l'r< po.>als foi Muskets," or rlUe.s, sabres, Ac., as tlie case may be. PROPOSALS POR TUB SUPPLY OP FRESH BKBP lor !!*<? of l/nlt-d states troop* st iUoaed at Fort (lohim bu*, New York harbor, tor one year,commencing June 1. 1?6J, will be rcc'Ire 1 St t!i? o?c" Ol the A. A. C, H., Fort Co lumbus, New Vnik llui'Jor. until 12 o'clock M., o:i the 21*1 instant. The beef n to be of lli-Ht on.iill/. In ?qMlproUMW tlona of fore and hind quarters, tucks sni1 shanks excluded, and to b ? di liv 're 1 ill nrtCMtnil iil at such llmel and In such nnsnlltle* a* may be requite I. Two tOcnrl lo?, qf (lro Uiousand dollars carh, will be rW|'i|Md for the lai hful ful ftl'ii' nt of tiie eontrni t. I' will be a Mresaad to First Lljul. nsitt |i. II. Ch Id*, Pltth Infsn ry, oll'. e o. A. A. M., Pot- Oolnmbns, N?W York llirbof, and be.ell !or*ed ''Prnpot mN lor t!i" supply of fre*h b -ef." The unde. sinned res rves tho right to rejcct acy or all bids Wilch lis dasnn ettrava Kant, or doubtful si^'ciltle*. II. B. t'lllLDS, first Lteulcnant Sixth Infantry, A. A. C. 8. DANCIHQ ACAOKMiats l>nOOKf.?' DANCINU ACADEMY, NO. Sol DROOME J > ?treet. At n i eetin: hold i t e nlniv.' rcotns, Oil Wednesday ?Vtnlng Bay 7 tt eai iiM .tred ! hs m*?s Mnt*. W 1INK8DW MAV 14, w Kl'NE.jDAV, may .'I. Tickets oau be obtaiaen t>f Mr. Biuou t at ths atadsmf. roarimno and LOPan>y? NEATLY Kl'RNiABEI) BEDROOM, O.N lloor, in i.-t, in a binill private family, at #1 Wajne street, Jcihey City. ti.m.viiaiSjW.SBW'on jlttu. Attention is called hp those uvinuiniio U :? .inU boarding Lous * to *" fill ur i,e No. 110.M.ic.iou??l Mreet, mid *ul\ ? ffjl . oe-h..ry for hous l-.ncpliu, in order fl**4 ?family ^ oomi/lete lio.ue aud lire atalow rauj. A PLEASANT HOMH MAT BE HW1JB BY TWO A gentlemen and l o r wives and Bnoto, fu,i, ??? I utteoicn; family not larse; deelrisji home ooiii Forts mure than a>rt)iuony would be ureftTfCtt APP*/ 41 Ashland place, corner of Waverley plare, A SHALL PHIVATR FAMILY, LIVING I!* BEOOIC bn, within ten ml iute*' Walk ut Fulton r*n7'J*?'>'* ljt to two or three fcciul men two ol'threw fi^uUh?dRooiu?. on aocuud lioor, wltu or without partial Board Apply at 101 Jay utroet. ? A French family will rent a large pub iiU..'?(! ironi Uoorn on lir?t tloor and a nice buck Koo?n on second 1 0>r, with . rsi tlaa* Board and eve?y umvcniencOe Apply at No. tf Weal Thirteenth attest, near ?ilth avenue. A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE, OK TWO SINGLE GEN Uemen, can obtain pleasant rooms and gooa^?wan ? rooms fiiruUhcd or unfurnished, with pantries, hot una cold wa it: lo.aiion unsurprised; dinner ut?lx. Appiy at 120 Twelfth street, between Sixth aud tfuventh avenues. A CHOICE OF ROOMS ON SECOND FLOOR, Wl?! all ill" modern improvements, to.V\,w.f il "w^N totly, With full Board tor*l?dy only. Call at 7# West Mao tceuth hirnci, thr e doora from Sixth avenue. i N ELEGANTLY PURISHED SUIT OF ROOMS. WITH A ?X' lualve use of bathroom; also slnsle? a uh^ K(C???tion room, with pantries attache^ available J?1* a p J sU ian s olUce. lio-alion dclUhtfuL kirst class Board, 13? Euit Thirteenth street, near Second avenue. _ A PRIVATE FRENCH FAMILY WILL LET!AN ELE A uanlly furnHied Koom. with cas. ho\*n^.TO,|'' A-, to one or two gentlemen, with or without breaklast. Apply at 121 East Tnlrteenth atreet, four Ooora from Third avenue. ________ k PRIVATE FAMILY, HAVING RECENTLY TAKEN A thehouaa 107 Eighth atreet. between *llth aud Slxtn avenues, can accommodate families and aingle ?'!?.{: J???" The bouse has been newly Utted up and couUm, all the lm provements. References exchanged. NICELY FURNISHED BOOM TO LET IN rWVATB house i-avlna bus, bath, Ac., to a resectable par.y. with or wUhout Bolrd* ^Apply at 3*? Broome street, near Broad way. A SMALL PRIVATE fJmILY (POURADULTS), RB aiding iu Twrnty-second sired, near Sixth uv enu?? de ? to renf tT) * KouUrmau and hts wife, the **ond lloor, Ureo Rooms, aud If desirable, the U%KMa?cmeut, wl'h gas, oath. A? Kesjiectable parties msy Sddresa J. G. 8., Post oUk'e. ? A LARGE FRONT ROOM, WITH FULL BOARD, suitable for a gentleman and \ylie, lu house No. a West T?eoty*lourih street, opponlte Fifth Ave nue Hotel, to let; lino ??.uuimer locatiou. . T (jo 117 NINTH STREET, A FEW DOOKS WEST A 01 Broadway, ele^iitiy xurulshed Booa>s ^t,wlth Mo. rd, to g utlemen and their wives, or^lug ?jpjjjr'j ? with or u 1tuo.1t Board. Re.erencea al.en and i-e.,ulren. 1 CHOICE OF VERY DESIRABLE BOOMS. EN A. suite, on second Btory, wt h all the '"OJeru 1jj'jiast n?>nts wlih lioii'd. uow be procured at No. ii t,"i. Fourteenth bireet; also a few aingm Booms, lor gentlemen. J^-"^^^^i?>re^sU'U(:Uoii'^:f c?AIdreu#ui'" BoardA^e^ ^o^locallty. Address Country Hoard, llci*al?? odU.6. \2! SgtSHZESi & ,izy?;s S' (ao wt.1., ess." tfeutlemcu ami their wives. Apply at 20 ? . linaiuh St "a eon Fifth and SUth avenues. French and English spoken. Kcierenoj exchanged. ?" GENTLEMAN WHO, IN PREFERENCE TO BOAED 4. ingbo^hasreited a pleasant house noarWcrt uood Kooui'i with a small gratuity, in consideration of her ^inftKuM *n order and acting as housekeeper. Ad draCwIUt" ferenoaa, H.. bo? 8.WI lWoflloe, N. Y. ~? cuatt ?IIT PLEASANT BOOM, WITH BOARD. ON square I'o^t oillco. * Ac7lOl>:E OF BEAUTIFUL ROOMS, IN A FIRST j 'u i ceutrallv located, and occuple-i by a private street. -? A CHOICE OF BOOKS, WITH BOARD, FURNISHED or un-urnished, In "he'modei-n ho,ire, with ail improve ment U? Warerley plKM, between SUth avenue and Wash Ington parage gi-onun. Pinner at 8. T MRsT VALLOTTON'S, 18 LAFAYETTE PLACE, A nlcasant 1'iout Koom, on the second Ilo^jr, can l>o hatl, . suitable ^tora tad) wd g- ntlcman; aUo one or two .Inglo Booms. ? - ~7 poivitK FAMILY HAVING RECENTLY TAKEN A ^hou? 107 Eighth ^.