Newspaper of The New York Herald, May 13, 1862, Page 7

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated May 13, 1862 Page 7
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i3T"v 111 THE GALENA IIP JAMES RIVER. Success of Her Bombardment of the Rebel Batteries at Day's Point. PANIC CAUSED BY HER APPEARANCE, Ac., Ac., &e> The rebela were thrown Into a terrible panic at Peters, burg, Virginia, by the appearance of the new iron-clad < an boat Galena np James river. [From the Petersburg Express, May 9.] STARTLING INTKLLIGEHCK. ? special messenger from Captain Tucker, of the Con federate steamer Patrick Henry, arrived iu this city yes terday afternoon with the important intelligence that on* of the enemy's iron clad gunboats had silenced our bat ($rie$ at Day's Point, on James river, and was (hen coming up the river. T? save time Captain Tucker had this messenger placed on the steamer Yorktown, that being the quicker vessel, with orders to proceed at once to City Point, and thenco -to this city, to notify our Provost Marshal of the fact and telegraph tbe circumstances to Richmond. From City Point the messenger came to this city in a buggy, and at -oooe performed his duties. lfco news soon spread abroad on the streets, and ere ntod a great deal of excitement. What steps have been -or will be takes to prevent the ascent of the James river, rto aay vital point, wo do not know, and would not toll if we knew. The matter wean a teriout aspect, but no one 4>ere wil falter in any duty that muy be assigned him. Rumors were rife, after the arrival of the Norfolk train, of the bombardment by tbe onemy of tbe Craney 'Island and Sewall's Point batteries, and our fortifications elsewhere below, but, they are doubtless all unfounded. Wo shall probably hear more of this aflbir to-day. In 'the meantime we advise all to keep cool and calm, and ipurtue their ordinary avocations as usual. (From the same paper.} Late in the afternoon a rumor that one of the enemy's iroo-oiad gunboats bad como up Jumes river, silenced the Confederate batteries at Bay's Poiht, and was then leisurely feeling her way still further up, put many timid souls in a flutter, and {provoked a vast deal of discussion as to bow long it would require for tho piratical craft to reach Petersburg. We have information to tbe effect that ?one of the enemy's gunboats did come up Jamos river yesterday as far as Burwcll's Pay, and reconnoitered a little; but that her commander has any idea of coming higher up the river at this time we do not believe. There is a rumor that the Yankees wero landing forces yesterday at Bur-well's Hay, orSntitbliold, and that their intention will doubtless be to march across the country? m distance of srane eighteen or twenty miles?and take possession of Suffolk. It is proper that we should state thu rumor lacks confirmation. NEWS FROM THE PENINSULA. Observance of the Sabbath in Gen. McClellan's Army. Bridges Across the Chick&hominy Burned by the Rebels. Interesting Rebel Accounts of the Progress ot Affairs. Hames of the Killed and Wounded at the Battle of Brick Bouse Point, Ac.. Ac.. &*,. Two a*d a Ham IbuM from Km Uocbt Hots, > CvmumuLND, Va., Hay 11?A. M. / A company of the Sixth cavalry passed on last night ?o White House, live miles from here, oa the Pamunkey rtrsr, better known as the Curtis Estate, ownod by a ?on of Goneral Robert E. Leo. Iho company scoured seven thousand bushels of wheat and four thousand bushels of com. The rebels had burned the railroad t>r(age and town, and lorn up the road for some distance towards Richmond. The distance from White Houso to Kiohmond is twenty-three miles. Tbe gunboats arrived here this morning, and are now ron their way to White House. The rebels had blockaded <he rivor two miles below here by sinking vessels; but 4hey were blown up without much trouble. Ths rear guard of the eneoiy is at Tunnel's depot, At* anile* from White House. A contraband, who left Richmond on Friday, reports tbe city full of sick soldiers, and that the citizens are -flocking in from the surrounding country. HaAOQTUKTsas. CcMsauro, Va., May 11?Evening. There has been no movement of troops to-day, as <Jeaeral MoClellan was desirous of observing the day and giving his men an opportunity to rest. Tbe reports to-day brought in by scouting parties sent to the Chickahominy on the left, a distance of thirteen ?iilos, confirms the bur-'ng of both Jonee' and the ?? bridge across that river. The enemy was seen in ^considerable force on tbe opposite side. There Is nothing new from tbe road to Richmond, by way of Bottom Itridge oa tho right hand, or the stall coach mad leading from New Kent Court Hou*e. We learn from a contraband belonging to Geo. Lee, -who left Richmond yesterday, that the troops which re. eight or ten miles this side of the city. Ho met but treated by that rosd aro encamped at the tollgate, some few troops between bore ami that point. He was driving a four borso team, containing a trunk and some private properly belonging to Gen. Lee. The tionerai's wire bad jeft the White House, and is stepping with a physician a few miles iu advance. A strung picket of the enemy made Its appearance ?bout two miles from the White Huuso to-day. They were not interfered with, until, becoming too bold, a gunboat, which arrived about one o'clock, shelled them out. The noise must have been heard at Richmond, as 41 is only twenty miles off. Forths* Moksk*, May 12?8 24 P. M. There Is oothing now from Goneral McClellan's army day. The telegraph to bis headquarters works well, and is kept constantly employed with government '?business. Effect of the President's VUlt to Fortress Monroe. WAKniXUTO*, May 12. 1802. The ateamer Baltimore arrived at the Navy Yard this morning from Old Point, having left yeatorday after" >o <on. She brought up President Lincoln and Secretaries ?Chaso and Stun ton, who went up In her to Norfolk yes terday morning. The Baltimore arrivod off Norfolk about ten o'clock yesterday morning, and slopped about one liotir. She ifound thf United States troops lu possession, and a large ?mount of contrabands on the wharves, with some white people, mostly of tliu working class. The city seemed to bo very qulot. The Navy Yard at (disport appeared -from whero the Baltimore was lying to be much dilapi dated, and sadly In want or repair, but she did not , go near enough for her persengers to observe the yard iparticularly. The Monitor nud four other vessels wnnt with the Baltimore to Norfolk, and anchored off the olty, where they were left. The officer* of the Baltimoro de scribe tho blowing up of the Morritnae as one of the >?randeti sights ever seen Oe the war to Norfolk the Baltimore stopped near where the Merrtmae had been blown np, and picked up '.pieces of the wreck, which were brought nptotheeity end dlvidnd among the frlen Is of the officers. One piece .?r yellow pine, about eight Inch'* wide and Ave thick, tie supposed to have i<eon it portion of her keel. The wood was eagerly sought after, and soon all w is split up. eg. ? sept log a fair sited specimen for the Navy Department end Captain Dahlgron The President and Sscretarlss went on board the Balti more on Mturday morning, and made It his flagship, he Superintending the movement of the troops and gunl>oata In person Tho sailors a.l unite in saying be is ?? a ?rump," and tnat ho has at somo time served an ap prentlceehlp on board ship, so much at home did he seem They also express the opinion that the success of the tnovoment Is due to the energy liMused Into it by him. DtNrtsn from the Merrlmar. Foirraic* Motrins, May 12, IMS. Roma o the crew o. the Msrrimnc have deserted from Fl| Point and bare Just coma in at Newport's New*. LUt or the Killed, Wonaded mmH Missing at Buttle or BriekbooM Point. The following is a correct list of the kitted, wounded and missing at the battle at Brickhouse Potat on the 7tb Instant:?. TBIBTY-FIBST NWW TOR* UUUIMMBT. _ . , Officer* Killed. Captain August Hulas, Co. E. First Lieutenant Frederick Prose, Co. F. First Lieutenant Horatio Q. Habcock, 00. D. (fficeri Wounded. First Lieutenant Charles E. Kllen, Co. E, mortally. First Lieutenant Henry Shlckhardt, wounded in arm. Second Lieutenant Edwin Frossard, Co. H, sightly wounded In left liand. ' 7 . , ??luted Men Killed. Orderly Sergeant Charles Millor, Co. K. Corporal Philip Case. Co. E. Private John Diukel. Co. E. Private Michael Doering, Co. E Private John Elpert.Co. R. Private Froderick Gicss.Co. E. Private Valentine Hoetz.CO. R. Private Ferdinand Hahn, Co. E. Private Antony Leisner.Co. E. Private Jacob Miller, Oo. E. Private John Roichert, Co K. ? Private Christian Hauer.Co. F. Private William Liusoer. Co. F. Private Phillip Steltz, Co! F. Private Daniel Casey, Co. H. Private James McD >ugal, Co. H Private James Murphy, Co. H. Private Leopold Tii-kel. Co H. Enlit'erf Men Wounded. Orderly Sergeant John Walsh, Co. D, slightly. Sergeant Patrick S. IWltt.Co. D. severely in groia. Corpora! Henry Davis, Co. D, slightly in cheek. Private Sylvester Fayard, Co. D, slightly in efceek. Private Gqorge Copping, Co. D, severely in thigh. Privato Francis Tettroy, Co. D, severely in abdomea. ;!a,na'i McCarty, Co. D, severely in abdomen. Private Samuel Holmes, Co, Df shot through the *r^nil Sergeant Casper Doen. taken prisoner. Sergeant Fred. Scbellhous, Co. E, taken prisoner. Corporal j?uj3 Kottner.Co. E, taken prisoner. Corporal Christian Haelin, Co. E, taken prisoner. Privato Joseph Aut,*rnor, Co. E, taken prisoner. Private Garret Van Vorst, Co. E, in arm and side. Private Joseph Vought, Oo. F, in the Um Privato John Abstain, Co. F, slightly. Sergeant Cornelius Van Rlpor, Co. H, severely In head. Private William Smith, Co. H, severely in abdomea. Private James Madden, O " M?sh wound. Minting. Private John Murphy, Co. H. Privato Thomas McMam:s,Co. A. Corporal Fred. Woelling.Co. E. Privato I'eter Schiller, Co. E. Privato Osnom Yelltner, Co. E. Private Charles Seeli, Co. E. Privato Charles Koswold.Co. E. Private Harry Augsten, Co. E. Private John Bauer, Co. E. Private John Beiglor, Co. E. "V Private Frederick Hoaun, Co. E. ?? Private Lowis Cupps, Co. E. Private Tobeas Drollinger, Co. E. Private Charles, Co. E. Private Goorge Hahn, Co. E. Privato Hermann Hallenberger, Co. E. Sergeant Franz Walle, Co. E, missing. Private John Branch, Co. E, missing. Private George Garvey, Co. E, missing. Private John Martin, Co. E. missing. Privato Henry Weber, Co. fc, missing. Corporal James Co!weil,Co. H, missing. Privato Charles Hoinsbarger, Cc. E. Private George Helusmann, Co. E. Private Edward Hooltiniester, Co. E. Private Peter HoefTstettor, Co. E. Private Franz Klcber, 0>. E. Private John Koch, Co. E. Private Henry 1-aelfor, Co. E. Private Ferdinand Russell,Co. E. Private Gustav Shauiz, Co. E. Private Charles Sieges. Oo. E. Private Frederick Schulto, Co. E. Private Valentine Williams,Co. E. Private Andreas Wolfert.Co. E. Private William l;abois, Co. H. Private Robort Frazer, Co. H. Privato Robert Parker, Co. H. Private Thomas Sexton, Co. H. Killed. Wounded. Musing. Officers 3 3 Enlisted men 10 SO 34 Total 22 29 31 Total w W THIBTY-3KCOWB aaOMENT NEW YOB* VOLUNTEERS. ? Officen Killed. Oapt. Sylvester H. Brown. Co. C. Capt. Elisha A. Young, 0?. D. First Lieutenant Edmund Wallace, Oo. Q. Officers Wounded. First Lieutenant James T. Twaddell, Oo. i First Lieutenant William E.Stone, CO. B. Enluted Mm KiUeA. Georgo Archer, lirer, Co. A. Privato F. N. Lane, Co. B. Corporal Alfred Car loch, Oo. E. Private Howard Conkling, Co. K. Private John A. Wilson,Co. E. Private Lawrenco Diamond,Oo. R Private Peter Riley, Co. E. Private V. R. Baker,Co. B. Private Aaron Sawyer, Co. C. Enlisted Men Wounded. Private James Cunniugham, Co. B. Private Carlos Inman, Co. B. Private Minor Wiggins, Co. B. Private Aipbeus Rroeks, Co. C. slightly. Private Andrew Carloton. Co. C, severelr. Private John Hill, Co. C. * Private Charles Ritman, Co. C, slightly. Private William Steele, Co. D, severelr. Private James Smart. Co. D, severelr. Private James Siocum, Co. D, severely. Private John Gibson, Co. D, slightly. Private Daniel Eldridge, CO. E. Private Almon Davis, Co. K. Private Thomas Moras, Co. E. Sergeant Jamee T. Burnett, Co. F, severelr. Private Patrick Kiidauy, Co. F. Private Mark O'DonneU.Co. F. Private Alexander Derefttrt, CO. F. Private Robert McNawi^ Co. F. Private Andrew Fines, 06. F. Private William Sweeney, Co. F. PrivateThos. Mualeman, Co. F. Private Eglwrt Young, Co. F. Sergeant Thos. Alldis, CO. G, severely. Corporal Thomas Shultz, Co. G. Private Charles E. Alleo, Co. O. Private Henry Bennett. Oo. 0. Private John Barclay, Oo. O. Private Samuel Belew, Co. G. Private Esekiel Chappie, 00. Q.? Private David Cooper, Oo. G. Private Michael Doyle, Co. tt. Private John Hyndee, Co. G. Private Patrick Kelly, Co. Q. Private John Laken, Co. O. Private John Phillips, Co. G. Private William Robinson,Co. Q. Private Richard Sargood, CO. O. Private Charles Smith, CO. G. Private William Woods, Oo. O. Corporal Charles Cbatterton, Co. Q. Private Wm. H. Stomas,Co. H. Private Wm. Humphrey, Co. H. Private Alfred Downing, Co. H. Sergeant Edward Camp, Co. I. Private J. M. Smith, Co. I. Private Henry Martin, Co. I. Private Riohard Millelly,Co. f. Private Michael Bemlgham, Os. I. Privats George a. Ganomy.Co. I. NINETY-FIFTH PENNSYLVANIA VOLUNTEER*. Killed. Corporal John Proctor, Co. A. Corporal Torrance H. Murphy. Co. A. Private Peter Olmlgneam, Co. A. Wounded. Private Christopher Oranley, Co. D, seversly. Corporal Knorr, Co. D, severely. Private Hanna. Co. I), sovorely. Private \Tm. H. Cromwell, Co. D, taken prisoner. Corporal Makln, mfewlng. Private SltagorIan I,Co. A, missing. SIXTEENTH NKW YOKE VOLUNTEERS. Killed. Private Caleb M. Soabury, Co. 0. Private A. P. Way month, Co. G. Private Francis Mummery,Co. O. Corporal Goorgo J. I/'ve,Co. V. Private I'eter O. Moof, Co. f. Private Kdward R. Bishop, On. P. Winded. Captain N. Martin Curtis,Co. G, shot wound through the thorax. PrivaU James Simpler, Co. G, foot; slightly. Private Thomas H. Chilton, Co. (J, lower Jaw. Private I/iuls l'eran.Co. G, dorsal region; severely. Private Oliver Wells, Co. G, severely. Ooporal James Cook,Co. F, thigh; severely. Private Henry W llelms, Co. Y , leg; slightly. Private l>evl Kelly, wuundad, missing Private George Brownell, Co. F, wounded; missing. Private Ataiander ilarnhiut, missing. FIFTH MAINK VOLUNTEERS. Kitted. Prtvato Alpbeus Morse, Co. O. Womtdml. Private James Hay, Co. B, slightly. Private George H. Ayer, sightly. Private Alaoson Parker, severely. Tliereare yet six men, including I.loutenant Shock hsrUt, belougtug to tho Thirty lirst New York, who bavo been roported as missing, who have since boon heard from. They are all reported wounded. These men were wounded aud taken prisoners while detached as skir mishers, but wcrs loft on the ground by Hie rebels during their h*?ty retreat. The lists of all the other regiment* are believed to be mostly complete, although many men who have been lost in tli* woods may yet turn up. By the latest accounts this evening I learn that the rebol loss U very heavy. They hail ambulances running ?II nay, and, from a-family residing near the scene of ac tion , 1 learn that there were forty-one wounded rebels lying in the house at one time during the afternoon. A ue^rospy has just been brought in to headquarters. He professes to havs run sway from his master, hut,on being interrogate*!, gave such vsgno snd suspicious ac oounta or himself that hu wss handed over to tho Provost Marshal for safs keeping. The Bxorlilor Brlgadt, C0RIIKCTION8 Of