^^nirgem^ 'tOTT.* ehlX^^lyll^^ aud couuins all the Uu proTcmenlK. lteisrences eichanged. ATA^"?^nSSo7'.ll^R I boarders ac ommodated. At 4i itwivERSITY PLACB, CORNER Ol* NINTH R^oSstouo, on soiVo or s.ngle,furnlshedor un a?i2SBfiTaaJsa.ass: __ a nn at TBS FIRST CLASS HO USB, 6J WEST* T^T^t^vsnthsti^tf 2tween Fifth and Sixth SWiues 7m.?pi?v a scnileman and his wife may obtain dtll^hU |5froot R^'itwUh SgrtorlBoardand accommodations. In a quiet family^ upon moderaU tenna ? rtrtARn CENTRAL AND DBLIGHTFUL LOCATION, &&&BSBSSB3S house east of Fifth avenue. t?OARD~?AN ELEGANTLY PUBNISUED /BOOT Sn^rt^o^Xon^.'t^on^Fo^^^h Kieel; house contains all modern improveroeuts; stagta pass the door. Address J. W*. Union square Post olUce. . cu iff. v iiill.Y. WITHOUT CHILDREN, B t^J nTotb.'i'Losrders. l.avlng more ^m than t^re quire, can otfer P*f:,?a,. .nulv at 6J West Forty-ttfth street. BniRD?A PRIVATB FAMILY WILL ACCOMMO senfLemr.n and wife, snd two or throe single gen tlecneo, with Bosrd, and handsomcly furata^a^rtm^ntS on the second and thlrd H^ Apply at 73 West Twent). sixth str#et, a few d^ors from 8lith avenue. niRtl TWO SUITS OP ROOMS AND TWO OB JhM slnsle Booms, with Board, lor married or slnRle paiOySw^tfT^trolghth ^.;et^twoen BroaUay and Sixth avenue; house awl neighborhood nrst ciaa., terms moderate. Ksi.sie.ijes exchanged. _n.Rn_A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE OB TWO OB fentl^iurn can obuln good Board and pleas ? Ko^I ^ ve^ rei' -'Sable torm.; pO^ ^ I^y at 1SI West Tiilrty seventh street, near Eighth snen?xs. Board at 170 East twenty-mrht stbbkt? Roorax, furnlahed or unfurnished, to gentleman ur^n. Il> man and wife; n large double Room for two alngle geii tlemon'l or $8 per week, or single Rooina from $3 lu $4; also Rooms un.urniabcd, <>n ???coca floor, with I'autriea attached, for I*. Dinner at 6 o'clock. Modern Improvement*. Board cam now bb had, with published Room on second Uoor aud Room and Bedroom on third, at moderate price* for the etimmvr; alto one slugle Room, at 41 East Twentieth afreet. BU OARD IN A private FAMILY.?A GENTLEMAN aud hi* wire or two aiocie gentlemen (an 1m aecommo dated, where there arc no ^per board?rt; a largo Room on aocond tloor, lighted with rtfl bathroom and water cloael on aanio lloir; family email; vlr? deairnblo location In Brook lyn, ure tiiliu.lea' walk from Fulton l'erry. Addroaa C., but 1,613 l'o.t .iffli-o. Board wantrd-by an elderly lady, one large or two small Uooma adjoining, on socond floor; location between fourteenth and Thirtieth streeie, Fourth anil ninth avenuea. For particulars, staling terma, addresa for two daya box 3,969 Poet office, Board wanted-by the subscriber, in a Fix-nob fanil.y or boarding hous- where Instruction In that Lmgiuge may be revolved. Addrtaa J. N. J., llcrald office. Boardino.-two gentlemen, friends, can be ace unmodatcd wltb a neatly furnished Bedroom, wtth gaa and wardrobe, in a private family, where (hero are no utuer lioirtera. Board to euit the tlniea. Call at 124 For ?yth (treat. BOARDINO.? A gentleman AND HIS WIFE AND a few air,gle gentlemen can ha accommodated with flr>t clan B oai d at IM \\ avor.ey place. Tei ma very moderate. BOARDINO.?A WBLL furnished FRONT ROOM on aecond story to let, with Hoard; MMS haa all tbn moderu Improvements; family small; dinner at alx. Apply at SflWest Twenty atventh street. BOARDINO.-ROOMS TO LET, TO FAMILIES OR atngla gentlemen. Terma moderate. Apply at 891 Fourth avenue, Boston HoteL Boarding AND LODGING.?PARTIES DESIRINO I axuelinnt Board, with hotel ?? omtnir at ions, will l!nd ?t the Ash and House, StlT and 9lh? Fourth avenue, between Twenty-third and Twenty-fourth atreeta, very p.eaauit Roon.a, single or In sulta, at moderate nice*. Boom aud biard forgunUeiiien, $A. Brooklyn.-a gentleman and wife or two aln?:lo gentlemen eon be accommodated with good Board and pleasant Kooma, by applying at 32 Ilariiaon alreet, ae cond d or fiorn Clinton. Location oonvanivut to inraand ferriea. Brooklyn.?handsomely firmhued booms to let, with Board, In ? small private family, on icaaon aide terma. Dinner at alx o'clock. R-f?>reti?ea exchanged. Apply at :U8 Henry atroet, between titan and Atlantic atreeta, near South fairy. Brooklyn board.-a gentleman and wife can obtain a very tine, riealrahJa Room, with pantry, at p?r week;) leaaantaecommoilatlona for single gentlemen irom $1 to $4 per woek; dinner at all. Apply at 46 Mauda a reel, near Adama. Boaud in Brooklyn.?two hinoi.e gentlemen or a family, ran lie accommodated with pica ant, fur nlaheil front Hu nan on eeeond or ttiird door, with 11. ai d, at 221 St ilo atrOttt. Desirable location, gat and bath. I'erua low. Boabd in Brooklyn.?wanted, in the vioi nlty of Wn.1 it eei ferry, a comfortable Itoom, with breakfnal and lata dinner. Price rrom 91 lo $.?. Addreae, with mil particulars, W. II. P.,box l,S7:i 1'ost olllc". BOARD IN BROOELYN-WITHIN five MINUTES' w* ~ of Fuil hi nit I Wall stuct farms. A hug" nd

n1 *?* it Room ul Bulrr-om, ntr<!y lumlshed- alma htll llo nn foi sli gle gentl mian. Apply at IJti Henry snoot, l?-iwei>n l'ierr?|iont and i lar* sue i<. Itmnu IN Et-.onKLYN.?A fiKNTMMAN A.\D WIFE |> i i in > or 'it ? ? 'i. ia .ettt'. n?ii n ? - <miii cl with r i l It .trrt ant ??' i . ?*. ? - '?> Ti ? ? ????. ?' , u-ji.ij street, bctwteu llairlaoit au I D piaw, < out u, Uatuiilou av nun an^ Ho uh ferrtei Kel?i tin es 1 ^ BOARDING AMD LOOOINO. BOARD IN BROOKLYN A PLEASANT FLRM3HED <xii. on seeond Moor. wl.h two pantnes studied. Al so. mm v Boon. li> thu house o a ftiiutil laimly, niM ti e miuut>V#*"lk from three imm. Butli In the bo. s<\ Teims uio teiftte. Apply at Tl Cliulon sueet, one door from Living ston. Board in b.kooki y.n -a b.vulk gkntievian null' ftivomii* ostsd Willi a snutl. room on socond Hour; hot aad cold baths lu thn kuu?j. Diuner hi half-ja?t six. Aj ply ..t ll*i Clinton ik*1' Board in south BvHOOk l yn.-oentle m pn and their wives, or aiPijla t>?- n, isau o >i*m ??!? 'gantly furnished kojiub and brat elai>* Board l>y applying at i-1 Fli?tplaue. lt-fernir?, evhawVed. Dinner at ?il. Brooklyn hkiohts-plkaaant rooms, with partial l!o .rd, at .17 Crauheriy street, heme u Wi l w nud Colnm'la. on Ueklrubie, five mtuutos of Wall street aud Fulton ierriis. BOARDERS' DIKEOrORY, 551 BROADWAY, WHERE parties wish nzluli particulars of deiirable /nuse-in this city, Brooklyn. .'erse\ City ami country are fiirnn-lic-l wltbotii ch.uge. Those wialilng cealeul Boarders ?ho<iId ap ply. E.-tablialied M.'i5. A. 8. BODiNB A CO. T\E8IRABLE ROOMS, handsomely FI'RNISUBD, J t to let to itonUeineu, without bo id; house ev< rv eouveuien e mid is rtsslrub'y located. No. 23 NtcAb street, between Fifth and SUtli avenues. Desirable rooms?neatly furnished (with B arl), to let, to two or three h?ntieineu, ou mo te? rate terms; Id atluu comeul. ui to several car aud stage routes: the room- are light and airy, and ?111 b ? kept in the beat order. Apply at or address ltf Third aveuue, near Eighteenth street. French board.-* oektleman and wife, or two Heutlemuu, eatl lie aoconimodatud witb a baudrfome ty furnished Psrpirand Bedroom, In a Kienh faintly, livlnz in good style. t-paaish, tlnrinau anil Engllnh aimkeu. Apply at 39 Went Twel.tu street, between FilUi and Sulfa avenues. French boabd and fuench instruction-in ProfekkOr Fezand e'a fatully. No. Id Union square, Fourth avenue. Best < f referonoc* given and required. FURNISHED BOOMS.?A PRIVATE FAMILY, OF tirst rctpnrtabiluy, consisting of man and wife, would rent to two tingle gentlemen two nuaily furnished Bed rooms; a Mo one Basement Onl'*. CaUat 70 Lexington ave nue, corner of Twenty-slgUi street. Furnished booms?with eijsoant board, can lie had in the house of a small private f imtiy, wlih nil the modern Improvements; delightfully located near the City Hall. For particulars, apply at lOti Lawrence St., Brooklyn. Furnished rooms?large and elegant. to let, t'J geiitleinui, without hoard, at 3.1 Twellth kircet, six doors west of Broadway, Furnished rooms to let?a private family, rerloitig at 247 West Tnirty-tlrst street, wishes to let soveral neatly furuUhed Boom", with breakfast, If required, l'h bee: of re ereneeskircu and required. Furnished rooms.?to let, to gentlemen only, handsomely lurnlshed Rooms single or in suit. Apply at 19 Fifth avenue. TOURNISHED PARLOR AND BEDROOM TO LET?TO 1? a stable gentleman, In 4 umt elass private ie hi< n e. For firmer paril uluri inquire at ISi West Fouru- n h ? tei't, Home comfort.?a private family would ac? omnntdiUi; a (iivitlnmun and wife or no gcntlein< u witb n ?tiy furnished Rooms aud B >urd m a modenata ?riee. The hoiise contaluM c\ery convcuienoe lor comfort, inner at 6. App y ul 2v2 East Tweut:sUi otreot, near Se cond avenue. TF YOU DESIRE BOARD IN THE COUNTRY OR CITY i you ran be aultod ironi the list ai e of the undor slgup.l. If yon wish hoarders leave a description to aoco. u.odate applicants. A. O. JON ICS CO., 3&? Broadway. MRS. YORKi>TONE. 14 FOURTH AVENUE, HAS TAK cii the large inarole buil iiu^.iorlhe bet!> r itc ommoda tioii of I idles, wlierr* all tarn lies can be suited v. /til the best of help; none but r>'S|>?i'table girls are admitted to large pri vate room for employer*. PLEASANT. {furnished ROOMS TO LET?WITH Board. Apply at No. XI Waverley place. THE OLD AUDUBON HOUSE. AT *tl BROOME ptreet, has been thoroughly renovated Inside, Private fair.lll h or single gentlemen can be a> rommodated with rood R JOms aud Board at reasonable price*. Trousient boarder* ta&en upon lltieral terms. Location oonvenlent to Broad way. Dinner at six. TWO SINOLE GENTLEMEN AND TWO LADIES WILL find pleasant Board, with M*e of bathroom sn J WaahtuU, at moderatu terms, at 353 West Tiilrty-ttfth street. TWO OR THREE DESIRABLE HOOMS TO LET, WITH Boaid (they are neatly and neWly furnished), at SKI Fourth street, bet ween Larayctte plsoe and Bowery. BeK rences exchanged. Three or focr single gentlemen, of the fir*'. 1 ? *pr eta bill ty, rray be a commodate,I with Board in a private family, on Stuten Island, within three minutes' walk of Van'lerhilt'e hinjlr.g. Address M. W., box 12"J He rald office, or Mrsk M. Wheeler, Reipleton l'o.t oitlcc. mo LET?A SUIT OF NICELY furnished PARLORS X snd Bediooms. on the Drat, s 'coud and third llo irs, ulth or without Hoard, in a first elaM house. Terms moderate. References exchanged. Appiy at 80 East Fourteenth Sirett. mo let?FUKNIbDBD, ROOMS FOR GENTLEMEN, A in a desliable lo nliou, at 117 Tenth aircet, Hrcvoort place. rpo LET?A FRONT PARLOR AND BEDROOM ON L first ttoor, 011 Sixty- neuLd bttect, between Lexlmtton aod Third avenues, sr.l a "11 for Oi.e or two siiiHle nentlemefi or a gentleman anil wife; breakfast if desired; terms moderate. Address E. J., Herald oillcc. TO let-A FURNISHED ROOM, IN A PRIVATE French lamily. Ke other hoarders. Inquire at 13V ?Greene street, st the Freu'.-h taker's. fXTANTBD-A WKL.L FURNISHED ROOK OR SUIT IT of R?oi.:s In a llrat cUu Uoime and unobjectionable location, by a gentleman and lady'Board fur lady), with a atrlctly private family where there am no other boa rder*i lo.aiton between'i'lvcnti -th and Tnlrtietli alrcctaaud near Broadway preferred. Addrexa U. O. B. at a'ion O, 91 washington PLACE (BAST), BETWEEN OJ. Broadway and parade ground.? Sana, or Room* ?ith or without Board, by a Mow England lady. Alio an Office to let, furnlahed or uufurnUlu 4. QO EAST FOURTF.BMTH BTBKET, BETWEEN UNI UAl veratly plaoe aud I'iftn aveuiie?fc'urnUhc l Rooms !o let, la milt or aln;h>, with or without Board. TV? entire parlor floor, vejy han<leonaely furnialied, may be hud. A*X east TWENTY-PI RS??TfiEET ?Tillrt ELI(1IBLB xO location, being In the iffiu-dlate % lilnity of Broadway, gentlemen will ttnd It verjr'eonvcnlent to bufmeaa. Deal, rable Bmima, aultabL for a family, or a par'y of alngle gen tlemen. to let, richer permanently or trauaten'ly, on mode, rate terma. Dinner at halt-pant all. Reference IMkHfrf, A A WErtT TWENTY-EIOHTH STREET.