LIST IN YESTERDAY'S HERALD OP RILLED AND WOUNDED IN EXCELSIOR BRIO A DR. KILUm. ?f 'apUin B'igbee, shot through the head. Captain Mitchell, shot through the hoad. captain O'Reilly, shot through the bead at head of imr. Captain Brunn. Meutenant Haynor, shot through the heart at heed of column. Lieutenant Kilbura. l ieutenant Miller. Lieutenant Betger. Lieutenant How*. L.eutcnant Nelson. ? Captain Bugbee was shot through the head. His body was recovered, but to mutilate 1 as to be hardly recognizable by hla friouds. His breast was perforated by three bullet boles m the r eg ton of the heart, and his body was bayonetted In twenty different place*, veonm rap tain Dennis Kahen, slightly. Captain McCauley, dangerously. Captain l*rice. First Excelsior. Lieutenant Kgleaton, allghtly. Lieutenant Milee,slightly in leg. Lieutenant Stevens, slightly. Lieutenant Denuison, in arm and shoulder. Lieutenant Dodge, slightly in leg. Lieutenant Zeigler, badly. PMMWIM. Lieutenant Colonel Benedict, Fourth Excelsior. HKKfiONH RXPOKTKI) KII.I.ED HCT UNINJURED. Major Holt, reported killed, uninjured. Acting Asst. Adjt. Geu. Hart, reported killed, uninjured. First regiment wont into the Held with 963 men, and alt tho end of the engagement only mustered 302. Third regiment had 202 killed and wounded. Fourth regiment had 160 killed and wounded. Fifth regiment had 97 killed aud wounded. Second regiment woro in the intrencbments, and not in line of bat tle. Total loss in brigade, 1,110. Tit* Williamsburg Wounded at Balti more. Baltimore, May 12,1802. Lieutenant Samuel P. Whitley, of Company G, Fifth regiment New Jersey Volunteers, wounded at the bat tin or Williamsburg, died at the National Hotel this af ternoon. Home two hundred slightly woundod left the h capital this evening, and proceede d by special train to New York. They were moetly from New York and New Jersey. THE RE1EI ACCOUNTS. [From the Petersburg (Va.) Express, May 9.] THE WAR NEWS. The announcement yesterday morning. In several of tho Richmond papers, that a bloody engagement had taken place Wednesday, in Barhamsville, New Kont county, between McClellan and Johnston 'enforces, created the most intense excitement in our commuity. The fact that several of onr citizes were known to be in Long street's division, and had probably participated in the tight, greatly augmented tho aniloty manifested here. It was also stated by passenger* on the early train from Richmond, that a courier had readied that city at an early hour yesterday morning, who left Barhamsville just at the close of the light Wednesday. This courier represented that the light had been the moat frightful in carnage of the war, and that when night closed upon the bloody scene, we had two thousand men killed and wounded, while the Yankoo loss was estimated at 0,100. Anxious inquiries wrere made on every hand, and men hung about tho tolcgraph office, as though they expected every click of tho inatrumeuts to bring them furthor intelligence from the sanguinary field. Thus matters continued until three o'clock, when a despatch was received at this office and placed upon our bulletin board, which, upon being read, immediately causod every countenanco to change its doleful appearance for one tnore pleasing to contemplate. It camo from General Johnston, who dated at Barhamsvi[Ie, Wodncsday, eleven A. M., and stated that all was quiet in the army; that the enemy had appeared porfectly contented with bis ex ploits of Monday at Williamsburg, and had evinced no disposition whatever to renew the combat. [From the Richmond Examiner, May 8.] IIIOJ1I.V IMPORTANT FROM THE I'KNINSULA. There was quite a breoze of excitemont yesterday over a reported victory of no ordinary dimensions on the pe ninsula. We were Informed on Tuesday evening that the Adjutant General had resolved a despatch of an affair of cavalry that had occurred on Monday, and that it was '?even mora brilliant than Captain Wickham's affair:" but this despatch was understood to have been sent to President Davis, and a oopy could not bo obtained for the press. Yesterday this news was magnified into an im portant battle, with the most serious consequences, nine hundrod prisoners taken and a most magnificeut prize of artillery. The fact is that the aflkir is named by General John ston us a ' haudsonie'' ono.aud we doubt not that a con siderable triumph was achiovod by our arms, although very much below tho importance attributed to it by the wild and ignorant street rumors of yesterday, it appears from what can be learned that the affliir took placo at Williamsburg. The enemy attacked our rear guard in groat force, and were driven back to tho woods about a mile. The troops principally engaged on otrr side were ? those oominondeU by General* Long* treot and Stuart. The news was magnified at different periods of the day. First it was asserted thai the enemy had been completely repulsed, with the toes of several hundred prisoners. This rumor was traced to a soldlor who arrived this morning,from below, aud solemnly Affirmed that a letter from General tycLaw* to General Cobb was read In his bearing coinmuuicnting the above information. L.ter in the day the affair was magnified again; and It was asscvurutea that the Secretary of War had received an official despatch, stating thst the loss of the enemy was heavy, that we had takon nine hundred prisoners, that wo had captured ten or twelve pieces of artillery, and that we had loft on the bloody field five hundred in killed aud wounded. Now, the Secretary of War received no such official intelligence. What he did rocotvo wsa a despatch from General Magruder, which waa written at Westover, and reached h?ru by,jray of Petersburg, and that despatch stated that Genoral Magruder had heard that such were the results of the action. LA Tea VKOM THK rSXINSt.'LA?MONDAY'S U1TTLB. We obtained last night additional particulars of the aetlen on Monday. General Longslreot s division, about six thousand strong, was engaged with the enemy from sunrise to sunset. The action occurred about a mile below Williamsburg. The fighting in doscribed to have beon very severe, but the enemy was repulsed and driven back at every point. At one time, under the deception of a white flag, a con siderable portion of the enemy got within forty paoee of our Hues. Tho flag waa carried in front by a small party, while the main body were concealed in the woods and lying down In the bushel. A murdorous lire waa thus poured into oar ranks. Colonel August, of the Forty-fifth Virginia regiment, is reported to have been killed, but the report needa con flrmatton. The seventeenth Virginia regiment is Mid to have suffered very severely. Tho report of Um iInUi of Colouel Ward, or Florida, is contradicted. A complete victory waa achieved by ua on Monday, but it is impossible to obtain with any accuracy a state ment or its results in the amount of loss on either side, the number of prisoners taken, tic. A courier who reached here iaat night stated that be had passed three hundred and twenty-Are Yankee pris oners on their way to Richmond. LATWT FROM TH? rWCHISCIJk?A (JBXIRAL ACTIO* TKffTlR DAY?TtlK lMEMY'S OtTDBOATS I!f POUmOM. At a late hour last night despatches addressed to Gen. Lee reached here by the hands of a courier. A general action took place yesterday, the enemy, with the bulk or his strength, having engaged our lines at a place called Barhamsvllle, in New Kent county, about eighteen miles abevo Williamsburg, and thirty-three miles from this city. The courier left at twelve o'clock, at| which time the action had become general. The lighting commoncod in the morning with hoary skirmishing. The statement or the courier is that In ths morning's fight we had re pulsed the enemy rour times. At a later hour positive information was