-A RESPECT XX able private family would wiali to receire a few mir rlcJ or aingle gentlemen, an full or rarttal boarder*. The aitna'lon and the accoiumoialloua of the houae are muat de alrable. Beat referenda given and required. 70 8PRINO STREET, TORES DOOIM FROM BROAD I O way.?To lit, handaomely furniahed Room:< to alugle gentlemen. The location ia near all the Brat ciaaa botcla and place* of eiuuaemout. Reading room free. Inquire of AN Sow HOl'bE. Q1 EIGHTH STREET, NEAR FIFTH AVE.N'L'E.?THTS t/i houae bai been lately taken and newly Sttai up; haa Rooma to let, Mrui-hcd or unfurnished, to fktnlllra or geu. llrmi-n. Tub - Ural clan*. Dinner at & Terms modeiate no okbene street, above fPRiNo, alston JO llo i*.?Elegantly fufnirfhed au!ta of Uooma; ua*. Croton nnd every convenience for hoiiaekeeping economi cally: parnulaily auilnble for email roapuctaUie familiea; rent [ow. 07ST. MARK'S PLACE.?Pl.BA.HANT FCRNISIIED 0 I Rooma and Hoard for gentlemen aud their wlvea or aia^le fce&t.ewen. Dinner at b o clock, Terma moderate. 1 TRI.HOE STREET?ST. CLAIR HOI SB.-BLK Xt/U K''nt fnrn'.ahed IkinMt, wltn Petlro:>:na attached, Willi all tli" convenient*! for houa'.-keei'lng <*>tnpletr, tp. cludln ? t.n* andCiotou water, to let to ru?ycvta>'!o famiile*, or gauttcmeo. m? AND 178 BLEECXER STREET.?A NEW HOUSE, I with all the modern Improvement* In the pleat*IH eat location In the city. Rooma. wlib ejeetlcui Board, fi >m $ I ?0 to fa per week. Brcakfaat 6 to 8; Ulnnet at UX and 6 o'clock. Q1A ELM ?TI?1ET, NEAR SPRINO.-FURNISH ED 4ul.\J Boom a, for Inime.ilai" occupan v; loweat renta in the city consld ti..? the con-. cnlenow for hotiaekeepliig, beat b- ilding, furniture and cooking uUinalla; goa aud Croton. nOA BROADWAY. { oic jamer norsb. PARLOUS AND B.;u ROOMS TO LET, At very Low Ktttca, With or without Board. tVJDnun iiKsoiiTs. Bath hotel-at bxth, lono Island, on thB ?ea ahore, w ill be opened on the litli of Mey lor tba re eeptiou of boardera and transient gn*<ta. J. R. CAlibV, Superintendent. NBP7U5E HOt'HK, NEW ROC H EL LB, WILL BE op?.ii SntiiMay, Mnjr 89, but ptrile- rotlrtn^ from hou?" k< i'pin? aud deiOrotia of golrg into the eountry will be Li?#u at any tline. The pmpiletor la now read/ to nmkc nrrniigr. men;a for the acaaun. JAMES W1LLIM. SUMMER RESORT?M01IEO AW L ? KB ?MOUNT PLE A aant lloune co nm.uida tho beat view of thla beautiful lake and aiirrounJln<< iteenery. It la four mile* lrnui the II udaon Rlvi r Railroad depot at IV* Ink 111. Famillea may appiy for B iard to WALTER R. JONES, Dig Broadway. THE I A TOURETTE Ilfl SE, BEROE* POINT, N. | will open June 1. A reduction fr> ui rcg'ilnr ralea to ib-weenjHiiiig boil id for tiiii M^ion. Boata l<?ve per No. 3 North liver at 7:30 fti.-l II A) A. M . .1 Jrt, 4 .10 and d P. M.; from Dey etreetat 10.30 A. M. an I 4::i)P. M. Time thlrty flvomtuutea. WEfLEV W. HILL, l'rupiietor. MIRORLLISKOVI. BURDSALL 8 ARNICA liniment, KOIt BUHN.H, SORE Throat, Paina and Acbua?tlie t>--al in uae. Hold by ail druggiata. (tANAL B?)AT.-WANTED, TO HIRE FOR TUB SEA i aon, a large -Ire t'anal Bont, in ?oou condition. Addreaa, atatlng Uirms, Ac., J. A. C., etailon M, Blfthtb avenue. MHH. B. MORRIS. LETIER WRITER, OOPYIBT AND canl wiiut, 7.Vl Broadway, ae nnd lloor, hac* parlor. Writing houre lroin 10 A. M. till 4 P.M. N. H.?To which alio lina ad led Shirt making after thn mail approved Imported and laical atylea. Patterua fui nlahed. NOTICE?I HAVE JHtS DAY APPOINTED W. J. Howell, No. It) lloiiaiou atfnt nod SI B"ekmnn ttreet. oltr of Now York, aoi.- a ,. ni tor tny !'?le Ale. Ail or leie n nt to iil< addreea will l>? proni|iily atteadcit to. The i it?> lo are oauiloned a<itt)l cortuln du>iknluit puraout, who hare auri'lilllio'ialy olitaitied my caska, ami are IiIIiiim them wllh nn nle of iti.? r or quality ml ve?i lug I c Haimi an my nianu fi tme. I willgnaiant none k Bulno unleia pmohastd of W. J- Howell, ?oie Kjf,i n for New York. Pitti.inxi.rniA, Apitl It, ISdi. WM. C. RUDM \N. TO PRINTERS.-WAN TED. A IIOB t)R TAYLOR three revolution I'rm Pre?*. alje of b"d not lew ti an 3G 50 Inchoa; m at be n tlrat rate workiua aider. A I ii :i? 11 ><uliis Herat 1 office. \J ERoNKS tI Ei Tl'. J CM E V10 VL BATIIH. lit) t ?a.i'ii. .??ii e, <i!i-n'; I ' i y *i i ' r V . i<.,.n i i "i. o C" -. i hi ? ail : n . ??'.!* i I t..r *i... ?..?.?!,'? i. v ii the ? 4 an s f"i tb* t ? ii. j ? ??'? S"cu,.a? '.o .ait a, t > 'oi rh< ia*?- :u, atJ.liti Itvti, Ac SALKtf OK niCAL. ^iTATE. A^m KTRiOfLy* Kimrr cuss' a*at, m ten ?, ?kt U buti tings an 1 trull# 14 stolea lu N'Wjei ? sey,$li,3U>; 84 a r<-s, 14 tmit-s ia X v> Jer.'"*'- build rulu, to..? Ml; vi acr.Hi ,;0., *<?> AH MODERATE PRICED COlNTKY SM~ATOB F>K '? li r.iB; a wut r view a d m.jii uiiiiktuI. vnu 11 exrl-aage lor a three story .stone fruut d.velliu.- limaa, el' v b y Iota ed in this city, containing every nio urn inurve retire la price may reui...n ou uiamwc. AUicH J. L 11.. box H71 I'oJt oil ice. ACOUNTKY skat OR FARM WANTED?NE iK T1IB iltjr, :or eli.en a dealratiie H J use and Lot >n Br okiyu, wl h ionic etuLi, will 0? aitv.u. Appij lo E. G. LOi KL, No. 3U P:ne street. CIOUNTRY BEAT ON TUB HUDSON RIVER TO EX ) change, wiiii turitnnre and slock, for illy j rojieriy, uu, ennunib red: improvera. uts cost fcitj.iXXI: ?i.vnjld Krai < ry orchards of finest frail., extension runt on the river. Two ail.! alia.f hours from llie city. Address L>. D , stall <n U i'osi otliee. fiueat roorsm-AT west hoboken. for w $10.01 JO, It uiv* ol luud, two good hou?e?, carriage hntia.-, plenty of loung trull. In ihe mli st of great lupro?? nisi. thirty n;iiiirt??' wala Ironi li.u terry;; can 1-m.iin on moriits.'e for three year*. Apply to illOS. T. ittOUM, 'AM Weal Tbitte. utb sticet. FOB SALB-A LARUE DOUBLE HOUSE. SEVEN teeu room*, thn.eou lota oi ground, on two aire is, onimu Hour carriage house; fruit, Uowci* and sp'.undid ulma, on trout .'lid rear, and one of the moat beaoti: ul altuatliitiH; tluo wau-r view; iji'ieea minutes from Harlem ferry and ei?hl un notes fruin Harlem liaili .ad, on ItlalU uttd l.'57ib streets; vi'nr rie*:rnb!e for a boardm-; bouse or lnrj,e family. Inquire of ELTON,2i Heekman ainet, or o? the premise*. Only ?1,?W0 cash required. Two ether tine properties fat tauie plate. For sale?a eeautifcl cwtntey seat at OiMnn>', S. J. Honae, atablr, carrtngo bouae, teu ptu alloy. Tub Uoomj has vater, gaa and all moiieru improve, uianta. Ten totlfty acre* of ground. For partlculara in quira of J. V. KLINE, ISA t'lilin ntrret, up aiam. Fob sale?a first class country house, with lour aoroa of Land, all In perfet-t order, aHuut~a at Flatliuah. Lonz Island, "iW mlli-it from Fulion .eiTY, Uruoil) n. l'lioe f? Adurea^ B. B. B., Herald oii'oa. Fob sai.e-a lot o* west fourteenth htrket, uearSl^ili avenue; a so, tbe live atorv murble Uiiildlnt;, 23 Libarty alift t, botWM--n H anil Na-aau airi'Mx; will be a<dd on r>*mo<iable lerma. For particular* apply to BARK LEVY, 23 Llhi rty alreet. For hale?for cash, home thrke or four Farina; Ivlng late in tb.- aeas m, <as.i will t. ke th> m at a low lignre. Soma rorexchan. e. Al.-o House Id Forly-lourili atreel, near Kil'ih avenue, tor Western land* nud (owe rath, r. D. RlC'llABliSON k CO.. HC and SI Naxaau For bam ok exchange?for Brooklyn or .-In- nniMrtjr.a Farm oi 1#7 B leu, 36 milea in Now Ji r aey. W,U?<; Si at Tappan, both Im'.u ti o I l"i 1 imjs, fruua, \r, W. 11. MEL1CK, 407 Uroadway. For sale or exciianoe kuk oity norur(? The boaulil'ul Country ii< aideuco of tlie late Jatnea Conner, in W"?lcbe?i r "ounty, on tii" roal leadinsi from WeMcheali-r to E:istrbetitcr, tliree-fourtlu of a mile froui the simiiulioai lauimt. and one and a b.tll' mile froui Wiiliaina br.dyc <1ei o . The property (ounia a? lat. Of ? line atone Vmi.mou IIoiihv, with larfe Kuril and Outliou^aa, 27acrea or Land, exce llent Oa'deu, Oreburd, with Cruit and outiuiental trees, and (hrubbery and sr.ipea in great abundance. 2d. or a Lirje pie In Hon*", knd 12 acrea adjomiujj, coa tatnitii} ? great nmtilei of fruit ire"*. 3d. Of a uew II "i?" and Barn and 12 acrea adjoining. A very d"?>l. re?ideuce. T"u nci'<? ground may be had with eLher lots 2 or & 4th. Of two parrela <?! ground on the weit an'* of th? road, op|iosi'.o Manaion House, roniaii ing about 4U aerea, with a gardener k houae, a line Htreain oi wut'-r ruiinlnj; through it. nnd about twoa rrs of uo>>dlani. Apply to BENEDICT X COXT. 2i I'ln ? sin-el. For sale or to let?three first class tiireo atory brown alone Iloiu -a on Flfty-aeeond aircel, adjoining trie new M"thodlat oUurcb, eornrr of Lexington Hveuue. App y to PICKENS A CASLEY, on the premise*. F For sale or to let?a nice, cosy liitlf. Piae ? in thetMunlry, sixteen mi!R!> trom New York, wi ll communlrnlion live tiinea per da}'from one depot, nre mi nutus' waU; from the house, and aix times from th? New Haven depot, twenty nnnuter. The house U an old f.tsUion ed but comfortable one. There is plenty of fruit on the place, viz : tnl't, pears, plums, cherries, currant* and gooseberries. This summer there will be plenty of vege tables, as there are vegetables aud melons of ail kinds pL.nte I. On the pliu-e is a line well of waier. Tlie pla>*e will lie sold for$I,7U0 cash, or let for $10 per month, the party iiiriug to purchase what th ugs ibeiv are :n tU ? I'.ouse, toffbiher with the< lis, Ac., that am on t!io td.n'e, the whole i ostlu" ?175. Apply lo JOHN" DECKER, L re joy's Hole), on We Inesday nest between 12 and 2 o ido. k. B^OB SALE YERY I.OW-AT HUNTINGTON, L. L. A two story Collage, in good order, ulih garden an l rani welt .-locked wtili fruit and chtubl ory. Two-thirds or the purctiuse nioncy may remain- o.i hon l aud inor.'arfe. For parllriiiitrs inquire of C. B. PRIME. No. 'J Juiiu airet-t. TUFTY ACRES OP FINE LAND, CHEAP FOB J rash, or exeltanjcd foi- piano or furniture; two valuahlo Patiuta for f-ale, or exchange for proiierly; a nk-o Yacht to exchange lor a piano or carnage. Money '.o loan on mortgage. TIM P.SON k BACKER, 85 Nassau sL HOUSE.-WANTKD TO PURCHASE, FOR CASH, A good, we'll built high stoop House, situated between I.evlugtoti and Siklh avenueaand Twentj -second uud Thirty - eighth street*, worth lis,i* 0 to $'.',ISH>. Address Wm. K T, 17 Kaat Twenty-aercnth street, cout h factory. IAXDH,LANDS,Si^PERIOllFARMS?EXTRA INDUCE J meut*.?For tale, si.|?riur Farm Lsads, luipruve.l and un unproved, at ehoap rates and on easy terms, 10 salt lb times, klti'vtcd in West New Jers-y, thlnv miles b-low I'nl la. e'nhla, un the" i ? n\> am Ml lville itallvua 1. Soil tia tural'y fertile., freo from locks and r.tones, and highly pn? du'live. Marl ahouuds i-ud little manure mreouirc l. It til roed trnlna twice daily, lo aud fio u Pbila ? p'llt a id Ne .v York, where pr.nlu-e finds the l e-l imikets at ihe lai gnst pro its. Tallying mannfselur ug two* aru '.viiUiu a short distance, and of easy aocesa, aud go>d scleu'.