received that the enemy were landing Immense forces from their gun DOHtx and transports st Barrow's Mills. This demonstration of the enemy appears to imply a flank movument with their transports. We could obtain last night nothing definite of tho re sult of yesterday's action. Rumora were plentiful, of cours#?; but we spare our readers any repetition or them. Tho single ennner who reachcd here last nlxht had rid tin mm horse a distance of more than forty miles. A relay of couriers might have obtained news of tbo action ill a very lew hours. General Lee was not in his oillco to receive the deapatchos of the courier, who reached Richmond after dark, and they had to be sent to his resi dence, where he bad retired from the burdens of his oui ctaldoak. [From the Richmond Knqulror, May 8.] THK ?NOAOSMNT NEAR WILLI AM3BUKO. The cheering intelligence from the peninsula, on yes terday, had the effect of a pleasant surprise upon tlu c tnmuniiy. The details of tho fight are, as yet, meagre but the brilliancy of the victory is uono the loos certain.' Tho first deiputches wrro slightly exaggerated, bolng, no doubt, the llrst flying report* from the scene of comlict. A participant in the fight informs us that our lose, in killed and wounded, sums up two hundred and twenty the redoral loss, in killed and woundod, Is unknowu, the' number captured by our forces Is six hundred and twenty-three. The loderais had appeared, six thousand strong, along a skirt of woods, a short distance from a small rorti Ileal ion in our possession, below Williamsburg. At an early hour on Monday morning General long street despatched a howltser to the right and another to the lert of their position, and subjecting them to a cross fire, which did tsrrlbie execution, advanced on their front, and put them to rout, taking tho above number or prisoners and oleven (not twelve) pieces or artillery. The priaoners were immediately put on the march to Rich mond, and wore exported to arrive last night. Among the killed on our side In this engagement, we regret to loam, wero Colonel Ward, ot Florida, and M%)or Wm. H. Palmer, of the First rsRiment Virginia Volunteers;Captain A. J. Humphreys, Seventeenth Vir ginia regiment. Among the wounded were Colonel Car land, or Lynchburg; Colonel Kemper, of tho Seventh Vir ginia (Speaker orjhe House or lie legs ton); Ool. Curse, Seventeenth Virginia regiment,and otnors. Conllmtlng rumors were rife last night as to the real extent or our loss, and we presume that the atatement given above is correct. The ilfsht, we have since learned, was continued on yesterday, at Barhamsvllle, which is situated on the dividing line or New Kent and Jamrs City counties, thir teen miles from Williamsburg and seven miles from the Chickahowiny river. A courier arrived here last night, who left the vicinity of the scene of action ot noon on yesterday, and brings intelligence that the tight was being conducted In tbe most terrific manner. 0?r troop* wero acting mostgallnntly and had repulsed the enemy Tor tho third time. Both sides were largely reinforced. The mutual lose is betlnvod to be very large. The roiolt Is, of course, as yet undecided. The following additional are reported to us as among the sad casualties of the lato engagements:? In the roralry engagement on Sunday, Major W. II. Payne, Fourth Virginia regiment, It Is round, waa mor tally wounded? shot through the neck. In Monday's'flght, Colonel L. B. Williams, First Virgi nia regiment, mortally wounded. Kili.kd.?Lieutenant John <?. Addison, Alexandria; Lieutenant Winston Carter, Prlnco William; private Jos. H McVeigh, Jr.. Alexandria; private Eugene Fairfax, private Frank itallongor, Alexandria. WouKoap.?Lieutenant John A. Addison, private Henry Bradley, private Willie McKnlght, Alexnna lit. Tbe Nlneteentn Mississippi regiment is said to have suffered very severely. TRLKORAM TO TBI PBTKHRBCRO KXI'RRRH. Richmond, May 8,1RW. An official letter from General Johnston, dated Bar liamsville, n o'clock A. Ifyesterday states that the enemy wore landing under oover of thoir gunboats near W*bI Point. No mention IB made of the imininency ol an engagement; but, on the contrary, the tenor of the letter Indicate* that lioueril Johnston di'l not exp?'Ct a conflict with tho enemy. He status that the repulse of the enemy at Williamsburg seems to have stopped their ad vance in that direction altogether. The prisoners taken on Monday were principally from Heintzelman's division and partly from Sumner's. Nothing U said of the extent of casualties on either aide. TUJt ADVANCK ON RICHMOND. [Corresjiondeiice of the Charleston Mercury.] Richmond, April 30, The evacuation of Yorktown may be looked for at an early day. In the first place, the Yankeo gunboats in York river are throwing ? ne hundred and twenty pound conical shell at our shore batteries from a distance of three and a half miles?far beyond the reach of auy cannon we have?three of oar best guns having burst during the last week. Another gun was received on Monday, from which results were expected. My in formant says thatsevun of these groat shells were flrud into the battery while ho was present. Five exploded, killing one man, a Georgia soldier, who was staudia.- in tho door of his tent,some distance in the rear of our bat teries. Of the two that did not oxplode, one buria l it self nine and the other twelve foot in the earth. In tho next place, the Yankees have been permitted to throw up breastworks a uiilo lung within twelve hundred yards of the village of Yorktown. Given tho gunboats and the intrenchments, with their long range ordnanro, and the evacuation of Yorktowu follows by necessity. The Enquirer or this morning confirms the conclusions drawn trom the statements made to in* last evening, by a gentleman just from the peninsula, and which have Just been narrated. Our soldiers have hard work ?'? the trenches, and many sick htve been moved to the rear. Th* artillery practice of the enmy is laid to be splenHd. Tho probabilities increase daily of <t decisive balle near the Chictcahominy Si vamp, some Urn or twelve miles from the city. The nearer the better for its. In that event, sovoral weeks will be consumed by the enemy's advance. Serenade to Mrs. General McClellan by the Seventh Regiment Band?Spirited Scene at the Fifth Avenue Hotel, 4e. At a late hour last evening a great number of people were gathered together outside the Fifth Avenuo Hotel on tho sidewalks and in Madison park, to witness the serenado by the Seventh regiment band, in honor of the

accomplished wife of our gallant young chioftaiu, Go;i. McClellan. The night was extremely mild and pleasant' and everything conspired to mike the affair pass off agreeably. The scene inside and outside tho hotel was therefor* quite enlivening. Most of the members of the National Guard were present, accompanied by ladies,aud the corridors of tho hotel were literally crammod with people, while tho balcony and windows wore oqually crowded. On tho carriage way just in front of the grand ontrauue a spicious platform for tho musicians wm fitted up with every convenience?cluiirs, music stands and gas light being furnished in abitnlanco. Ltko most affairs of tho kind, tho sercnaders woro not up to time. Ten, half-past, eleven, and h-iir-past oleven ar rived, but no musicians made their appeararce. To add to the dissatisfaction, it was reported thit in tho early part of the avonlng tho hand of the .Seventy-first regiment would serenade Mrs. McClellan on thoir return from Kast New York; but up to midnight no indication o: such an occur rence took place. How tho rumor spread we could hot ascertain, but great disappointment was occasioned by it, as many of those in attendance expected tho diubl > treat of two serenades in one evening. At length.aliout a quarter to twelve, the Sovealli regiment band cams up and took their places on the platform, while Colonel I .efforts repaired to the reception room of Mrs. Model Ian, to notify her that tho screnadurs ware in all -ndance. All oyes were instantly directed to the wind >ws where it was oxpected sho would show herself, but aftor a pro voking delay, instead of Mrs. McClellan, Colonel Liflerts appeared and waved his handkerchief as a signal for the music to begin. The band struck up (,Tho Hod, White and Blue'' with groat spirit, which was enthusiastically applauded by the listeners. The "Serenade from Don rasqualo" and the ''Sounds of Spring PeUca" wore next poriormed in a splendid man ner, and when the music of these piecs had pist ceased to Qow, Mrs. McClellan, ac ompauiod by her awthar, Mrs. Marry, appeared In person at the window, and was re. coivekl with a shout of wild joy that could be hiard for blocks around. Choer followed cheer, swelling louder and louder, until it almost soemod the roar would never cease, enthusiastic wore tho populace. An Amork-au flag was waved from tho window where the object of Ml the furoer stood, and this circumstance added to the en thusiastic clamor. When something like siliucc was again restored, Mr. Grafula, the accomplished leader of the tun I, gave the signal,and the baud followed with a succession of musical selection* from the opera, principally "Traviata" and other choice pieces, all of which won executed in th* most artistic manner. At a quarter past one o'clock this morning our reporter left, the serenm'e being still unfinished, and tho crowd of listeners swelled to thou sands and thousands. Th* affair passed off in ? most agreeable manner. 8RRBNADK TO MRS. flgNF.RAL VIILI. It was the intention last ovouing, aftor the sorenade to Mrs. General McClellan had been concluded, to have serenaded Mrs. General Vio!*, but owing to the latones* of the hour it was deferred until this evening, whon th* band of th* National Guard will perform some choioe ptucos in front of that lady's rosidouce. Excitement at the City Mall. THE PKMALK RELATIVES OF THK VOLUNTEERS DK MANItlNO REI.IKP?INTERVIEW WITH MAYOR OP DTK, ETC., ETC. Between ten and eleven o'clock yestorday morning an immense crowd of women?young, old, married, tingle, foreign and native?gal tiered in the vestibule of the City Hall for the purpose of consulting with Mayor Opdyko re garding the money appropriated by the Common Council fer the relief of the families of volunteers. The cause of the gathering was the exhaustion of the relief fund placed, at the disposal of the Comptroller. The unfortunate wo men were laboring under the intensest excitement, and clamored for assistance in the most noisy manner, al though repeatedly told that the money voted for their relief had boon all distributed. The poor creatures,some of whom had infants in their arms and noomivl to be really in want, would not listen to reason, and the more they were argued with the more boisterous and noisy they became. Some domandod an interview with the Mayor, and urged the rsst to march into his office for that purpose. Tho usual quiet and order of that ofllce were somewhat disturbed by the Babel of Jabbering, complaining, threatening and crying, to which the women in their excitement gave vent. Mayor Opdyke kindly came out to reason with his visit or*, and addressed thorn ip (tip most ourteotp and feeling manner, expUfning that thi Coinpirofle r'sftioils had run out, snd that further reliof was out of the question until a new appropriation should bo mato by the Common Ciuucil. lie regretted, he said, thoir suf ferings, but be|4 oqt no hope that the Corporation would ufce any nirthor steps to relieve them. The Mayor then retired, lesvlng his visitors quite as dissatisllod as befbre his appearance. The women were quite fierce in their threats, and s >me endeavored to break through tho door of ths Mayor's privato room, with the view, they xald, or getting "a civil answer." The police were obliged to interfere and eiect tho women from the room by the use of a little physical force. Up to one o'clock the oxcitoment continued, though several of tho women bad left after the interview with the Mayor. We under stand that this female demonstration was occasioned by sonic malicious party inserting tho annexed call ia some of yesterday morning's papers:? A mooting of the wires or toidters now at the war will be iielit on Monday, Mav 12, at the Rotunda, in the City llall Park, to n-celre their money aa usual. Tim genius of m'scbiet was anvmg the women, and prompted them to nay and do many things tliey would doubtless regret in thoir sober sensos. Some threatened to give the Mayor a kettle serenade last evening at his privato reeideno-, but no such demonstration took place. It is muted that Mr. Opdyko recently received a letter, signed by several officers of s Now York regiment, com plaining that no pay had been given them for six months. The Mayor has referred the matter to Governor Morgan, who will inquire into the matter without delay. THE MAILS FOR EUROPE. Closing tp tk? Rebellion?The Capture of Norfolk and Portsmonth?Destruc tion of the Dlrrrlmar-Map of the Scene ?t Military and Naval Operations?The Advance on Richmond?The Capture of New Orleans?Important from the Southwest?The Latest from Mexico, d?., dM., *c* Tbe Cnnard mall steamship Kurops, Captain Stoos, will Issvs Boston on Wednesday for Liverpool. Tbe mail* for Kurope will close in llils city this afternoon, at s quart or psst one and st half past flvs o'clock, to go by railroad. Thw Nkw York Hsrai.o?Edition fsr Europe?will be published at slsven o'clock this morning, and will con tain full dstails of ths Advance of Gonoral McCtellan to Richmond, Including Accounts of tho Battles st Wil liamsburg and West Point; A full account of ths rsosnt highly Important movements In Qsnsral Wool'* Depart m-nt, resulting In the Capture of Norfolk and Ports mouth, Vs., by tho Union Korcss, ths Retreat of ths Rebels, and ths Destruction by them of tbe Nary Yard, other valuable property,and ths Iron monitor Morrimac, Illustrated with a Map of tho scsns of operation*; OHkMal Accounts of the Capturs o f New Orleans; Important from ths Army of ths Wsst; Highly Important from Mexico? Tho Advanos of ths French on ths Capital, and all other Interesting news of ths week. 81 (tgIs copies, in wrapper^ ready for mnillne, six e Sampson Low, Son k Co., No 47 I.ndgate Hill, L*i a England, will receive advertisements and subscriptions for the IIkhai.h. Oflldal Drawings or 1*1 array, Eddy <b Co.'* Keuiuckr and Missouri State Lotteries. Kstrrircsv. Kxvsa ulass t2.<?M?y 12.1962. 48, 6, 44. 7. 77, 62, I, 32, 4.?, 22, 3*, 50, 7ft. Kstrrocsr. Class 234?Mar 12.1862. 11, 14, IH, 64, '5m. 16. M, 68, S3, lt?, 11, 3. Cirouiars sent free of charge r>y addressing either to ? _ MURRAY, BOOT A 00.. Covin iton. Kx . or St. Louis, Mo. OIBelal Drawings of the Ksntscky and Delaware Hist* lotteries Rsntocrv. Class 171?May 12, 1M2. ?8, 61, BO. II. '23, 66, 32, 40, S?, 7?, .?2, 42, 70. Dsutn*. Class223?May 12. ism. 74. 18, 22, 24, 56, 111, 16, 19. &>, I, 8, M, Circulars sent by addmuln ? JOIIH A. MOItRtS A CO., Wilmington. Delaware, or Cimujton, Kamuotiy. Royal Havana Lottery.?Prilti Cunhrd anJ information furslnhed by TAYLOR k CO.. bankers, Mo. 16 Wall street, New York Prtses Cashed In all Lrgallud Lottc riea.?Ialonnatiou given. JOSEPH BATES. Broker. 