-, ul'h all con renlenees and comforts of a elty at nand. Ciinubs temperate and wholesome. No healthier lo"at'on exists ll oj rosls traverse the country, and good water. Rtu and water power can be tented eheap. To inechanies and manufactur ers, aa well as farmers, this land | resent* a isre t|M-niui. Sell lei a here have lar moi-e advantJg-s (hsn In Western "mi gration, without in tolls or prlvatlous,aud at a muuli smaller outlay of money. Put your means here. No safer invest ment can be made; no one more sure to compensate Its owner, who can raise on tbe apot most that he needs, and be independent of ilie tlu-tuaUo:?* of business and live timed Price* from 915 io $31) per anr<\ payable in monthly or iiusi tcrly intiialiueots, or otherwise, to suit' puivhasers. Title perfect andcl'arof all ineumbranoe. All communlcat'otis Kotnplly answered. Visitors leave Walnut street wl>*rf. lilsdciphiit, at 9 A. M. or 4 P. M., by the West Jersey Kail mid. for Malsga station (one hour's rile), where John H. Collin will b) iound, who will aOord, nlthoiit cl.*r:;e, every facility for personal exanilnatlon. Train* return to Phlla delphft twice dally. For partlculara, address or spplv to JOIIN II. t'OFl'IN. Msla<a. fJloii"Wster eounif, New J?-r<cy; or CHARLES M. MORRIS, No. 130 Walnut auw t, Philadel phia. TWO GENTLEMEN CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Bootns, with private bath ronma attavhed, in a private family, In Tweuty-thlrd street, t?pr->?lt' Mm Fifth Avenue Hotel. Inquire at 16 West Twenty-third street. TEN OF THE MOST DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS inJertay Cilv for sale or exchange, at panic prices, situated betwe-u tii" two ferries. Very little cash required. Apply at 194 South Sixth street, Jersey Clly, on the pre mltca, or at 30 Bond street, N. Y. COUNTRY BOARD. TJOARD IN THB COUNTRY.?SI HQ LB OKN'TLEHEN X> willing lo room together, or a family of elglu persona, can obtain Board about aevan mile* from Now York, at Fori llimllton, half a bbvk uora id ? Brooklyn ? Itr railroad. We."eren<-ea ?ixr'.i?u;p(L Addreaa II. L. M., Herald ortUe. or H7Jny alreet, Brooklyn, or Oeorg* J. Merit-k, Fort Hatnil t in. i .-nil< ii-a-o.i COUNTRY BOARD.?THE EXCELSIOR HOISB IS now open for aumniei boarder*. ThU baautlnil and heaH'.iy report I- delight fiilly located Ht i'roton D.nn, We?t ehealcr count v, alx mile* from 8lng Sing. Tin- mountain itnd lali" f.-iiirr> In ih? Itnro-'diaie v.oinIty einnot be anrpwieil. Hoc flahing. Ifa'lng. A'. Term* randrraia. For further particular* addrosa Eden Klpp, riiug Sing. CHlOrN'iriY ROA.RO.?A dbsibablb family can J If aecotnmodat"d In a flr-t claaa private mansion, IS ml'e* front N it York, ai-e?*a,i>l? by boat and cara many llm> > diUlt; the cardan* and giounda are vary extenalve, plenty of fruit and ample at.iMing. A fnmlly can bare a tr*t cl**s prtvata t-tblo, or (\to or three gentleman could make a d"SI:v?Mo arrangement for I lie ? awn. Koregnsr* inhflld. For pirtk-'ilaraca'l at 19 Flfih mH Cm It'M'NTRY HOARD.?TO LADIES AND OENTI.KMLN / dealrou* ol ubtainlng Board during the kumtner aeaaoii, in a d lUhtrul locality. \vh?rs tho pui**tair |? obt,luab:e. a u w and splendid eMWilMnt at M mnt K'.aito, Neweaa'U, Wusii U. atrr county, on tbc Harlem Rai!roart, U re omn;i nd ed; then la the bent of rtshlng In i he lake, and capital bird *hcK,Ui>c; the drive* In the rirnlty arc t?aitlful, and every convenience for :he enjoyment of the planum* i of the ir?? n hre ul/tolna'de Ht moot reasonable <hn;-j ?; the honae is Urge, enmmodlow and well furniahed. Price of beard, fro-n $6 to per week. Parti-* ean he ae*n at tiie W?at. cheafr House for two daya, or addies* I*. Arbor, Mount Ki<"-o, Newo*atle, Waatcbeater count/, N.Y. C101NTRY BOARD.?A GENTLEMAN AMD 1118 WIFE ) can a?rommn<Ut* four adult* with Bo.ird In a houv> ?Itnated on New York Nty, tMityinlii'ita*' walk from Jersey ferry aid live minute*'v.alk fium a linn o. hoiaecAra. Go.nI Itoatlng, u?bln< and bathing, and atahlo room If dealred. No ehilurvu, and no boarder*. Aduisaa Joliu. box 2,181 Stw York PoatolBc*. CMOUNTRY BOARD.?FIRST CLASS BOARD FOR A / family ma> bo bad at a delightful eonniry seat, h. althy and reilrad, wuh exlauaiira grounda, north aboie, (i al> n Ialund, oue hour froa thU ett/, Superior aocmnmoiat ma for horaeaaad carriage*. AdJreaa laland, boa 210 Herald omee. ?OCXTRY BOARD AT NEW BRIUHTOR, S. I.?A FEW fiunl'le* ran lie a<^ummodated wHh Uoird In a private house, ili.-'t||htfiii:v a'Hiat' d on York avenue, comman>ll?n a M'lcu ildvie.?v or the bay, and only Ore minu'ea walk tr>m toe New Brighton ferry landing. T. T. Dl'NN. COUNTRY BOARD WANTBD-BY A LADY AND tiON: two roomn; o! ca'T aceeea to 'he cllv;terma not tons ed Meaeh per week. Addreaa for on* w?*k, C. H .boxlM Herald offlce. eHOUXTRY BOABD WANTED?FOR A ORNTLBMAN, w fe, Infant and none, In a healthy and pleaaant loca tion, with coinloi UMe Room* and gvo I table, within aa hoar of the clly, and abort dlitane* otrt of aome village on th* Hud?on preferred: other adnlia will go, If atiltad. Addreaa 0. II. 8., box 9N) Poet oOee, or 2t Murray atreet. /COUNTRY BOARD WANTED?WITHIN AN HOUR'S CIOUNTRY BOARD WANTBD?FOB A ORN1LRMAN, i wifa, three o.uldrcn aad iiurao. In sore* goo<l fai m bona* or where there la plenty of room for ohlktron to play. On th? .Ine ol Ihs New Haven Railroad preferred, Audreas, with foil particular* and lowaai prloe, Monitor, box 121 He rn Id oHlce. C10UNTRY IlOAUD OAN BB OBTAINED, CTCiN X EKV J favori bl? terms. In a perfectly healthy au l verv i lea aant I a'lon, >o??r Morrli'.own, New Jaianr. Parii ulara given O i uppllea'ton to W. J, Renville, 802 Broadway. /COUNTRY BOARD AT NORWALX, OONN.-A FEW lvo?i,l.'|-? can I* ae. nmuoilnteu in a well ?i a i?.i fnm houa 'ouie i liable terma. For furtUer paru. *^r? aa.l ou or adi!re?