11 Wall street, room No. l. New York. "A Hat, A Hatt My Klugdom Por A Hail"?Shakespeare has II "ln>rse," but KNOX baa it "hat." The faaliiouable public no lu KNOX S Hat Store, cormr of Broadway aud Fulton street, ax regularly as nis incompar*. ble style* for each a ? .?uu appear. Do g > there, reader, ami look at hla spring Hats. Such light anil graceful beauties were never before displayed in iuiidoiu. Moody's New Store, Open This Day. KINK SHIKTS AND MEN'S FURNISHING GOODS. T. W. MOODY, 4WBroadway, St. Nicholas block. Straw Goods for Misses, Boys and In f.mU A I the now ami desirable spring styles now ready, at B.tNTA'S, Canal street, corner of Woosier. The Great Dog Show Attracted Thon san Is to HARMFM'S MIJSKCM yesterday. To-day a new 1 >1 ?f Dogs are brought forward, according to the original pro Sruinme, and all ibe premium Dogs of yesterday are also ex iblted. Ke?fe's New Restaurant and Private Supper Kooms, opened at No. 126 Crosby street, adjoining his lortucr DUce of business. At Jeffcrs', 573 Broadway, Ladles' Con ere us Boots, $2; Balmorals, $2 50; misses, $1 75; children's, #1 37. _____ JKKKEICS, 573 Broadway. Herring's Patent Champion Pire and Burglar Proof Safes, 251 Broadway, corner of Murray street, New York. _ _ Crlstadoro'sHair Dye, Preservative and Wfga, the best In the world, wholesale and retail, and Uie dye privately applied at No. 6 Astor House. Hill's Hair Dye, SO Cents?Black or brown. Best Ui use. Depot No. 1 Barclay street, and sold by aJ druggists. Barry's Trlcopherons is the Best and cheapest article for dreisini;, beautify lug, curling. cleaning, preserving and restoring the hair. Ladles iry It. Sold by all druggists. Beautiful Complexion.?Laird's Bloom of Youth, or Liqntd P an, for preserving and beautifying the couipluxlos and akin. All druggists an 1 43V Broadway. Dr. Kennedy's Medical Discovery Is warrantsl to cure Scrofula. Erysipelas, Ringworm, Scald lieed, Salt liheum, Ulcers, Fever Sores,, aud every disease of the Skin, of whatever nature. Trusses.?Marsh it Co.'s Radical Cure Trusses, Shoulder Braces, and Dr. Wads worth's Uterine Ele vator?a superior article. No. 2 Vesey street, Astor House. Dr. Klnne's New Trass.?The Only Per fect summer and bathing Truss. Cheap, clean and com fortable. No. 266 Broadway. Bull Run?Many Soldier* Died for Xiaclc of medical treatment. ltoLLOWAY'S Pills and Ointment would have prevented this. MISCEIiLAHEODS. A LETTER FROS! "PHYSICIANS." Nkw York. March IS, 18?2. UuOLi'UO Wolfe, Esq.:? Dkak Kir?The want of pure wines and liquor* for raedi ciual |><iipises ban hern long felt by the profession. and thousands of lives nave been sacrittceil bv the u?e of adul te rated articles. Delirium I re mens, and other dleiin of the brain and nerves, no rife in this country, are very rare in Europe, owiui:, iu a great degree, to the difference in the purity o. the spirits sold. We have tested the se.eral articles imported and sold by you. includinn your Gin, which you sell under the name of Arunimic Schiedam Slinappa, which we cnnalder justly en titled to the high reputation It has acquired In this country; and. from your long experience as a foreigu imimrler. your bottled Wines and Liquors should meet with the same de mand. We would recommend you to appoint someof the respecta ble apotheur.cs. 111 diireient uartaof the city, as agent* tor the sale ot your Brandies and Wim a, where tho profession can ol tain the same when tieode 1 tor medicinal purposes. Wishing you success ill your new enterprise, we remain your obedient * rvanta. VALENTINE MOTT. M.D., No. 1 Gramercy park. J. M. OAKNUVUAil, M.D., Professor of Clinical Surgery, SurRcou-in-Chlef to the State Hospital, Ac., No. if East Sixteenth street. LEWIS A. SAYKE. M.D., 795 Broadway. H. P. Dr.WEEt*. M.D , W1 Broadway. JOSEPH WORSTER. M D.. lSONiutb street. NELSON STELLE. M O., 37 Bleectur street. JOHN O'REILLY, M. D , 280 Fourth atre. t. B. J. RAPHAEL, M.D.. fiofessor of the Principles and 1'ractue of Sorgerr, New York M-llcal College, Ac.,Ill Ninth street, and nt';iers. U DO LI'HO WOLFE'S LIQUOK3-AN IMPORTANT AR BANGKMBNT. [From the New York Atlas.' The letter appended, addressed by some of the phy aictana in this city to Mr. L'dolpho Wolte, the proprietor of the celebrated Aromatic He beldam Schnapps, will explain it S*lf. The noxious quality of many oi the liquors In th? market, and the ttiorough purity of those Imported by Mr. Wolfe are eniwily well Known: and all can uud -ratand tbt) propriety of the reqtiest made by the physicians, that depots lor the ?ah: of nis pure liquors may be established in different Darts oi the city, Amouk' the signers, as will be seen, are Dr. B. J. Raphael, the celebrated Processor ol Sur gery In the New York Medical College; Dr. Valentine Mott, Dr. Curuochan, Dr. Say re and other* ot correspondingly re sponsible name, By a card lu another part of this pajwr, tho places lor the sale of the liquors, established under this sug ineir parents lor sucn w>nes, oraniiies, gins or oin as they should think proper to presoribe. Among I urged the request on Mr. WoU> wjU bo i'v"?0 - the 1 Mott, Carnochan and b. J. Raphael. I lie Sugge g?stion, may be seen; and the movement is an important one, tending as it does to supply purr liquors In all parts of the city. Tlie letter referred 10 is as follow*:? AN IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION. Mr. CUolpho Wolfti, noted for his impoiiatn ns of pure wines and liquors, received from leading gentlemen ol the, medical profession a letter urging him to select respectable druggists In the city as his agents, to whom they eould direct their parents lor such w.nes, brandies, gins or other liquors ?e? ?.Li.- ? ; those who names of suggestion was Immediately acled on; ah J, as w111 b> seen by reference to the csrJ in the "Business World" Departmeut of to-day's paper, a number of the most prominent druggists have been selected a* agents. To show the estimation in wuiclt the fa culty hold the impoi tations of Mr. Wolfe, wc append their nuM to him.?;New York Disiatch. MEDICINAL WINES AND LIQUORS.' Some ot the leading practicing physicians and surgeons of i this city, among thnm Drs. Mott, Carnoohau, Savrc, De We"S, Worster, S telle and B. J. Raphael have united In jiay log to the oelebialed importer of liquors, Mr. l'dolpho Wolfe, a very high compliment, ? hlcli that geutiriuf n will fully ap preciate, we have no doub'. Aware of Tir, uSivoraal adulte ration of wiaes aud liquors, and tiaviug learned by experi ence the difficulties attending the procursl of a pure article, sush as Invalids require, they hare requested Mr. Wolfs to relieve thsm from a dilemma in which they lind ilieiuaelve* placed, by appointing apothecaries, looaieu in different parts of the city, to act as agents for the sale of his brandies and win"*. It la needless to say that the value of Uie suggestion baa impressed Mr. Wolfe latorably, ana Lc nes promptly complied with the expre-s^d desire. A list of these nfents can b? seen by reference Is oar column or business notices. We give the letter to Mr. Wolfe in full.?New York Courier. IMPORTANT LBTTEB?rftE DOt TORS AQREB AT LAST From the letter published iielow it wlU be seen that the most famous of our New York doctors have formally re quested our well known lellow citizen, (.'dolplio Wolfe, Esq., to allow his celebrated importations of Pure Wines, Llquora, Ac., to be spld hy respects Wc apothecaries st different points through lite uitv, Id order that Invalids, for whom such sti mulants are prescribed by the fsculty, may be able to obtain the "pure srtlrlc." Sueh names as those of Dr. B. J. Ra phael, Drs. Valontluc Mott, J. M. i amoeban, Ac., give this request the greatest poaeiMe siginllettnce. We are happy to note that Mr. Wolfe has acceded to this medical demand, and our readers will and in another part of this paper the natnes and directions or th?' ptincpal drug gists from whom Mr. Wolfe's pure Brandies, Wines, Ac., can now be procured. Hundreds of invalids nave been killed by the adulterate 1 stuff so often sold lor medicinal purposes, and too much Importance cannot he attached to the reform requested in the following letter:?New York Mercury. TO THE rUBLIC. The subscriber bss sppolnted tho following apothecaries his airents In New York and Hrooklvn, for the sale of his BOTTLED WINES snd LIQUORS. UDOLPHO WOLFE, 21 Beaver street. D. 8. BARNES a? Broadway. JOHN MRAKIM m J. A I. CODDINOTON 715 TIIOS. T.GREEN Aft! " CASWELL, MaCK a CO 5th sv., Brotdwsy and 24th st. J. N. PRIOR A CO 1.07* Broadway. TADMAN A CO SI B e ? k. r street. " " 2<N fourth aventte. '? " 5o7 'I bird HF.NKY A.CAfWEBEER ..57Fourth JOHN STRINGER ttt Fourth WM. M. GILES ...!?? Sixth GEO K. SHIELS... i,2 Sixth W P. OVERTON Id Euhth A.MASON 251 Eighth WM. B. I'EKKIN 471 Elithth H. H. DICKINSON ItJ Atlantic street. Brooklyn. And lor aale bv APOTHECARIES GKNEKALLV. IN BOND AND DUTY PAID. 10,000 cases SCHNAPPS, Orarts and Pints. flOOexses COGNAC HRANDY, Various > image". ?10 cases MADEIRA WINE. Some ver> old. 000 cases SHERKY WINE 500 eases PtlRT WIM-: 1,000 rases SCOTCH and IRISH WHISKEY. 290 oases OLD JAMAICA RUM All the above lni|H>rte l for ine.lli Inal and private use. Country rasrehants and druggiats are particularly Invited to call and examine the above uamed articles. ATTENTION, CASH BUYERS, BUSH A WHEBLOCK. 890 BROADWAY, Offer below market price* MERRIMACK, WAMSUTTaTaMOSKKAO, CHICKOPES, UNION AND OTHER POl'ULAR PRINTS. ALSO DOMESTIC AND COTTONADE8. ALSO STAPLE DRESS unoDrt. HOSIERY, WOOLLENS, WHITE GOODS AND NOTIONS. PRINTS AND DOMESTICS FOR CASH. Other 0<hm1( four month*' credit, Or with a liberal illaconnt forca*h. BLISS A WHEEL! >CK. 390 Brt?dw?y._ AN IMPORTANT WORK ON P8TSIOLOOT, AC.?DR Larmoot'* Pari*. Loudon and New York Medical Ad ?In* and Marriage Oniric.?A new i'<lltion, revealing the fact* obulnod lijr anatomy and riperiment*In the French and En411*11 hospital*, Ac., Inoludlnii a treatise upon the <11* eaaee ami weakne**** afflicting the h i man family from linn, ranee 01 their can*e*, bjr an eminent New York physician. Hent free to any addrea* for SI, bjr E. WARNER, No. I Ve wrrt utreet, A*tor Home, or RUSH A TOUBKY, 111 Nassau Street, New York _ ? BEAUTIFUL IDEA.-SOME OF THE MANUFAC lurr* of ?lil>i| under the name of "bttMra,'* which might be deleterious eotild the people bo Induce.! to ?wallow tnem. hare the ttnpMItT to advertise that the fluff the* make ie not made of alcohol, nor whiskey, a* if all the world was oot muni that the article of commerce known a* "Blttere" I* al >im m?nuf?etured at Cognac, In France, l.y ie moet eminent wine growers. Thie healthv and Invigor ating tartrate. a mire cure for dlarrhiea, fever and ague, billon* complaint* and fever*, i* fabricated under the direc tion of the ffemoii* Dr. Lemnt, and designated a* Lerotu'a Cogna ? Bliler*, ami everything of the kind rended ** bitter* In inis country, purporting to possess the medicinal pr ig *r tle*of the orii(itia>, ik either eonnterfWtnr whole eloth Impos. tur.-. Mr. 8. HTBIKFlKLD, 70 Nassau street, la the *oin agent for and importer of the Fr> aoli Cognac Bitter*, from whom It can be obtained wholesale and retail. It I* like wise *old, under hi* trade mark, hv tbe druggist*, liquor dealer* and grocer* throughout the Union. AT OIMBKEDB'S, *4 ALBUMS (FIFTY PICTURES) retailed at |S, W< 4dlag Card*, Note Paper, Monogram* In |*'i feci taatn. ALLEVIATOR.-CORNS Ol'RED FOR ONR CENT each,.by using Dr. Hi igga'C.orn and Bunion AUerlstor A new. harmless ana certain eiifi for corn*, bunion*. calloaltlea, fronted and blistered feet, Ac. Warranted to prooucv result* natlsfaclerjr and surprising, price 2ft and Mi?nt? nnd $1 p t ho*. Sent by in*ll ><o receipt ol price and ?cents, Sold by drugglai* Dr. t BRIOOS. proprietor and prnctl at ohiro|H> di.ii, via Broadway, oppoOTM Sk. Paul'a chuix'h, N. Y. OYS' CLOTHING. HI8CBLLAIVKOPM. ATMS BROADWAY?'WEDDING CAU1M AND MOTS la styles, Si ,J AJS EVEKbELI.'S, estab lished i corner of Duaue street. AT *i, $<50, ?4 AND $IM.?SHOES AND OAITKRS. Spring styles, now raady Hi JONES', 10 and 12 Ann street. A BDBHSON'S ENGLISH medallion, velvet. xV Brussi U, Threeply and Ingrain Carpets: ling , Itu i, Mailing, Sha ies, < lili'lotht, Table snd Piano Covers. u' I w pares. He Kiarantees all |,.? goods. Lou* for III K AM AN DEBSON'S, No. ?? Bowery. A LIST OK THK SPLENDID NOMINATIONS FROM K. ntu fcy for tlie .New York Stakes wnd Haiiiiiiaf., Jm? C bur i snd Mace; Gsngreef, ih Aran, tli Mawa. of Bor neo. Sulky on the tt ai Tbeatlrals, bv Bayard: Billiards, t nonet, A-,i.a-ics, Base Ba 1 and all the Sporting News of the Word. S?. ttlLKES Se.RIT. B ,ROGERS A RAYMOND have the pleasure of announcing 'l'at th?lr U'W/p.'luni.s In HOYS SPRI NO SACKS and bPKINi/anil SI MMKlt SCHOOL Suits now ready, are at ouce the perit enon of elegance and neatness, an I the cheap est no* i-ities ever introduced In the trade. One piicf, :uid; one on I jr. Stores 121, 123, 12& Kulion street, and -14 Broad* way BROWNE'S METALLIC STRIP-PaTESTED FEBttU ary 18, 1882, excludes ana dual from shituiKi a, doors and tv n lows. Try it, aud rave your c.irpets. Address. Metallic Strip Coiupan>, JU Broadway. C1APTAIN BURTON'S CITY OK THE SAINTS t And Across the Rocky Mouuwius to California.. BBS. OLIPHANtT NEW NOVEL. The New Volume of the CHILDREN'S PICTURE BOOKS. HARPER A BROTHERS^ Kianklin square, New But, Publish inis lay .? I. CAPTAIN BURTON'S CITY OK THB SAINTS. The City oi tho Saints; and Across the Rocky Mountains to Oaltiuc ula. By Captain Kicliard K. Burton, tVlluw and Uohl Medalist ol the U lyal Geographical Sir letie* ot Km nee and England: U. M. Consul in Wot A.riea: aulfcar ot " Tli* La*e regions of Central Africa." With Maps aad uuatr nut 1 liustrs < ions. nvo. muslin. S3. s ? ? ? "The City of the Saints" Is aa eminently huuuta a book an we have perused lor a long while. litis fuU of humor, laughter snd good sense.?London Aihau-euin. M e close with again uuiiiimudiiiK tula luLercsuug and huinot o a work.?London Daily News. Captain Burton's Narrative will be welcome as a valu able anu iiincu waiiutu contribution to oui knowledge ot '"Deterei," Ills powers ot observation bem* ki en ana well cuitivuied, and ins des< ripuons vn Id and ptutureajiie, while llie opini ons auu conditions at whieli be arrived are stated with a bul i luip.irtla Ity whicn cotuiiiaiids-tiiu rrspeet, though It may noi always have the oi the re.idt.-r. Inipivasiuus received and investigations iiiedoam eminently worth listening to when we have tnern fro.u on.' who 1, b i - yoiul doubt the most catl.olie tra\uilur ol our. iliue. Cap ain Burtou's wide exiKsrieuce in uian.v lauds bus. endoweu hini In a n.ugular degree with the ta. ulu of Holing and repro ducini; ill i most salient featuren of human.character, and Hie Sketeui?Ol the persons whom he uieei* nelnecu Hie Missouri river and Pa lilt- Ocean, from, Ui v,huu Yo.inj; to the rough stage drivers and Uie "loafers" round the uial sUillous, are ezcuedingly lively uud. ^aajihic.?Loudon i-.uc amlner. The diary l? exceedingly fres'-i, full ol' careless, slap-dash, willing, wulcli descrlbas, often very picturesquely, u.e ex t, rnai asjietl oi tilings between .Vi&yjuri and CaUloruis vk* the City of the Saints. I'apt. Burton l:V> travelled loo t?jr, and lived with loo many races, not tuabscrve keenly.?Loi* anu Spectator. The incidents of travel across th.