* Joiin Bnrke, N >rwalk, Oo<\n. /I now EN HOUSE, HAsTINIi}, ON THE II dTon^ * \ I .i.'n1 i an.: S.UC e H"a .flu. :i ,au V ? ac. * -imii ? 1 >? e11 tor <h* <? i?on. l'ie hmt*" eo:ii'"?ri.n a Ana I i?.v o! Hie rit i t; ,t u.e iulu tt a' nalk liom the ?: ,uor.? I I. I K 111 ??T.vyt. -TH K ? II,LA UK ! 1' I> \J l amer, B',<| | re, <i < d fir ihe rrtepiio.i of Sralt nii '. a SI'S, ?t >c- n it*. | Iva ? lu'li trn nd. f at! <j., ai ?*.;in, i;tc.J?;:oua ous Ituui H<rM Wi,.'i. K <i ?B..fa a*cb*ugia won _ raiik. ^ x A VB'lt Kt.KOA.nt akfuhan f^Pr hai.r-uahjv xx. nouir-.y oiuoj viiden d ol bril.iaut oolor?, ana extra iam ii**- ?a? tithe uaittfeioum u/ u. 1a?E1>3 4 CQ Mo. *3 isa^aau air* et. A jiiist CLASH nifxtahd AND laukk BlliM ? j \ ???h*a, oa uf tjia b?tat in tii? oil/, l<>04te i on ? t uiuruu^a art, now d<niu;aii uxcfiiaat %?tti tie *oia ufma2xli?rkmauua. a/7 w?*<4 iv ui/. u* atrcet, neur fc.;gtuh uveuue. D?V? STORK FOB SALE?WELL located. IN A pimii n-t -h ..i ii.0,1 uptown; will be ?ul i to a uagh cu? to*,, .it ? *.-ui ??. mi...... Apply to bimbka AMI ni>. wh ?n?u 'gum. l<a 1 uiiu m. uur, turner of etghuxioul km >> Duut.^ STORE FOR SALE?at A ORE VT baroaib, tile ?*'1-r ?? iijj ?? iy. liuod aland fo wliuicaa 11 ui r- tail. A . jrww i-oj l.linrntl otic . For ballV-a good chahue.-an old b-tab Hau im i'pl.o .1 or and wi. ?!?..? m.ju# n.i in ?,??.?:! i, v .i hi-, wit It i? jo#j a (1 aiu. ? ho i cur ci'n'rfwt-i. ll'r" wa"'* ** *?** ou For h ilk-a p afpr habOING bstaulivhmemt. i>I n-?j lu one i \f ih? l?;|,t ?VMU<u la the my, it, i ?u. n ntlou wuli tind, iu?? tauuaori- of a paim autre. d?aa a lnwutuot of l?ai*5 or ? o'tkl ? 11 lugetw: or a uartaar W" 1.1(1 be tiimu, A.uiriwa Painter, 1. raid otiice. J'ou KALE?a SET ot uari bbflectobf), ma no f lotui? i 1? kriiia; tivo uf ibcin arc 4ct inch mi bu uoia ?m ? a inch, u,w burners, ail tu .... ,i .j;" 'i-nJjrl 7!irS? ture. toirijouv liiij^ john orvrs, vaotbs-da*? uur, or of .Mr. HILL, 277 uiuj^i auvet. Foil SALE?a NEATLY kiitbo ui* brtciiershop well known, and located lu a good ueisu "orituo? Tto reason lor w-u.utt la, till o.vner ia-a-ioa lo huiunti. For ticulars linptlro at i2d Church atroet. Jioh SALE?IN conseql'em b OP TUB pkopjuk .lautb, a well arrant ed -ud frequi med uuirj to kuurth avenue, next to tb<- iltrlem mid Naw llavru uai roatf mj91' nu- ^ cooper iuat.tute, of Mr. B. k. FOB SALE?(mb labnb IRON 8akb, MO. S. doubim do.. , w.ldttr'a p ituut, ma n to i.rd r uuc >var ago far $430. oootainaall iue in iIiuti ini;rn i inrnir n ? unto mcaaiim m.'ui s-l ia, net liitjli, 38 inoht-a wlu?, 1j in '.aajdcmi ft k-t- ja. ? Apply at 191 Brondwa), ooruer of dt-y uireat. For 8 one ok tub oldebt bstablisiib* Drinking and lodging uoiineo, 30 rooma, osipo. il.- wato ium-ui unract. For turtlior imriioulnrii apply lo anorbtf va1.k, tinea door* aaat from oradoivlch, on duaaa, ou hie r ^ut. I'ok SALE?in boho ken, A FIRST* CLASS FANBV and Dry siorr, ultualed on",ton utroat in the m-iti-.i oi' the city; valun o: alock and lt\tur?? uboot $2,500. Will b* sold r-itbrr for rauli or on credit, it u? >d m cii ity it gift-n. AppU anm pleane addresa h., box ltm h? r i d office. For sale-an old established bxpresb ro-it -, d >liig a good biiniu. a. su.Uiactory rva una ^l*oii for soiling, tan b" h. h-i lor a few da\ dai4iidv street, New jfori, between ix au.l i o' For salk, at a sacbificb?mlmt be sold?tub kikiui-hhol* a coram iiiquor Hiloon, witlt two year* lrnk-; apleuiu t lo>-alliy for autj/or looma. Satlal'a t-iry raa ion* for selling. Apply at lut woosier atreet, ixuner ?f uwiatoh. PATENT FOR SKATE FOR SALE.?HAS BEEN QUITE ext. iisivaly uat-d aud lilgh v approvod. ii |irdlenvrt a lio,'l-<f lot-ili.'niaau.'actui-c uti.l ii . o !...? would to granlai*. \il(lie?s I'aten; sitit -, l ox 3.241 l*o-t olliw, N. b. (jteam en'OIKR FOR 8ALK? FROB 8 TO 10 KORSB k? po.ver, nlih baud wheel and p.inip attacked, nor.rty miw and In p.-iioct order. Maybe nscn at the taotory, mb hoi alio siroet. Six solution AND. BATTERY BOXES. FOR BLRtV tiviyplug, with about twelve hundred pallon* Co;<ptm holiilinn and fixing*, w.ll he sold itt auction on Tueeday. May 13, istu, at No. Howard at.eet. By ordor ol liie uiorw wjmi Smafttno, AC., FOR ?ALB?a larue LOT IN GOOD ordi'i ; alao a numwr ol guitga of aaws for a.twinto marbV-. Fur purll-utarn addrean l ox ' l'oat oibjo. A number of llouaea to lot at. low rean. ?/l aa-WOBTn $6)0.-THE STOCK AND FIXTURV* viuu of th<> Nced'e.'1'h.reud and Fa: uy Store at bo. Mi second alrect, b<"twct u tven.i.?a u and D, 0,i| 0i t? ilmtioa u ark oi j an exoelunt lojaitoa. T.t* owner going to th* country. August bei.m6.nt a co? bankers, no. so wall kt.. laauo letters of credit to travelers, arallablo taub I'arib of the world through meutr*. Ro'hscbild, of i'ariu, lu? don, Frankfort, Vicuna, Naples, and thoir corrcs.noadenta. A KMT AND NAVY PAT OFFICE. Arrears of i'av for re?lijued, dece;t?e4 an t dischargto offi.cta oT thu Army and Nary. prlio Moasy, Bounty '"y" *f'.loriN B. mi'RRAY, Array and Navy Banker. SO s rret, New York, opi^slle the l'o?t oslce. Dei'AUTMfcNT OF finance. COMl'TllOLLEB A oft tite. A|mi 11, 1ml-n"tlrc for ti-damptlou o. prop rtjr .-.old foi uiipatd aaaeastneitl*. for opening, wulvnlng audu. in.d tis ibert* and avenues. i'umu: ui ltd- uh 'vcliy given to tlie owners, oc tipuita, er pcr^oilh ottorwlse Intcreated (herein, that ihe detaued al.t? ?item of property sold lu December, 18tw, for unpaid aaseaa> mem*, for opening, wl letting and extending mraets and is.-nucf, i? puhliaiied in the Nevr York Dalty T.'ibuue, os tu. miu! ? an i Fridays of tato week, describing the property so sold, au.l the Hme w he.i the>- muat lie ri dmiitiod; to defauli ol which, lea^ea Will be i sued thurefor. P. ii. KIXKO.