* vast territory extending fro.n the Platte river to Oreat Salt Lake City, and ihencv to Carsoti N alley, I'alliorula, should, be ivad lu the (tages u. tiia book. Not only are tbev staiKped with the verisimilitude of 11:e, and the stron; iinprcssioutof ihiugscumuiItted i.L|,a,ier until" siot; but their variety, rapidity ot suc< essiou und freshness, make the work more readaole than a roiuanee. Bui Its ai-eeptubleness does not end here. It Is crowdrd with valuable topographical details, among which ue iuquota an emigrant s itinerary, showing the dlstaui ?? iietu een the campiug places, the several mall stations wnere mules ai*. rbauocd, ihe hours of Iravol, the character ol tho t.uads. lha laeili;ies tor obtaining wnier, wi>od and kti?s? oil the wnol* route, arrauged in a tabular lorrn. These particular* may vie in nuuuieness and oopiousn-ss with tne I'atersou or Mogg's road books oi our earlier days. ? ? ? ? As m. whole, this book is by far the best account uf the City of Ihrf Sa.nis, and. the dwellers therein, that ?;u yet Issuod t torn the press.?London Morning Advertiser. THE LAST OF THE MOKTIMERS. A Story in Tw? Voices. By the Author of "Margaret .Majtlaud," "Tha House ?a tne Moor," ' The Dava ol My Life." "The Laird Oi Noil**'," Ac., At. ISino, Muslin, 41. A charuiiug book; simple, quaint and Ireaji. It la a novel coiumc 11 yen a peu (the more'* the pltr>( and it will go far to sustain the reputation of the aulhfic of ''Margaret Malt Uad."?Alhcnajuui (London). Ibi reader uf 4 In ae volumes wiU Bud enough to rivet hi* sib atlon and to awaken his Ureltrst sympathy. Uia feel Uitia wul be deeply stirred by the natural pathos an4 tenderness of the narrative, tha-Interest of which crowQ uiore Intense as it neaca. its deuoueuiuut?Daily Ken* (London). III. THE SAGACITY OP AMMALS. The CWldraa's Figure Book of the S-macity o. /Almaie. Illua-rsted Willi tilstr Engraviu.s by Haaituox W tu. Siukre 4lo. Muslia gilt, 75 cents. -The Sagacity of Animals" forma the Fifth Volume In the highly popular and beautiful Series of C14I I.DRUM'S riCTl'KK BOOKS. Square 4to., about SOU pages each, lieauiifuUy printed on tinted paper, embellished with many Eiiuiavtugs, bound in Muslin gntjjh cents a volume; or, the Series comolete in neat esse, $S7S. Tuit Cbildbbs'* Biblk Pic- with Sixty-One Engravings by tuhk Book. Illustrated by W. llarvi y Eighty Kuuravings, from I?> i'uk C.-.tuaxx's Pictum signs by Steinle, Overueck. Book or tjcsuRurKos, a Ml Veil, S linorr, Ac. other Mamma la. Illuslrsied Tiik Children'* Picturb Willi Sixty-One EngrsviagS Faulk Book. Containing One by W. Harvey. Hundred and 8ixty Kabiea. Tub Cmilubbb's Picvcbb With Siity Illustrations by Book or thb Ssuacitt ow Harden Weir. Animals, lllu-irsted wills Thk CiuLOHKH'a Piotorb Sixty Engraviuga by Harrt Book or Birds. Illustrated so a Weir. The tiulod paper, clear bold type, and spirited enjravluga, will make the eye* of the children upai kle at the nrsi glin. e. And if the Interest oi the contents Is to bo judgod uy in* eagerness with which the little folks pore over tne pages, multiply their exclamations, talk ovsr the stories, ties to b* alio a ed to sit np a little longer to read wheu bedtime arrives, 'irri_ll the volumes under the pillow, and ask for a light in Ihf rnoftilu^ jomtlimes before dsybreak?it must be con fessed thalthe Volumes possess no ordinary degree of fasci nation. And our owh examination only serves to confirne the verdict wiiicli the young lips often repeat, that "they am the very uieeai kind of books;" and we second the wjjh, coming from the same quarter, that 'ihe man w.ll hurry and make so:ne more as <o?d ss these.'1 Tuey alTurd mos% healthful menial entertainmen', and aboun< ift valuabtn instruction.?Dover (N. U.) Morning Sur. F (1RUTCI1E8 AND CAN88FOR THR BILLION, AT TH? J manufacturer'^ WM ? ? * C. PINNKLL, No. 1 Cortlandi *tre*t. v CORNS. BUNIONS, INVERTED NAILS, BNLAt: :EB joint*, and all dlieun of Iho feat, cured witUuui pal* or inconvenience to the patient, by Dr. ZACIIARIE. Surgeo* Chiropodist, 1*0 Broad way. Rater* to pbytlblau* andaur geons of uis city. DR ROSEN llfjl ME fTs PATENT CCRE FOR CORNS AND BUNIONS. No. 401 Canal street. Or R. operate* on Hard and Soft Corn*, Club Nail*, Bunion*, Nail* penetrating the M, Ae.r The Doctor baa the privilege to rater to lion. J. J. Crlttea den, Profewor Lie big. Columbia College, Robert Murray, United States M in>haT; D. Delavan, City Ii.apector; Colonel M.'Leod Murpby, and hoetaof other*. DR. E. B. KOOTE, AUTHOR OK "MEDICAL COMMON Sener," late ut Saratuge, I* now permanently I oral >4 at 1.CI0 Broadway, between Twonty-Qfth anil Twenty aliil? ?treeta, In New York city, where he may be oouauued * per .on or by letter, no MM for flrat Interview; ollle ? hour* from 1 to 8 P. M., oxcept Sundays. LAOS, FLAG8, FLAGS?WHOLESALE AND RETAIL JOHN A. hTKAKNS', ??t. Nearly opposite tbo Poatollkoe. FACTS WORTH KNOWINU Tbat Dr. TOBIAS' VENETIAN LINIMENT cttree In HUntaneotialy Chronic RbeuuiatUin, Headache, Tootbacha, Croup, rioie Throata, Coltr, aud pain* of all kiuda T .n above la a ran lid statement of what Dr. Tobias' Vrnrl'ia Liniment wl.t do. Price U and 30 ceut* per bottle. Sold oy all di ugglat*. 1.10R SALE-AT A BAItOAIN, A SOD V W V I ICR APPA ' ratua, ronalatlui; of a gcuerator and two lonntaina. Ap ply toLAZELL, MARSII A GARDINER, 10 Oold street, N. w York. RON SAFE, PATRICK'S MAKE. COST tlt\ WILL RB nold lor $76. J. HoYCE, tftt E.t?t llouoion street. LYON'S MAGNETIC INSECT POWDER, tested for 19 yeara and grow* in favor. It kill* nnd exter minate* Roachc*, Bed Bug*. Aula, Flea*. Moths In rlotlia. Furs and Furniture, garden Insecta, Ac. All genuine b-ara the slguature of E. Lyon, and Is not pol*onou*io per?on? at domestic animal*. Beware of counterfeit* and iinitallona. Lyon'* Powder kill* all in*?cta In a trice, Lyon'* Pill* are death to rat* and ml. e. Sold tvery where. Depot, SU3 Broadway. POSTAGE STAMPS BOl'GHT.?PARTIES HATTNO peatag* stump* to dispose of ai a discount can Und a ?<k cuatoiunrny addresalng a note M llenry, bot 171 Herald of? Bee, ut iting on what term* they will nil. I BITH * BROTHER'S RK PALE CMITH k BROTHER NEW YORK XXX In whole, half and quarter eaaka, brewed from the choices* barley malt and hop*. Brewery 116 and 101) We*t Mlghtaaotli street, between Seventh and Eighth avenue*. N Y C-T-l*.-X DRAKE'S PLANTATION BITTERS. They purify, *tr*n*then and invigorate. TlMjr create a healthy appetite. Th. y are an antidote to flange of water and diet. They overmme effect* of dlseipatton and late hour*. They alrengthen the *y?tem and enliven the mind. They prevent nilaamatlo and Intermittent fever*. TIM/ purify the breath and acidity of the itumacb. They core dy?pep?a and Conatlpntion. They cure IHarrt ea. Cholera and Cholera Motb'i*. They cure Liver Complaint nnd Nerrou* Hra Uche. They are Ihe best Bitters in the world. Ihey male the weak man strong, nnd are enhaunted nature'* great rest-cr. They are made of pure St. Cmit Rum. the ceiehraU-d Calt saya Bark, roota and herb?, and are taken with the plen.- irw of a beverage, without regard to age or time of day. Par ticularly r oommended to delicate person* reqnlrtng a gen tle stimulant. Sold br all gnwer*, djrugHl-U, h,t..|? loon*. P. H. DRAKE A CO . *? Broad wav. Net* York. CTUVVE8ANT INSUBANCB COMPANY O In cotiMraueBai of immU Having b^ni cwnnilltw by tM late Secretary, B. J. Pent*. In relation to the Mock of thte company, all person* holding certiorate* a* owner* or other wi*e art requested to prenent the anme at lhaoSlee, ?oath went corner of Bawery *nd Grand street, a* so?n aa poaaibl* prior to Satm day, 17th ln*t., that *n aooonnt may he taken of the *nme for examination. . . . , . Tho-e only eioepted which hare b- en registered during SAMUKL WILLETB, 1 c L KVKRITT. SIMBON AHB.VUAMS. BENJAMIN W. FI.OYD, ANDRK FROMENT, Nkw Yoa*. M*y It, 1 * The mebchantb' exchangb.?the subscri. tvre >o the Mcrobaut* Exchange ate r? *p cltnlly is formed that the r< ora In Etcliangc place, wner of WiUtap* ?treat, I* now ready. OCIILim ABU \? MISTS. nE VYNESH, D1SCIUROK8 from thk Iai? Blindneak I'hmtt'e liniHn\r,m l ,u, tvraknnt* of sight, altai Nerioii* AlfecHona and C'.t.irt Is, ihe lreoti?ni eaimo or b.lrdne** ard dealne**, enrrj by Dr. ilKAVgs '*? W*j, M. Y, Causultatluu Ire*. Vtwsotinlly ot ?y letU'v. CommlttM.

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