-iljind, Clerk of Arwa* T A < sossi AND MILWAUKEE railroad lan? aa Orrnt B .nds, not aatcote.i, will l<? purcha-ed by tto ii.tdciaigned until the. 13!h of tnts month, after whloli uas they will 1)?* eitutied to only a no.nlnul dividend f:om tto *al? of the road. charles AT lakdk'b, S3 Wall atmsa. pKOl'OHAUi FOR $250,000 OP " TUB NEW YORK Ira) _ Cvuaiy Court Uouat Stock."?Seeled piuiwsais will uo received el the Comptroller's otBce, until Saturday, May ~" 1??, until 2 o'olnck r. M., when the same will be pabil ooened, fo: Ilia w hole or any p.iri of thsnim of two l.ualr and ntlv thousand dollars of 'The New York. Count.v Court Ho:irf ftio. k." aitthni Ircd by chapter 117 or the laws of 1ML mill by an ordinance of the Hoard of Supervisors, approve* by tilt' Marcr, April 18, 1862. Tbe tald etock la to provide meant to pajr for the land ac quired Tor a new Court House, and to erect euch Com* nonse llierdun. It will bear Interest at the rate of six per ocut per annum, parable half yearly, on the firet days of May ami November, and the principal will be rmlecmame tar 41;o"*r?*lve annual Instalments of o:ie hundred thousand dot In rf! ra li, commencing with the flrat day oi November, A. D.? JS7S. T!i< proposals will (tale the amount of atock desired, aad the price per one hundred dollar# thereof; and the whose proposal* are accepted will be required to deposit with the County Treasurer, within fifteen daye after the opening of tfau bid*, the sum awarded tothem reaped I rely. On preaenilng to the Comptroller the rccflptt or the Om? ty Treasurer for such deposits, the parties will be entitled M raceIre cerUoeatoa for equal amounts of the par value of Ik* slock, bearing Interest from lUe dates of payments. Ivaoli proposition should be sealed and endoraed, Fro pnsa!? tur New York County Court House Block," and em cl< a >?1 lu a eeoond envelope addressed to the Comptroller. Th ? rlfht Is reserved lo reject any or all of the bld?. If coa* elUered ueoesaary to protect or promote the intciestayof tbe county. ROBERT T. HAWS. ComptrtJ'er. Cur or New York, Dkpartimjr or Fimakub, Cow vaoujta'l Orricw, May ?, 1861. PRHM LI8TM ARB NOW BEINO MADE UP POM tflVplO'-kMilnj Squadron, and priaee are paid dally far the San Jacinto, Crusader, Constellation, Mohawk, Ac., Ac. JOHN B. MURRAY. Army and Navy Beaker. No. 39 Nauau street, New York, opposite taa Post otUoek OTATE PAY FOB Bl/FEBMrMKRARY OFPTCBRB. UM O tier ihe late act or the Mtate of Mew York, la now beiaft rolle-t.'dby JOHN B MURRAY, Army and Nary Banker; No. SI Nassau street, New York, opposite the Tost oflloe. AOA fVAft TO LOAN ON BOND ABO MORTOAOS. ?|>^U.vJUU In sums varying from $3, AO to $1 i.iw, ote lirst c'ase Improved property, elthor la this ctty or Brook lvu. Adiree*, giving description of property, boa 3.77B Foal odl'-e. a OA finn tn loan-on bond and mortoa?b, ipZU.UUU In sums to suit, from $1 U<X) to gJMOXl, am il's.raiile Improved property In New York or Brooklyn. Ap ply to A. 8. DUNCOMB, No. 8 Pine atrect, New York oUioea r >.u<i *. v ^ IAIAM OVFICEI. _ AT M NASSAU STREET.?A. HONIUMAN, DIAMOMB broker, makes liberal advances ou diamonds, waul jewelry, do., or buys them at full ralce, at hi i private \ W N?matt street, room No. t, up stairs. Baalnesa s? ilonlla'. _____ \ T (96 BROADWAY. CORNER Or BOND STBBB^ JX room No. A-llENRY HYMAN alranoos ea?h on Ma momls, sat or nnaet, or buys the same for ra?h; i'b W Wa'- bes, Silver Ware, Pianos, Jewelry and Personal Fi? petty AT m BROADWAY, CORNER OF DUANE STRUM* Money advanced to any amount on Diamond*. Wa chest Jewelry, ?e. Business eti iuly confidential. T. H. KKKSIHU, au;Slimrei and broker. 1'rivata enlraooe la Da>n* street* flmt iloor west of Broadway. Atihoband strekt, thueb doors wejt or Btoailwsy?Money ad van cad on Watches. Diamond^ Jewelry, 1'iate, Dry tioods, and pernouai property oferej description, or Iwught and sold by JOSEPH A. JACKBOW. auctioneer and broker. Abraham j. jaccson. no. m wai.kbr strebt, nssr Broadway (late W Rcade elreet), loans money ha large or small aunts on Watches, Diamonds, Jewelry, Hilree Ware, tluna, Ury Ooods, Wearing Apparel and personal pro. p*rtj of etery deserlption. ATMS BROADWAY. CORNER OF BOND STREBT, room No. A?HENRY HYM AN advances cash oa Dla ?noada, set or unset, or buys the same for ''aah; aisoo* Watches, Silver Ware, Planoo, Jewelry and Prraonal Pie pcrtT. AT M NASSAU STREET ?A HONIOMAN, DIAMOND broker, mnkee liberal advances oa Diamonds, Wau hae^ Jewelry, Ac., or buya thetn at full value, at his pt Irate oflloe, flrthsaaiu street, room No. S, up atatra. Business coaft den Hal. . S1A8H PAID FOR DIAMONDS?ALBtf'fFOR INDIA ,/ Camel s Hair Shawls. Money to loan? A few srt Cse f Diamond Jeweinr for sale cheap. Apply only from ? We 10 A. M., antl S till S P. M. t . B. W. PLUMB, Diamond Broker, BIS Broadway, I JACOBS, Wt BBOADWAY, RBMOYED FROM U J. Cedar street.?Advances made, In silins to suit, o? atehea, Dlamonda, Bllrer Plate, anJ otMT p rsonal pro perty. or bought for oaah. Bualaeae atrietly (OnftrtenllaL MONBY TO LBND-AT MODERATE RATKa, ON DIA. ?monds, Wau hea, Je?airy, Bllv er. Dry 0' Q<1s snd pr?v aoaal nroperir of ail#?ecripi|.;na Artl.^ss.t?n b" red <en?a4 at any tluie within one year. lfJAMW*?, No. 31 Thing aveaue. Frtvate offlce ontranoe ball door. ^ ? rnvvv t ffttf-ff) ANT AMOt'MT, OH ALL KIKD? lifVnsed loan S^oe, 43? Pearl street, corner of new Cl.ambem street, M~nw?V"m LOAN-INBUM1 TO SDIT, OH WATCHES ONRT T ,r" |?; v tloodi and all ralmb ?? l*i rsonai l'ro? Ifiill riata A1' Apt 'y to B. WOOD, oi ? ulto* ST,eel, eeSaaS n '>.*?>?' ? lo ? ?'?>??? f^AWVBROKRRB TICKETS PURCHArtLD AT pAWM'Huai ^ Q;0,h . . d tin- ? lewe'.ry, ve*l? 76e Voitt LtlYlla